Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 7, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 7, 1851 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. " IAIB( OOBOOB RRRVf, rnopHitiros AND KDITOR m, Ki n. w. c< rnbr or rt-LTOB *. ?? kiuav m. fuM itJtlLk H&KALD, % CIHII JMT >im |> pgr i? fTAA'AL J" HEKALD, mi-y Sjfui Aw. ?| <JM < r -r HUH* ( ? ? r '/ Or?<fl Ktl.ii*. and |l ( ?trtf rrf Ki'.TSrfeiw^si';v?jr,'-. , Ep ' ml hum, laticxtr* rram any quarter of (He world : Ht-d, rnU kt hbr-rHiy rati for. Ov* foiuM Conaa itt V* HAL Ui UTim JAP >?*T r? iru. .a I. A lETTERH hi mml, for SuM?>.r%pt*<mt, or mth ri. If muni*. tt ?' tAt pat.ay* wUl kt j tiuted 'ram the money remitted. ftlUM XVI .<17 C aUUSXM&NTO THIS BVIN!NU. j 11 iTLM aiUH-UriiiU Boaaia. CWMT TBI ATM. Howtn-di.1. tub Woaia'b A |T<W-THBII (IOAIHIIII. KIBi.O'V OA AD IK, lmi?l).-!>UThUii.i abb W i f k#? T* I Taa 0 -*B. RATIONAL TIUTU CitAthaa *trr*t~ P?o?lb? Cafoioatb-Ad?'tbl . uilu?Sbtbb IbbaJ-bb 01 At* uisb AB DA Banc*. rsilim MlJumiLa. latAABM* HAU.4TI I?oaAwa? -tnucnu IiitTiiuT MLLOirr MINBTRALS. Pillow.' KaalBAl BUI *A m ko*4w?r-lnuM.i* Bmwiiut. AIXAIOAJI ALalwK?Aml**IBA mKUUltBI AA ABO ITBHIJIA "imn ore Q U r L1 T 1 \J u I V lj?j O AA JJu AU X . Mem Vark, Thvrttey, Aug tut 7, 1651. | Telegraphic Summary. We hate a dosjatck from New Orleans which enfiriLr. our previous advices teat the Cuban revotatiomsts hau been effeitive.y pat down, and m.rjy 1 f their ring-leaders captured. If Gen. Leper aetaai'jF tailed flrom New Orleans, in the steamer Pampero, as hitiicrtc stated, *t u.,* ^ *.e hear of hie sudden appearan d on the coast o(. Flo/ids. with a Spanish mac- f war'smao very miose at h.e he*-9. The ch valroos '.?en?rai took ' special care this time to go cu? in a vessel th it eouid ran r?thtr the ' re.lo, on board of which he :ax?>J ?o sear being cu.ght befcreThe returns of the -rtate elections last Monday, eeme in very slowly. Ail that we have wiil bo feond under the p-oper head. The indirations of the Western elections are, that b:tfc the sects, sion.fists and abolitionists, cr tree ec..ers, have been defeated throughout, and the Union men rtat. aed it is aleo certain tLa; there will be & la-go d-ino rat)', majority in the nent Ccngrees, and, of:: --*j, pl^nd to the present whig a<la nlstrnticn 'he fu'ure pro-peots of the whigs, as .. ut; ta]} ..rty, ?*? gloomy in the extreme. The democrats :f the wiate of Jc a ? is eonrcnticn yo'-.eruay. ar c nuan'-ruinly r-tn:mated Govern>r Heaben Weed fcr re-< aj ore me r. Colcnei Mtdill, un- ther thurvugh a- uaoWat, wu; nominated for Lioutenaot < itre-t-.r > x Band.dates for Supreme lu lgvs were also chooca. The best feeling eecm- to ksi elij'a. eriie :fcs proceeuijjgs of the convention. Wild Cat. tbe Sou .tvli chief, iiwr- t tare fallen oat with the M<^cuu, and tL-e*icns to Btkt war npon th. hi, and wi h tbc vi . * < f carrying out his threat, ha# rencoTfJ hit a'jua^s and (tap# on thit tide of the border. I: the jrtverc Jtenj j doe? not take eedy ar.d efT.-c: u ? n;e^r?rea to Make g?>od our treaty obligation* with >'extc>, thia notorious Indian wi 1 be likely u> /ire ci a# much trouble in hi# new location a# hi* tribe all in Florida. Thit country agreed t ehoca the prcdu- i Urj incur-ioni of the Indian.- on th. frontier?let the itipulation be fait'.led. 'IV #h;p J aeph barker, a larg< amount of ottoo on board. *u recently destroyed by lire tear New ?alcana It w'H tot b? a.rpriaing to hoar that *c?oral other vcsaela ivies with cotton hive ' keen burned, unit there fa ?>on a better price lor the (tuple in J.ircrjooi. U'e have aecjun;* o; t?r destructive Greg in lihode Ial*ad- 'J hat a*. Prorldsnoo destroyed conniderabk property TLa one at Arkwrighi wag an ' Incendiary act. mirmuni iroa ail raru or (Be worm? Uwrtb. Ka?t. W?M Md ^o?IB. Py arrivals yesterday, wo have received later in arin.u>c from 1'eru, Chili, New t.rnnvii. \ Folma. 1. -und >r, licndirar. the Sandwich Islands, | diai rt, ( ubi, ' regon, and California, an<l *reir. all parte of V'irope. From Bolivia, Hon- I dura*, and l 'uador we have reooivod nothing wor- j hhy of particular reference Some few facta of . interest hava come to hand from 1 mi tetania, hough |<erh.ipr of sot so late a 'late before received The arrival of the hark NadOoahee at this port, furnish*? very recent news from NewiUie, Cuba a locality about eighty mile; froui Puerto Principe. The authority for this u.wt is t t a- ov.ght to commacd respect: and we bcliete tluat the brie' j history of the affair ia enrrert. a? we bare private information lo corroborate ite chief t aturaa. 1 he outbreak, then, it appears, was by no moan' general It waa conduct-: I by a f sr indlvidu >!s, aoine of whom bate surrendered tbcmtolvea to the go vernment* and by others who still rcmum in the mmr.wios. At |/ro?.ot, well inf-rnul par Joe re gr- icnt that all ia <juict?ao u-'ich so, tiiat w< may hear no more of the Cuba rriolutjn for aoae time, : auiie** tictieral I.opci bas ffotse in the Pamper* ta the i*taad. In neb ease, a n w ex. itensnt miy I b* talscl by hi- prta ueo, aiid one that "ill be of more importance tfc ui to*: of 1'uerV- Priorlpa, mhicb s? m? to bc? u-?i, > rvh i.nd t ,i?' Icred cmana*. en. which wght p.i-t very well here on be Fourth of July, but which, an dor the cirona glance*, soasia is have been altogether una t: ri^a??d, av*n ? . Pu<-to Principe -h iM i-y lan 1 lng ha sfletted au tba island of Cuba, it i? rcioia- I hi# to auppvei tnwt it has already Uk. ti \ la > t i few days will gira u? n?v.t . a this c iting nubyet We pub ish all that wa have ran ivml tba aubyeat; ii-m ly a government doeuui nt and a latter from our correspondent Ina-ml ueat l the abora, we lura a d?*,? '"h Crow > ? * 'rl -aa wbeb auto* that the n%. lotion. / m. fueat bat been entirely qneite'l The' *' f raianewe la transferred tooir *>m r *, by wbv-b we l?arn the aatura ar.d **tont rf th? !? ? conti*(ra<i >o in Praaci tc-'. wbera ?"V?ral ti''}? fcareaeeorred, re ailing in a large lo?t of jirop :rty ?tbongh wtb* /? rear m to oelioee tba' till IB ?' !"*?* , in ea-ta uuvt, ha* been rery axtra/ar gently Mtjuate-1 A* an iaataace, we inay eelaai one itex. to ab >w the m.,4, ?< omf ,tia?r lceo-a in ? nlifornin at th Ian ?,?. We notk# la tba link of property -I-error 1. that t? y 0f tba AU Vdhfmmi i, wbieb * tt aboet it ty-fre tbou<*M dollar*. I* cat d'*n a* ?i* y < , fit' ?. Tu'a ' mini, J robably. waa r . r 1 the hoildirg also. If th . a.)t of < l<j*a. fa riy aa.imete 1, -? I' > ?.ti . . j,, t or Iwenty 3?e tbouv 1 J.I.. > _ .. . . Dotnmal I *? U exhibited f ntle* ( S *y i.- -ho i- ' eand dollar*. !f ihia eaae' i jm of the <i *| ictbod of sti c* Iom-v, . it a-a jtlttayt ar 1 traragantly etated, we nr. Itty :bat tba ayrte li an ab<u<d one, at I ealcola 11 i 4 t tho Atlar t> alt ?, l j ere-' -,{ d a *i'>n*. Tat', the *y ' a it I'D Wt I: ?* r HO . * b Here, it. ee .ih'i t'the U??- it 1 y a I u la falf'iAk a-n ? ?? ? to tuell 1 gr it and emit ? ma aula, th at hare tare - .it b>?* I *n ' w it ta UMMnuda, I vi fttw f '.a'."x fit* t,?*n ntir i W a # Jl ? the trath. Od the erwtrarj, h w. ver, the k*M* re tietilivuv t>?yv>?d precedent in eiwiia* oa?es, and we aro bousd to czpoae the inutility, If n:t tha danger, of making tatemorts to f.r remoted from the authority of run >y ani ol ft. t. Mother ?ut>j*et of latere't ' ouaectei with nia, ia the increase > f ~rime in (bit region. he atrocities per pet.-Medin tk.t new k t?to arc eh 1 uj to the eeesit'iiilieo o 1 rivilitad s^nety, and we can well lic-ouet. fo'- that semen.-y orer-S" of j. 'tire wtuoh an outraged and aiarwod popu'a'.ion apply ic certain raae- in view of t:.rb*rities and cuettie*, winch the *egui?r y deogateo iaw of ' he i*ad cannot prtwer t and ?eems isray in puc:-hiug At ra, tor .nsianee, an olitor, with two or t-r-ee o! his assistant s, 1? shot in ec-ld i lvod, aid tlK parpotratcra of su b w-abolical doerls appea* to d. the work with impunity?neither the law mr the eemmon convention of the people for puti c *af"iy, intcrpoeing any obstacle to the recurrence oi n't uinrdor? There is no doubt that California ir tbt th. atre f\ r the wiekodnesi of thousand* who fca.e no reepec.t for I"v perty, for human life, or for the 3* oimanoaieiite of the decalogue. Tceee are Urr.tie voargosto that new country, so full of h pc Aia * : Vail / energy *l3 enterpr'se; und the *ober and nduetn -us citizens cf that 6<tate should fist address tL'.mselvee, for tho sake cf public security *r <i th< g 'MPtl pro-.perity, to the tu-k of purging the liiad ! .it* wort, evil, and an increasing one ' rniu ,' and i'eru we ltam that raiiicads ure ma? .ng r?i u progress in public favor?a very gratify ug faotfjr the en*. juration of the world?lince it arg ifs weh for the future success of that portion of South America. Another piece of intelligence of urn h .merest it, the announcement through our correcponaent of an arrival at I.iina of a vestal, with .. cargo of Chinese- laborers, whose services h?vo been sold at a high premium. Ourreaiers will take this fact in connection with the latter part of Henry Clay's lottcr, which we now publish, a1 particularly pertinent tn n*d-*?. n.,.-. imoi, though written sometime igc, contains many valuable suggestions, and has been the theme of di-cussion in .Jamaica and the ii.-iti-L West Iniia L-Iaiids, and in many parts ol South America. The Chinese emigrants Lavs a remarkable powir, from their trust-worthiness, int.- rjstematio application, and their industry. Indeed, they s:cm now about to coxmecoe great wor* ofl rovidcncc with regard to the colored, or /. ft: an r..5?, whose " manifest destiny," according :t statistiaa, seems to bo to be extinguished or the so . of white men, whore nature does n:t permit them eg t. exist in a state of freedom?cr to re pet| 1* Africa, and t^rn the soil of thai benignt o<i ountry to account, for their etc happ.cest and tno purposes of civilization. Wj said, some month* ago, that California, in time, is likely tc : liund the Chinese qualities of isutstry anipersevera i) >t w^h the ecterjrisc cf the Yankees, out ol whicL may spring a society now to tho '.'cited, in which Oriental iLiary will go hand in ham. with commercial greatness. Airea-.y, the Chinese ure the best laborers in California, and are even now trsosplanting to the soil of the now world the arts which have lain secret with'c tbo walls of the Celestial Lnrpira for -centuries A manufactory of China wuro has already been ccmueocid in < 'alifornia. and thi- is but uc inclp .nts.ep to th- introduction of other manufactures, here titer to have an important influence upon the laeiarquisi. tion of oar confederacy. The letter of the .'enernfcrc Mr. ( lay decs net include In '.a survey it: prola b:litlcs of the effect of < "hineso ex-fn ?pn California, tui the forcing iatuiticn o: his xa.nd bu r(nteinpJatcd a very important cL cgt .l ?te history of human labor, particularly with roepe to the African ran? and we again commend his views to thc-e of our roadtrs who have not ye. t~tn..ned bis interesting letter. \V'i Lave fr'm New < .rana iti some nter inteivig? nco, eonCrm ng the account* recently reelved, witt reference to the Ui-tractcd state of that rtpub lie. Horrible atrocities are recorded a; having prutg out of the political agitation; and reason to believe tb..t the present govern sent are either afraid of those who are eonttnltticg each outrages, or that they favor those who ore engaged in j*rj>etratirg th?in. 1'ri.ate despatches re.ei.od some week. ago by u-, represented matters to h? in a d:*grac<fu! state for the credit of those in P-.wir; and th. details now received by the way ol I'anau.a, publicly corroborate the statements privatc'y revived. a.< to tbe general ineft.ienty op the gov rnmcnt, an i of the oouplete utnrehy into which tbe political partioa Lav# throwr'.hi republicl'r?>m < 'regon and from the .Sandwich j'-andt, wc have some later inteliig.ncc. lu C'rcgoc the u? prodatlobs of the Indiana hive been rsneecd with force andcdcot. and a larger military fcrc< seems requisite to potcct tbe new sottlert from the incursions made by tbc aborigines. '1 he mcrt g-aiify. Ing fact from the Sar.dwi h 1'lands is tu .t a) pertaining to the reTenuL cl the gore*uiitl there, which, it a fow years, has itcrca ;d very tund -ft' IffVHVIT -'.iia t> forty-time tbou.-aad d^llare. It In no- rey rlod t,. be thro huTi lr>d thi.un.d doliare ?thus eaV.bitit.K a degree of proffKritjr almoit without u parallel in ineular jforernincmr. !> tin European mail we La.e roocimo Lb.* r* r pocdtL f, a pwtion of aLirb we publish. in tin- letter <>f i nr L b ion vorrespeedeet, ?i tave an ii. '.gUt into the it. an. l..?te came of tie ujorem? i.t on tlw part of tb Knack celiac., ir teudtf* irft th?ir pei'^naiioiw. V. >i a the {rinipal iucte in the c*!<. w. arr new ablet? an dent at'I the 'ad* if 'i 'I tariuiiiation of the mini try, aLl.L we* .irti: illy e. i..*urcd by a ?ot> 1t th Nati aal A*- Holy A duel u talk 1 ot a* Lkcly to retail fr tr the i \.nt# fOWKCtiil with tbo e.T-tir, thj-p France If >e it not >mu to ha\u a surplus. of -ita ram to rarry on allaijt at tLa f*w .1 If Ibe MiiiUlcr of (be lutaiiof Wwul j ilj at fair dti.<l till after 1 ->i, it may Li letter for all |'?rtic?--lbe ffUl included. 'Ihe latelliyri 11 r< a ivr - ill not fail to B7t'o9 tfcit a 111nslty bar eti-'n, aio, let-eea Asitriu, 1 '< land, and f-rauoe. The i^'i ,-ftioo i#vj!?3: t n** (bi^m emn- (<<! with the rtipnletbci ra'ifl .4 ly ti Ifo'y Alliance, tfae nhjectof wLich w?x . g-.?rd very tK-klieb thL g, wcli kaowt. M tb j ba ?W of p -if. '.m-tria prvpoeec to dl r?ff?rd thoee it.pain* i , fay rlate>f;iof, and oven or ' fating the lf lien Ma;* tu tho ( wnir ear federation, to -fa ti England fa opnoied. Toe c >a?e?. i< e * j far-, ! *n. tbet Ao-tria Lai r* scire4 a jrotct fnx England on the eufaj < t J oie wiL iea it. iixe f tin' trouble cn th" c lineat, particularly at tuetria ire btaiae that thE > ;<> :t of? ? d'.Jeti m ? a tnr internal regulation of h*r own, and ear - A far aupyi t i t ? have aj?y effect on tit 1v'e*>- of power. Wr ifaa.l have to wait a litt c to eiv?rta n - I "w-a i Ii|lftll| Wi . Iik? i; 1 . ? nil J". vL?u ?ii'-h an Kttkok t? ui.. '? up< o tba e>'. tba I1..I/ Ali anr* W? 'ball Uj "rpri-?d vtr/ b if ib^jr gi*c Auotria kti w if la til* itrokBof dip!m* /. liowaver, w? !u?IJ #??. V wtrkllf, *? u.if for tiitt ' tu-b a ?.>jr far B ?> aa l)A. The world is at oar f??t MrtifiCi Armi?? ?TUa if i. i .? -t I. t-.hi . I i.iltd PtB'?> Mini> At to Met* , WB-< u ihii ii/} jterdajr, but *9 Irarn t* < . napUt I ri 1 ig Washington 'j. 1 at g iii"tfoctioaf, b# will gi rf.n *0' hfticr, in b go'trmitat tie . ajf, ... t* i ? I t i.' r, for rouia m 1 r, . o't,1 te?( Bud the i"gafioa b*s b ? 1 '? f'huiioi Bu' ilrgbaui fciaiib, Jiuort' *tj of I ' on Complaints ba.s b??n osads on Bouant oi "* la'- WaiM'*.."; t Mr f aitb la ag- r.' ?- ' mat - a'.. -yar.Jir ?ti'>/an * ?an(t:?lki' larir. |wf.t.h- an>l tb? i?ii<?*? o'lim < uoni'/ !.J .? , ' fa in hi? bv ia ?< (kll |lt >|. airod Tlw Vf*r vi 1 ' org ? ? dc,f. n ,t , ti*' nomr lino h?' "c. , I I r or.'rn 1' r. \-j, 1, ?p .1.41, tak i pl?B on tho Tabiitaikfp.a if.-/ 11,. how) r?r, nf oaf ab.Bai BIi'I I I 'r" 'Hi oa'aia |. 'log at)*1: H ti*iul lkd.r tMW, fe'iivi 'ttiii itfrtkwi u Pwittm *t- H"rroair "<v Rbmiki*? ,.<) the *iter>t?fi< ?f fur r? *4?r* to j-.n 'luborate h'*t *ri<a! article tu this day's Ker&hl, ' at vf vh?; lVi?e?i Sutes Seuatvr roiu ?bo * !?* o! "*c? from the formation | . fj. in I7b8, until tke present tinv >, wi.!. i. fuphKal i?j.iceaof each ot the .Vnatori, .< ?] ? ??;t -%!- - \>I" tb, p< illi- ul history of their tiui?e. | ' r? e notices and 'l>Hrhi>i w have pr> par i lot I '>.' < payrwi h gr.a*. c.ire a?id tfh r much reacaroh, and ibey w;ll be loi.ud to eoiit&ii> a vast amount u! ; wb:r bar b Mi heretofore unwritten political b:<t<irj j Mid biography, obtained from authentic ource*; I and when documentary reference ? *< not to b* i, we have reported to the r? ollection ?f.lcsey j nim experienced in public life, and familiar will I those who have gone before them. Our articb i may, t bore fore, be considered reliable for the a euraey of the fucli stated. It irill bo recollected that last spring we pub lished -imilar sketches to the present, respecting th? I niitif) StAten Si>niif./ira fvntn V?u V/mlr wsrc very favorably received by our readers, am at*.ra tod public attention, particularly of politica men, throughout the United States. Thin olr en instance induced us to extend our researches lot* tlx neighboring State of Now Jersey, where, it ii I unnecessary to say, tbc rendrrs of the Hu ik I are numerous, and the connections with Nc* Vtrh aro very close aud intimate. 1*. is believed | tbat the reminiscences we now give will he found i tjuite as interesting as those furnished respecting | the State of New \ ork. They will be found at I tractive, not merely to 'crseymtn, but. it is believed, r to ail who take an interest in pclitieal history throughout this country; for the transactions in wbi 'h many of the Jorsey Senators were prominent. ' form poin's in the history of the nation, ar.d of th< i movements of partiee. The career and operations i ' of Mr. Jonathan i>ayton, Speaker of the House ol iiiproscnutivef. in ('? ?? Joiiu .vdawi . ^uuimsiraiion, we have dwelt upon at some length, involving, as they do, many important points eoni neoted with the downfall of the old federal party in i lt*H). 1 ; In short, tl.ese sketches are full of the curiosities . j of political history and pubi c men, and wc arc ecu, j fident they will be extensively read. The events which are referred to have had their influence on i political and social life, and on the action and pro. , gress ot parties during the last half ccAury and down to the present time. Nothing can be more i ' interesting to tuc careful observer than to compare t | the past with the present, where the oennection o( causes idu events i* so perceptible as in the bi'tory . : ol .he United States. It will bo found from the ? history of tbo New Jersey Senators, that the meu ) of the last generation, with all their patriotism, i furnish abundant examples of a taste for intrigue, speculation, and aristocratic institutions f New Jersey, it will be further noticed, has sent to the S- natc of the United States a fair proportion of e xlncnt men: and neb rly all of her .Senators may be said tc b.ivc well sustained the character of tho State ir. the councils of the nation. Our article reclaim twenty three biographical notices; and those cvriour in rose a re ho? respecting races may ob. scr re. that of the t we uty-three Srnalors, all butfeur were of Angio--axon origin. A similar proportion, a v believe, will hold good in the members of the lions* of McpresonUth.;e sent to Congress f.-om New Jersey since .he adoption of the United States constitution. We should hare mentioned in our sketches, that ' elm l.ambcrt *u a member . f the House of Rep. re*cntativ?s in Congress from 1*X> to 190t>, and I>r. ilpuraim i>a*.cman tbe same, from 1*15 to l"-i? both as Representatives before they were elected tc tie ' cited States Senate. < : a - .kca n<t the L'\:r?rj Sr\t*-s, axiiCr-m** net.a. va A third letter from oar Washington correspondent, X. Z. X , is given today. A striking view is presented in it, of the law relating to the tag. .ious practices in rvpeet of claims against the government. It Is contended that the criminal law, he quotes so fully, applies to the entire tribe of claim mongers?the ?to-.l-p!ge >ns, bu/-ards, rate, and sharke infesting the national uetrjpolis, preying on the federal treasury. The great length of tbe letter u, and althcngk ills worth attentivepercaal, insomuch as we cult) .alo variety in our eclnmnv we keg our rerpe ted correspondent hereafter to compre'S cub letter Into the rpaec of one ctlumn if possible. Tbe present letter * ernel^s rmsidcmbly cf the shop," and the ugh on legal subject! we should in all modesty, perhaps, defer to K. Z. X.'e deliberately ripresscd opinion, yet we ere cccstrained to ray that wc ore not fully cccvinred cf tbe amenability of those who pursue the nefarious courses coapla'.atd of a* toclaime pending Congr.ce, cr ibt departments, or bureaus, or boards of :oatVuVI..... a >a. la? ?- . , . . ? vv %ai*3 iW V. wiic 'nw quoted, concerning " maintenance," " chainperty," ba-ratry,'' and " embracery." Certainly, a maJubatc is a ina'tebate ever} where, and the rea?or, p< H y, principle, and morality, ia tko same iu thee. :ascs, ai it th o?c wh:ro a suit iipn ding, or is to b? prvMtuted in a court of Just e; tut wc are tr ,'lintd to think that '.he law referred te would be d*"idcdtcbe confied to causes in oourts. U'c would also >ugye?t, that while the er'mes of main tcnance, champerty. ba-ratry ani embracery, as th?y ere called, uiv be perpetrated with respect t > claim- and disputes, or euite between inihiducli, It may cot be so in net wherein the govern: cat if orep-rty And to ilkowifo with respect to pur n-ir eg di-pu'.< J till. , ev;. One reason stated for the prohibition and j unknm ct of au k jra '.1 s in the or dinary ttanswctioaa of society Is, that they ts nd to cr.ahls the lich and pjwerfu! t> at j rcsi an i siioi'f the poor aod w;ak Anolh"- rear- n !a, tha' they encourage and promote liUgat.oa. Thi last fef'.in may a; jly to tas> s where the gov?rnn-.tct i, a T.erty as much as the ( then; but eurely, the other |t iund d>srs not apply to the f vjmmrr.t, whs-h has itself the cs ia*i?e f wer of allowing or distilling cha c'aisa. V,'e c icedo, b werer, tb<TS i< ' ?>g?i.?y th? a'gum nt that p-rmitting *uch | practice in caa<a of g> ernner.t riainee enables un1 |'itti)ltl politi-iar' in oOise, legislative, e\e*uti ve cr ministerial, to eke.'I an 1 ?tea , a/- /iV>U???i, from j the public treaaury. If permitted to speculate in | ajJielaims, inminy ineianee they cenei-rrisc the i power d allow rp- ai.d paying claim' in which tnoy !. ? i eM ct sr'tl. .nt -1 ? 1 'L - . ? ?-? /?!. ' 11*1 iBt'J 111 'J wrbbotd jutt ioe to eonnrata irmief-r* to Ir.ondr and I c>|irtMN Ibi law di l.nglarid, statute and coiai initilaw, as to the crimes referred to, or any ; eiher :ftc; ?, ia e *tMMi*re J by ma-iy round law ! y-f not to be in force Ir, t'?ii cuiutry w fh ' r< "J" el to <iir?n> t 'be f< l?ral govcr" moot lii?>tnu *i M the 'nae bat not bven ei|>r- lyr I adtfltd by '.h<> fct?tal cor itutijn or by aot , | M ' ubgrtee. lUw far the l*w ei;rd win re ! c *ynU? i and ndo|i.<i by the ftate ofMarylaai, I I .,'i? tbc orction ot tb? I'it'rie; of' lujioia to the ' I lilted .-'.I ate**! and h**w far 'he aet? of CoHfreM r?-iaui % to that fhatrict L:iv? adopt, d tbe Maty! !i.<>d laws; and h *w tar 'ho-* lawr, if in hiree in "i .tryland, ?m! ir b<* I i trtot, a* in Ktiglanl, can b wade appVaM** to tie aioeptieiable | ra nee* th'jtiito?i?d arc tbe .,ue*t ?n* to be "ettled. We ' r*.l?r the d'eialon of tben. to &!>lcr ani wiser beads tLac lute: but we ?r* rurpri ed, if the lew ir a* our j cofierporidi nt lnei?tr, that tbe ei Wect ha* not been re jiiwf.U'1 to tbo (irand Jury in Wa<hir>/t.on b*rj for* thla Who is rem!" in thin? Met we are bold ' ta *ay, tbv if lb law cited doer hot apply, ' in* ' fit'* ?t ?"!' i i?be it applie? hi,- a* by I'tlny it li My as to *1 < aeeeofela ues againet I ll ' JO* eminent. t* *It refctrr.rc 'o ths eriia o' einh *r?ry, I | t a.ajy tL j t it ia wli. 1 to tampering ' wiiU lui'iu n, "by ebtr* a' \ ,<iuey. i oftia* ' i iii*. vntirtBi in*.?ii*, ai *1 tbo like, b it the use i' (inji'jLL pl, lo inf!u ikc <?'*' ,;r*.r<* ?" n, retrc- , turn-. eaoi >rr, comptroller*, o*. ? oi--. mmr, or j rl*-, I* lo allow a Haiin top**, IrltbtrWh ' m*'pi or | a- b, Import a * j r* ciaa i>g er rbauiy una, ejul* ry o- <ai e-h? du par, i>a i CTll'Xif 1 'H(.'6tl? - , "'f' swp> P'fr, heir) < ibl* tourl xj fi ??:y . i . t* 1 '"t a ' * l ' i ..:\l a< *i , If n pt l ei ft ' * J I * " *: e. * f hi - | pan I fi 1 r "i*'i.' * g rit' if f ,?it p ii u;: I, , ri d a ii ? iii ! '* * ? I I'fu ?' X* I ' raiej II f rbftf ' Hi *'le tnt .' oa tt'i i* < n, b*w * t ", fi': ** ? ; f ri h> r i ii ( f ?ai>otr i: tli.ftiiiibt W ? d !' ; b?e.i: of it totrttyoi.debk. * NRWS HY TELRGRAPH. Ohio IH iiurniUc State OoiivenOm. | Col LMU ?, AUgUtt ti, ISil. , Hit; Iieoiioc ratio Plate OouscaUoua-semMedtbtr mora j jo* and 'tf attendance was ?fiy t a ?. Tr.o Uouvonti in woo organised at 10 aelueh, By ths appointment of Mr Sawyer, << Anglaite county, as chairman, un-1 7h tries I. Welfer, of ButWr eoutity,and William My> r?,of Uatniltnn eocnty. *? aasistaots ' thi tb m''ion of B. K. Metoolf, ot Putnam < niuly a ' roluinitlw of twcnty-on. wan app -luted to ooleat p>rmi. ' ix-nt IU'ant rejK-rt the xm for the ot > the Convention. J (in tb. motion ?t J. W. Vtiion. of Awneuu, another eommltloe of twenty-one *ns apooiui.d by tli<* aevem1 i rot<ni'e-sH-nn! delegation* to rep >rt resolutions for the ! consideration of the Convention - | (>n tnrlion of 1) K. Carter, ot Starke, the Conrenlion t?v>h recess till two o'clock. ( pou r? useeinhi Inir. Mr. A V Kenny, from the Committee on permanent othsers. re|*-rted the names <>t kd.ou Bold an Piemdent; John II. tearraid. of UamUton, , and twenty others us View I'lneideDts. and 0. L. Winter. ' and five others, as .secretaries. 1 *11 e ropoit was unanimously adopted. I The isuie eomtuitlee report-d rui.s< for the g .r- enment <f the Convention, which wor. adopted. The nil en re ' -juire a majority of all the vct.-s to nominate a candidate Th Committee of Credential reported tb* names of tb. delegates, which waa aeeepted unit the reading dis' penned witii E? . ry eotnity in the .utate Is represented > Heub.ii t\' -id sal then n .initialed as the democratic i cat Jidate for CoT. rie r, by acluai.tlon, eun-l eathu*iasUe chaer*. ' (in the motion of W iiiiaui Fitch. of Cniaboga. a ewn| mltt. e. consistent; of J ndge Chancy. Johns- >n and Blackhum. were appointed to wait on Governor Wo >1. to in' form him of his notiiinulion, and request his consent and attendance. ' i >n motion, the Convention pro-ec-led to nominate candidates for L.i.-utenaut Ooiernor. The names of Col. , Wi ilium Mediil "I l oirtield, and C. 1. Builaogdlghaui. of Moutgiiuery, wore presented as eandidatoa. I At this moment the Committee appointed appeared ? wuuntwu. wii'i ww rovinvift \jy iue vuuvouuuo with enthusiastic thou1.'* Uoverr.or Wood ascended the platform, and in a tew ' appropriate remark* accepted the nomination, i The Convention then proceeded to take the rote for . Lieutenant Uovornor. which resulted a* follows Tor ' M iu lUdlll. 16.V an.t l1 I. IUIlanjt>lt^?a? it) IW. Col. MrJU! wa- d> litroj duly uoialuated, and the Contention unanimously contimu d the same. ' On motion of Mr Porter, of Ilamilton. the friends of Mr. liaKaugJigham g*< < thr< e cheers for the nominee. On motion of Mr. HUannon, of I.|c king a Comin'ttee of three was appointed to wait on Tol Modi I! and Inform him of his nomination, and to request hit attendance, i The committee shortly aft-iward* returned with Col. Medill. who ascended the platform amid the cheers of the eonvntion. and in a few appropriate remark* a- cepted

the nomination. The convention then proceeded to nominate five Juices of the Supreme Court and the following m th>- result* of the balloting* :? > IliST H M I.OT. P. Raney aas 0. W Bel len S8 Woi B Caldwell iSlid J K bwan U John A. Corwin 173 I'.. M f'tant m 6.1 Aili'n O. Thurman 1-1 J. K. Hannah 16 P. ?) Morton 94 0. B Holt 9 T. V Bartl. y 144 Mr. Fitch 1 William Heiniu-n Ill) Mr. Uoosback 1 It requiring 13J vote* to be nominated. Mesars. Baney < aldwell, Corwlli and Bonley w-re uuy aciniuat'd. seeowr mnor. Wiliiam Kemmen 47 D.O.Morton 61 All nG Thuraiau 105 0. W Itelden 4i, There being no choice, the convention proceeded to a TIIIKIi h .li or. ' i A. 8. Thurman llti tl. W B Men 40 D.O.Morton 4o Mr. AU< n 1 William Kemmen 4<1 j Mr. Thuriuan >?at> thereupon de. Urea to lie du'.y nooiit UHl. J. On motion, th- several nomination* Were separately and unanimously contained. On motion, the convention took a rccaas till seven i o'cl'H k in the > veiiimr. From A'ssliliigton Illy. Wl?HIM,T?, August C 1831. The jury in the- Day case sent down word to the Court ' that there was no probebility of their agreeing upon a verdict to night. C'olU. W. llughe* hv> resigned hi' commission in the army. Interesting from Boston. I SAIUNOOr 1HE AMEKICA?Hl.k r.WFNOKgs?MAVOlt or ki>\b> ?v?DFFAii-i:>? maw ai.f\r?ai;o:>E ! 1M A>D rACTopI*! HVKNM'. ETC. Dosvo.v. August 6,1831. The Royal Mai! steamship America, Captain Shannon railed at Do-in to day. for Liverpool, with thirty-fire paat"iiger? and eight for Halifax ar follow* T"? Liv?nron> ? M<m(v If f Onirf lid MM ant, J J Mekinglcy. H Mok.nrley. T 8 liurnaar. Hotton: I. B Ten*. il; C Oiborm, Pal- m, J Kasauaati, Pruvi-eat : W s W?id iitl J A Butler, Uirtforo; Dr Bradihaw, K Cor-, .a. I Mr tCatl-rUn, lid I' U>}. N'W York; U Walker. A li I Ml. Mil, fiat Dniii; W Blak . Mr lllakr, and lit K is, S C( A Wib-Ta, Mr Bala and wife, Torunt-r, J Pur? it, M:? < nitce, Canada: a St. an*, an t H Lyman. Montr' al: *r. II | M li oar, an . Vim 1?- war. E-iiakurabi Waior t'uf and wife, T I'.artoa, I ngland; Captain k Phillip?. K > Da Ursat, ma W J ll*?rt and ??n, j ami it f.m*- Cm l.uvit and wife, Boston I. Matt. Richmond, \ t; Mr* Black uad twa Mia*- Black, K McCl- llan, and Mri Mc' ail. The America take* out $5,000 in apw-in. Th- Hon Samuel A. Walley wa* chosen Mtyor of Embury. laat evening. by th* City Council, to eerte the unltniahed term of the lata Mayor Dearborn. Charier W. Cutter, the Nary Agent at P< rtamouth N If. navy station. ia reported a defaulter to govern m<-nt lie ha* gone to 1 urope Tne two facterie* at Ark might B. I standing about one hundred feet apart. w?rv both net on fire on M n lay night, i-no wa? totally deatroyej. and th-- other partially. The iacen-Uary cut the b--ll rope*, and r*k??d th*- gate*, to let the water out of the eanal Tn>- building" wef own.d hy the heir* of Jame* D. Wolf The i ia-hin?ry by Crawford Allen and other" The former were inmire.l for $10000 the latter for IBO.noo in the Providence and Hartford Companies fully covered OtMrntUTe Klra In Prarldenrt. Pbovim m it, Augir?t '>, lkil. La#; night al-out ter. a tire broke out in thin pia-w. d-"tmyinf property to the am unt of $<kj.000 to $?0.0o0. Am' ng th- building" destroyed w re th-- car1 per ter shop o: Moultou fc I'graham and 1 he stable* Lewis Thayer, on Ml.l street. The former Imt $5,000 to $lo o-?0- Injured for $1,UU>) The tanuing establishment of - llei el.ind Ik Brother*- lO"? $11,000 to $o 000; partially insured Ar old bi'tidlLg adjoiulnt th? Cannl m-irk-t, owned by Jaeofe U- agra*e? lo#.-i $'?'UW. A house belong, lag f- Mr*. Ha lis fury -!<) ? $1 ..vjo, Aerc-rAthe cant! ou ' t'hari " atl* > t. the damage wan very nr. at. The tanning '-ta' l-Lni. nt of R W Kuril wu? damaged to llie !am "jot of aererai hundred <1 ilur?. Two building", jwdi I and o-cupbd by the Hriild)X' ? Caoal bleaching i ofc.pany. wer- uaarfy 4ftrnrti d.ireral other building*, m-wtly dwelling*. wer*'- partially injured, and nan* ! * mil i a tart their furniture by r?' ni'i?4l una water derrral m rioua MeidfnA* neeurr*d A member of an engine c tnpatjy traa hadly, if n't fatally Injured and It ? niriore 1 thil a not lor j riatwra* Killed Th. fire broke out op Mill ?tr?et, in , tb- te.nli part of the city The rarnrntrr'a abnp of Mmr Mu.t.n .#nd Ingmhani *?a* the drat building ' unit?the lo?? l? i)Oh. upon which they luive an in I ?u anre of t! UgJ. th<?1*bU "f Lcwla Tha.t r wa* burnt neat. till, the hay and gra.ll ll r Mailt'd :vita*Urnnee. the ),fr>a* and arrlngea were aatr-d; the flaunt then <-..n*umr.l Meear* lib teUml a brother'a luinitig i-t?U I-hnunt?lo?*. y.ltnu liiaun-l for Plla.ii a targe bulid. j lug i>* no I hf Jacob T Mcagrawu *a? ? nrly dcatray* d i l?e? pi fag); the large building occupied a* raletei-ring and |4<'Md| wotna hy the I'anai llli aching W -nil iny w?- almo?t totally ei.ixutuad -bva heavy an I partly luI ?ur?d the building n?*l below. owo-d |,t Me?r- Metcalf fc ." m waa *cr1melf >l.>oinired Nieral email bull iluga wer* totally rowawau d A great man* Workno li lie I their tool*, and bee or ?l\ fam lie* wefi turned I lorn tin ctreet* hou"' lea, Tlie building" Wee lu '?l!y ol * ' ' . . _ l-'rnin the Month. ti\a* trua?\t at win Mint d .tic ? j MMM ? A MMM HMMMki in. liinuMt. Au:u?t fi. 1K1 | The Sonthern tntil he arrir-d. with lab r date* from Tetac. It I" -aid that Wild Cat hue ha*l a nuarrel with th M< xi.-an goreri n.i ul. atid inlen l* t" lake up ar?? tgaiu*thir Iaving Uioti d hia family <ii the re-an aid- < f Ibe IIin The drought ! i o-tere In Teaa*. II |a featwd .nfli. e>nt hnad-iult" will not I* ralctd b r tile rou nmptiou. In aotne place* no rain had fal ro l >f thr-e ov allK 'I In heft i Ureen. rent, need to lie liing at lllt?4l * Milla on irlday. Ii.?? made a ennfeeaii.u to-day If it 1* tr ee be ought led to in- bung fchtp Jmrph Brdgrr Unrnrtl?\rgiti Thief Arrcair'l. N-n Anfiilt A. Mil. Th<- ?bl|. J?a*vh ti'lfir. h??M f.if Mi.tji.i--I tM burn-d "H Moodcy in lb* 8"Uth?-it l'a??, tnjfether lib 2 'Mt hi" of cotton. Tbc iblj. >n ! raryo are a total lo? ??|w6c r tho "lac* of John R. !>baw ah" raeenHr *t-?b pfiin b*' i?-"i an-ftc-l ml fit Jif) brtmH. IIha# nt % <00 t? Henry Haa-lrttfe a n-fru j>r-vh-r in fco-t-a ll?ainlioil folllalnn on t.nhe ??|nili?r. Ang^ t 0 1>MI. Alx-it mijilyhf n ttr!a? lay laat. .ho yrjj-eU-r tton'iri llo. bonuJJ *n aid th" j r<>p"LJcr Manhattan. I oiin J in , cnii- In < < HMon of tVl.uoii >i l*o,nt Tbc | Manhattan ana ?*n?ek otMho ?tnrhoar?t f--m#rl of ihi mob-I pi jo. ml -anhtoher opi*-# Je. k in ? f?* mo la- ate af'.?r N- ))?-? w-re loat fli?? j?e#enpir# > ( rr>? T.-r-t taken , by th Miutl?-li >. an I ih? Manhat- k ten t -a?fl to tbiM.iirc< t-? h- M klury'i River. lh-> to Imtratee on lb- t- -H Th Moat o >li u i- ' lljml The f . ot? sn In Innm ai I. - 4. i?|Tt( 1<-M, Th' 'k<l?nk ba bfok n >:u at I ft Maiii u nj-1 ! t I* etallir a with < tt'Mc totally The tt< In#r f'ie I-I-# at *- - ran it a li f mknill. A'lfll ' I I I Th ctca-anhip fltrHn. < ?rt?'D l<y?n from M- w 1 rk rrtc J h#r- '.ktt m nlof, is tu j tM I u'j J POSTSCRIPTFOUR O'CLOCK, .1. M. 1 ARRIVAL OF THE STFAMSMIP GEORGIA. LATE, AND VERY IMPORTANT riOM CUBA. ; THE INSURRECTION QUELLED. REVOLUTIONISTS SHOT. Departure of the Spanish Fleet from Dawns, to Intrre^t Volunteers. &c., A*.. Ac. * Tb? ink)! ftteam.hip Geoi/ia. (.ieut lVrtor. c^aiTOib 1- ' log. arm*J about thrw o'elix-k this m iriiUij. from Cha- ! mr<>Q un.l ?r*viin-> fhi> '..ft I )nurre. i u the -J7tL u.t . with three hundred uud tifty passengers, one hundred | i and tifty for New Orleans, and two hundred for V w I York. She aljo bring-ffty from New Orleans and tfc'rfy ; from Havana?making In all four hundred u-dtb'r y ' passengers. The Georgia nailed fr a Havana on the ev nlnu' of the ; 2d ln*t. The steamers Falcon, for Cha^res, and C be rotor, for i New Orleans, nailed on the naiue day. | Great excitement nxiateil iu IUrana at the tlui- the i Cieorgia nailed, owing to the reception of the &' w< of the meetings held by the eltirvns of New Orleans In f wor of llbi-rty and Independence. The government received notne Important new" the 1 night the Georgia arrived, which resulted in the sailing i ; Of all the Beet of war ven* In In r?rt with thj .?< pli.o j ' of the steamer Piiarro. This wa- effected In the most j quiet manner possible In the night of the 1st Instant, i It wan rvm ri d that armed forccn were gathering tr. the ! Eorida iteef and that part of the fleet had beci dl - ' I pitched in that quarter. Expresses were arriving every hour from the Inter: ,r, but the ofllciale kept everything no quiet, that it was impossible to learn the particulars or events. The government paper nad bt-n printed two d?yn and lr raid to hare contained ?ome exciting news from j thr interior, but IU lnsuc wae prohibited until aft.; the departure of tba -American nteamere. Several evocations had taken place, and but f. rtbe ' refusal of the regiments to Ore on the condemned '.here i would have been many more. I'ardon has been premised to all the insurr. ctloni-tn ! who will lay down their arms with the exception of the leaders, wb are to be exuccted, or tranaportcd to ?[uio | Those who had rained the standard of liberty eolfei-.ted of nniall parties, who acted without concert, and were I easily put down by the troopn. It Is raid that bnf few liven were spared Th >*: found I with arms in their hands were killed on the spot. The government feels much anxiety with r'gat I to the 1 ! loyalty of the troops an many regiments are supposed to ' \ be dlsafh tod Msuy of the troops lstcly arrived from Spain died from exposure, being nuable to stand the climate, j .. There wae a report that an In urrection had been nt- ! templed in Matansas. end troops had been ordered to i i march to thai quarter. The result had not been lc arj 1 I when the Georgia sailed We are indebted to Mr. FaircLild, Por??r of the G?or- j ' ;;U. for the receipt of the la'.?.?t new* and paper* fr m , Havana. The late boor of the O.'a arrival, howovci, ' ' preeeuta our traailaticn of new.* from the p.per* In thin morniug ? edition of the tkraid. The foil .-wing are the IPASSESOrr." N THE STEAMSHIP OEORGtA. Pnov Cn* *?.? ?Br Berg'.. ne. :ady. *N Id. and twot'.rvanta; Ju J<? l'h- mbtra and reivant; Rand-dpti M * Hnl.bard, Mr* kd-ly aid twe "fcildren; S 1' M rr! \ M Van Gitit'1,1 >' M M -eon, A I'ahara. E A Leon. T Harri', \ i T Thcmf-on, F. It M i re. M Adam'. It l.yn.'h, J Lacy N A I Math***, J U firrii, t, J Feat *n, A I' It. ay A ' MaSurd. J Babe, A W R-'l. I> Hravley, W Wend, J Gift. J Franklin. J I'r '.nkHn. A Sampain W Chadwiek. B Liucon. i J Ptnith, N I. Hrayton, R T Hlvley, R 8tn-kinr. T Keltay, J F Stahtdae, T E*!e?tin, F Hamilton. tt B roh, W Burger, | F Da* Idl'n, L fmil. j. r Smiley, W Fletcher, A bee. G Hart. I ' W Caeey. A Kirkpetrick, I Huti.orford, F dtl.e n. J llUek, j I rn.'laH. J Stoddrrl W N llalt, A Peate, A Nl'iroi, J ' fe.?tt J I'aredl, P Sawyer. I>r Turnbull. Ma l.iehnor, I W Wllltaniw. N I' J B Roilaton. II Wau?<<r, J B Robla n. R J Sprigv. K C Nort ia, W Alien. B Byarn, U Sitn<m. H Gray, A Cray, T Owen* W Hood, A I>avit, J Al'.ua, A Allen, S Blaekwelt, SKVan*. J Kenan. Chan J 'Bat, Meo I Gary. O W St-ry. M St ry. G story. U Doia. C Barrett, den , neile. J A i.alee, O El. i, K I'at- re. u. A Guar*, H u l.av <, M Grltt, W Jak ne. F. T B- aeh, i.eeph Araett, II Jen- t, time Boater. Scat I, C Rigeway. B T W'.ed. H Thcile, J J Turner, B I, Mine, Kinney It flartey. N C Bdhatdh, J M'-Bi it C II F?rrin. Win Mart, Freeman. R T Taylor A C Ar'hiaal I,? IW Iceragr Irem Bavina?Mm Gonial*#, 2 children and tervant, Mr Br an and lady, Mre ? Otis, Mr* I>e Wolf. J Ciata*. J t'l. piela. J Kcaaedy, F Cehalb e, M'HrmeaU, F Fnig y Palg, J i Bon/nn, J Fl.iarn, C Madam. R Fadron. A Rol-rte e, Geo i . d<! I al e, J lilekrat. M Kyeckbeot and lady, J del..* R.?, I . Juen, C taboni. A Tana*.)' Rcra M Arrieta, J ' l llarker. , Pram New Orlc?n*?DS Mr-rcler. T Dardenr*. Jahn S? ne. ' II B Seatttal., U M Call, lady and eervnnt A Mctrtl.ur, lady. iieDildren nnd eerrant, Mre C W ('kaee and'irhilorea. | Mre Rllie. Mre Ulckley and child. Mr* B- neteln. Mi** B ' I n* r Mre A < '...r- .?n. MluGniiee, Madan.e Bneeo and child. H L wenlcuff Col J R Grlmee and -errant. B Bp*n-er. B W Walt*. F Binitcn. F D>er. K H Bueh W I htm. C C Wetland, W K Mini. F Stn ly. TUoe Haiard. F Meet. Mr* | 1 j Arh.nb k an J 3 children. R Fitzgerald, J El bar*. J C I . lard. M Barrr, John Wal* . M l.eng. B Iliad. j D .r ?. I 1 A C Fotu r, Themaa Harmand. II Parria. DIED OR BOARD THE STEAM*!!!!' GEORGIA, Jul*?(tb. on I bo outward pa'sage. Dariue Ka'.on. ol 1 Pitt-Arid N. II . aged d6. ol cholera tuorbu? duly 'Ath. Jacob Raymond, a Sr.-man. fo?w New Vork. ! ot paralytic tri m di? uea of the brain, aged Jj. Augu-t 21. in the port <1 Havana Ml It- k-.-r, a 1 1 Swede, 8t?* kh- l a laborer on tic Fan-ma , Railroad, of uyraantiry. aged IC7. Auyu-t 4th. a lab -ter < u the Fanaina Itailroa 1 oamic and rrddencc unknown, but t-uppotwd to he I' Reynold'. I>.m Canada of debility at d Jeliriuni from lever ft. . .. I',., TIT- ^..Vl:-u . I... one side of the ruuiuiiDg up of eWMMel in thi< ? >. ?, j wbiefc hut 'xrujiieU upward? of two month*. Wo polish a fu'l report ?.f the eouniel f jr th'. d -f?KC, * and we ii.und to publuh to-morrow the argument ?f sounrel To' the proMention, the demand upon our (pt' 0, by the now* fro u two bcmi?pht rer. c jj>- I 1 p? llirg us to hold it over. lieu.iv o? llii HirimmP Ari?STn.?The I' P sti!<u>.)n|> Ait?i>ik* left her pier. f -ot ?d t'aiia, trot I it ltft'elork jurtiTih;, (i* IJiiTpwl A large eon our* ' of cHh'Tidto ?her departure l>u! mw , were aJmltted on the pier. which m> In ?har;e of j the Fifth ward ptlw, eiecpt the frh nj* Ol the paa. j *eng< r* and the ceprescntatof th- pre >. Am n< I It"#, alto * re on the pi.-r. wc doium d J'uoy l.ii.d rlo i I rain, down In a private carriage ? an* h< r truup* vg t.ror<l and n malned nnM! tV* it?UM bvl d-paru-d torn* minute*. l?n bmltg the |l?r. the Atlantic fnd a j salute ot thr<v pun* Phreteanvd it down the harVir In *; ilaut -tjle. >alulinn tlx Nla^ara a? ?h that Steamer e d vh in Jeroy eitj A continual Iiriu,; *> , W?|d ttf' fr'in the lialli' e.| depot-pier. lo Jewj city fr? m tle tim. the Atlantic ?t*rt"i nntil ahe wee oil the Hat- I t< ry. which alute wa- returned l?y the firing of a ?lgna'. iron on I. aid the .lianw a> she ?a oppoalte th? pi <r? | She ?t?ruil ami I the ehe? ia of the crowd* that tlir..n?eil the kliaMH on b?'th aldea ?f I: r dock A llal 'if Ibr I i i ai 1 In- ! tin I it Moth ' luinn At -I pi the pa -entter- hy the Atlantic wa- Hrn It lallltl. F.'u . tearir if despatches to the An.-ri an , M .n .1' r ..t I ondn An <ia? r Iim* r. ?We he*erepelled the fl.m'a Fe' to the afilh rfJune kn* hffire p?'i!l?b"d th? l?a<Majf point* of thn now? Tho only ltow of r??t ' wiiirh w? fin I1? tb? not<p? of Itn inlroJurtion of a ML ' f- > . V II I I !?..' it?. h :n I H.J fr til f r..< aal*. f. .1 ( f Thf Movant anil Allinllfi ' T'i i ii k KiiiinR or tiik nutAi.n. Tl? !ii loBw* aalulo **? net And fr? m th? atmim lW| "lllpll ?h> n tlW illmW pavi down tlx harbor It'in an oT?r>t|iht on li. atd arl.dna fro? U?o Mat- I am ! Irr' Mb. tun' nnoi'.. i I and hlftlnit hor N rh fr>m ' ni- wliarf to tbn ofhor. I "ill l hank you to pub , ll-h thin i-rida nation I "or olfdlrnt wrannt v JAM KM 8T0NK, Com h It la a mil Katiiliil-ilurt Karl that alniMl a* Had of MWtaf enn ba dono b.r SIM.RH'8 !b "l?r 1 >: ' ? I . ( tl I I ' 1,11 H v. 15 ? 1 loth. * ll-ranrl I'ln o, lb at. n, or 1. South Fourt'i atrial, 1 rhiladitphia, tat i ? canrlaend. I. _ [ M RiKik>hrt|ii< Mr Marah't ('ouiiJIiik Raoui . fat tkr a a. jrtfH ok-k rfn. '"I llr .ad aaj- : 1 I In.wt f 1 at,a. ? 1 r >lnr , |.? 1 >t|. f?!.? >ii ri'ii . h , . .4 "" 't a?| II'ati >a. o? frnndcd Maran'a work" u U....|. ! i r .r, l ?a Dial r.llltao , print. ,i n . " , r>, in'pin ' >4 ta?IUr. far >aln a? ahotr. ? nr.loh. SI 2\ l| initn, J I M. J. T. katan', lit I'ultnit at rant, wnnldi atl tha atf?i tli'i* of tfial.-r*. and at:.. -a, l- hi* lur.t .ad w. I aa rt'lil" ! ?l l,n? tiol.l and Nlor # I* r> .i la ntl f * 1 r-' ar?|. |o, at a r?lr 1 ii< . Would do n i' to , , I I ? |. I. I, , t.r l a Hi . n ,1 f> nr. I d I' .ii.ti.l fiol I'an*. <a> haiinrtfra' Mimll. Tnhlit Haxor Rtrnp, tJa m lp tl and m> ?t a apt .1. 1 irt'rU now In ana, haans a H-. ro tl" |?.klt? fit th-la-t thirty itarn. ma an hat aflat au'^arHa'ta. whaliral rri rntnl. 1 MlMINfa hub, |d7 and <W7 Broadway. J J ] IN f o ba.a n rr trap, r t lnll|r turlfaif fo I , f' I at rant an'???lo-r? n??<>ttm?nl of llr abain, ' ' l?>i,|>t ?'i 4 .1W. tha hai"t In th-olia. f*1 ' A. I. MtlM'tli", N7 Broalmy. hr B**"* ft ftklta and Wa.lktf itfiftd. 4 1 . i?;?r |U|>kitrn'* tiiowry MrtkivMt rarI Mf of Vurr k end V-radara etraete. It lonM be nn|?M to . saenllob r il'uiln to the attended roputiLuiu tit tb( n earned ??i.tioo<ku l? kOTilrlr? for the eoperior e-oUtj of Me '<? '? -hl'l'ot end #? eklll'ng tui, m tho pnblto kra I eea. rally ?'ll ???n >' ">o foot; but to Urtum lit | ether., *hu are ui'on.juolntoa, he b?co p. .jifjruiU.-mf.ot ; t.u'i k -ffeae iu*are, end other eomucH'itiee, rro of Uw Voot .'lult'j *ad at the loareet price*. N Aivaje on bead M'.eot rtuok of via**, brand!**, Jtc., out eotoie. IV# ?hhIii ' til aiteiillon to aiiutHrr Breutifil IV w <ir column* up-n the power of tl'otricity. in 1 ruHnr oi.i'oe*;. o* i #od lu H'otte' b erveu* Antidoto. Itie ' wiitte" in o huinoreue etyte, ?nd iv w?U wrrth rending,, I Every '<*v piodsae* ?om? ?<c evldeoee of the rupen t toler.t si d yeuiu. that i* o.ipourlut tlilt treat n.a nfy Travrl)ln|i Diewlnc (Junes, the ratal prof a? j bl*. end it ?h< .imi time, tho M*I iuBflite trtiol* yet. mtemecti red, having every reoulinte nr u ?. nt iveear. e p Iiet, for .ale by U. SAUNl'EKS fc SON. 117 and HH litvad way. tJrntlr meifa Nlilrta.?\ot every one protes? I eisr ( ' mr - veutlemea'a ehirn ean make eh. rte fit for jt< u I tlesien AtOlltEN'!*, ' After lloine, .tyie, (it, u awriel, i ana wcrlisies'hip, ere ruemntced, and e . ery r:*o?ttl rtvinierd in eir.t Imne at the appointed hour. Rooty, Beauty, end Utility, Is the nMlUr at HR( <K.-> * ? t ork Boot aud Miot Etup> ri'.u, l.'tO ful ton itrci't ? ? advieo al' who aro in waut oi good, band etnr, and 'art ionehle Hooto Bh?o*. ' A-., tn drop in a* (hie we'I r toe e?d eetabliehrnvut, where every think for (he fee. i. to he lied thet cod be droainod of, ol?f anfdy ehap-d, taehl'i.ehle, end durable. ct price* exoecd.iiKly low. Ho- v mooter the Domher, 160 Fultou etroet. Ulil'rdee mnl Flrd^ei.?Jntt K?'( Ivod fimia * asrtUi. e rnr* a-rorlwent of dr'-ee and frock "oat. par- 1 Ttallv * iled. v/i: cloih and wilk veete, SI. 'wt p.'. . aol, ; Me pair ae good a* new.j?2 a_puir_; air' \ few choice ,,?er:eaii. aim -mm. cne?r? I.KVIE At Bt'UM, ... . r Na?au and >tr?uti. Gourawl'i Liquid Hair Djr? itibianily color" the I II r Mil not Iho >kin. Italian Medicated Si'kp evrer -'iirplen. frerklev, s-jnl.uro, tan, erupt- >ne. ea't rl.euru. Si. : Pujrv P.ib'ita hulr from lo? f. .In . r any P rt i.f he hod ?: I'ld R?ux?. Lily White, Kefti retire ?r l'alr tlllfr. found ?t the old ttlhlialwd l.ain retery. i!7 W alker street, nrar Broadway. CaUeauar, 7.: vscU,T...rd tt.-ect, Vlilad dphia Hair D>? and Wlnran be foand In Mm ' (raatett perteetlon at BntoKelur'n, 4 Well meet. Hit W.r# are oreqnslli d for natural appearance and direlillly. Hit Btir Dn in ?o favorably kn-wn it aatdr uitB(il:it oan he fvenured aim from all tha Uragcutr aao Perfumer* .a ?e we nnd ?or>n?rv Freckle* rnln lha Iteaaly of tlic falrrtt fare?Hvt all trckLe and dtdignring erupt nn are miMrkly f'TDOttd I v tlio "eaniiful powers of the Oram" Flower I." t. hi. It i.< also excellent lor chapped hands, i.i.d for rend r Ing ll.a ?k In noft ar.l tiuo'lh niter thaviuir. It .* e?.)J by Honhttn (Mark & Co.. No. 1IU and 27') Br eeway, and l!> Aa'or H onnr HOUKY MARKKT. Wttwrsoar, Augu*t t?IP. M Quotation* for itockj wore pretty well nu-ttiurd to-day Tha trauractioua were large, particularly in rt?aiiiv railroad Wo notice nnaleof tbreo thou rind -hare*at o?? eller twelve r.iontha It in u bold who hv nerve enough to purchase such a large Pt d ot?j fiu-r iti'dk on the llet, in thin :.toi;e of the m-rk l New Jar. ney Mining Cuiupany advanced 1per < t. Thin slurb Jus inn down to a r-ry low point, and a- it l-ken but very little capital to carry a Urge qj.n'iy of it, outsiders will, without doubt, take all thai ntl-r- at piwat rieoa. Harlem tliylilly improved between lha opening and the close to-Jny The receipt" ill J:.y air anted to t'j< .PCO CO agaiuHt *19 (rib 61 fur tha sauiu nth lost y??r. showing an Increase of $10,975 05. equal t< a* Jtlweulytwo per cent. The ai'pregate receipts of tl,. llnriem Railroad Company in the fir<t sewn month-<1 ltll.tBCant- I tc $343.4/4 against *273.291 for the sain- j- - d n ISjO ? increase iu 1 No I $71,570. Notaitb-itanJ ng t)?.H fcand-wnu increase in the revenues of the company, wr 6n.| linstock felling at thirty three per cent t> ' ? p?r. The no -k is rf cocrrc depreciated At thl- n o.- at. in r ,tnmr.n wlili all oilier*; tut iu considers ion <1 A* favorable proepecte. its < \ten:'inn and completion, it ka> ltli"a oil moat a#toiii?l?ingly 4'aiiry stocks of a <! ill '.ful value are the Bret to feel the effect of a sudden tip' >> t>*.b? cf V'ue incney market. hut wc do cot place fla:- >;? a the l>t Of lacciea. It is a regular dividend-payinc -"--u-vy, an ! hut for the movement# of speculator- w . rvp-rifncn no mora fluctuations than New Haven, i ilea an J Menectady. or any other solid rsilr wd si, There never war a better opportunity for cap! talis > t> laai-e m n -y repidly. than to purcboae, at praaent prl- ?. the c.J atoel. ( f tliai If apIaiti II nilrida A ^nmnanw * n.. - - _ '* * mm ? twenty four months Erie Kalr-a. a|>i*ar* to h?'? r.aibed a resting plact, at least for a l.u.< To* dally s?b-? an heavy. and (peculation I" |' ty ? *!??. 1 be mark-1 baa been ao violently agitat- d n-r - > r.g a time, '.bat w? look f?r a temporary lull, and |?h.?* m> y f<-r h time be .,uit? steady. An fur an inpr na<at, It la at present entirely out of tbe .juestion. It will be a 1- of time la-fore (peeulatort rocoeer tuH-ier*, < nti. o.eto take hc-ld acuta as purchasers with ma L ?| The new? from California la not euloa'.atvd I' iir.jrow financial affair- The racdpta of gol-i .at by tLl* arrival haTe mi been ao targe aa an:i *t':e the detailed areounta of tb? f.rc in Sac Fnv - contra* the i arly repurta. Tbe only favorab.e bat--- '.n the intelligence, la that In ralatian to th' jr d- . of ttm mines After making proper allowance f ' vaggcratlood, there is very little but that tb* mm-- are turning nut iruu- n-e ,tu*olill*- of fold. In e. -inoe ef the ronfusinn aad derangement of mercantile u..'.'.era, % d iced by the fire in Kan Francisco, th> .b . m -r >on tr e 1st of Auly were not up to tbe average; V.. . wc fj-sn, id that eteamer* leaving two weeks aft. r, wo. .d ta-.e larger .uam than usual We hope these an tie'.pa*, i una 111 b>* realised. If California would sec-* -a t*re <? alt Lnllli ne ?f gold duat a month for ti - r "t of the reason, the aupply of spuria new in the vault* <-f our banka would net ba red., 1 tj thifu. uta to Europe The drain upon ne f. t specie f r remittance to foreign eountrlee hia neur.y k-f pnee with our ree. IpU from California. Arord-n,.' 1 tbe r?|frt? which have reached us from tin* different u o >, t h - ag srerat. amount of California gold dep-V. 1 up tc tfc 1st uf August. waa thirty-live millions ?t u > Tbe t< tal ei|*-rtation uf rp-cle from the I n : 1 * .?VS* ta up to the 1-t ot Augnst, wa.. twenty-* <1 m . tie li- llara, baring a kalanaa lu our fftvc* nf aev > m ^ it dollar* This rui-unt niu-t bive g-u. i. ta lull--n as It la well kuuwn Ihn h.mi n.i i. * a ! - ? n m on hand (ban at this tiro la I year The r?e<-)pt- a! tin; office of the A "slstan ? -caMf r; IliU port to-da) auiouulod to 050 .y t v f.Mi . M7. 44?Balance f 2.579 W 75 11j? amount r?eeloo4 for toll- on all tli? ' i i '-5 ?tn.-? -anal* (1 u-it>ir lli?' 4th week In July,"drn* 1 .81 O.^S 50 fanw (vrriJd in 1550 iUj.217 58 In-rcaa* In 1551 ... *..11601 / Tbe jut-' am uut roenred (or t /.' f a Ot? :o& * nt of nuiljatlon to th? '?l?t >>t Ju'.y. 1 Iti.-lmiii wa< f1.V.WV3 .? 41 P?in< jsrlod in l^jo 1 540,049 m v ? lncna?< In l*'.l #500.583 00 > .twill-landing tbe rodtn-li u int> --IT ..f toll?, ba jxt# r-ti Irta tbL? year wiJ not f*l (i? abort of 1947. ntnfk Kubang*. |r*00r ft IIA 5<l I.-DI I'I?|4 R R IS'J lh?l?n'i.M ??' I*1 d*? 500 1*V m ' I r-7 ??r l'* 14 rri? Canal li;J WWI da l?v, 10 lo U>2 !*?> da ?m lift! P3t> thrl-m K K 17*5 " Kris la-wao Bdr HI 15 d, 17J K?II Ha M>1< > > 4n 575 tr >. I<?? trie Coa* 71 HI do a>i 07-. 17'" i? r.'. d a |f; 10 )> * irrrol.f-n Ilk <.t J? 41 *70 17 . * E ? N \ ri a | .r 7 " K a im K H ? . 15aM Jar..J ga ft ft llui do 5' '0 4- :?? 4a Of 34Canton t a in no 4 ?M mu '? i? ?l 17 4. ? ; tO 4" ?nw d| liii 4a MA ij A d I..M 41'14 > 1 j Utl ftrl' R II 77 SO N..f ft #' R R d., , \ I") -I C. ? mi < vn >.i>: m ?.? , W d., n.* 31 . M > -,0 : . li il ?.. 71 > tiNTtyllMt III Aiumismi Ms r.K\K\uii mm PAY. ru i. rtiMjr. r-? r*Tii?.\ it 11 t <i t i n. . - *'1 Is . : 1 -at V . !? . .? ??<?: * r-? r v. i . ' .It. .. ?tnftl.?r? t. r- < if A i .. t IJtn. 1 i w #1 ? 'in ? , I ',i.' I' I, ? * ?' <h i lit ?1, I- i i,i ihfm Jiirt, rnNKir* rr r-M-f II Hi Til.I ?| I r t tit. #.:;..i <*n? ti: a I* I'vr . I * "I i it a Trdnr . , at i M,|, h. i> 1. ?t ro> In 1t?, nn.t - j. If. j L Hi ' ? I i r- ' i I). -v r k I ??l M-ltf li J ' in? at r- r t V il.' I . r lm?>? *?T?r? k. ?. T.f r'f. R. LVI f. !': | r.?t. f r|RNNIt^ L*?\? III** rti;i; liRIMMi'HRNT n f ** f TOR" * > ' li t I i r I 11 .11, II r I . .? I ? an tlf h ..r? ?f <i> and Ian o'M ' I r? t ? n 1 il . . . U I I ' I m r I I Tfli MVi|. '? || J, " * ' ' * S"'R V()?K AI HI I- TIIK II' rt'T.-t* AVI> V I r' 1 I. .1' II . a . > in if ?! , v* t r . II > -t i f, r 4.1 '. I. t i I'n I' , ..fii #' .* I t*ll KIN' I'd I - r tr. ** II. '.ilKITir t crwtAf/ nt'awAii. I rtri a i -an KxrRHiff.p r.\ tortf ' T??if.ii|i f f i, , . in ? I . i- f r mi' ' I1 ' hi v. i i v i i : 111 > Inr ' ' "a r n j r* P i n| ( i" . I a I . ttrant " ? ' ' ft i 1 .. .. If. Aa.tU' I. / , K'tnln Pi w. J," ' 1.1 \ N PIaN'T'IRI "V I ' -r.R- (I ' ' ''if ? - In Til'.I in (ml -?d t?m- : r?t ? rim nof tl h ?t at* k. tat|%l ln*tmnif* * i |* ry I if ' II?V|?a t i. T > to.'rnm. n t? (triin HMM ' " , | .. | I" M nn . nruminm. <?. ad > ?tid I'm. f.r mlM V i ? i : n I .1 . I. 'I 1 fl ?, Kim Fnli.iHrr. Mr,

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