Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1851 Page 3
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<rt lelng the public landr in the Washington aewsp tp.?w t *?? u the local papers only, la very imperfect, and r >ai- I ^ paiativ.dy u*elc-e. The proclamation should be ?-ut to 1 very post oflloe in the Coital States, ami all public fltcce. anil public institutions, and pla 4' *t, such i aa the Exchange iu I hie city. , The New York and Boston Kailroau bj ? .. ? | what has le en called tlia ' Air Line Hallroad," pr">p > * I a few years since, to extend from New llaven, in n- irly a direct line, through Middletown, Wl I Her, antic, Ate., to i Boston. is about being undertaken under such auspice' aa would seen) to ensure its success. The Company h'tv procured all the charter* neosaaary to make oue uubrokvu | line of railroad over this direct route from New lliro.i i to Boston. tvruinuHng at the foot of Bumner street. Hoi- ! ton, and have put the entire control of thi line under ne board of directors. Books for subscription to stock will soon be opened, nud aa soon as one million of dollar* ' are subscribed, tbat part of the road between New Haven and BUik-tene (Mass ), about 100 miles, will be put under oontract. The road is proposed to be built lu the ; moat substantial manner, with no grade over forty feet j per nnle. The rail is to be of the most apf roved pattern, j exceeding in weight any in the country, sndiuerery respect the road is to be constructed with reference to speed and satety The distance from Boston to New j Hat en is about ldd mile*, or from Ib-ston to New York 210 mil* s. The *aving in distance from Bo'tou will be 2*) to 28 utiles. uLd from Worcester, Kitohburg, Lowell. &c., will be nearly 20 miles. The sating in time will Ik- still greater; and no doubt is expressed that the entire distance from New York to Bo-iton can bo run in six hours, i This shortening of time would cause an immense increitso j f travel between the two groat commercial cities Hire- , tofore the construction of this ' Air Mho Railroad" tin been delayed by the opposition of the people of Hart- > ford, Norwich, ami other parts of Connecticut, and 1 particularly by the intrigues of the Hartford financiers who tire determined to force the railroad travel through Hartford. The Middle town p? oplu have now tulien hold of the project in earnest, subscribing largely t) the stock, and engaging iu interest with them capitalists and other business men in Boston as well as other places. The cost of the road, as estimated by the several enpincers on the different sections surveyed, la as follows: ? New Uaven to blacks',one. 500 000; Midland road from South De-ilium to Boston, *47-1000?Total, $J.974,000. The Norfolk County Road, extending twenty six miles on the route from Boston, is to be held by leas?, ttt an an. nual rent of $10,COO per year, over and above one-half of the gross reoeipts of that road frnn its local ea-niogt. Chas. II, Alsop. Esi[ . of Middlctown. Coun., is President of the new Board of Directors. Messrs Samuel Russell Thomas Addison, William <i. Haek.-taff. and E. 0. Ammidown, of Connecticut, are associated with him; while Messrs W. I'arnum. II. N. sister and Marshall IV Wilder, as Presidents of the three railroad companies iu Massachusetts, co-operate in the union !u behalf of their ' respective corporations. The route of the proposed railroad passes through a region of country net aooomuiodu.vd. excepting particular portions, by uny listing line of railway; it consequently will not interfere with the vested rights of any other corporation, neither will it materially diminish the income of any other railroad company, while it will add to the inaome Of several, and will particularly benefit the New York and New Haven Railroad In iu course from Res tou to New York, the proposed route internets six exiatirg lines of railway, reaching northward Into New England, all of which will be tributary to it. It passes through a section of country densely populated; the amount of the population within the imniedia^p sobers f its influence exclusive of New York and Boston cities, acceding half a million of sou!s-a ulatlou mostly atgagtd iu pursuits of a character to contribute largely to thn hidihBth i*f ft rftilrn iil The circular of T. J Stewart, give* the ann*x<al report of the movements iu the cotton market Juria^ the pact week .? The market rontiuued to yield gradually the week - iT>>i<|Ucnt tom7 latt circular. per Africa, under clue of ldth iuit , from the ce**ation of the home d"iuau 1. which for a mi nth part ha* be. n active and regular. an I exp r.'crs appi aring lc*? frequently in market *lLce the receipt of th" Liverpool advice* |>er Aula, on that date, it ha* iinn difficult to |(rt forward in rale* even on the euiatl amount* brought out by holder*, esc pt by making gradual c >ne<wioue. not apparent enough in ttie bu-in <-* of uny one day to warrant an alteration in ihe quotation*. bui r* aultirg in a virible decline in that of three day*. Tn < aniee rf that wi ek were 5 Mki bale* Tuesday, V2J in?r.. the rale* were 21*00 bale* rather steadier Wertne-day. 24th. about 1,200. opening ft liter, hut dosing feeble Thursday. 24th tbeealc* were *00 decidedly drooping Biidtr tlie America * advice* which wen: received day before On Friday 25th. the letter mad by tbi* arrival v w?* deliven d and being construed a* in >r? unfavorable than the printed advice*, the rate* cea?e I at 600 btlo*. at Irregular but decidedly lower prices On J iturd *v. the *al?> were 700 bale*, with a more regular market, and reduced amount on aale. Ou Monday.the am >unt .lb-riot Waa inereaci d and the aale* reached 1 MX) bal-*. Yeater. day. ie rale* were reported at 3.000 ha'eg, cloelo/ *!*: i 1/ I t my quotation*. The weather haa l>ern propitious for the gro?im{ "rop; tine rain* have generally prerallei over the ah de a-iutftweitern aection. and in that quarter It may be iru'y sud. the protpect* are magnificent. When etioylhliig I* ? > one cided. there i* but little r?oin for *p< .-ulition a* t > future rifulta The critical period for the crop i* u iw at hand, and If we have a continuation of dry Weather, and an sb-ence from *torm* up to the 20th Augu-' a very large yield I* alnnfet certalu Tli probability exist* fr? m >h< tenor of honea of all els**"**. and both aid"*, that let the rt -ult be what it Uiay. it will prom finally to tele** thnu the e*timat<<* currently onflded iu at that date. The receipt* at all the port* np to the lat-wt date* thi* year, were 2 301.000 bale*, Coireepon ling date* ls*t year 2027.(00. Y?er before. 2(1*1.000 K x port? from foiled State* thi* year. 1,988,000 bale* l.nrt y ir, 1,4,'il,* 00, .v.?r l.*frn*. 2 1K.0M Stock Eichan(?. ?7ft*l I' 8? ?, .!7 11 '? U%>h? Kr<t KR MHO da ?60 llt? *) d> .41 7 IWn ttM lae oft) ?', Ui do M 71 MMIO do 14) 14>, I Ml do l*M 7o'2 K***l do 91V I Ml do d"l? 7t 10t M) do MA) HIS IV) do 7l'| ft*0 do v.'i1, wo do ri 71 Inn Krlo 7'c, JO 1*1'? .W do 7l'< ft*K) do 101S ail I. tilouil HI II*, ft*II do bor. 200 do II , IblD do lb-1,' 90 * ton in (ton KR tl |0uo Erio ton* 9.1', .Vft llorloa RK op? 07 I'OH do (10 ? I'*) do JOdo *"71? ftnt) do 9 I. *) do ?p* 67\ l*l?l do ?'i Ml Roodtag HK 3r-7 26 oho D.I k Hud. MO 111 2I? do ortrt .V. 1.1 do 113 ft? do ft.", ft Hook i( N Aon IM 111 do M? 31 W do 10'tf ftO do U'o , ino Ftrwort Tru iW dl Jmi .i? .11 " Oti do ol OS IM Ifor 1 Mor RR ft."? M) do 64', ftd) do 61 l(t<Caat?n to I * 63 r*i do #*' II Kdl do 0*41 62 VI di Ml 91 ?0 do o"J 6IU ft) do kdO V'N W dll II Itl do k.1 VV lie Vorrioltool is fti do 43 iii!; W do It', .VIRooli k Hjrra oft) 101 ft) do ft? lt\ lie rorionoutli D D d tXCOW HOARD. 2M? Rno (acta 91 50?M ft?? J1 *,,r ^ Mti obo llortoai fclD io-S .?? do ?? Jj,, IM) do klft ftv - lift) d* \ i 1.10 do urtj ,Vd? Rrit Rou'r-iid ?3 HO do fc? 711 HI) do 7''.'o >m Hooding R| 3.", fti do 7 "a :t?i do klft ft.". 79 do 7", ft" do .I'M ion fon'oo Co d.'H , tin do M |mi I'ortoanulh D O 6 , | 100 do 13D S'o Ml I. lolood KR 15 | 9^VKRTmRHKW>? RKNKWKn HVKRV HAY ' nm arts. ?~> OI.OKI t> TlAflirKHRFOTYPlR FOR FIFTT ' It ITS V/ Kir,-'. St jrli?ht R' o#ia, lul II >w?r?. Mnvi HeoVe I flrnnd teeta, til* < ?l? t.MI-iliw it In eltr wh-ra t it ' tout akyllcM H iirnrrrni'l i paa, liaa4aniB?4y rol-ret and ? i (IhiI, are tat an fir ? mull ml lifj?r al.aa, at ~|aally I tw ratea. No tlar^i u?l"i? p?rfoet titiafaellon It *?**?. I RPKf lAL. ftUTICMS. Nfw tork volunttsm the inisii thl? Rtalaient ?r? r? |n*ata4 In M He N'rr -r , 1 nao. i-nrtrr Rmomr mi M?f*r (treat.. K> 4oy *1 tw? elork P. M . for the pttrp "* ?f P?flw* lk? Im< 'r*h?to ?f f* pert to <ttr late ^Uow wo.'Alcr, Srr.rnn* Fl'ibo!"' ttaea-it, ol I obi | any K I tRAI I IHiktl* Tllk MARINERS' FAMILY INM ATRIAL AO* IITY | iratofnlljr m Kniw1< Jpe the receipt of All f.-owi loo hfflrara and crt w of tl (hip Cor*r;?e. r ntlr arrltad f. m M. C THAI T. Aa-mtary. To 11IP. imnm or OVU-TO AM. rnr Theira. Air hnl?hta. I'Moalroj?. Initiated ?Aoknow1> df V fnitl fnl and eialt"d. and to tl e worthy f'crola, Relolo'r*. lBi'MH'l'r< l'rlnrl|>alii, ll.. (, I'Hor*. It-raid*. r d (II mm of thr moot lltuetrl' ua " Order of l?wl( '" 'ana tho r?ii of manl ind he w re, that I h??? ronim-led with tho ?.ry ro?|or??i |o ?n* rrlaknN lioua- r.f M?*er* Renao dir. Bolllrrrrfc Co.. of Tranr-, fur tonality of Chtmptane A ine whtrfi I a la hatter adapt-d to tho laataa of our il1ti?lri'>n? and dr. i t "Order ol Owla" than nay wlno heretofore inlrtxtn. i. ft wi'l t>e tin twn aa the Owl llranl F.a'h holtlr la Inl aliad with Alio "hirdof wi*d"m," rooatlnf n appantit meditation. whl 'h, { tho ?nto*raph o( tho Orand Aacl> tf the A' rtti r* R">?t. Tho win- I* now rendy fnf deli.ery, a 11 in I. . -.?h|. that ovary immvr of or * roteroMe Order' aliall U . Ireamepoct and dierre?* attrr imbil'ii , in I inointai.i I Ima If npon tho root* wlto liiiiity and w Jo n rraal y U>at will not endanie r hit II. nor rerte-t n hi kinle-d. Alr-adi tulrar opinion o attempted t Info tho plan, r.l onr Order and laalon on th t 'Initial hoia* niw.a ionlata, . nhata. At*, ir.n'd'in# In Ilia alfaira ana pnlitlre nt tarl-a. |<?otile and wifii tia, nnd arttir wdtli n.alhnut pentnma-t <h traded na with the r?n l.lloo of emnlnioea. tl.lV- .-(<>? In ,.m.a m.r i.r art t ht nnd OBrtful. Our rumtrj- nnd S?.- * hi- h jfof.rAnr ? tltltuM. ??l no \loUtiun on ?>ir rt ?o ' * ">" ?u<omr.liih tv wl?? ?M pi ilot t'ir pi - oMroio of our v?n :mblr Or.lor. OtwnrJ and Wf>t?*rd .tMNH W?. M HAM . Wo. too Wall Mr?tt. N. T. ri'tir. OLD i oirNmT NIS <i,oskd m* I Ihr vr-xont d?a nolle* will rl??n of It* nvo(wain* Hj*. dickxiw, saw nu*cfscrt.-niCK<?njr. nn. W Iff, Ik On,. Cnwml?r>on M rrhanto tnd OeA"Pi?l A'. " "? I'm uv>. I nlil-r ? * ! f l" fc 1 i fi Ifiui'li/'oi II. fcl.U?K I! V'T rr> ti 1?. New Vorki Huurr* llikrr *t Knfflll, t *t rr l.awb. llorton Wo?iiro Jnn !t. DeWolfa At Co. M ? w>t.?n| i Oo< Ai-rMlnld, F*<\ , r H 8, Cornm'roi"1 H^nk. I t !"?: *'?rrj. f*!r'-nula It AUtnon, H-.b. A. I'nttrt. fealtlM, R 8. <*AJI ?'* WAnTeB- BT A RKsCBcTyBLE ?N<Jl,rrtII IVOMVN, a situation as HT?t Nu'M, whose t>ahy is only two m"uthe old. Cu |i*? ? Apply at Hi Ursenwith etro* I WANTSD? BY A I'ROTBSTANT01KL. A SITUATION at Chambermaid aui Soatnotrvee, an I asrl?t with the 'shins, nr at g?nrrnl eeamlrnea. The advertiser understocd Lrr busiu.'s* p< rfoctly. ami ran ti\c f'od sity nl r Dcw. I'lrasc eall at h-r present tit nation 10 Lni/ht atr< at Iir ANTE l>?H V A KESI'BCTA Kl E I'E'ISOV, A BA U V ?Y to wot nurso ut her own res.deuce. *1' to rail it It Avenue A, fourth lioor, in front Can bo scra ( r t so dty*. iiranted ?A younq lady, ro attend in a TY Thread, Nrrdle, and fancy Store; our alio it experienced in tho business re purod Apply this morning, at M 1 Broad a ay. \LT A N'T El>?A SITUATION AS < 'IWRCKMAID. AND Y? to assist in washing and irorwp. by a vory eat/able yniojr woman, who ran produce the brat i f city refsreuco, 'lease call at No. 19 Ea,t Ktiver. tli street, between the third and fourth avt-nuer, in the roar. WAMED. - A SITUATION Art WETNUKSt BY AN Enirluih woman, with a freah full broaet of milk. Apply loi three daya. to Mrs I* , 46 lieckman street. WANTED?AN AMEBIC AN OH ENQLI3H OIKL. AS Nurse iu a small family, residing a short distune iu tho country Apply to Mrs. J Bo ia.niii, No. 'fiO Broadway, between the boure of 12 and 2 o clock. WANTED -A SITUATION, IIY A > ESI'El "CABLE v ? (tirl. as Chambermaid. and to ass st in the washing and Imping; or would do general housework in a small fanily. No objection to go to theoouutry. i'traso call at lull Thirteenth street, tetween Eighth and Ninth avcuuse. WANTED ?A SITUATION. HY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Chambermaid and H'aiter, or to do uo.l.ine ??d icntiintr hp ! Ii? h o 11 no w. rk of a. sl.Tt'cll I rivate family, The Vat of reference given. Apply at l(M Wot Nti ctennth street. Can be seen two days. WANTED?BY A MOST RESPECTABLE PROTESTaat woman n si'uation as ur"-; is capable of taking charge ?>f a baby from its birth No object' in to go .a Nhort dof toce in the eotiTitry. Has tfe host of city reference. I lease call at iM1.' lilcccker street Can bo seen fur two days. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A TOUNO 611b IS years old 1" tuke enre of children ind diliflit clumII rwmrk. or waiting. Wool 1 h? willing to make herself useful to her eniplovers. Would he willing to go for um'ill wage* ?t first. Ploaie call, for two dan, at At7 Twilfth tre.t. between first and Second av*ones. X\r t N T S11 A WOMAN WAITER. WHO THOROUGHLY t V understands h r business nnd na- good ity references. Apply at l.'i Washington place, between ri and II o'clock, today. WAN1ID-A SITUATION, BY A TASNIONABLR Dicsmaker, who understand < cottii.g and fitting. No objection to work with a private foully Please to cull "< It road w uy. WANTED?A SITUATION AH W?T Nllt9E. HAS A t'n 11 I toast of milk, ti n b\by dead two weeks. Call at 133 Greenwich street, tan be seen fur two days. Knout No. 9. 1ST AN TED?A SITUATION A3 CHAMBERMAIDS OB It general Housemaid in a small family, Best city re f> rem e?. Can be seen lor two days, at Mott struct. tPAkTlP-n A BB8PBCTAB LB PBOTBSTANT IT woman, a situation as is nk in a private family. Has l o ofjt < tion to ? rtop-i table boarding house. Tito best of city reference. Inquire at 31 Uenry street. ll'.iMID-BVA BESTSCTABLB GIRL, A KITUA. I? lion t do the hoiirooork of a small private family. t as Chambermaid ; she is a good plnia se wer. The best of city r.fortune. I'leate cull at iHISpriiig street. W'ANTKD ? A WA1TEK AND SEAMSTP.Esi WHO is full y competent f o her situation, and can produce ittisfaetory city reference se to her rhar.'ter and ability. App'y at 4i Tenth street, uear f ifth avenue, before 10 o'clock. Hr A vi EI)?BY A RNSPBCTABI.B TOCNM WOMAN, a situation at Chambermaid and Seamstress. or as I'l cicberumid and to assist ui.h the washing nnd ironing. ll?? good i lty reference. Please call at 67 Hudson street, for two days, tn the eeoend Moor, front r^om. WAbTED-A SITUATION. UY A CAPABLE YOUNG wticsn. ai CI ambcrmaid sud laH't, or chambermaid, anil help with the washing ind ironing, in a respectable private f iiuij, and uoald make herself g-ner lly useful, tool ref-T?at e from her lost place Please to call at 17'.' ljurens rtr et, between lilcccker Qonaton. It*ANTED-A EITH, A PiRST liATE EI.OORII man No other need apply. Alto, * h07 want.. I, C?M at the corner of Sixtieth street Th rd asijnn^, HTAMLB-A VOCNO MAN IN A DRY GOODS 1M p rting Ilou*f?. Owe a<:?itiaiiit?<l with Custom liviisu I - ! *rr i. A'Mr?'- * IJo x . I - i , ... 1TAIITID-A PBBSON IN TUB FURNISH (NU IH tT partireut attaclud to a tuiiorinx 'jHtabiiiliiamt i.i | HroaWwav One *h?> <nn cot ghiru, Bad is ci?wp'3toiit t? takt* full eharye "i t ,ia nra ?*li or the laeee. can ador-ae, with mhm im nftrrau, a., bo> No, 2 118, Pom u#.y, %1t a vf ei>? a situation. hy a RE3PE<' fa i'.i.k '* )< in( man, a* llurkeop-r, can write a rapid l and. au>l ia qu.ek at ti(!iiri >: would in a ho hiinaelf generally untul < an produce th? leet of dty rofereuena aa ti >haraeter and capability. A note ad treated to l>. II llcrtld ollV'e, l .r three daya, will meet w ith prompt attention. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOU NO Mas WHO ia atrii'tly tonpototo, aa Porter in a it r.. or WO 1 ' drive a lmree and w a^on. Indoretanda tiin car- and .ami- un-nt of horeev ir rfe tly; wonld tnako hnneelf neutrally v ill; write* a fair hand. I'au givo the very hear of oitjr re To. ri nee. Plea Be addreri p. p., lUrald r.lflo for tw day ?. Wantiii-in a tim per a n ce eatino sai.oon an a tive American, i .at line a pneeVlaal kaon-lodite u t! r bualnoa, ai.d ouo who will invest 100 caab. an i tako a proportional Intereet, and eharro of a luneo ro?|- t-.'.i i <alor n already aetahllahod. Su-li only a* ouu comply ? > above will ph>aaa addrtsa, with naino and residence, bo, 3 i.'4 Pool < ifhce. ufamed-by a >ouno man. h iio i- a< o> > Tf tonn d to the rity, and ha < a n l,n> w 1 lg > elneee, a eituation ae I'lerB or llflht Portor. in a -1 >r" mnit n l ant'* flW, wliora th- work wonld be light The " I?. rti i r .-an w rite an roe.'llent hand nad aeep ac o.Unt-. jud would dn.te hie time to Me omnloyir'e li.t'roet. Oatw.v tirrt rat- reii ren ra in the city, an I enu re for to hie 'aet aplojet". Should thie tnee' the wiaheaofany p.-twon w an I in the >1 owe, they will plnaec address Or-euhun, il raid .til -i 1 r two day . ITNE l?AME FRANf'AIAE, UKMANtlE \ MK PI At Ell j dane une miieen |ritee enmire I'uiaino re. fl'a l.-ea.w r Hotel Je Nanny, l|.; me ac l odar. ACAKD.-AN EXPERIENCED BARKEEPER WANT.< s eituation ?n b- ?f' a California teamen I op it Err nth and Enylieh and ran girt th ; to- tt of referem : Ad drri? " It. I..." IE raid o?r< a toi kg i ada w HOTHOSOt QHLT i HDBBVTAHD9 iHL rrn-mlkilir. wlahoo to tlliW B pejootf tail the ley. Pinner rail at Ler residence, No. l'il Avonu- a. fret floor, up alaire. All ksi'l.i faiii.e l.lld n if 11 -peaks rilhl rtesi ii. Italian, ( rmau. ir 1 English laitweee fluently. U Aoirena of obtaining a altua'lvw ?e Lai; < "mriiion, or a? I ady Maid in o rnrpeotaole family, ia the eity. Plealoiu (Uire et lv> kiln rtre-t. AVIMW I M)> wimibs To apprbmticb hn ? n, tar! i? year* ol aae, t > a bu-m :??. or a i?? kmm y nt'cman i nr wl. > ? .ill ba willing ?v adanata * i<1 br'u- . lim up ? Uuir thnaa having nil atiUr. n ?' irem I rt'ctr d Nn nltjactlnn to tha eonalry address ii k. If, Herald ? p i a. v.taa recalrad for throe daya. Xlllmi'f.i ta8i.b to! no woman. witll liooh ri f.f' ho'k, want* a aituntlon il > plain rooking, intind iran'n'f. No oiiji'illuM t? general houwork. a| ply at 21 *1. Bowery, In <n? alma atorc, A situation is wantto iiv a rmpbof abi.k tonug girl aa fhaml-rmaH, and to aaaiat in waahini ai d Ir'.nii.|. aha baigood relrftti'ea, and.ran ba a? ?a at No. .'c Niratli atraet. a n allkican woban w \nta a uiti'atiok, a i\ Wit Nnr-a or lion* kaaper Onod <"? Ia.|Htra at 14 Att< m y ?tro?\ lor one waak. \V<>I Mi aulliV Wl.-lil \ -tri t 1 ION In ii t'hamhafn rk and Wnitin? 1 ha taat of rlty r darem a an i rir.'n. Call at 2tu Math at* a no. corner or a'iftornlh trrrt. lutraaccin lift nth alrcat. Can kanaka In two m* . All i li h i. v kksi'k) tatll k i'kotrst amt i'.iri. want* a altuali' n a? took in a pri at. family, axM linn li?id in ilia moat re?|i eta'da* 'amtlletln tlia cttr an i nadir .land- . king In nil it rait, lie*; nnnld k" willing to na-i-t in tlia wnahlng and ir nine. II ra<iuirrd. la nbli Ing la her diai Iti .n. i'lcarmallat l.'ll Taintirth ?tro"t. a few doer* it m Ir ird aacnua. Can laao-n from eight o'clock iu ib? ' i "? .'# TnV 11 ?t cf fffirv a. Bafikiepu wanteo.- Ill mi st BC \ rrffectabit man, uiid thnronglily nodi rat iad lilt lianlaaee; n-n titer turd rail Apply at 4i0 Hroome atf. d, ornaf >f i r iky, it .1'o'elo-k a 41. r'l'ik wan trd - a winni.r mid boj4k, vio hee had eaperlenro ia a p rtauraat, and la a drat rate ok an a in a good ait nation, and drat rat* wag.a. t, w. rk in an ca'nklo'ir ant in una tty. Ap >ly to J. Spink, III Na? an ilnt, Iiimh nl. Fil l lororks ? rtLK ukindbrs tMi 01 ttf.RS wantad Apply to tlaai* Kaana Ik Dod : t niti "n nw tt t rk*. u1 lid atrrrt, niw York. Himh. . \ 'Ninin.rMi orri- ? i IBM lnoa, lal"ifo niia-a atraat bar ag op n 1 n at* liftac at No, j BltUloa atrort, coraaf .ftk' b.wt>y nirpirad t. farnlah -mployara la 'ha elty tnJcotiul'\ a 1th f r?t laaa aar an'*. Employ ra fr?u> (ha ">nnt'y i'i l i o v in i1 mil a ii ill", Ililag lo .1.. ?mj? .1 tw. *?.. tMaiim <? ??m maim ata in M rify (t.?r la U'i it/. Hor*BK*grsB w\xticd-a widowkr <?r Tin; 1* I li l' t r??r-rial I'll/, who baa on? i.-MM fiat rrara 14. wlalra t* ird aoliaal- y r? n U . r?riu:?? i hit 4 i'xlr irilri. .N?ac Brad aiply aalaaa highly r?yt>*lakn, f. ad of . I IMrc?, in I Without illMl" W| loner, Mr ? !? ?y I'hIOflKt (hmI |>ul. SIT1 AT ION WANTKH BT A KKM'Ei TA HI F. TOrNfJ num. to Jo 11" R?r.-r*l hO???W' rk of tmall ptlratr 1 fatally; andc r-tanJ? waahinc on J Iromar. aid plain r" okiu*. ft....l.tfi tioa? in |n chambermaid. or lako aro of children. Bc?t of rity yefrfacoa alv.n. Apply at "a' TwiJam Hfcrt, la the f ar. I'm U- an for l wo day*. Sin* ition wANTfn-nvA rbbi'Bctadi.c ror*o man. at fhamtt rtnaid. or to do ttic general hniire nfk if a am all private family; good city reference *lT?a a t? character and capability rin t? ? ?, 'or two dsjn, at 3nti Bo ? ?), f iraefof Tooyth a if art. tip i taira. SAl F'MAN WANTF.P, IN A JOBBING 1101'A* ON* that lata rood ao^aalataa<a ?lth naah trad", la and oat of th? city. In hoalery aad laacy gooda liar. A Ide m Boa t o Pnat llltltr. rpo ATKAMHOAT OWNKHA. CAPTAIN*. F.Tt -TIIF. rahfirltrt having had mnnh naporlenoa aa cnwtmaaJrr an I arn* ral ayrat. on rtoamb >at?, y>nld Ilka a ritnation na I captain, or t.nke th? an p. rriaintt o*k boat, or a portion of tli? tan.o in a >me ath?r apurlty The'heat of fftcniev glecr. Apply, ? * n t? <r, t amnbell. oar ot f. Colto.i. .'* n kmon etreot. I'O CAMPORMAN" ANY fl't SORABI.T. I 'F.USOVA intending t? f|a ta California rnnn, thai are able and villiiv I" ray The ?ir'??n of two Intel It." at and r??pt' table , la'lon 11 tlia'. pla< ?, their bindnen will be appreciated and | ilicir n> ney r?t'irn?d, with int. r?<?. vitliin one year, 1 mcurity a'ven t- that eft*t. Addreea a note ?o A. II c\ at | tha offe.. of th:e paff. ?"on. atatiag white an intereiaw may I ha had. . I fit roLOIID ifiwolil WINTID, a STEADY, 1 aettea maa, m art a? I'orleria a ?% v. To one fall* ; ie111h? J, ynnd * Ir?" will la gieca. Apply at Ctl Ttr ime atre?t, renter of Croyby K1PHRM AUKSHBS. An. Brsroan * ro a cai,ivi>kn?a r,\rnr?? Fr t?l,t v?? per e??t lei than *"? other reepa,i>le I' a. oiiti brwrpoper end lett rpoetoe 1 ante. t'ie.i/? oa tfio Ornryia end Empire I ity. t,> noil llth and 1.1th Attf'trt, at II,a lof?t rate* 'emr 'At 2 T ;'e?y ?tre;i, Aeier D< ata. I liUMT, ?c. j reward?lost. srNDAT. jriY rm. at j '9sa?\7 '.I o bleu Covo Landing, aol supposed to have been pitted up by ? ? e of the passenger* of th? ?te*mho?t IslaedI or. three solid (lu'd Kiu?h. attael ; j to ft taliiorulft br lit ' pin. tVhoev. r * ill return t'i? torno to J. Choiwell, at Adams ft t'o.'s, Hi Wall ?tr ;'t, shall receive the anovo reward ' | cm PF.WAHU-i.osr on *V* hm irrii III J P.! , Jp *" cupp' cd at tliu St .pi :t. n IftJm:' Statm Nlanla lliuck ' ? :? Sh# 1. I'bo above reward will be pai 1 on Jell j piy vfth: thawl at So. 71 Broadway, tluri story. front of- I i,?: Haac v. Li a ; IOST. ? I I FT IN A STAi.K, BETWEEN UNION J square and Mblo's, on Broadeay, oo Monday eveni' ?, about cul.t o'clock, a Cbiitdte Crape Bhnwl, led color l ie tinder will he lil rally rewarded, cu r-.turuiug the oat*. to No. 9 Whitehall abreef. . IOfiT-A PARCEL CONTAINING fOKTT DOUAI I J one orient money, ovoert three dollars Atlantic ll.tuk, between Ue/'aw .treet, Brooklyn, and Duane. and Wis.iln^. 1 ton s reeta New York. A literal roveird will hi paid by ri- ! turning Ibe saint to H8 Decraw street, or No. 1 Broad.'lay. 1.1 O l' N P?AN ACCOUNT BOOK. WITII PAI'EH. I JT which the owr ?r ran have, by proviux property an i I ayicz for tl.ii> advertisement. ISAAC UOLD9NITH, Hi Warron street. REWARD!, $1AA UWAin.-ONK HUNDRED 1)111. \K- Kl,;. IVfVE ward will be pal l' r tic recovery of Hi) 0 >4y .1 HnlertK Nelson, lost from the steamer Penobscot, on the | ?;th ?t July, off .Spina Beach, about fifte.u miles IV on b> i< Betneli, N J He wan thirty-three yean of a.-e. ah mt tivo feet four inrhee in height. an I dressed in Ida-ik frock o>?t. light u.armillt s vest, plftid easslmeru pants.(and (alter A KN Ul.0 NfcbSON, Lovejoy's liot il, New York PKHdUAAL. rjlH PAX1NTS OK RELATIONS 01 M\Kl\ PITT | X man, h?rlottc Herbert, Maria Ulan and Isabella K i i Me v. art* rmuoMod t<? call ht&'l Veoey street, to bo Informed t trio caune ?>l their <liichar*:e from the W utc-rbury /spjr ilea X sun factory. INFORMATION WANTED.-PAUL ETIKNNE MARQUIS a I rr ii 11) in an by birth, aged nineteen, Hpeakiag Eiigli?h> heloufiii to tl e M aha .h craw, ship* rooked at v ?l feey; then > i tcred on the 12th of October, 1850, at the M irln-j ILnpita) New York, left it on the 12th November the folio #iu* ; ii onih. Since then his parent* have not heard from him. and art4 anxion* to know what ban become of him. Aay information may ho left at the French Coneul (J cc era I'd, at New York, and will be thankfully received. nouMKh. amms. ?*c-. A FURNISHED HOU8I WANTED IN fill DPPN* part of the oi'y, plet?antlv sitnated, and neatly :iu'l ; ccinplctoly turnidhod. Address, with fall particulars, to A. II., at dir. Juv h ortli?e, 20 Nuesau street. Dill ff AVf IH-ONTBII, Ol IONO ISUVO I in tn lift;. t? one hundred acre.: good house, with live to ; nix rooms ird ueceS3ary out hou,i.H, nr ir ruiIr . I, and i within twenty tulle* of New l'ork. Apply, by n >to. with i I rifi and particulars, to Ml Spriu" street, post paid. : I 1 01 SE WANTED?A UOIT3E WITH SIX OR SKVCN | II rooms A y person having one. and wishing to disp no of his foruitnre. may lind a pur'baser, by addressing " I'rau' els," ID raid office. l.imits, Fulton, Houston, aud three <(ua.>. east and writ of broadway. lir ANTED TO L1A8E?A PI.EA9ANT THREE OR IT four story ll"nse with baths and Croton wut r. i i or I n>ar tl.e seventh w urd, imir idiately, or by Seoteoib r firet, I either unfurnished or furnisned, or with purchase of furni| turn, if suited A i are chance for families innviuic or travul1 inc. Address P. V. Rutgers Initltutc, Malison ctreot, or rare of Dr. Jurson, 411 Euet Hroaiway. WANlM-HIT A SMALL FAMILY VI TORSE PERvv sins, three r four apdttifieuts. ou thi sedSpd "tt ?lfd floor, lr>'u> Bni in.: ,trc tup to Airily, tn the north ii-Je of Ur< adwav. as fa> at l anr ns street. H?nt muse l>o moderate. Address 1. A. O.. I'nion S'tuan- Post office. WAN m.i- i.V A IMUlinPII FAMtl FAMILY, A sirid h vm, furnished or unfirui.lind iu either Bn oklvn <t New York. Runt not to c v ul f'Vsi. The m ut eatislnctory references given, Apply to D., box 1,111', l'< -I office, N .w Vork. boauimno,^. I DOAKI) IN BROOKLYN.- WANTED, UV A VOI NO ISJ gentleman, partial beard (hreaufiist and toa, an i c.lntiron t uudays). uoar the South or Hamilton a. tout ferries. Address W. F. 0., Herald offiee. BIIAKD I P TOWN IN A I EKV PLEASANT HuUsE.- j A small pr iate fuiuily, *1 r< th.-i* ar. no childr. n, < ar. | nccommocntc a M'ntleman snd Li, lady, or two single gen- 1 | lleuicr, with hoard, together- with a huudsotu parlor, !> a ell and water closet adjoining. and tv.o h.-J rooms. I ! WeVnlTtls Vehtln tn. r:?lVh*tJr''' R<-f D.acM ...changed. i I Address K. II.. Herald office. I DOARP WANTED-IN A PRIVATE I'AMILY, FO.' i JL* a im i.tirnjaii #ni u?iy, * iron* parmr ? n bu-. *v? vu ? vt * i tMrd ?t? ry, furiiitl.ed, in tli? neiniit'orhood o( lir.ikl *ray. AddrNi I 1 H iAMolUiii|ft| rt iUtii| UW| Itl I Baau vasti.d-a rruntHBD pauoi aid bedroom adjoiLiuK, with the uae ot bath room lot u g?n i tit-man aud wiit. iu a Mttall private family. I.ooatkn mn?t ' be ib a p!< uK-iat and rtiptrUlila p ?rt of th- 8. verit.h nirl. ; K ilrrrnca *>vcn and r-,aired Addrcea G It., nt th uflii ' oil hl? paper, tatt.'x all the particular!. BOAltD W ITU 11RMSIIED liOOJH-AC'OMMOD\ tinn for a Ddy nnd tcntlm-an. with board tor 1&1 v. tn a nua!l invite family. Uoart in advance. Adlrea* A.toe, lietaid Office. BOARD-ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN MAY HAVE i rlM'i'llt ro 'ina, with full or partial board, at the eligi- ! bly located dwelling, No. I'd Woo#;cr atr^ct. RoU.-.ncc ex i ?? ? . _ i Board wanted-hy two centikmbn with i bgeekfUat and tea. in a reipcetat.i -,uiot family where t! < ) < at, iv ' ul h"i.u . Term! . Deal ot relcc.-u'o Afply early, l ox ?.'-M Dc.-t Office. (TOI'NTKY BOARD-WITHIN ONE Ml N DTK'S WALK J ul Fordhem Depot, to which tha eara ran hourly Irmn the City Uall. Xtn A orlt. Mr- T. Una'toid I n! flt'. - l up the (|?ci<iua atone tnaueiou for ti e rccepti ,a f jutniucr boardare. Call aud judge I t y< urvrlt ca. en the pretaiica, or for tirioa. apply to Mri. K. A. Smith, 4 Allen it. Lota for ial-. /'OI NTRV UOARD.?THE I'AVII.ION HOTEL, NEW Koenelle. under tha tuauaaam. ut f W. Dillon, ia now i prt pand to rarrirv famillia aud otl..'t^w,ihiO(< u. leave tha elty, on vary rraropah.a lem.a. The-liouie la aithin bra a" walk of tl.a New Havanj Kailrvi 1 alal'. u. aud la moat eligibly aitnatad fbi ilia ooavaaianco ol child/on. ke.. I Ate., havin- in acancclieii a aplindid garden, pleat ira gn uiidg, (tabling. Ate- Addroae by letter for lurihvr partiI oulatr. r1 CI ntky hoard WANTED in Tiro ladies. w-btrn tbey ean enjoy rait water bathing. A firm re j family profaned. T.rms nio.leratr Refogoucia ..\n. Adi dreaa immediately jo m, a.; Bar all affioa. LA I KN IS III: 11 R ('till e IN OK NEAR JT He .aunay. and bctwcoti lie. on.* and Fourteenth ro. -a. bytno itirtlanai. KgNnnita exchanged. Adliaa C. V. Il . Hex t .87A ' IJuoMh and board wanted foil a centum am funily ? A wolHumiahad parlor and h-dr ri wit1! 1 t'.h. kr , -nd fur which, in a i d rltuati. a, With l! iM.t familyand /nod t?Me. a 111- ril |ri wojld he ' Id A M." , 11. Kigi:' 1:- 10 ITT. M ITII HOARD MKM-llF.D OR unfurnlahrd. in Br omo 'trout, wiat ..f Briadway. t a ! iti ntli ran Kit ladjr, with full h. ard ' r tho Ivy >niy. ciiii t family, aaJ no rtfaranct r-.'iulrtd. I I Ifoat I . I., !? raid ofher. I.'I KM Ml I If ROOMS TO LRT.-tO ITF, OP ItOOtf* 1 tn |i t at No. Dr >uda ay, with b< apd. yriit'a labia. Alt' n tf n? r m I let M ti n tlr't llunf, tWltab ' I if a I1r?l data j.f.yaiciMi. wltli board, II d??irad. llroataa/, thr?a door' al ' Tr I'nlon 8 |uar*. . .. ? . n \|fdMKD-IT'1IMMillD AI'AKTKTINT*. I'OK I'lVR if , i tl iurn. with ?no or two aari' ri, and I rcaLlnt: a whol* L ow. ahin thora are no other loarj r-. prrf rr-I I at) n in c<r nror nr<a<i*ny. I tw? a llaaatra atrcCt and t ni n "noaf . Addrrra f it MMb I'oat OIBo. II'AVTEP-TOI JITIIV HOARD. W|T|||\ OSK IIO' R-B If ride of tha City II R, for a faintly r*|"iri>i( tore* plaaanat rootut, with th? h-?t aornmm .dati-na. for the a it two itii.ntha. Tha loratioa I'mat ha Tory pi, a ant an I n or tha wiw-r. wLiro battua oaa bo had. AdJnaa 0, box IN*. 1.17ft. KKMTAI KAA T*. Pff liK Lot P.R3 OP A ROOD LI NCH IKK INIORMLII 1 Ida: InrtlaSoap will bo aaffnl rrati? al '.ha Sort-ona ll?a i. 11 Dry atrw t, < a I'riday and Hji.ardar. I r 1 Jd al An, net. tatwraa Iba henra of II and 12 > , I.-- k. JQII.V TAILOR, I'teptiator. (mIRI.I.KY'B ftTTLIftll AND PaAHIOV\BI.E RMTATT. I h? raai aad ( afr ia. aaaa i 'uto, UMttalirt aalabllllliadHft I nfthakir.d lath. aity, toiiu r< atilato 1 on tin Bapy plan. " and rtadnetod apon tholthrflay ayotoai. I.itll Narb C.Jiaa. aalt, tawdrr and nfrr bin*. : uniuivi-'LiKi PKRFL'H FROM tiik SI-H T I I ' rliitra of Aral jr the bloat," la tha Sa?t ladit Union tawny harp prtpar, d at U.,< faahi nahla moaurant an I rat, , fym iUia af.aiati. hrai a of t'ppar India, piiuaat la iu flavor, and n,<-t iai ift ratinx In ito rlfirta; it ! 111M tha fcod ftr thla dahllitatiax *v??. Soft rraba ar- now la bl.h aca.?a. I Si)f.m.etswoodcock, softcr.ius.?rami vtritf. fr- >n-. ft' -a. Chit-ki n tad l,?l?t?r Salad*, an-1 all other i o>ii< a ! . t'ooliir ! > Ilia ?. an I ihttmty he found It tli* earth. tir or water. M il -Ten ??i ..hlahti < ?.t i- |t p- r- 1 with til kiada of lota, cr< tat?, Itallna j i ii-l FitiNi l uir; tad Frniu. SUBMITS LAMBS' RALOOMS-BMTRAMCB OMR dcr thl? aide ofClirtH Chapelt. Joat nat at U- ?l?tj It Anthony Mre-t. where ladiet tad ?,|| (in4 til Hindi "fl-t, Creama, Crnfe-tlnnery, l^.u, dam*. Idihatef | ami Clifk't kalada, Ml Craha- t?., to., at-rted ia etol, j ptiral" tttttatnala. ! MlirLlirH lONDOM PROtRAAOR OP i.RKRN TI R ' ?? tit a?" Mtilliaaiafaey aonpa, ha* day aur|.aa? d iilin J a? If in nil femur Afli-rtt. li U worldly at remark Uia*. tho I turtle ft m ?Uifh Uila ?<ty la mad' lath' lira: an- ei-rr i hruvrht fr< at tli.i I'aHV 0..?aA. ?ai*hin< t" u hundred tad | -iality ttina p. inula tad atiyrlor to any hitherto bro-*ht to j thia ti.arkt-, .Tij Broadway, a-rtiiwoat- orncr of Broadway tad Anthony ?lmi. (OlMlirSKIWHir SOTU'Rd. ftlWUl TIOM-TIIE OO I'ABTM RKS!II?* III ifRTO \r lurr tiliUni itur tk Ina if Ro. I ainMta ? co , ia ttola day dhaalrrd t>y mutual ennarat, Oilher* .R >e realrln* from 1 ha Alio. Cami lla tad Thotnao ii Uraiatad are aath-rired h tattle lha hwaim M of aba i it lirm. , Ull.HKKr ROR JOIIM carbi.iv. T M B K i I at Kl*. ! MTTICF ?The Imin re will to taatlan- d nnder tli? Arm If J I ntuMIn V CO., at th. Ir nt'ifa, Ko. it .Mm ntr.w t, (rut ulnitartrn, N". 17 and W Ann atrcvl,) Nnw tor*. 111 I fnnnd nnMnnt't an bund Si Itr Oloben and Altaion i f * ti rj dm relation; h:t alalia ra. P'ndnnia, llrvAnli anl Oa? fittnrta of Ml* latn?- rtyltt and pattrfnr; Solar. I'lni I I t iniflii ni Umft: llall'rnn, with ttalnnd and rat llaa<: Stained, flfoaad nad Cut (llaaaf r Charrlna. At*am VaG, H?t- In flail and I'arlir Ooora, Dam l.iih-n a . AfrMtrrtj, IImIIit", Aa?Vtnak<fa, fc?i .nn parAlrulart j > iitd ti rail an i 'iin ii aan. iawaa si Um ttttninnN 'TI mil fiui. v al p nitaad vl t . JOHN ( AMHI.IN, kf? lurv. h*. thos. h rk.tlatkp. avncak ,ff oil a > ri \"orom rs,-n roii askra oi J li Flanne art latittd t > all and rtaminr nur at tin'lT" a-i rla. at of Ika ik?n n t.eaii'if I IMraarnli mad.' Ijr Hal itll. I>aii- ft C? . B ?*? . I laatrumant# (wltli anl wlvhaa' Cnli aat'f Vollan atta*nt.l tmm tMa rrlr'ratnd h'no ri |tilrn nn rao mlnai. *<* md "iand Plan ?I >r ?ala iad hifr. Hunt/ adraaml at I" an"*. J F (l"l l."k I.'", Hull.' I'nMirnaf-. !a>; llf>id?1f. PA HOP -A GOO If II'. OI t A A R PIANO. OI rx< F.I ! ? p*. f r tl.1l| oat fir fl'*> ano far ?aa fir % ?'; fi nr raw and wnma' l r??f ?< "d I'lanr" nf '? '*t and 7 'tamp, fur an In tnry law; I Xf.?|.>d* n. I I'lntr, I A ri at dr. n V k n?'f Aim. In, |!i (ntd W'*t -h??, 1 ll|?ra III UP? .1 r'at'uim ?ralra. fca., I aah alunto aa i" ri! ?uJi ktd far anal propria "f al' kinda. t. I' dVJT.s, MASS ttrnl, tempd i>?t. I BAitBI BY MICTION^ A*-"' tion NOTICE - nios HI a' 1,-riosiM, Br t M N. M'.ibh?Kxtra.?'Tbi? lay. I r&eoo?Bt of if ho ui it * m.v oonc^n at lUo clock, A. M . 1 th auction ro ) ??, Mo. h 10 North j t. Bar Co;. iu,r- i lyater M- *

?,uorn. -'O iy' St^arii. in to aui , I1. sur.??, Kefriie.-it?r, > ar IOMID t look.. Crockery, L nd u ?'...< M.r/m it>d?s i Furniture, i.?. Tp'JB. HELL, Aactloaaor, ' / Al'CTION KOTI' E.-OHOr tiilEJ UA?* OUeTse k, K.-iilm. liut.b JarrtA?<, lira,.it. cm,??u ; 1( 1, at in1, o'clock, in frcat ofthi store, 67 Dey stre it , .r'mrof ' y, Greenwich street, rooked llama and SI- oilder, m , n . f j> klurktrcl. Dutch lierrinita. Shad, Ru in?. Ch'tt. 't?nr 26 11 iusaes, He*ata, Tea, Cayenne Potirv t, Macitirani,' Syrup, Soap, i 'Midlcs, Brandy, Uiu. ? tii?k>y, t'l, Coon- g ter, Scales and Weights. Household Fumi.tire h.s. I V W. A. CARTER, Aucklobuer, 57 Day sir let, j m WM. Mi ( OKkllcK. ACt rlov l Ed STUHK NO. 13 Sprue* street.?Furniture, Store Fixtures, DmirWt I Stock, At'' ?Thin day, at 10o'clock, A. M , at 13 spruce s i r-st, ; i on i,a ertnicnt of furniture from a 11 nilv S if* llsd?, I ! l ouche*, marblo-ton Tables, licds, lleddioth &>; aleo, the j n i Futures. Bottle*. Hcrls, Sto , of adruRiure, ?? doaea ola 1 tl | r^t, iialh tu French Brtndv in Jemiiohas. with a variety ' I of other article*. I RC KEMP. lUCTI(hrilE?IODMI ?U? PUftMt- I ; tuie, *t louso No SoLcroy street. near tJleecker? j Thl. day. (Thursday,) st III o'clock, vis , all tha foraiturc | ci utkitied in the, < ..nsietin* of the uxual a.e.nineut of ; a i mull family, and all of which will be (old without rear rre, J wrali orfair or funl. n F? OLTON, Al'< TH>N EEK.-l AKGB BALM OP ;?%* tcel ilouicindd Furniture, Pitao, CirpaU, Ate.?p. a I'olton will sell, tiiic day. Thuraday, July 31. at 10)^ o'cluk, I , at tl o unit ion rooms. No. 5J Uwkman and S9 Ann atroet, a : the entire furniture from a it mill in Brooklyn, consisting j i of several Sofas and Sofa It. Jsi. ud*. Ilahogaoy and Curl #. CI aire. Illnck Walnut and Cotta/e do , Kr.-uoh llodstead*. d Marl Ton. Centre. < ard. Ilinucr and I ea Tabl s; E iton don do ; Drcfiini and Plain Bureau#, Carpet# and Otl Cl^th*. Fiathir Bedfi, Mattresjfs, LooUin^ Gittdsc^, \V? Hhataudi- llat ^ . do.; i bin i uud Glansv.aro. Mantle Ornament*. Svoro an 1 a Kitchen Furniture. Alt'), one 6^ Koi?ewood Pian?>f??rte. o 1 A lt-o hi* do7? n Wood Chair*. Also, nix do/.en Pateut Bod- m , tttida ; three do. Rouble Mandi twcuty pair of Pilli*?ter?, j J ! etc., etc. Sale |>ofiti\ c, rain or Rhine. tl j tfllH KALK ACID TO liK r. ^ f^??R s A1 S.?A i linker BUILT. COP MB VAttM- ? ed Sailboat, twenty-two foot ten iu she# in lenxth, built exprewly for *|?ed, and believed to be capable of computing . with ?nv hour rf her nue. la in perfect order; baa air boxe*; war built about f ix weeks ainr.e Inquire of Menard. FISH, J CLAIK 4 CO.. 104 Wales street. Prion $110. CIOR UU, T0RK8M LOTS?BEAUTIFULLY SITU- J r ated on the river, a short distance above the D pot, cMnmaudiuK the tincat water view, and unaurpaaaed >or 1 ^ Acer.cry, convenience, and ft alt).?cm the m?at renaoaahle 1 ?! terms Apply to K. Baldwin, or 8. 8. B lack well, V n- tK ki r r i w Story* IM William rtw t. : J;, dor bali?TUB stock and pixturrb ok a [ 1 llardwcn and fool Storu. ouo of the but stands in this j > ei'y, in a mar ufactnriog neighborhood, and now doing *<ool mtv and louuiry business. gold on neeocut of the owner's i g i 1 hoa'th. A4wm Hardware. 2ny IbNkM strict, (t tiug I WbmililtmilWMI b* had. I For balb-tbb unbxpirbd lease. of poor j [l years and nine munthK from tint of Au^uat, of premise* _i Mr* 151, 1M uiid 'ftft Chatham street. Iti?iuiru on the preniicif *p ktilia or at 18 Reel Broadway. ^ (J i N TO R1 SOLD, \ i IBST RATI DOUBLR Bit- ri Y rel English Gun, with ear.o and cleaning apparatus I complete. Price $25. Apply to a. B., bo* P ??t <i u House to let.-a splendid roobr to lit, ? with all nii/ilern improvement#. at No. H14 Orcennieh ^ 1 ttrtvt. ? l r . 1 A | , I y . it t be \ r-MIM0 n 1jou8* -o lit and porm1torr por 8alr in j . 41 Rroolilyn. 'tr.uatcd in th r iniJMiut-j vicinity I t .e I n Bi (lit , and within Hit i..,..,,: w?U ? >< 1 Dous., i, frit class, and |>u.sea ioo civftt humHia-dy, ri 'jiirtd. Answer Immediately. Call or address II. E.-jV, < Dt|W rr. uu (jail, ry, NFniton s;r>. ,, Br< )U}A ?, [KPORTA NT TD hotel kbrpbrb AND eestau- jj rant*.?Soda Water apparatus a uew invention, ju?t ar- lt ri\(d, aod for da!?? at No 5 William street, upitairi. M tobacco cott1no machinr-por5alr cheap g a a Rood .jcoud hand ToSaceo Outtia; Machi-iv, with r, larip ftywhrol; also, Borac I'ower, it re'|,1'!*od, with all tae ,t Iulliys and hilts. T. sec ths, aboy., sppiytojo'.n lla/uo. n< W., t ban. M*? Jmn; "l TO LIT, AT IiOBoKE.N?TWO FLOORS IN A LAMM K a houso, haudaomolv 1,nisi.e l consiatinR of a parlor, diuiur room, litihin, bath room, and tieo bedrooms upon e tuh lioor, which will In f mod to contaiu every oomfort aud convenknrr of a firs: clan, dwelling house. Inoniro at th. atom l.and uliiic, of W. W. SHIPPEN. to let?tbi ooktbwirnt and plbasartlt a aituatcl t'ires story bnrk H >usi. 23flrand strout, J-r- | ?ov t'it.v, v mioutu w alk ol the ferry. Kent, ftpIU 1 per annum, lu-iuife r the premise*. I'oajesston on the lit TIM) LET - rnr, STOKE NO. l>'-7 BROADWAY, FRONT X ing the Park. and neat door to the Chemical, is to let, on reasonable t- rifle. Apply on the p-vinun, 207 lireaow ay. TO LEf. AND 1 ItB Fl KNI1I RE FOR lUMf hnuee No K- (irnnd etrcet. Th? location ii plciaaut, ami the In uce in Rood tcpair; the furniture i? moetly all new and ot the irat quality, In-iu'ra on the premltes. TO LET?Fl KNISIIED, ON I.EASE FOR Til REE OR I four von, I tt? cottage, painted in the lat*at Cnr >|> A" tyle. Ilia a large garden a ill etipplied with fruita and in tiowirt, i-e htueo, etc Ming and other out buildings; healthy f" and rleniantly located, about fire luinotoa' walk tMin (dun- ?i raeUne or New Brighton Ftrry. Apply to P. SWINTON. ia Tcn.yL ii-.'. illc, 8tr.t> n liland. Fpo I ET-A COMMODIOUS, MODERN BUILT HOUSE. th X two atory and ettie, in the upp-r part of i he city, can It veuo nt to (he railn ad and alaiie rout- Adnresa boa .T,?N>, tl l'uat Office, gl\ Ing nam- and residence j iNitTRi'nriofl. ! TV I A DA M E HAH WOO P. FRENCH TE ACflER, IN- 5 1?I feme the nkllcai I knr frinada, thateHi rewtlaneete a , Rive inatiuclioii iu the Frcn'h language. 107 Serenth are- t ! une, and that tbe Is a-eiueu by her daughter, recently (torn I'aria. whoapcuka only French, and w ho ia a graduate of one of the b< ?t aehooli thi rd. l*nr?one wiehinR to mtke arrang - t { mee! fer Itaaona ?ill hn-l Madame II. dlaciieagni on Tn.-adt/i and Thoradaya, ir.-m ! to or from 6 to 7 uVe.-k. Aerench i.tot. who notovonr underaland. in all in hrane'iee, wishes to iu I form the I ".dice ami eidiaeti of New York, that ahs ia rendy to fulfil all orders left to her ehurge. she will cat, lit, and lr-tc waists for dreaa ?. A-iirr-n Afcl Broadway N. it.?Si c haa on hand a lot of fancy articlce, for sale ' ih'?p. Am I IMURAN irisaiNU TO LI1M Drivtl-iry, nod harlnr from i.'esi to V?W ti loan, ran r eeirc-'Bo or two teare Instruction fr in a dentist of ad mitti d c.-lel.rily ( r the i-sa cf tl.e money f ir ens year. I >ec|'i r.t c-curity will l>e aiven lor the n il ?. Addre-s I I StUTi tl 111 Ernadway po-t Ofli- o, with real aaete, j i elating w 1- re nn int-ripc w tuay be had. INtnl HANCRBT IVInRI IN ' ID IN.-' RUD.-A CARD TO THE NF.Rcjtuili I'nhlit llaiing lat''y '-'sorrcd u tii n- rsrai re staUmott* of tl.e mo#t - mo lili .jurat character, aa \ , rtiwg that the I ul- u Mutual a-ii the Aator Mutusllu- | ' snrenf ( Vn,panic# of tlfiijy are eaeh eh-aiin. aabuallj tome fil.'ii i (si. ar.d, nii-c, er, parceitiog that iu thtir eir- I cnlata l ey nn: rap] at.eally etate that all are | let th* . < mainiilt i hi; ? the mm.Bir la whili thl. J>' ' paraatii-ni { ytior I. mi l likt ain the pruni; lacua with J al.i 'h thty mactthtlr IIaMIIIIi ?, tn a merit ul tirt?*> j Ihty nen m-dln my own i-i*r. looting la*nrnr? tn Judge of , th. gen ? ? > n| that* m ??fn| *r*|- rt* (Mi the : a "f It ' r Ii' I in un I tlm **rtn, freliht, 1 ' Pd ktill i ' - 1 mtf Mar INI lloj>pln,<. -In nn*d for j ] .*an I riBi'lfo, t n l in w| MkU imlUIti, 1b tbafoUoniag 1 , fli< i*. f( r t! fillor, ir a t?;n : ? I 'I Ma rfhanii.' Ininrmik r?B noy, Loaj?viIle, Kjr., , mnl " H ill -tret . . . Vi.CKI ! I I nion Mutual In*. Co.. >o. M ull ftrcrt. I'.f" .later Mutual In*. Co., llrrehant*' Kiohaara livlMinga ; M MeHrt, la #11, tha mini of. . ... Jlii.ixi 1 J Tit fit a. I h?J or'tl '??!y l< ft ti i.i port, under th* i?n ; ii ami r.l ffi(italia I'tar millh An--r 1 atlm U>i, (he rap I J tcnandit-v < ntraeed t? a ma?t f-\er. and mo?t. If not I , | all. -Il*d. At V Kt liarint'r a in w manlrr *?a nit in >iy i [' I tha Aie'id aa, aider ?>. m oin an I j'i? m i?v*f I t i ti at h Vfelyrraii o. la .1l"h : i,' I n u lih utn .1, in Ijr | '* ; tl .ai el It a of tl - Con, al at thM | ill, ah* ttm to p iy > 11 ! <i| and retalrr, la n '? 1-an. i n th* th of .lai.uaiy, |iM,l |>ni'tl>il th# |foil and , thf-era of tka inn l i lo-. la thaw eariaaBln. and hate .in* J' Iron ' <J that llir I nioB had re mam d CI '? ' la a co.i>p ay I , la I'htlatfafplila. a' eh tl a > at an* tb*r nir?|cr1- t'? | lllito to | iy I. rr -d la of tbr iala af Ilia laawl?|l PQ 1 ? I at -m r o* r Pi tli broker thro Bah whoa,i n tro ? attllfy tha laaurtn.r wa? *fl*it 4. t ba ptio 1 loth: *' *,..wijt vf tl.i oj It n.f tiiU' aad It n ll'l lutjlM to t'jalr I . ?-?d- r. Foriiitr tit.* in at! f dart-ad ?tl?rdiine* upon tV?? f . .It-, i i i 1 th- y K-i pr -'i-it it to -rttli t I I r.s'l'l -?r ' i i lnerl from tiuir t. tiia* rMMla 1 ill? m d I ai-a Mntaal rompaalea aproare l aaaloa* la ?*Hla a i tin antt r, liit ?tr? rftwnnlrl fr-M It l.y tha mm?*er of j a till- ,ie . r >1 I in- l-rdii I. in-CI I li-'t *11 I Ml-noa, und a * menrru B-ilnna r talent lha ihrrr. through .or taaiel, Fran j : rl? U lh tti; P?'i I'l to tl.l'-.,ntat, th-? (.air naiiijmt j to pe-1| i tie | iittlnr in an atmwtr, I a^i Iliad ba to "j , a aainre . f th'lr 4aftar?. ahleb any ,.1* Jn,a,t par I flu.- ?! at ? ;tti?l. h-it what'i.-r It i M inay. t't- i* 't'-v II ,,t barratry ? Tl 4aa>a?e byt.,i W ntr. aad I ha I no ontfol 'th ??iml a I Ir in '.I n.i i n at if tr? dr?tl ' t ; -11 amith, 1. n ?h? fa I air ,i into tho <-ii?tony of tha I . T. Coa'ol : and tha e niI tViBi'i-r by I -i nttointod av n |- r- ? t" w! mlhadnevar I rpoktn. nor tie tniird of, ntitil ?ft r bl? ritam t? thl?-Ity. I | No*, atder tl e>* eirmmotnaea*. I ana ata no aaaaaa for tin tl i roadi-tt r| th. ' i i-irptniet. wh-- r alira nnoiiinae proftl?, t l??no t.-lltlr.oa i tat - tn tin ir Ir- ylara. nn-1 whi n th* f m- n -ot f f-ntmant told**, th* in*or*r fln-l* that th-ir II I pr- mpfa*aalB minting Iom*? r.rlnti In n *rtainty toia' ir hi al'ti^and t- iltbina In* *alt. Certainly th* rl*k i* all on I or. nid* and ii ahlt-para -l?*lre '* en-nre th*m*elie< n 11? 1 alt. th?y had trtti r applv to ith-r ?' them *ompaale*. I {! ? Toan. iVil. hi IM HI.K A T ION N. /1 a ft aim nahr) ati s **.t stohif.s rct.irstn I V l.i lit ret lit* f'.r li * ?J??? puh1ioh?d, llii? doy. "i'lio Adti-ntnro* ?? Panl Parrfwtahlo," llltittrnfod; * ono of the tnott int. re. liny ond ?.hrtllin* ?T?r wri' ' 1 tea, hy llio auth r of "Caton li?h. It . Tr..? hlrhly popular ' ooa otory, ahlch had a o>??t unpri <->1>a?ti'd rua la Liad'?, I It Ja't rt ' li"! I in tlirif tin.-ii.,f atth ol-vant ra I Cielnc-to m- -1 >h? linn, real d mat l o' l. lit ropntatlon i N ?rraat>d for It alth tb- raadlnt public of tho Uaitod Btatea. Ptloo 00 cent. I H. I.OM! % flKurilKR. 4.1 Ana otreot. I 41 UK AD IT. REAP IT II PRRIOR TO RCVWOI.I) A _ l??ot?A Wi-rk of thrllllar lot-rent Jatl puhBAodMil ol, lh? I 'lilM of Hit II itidr l'i"M. lala of Wataffoa, hy tin-aath'T of lion I'unr dt Htmn. Jitir ftria'itaefl, he . Tllllilhl moot latanaotlaf rmmo llitt h.t hern paMlthH I fnrtetrt. M.< W f t>l?t hate already henn mid In f.onloa. * and the deinnnd Li dally larreatlny. Com plot* la ont larye | f oolom-' of P?i? >* ?, ti.Vn.Udljr Hln-lra'-d Prion ."dl onnta. " ARABMAN 4 UKJIhU V, rahliohept. W2 Naeaau atroot. e< toraor of Aia. 1 _ . = 7 CliOTHIRd ? IADIXR ANDflRNTI.F.MRN ARR HCnRRV RF.II'dCT % J fully informed thai Ihey nan ol.toia tho fnll ralan, In j cn?h. ft* RocondHtnd no (art off <1 t'lln*. of OTOTI' tntcrir Hon aad in any quantity Inrpo of omntl, hy oourtlnt thrli afdr* t 1 r e*' f ' nlliat on J A R1 MuROVIT, a? , hit Clothlan Store. he. II Oran ;o rt, mar Chatham tt. | (nnorr ruufliMi ano umin iir ? antkt 1 J ? I adirt or ??Biloi i-a loatlno tf.o ell), or hn tkina Of ' hiaeehieyrln laaottain th? hltl *t oath prleofoy Clothiaa Purnltum. fco., by toi lla,; thmoah tho pot*. or at Mo root ' d. nee. M A. l OIIRN. IW Klia otrort. f N R. lodlti atloa lod hy Mr*, ('ohia (1ART4?r? CMlTRIRMi W HTIb lADIEIAUIMlCh J tin men nan ohtaia a moo fottn-ir Inft nifciothtn* i hypeadint to J. (loodvla An. Jf City Hall plana f-adlo. f and anntlaiaoa waited n| at tholr reoldeacan ART OTP CMlTIf fNO All' PPRKITCKE ?ARI*lf 1 / Tho Myheat. prloo o*n bo i mined hy Indira and rrnH' uea wf o hard any tolt off Clothlna. Pnrnltoro, anil Jewrlri t V? . to dlopono o^ by tcpdlat, thmnah pott of otborrnif r for J. I rVhNSrVN. 4t, ftnautay, npttalra. i Ltd lot at'ondH to hy Hh. Lerenrtra. _ _ *MJt *vftr. CENTREVILLE COURSE, L. I.?TROITIKO.-MON. day, August I. at o'elook 1* M; Match for t WO. mile eats. list three iu tl?e, is haruess. Wiu. Shuts nsjnes br. , Rip; T. D. HaikU unmet Grey Dick J'jEL C'ONKUH. Pri'pri.tor. HNT11VILLI COOBSI. L. I ? HOTTING.?MOS(. J day, August 4, at 4 o'clock I'. il ; >4 neh for $T0H, taile ett, in harness. H. Joiw uamo 11 aton "in it; wm Shuts in ?s f. s- foluiil Msy. Ouilu i> nil) leave Full in rrry, Brooklyn. forth* Course. fmm II A M until 2 o'elook M : returning as toon as tbs sport ir over Fare e tch way, cents. J (ILL CoN K I.I N, I'r ipriotor. MMKI VII.LE COL'R?K. I. I ? lie TTl Nd.-MONJ day, August 4ili. at .'1 o'clock I' M.. uaslcu for (I,laU, lie ben is, best 'I in 5 ill harness Ur Johnson names b. g. liali; Mr. Irtin names b. g ">y Stu r J(ILL CONKLIN, Proprietor. COURSE.?TRO'ITI NU ?PURSE $2X?, s mile beats, l,est three iu tlee in barues-. for horseu that ever won a puree ov. r hi'"; gjo to go to tne second horse in be leet heat of the race. To oom* off A i#n?t i. En tries to lose Thursday, July 31, by in o'clock P.M., at Maiden's lotel, Iht Chntbum street, V. Y. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. hihcklla n kui<? BOX WOOD.?JUST IMPORTED FROM SMYRNA, twenty tons o( Boa Wood, the - est tha? has been in the inrket tor the last two years V'urrsi cheap F. U1EASON. Muaeuui Building. Treuiont street, Boston TOJI,. ? BAVINti TAKEN A NLW i Alll), AT THE -> corner of Cocrck and Kivington str.eta, in eonnection 1 ith my Old Kstnblishud Yard at Kin* and t;reeuwiobstreets, i mean to sell Coal of the beet [utility as usual, vu :?uutok ties and ainall jirotits. for cash only. Ktd Asn, from boat, ehvertd, $4; Whito Ash, $.'f 7S? from vc.rii. Jft cents more. ' II bit I 'LINTON. SOUIUKHl MAVTI.E CAN PH. tflRAS; HAS Fl\ 3 teres; Chandaliers; Girandoles, in ..-iiii'Io tiuish, of the . lol ct. ,t I , eoeliu ' ..... I .. ? I ... . .1 .... ..I . ? , J .. ilver '1 ea Sets. f2U -1 pieo a; 'f alio For ak, >r and s* per men; spoons, per dozen, will b* ar rugr avi..g, aud have ae appeurftiioc vt pure silver A. HOKGiN, l"?2 William street, Between Fulton end Ana, opposite the C lurch. JII.VF.K DOOR IM.ATES.-SAUsES SILVER PLATED J Door Plates, wholesale, nt No. 12 John street. Those late* are v arrant* ! sup* rior. Th? *uh.if ribwr has, for the tbt ten wars supplied tli?* entire trade of turn city. South* n and Western dealers will tind it a i vuutageov*s to call at i. 12 J- liu tr-et. i!| ?. J. SAt'SK 7 11 STRANGE to BROTHER I VI 1" > K i II K?. NO. IS ul? Murray street.?Fruuoh Flower* Ostrich aud "".aacy ettkers. and Materials for \ lower Makers. K B. Strange Brother beg to inform their otPomtre that during the ruuilding of their store. No. 21 Park plser, they have removed leir entire stock to No. If*1 Murray street, where they gra )V> opening the largest end moat va-iod nttfortmeafc of the ?ovc named goods they have ev r yet Imported, adapted for it fall trade, to whirk they invite the attention oi the job ri. )AKU1I-T. .11. ALBBIOOri HUDSON COUJTTY Oakum Bergen, New Jersey, (I ^ miles from I w York.) Ordsrokv iuil provpti) Rteadti to. Pinoni I ndlng bv mail will please ray what kind they w:?rt. Ex- | a soperfor or American navy Persons wishing to visit the iove works, or having business with the pr*">rt?tors. can ? so bv Inking tbflNA fSNI JsrtSj ( ity tVrrv. whiob i IVN r Ban' B "Very hall boat, do rui nili -IMHA hi* hhkk hiiobs.?our ! L attention ban been called to an advertisement, bv Horace ! . Day. published in the New Fork tl raid of llth July, | 51, and the Courier and Enquirer of *a.u? date, in which, ter much uinnstitsd abuse<f?nr attorney. vVm . Sudsou. iq , he assorts that, we daru n? t harge him with pirating | ordyear'j Patents, under or.r ow i n-mes; wild t -at no does | ot infringe Good ienr'e Paten t In the mamniirture ?f Shoos, i t'e have purchased "ur licenses for the tn irufacture of In- I ia Rubber Shoes under Uoodyenr's I'at*.iitn, and paid our 1 ooney, and are daily pa} ing a taritl for t o : hj?iuu: and any | ther person d Vt hate d nc the same, it disn to do no, | Itbtv than pirate upou (iun-hear'u Patents t'e thick it ; i*re just to pu'chtso a riuht to ns? h swim pitent. than t fringe it. Br. Dav, having been pr-.'fivuteu, aeknowr- I aged r*^t3. a fettlcm- it. and s treed > future not to )"fnug6 hi* FattenU. Hois now ittempt- j ijt nor only to iltHb,. mi.i Pate. on, to injur. OHf* I live. *h? her., fur a larto onu.i di r.ti >n, ptriht.ud I ur lictna#,. and cow aork under tuam. ud .? on.-ju J r Day directly, and t.?t over our ovru aigi. .turti, with rating upon Goodyear . I'otcnta. in tho manufacture of the j lot. which he I. now offering to the oulic. and we give jtK he and all w!.o arc concerned .it!i luin in puri.all. gor rrndi hlines, mo ie in violation of said 1'atvUt i, will ?.? proeeeuted. i i ' . v i . . l* havwarn kl*bbir ro? b.\ W m a. Buckingham Treumror, TOE MMAKK INDIA HI liHKtd u EG CO.. 11. tiutcbiueon, President, FORD L CO. Raw Vork, JnlT 14, IHSI. NCRXAH Or Til F. MOHNORM It serine, alee, that Mrrtnoiiiam Is making a terrilic (chirm Among I hristiana. lint Mormons don't a? fa-t increase a" roeclen. bid ku?. inutlie. anil Hum ? Those vile Philistine*. But there's a ready way to tlx Three horrid inacct hi rutted. Fmanue1 L.>on A '.^jnder telle that knocks them o'er, Kiila them in-tantcr by tbu score. Which, in Broadway. 431. Thousands are haying I latrimont MAPE ia?!'. t"v Mil TO WIN a 'I l.i riT.? I'ri'feeeur Lawton, of London. baetna arrived I hi tun. will send ti. any addreao. on receipt of one dollar. t raid, plain direction! to enable tad Us or gentlemen to ! nine devoted afl'Ctiont of the opposite eea The proonoa i m|>le, but ao ooptivating, that all may be married, irteeetlvu ol aaa, appearance, or Doe'Uoa: a?il laai though ; >t lvaet. it ean be arranged with anai. oaee and delicacy, at detection ia Impossible Addrcae, Profeeecr Lnwton, niton, Mnei No letter taken froen the PoetOften,nnlaad e puetaae It paid. t AKD?BUS. FREWHTRk, PKOH PHI I.AitKLPdlA ' -V tondcre her aereieoe to ladiee and * utieinen ot thlg Ity, In Astrology, Love, and Law mature Interpreting irtnnia, he., by Cooke and .oirnoo, constantly railed on by lapoleon; and will tell tbe name of the lady or gentleman hoy will marry. Alan tha i.amee ?f the eislteoe. tteeidreee II Orend "imet 1 adUe fifty sent* 1 ??' ttw?? one dollar \HH IV A1 OF DR. C. W. HI l It At K t f NEW POKE.? The rclebrated Dr. V. W. Kohaok, from S*t?d?n. Froescrof Astrology, Astronomy, Phrenology aedUaomanay, avingjurt arrived from Philadelphia a here he hae met ith the meet eatraoraiuary success lor the laet four yoare, fiers now hit eervieea to too citieene t New Pork and ite trinity C. W. Koback, being the seventh eon of the iftnth eon. and having made Aekrology :.ieaaoluaive study. 1. t i in age of Afteen year*. enjoys advantages derived i.m travelling nnd reflection. tbnt are possessed ay none ia tie country or In Europe, and being ?o gifted by natare, nd hiving nltlvated ihuee Mceeed rills, he ia prepared to dopt thorn to the following ume end the in1)' ditto eonuu metion of the foliontug Ti ptoe -fie eivt. be eontiled with at hie other, og by Utter, tf pru-paitl. and ? la prrpared to make nee of uie pnwsr ,'u ..y oi the >llo?ing topic*:?Dismiss of all descriptions; travelling y land or oca: corrtahipe: advice givun for vlmir auoneful a< con pliai.nival; apoculatini in stocks, morchan i?e vr rrmi : inc recovering of I 'kk-^i in ilieputo; if |oircha*ivi? of ticket*. and the aaf ty uf abip? at soa Ue la? l.a? bad the honor af receiving a ?vTtirtrai? fr-m tht loDoralle C. John C**rsadotte. formerly Kinj of Swod< a, I ich It will give him great pleasure 11 ahowiac X} tho#f Lu favor hivn with a call; he alio offm Maavftlof^ reap*cti health, wealth, aci m arrive, lore affaire, joaraefi, lawi?U. dilf i'Blty ia i-KilBe*!. fraud, rirVace# aail deot'i: put. repent. and future i rent#, ud all tLe cuncerwe of lift, aud ivitc* all to call wl.o are afflicted corporally or m nta'ly. frtti-Udiri .% fie. Uettlenvn f I Vatiritice calculated id read in fall, tooardiu to the omclee and fr%i?unn? *na, ladle* $1; r?ntVm<h fl AO. Nativitie* calculated acid*.? to Geo man cy, for Udl<# %2 In full %X (^ntUmen tu tall f'>. Persona at a diatanc* ??n hova their nativi otdraati by acad** the da'* of tht day of thair birth. All tt*r* ?cidt#in*ng the there fee will revive immediate atntioa, and uavivitii-a will be tent to any part of lh# L'nited tcte*. written on durable errMW. All lor tore, onaoyoftiio "'* topif a, if |o*t-paid, will bo aa. ?enr**d gratia flu f&c# III! h'bitlf'flfl, two block M?? i>. iiuiXdii Vioii i m ID foa hi i' una J the hair ? Ifundi-edn of pretended remedies are fl?<> line | -a i? ntifry, tut not one of them an, or do, ?l?ow that tbey | iif r<rtored a head #1 hair lo t t? utvflv. year*. Iloar ' let Mr. J II Mrrnm >*. of Nea. tift and ti7 Watt atrwot, I a 1 '.rli Hiding Micel l)r Ke|linger, deer rir?Through ' v rc? tiivneadaii a. Mr K IMaon, f??rm*rty of Now York ly > * ? te wrc yowr fluid for l ie hair, which ho h *1 loet tr l?i. eeveat*. nth to forty-second jcir. It did not coat n kib to | rodnie a I tautiful. aoft. bead of hair. II** id R? fnltb he beta, aa everything triad had entirely lb 4. Nooac en doubt this, who will call ni m?.. I can r?%?* to tbem that h? had hie Hk * #** * tat**?i on a bald hand, ltd aft' rwerda bad it taken with a l? antiiul In ad of natural lir. proinced hy u*in< I>r. k> Dinger's l lutd. VW ?It i* i i?w itenernlly admit!* d that thla le mo*r than hae hecn Marned be me otlur ntn ly. Sold in lar/'--family hnttl< by igerwil K llrotbef, ?TW I'aarl, id and aT??llroedway, whit* lit. Grand and f r,v?tiif, at lit each?% doeen. ca*h. It ?ito?t delightful In it# od^r and (laeor. Uut drtda of other ir* ? can W shown hy the Doctor. uomamn. oarhuom . v Jiw YOBK RomiBAZAAR SI rmmtr STBCIT.- , v Auction nolo of Horace, t'arr.agea 'la-nrra. Saddle#, I v" ,f,f2 Monday and MTcdaoad*y. e <mmo?ciaa at 12 lock, rerwrno kaT?? property to disnnoo of willplMec 1 dl aad hare It r*gi'ter*-d. JOHN' A UATPir.l.D. Pm?r1?tAf. IiihSP. WAGON. AND lAftlkftW FOR <M.C-A < ?"rr*l koiM. n??rl* .(.? ? ht?h. kil l la ptktlf In hnri.' a. I nn>i4 an* ? irnriol .ml, k n I. ntth ?cp, In ,<*><1 T4?? ?. nl?-> t* <i hnr i?a?. r,I, tu |*. K.oinfjr, t*ab.? r?raet'>f t nrth .tT??t ?a I La711 )'! AM. 11 Rsa 1 or sals -BATHuwiiii rotssetiKi kind In *yr.ty p*rtiin'nr, nlll tr?t hi. mlln in > A1, n'D? *nd nr. n...f to %h? 'll?. fr. * ft'in %ny ?io? nf tntk. tnpln limn will |.n .! ? to n r??(Kin.lbl? p-r?njr f r Irml rir? fJ.' To l.t .ton nt 11 HOM'a .mMo. *? . ntrnot. tavtr. Alno for tal., n ll?ht fnacy rnrt (fx) |>onnd.) nod tract*. J?OR 8ALt?A 8ILRNDII) CAKRIAUR. JUST FIW- ' I,hod to order f?r a grntlatnaa in thl* alay, for aa* ortwo ree *. Vp aeat fonr or m* |>rr??n#, noli la the ??rr haat aaB'-r i tn k" mi alUITU A FANlUBH A, U Iwl lurti talk * < I. ?nn 8 A I.F.?A COfiD 8EOOND HARD f'ARKI 40.E OF . the Intrrt rt yl< *l*o a *ood aia aoatad rookawa*. Tliey III h. mill eheai. a* the owner* haro no furtHatjua I >r th# IB*. Ha) be ae. a at IX. Im<H a. Hoi and A>- liBH'iI Cto* 8AIR-A I I OUT Tor fFAOON. ANn ART OF " ainjila harneaa, l>at IttU* orad laqatr* at Idir atahla. o. A" franklin atrai t, aul of Broadway. l?OR RAIF-A I.HIIIT ROCK AW AT WAIIOH, 81 ITA " Mr IV r one or two hrrnra Can b* ar-a at the 'table on ir rort i f of FonrUi arraa* aad .Ae Tratornth #trr?t. ~ li^OIU. I\ A Ml MOR l"8 CF.I ERR ATRD flltalTIT RTORR !S Lf alinalod nn U ? c? tner of llronaio and Croabf i?.ro*t?. n ?,V Permit la tiio trad* ar* inntrd to make a etll h" rr purrhnalnft aa A T> raa and will aar* S-io full 1" per nl. On* ttial trill prai* Uio font. )IUI D07.EN 8T dri.IF.JI Cf.ARRT-8lti.l lNO AT ?vV M* and lit* nrr iln.-ra. Alao. ID lot. ? 8?. R* rphn, at 17*. per dor*n. (bottle# rrtarnedf at U a *?i?i Mtad irandy Start, Am Rrootn# rtr*<.?, earner ?f Crrth* I' 8.r*ra ?wr*Hor 8t. Jnlira and Chatraa Martaiia R1 irrta IROlA RilBBr.II INI'IM. II h' I J.I 1 ANT BIBTOFIR1 ?.?.- THE CFCAflTATIOH 13 of Tha*. Fa task. Ceo L'otBtoiaair.nar of t'at-nta, by ho rttcntiT*," aa* oa* of Pay'a m woadeefal dtaoorala*. ' in honor of WhiBh" ha *ara a **l. ct dinner" In A'aahia* on I Bat ainiat. Thla d(*oaT*rjr. hiwo**r, aa* Imainatlvr nut*!). Tii* payment In Unvtl roar In 1'tff, *f $A.t*C or a l.nnar :c a -rl . <i r Uoodyrara PafcmA, ahi |,, ia? only latr'y dltooTewd ia of i ? no*, la a yroat dine< rary. >lt trade too lal-* ta hanefit him. a rfrr *1 f- 'ir-aard or tba oonalrtltm of Infringer* on Oci.Jyrar a Potent*, na rhloh h* hltnrrlf hna haru the Ulaf, and la bo* aha only In fleycr. aaa* hrll'laaf tuiritl.n rf I?oy-?, ard nndonbt idly ?lth Man Day'* <ii?c carry of flood ?u'i ureal ?e?*t of mleenirtny HuMor a lull year bt'.to hi* tpnii.-a ion f. r hi* patent tharefor. at an capon*e to Otr or only ,<16 a.d to a mar. who had learrea thr yeorot In Uflodyoar * fan or*. * aa a tirflhent exhibition of Invtncivt * ;nira. and af ord* a etrlklny proof of haw e|.,*n|r n**la?Tat?r vdHannaubn foUoi at ? Uk ocaU t( an?Qi?t. mmmmm?i | new h is % the viaies. Oar Baltimore C on r<punli?M?. Baltjjioiik, J ilj 30, 1(01. j Dimotratte yommatum * n* si?nmr tommy*b I ? CvMn Rumurs?Loui burmnK A Mystery, $c. The democracy, la.t mailt. ^ioo??ded in aakin? two of Ibeir ten nominal" u of caudidatoa for thO | llruse of Delegate*; uu-i li . the multiplicity of ! names presented to thi <.e m ion, it is probably that it will require revere ... nights to eompleta ( Ihe ticket. There wen ioiv-ave names presented last night fi r the ten i i on m i in*, and the only ( two nominations wi re Muui A are and Josepll ! Weathers. There is considerable i-reeul' on going on hcrt with regard to the a,.jut .?<> ? ul the steamer Monmouth in our hurboi, at' uiu :? in connect it a with her ure bo variuu-i ..i it i< possible ti p!t?ci> any reliance in tbiui * < !?: ? yesterday rbe bad suddenly ilrs -n : < taking on boartl fifteen men and an ai>t.. .1: situs and urn munition; but on vintii g tit t ' "1 the afternoon, I observed hi r eta ltd c ... 1 dry on tho rail" way of Messrs. edtiniu - u'b si la of tl*? biMti, undo "going repi l< l.iJaon thti 1 kteaincr are, however, 1 .. y watched I government officmir ' 1 he new coul bum 1 a !< --ui" us, J. Uigur Thorn].sou, yen! utility t. 1'. ot me Baltimora and Sfutijuuhuutiu haiCo . "ii of eighty lotiJodl cars, which is belter id u 'i.gest aver druvu on a level mid by ?ne These locomotive" urc used on the t . tttid Ohio ruilroads, especially west of . ."uUnd, whsro th? ! coal pee]? out of the . iuW- along the rid? j of the road for utiles V\ . m t,;ul ho hud for the mining of it, espir u . > ouiotiui'-are nivulunble. rhey ut- Luiss .Vini'is, of this city, the'auioiir iu >iivo builder, whose son has just reim .1 to.... oussia, with on immense fortune, ham ^ hut" > UuudroJ loeouioiites and ours lor tlio .ni| The bones of a i><.- y abou' tag ' years of age, weie y . oig up from thu I City Fountain lot, ? u> bavo beoa I deposited there but a 1 ' t.i t the l .t b Lcen urcd us 11 public j. lalf u century. 'J b'ie is g'*.d ground lor u loul w.rk Our Pliilatit Ipl.iu ( 11 |M>iidctice. l'liti.., > , July liO, IBM. Miming Tunes urn n- >1 iy Viitfr ? Stilt oj u Sim in y'tir if i.i i ut titbit ?. A north-west stoiuj h - .. in. d. which iV.m its dutagrtc&ble feel her. in. n?st sadly di*. cemuiode the pleu.-uio lit. wjiort, C ij.j Miiy, Ike. Sixor seven l.n. n.. it this tin ruing for the latter place, but ih. ' uik of them will doubtless return this even. . -aiue boat-Ibit5 carried them off. The beautiful steam p oj v .chi, recently built Lore lor < apt. 11. 1- i p? , v pleasure boat I'or bis jwii use, has been , u ... - . > Mr. Foruiento,of New \ oi k; her mod.i.t ..... requisite* f >r ittifiSNi, recoil)itieudu j, i m I,. . a- a fitting Vtsicl to ply a - a u.uil Vera Cnl and the river Auiu/.. u,ii. ... u various pnrtd along the coaar. Iln nam. m oul Johu vens, will probably lie n > . I'll I'iiilad dph'.a shin jaids, tbougn i, u e it in number sue to supply'In . iw.i marin have aee ouipiisiii it . e u . ^ forth. la?G few years, save butioiug .. . steamship* for other part-of li e an. ' Messrs. llo.vit ic Button. .i i t. of this -ity, have prepared plans lor ? i.i.y nuiuor of ho us *, which uro to be at Holios,,; . . ;ig I ho V: cseilC summer, under the sujnrit.t. i .?' 'lr Joint.I. Benson, formerly attaebed to uj I'.e vielphia nil < aniden Ferry. PiiiLAU.:r.i'H'A. iuly 27, l"v?l The l'ullil's of' /Vita-v-'ei ut - !' " bV./.'e Ven. it ? The 1'uchnnnn Silt i f l i< \'ilestinn. The barbed ariows of ibe .fi?T. e oit(Uce or .it# whig and democratic part'es I'ennsvlvaoia, ard beginning to fly, and ttien nfvets ,?nl be percipUble within a short, period, i'nc big clique of tho wbig party, headed by < lovernor louustoii and ' 'ollector l-ewis, made th.'ir lira open demonstration in the Native American Couvvi.uni, hold at Harrisbuig on the 24th iuat , with the lutontiou of etT.;.-ting a coalition betweon the natives and whig*, th.? result ot which wan a light Wet vecn the "regular" and the "coalition" datives, ending in I cession of the "regulars" fruui the convention, an J j a nomination of a native twite, fir the fall campaign. A declination oi any o i isiucr.tble port, it I of the native party to support Governor John.- .a and the whig tick**., must ue.'er-arily throw that 1 party into a lean minority iu lhi? .-late. Powerful efforts and persuasive iuduocuieuta, however, w.U be held out by the Governor aud the men of the | cu-tom house, to the leaders iu this secession anotoI tncnl, in order to bring tbtui back to the ,olds of the faithful. Put sucee&?, fioui present appe i anrts, caunot safely be counted upon unless tod contributions and biddings be iiign Toe oth t clique?comparatively pooi m un an. and numbers? debater cooper, backed by mo IMffy /Vmm, anJ . followed by ail the disappointed ap lieauts for oQico under both the t ollector and the t>overuor, however. will spate no etluits to k< > p the reenters procisely where they are n >* knowing that I ihust a j must, in const (jusoce, be det'.st'd, wnioh they do? voutly desire The political hostility whii.ii iias existed bet ween j the Governor and fn naioi t o i-or, for a long tim , ; has now become personal. Il?? l-xovtleocyN ?u> oess in reeuting the apt.o.i iu,eoi ot vViliiam I'. Lewis as collectorot ikis ,on, iiirew Ijowis into hie j ciiiiue, in opposition to ?.,oo|Mir, ami the bos it ry i d wen It h ot ibe Collector siu us feitred by tlio latter?the iiet> ? iiud the disappointed office hunters. The sbility, thereto.*, ul ton aim casious hoii'ts clique to keep mo regulars or "-miners iu lino till tin election id over, is somen asi pioMciuaticalAftcr *11 the splurging?, denunciations, fierce avowals, to my nothing ul cursings among ihj acceding natives at m? IUrriFinir|[ Convention, lin y uiuy, however, b w upt m o tuv Ummi, w.i-l compelled to htid a band at '.b?i polls tor Johnston ami the wing uskrt IfnubiUtsibv n-iuinttioi f- r * Miiue of the trittwg liK-ul offift-K in me row, with few utiili. r? of tbi LtguUmrc, Kill In awani- <| Uading iiitiv.c, to piuvuro a withdrawal of tbo ticket of the tiarrubuig Ntmbri Bui the wb gs will award themnotbing wore, ami tovrraor Johnaton has to moic oflics* logive Tbe Dad/ Shh i? entirely under the eon ml ae-l influence of tbo e?U I lector atd I'ua'.om bnuKv Hong to, angry d'spute* ot-d tierce contentious have aire i-ly broaen forth ia tbe native associations, boiwc* u ibe custom Uo.i-e i.U anti-rustom house adherent? in ih rws associations. What the rend i v?nl be. tuue only can detenu Inc. But definitely to sei.le ami a I just all tbd prevailing diftrullW* between ibe tliUorenl factious of tbe whig and native parties, will bo a herculean ta?k lor <>overnor Jobuntou and tbe custom bousw eli<4?ie It atil!, Low?ver, way be done between cow abi tbei'tb vf Otmb?r. Uuless tooy bo set -le-i before that pelled, and all tbo di-atfeeted whigr and natives " come up to the trough, i odder or d-i fodder," the < iovern*r must oe defeated by an overwhelming majority^-politictily aniiiluUted for all time to cnuie. Fheu, too, bis defeat will noPd'srily bo a death blow to the faction of the deinorratir puity in iVuiiaytvaia, headed bytitneral (,'atnriou, Colonel fiaser, and Judge < ham| n?y, ng?in?i Mr. Uucbanan. Phis faction, it i belie rid, aie eoumrmg with ibe wbiga for tbo defeat of Col Bigler, in order solely to effect thn name purpose in regard to Mr. tvuehanan in Ibid Mate. Hut of lhnr power for evil there is little ui|rehrnsion, annas instanced in tbe Heading an-l iTarri-hurg conventions, out of both of whieh their I l.aaiaa w?*a L I..L.. 4 It I hit ll? SlVltm far* I.4* Mate regarded tbeui hk dangerous, he would to? n conciliate them, aid bring ibeui into ho* itiierctsG. 'Ihey arc too small in number lor consideration ? tbey >-un t fleet nothing of any political inpvrtan- ? thiM'gb convention* Gen Cameron, however, ton-ret tied by stratagem, a few days ago, in paving strong ("a** resolution* tn tbo Itauphin county wnvt nitonat llnirUbug and InatruoUng two dalegMeft to vt te for Car* at the neat S.ato unventtoo. The friend* of < ten Gate, in this State, are in to ? weak a minority to accomplish any effectual tae.tsttre* lor tbrticnrral'* political interest* ; and they titter will or con tnakr a move, wHhygt dying ino'O injury tbnr *nc,| to hi* prospect*. ThU la true, *3' jnxlallqu tion A p* in jo let, containing a great deal of humor and much Knee, bu' gotten up a* a buries jue upon the aiovemrn i of thefaet.iou of Gen Cameron Jfc Mo, agattiat i>u'banan and Higlcr, made it* app*a nro in a few day* ttitieo, and rao*el tome talk and fan < olotiel higlcr make* hi* ap|*?ar*ne? at toe spread Kagle, n lVlawarc county, on the eeeon l ot Augu?t, when the campaign will commoner, lie will, per hap*, in hi* fust epoeeb, take occasion n dhavow htr vote in favor of the Wiltaot precise, end alec the vote which he t* ?aid to ha?e given i t favor of the obnoaiou* antt slavery law of this Mete. Governor Jehncon ha* go te to bi* farm, in Arlurtrot g eonnty, where he will rein ttn tor a f>w tin)* among hie relatlres, after whtcb he will mount the stump in one of the w?stern counties, gradually w ct tltng nia way east. ,' J ho cauldron, in the city and county, i* alymM % hi gititiing to boil, over the !ite kit.tiled oy theprgV gent Union ot both patties, About one huwd?'-A and clt ventre t*i*iM3 tfto aaaious bcucb, aaa.v.i^

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