Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1851 Page 2
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W roKNBR OF FIT.TON A-YD NASSAU ST?. THE D~iIH HERji LD, 2 cents per copy?97 per THE H EEELY HEtiJiLl), everts Saturday, at 9% flits per copy, or A3 per annum; the European Edition, , H per annum to any part of Ureal Hritain. and (3 to any tart oj the Continent. both to include the postagt VOtUNT+lRY CORRESPONDENCE containing Mporlnnt news, solicited from any ipiarter of the world ; f used, will be liberally paid for. OrR Foaciss CoiiewTORCERTS ABE BAHTICl'LARLY REqUEBTEII TO ABA I, ALL Itrrtaa a*v Pacmaoeb bent to i-a. JILI. LETTERS by mail, for Subscriptions, or with ,1dcert.sennn!i, to be post-paid, or the postage will be do ducted fr m the money remitted. VO NOTICE taken gf anonymous coi*Muntca(i<mj. H e do not retstm those resected. ADVERTISE MENTS renewed every morning. JOH PRINTING executed with neatness, cheapness, am-', despatch. VbIrric XVI Mo. 'AO'4 AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. CASTLE GARDEN-LA Sobrarbula. BO VERY THEATRE, Dowsry?A Husbands Secret ?Azaei. MIBLO'S GARDEN Broidwty ,-Le Diablb a Qi ar. tre?Greer Mobster. NATIONAL THEATRE, CliRthAm Street?Mysterious Cbibi?A. Z. L. BROUGHAM'S LTrXUM, H roadway?La Fiolr c? Caoasowrfco?Ella est Ioli.e-La Maitrebse de Lanuues. > CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, Mochaaies' Hall. 472 Broadway -RTIAJOFIAN MINSTRELSY. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, r*Ucw?' Musical Hall, No. U. iRiQVIV?SrWlRTtAR MlWSTRALAY. AXmCAJ* Vrsxru-Axrs!** riiroiaiscu At TMHOOl A!?U tvCSISA e.w lork, Wertncwiuy, July '43, 1331. Mew* from Enrope. Through the medium of the telegraph, we are this morning enabled to give three d?ys' later advice* from Lurope, brought by the steamship Atactica. which arrived at Halifax last evening. It will be observed that there has been still another dealine in the cotton market, and that holders of the taplc on the other side are wincing under the result The corn market was better. The general information is very interesting, as will bo seen on reference to the despatch. Tt\r Rumorrrl Insurrection In Cuba?'The Probability of ait Attempted Revolution , In Mexico. We jublioh in our columns all the documents received from Cuba, which have emanated from the government. The official bulletin, with respect to the rumored insurrection at Puerto Principe, divests the first heated reports of the skirmish between the people and the troops of much of that air of general excitement and turbulent reality which created here, at first, unusual alarm and I erious apprehensions. '1 he publication of the government Gazrttc represents that the attack upon a few insurgents?about twenty in numberwar wholly successful on the part of the Qucon's trooj ?, arnl that the insurrectionists Hod to the interior, having left upon the field a small <[uantity of powder and guns. In fact, the afuir is reprc. rented as being scarcely worthy of recognition by the government, yet is noticed because the outWeak is ?aid to havo originated with parties who a bare recently returned to Cuba from the United State*. v As no programme has been published witbregaid to the ultimate object of the people, we shall not he at all surprised to find that the insurrection is a A*re tffsrring of individual temerity, and that the ueu.< trtration his been made without reference to any of the usual ends which revolutionists *.?ek. One of our correspondents, a very intelligent gentleman, states, however, in a private note to us, that wc " may be sure the affair is serious." It is a ra.-h undertaking when njen commence | Mfping the foundation! of government without having any targibie and reasonable platform for future rule and guidance. If it is true tha't tie mall bocy of insurgents who have been brought into collision with the government have bcea agitated to act thus, from lake representations on -he part of person# recently from the United Mates, the event is much to be deplored. There ts no general sentiment in this country favorable to any premature, irregular, and violent changes in the a4mir..?tration of the affairs of Cuba Ua^ueetionably many men desire that a liberal policy ?hou! i govern the acts of the colonial power of Spain; but j the good >en?e and intelligence of our countrymen bt'ievc that this will be best effected by wise, ) eacefcl, and general mca-ures, in conformity with .the pre-cnt views of civilised nations on commercial objects. and not by throwing the island into a state f eonruis cn and anarchy. Within the past year, the government of Cuba has made many admirable iui] rovemcnts in the 'ooduct of public affairs, and has exhibited a disposition to enlarge the happiness of all claries of citizens, as far as seemed prudent under the circumstances in whi h the island has been placed by the spirit of lawless adventure Which has been directed against its p-aoe. It is a\r parent, however, that whateverdesigm the goveir. in * nt may have had, from time to time, for making toprovt merits, that all efhrts have been retarded ' aad materially checked by the constant threatenlag attitude of those who, in the Unitedtftate*, an I wIm where, have keen connected with iuva linir ex * * |<edifioca No colonial government, under i h ap. * prchen-iona n have been engendered by these relocated manifestationa of mischievous intentions, mold jirocerd in a course of wi-e and prudent reform: and if the results of the Governor General'a vriabea hare not been equal to the deiirea of aome I art of the population, the fault ought not to be ahargrdupon him, but up<>n those who have kept the island in a state of agitation and alarm, The m . government itaelf, it ia true, may net haveiartaken H the popular apprehension of a violent dem natration, but it ha# had a duty to perform not tht less onerous or the laaa dc iaive on that account. T^te feasibility <4 violence mu t have been aa aerioy m p?'iat for its consideration, a# the very violence jtself?and no wied> in could proceed to make peaceful change* in favor of the people, while the next tmur threatened to bring trouble upon the government. ti.. j:.,.1 l>.,_.t,. r?.i v- -_ j ik ammnmiiv # ?? usi- ' i nuvip u; iy u? n n i additionaleauee of di-aeter to the peojle, for the ? arawne we have named. Th> influence of ?uch H dem*nitration, b' W< vcr alight it may be, will eel] Jnt<nerciae all the p<wcr? of the government, le?t en-k ' ere* ihould be related, end the Governor General will nece'ieriJjr be interriij tod in the C"ur<e e?f reform whirl) we have lie^n ina'ructed to knew hi b* |><erwu?. The ?v 11 it e (Tteat ore, i' taaet be ??ed: hot it ia one wh eh the enen >* fCaba, nod not it* friend*, bete kr i;ht ?)> i it Rat o*i? attention with ro*f>?ct to 'be probability J re*olJt???'y o-:,xr*m c v. * " eL'.% r. 4. at the present tunc, are directed to Mexico rather thus to Cuba. We alluded, a few days since, to the reports of anticipated pronuncmnuntos in Mexico, in favor of the ex-President, General Santa Anna, and ef the probability of his return to lhs native country, to headend sustain his friends and recover his and their lost power in the republic. It will occasion no surprise with us, if it should turn out that Spain and England secretly favor such a movement. Nay, we shall place little credit upon offirial denials of such being the fact. The British are not pleased that the administration of General Arista is so exclusively Mexican, and so little British. Spain, or at any rate, Cuba, may tee wisdom in the policy of diverting what they call the "jUibu-'trro" sentiment of certain "Yankee adventurers" towards the gold and silver mines ol Mexico, and away from the sugar plantations ol the Queen of the Antilles. General Narcisso Lopes could not get recruits for another Cardenas expedition, if a r.val project, promising rich rewards in bars of bullion, was set afloat. If, therefore, the loyal Spaniards, " de la sienipreJiel ista de CuLa," should have furnished Santa Anna with fun'ds, even to the amount of a million or two of dollars, it would not astonish us in the least? vr, u iuu i ctwLi ui tuc opaaiaa si cum irigau) Pizaero to this port was connected with somo of the arrangements, Santa Anna bus wealthy friends and partisans in the United States, who have weight in Mexico; he has always been strong in the State of Oaxaco, tho richest and most powerful Stute of Mexico, and close to the Tehauntepec pa>s, and made the grant under which the present company now claim the right to go on with the work ; and his friends in Mexico were deeply interested in the project. Jealousy of the ex-Prcsident may have no little iufiuence in causing its annulment, mixed with apprehensions that aid could be rendered to him by American and other foreign operatives introduced into the country, to be engaged on the work. Our Minister is yet absent from Mexico, and the powers at Washington may not be fully advised of all that is in embryo. They seem deficient in the means of information. W do not indulge in idle surmise. The Governor's Proclamation?More AntiRent Oi traces.?We perceive that Governor Hunt has issu.da proclamation, offering a reward of a few hundred dollars for the apprehension and conviction of the anti-renters who committed outrages under marks and disguises upon officers of justice, t >ne of the offences, his Excellency alleges, was committed as long ago as in the month of April last, and the other some ten days since. The fact that the laws are thus trampled under foot, and those who are i'mpowered to execute them tarred, feathered, and inhumanly maltreated, within pistol shot of the capitol of this State, seems to bo inexplicable. Why is it sol We have laws sufficiently stringent, givirg the officers of justice, from the Governor to the constable, all the power necessary to protect the people in their rights, and the pro* servation of the nubile tie ace. Our statutes are crowded with enactments for the very purpose cf meeting such cuses as those we are now alluding to; still, the anti-rent reckless deperadoes commit, in broad day light, crimes and misdemeanors, which, if committed by any other citizens, would consign tb< m at once to merited punishment. It was supposed by many that the imprisonment of Big Thunder for his desperate conduct, and the incarceration of the murderers of Sheriff Steele, in IVaware county, and the confinement of the Finklea for obstructing the officers of justice in tho lawful discharge of their duties, would have deterred others of the calico fraternity from pursuing the same reckless course against the peace, order* laws, and government of the people of this State. Why histlovemor Hunt waited from the month of April until this t me, without making an an effort to secure and punish tho disguised individuals who prevented Ifputy thcrifl Fish from performing his duty?wb? inflicted a coat of tar and feathers upon Lis nude pet Son 1 That offence was ootn united three months nuce. Would his Excellency have been ccmpeiltd ne w to issue a proclamation to arrest the men who marly killed Deputy Sheriff Franklin Smith, if he had promptly set the officers in quest of the April desperadoes! They are undoubtedly the same identical pors>n? who committed the a. sault in the one case and in the other, as the last transaction was occasioned by the first O'-eurrenee. We have no idea that the paltry sum of four hundred dollars is sufficient to induce either of tic anti-renters to give information which will detect, convict, and punish any of their own leagued conspirators. No reward that has yet been offered for the detection of similar offenders?and some have been of much greater amount?has ever brought a single criminal to justice. There are but few persons who know who those disguised men were, and those few would *un the risk of having their own dwellings fired, and their own persons severely injured, by attempt ng an exposure. No, no ; Governor Hunt's offer of a paltry four hundred dollars will not produce either of the desperadoes. Not content with fonuing combinations which effectually resist the collection of the rents they owe, they go so far as to defy the power of the criminal law, and resort to the most unlawful measures to prevent its execution. They hold in their own power the sheriffs, judges, and jurors, and, with a hardihood and impunity unprecedented, defy all la^snd ministers of justice And who are the authors of this lamentable state of things 7 We nnswer emphatically, no one else but political demagr gues. Men of all parties, who, as mere d mocrats or "big-, w< uld, from their inability and ignorance, Lave remained forever in obscurity, have been made, on account of pledges to the auti renters, e unty officers, members of the legislature, con giefrmeD, judge", "enators and governor*; and, -bould a wid? it'.ugh *copc be afforded, t hey w juIJ ali-o dictate the presidtticy. It it, therefore, the b i" rabie, refute, unprincipled politician*, who hare brought about *uch a deplorable atato of thing* ; ai.d the only power the people of thia State po??e?f to rid tbemeelve* of thi" great evil, ia to elect chief niegiftraU* and judges who will penetrate the antir?nt diftricta, if need* be, with the mil tary force of the State, in aid of the aerri e# of every declaration, warrant or aubfvua, and drag the register* to condign j uniahuient. Tun Di:?n?k to awcmbi^iior lit onr?.?Thia fHt Las at length come off, and from the report* publihed of it in the ntwapnpera, it appeara to hare been mpectnble in ita way. The banpiet itaelf wai magnificent. and tha ornament* which graced it were all appropriate, though we cannot but regret tbe absence of the aymbolio red bat There were repreaentationa of a Bishop* mitre, a Koman cinvent, St. I'tter'i Church at Home, and St. Patrick'i Cathedral at New York; yet, without there suggestive device*, tbe dinner *?? excellent in all ita detail*, and pnaaed off happily aid well, with the ejeeption of a little romirtlrmp* at the cloac?an ebullition of bigotry on the part of a aingle individual, which bad the effect of rippling, for a moment, tbe harmony of the convivial scene. The dinner, then, wa* a creditable affair on the whole. Aa a local Catholic tribute to a Catholic prelate?a# an eifrrwion of respect from the mem ber* of bin congregation, hii friend* and hi* neighbor*, on hi* return ftom J!one, h wa.* uneiceptiooabie and highly proper. The ladlity, too, with which Protectant* joined in the festivity must hare been peculiarly gratifying to Hie (trace, while it afford* archer evidence, if any were wanting, of the liberality of religious sentiment thit prevail* throughout tbi* free country. Put in some other re-pe:'.a, the banquet did not turn out a* wa* etpeeved. In a political aspect, id in a cardinal point of view, it wa* what erne would be di<|.?sed to call a failure AH tke distinguished political party leader* were invit d, and A* dn i er. a'cording to the fiw?w*'? w?* ipree*)y postponed from the loth to tie if?i Ii"t , for :t' purj ? of g'vi g tion tu iue I magnates to attend What was the remit 1 Not ' one of them ame, and not a single public man of any importance wae present, while the cautious, 1 laconic manner in which most of the letter! of apo- | logy are written, argues the "foregone conclusion" that these old friends were up to trap. We must , < I say, however, that they have treated the committee | of arrangements and Archbishop Hughes rather shabbily. But what became of William 11. > Reward 1 There was not even a scratch of a pen from him, though some of the local members of his clique occupied rather conspicuous places in the i banquet room. But, according to the Rev. Dr. ' ( Cnmmings, the point of the dinner was the effect it will produce in Lurope. The wish was probably father to the thought. '1 he Archbishop, who was the principal speaker I of the evening, whs singularly captious in his re- ] marks, and the liberal views he expressed in re* gsrd to Protestants, was in strong contrast with the silly escapade of others, llis Grace alluded to the criticisms of the press upon bis recent sermon at tft. Patrick's t'uthedral; hut it is worthy of remark that he did not suy that the reports of his sermon were incorrect, and misrepresented his sentiments. On the contrary, he reiterated those opinions, though in more guarde 1 language. He has unmistakably declared against republicanism in Luropo. Additional Advices from Cuba. Our Cleg of newgpi' j .ri brought by the Cherokee aret the I'uro Industrial. Dim to it la Slai ina. liiariodt la Jljhano. nil the Ca. rta .It la llu'.ana. to the 10th ins'.unt, inclusive. Thov contain the ofliriil nr ri:Trrnnu>nt ...nnni of the recent event* at Puerto Principe. We hare the proclamation translated. ^ The steamer Cherokee brought us files of the Diario <lt la Marina. Faro Iiidmtric! it la Huhano. and La Uacela. to the 16th instant We lo<-keil oyer all these papers, an<l ^ strange to soy we haye seen nothing relative tothoin! surroctioii at l'uerto Principe. esc [it the document which we huve translated from the The lnh&bi- K tunts seemed to enjoy the greatest tranquillity, and ap- B peared quite confiding in the bravery ol the troops and the licit if the g Vernnii'Ut P The amusements at theTacon theatre and the hyeum e are always attracting uunierous people The Mouplai- p sir troupe had arrived. anJ prepared to give some bullet performances at the Tacon. before going to Europe, where they ure impatiently expected. 01 OFFICIAL rl'BLICATKIN OF THE GOVERNMENT. J Hie Kxceller.ry. the Governorlii nornl. has ordered the publicattM in il.e Ga:nir. of a summary Of the inf Tina- j< i tion received fn ni the Governor-General commander of i the central department, upon the appearance of two v aimed and mounted parties in the jurisdiction cf Puerto Principle. J At the date of the 5th of July, the General in cornm.inl says that, in virtue of the notices he hud of the project C1 of raising these armed parties, he took the proper dis- i po. itWn to pursue thnii.and poshed one. numbering & about it) men. at nine o'clock in the evenrag till the bubeuade lluauamaguiu. by an oflleer of the Queeu's regiment of cavalry, (the second lancets.) under I). Ma- ?i nuil l'i limit go The Insurgents immediately tcok (light, leaving on the field the arms and the ammunition which tfcey possessed, consisting of two fire locks, one of them | ? with iwo cannons, one bi'ODzu*:>tapult. two pistols, two big tl knives six flasks of powd-r a bag of bulls, a bullet mould. j ai d another in the possession of D Joaquin Agu-ro Y Panchez Our inli riuation assures us that tliisgea'.lem in ! and b). Waldo Y Juan Arteaga. recently arrived from the , 1 nited Slates were with the insurgents Some papers have already spoken of I) Aguero. Three- horses ol this party were alto seized. The General in command terminate* . 1 y ssyiDg that no other point of the department onllded 11 ' to him has taken u part in this revolutionary movement. v: The inhatitants continued to perform their ordinary and j, ! h i ful business. ty other information from the city of Puerto Principe. a: w i have s< me lines from the Lieutenant Governor of Tunas. Thin chief says that, wlieu he received from the General in command the intelligence of an armed troop, be had already received that news by a muleteer, from *' whim the said party stole some provisions and othir : merchandise, which he was taking to various merchants; ,i < iLut in the vi ntng 11 the eth lust . when he win going 1 t? Lis house. he heard the steps of hone* and men. and ' the report of six or eight dhchargrx. and about twenty wet pasxirg at a gallop before the name habitation. The cj Lit uteLubt Governor interrogated them; but they were | io mulieicur that they fired at the window where the I.irutcnaLt Governor wax. and tin y disappeared instant- tl< It. withutt leaving aDy trace of the road which they took. ' The l.iiuterxnt li' Ternor aide, that the diaoharge r?r< iTfd by the pnrtizane. wounded two men and a horse of the party Such wax the dieorder with which they cl( entered the village that having abandoned their arms, equipages, four horses, and a part of their effects, they were obliged to leave as prisoners one wounded man, and anoth< r who had tnly one arm The General in command, i 0f in wiitirg this rep. rt. adds that he bad given orderx toocecf the party of troops which are on the route of Tunas, to pursue the insurgents, who were already in tit complete disorder. In his communication of the 10th, the Governor Gene- i rtil in ci mtLKnd sevs. tint public tranquillity continue" unalterable, in spite of the efforts of some uiutlnaus , 1 young mem, pushed by the emissaries recently arrived Iroui the I nited States. Ilis Kxcellenry adds that the tr insurgents have had a great defeat, such as will overtake * all th se who want to bring disorder into this petceful . country?tfcat they will learn to recognise their luipottnci. and the ronfidenee and security of the governmint, which. without the neceixlty of calling on its f irees and it# other rooutce*. has only sent twru'j horsemen to destroy the sterile plans of those few who, for so m ?ny years, have n.ployed all seductive means for exciting the young men of I'uerto Principe. The government ha* long been apprised of their movements and their or Imprudent seductions. Havana, July 18.1861 71 PCGKO JtfTEYAM. T( City Intelligence* m DoagrsLC.?On Monday evening, a child wu found . , drowned In the slip at the foot of Spring street It was 1 tu d up in a cloth, to whirti a stone was attached, doubt lilor tlir | ur|M kinking the body n m In batter evade detection on the part of the more than brutal pinbt We understand tbat something ban leaked out vbirh. It I* boned, may tend t<> the detection of tbowt t, who committed tbe menptrou* art Too many initanoe* . of *uch atroriru* barbarity arc daily being committed in tbic i ity and every lb rt -Ik uld be made to detect the * perpetrator*; but. on tbe contrary, aearcaly any inreati- t; gation it tier inetituted. (, Evk **tiow?The folicwirg tabic ihow* the number (7 emigrant* arrived in thte city for the week ending T> Monday the girt inrt :? ' 1* Fn.m Ireland .2.410 From Denmark 10 ff i'ltrany LM Italy 1 , Knpland and Wain... 673 Belgium Scotland IIM W. Indie* 18 *i I I ranee 187 Nova Scotia 10 . i Spain t Sardinia 1 \ Switzerland 61 H America. ........ 11 i Holland .... 11 Canada 2 tl 1 Norway 400 Mexico 1 gt Sweden..... 4 1'oland V f/ Total of alien* for tbe week 6 .3A4 ' ' Citizmi mostly returned Califurnlan* 1,163 T'tal Inr ludit gcitizi n* ...0,317 ei I'lilN at Fan at ??. to tmx Si a ?Ye*t?rd?y. between tf 1 eleven and twelve o'clock a laboring man. who*, name o: at pre .nt 1* utikncwD. fell down in the Bowery, eau?ed I) the heat of the *un and wn lllliqif to the < ity 1!> *| tat wb< re lie expired in about three hour* Coro- Tl tier tlccr wm called to hold an in<|ue*t on tbe tedy. xa Awovnrn PaoretLt Iirtia raon tnr Hi i zen or rur Bona! llaav. Aboert hw w'alnahi oa Moaday iwmw I t.trick Kill y reeidir.g In Thirteenth *tre? t. near Avenue A war r< nden d wniuni by tbe eflect* nf tbe heat, lie w we* taken fnmtLe corner of Seventeenth street and j, Atitiie A to bl* residence and medical aid pmcurad. ii.. ...... rv i. a.. .. i? at A N?w It li Tnwir ?A new brt tn?ffb brlag rr?<H In T>ilrtj-?cnrd ftrwt, m ir North Rifrr. The found*- pi j ti' n if laid 14 (?<t b?I<w Ihr lurfwr of the earth The a| ! tower Will ha ICO feet high, and will ba *npp'rted and , I raced l>y iron rhaft* cuuk in aoiid rock. The bell of tl la t< w?r a ill Wei^h Kn.ntiO lb* The ob*err*tory will Pi r. u a ar d a ?iew of the whole city and It* enrirona. and ,j a | ? r-on will )?- rt?ti< r.> 1 there untier the direction of the 1 ire lojeniuent to pt*e the alartn* wheneTT a fire oc- '* rur* 1 hi* tower will lie an improTi inrnt ot much utili- d j ty In the upper part of the eity. r, Ilium or Ma. V?l?*Tiwr?tVeannnuncd In ye-fer- t; day * lltialH that Mr I>a*td Valentine. clerk cf the Oomn.on IV until, bad been dank* n>u*lj III sine* .*aturd*y laat. W e are happy lo learn that U?t opening h# wa* 1 if cmfwhat tetter, and that lil* pbyniciau* entertainid , b> ppf ol hi* RMM). ' The fittamthlp Parlflri 1 i TO THE EDITOR op JUK I.I V RE POO t. rOtElER. ^ if ?l in*, through your journal, to notice a r?ty aliutd letter which appeared In ye*tenl*y'? HUntn, * pipt'd ' A Canadian.'' which contain* three chary? w apalmt tba r< nimaroler of Ibe Pacific ?fir*t. that be did not Mop a *pe? eh made on board by Oaneral Walbrldgej r< rr nd. (het he paee> d a larpe Knyloh niiip. aod d d n< t * refott h?r IreauM aba wa* tnglh. third that be ran m the hkerrie* a certain indieatlou of racing with i k the Acta. Now. I admit that there all appear to be r?ry ?erlou* : '< #?I a i a*i aid I Rn tint m nHi aVi .p In ait.lnln 'Kam twav t. Ftrrt we do not claim tin- prltiiegt of rt' ppina the j? j m< nib* <f our paeretigcta fjci pt with aoim thing g?'d '? ot II wr eeuld enforce tin- gag law. I far we bould '' Irene gr?at tyrant* I di<l ti"t. bnWrfrr hear any )' nub language fr? m (jineral W?.l bridge nt it imputed f, to The tinting remark I under-tood to tie. that he . *h< uld return to hi* ?n country bettor pleaced than ; ?t?r. I'erhnpe it might ae well hare t,. n omitted After it en* raid I could not mind It. and will let that ,j I * ? The neit rlarge I* the only one which Wa? lndtic?d me to notice ibe production of nty atippneed Canadian a1 | tiler ij It ie truly unfortunate for him. that the only ' m i rhtpa reported by me were hnglhh. rir the Mar>|ui* "if i llaatlnga nnd the Albion; nnd the unfortunate royager 1 not ri ported bernuae I oould not tnake out hi< rignala 1 wm ruppo f?d to be the New York packet ihip I niM ( wnti r ec my report at the newa r?e m will prore What & era be mid of rueh a charge, wlthi ut one particle of & gr< and t< r M?not a rhadow oftiulh' ki charity I niu?t ray that It rriginatod in error * l-ertly I J I. ad guilty to pacing Inriile the Pkerrloe. p I did M t at that time, think o| the Aria, although I ? i ain't deny that I oftm did during tlie pa*rag? I U'Uellf riniiMit to make the l?*t of my way for the declined p< it, and I think I may raiely add that the pier- ?1 fi metre if the Aria, and nor *e<j aide commander, pr< tea that the let- nga rather to the rice horaethan th? d eart hone Irtbe I will only aay that I deplore the pnblieeti'n I-ueh lllratufid reu.arka. calculated to utir l i pf>?l ng? hetw..n two go at ii ui r'ial nc*i' n?. which ei ght not tuekict I' NIK i A Ommrndor ef the ab ut hip i'acific * IntitMt, Ikifl, llll. ' NEWS IT TELEGRAPH* 1 THREE DATS LATER FROM ETROPE. ; ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMSHIP AMERICA, ' AT HALIFAX, , BftU ANOTHER DECLINE H COTTON. , Slight Improvement in Corn. ? - ~ I GENERAL INFORMATION, i SUirriU IKlBLLifiEHE, ke., Ac., lie J B\ THE NOVA SCOTIA, NEW BRl NSV'ICK AND MAINE t TELEGRAPHS TO PORri.A.ND, the.v'k By BAIJi's * MEKC1IAN18* TELEGRAPH to NEW yoke. j Halifax Tflei.raph Office, ) Tvhoat, July Zi. ) 11 M Mail .-tcann-hip America, Captain Lang, arrived | [ it her di ck at half pant fix o'clock this evening, with 1 !6 pufevngi rg tor Boston. and the new Lord BUhop of ] S'ova Scotia and five other*, fjr Halifax The America ha? a lar;.'- cargo, and experienced head li ? ind." duriug the whole of the pa--*(?e j The steamer Hum bold:, for Havre. landed her mails at ft Jowee on the 10th inst. {j

No American stiamerhad arrived at Liverpool since , * he tailing of the i'acifie. | ^ Great Britain. The Cittern's vint to the city and the two Italian Opera ' touaes, are the events which engrossed public attention | luring the week. ' p Nearly three thousand pounds sterling were taken at cl he ?xhibition on the lllh. t, In the British 1'arliament. the defeats sustained by the '/vnnno ntou the 6th inst., respecting the rote by bal- n lot, and the annual tax on attorneys, had produced no t) radical results. Nothiug has occurred in either house | j, xcrpt the final passage through the Couiin ?ns. ofth.j tl ill repealing the window tax, and substituting a house j iX. and the ignominious defeat, by a vote of 230 to 19, b) n Mr. Hume's attempt to throw dirt into the eyes of drr I ol Brooke, the Rajah Sarawak. j ?' The annual Scottish fete took place in London on the w 3th and 11th. and wa? numerously attended, despite the at xtrcme unpleasantness of the weather. I11 The banquet to the liueen. in luildhall. Londm passed Ml (T most satisfactorily. The Lord Mayor has since been wl reati ri a Baronet. Cardinal Wiseman has been worsted in an action t law at Jersey. ^ Accounts from Ireland announce that the potato disisc had reapj>eared. The extent U only partial A grand Jilt was to have taken place, on the 11th in?t . n beard the C. f. steamship Atlantic, after which aere would be a monster sutu'e at the Town IIall. Many (j.| isticgulrhcd Americans were invited. The French Republic. M. De Tocpseville had presented to the Assembly the renrt of the Committee on the Kevidim of the Constitu on. me r< port is strongly in iavoror an entire reboon, but without any personal leaning whatever?in id. it if rtmnrkable fcr singularly strict impartiality J ut nd candor. Reports were curu-nt that General Biraguay ile IliUier ai #d resigned the office of Commissioner in Check, in * < aria. b? Gtneral Tabvier ?i? to propose a motion for the ^ eetion of the Constituent Amenably by universal suf- no age. i rot Miould the revision be voted, the debate on the report the revision committee would tato- place on July 14th. lie Council of State by a vote of 18 against 9. have set- ( ' d the responsibility of executive power in conformity ' th the constitution?a provision of which renl-'r* it gh treason for the I'resldant to subvert the 40th arti- thi t of the constitution. '"l Germany. ft There is little news from Germany except fresh reports ?1 arrangements concerted at Warsaw, for the military *,! positions in Germany. so a* to ruppr-ss any revolu- j?| mary attempt*. , ?),. Aalatlr ttuaala. n v News from Trebiaon.l and Ode a speaks of the defeat a portion of the Uu sian troop*, in the Caucasus. The tl oops pastil over to Chameil Bey. who. having united *f' ith them, attacked the Itu--tan General llestwroff. aud l'r, gained possession of the fortresses of Wodwirvnski aud . uj orwaxlueki and followed up the Russians to Titlis. 1 ?l. ( old Mine In Malta. ( 1 Advices from Malta to July 3d ore received. The diocovtryofa very valuable gold mine, equl-distant' ?r nearly m>. between Tunis and Airier- 1* reported here- th,' ic French and B?y of Tunic equally claim It and s >me aa ry sharp letters have pa.ce I on the rulyect. L'ule-s . alter, can he a<|ju-ted a -eriou- dl lurbance may pro- ' Th ibly mult. j Commetrlai Affaire. r*OM JUCIIKMtY'S t'OTTOJI CIRCULAR. Theecntinued decire to all affects prloes. which aro ' arly one.eighth penny per pound lowzr In the last two 1 >} c. making a fall of one-eighth penny per pound in the * " tek. on the lower and m (Idling qualities of American. , he better grades hare. In many instances. been forced | f at a much greater decline and to qui te their ?*! able ^ ' iluo is almost Impossible Should this state of thin;; A1 et much longer, It mus shortly affect many at present by ileent bidders, and compel them < realize, even against j *?' leirrwn judgmeut. In many reapeots. order* for yarns ' ad good- are given out sparingly, and only when lower . e* ittl are accepted, still the consumption of cotton is j ry large. Stork. being American; at the Mitut ^ me last year. MOdlf of which iMtA'tJ were American iles of the week, ?d bales; ou speculation, 1.J00; J it export, tl.-lflO. IIs<*r, July 9th ?On the Friday subsequent to the I Be .ilirg of the franklin. (KX bales only found buyers; hut i the day fi Uowlug. 1.100 hales were sold, at n decline ' one franc to two, a lees desire to realize being ma- wi ferted by holder*. | *' July ltllh ?The cotton market r m lined u i hantp-J Tll i<' n.1'? up to tvoo cl'.'k KM til**- ?' ry orlj- hi iry New Oiltann. I2f. ft. MI-<CEI.LAMlor ? MARKKTV ft, T>i>; Moarr ?The pen' ral Rt4t? of bueine?* M t'lj iiiltt The fund* had ?hnwn a downward tn rncy on cne or two oscaitwn*. but lubee^uently rallied ml aerr rtatiorary at f'.rtn.r ?jn tuti.r* On Friday. I'B'i b clcxd tt W to 97', j on the day preriou?, tlir rU-r war to'. to ?7 There were beary ??U-r"0 the l'ttb U'J prore>d* were l*rir>ly lattrtril tn Nortbweetern j, il?ay >btt?? Foreign fund* bad t.een dull. the recent arditiian I'Jin had fallen nearly three percent in a f?? *^ ?y> after i'- 1,ru>' and had produced a romewhat duller ., elirg in thr general market. -oru> thing like eoeart f> 'a'Jr f Ir. the I- 'u? of thl? loan in hcndmi it a'lr/. ! r d it *al t' lb-red that port ion* ha I !> n wrrelly *old iree day* b*f< ri-In I'aria at lower rate*. In American ol :<ck? there wa* no charge whaler, r beyond a rlightly ,rrea*"l finnroMi in Qjr. rnm> tit 8ixe* which may be i jf, n< ti d nne hnlf j er rent higher than at la?t a Jtir< ?. and 11 .nn*ylTania about a? much l< wer t'nlt> J State* 8l*e? >?7. at lO-'i),; no lire* in the market Maryland. Ada ). 1 he r?turn* from the Bank of Kngland are unfaeorMe. There win a deiieare la bullion of A' 1051M "j' hirh w** prol.ahly produce J by the Sardinian loan Trtr Cotton Mamrit throughout the week wa* dul| |i r.d .;utet rri">? of ail d> errlptlon* had g'ren w*y. rl I..I in Am. i-'ean the erdlnnrr middling <iliaii t i'In " y > quoted fully one eighth of * p?nny. ml the batter p. nalltie* <lie farthing per lb lower than on the Friday In rerien* Other deeortptfane are about one-eighth of a ' jjj >r ny fur lb lower The total aale* of tha wwl tern * t2"0l>al*?. The authnriied quotation* on Friday th# j * 1th wre for fair " arebowe.1*' , 6\ ; Mobile Rl ? at ;; Orlean*. *ix tmall *ale? reported at (llaegow?pricava ' w, >w*r. ' i F The Manchester market wan Inanimate and a ten- | [J cney rf price* against seller* i |n liat* M aaarr ?States and Canada* attracted m >r* J wi Itention and price* were allghtly up elnce the sailing ' fthe Pacific M e-tern t'anal. '21* 8.1 ; Ohio, 30* fid 21* I'd ; Philadelphia, 21*. to 21* M. Indian corn let with fair Inquiry, at la*t quotation* Wheat tlrnvr ^ -price* bare *n upward tendency United State* red, M. a 0* (el ; white and mixed. 6> 2d. a f>*. f>d. to , mm. P*o?i?ioa*?B< ef had nrd raried. and pork and hem* j ^ o re BagWeWd. Baeon wa? in moderate demand at full tire* I.nrd wa* one shilling. per rwt lower Done I lal a heera bail ha en taken at 2<?*. to 36* per cwt ' Tituw Vii la bettor taoMat. Sinn* wa* In slow request Prl tea were generally one I billing lower during tl we. k Tr*.?The merket w?. firm and a fair business wa* I'ltf both In I trerpool and l.ondon Moi a.?i ? The transaction* *?re ptnall. and aatcs to ny exta nt Wa uld bare to be made at lower pricea I Hi, * ?II older * were firm, but the demand wa? trilling mrrloan wa# qnot d at 16* bJ to 17a. cuke* era more wanta d ?< >?a rracv?The r- duced rata* fa.r juercitrou bark | t|, nought a better demand, auJ an advance of thro# pence i d been established over the lower.i ultra. (line ?fcperui oil wae dull, and toelfect ulea lower rates voold have to be submitted to. Lard oil, influenced by he depression on bird, waa quite neglected Wbale oil :?nlinuetl scarce, and will sell readily on arrival at an idvanee. Nat?i. Stores ?There is little doing. Asm s.?There had been a better demand for potashes; ind about fOO barrels ha d been sold at 2he per cat Dye Woods.?The sales hare been limited. The Timber Trade.?American pine timber was i;uoted it la. 2d. to Is 3d. per fuot; Mr-mel, Is. dd ; oak. is. tal ,o 2s ; black I *rch, is 2d. to Is. 4d ; 12 feet plank. All rO Alt) per 120; 12 feet battens. A12 to a'13 per 120 Freiuhts to the United States had somewhat im>roved Dead weight had been freely offered, and adranced rates had been paid, but the change Is not irnK>rtaiit. Steerage passengers were still scarce. Puiengsri by tbe America. Mr Ferguson and lady, Mr Llayward and lady, Sir Ilarford I Bridge and lady, Mr Dupe and lady, J C Blair and brother, lexer* Leonard, Hopkins, lltrnetead, Plgott Sohaefter, (sight, Kent, Arneteiu. Byrne, Drain, Rand, Deiter, 1'otry, Irown, Morrison. Lowell, Gregory, Cushion. Boss, Usmil< n. hood, llaintw, llthop, Abbott, Uigginsou. Crowing, Ihislds, Perkins, Michelmon, Dry den, Huuxtin, Pignies, Coy, :iajes, ?nglich, Swallow, McNair, Landy, Henry Clay tcrln. Shipping Intelligence. Sid from Liverpool July <J, Marmioa, Catharine, Columbus, nd U 11 Boedy, NVork; 10th. Harriet Augusta, do; Am oll : t ps. do: Westmoreland. Pl.iladelohia: 11th. John Ha. 'tn, Newport or Cardiff Bid from the Clyde July 7. Clias de Wolfe, NYork; 9th, i Irociktby, do. drnuKN. FMpe Ashbnrton, from Norltans f?r Liverpool, Jane 12, it 62, Ion 7009; Auetralia, fn m do fordo, June 1U, lit 21. no so; Uibdrii, fn m Prieetc for NYcrk. Juno 23. lat .17; HOIOI Orr, from Cardiff for Wilmington. June 6; Kremlin, rein Cronstadt for N York, June 17, lat i?, ton SB; Sugittv ins, from Newport for do. Juno M, lat 19. Inn 7: Sir C Campell, from Belfast for do. June1 21, lat 47, Ion 14; Gleaner, for > York, June 23, Ink in, Ion 13. Pile First InnfHlineiit of the Ctinal Revenue Called For?Fatal Railroad Aceldeut. Anna'ar. J lily 22. 1861. The Comptroller a 'vertisoe, to-day. that he will reot-lve reposals until the 19th of Auguit for one million of the insl reTenue certificates. Proposals maybe made for iking the w bole sum, or any part thereof?not less than ne thousand dollars?but no certificate will bo Issued rider one hundred dollars. The money is required by ic 23d of August. The certificates will be made paya- 1 le on the 1st day cf July. IStil.and will bear Interest at le rate of six per cent per annum, payable semi anually. at the Manhattan Company in New York, or at le State Bank in this city It is whispered about, this iteration, that a company has been formed, consisting j r bunki rs in this city. Geneva, and Rochester, who have ; Ten d to take ihe whole amount, at a premium. As the Express train was coming east this afternoon, hen about a mile west of Cuuastota. an old lady of KUt to years of age. said to be deuf. and cairying a irusol rver her head, stepped out from some bushes, iheie she bad been gathering berries), upon the track, id walked directly aguinst one of the ptssenger cars, lich hit her upon the temple, throwing her a distance about 20 feet, and killing her instantly. Vermont Democratic State Convention. (mi.nat ion of a candidate fob governor?resolthons relative toti1e h oit1vk slavs law? president fillmore'p cot rsr denotnczd, etc. MoMru.ita. Vt , July 22,1861. Th?' Democratic State Contention assembled here, at e Court House, at 11 o'clock this forenoon, to nominate andidate for Governor. in place of the Lion. Lucius 11. sck. declined. The Convention was permanently organized by the icicc of the Hon. Edmund Weston, of Orange county, nident; and Lawrence Bralnard. (f Franklin county. C Grant, of Chittenden county. Joseph Sawyer, of acbiogtcn county. Henry Stewart, of Hut'and county, id A K Judwin, of Caledonia county. Vice Presidents. A committee was then app? inted to repiort resolutions, (' the Convention adiourned till the afternoon Upon re-assembling. at half part one o'clock, addresses it irude by William 1!. Briggs. tb Hon. Paul Dilliugr.i, and otbere, in relation to the fugitive Slave law Ibe Ni minuting Committee rep< rti djth-Hon Tiino. y P. Ks-dticld. of Mi ntpciier. a* a candi-Kte for Oovcrr; and the report was accepted unanimously, with ucda of applause. Mr lino iklo accepted the nomination in an eloquent i < ch rbe following recclutions were then adopted:? { solved, lliat we here train ataert. as we have heretnv, ear unwavering fiaelUy to democratic principle,?that -most am-ng these rrin eipies, wo ma oism that this gommeLt waa ordained, and the oona'itntion adopted, to iteet all ita citizens in life, liberty, and propeity and it the government should be e?er and perpetually active the discharge of that high trust. ie.olvrd. That anv attempt to foist the institution of verv upon the t-rritory under the jurisdiction of the ion?any legislation of Congress that expoaea the froein of eitlaena of a sovereign State to perpetual slavery, thont due prortsa of law?that denies t'm trial by jury, d atripa off the panoply of the great writ of right, is an ration of tbe legitimate sovereignty of the States, and an rirgement on the guarantee! of the su nstitution, and suld le promptly repelled. It -solved, Tlmt tercal lealty to those prinelplea which deall these rights to the citizen we canuot recognise aa hers do, as the test of democracy. drsilved, limine (lisi over but one distinctive teatnre of i whig t srty. in its i resent pla< e, as shadowed by the prrt a-.ministration? hdelity to tlcverv mud the maintenanre ita supremacy, and inviolability. We shall, therefore, opre the, whig party ; its prinelplea?it has none, rim report wan accepted, and the resolution* were Opts vl Near the close of the Convention the following rcsolun was intrc duced and adopted:? Ifesolved. That the w l,ig? of Vermont, by cordially appfov. r of President Fillmore's administrate >, at their late oonntion at lleilowa F ills, endor rd and tender" 1 an issue on the fugitive Have law; and that tliia Csnv-ntlsn i mptly accept the tender, and 1. rehy recommend to all -1r political friends, and the friends of f-.-eedom and huiuanin the Stat* to meet tbe iasut ta every political gathering, d at the polls. Ibi* taits a delegate convention, and well attended, r proceedings were cbaracteriaed by harmony and en- i usiann " 1 Mr. Hswlfield. the nominee. la a lawyer?* gentleman of | client ahilltv and fine attainments Suspension of the Camden Bank. I (M . uly M, MB The Camden Rank. in ttiie county, refused to give tele to- day for their paper. Indian Treaties In Oregon, 4m. W*shi<u;to*. July 22. 1K1 The Indian has received information that th# cgon Commissioner*. Caines. Skinner. and len. harp conrlu.lrd treaties with four Indian tribe*, which large cession* f t land harp been obtained, on lotHNrt.iniJ | A full account of the treaty wa* pubhe d in the 1 In aid, several day. sgo ] The trial of flay war continued t vdsy. and n further nod nation bud of wltu??re? for the prosecution. John 1:lea, of Philadelphia line obtained a contract r building ft.ur firet class mansions in this city, nppoe the Preside litmansion, tor Win. W. Corjoruo. Maryland Congressional domination, dir. Baltimore, July 12, 1Vt 1 The Demrerntir Congressional Convention of the rend district. baa nominated William T Hamilton r re-el?rtion and paaeed resolutions in favor of the mj romi m tr.cnsuri a. and <4 Oenrral <'a? for President. j At the democratic convention to-nigbt Wm I' Ponder j is n< mi net. d !<>r the cfllc. ef 0< uimis.-ioncr of Public [ >rks. Hy to-night*. Southern mail w> 1 arn thst William It . jlor. a lawyer of Savannah, war recently killed at j o-RU llorMu in a rencontre with II W. Clark Ihe citlr.pna of Petersburg. Yirginl.i have subscribed e hundred thou-aud dollu.s to the ilaleigh and liafton ulroad. I trine by the Way of line Ion, m o* riot i.t mai it?atitmpt to kill a Will ?siicidk ok in* ?r rr.Aai.?stoma soom irjt- , KARTHKb?accidttto jo 1IIC AIKAMK* SAM* sola, ktc. Bonos. July 22.1151. A rM occurred at Faro Maine, on Friday last, grow- | gout of the rrrest of Mr ..urney for selling Honor. | n es Tuttl*. a friend of lliirnej's, ?truck one of the itrurMS. nrni'd Leans, and a general tight en?u>-d iitle wss arrvrltd. and subset]w> ntly rescued from the I ce. but wh. n the fght en uter be gave Lima- If up. v< ral of the peli.e Were badly beaten, and a Urge extra rc< has been sworn in. In antielpati >n of more trouble, tiree erre' I* of rioters bare been made A son ft Mr Ant. CJ. Harriett. of New Yfrk. fslv years d. vieitit g Keahurypo't. had on.' of hi. feet crushed -t evening, hy the wi.. I of a rail.ond erglne Tlie steamer Fsmson. which left n.nhuryport on the th. lor New l.rk with the clipper ship Rarer In tow, | ? n# r linn ? ii ?i?j in.mi vt- r-.wj. ?i.?j |mu invu ewprrt. K I . at 3 o'clock thia nxmlif. bivlnibflthe ,i|> rfl ()|J Up* J Til* raptuin of llic -tenner ha > pfoi did to firW Vork. Tbrte mi n whlc digging In Pn*hury. Ml?i. at the >Tnr of (togglex and Parker afreet*. la at night, at the i nth of three < r four feet liUcon to 1 a bo* or trunk con- j inlng a large > um el mom jr. xuppn-?d to tare bono I tried by a uotorh u? rhararfor nninoii Walker, who oc- j li b d a cottage In the rlclriiy xome time rime. A n.I.n nnnied Ptepfcin Linmlt. of C? vntxh Main*. It to I tod to murder hi* wife on Monday of laxt week, ultii g tor thnat with a rater A deep wound wax flirted, i xpnelng the windpipe, but it did not canxe mo diati death After tkla murdcroux attempt, he out x own thre at with a broad a*e. completely dividing the Ii d| ipe It Ix xuppoxed lie Inte nded to murder bix hele family cctxalatlng of hie wife, wife'a mother and re children. m he gatlicrid them ti-gettier in the hcu*e, ;d cloxed the door* and wlndowx, liefore axeaulting tiia Ife. The latter however, wrexted the raaor from Inm, ire w it out of the window, and then xrreamed for help. ie ia not expected to lire I.inn ott, it la xuppoxed. wax borlrg under the effect* of delirium trenuna. He liad hie pewxelxion aix 'tuartx of rum at the time th? deed i* c< n.mltlid From Ptttatiaarff. Pirram ao, July 22. IVil A fire broke out thlx morning In the Mh ward, Je?oylng two brick hottaea. A woman and child who re In one of the hul'ding* were burned to death The railroad excitement here ia Inrrraaing?a meetg wax held laxt evening in fin or of conxtructing a road m lleaTer to Wellxtille. whii h will glre Dttaburg diet communication with thelakrx A tarty of SCO left tbix morning, in the ear*, on a caxure excursion to Rochcxter. The river ia falling xlowly, with xi* feet of water in the lannel. Jenny Mini, Mail. Iflahnft anil Paroifl. Noun ?iia, Jnty 22,1*M. Mnd Rhh'p >ang laxt evmirg in Corinthian flail, to i overflowing The crowd at the door* ga?e r three chei rx when xhe left the hall. Jenny hind will xing in the xame place to night At xtvr. duly 21 1M1. Mdile fared! i* to ling here, on Monday next; xhe Will en goto Troy. jarat<g* I :ka. and fyracuxa. from Portland, Me. RAILWAY CONVENTION AT PORTLAND? HIE POST' FONED CELEBRATION ?F TUB FOI III 11 OF Jl LY, ETC>, Jul7 22, 1861. A general mooting of the friends of railway enterprise in Portland and Its rioinlty, was held at the City lial to-day. In reference to tue European and North American railroad John A. lloorc. Eaq., Chairman of the Executive Committee made come remark*, giving thehistory and progress of the enterprise. R.-soI jtioci w -re introduced, discussed, and paused, In furtheranco of the object of the convention. To day baa been celebrated here m the Fourth of July, the proceedings Laving beeu postponed on ac -ouut ef th? weather. The uay has been line, and everything passed*, oil pleasantly. t'bailes W. Child has been committed to the county jail for thirty days for having In his poss-salou ardentspirits, contrary to law. and refusing t-> pay a hoe. Thw liquor was ordered to be destroyed. Pianoforte Association.?'The Sertwnl Pianoforte Company, oil the same prim iple as the first, now ic successful opeiation, is now forming. Persons wi thing to subscribe can do so by apply ing at the cilice of the ool^pitny 2s!' Broadway, where the books are now open. The First Mulodian Company is rapidly tilling ur. This company wil close in the year and a half, when each member will have a Mi lodion. ihis is, in every way, a in st uesiraMe oppuvtunity, and sLouid be enibraoed by all who need these beauti ful ine'ruuients, the toruia being within the reach of every one. Subeciiptions will be received at tho othee, i'9 Broi l way, where the hooks are now open. JOSEI YN h: VTATgOV, Trustees. Tlie Country la Safe?(he I'nlon l-i triumph- ant. Every gcntleinuu w ho is an admirer of good liquora anil a well mm used house, is bound to he a supporter ol tlu I 1,1,1 .Oil II. ... ? - ---w>? u?oi,initu -.uu mrcctwu ol Messrs. Woodruff it L<see. Pails Maiitlllns.? -Ladles, before f?olng t.f>the country, or strangers passing through the nty, should vis t the Paris Mantilla Emporium, 301 Broadway, wh.-r the molt superb variety may be inspect :d at s ?tr m-ly nri derate prh s. as the e itire stock is nowr reduced to make room for lall importations. OIO. B1 LPiy. ' l Broadway. Licci ami Euihrolileiici of all Kliists, now. pretty, and cheap.?A rplendid assortment of the following; articles 110* in store: l.ace and Muslin hleeves; Valenciennes; Collars; Coifs; < hcmlssttea; Ci.t a; lirrthcs: Veils. eiu',roi<ter< <1 Handkerchiefs, extra cheap; l.ace Mitts, in fant's reo>dlewerk Kobes; Waists; Cars: black Trimmi.iI.aces; Mi alms, Rlbl.oce, and some or the most bean tile worked Collars, on Jaconet and Swiss, ever offered. For sale by R. f'KAlikU. 8KJ llroadway, Irving Uuuse. 83 Ksiwn itreet, Bootiiiakrrs' Union.? Citiaens and strangers are invited to call and esauiiue the line sto.k oi Boots, it.cos, and new style of (Jailors, at tha Bootmakers' Union, N'aves.u street, whore _ iaige assoc. Kent oan be found at retail for wholesale prices. Tlie rtiah for those Patent Leather Slroec oontinms. But there are few more pairs left ol the mine sort W arruute.l not to crack. IV' -lo*. A1 , (loots am'. Gaiters or every variety, at the old Stand, til Mai Jen lau cornel H illiam street. Lorln Drooltt, ?t 188 Pulton street, Is the prince of bootmakers; lets the only one who ever tried win could or would wake a hnot in accordance with the shape ol our foot, and humcrthocc unconijoerable tyrants, corns. It yon want u comfortable, as well as a fash ion -.'lie and handsome boot, go to L0K1N BROOKS'S store, an 1 get a pair forthwith. We rail ntteiitlon to Or. ftobat'k,i) advertisement on the t: ird page t this day's pap r. Ilia ofllos it at No. A White street, the second block tel. w Broadway All letters to C. V Roha~k, No. A M'i ite strut, will bo religiously attended to if pro; aid. A ti lit Itltd shirt bosom In at illsfliptirlnir as a ?r ukled forehead; hot tliu system of measurement aue of making np pursued at OKilEX'i (ashicn.hle establishui' UV, No. 1 Aster llouae, preclu lea the pons i ility of inch a misfortuiis. A perfect ht is guarantied, ai d no complaint has ever been made of the non-fulfilment i the guar On toe. Oxygenated IlUU-r*.? l'hls highly r/Hcnclous and peculiar medicine astonishes every sufferer fro.' liy.pep.ia. and those who have tried a thousand rem diein vain, will never regret a tiial of it. A lew doses will give pr> of of its superiority over all other remedies known. For a. If. rands, 1 1 Fulton strut; A. If. S- ovill k. Co., ,';1A. ai d C. II. King. I'-J Broadway: J. I. < oddlngtO'i SKI Hudson street, and 71llroadway: L. M Culon, lit" BoWtry, corner of Brand street; Hall, Ruckle At Co., 2>iGicrnwich street; and by Ifruggists generally la the United States and Canada. (Joui mitt's Liquid Hair Ope lnntniilly changes red or (trey hair to a brown or black. 1'oiidre Buntile uproots hair from any pert of tic bedv. Liquid Rou s, and Medleatod So. i, for enrine t?u. . I,... al.. ..... . burn, tie , sre f uuU kt t7 Weaker trcoi, Urotiilw.i,> , Cullender, a* S. Third street, l'hilnuclf hit.. MONEY M4RKRT. Ti ui ?r. July ."J?C P. M. Operations in the stock market htte dwindled down t>the smullest airunnt. Quotations remain without mat rial alteration and mo?t of the transaction* are forca h Erie Ktllroad has lieen the moil aotire f?uey on the lis!, but it opened and close d firm at current pri o r. N irwicb aLd Worcester i< with difllculty su tained 1 Imrl -m islowly working upward, with moderate s.ilec. Th smaller class of tansies held their own pretty well,? at the amount offering is limited, and there are more buyers than tellers in the market. Public securities and rail road bonds hare, for soma time pas', been uoufutPy * quiet. Tliey have settled down into the hand* of p< rDianent holders, aud prices will therefore be cumparu- I Mrely steady. Tbe receipts at th' office of the Asslatant Treasurer of this port to-day. amounted to > 4i; payment* $4 452 69?balance $1.1*76 273 14. The Boston TrmttUtr says - A tale of a'o u . $600 OCo Boston city 6 pur cent stock has been made by our City Treasurer, within a few dsys. at or about pir The pur. rhaae was made by Messrs. Blake. War J u Co.. of th city, and is undeistood to be on account of two emincul English banking, tU Messrs. Baring. Bros. A Co and Hope a Co. $50,000 of tie amount Is paid down and the remainder will be furnialied aw soon as the exchange drawn upon it ran be disposed of This transaction confirms the view expressed to regard to th i effect of the great specie accumulation in i: upland aui France. Tbe abundance of ooin wiil r> oder its export?" ' ti< n from this country less^rnfitable at the rates of exchange which have ruled for some time ps-t. and it >ck? will go forward to aerve a* a eubatitut*'' 1b New Hampabirt the fallowing bank.' bare bem incorporated this year. by the Legislature reeenlly a I journtd:?The Cocheco bank, fraueentown Kink Uranite State bunk. Salmon l i'.i bank tl rattan County bunk, and Indinn Head bank. Thi* add* v .lib 000 to .? prcvlou* capital, in the whole State of '>".000. The following hunk* hare been organize 1 In Ohi under the Free banking law of that State Iron llin' of I ronton, located at Ireoton, l.awren ? count/; M?j chant*'bank of Maeaillon, at Maaaillon; HUrkOnatf bank, at Canton; and the Springfield l ank at Spring, field. It ha* recently been decided by the Court (rfijewli', Bench, in Canada, that Inauranee com panic* organ i a J ;n the United State*, cannot legally extend their opera tion* into the brltUh I'roTlnsee. nor maintain a rule gainst partie* on premium nuter; nor e*n partie* en I force payment from ruch compaciee on their plieir a. The grca* amount of rcTenue from duti> * ' n imp Mrt* collected at the diller) nt porta of entry in the I'ultet Stater, fir the y< ar ending JuueSO. 1851 we $47.081'i? .7 Some of the return* are not entirely offi* i?i nut ?o fur a they hare been made, the receipt* at earti port were a* annexed ?Nrw York. 131.750.180; Borton. H 7.77 5W; 1*1*1 ladelphia. $3 067,838; Ilaltlniore. $ 10*7 /7* New Orleai'V" $2.2W;.t30; Charleaton. $600,712; l'ortland ?201'0.".0; S*. ranch ffbft.OM; St. L< ui*. $210132; Cincinnati, $106.* 161: New llaTen. $101,130; Mobile. $70,184; LciUrtUe $06,672; Oiwtgo. $S1.5i7; Kichmond. $70 2'!i. The Ohio and I'rnneylrania Kaiiroud i* progre**ing with great rapidity. A few day* aince. it war opened for the conveyance of pa-Mt ger* aid freight betw.i n Pitt" Lmg, Itoehrater. and New brighten. Kr in Pitt'huig to 81 mile*, la to be onened In October nn Alliance i# 68 mile- from Clereland. and i? the point where the Ohio and I'eni sjlrania road rr> ?e* the OlercUtd ami I'ltteburg rood. From Pittsburg to t'lBimi ?? ' Masslllon, IV? milt". Ilia n ad ia to be opened in November ni at. connecting with the Ohio canal from l'ltt?hurg to Wooeter, 132 miles. it i* to ba < pened in th. spring of ne*t year, and to Crestlloe. l*o ?'.<? to oonne t nith the Cincinnati. C< lumbu*, and Cleve,and Railroad . 1 in tin fall of or at ) tar The operation* of th? branch mint at N ? Orleans during the month of .Mine, were a* annexed ? 1 ilmtiM Miar,Nra Oai.?t?a?? Drresif* ??i Ooiator onpaatta. California gold trtntOSft. Foreign gold. 2UiP7 Of >:il?.00? m roiaan* or ?oi.o. T'oohle F.agle*. .".l .MKi piece* \ <10.000 00 Fugle* 37 Otto '? 370 000 W? i,unit, r Ragle* 24 t* ? no000 f* Uold Dollar*, 4U,?H)0 " 4u 000 00 VI.* W OW 00. Wl?#r egtracteil from California gold 83.6M l< Other tiirer 18.4*8 W< mui 11 Dime*. WOW pieces F8000 no.* Half Dint#* 80U00 " 4 00m 0i ThrceCent I'iecee, 130.000 " 4.409 0C <10 . >00 00It 1* s'ated that the Jfew Orleans mint i< < mpltelp out of debt, and that depo?itora can be paid ia #o!n a *oon a* their gold dust i* aaenyed. The rrinage of thre< cent piece* I* progressing rapidly, and the atteutlon of the superintendent I*, wo Is-arn, turned aimartevhi *i*ely to the getting out of the smaller dett> minatk n? ol gold piere* The following *t*t>meitt prepare.) *o.| ,-i i i i sad frotn j rnirtoi f?-Uirn?. will l?? fi.un-l f< pr- or in>i OflblltttVofllfMlt rirrnlnHon Of th? I P 'd llpe d' Di off > rat I'riUin noil lr?lami, and of th> olnip.i tlUk?kMk|tki bank* iodk?t?-dk"ib ftt J

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