Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1851 Page 5
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p I to wind that in Juno, last tear, the rate of faro was feme cants f*r mil*, and this year only two cants, a redaotion ef thlrty-tkrce and a third per '.vet lo price. ft appear* by this, that cheap fares and competition have not reduced the business of this road. It a I at i m- et" kg of the directors of this nompany, It *ai r'sJod to mate new or additional stock to the amount of Aftem hundred thousand dollars, to be dirid .'d Into thar -s o, woe hundred dollars each, and the sane to be distributed pre rata, as near as m*y be. among the respective shareholder* of this company, according to the number of fell shares held by them on the 2Ut cf July, who hall on the first day of August neat, or within twenty days thereafter, pay to the treasurer of this ouinp-iuy the Mm of ten dollars on each share of additional stock to whteh they may ho see>-i ally entitled. The cirtllieat** for shares are to he issued on the payment of the said Mm of ten dollars per share, on eoudltlon that the balance of the stock shall be paid In so eh Instalments as may bo required by the directors and that ou failure to pay any such instalment, all the stock so In arrcar shall ho forfeited to the use of the company. Interest, is to be arm! annually paid to the holders of the new stock on all hubs paid thereon, until the said stock shall he made fall. During the past six months, the stock and scrip of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company has boen steadily depreciating in value. (Vimpetition has been the prinalpal cause of this, and it is the impression an the minds af many who are well poeted upon the subject, that the Aoak is worth as mncb now as it ever will bo again. The annexed itatemvnt exhibits the operations of the aonsnanv dnrlne the vear einlliur the let nt March 1AM h< the condition of affaire on thai day;? Diiuwm AND IIi'DaoN CANAL COMPANY. 9* aoal on hand, March 1, 1850 (173^03 50 Ta mining coal 273.261 1# To railroad transportation* aud rapairs Ml,566 44 To freight of coal to Kondout 457.738 31 Tu aanal repairs ant] superintendence 186,970 81 To labor and expense* at Kondont 42,533 22 To rants, salaries, current eiienr-ies, fee., New York 25,(156 74 Balance 756.645 25 Total W12? 5?r> 48 My rales of coal 1,440,320 33 My eaual and railroad toUr (30.670 89 By tails from Penn. Co 58 386 26 97,99016 tf later est reeeieed, profits of barges, real -slate, fee 126 986 17 By profit! en stock sold 151.144 10 iiy ooal on hand. March 1, 1851 305,116 73 'Data) *2,t26 566 48 The balance on band was e<i<iaj to twelve per cent an the aggregate capital for the year This la a great dealine in the net profits, and the dividends this year have tjcen much loss than usual. The market value of the stock, a fow months since, ranged from one hundred and fifty-five to one hundred and sixty-tlve dollar* per share. The present, market price is one hundred ami twenty-seven dollars per share, and holders do not appear onfident that it will even be sustained at that point. The competition auiorg coal companies this year, has b?en greater than ever before experienced, and tho pro wi.uiitiy i?. ia*i i' w t,i ki.-in win mud- lunait mon.y out ?if either the mining or transportation buniue).*, , Ti n leading mining enmpmle* of droat llrluiln iiv peiur to be doing a profitable hueInem. The Ismdm Nrtrt tJi- annexed quarterly -UteaK-nt of tlie quantity J bt ore* from foreign. Irfeb, and colonial mine*. sold at 8* use* during the three month* ending the flOth of Jan*. The total quantity diapo^ed of ia 12.614 too*, which reali*?'d ?'147.300 2r. Lurt quarter 8.8M ton* were old O r ?100 046 111. 'hi. In the June qoartor of I860) 11 190 tons readied ?129.104, and in the <*ine qnarter of IMti, 14,92(> ton* obtained ?210,204. There Uthuaan Increase of 14 per rent over the amount realized in the mrpondiog [ ericd of last yrar, and a decrease of 23 par *ent on 1849. The average price per ton ha* besn ?11 16* od , whilst in the June quarter last year it wax ?11 I*, (d., und in 1849. ?11 Its 3d The produce of the Vebre mine* realised on an average ?1418* lid.; the 9nhan. ?13 4* 9d.; the lleurhaven. ?7 9a.; the Knocknation, ?6 18a ; tlie Kapuuda. ?27 2a. od ; the Hunting-). ?11 8a 4d ; the Hurra Hurra. ?26 17s 4d . the Kawaw, ?11 11*. 9d. Nloek Kuhancr. 970C B 3 C'?. "87 I '-S '?' (h*Tm Island ItR 16^ do ll?V 361ha Erie RK *3 HI l'-? V t' 8 t ?. '63 IUI .4) do kill H4W 1*00 Had RR IftUa 10:, Hi) do V0 84 11*4) Krie Incomu Da's '41 do R.3W KW0 do 1#IV 100 do 130 8.1V !?*> F.r!? Co u*t 71 078* SO do wit 81\ mil do 977* '<0 do at) hJV Met) do 1,.*0 9n M do aft) 83V 3U shs HtiilutUi, Bk ill", 1M> uarlem RK 73V MRd'(worth t'o 9 100 do 7.3V U p?ra*ra' Trill'. 70 2Q0 do 660 ..TV S3 Car.too Caint.auy 67J* 26 Rtoalegtnn RR 44V 3ft) Long Island HK boO 17 MO Torn 0 Dock 7V f .'Cu do 16V R?"i< 8 Syr KK 16V 69 do 16V Rt-adine RR ft&V )W do W10 17 21)0 do OAS ?99 do Id)* 100 do K>\ sri-ond noAnn. 16 ah* Martejn RR 73^ 100 sha f.ri; RR Ri?; ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PKOIAL NUTIOKZ New YORK VOI.UNTERRS.?TlIK o IT I CUM AND memtoreof the lat r -r -i. of Saw York V..lonti'.-re U* n^?iat?i| to in -l a'. tho Meroer tloaaa, thi< day. at 1 ' lock, to attend the h n -ml d Mtllt Win. (ain?aa, of I totnpany T. Pnnetnnl %tt?n?lanre la requested. liy order, uakret DYCkMAN, (late) Major l.t. Re<t. N Y. Vol. For assistant eki.isekr <>r the mtf vork fire Department, jamk* L. KKNN'.DV, of Hook and letdder Company No. 1 Noti?b.-the mkmiiera or t siov division ! Mo. i. P of T., are reine.te J t? attend a re?nlar u -etfn(. on W -AnaoAay evening, Jnlr ZJd, at Punntnln Hall ltd I Rowai j, aa haalneae of importanoe a .11 e?me up for notion. Br order of R. T. rOWNbKNP, W. I'. Orrici or the commissioner or jurors, no. 7 City Hall, July IS. LVil.?Ptiwa. 'adapt from jury tetr, whohavonot r*?iat<rel their exemption atthl<orte?, are untitled to maio ?e?h r<k.-tra'lua on or before the iith feat. WM. A. WALKER. CoDtnaiioacr of Jnrora. Take notice-that the partners nn rebe lofnre ex latin* bet?.. n ti e and e.lrnod, nnd?r Uie Arm I Abbott It Watt, .%a hotel h per*- *t No. 117 Cedar atfuet, U tkia dnv dteeolaei) br nintual , .ma. ut. T). Interna. will bo aarrWd on at tun aarne i.lae.i by William Abbott, who ?ill ?ttl? all clalma aguinrt tho lat.' Arm. w i m.i am \niiorr, Naw York, Juno I. IStl. AND W WaTT. AJ I,' M M E K IA I PON I'S ?OCR OOVflNED CITY O (Now York ) haying ba come eomewhet tedion., an I pent ap, inks* the engy etl'n nf friend*. I waa indtieed foxtail Joraar. Mndia'n, iu Morrl. ".un ty.wa u>w d to me a i a Ann. pea airy .'ilia *r I wa.? In t .. i to pi there, ant I exn 1 etare my eity frh nd< that mr xuiicipatiobe hire h no n. >re >aa reall.ed. Tide la a b.-autlfnl e.,nntry ellln^n, ea,- -llcnt r.".de. hteh and atry rreenda, - em pi i Iron Mil diaan ' ell. nI w ?f#r. and II.o m .amity and .- ntlenianly treat- ' an.ntaft'ol. Hunting the irr)t"t r of the pln.?v and fit. | hedy, with when we tarried, entitle thorn to onr b?et root p tabea oaf roepeel. Their In lipln room., | ,r,-.t. elean .an t I ITT. Well Ml|iplk< V. I It. Ih.' I't I ill ill. 4 of IV | Itj ! d*. and I nt n|i in fvi ? ?' ' aid tha oriar 1 a dv-nram oil! a-Meb tho honoe la roadua|i-*|, entitle thn | pr*.prt?'.-f to our r?< wiabaa f.?r aucctaa. and doilc. on ir pirt that nnr < itr ftlinda may avail tl. ,iie? ?..? for a time of ?? ykwinl retrial.?Ni-* York, July 14, IsM. PlRMKAl. j Id formation wanted or joiin di s\r? \ w i|t? ?' Navliutoan, rosary Kll lr?r.;, li 'l i' i. by liU i W'^br, Vl'bii l K Dnane. ( no Tly >1 t'.n city of f>a"itta. j Vk?i laet heard fr-ia woo in Hoot rati. Can oil a. HlabMlnr MUW aiietbappv to hear ft n? kla tl stcth MrtW. . Nap Vert, t iBaifian paptr' }l IMC Copy. CI nnn * award- the ?msritiiiER irrtL W 1 y'rs ' rlva Hit ?kot- n wnf I to nny |?" >n vho a ill fii;-al>n him with a?m|Otoot and "allaf*! tnry Irani proof of the Um? and pln"c ol He 'drth "I ? i'nld ol Mr*. N"fi n, wIf* of J|M>| t'llrUn Norton. The .MM mi I irn in th \ or 1* or the .arty part of ls.1t, aith*-r la the a.tyot Naw York or Rr lohlyn, oa'a t die .ed, anl Mia ins tnni hjr aatno of rharloi Wmta Tth oar plve d In tbo In aOtalia f tho nihanrthof l.i Mar I.. IV/i and liaiboan rln atad th rein. I>at ! Near VorV. JpIt I'l, IkM. H. I'RVOSRT, 1 W ink Itra-t. MMTi au. /VI'I RA til.AM, NO. I. Id LO-T. IN HKOA DW1V w ^n1 lor'tl. j ? J?rtrc? '??< .. qnat.-.r peai > - ? Y'T **''1 fornd it ?III mnl r a fa? f hy I atln itattheoDe* of * * Amer m lloi I. m I OST-TIrr DOM.AK* KlWARD.?LOST, OR fRllMT liftfmil ! !. tr< bet Ho V 11 n'aln.i t frm ? HI to fM, i?l run* paion, ?tn>poaed to have hern 1o?t In ?* fi Bi bonk iti it to H nlk?r ?trro* ?ril Hr oadway. In an mr' It Tlw! aline* f?? tfd till bo pal I lo anv P 'T-im Iin? It tt IM cvintin* boi?* 01 K. MI I.I.S *1 Oouillvilt atr t. for OR 81 NOAi MORNING r.A<"\ IN OOINCI J from M Urtta * I ih tin to At. P?t. r'a rhiirrh, Har lay ttr -i-t. or in retnri i?* kjr I'.roadway tiid N"etor atr. et % kidvN H rattpln. lb* fl . ter *111 It ? iita.iv rowarded hy V ai lag It at 82 Oreenwleb < tr?- t. ?fr<t llttRD.-l.Okf, A 10CNU RO(KINO Btun. ?At The i nd?r *111 rtr elia tht reward, by leaving It at No. ff.7 Hudson alreet. tQ R SWARD- I AST, on ICROAT MillIRO, J i * .Dth, n email Rhlti Hound Do*. aaenori to tht iAme of t'harley. Had on when loal a leather lint roller, titohed. rii-doc may tit knonabv two drab apnfe a* mat lb - <a<t<tla, and on* Itrro spot on tna aid* of bit haad. til *o*?*|ia art forbid holding th? anld dog after ihianotdrr. a* tin y will b* J. alt with nrrnrdlni to ta?. Whneeat trill return tho laid dof to tta ownerVball rend < * the abor* r*? ard, and ao qotationt aeki d. C'. WHITK.Rl'kfMhttfwI. WtJ'b R* "ARD-t.OHT- fiN MOV |i tV MKiMM Jn\j 21, tnpp.ited in out of t!i? Firat nvenne otnni bi.aet, Vt. 'in. an old leatl >r Porkit Hook, rontnining about bfty at* dollars In ban k bill*, of email dnnmnlnationt, and a Wol-I finytr ring. It tho Under mil ratorn the in me to tho mhtoribor. at No. UU Ciiaiham *tr??', bt will ree.dr. the abort reward. Itfc.NRV II MERRILL. ?; i|b urwAun. ? LOST, IN riniNO rkni wtu ? 1 If atr'et .tbronfh Naaaau. Maiden linn, an I Fulton ?lreet tit. eneloiad in a ?|>?eie bo*. tVboet or ? ill return % to SI OarmHo air**!, will reotlro iha tboro r? ward. ^ RRnOTALI. /tRMMAAAAAAV*^.V WrWeVW*.* A o^ oya RH.MOVAL -L. H 81MPAOR % SDN*. IMPORTRRA "f Urnnitlea, W|oo*. Ao . hart fiiPtfmd thaif' Jl,r* (,> If?. IfB.tecr tirt t, WANTS. WANTED?A PORTER, WELL'AOtlLAIVTP.D WITH the hardware burin-**. "< one hut a trtctly MtwiUN man nr. . . : ? Call at No I Piatt atreet. WA N TP I>?ON IB OK TWO CHILDREN TO NURSE, fr?hi una to two yearn of ago. ,>r olilor, by a re >*o.?lil<j woman, who haa niouy ? ?* ? experience. G >nd ?.?y reference ran he given If required. Addro>* Margt. T ola. SL! l'v. oil lb alrett, between Wat and Saoiad aviauu. WAN IK n V I rLATIONS FOR AUDI T a 0 GOOD 1KKvaute?Iriali. Scotch, Enaliali. Amarican, German, aui ! colored?route, thorough nervanta. ae .metre wee, nurace. ' laundreaica, ehaiuhenaaidii, waltora, roaekmen. hoatlura, fariurra, ke., at the Select Pr t.etaot Ageney, 7 Oa'mlna atraet, end at tho Old Barioty othoe. luri C'hambera atruet, about tbo only olfi.wa patroniied by the moat reipeetablv families and brat olaaa aervanta. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE TOI NGMAKKIEIi woman, a child to wet nurae; baa loat hor obild ton day* ago; will go ont If required. flood reference given and required. Apply to MRS. UAV I N. Thani atreet. WANTED?A .MOTHER OOOD JOCRNEYMAN IIAIR Dromor to go to tho oountry. For ona wiahlngto panda faw waahaat Saratoga, thla la a good opportunity. Adilroaa a note) atatiag tarma, agr, ko., to box No. 19, Saratoga poot office. WANTED-BY TWO YOUNO WOMEN. SITUATIONS ona aa 8?amatra*a and Chambermaid; tba otbnr aa Waiter ard Chambermaid. Plraae apply at 10t> Franklin treat, where tl ay are now living. \JLT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A vY ei tuition to do the hoaeework of a private family, and ha* no objection to go a abort dtatauoo la the eoon try. (load city reference ean be given. I'm be eeen for three day* at No. d2i Twelfth street, between avenuee A aud B. | m/'ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MAN WHO CAN v writ* a good n nJ and H a gnoa *ccount..\nt, u uierc or A?ii?tanl Rookfceop*r; is willing to mitko hmi+elf reoorally I lilfll, A i-rmuu.mi itoaiion moru bit ?> Moot than VflMA. Goo<J city re ft re n jo can bo given from hin ln*t employer. (Su? > be Becii at any time, for two layfl. at JK-1 fir - avenue, ?eoou i floor, In tbt roar. WANTfci) BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SfTUATluN tn?ooh,'waih ftiiJ iron; eh*' perfectly uodf-ntantia her I buaine*#, and can give undoubted reference iva to ohitra- t?r and capability, or wonld do houeeworU in a respeol able family Plna*e oall at 371 Seventh avenue, betweeu Tbirtyi third and Thirty-fourth atreeta. Can be iceu for two days, | if not er WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MAN AND IITS wife, recently from England. the mt.ii at thorough indoor servant. the woman us Lady's 11*11 or Norse. Snebas | u knowledgo of the French language. Can both be well roW, commended No ohjeotieu to town or eotintry. tog-thcr or t separate. Pan be seeu lit *> Graineroy Park, Twentieth street and Third avenne. ANTED ?A SITUATION, UY A WIDOW WOMAN, a* Cook in a privat) family; one that perfectly nuderI stand* her ho'lnee*. Can be seen for throe day i, if not enI gaged. at lt)H Twelfth street. The best of city reference can he riven. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MAN. A SITCAtion as Head Cook in a large hotel, or in a gcnvlemm e family in the country. Has lived ton years in the Governor's | family in Hungary. Weuld prefer A place in thoeouatry. Apply at 371 Water street WANTED-bY TWO RBSI'tCT A " I. E YOUNG WOMEN, situations; one to uo*'k wash an 1 iron, and the other to do gtneral homework The hestof oity rofeteuee piten I as rcyards oharneter and apahiUly. l'ieace oall at it West I Nineteenth street, nea' dixth avenno. VMT ANTED? BY .. RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN. A I" situation as Clerk aad Aoco?intant. He would be willing to make himself generally useful to his employer in whatever j manner hi' services tnieht >>c required, lis eso produce sasis' factory t<stimonials of long and faithful services, an i can i give tir?t class eity reference. Salary not so mat-It his object as a permanent engagement. Address U. C. U., clerk, at the office of this paper. WANTED? ITA RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN a situation us Cook, W asher and Irouer. or to do the I neutral homework of a small family. Tho best ol aity refe i t) nrp. \miIv <kt !l'l ^ririn/ htrort. C?an h? rdtb for ? wn div? li-antkp-by a cfcirm taiii.k voi nj r.x ;unti M ?.,rl, about 14 ye in wl, a aitua'ion ?- Childrn's i Kprit, arto wtit on t moi Wouii b? nilI ling to moke her ' a-If tiacfnl to do anything. The beat of ol y referon-io from i her l?et place. Ploaee to ia^niro at Ml Croiby street, betiruun i tinting aai tn or! b;nre?tu*, WANTKD-IIY A UinOTAlU WOMAN, A SITUalien a- > .hamtitrmaid and l.nnndrent or S?irntr?sand anaiat in taking raro of children. Would be willing to make herself generally u?'ful. and jroTfrjtly under taude her bnameaa. B. it o( city reference Pl"u?e call at No. 17 West Seventeenth itrcct, where the i# 'till living. WANTED?BY A YOl'NO MAKRIEO WOMAN, A situation no Wit Nur??, whose babe it a mouth old. Can rive ilio beat ot . , r t j t call at 13 Kliu; trret, (ront basement. In<|itir? lor Mre. Curran. \LT ANTED A I'l'd I E< 11. V COMPETENT AND K* TT perienned diliinr room ?erv?ut <>ue who ii nuat and expert, and wbo "an aa.iat it the a aahiar, may tin4 a desirable situation. at 12" Columbia .treat, Brooklyn. Only those ah" aro perfectly. <|ualiHe<l, and poiso-aing unexceptionable :. hp MM, noud apply. \M.T ANTED?SITUATIONS DAII.Y, TOR AHOrTPIPrV Tf Met nla ? Protestant. Catholie and colored S?r| x.iit-, Cook*, l.iundress i, lu.'iu. II .iiscualde. tic , at the Sele-t Ageney, 2Z1 Kult'n ttreot, Brooklyn. N B.? Fatnlli n v.Lo pisn to en' enrage *u olboe, v, here the otm et ox -rlir n If nnaiic by tie proprlet >r, In making a r xpeotal lo ard uiti.ble (?U''ti< n of acrvanta, ato r spectfnlly soll'lwlto | mK \JkT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A mOT' STANT f r rirl, a* Nurae and t-> do plain MWteg, ?a* Chamhertuiiid. Moult'like t" travel with a family. Hood " ty rtderin. riven. , pply at IAS (ir. enwichatreet, bit Liberty I and ( orrtlenat itr cti, thurd ttvor. back room, fur three I dtya. if rot iBMi'd. Wanted-a situation, as custom ccttkr. my a permn thoroughly qualified for the aheve: good eity renee ri ven. Address America, at thia ofliee. \\TANTED?A SITUATION. ?T A UUraOTABLI TT yonnr girl, ax Chambermaid or Waiter, and to aei t in the traakinr irenioR. or d# plaiu sewing. Can give rood i ii > retort nee; has lived t?? year, in her lost piaee I'lawn | rail at No. .''Ad Trnt'e street, Ltlwien avenue* B nud C. - ii t MM 1 r tvt" daya. i \L[ ante D?B v A MSPBOTASU TOWS WOMAN, , " a aitnation as Cook, Wnahir, and Ironcr. an i would be w llinj- t i do general hon .? w rV. B"?t of ai'i ruferonee can I h. . ii I'lrase call at lid Twelfth atreet, between Fifth WANTLM- BV A innoTtm iom WOMAN-, it lUnatlon to do n'.a.a rooking. wathlnx. and Ironic/: and inau; ehoiewil to Jo general ktflMWNkfW a luia'.t private family, iio. J etty refer ise rivta. ? aa to aeon for three Jaye. rlaaac apply at So. flUO llouaton Htrtet. WiNTFIl-A IMITATION AS COOK, BV A RISI'KCtable woman who an wnof. au J iron, and briny / 1 r?. nmn -h iallontf: or wonld like to to in ro ne private ft tnily tt ho into rmold. Can he aeen for t?o daya. liaa no ohiectioaa to the country. Apply at 130 Went Sixteenth | Mr eat, aaar Bavnih ivaaaa. \lrANTF.n-BV A RISCKOTABLF. VOIfNO VOUN tt a citnutioD to do reneral hcuacwork or 'Uatoiiern 'A for a private family. -The be t or oily reference ylvsa. Can | be etrn for two <lay?, at 57 Vandam atreet. \I'AM ID-BY A RFSl'K<'TABLE TOU1T0 WOMAN, TT a tit nation a< t ook, VVaahcr and Iroaar in a email private family: ha< yrnd city reterence, can bake w 11. rlcaec rail at 181 s aril V ttr-et, front room, up etaire. 117 A V T r I) A SITl ATION. BY A RESPK. TABI E TT young ? f to. a? Chambermaid and Waiter; en lal a Nlttiatoll. r da the r?arral houaework of a email family. an objection to tbe country. Tltane call at .Hit Eighth atreet. C'M M Been far tiro laya Good city reference. 11' AS I I 11 - - ITI ATIONS. BV TWO TOl'NU WOM1N. I TT one to do plain eooklnit, ? r.thiiifc and Irvniiit;. or lann I drr> ; the other t" d general honacw .rk, or to take nam of [ children. Good city rctcrcnoe can be riven by the lady wc I k.ii liied with, a? 11 In from tliure w- advortiao, No. I !?imil k?< dm, I'-rner I nli atro et. Call for two daye. |TiMI9 A SITUATION IT AH AMERICANYOt'NQ FT Women, i- I'laln Cook, or wnnh*r and IronT.Jln ? re p'ritHi family. line tb? b?i?t of c tv refer-n-e. Can be i -en for t?o daye. i'learc ayj l> at No. tS t'roaby atreet, oear Hr.ietne. WANTED -1IV A RK.-PSf TABLE VOCNd WO WAN a -Itiiatl-.i. > Cook, Hiilmr and Ironer, or to do i~n?ral biue-wrrkln a private fan.lly. Can giro good eity rof?r" l ore. 1 all at i.'1'l Mott atreel. 3-1 Boor. hae'. r m. Can be ,aan f./T two daya. IE'ANTID-A klTCATTON A* WET NtK?R. BV A I* re?r o'aMe youa* W'>maa: her babe le owe month old. the I -at of r--fi renee. I,a w-nld take a alt-ini i wlta or wl-kont hor babe. I'l- a-e eall at No. >14 Mnl! rv tr t. < r a i lr. m o oo*.i to J M. F. Calia attoadad to for ftttt Aaja. I tVAiniA-BT A TOCMfl MAN. A RntTATIOff A A m l>ortarla a wholnaal#groeerjor Arjrgooda otar other bnriaaaa wbrro t --> -rail Indmtri""" I- r* i o.\ > 'i lo uaB write o rood iw*tn ifl haao. and l? <n i V at llgnrea, aad weald wake him-ell generally uaeiul to r II ? ? I. ' . ' ?o 1 rood afloat! .n A lin- WiiriMH ti/F., Herald Often, will be rronipt'.y attet d -d to VSTAKTBD 111 t roCJIQ lAlltlD COLTLB A tf lllotll At ltd M( at dftMl ltd CattkMI k ataada tin- -are offfcat boraad bi* wife a* Chambermaid 1:1 i it a ' I *r vt- *11-1 it! n are willing to r . lo the eoaatry or *"nth Tliey are perf- Or loter. The ho at ofntty rrfrr-ne.- vlma. rieaee r-all at \,v Peiente- B'hetreet. between the Firet and Feennd avenue*. \%T ANTF.D?A SITTATION, BT A RBSPECTABLE FT i- w man. a? a Wet Nnree. with a ijnah hr-a-t af w-ilk: baa leather ohl'dhnt mi week am. I'leaeeen'l tt Ne. I'S Oreeawteh. earner of Thamee atrett, reeond floor, \ b'Mn No. 9 Caaba Men for two data. HVtSin. A snt tTlON. BV a RT*rFO?A3i.ii young w-wtan. to do the general honeawort c( a privet.- family: ta a rood plain Cook, ili-l A frat rale Waaherand lr--ner; the heat rity t?fer?nir il"t ?n-m her laat plaee abort-ahe lived.for ttin laet two vnri Pltio etll at N.i. ;tj Twenty -Bret atreef, betwem Eiyhth and Math meaner ANTED?A FIT!" \ Tit s, It! A K r.SI ! ' r A lil.F. girl, ae ( hatab-rmnid. and to do t Iain a-wing, g--?d referent-1 given Inquire at No. Ui Ill-.-nkar ?tr -ft, to*, et ef Comaerra e!t?at. * 11 \STkl> A BITTATION. It! A "UMTtllll FT young w ain, to do plain rooking, t,y to dog.-n?-al hotmawnrk: ta ag-od wn-ber and Irope^. t(l, p( riLy | -I'Air"i.'a-i*l?aao npp y WANTID. r. M PLO V If AT no. 4 SAN DC ctrfrt, Brooklrn. for arvfiahrr of elHriant in I well r?oumtr.eart'd final# Mrv?c*pr t. at ant. tatkolly, m l nolor.'d; -or , a- I'o.k". Ch'amt armni 11, Caamatfraaea. Nurara, f?r * if ral >.o?io*'>k, tit. ,\|m, mona?r<tn?< in e??r> < ?. r? i f Bro V hn and tt i r irinlty, naiitina rrwtnlfc >T|! toil It to tkelr Infrraat to ipel) n afova. \i vmh. \ intATtoR, nv a ooMPirui Tr )miry woman, *i Welter ami IlianiPormald. or to do tt.a taiieraf Ju Heey ork of a email private family. B< poe takl# e ?? ri Irrrai *? yhrw. Apply at * l.'nioo entirt, '"Pit ol TaaltiJi air"! and I nlreraity plneo. \r'A.\rrn two or thr*e vorto mi:*. or "T 'ttaitr faMta, to make It nwliet prnerally relnl. A illy at H .11 TK HROTIItRR, Fortli etrort. eofnT of Or an. WANTtli.-A TOt'lfO WOMAN IC I ? In want of a situation to lo r'n?'*l bona*a r? la a i ? ml p' tin i o.k. and Ifoner; la t .ry afpaitlt It I t-Mldrrn ! hot r't.d retommi adationa frmn her la t pi not. | I'ltiaa ?? " Catlitrlu or t all at Oil Malkoyyy atroat. i ii' antei)? a ORHMAN. knclimi. oh pl'otcii Tr woman. ti do itaarral honaewn-k. la a email fnull; fiinat >? a flT't rale rook, (n,.d ?a?h?r ami iroorr. poaei .-'n" ? i d ref.rtnee# aa enr.h N'nonth?re aer>| apply. T> th? rlwtt p> rai a, y od ?a? and a plea'in I lio?r ran he foot I < all at tin! ftrel hones afore llltka, In t'oi m?? (trtat, Brooklyn. \r? it ni h r - wanted. at ni-r rwr.tnv ft or t at.-. t, a yooaa to,i healthy , ilf , f|lk a f II I rtatt of Bilk ?tty oat tnyip I not luit'nj. r?? < mmmmm | WANPI. WANT?D-A SITUATION, ll\ A RE-iPEOT ABLE i ?T yuui,r Pr"tostaiit worn in. ox Ci.anibenml I tod I M u Wr or PMIdreu's Maid or t., assist In waah<u,t and lr ,n| in/. She nan give I he best of city r-ferenco from her last) ilncr., (there alto lived tlir-e year*. i'lsakj tu tl'i'cu M. J., ! Htm Id offlo*. WANTSP-BV A RESPECTABLK VOONU MtRKffc'li woman, a baby to ?,t uun< iu lor nil huuao. She j lias buried her own. three asks old. W til l hcv no objur tton to yo out to u urse. Con bo *e? n for three Java. if not cuius' J, ot tlia turui : of Water ou'i Gold streets, lirnklyu. | n(> stairs. Qood reference jtiven auil re ,uirc 1. WANTED?liV TWO R F.M'EC i A 11 t.E TOOM IM Di n. ait unions; one to do tin- {em ral houoework of a small foiuily; ond the other to do the . ha;r.Oeroork ia 1 small fuuiily. They lave the heat af city r-:feroli' from their'a,t tilaces. Pleast call at bill East Sixteenth strnnt, between N inth la 1 Tenth keenuea. Can be teen fur two days. WAHrn-i PIT CATION A8 NURSE AND SKA* strife, by k ProtSatant yonn? woman who can pro 'nee unexceptionable recommendations f ,r character an I ahl'ity. She oan take entire rate of an enfant. Apply at No. SU Leo > nerd atrcet. Bell's Intelll/cnne tith.-i. WANTED?A TOCNG HAN THAT WRITES A GOOD hand and W quick and orreet ia flinees, to learo to keep books. Salary small. Billman b Nearluy, lift Wil lixiu street. WANTED?AT NO. I DIVISION STREET (BOI NEST) turner uf Bowery.?Nsn, Wom-n. Royi and ( Iris, for xll kl"de of employment; Chambermaids, 8e im stresses. Cooks, Nnraca. Waiters, Hnuae-Snrranti and Er rand-Girls; Clerks, dalesman, Bookkeepers, Barkeepers, Coachmen, Gardeners. Porters, Hostlers. Api'rontl ho. Farmers, Laborers, Flrsmen En/iuoers, Co..I passers, Weavers. Spinners, Drivers, Boatmen. ipiarrymsn. WAN1ED.-A YOUNG Oil MIDDLE A f.ED MAN. WHO can make himself useful and handy in say work a'Mmt a new bntldlnc. and ran brine rood raouimnen lations ai t-i i olarnrtcr. can iMiin > permanent situation by applyiug to i OmuIY. Miller, 430 Broadway. WANT ED?A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTAIICE young (conn, ?e Wal*?r, Chambermaid. chilli's Nurse, or Scamclreaii, in a nloo family, ami ovist in washing ard ironing. Can dn up ladle* Anting. Would prefi r ttie housework nf a small fainilv. Can h? well reoomBieuded. Call at her uld place, *4 Amos street, between I Greenwich avouvo and Factory street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A R E8FECT Uil.F, young woman, an Chambermaid. Ila* no ohynotinn j to ovist in washing and ironing. Can torn* w-il r?nm inmuid. The be*t of city reference given. Pleaao colt at 171 j Charh* street, third floor. Can be aeon tor two day*. Wanted?a situation bv a mil to r?o cii 01 bvrwerk, or assist in washing and ironing, or at I Nurse nrd Seametree*. The beet of oitr reference. Apoly j at No. 371 Twelfth street, first floor, front room, near First arena*. WANTED-BY A Yd I'NO GIRL, A SITUATION AS Chnmt ermaid or to take care of ehilden. or *-*i?t In I the. washing ?n d Ironing. No objeotlon to go in the oonnlry. | Can be seen for three day* or a weok, if not sugagud. Fleas* | call at ISO Clinton plaoe. j XKT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PEOTBSTAIVT | TV young woman, t* Seamstress, and would do light j cbuml erwnrk, if required. The host of city referonoo oan he , givrufr< ruber Inn place. Inquire at 57 East Seventeenth I itr-et, near Foorth arcane, WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN.VYHO write* a fair hand and npeak* French and Engltih, and ie wr IIto w. rk h* rd end be generally caefnl. N? ohjrction to living in the elty. Reference* een he given. I'leate to nodrete. or apply, fi r I). 3.. No. KO Greenwich ttroet. Can be RM all the week, if not engaged. "117ANTED?BY TWO RE?PE<TABLE YOUNG WOI* men. aitnatlone. Can dn get eral hnnarwork; can wa?h. cook and iron ; or ean dn eham oerwork. Have no nhjrction to go a rhmt distune* In the o*an'rv. Tho bent of elty referrnee rrnli given. Please wall at ISO Nineteenth alrctt, ni ar the Eighth srtnue. Can be men for two day*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A SMART ACTIVE young girl, to #o general housework in a small family. W onld like to go to the dun try. Bs?t jf reference uan lie giv. n . if n qnlrrd. Can be seen for three day*. I'lraeeoall at J3 Fell street, on the lou?th floor. WANTED?A YOUNG HAN. I- Oil '/?) Vi" VliS OT ag'. an Book hrtjwrspd SaUnroaq m * r*V>lt tlitlijjg store. Or* ecqnained with thi I'1itlif?li prclerreJ. The bent reference required. Enquire at lt<7 Broadway. WANTED?BY A HfSPEOTARLE TUUNO TOMkS, rituetinn to do general hounowork in a rcspect.thie fr.piily Gocd cl<y reference. Apply at No. tfl P.; irl nrest. Can he Men for two day*. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET Nl'iSK. BY A k'altl y wnpg ? oruin, having '.net her ow child. A pidyatNo 4S Franklin street, for Mr*. Iliggcna. ill' ? gaged. w yrrv/ woman. tn conk, tvaah. and iron, or do t'ta houeowork of a imall family; to b? eeeu f*r two daye at Nu. 13 W k-Mugion aire i liea" the llattery. WA NT ED ? A STEADY WOMAN WI?HRS A HTUAtlon an profi eaed Cook In a private family; bait of city reference ran be given. J'lcaec apply at 71 Aiath avenue, flret tl?or, ovtr tb? storo. A I AM WHO IS DKSIKOl'9 TOGO TOI'ALIPOH cia. would llk? P* make an arrangesent witli a fatn'ly or part}' who may contemplate going out to the gold regi di 1 be aiircrtirer hae hetn aootutoraod to travel by land and m a. nnd would make htreolf reefnl during a voyage. Alio, bc-ior <-f bueinaea ha> ita alio fi.ttera herae f tnat lor eervioee j would be valuable to luy one that may be disputed to aecura tl. m. Addri <t ll< pr, I'oat ottre, Naaeau atreet, ATomo UDT wantedASHOCUUirn. AD- I ilreaa llmry, Utrald office. A RKSl'ECTARI.E YOCNO WOMAN WANTS A 3ITI a\ at,on a? a good plain Cook. wn*>liar and iroaor. t?., ,.l city reference. Dcaie call at 27 Dtlanoey atreet, on the fcr*t floor. Can be keen for two daye. AVt)| NO GERMAN. LATELY ARRIVED TltOM EDtope. who thoroughly undcretanda the Tanning bnvineaa. ? arts a altnation rithcr na Tanner or aa a Sorter in a t.1.1- I u1 in* t I'leaet- mMrcae I . D . IP. a .V i I'm'. ?? i A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WOMAN WANTS A eitoation ?? WetNurae, krr ehlld being tivn month old. Good reference glv* n. Enquire for Mra. rarrj, at II: Clii ton tired. A RESPECTABLE EN0LI9H SERVANT WISHES TO obtain a aituation ae rhamL-em-aid, tenuireae. or waiter: would have no objection to do general houeew-wk in a in,all family; can prouneo tha moat reepetaMn nity rcfcranc: her character will lear the atrioPat mv, itigation f* r honr-ty. enbriety and general food conduct. Pleato ; call at 4PC I'carl airaet. Can be aeeu fur twa data. A' KF.SPIf'TA BI.E VOI NO WOMAN WANTS ASITPAtiontodn general ItMStVMfel iaa good plain Makj tir?t rate waeber and In n* r: haa no objtetiona to go a abort dia; tance ia the cuntry; the beet of city reference git en. I'lcaea call at 7(i Henry atreet, in tha atora. i null. (I IKK WANTED. - WANTED-V ViH.'NC m*n, wi'.h aavoral yeara aapcrian'a In the retail rim* bnalnrn, who nn live oatiafactury rafereooa, to |o to Norttt Carolina Addra? Poat Offloa b?i No. 3UCJD. WATCHMAKER WANTED?ON' E To 00 INTO TUB < ?'Untrv Oood wajrp will be paid; alao. ai|w>aa*o raid : to the pilar. En^uir* ot H'aRNIK, PRATT H KOBMJna, No. 4. lonrtlardt otrcet, np vtaira CXO.MUMAN WANTED- A COLORED MAN. OOOD J Cfoem and trivar, and mnat unJerotand tha aara of tr lUl|kmM> Addrot boa MO, N. Y. I*. O. SITltTlON WANTED, AS OROOM AND BODV SKRrant. with aatia<actory ralarrnaaa. Citato addmaa "U. H." baa I.Ufit Eaat Ofllaa. I J 1ST DISENGAGED, AND WANTS A SITUATION as Coarktaan. a ateadt. active man. Ilaa no awaninbraaee whauoeaor. Ilaa no okjaelion to towa or aomntry. I'au bo highly irrnnimeudad by Ma laat amployar, who ta in thr aity a I | r. -ft r. At.) et>mm?nda rtddraaa J. U . IA Mnroe ?tr ?t. ISO UARIims WANTED, TWO EIRS1 RATE AND atrady workmen, who aan nome wall raaoiniuoadad, at t K 0 i kerb'.i k. r Hath-. Mil II ith" Tf'O DAK EHM. ? WANTED, f) V AN EX I'F.KIEVCEl) J yonay man, aaltnatlon at tha abeva bnalaara. it ill In* to taka tharxa of bread, and aaaiat In maktmr catoa, if required. Addraia tnO. Warr?n, .XI Whitehall atr?nt. fto TAILORS-WANTED. A PERSON W HO TIIO1 roughly ut dertlandt tha catling and rettia* np of Iwya' clothing. for the llr?ndwnv retail trade. H m ii \ IIII a ri A I <1 . ??I Mr ad way TIIF. ADVERTISER. A SCOTCH* AN. A dOCT U yarra of aye. of rrtpaetaMa ronnealioa, ia dealrom to obtain a altuatlon, ritber aa Clork or Hookir per. la way r> ?pe<tablo uirrnn'ilo oatabliahnwat. I? taruilltr with tha riti Irada. parfaetly aonaaraaat with bookkeeping, and willing to wf*k hard. Raferance yuan Ireru pfraoat emideyar and others highly rarpcatahls. I'lefc..1 nddroM J. 1C.. tlild olli e. will neat with attention. Would not r.l t I leaf the city. SAI r.SKEN. A - - WANTED. AT lit STREW, Swlvricrn, School TenrM r?. Drug Clcrka. I'ortarr liar I h'fpcrr. * n on st- ?tnor>. Karma and llailr.>ada; tjoarhmea, i H ' ill-It JL , Hot I , latrn ,ml l,,4? oib.u, t? #...?..1 all* Cirla nlwara randy. A n ll< into at a di'laaca, iclotlu 111 frta rf datrribiaa th? i luyloym-int raptured, will kt niUi Foijloicr'n f- r mod* rain. THOR. AIM NR. Arnt. HOAKDIIU, dfcr. Board in jbraky citv-oood board can br obtain) <1 in a plaaaant I'trt of Jr,?y City, about twn'y tnlnulaa walk from tha f"rri. for farailma or ainala rantlea bib. A illy to Mr J. CI. An KB, T orry Maa'ar, Jar* y City Board wantrd-ix sotrrn xmookltk, in a pfirata family, wiirr. Uir e< mforta of homa raa bo aaioyrd. by b y?BB( yratlamaa ami wif? (without ohtldraa). | lit f?atiaman hamy kbaoat from dinaar, aianpt on Rnllaih. I'notoriitioakMo Ta'i'ranra ?iT*n and ao.. J d.lraaa B* ? L-;. N-a If* I'ct Offi^ ^fftfllifi J not apply, B'. \i;d M w n rox?i. atko m bar< i \t ?trfkt. A a'ntloinan ub*1 ,, 4 wlf . ad i? o or 11 r*? alnalo ??n tl??i ra. can f* **',it?aly ae>omtuo<latad with ploaannt and l.tndxairlj pori,i#|,?.i roim?, by appIylBj a* alorn, a f?w day o?a'4<.ra ran klao b? aorommodatod. K> fer?B?? ro nuro b DOVRD-WAN'TBD. A AM A LI. I CRN IRIIRD ROOM, D lor a ladt and wltli hoard for tin lady only In a mall family, wVra thara am no othar boar lora, rr f. r r, d. whero ?b? t?rm?dc?at aiaaad *A par waal.. and whan tf err will ha BO r,a?at|oa* Mktd. Addroa' llarrlaoa, li-rtM ? Mao, for two day a. Board i rAXtLI ( an hi trcomioDATF.d with |'l*n?nnt rooma on tha floor, with pantri.w and featli rnori, aia, a laraa room ? tha third Rour, at 09 > irlak (tr? t, a ar M. J I n a Park and Canal WWh Boarding two parlor*. with nr.nnon** ar IftftlH,Ml Of nrond lt^<r. I# lot. ?fparrMv or f-thrr: alr-v one #r two room* on thr third Root, neatly f .rm?hf .1, n ith full of partial hoard -prlraie ttMa if prff?rr?d? at M llmnton ftfffl, ?r?t fio?<f went of Broadway. Boarding.-PRivAtr. rroadwav, onpr.nito Ortfr Lhuroh.?Atran*fra, or ronldenla of thif e it jr. <1 firln* t mporrrj or remanent hoard, will Hail "f> nporlor aero emulation* at Oil* hon?o. Parlors audi el r.oms ?o?nr?lir t, and rttrj ether (onroaieaoa fur ram.lioi r ?io?lf (raliti.,fa. ARPlN!?n OtNTtMMN OH?TRorA "I II \l!\ lax tha Eayllaii lanin.., if? . - *o obtain board la t,h? eountri. or In oof fI tb? r > alllnsrs. In n faaiilf wh<r<'knallrh I* .pokcn and indrrstm4, an-l where i he ran tak r Iterone from a resident In the family. Addren, | Willi l articiilan i.nd terui?, to l.< ? f <9 I'urt Odh'r. HU1CAI,. f I'O CAPITA MAT? WANTSn, mow V ?M til ?.i:. ? ?' A to intend a Irani fMturm* tin-onera already '.alakli I. I Good 'ernrtty will to alrm fur thf am mat advanced; olaa, 1 a fbir Iti'ort it atd : iarr of the profits Pur f-irtbrr parr Ion. i lare. i pp's ?' J. ft i IIA WliON in Rondo ?tro. t. or ' > J 1 I i>RIA, ?V I Prnrl atrret, or ta Heanr*. BAN JAM IW A ( O,, III llroml >trr?t. iiant or BAMfitriir.?notka or Tilt hank or Ir Raliehtry. Maryland. ffdmro'l at ?' p'f ' B. UolGliroN. tM WJuaia Hrr?t? HOI'S Kit, HOOMS, Ac., WARTSD. ^ | WtNTEDTO rkn'i?a small cnnuil, with gsrUm attai hnl, plcuaath altuaton. within tin milne j el II e .it), li IT hull hour's rido hi ears Of hi>?t| irar it, i ,?b ?<r riv,r t?tuU ts |ireforr?J. Ooaupation from | tl? l??t to I hi D'tiMin of August. If n>? :ioAr a -?Ur<>ad or ' It -.1, tuiiUtnr, tLonlil sliti re inire a atabln T^nss must | I ?< u odt', Addr,s? V liaiu ienry, this "Hi W/XTIH 10 Hi \ j . ny, CONTAINING WO TO J IM'tritl til o-II e.t.'liv ,i if l-ind K'ilhtfttOliirii i>| | htise. water .v . ...eiiprcioi u untr n depot, by ! or strainer, f it New I ork. Addrest t' aith ! tl uuaj,statins I ; term., locati- 11. fce.J to G. G II , llttraltl IB;.). 11' ANTF.D-IN HI'Kukln. AN UNFUBNHMCD ?* a I inuit'i t fir gentleman .nd a .f. wituout faiu ly; I Oil at I.) Ihe ferry. addrc* James, ll.rald older, V Y. Hill PL H ANTED -WANTED TG K K N I . Willi I ill ? <-.! about Sept., or before, a aaiall houa-i la liruok| I) u. about lli k, II nry, Willow or Jurilom m street, or ib | ai y ol tl o streets in that neighh rliooit. or in the aeigbhorI In cd i f itsgr liuoa to Fultou lorry. The houao inuat be in % | tin rmrh stale of tepairs, with'dean punt an l pap r Any

I tern u haviug rnin a hi nan to let may hiarof as id naut a he hi. d* chil li en and who doe# not r,< sive n arder, or uigera,) It) addressing I. J. K . boi No JI74, I'd UilW hta York, pint p*ill. with particulars of th? aituatton ol | I t> 11 me, and tho amonnt of rent. ! . . . -= I wo It HA is IE AND TO LET. Fll R 8 A I. E-ON IVI.DNt.PDAY, JUDY TWKNTVlliird, at tiie llur.e Baaasr, No. 31 Crosby traot, a wellmatched pair ot cream colored Norwegian Horoea. alcut ftirticn liunda high with long manes and tails, lie and aoicn years old They are grutlo in hnrnoaa and nndor the saddle, and ono of tn,m a very pleasant hnrao for ladles or lilrtitn The* may bt seen at the etabla from eleven 'clerk on Satorday. the tilth Inetant, until the day ?f aale. lAt.H rALE-THE STOCK, OOOD WILL AND F1K" teres of a Hat Stora. in a bnaiaaaa thorongtiiare up town. Err a man of small means tbla would he a oap.tal ehanoe. Addri se Z. Y. X,, tt is office. I nun hAI. E-TIJB STOCK AND LEASE Of A JT ? bolt Bala trot try aaiAMUhmenl. Tha lvo*t*>ii ia cna 01 th* f.ntii k*i t< ? cily. affording an axoall?nt opportunity far tin* iitT*?tm?ul if % *u?all otuutal moat profitably, Tcrma ar>. Adi rata A. K., at tbia ofT?o*. 1 I.TUK & I E?THE LEASE, STOCK. AND FIXTI'RHS OF j * >P?rtauAi? grocery atore and bar nitaohod doing a good hasiaw* The reuacn for sailing sat is in Oiiimenucnoe of Hie proprietor retiring ffum bnslueue. Apply at lt>3 Sooth Mnii "p\ HIV MAN his own i.anl lord -for sale, f- Tfj ui e ahum in tbo First An>?ri< an Building Aeeooiwtiott. 11 o kdw-.rtoi.r baring six, wlahee to dispone of one. This in A good chance for any one, as it is realising XI per cent., having I leea ee*ablithed four year,. A loo, for tain a aeouud hand ! |tlbo |tHa, IN, Address Jauksen, HMu4oSn> A' liKSI KA liLE COUNKY SKAT.?FOR SALE, A FARM rotate ting of fifty aurea of land, of whioh a O'l.islderble porth ii la woodland, situate in Vt eatchoater county, about ? ? i.tcrii mile* from this city, one milo from Hunt a Bridge > lit pot f the uurlt in Railroad and two mile* from Yunkeni. I Tb? kavn, ? hit h i* at*. elands on nearly he highest ground ! in H 11 tol er tor oonaty, and eouimandaan extenafve pronpcct, 1 h? loifect aalnl rily of the pine*, the pnri'y of tho water, ' and facility or aeceaa, render it very deeirable for perrons | doing I uslm aa in the oily. Stable, ice house, Etc., on the | ni'U ooie Can be seen at any tiino. Apply to E. II. Ludlew, 1 bo. II H all atreel. TO LET OK LKASK-TUK STOKE AND CELLAR No ay Duabc struct. Apply at 4X Cedar street, J r. K (RUr. Tolit-averi l*hc.k u.m,i,-this riEaonri'L , hall is known aa Ftrrtro's uauclnt Ball Room, aud | la rnitahle tor a aoacort loom, or for assembly or miliary | air relet, lie. The locality ia wry quiet. AUo, several tur ; niched r> nine, wnh or without hoard, luuuiro on the preI uitcee, 21 Howard street. TO I.LT?THE VHRY F EH KAIILE TWILSTORY AND altie linnae Id Orand etretl. Postanal >u given the let nt August; or part will he rioted to a small respectable i lamily. Apply at the ahove No. Tti I ET, IN NEW ROCIIF.LLE, A NRATTWO STOIIY Frame Dwelling, jult dniahad. Said house ie pleasant- < IJ antia'id within a f?w dilutee walk of the depit. It will i li rented from tbia to the first of April Apply to Woi. u. butler, No. JAI bioadway, or to J t>. llorton, N. Koohell*. TO l.ET?FURNISHFD, ON LEASE FOR THREE OR four years, a new outrage, painted in the latent Kir yuan rule, lie# a large garden well supplied with trwta and f iw < ra, ice house, aft hling and other ont huUdings: healthy and pli si-aaily located, ak?nt five lulnntes" walk trim Qna! rantine or hew Hrighton Firry. Apply to F. ? BINTON, | Ti n | Vli i?ille, Stateu i land. (hi UNTRV RESIDENCE TO LET ?TO A tJCIET J family. with g?rd?n otahle. Re., at th h ad of Little , . Ntek ha?, n?ar salt water; grap yiuea, on I'ro-pact llill j l ?ru . l'i inmui'lontloo v ihh the farm three time a icy. by etagc, and Flni l.i .v iteamh iat. B. H. COTTER. Rooms at nsc iiroadway.?turnIAHRD rooms to let. en the European plan, at S?? Rriadnay, with I Ik, aeo?n. lajllU, of hatha, in one of t<e tw-t pi it I ( arte of Broadway, n?ar Union Park ; or t ie i ntire honae to let, Inrniahad, to x family. ApolyatNo. (Ullroaiway. F' VKNIPUAD ROOMS TO I.HT, AT H7 CHAMBER* atieet?Two or three neatly furnished Lodging llontns I to let :o gentlemen, * ithout bonrd, or breakfast furnwhad, II' r?s? lied. F CRM 181 id rooms To let?a very PLBASAHT Urge room and bedrc om on second floor, ant one room on third floor, the hours U rery plannnntly sitn&te.l, and boa hot, cold, and alio war hatha. Inquire S*1 Amity street. Boilers for bale.?one, inew.) four fri t diameter, containing forty-right three in. h ton ?, fifteen feet long. alao breeehing nno safety valve; one boiler Sve feet diameter, eoatnli in* eighty nine three inch tubes, fourteen feet alt inches long THOS. FKOSSF.r fc SON, W PI itt street. IIORNKS, f'AHKI AOKta, (Vt For sale?a fair .if heai'Tikci. brown m tuit, lire years old, lib hand high, good in all bat'e^a? ??ry superior rtyle?nil! travel 12 miles an hour m'.haa**. and warrnnUd aound. Alao one ring e home, dark b.-y, I.V. hand* ' igh. four yeara old, and a fa?t trotter, a1". -ranten a< nnd and gantle Can bo rem at llathora'aat 1 lu, cornet of lflth atrvrt nnd Uniersity Place, for two J:.. I/o It sale- ?a fine hlass front oai.f.cii f? r made by Wood, Toinlinaon It Co., at a mat of ? together with a superb p?T? ?* Heraea, pcrfeetlv sgajtd, an I prompt, hbnriaoms drirtra. alao, harueaa, a<;.la ny one ol the I' nrat eily nake-r, hmdagme dreaabllukrta. and two aeta atello hlaakala. fee. iaa. Thenoore will besold . harp tleownaF t leaving for Eur >p? In a few days. Pan he a<-en at the "Nett , tone House.'-New Roehelle. For furtbar particulars, apply . to Wood. Tnmlinaon A Co., I'll Broadway. For saie?a vrnv iianusdme inrn.r muv boyrr .ir > eara old, aound. kind, and gantlo; g .1 nn- | derthassddlr, and will traiuad to the harness; has all tha | rvonia ter for a Pr t rate family horre: would Rut I |M . military berao: and anawer equally well for a phyelcian or \ city rrprera wagon; will la eol.l low If applied for anon, j ' May be rem at lluraon'f atablu, 177 Twelfth attest, near 1 i V n I vanity Place. | xi'w yohk iioksk I1A/.AAH, 11 CKOSnV STREET - | ! AN Anetion .ale of llnrnea, Carrlager, II \rnsi, Sadllee. [ Re., arory Monday and Wednesday, at 13 I'eloek. Porsor.a hat lag pri oriy to dlanore of will please nail and hare It : . regiatersd. JOHN H. GATFIELD, Proprietor. | Ae1ne HOUSE FOKSAI.F. CHEAP A Hi. AI III II. full blond mare. ISI* hands- 9 year* old; kind In aiagie I ( and donblc harnoaa; spirited and gay: ladiee' or gmlV saddle I I horaa; la tha property of a geaU<man who srlla l. -r only for wait ef present ore. Apply ai .Nome nablee, T7 Slith ate- I | uue. ep| osite Elgt th atrrat. HANRSOME. FINE noRSR, WITH UNT fiSM and Harueaa, for aala (chaap, if aold together); faat | traveller, atyllah, young, and aound. Tu be eaen on and ! aflrr Mnrday. 21 at in?t, at Flyna'a stable*. No. Is West 1 imnrrim in? tmnor V" m twi. ? uii niDKii, r>?I*rtl(|l4 7 o'clock I*. M. W'mou ml httMU utile W I win. 1 FfMIE lyUARlAN rONDITIOll NWNM ARF. NOW A arkooa Irdord by ? in Of horot ownora. M tlio | oiily tofo ond p.i.lilv? oiiro fur fitrooy, Alotompor, pink ??t, j iwollcd Icyo. loot 'it appetlt", or ?ant of condition in h?r?e?. flopot, 17 Chryrtlo atroot, "oroor of bayard atrcot. I'rto 1 JO crnla * packag* of ono d??an pox dart. IJI ITBlICTIuI. PENMANP'IIP-MR. OLIVER H liOLDWMITII WILL l*ooloo o limit. J number ?f popHa. for pnrAt" luatruollto Is tl?' art I I', r.m-mhlp, at Ma room*. tV way. I Appll atloa mart bu mada to nay or to-morrow. A Croc and rlrrai't bar <1 will bo , itr?nt-?d to oanry pupil. ATOI'NO LADY. WHO DEVOTE* IIK. II ENTIRE tim? a* Vl.llint l.nremaar, would with a fow more pa | rilo. ! ??!> ? Fnoli-h and Yrrnoh. Ttrmo Buik-rata. Aidrraa " Annrtto, limit oilier. KXPRRIR AURXCIKK, .Vc . ACARD.?TORIIiri'tRSTO OA I.I FORM A-nKKVORI) k < 4Kn>r<fi Our n?i?. 'Iiimifnt ? .11 tiv it ^i? tip UIIIU. on the 2-i h mutant, ami Umt a upper* may himw our fatilitiar for tr*naporttoy aooda Mfod* the lath| RM, W pUU Ml alTMt fr-nt mr .-or,' with M.e?a(itri It Watermaa. the wall Vno*n transportation pro printer* n? tar littmac? " Von may ala aja aamra your patrons that yonr an t in. ahta ?hi|p d with the mall. at,all, la all canon, l,o ?llippvl from this plane with the mall. I'anama. May a, IWI " Onr fooda ahit Md hy tha t'raaoant tlty, on Jiuk Pfi, w?r? for a ard??l front Charred '* the 9th Inly, at tha follow my letter will ptott C nan* re, July ?, KM. Mi ssaa. Hitirmn At < r tlaan r*iri??I'rr ? r?aaent City w* raeelvasl fortynyht pa< * ayes ?ad I'llt'T bti-o. w hieh havo he?? f r w ir lad to l a- I noma witl,oat daisy. V'nra r?apaetf?llv, F.VRRR At W.M RUMa>. late Han Rnanal. ft To. We ramlnd ahlppara il at oar rhsrcen for J- lusriny Row l? in Pan Franelaao arc 9> par c?*i |es? t han t.ha?? af aty other . fxfteis k co . \ ?-y .tras t, Ast .r II uae. j All Mil l F.R At It) A CAI.IFORNIA KVPRFS* 1 will dopatrh tholr naat fretyhte par Brother ,? than Jhth. Thla ia tha only aapresa that p|ye< % anode no traid ateamep at I'anama. ! 13 laye from Now fork. I'vk yoods stater ar >of, an I leaea them at owr ?F??, No. It Wall 1'r .1 ) Itlybt' 1,1 nt III n|s. BKRFOfeD At fO.'B ORFAf CALIFORNIA t.Xf'Rtfllt? thromyh ia thirty day*.?Lett art, three eaata; now*< n. thren oauta, freight, All per a**t laid tha* hy **y other eapraea. Thrnnyh I* chares af apealal meaeeayers. bp | 'tanner Ohio, IHh lad. No. I Veaar at rath Altar Iiim. Kvifvi r. / 1 w UAIil(nnlt, fit thf lotLmuaof Panama, t; Zt^lninMI. Nal on ft Co. I or partii-alara, arply ? ' r. 7. At IIIII ANON k CO., A**aU. -C Wall otrorl. CUITHINO. CAPT orr CU>THINO AND FURNITUEE WAWTEIVLadiaa or (antlatnaa loon or tha olip, or broakln* ay bonoofcrrplng, oaa obtain tho hlahoat eaan prioafur CUtnlna, , Pnrnitnr*. Jbo., b? orntlla* ttirouh tb? root, or at hla roolAapra. L ?. DUPMI-bOKP. 1J Elan rAroot. N. I.- I.adtaa aatondod bo lira. Dnoaoldotp ( * ayr'.rr n,?>TniNn and fprnitvrr wanted. j J "" tghrat trioo oaa br obtained by ladlee and *oolloii. . ?i ? aoo an j loft off Clothlaa. Fnrnitnro, an! Jewelrp, Vo.toAi .-or' f bp (ending, tfrongh p-et o? othorwiaa for i. MCVINATfN, v? Aroa.larap. ap ataira. .affloo tr tfr? fowoffot or t ci.oik' ao tt %.v t.i. i.ainni am? obn > Uciiion <-an obtain a rood prior forthtir loft off olothint, ..paenoing to J. fl,.od*ln. No. 27 Pit* llall ptaoo. Ladle# and rrntlamea waited on at thrtr roaiarnroo. (' A | Ol V < I.OTIIINn AND Pt RMTI RE WAMTP.D J - l.tdioo of rrrtlomrn hartr* anp rnprritnonr Clothing or I'otiiitrrr to A*.poor ol, ooa obtain a fair oarh pn a for t' r ran., bp r?nt!in? for tho onborribrr, at hio r? -I'lenco, or through tho poet. l.adioa iU.m-ud bp Jlrr. Colon. >1. II. COIIEV. ffi Elm atrcfft, (NA*I on nuTUINf. PTENITVEB, WATCnrS.AJfll V Jo*, irv ? aa'od? l.o ? on nib turn hating tha .bow ' di t< oo of, tan r- allaa at loan J* rrr Tant mora than ' "fr ti.for r- l?'d, on aigktag npp'lo.otV>i>. bp ?ot? or ntb-rwtat U IL fnba -Ttbor, at bia o?*ca. f-'AAC U. LVCN, 17 Wall itrort, la tern rt, SAL.IC8 BY AUOT1UH. Aiction .s ??r ke-okocbaiea, mackebel. Ilranriy, S-<a??, W In- *, On Tncaday, July :!?. : t l<( i iu fi >r. t of the atoro. ft/ Dev at root Maekerrl, Salmi u. It->rinna. Kaiaina, I'hei-ae, Filbert*. M'alnnta, Mi ii-o Ten, Ground ?ii. - r citron Angara, Mseeefwu, s op. Hrm-'y. tain. H'liiakay, lllint, Fort, buarry, and Ma (I' ll u, ink, Ulna Oil, IO'J ho tea Lemon Sirup lie. W. A. CaKTKR, Auctioneer, ft/ Itey atrcet. WM. M rotIIICK. AM f lOXKKlt?ST.iKE, NO. II hptu' t .tract,?Stouk of ? b. tuuieil Store, tto?On TkwMUi nt Id .. clock at USftmM street, will be cold the nook of the above concern, r?mo?ed for couveuienoc of ale?rompriainy a .reut y arirty ol llerhe Glaaa Jar?, Botilo?. haioiaoiuu S!io* t'a<<a, Counter., Chute of Drauere, Puuipe, Ao. ' A IN TloN MOTH B iiiwh. hell, aim riOBEB.?BY a II. N B'all II10 . lot k iu n.t: aalea rooiu. e". .ok of Dry Good., t'lotfilog, Fancy and pledged artio ee k:.( &p. Alao an invoice of Brandies, Wince, be., in demijohn I and t ..til.?; "<rnnr?. Ate., Ae. _____________ n B. REVE1.I., AUCTIONEER, H I I.L SELL OS r . Tnoday, July ?. 1*31. at 10', o'clock A. M.. at 180 Ailantlo Crest. Brooklyn. all the atoek contained in tlie tor* of J. W. Prince, competing of Winee, Li<<uora, Sogara, Mrocrriea, Ae. TO CON TRACTORS. DBOPOkALB Fur Mai. ?SEal.En PIAPOIiLI WILL K~ fee r*e< ivt4 &t the Otftctf of the QnartermMter of U. 8 Military uotii th?? 4th day ?! Au/uot next, for tlio delixtry on th<- pnbh< whar. at West Poiut. S. Y., of 1.500 tona lit qvalHv r^al (2,240 1W. per to?) at foliowa, vi?: (foal to to delivered hv the 3)th day of September next.) hOttii* white a*h, tloy?* sue; 600 ton* white a?h, brohcu and ** retumi; Mel ton* red a*h, broken mud acrecned. Ten per rent, -r the let earro, will lie retained until completion ol the order I'mtaaula to he nddroeed, LIEUT. R. P. ' M 1 I U, tfonrt. rmnet. r I.'. 8. Mil. Academy. I NDUSTRIAL HOME A MOCIATIOM, Ml. l.-l'ROPOeal* for draining And grading tie lende of thie aaeoolatien will be received, till the ttret day <4 Auguat. thAl. by D. OwfD. did RroAdwAy. and by John Mcnheaa, on the groaade, near Kant ( heater at either of which place* the plan, ape?ifleationa, and all neoaaaary information pertaining thereto may he obtained. HI8CKLLA KOVM. Green tubti.e.-a laroic QUAE TUT, or all uaea, Juet arrived, and ft r tale by M. Ktit. Kits fi < 0 ,27 Fulton Market. System.?at goslings restaurant, no. si i.iLerty .trait, the moat perfect ay stem prevail*. Gentle men nreevrved with promptneae and diapatch hyiuoat p lite and attentive aaai?tanta. In point of nook my and elegance t i ctyle. competition ia challenged to e^nal it Our teas tro of thu ftnrat fragrance, and the coffee ia pure Mocha and Java n.iaed, and made atrlctly in tne French atylo Far a Sr.t rate hrenVfu.t, dinner, or tea, go to Ooaliug. (the younger.) M Lihurty etrcet. flrat houae went aide of liroau way. SURILKYS-TURTLE SOUP AND OX TAIL ROOF thie day.?Mr. Sh-lley, having for many vea.'i aouglit in vain for couba tl at oould do iuatice to turtle, ha* at leugc i 'it abroad ft r au t xperieuced artiate, aud who arrived hy the last atenmtr. Tie cook'a cyo look* triumphant. Ho awalte the judgment of New York on hi* turtle unnp with t onrtdtrce. Little Neck Clam*, aalt, tundi r, and refreshing SBIUITX- SINC1 MR. SIICLI.F.Y BAA REMOVED I i* kitchen gnmc 300 yard* from hi* ?alo..n?, they aro now the t ooh et eating apartment* in Now York. Turtle Soap by a professor tins day. Ct II IT I I U-OOnt'Ol'L* TIUTI I' aTOlit I 1 U U It' ^ fries, l.obster Salads, Soft Crib* Frogs, Swoonr-adr. si d those very refreshing Little Neck Clam*. so tall lud trader. BILLIARD TABLES.?GEN ICEMEN WISHING TO purclinrs table* will do aril to call at our old stand, N o 'A) Ann strset. and examine for th'overlsos. Always ou band, sloths, ball ex leather, Ac. UjUirjTI It DECKER. T^O SOl/THERN BUS AND GENTLEMEN WiTII TENAdV 1Mb?Ihs Vsrnue Carina U ?, # and Shoos are the oltrat taa est. and moat pliable, ever ulfsred to tlia public. Those rnttcrin* from aneaiy boom will tin I. on trnl, their treat snprriuri y over every oth?r kind ot material introduced helots. k. GEO. hall, 3 Alitor House, Barclay at. FRENCH LOOKING GLASS PLATES. AND ItOUGB riato Glaea for aky lights. from the mariniaotvry ut St. Marl* d'Omnier. for ealo by POLLEN It COLGATE, 27 and JK? Pearl itraot. Cemnta may bo bad ou application. I amps, mantel candelabra*, ciiandelikb*. -A I'lntrd Wa e, Outlcrv, Tea Trays, A". A duo etcok of no* aijle Mantel Branches with and without prisma; Solar I c.npa of Ciirneliiia's pau-nf; silver p'atedon Gurtrau all" jr, leu Sets; I uetori; Basket": Table Forks, i7: Snonne A3 for dox ; will heir engraving. aSIIEK moftuan, 1V2 William, belwtsi Fallon and Anu str-'ots. opposite tbe church. It AVI (IK 3 SU KKIOK TRANSPARENT SOAPSTbi'so ire the only really Transparent Soaps made in the 1'nitcd Slates, and the cnlv once that have ever taken lirst premiums at tbc Fairs in Philadelphia and New York Busincie established by tbe father of the adveriierre in IMlh 1 he above with a variety of our other well known Soaps, art sold in Now York by liatilano, Kees-i Jk (to.; Brewer it Kinnelly; D. Berrien. Jr.. it Co.; K. B. liaviland & Co.; Ila.-kell A Merrick; A. li. it D. Sands; VYiu. II VYood ft Co ; rbomsi Ik Kast; Kusbton. Clark ft Co.; Bloc ft Smith. CO A I.-HAVING TAKEN A NEW YARD. AT THE corner of Uocrck and RiiIngton struts, in connection with my Old EitsblUhed \ aril [. Kin a and Green with ikestt 1 mean to tell Coal of the beet quality, as usual, vis quick siles and email nroBts, forQAsh only. Bed Ash, from b oit, delivered, H, White Asli, p-l 7&- from vard. tA e-,nts m to. f'F. I EK CI.I NTO.N. vi II, liner y at KEDI'i KD PKD'iS-m ADAM i*I 1 e'in, from Peris 3.19 Broad way. C'biacso Buildi t. kiefs leave to iuforin the ladies of New Y >rk,and > boas visititp tiis city, that in order to inaas roomier hermit inn- rtatiou "be oilers to sell at greatly educe I pries tie remainder of her French sntna r imp ri d Ails, Craps, eu 1 Straw lloancte; alio Kibbon.i Floe err, fto Fans?a large quantity of ?ilvkk< paper. h| aiiisb, and other lanry kin I" of Fane, rut roee'.ved, to .Id cheap by M. KEPLINIi, SI Hal Isa Uaa. . .............. i. ?. ... . nr.. r.i . a..., n > r. I, r...a ? X ??K rtni?iil of long and short Mack la<-? Mits. ?n4ri t ?iui>lity. aud rery cheap; alao. anli'ilca st-i.t of tl iilm Trim uii ,1 ! ?. it. .at rBTER ROBERTA', t<r It To CilUiOl Bl' I I.I) 1Mb iriOURW, ate. fc tkiliUHlNtiinm*iMuiaf* rpotioylatnd N > Otlear Hot a, of Lite >|tia)\ty brat adaptaJ ? > tl if p trp t- ?, rad would it.\ 11tha atO ntion ut the t r?dr to tr.o ratuo. 1 or chop, a ship, ty CLARK A. OUDON, V*5 lire td sir* ?. Naii>ii kails; i kails!i ran quality wrought an.I eat Natl*. Rpikea, Ate., or ovoey van. ty ami s l, s, ft tho inat.iifa?ttir?r f v. r.v I uv?t prints. for f>la ly fll \RI.KS 1' 1. It'hlK, III Ch.vnl-Ts street, ucar .. .. Badaaa hi.. r Railroad D?p.t. Ill UN BY E. CWLLEN, I.ATF. H A RIlER > V II') A H D 1 thr ftraahoat "onlh Anirrh a. Jo ssriify that JONES'S t .ral llair Rt-torf tivf i> th? boat article I roar deed for <!i?a?tt g. noltening. rl.aatlag, and Looping the hair a long lima roft, clran, and Hue; t ft roes the hair to troat, ?to|? it falliay. carta aaari# ia. Soldoalyat ufl Broadway. SAIT RIIKrM, HITUIV, SRYKIPSLA8, B ASSESS' Itch, arc (,ft?n earon k> JON K-fj Italian ('Inimical N >ap. when etery kind of remedy hatiailtd That itanrm pimple*. frc<-klca. aad taa. all kaow who hao irt lit | '.tnrtadark or yellow ft in. white, tine, and ule?r aa an ts'ant' Try it; you'll he pleased, liot it only at MB Broalnay. Mlad, f'h TO TIIE SICK.-DR. VON HERAMITfl WILL BE IN an oiianec at Mr oftloo. Id- Howry, from V A M. to ti P. M? fur thctr. annual of all ilifeaatj ol wo, woan a, aal ehlldroa. Consultation gratuitona. IfAN ANSWER ion THE CERTAIN CfRK OK dropfy. hronchilia, and iierems lotdaeh*. of thirty yean' standing, by the use ol M rstts' Nen .u? tntidoto. It latr.awioat uurt.rlul vri parailan in tlm ? A\HAU Kt UKR, MJ t'aniiun atrr't. iWpit 108 N*?pan atrial. 1SRK MOST W OX DERI L'L I'KRI* % RATION IN THE *11u ? oh, i.uw I ?i?h i mM Ml mrrnj of o# ?rrat |.n? ar It han atvod lay lifn, and alrea tan haalth nnd atriiit'h II taiPtltn a>' In llunK of oaa l>< ttln of M att?' N?r?oua Aniidoto ciiriujr mo ni a runfiiinftioii, o>>nah an J rhi u initniii.?LK IITIA IV K lihuN, >aa1 Uwli ilrtii*' rrai nivairmi ium uis notiimmodal 1 tn tlio now* I hovr, of h-lag rurml ol a vhilont rli -um i lum that baa la*i-;d alt wrcka, la the ui>ot r rut nUn* a?opy. by the ? ? of Walla' N annua Antidote.? fBOA. *. Ill I .If K. !:* > (?rrrnwlih atrnef D'pnt KM Naaaaa air*.'' NEW IORK AMI KRIK Tl I.KiKII'H orili C. MK.itcbaata' Ktthat'tr.?Aak fof P. IV. Plafchf ; ?i?f? MM kanva idp tharp. I ha?* b?pn rrwelly treated. fuppad and blletrrd far tV ometieni and bp uroliria la llM Inm I was loir month* la II a - II fait J. no I "p ut * I Rot a battle of Watta' Nerrotia Antidote; tovnty-fanr hour# ai'f*r. and I ha?a ant l?an troaMad with any pain. ,'u-t If quire?avert one kn?w haw I woo elfin tfd infill I'INKIIAM. 1 ?n ena gel It at h - Naaenu afreet. ISO Tilt tl TI It Till)-E. RYRNF.. RNdLISH IFI iron. Phi npian. Rg., baa boon f.f fr rty-tac JVtr 1 la <?" leotite proelita In L<>ndea, and eor.>? all namM* dieardaft. aratp f r fhnnlo Prrart .true, Eernfalh, Iroptlip. ITIm-maa, and I utanni na dii e<tee*. (Jest. "jphllte. and all I nperi'i-e of tba E load, dlaoafpo nf tho Lli-r and l.nnaa Alao of ftmnloa and rbildran. Adrian daily, at hia r?ilenen. pornor of Efnat ond ?trot etreeta, Newhi;r*. Situation aad air lurbly Iptfll'lil far laralida. Or Hats not A fiw in:. ? htoh, tho I ant tenth ofj oly. W'K trnubloaonm rrrtnlu I a??a. And bpfnro dftj two, Thp rat* a III hp ao i?w, Thoy'll ho >-a?od and bo kopt to bo eeeit. For Line'a Pllla oad l.y >n a Powder Maka hi* fan* trow laud an I lend-r; Mankind will hlpaa with their laet hyeuth. And rata will cqree him a'aa ia doath. Tail no not In nanrwfwl nuaaWra, Lift U hut. an pnpty droaani R d hnya may ho put in alum bora, L'r a nhuh aa mnrrnwa iImoi l.YOWri Dcpil, 431 Broadway. Matri?o?t kamc fart. or now to win a Lortr.? Pn U*i?n, o( lx>nd"?, b?t>| ?rrt??d lb I'.oaton, will trad t.. *a> ad drew. oa renaipt of oar dollar, poet paid plain direct i-aa la enabla la-Mea or aantlemi n t? via ll>a anaotad af?act? nf the opnoetw aat. The ,-rnAdat l? tin. pie, hot an napaxatlnc. thai all may ba r^afrud, liratractive af ata, aM?arti."n. ?r roftion; alii laat thangh ?"? laaat, it nan be arret.ard with |a?haaee aal delicacy, that detention la linpcdatble Addrrea. Profeaaor Mtwhon, Rotten. Man* hnlittat taban from tha I'aat <>?aa. an lata Ihn paetace la paid. Arrival or or o. w rorack. atmv Dr. C. w. Hobnob. from fwaden. Profraeor of A?troln?y, Artronemy. I'hrrnoloty and Onniaaaay, baring Jnat arrived from Philadelphia, wnrr? he haamat atlh vhe mnatnatranrdlaarv anace* far 'ha laat four jrnara, oflere a< w hia errviera to the eltlnna nf New Tork and it# vicinity He can h? annulled with at Ma rlllan. orhylntten, If pra-palcl. and ha la prepared to mah? nan of hia power on any of the following topica ? Bn.lannaaf all deaeriptiona; trarelllnitby la derate. eonrtehipe advice tlma for thnir anrcnaafnl aeromplnlitnent: eprrnlatina la atneha, niamhanillaa or real aatatn: tha reeev rtnr of legneiee ia dlapntn; the pnrehaeint of tii kett. end the'af'ty of ahlpaatnoa. 11" alanhaahad tna honor ol receiving a cnrtlfl. al? from tba Honor able John Rcrnedctte. formerly Kia?of Aweden. allchltwlll give him rreat pleaanrn la ahowiat ti thoaa v ho faror Mm with a call; ha atro offer* l.iaacrt icra roeprotinahralth. wraith, and marrta*.', lev* affaire, Jnnraean, lawenlt.a. difflinltv In hirtnew. framl.? hn.aa and death: paat, nrraent, and fiitare rvaata, and all tha c norma of life, and invitta all to rail aha arc aiHirtrd corporally or mentally. Tonne? l.adna "ai eta. f.rat lemen SI. Natlvltlaa oalmlaaed and read In fall. aotordlnn to tha oraeloa and maaonliaa *t?na, ladlra R|; rratlcmra tl Wl. Natirltlca aajciilatr l ancording to I inornate) , for ladlea fit in full f t tianllaman tX l? >nll |t". IVranaa at a divtanar c?a hara their nativltlca Ira ? n l y acndlna the data of the Jay ot their Mrth. All lett-ra eentainir* tlir ahovr fra will rrrclra Immediate attention. and natirltloa will M arat I" any part of tha I'aited Metre. vritUn en dnraMe ( fcr. All I ttera. on an? nf th? above tonka II poet-paid, all! be anaaorr.l gratia. Iln offl-e it at h W blt?eirret, two bl.nke bvlow lima.'way ( A AIId-MR*. I'rrwrtfr, frf'tl I'll 11, Ml f.I.I'l'T A J tendere her awrlece ta ladlea and (rrtlevten nf thlt ity, Is Aatroloay, Lorn, and Law mattera, InVcrprrtin, "re ,-ir., Ae.. by oeke end ectcnea, eenetantly relind on bj fap Irenj and Will tall the name of the lady or amtlemar bay wit I marry A >o t'.a no mea el thn rlcitcra Reaidcntt t]l tirand (treal Udia* lily caiM. oMdollat f I A3tt DhtllL\'IK, ! JkTIBLO'S.-rNUSI'AL OOCl'KRBNf:B.-<SN katvk 1*1 cay orcuia* iaet one of Mr. burt- u . cmw mux ,a tl,? drama of thu TOOUl <SS, *ee rerelred with >uoh maaile.tatiube of applauee, ti at ua mcon of it >u eeLed for > k th? whole .win ii0** 1*1 rolieennenoe avthi unuaual to*n *, .traiiou, it will l.o rtp<aiel to-night, Tncrlay, ?<i July, with the c.,iuir piece of the BKEAC11 OIT PROMISE, ? 1.1 H Mr. Hurt iu will iIbc appear. 1 TESTIMONIAL TO MK. U \R3UALL, LESSEE of THE Broadway Theatre ?There ?ti a lame and highly r*. apt <! meeting of the friendt of Mr Marehall. hold at '.h? Aalor ilouar. on Friday ovtniag, wImb c.*inmltte<j? wen* formed and the propoaed object rtt taken apie a buaiaaw I lit e manner. The meeting wat a J J r ?.?.<! by eavaral dletin gt.lehtd gentleman, who were unuunooua iu Heir nipron- io?p I of the wurthintee of the recipient of thie general tribute <rt rerpeet. All cominnnieatijne on the eubjoct are to ha ad drt-eeed to Doctor Ounokenh M, Secretary of the Committee. Office. Broadway theatre, July I'd, KM. 1T>I E DRAMATIC JCBILFE. IN HONOR OFgE. A. Marahall, Keep, Mauag. r of the Hroalway Yneatrw. All ruDiiuonicatione in relation lo thin tietiumninl are to be addreaaed to " iir. H 1. ifuackanhoea, Beor-itary ef the Committee, liioauwav Ttiaatro. Now York." Atlantic cakdf.n.-cnder the .new propri etorahip, tkla popular plane ie root ring a large and In ' creating patronage. In addition to the uaual iiaeriee ef I theeeaten, the proprietor hae engaged Sbeltoa'e oeiebrateti , Band of Mutio, which will play, u pleaaant, ererv Tneedan I and Thureday evebing ofeaoli week. Admittaaoefraa. MUSICAL. I For balr?a very uandsom* and costly ia oond hand Pianoforte, Boetoa made, la good order, will be (old at a great eaerifioe. la ooneeuaeaoa of tha family breaking op boneel taping. Apply to N. P. B. O0RT1BS, Agent for Hewei' American Patent Action Piaaofurtea. No US Broadway, where it nan he eeen. MCSIC.-.IHOSKW OOr PlAMOFORn. OF 0. Sin and 7 <>eta?ea, f* r tale or to hire cheao. Prtees fclO, 1130 and bifWl? ?r to hire at bJ. t-i. >1 nod fl> per month. Alec, oue Mai. .gany at mid a variety of Cutter. Aeoordeong end Violin*, cheap Apply to M Ill'M IDA Y, a teaeber nl the above, withelnging. at Ml Grand ehreet, near Mottetrect COTTAGE 1*11NO FORTE.?FOR IMMBDIATB SALE, another of Scott e eel-'hrated and Juetly admired laetrun cute, which for |*oecrful nud rivn quality of tone, with ej.|uialte touch, it not to b? equalled. Ifnrtu new, and pot'ceting all the latest imi.rov in.nte of England. Nag ranted. To be Men at .M Lairht etrent, Pt Jchne Park. VHK Tliav. F^MON COlH-it, LOMQ HUN D ?TROTTING - TUB C. tollov iiitt Purses ar?* l> --d, tooome oif ae follow*.? No. I, fept. 5?.?I'ur-o S'iV). with an iu-tds slake of ft ISC. li. ft., mile bent.-. best in live, in harness. J D Medina eitirsgr. g Vermont; 8. M<l nurmi enters b. g Pothsiu; <>. Dimmiik enters b. it Jack K liter. N o 7, 8cp?. Id?Purse b'J50. with an inside stake ef **5C, h. ft , two in 11 - he-its, in hnro.-st John Ciller eaten b. ?.. l.ndy boeoow; J I). PcManti sot- re gi. e. Verm ml, Mo l... ngMiu outers b. k r.'Ilium. I). Dimmiok euter* b >. Jaol K..->lt?r. No .'I, Sept. 2J ?Purer $.1'0 with an tumde rtabi of fts.".h, f h ft , three mile heat*, iu harness. John Cutler jirt?r?too . Ladi Moscow; J l? McMaep iters gr g. Vermont; 8 M.l.s'gllin enters h. g. Pellihui; O. Di.nioiok entnre b. g. Jack f ossits r. No. 4. Sept. SO ? l'erse $W0. with an inside stake of i, li. ft , two n>!to heats, in hari.vss ff.'? for all stallion*. Jo?. | h Rochi l.'iu inters hr. h C tV 8. Kc.-d enter oh. h. Hi p|n; J. If. Mo-Mann oncers b. h H'ii. It Juhuien JOHN I. 8NBUIK8.C. Proprietor BWWTIWW. MATfll BOAT HACK-A MATCH BOAT RACE will take place ok the Jolyaian Pi. I In. Itubeken, ihw atternuon. at two n'clojk. Distance, n?e miles, for (>ns lluedre.l Do lars. This rsco ttiru-n o?o iiieraMu Lilerest among aquatic sportsmen. BXCDRHIONR. ("A RAND KXCI'KSION Tt) HltlDtiAPORT ?CAPTAIN M Basaliom a Company ..f the Pint Regiment Amoriaait hitter, will make an excursion to llri.lgap rt in the "maimer ALItt.ispt Chaa. Vt "ika. on ihorsday. Jnlv Atth. Th-i boat, will icaxe the pior fo. t "f Dibertv sirest, North river, at ti \ M. Returning, will leave Bridgeport at 'J P. M Atkio... n's Bra"* Hand will ace .tupanv U.e iieunton, and arran .rcnta will he made f t dauuing on hoard, with refr<-ln>. nts. tie. Pare fifty o-nis lor tlio oxctrsiun. IX] Sill Vol BANKS-F t I! E li'S CENTS RAOU fi'AV r The steamer N I M Itol) will 1 ive the foot of Bnonw a'rett 7KA M.. Cat! anui stre 17 3ft. Pi. r No. J North rieer. S. WaniUiond strict, hh, o'clock lixit, lishiug tiookle, and r< frrtf tr.cBta provides, A per#- n -.ill be ou board to wh-ot. the tiahii.g ground. r&IAMV PIC KIC AND lOTlLLON BXOWION IN It hi nor of Wayne t liat'trr. N V. it I'. A. Th first wo noil Pie Vie mid Cot-lion Eaenrai n ol Wayne As?ooiatioe will fako place at ttie hraui.itul ml rouiautte vt lage et Nyatk. on W ednmday July .'si. with tho spaoious aud ! niueeat steaw r South Amcri a. and too now and aplenjol | doullo decked bargo Washing on. Sh Don's celebrated l Amiriosn Corn.-t and Cotillon bands hare been eagnged for I the occasion, lie Pew's ifrovc ha? hoen soourwd fur the eom ; puny. Dinners will I e pro'id J at Perry's Hotel, f ,r SOoente I eai h i rjrriages will h?- in remdmes to oonvey the nompany to Oil' lllll < rwictery. rcocls'aiia > Ul. riermout. or uif part of the surrouiidii./loniury Tick, te to admit a lady 1 and rent'eioau. *1 earh. Extra Isdias' ticket* *11 cents, which cm be ol tiilm d of F. npteri I Min V. nrhls, Frroldant, I 9Ccrn*lin ?tr?'t: Jacob ?hru">s, Vic I'reailonl. JiGnv* 1 street; K. 8. 1>>I bois. Seer, mry, I I 'Jriciwieh aveauo; J. ! E. Kent, Jr., Treasurer, .it M UouriI atraet; tluorun C. Newman, ?l?i Front itrc't, or any of tho member* of tho t ('harder. The Boat will leave Uclanrey struct at ,y poet 7 . ' I'i?r N? .1 V K . <4 off : < anal atn et, H; :Uunn i'i4 airm , !? |.au h, and Eighteenth ttroet, t, put A, a. M. Tht 'lo I limited. HURRA ? < > K FIMIKT tl'TAIN SMITH, IF Tlli'. itftmrr Bd'YAl O, agree* to pay tire loll vre t itlsu J r. r? II ?Lc rah he tin- lar* rt ?a has* > r hi ink Bah, and l*o 1 toilers lor the rmxlle-t ltsh. wl o h may be en igM ou hi* boat, ou Monday, July ill, and T ? -J. JJd. pi r.AM? EXCCRMONS TO CONKY ISLAND. laht? Ul In* at Fort flemilloe aaoh way?Far* Ilk Cent*. Tim new And aplendid atcanicr TP.OJ AN, Oapt. 3. N. Hi dm-.D .will make dally oi nr.ilniat > Con<vy Island, furtheaei ion, lriving a* (oll"wrnWnrr Inp Trip? From Sprtng atrooh at halt paat fi o'oloe'a, VW and hall-put 12 and at.)*, f r- in Tier 3 N. R., at half-pact 6, 10, 1 and d o'clock. I Momma trip from Fort lioniiltoa at K A. a. EXCVH8IONSTO TOY FISHING BANRSKVBHY DAY, caicpt Saturday*. 'I ! * rea si earner BUFFALO. Oapt. Su ilh, lcavra tli* foot of fiinruond *tr*?t at TV o'clock A. M , C'anaJ itrrrt at 71,. Grand etrrrt. t R.. at 4(4. Oatherinr atrnt at <)a. Fir No. S, N k., at !> .' luck, rwtnm InahvSF. M. Htlnnt tackle bait, aad mfrubiaenta, provided. Far* 15 ehts cai'i way. ~TniC WATKHINO FLACKS. uayimon iiottl.. new kochci.le.-thiamai'I I tilully situated family moosi .ti n new prepared te aeI e< r.iniodets fr n.ilin and nt> in for the aua-aa. en r?a-oita' I* ! t*rm*. (.' mm imcation. left at tb? t lintm llotol arill b* ( to. ! \f orris house.?by japor wolcott morris. .11 I nnr Branch. m'.om >nth County. New Jersey, -('so I connection with any other llowec |-T . Mi* public.?Thie i hons.. ic annelid on the ma -(in oi the AtlawtM Ooean, *iw , Tracing a front cf on r SO fact. Fainfiee wl-hin* be a peed the reason at a waterier place, ran he ar uuamedwied > '.ho wioet C 'taforlahle menaor. and on moderate terms. Far 1 ti-nlar attention paid to th* eomfnrt cf ladlea. Alea, por Ur*. * due*, lienors, and sr a a r- always an haul. fPRI I s DBRR1GMBD Bi".'- U1TI To inform Rin i M. patroat visitinp Newport that h? hu this itafti lleate. ?htr? Iblf will r?n.?in t?r th? inmm. r ~??ana. IIOKACK P. ioVES. Rldinr Academy, 137 nod IW ifrwi !'*?'. THAVKLLEM' GUI OB* AfTIRNOON BOAT I OK CO/-/.E.VS" POOR. NIff borith and rnrylikr?|*ia- laudm* at Oaldnall* Oold Pyrin*. Cora wall ard Mill n?far* >i noli Tn* fact ?ail iai tl- airT I'ula I'Uat. Capt riiu. nd rf, will Ua*ttlM pH r ImI ol Rarrlay stroT nffi at 4 Vataak. r?tarniar. Mill l?a?* r. aahkr. pat- at di 'clook. A. M. NEW TORE AND rUI!.APELrtIIA-NEW TORE and PklladalpMa dlraet.-IMtod P . u*a Mall Ua*.| rhronyh In 4 H lionra. ?la Nn* J?ra?) Railroad. Tata ralno?d to A.I for Sratalae*. and Rt D) for aaoond ?!*#*. Una?* Ntw York *tf A. M., from fnnt r.H.'oartlnid (troot; aad a* I A. II. and 6 P. M.. tr on foot of Mharty atroat. La*** Pr*; and t H M.. froa klta faat *1 4Pa?I MtMMi PAMDKN AND AM ROY RAILROAD LINE PROM KKV i I' Y rk ta PMIadalahla-l tare PlorNa. I North JUtar b? iWaratx at Jl UN, Morula* Uao, at ftf?it> K Aftarnona l.iao. at >1 a' 'oak. Tar* by ottbar Una, IN forward dork. It laltnat Una at I y?lo*k r. *4 I fair fll IA U BLIP*. Uaat LIUCUHA. ! 1?A!T INDIA T<IMI' Al t RRRWKD BY Ba<9 t-J A Co., It I. rl'n or Tr?ot. Kac'aad ?TMt daltotoa*. ta | fr?*hin? u. in HIT be??r?e* ?"? oalvar*a||y r* waiaaadad bjr ; Lja mo?t .ylr at phj/iclm | la karoo*. A manna, aad *k*> Tnotee, bnl oa'y ? a Intl" hn". aim "or it* anti J eaye plia and aim lat?tl?atia* noalltlat P?r ?al?. plat# and **art*. la ouaniitia# la e?it yirrl>*??-r* b* th# imyrtne. U P. LRTM RKI iHil. and IW Pal ton atraot. d~1t l^*B*4 ri fll IN BROWN PTOOT. BAR.n.tY * A* I'lrkinrl ntn I' r'.r *' nr k9?M Alo. p,.a?'a r* I kirk aad Ttnint a Oln?? 4* -ptata mI i<iarta,ln lino ordar. for anln la luantdiaa tram ana Anna* bottloa tn ll? mki, < I ?i?M l"ion ??h, kj IM tmanrtrr, > i mum i dor ni aad ?* Mv?arMi A I.HAN V AaDTAOTSTO K \ LK*. IN ARALL IK. alth tap, at >J oath?aaltad far famllp ana, aa4 da. li?-n ! ft-o c( -ap? n ? la an> port <?( tha rtij Imm4 tar to M fotaratJ Vhaa antfl). I ho rtltbrata) Iraa4f Ator.. d.'il Brooao airat t a. ratf of Traabjr. DA 1.1 IMORR S 01.l> ATOKR IB ATI LI. ON UANP AT All Draitaa atraat, oarnar af laHwrj. liajpb'Ay It"** tha aland aad Ita talahrlt) fit a good alua. TV pa ; krona may dorand >a tny Aloa. l'?rVaf, Aa. I hata mad* amaroononta f.?r a \ try largf t*pi>lr tot ?ho "omkaa aaaaa*. R*apa< ifuHp voara, AMHKORR DALLIBORA. |?t ROI ? roRr i ANDINO - I::*I ?'PR*, ualvr-. '*ettt?ra, fad Indian barf la H>trraa4> Pari, four ?arb hrtnda. ft. Martin and Ikaataa. landlna pat brlR Art*-. la, and Ivr aala, h? l.'A/RT A AbTOI*. *? #? onn POZAN AT. dlLIT* Cl.A*?l-"?ARI1? 1" ?v" Ha. aad H.a. fat data*. Alto *? d >aaa AL?*topha, at 17a. for d<??n, j Ixilaltt roknrnad) at tAtoalnatat 1 Brand) Aloft, 4.41 Ar ml f?r???. ooraufof CP* MP- P. " Vr rj anfarlor At. Julian aad Chntaan Mna*an* Claaata. ('Hull R OLI) LONDON DOCK BRANDIES - High aonn -- dnrnW A?ortalla4?.aa4. ln-f Abajrlaa-riafrt afth? boat fmp?rtod In oa> of | doaon onobi Uladon Prrk porta. Ma4*lraa ef th? m??t ralobraka i kraalt Chnmt aarft aad albof a inoa. fur tula In bond of la <|uantltt?? lut Jofi f"r"aaor.. I , ? IM RTU H K I DtlR, A? and *A Palkaart. rAXTRAORPINtRV IMPORTANT, ANO ?ny. i A aaaiai f?f I oadladloa, Parmara, laahtoptra. Aa -I. 111 now i tnadlan aim ?t " ?t frao mottadfor aniiiu ?r>* rr?it f>r hatha*. hrwwio*, he. t. A ? ??'Sr/Vi Vrrb"bf hr*ib? taaaola,A-II ? *.*. AM, f natii. *a4 Hoar b**r. at lb* aataoat tow ail** at , for ab'nt ill qaarta. Artt'tiai |l for ob*h ta th* bb4*T who * til KAP bar# o?If b r*w 4aft. b? lilt * > nfoat* th* maaafaetwrta*. n?Ab t-??a, i* th* 4*> "?*. trot" ?to 3 OIRA AD, * h?U Hrwat * INDIA ItlBHKH UO'IDA. B At ILIA AT Dlftt OTEAiR* -" TH* DICAflTATlON of Tbo*. Fwhank. Kao , I omBlaalobar of Catania. tf th* wta nb? of Dap "a Boat wm4*rf?l Ataoaaori"?. "lb hoaor of wli-h" t* para b "awlaot 4tbb*r" ib W aahingt ob laat viator. Till* 4iaoo**rp, bowarar, taaa Ibwlinatlv* m-r-lf Th* p*)Bant t* Uo?4r*ar la IM7. of ttW lor b lioobM t* work anilor Qoo4paara Fataat, wMth Dap bat onlr lat*1r 'llaoorot 1 it of ao nao. I* a *r??t 4l**?*rrp( bnt bbAo too lata t* boaoflt Mb. Oaf'a *4ar of (00 rt'an for th* ooaalotioa of larrinrar* oa OwoApaar'a Potaata, * Mch h* hlmr*lf ha* h*?a the ehhf, a*4 I* a*w th* oalf la frmitor. wa* a hrillioat e*b**t>tl<.* of Oar'a. anf wwAawbt?0lj artrinat with Mm. Dap'* J'teaoarp af Onw4?*a?'**roat toot?t of Tnlcatililbft Rubber a fall paar hafor* Wi apfttabtii a far hi* pat-tit th*r*fcr at aa eir?w a to Oaf af a?i? M CI 4 t* a moo who h?4 l?arn*? th* *' ft la D-Mjaar Ha* rw. ?* a Ml' at *>hil tl. n-f lot-otlaa (aataa. an4 a* foroa a trililoa pr f ol how elo**lp *a* In tan tor wtil aaaaa ilmtf Mtrw >m th* ha-la of tact bar.

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