Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 30, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 30, 1851 Page 1
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'I 1-.' .?'-.J TH WHOLE NO 6853. DOUBLE SHEETT WEWS BY TKLKORAPH. Advice* from W'aeliliigtoii. Undiciscr.seTs aoain>t thk qsroinbrs?names of THE WITNESSES EX AM INKL>? rKSTIMON Y OF MR. < t !lA?:.r IS. OALLAGHKK. . Wa?hii?ot?i?. Jul:- 20.1851. Tlx Jury brought Into court, thin morning, true bills against Geo A (isrdincr and John Carlo* Oardiner. each indicted for false swearing, under the yroviiioES of an act of Congress in that behalf; also, a true bill on the indictment against John Hamilton Clears. for fraud on the got. rnnieut. % ( has D Gallagher was examined before the Grand Jury, yeeterday . and testified Id substance that he had 'Wen a partner with Gardiner in certain mines in Mexico, that they turned out to be of no ralue, and rw ere abandoned before the commencement of the war ile, however, could not swear the mine on which the award was made by the hoard whs one in which be had a?iu interested. a- lie did not know its location. lie i"Wiu< in the city of Mexico when the newe of the award in favor of Gardiner reached there, and it excited the preateat astonishment. as no one supposed Gardiner had ?nj r?al rtaim. Th fnilowing are the names of the witneves, as endorse I on the indictments tTiarles W. Davis, II K Green, Fernandez Cueeta. lease 1> Marks. Jose M Jarero, W 0. Nile*. W. S Parrott, Chae. fi Gallagher. The trials will take plane at the uext meeting of the C-urt Id December Morementi of Seeretary Webster. Nkwvost. Jul/ 29, 1851 The Hon. Daniel Webster will arrive here to-da/ Ha fcns n rooms at the Bellevteu House, where he will retnuln some time. From Baltimore. accidewt to THK sotthekn mail trai*?ifrvEYina steamers ordered on a cruise?political INTKLLieiltCK, ktc. K.ltimorh, July 29.1851. The Washington mall train ran off the track last night lad did nob *each Baltimore until five o'clock this morning. N<> one was hurt. We hare no mail to-night south of Rah-igh. Orders have been received here, and at Norfolk, to send to sea the surveying and revenue steamers, to cruise In the neighborhood of Key West. Joha M Botts, the whig candidate for Congress In Richmond, has declined, in consequence of dissatisfaction with his basis votes in the State convention. The Hon W. C. Preston, of South Carolina, has nearly rec ivered from his recent attack cf paralysis. The Loss of the Hteaaner Governor. Bostov, July 29. 1851. The passengers on the steamer Governor held a meeting after their rescue, and passed resolutions complimenting Oeptr. Rogers and Sandford. but soliciting an investf i^atton relative to the management of the boat previous the disaster. The meeting was addressed by llev. Mr. Danforth. of Alexandria. Virginia It was at first supposed that the Governor had sustained no other damage than a break in her bows; but when last eeen the water was nearly two f#?t above the mala decki and at high tide would prolstbly reach the promenade deck. A.sslstanee had been sent from Rockland to raiae her. An extra from the office of the Belfast Jwnwl states that the steamer Is badly stove and much wrenched It '* thf uzlit she will not lie raised The loas on the boat i/ about 840 .(tit); no lnrorance. The Gorernor wa* under good headway when the ledge* 1 Were eeen through the fog The belli were immediately rung to fduit off the atcam. to atop, and to back her, but | lier headway waa not atopped. and abe went on with eueh ' roe m to throw one-fourth of her length out of the Water, on the rock* A committee to inraatigate the cauae of the dUaate ' tn> choaen by a meeting ef the paaiengere. They wi ( tvport through the public preaa f.naa of the Schooner Stephen C. Phllllpa. ( Boa-roe. July 119,1831. t The ship Chaaca, of Boaton, Captain Wire, hence tb# 1 I9th inataat, for Miramaehl. returned thla morning, leaky She ha* on board aeeen of the rrrw of the J pehooucr Stephen C. 1'hllllpe. of and for Southport j Which reaaei wa* I oat on Cape Sable, on the 10th lmtant The matrrial* and cargo will beaaeed In a damaged auto, ( The bodiea of McLelan and the ladCreaby were reco. Wered yeaterday afternoon The funeral of the former 1 Lake* place thla afternoon, and will be attended by the fir. department and the City Greya. I Orratt'i Execution Dtfrrred-Parodl'i Con* ' cert, Ac. < Albawt. July 29 18J1 Oofrrn< r Hunt haa aent a letter to the Sheriff of Oneida ' County, poatponing the execution of Jame* C. Orcutt. j Ceneieted of araon in the flrat degree, until the 'Jith of j October The Ooeernor atatoa that the object of da- j inr va> ruuou w in ron?ix|u?iir? or expcoi.. I UHctoxann to be modi' at thi> trUI of hid eonfc Wat**, at the d?'Xt O/er find Terminer. nhowlng the nature ml extrot of ? combination of lncr udiarie* at Utioa. Parodl'* concert, this evening, wan attended by a crowded and faabionable audience 8be *a< highly applau lid and enthuclaetiralle enpofd She hai created t rjuite a fvrcre, and etar.d* here 11-xt to Jena}- hind Pattl an.! Kaueer were *bo M(h itaM I It ?v.l hiu A flencef who rt.(Seated I> >dworth'? | fland to piny ' Rule Britannia' at the clone of the axer* tod llaoiitt1 n Colhge on Monday. j Trial for Murder. Btciranr. (Ma.) July 29, 1861. T). trial of Samuel and John J Jewell for thi murder ? Cf John J ' ouetu. ha* resulted In the ao<|ulttal of Samuel .on th" gmund of ineanity, and the eonrictlnr of John J lor manrlc.nghter Th" latter wai aeuteoced to th Slt'.e prison f?r *eeen year*. Brrlott* It I of at Stamford. ' ?i twroao July 1151 1 On Saturday light, an attack waa made by wn? person* of tbia vlUafe. mostly boy*, on a portion of onr Ir'di Inhabitant* A flerre battle ?n*ned. the lrl.?h u?lng ( i cytbe*. club" fee Many w?re badly hurt on l-oth *id#e, ( ctn I tome twelr* ar fifteen hare been arreeted. and nra j Vow urdergt Ing an examination before the niagtatrata* I JloM>rr> l?y a Rlavc?Selling of the Ralron. . | Nrw iliLtixi. July 28. 1851 The eUre ?f John R Shaw \ Co. abaconded with ft,- I fact the proceed* of a eheek en* mated to him. and drawn | 1 rom the bank No trace* of him hare yet been di*- ^ CPTered Th atea??Mp Falcon called thi* morninj for'*, | Via tiaraua with 190 p#*#eng#r? I I rout fhe Writ Indira?lleary Fntlnrc*. 1 Puit.aoixrm*, July 20, 1*61. ' wletter* received fW.m llarhadoea to July 10th, ua- | fceune- that two fallttre* had recently occurred in I)emarare?one a Mr T>uff for (.240 000. and the other Alcxonder Mori n, harbor inaetrr at Oranada for tilT-OOO. ' Tb? lit:* Irowbrldgt wee to !>ort, loading. for New 1 yoru _ froni Sell I.nke ( lly?1The ihrrlmid F.mlgrallon. rurnrr. Me . July 2k, IFll. The r e.I '-nm gait l.nke City arrlTnd h?ra on Haturfey The nj>r>ea I ft en the firnt nf July We r* Cog.-well, I'hrlpa anil llaill.laji train* had t?e?h?rd Felt 1-eim without any diffloulty Mtear* fi laeade end LMnffeton'a train wlther.uml? r rf i m . rant*. were 196 mil- thla aide. Ilu-'ne-i matter* at the lak were eery dull Ararat 0t Counterfeit***. Cittnuio, July St. 1*.">1. Sbolue McKlnatroy, a police i.ffli-or of thla alty. aJe ; f mi , ill*. ri ' > < '- I..' " Jhelr ti* t John Boa 1 end W. II McOeary. A I nr eu i")t o| I ill, ? ii t' <'if flank of ctl*?' I i ' ' Failure of ? l*a|?r Frrlnrj'. , n ie II. July .10. leil. * I v |a iiey ' < , failed a duy > r I' "ainoe IW > *' '10" ' ' ' **? '? of a- Ui|*u; ate till ouo. I ?. - % * \m* * " * E NE ! THE NEW HOPE DELAWARE BRIDGE BAM. I John Ilolcomb v?. Tlw Preililmt and DianaK"? of Ous New n?pe Delaware Bridge Company. f Yesterday forenoon, at II o'clock, the rec 'Ivors in this cuso inot at Jersey City, pursuant to adjournment. John Ilcndrinkson, Jr., produces the smn of -.71W of the notes of defendants, under a special orde of i the Court of Chancery, dated July If, 1S51; he bar- | ing failed te make application to the reoeivers till j after the legal time expired, and having made au | utlida\il that he had uo knowledge of the case, or the order, till after the time expired. Being duly | sworn and examined, he says:?lam a broker at ' Albany; it is my native place, and I have always j lived there; my fathor formerly pursued the same i business as myself; 1 am the owner of the package | of $7!?9 produced to the reoeivers in this case; no } Other person besides myself has any interest in that package; 1 bought the greater nart of the notes about the time the bank failed; 1 had a portion of them on hand when the bank foiled; 1 bought them at various times?most of thorn after it failed; they I n:io jctvow v.r luv, ui iuu regular course 01 DUdl- , ness, at my counter; I did not tako or reeivo | them from Curtis & Mitchell, or thoir agents, to my knowledge; I got them in small i sums, and cannot tell now from whom 1 got any o them; 1 don't reoollect gutting any of them from Warren Junkind; 1 am not acquainted with him; 1 hud no knowledge at the time 1 received these billd 1 of the contruut existing between Curtis & Mitchell , and the New Hope Delaware Kridge Company; I don't know either N. H. Mitchell or I). E. Curtia; | 1 never knew of any contract existing between the i New Hope and Delaware bridge Company and i Warren Jenkins, or the Columbus Insurance Company, respecting those hills; 1 never knew or observed any pe-uliar marks on the bills; never observed the " W" on the bills I produce till now, ' or any othor mark; "W" is on the greater part of them. Mr <iilchrbt?Some oftbom have other letters. For instance, here is one that has " W. J.," which j means William Jenkins. Witness?i paid various prices for them, from | 26 cents to cents; they (lid not oust quite 50 I cents to the dollar on tho uverage; I guess it would : average dl j cents; tho lowest price was 10 cents, at which 1 bougiit only $30 or $30; yesterday morning was the first tune 1 ever heard of the mark on the notes; I have no knowledge whatever of Curtis & Mitchell, or Warren Jenkins, or their agents; 1 don't think 1 ever purchased so large a lot us $30, but cunnot say positively; I am not sure 1 did not purchase $100 at a time; I am conGdent that 1 did not purchase $2)0 at one time; I purchased some of the notes from a street broker of New York; his name is John T. Jiildruth; I purchased them at Albany; i think It was within $100, ; but cannot say positively; it is about a year and a j half or two years since I purchased the last; I rather I think it is over two years; I dou't reoollect the time , the bank failed; 1 did uot knew of Jenkins being a redeeming agent for this bank; I formerly sent all my bills to John Thompson, of the B^ink Note Reporter, til Wall street; I cannot say where he got them redeemed; it was since the failure of the bank I that I bought the bills from Ilildreth. John Coryell being sworn, deposed that the books produced are the bank deposit books of Mr. Hoi- 1 ' combe, in which tho account of his deposits with the bank were kept; knows them from having been the agent of Mr. llolcombo; had them in his pos- , i aossi in; the interest is cast on the dates of the dif- 1 ferent deposits; this was in pursuance of an agree- 1 mint; told Mr Ingham Coryell ttiat the interest < was collected at the time tho deposits were made, j Cross-examined by Mr. Scud.ler.?Do these books ) contain a correct statement of the transactions be- ' i twoon John llolcombo and the bank ' i 1 A?I think they do, as far as they go; there was i an agreement mudo between the bank and him; it ' . was a verbal agreement, to the effect that he was 1 J to have this money secured by a mortgage on the ' J bridge; there was no expectation at the time tho . agreement was made, of tho failure of the bank. Q.?War tbe money mentioned in the bank book j ' actually deposited 1 A.?It was. li ?Was it drawn out as in the bank book men- I tioucd I A ?It ww, Q.?Where aro the check# for tho interest ! A.?The interest was entered in the bank book, but no checks given for it. Q?Where in the bank book was the interest ' sntored I Witness points out the place. Q.?L >ok at the last page in the boek, marked I i exhibit D, on the right I. .ma side of that page, t >r 1 he money checked out?in whose handwriting is hat ! A?The greater part of it is in the handwriting | J >f John Holcotnbe; the balance on that page is in he handwriting of Mr. Mt. John; the amount is 19.781 :w. I y ?In whose handwriting is the remainder, "by :h< ck |14,000, December 29,18491" j A.?In Robinson'#; also the ? 100 memorandum 1 s in the same writing. Q ? Do yon know the day the bank failed 1 A ?1 don't know; but we kept paying out till I | hiiik alter the 91st, and till a large sum came in roni New York; 1 am certain it was after the ? ?th y ?How is it that the two bo< ks cover a jwirtion A tho same period of time i A ?The items aro not the same; by tho first look Mr. Holcombe checked it out himsolt; by he second book I cheeked it out without reference 1 o him; I deposited for both books, but drew only or one; 1 am the manager of hts business for forty , t rears ; he is a wealthy and infirm man. j ] vi-~ ??r? awn twee inner. i?if, wait a check ot ' fohn Holoombe for IU.IIOO good 1 i A.? It was. Q ?Ou becembcr 31, 1*17, was a chock for ?100 t1 A ? 1 presume it was. (J.?Py "good," do you mean that the i11,000 i lould he rn-tt by specie by the bank 1 A.?The bank had good money from hi in, and lot bating failed then, there was of course a >alan.-e due of 1,000, and ou the Iflfth, a uiort- i tag. wn- given for that amount; the mortgage sal good ou the property; I cannot lay that it cou'd >e ui. t by specie by the bauk; I was a uiuuager of ' hat hank . ?(?n the J5Hh I Veember, I"* 17, what amount >f specie was in the hank 1 i A.?I cannot say; there was n good deal. | y ?llud you ipccic enough to pay the check ! A -We had specie or curr.ut funds enough to ny the cheek for #4"0, hut cannot sar about the flJ.Ot*'; in lieu of specie we received the rnortragcfi.r the $I4,<<00 Q ?W here waa Mr. M lohti, the President, sben the inortgnge was made 1 A.?At Hambertvillo. y ?I i<l not Mr. M. John inform the managors >r yours-df that the bank mint atop ! A.? lie did after this largo amount of money nme over, hut I don't remember whet her ho did Mfore or not; he was not at Lambertvillo then; ui when they refuse to rtde-m. he <aid we could not got along; wc could pay all our issues at Laiuirertville. j y l ow mu. h could you pay in'peeie 1 I A ? 1 cannot tell; wc could pay all our issues i md dcrosiu there. 1 ?V hat was the amount of your i.;suea and deposits in l.ambertvillu 1 I A ?I cannot tell the ei-vct amount, nor pretend login nything near it wr did a snug bunoo.M there in i rraail wav. (Laughter ) (J?(l!y uno of the receiver* ) ? Where tare the remainder of the book* not ohtaiuud bjr the receivers ' A .? I had no eeeeaa tothem particularly; I might k*Te bad, 1 (appose. Q.? 1'idthe Hinouutof the ueuee in Laiubertv ii xcci .If ln.OUO i A ?I cannot nay; I should think they exceed j 6401 i Q ? ldJyou keop a regiater nt Lambertville of the amount of note* rou tamed T A ?I believe we did; I don't know positively. Q.?Did not Mr ftt. John or the manager* inf' rm yru that Curti* k Mitchell were about to J H-oiitinue redeeming the notei of the bank ' A - He did alter they refused to redc:m, but bafnrethat he wn*not thtre. <I - Hid Mr Holooabe know of the agreement with Curti' It Mitchell? A ?I don't know that he did; he know of the agrccm <rt with the Columbus Insurance Company. Q ?I it jnu know of tne ngicenient between the bnr>'; and t urtle k Mitchell! A -! did; I knew it previous t> iho failure of the bank. Q?Hidywj know it white you d -pcoHod and br< Vrd for lohn Holeombe' {i ?(Ry Receiver)? 1 'id the Columbus insurance ( nmpet v perforin their part of tb? agreement in good fB'thi A - They d 1, by ptiying the inter st for the use of ther t?", and redernitng them. <1 11 err yon present when tho hoard pased tiie r oeolntii.ti in irlation to John H dooinbe's depn*iu! A -I was O I ' l you know at tbattiina otthe agreement W h < urtls k Mitch. II! A?Tho agreement for tho mortgage weainlSio ?? ??? W YO MORNING EDITION?WED: Q.-Wm Mr. Holcombe charged interest upon the money which he drew outl A.?The bank book will show. Q.?Look 011 the last page of the book (exhibit IS) and aeo the check marked Sept. 29, lHttj, for fitOH ?i6. Wan Mr. Holcombe chargcil interest on that sum from that time down to Jan. 1,1417 ! i A.?There was no interest charged on theohecks after tbe money was drawn out. Q.?Was interest charged on the sum of $1,212 against lklcombe J A ? Certainly not. Q.?When St. John returned from New York, 1 and informed the managers that Curtis & Mitoh- < ell refused to redeem the notes of the bank, had the mortgage been then executed to Holooinoe ! A.?Mr. Holcombe did not know till aftor the mortgage was pat into his hands that thesemenhad 1 refused to redeem, or the bank had failed. t Question repeated. A.?The mortgage wag executed the next day, or the day after St. John returned. Q. ? You know that the mortgage was executed ( nt the tiiuo it was made. Did you receive it, or the , agent of Mr. Holcombe ! A.-l did. ' lie-examined by Mr. Halstead.?The mortgage ' was executed an J put into the hands of Mr. Wake- i iiciu iu guv iv rocoraea iua: nigni at Momingtuu;it ww ho done; and the mortgage returned in the ( morning; 1 took it then to Mr. tiolcoinbe, and told liim it must be sent toDoylcstown to have it record- 1 cd there also; this was done next morning: and th young man returned with u receipt specifying th ) time of the day it was left there; this was all th j agency 1 Ltd in the iua;ter, to deliver the inert- t gage to lir- Holooinbe. * Q. (by Mr. Siuddpr)?When Mr. St. John re- ? turned from New York on the day before, or two ? days before the time the mortgage was executed, 1 did he tell you of the failure or Mitchell & Cur- ' tin to redeem the notes of the bank 7 A ?11a told me Mr. Curtis had been in the f Western country somewhere, and returned to l'hi- t ladelphia; and instead of telling the redeeming s agent he would stop payment, he sold the notes to t other brokers, who made a run upon our redeeming ' agent there, who ran upon us. ? Question repeated. Answer the same. " Q..?Did you know of the stoppage of Curtis & ? Mitchell to rodoem the notes of the bank, bjfore i, the mortgage was executed 1 r A.?Only what 1 told you before. I1 Q.?When you got the information from JSt r John you told us before, did you, thereupon, get (l the mortgage executed! A?When Mr. St. John told me that story, 1 * told him that we must have our honest debts paid; 1 mean the dei is contracted at Lambert- w ville; the mcr.ey was roturned fiom New York, w and this puckage came from New York, after c< the execution of the mortgage; we had not d stopped payment till after the money came from New York; we paid our debts; 1 moan Lambertville debts; our depositors there; 1 believe we paid them all off beforo the mouoy came from New York; we paid the principal part, and subsequently paid or satisfied the whole of tho deposi- n tors; we paid out in money or funds, or notes of * hand. Q. ?Did you ask Mr St. John if we (referring to the bank) were hopelessly ruined, and, if so, what A answer did he muke! A.?1 said, "Are wo ruined!" he said he thought it would have that effect, and be tol 1 me how it was; 1 then said, "Wc must pay our honest dobt* here;" wc did not consider we bad failed then; we xccuted tho mortgage that day, or the day after. John i^utphen sworn on the part of Mr. Coloman.?I was in tho office of Warren Jenkins; that is, 1 was clerk for Mr. lloxie, who had part of the office; it was lui Wall street, in the basement; 1 remained in that office from 1415 till April 1,1417; Mr. ('oleuian was not employed in that office in tho liars 1411 and 1H15; during that time ho was with Cf1 Sir. Thompson; I mean in business with him. w Q?Were any of the notes of tho New Dope Dobv- th ware Bridge Company marked when you were in the same office with Mr. Jcukins, and if so, by whom! A.?I marked scvcrnl packages of them myself; al I wax once two or three days so engaged; I did not fr know tho meaning of the mark; it was a year before . Mr Coleman occupied a part of that office; 1 marked them by the direction of Warren Jenkins. hi Q ? Have the notes of the New Hopo Dclawaro * Bridge Company been sold in the city of New York ?ujcc iin' unii& uwitu i r A.?1 cannot ray. <4* Q.?When the note* oftho bank were bought and b 'old, before the failure of the bank, was any die- jlirction made on account of any mark on the notes? A.?1 should think not. a' (i.?Was Mr. Coleman present at any time when b? fou marked those notes ! m A.?No, sir. Cross-examined by the Receivers.?Tho mark I ut on them was W ; 1 cannot tell the amount; j tia cas some three days marking them; I marked, 1 ihould tbink, over ffi,000; they were two's, three's ind fire's; 1 could not say whether there were orer ' fli.OOO, but 1 marked $5,000 at least; Mr. Jenkins narked them also; I tins not aware why the letter T W" was put on. (Witness identified a number ot th hose he mtrked.) It was in the last part of IS Hi >r first of 1*17 that Mr. Coleman came to lire , here; 1 marked none after that; having leisure. Mr. o, lloxie asked me to do it for Mr. Jenkins; Mr. lloxie O noved across the street in a short tunc after, namely . \pril 1st, 1*17; Mr. Coleman was never present 1 ooking on when I was marking the bills. "1 Henry A. Killcy sworn on the part of Mr. Cole- ^ nan ? J he notes of tne New Hope and Ivlawaro re I'ridge Company wrre bought and sold in New 1 ork after the failure of that bank; 1 bought thorn uyself as a broker, and also as a clerk tor other rj jrokerr; I know of no difference in the notes on no- ,,| ount of any mark; 1 ueted as clerk for Mr. 8. !i. J,j oster. a broker in Pearl streot, where 1 pu-chased be notes ,-ince the fa.lure; also for A. C. ;>tcveris, n Wall street; I first heard of a Jifferenae on ao- rt fount of a mark since I came into this room; 1 was ., hire years and a half in the employment of John M i li .nipoon, t?l Wall street; 1 commenced in the ., n? nth of April, I * V 4, and continued till November, '. *17; Mr Coleman was in business with Mr. I hompeon two or three year'; he was in partnerhip with him when I went there; they dissolved in l *w>; Mr Coleman left him in November, l*Mi; for i' i inoutr - " he trifled about; 1 think he wcut to r], ai.ada during oat li i ?; in the eatly pad of win k, cr he took an oflioe opt >-iir Mr. Thompson, and ... < tumorccd the i achat go bu again; it waa f, v- 1 . I \ < JoTarg. ?l lh" ' V oft* lie* p nan &. Thompson when they were a> r irtner- *,( >hiy>?buying and celling uncurrvut money; i think ^ ;hey were together for four or fire year*; judg.. g rem th books, thoy were partner* two or three rear* before I wer.t there. (ross-rse mined l>y Mr. Hunk, one of the receiv- t r$ ?I nut now a clerk in the Broadway Bank; in IM? 1 was, for a abort time, engaged in the luiniie?? of broker, with a nephew of Thompson; the iffire wa* at 3H Wall *trcet; we bought *oinc ot the iote* of the New llo)?c and liclaware Bridge Company, and of other broken bank*; all the uiotieT we 1' nadc wa* by the bill* of broken bank*; I think we t' r-aid '*> c< nt# at fir*t. but after ?orae time the price j \ went down to 10 or 12 conts; 1 cannot be positive f hat I sold any of thele note* to Mr. Coleman since lie failure, but 1 know that 1 frequently went into '! hi* offire to a*k what the price* were; be alway* to informed ine, but I don't know of hi* purchasing ?nj; 1 went to Coleman, because 1 conaidercd hiin got d authority; that otlice had been the head quarter* of New Hope money, and all that bed been ta- <1 ken of it in the atrret wa* brought there to be th redeemed; Air. Jenkins had bin office there; I don't .j know when Mr. .lenkin* left; Hotie, Jenkins, and i *o|< man occupied diflt rent portion* of the *amo ofliee, "! Wall street; I never knew Mitchell f It being then near eeven o'clock, and there being no other witne*e?* in attendance, the ease was a<{- ra innrned Mr. Judder, on the part of Mr. Coleman, said b1 hewishedthe Ke<wiver? to pace on recird the fact *i| that they had admitred ither note* marked with ,, he IctUi W, and they had givpn a certiti ate, which his client had borrowe I, tor |N for note* with 1,1 that mark, on the lftth of May, long after Mr. ?' i '?m ii mi Din pruivrrvu iu? c ifiim, wiiu owu r< on (hit grund, , Mr. W*kc6i>ld, orr of the recolror*, ??id that u, Ihc point ?n? not whether r.otci should ho certified, luatfc. d " W," for, dmih'l?**, mnnv held (hoc " noire who were igr r%nt of the meoninf of the w mar k. hut whetbrr nny one purehMed tbcm. With i i I he knowledge ih*t there wet a ?peH*l aoreemciit

nheut note* mnrhi-d with that letter: If Mr. Coltiron h?d no knowledge of thc?e bdl* being i#?u< I, ' under ? * J r-rlwl *gre<mrnt, th-n hi* elnltn for the tl (28,311 whi ** go d ns thwt f nnj other perao-i; , vut, if he wjif nworr of the f*et, the euro would be nit< red The ec? .ver*, however, if it wu> 1 ii?ce?e?ry to *end the o?.-^ :o I ho Cbnnoellor, would u| n fw-rt th-it tliCj I'* 'ertif I for cUiunant* liaring n note* tnnrk- d " W Mr. ? udder r.vid h wa? ell-Acl. ?nl than **. |re?r<l r deeire that the eneo should he decided he- h< i< f the bridge ehou'd be Mold *| 'i be UMittn flooebttbo *?iu of the bri lg* had i.otli r a; t., i0 w 'li t'r. >, m wt^Mr t'ohMBM, and tliejr could not, ut lirnt *t?ge > the proceed- ? RE H NESDAY, JULY 30, 1851. ings.give any answer a? to what they w <u!J do in | tiie premises. The following are the liabilities of the company, I and the claim.- against theiu;? Notes certified $2S,?115 00 Claimed on the part of (k>l"miin- 'it,Oil 00 Claimed by John llendrirason TfB 0) Judgment* in New Jersey 21,000 00 Judgments in New York 11.010 32 Total fSS S05 52 1 Against this indebtedness there is:? The bridge, wilucd at about $10,000 00 Dther assets, about 5.000 00 Total certain, about $15,000 (X) Besides these, there are other uncertainties, which, if realized, would pay tho whole debt; but of hat there is every reason to doubt. The Operant Castle Garden, Last night. trilaanUv crowded were the vast area and rallsrieg of the old Castle to hear " Iji Scnnambula." The floor pre-ented an array of beauty, fashion, and 1 :aste delightfully Inspiring, while the vast tireular I jaloony was tiled with a d>lighted aud animated throng | ready to do homage to the talent und genius employed n tho interpretation of ItelUnl'H lovely music The ipera "I.a Sonttamhula" has held, for many years, .lmost unrivalled sway ov.-r the audiences of New York. i First made captivating by the genius of the great Kng- j lab rocalift, Mr? Wood, by Mr. Wood.and Mr. iirough t has always had a popularity second to that of no other ; ' ' nipesltion?and, ind.ed. with great artists must ever be : < iucceasful. The Amine of Roaio ha? nowpresented u- with j i seri.s of delirious impression., which will ever remain , l< llgbtful memories Nothing could surpass the adrni able stylo ot i.ei vocalization daring the evening, and o our taste she was the bright particular star of the j light She appeared to be more in earnest than her ; ' over, particularly in the first act; for Salri sang villi the 8 malleat voice politic till tho close of tho act. and, oven i her, he fulled to awake that enthusiasm winch the music ( uggest*. The laurel was won by Bosio, who snug with In r I d ill I voice, and with s real purpose ealvi reserved himself j jt the remainder of tho opera, and here he mode htui- t elf conspicuous by his animation?in hi- melodies, par- , iculariy. doing justice to llcllini. Of course, the weakess of the recitative marred tho pure effects of which he music is capable hut the itudience were in raptures, ' ud seemed determined to protract their applause to the | ist stretch of poracveraQ si. .Shouts thunder<~l to the a oof, and the whole scene was one of excitement and de t ght Itorio, too, gained a series of plaudits almost tin- v red dented at the Castle, and was in triumph from first ^ J last, tf'ostini was quite acceptable, also: and Marini. s the Count, was encored and applauded hy the last sscmMage. To-night, we are to enjoy the ' Kruuoi " ith that magnificeu tenor, Bettiul. whose voice, iresh, ' lire, and stroug. sweeps the oliords of tee human heart P ith masterly passion and power, and wless triumphs fi ill yet be the theme of every touguo alive to true izrui- J si expression. The musical taste of New York lias not line Itself credit with this vocalist, ?o wonderful and so ? jpurior in hi* style to most of his coteniporaries in uropc. With him. we may hope for a great treat par- !' cularly as Trulli and Marini aiu to sham in the cxerons Of the evening. , "l 'HE CUBA REVOLUTION, dditional Advices by the Label. * * d h OUR SPECIAL DESPATCHES. < A,WAAA-WvWS^Wk%V hi TIk- ExK nt of iht Bt|iorlf4 EMiu, ! Ac., Ac,, Ac. o Wo have received a portion of our papers ami rrcspoodenct, brought by the Isabel, at Savanih. Owing to some delay south of Washington e whole of our mails failed to reached us. We bare conversed with an Amerioan merchant 'the fiist respectability, who left Havana on the Icrcoen of the 22J lost., and who has come on ' om Charleston. He statci that the extra of the 'anal, of Puerto Principe, dated the 17th of July, ; f ad been received at Havana on the 221, by hich it appears that two email parties of insur- . " ?iU bad taken up arm#? that they were promptly 1 " letted, and eued for a pardon, which wu granted y the Governor of Puerto Prinsipo ; that on tho f ^ ih of July the most perfect tranquillity prevailed { , that place; that no desertion of Spanish troops id occurred ; and that, in a word, all the reports ' ibl'.shed in the pa{>ors of the United States have .( >en fabricated, to deceive the public, by the parrani and abettors of the revolutionists in Cuba | f i id in tbe I nitcd Mates; that no excitement or I t) iprebcnsion whatever existed at Havana, and that i ^ e whole affair did not amount to more than a riot. ,j. his ia on the authority of a gentleman last from , at island. ., All the letters anJ extracts that we can find room T, r, containing any news from Cuba, are annexed, ur intention is to give all sides, and to show that (^ e recent evonu in that island were fully expected r the "J atr.ots." We give the following Icttorfrom ?-w Orleans, which we fn.d in the Memphis HajU? I j, ccivcd yuttidayh( Niw Ori.*:ash, July 7,I _ The Ctibiia liberator* arc just no* in grimt *pi? *' le, and ntciily boait that tin event wil1 soontuko Met which Will astonish the world. Kuiti >rH arc j| entiful enough as to what thif event is to he, bat ? Mntl li krf* too well f r the public to learn ijthitifr more than generalities <?en. Lop"'. still main* in the Htj, though ha keep* biui'clf very u ivate, and rarely icmur*-. abroad during tbo day i is raid thai intelligence has been received through I ivate aiUict * that a -piill of ui .affect ion i.i rapidly I 1 leading Ihi' aighont Ihc island toward* the present 1 ni ithoritfos, ubd tliat the in-ui gents thirst >n to n ti'Uiencc ibo revolution unaided and tloue. It tlon , will tn t berry over 11 take command over them, i Irarnt this louil. front a Cuban whj is ?u t?'rir? of nl i>se intiniary with I Icn. and wh" ought to 1 r< wrll informed on the sulgoH ; hut I do not tuyIf place implicit faith iu a'? wh represent*tioaa, r all j artn a concerned in tnia matter aio so ran- ' nine on th?- subject, tLit their statement- are too tl 'ten -oic . id (thoiif h pt rhape uitconsciuu ly) very n ighiy by thtir li*p(?. oi Otir Ciilis ?'orrr?pott4enre. IIavaM, July 21, k?l. | ?i 7 - f'rrgrre# qf i'* Rft'thtfiim*-/etaligeuoe from "? ( f" Stftl of Hor?A ttrHy si mow g tkt 'i " j I'huart < r>f the t'nftintt, 4"', 4'-- 1 si The revolution waxei stronj; spare. T do not ' w -opc j to scriJ yo? a detailed official ac?eun'. of all \\ iat occur*, for there it no sti -h thing here. .Since the > ahlicat ion of the first bulletir, ityling the affair a hi nail matter, not another word has been set forth ^ t tint government, and every effort h i. l>c n ina-lc jt'( i hash up all Information on the eubjeot; but bo- ti d(? the conclusions that are drawn from the m re- '' ml of ti oops, the n-w* tba' leaks out through J fi-'ial connections, and the e*apg-rMte't rrport of ic Cuban*, a man ran see with h ilf *n eye that ai u re i> '?< tnctbiog wrung; in itoinaark. From there rtverui loureo* I propone te put down (l r jour readers a few Heme. . pi Foe n nfier 1 rent off my last letter to yon. a gene. C 1 order was isaued. prohibiting aoldiera from f i. *ir < through the country, exrept with ft llecnae tl gned by the stab Thi* win intend 1 to " p. "i w reo degree, ileacitioo. which bai breoroenUrtn Jj gly prevalent. From the real of wa- our adv; see ,j c exceedingly gloomy for the tspun'th enure 11 eriral cuiupunica have g->ne over to the patriot*, id the latMr hare obtained a decided victory in ^ le only cnenrnter where lnrgo bodlei Litre m >t. serins. * i fa- n.t I can learn, that Colonel CntiU -| n* ci orsirg a river, by mean* of raft", w:th er?i -nl Dndrcd |i. ft arid two piec * of artiMoi , *h ti h: | ,i * a'tackid by the enemy, hinmelf and leveotceu w lur c Ciei'f m ide prie? nerv, and three btiadfn in mer lrfi hi it r/t? ?v?tnhii between drew ied, klllo I , ,, id wonrii cd. Tbo tajttoe pu> J by the p? ri? '* ve a moit dU at roue a id dircouraglng e!i-ct n pun tbe iMj tr.ifh traAp*. attheae f-all v i ti m ( -tb unrcn 't'rg regular! y curl; !'i 'ho fori, n, ,| d keep ti..ui in oml -,iit movement dot ng e t >tt t | *t ofllis i ay, > t i h >e c hv 'i tbn ictrix ti, ?ben the pttr t* ret -* fu the L >i. to ,, mmene'tbr ?ajni i.|?.ai .net " vtii-rtdn ( i) i o tea! rttark U evyr wdf r.a <j vrthg ?e?t d * . C ERA] . cided advantage; but columns of mounted men appear from all quarter*, and alternately advance and retreat. M any of these men, it is said, urs armed only with their inaohete (a species of straight sword) and a pole of lanoewood, sharpened to a point. They look for supplies ef arm* from their sgenta in the I'nited States, when their army will I,. organlaad^ and the real war commenced U'h.ti w?- take into consideration tliat the scattered force* of the government did not exceed l.r.OOl) men when the rurolutionbroka mil, and that tbo nati. ipxtintrd*? the only cla.-.- from which they can u.rpsa any aid ? are leim than 30,000, while there are KXl.tWO white Creoles united in thoir aspirations for liberty and their hatred for the Spanish rule, and wanting only in organization and arms, the issue cannot be doubtful. The progress already made in the revolution id very great, when we consider that it is lead than a month since it broke out. The whole northorn coast, from Neuvitas to Baracoa, id either in arms, or has passed through the conflict. In llolguin, the revolution wad consummated without u blow. Col. Martin, commander of tho cavalry stationed there, united with the cause, and placed himself at the bead of tho movement; the cavalry gladly followed their officer; half a battalion of the regiment of Saragoosa (the garridon) fraternized; and the Kuropehd l-'paiiiarda, few in number, turned against what they considered a br.d cause; and the < Governor. finding himself in a minority of one, bor owed a horse and crossed tho hills. Tho republic was proclaim.-d, and the Cuban star and stripes vave unchallenged by n foe. 'l"he steamers have all been dispatched to Nuevias, with reinforeomoritg for J'rincine; but, at the nine time, the high tribunal of the Royal Audience iaa transferred itaelf, for more unbiased deliberaion on the eternal principle* of justice, to >an luan le los Heinodios. sonic fifty leagues westward. Thus t follows the march of empire, and it is to bo hoped hat emnire woift march off into the waters of the , lulf of Mexico. 1 wrote yon that a prominent Creole, named tguero, had been taken prisoner. It was sup- i s .s?d tit would have been immediately shot, hut it , e< ins that the putriots threaten! d to retaliate on , ho officers in tneir hands, and moderation pleaded. \Ve think this tho best for all parties, for Liueh blood might huvu been cruelly and uselessly pilled. Beth the land mail and steamboat train from Y:.idad hive failed to-day, and it is supnosod tho ronuiieuiiuonto has taken place there. It is eon- ' dently asserted among the Cubans that -Saint ago will start on the 25th. The arrival of la>pcz is now hourly looked for; i nd should be bring any kind of a foroe, or reccivs , rompt supplies of aims and munitions Iron the ; niud States, tho war will be one of short dura- > ion. Only the want of powder, anil something to boot with, can prolong the war beyond the present car- Of course no one knows where he will land. riKin . Jc7ly 22. The official bulletin this morning announces that . party of in? urgent* had becu defeated, and i\iral killed and wounded You will find it in to ay's llnrttc ; also, lhat another pronunniaiueuto 1 ad J>cen mailt- by Don Manuel Nufttr, inSanJuan, j nengi'uorto I'rinolpe.) 'J'hc mail yea tor day brought ittle news for the public. \ let?r, dated lbth, | aye :?" We arelHtfl strong, besides four companies i list have conic over fr?ui the onuuy, and daily ! icreasiug, with no want of ammunition, but short | f shoottrig irons." No news from Trinidad or Wat Jsgo. Havana, July 32,1S3I. Tu t'aiuus of the Rivolution?7?ie iHsfrtum of the 7V(*7>.??Attnn)4 to Hum the Patriots out of the Wood??Tor Women enlisted in the C' t't of the Revolutionists, $ < , The heavy cloud darkening on the hnrrizon of ut an alTairs is appronebing us with the velocity T the whirlwind, and about to burst upon us with II the terror* of u West Indian hurricane. Spain i now reaping the consequences of her mugovcrn tent an t partial administration of justioe in 11 thiigs connected with this island The Creoles > f Cuba have ever been looked upon as step>ns, by a cruel and haughty mother; debarred ora entering into the ariny. not admitted into le navy, and prohibited from holding any em. ioymect, with one or two rare exceptions, hatcver, under the government ii their native land, while at the same time taxed to the utmo*( it ream, and looked down upon by the haughty iicials from Spain as a pet pie from whom every* ling was to be exacted, and as a rource from which ity might restore their own broken fortunes h? y have been goaded to desperation, by a line policy on the |?rt of Spain towards them so lit* e calculated to win the affection of these other' ire warm hearted sons of Cuba. They have lonir iditatcdthe overthrow of trpanieh dominion in ii? island, and which is about speedily to be aouiplishcd. I he revolution commenced in the neighborhood of uerto i*rinci| e on the remarkable fourth of July, i" r.ot only extended itself over the whole eastern id central divisions of the island, but is about to nk out also in our division; and Havana itself, It p<*iti\cly stated, may lie in insurrection before it> wok is out. 'Ihe desertions of the troops to o in.- urg' uts, and the evident state of almost open utiny and insubordination of ti.o meii in general, ire i ausid the greatest alarm and apprehension to e government. Two hundred soldiers of thu regitut of " Sarragossa" bound their officers, hand d f <ot, nnd went over to the cati>e of the people at iiilat rut. Ihe colonel of a regiment stationed . Matautas, addressed a letter to the Captain the cflect that his men could not be relic 1 pon, and re commented their immediate removal to lavana, which rae accordingly done, and " ?? of lu ni arriveu hero on Sunday laet. Several skirkisbts have taken place, and the troop', under the ru< rs of t lie:r ofliei ?. hav" used every endi evor to live the insurgents out of their entrenchment*, nt in every -*?nee bwa t he'nselves driven II with consolet <?>le lo.- A Colonel Garcia, and sir other officers, have fallen into the hand' of the rg 'its; an attempt <m made by Hen Lewnry > bum them out oi the woods, owusing them to be irreur lr i by troop;-, and thon set fire to the brush d; hut although a useless experiment, the Are ' k another turn, and destroyed Several estates, ( property of some Spaniard' '1 he eathitsia-ra on the part of the ratircs, in the I* of be lt g able to accomplish the overthrow of parish dominion in Cnbi, amounts almost to tirenry Women have cropped their hair, sol tinned in n'<ap]?r,l, to join their friends and relieves against the troo|is. and no 1 as than twelve of e niori respectable lemalcs of i'ltncipe are in ens <iy at that place, for inciting the men to rise in ' volutin*. It not being '-unsi Icred safe for Ala- . line Lemory, 'he wif? of the lb neral, to remain t Principe at such a critical time, her husband sent ' ir to liatnna, where -h arrivedoa the ;5Uth The Npiain General will remove inuu -iliutoly to town I <?m bit country reixdraee, it not being eonsukred j rmient for him to resido at s place somewhat tint? hi- Voilv iT'lll'il i? ltl?li!?il ll i? mmnro.1 tin morning, tint tiinctal Inincy is to be reIrtl frotn th" out tti Imtion >( the arm/. and int tteneral PPatro is to rcplscs him. It te like* , i.?e pmiil that * court martial is to iin|iiirc into the ii.n* of th." lo-d of o*cf ilHO men. who foil into ic hands of llic insuigrnts, in an attack. nnd? on ic loth in*! , against tiietii. on th" river Canto, i oogh at dsiriki; fdanm-d stratagem of the nave. Al the <"c?.'i Ik <>( we-have gone to sen, aod ii train'r* ar? employed n>ght ? I 1aj .tr* isrtirjf troops frotn "no place *o another. The o t'ttitnrtif, altruistdrit entfi^iracted ny thecritical h'i of aflrirt, drtndi> t; thai the insurgents should 1 ire aid front the '.'nited !Stnto*. and having ttie tr to faith in ti e tron)*. they t? ??id. ! rteitninc". as a ia*t rcoorc". tit arte 'h<- negroes, hn nr i I | >ve tlv |tn do "m ti< n ?t hoth olss ai J*j>aoiafdt ^on*f"r.panics "f the reg . lift I,i on. tnti- do 1.I'U an 1 Vi-ar avi. art < ? i < \ r .c o i t t in Cotnt h th. MStaof th* totonol ^orn. ti.e t; "| - test .it the river t an'o. |}0 > be tout! in? tich I. ami not lain >ry. ibeug'Lci ' y " "'dthetrtM-^,CIl| Uu i' fUig it?I Li .-ctvo iitlr arrived fr .jj., . || ll' 'I N f""v ft' 111 tbc f?t f of ? < . | > ?' ' ' 'J' ' .foujh ex-,. .1 , ' #1 I. I I " ' ?!? A\ , at th ! .' * 11 ' < ?! ? I neiai hse dtugg it< rata r to awa t th" i'?ue ?f | . , * ? i L D. PRICE TWO CENTS. 'f.'s* | events, than caprw tbc men to such certain deftth. i ? itUut this iii the ostensible reason, but the real feet in, he dreads more their infidelity. In th? meanwhile, the Cubans have asked ft.*, and feel certain in obtaining, the aid and assistance of tk* people of the United States, to court.nianoe aaA support tbern in their iflorts for liberty and independence. They number now, upwards of several thousands, at leaet it is so stated, and are beuMj dally considerably augmented; the\ :re waft ca pped, and Laro several pines o artillery, I and are determined to figbt for lboir In ' pen!' m?. Hatam, July ii, lt*l 7 V Ksfy JiutJtThe revolution v^rc?Mi with wondurfui ty The more against it <eMe.,?ineu, u> ?> (?arral, nni so little ..jrr* can be plaoed oa th? troops, the t ? -pvtae Ui? should 1 sow the independence of Cuba prKitutd wuJi.a lb# j ?)until. Lvon the Spar.iardc who (n moot b.tter aguinrt the revolution, cefctider it a thiag arctmpli. Yon may rely npon all the it?wrautioa > 1 eend you on Cuban attain. The headquarters of the insurger* is at, % pt&ww called CoreobadoB and Tunac, midwav octwsen thw ports of Neuvitas cn the north, nud ' 'annualla ow the south side of this island. It is ahaoet impoa1 sible to get at them, so difficult of .icoc* are Ik* mountains in which they arc intrenchol to tfeg I soldiers ; bat which, to the insiegeuts, hocuft*at4 to them, as they are, from chii/ihood, they mot* about among them with the sn n facility that tkey would on the plains. The ins'i from the interior arrired last night, but no letter* ft>o? Prinoipe, M usual. Thuy hc-ve beou intercepto* dy the govorwlucut; but the whole of tho forego., j it oonflmofl by my letters received this morning, ;y a privet* hand. TKI.HURAPHIC THE C'BANS IN WASHINGTON WioilsuTM, July ?R, ISM. Large parti, a of Cubans, of both par ties, ; used tiinafh here yesterday and to-day. Th? aeeouuts they bring fully corroborate the rtntametifs of a serious revolt lvaviug been eom-oencod The patriots are -anguine of sueersr. but. Willi both parties, ft is war to the death. The revolutionist* expect to receive sympathiser* iroag the Lnited States by the bill of Angus!, at farthest CI'HAN EXCITEMENT AT NF V OKLKAlfS. Now Oa1.1 ,m, July 2J, 1U1 A strong f . ling is exhibited here in favor of tho Oabaw patriots. At the meeting on Saturday night, a commit* tee appointed to make collect!**, . in behalf ef MS cause, whieh they are today cagag "I in doing It W reported that n Lopet is about ,i "ting to *s>imao comrnaui of the patriot* THE STEAMER MONMOl'TU. a..t. - .** ioai The xtcamcr Monmouth Int., sailed svgc'.t unJ U if rumored that die took on hoard arms, ai.d ht'teoa mew aicustomed to their use. It U expected lh >f HH rendezvous in the vioinity of Savanuak KEWBPlI'Eft DETAILM BY THE 1S1B&.L. Spanish Arronnt of I he Poerto Prtnotp* laimrmiloni [From the D^ario de la Marina, .July 16 ) The iiairta, in iU official |>art, publishes to-day a rammary of the various couimunicati >us roooirMl by the t'aptain General from the < loneral Gemnaadsr ol IktGwtnl PitirttMBl. upou the far* motion and almost spontaneous defeat of toma parties of young men of Puerto Principe, pu?he4 to erinie by the infamous counsels of those soewailrels who pretend to disguise their plans of robbtqg and plundering, under a jtolitical pretext, and oempmmieing parte of families, and conspiring for thatf ruin and sorrow. For us, we look at these events as more painM than surprising, for those young men have (bllMfi in the [v rtidiou* net spread for tlitm; bat it ?M not imi robable that souu faults of reflection imi oiled them to the point in which we see them, and trd Lave not forgotten the numerous victims that bav% bet r n: ode among the youth ofdifl'ert nt parts by theoa who aspired to enrich themselves by their plunder^ C"i,veitjr.g the most thoughtless into blind instra*mints of their ini<|uitv. Wo know how ma^ works have been made? how many steps takzn?fcstr the malicious men were besieging, with s.rong tuvitatiaae, with false promises, for years, these incautious young men, in order to cngngu them la walk in this road of certain ruin. We cannot con* reive why, with a single reflection, they bava not understood the true motives of the unprincipled individuals?without faith?without conscience?who, from the neighboring coantry, encitcd the discord for their exclusive profit, while those men, entirely lost already, conld but e spoon thtmsclvcs to an almost certain death before tha immense forces of the government, sustained by lie country. w Dy nave tney n-t foreseen, trnoa the fiml d iy, thai those who c*. ited them worn Ik* true enemies, not only of the pio-jKTity of the country, but even of its existence. What means that complete abandon to which the young men of Puerto Principe have f >un4 themselves, in going out of the field in this ha*'./ flight toward* Tunns, the effect of tko disorder caused, r<> doubt, by the horrible onus* in which they had been involved! Wliat took place in the mind of those young io-n, Mt the moment whin they were pun ltd by the troop*' (ibnniy and unhappy llluiliwa which will be turned into ridloulu hy the oowtrd scoundrels who bud, in Cardenas, only brave </ for plundering, turning, and runnii ' away, and who now. in a foreign country, will laugh a', tb* incautiou-. who were their easy itir.miaciiU, Without pitying th-ir foil. For our part, we sincerely and piofoundly dealer* it; it war h legitimate and necessary consc-pjcnne, against which we never lost an o .-carton of advising those young men wh-m we constantly raw i.iots* by the foreigner*. and we hare always called their attention and tluir rcfiiction to "'be true and unhappy ind of tb.-ac exiltrmeuts. And wo havj giro further notwithstanding, in admitting thai to be nip 'Sfihle, and 1-0 lunch iuipio ->lil? that an/ mun with reason will immediately recognise it, wv barer-roved. in fact, that the prom cot" he*i tueu were deceitful, and could only bring cat.irt- ,>h?s. Then, a fl<r long reflect! n, we hare brought to light the protects of th- sr who, fn the decv ;tfu! oh.ieur.t/ with which they offered the a, knew perfectly that they were impossible. .N ot content yvt, wr kav* sought to discover in rbat ?'b*eurify the true plana of there abject men, anl all in fsvvr of those mi* guided youth We reteit that <-ur regret is profound, th-^ngfc we hop- the", a lesson, cruel as it is, will op fifor ever, the eyes of the young uien to the - /\Jun#p projects of those who have nothing to hy them; thi y live in a foieign eountry, fs / f ^ danger-, and having nothing to lose t ^ oth rs to promote troubles bra rapt /( eiei.riuo* Fuch are the true motives of their m- a en,.nts Other Areonntv. IFr-wi ths Charleston ,-mn.t |U(, . Fy the "teamer tiordon, from .Aaviinnab ws Isaru tu?< iii" ?i"'nuipnip aoci, rr ,tn I a for port, put into iiavannab ah<? | o'clock jreaterday morning Wo are indebb 4] to gi ntli-iaiva wha he# retried f< r aomo time in t'gb?, fur the follewit ^ Honi*. which confirm iatcilif omco we hare birn reeeieirg for some d?)f pul ? Tbirc bad been a ri? nig of lie Creole j."pUlaUoa at ai J near Puerto I' ."taupe, 5* 11 Juan, Lc , w u\U bad keen joined by , part of the r-paniah toepa 1a the neighborhood. |? ji aCat?<l t tat the c?Iom4 ot a rryiui>ni '' if.iM near Pnnoipe, had informed tli autb<witiee*4 llatana hi bud but a fragment ol bn ro^imttit left The 1 a uncut tf l<e<*n( stationed nt tt near Matarsaa, tad heeme eo a*aaul ordinate that the ofltoara bad tdri* J the (tutirim 41 that the to en could not be dtpenood on, aid th n p'tiu-tit had to bo removed to aouta otlw r? 4trt of the island. I' s auihoritU ' hate stopj*- I ail sealed 1 antunir*' /tnsbctween Jillerent part# of the U'aad alnoa ' .e lt#i h net , aud all cowni .1 ' aUona hate to gw through the 11 ail* ope ted, unices writ ton by *??a t'fi'ial Views and fctling* are roe etpreaeed in lla* vat'a that Would no, hare >? cn aUtinpted afcwi ks since, and a meeting '.ho Habanera# fa?o. aVo to in depend >00, ai? w have been hold a t?w dot a hct'oie the illngoftho -tiiel, bat the plan of meetII ? Iiov 1 j* bev nr e wit to .he goeornuu.t, is military > ua:d wa atuiioned ijtneea>.i* irg, nf it h prever ted 1 It tb< rati ot# meet with ?u +* !' !he interi r. an in i-vti wi;l tak p i ' " ?'ana i.nmaAr lib t ' ' t' an. ' en a plana* ftw a , .. ju the islmoi, a. I r t , oo-ewwe# a ??*?er Mtatr taiutd at one hundrfd and Alty theuaaed

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