Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 3, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 3, 1851 Page 1
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I ?T H WHOLE NO. 6857. If* Ai nucH or m BumfiR, On ( ){ ivfvlnluii of 111* French Constitution. Sl'ITINO OF Wki>nem?ay, July 16'. The following is u full o' the speech of .VI. Bcrryer on the revis".i, of t"? (Jo<> titutiou: M. bititmek usci mi ii iu? i nouue, aud sp?ko as follows : (ientlcuieu, 1 o i t me pretension of icplyiag to whut wm t I > I ty ?ud to day by tbu speaker who h ; a . you My physical strength uuu uiy ' ?i i taeulties would not, perhaps, nublr > < Hut seiiiag in its generality tin- tu : (. / vm-h has been displayed before you. 1 u.-.iiou against all the putt i f the ? n il y ' >' .! : seem tnat if wo attach to thore ob-.-r ,i t'<m importance which thej merit, it w , < gravity of them, if we perceive the i< arm : id ? . ions to which they give rise in th I k s to whom they are addressed?it w^n. i < . r >-uch oivilixation, wt teh has lat-it u to",- -i l untie such pro( gress, wuuld only ban been a iriuuual, an incessant combat agaioel ibe ?un uuueinal rights of society, a blind anil iucessaul vmniiv against the gientmase of the people? such would bo tbo history of the past [profound -i nsatmn J 1 -ball not touch on the diflerent parts ol the limi gentleman'* epeeob, except on tbc points which bear more di TCCllj OU lbe gli al l[ lies'lull submitted to ) our do iiberation. In the uiscuaemn even of your questio i know, and 1 cannot forget, that tuo Legislative Assembly bar not the right to determine and to proclaim what changer may be made in the political Institution* wbicn now goveiuthe country. The Assembly ba.- only one wish o expiea*. I must, in tbe li ft place, statu what part my friends and myr-t If have taken m the prepaiutiuu ot tbn disou-siou "We did u< t even demand that the wish for revision should be expressed: we pn rented no proposition to that efleot but when tbo word revision war ut tered, when it wan spoken ot, could we avoid seeing that those who demanded tut levtsion responded to u senliaiebi ! Could w. be blind to tbe neoossuy ot that revision v.'bieb w;.? called for by tuo country, and demunuid in petitions urorc <r le-s regnlarl I say, that it was imposublo for us to misunderstand mat thai remand reeponUed to a want ot lLo country. I was imposing dor u*. lor it was signed by wo buud'i'd and tlurtytbrce int u hers of ibis Vstembly. vt'bat was tbo line of conduct we pursmd! Cou'.d we, wno are convinced ot the defects and dangers of the present institutions, icfuseinis appeal! Whst would have become ot the honor, the good taiiii, nud tbe sincerity ot tbe royalists, it we bad done so. (dear, bear.) Yea, no suppoitel the revision; but it wits liot merely to satis 'y our ideas as to the best future J o! tbc country, it v.hs not only to gratuy our uffeolions and our interests; but We threw a gince on 1 tbi situation of the country. Two greut dangers j appeared to us to threaten it. Three years sine> I, driven by tbc tide of events oa the ruins ol intciesU and of governments, proclaiming the republic, as a dyke raised in ua<te lo presu.'ve t lance lroni trie torrent of anareoy. Vt never opposed the proposition of that rejinblio; wo never exclaimed ag; .ust mat effort, laado in a incutmt of feverish oxotieiiieut; we never pru rested ag uiut it. Wo united ourselves, under all forms, to those men who showed a resolution t' srva Trance fioui tbe tempest; to thoae mm to wb >m we ha>e con- . stautly and loyally lent our co operation. iiut we cannot but see that tuis laborious effort of throe I iours, tbc junction of all the conservative ldroes as not been too much to avert tbe danger; and flat it Las been necessary to be ready on tbe i breach at every hour, and at every moment. And what is the danger to wbi we tlnd ourselves on- I posed! ll id I bat when <uis labor of resistance against the elements {(i i i u so necessary, tbe constitution ba.i >.u t moment wu ctr ; we now approach, wlicn all the pu?.ic powers will be suspended, and wucn tbe Itrrent, which we j dread, will only meet with uncertain and hesitating 1 ray that this is a dinger with whtell ! Franxi ie pre-oceupicd. This pern is not th ? only j one; it gives rise to another winch is not lessg.-cat. ' J.vry n.ind is a'uimcd at tae eru> wrlneh is p opuring, and the country bus r. ached a moral s,ite which makes cae fear that u may bo led a troy its lo the remedy to bo sppiod to the evil, and a ;o j the resource to which its etl'oiti should bo directed. 1 d <lo not bring any accusation agsiast the clia ictsr of iv] fellow-cltu ns; (Jed forbid that 1 .hould to so, I but who it there that cannot admit that aftertiOyoar:', J In wh'ca alt systems, and all furuti of givernut nt ; bave beta it turns tried, established end o'orcouro; when all the illusions of generous mtuds by turns fallen h. MStk tiie |-ower of iMtli the SMfl lor j tbw public welfare does not any longer a iiurate tho | dieart of the people. 1 am not unjust, a id 1 em understand that these events of . y years in ij have altered the French chura ' *. tv, thin, wiiv happen in the country'! 1? ra ly bo that it j trill dowtrnt it finds tho uioe' co? veuient and t'..e j most easy: that it may choose the transUioa the I teas anils'ed. tho leas ftlUl , MM that which will cause tbe least ourcinotion. It u ?y hanpeu that it >*i)l take what now exists, and that it may continue it Itr A longer or* sh*HVcr pcitod, pal tUa?, tu r>raer in avoie ui.jr_.ij, it ui.iy prccipituic 115.11 into a violation i f the constitution, and itself lead to the misfortunes whic.i Itarishc* to avoid llo v ever much 1 may drotd the inva :"?i of our social enemies, 1 do not less fear an un on.stitutional re- j election of the prevent chief of the executive ; government. tlciitlcu er . 1 have a louj career to 1 co over. At the commencement 1 was anxious to 1 .shorten my discussion, out, very anxious to rcspoud , to the att 'Dtion which you giro inc. 1 feel th at the range of the subject iucrcas, -, and 1 ben you n >t to pronounces hasty judgment on the dineient parts of the speech which I pronounce, and not to exclude other propositions beciuo-1 do not now mention them 1 repent, we never tic mended the revision, but when once it was called for,the royalists, through a fctling of houor and of frankness, situ bound In support It. M. Mini?-There are, thon, royalists here 1 M. Bi:kktkr?])ow thn' rv rue you ! On the Left?Speak! sp ak . M. BnttTKtt?It is not exclusively from Interest In our principles that -ve a ', hut from the perilous 1 nituation of the countr W., think that the calling 1 together of an assembly p >sse.-.-t i of all the powers CT society is indls] o usable. I'ou revision having been demanded, it won'a have bcea iiUdeni, it #< imi to me, to have given only the general motives for it. But honorable members go farther, and desire to foresee the results The ll-tn. M rates. Witta great authority he has som-' - -ove liow closely conscquc .ices arc e >nucct< i i pvinviMicbrl foe Bourgcs) has atate<i < ,tf antioirlea. Vn e do not require any wa; - voice to bo fully aware of that?recent facta havo sufficiently Convinced us of it. I do tint svab to accuse any one; but, alien wc ace principle) opposed tu principles, I may be p-runited to ahow what consequence* the princq l-i which we opi>oseil have produced on tue masses These tneipb-s received thsir brat interpretation on the iVh of May, when the saue' i try of the laws was dated, and they received 'noli conscqt acci tu the terrible days of June, r* ich cost us co mu-" blood Ar-d you, in spite of tt>* tpw'on n noli you hare wished to I make b. tvc"! the future eiid the post, in order to remain in * ti i tree cirole, ere wnat are th, cooacquencet 0' t >?c , rineiptea! [Hear, hear J We hare heard j u pay homage to the remembrtnr of the most detestable ot bad day-, t> men, to time#, and ?s> a period wl h the moral fueling ol the whole vorld haa cursed. In saying this, I do not fear 1 ng taxed with any exaggeration in saying, that ; ou hare spoken of fine in ?< who, in fourteen jeais, co mitted more orin; i in unhappy France than all th< paaaione, all the fimbi'.ion, and mil the pe-i sersity of the huiaao mind, hare been mblc to perpetrate in fourteen centuries?(loud applause <>n the right)?and hare you, with your great and lively imagination, had any tb >ught of others! Ilaa tt occumd to you that there might bo Li tins Assembly sons or in phew* or friend* of your VMiHl Hate you thought that it is to a ualion the a oat impetuous in ps -i'in, hat also the moat humane and the tuort noble when calm you ddress the language you nxke use of ! (Hear, hear ) But. afterwards, jnu >a d toua, "I made myself I did so. also I am a plebeian, as you are. I approaeh tb? people as you ?w?1 iuix will tliem as you do. 1 aid them at least as mueh as you do?I know them, xnd do thorn justice. They will not yield to your fatal eaeititions?they will in- I trrrogatc the ronreniis of ilieir brethren- tk.? m,n calculate what misery, snffi ring, and shame they support id when yo* were their in?<'.er* (movement) ? ?hen lhry obeyed ''<# voire of If tie rhiMren of doubt oho 1r tend to be reason it-fIf. And can il be true that w.?wo, i, j ftiends, [tier* the honorable mctnbrr twri.i d to the right j?ttiat we should be inevitably placed m.dcr the joke of those detenable principles? tbnt we, submit knowing it, without dcsiriog it, shout i rceeiuMv our ad' orraries' W hy ? Because oo arc i ?t insurgents?because We recognise the work of time?b'cause we render homage to the legiti nate chitng* whn-ti eiv ista'ion has undrrgwte ?bee ?nse re know tn? tr * i?foriuation of society, ac' g ky industry, b* ;nu>i>igoncc? beeaura we claim Hie gri a" rt foi t ol i7u.t, tend*r*d o-eessary by fourteen rentttriet- bevau s we demand all the (s'lilical l b-rt! of I*4" W, attracted inwards our eteml a--we, rcuabli-itn*! | nddenly t irning to the hit) What bn.d of pride can flatmate you, ths' you g">u;> t?i:? th? r tV ?e years tr> the mine sent > ,>. uts m gratitude 1 Wn*|, yon tin it? the republic and I78&r But the rtpuolie ie I r E ~N E troyed 17Hf (Uiut stasauvn-) The republic I silkd the must noble founders of the liberty of 17 <9. (A j ftliu.-e ) Bailly ? but most I count then here 7 They all tell on the atiold* of the republic (Ap- i ?1huse ) There is an immense;o between 7WW ar.d I7!<l?between the principles, the great reforms--the reforms to which we bavi dcvotou our lives?of tho former uud tho latter. I'or you know we have followed the suine career? you know if wo have ever been unfaithful to the great principles of 17MI. (Approbation ) And our friends uro not more unliii'.hlul than we are. (No ) When it is said that ; mi uiuiiKiriiy in nosme voiiDcrty, n in lorgovten mat the ii'oveniciit of 17N1 was commenced by the great martyr, Louis XVI. It was he who founded the great principles of 'hat epo-h of public sovereignly (approbation.) Where Jo you go to seek incouipatibdities between the monarchy and liberty ! ItnlTudent that y >u are, you forget that the republic only left luinr. and sufferings, and that it gave us up to do* [ iotas in (brave)! Incompatibility between luorarc'iy and liberty ! But who, then, restored to France the principles of liberty of 'MM ! Who replaced them "n honor 1 Who caused us to enjoy them duting th.t ty years 1 The monarchy. Ah, you say chut thougu it may have proclaimed those principles, it d:d not love the people, it did not satisfy then wants?it was htstile to the people by a too restricted electoral system?it wished to have capital represented, but w mid not allow labor to be so. j It tally, my mind is confused, lioyou believe, then, : that it is only since 17tSl that capital and labor have found themselves in opposition to each other 1 No, thut opposition dates troiri the first day of the crea lion. When you say every day to the man who earns wages by the sweat of his brow, that capital is n despot?when you . rand it by accusing it of ex- i Lauding tlie source from which it springs?wheu , joti mislead the reuson of the workman, by making an abusive use of tho privations a*.d sufferings he I crxlures in the midst oi his family ?do you not feel | s< me r-bitmo 1 And, besides, why do you do it '! iJoes thut depend on the form of government 1 I>oes that depend ills> on questions of rapid, prudent, paternal administration, giving activity to capital, inspiring it with confidence, and ?h,woby exciting it to render labor fecund 1 I-mch is the effect of prudent laws; but the form of government whether republic or monarchy, has nothing to do with it. And if the republic disquiets, troubles, m maces the country with a tco brief, and perhaps stormy future?do you believe that il doos not drive away capital inclined to descend iu wages on the p< onle, at the same time that it thwarts the course of labor towards capital ! [approbation J The monarchy, which you say is incompatible with tho instincts of the people, has traversed a long space. The tej ublic, on tho contrary, which you say is eternal, and to whici yoj promise the future, has only been Knoam by us for a day. but for how many years has its nursery not weighed on u.? 1 1 a in willing not to make an abusive u.-c of the fact that you have lusted but a short, time; but do ! ix t make an abusive use of the fact that we h ive I 1 .ted too long. [Laughter approbation ] Tin- vp1 Imnl.inr ili.l nii,r.> fur llin iwii.I.. ,,-iptin.ill v ' than you will ever do with jour theories. That : r< t.caiion was the monarchy?that L-. the public, national .;OVtrcignty, transmitted in the eonso- J crat' d order. That monarch; solved nil problems, i ui.d, I repent, accomplished pranically more than ' your tbeoric? will ever do?it inspired progress?it established peace, from whence prosperity arose i 'j he honorable M. Michel (do Uourgos), iu thanking the re: toration for ha ring delivered us from despotinn, raid also that it Lad delivered us from glory hut tliut is not exaet. Never did the monarchy \ fail in what it owed to the country in days of conflict. 1 once aeked if there exiated a sing.o despatch 1 of the government which was not inspired by the j moat noble jealousy of the dig iity of J" ranee, rail was tr-lii that there was none. [Applause.] It will ! be to its eternal honcr to have .-avid (?ri ece. General Fakyikk? jreece was saved by (lod and hir own people [Noise.] M. PtKKMra?The houorable member is right, j There i- nothing which docs not come from Hod ; I Li t iit hiin l iui .-.oi forget that he was in tin rat lis of the l'r: . atuen wno devoted theiusjlvei to ! thi iralej* not nee of (ircice. Get cri'-l Faio ilk here made soiar remark, which was no* heard, and there were erica of "6ilMce till ice- ' M. JJkf.mvKR?It is also to the honor o! the j iPM art by that > crushed a long estnblidicd ty ruiir.y c.vfrei. 1 over fcurop bj n barbarian peo I pie, whe 'ii I'lnglith and Spani-h govcrnin -ntr i had faih .. in the attempt. It has also the glory of a gov * mini in w bieh occupied itself to uiaint i u pi ace, i I "i :<r -i p; > ii rity. ' ou htTI no' fo wha 1 have ii.ore than oneo said sl ice lHKJ, to the glorjr of those who o nobly -upportod the honor and an j tbority of the French name. The restoration did particularly two things?fir-t. it accorded in irdtmiiity to tbo tmigir*. 1 do not hesitate J to ibv that* the time has arrived for giving j an equitable jn lgtjicnt on that great act. 'I ho iu- | i 1 ' 1 roperti was u grt at i t of jLttiee and of tocial prudence. Property was avenged | by that act; and CoifUeati ii>?? horrible penal y, . Was ilTuiid from the I iaXVI and to c;m leroi i**i i i t<?t pr- waci uinn u vu said that rou'i -t . ? .10, bomute, roorcr in later, n-fa 11 A..i io- granted. [Approbation ] The rt?to- .lion -inl another thing; it juorcribcd regicides " ?.. it in said, "but they 11 turned aftei ward-i." But count, after t o return ul those n.oti guilty mcu, tbo attempts a. at?as-inuiicn. [Movement j Von nay, further, that the ! trituration, after 1 rtc >gnisod rgbts, violate i them, Gentlemen, 1 will not defend in aav rennet what 1 bnro co, learned; but I demand that the whole truth rkali b? nown. On the day r?u which an additional liberty *** announced. and certainly the charter of '*>!' watt a great liberty, in mi ol' j lict n.-e invaded th tiold ; then a conflict arose: and it was seen thr' the liberty accorded becano iltrgerons. I'id \>>u n>t icc tue iiimo thing under the republic ! fi rtniciit ] It ii not po ib.'c to pro- , claim a lib< > with rut seeing ineQ o( lieeuio instantly <1< u lap 'crone, The innu who bad j In cn .-po'ijl d, -i. b<-en constrained to seok a nfugc abr 1, h J o little conGdeooo in liberty. That is ti 1, government, also. on its part, | bed tool 1 ronhdencc in liberty. But 1 ask you, if at that t jie liberty did not distrust the govern- I incut 1 Vrs, under the restorvtior laws were pissed, 1 both repressive and preventive, but I will a'k you wheher the government, created in July, and the Dim who inert warmly adhered to that governrut nt, and who wished to rare at least constituti order, vrcrt lot compelled to di 'j.uto tlioi 'liberties inch by ioc: ' But because restriction* are imposed en liberty, v uich ate inevitable in titles tf revolution no 1 of struggle, d >c? it them fonow that royalty i* o|i|n*cd to liberty, to the I'bcrtie* of lif, which we maintain, niiu which wo ' all to the I aid : the futurv! (Agitation ] You have aidthat 1 awe * onposid to royalty, and, particu. <rly, to ' th* inoiiaiib) of divine right Noser could .1 more false * > > rrn 0 1 hare been made use of. There ia no di right but tha', which man establishes in a ? of society: there can be no roeicty without rtugi n, family tiee, and right nf properly. ! When jnu say to society that royalty is b?s- i tile to it L -I *iir It ii of ilivino rtirhr von nltrr I a threat ag ri ihflt which in of divmo right?so | ciety. ti*. be ond that net work of useless word in which J<a ha e wonfiued jour discussion ?to labor and capittl. |hj jou respect the right of property! On airly not. [agitation. ] A', all events you threaten it. There la out one thine divine, wed that is the state of wan it) fjlety; but the form of gevernuotit I* human cues, aoeiety may live under all forma of got eminent. I do not toll you tha*. aocietj cannot exist uni >r a republic, therefore do n?t toll nie th >t it cannot e*i?t under a monarchy. [Ajinrohrt.'. n.J I >oubtlei>r the republic will leave to nil .,<<.?! tried, in of discussion; you any (hat, and lb .eve jou. Hut 1 also understand thit General ' avaignar, who ao energetically do fen. to I aoeiety in aciordarce with the majority, ahould aay tlat a govi mmrnt whirh could alion Itself to b> tailed in <{Urstien waa a lost one. When a government fulfill ita task, when it aecurca the prosperity of the country, it certalnl could not allow the un< at ion wh< tlier it should continue or no", to bo eternally discussed I'.ut hero allow me to aay jou touch on a great i|Ueation of governmental, I will even say of national, l?id montrchy fail in iia duties townrda Fraieo! Go back t> tho firat y of rur history. Will yon find that monarchy ' it our country in the barbarism and the ignotaiicc r r. i v... i_.i r i v. i .".inn Kgra . mu nnw nring i"i?^ni grcn ?u eiai th(Aiiii) tell ?if, I beg of you, whet he r the by bar tied fulfilled it! ta*k, hid whether our *gc he- found France what It ran under ancient tyraunira 1 Certainly not?royalty haa ?eroutdi?hrd it* duty, and it i? ?>un not to allow blind and.I tie lent not. da to insult t bin anting and pacify- I .ig spirit. If. alter the dlviaioua w dch rent the | c untiy n.niiuir, the crown of Franc* didnotfe'l i n the head of a king of Knaland. it waa beian?e the wiadotn of our forefather* invoked ancient principlea!, And, at n late, period, we had religion# wnra. which bn ight Fiance within a hair'* breadth of her ruin. How did Franre anve hcraelfl Br eturnirg to her principle -by ranking it triumph ivertbe par mna and ambition* of the moment, j ( ei tleni'n, I wit! no1 go further I said, at the la girni. g, that tho Atfemhly should exprra* a wi?h tor a re tision, hut ka* not the right to proitonne* on the fe?rtn of gorernment. Bn> when ynti *ay n hi ? ehy ia incompatible with <ho principle of Itif- wLen jo* re|rc?ent the la?t tw? gor?rnaent? i ???j? W YO SUNDAY MORNING a? having fallen on that aooouut, permit ui? to a-ur all of you, if it be aeriously that you nay that Franco in republicanif it be arrioucly that you ui.iko that ati-ertion, after the experience yon have hi'4 '! France republican! Fiimee, who received jour acclamation ol the republic with atupor! France, who treated your circular# and jour coinini.-i-a'ieii iu the way you know! Hut no ; 1- ranee it not republican! You recently reproached it youmlvea with having embraced the republic of a orinoe who i.e a pretender ! You reproached it with having aent a majority .1' i :-..i ti-. .. r . V>1 lu'iiiin 1111'? UiCU. ?\ lldl : IQ1S b ranee is republican ! No? she is not?sho cannot be ! M bat do you want her to do ! To run to moot your republic! Jlut what do you promise u.efor the future! At most, Mome administrative re tor uis ? ati.urs which concern the Minister of Commerce or the Minister ol the Interior. (Laughter ) Vou reject the exam; le of the old republic?it would I rove against you that never was there a form of government more repugnant to France, to herchari ctei, ior her name, and to her apirit of individualism, than the republican form. What would you hate for hcrl ou would have the American gorcrrrocnt, less what ! I will not nay leas the sluvery, but rave the federation. 1 tell you, then, constitute the Auu rican government in a great social unity, and I will tell you that it will uot exist a single day. [Approbation ] Vou compare tw > states which bate very diHerent oondittons?yo r would assimilate a kderative state to France, whic i has a dread of any thing like federation. What yo wish ior is an Utopian scheme. Will you allow in to make my confession of faith to you ! [".Speak speak."] What I am about to sty, 1 never bethr expressed to one; I row make my country my cot,tids i.e. 1 hate passed through four farm- of govcrnmcnt; 1 entered into life when the Umpire wit in the midst of its glory. With my youthful eu thusiasm 1 was strongly imperialist at twenty yeur of age. 1 lift college at the time when the thun dcrs of the cannon of Jena were heard. 1 thc.i begun to examine into public attain. ;Vly fathe* was a poor laborious man, but anxious to inspire me with u love for stu'dy. In 1811, he placed uie with a former deputy of the State*General, requesting him to make me study the minutes of the sittings ol the Constituent Assembly. In consequence of thut course of reading, 1 felt an eager thirst alter liberty, and a hatred of despotism. 1 saw that even glory could not palliate this latter, nLd 1 can apical to witnesses a.- to the truth of my assertion; tor you, hirrot [turning round to wuore that honorable gentleman wua sitting], you cat testify to my horror of the empire. [Movement ] I ptay you, gentlemen, to excuse the tamiliurity of my language; but the rapnl working of the idras sometimes carries us fur.her than we intend. I suy. then, that I detested despotism; and when I beheld a great government, an iu\ nen-e poorer, dU a; p? ar suddenly in a day?when uothing remained ot all that it bad Hrrived at?when glory and geniu.- could not siitheo to maintain anything in nn erect petition?when, i say, I pondered | or. all that convulsion, 1 perceived that to make ] the de.-tiny of a people depend on the head of a uini<, uoncni gynii.ii' ue ungni Of. was Homing i the than the greatest of crimes. [AppUu-e] 1 si w I lhut a principle way wan.od. 1 devoted my life to | the conviction which animated iuc, and from | ('ay I became?do m l muck what 1 atu about t*i 1 say, fcr, by m doing, you woul 1 wound uio t deeply | tie tiuest sentiment that ever moved a human | from that day 1 tiecamc a royalist, because ' I am devoted to iny country [Loud cheer? JCanyou Mipl o-i that 1 did not ask tuysoK ir Fcbru iry, l"*l\ why a gnat nation like France, able to boast of so many able men, should not govern it.*elf I 1 asked rnysclt the rjuertion, but I did not for a moment hesitate ft r the ntswer, as 1 knew only too well who' it wan lor an old society to bo subjected to a rcjublicnctwarilv at variance with its hopes, its traditiois, and its habits, as w hich could only excite taocor and discontint. M. tik Ila.viap.tint -I a?k leave to reply tothat point i M. bi.ativ ait ? \ es, I -ay that tho republic is incom| atil'e with the old society of F.urop??is utterly un-intid to the genius, wan's, manners, and feelings ol a n it ion oi thirty millions <d inhabitants, closely i ached together tn the si iuc territory, and whose ancestors bav, been, for centuries, governed by (Applause ) A great authority lias l>eou named to us to day?namely Napoleon. Napoleon it Las been said, when at M. Helena, spoke in fa vor of thu republic, and predicted it tor Kurope No, no, do not lad-eve that such was hn iiiteutnra W hat! that master mind who had done so much to gather MfStbH the scattered fragments around him, and to reconstitute society in Franco?he to praise the republic! Not so ; but when the groa' genius beheld hts work destroyed by the foiee o' eouloiced l.urope?if, ih< n, he evoked the republic ! ? li he uttered the Words. " Krafee will be isiiub lican or Cossack!"?it was not u< a prediction thn* lie so spoke, but as a malediction (loiinetiAt | cheering ) Yew, it was a malediction from tlie lip { of a threat untri fallen, and not king else. (Renewed cheering.) A nd that otbei gr> at linen, Mir.iliesu?the ' mighty oiator to move the listening senate and the , in as MM?be who bad so shaken, from the tribune, I the government to its centre?when he had exhausted bis remaining strength in endeavoring to j reconstruct the ruin which he had mode, what was . hirer j-of despair, when lie fell the wings of death ' hinging tl.eir darkest shadow around him I Ml cariy with me," cried he, " the monarchy; the | tactions will dispute,amongst themselves, it- shreds i and remnants. ' (Movement.) History has appre- ' elated, as tbry dcrerved, the testamentary exclatna- 1 liens of the two great men whom 1 have just mentioned. Both of them, who disposed ot a whole ' century and a whole people by the mere force of their gcaius, felt the t*i>k at last too ponderous for ! their strength, and in the agony of their disappointment thiy exclaimed:?" Authority i? gone, anar- i chv is entered on posse:sion rind nnlv can again ' collect tegetker the scattered ruins " (itenewed upplain o) ls?t me now, before I terminnte, return to the oucsiIon. M Mir be I (de Itourges) and I have tioi h rinniMl Bgnitiit your patience, in having depsileil In m the subject immediately under debate 1 nm about to disclose' to you, in a few words, my whole way of thinking. I know that .-one of my friend* by no means go so far as I do; jxrbaps, in fact, my mind is unnecessarily terrified at the dangers which the cou-titutian has produced, ar d the ini uienriape til attendant on the reelection , IW .1 Ik. .....klt, ll1?r.. ui IUC I'lin III ? rrciu*iii vi iu> .M.......... merit.) huppvM that, when a bra<J of tbe State ii tu be again named, tbat great nar.e, which cannot frrl ai.y apprehension of anotb-r being as well kn.wn, should again obtain several million* of rolrr?iu| |4>m> I.e.ui* Napoleon Kotiaparte to be again elected Ikendent ot the republic -if that takes place, 1 my, gentlemen, that you are lost (Agitation.) Tbe 1'resideJt?oh'. I <lo not attack him 1 <lid not give bim my vote, but I inainluLn that be baa rendered a great act vice in pinning hi urclf on the tide of the paily of order Siioull he bo rc-chcted, ha will be plated, by univer.-al suffrage, above the constitution, an i I declare that it would require a superhuman virtue for a man in ri ch a eitnatlon, i uJ so elected, not to imagine tbat it is hie duty, ami his right, to overturn every nb stack If his remaining in jower. W hat.tben, wi", you do ? A V oice.?We will not give way) we will persist M. Pr.nhivR?Vuu will |?rsiat, you will oppose tbat course. llow will you do ??/!* Hire, in thi house, during the week wbi'hyon would still hive to live. V ou will support a struggle, nml what struggled but will you perpetuate your existence! Will yo? make y< urselve* a h>ng Parliament' In that rase you womd violate tnc constitution yoursilvet. [I 'cop sensation]. Ves; I foar the situation which is about to arise, and it is for tha' reason that I earnestly tall for tbe revision ; that I desire to see a C onstu a nt Assembly assembled here, be* lore any anti rational crime can be committed.? Itji.ot forget, gviitlemcn, ro-elec ion or p-oIrrigation of power', are both iniuien>e danger* 'I o prolong an ephemeral power is to prolong the i angcta with which we arc at present encompassed 1 bate no bo|*> that the popoeitloa of rcviion wilt ol tain a cor, insjority. Hut if it only the tmoetioal majority and not (he legal o.iebowever tbe que >iion be decided?let us, above ah, lesja ct the cot rtitution, let is cling to it as oi r pihi irmor in mo worai lurmiuauiv ?innm Unr<*, 1 uipUre the Awiiibl; torcuntin uuheeit itingly mid cot r'antly it. tbi path of legality, Tlio law which we t are, Whea observed. l? Kurely rat ;r iban any other violated. Legality U, io fact, tto < oly rtici gtb tl at t'tuain' t< u< ugaiind ted.ti , and agmuai ambition I appeal t >yot . gentlemen, rrd i all j| on jov t< urtlr It r inly together to reopen l-gaiity. Ah. my frvr? da. joti cannot but Cbcriah octal order: it. i ot. then, lieten t > the >oi?e of bitowholork wl k i?li at>iiro at m r divini m*; re n < nihcr that they wuli to dttide te atil> innre ; and he mtain flat lh? v will arrive a., thotr ei.dr, if we do oot rvrdor car* dvea intioeibli by watch All no a hi.d union. ].?t or, thee #t:?nd together, lor the boiir it danger lidrawing m ar. I'x nf in at nil that tbi ui ion ot all tbo aociat for< er hni already been < ar raftguaid iti a wrrib e criiie? n a for : libit laanrrocttoi May that i,obdu-t 01 ourr now aervw >:.< ar a gr> at example, d render u? able to met l.< jit iil* which advance [ I'r* "tenrious cheering , '1 he liotoiahic g-t.ti* man. or* dca tending from hi ti bine, war ?ttrr? in ded by tl. i n?< mSer* of tko ''(hi. who ovnwhr'n ed hiui wiih fali.ataiiora. 1 h< di.<"Mion Will then ?dj .tirne I to the n?*xt day.tad the war brought w a 9i?*o at a Abactor |aetai?. RK H AUGUST 3, 1851. Movrfurnts of Mr. Webster. '111K PROPOSKD TKIT TO K1 ROPE. TXPW York and Liverpool U. S. M. > Stiahmiip Company,56 Wall st. $

New York, July IS. 1?51. My i?i ar Sip. :?Seeing, by our pa|>cr?, that it i# ( possible you may vioit England, permit me to tender you such accommodations on board tf our steamers, to and from there, us may bo most likely to conduce to your comfort whiie crossing the oct an. 1 ours respectfully. LDW'D K. COI.I.INS. To Hon. Daniti. Weiister. MR. YVEUSTKK'S REPLY. Marsiikikld. July 28, 1851. My Ukar Sir:?I am extremely obliged to you fir offering cue a passage in one of ,he ships of your i line to England, and if 1 should propose such a 1 voyage, 1 shall certainly accept your offer. Not only sm 1 disposud, so far as may be iu my ' power, to manifest tin interest in your Hue of t steamers, but I am ready to say, also, publicly and privately, that 1 think the encouragement of your lire, its success, to be objects of high public con- i eern. Individual enterprise, in this country, can aocotuplirh all that individual enterprise can accoin- ' plisli auy whote, but it euunot carry on the contest on i c<|ual terms, or with equal success, against individual enterprise iu other countries, strongly suMaine 1 by the patronage of government. 1 consider your en- ! terprise as partaking largely of a national charae- > ter, and deem it n cause of just national pride that 1 you have been able to construct such noble specimens of naval architecture us have commanded tne admiration of the world, and with which you have been able to accomplish the voyage a truss the Atlantic iu a poiiod of time without a parallel, thus far, in the history of steam navigation. 1 atn not, my denr sir, in tie legislative councils ; if I were, 1 rhou <J deem it my duty to contribute such .-up- , port, on the part of government, to the Atlantic steam navigation, ss to give it a fair cb.inco of successful compctitio > with tljat of any nation iu j Europe. I am, my dear sir, wry truly yours, (Sipneo) Dam.. iVunT.R. U. K. Cot.i.ins, Est)., New York. ms. vi i.&^tt.k'n i.kttfr to the caps coihtes, not | the cod1 vie an W..NHiMiroN, July 11, 1H51. Gentlemen:?1 have received your friendly letter j of the 1th of this mouth, and am highly gratified j with the patriotic sentiment! expressed therein Indeed, I should have expected nothing else, because j such sentiments are worthy of those 1'ilgrUn l .v- ! thers from whom you are descended, as well us of i tbe gcnciftl character of your community. It will give me inuchsatiefsction, if circumstances ! rlii old allow, to u.'cept your invitation to puss u day among you. In the meantime, I th ill be most happy to scad, to each ot you, such productions of mine as may fully explain my .-cntimtnts in respect to the great ( qui ft ions of tho presold time. With some of you 1 have the pleasure of being j personally acquainted, as 1 have oftcu been iu your j good town of 1 tennis, a< wi U us all the other towns | on the Gape. 1 see also attached to ycur letter j uiuny names not personally kuown to me, bu: lie- . 1"' gmg to families wi.h which 1 have h id ao' i arce in former tim< *. 1 have always found the air 1 ot your corn 'y delightful in suuime:', and there ura iiiui y sea views remarkably line; and 1 suppose 1 ought to confe.s, also, that ii there my ulei-anl i.e. :.,l.. ?v.. , 1 .is. 'S. 1 no. immij I., g .1 . ? I Ul O I'AUl., s.i I highly estimate ! by the anglers hue throw:. 1 tin1 fly in tinIB limtleinen?The nature of .vour jw pulntion i. somewhat ].ejuliir. 1 bate often been struck by : the very >; x i*u t t uml>cr el' .-ia ciptaui-, u* will ui other mariners, which the touuly of i n. stable anil the neighboring inlands furnish. On tho rape and on the i-)mtxl.- I have tre'iucnily coir cr-eil with j'n.-ons who seemed as well nc'iuaiutcd with the < iailipugo* Islands, the tiaudwich island*. und soiuo i arts el .New Holland, a* with our counUts ol , liiiuij hiii and Jlerh.-hiie 1 vii* nitre engaged in the trial ofa can e. injour district, i.i which a jueition iro?e re*peci ing t c eiiliatue into I lie harbor of < 'whvTee, between re t* ?f coral rock guarding it on eitliur ride. The ! ioiui.ol for the uj posite party proposed to call wiinceics to give lul'orinauon to the jury oonirniiig this intianec. i at saw u suvile, which i ' 'h? eght 1 understood ; and suggistod to the Judge, that very probably some of the iur<<rs had ";c i the ; intranrr ihciu-i Ive* ; upon which seven on* of the twelve jurvri, ruM andiiiil, that they who ijuitc i lanuliarly nc<|uaiiitcd with it, having ?*en it often. '1 l.e occurrence, I dare .-ay, in rt uieinbi red by that moat wor'by man and eminmt Judge, now living, a." I atn happy to know, and enjoying in udvamed life the aftcetion of has friend*, ami the re- 1 . iicet of all who know bun : I menu Judge Putnam. Tin.- incident .-how - the nature id the employment* pursued by youi r.e ighbors and yourselves. \V ith the more elderly gentlemen of your county, I L i .c had the pleasure ot freipicut coovcreaiim* > coua rniDg early revolutionary time*, and especially | rvsjcctirg that extraordinary nan, Jatue* Otis. I ( have lK---a where he lived, nud examined such of bi> j ;i|i rs as I -ould hud; but in tire latter part of hi* life he dettroyed most of bis correspondence. Mr Tuilor ha* v ritten a very good history of his | lite, end you all Uuuw the cwph itie eulogy rd or, h,ui by the elder Adams, vis , that it i was ? 'tis who ret the bull of the revolution in motion. VVaiui, olo<jucnt, and highly iiupassiouo I in the can c ol libtm. his brilliant lifo was Icrwi riS'od by n stroke ol lightning None wcie earlier to begin, none more peraevcringly maintained. more aealou.-lyitrtiggied to main- . tNin the cause of the revolution, than tho pooolo > on the (Jane. All the region about Jamea Mtt*, I ard the Thoinai-', and the other true hearted patriot* of those timer, is to me a sort of cUtaci ground; remote, with' ut large cities, seattcrod along nn ci tensive coast, then wasyet, I think, in no | art of tho country, a more fervent dctothi to the patriotic cause than was manifested by your anccatora. (. critic mm, 1 am rureyou ascribeiiuife too much merit to my efforts in behalf of the I nioii, nod of I the ron.-titutio!!. 1 can only say, 1 ha i c done what 1 could, aLd all that 1 could; end that J suall not sJatkct my hand. I'erbaps, it is nutura, to at y. u should be attached to free ai.d regular c iistU it ions of government, rioc all know t rial tho li WflhlW < or-titulion in the country was com. need and ' signed on h? aid of the May (lower, whiij sho was \ riding at anchor in one of the bat bora c" tin. l'a(n. Your <>wn pt'isperi y, gebtlcUHii; thi ?u ce> of all your leading pursuit*; the pr. iperity ofyvitrei unty, and oi the whole Mate of \"a--ach tsetu. are, at this m< meat, living* of the bcmblt confined by the coii.ftltution of the 1 nitcd states, and the at'minir ration of government under it. S t uracil bns always been a free soil; as iu'hyou i.nd your ancestor* hare cultivate J it for ceutunei: it needs no r.ew ahriatcning but what the pei ph> of , Mas schiiM tt- wanted, aim your county a J?oug the real, before the adoption of ,be present const it ut ion. was free fear? free acas, on which their ind istry <",uid be d splayed, and t' eir national right* proti.ti'l Jty tbe tles-isg af Providence they havo enjoyed thi* fr< t ona thi* oro'tet'on fvj long course ofyiAis, Mit> bsvo ifoirirueJ ami proapffel tihflc. th m beyond all former raaiuple What i(your soil be not of the richest quality, who' i! It be not fertile like Western New N ork and lha Weetern tkaiNi I still katd^ know a put of I tLerotiiitry in which the people cvjoy more sub- i xi Tim . i uiiori i na\.? traierwu tne wooir. ir ?tn tlio * i' Iwc#" in CroTidrtlowi hi tkt lint?( Pijmouth, within! rnin| in ioatan e of ragged |k>wit} or of absolute wnte \ our Ubo # arc ou t?? on ' l.i a more cmj bat e reuee than can be -aid of an} c?t! or people, }var bom* i on the drop. Noicrt belter, ibi hone of your fa uilie*; the Uuineot jrnr af< ction; tut* bom > to which you return with ro much gleduet cl b<irt, it in the rartoua loans i on the f aie " where all your tremainbe " ' 1 trurt tl at there ia lot a man among you, who 'oft not feel atd aee that tbc nrorpcrity of bit labor it mainly connect'<1 v ith the adun ii?trati?n ol the poMrinient af tbe 1'uttrd -Mate*; and therefore, I tni-t tbat tb< political air it the (.'ape hi i ulwnjr rt n ain aa b< aithy aa ti n itnral atiuotpliore, acd that it u !i b( an free tr lad MMMMi at ir ir from ,'vga and apo** If your hardy ?;.d ent^rptiaing young men to arteaid. fni'oirg tbtir ?ui>ltyar*t, i? ih? H?y | lit I n)? ti, the "Mialt- i?? the t >r?"<l Hxuk. do I bey rot iec? He apcwitlip j ritMtwD and encouragement it ni w e taws 01 tr.o i intra 3Mte i II tuny take j m wdir mr-jre, atid, in iii.nuit f larger object*, ! oa-t fcltrjr I'rartl, (i'uiUlu the (/?(*?. and I io? tier W;?t, ur #< . th o? m rib, in the foul IVHn.iia ilij not flint hat thi) are aalolj vt>*ori?i by tin "belter of the flsg, whirl) no j.ow >r on earth ror?? t imr* to feat wi'h d'-rtp?c:7 Vj fr'" " ?f Weit l'.jnnlii, diar. irnge fat rifa' . ilia, ?' ?tra-?t notice*. aid nit in toi.?id?r*t.e at i?irj-!* u> renrh end?, a'ic! , hn?>t?r dulritlein M:<m<<!?? , are not | !ar ?i within tboc \etii .b.liti-* or duties Hi la on, a * (not <1*. to the r telimi on ll yenr country, ar.l the goai-ir r etit e?labl>l>< <l Oii'Hrit leiver* Is wh'i-nend in k tie parte of lie <? oitl y, * ut *h h are Oryo'id .?ot?i nntiol, to the all axe dveetin of an i tuJii g I'rovHl i.e* Perform thoee ditto-* on oh 1 eteji aert, (lain and p-*i ire K.'.'ot the lawc tf in*tr ft ontry, > nboitl ?tor A? ric* i lintinilioai, u tar tw |c? aru aMo, CeMttU ska cha.t aad thj ERA rcnif*^, hjcp a* eye on the sun by day, n?d on tl ccnatellatioiis, both of the .^outb and tbo North, t night ; ai it always feeling anil acting a* if oar uuifi coustiiatinrul American liberty Hero ioaoined grce jomnaitted to juurcbnrge, koip hor, ?o far i it depend* on you, clear of the breaker* Whatovi latitudes you trareraa, on whatever billov you aie torse d, let jour countiy rstaiii her hold < your affection hecp her iu your hearts, and It jour carol to her ever be? ' Lashed to the helm, hht'ol't "< h# overwhelm, 1 II tlook on thee " I tin my friend*, with nincero regurd, you obligtd follow oiliecu ?u.d obedient servant, llANt. W KHSTKR Movers Wtn. B. Gooch, Eleuxer Njckereon, Jr Miller W. Nickers.->n, and others. MU \\ EI!STrn*S BZPOIiTKD RKSIOAATION. i iic la-uuiiou correspondent ui me diiwimi i rm *nr/.t, given the tolh wing :? In it K'Ceiit litter I spoke of the enthusiasm wnie was It-It by (he guests of Columbia Hall iu tUu (it lig'itful bummer l.o aie, on (be reception of the gl< riou* oration of I Daniel Web it or, at (be laying ? the corner .stone of the enlargement of the Capita ut Washington. 1 have since toon a letter wrute by a geti'Jiuun who must have had every faoilit for knowing ?he fact', (and wh -?o eharaeter e .and like thai of i icaur'a wife, ubot e suspicion.) in tvhic the following tacts were state I; and 'is I nave ene no allusion !t> them in any ci the public jouru via, wi.-h t? refer to tbetu briefly, lor I know that ttie will constitute a new soum- ?f satiafact on to th frierdb of (but illustrious sta'oMnrn who has jut carat-ed fioia tLe esoitementb and fatigues of hi public liibois, to the quiet t-bades of bin sea washe home at Marsh field. Mr. W cbster, during tilt lus. seventeen rnontht lis* gone through more exhausting labor* in publi lifo than any other civilian We scsrcely kuow e a < lent rul even, who, in the flu.-hed career of victory matching troin one conquered province to another and from one nroitra'e kingdom to an ye to he c< liquet id, who hi.- achieved mica t in ji ovarii incomparable physical, and intcilootui tasks. Fioiu the tune Mr V, eb-ter lir.-t conceive* h'n great i ninn speech of tlio 7th of March layear, till he handed in hi* n-.gnation to Mr l it more a* Secretary of Slat., the oth.r day, h? tuuhave experienced a constant and unl ''erruplcd it tcllectuul tent-ion, of which t< w otki-r u.i n would t incapable. What oorniiuien the chief ma..tor * i urpi ire la, tbal he hi* beeti nbio to go throng tbo.-e cxhnu.-tiiig ti ils w.thom ebsolul j p.o-trniio And yet Mr. Hut ace Maim baa tile l'i.ara ii: iuipuitcree to sneer at Mr W . for tb.? p cmitu Li- iking up of bin physical constitution. but. i will sp, uk ut the facta to which I have > 1 .did Feeling the nice of " . liinlotc r.-pits und h-ngirg i n ho did, physically ami morally, f h.s accustomed rural sfinH :md amusement*, in tl indti of which In- liar gin h? red hi* vitality as powei, fli.tli the time lie heut ho own mow pi oil r tbe hill.- of Niw liaiup-ni.c, to the diri.-i school-bonce? Mr Wibsu-r laid tub .. Mr l-'il Uure hi* ribigiation, in one of thane i'guilt, am) cho.-ial letter* ly which he has u-biev? to much imii.i and on winch b regain .miwritir of ti e F.tglish Im gu g > can not ;<i *< cuii'y fo? ti c fultiio We onoe F -u il Mr VVebsu i. uiuik, wi.en a vi ij high ? ulegium wj< pi >cd, i bis prcn i < <>, upon the cln ic etirity of it e ?t.?le i 1.1* iiil ' mntic ci.rier poiu't iu e w ith lord A.ittbui ti p, tint )" tilt it to he it- much the d"ty of k an Mattvu in t . writ- puce Anglo -vixen u to ii n< talc th? in luury of V. aabiiigiou VV1I. Mr. Webrtcr huti bt tore the 1' c?'tmt hi r< Mgratinu Mr Kitluic-' ? rnvivi J the cccunuti cation horn Mr Wrltnler'a h.i hu wit ft i.Moui.ifa ii'cut Mid rtgnt. *'1 cannot,," he* rani to In f-tcnta v, "net pi your tc.-gi -iticn Wiwi i ?? U (nitillj i.l i ! to t! in ptM, 1 fi It t Lt ImbI l ot i j?'ei iiiy ci.f.lioi tec ??< etirvlj in any nth? Aim rjcnii cItlxr li, hh toy din i coun cilor, ami lb-re fere I ii ri eel you to L< count .S-eretary of --tale \ i ti kindly and gem nurly left > >nr o uioeiit pl*c> ta the ,-t t lite, c< n. tn'ed to n il ot in tb" ad Ui..'<i<trr tu n ol public al'.im \ ou h-ev done to unit 1 "?( to jou a *o'j eonrhiara. le jiortion o t> ct fM>| blni'y which baa attended inj ndiainir triitom " 1 ut, Mr l'udJeiit, 1 Bin aemtHotned. duri.e the warn: ?ein-i n, to mini exi mi-J a ?ri<-t?f*tira ptrnnts. I l. i 1 the i.i curinty of going Lome to ui uim. ati'I I ci'tioot cot.'i-nt to curtain en oQoin rraponrihifity whi'e I am nw .y fiom tny mot fu ill y eotirtdcrublo length of tl|UO 1 should ?- v.r glad, tin, #ir, Jf you would relieve nr Itoi my ottie* 1 wlrli jou wi|l,mr I think the Unio i -ale I know of no iuipiot<nt tot igd hininc^ Dt.w (ire--it g ntoii our ntteutinn. and " ' liut, Mr Web-tor, I rMonot con?ent to ntMeji y. or I- . gnatn u Vou Ituve been with me fmu the to git rung, let u? go through to tlie (.lid. \ ? k'ow I bare :.ll confidence in your integrity am hilly; nrd, biililei if you 1'vel dLp-v.-n-i Ut tnk. < o, relaxation, go and ?tnj its long a- you iib, jour durie*. or your ineii .a'io > prompt ?j/ fauy j hitieulae cmrrgi Key .ui ?. I will coun up to K'a; . Cild. and you. ( . rlainly, afltt' what ha p >td bt-twrrn us w<ll liavo no g cat ohjo<H>on ti ccii-p me there, lan.-j wc will tnllc -ver ?li? b -in.*of Urn di"^, mi 1. si it uwiy l?e Mi Vt i Later coild lot re<ia ikia ipiii>>1 It wa n.Hife with tl'f naic luignaniaiit*- w Ni which ilu 1 ortfoliti of li rv gn i.ll ?ii i w,i i li nlTtreil tu liifl aft'T tbc de.Un ?<l i ieiit rnl '1 njplor 'I'b -n fact- ib grrat b< l or to both gentlemen Aid 50 M We!--ifr lift Washington, anJ V ha f < ne to Mai'hflaM. Thrntrliut and Mm .<nl. Tm- MifoitiL I>h?m?tu Jt nitre.? Mr I'ater P.l.-h !ng' tie pi pliar and gentliioaulv ccMedian. wrll ka ?i at Ihi- f id PctV and for reeeral y'?r? put nv.iiiR.t t Ik* IVklnul rtreet tbealia, 1'biUdrlpma. baa arrived tl tbI i'Hy aii.l ?-(it r>-rl upon tbo tint >< - of neniiager of tin Jraiua: ir jublli"-to t?'gltrn In honor t Mr. K A Mar ibaJ A Di e judlcioui abetloa could not havo bci D.i4r by Ik' ronaltlM,a< re M cmBc 'at that tber in no, in the re uulry who could hriug an much e* jTTiroce, tart r taVt.t. to aid in rnrrytng cot thu grea I at in al di mroliatku W e arc glad t > be able to atal that Mr (bo. balv Iht ttfj fltrn-nt prompter of tb lltoadwnj tbihtrc. who dt'p'ayed grrat ektll in ataa iffili* tatef Ut mi'tt iliacaa cf Mr Barrett, the lai matityif ktiU>na|poli.trd by tbn eommht.? to fill tl i fflvr ti prompter at tba coming jubilee lierr Clio !.,(D JaTidll. Mba I livTi od.'B Mr*. Iiieriug. and Mr V II lieJDil'on, art amorg t the aiUata who kind y tel orrid tbair fciatur.ti- arraicea y<-lerday In anolh column wttl b, aeon thr iu.irnw array of talent that h ' . incite iJaeeil at the di if lh* r Hi'a ?ucl> i c irtntiat. o <! arti t.e abiii'jt. ? rt diTar?nj , * innnrf aalciila'ad t" aim arary ta?t cui tr r< iurn*! .nl thmu^hi'iit lha daj and rTrnla< I llr 1-1b i f Auyti'l, aid *r m<i) add tbat mdnr aunh r yr hi | h;iL.i>- . hdr ulu: onoi fril I |4. Iwtiig ? tffifl tlrTh will tr .? Ij tb drj lr?t?i tali-B* a? wall x thr drama ir taatn. tf ibio C dlntr j ai J wlid ii aiU doiiUiraa fv? an ayoch In Ibt hlrl tj < ili Map* Bnv a? Tnr ?t?r ?'Tbf ! aiittfu! and if. ?oafn? p'** ?rla f".??nl th I'fra Ink!," whlrb b'l* barn prtidiica l? 1 irli -plan l? r. ar<l whi-h haa drawn lat ra rnd hljrtit >r|'< tal>a a ulni.a* fnrtbi (? ! r>itnnthl. b<? l>?r withdrawn!' ciaa pinna In ariwthiT no Ina* atlrartii aMrViltut plant , i nlHli it ihr " Intra luiaidaliian Mr I. n.Mm ??n< J. taiinmad tbat no lb-air* lull I"i ' ii thall i a nd turn in outwit jr. Tha dramatic puldl irraalinai liaanril llr II. 'a rrlrlirit; t > ra jmr.' an nli^> fi? m n - hi b?- bitn a long lima wii biolrlrnl aff ir-In thu r,l. and l> |ii?ti% MtM t la rain il lha lalhar if lha d atn? ? f if. fr > hi* Prat appiaran a *m n?-t in. ba b<? 11?ba nrrit ini?r?riul Mortka* I" r>?l?r lha dram n 'bta < >UDir% I'uinruw ata iia.|r tin rpta i II on ii* if Ilia nil at UlWddana," in lira tthl-m * III I r |ifi -i tali d 1 hi ?>i J mar r , r? , n h Woa? lia % I) 'hr tiiilra atrwWfffh nf Ik' lalautrd r nnpinjr ? Mi Ktiij Mr Uiih?;l ucd Mr !*t' r a? tn-i fan board ini'fi Mr PlataM a> I*-Mia lha XIII, ar lilltn aa tb' tarlina. da lliib-iiatl Add to tha a lirariita noun a thai nf tbr ratwlh nt artra a. Mla? Ai i.-Nnti f?lu ippiaran* lion da in a da t|ar| t an I & aft op. wblia at lha Ntuaitw y lhaalta won f>r narll irlnfn and appt?>t?iinti <1 ita p?im,i it dh aurn < on pn / a* il i.- Vr lli.n.M'o imi l ba Ufa loeootlwi >n r iinr.. till r?n"r llr iblriinium ut coa.u< nci with III' il III t ?;< | * fi-rrcl " it i <.'? Oaii i n ? A nr??t Mil fnf to m rn * bTpatn I li< ilbt in nil i tlj, iinht p? | "i| I ri minx, will I -hi 11 I ?. I I < ' , |:,in ,1,4 ih.' ?M< .1 i?u I ?< ti I' * I i ' ;! j ! ni dmr ii ?n I in I > ? bli " i 11 l- |?, t i.f llir ??fr' ill ?i1 wil l? ivc ilii I tl Vpiitlm t *itilinl l> tnil l?'ul Ipiim li tit-t tiii i| i? tK ii Tii i (ih*"i hiiWUM i?*h?i t>> Mi r? Hm i hriilnni In wbt.-li i Mnr f?lti it'll It tin iipp .Ik ?>iiii.l-liiti( ni in "bin* bill ? Of pud f Kt,vrr?b? M i<i Ib? <'<nintra I > I I" t ilP hi.b >1. ?. IbU . f / r .? bjr Hip k uch Tul >i. ?? IW ?.ri.u m i t'.'ImiH I mi bj *ln I It if nil 1 ii (lulu - in ih. pin ?* . I Mliphioplln ?r-in< l> ' i.i.iii .I Hint i fi fi'tib * tl n'in I r,i f ? irp ?'ll l? | !"" i "Hi" |?bn i hip i f 11 i t" i "i i' l*t *h n .ll i tr i'Iup i i prtal '?* ri utr I urn- Ii' I. tlintu*. Had ? pit- til. M <i A ? bid < lin iii?nn?ul tnii arllpta O It *iiIpt lTttuii| l.nrt- t. with In* rd?k(iitn| unmpbnj i?|<' *| | *r Kitronti Tiitatbr ?tlf 1'i.rdy I* at Ilk (nlng ahun ?ltk fcla fl-tw \t> Borwtr h- ?a?tfct LD. ? *. i i . . PRICE TWO CENTS. 10 American dp ntlil.d th? "I'o ajiln'e <l*ndidnUr'-? ,? the char rter of h HhaUuck by Mr MeVlcker, th? other ) a by N H Clark. La Kxaor. Mibh Pox. Mr* I>ret? til Mr Hanuelt I u the course of jiiroethere will t>e K**' *' H political etuoip ep-ech. and it ahintcle daosa, i8 i ty Lin* character* Mix* I.odium will <l.i ac*- the Maor , actnka " and the rext fi .iture aid be the oJotMlm dra?Mi ?B , of ?h. "Cbildrrt io the W.dt," with J. 15 t'dott who? id eierj Ixi'ykrow to bo an excellent actor. in the chart ! rac'er <>l Waller. and Vltxa (!. Pox a* .loaepditee The | en fceetra will next play an o*? >' nr.- and all ?? ? termk ITM*" wrin inr n irnrmro uietim . in ocTt-u Adi liitde id Drvid D " "I h will intnvlure marlyall </ the i ?i i !! nt cooie-huj lularhul to thin popular* unit lr ! Cimi-Unr < tiib'i-hiio'iit Oori- p*n !* Utile dM*bt lut Hint ih>' house will Is- crammed (HHisTv'a Wie?T?i?i drew 'n r-e rrr-?di- during Mm pai-t w<<k in '1 were ri-eelt <1 with the n u >i riithUsiaH Via '* ( ) Iih.itlull Their r'tilting t* car. Itent. nod i h i ml rut rru ntal jierformanees are executed wilh the strictest precision t heir jokea *re happily ittcen. and the burteenuea * krip tl xudi> lire la mir if lauxlitrr. The programme i.-mi'd i r ii morrow en 11.114 is aeeeiiingiy al'motivr, and Kiueti mur< a demit Iy croaded bouse ^ Fallows' Vimtioi i?Thie inimitably popular bard of >- ni yn> di lii eau r> hxvi c o i lets Iv allured the public by i- their l>|ih Hinl ' enti -tail mute. The addition at >f the Niw i ri.ani vrii-iihdei ha< prored ii great aojuieii| tiop to I).is n trpai.y particularly Hw.iine. whose eery Q l?ok ia inffieient f r i.eiil-e his i editors A gtauce *4 the pnyirnirttu fori ni mow will he g uara ntee enough f ft r * re wrt<?t h nu M ?j Mii.i tin (n.'i i i niit.i*? Ihiviit Oopperfl' ld' n made i;n le a i ?t I nnilar resort. Ia?t evening TlB-? . hciiir an ? II f i a del'xhiett nnd enthusiastic audience when - , o idr. wig to liiougli.un'a comh puny, P i ?e I.. t v . die nly drauiulic cunpnuy o that evir i xp. i \ i!>?laoti?l sueeosa in Brookil 1} n ' Iter id ' < wdi be repeated again this ? evening, wuh .. ip rivalled actor*. Johnston ant J t e xuMmio" . >i?r. ?ne of L'riab lleep and I'npotty; tC" e I " v excullrnt terse of IMleato , Un umi ' i ' ( c Baaeoe >' > The performance* t.nnouooed for pf to i;. i ' i J iv ruoyr lire exceedingly emtertaii >< net i he cnariuing and anocm |il:i)< ' t'-_-i|y Meit-.ycr. bas been added t? * Hi < ipMuy ?U*eh'd to thie tlounebt inpi ?;. I e it ta*kt< her debut tu-utorrxw 0 iv . ? * .i . ,i p *i tniuii.ic tightrope exploits, 1 'i : i - . : nod two highly attractive farm, it HI' to Km -? led t i > ; (., 1 juhllr will enjoy a rich treat by I ?i- in, 'i.. ertiiblishliii'Ut to night Max ,t blajitrx- . i etwetrM will ((ire another cf tUeir ) rleee'CHl i-..i -to ebirh hare uiet with >ucJk 10 ui ivi rn l i i' t i Thi | erf. < t tioi-b ard britli.inny ,)f it. XI cut .1 e t: ~1 h they renter th- ineptniti ins ad , Hi iivimliii ?Li."t be iiivpKH>ed. and havb wo* tii th i ui the i- i.anii-tied i> -itl 'tia.- artuU. l'txo " Jft'i-tonn he ni. r tbia evening conlatni many ?1 ?xvellect n ..! i i.s l'<' .'INhV I :Mi r I I . II taoi'PE?I'll EC I R .SB V A It AT ION. | trite 11' t.'uflalii i uurier. Aug l.J 11 i t.e prim i| in , u>|)n-irg ,i> un} tutu s suilr, ? w'criiDx wiH' I t n ijuiry. acid have continued r will, lu r Uui .. g ! ! urn ii !? ?Benedict. uud n? It. II, tti t' ff'i r ' ( M-tnidt ?nd Inst, though , j tu t Irtrt tiini in aoritr .Ine-ph lluike separated u ill (liif city i o...hi. ni' . r having given, on v i!m iiJwy i v.-, nineteenth concert sine- w<piraileg fi< III Han t.k -i diet the two lleU?ttis. Ooid' n tilt, ai.d thi??' wl.ii have tixi'U cooueetud with tha '<* tr ni, in iriv- ?t.i . outw caput'it in, li'ft for New J k ii, tin' afti ri in ti ii. preparatory t" tail ing lor a l.nn.ji i u ihi I i, ui". Hull"* hns gone do?n to h<a tn.f fsim at I'ii tii. whin- I." will -top ? couple of r tin iitli-i r n toff.'thrr in bis aliciit. rabtag** an,| [ ? (1 tan it. auo ploy tin- up i iculi ur:st W hile th-charming - N'f l'tn p nil- in i II ii' w j ai d 1 y V ,x lljortebcrg and Mr M jtoi'. have rciormd in the Cllfti n (lottee. Niagara leli- aim thiyv ill rim on iiuy h d*y ot mi prior ta " tIm111 p f11 w \ i ilt i ti. uyli ?i' it is .M'lle 10 l.ird'k ititi Ml u to irlurit to N't igura it 1 pass aonie time 11 1! One r-ntieclsd will. I he sop-ration, 11 ii i.jr |w ih?p- l ot ti niiwi rihy i f retr.nrh:?H ?ii in i lit flkl<> that Mr I'uikc bade h fen1 it i; 1*1 I t'lj atag*. !_ i.trt it wne 1 .re that .It ut y lend, 't JV?U -til, sod Itnrke, gave their U't "inutt togei' One or twa little iLi identa hire, illustrative if III- gifted H?cd*'e 'I ' gimrocitj, haw traurpirid during her brief May atnoi ,g.< ' ur w l icl. tiny not t? uninli re-iit g to laeule n Home r icit tiiikal. (*? ktu* nut whether laojr or g, uilemua.) i alien V( mi In r on Tu-sday, with f,ur young i.iu.o-td. j noisj Miia liykiLiau. nL ,. ou being recju-at-d hung a ? ei ii( I. 11 hin. Jiliiii I.lint r tttnaed the eoiupUm.-nt by kit i - for her two ,-'i r.g* ua-he only can sing them T- An liiirtiuptnn nlin sccoiopanied her lor the puri |i ait . ujiti ileii'ii'f li,e air-iugleg of the elage, room, ' he tin pi vi . nn Mi. 't'.g liini g .n.i-1 a pur-e eoa aiming tvo l.unlied d' I .is to p,,ld?her aecond pre-ent? elo haw it p . ivi 'i Id ID, ii a former oedmton, lit e hundr-4 r di liars. \ >rti i s i.ibel aela i f U*n iness wars d >ne *?F 11 her. which It would mi,ici l* t;? propi r to - pn u 1 t-rth ta y the riluBma if a new.-piper. Rite. e.? i IsewtuTe, lew hand has; l* en Open ar the da) to every proper csV Of rhaii'). ami si,a I, kvi- upon the Nilnds and heart* of .?ur people un iwi| te'sion it HUitNlility and goodoe.s that y v iii r vi r In- atlai ed tV herafer slie ni?y g". tu.iy u kind " lroaidi tea hover Iti raid til, t* her : ' rhorhstoK am>rbm>n, tub wi/abu o thh Mil M The itranir Atlantic will hrl*igamnng?t u.?tb. fanonaa prele-eor ct mag '. U - hava ou several ocraMua-, takes Q c,| |i rtumt) cl g,..i.g eur rcuJrir axtraeU fi in ths Unfit li-i jKpin tepaid og the aup-rior abilities of thia cxtraI orditikry nan it'-, eotartainineuls. or Mireo Jinlmj 0 I fi^tm. air ??.rj wl o.. <ii rribtil im tlm w.nt rliK&nt itail clitMt* imprrir..ig hi?t<i 'nine with deli.;ut, tr.d fr?ina tlim frntn tb?- tt-i ?i iriir: alt of a rM"r >loaou. nhibttlt-n Hi* attire tfiiyd'i/U. a* It in-po. in a imuoiifioa-ui drawn h r> < in tiii umj' rl' <4 hit },nt< ?n> p-rftmm i d ait i i cat hi.- glf- to. and many ?f hit wnnd -rfnl dtla it'lir art d< i ? l.j tl>> aialirMW tlutO'?lln. Hi (tTobs low all attract 111 loilo 1 1) umulh .lihrt fiwt. hngt-nd, of lhat ii ontt>. whirh. ry> a'-n-c ot tha V ram dm*: j pottrrw rf I'toh mi A i dorteti. plana. in rnuiiuoo with v.-mono <4 . Otlmm ibr b>Lot praiw ami two n .-it Dilation t-?u.?, ai-o will tut la'it oat hi" I' ll< <'?t.t.'.l.-ti'd t?-p ititlm, i am' w? wt Iconic him to our ih<-c? n?- : fnrr ntly ? 1. ? daj a * I ib "r?rtHT?r?." ' art rcuimtri," ' nnjinn," a I'd prolratar* "I ht Mack Art " cnjoytil a r?i*n ad trrtor "l ax lean aiaca part, altliaagh modem adtpti tin | rurcrtd-d in wotkirir titatrr mw-li t'.au rv. r wrr* att-rp'id i) the takalMU hirawa nftjgor - at tun - Irata a tuck ?< l id t>a?? blan L<d tin ct-rrk* at our t-v.d I..malii-ru t- nt i ic. m| iiaht'd, an- una of tvtry i'a* uceam-aaaj in, Urn n. j t>? nn <>n. |rr t-i-ait-io ta a.-, bi t in plan-ai ft-ar, tm r aiMn-wi- nta < oi I* wuad.-r ami admiration VP* 1 wiadir at On inrrnuity aHcti Cat devia* d >n -h ahilful tllaIli ra, ai d ?* ao . rr tl.i <-*>* and d- at-ttty a itu ahtct, I art p-rlirtrrd 'lb* "arrru'-aaecra" of t o rtnrtamtli con. Inn initial* r nirri-a l> to <nr amu < maat, vt In* I trtttnr pant y." t if all llio narfomaatlo tribe, thara la nab a om ?l.o l a? i i joyi'il u lun*tr r?ij,n of - all o r mutant? ' tl an I'lul' ? ' r And ra.-a, in* nlill. m " t. v ?> -dof tba ' I in rtl." will ta on tin- r?* nf i-iluiar our ahorra for naw it i- rnea of trtumpl la America, mmi It a unit fall la bolag ' tn.iti ntl} au'caatiil fo- m tl in* Ilka 'lire I ?*'i?rto bn?a " ! aa ' h* oil ar aioe of tha Atlantic, nn i< tb? Amen- .- * ; Jmtlti they ar. alwayi protn.'e In .?? r pair ! ** of at artItna 11 atliy if ant The A?dtr?. n.m I. aw will <( it thaaiacltn attnanl' aid italldcr them added t> aliloh a* ,, little tnrlcoiit will tai aatavan to aa* lb-nn who hat auad fare to lace with tod nmua-il, I* Maura hiura. tarry ai la ] i ari t ir lor |?, in whiat prrarno- atatraaia. warrtor*. Bad I poll til ton* of aai i y t nor t. I.atc fata Pan tha ar < of kin* ; ?. n-a andtli* tntruni a nl farti. a, laatiig tn'ltkar rf? nop ta- aara f r an- l.t t.nt t Im '* itt hintf" iltnaioa* i I Ilia hoar. Tbw lmpartr I Knaata n-nr* t tiiitia Ina ? Mr. Anl-ron'f a> " till... alilnttl-.- V||'?<|I fiu-aia. .<? -J. n. l> amark ' i Ilia. riar, hai. ia<* w* nil ir^au?lrdr?<l I .< i <?*- 1 f-rilnn J n arldtu la ?IT rla. Hill llh|MlNl trlui ' ?A at lalaTn,. at. a forth* ftaraMim*. ta rcrf.>raca .? .arc Il.ii Nihil; il If.* cm-I,?.a ahnh iiciiaimi 4n?a Vtihina aril l inr* All- It road' ?( ?n.l*d U UlM in III* rtrliil i fcrBt'ua#, ii d a*la?.|t.*t.t1j rim J * wrtl'-n iim nltl af iftii'Ul ' uimifiixt i if l i I'"" a? Mr Aa*" il. i.. I. ha* r?n-i h. It . Mil lumb. ? ir?j.?r?-t. ba r | nldicitj ii dMti.tiiifiildii.|tl?hi iin ihiliftnit, i*. I el lira* Aaiml. a a h. a* nhrral ' (. r? l.ara lamp! 1 hln Sr t ? Ifl. I |.. n.-d. I fi>r.ak? i:.i laud cf hia hirtl. III nlami a Ibinalll h< aara. b> t nt ui r? h than thai ?..! ? a til L avail ki? trlara to I-.i; d. * Mnanria of (lie (lovr'nir- nt. n Tl-r IMk ?iii(t ai> III! -ail'la h.iil an via .n uraa of Ika o t'nlodMa - fr m if t? <JUtn unr, i*al ? . I ' fmon?rfh?a ..Iiliuirn * , i a?ti'l", G03ltif74 | Jnn. loan C( li4" (Tri-aau / n >t? , ftts'irili It T<? M I I'rrui mlarvllan'-ou* aou'.'i 101411.1 4il * 412.M4.1M 41 J. r pkrmti ar?. ... C'*1' Mi.-orllam.iM .ui ! !*-> Inter7, cur-.. * 4T.fiO.Vl 1.44 On cm tint of aimy he.. ..... 4" <!7 '.V>1 *0 Oo account of |. rtinn i n* .. . In'i.uvN. 11 . . - 2.4*1371 M t I On am ant cf fuoian depart oartii 71? *14 41 ' 1 On act' unt of btMk.iaa toPiH-l 0.'? "j ^ M On Mriiunl tf 11117 JJW1M 04 nrl dr., OB public d( Ma and Trraau// IW? t * H#imtutMt4)4 nt of Trm^urT it#? .. 3,70* it ? fU*.? Div?t? ti ?>f rfnrk i u* d for f^nrt h^o?! , . ^ fifth iMtlM-'M* if lr?i' ?n ! ?* / ? ? " j ?16.?>20M M TittK'ti J Rp?W.r> i?ftv. Anfiurtl H'l j " M KOC ICH. Anting Rngtnt'* " Notr ?TTin nto-P* It Mid p?r IVtfc * nrtirln of tr'i'j ?l'J?M.*n and K'ainnvl llnnaa' " r< ii' I i>f???rOr i>vr nrtlrloof ?aui<* tri *17. 1 MLAM'RY NOT?* OCDTANDIM r?r??1l filflUMMT, I Rr?Wt? -* OflW, urn t I, 1861 ( , Amoott m'rtanilng <f t. . t?r>-rt | til J d .'nl) ,1,1,. M.i f.. r |,T. t-of , 111 ffl'f 84 I Ann ? vtMftt ?l i f thr t?n# of 1U1 Jolr, w IMfl ?fp.T MP i.l-.Mhm <?. ? 21.KO I* Anton tit nutititdltf ifthr l<-o. of thr W:h I .'1 runty 1847, a? yt-r pi P?rtl* of IliU otlen. M.SM) >tT8 III fit tlnduft rancolVtl nctnn In thr'innd* of ar1 nop.tiling affirm, nil unoa-r to |. 'old duly. INI _ !* ' Total 8IT1 mil t>* , \|\'K U' ll'ul'KI r, Tin Krnh hit-r tr 1,4 I- n ? a? lt? fl n?l *nd nfmt< rt r t mot < r thn i.inht >* mi.r ra 'y th* day 1 lunlnritrt) 1).. i .init.otM'f > tin tt'l'wl ! ? *! I.iaahl btAU tlir tl?y hi* ihr ntunbrf ?f lr?r> II'*a. ikUytap,?tf| b* unyrVeHMUtd.