Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 3, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 3, 1851 Page 2
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HEW YORK HERALD. J41M tOUDOM UBRNaVr, r WJlTKIKrO* AND KDITOR. . t'.v hnkk or rrrLTON an* Diwaii *n '.^?.iCAt.D, I ctmt per c*rr?If per 'rj. ,TA ' I RH.1LD, tverji SafuiJag. aj t% .?%.tpe*t Tlf "T annum' 'kr European Milium, Kt rirW" * ' ' i r rt -f O oi ?/ m, anit $5 to any parleftb'l. -?*. 4 " niclwd- jAs rnitag c. y\T-!'i 4 LliiitUubPONDlLlfC ?, Ctn.'?i9im? vmpjrlant . jUcOcl/ri* any jnuln ,/ tAs tear til ; tl urt-f. wiU 6c; a'ly I'aid for. wi't ruau.nOoto.ironoitir* AH? VAB riCI'LAIW V KC?CC?TL3 TO ItlL ALA Lsrle*? am:> Pat?a?*???:.-t to ) . ALL I.F.TTRKH b>j nail, .for Subeeriptiom, or <ntK .14sri!<?' ?ml% to be p i't-fw I. or the pottage trill be peiacl- 4 ')"? 14' tli. i:. )T emitted. Kit KOTTCE takeH ./ i.uaitv ! !< : ????i?mcai?on*. We da not return thote reacted. ValuoM XVI No. 413 AMC&XHKM3 TO-IOKR-IW 14 IN INC. ASTLI HARD AN?LA SoniKiii i. OVIST TBCATRK. Bsnarj-A Hi s. ?.v. s S?o?KT? TmEAE CUJifMM. KIB'O'S GARDEN. ?r??d?*f.-T tin Rope? Ve*eTIAX Cll.n?ll-G??t? MoWTEA. nation \l turatm, ch??h?? Pkopi.e i ce?i)ireti-('mii.i>?k.'? ie the Wooi> -Seta* E?.arc* ei labtilpi i' de.ioij. BBISTTB U1XSTRBLB. SUdnaiae* HEU. 471 InUnj ?BrwioriAE MuirrAELST. r*LI ONS' MINBTRELB, Tallow*' Muloal UeU. No. MS NroxtTEjr?Bthjepia* XnmujT. AMERICAN amCH-AETiiso rurotyuaa Aite*e??a aad itumt Sow York, SobimIwjp, Aogiut a, 1831. Tol?Kr?rMc InUlllfcnco. The most important piece of information receive! by telegraph, yesterday, is the announcement that the committees of the silver gray, nnd Seward, or Abolition whigs, in caucus, at Albany, hive agree! upon and signed a call for a Whig State Coaven- , tion, to be held at Syracuse on the 17th of next 1 Month. This "call," as they call it, appears J to embody a complete deelarutien of whig prin- > eiples, which net only endorses the administration of President Fillmore, but also acquiesces in the i adjustuiiiit ot the difficulties between the North and the South, through the recent compromise measures of Congress. This is Strang ? ery strange. It is possible that the abolition whigs have opened their eyes to the ruin which was 1 kely to follow the aourse 'hoy wore pursu ug. Can it be that they have renounced the nidation of Seward Weed ii Co., who were bent upon destroying everything that would tend to cheek their avaricious and contemptible desire o ' self-aggrandizeMintl This pacification and adjustment of the differences exist ng between patriotism and unholy fanaticism, is so wholly unexpected that it is almost incredible. Nevertheless, if those who have hitherto bocn counted in the ant is a very ranks will hence foith act .? good faith--if they will be honest, patriotic, ncd xcalou) in the cause of their coun'ry ? the diriiiou in their party will be healed forever. Wc learn from Washington that :kc Hon. Robert r. Letcher, United S-.ates minister to Mexico, who has been rick for some time past, is now restored to health, and has reported himscl: to the President We arc ciu.h pleased at this, and beg to express the he (-o that be will beat his post, in the city of Mexiro, as soon as pussible. Oar relations with Mexico, at the present time, are such that the j toonsr cur minister is at hi sta'ion. the better it 1 will kc lor the United btatc:, and perhaps for Mtxteo. Advices from the South report that a large num. ' her ? f persons in Alabama and Georgia, are pre- | par'ng to j)ia the revolutionists in ( aba. It is ! also said that one thousand men have already em. I harked for the island from New Orleans. It will he seen, by our telegraphic inloUigcnee, hat rccn, LiuJ will arrive n this city this morang, by the boat from Albany, tn-1 leave this eountry for L'urope about the middle of this month. The Condition of the Kreneh H-:pu*>Ilc, and the Rcrteloii of the Canitlintlsn, Already we have published two or three of the principal speeches undo during the debate oa the revision of the eon-titution of the French Republir, and to-day we l' our readers with the speech of M. Ferrjcr, who is a leader of the legitimist party, and whose arguments are in favor of a revision of the constitution. He had beon preceded by .VI. de Fail >ux, who, in the debate of the hrsi 'lay, mala an eloquent speech, which was in answer to the re publican ideas of M. l'ayer. M. Berryer an >i. de FiUoux arc the twin brother* of the old estab>ut)>'vi order of thiugs, and have no faith in the ability of a republic to giro peace, prosperity or hap(iocs to France. M. Lerryer us.m the arguments which hare been in Togas since the days 'hat the divine right of kings was urg.'d by the human tongue, down through the tine of the Captt fun. !y, I. . FL.Iippe wa prom ite.l fn a thj pWUta of jaiiito* of the JbtfMi Club, in the time ol lit - first revolution, Up to the time Mm he threw aside the robes of royalty, and tarsi if - J aw -if in a pea jacket, for bis last trip to the stores of Fog- | .had. His brilliant per oia are ba?e I "n the beliof | that m monarchy u r..".e- .aiy to tl*e *xi*tcn.?j of the Franch nation, nr.d he d. iw< from Use his ory ot tkooc who bare governed i ra.ico , Lis ut forcible illustrations of Lit Ui.L In a , rpetuxl or inherited head for the "'talc It ia true enough that erery ctatu-y >1m> n >1 far niah the World with a Washington It is e jual.y trie that Franca d?l not maintain her lir.-t re. p*jf an government for any long psiiod. M r Napole?n wae net a Washington, and her republican kirg war but a Freri:h lareatieo, fca' wae soon to be converted fr >n u toy .bo a real, practical engine, after the faiihioa of kingdoms in f .ernl. Had Napoleon aarer dreamed of his Jyuoty, the result for 1-ranee might L*.? L.eb v?ry <hSf.'.rcnt?and h i 1/nnr I'a ip?>, by on'- mpistmg rojnl r.lliaaoea f>r hi* family, acid by t?ruf)ing tho walk <?f 1'aria. not eabi sited another it-vas e of umbitioo, and of a dele mi ation to his dynasty a* tbe ei| .-atis of the ration, and in defiant* of h ? p.edgv? ta the French nation, his pais-c wwasd not hove bees ranvtcked, a* was that of the precad'r. f King Ixmit?Us crcan irouid not have bean urown iu > thj dn.-t, ami he wvoi?l r >t bare boon ol igid, 1 ki I?v, ,i- ?nd his family, La the latter part it the U<t century, to Larty out of I'aris for primal safety. Our own day has tern 'pared a bloody } ? ia history, be* ' >use Louu 1 hilippe tM not igaobly b:>ugh; ba k to Paris, like his predecease* on the, aim 1 the i'rri and eaecati'io- of the ? >b. afterward) to perish, with hie Wife, upon the ecaliohl; but the pawioDs, impulses, and desire* of men. are ai strong t<> Lay in 1 ranee a? they erer were, and to trille with ?< ' ttude is a* deep.rate a game as it was jn the worst bo:t? of the reign of terror. Happily, the i ?'ta ?- ? ?f flrilitation h are had a soothing effe-t up .n tho character-- of ma a, and hare reduced andabru igwi the superfluous cruelty of rerrnge; but a*. thr wry h-mr, too eleaent* axist for 'he pery< f unbioa aftho republic in Krawe, as when .he ' iatotraptafcle" Robwpi..rTe helai. Id the Brit ?eirl.'.J?- fisru i e w?, a old thoughts and an -ient privileg , an-. <W ideas end general li - "... 11:? i / s . .... . , , . ?ar- by fir.-la any rook, ?reo on the ruin- ,1 * r?p-ib. ! lip, for a fa?fe ?u( jxntru tur?. A'hen a republic ' breaks ap, it fbrniabaa ;aly fAii-l for um> .1 <t? .<> | build upo?. Anew republic'my bri ^ lbs rui n >f An oil i-n? into a too r?te tor a li?i an-1 foun- , U i -n, a.-i u??J stand upon it?bnt aot a w * w by Ib?"<4ti/?a t\ ?ng " foiQ-1 tbia .ru?? aid '?*? > U'nbiiii- ifprmi th*'be waa ateopsiou \*e?t | political arobilcot as ho n?, he failad to li < l.riai.* I an iaipetial fit f -r hie fain:!/ .'hue, the eery arguaxv.ti of ti L'iT)?r. ?p* aioue ii they arr. ara flic on?? we itnM Nh)t t?> ar?w?r hir oiatior r &? irtaee of a monarchlce! ^or*rrair?' All 'bar he ninii- * to b; rrM??'l bad ita of port an! < %n-l it# ttiala, an J tLe result* b?Tf bt?r ha* the rrpuhli ?an J the pepsMfe alone- in some one form ni sn >ther, his grown oat of the arluree of king craft. It a ppetrs, therefore, unreasonable to suppose that the people of France ceu be coaxed bach to the monarchical idea, even with the thought that they nay gain twenty or thirty years of internal pette by submitting to kingly thraldom. By the lftnitcd and inefficient taste they have had of republicanism, they hare destroyed their appetite for royalty, and will not return bo a system which it has cod so much blood and so many lives to eradicate. Ambition, intrigue, wealth, power, patronage, family pride, may all, in their turn, have their influence upon the arms and legs of the body politic; bat the body itself, will remain true to the instincts of liberty, and will not eo'l its birthright out of the slavery of kings, fcr the "mess of pottage" kings can sunnlv. This, at least, u the belief we entertain with rospecfc to France. Her condition is sioiply this After sixty years of straggles and commotions, she is asked to surreuder all for which she has suffered, to the ambition of Louis Napoleon, who is instructed to think that tha glory, safety, and happiness of France depend upon his remaining at the head cf the ^tate. Is it natural to suppose that any such ignoble surrender will take place 1 Is it reasonable to suppose, when the banished idea of royalty exists in so many as three persons?Louis Napoleon, us the embodiment of the empire?Henry V., a- the impersonation of the old legitimate dynasty?the Count of Paris, as the shadow of the citisen, or Limited monarchy?that the people of France will make dioe of the republic, to throw for tho stakes, with such persons ? it it rational to suppose that the people will surrender their main chance for peace, happiness, and security, that those individuals and their friends may come forward with their pcrsoaul ambition, to keep the nation iu a continued ferment and agitution! We think otherwise. Tho rc' vision of the constitution, suggested by the friends of Louis Napoleon, that, by obliterating its barriers , to his ambition, he may rise to the grandeur of the , imperial seat, is a grand subject for a sparkling and interesting debate; but the result, we think, judging, as we do, from nil the circumstances, must , dc latai to tnc n ipes 01 toe r reside at 01 r ranee, and his friends. Should the fact prove otherwise, we iuu.-t account for it on other grounds than those i furnished by political philosophy. The Tbavku of tin; and Cabinet ? The Mii.eame.?Since the adjournment of Congress, the Pres dent and Cabinet have been making themselves nuitofamiliar among the people, it is well. It is, perhaps, wise ; for we do suspect that, ! from and after the meeting of Congress?which is j to be a President-making Congress for the ilrat six i months? that the administration will have an awful hard time ef it. The new batch of Calphins will be a rich prize for the "fierce democracyani, from the Secretary of the Treasury down to the Board of Mexican Commissioners, and ail concerned, wo shall have committees of investigation appointed to tear the alininistiation to pieces. It is, therefore, wise in the President and his oabinct to make the most of this happy interval, while they have little or nothing to do, and while yet wo are at j peace with " all the world and the rest of mankind, " and before we get into trouble with the 1 Jihbutfercs. The following is an exhibit of the (firing and rummer travels of the President and his cabinet, the mileage, in round numbers, of each, and the aggregate mileage of them all together:? EXHIBIT. Milei. Tour of the President fr? m Washington to New York. and. via New York and lirie Kailroad. to Dunkirk, end back 1.600 Tour to Y irgiuia MM) Trip to Antapoiis. and the 0 .Men Date 10o , Projected tour, via Virgiuia White culphur Springs 7Ik) Total President's excursions 2,900 Ml ICtAXl in m ad:. 1 ire' trip of Mr Webster to Hoston. and back 1 100 I \lslt to Auuapiits, to make a speech SO New York at 1 toll lDs.irouil excurai'iu 1.7JO Trip to t irginta. Cap- n Spring 200 Trip In the Golden Gate to hew York 400 Trip to Maf-arUu.-etu. Newport, fee., and return to Waehil gtoo say Mo Total Mr Webster's travels 4 280 sarnxrAEY of the trkaii'tv. Trip to New York and hack oOO Trip to Utile and back 1 000 Total Secretary of the Treasury 2.000 *?( KETARY OF WAR. , The Secretary of War has ktpt close t) his post, i and we hare nothing to set to his account far this mm or, except a rhort trip into Virginia, until he that! have made bit proposed visit, with the President. to the White SalnLur. fcc. SK> RETARY Ol THE NAVY. N?w York and Ki> Railroad Kifurnl n 1.000 , \ trlt to North Car?Lon aol tack 1.000 Total f>r Mr. Graham 2 two , *E< RSTARY or THL INTERIOR. Roulh< ra \ irgtulu lour, with the l'r? -ijcnt . 600 Pr< pored tour via Virginia White Sulphur 700 Total for Mr Stewart 1,K0 l'<)t 1 M *TKR ORtfEKAL. I Trlj to New Y ork and I'utTnlo and bark 1,600 New Y oik and Ktlo Hailrt ail tnp 1,0t?0 roLth. ri Virginia trip .Vio Golden < i ale to New Tutk. and re turn bjr laud 0'u Total fji tir 11*11 l.'uO A rrvRMRl WlMK.tL. Tour via \?? York. Newport. Niagara aud the I .ke- to h-r.uckf aud bark bjr MUD" uaually travelled route* ray 2'*M RE) Al'in I.ATIOR. M.Umtf Trmrtt. I'.j ?t? !'??? .trnt 2.000 i fxrcteiy rtate 4 X-J Cceietary >( 'he Treasury a tart 1 B<cr*tary of tb- luterloc l.Jro , ! ?? tary of tLa Nary 2'/W I'e lR.aati r Uroerat ? ,'?i0 J I Attorney Geiural 2.M0 Total f< r I'rr-idi nt and Cabinet lit ?.?) ? < >r, in rou. d number*, a>,000 ilea, in li'tle tripe of a few days, here and there. In this estimate we include be necessary returt. travel to Washington, ofierernl absentees of the cabinet, an I an estimate of the trip to the Virginia White Sulphur, pnpwed tohe undertaken next Tuesday. Ali right. The tiritf of* l?i keep* the wheels of government well > greased?no creaking?nothing to do. Anl the more, during these holidjj , the President ar.d cabinet mix with the people, the more they will learn _# .L_ ...I .1 Ik. .?,! .< U| I Ui IC'VU/ BIi'4 WBUlf VI ? u? v-vauu/, "Ml III Im cbtawi of tbe campaign of 1KV2, of which it ia 0117 important the adni in it ration ah ??M he will pc.-.ttd *|> At vr Decernoer next, tbe i'reiiiicnt tio l eaLiaa'. will probably be d* tamed a*. Washington | until Mauu, ltv>'i, whin it ia likely taey will all aet on; ct. tail trait la together. P*m*? iJfoi.m Air> ow. J.ihw r?v ?lite lines of demarcation between (.'at. r, the democratic candidate f>r Governor in J Pii.f.rjlvania, au<l Hot. Johnston, ro-nominated lately at Lanrastar, a* the whig candidate, are now pretty dirtinctly drawn. Col. Higler ha* openly declared hiinrelf in favor of the coapromiee*, I u ire : lave law, and all, jurt aa they arc, wr.bout my further tinkering by ruch ar:h negotiators aid fanatica w Seward. Word, Greeley, Horace .Mano, Lloyd Garriaoa, Abby helly, and company. 11a thinks the law, for the sake of peace an I fair honest dealing with the South, had better etand juet ae it j ia; and juat ro th>ak? every real common-sense iri'ra or me nion hot. jnnn?"in, > n mc moobend, dMim bin opposition to tbe law, and thinks it oujbf to be mod fisd or repealed. lust so think tbe rankest Northern nullifier* It rest' with I'eno tjjtan s to ditide between good faith to tho coraprom bee, sod re ar w< d war up>n *la\erp. If Higlsr jS ststn ned, we inay rono*. upen >|iiietin< the ?<os li; if John-ton is elected, on tbe ground of bis conni- . 'an* with tbe spirit of abolitionism, the eutpr*- 1 m ii e - fall to th< gnu oil, and abolition rides rampant < \?f ttr \ .>rtl, while ereselor willbeftreigthei"l and w l<i?d in tho F mtb. The issue ( m I < rirsjiisni* i?, tktftfotr, of the flrst imp?r . i Usee te the whole link,?. T,'b * " i ?. oe A t'notl is a I I littf si^e-due. ti4nn> itips are o w con* rterrd J ten da; -'"atn 'f. ar. i ?Vn on- is near dm* time ; 'be publ he|in tf f k 'be -t.e u. . Kr^ i, n-*d * sfrn:g bead A't may expect ;|v Atlantic ' 1 t nry movent | " VUAI.vis 01* INnrw AL?CASK OP Tni Gikxra* | Arm->tk? ia vary well known that the Clayton cabinet of General Taylor was exceedingly ; ambitious of 1b? popularity of a little breeze of | war, as ar as it coald be raised without any real danger of a resort to tha ultima ratio return of bayonets and gunpowder, llence fihe very ridiculous Koiab-stes Kurioeo ftare-up with I'oussin, his expulswn from the country, aud the bluster of impending war and impending fiddle-sticks. Next, in imitation of Old HMkory and his demand ui>oa Lou? Philippe fur the twenty five millions of francs of Trench indemnities, Mr. Clayton made hi? peremptory demand upon Portugal far iadetnnifiliation for the lest of the brig General Armstrong, an American cruifcr, captured ,bji the British in a Portuguese harbor, during the war of Ifllii. The death of (JeDcral Taylor, however, cut short all our expectations of a speedy war somewhere, if not at several places at the same time, and turned over diplomatic and domestic affairs into tho hands of the present administration. Mr Webster forthwith proceeded not to fight, but to tr st with Portugal: and it was agreed between the two high contracting parlies in this case to throw over the subject to tho arbitration of the Prince or President of souse other power. President Louis Napoleon was accordingly selected as the umpire; and, from the tenor of the foreign ex tracts which v e published yesterday, he has decided, or may be expected to decide, against the claim for indemnity, in the case of the General Armstrong. We shall not now attempt to show the prejudice of the opinions of the English press upon this subject. It would be a waste of time and labcr, especially us the French President is reported to hive decided upon tho case. Agreeably to our understanding of the history of the case, however, we have always thought the claim a valid one against Portugal; and, if there ha.-' been no deoision, all that we cin rely upon is this, that Louis Napoleon will be governed more by the facts, and the law cf nations, than by tho opinions of the British press; and it seems to us that their intermeddling in the matter' at this point cf the business, is neither nocess.rry nor strictly magnanimous. Murder of Another Fourth Ward Policeman, ARREST >>F THE Mt'KPEKBR, AND I WO OTUSU PSRSONN M 1TOS1D TO BE CONCERNED IN THE BLOODY AFFAIR. We arc again called upon to recird another atrocious cflair pirpetrated in tire Fourth ward, about sue o'elcck, cn Saturday morning, in which Mieha<l Foster, co ot the policemen, while in the discharge of his duty, was wicketly stabbed in the abdomen, with a dirk, bj a Spanish sail -r. called Antoue Lopez. The wound inflicted was nearly two inches iu length, from which the intestines protruded, tho dirk having pa-id thr )u?h the gut. inflicting a terrible wouud, wni< h is believed, will prove fatal. The circumstance which occasioned the assault was one of no pre vocation whatever, justify in* the attack on the pollccm*n. On the contrary, the police,at the U.ue wire rendering protection to the very muu who iuh.cted the injury. It seems that about one o'clock on Faturdoy momirg. polios men Foster and Prendergast wsre ou da'.yin tW.<r street. Their attention was drawn to a dUtu:bancc and knocking at the el >eed doors of a porter bouse, kept bj Iiutcb Crest, at No 314 that street. The oflljeis pm ? ?<;< d te the scene of disturbance, an 1 saw three Fj ainards, named, as afterwards ascertained, to be Ant< ne Lopes. Frank Sanders, and Joseph Cortouo; the two former sailors belonging to the schooner llabana. lying at the frot of Cedar street. North Hirer, and the latter, a ssgar maker residing itt No. 2 Roosevelt street. Policemen Foster and Prsndergast spoke to thorn, and re- j guested them to di tist from knocking at the door, as in all probability the inmates would come out and inflict a severe beatiDg on them; and. finally, by persuasion got theui to leave, and they all walked together as far as the : corner of P.ooeeeelt and Water itreets. There the policemen told them to go to their vessel, and were about leaving, when Lopez. In an Instant, drew from his pocket a dirk, and before Policeman Foster had any id?it of an assault, or had time to protect himself, hopes Inflicted the stab, sod immediately ran off towards the docks. Mr. Foa- 1 ter although dangerously stabbed, called out murd >r. and pursns-d the murderer over a block and a-h?',f. until the villain waa stopped by Policeman huffy, in douth street,and taken into custody The dirk was dropped by the prisoner when arrested, and picked up by the < fib er with the blood of the Injured man ?U1I reeking on the Made. The murderer was forthwith conveyed by the police to the Fourth ward station house; and. Mr. Foster, notwithstanding his intense agony, placed hLs hands on his bowels and walked to the station-house I>rt tireen and Le Roy, the latter from the City IIospl- I tal were In attendance as eirly as possible, and did all tn their power, to relleTe the nifferer; the wcund*d lutestine* w.r* rtichrd up?the bowel* replaced?and It* *w than rent to the City Hospital. evidently In * dying eon- i dition. The other two were raptured by the police about S o'clock the tame m- ralng Frank San der?. the railor war ruufht at he war about g'dng on beard the arbconer. and Joteph Cortouo ?t> tak< u at hi* lodging room, in Roceerelt (street, and are now. al| three In cite* cut-tody Coroner Seer war notified, anl | th> following anfe-wnrtem examination war taken at the City lloepital. about 11 o clock ? " CiI,i d Caun'y <7 Sue i'mk tt ?Mltinrl Foster, an i flleer connected with the Fourth ward police being rwoiti. rare tbat title iik ruing. ab 'it (tie n't lock he met npaity of three m< n. one door from the eorn?i it K< (> < . relt and M ats r street* |D Water: one of theee three men was very nciy and deponent Informed him tbat if he did not step the noire be wa* nuking, be should be obliged to take him In, and imm?dlat<ly after having raid the-* woidr he war stabbed by one of there three *hr>r man, r.-u >U Ar.ton? Lopea. ia the I. wer part of the l>ow> !t with a dirk, about eigb* fnchct to l-ngth, <nd ' tlin mid I pea ran and war follow <d by d>p>mat down kotM Vilt strut. till* urh Fn-nt street to IV.rkalip: deponent rt?.f ped at llovef street. and Lopez war arrested ty i Beer iiuffy. at I'trk flip " At the time the ab< v? deposition Ww< tak t> the d*. rrattdwar not iitfonred thrt he war In a dying rltuv th n. c< em ritly the w'.dcma thtir taken would i,.' act aaide in a court <f ju-tica. Mr Blunt, the I'i-tri.-t AtlotMy. vbittd the Hospital and drew up the proper form wbtrdty the etattmett of the dy ng man could b? attaded at-i left the -am* with Mr itr Roy. the ekilfu| urrt n order wh'ea rari' tbt dteei -J wa? placed The deceased continued to rink under the -hoe* until betwo ti rii aud * v? n o riiek last ev< uing and tht ndied But tieiil time .juart- r? of an hour before the d-cra-d xj ind l'r Le Roy flrlted h<m and Inform* 1 him that he crr.ld a< t rervlve the injury acd wa? then In a lying condili'a. " Ter," iijliol the unf ituoate cm. wb'> t tear* .1 to be in a le ?f< -t i late of (l?i: d I feel tt at I IB <; 1m t koi.w 1 cull no! lift-." Tho Loot >r lb<n ro<(? -It <J in" n l.t? to bltn h.w tlir OtCUilMC iQok *i>d wl?th-r ha could 1.1-mtfy th.- mnn who aTaiv il biB D.i Toll< ? in* tat-mont ? - th-n m?i|> to th?- Ihcttf. Bh<> Im V It dove ID tht ItD^'lKgv of tho dy IB* Btal?.? THI I>^0 DT.' 1 AltAtt'lJI. f. Mirhcl Kr.?t?-r tohe? tuun of tint hounh war J. ?K>? h|ii| at tho Now ViTil M?op lal. Hrrtlt from ? wound In I ho al ?t??? B. d< rlaro wilb a f uu poDorif>n<noM? of ray dj ntf rlluatlr B tho following t? ?* a tru- -laiomoot of tio "ruirtp" which led U c y fl,.ni roh lltioa ?I I ?n Ml kB< w tho Bird *hu di<l it. b<* rouid I r> cofnito loin. th?ro woto Ihroo awn trlhliif ft-ry loudly. in tho pnfnor <f K< "wtilt ml Wat' r atr-ft# ?r. t th' j> llriom of tho !* a l had t' id th< Hi to ( > hfrio . th' y to-ramo 1 aB-y I. al??\ r'-mtnf aloof ?p?fc'-to tl.< m ?ml raid if , th?y d do.t <<|> tbolr octet: I W'oll ton.- tfc-fu In wlt.n om of thr ihr?o ranto toward mr and ?tafcb>-d mo , 1 bad Bo alt' rt oUr-n with him , l It a|foar* that tho Itynrod tnnn novor ralll. I hot fra- ' < rl tin lit tnrb f: iffl t h? lift rtk (ft 1 hi- dhi r- a bnrl (hi 1..^ r f trior i Thr iVrraotd war thlrlr-flra jaarr rf ?fa. anil t>ti I'rarl rlrrM, bad ten In th.,- dapartim nt for rrriral year* , and nt tlia tlnv i f t:. fatal re aurrarra. war owa of thi ratjaantr of that dt-'rtat lla br?fa thr irj ntatle n of an hor.a?t nprtfht and mild tam rr'ad won and bar ? ? IhUoti a^riMun ?- th *l?t n? ?rd < f n fourdi rrrwbila In tb?ol-r|inr.a if liir du'y A wifa and two aJ.ildrm ara lafl to ?< urn thi- lo?r Only tin1 da; brfora Iblr ltd aJTnir for !< pUr tb * Ifi li i to tiiinrd fr'Di lb* country. with nat of th? ahi'.dnn In a | tar; fb< Ma fata not aaj.i rtad ? ||?a ; and f w (III fv thrr bar taan iwapt * *; by the har. l of an a in '< rr t ar ttaaf wHI bo d tho ttftw -t on ill - bodt nf tha dt ci-aimi. at U ?< n o'ati ob thir drt at tb? t'itj it -pitat Not nl In't lllar tira. Tla rrtti '' ?tat?r r nit frig it* fti-?|'i?' n*ih bantiri frrln Nrifrlk fn Klo d? .lacilfo ar'.tid at Ma lira alout tba Irt .lot; tha bad mi t wiih rotn? dare go to hi r m* thirty. whlrk a<n.d detain hit to tha 4th Ail Wail on hMtd. 1 l.a I'Blti-d b afar fHg?l? Cowfre>r. Orm M K'n aaf owrafRi Jain r i. Jnna'ritob In ni Mi nt"i .d" iifflmr* irrd eti w ail vi U folic liitrhlgrhrr. Avlfn/ .r?d, "W#r ?tbtiw young am, naa.. I WlUIrm I ryn- i d Itn.ay fjior. p n. rf t Ttiiinr I; ?f.. ? ra ir. ir:i d ' n tricar i V>' hy > Wear* |iii*% an ; iu l" on -1 ufra of ot.taili.jr i*ia whi> at r lllre Kirlnmn. Ijriiror at II j nf In (In fai* l> w?. J rim I'c iln-nfi-i in tua fl' ( rtiliiipg trill- I at f il. Ilia pr j- rtt f ''apt ia 1 T.illp 1 Morten Tin pi n-a'ty r- nnd in th poo rata n I f Iha II guar anil Jn-*'?d Id t4ir<^ romum: o<| tha ; ' hm t part h a to j rifon Spr trtaf. City Intelligence. arrival ok hi-isoakian warrior-*. The t-hlp Devonshire, from London and Port niourli. < ap'nin Hurry, arrived In port on Satur*'. forruoou. having left Portemi uth on the of Ju; Ataeug the paeeengerii are forty-Seven officer* and I of III- liunguriau army, among whom are Felix Spate- k 'at-, and two cftlldrrn; Col. Fockuerandlaly; Mr. A.1^0 ny ex liovernuient Feoretary of War, Mr. Milk iloniin High Fherifl , Col. Keherry, Ma, or Ohemertar,; Major Mi#o. Captaina (fb?inertaug.\ Bl.-ko. h, t\. d Hanoi* /ai.t-Tiiy, Kaitalanje, Bencha, Naicrhcfer, V.yito, llengrai, Pongralx, and Moher; o 1 ai.ts f.uto, liraaeinger. Leog. aui /.athimuy; lonil 1 ii> 1. 11m 1 ty Fikepp Kermandy. and eon. Faniha M lit Ineh l.uca. and ladv: i'olaWk Auel. and ladv: Kisb, Orau, Ktliuan, Ban, Belkey, Kichtauukys. U-u, llurvaik anil several n >n-cumiuiseluucd officers. Wi.U the txi i ption of three of tlie above, wb > have beeu iu l.onuou lor some time |Muit, all the others have recently couie trim Constantinople, having been set at liberty by tbe Turkish government, who paid their expense.! to Southampton. They all came out as cabio passengers in the Devonshire. They generally seem to be men of high reepectabibty. and. as evidenced by documents which many of ihein have brought with them, belong to some of the lirst Utilities in Hungary The British government provided tin in with means to defray their expenses while iu Kuglund. and also to cross the Atlantic. We conversed with severs 1 of tbe officers aud thoy feel sanguine that Kosuth. thiir former general, and present companion in nib-fortune, will soou be at liberty to seek au asylum in tbis or some other oountry. The Hungarian luUles, who accompanied their husbands In the Devontbiie. appear to be of tbe ttrstalass, aud, notwithstanding that their buoyancy of spirit is much broken down, yet they biealhe the lulling atmosphere of baltny and happy days. We understood, from seveial of the officers, that i ley would he willing to occupy themselves in any way, ev< u manual labor, by which they could earn a cempetency iu this city. Slaoy of them are yuuug men. not yet pmt tseuty years of age. yet thoy bear the indelible stamp of tbe battle held on various parts of their bodies, and we have been assured that oue or those youtblul patriots bas fought in eighteen dilfereut battles. Ihu Devon-hire brought out three hundred and eighty pae-ecgirs (including the Hungarians), about

tli.vty ol whom were Herman*; all the others were English, alio shipped iu Loudon. The majority of the pats* 1 gers are of a respectable aud intelligent class. A lame number of the Englishmen are what is termed iu llrilalu gentlemen farmers' sons, who iuteud to purchase liacis of Ki d in this country or in Canada. There was no sicknc.-v uuiong the pa-sengers. with the exception of oue Uau.ii. ?h?. it appears, came on board altected with ill- tliiaii pox. As soon as this circumstance became kievtilo the captain the patient was placed in the u rn beat, hanging at the davits, several feet from the I hip Over thy boat a tent was erected, covered with , t'.i pauline. line the patient was dum'J and attended l>\ the physician and officers of the ship. lie in dov qui e Hell, and be never left bin romantic domicile during the vein 1? eourets of the pannage. This tidltly prethUlb n. taken by Capt. liovey, prevented the disease Ir. Q. sheeting any nt the other passengers. Aktivu. o? an Ikimi Rebel.?An Irish rebel, K I), lllllituu, celebrated as the writer who. under the u/ii it of" bLamrock," in the Dublin .Vu'io.i. delighted i i> remit m with hut racy wit. aud ?Dj ntn puo., qunutiy { bout red by a *t*ie prosecution an one of he t lilora aud piopr>etor? of the Dublin Tribune 1: irrivoi in this , i-tty wilnu the la?t two or three chiy*. I'c .vn* tne partner it htviu tied O'Dnterty. who w.aa t innspnvted f. r art.i lea that appeared In that journal during 1848; but the proof, auaiunt Mr It illiauia w. re not ao etroQg and be < m aped Dr. Aiitineii. who bap bet n for sumo time here, auu ban deliver d lecture.* on ch-mbtry in thi* city, and iu othi r part* of the United States, was tbe third partner. el d fortunately esuuped to llii* country before be wap niude arneoable to the "tender inerciss" of l'ntisil law Mr. Williams al.*o belongs to thj medical profit sion. Leave CoNifcr?Umta Darling, a p saer.g.T in the ! fliip Marathon, which arrived here on the 31*t of July, peifoinie'l an act 011 the 14th, while on t le paoage. dep< rviijg if uiention James Karrell mini h"V or other got oveibeard, and Darling plunged into the witter after bim. and. after ade*pt rat, struggle, rescued hitn. Union uratily, Kant 11 dud aftei nurds frciu the effects. i l!ut bis Oi**- not detract iroiu the brave oomiuet of the | young man, w ho perilled bin own life to tare that of a ttllow being. Tin: General Ahent ok the Commissioners erGve oration.?William a Bay ley, K*q . formerly mail agent to Chagre* fn m tbia port, bas been appointed General A cent to the Oi mini-piouer* of Kmlgratiou, at a salary of f'J HO per annum. Mr. llayley la a very near relative of Ki v Mr ltajley Secretary of Hughe* l)r. Jobu Uriecom went out doctor in tbe Arctic, aud It la stated Ina objiet wan to go to Lurope for the ben?tit of , bis health There baa been every specie* of wlrci ulling about this < flice. the candidate* being num-roui. i but Arehbirbop Hughes's interest prevailed lor his man La vino Tiir. Corner Stone of a New Chinch.?'The ceremony ot laying the corner stone of the R"*? Hill ! baptist Church, at the corner * ! Thirtieth street aud ! Lexington avenue took place yesterday, at 4 o'clock, i F M A large number of Is die* and gentlemen were j present to mm* pan id hjb fi'miw. inc Retvtminy n wtreDced with rarriil sinylug after which h prayer war made by cue < f the brethren ?f lb" congregation. I Excellent dedicatory and admonitory addresses w?r? delivered by the R-v W. H CUpp pit - of be Olive ! UruD< )i baptist Chtrtrh and Rut. Thorn- Arinitage. of till* Norfolk html baptist t'hurrb, allet which a hymn ?ae sutig by n choir of young Iodic* ami gentlemen The ( Rev t> J< V* heeler, past! r of the now church, then pro- j cei (led to (jepo-it a leaden bo* in tl B receptacle of the j eornt r tti ne The b"x wa.< eight Ire he- sijuare, and nix ' it . I . - deep It contalr.cj a hi dory of the -hurch since ' he ioulUkik r a description of ibe- ground on wbirh the church la to be rrecn d. the price it ooet. and that of the | church, which, toitrlber. will he about 114 000. the name* ; ot the trustee* and pa tor of the church, the Article* of I I alii, ol ilo hftbt Church, the minute" of the baptist : Ahroclalioi . and the last annual report of the various ie liereji ct ai cletieii Th cburcb will he built of brick, after the Ortetau style of architecture. It will be 75 feet | by 17 leet. It is expected to be rra<ly for divine service ! in liecttuber next fti'M iDK ar Tallinn I.acMnrw.?Coroner fleor, yesterday attei noon. held an lu<|ue*t on the body of liana 8. Tillaoo. a Iianc by birth, who was found dead at bl< lodging naim. No. 4 * albarlne slip, caused by administering to bitCMlf by hi* own hand, a quantity of laudanum The deceased, it nem*. was a segar uiaker by trade and ftrme.Iy resided or did business at No 126 Cherry street Within the last four Hioutli*. he lost hi* wife suidrnly by death, since which time, it nsnii, the !<? has preyed heavl.yonhls spirits, aad no doubt produced a temporary aberration of mind .which b-d to the destructioa of his own life A note was directed to the coroner, of which the follow trg is a rwlertw copy ? To the Crowner?Sr. I'leU di nt oben mai bodl for el dai of Laduiln,'' A letter was also directed to a Mr. Stephen Tahlte, a { friend with whom In used to reside, at lib) Cherry street, , written In his own language, leaviug him i'i. to defray hi* funeral eipeosm. A verdict was rendered in accordance with the above-named facts. Rcntrn Drains?About 6 o'clock yesterdvy morning, a ?h rtrao nstm d Kredt rick Elberstloe was found dea l In tbi bsck yard of boose No. tit Urecnwich strc?*t. occupied liy W illusin <larding n- a boarding house It ap? psers that he fell In a fit. and died Instamly The body was taken rare 01 by the inn.ate* of the house. Amnios ?On Itlday evening a laborer named llsraoy Tb rney. while at work mating mortar In Korty-flrth Uriel, h II d'w n and notsoiijr died An injaeat was in Id ut.d a verdict rendered o| ' Death from di?ct<e of tin In art." Assriiti Cswriusi Art-mmr ?On Friday evening a Oermau hind r. ?a* filling a lamp wi h cunphine in tin laii.ery of.I Rowley it Co. the duid Ignite d. i-nii ili< cl' lin * of Khodi r caught lire, burning b tu ill l<a MranKrr. and in de-dilute circuaittinee* V In *v imt Ui (L? Oni.nWon. r? of hiniKi~tion in ' i ler t? pro* de blui an a?ylt2tn lie U In a ilatfix vi rondilton Kimitv.-lvrw Mtrt ff lli? |iirr,|i ao I annuel nW brail' n f th? New York t ity iln uadt? r< in rrllay't f/rrul we K?t?'l that im?l of tvme now rontpodag that e< mpbtiy bail l.ri n n?-uit?ri> of I In* IlliliUal Huiri,? ' U.-*a> earner?Oi 1} *?? n i the new Hrenadicr eo?pany heil been aitaelie'l to the liiglil'od 'imrK-ail tie oilier* bare jolntl uuc t'a;<taio Ki.tleeon cm i irmi> d to mgan * lite pn -ml lift c rp?. Mil. Emta?By aliowiin Die *p*< . in ) ?: taIu .i>le | paper to ret urn say nnoere ilo.'i." toth" m .n'l-re of Ibe Pi*t?er h wnrdpoh?r thru/h ih -ir wort'.y and beiiweo!i nt r?|*iani and a* i-taut. tor the brj lobit manner j ill wb-ih <o?y have le'tlited lite r re?piwi| lof their la** hi niter John Urawf rn. in ?nhM nUi ? t he aut'i of one | but drill and twenty d"||>.r for the In netit I the he- j 11an d widow ar.d orphan. yon will ronl. r n f*?.?r on Yettrf kr. Ma?. M \KY t'li,iWI JKD * The Optra at Cnatle lewrtlrn. ' Merino I'alwro" rrmiej much tathaiiaen l*?t ni^ht. | ai d Lorlftt, BeoeTrntano and Mariiil. w ro a'l wmmly appl'tided. Marini and B- Q.-r. olano aan,'wi h , einailal.1* power and the marMT" mude of the op ra ?ar happily rirruted by all c^n'rin-d In In liiterpretaticn. incinding the ehoru* and eehe?tra. T.> biotto w nifni i.a miMinii wui tr rwp -< lyain end for the last time 'hi* *< It miH li' tilNnti to |rt?? ptar* to 'Oti'IU.'' and "Din Pv]ntit. ' which bare U'O f<-r *< tn? time In r> bna.-*al ' l.a bontiauihula i? ? rj popular and nilirht be pbred two or line nlgbU a?or*. we th>nk. wir.n juwm; but lb* arrtftpeaietit* rf the Piarajt-r **ciri to forbid all , In |n. aid lb' trtilii) wbh to hear It mn*t frrpttr fit tomorrow ntfhi. hen Hoedn. f alti aud 'lirrint will renew triumph* at cl> bate ao di*t ntui?h> i iach of | ihi a* The hailmitt ami flat l?a?c Carta. to in* ki'tfoh or r:i?. nrmi.ti. V trr artie'e- oti tba Its ill' ;-y muk " r>r *lop. and of bo blthy ecnilitlon of lb* fuel* met Vie approval of I >*cty -ipf If the otter |ta|xr- ? ttl I il > the..- duty a< I a'liitully a* )' 11 lien there aotild tie a different -t i'< of tat* I ttu?t the JlrtmU 11 tu*lf will be aiiie to mtkea | e?i lotion. There t? another al tminalile nuisance wlileh I* not ; ill<w?d In iifntb'i eity which I wish to cell your ater.lkn to. ?Rd I' lHI Jum powerful aid in ab.sittnK? ?* , I*, the flthy. disgusting and lnt< letable n?r!im? erin, trarerrlnr a.I part* , f the rity and particular ly the j rpper part of l'ro?t<ay which t? always Infested with | bun; the ettneb t* t" pTeat a* to almost deprte* pedeerreo* and partle* In carnage*, tb. prlnl-ge rfiia-ln^gp own to the Woorult;rdi Iw r?l In Hoetnti and other it'i*. the cart* lhat '"Ih'fl gait**' he . he . and < !? dally tt' ni bulchtra' shops, ate calls With b * a i t'.e f. r . he e?prca-purpose. These bo* carta are wad* rlih a I d if r< ti r to tnc top. and m tde tiKbt and are n|t than; whl ft here. all nwnner'of old carta, with mat end home of wattle, garbage and swll ni|dHlt.g eh rig thw street# f. me *' these nriaer.ihle arfa rrr ditiffd f r nu re aiiaeralih do/a aid troiaeu, the lie f,lt| y bet I nd de.. rlption Ttieae imiaanr-a 1 cpht to be abolished at one., and th'iee who colli ct lw?e thirgi be made to do en with suitable cart*. If/ou rt.l eiert ymrcelf In tkt* reform, you wUi a.oa'ir o . * I It the ally it* cltlvla JltiAI'KR. I I NtMyn OI?y XnMllgtnM. Arimi at Ja. anoa'a Holi.ow, aid Bi'TMi d Mr?p>h - On a nrritiu lot, nr?r MrukfO street and Myrtle , avenue. and which bears the above Dame, stand a num | b.-r of shanties. which formerly oecupied a portion of , fort Green liard by. and were removed It m the.i-e t v order of the Corporation These are inhabited pri m pu .y by Ir'fh families, who cause a good deal of trr u' ! to the 'oliee <f the district. Kunmrs were rifs vasterday, that a murder bud beeu committed there and four Bersons. named John Hafrun. Barney Connor, it d i:u IrKtnney and Bridget, bis wife, who had t. . u arts gted. were held in custody for e? and nation la tlx. course of the day. the Chief < I I'otioe, tne Coroner and others went to the acemi of ibe alleged murder, and ascertained the following particulars:? ; About cue o'clock, ) estcrday naming, c, xers .IcioUett. Noland. Andrews and Cunulogham. wofo attracted to j the bouse- of McKinm-y by hearing a dU.urbince there. At the door they found they wife of O'Connor, who r>'. quoted th< in to go in and bring nut her Husband, who ' was driiikii g tln-re. euying ili? iiu afraid to do no, as Ilufraii's wile, gs ing on a similar?rraud. had been badly i u*id. The eontinulDg. the polict eutered, and a ' dreadful attai li was merle upon them by the above named 1 persons. who were inside. oue of them being armed with a hatrhrt M*i aud women quickly assembled to the number of about twenty. and diolarwd they would " hill 1 the d? d polii'i A"er a sevtrc ooiitest, in which the I women bot e an cxtraoidinarily act ire part, the police sucI cetded in tasking the arrwst* and then sought the wife I of Ilafran. who. i set iuh. with d'flleulty ranched her own I home, also situated in the " Hollow." She had boon hurt in the pri nious tight, and was otherwise uillng. beirg a wi n an of v, ry intemperate hablti. about tweu'yeight years of age and mcimt* at the time. HUe died : about balf pact six yesterday morning. After the following facts had le ell elir.iled to the sutlsfdctlou of the Chief of l'oiiee, be consented to take bail for the prl1 foners' aj pi araoce "li Monday, (tomorrow.) The pert tnatlrm examination ban not yet been made, but the ! Coroner in form* <1 our reporter that the external marks l of injury i li the d-nand Biidget Ilafran were slight. and that it was probable death bad b?cu brought ott by i other causer, accelerated by exritemeut. Incai noi ?ev 1'iLiNo Lumber.? Fatal Accidewt.?On , Columbia strict, a uuuiber of vessels constantly lis: charge tlieir ciirgsies of lun>ber. which is piled up in an exci eslingly hurried ai d Circles* lonuner?until pcrint- nently pluc t d?as an i IB-er in coustant attendance la the locality expresses It. "a bird lighting on it would throw it dowr. " Yesterday aftern'ion. between 5 and *? i o'c look a child named George Dnlf, about etvou years of age. whose parents reside close by. in Kelsey's alley, ran | into Shepherd'* yard (the first from Atlantic street,) I when cue of these piles fell and killed him on the spot. An inquest will b. held this morning. It is uot many weeks since w, records d asimilar accident in u neighbor- , ing yard, ealni.K ukti utioD to the incautious mods' of pllil g the lumber I I MS'RSII S (1,1 PaSKBCE AT TIIK MlLITARV OAROKN TsI > atsk.? Putii.'ihe perls.i usance on Friday night, of a piece I lit iris'i A how at the Military Garden. ' in j whii'h one r he i-torou rs. mingling with th<' audience in th? ,r,,sieite fleets to recognise his wife on the stup, >i. it' in r restitution, a verdant spectator in tlie !>' ulr!.iking til- performance for u reality, lesp?sl lots the w. ;utile and struck Mr. Lyons', who had assume tb< ie/r i. -he deserted basbaud. a violent blow, f' r wl at be e o on red an uuwarraatable interruption of the p? rforirsi ers Mr l.ynne hastily gained the stags', ; aid tin mistake icing explained, the performance son ; tinned, umisisi the hearty laughter of a very crowded : bs use Tiiis whs no preconcerted arrangement, but ' a genuine bonaj.ite. " sell" of Uie youth who wa?sod?"drtuH of preserving order. Exte iOHI<l>ARY t*0*DfCT OF twO PoLICF. OrriCF**.? ] Two i Ulcere. John It. i onr and John Bray. wereyester.lay ; ehaigiu. bj a man naun d VViuters. with having forcibly ai d illegally assaulted him. and ejected him from his . t< m la Court allei t, of which h>- was in possession. Having doiio io. they took him before Judge hiug upon a chaff c of assault. and he wag fined (10. It wag cloarly proved they had entered the complainant's room, fabotit the possession of which there waa a diipute.) without i<y authority and forcibly dragged him out. The Justice fim d ibi'm fb each for the aemult; and a complaint will be prt hired agenigt them, with a view to their dieiuisial from the police. Ileilgloai Intelligence. Two missloi ariei ot the t.i.thi ran Missionary Society. Hit Mr.-.-rs Cutter and Snyder, with their wires, are about to sail for Madras, where a station of the church diets. One hundn d thousiind dollars has been subscribed to erect a CniTersalist College in New England or New York. (Brattltbore has boon talked of as an appropriate heath n The Her Mr lingers, of the Winter street Church. Boston continues seriously ill, and much anxiety U fell as to the result of his sickness A most rt maskable conversion recently took place at ' Madras. A young Brahmin of the highest caste, uu-or it< d and uithcut any .ntercourse with missionaries or ' ner pr< tee- rs of the liospel taith on the subject of religion has spontaneously and deliberately embraced it i I rrrj ifhftMS kssa made by his relatives to win him back, but without, success. A Bible distributor in Cincinnati, recently found three 1 bundled families in that place who had never seen a Bible Musi of them were foreigners The Bishop of Canhel. at the late anniversary of the British and foreign Bible Society, stated that there had ; been ten thousand converts in Ireland from the Church of Koine Mr J U. Chandler and wife, of the American Baptist lb hi J arrivid at Boston last week, is the ship Minstrel. irom Singapore. Mr. C. has come on behalf of the Kiam Mission, to aid in ei Dieting materials to -upply the logs snstaintd by I he recent distinctive fire. The nev K. 8 Wilson recently from Ireland ha-en?sgi d to su| ply the puipit of the Baptist Church in New Iritaiu tor one yiar Clargow. Willi a pnpulati n of 400.000. aas only *10 , churches. aril 110 min.-ti rs. of alldenominati sns. In a district i f ISAM inhabitants. H which 6.000 w?r? Brot< stints, only 004 copies of the Bible and Testament could be found 1 be 1U? J I!lack I?-ft SI. ntreal on Monday lor St. Paul'*. Min i fota on bin way tor the Red Rlnr, a. a j mi'ioonary ef tl e I'reebyteriau Synod of i.ana la to that , illilaU eettUment The R?t Mr Boothcat* ba? been in.tailed colleague ot ' the Rer. Mr Kin.brII. and a-ting paator of the Pir.t ' Coi gri rational Church in Ipnwicb, Man*. The annual meeting of the Cor nn tirut Ripti.t Convention ? a. held at Slonlngton Mat, on the 10lh ult. S? ten kw rburrhee bar. been organized during tb- pa-t year, and nine it?w meeting hota-m erected. Tn'rtyibirr rburcbe. wrr- repret ruled in the convention. Krr. Mr *illvt.(f New l.ondon prrarbed the annual ceraon. The amount lat.-ed by the churehe. of the State, during the year. for d< mr-tic mi.aiou*. wa? fl 419. A powerful revival haa virited the HaptUt Church In Pntmvltte. Orcdon. Hfly prraou. hare rei-cl?. d n.pti-ui IMP the l-t of January la.t, and the rtiuri In around \ bar* partaken more or laaa of the movement Marine Affair*. L?i ?< ii?Sntr 111 iLioao at K??t Bo.tov.?Ratnoel Halt, K?n . la one,hod from hi* yard, on Central 8 inure. Ka-t Morton, tbia not n a tiro clipper .hip of 740 ton. intend* d for the Pacific trade, anil owned by Mea?r* Pb-rce ' A liunrewrll. Hrr length U 1j4 feet, width Ifl feet. and I dipth 20 Iret. She la 1 a fine model, and. like all Mr liall'. rblpa, will donbtleM prove a te-l -ailr ,-he la | nan>ed the II. It Korliea. Mr llall hae the frame of a .hip of l.SKO ton. up and ready for planking; and aim jvrt laid the kill of a packet bark of .too P>a. f>r Mr.ere l.<Ri>*rd A Hall. Jack.on 1 Peril, in the adjoining yard, are at work upon a hip of near 1 ton ton., for H' 1 Weld A Co She I. to lie a three d"cki r, and I* 1* mg built in the moet lbo? ugh manner McKay ba. two TeetU upi u Ihe etocka, one a .hip of 1.400 tun*. -Pti'm PrnWln. Jiihtl 1 l.e clipper ihip W lid Pigeon of 1 100 Una, owned l<y Meifi. oiypLkU' A Son* >f New York. wa? rerenlly launrb.d fr m ibe .hip yard i f Mr George Kaynee. at Pirtur'Utb. N II t'apt George W I'litnaia. well km wn a* orrof eur nn*t popular and eaperteoce-l h'p i* net ere. will command ier. She 1. d?lgn.J for the < loia trade. 1,1,1V. I' i,.,. I ... ... TV. A _. .l .--. .VI. - ? ? " ? ' ?" " I 1 pil il t apiatn Hii ii" ti jut arrlreU at tbl? jmr'. fro n ?w Urban- *ltb uni" if ri ttoi. itr) narrowly aai i(i4 li'ltlu'iifM tli ii l<; dti On Ihr 5th of June in Ul.HILkk M> nl/'ut 6 I' M . lb* day hating I>- '?> ( 'B nil ruit'y i >|)toin Simpmn taring ocitri-u to fi? d Ii t< lL? In Id ordered tin- rruttir In the eubiu Suf to ha tak?t i It Tli iim tu in-r drnia than i.ii'ik* 1 Ir-md fr-n' tli-In id in iurh tain t / luimi ihil in a few a?ntdr ft' ci-Mp *? All d It Iwioit aril nt that MlM?tr? 1-gl i. ? f' ad'-fl'd the ably and r ulit'fii' 1 | In-I'aUii Captain ."liny- n tnii i ? 1-0 d'i?i?, and in t li? ii.'autti n-. | In i < dat ti ii. ii a (kind ipac-. hi< bad lb* aatlrooni eimi'i'T ill I | iia llr and hia man linn pro- 1 mikdli t r* i k i /< , In order to get at th-?i-at i illba flia Ihi > j taak lie inokt Mm auffi.i.ii'i: I ha Hh i.r ladng MmM, did thalriltiiy niar'ull pi. tbey riarhrd the ti ? aid ' frnrd a lak of n it n i ity btiriit Ibr-mgh Th>' ll-a i ivikilaweiat al'iH-i <1 <an and Water p aired up n till I nriiina f a or I >? then torn ti pi. and ' Hi >t>ii -nn I...Hi t f < ? i thrown orrrbmrd t. trough tbr eel in .? .t ? ti ran of Bra Mnc ra iioti-I. ^ and a itr rt watch ke, on tli* h. Id In eaaa ot any ren| - | patraine ?.f it. tin ihp pmerided "! h?r * -yafa. and ' aniri d h'ri' in W ado day rc^ji eturt a to the ia?'i?r.f ihi-flit ran ti? firmed the aeuttl* nut h iring III I II I | eni d day t?> tha oaeurrenea It i? fntiuniilr that it aa- dlaeorend m early, a* a l?w ' Ii' ur? lorgi-r wool J bare t imid'd 1 ha Ilia tn obtain an h i at da- wi old hate tendered the lore of the ahlp In' rl i ii.. .. - . i. i.. ... i-.-.-i. ? .. . t * "? " v?pmi. oiair"l|. I>i? < (Toer? m (J rrm . for l Ik r iioinpt ami ?ucc. *-ful ftntlotll la till* cut f?r Ilk I III* j ln*lea<l of acii ljj a* Ihr) dU. itlrmpUd tncmoth'T the fin the hl|i hnj | r?r^n woul<) linn . In *11 |?iot>?MIIty rarrlfle.d. *n l in ad of the dosage toirg rnr.r.d l?y ? f?w potiml-, . lb* In** ?><vl<J nanuiiWd to o \nj thoiiwnil* ? lew rpmt / of,ft I Mnnmrntaiif llltll(i(iilih?l I nil 1? litiin I*. , Hon ritrphtb A DourI***, of lUinoia. ??* at Olere. land. Ohio. on the iVth uit 0 Mnrr'* I'. R A ; M Iliid?on,; J. j 1 tt'o'd. Calif rota, II J fmat. Ohio; J If VcMri.Kf.t ' I'r C J C<l in*. Mn? ; II I' llarrl*. Mia*., were among the arrival* yn tenia) al lb* Clint, i lint.I. Itktfm k or ink P..?r Okrten l*rpa?t>it>r ? ? We ?ie giatifitd o learn that rho aec not* (or the < (jiiarter ending Marn ill. i 4l, wbiob have inn , been rell'til at the l'i**t 'Hire department, abiw ( the tit receipt* <4 poragr*. during that uuartor. biui untto |l,72i,TO4 it l or the e?tr**f>?'ding quarter oi IK'ai, tte amount war l.Mii.iter H I Fhr wing an inert ere of 1301,701 7^ ''rofalont 17J fer re t. f-'houM the ret elp' * of ( li t lirtiinir tr nt the dacal tear (the arciuiiu f .r , hrh mil rot be fully aettled until Oetober), iho* e a ninilar ine'.aee, the revenue ae.nunt (or the }oar * will eihih't the gratifying inrroaae of neurly J rjgbttro pet ???t? fiivtivmu htfU ;'iwn"f ^4r?r 2- > gggr NEWS fi\ TELEGRAPH.. THE WHTCT fJMJCUS AT ALBANY* llivh'y IstcresiiiiK Proceedings. CAfiK FOB A STATE CONVENTION* ?' V/vAA -V* W.^ Dc t iu;aii?a ut H tii? Principles* Platform tor mo next campaign, Volunteers Reported to be Preparing for theluliau Revolution. ITEMS FROM ALL SECTIONS. Proceeding* of tire Whig Caucus. KY FAtN's TKLKQKAPH, OFFICE 29 WALL. STKKKTi Albany, August1851. The two central committee* having been uuible tc effect a settlement of the affair* of the party to theii" mutual sat 1.faction, the subject was taken in hand by , the committee appointed by the whig membra of the Legislature. The result of the combined labore of the three committees, hi a "call for a Whig State Oonven tion.'' which has been signed by the Legislative, Syracuse, and L'lica committees. After referring to harbor improvements, the tariff, k*., the rall,r' or address to the whig*, proceeds in nearly the following words :?The whigs of the State, n* a body arc inflexibly opposed to the subjection of any territory of the United States now free, to laws imposing involuutary>ervitude, except as punishment for crime, aud they rejoice, that no proposition to that effect is now pending or is likely to be presented; while, at the same lime, they umiualidedly acknowledge the right of every sovereign State to regulate its own municipal Institutions iu such manner as its people may deem moat conducive to their safety and happiness, without Interference, directly or indirectly, by citizens of other States, or sub jects of other countries. The whigs of this State will abide by the constitution of the United States in ail Itparts, and they will receive its true meaning ani construction from the judicial tribunals it has created for that purpose, and will always sustain and defend such' decisions as the law of the land, until they arc reversed by the same tribunals. The laws of Congress and of the State Legislatures, pronounced constitutional by the judicial tribunals, must be enforced and Lmplioitly obeyed. And, while this is cheerfully recognized as the duty ot all a* tubjects of the laws, yet the right of citii.<n*, a* ? voters, is equally undeniable, und they are free to dis" cuss. with a full and mutual rrgard. the rights and interests of all parts of the conU deracy. which it is ua necessary , now to uiaiutuin, as it was iudt?peo-Kb!e to chieva the blessed union of those 8tat''*. It is their undeniable right to discuss the expediency of such laws, and the propriety of any of their proTidons; and to seek, by constitutional uisan*' their n peal or modification. all who aro animated by a sincere desire to preserve the I'nion unimpaired, and the free Institutions which it sustains and gu irautera, l.y which alone individual security and nation il peace and prosperity can be perpotuaUd. must condemn ail attempts to resist, defeat, or render ineffectual any laws pa?scd by constitutional majorities of legislative b'alios, in either the Federal or State government*, anl the wbigs of New York will ever be found prompt ta render a patriotic acquiescence lu all such law* Tte nations) administration is entitled to the confidence and support of the whigs of New York, for the eminent ability und patiiotism which have characterized Its noa-ur s?for Its successful manageuii ut of our foreign affair*?th* generous sympathy il ha exhibited toward) an oppressed people struggling fur fteed"tn ? the force anl dignity with wbic'u it has ruilnta'ued the right to indulge sucb sympathy, and with which it baa rebuked the threats of an imperious government to violate the immunities of an accredited public agent and the determination it has evine d to repress and defeat all movements tending to impair the public faith, and all unlawful enterprises calrulat) d to disturb the public peace and provoke civil war. or to sever, or weaken, thu relations of any Suite with the I'nion. The call alterwards .iludes to tbe whig State adm oii- ? tration. and closes by calling the State convention at Syracuse, on the 17th of September next. Ri tMirtril Movements Itelatlve to tlSC luvMlun nl' Cuba. titriVscAH, August 2, Th?rn Ii much excitement hero on Cuban all .Irs *"<1 ttinfll TolvntMN I?ft here yesterday, for Oardeata. Iii.iO' u?c numbers. it i- said nr.- preparing in the in teller of this State, and in Alabama. fsr the sauw MlnalN. A letter jurt received front New Orl&ue states that cue thousand men left that city on the night of the 26th ult . for Cuba Two itnuscn bare been purchased at New Orleans by the Cuban* and the general impression tbrre wm that the patriot* would get po*ses?j. u of the Island before the present elT >rt cease*. Jenny hind en route to !l?w Vorb?Her * De|inrture for Knrope. Ai haw. August 2. IH1. Jenny l.lud arrived in the first express train of rare, thie evening, from buffalo Sh? took a carriage direct to the tramer lstae Newton for New York wh"re she wiU arrive at six o'clock on Sunday morning and proceed to the Irving ll use Mie hae disbanded h r musical fret'jw. and will snil for Liverpool about the middle of thin month. It Is said she will give two far well concerts in the elty of XcV York. Iiiteicatliift Items from tbe South. musr., August 2. ltd. The New Orleans mad as Lite as due, bus arrived. All the part inn eD*?aed in the Ute duel at S'-w t>r1? ana have glr? n the required ball, ami l-en -et at ilberty. Th? Xrtr Oilotni Be? ? 11 op pore the nomination of t litMtil Cftt for the PrvaMeucy. un!e?? he taken a derided eta ml in favor of toe cnaipmwlee tneneu Junior iiraiit. a pan r.fnr In a verael frooi New York to Btrbmerd. Jumped overboard. and woe dr-wi.-l. Tl *liig? t.f tLr ruth Dirtrkt. iu MorjrUod. hare m n iue' d Datib I M Henry fur r< preventative to Cor groin. Nr?.o trie lire I Ion. dir. km?r no, Augu?t 1 1S'>1. Cuet preptntiiilU are War loadu by tht e?|?red foil -1> r th" retcl.i Titi? n of f be anniversary < i t'?. elfrii w of (be We?t India aUvee A Ur^e n imb-r i I peak etc. from vtriuu i porta t f the country. ?r proven. Tbi heavy ralo wiU Interfere wl b the proceeding-. The railroad In driving a fine bu?lne?a. Tlie adulator to Mexico. WaawiniiTow, Augu-t 1*."i|. Hon Hubert P. Letcher. Mini-ter to Mexico hie returned to thi? e ty. ranch impmed in heii'h lie iiwaitii.g In trui tlun- from the < irernuieat to re'urn to Mexico. Klrr at llnrtforvl. Uanrruao, OwM.. Au/u-t 2 IV?|. A die brohi ont about twelve o'clock laet nirfht. in the aundrv rn the corner of Ow-neree and Talcott ?trewta. > 1 before the flame* were nuMued the eetabli-hraeot, with nearly it? entire oonten'a. wa? deetrnyrd, ii-ludlor , ? ma Ilia thousand plica of liuin, and wooUan tUnkiU, talmd at p.l 000 Tha l.>war patt of the building tu ocrupiwl by Mr. tfft'(,i;nin aa an nrgkti t? ry All hia tooia and an irgan half romplal'rt. w?-r -daatroyad Loaa tJCXj Tba (M on lt? building I* ft Mil) No inauraiica l<Mtrr Krom To in a, Ni.w Oai.****. July .11 1AM T?atr?fr'tn Oallaaton to th? 'iOth tnnnnirc Dm Ii><l an troiibb atiil eonllaua and that lli? rffip- ? ? Tory pri mldtf. of thirty building* war* daMrryad by th" r?i f hta at Alglara. oppoalta thi* elty. Tin iNi'hlp Vtba will rail for Now York to-n?or? i* <1 11 unit r. I'aoitin >i r. K. I.. August 2, 1*51. A fan ?/? Amtd tiuiivd in the woodi lr MMki ihout two tnllta from lbi< eity. on frlday Uat who IumI Id-btlT bun tnurdarad 1 h? l?ody had aa w> alothldf i! loir, and *m boit two fbat b?l>w lt>' >urfuf Ihtrt'ltl. ttrapt l,.r head, which had Wo turn'd itwmd in getting hor Into tha pit or grata. Tha h< *d n. i 1|. Ml I*i? f?d by tbo d.?i"M? ",u?' dog*, whi' ti td to tin di'ri ? ty Tha h <ly bad pn hahlj baf-T) burial rr two w>iVa No r i* lia* bran dbeotarad It' lo r name f Ndtlaw* Thara la a good deal if ?x?l|an><ni In tha I'tpo. hot noito ?u?|>' Mad 'd toa tnord'-r. It la tba ratal ? llif that ?h?* ha In an k lh d In I'rotlJ. nc? an I air-d llota ill Ibe nl^ht. ft taral Inn p if pctaah iiii ? ur.d ..beat I bo 1.1 <ly who ti bad d'-alrojad lht? aih in I'tn it two pu-*a. Sht tnod gold <ar rlofr^i ag aara

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