Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 6, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 6, 1851 Page 4
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KEW YORK HERALD, JAIK4 OOKOOt fhoprijirt?a avo cki * -? corner or rvtr.^Zm nr%_ jrtt* b*>ILY m-Vtm (Ht| hfwriiL %l 9% r?"'?wi" m r*t ?khj?; mi rc*> suw.**, ?^T/X'"&??Srfirt irv Mr**?? ? *?5 ^r^g'^vg^ans.&iftaai **A ?i?TlCVti?lf tl^l'UTU) tv IU1 ill "?'ni< PtWHU ?ekt to r?. l "ETrtM 6f Matt, / ? 9ui??rMtfrfMt ?r trtlA JAf rtii^piij, t* j< pui'-jKi,.t ?r (At pvil^s* vt,i M 4pAui?l0Tro*H Ml mit't rrmittfJ. XVI ? . NIT AlSCSEECVTS TBI3 ET?SI*S. ?n?M?? ... .,!, EOIIII. NIUT THEATRE Bowitj- ALL the Wokli i A Tint Oi'imMu. nibloe garden, lmttc!.-9?imiA>n *?? V?M-Tm T?o?-kA. NATIONAL THEATRE, CbMAMK MTMA?MaarLBi Cajibidatt? A:>o?t??> Child? Bit* ticaru ?>? At?bLUM ? DlIlI U. _ OUIim H IN STEELS, MMtoriN' 111 01 EtoaAwaj ? Bthiopiab momsut. ULLOVr MINBTSSLS. hBow" MmNMl BtU. Mb. AM hNMrImtriti HuiTMUf. asiikai svui'i-aBNIM fnMluKM an ?BBNO> an BTBBIBB IvniTRT lT ft IT T^ITT 1/V v xj XJ jui kj x x XJ i J x. tw V?rk, Tfcwmlajr, &a|ul 7, 1U1. TtltfNghlc Snmmvy. We Lave a despatch from New Orleans whi:h OMfaaa oar previous advices that the Cuban revoIwttaaista had been effectively pat down, and many wf their ring- leaders captured If Gen Lopez actually sailed from New Orleans, in the steamer Pampero, oa hitherto stated, we m ?y soon expect tw hear of his sudden appearance on the coast o( FWlda, -with a .Spanish uiaa-oi war -man very wleoe at his heels. The chivalrous General took Special care this time to go out in a vessel that weald run rather faster (ban the > reole, on board of which he came so near being caught before. The returns of the Mate elections last Monday, come in very slowly. All that we have will bo teoad under the proper head. Tho indications of the Western elections are, that both the seces. newssiets and abolitionists, or free eoilers, have been defeated throughout, and the Union mou sustained. It ia *l-o certain that there will be a l.irge deinowratie majority in the next Congress, and, of course, WfpOfed to the present whig administration Tho Ihiuxe pro-pects of tho, as a national party, *i? gloomy in the extreme. The democrats of the State of Ohio as-enabled hi convention yesterday, and unanimously nominated Governor Reuben Weed for re-election as t-evemor. i olonel Medill, another thorough demowrat, was nominated for Lieutenant Governor. .vix wandidatce for Supreme Jsdges were also chosen. The bc-t feeling Mcifi" to hare characterised the practcumg* of (be convention. Wild Cat, the StiniEol* chief, apj.etrs to have fallen out with the Mexicans, and threatens to make war upon them, and with the view of cirrytag out his threat, has removed his squaws and trap* on this tide of the border If the govern sent 4m* not take speedy and efloCnal measures to make good our treaty obligations with Mexico, this Waterloo- Indian will be likely to give u< as much trouble in his new location as his tribe did in i IVrida. This country agreed to check the predatory incursions of the Indian' on the the stipulation be fulfilled The -Lip Joseph Barker, with a large amount of datum on hoard, was recently destroyed by fire near New Orleans. It will not be surprising to h?ar that several other vessels ltden with cotton have I heen burned, unices there is soon a better price flov the staple iD Liverpool. Wc have accounts of two dctruetire fires In * Abode Island. That at Providen w destroyed c?n dcrabls property Thj one at Arkwright was an testadiary net. Intel rating frem all Parte af thr tVeildtenh, Rut, Wrat and Heath. Py arrivals yesterday, we have received later in mrmai.ij ironk reru, i tun, .New f>raaadt, Bolivia, Leuadcr. H-'iidorat, Ike Sandwich 11 lands, | Jamaica, tska, < t? goo, and California, and V>? all [arU of hurope From boliTii, Hon durar, and liruado' we hav< reeeH ed nothing wor of particular refercnc ,Vm.' fen lactf o( pvbtic internet ha\e come to hand from < ii itam.Ua, (bough p<rb*pe ol not to Ui* a date at before re M>*ed. Tke arrivai ol the bath Nacooehce at tbir pert, furmrh. - Tory foent new from Neuritj-t, ( uba? locality about eighty mticf from Puerto Prineipe Tkc authority for thtx ntwt is each ? ought v< I oanmacd re*piet; and ?? believe that th; l?ri<! hilar y f the affair is correet. a? wo bare private i fMera^ion to corroborate it? chief features. Tu< ot break. then, it appear*, war hy no tnexn pat- , rat It was conducted by a few indi-idual*. tome i oJwionibee "arreaderod th. ui-i e? to toe go- | wemic. r.t, and by other* who *till re man in the mountains. At present, well informed par act reprereet tkat all ia quirt?to much to, that w. may bear no more of tke Cuba rertliti va for ?.'?<> tun.;, artiencral I.opei bat gone in the Pampero tt i the h and In tuck < a c, a a, w eicit mmt inujr | kv rai-.d by ki? pretence, end one tkat will b.- of | too- in) >riane? thin that of Puerto PrmcipO, f whkk ?e? ti. t to bare brci. a rnrh and une "vid rod emanation. which might pa?t oft wery w*H here on , tie fourth of Juiy, bat which, under the elrvum | Maaeet, teem* t> h.\* been altogether navuie,. ; potrd. ewraa*. I'aerto Prit.eipe, Mi-mld any landtag I* < f. -ted on tke if.and <f ( aba, it i- ronwrtUk hit w th*- i' i i i i m hw u.i j will k1t? a* -n rt ur ? ? ur. tW cfiiiug nit.kot Wt |'obli?h that wc hive r- ived or, the tiiMtl; t j vc--.m' nt "I ?uacat Mi l a ] Ut:< lr*tn our ever* - \ in lent In - nti (nation v! th?, wt Lm?c ? t*l*gr.tphl<* 4 *>at"h fr a> ' > ? ''rltftr.ft wiii i Mat that LA" ravoia* tou^rj ??*aa.* hi ban hern Tie <"aJif -rnia ika* Ii tna'fimi m"jf ?"in?(?L by wb'flii tc tram the lulor and jxtent of tint l*?t mating rat ion in inui I rtticiKo, win. rt refer*! 1-*e! *** tortured, re*ulu?r l/i ? largi lo" ? : property ?4*t|b ?c hare nit'>i to helicrr that the amount ^ *'w?, in naeh i? Inn' e, ban been *?T j tc** "Uu iioJ A? m /natanre. wt way * l**t , *w* it?*. u, *h'w ?hf m'*4v of computing 1 <** < ui ; California at t?.,- I?* sre. W# BAtie* in the liat <-f prepwty 4,*'r?,y i, pr<?? 9f tb? jiUi ! 4'mH/mmn, ?b u . Mv.ut U.irti fire th*>nMUi I wtd n?i th* a>ai?4 .]ol'.>ra Tuia a-arr probably, m i I j 1?, |u t'*i? o?<t of the buildup mLo It ,Ll, . (|i j(| unt #r ' ?m iarly rajBiat" I, i ? , I t?. ?tr TlWtlJh** U?ou<a 4 k .. ovunil Im it ?xk Vi.tnl ?,f &t ! th (iivihtn- ' Mod llUii(t'?l>ilr^ i.i tiv . % r?i of o*?i* .Uuf It . wfc jh ?' * - ?, I 1 w* ?na*t<my U J4(., ? , , <l aWrarti oiw, ami raJc list 1to t it i n.< f in tter r Mthr't hy arrv .* ut.r 'Ti : I ?j.,r. .*kw* Tii?t lb? ?.r= o> 1 ??b*vo fc' l^'ii. ti, ft; thf %?] .Hi ' of lb . * '.y i ( ' Ht< ur. ii'fj ftt iRh * ? *? ??.%, Ml iblK 0,?:. if- I* l*t I,.. fiii 4' tV ? ' %<i v? ; k the truth. On tb? oontrmry, however, the fosses urx I ititiou* beyond precedent m similar cu^es, and we are bound to exi?>3e the in-af'.lity, If not "-ho danger, of making .La foments to far removei from the authority of reality and of fa t. Annj ther subject of interest connected %i;h California, is the of in ttu region. Tne 1 atrocities perpetrated in this low i-'fotc are jh'dlinf to thn sensibilities of cfrllired society; and wo oan i well account for that summary exercise cf justice which an outraged and alarmed population apply in certain cases, ia view of barbarities aal I cruelties, which the rcguiirly delegated i&w of the land cannot prevent, aoJ =eeius tardy in pual-:h< ing. At JSonoru, tor instance, an editor, with tro or three of*his assistants, is shot in cold bfood, and the i?rpetrators of such diaboiioal deeds appear to do their work with impunity?neither the law no: the common convention of the people for publ'c safety, interposing any obstadoto the recurrence 01 such murders. There Is no doabt that California is the theatre for the wiokednosi of thousands whe have no respect for property, for human life, or foi the commandments of the decalogue. These art terrible scourges to that new country, so full of hop< and so full of energy and enterprise; and tho sobei and industrious citizens of that State sh uld first address themselves, for the sake of public security and the general prosperity, to the t*ek of purging the land of its worst evil, and an Increasing one. From Chili and Peru we learn that railtoais an making rap d progress in public favor?a very grati | fying fact far the consideration of the world?sine* ; it argues well for the future success of that portiot of JSouth America. Another piece of intslligenee 01 much interest is, the announcement ihroigh oui correspondent of an arrival at I.iui.i of a vessel, with a cargo of Chinese laborers, whoso service; have been sold at a high premium. Our reader will take this fact in connection with the latter part of Henry Clay's letter, which we now pub' lish, as particularly pertinent to the subject. Mr. Clay's letter, though written sometime ago, contains many valuable suggestions, and has been the theme of discussion in Jamaica and the British West India Islands, and in many parts of South America. The Chinese (.migrants have a remarkable power, from their trust-worthiness, their systematic application, and their industry. Indeed, they seem now about to commence some great work of I'rov idencc with regard to the colored, or African rare, whose " manifest destiny," according to statistics, seem- to he to be extinguished on the soil of white men, where n*ture'does not permit them long to exist in a state of freedom?or to repeople Africa, and turn the soil of that benighted country to account, for their own happinesand the purposes of civilization. We said, some months ago, that California, in Lime, is likely to blend the Chinese qualities of indu-try ani perseverance with the enter) rice of the Yankees, out of which may spring a society new to the l'nited Slates, in w hich t?riental luxury will go hand in hand with commercial greatness Already, the Chinese are the be.-t laborers in California, ani are even now transplanting to the sedl of the new world the arts which have lain serret within the walls of the Celestial rimpirc for centuries. A manufactory of China ware has already been commenced in California, a d this Is but an incipient step to th* introduction of other manufactures, hero liter tonavc an important influence upon the Ust a?4juis'. lion of our confederacy. The letter of the venerable Mr. Clay doea not include in its surrey the proba bilities of the effeet of Chinese emigration upon California, but the piercing intuition of hi.-- mind bu contemplated a very iuipoitani change in the history <>f human labor, particularly with respect to the African race?and wc again commend hi.- view* to those of our reader; who have not yet caatmned Li.- interesting letter. We hare from New Oranada some later intclligenee, confirming the account; recently re-eired, with reiereuce to the dL-traetcd state of that repub lie. IJonible atrocities are record* 1 a; bating sprung out of the political agitation: and we have re a.-on t? helierc that the pr \-cnt governs* nt arc , either afraid of tho*e whe are committing *u:b cutrages, or that they favor those who arc engaged in perpetrating litem, i'rivate despatches received fomc week; ago by u', rep'*K>ntcd matter; to be ! in a disgraceful rtatc for the credit of Lh -se in I power: and the detail* n?w received by the way of I'anama, publicly corroborate the state sent* privately received, as to the general inefficiency of the government, and of the complete anarehy into which the political parties have thrown the republic Kiom Oregon and fiom the Sandwich Islands, we have some later intelligence. In Oregon the \f nv, /latlAr . of t V<> 1 liowa Wn ta Wo ash force and effect, ar.d a larger military force ecca? requisite to protect the new n ill. r from the incursion* made by the aborigtaca. The mort gratify. Lng fact from th< r-andwich 1 -land* L? tlut appertaining to the r>'T?nue of the gov.mmcat there, ' ?hich, in a few year", ha! itrreasvd v,r> handcomely. Ktght year" ago the revenue amounted t) forty-three thousand J- liar.*. It i." net reported 1 u> be thre< hundred thou md doliarr?thus cxhibitiug a degree of pro T'rtty a!u,ort without ,i parallel in iurular government*. ly the huropcan mail we hare rr .viv. J < ur < >rrcpondcore, a p >rtior< of ttlkli we publish. la Ike letter of our Loi.don eom-epondent. wo hare unit igLt into the Lots- liate eau't of the movement on the part of the 1 rcn-h cabinet, in tendering their riiignatk .1. With the principal fart1 in <k? ace, we arc now able t-? uu o-r-Un l li,?. a 1 Uu determination of the mini try, wLi-h wet virtually nL undlya votr of he XaUoUal Av-embly. A duel ii talk-d of a? likely to raau.t l ost the ttdti eom.ecti ! w th tne affair, though France .to not eew to Lave a wrplu" of wire rr. n to carry on . Tair* at th present erurtf. If the Mini-ter of the Inte ior w..ulu pi*?p >ne M* Ju. 1 till after 1**"C, U m ty h? better for ali parti< -the ^tate included. The intelligi nt riadrf will n-' fail W> notice tha* a d'fllcully ha* wii.-en, also, between Au tela, lingland, and 1 reoee. The quceliou in refer" ear. ldiratluni coi.neetid with the rtipwlationi rati".J by the Holy Alliance, the obj ?tof whlel. * ? te guard < Vcr/ IIHD'fl Tiltrg. *T *- tue f..t.?rt f I MUvr. Austria pr<-v jmU Ji rejrar1 (boat stipi- i c.-, by ulaMifrtnr. M4 rrcc roi. ulilatinf, ttt It ilian Ma't- in the Gorman c ufo4 ratten. t> oh'oh KrgUnd <i opf^aoj. Tb<: f Me^wnea Ua. t en. that AurtrU in* rweired proU't from i i on tb- *uhj-> A. Tbi* wtil Uvlt>? me ft iber trouble on tbe oontlntnt, jartiroiarl/ a? Au trla mairuia* tbit ibl prqjact of ?t>n?bHlall'>a - a me^a int?malrtp ttkw of h owe, andcoanot J t-v. Mijiportai to ht.Tr anj < rn tho balance of j' wrr. W< ?t,*II but> to wait a liM't 1 u?ocita n h'.w lrar.oe ami l.rgUnl w',1 t nlain their .ifftity. ?h?n f-h a< atU'k i* ma?I up n tbe tr ttj tltlie Hcljr Aliiaoo* W.; -1..U1 be sttrpr "1 Tory B?'h if lbry firr Aw tria bor ??f in lltir :robe of dijl mary However, ?? "ha!; Tea. Meanwhile, w. in ty wait f.-r a/.wtbir took a ?Uy for . ?? I a< tbi*. Tbt world it at oar feet. 4s Ann' ' ?The If< n. liol>:>rt I/t'.llir, J I nite?t Mate? AliO'itar t<> M.'i .,o. waj in t!?'. "If j yi-'tarJ.iy. but we loam that hj c . '.? mj.laS' I rHt'Og Waoh -fton im<Mitr||, wk'Oit. ufar rn'.ijf ir friction*. ho will g<- t N ,f u . 1, in a jro?fmi .it <>. u . to \ ..ri ii/. Jr. J etakor. for room month*. )>? bten i> too '? f"?t xatoo. ai d ?h? legation L.m boon In fin.-4 f the Hon FuckingLam Smith, S. :rc!arj r-f I, g . 'on. t omplaints bite been mada oa aecaaiit ?> >Tr Lutkrr'i ab'oaat; hot .Mf. ffafcl U ; a1 aan of ability and inV IHfen'o?an ex-cK a*. ;;. > rii! -'p. i.i?h?v. mtry i ?* fr ' hi? Iwihli * r?n b? dwirwi. Ta< Mcaioafi >rf?o*n4^0 n't Hmo b'W, i?? ! * ?? , uUf,M tWion f?n ttfcj pi vm on th* T iu? ?!>. < U*M/ 7U? prMii-v. f. of "ur aV r*l mirJaurt L?'r^ ?1 fl ff n bt!f | i ' it. h*. -?> f*. t . Hnrne*tr*t? *oi-mc.x Hisroa* aw Abwikiscsmtus?*>Ve call the Attention of our renders te anelaborate hhtericai article in this day's ilralt, containing a Let of :he United States Senator! from tb? Sftate of New Jersey, from (be formatiea of tie constitution, in 17&), until the present time, with biographical notices of eueh of the Senators, a ml skit-bcsof the political hirtoiy of their times. The e notices and sketches we have prepared TT this paper with great c.-re and after much research and thty will be found to contain a vast amount o what ha- bem heretofore unwritten political hist 4 cud hi graphy, obtained from authentic s *ury. and when documentary reference was ^ot to t bud, we have resorted to the recollect^n f,f j0 ^ men experienced in public lift* a^d familiar wit those who have gone before them. Our artiol may, therefore, bo considered reliable for the a< 1 curacy of the facta stated. f It W'll be recollected that last spring we pul 1 li.-bcd similar sketches to the present, rcpectiu > the United States Senator] from New York, whie r were very favorably received by our readers, an : attracted public attention, particularly of politic! ! tnen, throughout the United States. This cli r eumstance indnecd us to extend our researches iat t the neighboring State of New Jersey, where, it! r unntecssary to say, the readers ef the Hir>u l are numerous, and the connections with NV Ycrk are very cloee and intimate. I', in believe * that the reminiscences we now give wii! be foun i|uite an interesting as those furnished rospoetin i the Male of New York. They will be found v i ' tractive, net merely to Jersey nun, but. it is believe< f | to all who take an interest in political hist or i throughout this country; for the transactions i which many of the Jersey Senators were proininen i form points in the history of the nation, and of th i movements of parties. The career and oporatioi ; of Mr. Jonathan Dayton, Speaker of the House < .Representatives, in Congress, under John Adam: i administration, we havo dwelt upon at somo length j involving, as they do, many important points col i rectid with ihc downfall of the old federal party ii j 1600. ' | In rhort, these sketches are full of the curinsitio of political history and publ e men, anJ we arc con lidmt tbey will be extensively read. The event which are referred to have had their influence 01 political and social life, and on the action and pro gress of parties during the last half century am down to the present time. Nothing can he mor interesting to the careful observer than to eompar the past with the present, where the oonnection o causes and events is so perceptible as in the hirtor ol the United Mates. It will be found from tb i hi-tory of the New Jersey Senators, that the mei i of the last generation, with all their patriotism i j furnish abundant examples of a taste for intrigue ' sp ecnlalion, and aristocratic institutions. " | New Jersey, it will he further noticed, has s?nt t the Senate of the United States a fair proportion c eminent men; and nearly all of her Senators may b said to have well sustained the character of tb Sta'c in the councils of the nation. Our articli *i,Iltkir.M i?? nfv.LhvoA Kliun-tmhlAnl nAiinna at* thoac curious in researches respecting races may ob serve, that of the twoaty-threc .senators, all but fou wore of Anglo-Saxon origin. A similar proportion we believe, will hold good in the members of th< ' House of Representative* rent to (ingress froa .New Jusey since the adoptiouof the United StaUJ: constitution. We cLr.ulu hire mentioned in our sketches, thai loin 1'i t was a member of the House of Hep. renr.tativer In Congress from lr05 to !"<* , and Lr. i jl.ralu, i'atcniau the same, from 181-> to 1*23? both serving as Kepresentative* before they were elected to the United States Sonate< THE IxrriD STATE*, AID Cm HE* r.>.r \t:>o Tnrr.ETO. ? A third letter from out I Washington corie*pocdcnt, K. X., is given to! day. A striking view is presented in it, of the aw relating to the flagitious practices in rvpset of claims against the govcrnmont. It is contended that 0>e ciiminsl law, he quotes so fully, applies to the entire tribe ofelaim mongers?the stool-pigeons, hurraed*, rats, and shirks infesting the nation* metropolis, preying on the federal treasury. Th< great length of the letter is objectionable, and although it is woith attentive perusal, insomuch a1 we cultivate variety in our column.-, we bog our re rjcctod eorrerj-oiideut hereafter to compress eack letter into the space of one column if possible. 11' pre.-iLt letter ' rinells considerably of the shop," a ad though on legal subjects we should in all modesty, perhaps, defer to K. X.'s deliberately expr? --ed opinion, yet we are constrained to say that wc are n?t fully convinced of the amenahi lit V t.f 'hftfH whft Mlflltu ?Ka n , r ? "W" couip'ain. d ol?." toclaims pending before rongrort, cr tbt Jcf ailments, or bureaus, or boards of coai?ii-.-ioMie, sit Wa hiogtoa, to the penalties of the law ((UOt<d, eoacendag " aiwiu'.enan cc," champerty," " barratry,*' and embracery." Ortamly, a n.ak-t at.' i.- a make bate over j where, ami the re* eon, policy, principle, and morality, is the ?ame in tbi.*< ra-et, a* in thu- whore a suit is pondi'ir, or ir ' to be pm?. ruled in a court of juiiiec; but wo are ! Inclined to Ibit k that the law referrod to would be decided t<> be confined to onus el Ln court*. We w< ubi alio raggtst, that while the crini'M ot mainteoacr, cl .iniptrlj. barratry and cui'-rac- rj, a? the/ ore ile J, may be p<ry itrated with rcpect to claim- .<n J <JisjuUr. or suits between individuals, it i v?yr ?tb so in oases wherein the goe.-rntoent k j or i jarlj And ? likewkc with roepu t to purI ekasirf di-pot ed this*, ote. Uit naM lUUi for '.be prohibit i<? ai.d j nniilmrut of nek practice* in thewdntry tran-n '.iviu of tocic'y i?, that tb-y Urd t?< enable the rich uiid powerful t> oj.pre?? and Wf*?f Ibe I'x r and weak. Another rcawn l?, that Oicj a.rouraf. and promote li tig*: ion. This la>t , rcann *| ply t< emae# wUcro the government i, a )arty ?r n. .eh as the other*; but ourely, the othor f t' i>nd dof I., t "Illy to the giin rnm -nt. which Las it. elf Ike exclusive power of allowing or d'.? el1 .wii / tlie elrliu Wo concede, however, th.rj is ' eegcr-j in tk' s'gumcnt tb:.t permitting* ?a:h (raet:c? in cater of government claim* enable un jrira j! J pel! iciui in ofl're, kf'.ilitiri, e\'*eut!rs cr w I? >rt?tiil, to an! 'en'. nh lMiv/% front th> public treasury. If permitted to speculate In rurh cialiii*. in tcvnj it - amw they canexercite the p wrr of allow irg ami jejlnp 'lalmt in which they have an ir.trrort, witbowt dclcetioii. an I th>>y may wi'bb 'd joati** t" tM.?tra'n ?r r* ? friend* and < |H<MI' II" ill* < ! IJlfiUnl. - Illi'l tl'IO- I ;??.? t? thi orlruo* rcforrj to. <r any otfcfi ! e? i.?'4orcd by Many roar I Uw jtm M be iu f;.r in country wirb r<*f(ftt bo faierol goYorumonl, \r?< m> > b ? tb* '?utt l<at kvt been cxj*r ?ly adopted by Ibf Ir'bml tvMiitutloo or by act i of ? <-rytt'* II'w I ?r the low c4'.'<t w?* ro c-'fli i/nl ?' <! aab-j't* ii by lb- of M?rjl*nl. Wot' Im? r? rrivti of the l>i*in< t of < .iu jnhi* <> ih< I tIN Mil't; ?. ! h"?r i at lit-' toll of UitrtM Ittoting to liiot I'b-tri'-t bote adopt. ! ib<* Maryland iaw?; .<r.d h< m f..r Ibo-w law*, if in lof.oj in Morylsu'l. at J Sr lb" I'i-'riet, in i.n^Un<l. cad be n.a V an inobl- to ibr ttwptiixitMt prae'.Wv?* inenti wro tbf i|ue*tlot. - t>. b. viil-J Wo It for ih- U"*fol?0 ut Ui' tn to obi . or. 1 wiwt L aJ? tbnti < ?r*. but we or. urprWl. i; th. low i? o< uitr tcrrtti r.'l- r.t iiiobi*. th?t th-.' ?uhi ?t L*< not been ... r.?. . 1 I.. Ik. I- - >' - *- * 1 ?* *- ?/ i i ** * nwj?(f>n f>*fete tblt. Wh# tiffin I i'. *? aro b<M t >jr ?;? , 4 Uk ;ii?. 1-1V.. ii'.l "rr.;,, Vv?* C HIM IdU MM# ?< M| |4lCrfb!'. at ?' ai M ?>? , hj i' ncl'mf it fallj- i? t? all ci ?. t vtaiwi i^aiuH tLe . in m-nt. Vv itb r Uf t f to lb* m ? ?f ttoWfatarf. it pit be th*' it ir to bimprrt g Ki'b jjfja n, "\'J an'rent , i o r, f*r?ia of)?. ent?. rl?ii,?ftt*, and ? ?? !iV?. Cut tho uv > r J >m M, !'. ii I ' ? ?i >.. .. ; t?r : . .odltnre. e-mptroll re, roi..Ti or t. ai,..* a rlnim "t<. ta f rf#fmar'toa* or | ur.oh, import*; I??r < 11ort, o >?rinjr or ' 'ajckry or r?M;<M hive It dn'ki, vpr calVt, tr.i .*? ? ?>. or ny t*?- Ik/alto , r>- r?ppir-. <>r ? re eobWi " -b"n.J t.. imp r itivoly iti.imt'tl \.y art of t 'ljct ", In gn ami i( opi?L'; -i e t? ru >n,t?.n ih p-iuioe oi bar pantr y f ?r "mnilr*. nt" ft* beprohtblte-1, ? I 11 l > .n law ran < ?! r? /plattr# i?n-l rt-traiamp < barrel in elaim * ? . t ltd'ilraiD, h-wavrr, from,* fgria f uf (.?iiot a if, <time, Iv.avoiJ fafnultoSfct of ojr w;;"j D'kat. ?bw? BY TiVioiirkt. Ohio UtMMrai'^ 1UU Convention. 1 CoufMrfuc, Auguet 6, W1 I I he Democratic loantnUott *vteru(ti?d 1.W- iuorut?g. and ibo M> Toiy fall. Convent! >a , | vrM ' r?w,J<'(>4 *t 10 ) oinefc, by the appointment of Mr. ia? jer, o* AngUiae ovuuty, m chairman, itnd !htrle? [ i ^ ^'jer, of butter eou'ity. nod William Myeva, of Hain te socuty. u areietanta j 1 On the mo'Jjnof B. K. Metcaif. of Tutiuai e -runty a f committee of twenty-one eu applmed to aeleot porm?. "y . ctibt i iB< i in and report the k*mo for toe gjVdrameut of "> the Cmmitioi. '0 | Ou the motion of J. W. Wilton, of Penc. *, another f. ! committee of twenty-one waa appelated hy tho s. r-ra' h i congr?-.4onel delegation*, to report re-?o!otione forthj , cntlderation "f the Convention. " On motion of D K. Carter, of Stark .', the Convention I too* r*c*** till two o'e.ook. I pon n awimbiing Mr. A. N. Kenny, from the Onramktt?e on permanent ottioer*. reported the Dtiue* of )- KdeoO Hold a* i'lenident; John H. <?arrai I. of Hamilton. g and tweuty other*, a* Vice Fieaidente, and C. L. W.nt. r, ~ and five tutor*, a* Beeretariee. " The report wa* unanimou*ly adopted. J ' The eanto ei mmltteo reported rule* for the govrnmrnt . of the Convention. watch wore adopted. Tbo rule* rw " I jutre a majority <>f ail the vi testo nominate a candidate, p- 1 Th > Committee of Credentials reported the names of , tbo delegate*, which was aeeepted. and the reading dl*penatd with. Every county la the Bute I* reprxneuted [a Reuben Wood waa then nominated a* the demo.-ratio I j rat riidafe for Governor, by acclamation, amid oothut .as1 tic cheer*. y tin the motion of William Fitch, of Cuyahoga a eora<| ' mltteu. . onsistlng of Judge Chancy Johnvm and Blackburn, were appointed to wait On Governor Wood, to in? form him of hie nomination, and re^ue^t hie consent g and attendance. On moliou. the Convention proceeded to nominate in* didatee for Lieutenant Governor. The name* of Col. 1, William MeJIU of Fairfield, and 0, I. U&llaogdlghaui, of Montgomery, were presented a* candidate*. ' . At Lbia moment the Oommittee appointed appeared it with Gov Wood, who was received by the Convent ion t wish enthusiastic shout*. ' Governor Wood a*cend?d the platform and in a few 10 i appropriate remark* accepted the nomination. I* I The Convention then proceeded to take the vote for . Lieutenant Govornor. which re*ulted a* follow* ?I or " . Win jdedilL 106. and ? L. Ballangdlgham i') 09. I* i Col Medill wa* declared duly nominated, and the Convention unanimously confirmed tho ?am*. > On motion of Mr Porter, ef Hamilton, the friend* Ct l- Mr. Ballangdl-'ham gave three cheer* for the nominee. a < On motion of Mr. Shannon, of Lie king, a < ommiltec of thre waa appointed to wait on Col. Moditl and inform him of hit nomination, and to request hi* attendance. g The committee shortly afterwards returned nith t'oL Medill, who ascended the platform amid the cheers of the c convention, and in a few appropriate remark* accepted g the nomination.

The convention then proceeded to nominate Ave dud re* , 1 of the Supreme Court, and the follow'ng are the result* L | of the balloting* ' i riavr asinvr. ? 1 P. Baney 331 G. W Buiion i Wa. B Caldwell 334 J R ewaa 11 John A. Oorwin 173 K. M. St-intvn 43 ' Allen G. Thurman. .... 131 JR. tiu-vnaJa 15 v i 1). O. Morton N G. H llolt. 9 ? T W hartley 144 Mr. Fitch 1 i William Kemmen 110 Mr Goeeback 1 e It requiriug 133 votes to be u< annate t. Messrs. I a ' F.aney. Caldwell, Corwin and hartley were duly avail- i uatctL '? stoown bali or , William Kemmen 47 D. 0. Morton 03 * A-leu G Thurman 105 G. W Ib.lden 4d There being no choioe, the convention proce- led to a , 0 Till* D BALI Or. r A G. Thurman 130 G. W BeUen 10 i 4 no Mr-Won 44 Wf AlUn I I i e William Kenuuen 4? u Mr. Tburman wat> tn*r> upon de> d to be July n >aii' nali-d. B On motion, the n-rcnl nouc-iatlonx wyre acpuately ! 1 and unanimously eonllimvl. On in-Hlon. the convention w-fc a reeea* till eer n ! o'clock in the evening. | From Wathtngtan City. Waaiiav?.TOw, Auguat 1861. Tlir jury Id the Day eaae aent down wtTd to tin) Court ; tbat there wax no probability of tb?lr a#r- Intf up m a ' verdio*. to nlfc-ht Col Q. W Uugber hue reshrnwl hi- oommijeioa in the aimy I Int(rNtlnf{ from Bo*ton. FAlI.ISC or THE AMERICA?HER I*AS?EN?Kttr?MAYOR j OF RO\BI"RY?DKFACI HfO J1.1VV AUCNT?HMOtlR | ISLAND FACTOR IK < Mt'RMD, ETC. I Bohtoi, Augu-t 6,1W1. Tbc Royal Mail eteamelup America, Cupta'.n Shannon, railed at noon today, for Liverpool, ?Uh thirty-bra paan nyi r*. and eight for Halifax ax folk-we Ton livixMoi -ItHn H P Oxaard an I aerraat. J J . Me Kinsley, tk McKinuicy. T S lltmnai. lieetna: I. II Tjny, > | I-ottill; t Oxhorn, Btlna, J Havana*'., Providenr : >V 1 I Ward aad J A Heller. Hartford; Dr Rribhar. E Corii*. I Mr Chattertua, and P Hay, New York; H Vt alk-r, a H i lllvnnl, Cincinnati; W HUk-, Mr hlak', and Mr R- r, M Cj A Wbh- rn, Mr Bain and wif<, Tor nto; J Parvta, Mlxa : Cruat'O, Canada: A Savaire. ?i1 H I Mmtr-al: Mr. II M D- war. and Miee Dewar. Edinburgh; Mar-r I oy nnd wtfr, T Karton, hnglnad; Captain K Phillip*. R .VI) k Grant, MA; FJ Ilrwirt and en, Jnmntv. fun llm. ?v'>? l.oi nana wltr. Beetcc I. wit. Richmond. \ a; Mra Uiaa. and two Miaoi Black, R McClxllaa, nn-t Mra McCoil. The A me ilea take* out $6,000 la apocle. The lion. Samual A. Walley wan ehoaon M?yor of Roxbury. Unt evening. by the City Council. to earn the unfinished term of the lata Mayor Dearborn. CharVrx W. Cuttar, the Nary Agent at Pnrtxmr?.iih N II. navy at at ion. la reported a default..- to gceeroment He baa gone to Kurope. The two fnrteriea at Arkwrlgbt. It. I. rtandind about cue hun lre-i feet apart, were both net on tire on Monday nl;ht. one aaa totally doatmyrj. and the other par tb< /nif. tolrt tbr wa>r out of the -anal. Tic build- 1 lug* wrra uwt.d by thr h?-ir? of Jatnri ! Waif TV' f nieeblBi rr by Crawford AU-n and fth?r? Tint former , wit* iiiaured tor $10,000, thr for ID.OUO iu thj l'riiW? nr? and ItenfordConuieBlrw. 1-uaa fully comrrd DritratUvt Klre In PrarMrnra. 1 Pa>'TiM icr. Aut'url 6, IV-l. c L*?t night. about tan o'rlortt. a fir? brok? out In tbia pU^r. d--lr-ying proprrty to tha amount of $o(XOOO to J *70000 Among thr building-" d-stri yrj w. rr th carprut, rhc-p of Moult on h tcsrnham. and the -Ubl-'H O* a I ? Th?y<-r. on Mill atrvrt. The fhrwr 1-Ml *4 000 to I ? ' PIOOCO? lu>urM for *>1.0C0 Th- tinning ""-tabllihrtrnt i of Onrltnd N llrolhrn-?lor- f'.,0C<i to ViOOO; partially 't inriiM f An old bntldlnc nitjointng th- Canol inirkrt, ; carmd t-y J?'-obf'ttgfiir<- -Ioh? a^oiio. A h"U"i h-long- 1 J tnztohlf" Pallainiry- tv-a *1 '"O. Arro-- th- raaal m * i Churl"- ?tr> < t. lh<-d'xna^i ua Tory ;r: - at. lb-c?nn-n_i "iPtaMUbpv-ot cl K. W. ilii-di *ai l.imari'l to tlic P ! amount 1 frrraJ huu-tr i doilyr?. Tw building!, a own <J ar-i wroykd by tb>- Prorldrrcr Canal Ml irh- I in,- c tu;tcr ? .? o-vi) Jratroj.-i. p~wcni vilta buuA'p^-, p. tly dwelling*, w.rc partially i-ij ar? 1 <> and n.ary t.-milhw lo*t thiir furnltur- by re- ? BK-tal an-1 wal'f. Ptnral lurloul a. Mi nU cr Kirr -I A nv r of an ">g>n--r-mpui.y wa bod.... If n d fatally injur-J. and It ?ni inn o ) that atr-Jit r j I man I ilird The tir< broke out on MtU rt<*??4, In j ' tho north part of thr city. Th- rurn-id r'* -hop of , at M-a?r- M< niton and ln?T.h,iu ** thr tirri t adding j . t UTLt? 11? i'.?. b nir-n ?hi<"b thoy J--"?- an tu- j ' ?'.,?nr, t $| ia.ti; tb> of I ?L? Thior wa< burnt ; WI a?t wiih thr hay and grain It r 'iitn1ti?|~*n-<ln?tm>n?-, ; till. r ht l ? an-l rrrriagra wrr- aaV-J; thr flam- itv n r- n im-'-l M- I'ki- La l 1 Mrbthrr tu.-nuig ? tab It-lluriit? I- -. P-lOu. Inaurrd f'-r $1,109; a tar:-- biritd- " I !oyi ?Mf ti) JtialiT h. uftli. *11 It' dy l?tr .vwt? r, I- <,$1740; thr lnrg- buil-llng irra|<M aa ?al??-iertmt t and j:-Mng tt>(a< by lb- Canal I'lrarlunr Wonipnny wu. aln.' ?t totally rob'Utn <1- lowlraiy, ai 1 partly in- ?? :arid, thr ' uit'tiog n<-<l t? l-rw, ?-?ort bg M?w-r? tlrt. | m| ralf i fen, Wai nliou'-ty ?' h- rrral -uta'-t bo'l-l'.rg* ?i totally roti-um?1 A ,T* at many wotl-. i la I tl t - - and u?-- * -' f?n . i. r - - li u-v| '' I ., t.'.r imtrkMNln- The huUd n^< we? n <t'i ? V? j % o4 A I rain th* Ninth. IfA.tS XTW?? \?tl.D ?Af AT war with mkvc,? ; K" I - ? - - - 1 n ?' -j i;-- < .i or * vrju MiU, krc. MAI.tiamd, A a met ?i. 1**? 1 J jr V>< " uiVrn ni'l h*? irrltrj, with ltt? r d*t.? H T?*a- It it -ailihat WtM 0?l ha* hitl* >juirr?l with th* M?? mi gntarenont. and introl- u> t*%? up a rat apaliot h?r hat'DRHi ?.d hi* Um.!y < o tl>? .Aro? ri-v? t Kki liraaA', .. "Jh? dmwi lit I* n ??i? in T>^n?. It l? ufflr>> nl > *ra<l-t U0? ?i!l i? t t? raWd f-r the Itwapu n. W1' ' In mw pia. ? o?. tain h?<l ial>n t <t thf?* m oth?. wL flu ii^n. lira, i, m nt'iw. <1 t" ?? Inm* at I'lMf' . Mill*, vo I ridap. bar mad- a mnfi ?aiw? t - <t?/. It It ir I lr?. I., iw/ht "nut to !? hunit *hl|i Jawph BmIk< r Bnrnnl-\r|(r.i Thlof Ari?iM< Oil !t?? (, A urn*! R, It?1 , l"1 T>? hip J*"ph ?djr? r hroc* I .f IJtffpool. ?f I, urn-4 'W Mordajr. In th<- Hotitliw't Par* t^ath*' ;?J w'lh 2 di) U<>? (f < tton Tb* ?hl| and ar a | Utni k*. Aft" f tlj' Uto of J"hn R. khaa Whr lw*tUr dUi Mi^O. ha* ?-o? n arrv'ti'd and $1'JW nrti -ni. Ma h?H mhI V<"*J to llanry l'*irtrl<J,(. a u ^r. pf. icb In ?,*. [ fu Al. t ..III.U. ni. IjiL. limi, ilnr. I ...? - ? .... ?? - t I)?r??tr, Au<pet A 1WI. ' *' About on M>1k' n:Uj tat, tho p*IW>r I t,".T M'?Uf?lln, t< ur.i tl'.nn .and th? f rnfx ilirr M?nli itUn U nr.d nf. r In r<-UM.>Ti off IVhlt* f'-h 1'nlnt Thr I fi,. Mantintinn nun rtnrl on lh" rtnrhnnrrt forward ?<f ths BM k< ?r,.i tub h. upper <l<-k in n f< w mo- ,J W?M? ?fl-?r No life. loit Tlt< M.' '(ppn tivl tbr rr< ? ?-.i tnl a < ft by th* M?nti< < Uo an-1 lh' Mirhut*1' ' ri t*n f- 4 to t>." > nrf "f ih(- ?i m .ry KIti r Th"f? ; " ? i? ti' u-u;?i.c? ? u litr -*-1 Th- Monibwii., km an- i fc^MW ^ fl Tlir < Italtra In Innn, u At At/?v?tA 1M1. htf Tt o fh' l-r* fc*? hrok'-n onf nt fort M \ li - n. nn 4 ii nbi l-r? r?i lug with l<r.-in? fcUli.y. Tti# r HoMil* nt fcitrnimnh A?;n?( li, tMI. f*'1 T>i<? rfrsmrMp Ft^flAn, <'njitntn l.f-m. firm v# rk. '' MrtnJIiriT Dlf fnbi. It iliif if k an ? POSTSCRIPT- I FOUR OCDOCK, A. AT. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMSHIP GEORGIA. I LATE, AMD VERY IMPORTANT \ raoM ctjba J > THE INSURRECTION QUELLEO. ! i REVOLUTIONISTS SHOT. Df| arturc of the Spanish Fleet from Havaua, ; i to Intercept Mnnteers. Ac., diet; Ac. t. ' a< The ruai' ?'i-t.n>hip Gaorgla, Lieut. TorUr, command- i jj log. arr.Tr J about three o'clock thl. morning, from rha- m gre" and Havana. She kft t'liagre# i q Uio -7tb alt., with three hundred and f.fty paaeenger*, one hundred #1 and tlfty tor New Orieane. and tiro huodrrd for Now li York. Phe al.o br rg* Cfty from New Orleans and thirty i from Havana?making in all four hundred and thirty N passengers. The Georgia tauad from Havana on the evii.lng of the j j0 2d iMk i' Tb? steamers Paloon for Chagres. and Cherokee, for ; I'j New Or lease, railed on the same day. j vi Great excitement existed in Havana at the time the at Georgia railed owing to thu reception of the news of the meetings held by the citizens of New Orleans in favor of I liberty and Independence. ' | The government received some important news the * might the Georgia arrived, which resulted in the sailing j of all the Beet of *ar vessels In pert with the exception j f of the steamer Pisarro. This wss effected In the most re quiet manner possible in the night of the 1st Instant. | JJ, It was it mored that armed forces were gathering in the j R I'/orida Keef. and that part of the Beet had been die- I * patched in that quarter. Expresses were arriving every hour from the interior, but the oflciala kept everything so tutet that it was im- ' possible to learn the particulars or evonte. J The government paper nal been printed two d:.ys, ! T1 ind is (aid to have contained icm? exciting news from . n Ibe interior, but its issue was prohibited until after the M leparture of the American BUarucr-. n* Several executions had taken place, and but for the , 1-1 efusul of the regiment* to 8re on the condemned, there " souid have been many more, Tardon ha- b?**n or miscj to all the ln.nxnyctlonl.-ts Tl Mil eho will lay down their arms, with the exception of the leaders, who are to be executed, or transported to Spain j ''r Those who had raised tba standard Of liberty consictej j ar sf small parties, who acted without concert, and were j *f taslly put down by the troops. ! ^ It is eald that bat few lives were spared. Those found : eltli srm-i in their bands were killed on thn spot. The govcrumt nt feels much auxiety with regard to the ,0 "yalty of the tro<>ps. as many regiments are supposed to io lef disaffected. 'D Msny of the troops lately arrived from Fpaiu have lied from exposure, being nubble to stand the ellinate. M There was a report that an in-urrectloa had been at- m' empted Id*, and troops had been ordered to l1' nar-h to that quarter. The result had not been heard ,u when the Georgia sailed We are indebted to Mr. Fuirrhild, rurser of the fleer- m .1. l'.ulW Ki.ali.1 nf 1.I..I >..? ...J it lavara. Tbr ln'r bour of thr C.'l arrival, b twi-ri-r, ravcst* our tranaUtlou of new* froni tbc papers for ; hit niornir . .JitluU of U, tUruid. De Tbo following art* thv *' rA?srxarp^ TN THK nrr.tMMiir OFOROIA. r*' F kox OaACBM ? Mr B.rr v ao, lib, r;.,u mil. of Jvdfc t'h*uit?ra and lortaiit; Randolph M Oooloy, X I. lubbard, Mr- Ea.'y atd 1*? )..ldrtn; S I' Mtrrill. M Van .?- :,n II n, A l"a!,ar. K a l.yon, THarrii, A rot, K II Moor*. V Adam., K Lyni.'k, J l.fy. X A fa'htva, J H l"errlt. I" Uubhtth, J I'oni-iam. A 1 Hi lay A itafli.rd. J Bat-#. A W R. II, It Bravl-y, W W'ood, J flor*. mi I PraiklinJ Fr.uklln, A vami a M i t.aJ.i I, H ftaw. ,. 1 Smith, N J. Brayton. F T flutl*. K 9to< klor, T Kalliy, 1,1 I Stobl iu., T Fall 1 ton, r 11 .milI n I. Birch. W llury -r, til 1' HavIda- d. I. Scnilry. f S mil ay. W F!> ti hrr. A Loo. O llart, ' A' Cs y, A K.rkpairi-k. TRuthorford, I' d? lx> a. J Ilia, V. 1 pr ' IMaf. J 9tddard. H N llall, A I'oaao. A Strarna, J II, 'oott, J I'arrili. FRaoytr DrTurBli.ll. M A I.ithaor. I H' VUlilir*. N 1' H'y.J II Rollaton, It H, J B Rubin- tal uin. K J ApriMi, " C Nurtu*. W Alloa. > Byarn, W , A Cruy, A ilray. T, W flood, A Darta, J Allo.i, A Allan, B Blnraotl). S khunt, J R-ian. Clm Joara, G 0 |in ary, U W RUry, M ftory. O Story. II l>.i?. C Barrett, Jonf Ha, J Aiisira. O E|-'i>. KPal-rs'ii, A l.iara. WmLa?, ,n H Orial, W Jck'n*. T I B.aeb. JIn M, If Jen-a, ,1. I'fcta Utilor, fcctt, C Kiyeoav. B T W uod. H Tli-iU, J J , rutu. r. M I Ilino, Ran iy H lii.rrry, N I' Sr'nitoti, J M - th" C H I'eriin, Bin llart, Froaraan, K T Tayl >r. A C ,.i Irrliibald.?|i*l o'orraan. 1 From Baroao? Mr? Goazilna, 2 > hHdr-.n .ad MrvtBt, Mr mi tr or ano lady, Mra I Otn, Mr* I?o H' If. J I Utaa. J Ca- .1 aola. J K? nr?dy, 1'Col ali a, W tH mmta, F PnU y Pair. J (raror, J 11 or . C Milam, K Patron, A K .'i-ru.o. lira oo I H al o J Tll< i r , W a 11 et tal, J da I i Ki i Ivan Ar.uata, t'l alrri, A ran/a. I K r?, II Arr -la, J t*'1 niier, a? Prom N a Or!-aea-B * M'Tiar. T Dnrfloart, Julia Syma. i _ . I lid tfpltl. II M tall, lair and a- rrant A Mo Aril.or, i lot >ty, teFlldrrti tad a-rraat. tfra O IF <?fca> aal t ..'litl Iron. I ,.o Ira Bit in. Mrr llikiry ao f oldld, Mr* ll-aotoia. Ml?i U ' .oorrr, Mra A < t.urclimaa, ainaCrlmaa, Midamo boaao aad I tar l-il J, R I, n r.K 0. C. I IV Onm an 1 - rtaat B Sp-mror, .. I W Willi', I'ban.rm, P It-or. K II Hmh. W Havta. C C Fajland. H it Myra. F iv. Thua liajarl. I Vf -t, Mra mil ir?tiub?-k >i.d .'lrbil..r> a, 1.1 ? maid. J F.lbart. Jill - ! ard. M Ba?ry. Joi n W '..MI inr B Hlud, J H^l?k, 1?' P> itir, Ui idu Harniif, If Parria. ,,f J.IT:t cv TH* *TFA'.;?H!f okhbuia. ! ... .'illy nit n th" > utwnrd pn??ngo. Pariu* Kidm. of 'ltt?n< W1 V U . nyd ? ' "t oh*aorta* July '.AtU J*< nb UayraonJ. e I'ri'inu from ?w York, "Ui f pori.lynl* fro m di?*act* of 11m* brain. r~l 3i. wl. Augu t 21 in tfc'' tail of Harmm. John tu-rfr, a w.jr, from h!<vkbclui*)vl. Ub?r< r on Om I'* l*llri'?<l. "f J.iry. ?,;?4 ' Augu?t ltb. t Itlivrr Ike r?n?ui? IUilro*J u?"i*- tut nd n jikno' unknown. but roppo?od to bo K Bty?aM?, ... rem CixtikJ*. til debility ard delirium from P-rcr 0 U? 1 Tin O: n itr Bank Cat?Wc pubUah, lo-dtj, j*'j (ic ?'nl' of the fummlng up of countel in thif eaM, rhicb ho oocu| led upward! of two month'. We 1 ublii-k u full report of the counsel tor lUo dufoiec, L'l we ii tend to publish to morrow the argument <c. fsooml f *r the provocation, the deiuvnJ upon j i ur spate, by the r.c*j frtuu two h>tml?phere?, co a* ' *? ullisg us to h 4*1 it over- { '* 'f tiib P'r<M?iiif An ?*nc.? The t'. f j xl l-p Ai.tniir let; b?r pier f vt of i'?n*l ?tr*t, m. i i2o'i b?*k y tordny. for Lin rp'*-l. A l*fir? rrw nuw iruth'Tvd U witnt-w her d*?j*?.rtur?. but n< n * admitted on tl.? pi< r wl.trA *? In chary of 1 KifJi w?r*l except the f't*nt* r,f iIm y. M n... ?* ?rij !.< repr*<-etwti*?* of tin pr -?, Amotuc th* o?. nl.o ?* n.' * n tb? pi. r. or a tleed .'?nny l.lrxd fh* I Ml to* d'ltiniq* private e?rriv- to ?** b?r tr<*upe on nrd. *i'i *?nx!.'no4 until tl. nairnr hwl d*i?.<rt*<i :*i mo lu'rut* ?ui baric? tb* j.;*r the MWnlie H.*e4 JJ] Into ?4 thr*-. /un*. fb dwtn'l It down tli'< bubi'i ' 1 pliant Ijl*, inlaUn. Use >'*m- a- -h- g?e**e<1 that par.irr'* d'?k In J?*r ? y ntty t moUhiw' firiu* wa? | ?" |*i up the KallrokJ d*p<4-pfcr, In J*r,< y city, fr- n i r tin- the* Atiantir* rtnrtol until nlti *v it., bit- A}|ft ry wb'cb utc r*'armd by il,. iir ijf if ? i.m a m t '?rd the itiunxir 1. w*? nop oitctb* pb-ri. # (taitod amldtbo ch?'t?of tb m*ili thd tkrnao d *?' ; wh.ity* on l < ?i ?i !* .1 I. ' ! --k A i'.-l t , ti. _ " ?u*(C*?' wl 1 liofcunl iu nm*tl r Itunn Arnn/tho pn'a*nt,or> l.y <li Av!.<nti<* vno Vu II. "j, .bbltt. K ? . lonnr <1 dotpntebf to t!>. Am w r.! tir at I 'ml. n ? ? Imiri if f tui 11 -W? (Mrmwlrr t lli < aU P? l I*. lh? >*,h of Jun Mit * t- '.* puMUh *d A" e 1 i dlnn |*olnt< of tbi n?*w? Tbo only Mom of Intor* at j ~~ li'bwftinil tho nodloo id Um in'.r>lu"ti*in t a bill " ** m n ptlng tb* bum t??l from f fvt f** Jo?*t ( , r fr?? i 1 h. Mngam anal Atlanllfi V?\ 1" rin. ?t> i* h run. \ -v: \ i>. J,r, ] H ' '.M'rT W*> i ?- .1 fr m tH?? I Magus *&?ii th* .Stlnntlo f-n>?4 l?wn tli* h*r' fr-m Mi f T. r?l?ht on I-iiri<n- flr-m ih" 1f iI *ti>r it ih<* tlma unio<i rril. miiI hi(\la4 h<r b?rth lu nr wlmH ? tb< < th< r I ?IU Ihtnii jmi to puo- 'j,., i tbi? >jl?l ailon, Vi-Hi nt ?fn*nt. w??l jt*r- tT'tSK, <<*? hr o I l< > sswll I*"**! that ?J moat Vnd o?.?l?* ??? ka t"r\. ty .*.o*1ar ? :il>. l.tfh ? ho <*?! I ??ll t J.V It r -I I* ,jr. \,.w I it, t llirvarl I'la.-a, ftrrtaa, tj ii S??tb r -i.ftii ?'r vt, *g<vtv???0" 1. , M?, a??- , fc'M Imk'krrplng,?Mr Moral)'* < oiiMIiik Ibt ?t?-<7 "I . ? * llron!?.j\ .final* ?!.-.* "fl.ivf 1 iloiij. firmllra, M?h , o-r-rn^lvo i f ?t.? oonr?? af la'tr* -floa, Jai . ouawIM f^j , . t?llo?ller or ('i?nh' Marah o work* in U .ih I ii I ??? tu'al odiUawr, l?i?' -i n . m <1 an-l* a .< al ii, fi'f ??Ui>i. ltr |1 XV h|ikiiUL. fl 'At. L' ' (? V. k??K|r, <>4 KliIlM atrr < t. swortltl nil I Ituikw of iWllfl. Ml >f ' I iMinl *"ll u ,4 ,(o. % of Fnn e?l l mil 1.1. IT Wat-in. I*'r mi In it nf a fni f.??o mil l. , at a I- i , * i i 4 tin ? li i m Mm ' 'V M '.? .: t'it III V-li.a A| MNM IO?M I 'll. li I. Wxnnrlr >V .Mifnllf Tolilot 11? *?ir Strop, "l.lnt ?ni* to. , t; pr ?4 aft|' I* ? > In aoa bitti*.*,k a pr l|o pn'.llo ?.>f i:,o tort IMfty J?!ir?, rU b*: bad of tfca or''" ' ? r. t-ll. m% , o. r*r-ini ks * BOM H7 ??4 *7 j}>, o timlit.a I. i rtl? a ?ro ro?|Ko'f'itl| Intltcl f ? ' i tat r jurist t.V< nlMMK.V ' th<* ?l. t?. ' " 4 lit* rtttha ? ?? tt> fhaWt?. fnfotr A. ? J, ? . Br??*ray, I*. i. J w*"* -* Wbiu ?*4 WtiUt nrru. i #K. 1 ,_gc Ometry Mm*, ?rUlwM<-tw at of Vartek and *? <? ilwta. 1% would be tHMii u> toauaa it aD-ido to the eaWndcd reputation th? abor* awed tcatotmaa ia acquiring tor the rupcrior loallty of i>* f>ur ahHling and Ay* kiilin* mm, m the puhHo am aurally wall awaro of the feet; bat to glruagere and there, who ar? uaae.ueiatoit. ha bean to Inform them i'u>a ie eto h of tone. augira, and other "ommodiMae, are of tha aet loiiitjr. aad at the loweat prices. N.H.? Always on .end a oeleet atech ot wines. brendiee, ft?' , and hagere. We again eall attention to another Heathtfnl Foer. ID cur eolr.n.ns upou tha p.war of tleetrinty. in tiring fietlt a? tsed in watt*'karroo* AetiUote. It ia rltl 'n In a hmneror.a stylo, and la well worth reading, ivory day predteea ma pew erlilasae of tha auprgivr la.nt ead,?niu? that if espousing this great disoov.ry. Travelling Dirtilng Caeee, Ute matt proto,1a, tad it the tame time, the Leapt oomplcte article v?? naeufattared, hating eeary reqeWta for a gentlemen's tot.t. for .ue by 0. HAU/IDEH3 hi HON, U7 and Jo7 Broadway. HentlrnitK'i Sltlitn.?Not every one piefea* '.ay ta mane gentlemen'a ehlrti ann make shirts lit for geu>emen. AliiREliN S, I Attor House, style. lit, matorial, L.I r ?.rkinamebip, art guaranteed, and every noriutet pen lined i.- teat tome at the appointed hour. Booty. Beauty, end Utility, le the nwtu? t BROOkB'S New York Boot and S hoe Etnporinin, IhO Pul II a'.rtct. We t-dv.e: el' who are in wnnt of good, hand :in, and fashionable Ilo.-ta. Shoa?. Gaitera, 4,o.. to arop In 11h,lr well atoclrd eetabliahmei.t. where ovory thing for '> iet ia to be bad that van be dreamed of, elegantly shaped, lahionahle, and durable, at pricaa ago.ra.agly low. Kc leiabtr the number, 1 to Fulton street. Unredeemed Plrdgei.>JMt Received fVoiia action a rare aatortmeat of dreaa and froeh eo?t?, par oily aoiiod. $A. cloth and tllk veata, *1. oral V> eaeh ; "> tairt ;i8foo<l nt n?w. $2 a pair : alto i few -lioieo ttirooaU and ?l?aks cheap ?LKVIE fc BK<|AN, ccraer -/* astan and Htokman it re? to. Conraud'* lsltjaltl Hair Dye IntUntly eetT* tb? h?L but aot the .-kin. Italian llodiu.t-Ml Soar )ti? p.mplss, nrtcklcs, (auburn, tan, trupi iuui., anil rhcuro. c ; IVndrj Subtile ui>ro.,ti balrfrom low foreheads or any itt of thekedv: Liif-ld Rouge. Lily Whits, Rnatir?tl?n or air Lln.s, found at the old tetahlithcd Laboratory. (IT alter rtrett. near Broadway. Calleadar, M ScuthTl.irsl rest, Philadelphia. Hair Dye and Win can be foand in the raa'.cit perfection at Batchelor's, 4 Wall (treat. Hia Wire re nnei^nalltd far natural appearanee and durability. Hia lair Dje is to favorably known it needs no onnuneat: ir an bo areoured also trom all the Druggists and Ferfumura i tewn and oonntry Frecklei rnln Hie beauty of the falreat ce.?But all fresklci and disfiguring eruptions are <rui?kly moved by the beautiful powers of the Grans* Flower Iron. It is alto excellent for chapped hand-, and for render ij the tkin toft and tiuooth after shavin/. It ie told by mliton. Clark ft Co., So. 110 and 273 Broadway, aad ft> stur lloute. MOXIvV MAllKKT. Wk.dnesdit, August C?0 P. M Quotations for rtotks were [Jetty well su-talned to-day he transections were Urge particularly In Reading rolltitl. We notice a bhU of tbi-e? thousand share* at 60? Her twelve months. It is a bold ?peculator who ha* rvc enough to put .-base such a large lot ef any fancy oek on tho list, in this stage of the market. New Jer y Mining Company idvam ud 1V per cent. This (took; is run down to a very low point, and as it takes but ry little capital to carry a large quantity of It, cutlers will, without doubt, take all that offers &t present Ice,. ITarlem (lightly improved between the opening id the close to-day. Th<> receipts In July amounted toT.OCO ( *'.. against f-i'.l.OliO 01 for the same month la?t year owing an Increase cf $10,675 Off. equal to about twenty rn per cent. The aggregate receipts of the Harlem Kail e>l Company In the first seven month - of 1851, amounted - $C-td,SC-l. c gainst 7272,294 for the oaat period In 1850? crease in 1661, $71,570. Notwithstandingthis handsome create In the revenues of the company, >'? find the >wh selling at tblny three per cent below par. Tht ock is of course d< predated at this mom r.t. In comon wi.h all others; but lu consideration of Its favorable orpects. Its extension and completion, it has fallen off oet astonishingly. Fancy stock* of a doubtful value are >c first to feel the effect of a sodden tightening of the cn?y market, but we do not place Harlem in the n*t o/ ruies. It is a regular dividend-paying -scarify, and it for the movements of speculators, would elps-rienee i nwir? r.cetoatlon* than New H?Tvn. I'll -n and Suh* etadv. or any other soli! railroad vtock. There never* fc hotter opportunity for capitalist* to ashe nnn^ pid.y, than to purchase at present price?, the o:J stork the it*ri<-in Railroad Company, and keep it twelee or cnty four month*. Krie Railroad app to ha?<tebud a resting place, at least for a time. The dally lea are heavy, and (peculation in pretty artive. The trkil ha* been ?o violently agitated for to long a time, at we look for a temporary lull, and pric<? may for m nc be '[Uite steady. A* for an improvement, It it at .sent entirely out of the ,uo?tion It will be a long nebefoiw speculator* recover sufficient confidence to lie hold again a* purchaser* with much *p'r*t Ihe new* from California i* not rairulated to improveanelal affair*. The receipts of gold du*t by thU rival have not been ao Large aa anu> 1 pa ted. while the tail.d account* of the fire In San Francisco confirm s early report*. The only fbvornhle. feature in the elligeneo, Is that in relation to the product of the nea. After making proper allowance for exaggerations, re la v.ry little doubt but that the mines arc turning t iuim*n*#quaatltle? of gold. In c<m<r<;u. i?'? of the afu*irm nod derangement of mereantila matters, prored by the fire In Kan 1 raneiaoo, th< shipment* on the ?f .'ulj were not up to the avntaff; hut it wa* reportthat ktramerv leaving two week* after, would tan* ger turn* than usual We hope these anticipations Uloi.? of gold 4u-f a month for the ff>t of the <.p, U.r mppiy of apeeia now in the vault* our bank* would not bo reduced by ship 'BU to Knropa The drain upon u* for apecia P<r pittance to foreign countries hn? nearly kept puce with r r? c< Ipt-f from California. Aecrdlng to the raporte leh bar* m> M u? from the different mot*. the m mti ?ii.mnt of California gold deposited op to tin of tugvet, waa thirty-Are million" of a-nam Tb* I oportfttioa of specie from the l'all.-d Ha tea. In >1. up to the lit of Anynut was tw< nty-elgh*. raillxx** lira kwfiny a balance in oar fhror of aeeeo million* I- Una This amount mu"t have /on* into rlreul*11 a? It i? well kn"?n that the b&nka h?? am* a ! n ' n hand than at this time last year. 'he receipt a at the office of the AuUUnt Treneurer tp r port to day am- utjl'ij to f UJO ,000; p*yiu?bt*, f Jv'?. dd-Palanoo HA'OJMT* "be amount recclred for tollf on ail U-? New T?,H|,?(?*.. ikla "Us/lna the ttb week In July, wo*.... ilZlUtt lie lame p< i k>d in 1M? IVC.M7 W> am are in 1AM *14 916 "4 I be avprrgMte amount reeeirad for t lie from (heawn H U'-eau nt of naeiirattoa to '.ha :il*t of July. H lu?fre. waa M an p> rtod in IMo i^OJtf M nerens< In I Ml I '< <t withstanding the reduction In the tariff of toil*, ftri fete roeelpt* this year wtJ not fan I*r el.ert * H Mnek Elrhanar. I rnrfffa.-m ill ? Um Mjm * i ?*?? ON > ?'.. U fH 1M da M Ka o i'r < i s to par W' Iforrw Caaal us IW do fO 4 I[ . '?? 4? . Xt m MO flap! a R It (Tlh fill li'ia* H4i *1 U do m H "9 do w de 11) IHC H '?(r'.t f ?" n -T ?? a, m 4?i. . ?!\ W ii 4J?? H lis Mrlri litaft n* 43 14 4n ?jp lu\ h An.r -a par TOO Realiar P U At*; 14 Jar??y Ej C? 9 1109 do At * rA m da 11 Cant- a (a 09 MO 4? aM) Am ^B 1 IT 40 4? ? ? ?I 100 4a MO ?; ^B . ? ?i *?? do aL'w 10 Bri < R K 71 MMarfcffVreRR ?K da b>? hs M 4? 14 Us d? raw 11*: 10 4a b+ K\. ^B ? 7IV aiXTiiMim ill H IlKRTHKMm HE1KWED KVFR\ niv wum TtiRFi ??= I M KM III r < Hi 'IT, t. I -TK" I"''' ? ! KM H f.'N'. mil* h it?. Ml In ?* , ?.S? ?JI1lk T > ' fH*. tvt Wi r lh? - ?I" l?i r t 1 .. -I lllh ?? ?.? - IT Ana-itl Mi. if IS I'llwik, ft! Mr NiA Jt'KL COJ?*l I* flllHMH in n?ir?R 11 kuclrp. B*onM.-TMmNO.-i ' M m IJ n I r.dtf, HI., V i rlu M<t* !.? ?? i -II r? i? II. H nt.Tfti. (. l'r??k t'.>rr??t>r. D. Martin ratrr* Mt, a I M'lui- O. JdU'it eilttl r. - P ilitini Pi*; C k> rati'M k. ?. Gunf/*. B. Cl'Pf. I'r TiiiriNHMK^r. >? voRf riRi-nrp?MTMRvr-nit. iNk^prTrtH" III Hut tl TI?I1, ob Thifaiif ( CM'IM ii-l I n " . ? I U?ilu'i. 1 WlfU\?f RAMI fl. M * ITU. : lk?| i?W*? if W HAM BR. \ w mirv m-Tfll orrtQMM A*r> l,?h*ni< ll<i,'i. II ...i ?: N.. Hi lait I ?""*?? *I ^H li f? tuinki i ; i II t. l.iPurt C. I'I 'ii ^H ^ i n il.'(IV'MV ' SI l? CHRMTIP. B I'RIC.IT - iv PiPBRIBMCBP IIAV. fOiUP ^H| Tm*r lUt.ri li? jr ?it In a ' " !* '* ? HI i 'li / HI im i a ?* riafiroRTBR.-n'*< iurrM or HI ^H Bl M i- in. ? i.) fr*|* I'.I* HI rin.KT'ia ... ...n. i?.t ^HH >,c, ?..< i ti'H ' n v < H

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