Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1851 Page 1
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I TH WHOLE NO. 6845. DOUBLE SHEET. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM CUBA. AXUVAl er th* STEAMSHIP CHEROKEE. INSURRECTION AT PRINCIPE. 1118 CELEBRATION OF THE IOURTH OF JULY, and an JBn^a^ement between the Troops and the People, ale., ate.. abe. The SK-ftotMiip Cherokee, Capt. Windle, arrived iiuet night from New Orleans, via Havana. She vasfour days in making the paaeige from the latter plaoe. Annexed Is a list of her passengers:? HUM Ntw nRLI (XH. It ilonham, J T L? e, Win Doughoriy, Geo II nistell, L Gray Km, A 8Uiart, C II Lang. Mr< Kih dk, II Irwin*. T D l.jBrant, E I>?ron, Mrs I. Jacob*. J Anti-r. Geo Torboe, Win t. smell, S 1 oioheil, Win T Feekn, Oeo J c Inland, Jas Crowley , K Garrison, Tap. F B Rhodes. F Gonvfie 8 B Uuey. T jLarlllc, W J Htvd.Jas Ayr s, N Whitney. Chs Lee, W II &ton*, Mis* f.iunflfM*. John Home, MUh Lwpeberir. Obs Chandler and ladj.G 8 Sliuranray, lady rind boy. Geo Wash- , jturn, H'm Pepper, N Zintz A Woodruff U Marsh-ill, Chs ' "W 1lt+o Mrs C Murphv, John Davis. Path Mo Dor mot, K Keen, Wm D Foir, I'aul Homers, Mrs La very, J Garland, child and nurse, L Homer. 8 G Roeenbaum, a Winter, Geo jUenes. W Crowd I. C I) Buuoe, li I Crwf rd, Geo F Clemtsi, E C Husl, J If Valentine, Mr Oounery I) C'r ?tider. R Btolti Mr* Dochorty aed siet-r. F W Muller M Kiordtm, <.. T Smith, C'hs M Hull, Wm Driver, J W Maspratt, B Garyi-on, E Stewart, B McManua. ? KOM CHAftfES. Cap* Borland, Mr Foster, Henry Dobson, M Trimble, J tJoaea. Q Erhorn, W Wcloh, Jerrv omnlin John Taylor, J *enm, J fechilling. N We* cr. < Zeit er, C Men ?ham, K Barclay, E Bender, A Pillar. Chae Woolfe, 8 Koch. J Brutthcf, J P J Fee tiki, 8 Bailey, K if irri* C Tovrnsend, E. Morris, M Brady. J. Pauley, J. K?-f?\ J Ka ton. E Toulin. W Mulligan, J l^-ice, J McCartv M Gleasson. ? Snider, C Bail. F Bt-herlich. i' Hepprl. C de Mo rem John, J Keim. Wm Foltre. Ja* McCain, C.Moore. Jas JMul'*ne/, B IIc.jdm, M Triiuhle. i rom havana. A Pact, Mrs F. Elliot. Mrs I> Blanchard. J Ti Le Clue, Miss Coodwin, J T 1 siniug, Wm N Adam*, K \ . AtnTicin ConMil at Matanz..*; Joee M Serrano, J U Haragu^ aid daughter, J A fcilva, J V I; era. a E Gotualez, A liubio. if Br > leman. C P Finch*?. A Mayer and servant, J .V Oderado, M de y.ayaa, A Boaas, M Recto, L Vignill. Win Kot?.rte?lo, Uis i EaccILnoy M Pastor, A biu#., U Miat, A Hies. J Diat, L de I da Culls. J Feirial. It M* v*r. J Horomso. P Galooer. John ' vJones, J M Cabere-A, J V Lopcr, P P ttohos, E Lovarte, Y I Horque, E MaW?, Geo Marringer, J M C*rnM .1 J Aifo aatmaandson, H Monazarey, T Ganowai. D Dillirer. f polo. 'it D Smith. 3 3 Marrtiuu, Count Miguel da Kmbiel and tar- I ??nt. I' ft I>ai'. The (heroin? bringd advices from Huvaua, of the highest importance. Thev are to the 17th j Inst-, and indicate serious troubles in the interior of t uba. Our correspondence, which is pretty full, i W'l1 give ahe public the details of the intelli- j gcaoc. ~ OIR CI HA CORRESPONDENCE. liarA-tA. July IS, 1951. JnMurr return ot Pr.nrife?The Fourth of July ul Prim if*? ; I'.n^mfrmrni Vdrern the Ptcjih and the Troopt?Utnrra ' fmiOYfrten in the Ceo/rat and Karlrrn Port of Cut*? I [lumort on the S>Uytrt?Th,erti?n of the Trwpt?Froter- J nitotiom vilh 'to iV'. - f<the rrvol(ition of Cuba hit* chaog.d ita chrysalis f?r ; the fuj grown I1y. The first blood has been spilled. Cuba, t ui- ? - ui to think, has her Lexington Tan j particular* of the accounts which we receive from the jMcrtor an c*re< dingly various, but all unite up in tbe j one great fact, that tlu- pronumiamrnto has been made, j and alight advantage gained over the troops The 1 people cf Prior lp* have been the first to draw the sword. One of the ?ro*t probable vt r-ions of tho affair Is the ' following ? "rider pretence of celrliratlng Saint John \ and halr.t Peter's festivals. (which occur on the 24tli and ' f?th of June, recpi ctlrely ) and in consequence, by some order of the government , of their n t being celebrated ,li r?i: rto Principe, a gathering of people was made a ! ' v leaguia froui the city, on the fourth day of July toe Governor, anticipatingsome open act. sent a detach jm nt of dragnone to disperse them Three did not cem* sip to tfct ^piwins until tvening. a? a they were at taiked and forced to retire with a loss of (according to | mdji iiccoool"t jO ,nu others. 00 men When the troops bad fled, l lie Cubans ret ire. 1 to the h.JIs. where thejr have fanned an cntreni bed ratnp. and ?c- Irivlng in cattle collecting fumga an ) men aud arms. It is said that Puerto Principe. Neurit**, and all tbe adjacent j crutitry, ha. !* n abandoned by the young m?n. who ! nra stippteed t' bare g' tie tr join the in-urgent* Th* | point whmr they ar* colleetiig U in the hilla of >ia- | jaoa Thi# prvuunclatnrDtn waa f >llowod by another at Tow, a tillugr about' halfway between I runup. an I JKeiut Jagr. an.lit ii that thi ruing ba bef.ri ; tune, hocorae g. ueral in tl?f niiiri nu l eaatoro f ar*. ?< the leinnd In the official awe >uut?, ?< tiicu you ; will find into J?*V OtfcHa. you will f lm-rrw that no report, later than thclth, i.agitcii fmin I'ri )ipe. latter* ban bn n mvlinl up t lb tutu, by which we h-aro tbnt a drtarhvniit of trw p? lia.i le?n "tat ou:. but I dot uot fee ule.- it wdf ftr< rig < nmtgh to ppiicirata th" hill country It i? h an t that a r .rrrepood'ug in >re. no'iit may l>? ninde horn; aoit I am told in it on **turday | ,1k Ubt I net rciy alrnng pdriti were nbout.a* diu^ii , MM nittrni>at wnc tin tic I pate-1 Tti > reruiullon ion 1 lint I* gun it oannot go backward, ?tn. it l? in ire than I probable that the day of impair!'* rolo ,ere are a ! ? '. | to bp much ' Pibar.i oi Tbe g it. ruc ot c uut ll.uod | troor-r, auil n < mori in all'.he bUud, ant m ly. per hi/1. | IraUi-toni.. a? pintiy tu.r fr-mife dp uit-h |. vul?tioo; hot their fleet i/> a pood one r.tnpri?IUg wuie tw? nly rail.PI which ai* are attain ra Whether the ' M'UMiti*. I" a long or a hen one . adld-pcod up i ll.e aid and comfort the lulati* nrvira lr>ui j the Untied tilritew in the iiii|> of guu*. pl?Ud< | ye wdie. hell, and ire-n thai can teei h th-ui t> org?.i>/.' i acid Bitna u?re. The ripaoi h tr p are acatt-rcl all t oter the Mat d nhd cannot with I.. I' j n -w c ue< at rated II, the wore nt l?e .mea a' ail < ne j rib they Will prr' at ly fall or pan to toe o;ber tide?a j tidbit thai la ml at ail irn| robabie- aal walrgrr* inefe Ue at art already abroad Tliecirii ear an ho r < | ace net. anb tlx aamy l.n haiii," eld Ho r? la U.olly * r?g*il?ei.i that bar lud I"Ukht oix i. . r in ire for ca.-u . ttiiihia It epyara t<< roe. trial m <Ki the fijeli.* ( to. I Ji|anjli HHij ?ueb a > I rang - < u trad I too True to i fit. 1. e> h , but foil' wing their e l .t< either way p b -4 1' M letter* fawn Priorip- atatt tint tbtroop4 art d.-ortlr" ia vjuada to tie in<urK nt? IWu ntpnmrm Watt to morrrw ru ng wiili Muiub'(U"n > j A tWbor m a bout toaa till t Til;, lad will r>'e U> ui rrow kimiii. my m, l?h. | 5hp (aabtea ay' lVa,i *a f hi?> oi/ ?' /Or /-???rr. . .'iaw el fV'tPa bht. rye? T\. Me emrnti n) lb (low*- J weiW?7V Cap af Jrtin f'xbr?l/u /w/?rn<iwai#p?f? ; fieweraf fteiere't ( ewdiarf af l'nfr,p?. +e. V* mi/ |lv? th# full oat ethRihWr in the fnllnwln/ Infcrti Mlno, t" (br inaurrmlion Rein* "n ,n eaat??n (kpirinrni rf Ihr trlatid. < -pi*l > 11 jr in the diatfiet < ( Puerto trincipe (or I harem) intelligence a roarer 1 tif^o which I place the met implicit reliance It ap jxara ikM.ll"W the tth lu?l . (r>m atx t N<? to I <??' , men, nthtnl? ! t p<tl Mtuberr >4 m> n and children tam-ohlrd a i i> j -ac murc twin!) i' ague* Irnm Prloelpr unfurled the > .< lurd off Cu'jiui indcp~adeom. , <rti? of '' Vim U Imiipni lfupit I'ul nn? !" ' Macron Im oprew rea fc?paoeic" dUplajinc at the eame time, a rc niinKili'M bnnn-fc The tic n wrfe full) rjnlppid Iwr war, m that t! trnopi ecotaflit t'u-in h/ lienernl 1/"?mj ?- rc bcatrii r4l with lh? !< ? of nm of the gcn< f?r> adjnuinii. and eecnU n-idlera The ian on tfcc |*rt of the Inn mnt* waa email A larger form, and' r Irfflf) In pi r??a, war th-n rent oat to thorn, when, it i? aaki, lull i araii/ wmt orrr to Ui" j*op|e. who fought their *a/ to th - mountain* ?lun lln-j hare entrenched th> mi'ln* ft* the pre a?t. in thi hope of receiving re In-* affair forty or f.rty two prl on<r? wir< faptur-il (7 tlx tr<? p*. aod nlttx n*h It Ip difficult. t? rlodit. J ?m VnHlk(>|r W<ro InMpnllj phot hitch Ip tho hMooy Of tho affair mp It Ntand-< at pn??nt. Tl.0 ohj< at of tho goi foment Iwinp tc prevent ropnrtp boo >mln?t Known, f* tn ntwlor no pxprthnn- on or alarui u to thoropnlt of thio affair Hut it l? partly to bo torn, from the fMMlety dbf'lRJ'd, by llioao notwr ;i0| nalulril witli the country, that I hern l? rrtry ri'poon t - lion* that tlxterrible dloartera which hare hrm Ion* for< hadowed in Cut*. are a boo* to he br>?i*ht t*> n crieta John foftor p nation of IVrt"mouth, I f hap boon ! tho dri?or of or omnibua between lla*tnm and Joetir Ool Mor.ta tx wo throo *" *' a*o ten C?oit?Mi?a. or yioHocmon rum" to tbo ptand at tlx I l.ira itoo *rma nd ai-wotcd tlio rf *0 omnlbno belonging to the Cerro liii* f/ prnrbo* line <|i''te dxtinet fr .m thot dot Montr for nr lb-y ate ad running too n phlld In tho ftrcwt Tt lo cduphman la in* a *ptn lord, pfotofit-d ho Know r othtn* *t illnhont what tho/ oriipod htm of, when 11 nh>rt>i na'etr fie ffnaVr, h>- hap pt ntn* to l? f.n (he ftand at the timn. tho* w. rt ?o. wnrdo l.iin, mat poid: 'ion are the |?bo n.n rr.-r fheehlM " f?5t,r I. now he much anoat It a. th> otnir ? -.oHiapa i(*f hutt?i>* an Am-rlean, h< *M f' rth ' E HE with conducted to jail, where be hiu. been locked ur> | ever since. and up to yesti rday. not it eoul had been near \ bini. to enquir* into the cane; his depohition. If he htd ; uny to make, poor fell' .w. was not even taken, and there be may remain probably tor months, ebut up with assassins an 1 robber* of aM descriptions while he poor wife 1 and children are left to starve, and he. all the while, en tirely innocent of the charge against him. The father of the child, which I have since learned was knocked down by a volante, and wax only slightly I bruised said be would compromise the matter with Koa- , ter for $60. But Kostcr, adhering to the fact of hit being entirely innocent of the charge, and supported In his assert ion by the pae'eogt-rs whowere in his aoach at the time the acoidenl la said to have happened, and who have declared through a public journal that It wns not done by him refused to pay so large n sum out of his loudly earned wages, and so he is still confine 1 in jail. The Aatrian frigate Venus, of 44 guus. arrived here yesterday, from lire island of .St. Thorns', having on ooaru a youn;j rnnceoi iw rryai 1an.11> ot ?v trteoiburg, who, 1 uf*ili ryUiuil. iti to be filed oa a very magnificent wait, 11 tht? .itt>-utlon of the government b" not otherwise engaged by the present difficulties io the interior. The French (-team frigate of war Mogador, which h u , now been I)ing in this harbor for up* avis of a year? ! for what particular reason nobody can tell ?la about to be relit ved by the Asmodea. first olai-ssleim frigate hourly expected to arrive, also from fit. Thomas ?Vhy the French should keep stationed here ooutluually a law 1 vessel like the Mogndor. would * cm a invsc-rv, were It , not strong!) suspected that it ha* Home reference to the recent filiUuslero" liuiloc . In the lueauwhiln. we. who have a la Iter right to watch ao important a crisis ; in the allalrt of the inland and ought to be at Havana, are content to be erutrlng.from Key West to l'eusaoola. and fri ui I'eneaci '.a back to Key W?*t. lienernl beinory has himself to thank for the Insur- , rectlon at J'riuclpe. From the moment of hie at : that eily it* its [OHmr irrwtt were the ord *r of the j day The prl-ous ware filled with what be was pleased to term suspected people, and those. too. from the position , th, y held a* proprietor*, planter*. Ac., tho most influential of the p.ace. We have ?een number* bini-hed the I bland, and other* e ndued iu the tons; ano it isntnurd to suppose that the tearing away, from the bosom-of I th< ir tamiliiof lathem uudson*, tu the b rlmnnu m,iu- 1 ner in which this lias bteu douo. ori tho most frivol >u* 1 pi etc noes and -uspirlous, would uoi he resented , and ; rouse fnlings which have now burst forth with a vigor ; which will . |uirt ill the nu .uis of this government to I quash. I'. ?.?Th. gov rnment.ulaTmed by the probable conwo- j queuces of the information vac ding the United State*, I as to the critical state of things in the interior, have tis I day put forth a statement which you wiLi find in the ; tiazttn of tbia day's date, to the efiect that two parties . had risen in insurrection, but bail been compelled io I i-et K -al'cty in tlight, and telling upon the people to be j under no apprehi nt ion. T3il* statement of the government i? adinittcd, even by the Spaniards themselves. to be bv no means correct, and tlist the atiair is of far greater importance than . what they are willing to admit I think, trom all I can gather, that the statements already made, are much ' nearer the tluth and you may make thcia publie accordingly The statement 1* evidently published to mislead the 1 nuin ? .iij }.eupie n? m i nf serious nature OI [OB I'rmoipe business?got up for the steamers about to null well | krowing that the affair would reach the United State* ! iu spite of their wishes to the contrary U?TAN4,J?ly Id, 1M1. | Crilirnl Condition nf thf G'oi eminent?Cause of the />ft- | j Um, urr? ConJWt 0i. Pun to Principe?Defeat of tie Go- ^ im?'nl Troops?TSe Condition of Hut ana?Jlnrrdott. 1 consider that. In a political point of new. this island wan never In a men critical nUte than it in at this pr?sctt moment The Creoles of Cuba bavo at length thrown down the gauntlet of di-flance to the authority of Spain The late art of the Captain General, in dUmissing the " AyuntamU nto and Sindloo'' (corperatlou) , of 1'ucrto Principe, is alleged to haru aroused the indijnatlc n not only of the u Catnagueiianas," but that of tb? whole population of the Interior cities of the island. 1 and even that of Havana itielf, loyal aa they may be ' di.'po?cd to bo towards Spain Ills Kxoellency. many think, might lu the same manner dismiss them, should 1 they venture to displease him in bis course A disturhaure broke oat on the lid Inst., In the neighborhtodcf Puerto l'rioeipe?a city neat In Importance 1 to llavaca?in the eastern depart on nt of the island It j Is known that, simultaneous wi'h the affair at Principe- i a large meeting of men look place some twenty leagues ' fri ? that city, and that upon the troops being sent to ! disperse them, a skirmish < n-ued. which resulted in the troops being beaten ofT, with the loss of thoir , com minder, acd 1(1 killed. The Insurgents, who, it U tiilod. number ficm .V/Oto I'kio men, took to the mi untalne. and have strongly rntrrncin d thuusclvee. in the hope that the move now b?gun will prove general .hroughuut the U'and, uud that their iriends, tie. TMntstrro*. will lly to their as. i-.anoe The Creoles \ of the In terlor are excelb nt horsemen, strong, athletic, i and fctr-Jy m-n, always on b"r-cback, and arcuitemed > to ihriadthe dense ami intricate forests of the is la tat. in which the Ppant-h soldier would be found completely j I i . ...... . I ..-.. TV. .- ? I . |K)Hd. eiU)iiMVe nualflriUoof throughout It*'whole of Cub* ; and wi> arc on the vr'jpe of arri*ia which will re- ' ijulrr ai! !h' energy and at.lity of the government to (ut down?mi event by no an ana certain, if wt are lo credit the report* of the native*. who iweiu to ho ., ilto confided of the*occt*aof their plan* and the overthrow of the fpani-h dominion in luht It i* no i a -tgn of the time- to witnr*> the lia-ty dpirtim abr< ad of certain wealthy Creole*, who mUht tr-m their -uppoaed opinion* in fa? or of Cuban io lep. nd. ure, t*rcme r mpromiiwd by ieni..niug oa th* i-lau<l, in the power U the adornment The n.ail firm l'uerto IVlnelpe it due thi* morning 1 will endear or tc procure *ueh additic nai iafiruiation ujou thi* Mii^eet a* tray prore iiitererliny to yen M<*tiwhile, theteare *o many ab'urd reperte ti >aHnit I ale lit. It i? J.ffiovU to arrive at the truth, each party, a en (ling to their hope* and wo he*, either greatly < tr*H|Mi latlnpr or ileprt elating tne recent me?<wi at | I'Mnelpc. and the politieal ?t?l< ol the Inland in general ! t oil arlit xcareeh credit what I Bow tell you, hilt it |< < r,'ill.i ter* a fuot. that i' w? ron?ld ted uece--ary th it ' H i - the alway* faithful rlty,' eitrrouodeJ a* it l .aod e't'f iet? ly at the tuccy of no many forir. cli.uld >? crnurrhd with the yreale t vigilance whira m*? duly i tcpiwl over It on Saturday m<tu tart. I'alrni* w. re | i' eu in rvetj dlr< etl"U and l <tihie guard* nmuoved. | tirltwe* ?uepected that tome were dudoyal ciniilfli to I to w example of I'tinripe , and yit ?u< -h t* the | tirri r I'M fined over the mind* of fht I>*, fro n | I *TI .f erpionaye l?t r<-iii.-cd Into the rlty thU | n.w i.dii d venf ore to e?pr?*? ? open opinion up >n tiiw j Mat.-if thing*. or rveu no) epiui.m at all. au ibat a ilttiifff nminx hire would Imagine we were ia the I it ' *a?at if Um MO I pel feci Mat" <4 p-llUiai tfaai|?HUiy. It if deeply to I* ro.~?vtti*d that thla line I laud. proj*"ua far hey red a'l other- of the W'nt l?lw. i I i i i t.. c me tl>e M-fw i f anarchy Thai the prevent Male of feiline which e?|?|? f.-twe.-n thr Cuban* a id the - psr.l'h ran Inrt Uowt of th" i|ta. *Uon Tl? k apitaMf ' at -I a tero'lty of the Ct ben- in the interior i* pruvef* Ida*, hp I th ir love fo< tli* ir eountry ntu -uni* nun. t to ! * del llli U 1 cou.d Mount tmu> am lit-lea itim- I ir* ill ; tbl.f. hut the f. II. win* will be tuff, lent ? ! A! '?it ? niMrh rv l ir lni,.|cl m. u ami tbr r j ?frvro Iwlrmi'i to a rvirl'i nt ?" ra.alry. o<i tumf ! ?>iy lr< fa M*oail l? I ucno I'.-trcipe Ualtid fir III* I no hi a' a bartend a. wlwrr lh? proprl^t'ir rifwt? -I ?h"m ! Ihr nrrktw-t Nnlhilt} made prwrlataHt fjr Ik' cm pt 'tL'iiliihl at>4 Invltod lIn nil. pr? to pu-lakc | ' I :h? pniillt) 'hi- li? nw ?ff' r4r:t. Ha hem# a er>".l? 1 (f gnat wtallh thry fun d well; hl? t#? uaiirhief*. Midi mi. ?-ll ?d?e>|pj ml arcnmptich-il #H?, wra It.- Hi J ly !>!< oRnn ti' |4ht ft* lh>m n ihi? pi mi. and In ainr <y'nfr tb?y bait In aril iuu. h nf ib-lf r >r<l The ymtv |ad|*e. with 'h<- grace and ???a? of hrtrra-tr at once riw?|.<l i . ihclr n-|ir?~t. m l " >m r>nr<i.I -login# arrant! rf 'bi'r n -?l patriotic t'nhtn ?lr?, trlb cfnrtematlon "f (ho officer*. who fee nm" i lime. j i iimp*"in ?.f 4rltca"y or frum ?nrpriee. r.-> .it- 1 r< <n il to the apot. at l't?*ili liter r-miooiatccl wlio the | Im'ler. d'o^rlng they trti'il l>"t Iteteii to kongr *o trearotiubio "nil Improper The ladle*. ilmtnlt'if Pitni.h tffllnl ' that lhia?- ? > their frriitltn mhi< which I llrt pn r rrod to all pthir* anil thai If the p "title act \ ilKl not like linn lkr? crt.ij pfianil upon tualr j >ur i m j when It Milted tbelr rctmilfiw " It <i < >?..Iuly If?1130 A M T. ;' r.f ,t,J Or, m I./ |A? liuWnrtlM?Brit/ft It thi Car t cfnvM Suffirir*, +r , 4-r * < t with taUllHt Um> on int? r <libinrubi Vftln put f>rth "} thi u? ?trriDinit t)i'< morning. 1 ron.lnn all llio p'ofhm In', rmiillon whlrh ynn will And in ?ny lottPT* of >t mi rd?y'? dat. xolalifp to (lip ft rotation going on In tbn int< i M r i'i| i-naii-m dto'rictof llio iriand. with tho addition that altnilrr mnti mi nt? hat- takm |daor nt Lm Tnna* Pihprrn p.yrmo Tvli?lil?il aim! Pino d'l Hto, and that It tr poaltlti-ly 't.itr<1 that groat numh T* of thr hato grnpomr to iho Inrurymt" The ftorcrnK'fil Jo all In tbolr |>owrr io protrnt tho tmo atato of thlog* Ut* mlng hn< ?a to tin- ptoplo of the capital. an,l It ! easily to ho pr-rfpitrd thi y art under groat appro h? orion at><| alitm Nearly ail Iho rr laol* of war hare h??n root to aoa. and Hip *l"*ro? r Maooo dr Harry o Ulod nf 10 P M . laat night with troop* for Prlncipo It-.p i tprrN Kr>i rh -tianur A-m<1o? a largo To" rl arrived from Bt Thc,m m. yi-tlordi* aftoriiiMii 1 f r J that apTrral Am* rlrniir fr> m Now Orion no haro t m n bwolly rngngi-d writ log an amount if the pr?-?tnt tint* of thing* h'-ro. for th;- pappra at New Hrlmnr A hrr, fit on li alf ?f tho > u(Trror? In I ho Up piratical *: < ir p' r.nfordone* w?i cln-n at tho Par<>n th- aire iti* n'ght* ago when only y|-? W?| taken at tho doon I irifT't to -ay that tho yrll'ir frror to making hatfu rarrgr* among the troope r>?. ntly arr-nd fn>m drain, i an a* Mtmlor* having alma Iy fallen vie tint* to that ??i dfnl ?sitf hiim-itiity in t M? climate An a* * wot i? given In Hw Hoi Hi, of t^day'n data r Ittltt |r th-lifth furore* of the nhinv for nrn?i,Jlng r r ft owidow* ar d nth?o* ?*ho aiffrfr-i lii tho fard-na* r t[ Miltioti of la*t y-ar, t y the tonpilt at ilw faron. and opj wrt to bt wrttt<n in ? nianaor x-mowhoi IronirnV WYO MORNING EDITION?Tl Villi [SI K IIKI1 m Villi. | [Vrom the National Intelligencer. July 2! ] Information has. we understand. been received in this ! r'ty that the parties heretofore in the enterpri-? against the Island ot Cuba have not yd abandoned , their criminal Intentions. hut threaten that th. y will . renew the attempt a few months bone*. It Is sail that some hundreds of those alio hare been cugugt it for the puipoae are to be sent to Cuba during the summer tu emuli numbers. by ditlcreut vessels. as mechanics reeking employment on the Island in their respective profession v. but who will secretly provide themselves with arm- and he prepared In a bo?,y to join any arimd expedition which may succeed in landiug. ItU really melancholy to think that there Is any portion of the p< ople of the I'nitcd states who will willingly J' in in or aid such recSlessan.t unprincipled proceedings. As to the deludes! men who are thus made the tools of (( sinning persons. they should recollect that the So ml-h authorities are ot course constantly and fully advised of all such movements; that the most vigilant lookout will he kept ujH.n all strangers couiing Into the island, particularly when an uuusual number arrive from the l uited States, without any ostensible object in the way of businesa; and,, if they are not immediately ord -ed out of the island, they would no doubt be the lirst victims sacrificed in case of an attempted Invasion. The utter lieaxtlessness of the leaders ot this disreputable enterprise ia fully exhibited in thus aeudlug into siu-n imminent ji-oparuy 01 unurxy or uie rm poor ignorant mi n whom they have dw. ivcd by false representations and specious promises. which nro never intruded to be and which cannot lie. fulfilled A successful invasion of Cuba by a private expedition we look upi u a- one of the most hopeless of all undertakings. Not only would our own government exercise the utmost vigilance to break up and frustrate any attempt of the kind. either by the arrest of the parties and tie seizure ot their versels before leaving the {Tatted B'at-s or lb ir capture on the ocean by American cruisers, but the Spanish government has such a nuiiir>u- and powerful steam and sallicg naval force on the coast of Cuba, as to render any private expedition entirely inelequale to copi with it Bo that it wou'd be next to, 11 not quite, imprest) le to effect a landing Were the landing, howevtr, even effected. the overwhelmingly large military foroe on the islaud. would reedir demh or capture inevitable ti all those engaged, aid ell who should fall into the power of the Spanish goi eminent, oould only expect an tgnominicus death, without the right or expectation to call upon their own government for its interference In their favor. In the last attempt, vhen the landing was etfeotcd at Cardenas, no men could have fought more bravely or faithfully than did the Spanish citizens and troops at that place, arul they fully disproved the slliy reports so extensively dirculatcd of wide spread treason among the latt?r. and discontent and desire of change among the former Lrt those who may thoughtlessly. (r tn the spirit of adventure. lie deposed to join In such an enterprise, be convinced thut such reports are merely one of the means adopted to litre them to their ruin. Cltjr Intelligence (UK CONI'liMNKD C BJMINAl-S?THE APPROACH!.Ml EXEOUTTONS. We undi rstaul that the l ulled States Marshal rece ved a communication yesterday, from the l'lesidcut, dc, liDing to interfere In the case of liouglus, Clements, and Benson, convicted of the murder of Asa Havens, second mate of the American bark (lieua, or to accede to th, prayer of petitions which had been forwarded to the government from several pereous in this city. The law must therefore take its course on the day flxid for ths execution?Friday next the i'dh inst The Marshal has j net yet made known the place where the unfortunate men are to expiate their high crimo. but we believe th it I Oibbet Island is the scene generally 'elected fur the en- j dign putil-bmrnt of capital offences tried in the United flutes Courts. Tnr. Wkathi b.?Since the heavy thunder Morm of Saturday night. a very mat. rial and agreeable ohan'e has taken place in the atmosphere. During yeaterdxy and Sun lay. the ><un shone out brilliantly, even m ire to tlan on 'Oino of the day* of lost week, when the *tr was futfoeatinnly cloae, still the heal was not CO oppressive lor several lay prior to Saturday, tha atmosphere was pur< .largrd with eleetr eity; but since the storm the sir Is pure, elastic met phasant On Sunday innrnlig, large quantities et sulphurous inatttr could bo seen which bud fallen during the lightning, and which hal been *v b< d into hollow place* by the heavy ruin On Satuid <y night, the liberty polo in Madison street, opposite the Seventh Ward Democratic Hall, was ma, ten-1 to splinters, as was alee, a tree lu St. John's fork About V o'clock, the wifo ot Mr John ifunry. No l.'>7 Hilary street, received n shoek. which injured her c?>n aidi rally Medical aid was procured, and after re. liisiiilng an hour or two In a stale if Insensibility, ah s I recovered ?ufheieDtly to -peak, but ye-terilay she *11 [ in a very feeble at?le It was ruui'red that several vessel* were Injured materia' y by the lightning, but auch we Iwlleve. ia not true. TiiKpraii i stsi it Sitsbtmi Airsia?At a late hour last evening, the Italian Ah :nid? r Koulli, wi> stlUllv ' ing in the iio-pitHl. who. |r un affray in Spruce street, on . Sunday night, with Angeio Pquarz, was dangerously if noi mortality injure I, by a fab Inlllcted. as al i hgid by fqiiar*. with a table knife, which knife Was j picked up by Mnry Mule t after the affray, with Ittorul on tt. and handed by her to Policeman Hidden, of the Kom-.n I ward 'Ihe injured man although breathing, wes con- I eidi rid to hi in u sinking condition, end wu- expected t > j expire bsfore morning Angeio ffquarr *? Uksn ' Jl ?t- iday before Ju-tire Lothrop. who commit! d bi n t ' toe Totnb>, to await the rcsnlt of the Injuries receive 1 j I) RenBI. har ?Ate-ul lie.! pest 10 o'clock l?*t night, a fire or- | furred in tl third story of budding. No ]( II, ?'*u. ,n sin et. but It ?u- soon extinguish) d. 1 hi timldiug. ab we j ui d below, is tenanted by ten or twelve Herman auJ I hr< neb ftimllh S. wliesr edi ts were ranch dtmsged by { watir widen was ttimen in large |uantities The tlem> s original* d l y the elndiw curtain- taking tire ( All thedsnisgr J?ur was ty water About eight o el ick . l?-t night, the alum ot fire was ratsscd by the explosion. f ; a (sinphitu lump, in Cherry stnet. near Catharine. Tut ll*n im understand that mxnt t Ct uiplnilits ate made ot tlx Iniinngtuii nl of ttie Harlem Hallroad oil Sundays. That being the only day In tim j wiek < wbb'h the hard werkiug man ran take u I It .1 . reen ulloii, and indulge hlu.o II and futnily with a in ml h | fnl i t iu'i' alt he ears i n tliut r iad are crowded al in > I | to poll'icai lo?>. On the r'turn trio it often happens that laaesrgcrs are compelled to -tnid on 'lie ptat/ortn-. a .J , th> ret) In ur tick'f IHe. ot remain ovrr n-gli: ont o, tiw- which Mar j eancot afford to d<> and which w aid ( nrlou-ly Interfere with th- bn inees of otln-i Tb ?i j i in ht I h 1 It ll r r mm or and the so i , it I* d? ih' tlx batter An additional trniu. ou .'un Uf. ?i?kl *i>AiiM fci-wiatt ad cau*?- ><f c-inpUint SiJf Burn ri-ra. t liunx or Ma. V?n?ti?t.?Mr. I> rid Vatima*. Ctrr* 11 tlx- t?< hum u L'-'Uixi:. ? *. u fliluiill-1 la-t. Ijlft ?tj lid.I- ul; ill iitr wliirli fimo il apt-?r?, hr bud t? ?n icrtt'bp wor? IrAwiltjr. t? -.r thrrr jhp-kriiia war* In attradanr* and unv h d >ul-i i?f< and to i alat a* to h!? rrn-wrry Mr nnn-trlp hopx. Li ><i?ti'. ttM ki< <!> < aill t?K-i a turn fi r ih. hotter ai d rn.ablr liini lu all-nd tw iiit Juh and frb-nJi lu a Cay (f la*. Tna l-iii An it. m tw Maui a !.?a* ? U'raihw f-a . li u war ibr> naa h < f th--young man k llrd on featwiif lail llr ?n for-man i f ili'rtiy. nliti' -r* nn lii* . < xi. tti No -lit Mnikn lana.and *? at ilia < ailju-llt * a n j- amui-d a plrra '-f tlm'aa rt'VrtiM l.i ti It lo??i. <j thrush Ih. HUtlli-. alut. to ?*oi! Iho t.t i f It Milking him ha brut a I lit la. and in #' dol.vj l? ?l hta halanor. aid oaa pri-?-lpltnl?"<l to tfe- o?ll*r VI-w. (a dli-liu-aw->f Ichlp f-ct,) aptrtng aim - ? ln?ta mrx-u.lp |x<a i>rri1 wa? W prar? rf aR<" a n-?:tw* of lh? North ol Inland, tlx d.ld mpport of a tiilml m-Hlvr ti. a' rai hi- *>' n m---t fur.d and doting aao a JaWuta1 HiM frnad (Malawi will long h? Ml lir ih?- unrotw* of warm frland- hl? horm?t h- irt uril "d-n ha.-d had ? trolp imti mil him to Tha ltln-<{"ld . lo*? (iuarrtr nf llr- xklpn. fof ?ht-h ha waa a worthy m-m - r) o j flnndnp rr-ii?? rut hh r?tnxln? to tboir final n-'lnir r in- m (Mown IhMM l.< n? l?Uxl. mmnlod. ia full uniform Ihi li I ami |>liyinr tha drad mamh fn in Paul, a titling < -? ort |i>r a m-u! ao brnva, t -llowad bp * lariia r' t-r? uiwn i-f hi.' fellow w >rkrx-n and aomirtng frti oda? the Inat toki n if n >p at to u<p?rt d worth A?ornra C?'?i Aich-iwt n l.?itr Fi--in tlaa ?'?n fvmlaj rw> ninp i.bowt A o rlrcfc. aixdh-r m t h<v?? tnrrtM ear#* <f burning look plarr. at No It Dmnintrk rtnat, hp thi arridi ntal tak<r.g Or of a -(nantitp uf fluid *a* llrr?ir? ibatallr- llrt-n naidlng at thr ihowa nrim d dwaillnp. whoar hu.Cind la In Calif "nla. wathr vpfcllrulp ?id tn pinr to f II hrr larnr with tho lul l , -.? l*? m m t. r\ ahl'r II-- w'xk ff th laxiri w-a < .11 I lurnlhg Tb* ffinwijnu 'c n* tb vi id*ii tgnlth>n of tin whi lo of tb* gan which l? a* ji'U Mi l :i< fn'al a* in It* ro.ult" In an Infant Mr* II otnn and h?t infant *>?. Rob*rt. only twi yoari uo<t ni?* month*. w, r* onvotoj-d 10 flame Thit nnli.rlu Jut* w n ?u mi.?ui.,| out f< r help ami M?-fi Rapturn and .l*t.fcin* ?t otto* *aui* to hiT a -Utano*. nnl inn -h'Tt likr ik? flam** wor* **tlngnl?b"d. bnt mt until tl.*y bail don* thilrw.rk nt <j. ath Hi- Intaot fM t*rrtniy but md. and *aplr*d th<- fallowing morning. at oVInrk Mr* llorton, though hti?n*d?*Ty *owor*ly maw pr dia'dy ri-oowrr t'otonor <l*?rhold an |iw|ti**t on tb* body of lb* rblld. and a r*rdl*t *a? rot urn**, In nocordauae with lb* fori* I*r**t fm rn ? On Point-lay night. a n< ?iy born Infant wan found In an aJlow. at UNO l.on aid ?tr*wt It ran tal*n in lb* atatl< n 'htm* by a !* and giwm In < l.arg* of tb* poll** No Iran** of lb ii lium "i rnothor Itn y*t b*< n iUi;or?rnl. A.?*Tiira Inrant?Abotd 10o' 'o k yw?t*rday morning a r??wly horn f m*l* 1*1*nl ?m IHM on tho ?t*p* of bom* bo l>0 lianklin ?tr**l It wa? ?ravp< d up In a *| 1 in. wlihi ul a piirlirl* of any oth> rclo'hingnb- ill It i'n i >* * blli- *lt lb wan n>?rV I tin Initia1- " II M . No lo " Tin- rbl'd w* . tak*n to tb* l'h.- f *f i'dl* by lb* woman who- fonnd It and wn? afterward* w nt to lb* aim- homo to bo talon *af* of Cmii i' I"? ? A Itttto I f>y about * y*ar< of air*. !r*hitiir irg to Mr How i I. t*-ldln<r at SIT <Vutr* rl*r t. ha* I I -?n ml??irif: *ln*> iho Tib ln*t II* w?* a pup ' of Ma il< n tr?*t ward artuad Wlion b? loft I ho nrbool o* th* 7ib l?w* nor* wbloli tint* ho ho* not !? * ?**n. ho bad I* a Mark fk III t -p. I. ar* pantaloon* and gr r jaok -t Any <r hi matron i t*i amy I*ad t<< I,. dl-< ry will h* bar '.fw'ly nrt'Wrd b> T Martlit. 1 To> (Irand-tr*ot. or to II I t* i j?tt (trand *!/ i ?tu- mdlbrl urban;* whoti ' RKH JESDAY, JULY ?3, 1851. E I'EOPE. M tIS TO T1IK NINTH INSTANT. ARRIVAL 0F THE AMERICAN STEAMSHIP PACIFIC, I THE CAUSE OF HER DETENTION. M. de Tocquevtlle's Report oa the

French Constitution. THE COTTON MARKET * ., die., die. I The American mail steam-hip Pacific, Capt. Ny<\ has , arrived 8bc left l.iverj ool ut 5 16 P. M., Wedneslay. the ninth Instant. and has hud constant heud winds?a portion of the t iroe very strong galea. On the 17th, oil Cap* Pine Light, Newfoundland, at 2 A M. broke the , crosa tail of the port engine. It was disconnected, and i at 0 A M she proceeded on the voyage, and made the remainder ct the parage with one engine, W? ai e indebted to the kindness of J. Hull Wilton, K.*?i . for the following particulars cf the voyage of the Pacific ? rii* accident of the pacific. o* Board th? BTCAMiHir Pacini', 1 July 21, 1861. / TO THE IIII10I or THE HKRAI.D. As there will no doubt be some anxiety, and various reports hare got abroad about the delay (though short) in the passage of the Pacific, connvjueut upon an accident to her machinery, I have taken especial rare to invert (gate the whole circumstance, for your paper, which, jf you onslder it worthy of insertion for the benefit of your readers, you can use with much pleasure ' Acci- ! dents will occur In the be-t regulated families." is an <>ld snyiug. and never was it so fully illustrated as in that of the accident on board the Pacific, on Thursday tasi, | which occurred under the foil using facts, which are wholly connected with it, and which I gathered for yuu. i fiom the most direct aud proper sources to be relied upon: j A bout half-past one A M , on Thursday mo, uin? last, an j lino, uai vibrating motion was fell in the ship, and which j was almoet Immediately followed by the breaking of I that part of one of the engines ft he port engine) railed ' the " close tall," which eevered in the centri ; and. at the eume time. Its " connecting-rod" snapped oil about two teet from the end The st rboar l engine, made j some three or four revolution* afnr the accident, which ; wielded the broken rod, so that it came lutoconiact with a beam supporting two pillar*, and broke it Tne pisto i rod ot tbr i"imaged engine, having been deprived ot its assisting power, fell heavily on the cylinder top. and crushed It. The swinging a)?>ul of the mutilated 1 machine, y came also lu contact with the feed pipe, which brcki It; and in a moment, the whole of the en- 1 gitie drpartmint wa filled witli boiling hot steam, : tlie density of which was such as to render i: impossible to discover what damugc bad le-cu done for si me lime Poring this, the engineers (Messrs. I'atkis and Harris) I then on dutf . acted wkfti the most prai t worthy prrsenc-i ot mind, sod the griiitc-t poraible prudence, in at ouoe uuliu king ihe enguiis io ch .dug the ela,> citk.> of the 1 boilers and lu rsiMng the sately valve*?thus at jius j oveici ming any prioriy existing daugiir Th< other en- ! gintcrs?miuoi gst whom was the eniuf. who had r tin .1? 1 were * n the snot ut cure: and. soitc of the de-n- oh- 1 rtacle? the M-aldiug rt< am?they fuccei ded in *top;,tu? j the marie ar<l engine, and I umleretand that t > f'tret ! Areirtant Kngnner N. Thorntho aafety of it in ! n to be attributed, who. at nearly the j-acrifice of 1 hie lit? aMi undei the uvct oppreeeiug circu uielauin, Miffouwl im htopptn^r bt r ere lie became elraiu, <1 .mJ do-all, d Ttn> tut to theprubah.o <lingi r, l and oiiorgi tic to peered it?although rompoH-M in !> - i thrbtnoiiifainting Bin' almoat ofornoiM, to gn p? their i w.iy on de< k to breathe the air?liune, '.y ou tempo iwriiy recovering, ha-tened down agiuu, to Ht<l. if pmeiMo. ir- llio ropH ration; and in B rpaoe of time to Die itici Heritable. hhnwdeil in raking out nil the iumi ow fire- thirty two) ami thus ail ?? rafr. ft Kin sfl < till* bo attain clean d off. and Iho damage above tlereribed war di?ci>ven d. 1'ba conduct of t'aptaiu Nye, hix officcrk ?nd crow, war lb* moot uotde and energetic and it felt by ill t? bo worthy 01 the tugboat pralae 1 hare men many trying timer, and rtreumrtaneer requiting the gn alert fortitude, philosophy, and duk'ipline. bid nm r a ilifltwully, In which all there were ?o mlititably dicptayrd ar in thin care Sn?u<ijtn and appt rohlly M> overwhelming ami yet managed witt little c( nltiriou aud v<> perfectly controlled. The -ailing U parlmoul war carried nut. a * thou ;h nothing aa- tialM No acotwr wtui ihe eraali hoard, and lb* et.?wo rtopped. (baa the dtp war pit*, unior all, j and. ifeougb elowly, wc proceeded on. r.-garli. r oj the vailre. The tire d' partmei.t (which on hiarl there at earn rr i.--trry |? ;lcl| bad it* luce at uce laid all ever thi I rbip t aily In met any outbreak of tire which night I Oeetir. tr< ui the riidd> it rakirg out of ro inaoy Urge | til.r and ml tlnr a love and below, went ou. w..aut a ! Voir I 'il g heard except fr-ci !h"-e in authority, and i lin y ntaking mill thi grtut,?t tttrhlei aud iudg a> hi rucli dkrciplttie. tmd'C v. h ?' *nmrtawee?. rrfl?ot* ; thi higbiri i refill on ah coin eru .. end an telt with the I gn alert ratirlactlou l y all en ta>?rd, and tlm rlatem ut | raui i t h??e ? better cic-i'N ration than my InUutaUog le yen the fact, that wi;Inn three aiol a ball h uesfr . m ll < tin . id ilu incident, the *tarboard engine war at cork, and w? mete etipining it at eight tniler per boor. Mil ad uli 111 I" the Mk t' t- M regretted, a# ello l a- Invaiiatly lawn an fery auger ful In h- r trip, dta. bar luui a ?ti i > head e< a and le nd win.l ull lliopo. Bue tn ni l.iriipooi and although, rlin e Uu ar. idi ut, we hate teen depending in the tingle cnginu, vet idle l ee .urrwilMl lu making the pa.- ,g" In a lltti-er r t?, Iveoav 1 hare iraeellr d a gr' at maoy timer won. -, ihr.Mimi * aid to u rt my (bat 1 norer ira relic t witli , .aw ( at fact!, ?i. or with greater eeoflitoece than la ll/ii <uit>, , at J I en. it- uail, it I cje-ak the holing" of iy|u . igar <n I oaril. I'll, her lu m* than borne nut litr gr, at Vna- | mi.oil ai.u Ul.u T urn v*< fliitianl ar rrna rajrv. ?n. j~n i ?i >r ana ?*ilwi throughout. aiitLr turn i hi/h |i?-r a. t't 1?t. ! ii. 111 and a ?ii-<n Uii?rla?, i tli iilat>Al to wtt tin' Bu<t trying un mm'* I do not ?lim ItiU Ii i ?i i % |> not urn ' i or aril|j >?n y , oi'litr ImjimI that of unl I lie fi u. thri.ugu your i ?J?ijr imUiM to |ili> llu ui'Uilf a? ltm? I Miiuid. l.t-ry m - . n?<wi id uo> mu|> ar? i-|ii?.j i M lillill In ftlM ID4 I r l'lHitrpiii^ul, if ( ??10lr 1 y ?m * ?? u? tp.ptr**t?n* that mi^lif <j?<t air lit. ivr?u~? j 'U I'Milir liw Imd rn nrctdrnt. ami tbnl It fiirht u<>t la lurgbiflra) Into n?t.j thab It t? tin bv !. -u 11 11 iln?i.n?k ifihf nod. <>(< a flaw in thai Iron. N'ai In |?iMil>ii to ! if-*<- t vtatu <.| * ntuiUar Qaturc ortntK it hot I"?ir ?# > to t* h tarn atii Ainrrlra It Mk I* 1 Millt|aiml, and )i hr abtr to runlnir nar y tiir.ry an nit??rtla*d. Il ii ?i tm r-<? ill <1 a* ? itrvat I'o a 1 g tti. t t ot ? ill-*!? a< cidmt to any of tin ni< a re or ml ?lot I) mix lit ha?? rn?ttlt?d In many 1 am )"i1 ion a W Thi Pardflo Krla?.> on* hundred ami twi nty fa*??o pi -? Annrx'-d air tUtlr naiui'i ? M b liny II Ri lir<>. It Itlbf, t'It* liillif J I frta-i, ii, J a ?n\ M 1. timd tana, J Chain vrlie at .i.ii 'ior, . Mi smrbu.k. Mra Marba-h, Maitirbakar W Hitrr Jr. ?r l>o?iu..| M' In tr, f. Ii Mmrrll. MrM.CVaa. Ml. >1. Iran. tl.iM Mr. M. t laaa. Mm l|.oter. Mil imr?r, Mr '\mi, Mia. Haui, M Jt'Mllhn t, M Pimp-nn. IIAj j l*, Mr tin on. Mr l>t\la. Mr M Mull. n. F.ll Hntlifturl, fin hara't VrKiii.atil. J 8 I jradr, at t M'<*lit, I rIVrn, T (1 xtuifar, Mra T U M.rar.a Mr t, I. K I', J II tailt a. MrlVrt t, (M run, Mr I'araain. V' m. Mia.>i?*ioa, Ii (fbalba* Mr llaaarlriar, Mr* Ji-nnln?a. I) a irri, h'wir,iiL JU.-Uatrr'. J Millar, *> laMa^ 'A, Tl M. ft, UlSmlth. r'l.rri, Rrr t'r .VdA, J Tl ?mi, I r M i It.trail, i II M< It, Mr Ikrlah, I Mrttlrr. J I' Ki air.. Mr Karl. Mr lo oalari. J St. .ma- n, Mra Ra?h, Mr W Uoi.alva, Mr Ini ton Mr Bra^mai*.. I Ct', CM Tnrkrr, Mra B .njatnia, J II I tldrla. MraTnrkrr, TS #la?"n. Mr {riflta, MinTnrbrr, M*.lrr J C >*<natnn. I. Iliffli, Mlaa Tm kar at. I J I) II'".irtla. r? c no, rrrvaat. i\ r*Mri(i?T. Hi ?a't mil F. i MrTi.rKur. Mr Onrttr. ?r*?nt, ?-Hln?..i>ftoM, Mr? "urMa ao4U; , MtWMtnra, Mr- Blin.m!' !4. efilblroa, *r 1>ilTH<1, Hl?? Fifth, ! ** W?!?? . < ISIII. Mm rtrtfe, M ?> rttnoam Mr (IiIIUm, H ritlh. T M 8nnm*i". T ( lii M, Dr i<u^ A J Tattniu, *r I l< too, T ftnlan, Mrlltttmae *irN??l??, Clin! <?, K lnn'll, Mnf)ni, T Sml'h. Wo arc IikIi liU'd to l>f Chatham. tho dor*, m, and Mr Woodbine. tho moon,I rfflror of tho I'aciflc, for tho i lofift Frgtloh n??? Tbo nport of M do TooqitoaiUo, relation to tV o*?l oh a of tho enn'titiitWn of Franco. no jr ontrd to fh? . i ntnlokti,? gi-lt'd In a huh degree tho curlieitf of tho |>uMir and nri?woonjretnro* wrrr huttriN ao t,> the character and tore 1 tho document. Tho |v<ditto of , it am iiiron in another column Account* from Tlamhnrg announc the ri Inn i Ion of , tho l>anhh Minteiry Count Moltke lr?(rattol had hoon rnttmted with tho formation of a two cahitrt M i l< rti from Madrtd that .1 Oanrhyr ttoano Riffct'r Oi nrral of tho I'lihllo Two -nry. ha.- hooa ifl la od t ndor Ftrrrtary (4 *hi Tin hi rt i Wo l*?o l..ttir? tltd |.ifi t1 ff"i? tilt (' 'f f'o i ll'f? Ftki : lot Ma|, ".Fclu'lT' To in>. ft m ERA J the frontier is not of great importance. Sir II Smith I ?ta at King Williaui ? Town, where lie had r< inainod J dining th prec< ding mouth, occupied in sending out p*s n trolling columns In different directions, for the purpose p Of Lt. pressing the hoe.tile Kaffirs, driving thear from their * strongholds. destroying their kraala, and rapturing their p cattle K? liifnrcruieutx were arriving and it Wax el- : O pecUd that In a very short ti ne hie Excellency would [ malic a decided movement against the enemy; previous ? to which, however, it was understood that he would re- ' h turn to (iruhain's Town, where he was to meet Major ' (Itnerul Somerset tc consult together upon the future plan of operations. Several skirmishes had Lakeu place. p which, iu most ernes. have proved disastrous to the Kaf- N firs, with little loss on the part of engaged in the g English service. t There hai been no actual decline lu cotton, but the J tendency continued dow nward Breads taffs were a little lower i The steamship America, from Huston, arrived at Liver. ' pool on Monday morning, the 7th lnnt., ia eleven days &iid twelve hour*. The French Kepiilvllr. The advices from 1'arir ?r? to Monday ufternoon. the | 7th last ; Toetjucvllle. an presented to the Commlsidiin. excites, in a high degree, tho curiosity of the public, and various conjecturea are hazarded a* to the i character and tone of the document. It in stated that it tr.. tn of three principal point- Io the first place. M. 1 de Toci|u< Ttlle enters bcldly into the question at issue be- i I ween tin- n publicans and the momirrtilst*. lie examines. i with hie usual -kill, the pretoQsion- of the republic to i l>l>ine right put forward in the Commission itself by i (lent ml t aiaignac. and eu-tain.-d by hint with an iu- i pa-atoiud energy and an accent of eonriction (no far ad appcarancei afford any proof) which a-toriehed the uicin- , bi re of the Commission. M de Tocqueeille. it in nearer- . ly ncces.-nry to say, denies this pr tended I'ivinc right. . and maintains that of the ration to ehoo-e the form of ^ government that may bent suit it?a right which i- absolute, nuperior. and indisputable. Hecopdly. M de Tccquev ll.e is said to appnae. by untiripation, any npeeb n of amendment which would have .. the Oc t 01 confining the next Constituent Assembly ' within any limits. or force ou It the oblig it. ii ot revi-ing the c institution for the -oh end of ameliorating and con- J* Bolidatlt g them, and to maintain that th - Constituent j Assembly . tould be invc-ted with a general and uultrnt- ( teo mission. In order thai it may act in the plenitude of ^ u really constituent power; and Thirdly, He It described as exprc--log hopea that the , ^ Am-mU) will adopt the proposition accepted by the ? majority of tho commission that n constituent u- t inbly t will be c.hi . tn. that th-- constitution will b-- revised or n renu deb d; and in such case tJ.ut nil w711 consider It (lieir r cuty to confoim to it; that if the prop i.-ition of revUlon I e not adttiitti d. the c (titstioi of INI lhall rtnaiaM ^ the mpri nu and aoTteilgn law for ill; that the only | ^ alternative will be to maintain until the term of a new period of thn-e years, th* provisional form of the actual - government?it being, ot course, understood that, in j, inch cm.-c. each perron will fi ! It his duty to couf irui to 1 the constitution. and to nb.tiln froin every act which (l vonlu be tantamount to iu violation. It ir addi J that , M. dc ToCnuevllk dcv-'lope- this propo. It ion in such a manner as to oppo-i all unconstitutional candidatcshipa; l" tliat i. .nfth" actual 1'renideut. tin- i'rlnce de .Maville, Ml and l.eili u Itollin Such. if I am well Informed, are the prlnripil | touched on in the report The ilncunient un it ia not long It ia described aa moderate in J" lunpnagi'. anl the report-r has evidently derired to n.vr- l"1 row (lie discussion a much an poa.-ihlc. The number <-t . /nature-to the petitions fee the revi- 1 ah u p.eataied to the Avelkbi/ ou fi.turda} . aan-iiuted u toSV.lllb. |*2 The I'reodent of the republic loft J'ari- ye t<rd.tT 1 l* nu rniti(t. at half-pact hUcti f r Biaiivat* lie c- ^ c<uipaiiied fv thi of to- lolcriiv, War, Finance, .lurtire. m.d I'uMii' In-tried ion. ( Kn|run.and two IT orderly oflicera. and a mon* the percent with him wi re the \ ire I'realdcnt of the renublir; '1 lMipiu I'recident, M I>uin Vice I'rr-ident, Mill urn- ?>!' the decretariee of il llu National Accetnbly. ilenei.d Harapuay d'llllli rii, ! ti, latin: 4c Nieaerherkc. M. From/, and the ei>fht re pre- lit eintatlTi e of the < >ie" At hint pact eiifht. the I'rreloent <ii arrived nt the Clermont. win re he w?< received , if hi the Mifortnil tbe lihorltir*. A triumph >1 ir.-h n< hrtti raieed olnv to the tertuiuua. ard nt Itrccle* two v n itjtuillci ut ot?e? w -re i reeled. on one of which were tnM'iit *1 the worilc A i elu du K> Iteccmhrc " and on ai tlie olher '-A l.Otii? Napoleon hverywhure on hie pn* egf lie l'r> -idi nt wan hailed with reclamation*. On ri; "1 ' j tif t:.l" c t lie ittVHii , lie *? receive.I hy the j Mavi i. the U uuirt|*l Council. and the t tie r irulUorilie*. lit lo r' ahithlcd from hit Mrriit*ua imiar tnl on home- ? bee!;, tun: pii reeded. in the mulct et ; n iuiiiH-n-e crowd. It end underlie daplete ahow?r of I .e.letc froin the win- v di,*K. to tho i e'hidr?l The only cicnil.-for a long lime, a* the l .< .dent wne prm .lit.? to-he Cathedral, "ora 1 thtceof \ i?e Napoleon Vive Ic i'recty nt " When > In- luid nearly arrived, llnre were coim crii > "I lire la 1 Ki pttl>1i<|tie "" bat tiny -oon Ceneed. There wan not much biictri done at the B<>nr?e on r Turrday It w.i- ment.i ned there that lOOOOOf a portion a of t he de! elf (I M TONllet. the u^cnt de ih?n;.e WM A ah'rinded l? ' Week. had been ti -vefwd I'he h ire 1 I'er Cet.te opeinil nt l'l' 44c.. and rlw -dot 9 If 45c for n the ended thi mouth The Three per Cent* rlored at f . 1 bile, Or Wane lii-ilroa 1 fnarr i a-i'4 jar. Ilouen. tc40f. t j. . Havre. f 7'ce (jreat Northern 472! &0c>; V ic? >u, 4IM. ttecle l.vjf 40c; Bordeaux. 7f I'ariii.nd ?tra* ^ bats, 871 f 1 or- nod MmAm RTt Or, Amlon* anil ? Hi uli a Do. 'iinf The Hiai.'ter i t I 'Orneree ha? iti(t returned from hoo1 ti. ! a Wiaii'iio date* that he ?>? r uniel hlc port |( fi I'n. M Thim pcoinlcec a rrvbwd report of hi* apeaah n u-t free liade. with an anew. r to the variolic annua 0 l ion.< of uiie-latetneot* which have been preferred p itnict l.iui The Get': - de IVtio ullirm- that a -ecret y n vnlulkiDary olety ha- tna n d covered In the Hue t>t a l?cni'. hut that the member- have born arre?t"d. I | Aeeenirt* ff tn Madrid o? the 3<1 inar'iot, etatc that '.1 , Jtee .cam her Ocana. Idroctor (lenefniof the I'uhlie Ttew- y ury Ime been ap.-otnted I nder Hicretary of Mate ot the iiratiro la |?rtinant. in tho plac of M lloroia, I?l- . litln < .ourral if lha Ctiotonta M Ktidulfu. In-portor ol Ui>' financa. at Madrid. Mioaavdod M Or ana in lha tilr. <-tion i t tha pubiio tr-a-itrjr 1 ba i n i? li r nail run. whlrh ."alb-d from Cadi* -n ha Ik..1 rwtiirtnal to thai liarh. r on iha loth Mwllfrrlaml. Thr I'lilt nl Council of awllm ilnnl ha. drawn up a ( rein- I i tha tx-ontioo of tUn ra.lwaj * propotni by yjr r'rjhil on Our noo into Iri? *,* thr coltnirjr from *1. boh if ('ciiit.aor to Ornrf* ( ??io : by '/uririi A biaih into i* to run from lh|. tru.i1 lino to tha lia-le Maltaa?. to unltr with tba i.rrrran Mid Fronrh Ilea*. An<t hir lino U t<" jtrociol from'I.- l.nka of Con tanca to Ciwio In iho Orlann*. t?. bo prolonged nftaraiud* r.-T' th- Alp* by l.urkniautii, into l.oiattord/ Tha tolal h nglh of tl . Ilxi . i* I !> -i kiloinotn ? (4o?i ^ K. ^n-h and 111 \p , IWlritHWf.m ISt.lltt J if k i Uf '.i? kwnlrn ??(l Aonifft Thr prfl ff iho ctanio' of th riin.l'tmaatul law which j r- I. l i' J* fr m ?t ill. y In >,.rv jr. mat pr .tiafila l"?i' to tha fonc.iirlou llaM ilioy nt< th. ruby ponuittod ta * i li hi tha n, on try ik? onaa In <rdarto I j n trtif lb" .It Wi-fpom ari ip? upon a ml dah> n IJoa of 1 h i hin.1, tl.o -wuli h Journal* a?'l parliridar aUoulioii to tha lor I lhal iho r|n ra" lntn\iucod by tin Mouthing into tbr luiiiirun nta U* U iiitlHianl *> I. it o tha law t| thr kingdom n?ilm unrhaoitad rlo iniirh hfwoatr. ha* i iin11 I b> thr abolition of tha i ft *.in riant* by th Hl-dltitiii th 'I tin pMlWlity 4 . a ihai (r In thr pm '.e low if tha kirn loin I* i ntr-n- I pb.tari Kill till Uilllwiihri dona m Jow will ba p.-r11 it ft 4 (o Hlfta In tha bin doui. and utmyjoa who aioi <U ootiakry uiimI pi rnia lulu.-'if with tho uauai Hk-i a A aiiriki T' 1 n p?-rr ha- appoint. I ot Ti - hb- r; Aii" 'ian Int. r'lanrt* it fhr rnurf of C ti tantlnnpio AnrounU >n til (' pi rti "fata that fit but tliiaki of an rart h|n tha w pa f< It !b'-r? on tha lat Tho abopfca wara aooonpantnd by tlmi iit ciapnid thtunirr Thr took* In ail Itiortaiirrh wir* tlfllrl, aaimlya rittfia ho?*a rritian-d unln- | JutaU, nun rmts ohin'Pi t? Mi in tnd tha furnituro and ut. i. il- In i ba Pi? in ana i frr hr n and broki-n Many ru- .iriitr orrurrt d ?Ui proOHlaitlially not any of a tataltr'ur arr rot kmwti Tha Inhahi.anta. who a.r* oornpolbil to tl<-o tr iti th'lr h"v ap aoarty nil r?. ram| ! ' in 'Ur opoit fl' Ida. Papain. I ... I . ..I . 1. " . I. . V. I _ t .... It. . - fi-iiut- h?.i u. n imorrtf fi< ui nun -immur ih*( N?-niiin .^taati hud i?fl iVhemn ??< w?*lm b?f -fa, t>r U|?b?u. wilh * up pint" ami tn irwj n? ??< *> m u 1 h.- cbj<rt if lbl? < ?j ulnion w * not ka"*a Tfce R?Tf?nn of Hr?*t Britain. K-i m Hie i ffletal MtlWrM (f fh<* ijU*Tt?*'? ri rcnur l??: <1 "ti Juh !i. w B.. I n <Wrr??? ?o lb.- : 4^6 ,3*4. Tin rmpvatlr* both f. r f?oJ ' iiimimi ilir IrtrHil fUtrn<'ii% *111 !? <*?. n la tl?r M ( ??> r-Pt , l?rrrr??r >* tin. Qt ?ir* i i I'nf* in- ^I'l" I flM#* MM t Tmn. MvM | rr"|K-ttjr r?> 4?.t?*4 <'*' ? T> iMl'i* lO.CoO J Iwj^aif.-il* ffliMM . ? ?**?? . (| Tr>l?l rl? frr?'? ..... WIM r Ini k> i?> a r'li 'ft i 1i?* riflf' I'wl * tilro ?'?*' t Mim I i: ?>?'<? ' ? 1-lSI v.? J In-fn <t or.J <<th. * ? *?* I< <?l litrt * < I AL4.St<> T t?: J?.i . it' |i?t: i ... ... CP* til ( !tlnr?> i ?. f r- Voa. ? V J '?!*r I ? ii"i I '? i, v ?*! t? i-f 1 |? Inn. 1 . ? |1#.. 'III!' 1' I i V I'll Kit . > . | i ui i ' I * , : . . i I -r *i . ! I r ! :. 1 'inn; t 1 '* n l i ? ' '< V. % a D PRICE TWO CENTS. m 'ari* r>n London at abort be'.';: 0?' it Ml' thd bid 1* 0 18 per c* nt dearer iu Part* t be -j in I.- ndo? \j ad v leer from Haiiiburii the puce of gold i ; pur lark, which. at the Knglhh Mint <.f l" lO^d er ounce for standard gold, give* auaxchai, - r 1.1 4 V; nd the eaehange at Hamburg on London at < > ri being 8.6>i R foUowr that gold U 0 2!'our rt deafer London ban in Hamburg The course of exchange r * fork ii lrftndou for Mlli-at <<0uu>* eight ih llo >t per t . indtba ?r of etchange between England and A-tti a I wing DO 2T'.-40 per rent it follown that the exc-ba.-. nomially 0.02 per cunt iu favor of England; ard o r oau. ig allowance for dlfierence of interest an gcs ot ransport . t> e present rate leaves a piofltor nipor atiou of gold from the lotted tit ate* T "oglisk nods during (he day experience! a fur".h -r i It dare-eiou. but the opening and closing price- re lh? une a* those of yesterday. The first -iuot.itin T Con tie for money was 00' , to 97 to which th-yt erasd fl?r having touched 90V- Bank Stock let 214 o!ile. lletiue. d. 97 \ to Three and a yu.trr pet tents. 8k', to , long Annuities. 7 .' 16: India r-'ock. !t8 to -01 ex diy ; India Hoiid.J. til". to tt3a , nod i.x ;bi|inr bill* Um to hde prem. In foreign < aritii s there ha# not been much busluew trait of<t. and have >h"Tn Bymptom* o! t..<* rim ??. The bury aim. in the official list i ?npninl?Danish Three pcrtYnta. 77: Mi xican. for money, id; for the account, and lit, Portuguese Mm per ccu'a, converted. SI \, Uu-sUn Kour-an i If-T fintB. -until, 100\ andK|?ni?b iim p, r (.Yule lor nit in-} '?; f"r tbc urmnnt an-,, r,. _ Ba \ ?. Bpcnlrh Three per Ceo' for .uit .:.i , | :stt- and Itutch Twi ao l a II til' | or iVntB.tV and . Tho tlrat trim-action in the n- itian hutn thi c.rviug. wax xt thle?-? ightii.- lt?ci not itiil it wu-t afo . i -l? done at l*0 (tifcount. and .1 at I ' . to I it ha# than, lliereioce. appn .x trialt d t< ti e me t-if exutiag dock in the Pari* I. a.'., t In tin fort ini t of tin rate* ?cr a .-'on higher to la?t poet* vith lhe sieplioo otth ac jijm n v .tnd I rieata, rbich win rather 1< ?er. in con < t- o! b.lL# I>e4ag n tli uiaii l I- ii M root l'ii?% Tr.iui T t.u. ' > 8?The arrtvai# rent Irilaut'and inaatwire iurni/ pant wnelt hart tetn upon tiic whole mail. Tii<<ti". .!her more liberal ? i at# and oat no ?l 11 nu of I itc * it-foreign port# w? ?e received a I'.' |Uartim of when' 'li 'juartori tt alley. Tim quarter* of oat*. ::..0 (juartei rye, MiiltP i>of liean.. I 06a iinartera if pen#. t?2#U .|'urta*? of la iau corn, and 10.ho I rack* and SlaOT of tour. In export-iu the iuiuiu tiini comprise ft.eVJ (liarter* of heat. lO.ib-i tuartnr# of Indian corn. ?i?l I .. r-U of laion coin modi. "liSMcks and 1 7<V. barrel- o; th>ur Tha rude throughout the week ha' been dell and eprei ed for all articled with t^t exocpMoa f ttarnl llour. which h-i# slight!- r .-covered r' 111 the rxtreni diciilt f Tor Jav l:e?t l- ! n oora - been much pressed on the market, and n declin# at s. to > per tuar.ei haa been submitted to where aaLta irtmade l.a#t night was very wol and that uiorntng 11 re i.. ticry apj < arnnro of more rani At this day'* lark t thin- nu a get <1 attendau? of 'teluwuaad nuntry trade who vioe#d more dt-po-iiiin to la.-ka nrel a-es IVhcat aid H ur uv t with ..;ir retail aala, t ft lly hint Ttvetlay pi ices and in tiic case# at a light ndvau-e. Oat- ami < xtmeal we.- diflieult f dke - e of, arid d per 4." .h. and'id t i i < id lower. B.iie y, bean#, aril pear, were n mooer: re*ju*i>t at laui hi- loiUn corn aitmctod lilt . Mtteutioo, thooph riun y. now Aiitiicun w.v. ot'ere-t per tjaartoc tut th |U:i. hc:n^ a reduction of i'u per quariec. Uimiik"! M/.ti Ta i >> It l> k?Thi-ugb tbero ;? ci abli hit-im - i ittit in boti U th and par no, ill piici < at- a tittleca?i- r which i.-a> in doubt be ?* ililitcd ..nd Ct rrcctiy b tic eaner -t > . f tiic uxitd i*t en lie low?>t point. Buyer* appear tor nearly nM art*. * xpi pt for India ami China. anil jr.- the** ere# nli* K U"iui: The totir ani' hi piuwie. ihmre era i t illed 'i healthy, k m> s good Icwle i - l?- id to with iliili ?-? ! fit!*T?c? ITv dy?r* are :.,,hId, alie.* a Jull aw* n ct m? coni.n.unce, uiu h hm-ier. a- ah <*. the prue TP ; the t litrbrn uptifcr to partake of tie* iei^e* i? nt l'lia in*. rl * -rstlier buoyantly Intre. Biumii, ^Ttl^irjr <k Co.'a CinniM. hi-1 trimi., .'u.y k ia?i Tin -Mill* du'n* in our cotton market aod ii' dispo-tlion t?* n tli/r j ?,|y ae great a. at the dau. uf i? above fircuiar *ith n derided tuuirnc; i* f*f ee of iyi re.. -hi wauj and u?er mln, tnou rli the -rl in* I* not MitBei-titljr general as to <Mti*e a rihaagt It.e'juoiallooe, *hi' > , Imwufer. iuu*t be i-nn-ddi red iniiual. Tin* ialt> f: the four day* an* -1 OtKi tab*. at h eh epi ruledn nnd i ap. ~tir h?re tali a I itti tit* Indian ii rnia Is to Is t-i p?r j*?rti4r lower Wb it id liiur without change. TUeatrlral and nnih iii*. T*n m ai ?Tin' inagidtni-ut i In plan temple ? tiii -t brilliantly n -op Tinl last t truing Ueth the sterna* ml < tlirli r have ndergnu* a tin ruu;h r?.ueMtinti, r?* printing r? it morel tog unit the oimpanf ronipi *ed < tlhr bem t alert it the r.iiiulry Mr iiaim in * i ot prise i n tin* neeae" n, u* the crowning puiah all h.r fcriuar triumph.-, for In* tusi spared uteshaa tmr '**r<T?.oi 'o make hiMluttn* wi rthy the liberal ft eece ha always enjoyed Tl a* cpeuiag foawtra iW gorgeou. -fwctiiofr. entitled - A rant, the Prodi* in whi n Mr I dify. Mr. (lilbirt. Mi?a Aidertoa, i Mian A Walter, aim ilm-d the prlneipal rharaatera. ?*r possible credit !* due to Mr Me* *i*. the talented t. (y manager. ft>r tin- masterly u* ui<-* In wiicb ha baa la**?d It up< u the Matt" It will Ih> repi ntisi ap.iin Iku s? Hi g, with tin r'liin dy of " All the V, urlii'a a fttagt 4 > aa'a (laat-r.t - Itintnr I- to rnetaifi two rtiaraotoia bir asralag at this (loi riehin;* drumat.r t *cipl?. traea, n iBiariahty the raee. a deu?e a-owmtilagc of beaatg tnl !a. ltion whl honor Liu with Uieir pie-ouee It sp i are to be a Blatter 11 impieiihil'ty t" Upaitdv the ni Ueut p? ni?-l> of The Tootle"," so great i.i the fleet** lent to atltiesa It .Nnlwitl * land up lie turleni slOfta ti .-aitijuj ev. tin nivt. theheue* ?n- ttll".l at an mrtB m. m i' II tin ui'><( hurK'ti rthlUM in* g . <! uaured fihi/. b* hrua* as* in ''? Mr tx |rriilx.rtj ili.l.t u 1r tin ] rit 11 I'lmi'Mi. TwdU , hi* irr^ uiHit t I l*i.w r Ptxidm wa* abr in* of tlx t*p|>lost a*?I'll am " *f bar* *wrr witni-r.l. The ronirdj rati led Th* llrmrb id irotninr willli th.' Arm pwvr ebb Ttuinf aid tbt rct.ii'ij of TV? Tvitd'win he tb? ro. i ai i>p leainr* N vti<? ti Tut ?.r ?Tli.' k:j ml call n d I rum*, ritM led-If: Mino miChief, or ller* cf Ull," whtah ra? ? > ml v-.f k? In lurpiir*;. m. ??- |<r dund laM ertii V for fl rt'?t (> " i?: thli u.. -lai tvtabub jrnt I. ?!'fiT?i" ? I."* I| Mr I'tirJj b an rorr rW ritirrr * aar tharrf. ri\ \ mini lu Hud that baa rifi nvt'ifi If t ttiih -m'i brilliant nu. ra*. I'bu nk?? unitd |dr<M la pri lui iit lu a io:i*,niM0' nt imtnuar. wad rrflrt' ihrouahnut e 'Ji lb* in on l tm. In.14 inoidattu. Ir J 1- ri' tt Mr lit i'l.hi?w Mr ,Uui. Uuiuk ud II' (' Pc* and Mr* Nirbol*, u-l*in>ii ibetr rn*p?a>iya liararlrr* with |'.i>iet i rgj .ml wlui A u?a **.r .Jf. T'd" A / 1.' ir. ?.h* Hid lliti hi Itooia." wsar'aa tiHluiMi ft-r th* drat I'rne and ana a d rided hit. Medi lu?e jiUe. will be ri ,rated tltb ae.uiu,r Ibrnviaia't l'liioi?Ihr alifiHI-a- e#awi""? * r* ihir r*?uia* M* for th* bread! of Mivaa. Kaa- *t mi. j> a t. tit ... ?tr a e*?r trr i lar *mtM '* >.11 la 11 lunWml the i>*tv*'U-> ft tli* *31 a* ill*4 Li. aillt* Mo laat eppfrtunti jr tui i'iw, tiiat I ill be )< . I'll ?t tin 1.1, tf V-llll -u IIWItlMi.Ulipri ltBf l"ti." of 1 a* I n iicli Ncimi, *ln?? arvjaus iuii ?wd t.i' * I J. . ram r ! ht aou f i tin tu I ; ? at pronaiiaw (d ill Irr I* of ihr linna M> tvnr ? u.'?wd a imwa f n.|<li ta f inj .mj 'liUiixuL l b* mlrrla airrit* W hi. * 1.14 wlil " u nioiif wilti In* l?*mt* f?nl? ill.' f f let tifii '!< t aabfrlrv TW> wii ia>an.*"iMI tj Hit. di 1 u A C't Wlr i-? p<i|i , ' tad U" riK-niaiaf! llf r .1 l*> ill' I',ulo 1 4) rtfi'li'd l.? i ! uw>" Ioiiki"'" .--in. w m.i apart or tlx- b>.. til il .till. Ui-ak D'A/ioutii tihun ? > tl.Mte vi will f mj n ftnu e I'retlrtJi ( 1*1 Jpn U> Inl?r?ffr?nl ?<lb their r?'-e|l, ut iu-4ra iienmJ | lent end leeutlfii. n .< perf.*rMln#ie"? re wttM "il "ith e*tmn? {ttnw'nrn, nv tiush nt^M hi r .? i-r...iil 1. til l> lit. viij ersiaiti* d Pn *?' 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T1. >4***1) 'I IM"T|ht1m K*l>rrv? flu* Mi.I |?.iprl* p. lu ?' 1 rltrh Ml,I. uri .?ri?i to 1 * i>n r?ndtf i>f?n DC ill, ih?r?r<jl,..n ? ! the |.| vm<' n>l I'll u( Ut m< MW* Ni.ll *'4 mid-1.ii Company B?rfoH'? i? tTic i nly II , t< M'ti' *IMI lm? ),t ,'Ttiur i,*; ; Ifcht) to*n rwiti^l II I',. 14 It, Kx^tlr I Ji'?MPl.||Hr* llMCC bf' i city fenr a 'l it or l?n. t ut tin t Ww??grM4"ii WMfk r th. If ! t? i nt rh?cr?., or miomi other |N*it? m it* I WbhiW* with their Uqiii*, Which m*y pi-i-Mow* urtt h* rt tr?* ?K. or thu tin/ ?><k, ;u>> mp inwu Ijl i Ji ?ffiHtti Stir. J'.rm It. lloMri' af *nt?rrM Imn. All}| r>OMii PMi.rtr tun! I h? t'OMlr Jt i -I - Ihcwir-t i t th- ' mm Mat W.fM ieo4 in) unfwtir, it Am ii ?*> t*? i lln r"?T' ! r i" nHlhw IW t(t IK iif r | i e IP.- - f m Mi.'ii Ml li*"?l i , ipl i II 'It!' II. ? I 1 ' M |, , 4 ? . 'P. M !ltll? t i i f'l : ? I ( ? v {, ? 4 I

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