Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1851 Page 3
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kite gates of ;lie account# lest made up and o >mpara- I Italy with retnrts fur corresponding periods. The sub. j ( joined table gives the aggregate weekly average of the i | note circulation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain ; fend Ireland, as it stood for the four week.-* ending the I lath and 31st of May, and the 7th and 11th of June, being the lateit date to which the returns hive been cot- ] kctively compe ted for all the banks of issue; an 1 also the reiulte as compared with the returns for the previous j t ur weeks ending the 17th of May Cl'Miscv ok Britain anoIrk.laxd. May 17, Juiir 14. lf&l. ISM. Tncr**te.D*rrfai*. Fxsk of Enriand. ..?19.533,161 ?IO.I?7>t '>3U ? ?451,tM4 i Private bank" .... 2, title. 212 MI.171 - 181,1 >2 Joint ttook tanks. 2,!4W,liil 2,10.5,2*4 ? 152,877 Total in Kaplan ). .~caii.1Mi.M7 ?25,3! >7 .564 ? ?785,975 I beotland 2,2.54,470 3,471,IM ?21.1,711 ? Ireland 4,528,973 4,3i8,!il8 ? 2uO,lH5 j United Kingdom ..?33,909,980 ?33,140,1-63 ? 82:1,?7 -?Showing a decrease of ?'788,973 in the note circulation ?f Knglaud and Wales, and a dec rease of ?839,817 in the circulation of the United Kingdom, when compared with j the returns for the previous four weeks ending the 17th , f May. On comparing the above returns with the fcio l issues f the several banks, the following is the state of the circulation:?The flied Issues of the privute banks of Eug- ! land and Wales being at present ?1,767.328, it follows that they were below the amount ?1,253,, "'0. The fixed k?*ucs of the joint stock banks being ?3.409,0S7. it fol- ! lews they were below the amount ?601.703. The fixed iesnes of the Scotch banks being ?3.087.209, it follows they were above the amount ?380,972, but with specie in hand to oovr the excess and issues for ?192.230 besides. The fixed Issues of the Irish banks being ?6.354 491. it ' 4.-U1,IK.. ........ K..1,.... IK. .... ., ,- ? flu -. -.7.1 vllK i apeeie in band to cover issues for ?1,308,255 mvo. It appears, therefore, that the acto circulation of the private and joint stock bancs of ting land and Wales was ?1,858,479 below the amount anthorized to be issued; and that, inclusive of Scotland and Ireland, the circulation was, on balance, ?3.567.083 below the fixed amount. The average amount of coin and bullion held by the Jtauk of Rngland in both departments, during the four weskp ending the 14th June, was ? 13,758,833, showing an increase on the previous month's return of ?46j.W73' The average stock of specie held by the Irish banks durxg the seme period, was ?1,308,256, being a decrease on be return for the previous four weeks of ?15,933. The average of specie held by the Scotch banks during the , same term, was ?8792202; decrease on the previous month, 4*37,673. The aggregate circulation of the United Kingdom, on the 17 th of .May. 1851, was ?33,140.603, against ?33,232,216 I n the 15th of June, 1860, showing a decrease of ?91.583 j The yearly comparison of the stock of coin and bullion held, stands thus:?Hank of England, ?3,053,103 less; Irish Banks, ?115,640 less; Scotch Banks, ?22,839 more? actual decrease on balance, June 14, 1861, ?3,115,910. It appears by returns published in Htrapath't J.tunvU that the total reoeipts in 6.232 miles of railway in ( Britain and Ireland, for the week ending the 1st of July, 1861, were ?300,294. equal to ?49 per mile per week. In the corresponding week of last year the amount was ?266,785, on 6,790 miles, or ?40 per mile per week. There is thus an increase of ?31,409, or 11 81 per cent, in the aggregate reoeipts; an increase of 442 miles, or 7 03 per cent, In the mileage; and an increase of ?3 in the amount received per mile per week. The Railway Tiinri estimate the total traffic returned since the 1st of January. at ?0 182.745. which, on 0,209 miles, is equivalent to ?996 15s. 5d. per mile. For the same pericd in last year it was returned at ?5,5452279 on 5.774 miles, or ?900 7?. I'd. per mile. The balance is thus in favor of ths present year to the extent of ?35 7s. 8d. per mile. Stock Exchange. j $1496 V 8 )>'?, '50 ll?k 100 shs Krie RR c.30 83)4 | MSI U 8 0 s. '07 llil"? IN) do 8312 2080 Ohio?'?, 60 INI do atCOd *3% 19000 ftani's opg 91 ;?> Harlem RR 73?? SOU) Erie laceme MM?r juu do 7.P? U0U) Eric 7'?. 103'4 109 do ?t0 734? 106U Eric I'm, '71 W) 190 Morris Canal $30 10'2 laioo do 07 72 100 do lrtC It ska Bk St of V V IWi 10 N Y fc N If HR 111 ! | W tJifVurth Co 9 500 Reading RK 56 1 1 .' ? Erie RR WO M I'M do MZi *70 do MO do M'l *to do 88J? 4-<o Nor A. Wot RH ? '> .Vi'I net do wo ku: :?m do ?oo .'.7 * MO do bl'? Ki?J DM do 37 ; Kd do UU KiJd M 1'orte D Dock ? W 7a SECOND BOARD. 1 MO aha Harlem RR 7.'t\ SO aha Harwich RR #90 VIU I'd Headier KK aW M SO do e<M >iC t * 0 do ?o0 a&ti 1W) do bJd v>\ ? tt? do ?SJ4 SO trio RR 83 ? i KM do MB 36'J 'M do ill) KtU , 9M do 3d M do bJ K<C : ? MO Dol k Hud Canal 11.5 d do wj *? Morrie Canal io',' do do KlV Bp Long I eland RR lo 'i 30 do BO Norwich It ft aim a ft;1* SO do blO 83,'., ADVBRTI8EJIE;i T8 RENEWED EVERY DAY. I THEFl REM KN. j ACARD.-AT a MONTHLY MEKTINU Of EN3INC Company No. 10. held at the engine lionet, on Tnaeday OveLmg, July 2. the following oommittee were appoUtod to J Ara't resolution! eipreeaiug the teu?? of thio company ou the | g.-aurcaticn of their late foreman. Mucin Jaekaon, aa a member I thio eompeny, i Whereae, lly th# eoflragee of the fir* department, our lato 1 caeeiataand foreman, Mueee Jackeon, haa been aelected to . Aiacharga the dutiee of Aeeiitaut Eng'noer. we deem it but a Junt meed of merit t^erpreea our eetirnation of hiaeervicoa ae a tirenrlit, efleer, and gentlemaa, during the many year a " li* baa teen attached to Croton Engine Company No. Hi; ' a therefore, be it Reaolred, That, while we regret the loaa euatainad br our * eiu.piay. we congratulate the department, and our fe]low> . ri'i/endMefolPVie "tTu'rirenreirt of tlio a tive eervioat of one ' who. in hi* new joaition. cannot hut ndd greater lunate to * the well earned fame ol the Ore department of New York. . Kceoleed, That from long yean of intimacy, we hare learned to appreciate the integrity and urbnuity, the kind- 1 were ai d entire efficiency of out late ana x-late and officer: 1 " ana fvelmg > be mnnjr obligate# dua to liio faithful dieeharge r tt Untie*. wi congratulate him or?m hi* el ivatinn. end with . MM many itl Ion* i ear# of wlfaro. health, and pm?perity. I Heeoiied, liiauatWalieve raiolutioa# be pabliibed id the ? Bud. Mtruld. tad Firemen'# Journal. " STEPHEN MITCHELL.) * IILNRY McDF.RMOTT, / Committee. HOliEKT CORBET, > . TO THF. FIRE DEPARTMENT.?THE UNDBMIONED weald n; t reepeftfnl ly announce that hoi# a ran ti- ? da'efcrthe .An of Aeeiitant Engineer, and eonddmtly ) ..pee to aeenre the nomination from a majority of the otn ire of the department, although ho wlehe# it 11 be diatliictly ' understood, that if lie ahnuld net #uooeed in eeeuring their ' enpport, he w ill. under no clroumetaare#, run aa a etump v candidate, tior ha# he eeer loudly threatened to do to, lie 1 t.e# been arena to putting htmnolf before the department at ' thie early day, hut noticing In yeaterday # llerald the pre#?nta of another Richmond in the Held, lie ha#, at the re-i'ieat | ><f I w enmcrou# friende, and frmn a #en>e of juetioe to him- ' rrlf. been relnrtaiit'y compelled to adopt thi#eonrae. urging, ' d ae a tew of tntny reaeoof, why ho ahonld be #npported?that | 1 l.e he# nerer forfeited hUwtrJby pledging hl.u'elf to en?- 1 t .in one oaedi late. ao.l alien the tin.e of trial r?me, voting gainet, and a#ing h># cti i".t e (i-rtinn# to defeat him; neither , I ha# be ever been afltxted with ru. h an aatoniahinr want of 1 1 revel loc tin a at t<> ertlrely forget la aetaaad fa? Hi aoa pay- , a meet rf anything '..||#eted for another # benefit. If the r above reaeoae of euperiority over at |ea#t one of the eandi- " d?t?e for tbo *l ore !ffice alioald be de< med in' nflYUnt, m .re U will be cheerfully riven by AN OLD FIREMAN. FKRSttNAlw , CI fMMl REWARD- THE Rl'BRCBtnEB WILL " ? A jV/v/vr five the above reward to any p 'raon who will 0 faraieh bin with r .mpetont and ?atiefactory legal proof of v the tiin'and plarr of the birth el a child or Mr*. Norton, wife of Jarno t lint in V rton. The eliild waa born ia the I a je?r l'<*l or tt e e.m ;y p^r' ' f I-II, eith-r ia the ityofN'ew J York or Hrr oklyn, #? t? believed, and hat beta knowa by the name of I barb t M'entworth. He wat planed in the ia- ! B at.tntioa ef the #obaeribcr in March, IKkl, and hae keen eda- i . anted tbr? in. Dated Now Tork, July I?, IMI. H. I'tl ONE r, V Bank #tre.t. . rpiIE RELATIVES tH H M. MEI.dON. LATE SEAMAN J. ?a bc.ard the tfeawhip Paaanta, who waa dru waed Jan. 13. IMIH. will hear nomethiug to their alvsatage. by ailing at the ifBct of the Pacitc Mail Steaoahlp Company, I Si tooth etraet. Tur, relatives or d. d. 8<h thard. a cabin pa?#encer on board the #teaiu#hip Panama, who died May Jd. IM.' op M mterey, are re inee e I to i all at the ofll -e ?,f the Pe'iht Mall Pteamehip Co., 31 Stath #treet, New York.?Jcrei-y paper# plea## copy. liOST, dhw. CI A REWARD.?TAKEN FROM TIIB OFFICE or ? J\r the anbacriber. No. A Well atreet on the evening * <>' the ill?t or the morning of the ?M indent, among othir h tninga. a oat* wf Mathematical Inatrnntenta, and a large * Pocket Book, containittjf deede, pr?mi?aory notee, an1 other ( l of Bo tie* or t>al"a to an) ona but tbo iindcreigned. Tl'taBlcTO reward mill he paid for the return ol the Poek-t Beth and<oat<nta to the undersigned, or bj enclosing the i aam? to bi at tbroceh tSe I'oat Office, and ao nneatione aaked. 1 t)BO. P. NELSON, No h W all tract. Cin>lWllD?mil PAID FOR TUB EECOVERY J V of n Frtueh Pointer I>og lie niuwera to the nam ol llaah and Kay: la colored white and clieetniit: wctgha . boat thirty pum". II. fl. TALI.NAN, 16Coeatiea Slip. J Of ft RE WA RD.?STOLEN, FROM 74 MAIDEN l.tNE 1 VPtA one donble I arretted Hun, with the name of W. Mnr- 1 l' ? At Brother. Peteribtirg, inlaid oa tbo barrel. J t _ ? c IB REWARD.?LOST, ?H TAKEN BT VIsrtKn. AT h MJM.F Niblo a i.ardan, on Monday aeeoicf. 2l?t inat., a I a rye r black papier mech* Opera tilaaa. In a Maek tnoro .on eaae. , The above reward will be raid for the aama, with thaaki of .0 owner by applying at Is* South afreet, up etaira. J Ml) RRWARD.-LOVT, ON HON DA V EVENING ?ler I W"' iaatant, a Seal, repreoetitlng a horae, atendieg on a 7 litter, with a gold Rey; foyta of a whip. Pa.ler the horae moaa red cemco. with no iaarriiitinii. Vhortrr elll r.t,?n 0 (<1 etal at |M Rcad? atrent, or At Beat IV etrert, tip ataire. i ill raealra tha a hn v a reward. I LpST-vrsTERiny afirrnoom. either i* * lladron. llamtnnnil, Morton, nrRlreehcr ttreete, ailnM l.oeh't, enntalninr a rtayiierrri.ty|>e llk'tieee of l? 1 pcranaei ihart ?W Alan A chain and belt atta< hrd to the l?'k l The llndar will h haadeomely rawar.teH t.y lea* in* the-am" At 2 . Jnaea atra* t. or 63 Centre afreet, hat nana tha nnnre ?f 10 tn I ft. a. lamiord, jl. | BF.TWETN Kliilir AVI) NIX* O'CLOf K I A AT F.VF 5 nine, a rail of Bank Hilla waa tnaml. ?IIIrh the owner ran hate hy protlrt pr pertf, anil payinr for thia adeer- 1 t a?n?i at, hy railing en llatlo I'hillipr, rear of No. 3d Croaby : or at tha I'ourtaenth Ward Station home. J A FT* At TO MART AVI) HARM ' * IA TOlMl ^ ra A.onday efanin. I lyJI. The owner em hat- hi r p lypmiia* property, at P. DALY'S. Oorn' f oi I teenth a atria t and ft van A. ? t:tnrpr.d-8t.rrnar.n to hive bp en stole x. % ' ~ qnaaHty of Head Uaf. Th* owner. hy rrov!n t pr I rty J aad pa/Ira eharytt, Aao hate tha %mr, ly ?rp'j e a: th- f, , r? ~!^rt "tfttt. t PICCIAL. IVOTload. I p ETTY 8 LODGE. NO. 11, I. O. 0. F.?THE MEMBERS U of tlil* Lodge are reijueeted, without farther n itioe, to I sttend the funeral of our .ate brother, Vrroj? Go * istein. at ' 18 Monro* street, at hall i a*'. reitu, A. M., on Wednesday, | .'3d inet. M. LEM JS, N. U. G. W. Brwsosr, Secretary. j CTATE GUARD, I.ATE CITY CONTINEXTALS.-THE | 17 member* ot this company will me?t at their arr.i icy. Broad iny House, thia (Vt euatsdiy) evening, at 8 uVlock [ recl?ely, on buainete of great importance. Ti.e new unilorin adopted ly the company will be ready for fa-pectiou. JOSEPH H JOHNSON, Lieu't Ooin dt. I V^OTICE TO THE JOURNF.YMEN TAILORS OF NEW J.A Y'ork.-A meeting ot the Trade Society will he held at ' Uarrick'e Sixth Wrrd Hotel, Outre afreet, on Wedue* 1 .y ironing, Jrly ?;i, at eight o'clock, for the purpoie of elooting ; in Fxccntiv* Committee for the oi.auing <;u?rtjr. anl trameating other butineeo of great importance; therefore, fail not to attend. JOHN McCAl'LY, President. Joei hi Batmi, Secretary. ATTENTION MECHANICS!-MECHANICS' Ri ll.L)ING Association. A meeting of the member* of tne above association will h? held at Varrru Ilall, corner of Oliver and Henry itreetc, on Thureday, the 2ltb in?t., at 8 o'clock. Persons desirous of joining i au do no at the luoetiog, ATA MEETING OP THE NEW YORK BRIQADE Lancers, held at Vaurhall Garden on Mouday, July 21, wae unanimously revolved by the Company, that since we have hern bereft of our highly esteemed and honored commandant, Capt. Bernard Iluuncg.m. in oousennenoe sf whose death we have nn:t with notouly the lore of a fellow oldler, but also of a v arm and trusty friend, wo hare hereby Resole,' J, That as a testimony of ovr feel in( of deep regret for the Iocs we have nurtuiued by hie death, the aeouet'uird 1 adge of mourning chall be worn by the oflimrsand B:cmh. re or the above mentioned troop during the period of one y,r.r; and we have furthermore h solved, 'J hat ttro thanks of this troop be. and is h'reby tendered toCnpt. Murphy, oflcer* and member* of the Montgomery Gourd; Oapt. I'.rady, officer* and members od tho Irish American Guard; Surgeon Von Cort; Capt. Piusanike*, aiul otln er* of the Eleventh Regiment; Capt. Koen, and olfito-rs of the Jacksoa Horse Guarl: Col. I'erru. olti ecu and inoiubcreof the Ninth Regiment, for the prompt an4 soldier j lite, manner in which they attended, tu pay the last tribute : ofrespcat to our late Captain Bernard llannegan Keaolvcd. That a committee, s ppointed by the oificersxod members of this troop, will call upon the bereaved widow of our deceased Captain, who baa left her with a young; and n diction ate fiml y to mouru hia 1- aa, and will present to her a copy of the foregoing resolutions, *?d tint they be publialieu in the Herald, Su u, Truth Teller, and Irlah Amerioan. llv order of T.J. HAUAN, Com nau lant. T M a hi n, Secretary. Broadway chowder club. ?the members and friends of the " Br iadw ay Chowder Club" nre re- : quested to attend a meeting, thia ( Wednesday) evening, at ' Ueorge's." 1122 Broadway, at b o'clock. Punctual attendance in eurneatly requested, aa it will be the only meeting previous to the excurainn. "By order of GEORGE W. SHUKRACAR, Chairman. J. W. Evkrs, Secretary, pr > tern. OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER OF JURORS, NO. 7 City Hall, July 15, lSr>l.?Persona exempt fromjury iutv, who have not registered their exemption at this office, are notihod to make such registration on or before the 25ih Inst. W M. A. WALEKK, Commissioner of Jurors. SUMMER HEAT IS UPON US ?OUR CONFI.VF.D CITY (New York) having become eomewhut tedious, and pent np, and at the suggestion of friends, I wan induced to visit Jersey. Madison, in Morris county.was named to me as aline, open airy village. I was induced to go there, and I can assure my city friends that my anticipations have b. en more j than realised. This in a beautiful country village, excellent , roads, high and airy grounds, exempted from local disease, i excellent wtter, and the urbanity and gentlemanly treatment of Col. Bunting, the innkeeper of the place, and his lady, with whom we tarried, entitle them to our best good wishes and respect. Their lodging rooms, large, clean, and airy, their table, well supplies with the good things of tlio city and country, and pot up in good taste, and the order snd decorum witt w hich the house is conducted, entitle the proprietor to our good wishes for success, and a desire, on oor part that our city friends may avail themse'ves for a lime of so pleasant a retreat.?New York, July 15, 1551. PUBLICATIONS. CIOCKTON'S NEW NOVEL.?THE SECOND EDITION > now ready?"The Sisters: or, the Fatal Marriages." My II mry Coekton, author of " Valentine Vox," Aio. Theevile , of an ill assorted marriage are eo truthfully and strikingly depicted in this work, that it cannot fail to exercise a beneftcial influence upon eociety. At the earae time the hook is i written with every excellency of style, all that simplicity, sod hcauty of diction, and Interest of plot and narrative, w hleh pecu'iarly distinguishes Mr. Coekton."?London Mornirg Post. Price 50 cents. II. long & brother, 4.1 Ann street. HOUMCS. (LOOMS, *?.. WANTED. WANTED TO KENT?A SMALL COTTAGE, WITH garden attached, pleasantly situated, within ten milee 1 of the city, if possible, or half hour's ride by cars or boat: near the ocean or river would be preferred. Oocupati<>n from the tirst to the middle of Augnet. If not near a railroader ittamhoat lauding, should also require a stable. Terms must be moderate. Address William Henry, this olli VV ' urar Br?i<lw>>i below Bleeckcr *Cr??t preferred. I kiMrtr* II B., Broadway I'o?t nthi?, forthree days. Wanted-a small cottage, witii garden and (table attached, pleasantly situated on Stat?n land, witbin a ahort distance of the fsrry. Address, with i articular*, 11.. Herald office. a i'artments wanted-witiiin ten minute a -a. walk of Union l'ark, a room, well furnished. and Rood oard, in a private fauiily, hy a vouiir gentleman from the l.uth. Terme not particular. 1'loaee address New Orleans, it tbia ofBoe. Rooms wanted immediately.-a sitting room and bedroom on the lame floor. In any of the aide street* fl Broadway, possession of wkieh ran be Riven on th* tirat Augmt. Apply to X, Herald office. If a larre sitting cm. wi ll board for two, can be Riven, which the advertiser rill furniah. a line, atatinic location and terma for board, iddrreaed as above, will be attended to. hoarding, *e. Board wanted-in south Brooklyn, in a private family, where the comlorta of home can he enoyed, by a young gentleman and wife (without children), l.'e Rentleinan beinR abnent iroui dinner, except on the iabbath. I'uexceptiooable reference Riven and required. 1 tddrcaa Boa 1,411, New York Poet Office. BoarlinR hou.eleejere need not apply. Board in the country.?families can re aoci uiamdated with hoard and eligible room*. The louae ie commodiona, and pleaaantly aituated. near the ludaon river. Steamboat* daily to and from Now York Iddrma X. y., North Haieretraw, Rockland county, New ! fork. 1 Board in south brooklyn.-three ok four younR gentlemen eao be accommodated with e"od hoard, . i uh pleasant room*, and tli* comfort* of a home. Thefainily^ W rroafl, and there la hut a faw Select hoarder* in the bouee. I' > .ueeisone of the irat elaaa, and thi location ta Rood i/d abnnt aeven minutea walk from the ferriea. Call at the' iuaae, 141 l.'ovrtalreet. at the head of Warren street, Brook)-a. or to C. B. Howler, 42 Fulton atreet, New York. U.S.? 1 ?o mall children ia the howae. 1 Board up town.-families or single gen- 1 Unpen may find agitable accommodation, in one ol the ri..*t convenient Wnn eleassne situations in the city, by apil>ior at 2U St. Mark'* plat*. MniHTi u'lvvrn a ptviiivv unnu with i ir board. i? wanted by b yuung lady, in a private family ' 1 rhere th?r? ar? no other boarder#. Quod refereacu giran. ' iddraaa Miaa E. f , at tliia office. ( Rooms wanted-two vr three i nfi rnhbid ro< toe, without board, for a lady and her danjht.r, in t.c vicinity of i'aaal atreet. Refcreaeea eichanged. Adreea box No, 4?s lo?cr Poet Office, etating term*. Board and i urnished rooms.-a gentleman ' and lady ran le accomm .dated with a parlor and bed' cm, on the ecrond floor, with board for the lady only, i here the oom forte of a noma run be enjoyed, In a email amily that are not maddlaaome with t idr nenrhbore' alfaira. I or particulara, addrraa " Mary Ann," Herald offloo. I tJHAKD ON bTATEN ISLAND - TWO OR THREE " gentlemen, or a email family, can bo well aeeommoated, in a pleaeant location, facing the hay, and near the I ' try. Apply at the heaae formerly ocomfied by Mr. Ward, I '< mpkinavillc, Staten laland. 1 Board.-a gentleman wiio would re will1 nk to advance from S.W to V?*-VI for one jear, will And eingle room and full board, for the aee of the tn?ney, In a e'|eetal le bearding bouee in Brooklyn, near Fallon ferrr, ' r varly application t? made. Refcreaeee xivea and eeeurity J I required. Adcrree G. brimbo, at tho office of tine pap r. Boarding.-a verv large and handsome rarlor. on tho atrond floor, with pantriee and other prrtmenta, enitable for gentlemen, or n gentleman and hie ife. to lei, et Idb Spring etreet, we?t of Broadway, in n nail family. Aleo, a bnadoome front baeement, foriii'hed * r nalurnlehcd. Tho apartment* oaa be had with or without reakfaet. 1 aOARDING-TMO PARLORS, WITH BEDROOMS AT ? taehed, on the eeeond floor, to let, eeparately or to- 1 ether; aleo, one or two room# on the third floor, neatly lur- J iahed, with full or partial board?private table if preferred? t Mil Ilouetoa atroet, flret houee waet of Broadway. HOARDING -PRIVATE HOTEL, NO. 7"7 BROAD WAT. IJ oppoeite Grace Church ? Strangrre, or reeldente of thi* ' ity. deeirlng temporary or permanent board, will Bad very ' irriof ao mmodatu na at tin hmi<a. I'trlon indl-d 1 noma ?nnn? tiny, and utry other aoaraaiency lot famillea r ataxia yrntlrmrn. JI MM CM HOARD WtNTUDBTA GENTLRMA* AMD ' ~ hia wtfr, in tha naiyhb. rhood of ,N?* York. Diattno* J ot t airard twent r hya or thirty mll?a A farm hon?o, rhara a rood tahlo ia Vert. oa tha Enat or North riaara. or on ha Kay. would ha rrafarrad. Addraat, pott paid, boy 2V 1 oat office, Now Tan. \ SPANISH OENTI.KMAN. DESIROUS OF I.F.ARN J lay the Rnylieh laryunye, utahea to obtain board In the , oontrr. or la oaa af tha aalyhboriny rillar<-y, in a family rhara Eayllrh la apokan and Spaniel andaratood. aad whern 1 a aaa tola laaaoaa from a reaidrnt in tha family. Addraaa. rith partianlara ad t. rma, to Moa WU I'oat Office. , HOIWK8, flARRIAOII, FO* 8AI.R-A HANDSOME RI.ACK RRoWN HORSE, J of araat power and commandiay appearance. aniteble of a ona horaa rarriaaa: or would mat a aa eanllent narada raa, heiny ehowr and eery wall hittod. Ha la cycaedinyty antla. alaada without tyiay. and warraatad kind in all haroaa. fla ia aa uanaually aaay aaddlr h-raa. briny hr <ken te , a< k and raatar. Aa hole ported with for want of n?a, ha 1 till ba aold ialow hia yalna, anhirrt to ayary ayamiaatioa aa , aaoadaaaa. Addraaa R. W., Herald office. New yore horse hazaar. m urosby street - , Aartion aala of lloraaa. Carriayra, llaraaaa, Saddlaa, a |r., ayary M'nday and Wadaradoy. at 12 Velork. Paraona , lariay pmparty to diapoaa of will plaaaa oall and hara It ayiatarad. JOHN H U ATFI Kl.lh Proprietor. ' [1 ARRSOME, PINE HORSE, WITH I.IOlIT WAOON ll and Ilarnara, for aala (rhaap. If told toyether); fnat rarallar, atyliah, youny, and aouad. To ha aaan on and ' Oar Monday. 21at iaat , at Tlyan'a ytnhlee. No. <1* Waat "hirteenth atraat. Thaaanarto ha aaaa at tha atablaa, ha- , waos 6 aad 7 o'elork P. M. Wayon aad haraaaa mada to mci-l'dll MI.K. AN EXcll l.itNT C AMINO 010. ? l-* mide by one of the beat mtkere. It will he told * htr in. the owner hertni no further uee fit it. Apnly te Bill, " t the Htehle It Chtrlton ttrcot. INDIA RVMBm W)DI, J IJf.ll I.IANT DISCOVERIES "THE DECAPITATION 1 U at Thoe. r.wbtnk. Eta., Commlttioner of I'll-nte, by he e*er?lt?e," ?? one of hty't mnet wonderful di?oo?e- " Iet. ' in honor of which" be ttre " tele it dinner ' In rtehln|tton Inet winter. Thin dltooTery, hewerer, wt? lm? InitlTe merely. The pnymrnt lo Ooodrear in IH47. of .I,!**) 1 1 or n lleent# te work nnder Ooodyrtr Patent, which Dny * ite only litelr dleeorered le of no nee. It n treat diteorery, n nt nude ten late to benefit Mm. Dty'e offer of ytl reward or the conviction of Infrlnr te on G""dyear'e I'ttentt, on ' rhleh he klmeelf hit hern the chief, nnd It now the only Inrirter. wnt brilliant conception of f>t?'?. end nndonbt- n dly eriiitnl with him flny't diteorery ef Goodrear'a rrett e e?et of ynteinteini Rnhher t fnll yetr before hit trpliction f. r hie patent th? io t< r. at an eapenee to Day of ole AAA, 1 id to men who hed letrned Iht eecret In floedyear t fit. > m wit hrilllent erhihitlon of Inventtre teniae end tf- ii oroe t tfribint proof of how rlotely one lnrnnt< r will tome- h iwr? epon the teelt of tntlhtf. | i WANTS* WANTRD?BY A RR?I'ECTAHLE YOUNO MARRIED 1 w> nikD, a chiM to wet nurae; hu lint h?r ohild ton days tun; will yo nut if required. (loud reference gtren and n required. Apply In MRS. GAVIN, Thaw ? atreet. ^ WA N1 E D? h V A YOL'NO MARRIED WOKAV, A ituation as Wet New, ?twn bubo u % mouth cm. i ('an rive the beet of city reference. I'leme oall at 29 King l atreet, 'ri ut baaenieut. Inquire t*>r Mrs. Oarran. * WANTED?A YOUNG NAN THAT WRITES A QUOD ? band ?r d m quick and correct iu bg-ieoa, to ie-iru t > t keep book*. Salary email. Hilluian A Ntariuy, 106 WilIliRNMi 1 Wanted - a v;u m. oh midih.k ai.ed man. who * can make l.imaelf noefulanu handy iu any work about a' a new building, and can bring good r?- WMlClttcil on to ~ elaraotcr, can (Main a perniauenktituatiou by api lying t > 1 Geo. W. klliler. 4S0 Uro?4w i>. WANTFD-A MTCVriON, IIV A I'RO TEST A NT j h young woman, a?t fleams tress, wnd would do light j r clmmltrwork, if required. The best of city reference cuu be | " pveii rr< re her rest jimce. Inquire ut 67 Ludt & -vtuteeata 1 slrcct, uiar Fourth mwone, ^ WANTED-A ft] l I A riuN', BY A SMART, Ail'lVE N youry gir 1, to do pen?r*l housework in u agnail Uiiuily. Would like to po to the country, Host of reference can he f piven. it* required. Can be neon for thrte uay*. i'lc&av call at 2.1 Fell street, <-n the fourth floor. tl \JLTANTKD?A SITUATION AS WET NUP.JE, BV A r Y? h* althyyounp woman, having lost h?r own child. 4p1 lv at No. 4h Franklin street, lor Mrs. Hig guiis. Can be at.a c. till t upaped. WANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A Kl> E< T A ISLE r young woman, a# Cook, Washer, and Irouer. in a auiill private family. Good city reference* given. Can be P'en o for two days, at No. 2112 Thirteenth street, botweeo First j r< IVCIM Ml ITSIM A. ' e1 _ i a Wanted?by a reh'ectaiu b widow vo n an, ei a eituati n to do general housework with a small | J family. Has no objection to city or country. Can rive the i o t* t 11 eity rafevaaM ?Also her Diithist warn Waal niiisi, to do chamber work or waiting, lias no objection to city <>r I f sonify rom ?uii *t % . |tt PkiH ftftBM, kid <n Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets, third floor, tack room. Can * M t M tor two da> e. 1 WANTED-RY A BS8FBCTABLB VABBIBD WO*AW, 1 who has lost her own child, a i>ahy to nun*, either i i | J her ovn house, or in any private family. The best of r*fer? ti ei;cfs can be given. A pply at lt?7 Third aveuu*, third floor. | \}LT ANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, A FU RNIS1I ED ' 1 " room in a private family without board; location not r above Warren itreet, nor hnlow Fulton street. Reference, ? exchanged. Address Box 2,7'"" Lower Post Other. t WANTED-BY A RHSPECTAIILE YOUNG WOMAN I a situation an Chambermaid, or to do general house- | " work; would hate no objection* to go to the couutry. Good j i city reference given. fW call at 7a W?,t Twenty-fourth | " street. I el : I > WANTED?A YOUNG MAN FROM In TO 20 YEARS OF 1(1,falIItUildryIMdlMm, Non> ne?J apjMyexcept ' ( those hat ing some experience in the bwtintas, at ioi Fulton I 1 street, iMHun, w . ? . c< WASTED-FORTY FIRST CLASS SERVANTS, FOR ei Hood Ml nations now ready?five cooK t ten plain cook, di and wasners, twelve thorough servants uuu dairy maidi, nine nice Kiel* to eew, nurae, do chamberwork and waiting, (it tun laundresses, two pastry cook., three men waiter,. 100 E farmers. and a man and wife, Proteet.uts will pleas" call jc at'he "Select Protestant Agency," 7 Carmine afreet, and >' Catholics at the " Society Office," 11*5 Chamber, street. 3! WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 1 yolinir w oman, a? good Cook, Washer, and Irouer. or to M do general housework in a private family. Best of city I tr reference, aiven. May be seen for two day,. Please apply w at No. 2o2 Mulberry street, in the rear. 1 oi WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT w woman, n aituation na ChamUrmaid, tine Wasn-r, In tier, or 8mmstress; or to travel with a family. M> oh- 1 i jcetion to tie country. Good reference can lie triven. Apply at 244 Twenty-fourth atreet, between Eighth and Ninth di avenue. it WA.Mr.u-UMl UAKKlAiiK TKIKMEX AND ONE J body maker. None l ut pood workmen and aovustomed ? to light work teed apply to ARMOUR. BROTHERS. 1c SO Sixth avenue. 1' WANTED?A SITUATION AS PLAIN COOK. WASH- / rr and ironer. Ilaa lived three years and a halt' in her * last place, and can five the beet reference. Call at 1U1 " Bridge street, eor. of Tillary, Brooklyn, front room, third P floor, for two daya. A WANTEl'-WET NURSE-A MARRIED WOMiN. ; with a freeh breast of milk, who lost her baby three a duye ego. would take a child to nurse at her ow n reaidence. h The very beat of referent ea a iven tnd required. Apply at the b' north went corner of Thirty-fourth street and Ninth avenue, l< for Mrs. Kelly. I WANTED?I?T A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. I I a nitration a? a guod Cook and perfect Washer aaa I r? and in an l'\? ?11'nt l-Rker. Hun li*fd ?or three yeara ' fj with one family. Can jrive the bei-t of city retiren<36. Hat I F no objection to the country. Api-ly at No. 1- Priuce street* | ~ WANTED-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS COOK: 1 one who underatanda rooking poultry, meat*, making i f' pastry, Ate , at a unall i|uiet hotel, ten miltia from the city. A kilertiitt r-.|Uirrd. It is requested no on* u ill give tltcm- 1 seivea trouble without the above <iualitieationv. Liberal f uatea given. Apply, personally, corner Sixty-ninth street ? and Third avenue, front 6 o cloek A.M. tiil 2 H.M , this day, | ? W edneaday. WANTE D?A BOY, IN A LAW OrflCE, WHO I w writes a goad hand. Apply to , r R. TENBRolcfc, 1-7 Greenwich a treat. ~ WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN ABOUT 17 YEARS I'll age, a situation to learn a trad-, plumber or mv- ia chinist preferred: eau produce the ba*t of testimonial* a* to j ,v character. Apply at S17>? Bowery, up stair*. i ? WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN , ~ (Proteetant). a situation s- Chambermaid or Waiter. ! 1 and to do plain aewing; the beat of city references can be h id. ; -B Pleaae eall at No. 160 Seventeenth street, between Seventh I ' and Eighth avenues. A WANTID-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE f young woman, to do the yen'ral housework of e email i J family, er would encage as Waiter or Lauadresa. Can civ* ,i good city reference, end has no objections to city or country. ! ti Any commend* for If. Y., No. In Jones street, in the rear, i 0| between Fourth and Bleecker. will be punctually attended 1 tl to. Can he earn for two daya. If not tngaged. ' ,[ WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE i," young woman, who la a good eook, a first rate washer ,, sod ironer, and understand* making pastry. The best of f\ city reference enn be had from har laet place. Can be seen n for two day*, at 42 Third avenue. , B, WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE w young women, in a small private family, aa Cook; Is a J trod washsr snd_ironsv. Good reference, If required. Please j t? weir*n Dear avenue I ai WANTED?IIV A RESPECTABLE AND COMPETENT I " kmb&Ii ft situation, t In doing the gaoe- I || r%) housework of a small private family, or aa Chambermaid | tnd Waiter, good city relcrtaea. Inquire at No. 73 Warrvi ^raet. * ?- J WANTED-A YOUNG MAN. WHOSE ENGAGEMENT 2| in a wholesale house In thia rltjr ha? tuat eipired. it ' It "irons of aial< man'* place, or naaiatant book keepir, ma" ?liulrtala drt goods etore. Ha baa a thorough knowledge of W that trade, and ran (peak the I'rm h and English languaget I lucntly. lie has alto aa aatanalft acquaintance wltn roar- ' ., hantt'who purchase goods In New York. Ilia references art to r.'.'V, of tha liirhrat respectability la thia city. Addrt a I ' Bcrealah, at this thct. , i - 1 WANTED?A 8ITVATION. BV A RE9PRCTABLB yoaog aa Co k, W aahor, and Irr nor; and m- ' 1 Icratand- baking. Tho beat of city referen< aa gireo, and J may he aaan for two daya. I'laaaa apply at No. IfC Waal tl FlUcenth attest, between the Eighth and Ntath avanues. It WANTED-A bOUNG WOMAN. To Do liENKRM. housework; ihe mnat be a good waahar and ironerjpoa. an laaalng good rrftranraa aa tuah. Call at No. |.V> Watt Thir j tec nth atreaf, between Berenth and Eighth avenue*. , w WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE * man at a good plain Cook; la a tr-t rata washer and * Ironar, or wonld goaa Cliaubertiiald. and to do washing aad roning in a prirata faaaity The beat of city rafarenea from 1 bar last i laea. ( an be tetn for two taye. Call at KM , Rivington street. Jp WANTED-A SITUATION. nV A RESPECTABLE i J?1 young woman, to do the general b?atcn orb of aamall ' ' 'anillr, chambermaid and waiting, or to take care ofrhil.lrt n ii <1 do plain tan inc. No ohjacil na to go to the country. I rf 11 a beet of citr rafrranc aanharlicn fr n h-r laat place. _ I'lrt- r rail :. t 4<> A att ?tr< <-l. he' a en V ?ri- 't and lludtou. | ANTED?A SITUATION', BV A RESPECTABLE TT young w< an, a a R arhrr end lr?nrr. or to .In general fc' loaacwork. I'Iiim U call at No. 13 rorajth ?trent, in the ?* ear. No. 3. I an be iffn for two day. nil - M |ETANTED-BY AN EtPSUENCED RESPECTABLE ? " young woman, a iltnetion aa ( nob, WaMier and Ir n- f r, or to do general homework in a private family. Can giva E he brat of reference. I.ived three yearn In her laat place. i,u an he ?e< n f r two data, Pleaee call at 123 Atlantic "tract, uth liro. kl) n. Would go to t'.c r >nn:ry, it requiri I. |u WANTED-A SITUATION. BY RESECTABLE I ? yonng woman, to do general honeework or chamber jy, irork In a email private family. Good rrferenoe given, If re- pi, jnlrrd. Can be arm for tno daya at 134 Twentieth atreat, >< twern Seventh aad Eighth aeennca, third floor, front r ?ini. w \LT A N T EI > ? A OOOB EBBTANT, THAT CAN R ISII, ,, WW Iroa, and < ook?one that baa a eity reference. Aim. be i yonng woman aa fleamttreaa. and wuold make h-r-elf rot enerally narful In<|nire at 113 Twenty third etrvet, be- D? ween Sixth and Seventh avenaee. BA3HAM. et< ? ??????????????? wi WANTED?BV A YOt'NO SCOTCHMAN, A SITU A tion aa Totter in a dry goede or wholerala liquor atore. *rl ??n give the heat of referencee. Salary not ao mnch an oh- J ettae a permanent lituatlon. Addreaa William, at thia J' Elce. ? tlTANTir-A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE l<" f I'rot->tant girl, an <-> k, Warhcr and Irower, or ta Jo Of rneral houvew orb. Ilea no ohjeetioa logo a abort dlstanse in 'J heronntrr. Bait of referencee tlrrn. Can he ?een fur two kit l.nya, at it Ninth attune, between Siateenth and Sereateenth '? itreet. ro A Mil A1IOS. U A \ RRTECTA BI.F. Tl. Protectant yonng woman, aa Chambermaid or Nnr?e, ? ind will aa let in the waehiag and ironine of a email family. ni 'an hring the teat of ref- reneefrom her jireaont place. Can " e heard of by calling at fi>*> and t7 Naaanu itrvet, between ** Maiden Inne and John itreet. im \MTANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ww young girl, in e email private faally. aa Cook, Waeher ind Ironer. The boat of elty reference ran be given, Canbe fT iren for two daya. Pleaai call nt No. 133 R'eet Thirteenth J. trret, front Kaeemrnt. tnt VtT ANTEIi?A C.1RL, R ITU C.OOD KEI RREN'CRS. TO Ui ?" do the work of a email family. She moat waah. Iron ltd cook well. To one thoroughly competent, good wegea ? ill he given. Call thle evening (Wedueedey) at IS Green- fT ?h h trret, at ei* o'clock. A |E,rANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO WOMAN- ha M a titration to take ? hirer of a babe, and to do lewioeo En nd waah for the baby If re.inired. Apply at W Fourth ? treat. Con ho area for three daya. pwUT ANTF.P-A RF.JPF.( TAI1I ?, WII.l.INO GIRT,. OF _f Tf abnnt thirty yeara of ape, to attend children. A ynod , ewer, who ran do fine waahiny, tad ia wtllinr to make nor If yenerally na< ful ia a imall prirato family, can And a toady hoar hy <alllny at 44 Eaat Twenty-fourth atrect. ~ ton* and arply without yoodrity refareaet. rT UTANTCD-A VOI NO MAN. TWENTY THRF.R YEARS }? f" of aye, la d'eironaof proenrinc a alt nation la a whole- n oh I r retail dry ronda, aa aal.amap. or ooereepondent n tl * German ana French lanynnyer, both of a hloh ha cpenka _ nd writoa fluntly. Addreaa, poatpaid, Saloamaa, at th* U fllre of thia paper. wJ an iyANTVD-A SITUATION BY A Jet TT yonay worn \n aa chamh?rmaid and waiter, or child ' tow nra? and ecu int. She haa the he?t of lactam.-n iala ao to haraetrr and capability. I'laaca eall at SIP Eiyhth atrect. ? itr ants a siti atiov a umcTiiu rorwa " u i man, at Cook, and to aaeiat at the waehiny an t tannine, or aa chambermaid and lanndreaa. Can yire the eatnf rity rcferencea. I'leaao eall at ?ki Multxrry ?tract ,, aw be tees for two day*. WANTS. 117ANTID^-AN AMERICAN WOMAN, AS IIOIISE'' keeper, to tu In thd country. Call at X) Maiden lane, patmre, from 4 tor;.. ..lock, P.M. S. RICHARDSON. 1^ANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTARLE YY young woman, in n private family, to cook, waah, and rvp. Uuuj olje-liua to go a ehurt d ?i 10 ? into the out nry. Will fco hiirhly hy lift two iait iinployrn, with whom ehe l,u* lived lor the U.t hit yeara. 1. n o< d bailor, and an etcclleut washer and iron.r. Ptea.u nil at 148 Wtii Seventeenth rfrott, mar Sevei tU avenue, in he roar. Can ha a.isn tor two diya. [17 ANTED-A SITUATION TO DO Hut >r.R .iHK. IN A YY rtnall family, or to raind children, and do o laiaberork. Can be aeon tor two daya at BJ Wcat Thirtc -ita tract.

[J|7ANTED?SITUATION S 11V TWO RESPECTABLE YY yirla, one aa Chumbermni I and Wa ter, tha oin.r t,? o gem rnl Imueework; ehe in a t<" 1 waehtr and iriuer; con r reen f< r two d:iy?; the boat of ritr reference ana be ,-ivcu. loacv call at ,V7 Oreonwicb atr< ?t. [IT ATCHIIAKEII WANTED?ONE TO GO INTO THE YY country. Oood wnyea tiill bo paid, al.o, etpu-- nai.l a tha pUca. Enquire of IVAR N Alt, PRATT at ROllBlNS, In. 4, Courtlatd', street, up .taira. rO HARHEIIS-WANTED, TWO PlilST KiTE \. , !) eteady workmen, who con turn* well reoommendod, at he Knickerbocker Hatha, 101 Bowery. r? TAILORS.-WANTED, A PERSON WHO rilOrowghly underetande the c nttiug and getting op of toys' lotting, for the tiroadway retail trade. WM. U. AUliA I T it I O., 141 Hroadwny. rllE ADVERTISER. A SCOTCHMAN, A if OCT jearaofage, of rerpdetable connection, ia deai.ou< to 'tain a .ltuation, either aa Clerk or ldookkc.|>er. io any repectabla uicrcKatile eatablithincut. la familiar with too itv hardware trade, periectiy conversant witu re. maceping, j ia willing to work hard. Reference g.vtin Irurn present : uii.lcyer and othera highly respectable. Please a'drc? ' . 1. C.. this office, will meet with att.ntiou. Would Dot I ..oct to leave the city. rwo RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT VOl'NG WOMEN wishes respectable situations?one to do genoral houseork; tbe other aa seamstress, and to take care of children. .10 be seen at No. l.'>7 Uott atreet, rear huildiair, room Nn.n. SAR TENDER WANTED. AT NO. 4311 BROOME itreet, None need apply unksf they p. riootly know htir I uaine-a. Call from eight nil Dine A.M. BARKEEl ERANDTWO WAITERS WANTED?WANTed, At Gosling's American, Freuoh, and Herman r,is.ausnt, a Barkeeper who pwMly understands his buMasSS; Iso, tweyonrg men as Waitere. Neue neod apply except hose who can ne well recommended lor sobriety uud p ilitetifl. Apply between 1' and 111 o'clock, A. H. L. GOSLING, I'roprietur, 17 Nassau atreet. fllTll ENGINTERS AND SURVEYORS?AN V GENtleman having a Theodolite to dispose ot may tind a purhaeer by apply ing to Mr. Dunot, No. II Wall atreet, room | lo. 18. JtTTATION WANTED?BY A FIRST RATE WATCH" MM. to execute and repair ehmnuuiater and line nteliee, whatever eaoapemeut, having a lnn{ exporienoe, and lucatcd repuir any kind of iuba expeditluualy ; cau also iprave visiting earda, spoons, 4k. in tnc heat manner. Adteaa and references at Mr. Frasao, !'i Fulton atreet. J1TUAT10N WANTF.D?BY A FIRST-RATE LAUN" ar.aa: she fully understands the huaiu as. Ilea u> . .. etinn to chain berwork and line washing and ircuing. The eat of city reference liven. 1'leaao t all or aund a ao'.c to r Thirteenth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avetues. 10USEKF.EFER.-A HOt'SEKEF.l'r.R S SITUATION la wanted by a widow lady, who is fully eniniiettint > the dnties belonging to household in.itter-; nnld l.ave no objection to the superintending of a hotel r boarding house either in the city <r country; r- rcoces ven. A note addressed to Mrs. M , and lelt a. t lis, ill be immediately attended to. V SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPKOTARIE girl, to do elitmber work and w?itin , r t > Good city refure ncea can be aiven. call at No, il Fourth atreet, third tlx r, front room. 1 EESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUa ation aa Children's Nnraeand Seamstress; is an excelnt plain sever; underatands making children's clothiug. lease i all at 10!' Rivington street, first floor. k RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A * situation aa good Gook, Washer and Irooer. Ilia lived vu yeara in her last situation. Good city reference given lease call at No. .Vd Sixth avenue, between Twenty-ieoond nd Twenty third streets. k GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. DrSIROld TO FIND A beard with a private family, up town, in a very flegint urn, and who values the pleasures of a must asr ??! ;? ins. may hear of auch a one. by applying at 13 New street, loin J. trin 10 A.M. till 3 P.M. * I I 8 CHAM HER MAI I)?A RESPECTABLE YO> NO WO A man wishes t > obtain a situation aa C'hamberoiai 1, or to ok, wash and iron in a rmktl "family. The lest of city ference can he given. Apply at 113 Twelfth street, between ifth and Sixth avenues. 1 GENTLEMAN RESIDING IN ONE OF TIIE MOAT A important cities in the west, wish's a ai'.mti.m a. r one or more bouses In New York. AdIresa, postpaid, rent, at tlx office of this paper. I MILLWRIGHT WANTED. ? INQUIRE CORNER OF * Crutro aoil Canal streets, third story. FOB IAUI AND TO LET. I* <> R SALE?ON' WEDNESDAY, Jl'I.Y TWENTYtl.ird, at tlte Horse Dataar, No. 31 Cresby etrect, a wellatclied pair of cream colored Norwegian lloreee, a bo it orteea liand* hizti, with long manee and taile, t .n.d ?en yeara old. They arc gentle in harness and ua Icr t he ddle, and one of them a very pleasant horse for I idles or ildren. They may be ae< n at the stable from eleven clock on Saturday, the 19th instant, until the day > vol . J'OR SALE?THE STOCK, GOOD WILL AND Fixtures of a llat Store, in a business thoroughfare up townI'raman of small means this would be a capital ohanoe* ddrees Z. T. X., this office. JtOR SALE, TO LET OR LEASE.?THE EXTENSIVE manufacturing estaldishment, with water power, situated L West Farms, Westchester oounty, at the head of navignon on the Ilronx river, distant eleven miles from the elty ' Now York, bow occupied by Richard Crawther, Eeo.; for >e mannfactnring of Brussels Carpets, together with tlx egcat mansion house attached, in which are all the modern oprovementa. This property contains about Sve aures, ith numerous bnlldings thereon, which may be usid lor a 'eat variety of manufacturing or other business purposes, or further particulars, apply to FRANCIS J. HAKafro, o 6 Droad street, N. Y., or to Francis Barretto. Blyths, ar West Farms. 71 OR SALE?A NEW COTTAGE, WITH TEN ACRES ' . i f land, withia one quarter mile of I'ortchecter Depot, : I the road to eteamboat lauding, overlooktug the village, , id bordering cn liyrera fiver. It hie haoemrat, kitchen, ller, three roome on llret tloi r, tour on eecoad. and attie. lib roomy plana*. Inquire of ('apt. BEN. MERKITT, on ic pirjnuee. or to MtGROMWELL, ?S Wall etreet. jlOR SALK-A FIRST RATE BUSINESS WAGON, I only need a few tiaet, eaitable for an eipreee or any her light work; bulK to Wder, end In the beet Manner. id for want M nee: i nee i*0. Inquire at 718) Oroenwich reel, eoratr ?t i JkatUe. , E#R SAI.E-ONE OF THE- OLDEST AND BEST ES . tebliahed pnblir houeee ia thia citr, with a very r i p tae run of eueton; location uaenrpaeeod: together with a or lcn?e. * en be purr! need if applied for eiua. Capital <iaired from four to eli thoueand dollars. Addr-.eA a. A., lie office. elating when and where aa interview van t? id, which will be attended to. j'OR SALE.?ON ACCOUNT OF ILL HEALTH, THE proprietor offer, for eale the entire etock and hvture# of ie re.taurant. known ne the Village Hall, in the vitiate of ewhurr. It ie moat eleraatly fitted up. and I. now doing a iod hunneee. For particular, enquire of Hugh S. Short, iiner of Broadway and Broome etrvel, New York, or ol the ihecribcr, John L< ckwoed, at N'enbnrg. 70R SALE?A pROi r.RV STOKE, LEASE. STACK and I iatoree. (hrm gool Stable* and YarJ. Inquire at Greenwich aMXe. 'SU ABLE I'ROrERTV IN WISCONSIN FORStLE j f ?'1 wo lann. on the Four l.akee, fire inlleefrom theCa- J tal (Uadi'on) 1.I-0U acre* on the Manatowae. tire lailr. J m C.i town and t.aki tl an bd*rr.? in the tow a ol I inatewae, and 34 on F Kmr- Apply to JOHN T. IRISH, 7h Brood effect. I .hell leave on or abeatthe ' Ih for H lecoaein, when I Will take | Ivaeure in ehowing the tftHfi j MS AT mim T HIM,. OVER HARLEM TI N } J n*!, both Hideo of I m.rth from to * nttj fourth ntre*-t. ind on Nin? ty ftr?t, Ni.E?ty.corvl. . tt\ third, and \tn?ty fourth ftr-en. both 0id?a?>f I' >nrth . i tl Ui : EI.ft ft Ian ft.t the- ? ?.? iter r?f Ten 11 ivi * tta ami H.. ?.nl ee at h at ret I, and i oraey of i'ulh art nne and Hllat itmt, l?r 1 leby JOHN T. FAKiSII, 7 Broad atr??t. (OT1LAND REST AI RANT To HE l.ET OR TOR ; 1 aalo, ly the preeent proprietor. 11 i? n" ? doin? I in 'in< a* of between ami a, m aty thonaaad d >llart a . af The entire and ample atork of vlan. l'.|uoi-?, ae?ir*. rnitora, Ac . will I* Bold with the retahliahiuaat to any . r?on of capital ami eutcrpri.o Thin it an on|">rtU',iey 14'm It be mat ? ith a* tlx baeiaree la eteadil t lucre > 'in r ldr??? l > letter lo lintel. Ilui jti.1 Peat Otfi .;*, I'hilalcl r 11. X New V'Tk 'ity. J OTEI. TO LEASE.?TOE I NBESSKHED AKI^nvr J 1 rehnilmaK tin National Hotel. Oetrolt, Ml -hieaa. and { pert that it wilt be read* for oorupatioa by aba lat l>? Ma ( r neat. Tbia honao will have a?r? than two handred , and be narh lara* r than any hotel heretofore built .a , trill. It will hate a beautiful ami lupoaio* front, Ive ? flee la bairbt, one hundred an I aiaty-tno fret an wood- t ltd evanoe and Military S'tnare, and ana huadrod and , ity laet on MirM?aa arranr. Ti e front elevation la hiyhly , naiaaatod. bruit ol ( onnertirat free-tone, aa<l aarianuot.d ,| a bandioata dome which mil anaimaad an aaWaoive view tba Petri It river and l.ahe St. I lair Thie hoaaa will be . tabid with marMr mantr'e. ya. In Hire and all the no- j ra improvemeate. The dining hall, Indira' talon. and par- j, ra. will la liKt ?ad pi meant, The forme* trill be twoaty |, kfh LfVht. forty-fir* feat in width, ene hundred andtwca- f1 fret in Iraath, without column* or obetrartloaa of any id. and wltn oraamrrtal wladowa with metal aa?h an t lined riaaa. Noeapenae will be anared lathe ItnUh of tliia f. >K. The ladiea' eolnon will be thirty-two fret la width, p rrnty fret iu length, and hav* an ornamented bow front. ? e bar rovwi. barbrr'e a bop, and bathinr roma will he large , d plraaact. No tare will be tpared in tlx Internal ar I genirnt of thla bonae, lo maka it a moat faabloaabla and trartlva hotel. It la rtquMte that rartiea who may wlak ? laaaa ahall be men af eharartar, nnderatanding the bnai- ), at, aid with at.fllrlent capital to furaiah the liouao Ap- , eaUoa maybe made te pan 11.1, C. H'aTF.KMAV, I or to ALHRRT CRANE. B T it. Miol t df> LET. AND LEASE TOR SALE A 81'IT OF ROOMS, li No. |n| Hroadway. e< i "Bd fl""r. lo*eth"r witb the fit- A ee. It ie a 'leeirahle and rentral loeation for an att .r j* r, or for a Ortnan of Fre? h importer, entered In fhe ^ I, y go ode bnalaeaa. For furti er perti-iilnra, In |nire f rl j. Bl I.KLEV, on the premiaaa. I " ? . a 'O LEASE-ROSS BUILDINGS, CORNER OF BROAD-f a war and Fnltnn atr*?t? Third, fourth and llfth atnrleeA ? a srth atory ia admirably adaf ! d for a Dagwrrriaa ?rtt?W ' tiny (food arfthem light; M feet on Broadway by 46 on. lt"B Apply to k. BLOOMF.R, aeeond atory, bark room^ 'O ! F.T-IOWER l'AHT OF THE TWO 8TORT IIRK* J honor, corner of Monro* and Acammel itroete. Fmht . 1 hack parlor, toa room, laaement, and three hod roofti * ittic. Will b? lit 1"W I' * if"' >1 Uaaat Apply to , MF.I.VlN IIAKB M Karl ?tr??t. , O I.ET. IN NRW RO'IIRLI E. A NEAT TWO STORT t Fr?m* Dwelling, jmt flnlih* I. Said hnnar n plea?ant I itnatcl within a few minute* walk of the pW. It will t rented fVotn thie to the firet of April. Apply t W"m. II tier, No. 2f>l Hroedway, or to J. U. H' rton, N. Roehell*. t OILERR FOR BALE <>N F ROII ER, (N EW.) FOUR 1 feet diameter, containing forty-eight three inch tnhee, een feet inn*. alio I rr?<Mr,* ami entity ealre; one hniler ' foot diatnotor. containing tirMj-iini three inch tnhee, rtoan feat ?!* inrhea Ion* THOB. FROSSER ft tON. JRFiattetreet. HKNOTAli ?. [?f TORR, JIM.r 71. 1AM R PMOV AI fJEO. w I F am ham. merchant tnil< >r, hi* removed fnm No. 19 rk I'laee, t. Ni. t.1 tlr< a<?a/, le'wt-e *?-n? ??' ' WBt itreot*. THE TVHF. CENTRE VI I.I,E COURSE.?TROTTING.?rI'BSE RIM. utile heats, hot three in ?? . la harness, i bona <hat never ?< ? a pnrae o??r MM); RM) to go to the found horse in the laat heat uf the race. To cvine oft Aiiwn-tfi. Eutriea to eloae Thursday, July 31, by 10 o'clock, I .M., a*, Midden's Hotel, 1st) Chatham etreol, N. Y. JOEL CONELIN, rr< prl< t r CS EN'TKLV 1 l.l.E MM K-E. TRUTHS:-I', RSS f. . / mil?* heats, heat three in Hi', lu fsrieee, fre" t r all horsee. To come oft Auiruet 12. Eutriea to rlo?e Haturlay. August 2. by 10 o'clock, I' M., at Mr. Uuid' n't Hotel, 1-3 Chatham street, N. Y. JOEL COXEL1N Propriat (IMTSfTIlLB COl'EEB ?TROTTING -iTJSE RIM, > two mile heatr, iu harneaa, free for all horses. To come off Angnet Ik, Eutriea to close Saturday, August 2, by IU o'clock, I' M , at Mr Madden'" Hotel, IS" Chatham atreot. Mete Tork JOEI CONK1.IN, Propr; t r UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND.?TROTTING ?TnE following Purses ar" oloaed, to com" 0(1 as followa.? No. 1, Sept. I'urse i.250, with an inaide atake of RAVI, b. ft., mile her.t", bout in rive, in harneaa. J. D. MoMtnu enti ra gr. g Vermont; S. McLauglin enters b. g. Pelham; O. Dlluuiick enters b. g. Jack Itoaaiter. Nu. 2, Sept. 111.?Parte b2.M), witli ar. inaide atake of R2V), n. ft., two mile heata, in harneaa. Jolin Cntler entera b. m. 1 ady Moscow; J D. McMtnn enters gr. g. Vermont; S. MoLa ugMin enters b. g. Pelham; O. Dimmiek enters b. g. Jack Hoisiter. v Sept. 23- ?Purse MOO. with an inside stake of $JoO, hit, three mile beats, iu harness. John Cutler enters b. m. bail Moscow; J 1). McMann eaters gr. j. Vermont; B. mcl.a ighlin enters b. g. l'elnawi O. Dimmi-k enters b. g Jaok kontdter. No. 4, Sept. 30 ? Puree $200, with an lus'-lt stake of ?), h. ft , two mile hoata. in harness, free f,,r all ftallloos. Josoph Roclieleau enters br. h. Cardinal: H. .s R. ed enters el>. h. Iteppo; J. 1). McMann enteral,. Ii. Vt m. K Johnson JOHN I. 8NEDIKER, Proprietor. hiCU Vi HOT1CB. TAXES OF 1161.?OFFICE he' el V eK TA X ES, 6 N e w City Hall, Park. (Hate '.'1 1'MiXJ.) Notice i? hcrehy guen thr.ttl.e Ta* Boohs of the present v. ar will beop nfor payment on Tuesday, the Tilth day ?f July, and that 1 will then be prepared to receive the taxes charged ther-in. All pernors paying their taxes previous lo the 1st of November next, will receive a deduction ut interest at 7 piroent per annum tab ulated from the time of payment to t ie 1st of December next. One per < out will t? aide f to all taxes unpaid on the 1st of December, and two p r o jnt on the lbth of December next. liours for receiving taxes from 1 A. M. to 2 P. M. Bankable money only received. HARVEY 11AKT, Ressiver of Taxes. N.B ?Personssending full dcscriptions of the.r property to this ntBce will have their bills sent to them, of they van be bud by applying at this "thee. niSCJCIsL. AN KOl'M. Green turtle.-a large quantity, of all siaes, just arrived, and for aale by . ROGERS at i 0.. 77 Fulton Mar'net. SllI*. LIE VS.?1 MPORTA.NT \ KKI . A I - A M I L10Atswney and turtle cool.. Those who would acquir*' a sis i dard tuste for the above snaps should visit the recherche Restaurant and Caff*, at.i.'l5 Broadway, north-west corner of Brosdway and Anthony street. Little Nark Clams, a most refreshing and toothsome delicacy for summer. SHELLEY'S RESTAURANT IS THE COOLEST E-TAbliihment in New York, with Espy's ventilation. SBELLIT8.?VOODCOCV, SOFT CRABS, FEOOS. Lobster Salad and Mayonaise, Lr mbs* Fries, Turtle bteaka, Chickens a la Tartar, Pate de Megras, and ail tlie epicurean delicacies of earth, air, and water. Little Neck (. lams, salt, tender and refreshing. French looking glass plates, and rouoh Plate i. lass for sky lights, Irorn the manufactory ot St Mnrie d'Oignies. for sale by POLLEN & COLGATE. 2*7 and 2kt> Pearl street. REtTPrice Currents may be had on application. Fans?a large quantity of silver paper, Spanish, and other fancy kinds of Fans, just received, to be sold cheap by R. kepling, 31 Maiden IMS. Ell STRANGE it BROTHER. IMPORTERS, NO. IS Murray street.?French Flowers Ostri h and Van y Fe-flier*, and Materials for F lower Makers.? E. 11. Strange At Brother beg to inform their customers that during the rebuilding of their store. No. 71 Park place, they have removed their entire stock to No. IS Murray street, where they arc now opening the largest and moat varied assortment of the above named goods they have ever yet Imported, adapted fog the tall trade, to which they invite the attention of the job srrt. I MANULL.AS' UAM'll.l.AS -t.EOROE HKUDIE. Illlh* lata linn cl Brodie A llall. XI Canal etreet, up <lnn, would lira leave to invite the attention o( his friend* and the put,lie in general to hi* Warn Rooms, w hire ha is selling hi* entire stock of Mantilla*, comprising everything that i* uew >Ld fashionable, at great reduction*, previous to "peiunghi* row (tore* M Canal and til Liapenard atreit*. II trage Mantilla*. (I to $4; Tode de 1,'Indr Mantilla*, AI 7."> to h-' I ar? Mantilla*. $7 to fid; Silk Mantilla*. S-' 80 to SAh Also, a handsome aaanrtmrnt of Ladle* and Mi**e* Stch*, at t tually low | rice*, If Canal street, up ataira. . TO CARRIAGE BI'II.DEKS, CriKil.srP.liS, Ibr. &< The auhacriber* are now lauding a eiirfertop lot uf .Vow Orleans Mora, of the i|uality beat adapted ! ' tl.eni p irpo*-a, and would invito the attention oi the tfnd- to tne -iii.. I'or ralu, cheap, ex ehip, by CLARK hi OGDON, 108 Broad (treat. SULPHUR BATHS, NO 4 GREAT JOXMSSTJLEET.?TUB i pn'renage and recommendation* received the past twenty *ix year* from Dra. Mott, Steven*, Macnefeu, Boyd, ton. Smith, Dixon, Uriddon, Millet, and 6ther emineut i hy | I'rian*, clearly demonatrate* the *u| srirfrltv oi E. J. Ciirroll * Sulphur Vapor Bath over all other "genuine or patent" ?o called aulphur hatha. EHi riTVJ? AND t.T'TA V ElU'S DISEASES. St { !! I la. ealt rheum, barber'* itch, ringw >rin, *cald ho ad, tet:era, jaundir*. blotched or di*colored (kin, pitnploa on the ace, mercurial eruptions, chronic eryaip la*. Ac., effectualy rredleatad from the ayttem by the use ol E. J. Carroll's . lelel,rated Vapor and Sulphur Bath*, No. 4 Great J ne* at. I TP THE LADIES ?IE VOl" ARC AN Nt>VED W I > '! pimple* on tho laca, tan, frecklas, or di'C-h-r-d akia from axM-mre in travelling or otherwise, and wish t-> r tuallv remove audi anno) anee, a'- the ta n - t.m- > , i- u'v the akin and your general h-altu. try one of Carroll's celebrated Vapor Hatha, 4 Great Jones street. OAKUM-T. A J. ALDRIDGE'S HUDSON COUWTT Oakum Vi,ai, Bergen, New Jersey, (lid otilea fr> n New York.) Orders by mail promptly attended to. I'eraona sending by mall will pfaaee say what kind they want. Extra superior or Amsrican navy Persons pithing to vi*it fie above works, or having business with the prorristors, can do so by taking the stage from Jersey City l'trry, which leaves for Bergen every half honr. f\On BARRELS NEW MACKEREL; AW HALF BARHvv rtIs new Shad, extra, for fim Ir use; .'*?) k o*i new Herrings, Divby. Neva Scotia; 2,001 lb*, new SmokadSi rnon,^ fe 0 t srre's now Herring*?t>r sale by NELSON WBhLS?'Cp3lD^WTt^P Betwcen*W?*tffifgtnnAnn MTeat itrv-.**. rpo rilE SICK.?DR^ VONDERSMITII WILL BE IN P. M , for the treatment of all diaeaaee of men, Women, and children. Consultation yratoitou*. Am rrIvai. or dr. C!w\ roback atncwtork.The celebrated Or. V. W. Kobark, from Sweeden. Pro- ; fieeor of Aatrolnyy, Aatronomy. rhrenolot* and <j*?malkry, ' Leviuy juit arrived from Philadelphia, where he ha* met ] with the moat extraordinary euro*** for the laet four year*. I uffere now hie eerricee to the citiieae of New York and ita | Tp laity. C, W. K'bark, briny the eevcath eon of the | ?. vrntfi eoa.'aad havtay made Aktroloyy hi* rxrlueiee etude, unre the early aye of fifteen year*, enjoy* ad vantaera derived ' from travclliny and reflection, that are poa*e*eed ay a .no in thi* ( untry or in Europe, and beiay ao yifted by nature, and haviay raltieated thoae bleaaed yifte, he ii prepared to : adopt them to the followiny uaea and the immediate conam. niation of the followiay Topioa ? H* can be coaaulted with at hie other, or bv letter, it pre-paid, and | he la prepared to make nae of hie power on any of the followiny topic*:? Buaineaa of all deaeriptiona; traeelliny by land or eta; eonrtehipe: adriro yiteu for their euoeeatful a< rompliahment. apeeulatiny in atoeka. merehaadiev or real neletr: the rc?o**r?Wff-ol' lemon* in diapute; the purchaalny of ticket*, and the anfety of ahipt at a<*. lie alao haa had the honor of reeetvlny n certificate from the Honorable p. John llernedoUe, formerly Kiny of flweden, ' nI ieti it will ylee him rreat'-p'**""" >" abowint t> thoee . ale fetor him with a all; hdaleo offer* hi* tertieea re*p irt- ' lay health, wealth, and marrmi*, lore affaire, joorn***, law- I inita. difficulty in hi:aine*a, knu 1. ei ktrai aid dm: r i-l ireaeat. aad future eeent*. jpd all the eoaerrnaof life, and : nvitea nil to rill who are Mtietad corporally or mentally, rerme?l^die* ,'d) eta OW|M 11 Nativitiee ealenlaled 1 I'd read in full, according to tho ornelea aad mteonliae i*n?. ladita SI; yeatlam-n |l Ml. Natietttoe calculated a?ordlny to Cowan, y, for ladpa %i. la full >.'l (Jentle'ueit k\ In full 4.1. Pertoat at a diatance can hate their nativiie? dra an by readlny the date of th* day of lh?tr hirtn. Alt ettvr* eontaioiny the ahoy fee will reeeie* immediat* atentloa, and nalnlti a w II be aent to any part of the failed itatea, written on durable paper. All letter*, oa any of th* there topi, *, If po*t paid, will be anawerrd yratia. Uia "(flee a at 6 Wkiteetreet, two blocka below Broadway. IF.TIfR FROM DR. DAI.HWIM TO DR. TAI.ROT J Watt*.?New York, Jnly 1.1. Iifll.-ktr sir: lltviny aperienred almoat an entire Immunity from meeoiu no I irreoa* iptemedic aethma, for more than t<v i mew the. k I * exhibition of yonr inv alnnhl- nereoua antidote. It ii wit.i inch ainiet* plataero, and hearth-It yratitn l?, tint I intk* be arknowledfemrnt. The effeeta of your eomp.innd upon ay eyetrtn, bnee natound d mvaelf, family, nod friend*, a* ii II aa aome no mker* of th* faeoUy of medoin*. of hlr'i re tit?. w no hid tr-oiad my ??hr. niydaar air, I I- >1 i< I I had eo ni in en rrd upon > now h??n< kwa da Tt*fd of Hani (Imp for itwli year.' now, kit ra i? tl a r*po?o of aatara. >'tlm and inoidjratinx. ?mnc ifa, anrrpy. aad a italllv to tho waariad frnmr The atoina'h. ha*, prrat laboratory of lifa, wit. It mt at impaired hat aran many of tna aiiaplo forma of dlat worn aaatmilatod illh thaaraataat difl<- ally aad ulforlan; now I eaa partake I > Imp ranco of dirt will, impunity, lid aUkaMIM Waal aariaa<o. A moot i lolonl r?u?h. frr.|tiaotly arr impiai* i 7 arofato aad rn|ioaa aiprotoratioa, haa |Ulta dioapp-ar* I nd many otl.or fuu-tlonal drrtnramrnta?In a Word iaanaa and auffrrtaR-hnrn hean anpplantrd. andara l>an?n rat fratidanra, t)ir?a?h yoar Inalrnmantalily. hy a a*. IIy hatr of llrarrn'a hrat (ift to man -haaltk with all fta .|r. ahtfal ronooaiitaata. If. mt drar air. tha mtw of anff-r ? humanity ran in tha Iraat bo aubaarr-l by tho nao ofthia ttrf, yon ara at lihartj to to ata It.?I am, with moth re ird, yory rtapretfully your*. C A. HALDWIN M U. 1/7 Itoaanth awanao. Tha ahoro latter haiar arittra by a hiphly talented pro aa'oaal fratlaaiaa. alth tho paaalaa feeling of pnro phiinlhropy and high aiiadad (aarroetty. I hato pnhiiahad It ilhont ahridpraiaat bat. truth to any. tho harthoa ia mply what ?o pabliah aad hara dally aw.dana* of, and aaa urnith at laaat aaa haadrad [arallal aaaao, auramad up into wo llnra "t orw-l of aatlima of twolra yoara atandina. with aahaaaa, dabillty, loaa of appotita, aad aloap." In foot. I art namaa aad raaidraooa ia thia eity of Ml pwlirnW. all oallioaly < arad tlaaa tha lat af May, tha halt of whoai had a ap|- mranta altogether mora a?rn and doathllha than hnt of Dr llnldaln. tor hia medical ahill and fortitude la i?t had prawaatad that oatward deray, ao notarially aaaa aulfarara of yawra of aalaary. T A I,HOT WaTTA. B1r<no I Ntmet, 424 <>ro* nwi' h atrart Dapoi. ityj Naou Iraat. Hair r>vr. and wigs can re roi nd in the praalaat tariertlon. at batch BI.OR'f. Na. 4 Wall trad. Hia Wipe ara nne<innllad far aataral appaaraaea nd darahilily. Ilia Hair Dye ia ao faaerahla haowa It arda no rommaat. It >aa ha proeurad alao from all tha rnna'-'e ? poriomtrtet in towa ana country. tuny the ddreit. 1 UAT*mo*T BADE RAPT, OR HOW TO W1H A UTit.-PipfHWi Unkii, of Loadea, IiiiIm wrliH Boatoa, will NiltoM) addreaa on receipt of oat dollar. *>tt raid, rlala dlreotioai to enable ladlot or taatleBta ?? 'lathe dented effect!, nt of the opnoeite too. The aroooao > tinplo, tint to oaptieatiny, that all nay bo married. Irropeetlve of act. appearance, or poe'tloai aad latt tboteh ot loatt. It eta bo arranged wfth tnth eaee eaf deUeaey, dotoetloa It ImpootlMo Addr*to, Trofootor fnwton. lootoa, Matt. Mo lot tor tab OB front tho Pott Olteo, talott ht potttce It raid. rHB NEW comma. t , l omfort, they ray aad nethia* lott, Rrnnirea a ' htn?o la fenialt dreetj And o'mfort. betweca yon tad I. Rf (oiry t the bed bn* fact thotlld die. With roeehet. nana. and atotht. aa<l a ate. And Intoi It that de.tfoy one rlanta. Mow, l.t nt'i Pntri'ra it the Hull That clrttthem more than qnantnnt tuff! Bit rillt, the rail and mloe decoy I'irth front their holot, and then dettroy. Iiitfenao. henceforth, with oat aad tent; Ten take the hint, tir?Oerbnrn tap. Depot., far the tale of I y a t BnynMit Power aad P.llt, :?Broadway. i ? I MX.KR at AUCTIOa. A CCTION NOTICE THOMAS BELL. AUCTIONEER TV By H. N. Buib -This day, St !<>'? <> clock , in tho An tlon Rooms, 10 North William street, will ho ooldalarao I assortment of rood Doom hold Furniture; alao, Turniturj from a Hotel, B'flU, Chai*i, Hair MaHreseen, Sofa Bed. Couches, Desks. seta of Lining Tablea, Paintings. and othoir I articles; alao, lO.MM) firat quality imported Scaurs. flfOMAE BELL, Auctioneer. |? C. KF.MP, AUCTIONEER.?HOUSEHOLD FL'RVI XV ture, on Fridy nest. at 10 u'dock, at tho bouse turner of Broadway and Tventy eighth street?vis.,all tl.e furui ture contained m the large four story house (which had isecn (urni.lie.J for a private family boarding house, and most ol the furniture was purchased now this aprinp), and oousists of Mahogany Pallor Furuituri^ Gas Fistures, Brussels, tlirre ply and ioirraiu Carpets; Vt indow Curtains and Ornaments; Mirrors; Mantel Ornaments. Extension Lining Tables, < 1 inn and Crockery H'nre, Silver Plated Castors, Table ! Cutlery, Painted Chamber Furniture. lla?r Mnttresave, and Redding. Stair and Hall Carpets, Mahogany Chairs, and Sofn with all th. usual assortment of n large anj w. ii I furnished hnuse. kitchen 1'uroiture, fcj? all of which will 1 b? sold without reserve. Catalogues ou the morning of sale, rINAXC(Alj ? WANTED?AN ACTIVE, SMART MAN, A3 A CART nor. with $1 DCO or 32.UOU, iu a patented article, u( gcicrnl urc, on which the pr.iits are over HW per eeat. ______ Address, tor one wark. " Patent," Herald office, with une ^B|| and address. PARTNER WANTED-IN A l l ( RATI V E AN I) LO.Vi; established business, patronised by the most reapeotable class of customer*. Ncne but a person possessed of from J.o,(WU to br.uuo cash, need address 11., boi lower I'ott Office. U- 1 fl/lil AND ?TO I.DAN ON MOR 1AGI.COK fP 1 jv/vr" a term of years, two odd suior of Jl.WI 9!'. uvu A pply to J AM E3 PRICK 11 - ostreet |>ANK or SAl.ISifLRl\ ?NOTES OT TU E RANK 0? J J Salisbury. Maryland, redeemed at one per eoat dim R. HOUGHTON. US William stseel. Vr IRlllNlA STATE f. l'F.R CENT COUPON BOND!? llavjun .A Jiars t.. rue, interest payable in tide eity. Marine takes, through the banking-house ol Selden, Withers At Co., ol WsSbiuatou, . ? 32.8li0.WW of \ irginia State Sis per vent Coupon It nds. I r.m new prepnrod to otler the same in sums to suit for investment, or for riuuttunve to Europe. This is a portion ?f a loan tor >1.000,000. Eight hundred ttioneaud of it has been purchased hy the United State TreaI surir. as an investment or the India i Annuity I rust fund, as being the best investment at its priee on the market. The Icadiug government stocks of our eountry, u.ay be I cpnoted about as follows ; ? | * Virginia Coupon Bonds, per cent interest, i(?; '"pvi?; : tihio, transferable. i " lit pup i ! Now- 1 orb, translershls, tl " " lit, |s;, l'. States transit raiile. ti " " lid I*;,Do. Coupon Bonds, tl " " ... iI2 1HH In offering theso bonds, 1 cannot do I tter than to lay before the public, tt e follow : y letter of the Hon. It. J. Walker, late able Secretary of the ti; i t'd Slates Treasury. ? Wa?mMiTiiv, June 13, 1S5I. 1 hi ve lately curefully ex.imiui d toe debt credit, and re sources of the statu ol tirgiuii, and an aware of the amount of the (h upon 11 i ds. which that State proposes to 1 ie-nn. My conviitNon is that for pirm ;usnt investments, as | well as lor certain reimbursement of the, and | punctual payncnt of the interest, these bunds are fully [ e>iti-i 1 in value to any Statu stock in the market, j Whether a >ting in offioiiil capacity, or for third p- races. I \ would deem the purchne i t the <o 1 cuasideriny the any other. Tim resources of Virginia are aost ample, nr. I rapidly is creasing, and the people of the Scate are charaubcri, ed by a high sense of honor, and ol literal obligation. R. 1. WAtKER. To capitalist* who have sny Ohio, Xesr York, or Gnftod Plates stocks I etigrc't the propriety of chaneirig into Vir gii.ia stock, for the sake of the dilfcrunca in price. 1 be.mvu that Virginia leas sale as either ot the others. J till N THOMPSON, Stock anil Exchange llroker, i>l Wall strict, New York. [Copy of the Bond.] STX PER Ci ST STOCK. COMMON it hAklll OF VIRGINIA Be it known that there is dne friin the Common wealth o! Virginia into Kebert Johnston, or bearer, tna mm ol five Bundled liollsra, redeem able after the first day ol July, UiMi, wilh interest at six per cent per annum, payable semiannual;!. on tue Srst days of January and July in eaoh year, at NewVork. on presentation and surrender of the proper Coupon, horeiirto annratd, until the payment of said prin cipslsunt. This Bond is issued by authority of snact of the General Assembly of Virginia, passed Jilth March, 1451, authorising the is. ue of Coupon fl uids to provide lor the payment ol the State del t contracted for the purposes ?| intjr nal improvements. 1 his Bond is r>i orded in t! e office of the Treasurer of Virginia?is trani-f rable on delivery, and lor the payment whireot the laith of tit Commonwealth tii Virginia u pledged. Kkbiiioud, lsl July ll-.'l. J. L:toIVN, Jr.. Ssccad Auditor. Ro. fit ti.ka. Treasurer. T) e direct liability or debt of Virginia, before ,s<i< ?" IniTaiiy of this loan, was $1,<klJ,lh9 This debt is held? In Europe'. t2.71f.C-i9 In Virginia J,diH,??il In other States MS 41? ' The contingent liability of the State by guaranteeing tl.o bunds of internal improveiuout m rks, Ir. -P,lii.7dJ The Auditor, on the Sl'th of September last, eHimatid the value of stocks owned by the State at) I.S.i'J.OS) Showing that Virginia, like New York, can balance her debt 1 by her resources. This stock is lor sale at the office of tba subscriber, in VWO and Sl.ltkl henda They are payable 11 b?*rer. and are transferable by delivery. They liaie Thirty Kiye years to ran, and the interest is payable in this oity, on the 1st ol January " and July. J. THOMPSON. b< Wail street. New Vork. r. ' INSTRt CTION. PENMANSHIP.-NR. OUTER R. C.OLDSM'TU WILL receive ? limited number of |-np U, for private instrncti> d in the art ?f 1'er nr.nship. at his rooms, in Broadway. Ai titration iBnt he made ti day or to morrow. A free and dopant haud will he guaranteed to every pupil. RARITAW BAY-BOARDING SCHOOL FOR MVS. at key fort. N. J.? Parents who are at ut to place tin ir eore at ft honl in ti e country, are r>asp. .-t.utiy Mbsir'd to acquaint themselves tif the advantages to ha d-rtved trc.o thia institution The nuiul. r of pupils are limitud to Yweatf. Tt mis very moderate. F r furth.r inf. rtii.itiuei^ddrcaa J. S. Foreman, Hrlneipel. Key Port ie thirty m: r?m New . York, hy fteanier John Hirt. s hirh leaves tl.o foot?#uha*a' here etrect at 10 and 1 o'clock daily. | SPANIARDS.?A GENTLEMAN DEStROCS Or JL improving his knowledge cl the Spanish, wishea to m<-t a Spanish gentleman studying Eogliah, who, in etohange I f I afatf tance in the latter, would aid the advertiser in the?t nly I of the Caatilinn. Address A U. '/... at thtf othee. ! / ? <1 V E R N E S S -WAS A SITl'ATIOV. BT A \ff vooiig lady, aarosident or visiting Orvereea*. acrnsUdoO'.vt^Aa' teaching in Itr father's scin.nary the var.u i* ^amJmaRtiiaAawlMpRlinwrrh. Grerk and Lettn lahiroages. Nala^-mode?". Aneta' * or tall to Jamee MTSheehau. ltd Pine street, a*. MeSpedoa h. Baket'a. will meet with due attention. CLOTHING. . CAST OFr CLOTHING AN D PLRNITVRX WANTED.? -?W Ltdiea or gsrtlemru leaving the eity. or breaking in honeekeeping, can obtain the higheat rash prioefar CletnlnL Furniture. Itc., by studio." thr 'gh the post, or nt hid ms^ ? ? ? L. hi. Dl rSCLDORP. U Klmttrwt ^ N. B?Ladies alter led br Mrs lustnjdotp. w . (' ? 7 OH .'I.t I'll INC. t N I? El' RN ITl'RE W AMTKfi." J 'lie highest price can ce obtained by ladsaa aad MB. men w he have any left off Clothing, Eorntt ire. and Jewelty. he . to diipoae ot. hv aen.lilt. turogh poet or otherwise tor J. I.t.VlNSTf N, *>; llrnndway, bp ?ta?rw. ?.edies atteed.d * Vvtfee. t^venetvfl. f'Asl tfffl ci.oi nihu It ANTED.?LADI ISAM D UIS " ' t'-uieo ceu obtnm e good prioe lor their loft off rlothiag, by fending to J. Goodwin. No. S City Ilall plaee. Idldiea and crntlemen waiud on at their regtdeacea. ? pt'T OPE CNOTIIIM. AMTWnrRITfRE tt ANTED. Vv ?I ndfsf or gentlsm. n liaVing any enperfluena Ciething , or I'nrnttare tp <11 pnea of, sen obtain ataircash for the felon. I.y eendins for the auheeriber, ut hie rtelileate, cr through the poat. Ladlei utteo'ed I.y Are. Cohen. ? f COHEN, CdBlm ntroat. CT AFT Ofr CLOTHING. FCHNITUB*. WATCDE9AND J .'*? ?>rr ? ?nt< d Latti. or r.nihiaoo Imtiur lh? a be. to lUrni of. -an ritlln at Uli' ?' iwr ? ! mora Um haro rorjalerd. on making aj.j?li atton, by n U or nthorwta# to U>? aubacritT. at hl? ' (tea. Ma AC 0. I.TON. 17 Walt ataaat, taooiuaat. W.XPHKMM AGRNCISl), Ac. (*1 RF.GORY'A l.Rh \T C ALITORVIA EiPHRSi-NR 1 t.r It'htoa.?Our tott Gal it.Tola I'mght I'viu-. at.d l"at' ol fxproao, ? ''1 '* f?r??r I'd by tli? >!??? -? Hrothor Jomtlirn tn?l OMo. on Ihr Mt of July, at .'I P. W. Oar atrana* m.'i.ta art inch, that wo ar? aaablo<l t? .-oaraot c t? cur | atrooa ?amal tapodll .n. an4 thai thoir ?no? a ah all ait < aly bio- t alth e > or la*. hat ahall *m*a at I'aaa main (draco ..fthoao of any nthao Eaproaa. Ooalaatlattoya aliow that oor * >oda f r Br"t!ior Jonathan l?'.l Ohir a lacatjr.fout hoiira in adt?r> of all good* by otm? ataamoo;* nd tur prttlaua aMrmaat arrltad la I'aaana IMttyatt honro madiaroo of all olh. ra. At Panama wa ha a otaoy t tirllt go romafaf on tin- mall I n*, to any "na. a-d all tha vlrarlatfa In bo dt r red from tlio mdoponaoat ataaiaera. I r< ala r*.?l*?d until tha morning of tko day the >Uaa>ra lr: in. and lo'tora until I', P *d Pa-baraa, tab.ih matt In a I tiara bo made |? r' t tly aator proof, ahmilf Ik left at aba r thao on ?r hoi' rr Pat, flit. No Caatoiu llo'iaa oiiar to it'iir* I'aooaao tlrkita ft rrinhod. on th* at"*' a*\m r*. .1 th* 1. w-.t *at*i TlloBPRON * III rCllCOWk, Manaaoro an Aetata. 14 I'tarl atrocb, e- rnor Wall. AH Mil.I.EH k I" - CALIFORNIA RXPRI** * * IV doanatrh tl.otr n*xt fr*ighta p?r Brother Joa\II *n .nth. Tl.ia ta* r*I'roaa that t laooa good. aa kenid rlootnor* at I'unai .a. in If daya fr .m Now Tori. Park go. da ? .lor pi .Of, nnd irai- thorn at oof olBea, Ma. M Wall ?t rot I. Vttirh to Itial tu oohta. .> k COT great California UPRRAA t.'Oonrh In thirtv lata.? I^Maro, throo oanto; nowapaiooa. *hr? < roota; ft nil. ?> for oont Itao than by any Otf.or otjrr a . Throeg' n tharga of ai -rial moaooiaar*. i y ataamor Ohio. ?th last. No. I Taaoy .(root, Attar aaat O II>1' r.O RA^EH-TRANSPORTATION TO GALI IV tvrnta, *ia lithmn(?r Panama, b> /aahrtaara, Naln n It C'e. For rartifulara, * t b|> ? > E. Z Ac U RISSON k 001.. AjraaU, P7 Wall atraat. UHl'OM. Bmai'kPi port I.AM'Og MI I IFM, IUI tr*. V"?r?T?. fBti Indian barrrla 8of?nad)r Part, af ant ?? bran da. St. Marti* aal Daatoa. landing p?* brw Artnd ta, and for aalr, bp . _ CA/.ET k ASTOIM. No. U Kiwritrnt. Ct HOI( E OLD LONDON DOCK RRANDIES.-Ill?k aaat y taa all Amontillado. and otbrr Sbarrlna-Clnratn at Ida ?rat draonrtlaaa mr rlrd in raaaa of I d??an rath . LaAdo* Dorh rnrta. Manjrna at tha nionl oriel ratod braada. Cham raaraa and nthrr ataea. tut aala in b. ad or In mantitlen X0 a*it parrbaaara, bp O. P. I.BTIIBR I DOE. M an-' W Talboa at. .inn DOZEN ST. JT LIEN CI.AIET SELLIN? AT *l/U 14a. aad Ma. t?r doaaa. Alan. MM <t..ira St. Bali pha at 17a. Md"?t. (hottlaa retnrand) at tha ralablRtat rrirnj wwr". w nrimpiw iufri, t'TBT 01 i.rwuv, r.^*. Vary a*parlor St. Jall** aad Chatoaa Marpaui OUntt. AI.BANT AND TROT KTOrR ALES, IN8IAU RtGS. with taty at SI each?oaltod far family an, aad *#ll'tn' faa of oiptaaa la aaj part af th? (Mr*. Km an4 Hp I* ha rolaraod who* empty. Tb* colabyatad Braady Star*. 30 Broom* atraat, ooraor of Croaby. BVMPBAII ADVBRTISMRRT9. INHIBITION or A I.L NATION8.? RICHARD IORIX ?? JCd rroprtoto*of tha Wollln*t< a llntal,, Kaalaoi. rirpoatfally latimato* to hia Ainrrloon frtoodo that hi* a* ttbllahmoat 1* Kttod up la th* moat haadoom* and coalament rtyla; with aa alataat and tporlnvafoffoe Room. t'nmmorntal Room. Klttlaa Room*. Iar?* and wall vatilatad Bed Koi m* contianoa*. Tha bona* la ?l tooted ia th* imamdiata *l?laity of tn* Inchon**, fnalowi Howao, and witMa two atiaatea' walk of th* railway termiant. nod, la ohort, la naa of tho moat enwalaat eltaatioa* In- partiot traoellia* t* and Iron I ha I altad Mate* Thocn'iary Jopartmant ia an dee tha manaarmeat of a drat rat# profbaaor of th* aft. N H - Tabl* 4 11*1* ia th* American *t?1*. e??ry day at 3 a aloat. A iploadid amoklna room o?t apart ft?* tmeri -an pontlawmo, ohoald th*t prefer It, inaroad of th* publit * *, n?i h toaridtpfd tfr boat la LOrrpeal.

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