Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1851 Page 2
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I *JEW Vt)RK HERALD. I JAMB* tiOHDON BIKRTf, JROPRlETvll AND KDiroa. ? ^-^4 ..N . mrtrr . w. corner or rruros ams n ut; *ts. j D.ilLV HKH.1LD., 1 cents pee copy?$7 per "TIE Wh.KK.LY HKR.1LI), .tin hatu _< Cn t per copy. or ?3 per annua; th, Fu. op,.m JLuinn. per annua ( any pari nf tfrnaf Britain, a. d %? to nay the CoHti'i'rU. both to inclutle the vostiiKe. rJlUNTJlR Y CORRESPOND EYCEconiairnaf haportetni news, soludtedfrom any ouae'er of the world; if uo'd, unlike liberally paid/or. Ova foanjun Conunan mntvLtiLT ininwrni ru uu mx Lirrm aoo Finninu unr to un. JtLL LE TTERS by mail. far > .6ti nptions, or unite Jnp.Thi.wn/i, <j ke poet-paid, or the pottage well he todttrt.S from the money remitted. NO NOTH E tnk'U of uiionymout eommttnt- afion*. W i do not return those refected jt/1 VEHTIBE Vf.'ifrt retimed every morning. JOB PRINTING executed with neatness, cheapness. st**1'* Talamt XVI So. ail I AN 13 MINTS THIS TSNINS. VASTUS GABDSN-YUnino r*Licao. rtONEKT THIATKB. Buwarjr-NAVAI. Isaiauan lllIL. HI BLOB GARDEN. Wisui-Thm Tup VMS. NATIONAL TBSATES. ChUtM ?trMt-k*Ta Kiltn?? ? Mvirnniura Cum. BRIBTT'S NIBSTKSL3. MactumU#* BaU. <71 ImlltJ humor saw UsmtTPSLAt. fMLLOWr MI NSTRELS, Fallow*' XaaUU N?. *M Nwrfnr-lmoiK liurrtnjT, iimt'AA v-iava-juiuiaiv ruwinnvw * *sA * ?+* Ajrn Itbsihi. K?w Y*rk, laiattUy, August 4, 1851. pain and C?b??Tke Reported Recall of General Concha. Too much importance can hardly be attached to j be reported revolutionary movement in Cuba. It may fail?it may prove to be a* contemptible as 'be exploded experiments of the ttiibmteros ; but j he reception of the news in the United States, from 1 New Orleans to New Vork, betrays an extent of sympathy with the revolt, which foreshadows the destiny of the island as distinctly as inspiration. This We shall presently proceed t )?how, after a brief ' exposition ei the latest from the seat of war, and fthe o miaous intelligence from Spain. According to the last advices, the outbreak in Cuba mty mean something or nothing?an insurrection, or a mere local disturbance or two, or anything ?.t all. The correspondence of the New Orleans DtUa, an avowed organ of the movement, is ' calculated to throw suspisic it more than 1 any other informuti< n u; tne abject. It betrays the foot, il it bo the revo- ; mtionist* or the island are uepeuding pon Li; /, -pj..cs and reinforcements fr >tn the d states, anj don't calculate upon doing thing withrut them. If such is the depene of the revolting islanders, we very much fear they have come out with their grtfoor j)r*mununntni'i. too soon. Wc receat. that if the Havana correspondence of the Delta discloses the tiue condition of the rising in the island of Cuba, if they cannot organize, nor open the campaign without Lope/, and his arm?, munition? and troops from this coun'ry, they are in a bad way; for the 'bailees are, at l?a?t, equal that Lopez will be intercepted before he makes a landing, either by the >p*m>h or the United States cruuers in the Gulf. At all events. while every one must admit that auy -ucbreak wnatover in ( uba, striofl.v guarded as it is: ai r rising, however limited, against the authority of the Span1 >h Queen, looks like revolution; still, from the last i ifoimalion, the r-pirted revolt wears the suspicious complexion of a mistake somewhere We cannot tell, short of later and more authentic intelligence, of which we are in s?ily expectation. That there is di.-affection in the island can hardly be disputed; that it is the ' r?>ol? jm . lation against tin. Danish, must be 1 cuooeCed; hut it is of the last importance to know the 1 extent and ramifications of this diss Section, of which wc arc nota<l \ ised. But farce or no ftrce, hoax or humbug, or whatever else this thing may be, the handwriting is on the wall. Wc may stop the revolution; but the agitation of tho Cuba question Az.d ol C uba will go on, till by war, or by negotiations, some definite disposition is made of the island. Our correspondent at Pari* announces that General Concha has been recalled from the government ef Cuba, and that ?General Cordova is appointed in his place. Interference in the finances and in the | naval affairs appertaining to the island, are given as the causes for tuis change. Whatever they may be, the removal of' >tneral Concha at this junctor# can hardly be advantageous to .^pain, and the re ICUWVU VI UCI PV ' vl CI^Ul^ V*VI A ?*l larrty of' >entr?l Concha, from his proceedings in tb? correction of existing abuse*, and in the lotro- I slur tie a of wholesome reforms, wa> operating, not i to weaken, but to strengthen the loyal .y still existing of the disafected, without impairing the 1 authority of the <^ueen, or the revenues she de. j ritee from the island When it is further considered ihat there are insurre*tio >?ry di?tu>-banc;? within the limits ef $pain, which may require the especial care of the borne government, and po'sibly lt? available land forces to suppress, the removal < [ \ General Concha will the more palpably appear aunt.mely and injudicious. Of the recent disturb 1 aneee in Cuba, the Spanish government is, of I count, ignorant in the uuantlm >: but tt, / circum. I stancee we have recited are, m far as they g<>, eal- ' ulated to operate in favor of the r?volntb nary party ia Cuba, if it has bceu able to assume any 1 respectable footing of resistance The news of the insurrection has developed an j important fact, with regard to the polities an l < political panics of the United states, it will be fund a* a rule, almost without exception, that while the whig papers a'e opposed to this inturreo- i i?>a, to Lope/, and to anything calculated to hurry up the question ofann >nation, that the democratic on the other hand, sympathise, directly or inditeitly, with revolution and Its expectations. I They have "oiicieiitly shown their bauds to justiiy ! the opir'on that tne acjuitUion of < uba, in l>>2, rewoluU.Ti or no revolution, will ho made a part of I the frame woik and the 6o>ring of th? democratic pl tfioria. ,r tbo Preside nry And this, we tako it. ' will lead do the most importsr,t and momentous se-uits. Mtaoiiof, at to tb actual m.%te o' thiage in , < ?W, re a nt await the next intriL Tub Citvtish Talac* Sci.b-.~Ajir?ir * * (>> *. n:RtxmMi.?-^;otwith/?tanduig the great quao tjfy of shire has beer, pour.- J fo-tfc vgelart thf 'nitad ktat-c.-smce the ipening of th <> g r *nd swin dling shop in Ifyde Park, in f^oodon, b/ the mercer.ary and ^oulbm proae of England. be* le?l by Utat amiable sheet. the Timtj, an effort ie >>?it ? made te induce the Americas j>eoj>te to send dUiUonal onmtribn'iame to the World * Ka*r, in earUer to fiU up the vacant pice assiftjed to this %*4M>Uy The r?aeoa giroa for this is, U five Uie msrid oral? d?moa*i rarlec of what we are capable of producing arui manufaetasing, and of ?on vicing , alt unprejudiced f'.mgusrstbat if we chose to tacitly xmjuiosee ia lb* ?uorm< im ?ail, we eould leave fcogI ai as mu?h behind us in nth- r respetts as we have done in steamship* sDd clipper sailing vcaels. We L"|-e i hat i-o heed will be given to those who are ) enrting themselves ia this matter, and that the Aanrican Weople wilt not dograda tbcm Ivm farthee by havi.'f anything to d* with thi so called Lih.bition; fo." tAey will n ?t only suffer in thir nwr. intimation a*'4' 10 tA?* their iellow eitiseae, by so doing, but th,*^ Improve meats will eertsinly be stolen from them, td tbtlr pa teat rights pirated Notwithstanding the ski * that has been levelled at "be Ameriean part of the ,**bibitiot?, we are Mod* out that A merman ideas ans American patent iua pmvMnente will enter 'argely English manufactures before six months?if, -do irts iy do so It Is ae doubt ia a."**?'!*'*'* ^ well-merited rebuke from this side of the Atlantic for such dishonest practices, that the English press are abusing our contribution*. Indeed, it was not without a sense of humiliatioc that we saw our mechanics and mauufaoturera eon trlbutiug anything .. all to the Crystal l'alaoe en hibiiion, n?d if we could have had ?ur way, not ai I article of American production or manufscturt wnu.J have graced the cpaee which was, with such a flourish of tin kettles, assigned to Amerioe in the eihiuition. The vacau -y would hav# been afileot but an impresshc witness of thy ons jiousness of the American people of the resl motive of Englsnd in getting up the humbug. Hut we ceuli not interfere more than we did; and it is no slight pleasure to us to feel that we were instrumental in saving to the * ? ?"?vflnn m.t. ltiait- of fchfl rohbflPD American peufi? ? ?> ? ? * whioh they would bare suffered, if our part of the exhibition wua greater than it U. Indeed, robbery is the best term to apply to the Crystal i'alaco speoula tion, from its inception to the present. It is on s par with what England has done. .She has been a publie robber for centuries. Through her artnj and navy she has robbed every civilised and uncivilized pation in existenoc, either of their tcrri tory or their property. Neither h*s she spared hei own subjects. In her present decrepitude, she is unable to play the highwayman abroad any more, and she accordingly hit upou a plan ol bringing the rest of the world to her, where she might rob them without any expense to herself. So accustomed had she become to the habit, that it war a second nature for her to have her baud in every one's pocket, and now she is engaged is the honorable occupation of extracting the spare change of her victims, by inveigling them into her building of glass. t?he pretends to give them the worth oi their money. The trick, however, is too transparent to deceive the shrewd people of this country. John Bull may consider himself sharpwitted, but a few incidents that the inquisitive may find in history, will prove that be can't "come it over " Brother Jonathan. Already, England, and her instruments in levying black mail, and abstracting small change from the pockets of foreigners, are reckoning up the plunder and chuckling over the success of their scheme. The cost of constructing the glass palace has been exceeded by several thousand pounds sterling, and the press are amusing the uninitiated With a debate about the propriety of not taking that building to pieces, as if any thing of the kind wss < ver serious]} contemplated. Not content, however, with what has been received, the exhibition is to bo kept open a much longer period than was first proposed it pays so well: and in order to still further swel the profits, it is desired that the Americans shouk do what they might have done in the first plaee, i; they were simpletons and had not seen through the trick. We hope they will not be caught ia this additional trap, baited though it be with th< promise of a look at the great Koh-i-noor diamond or Mountain of Light, (it ought to be calleu Mountain of Theft,) which was stolen by the Eag liah from a native Indian prince. I'lJBTt OAT. AVD T1IK (JEN. ARUKSTOSO CLAIM ? In our summary of the European news published in yesterday morning's edition, we mentioned that the case of the brig ? >en. Armstrong against th< government of l'ortugal, which had.bcen referred tc the President of the French Republic, had probably been decided against this government. As we remarked yesterday, we always supposed that the King of Sweden was to be the referee in this caseas that power had been selected by Portugal, and the President of the French Republic named by the I nitcd States. The treaty made by the Senate of the United States was sent out by Mr. Haddock, our Minister at the court of Lisbon, for the ratification of tho Portuguese government, and as yet no official information has been received that this treaty bad been ratified by Portu. , or what power it had elected to decide on the claim We are, therefore, of the opinion that the information is premature, and not correct, especially as it was left to Portugal to choose either Sweden or 1 ranee, and it is to be presumed she would seleel the ]?wer first named by her. We shall loek foi an official contradiction of this statement?as w< cannot believe that France, under the eircumstanecs ! can have made any award in the case, j In another column we give the letters of the Par'u 4orr . fonder.ts or some of the London press, in re. lation to the reported award Mid to have been made by Louie Napoleon, and which tnrns out, m we tuppoeed, untrue. The statement made by the ChrtmvW* correspondent in relation to the violation of the neutrality of Portugal, is incorrejt, aa crery thing is that ia written by Englishmen in regard tc the Armstrong caae. The old story of one boat only approaching the Armstrvng, instead of four boata attacking her, is again put forth, and .he cap tain of the Armstrong made the first aggresaor, in.-tesd of the Lnglieh captain, who entered the port with the determinate n, and with the sole object and purpose of capturing the brig. From what we know of the powerful argumeut p. epared in thu case on the part of the claimants, no unprejudiced umpire, fr?>ui the facts there fully substantiated, proven, and set forth, cau poatibly make at y other decision but favorable to this government. The N'k araoia Can a i. 'joxraw v.?Another Re. v. Alios.?Some three weeks ago?the steamship I'r methcur left this port for .San Juan and the San Juan river, which f 'rmi so important a link in the proposed line of the Nicaragua intfr-ocanic ship canal. Mr. Vandcrbilt and Mr. Joseph L White, two of the (riiu'tpals of the Atneri-an Canal Com, paoy, went out in the Prometheus; and rumor at that tin e had it that there was some trouble about j the treaty?something broke?a serrw loose? *hi< h threatened to play the very d- uca with the whole ma< binary. It is now public! v asserted that the government of | that Mate Lao revoked 10 much of the com pa"t with the Vandcrbilt company as concedes to them the exelusive i-avigatitn by steam of the interior water*ol a.iJ Mate, nn?i that grants of the privilege of steam navigation hare been conferred upon set era! other companies. It it further asserted, that according to th< stipulations of the Clayton and Pulwer treaty, of joiat projection, we may *ount upon the nullification or revocation of the whole of the bargain with Ibe >hip Carta < omj any as soon as the legislature ?hall meet The ;syton froaty requires the eoinf iny to hare all their stock sub?eribed neoea?ry to accomplish the work, and ail their arrangements for entering into the work perfected, within one year after the ex hange of ratifications. Rut it Is raid, that neither is the fto- k subscribe J, nor arc the arrangements sompleted tor business. New, this is a curious busioes* But the ?<< material thing to the company is not in the revocation of their entire charter, km in the eatenriio of the pri'iiege of .'team navigation of the ^an Juan river and I^ake v ir-ikr^pi? (nearly aa large no Lake Ontario), to rompeuuon generally. ae it may apply for the right. The monopoly of thie navigation, even wit hoot a canvl, with nothing but the noevvury j rtageh at good or, mm on roade, would In a few peer1 be teonh million.* of dollar to the company ; and, if they a.'wuld think pmpr, without th a*|?n> ditwre of the l ed rod rent on their part. Mow it thie ? What bee par-evaded or ii'tigitcd Nicaragua to thi* policy of ?p?a?h:ng a'l theee filenuwl trcatiaa, of rpecial prirUagee, under the join; pratec'ion to Ui<* Mata and th? ooinpany of Iwr. *urh eatione a# the i.nitcd htat-* and Great Britain. TVarkiip* It ir the neglect of (aurgiTemn.ent to au*,->d to Chat/ioJd, nndaderitr on the tart of Niearajpun to di/penre with our pMKeetfon ?n<l our trra'ie* altogether. The Promote*'*?*, "hieh i? du> r.ei' ^Monday. wUJ douhsle*- bring u* all tee par; icaier*. *<u# trt r. Tt.., - Th>-f? etji be no mail t? f rope t' <t?T, lb< nan m*i' Will Mf* r.n Tueaday for the P ? u?a *t?am<Xh? MiM'jr Via** W'* Iff ?* W"*4? Wt'irf i Nri*anc*s or tub 8tmb*ts.?Thi proTdkitl I i ftith of Cologdo, (wheaee the sweet perfumed wiim, curiously enough, comes,) inapfeed Coleridge With ' i hie famous dogge.el:? The river Khiue. it io well kaown. I? w.v-h tb? city of Ooiogae , But ny whet power, ye nymph* divine. I ft?ll * or lie*-forth wash the river Kb in* "* i If the great opium-eating poet had visited New i York, he would have written lome versis even i worse than the above, on iU dirt and filth. We do not reinembor to have seen New York in so abominably filthy a condition as at present, since the fa- 1 1 incus reign of tho Native Americans. It is no wonder that our City Inspector's weekly reports of ' deaths, strike tcrrorto the community. (iothrough 1 the entire length and breadth of the metropolis ? with the ezeeption of a narrow and shallow strip of comparative cleanliness, inhabited by the anstoe- 1 racy?and your noso is continually assailed with such offensive and disgusting odors that you feel it 1 unsafe to breathe, and hurry along, taking few and 1 careful inspirations, and involuntarily stopping your r nose. Miasm and infection gather in palpable, horrid tatting mists, about your very lips. Look t*Annft unit vim will fruitful pauses of thid spread ou every side. The gutters, filled with ? swill, slops, potatoc parings, and all the refuse of 1 the kitchen and chamber, are so choked that the ! water is uamined, and gathers heaps of mud and i filth at every few steps, to dry and svelter and reek in the hot sun; sending off poisonous gases enough e\ery twenty-four hours, to depopulate a ' small universe. And if you penetrated into the I courts, alleys, and buck yards, the scer.o would be still more revolting, and such as cau by no means be described. All those things, uniting with the immense quantities of unripe fruit, sick meat and poisoned milk, consumed in the families i of the poorer classes, sufficiently account for the frightful rute of mortality which has recently so much startled us. And the worst of all this is that it is absolutely unnecessary. If the authorities of the city?who arc so liberally paid for doing their duty?would in- J , stitute a thorough investigation into the state of affairs, and apply cuergeti: means of remedy and j prevention, the city could be purified, and kept . i clean and wholesome. No spot on the eurfaco of ! the earth is better adapted to cleanliness and i health than New York island; the facilities and < advantages it possesses have been so frequently do. 1 ' scribed that wc need oidy to allude to them. It is 1 absolutely infamous that a high and salubrioug island like New York, projecting boldly into the , ' sea, embraced by two noble and magnificent rivers, i I and completely surrounded on every sido by the 1 1 > tide water of the ocean, should bo unhealthy. But I f the vile deeds and rui.-crable habits of mankind i have filled this favored spot with miasms more i ; deadly, and more abundant, than the prairie grave i I yards of the West. Is there anything that can , either arouse our rulers to a sense of their duty on I i this subject, of life and death importance, or provoke the people into ridding themselves of their unfaithful servants! This is a question of far greater ' importance to New York than the Presidency; and wc trust it will not much longer receive the go-by I The New Code?The new code seems to be t I MWV ilin Atvtj^rT.riap nf thf* l?llhli?hor S. Al ' I WW,...? , , i ! ready are two editions announced?one at Albany ' ! and one at New York?each professing to be with " I notes and references to former decisions. The Ali bany edition and a jx.rtion of the New Yok edition are now before us. They bear no comparison. The j 1 Albany copy has very few and very brief notes, while in the New \ork edition the notes are long, elaborate and judicious. Our legal friends who do not desire to have both copies, should wait and compare before making a purchase, as they will find that they must have the New York edition, or remain immeasurably behind those who possess it. The Common Cornell. akd Mayor Kincauino ? i Some amusing scenes are anticipated at the meeting oi the Common Council this month, in reference to the recent act of the Legislature, compelling the Mayor to make a nomination for the of<*e ' of Chief of Police. The Mayor, freas what ia known, will name Mr. Matsell, the present inrmn| bent. It is also believed by many that in the event of the rejection of Mr. M., tbe Mayor will re-nominate bim, and continue to do to in the face ef the opposition of the Aldermen, j This firm stand of Mr. Kiogsland will lead, no doubt, to many amusing debates among the learned : city fathers, involving the legal right of the chief ' magistrate to attfor the welfare of tie city. j The Coroner's Fees. TO TUK EDITOR OF THE IIERAI-D. Sir?Permit nr to call your attenticn Id reply briefly j I to a communication published in your valuable j -urnal of Saturday, the 36th of July eigned Tax Payer." in which the writar would endeavor to make the public be' Ueve that certain fee bUl* of the Coroaer were incorrect. 1 adding thereto certain inninuation*. maliciously intend log to reflect on the integrity of the Coroner, in reference 1 to raid bill* rendered to the Comptroller. Now. all the Coroner * fee* are deoignated and e?tabi liehi'd by a atatute law of the State, and when rendered I are correctly wade out In conformity withNUoh taw. m i . aworn to before prevented fur payment It I* admitted thut the fee* awarded by 1 iw ore r?? , greater in thi* county than In any other c .unty in thin ' I Ate, but in a large city, of eunne a much greater I numbe r of eaee * naturally occur. and tbu/e the fee* he1 cme larger In amount; beeidea. the dutiea of Coroner in a city like New York are of so ordinary nature lie |? i lubjected alinoet dally to peiilou- danger, in attending ea-eg ? f contagion of the meat malignant deecription, and were tin Covers or of the State, or the Mayor of New York, avard< d the ealary accruing from the Coroner'* fcer it i* very doubtful If th- y would undergo cnehalf the danger for double the amount. Th? conductor* <1 the public pre** are probably not awareof nor do tb< y comprehei d the motive* for. the attack* made ot the Coroner in tha communication alluded to and ar> therefore mi-led In Uu> natter. t-elirviog the writer ) eigned lax 1'ayer, to be governed only for the public ! We Ifare I tru-t Mr Kditor tbl* brief refutation of tli* fal In inuatl' ?. end-ave red to be caat on the oiflcial capacity of our wi iC.y e oror er and the intere- >d motive* act uati tag tbe writer of theee.niniunieatlon ?tgo*4 Tax l'ayer will Iid4 a place in your widely ci-culatad and 1m r partial journal A IlKAl. TAX PAYKK. II. Uoeatf Detroit W Norvall Richmond: J. It Hunt Rnglai t Lr Hale Haltiniore. K Traey. Chicago. Cot Noble C< iun boa. Ohto: A. R Cl'Sin. Cine-innatl, Oeo. W'Clu ky Savannah, arrived yceterduyat the- A-tor. J ?. hirlev f'neir.iuti Rev t! II nb. re ? Xl./u-. II ! A n? Mlaalr-'n|i IV t binent- I'hilad'1 plit.-i; It J Miea. Palt'more; Tfc.r HoitiMn. mrunali Jiw, w.r? HD' i.k-t th?- arrtralv jertrrday at the Amcriran. ' U J Panelier. Hfimr Vaniatla and ~-r Tint. Ccli ItUa. Mia-M Keodauil wrtacl Tnntmi Ml-a A Pi lit ar.d n iran1.. do , A II laironi. Rutland; P.O. Ilrijhani do.; W MunlirF and lady Philadelphia; M J. t\ I elan Montreal, were am mf the arnrair yeeterdny, i at Ibe I'Dloti I'laee H"t?l < Hon O II Wbttiry (wwejro IP Mr()ann?(l*. Ir A 1 N W IVMaeter Toronto; (Jen Low NewOri-ana Out. (CM Head Krte. Him Jireph Ward and lady Muntrewl, John I. Taylor. NeWOtlenna; I. I) Walker At l.'Olia i wi r? idi ?| the arrhal- yeaurday at the Ire ng Moaw Col ,ii?i|.li I'axton and ia ly. Pennaylrania A J Mar tin Alabama I! Bell do T liar tie d' . Wm W I/Ole Atoke-bnry. N C, CM IP II Water- Alilbury H?-<, Jae B Crane opi Ida N. V ; Joa A Nietllea I.'viMann. 1 , Od A It lnwne and lady Met-Hut* Vila*; .Jam-* K 1 Ik ?n> do II A lawna do , John Bollnron and lady i i do ; N A Brtire Munphl- Teoo J I- llad do a and fa i mlly I>. laware. w.-rr am> nf Ibt a/rlrai- yeetorJay. at ' th- ll'wai Ih'el I Hon II II llanry. Vt . lion. C. f.mhnrn fennel I> F I Alert na, En*;lend, F 'Dinjer A C : II B Atone Fla ; I I t A flltey ; i N Pminr l Ohio. J II H.thh, r> a I Angfhwlrk la ; II II Dioktnron Mi?? were am inn the I arrl??l? yeaterday at the t'llni'i I! ??l , I lit- tnnOhaK Tampion; J II lleadley. ohi< T B I A llurlinta. l'hlla ; Mr and klw llflp- N V , Mr? know A I ?>r? among the arrival- yeaWday at the j < la i. d. w ll'dira The ( uhana. 1 io t nr. r.oiioft or nti >dw r?M Hnur.r i Ar aftielr puhlirhid in tlif \ ft < > d InJtlL.-rfi/.r of the | let Wit , ?r?f grant Initiation If a <?u e and to frienda Ibatw dear to t? The rt, hrlng the feput-1 ' ipan af the rat.oral ejrerulire iteantale p-aae < an ' t. 11 rWi *hkI. In 'to . ?j< to tire en m; halie M '1 i to all !t? ar-o.tuptl' u\ intern . an I inr'nunti 'lie We | Ik in it|?i? Iitly dt ny that mm- here imp*-d upon or i H loiht to ??r^ oee Upon the p?te< end pet pie rf Ihle ruga- i try ly n i i u?n' ited and i ** i'liit i -tat. no-nt? by i , fehe ar d l"t|t*id dt.-ninekl- i j All tall mi A'id publl-%'' n? ginn |.y n* to the ; t ' |>r<a*"ftt rtty. Ir*?r ?m?ua?ed fttm th? - urev? iwdl- i e?i. d In 1hi m?*< wf ft' nda itiCuon- ar 1 they i r? r. dtIvr ? n I n 11 t ? r e . > n "r pehle "f fahri 'lot ln?- \ i In-da Op I half i f th<a ' rhi'i aal'e" in Jfew V?e|t . I tMTAklANo l/l'ANl Itepait-raanto Irlerital IliABt l.'itr hKbeV ' l'e| *> eatenfo Central IIJOtAL X T'V'! IVynMedNtf?to'j?-lde?iM j t 1 >? fori &%*'{ 1 Hi I , Cltjr lnt?lH|?iMe. jlmu cl IMrjrtt, tmk oowd ?xid cmimikj ? ih? Rot. Mr. Hodge, the mlatoter who was la spirit . .1 at 1?a<?t it Douglasa and CWatn'i, proceeded to Wash Ington torn* Any since, la order < o have a parr <aal Interview jpith the President respee"ng the justness of exercising the prerogative in favir it the unfortanate Clements. Mr Hodge returned o Nsw York yesterday, with a letter to the United States District Attorney and United States Marshal nxjue. iu; their report upon the circuinrtanceN attending the transaction The Presidents decision will be given on receipt of the communication from these (Ulcers, aud until then it cannot be ofllcially known whether Clements will be pardoned or not. The g?ncf?l opinion, however, is that Clements will not be executed. Thi: limi km Railxmd Ac^idkitv.?Goronsr Geeryesterday held an Ujijuest, at the City Hospital, on the body of Charles McKenna aged to yesrs, born in Ireiaud, and a tailor by trade, who came to his death from injuries no ivtd in being accidentally run Over by one of the baggage cars belonging to theUarlein Railroad Company The accident occurred on last Monday afternOmi, and the deceased lingered in the Hospital until yesterdry, and then expired. Prom jhe evidence of two or three wit* nrssre examined before the Coroner, it appears that the decease d was carelessly crossing the track on the approach VX the four horn- baggage car. the driver of which called out loudlv to caution him. but he paid no attention U the caution, ani the two struck him, knocked him dowu, and the car passed over him, notwithstanding the brake was put down, and every means used to stop the car Dr. Leroy. surgeon in the Hospital, testified that the deceased was admitted into the Hospital on Monday afternoon, In a state of intexication. with a fracture of the ankle joint; the leg was amputated, the deceased never rallied, but became delirious, and died on Friday morning The jury rendered a verdict, that the deceased came to bis death by injuries receive! by being run over by a beggsge car. in Centre street; and further, the jury exonerate the driver from all blame. A Convict Drtwxed while e.ndeavorino to Kucafe from kv*ell's Island.?Coroner Gcer yesterday held an inquest on the body of a negro named John Smith, aged is yeare. a native of Philadelphia, and a ronvict ou Blackwcll's who came to bis death while attempting to make his escape from the island It seenn that the negro and two or three others concocted a plan t escape the river, by fixing up a kind of raft, with inne boards, and in the attempt the boards separated, and they wete east adrift is the water. The negro was drowned, hut the others fared theh lives by swimming ashore. The body of the negro was found floating in the river, foot of Sixty-first street. A verdict was rendered of death by dr* wning Km led bv a Pall.?About 2,'i o'clock yesterday morning officer Sweeny, of the Fourth ward police, discovered the body of a vailor named Alexander McGregor. lying in the gutter in front of Timothy Di nan's boarding bouse. No. 'ib James street. It appear* that deceased had fallen through the third story window upon the sidewalk, and was instantly killed. When found, he held in his band a piece of window curtain, which lie must have

grasped while in the act of falliug. McGregor was a boarder in the house. The inmates knew nothing of the accident until they were called up by the officer w ho discovend the body. The body wvs conveyed to the Fourth ward station house, whore an inquest was hold yesterday morning, and a verdict of" Accidental death'' was returned Wo learn that deceased was a native of Argyle, Scotland. Tiif Marshall Ji'Silee.?It will be seen by an advertisement in another column that the pyrotechnists are invited to a contest of skill in getting up an exhibition in their art. for this grand dramatic jubilee. This will afford the different artists an opportunity to give the public something above the usual displays of this description?something worthy of closing such a festival as will be pieeented to the public on that occasion Death o? another Old Citizen ?Yesterday morni'ig, Mr. Oairet Storm, a gentleman well known in this community. departed this life For more than twenty years past Mr. Storm did no business, but prlorly he hal been a grocer in Coentie* slip He had been ill and gradually declining in strength. f>r about five months Deceased was in his ?4th year when be died, lie has left a large circle o: friends to bemoan his death. Military Parade.?Yesterday, the Hannibal Guards, (colored.) commanded by Captain Hawkins. turned out in full uniform, on their fifth annual parade, headed by the llbode Island Bra-s hand. Fatal Ai i ioekt.?We learn that on Thursday a woman named Maty Shares, fell from the second story window of a new house in Forty-ninth street, near Broadway, and that she died yesterday morning from the effects of injuries received by the fall. Police Intelligence. Char/;t of Euihtzz4*menl.?Yesterday morning officer Bluer, of the lower police court, arrived In town, having In custody a man by the name ol James Downey, on a warrant issued by Justice Lothrop wherein the accused stands charged with embezzling some *9.000 in money. trie property of Thomas hey. coal dealer, residing at MMW I'enns) Ivunia Fr UI the statement made iu appear* that Downey was engaged or employed a* clerk or agent, in thi* city, for the sale of coal forwarded to New York l.y Mr Key. which coal h.ed been *old from time to time; but instead of Downey remitting the money* received lor eueh sale* to his employer, he absconded wi:h the same in the early part of J uly lint, and went M eet with a view of nettling down on a farm A* noon a* Mr. ley learned that Downey had absconded with the money, application was made Injustice Lothrop, who blued a warrant for hi* arrest and officer Klder was d:spatrhi d West to catch the runaway, aud KNmM in *o doing on Monday last. after a long chase, in overhauling the art-used at a place called Southpmrt. State of Wisconsin. On taking the accused into custody. and s<arching bis person and luggage the offlcerfound nearly fA.COO in monsv. together with several promissory notes received for sale* 01 coal. The cans will be further investigated hi fore the magistrate lu the mean time Mr Downey was ditaiued in custody Mr. Downey denies that any etnbexxlemi nt was intended by him: and his friend*. Messrs. ? kid more and Harrison assert that the whole matter can be satisfactorily explained on the Investigation lie fore the magistrate ."frigAn Mock AueHrm .Ijfair.?A ATeu- Mtolt of IXnnf fruttnet*?Yesterday, a young man verdant in appearance. by the name of KeUogg. hailing from Buffalo, came hurtiedly into the Police Court, and requested to be heard before the magiatnte. as he had a case of importance to communicate to the court The Justice requested him to prceeed ' Welt." said he. " I have been in the eity a short time, and liuine short of funds this morning:. I went into a jewelry store in Broadway. and olfrred to sell my silver watch fur >16, just In order to place rue in funds until a remittance arrived The storekeeper, however, would not make the purchase, and. as I tame from the storv. a genteel looking nianarroe.od me and asked me what 1 wanted' I told him 1 wished to sell my witch Oh.' said he. 'I will get you a cue t?mrr for the watch, von had better sell It at auction; crme with me. I ll show you the place;' so you see, Jutice I w< nl along with this young man and he conduced me to a small looking store, where a red flag was barging at the door; I think it was in the street eslhd Chatham street; at any rate it was near where the railroad ear* stop: at this store ws entered and the at.rth r er was knocking his hummer, and talking very loud and. apperently, selling goods ou a r.-rr large scale Tlia young man who conveyed me to the store ' i<J to tb? auctioneer: 'Barn. tbla pcr?"ti wf?h?? to put up til* watibat auction.' I. accordingly gave hint tbe Wktcb. end limited him not t" mII It f"i leaa than pl6 TIn auctioneer took the watch, anil put It up to l?- noli to the higbeat bidder doing. going " exclaimed the , auctioneer who bid'' ' 'n* nun Mi fl another .*<0 rant' w re ; at laat ore bid fand It waa imm- dlatelj knocked down to hint f r that amunt tb perw.n tb"n claimed Die watch, paid the Pi and hurtled out of the 't're. I at once rem"natrati J with the auctioneer fur 'ellii.g try wat'h fl.'i le'i than I agreed to let It go fur 'Will my frit ltd' raid he. 'I did my but. I aold your watch to the highest bidder. If any one had bid higher they wrttld bare get It I am eorry It did not frtch mire Ae It ! I n ill not eharge you my cotDmiwioo? here are the pa.' I rwtneed to take the money, and (told tin in that I mu't hare my wa'.ch back again rr the >15. They refund to do 'liber. and I now come before your i lienor that I may lie righted " The magietrmta laughed, and a>k*d tlila nluipte yeuth it he had nerer heard of meek ao'-tion 'hop- in Sew York ' ' Tin."' aald Kel- j l'ft. ' I hare beard of them but 1 lid not think 1 ia< im erring any rl'k when aeil'tig out; (thought tie ri-k war alaaya in making purrha?ea.': fc Yea.' raid the ju?. tlce, the rink ha' been heretofore I lellere. alwaya lo making the purrhaae. but n *w. It twina. that danger exi-ta of belrg rheated wheo celling at auction Tbilot o|< ration of the mock auotioucera e -rtaloly ia a aew featore among the Ivter funk' " The m iginrat call-d officer Ileri'i n to take the'-r In band an I ead-aror togtt back tbe watch or the momy. Th-"fluer rlnited tb' meek auction'bop and there icn <a the rerr man ?h" made tbe purchase "Die offi>er forthwith tackled Mm. and. altera abort talk Dm IVter Punk i agired t? aurr? nder up the watch an 1 tbe reruant youth war on?i" more In the piaweMlon of Ha prop-it? Truly then mock auction' en are a great at of |e||owa H hat bar become of the Mayor a " bwunera,'' beaded It* ware cf mock auf tlon? ?" Chtrgr if Rtgnrny?Officer Wiley, of t:,e fb rent' 'nth ward yeaterday arreted a man by the n?ine of l'a' ick McOei aim< Cabin on a warrant l"Uel by ladlce 1 Mtunlfort. wherein be atandt eh-iryed with the orime of bigamy, that la. In marrying a aeeond woman while hie flrat wife wae atll llring. an act puntahabte ; in the Plate prlaon for tbe term of foiyni' It ae-ma (bat the prieoner wa> married to hla tir?t wife, by the Her Mr MeAleer. on the KHh of Korcmbor, IMP. but in BOtieeijOenee of aome difficulty arl'lng between them they hare n't re'ided together for the I art year pvt. j during which reparation It eeema that Mdiee became ] ae-u'tr t'd with one Rlddy Mct'ann and on the 4th of . Juir the* left thD attv tmrether and were marrt-d on PtoUD liltnd by father Murphy. unUcr the wraaad , n?me of Ceefcla, etnce whi-h time they hare < alinaM l<> lire t-? ether *> man and * If* In lor* and harineay, ] until diecorrred by tb* fir at wife, who derided than together and leef-tning oraged caur-d tlir complaint to h* preferred again >t hi in Tti<> magtrtrat* onuaittod He I** to prbow. In anew*r tba eh arge Tbt Opera at f'aatl* Garden. I art right there ?K a vary large audience. cwdetlng of kil the principal rcnnoiearnr* la mu?ic In the city if a* . may Judge by their appreciation of the merit* of Bnain, I Kettini Hadiali. and Cr4ettl (U?io aang eplendldly Krery ?rp 'he take* I* an advance hi public favor aud her Myle rf realization |e ?o brilliant ae br> enchant arery Midi tor B. Mini i* a* iff! w? nderfudr treat IfartanJa if the m< ?t powoful t< nor of the tr upa, and la >? tbo'ovghly In onrneet a? to f?i?p reer hi* rndiene * with pb rdid < tfect II* created the utmoet rnthit'lafn l*?t night and RadtaM t?? mad" an "mpn?don which will on* I* remembered The ertiete were railed out attain t.d inilL ai.d ili< hi piatM at the end at the Moataii ?* like the niah rf a tornado?a eoBflet* teni|>"?t of nthijeteim To-niirht we are to tare Marino kali, r#,"' , Mth trnffl Matin! Ib-nerentano ind other* Tbe opera ? full of maeeire and iotere*tlng nm>ic I'd to the 21*t nllimo. there had been hipped. from he tale PwperVt minx, upward* of fciux bundi 1 ton* f tapper > NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. Later ft*m Cuba. BALtiwokk August 1, 1861. The schooner Mlilac has arrived at Savannah, with Havana dates to th? 24th ult., when all was quiet. There have been two arrivals also at Charleston, which report all quiet, but bring rumors that out of 400 troops ?ent lrom Havana, 2C0 went ovtr to the Creoles sud bred on their comrades. Aid to the Spanish Uovernuient. New Oklkaxs, July 30,1861. Pen.rCorto, a Spaniard, left the city to-day for 11ai vsca. in the Kali-en. He g<<es to offer the services of a j thousaid Fpamards to the Ctptuln Ueneral against the Cuban patriots 1'nlted Stat is Ship Plymouth Ordered for CulM^Uale at Norfolk. Norfolk, July 81, 1861. A heavy gale is prevailing here, and fears are entertained of wrecks along the eoast United States ship Plymouth received orders yesiteriley 16 yiCfwcd to Cuba, but has not left yet on account of the storm. Fiona Washington. THEATY W1T1I T1IK 1NMA.NS?WASHINGTON MONUMENT?APPOINFMENTS, ETC. Washington, August 1,1861. 1A tu r-fiui n uiu own receiveu m iu? ucptLriujeui. uthe Interior from Commissioner Lea. dated at Mendota, . tn Wednesday lart, announcing the conclusion of a > treaty with the upper bands of Sioux Indians, and that ! be was to meet the lower bands in council on the followlog day. During the past month. $3 881 have been received toward the completion of the Washington monument. Thomas U. Walter has been appointed architect of ; the Patent Office building, vice Robert Mills, removed. The Inltllijericer publishes a letter showing that the I Cuban revolution > an American fabrication, for the ' purpose of arousing excitement. From the South, V1ROINIIA CONSTITUTION?Flit K AT SAVANNAH? SECESSION MEE'ilNU AT CHARLESTON, ETC. Baltimori:. August 1, 1851. | One Southern mail has arrived, but the latest is ' still due. < The Virginia Convention adopted the new constitution ! yesterday and adjourned to-day. A fire occurred at Savannah on Monday, consuming 1 Conn's cabinet warehouse, Kenned)'s boarding house. Brown's grccery. Ac., Ac. The seeeeaicn meeting at Charleston, on Tuesday, was largely attended Senators Butler and Barnwell spoke. 1 Resolut ions were adopted to oppose separate secession, i but in favor of the right to secede, and declaring that the only safety from Northern aggression. They c.ill j upon the State Convention to adopt measures to unite ' the Sonth with their object. The Washington cars were detained an hour this | evening, by a slight accident. The Whig State Caucua, Ai.mvv. August 1?10 P. M. In the Whig State Caucus nothing has yet been de' termined upon, and probably will not be to night. The j pn eeedidgs both yesterday and to-day have been strictly ; confidential. It is. therefore impos-iblc to say what has | been done. The New Life Insurance Law. ai.hany, aui?. l. leal. Tbe companies complying with the new life Insurance law. to-day. are?the Albion Life, London; tbe t'nited State* Life, New York; the Mutual Benefit New Jersey the New York Life, of New York; the New England Mutual, of Burton; tbe Life and Trust of New York Eighteen or twenty companies hare not complied with tbe law. Canadian Parliament, Toronto. July 31,1831. In the House of Assembly last night. Mr. Kobinson propose d to throw open the 8t Lawrence to vessel? of all cations. The government refused its consent unti' an equivalent be got from the I'uited States The discus1 slon was stopped by tbe moving of the previous question. The bill to increase parliamentary representation to 150 was thrown out by one vote. The European and North American Railway. Trtdkhutow, N B.Aug. 1,1851. The guaranty of a loan to tto European and North ' American Railroad is made one of the conditions of the acceptance, by the government hvio of Karl Grey s proposition relative to the construction of the Habfar auf Quebec Hallway?this province fueling tuore solicitous for the success of the former than the latter entcrprt-o Virginia State Rights Convention. Ri< Hiio.en, Ya., August 1. 1831. A general convention of all the Plate right- associations of Virginia ba? been called to meet in this city. Destruction of a Paper Mill by Fire.>. Mass , August 1, 1851. Tbe paper mill belonging to the Goodman Manufar turing Company, at Pouth Iladley, took fire yesterday morning, and in less than thirty minutes was a mass of flame. The building tu entirely destroyed, with nearly all Its content* There wan do Insurance on the buildlug It was owned by 8 It K Moody. The machinery and stork are insured for $5,000, and the entire loe< is tated at 810 000. Ihe Ilempfleld Railroad. Wiihix;tos, I'a , August 1,1851. There hare been rulerribed here fifty thousand dollars toward (he building of the Ilcmpfield Itallroad. Htlxure of Liquor In Malno. PoBtlaMD, Me.. August 1, 1861. This morning about fifty cask* of liquor waa seized under the new law, on board a steamboat and at a storeLouse. Th< y werr directed to all parts of the country Flro. Ki* flames, July 80. 1851. A fire occurred at Algiers last night, destroying fir* boat** Treasurer's Statement, hi.owing tbe amount at bis credit in the Treasury. with Assistant Treasurers ami designated Depositories and In the Mint and liranrhes. by returns received to Moo- i day Wh July ISM the amount for whleh drafts have Mm baaed, bad Were ih< u uipnii and the amount ! then remaining subject to draft ahetftag, also, the ; amount of future transfers to and fruen d- p. .lt/.rte? as order* d by the 8eer<ury of tbe 'treasury Ih-aJIt Acre- I fa/are if??en k it nof yet .Imaunt I , , .Imifvnl oh paid. I booth l?i)"t la \ In ok at Vlnrr. drpaait. papaMe. if raft Tr astirj of t. tittles Wasl/sstoa 8108.372 id jj-.ijs. ?j 877.174 48 JtMiitont Trraiurm. At fc ST?.!?". ?4 14 414 .84 ?!S S<?" 70 At Ne* Vrk S.1K3.4W4 04 SSI 417 ? l.tllMu 7< At Philadelphia MA h.i 07 |?I?7H !>34 17* ?2 At c> trlesUr nut* '41 12 -10 21 .H* f- < I At b.* Orleans ... . Hie I.W 24 I 41,170 hi 7?d.<?!7 II At 84. Lcul 11*4.5411/ t? 1*1 gfii U .13,3m 43 fhpoaitarif. At IIufltI" IU.A47 fa M .15 R8*l 27 A! HaltiBivre 41 i*7 -A ?,M7 in art.lpt *2 At Klelo/ad I it* 72 4<ti T rwe 72 At horMh 2M '?M I ? < ISI * iris he At H ilnurstee 2,f? 4* 010 X) l.4?v IH? At catat.aali ?,*B 78 lO.Kd 00 J7..?W 1* I At Motile ><<*2 10 LAmttr 3 4:? 45 At M-hrllU, Tann ? li IU ' '> 2I.MT Atfiaciatati. O .... M.I7IPA2 I..112 21 ?>.1+7 U At PtttftarR, I'a i.iw <T 4,7*4 N I I'd M At ( incinaatl. (lata) :i til :7 ? t 111 r At MttU Rark. Ark S'.rAl 17 13, KB 2$ 4.1 740 11 At Jrffrr??r?HI?. I t'TI Mi 70 42.1k''?! At Ctkage, III J.1 "i? id A,JVMo MAHUCI At I>. trait, Mirl . 1" >11 M 10.721 M ?.!<?" <>1 At Tall.?i?aa?r Ha,. n.771 r- W'OO 110711 74 Miatltri>n*d*!i>Hi. A.TII |.v> m ? 6,711 11" '*> l Or. at Ckarlntta.OC. W.0W <k> ? 32.07100 l<r. It Ditilonrga t:a. A VO (V1 ? tOMOU)! Or at >?? Orlaaa*. \M?W<> 00 ? 1.1OT.W0 TO | ?It MP, Alt W H'l.POl IT $II.WU? ? ! Daturt mrpaaaa att'int. AM 74 , ma ; A44 dlfftrtatala traaifpra I OIA.470 00 Nat aaaaaat rntijaat ta drvfl ll.V0M.iA7J at | Traaafara irtrH toTraatwrr ?f f 8,, Waikl??t*w . . . . . . . $100001 0) TiiMfirt rr farad fa At-in Truant r. ?faa A,310 00 Iranrfart rrdarrd to Aatiat Traan.nff Naw Orlaana I'fiAOtKi 00 Traaafara rrifatad ?? Aa?i?t Tr?aar.rar *t l^ula |10<??' tl Trat i'i rt ardt ra4 ta dap 4ti'rj at H' rti Ik .., iri n?' (* Traaafara ordi rail t? rtapaltort at Flttit<"|., Ifillil. Traaaf-r* ort. n-4 frnia lllrt at Phl'aarlplila , 20, Mai 00 Thau at or thi lairanSrarra, Jaljrj', Ml Marin* AfTalra. Rnir Pi it tint..?Th? Uw rata td trMghfa wlilrJi haa nmatlad f?r at raral nvontba ,.a?l tin 7i?nl a failing off ia l.oitai -r in tka aklp jmtl* I hrot<?'"itit tk? rotmtrr Tin n liara tint liara in fa* rnaaafa tin o.i'-art a* 1 I uiltling. rt Off aala Off aaffaral jam-a p. J MBtt'nn (irttha Mrmaiar. partial t rt>in|Iatitl t ti Cdtitrarta Btnda aarartl mot.tH ataxia, Uu wi l.ara haard of only ona at w ar auatt roadr f ff aararal ?a. ka part Thara arr Bnw at thia p'fft only two annual< "? Iht rttaka ahlrlt ara In tha niafk fit rnl? Ona of lb' ?a la at Ilia yard t f Mr Jrartih I't.IRn a rMpptfbnrk if 'JO |fm ltd faat PR tl-ak. U IWt aatrain width 12 fatt l? 01 and 14 Inahaa dtati ri?t?aatra fcatana.l, Tba i thir l? arllpptr lark id fit tl tuna, at tba yard of air itfffBi W .lark man, Jr . ll'T frat tm dark. 19faat wtila and Ik fa at h M Aha will Ml ilrtnl and OnlahaiJ aom $$rlt I D tba itnrka AfiwAwrypnrf ifrrnH I ? >' CMft.tpMUITcrm. Hon Judge Kli(. TH* 8TATE1* ISLAND HIIY OCNTROVEH'Y?A SCEVE IN COfVBKV NKA*A COMM'1 TA L. Auo l.-Ctnttli ii VanderbiU .?. Geo Lorn. It"/,*, b TownI si ridj John Burgh*? Den11 JH&zUton.?Th* motion to nifrh**i Mi- temporary injunction which had keen granted oa lb- f-ti Instant. Absolut*, wan brought tc a hen-inn thi* ' v ' Mr. II K Clark opened the notion by raaum -outplaint and aOldavlU. Mating that Mr. fi?a? I ,'.eirl,i,i the owner oi the premier* in oueatton, and 1 tin,tit- ' ' nt" were combining together to oontl?i fc. .. - - luctionof their dock over hie fremitus. >1 '.out hi- cone-nt. M- Eriertcn. on bekalf of the defendant* read the af fldavts if Mr 11 M Western and others, Mating (hat the title to the premise* wan in Mr. Waetern. Mr Clark off- t-d to read the oouyeynncea affecting the pro, .eee in (oeation. and ftated that he could eatiafocurilv prov.- to the court that the title wae in Mr,. % .inderlult and uot in Mr. Western. Tliis not .i /fnt-d toon the other *idt, and the Court staled Unit it was impoeelbleto try the '{UMtionof I title ou th- eiirp.itions of the partiee, and that an ezamiiJHtioii ?d Mo conveyance* wae necessary for that pari pone Hi- II, n r therefore directed that it be referred t? the lion ilretut! Hr?n?>u an referee, to examine and mp<>rt an to tin premises, and that in the m-an time, and until tb> furtb-r ord?r of the Court, the defendant* and plaintifl li- loth rostraiucd from entering upon or using the piv louts in dispute Mr. WiHtern Dia<lo some ob?emtion, with eophuii i and wai tilth ?the exact word* we did not eaten, but bis . remarks were to the effect, as we understood, that he ! would, notwithstanding the order of the Court, maintain. I his rights l>j force, it' necessary. The Judge immediately interposed, and laid that no man should be permitted to bold out threats inaeourt . of justice, without being held responsible for his expressions It was. therefore, his (the Judge's) doty, to see that steps should be taken forthwith, to prevent the oar. rying of those threats into execution, and he would now order Mr. Western into the custody of the Sheriff. The ' ' following commitment was immediately drawn out, and placed In Mc uauiu of Mr. llitchoock, the principal officer in attendance: ? | at a bpedal Term of the Supreme Court, bald at the city < f dew York, on 1st day of August. 1851? 1'iereut: lion. James G. King, Justice? Mr Ilenry M. Western having, in prosenc; of the Court ihu ateued violence, he is ordered to be committed I to the euHi'dy oi the sheriff, until be give a b nd in foOO, in hie own recognizance to the people of the State of New York (Extract from Minutes) GEO. W. RIBLET, Clerk. ! Mr Emerson then rose, and said that he was sure the ' Couit must have misapprehended the expressions made i use of by Mr. Western ! Mr W estern, in explanation, addressed the Judge in very emphatic terms, and called upon him to pause, tm~ ! fore he would act iu a inauuer which, he submitted, i would he ur just aud arhitiary in his honor, as a judge, ' and w< uid degrade him (Mr. W.) as a lawyer. He ! maintained that he had giv n expression to sentiments which were perfectly JusMrtable. and which, as a citizen [ aud a man no woiiid contend he bad a right to. He had j said that be should set in self defence, and that, as his property had been assailed, he hiuuelf might be subject i to u-.-ault. and, it was prepared to ttaff nd himself, personally. He would ask the Court, wuld It tie his hands so that if :tu outrage were committc 1 on him he could r.ot resist it.' Mr Kniersot submitted, that though he would not adiT anything more than hud been said in explanation, he was confident the i urt understood the nature of theobservations ni Mr W estcrn, and that, no doubt, his Horn r. under, the circumstances, woula rescir.d the order. The Judge said, that if lie wa- mistuken us to the tenor of the oUeivati' its of Mr. W i stern, and us Mr. W. asserts that h? did not intend to utler threats of violence, but tbut be merely sta'id that he woubl act iu self-defence, If necessary - aright abiclievery man can claim?ho(tht Judge) presumed lie had mistaken the obewrvutions of Mr \V eeteru. and wi uld, therefore, rescind the order for his roinmitthl The urccr was. therefore rescinded and the n alter, which, at one time, looked rather serious, el d- d Court of Common Plena. Ben re IIuuorable Judge Woodruff AioistI?Ki'hinaii m. The Jlittr Hutuv? Innt.itiirc-# C'< wjaiuj?in this ease there were three suits. A motion ie cuss hdale. and also to strike out parts of complaint or ct ii.pi i uu election. His Honoi gave an elaborate i pinion, fr >m which we make the following extracts :?He - iid these \ie thrie actions upon policies Of Inxiirancc: one upon 'he vec.-e! one uponfruipht and the lh"d ujiou car;.'., in lb- aunie voyage. The ground! of eli lni xixfed i:: the ri.uipl.iint are the ?aine under i arii p. in y The ilrlri l.iut" ?how l.y at!' lavit that tbey bun a dtfrnee on the mertta. and that the defence in each airt in thenml re>|uitei the mm* evidence Thi? hiiijfx the application directly within the ease of U'ilhii'foii tm .1 i.n u 4 Mill IS and Dunning T?. Bank of Aubur'i. Ill W.-ndi II Zl It wax suggested by the I iaititin t e on-1 that lie claim torecoverfoT loaa under the policy on tie rmvn : ighl he valid, though the plalnt lfih ul 1 : ii! to . for ti " loxa of the tcixvI Tha a lit i -it or ' 1 h . uir lint i- founded atate* that the deftuie If. h i ulieal. nud nplhing U xhown to the C< lit|ir> 71 ll nr..ante abould hereafter attempt I ll elrali I-LMI. IIli< I I I he claim of the plaintiff, under tin iex|e<*\. pi..- . i ih rent or diaeimilar uianner. e?iiiit1 .y b 11.' a' i .iii, it would be a xpeelea of Unp< kt i n the coiT. uLii <> r.iunotfor a moment anticipate Mill. u?i uUeinpi i ' .HiK the motion to coiixolidate tiiiie 1 l.?! .11,. pui> of the motion which call* , upon thi iihiim.'l ; re iu-twcen the in* mxixteot around- r # lauu n* : im fn in embarmxament. HavIi a enter* ' fully *, o . lie which govcrna the cafe. ' ihi Jury. hi i l , clo t*1, therefore, that th? plaintiff may within tfc- I lii wauiiiir of the Code, xtate hia eatoe of nciion i- .* o one of two mode*, or out of one ot taotac'x in tie it : u'ive averring the want of more definite or prucl r . nf(i.uuti u n?a remou for th*i want of certainty. Il> hi- cam ?plaintiff hax averred loaa by penle of the e- a ho ii.f*.rsation tad belief, and leu that tl*v lie-, w .? *e cu'inned by barratry upon hi* Information ami helM Now be any have been in:'armed of both, but he c hri.ii '|.*ve both atatrinentx to be true; be uiu.-t t n ? I hut b.i b-tatement* are not true. In thla rcxpi et tbv coinol iht ba> no doubt, been load vcrtPiitlj Itnti'il i.d vi rilii d without careful attention to itx phraxeel* try; and If It i- <J*-xired the plaintiff may be rpijuircd to auo i e h. r, inplaint ao ix to conform to i the vi. w? eiprexpi <i Ii. n in. though xueh an amendment 1 la probail j not Very u<i|mrtant to the defend mt* The I order will be that tin hm xultx be eonxntllated; and | (If the dafi uiianti dei ire) that the plaintiff amend hia conip'aln'. within t?u day* or elect within the-ami time ! lo n ly upon one of flu k-r undx of claim, and in lefault ! of ruch amemlm* nt or election that an much rf the com I plaint a* relates barrn'r> In- stricken nut Tb? co?tol Ike motion f !< u.a) dilii the rwut Of the suit Hi/krtvt J H HtrrhfU.?Judgment for d<f? ndant on di niuir. r to part? < I th- rm.lic*ti>>o, and overruling the dsmurrrr t<> ri ridu". wit h lense# t<> plaiatiff to amend within twenty days On*la <f demurrer to abide tha eyett of suit The ljm b"c and Halifax telegraph line I- reported to he finished an far as tin Hirer de Chute, end the poles are set to Victoria, h few mile* above WooJftOfk . ** TI1K tVKKKLV HKHALD. The Wirai.v IIi asi.n will he published at half-part B o'clock this morning All the rumors, report*, and re marks relative to Cuba one week's later news from Europe, the pr?eei dings at Columbia and Vale College' J etc., etc.. etc , will be found in its columns Single copie^ I sixpence; 'annual subscription throe dollars. landay Firar-lnu.-l hs Nteamrr rhaa. B Bulaewil make lier a?.i?l trip to Ncwbsrs and latrrae | dial* plaret, te-a>?rr<iw. leaving Chambers Strr-t I'ter at half-past 'AM. Bee advertlsemrat. Turtle, Tu-t'e.? Block Turtle Bnup arlll la served ?p as fits I ?< b at Meearay's $ ad Ward House. ?. Nassau tat, todsy at II e'efoek. Com sad try It. Attention I That Old and Favorite<1 merry Store, aertS'west ewrnrr nf Variok and Van dam streets, his been opened lijr the vaderaigued with a aew nad snurs st-> k of roods. Bit superftar four sh-lliag black T?a. fe r str-arth and rltl.ncst "f flavor eaLBul be aorpaaaad. bis ernrhed fkatars are sa rrv r to aevth ti* la the market at the priae. aad the prices at hia oifcef articlei are ceriaepoadiayly abeap. A largo ta I el.oiee eeleetioa ot Brsadist, ? tn?a. fcr . alwaea on hand. T" tlose wle'Sartaa fall value for their mosey, ha respectrally soli. He a eall at bis store, a oft MS- -t .?ra r el Vsnek aad Vaadam atraata. a Lib mei'musl*. Pnok K?aping.? Mr. JNanh'l CountSnu Rnomaler V e stndt red praetlec of llonk t-rinr. lK Kroadwsv. Crfoer of lioaut 'treat, r n'itM '.pen drill Clrer lara will, teems, d'tsr'prioe efti>s cn*rs? ?f iastra-Mwe. fce , supplied "H appllratsnn, cr forwarded Marsh's Works OS Mo. k hert.n*. a. a-'ilnl rditieas, prhtej la ? Inrs. in hpaalah and I.nslseh, tar sale as abeva. Msrlieh. tl J.V 1m. nlsli, |l UK Albert Blare Its Is. No. BOO Broadway, *rnruert. (private sttrsao 1.14 Crosby straet.) llestanraat aad Oyeter Pnjova Kvery dslioaty <f the asaeoa. rr-pss-d by the best Freath aad American sooks. Fr <eh eeppliaa at Weodeeek aaa eefVrhelkd Crabs rectdved every day. Nollee.~Clt1r.ena and strangers, without distinction at party who really want rood B .ots aad nailers, ire laeited to a ties'* a mars ai?etiaa this day. at the las hi, nshlc boot store of H?1IN I. WATKINfl. III I'nltoa streak, where tl.ey ran find nr?t quality articles at the saue j rice usually eharstd fur the eomuonert. in pinm ? ?i ararjr on* pwHM* am# H main arml*n. *' >1 Irte eaa make atu rta M fer pen- . Ill na. At QRKES'r, 1 Art'r UnH, atpla. 11. nit>ri4l. ea* a ctknaaihip. >? anaraatrad, ea4 ?f?rj runeeat pr* aatoed t# .?.< hratt it the appelated henr. Bktrtat Rtilrta I fthlrta I?Tti* pltrr l? pr| cheep NJrta I* at tlic e?ru<r of Chamlert and (Irene.j? ttntte, * -re j a will I nd *11 ilie* of !)* #* **4 r*ncp Mill**. em' r ferment* of *11 kIn1?, Collar*. CfMlll, fiw< m *4tr? llu.ier) el ertry kla4, a* aheap m *t any other ator* la the tit). TIleiMAS Mr l.A U(. IIU N. n. R. Cdntkr, Meirhant Tailor, lift Willi# tn itrei t nepeeifnll) let mteknatheni reatlamen. ottlren*, a a 0 el ha re. tbel he la pn pared to m*k* U nrd?r laaMonabl* at lee* than Broadway nrloea, at the ?am? time f<,t.*l II not tuperir r l? .piallty A An* l>ro#e ? nat <? kee* I , ?ri li Hi eakln I'epte ' eat Patln Teat* P.V lyiireT i|li?l(ti?e lower prieea. Krtabllatied 1*41. Ftrrrk Phora and U*lleri.?Jatl received fn in t'irli. ?larpi- *???ria nt el !th?e* and <;?ller*, mad* br the leal Biatulai turir' (a I'aik **4 of the meal Mftenrated ll'tek Tatet.t Lt ether; ntan eeer* atjle of B.iott, Shoe#, f.alter- kf he foaad at I. HI ink !t "lew I erk It wit end ?h i l.'ai I iliiia etriat? the cheap. *t pi*#* ia U?e it) to K*ta a?nt article. ittttlle alia ka?1 lew attention oC Ida trade I. irelt' teniae** I) me. at' l Slirti Aeehet aereall (an* i'Si ttek. a? It i? i-rie.'.al, a tub* the beet iniprotrlen t ir rannle |j k* eter n>ail*. I hare th*a of tin, ,aper e> . and I'ritnnnia. alei. e iih a n?et mn'eh **l* -n4 e?. taaav ehir 'teiked, f A. *ni'K* (LI,, 2*1 Pearl atreet. aear B-okman. A (aid?Dr. I nlrnrr, Atarlat ttnald Itt'arr hi. t>uin< rare patieata. tlm* at the aaraaat ro'iaeat ef reeeral peraan* alllieled elah deafeia* la B?l?hbntlnp Stale*, It la Ma In teat l<a -f met lea a profauleael tear fr a Mart, the*. Pahter*'*rf far netiaa elll he flr-a, 4

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