Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1851 Page 1
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f ' T H % J WHOLE NO. 6844. ?l ?? ? More Bonking and Financial ?pnrntloria. JOHN HOL1XOMHE V?. THK I'KKalUKNI' AND M VMS OEBA OF THE NEW HOfii DELAWARE ll&UIUI COMPANY. I A Dunilar of years ago ? company wn laeirporatc 1 to erect a bridge over the DrUwarc Utawa Ni!? ? on the Pennsylvania aide,and l.auilwft ?lll?B thf Jwvy side of the river A toll ? k< placed ou tlie bri lge seat that time it was doubtful whether the under! tkinf would turn out to bo a profitable one. The Legisla i ur? ' iu ord< r to encourage the company or to indemnity Un-u J roni loas. gave them banking privilege*. About thre ' years ago the bauk went down, and the public Were sul NMreni to a e?.ii?iiierabte amount l.'nder a .tu'uUi of New Jersey to prevent frau Is by In i -corporata! companies, the oomplainaot fllud a billagnius J the defendants to restrain ftn m frmn the exercise o ; their franchise of banking, and also f->r the appoint men ' of receivers The order was granted last winter by the Chancellor eoj iulng the compauy from exercltlDg th< franchise of banking andappointing the following llecelr 4 '"rH :?John Itunk .John W Wakefield. \ 0. IUvla uni Thlnt-as Jenks. The coniplu'nnnt puts bl? can- for r? Jef on the ground that bo was the holder of a m>rt|ai"e upon the bridge owned by the noinp iny Thomas .* tJoleuiau, a broker in IVall street, amine other credit org, presented a claim to the Receivers, hi being a holilf r i f the notes of I he eompany to the amount ?>f f'JOjKiO. The couiplainant resists Coleman's claim upon the gctiund that the notes of the company, held by him (Coleman), were issued under ? .pedal contract, by which the Columbus Insurance Oouipany and other were to redeem those notes. The company having vio luted their < <. ntxact the Heeelvers are nailed upon bi itie complainant uot to gr int certificates for notes wliict ere to lie redeemed by the Columbus Insurance Coin I?ny. f"he investigation of these adverse cla ms has opened -j wide tit Id. It is *1 rged. on the part of Column. thai the morlge go given by the company to Holdcombe. ii 'Teid?the sumo having been giv?n after the companj tailed, und given to p infer a creditor, aod also upon tilt ground of usury During the lust fear days .111 iDVestl.atlon wan held be fere the lUs-eiveis at New .ler-ey wtiun Vlcsarv Aeuddei and Ollehrlsi ap|>cured for Coleman aud the broilers O! 'IVall stri ut, and Mr ilul. tead on lh< part of lloldcombe. the mortgagee, to resist trie admission of the f jt) COO worth cf notes Witnesses were exHtntned a* follows, and it will be Ms n that some curious dcVelopuiucnU transpired ? Ahm-1 8t John examined by Mr. flabtead?I am acquainted with Thomas J. Coleman: I have beei acquainted with him stveralyesre; live or six years or more; since the failure of the Nov il<>pe Hank he b is not purrlnocd any tf the New Dope money from me; ha ha* uot purchased any atmyoiltee. that. I anew of. from my clerks, -r r any p< rv-n concerned with ute; just before una after the failure of the bank , Colsuiau U Mitchell kept at C3 IVall street; David A. Mitchell is his full name: I bad a <"onver?*tiot with Oolemaii before the failure of the bank in retailor to notes that had a mark >u them; I don't Hnov that I can .-late rpeetficaliv; at the time those note" were issued to the oOlmubus Oompauy. they were marked by Warren Juukiu*. who had bis oftlee with Air. Coten-an; lie had liis desk in Coletaau's office; Mr. Coleman ivdwoiMl tl"< aster fur Mr Jenkins; I mean the New Hope Delaware Ihidge bills, particularly -dhow marked "W:" I have seen Jenkins mark a large pes,ion < f tho-e bills th Coleman's ottlce with the latter W;" Coleman was there nme of the times; wh'-n I sew Jenkins mark those bills with the letter IV. Mr. Coleman understood what ibis mark was; tbi- nutk W designated tb?bills that this Columbus Insurance Company ween to redisim an 1 protect; afterwards Warren .Jenkins W'.s to protect tbetn; another contract was aft, rr. nrd. inbred into vltli Jenkins, oy which tin bills won! to be redeemed by hiui aud returned to th- .Sew Hope lblatvarc Bridge Company; this contract wm- sou. tlnn-.l with N It Curtis and David A Mitchell, after Jenkins wen* away; Curtis A Mitchell kept their office ill ihesainc room with Coleman; Colemuu r -utiuued t > rode* ir. the notes as heretofore; a short time after the lunk failed Col, man tild me be had ti<> bills; Curtis aud Mitchell told me they bid o> 0. sud showed no- parcels of uiot, y in a tin box; I d >u't fcu>w but Coleman was when they showed me tues- oiU*. I n* 1 a very long conversat Ion In Curtis It Miteh-dl s room, with Curtis. Mitclu 11. and Coleman. the tgat before tt.-T "topped Ttdeeming the New Hope bill-, at Jutls"tl*6 11i>t?*l; tfce Cdiiect of th' neetlmr was to see whether there, all ao on with ili" redemption; Colt-uitn proposed. or seemed to too willing to do what he could to help Ouilit f. Mitchell i? keep on with the redemption; 1 told h ui I would uo what 1 could also to help liieut. tia we ha i funds to take cao. (f our circulation a' home; ttlis interview ended with the utidi rstiiudiu* that they would see Home friend* in tho morning irom wh ut th'y expected or toped to pet aid; in the u>r ruin*. about Ilin- or ten o'rlcch, th.ygavs luutouodir tend t'.?c they would Fe?Jiem no lougtr, Curtis i. Mitchell and Col. man being present, I hud a conversation, atter tho failure of the b?nk. wiih Coli uiau; it was one or two minutes after the .failure of the hank. Counsel for Mr C-oleman d* t -d the production of the ngr?-til. u?? referred to iu tile examination of the witne i. that be might hare an opportunity to cmssexamine with reference to them Ouo-e! 'or complainant replied that they were now In the hand* of the BnOTHI and that ttwwdhf Mr. t'< lenu.II v. a- hound to give notice to produce theui r.xamined l>y Mr Scudiler. on behalf of Coleman? 1 have bin ti connected with tide lieuk ?ln?e lhtO a* |>re?!delit meet of the tlDie and a- cashier for a short time, but In 'to other capacity; but. most of the time elu"e lf-1.'. 1 have had charge ot the aifairs of the institution. t{ ?Von -tated. In your direct i e eminstton that yon Would do what you could to help theui to redeem the note*, a* yen bad funds to iakc ran* of the circulation ?l heme What funds tad you at home a*, that time' a ? l d at i n ottmi the ameniut. Q ?State U< the be-I of your tec >tb-ctlon. A.?it writld be quite iud- if I tated to the best cf my rie Jlection. I thould -?y i|MM <-r $11,000 g.?He w long afUr that turn did the bank fall' A.?Very n?u. g ?How toon' A?ltntc. diatciy. so far as the- redemptkn in New "Vork was concerned, and a few day* atter so far as tit" thank wss concerned, w? oij bu-iuesa at the bank after a failed to oedo'U i I New V?rk. g?WUa: .uiiue*?.' A?Any ' iinary hn?tr-a- rf the oflloe Q?V> .u. do you call tie ordinary bu-icoo- of the cftre! A ?1't.yiiec checks, redee-tuing nem y. eoU-ctlnc debts. V V?What money did you rtdtvin, and what debt* did you Ci-.teet" A ? I doa t recoil, et. g ? >Vltn whs the mortgage made by the New Hope Company to lloldc-,mla*' A ?I don't, recollect the .Int. 4/?Whs It Iwfvrv ot the redeiuptkn of the jillIn K* w 1 uj k win etoppi a' A ?After the redemption of the kill* la New York *?? *t' ppnl. tut before *? atopped r< dee.nuig litem Q ?Wm tlm mot" at lime when y "i hruiw l.V l.iiia in Now V. rk were not r. Jet mi A' A ?It *M. I' -K?> the m -ii ?olritit when thir mortgagr ??? m.ii*e! A.?Yea If lie j rovM collect lie Ir d- hi* 41?W ?e it miila ahii lli<7 lud IuImI t? pi/ tlieil tie M?? A ? I Cannot 'hj it !?? . g ?W i.y ? or it null'' A ?It w.m tun tie tu acrnre J-'hn lloldr >mbe. in nccor lr Mi e?. with pc. tiou? uttre* n?eui villi Inm g --IViml *m that *gi ui> u?l A lie- agreement an thnt tie -Im uIJ h?ee a mi itgage for the ainmint the i'oiU|iitij> <n?Ml turn 11 - M ten wni the agri-run in uia-n A ?<n 1*44 (J- w aid the coin j any become in debt < d t" him Put; e et amount* A* f bafTiWed abiint riglit < nn tkotnud it >! lata lr. i turn, for the llrt* of the r ini|*u); It m 1 J' lei ?ni T" ot it may be lee?; I >i<>a t i uumleT i no die * lh? jBiertgair- , or alw i tu'Ulnl It; I let) hare Mgn?d it, ot the 1 iv??tir? r of (|lt* i oi.ip%? y may utiftttNi it. (i ?Wt-rr you pew lit nbfu it wh? A ?I '*nt.t.t hit) that I I rami t r?enU9ft thlt I Hirt .4 it; I mar hair la-en ptewnt g ? \\ any re?i lu'iou of the i...*r 1 paw -I authariit?'n the I' of th e mortgage? A ?1 think there r?i? g.? It ne jtru preaeot whi n that rerolutlon ?u fa w4 A ?I think I ?m g.?Who lee wiw preaetit* A?I don't ricolleut diatlnrtlr b t I atippoae Jit 1jCoryell. Ini>? Wilion, liitjah Wikon, and J alio M iKohtnmtl. probably g ?Who Called them together* U ? At whiee mtjuert' A ?It may be hi my rr'iuct, or of the other dlrecWri In the rlllnpo. Q? I'ld )i u, at that time ?t?te t<> thoee per?ot>* thai the tnll? of tho company were not redeemer In the city w JNew Vorfc A ?I ft! hnbly adrlwd hem > f the fv>t that CnrtU A Atitrl ell had topped r< de< tuil'it Ihetu W ? l?td they thereuc'in exeeule the mortgage* A ?They par-t-d a resolution direetiug * a?oitege tile rneotol, they mtt h?Ti dlrectid the I'.f Wuit or ih< VTrMteur- r to ecrrnte It q?M liMt I* rami' of the that ?a? in the bint when they (topped redi i miug the noiia lit the city o V>? York! A.?It wne Mid tnoetiy to depositor*. (f.- Whet de|e?|i'>r>' A - - I don t repotiert the turner q ? iVn any paid to Ueddard k 8t John, or Mr JBntee. their agent* A.--Mono that I think of. Q. ? Af'er the noted were n't redeemed in New V ; '* did ft John A Ooddard. or Mr llatee, or any or e-ttuei Of them, nreire any of the $16 uuO in the bat k' A ?Th"y 'id not q. -IWd th p< reoor l??t nanu d on 'he day when thi dind'x w<r? so. ridM-ifcd in Now York or .my. or idtlmi of thorn, iwin iny of th? fund* or mnuoy* of tin ??ukt A?I don't know that thoy did. Mr BttN ?m *1 Idimbartfillo during my at NV? York y.?VbowtuXr Bntn*? A ?III ?n* the dark ol floddard A -t John y.?Who wrrr Pt John A llodilarv' A?Thoa T Ht John and *m 0 * toddand tTjoj fcopt tha aear.ujita of tho compai y f >r on tima In I'M Imlolfdila nod redaatnad tha WiU-of li c too . ny tlo m Uim w?r?- In ihn habit of aan Hog to ...?? Yo-k t'urti Ik Mltrhf lt> itftto. and to li. mh*ri?|(t? h? Itank la wo y,_fttd (l.o l ank proridelh. tn aitli lu-id? to mdoon (do ir noton* A ? Yr-a Q ?ft i rv thuy not rgularly ipj- mu d i.y Iho ban a :E NE long before C'urtii 6t Mitchell hud anything to do Willi i- the bank, for tlit< purpose! indicated' - A?I don't kn?.w any of special appointment: w openolen account in 184t> or 1M7, and continued w ,h 1 tn? m n m il wo fulled Q.?Whit brought orer Mr Bates to 1-ambertTille the ^ daj when the notes were not redeemed in Now York? A.?I don't know that he was (here that day; he was 2 there during my absence in New York. I U?Wha'. was the amount of the mortgage to John lloUtcomhe? " A ?flt.OOO, I think. <1 ?Who r< deemed your notes in N~i w York* A.?Thos. J Coleman was the man that redeemed thi m frcni brokers in the str? >t t : ?< ?Who el.-e redeemed the i in New York' t | A?Nobody to my knowledge. ? j tj.?Did the hack ewer appoint C'dtmsn as agent * i - ?5.? ... ...... ii.?wiiat composed tnc amount of the tlO-TOO due to ^ ll'Mrofflbe ? A.? Various item* f f money that tho tompimy had bofore received of him. tj.?State the item* A.?I cannot do It , W.--Wm lloldoonibe present when the mortgage vm made ' , A?No ; it wa* delivered to his iweut, John Coryell ! tie man w I o attend* to hie business. I i t|-?V here wun lli ldromhe A.?I suppose he wu* at hi* house, out of the village. ?\\ ho dellvt red the note* of the bank to Curti* It 1 j Mitchell, sue for tho bank 'r [ A ?Warreu Jenkins. Q.?II ho delivered to J entwine ? 1 i A.?I uid. y.?When? . A?I e..nnot state tho time certainly ; I think, as far , 1 iuU to. lS-io. and, at dillcrunt time*, a* far back ua 1S44. , I y.?I?ld Curti* ft Mitchell ever plsco any money in r ; your ham's to meet issue* of the bank ? A.? 1 don't recollect that they ever did I y.?Had the bank any money In their pos, r?ilon bo; longing to Curti* A Mitclx H ' A.? I thick not. - y.?Did Curti* k Mitchell hava any money of the tiauk? A.?1 don't n.aaing them tiny diaoouot or ; special loons except the one made under the contract. 1 1 and what Jenkin* paid ever to them and current deposit which the company had with Jenkins, which he paid over to them y ?l?td Jenkins receive from Curti* a Mitchell for tho noteg paid over by Jenkins (o them ' I A.?1 don't know that be did y.?Jic you know that he did not .' ! A ?I ?' n't I y.?Who signed the contract you mentioned a.-in -ie with Curtis A Mitchell'' | A.? I think I signed it Q.?Who else signed if A ?<'utti* k Mitchell signed it I y.?Ac> body cl-e ? ' A.?1 think not. 1 y.?Whs this contract authorised ?y the board ' A.?It was. y.?How j A.?My their resolution. y ?Was any deposit made by CurtU A Mitchell to , *11 et this contract ? A.? Ves, a dcpcjlt of $00 0<K) of the stock of the Kuw : I(n? Delaware "ridge Company. II U Uwl I-..-.I. ?. ui.-s." ?.VI. . A ?They bought tt of M'arren Jenkins. 4 ?Where did Jenkins get it A ?He gut it i f the t'uiuiubu* Insurance Company 4 ? Where did the Columbus Ituurtuieu Company i?et It ' A ?Th'-y got it of various individuals 4 ?W et c you one of those stockholders ' A.?I was one cf the stockholders that sold to the Colutnbtts Insurance Company: the t(H OO1 was not d-s! fx sited lit Curtis A Mitchell. but *ss depoiiled tor ! them l.y tt itrren .tonkins. 4 ?tt hen J A.?! runout state the date; the jeor was IHi' I it.?M as the t ank solvent in 1HIT ? A.?Ye* 4.?Was this stock, in 1*17. worth pur* A ?V s. I think it was, it would l>e worth par now if tbiy rr nJd c< .b et their contract Ircm Curtis A Mitchell | 4.?How many notes weie outstanding when U?<> hunk tailed ' i A?I cannot remember >.?As r.ear as you can state ' ) A.?At out fiat,"<Mj; it may bs more. if ?\t a? any besides the , si-hang* for muthau-i aides i?-u?d to Curtis and Mitchell ' A ?None csccpt those and the note, that Jenkins | gave them. 4?liid tb" bank keep any account of the utouey paid i over to Jenkins .' A.?its. 4 ?At the time of the failure how much va~ in the ands of Jenkins. i f the notes of the bank .' A --None. I iiuuitine tf.--At the tune of the failure, how many nob-, w re utitai ding that hud been it-sued t i Jenkins .' A ?Can ts?y. 4 - Mute as near as you can, A?The amount du? from Curtis ind MiteliWl would be H 10 PWI, or more, as they had awe -ied the contract. 4.?At the timed the failure, ho-; nany notes Worn i utstandiug that hud hoeu lesui'd to J. Otiu., ' A ?I cannot scy 4 - Vvi md the hooks of the btnk > f j A - Yes j 4?Hid Jen-tin* hare any power of attorney front t he ; ank to do an) ihtn* ! A?Nat to U ) knowledge ) 4?ltd he hare unj authority to iian?ie-t business for the bank .' A.?J dou't kne w that he had | 4.?The tiWiiho you state to he due from Curtis ami i Mitchell, how did it get out of the buuk * A.?It was given to Jenkius, the n ?t of it. 4 ?At the tin.e it was piteu to hlui. did he !u?r<- any i crutxac: with the batik A ?At tin- time a portion of it was delivered to Jen > n- ti.~ I oimubu' in-um -irt O mpatij bad a contract with tin- batik, wade by Jruhin* at recreiary v agent of tin I'olon. I'll- lin-umnoc Ccn.pauy ; at the tint 'another l< rt.' n "f it ?>. ili liMrm to turn h< had another oouirvt him-elf, in lieidually, ?ilh the bank <j.?YVarthe flUhltO of the note* brood. ti? you hat" ttaUd, r< mpri-M d in the tnomy deliTered to .1 nkiue. un o't both !?>"?< contracts ' A ?Voa Q? Had the company failed prtei tif to th? U-t I failure ' A ?Ye" In continuation: 1 knew that all but T.-ry itnail p' rtlon wt rc marked, that wi re drllfuM M Ji'D1 klM) with tl?? leitl r "W a tew of Itieui Worn marked at '' Ittinbi.-, "let Oiti i it,"' by Mr >1 'ly, 1 think rt*< m*a I Mood;. cm-bur of the Ulty Hank. Coiuuibu*. there i* no other It ;i that 1 know i f V ? M eii' not rill the bill- of the bank mar I:- J in *imo i 1 way or another? A ?1 canni t ?ay thi j were ail inarti d. ' U?YVae iho kuMCOeiit, winch >ou t?y van uuule with Ct.rtia at U Bliti hi I rigid d I lie day it te ar- dale ' A ?1 Ihn a it ?? Lot | but it wan tinned about that 1 tunc; in ii<e month ol In ei uibi r lt4T. y.?\V but am unl el Letoa were i.-aui d by the bank in lion mUr. lfriT ' A ?I cannot ay. it i? itupo-Mble for me .0 t 11 ?1? bi a did in* bank tall 1 A ? lu I'eomber. 1M7. <1?-Ilr.w long alter uit ilaie ot the agri e:n> ct io pit I illppo e It waa eignid ' A ? I nippier in rraiity. It war rigned before ' It ?How li ug bi lore f A ?hot long Uierontrart between J< nklm and Cnrlia I d Mlti-!i*l!?i will i,"f i ail It a coil 11 act - an airn i ment ! wl u.t ilc, a c< rdiint It the Iwat of my MWhrllun. he! Iireih iti'l. nnnhi ?a? dan d wiUi o urtu ai d huchi-U, I the ipMBMN heiwien tuitia and Mnol-ei . and .'en 1 kiDwa? iLtoiiualiy lauctionrd by i-eilng the mi-mb-riof tb<-b.-ard. aid u (.brainy explaining u> thum la U w:o iXt-ruUd, 1 barmy ibliA auy fund.' were iaeUid uu' dil thi? ouUccl beli re 11 tear- dale; i Uplieate contract* I *ir? ' itt-nud >t Ivtiuml]', uiulrf a n-xolu| tleti of the board. i y-Ki' the bbiii' contract 'h*' "* Informal!* talked over with tin din etort> al^nec. by the bank and <'urti? ! ami MHohrll ' I A -lt *u . (t-bl'JCutitMd Mitchell make any deposit In tlie ' bank tuiikV tbU ngn - ment ? A ?I don't neodiot tuat they lid y ? I'r-tIi ub to the failure. ?ay the day prerb"ii. at hat tin-count did the uoli " b-M id the city of Net Vork; I A.?tine pirimt. I belbTi i ?In the do nth of l*ctobar 1117. did ' <4?man inquire rit you in r< .ation to the cr? Jit aiul ?>l?< nry of tha | lank' j A ?1 rj n 1 ri (">i;eet . If 1 had ?ld anything to Mr (Vbman In relation to the batik 1 aaU It Wax g"od that . la. itaatook. i don t rinn mhr when li e bank *aa p im( cital' I. ;.rior to t failure In 1147 if ? Cmlc a- i 'HJ ii you can A ?1 cannot get at it, wKh any dl>tinc'oe*? iu niy van mini <1?At'- re you ynaldrnt at that tin.c 7 . it ? I wa* t,' ?V hat capital wan paid In when it ?ai reru?elut?>d* ' A ?Norcat all. a* capital ( l| ? It hat ae-ete had It * I A ? If had di I'ta due to It of earl a kind A, from raf|oua indiatiiuala tf - llcw much ejtccle* A ?I dont recollect, y _llr** much clrcv .-tlon 1 A ?1 don't retrx mler <-> ?It ho were the rarlnu* InJlri that (> ' d Ih i U?nX at tint time ! A ? I rutins! |<r totid to rooohppt th< m n.i j if ? lln? tho t*nk"d ourr thnlt twu-o ' A?I tnlioTe It hao; 1 donl kuow thr fact h ? Tt 11ji u latrr?rtod In tho iMiMjurhnnna Bank in ? l'< t. nnylrania whi n the A?w llu|.o nnd I>il?wnro felted ' r (( ty-'-tui to, nnd ruvd owt ) ' U ?Did not tho Ou (jiu Imnnn County I'nnk. in I'< nn ij lyatiin. nippi i d Up r><iou>|>ti<>ti nhnnt tbn tlmi the Mow ' kojio Bank iuot?itdod ? (tiiurc'od to, and rulrd out.) y?Ynti ray tho oimyntiy hold tbn fMi.OOt ^lodged to th<n> H m thi? rtiiek ctrr ImbUpmil in tho hooka <>f tbo company to tho bank, by Curt In k MlloboU * r A ?Tho f-tnok r?Tor Mood In the nnu>" ?d CurtU A Mltrbill. and, pr naotjiiofctly lt who not i ranrferrod l.y ; ( iirtto A Miuhi II in tin-N oka of tho bank Q.~-lUd you tfi r -how ynur Mr' wni with Qurti- k M ilehi II t? Tl>< a. J Cotonaa ' < A-lthltiki't y _Md yon (?or road tho nmtrant hoi w?o? rVirt.lo k . AT'oholl nod th? tank to Yboa .1 IMomnn * I A ?I ni??r t.ttl tb* contra;!, butttn'-d tte* Mttteiuwo W YO MORNING EDITION?IV I of the agTftinent to Ltoi ?nd that mad.- with Jenkins and the Columbus Iumh hjt- Company <4 ?Where ' A.?At Colenriau s cfflce | <4 -When ? A.?About the time we wer* ruaMnj the contracts, or sr uie t i inn h fti r y.?Who were present * A.?'>a one occasion Warren J was presort <h? Who else ' A.?I don't recollect anybody ele*. l|.?In that conversation. did you not caution Mr. I Cohiuen tlia. the hank would not redeem th<*ir notes' A ?I don't think I did y ?Did you Mate to Mtu anything stent the bilL being : marked A.?lie kdow the fact saw ilium marked, and rfltew I why tb< 7 wore marked W ?Where wen th>>eo "ilMs marked ? ! A ?They were marked at Warren Jenkins' desk, la i Cok-fcan's ofllc?; the office was in tsR Wall street; thlJ was before tho ftllure of the hank; it was during the time I delivered the notes to Mr Jenkins; this was in 184C or 1847; I know the fact that I had uct sold any j Now Hope monoy toCclemar. U.?In the year 184k or nre rious. did not Coleman soil I yon. in your office. bus<iui nanua County buak notes, which wm UMiuhy wdlMlut at ycur office; and did you or persons in your office. Bi ll notes of the New Hop* Bauk, and ai.-o of the Lewie County Bank, to Coleiaau ' A.?1 did ni t n 11 any New llope notes to Mr Coleman in JS48 n- itLer did any person in my office, to aiy knowledge. t> ?You have stated that Jenkins occupied an office with Mr. Coleman. Were they in business together' A.? farthtr than Mr. Ooleman was redeemln the New Hope paper for him. Q?Do you know of any arrangement between Cole i man and Jenkins ? j A.?I do not. y.?How do you know tliat Coleinau was redeetuin I those notes? | A ?1 know it by the praetice tha! prerailivl there ; h ; : bought them and sold them, and turned them orer to i Mr. Jenkins when he hod more than he ctulii sell. y ? How do you call thai practice redeeming by Mr. j Coleman' 1 i?As country hanks protecting their paper, frei rju< fitly taking them up at a stated rate of discount. t??What funds did you plaee iu the hit ads of Mr C'oli n on to take up thi- paper, at a -tated rate of di?i count? A ?I did tint place any funds in his hands ; I plarad fends in tha bunds <Jt Warren Jeuains. and Curtis A X ltahi 11 y.?V bat kind of funds did you place in the bauds 0f I W arren Jink.ns, and what was the amount' A ?X plae?d >o his bunds funds current ia New York, of rent amounts. y.?W hat in the hauur of Curtis A Mitchell.' A--The funds Wsrrcn Jenkins had iu his hands he turned orer to Cuiti A Mitchell To whai amount' A. ? I don t recollect y ? l>id you i rer get the receipt of Cui I is A Mitchell : f' r these funds gin n to tliem by JeiikiiM? A ?I did I}.?Where is that receipt' A ?It is in the hands of Henry K. T>aties. I y.?l?o*-? that receipt show wiiHt amount of current I finds were placed in the hands of Curtis k. Mitchell, ho! lorp'na 'othe bniik. by Warren Jenkina.' A.? 1 suppoee it does j (i?W hat war that amount' A.?I den't reeoileot. Ii > ? nas u j, iw. r-iiv. r r JoJW A.??('?; I HUppone threw or four thousand dollars nr? jiaf'tl iti tt hsud* cf Curtf Ji Mitchell to oaable tli i ni to redeem the notch of the tank, or to draw drafts J ?2:iin?t mm ccroudt ol the bank I / ? f>id Curtis k Mitchell ever return th< three or four I tlx MMt d( Uars .' A.?They returnrd apart ef it. but how much I cannot r> member; whatever the balance is, it I* in their ' hi lid | -till. j H u- that 1 alanec f*?<r tised by th' tn In redeeniiog th- nttea of the New Uope Company' I \?Not to toy knowledge; I suppose not. <1 ?Vt > at whs the dale of the receipt given by Curtis j a Mitchell to J ens In* for tni- money* A. ? 1 enntiof -iu:e the date. I t> ? \t hat r< .ution (it any > did t f-liiian end Curtis & Mitchell bear to eaoh other in the efln1, tli IVull street, ] at the time of the failure of the bunk' A ?The -an<" relation. I suppose. as existed between 1 Jenkins and Coleman. ?.?Frmwh.ui did Jenkins Mitchell, and Coleman i rent thi Ir oAces' A ?1 don't know ij?>t Inn Mr Huti r went to rhiladelphla from l.arnWrtvllle hIh ti thi bunk broke, did he take awuy any of the lniide <>1 tbi bt.nk ? 1 A ?1 have uo knowl. dge ' f his Ic ing at I.umbcrtviiU ! after that i; _\t 0' Mr I'aU- at 1 anbertviile whlls you were at V w York, hie! while the note* of lh<> bank w,re not r<?i d< emed at New A o?k I A.? Mr. liHtes w;i? lit i.anibertville while 1 was at Niw i ork out whether it was before or after the link slop; pod 1 estinot say. y ?V h ' ds> i f the w.-s k h" at Lambert vlilo .' A ?I den t kill.w | 11,?llow long was ho there ? A ?I don't know 11 ?1>? you know whether b took any mitny or funds awuy frrnt the I nk with hiu ' ! A - Not of snc own knowledge, I Ion t know : I Http. i p.- h-wever, l.e tcckiom- away with him. tl ? How niueb ? A ?1 don t riiroit l-er. il?Hale a-tear a-y > u can A. - I have no mean* of -tiitiug wills any d-prec of c*rtaluty; probably $',U0 ; it may have been more, It may j be lem. Q.?To w!. in did the bukinae of fun<b that was In '.he j ; lank la It tig after thai taken by Mr. ilatc* ' .?? It is longed to the hunk. j (4 ?11 w li uch at that time, did Mr John lleldroinhn 1 ktvf en dtfioelt in the tank ? A ? I- iween >i4 tati and >1?.XK>. I think. 14?AMcrtho >14(00 <c flj 0 0 tMiongin;, to Mr I'old! combo on ?lfj" tit, what tui.j? wore in liw hank otor ana ihcTc a.iti lr?i(la# that iuiu A.? 1 don't undor?taud the question M?You toy lieldet mbe had botwi-on >14 000 and >!.' ? its*.':: v~ to hi ci edit at t lie time the hank failed, : w tiht ;.m< unt < t fundi be tides were in the t>ank ' A ?1 ion't ray there were f 14 MK> or >U> Ck<0 standing i1 Mr lieldct mho in th?hank t there wm that aum ataadi ing to bli credit on the |e<lg?r (V.? V hat Mie unt of ' uih wait in tb? beitldea ' A ?I Mated that y. ftiri ,y,hitt I canont ?tat? defl ! nitolj ; tl.i ir ?.v k.CtK m di r li e control of the bank U ? W- rr tboo ! .an.. In the bark at l.rtoibertaille ' A ~A portion i f the Hi ; Bunt of them t, t what did they ronMM. T j A?'.'it ; < ii?..-ted o? b*oV oo'ca, aj.i*-i?, rlu-clt? nod | urrtiCrMo. W--H'wmuoh In no' -?* . A.?I il< n't rr. hot | ti?M hat noti" ' A ? I d" n't ri reflect, y.-lli* rniirh iti r{*cl* ' I A ?1 don't n n.i mbrr y.?How tnttoh la certificate* * JK-1 (i"ti't i member U ? " ! b the hank failed did Mr llotdcontbo hare any ' m ot J In the bank on depoait ? A ? M" l?twe'll >14,000 and >1 >,0W d> porllcd to i lot : red it V ?Waa any of '.bat money n the bank at hauhnrt1 TUH' A - Th?-v may hare b?on to.- n| H. I Wi know whither thrr?- wn or not. y.- lien D nth ? || ' I 1 v,' A ) hp ?? ft (IfoWli-nml+'p m,m?y> ' A.?In the berk; ii aa.? Heed, the mop.1 of it y - Vt) pit ?u l! r 'nianee lnot waa nit tired ' j A ? If there war any ant u* d it ???r<- tba !*nk Iy ?Pint#- I .wana tjy ?l; n> It w*e ?. ; * A?ItvariiMdin the office, hut by wu . ' or lia* -'t o t know U ~W<1 ft John or (JoddarU no* any * A - Not thot 1 kno* of y ?l?t?l jt ti u>* tiny ? A.- N.. fir y -1 * me come y r'on who any ' A -It in la.j'e-Hl !? fot- roe to dp in.. any peraoti in particular y ? lly who** order did Mr. Date- take away any J tnrney Item the talk T A ? I it n't knew 11 at lie It.el any order | y._lly ahoee nuthi.itj ? A -I uool know. t?. Whet irtnl w?? he *hfn he went to the bank * A The iirent et Pt John !* tioddard y - IH.1 JOB irrf h?re ary Settlement with Wareeo Jin' ii.p, j -itii at totfci Botes Ir-tug bunded omr to CurUk M.teheil? A -! bail. *c?it y. ?V ho dm know ? A ? I ilou'l know . f auyh oiy tba* doer know; h!-i ao or tint noiy hare hit n wrttleti up. and the balance adJuated two or thru- tint*but I bare no am ount in my ban '?of It y W hen wtw ibe et nlrncf trade with the Ooitimhue Itipttrane Company f A I don't r nu mber; 1 bedierr Itw.ia in IMS orlkU; hi; imnrrwaion In hat It wae In 1MI. y - II..a lot a .id It rontlniie T A Thm Ol h ur yrnrp W " r- til- II rit - I net (lit 111- roii'inn i- iwi mk? C'( p>| any obtain under that contract A 1 Jvi.l ri-tnemt < t the amount, It la ImpoaalMe for n e t< 11 collet. n> t hm in/ look. J at the booka for y?*ra; luit to the bet of my 11 went rcrolln tlon. I would nay ?K'.'l 0, It may ha?< ' < o uiuob more or murk I' " ' it What nna done with that ftWOUOO ' A I* wai to d by tho company In Ntw Tork nu-1 Oh > >< War all that r ocy (narked W ? A I 'wllcar It was <1 It jtut tino il'.l the contract b-ulntrtth W?r t .'i (Alrva 7 A I tliiok It wa? In the early part of 1*17. 0 -W hat ami ut.t ta- o-oed marked October f rat ' A I cannot elate tl year or amount j It waa a rrotted, or rtnall amount g ?flow do yon know a amaU am. writ' A -Tith teat of m) rrcollrr lion, a rreat p-.rtlon of th par* r ?aa o and It ?ae raamlne<t p.-eaenal y by me. g ? V h?wa war it, at'illr' A ?In tho rlty of few Viark O - wbr?n * ae all carina!' A - 1 bo - natkit 1 b?<. we, wee* m iked by Mwn# .! oka< RE H

FONDAY, JULY 21, 1851. Q?Wu any officer of !be bauk present, wlicu this money was marked* A?I wax present when u portion war marked QI?ld y< u keep an account of what was marked r?-r aerially' A?ho, air Q.?Wan this marke d is 1813 or 1WI. when received by the U> liimbus Insurance Company A ?The money that wax delivered to them, from tiuie to time. I belie??, was all marked, and done ut the time It was dative red generally y.?When did Mr Moody mark nr?e money, - October 1st." A.?I don't know the time y ?What year was it inserted in the Wlie* A.?I don't rccellc t what year It was; between the yeara 1R4VT Mid 1M7; I caut-M state the year with uuj debtee <>f dsfiniteneas y ?Was there any oth r inontey of it large amount j marked 'W," besides the $00 003? I A.?Yea; ? sough to make u> the entire due oil the contract. y ? What amount did Mr. Coryell, Amos Wilson, Jill. }?h Wltson, arid'other director#, owe the i.anlt when It I failed.' A ? T ilon't rprnllcAt H?Did the dirsetnrs owe the 1 at, I anything' A.?Yen sir; soiuwef them did. nudsouK- did n<>t ti ? W ho did.' A ?Elijah Wilsoa sod * .ho Coryell. <b?Did any otlieri o ike directors 'we it anything' A.?I think none oijor*. uuless Davtl A Mitchell. unlcs. be was a director: he may have l>?? a I.hoi a director; and '' rycll, tc the ivst of my iccoUeetlou. were the only ones i).?VWat aiocunt did *hey owe* A?I don't know; it .would be impow'Me for ax to state; .lie Decks ail! tell. ID?W here ore the booko' A?I don't know. k| ? Where did jou l?st re the book-f A.?At bam I. ruble ?When did you see them there' A?A jear or two since, more than a yejtr notably; f .anno) state the precise time. | (J ?Where rlid you last bear of tlieni' A.?1 newer beard of theui, siuec 1 Fair them ?llawe you not seen i r to aril of these Umiks. or any of tiiem. In the city of New Yotk or l'hllanelpMi.' A.? I hawe s. u<e of the old hooka of ths ernpunv in | N.w York hut hawe not seen any In New Y. rt wtiich relate to the recent business of the company tj ?What hooks did the company keep .' A ?They kept a day book, ledger. (Jlsooi.rt hooks, tickler, to pi we the time* and amour, t of paper falling j due; regi.-tirof notes received and sent fore '.lection; cash 'aiok, stock, ledger, trans'cr books, draft b >nk, ; register of lion * issued. niiiiute o?ok. register of notei and bills held f r collection Th as comprise all X tlduk; thi n may be others. t'.?Have you seen any of the book* of the bank iu . I'hiladt Iphui since the failure .' A ? No. sir. tt.?Apy where else ? A?In Lambert villi . since th- failure (1,?Aij where else ? A?No sir. except the old book* and papers iri Now York ladouging to the company. H ?Were no' the books ot the bank in joui .w aud ' charge tip to the time of the failure ! A.?They wsro iu niy rare, and the en -a of n j trea- 1 surer: l,ut not up to the tilne of the app. internet of a < nceiwer; they were in th care of the l. and I treasurer at LambertviUe. y.?Who were t he managers acd treasurer* A ? hamuci M Loton-on was treasut -r ; .tobn Co-yell. Amos Wilson. James M. Kobiitsin. Meander 1 Coryell, and Kltjah Wilson, were managers <1.?Since the failure of the bauk. ha- any ;v ran tol l y< u where any of the books of the bauk wer outside of | Lambert nlie * A ?No, air; nor aid any one write to uis tc licet. | U?Have tl ese din ctcr- paid any of their aidcbud- ; n? s? to the hank ' A.--1 don't know; some was paid before I left Lam- j 1< itwiile but how much I don't know; it was paid to me or th'' Tux i rer la'irr 1 lift Q.?Wbat -as done with what was paid o?? r ' A?All the money that was paid in there was u .1 to 1 pay the inoebtcolro. . of the company t,' ? YV hound it tor that purp<?? : A.?The otHrvis of lh<. company, \u< prt -idei.t or ' treasurer. (j.?To whom pnid ? A.? lion't I'Dn-oibir; the books will show g.?What b be will i-h'/w ' A ?1 i;i- it?y book. became ot tbo money pail by 51: c -will for bis #i to note that was tlia-ouabd ' A?I Hi r't know that lie pi-id an/ note g ? W I.a: v, 1 - done with the motley paid to take up ' It /am Coryell'* note ' A ?1 don't know that T twain C"r.tell bail any u?to | there individual v be and bin partner had one of >.k/0 there, to the last of ujy*rec oiler tina. ty?W hat was ("ote ?Itn the nionoy * I A?It went to Ooddftrd te St. John, It >??* in Iheir likndo for col.rotion; tin y had adti.ur?J m- urjr upon it. a;< they did ui-on other notca. some of which were paid and sonic tl which were p. dented t,< Wu not that Dote dbcouuted at the bank' A ?ft M g?Who | laci o it in the hand.' of M John A Ooddud' , A ?The HilWWHf Ji?ll; probably I did. g.?When the director* who owed tbe bank paid their i indcbt.'-dlM's* alter the failure. Ill what fund did they I pay It.' A. -Meetly in New Hope Delaware Hridcr note 1 g.?lii w uiurh did you owe the bank whin it failed' A.?I c. hi not owe it ray thing g.?flow mueh did St. John A 11 Odd rd. oy either of tb- m owe tli-. bank' A Tbo bank wua largely indebted to Si John h til(lard g? llaTiPt .libn St Goddard, or either of I In ny tic ut forthnn. prv cntrd any oia>io tothr rat-inn | for toy indi Mnim-n A ?Not to my kuowl?dd? g - 11 a was the indebted to St. John V J-.-dJ-iid when it failed? A ?It w? nd-lt?-d to thorn for a largi acu 1 i.t 'lie pottha' ihty h id fediem d 1 r* rhlladclpliti Ike day Curtl i Miiolirll vtopie dradoel iin^ in Nt ? Yo-h' | g.?II w much? A 1 do not ku w th< preci. udiouui, al-oul fl'dyiM I Inatri-r. I'.- l)ij St J,-lin A Qid-Jard red. m to h- i?,N.w I York' I A I don't Vn >w that they did; th* ' floe in ibdU t ihilt.ii- nl 1 - ;>o? Vol 1 nud 'her ai-ul thi in ,i.rt> Cti.'tui it Mitch. iJ t.r Mr roluniMn y?w h it I ni.iN Iihu Mt .ic'.n fc i.r<i;l*rd lit I'l IU | hie. hy v 111. h r< d' - III tlutl'i" #t Vurk' A -lb'. I :.'l iifi fur-1; wl < n tin n.tot Witrr :iid If - II' the m tci"I iul" thi* hnud* rf J'thu 1 OuldHfU, Ml I'MirU' l(ihU" A ? I ?ll? ? . iiic f.ooi < crtt*, In- wn> !u I'hr'.s ilrli'lilft ILe t'*y bt h rc. Mr Uoddn." 1 tlic |>n. k i.; "< to httu I lKil lj -II w ilU! il ? ni"?itjr Ihnt ?i< trd . in. 1 lii Plillv dil|tl* I jr fc'l. Jiliii & Ui-dthtrd. g?t i?to th. Ir h.vil* (ici:cm.l>. ,, A -Tie y l,> t ?l.t It *t th< lr . < uut? r U?W I u' din thi) ?!u nith It* A ? He |.i|cr u.i .ki'il W i?? r*ut to New YorV; th* !< ('?r t*ioi girg toll* i Sir* ILi J ?rnt to Lnnitr rtTilli I;?Ulifii the Bin't} wm wnl lo N'? Yvtl to b rr. dt-U"d tin ic ??? It A r uudot-Initio-' (but t'ur.l- A j Ml.rh.U cr would r. dun Hint inon j iu rtt. ! rcLtlcrd.-' a It ?u tlii ul.ji i.<taruling at tlw cu?tow ,ry r?t<i f d'-ctunt y I Id tl Imiil. r?r r gc y?r frr th* n< t** l-iu. I ? > ll-i lelturlti- li.furniicct'oTugnn/or W'wrm Jtn'Jm! A --lh> y u*?< r trot nnj thing jet iu th< ihnr f IBo tvy fr m th tViuf I M- lu-urjiir# Hi: m.) or il.'i n J' i tn ' t> -My lb:* ronlnot with th* C luir'n.' Tn u i. I Ci I'F'IJ i-iill .'.tlkl'lt COOtlMI. I IU f r(i f;i ni llf. r 4 t" ! * " A. Hrnt v It *li tlovitkl t? l? I f*ror*M* r.'.mgc- i Bml f r thi' inpni.y 11 th w |*? i* it., niton they rr rind no fund* fr ? tint I'm U It*' ' A ?Th*J i-rct*. 1 lr.t.r*?t ro th* mntrtrt, t jt no r*- ] torn f ll.i' fwuit* or |>tturl| Ml w?? mvl*. I il n't iruti'M- , hi rtl. i t of ti.twr* ?t rrfMTtnl. but II no jut cut I <>r milium w. tlir rntr U --llan yoti ct*r iI.rim. 11 th* boob*, ?l?c? th* th iui> fn Hi th. icMt-iigir> ' A ?1 h?r*. Mr y- Mr At .intin. I **o "V* >lt*rMtlon* mwh "n th* fm < rfthim d*p<wltl( n>. d i you know who ruM.ii'It' 'a ' A? Yw*. ?lt; I d...iI? th. ni y**t-rdHj to oorrMt" ud with the fm t I ot ic ihe r.. ulu* took th. tn U 'Mu yi.ii n*b ihcror-eut of the ?oo*inr * A ? X o SI U -I i.? f*t JMi d< d hi ! .1 the bc-ok? frotn (he . ri tin- latitat * A ?I hate tnld to. tj ? !? ?! yew fret thi m when yrn demanded thi m ' A - I did not 1/ _H tm reason did they giro for the rpftlMi ' A -T'n y >atil tbey did ti"t wl?h them t? eomnto New tor' I nffl.oil til II I m I.?f Hill purpoto of clrln, Hie l? i : - iti cviili pro in m nit or ? *a nmat l( n pending b |.n ,ii< MHrln ll In tl)? I'J "1 Now 11 r\ l|.?h Mat ri al oMato did Ihe company own ahon tho lor I. failed * Urn th- ri ?ivcre Interpr 1 and oaiil. that a the 'Im lion new nnder conoid'ra1 ton who the InvoHltt'tlon of Ihr -laini* of two rredttor* on tho ae?oliof tho bank it v ti!?: to I nt |.i-< per to anraer tho ijuo* Hon. or to K" into r 'to atj ri , nt en th?t ?uhjrrt Ina'inneh ?? thai -IK h 1 t Id in 0 w< uld ho prejudicial to the Iwtoroat* of tin oft 'liter* of tho hank and wa? aitopethof irrelevant Mr. itow dor oroigdod (A hat normie of tlio hanking hntno. he * Cm ol'er?1hriM -all en ri r'nl. It wn* a<>ld un1<>* an tii 1 nut t he i uli of tt m (' Uoddard lj ? III wr die It nt C Ot ddnrd rot the notoa on which h" l.n tight the enit agklu-t tho IMaWari Br'n 41 Ce."i l it 1!nen 1... ..ho;>.j"i ihi ?-? fttilrh <{ir tanking h' Uft* wa* Fold ' A ? I <lon l kivw y ?1>W you Know of tUU cult ?l tho Urn It ??< Uk?ii ? A -1 AWI. Q? Iliil Wn C Ooddbi'd knowof th< a?r**oi'"ritun<l<-r Mch (I ouoU* imiImI W wm-lwiiMf A ?I m|?o. -? I * did y ?D lu< |>nrrb*?wd the banking how* * A ? Jdnti'l Know gropt h> h<-ar**y W ?Did ?ho c<n>fxiny imr giro puWIr notion of tfco t k* . mi nt w'th vho (?.li>nibu< Inciironm Company and ? ami) .1 ub Inof Curti- * Mltohnil * A -Not t?> mj kti< ?lni|i y ?W vi 9 of d't-Mn un? wi< in tk? pwroknaa an ERA1 ' filn o* dMiv i f the .-tmpany i* New 7;<fk and 1'hiladrli j/lii*. by krt hern gene/ally A ? I mjipnie not <) ?'What Hoiouit of note" hivtf tk? eoiujaoy ItfUod when thiy fhlitd that were market W ? A - About ?140(HHi I tbirh <1 What wiu. the ?Y-!t clri ulati n of thf tank when | It foiled ! A - f cannot state defMtelj; my luipr? K-i- ? ijt that it vaa Fomewhero in the neighborhood of f>OOt4), icorw I or lens, what it waaon the day of the stoppage it la iui- 1 possible to say became we liiwle no balajee Q ?Did that J1 J0.0O0 inciter note* marked W ' A ?Ye* pir. Q.?How :n?ny or the <1-f0 ? of notes i-? rlrculatiar i at the time of the failure wete onrked W I A ? J don't know y.?'Whet proportion? A ?That 1 don't know <1.?At mirnyas one-halt' A ?More than thai. <J ? Ac uiar.y us two-third. ' A ?M'-re than ihr# >- <iuurh r-. pr. -#nbJy V ? ti liat amount of stock Jul >ou own when .he hunk fa-led ? A ? I believe It tens tbont ?12 000 i"re preel -e eraount I 1 don't remember. u.~-WilHt an. #unt did ft. John A C#oddard otn? or j either of them , A.?None; 'i'hoi. V. fit. John held lome; about *2.000. Q,?that lam! of m*rko4 W did the romfa' j t' I unibei tTille lin va <>a band when tlYe huuk fat ed? A ?! cermet state the am# O'" at ibat period; I thl-ah, at i ho first it was ?S0 IK 0 <? ?clate as rear :?? you can? A ? 1 cannot it w.nrid he d#fih alt. Q ?M as It $'((' A?It wes prolwebby nearer ?20.000. t,'?\\ eft it In the IiOUm#' A?(t was at -ho fsatMiic ll-nrse at T.ember!rllle <2 ? l?ld tht company preeent i nv cf that *20.000 on I hard then, on the u.iy of file failure, to Curtis X Mtleheil' A.?They did not. ij?Dh| they j.resenteuchnotes foCurtis i Mitchell en the day of th fallow; or two d-iys before" A ?They did not at an v time before. (i.?Did any j# rsori astinr on your behalf, in any way, eweanv money to the booktbM was not iheu due.' A.?No. sir. at .me of failure, not to mt kn' wle.lije y ? D'd at-} person, noting fur you Individually, as president, or a* other < i-trer tf the company . owe any aionry totln. bank * A.-No t.'? Do ( ti know the >ar and Jar of the jear when >1r Coleman first w# nt it OS Wall street" A ?I do u t. 0.?Oao you state what year it was wh-n you raw Mr. Jet.kins mark notes with the letter W in Coleman's i thee' A ?Froh-ibly every ve*? dnrinff the time lie kept his 01 -e tb< re. after the c< utraot wnu# made. y._ ||ew many years? A?1 don't renumber; it was ?ion than tw" years; ' probably three yearn, it Liayr have be, n more, the time 1 don't cccilect i) ?V- Hece'.eers?Who were t redeem the money marked W ; the >?ank or Cuttk# * Mitchell, accord- j ina to the contract? A ? forth k Mitch# 11. g ? V bat do voo mem. '"hen yon sav fTCOO or ?1 iKiO. which y# u sav th# v bad o. he bar k funds, from Jrnkii s. to r< tie# in tlie t ott s. or JYaw a#(!ilnst them' A ?It was to redeem the doles i-f the company, put in ctreulation et h# w#e I,'.?*> TV tD< J t li?'n io radeam IX til elai -en ti note*, tr.trhid ?-d r nt mavk.d ' A ?1 don't ranu tnhartherw vrn.- any agrramaiit tothnt t ffi at: 11 piaatirr WW tllrb 1 hon St .b hri a inuiinrd, on tha part of t,hn plaintiff:? *> ? Since the New l|rpr> hank tailed, did you ' 11 .iny of tin- roles to J. T. Ccltwib. A - Ko. ; 1 V ?Did Mr tn>i 1 St J oil a twd any to hiu?' A ?Not to hit knowledge. i i _ l>id nrr paeon in yu'.tr ?Me* ' 11 any to hiut' A ?Not to my knowledge. 1 th ? W ho were fp yoiiroltl.*!'" A ? C Itisb-v in .1 Mr. (trvldwrd If?rt *hry n il any to him.' ' A.? Not to tny know ir.irfe i t; ?Ytof your ei'mition eurh that you would Ua?a km ! it if any had hr-eo-w.l r u him ' A ? II an* whila I wru. the "a it _ IloW loti(? ha to vim I aeti there1 A I have hi i n than- atradily, rla 'e Naramler, IHIP, 1 and fta (Uinliv before Ih it liui" t'roaH i.flamed bv Mr Scudder?Q.--What not'-' of tha n?w Hope I'nupMir aid y ..i hare en I. nd when ll MM? i t a - St. John atul Gm" dard you no'iMi; I wan nr.* In tha e.'<y at tha I ? o. and oeiy know tha amount from U'tt* r? 1 iitii.. More* the ene wot to la- *-10 tHa? or Slid"*) t/.?ltow ti uah have thav now on t and' A ?Iwmt lh? an ma ?*no <nt. 1 hill, ra *! Mara they newer .all. .i will. ?ny of it.' A. No: to u.y knowltdg. I tliluo irot. <}.?it hare ara the n.Hi *" A ?At r-> Wall etraet In Now York X lia?a not counted'hi m ott lnt> ?y; I ilun't know that lever counted th> in t. -tl hu '* tha oiiri1 in your . fflc' A - I am. and Mr. Wm A Saailn- la another i,i ?tter. you.a tin habit of buyiug and veiling and fdar jnlt g ' A ? Van. t; - M hat cln y u no an hy raji-enain^ 1 A ? Taking tiii m up ; !t wa- ala-tit on* pi r c?nt lia- ! oount Q.?X'iit you r*darm all tha nota ' A -Nan of crrry denomination that radio there t. Ilm juu (urcbii.'iil any idoct .he failure ' A No. Mr y ? 11 ?a tha ronarTD nurahaiad ;.ny * A.?No Mr nora Ibal I fed'.act v- ni? p I'iiion in ^quiu jivun joiiqA ? Kapha W . ?f ?V I.1.1 r?lati< u is Mr l'-l A ? .v>u>- at ail Q ?Wbo lurni-to d the conaerti * 1th mo-.or to take up tlx -a not. a ? A ?Tl <- row pan y f< r th< ir iomptlon, a? fir aa T ki t*, ai d Mr. for thm-o that war* mark-<t W "Whatrarir you at tlx' tiu'e * A ?iu Irur.yltsnla ; my n nttlv remained thi-re until da I nary If 49 I 1* ft there in A-urix-t M -fin'i the tlmi- uf fniititr of tlx- l?ink A ?My iTOolliTtioii ! tl.a' It xt??t i ed on the ??th or Vt-th rf I tor i m'n r, 1AI7 ; n.y 'mr-to- '0 U. that It atop, ji o on th.- VTtit I nx-an In N ? Y- rV and Philadelphia t,? I i.1 tlx .eiiO|ix-t,?Mia Hank tail at the aauie time * A No it aaa twiidaja altar '1 Mini j u it>f iDillrt'-l or turi :tod In I'rnn- ' tjlriinla * (Ol jiafi Jtf r n itjrmmij It nix not a I'l-rtin tit <]iir-tlrn -J ) tf.~U t re yi-ni r?. lull ola 1 or air i.-x| ? to. at d 1400*1 tot. nti-rrtiN 1 If ? M ho win- tbr rl. r! a to lb- nil. e dnrinp y-ur j at >* t,r? f A -Mr Kal/. Mr. Ooddard, and Mr liutl?r, I tUInk tliat fa all t} ?How lone w. i? you at--ent A I nuirti-iilut in Ni-w \ -k rrrmmotdlj nnt'.l IMP ahbovth I ??> th'Ti* frequently tf ? llnw t- - u after the K.'.h faint did yon po to New ltnk A ?1 don't rroolltrt two or three work* if ?In. yon not paool'ont that ?'tno ta-rann In your t ftiee peri hu?rt from ttol.m.o an amount of Sti-qua 11 not. I'-at-h rx tea. at a dot ri kit inn and aed'ilnc. at t aanx1 time a e mi'ar ait Jht tf to ai?t' wrt and V w Hope lb-law r. Hil< a 1 note*' A ?I d* 1 til rroolx-t i anything ' 1 lb** kind tf - It.-you nut feoelX-rt ptttptiaMnf from broker*, by rotrr perionr in yr\r f?o?. tot.-a of tlx-Hn?-,u-hantia I,at k altir that ??i tcaipofkrlly Mi?prndod. <xlvui.d to ) Mr Priiddrr cffortd i? jroa? toat <omr per n f onino frt m the i fhoo of H' .fobti \ Hold-ml it the < nt? if Ytrk. Won' t< t . Hr i f Coominand ino', In iflirt:- It any prraoti rnnir ti rnu to pur 1 M tM of tbr .B'i .hi ham* l'.?nk. II ih'tii to that Nftitn4 vtwill MfovkMk aotaa if t h? Rtf 'lopr i lb 1.*. a an- ltr't(#e Co in rarhaiiifi ni?<! that. In ronnoi.tiri o? of MHh <>r a iiimllar arrar-'- mon' Mr <'ol"tn?n i ti moTiil lYooi tin-i flioo of lb Sen il |w M???n' llrtdtf* Ci m| not Mr liat'oy. on thr part of (bo |lainti(T? nbjootnd, r? thr an ?ind that three ??? no rruari lion ah??rn to ho I >t?w p Qi 11 da HI anil el folin nod Anaol ft .Tnho anl bin fori (be quration *> irretrTant. Tlie f ffi r *! arc opted and Ihm put in Iho ?hapo of a Oi-tlon to thr r ?tni"? t whlrh L ntiawi rod ?Nn. not but I irot heam of (J ?Old any pi for lor - th? fvliirn of thr Now Hop* Tvtawaf ItrMei Pi rnp t rail rn yn to pun-haw and hat jru d'4 not doitro to "oil I nl (44 Cob tuan to auplr nifh por?.-B and that In Ci'oman oh >nid rwMra otbi r not- i f U i Ni n l'"po Ji.lanaro ltriiU? ( oT ipany to mako up tin 'al or Int. A ? I bn?i Bo toonll?rtii i ( f on)'hina of the k'n l y ?Whin i< tho place of ha-im n of An-d At John ' A -Jl# I* oil ifoot tf'?lr that thr xuni place of bii-in >a of UodAnrdk At .Irkn A - No y -Whir tbr I ink Mlid wh'-re a?? thr office of St. John A tie. Man! * A ?I.? Wall otrrot ; Iho oftloaof A ot ftt .tohn ??? at that time at l.aml>rrtTtllf ; win ri h cam* to Now York bo rawaUy wtnt tber lorim i nryeu riririnni m Kir oou.iuer mi inr piri of C< |< man -In ih" ffritid n( W I arntlnlh iiIKw nf i ml ? V M<irl)c|' In Bull moot m the ri|{lll I sin! ?id# 1 lit ?lho K<rh? ifoin you tfn down to the !!? ; ?er; i It t? in th# l o-Mo. rt ?tory; I went for Iho pu'pomof ! | lirr hating mom > , I bought -nine on ihat day; lfund j 1 n I "j atandtng I-hlr I the rnnnti?; t m ulnd fir V w III fi money: ho In- afid Mil RntlltMlloil m fntlo , ' n un in thi> rear win. (erne oui ami pr#?.l to I*' Mr fclltiln !!; ho|ikru nhi.tDiiinanl I waited nd f >r wtint (tirj^'o 1 oil W it. th re mi r. in In * ration OS him ' partlnatlU f ur it in,? lmpri ??ton In tha ho ?pok# of a i gcnlli miiu i.otnu ?l?ont who lioil th? Hoy 11 the *?fe and wlet 1 rhenld rait ai;aln In the iwnrt" < ahort time; 1 (Hd ?o o ! tin n raw anellrcrgrntletnaii n company with Mr Mitchell and they then ?o 1 me the .mount if money | I wanted, I cannot wiy rt'ct >' the-.? mode th" rata; they wrr# huh h' htnd the counter; 1 would not Ilk# to ???tar that Mr Coleman ??' ih# aerotid man; I think I pntcha/dd I mot Mr Mitchell two or [ three tlm#? afh'Wardii ; cm* at the mm# oAee. ene# at the Howard Hotel, one# at ih# M#r iherl*' Hotel W# met t.y rvppotV rnonl tri?i lint one* h? rpllrd apeflally, th# "yd wm thia Mr Mitchell had rcii'iilirid hlmvlf awtndled hyih# lt?* |lrp< t/rlawar# "Tid*i Company, he eon tdered that tha i ?ciws an.I dUktdvn of the hank were ilahle to trumloa L, D PRICE TWO CENTS. i p rosecution: as I was from that pari of the oouiury, m.d at-pea red to know soun little about *he, be *u ' j.-. .rouh of getting information from me; in- v uuh1 ma to Write to him who the prosecuting Bttotrue.i. om ui to a i?o some directions in regard to inatituth uits, he said the hank ?a? indohtid to him in ill u<>unt of f>40 <V50, for wlilrh he held it.* bills; 1 said I ? npirioua of Wall street oharactera; in order to eour. me that he wail interesti d in bringing three men t Jiuttoe.he hrongU'out notea from his safe; this wax i. the mom iHire wWre I purchased the notea on the hr locaeton, and waa .iu the mouth of April. May. or Jin i 1 rhurtly alter reti rtied home; I can fix the time by 't.r dated ,Ti <e .'J. II 0; ; ??? before that time, he io .1" mo aB i tier that woMd ta*e these notes and pri' .am/ own uaaiei I refused; the reason assign d t ;is wish lPjf nil 10 (1 " *?' ?? ?">' miKin. m- ? nil . in mo I'jif i ; Warn n Jenkins w.i> considered the pr,. p*l witnim md lit won'd testily to the i.iine fffi- I paid 30 ci i <e (in ithe dollar for the notes; I re-el it l.umbertvlue, If. J., anil hate resided there aim the 1A of ApiitiHct, . 1 am very distal tly minted to the OnryeU ?hn was dit.t t r of the liauk, I d"0'thold auy f Iba note* of the ba nk now I iunv Annel 8t. John; I " redded at LnmV act Title for several year a; I kn'W Jul. ,i lloldcc ali'.tti maAnlaltiEDt; I know hlui cln< o [ was child, tut hay. turn t nly personally ?c lUaiiiW-d with li ra for a year U -Wilt I" t\ e reputation of Mr An=el 8t John I* the ?ei?bborbo<4 -a! re he ri-idel. fir truth aiid vr*rncity. rnd ? ou'.tl he t* believed ou ua.h A ?lie would be believed l>y h< we at r ot by others; there are u final a any there * no would t belirTe >?t^ utulir oath, nod t t -feat luary who would Q.? Jltin what ye.'i know of the i,et. . .i conduct *t Anwl St John. iiaoP tin r. put at ion hi t tains in thw lietphborle i.d ?liei? I resides. wnntd i i believe hi* tinder ' (question objects to. ^ A?1 May t>e prejudk ' d . I li i ! I (raumntlMI With Mr 8r John lead I w ' iiltl not unaarer. 1/ ?W ovt.d y< u be.icTe b im und. .:h (Objected to. and ruled ? it by i iivivi-*) ?K-i-m hie repute I loo for *.r , nd veracity Ui hj? nei/bborbi cit. would you bt ieee h under oath " (Objected to, anil i uled on t by f misers ) (J?IVhat i.-the n potalia n of ,. el St John in hat aflphborlior.J for tratb and -verai Ity 1 A?It is riot (rood, from Ithe fact tl' wider hanaSM/eirterit tint batik i xploded. und ti n i. li unity wan ar^o Sneer* if? tl.U reputation of bit extend a hir troth ?nd T?rarity A ? I lb u t'.::y.w that If doe*. .orm-pl to tl link 0?Hi vou kaow whttit- >lr l"t. John, e -iiie residing? ai i.i.mbt ltville, was a rr.-aib.r of the iVssbyterias. Ourob ' A?I ni rer sow him at eoitvinunia n but I . urdhew* the head (t the chllli'h (lau^hler. r i tia?. hat no forth .r eor.Ti rsaUcn with ?t. John, ^ it as to o irh trans* artlen-. m r witlr bha tlo'.Jci mbe, I >1 n't! w the consi. Mralioii > * hie h th? m is f, .undi i froan hears*/: Si' Coryell, or* of ih? direct***. died Squirw I'c.-; 1. told inehe teas the acetit of Jotdi lioldcoabe tho ei" if* 1,. 11 ?i I a*.d mortriifTee; he *n,- r. outed to ts bin end ? e has snhpu nr.ed me her. A mis on a Monday thet the hsrfc elo d: I i?ot p. r if dlscountwl om foil) arul the iituik fulled on thi IMnulay fctlmrlti,.;. ( ne.-i ia.v nop# money for nil ol 1 note, dodnrting the .1: " lint; ii so. An?i I St J'hn din-., tntad it; the cot* KI r.t ;.tc III!' hands of St John fc <0 Id.od. Wail itrratt it ri. n. d lion uh it was sent not r collection. nam |4i ui' :iyth? endorser, to ilr A alicfleUl, attormyfrr St.Johuk Uoddard: it wn? is id. not in Nav Hope. 1 nt i.o urmnt notes; th>- tutid.- 1.? which the note we. ray prrp-rty: 1 lost all 1 he .lepn-cUtio* Ilia; >s *?. in the notes of the N. w I[o}.? Dclawarn Hriuip Uaul. &I/ Coryell. the ?<ent of to oath*. ?*14 the .lurt .Ego w i> niaiif scroiiliro toiin .r craent witia tin haii)- '. he m. rrly said it w.i'- do more 1 ti n ju-tna. C. ? Vou have slaiej tiiat John Coryell ? the a?. ai of iic'oh ' mis ' St its the i?rran_'einm?; ih.'*. Mr John 1 ry.'l at.I M Moldeninli* had with tin 1 lAiti ntiv lion t 1 Ihedepori' ?t' llo icouihe A ?ll< t'. i :11c that aftsr tin hank was - iicitated the i vsf ?ime. trrnngi mt nN had le-en ma I' ?.Ml Holdpi una ! ' ;ut e mount of tc >oey . it w? , ns f iltowa : John lie drop-he. or his ng. nt had deposited in tin Sink, Seta tin-.' t< l-u c 111 I there was ?. 1 agreement ni.u tiur nh that ir.ti r -t ahnuid be paid up.iu the A '.Med per .ids. te.?11 w ?Ln that rate of iiitar. at to be paid ' A?I know nothing atioutthe rate (,p - it what llluts was interest to he computed ' A - At .line ( In the smena-nt , my iaayr sioti i* ti'e-t it was every three 1 rait months M ?t 1 i n a| at sum wa. the Interest to he ? A ? I pou the aniotlllt o| deposit. 1,1 ? Ha- it upon the aaionrt of the deposit for Ihn at .ie tl reei r nt no ntla- or upon the amount in ton mo a on Ui jtorlt at the 01 d of three or six neon ha ' V?it 1 iiccl'ict di t'octly it was upon 11.? ainoaaft lhe.?a' llieltm. s| > r.ilii i hy ih< m nu.t C ?ti h. tl . 1 or 1 ot that rum of m ney had l-oaD thiap during th i.In ti thri e r> gli monlli A? 1 a - lie ii| a the amouut of Lho dnpOailM aft ;in Viii -t ti fieri in till MP'iHsal. l,?.' .nol i that pilor to tnr tun# <-p#cifled them had lieu ; ( 'on lk|Si-ik mil at the tsa* - #> 01 fled ha I lie agreement f ; pi. . Uu-ut ot internal I., re should ha o . n !rp< -it u-rcordi'B to >< ur suuinratabdlHg, WM literi-ttoV' c-Tpwted on hfs.Od or tslrtts*)' A ?My undiiriandirc < f It. ami 'he uopees-iou msda ti! u u.# in ;I at c-ri rni 'i.ii wa- tiu.i it h ullheuaaa lit MivAii't lellui'; in tU< ImoK nt tli? inuf wiio* I oicuiatk.B wit# to I,# in. it?<>u tin' klO.WJO wliau Ik* l t.i U.atlnll ??? Bftll: IIJ ]>! wi'i'its thro (roit-i'i#'l in hi* ?!% mi ul m ftlTha '-tnn ratlin c<r.n.*tr ?J latwmn iu# **4 ,ii I... i rji II in r. rani io the i>flau> of tr??- t>?uk, It* t* tit.Of li*t)?*tti<.|??. i.u l ll.f emu# ut it# laiiart' and la ti I'M. I In tin* I 11.Off n nt in ado Willi Mltrlioll k ttnl l|.# tr-?i ' ii which tivi m r? m r appoint'd, In rfftrd tn t). iunttgag* if Hiiuwaiho, and aliy ni*di\ ii-g-tr r? n i tr'.i i ' tii. r uitbftf rutiaif.M *ltl tn* ji-. uC. tjfll in that m or or a in wtuir.t t* )ti if* liU funu- ciiuD with Hint naiiit*t-ou'Ut oftlm bankf. It -i til t' if -vrriil r-.utrari* ?etv miuta Kitnit tut, ?.l?ii. >lj en lit hi htiow'.nir at lira lion, that* It * *? a i/niyrrr u paraiirn hut that dr hi Jon* h?4f lui di lh? .inn lit. and k- ititiif tlu lU'wt farnratili tH'ti-f-ritath n* . t t. nm! ..f U a g-. al boisefH? tk* tank w. ii'.d . tiro fr Dili. thu-. I b# nrraa ri-in#(it h*# U. n -i C i* ' Mitrln'il an i Curt and it pro* J da*oIrf -. a-In ii.uai*i)i tidd ft John it would: and la* Ji bn < i -J 1-11 i agfi-t if IfiiMrninh# w*' I-/' tn aa a?k? iirn i It ii!? ngard to* j.u i. ;ith/ it idroaabatoa th lit:.. ir rori.rd to that Bmotgati hj * ri'4ution 11 It In . .1, i. w 't or !' Iia'r I hi n git. u wto>n Ilia iiiumf noted I III .1 .it it I III loan rtr rlia-tnl fanta lira i In 11 in a, and ?! ? 1 ? ' I* until thn hmh got into diflli Ulty, thi ra nrrurri ' a ' i hi r coiiti r??iiin. h- aald ru<???p ni, In ? o d pi -it- il i r lalhnr ri'-'rlTivl anil >. I *n>il In" tal . I fi n al.lfli InU-n-at ?'i' tr h i ilrnlv t it n-rlall' rp?" tbl I'll!", thoao lotui amn iiivlr Inm dluii In tlr.n-, ho mi I llr tdci uiti# ?i> a right man and l>ad f trti-ai ilmlif inniy -Wi'mt On int.-rar* to I n in,*opni 1 on th? > I* on* Tor tho ?l.r4? p-rlM ilnw rh>. ttm- r.tthf I iat eooipotatlfi-i i f -sstorrat. I; th' f l'' .(l w*a thrra alr-n thn lnt?r "t?i r rnpu'.i ). ? r th ii k'I had wo' ham that- lb* It ali-l- i in | rn ua r-biuulall-Mi In?--w r-t a I *?> M l ifh jnit iinili T-?t iiuilnr of Mr Job* l* rn it .i't. ,n ai i.n. t,tir*tl? ti < hjti trl to nn.l Hrrrlrrrr d-< i i* that thn ?; iiss? t f h f. yll hi r l?"-u to lh. n.attor roaf be ,ti rid mt tt,?t the iti'pr ? t< n? ml Um. MmM tb. ri'fr' In ipi'Dot to- *l?. P 3 r. m t<> any Gnl ri'?n.l r ? of V. Ir 'hi n n r?*t; o with John fnryll < t.n th- mad? * Mr h :t l t ??? tol fi input' 4 o u Juki llnl.loombt^ d< ' If ' A ?f iff tat" iBiff'M n? made t?r?on t*? la rr laMt? tolhrf >nb,irrt in *ti. b pmi*?T*ik>n^ y?W' prt IbrM lapirwinw ' iQt< ilj>-cti<f tn mul mmfllrj ) The i n j i f *itii. b' r. el > . I ! *.! rtnjr ???! tv I ?'J ? the failnrr ? if f Ni'? Mrl'! ? f'ir * nr d * . or imr tr^ II 'I'1 V fl< I 'link tnro y I Tbo- .1 0 li-n ?!? A ?W> ,i;d nrt incv i f,r thr f i'u' wai known ft H ull d'rri t y ?K nr? (fir fhllnft of tb" * ||> or I1?nh, uld fttla nu n pir< h rmy N' w Hop m n. r tr, ri yotif A - No y ?I Id )< ii | nreSn-r any ffrm Mr ( liium' A ?'h. 11 our r>?V . i pun-Uni* on U?r .u rnkag hrftllnri win kn. ?n It N wftt!. y ?IIin mi rli' A ?Or*km dn-d ?Vtlar? t>?- 'tiRiliml ') ?I* h"fi |.< tour i fW A ?It "?4 fhrtt f t 50 W?ll 4tr<-ri of r that * bar* r< terrrd j our t n H?r-a i* thut of e*rh?npe hrobna^ h*rr furtiu r? mi broth r U a partner, ? lnw ! > ? tfcrrr rlerka y ?! it rriitotnr.ey in Wail atrvet fnr ". rrrnl pnmnnt, who li?rr dWt?rent ncropntMne to ' rr d~<*a It lb* Miur i Iti.e win tjU'iorn* la entirely itowonneeted? A ?It l? In maitt Itiinner perhor- nti in a tnnforilp of InMat rfi t'?I'M Ti<tthrbrrhnr?|frT>or*i|y buy and aatl HrW ll< t? nrf< ? in Wall rtfeet b.f-f li?- f?llIlrr, A - Ihr r-tld ?h?t ? thrir bti'iiir<- buf not p?r>?aa boring d' -h inthrtrnfhrr ?n nrhmnf? b-<>?rr woatd a? ||*?. *n?tbrr jrri?on In l<u? wilier ?h>' nmiid buy and <* book t>< (> W bm I *eb?n?r brr.krn brnphl find MA nnkl at thr >tr? II pr I'npk In W nil ? " M IIJ tbrjr no* par. rln and-ell tb.m tn.l'p rtmiaMniy" A ? B'i ftirrhn" I them t?r r I on nnt^l y In Mr k(4 n> p' and nieo dm* the agency 1/ - In buying aud 'el'ing were yon gocrm-d by aa^ mark" i n th" N?? ll?'|>i' l>i.In A Jin; tut ainoe tue fall lira ?r piirrha??d theai a- broken money at d discriminated In the purrhaae y _ IUt.. y. n purcbaeet] etnee the failure' A - V>' ?1r foe tin purpnae r.f | roen'irg eartlfi ate*. Hill to rri delta dtie by Individual* to the bank t| ?1? 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