Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1851, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1851 Page 7
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Political Intelligence. i Ifrw Y cm?There Mem to be quite ohange h the feelings of a portion of the whig press of this { State, since the delivery of the speech of Scatter , Fish, on the 4th Inst. It will be recollected thnt in that speech Senator F. placed himself unreservedly i and distinctly on the platform of the administration < of Mr. Fillmore, and avowed his determination to j sustain its polioy without qualification. These j i expressions brought down the disapprobation of a i part of the free soil whig press, and especially that j J of the Buffalo Express, one of the most prominent whig papers in the western part of the State. That journal says, if it had been supposed that Governor Fish stood on the ground which is ascribed in his speech, ho would have been defeated by a majority as decisive as that which elected him. Thus has arisen a discord in the ranks of the whig party, which may possibly have a tendency to cloud the probability of its sucoess at the next election. All the whig papers of the State which coincide with the views of Senator Seward, before the nomination of Gen. Scott by the whig conventions of Pennsylvania and Ohio, had pledged themselves to his support, though there has been but little sai 1 on the subject since those movements took place. There seems on evident disposition, on the part of the free soil whig press, to say as little about the Presiden- | t.iml in rw>cfliVtl<? frnm (Ka fiivtt. t.hnt I tho Congressional election is one of equal importance, as it affects more directly the issue to bo made upon tbc question of the repeal or modification of the Fugitive Slave law. There is no doubt but the free soil whig party have a large majority in the State, and, unless there is a consolidation of the discordant factions of the democratic party, will carry the State by an overwhelming vote in the Congressional campaign. The most bitter antipathy is manifested againsttho iidministralionujfsi(lE?BlylUP4<re^)yd.herAlbaiiy Evening Journal, and that, being the leading organ of the whig party in the State, is a fair index of the views cf the whole. Of the whole whig press, but nrmall portion standB upon a conservative ground. The hulialo Cummer< ml Advertiser?the steady and liim friend of Mr. Fillmoro and his administration?endorses, in highly complimentary terms, tho views of the speech of Senator Fish, and Buys it do- ; sires to sec no more firm devotion to the constitution and the laws of the federal government than are there inculcated. What will bo tho result of j the endorsement of tho speech of Senator Fish? j who was elected us the opponent of the Fugitive ' Slave law?by the conservative organs of the party, remains to ho seen It cannot, however, have any j bearing on the Presidential question, as it ij nor at all probable that the friends of Mr. Fillmore will come into the support of a candidate whoso views | ai d nomination are endorsed by the party at whose head stands Senator Seward. Pennsylvania.?The contest for the supremacy at the approaching clectiou in this State is earnestly pursued by the two parties in the State. The question at issue is the maintenance of tho compromise of the last Congress. Governor Johnstoa, the candidate of the whig party, is an avowod opponent of the Fugitive Slave law, and his refusal to sano- \ ti<>n a resolution of the legislature approving that law, is used by his opponents as a powerful argument against bis election. With the democratic party C olonel Biglcr is the head and front, standing upon the platform of the compromise measure), and I of the Bultimore Convention. The democratic party is united, and will make a powerful effort to take the State from the whig party. Tho whig party will suffer some from the desertion of the native Ameriean portion of the party, which is conaidsra- i klo, (specially in the city of Philadelphia I lis satisfied with the nomination of General Sott for the Presidency by the whig convention, the native Americans held a i^tatc Convention at llirrisburg, on the 22d inst., and presented a ticket for their own support. This party, it is well known, is 1 favorable to the renouiiniition of Mr. i-'illmore, nt.d its disaffection will materially interfere with the euccets of Governor Johnston. The trouble at the convention, which resulted in the defeat of the cincf object of the calling of tbo convention, viz :?1'ae organization of the party?was the wrrk of official recipients, whose object is self gain. The dividing of the forces, as published yesterdiv, will only bring out the whole party in opposl- ; tion to Gen. r-'ooit, except that portion under , official patronage. Had the whig* acted wirn discretion, the whole party might have been brought to the eupport of their ticket. The Puiladelania Alurth Amu ican, the organ of Governor J., an 1 the first to bring forward the name of General .tfjott, by its endorsement of the proceedings of the Clayton dinner at Wilmington, Delaware, in the fall of 1850, battles earnestly for the success of its gubernatorial candidate. but bus no; one word to say in behalf of General Scott. The Pfttwyfyiwis, s journal which has always occupied a conservative stand, speaks confidently of the sacoet*of the democratic party. Though there was no direct expression in his favor by the ltemocratic Convention, Mr. Buchanan is, without doubt, the choice of a large majority of his ] arty, for the nomination to the Prt-iden y by the national convention, a* m ry be seen by the fact that his advocates received nearly, if not quite all the Lominations for !.,eal oiliois by the late Stute Convention, 'i hero is a much 'rcnger feclirg in favor of General t*cott among the wings of ttic western po/tion of the State, and a convention baa been hell at Pittsburg to give ex] reaaion to that feeling. Kotitkv.?It ia a long time since the political f< chng ran so high in Kentucky aa at the present time, &i.d personal reflections upon the candidates, by their op] oncnta, are of common occurrence. The I democratic party, through their organ*, are mure fr.voiuble to-the cause of the South; an<l its prirtciI al organ, the I*oui??iUc Dtmucrat, denounce* the whole whig party a- the abolition party of the Mate. Archil al<l Dixon, the whig catiJIdn'.o for Governor, bar raid, in ?everal of hi* rpweohe*, that ie notion of Coiigrcs*, however opprcsnlvo upon the *luve State*, would be oflicicnt cutue for that section It" seek .1 di-i up tion of the Union. ' >uv if th strong, cat argument* iircilagainst the election of Mr. Dixon, ly hi-?>pj,. Denis, i* contained in the fact that h refused to go into a meeting, iairn dittelv after the i djourtimeiit of the nmtiMtkniil convention, to | I express apfrobatinn of the compromise loeaaurej , '1 here i* a i u.ati. i| .Inn ami C?i' >i* '. teeing m the wing par y of the . 'ate. it tli he i i ct which stand some of the whig* of thr Slate, among whom i? lion. tienry Uhr. latfai M I i.iy ir a c oili'l itr for t?ov Ti">' on t.i gr t. ai d w ill undoubtedly draw oil" a portion uftho whig i party. Tin < 2? uiocrnt* > spre--gri at hope of Merer* in the State eh . lion, a> <i their cii'idi<l.;t< l^rnrirs W. I'owell. is a man if considerable per- . *ot.ul popularity. I'min pr? nt indi itiu,. ih:re ' I* a gieater probability of the success of the democratic candidates thai for jcar* part. The whig party i? tot committed in it* choice for a I'rssi.,r.t.:.i ca ditii. tie a,:I. it I M- ' or htr. W?lifter would he prelerrtd before any hi r * Tl.e Uciue rat* ae pledged, fir?t, to the support of tie? rial t'nss, though the nominee of a rational centeiitlcn would receive their suppott. I l|n no la.?la the political canvas* of the guber ratoiial candidate* of tbi* State, and in the c\ l of thiirliew , i'. will he .--en tliit lio'l ?andi<Ute? occupy pre ?i*ely tho fatne position oa tb* qucftinn ?jI the com prom ite measure*. Mr fob)), in a late ?peech at Columhu*. avowed th.r, ben ? State in it# eovcrcign capacity, and by it* reg ular and coirtituted agent#, took it# course, th i* tli>' federal government had no gal etiHtitu ; tional authority to control rnch State by force. This i* abut the party called scaeeaionutS bold t >, Hot that it wi#ln? an immediate or prospective withdrawal of the State of (ieorgia from the I nio.i. but to maintain the abstract right of a State t ' reiede from bcr fitter State* if the guarantee# of the original compact are not carried out in full force. Such being the care, the i#?uc it between two democrat# holding the mine view#, the one amiported by the ubig party, an I the other sup- i ported by the deinocraiie party. Under #u<i!i cirrnntftame# the mult i? donhtful, though there eceiu-to be a preponderance of feeling in favor of Mr. McDonald, the nominee of the Southern right* Ijarty. \? wtw Caani.iitA.~The nomination of Own. j k. II I.. Ik. _k;,. ..i.n.ll.M ,.r P.nnl?l, k.. br.n re -clrc l with little faror In this Mite. Ill* iewsintho question of the compromise are not sufficiently known to insure the support of the whig jar y, and the Wilmington HrrmJd, a prmni- ; f.?r.t whig journal. ssys that no uian can retvivj the roto of the twuth who h not unwilling to di<turb the amicable adjustment of all the differences of the late Confrere. >lr. Fillmore is the choice of ). i t vi'tj whig paper in the Mote. I be t is going on, but there is little of ii.tcrrft except in Mr. Stanly's district. Mr. "1 h? r I uttin i< the democrat!" e:indidate,-nod l t> . f | ?.-?n* a urong probability that be will ' t ' - ai.iy w.i' r. rig i,.i orto' . > t oie? mpr' i?is? mcnoiir^s, and several of his speeches wire characterised by such strong denunciation 1 tLe tVjUscru ttvvemtr.t, that they are new used w aa ugiu* te defeat hie election. The I democratic party hare not yet expressed a decided preference "or a candidate for the Presidency, | cut Mr- Buchanan hue been r?ry favorably spoken , of in connection with the nomination. J Louisiana.?There is considerable trouble in the ] whig party of this .state, ani there is very little ^ ioubt but the democrats will easily succeed in eleet- ( ng all their State officers and a majority of the 1 members of Congress. There are sereral factions in New Orleans which are mort bitterly arrayed i sgainsi each other?so much so, that already, in the 1 ixasperation of personal feeling, the bio id of the opporing parties Lis been demanded. This tr luble has existed since the Presidential eleotion of 1848, when one faction urrayed itself against the eleotion ( of General Taylor, and will probably continue until Internal dissentions will throw the city of New Orleans, the strongest hold of the whig party, into the hands of the democrats. There seems to be a preference for Mr. Fillmore generally, though the question has hardly been touched, in the excitement of local politioal affairs. A convention recently beld at Baton Rouge passed resolutions in favor of the compromise measure, and expressed its preference for Mr. F'illmore. The nomination of General Scott in Pennsylvania, is looked *pon by the whig press as unwise and impolitio. 1 ne New Orleans 1 Commercial Bulletin, one of the most prominent, an 1 withal discreet, whig papers of the state, says bis nomination by the whig convention of Pennsylvania smacks in every way of sectionalism, if not of fanuticism: and thouirh the nominee is of Southern birth, his associates and the unmistakeable character of his friends and advocates, aro calculated to prejudice the national sentiment against him. He may be untainted by the noxious asso nations ; but there is no safety for him while ho remains among those whose contact is pollution. All parties of the State are favorable to the compromise measures and therefore there can be no issue upon tha, question. t Mississippi.?An entire change has taken place in the political aspect of this State. In tbo opening of the campaign, the friends and advocates of General Quitman stood upon tho. ground of seces-f sion, and that only, as the rallying point. The course of General Quitman lias been of the most ultra cbaraot-r; but the convention which nominated him, declared that immediate secession is inexpedient, and the party now stands ou the same I basis as that of Georgia?believing ?ud ad locating the abstract right of a State to secede from the Union when the provisions of the compact are violated, lion Henry S. Foote, the candidate of the Union party, is busily cngug.-d in canvassing the State, but there does not seem to bo muon probability of his success. This may arise from the fact, that there are very few papers in the State, except those connected with the old whig party, which are favorable to Air. Foote. The action of j the convention which nominated Gen. Quitman j will have the effect to consolidate the democratic , party, which will operate very much against his opponent. There are many prominent whigs in the i Flute who will support Gen. Quitman, anu several i of them toe k part in the convention which nominated him. Henry Gray, Itite whig cumlidnto for Congress, and T.Jones Thowart, a whig elector, wi re among its most prominent members. While Gen. Foote will receive the support of a portion of the democratic party, it is evident his opponent will receive a mere than counterbalancing vote from the whigs. Vermont ?The political parties in this Stite are in rather jtrange positions. Last winter, a whi; Legislature passed a law in direct oppoiition to the fcdcial la*, for the rendition of fugitive slaves, and the late 'vbig convention adopted a series of resolutions in opposition to the law as passed by the State Legislate, placing the party upon strict conservative ground, and upholding all the measures of the compromise. The free soil oonveniioa which assembled on the 2td instant, to supply the place of Mr. Peck, who repudiated his nomination, passed ivcviuitviio III UIKVII WI-UB TCIItiau nuu LU*7 HUT" UI the federal government. In this state of affair* the old dtmocrulic is the only party which bangs together, though greatly in the uiinori'y. Vermont Fas heretofore been a State alwuys reliyit on by the whig party, but the result at the approaching election is involved in doubt, and the election can only tell the result. Model Political Letter. The following excellent letter frous the Hon. D. !?. Dickinson, was read at Huston, IV, on the i occasion of the late national anniversary :? i Binbhamton, June 30, 18?1. Centi.xmkn :?Your kind and complimentary n ite of a recent date, inviting me to communicate with you on the appiouching anniversary of our National ' Independence, concerning the grave questions which agitate the ccuntry, found me too much engaged to receive more than a hasty notice. But my views upon this subject can be given in a few words, and without e.rcuny or pretention; although, perhaps, they Lave been too frequently and freely expressed to excite either attention or interest. 1 have regarded the ferocious and treasonable agitation which now disturbs our federate relations, lit m the beginning, as originating in wanton and unprovoked assaulia upon the constitutional rights of the South, founded in pretences as empty and hypocritical as they were )>hursaicul and bruxen. 1 lie pompous embassy of negro philanthropy, which was to force the Southern people into humiliating and abject compliance, by the despotic exercise of arbitrary power, and consign their libertics to tbc dungeon, in tho name of freedom, was for a time excused as the harmless rantings of igno- j ranee, bigotry, and fanaticism, but can bo thus ox- ( cosed no longer. While these diseases continue to ] disfigure society, they have associates more base ! | and mischievous than themselves Fro n this small grain has sprung up a tree, in whi ih unclean birds ii m ituu prey upon rue vnan 01 ire cmuli'.utiou. Anti-slavery now constitutes the flock in trado of political demagogues ami mole-eyed statesmen -it * contract* platforms for I'rcaiduntiul napiraiit*, and it* gulvanic power if invoked t j quicken the re- j mains of deceased politician*. It. detccrites toe f acre d desk, where it ia too often employed by those who oiler cant and grimace a* a substitute for 1 relgien. In flmrt, it ha* become synomiaioti* with treason and tin-union. The hornet bmmi who ' were, it a moun-ti ol delusion, betrayed into it* fU| port, have fled from It* contusion, an 1 hereafter j it* follower mid supporter* will be iuoura'dci, and I ho;e whose iluik walgBI ut:it ciil Mtlona are j hutched in the same foiu Lent with the btucit of I Crimea npalr*t tlie Statr. The compromise measures of the laic C?o<re*s were designed to s<tilo, so far a* this could be 1 at lair ed uy legislation, the wbolo Controversy oil the subject of i-Javery; anil, though not sa'isfa-to-y to rll the tr end* of adjustment, were a* a wh-de i ' regarded a* reasonably lair, and tho bet which , could be sccnicd. The Question wa? r< plct" with , d.ll ulty and duiigi-r, a: d has be? ii pI upm liy i ( orgrrrs, and it* action sanctioned l?y a l-trg* majority of the Ame-iican people 'i'tic iSoutn j J could not with honor have olciiu-'d less, d'l I ret, ri* jcof lc, in h spirit of devotion to the Union, they | rcprre to stand by this settlement ip true ' in pi-it, so lorg a* it i-/sithlullv observed iiy the ' fur Mates. With the North, tbcr>, r? ?t? the re- , sI c i -ilill ty of maintaining inviolate tlii* mutual pit t'gr f taiih, upon whieli hug* eien'.i so mo- t mrttous for f ood or ceil. ; 1 he auiiiveisur)! e.'onr snti inul birthday, aserc l ' ; to the cause of freedom, *:nl hallo Wed by #> many 3 tlisr and inter* *iing rccolYct ins, if well c ioi-u 1 for an ii.urebargo of sentimerits upon this great \ at d | crll-u# and for reiiowing the trite ri .. ii.i ?i i n ib?- hi rti>si h o'her. a I , to the I nh'ii, etidi r too federal compact. It wdl the | at riot IC to hold sweet eiuimuiiou to- i jfi iht r, irii'j < ct ve id i.,.f r i '>!e part ? in div sions, | uwrtfce great aid absorbing qii>i*tio - which con* , i ntm i hi |cl;ti?al I'inT, ami to atrcngthen each I otbtr'f lieatt* and httn'l for renewed tttur* in the ' cam* ?f njnnlity. Tl'c tliuld ami doubting m.iy t .i-e the uctutiun to gather light an I courage. ; | '! i ? (i i k -(.'in nf h'MiiM error mo retrace their ( I i 6'I? -? wi.nili r'.r ai.d la.-'. though not lea<t. | iliw liuii (.in he bt id up u |.i t.In: execration and | ( run, ai d b? thoru of their jiowcr to do hariu? ley who would de*| no| devwUrtn tbi? lair , ' ' I ritage nt lUr.Trn, to indulge at he*', a morbid, 1 rttklj. rod mataken <eiiti:neut- to blot forever all | II i re j.< TalU' d and beautiful fiom n train of event* rhith La* It.i g furiiiebcd wonder anil admiration j for ?ii envious and rcn-or."u? world?to ciut down , the Hn ry and in | i."able barrier winch a ire* ( ( 1,-titute.n bar erected between freedom and de- ; poti.'tii? Ai d ?hnt the Rate* ( f mercy f.n mankind. I have the honor to be, wi.O profound regard, i year frit t il, lb rt. Dicm.aajw. | 1 Prrmnra Lnanasn Tttr Uortoh Aristocracy. ' ?An lirgliahimm tamed l<ewi* Iih? been doping k me or oor ritirt nr. lately. By claiming to bo an : Kr gli.-h lord, be got into the goodgiaera of many of the nrirtoeraey. At Nabant. lie enufldl the era, lor revtrul day*, without patn g hi* I ... .1 I . . >.:. . . I:. I.. 11 I. V I." - . L viii, hi ?ii* lining inn. r rum .^itrmiu. 04 I ; ram* to the city, and took tip his quarter? at a f hi hint utile boarding house. near the Male llou?e; 1 J Uiade a gieat purchase of fashionable clothing ou j Washington street; nnd at la.-t vi.-lted wiuirf, whet* lie tr.gtgid one of the pleasure yacht* totals* : him btlsi^ftt a certain dHy, and remain 11 few (lay* ] for tfce put I ore of fisbii g, &c 'I he owner of the jacht Latl a ti te leg or two of ho to cooked, and all tLc Left of provide--! put up for the voyage, in 1 good Myle. at great expense; but on the morning of the tunc ret to start, the English Idrd was misa* Irp; rnd on t?a kit g was ascertained that he Lad started l? r New \ork, taking with him several articles which be managed to get fretn ditleront i Metes on cridii; among the reat a new quadrant, fri in a store on Commerckal Mreet Ine whole sroouat wh h this rascal owes for hills contracted, coedi esiried of", is tomo fi'lO dollars He was Light j recommended by distinguished cititens about teas iK(? i/esrml| Mf *1. R?wspap?m prtUiM Im lurnkwitli. ABSTRACT or THE V. B. C'ENBI ? BOB 1M0. Daily Payee. Character. Circulation. ^ily Advertiser, Boston Whig 2.000 Mian, do do 4,006 hoarier, do do 6,000 Poet, do Democratic.. 3,600 lournal, do Whig 18000 traveller. do Neutral 10 000 Jhronotype, do Independent. tl.OtO See. do Whig 10 000 lerald,* do. do 2,600 rranecript, do do 4 000 rime*, do Democratic.. 20.000 dail, do Neutral 23.000 Total circulation of Bo#ton daily paper* 111,603 The circulation eta ted (2,300 ia returns) is probably intended far 26,000. Daily Payri. Character. Circulation. ?l>ringfl?-ld Republican. Springfield Whig 1,800 Hampden Poet. Springfield Democratic.. 600 Patriotic Republican. Lowell Whig ? I'aunton (iaaette. Taunton do 400 New Bedford Mercury, N. Bedford., do 1000 Standard, do. .. 600 Newburyport Herald, Newburjport. Whig 720 Dally Union, do. .. Democratic.. 600 Marracbuaetts Spy, Worcester Kree Soil .... 1,430 Daily Tribune, do Neutral 400 Semi' Weekly and Tri- Weekly. traveller, Boston Neutral 2 500 Journal, do Whig 2.000 At Us, do do 1.170 Advertiser, do do 2,000 Railway Advertiser, Boston 5.000 Pathfinder, do 2,600 Lowell Advertiser, Lowell Democratic.. ? Lowell American. Lowell Kree Soil ? Nantucket Imiuirer, Nantucket.... Whig. ? Newburyport Herald. Newburyport. do 628 b'aleu Ri gicter. Salem do 1.700 baleni Gazette. do . do l.uuu Kesex County Freeman, bale in l're? Soil 1.000 j Gloucester News Gloucester Independent. 900 Gloucester Telegraph, do Whig. .. 300 H'ttkly I'uptrs. Character. Circulation. host on Atlas, Boston.. Whig 048 Boston Bee, do. .. do. 800 Boston llerald. '"3 , U <1?- 2000 Boston Journal. do. .. do 8 000 Boston Statesman. do. ..Democratic... 4.000 lkston Chrouotype, do. ..Independent.. 2.000 Bofton'TraTeller, do. ..Neutral 3,600 Ameridau Sentinel, do. ..Literary 4.000 American Union. do. .. do 18.000 Boston Newsletter, do 2 000 Advent Herald. do. ..Religious 6 000 American Cabinet, do. ..Literary t>000 American 1U11* ay Times. do 2.600 Cultivator. do. ..Agricultural. .21.805 Domestic Advertiser, do. .. Advertising * rt.iWO Dollar limes, do. , .Deuiojratlc... 200 F.iitanripator, do. .. I'reesoll 4.000 Liberator do. .. Aiitl-bbivnry.. 2.000 Investigator, do. ..Infidel 1,800 Index, do. ..Statistical.... 1.000 Living Age. do. .. Liter,ity 0.000 Massachusetts Ploughman, do. . .Agricultural.. 10 000 Museum. do. ..Lit. rary 10.000 Life <n Botson, do. .. do 10,000 Boston Mail. do. ..Keutral 3.000 Sledieal Journal. do 1600 New Kngluuder, do. ..Temperance .. 4 500 Odd Fellow. do 7.000 Olive Brunch. do 25 000 Boston Pilot, do. ..Catholic 15,000 I'reae and l'ost, do. . .Deinocra'ic.... l.UoO 1'ruteclive Union, do 1.400 Ileal Kstute Advertiser, do. . 1 000 Shipping List, do 1.800 I'uritau Recorder, do. ..Orthodox 10.500 Christian Times. do. d? 2.500 Christian Freeman, do. ..L'ntremlUt... 64tO Christian Register. do. .. Unitarian tlM Christian Watchman. do. ..BaptLit 10 200 Christian \t itne ss, do. ..Kpiacopal..... 3.000 Corgregationalist. do. ..Orthodox., . . 3 400 Flag of our Union. do. ..Literary 4(00 La at Boston Ledger, do 500 Burton Mcrkur, do. ..German 500 Kvi ning Gaaette. do. ..Literary 2,900 bulurday Kambltr. do. do 11.000 bfar Sj angle 1 Banner, do. do 7.000 bouth Boston Gazette, do. 750 bunday News, do 5.C00 Trumpet, do. . .Universalist... 6.500 Uncle bam. do. .. Literary 3,0(0 M e? hly Mesreiiger, do 800 Yankee Blade, do. ..Literary 11,000 W ell spring. do. ..Orthodox 22.000 /.ion's Herald. do. ..Mithodist 8,000 Yi uth's C< mpanlon, do. ..Religious 5.000 Telegraph, Che lsea. Whig 1 000 I'iei.eer. do Family 000 Norfolk Co Journal. Roxbury. Whig 1,000 Itoxbuiy Advertiser, do Neutral 600 Nanluehet Inquirer, Nantucket,.... Whig 1.000 I " Mirror. do. ....Neutral Mi L>< I'.tmin Gnze'.te, Dedhnm. true Soil .... 560 Nortolk Democrat, do. 560 1, uitry Patriot, tjuinry 600 DM Colony Reporter. 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Family 000 ripe Ai.u Light. GloueeaDr Whig 'J00 I rwr. Courier. Lawrence Whig 1.000 lAatenre Sentinel, d? Dem COO j lytnNe** Lynn ....Whig 7-i0 ' hay State, do Dem 1.150 fcetex Gazette. Uaterhill Whig....... 050 . I in i lliii,.nr. do Dim 750 i lizxette and Courier, Greenfield Whig 1.500 [ FraiklluItemccrut, do. ....Dem looo f Ameilean U( public. du Freenoil HOO -aid?ich Hb,.er?er, Pnodwieh Neutral 000 ! ! . limn Wtrg 'l'auntuu Whig 1000 i li.ui.ten Denn rrat. do Dem 2000 j Fall Hirer News. Fall Diver D< in 7? \ lull HirerMoniter d*> 000 j S'ea Ihdl'.rd Meieunr New Tt.-dfi'id .Whig.. 2'X)0 W bn'i mmi'i Ship g l.iat, do. l.dOO i-tuldatd. tio fi00 | C n- n lm.-e'tM K'.igle, 1 ittilie.d Whig 00j Mi held M. II do . . . Dem ...... . 1,000 I un uiim auu Hr'n ir, u" I uiiurn.. "*i II rki liliv ('mil!) r. Ur't I'urriiigtoii,. N Uljj 700 J)..u>ciIpt. Ai'ami* do o.'o Ml ? I III at U ,-| y. W'n i>t<T flMldl 8A0# S?t??i u' A?t;i4, do. Wliiu i.jOO y?'.uiii.'ui, iio. ..... I'ma........ i.sw 'attract, <lo T.-mp#r?B.*x.. 2.HU9 . I rUliau Cttliaa. do ilrfurm 3.300 I >', hvtitllirl. .N>#(riU J Kukl) )ir.NiK<rWHilbifott(h.... do >"0 urn Patriot. ? nrrv M'litjt HJU I.hin Uirrttr, do Iti'tn 1 TO# t'imailt, t'litii'U Iud> !- iidtsu'.. 7<*i Uvt iktjr Stmi Monthly. in ii l!iAiii him .Vtu ff*ni l'tiNi'ui/f Itr'if ultoriit. Borton M.K) nui Irfllnii) do. u.'fj i ? l:. j i rti r. do I I# | uil.i An i ir. do. ! it-rnry :;irJ0 k*|itoty. do. L'oiwriaivi.. Soxt i'?Fazlnn I lit rt'icuHara, do JMQ attt-'t t iar, do. Un, t>t 33.(W0 ' fnri Ho.irtf* do { 20JO dt'itiai Mtft;l??. do iW) di'tbcr it i ? !?! tit, do T.OOu l'gl< nalia* aai?r. do. 1'iiUriai.,,. it* (Lutck Mifulw. d> ' ): I Mitorjr. do 1,0 10 I 1r? l'r>1atd Kalltcau Uuidc. da 8.000 ifkit'i Adttmla, i.Aio II It. 1 i?n>?r Itailtcad fluid*, into I'iIm ari a tillnd. do 1' J ltj?i if 1' do SOOO Pt |> ai.4 tllrl Mamiln*. dt 5 000 "llitilmia'Adtmt lli-n.ll. do 1MO ii ti. n C. In i-l Ji urn* , do l.'.-O | ItlO Ft kid. d > 2 001 lirtrllati I lan.irrr. do. ITnitariM,... l.WO >tiiB .ii> Mapi riiir. do. l.ln mrjr. .... 2000 fatliiV arid> Manual, ilo 5 <>o0 k ...... A I LI a.. It II Ml I rrai11> tl Awnim, < 1 0 to iutdi- ?t> limit it?, d? '1000 l*i k> t>*. dn R Hi k< ?.l). t Mi I tl I) Mftff?7ln*. do 3.CKMI S? rjt M'tnl Ot?*?*n?orjr. do. IQOO N.o I niiUnd 'I nipvrnri #' Journal. Wwrtif.. . 3 tfiO rr*r?l hll triMiar. Miltnrd. 1 llililrn Afr. Nr* IWillnrd I fit I I pro ti h Clarion, 1 prwicl " it li dtrniir. AtnRi-rrl 'i"t to-1)1I Or* lilt* lIlKHli'tT. liOWrll ? Si ith *m?r>r*n Ki tli w. Bout on If'to liii'intiytniil ItrgirtrT. d> 1.009 I'ri ? i m ii i ijnm ti rly. do 1 MR) Hi inn o| nthie Journal. do S i ? Jo umli to inr, dn , I'tiWttPftHfl dn f?i0 hi tl lit Aadm.n two RtCiF ITT LATIO*. H.itlrn. Ou'itr PUrt?. I>?i'y 12 in 21 PiniunaTil-weekly ...? c w W Kr?klj M ? lit Mci.lMI.fkr 31 fl 37 l.litllrllirf 8 1 Total Ill M *4 Mnvnl Intelligence. Mint f> P baa keen h? p.' to the command , r>f t rig lHlphln, fitting . ut at Hoaton Tli? l'nil> d Stater rtraBl frigate Ml<rl?aippi and frigate Independence. w?re at Tri. - tr. 4th lu?t. AnAnerUnn alonp of a ar. unknown, war ?em going 1 Into l.agi.ajrn . n the Pth in?t. Marine A Antra. T1 < I.ti* fugle at llath. tlat Itnt . frrm can Fran d'co. n porta. April lift. l : i,8 S., I at. <> 41 W . oaairht an i 11 lire a h h a pice of reppcr on hla i.erfc. wht h ha 1 il.pravtil (n it. <n roe aid* "lit 4.' Ion an Ap >1 17, IP61, /. Idbeiiion tie other tide, Aia it<*aah'p Sd' CMf, Copt >rrr;?." 4 k* * Ov JMkmvlllt CwiwpMtbnM. Jacksonville, Fla., July 14,1H51. Hit Rise and Progress of Jacksonville?Millionaire?Saw Mills?The Swamp Lands?Vulue of Land?The Cuban Aipedili'tn. The liberal inducements you bold out to correspondents to write for your columns, indaoe the belief thai an occasional communication from this " land of flowers"?tho Eden of the sunny &>uth? may not prove unacceptable to you, and "these presents" bear witness that lam disposed to follow the requisition of the Cood Book and evinee my ; 1 faith by my works. This town, the great resort of Northern invalids in winter, is growing more rapidly than any piney wood city in all the bouth?several large building! have been erected since the opening of spring, aud the spirit of enterprise and improvement isevi- , dently in the ascendent still. For this we are indebted in no small degree to the North. Many of our citizens are Northern men. Many of those who came here as mechanics, or wood cutters, or agents for Northern cipitalists, without , u penny of their own In their pockets, arc now 1 numbered with the wealthiest aristocrats of the land. 1 have been told thut the venerable Judge of our Superior Court was u button maker at the North?(ab u? aisct minus); hut, as 1 ain comparatively a stranger here, 1 cannot certify to the fact. We have now two steam saw mills in operation, a third rebuilding (having been consumed by lire some time ago), and some half dozen in this vicinity. There is also u turpentine factory in our to wn, which is proving a source of great urotit to its proprietors, and a foundry is now on the way; but there is still a wide opening lor men ot capital and enterpri&e. The country above this (south of it) is filling up rapidly. We have known as many as thirteen families, with their wagons and teams, < , carriage J, buggies, sulkies, and retinue of servants, to pass through uur town in one day. But this is a tiivial circumstance. Many emigrants pass us by in our tri-weekly steamers, and by far tho greater portion of those who emigrate by land leave our town on their left, or ptss on west of us. There is niueh g>od land?laud unsurpassed in productiveness by uny in the United estates?still 1 in the market here; and, it lias been a matter of surprize to me, much of the best land in the ! tstnte has been overlooked uud under-estimated ! ' alike by emigrants and residents. I allude t> | tbo swamps on the upper part of the St. John arid its lakes. 'I'm se sw imps are as fertile as tho lands on the Mississippi or the Nile. 1 cannot conceive it possible for laud to bo richer, as it is a bed of vegctiblo and animal deposite as far as you can penetrate it. As the St. John has

its origin, riot in fountains gu-thing from mountain cliffs, but in the mammoth springs and lakes that abound in a plain country, it does not ovcrtlow its banks, like tho rivers above mentioned, except in the vicinity of the sea; and there the oveiflow, when it occurs, is occasioned, not by floods from above, but by bcutiug winds driving the ocean beyond her wonted bounds. A very lew feet will measure tho difference between 1 hign and low wa'cr marks on tho upper St. John; consequently the swamp land) on this river may be secured from iuundati in, with comparatively little labor and expense, und as they are elevated above the low water marks, they are very easily drained. When reclaimed, they yield from forty to fifty bushels of Indian corn per aero, with half culture. Tuey are also well adapted to the cultivation of rice. Cane and cotton grow too rank to allotd a good yield. Our town, you are doubtless aware, is the princij t al seaport of East Florida. Its trade, within tho 'uet two y< ars, has increased twofold. A tract of | some five hundred acres of laud, adjoining our town, ' was offend for sale last autumn, at $2,000. Within ; the present year it changed hands, and brought soiuo] tLiDgever?4,lXM' The present proprietor, 1 learn, is , about fitting up a bearding be use near a cold mineral spring on it, fur tLe accommodation of Northern invalids. Wo know of ane.tbcr tract of three bun- > drcd acres, ubout four miles above 1'alatka, that was , sold Just one year ago for $100. iiuccntly $l,0<)0 was utTered tor it and refused. The present proprietors probably would not take less thin $'(,000for 1 it; and, in my opinion, they would do a losing business to sell for that sum, as the tract lies directly on the river, has beautiful building sites, j a good landing, excellent land, and two clu.-ters of i sulphur springs (about six in number), us stroug ? probably as any in the United States. With the ' expenditure of a few thousand dollars on improve- ? r,eiils, it might bo made to he worth $.j0,000. I 1 state these facts that your men of capital, who tie desiious of removing to some country where t they tan u-ako a proll'able investment of their sur- 8 ] lus funds, may he leJ to consider the advantages j a Horded by the M ute of Florida. Here their funds | may he laid out to great advantage, and here they J may Lc sure of meeting with due reipcet, an 1 find' j ir g ussoeeiutcs with feelings assimilated to their | own. llere, toe, they may enjoy the pleasure, I every winter, of mingling in social intercourse with i tho-e who Lave frequented the same places an i : : ii..ogled in the same scenes that they have, and ; who will thus help to trace afresh, on memory' I page, the record of the past. By the way, shaking of visiters, reminls me j ikat it may interest some of your readers to know , , t hat a well known character of your city popped in ! i upon u# last J<aiurday night, iu the strainer , as unexpected as a siresk of lighlting iu i , cloudless sky. The steamer that bore hi* per no.age to our port bad scarcely struck the i wl uif before he hud a fisticuff with one of bis crew, lie swears that lie is not horn to be hung, or 1 drowned, or burned, or shot, lie has been so niton j xpofed to death iu these various ways, without f daumge, that be concludes he is destined to die a ] natural death at least, if ever he dies, idoubtwhelher h? even think.-that he is mortal, hut what hi ought Li in here! some of your reader- may be ' tcsdv to cr.qu ie. The lag eud of an oil song ? ibe rel'cs of the last Cuba recruits who were ; to rendezvous hereabout-, hut were routed, horse, 1 toot, and dragoons, by our hydra-headed, Argmcyid eld ulicit?LiucU. lie eaiue, it appears. HI glllUIT lip I Lit MIIUS mill IllllUlUUllllin 111 II 1110 * I. uba invniiji.i.-lii Itfibclilnd tluui when they were [ iniir'bulli d. not on, butoR the battle fil l 1, arid probably, also, to ji i k up the -traggiiij; recruits ttiat i might remain scattered along our cast, ium.khk* i?? cui ui;< ratio, and ship as many tnsw one* as p *siblo lie k< |>t the turgors, bond an I free, very ' busy all night, .oiling hog-hoi.d and barrels, ami 1 Inuring I"'**)* lliui rattled of war as they wvre > lOlblMHlkMdkWf. 1 have li sard it III I 1 I it It ' I e made seine tempting ollure to some <>f our mita- , t'er. but will not viNtth for the fa t. 11.r audlm B apptaraice caused no small excitement iu our emi- " Uionirj. and bui wmtm dlaonsaioM in private elf* cm *, of tlm nitrite and di int rit.s of MO MM Hi I wl iih 1m 1 as ctubal ked; for our people are dividsd 1 iu thci- ser.tia.ints. relative to the Cab* inr*-btn, as wi ll a* relative to tl.e right of accession, the major | n t favoring peace, both at bo'uis ami 4 i,bread, with all mankind?except the red-kini. , l.ijexis or was, at last uc< oinU, somewhere between this and f-'avann ib, and eill pribtblvbe t?ken on board tbo steamer ou her way out It i? ] itpitfrd ikat be and the Marshal had a f>.>t-ra'*o at lWien a It-w day* ago, but, the I ieuernl ottt- ' ii oted the Marshal 1 t uu add uei moie, 'or my sheet is full. Uonkad. i An I> rnaokt inakv .^tatfuknt ?Thefillowing , ' (Aiikoriliraty sta'.riiii'iit i|.|e?ri iu tbo NuIumiI t /w/'f/iginrr., of the 21th instant:? > * Thkasi at l)? r*arwr*T. I ! . Cn>!STNOi41 * ? l?i >i, t, July ?5. 1M1. j 1 iskumWi'- to kavs ntvlwil t ei nunuiKin < ( una . tvtlftS Mm* ftoea a dark is this < it.n*. t to.- [ i i-'ii.iii <>t ilis *'mhlt,|i'wi NsUniml Momnm-nl Tin' I tiro ii'.i'l. ' it and seat to buu In a lott, r. ihroii ;n 1 t !,? I e I ( 'Am ? * " , : - ifin <1 n* a .in *11 < .tnr,..ti. ' ntloB A r 't lTitM n POMP* out ofnfVai fcoma Tti? jc n- , t! a an ?li > nrein J lha amrx j, t i * Ittllr.' lo m. i.i i if rail! ?y tha g. TillH.i. i.l n >-ai?ry t?r my mh n? I aittiii* ai U U In Tiiip that flu t .inline j of -fH- ! nr? takii.* 1-y from India nluiila f>r altanil'.u* l<> ..<11 utl j 1 n?in i ut of < (lira hour would h* paruiatoui, a .rrd,<'? : ' hy,IM4HfMI(.l4ia4 fwl at lila-rty to apo oii'i> I i it* il< B.ori.) to uy vi?n nan. t. therrfoiH. app > p-ta'o 1 It l> tin **>>1 *> )..? ptll.lti" pUIp'OW of Millflf tool | m rn 'j iii m< till* a ti.i num. i t tot.imiii?na irate th ti?tlifulikul . Mlri* Ili4 ehararliT of till. Ki'lo-rol III- ( Mbfetry Ibi'iuldi ill cr muianil tin-g.-ullotnaii. and h? ir notify I thalr I'nrittdi to > K.I.I.-II I IVIIITrUiKKY. Atent. L"MJK Ml I Hi I 01 -I'MTHl ST.ll IS Mali- TK IM a a 1.1 j. Al I A N I |i , tail Jaai'j hut, am |?aiMt<li rail fi r I i ri I . a w?. i . Id; v. A *?a% litk, at U oVI o a, M.. from far (nth at tkc fnot ul l and atraat. Nol-. rth *? . iitmI '.III | alit l?r. I'or i or p ?#?**#, hari"* "to i*allnl accaioao ilalioa* lor ! *ar.a ano onmf .rl, apply I" Mill Ti K. U'LI-IM*. * VI all atr-M Tl ?-VaaOiiUp I'a. itir. I a| t f. hf, will aiio. anl th- At- < Ir I ti.-. ut . i. M ti.fitai. .1 ii(ii> t p.. at 1J ...look, M. ^ TBI Mitt it a 11 si kamkr rarraiN Pr.tlt), IMh o) Atipuat, at man. Mi* haa ac-llant aaa?tim<>da'l.i.a frr fni'i ni rt Prlan cf pan .a* In Marmada. ?.*>; ' to M Thrnaa. t7i>. Tt <rr la a manlar i?hII cna man teat i?n ' bctae p 8?. 111 mi* and all II < tfr?t In.Ha ialainla. Ilttaiia, ' Vara t'rus, Vi.taiurla, k . 1 ha *>-rlln alii Ukn fcirflit. ? ,tt>iij to i rinm> ? I' r. Nn lattarn ?f mailt a . 'I i.? pre tit *4 > Uxrl at tin Nttlln, thtarrlt tka Paat OflU-a. I PA t IFIC MAIL tTtAMAUir t HMTANV.-l HE ON LT < Tt>rntfh frr t alu.m'i and Ofitnk. ?U t'iacrta-dlfact.? far* raonend. On M<ndar. Jnljr i*. at .1 P.M. lit .iilcr.dd d..i.l.|o aaalrc /taamaMp OH It), tona ) orthrn. f. t Udlaa tclnaak, 8. V, loiamaiidar, will aalt nn Una, lay, July I at a Cloak, P '1 nri-italy, Irnm haa ptar at il a Ion* of t'? armn atract, JutII. Rtrer, ?.lh Ilia Uncart.tiatit Malla, for Chnpran, c. Miami > with the faiorlta laitad Hal* a Mail t?anum?i'j> vin. |iat? Panac.i " >n ir Ikant It a I.Vh ol Ananat Pnf ir.UM ir raa?V?. | at ran*. < r at 77 t? <- ? at. PAI I r If MAIL rir.AMMUP COMrAMT.?ogfct Ihron^h Lint ?Tar# l.'a u ?<-? . On y, July P.l. at < o'alni k i M. Tka aptaidld 4i nll? main# ataan aula I'llE<"k F F. I.Stt'??.ia I rt>.?n lie rj * .dia. " m- ?..u<-r. trill .all I'rrcla. ly at S u'aioth ?' IX , <mm liar lh t at aha font it Aarrcnatn.t N. If., with tha Wectr??a rl Maila, Airnat fop I aaa and Ihap.ra-a i r.a?taa [atam?*ra ttiaMitttd nt iaaana In tt a aplar did dc Ma * at- amtilp I'AL'OV oarai i ;af ait', ilo- n ; lar mail cm- | w aail inm Panama m ?r aln nt t:.a l.'lh nf AneoaV f..p , to apt, art!) at ILt t K.a, bi vvatbaMvai, v| at I* Wtrt t. a jjrouuinm. Bowery theatres-boxes, ? cents; PIT, ix* Mate; lull im OmMiW Iom, M miK.?Deore opw at a quarter pact 7, and the eortala will rise at a quarter before 8. Saturday evening, July 88, will be acted the epeetacla of AZaEL, TUB PKuDJo'aL-Asael, Mr. B. Eddy; Reuben, Mr. Gilbert; Amenouhis, Mr. TUton; Ncuiroud, Mr. LeMngwell; Sethoa, Mr. Moora; Bueheris, Mr. Stoma; Jaroani, Mr. Jordan; Japhtela, Miia Andcrton; Nafta. Mra. Mota; Zauita. Mlaa Hiffert. The porformaoree will oommence with tha cimedy of T1IE WOUL DEALER? Deuteronomy Dutiful, Mr. Jordaa, Slap, Mr. Iraaka, Bob, Mr. Gouldson; Amanda, Mrs. Stone. _ National theatre, Chatham stkeet.-boxeb, oanta; Pit, ata.; Orahaatra Tiobata, 10 aamta: Prl ata Boa Tickets, >1; Eacluaiva Priests Boaaa, edustuug light persons, fo. Saturday evening, July 2h, thaentertain aiiita will commence with tha mysterious chief, or, 11 ?nca of lM2--CbieL Mr. J. K. Scott; Major Wlllougbby, Mr. 0. W.Taylor; Mr. Fleming, Mr. Fradaricka; Lieut. Elliot, Mr. J M. Cooke; General Scott, Mr. N. B. Clark. The whole to conclude with the dramaof A. /.. L ; or. The Old Uonaa at Home?Asael, Mr Fob; Ruben, Mr. w. Taylor; Boeharie, Mr. btafiord; Nimrod, Mr. J. M. Cook; Jepbtole.MiaaU. Foa; Lia, Miss Ludlam. BAKNVM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. BARNUM, Manager and Proprietor; John Greenwood, Jr., Aaaia taut Manager. Admittance to the Mueeum and performanoe, Jo cents; children under 10 yean, 12% ucute; Parquet, 12% cents extra. 1 his afternoon aud evening, Saturday, July Jo. In the afternoou. at S o'clock, the Tight Rope, tha farceol FASHIONABLE &OCIETY, end the pantomime of THE RED MONSTER In tha evening. at f?cl"k the light Rope, tha Three Gladiators, the farce of FASHIONABLE SOCIETY, aud the new pantomime of VOl, all VENT. 1 he HAPPY FAMILY eau be seen at all Inure CASTLE GARDEN. -THIRTEENTH SUNDAY EVENing Concert.?Max Maretsek, Conductor. Admi einn i!Scen<s. Sunday Evening, July .7. Programme?Tart I. 1. Overture, Die Fvlfeniauklr, Keusiger; 2. IPuuie Sootia. l.abitxky; 3. Melodiee from Eruani, arrauged for wind inetruments only, Verdi; 4. A Soldier's Joy, Lanuor ; 5 A Creetiig to Berlin?Msrch, Gung'l. Intermission. Part If. ti. Overture, Lea Diauione do la Couronna, Auber; 7. Polonaise, A Sunset on the Haticry, Maretsek; S. Night t lowers, l.aantr; 9. Melodies from Lucrena Borgia, arranged for wind instruments only, Dcnisetti; 10. The Colieeuiu March, Guig'l Performnnce ta eommsmea at S o'clock precisely. No postponement on neeonut of the wentber. LMGNOR SP1NETTO WILL OPEN HIS EXUI III DON n m,n I'.I, ,.i?? -j-,.. July. I-Al. at 81. I uke's Hull, 4-<i Hudson street, aud will be continued every evening until further notice. Performance to commerce at * o'clock. Admission 2J cents. On Wednesday and Satnrdav, the entertainment* will be in the afternoon, at 3 o'clock. A (A Kl) - PH<? r.SSOR AN DEI:'-ON. Tilt (JURAT Wirard of the North. begs most respectfully to iafotut the citizens of the United 8tatea, t hat he purposes cmharkiug In the steamship Atlantic, u the twenty-third of July, ana will have the honor of making hia Srat appearance in America in thin city early in .September, an 1 give a series of hia rrrnd Soirees Vautasti|Ur?, the particulars of whioh will te detailed in future announcement*, and lulieita the honor of their ralronage. IZ NIC'KEKBOUKEK 1IAM.. CORNER OF EIGHTH ntk avenue and Twenty-third atreet.?Splendid variety ol Kil.ii pian entertainments, every night thia week, by Whito's irigiual and inimitable band of serenudere, ninu in number, lomprisingeat *f the most HlliltlIda talented companies. Doors open at half past 7, concert to commouoo at 8 o clock, irecuely. Cards of admission, 12,^ cents. C. WHITE, Manager. SHIPPING. OCR AN STEAM NAVIGATION COM PAN V.-FOIl llremin, via Southampton.?The United States Mail itcamilif WASHINGTON, G. W. 1'loyd, commander, will tail for Bremen, via Southampton, on Saturday, August 9. from I'itr No. 3 North Ktver, at 12 o'clock. An eapenencod Surgeon Is attached to the thip. All letters must poea through the Post Ofllce. Specie delivered in Havre and Loudon. For passage or freight, apply to IluLI.EK, SAND et K1EKA. Agents. JO Broadway. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE.-THE UNITED States Mai) Steamship I'KANKI.IN, Jamcs A. Wotton, Commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton t? laM" the mails and passengers, on Saturday, July idth, at 12 o'clock, from pier No. 4, North River. Price of passage $120. Specie, in sums amouutiug to twenty thousand pounds, will bo delivered in London for J-lCths of one per cent. Specie must besenvon board the day previous to sailing. Luggage not wauled during the voyage, should be sent on board (be day before sailing. marked "below." For freightor pas age. apply o MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent, No, SJ liroadway. FOR LIVERPOOL?THE NEW AND SPLENDID Steamship Cl'l V OF MANt HESTER, will leave Philadelphia for Liverpool, n Thursday, the 21st August, at 12 o'clock. 1 l.c elegant accommodation* of this Steamer make Iter a mott desirable conveyance lor I hose about visiting Eurin*. Fare in the Saloon. $1(41; Fore Cabin, (Ah Passengers nili Ie provided with railroad tiek> ts to Philadelphia hy the t?tui. i or irei?:.t or pa-nunc apply tu THOMAS K1C11 A lioi j.V, tl Etchanflci Place. TUE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES Mail Steamera.?The ehipe ooiu pricing thie line are tl e follow III T'? ATLANTIC Cut. Writ. PACIFIC Copt. Nye. ARCTIC Capt. Lata. BALTIC Capt. CoiMtNt. ADRIATIC Capt. Orultou. There oliipt having heeu built by onn'.raet expreaxly for lovernnient terrier, every c are hot Men taken in their conitruetion, ao aloo in their enriaea, tu insure atrengtr And ipeed, and their aocommudatiuua for paaeeagera are on quailed for elegance or eomfurt. l'riee of p. age from New Turk to Liverpool, >ISU; axeluaire uoe of extra *?? atate 'ooiua, fStfl; from Liverpool to New York. AS6. Auexpori Bead aurreon will be attached to taoh ahip. No berth oaa >e icon red until paid for. raurotio date* or aan.iiva:? From New Yurk. From Liverpool. Saturday, July IV, JsSI. Wedneeday, July it, MSI. lalurday, Augoat f, ** SYeUneaday, July 23, tatniiiuy, Auguat In, " Wodneaday, Auguat 4, " tatarda), Auguat 3U, " Wodneaday, Auguat 31, " laturday, September 1,1, M Wednesday, September S, " laturday, September 27, " Wodneaday, 9-ptetn'r 17, " ialnriny, Uv tuber 11, " Wednesday, October 1, " laturday, October 28, " Wednesday, Outuber IS, " toturday, N'uveniber 8 ** Wedne#?lay, October 2H, " taturday, November 22, Wedneeilay, November 12," Saturday, DeremberS, " Wednesday, November 28," Saturday, December JU, " Saturday, D-. etnher 13, " Saturday, December 27, " For freight or pesaa*e. apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, No. M Wall atreet. N. T. BROWN, SHIPLEY It CO., Liverpool. E. C. ROBERTS fc CO., 13 Klna'a Arm Yard. London. L. I>RA PER, Jr.. H Boulevard Montinartre, Pari*. The uwuvra ol thaee ahipa will not be aooonntable for gold, illver, hullioa, epecio, jewelry, preeioua stones, or metals, inlee* billa of lidiog are signed therefor, and the value hereof therein expressed. Alter the f i i of April neat, therate of freight by the above teamirtfrom Liverpool will be materially rvdaced. rllr, BRITISH AND NORTH AMF.R1CAN KO YALE AIL Steamships between New Fork and Liverpool direet.and etweeti Boston and Invertool.?Tha Itoaton ahipa inly.'atl ng at Ualifax to land and raoaive maila and passengers;? i PA III A, Cart. , AFRICA. A. Ryrit, 'EKS1A. < art. , EI'K<>PA. B.O. Lutt, iSIA, C. U K. Judkina, N1 AlIAKA, J. Stone. ULRICA. N. Sbri.non. CANADA, W. Harrison. CAMRRIA, J. l.-ltch. Three veeeela oarry a clear white light at maat bead, pun n rtartcard bow, red on fort bow. Aela, Iron, New York..,,. Wrdneelay, T'th July. ae.?Mi fr..,n n H CK !.... ? Kliitrt, tr?m New York.. .Wtdnceday, 13th Auguat. kurc|a, (r<'m Burton VYedneoday, J-.'th A>?n>t. Airica. from New York.... Wedneaday, 271a Augutt. Cnuaea, trim Bootos..... . Wedneeday, 3d September. Ar t. Irons Nev York W> dneeslev, lilth hepten tor. '? . 11 If-.ui Ni* Yurk or Button to Liverpool, Brit abst >o. ir tl.o eocead 10 Perthe not eecurrd until paid tor. 1'r it twill b<- charged on epeue beyond aa amount for r.-a< ual nap. istee. A is experienced ti.rr.eon on b<?rd. All lrttvit ana tii a ?i<a| r.r? mutt rut through th< Pott Of For it. i*i.t or raeeage, ?if'i i? _ . I. I I.NAKI), Jr.. .V Broadway. French. Oeruiea. and other foreign go. d? rocetred mi n naiit in common w ith lirltltli goodt. Through btllt Of tdiiifi art given 'n Havre for Now VnrK. Per it imeni'iog to lake paM??t to England In the RoyI Mel! rteemsUji.. ore rtuuietcd tecml at one oftet, .18 roedwiy, hofori hollering too rooor tnat too tlnpe aro ill. >a<kitb row bavrx.-recond ltnb.-thk r m lowing tblfe will loavo llarro on Ut loth, and Now crk oa lb* lat of teak ninth firm From N'wkirk. hip PT. DENIS, Jan. I Mil l,U?i tono burthen, V?y 1 June 11 .lor.s i I'ollantlev, aseetot N|il. I Oct. Id Shir hi. Ml 11 1.Ah, Feb. I liar i II l.lJU ton* burthen, Jono 1 July Idi N. W. kro'.i ith. inciter. Oct. I Now. 14 4Mi> BA I.Tl III >KB, Morel. I April IS 7'*' tuna kurtben, July 1 Aug. 14 R. U. Corn, u.aeur. N->* 1 Doc. 14 ikip \t il.I.I AM Tl.1,1. (rewl April 1 May 14 I. jt> ton* burthen. Aug. I Eept. 14 John W mart, maeWt. Doe. I Jan. 14 Tkey are all Aral tiaao Note f*r't built it ift.prutidtd with ill retj-.tieitc 'or tut corniest and ooateaioaeo ol patenter., and'luiwondcd i y men of ctperteuse la tl.o traie. "he prioo . f pf eeugo to Sited, sr ihoal * jet or lieiiort. tlooit j ent to the ti l not e ?til i<c h rwaruol free irons any barret but thr.e ei'ucl'T Intnrrtd. BdVI) Jt HIM KI N, Atinte. lot l'oarl otr?oe. PACIFIC MA 11. PTkAMRUtF Cl'MFANY.?( Ud Ll Thr?si?b Lino trr UaUfurvitand Oregon.)?An pabhi IN laloimod that nsAot t'.o new ari.w.oerseat of thit Can- I itoj. aloe.eare ir?)- oled and approved oy t:.o Nary Depart I Itnl, ond s.1.1 I 1 .led inni, will eont.??r t i raooi.r*. llv. I.-: aril trie ,et and l&th day eff.J tonl ..! looe ?K;a.nod by h.o ac. idtat. tad wtl ?? ' at Aoopr.lco, Km Ol ?e, and Mnnieroy. Tl.o |o| .wtnn ?' ?* ,aeveie i ?ioailna te the Pa'the P?t it. ? l, "o ["tjir.ii' in ;1 r !'*t C", ono od whiok oil WT.iil'lt 1,1' < boat. KMUUIIti Ijr iomt ' A N A i> A 1,0'7 tote. CAHOIiKA UA) teat !M,ll?>hNIA toe,-. COLCfcCl'l ?*i 'l> N t .).*"? ?< ??. IKT1*I A UM. tout. l'N|( OKN AW tee# JOLlWbIA BUI lent. ftKBoKT ?*M#'A LMC! or* ... . t<ri Tit ntw tteanthif I.OLIUBIA will ply V"l*?l Rat r tni r11 h Upegea. at ailu.? ?t lb turner per he trri?al ef the tnd paate?rcr? frem 1 an?tr* an. etarnir.f witheni delat l tnd t aeeenitfrt f?l he ?t? frem Ran Praaettee. A irpnltr lint el tttr*Utn fill bt btpt ?p ftf Wit Iran iorti ti.- ? ?.f frei?!.l tnd traaaitat ittinnfrt Wtlwtaa Pt mat tad Rett I raacltce. The well knewa tieatelhlp RARAH RANDS, tf I,DTP tent wrthea. ntw tr .itr ehttie* In the eempanjr. tad p? mi.arlt omairdient ia her alia trrtnrttnenU, fill t* kepi rnaalai ? ta txtta tlD!'l7 heat. ( at ni Ike at ova tteataeta fill keep aplht eoaaaetioa b* Thr conatoOk n in tbf A liaatio wUl k* maintained tj till f nm nail ISORfUA .1,01*1 too*. rRKSCFNTCITTl.lWltra* >?IO ... ...... .AUW t?u*. CHKRi'Hm ... ..I?%*i Ml Ikllltfc ClWf.. t???> ten*. Pt]ll.ADKLrHIA1.1(*>ton* I Lee fin* New Terk lor Cl e*r?? on th* llth and ?th 01 tao| i loath. The new n?ir?MN !< PORATK) ant TALCON will form direct lit * ht??? h?? Orlftr.tirJ Oli?*ni, It uth period* m will Initir* u little Attention a* peaelMo *1 h*,mil*, and timitr*. with th* Pacito iteamthtp*. hrenph lla* to and I rem New Or!**** and port* In lf*il*o lalilorrl*. *od Orefna. P?**a*?? Irora New (irtean* eat ? eeented iretc Ara otront. Lawmen k Co.. acaat*. at thai I ana. The far* for thmnib tlektt* frem Mr* Tort to ton Frao If to bat htea rtdnrtd frote 400. in *?at* rsctn*. to jW. Iii lower eabin, U tMK 800. in titottce, to tl?l?. Th* ret** from Mo* Tort to Uhtdrro* wtn ?? at to* tow** idopted kr an* tal* tea et*?m*r btltetn the** twit For okeloe *t hrrtk*. *rrlr at ti e of".** oi tfceT'ompanw.M *0 ax tenth Ileeet. tod et their aefeit. 171 Ml tteoet f kf I I -II l'N T' V VOPII.I IN HF.rF.NOKNT LIMB IT f. r (;l ter> direct, tnd through tlekete lor Callf"rt.ia, t a ftiillitrrediirii'n in prie?*. The new and rpUndld Oootnahlp IKoTHf H JONATHAN, the Itetr.t and heel tntilat < d rtotmehip In th* world, l.dttl teat rentier. I) Knire t'*uder, ? ill **il for I ha*r??<lin et, on llondat. It.Tj T * i o'rl elr. P M., front Ptor.i Kertli rlref Attn* t|d Monofljr J iue, aided l.jr vvernm-nt fatronnte, *l( naht d to pay A oet rnt*.iri |e*ien* m rnnerr*. and m.. iipollte th'ir talaalI* Otttleee, tha ln?i?* ndent l.lne, ae refer oP?*i. I ore ?< if1nd?d to make a l<rrth< r r-dm U"n "I 0 f. r ' nt for th* dir. of tenant ?f 'he tretelllr* poMio 70'fht *ta*r a*r **ki? fr?t. For fr'i?0it or inn.e ?[, Ij calj it E. HILLS. Artbt, CI CvutUaudt ?trrtt, N. T. AMUIUBUTB. ^ NIBLOB aARDlN-MANAOBB. MR- J OHM SBFTOW. Tick (it, to MiUi Pmata Boiea, $&. Do en ufMi at 7i * ?>?? ? ?t 8 o'oloak. Ur*Ufyia( to a Tory bod?. Full and delighted audiraea* ?v.ry evening, to witaaaa Mr. Burton IB two of bin boat eharaetora. Fort* Wink* r*<*iv*d with about* of Laughter. The Toudlei, with to* aaual amount ot ~MVi**A?a,J * "m b* plajaath* hurlotta of FtlKTV WINKS, OR BLUNDERS IN A BBD ROOM, a eomio niec# written by Mr Burton-Mr. Tobioa Muaaa. Mr. Burton; Botha, Mr. John Dunn: Mn FtaoUa Flight*, Mr*. So Hon, To coaoludawith U.t 4r?iue of THE TOODLBB. OR THE FARMKR'S DAUGHTER. ITALIAN OPERA AT CASTLB GARDEN.?MAX MA? rotaak, Manager and Coaduotor. Admiaaton. M> tenia. On Bati Rtiav KvBNioe, Jul* > Will b* performed tbaoparauf LA FA VoRlTA. Alphonan XI Signer C. Baltbaiar Signer tialatti. Leonora di Gorman Signora Truft Baaadatti Fernando Signor Rental. Inn Signora Avogadro. Don Gaapcro Signer Baratbal. Doora open at half-paat 6; Perform an an to waaiaa at L BKOI GUAM'S I. Vl El M. BROADWAY, NEAR BROOMB atroet.?Tirkrta fifty (*nt* to all parta of tba bout*. Doora upon at 7to begin at H o'clock. Benctt of Mr. Andrew Jackaou Allen On Saturday evening. Jul* 38. will bo pro tented, tbe comedy of tba ROAD TO RUIN?Chariot Goldfinch Mr. A. J. Allen: Old Durnton, Mr. F. C. Wauiyaa; Harry Dora ton. Mr. W. M. Foatnr: Sulky, Mr. W Da ridge; M iaow Barren. Mra. Deering; Sophia, Miaa Emna B. Woad; Jenny. Mra. Lawr ore Tbe whole to oonoladc witb tbo laiighable farce, eallid SYLVESTER DAGGEK1VOOD; or, II... U..I 1? . ... H . l>.... I, r A I'tn, I',..., SvIumU* no.inl.le. ood. Mr. A. 1. Allen. Mechanics' ball, no. m Broadway. abovi Grand Itreat ?Opt? every night (taring the week natl] further notice. The original end well known CHRISTY'S minstrei.?. comprising en eHoient end verentile "oorps" >f "talented" end "experienced perforinerc," under the management of E. P. Christy, whoee oonoerte in thta city, fore succession of "ttre jeers," lieve been received with fetor by rigKly rcspec labia end feshionnble eudienoes. Pickets cents Doors opeu f t 7. end will oommoneo et 8 t'cloek. The petrous of Oilsty's Minstrels ere resneetfully inlurined that the Haturuay Atternoon Concerts wul be die* sontiuu'-d for the future. FEI.LOHB' MINSIhtLS, AT If I. LOWS' NEW MUPIcei llell, set Broadway, betwouu ilowerd end Grand etreete; optn every night. This justly celebrated end eflieienS eorpa of talented end experienced performers under the acta management of J. B Fellows, whost coaoerts in this city fef the past year have been received with the ureetost favor b? the elite end fsthiou irom ell perts of the Union. Pcllowr Musical llellif one of the most specious and best ventilated buildings in the world. Adniir.-inn XS oeuts. Doors open ?% 7; contort Vn fcmninucu at ft o'clock. An aitcrnoon eoecerb ?v. ry Wednesday end Saturday, lor the especial acooiassodation of families, eemnienotng at 3 o'clock. P. 8. f3HA.NKl.lN Ml M.I M. IV. ( IIATHAM SVJli A kb.?LA8T week I at i ue ot 'lie reason.? Geo. Lea, solo proprietor. Admission?Netts in Private Ilexes, MJ routs; Stage duels, S7H cents; boxes i!i cents; l'ar puct, Id', cents. Elegant ssloon performances rvrrv afternoon end evening. F.ntertninuicnts coiiinjeuct' in the aitcrauen at three o'clock, and in the evening at eight o'clock. The entertain incuts era varied end select, and ancb as can bo seen at no other placs of amusement in New York. consi>tiug ot Lea a Feuialo Ethiopian Opera Tronpc, numbering fifteen performers, Leing; the largest, nun at the sumo tiuie the most telented band in the United Mates; a tr ope ot Model Artists, who ere selected lor their hi arte end figure, end who personate a number of beautiful tsblraux, taken from the pictures ofaunent end n ederu times, a "cmpanv of Arab Oirle, who go throns.h a variety of feus of strength and dexterity; Mau-me Rosaline, the only Yen ale JnrrhT in the world; a company ot Male end Female Artists, who will give en exhibition of Murhlo btatuary unei|u tiled in tlio world, together withe variity of interesting perh ruienoea every efteraoon end e. ruing. For perthiuleis ' e oiiU ol cacli day. CASTLE GARDEN. ? Till? DEL1CUTFUL 31MMCM retort ie now open to visiters throughout the day, irom rA. M. toft p.M. It is the lamest and most beautiful loon in this country, and the view from the upper gallertua ol otxt noble hay aud harbor is alous worth mors thee the price of tdmisaion?one shilling. AMI SKJUKVl'N IN BUDOKLYN] Military gardens, Brooklyn.?admission. 25 cents. Irivstr Dos'.", 7A- Brougham's Lyceum Oominiiy ? Benefit of II h. Plwllips ?,-iturday evenia . July iki, the pttlormarccs will commence with COUSIN JOE? (' ntiu Joe, Mr. T. li. Johnston; Lord I'lato, Mr. II. B. ii.i-iifis i.uuy i iuit , m?. uuiiii. i as otjiricDUK, uy am? V. Tayicurr and Mr Flep ber. T" b? followed by t laughable cxtravatsnra. entitled A HOW AT TIIB MILITARY i.A lil'h.Nr. UK (?HEfc > ROOM SEl'KETA. th? whole to conclude w th local llliciiin, ci>titled IIKIIWN, JONEA, and hi'111NSOS. OK OUT ON A AI'KEE?Brown Mr. I'nliner; Itotineuu, Mr. Shirley Jones, Mr. T. B. Johnston. NKBICAln Dr. convehs' run ate medical optics, no. 9fl Th'rd avrnu*. N<? Vork, where he i* consulted la certain diseases and seminal weakness, fee. Dr. C. has had. li r flttei 11 years a most extrusive |>raetios ia thaw sail disorders, t ho i llec's cf telt a'ur* and indiscretion. The viotima ot ditease, who would avoid quacks aud their vila n strums, insy reeure prompt snd etli. ient aid by applying to 1 r. C. I'stientx in the country may sousult Dr. C. by letter, pos* paid enclosing a fee. N. II ? Dr. C.'s Invigorating I ordial, the only r m Iy for debility of 'he nrgass, ratiridky self-pollution, for sals. $2 a holtlc, three bottled for J.S, with important ai vice to the married and aiagls? forwarded to tie country. Tor sale, 433 Broadway; 12? Bowery, corner CJranrt etreet. Paris and London ikiatment or tkivatb dlseasee. in a few hi ues, by a vegetable application, w ill i ut pain In debility, brought cn by improper UabiM, and constitutional ailcctions, he combines medicines with tie l<eal remedy, ami caa ebow >uy one toere are thonvandn who cannot be cured without it, as he baa eases dally, ?( yearn' do rat I n, from the oiltr | liysieians. In all, he guaranties a permanent euro. Do has strictures daily ho euren witl out caustic, wl . others use, caused by their aol sipilling tb. lurtncr dutssc soon enough. Ills diploma, with tl si and t..e liundrcds oi certitiistes, shows that nothing ran equal it. Tou cured n.? in one day.? D. M. Carhyn. Ono local application cured me iu a few hours. aU?r ansUwr ducboi i.u.i'i/ time ?C lo n ad. I psid over two, m t<? jears, to be cured ot weakness from self ahnre. without ben*, bt; yet you cured wie ly lot aland genera, treatment, in a short time.?Jae. Eesns. tou cured mn ot the worst ol syphilitic ulcers, on my body sad fai-e, in a short time, after I had bcru under thr,e physician* for a year, hnaidea using eiery quack midicine 1 could hear of.?Wm Fernnsou, l'trtn Amhvy. N.J. T! cao a', a distance can, by enclosing a Ice . le tr, atcd byrnti'. tiibce hours from A to I morning, sud 7 to v evening* M I.AKMuNT, m. D.IJKeak street, two doors Ironi Broadway, not in tho store. New medical boose -a ooErurripractical work on the nature and treatment of dolicato s. and all tlir kindred tflectioue -illustrated by a great nutnb< r of beautifully colored plate-s. as large ss life?by ilotner Hostwick, M !?.. lecturer on sure cry atd diseases of the shorn named nature. It is a large quarto, -"ai pip., arcoaii edition, price fin. Extract from the lloston Medical and Surgical Jowrrnl:?"It may be said fisrlesaly, to b? equal to Ricord's or Acton's wi rks on the si me family of diseases, and far rupisrinr to auytTing of the_ klud srsr published in this | tBimr;. j\ ntnor 01 "lie r.tntly I'hyMcian. prion A I cent*. Au?I r of a wtrk a "Self Aluao, and It* Daplorakle I ITcct*. tie . kit ," tilth edition fourteen plutee; price I. for rale at t l.r publiebere. SI KI NnEK fc TdWNfIN D. ?3 Dri ednar, and by th autkor. Mid Broadway. ("t it fat frrcEss or dr. ward, at so canai* I airtet. corner of Broadway. Private dtaeaaee cured ay kiln iu half tkr ueual time, tinder a forfritnre of S?"0. Tod Micky Dr. Ward |>ii?* $1. "Tlo Unfortunate*' PrMBd, o* the Cleat Dr Kimrd * Stwciiic;'' the moat awe*eeaful re mid* act kifi'it the [lulilic. Contain* aeeautecn mtdicioe*. eeery oa? leUbraled: aad will cart ary en**, bewaeor bod it may 'a. TMIF FIRST PHYSICIANS KFCOMVRND THE NEfT French India RnbbtrCota in eaaerwal dieaaae. They are telt-adhirwt. iBi|er*ioun to air or fnmatiir*. oUanly, and aoothln* lbay are alao a aafr and pD.uaaut prenaotiea. Tor rale, whuleaale and ret-,11. kv Cha*. II. Kinjt, I9? Broadway. and by DrumirU yenerafly thronybenl tbn I'tilled Stall* urwu) RRWADD.?JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTE, A SPB?cJlrV cilte mi,lure fur the cure of prteat* diaordara. II lnak?a a rpe -dy oar*, without the leaat rwalricllna of diet. drink, tipoaure, nr tbaagt in application to hwetneaa. The proprietor ikallrnitra a ringl* ran* which the iiuatur* will aot lire, under the fnrfeituri of tire hundred dollar*. It id t ut up in bottle*, with fill direction*, at (I. One bottle laat* a work? many are cured in two dayi. Fir aalc by C. II. kin*. I-lined way. aad ItM linyard atreot. Now York: W. K l ittle, 104 Uanover atract, lioatoa ; W right Ik 'Jo , Not* tirleai a. / ' b AT IS DR. DK I.AMV'S PRIVATE MEDICAl* v* Formulary, abridged for p ruler rredtaa, beioy a |ertert aafryuard acetnrt n n\ck try, in dleoaaee of a prteate inI nro. atr riaraa, aetuina' wrabneae from aelf-abuar. It*. Te b* I ad (r.rati?) at the ofltre, fl li?|?i ,r l etreot, of ty i4< | dr?ei in* , p *t (aid, tot 114/ Broad way Put olie. ON NEVVnls MCBILITV.-DR. DE I. A NET. *1 Ll?fot *.r? olrool. runtinni t l? car* lb* ni<tt difficult u< I totai trd rati of nrrtoii* debility fn m o?lf nt uo*, *euilnal w?*Vti?*?. ?nd tmf<*dlm?nt? l-> marrtif (morally. to* ton ji<tity of nliioh he p-manually rur*? by I n to* i??onto4 tir? ift>trnn*ato, and without aty tuodteia*. Trua'noot t J Mtor. NO FEE TILI Cl'RXD.?DRS. I IMiriR k MIKlUt, 1:1, KooMvalt otr*o\from tholr lor* practise aai bin n led-o. may ho roltod ?? la tfio toM'm.-nl tl alt ti ?? iialf rurod oa*oo tbai bata b?< a lb* r*o*ttcl maiprartt" Tl ? U<>< tot*' fandnn dinlom* nay bo *??n la Un I ' !.' ?1^ ftoooosolt at root, roar TIIE WAKHirn WOMAN - I KIVATT. MEDIC?I.CO*. l>iil?n-By l>r A M. Maatiooan, 1'rofoaonr of l>t**?*?a ol W rn.on?"I noalioth Edition, H luo , pp. id-Ptitt (I.? boar* of MifTi rit*. of ply ncal ond oiratal anrniob to atny a ilirlintltt wife, and |h ?notary dilli''ilti.* to tha llii*Dili. a.If It I.oto bnon >p*t?d by a tlntly pi**o*oion of %' .? orb. It t? latocdod o?|?rnllt for too narried, or Ibrt* contotrpiattry luorra* , aa it dloeli i-np. rtaat inrtu, ? I i' I. ?pi aid 1*1 bona to tboai p?rli**lari? To tl < to nliooo lioaltli doo* nut p-ruiitot aa iaoroooo . ( iio Ij, II * of r?pr. i*l iuipi-rttnr* I'rrr. alow, yvtty loniale-tho ttl'o, th? nictb nr-tlio enn oitl.t I I ?ddir( l?'i. ?i'???l no*, or tlia *n? In tb* doilln* ol yinr*. in nhtninatuo* ooatotoplato* an important ohtnto, on Hltrotort'* aanoo*. *)aipliim*. and tli* mo.t alticianb r*n odic. and m< ?t o< rt?tn mid* of ?nr?, in **?ry complaint tv nl loli bor toi I* mil-loot. (I.i.tai t ol a lottot from a * -nUcir an in Dayton. Ohio ) Dairv., May I, IM7 Dn. A V N at-nirr art? tv I'aan fin ?My nit* b?? b?*n p"ro-ptibly *tnkiaf ? f H lr* thr**foara?r wro, In con*. |n?no? of (tl tfiatic on i tli at d 'it'-rti.* oom* it. nib* I tot' a?J diirliiy "tt iwn ni niont; o??ry ?n*#*o*l?o ono tnoro and mi r* dobill vato-l and iriiitratod lior pnttiaf *'it Itfo in imminent dand?r. 0*4 , MllOa# i II I > ? I*: I I T ??l<1-rpnir .1 of I aitrpa-ed Ihll til* attl* of ' hid** no* Inotltall*. nod ronrnod nyacll W> n * t th* a i r ?. At (hi* ttmr, (now nhcnt t ?o month#), ( braidyonr hook l.tnhly #|?'V n of, >* rontninin* mahl?n rtni hit p my *##*. Oil It# r c*ipt and pomanl I tnnno* t-yt'tt to yon th* rtllrf 14 *lfurdrd my diilr*ai*l mind, tli* jot It* i<*. ' imrartcd to my wife, on Ittrnin* Mint th* root diatoynry of M tl Utrrn.nti ironi-lcd a r*m?dy It op# o*d pro#p??t to tti", trhlch I Itttl* mtnlftl nno tmru til' lint In* tht*. ?t* ?noth*r jttr totM bin pnoMd oarf my I *d. In *llhom?ii probability my wlfo would hana bwn In 11 r ?r?> *, tml my thlUn n lolt mrthorl***. It I*, i.l mitt, iniprnit'onlil* to ?o?n? mono tally tht t?rioi a at.ljnta trotted of, * tiny ar* of n nat>tr* atrictly Intrndad lor tha tnarrlod, or tho*n ront'mplatlitp marrlM*. lor #al? nt 222 Broadway, and at tho I'nbliahinp (lit**. I SB I Itotty atrial, ht? Ton: l.lttl* h Co., Albany; Joooplt In.hor ttotllo, Alnttm*. T. U. I'otoroua, SAChaatnutatmot,, tin it* rn-atpt of tl, * aot.y nil) ho IrrtnamPtnAA maib froo of poatar*. ?* Any partol th* Valtod Mat*# tWottor r.oti I* ad<ir?aa*d, p it nnld, to l?r. A. M. n.<rt?*tn, ft* I..'. I.\i? tort . ity. (lit. ?, l*t< a tract. EHBYBry M' Tiir.R't book.?TBI fcara or rotarty. tnd th* proapcta of t<v> Wry* n family of aMIdmt* tr*?*nt man* pendant p* from n.nrryln*. bat l.or* I* a ? It that ni l toll yon many important *?<r*t* whioh wttj ottnomonll anrh, Prion ft. P' r anl* hy tr? f Idn, at th) Portwgii*** A?."icy. ffn. If Am atr.#*? I *t t. rr ntroctad n* nbovo. to bo* 1,-dB Nat# Yofh P. U., wilt b* aaanrrrd. MBBt'Mt Al. MtCTVKR f'N JTVINAL DISKA8B*. IT K. Olttrr, M. D.?Tho hoot nntator plr#a th* *on#r3ni iii#? and core of n *]** el dlacaa*.* **n*r*llr not w*ll?n? "ritved by Ni.IIcaI m> n Tmlm tl ?hown by ?* * nn I [ ?i')rn*iry*. n m ? ln*lrom"0t. * Mi h inriromto* di lilb! t*.'or. nn. I', r a*l* * ttt It"adwny, nnd l.y tho ambry* i No. 17 Ara atr*?t. I'rle* .ft am la. nH!< t ie IPS rxiract, a ciwtain AfDrnr-T ipiol? r lor | rtani* iliifi l?r*. I'll.a oiedicin* iw cnortn* to inir in n aloft tint*. Itlimtl.ont dl> a*r>'*nM? to* m yr air.*)', and ?ill aire* ?Ith th* io *t dtllont* *t< mnci.. I bold by f.ri?l'*n. n Hil ar. I? nmnnwb.i ft tyte, *U UrnoB ??r#*i; nod nt 1'i^ma.vpd'*, W Kondnititti uppumta Sum ' Aft'I# f

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