Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1851 Page 1
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11 mm n i.a T H WHOLE NO. 6846. ABUIBOKnT*. DOWER A THEATRE-BOXES, y. CENTS; PIT. l.''> j J oent*. Beat* in Orchestra Bazas, AO oeuta.-Doors open *t a quarter pas'. 7, and the curttin will riso at u quarter before B. Wednesday et euinit, July 21, and continued during ilie week, the spectacle of aZAEI., the Prodigal?a>.a*l. Mr E. Eddy; HcuLon. Mr. Gilbert; Amenonhis, Mr. Tiltou; Nein:oud, Mr. LclliiizMel); Sethos, Mr. Moore; BuoharU, Mr. fone; Jeream, Mr. Jordau; Jeiilitele. Miss Audcrtou; Nefta, Mrs. Stone /.enita. Miss Hllfert. The performances will commence vi'o the comedy of A HUSBAND'S SECRET? Mr. Lupuis. Mr. Goods!!; Thomas, Mr. Jordan, Mrs. Dupu?s, En. Neodham: Angelioa, Miss Barber. National theatre. Chatham street.-boxes. 28 cents; Pit. 12)4 ?t'C Oroheetra Tickets, SO cents; Private bo? Tickets, $1. Exclusive Private Boxes, admitting oiiht pernors, Wednesday evening, July 23.the entertainments will ommenoe with the M Vs I'EKliiUS CHIEF: or, ileroos oI 1 sid--Chief, Mr. J. R. Scott; Major "Willou^hby, Mr. ALW.Teylor; Mr. Fleming, Mr. Fredericks; Lieut. Elliot, Mr. J M. Cooke; itinera! Scott, Mr. N. it. Clark The whole -o conclude with the drama of A Z. 1, : or. The Old House at Home?A/ael, Mr Fox; Ruben. Mr W. Taylor Bochtris, Mr. Stafford; Nimrod, Mr. J. m. Cook; Jepbtele. Mist C. fox;, Mies 1 udlc:n Brougham ' i.VCECM, broad'a* ay, near broome street,?Dress Circle and Parquet, .VI cents; Family Circle, 25 cents: Oreliestra Stall Scuts. SI: Private Boxes. Si , JDoors Olasn at 7Sj to bogiu at a o'clock. B >nelit ot Mile. A cdii 'sdsy evening, /uly 2d, will lie performed, fur the first i time, LA HOLE DE de Ca.mgay, Alone. Bresmni: Chimprigaux, Mens. Durleux. Will be pro lo.U'd, El.LE F.ST FOLLE?Sir Bernard Arleigh, M. Robert K' Uip Lc Doctcnr Yolluck, M. Durieux. To conclude with I.A MAITKF.SdE DE LANOUE?Vaodere Pemtre. M m.. Bressiani; Le ('urate Oatrogotf, Muna. Durieux. BARMM S AMERICAN MUSEUM - VDMITTA VC1 to the Museum and Performances,-> centan children, !}m cents The comic pantomime, VOL All VEVT, tn a filoh Pbillipe MarUnetti will cross the stage on a single Kile tweive r * high, a font never bolero attempted by any irtiat except Gabriel Kavel. WedDesday, July 211, same eplendid pi rfirmances; Afternoon, atli. Evening, at do clock, hope Fanta-t.s by I.eon Juvelli and Ilerr Cline; beautiful .Dance, by Mile. Doloreaind Mnn.. Entree"ualea. Tli? atnufim farce, entitled LONDON LODGINGS. Comic Dance. After which, the new comic pantomime. VOL AU VENT? haractera hi the eelebratod Martinetti Family. Tho llappy aiiiy can tie seen at all houra. RAYMOND A. H?RR DR1ESBACIUS MENAGKRIE.Thi* celshralcd Menagerie?tho largest and beat ovn- I iucted in tho known world?embracingaituoat every animal .'mown to natural history, and which haa received the pair "nits and applauae of hundrcdaof thousands of tha mutt rcspeotaMe and intelligent people of the United States, haa f ust comm.nice J a moat brilliant anmmer campaign, and will vialt tbc principal cltiea and towna of New England in the following order, vu:?Kennrbunk. Me., Saturday, July ldth; ?'3aeo, Me, Honda;. Slat; Portland, Me., Tuesday ami Wediraday, 22d andZU: Vnrmouth. Me., Thursday. 21th, Brnua ciek. Me., Friday, 23th; Bath. Me.. Saturday. 2tith; WUoaanet, Ma.. M indjv, A5th; Damariaootta, Tucaday, itPth. A CARD?PROFESSOR ANDERSON. TIIC GREAT Wiaurd it tho North, bega most respectfully to Infirm he citi cnaof tlie United States, that he purposes embarking n the steamship Atlantic, on the twenty-third of duly, and { will ha\ < the honor of making bia Brst appearance in Atneria in th.a city early in September, and give a aeries of his irand Soirees i autasti|ues, the particulars of whioh will te detailed in future announcements, and solicits the honor of their patronage. PUEATRICAT. NOTICE.?THE RICHMOND (VA.) X Theatre, will he opened for the ensuing season, early in September, undtr the management of dnhu S. Potter It Co. Ladies aid gentlemen of acknowledged talent an 1 respvtaoility, wishing engagements for a season of ten months, w.ll plsase address, post paid, John S. Potter, American Hotel, sew Fork, or apply to C. T. PAKSLOK, Theatrical Agent, -At r ton's Theatre. T*0 ETHIOPIAN PERFORMERS?GENTLEMEN OF X taleut in the above profession, wishing to make pcrmalent engagements tor the next season, will please make immediate application, either by letter or interview, tithe .ironriotor, GEO. LEA, Franklin Museum, 175 Chatham oyxart. A person that understands nroduoing " Buries pie Ipnas" eon also meet with a good situation. The season sill! eomin .-acc about tho 19th of August, and last eleven ; months. I TO LET ? A I \R|.E EXHIBITION HALL, .11 BY 115 : feet. Y orstle cheap, a great bargain, Calyo'a l'anora- I ma or the Connecticut river?a anpcrb inveitment to make i "' '"''" nlth a email capital. Apply ?o Mr. STOPPAN1, I .rfio. JtH Dr o>J ? t>. MUSICAL. JfrOR 8ALC-A DAND30MK AND COSTLT 81A oond baud P-aaolorte, Boston made, In rood order, wiU ae'd at a *eent aavrlflce, In of the family Vreakia* on houoel-eepln*. Apply to N. P. B. CRJRTih<? A.etfer llttM' American Patent AoUun Pianoforte*. No. i did Broad a uy. wbtn it oaa be aeea. P?ARD GRAND PIANO FOR SALE?ONE OP Till .Id,wa ul Pianoe ever imported from Erard'a I actor v. , outtrely i.?, liaad.ome rosewood cite?price >610. Apply 1 %*> HerU*| A Breuain*, 421 Broadaray. HIPPING. For sale -plr p. 8. mail steamer franklin, a t.ret eiar. einte-roem, No. D, port aft, both bertha 2-iailt uu the 26th Jklv Auply to BKnJ. U. FIELD, 117 Water atreet. PAP- ion TIIF. rRANKUN. TO LEAVE FOR tlavr* -n th 26th in.t., will be teceived anul Friday, idlth ia?t? a*. 12 o'o.oek, by LIVINGSTON, WELLS It CO.. 6 Wall at. SAN JUAN. 0. A ?THE FAST SAILING COPPUBB I dipper ('looser MARIA will a*il for San Juaa de N icara*us t. A . oa the 21th in.t. Californlan. wiabin* te .ake thie route ? iould eecure their hertht at once. Ae.jomjnedati >ni rood. I'm.age only forty hve dollar, .n'he caVia. A-p.; to maater oa board, at pier 17 Ea.t River, or Ol.NET k StSblONS, 61 South atreet. ( IN OR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVKE.-TUE UNITED 7 btaie. Steam.l.ip FRANKLIN, Jame. A. Wott-m, C ommaader. w 'I! leave M Havre, touel.inr at Sonthamptoa le laid tb- n..a i. d puaeentera, oa Saturday, July Jo th. At 12 o clock, fr itn pmr No. 4, North Rivtr. Price of paaia** >120. Sperie in kiiinf amonntintto twenty thouiand ponada. will ba deLiervd lb London for 6-lotha of one per cent. Specie meet be*, ut on board the day prevlon* to anilin*. I.u?i.yace net wanted dnriaa the veyaae. ahould he eent oa board (h, day befor* ek.liD* mailed " below." For freightor pee<aa*. apply it MORTIMER LIVINGSTON. Arm, No. 6.1 Broad a ay. j PACIFIC MA1I STEAMSHIP COMPANT.-THE ONL? Through l.iae lor t aliforaia and Oregon. via Chacrtv, diCteA ? f am rrlnoel. On Monday, July 2*. at 3 P.M. Tht . vipleadid double ea*ir? iteamthip Oil lu, 3?uUU ton. bnrthea J. I'icdlay dohenel, U. S. N., tommand.r, will .ail on Moa i day. Jaly 21 at 3 e'd-.k, P M. precisely, from her pier ad (die I el ef Warren atreet. North Rieer, with th. Governmeet Mails forCha*ree. eoaneetina with the favorite United 1 tdiaiee Mail .team.hip NORTHERNER. bo leave Panama j a>a or ?0 'Ui ma ui.1 in >|u? ?... ......... ... Apply atftho ofhce. 54 mil 56 South it root, or at 177 * '? it. iyfhPPOBlTION T<' MONOPOLY?IN 1>K PEN DKNT LINE V r for Cbwr' < direct, and through tlchoU for Califuraiu. nt a further r< luotlon In priori. The now nul iplendld ti'.eamahip IIKOT1IEH JONATHAN, tha laitoot and bolt -mutilated steamship in the world. l.HO to no register, 11. ?T<|?ir?. Commander will lail fort'eaer a direct, on M?nday, .luljr 30t. at 1 o'clock, P. M., fr .in Pu-r J, N.rt.. rieer Ai to# lid Mvnopoip Linr, tided by government patronage. are unihled t? pay 6 per cent commieaiuaa to runnen, and no vpoltie tbrir raluablo ecrvirti, tin Indrprndont Llae, u a proper afloat. Imva c neluded to make a further redaction of ;P per rant firthe direct bonctlt of the travelling pubila. Freight Ml oenta jew cable foot. For freight or p>wt<> op(tip only W 1 MI1LS Agont, 51 Courtlandt itroet, N. Y. ni( Ifl' MAIl 81 F A MS1I t P CO* pant. -on LT Jl 11 rough Lim ?faro He-lured ?On Saturday, July K, at B o'clock r M. The splendid double eugta? steamship CUE ,.tOlll, i.1u0 tuna burthen Benry Wiudle. commaader. will noil precisely at 1 o'cl?ek p m , from her pier al the foot of "Warren itreet N R , with the Uoveradtaai Mull, diren for Xleeana and < haarron Chafeel pmarnirri trauefarrod at Tlaviaa ta tinipieadld dnuhlo enrtaa iteaaiMp fALOHH, ' oi to the re(Ular tnail itramahip MM! II Kit N P.K bo rail from Panama on or about the 15th of August. Put passage. apply it the ofSct, 54 South atruot, or at 177 Wait it isdrban FRaMCIM ii via rio and Valparaiso.? _F The new aad lyliadid double euginc iteamship OOLIIKN O.tTK. if I,"!' torn burthen, Cariili P. I'attorion. U. f Navy, l emmnder, wdl have quick despatch for Sin Frar neco, Vtopping at Rio and Valparaiso Thetloiden Oa'a hai L -en built ta tarry the U. 8. mails between Panama aad Sas Trsaetece, te dm Me imn braced, and hai uneurp-.ieed haAvmmadetion for pass. ngers For paaaage. apply to ROWLAND ft ASIMNW ALL. 54 South treat. M. T. I^OR RAN I RAM IBfn. DIRK , DI9I'ATi H I.INK JT Ibo arw and alreaut New t ork built clipper HOR. N?T. Captain l.aurvnea, at pier No. 10, I. K , hiring the .-renter p riiin o( har cargo engaged and rapidly geing oa Ih-ir I, li eipe fed te lail abont the lat August. From anru Dkiu ta the roaitrurli-m of thli veirel. It la eaaBdcntly egy^ ctad she will make the qnioknt trip ret made to rai Franwood. R. B. 81 rTON.M Wall otroat. P^^^^macific mail btkahbhip company.--! o n i. i Through leas for California aad Oregon. )-Thi publli tare informal that nndar the n. w sot of thin Caw Deny, oteetn.-ra inipaated and approved by tha Navy Depart taut, aad oarryiagtlu I nited Stat. mailt, will cunttana it leave Panama in I Bin Francisco tha lit and 15th day of aaot fviaeh at Aeapuleo, ban Uii'dlo. and Montem. ){. Tut fellewlnt eteam paoketa helm# in* te the I a-IAo Hat P inmehifi C<itnr n? art now in the 1'aetliu, eeo < wbirk r? l>- tleut li out f.t each <ai of tht mote ? OTBO0N 1 "W tone RSPCBLIC ?? t -aa IMfiANA ...... l.'*f CAR'M.INA .. *.?> V ta ? AI.iri'KNtA ...l.(?o t*aa. OOI<U KBITS ?M teat. Th.NN RHUS*. .. .|,m t m?. ISTUMV*... ... ? *???. )V<'RTIIEKN f.B . .1 J" t?ee. UNICORN ?* ?? JOLIIMP!A ... . t? tea*. TH.KUOHJ M toM AbTKMsPr ?c?i. TNj lew ?t<?iB?MB COLUMBIA wCl plf between Sat Pftteit'n on A ?ir!i in Onre. itiitiiii at i.h? t mot HP Vie anital of trie mtllt and pneeentern fpma Panama. eaf ?- 'iiral?? wither! delnr with tht mailt and tW'mttn let teie tteami r (Von L?an Pranrieee. ? A rncnlar llae ol prop* litre will be kept ?|> for the trane pertation el fr<da!it at J traaeteat pnneeujtre betweea i'a fauna ai\4 Ban Imnnieto. The well br ewn eleamehtt RARAH RANDR, ef l,m toVi feirthen. new under r barter te the eompvie. eat peoallae't i oiaatdieM in her cabin arraueiaeate. will be kept -eaelne rut an eairn tamily buab. ( the aior, ateamera will kctp up the eeanietia* be |)T??n / ~*| < B> 1 otv 'T Moiino J >rt? * Th* oona?ot!?n In tfin AilBot'l Will M tooln'Bin' 1 If tt< l?ait*4 ?'.nv? osoiuirA f m t?a?. CK*?oiWTcrm,?? mm OHIO a ? ? ton* CnCROKRiB _ . .1,??/ton* UMI'IMK llTV S.t?n ton*. I'll I1.A "Rlfll A I.MUt 0? !<oa>in* N?w Y?tk forUhA?t?* ihdlth Bad ??h of ?bi> Oao. Th* a*W utoaauh.w Rl. DORADO boa faLCOH willful ltd r?ci tint k?tw?*? New OflOAna Mid C ?rw. ')?*!u B? * <*h p*r,?di> M will lB*nrr ao llttl* dftonMia ?i r???iWi j* Wh* Ifthmvi. and formi?|, with th* P?oi?i *>?an>*t ?? IB ro**h lino to tad ir?in Now Orltaai ann port* In t.oi'lorai*, *ad Otf*ra. Pa????o* from fl>w Orlonno n?t bi wound from Arailfoo*. Lawro*. n It C?., Bk*;iB>. ? b>?? p: rho faiwfo* throat* tiikntafrta 'f?T* Tift k> 3m fvBn fk ??? ha* hooa rod?r*d from !< #. I? 1MB room , to $SSI. 130, la liwrr dwbin, to f'A?i i/W>, la ntoorBr*, to $114. Tha rA'-on from hi* t if* M tV vrm "WJo ?* ?* >?.??* a>'i>afo4 h? MI aar> otoBo W?o? t?" tor *h?It? of Wr'ho. opr'T ? t* *<! " ? I' '? i? J w #??ii itr*rt. tt 1 at itfd" Ttwwtt EN E AMUSHOTlilN'l'S. NIIU)1! QARDKN.-MANAGER, MR. JOHN 8ITTOIC. Ttokets, Ik' cents; Private Rom, f., Doors open at 7; to commence at 8 o'clock. The always pluasiu-r and at trnctite Ravel family ami the f latere Fraook will appear this evening in a grand Ballet, with no* dances. ami a i?v .rite Herle join Pantomime, whi b have attractive and approving auditors. Wednesday, July if, Original Overture hy Adolph Adam. Sucoeedod by thu ballet pautomiina called L? 1)1 A 111.1 A OL'ATilE?Mtsourki, Antoine Ravel; Ma/'iurka. Mile t'elostine Franek. To conclude with tho GREEN MONSTER?Chevalier Mirouue, Joroine Ravel; , Harlequin, Francois Ravel. ITALIAN OPERA, AT CASTLE GARDEN.?MAX MAretiek, Manager and Conductor. Admission, 50 couta. First sppearatr eo'Signor Salvi. H at n ami ay krimeu, July Zi, will be performed the opera of LA SONNAMBGLA. Amine Signora A. Boslo. Lisa Signora Comui, Elvlao Signor Salvi. fount Kodolfo Signor Marini. Alcpo Signer Giubilei. Teresa Signurn Avogadro. Doors open at 6tJ. Ferforinances to Commence at 8 o'clock. MECHANICS' HAM., NO. 472 BROADWAY. ABOVE Or- id street ?Open every night (hiring the week until ! farther notice. The origins 1 and well known CURISTV'S MINSTRELS, comprising an effloient and vereatlle "norpe" >f "talented" ana "experienced performers," under the management of E. F. Christy, whose ooncsrta in this oity, for a succession of "Pre years," have been received with I favor by biagiily respectable and fnahiouable audionoea. rickets 35 cents Doors open at 7. and will oommono at 8 /clock. The patrons of Christy 's Minstrels arc respectfully uiiurined that the Saturday Afternoon Concerts will be diejoutiuued lor the future. DILlOVr M1N8TKEES, AT FELLOWS' NEW MUSI- i JT ctl Hall, 144 Broadway, between llowsrd aud Grand stre'ts; open every night. This justly oelehrated aud efttoient eorpa of talented and e.-tnerienoed performers, under tliesole (nxbagein-nt of J. It Fellows, whoo. concerts in this city for ! the past year have been received with the greatest favor by | the elite and tashion from all parts of the Co ion. Fcllews' i Musical Hell is one of the most spacious and be l ventilated buildings in the world. Admission 35 cents. Doors open at I 7; concert to commence a* 8 o'olook, An afternoon conocrl \ every Wednesday an l Saturday, for the especial accommodation of families, commencing at 3 o olook, F. M. 1j8 RAN KLIN MlbEL'M, 175 CHATHAM SQUARE.?LAST ' wtek but one id (he season.?Geo. Lea, sole proprietor. Adinissi'.u?Seats in I'rlvatc Boxes, 50 cents; Stage Seats. S7 y, cents; Boxes, 35 cents; Far (net. It", cents. Elegant saloon performanoc? every afternoon aud evening. Enter tsiuments commence iu the afternoon at three o'clock, and ' in the e< ning at eight o'clock. The entertainments are varied ar. select, an'i such as can be seen at no other place 1 of amusement in Lew Fork, consisting of Lea's Female 1 Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering hfteou performers, being | toe largest, and at the same time the most talented hand in the United States; a troupe of Model Artists, who ure soleoted lor their beauty an I figure, and who personate a num- i her of bessttfal tableaux, taken from the pictures of ancient I and medcrn times: a company of Arab Girls, who go through | a variety ot lest* d strength and dexterity; Madame Rosalies, the only Finale Juggler iu the world; aoouipauyof , M ile aud Female Artists, who will give an exhibition of Burble Statuary unO', tailed in the world, together with a vsriity of Interesting performances every afternoon and evening. For particular; see bills of each day. C' ASTI.E GARDEN. -THIS DEI.' 0 IITF1*I. EL'MMKl J resort is now open to visiters throughout the day, frost I & M. to 5 1'. M. It is the largest and most beautttnl roots in this country, and 'he view from the upper gallerius ol ont n'ble bay and harbor is alone v orth more than the prioe ?) J admissiuu?one shilliug. KM( KF.RB(>( KF.R HALL, CORNER OF EIGHTH ! l avenue and fwenty-tbird street.?Splendid variety of , Ethiopian entertainments, erery night this week, by White's original and inimitable band ot serenaders, nine in number, corner Gag one of the most effl uent and tnlSWtsd WSUlH. Doors open at half past 7, concert to commence at 8 o clock, precisely. Cards of admission, 131* cats. _ C. WHITE, Manager. I mo siMf.iDii nr Tnnrgiu runrvt witvp A ing plaias, or any other public places of imaiement nut of New kork city.? The company attache j to the Franklin Museum. 175 Chatham e luare. will be disengaged for throe week* in the course of a few days, and would be happy to make engagements with any responsible peraon, either lor a night or loner. The company can be decreased or aug n onted. if desired, and can give a mora diversified and origiual ent-rtaitiinont, than any company in existence. Kit trrtnr Sic., apply to OEO. l.EA. proprietor aud manager. AMl'SKMKM's IX UHUOKLYN. MM.ITARV f; t RT?EN8, Brooklyn. -ADMISSION i a; jrivfte >?o\o?. $J. Brougham'# Lyceum Comi'in> Wedui*d*y c toiling, July -.1, the perforiMMiM# to t?.iumetut, b\ re<|Utt?t, with the popular coiuody .1 THE i ftEKIOl'ft FAMILY?aur.uadab ft leek. Mr t. B. johoitu; i CipUin mun! f M iiniri, nr II- B. 1'hiUips; ChtrlM tor* i reii#, Mr. d. ft. ralmer; ladysowerky cream ly, mr#. dunn; i widow Dalmnine. Mini cr ?eker; Mn. Torreu#, Mies Julia | tioa'J. lrieh Lilt, by Mini U. Tayleure and Mr Fletcher. lattrmlmlctt of hilt an hoar. T?> conclude w ith, bv fwrroU- i m< u of the author. John Brougham. E-?i., Tll? WORLD S I fair. or columbia in the clouds. KX VEI1 OMH. ( :vNii EXCURSION TO BRIDGEPORT.?'CAPTAIN | K Ilara lorn's Coinpan} ot the Fir.t Regiment American , kitic. will make an rxcuraion to Bridgeport, in the ateamer ALU I,('apt Chan. Week.., on Thuradny, July Hth. Tha boat will lea.e the pier loot of Liberty street. North rivar, at b A M. Returning, will learo Bridgeport at ! f.M, I Atkmeon'a Urnaa Hand will accompany the earnraion, and arrangements will bo mndo for dancing on board, with rein .hmenta, Sec. Tare fifty tent, for the exrr.rai'-a. ("IRANI* EXCURSIONS TO CONKT ISLAND, LAND Tf inn at f ort Uamiitoa aaeh way?Fare lJtw C?a*A? | Thonewand aplendid ateamer TROJAN, Cap*. J N. Rod' aan, will make dally tacuraiona to Coney lalaad. for the tenIon, leasing aa follows ? Morning Trip? l'rom Spring street at half paat < o'olook. Phi and half-peat 12 and at From Cur S N. K . at half-peat ti, 10, 1 and d o'eloak. . Morning trip from Fort Uamiitoa at 8 A. M. _____ I Excursions to Tnr banks every day, except Saturday.. Tha aoa alaamer BUFFALO, Cap a. Smith, learca tha foot nf Hammond atreet at 7S o'clock | A. B , Canal atr*at at 75, Urand a'.reet, F.. H . at S'd, Catharine street at 8W, l'icr No. 3. N K . nt 9 o'clock, returning by 5 P. II. robing tackle, hail, aad refrejlimenta, provided Fara. 35 oente a?k Wf, TO EXCURSION PARTIES. TIIK BARGE LEX I NOto. will be to let ior txcnraiona on n-eaonable term,. Tl.* t>?rr? i> in g od order. and erell adapt#-' 11 th* buaineaa. Inquire of B 8. MAKSIIAI I., board of Iht boat, at the to tot Murray atreet. or of William# >n A. Vail, 141 Wort it. TIIK WATBH1.HU FL.ACK9. i PAVILION IIOTII., NEW ROCUELLE-TINS ntAUttfully aitnated family aa?ioo ia now prepared t? ?? i mmodate familto* and otrrra lor tho neaaou, on rea?>aaM* term*. Ommuaicationi left at tlx Clinton Hotel will b* j attended to. I \1(ikk;s norsi-BV Jacob wolcott morris, j I I. n* llrauoh. Monmouth County, Nan Jrraoy.?(No oonncrtioo ntth any other Houao,)?To the public Tina Inula* I* aituntnl on the margin of the Atlantic Ocean, am- i bracing a (r?nt of ovar JUD feet. ramlhaa *r|?liln* to ?p. nd I tha aaaaon at a naterin* plane, can be u< roinmo-tat?d in th* 1 comfortable manner, and on moderate termt- Parti' nlar attentioa paid to tha i nmfort ofladlea. Aloo, por1 tara, nlnea. Minora. and argara alnnya on band. ?rASIIIN< TON HAM.. II If-II BRIDGE. TORE ( latand alda. Tho aborr new and elegantly ooMtructad Hotel la nawopen for tha1 reception of permanent and i 1 tranaleat loardera Every luiury can hern be lonnd that of araeteriiea a flrat elaea hotel?affording eae i t the IT .at cool and delightful retreat* frnui the heat of the city, that ' tha enrtmua of New Vork j oeaeaaea. Tha rr. no 1* attached I to tha H. 1*1 lenmid th* eery Snaat clew of the Bridge and *iirroun4in( aceaery that can h* obtained. H..*te, ?*o kle. Ao.. aluaya in reailneaa. under th* tharg* of John Bi'iardua, late of ktagabrtdr* ? the llarlcn Hirer being j cr'ehrated for ita earellent ftahiag. Carrier*' in waiting at the drp. t (llarli m) to cinrej paeaengen to th* "| ten,"on the arrfeal of eeery train from Uia c|tr. Alar th* ' I atiamhoat Jinny f ind, to WarMngtea Height*, and B ! Moort'a Una ol a,a* a from City Uall place direct. Al.f.W R THORP, | Late af th* Parillam, Hip en ure Rieer. !) KT WASLINi.TON PAVILION UOTIL, SRREWS j i I ban N J HI mini k R oz t i r ' -1? t r*ll\ i.'orm their I (riftda and th? public. It. at th?) litT- tak?n thin plaaaantltr i nltnntn l llotrl. ami am aoar prri>ar?d to rr??i?n B .af'l?r? hp ' Ma- Jay, urrk. "f tnoath. Tha .ituatiua ol tin* plara caaitot | b* nvrpaaard lor t*r rtklin aad | l?>??ri Thrr? it ?l??i j f I tial iM. a?'l aiadan and bamtd ?r- mmImU| >n rnaJi- | n< H : tiki') t Wf |^r? "if tha <oaatr?. JOSF.I K A SI.A IK, I D. (>. KO0KR.H. 'I'll* lND*H8l<iN*n Bros LKAVF TO INIOKtt IIIS | I |atruna tiaitiac M?*;w>rt lltat lit hat th'? <la? t-rI nardrd } ia aaddl# bot-ra l? II.*- i nr% rtf J. fi. M'aarcr. Octaa > lint, ai.irt t! ? a ail! r.maia fi r tho nanni.. r noatm. IIHRAi F. r JONAS. Ridinr A *!> ;. I.'C tad 1 ? Mrttr rati. | TRATKLLIRI' OVI0R. n*v LIB* TOK ALBANV - TAR* lirTT CRM*.? | Th? aplrndid law praaaura atranier N K* WORLD. ('apt. I ] J. I" Actor icarra thr pinr t ?? of Chnimbcrn ?'r> i. for ] : ADany and intcrmriliata landindt. en Ta?*da> Tturaday I and'ati.r.aj mornin?a, at 7 n'tloek. _____ I A ITKAMXlN BOAT IOR CO/./*MS DOCK. NKtf ! I a kafh and rouxhk*?i<ala- landing al Caldtrall ?, Cold | sat'- . Cornwall and Milium ?'ar? Maaala. Tit* fan! anilii. aan-r Santa ( lain ('apt. Fltn-ndori will Iratn tht 1 i trr loot ol Barclay atrrat. acrr nftarnooa nl n'claak. rt I tumln? ail: l?ar? Fongh arc pair at a u'alaak. A. M I Rio CIRCIRRAT1 \ IA RANDl'fRT?PINT CLASS I I Parana* 1|rb?t? to I Imianati. at $11 '?' and Frenht ; ' ( intra' .? at tariff rata., i ia Buffalo < r Dnnkirk, ran l> - hud of Uit uiataf tht Mil liitntil l ain1 Frit Riilrmd Com I paajr. I . JOT IT' Broadway. NIW TOR* AND miLAPK! PUIA-NRW TORI ' and Phlla ntptin dlraet - United Statu Mail Una. TiMtjh ia tit b 'tin. rla Nrw J?ti?j Railroad. Far* r? I lai-ad to AS fnr ffrat rltta, aad |2 Ml for aaooad alaaa. Laari , Vrw Tori at IIA M., Inni foot of Couttlanl rtmot; and *' . 1 I A. M. and B t" M.. fr< m foot of Llbrytjf atraet. Lcaro Hil ' adalt.Ma at aad ? A M aad J P. M. tr^m tha foot ?f Wnl tatalraai. rSAMDKN ANN All ROY RAILROAD LIN* PROM Nil / Ttrk to mijdrlpMa- L-t-f PiarNo. I Nirth Riror, by i inminiH <<1111* ri'l I ? ?. < rn'n? innr, > r ? Iftnrnooa Una, at if o'oloak. faro >? aiihnr I'M. Forward deok. ?L Ihmui Ida* at 8 o'clooh P. M. am ?1 an I. tUW. ?(< ?. TO COR TRACTORS. PROPOSAL! pr>m OAU-nKAI.m PROPOSALS WILL h? raarirrd at h* 0?flrn ?f ?hn tfnaftariaaatnr of V. A Military A a.l< w . -nttl th ith day Anguat arxt, for the dalitrry on the pahl rher. at W?at Potn'. N. V., of I.MI '< na l-t quality r hi r-rtonl tu follrwa, ?It (>' dellterrd by tha J th lay of 8?|>t inW ti-.t ) inatott rHto oaS, atoy 'Fro: (*>> ton. whitf a?h, krokin and a cantd: t**'tone rt 1 (* > krat n and > ri-onod. Ton por -eat it tr.e tat fart", w II t>? rrtainoi aatil toni iettoa f th? 'td?r. I'roimoala ? headdm-eod ItllT R. S ?Mim. tfartarmaaaorP, I. >11. Acadaay. |M>(lftr*IAI. BOBR AMOLIATtOR MO 1 WOW 1 an.a t .r draining and grading tta IanJaof thia nan.-ria 'ion rill 1" raoaigni, till tho Ant day of Av<nat, IA8I, by l> ? dt| ftmadway, and tir John htephen* on tha groan la roar R-?ti1.-atwr. at oitha?-f rbtoh |!U:aa thayi a rt "-it ationa, aa* alt ? > ?? ; ,ti?? tm W'"?M ?>i tr'VJt.'l * ? . | < WIO MORNING EDITION-?WEI THE FOURTH OF JITY IN LONDON, | Tlif Great Concert. Ball mnA Supper, at Willi*', Im Honor or Amortra, glrtn Isy George PrnlMHly, K*q>, of Ilnltlinorr. 0! R LUX DOM CORRESPONDENCE. Lom)0>, July 8, 1451. I hare had the honor of seeing the Duke of Wellington, and being introduced to him. at Willie' Kooms, King street,8t James's It was not your reporter personally who was thushrnored. It was the Xew York HrraU. I met a gteat ruany friends aud acquaintaac s mixed up in the immense crowds which thronged the splendid rooms, and saw a great many faces which were familiar to me in New York Aincng these were General Walbridge,of New York, and Mr Howard. the gentlemanly and obi-proprietor of the Irving House Dr Choule. of Newport. R. I., whom I saw there, remarked that It appeared to him a* if half America wn ; in the rooms. So it appeared to others. The South, the West, and the Kast were well?I ought to say honorably aud nobly represented. There were planters, merchants, manufacturers, traders, and !creators from all parts of America ; but the American ladles were those who, for the time being, most fairly and elegantly represented all that is most beautiful and refined in America. The ere ning presented, as it was purposed and intended to do a fusion and coalition of the grace, beauty, and sterling worth of America, with the title, pomp and dignity ol Kngland On this occasion, therefore, the pride and aristocracy of old Kngland were inrite t together to mri t republican America in her rapreseEtatire, the ldou. Mr Lawrence and his lady, with the Americans who surrounded the representative of their great and belored country. It whs a happy 1 lea of the wealthy American merchant. Mr IVabody. thus to bring Kngland and America together, by individualizing, as it were, the whole I'nited States in the person of the represenUtire of the whole Union ; audit is but simple justice to Mr. Lawrence, our ambassador at London, to say that no one could have more nobly performed tbe task and duties devolved upon him in the freedom, kindoess. and cordiality with which he took ev -ry American by the hand, and introduced them, as opportunity presented to the fa. hion and nobility of Kngland. The whole aflair could not i have c>st a cent les- than three thousand pounds ster- 1 ling as you may conceive, when I shall give the description of the scene. It is a remarkable proof of the grc?tne?- of the American mind an 1 the magnificence of tLe American merchant. 1 question if such a thing before was ever heard of. of a simple citizen thus de- i voting his ample means in such a liberal manner, to do honor to his country and her citizens in a foreign land, at his own siogle expense, in sueh a rich, unique, and , gpleudid manner. Kvery American at ail known or ' heard of in London was invited: every shade of opinion and politics wa- included; there was nothing to shadow 1 the light aud brilliancy of the bright scene. There could uot be a better pro f of what I -ay. nor a more convine ins example of the part that our umbas aJor in Loudon is no sectional American. but like Daniel Webster, a truly national I'niied State- American, than that he iuTiled the .Vfir York KrraJH, in the person of your reporter, whom he had never Keen nor known The ftlr wa- not only in honor of the (.'feat day. and in honor of America, hut it wa really a personal atleuliou j ami kindness to every individual American in Lon Ion If any were not present they have only to thank them .wives for uot Laving uiade them-elves known, or presented them-e!ve? at the American embassy Mr I.awrerca receives with remarkable kindness and attention eve.y American who calls and keeps an account of their addresses. so that any on* whom you want to find out you can find hi- name an 1 addre-s at the American inha.?ador's. ThL< Is a great convenience, and there aro many olhtr? which aie afiorded to American stranger* In London, by the court**y and attention* of Mr Lawrence. Tit* CONCERT. As early as nine o'clock, the carriages began to roll up to Willis' rooms in King street, Bt James'*, and to disgorge the elegant and well dressed ladies whom they brought A considerable crowd in the street and at the doors was gathered together, waiting with curiosity to see the com. pariy. the ladies and their dresses, as they alighted fr >m their carriages a party of police was on duty to maintain ord>r. Karh lad; had to pass a living lane of curious soectatorstc get from her carriage to the entrance rtom and to pas* the usual ordeal of criticism and admiration often audibly utterei by some one of the attentive crowd The grand staircase was a blare of light and on each side, through Its whole extent, was a thick bouquet of | rich and blooming dowers, filling the air with all the | swietnene ant fragrance of Arabia t'elit From the first 1 step takes on the very threshold of tbie great festivity, tie mind was filled by the goggeous splendor and rich i nee* of all the o*yecU which met the eye, with an iuipres ion of .Teat ness twautv an l siagnincenee The marble \ statue#. thr extent of th' l*r|r flight of mtrltlf ?t?lr% the | burning lamps, the deep culeml exotics, the iwwt per, fumes, the thick soft carpet one trod upon in ascending the stair* the rich (lad servants lining the passages, the rootling of the dresses ot ladies as they gently tripped along, all combined to form a -Viking and imposirg fmif-eojewA/f. corresponding with the grandeur and rtchm as which afterward* met the eye At the door of the antnro.iiu a servant in livery placed in the hands oj cash visiter a .mall rich gilt book of b ur leave#,contain, lng the following programme f thv concert and the dances ? Willi#' 1'o. m#, j*t. .iampx'#, f. Jay Jtthf 4IK, 1*i| . e PROGRAMME DE CONCERT, . IIALI <f All Pint: Copnr?*T?t . e IfttM AlslKfe I ENTERTAINMENT I e tins sr e e Ms I'KABOItr TII K AMURIcVn sss Mrs I AWKKNCE rut sam ar litres n'ctnea. 5 **? ?l rm ?* caoca. e raatv raitae : 0 tee--Utter*. L?? C'tc. BUI Hi.ili, sat Hie* liter, "Ai P-risli."? sigauri l.sre.n. ? t. Likla. lie? I Alitor.) OsauettU * !t?lo Vtnlla?Sigaoe Ple.irt ........... Sireri. Melodl*. " y<i?rn'a l.i,"?4?*a?f Oardeai? (Serenade! S> liuSert. Aris. ' Men rid ar 'rai' ?St<a?r Let's he? ? (Rett* tfi Figaro.) II start K'nisn, "Ah. m n CI#."?Hies Cat'iarina I! - ( IT ' 1 I H .f l?uo. " Ah V a?f>ria a a nnpl<?.< " m < cn? t iif Crcrdli hi* Gar-Hat?(Attilil Vrrli. htiri ati'iiiini' Trio, "ifon! rnlntli"- Una I . 1! ijm, Aig. a nori <inr''int, ' iBhlA' hc?(lo.mbardif Vrrli. Arts. " N ?l dnlca la ?m- "? Mid ||? Holla ? rin?|t|-<R'ta(r?? . O- l?-r n. Sol .. Violin -l/BirAI. n "Maori ftl'Milt, ' l|?il t{H"-lln C. Ili' i * Ei?a< f G.irdotn ? (Tr? Nmrtl Alary. Dn , " Ca htrrlV -Mttrtl l.thlflM < F. l,aklarho? (faaar.rt'lt) Roaatai. Trio, ZiHI. ZiMI Mlw C. Il*r?a. Hicaorl Oat'lonl, I.ahla "he - < ll?rhi?r?) Rwaiii. riaaafor?<- Ht<aor Alary An* li? A lWort rod MfWr>(afa A* I,?>. flaai.a Hn i., Humh, tail H>in. " Snrlac'a iMIgbt" .P'lllor. ' I i im lot na Jnia thr opmb lal?/" Boal# " Fnro?t?rr ronad 'hr ?h*??fnl Uoru Air II Rtakop.a " Tha am la wi.irtlo oa.d Fir II Rltliop I MM Mr. i In Htr anto-nxm Mr IVaboly, Willi tha Antonrao Am haraador. th* lion Abbott '.awronro. on hia loft. Mr tawronro on hia right baud. an I a di tin.-ulah" J company aurmundin.: th>-m rrcolaod th>* guoaU arroraJly a* thoy arrirod. thrlr nam>< baring boon prorioualy an. nnunooj. In an andibio tonr by a aorrant in attondanro at tbo door far that purpoa < l aving flom tbo r<oo|tton room, aftor baring bowol to tlio boot and hia duo<to, onr ont r?d into th? graM i aali on whirb wa* iltoraliy a glorinu biaro of apiondo, and wraitby drroratlon I'lnr onomou- < hand> Ilora. ono at ?arh poonor of tho apar lo?ia room. and a iargor than all auapondrd from thr ror.tro. pmirod down a bin to of light from tlor npon tlor of wax randlot burning in tbo ml dot f'T r?.w? ot inriimorioif r - AI our piin>nii| ? * ??? I too* ?v tho portrait rf Washington. sutTnoad'il by thr Him of Am. ru a, at tb" other tad w%? the portrait. of th > Qnrtn rf Kng'and, similarly adernrd with th? fla , of KngUu.l dbpiayH taatrfiillr around A b?n.t of inm rUn? and alng-rn wa* >ltliont I in a lofty nailery, *B* OB on rlrvatr J platform. ioimodlatoty the pit. trait of WvhinddB tr<.l a (p-arvl piano. with cha'r* arotind Co* tli> olefin ml hr<t t?rt'. > who w?r? on. to psrium on tbt.-> 'wci'.sn. Thi- tlr?t talent In | l-oodrr ? will b* f-t* n by thr prngTMnao. war >oci (r>'4 f.?r th" <?en' ncr ?^ira of whom. ?drh a* L?bt? hr, Wrr-1. ar 1 Viw ththrtM' Hltw t?tM Wt lir rt u J t ; tilt night un?l. r onr hundred gatnrae ra< h 0 al t> p< rf rinaioor by th> >o rminrat artiala it Is nn r>. 'ait to ?ntrr n;.<n any d'taM* atifllr" Ittor.r all I It wa? a '11011 *4.1 ant-rtMwmmf Thry h h> .t rri??. W ra bt thr hVh company th*y r*,.f<t t. 1 'a.n an I ft it?*t tbrtna?**ra nnoordiatly ?' f *"f7 '? *** IWW** And Irtlfht >7 *--i RK H >NESDAY, JULY 23, 1851, ditors who were, many of then the l>e*t of judges Miea Catherine Uayes who hiis acquired a great Kuropeaure potation le. It la understood. about to crow the Atlau'le, and visit the I'nited State* professionally On this account, it wa-said, she whs yery desirous to attend thle

concert, that rhe irright be hoard by American, She la a flnc sing, r, and haa n,uch power, combined with Aelicaey and softness in the higher notes; but in saM to be Tory utequaJ. owh)(f to flfeniwnt indisposition'. It appeared to uie sfc,- was laced too tightly for ihe lull comrrwad of her voi' e. her awist SeiDg contra,tot tro * wa-p-lik- I-unity I may t>e wrong, biKmb waa hnprtsaiou. Shu will gieiiny picasc. ii.) aouui. aim ?io. v niiii mc ou, . it. -ue merits; but I do uot think she will Wat* anything like a Jnrorr. such a- Mr.'W .fenny l.ind produced ATdlle. Carlotts liiisi had h-wi engaged tor the evening; but wax prevoiiti il tri m appearing by i/disposition Miss bofie Crtwelli (ax well as the famous Lr.blache) chimed all who heard her, by her astonishing f ewers. bin- ranks at the liead of her prof?a?io?, and pleoees mueh by the ; wuim'h and energy of her manner, cviuwntly throwisjj her wbole foul into what she * performing, exerting he -sel* to the utmost?producing immense ttvoranisuc- j cess. Sirori executed several solos in b's fiuest style. , til2 company?some part ctxars C1Nt mk. ruictr. The great objert Of Mr l'< a bod/ in giving thia splendid Fourth Of Jut} entertainment to Atnerienns i-t the name of the representative of America, and hia la.'y, was to ! bring together the leading minds and individual*'of both countries effecting, in reality, a ./iias fraternization. demonstrating the good feeling which i'ally exists between the individuals of both countries. lie perfeety succeeded in his noble conception. Mr. Peabody is a native of bah m. who passed the early part of his life a': Haiti- j more, where he whs an extensive and enterprising merchant bi-iUc years ,-tpo ho left Baltimore, and went to LonJi ii. where he established himself it 'the commission and banking busk ess. and las succeeded to the utmost of his auibiliou having ansMfed an im/vense fort 'no said to ei|ual nearly two millions sterling The following anecdote of Mr Peabody will Biiftleiertiy show what sor of an American he is. uud that he does not forget hi native country white residing in l.oudon. In the year lxbO or 1807. at the time of the great commercial panic : in the T nited btaten. when the several b'taVs became, most of tliein. di fault era, among whom Maryland whs in that position. Mr Peabody. unasked and unexpected, voluntarily came forward <u behalf of Maryland, hia j btate.aiui met all the derm-nd* ugaiu-t her, nud paid all j hi r divid. nds. Thus, he sustained, at his owu risk, t h.' credit of Maryland, for which he afterwards ret eived. I believe, the thanks of the Legislature of Maryland, lie is u uian greatly distinguished by his benevolence, generosity. ai.d public spirit, lathe present instance not!dug could exceed the libirality aud regal magnificence with which the whole allair va* carried out. u..r the unique aud successful maimer in which it Was conducted aud kept up to the last. It would bo impossible to give n list of all the names of the distinguished p< isons, American and Knglish, who graced this hospitable end grand entertainment with their presence. The Cabinet Ministers were most of them there, except Lord I'almerston. There were The Dnke of Valencia (Marshal Mar van 1, the Uigl.t Han. the Lent M i \ r and the Lartv Mayoress the Mar mis of Clan r.carde, tbe Slur.(ttin of Elv, t!io Mar';ni* ami Mnreliione** ><l I Havana, the Enrl and C'ountea* I" tire. 11 to Connie** of ' Pglinton. the Counte** Powlett. Lady Talbot do Malnhide, I Vi*?oaat Carr-iny. I.nrd and Lady liaiuer. % ix-.oont Torrinr ' ton, Lor 1 and l.adv Marco* Mill. Ladv Kmil< Ponannhy. Lord Charle* Ku.**ell. llnr-ii Alder* ?n, ll-ir-'P. I.adv. and Mirs Parke, Mr. Jnntioe William*, Sir William Lady and Mi*? Clay. Hon. Charles Villiera, M. P.. Mr. .1 aatico. nnd Lady, and Mi** Coleridge, lion. K Stnart Wortley. Lady Morgan, Admiral Sir Thomaa C...liram- Sir L'lmrl- - and Lady Wood. Sir Jamta Duke. M. 1'.. Sir \V'Warn d<- Ku-.le. Sir Edward. Lady, and Mia> Curt, Sir Uenjarwn and L.v'y llall, hi* Kt rt llency Governor Hro? n. Colonel and Mr. Asniuwall, Sir Walter and Lady Carolina Stirling. Sir Ful?.?rd Buxton, Sir., l'lo ii i' Ifinli, S" .1. Maxuiil. Hi h lii.r i tt Coiitt*. l>rW Mi*aea Uurdett Mr. and Lad) .Mine Tufnell. Sir Wilham and ' I ady JloUnwortli, Sir Dunoau xnd Lady Miirrouynll. General Sir ArrLihalJ and Lady Maria n . Mr 1 bum n Ilankey, Mr. John Ilorrrloy Palmer, Alderman Copeland, .M. I*., Mr. Maetermaii M. 1*., Mr. Monukton Milne*. M. I* . Mr. Hume, M. 1'., Mr. Benjamin ll**ea. M. 1'., Mr. George Moflat, Mr. Milnnr Vilnou. St 1'., Mr. Gra'.tan. M P.; Alderinau Cardan xnd Si re. Garden, Mr t'ndcr Sheriff Ellia, Eavv. Mr. Davenport and Mi*a Daveniioit. Sir. Chi.-holin Anxtey. M. I'., Mr. 1 h> nip-i Ilariug. M. P Mr. Jjtne* C?p-1, SW*. Jamea and Mix* Capel. Mi and Mr*. Cob,I. n. Mr. Sheriff and Mr*. II, clyk i.-, n. Mr. and Mr* lluth, Alderman lad Mr* Hooper, Dr. ami Mr*. Holland, Alderman and Mr*. Laaron?<, Mr. Sehofiel I. Alderman and Mrs. Salomon*, Mr. L. lla*l woo l, Mr E. Hanlewood, Mr. Comertord, Sir. Paxtm, and Mr. Pox. Among tho AMKIHC vis I not!red tbe following ? 11 r Franklin Money, ComuiL*?lon-r of the State of New Jereey. Mr Pennington. ?*n of Woreruor Peivou>?t<>n. The Mietr* l'enniiu;tou Mr Stan-bury Joahun Palm, P**j , of London, nu.l Bate* Dr. WnatetTelt States l.-.aul Mr B CmtU.of ParLMr Drnper. Auieri an Coium at Draper and (laughter Mr. Dnneleon, of Baltimore Oen, ml Stewart, of PennaylTan a Mr Lewi* Carr, Phi.*Jel|ihia Mia* Dwell, of N ew 1 otk A Mb Whitney General Walbr.dge Mr and Mr* I'rnaiuiin Minn Hunt Mr Sturgi* and Mra Sturgia. Hon John MrKeoti, of New YotM Colonel t an Alloa Mr. I.ippinoott. of Philadelphia Mr llackett Krr Dr CliO?)r>. of Newport Kii.*le Inland I'n foMir It' K Johnson. ot Philadelphia Lieutenant Pent. 1'nited State* NaT/. Colonel and Mrr. Wetherell Dr. tiardiner, of W*?hingtoaCity. Captain W A Jaeknon. ot Virginia Mr Ki t Howard, of Maryland Hielia Klgg*. Kihj . of New York. THE I>1 KS Of UEU.INOrON?MIS AITE lltANC* IN m IMl MM. Shortly after the concert. which I hare thu* inadequately Uexrlbcdi hod conclude I when the dancing hod juet began. a whisper wa* heard in lite rocm, among eTeral group*. "The Duke rf Wrllicgtcn U coming ~ The two gnat ohjarte whirh Americans wi.?h to *?e before 'hey leare London, are the tfueen and the Hake of Wellington; a fu'l opportunity >u now aflonled them of revit g and being in company with the latter groat per**>nage and hero The great room, brilliant with da' ling light thining among roee*. and rare eiotir*, war at you may imagine denoly flU' l and omwdrd A* the old Duke entered the ro<>ni. walking alowly, atol bent with age, a rush aw made on all side* t< ward* him The rooipany however. g*re way. l.aelng a clear parage, and he route along, in the rrowd, on III* way, toral who knew liltn stepped out *nd *h vik lian la witli him auinng whom I nolo .--I th 0 Minte** I'aulette, with other noble ladir* in her ronipany. he rnrdially shook band* a* he par-ed and they, iwnlling and 1 mailing, I toed back again in the line of beauty, bullion republlcanieu. and uotiilily along which he *?' making hi* way lie woe drv>*ed in plain > lot he* in ball cocturue ? knee brecrbct and elik etooklagr. and around hi* left . l. g th* uxiTtila cf the >rder nf lhe garter -hining with , diamond* II* looae I wall baling the en l nt debility if old age which to the *,>ectatnr? and ??peelally till** who. like ni) - If raw Lint for the ID i time. mad' the predentin nt fie ling at aight of ttm to be a *?rt of compaMton Ilia phye'ognoniy wa? noble and striking eery like the . i runo n p "tur?< of him with the remarkably prominent now yet en air of g< nib nc-?. quiet kindi? cud i(aridity war printed upon hi/ countenance, j prodiirin : ?n tirpr?/?lon of hl< character Tory f? iiin to the tkcdiahte which i<n> had t>.?o prtptml tn rnlrtiin <>f him The Duke of Wellington i< an Irt/hman by bi'th *.i I bio iral family name I* We?ley. or Wbelle-tcy. It In a family which ha/ l-rra dieting'.i?hc.| St more than t inn mark/hie hi longing tolt. Ill/brother. the J.a' |tn/ oi Well./by, Mb/ /aw/ who married MnuCa ton of Baltimore,) *a* a mm f talent, a/ much di/tin untied a? a /tatcMnaii a/ hi* brother, the link*. Ua? brrn v -> eohller It U a ?lngular cl/vum t/nre not /o gi ni rally brown that the I'nV* |? a near rotation of the t/n. n- John Vi'frlrj. the founder of the migtcuz zcet of the MeUhralWU It U the-ami family lirlginaliT. the Wnleyz belonged to kngland bat a bra--h. about a century and a half ago. went t?> Ireland ta take a IncratiTe . m|il >yn>enl under goeemment. and t iere the onre Woeley became lengthened out to Welle/by The Litike of Wellington 1/ rery much like John It ?! y in hie nera/f He I*. like him. a great dleripltnart*a. fro l of nowrr, rrllng with an Iron rod (they /all hai the Iron fluke); he !? /tri/t. exact and /errre In roTercment John inculcated an iroo-ltke rightenn-nee?--fh/ IhikW mei/ta upon an Iron like di/rlplloe like J din. the Dua? ha< acqulrm ia uncontrolled power orer *il belonging to him. Ilk/ bit be retain/ *o Hie l??t. lie t? i / Mrlci and /erere to h.rr "If *? he I*?o other*, *o a/Jrhn Weeley l.ike John ifeeley. he ?|e, pz upon a draw n rll/n, an 1 ri-?a early, r lUi the lark He U deTout like Ji hn, and all/mi/ ea' y prayer/without oml?iion The rlctci lee he ba> ar. leTcd orer men. tire f?m/ lieha< ?<"|iiir*d and the Tennrathm with which he i/now r? tfnrded by all m-n, In hi- ?.|.1 age. 1/ not greater than ?? the r a/c with John *e|rj,?ko In hi? day, f ught tattle/, achtea : d Tirtorte/, cutllred oppoeition. and ear r? Derail d with a rrneiation approaching to woe-hip. in th/ la/1 day/ of a Tencrable old age 1 he Duke la a gri ?i man among in/n, but John Wo/ley ea* greater a< n.iub a/ m< ral power and agi ney I- grrater than phyai c/1 The Duke will l?wee hebirid a great name, and great m nu. bnt a* o< a" > ?? in th< ir influence and ?t tret* upon men a* the monument of John W??|ey, hi* hook* no J writing", and rhurrhe?, and meeting henaea. i.iido> ' grrgatioiw If It I* not aurpriaing th*t a?plrlng nnidahtild burn wit:> ambition to attain to military *nd p-Otieai thin- tike that of th* Puke of Wellington, it la at ill lean ruipridug that man *hould a?pir? in another Una. open ?. ..II. to attain by frllgtona Neeerllie* an<t labor- the fame and glory among mankind which la awai ) <1 t<> ni< re -fnl reUgtou* lead'-r* ?nrh oh John We*. I? J In tbia war we may a<-conut for that which to mnjty ?tpaam unacoMintable. via how and why. In retlgUtu* c< t> n nnitlaa. there are ao inany fanatic* and men -. * |y to oarrlflra life, fhrtune and hajpplnen to obtain a great rclH'ii'M reputation. On aeelng the Puke of Wfitlngton. t w *? old :tnd feeble, wa may Imagine how the Pinpcror Snpolcn would ha?#e appeared If he had I'ead to thia day?f'r he wa* turn tn the *ame year a^J month in ahirh lha Puke wa? born, and would co'a*c ['tantly, b? eighty two yuan old If he ware ltrlng Put to returute tha Puke intha hall roem Twolleery *i rant*, hi* att? ndaat* ? alked *lowl^ h. hind him. a* he po-rrcdid. or rather toddled along, and Itaeemelto b* to tt'm re great a pain to walk *o alow, aa It wan to him i at all Mr Prah dy an ! klr Lawrence rceairrd 'in ?ebl? and 111uatrlon* Duke, and conducted him to a ' at th upper end of Una grant form Immediately jt r the portrait of (lateral W aching*on ll*r* he mi aown and the nt-.tjargu add (rowd. J arnnl nennaia-V t f, to fee hal tola Fe tfthl lA ? dinner ft ERAI | in tin' crowd and peered over au1 between naked ahml | derr. and fair neck* flittering with diamonds, to aaa 'ha ; linly mid intore-tins ?ceue which *n- being enacted an end the I>uke, We could see him. seated ia an ! ehvnUd chair, bowing talking (but not sitimng? J ' he doe a net smile.) with Mr IVabody. with out ami a.n.di r Mr l.uwriince. with Mrs Lawrence ami | Ut nn rou* other American ladies and gciitidiuen. who, as j v.Tll ?e 'he crowd would permit, were priimuted to hiua ! Tbw English prosvut were all kuown to him. for none wetT pre-ent hut the great and noble, with wb ,m he is in i the daily habit of associating and let me aitt, for it lie- i serves Jo be recorded that the presence of all these meu?- I <i hi r* i t |he government, high functionary', ami liable i ? hranche.esif the English arintorracv .1.1. .u?. ? of th? Dr*? himself all joining with Americana in the fi ilacce am? festivities, in cclebrvtion of the Am?iican .? birth-day of Independence, was an unequivocal tirtiri.ony t of good feeling, rusjiect. and regard of Kugtaud -aid the r. Kngli.-h for America unci Americans, which reflect* equal t h< U( r at the an ?e time u;v,n both parties, the good effects i of which cannot tut be tie rcmorat of those unfounded h prejudice* and jealousies which it is at all tim. > an i worthy the great aid the grid to entertain of each other i (One may apeak ant fed of I tie liritish, or any other at? t i Iwracy, a* citizen t. and in-the drawing-room, aa cue | peak* and feels in t'ie bright sunshine of alorelydl/; l hut when one speak < of the an-.tome y politically. .m reference to other political cl.wse*. the scene becoini a changed, the sky over cast, and She clouds arise. There is. therefore, no more teeomiatvnoy nor difference of | opinion in us, than the tome mini umlsrg-wa in the dif- ; feieot positions of cheerful day or dreary darkness ) y Si -h u spectacle as was li -re exhibited on this meinora-^* lie Fourth of duly, ha* never been witnessed since the tiivt 1- urtli Of July, a el. ii, *y day tl en If on that day j such a future celebration { the great event had been foreba>l. it would uot have bwn bclieve-te *en to be possiblc. Th ; idea, and the tuag liticent carrying out of the ; ides reflects iininenae ere Jit apon the great and nobleminded Wr I'eabody Tlie coaliality imd 'good feeling ) ?>f the Knglirh generally toward 1 America sr.d Americans. u is emphatically acknowledge! by all Americans in t llnglanj, and now on this happy occasion < 'the celebration of tlis great American festival. the good theling and cordiality of the high and governing classes ? As fully evi- ' denied and proved to the conviction and grant gratification of the many distinguished American* pivsant. It is only among certain conceited, illiberal, petty feinting journalists. that an effort is constaully made to rouse the feet- . iog-ol lbs low and the vulgar against AiueriT These i men seem to feel that they must shov. their own nation- I ^ ality by showing spite and Ill-will against America. 80 h evident is their spleen and bitterness, that lb- Timet , V made no mention, nor had the least seferonce to this | * gnat re-union, though Mr. Sampson, the money arti-le 1 editor, wis there, and Mr Walters win i:.vit<i and I *. think Was there too. The Daily ffeu-t slightly noticed it, but felt b< und to give a sneer I am happy to notice ts- | . cop! ion* to these self-constituted revilers of America, : ajiorg whom the Morning Chronicle stands pre-eminent. TUB 1VU.L?AMERICAN MANNERS roMr.ARFD WITH ? THidsi: OF TH1 ARISTOCRATIC CLASSES?A PARA- , J I,OX. ' I The dancing was kept up with animation and vivacity 1 till a late hour; those who did rot actively engage in the fascinating exercise, promenading the room- or lounging . on the sofas, reauiiug into the neighboring card room*, or standing round and watching the ta<tetul and beautiful evolutions of the dancers. The waltz seemed, aft* r all, to be the most favored dance, or. at all event-, it looked " we luusv amniuieu. in l-nr wur rin'lli" it-A aim t'ir.m, lur i cn-suis lemonades, and other refreshments were in good demand. hiiiI were freely served out to the company by ^ attentive waiters. The aspect of the company was guy, aud its manner free and unaMeeted. Duke* anil Dutchesses, Karls and Countesses. prime ministers and high of1 fieers, uiinph d. cordially, in the mass; it was an ass*m' blsge of elegance without affectation. of rank without ; pride. <>f fns-doin without familiarity, of euso without vulgarity, of refinement without presumption and of enjoyment without eacess. It struck uie forcibly. on comparison. how much true uobility there is in the character and manners of the Aiucricau. The Ainerirau holy i.. as superior to the ordiuary K.nglieh lady as ail Kuglish Iiuteheas is. 8he has the *atu? eel/possession, the nutne pride, the fame consciousness of personal importanee which the lihrhcr titles' clara possess in Kiigll-h society Hub eatri me-mis t. and thua republican pride in America produces the same effects which aristocratic pride produce* in Kngland The Kngliah lady of title is pan- I roious of being superior to others .and she shows it. tineeureiously. tuher manners; the simple American lady ha* the nam- ronsriousnens that no one is aliove t..-*. tl. it . *h?is e<tu?l to any one. and she shows it. nls> i n. in fciously. by I he natural dignity and ease of h< : y a-i I manner The untitled Kr.gllsh lady is incapable I the natural dignity, for she if bora under the consciousness, and bred up wuh the understanding that there are some ladies who are her superior* This places her under a continual r< straiut. which always b? trays ita-lf ^he n either i ebellious at the artificial superiority who li is for- j ever present to her mind, or *ho tamely admits It; in either ca*e. the inward eentiuwnt intiueuce* inseiistbly the outward maDner. Mo *o the American girl and wo. )t man; they know of no superior class to themselves, and, therefore, the manners of the class who. in Kugtaud, , have no superiors, come naturally to taeui The lvngihh ni hility intuitively all this, aud that is the rason why an Auicnran gentleman or lady is admitted immediately to a footing of equality in high circles, sueh j a* thoer who are born Inferiors can never attain The station and n(iiallty which they can never reach, whv burn wifb tin-desire of attaioiug it, is alur-ist prolfcred to those who rare not for it. or who, if they receive it, only feel that it is their doe aud natural position The conclusion of all thin is a paradei. yet true, viz that au Amerwan npuhiirau is. by nature and habit, au aristocrat ttib hun-Klt. Hhcrtly after one o'clock, a movement was made on . carded in order to the eupner n?>tn th<- di"ini(ui-h?d boat nil J hi* fturau, the American Am!?<Ml>r, the American grille m. n. and 1 rpllyh nob ? "erei-ally eonducting the ladle* to tha room* below, whrr* the ruppar *? laid Tha appearance ol the nuppor rix-m on muring ?aa moat iiuui?iL.? profj-i m of eveir p< ibl? luxury no.I delicacy eoTrnd the tabic* which were richly decorated with ornani'-nlaand c-Mtly dericaa, J tending together. in allegorical jligu:ee eulj'ct* apper- ; talnlng to both nation.* .American and Ingle h It waa I truly a regal dnpUy. The wine*, the poetry. and the frntt? were <-ii|uleiU-. and abundant, e-<peeially the Ultar, I rbiifly of bot bnuee oroduetion. but of driisiou* ftar.w The roup d\nl eirit-d a bur-t of admiration from e -vrrai , partle* anmnil uie Tt e *upper and iU display <U the thanie of unlrer.iai adiniratlon An K.nglUh g>o*hmxn pre.out made lb.* i riinurk that it rtrolled anything of tin- kind he had cr?r u in Kngland, and w.n e.jual t? the tupper at the partie* of tha (Ju.cri in lluekiiitflmtti Pilar* Hie fol lowing l;i a rery imperfect tkeioh of the ulnUaee. net out ? ZfHMtnHHhHtfttHHhH'JHHHHttifHhHi}:- : WILLIS* ltOOMS. '? , July 1, IMI. f 1 ?1 ^ I ^CONCERT, BALL AND SUPPERS C ?w?* nr MH. I'KtnuDV, m Tb* Kmrrkan HinWfr awl Kr*. l awrracr.: CiRTX DK 10UPEE NTMN. ? i'nVt?(? U IUin?. four* rrntnur, 'Ji r*i*c* * u iMiiou t 1TIIM .X r?l->t?4? i! A,n, an nan ( nprnRib t?. CttohllN d Aiti im I'oMU I'm. C< Ultllrl 4'Afinu 1 ItaUanar. filM. .!- Volailla tux CkimpUnOB' > lift* d> V nUil'r. ? T?taat*. S > iltu 4* T?MI1? a?? Pot* ?t >? A?|>?rr??. t ftaU4?4* liomard. 4* ValnMe. Ptlat 4? Snl?. f'ar-i r ~ Miyciikitf 4* Valaitia, 4c II.m?r4, Ml?? 4* Stl?. t !.< ? .llmVn rn A'Ptr T.*i l? B?nf. ' z. 4r vnlaill#. I ? <.?UVinc? 4* V ?? i . - I OalUtiMi < 4. I'*r '/ Ntfl Puliu Rj'.j Ui OtlltlliM 4* B '?f a It Bntibat, T MTf?. ~ | : Pair* 4< YvUllW, 4< I.arrant * TmW. 4e Pert r I. . i I'm- 4r U??r? A l? Brata*. ~ ~ Cr-m? 4* Carlton. A* 4'Cntrta. t(4t Ynnilla ~ 2 Cf>?( I AIMU. m?rnil(r, tW batman. Pnrltiaant. L- CliitWMi IUmw 4 I'Kalionae. X * HUH, ? Calnn b Ib Vattdtint, d An anf 4t Orantt. Citron. : " <1 Bntr o ^ La CaUao* a Parlal?nnt t U Proriarnla, L? CiMiai a la fraavaia*. V Lm Noacau* la VnMtUaaa, 4 In Roynl, ikaCnni. . rnim 2 Pini At fir*. Tfotfcona* Orapaa, PaniiiTa, Nartarot ^ ) JHnwbermi. nir i>nia*r.a. I cannot itt mft to describe the drei?e-. *oti on thl* toca?lon The ladiea appeared in rouit dree with a pr?fuaton of diamond* ani lewe'.ry MIm Burl-tt i t'outta abone rw plenden' in thia article .eome Udloa carried iaimet ?e foitnrv* en tli ir rv V n>fl wni- ?" ? deai from their ?ara The hajr >u decorated with / choice artificial flowrra. f^aiti-d (saeraily in neat My 1 tasteful pi alta and folda Aniotw th? iliwi <<f the i 0. ' diea, which were nil of the m-t splendid and i?a*nltlc ent d??cil|>ti' os. with ? prufuav n <A costly lace. beddee d'i tn'>nd? nod jewelery tastefully dlspoai-d, wa? ti'^c not'.red the h?nd??me Mrs t'i nnitnan of Phtlad /Ipiila , j ?l?o, Mra .'oehua Bates, Mi* > raper. Ml? I'*' ?, of New , Y<rk, and the beautiful Mra Plumb.I id*of f ,T ftMirffl* the Amorhan pa^nei of the treat hoti?e Bnrln* of Ismiica; aUo. the Mi*?e* Pennington. of hew .'ersej , all thr.-e were dree-i-d in the ni'Wt tniRnl'jeent andoo?tlj itjle. with many others whose nanne no gram! was the crowd. I roulit not aarirtaln t'ls'et hanlH ru- u wer* prcarnt; the tnrttatlon? iaaved am aunt.-1 to 1,!?00 of tbi m Weaent about .'>00 were / xi< ri ma tt wia rem.ak -<l by all that the Puke ef Wi-lliryloti was- ?\ tr> mi 1/conrteous and prno .? 4a |0 Am -ricnne pre ?i tifi d to him. ree<irln;i th-?r<th tna-Ut I cordiality e.j* ially the American f, n?, wt'h nit of rd-e, Tie ?l?<aih handa In the trr xhearty mann r lb I which n> f'/\i kin-en tha eatr< tn* i laillw' lit" / lh< '.' til t- pr-trwded atwra l'i* lawn, at'\? *i?d sonaiine. an J other pm tw tr-ra r????ai 4. ; na id. Tt>f? r?r>. o| (PuXMf ?.m? tt:t('.. ?u U'h - 1 /D. PRICE TWO CENTS. i Mrs l.itrcnrf especially a? well Mother American lalies wa* distinguished not r uly by the elegance of W lress but h) its strict American propriety as it Wei* in *>? preach of English elegance, or what you may pieaaet* " all it The gentleiuan w. re also in full drese Tbfresa mat was either I lack or blue with gilf button*. ehlte wai-teoat and plrtta bl.aek satin rravat, or bluett raietcrat and white crarat Meantime, wlii.s supprr was progrcairj belev, thw lance w?a kept up without intermission above, in the ^ ft and saloon After mppe? when the entertainment* ' rere thought to have ceiuvd a note! feature was mtrolueed At the inters/Is between the dances and tho mink* of s splendid on Seatra 5he roiapan*/ was enSor ained with a series ofsTOfts ??if fires aucg ty a choir or* hr tlrst professional fin }ers use'nipanied *4th the mn> of the ore lit "tra Tins kept up .+.< spirit <t the entersiomiut, and enhanced cvenicy greatly This arai.grment was tile idea of Mr. HacC*t5. the gtsat Aoir lean eomt-dlun. to whom, illauroral impropriate depart ne.sta of the esta'aUrhnn-nt, Mr l'eu'Jody gave a cmr* /<m. V. to make eveh antiiii^Ointl ar he might think nost desirable TjV nation. I *ira of both comtri?r sere f.xiuently phi/ed in the <nur\e of 'te ev. nio f Aa i Inmlr. the btiml girurk up Doodl" and the M?I'hiiy being now dadight am. 5 o'elowk t? the morning, " W THE HUNGARIAN REFUGEES. bpJrmlli? Setter frcm Koartth to th-.tmni' rat t'hui)>r n Cointwitlnopli>, T)iar fiR--Lord Falaereton avowed in the Hiuae, the(inestitn of Sir Ir-juhurr. t int the Hit*atia?' n fugeei. uovr at gouthm ipton. hai been sent otf from, ftllkey by the advice of the Knglisli cov rnin.-nt, hut h? -"id not tell m; in what maimer this adrlce has tern put a execution. A> recent coi munfeati 'n from Constantl* aoplf enables rw to give j'jV. the (let -Hit; they are conained in a letter of M Iioag *h. to th> American Olsarga 'e YiTairs. and i-?the protestation of th liimgar'an > of which I inclose a copy. All w me, lit. St'koaai't. 0 " ? sosst tit. la-a noriano?wt hi.vo sr. -.*? v. ii twaM. ?:s(i.. i i-mk.k i>k a: \'r?. ai> iiTrwiM, or ?.? t -:wr an aiAii.s o.- awikiia a o but as r wri.a Kutaiiia Mayd. J851. Pir ??carce liari 2 learned f. am you the reevke givee y Turkish mi rfftry to th. generous proposition ot our jlnriouk country's Oongre is and jjovruraeot. Miast n At ?;rian coinnii#jary hIs<> r fired to yit tlie barbtitis d "Wsion of the ?>rte peremptorily in execution. Au .ustriod c>mmis*aij in Turks j' You n.-Jit. of course, rt I how di i p this empire must ' are fallen, till it was t* uller ir A degrHdati' *, nay abOh ation of Iikr imwpencil ce ehe i< falling fast, poor '.'drkey?fwiHiV" nwt by ant of itrragth. not I y tatality. I Wt t.y the o*r*rdace of ier leadc.w.who have not the coui,.gc to act aoeordiug to beir own judgments 01 courw, all the contestation* .ootit the Se p torn bear ud no loogfer " as the term of :ny d " hi inent itntbug nay. more, it is nitron*, added to oppression, las the Porto gtTen the to the Uuioed Ht&tm, hat at sue l a day ol 8 -wtember List you cut take me. rithout ar.y further application, oi board au America* hip' Of cruris". no be. therefoi e sure of this, nty ear sir?it is mere humbug Tl.? reai value of their rords I have had rpp.rtv aity < cough to apprwoiatt. bull well 1 understand the saw 1 am dm>m4 topeish at Kutuhia? to fall a victim her? to the fears v* b?>niinahle ..astria There are many ways txoiae t ? hat end. now that the companions my prison?U?v 'ho have accompanieduie i>y free ch< ive. with the agreieiit of the Porte, hither- ?"e by foec.' tomawny from ly sije and I stand a!tnos>foroaken- -e.ione Well, I wlil look to ii/ailf, aal meet tile wornt. :J eeda be. I must Iran iiy tell you (nai i naoe auioipwseo tuc lilure of your negotiation. The Tttrlti'b govern tneoc iclJri but to for or to protection and it must be fully ware that whatCTer utuy be the po* r of the Uailrt tatea, Turkey ha* nothing to fear an no ]irit?"etion ta op?' from then, nothing, because yesir '.oveciitanot, our legislative bodits. all .-our orgaue ot puhlirlty, arv rry anxious to proclaim, eT( ry oike un 1 again, thai nan iterretition in Kuropean matter* is the tint fund* icntal principle ot the po.itiral eyateen of the llsiM thtee To be rare, wise ?i the aicn who retttbtixhM ii* principle. an I wi*e wer? the men who followed it II a? a necessary me for the foundation a* wall a* tor tke owth, of the llnit?dBKtatc* Neither would it be rom nient toiue to investigate whether th? irr*a which ia > well suited to protect the rh.ldhood au-1 to develop* le youth, will "tHi prove auitable vdinc thainualipr* Ling youth had heroine a full grown tnaa?nay, n tgbty giant, a* your country \s Tune It going ?n. ?a4 i. -y hour may bring it* ov?? convenience, asithiingw a onu necessity. May be that v.iu yoar glorlouacoan y iu?y coon be rxil-d to teel that ev -ry position baa itn < n ssith- ? has it* condition*--ha*. 1 wouldalmost nay, .* unavoidable fatality?the mere, the greater, Ua? stghtiT that position la * i "'l a "t? not by special wWi. mt hy general law..," a.eid an F.nglish May te that even your country will very soon be < ?U*d tw i e! that it 1* determined a* surely it ia) to uphold?any. Mil to heighten the glorious position it already holtla, it nil scarcely l?e poMttUr. 'houlil it even be convenient lot to put a Weight into the balance, where the destinies >f the old world ami it* civillantesn are to be welglmd, it rill trandy be pooiUe Lot to give anything more tolk> uttering* of nations than the noble arntimeot* of nym athy to the 11 nt;tyM(ig, the commlseeratiou to I ha asylum to the ptnevuted, or, at the rwwt. a 'encrou* tffer, but which even a Turkish Minister may la re to decline There may be noma who Iwlleve that the non acmplau n of the generous offer of the I'nlt.U H'utse >? but an iidireet answer of Austria to the glorious derl-ustion *f <r M ebafer, which totiod so nighty an echo in every imerieaa breast?an answer scarcely less art #aut than he first fooli-h provocation was, th> re may b< *>wi? who ii..i ik. lr.s .ivlyle. >,,? . _.k we* lar'.nit ouce rpokcn. th*!? word moat be oticycd A* to 5*. it i.? my duty not to rrpre.? errn any I ?jubl>* wtah bout the tartaur <t.<v* ?l your gOTrrnin..?i, to ma it rould be quite inconvenient either to entertain 01 to ? .reaa any freiinga eUe than the moot fort ??t yraMtndo it the ginrmu* intention of your rour j~f and fvmr :u?e: um>-nt and the mo-t retpectfui i ^pc -- .alien ft heir ocbir conduct t uiri- ray-elf and C'.oipaatoea. ibich 1 h?(f yon will be unkind a* to i .nr.*/ to the*owrneD<-nt and (be people of the I'nit.d Statu. together witfc , bo humbled' iaration < f mine that vehnterer nay k? he fate I ha re to me. t, It will la e? ? in th momai na'. ny doalb?a/tor the truet to U<-1. a %?* my rhW oomoation. that your< country tt< tfrarcjulirraewt of .our wi?e men. ax well a? the a-nti ; mo of yuirr people ia?e deemed the poor lluorarian i ii> no* unworthy at. heir eympathy 1 may die. but the r?na? trill yet riae?ami, with ar rltliout Hie. the ImMI will be fi on. e more, whaah not the approbation of <r?t gj.iloiw, aul ft?e damo mile America Ana. n liut. d. ar ?ir. there le yet one Uifcag which I ntai bar eu to clear of all mlercpreei ntatione before your p.wni nont that the aonwer (irea by the OM"tnau txlafcrtfy nay he fully appreciate. Now, I bate no doubt the kr.ia^ will be reprew.ited he world a* a bono dent .top of (lie nuolin> fewh" rtiey would mal'.e the wmld iwlieee that - though pnttti at "meidetatl.'tie dt not allow I hi ta to natal a all Unn (trian evilea to liberty, atl'.l It waa a nobia rreoiuttma af ; he Porte to reetrict the tet-ntinn tt ly to c*hl indi" luale, freeing ail th. n>*t Hut no. etr. the - at. u. qpiVr dliTeCenl. t'.? prevent cw 'oiuticn of the Pnrta not only partake* not) .mr of henero i. ore but It U r*:iiei io? ui>?t luirhamu.. tno Moat Imui i a r|. ?*d ann i>(ft ill woI?bto yet e*p. rlMnm*! hore lioforo ?l<pploa orer til* thr<-?h'M.l of T .* ?oj I askew If th< y would gl*? r.e. rr urt ae>! in &*? lowpitalily C ? kill tlx id, let mo hu ;;M|iH?t, or rla. lot m? a*- tt?a^ I mat carry my weary fc.-al U> innr oawpilable 1 hi-j ?nrwrr?-d m ?, bo w.4rnme bo ou< iTuoot our hiaab Nl bo an acyliiu to thae ? -ar 'M*r prove- ll*n 14A lioopitaiity I truot.d ?f ?rre-(<d mratep?, thai might yot Ibal Iho broom aliiiil awopt error t-bo p'~lln~ of my 0014bHoc r>c ii.i t.1 lanj-lfoit I luialit in the 1-illowo. bf the I'oi 11I0 bo m-aoj *! li liumiarju. traiN from I roobwig o Orocicfi A f w mo-rtU* later thor *a> jao a pn?oa >0 IHr la^ to bo the ay turn ahlch tk rkut a worn to raa At tho ?oi m tnoat of thl< ?jtt(r In aiy I'U*. I be yaa -ulna of i-di v iol<-nl Itoiotu' ' my Mb* jtflea. almaf til, with f? m, 1.., 1 -ai ?ui->d tbo >alf coaeaaaioct-10 ahare .ay fato It waa .Tfw4 At la?t to twenty Ui?e ? .1 in a wan .mated tbc fat. baton to ar< .?n party .or *.> they . ante with imr. Ho y lino firmly Jr I II-LfcadJt r.v ..4 tbUUv it rnanta lion to tbo r nnui*?r of tl' !' r ;|Uwr tr> uoelonpo 17 rtth- U -truia 1 t-utb atai?atiow, Jaa to lat o>o bo foraaAion aloao It w?. 1 noble da-<1. air, wnrVb/ of tbo sympathy nd htimaattr Now, air. the' 1 ?.-e tho nnt wliti are now driraa awng from try aide, by fbroo by tfc- T-irkiafi jntwimul 1 boy yrotor to t acalaat UiIj Inhua auity, ?< f*? *0 frr?m tbo adioineal ??no.-rlal. tbry da larod ik?. a l?r> tn kf dfln| to itat "til H?e wlUmnt the al-pbt eat abl of tl aTtirkUh eoTrmniotit, th?y aakort a nth 1 at brt tbo frraMon to aha*" my f?te they declared tn to aubaiil? m thia iabua.aalty Tbo an* aror waa -If too don t e? willingly. row wOt Im eel upon bora't an I bound uj>, ani parried a way by fcrre Ott7 fli.-oftbr wb-?ie nuiu^r are p. *m tied U Am* my r Arfyrdnm Th-r* ha?o boon aor?n -fleera wbo r portio'ilarly deer-ted tb<-mjeieee to the aar*l?e M dr /T /uaH to my pertou a p'-caution of neceeallf, M t'fo Turkl Ji focornmoot lt.-.olf arkbowle.iged again ami feral c that Anatrian an aonifei wore plotting ageiwat my lilt.- I "K<'<j *i : <'.> h ?jr me iu? uimiariuni ? r h* ire tmnr-' the** wrn No, II wn* net |wrattM* of the**, ft< url**n injr On lb* pootmry, I tu willing i<> ?*. rifle* Ik* owtontU tl< n of th? pr-oono* of bit family for th ??ke *f Ik* ?4n <**tlon of my children I intended, therefore, to htU myelf of your a?rnmonf* gnnemn* nit* r to m*< nwnr my Infant children urxlei, or eren (it It pkii'l otkerwto* b*t without their pur mi no**, my dmr Ignored wit* It ?m explicitly r-fiuwi Thin I* th* r??l of th# ju*?t i.m *lr ft U ?"t i*t tb* ?*kr of rc'lexlng the burden of my frying* bf * wwnk c< mpitlnt I dwell ir on Umi partlruUtt, I *"'1 k?nr "f fkt#; but It I* that twrtnrtty m*y n l Qrrtwd In ?hdt*? In# liarif Mdtr thr m l Of h Piamty, ?od iba* my j?lli'T? not **ll for ftiewlrr* ? rtrod which b *" mi*t ahooh'ng rroeity III* for Ui?t rr?". o in?* I" y n wtuldb- *o a. to ln'?rm yin r go?,wn*re? hr ut tbe-r n* th* T'ml to n* < ' y tit com.try'* f?w ?r rirof-orition, w I will al?o *t*to th* ?*'t*r Wit* Ik* ?ublt*ity of the cWUiaed world . . Now, my l?*r ?tr th* gt -*#**, p*H "f t*y itrtrem *r?f poaifMinlnn. h?*? d??:**d t* f i-ttiol ) "f?r #*?*? ?" , liC rl ?*J In** to A* ctfcB, I" Ik I C wfl-Knth-y* that wdbMitnyot rtod > *y rntkb d* ?? * |ft?"rtiaif*, f^-vhk nil .?4 fffrvfk#-, tt '' ?? . . t 'fg \ .

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