Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 6, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 6, 1851 Page 2
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MEW YORK HERALD. jambs uohdo!* asmBTt, ... 7BOFRIKT0* ANB BDITOB. flrrics *. w. ccAiitR or n i.ros ax? svasau n?. 7HA DAILY HKH~iLV. I unit per iMt W r?r r.'if i>'??ICil IiBHALD, n?| 3aiu. hub. i< (j| mi. ? P'f f'*> ,r I"1* alit Strop em K'itiirn, It per annum to ??t part ?/ tfieet Hritatn, end *4 to any p ,r if .'he Confine >tt. ojtn to mlude the portage. eOLi. A..?Kr CO RREXPO&DKbfCK. conimenng ?..<u-i/ei/rowi aii? tfua, fer n/ the eortd ; v u?'d. K.tU6^ Ube'ollgpetd/or. Sua Foabio* CobrsoH - it-tfa AAA BARTIOL'LARLT Bb|UUTV> TO UUL iu, ; u r.'fkh> i't.-mau titi to ri. i.?7T?'/tJ( tn muJ, /or Hubicriptiant. of wilt JBvtriti.AfHij, fo 4e po it-jiiti.i, or the Out tuft mil b* mdueted from the money remitted. SO .VOTICK taKeo of uHuttymauB eommumtetumt. W ' .iu not return that* rejected. iDbftH TISK MKNTS renru >d every morning, lnh rRlSTlNQ executed w.'h neatnen, cheapn'it. mud notrk .tilth(v; <-?tl in edionco. Volume XVI ?* Fi - . = A.MISIMINTS THIS EVRXIJftf. C AX*TLB ftARDIN-R. . k? Dmiivi. W.1TIRY THRATRV. B.itrery?All TUB WdBix'A a SXA< B?ThBAB Ol'ARO?*A!?. VIBLQ'S OA RDUf. ?k>adway.-TionT Bopr-IlOpbmat? Cabas IomtM. SATIOAaL THBATRV, ChBthAU ?*wo*- MaiobVa To-?Sbtib Kacafba or Auelailb or Dbeaubs Toa Cairo, b. CHRtSTTTS MINBTRILS. MooABBior' HaJI, inRloMwA? ?r.-w.orixA VllirTRKLBT. FELLOWS' MINBTRRLa, Ttlicwf hbumI UaU. a*. mi SliAdwAy- RTHioriAA MiTrrBBUT. a VI RICA* Ml'SIL'K?Ajalbibb PiiroiBiBOM Aw ri arooA A*r. ITBBISB \?w Vcrfc, WccliicAday, A?gu?t 6, 1S3I. Tttcgrephlc Summary. We have some further advices from Boston in reference to the news by the Europa, where that vessel arrived early last evening. The mails will bo here this afternoon. The additional items of I European news received by the telegraph, it will be scon, pro of little importance. From New Orleans we have a telegraphic despatch announcing that the steamers Cincinnati and Fampero were to sail on the second instant for i uba. It is said that ieneral Lopoz was to sail in the last named steamer. This vessel was built in Bal.imorc, lor Major lleiss, formerly one of the editor* of the Washing', .in Union, and Lieutenant W. Hunter, of the navy, celebra'ed fjr his successful experiments with steamers. Cede is said to be Without an equal for speed in the world, and if this pro* .s true in ihe present instance, ^o will our-ail the Fizarro, and all other steamers in the straits aiiu ..a the coast of Cuba, and probably will succeed in lauding her passengers. The Cincinnati, it appea hae been regularly cleared at the New Orleans Custom House, and as the Cuban patriot.-, fer three months past, have a rendezvous at an island near the cast of Cuba, it is presumed, and not very unwisely, mat this steamer may touch at that point. On tne southern side of Cuba there arc an innumerable cumber of ?mall islands or eayos, called ' Los ,'ardines,'' through which, in many pi tecs, larg; vessels iiud channels, and which have rendered it ezcfcdingly difticult for cutters and public vessels ?' oveiLanl slaver? and smugglers. No doubt the liberating puity will avail themselves of the resources of tutfir locality. We have soon it sta el that they expected aid from the United State- by rhc si.vlh of this month, and their expectations uny he realized if the two steamers frotu New Orleans aaiitd or. the second of the month, lie tent advices f-< m Matanzas, received at Charleston, give *< furl ier intelligence from Cuba. A so ere gale oecurred upon Like Erie, m Monday nig at, an! its effect# arc represented to h ue been <.u-attrms to the shipping Su-i gules arc wery unusual a: this seascnol the year. V>\ u^.e gome election return-fruui \1 ibami Kent ky and Ind.una, h it they are meagre and *n3aiii.'aotory. The Outiacroua AcKortlit Political Clique* to obtain Control of lite Polite Urpart* rah There exist# in this city a let of p ditteal e >rac -ants and organized cli>iue?, nominally af.a -h-d V the whig party, no* in power in toe city and JrutU government*, exercising a most alarming intaence in all 'he movements of the party, with regard to aommstioM far ofli -crs elected by the p.-opi?, or appointments to office by those in power. 'These rli juee, in connecti-m with the whig uunt gen at Albany, hare, for a cmsiderablo time, h.t I* in their e*n way. and have set the better men of the whig party, who coiJcmn Jacd d tap!** them, at defiance; and when they have wished a aw passed to nd their schemes of plunder, or reward their associates and depend ints with oAso, they have retired to Albany, an l hat e obtained frt m a whig legislature, through perti'iea or tireat? an ac<|uicecccce in their detuan Jr. 'lo thia cauee, and these corrupt politicians, com of adventurer* from vari'iu" ^niri .t*, an 1 broken dowi (peculator* >f all ?ortr. do we attribute tbc reoci.t a t of the Legislature, violating. by a called Mm iinint, the amend'-1 charter of thi? eity, ndoptt 1 by the vote of tbe \ eaplo in I ?' "\Ve allude. >f cou'iw, to th.. aei witu re^nrd to the C hief ef Pi ice, paired at the rcec .1 cjtia v.-ion i the i.eyi lature. li the lv creating the Polio* I' partmcnt, and Ifct ini' nd. d charter of the eltjr, in I* Id, the' uiel o 1'o.ioi to be nomijati I by th> myor end onflriiifd hy the Common C''un<' I. Hi' term ef of j u two j-arc. 1 v tin* ri-neral law oi the State, rc?p. rting jubll < I, th {r Chief of I'di.e told* r: i'.ho ] ' lay Mr Klc 'latnl, b i north i<* ;..i*,li. *-criuire<'uiirtui-'ia , togr i.ilyar y 'the ' kera. 1 le baa not t rat- , biui 1 r j],-;,:o> ; ? he he ierea the 11'' r< ofth.wb * _m? . C. uac h rcjectn b; tb g ourd .hat Mr . a! .-.ilea l't -t.a . lt t .. i ;t.Ur ofl ^ ry |m . ian* * .a* f r ' f ?ce. 1 he rjr<' r- ?f toe c . 5 . g In lhi? T< -ritiop. repaired ti t at the la - I In it i n M' the LegM* ur*>, and obtal I j age of a law atbcndiig tne r- ;.! '* c- rtcr, 1 ntti eovneilii g tha Mayer to nominate j h 'ef cf Police. If *b' . 'nyi-r refe .f to no i . th the Con m?n ?. uocil arc Mtborited t t a Cluef of Police In jo at hall t. Intothi 1 jf-adr.g position arc the aTalr- of IV' grec cbv, the r , ' ? , fa.,; , I. flMtha intigrity of the whig pa ij. rcdu >1. )./ ik> aUlgtees nadglMptng deelgM of III i ir.f, ? 'I t" 1. - . .f . ; le plua bri" ?t t? * | Tjcj lie., d. nr. t of tb j . hi n j cL ? I?kb ui?jr t olc-'t! k; ?tn?g<r>, s i i< r cl< HIT * ; t- ;!. /tiTli* t'PT I ' !' ' VttuMla wktm tho * hi > 'it mi Ur .- t . lt? c Jut < !>?. Inn"; r i i ?? nil. g o? ft id t i ::|?|*>iik?i.irni "f ( li r < f I I lew* ? d'i. r ?i?i to ..ouiu ?bf rfuif>??'of '1h? prfi it locum* I . !hr,: tin nBta* <? rk r- > J jVei l i j iv ? % ' tl.<- - iri utrvl of ihi?? il rartm n tii tin li *r of Imiur. to ?-< w - r ri*?- , i i '-f I * i 1 m .at; a * ?> *' ? >'< u? >f t i f-ro? ??t C'Vt( 'li t' i w.< do f(J a- of itu* r* < 11 t ! 8<> ran h ri .po ai>..-i17" *^ ''' 1 i' v nt mu, i at' j r ' t I. r j .4 wli -:t -c ' 'li- < . , U ?1 wiik fc? 7 " f n - r j. t1 i?l 1 : bjr > y, , , ?t t in mutt in . fVtkwi'jal; '1 ?1 .... i ', ? *Ulw. m iii? *f ji I t. .0. WfcraU). of <>f ( hief-rf l? i\-i> v it W.Jl bt ItH tli it t'.. Ji it;.' . '.I, ,r 0 ll t lib?t 'I oil i i i f ". !!< ut i. Mt? Ixtt Rokt ft Ta,*l>r f ok) i It" ?i j 1 ?l A .'lr. 1?j'ar wj* w H juaiLcl for :kr ' r I offic;, our citizens generally approved of the independent conr?? of the N1 ay or; bat the demoerati; ward cliques operated on the Board of Assistants, aid compelled them to reject the nomination made by their owl Mayor, who then selected Mr. Mat- . ; sell, the present incumbent. The whigs then do . imun-ed the democratic Board of Assistants for heir course; but how much more outrageous is their own ccur-e, through their cliques, at tfee present time, in annulling a provi-ion of the people'* ' charter, ami destroying the independen ? o. { the Mayor elected by themselves. The Canal Rivmi Ckrtikicates?Will i nit. rii- >o a PskmitmI?During the discussions in the Legislature on the Canal bill, from the commencement to its final passage, its friends contended (bat, in consequence of the superabundance of capital, both in this and foreign countries, seeking investment, the nine millions proposed to bo raised upon canal revenue certificates could bo promptly obtained. Indeed it was asserted in the House of Assembly, by Mr. O. Allen, that a number of capitalists stood ready to make the advances contemplated in the bill. The Comptroller, in iisuing proposals for an Instalment of a million, suspected that the funds would not come forth as rapidly as was anticipated, as he distinctly asserts iu?v rvcrrvco tuo rigui ui seuiug ?i lose am >uui tbsu a million of dollars, if, in his judgment, the interest of the State requires it;' or, in other words, should a million be offered. Immediately after the adjournment of the Legislature, and the passage of the Canal bill, a st^'gency in the money market wrs perceptible The fancy stocks, which arc daily hawked ?Jout Wall street, became depressed, and man-" of the better railroad stocks, such at the Uti*? *"'1 Schenectady, and the Syracuse and I'tica, receded one or two , ! per cent. Governments snd Sta'e also faltered, I while a large additional accumulation of specie, in ' addition to stocks, were aonveyed across the At- | lantic, to pay for excessive importations, nine- ( tenths of which still remain in the warehouses for < want of sale. The present fiscal year will un- j doul.ccdly foot up the greatest aggregate of imvor- ; tations ever known in any corresponding period, while the exports of produce will be considerably less. .Many of these fact- have been realize 1 since the pa-sage of the Canal bill. This state of things has caused capitalists to pause in speculating in- > ves-.ments. They prefer substantial securities, un. , doubted endorsements, certain returns, rather than i risk upon any contingency whatever. Nothing has yet transpired from which inforinn. | tion can be derived that the first dollar has k: n offered for any canal certificates. Nearly two weeks 1/hve transpired since the Comptroller issued his proposals, and in about the same ti nc from , low, he proposes to close the sale. Had not the act of liberating the railroads from the p ryinent of tolls been committed, tben a mu -h better security would have been afforded. But that act has u 1djibtrdly taken from the canal revenues $1:1,'))) arnually, besides driviug the next Legi. laturo or ' the Canal Board to the necessity of immediately so to lower and graduate tolls, thai forwarders utid boatmen on the canals may, ia a measure, be ena. ; bled to compete with railroads. 1: was lcgcJ, aLo, in debity in the Legislature, ' tbat foreign capitalists wtre ULXious to invest in j those certificates. When it wrs supposed thit it would be ."rtate scrip, such might have been the . ease : but jiic > it bo., been con-ivbd m all * especially hy the friends J the scheme. that the .-date a.-suuies no responsibility whatever, c ?t a ' reigu do'.Ur will be offered. This is reiterated every day in Wall street. And if foreign eipiial cannot be obtained, who is there in this country, j with a full knowledge of the k a 1 of security j, that will rui' the hazard of petili uir.g the . Legislature of the >tate, go-no twenty-two yours I hence, a-k ng that the principal up on those cert.!- ' cates may be refunded ! There is auother important fact co-ne< te-1 with this matter, which will go fer in rautiiuLng -ipittl- * '-is: aid i. is this:?it is believed by the lilrcr ( grey ]s>rtiuc of the Wading wbigs. that the word . ' .-t(M" was era ed, aud the word ' canal" inserted in the law. in the ?Wee of tho Secretary of -:.atc# after it hid passed the Legislature and rccci ed lie igralure the Governor, thereby depriving the ' silver grey portion of the commission r? am: cr ji netrs froia letting the rune! contracts, and pla ' g that power tn the ham! of the Sewarditos. It is next to ? certainty that the silver grsy rill p irchase uorc ol the certificates, and will rejoice, in tecre'.. most heartily, should the effrrt to procure the nine millions utterly prove a fuilu.o. A f w days, howoter. nil! test the question. W'e -hull then know whether any per*<>n is willing to make the in\e-tuicnt, who they arc, the amount oUcrcd. and the premium jrison for the gc 0/ making such inve-Intent-. I Me. CK;nh\i>m A\n G*\. ~ 11?It td w?U M.wt that Mr I'riticiNl 'ii ?u tv "g tho irst of tb 'lading whij ta,f-iuen io Uk? u|< heartily the . A> 1 II r iiMnin?''(j!i of Gtn. Tayl?r tit | L. l'rc-i' ry. It i nl-? know* that, though old 7.uck'? administration did not twa oat a: well us { wr.- i.vfui <1, it might ha.e turned out a g >od J il j wor?c, but for the watchful ragaiity of Mr. C'rit* r > il. t W? ? un let-tand that Mr. t'rittend n, ! [ oil LI* hit. rt- i to N* ?|>ort, did not reck to conoc ?1 | jri'iMt-rc of ttcti. N-ift for the I'reeldcnojr <\tra otkrr rninhdafee. If ttolf be ro, then- U | in ? i? 'u th* ablr.:t, and it wouldhawnOfoi tb'in j to \'Ato tin KotiDcnb oI Mr. C;itteidw, lost La 1. >Id '< u: a tniir-b u|?>n tb. in. iiilwtvn ouie j .i ticket l"f li&t a- thi i < r l'rei b?(iti. Vi .. ri.o <>tt, of Vtw rI r ? i lt< o- r.t? ' i;> ' ('iiiti.H'Kv?( Kin, j [ tttckj. I ik- for i V-lm.V to if I i?-r > ? P r, ' ! n tbirg aire. In thi? combination. i / ( : s -t v. . ?TIi.* Minwinf ii .>. J ' ot tba wit pad yllUi'flj t tba MwNmI I (' <?" . an c m of ker .'la,, $t/, n ick prof by tin *?>?*, t<" i* t. h ycirr.' tg' f >r the tenoriU' lilWr sit ;? e * an'.< xn*: r ? V' it *? . tb > ? rs t ( i : r ' ! if j cr? mpf' nit). nod to# V {. in (afl-ula! I* ut*|.pi mIi*. UfLt" la ihr "main* *? sw l? i I : i. V MmIM 4"~r f I Wa'fh wa toijps i f i ! > c?. Jr. fwnai tvr krU|'i1 m i au Tanker Pinkl ' ?i *rj . n. _l. Iff fio?! I ? w*t' tr.r fi,' nl t. ? trr ft iti a*"l I t is rtali*' I.tu'd a -ar <4 i: | tr'tlh<u pt rally, V. ban jty O'tin n?'*p?ta ?n itr h*R l' Ji'ari it r?< ftr*|r. s d ' ,- j 'U that th' j i < ir r.r i? in'*, . t| r m h? o ct el a'r f-'t.l r. a >"h T I t that m?'l r I .tit -it lie ;> w>at'.ul a.l r ti y . I . i Q Pnl til m . 1 \\: ! flit tO ?. ?t l-lt Ctl ?. Vv*. -b W4I i. n At was novpfa. V*. art < i.8. 1. T In* la j ? -r <!: i d i/ vfc" I'oltr i'ut>h? lffm > *- the bor o r it> rot ra 'f-d. kt them try it ag io, ('ir e Mer, ok? *Ihm>. by t innf gr to tbo wi* ' f ] ; b:rtj. -will Si ! atj-jbuant in, ?tj??ar.d n it. II >'jj.r4? si r?*y laueh of DngV-rry in-.; ns I'M ' i.. ???!? Kvnac i?, h V lift! < rnrur puicaa, k?* gnu vert a *e tke won . i of the 'Jfj'lal I'a.a r, ?r, o?th.-*, ( u a torua i on to lr. into the rar.rer tn ?hi l llKJr f. I'i lulo? h.i 1 t i i i- of I tic I riti h 1 rito K< red/ or tbii Si ,( ur; tr, th ' ' -. t ? 1 " ' i a" He nitty I r 'nnii'tf '? at \ . lira our rp hi* abitnce*? ??iwr ajo.i t . V tr r I m *t t'<? ' ' tty or" tM -titf i rlel, a t V; a* b< * TNtdtfScMitt l*twfsttw#wl!cd?in fciidtvM<r<: * . I '* l.? a hotrct. f, tfc*l '* .1 tr / i . j ' . .-.t< J ?b-: |'l kp? < f rt'.rriJ 'niri . f i I ?J f pi j ai mi1' f #i '> ; i r n 'i. t f. li t J? 1 j; ir t'~ ) o'j Mr. a i t-tly'a t*kir>f a hip to lite Cl}1'*' Pa t . t f ? t ( | iv i. < r ' r t . ' 'V:J *' " . ft j I Tfe? UlllBf or the Atlantic. I THE Mr Alt TURK OF 'ENN Y LIND*S TlOI'ri?OTHER rASSENAKRS IN THE ATLANTIC. I'niUd HUM steamship Atlantic talk to-day, at n?eu baring discharged a lull cargo In a ?pac? of time uupreeedeoted in this city. From Mcuday morniug till ye-teriay morning, a period of twenty-door hours, she discharged the 7o0 tone which she brought from Europe, eery package being landed at 0 o'clock, and within the same .-pace of time taking in 000 tone of her coal. Her coal was all in last eieniug. and she was ready for * ?. The America, of '''* line, sails at the *a. hour 'ruin Hoat'-n. an<l there will be an unusually fair opportunity < f testing the relative *peed of the two ship*, the weather being tbe same, and Boston being about twenty-one hours sail nearer than New York Is to Liverpool In the Ust of the passengers of the Atlantic, are Ueorge Colly er, the celebrated yacht and steamboat builder, who goes out to witness the racing of I be yacht America at the exhibition of the World's Fair; some ten or twelre distivguhhed Spaniard*, ami Messr*. Benedict and Be' letu, o l ji i.iiy i.ina s iron ft, who uave engagement London for the wiutcr. anil. It i* understood. ?" nJluS o bring out important addition* to the uiu-v*' corps uf the Nightingale (or the opening of another campaign I next .-piiug Mies l.inil is not mirri'^ t? Mr Beliettl,?nd ha* no intention of marriar' * present. She will remaiu on this continent d^'tng the winter, but in a day or two will leave thi* neighborhood for more retired quarters. She ha* rece*iJJ heen gtuyingat the Irving House It i* probable -he will visit Canada. Iler health ha* sen-., what -offt red from hard work and the climate, and t.he ha- 'Oct considerably in flesh. and want* re pore She , (luvelled sixteen thousand mile*, and given one hundred and thirty concert*. ?inoe rhe arrived iu thi* country. about eleven month* ago. Her success has been unprecedented ; and a* a proof that thi* i* the country where dirlinguirhcd European arti*t* will always meet with encouragement and reward, we may mention tho extraordinary fact that, at Auburn, a village of till* State, "the lovelie*t of the plain,'' having about six thousand inhabitant*, the receipt* of Jenny hind's concert more than doubled the greatest receipt* ever obtained at the grand opera of Paris, the host on the continent of Europe. There csn be little doubt, after this, that Catherine Hayes will reap a golden harvest this fail. Mr. Benedict, who. during hi* stay in thi* country, ha* wou golden opinion* of ail. carries away with him the highest estimate of the vast resource* and greatnes- of the American people. Murine Affair*. Tiik New Ptiam Lives hi:i?ei:s Nik York *vn Glasgow ?Next spring will see two lines of first-ela** screw sliamibip* running between thi* port and Glasgow. One of them, the Glasgow, of 1.S50 ton*, and 400 horse power. 1* now nearly completed by Messrs Todd .V McGregor, on the Clyde. The other line will be composed of two Tis.-els. named respectively the Hudson and the Clyde, the first of which will be ready about February. They \ are to be built, we believe, at Dumbarton, by Mersr*. A. Denny f. Brother, and will be of somewhat smaller dimensions than the (lla.-gow. Thi y will each register j about l.-dO ton-, and be fitted with engines of about 300 bor e power. These lines will thus secure & genii mommy acmuiuuieauon d> t??. u me iwo cuic- una st'crd the adrsntages cf direct intercourse between the Western continent aiid the "land o" cakes." Pvi net Emr Drvoxsiuitr..?We. the under-igned Ilitrsrariun refugees, pa''M*jjjrer> by the New York packet 1 rliip I)cTOu.-hir . from I'ortaniouth to tlii* port, hereby l eg to exptv-- our grateful aekuowledgmenw to Capt. lfoTcy. 1 >r Email. and ether officers and per.'ons < >aneof' d with tie ?hip. for their uniform kindness attention. and gentl-ioiiuly ronduet towards u- ?n the Tojrge.?At - ? < (T Nindy Hook. Aug t. ISil?Kx tioxt mar Felix ripelletieh: f'eeretiiry of Mini-do;- of IV. r. Frane',* Almady: Major Louis Cs 'Utrrtariyi. ('apt Ke ztolanyi. Lieut Eamucl Eaaba. John linn. Capt. 3h.irlc* iltikovits. Igrnex Achztd. ('apt. ( 'hnrliv Zacouyl, Lieu' (iabriel llnrr/y. I.ouis (Jiiiu. (apt. A. Ceomorlanyi. Cupt Loui-Itau---y. Lieut t'harh * tirim-inger, Alexander lisi Aleviio'. r Kel-m. r J -ef llilkai. Lieut Albert L< nyl. I/oul- Kvrmeniy. Charles Kit. Capt. Jos. li re ? Capt. Slathlas I'yuyto. J L.e ti Hr< i Wat.tiORoa#?Cn the 29th ultimo, from flu yardofjie-rs Hchwartsa Ca-tner.a fine brig of 231 1 tone, called th< Jolts Ann. to he comma ridel by Captain 1-aac Comery. .she i- owned by the builders. Captain t'oniery and eth rs Al.-o. front the yard of Henry Keui,i iy. i'o, . k fin- schooner of 100 tons, to l.e couiannd 1 DJ < e; uiin L I, Kennedy, bite is owned by her builders. L?t \. nrr?At Lath. 31.?t ultimo. by John-on Itld- rut, F-o . a brig of l'O t -us, called tile Rrown iville,owned by Mei-rs Death v Ki-hards-n. and I M'Kay, of New \ < rk and Captain Kocsrs. who is to command her 1 he 15 *ill ply ae a p.i -k-t between New Orleans and Lrnioa. Texas. At Eelfsst. 28?li ultimo, by Messrs It. M irse 4, gone a f'i>? ship of about tOO ton*. cal>d the Richard M?r?e. in cemplinn nt to the -eri< r member of the tirrn who built her The 1! M.I-bull'Of th" hurt Oak and hard p'ne, er.der the direc'l n of Mr Joseph OWen. aud i- to he ci mmanned by C?| tain Kli rerry. late of ?hip gtatira More. Two Brazilian -hips of war. steering southwest, supleeil bound to the Rio de la Platte acre rae. A Jtioe 10th. in Intitu le .'W S . longitude IS tit), by the brig Adns. at .^ah-m 1'rcin Rio Grande. City liitelllgtnrti or Kmi .aavr Fnavij*i.t as. R' <ti r? >*i? B. satiivi. u'u m: Kan raw ?Last evening at 8 oYloelt a inert icg { the Uren?'J forwarder*, runners, and euti grant beardlcg bouM-k' wpcM of N?w York, wis held at the Bread ?tr>< Hnu-e. pursuant to aJjnurumnul fmui laturday ev. nirg. Hut the meeting having Wn railed to < rder Mr. Wtr?on p" pored nn adjournment till SnMtr day evening next, at 8 o'elork. on the ground that owirg to a numt<r ?f (migrant vc-ela c wilng in this ?v< pipg. two or Iblce hundred cf the runner- were ate - til. and it war not proper to pree. .J to luelnes- with ut a lull meet it. lie- m tic a vm adopted, and the Burling ?n? aeeerdir ;ly adjourmd till -aturdny oreling m Jt Tie" at - wen* In nttini.ioca exprf-'l ll . tr dett itnlcatb >, t inti.itain lie r .ht? whirh tti y r. r.n iaetri rm fern d u| < n ih m by kthe r< c 'itutlon. the law. and their lierurw front the cl'y nulhotltie* "tin Wumi' ?' te| lay, the New lark aim ?pl>in wa> r<<l ?nd pleasant, rendered by the rrfrw-hlng e- u bi??*e thai Ian led !) rily. Dm hlghret degree indb cat? 1 by the th. rn. met. r wius M.' which wax at 3 IV M Kwii.rariew.?11 dumiV r of emigrant* arrive 1 at this pt utKin p> in >! i day. up to hut afWraoon. won- l.OiO, Uii -ily lr -h una i MMM Fii-1 ? litlwii ' two nndthrei loch )*?( r.lay mornll ' a llle I.iruili I In the UWelling li n e Nil. .'el .till It *tr> 11 It fa- i klip uieln d by tin* loin .tea D.jii i ;e lllltlig. i i'ur Fi4ii?m?' rn Pi km ?Ity the p llten m of Mr beoiya l'ie?el;' .n. the valuable clerk of tlx Oity rrl -i i we are < i *11 illo pit* the at. to gej statistics of il.M staUl- he Md I r the m ith ? Julv? II Si'. II'. '. /' I. ". .. Ii , ,1. i/., II T, I'oilriii tlli'rtirl l.'l M II 9 .'I' *>?. 4 lato'L vi J. y 1.114 is 17-J i ? ; mi v. Si 3 >u |>*tlw.> I;? ? ? ' ih#. ???..i mi? <"3 hi M i.r.'.i H?|?4 ... I ? - ? I llttkM I ? I ? 3 in. 4 ... a i ? ? >.mi r??tifun .. I." I ? j '7". iutt? m.i< i rtv ii. is ? i ? in l,HC M M .11 1.7s: F mi liaria l*i "it.. |.? Ci H " tti Tin >'? Rim' r. Ta ?r? ? Thl? ?tw trie*. Mi > until iu.l i ii fill Fm 1 erfc an I tlarlim n.!'- a I to 15.. *4wi y. me *fl''l4 I M lajr- a .n. ? i 1?- <I '.4 at an > at Ij It* a.~ t'-4 M> n ar t.ta*-! J ilttjl j-4 la ra'r) ?? aarjr t'-e -nth an I m.f Itat xn up t? m)i a li>4 I T Ibn ra.l- k- . aii'l In .wo irihr-r Ik* car* to a<>aimr.?i . tuoaluf. Ii.n- l?u*r 1 > ?le.t.rtir is. rt.l r. tbe liMy of a 4< a.I itf.i.i *? .. it) I . il - .* tMMn t wal l p< i . e i|i l?' OB tlx ..Jrnil In 11 u h f.ia t ?'t an bi i. to il>F ?tit ' it Mm. Mir ll.airntli .Jiitillte. I'll nhfiiif. t? ui I'lvirtolat n ljr*n? 11 ''111 be *>itlt.a* Ikn'Inn I Ji i >i fl.? IV'h I .1 n a f Irlv liiuwi 1 41' ' t? " f #1 llf ml;, ir- '1 f.r >/>t!t?i Bi< 1! 11 ;.?i MM ' ' uupUy fr*' * ; ilh# a ?im w 1 iM. 11 r rt.B.x.M la . iw Of a'i i: jr A ttrrlf rlantl afti. tr i _m.ic an.I nf;i: t a*. I'ti- II ii f' rr'pn tait.t fa hl"t> r.l - T fTt.;t? of 'nil 1 tu| 1 f ili I.- a ' i i.' n -! a ti Miniuitkl fr.aiM <arly Un'jit In th<-tn ' pa-.f'l 11 r.l'. ! fi l.'tfl .11 ? . nit 11 it Ii a itt "I if it fct'l lit* ) n? . i lirrl. f 11.1 o< ilt>r Rlatitnti at ' 1 l l mti. C I: ?t,<l ? ittnt I f 4 J. I I. v-m I N'rthrni it; T W tV'ipn 1 1 It F ' .:< It< ink. >il *i" pit, ? 0 '.jinr1. T- T I. a't r. , fWetji I C t? rar-luij W- ij?- . t . < M V l.i?:rgt. u". '.J J r. 1 fr I. I . A A ( N W I: hi me t f a."; r.i*?t alt. tin 1 f , <j < ma tia v. 1 - 1, R<?a .1 a-. .1 > i 1 . . : . . n' J: t'ftU. > r li irr,:.. 1 .t ; ram i t l.J hflaT | , ' .1 1* IT, |. V t 11.1 ' I- I I I C. j T< tt. b?n 1 i t * - I* \??r 1 JI M. X v ?' ??* i it >! T1 . v j m I . y r V t x - < . U<? . I tt hi i .?? !?*" it t41 I I ? ' . i??. i.' t t ' | , < C it'l |? ? t * " <10 ' t I ? ? v 1 .1 I I ? t , I Si- t . .. . n i i : < s. i it I n.. < < ft r> . i . I I V . I. in;1 i , H H ?rtA,|l . * t ' h- ' ' v i r . !- v -j i t ' ti lit .n Cm- . II |?t.n ?.tarf. Ulrtm *t P ' J.'' V . >n, r. .i... 1 II ' n'lH i I ' i. IViK'i I I 1 * > I 1 . I, > > 4 f . ( 'j ? A- AjtMum f Otum Orancl. B O AID OB ALDBBMBN. A"a 5?The AUtnu M. Uorgtss in the ehtix. The miauUs of last meeting were read ud ipf?n vetf. CKTiTinn* aiVESRrr. Of Alfred T. Serrell aud others, to hare gas pipe* > ?rvct?l is the Kighth avenue, from Vorty second street to forty-fourth afreet; of T. W. Horsplle and others, to | , have Thirty-seventh street, between Kighth and Ninth ; avenues, regulated, graded paved, fce.; of Contracts-*; for auiendmeata to powder ordinance; from ownrf*-* 1 Its. between Seventh and Kighth avenues a ud, shirty- ' tilth and and Thirty-sixth streets, fwr reh** >ronl *"* I -tmnte for draining lots; from Barnard 1 asserly and h 1 read well, to be appointed 0<wr?owA'ller'' of Deeds; ft veml petitions lor the oorr-"'' * "* f?r 'he r"' it-*al ot sheds at Tomp'-'"8 murtet; for renumbering ti I.beth street; for <"'W*as ??> street, from ?? svenue. '?A fe~ ietook ihi: May"* ew til* rsofosri) r vi xai.r?ii:vT or thi: ! SxrTI.BI . Ills iIop?' As Mayor sent a message vetoing the battery eeiarg) ment. Fie said I am constrained to withh'-1 ' approval for reasons which I proceed to pt?Y. The first and to me tin insuperable objection, is ,-obe found in the fact that the report was udopted by i be board of A'glstaut Ald< rineu. on the 17th of Decern- 1 Per. 184P and that no action was bad by the other 1 branch of the Common Council during their ottlelal term, except to ri tor the papers to a special committee, by wbieh no report was ever made on the subject. After stating some other reasons, tb- Mayor goes on to say. I j cannot recognise the principle that one branch of the Common Council may concur in and give effect to the Bi'fH f?f Ihfv filler liraTii?h Iiftur I Its* .. V r.iv.itinn ..t'tho !**.* 1 vxis'ence of the body by whom the measure was originally acted upon; for if this rourse is legal as to one year, it may bo so for an indefinite period, an 1 papers which hare laid dormant for years on the (ilea of one J board, may be taken up and acted on by the other. I CHDnot. therefore, recognize this report tut having been acted on by the Common Council, but solely by the Board ot Aliermer.: and if there existed no other objection, this alone would prove, to my uitnd -u insuperable bar to I affixing my signature to tbia measure * * * fince i this subject has receired tile sanction of your honorable body, it ha-attracted the attention of the Chamber of Commerce. whi?h is composed of our most intelligent merchants, by whom it was referred to an engineer of 1 acknowledged ability and experience, and his report received the approval of that body by au aim Fit unani- < mou-vote Ilis o|iiniou is tliut the channel of the river i ' would be changed, anil navigation seriously impaired, ami the reasons which he gives seem l? me to be entitled 1 to great weight. The otyect sought to bo accomplished 1 by the proposed measure, which would necessarily destroy a large extent of water, now affording a safe and commodious aui horuge for hundreds of vessels, is the ' addition of some eleven acres of laud to the battery, for the sole purpose of furnishing a more extensive promenade than it now afford*. experience proves that the place is now abundantly large for all purposes of a puis- I ' lie resort; ai.d. when it is considered that the resident ; < populuth n in the lowi r part of the city is rapidly dinii- ' i dishing, it does ni t appear t-> me to be wise to adapt a | measure which. In the opinion of practical scientific men. Would obstruct the na\igation of the liurbor. and * thus interfere with the commerce of our city, upon ; < which its prosperity so entirely depends. 1 as-assivatio-v or- Tin: rot hvii maud rni imtrs?rao- i l roat;o Arraoi-Riarioxs ?on tmeiii widows. < Whereas. George T. Gillespie and Michael Foster, i policemen of the Fourth Polio* District, have been ' at sassinated w ithin llie la.?l few weeks, while engaged in 1 the tuilbful discharge of He ir responsible duties, leaving f ls-reaved families totally unprovided f--r. then-fore? J Kesolved. That the Common Council appro)iriate the t sum of *1.000. towards the -upport of the- widow and 1 childreu of each of the deceased polieem'-n. ?n-l that a ' coininittee <f three be appointed, for the purpose of ' lately Investing the amount. lleferrcd to th- Committee on P -liee. 1 sLAi'oMTra iiorsi s. A report was received from the t.ity Inspector that a 1 committee of the lb urd of Aldermen be appointed for 1 the pnrf .-e of selecting proper locations nudsuitable and 1

pe.rmam lit pi-rs built tor the removal of animal matter 1 nuL-uiit? >- from the city. tiii; r*Ri. A resolution was carried in favor ofi purchasing the ground lying between the Third avenue- snd Fast River Lit bixty-sixth and seventy-fifth str--ers. and also Ilia; lying lc t wren avenue A and bast ttlvee aud Sixty-fourth as a Park. Tiiiaiv-svt o.ip r.i eo*t 01 the trttsti k.a < t tio nvmoi ?tnn;tn rHl itv ni m i' vohb iv 18-1). By tli<* report, it appeared tliat the trustee* have re. fi'ivid IV- u.' thirty three tli-i'Ml d fin- hundred aui 1 niuety-four depositor*, frotn th* 1st of January ro 1st Jiee< Luler, 1" " th?' -uui of two millions t v. o hundred an t twentj -four tb'>u?an I fire hundred and four dollar- and ' forty rents, and that the rum of on million eteht bun- 1 drvJ ULd nim ty-tVur thousand two hundr'd un l thirty- ' f..11r uohwrs an-i six rents has been drawn out by twenty " four Ihou.'tud one hundred and lifiy-t*o posit >r*; of ' this BUUibrr si* tUouevr.d two buud-e-j and ttfij ->l?e 1 h iT. elated their .crc-ucte. rni. (oi.i.iss lixi rr ?r*.tvrrs. A!J. Grilliu prcposid th* hllowisif resolutions, which were adopted V. lien as. it is d< - med proper that th- Common Co m- ^ eil. on the part of tbe citizens f New Ycrk. sUou'l ex- , ~l?aa the graitUeAtlon so generally Ml at the fucr -s , attendant upi n llic steamers referred to; t! -ref-re K* solved. Tb?t in th- establishment and successful . op'-rstions of tba t nite.l {Hate- mail stemner*. between , this port und l.tTtrpo. 1. this city and country harec va*o . to f. el a deep gratttieation. and t>) cheri-h aud foster the , , tl.t* re ,-t* of the company, by mean' of who apital aud j ir ttiK ore we are iniebti-d tor this additional exhibition ] i.l .too iIran -Kill and rati it. , Ki solved, That thi* C< mmnn tiouneil w-uhl commend , the steamers of the New York aud Liverpool l usted . t-'ali - mail lino to lh" support and conflleuca of their ledow-cliiiens. as well .> to the liberal encourageni nt. , . <f tic general r'.'Vernmont. ' , t 0'-* Is OK jreTK c SI A!.s. A resolution was adopted directing the Clerk of the | Common Council to furnish th* jostle* court! with a , s- ..1. and also with a pref* to work the -aim*. MtKloa OK Iiik. sIlTfcKMM sail TWKVIIKIH SUM. A leaolutlon. in favor of dividing th' t-ixteontli and , Tw-xtli th wur<la into suitable el* elfin d'strlcfs. purjuait | to section 4 of the act pa' cd Ju'y lSil was adopted, tin: i iiik.k ok rm.n r. Nr communication on the su'.ject <\ th>> nomination . v>f Chief of Police was roe< in d fnm the Miiyor up to tbtime of th-' adjournm -nt of the board, until tomorrow . evening; but It w-is understood that tti" Aldermen w?i? *1 out t-hi I I s private or etin ; lii n htlon to the mat j Ur from ?hh h the press were excluded. POSBP OF AWAISTAirr AT.r'ERMEM. 1 i -. in... o..-- : . r I i f.-t. ...... i.i- ?e.. -? Tn ><nt, Ihe riffMfnt be J a quorum of members. TBI J'.STlTlOW Of ? rlDTIHt. j A-ittaat Aldertnm Tn 'in. of the 13th Word. oll.'tvd < a protest against the a'-tiou of the 8 tale l?;(i Utur- in ] ms'trr* conmrtid with ?h.' eity :hart?-r. Tho loud, by a Tote, n to-ed to hav th* protret read. The follow- < 11 j j | i... n? :? ( We the un^errljtttd, cumle-i * of the Board of Ao>i t- j ant Aldim-n. wi.uij r<- j> tfliilj outer our pro- j t? t upon the Journal ot thl? Hoard, again't the ooaetitutitimiity. I< gnltty. i.nJ pr^tii'ly <4 acting, in any man- < n< r or form. a* a body, upon iu; v -ubject that m ij 'om | 11 fere tbi- Hoard, hy Tlrtue of the amendment to the i ehnrter of this rity by the Legislature of the Stnte of Now l.rkJuiy 11 111-beUfViuf raid am ndm nt t<> be uneentitutlonal ill fill, and improper. not havirot been ?uhr..ltt< 1 to the people ot this city, as the amend- 1 nu nt to Ih< cl.tur in 1949 was, (hr their sanction ami npptob.lli li. Planed by P. I" Tir.?ii?. T?'th Ward. j Aiol. .Mrxar. J-t I WimrfsiiH, llth " I Tiio?.J. liiap, iah a ' li A 8i?rs. J4th - ] Pi om t II.ii i t, 3d " Jti? V"i i Aiijin-t I IBM A- blunt AMefBitii Bssa mend to nap<-rd Ih" rules In'fit r to take up ami r?ad the pro e-t Tliamotl'U was l??t. Mid the I'.oc.rd (twi-dol to eianiJir ; rriniiin. | Tb" fill *l?r ) I'lJUri" act" preeentod. Of th* m?tn- f 1 r- of ||< . li'pm.y Id, to b ill their boat altered, lief''red < I John f Austin. to lie f ai<t f r pump and well at ' th' || i | if J llti| 'li st I' ll (llllt ll'illle. IllflTfl'l. ? Of undry pi i ii-. i" lectgwu.. da. a II dtnndl-ac- , , (' r ? i rotary, to be -fi ll' >wj mar Twenty lath etr.i t ' at.d i d at nue I; fi rr. I Of nr.lty | to J at en tit Id* n f Mirternth net. tiiwu Iblrd ai.d buith aruiiwa. lilted up J-t in I , IMItii ti' fTI ?: I Ure'n an 1> haw" Ehdily- * ti ll a tr t r> ttli.l' ii aad l fi in Thud to b'ttiii , an tire R'f'irrd. , I I 111 ?n lo r. ? !' i e lob w ir I 'n II till ir et to- , IW'f n Fifrt and fteond ?T?t U'?. Ilefrrrnl , I'eld.n for ti't'B wi.'r pipes to h< laid In Ki ? th ~ st'nt ft'in 11 rlt F?*rtti an ones Beferrwl J I ?t'l on <f I i . in. I'ir. t mr * 11 f>r an a I f'i U ni o t it r f li n it,e?. Ji. f, rr d. I lilt I. ( f .! 1 ii li il uv.n . i i *.h' r . to ? ?te l?^t I | eti. ! pht'd with ' l.i P -ft I ' i i ri v i r i i- r ?i;i ji.g fmrn'' n i i 1 .. li *?>uu b i. Jrl tlUi .inj klilj IifUl i rlflM*. J 11 M? I., ??! : ?. I t< In'**! f ?t i. I r . y t' * . j-l i. f f. ti il i |'< i. i . t in i i > iMiirM by 1 ?, ' Di In'i*? I'ng ?l? ui t < "/ a i!.i' j ru . cutV?n nf . i> I ' my I | ??l ' ! ! ' " ! ?! I*f I Iti ' r * I f ?'n I I t it f hi .'v.' - : n i mi- i l ti i t ' i i * i .1 * I | J ? . i. n in ? fat' r f >n I 11 (.1 I t. t I l? II IT. I n Mini J'lr-l I n alii I. to' 4 liii'i ' i'i?rrm n* 10" mtnitlnw. i . Im I rib u.l t*i 1 ' Mil i la l?i*M"li % ?l ! ft :n I . iI r ' A'. *! ' , ': t? ,- >i "Ur-n I In. ' f i r mill * ?*U*. ! < R'' I* (birr if n q. fi t < i. ri ' n l > a n th? of l|. irr . In I)'k. fkrk ! (!> * imof Ilii >r' <f toe i.Yoim I .'I I I I |I- ' * ?I f f iDTMO ? h uri?4 10 1, 11 < -.1.' ti 'i 1 ' i r t f r r nrgowiag *>ij " I'll -- I! ? V I i 'lit " I 'I V| > .. " lollnniwaj |rrm 11 rt-i:u ti- liflfMal ?? ? |{i>. ' fi rx' il 'm f i .inri.i'n if- il a i n - ??.k. I'j.ri- ) 11If 1} ? l'af " ' 111 r,, ( Luri "i lb "I li uli . i ' . I mi iNtf I t | I' i t i. n't i" "it.- i *ii?i ' i! .* ' ? t " in r-.tfi j ' .. ili mi httiin I >. i > bJ . n tli 1 . , i I< i 1 ' i ' 'i " . I I . in "it . : m " 1 i't f ;i ' ,i ft rtr if ft I'l'- t'HI h?i?i irtiti Kifft;'i 1 > l*?l. If tin j ' > i , r *'l t. J T ' * * Pi j t" I ' < 14. ' I ? I fit... < I 1 f tl ? rltj nl* I>< ? flntl l*!i < m tl t il fft i >1 II I. t J1 ' i 1" <ll< n l M l- tl * MM |!n 6ri<'<. n iti r t n i- In f :? t <f n* r ' > TV n ivr>i * i 1 .i*i <i tb" >' i IT. ii< i. It ? . i' hi ' i l it .'.iiiii *ii I ? | ?' r '*if!i. Itl tt< i th ?tr< '. K i?r"ii t1-*! i t?i ' i * i I lib I 'I'" I !-< fi r ..r III Tn r.ty.; fi'i . tit inn'i i I it > i r Ail 'I 1 ..... ' t*l 11 ijit ( 'i - i i >'!. -i ?Tli* '>n< J * i??l I, t*, '?n ?>f 111 '^lti< u'ii . : )?!-"lh ' jrti ' ( l">il uf fi< w fi.i.nn II 1 t ' .9 ). wa Ui.ii i (f mi tab'i > 11 ib .In j "in it n vf Mw Jncfctcp, vi \ki ii'jii'j." , Pallet I THE nTro^n c\,?0F V'HDKR >N seemany?in* M V M'EX Y SOLVED. 0* Inonde/ morning, a Terr singular ru> of rlrcumitantial ?* '??ne** occurred, wni<*h caused the arrant of lb,,., jerinan "migrants on its charge of murder ; ami | fc,*oot the tupaaard victim of the foul deed been found I .siterday, in all probability tbe three inane ut Germans I would bare bwi 'objected to a long incarceration. aud . yaabably ylaoed on tria? for the supposed crime. Imp- i pear* ibat the firm of Charles Mulier k. Co , merchants, | of No. HO Mat" street, received a letter, per steaunhip Atlantic, from Pobwaruffist. Germany cautioning thein not to pay a draft drawn on them for til* in the name of Francis Mieller. who was supposed to have been murdered by some other German*, who had taken passage ! v am-rica. l'he mutter remained a mystery to Mr. Mulier, until Mcrday morning, when a German named V .dtin Hauler called on him. aud presented the very diuft against which he had just been advi.-ed, per steam- I ship fr< m Europe, not to pay. Tbe presentation of the draft justly exoittd suspicion, and his arrest was immediate)) made, by Officer Fulton, of the bower police, a* ' were also two other 0< rniuns. named John lllcliert and Frederick lielmer. believed to be accomplices, and the three men forthwith conveyed before Justice Lnthrop. on the suspicion or having murdered one Francis Mieller, slid tied to this country Neither one of the (lemmas were able to speak Kngfish. and their endeavored explanation in their own language was not paid much attention to. The Magistrate committed all three to the Tombs, to await a further examination. After they were committed, police oflloor Fulton ascertained that the scented parties arrived in tbe ship llulbeit. which ' reached this port on Friday last, containing tlrrro .usiui grants; and on searoning tne snip, una likewise the boarding home ot' these men, the oWwr found a trunk, eiidently the proper y of thu supposed murdered man, a portion of whoai name was still visible on tbo top, but nus believed to have been aerate hod off by design. The trunk was opened, and found to contain the pa**- | p< rt, and numerous other documents, the property of the supposed murdered man. The trunk and i's contents were placed in the car.) and custody Of Mr. atewart. the Clerk of Police During the day. yesterday, the astounding and mysterious affair was satisfactorily explained to the magistrate, through i the industry of < Dicer Fulton, who ascertained that a Herman bearing the name of the uLsslDg man. had arrived in the same ship with (he prisoners, and had the | day before visited Williamsburg. Accordingly, he went ' there and soon found that the man lie war,ted was in jail, having been arretted the day before for an attempt to take the life of a Herman w oniau whom be had visited. and had been eemmitted to prison by the magistrate 1 for examination. The officer explained the matter to the iustiee. who very politely permitted Miellertogo in the t custc dy of the officer, and be was brought before Justice l.otbrop, when a -alisfactury explai.atii u took place. Mleller stating that he had sold the draft he had on tbe house of Muller h Go . to i'.uoier for fli.and on referring , to the pa-f port, that corresponded exactly with Midler, ami as to the rubbing otf the name on tbe trunk, that, he i said, was dene on board ship, by the friction of other . trunks rubbing again.*: it l'be explanation was piaurihle and substantiated by the other facts in the case. Tile thieo Germans were brought from prison and informed ! rd' the whereabouts of their former ateitciale. Midler, whom thev were suspected of killing The poor (termins ! received the intelligent.'with evident sign* of delight, especially when the magistrate iuloiuied tltCB through in interpreter that tliey were at libi rty sgmn ts proceed ibout their business. Midler was conveyed back to tVilliacisburg. nnd again placed in jail, to await the lufc-tipatlon pending on the eliarge preferredsgain. t him. tnd thus has ended the mysterious charge of murder. It KB* net use<rtuined how, or In what uiaunar. the suspicion occurred in ermaoy respecting tl.e supposed | winder of Francis Mleller: but tliis mistake v.-tli nu doubt I p? explained on tbe next arrival from Fnrope. , Hint anil -Jaaiili oil fiie Paticruun?On Mundaiy evening. I a disturbance recurred imong several men in Broadway, m ar Fifty-first ttree',, in which the combatants bcgx.ii 1 to tesr down fence*, and do other mischief. Tbe police ul th Nineteenth wsrd osiue, and ri monetratec with the i icier- and requested tliem to desist; but, instead Of so d"ing. they made a dc.'peratc attack on tbe officers, nuu p< I ted ll.? id with st< ties, and polict man lticiurdson was knocked down by a blow from a stone, and ha l bis ' iy? marly cut. out; and. when down, several of the it ll.aus ruthi d en him. and heat and nbu*td hint in a i hsre.lul manner?so much so, that much doub'. exots 1 of hi-ucovety. other aid was obtained by the police. ' sod six of the rioters were arre-ted. Their names arc? I IWi ly V usphy. J< hn Hughes Michael Feemy. l'atrl -k i 1 Kelieiiy. I'atiiek Bohcir. and linger t'lancey. Th i ac- | l'1-id parties were conveyed belore the magistrate a'. I Ji iliTM n Maik't police, aid wd" committed to prim to answer the cliurg. in default of yjOO bail reonlied. l!i >Ram. SI,ilt.?Officer r'eholelii Id. of th' TLird ! District I'cliee Court, arr. st d je.-tirJay h man uani< i , Panic! Kiet/. on n ebeige of hriaking open a truck tie-torping to Jirniy i;amr. residing ut -So. 7; All n :t< hi, and stealing therefrom ib'-i in gold .m l bank bill . | Iht a"M i d and the complainant lodged in lb; -utne ot ui t- gelt' r, nil. in th abfleii'*;' of ban. r. th* trunk j mis foil ;-4 <jnu by Uict/, and lb. mouey stolen . ] bvi'-ft .111. Brooklyn City Iiitelllmenre? Asm 1 M i.t 01 thi B jai: 1 > no Scram HOas.? j 1'hia body held their annual meeting yesterday. at the Vunty Jnil. when 1 r. ll-rry (of Williamsburg,) wa , ; ? elected < bairn- n l.lltlr buriD*-- *.- Iran-net' J beyond reading 'be re- ' x>rt of the Suf.iT'utTi.Vnt' of the I'nor. which n.s | cry al.le and interesting one. Weexti.iet the following ' particular ?The wh le number relieved wi'htn the ; ounty of iiimr f.r the past year. * a- 8731. of whom 1 ( betewi-r" within tie ci'.y of Brooklyn 'J 060 ; in WU- 1 iaiusburah. 1 . 0; Uitlacds and llatbueh 4; tiraveseud ' ' ind New 1 tui'fcl. ' Tb? aggregate ot tm.t. y cxpeiid' d \ ??s $?'4 1M 16. Oi this sum $37,S10 O J v.a? for the trivial relief of 1!.o poor. Temporary relief, $0,361 51 , I'bc amount r?c. i\e.i on annum 1 f the poor. was $j'.' 64' t7 (laneeesnt temporary relief. $6,000. Oftha amount xpeoded for the support of tiio poor $16(14* 80 was ap- I uln d to tin* 'iipp'ilt and ataintenanee of jiatwnta In tint ] and hniall pox bouse, wh'cll. -.itiled by the ! ; iti rape numb' r < pati-'nt- la th ?? building- iurin* the )e?r. g.v $1' > 'Js pi r ani.uus. cr 87! 04 per week,a, the tot nr. 1 cost 11 - ach (Kti- ut: er.d tl" amount applicable III the sup/a lt Of the JM'air decided by the average nuui r 1 1 up"' - kn t In tli Aim li'iuse duriug th" yrjr 1 eji lu-ive i f patient" in the hospital). girt* $17 74 per iniiuin. or cent- j er week, as the actual cost of etch 1 MM 8T I Tlie number- ( f pauper* in the Alms II"U'e, Hospital md A-ylnu . on Hi" I t ' ! August was IM Idniittidln -aid building during th* year 2847 Tutu! o,.'17 Mpcbai . J during tin- jru 'J 417 M.?. OIH|xl Hi' DM or 111 111,1 '-lit..... It >ut mi tri il I!< i, uinii lu l '?'r II" il-t. of July. Utltiti"' ll'ttviu l. jle* OTfr 10 Jour* ufugr, 002; un1 m?I> r 1*1 jur- of agf. 24o; undt-r. ft! Mm4mh(||| '' " '' rDiIdri II. f?rrlipi?r*. 45J; lunatic, Hi. Tin* c-timatod amount of innooy nani'*-.* ry to !? r*L-i 1 f. r th< yrar rmlingSUt of July. 1*32 *a* 07' i' li.j' K?Umat? i.'n iry f.?r ttu- IVniteatUir. |Ho Tin .'at-ti, oftin- l.iiimlAirlum -board ttololD'r.ii'r kill, i -i'if ui. < liargo anU death*, during th? |T??r:? . /'ratal*? 7VV/ j Not ,!. -of |.?i'".|ii. l-t Aiiuti'-', in vl A'!iollt?J lniti<gtb' ji ir ill U M i 11> 1 hi oil i r In i t in i 11 lIn- yon. lAi 100 173 1 HI I hi i. tli'ifo wi-rr di-cliai^rd i,,| * 11 IP l||i|.|o?..| 7 12 ID I mi- proyid 2 n 3 i D.'U 3 11 14 I'otal cl i-liaf o d iJuiii i tbf j#-ar ,..'ji) .17 57 lire itinii-jx In tV .' y ui i Augu-t 1. ll.'il .40 ~.i lit Total 0*1 ICS 173 iflli.-.. u.-tiii Ibrrr ?rii' j;.u), r lautir* of Ktr?? ronolJ? 'J* ti1 01 I in. fro in Ktrc t'o nriar uity clmrga.. 4 .1 7 . Ti m mh r mill#* 7 .'1 10 'tijuitiil >>; (.VuiMiuliitn Calj|nilia. I 0 10 Total a 13 73 lit Ai' arr ,i . r ?t r I. fi r tbr I' ,r.i I ' ' ?*'. ' ' I. ui i > ii i : I In jir'; J . i 1 tl. < , ii 1 iitlr rjlum ant th* Ikard adj'lirnil 11U 3atnrdiy | \ i j.t at tW' o, * ,(; but In lot* aapar ,' . ihiyruiria i 1 in ii i i* i iimt Jut.?IT1- Jh* rift, a* th* I 'MtB ' ti ?f ilia p, i t -op. loi too tin Supr rr aor* ll't.'u tiltl l.i ai In .' !i r t.I ?oir ,! <?*t lili I* Id 1- rr t r :. .. 1 M "j ;I ' Ui ' Jury. Tii* } i ' i i ii rara tl - ?L .'t ' n % ,'r. . i, r j i }* ii i 1 nd to the foh.ft.'t i 1 rl. an'Tn*. a ' t lln i-ri-oi i-i?. Tt" fault* r in;loin d <<l'ar.'tnlliely 1 airgt'tl" . hi fmrtlnn 'f th? i nil i'na. * h' 'h cat?ar* | ilit i-i ; 1. r,t|. it;, n : |.i-.,*.irk | tl.' ' i' <1 a *1 f 1,1 HT', ;y of a - ' i the fi rr tig 1 t t n ) n. } r | ,. ii.I r* t< iog It. up 'l i t. a id It la 1 1 i I in 'lath r, 11, , t? ?? *-null it ii. ti a-, hi ilia uif'i 11 i . yli .1 i l1 Jr-i.', ra'.tiiii. A am toa-lltf to I ! i m in hr ?ir?? tia ?, an j i at, - 'i, f r tr.n t < f a | if hi j? <.-rrj i<i i' - hr< nm 'vl' n n .1 H i irtp" In hi '* il i ?t< fitntirt fi I'\i n uil .it i i i1 ' 11 I'I ; il r hi.I' i-'Ji i t:t i J: p it ! i | i ;-<i? ti r Ihii B-untrr i.f It vl.V : .1 n. U t( In- , * l U 'li : lit ' .rr 11 ihirt. Il' (i.i.t- Trri well ? ; i ",l i i - i 1 .i ! . i 11! ( i. > ,.i * ' I' . >t J. I I- I i . < I Oj I" : .. i', t u ' ii n j ((if' In.- i ?!.' ; i ' in l.icl I iot . i i; . ip. r'.'ntu, "Jb? lit ?. M? I' II 1 villi '.(ft ; Mdl, i.l nil,' fill ?tt II I i ? t.i i iinlit villi MnntiJ hiit k I -t r ? r!'|i liir.i i.i tlp-ugh ?rr. <t tjf 1.1 1 prr? *' t.?' 1 li? r> i i>v?n?. n* ' v: I'r 14 n'. r p rri iMa. hi- *' r v"' hf ?Ii h. '.it ; .r iiwl ivm ,, tin? iiinni th bp-. rtol??. . n I iu of iJoug- w M.t! U> i- 'TI. f. d tLr Irpri' T* r< r M(c If. C. ti ii ' T? ( Tin i nt-ir, T?ti ,x. 1. '.J ?n .ii l n Hun vji.i w i l??i| 11. r il ? 11! If it t v hl'Tiv 'ti >'imlii7 fi *bt. vu4 .Huron! It fl nl. iMr if lit* i' t Kit, il iii .I i '?f i"nrj? u ?| r >l>' I.i- miiiJi I n Ci>?>il A trrdid i f*t?ira*4 ti ..I vt Ij -ii i , it" / i ~i . i f'm m ,ii i n i ? C .t ?tpM? 'f? it < #f. ny. vnttlHl tin. liMJf Mil i r>4 Arf?v i i . ' * i" i '. . '' HI J\'I : rri I Lt 11'J Tin ?' i| ft.' .1 ,'W i : I - bi ' |i. . 11.0 I.; kih ???it (i i n i. nt.ii Tti' . .. i r in , . > i.ii il ?t '< ._?'i ' Ii. ..I. In ? . -i i ? ?. h (I ih- . ?? . mirrl i f ! ". i tut |iO'lf.| In ( ( .| il il. t v i I.'. 1 ok l !. '. '* i . ' . 1 i ml | i i ii H f 1 tr ' ii' 1 Ii- !. : f | 11i ii i - w ic r s . itliO i i?. i it' . till- u ; liii' 'iitiiii ? llii I t *1. * II hilf hi" * * ot 1 ili'i l|i i'i ! (TMiiili "ii t. ili' .I trr- vi j i.i ! i1 ir'. ?'i I 1) Il , ii*;, fl n it i (. ?') w i i'ftvr 'I i Iili f?l In ! I* c!i j. fr o oilnti 4. m t nn j.| i. i-t " - l.i'i i i' wnl, end '? vi i ui mi kvm." || j * I j ( I , 11 I I ' ' , ' . I I - r - - f' I 1 hr Tiirfi 11 v 11 ' i i 11 11 * - r !i?? vx i < ! <?.t? ' l|-if in (n I', ki in Mrl I | ' f * fi d r / r> y Tri J T., ' 1 1 i? V i IT ri if ' , l.i,tii ft * '1 '1 gi.njrfi ti f ' tt'lli j ir i i nt>i i s ? H'.i i ,ii Irn <,r. ill ll<r?'.?rl iM..|..| | .?li?rfc?lt?i<*)t U t. ? Jtrtjg-OVj I* I TBI IMULD FOR RVROPB. hails for Kritori and ama, ay nu artam?mir ATLANTIC. The Atlantic leaves this port, at noon today, for Liverpool. The mail* will close at half part ten o'clock tbi* morning. , The K? w York Herald, printed in French and English, will be published at half-past nine o'clock thie morning. Its content* will embrace all the news' rumor*, and report* from Cuba. Also, all the intelligence that may be re-eived to the hour of going to prc*H of the filth destructive tire in Ban Francisco. AUe, the latest commercial and political news of the wock. Single copies can be obtained, in Europe, at the following places :? Id wards, Banford It Co. .No. S Columbia BnildlBg*, L'pool. M. D : Bernard)- .No. 20 Jchn street. Adelpbl, London-. |dwaldS? Saul'ord k Co No. 17 Corubill, London B. 11. Revoil No. l'laco de la Bourse, Farts. I Advertisements, as w.dl as subscriptions, will reach | Ut If left at the above places. At * meeting of ttie Police or Fout-Ui District, field in the btation Hoc ,o on Tuesday evening, August 8th, the following resoluti us were uuar,ini'>usly adopted : ? Resolved, that the mumlcrs of the fourth District I'olice have occasion to lament the violent Heath el' auutlier of tUoif sue iates, Michael footer wh > va assassinated on tho morning of the let uf August, (instant,) while engaged in the discharge of his duty. I Revolved, That wu ertremcd Michael foster as a fearles* and competent uiRcer, and kind and intelligent citlion, and deeply sympathise with the widow and 1'atWlcss in their attli. lion. Kc.-olved, That we w ill cheerfully tn<l promptly contri bute one day's pay to tl e bereaved family, ami earnestly commend them to tho putlio authorities and the benevolence r.l n community, in the servicu ol' which he '.as lalleu Resolved, That a ropy of the lor.'going resolutions to authenticated and forwarded to the widow. - J. Mt'KKAV DITCIISTT, Chairman. Wu mam Baud, Secretary. ^ Canal Revenue Certificates.?To the Editor . of the Now Vork llrrald. a i.havv, August , MR. t I have ohaerved acvcral articles in your own and other journals, whose views ire adverse to the recent law f>r the curly enlargement of the Erie ' dual, disputing tho safety of the Canal Kvvtnue Certificates us an investment of capital. Un a .|ucn ion so interesting not only to capitalists hut to the community at large. it if important thai correct viewrliould prevail. A careful examination of the subject must satisfy every mind, n t wholly blinded by party prejudice, of the sufficiency ol the revenues pledged fur the redemption of these certifiestes. I propose, in the first place, to call your attention t>> the prr.'cut financial gyttcm of the State, the umountof its debt, end tho meats provided for its payment. Tin constitution of -Id sets apart a large portion of tho canal tolls to form two sinking funds for the psym.-ag of the State debt. The amount taken from the canal revenuee for the-' sinkirg funds is JI ,'i"it),(XX) per annum; and after. Iniu 1, 1SV?, t!:c contribution is to be increased to V- 'kW.OOU per an-uin. ltsecnistoti forgotten by sonic, that 1 tJor this j 'iikiug fund system o ir prerent dubt will be steadily reduvtd, and in few year i extinguished. The aili mut ol the car il debt at the end ol the present ti?cal year (Sept. ltd. will be . . lu Add gtucral debt ... C, .V'.WJ .'!? *k,i.''?i,siia i- 1 The canal debt * ill be paid olT by th' sinking lund u l*do, aid tlf entire State debt will bo extinguished in l-tllor l*"il. These results are mathematically curtain. Thus it ' will t " rccn, that in lens than tsenty y> art (if ti.: revenue rtlecal s shall net havi been sooner pul l fr. in the snr r.luf) the retire amount of the an no:'I .ontribnti c? from It c st al revenue to the sinking funds, being 42.njiJ.OOJ pet iniiiii", will then be tel. ated. and male applicabl by xprcar cons'.itutioi al ii june't. a to the paymtnt ol the certif.eaku* The most unfaioral it view that can be presented by nuy p .s-il.'e sophistry or it.vnuity is, that the payment of the revenue certificates may be deterred, in ptrt, rruil after the It mat dc't shall have t en paid by the sinking run !*. i utiKLa. i "v ' m r, i. * - 11 ?ur put cir .u.DO? U M Im regarded as a rate tonnda > u for forming a! Dilation* respect in. the liituro trade ?t 'he canals. tin.- surplus toll* will l.e .-efficient to dlichai s* tin . eicuue cvrti Senven *>onei lht.!i ihe old debt will bo ex'.ii tuiahed by tlio sinking funds. I'n till* point faots and lijii' i are mure eatisf.i r'.ory than Ih ! rcti "?l estluiat". Jet ue 'ook at the u 'tuol amount ol i anal tolls i .r the nrat lour li:?al years under ti.i new coas'.ltutl-n:? Vear tx-ding So-p. 1 t" * 1 '" 'l.PTo P? I I .'i,ISMM 21 '1.377.7*4 27 lav '..'.Al.ird bj Al*'r paying fr-dii til-. e-\ "ues the expense <1 superin tcn?rnr? cnu rr|.iirs, i I ''100 to the Making Fund*. and y ai.'i.i ill to th< General Fund, t e act surplus uppli able t ti e unf mated worn was as follows:? t ear cm'.ir ? Sep. i'l, 1M7 y-l.c-'lt 1, i?4o at imi?!i 7? " i?,*o *>>,?; <:i f.K,.d3 Si I, login av. rare surplu- . ?"* ',!/. 0 -1 per ana- n . Lore any ooe appreh'i d th. t the actual rr'ius io any future period will leleadtlau tiia averagn lor the laatfout years! i be results of the present y:at are iuthi.Lt t settle th,u it:jii. ti i .ot.t' f tolla r reived I?t Octal r l-.V) tn tha 3d week, inclusive, in July, 131, w as ? Vl.llal.itU -J To -an time in l</>. .. 2,-.l?!,7'i2 " Increase over previous Ureal year .. .?513,870 li It ibuH boreaiem!*red, in conn?tiou v al. c large ia! ii that there was a reduction of tolls on Hour and wheat It the opening of tl.a ca- al- in April, ol 21 per cent. It lias been contender, however, that th?. future rtvenuea .r-to 1 o impair. dly 'lie r ent act rctehsing the railroad 'ron the payment ol >a al tolla altar the present year. Those a hj ar laioliar wit,tie Insi.icss of t'? gr-u'West, ito ons'tr.t incresre u p-pulaiiou and | redact. ,u, and :!.e rrpid extension ot railroads at.d canal : which rent' iraa irade towards the ?ievi 5 r': market, indulg n s i all ap it would he 'jrisible lor the railruals t> tranrport the actual lucre of tonnage, front year to year, Irmo the Country hi j il l 1 l akes. At tic opening id tho hav.'itiorr next spring th" Wsbasi tnd 1 tie ca* nl will has b.-. i .itended from T r. limit- t It . <.),io; thus conipletin. O longest in the 1'iitsl |ti ates. pssaiag throuah ac ntry ot undrpatscd fertility. II c extension ol tids canr from Terra Haute t > thaO wiil.o. llsell. Iritr n ten I-than the milr , sn trry SimilarImprovement.* wow pro.rrcae in Oti o, Mlehlgix, Indiana, Illinois. Wi*i-n- n, n-ra. Xo., * ill add irantn I) to ti e omacrrsof I' c l.t'i t Thrrearo ot!.. r < laments f i <MH <o ? ell hr ? e and in d ?to< d, sn ! so ?iilkii - ly 11Instritel bp our pr?i nt weekly return', auto rtudtreoui Ihr. it I v rfiaaii.inr l|. lion It tint tba St tt? ! act Uat<!? for ti n I'ltMdt of ill- . -,t a# an ordinary l>l. It it i> trm that tba liability "i th# .ta'c i? limited to rb nhlid* U- i ta p-.ulatc tba tn . il toll*-a at to nrc'luci ? Itvv an.-nut < ( revet. .? i. .id than t apply the aurpl n, after di# rlir;tri Ibt pritr Ir tf tr tU l y the C uatltatl'a, to tLv 1 ajt.u'H if the cartifloat I thia undartaklntt'*U State ixutrn a tru?t c( tli -hi'l"'t cMiraMtn. T!i .'priuolpta < l p.rt faith ao nalfiualy f.< ?ti -d and acted up nlyanrpo. pie it i ufliri?nt ittiarahte. toe .n* boaaat performta-a. Inlpai'd>?t ..t unj <" mi "' rat ,j of m r .1 date, iuaon. i?ti a* t.'ia certllleat## are to 1 ma 'ctha taiii of ' ;rr n-f, thebaic people will l# dint'tlr otercntcd in ntlattiaiii; tin r?ttawaandU fa th'n aiplicati.n. L.t t>? ceupar tl.c revmne rtttitel! * h tl Kailr ad C>*t ?. in filch ?? it Urge aiac.uaU < capital ara lire tad. tf tt i< tl a* ''utiiafor tb<t ptnn I of It a .1 ro-.J linn.!., rieitta. t) ? *.. na.l inn thiru l -td? f tlaa Ma* T.rk aul I rie Rail ? t l C< inpiny f Tt.eyra t jt.roly open ti>? ia< n? of t'i? ? ml. I lie lord. r parti \ lth hit mou-y at a bit fait i !a t' ?ulbilciict' t the trad* and ?. ana ol the lint ar.d tbl in. elect U l.i ??1y ?i f ty. i i la pet Hi] ineiBi'.i' y ..f aharr-hnidcra. Thci# llel-i' tv. lit" that aft* P'tv ;?t' can ctt i roaaid< ra i >n. i ! nitc I t t t ha ta " ' adnata'' tiltku "l th# corr-iu at i t'ia 1 t ap; 1 tti >n I tti' bttam. If tl.a lsc? uie I aillvicrt the U .adt am ptH?It act, t ot. It may I# aaid that t'' > n rate proparty ft Ra'lr<i? * C.'BT'i'j i? ?>< <1 i IU tl.'1 *i I ft'1. | tjfortjr t i cati't. <1 I.) IU ii't .! t and If th' In or c i- InnHa jt.a'. a t. ?. rt In tli# prnpefy ia ' n a ill, h?j ,id i.trlml* i altt# f c. rlaln n rl .i I i" ..nil ci *.wfii 'i in tuat ton In. i vr...iil.|ti ai, ft tbi lift i rt,vt?'.. II f ?i l-n ah' WM at t # :i: 1.1 r mi a ! l.t at"pi ii r -i nt to i mi Id . r t r. .ipt noil rt. *4.? 111 i it ant lao?? i f t' IU ?' r t T r:r r ??. f.all. '11'.r th# laat " year a. V, , ill. t.r . to'ln alii fill h 1' w tl at aai-raa , tr a>Iif. I l? i.i It. p ilally aft. r tha aal. nt ri al! M i opiate . U a , i?cti' n vl Ich addrn .ti II I#, tl :nr t j > pr?< 'i ? I ! ?? a ?a nl.n am "i..j.f..l : > awn trl aeeidafvt i i triclaaa?a a p;< p i. tvi. . S..a a-o I ..riy t-ab.-a by i l.r piat t*p-tl . . It Vaa Inn h Id t!.t tl.a ; !n. I n f tba ctatl certiP-. ithtu ilfl fit!. t in,-v.i! i ... r. 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