Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1851 Page 2
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ir ?^xt *rm,, ,?m IfEW YORK HERALD, j ? JAMk> ?OKDOM BKMMS1T, (if PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. ari ^ IB WK|,n W. I'JBIKR OF H AMI XvvtAl'IfS. ^ rM ... liAl HKH.iLO, S c<ii(t pei copy?11 per r,., 4inn _ i'H'i It"tl*.' ? LY tlKH.lLD. every Hmtm pi ?S ho ..? er c epy. V per annum; Ike eucipiim'i |ltl.en, i r< .??? ? In a i p?I a/1 Urea! a< i t& In aity 801 i art f tUe C-ntinen. , 4>rA to inctuiir tk' puetage. *v, bOLCXT H.Y CORRKdPOl lOft'.VrE. mm otmitf 1 #o ji irt'wml mm. *, eolicitedfrom any oaa*trr tij the world i bl> \f V \herally paid far. i?ii fo?innC"K??- . ? b?NT? til f?BTICUI.**LV anil UTt.> TO KtJ ILL ? liriim A..i F. AouiiiTTOua. a uiLI. i.KTTt.HH by mail, for Sabicriptiom, < r wilt *Jdt er ? writ/?, III Mr port-paid, or the vaotage will be I be jlluca I the m iney remitted, til) Vi >TU'E tak n a/ i.nunyauu? . imtuiu afioitM. Wt N't >? ireteit __ J /A. '/'/> A.' VHNTtf reneued every morning. no JOh ."KIVT/.VO ' u-.'/t neolnett, cktapneog, Un M deu airk ^ Vtlb it 1VI No. 410 Jo ? Ml !tDJ!IT8 THIS E7RM1.N0. 'u A> K O/.aaCN- La hMllloi'll. BOM: . TUCATKE. bo?erjr-T*?it? tm? ri.Bnoit? P* Art M. ok N I r 3 C A Kir EM, Uro? lw4j.?Kj*t? Wism?Tub W *^-K) y ' '>iL TIIEATRE. MtaMt? -AiiOTTBi) Cl fclMIEBIOt* C4IBT. gl 7 M ?IN5TkSl.8, UochmniM'HAU. <73 BtM*W?y A ?L im Mi??TUiuir. ? ? VbIIam1 HA.11 HO AM. If'.., irMUfHK VlMITHIUI. tl IJii . :aW UC3KI ? iniiu* PnNliiiOM . ran* so a.uc evuminw. * <rk, I'liurttlajr, Jaljr ttl, 1M1( H \t?> fruua Murope, The Washington had t<ot arrived at three o'c'. >ck s this morning. t?ne is now in her fiftaeuth dry. u TL? Niagara is in her t wdfth day, and may be ex 1 pceUd at any moment. The news by these steam ere j ' will be one wo k later. T? '.< graphic lull lll^'rnrf, f., ' or readers will hud. uad.-r tire usual head, a r, waiiety ef in'> llijrenco received at this office, list evening. by telegraph, for the particular* of when cj we refer our r. a Jars to the despatches. W o lsaru ^ that the i'et. Mr Hodge and Mr Look wood haro j tu had an iuterC * with Mr Fillmore on the ease of fu;*, win was convicted. with Ik.ugias* and (0 .Benson, i>; the murder of Mr. Havone, seoond mate Q ef tfci buiktilt-un. From all that we hare hoard, tj wi are di . oecd to believe tuat i lemoat* is a proper subject for Executive clemency, arid we arc certain ^ that his reprieve by the President would be ao- : ??ptab',e to the c miuunity We have already | , given our \ wem the subject, and again exp.ess our hope that (Teuicuis may nut be executed. (| r-'ufhsi. has bt< u developed by the testimony ou (( the triu1, ted by tLo dying declarations of both ! ( luouglass ?i>d Benson, to throw a doubt si tj CltatL'-' Suiit, which should be given in his far >r. vise I. uti Nivvs Ikm Cuba?Tlir Progrcsnuiil a PriKiittu <>t uitTiisurrcc'tiuio si Tks '* s'.'tr fa.iih.ul island of Cuba" is in a fat* o f re *t. Contradictory as our live air re; ap- , t. B.-sr. t'i.!V are. t;>k 11 ah .-r.lhir. -ufiuhntlv Cube- tl T ut and cer-is'tu. to justify this co:i<-lmi>n? tmt <j aa!v urrecticu hi hrokm cit in <'uba, and i- ex- u tsuang it-. lr over the island. Iu addition to th o e?.i . . -v of the gen. ml reports, the lotted of ..:i , " own Ilkim correspondents?discreet and iaMli- n g?-ut obrervtr*?-go :'.ir to sustains the credibility of d tit- .iioft ;*! ;.g -U to meats which would >y i r li w e appear to t h:t'h y exaggerated and over n ctiawn. Frctu our #] icial telegraphic eorre ;>.-> dent at Washington, we hare still further testiu >uy in support cf the presumption tnat Cuba is in toe M ui let of a furniiJjiMe revolutionary movement. I' ti ppcar? that Mr VVTbster is to be reca'.lid from r< he snrf at Newport, to give aanc-. <ui wumi?- i ? the ado ini. tratiou upon the measures to be adopted tti to preserve inviolate our engagements with Spain. tu These are{nr>t merely th<? engagements of neutral- i ity, hut, by the la* of 1*13,they bind our govern- w| ment to prevent, arrest, and puni-h any movement* as from within our bordets, or in our waters, or uuJer a | our Hag. design-d to aiJ in overthrowing the "ive- W reignty of Spain in t uba. The President if b mn 1 ' to bo execute tho laws ; and yet, with the insurrection si. in the island fair'? under way, the abili'y of tho at government to prevent large accession* of uien and be supplies from going over from ahundrei point- along rin the Ciclf ui.iy well bv doubted. ' aril Tho obj.-et of this revolu mmry enterprise is sue boldly proclaimed to the world, in a in imfesto de- tin oiaruUv. of the independem-e and Separate and di?- ' j O?- ? ? r-k. i .?>>... Mil. Hi.ri unit /uni lJ ? - ??* r? ? lO * ?ju? n. auwithatandicjr the *01*0:7. disjointed. on I ,j,t. tj ?u.ole of the ne*< re-eivid, ia, that t? j th. r..volt i: unf. w ?<tn "thing, and will ytrt pr. bat 7 W ! o:-'i?e of a toiapUtt; r?vjlution, the | fiet end fthe no er-, gt'7 of .-piia, and the advent of ,0(^ ?iii * 'A'e .7 t ; i:, uj. >u m careful tx- ,,M >rii: 1 at 'DU. a:ia!> - s of the i'ltcil.jtouoe received. t^r, lb.'r-1 iui :". j'i?i.-il>> : uod tarlh ir, tint it i- Wlt] as* its|'0?ihU) Uc r< v. latino tuaj be eonettta note 1 ktT r< raaforctt ni# *ufti.iei?t o?.i be procured trB( tr ... *n t *:|pr? ' i-. It tn?7 be pat down b/ t? lb ' ca! tot im?4 it 11107 *** nt'To :la?h in the 1 , <di- hat t^> p!a> at which it oouimeMad. tha wa7 |>|(J ( hi'.' nail. ru:ed, tip? pnriiae who eotmuiaoowd 1 rrtt .f aitd tL apparent i? iit> with whi-.h the cent* j|x * . j. ' >u-'aiti Ui'-:e itrong!7 the op (jol 1 tb-t thi? revolt ii lerirue, ruiiftad. j.,, i? IX. , .kali?, and Uituiinentl7 p?- uj*. I ' . U. : .1 41117 of ."pain. . pro i -it. trei* tdi* 1 object with that jB , t.. i lie pra'biii aa/wet* and iniica rIC oa,. A* !*>* a? tha ravo'atl-wn in < >tn a?. I to L pei, an Ihia K >und Maa l j .pB ? 'it a a. r !i lU| ^ thc cpeeuUtiou, the gre.? p|e *' "rl"J <a libera*.ion of t'aka contracted I p,0 am. -[.roe . f t. t^ptible proportion* of a bacea- (g, |U* lf lb( ?" V--JU1 adventure of Jilib+Xtrau, | (|,a tw rirg the tetruorieaof 1 ^ , la a piu. .1. iir^r f?! talre piaten.- ?. .*Sieh ww I tk), ' ' ' , a-re compelled. from the j j*, W k 1 ftkt 1 wliica a >h tpon the two I tBj, fcil . ttJ the lew*, to lo ?>mp*n7 Tbe7 were I BV( ? . b?'!?r Maciier ui lac l *ma.?.a to t>o reepeet, h*o . ... .. . * \ Herjjed iti neutr.ii.ty, _f, t OlUU ?U . ? f.*#, it.. Y OI I I 1.1.1 1 ... , Ike la* of ua- , YiaUuJtU ta?> of the land ,, ii , . ?* < ?*?'t f"r. mt.i all . r I con, Mel plus* i. Without b. ,f hJ fc K|( w J tor tin h.nard? ol pirate* nv.n t. _ ... , '! . . .. , , trial. n- * ? hav tbouujt froui the Itr*t?a* ... . . . . " . , . . .... f to he ?c hie fed i , that if the nt'U rendeO'" of f.nha . w fl . . ? 0'gbt Ht *eon j Ihiownh each t<?iicf?, >p?ip r fcvonte rei.elj and retun ly in the |>om eeion i " 1 n" irlu ml. f -r a v.-ry Ion* period jet to ?on % 4.B,* ? But thi? la*tmovement la alto*, .her a??br ak ' aflur It he* the u.Uim-ir element* io itt eh< ' h ?V' o* a ro lotion?of a popular movement, ha ^ i fM.j alar jiopat.hire, ami popular enthn.eiaei. f *' ?iir- 'tr.i to a popular reenlt. It in worthy t ,( J rioue i <n?i. J* ration: h the r>nep'|uenene arhic. iD*<ilvr- to < tiha, to the l oitoi ftate*. ami to t. j t'ir urU at larc>', are neither trivial nor far ilietant. I ' ' 'II e p ?. th?' drift, the eeope, the tamper, and the . c Wrdrrey f thi? ineurreetloo. we repeat, are eu th * n t' il r>*e our mrioun iefl"etion. It i* not . I the afeir of a few f .rei*n adventurer*, hastily lead . U* at the met feeeiMe port, baetily daetroyin* he town b?.u?f, and n hastily retreat in*?It i* not an ont.ifie *iperiiuent, but a lima /Mr revolt. The ruinjr ' " ' nalirr i.U.l.r i t he i roduOin*rlatOee, ' t th- f l ir t"", thr to* f.oyer*. th* pith, bonr, blond f< i d morrow of tin iriiuid rorm to W *t th* bottom | id ?t tbo top of tUn laoTfmrnt. Mttrcmnful or _ ^ ?r?in cr**ful, thr unity of thi* flat* mart rmp't In , ^ m rlirf rrnti rttnggl# fir i: n ror drnre, r *h*y w 'l /* h??o "tnki-d eorrytbirij upon th* irru*. F-at th'rr ' l" n*^>* ri>, on tbf otbnr hand. r mil? u.? roj-crt- f ?j? do- '?8 " o oruli/rd rendition ol th< ^p*ni?h army ? f th? r ' ' dwp*rition to f re urn'.so by Oo?.puoi?? and by r?f i I I*110** innM# with tbo rrrotatlMtiV*. W? %f ?o In 'jt fWo>?d thot tbf ootuol nnirW?r of "I'taUh tfo" in lb* irUrul U Durb lonr th ?n 'mm Wen ?*>? ni.t?d; % H thnt ninny W>ll hr r*|ii*r'l .0 in I '' ** th* fnft kill'#, tbot on roil M*Ol fcUUlh"f 0*0 li i 1(1|, if >t In ihtmH' th* irrn'gi-iit" into l!?* t.i iitanc , t ft*.- b it ir (4.d that pu||ilicr of uiU' 'i hi'.. u.t',.., \ I'M.!-????WH?II WJu V eaJy been introduced from the I'nited Slates; J the late proceeding* at N'e >v Orleans are clearly ;niti-?Dt of fu'ther supplies of iivn, a* Will aj of ms and munitions of war. pro\ lied thoy can h j u through the gauntlet of thj government fleet observation, which will, no doubt, be forthwith disced alon he Gulf and inland Coast H.rc, wever, arc yinptom* and materials enough for a riou* ro > ution If it means anything, it m.cius eryth g And if the authorities of Spain sh mld driven to the extremity of liberating all the ires in the bland, lud turning thorn loo o up in ! sir masters, there might be cause for some ap ore- 1 nsions of another Suu IHitniogo in <sa to Hat ; i hare no such apprehensions, nelt er of * jaio j r of the slaves. However the contest m ly te ?-iu Ite, we presume the slaves will hive but li'tie t > with it. They have always boea tractable ao 1 cile, comparatively, iu Cuba; an I ob I i s eir masters seems to be their lirst principle, and e first necessity, of their social happiness, b'ut though natural, it is not necessary to untici,te this last extremity of desperation. a * first ijerts are to kujw what is this insurrection1, 'bat the provocations? How far docs it extend' ?ho are the parties impUc&'cd in h! Whit pro ess have they made? What prospac* of <u -.vm nd what follows, if they are su 'cefsful! T i;= . tints wo have, in Sume measure, examine J Wntt* for the provocations of the Creole or native p ipula on, against the policy so long pursued by ;y ?iu, ut U'deticg thorn with taxes, au<l excluding them our ull of the numerous offi te* of the inla id, civil inl military?whatever, we -ay, the injustice of jeh a policy, the present ' aptain ienenil of the ' land is at least not responsible It is. jvrh ids. his lis fortune to have been sent too late. Us etilargd and liberal views were aire oly beginning to bo It; he was in the fair way of in trod reing <uob renins aj. if sooner begun and followed up by his redeces?o:s, might have secured the loyalty of thr rcoles and the ipiietude of the island for a loug pood yet to eome: hut which, introduced uow, after cars of hard taxations, exactions, excesses, and exusions, only serve to justify the people in rebel in. The Ciueen of Spain, however, m ty cmigrulate her-elt on the prcenee of so able andUith1 an officer in ( uba at t vis juncture. If military resight, ability, acd courage can suppress th < libreuk, ticu. Concha i? admitted to b 2 e<pul to te task. In any and every point of vie* th'r outbreak i i uba is of the highest political importance. 1.. lay be a failure, a liztle, a mere will-o'-th - wi-; ut ?ven if it fail, it is not the eud. liu, the oegiu irg nf tLe i ud. (>ur institutions?the hupp 1 off.* -t four institutions; the genial, boneticent, aid fru. crnal character of our institutions?are known in uba; the experiment bus commenced in the Uitud; bey have broken the i;e; they will have a; 1 nd >j tupatby; and if defeated now, they will try it gain. It might be host for all h vud- tht* .-p-t'o hould roDtiauc the sovcreigu of ( uba. No i <a';r ur administration is of this opinion, lint lioki ig i> the pact, to the future,and to the circumstances ? he peculiar circumstances?investing this tuhi uestion, and these present revolutionary m ivenuts, it cannot be very loDg before, in snuis form r other, the only alternative to the L'nited States 'ill be the annexathn o! the island, or the miin'.canee of its separate independence If Spain is i*po2*fle5?c<i, luo leiaiiu uiu-t uo oh or it muu uj va. But will France and I.nglaud, meantime, re lain idle? We shall sec. til* X?vr City imummaivmw * WW I suje?The Mayor has siloed the j-<int resoluons adopted by the Common < ouneil at their !.a?t gular session, provid eg for the const union of >ilro?<ld t? ?r I I i^k'K tvAna/l; an 1 iu? this matter, in which so mmy >( our citi/ons ke a deep interest, is finally settled. The first resolution authorises the persons to | bom permission i* granted by the satne. and their | eociute*, to lay a double track for a railroad, from f.oint at the intersection of < hauibers street and est Broadway, thence through West Broadway Canal street, down" anal street to Hudson street, tig Hudson street and higbth avenue to a point r near Fifty-first street; and that said railroads continued through the I.igh'.b avenue to Harlem i r whenever rc-juirsd by the Common Council, I as soon and as fast a* said avenue is graded; b track, or tracks, to bo laid under the iirec- i i of the Mrect Commissioner, bic , kc. be sernnd resolution provides that the persons thorn permis.-ion is granted by the same, hare i authority and consent of the Com noa Council ' lay a single railroad track in the following etc, commencing in Murray street, within fifty of Broadway, thence thr ugh Murray street Lurch 'treet, through Church street to C anal ?t, and through Canal -treet to Wooster street, ! >ugh Wooster street to Fourth street, thenoe. b a double track, hrough Fourth street and I th avenue to liarkin; also, to lay a single k in Thompson street, from < anal street I ourth >treet : and a single track in C? , r.nn, WM?l tn U7..I itt'iwiy, to connect with the l.'ghth averiuo milii; nod ex end the fame up the >ixth avenue to ' rleni riTer whenever required by the Common, nod m.- coon nud m fart n/ **id avenue ic ded nuttk'ieTitly to permit ?uch track to he laid, >n the aloe briar, *tipuUtion.i nud condition* oh rid d in the retolution in relation to the railroad h>< h'fthth avenue, exctpt that no motive power rpt korw.i ahull he uted bcl .w Korty-teooad , [it; that raid railroad upon the >iith avenue II be eotn scored within thru-- month', and com cd to h orty-aeeond -treet within one year, nul j m Kcitj areola! e'reet to the H idem river within et jcare from the paaaago of thh rtr.lutioO, an I it ??< b } art* of the Kighth aver ue roa l at to iy u/ol by the Siitfc avenue road, from th! conoec- ' n in Carol etreet and Wert Bioidway to Cham rtreet,'ball be built at tbe joint eipcn*c of i >ixih and hightj> avenue toad* The I.ighth one rtilroad u to be completed to fifty-flrvi et within one year, and Uieuee to Harlem riv.'r bin three ycarv. ?n the hlghth avenue no motive power efopt rv* to be u?ed below I fty-Art rtreet. The ' ee betw?eu tbr track- and the 'pace outaidt the r, on either aide, i> to be at lewt eight f et in Ith The r artier to whom the grant' are m tic to i lace new care on tlf railrevd*, with til th?* Jcfn uuf.r vemroti, for the couvenieoeo and com' of !'*. ?< nger-, a <1 it i? provided that they run f tbrrcn each and every day, both w?/?, ae ti *e tb.1 public g <1 may demand, under auelt ticn a. the public e<,n>enience inay require, the Mr eat Comm'uiaioner and Common UmmII 11 Tt< tn t'?.e to time preecrl e. be paitiea eef.not aaeign th ir interr-f without ?,ne? nt of U* ' ouitnon ' <jub< il; and the rate aon ratii railroad* ebali not exceed fi e | ta for tbc entire length of eaidroadv t !, n thi-te too railroad* *bal. have been coin- < ad, thru will b* In operation three diet in- t i na>Jr, extending from the vicinity af the 1'ark i if-n river, vi/ the Mxtb and UglitJi are- ' j b >n the wret, and the Itulem rallroa 1. i " aa." the eer'.re ?>f *he ielnrij. Thir, it '* I ( '' wiH < fff tunllr rrj.ev Kroa.daef / jf: lo^r'' aanibue troublei. >#enl i - L- tar W W. A " ? U* %>rV # K (ialleghtr UiU 0?t, * I I tb?t Mr*- ^tiJ$ ^ ffTMv| jBrjr Bt W(i h ?g?<i '>ir4??r fmd, that he atiu totbe ?" (jar,jjter j? rrrl-iu i ? ? *' . +*>.?, W*4 to the r(Tjct, ' I Hut. ^ to9f>|iJ kfft ii perton who , M.??i? ?Tne % Tft,m..,n4lw ? arrt^ J lat HUM *,?..? ?M ? ! pl, rtti? f. r-ji-f r.i?e- "? . ,, I. i he a<% h In t ?. l?H*? ph?. * ' ? i %4.i?:w - , Lf ?ia i I M J u?Jk; il "P r ^ ' f Mortality A wwoCiiiLoiuEji-pjsrrLiJUtY MIL*. | ? The frightful mortality among the infant popu- | lation of this city, a* shown by the City Inapeotor'i weekly rej>orts, i', wo are buppy to say, wolfing a j good d Attention. We have on leavored Lime ar.d -.i.ti *e the public mind to the im |n a wv o uu eui-joct, and We arc pleased to sec that our example it being followed by souic of our colentporarles. it will no doubt astonish people a' a distance, when we inform them that there were three hundred and forty four dt aths in this eitv, last week, of children under 1 >'0 years of age. We are ci italn that ro city in the world exhibits such mortality a' this among its juvenile population That there is no necessity for such a drea Iful slaughter, no one can deny, tor New York possesses as Balubrk'L a climate as the o is to be fouud iu tho world : and an) j-ersou who examines its topo graphy will see at a glance that tho mortality wo speak of is railed by a viol ation of the laws of ualure alore, and cvim?t be Considered u' tuc "act of?led." Our < temporary, the Courier ttiil h'.mtuirtr, d's agrees with us to a certain extent as to ths ciasos of 'he 'laughter of children whn-h takes p!ae s hire during tie warm suoiiner months every year. Doubtless many deaths occur from malaria in tho atmosphere, ptoduccd by s( igoaut suporflt al water, by bad ventilatiea, by the uso of green fruit, <kc. We, however, ndhoro to the positioa vo assumed at (he outset, and reiterate our opinion til it two-thirds, and we might say seveu eijtLhs, wf tho deatud 01 our imam pupuiati'ii mr vi'u? " i year *ie produced by the uto tt' distillery oi'lk It is immaterial whether tho aiilk is of by children directly or not. If a nursing mother us-s it, tbe infant at the l>r?.a?t receives its slum i ue virus is imparted to it, and deranges its *y tern t> almost as groat an extent as it ivuuld if imbibed by the child itself. In this are nro, to a very great ex tint, sustained by the report of a com mitten appointed Ly lite Academy of Medicine iu tiisciy, upon tic comparative value of milk, iu tile year IH8 '1 be following cxtrao s from tho report ace entitled to serious consideration at ibis time;? Numerous statements have been made orally and writ tiu, by men ot iciriic> mil v rarity, testifying I i tin* n.aiki il tffi "is . f its dnp-led mint upon clnlilr u .nil the en fat iou of all Uismrt.aucu am tHe r. itnr.-n.nni to t eelth. iuiui-duitily upon discontinuing I he ui<K. nt Lun rruui ueaih*. which U!id-r the head of uiacasiuui !? il tbe ItsU of mortality, are a-eribi d iu agr-jst iu-t ure to thi- i ?use. The chemical and microscopic re, Tti b i.h -Is, th it the luilk ot 11 initials IVu on disiillny HOp I- ?r w.-altar than Hie Orange county, th' pr ip.irtious of their c n.-.ituent varying, tun iu > me bring a.-. one to ibree to 1 Wo psits of nriu^o county nnlk. J', were butter. while it 1 UII pari, ill J.LL.lieiy lailk. there Muni- li d b it 1 J, 14. 13. hiol i veu 10 parts ,uiy of butter The c.rigiual test i f jlc. Iteid tu discover the tun n I cfs'ury for cea;.ulali iu. lias i.winced a uto-t iuip'.t .at I u-l. lLat the ills. lU.-l' Uii.k will not o rul i - II l i th.m -la hunm atiilc pure loilK. under lii" s .iu -ioil l times. is sit "lutr* to on. nour i tils.?iin i heoo-. i ? , i ,u i.l t,r tail snowing the pioultar teeJri-y .'f .h unit fitted-s to cobilun i-ritci n and the teoac. J wnh ? n -h II 1 J I Jhi re. u|<p ars to the C'-'J'liiitli e a in nnpo cant mailer. 'Ilin atone may serve u- >.eo"U t- r tis.r *'i hc ui-t ur lance cauteu to lb" sy i *m of mc eii.ld i on this UUlllUleUt (.') ****->* I'rofi -or i buries \ ',ei form' .-It pref-ssor of M it -ria UrU.ra It llu I loVerw.J ot i\ Vc.rk. - u'ea 'O'.ii-cj ssolbas.? I.ildien who arc { t *KU *1 lib-I .iillk' ha'. .1 pale 1-ai I , C'.H'app' S auce. ale eK* rente.y -U'ljOt; li Mil tula, ami are lia?,|e to take ?eiy epnletim .lis .-lie I pre ? aid. I fo <cm]c: ft *er,, b iplog o mtb " > ??* > ?'? - ? " 111* -ligbi'f: xt< >-ii;c . su. h Cliltdreir being npi. t? lit ui.otr any serious disease with which itoy ,n?v be - , tacki d Ybere i? II laxity "I lb? -olids it vm-ted Ci fullHU "t the fluids. t-h!Ch (itVf-poHO tbeill to ill* ?M! i< 1 u.<-i iiiniit-i 'it lot xc " A, an. he hiy .?. IcouligiTe you ?uy uuinber nfci?? aben-the Li>.uh <f cluiilr u lei* been uVeny dei-royed t.y lh" u.-e ~t111->! J.-:l 1. kadi could e-nuacey >u tint ilj.-i ii' >r? factum it-elf. I he great nc-urg" of our . iiy. i* m l u't i-l'-. tiy r n'-nl by the u-e or tnU lu-lk, tr??r by tin- i .i f ?.?-r or child ; for It In a ?ineut?r fact lhat in lite lmgi ? of hut when- other cause* of uiM'aie. with the eve pit' n f tbi*. are a i prevalent a* ia Ni? leak this ill* am- i? absoluh y unknown. Itcuc* the Flbi-ary of a rrm< fal to the ? 'mtry ; a* a <*naii|>? of Ultl ia the lie-e-iary eiu ?,(Ui-r.ce." I't Trudean )?!* - the ease of a child with protracted acil iiihh which ?u- o 'urWht <1 uj <u ui Ik ail Ilk. Art,ally' ot III t > nviir I < i?u|.|..| all lead ? y 'U|r- i teniF in a few d*y *' tune He state* :? I am -at - icd that dieill.ery mil* hae tlooe a deal of harm aud that iba inerva* d ratio of mortality among the ehnlreu wuhiu a |e? yiarehae no other cause." \ our committee, liarin/ ?x, rr**e] calmly nod delil.e. rati 1* tl eir nyiuli'Dt. do preterit for the ran.aideraiiou of the Araih my the foUowirg resolution* : ? Kerolai'i I'llnt in the opinion of thia Academy, the miik of cows shut up In *;able* and fed on distillery slop*, is fit only Una nntritiou* than itiat of uur >utiu,si and well-fed animal*, but is positively dekurioo . i?p?cially to young children, and 1* a fruitful cauae of many fatal diseases Ke'oh.d That th" Acad* my deem* It fr>,|*r to make known to the puhile aiillioritlee the en>tinc? of tin* red. to the end that tbey may take *u *b action in the preuii-i ? ae in their wisdom they m?J thiu* lit Allot whh'h is re-pectfully submitted A I'd I ATI K O ARU.NKR, Chairman With fuch evidence u* tbi* beforu uj, who can marvel at the dreadful mortality among children which i? exhibited work after wt. kin the report* of the City Inspector. We again ark the authorities bow much longer it this to be tolera:ed ! Mow much lotige* are oar children to be poisoned! A gfrat uiiJV ?r- wo'iv 11 an -g u?.?l aii I ?<?? ai'UOTJT 1 ?i irtat.t make* a mistake in a prescription, and tliapenre* poison, by which a life ia loat. The coroner bold# an on the body of the victim, the paity la arrested, and the public aro in a stato of esciti ment. Children. however, aro poisoued at the rate of three or four hundred a week by dH'ill? r) milk, and un Ditiw i< taken of it by tha authorities Such in the in inner in which the municiial affair# of Now York arc jonJuctcdin thin aud MNf N -| eelaArilval of a Irenth Mar <ftramrr? The French war steamer .Vlogadore, Captain Laurenein, arrived at this port ycftcr liy morning, after a parage of clcvm dsy# froui Havana. S io was Mrii ken by lightning on the 27th iuet , which carried away her maintop mart. The Mogadorc, a# stated, war one of the Kron h fleet ot the Aiitiller, and waf rent f?r three monthto Havana, in order to protect the coast of Cuba agairrt the atti mi ls of foreign invader*. She a us lettered by the A?iu"d<-?, aid railed from I II <var a on tb>' l"*th ln-t. ''n her Voyage horn', and when not far fr m the Kerinuda islands, ?peHlMI4 a tcrnbl- m rin, in wbo-h one of h-r u.artf was tariied awry hy 'he lightning, or by 1 the lorcc of the wind >h" sustained, also, other j damage; arda leak of watei being discovered, it was if' nght prud.nt to come to this pnr', in order to make aoiue repairs before continuing her TCVI'g" I hi? fteair fHgite, wbi' h i? a perfect model of | Kr? t h maritini'' n. L- i i. rd for ? >?* itb | an bane a* the and etrrn ll-rar- ' rat f*int au hjc'?tli" ri jx' of her if>- 1 tail ar<l ar< |?rfwt. and IU? < ?* enj i* j nf. t librttj *b?n th.-ir a?r\W'nre mtnraitd J Mi. I.SMi' ' "in, t *t rn o' thi < frlfat", 1 11 ui?n t of tbo -t Krttt. and ha? b?en, for a long t to 'b if the Krnii*k ttafj, ami to hi.i I tn' rtaalof' ha nwe? h? .u an a' iptain I Me i? admirably aei-ond-d hv the lieutenant* and f ihceri voder hi* order* Tb>- erew of th? .VI igadoie M cclot" i-< d of abiitl Jut) tillnra, vtin |fit*>n' the wort avilor-like and leanly appaarnnne l? en- 1 terirg the fiort of .Ne? V rk. the M>g*dn-e, *aluted tba fort on (?r>??r?t>r"i Ml.-uid, which returned jj the civrteay. Tin M<a*vi?n J' nin ?Th? annexed fry yoUr- J manly and liberal tetter reeeterd fe<t*rffay by th< ,, eleciitire rMMnllte? of tbte grand e< mptim* n-.arv jvbi a lee |? it?at If t A Mar-hell from Monsieur J-*n It-u?- J' a?t. offering hi? valnuWe serve ra.and th <*e <>f bl?t>< autifnl 1 fl rjaufcht- ra, i n lliat leraelon The app-araoee of thl- ee- f lihrated haliettr?vye will be enough of itwdf ti aUrae t * an nii"e'?e," tint I'm- pu' ' ,r rill ? p b gr-inme In a Ik? day. of the p* rf' <-m?nre* f?r th ' tl*j '' Mid venlng ' f tin* l-tb if avpu-t mat will a-mnieh tne \?? y.inly an IS .T ' ( 0??Ti>v? In fly If to yi tir nitiifi ?i ' Lfil? n ott.Uin rn.?nHMMl.' drxo "I rtDil? in h .r r<f '* Vr K I I ?f t f< ur Ji'j ?i th I'1 -urlOT* ?.f my C< tir dxttdl.or i < m- ii n? . Tb n in- \d< I ' nnd fhaMMln f >r ih |f>v I I -tttaJ on tt?<> . |fl|M i h#?* th<'hfnf? to h". ??ry tfu.y. kr , jl ?\ him | r 1 Tr> I' 0 ?< ' r?no?. V. n *ry tr .l1' inlaid ? llnM In Ihf ... niir roiion n i? r ifkliHJi, Ci H> 'x ! r"?t ? ?' fi' "iw Iwp r in w M?H'i W iiII mil old h 'i<? h. n ?nn .y-d t.y * rft/ii,'.' ? '. ? |?' r. i f ' An unrv? niMx jiriMMfif ml J llif' ??'?>? ill- n -m fwoin ?< h?? i . i <* ibIob f m I'. 1 nh'-ti - w .1 -k ' * I ?'r? n>l i Ary h * ?! I fcy "? M'l > ?'l-(ii?iiti.?. II I ?i ("I i\*ui'M .<>i ?l I'in * It |, i,n ' il ti ii i n ! #01111 )i uf v?t?i ?lili i' it. "i rf W > kill j. ii ? i r? i Ixr a lat * I" in i H fi 11 r .f :i ' i *i 111. r | I w ft i> In I ixt riit- n I y *! * n yt.ii ? t Ti' y # iff #?WI1 f * xf#l! M III' 1 f 11*11/ qfli'Xi qtj.l 'I ?n?i. -4 \iari. ?:? ? lnnr A^/'t'Cnr \ ' Xl C?laafeU College. The tii Dual commencement of Columbia College ** held Ui Trlpier Hall yesterday At do early hour the body of the Mall and tho galleries w. ro crowded alllt (be rti't of tbe city ; a very large proportion of whom were young holies At half past nluc o'clock, the student*, Alumni. tru?:e?? und faculty of the Institution, nod invited guests. assembk J In the large room under the Hull, und at 10 A M . tho procee-duu. headed by President King, started Into Mercer atreet, tlirtugh Amity street, and thru marched in through the malu entrance of the building. As the profession entered the ll.dl. a triumphal march, composed by Mr 11 K Briatow. t nd dedicated to tlie class ol IMA I. was elegantly pertermed by the Orchestra Mr Brtstow. leader The stage was occupied by the trustees and faculty of the college, the most distinguished clergy and literary men of our city. Dr. Webster and the faculty of the Free Acudemy the city Senator* aud Representative* In the general and State governments, und a number of other persons cf prominent standing in the community. Si viral gentlemen fr >m other part* of the country were prr-ent The e*. roisi'R of the d iy were opened with I - . .U H. l.V, ?,l.i?h s..llo?...l I,a I another piece of rierlkot uiuideHi. teilowino order(f eXiTe-ises wm then commenced by the candidates fur the .1. v-rc- ..f Bachelor of Arte, tir. 1. lireck Sa'.elatoty Address. John PcKuyter. jr. Mu-dc ? Mli.u.t from Symphony iu 11 minor " Mo/,art J Latic .-iilutBtory Address. Joliu II. Anthan. M j-ij ? Aria lr. tu the f /.ur t nil Ziwuieruiaiin " Lort/iug. 3 Kuglieh Balutntcry AJdrtm. wuli wr Orttiaa.? Kert." hegh K Dle-kinr. n. Music?finale, Luryanthe." Weber. 4. An Oration? nationalism " William T. Cornell. M ti'lc? Ortrturn to Die y.aub. rflato. ' .Mu/irt. ft A Poem? Th Uou*rkst' Merritt II. trdluivu. Manic?ijelectinn* from Lucia PI hatnmeruioor." Donlielti ii Au'baton?The I'lueatb.n and Induction of Woman"' John fl. \ieNary Music -' Is* Serenade" ttlisie W. 7 A I t < m? 'llie Inn. r Life " .'anaex D?K'.yrn. Mu 1 i d iih d.e \\ otko ' ?In r Kret-ehu'/ Weber < Mi Oration? A:mj in bite " II AugustuM l'ght Mn-lc?March. La P.. jhi t Moyerb-er i lie l.reelt- uu'ii'ory luMii-- by loha [) Kuyer. wis e.'uiiri.hly delivered. us en* also ihe l.slia sdiln'M by John II Anlhon; tee d liny elicit. ! hearty appUusei'r <m all | itiI* < I the crowded tn.ll. The Keegli-h -alu'.it >ry ; alien, by Legli It Dickltj^.u was Irngtlly. ou t It was 11' jii. ntly uileitd. in a rlcor aid e ..uaiaudi'ig Thee, 'ii . Lc J. lively >.f the oration > u K>. cionuliMU. by Mr. M i>! iu T Council a veiy Meg roc of orutoi'ml ltd nryumentive tab nt wit* Mi-p s*ed. TI X' rrifes throughout were g.-.v rally ple.iriny. and w.i| prfinie d; from the numb, r of richly wuveu b note in that fell let. the feet of eiirti speaker. a< he c >ucluu. u v>e rboiilM judge that the brilhaet array of I. lies who adorned the occasion nr* his Illy gratified Tito

nestle.n by P. Augustus Wright. on Definite Aims in 111. ofw the r.iai>ti rph ee <.f the-wh >le preceding .xcr. Mr. \> right is .;iiite a y ung man. yet his style of delivery, c< it.'eleiib d> meauour. manly bearing an 1 cloijUet.oe w< re -ii. h as w. ulM do credit to a l" ig practised orhtor. Tin t' stine tials awarded st the lute ruelu It "id oniI ?l'. Be weri then deiiyered to students belonging 11 the f veinl cla-een. The degreej of Ho h.l.r of Aria was ii t m conferred on the following gr^ of thi late be uinr Claw:? Ji hu lo-liu; tiT. Jr . Charles \ . Cook, Jan.. D' Knr n layh It P.. Vinson. J M alter Weaid, ll.jsa.'.t A. II illutau. Ji dm II Anthriu. lleury H ,le>bu<oa, Ji Ln I' McNary. G*tj(h \. Smiua, Pte?*rt JI. l.roHii. Willi, in I' Wiiiiih. W iu'mui II Waul, A Knurr Clrir-tou, Willinm II I?ra|u r. Churl -i- II Want lK-ury il. lli'dfonl. Moiritt li. Wellm-io, ll AcglirtU* Wrifclu. The di-grrp of A M wn? conferred on the following nlnnnl:? T!.i jnni!ti F I!'<-3ui Theodore F Ictwl*. .a hi> |trnk". Jo.M'pli W II .rin.r, lisne \an Winkle. ll W. Furnr. >1 l> i, P. W (Mnand-T. '111. 'J. r*0. Pri men Ki' iiutU VIcD -roiitt The J.^rrt t.?f 1 1> ?hi er.uferrrd on t he Highlit t. Jt.liu William'. Ji I' r.i 'UtlHrr I'rr^ijrtlt "t Trinity C I lt-iti. llariforJ. Hinl A mi-' -tt BUh< |> what of Ootmectl cvt; I-lr" on the Her M 1' Pari.* ii'.-i taut minister of Tiiiitty rkuroh. New York: tin-ilcv K-la-ri U Vermilyu. tw-turi-f lh?- Congregate n*l rbtircb. i'iiai<>n. N V ; the lli? PrnDrir I! ('iinitniijr recti r ->f ft. Mr.rk'. church. (.i?i-i Uapida.MiuIilgaii audtfi. IttT.t?"t*Tiii? Window, if l^llDlitlgtOU. Eeght-J A1;> r 'be w ii.-uy "f conferring degree- rti nur, ?ri r?l 'itli'T f-l'-Cfr 't excellent i.iu-r executed by the orchei-.r* An omtian (>n (hi- Trim l'rin.-ltfi-* r.r Popular (J.-reniuji-iii ' delivered by l-mc \ an Winkle. one ?t lh" ;r?uti?ni"u on whom th? lit!" of M A had bern reuf. rti d The *ubj"ct being an iti'.t-f""tlr? Mil'. ?r <!?' thr IroliBf i-imcir Air Vau W i (I k I" C' Uir.?-.10? J ** follow* ? "Vriclom . f action i? wan'* hlche-t prrrtu itlrc. It In * l..f ni f ll>" '?, ut-iT. t" tui'liuium run. fhr ixb-ai of out fr?tdoi.i i# ouiy prop.rUdnalila to oar ability to t; 111* rty tin r-f. rr. o:.!j| another n*rue f r power I INttp h|i4 li'.nriDlly an -ou! *tl r'u* th-mo* iiultliw who hi'lit uu.J*T tin ir banner are w>il iJoeaiaiug the pl-udl?*nt that bri'tlao world IV - lu tbl-happy laud, hare n in J to ?ourd tt. t romp of l'iia*l"m?w* ?n- already h i *. h> f'i?r em l.lVrty tut t he attack* made In the name r.f Liberty? iai*-ur?-wiii-h an- putt -rth and nupp ,rt . J ly man wbwr lew of freedom ami imputieuce of reuraint *? loertupe with practical aperlenoe. lben l? ret rally too little reap- ehnwn to Uw un I uathirity. w- are lo.dna right c.f the true dcrtrin*. that th? re i.? to- frr- uoiu where tb? re ? no ..r Jer and no ol... di. t:e. to tbe law- 1'hi L!;;hi *t pf?l?e of the political pb'l> -o; her i? the ability to 1 ok properly iu.o th" perfeel law of libettv and .-rder; for ia '.hair ry?f-tn*:lc runbination ? neUt i tl-e parf?c?iou of goverutui ut. 1 .... i . . .. .1 .. . f rm. ... to . a . i " ^ 1.1 ... 1. J V 4 k ..... .1 fr< in i.? minuti rpreta! Icn While1 reo itnuf til- dent tratie prtui-lpie x* til" rital eliujimt "f our (fOTeraiui it it Bwy not be in.pri.por to exprtp* toy ak.-tn at theft.*-, ful ii'i i ti which lav- been ^in-n to ii. an 1 th<- Utiliidiniciai: ?pirtt -with *ht. b it j-rai-M.-al application in noiifht The theory, a maintained fjr th<- redir.lH it tl- lay. i- br *4 uu the dorlrlne rf the nteolat" nod inherent r ,;ht cf ea-h in-llridual to c <trru Mm -if !r from all re.-traiut, ur in other word-. i.!<d.'< ore to uu law but thu' which i? mlf-im; owd. Thi ' I Li*1S lu he an rror. f iniidahie in the >ry an t de-tnio. tire In practice It llie people are lan/tit that aclf-giw vernuient, in thia ini-e, ir tt; p- tfrcle u of 4 v.riiiuout. thi y will etrtu'sl' to a Inahwi m if K' ? runu ut m Hit-, the only rare in which it ha*. r ran hare, for th- m a pr.ti tical uu-anin^. an t ae ehail piutnrej into hern, th ti-ni wt.ui atarchjr awl mafuri i prd lui.iatn?*r law aa.l orJ? r * W hi n we ptnk ut thi --ir ? M-rinii nt man tn a moral apart, we Jti t> t m. :in he i- oi'i. el only in ho u law a ha* origin In ltiillthlual in If. btit that ho arii or reiinliiti bi< Cuinluel in conformity Willi the *up Ul rui< of human arte n. frniude<i in iitiniiiiiihli- titi'.h and jurtlei I'rnl'iiy l? It >.lth bltn lit hit political rap u 1 elty. He grivitu hiiti- 11 t.y - tin- upreinc law if political actlou, which iu thi' i-ountiy. i? the riiatitu'iua I r.fer i ur | -i tile n-'. it utlrr?l f-em the p rm ?tr>t y epeaklrg. rartn-a lie Id to be ate u?? They hare hnntrd til'ir powi-r to a prr-rrihrd rti' of ar'too thpc-ipK a* ?n irolat. <1 mu ?. hare gn |. coJ right4; in *Ui h a on ferity i* : ? n i 't f-'tn; but tin- only lro? ore. r< ii r r in lK< n'. t ia t Ii. mi intn it. ?* > ?.m# t . av roll?I 1 hlr < ) tat log tbr rain-'i? anon thr mafm 11*'ii (i not itlng n , r louuJ rot >!uti' n in lli<- p.lnripl ? of onr gcvrrt A '-nt ; r< Ic.uli' D. wlili h it 1,? t > 1*. frar <J nill )'?it mo tr> r>tir republican f. fBi, nml prorr tin ilr-tiU' ti- ii of ?Ter)'.li1ti( apj rhltnf indiriiiual frrr. d< in It 1- the e r.-iliuti-n tin i -h')uid u 'Turn fjt it i* Ur ?!; rkirt ?( "ir p 'itttrni ?f? 11 Muflrr it for on. tr< iiirnt to to Hilar J ?n? 1 aui ?i -Imll liou ourvlii-i < u lie t*ry l>rink hi ru.n In It the all! of the |m>fb|i iiniij iipi> -"'l ar<l on y tbr> i.?li it ran thej act It till-jrr-at < '? fro-it or) law that r <ul ?tea tli?* ?b >lr 11 luteal ma- blr?rjr. V" p.'ii np an r-| i iitirium i f action aDiKl tbo o.uui-ri'tlnt ?li!H'i*? with wf.l.-h It i? ." r .. I Xbu1 I. r n.y i ! , < < |i?. hern to ah >w tat <li iii'*raoy la not I ?h Ul now en<l?t?"r brirtfr t< rip! .In ?b?t It ! laiauatacy l< a liriLelpio |W ?itl. .r.?t not the n .'.vw. <<t j->%' rnou nt It twloi'fa to ii i>! tin/ form. I.ut ia a fan iamrntal alMi'tnt wt""?illji . i imif in the aatarw of all ui?>1 r ?tri!??nt? In th'f??ri?. Hmvrr/ I- liuiamllji J'lrlop'if it -I If 111 ill" |i' Utl'-il atato It a?-.i*i th" ! AM*1.11 title u. an I In: lie trial I' ration of tile mi w. It r?c"4ri? wttb ?i pi .u ih" w i t of Trf- '? . '? m a?" tii I a at? a>Vmoa f''" ' "A t nn am I, ii 'i I In l f">' il n ankin t UmiKrwj tn i t uwivrr all?> ?i"1't?nl? oft?oo |^o no lv -t n i ilro-tii". I n kK kltflint I'ltkt Int'r-?t ' f tbr f??. t>u' of the I all) ll la the pritn*ip;? if ii"iB<Jr"?a.f. t'lH "UOliino , ?! ai fpr litioal i'inai.t f w!ili h. tike Ku iijaolia-iiiak-m tiirt[i li> IU mi?l"l. ait-1 a with rna^ie art. uai tr im. I oiRinl tnof ari bin inl" r pO'llei till r lliof at e> no I ra! length on tb? prinrlpl A iiOKtlif). ai -Mj-'rior to nti) oit? r f rm of foicriv i nt Mr I ar I* Inkl" foorlo li'I i* f t iw? ? In eoncla-ioii pi'tmit air at tlila janet naif ur c notn afrlri tn "minil join of thr nfillj of ail'r rinp I" -mijr to onr poi'iil eonIi! nib tin e'mpa t ruthe *rmt bulwark of Am-ri. aiitrmtrm llnm.ui'/ ii itrivgllnt In thr oil w .rbl , n nnt.iiiilrn Itxlf f? >tn tin- t'tiari of p -iitl ii f pri ->ion ln.k.< upnn na In Ihn h nr of n oil for mo,-.r ni iillif. nnii *<il! up>n no. In aili o iii >-jr trrai-. to ?ar? let n tii-n. rnlly rotiai h? Imig<t of th# l b n u'ii' tbr lnt? ntl 'tir < f IU f luoilrra ami the ui oamontal prilrtptaa on bu b it Ic hanii bet no ' njrfpnrnn W'lioi I11 'K mcnn* mm ion rimy mar In r.ijr nnitnf ry and th* (hrlniK lodltutioa* that ?* b*-?a> d down to n? hy tli? patriot* ?iw wi?. ly i.njr d lh?' sonntj'tttioii. wliilj |* Uin only aaf-juitrd of ur Mm ny A ?alidi?*tnfT mJdfnan. with ?n omtl-in r>? thr Kifht* nd Hnair'tnIMIttlm of rrnftnrd rutl ?) *?. ** d*-li?.r-l I I Kr * II linifMf T'im -t ri i-o< of tlio day r|.? .. <! tf at 4 P M . with n jiriy-r Thi- la-j" tli'n i* of !?*. I it> ra then m porotwl and thr alndnDi* and fim-l* rn- i iln d ! ? th?-ri'fri linn nt r?r,n. whnrn ? filiation. pr?- 1 ind inriolkht rtjlo l.y Mr Di-I.tint*, am in frail- i *m Thai wl?4n ?4it?r1ainmrl>t and |>"rfurinaa<ia? .l'y??- I rdsy wnr? >urhn o l--nv* n yratifying Iriit'fMnt m on in mtrdn >>f (Juno alio hail Urn pin- in. of wjtn.viiu ( m na* ml an* Murine AfPaJro. Ptntr ?i ur tin A'i? ?Thr K M -l-p. '-dtij. t-'a iplalo JuJkinv h ft at anon. jo H-rJ iy. f. I'mrp 4. in rnrriitl not 101 pa?-? n<nrr. nnd t''ll >*) In -p< <1? Lai ir iirr?At Pmwrr Malnn. fto nn'ly. by Mr ,at u < ulton a fia'uMlry Lark of Jf*i ton* ra.)> I tha I'am>>Its io bn n> ii.ii.m ! I hyOptaln Dialnl Abndd ll -r I ?ry. f< at ill In to M' r|ty. irllh a nafifo of r h?r Thr I' I n?u>d '.f M?* r*. franll liiy A I It ll'.ft'ti; I ?ra I niil N? * iiryp rl; |,.? ml p-adfi til Panffrr A??^*iii t ?rn< fc <?i W'lUlnn Hi?mf l)f J'Mi I "if Mf V. oil ii. and thn Htit'i A rn? fniip K'Mf no ?trin t> Ihy Captain niil I bni ti to I ny Whlih f HIT piun,>a >j li ! pi i .iHla'ily i?o|?nr;itinf . anh much l-?*lh.n tlkiii lytiAtof ItPf. | j, City lKUlU|tM?. irriti in thk lium ?Yesterday morning. juite %n i witiDi aoeuc occurred in front of the (Jutted States Miw ?), in Pearl street It apiwar* that a clerk in a atore lit hut street. and in the immediate vicinity of tliu hotel, nil believed to have written some anoa\ iuou< letters to a lady up towu. togersd to a gsntlentau. and who is r? pcctahly eor nect. i in thU city. The purport of the letter* wa~ to caution ilia lady against her int-nded; und ' It seems that they dealt very roughly with Ills character. The fair one handed the letter* to her betrothed, who eoDMilt* d with a friend, aud they hcih proceeded to the store where the clerk was employed The trio ad of the aggrieved charged liiui with writing the letter*, which lie produced. The accused denied the charge, hut the hrndv ritiug appeared conclusive to his accusers; and the geutlenian who was the object of attack iu those epistle* dtew forth a eowhi.le an tppited it to the sup| po-td writer A large crowd collected around. aud couj aider able eteiteuient pr. tailed We ha*.* not heard | whether the matt- r is likily to lead to any further proceeding* Fiar. sen Ki i ?A fire broke out, on Tuesday night abou' 0 o'clock lu a new unfinished cnttag- house, on Flighty-fourth str* I. betweeu Ninth and Teuth avenue's; uBdtefori water could he had to throw upon the firs, it had communicated to two other hou- .*, iintl-dsued, which wire burned down. There were four new two story hemes iu a row. with yard room between each. I which were fired, it is >npp-*?d, by an incendiary. The fire Department of Vork*lll?, llurleni in t vicinity, | and several companies from the city, were nu the spot, und worked In line, frem a creek some distance from the Etc. Tin' property was owm a by Jotin 11. An<.re??, Fiat ?Between 7 ami H o'clock last night a fire no. rimed In tho ha=i meat i>l" builJiug No. 'JOl I'-arl str-et. The apuriun nt w sg occupied by Jit me* II Osleu as a tiut.k inaitiitiict" ry. The timely arrival of the firo d *piiitDjint prevented iln Haines trom spreading; hut damag e wns done nv ihe water to the amount of about >110. 1 be Mock w?? insured iu the Grooers' und other .Uforunce offices. Fi*i. in Wu.liamsm in ?Between ten and eleven : o'clock but night. ibe lumber yard of lieuiill Will-t was d<'trnpi d by fire Two t-tabli-s ndjnioing the yard were ulso coaeunu <1. A huge quantity of valuable lumber was either burned or damaged s-> a1 to bo rendered useleis Onrrejn. .t-r could not m-certaln the amount of damage doi.e; it mud, however, bo very oonallarable. Narrow Kjcau: i rom Dbowmno?About half post ' ii* o'clock, on Tu^isy evening, as tb# steamer Transit, <>i the Hamilton avenue ferry, wiu approaching the shy, M illbuti llavrle. who was in a em til but. w?? ruu | down ?li.l almost drowned Harris made every effort to getaway but h;'oarB being bent hi wn< unable torn ike hi e?c;tpe. It Hppt srs that he held up his d imaged oar, ind celled to tli' job t to el op. The piuvsngvrs on board the Tran-it al.'o called out to stop th" steamer, but uo notice was taken of it. Had not Harris been a go id I swimmer, he would positively have been drowned. As ; soon as he fell ivirbonrd he dove to the bottom, by | which means be e coped the wheels of the steamer, lie I viu afterwards picked up lay llcnry K. Rose anil Charles .Karl. of lb. newsboat. H'n understand that Harris luleiid.s to pr- -secute the fi rry company, ou tho ground that the accident might have been prevented by those who hud the management of the Transit. Prownhp At Si a from on board the steamer PenobscotctfS<[ii:in Renrli. aliout nloe o'clock on the evening of the'A'th July Robert R Neison. of this elty. aft d ihirtvihvreji .rs. son of Arnold Nelson. Ksi| . ol Albany. lie was on his passage from Ne* York to Philadelphia: and whiie in coi-r-r ..lion with Mr Denning, of lYibcOusiu, ou the l uiriuKiu iii ck his hat blew from his head, ami in the (fiort to regain It.h lost hi- balance and fell overboard. Cnpttiin Clark iiuniedietely stopped the engine, an-l sent a I at in save bun The steamer lay to over an hour, and tvety possible etl >rt v-'ivs r.iade; but, owing to the darkrii s ci the night, they were unable to find him. The u? f< rtui.ate youtig insn had sunk to rise no more The 1 | utile will s? e, r-n referring to the advsrUsiug columns, that a reward of f>ICO Is offered for the recovery of tin , t>?.<ly City Cm *ai>ikbs?This rinipanT- under the coin m;jim i-| ? j'jii nil r,"rir?un. wii?'*u n*n ju*i ucru u rt J will make their E : t. public parade ro-day. They ?ru< ipfti' d to muster b rty rank aid hie. and wi h their splendid uniform will make a very creditable appearance. . rotter IiiUIllgence. fai Cargt l.lhhirtion.?A Miwewha'. remarkable 11? *' wa- pi itiled yesterday. In-fore Ju-t ice 1 I otlirop. !ti which Inu ri-pcctable pbyslciau* etas t im; iii-jtui in the u> lueticn (.f n y u u 11 g girl, about fourt eu yiiiir of age aaiatd Hira Mohan Tnt following i*tli* substance of the nfHila'l made Ufore tb? magistr ?to by I), -.'tirif the abducted girl ? Catharine llrlila, vf N> tv Jirkn>n atm t, tf this city, sot. forth that. on or about the i>th day i f June last her el-ter. Kliza M?h*n. U au.l Inirteen year* nf age, *a? taken uway. irvrigltd. or abducted, fr'm her mitUer and ftirud? In tbe ea d city, by a certain J'bn K. ricymour, und a certain l>r. F'urke, and one or two other- to the witins* unknown; and thia witneea Lit rea-otiillv ground. to brlii ir, and dor* brlitra, and -o charge*, that tbc ai l 8iyin< ur and burke, and other- have t k n away, inveigled, or abduct-d the -aid Eli**, in nrdtr to pin. Dt her being u*rd a* a wttne-- against the .said ittyn.tur to n c mplaint which -he wa* about to mak" ar-mud the raid reyincur, tor having had carnal interc ur e wiib the -a>u Kh*a. wlil-t -lie re-'led in hi* boure and ?a- in hi* tmployment. The witoe-j further ?:.y? thi.t in a eonvt rpattoa wflh he- thkr hiiza -ha be1 run.) cognizant ol t fact of her aeduetiun by the ?*ld t fejiiu ur: and. also, about three day* prior to her -aid <i.t.r Laying Uen taken away, as aforeraid, tlr braid her ri-ter Eliza charge the raiJ key mo nr. in hi* presence, and In the prc-enno of an< theT ptr.-on. with having had cai-nal kuowl.-ilgi of hi r. in the ahtTi u:t ulloni d manner Ami the -.ritne li.ilhir r'.u'.il. that the la.-1 trace -hi ha- hi n abl- to ' thm of I r aid irter Klir.a In, thit she was t-en in a iirriagu. r ar the ?*!d Heyirour'a residence. In thl* city on the littfc day of J Due last in company with a brother ol the raid Inyiuour. ar.d the said Seymour ha* *ii?ee ' t-ii wui th ,t ihe va* carried to Bctc-u. in the ftate of M*tt*cl.iu>. It-. And deponent ha* roti unable ground of belief, and rerily doet U lieye, that the *aid r'eytnour he*. ly *rifvl an i ibccitful promise* and falsehood-. t?i<? sway the aid l.'llta. a* aforeaaid. to prevent her betrguod aeawilnei* against hiui in u contemplated prra? cutli n. ail 1 t.l-n f- r the purpose* of p.'titullou. with'lit the dt .lit - f her mother or any per-mi haying ligal charge of tor'' 1he nisei. Irate on the facts a* l'< .. rWirnt lnj i hi war.aut for the .-rr-rt < f Mr. fc.yiniu. ai.d I?r lioike The two accuis I partlc* ap. I-. r*d voluntarily 1 the n- *gl*tratc a- I J -nls-l the acriisatitn, sr. i al otce f.^ui-t-J a hearing, setting f. rtb. iLetr al i:.:j to r? fote the eh ?ige and stabUsh tin ir trie- .1 ce Jn :l Li ttrup :*t th *u the he# nog f. r it o'ebekthi- day TL. twoaeeu* d paitie* ?r. re prni'.'.lei t<-r ir.ain oo U.,!. j ir; 1- of honor, perdii ttlo lori tli khtl> U .. a II ft a,-if %1'taotpt at Sui {Jr ty Iht tlui' u?'F r W'l _t ?rdnjr arr. ?rvl n mm u.nrj J< hn ytllV ' n a ? " "5t i u> I by Jui-tic M mntf rt. on tl. B;I Bl *?>.' ?h'i eh la BWith iMi.iilt.r Lit au-1 ' i *?t mm lirr l'f?- ?itn * Urg. enrll kko n n r n ic 'in { to ?tur* roetdenet. No. i Jciltil *ltr--t. f- u.i'l him in lha ?ii h| hmiM la the turd lb ffl<irfnitt4'P<Qth' duOT and hi. i. J ft ill lying il v? 'iii pnnv rtraw, in ?tuirPi-d c B'litSi a. ai d by hi, rldo l?y mi no ply rial, lulu Hi<1 " luv I: nuut ' Thr i ?r. r ImBi. <1' Iy oruriirnd i. >l't:icr . hmI I. th't'th eot?t"yrd liiiu t" tin? lVllee rucrf. ?h? it mcd't il -tld >?*' procured ari't Ihi1 l:iu>l muni tak n In m hi" at' 'mob, i nil be 1. in* ...ti-il.r'd out of Iin.yrr Ellll. a 1 n h" had r*eo?'Ti-d > uflV-lrritly t H'i j a '-rul ti lt he bud tab u tw ' "onee*' f lli? j. 'l?..m no dm?. with the Intantiou of iMraylr ; hiriilr. It f in tint the (i '.'SiwiBfiit with lit* wife w.t? the (M r.f thr MMfl ?t utrnlp. YravH cm , f' "w? - A e< mp'.alnt we* y?-trrJay pi'"rr?ii I'firi .tu-tlre M< anifurt byI'ttrtm I Myrr*. ' o. j' fi| i ,t j M j. t. who rher*m I'bllip barley with IfMiiulim kiuiwlf with tiutnlier "f roWit)"#, ?n<l pro. nnlltf loth# houae rf l.autite No 9. and th<T? raido/a dlftarOacrr and! ngltig the tuetnlrr* of ai l canIrbt tut to tl)?r? and Parity ore h'-'.li llmam ft,* mm-i trale twlry to ball in thr ?uui > ! MKtfar Liu , o? bi hiiiiw ( ' ? r i# at I i '' i I '"onirrfrU Tarn IMt.vr Mil/? Ifflror K'.eti * I.* of lb* thief lid* armM yn|> nlty a y.miiii a.ihi wUliNt t" th-police BUthorttlee, by lit BMW I J< ?id i. the eharf' id pa?in? a counterfeit t*. o J?ilar Mil '< *10 Malnme. proprietor of th" Marion lb Or?, uilnai''I i? H' rat Mnmtway On oarehiog tlie ar:>< i <r. aold wnt li ?i< I. nnd No ?-.'J 'Uppo.'il to i" ftnUo. Th? i.r u'i d 'u taken before tbo Chief of I'l' ami w?? roiiioittt it for a forth, r liunti/ I _l? notii ittir the ?rre?t of Joon Tf'dl. fl u f .I wilh ttal'.ng a oon.lurof watrhe, from a Mr M a t < r. at V. 'il <ir? i nwirb uireet. it "If ui I lotto l? on N' li itou? '1 i'fw|. i nil Dot No If an it" p il.litli J in y?tt r<la) "a h-ioW rit? Kuntardlng flMalnt**. VOtMlMMlVM lit it* ii, I tired in to ilat't ffrta'd an irt rl un I r th- Strad (o | |b Ld.* C-B I'lftl hl.ta - ht.fttrm a-f I l 1- ? ra k ItiuMirato nunirroio and re*|n < NMe nlv>? of Ki' I. who lie ft (iiIkI lit Ik" for * a I'd iii*' l>u iw < ?r rirr)le| ttuir. m l ri'iilnli in thl* an I a t?rn ei iw; ar il kn<?li>* jour umn r ?l wllllngno?* t?> port error gtwirg-ut ol a mi-m| nrehm?ion or ? Maton ' ( Ihi-u I * ul I mi* grot that you Of-J I'j or ex;.lain jiurl?ni?a?r ?o that it inaj nut he roo?trard to the pn-iiutlr* or inju.y of any not dn-errlno it, You clna* Imatnliti ?lin emigrant lr ardlng honio In p?r< runmi-rrd oikir lai d fdit'ea." who !l*? ?n what lli-y I'lur. i?r from tin- hard working and miirh aiiu-rd rUw of people K >? tin l* wrong and tinju-t The legttt i"?'i tie inrn of f< raarding la cnttr-dj <SI**-onnect?l with tht carrying of migrant*. and I < an a?*ura y u 11--it I) oa i no' a r-?t*?tabie f. twnrd eg hut*' In the illyothiw Y'Ok ngaged In weet ro r mil and lake tila-i-' nation tl at ha- th? lighten Int-rw**. din ctlj or IndlriPtlj. in tin unigrant parrying kudarM. forth<-r than n diilir In a?p p n.moa j net ice oo?? Th- re arp g" ii inanj nub -ranged in a tariff j of way*, in whn' periapt. might I r railed forwarding hut ro*pe?tabl-no ii engagrd in thp tronepnttallno of niprchandt**. and ikr product* if the country, to and ft "in tide water din t like 10 be rlaMfd among emigrant runner*," and hum,1(1 bl< < drwrki ra. a bo lire and f.tlt* n u^on the iiiifiMiii-ol iheir fall'w leing* I !- (? jott will giro tlil* a place in the f/ei-i'<f, and If at jour ii mark* on thi* atihjept In fotore may not h>o*reptlM* of a eonrt roel too eaje elated to attaen odium In ii efOI and g'?d clUaena 41 dfli'K. hi ? V'oaa, Jul) (K. I'el. The Optra at taatle CMirtm, I ait night r.maril " w?? rrprea?nt?i| t" fore T 17 l?g?Bt niMt :*- t.| Uniitj Umte mmI ft'hlon andlh>' \ ntlinrU-m di.-i '?f? d !<*.? * ?. r brn-n r<|uill<<d bf any , pr< ntati'.n A 1^-r! rl 1 rn. f apt -laii-a, ? hi- h U-.-d , ir wthiI m.outr . gin-tad th?' exertlua* of th* rom , all/ at lh? tMmiMlior <1 tin third art and thn arti-d'- 1 n-?? li'ii'iid .-.^ain atd again l.j 1 -in? railed i? P-i* In- < 111 tail.?tin grand igate tf that art litdBH > tiiilai ma <.T<'/1 -iiianl?Harlnl MM( wlt'i ?-n j, ImMjI ?I'a>i -It ana artirti fl and air *?li> a? ii 1-11M m a< t?d ?l h mm h npinl a nging w.'li 11 r l rmi v InliiHi a/ and p-?rr It ?a? a grant TnM?'? f al tiiat Ti- nigl.t. ?a ?n> to ham " I.a it-innum' um " t .tli I i - 1 -mil. naiT'-. ati-1 Vnrlnl. Ol a-nia* th? II r ill (,.ri ?.|id a u tial ml Ilia ?rtnnjaU?m .?f *' ill tl| lit r a/ k" ri|?Hli l na tfcr part <>f th? p'ibin * rtiTkhd tit aitt>ta ara inl j In ?r??-t. 1 r - ?? IOoard of B^VMflon* Jt'i? 30?B I!. Benedict. bq . Piestdent, in the eluiir. I I "*he ulnutes of last proceedings ware read end ap? A lirtltlon of ward (dk<-r< of the Tenth war!, for td sjpr rlatlon for hooka for ward school 27, wan rulcrr.^ to th> committee a i rt In faror of a new school at t'aruntnsrill". waj| , la i o lli<- table 1 oy-?..vt ?Amongst the by laws, and general rule* aid ri'KUlst' -os proposed and ordered to be printed, were the following tut< d meetings shall be bold on the first M'< dne-d of sTi iy r'"nth. at 1 o el* rk. 1* M , from the tint, daj tJf A|*i 11 to t! " flrst day of October, and at 7 o'clock, I', il j from the ttret day of October to the flrtt day of April., The meeting chall be hid at the Court H ?.m of the Superior Court N* w City Halt" or at such othor piaae or tirno as ilia* be designated by the B >ard Apodal mattings may bo rati, d or the President, or at Una w ritti-u rtijUort ol any flee members The l'rerident sod Cl-rfc shall hold tholi -odic s fir on? year, abd till others are elected in their places, unl'-eij , sooner remoeed by the lt>a'd ^ _ Ii lie r.xtriiiive < < minutee on uu rree Academy maix ninet etnteoly ihe lid and 4th Wednesday of erery mi ntb (t xd-Bt August.) at tin* room oftlm Hoard of Education, at k o'clock I' d fcuui Mav to October In! elusive; during t'is re-iduc of tha ye*r at 70'eioek, P M.' Tin* Clerk shnll make u r-eini-anuual abatement to thm | B' ?r.| of Education. r<. wit: ou 'be tint day of Jauum-y iifd tho trrit nay of .Inly. exhibiting the amount of in nrys expended ill each ward, lor build tig. roptr*, n ut. ><>ai lure. ko . Ate Alier miui- dl?u>ai<'u on seTeral sections of the by? 1 laws the lh*rd arijourui il. Three anna of Henry Hendrlckaon, reridiug In th? loan of Kocbestir N Y w-. r? out shooting siiulrrel i, tin* if.'u lo t . wb. 11 om ot tlo iu tiring Into the bu^ *, discharged the cot tent* of t.he KUn in the right shoulder ami breast of hia brother, a l?<| 13 yeara of ?? . m-daii'lv killing Liu. ???????? , Klelilng and COlIllun Klcurtlon. ? Tito splendid "fan or CiTlLI - t will nitke two grand Kr irsit ns o# hsi.dy Hook. Tue*duy and Priitay ne*t H'a uud'rrtutd Mi .t t) It lout Ins liven chartered expressly loir tii cciT;i<L, In order to ?i.< 1ai~i>iei uu opportunity, i ? ?rtn v i ii ".Ik r. t? i.i ji j 1 li? ten Oreo so, and partake i.i t ia ay rt >.f denclng aud log. for houri of leaving, too advutUeiuent. To the Public?I'lie Sulinrlhitr Ixg* ta> announce to the yul lie teat lie him now opened that ut rn northwest corner ol Va i k ?nd Vondarn streets, aod I -h he ii I r- | Uleil to fum si those who mae patronisa him, with, tlm tin. st <|ualitii? ?.f ?roiery t^oda. and at the ahaapesfc price*. llo has s large and select stock of the ohniccafc nunc al*a}? on lie. d. Thuao ?ho will faror hiin with* call he flattirr hie.sell" he wi I *>"? entire satisfaction Observe now. ar eery "ore northwesteo ner of Vnrkk uu# Vnbdaui streets. _ ALEX. HE Pit URN. The C hi n|?r?t M>lrt lore In N?w York, l? that lately opened ?>y Tl.oum* Mobaughlin. on the corner oC ChAUtt ri ti ii Ortviiwioh he k<vp^ evrry variety >f Di< f4 and Fffcy Hiitrt* Zei hv- Und?r*hirt^ C;?lIim Vmv If. fnsi.?n(i-r. m d-vrv ?.rt e'.eof Men's t uraish . it~ Cl.'.d*. Ims* bhirw nrn- tmrdir, and w irrantad to hk? TU MAS W, uAHGtlUN. corner tlha'i hers and Gr.euwiuh #tr?ot?. Therr In no In the Wardrobe of m retit!*h an o' mure itnoorta"'? to his p rvoatl appeartaco limn an elefrantly-maae, *i*ll Miirt, It jn holievoik tbnt in this department of " i-tiiin*', GREEN, No 1 Attof.' House, tckts precedents fill! **"l petit ri lie intit'Jl tho test oi comparison, mid I" o nti nt to abide the reonit. Wtnc'i *111 ?op# i htite l? ?s one or tin * dsy : I nt ? til tl ij n the in uient* demur d for Bute aotl Sin -? will t ontiriii? t he a great >?uht at the Uootm.ikci'e 1'alon, *2 Knrsnu ate. et. Prenrli Shuea md Gulieiii ?Junt rtrelvcd I fr' ti Parii larrr t *. r' "f Shoot and Gaiters, taaie by the le ' n unufa'tirers in Paris and of th? mint ejlebraHtl f' 1 nt-t t ! *?" .. > vert >tjlt ?f It > it*, Shoe*. Gaiters fce., can 1 e f* utid at tttttiOKS" .New Vork B i t aIIif ' SI oi Etui oriurn. li" t'"|ti*n strict- the cheapest plae<; in the cily to pet a i ml article. <*ouiiitvl'w T.lqRld llnlr DyelnMaiillywno ( ? r-? red or rr?y hai t? ir??> black. Gmtrnid'e Italian | M di- 'iti d Soap i ui'tif tan pimple*. frectclc;-., snob irn. j eruptions, tallonne-r, and al' ekiu deformities. i'on Ire Subtile utri ot* 1 a:r In u lo * for heads, or any part of tho j hod>?warranted. J iqcio Vi-.e'ahlt K"Oge, l.ily Whit**, i Ilair 01' * S't., fun d ut the eld 11 tabliahed depot. 67 H I k. r street. far Broadway. Caliendtr. *S South Third street, Philadelphia. Hielr Uy*e and Win* eaoi be fnnnd In (ho 1 jr*:?te? pr ruction at '1st in l-r's, No. 4'-Vail ecr-et. Uib ; Wi?s and Toupees ar.* *in-ii?pa?acd fir natural tpprtrauOB and durability. 14 to Hair liyc ean also he procured at alt' 1 Jtuef ids and parfu in ??' *. In town or country, I?. *,?(*; ft | Imitation#, and cop* *h? ?*M?? Hiitclilnga' Vrtte-txlsle Dyrnprpnln BIKeiht. , ?To prevent ojspens'u purity y or aloud, and to *radk- itii I the disease when it is brnly d. use a mediiiasof ! km w If used efficacy tlutchiris*' Vegetable Py-p (,m? Kitters will r.iiet h tb eases It I* ple'sant and agr.abla t+ I tl.** taslc. prompt and t Ifcc ice io *ostorio( the system to ito j natural visor, ami i? tho she#pi*st medicine bef it the publio, ft is for sals, wholesale or retail, at the prlnoipr! ilBca, Kt liilton street, np stair# MONEY MARKET. UVu.vKsDtr. Juijr JO?ti I' M. Tin-re le nothing pcw Id tl.a 'tuck m.trh. t to-d-iy. i rire* n iiiain snout toe e.wie a* at tne clo-e y "trrday. with transaction* to about the *anw ext-nt. It la nothing mere we fear. than a abort pau*e in the downward movement, and that n further decline will lie reell/ed before the lap-* of many day*. The turn th>- in.irk t h u< \ taken will, without doub'. bring many *p*culator? homo | from the ni ighboring wa*< ring place", and give artirit/ ' to operation* in t beat ret The movement* of th<- Metropolitan Dank hare, no drub', had a tendency to tighten the money market in a flight degree. There i- a large ela-a of person* in thie eity. iu the baWit of b >rrowlng ! uccumnt money for a week or ten day* at a titn?. and , 1 returning current fund" Tin* ha* been put a -top to, and purtiee alio are daily rent ting large amount* tf country niorey hare opei.ed account* at the Metropolltan Itank. *o at to dep<*lt uueurrent bill". There h uo truth in the report that the Merchant* Kxehange Itauk I had joined the Mi tropoli'.u in the redemption *y*U"n The ri'ceipt* at the nfll.mof the V"i tant Tr-a-urer of thie p"rt. to-day. amounted to f b7.147 .7; payluc.iU, 9141 012 W?balance, $2,414 414 64 We notice the failure of two inanufaelurin * MaapanW at tin I aet. the Malta* a tu Company and a < mpaoy iu bomerTllle. I'oanerttrut The etiam-hip A?ia for Liverpool. carried out <ii hundred and forty-one IbucanJ lire hundred d -liar* rpeeie. A much larger amount wa* rngng d for -hipnii tit. tut many order* eate clunleruiaud. I Thare *?? a large failure in Uiltimof* to-day Toe amount of llabilitiee must he very heavy The h new extensively i ngegid in the tanking and brokerage bu.t* nee*, and the *u-peu*ion uiu-t em hurra** many lit in- who hare depended upon the concern for fhcilltie*. We are prepared for all tide, and hare uo doubt hut that. I nun; vliitp ?IU mvo Mki*. The ?nn< *?il table anbibit* the monthly roe. i;.t* itf th* l ull Itinr llailroad O' m: any deluding payment- to ..It I ntbtr tcad* fri m April. 1817. to Jane. 1851 Tai i. Km * K?n loin. 1817 ? IHl-i-'l 111 " 50 1*.'j- 1 >r?t?Wr.... ? ll'.alX A| 11 JM>7 ' ? I3.7n.i *ti ! January , ? ?'M 33 11.671 J'A li.lHl ;! j February,.... ? b7U3 43 tllW? liaH 7 Mr-. I. 13 4*3 W It > ' 13541 *'l I7.?" , Jkpfll . 11 as? :4 11 H? IM 16 K7'J ?3 M8.&M ?ti May 14 137 10 I47M13.1 15MVi75 l? 144 01 June... 11.310 V8 14.* . "7 17.-4>i)3 ? July 16 MM M 17 4i.t 74 31.1*7 *" ? An* net .. 33('? 4D 3 - HI 35'"31 WO ? (rpl.Bt?r ... I?7?4 38 19017 03 33.773 to ? October 17 <66 41 le'Cai* 3U3HO 7l? ? N- ? ml r . 14.034 60 16 74.. 67 |h i?o 03 ? * ptww an ' ?a>liui(n*?) iild i.'olony Retire >4. Th? i lion- -ut-B>mt uTgaiii in tie uio'iihly r-. with th? d<l.t paid by the net lamloga, and :i capital .4 only H C5".' oo. ?b??? 'bat the road ha* Iwu a. il m d**. <1. and the pro-nt price of I Imp stock l? muei* b*|. a It* value. Pr> -1.1. nt KlUoior* ha* l-au-d hi- pr .cliiatliou to *?U at aneth-n. at 8t Angia-tine Pa. N>r*iahcr 34 1-51 about 1 C4ii.i*0M(w?f public laud-, lyinv >.?? flu. 31 vult l.iiin la sn tie- "t A .I- i " In.- I i t r i t - ft lilp ??i Ire If not -old at pi per acre. It I- -nY -M to piivaie wiry at thai irjre It I* *old In (rants of 80 acre. The-ale* are h. .1 I r t?.. *?. : II l. i I li' n 16 In erery I other rr-? nation*, and the *wamp land* e -l -.l I the I State under I he aot of September 35. 186#. sr?- erlnl-d I fr< III * >! N" location f r In. I V in.I i*? p. r ii |' | t'il 1 ale lamer and laud *ul\j?ctei| to private entry, a- dl- ! r.etid by Appropriation act uf 3d Mnrrh. 1*'?1 > WHJ ?rr-? fituni' l n irih of On- i?.> n aid i| Strict are In k I 'l l ilUi MH lint InJ pli. aud In tli" MSif mnnnar A atmttnr naif taki-i plar? at Ni-wtmaavillr ?n th VI of MnVaBihar. of ab iUt 7i-> 01 0 acre*. Ipiuj in lli Xp*. Mivilla ll-trirt. aouili i.f the but lltja and "I town hip t?fl?p. an 1 ?Uo of about Wu tM acre* norbli if a*l<l lin*. A Itki ialf l? hail at fallah .wv N.,ramb?r IT.ofwb ut 440 1.14) arraa. all ?-a?t of fall aim-?* * About *'} mxi n?r-? aip north an<t about 4o ( titfcai rw rouCi otth" !.? Uu" Th* tin-atoll .-mount to Im mid In Florid i 1MW HA i'T'-a l.lki- aab " ara to br made at ."nu't fir Marl* in Mii'la pan, of abtvt Iflfticno aoroa. on tlia ifith of tt-tn|*i 1 A*". 1. lalng landa north "f thr b-i-? Una and aid of tU ) rinrlpal m. ridlan I'arl of it U in 14 Kopali- 4 lh" land' ar-- nf rtb < f tcwmMp 4 lilhi aaji arc to ba mnili at I' wn City Ft pt n.hi r I *> " i. ?'f ati nt JOi.tOOartv I at falrlh Id. loan Ant to Ur 1 . is I I t ?h- lit fa f>arr and at lot: * ' f Aonu-l Ml nn bliinlnl ni-a ut raaan handirdacr til north ?f ha-i llnr a? i ?! .( nt fifth jrtnclpal raariillaii, xcrptin an bland in T ?2 h , K. 1 K and .4. I. , of 1 27 1 II WW of fifUi prinrlpal mi rldian Hi ... ?| at< b piJi oth- t- i h id in An/n t a< | in.' r it d fli-ri op! in Mb h'-.-an Hi t i ri At an - t| "i,i - Hia and < l-i *h> Thi a.vr- , if'" pi o i.l r- t.- - i la i.b--ut 4 4 . TW i."fa* ?ln-li it ' ?... I < r a' a n. l atani nt t? >7'17 !2' Wr p- , I || I i a, ! Ill th li.Mjr I" mid at I'lit! . mi!- p. rim; ? t| m n inh ail a>a d fir minimum pri 1 p-rarrc >t< ft nt It" I n ) d -po- 1 of i hy pilrati t.tip t i W -?b iifUtn'lj *t ft 2-1 Tbi a?id.'ol a?A I

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