Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1851 Page 3
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I I THE HUMMER RETREATS. ~ ^ Our Fashionable Correspondence. saeatooa 8aKATOUa, Jul/ 18, 1851. Vie Season ami its Fruits?Arrivals of Strangers? Tint Talk of the Visiters? War inth England? Amuseriu-nts, etc. The season has commenced with great spirit, three da^.- earlier than last year, t'n the 16th, the United ^tutes Hotel received and disposed of one hundred and thirty-nine guests, and the others appear to be accumulating guests in nearly the same proportion. The morning visit to the far-famed Congress Springs, are as exbilu ating as its own waters. Bevies of blooming ladies inhale the morning atmosphere in ail its purity and chloride ?f sodium at the same time. Amongst them are se" vera! bride.', who here commenced the honey moon; and brightly brilliant is the soene, as we hope their future life will be. Saratoga was never more attractive to the eyo; ana as the youthful couples hound in playful gaiety through the shudy promenades of the Congress grounds, or run the maddening race on the railway of recreation, how many bachelor hearts look on andeuiy The divines, personages of judicial station, statesmen, and men cf note and standing in society, intermix stateliuess and carbonate of magnesia in e<{ual proportions. Sir Henry Lyttou Bulwer, her Britauic Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary, is here, serenely couIcmnlfttivo nf t.h#? uniri hnt.h *? ' rKa urutoi-a an.4 I of Mr. Squiers. The Hon. J. Slidell, onoe sent, but pot accepted, as Minister l'ieuipotentiary to Mexico, is here too. So is ex-Senator Green, of Rhode island, and ex-Judges in profusion. We have parties of Spaniards und Mexicans, who display an exuberance of spirit and finger rings. The grounds of the United State9 Hotel, shaded by stately pines, and made vocal by the harmony of a well selected band, which promotes diges .ion while it animates the spirits, may be just such a spot as Tom Moore imagined to be the ubode of peace when ho gave to history the daily avocations of the woodpecker, viz the tapping?not of one of Judge Marvin's pipes o superexceflent wine?but of the hollow beeeli treo in the locality of a cottage from whose chimney the amoke so gracefully curled Overhaul Tern's American poems, and, when found, make a note. This spot?Marvin's lawn?is redolent with beauty. The alter dinner performance of the band, each day, at tracts the proinenaders hither, and the congregated youtbfulness presents the gorgeousness of a bed o tulips. 1 nose of graver years talk of polities and potash on the balcony. The affairs of the world and of the shop are evidently of equal magnitude, and one old gentleman, having disposed of a regalia or principe, ns a necessary addition to his pint of port, has just oracularly protested that there is too great a stir i made about.San Juan de Nicaragua. He thinks it of less importance than a single iluctuation in Wall street of a "fancy." He holds that the United Mates has but little interest in that quarter, and hence it should be its principle to abstain from swelling nothing into importance, more especially when that nothing imty produce u war which will interrupt commerce, while it costs us millions of hard dollars. As the old gentleman proceeded there appeared to be wisdom in some proportion, mixed with contracted notions of the laws of trade and comineroe- What, said he, is the origin of the difference between Great Britain and Nicaragua! (t is a question of boundaries botweeu the Mosquitos, a people whom Knglaud has for centuries protected, and the Nicaraguaus, who assume the position of ancient Spain. It has been said that this question has been raised by Groat Britain since our possession of California. Be it so, and in what did the quarrel between the I'nited Mates and Mexico < "ginatc, which led to our possession of California. A question of boundary, about which mere were, 01 course, uivtrse opinions. jnio ine question of the limits of Bexus did Great Britain thrust her nose, and take part with the Mexicans! Mo, and suppose she afterwards did to tbo Viearaguana what we did, a little before, to the Mexicans, what is that to us. We have but one interest in this matter. The canal across Central America, and the existence of two free ports at either end of that canal Great Britain has agreed with us to protect and favor that canal, and the making of San Juan a free port. This is our atfair, and I should like to know whether before Great Britain took S?u Juan for the Mosquitcs, there was ever a question either of the canal or the free ports." '* Never!" emphatically exclaimed a little apple-dumpling headed haberdasher. who was sleepily reclining a juinst a pillar. The old gentleman smiled blaudiy, and proceeded: ' "Thus, then, we have hitoerto been the gainer by the British sci/.ure of San Juan The canal, more over, can only be constructed under the auspices of peace and the eoniideuca of capitalists; and shall wc, the American public, bo led away by indiscretion! We have before us a work of utility, which we shall lose if we quarrel with a great and Iriendly folate." The interest felt by the auditory increased fearfully, and tbo circle ot listeners became more contracted They drew their stools closer, that every liable might be caught, as the old gentleman continued:?"And what shall we gam! The supremo satisfaction of bt-iug on intiuaute tern with the half Indian, half Spanish, and utterly insignificant State of .Nicaragua As matters now stand, the protectorate of Great Britain is still over Grey town, or San Juan, and any attack thereupon, from whatever quarter it may proceed, would be repelled by all her lorcc." " 1 hat," promptly responded a yonng raoustached Seventh ward whig, " 1 am authorized to contradict, by the organ ot the Canal Company." The old gentleman commiserated the inuojence of the young gentleman, but he limited his correction to tie simple words.?Toe organ ii mistaken. Great Britain may have given up the advantage* of her protectorate, but ber ancient pride would require her to repel an aggression Here hope beamed iu Ins eyes, and hi- face was suffused with the glow of satisfaction, us he said, but we nave goou reic-en to kuow mat tne negotiations which have recently been going on ut Washington have had for their object the oesiion of the spot in question to soma l etilnil American Mate upon moderate uml reasonable conditions, *uch as would be in conformity with the view* unu interest* of the United Staler; nor is Nicaragua hcr'elf excluded from the possibility or probability of obtaining possession thereof 'Jo this we have no objection, provided it be pea.eably arrunged. Any plan, however, to us is good, und that plan the besi which rettles this matter in such a way us is moet'likely to produce |>eact h goudactorii amongst the State* in the vicinity of the canal. and to uiacc the I nited States and < treat Britain continue to favor and pruteet it ; und what *11 sensible men and writers amongst us have to do, it t< discourage foolish and feverish attempts to excite the public mind towards the adoption ot a course iu diametrical opposition to the interests ot the I'intvd Mates as a government, and to the uulivjuai interests of those American citixcn-who arc uigagc'd in so great an undertaking as the construction of that canal. litre u thunder gust drove uway the ban? dthe young Indies retired to prepare for the ball tnU e .., and to calculate the number of conquests thev aril I make; the young bucks to curl their njoustachios; und the anticipated reply to the aged orator was cut off ai.d postponed to an occasion, when tbs best short buti<f w-iters will be present to scrure it for the public It is a grave subject, but it shows the world that .-ualoga is not given up to the frivoluiis of faabioiiubit jargon. There may be sc. ki d in iessnti* ,.I WinCim icstruptinn in | ,the oodt of etiquette, and equally nauseous " l.uipm water* ' More jilcuftiig topic*, however, will present them (elver lor lu ore digestion Ky the way, wrong doer* next week may eX|>ect ui wonted indulgence, lot Justice Lothrop letuiuntn l> itbum. rejuvenated i>y u i i.iit to there umbrageous . bade", and the en joy in i ut of health-giving bret let, exquisite roelety and unadulterated and unfailing spring*. Mercy will be characteristic ot hi* auiiiinutration of justire, in proportion as the body'* refreshment tempers the spirit. ^aBatuoa, July 20, 1851. ,V?i cn Catnmtn ni?Bail Sv iiuvlt?uikt Sktnevy ? BiaiUiluJ Castihan C'nntutnrt?Sir Hmrv Buinrr anil Imyrumjitu 1/inmr to lutn?lit mark* of tht Bru t.'A Ambufsador, jrr, Friday night opened the campaign of the aeason. A brilliant ball congregated the beauty and farhion at the United State*, at nine I'. M. Monk'* band, the be-t we hare over had here, led off in a ruperb polka, followed by a grand quadrille. The toilets of the ladiis were superb, and the number of lovely W< nil n who ariieed the milium of ih.. ilanm unrnrij. ing. All the occasion lacked was more beaux Where are all the young uien! thnco the ball. Low ever, many haTe arrived, m.d uow the b>m ton of your city have made tue promenade very gay Madaui A , of Cuba, wax the cynoaure of all ejc?; her btauty and toilet were Mrs. R., of Philadelphia, the favorite of mty, has at last tome; her advent was hailed < th delight. Twosweet belles of New Vork, the Misies M., ar.d Mrs. ll., of the Njutn, m:i> here. Many fair Cubanos arc here; one, truly t..e ,dy of the Lake, . ei.t hunted a select party the oil, r moonlight evenfng, by her matchless ohari ?? 'I 'weet-toncd, sil* rny voice. M.c vac Bos; ^ <n ho bosom of the ni mie fta^in a light boa d milled till the erhota oieu away n. u? nkut fc .oe? Cbaimi'tg p\ ot ts the lake. ' iioriowa are rue pie-oic dinners of ^uojmu. i am y tv yvur Jwi a?eu city appetite bass, trout, woodcock, woodduok, young oOiokon, partridge, and delicate venison. VV hile penning these random lines, I hear a serenade breaking tne dull ear of a rainy night. True entailers are they who fear not the damp or cold for their lady fair. 'Tin 'neath the window of the fair Castilian Senora. What soul, passion, feeling has the Spaniard, and above all the iosipidjfrivolitiea of fashion. Educated are they in head and heart, not in heel und toe. Howtver, vivt la folly! . Aa^impromptu dinner, by fourteen gentlemen, was tendered Sir Henry Bulwer, whose jeoted. Thof'te came off in Marion's restaurant. The cuisinr under Le Count, who surpassed himself. Every delicacy of the season appeared on the tnble ; the wines were unrivallei. Iler Biitinic Majesty's representative endeared himself ;o all present, by the courtesy of his manners, his liberal vie vs, and lively and and sparkling animation ot his conversational powers; and the guests were, Mr. Slidell, Mr Lord, Mr. Clinton, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Sheaf, Mr. Pringle, i\Ir. Walsh, and othors. Sir Henry, in reply to a toast, spoke as follows, as near as wo can got at it: ? "He a\ owed sincerely the great pleasure he felt in being among us, and that ho had taken every opport unity, aside from diplomacy, to meet socially, and should continue to do so, the citizens of this cruntry. He thought it the bust way to interchange good fellowship, and he fervently trusted that the amicable position of the mother and the son would never be disturbed,'' &c. The hotels are an full as is this letter. ? T.OMQ liKANCII. Favillion Hotel, Lono Branch, ) July 15, lfttl. $ First Hop of the Season?Glorioni Sport?Fishing? Uuncing?Bathing?Ihath to Secession. A ride before breakfast, an elegant repast in the extensive ball, table loaded with all the delieaeies of the season, most polite and attentive hosts, and an excellent band of trained waiters, render the morning meal "rechercheA lounge then, amid the arbors on the beach, a dash at billiards, and askir mish oi flirtation in the ladies' parlor, brings it to the bathing hour, and who can describe the glorious sport of the bath us it is "done up" at this establishment. The finest bathing beu:h, a noble surf and experienced bathers, render this spot peculiarly adapted for the lovers of auuatic sport. This new and extensive establishment must now take the rank to which it is entitled as first amoug the most fashionable and pleasant of the watering places. The building is most capacious, with all the comfort-and conveniences desired. The proprietors, Messrs. Morris and Levy, are gentlemen devoted to the interest and comfort of their guests, and the tone of refinement which pervades the "Pavilion" stamps the character of its visiteis among the select. Much as has heretofore been done to delight the visiters, it was naught in oomparison to last evening, when, without any previous notification, the large folding doors were thrown open, and displayed the extensive ball room brilliantlv illuminated; the merry sound of music soon collected together the votaries of Terpsichore, and ouadrille succeeded waltz and waltz polka, in rapid succession, until a late hour, when the company retired, delighted with each other. Much ofthe festivity of the evening was owing to the rioh galaxy of beauty that adorned the circle Amid so much loveliness, it would be invidious to discriminate. New York, Philadelphia, Troy and New Jersey were all well represented, and e\en a ^outh Carolina nullifier, who was present, was compelled to strike bis tlag, and yield to the union of wit, mirth and beauty. newport. Ocean House, Newport, July 13, ISol: 7 Tie Charms of Newport?Society and the True Prina]de.< of Equality?The Hotels?The U. S. District court and Chief Justice Woodbury?Visiters at Newport, ire., 4~c. This is certainly one of the coolest spots on the whole Atlantic coast, and a pleasant refuge from the scorching heat of the summer months. It is just far enough from the great cities not to bo crowded, and yet near enough to all of them to be visited without inconvenience or fatigue. Newport is, in many respects, an agreeable place. It holds a position between town and country; it is covered with cottages and stately residences, green swards and groves, gardens and parks; it has its beach and its cliffs, its harbor and its drives, its yachts and its carriages. In short, it is a little of everything, and affords, by the pleasant variety of its enjoyments, a most agreeable respite from the toil- and cares of business. As to the society in this place, I can only say that it is far more agreeabls than in watering place' generally. There are fewer se's and coteries, and uiI'D and women are not numbered, as in other places of fushionnble resort, a- merchant vessels are with the underwriters, They are all considered " see-worthy," and that is the oniy rational principle tube adopted at a watering place 'f you lindagree able persons not belonging to your set, why should you not associate with them, when knowing that no well-bred person will presume on a watering place acquaintance, and when jeisons, woo do not under stand that prineiple, may just as well be cat in town, as here, in advance of their presumed rudeness ! Where i>eople meet for the exclusive j.erpose of amusing them-clves, they must necessarily adopt the fiction of social equality, if they would escape mono ton v. The democracy of higli life Is the most charming feature of the watering places n the continent of hurope, and Kngiishuicn resort to them in droves, to get rid of the conventional trammels of their own domestic coteries. The accommodations in the hotels of Newport arealike ample and convenient. The (>,'ean House, 1 ellevue and Atlantic, are the three fashionable bouses; but I give the ? >cean House (the iurgest of them all,) the preference, on account of its high and capacious apartments, and its magnificent location, surrounded by gardens and meadows extending to the sea shore. The table is good, and the attendance perfect. We have the ?-ermania band with us, and music twice a day?as in Haden-Ha Ion or I',iniiu?immediately niter dinner, and in thoet oiling, when the younger portion of tho visiters auiu-o themselves with the scliottisoh or the polka The large corridors and pia/'a-t servt us whispering galleries, and the neighboring cliff.-as a sentimental pr< menndes. The United Stales I'istrict Court, (i 'hi-?f u-tice Woodbury presiding.) is now in session at the dancing hall of the * 'ccan House, and we have quite a gathering of geutlemcn learned in the luw, ... . 'Iv,? i;__ languishedjudge charge d the < >rand lury in rogurd to the fugitive slave law, admonishing theni to obedience an an essential doty of over* oitiren. and against the sanhistry ol the "higher law ' doctrine, tliief Justh e Woodbury is determined to deliver the natuc charge at every circuit, and the effect of that [tactile cannot but have a salutary influence. The eouit will be in neeeiMi tor ten days or a fortnight. l.x-.-enator Winthrop and Attorney General Crittenden are also among the \ ieiter.-*to thi.. place; but eTieral Scott baa not yet ma le bis iipp- intact on this peaceful island, lie prefers to remain at hi? h< ad-quarters in the "eternal city." We ."hall have quite a hunch of politician* here?a sort of Vienna Congress, which you will do well to watch at a do tame. There is no cooler place for deliberation than Newport. The thermometer ba- not jet reached 7*> degrees this summer, and we have not yet bteu able to sleep without blanket* llKl ItlUCttAr >R. NkW ilAVKf. Navr Haven, July II, It'll. Syn mir Hmvti t.f .V-ir H i ?? T Ma$*\ficr>\rt of lier Kims?A/wile on the J? n? The .In t<* no y of tht Avtnnts?fSl /le of Privalt M<tnriem%?Ho!J o Oav at the ColUqe Chajrf?.Snr Haven f erf if? Commtncitni nt?71* Ha',yon, A comfortable and delightful passage, of about (are hours length, on board the steamboat Traveller. freed us from the sultry air and dusty streets of New York, and set us down here, in the midst of the molt charming scenery in Connecticut. At no time of the year does the " City of Kims " combine so many attractions to invite strangers to seek her quiet street* and shady walks, as at the present. The lakes In the ne.ghborhood offer an inducement both for sailing and fishing for pleasure, while the woodcock and duck give you the health I exercise out of the gymnasium, and the sport o( shooting out wide of the gallery. The elms, which were so much injured hy a species of caterpillar in the spring, have agaiu put forth new leares, and now form splendid arches over the streets which they shade. Ten thousand of these towering trees bury a city of not twice that number of inhabitants with their lofty branches, making it look as if it had nestled in a forest for protection. When we armed in New Haven a baud was playing on the green, and the moon was sprinkling u thousand fair and happy listeners, through the branches, with her rajs, while the soft plaintive notes secured like A voice of music In the rustling leaves Where the greet houghs are tmnj. with tiring lutes Through the good taste and public enterprise of the citirens, this band is enabled to discourse sweet music, two evenings in the week, throughout tb<? summer months. Society, here, is divided into a picatcr number of ranks than it is oven in Itoston or New York Wealth is here considered, m,.r' than any Where else, a cvmWtuent part ol good society. The ilifferonoe between the possession of $100,000 und $110,000 ie marked here in the avenues by the different gradations of sooiety, till, in fact, there are abuut as uiimy orders of aristocracy as there are of small change. The aristu- , cracy of learning has its place also?professors visit professors with their families, and tutor.- respectively associate with each other. There is no place, probably, in the United .States, j where there are so many styles of private building-, as there ure here. All tne ancient orders of archi- | tecturr, taste and fancy have introduced here Ilillhou.-s avenue and fork juare are the bett illu tratioris of this, where almost every mansion differs niaterially from its neighbor. The mod : tasty and maguiticeut building we noticed is tne residence of i?,r. Norton, professor of chemistry; it is situated near the farther estremi.y of the avenue, and presents an outride appearance both unique and beautiful ^ esterday afternoon we attended church ui the College Chapel, where were gathered four or hie hundred studouts. The Chapel is a large, ca- . pacious building, mude more for service than for comfort. The seats are hard and disciplinary iu their character, uniting the impossibility of ca- - i with the possibility of sleeping. A powerful iad logical discourse was pronounced by the llcv. J?r. l-'iteh, on the praetioul atheism of the age, which : we do not believe was fully appreciated by the coiicgians, wno teem to make tuo .^uooutu, ia its full souse, " a day of rest." There seems to be a distribution of two or three individuals to :i seat ! thiougkout the church, who, we understand, are prevented by college laws from sleeping. We could not help noticing the ingenuity tney displayed in taking a little of the forbidden comfort. The two on a seat (or, if there are three, the odd one has the corner to rest against) turn their laces opposite to each other, at the same time stretching their feet upon the seats, backing each other up in sleep, against the rules of the faculty. The ladies here (aside from those whom the students term "flirts") correspond admirably with . tho place in which they live ; " whose stately steps 1 are light, us though a wing'd angel trod over earth s flowers, and feared to brush away their delicate hues." The other class, called "flirts" by the collegians, seem " bound to win," if we consider their racing on Chapel street course, when the students are allowed half holidays. On Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, a stranger might, perhaps, observe their "l)uirks and cranks, and playful wiles. Nods and becks, and wreathed smiles. Such as hang on Hebe's cheek. And love to lire in dimple -leek " The city is fast filling up with strangers, and i there is every indication of the commencement being, as usual, both interesting and pleasant. The Tontine awaits its old guests, and truttaoeous dishes are already beginning to crowd its tables with epicures. We noticed a remarkably beautiful row-boat? the Haloyon, Capt. White commander?which was built in hoaton, und purchaaed by the present Sophomore class, from the Seniors of Hartford. When we saw her sho was just putting out of the harbor, rowed by a full crew, with a precision of stroke, aud a neatness of feather, which would have done honor to government marines, making her " wall, the waters like a thing of life." HE nauti I.NAT' >lt. The Late Tragedy in Virginia.?A gentleman who was present at the inquisition over the remains ot Mr. Uobiou, the murdered man, has given us full particulars of the evidence, from which it ap- ' pears that he came to his death under circumstances 1 difleriDg materially from those communicated to us by rumor Worm ley and Uobiou resided in the same neighborhood, distant from each other about one mile, Uobiou, as previously stated, was the son-in-law of Wormley: out the connection proving ; an unhappy one, he and his wife had separatod ? she returnirg to her futher's house, whil.-t Uobiou continued to reside at his own homestead. This state of things naturally engendered ill feeling between the lather and his son-iu- law, und it is said their relations had become unfriendly even to personal collision j lor some time prior to the perpetration of the horrid t .in...I i I,. u/,.1... I?J? ..< i.:.. wagons from his dwelling-house to a sawmill, situ* j ateu s<<me distunce above the residence occupied by | Worm ley. In going up, he tarried for a short time in a grocery store on his own land, about a mile this , side the residence of Wormley, and it appeared that his movements had become known to some of the ' neighbors, and had probably been communicated to Wormley. Be that as it may, however, certain it is thut as the wagon returned from the saw mill with a load of plank, ivlr. Kobiou was seen lying on the plank, and just before the wagon reached Wormley's bouse, distant from the road some thirty or ' forty yards, the report of a musket was heard, aud ; the lifeless body of Kobiou was found on the plank ! in the wagon. (>11 examination, it was discovered that a musket ball had penetrated his left side itn- > mediately above the hip hone; had passed Irani- j \ erf sly through his chest, and passed out near the j arm pit on the right side, producing death, it is , supposed. almost instantly. l?r. Kuyull, ot (Jhes- i tertuId. held the imjue-t, and. upon.the finding of the.iury, issued a warrant for the arrest of Worm- ! ity, who was accordingly taken iuto custody and lodged in jail to await his trial for murder We uuder tandthc accused will, in his examination, rely upon the plea of self-d( fence in justitieutiou of the deed, .lames Keid, who wa- with Wormley when he tired the latal shot, has also been arrested and committed to jail as a party to the murder.?Richmond (I) '1 imtt, July If). The I-ate Thejcper &>torm.?Accounts reach us that the tornado nnd thunder storm of .Saturday afternoon la?t was very extensive und destructive, reaching from Virginia to Boston, probably beyond, in both directions; but from the prostration of tie telegraphic wires our accounts do not reach beyond these points. Wind, rain and hail, with thunder ' and lightning, proved very disastrous south of Washington, to telegraphic wires and posts, to cat- j tie, unhoused or ps, a&d hou-es. Telegraph poles ' were shattered between Baltimore and Washington, and 'i me dainag experienced between Baltimore <nd 1'hiladelphia. The different telegraph offices of ! thi- city were enlivened, aud tin persons engaged in tbtui w"ere amused by the repeated andfrc<iucut en- 1 tiancc and explosion of the " thunderbolt.-," or ac- I cumulation? of atmospheric electricity into the surcharge! ot the wires. In the Morse office, No 101 ( hi nut street, the discharge' resembled the fro juetit filing of musketry I ke only material damage sustained wit' the destruction of one magnet, though severn were mot c or less injured on the line. Petw en Phi! idtlpblu huU New Vork nuineroui polet were shattered; in tlie vicinity of J'rincvton seven or eight, three ot which were splintered to atoms, ami the wires bp ken und brought Co the ] grout <1. The Princeton office, t?o. suffered considerably, the magnet being destroysi. and the office wires being more or less melted. More or lest damage wn-sustained at a number of points <>n the ii.10 ? I'hitudi t'tiw Aer/gcr, Jvty ffl ? ' M.v;?o.r IVAii.\*mom- (Fasny WRIGHT) AT I.a'v. ?The important cs-e ot 1'ranees Wright li'Atnsinont against W. P. 1/Arasmont, Frances Sylva P'Ara-moiit. and others, was opened yesterday, before Judge Warden, who sat in tLe law library room The case conic before tho court in tho form of an application for an injsuction, the appointment ?f a receiver, and an allowance in the nature ot alimony, expenses of litigation, lie. It appeared, fp<m the reading of the pclttiin, a document of extraordinary bulk, that the petitioner was born it Scotland, and became possessed, by inheritance, ot considerable propeity; that in l**:Sb she visited this otnt-y. ia 11 KM ? pwtlM ' i.. - fund'in the purchase of estates in Cijjcini ati and ii. the South, and in ltd visiting France, she 'here married W P. I I'Arasmont, bv whom she hu t one daughter The petitioner bad, between that period ins {AMI TIIHI 10 II1C V UiVCll CiaiCS, WBtrt *nC tart Ur. ii . J permanently t? remit, and ha I also ti-iUd fcot.atid, whar# n valuable property had fallen to hrr us heir at-!aw. She bad this t me ihuugvl funds verted in h:r own Mm;, to that of her husband, truatirg in his honor- and the bill i hoi?( U that " portion ot this property bud been told by W. I' Ii'Arasruimt, and that this respondent haJ Jepriiid her. by chicanery, not only other pioperty, but of the love and companionship of her daughter, now grown to womanhood. The "ase will oec?t J at lca.-t a wtsk.?Ciminnati Commrrdel, Jtdjf n. Diatii <>? thr Wm:ik Mot vtaus Patkimott.? We learn from the White Mountains, that on Tuesday night, the venerable patriarch of the mountaina, Abel Crawford, lis j , departed this life, tie died after ? lingering and painful illness, at the advanced age of eighty si*. Mr. Crawford was one of the earliest adders in those wild and setiuded merino j Krvintf rriidoii for a hunt lilt* ff A M of) th a rpot where the Mount Crawford Houee now vtnndv bout eix mile* below the Notch valley. Hi* name bn? lor g been identified with the White Mountains, and hi* memory will long be chariehed by all who have erer frequented tho*e region* I'oMewing a moot utalworth frame and a vigoiou* conetitution, ho wan a 1 way a noted tor the energy and strength of hii< diameter, and hie eterling integrity Hewaeone of an honored claae?th) hardy pioneers of the wilderr.tee? wheee number* are rapidly paeeing a*ir. In the death of the old patrinrdi ( rawtord, t&e White Mountain* love one, and not the leiirt.of their many great attraction* ? BntUn 'Frartlitr, July V?. HnpreiTie Court Sl'tClAL TMM before Judg- * Mitchell and King Jt i v 21? (Morfiefi Kni 'rmh ? ?. h'.ugmr K'tn/tni?t>?. murrer overruled, with leave to defruJantf to answer in twenty day a on payment of co?tr In li t mnriti of tnt!m*ng J4?? sfreef ?Prd, r app int io? Atrali.vm Ma teman.O It uitih nuu damuet II Moggie" eennniaatonnv In ft' mnltrr of rrofca j t< // .frttl ? Poettoned till Widnndav tf> be heart hefrirr .'u I -e KduWDd" There were . -4 t< : ! to in I'bMwi' lpata during the we,.\ e-dlng the lm.'t ine* < t which J> were <4 eonv .mirti ia ' ot lie twagf; eh aer>(jiau.vJi, 14 an I diar-'iw*. tl Hiprao. I For soutuamfton and havki.?the united I Bt?te. Ntili>u???hip FRANKLIN, Jimw A \f 'vu. [ Commander. will leave tor Havre, Uuohing al Soet lAiuctoe i ? Ih<j ilails and pa Hungers. on Saturday, Ju v '-th I ! !^.L? w? ,'om ^?#r ^ * North River. Price ot passage ^ . v ' *n u?* amountin a to twenty thousand pounds, ' mil be delivered iu Luttdon for 6>lGtLi of one per cent. 3pe- I cie must be tert on board the day pluvious to Mailing. Lu/??t wanted during the \ oysgs. should be sent ou board | the day before sailing, marked M below." lor freight or i as- , tpplyto MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent Wo. ftd Broadway. I^UE NEW VORK AND LIVERPOOL UNHID STATIC P.aii Ateameri ?The ships comprising this iiae arv tle toliow lug :? 1 ATLANTIC Wesi PACIFIC Capt. Nye. ARCTIC Capt. l.uos. EWTIO Capt. Comatook. ADRIATIC Capt Grafton. fhsse ship* having been built bv contract expressly } >r , govs m neat service, every care hus been t.ikiii in their cona ruction, a> also in their engines, to insure strength And -I and their accommodations tor passengers ur-- ua c*|t ..lit d forclegsnoe or comfort. Price of pu.?sagu from New "e. t?r!? to Liverpool. $ldU; exclusive use ot evtre she state r me, }>&'>; from Liverpool to New York. td6. An experienced surgeon will be oUaohed to each ship. N'e berth oaa ! ? secured until pam for. rrorudiii' j i AT as or ?AIJ.HVG-? Prom N aw York. From Liverpool. Saturday, July is, 1>51. Wednesday, July'J, liM. buiuru:?y, August 2, ' Wednesday, July 23, baturday, Augost 16, " Wednesday, August 6, " Saturday, August oh, " Wednesday, August 2d, 44 Saturday, be pi ember 1-% 44 Wednesday, September 3, baiuidsy, September 27. 44 Wednesday, Septeiu'r 17, " Saturday .October 11, " Wednesday, October 1, 44 Saturday, October 26, 44 Wednesday, October 15, 44 Saturday, November K, 44 Wednesday, October 29, ** Saturday, November 2k, 44 Wednesday, November 12, ' Saturday. December JO. " Saturday, December 13. " Saturday, December 27. " fnr freight or passage, apply to EDWARD K. COI.I.KVS, No. M Wall atraet. N. V. BROWN, 8HIPLEY Si CO.. Liverpool. E 0. ROBERTS ft CO.. 13 King's Arm Yard, London. L. DKAi'ek. Jr.. R Boulevard Muntinartre, Paris. The own-re of three ships will not bo acoouutable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewel'y, precious stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed. After the first of April uext, the rate of freight by the above Steamers from Liverpool will be materially reduced. PACKETS FO"? HAVRE ?SECOND LINK -THE POLlowing ships will lsavo Havre an the Hith. and Now York on the 1st of taoh month From From New York. Havre. Ship ST. DENIS, Jan. 1 Feb Id 1,(XX) tone burthen, May 1 June II Alonio Follansbee. macter Sept. 1 Out. II Ship ST. NICHOLAS, Feb.! March Id l.UUUtona burthen, June 1 July id) N. W. Eveleigh, master Oot. I Nov. IS Ship BALTIMORE. Mareh 1 April Id 71X> tons burthen, July 1 Aug. II R. D. Conn, muster. Nov. 1 Deo. Id Ship WILLIAM TELL, (new) April 1 May II 1.2U) tons burthen, Aug. I Sept. II John Willard, master. Deo. 1 Jan. IS They are all first class New Y.rk built ahips.provided with all requisite articles for the oomfort and couvenienoo of passengers, and commanded by men of tipertenoe in the trade. The price of passage is $100. without wines or liquors. 'Uoods lent to the subscribers will be forwarded ires from any obarses but those actually incurred. BOYD ft HINCKSN, AgenU. IS1 Pearl street. Pacific mail steamship company.-} o n ly Through Line for California and Oregon.)?The pnblii are informed that under the new arrangement of this Com- i puny, steamers inspeeted sad approved by the Navy Depart. ; i meat, and oarry in/the United Stales mails, will continue t< 1 leave Panama and San Francisco the let and 15th day of vac) ' I month, unless detained by unavoidable aocideat, and will toueh at Aeapuloo, San Diego, and Monterey. i L The following steam packets belonging to the Pad do Mail 1 Steamship Company are now in the Paeifio, one of whioh will i i be always in port at each end of the route ? i OREGON I.IW tone. REPUBLIC 1.BW tons. I PANAMA 1.0K7 tone. CAROLINA Billions. i I CALIFORNIA ...1,100 tone. COLUMBUS UUU tons. I i TENNESSEE 1.3UU tons. ISTHMUS tons, i i

NORTHERNER..1.200 tone. UNICORN 600 tons. I 3t>1.UMBIA ... . 800 tone. FREMONT 6UI tone I 1 ANTELOPE tone. | 1 The new steamship COLUMBIA will pip between Baa 1 Franoleoo and ports in Oregon, awaiting ad the former port i the arrival of the mails and passengers facrm Pauatna, and returning without delay with the mails and passengers lot the tteamer from San Franoisoe. A regular lias of propellers will be kept ap for the transportation of lretght and transient passengers between Pa- I hide ftnd Sfen VfRnniiflA. ' ' The well known teamshlp 8.' RAH BANDS, of 1,BU>< tomi i burthen, now under charter to the company, and peculiarly aommodioue in her cabin arrangements, will be kept runolne an an extra tamiiy boat. I One of the above ateamera will keep np the connection bp i tween Acapaico anil the other Mexioan porta. I The couaoction la the Atlantic will be maintained by th< United Stntee mail eteamehipo , QEOKCIA .H.uuh tone. CRBSCINTC1TTl.NWtona OHIO .......... S.UOO tone. CHEROKEE .... .1.3UU ton* I EMPIRE CITT...2.uuu ton*. PHILADELPHIA 1.1UU tons Leaving New Tork for Cbagree on the 11th and Vth of eaoi i Booth. The new iteaaahipe EL DORADO and FALCON trill form i a direct lino between New Orleane and Cbagrea, learina el mob period! ae will insure aa little detention ae poaeiblo oa i the Ietbmne, and forming, with tba Paeilo eteamahipe, I throng!) line to and from New Orieaaa and porta in Monica, California, and Oregon. Paeoageo from Now Orloana oat bo oocurcd from Armstrong, Lawraeon fc Co., ngento. at that place. The fare tor taroogh tlokota from New Tork to Baa Fran tlseo hat bean rednoed from (toil. In etate room*, to fS3U. AiSU, in lower onbln, to $SU, $70U, in steerage, to $169. The rtteefrrm New York to Ghagrei will tt at the iowtoi adopted by any aafe aaa ateamor between thoee porta. For ohoiee of bcrthe, apply at the offica of the Company, l? : niURonth etreal. and at their agenoy, 177 Weet etroee. PACIFIC HAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY.-HIE ONL* j Through Line for Caliioraia and Oregon, via Chagret, dl- I feet.?fare reduced. On Moudey, July 2N at h P.M. The . plcndid double engine iteemehip OHIO, K.uOU tone burthen, i I. Fibdlay Pchenrk, I'. 8. N , eommnnder, will eail on Hon dey, July 24, at .1 o'olock, P M. prtcieely, from her pier at the foot of Warren atreet, North River, with the Govern, meut Mailt, far Cbagrea. connecting with the favorite United Rtatce Mail ateameliip NOKTl) ERN ER. to leave Panama en or about the 15th of August For freight or passage, apply at|the office, 54 and M South street, or at 177 Wait it. Opposition to monopoly?independent line { for Chagroa direct, and through tickcte for California, ! at a further reduction in prices. The new ani splendid taamehip BROTHER JONATHAN, the instant end b? ei v-ntilnted etoaniehip in the world, l.figl tone regieler, '.1 6 luire. Commander, will eail for Chagrea direct, on Monday. July 2S, at 2 o'clock, P M., from PierS, North rivor Ai the Old Monopoly Line, aided by government patronage, are nablrd to pay 3 per cent commiaeioDi to runner*, and moaopolur their valuable service*, the Independent Line, ai a 1 (roper "fleet, hai e concluded to make n further reduction of i) per cent for the direct benefit of the travelling public. v..m ... ....... .... ply only t? E MILLS. Aifut .'>1 elruct, N. V. Pacific mail bteamsu 1p compant.-onlt Through I.iut ? Fart Reduced.- On Saturday, July Mi. M J o'clock I' M. The eph-ndtd double engine eteamehlp CHER<>B I E. I,.'*ei tene burthen. Htnry Wmdlt. commander. will tail precieely at ,'t o'clock I' M . from her pier at the foot of Warren etreet, N. K , with the Government Mailt, direct |jr Haeana and Chagret. Chacrca pae'cng* re transferred at liavaaa to tho aplendld double engine eteamahip FALCON. Connecting with the regular mail atcauialiip NORTHERNER, to tail from Panama on or al <>at tke '5th of Auguet. F t pataage, apply at the offloe, M South utre.t. or at 177 VTut at FOR SAN FRA NCISCO VIA KIO AND FALPARAI80 1 he new and ej.endi-i double engine ateamel.ip GOLDEN I UATE. of 2.ia<i tone burthen, Carlile P. Patteiaoa. U. S Navy. Comirandrr, will have quick despatch for San FranOiaco, atepping at Rio and Valparaiao. The Uold vn Unto hat I been built to carry the U. S. u.aila between Panama an 1 San Franeiaco, la donbla iron braced, and haa unaurpasacd no 1 lominodntion for paaatnetra. For pneaago, apply to UDWI.AND k A SPIN WALL. H South treat, N. F ; BAA I HAN CISCO, MKKCT?DISPATCH LINtt.a lit- new and elegant Nrw I rk built 'Upper HORNET. Captain Lauren.e at pier No. 1U. E. K , having the gnat r portion of her cargo engaged and rapidly golug on board, ia ejpe led te aail about trie lat Auguet. fr-ia c?r? I tak- u id the eonatruetion of thia reaael. it i? e.-aflfen Mr !pected ahe will make the uniokaat fripret aiad? to Man t rai - I aiai o. E. B. 81 W .IIetrcet. \ TEASELS WANTED-AT PORT RICHMOND. NEAR Philadelphia, to carry coal to all parta of New England Good freight* paid, aod good despatch given. Ol R FAST STEAMERS -'I HE vllORTESI PASSAGE between >tw Orloane and New Vork Juet In made by the t.-aa.-hip W inheld Scott running ?Itli D e I law a FaWat Lubricating Oil for every dea-ription of mtclt i ry Thi? ii l ot ene of niar.y in?teno-e where steamer ha' e made their ahottett tripa eince uemg t hi* oil, *1 > ?The I rantlia ia now ouiruntlng the faetcet Liverpool ateamera. ' tl e brother Jonathan le beating everything bete- en Mow I otk and Cka, rea; th? Southerner and M.vti n ar; making ttair tripa to < I arle-t -n wilk half their aaaal lusntity <1 , m. rm i it: the I n on and Alabama hare retorted to C ia oil tu ma their Jenrnala root, when "perm faili to do it; the R .nd or utrtnp-i ? r.r h< at on the North Hirer, th 11 ft norm Journal, nhilethe Neo H orld ir e< raetiiuia ilrlaye l . - >i r?l '.' i ro. in (< nn inner i?t r m>< hiinT) hi-atm* nitli J I|>llitll. Hi < twld extend tie li*t. hut brlieTO tie fthore < ' i< flioirat to rfttirfjr ill who >rr unprijndiiei. I'rire o( f | lie Iftn'al'at nt l.ul ft< ftting (Ml. >1 prie- ol >p?rm, tl Vo 1 *i ?t. A IliNi K! EV. A?r-nt for Oerlan I'atrnt Luhrlj ratio* Oil. No. :i ilattery place. rpilB OM.r 91 RE THRornil INF. AT THE Vr.UT I I lonnt ratee.?The <plrnilid d m We eii('n> at rm?; ip i I liI ROKEI'.ti-mni >nd. d ky lb* popn'or Captain Wind!*. ! o li ! 111 r u .4>tura?) 3Mh iaat.,fnr Chayrva vi? Manna, 1 . a th V i ooarrnmant Malta. On M nlajr, the i->th inat . tl. iplerdid douV' enylao itaamalni. OHIO, .'t.i'fti ton!, t'ftpt. J J R< heart, I . 9. Navy, nill (ftil lor Cliarr a dirert. TM? U lilt iarfttit and hrat attanttr Irtuern New York o.iJ t'hiaroa. No "tine line ean ynaranter tlir<in*li ti le1 , 1 ot thai attrr to ynaraatee to refund ?'ir money nt I'mfti.? f tier* ah'ntld nit hnppen to br tn tndrpru l< nt nt Hint ! T?. Tho?t who dfeir. to li? e rtain of ft thr m h Heart. n (rt tin i otil> In tl in line. Fuijlit delivered in 4a>. Trftrriaro tt 4i'i tnta |? r pound Tor freight of paetayn, at || wtr rfttoft tliftn hy an* ott er lino, ftpplv to Rt RTOHl> k CO., Vearjr atrrrt, Attar Knna*. hk.uhali. Paris and i.ondoh trivjtient or triya^i diaraaea. In ft f?w hatira, bp ft refutable appli an n trlthnnt nam. In debility. brnu*ht on bp improper hahltt and eonatitatioaal attention*. h* anmhiaaa madlrinaa will Wit looftl rrwiod J-, and ran ahnw any one there art Iboiaaa*. ( who eaaaot he enrad without It; aa ht baa raaai daily; a i per r] duration, from the other phyairteaa la all. htroaraa i tl it n permanent rura. Ht hfta atri*tnr*a daily ha mm | without rftnatlr, whioh othara oar. eanard hp t^elr not eftpoi lint the former diaenee toon enough Ilia diploma, till I Ui< at, and the hundrtda ot oartaflaataa. ahow that nana eat e rml It. Ton ourad ma It, encday. J M. Cerhyu Ooa I lo'al application curt! mt in a faw honra at tor another i c tor trioa a long timt.-v. I r?i?i iwr J'T. li lt\. waara. to k* c*r*d of waakaaaa from oolf akitao. wtihowt kaao ftt: ytl yow curod mo ky loal ?<i ??n?ral troatmowt, la hnrt tima. - Jai. Evana. Taa eurwd iaa al tha aorti ?. ay piiilitlc ntoera on my body and faoa la a abort, altar I bad kaoi aadar ihraa phyiloiana fir a ff, koald?o tialm tary qnaek modtoina I Nil I hear ol.-Wn. Firwnaon. Pairtl | Amkny. If. ST Tboaa at a dlatanoo nan, by eanfooln? faa. kt traatod ky malt. Ofllm knnra from 8 to 2 morning, ant 7 to ? nlnr. M LARMoNT. M. D , fl R?ad? ikxt t?f doora rtom Broadway, not la tho (torn. Et kry mother a book tiy: or rnr atty, and tho proaprcta of too a family of ehildraw. i<ttr?tit many rrndaat paopla from marrying: but har? la a look that will tall yon many Imp riant aoirota wblah *'l orarrrmo all anrh ol.jarti. nl, Prica J.I, Tor aalo ky Dr tin. raldo, at thj Portayaaaa Aynry, No. 17 Ann air at l.attora atrr tr J aa abort, to koa l.WS Naw I ork P. O., wrftj ba v.- "rid. Ml' I Al. LBCT1 RE ON SEMINAI. DISEASES, II R. Olorar, M. D ?Tho krat nunb riir. a tba oonao< ao and mri of a Haaa ol dlaoaa. a aonarally not wallnadrntood ky Mrdiral man Troatmmt ahoon ky oaaaa aa! anrriTlnja, and a naw Iratmm'nt whlrk imlrorataa dakill tatad nrt'ta. Eor aala at 272 Broadway, aad by tba anther No. 13 Annatf at. Prlre V> amta. Dr. good's extract, a certain and steer? tpo'ldr for prOata dlaor l?ra Thla noli in t? C'laraa t?i.1 to anra In a ah. rt timo It la without dita?makl* laata i,-r i??ll,anl will aar-o with the ni >?l delirato atomaoh Bo'.d ki Itrkfl aot A Mil ar, 17 a??ai? I> . E f.yott. 4.1 flraal a'fat, and a*. Drum n .nd I' H n 1 a?raa oypo'lta ?t*w | ay t o. _ ABVMUITI. BOWERY THEATRE.?BOXES, Si (JENT8; J IT, US mom, Hmu in Orcheatrn Bokm, (0 onnU ? Doom open ttli|Mitor|Ml7i ulo (Ui uttU ?vtil riM at o quart.r b?f"rt * Tuesday c.eni'iJuly 22, and eoBtiuued during the week, the a;*eta 1? A/ Al.I.. the Prodigal- A'ael. Mr E. I U Rtoka, hi.. L,*ikerl. &iiicuobhie. Mr. Tiltou; Neui m Mr. 1 ffil i " 8 thi Mr. Ci< ores Utuharis, Mr. ." i.. .' r -.u' Mr Jordan -I ? M.?? Andcrton X?.!?< Hit. clone. Xniila, Onj Hi.lert. T'.e perfc ? II c .noun ' v> i Ji the i inedy ol Al>i. Tilt Vt'OKI.DS A M 101 or ii v I i ' :i Player -Dljgnry. Mr. Jarion EirUilhert. Mr. Mia* B pitnpken, Mr*. Broad ley. Nation ai. theatre. ohatuam street.?bosks. 25 cents; J'it, U'S ot?.; Orchcatra Tickota, bU cuts, Prirate Moo Ticket*, >i. Exclusive Private Boxes, admitting eight persona, $.'>. Tuesday evening, July 22. the entertaia" 1 - ? '.! i i. ence a ith th. M i M EKJOI 5 ill El: "T. lii r is oi I i: ( liitl. Mr. J. K. Scott Muj r M'illnu/hby. Mr C it Teyl r f |. miny Mr. I're lrri'k l.i t E'Uoi, Mr .1 M I o.M ' nvr-il Ac '(..Mr. V |l. Oiark. Tin- whole I" ton uas toith n at..R.o nt A / 1. *. The Olil Mouse I 1 .v ' i ' V 1' J; ;i... u Mr ve\ ra\ I ir H.uherix, I ' '\r'' ' Mr J. it t\. .1: .' ;.ht-,i . Miss C. f so tFKOUUUAM 3I.YI El M BKoaDA A If. NEAR HltOOMZ U tre? v 1're*.. I Lri 1 o t, 11 il 1'ir tu ' "-nts Family Clfeit.'Joecutg; Orchestra Stall pcan. private Boxes. *5. Door. ?.|.en n t 7V ?+.m at a clack. Uvnent of Hons. K < r* -am)-, ami lust niL-ht \>< ?.?? ? ot tl e French Coiapao> . Tuesday evening, lulli ?J,. will l>u performed. fur the tirsl turn I.A r IOI.ii lit LAGLIOM'KG Keriueld l.> Canigny, 11 'Nr. Urcsiani: Clianiprigau*, Muns. Durieux Will lw preiunUil. ELLL LbT lOl.l.P.?Sir IGru.rd Arivigh M Robert Kemp; 1* llortenr Yolltck. M Durieux. To conclude witli La liAllKLSSL UK LA Mi I E?Vaudere Peintre, M us I Lrrsiuni l.e Comte OstrojruB Mone. Fmri ux. ' MECHANICS' HALL, NO. dT'J BROADWAY. ABOVE I Grand etrret ? U|?u every night during the week until further notice. The original and well known t'ilKlSTY"8 MINSTRELS, com iriiing an eBJeiei.taud versatile "oorpa" if "talented" and " experienced pari rmavs," under the management of E. I'. Lhriaty, whoso o n crte in thia city, turn ijoeeaiinn of "hvayeare." have been received with favor by highly roipeciable and tivshiouabi; audiences Tickets 26 rents. Doors open at 7. and will commeuce at 8 O'clock. The patrona of Ob net re Miustrels are respect?wlly ntormed that the Saturday Afternoon ffonoerta will be discontinued for thr future. BAKN IMS AMKKD AN MUSEUM.-P. T. BAKNUM, Manager and Proprietor, John Oreeuwood. Jr., Assistact Manager. Admittance to the Museum and Porforman-e. 'Ji r ents The Comic 1'antimime VOL At V EST, in which Phillips Martinetti will cross toe stage ?n La ttar Cerri iar, on a finalo pole twelve feet high, a lent never before at tempted hv any nrtiat except Gabriel Kawl. M uday and Tueaday. July Y'lst and fi!d, In the afternoon at .'I o'clock. Grand liottlc Performance, bv In Petite Carl. Le i'olka Paysan, by Mad'lle Dolores and Moux. Entrernnalea. And the drama of OCR FLAG. Evening, at eight o'clock. Tight Rope, by Leon Javclli and HerrClire; the Three Gfadiatora, by Javolli, l'liillipe and Julien. 1 s- e of LONDON LODGINGS New Comic Pantomima of VOL At' TENT, character* by thecelebriited Martinetti Family. The Happy Family. (.YELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' NEW MUSI a ca. Hall. Cf Broadway, hot ween Howard and Grand ttreeta; open et erv night. This justly oelebrulcd and < fliu inf Corp* of talected and experienced prr'ormcr*. ?n ler theaoJa management of J. 11. Fellows, whosi concerts in this city lot the past year hare been reoeived with the greatest favor by the elite and fashion from all parts of the Union. F'ellewt Musical Hall is on ot the most spa ions and bast ventilated buildings in the world. Admission 25 cents. Doors open al 7; ooncert to oomineuoe at b o'clock, An alternoon concert every Wednesday and Saturday, f.r the esp" ial viuoiaiao datinn of famtites, oomm.'tveing ato'clock.. 1'. M. Iff KANKI.1N MUSEUM, 17". CHATHAM S yUARE -LAST I. week but one of il.e icasou.?Geo. Lea. aula proprietor. Admission?Seata in Private Boxes, N cents: Stage Seats. cent*; lioxei. 25 cents; l'ar juet, l.'^t ocnts. Elegant J saloon performances every afternoon aud evening. Enter tainmcnts commence in ttie afternoon at three o cloolt. and in the evening at eight o'clock. The entertainments are of amusement ID New York, consisting of Li s i Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering lift, en performer*. boing the largest, anil at the aaine time the m >at talented hand in the United Status; a truupe of Model Artiata, who are aeleeteil lor their beauty and tiguro, and who personate a uumt'T ol beautiful tableaux, taken troui the picturei ni ancient sud modern times; a company of Arab Girls, who (ro through a variety of leata of strength aud dexterity; Madame Koaaline, the only Female Juggler in the world; a company of Male and Female Artiata, who will ghe uu exhibition of Marlle Statuary unequalled in the world, tanlhar with a variety of interesting performances ev?rv atternoon and evening. Fur particulars aee bi'la of each day. Raymond & hekr dkiisbach's menagkri*.Thia celebrated Munagerio?the largest and boat o?nincted in the known world?em bracing at moat every animal known to natural history, and whicli baa received the patronage and arpluuse ot hundred! of tnouaan la of the moat respectable and inlelligent people of the United States. haa mat commenced a most brilliant summer campaign, and will viait the principal citiea and tow no of New England in tbo following order, vii.?Xentiebunk, Me.. Saturday. July lUtb. 9acn, Me . Monda\ 21st; Portland, Mo., Tuesday and Wednesday, 2VM andKM: Yarmoutli. Me.. Thursday. 21th. Bruaswick, Me., Friday, 2Btb ltath. Me. Saturday, 2t>lh Wi. a- 1 let. Me., M, nday, Jhth; Damariacotta, Tuesday, i'.'th. T^O ETHIOPIAN PF-REORMIRS.?GENTLEMEN OF talent in the above protection, wishing to make perma- , sent engagements f< r the neat ecaaon. will please make immediate applicatien, i ;ther by letter or interview, to I lie proprietor, GEO. LEA. Franklin Museum, 1,"S Chatham >quare. A person that unucritauda producing " Burlesque . Operae" can alio meet with s good situation. The season I will commence about the I'.'th of August, and last elcien : m onths. AMUMKMKVr* IN IIKOOMLYN. Militarygarden? irooklts adviuiok.ts cents. I rivats lioxea, f'.'. Benefit ol Misa Crocker. | luisday eteninv, July 22, will be perforued, the comedy ot | T1IE POOR GENTI.FMAN ? Lieut W orthington. .Mr. Lyuue; Pir Robert Bramble. Mr. T. B. Parker; Dr. Ollapod, Mr. H. | 1. I"n111ipi?; frcierick, Mr fanner; l"r i riaflet cropland, Mr Florence; Imily Wortlungton, Miir Oroekcr, Larrrlii 1 M'TaL. Mm. Leering. Alter th MUM.Di > \IK or. tvlunibia in the Cloude?Jove, Mr Johnston Apollo, I Mr. Dunn: Mercury, Miss Crocker Biclma I yceua. Mr. Phillips' Mars. Mr Florence- Neptune. Mr Fletcher. tinii)n.eiie, Mi.-j Lyatet; Columbia, Miee Julia tiouli. KDtCAJL. N l? HEDICAI BOOKS.- A OoMPI.ETTt PRaCTICAl ?<>rM on tli i nature and treatment ut delicate dia-jaeee ami all ti.e kindred ahctti* us illustrated b; a itroar nuio t erot t iutifully colored plitea, aa lar.r? a* lift; by Homer, M. I), lecturer oa lum ry, aa1 duiaaea ol th. alum naiued nature. It la a large uuarto?lldtl rvoa, ecconf edition; | rite $1<J. Extra- t Ir iu the " It ?mn Medical and ,iui:r:;?; - " it to-i> i. . fcarl M>,b baafw to hicord'ir A ton'i uorka on tli- sane family of diseoace and ffr auperior tn anytuinc of the kin J ever pnldiahcd It thia country." Author uf " T'i.e 1 atniiy Physician." priot Scents. Auth. r of a w . rk on " S?lf Almac. an d ita deptoruble eflecta, fee . Ate.," sixth cditi o, f"! rtran all tea; nrtoi SI Foraale at the publirlirra. 8TKIMJKR Ik TOWN SEN D , and by the author. 9W Broadway. ?X(UI KFB ARD.-.'F.FFRIF.V ANTIDOTE A SI'S xJm-F"x ' clflc mixture I r the rure o| prlrata dianrd-re. It a rptedjr cure, wit;,out tha leaet reatriction ol diat. drink, exposure, or chairr m ap; lication to buatnraa. Tha proprietor challenges a eTngli oa*e xrklek the mixture well ii -t cure, under the forfeiture of lire hundred dollars. 11 la cut up in buttle#, with tu'l directions. at ?1 On* bo'.tit lasts a weak?many aru turcd in two daya. For aala by C. H KING I9C Br aJway, and 106 Bxyard rtre?t, New Tork. V? K I.ittle, 11M lianorer atreet, listen. H right * Co., Nr? Orl-aua. TA* 0 FFE TILL Ct RED ?r>RS. COOPETl A Ml RPIIT, le .ty h anoealtakroot,frtaikair lenr rea-nce and pr.ItKnmal knowledge. may be relit d oa in t lio treatinent o' all tli'iae half cured liaai that l ave be u the roult i.f milpractice. Tie Doctors' l.mion dir! ma may be act a ik the other. 2>i Koorcyclt atreet. near Cnatl am, T'O FEMA1.K9.?THE ORIGINAL PORTl'GI'ESE I En,alc PUIaaMftaia am for ohetrucUona, irrsgularitli a, Ac . ma v be 1 ad genuine, only at the N * w \ ork agi my. 61 l.iepmard ttreot Alan, Uic French Spc :t?e, tor li inx'a w xkneee. h ncorrhna Ac , ? I 1 he French I'reventiic. Ac. Advii e itatiii Mailed to the couatryfi ('1 RATIS -I)R. nr. I.AMY 9 PRIVATE MRDICAI. A l < rmulefy. abridged l r p oular reading, being a perbit Mliguard ngiinet <|uecker>. In dire a .111 ?r a private mI?n mwimiammImm *nw'B fma nlbafcniti kc. To ' I a u I 'raiIf ) il [i n i n ,* n i,i-.|'-oaru wviti w> ?*' drteiii.g, r -t i aid. I>?s 101' Br'iu'?*; fo?t ofB.-o. ON NFhtol A l'lBIMTl UK. I>E I.ANEV, M MS r r.erd afreet, cnntiniea to inr> tli" id .ft difficult and |.e Ittlr l ti?l ( ?? ' ! il'billtjf fr im at'.' abnte, arnunei ?r?Vnr??. and Impedimenta t.i marring" generally the ma ). fit) . ! ? hwl. he f,?rii,au?i.tly <*Dtc? hy u?, naa inieated nn matttiuehti. and v>it..' at eu rai i .i t. Trcatui' ut ky 1AR FAW CtTT (AN liF. CON Ft DRNTIAM.Y CON I' tvlt< d at lua otti ... It tmtir atrcet, on all dtlicaM dleeaa. . nlii. h he enrea u 1 tl on t mercnr* R<oent dit?eae? i ured in a lew da)" Hit lialm .>1 Zur?. for normal debility l sht I I) at II- al.i ?, i t I., at i?t Igo.eUug m ''line f-r that diaeatt i ter kuian in tl.ia country Ma.'Mill I cared. "|' UK H A KK1 KI) WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL 09B I penion?fly Or. A. M. Ma iri.'.Au. I*r'h?aa?r of Ukoimi ot Won. n?Ta-ruUeth Oditiot., I- cio., pp. Afh-I'lice $i Teart u( "offering "I r Tfl'Al end mental aage.ah to rna.if at. aflieti .oat" aifo, and | ni ttj iVnltiea to tho hut lai.i. might hate br n apere I hy a p>.a?caal..n of thb trurk. Ii i" intended o,j? ally for the marred, or thnw aeot?T.ipl?tia| mimege na it ?! .". i-a imp<>rtaat irc?M whieb "hi aid he kit n to thom pa/t. nl arty To thoaa ? rte health ' molot perrmot an lacr Ma V family It It ol eapei ial im: ifturA Hate alao, retry fcm*I - th . trlN. Ikt rarlher-the one eitl er budding int" wmonho -d. nr' te ca? In the droits* of yeara ioal, ,m nature o .oteeipleleaten loif.or'apt i. nut aan diaceuer Ihe ra-iaaa. "yu per m", and the a#.i tin. at rem 'diaa, and moat certain mode of oura. ia crery ooerlata* to ?M"h heraa* iaatihlect. I ti irttt it a Uim flea a Via. '.na. ia In Dart'a, (Hi) | Darra.e. May I. !A47. On. A M Mvk t~ Mr Da a\ S'A My trl'a haa k:ca psr "yMbly flkkJag f?> amr.e three reara ar more, in eoaiMiitnet of h?? grail an gulal andaod-rnt ? me mon'ha bntore and during her in hnement. entry "notoee re eat mere and mora debilitated and prvn'.rat J her. putting her lilt In imui.aenl da- gar. nnt wf.i-b w d", re lh? la?t oeraei. n, d""p*ire I of. I tarroaea thai tkteetateef Uiiagn ? aa Heritable. an 1 reatgned myeelf to meet the worn. At W u time, (now about i?o rooail.a, I I htirdyenr Wnok Mg i j it. t .<n o' aa cor taiaing "erne matter* roaohin* far tui ug it* r*ct pt and formal i oannotaa rrtH ?< ) u ?h* it an t i >4 my dwiratoad mini, and :irtd to tny aita, aa War.ln* that tho yr< at dia-oiooy of M V V- a tui artalJod a romody. It ou-nod a rr? tf?'tt? which I ll??l* Mtmlnt wag pn<ai kit. tiatlar Oim, att aaothor yanr wcnld hart paaaad oral ?T I "ad. la all h .at* prak. Ml.ii. mj wif* vonld haaa k?aa la bar crara, aa t a) aLUdrta (aft a.cth?fl*)*. Ilia, of aaaraa. InpnantinaMt %n aoaray mar* fall} IV aartoua aaljoota troatod at, aa thoj ar* of a naluro itrlttl} It Wud*4 far tho mam id. ar lb Ota ana torn pi a Mat marrtaaa. Par aala at SI RraJwao. and|at tba rnbllahin* Offloa. IM Liberty atraat, Now Tar*; Llttla It Co.. Albany; Joaoph Tankar. Mobil*, Alabama; T. B. I'abarai a. Mb Cbaabaat atreat, Philadelphia. <>n tha rooolpt at a oapy *1'1 b* traaaialtba4 by mall traa af pootarn, to aay part af tha I'nitod Siabaa. All lattart muat ka oddraoaed. prat paid. to Or. A M. Ma act I aaa. bat l.BoNow Torh etty. OBea 129 Liberty atraat. BP WIPE IN TIME -DR HCNTER, PROPRIETOR Ot th? al4 and Ion* rataMlahad llnatariaa Dupaaaary, No I I h union atraat, Nat Vork elty, ear? awtdW araa wlthoat ant luminal oparatloa ar oanatla; alM cnrc* tha deMfita^ n* effect* of aolltarjr habit# la ar many dtyt aa they haaa baan yoara aiaadlac- Daa'l ba httmnnpaad by tha naack daatnra. but oall and aaa I?r. Hunter atenra, befora applying alaaahara to ba rabbad af ymr health and money Yrery Now Varkar haawa Dj H muat hava had mora arperlano# la thia braaah aa# rlaa than any othar maa llnng llora art a few wh# 4a alrad tb* Doctor to publiah thalr proofa" Ton en rod aa fear * of kg af a drradfnl dlacaoc that broko oat all orar aa and ?ho i ffecta of mercury I ?aa ao rodti "d that I waa laid no morn than a yoar. and had bora gi?en up by a MM d-dora John Eld." " Ton cured taa >a iha tuna of t#a ehilera, in thro* week*. of a drradfnl diaaaea of mora tkaa yrar'a atnndlna. after thraa othrr doctor* had aob only ftraa mo Up, bat arid It aaa aa touch aa thalr llrta vara worth ba be la a rorrn with mo?John Ht-rlor. I llot a Cook. "Twain yoar* atn I appllod to a l,?Bdnn phrtioiaa td ba mrad af rorlAin di*oa*a, ha proaoaaetd mo wall la thraa waakM, la )> than two month* it br*k* oat acata. 1 triad ata aMMMk with tho o*m? effort and noror got tharoaahly wall af MM hydra and many haadod moaator natll I called at yaar MM p. no try four yoar* ago. aad roar tine* I am aa aawad aa aaa man lirtn* Kdula OoMa." buffalo agoaoy, N*. I PaaM otroot Whor* f)r. flaatar'a Rod Drop aaa b* had (aaadaa. Prior, |l i nli Thla remedy aamrwa tho patloat agahad ami aacondaryatUrba. Traatmaatt by I afar, WkM IMf W Hatiif ia?if*? ?M? ' TV NIBLO-S < A Kl)EN. ?MAN aOBB, KB. JOHN SHKrofT" Ticket, hOoauta I'rtaat* B?im $t Doara opu atf1 Ui cmiuen -a at d o'clock. lui|< antle to diomuo tut loodUw whilo continue to attract crowda of faihionabla frlaoia' 11.a LiU of Saturday draw together a full aaoot- Slaar, not* v? it Li.- UiiiiiQK the t urioue tturm 'Ilia aawe bio- of wni b? rormti i t' i? im -niua Tvocomedioa, io eacn o which Mr. Burton ? ill eualaiu a I at oritc chara' tar. Tueadav JuliC. will be played. the comedy of the BKEaCH OF Pd'iMfS*. EUuntr Sudden, Mr Burton; lira Trapper Mra. Huahaa. To tuaoludo ?: til ft o TODDIES Mr, Timothy Trod!), Hf. Ucrtoii; Wra. Timothy Tuodlo, Mra liuahat ITALIAN' OVERA AT CA*TI E CAR DSN. - MAX HA* M. Ktiu Mauaatr and Couuwtor Admiaeio i M iaa?. 0> Mom /i Krusiao, Juli i..., Will h* port rnwd tht para of KUJEKTO OrlVEKEVV j Qr.eru El'iabath Sigiiora Tr .A ilenedctti* I j.latinii Ni ltnigh-i :n Si(nur? (lortla . I H. ferf. liv? i mux .... .. Sir Hetttai. I lii.i of Kuttingl am SI*. U?ncTcntn?a. I id Ct . *' llarattuu* j t - W alt r U:iici?r x. Oiubetaa. D .or* opan at h*!t-pn*t 6; I'crformauoa tj < caaooatL ' PABTLX UAlDBN Tfl s DBLIOHT1 s'.'MMBB j v rt .tt la u >? i./i't t. Tiaitara through-'' ity.fro* .'A St to O P B it ta the Inrircet and oioet I .'.ifnlraoui In thia country and the view from tlia uppof w ...-woiau* aobie hay and harbor if aloaa worth mora th. 'ojrtjaigi iaiiil?at.-n?one ahilliua. E|H> MANAGERS OF THEATRES GARDE* IFATEHA ilia I'll' ". uran) otln r public place* of a. iiout out id Nca K'i kclty.? Tha company attaohed t'rjnklia .Muacnm. ITS Chatham-rare, will be iiit-n >r tbr-u ?i . ha in ti c course of a few day*, and would isnpy ta mnl a < noaacuicuta w ith any rcapouaiola pcraon trior a I.,...- 01.. lAmnawv wait I... .1.. r. . .? I desired and cun gi\ - a mora ditrrsi' oloririi on! entertainment. than any ,< inpant in esi i?r Fte I Urns & .. apply to GEO. LEA. proprietor and .1.. w<-r KlttOPKitn AlltKUTISUllKlV'iV ' VVRAVEILF.RS IIA.ND GUIDE. OK CLASS I FIE < LHP . .. ot at*h?!,t,m*><li8 10 I.i?pr;wal, iai P>r*. o*r?tullj eleoioa ftud rjcoruiu ii'i.'d LON IH>N 1 1ST AUCTIONEER. HOUSE. AND ESTATE AGENT ,?rnK. John street, Alelphi. by apsoimmsag 10 v'!. ?-'i Hn.'. and Peru Tien LeiciMoae, IU?* pftiiuli und truKUHf ( iiniaic AKTIS1S COLcOK AN?) VA^MSil MAN* V\ "TUIt?M. 14 bono Snioru. mints' mn* naif jC ovoiw dcenptio., 01 hr.t quality. Whole,, ,?ent ,n New C ork, Eyre & Warn, Clifl street. Kobrrcoi. It Co., 61 Losi* A-xo, arils*.,' t r, ?jI Irawiiii materials. BRUSH AMU (OMB MAKERS. M-Uall.y llu,.ley A Co., to U. R. U. . .Albert .M B Oxford street. Hassail. Johb, 6i St Faul'a Cherd, YaBRIDLE BIT, STIRRUP, AND Sl'l'K M A vERA J.atchrord, Iteuj., to ller Majesty a . .yai FiuA* Upper Si. Martin's Laae. BOA K Li I NO HOUSES. Bra. Micter, fi6 Gloucester Road, llyds Park, impactc< accommodations. COURT DKKbS MAKERS AND Mil . 1 N'KRS. Bra IIU1, to the (jueea auJ Key* nily, 1T1 NctrRia# * tract. CHRONOMETER. WATCH AND ( ...;CK MAKER* LKlolm. Henry, 4S Rathbou* Plane, Oaford tract Arnold fc Co., Cbaa. Frodahsm. M .-'rand, ctrtr ft Ctcil (tratt. Vicyrcc U Kepingon, 19 Recent street Job, (late Job s Baab.) to II. K. II Oraud Data PC Ilea.,' Darmstadt, 16 Titohbnrnc St., Re - ot streat. CUTLERY AND SURGICAL INSTKUMEN . S. Moseley. John A Sea, 17 and IS New atroo',. Coran* Gap. den; (mediae, ku CHILD. BED. AND LADIES' LINEN Clack It Co.. UtLudgate street, wadding or I n and U4Uc general outlitt. CARPET MANUFACTURERS Lapworth. A.M. Co., IB Oil Bond it rest; to tier B aoaaRp and Uotal Fsmsty. Watson. Dell A Co., to Hsr Majesty ? anl hi 014 Boat street. CLOTH MERCHANTS AND FANCY WOOLLEN WAREHOUSEMEN. Hall It Wilson. S2 St. Martin's lane. DRESSING AND TRAVELLING CASES Keunedy, 411 New Bond .tract, eutlerv, s ,'ionorp, Ac ENGRAVERS AND PRINTERS. HaltliiJ#, G., to ller Majesty and Prince Aloart, 7 Coraa* try sWct. Warrington W it Son . to H-r Maj'-'y. 17 Strand. Bid-n, John A Frederick. 37 Clieapanln. GOLDSMITHS, JEWELLERS, AND SI 1VKRAM1TUB. Hunt A Ko.kell, the sue ceasora to S rr It Mortimer, 144 New Bond street, to Her Majesty a id alt the oreracR In ads of Vironc and the East OCN, PISTOL. AND KIFLB MAKERS Bhssett, John, Macntacturer. 321. 32J High Holbera. Deane, Admins It Donna .? King Willi" in street, Cltf. ta II. K. li. 1'rinre Albert. Lanrsstur, Charles, Manufacturer, 151 N w Bond etreap gold Lai (man, embroiderer a >d army AOCOVTRKMENT MAKER llolbeek Louis, to ller Majesty anl the K >yai FaaaHp. Naw Bond street. hosiers. c.lovers and shirt maktrs. Uoy, Evans A Co,, gentlemen's outtn.t-.Ti. 175 Pintdilly. vu i lii nnJ 25 Corulull. U uin lac.I Brookscpn A Co., outfitters. 0 0. i it a istcseV Piccadilly. Cudaell. Goorga, ladies'an 1 gentlemen'a wirehouaa, M Recent street. Pope A Plintc, 4 H'atorloo Plaoe. rail Mail; m.vnafct? turcrs of In ?iery and surgical elastic stockings Cliintoa & S .n. VI and 9'.' Oiford itr-it. ladias outfitters. Threnbardt Glenny, to the Queen, ISHStraud. HOUSE AGENT. D Berntr ly. 'J' John itreet, A-ltlpUi. ag -at for Pari* Ml t'ie Continent. HOTELS. Imperial ff >t?l. Coven'. Garden, II. Curehod. I.end n to Ice 11 ?? - and Family Hotel, Loregrerfia l.udgats llill. Cluster Hotel for families and gentlcrnon, PioondMy and Berkeley street, Berkeley 8|uare T. k V Data. Piarra Tavern Hotel mil CoRao Unnse, Oovant Gsrdaag F. Harrison. 8t Jamas' Hotel, 'i-rniyn atreet: Nr. Stowart. Feuton's llotvl At St. James street. The Oriental Established 171W. Verastreet,OfifirdtfiresA, Noble smoking saloon, IRISH POPLIN MAN 1 FACTVRF.RS. Miss Elli it 54 St. Jamas street; ezduaiva a*U a< Takalist or lriali Poplin. PORTMANI FAvs. THI NKS. AM) PACKING CASES Sonthsst?. J , 7*> W atliag street. City, Maunfaotnrac ad the Registered Portmanteaii. PIN, NEEDLE. AND HSU HOOK MAN'JFACTURIM Ktrhy, Itesrd St Co.. Cannon struct, London. RIDING HABITS Uu i.-rwo i It Co . Ladies Riding Habit Maker*, 1 V>w str-?t Oetord street. STATION LEKS AND ACCOUNT BOOK M ANUfAOWaterl >w A P n?, At to IW I.on t n Wall, it ParlmaiaM str* st. and Zl Birc-bin Lan?. wholesale aad *peat. SII.K MFRCERS, LIN EN DRAPERS, HOtalKlU AN GLOVERS. ETi . Alllaon. J.. Recent II -use 74" and 247 Regent street. Debunbam. Son A Fre?v idy. 44 Wigm r< at roe l, OnrMdisn Si'jsre. Beech A Uerrall. At and 54 Edgownra Road. SCOTCH WOOLLEN W A R F.IIOl SJ.M EN l.l -wellyii A SdilalL " (Md U >nd struct, plaida, ts pinna. *4. TAVERN s. The Albi >n, (Simpson's, 1 28 Great Russell street, OeraaA Gar Jen?tinner anJ supper rums, smoking saloon, Aa. Cremnin* Oard-ns. Chelate?nlagent pla?a nf so master amu-.m o* Seeiti table u hose neivsto dinnsen. re* Imnal. I TAILORS AND ARMY CLOTHIERS Vt ??i.? A J" ' i i if I'r Hmcfr Ajun, Binrlr> , I tr.u ^ (jrait ttfMV K'i ii'. atnet Cntt.rie, A.. M New Dint itmt, court dreaeea ui la diet i . li..* halnta. ri?Ub.-r 11 no t ?L. 1* New Bond atre?t. t uri uia A Co., Ml Conduit (treat, itouaul unit. Allen A lild Now Bond afreet. Citron AC)., Be". St Jtmn n'reet. CrBOI.sTKRKitS AND CABINET MAKERS I Atkin- 'ji A t o.. 7" to7S Weetnunetcr llridne Rond. Onel t.oueral rurnui.ine Wnrvl'out.'inan Jnrkt o A (.r?M? end*". * Defied etrtet. nod ona-pat | mnrufootnrTn. Willi* M \Kt Hwame a Adeaep manwfketurera Id tie (Ji>en, I HA PtiWOOl.rr'l/'A' D M A NCI1ES TEK WAREHOUSEMEN. DrouttM in. Hunt A Hr.uelit.ji, 1M1 Uilmd (treat. A Uetae, 111 At Mnrtin'e Lane, i'bnrto* Rica A Trrae-irt, IT Merplebona (trret, R>?eat (tfoet, Iiun.r troweerme nnd l>rond?l<>Ui(. i WAX. s/l.kiiA' ET AND TALLOW CHANDLERS Jneke .n. R., 114 riccnJUip, e .ip, candle and ?tl o?? kttu. _ AMORXMRNTS Royal Gard-oa, Vnnxlinll, "i?n naere ordain*?Riocatrtnn. IlrttniUt, Damn ( nud I'j * 11 *0nic Amoenn.. n'n Rural f>t?rrey Zoological Gordon* patronued up the R?p?> Fondly? 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HOSIERS Alt* OIOVEKS ETC. M i.iiiu fe Co., Cioiptia 11 moo. Ch>irih ilrMi l<ti?k ttraot, an4 RarnMt atratt oarptt warahnaao. Clhoof, Thao., A ?( ? Kanalath airt-t i.l FotriloaMk cool. war tht A 1 Iphi and iFatarlro lli'tlt TAtlORS Ronton It Low, 17 CVjroh ttfnot, afiirtaoktr. hMm kottoro, ?. _ r.vniB ll>2 AGENTS fFthh, 1 sr. n-M 4a nwr'n tti a'iippta? to eoamtr ill. BOOT RAKER Boc?narl [IHifM, 7 R l?i F -if Tliomio Pla-a U I* Hattrta. CHEMISTS. II >ki. J r th?wl.? t- Pit fn-rfun aa4 BhlMoh fmtu-iii, 2 Rut t'aotulimr t rta 4i?ort (row Rot i goldsmith jrmci i.r* and silversmith. Rot ,4* Jo I'oii * (foriaortf ol tht Plato ot?! ' Do# Prima. FT Rut Rlthtllt*. of oairtrtal rtputao >a. Table 4 Eaaliah tpok-o TO BF PCBMBHED IMREIM ATEI.T. Looit IItout. 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