Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1851 Page 1
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_IT H C,^ -r= WHOLE NO. 6856. AiuiaaKiin. ^ ^ ROWERY THCATRR.-BOX1S. 2S CENTsTpiTrifH *J Mto; (Mb in Orohostra Bum. 10 miU.-Dnh tp? at a quarter put 7. ut the curtain will rise at a quarter before 8. Friday evening, lurgtt I, will l>? acted the su.cMela of AZAEI., Til K PRODIGAL?Asael, Mr. K. Rddy; Reuben, Mr. Gilbert; Ameunphl* Mr Tlltoa; Nemroud, Mr. Lemngwell; 8?thoi, Mr. Moore: Bnoherie, Mr. Stone; Jeroem, Mr. Jordan; Jopbtolo, *l>e Anderton; Notte. Mn. Btoao; Zenlta. Mil* HI fieri. Thn performances will commenoe with tb* cenicdy of naval EN0A0RMENT8? Admiral Kingston, Mr. JUbart; Deani* Mr. Colliai; Mil* Mortimer. Miss Andertea National theatkb. Chatham street.-dkxss CLrtle and Boxes. 16 oeats: Fir. Vi\i cents: Orchestra Ticket*, 80 oeata; Private Bo* Tiureti, >1. Oouri ooe .it 7 curtain risei at7jf Saturday evening. Auguit 2, the performances will cowmsaoe with the draiua of KATE iiEARNET?t'orneline Lynch, Mr. Herbert: Lauty O'l.aughlin, Mr. Drew; Ned Kyan Mr L. Fox; MoDeruiot, Mr. Staflord; Kate Kearney, MtesC. fox. To conclude with the MYSTERIOUS CHIEF; or. Heroe* of lSIB-Mv.terious Chief. Mr. J. R. Scott; Major Willoughbr. Mr. C. w l'aylor; Mr. Fleming, Mr.'Frederioki; Lieut. Elliot, Mr. J. M Cook; Ueu.Soott. Mr. N. I Clarke; Catherine Fleming, Miie C. Fox. CHRISTY'S OPERA HOUSE, MECHANICS' HALL, . .No. 472 Broadway, above urand ?' reel.?Open every might during the week until further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. Oo-npriilug an efficient and versaUle "corpe" oi "talented" and "oxperienoed performers," under tbe management of L P. Christy, whose eeneerte in this eity. for a en rotation of " ive years," hay# been received with favor ty highly resneotable and fashionable audiences. Ticket*. 21 rente. Doors open flit SCTen. and ML ill nnmm?n?A, mt. aUM a VI.m'V Th? nilinni ct Christy Minstrels are respectfully informed that the Vsturday Afternoon Concerts will be dlaooa tinned for the future. FBLLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' NIW MUSIo?l Hell, 444 Broadway, between Howard and Oread streets; open erery night. Thie juetly cole bra tod and edoient corpe of talented and uxperienued perforators, under the eell naaagement of J. H. Fellowe, whoa* eonoerte In this oity far Whs past year have been rsoeivod with the greatest favor by to* elite and faeblon from all parte ef the Union. Fellewr lasieal Bailie one of the moot spacious aud beet ventilated building! in the world. Admieefon 23 cents. Boor* open at F; eonoert to commenoe at 8 o'elook, An afternoon eonoert every Wednesday and Saturday, for the eepeoial acoommodation ef familiee. commencing at S o'olook, P. H. PROFLSSOR ANDERSON, THE GREAT WIZARD OF the North, begs most respectfully to notify that ho will hart the honor of making his first uppearanoo in America early in September, and giving a serins of hit Grand Fash insole Drawing Room Enterta'nments, et Soirees Fantasthjiies, which lor magniticsnoe, style, and unsurpassing interest, hare met with the most extraordinary success throughout all Kurope, and have invariably exceeded everything of the find introduced, Professor A. begs to call attention to his future announcements, which will contain full Uskails of his intentions. Raymond a iierr drei3bachs menagerie.? This celebrated Menagerie?the largest and best conducted in the known world? embracing almost every animal known to natural history, and which has received the patronage and applause of hundreds of thousands of the most ' expectable ana intelligent people of the United State*, ha* yuat commenced a most brilliant summer campaign, and will visit the principal citisa and towns of New England in the following order, vis:?Damariseotta. Tuesday, July 2th: Waldobero, SUtn; Union, 31st; Thomaston, August 1st; Xockland, id; Camden, Monday, August 4th; Belfast. 3th; Frankfort. Oth; Bangor, 7th and 8th; Oldtown, 9th; Corinth, 11th; Dovor, 12th. IH1PPIE*. Notice.-passengers per steamship atlan- ; TIC, for Liverpool, will pleaie be on board at the foot ' of Canal street, Wednesday, August Oth, at 11 o'olosk, A.M., nd send all luggage nut wanted on the pas-ag] on board i Tuesday, August oth, marked below, with the number of I their berth. FOR LIVERPOOL-UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM- < ship ATLANTIC, Capt. James West.?This steamship will depart with tho United States mails for Europe post- ' tively on Wednesday, August Oth, at 12 o'clock, M.. tram her berth at the foot of Canal street. No berth secured till paid for. Tor freight or pamage, having une iuallsd aocommodaticaa for elegiac* and comfort, apply to BDWD. K. COLLINS, 30 Wall street. The steamship Pacific, Capt. Ezra Nye, will succeed the ' Atlantis, and sail on Saturday, August 10, at 12e'clook, M. I No freight will b? recehed on board alter Monday night, ' August ith. I AC1AK STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY.?FOR ! VF Bremen, via Southampton.?The United State* Kail teamahit WASHINGTON, u. W. Floyd, ooinmaader, will all for Bremen, via Southampton, on Saturday, Auguet 9, from Pier Ne. 3 North River, at 11 c'tlock. An experienced Surgeon i? attached to the *hip. All letter* mu*t par* through the P**t Ofioe. Specie delivered in Havr* and London, For paaeage or freight, apply to HOLLER. SAND It KI ERA. Agent*, 80 Broadway. I THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROTALMAIL Steamakip* between New Tork and Liverpool direct,and kotwooa Boaton and LlvarpoeL?Th* Boaton (hip* only call ' ag at Halifaa to land and receive mail* and pentagon:? ARABIA, Capt. , AFRICA. A. Rvria, PERSIA. Capt. . RUROPA, B. U. Lott, ASIA, C. H. fc. Jndkina. NIAGARA, J. Stono. , AMERICA, N. Shannon, _ CANADA, W. Harriaoa. ' CAMBRIA, J. Leltoh. | Thaao veaaol* carry a eloar white light at ma?t head, croon (a atarkoard low, red on port bow. America, from Boaton Wedneaday. Cth Aognjt. Niagara, from New York.. .Wedneeday, 13th A u gnat. Europe, from Boatoa Wedneaday, 20th Auguat. Africa, from New York.... Wedneeday, 27th Augujt. Canada, from Boatoa Wedneeday, 3d September. Aate. from Mew York Wednaedav. 1'tdh September. Pinim from Now York or Rootoa to Livorpool, trrt eakia ?11) Do. in the aecond 7d Berth* not accured until paid for. Freight will ho charged on a poo la boyoad an amount tor Roraoaal anpoaaea. An experienced aurgooa on board. All letter* and nawapapor* mnat paa* through the Poet Of , Boo. For freight or paaeage, apply to 1. CUNARD, Jr.. ? Broadway. Froaoh, Oarman, and ethor foreign good*, roeelvad and brought la oommoa with Britlah g?oda. Through bill* of lading arc given iu Havru (or Now York. Poreoaa intending to taka paaaage to England la the Royal Mall Steamahino. art roqueated to oall at the otto*. 38 roadway, before Valicvlng the ronor that the BIN an wtt. FOR LIVERPOOL. THE NEW AND 8PLENDIB | steamohip CITY OF MAN) HESTER. wHl leave Phi- ' ladelphia for Livorpool, OB Thureday, the tlet Auguet, at 11 O'clock. The eleraat accommodation* of thla Steamer make bar a meet deairabl* conveyance for Ihoae about vlaiting Europe. Fare IB the Saloon, $IWh For* Cabin. ?40. Paeoouger* will ho provided with railroad Uoketa to Philadelphia ky the acta I. tut freight or DIHIII, if pi 7 to THOMAS RICHARDSON. 41 Exchange Plate. The rotal maii. 8tbamkr captain hniwig, will ?ail for Bermnda Mil St. Thimu, oa Friday, Hth of Augnat, at boob. Sh* ha* ex .-Heat acooiaiuodaUoa* for paxaangera. Price of paaaage to Bermuda, ( lit bo St. Thnmaa. $7i>. Thar* u a regular aiall communication I hotwa a St. Thoma* and all tb* Wait ladlalalanJa, Havana, Xera Crmi, Veariutla, lie. The Merlin will tako freight, pole to E. CP N ARD. Jr., St Broadway. i Y. B. No lottrr* or mall* will k* rocoirtd oa board oi the Bfcrlia, oac?pt tl.r >u*h th* Pu*t Oflto*. For Ia v a n > % n -the ami m-uvdid atoamahlp Fl.Olil )A Captaia Thorna* l.pon. oa Snturdap, A"*u <t 2, at t o'clock. P.M., from Pl*r No. 4, North Hirer, rot (Right or naxn*e apply to Be Ml. L. MITCH ILL. Ut Prontjtreei. Vanr>r.RBri.'i > new and independent line for California. via Baa Juan do Nloar?*oa and Cham*. Tb* acw doahl* angina aWamxhlp PROMETHEUS of T.?H toa* karthra. Churchill, comman lor, will Icar* from pi?r Ho. I. M. R., oa Wtda?*dap, Aacuat nth. at 3 o'olock. P. M , Cor Baa Jaaa diroct, whaace aaoaangor* will bo apoodilp and oomfortablp coarerod orer |A* aaw tranait rout* of th* Nicaragua Coaapaap f having bat twelve mil## of laad traaaportatloa) to th# harbor ofBah Jaaa dol Sar, oa th* Pari!* Ocean, at which plaoo th* wall kaowa and farortb* atoamahlp t'ACiriC. Captaia Bailey, will ho la road i boo* to oeatop Qaoooacor* diroct to Baa Praactoe* Prom Baa Jaaa, th* rromaihtaa will proceed. without dolap, to Chagreo, alfordLa* paaoenacro tho opportunitw of taking eithoc th* Nicaragmh or Panama rout# to CallforaU. Freight token to Baa /aaa or Ckacrea. Par pa*aa*o or freight. U iulr* of D. B. ALLEN, I Battery Plaoo. a ataira. UNITED BTATES MAJL STBAMSBI.'COMPANY, FOB Now OrUaaa, rta Batata-Par* Kedn*d.?On Monday, Aajtxt U at 3 o'clock P. The *pl*adld ateaaohlp BMPIBB CITY, J. D. Wilton, Oommaadcr. 1700 toa*. wtfi oall oa Boadop, Angnxt lltb, pr**lo*<p at 3 o'clock P. M.. fp*m bar pt*r at loot of Warren otroot, N. R.. with th* O*rorameat Mail*, ditort tor Havana and N*w Orloana. i tarrw pa?#?ag?r* ar* traaaforrod at Haraaa to th* aplaadid doable aaaia* atoamahlp FALCON. Freight lakaa t* flaw Ori**a* at 3B eta. par foot. Apery* ealp taken oa W tight to llaraaa. No hllla of lading will h* oiiraed aftor th* abaaBtor hao tailed. For fr?i?h% or partner, Of ply at tha MM of tha company. 177 Waon atroot. aoraar of fim*. M.O. ROBERTS. TRTOTICE.-THK CONTRACT HRRRTOTORR EXIST XI lad hotwroa th* PaaiBn Hall ilex are hip Company and Haaara./.ochnooea, NaUon. A Co.. of P nut. ha.ta?*rpdrod Jan* 30th, ultimo, aotto* ia hereby airoa that, oa aad aftor Jalp Ut. 1NV|. tho htoaop of told rnwipaay ot Par. tma aad all baoireaa connected with the earn* will bo ooadootol hi aad with tha aUnatare #f 0f.1V ER eLlBWORTR. tfeat P R I I Campany * Throurh Mb* for California >if Ora?aa )-rh? p<ittla MB laformad th?t oodor tho now nrrinr?w?nt of thlj C >ro fuJ. itrivro lupttid n4 nppmrod hp tho fn p thfwt Kit, and tarrying tho Ualtad Stataa soil# wiU eoatlaaato to Panama aad Baa rrnamaea tha lit and IMh dap i-faaoh loath, aatoao dataiaad hp aaaooidahlo aroidamt, aad will toaah at An?f nloa, Saa Rirgo. and Mnatory. Tho followiar itoom pnakota holouaiaa to tha Paoifio Mall ItaaaaMl (Via pan) aronow la tho raetlr, an* of whloh will M alwar* la port at onrb aad of tho tnat? ORROnV l.UWtoaa. Xtl'l HI 10 1.RMtoaa PANAMA,.. .. . l.'?7 taaa CAROLINA AMtoaa CALIFORNIA... I OtU tdao. COM' IIhi'S HODtoaa. TtRNCBBRR.... I,.??< laaa. I? TllMl'B taaa. NORTH RHNF.R . .1.2"' toaa. UMCUNM AMuaa COLUMBIA nut toaa. PRIMOM* ?W taaa. ARTBLOI'F. toaa. Tha aaw atoaaaaliia COLITMBIA will ply hotwooa Baa Praatdaaa aad port* (a Oroaoa. awaiting at tha C-riaar part i aha arrival of Uio mail- and paaaonirara fro n raaama. and -ataralac with ?nt dalar with tho malli aad patMBgtra for tha ataaiaor from Ban rranaiao >. A racalar llao of propollari will ha h?pt np for tho traaiportatlon affroight and traaaloat paaaonaari aotnaaa Paaa mo aad Baa Praari.?aa. ^Tha wrll haowa itoamalip BAB Ml BkhfPS. af I Vaitona barthaa, mow nadar ahartor l? tha Coiapnnv, aad paonllarly .ooaaadtonaia hrr cahla ima?<iMita, will ha kopt rnaalog M an dltra faro II > boat. OB a af tha abort ouamora will koop ap tha Or aaaatloa ha twoaa Aeapalaa aad tha attar Maoiaan porta. Tha aanaoctlon la tha Atlaalta will ha aaintalatd hp th* Ualtad Btataa mail otoamahlpo OEOR'JIA MM tana. CRRSCKNT CtTM MMtoaa. 1W0..... .1000 loaa. C'iRKORRR..... .1..W) toaa. XMPIRR ITT rmotaaa. I* ll 11. A l> P. I I'H I A l,liinta?a. laatlai Now York for Chagraa oa tha lltbaadSthof raih |M|ML Tha now atdimahlp# Ma DoRaIM) and FAlCON will f >rtn dirort Had hotwaoa Noa lirlrana and rii||r*a, Carlo* at aarh parltda aa will Inaora aa llttlo dntantC.n ao potolhlo oa tha Itthirua, and forming, with Iho I'aoido itoamihlpa, a I through Una to and fr >a Now Oaloaaa and porti In Maiini, I -California aad Oragiin. Paoongoi ft m Now Orlanna ota ( ha aaaarod Ir-tn Arni'.ron*. Ltaraon at Co. agnnU. at that ; plana. j Thifirafor through tic-kola fri-a Now Yopktv Su Trta ?lvo hna hcoa rrdncad from Bdtw. In atata raomr. to CW. AMI, la low or catla. to IM, rataafhm'rtiw Vork to Oiagrto will Mat tktlaWMt Adoptod bp tor aaf* aaa attaint* hotwaan thoaa porta. Ftf aholro of hartha. apply at tko o?ro of lk? < -mpaa y, M MdMSaath itrtri, Ml at thatr a?atiap. ITT FTaat awaat E N E AHUSKBUCAT8. N -*ANAO?B, MR. JOHN 8IITON. AN TicheU, 60 canto; Private Box?e, $5. Doori open at T: t wmenoo at 8 o'olock. The two fkroritei. Buchatnne'a ?* Braiih of Promise, and the Immortal Toodlea, 1 i.'^a "J.*. more crowded on every n?*rf? rminee. Mr. 'irtori still apptar thii evening in two of hla teal porta. n'k irnrfr n"*u?u7iu .'i' ?!aJ'rJ tllr excellent eoraadv of u i v? PROMISE? Kheneier isudden, Mr, iiurton; Mr. Jabtor, Mr. John Dunn: Mr. lludaon, Mr. Roas Mri. 1 rapper, Mra Uughea; Matilda, Mr? John Ssfton. To conclude the drama of THE TOODLKR-Mr. Timothy 1 oodle. Mr. Burt a; Mrs. Timothy Toodle, Mro. Uughea. ITALIAN OPERA AT CA8TI.B GARDEN ?OH KM tvery night. Max Marotiak. Manager and Conductor. Adio'taion. CO oeaia. Saturday evening, August 2, will be pcrlurmed the celebrated opera of MARINO FALIEHO. Marine Falirro, Doge 0' Venice Signer Martni. hlcna. wife Signoru Truffl Henedettl. Fernando Signer I rini. Isrucle. Siguor Uenevantann. Leoni Signor Baratini. Stent. Sigaor Biondi. Di ura open at half-putt 6; Performance to oommoaoo at S. BAHMM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. B\HNUM, Manager and Proprietor; John Greenwood. Jr., Aulaluut Manager. to tie Museum and performance, i'. cent*: children under lOycars, cents; 1 urquct, 12){ rent* antra. Last chance. The new comic ballet pantomime, received on every occasion with audi remarkable and aahijarating uproars of applause, will boipreeentad for the vary laet time, Saturday. Annual 2d, in the afternoon, at 3 o'eloak, in ti c evening, atSo'cnck. Tha performances will oommi nee with Tight Rope exploits by Leon Javelli and l(*rr Clint; I'ns <!o Eeux Extraordinaire; the piece of VOI R LIFE'S IN DANCER, by the brilliant company of tha Muaeiiin; concluding with tha splendid pantomime, replete with fun, of PECUALt'MEAU?Characters by the Martinetti Family. The Happy Family, composed of upwards of one hundred trained Animals and Birds, can bo soan at all hours. On Momlsy another new pantomime will bs produced, and Miss Emily Mt stayer will also appear at this establishment. Franklin museum, 179 Chatham hoi;are.-last wrek of the season.? fie irge Lea, solo proprietor.? Admission?Seato in Private Boxes, SO cants; stags S ate, 37 >% cents; Boxes, 25 cents; ParqneS Ilk cents. Elegant itloon performances every afternoon and evening. Entertainments oommenee in tho afternoon at throe o'elook, and in the evening at eight o'olook. The entertainments are varied aad select, and auoh as can oe seen at no other place ot amnsemeut in New York, consisting of Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Tronpe, numbering fifteen performers, tains the largest, and at the earns time the moat talented band la the United States; a tronpe oi Model Artists, who ere ee leoted for their beanty ana figure, and who personate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken from the clotures of anolont tod modern times; a oompnny of Arab Girls, who go through a variety of feats of strength and dexterity; Madams Rosalino, the only Female Juggler in tho world; a oompany of Male aad Female Artists, who will give an exhibition ol Marble Statuary nnoqntiled in the world, together with a variety of interesting performances every afternoon and evening. For partioulare see bills of each any. SICNOR SPINETTO WILL OPEN HIS EXHIBITION of performing Birds aud Cats on Monday evening, IStb July, IBM. at St. Duke's Hall, 4S6 Hudson street, and will be continued every evening until further notice. Performance to commence at 8 o'elook. Admission itloents. On Wednesday ami Saturday, the entertainments will bs in the after noon, at S o'clock. C II ESN IT STREET THEATRE, Pll I LA DEI.IMI I A The ladies and gentlemen engaged for the ensuing season at the C'l.e nut street Theatre, are respectfully re.|uust?d to attend at the Green Room of the said Theatre, on tho fourth lay of August, at 12 o'clock. HENRY WALLACE, Stage Manager. CASTLE GARDEN.-THIS DELIGHTFUL BUMMER resort is now open to visiters throughout ths day, fros t A. M. to : P. M. It is the largest and uiost beautiful rooB In this country, and tho view from tho upper galleries of otl oble bay and harbor ie alone worth more than tho prioe ' tdmisoion?one ihilllag. T0PTR01 M'llMSTS.-GRAND DRAMATIC JI BII.EE In honor of K. A. Marshall. Esq., to take plans it Cest'e Garden, August 12. 1H51.?To increase the "eclat" att:nd lag the above testimonial, and to encourage a generous I irit of rivalry among the pjrotronolc artists of tho country, the Executive Committee lereby offer a premium of fOs; t" the exhibitor of tho best three [ieces of I'irsworks on that nocasion?one of the designs from each artist to ho illustrative, anil iu honor of, the drama The award will bo made by a committee, to be selected as follows?one by each exhibitor, and one l>y the executive committee? and xlwuld UmK kt orrmiion for an umpire, he ehall b? (elected Ijr Ik* nrtiata themrrlrea. The pi. o,., are to be exhibited on the Battery, under the auperintondence of the Exeentlre Committee, immediately after the conclusion of the p. rf tid ancea in Caatle Garden. Art 'ate, do-irona of exhibiting, nil) pletae addreaa (by fith Auguat) " Executive O'.mmittc, Marshall Jubilee, Bread way ttieatra. New York." I1ENKV r. gi ACKENBOS. Secretary. ANl'liKHKNTS IN BHUUKBYlT *" MILITARY GARDEN, BROOKI.YN -ADMISSION tl rente; I'rivate B\e?, $il. To coinmenne at it o'clock I ru befy, and terminate at !!>>?. Saturday evening, Auguat .. the rerforniencre will commence withextracta from COPPI R Fl FI.D?Uriah Lrrp Mr. T It Johnston; Prgnttr. Mr. l.ynne Wilklua Mica*her. Mr. 11 II. Pkilllpa. David tVp. |?rtield, Mr. Palmer; ttickfield. Mr Florence; Axuet, Mlai Croelier; Miie Trotwood, Mia* Cook; Mra. Mlcawt>er. Xra Bonn To conclude with A ROtV AT Til E Ml LIT A RY tsAKDEN?The Malinger Mr. I.ynar; Stage Manager, Mr. II. R. Pbillipa; Prompter. Mr. Potenoa. Mr Dunn, Mr. Dunn; Mia* Gould. Mine Gould. Mra. Dunn, Mra. Dunn. ICX C V KMl UN i. SPLENDID SUNDAY I.VCURSIONS TO FLl'STIING? Far* icnta aneh any.?The new and beautiful atuamer ISLAND CITY, Capt. Sllna Kaj nul la, will, on and after Ponder, Augnat .84. 1HAI. leare Fulton Maiket Slip, at '< o'clock A. M., and t> l\ M. Returning leare Pluahing at iU>w o'clock A. M , and I'. M., landing nt the foot ot Broome and Tenth stmeta, feat River, each way. Tha laland City will leave 1 duelling on Saturday ereninga at half-paat aix o'clock. SUNDAY EXCURSION TO KCYPOItT. N. J., TOUCH ing at Fort Hamilton each way, on Sunday, Aug. 1, Intl. t are to Keypott. 26 centa; to Fort Mamiltou. 12', cante. The steamboat Nimrod, Capt. Edararl J. Small, mil leave Detain y atroit E. K at9A. M, Pier No. .'I N. R. atVl,'A. M ; 01 auifcra atreet at!'?. A. M ; Spring atreet at 1UA. M. Returning, leaver Keyportat.tH o'clock, P. If. SUNDAY TRIP TO NEH BCRG, WEST POINT, AND Rockland Lake, landing at Yonkero, Hastings, Dobbe' Perry, Tarrytown. Ping Sing, Rockland Lake, Uaveratraw, II rplank a. Peek' kill. Coaaan'* Dock, and Cold Spring ? Touching nt llnu'mvnd atreet each way.?Fare Fifty cento to Newhurg.? -The new nnd apleadid (tranter TIIOS. F.. fit I.SE. Captain E Van Ywt, will leave New York, from the f?o* of Chainbera r'-eet, every Snadny mora* ing at7>j o'clock, tor th* above pin coo Returning, will leave Newborn at 1 o'clock, I'. M. Notice.?Thia boat mil lea*e ?p* 1 ork for Havrretraw, every Sunday aftirn-eo. at > o'clock, (illtr returning from the tcuniti.) Iiidiw at Yoakera. UutioKi, Deb he Ferry. Terry tow a and Sin* Si? X GRAND SUNDAY FX i URSION T(? N K W RXUKI.UE aa< GUa Cova. huudav, Auguet 3?Far* 2A easts eaoh way. 1 h? (norlto iluair IslANIilR *111 make a pleasant eieuriion t" tha abate place?HMM the font of Ham mundat . N.H-.Ht, o'clock A M., Spring etraat, HV Gathering t., F, H , |i',. Grand Pijj, Tenth ?V And new pier Twenty, (lath street, l#>4. Returning will leave (Ilea Cote at :t>< P. M., aad New Ruohclle, 4. All who are la favor of healtltfai rcercetloa will (lad tbio oiouroioa a gratifying one. A good opportunity alforded to theea fond of Ashing or eea bathing. Dir. af r furalehrd l-y flrat olaee hotels at Mow Roc belle N. B ? A Road (apply ef rvfroakwrata on board. CI RAND EICBRfllGN TO TBI PFSIIINO HANKS, I every day, atoept Saturday!?Far* U rente each way? The well known ooa steamer BUFFALO, Otpt. smith, will leave Hammond (treat at 7)4 A M ; Oaial etraot, "K; Oread (treet, Catherine (treat, 8U. riar No. 3 North River. 9 A M : returning by A P.M. Refreshments, tables tackle, kr., provided oakeacd. YO K B BR S . ? FAST SAILING AND BEAUTIFUL teamrr* (re rwnntaaa dDteara of i'ataen Bile*- three trlpa i arh way daily?at ealy 11)4 aaata era Tba H.ten River Railroad rara raa aearly every hi or la the day, at ven low fare. Tl.e tlevated walk a ovarii ok a note of takra end waterlalla not to b- turpnaaed. 1 hie la tha moat deilghtIni drive i r rati rn a to bo taken. At KeMlager'a Maoaioa MM poreoae ran ait ateale at all h are. Huraea aad car nerve to let. BevMtr Alleys, RhuPloboard*. Swlage, tfnolte. be.. Re. No UuBtntna blrde or moaialtoea toaaaoy y< a. The air, water, aad ealortag fluid*, are very baa. TO llfTRSlON ! ARTIFt ?Till BAROR LRYINd tea will be to 1*4 for eaeureione a rvaanaabla larraa Tba barv* <a la goad order, and well adapted to the business la in ye of B. II MARSHALL, oa board of the boat, at tha foot of Murray atroet or of WUliamaea tt Tail. I'A treat at. TilK WATR Hi NO FLACKS. Morris iiousil?by jacob woloott morris. Long Rreneh. Menmouth Ceonty. New Jereey. lN# ocunertioa with my other Hoaee.)? To Uio *abite. -Thla hoaao to ait anted oa the a tf|ia of (be Atlaatio Ovens, onbraalni a front of avor flUO Mot. Families wishing ta spend tha aaaaoa at a watering pflaaa. can be accommodated la the oat ooafortable manner aad aa mo derate forme Par tirnlar atteatlea paid to 4ha comfort of Indira Alaa. partem, wlaee. Iliuore, aad tcgaro always oa haad. INDIA Hl'BBKR OO'IM. TO TBR PUT I.IIN Ml A RCRBBR SHOES-OCR attoatioa baa bora called t* aa ad -rtlaomoat by II"race B. Day. pabllebed la tb* Naw Fork Herald of llth Joly. Idfll. aad tha L'oarier aad Ba<iuirer ef Mae date, la wheaa. after anaeh anmerltcd akns* if ear attorney. A'm iudana. Bet , he aaocrte that wa dam not ibarge hire with pirating U*< dyrar'a Patents, enter ear own name*, and that ha dooe Wobnae pnrohtt. d oar llooaeat fat the meauftatare of la liaRothrr SIwm tiadtr O?odj>ar Patoata. en t pal4 at money, aad ar* Jail* rating a tariff for the tame: ana aa y thir prraea mi?at hhtr doae tha tnma. II dltpaeod to do ta, Ihia pirate vima !? > Ij-oarv Petaate Wt think II mora J?tt to pnioheee a right li aaa a onlld patent. tkaa ta ialrinr* It. Mr Day. baring been proeoruted, nrknew Irdgog bpodyntr'a right*. mada a eottlnmoat. and agreed a Inture aat ta infiiaca Ula Patanta. fla n new at tax at ma aat only ta infringe aaid Patanta. kat ta (ajare our r?!?rt who hat a, ftr a largo oanaldtratioa. parehaoed oar llorntrt. and ?* mark aadar Mim. aad <ra eharga Mr Day dlreotly. and Ikat arrr nr aaa tigs a tart*. with p rating npon Uaadyaar'a Patanta, la th* mtnufaotom af tha huat which ha it a >w offering ta tha ptihlla, aad wa giro oi tiro tin t he. tad atl al i art x tioarnad with him la parnhaalnp or raadlaghie Rhone, made in riolatiea at (Bid Patnat highte, till In prnaantitad. L. i .IM ml H4i Ward rcbbr* co., hr M m A Ma kiaglfa. Tretenmr. Tar. M1W AMR INDIA HI ffBRR MPfl CO. U UutchiBMB, Prttiltal. a. w *?.RD * CO. Now York. July 12. 1*1 Brii i.iant nr?co\RRiR<t - tor drcapitatiob al TNoa. Rwkaah. Km , (lataa.laaloaar af Ptvoata, ky ha egrentiea. ' aa* ono ,<t Itay'i einae wondnrfnl dlaaora ttaa, 'la honor of wt^ah" ka gate a " aalnat d aaor' la Waehlngf.oa laat n Mar Thlt dlaoet-ry, h-werrt, ?at IranrlnatlTo merely lh? payment ta Ooodyear la UM7, nf $?,?*' far a lleaoaa ta work enter Qeodyenr r Pattat, whiafe l?ay haa only Ittali dleoererwd-la of aa a.??. it * great dinar eery tai mad* too lata to t?no(t hlia Pay't offer of %*< r iward lor the eenrteUnn af Itfr tnn at Ut .ly r e Pttoata. aa phloh ha hlturolf hat Hata tha chief. and It aaw thtealy la Dinger, wte hritl' ar notation of Dar'e, and 'ndonht ndly original with hlra l>? yt dleooeeey ?f (Joedyear's greet aarot af ynlor.nlr.lag Rnhher a fall year h-iara hit trplisa. tlaa frr hit potent IMrtlof. ataaetpen.n ta Day afao'y MR paid It a am. who had learned tha loor-t la Ooodyeag t nth wry. aat a hrtllUn' aihlM'taa nf larentiyr (anlna'aad af SSiWISi'W&tt" JteXV*"'*' ar? W YO MORNING EDITION?SATl AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Onr Pari* CoiTMpondenea. Pari*, July 17,1851. 7V Revision of the Constitution?Progress of the Delate? The Sjieerhes? The Political Catechism? Candidatesfor 1852? 7V Orleans Family?King' ly Pretenders?Netr Ministry of Portugal?Recall of Captain General Concha from Cuba?Items from Various Points, jrc. Tbe grand debate on the revision of the constitutlon has come, and after the first day's debate, it is certain, as was beforehand suspected, that the whole affair will end like the well known fable of Esop: Parturient Montr t, natcitur ridicului mm. There is no doubt that the majority will be against the "mending" and "patch ng" of the con| stitution. The republicans, of course, are opposed to anything of the sort, and tbe monarchists of both parties?either Legitimists or OrteanisU?do not I wish to serve the ambition of Louis Napoleon, and, consequently, put off tbe realization of their i dream, which is, as is well understood, the recall of Henry V., or that of the Count of Paris, Louis Philippe II. An immense audienoe has i listened during the four last days to the spoeohes of : Messrs. l>e Falloui,Cavaignac, Michel de Bourges, I ana jjerryer. i am toia mat tne desire to Do present at these debates was so great among the stran| gers now in Faris, that tickets were sold at from #20 ' to |25 for the first day. Now, the usual price is , from #& to #8. M. Dupin, the Speaker of the House, opened on Monday last the debate by an address full of feel1 iog, and conjiring the orators to be moderate, in ' order to reassure the country with respect to the future of our politics | After a she rt speech by M. Payer, in favor of the republican principle, camo M. do rulloux, who, , boldly, without any preamble, demanded the entire ' revision, but with an appeal to the people, either I for monarchy or a republic?either for a King or a I President. M do Mornay, the third orator, opposed the revision, which, according to his belicl, was only to : aid a Bonapartist ambition. General Cavaiguao ' uttered the same kind of opposition, in lavor ot republicanism. I The most eloquent part of the speech of M do ' Falloux, during the first sitting, was that in which | he referred to the speech of M Thiers, who, on 1 another occasion, bad said that " the republic was | in France the government wnich had the least power I to divide the partisans of order." " On the con) trary," said he, " it is t government which allows | them to be always divided and never to agree." The second day was entirelv occupied by the ad! versaries of the revision?Messrs Coquerel, Larochcjaqutlin, Grevy. and Miohd do Bourges. ; JJacb, in bis turn, spoke against the project of (be government, and declared that they would vote against any motion to upset the present state of I things. The speech of .YI. Michel, I must say, was brilliant and full of pathos. The " peasant of the | Puiiubc," as ho is called by his colleagues, refrained from his ordinary violence, and came out gently, | but wi'.h strength and energy, against the false friends of the republic, who had but one desire?to upset it. One of the richest passages of bis speech was his expression of sympathy in favor of the Grit aDS family 1 On the third day, M. Berryer, the leader of the , legitimist party, spoke in favor of the revision, but in laior of a change in the form of our government, in order to alluy, before 18G2, all the dangers by t which France is threatened His discourse was > & very eloqueni defence of the national principle of the right of inheritance Through tho lightnings ol his witty oration, he pointed at the radical impotence of the republic, and also proved that this sort of government was incompatible with the atlec tioiis, manners, and want* of the trench nation. 1 mutt add, reverthr less, us a shade to tb? picture, that this brilliam apology was not complete, but the omissions must be attributed more to the par liamcntary situation of the orator than to a failure of his eloquence. It is believed in the political circles that the debate will be over at tno end of the week, and if not, early in the beginning of the uext. t It is rumored that the agents sent to the departI mont? are very busy about the petition in favor of the revision. The object of the government is to produce, all at once, during the last sitting, a Urg> number of petitions. This will be of no use. Ao , cording to some reliable reports, the secret ballo' will be required, and the presence of seven Lundred numbers of the House is relied upon, for all those I who are absent have been requested to return to Faris. The newspapers of Faris have published a vory queer catechism, which is distributed in the provinces to the agriculturists and peasants. My roarers will decide upon the subject. Let me only say, that in order to render it more easy to be kept in one's miiuory, it has been rhymed, in the model of the Ten Commandments :? 1. I n M-nl Plru tu adorera*, K.n pron grant le President. t. I?i?u en vain tu ne jnrerns, Ni bl.-mrras le Pi eel tHit. 3. Lea dimaorhe* tu garderaa, Kn v< ncrant le President 4. Tea p< re et mere honor*ran, Presqu'k regal du President. i. Ten epou?e tu rh< rlras, Tr< enfants et le President. 6. Ton patrimoLnr lu gardrras, rd tu gardes U President. 7. L# blrn d'auirnt tu ne prendras, Lalssant sa place au Prrsldeat. 8 Faux tcmolgaage ne dims Bur lei vert us du President. 0 La vertue pure ot??rveraa Kn kignanl pour le Pre>td?nt. 10. Llbrrte or convollerae I'- n mi r autre I'm -i l?nt A chango of (be present ministry is also spoken of in politicikl circles, awl Mrvn. Barrot and I'ocquo1 vilfe are t > bo nlaetd at its head, according to uew rumor*. Hut. before thij take* place, we have the nomination of (General Mag nan a* Commander-inChief of the army of Paris, in place of General Paraguay d' Hiiliers, who, a few days ago, sent hi* resignation, iust after the vote passed, upon the demand of M Noel Parfait, by which no representative could bo allowed to hold an ither office longer than six months. General Magnan, of courts, sen-, also, on Tuesday last, his resignation to M (>npio. While tbu revision of the constitution is thus proceeding, either t<- -1 rueot-ss or to its ruin, the republican party is kf king around to nominato a candidate for the Pri ddeney of 1*32 It is said that M. Caruot, ex-minisitr of Pubiio Instruction during IH|,s, In,* hern selected I do not think tha either be or M N'adand will erer print their foot steps on the carpets of the l.lyroe In the meantime, the Council of State has decided that if the President attempts to entioe the A seem bly to violate irticle W, of the constitution, h > I can be impeached. This recalls to my mind tb < I celebrated motto, ' Vuvtanl Consult* which seems to be il foriirr 4u jour. M. Berryer, wb<> has recently visited Claremont | in company with M. de >t Priest, his not, I am | told, been satisfied with the obstinaoy ef the Or Iran* family agaiust. any arrangement with th I legitimists. It u sain that, though he wishes no to repeat tho conversation which took plate betveen

I him and his noble boats, he could not refrain from saying to one of bit intimate moons, inai no arret genu nt scttnrd to bo pftaaible for tbo preeent The day* ol the Nth of Jul*, (the capture of the Bastile.) and of the l">th of ;be ?ame month, (the festival of Henry V.,) bare both bren calibrate 1 In Parle On the I lib there wai a grand gala dinner at the Barrier du Maine, and on the 1MB n>aM one raid in the church of the Petita Pt-ree, at which more than six hundred peraone were prearnt. All thoae who were prerent at thle ceremony wore a white flower, either in the button hole of their coat, or at the belt of their drtee Thir having been remarked by the republican!, who, by chance, were present when the legitimise left the chutch, a hiring and hallooing took pU*e, and a ftaraa followed, when tbo police interfered. id the crowd dirporred. Afwn*>? of pretender*? a republican journtl ghee the following lieiot there would-be kings of Eutote !? I. Henry V .Count of Cham bord. ) t. ( onnt of I'aria. > for France. A T^tiiaXVll S i. Prince of Monaco, forMenton and Kochehrutn l> Prince Vara, for Swodcu ? M de Brnnswii k, ) for Schleewig 7. Piince of AsohaQenbaurg, S Holstein. H Prit <e (iousaga, for the Huohy of Mantua, ft Duke of t ienoa. for Molly. Ift I/iike of Mordemolin, for .Spain. II l>on Miguel, lor Portugal. 12. Ahdel Kador, for Algiere. A, itrjx* ofthtalaat pretender?new* received from the Ottoman Etnplie aaauree ua that the Saltan refuree ta reoeive In bia poeeeaetoaa the ex-Emir of AJglarg. A journal, apeahiag ef the great intereat R K H JRDAY, AUGUST 2, 1851. taken la that fanatic by the English government, i demand* why there ahoold not be another Hudson Lowe to take eare of him on the rock of St. Helena t In Portugal a new ministry waa constituted on the 9th inat. It ia com posed of Saldanha, President of Council and Minister of War. Antongina, do. of Foreign Affairs. Framini, do of Finance. Fonseca Magalhaes, do. of Interior. Bishop of Algarve, do. of Justice. Pereira da Mello, do. of the Navy. It is said that Gone'al Lion Jose de laCtoefca, Governor General of Cuba, will soon be replaced I I * I e~ C fa uj ucuvifti vuiuutn, iiicpcwvur ui inmuirj. 11 *j?pears that Gen. Concha is aeeused of exercising w?rt power than he is entitled Is in his new eommaud in " the department of navy and' finance, which arc not under the immediate order sf the governor. This change may bo considered a great loos for (he safity of Cuba. The remains of Madame Latitia and Cardinal ' Fesoh, the mother and uncle of Napoleon tbe < rreat, have been transported from Cirita Vechia to Corsica, with great pageantry, and they arrived at Ajaooio on the 3d inst. A great ceremony took place at their burial in their native land. Great armament* are making all over Prussia. The negotiations relative to the succession to t he throne of Jieumaik are on the eve of being finished. Tbe mediation of Russia, Austria, and Prussia has settled the anestion between the royal family of I>enmark anu the family of the Prince of Uldenbomg, Glucksbourg, and Augusteubourg The celebrated Ilung irian horo. General Kossuth, bus proposed to tbe Austrian government to set him free, 011 the condition that be wonld unveil the place where arc hidden tbe crown of St. Stephen and the archiveS of the kingdom. It is said that this offer wu rejected by Austria Cardinal Wiseman, Arenbishon of Westminster, has visitid the city id Cuen, In Normandy, accompanied by his great vicar, M. Sourl Pierre Francois Xsvicr Boyer, Grand Officer of the Region of H-nor, ard lvuight of tho Order of St. Louis, died at L&idij, n small place near Ktatnpes, on the 11th nist. lie was aged 79 years. It will be remembered that Buyer fought against Tcuseaint Louverture, tho "auied negro general, during the Fiench wars in llayti* B H. it. oosml* ok tak1s. Pakis, July 17, 18.31. Grand Public Festival?Bail tuning and Frying? Swimming Apparel?Carriage vithout Haines? /Tying Machines? IVild Man?Earthquakes? Journey Around the IVrid?Mrs. Chapman and Vutur Hugo?Leath of Do guerre? Ojiera?Thca. tres?Biscaa tanti? Catherine Hayes? Americans in Paris, ire , ire. The largo number of strangers now in Paris has suggested to the Common Council of our city to give a giaud festival at tho Hotel de Ville, which will take place at the end of the month. M. Berger, tho able and amiable Prefect of tho Department of la Seine, has already such a reputation as i a bo^pi'able geutleiuau, that there is do doubt this ball will be a gtand affair. Ho went to Loidun a few da)a ago, not only to visit the Exhibition, but also to obtain an exact and oorrect list of all the leading persons now in that city, and to invite them to cross the Channel and to be present at this ftU. It is generally thought that the festival, of which I have already spoken in one of iny letters, which , will lost a week, and will present to the sight of ull , beholders the mvtt astonishing assemblage of , entcitainmi nts and pleasures of all kinis, will j take place during the last week of August. The ii.tentioi of the government, under the patronage ot which this festival will be given, is to attract uurii g tbut period a large rro ad. and thus to caus I the curicncy to run into the pockets of the Far rians, as well as to create an excitement whio will be profitable to the city Balloon and flying machines are atill at the utmos rc/'ogrr Every week we have three regular ascensions, vis , two at tho Hippodioiuc?oneonSunday, the other on Thursday?and at theChatnpde Mara, every Sunday l'he first are directed by the Brothers (lodart, and the second by M Foitevin. Every time these two gentleiueu make their daring ex) eiimeuts, their cars are filled with passengers, and many Americans have already undertaken a journey through the air with the utmost com ago JAinon them, the newspapers taavo given tho nam* of M. I Biisdune, whom no one knows in l'aris. 1 was told , this centlemau is trom New York. But now, who . is be ! Is not that nanie a misprint, and does it not > nitau Mr. Brisbane, tho well knownsojialist writer I of the Tribune? This will be better explained in | Near ^ ork by some of his intimate friends, who know if be is in l'aris or not. In the meantime the prohibition which had been made by the Freteet of Folioe, about tho carriage | ot M. Poi ?vin, does not exist any more, and, not only satisfied with this experiment, 1 am told that the daring aeronaut will soon exhibit the mammoth elt | haul of the mcuaaerie of M de MussJia tied to his balloon " Eagle, and carried through the air. 1 his will be a grand light. a veiy cxirtoruirary experimert in swimming wan made in Sunday last in the river ifeiue. >ix men, whoso b>di*s were enrrounded with the new Ofjamt t.t M. Dtnduian, jumped into tho water, at d wt re U>u.-> held in a perpendicular way, without going to the bottom. A bottle wan opened by thoin ; ihey ilrank and crooked aa racily ai if they had Wen on the ground. With such a coctumo aa that of M. Danduran, any man may awitn without knowing tho rule* of that art, and rescue bis fellow ntou, if they are in duoger. A new carriage, or rather a self moving carHuge?for it bac cnlv for mat cur the weight of the man who sits upon the machinery?has Wen exhibited in the street! ot Havre. It* inventor i* M Privoct, of Ligrux, and ho generally make* nine mile* an hour.and ninety miles a (lav. Poor horse*! In a short liuiu tbev will all be set free. Last, not lract, the flying machine, invented bv 1 ton Diego, of Salamanca, with wnioh this hidalgo went lutotheair with his daughter Koeanrm, at Madrid, will coon be exhibited in Paris. Tho intention ot this inventor ic to follow a train at full speed, and to proceed from Paris to Lyons,and Bordeaux, alwaya flying through the air. The price of a machine of the kiud is not very high, for it only coats 1,'JiA) lrai,c< for gentlemen, anil MM francs lor lartita. If the experiment la successful, Don bit go'* intention is to take out a patent. Despite the in:onvenienc*e which will ncceacarily occur at terwaids, if this experiment succeeds, it will be wonderful thing, ani if tW robbers are farored by it, in their thieving tricks, it wdl be necessary for i he police also to practice U vU, a* has beta said in French by a celebrated pan *ter. A wild mati was fout.d a few days ago, on the j choro of tbc sea, about fivo mil'* tiom th* city of t ( alaii This poor individual, whose oomplexton Is I similar to that of an Indian of the prairie*, is half covered with lor g hnir, on every part of the body His language la unknown, and the only syllable, Jri I or fere, which is heard when he speaks, makes one ' believe thai he la a New Zealander, carried out from hia country and shipwrecked on our shotes. Two chocks of earthquakes ha>s taken place during the last week?tbc first at Ketobenhall, a oity on ibe shore ot ilie Khine, on iheHth inal ; and the second at Lbatel, in the department of the Vosges. on the 111th inst. This last shoek was repeated twice, end it was accompanied by a very strange subterranean noise At hsinual, at the sam in<?tk. A...I. ?- - -1 - a 1* :? - - - wruk, vuv nwu icit, uut it w m nufc i?i j mIkimil|t All tbeee ?arth<|uakes, which I hare 11 | <nled lor the left six mouth*, are, no doub',, pt ngnostics of immense esnvuiaiona in the entrails.of our globe. The plan of a great journey around the world, tor object* ot science, and for establishing romuaor> I<1 Kgt nt* all over the diffeicnt countries of the globe, is about being realised by severrl inen-of* ar of i lie Freneh tiaty. The first visit of this | litet will be to New York and other part* of the I ruted Stales, and thence they will proceed to tae West Indies and ? aliform*. The journal /.' speaking ofM. Victor ' Hugo, reports that n Mre. I hap tutu the celebrated undertaker, in the United Sta.cs. of 'he holy cru *de in fator of the freednut of the female sex, h*v- 1 irg written to the Frencu poet, ha* roceived from j h ui a full adhesion, and a complete testimony of uupaihj to her principles and action The letter , i* too lot g to be published here, but no doubt, Mr* Ihepiuaii will have It translated, and rendeied public in the United states Certainly, In my opinion, the sentences of M Victor Hugo aro well expressed, but they are a mere bug lull of ? nd ? harmonious language, wido of sense at> I ic**oo header* will judge for them jolve?. The world renownd Dsgucrre, ih.< Incen'or of tbe daguerreotype, died on the li'h , at Petit j i>rie, a village near Paris, waerc he war spending I bo summer season l>agu*rre war oulv lio years old, and, when he was so av tdcnlj visited by death, b? waa about giving the last touch tv * venal wojks ( thrilM T ERA" i ,i Fancy Elwler, the celebrated datum ^c, wuo hi just retired from the stage, hae bought a jolend: villa in one of the suburlrs of Vienna, which o? ber 600.000 donna. It ia reported that she baa fu nisbud it in the most gorgeous style, and that tl sinenses have been 400,000 florins. The theatres of Paris are, cm account of tl chilly weather whieh now reigns in l'aris, rer much frequented by large orowds of spectators. At the (irand Opera House, Muine- Lahore made her ntUrct en Monday last, in "Lucia," an M. Morelli, an excellent barytone, who was, di rirg last winter, much applauded at tho Italia Opera, made hi-first anpearanoe on that stage i the part of Ileubi-n, the father of the "l'rodigi ?on," in the opera of that name. The music < Auber was remarkably woll rendered by thi sirger, who, if engaged for a long time, willbeoom very useful to the auininiitration. At the French theatre, the oil comedy of Drue: and Paloprat, entitled, i' Ararat Patilin, writ ed with an excellent cast, has treated much aei ration. At the Gomif Opera House, ro well managed b M Perrin, an o-W production of Ad. Adam, entitle "Lc Fidele ihrger," (the Fai'hful Shepherd.) wt reproduced with groat eclat, aud proved uncoa monly successful. It must be known that, in I83S thin i pera waa so nraoh abused and biased by * ganj of pli in iirni sugar almond makers, (vulgarly con fectioueiy tnen.) thai no one dared to king it aftei wa ds, till M. Oomiert, who bad t-uog it at Brux elles with inuch success; induced the manager t put it again on the stage, and this w.n real! an excellent idea, for t!io "Faithful Shepherd' will answer well to allay beat of the suintne na*oti Condert, Mile. Wbyer, and Mile. Felix who ap|*ar in it, received tnweh applause. At the Montansivr, two excellent farces, newl, performed. have been verv eaccessful The first i" called the "English Exhibition," bv MM. Grange Barriere, and lie Gnurcelles, and caused mucl larghter. 'I'he beeoud, entitled "l.'Amsur di (d i r. ' with Gr&ssot, Hyacinth, and Mile. Scnva neck, wss also very well received. At the Varieties theatre, a very funny play calWd "I'errieie le Kitieau," (Behind the Scenes, by MM l.eonce ami li. Nue, made its first appear on Saturday lust, aud elicited much laughter. Sigix.ia Eliia Biscaccianti, an American prim (/<vrui, is in Paris, enjoying good health, and pui ruing her studies in music. Her fine voice has ver much improved, and 1 have no doubt that, on h< first trip to the United States, she will meet wit immerse success. Catherine Hayes, tho wonderful prima ii<mn who intends viriting the United State, will I in Pan* at the end of the week, and 1 Lope to hai tbc pleasure of seeing her boforo her departur 'Ibis charming woman will, I am sure, conqu many hearts, not only with her voice, but also I her personal charms, in tkc free laud of tho Uniu Mates. Mr. Goodrich has removed tho office of the Unit* Sr&tt* Consulate from the Hue do Kivoli, to tl I'onli-tnrii des ltalicns, No. 27, a more central p sition than that before occupied. 11. 11. K. AMERICANS IN PAR IS. A Paul. Missouri, Hunicl Eurford. lU'timore II Claike. Boutin, l'r. W. Church New Vorl A M. Jalliy. S Carolina. K. W. Burton, Philad, A. J f mi'h San Dbn, C. P. Livermore, New Vorl Capt O.W.Cullum I .8 A., f Wales. Boston. P. liaimor. 1 ld'adcl; his, K A Lawrence. New Yorl 8 Bliss. Boston. Jt hn Avery, Lowell, W V Anderson. Phllad , C H Ilnflmau. New York, 0.T.Jackson New Orleans. T. Livingston, do., 1.e Oraml Smith, N. York, J T Nolan, Georgia. J W Chick, ring Portland, K W t'pton, Daovow, (! W frost. Iran> rs. 8 I), llo.uner, Boston. K I'uror Philadelphia. J. Y lVrrinc, LUjt >n, I! W. Van Epp*. Mobile. Lewis Klkiu. New (litems. L B Harrison. Cincinnati. tV II. Trapoiann. Charles W G. Hunt and daughter, _ too. Kiw lilt, C:. ! ?Howe*. New Orlt-nn*, T W f-nuth Ili -lon Mr Vu Wam'aen. N. V., C A. lUrru-otj. New York, Cyro IMuionrco. do , J A f-in.nii n-. I'hilatl , I'r Mrllvnine, Cincinnati, C JHca. ft Lent*, I)r J I). Elliott. LouLvllle A (1 Unit. Ciucint Htl, 11 Chtpp. Ma*KRclia-?tU, Cept 1, 0 Tripp Mu?.? . K II Oravwi Mi.vourt, K T. Midhur-t. NV* York. V. 11 lligtuoil. N Carotin* V in I'ray.ll nud f.rnily. K. Stelibcim. 8pr.ngf.i lJ. LouUrrlL. J W. Miller. Philadelphia, Pr A Mr>ii H Oxford, T 8 CaTendor. f t Lou'.*, t< tVRHf. 1.alarm, Fi-hcr PhUad , J. P. Harrison. Cincinnati, A Stale/, do., M. Red M. N Sullirard. S. II J KaymouJ. New York York, J P. ltnwin. 8 Carolina, 0. Itidjup. New Y ork. II. Greeley, New York, Lorlllnrd Ronald, do , Y. Mil;*, do , <t. liuib. Ni ? Or esn*. W. A (U*qn?t, N Orli'tn J W'?rti u. New York., J. S. CareDder, St Louie, F Waldo, do. K. It'Kff. New York, Mi?f K M Mitchell, do , I,. A. Jewott. Uoeton. Wtu II. Denton. Virginia, A. Cannaday. d OatoUna. John Andrew*, New York, Madame JareUI. X. Yoik. The Amrrlean Clalma on Port wgal. THE KKI'OKTED litt IMOM OP THE I'RKMDEMT O THE FKEM II (Purl* correepondeuce cf London Chronicle ] A paragraph which appeared in ono ot tk? Pari paper* ot ycaterday,on the subject of the irulerutiit] claimed by I be government of the Unilod JNtnte from that of Portugal, for lotse* suatallied by rumi American citizens doting the war betwe> n huglaut niid America, give* a very enoneoua idea of tlx icul position of that |ue*ti<>n. Tho paragraph in ijiu rlion itaiea that those claim*, haviug been referred, by mutual content, to the arbitration of the President of the French Kepuklic, " Louis Napo hoo ha* jurt made hi* award, which in, we are informed, favorable to Portugal, and M. Baroohe junior, the eon of the Mini*tcr for Foreign Affair*, ha* left Pari* to make the oommuaication to the parties." TKh rnhl fai l la fKal aha t\f iKa ran.vat uytyu in dia. Lute between th- luitcd States and Portugal ha. ecn refencd to tho arbitration of the Frenoh g? vcinment, but that, so far from an award havini been made, the qaeslion ha* nut yet been opcnc?I and it I am welt informed. Die taper* conuocteel with the case have nut yet reach-d PaHi. The rlaima of the United Mate* again-t Portu gal are of very long standing Tboy dad their ori gin in the fart of i'ortugal having been a neutra power when England and France were at war, anc h we A meric in cruiser* ha vug been taken bj English fbije of war, under citruraMancea whirl Corded the government of the United State* a pre teat for laying that l'oitiigal, aa a neutral power in whose port* the American ahina were taken, wa bound to protect them Tbeae claim* wire alway resistsd by the Portuguese povernment, and a deubtiul were tbey in point ot yuatioe. that Amerio did Lot, fur maiiy years, think it right to enfure in* in. Put during the time that lienor*! Taylo waa Preiidcnt ot the I nited States, a peramptor, d?matd waa made for the aettlomont of the ques tiop, accompanied by threat* that, if not oomplic< with, a fleet should be sent into the Tagu* to ea force Ibrm. The Poitugueae government vm thai C< mpolled to do something. Though still denyini i be justice of the demand, it agreed to pay all th< claim* ot indemnity which had bee-u made, witl one exception. but as respected that claim (the ea?e e?f the ( eneral Armstrong cruiser), it exnre?se >i? deteitoination to resist. M#t**r* were in thi state when tie-neral Taylor died. The advent o i he new President produced a change of ministry which took a more conciliate y view of the que* (ion. Negotiations ware open el which have a ict glb brought about a favorable r.-?nlt An ar rit gi Diriit wm mue to between the two govern mint*, by which Portugal agreed to t>ay any in dt mnitiee which might be due. with the eiceptio i f tboec for the lo?? of the (ieneral Armstrong / convention, founded upon that arrange tucut, wa drawn up at Lisbon, which ha* ju*t been ratified b the two government*. Ft thi* convention it la *e tied that tbe total amount of indemnity to bo pai by Portugal it fixed at $Dlt7?7, payable in t? equal instalment*, tvery eix mouth*, till th* whol i* r aid o(T. And, at respect* the case of the Oene tal Armstrong. it i* left to the arbitration of th French government. Tbe chm of tho irenrral Armstrong i* a peculit one. Ftae war an American, wliicu, hoin i bated by an Lngli*h man of war, took refuge i 'be roada of Fayal, one of tho Atore* The Knglis 'bi?? followed bur into tho port, but in tho firwt in rlau^o did not attack her. Tho Lnglich oxptaii however, *cnt a boat to reconnoitre tho enemy and the American, having construed the rircnia stance a* an act of hostility, firad upon the boat and killed one ol tbe men The re*uL wa* unn voidable. The Lnglish ship opened her broa<i*id ( n the American. who in a short time wa* a prim er. For tbia affair the American government claim an indemnity from Portugal, on the ground that belt g a neutral power, *he wa* bound to protect th vessel* belonging to tire belligerent power* whil within her port* To thi* the Portuguese govern mem very properly demurs. It contend* tb*t neu tral |own* arc only bound to protect tbe *hip*o foreign allie* ar long a* they have the forve to di *o, and that, in the case of the Ueneral Armstrong Portugal bad not that force: for bayal is a stnal and ii.significant place, without lartiueatloaa a ttoop*. and resistance wa* therefore impossible. (V ibat ground alone, the Portuguese govermnen we u'd he entitled o resist tho demand ; bus she hi the further plea, that tho Americans Were in thi rase the aggroe>ors. That were su.t at tacked not tbe i lad oinairo.'rd a wanton and ui. provoked a' tae k upon tbe Kngllah boat's ciew, a id tbe suba< qumt eiset* were the legitimate oonseanance i &U ewa folly 0? Uua pint* statement, tkn ea -I tlW I ?? J> .. LD/ PRICE TWO CENTS. 11 be little doubt that the awaidoftha Frenchgovern* id Dicnt Will be iu finer of Portugul; bu'f as I hast !?t already said, the rate has not yit Iten rnStrtii upon, r- and some Unit mud tlujtse btfejrta daisiou can U etale pat id. [Paril ecrwspoiutence <4 London New* ] ie It will be renumbered that when General T.ajlor j waa in tffice, ?a President of the United State# of America, a demand waa nude by bim upon thu Parle tuguere govcrrtarat for a peoniiiarv indemnity far d the Ion sustained by American rubjects from thr authorities of Portugal, during the war betweem ,o Erg lard and France, but when there waa peace bon twein Portugul and the United States. Ttia detl rnacd was made by General Taylor in a rather f?>f remptory way;but when Mr Fillmore succeeded la ;a Ike office of President, the negotiation took a moro e friendly turn, and evcnluuLiy the dispute was referred. by mutual consent, to the arbitration of the ia Pre ride nt of the French republic The award of T. I.ouhr Napoleon is favorable to Porttzgal; and the son o7M Haroche has been despatched to Lisbon to make the ceccasaiy conniiunieaticni to the I'ortwy the American Minister. d * - -?-? * at fntrrcrttngfraui Venenieia. j* Ot n 0 ABACS AS ? KBRSPOMDKNCB. gr Cauaccas, July 1, IHwf. i- State of the Country? Den ft of Managua A gains > the Cnittd Cress rf Christendom, tfre., 4"f. q 1 wri te you some time ago, informing yon of thw j imprisonment of certain leading characters, her* t rfori connected with M >rwga.?, and who were aus | peeted of being concerned'? an extensive conspt ' ! racy to overthrow the proscwt administration. CM y 1 the llbk of last month, tl.rj were discharged far 3 i want of proof. While in jail, General llrloefto an# j I the other prisoners wore visited by a large numb* e 1 of citizens and many societies, who sympathise* j with them. General Brijefio has, since his re; lease, published a mnnlTesto against Monagaa, j charging him with acts of tyransry and corruption. - j It is a strong exposition of the conduct of Monaga? i and bis cabinet, and has be em extensively read; bafe r. Monagas has no', ventured on a proseoution, as ay jury could not now be found to convict. Francises -r, the present Secretary of the Interior, and i by far the ablest supporter, till now, of the adaiut I nistration, is suspected by M omegas of disaffection >e to bis government, and bis dismissal from office is re now daily expected. c. 1 send you acvtral newspapers, from whioh I er translate the order of Monagas against foreign >y Papers and publications. It bus been brought abowt id oy the importation here of a pamphlet, containing a description of tbo reception of tie aeral I'aes in h! Washington, and of the highly honorable Ustimsio nial* of regard which that duituguishcd patriot has i>- | received from the 1< tiding statesmen and characters j of the United States. As might have been exI pected. the order of M magus baa nrcvod inxullioient |# | to ruppress the circulation of the pamphlet, for i. although tho copies imported at Laruxyra have , been sort buck, several other copies nave been rei. ceived through other ports of the rebublie. Tbs ; " reception" Las been re-priuted here, and it is mow eagerly sought and read by every body, high and low. 1 met a man in the street, ruining n bell and selling the "Reception of 1'aex in the United States" It was a funny commentary on the ga' vernmcnt order. [ from the Oaceta de Venezuela of the li'Jd of June | onii ?: or riu ficsirssr or hik Ifntaioa. ( Cnrirji Crrmn.?i'tticttt, June IS. 1S61. f Ordered?Let notice be given to the Secretary of the Treasury, that the Prtridint of the R< public. being In fnti rd cf the content* ot ths note of jour Honor, dated 1Mb klay Isst. to which U sdjoiDed a oeinmuuieaUon tt> m the Collider of the Custom* cf l.sguayrs together with a ropy of the Invoice appertaining to a box and v ' package c f pamphlet*, a ropy ef which, entitled " Hefap! lion < t tieni ral l'a-i in Washington,'" is forwarded, in . crdirtbnt the n.ost smtable order may be made through i this III partruent. his K.xceUrocy lias been pleased to seder the following:? i , Whereas it is the duty of the gen rnmi-nt to pruMlVt . the peace the trsni^uil'.ity. and the good order of the (*1 public. In favor of all In general, and of earh inhabitant far f.a H \ftll11. e I.W r,e..lnl.itllw? llto i *? ? < ul no I inn ? .# ak??s?a > ; which may dietuib the put.Mr mind, and lrnwu tha indi| ruin* I guarantee* KCUltd by our lawn ; and Wh, n a*. it Ik a Condition, impi-M-d by article 114 of (be fundamental law. tbat, in order to enjoy the liberty t Ihi n by granted to Veueruelnn*, ot publlehing their wb t.uierlH by mean* ol the pre**, thoae who um- the | rirt. lege tboiild ruhiect th> m.'. lei atotbrrr ponj-lblllty eatabiirbed by law for the correction of the abuse* thereof? Therefore it it decreed tliat it ii net lawful for the public authiritle* and ofllcer* of \?Drru<la to admit 1 Ir< in foreign root tri * publication* which in any maai ner nay internum-tele with the qtMation* of out interp nai politic*, or wbicb nmy attack public moral* or the private li??* of Uioe who re?ld* In the territory of the repnblii ; and that tin n b re, publication* of thl< kind | should be taken up and retained, auhject to the order of the government, because the right guaranteed by the conatituticn cannot he adduced in faror of auah publlcali< n*. a light wbicb refer* only to tenecuelan citt?*mq and la-eauee the proelaion* of the law of 27th April c? uld not be enforced agalnet them, through a jury, to ' try caeca cl bbrl*. and. consequently, the prma of i Itrtign nation haa not. and cannot have, the power of speculating in WnertM la with tarty writing*, referring to pert in ilar peinone raiding within our territory, to tha prejudice of their remitatlon and Intereet The paaaphlet printed in New j ork and transmitted be the Bee retary i f the Treasury, with hi* note dated the lKh of lad month, entitled " Reception of Deurral Paea la Wa-hirgton." being of thi* nature the rule hereby aetah ' li' bed ought, and is hereby applied to the name Bat j the gi t? t coneiifering tbat the import era wvre ' not prrbape. swwrc of the rule they were riniating. be, 11 un a fm iu? I aiiliiliu n ? lot Inn rtl I nut 11 lit ailhuagh i auch reeolutii a i* a necessary ileduction from our Uea, * | hand on cbri< u* reason* arm principle? ? It la oedsred, > that the Cu>lorn Hi uee of in^nayra. where tha copien [ i of raid pamphlet are depreiltd, tiluia tha aaaaa to thn ' consignee* Rojo l.arrabb fc in. ?ny. a* *oon aa It In I time to nehlp them, to b< rwtur d to the consignor, - i i hi* resolution be published in tha (Verrte da fnttfutlm. and aent to the (iufeinor* in order that thaw 1 may transmit it to the cantonal dell chief*, aad let H I order thai through bin i: may be ?eau-tnitted to tbi | rtisW m hoUM- collector* ao tbat all Ui'?* ufliin Btf t>tn-Nd aptrakl; to H I* aurh mm a* mar preeead U.. nuwlvee. it commending to them to giro iahraaUaa to tbe eaecutlre power of all cawt tUatuhaJI oooar. fee th. purpose of making tho ?ult*bh> Hdtr, la eaat a claim be aiade l or hi* Kaoelleaey, ARAIfDA. The name of tho secretary of General K<vad? the < -Memor. terar.f, or whatever joa may plena* to call him. of hueno' Ayroa. ia Arana: of oourea ' thia la tot the secretary of General Monagae aba sighs 'ho preceding Joe roe; thare i the di Serena* , of out Utter between the two. fKrom HI llaraldo, ofCaraeeaa ] Coder the date of tbe Uih June we era pal lie bed In the iimrta No I 111 a government order, prohibiting ; tbe oirralatiOD rf a pamphlet punted In tbe Coiled I NfMia e ? W e hare then, at present. Um I rlril chiefs sad tbe i-a-l.m house collectors raised to Um rank of eener r? of foreign publication^ and. of roareat brutwl to read a I newspapers. pamphlet*, books. fee. . and to decWe afterward* according to their pleasure. ami ' to wait for the rrec In'I n of the e treaties power, In eom a etalm be made Thi? order I* la tt*elf stupid rtdten. lows. aad laiflectusl to etop the erll to be remedied, t beeeuee It cannot be carried Into pract'o* aad b>0M? at every *tep It alll br ra*lly traded Rut who bad r rktbedthe f>re?k>at with power to nmsUtute hiweV and hie ofecers judge* of the publication* <4 tbe foreign priii ' Tbe c oitttulion guar an tie* *uljrct to a re. ipoasibllity. in rare if abuse. tbe feee rfprewelon ?< | r pinioa to tbe tract.]-lans?that ia. the liberty of the * \ pre**, and there eaMa a* falid a right to publieb / i within the territcrj of tbe to procure th?? fr?e introdneth u and eireulatioa of foreign pubiiea1 tlcee. whatever their character may be The eecietary o rhrw* biuoilf Ignorant mistaken and captions. whew t he eeya that the responsibility incuared to the caew cannot tie* of'reed. became accenting to aouod seaam end tbe practice of ell free countries, the import-* aad " [ ilUtrtt uti r whi em-rdlng te thr ptm or wr iuw, *Uin<1f in the place <1 the p iMleher. are ivrpnaeibia hf 'r lib* ll> ue publication - printed In ? fcrri|0 rrmntry * X A* a mcswary cooacjueace of the order la qawtla^ n rrlTite or.rrerpon.len~- and n-wspoprr package* map h* h l.rakr n <p?n In order that the oMi ial*. after reading their rathi lite m?j I'll us wh-ther we \m m-teaa, , na) read tb> m or not Anrh aa arbitrary aaaawf* . escltee eh am- and tad lg nation, and many sound reaaaan ' ml* Id be edited to eurtaln our judgment, bat at prsw-at * ae are limited by the rhert (pace and ttma which we ' ran derota to tbt* sutyret v ? * Th? Vimijii CoWTKimow.?Thle conreutioo, i- en Monde;, adopted an inetractiun to thn Com. mitteeen IU vision, requiring them to strikeout i, ihe protii# to the 7th section of the Judiciary re t port, which reads ae follow*,-" That no Judge af the t curt of Aopcale or Circuit Couri eball remeio - in cffice after he ehail hare obt lined ;he m? of - seventy jeers.*' Thie the Ateean trie fArsftr ref garde an important charge, because it relieves ) eereral of the ablest judge* of the r?te?e (row a ooo, Mitutioeal proeeiiption, and laaree to the people af the respective districts end cimnte ?o sey when a r judge is incapable of serving the? efficiently. by n reason of age or ather inflrmitv The dunvontiofk it wae endeavouring tw bring tte* basins ? to a close, 10 aa to adjourn to-day "f bureday), lo order to la bring the new constitution within the operation of . i| the art passed by the I* ?t legislature, which pro* t_ ridee that, about I the new ( .institution bo eg t sod ?. upon by the 1st of A ignet, tb? rote en its rhiiBue?r tioei or rejection should be tektn ?h the Ah * Thwrtny to Ototbdf.

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