Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1851 Page 3
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lake in their calculations. The guikit ?u too weak to ku such a weight, and broke down at ones. It will bo ?ore difficult to revive speculation a eeeoad time, aad It k a question if the bean, who hare been largo bnyers> wUI aot bo compelled to koep their stocks, or ooU than without the profit anticipated Both part 1m are in a very curieua poeition. The bean hardly daroaell largely short at present prices, aad the bulls have suffered so severely, that many of them are Uttle able to operate eeea to a moderate extent. Capitalists will, without doubt, pick up some of the best railroad stoeks, at present prices, for permanent is vestment; but the future doe" not look fkir enough to induce large purchases on time, without the meeni to tabs them ia at maturity, aad the ability to hold for any length of time, in the event of their being depreciated. The money market contlnueo in a very stringent condition. It is somewhat easier than it has been, bat the dswifvl is active, and the supply comparatively limitedThe rates of interest range at the hlgheet points, and pretty severe shaves have been submitted to in the street. It is our impression that the worst U yet to some; that wo have had, thus far, but a trifling stringency to what will sooner or later be experienced. We antiol* pated that the recent sudden contraction would be but temporary, or rather that its full force would bo but temporarily felt; that a partial recovery would be realised, to be followed by a relapse. We have passed tnrougn au DUl me uie UUUUU| iwge ui me disease It would be well enough for all to prepare them, selves u much aa possible for su-h a state of things, for come it most, perhaps at a time when the leaat expeotedThe banka hare been much blamed for the part they played in the reeent contraction in the money mgr? ket; bat the out-door bankers, the private capitalist*, the great bear speculatora of Wall street, are the parties who ao suddenly produced the stringency complained of There is a power behind the Wall stiset banks atrooger than the banka themselves. The banka must look out or their own Interests, and in doing so they must avoid, ss much as possible, all extremes; whereas it is for the nterests of the money power outside of the banks to I ring about sudden contractions, and make one extreme allow another in rapid succession. The anthracite coal trade continues very active on all the lines of coal transportation. The Lehigh Navigation Company brought down,for the weekending on Saturday last, 28,761 tons, and for the season 629 360 tons. The Schuylkill Navigation Company brought down, for the week ending on Thursday, 17,073 tons, and for the season 314,022 tons. The Heading Railroad Company, for the week brought down 40,492 tons, and for the year 1,017,434 tons, against 700,0(8 tons to the same time hut year. What is a most satisfactory feature in this season's coal trade is, it is attended with a brisk demand and rising prices. The amount of coal shipped from Cumberland by the canal, during the week ending the 6th inst., was 1,149 tons; during the week ending the 2d inst., 4,646 ton* were i ent to Baltimore by railroad. The City Bank of Brooklyn has declared a semi-annual dividend of three and a half per eent. The Mechanics' Insurance Company of Newark, a semi-annual dividend of ten per cent. Reports have been circulated unfavorable to the commercial credit of Oen. lames, of providence, Rhode 'aland, the enterprising manufacturer of that place. It is stated upon the most undoubted authority, that the embarrassments which led to these reports were aooldental and temporary. At bis request, a thorough examination has been made of his affairs, and the result shows assets, which are very large, to be nearly three times the amount of his liabilities, leaving him, In any event, in the posses, sion of a large fortune. The antexed slatement exhibits the quantity of certain articles exported from this pert during the week ending the 10th inst.. distinguishing the destination and extent of shipments to each place Commerce or the Port or New York?Wheel* EiroRTi. TO LOIVDOJ*. (ICILT. Floor, bbla 0,481 Tobacco, hhdi 30 ImoUiI oile, mm 14 Flour, bbla 00 India rubber phoea, Naila caaka 100 pain 800 Begara 56,000 Broom a, dot 16 rritieh we it ooir.a. Betf. trea 60 Manulaecured toClocka, eaaea 23 baeeo, Iba 6,160 Cbeeee, lbe 1 302 Tallow caodlea, lba. Oil Manuf. tobacco, lba 27.380 Beef, bbla 34 lard. Iba 60.140 Furnacoa 00 Naval itoree, bbla.. 871 tretcm west uiDice. Tobacco, acroona .. 60 Tobacco, had a 70 livi arooL. Beef, bbl* 70 Cotton, balea 2.487 20 Flour bbla 28.070 Potatoaa do 2> Wheat, buab 30 006 PUkled 6?h, bbla.. Corn, buab 16.466 Koein, do 100 Bperm oil. galla 11.064 Corn, buab 30J Naval irtoraa, bbla.. 6.727 cuba Gum. bbla 106 KnlTee, Le , caaaa.. 12 Tallow, bbla 16.110 Blacult, do 30 Hama, iba 7,471 l'oUtoea. bbla 3) (Cbeeee, Iba 4 720 Corn meal, do 1? Whalebone, Iba ... 4.470 Bruga, pkg* 4 \ Puree 18,600 Onion*, bunchae... 2.000 Yellow metal, bdla. 77 Lard, lbe 12212 BplrlU turpeatiae, Butter, 4o 30 J gallone 3,881 Machinery, plecee. 161 Jalap, balea 2 Bait, aacki 6 J Port wine, doa.... 800 dutch webt ihdiei. l'uatie, tone 30 Flour, bbla. 447 Havre Corn meal do 260 Cotton, balea 1,483 8 Bread do 162 Pet aeh, caaka 167 Pork, do 40 Naval ptoree, bbla.. 1.6tU Beef, half do 26 Beef, bbla 70 ManTd tobaebo. Iba. 862 Jewellere' aahra, llama, do 021 caaka 20 Lard, do 2.600 India rubber goode, Butter, do 2470 packagta 12 Cbeeae, do 028 Whalebone, lbe..., 6,0(4 Tallow candlee. do. 2.000 Hope. Ibr 860 mevico. wax, im 1.2uu itiidm, ihu w Mt&uCMtund to- Butter, lb* ,. 260 baeco. lb* 831 Douia?tlc*,oa*e?... 4 IUtii 300 Spirit* turpentine, iLtMow. gallon*.......... 72 Cotton, bale* 1(0 Paint*. ea<kt 44 Flour, bbl* 8,750 Tar. bbl* ....... 25 Bed and lard oil Older, do* 11 cake*.. 66 Lumber, feet 13,000 Stare* 2800 *t? oiMut. liorn *craplng* bg* 2 283 Preeerred meat*, do hbda 16 ea*e* 60 do bbl* 11 Tar. bbl* 60 Cattle hoof*, bag*. 120 Plour. do 125 Naval (tore*, bbl*. 678 Potato**, do 10 Acltate lime, ck*.. 78 Burr (tore* 138 Fuellr, ton* 20 Wlue*. oa*ka 37 Cloek*, e**e* 17 Champagne, baxIVhale oil, gal*. .. 6,83.') kete 40 Pota*h, ea*k*. . ,. 147 Sugar, bote* 16 Wblfkey. gal*. , .. 2 486 20 Wheat, bu*h 8.861 mitiih auim. Lard, lb* 22.218 Candle*, lb* 1,776 Kiee rack*. 60 Lard oU, bbl* 30 Ore*** butter, fir- Cement bbl* 80 kin* 383 Varnlah. do ..... 12 Oil Peppermint, caa 24 ftptaTurpentine,do 12 r dikdeb. Pen*, bag* 60 Flour, bbl* 4172 Drug* package* .. 6 , n reiBiir io. Wood war*, pkg*.. 60 Cotton, bale* 821 Oar* 12) Jalap, bale* 06 II >r?*? 6 antwERr. Oat?, bushel*. .... 450 Cotton, bale*...... 305 Corn. do,... 176 Tnkaeeo, hbd*.... 43 lumber lb* 661 Hlee.eaak*.. 64 Ship *tuff. bag* .. 100 Pot Aahee, do 348 Uap, bale* 647 Pearl*, do. 26 Bait. *ack* 131 1. R. Shoe*, pair*.. 162 Nalla, eask. 120 Man/ Tobacco lb*. 4.060 *a**iL. Poetic,ton* 66 Flour. bbl* 200 Cotton. balaa UB Mfd Tobaoro, do.. 8,833 Hour bbla 1.11J Lard oil. gala 157 NaVll (tOTM, bbla.. 'iM> DomaUaa. pkga ... KM Pork bbU 34 Wu. lb* 10 306 Tobtcto, riw (4 dp Turprntlm, |b 1.433 BUTr* 60<>0 Tobaec. hhd* 16 W halabona. lba.... 3 833 KUoui:, oun 300 Ooaoa, lba. 60.034 Clock<. cam 8 Phooha lit l'rv?? d (Jinn. r do. 13 Polaab, caaka 181 Koatn. bbla 6n > HtMjr, bbla 76 Tack*. boiaa 60 Lloa akkaa 68 Flra Crack an 2.301 Pica, caaka. . ..... 308 llama. lba 1.13S OU pap mint. riv, 14 l^u-d. do 4.803 Oadar, pkcaa 140 Drnga, packagaa .173 Paatia, tona 148 fldar.doaan 70 aocNKiLi. Cigar* 73,600 Wawi 17.000 chili. Oar* 100 Caatlnga. piaeaa.... 868 Naval IW*?, bbla. 306 A*lca 3) aaiciLLca. R K frog* 60 Plana 80.300 l.umhar. placaa ... 83 ' Bavf. bbla 60 Itraa par kg. balaa 2 MHciTtt Phlrta. caaaa. 62 Btavaa 1,600 Buapandara, do.... 8 Baof bbla 60 Laad Ptpa II Tobaaao. hhda .... g7 Wire Cloth, do 2 oTtKtaaM. Tfpaa. do 73 Cotton, balaa 648 Papar do 21 B<?v.? 7.400 Clocka, do 28 Pctaah, caaka 347 Candlaw. bomaa 600 Naval atom, bbla . 460 Rlacklnt. bM? 16 Wbalabona. Iba.... 1,600 Lamp*, oaaka 14 Tobacco ram 11 rurnltnra, park'gaa 116 Do. balaa .... 16 India rnbbar ahnaa. Do atama. balaa.. 62 paira 600 Logwood, tona 80 Wu lha 6,100 Trraaalli 26 480 llmgana. palra,.... 4.060 NITHH ?o?TM an Malchca, grnaa ... 8.760 cotovira. Cigar* 17138*0 Flour, bbla 6.870 Wood bandlaa, doa. 64 Corn, buahel* 1 880 8 team analnc 1 I>o nwal. hbla .... 116 Steal, boxea Tallow. IN 1 02.1 Silk*. eaaea XI Hanuf tobacco, Iba. 8 WW Haa4kor. bWf.d4i 441 UMn 200 Sherry Wine. eaak*. 16 We not loo a mora active movement In bread*tufT< than nana], which la tbo only naw foatara In tha export tradduring tha week It will bo aaon that the table la aomewhat longer than tbnee prerioualy given, which la ae cont'd for by the fact that a greater variety of article, have been ehlpped It la an interacting etat-inaot, If for nothing el<e than the grvat nurab?r of lt-an which make up our foreign export trade. Jfct ahipaaatf of hour fmp B?i".ipor* to f< r 'en porlr l' e daring the week ending on Thunder list, amounted in the aggregate, to within a fraction of JO 000 barrele. Of thie large amount, 7,831 barrele were abipped to Liverpool, I 721 In HraaU, 2,000 to the Hirer Plate, 1,100 to Bremen, and 1.900 to the Weet Indies The total ralue of loreign tmparte (or the weak amounted to $123.004 01. The whole quantity of flour exported from Baltimore to foreign porta eince January 1, 1861, ia 266 466 barrele The amount received for tolle at the Canal Collector'a office in thle city, from the opening of navigation to the 7th of August, was $164,280 06 against $128,929 91 during the mme period in 1860. The shipments of merohaadiee from this oity for transportation on the canal, during the first week of August,were merchandise, at 8 mills, 2,069 700 lbs. ; sugar, 976,300 do.; molasses, 342,900 do.; coff*e> 206,000 do.; nails and spikes, 92.200do.; iron,249,700do.; railroad iron, 340,900 do.; steel, 21,600 do.; sheet iron and tin. 360 300 do,; crockery and glass ware, 170,700 do.; fish, 220,000 do.; sundries, 31 800 do. The quantity of flour, wheat, corn and barley left at tide-water, during the first week In August, in the years I860 and 1861, was as follows:? Flour, kbit. WUat, 6u. Csrn. 6u. Barley, bu. 186 0 IBL261 40,062 166,028 1,006 186 1 62,438 99,976 240,016 2,100 Inereaee. ...17,187 69,923 90,387 436 The aggregate quantity of the same artiolM left at tidewater from the commencement of navigation to the 7th Augur t Inclusive, daring the yean 1860 and 1861, was as fallows:? .Flour. bbU. Wheat. bu. Corn. bu. Barley, bu. H60 9*24,926 398.489 2,027,846 131.677 IBU 1,671,828 1,018,116 4 498,090 114 386 Increase,.. 040,901 619,620 2,463,861 Doe. 17,192 The aggregate quantity of the same articles left at tidewater from the commencement of navigation to the 7th August, inclusive, during the years 1848 and 1861, was as follows:? Flour. bbU. Wheat, bu. Corn. bu. Barley, bu. 1849 1,107,089 732000 3 394.045 99,885 1861 1,611,820 1,081,115 4.493.096 114.385 Increase ..404,137 348 449 1,099,651 14,605 By reducing the wheat to flour, the quantity of tho utter left at tide-water this year, compared with the corresponding period of last year, shows an Increase of 770,820 barrels of flour. The following table shows the quantity of some of the principal articles of produoe left at tide-water from, the commencement of navigation to the 7th of August, inclusive, during the years 1848, 99 days; 1860, 107 days; 1861,114 days:? Receipts or Produce at Tide Water. Canal open May 1, '49. Jlpl 22 '60. Jlpl 16, '61. Flour, bbls 1,107,619 924 925 1,671,820 Wheat, bush 732.660 398.489 1 018.115 Corn, do 3 394 046 2027.845 4.493.096 Barley, do 99 880 131 677 114.386 Rye, do 126 827 169.982 116,229 Other grains, do .. 1,088,280 1,023,169 1,740,008 Beef, bbls 18.012 20 223 31.409 Pork, do 64 918 44.565 43.523 Ashes, do 26,620 15.225 18.474 Butter, lbs 2221 092 1,479,879 1.670 510 Lard, do 6,966,823 6,624,180 9.427 970 Cheeee. do 4.351,901 3.397,681 1,592,181 fPoel, do 6.583 913 6.029.199 6,264 106 Bacon, do 7,472 037 8.570,907 9,967,013 There hss been aa Increase in the receipts of all articles except barley, rye, pork, and cheese. The falling off in these has been quite moderate, except in cheese. The arrivals of cheese have been decreasing each year since 1848 the cause of which is unknown to us. ADVKRT18EMKATS KmVVMTVKKT UAVT 1 PBHMHAhi ~ JOHN c. shearer 18 requested TO call at the Merchant)' Hotel, 41 Curtlandt street. New Turk, and see his father, BaMUEL shearer. rpo families for california.?a middle aoid JL ? desirous of Joining her husband in California, offers Iter services to families proceeding thither u an equivaltut for bar passage. She would bo found a decided aoqui itiou, aa aba baa been accustomed to travelling, and for tbe last two years chief atawardeaa on board a large steamship out of New York. The boat city referencea can be given. Please addreaa 8. 11., Bos 1,1X7 I'oat office. IPSOlAti MOTICICM. POST OFFICE. NEW YOKE.?NOTICE ?THE MAILS par Halted Ptatea ataamer Empire City, will cloae at tbia office on Monday, August lit!., at 2 o'clock P. M Lettara for tba following plaoea muat be pre-paid :? Havana lOo. par X oa. Uritiah W. 1. lalanda 1U do. Other w. 1. lalanda 35 do. Cliagroa and Panama 2n do. Poutbweat Coaat of 8outh America 50 do. Cbiaa 6 da. Aandwiob lalanda G do. wm. v. beady, p. m. Notice.-the partnership heretofore Existing under the firm of Pattaraon fit Fredricka, nanulacturera of eiaegar, la hereby diaaolred by mutual consent. John m. Pattaraon la aalaly authorised to settle the affairs of tbe firm, and will continue the business. john m. patterson. August 8. ISM. L. P. FREDRICK.S. Trimbi.e ci ard.-the members or tub above company are requested to attend a meeting and drill, at tbe Centre market upper drill room, on Monday evening, August 11, at 8 e'cleen. By order. WM. POWER, Commandant. 0. Tin 1I.ASU Orderly Sergeant. SIXTH WARD LICENSES.?GROCERS. PORTRR house and Junk shop keepers, aad hand eartmea who bare paid far liceeee aiaee Deoember, IMP. and who have net received the same, are hereby notified that their money will i be returned en application this week, to ENOCH E. CAMP, Counsellor, Ac., corner Leonard and Centre streets. Yacht race?challenqe of the baltimoreanfiAccepted?Messrs. Flab, Clark b Co., of this city, nave accepted the challenge of the Baltlmoreanr. Their splendid new yacht. White Lily, built for this aaatck. sailed an Friday, the nth Inataat, at 2 p. m.. for Baltimore, to sail for one thousand do.lars a aide, (filiWU,) against the yacht Baltimore,of Baltimore. The rare ie to earns off previous to the inch of August. The White Lily will be sailed by R. Fish, Ee<| , of the above firm. REWARD*. dtl reward.-a youno gentleman, $ IjVVV who has been known by the name ef Charles Vt rHI worth has, from his childhood, been iu the charge of | the subscriber, who has satisfactory moral evidence that said child is the *ob ol Jibn Ullaua Norton, and Sarah, hie *ifc (vhoii maiden name nu Peartall). and that ho oral horn In tha roar MM, or tho early part of Ihtl. In ordor to 1 plaea tho oafd child in peaaeeeioa of hit parental right#, and lor no athcr pvrpoae. the anhacrihor to daai<oua o( obtaining local evidence of the birth and Identity of eeld child; and will (rt?e the above reward to any pcraon who will furaieb nchproof.?Hated Now V orb. Au?u?t 7. KM. H. I'ICON ET. V Bank etrnot. Aia REWARD.?LEFT IN THE FOURTU AVENUE 1 > Care,on Wedneeday night, about II o'clock, a pair nl Opera Olaoaeo. The ahovo reward will ha paid to the Hnder, by leaving them at Sdd Fourth aranua. REWAHD.-I.OBT. IN TIIE VICINITV OF DRO J*E and Eerex atrcete, on ftaturday night laet. a wallet, with J F Bailey printed inelda. euppoeea to r nuln about I faO One bill marked Jooet, one v> marked Kellee. Ratlalaetory rew ard will be paid for information or return of the name to ZS Broome atreet. LOIT, dM. L OPT-ON SATURDATT TIIE fTH. BETWEEN Tn I boera of two and three P. X . In Broadway, between the Broadway Bank and Maiden Lane, three notea, aa followe ?One Note drawn by E. W Benedict, dated April '.'.'Id. at eerea monlho. for three hundred and twenty dollare. payable at the Ogdeaabnre Rank. Aloo. one drawn by N. W. Oerdlner, dated Hay 2id, at tic moathe. for four huadred l and ninety dollare and ninety rente, pat able at the Chemung Canal Bank. Atao, one drawn by John P. White. | New York, dated Nareli f.'. eight months, fir four hundred and fifteen dollare and aeeeaty-aia rente, payable at the bank of the Htata of New York,all payable to the order of and endoraad by BarkuaH Oeborna. All pereoni are hereby ranllne,ed a.iainai nggi.linlifig lh? khutc ntnUa tha* BftVIBint I thereof t.avin* teen al'.ppc l. A aattable reward will be paid ! for their delivery to the eebeeribere. BACKUS A OSBORNE, M Maiden Lane Lost, on Monday last, supposed in one or the Atlantic atreat eUres, Snath Brooklyn. a email handle of papere, tf no nee to any nae bat the owner. The bader will be liberally rewarded by leaving the tame with Mm. H. Race jr. aeeaad doer from State, la Uojrt etreet. | Brooklyn. Found-a gold watch, apply at no. m new atreet. up etaira. euahuiiiu, mm. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIPE. ALSO SEYBRAL tingle gentlemen, eaa be accommodated with good board and pleaeaat reemo, at No. 6 Beaeh atreet. Bath la the honae. Refareneea eaehaaged. Board wanted-by a single gentleman, in a private family, where there are ae ether boardera. I Lora tie a dealred from Tenth to Tweaty-aiith atroet. near ' Fifth areaae. Rerereaoea(lroa aad require*. Addreaa .. | boa MOT, peat e<B< e. _______________ doard-a pine suite ot rooms. with bath MJ room adjolalna. may be obtained by a reatlemaa aad wife, in a very pleaeaat hoaae. aewly faraiehed taroaglieat, aad erenpitd by a private family of three pereuna. I.oen< tloa both reaveaiaat aad dealrabla. Addreaa "Osgood." I Hrrald Office. Board in tbe country.-famii.ies can br accommodated with beard aad eligible reema. The I hoaae la commedi' ua. aad plraaaatly eitaated. near the lludeoa River. Steambeata dally to aad from New York. Addreaa X. U . North Haveretraw. Roekiaad eoaaty, New York. oardino WANTED. A single room. (WITHout board,) weat of Broadway, and between Veaey aad Heade rtreete. Addreaa B. W. c.. Herald oAee, a tat tag terma I ?mt h.atioa. IJOARfi ON BTATRN INI.AND ? A F A ? I I T. OR SRTR. Ural ?t? (I* ( iiIiiikii, ran ha wall arraaaaadatad In aplaa at InraMea. fronting tha watar and naar tha forty. Apply I at Ha hnnaa fnnaarljr aaanpiad kjr Jndga Ward. Tompkla?\ Ilia, Btatan ( land. IOPOINOA-A BL'ITB OF PCRWISHRO APART J neat* In lat, totathrr ora'parntalt. aaltabla fay gantlam?n. nr a r?ntl>man and h<a wlfa. at |(? Aprlag tr??t. want af Broadway. Hr.ntfaat nnl* glraa,il raqnirad, No koardara la tha henna. Tarma moaarata. WANTIO -BT A ORNTI RMAN AND BIS WIFR, TfTR rend Mnry nf a modarn knllt hnnaa, with bath. ?< i and a prh ala Addraaa kox 2.ITS, poat oflkoa. with raal ) name and onmkar af atraat. MU'im*. EXTRA BLACKBIRRT BRANDT.-THI8 /rSTt.T ralahratad ra??d? far knwal ramalalata, mannftr'nrad !r * hn?at r id rnraae Braada, aarraraiy lot and lor aala kj, BjJU 1.1*1 J. A' Bro, t iaw*Tj, car ?* "V hi V ... ...n WAMTB. _ ___ _ _ _ _ 1TAMTID-A LADY COMPETENT TO GIVE DAILY TT loeeone la German and the Piano to four young girle, In a private family. The very hail of referenoe it require ; Addreae fo> >,111, Poet DtM, atating tiini, whieh mart M ] modarate. Wanted?IIGBT OK TIN LADIES DRESS CAP maker*; alau two Saleswomen, wall aeuuaiatid with ! the city trade Apply to Mr*. Richmond, A* Broadway, morning or ejcning. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A SMART TIDf avd wall raeommeaded young woman, ta do general houte | work, la a good cook ana baker, and an excellent wneher and ironer; la fond of children, and willing to maae Urreelf I generally ueeful. Una the beat city reference. No objection to go in the country. Plaaaa call at ZEi Bowery. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general houaework. Can give good city reI fercnua from her lnat place. Call at SOU iluuitou atreet, eecoud door, in the rear. Ana be aaeu for two dnya, if not engaged. WANTED-BY a YOUNG WOMAN. a SITUATION a< Cook in A raapectnble private family. Good city reference given. Apply at 71 Sixth avenue. Wanted?by a respectable young woman, a Protectant, n aituation aa Chambermaid, and ti ' aaaiat in washing and ironing. Can give the beet rtfercooea from last employer*. Apply at 74 Charlton atreet, frout j baaemcnt Applicatloua attended to for two daya. WANTED-BY A EESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituation am a good plain Cook, and good wnaher aul iroaer, or Chambermaid in a private family. Beat of city reiereuce given. nemo can at iu r.a?t Brad wiy. where lie nan laat employed. Pleaae call at the baaement door. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young womaa to do tha honaowork of a email private family, ov to take oare oi children; li a Rood oook, waaher I and ironer; haa no Objection to to a abort diatauoc in the ! country, Beat of city reference. Pleaee call, or addreaa at 1U? Hivington at. XWTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH YOUNO I TT woman a aituation aa cook, waaher and ironer, in a pri- | vale family, to aaaiat with the waahtna and ironing. Reierrnoe Riven and required. Apply at 183 Division at. Can , be aeen for two daya. WANTED?BY A YOUNO AND RESPECTABLE Eogliah woman, a aituation aa Wet Nurae, havinttbe | moat unexceptionable city referenoe. Apply at 46 Third avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ! young woman, aa Cook and Lanndreaa, in a private in- | mily. No objectlone to do honaowork In a email family where there would be but one girl employed. Beat of reference caa be Riven. Pleaae eall at All Seventh atreet, third floor, front room, up ataira. Can be aeen for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG HEALTHT woman, aa Wet Nurae?her flret ohild. Inquire at OOJ Pearl atreet. WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID WHO UNDERSTANDS waahinR and ironing fine clothe, and fluting, and who ! can bring a good recommendation from her laat place. Alao wanted, a young woman aa Waiter; one who nnderatande her I i buaineaa thoroughly, and haa lived aa waiter in her laat I place. Apply at No. JH Eaat Twenty-fifth atreet, between 10 | i and 12 o'olocn A. M. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A STEADY YOUNO ' j woman, to do plain cooking, waahing and ironing. Can I I give the moat reapectablc referenoe?one for three year*, and i the other for the laat nine montha. Pleaae call at 2*3 William atreet Can be eien for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE { young girl, aa Chambermaid and Seamatreaa; no objection to aaaiat in waahing, or aa Nurae and Seamatreea; un- , deratanda the care of children. Baa no objection to go a | abort diatance in the country. Una good city reference. Pirate call at No. 16 Waverly place. Can be aoen until auited. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. TWO OIRLS, one to cook, wath, andiron; and the other aa Chambermaid and Seamatreaa. Thoae who underatand their buaineaa, and have no follower*, may apply, with eity referenoe, from 11 to 12 A. M., at 173 Eaat Seventeenth atreet, baaement door. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a aituation aa Cook, Waaher, and Ironer; underatand* taking; or would go aa Laundreaa. Good city reference given. Pleaae apply at 8t Pike atreet, aecond floor, front room. Can be aeen for two day*. WANTED?SHEET IRON WORKERS. Apply to E. R Bennett, *8 and fiO Duane atreet, aecond floor. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN IS ANXIOUS TO OBTAIN pupila, whom he would inatruot in Latin, Greek, and French; or he would aocept a aituation aa elerk or oopyiat in a law ofllc*, aaaiatant book-keeper, ike , or in any other capacity in which he oonld make himaolf uaefnl. at a very moderate aalary. Plea** addreaa Omega, otto* of the New York Herald. WANTED-BY A 80BER. RESPECTABLE YOUNG man, a aitnation aa waiter in a private family?i* a good driver in doable or aingle harneaa; if required, can prodnce unexceptionable city reference. No objection to the country. A not* addreaaod ' L. H.," Union Square Poat Office, ahall be promptly attended to. WANTED?TWO COOPERS, TO WORK AT LOOSE work barrel* and half barrela; ateady work and good wagea. They muat go n ahort wny into the country. "r? / "l oihii 'ooi 01 i/uane n'.reft. enquire lor ictll O'Dcll, between the hour* of 8 and 1 o'clock. WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE HARD WAKE OR iron and eteel importing house, a ettuation u Salesman, by a young maa of good business habits, and much experience in the trade. Address O. L. Y? Herald office. WANTED?AT 114 NASSAU STREET, SALESMEN, Bookkeepers, School Teachers. Drug Clerks, Porter*. Barkeepers, Ostlers, Walter*. Coachmen, Meo on Earns, Brick Tares. Railroads and Steamers; Boys to learn trades. Places fur respectable females always ready. Employer's fee |I per annum. Applicants enclosing one dollar, free of postage, describing the situation, can be presently salted. T1IOS. SPINA, Agent. i WANTED?SITUATIONS FOR TWO SMAET, TIDE girls. as Chambermaid*, Nurse* aad Seamstresses; ten excellent Cooks, Washers and Ironers. (Protestants.) Also. i upward* of forty frst elase Catholic sore ante of every do- I mettle capacity, at the Select Agency, 223 Fnlton street. 1 Brooklyn. Private families requiring snob, are respectfully solicited to eaU. _ WANTED?SITUATIONS ARE WANTED FOR A i large and select number of servants, of various nations-cooks, chambermaids, nurses, seamstresses, laundresses, general workers, waiters, Ac. at the "Select Protestant Agency." 7 Carmine St., and at the "Old Society A goner," 106 Chambers St., the only offices extensively patronised by the best families end Irst elans servants. A SMART, CLEAN, TIDY, WILLING YOUNG GIRL who hna lived between two very reepeotnble femiliee for the laet three years aad seven months in Brooklyn, is now very desirous of employment, and woald earago as Chambermaid, or ds Children'* Maid and to do sowing. Please call at the corner of Fnlton avenue end Bridge street, Brooklyn. Can be eeea, if met employed, until Tuesday nfteraoooa. at fonr o'clock, A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITl'Ation as Chambermaid or Nurserymaid, or to do plain sewing; can be seen for three dare, from ten till eii in toe afternoon. Pieces inquire at 20S Grand street. She belongs to the Bt glish Chnrcb. A YOUNG MAN. OF BE8PECTAB1LITY AND UL'ICR apprehension, wiehea to apprentice himself to the MaI hlnlst trade. Address John iloorhead, Berald office. BOTI WANTED.?FOUR EOY8 WANTED AT SJ7 Broeduey, to attend n Billiard Saloon. CUTTER WANTED A 11 EST BATE GENERAL CUT ter ie wanted to d" the rutting for a custom shop in a Wcetera city. One ?ht ni firiMi ntlafMtorjr nfirHeu can obtain a aitaation by applying In paraon from 9 to 10 A. M , or by aOrtHlai a liar to Tailor. 80 and *3 William lUMt. elating when and whera an inter > law can ba had. DHCU CLERK WANTED-ONE FULLY COMPETENT to attaod a city retail atora. Nona hut Americana aard apply Inquire at 138 Sixth avenaa, between Tenth aad Eleventh atraata. Salesman wanted?for tiib crockery busineaa.?A competent pcreon to go in the country, who thoroughly underetanda the calling and pankiac In thie country; in fact, a huainna working man, with good reference. Steady employ meat and good aalary will baglran. Addreaa ' Lroekery, Bora Id aflaa, SERVANT!! WANTED IM M EDI ATEL I'-FOR FIRtT claaa prlrate familiee Six pr-feaecd Cauka. $10 to $11; threa experienced Noreea, aix exierlenced waltora. three experienced Laondraaxa. a Lady'a Maid, an e?|>ertanred Fatmar and a Groom aad Page. Apply at Ids Grand ate a lit, nbtreaaporieacrd aarxaata oaa obtain excellent aituatioaa, and good wagea. ___________________ TO DAGt ERREOTYPISTS.?WANTED, A YOUNO man. aa aaalatant operator: alao. one of rood addreaa. deairone of learning the art. may apply at Knapp'a, 103 R aery, after d P. M., nay day thla week. To CAN yam err.? WANTED. TWO or TflRF.E PERarna to raneaa for anbaeribera to a popular Weekly Nawtpaper. Raaponalble pert* aa will bo liberally treated with. Apply at hi Srrme atreet. ap ataira. UN monsieur ET UNI DAMR DESIRERAIINT SE placer d tea aa familla. La dama eomme enUiaicre, la Marl eaut dinner dca lecoae da Franeala at deqal Atloa. Sadta?at ahaa Mr. Mullcr. Anna atraat. 71. WET NURSE WANTED?TO TAKR A FEMALE IN. I fanl. a few dare old. to har own reeidance; an ornhaa. bora Tharaday f??t. who loot kor other oa Saturday or.d her father r n tho 4th June loot If any lady It deairoaa to adopt tho infant la bar own th'i would boa good opportaniijr M It kufti rolatlro In thin country. Roth pernio wet* entire* of Vienna, la Auetrla. of intelligence aad r* apoetatl Ity. Addraaa Phyeielaa. Now York I'oot Oftca. I HOUIKk, ROUHk, dM.. WAITflO. WANTED-A SUITE OF FURNISHED ROOMS FOR a gentleman and lady. with hoard for tho In.ljr only, with a widow lady, la a reaportable locality, who hao no nthor hoardota. and who would appreciate tho aoelcty of aa agreeable lad*. Addrroo " H." at thla otkc*. abating looatloa and Irraaa. wfiiak aiuat ho moderate, no tho pay woald ho la adeanct. if wlohod. Wanted?a moderate sized Tro-sroRr and haeeaieat hoaao, faralabrd. far twa or thro* oaoatha, either la Rrooklya or Now Torkj U>o Uttav proforrod. Addrooa hoi 146 bow or Poat ORe*. WANTED lO RENT-AN OFFICE. EITHER FIRST at oocoad floor, la tho neighborhood of Wall. Soath. Wator, aad Froat atroot*. Addroa* M. EYRE, through tho poat oilier. _ Wamiii to rrsrnASE-a drug store in hew York or Rrooklya. doing a fair knoiaooi. Addroo* T. A. G . Herald oflloa, a tat lag price, looatloa. aad aaioaat of koala*** don*. PURIFICATION R. ^ ftitT Xttlt TtRAITIIIVAITE'S RETROSPECT. FOR 1 July. 1KAI. iajaet pobltrhod. Trte? tl. $2pernnn*ni The peVlleher hereby *l*e* nolle*. that In eoa**<oeBe* ?f lb* reeeat ehaafe* In the P?? <i?*e Department, ill n linm'iU and inrmiauli made In lln ?i?l. II "III h*realter be fnrnlehed to anheeribere fr*e of poetayr. the poatace heln* rni-l at th* "(Be. of pnhlleatioa, and iaoladod la th* enherription, "hirh "III be M follow* : I row li t eenmeaeemeat (N*. I) to th* 12th N*., 78 cat* |*? N* ..... ., .. .. w From 1.1 to M. Ia<-I*a4*e, ?1 P*r No 12 I'rr annnnt her**f?*r .......... ... * The "hole of the ahere, hound la tna role, fnll Iheep. M tier rnlam* " In *11 'Me* drllrered free of poita** lo the aoh*erlh*rr, t an? roet Bee In th* United Metre The *nl*?riptloa to te iaeaiiahlr paid In adranro. DAN II I. A HI F. rnhlleh??, 107 Fult*n atreek, I T. INStTR ANCKS. TUB BROOKLYN FIRB INMTRANCB CO?rANTUhartered In leX ; OBee*. 41 rnlton etreet. Brooklyn Nerehaate" Bnehan**. Wall etreet. New York knee theii eapltal (** ?leo n hkndton* earplna) inreatrd in th* nor nndmhted eeenrlilee. and eontlnn# to In en re halldlnyt. ?*t than die*. *n*Bltnre, and other personal property. reeoelel* port and their rareoea, upon a* farorahle tarn* ae nay eth*r e-i"' ^^W.LtlAB ILUnrOKTB. Pr-H-h ^* Q. |WMf|i ALM B? AlO-nua. A Mianzri uu or carimst f?*v>itij** tomorrow. Tuoaday. at 10 o'eloek. itll Wg |*b?j ulton ?trv?t. fx, Kemp will Mil ataaetioa M ?? >*,. vJj??* "th* eanl**t miker. which I, parUuuluety worthy the attention of Ik* brad* **4 bauaobe.pore, n*4 uottoiita ut ro*?wood parlor Kirmdri '",*w>4 C?tr? Tiblw ?it!i marble tjpi . ? Vboohen*.ie iitmiioi Diam( ' P?*t*d and enamelled Chamber Fnraitur* alto nu? Bu??u? **d w**h*tnad?, carved malu gany Sota#, T?t? iriu and ipriag

nnrlor Chair*. mahojany, marble i?p, centre *.d pier Ta, work, < aril, and fancy Tablee, high put H date ad* ma hcuky French Bidateade, walnut eotta.* and oUiar Bid teada. hair Metre****. marble tup drawing B iram. .? 1 Waahatanda. plain Chamber Furallor. w.Unt ?m" o.!k. Wardraba*. n- ihogaay ha.r aaat C'haira la variety, cane cent Chain. Catalog** ou the morning ?f tal*. AUCTION NOTICI -JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP'S SEC?nd Fall Trad* Pale of Hardware, Heavy Uooda Flue Cutlery, Re., He., will taau place on Tuaaday Uth. at Ml o'clock, at th* .Sulci Room, No. 10 Cedar at For full par titular*, tee Journal of Commerce. N. a?Contribute.-* to Hue laleare reinjected to ceud their invoice* and aatnplee to th* atora, by 4 o'clock, F. M., thi* day, aa th* catalogue will then be pat to pr*M. Auction notice?thus, bill, riunteit-uv II. N. Bush?Lsrge eale of Tirioui articles of Clothing, l)iy Uooiia, Curiosities. fcc.?Tuesday, it 10 o'clock, in tlx suction rooms, 10 North Will an street, byorder of ilmiuiitrntors, from I hotel, etc. Particulars on Tussdiy. thus. hell, Auctioneer. Jr. DIETERICH, AUCTIONEER.?THIS DAY AT 10 o'clock, it the corner of Broome and Colombia streets, Pa* ubroker's tale of unredeemed pledgee, of men's, women's and children's Wearing Apparel, Guilts, & c. By orderofC. CO A HEN, Pawnbroker, corner of Columbia street. HUnisTKABS. ~ T^XCELSIOR BUILDING AND MUTUAL LOAN ASSU locution.?At tlx regular organisation of this incorporation, held at Masonic Hall, No. s/4 Uraud street, on Monday evening, August 4th, the following gentlemee were unanimously elected Robert T Haws, i resident; l>eo. Peekhum, Vioe Tresident; Thomas Pearson, Asst. Vioe Pres.; Wui. L. Miller. Joseph Staples, Nalhanxl Tupeuy, John S. Anderson. tVm. H. Merrill, Jr., John E. Bensix, Charles Godwin, Nicholas L. Cert, J. E. Uillman, Trustees; Nathaniel P. Labarte, Secretary; A. C. Morris, Counsel and Attorney. An adjourned meeting ot the association will bt held at Masoniu ilall, 2/4 uraud. near Porsyth street, on Monday evening, August II, at 7K o'oloak, for the reception ot u'emoers aud trunssotiou ul'business Shares SAW. initiation fee, S2; monthly du?e, $i. Those wishing to avail themselves of the advantag-s of this association wonld do well to make ear'.y application. Subscription books are now open at the Secretary's iflici, No. 2-1 urand street, and at the otHeu of the Attorney, I4J Broadway, where articles of Association and other information ran be obtained. ROBERT T. HAWS, Pres't. Ml smi mm P. Lauarti, Seo. UNION BUILDING ASSOCIATION-CHARTERED BY ths Legislature. ? Tlx next regular meeting will be held at 127 Grand street, third floor, on Tuesday, August 12, at sif ht o'oloek in the evening. The initiation fee of this association is only lifty cints, and the laat sharea were redeemed at 22S0 per share. Persona wiahing to Join oan obuun farther intormatios, with the prospectus and constitution free, by applying at ths secretary's office, MU Nassau strset, from ten till twelve A. M., end one to three P. M., every day, Sundays exespted. N. B.?Members who have not got their passbooks are requested to call at the office and get them before next meeting night. W. PARKER, Secretary. Prospect hill village association?in consequence of the grent desire to obtaia plots in this Aisociati/h, and the geueral eatiofaotiou expressed and embeditd in a resolution unanimously passed by the oompiuy who visited the land on Thursday laat, the direitors oiler one more opportunity to ioin them. The next meeting will beat the American Hall, cornsr of Broadway and Grand itrnt, on Monday evening, August II, at M o'clock, P. M. ALFRED S PEASE, 1G1 Third avenue, Pree'k. Wis. Faiiii, 1P2 Canal street, See. FOR HAhk 1NDTO hKt, A RIFLE FOR SALF..-8TEEL BARREL. THIRTY inches, even twist, fifty inches to the turn. Carries forty singe, and sixty ba'lt to tlx pound Made to order, with hcet cars, by Pike. Is quits new, and a good gun. Inqniro of Mr. Thomas, No. b6 Atlantis street, Brooklyn, a?ar soutii Ferry, rtiec, >.? BUSINESS STAND TO HE RENTED-ONE IN A VEliV thriving oondi*ion. ?A country ctorc. looatod inn ttouriehing village upon the Hudson River, and Stock of Ooode for eale, coneiitlng of Dry Q"odi. Oroceriee,Crockery, Hardwart, Ac. The bntincae iein very euooeeaful operation, and hai alwaye been eo. ever eince ite brat eetabliehment. A neat opportunity will be offered. at the owner ie in bad health. Addreaa W. E? at thie office, for two or three day*. Broadway property to rent.?a valuable Property on Broadway will be Leaned or altered for bueineee purpoeea to euit applicante. Apply to WILLIAM GIBSON at hia Decorative Eetabliehment. 974 nnd 376 Broadwny. FOR SALE, A BOARDING HOUSE, ADVANTAGE ouely eltuated, with five yeara lease. The houee hae iuit been furniehed new throughout in modern etyle. Satieractory reaeoae given by the advertieer for colling. To any one alio may wieh to purchate it will need >2 .VWcaeh or approved credit Apply at tint office, by letter, to Boarding. N. B. A few leingle gentlemen can be acoommndnted with board, by anaweriag Board, at thie office. Central location For sale.?the lease, stock, and piktures of a publie houee, 1 cated only a few doore fro n Broadnay. The honee ie completely and elegantly furniehed throughout. The bar room ie one of the handeomeet in the Jity The roome will pay the rent Apply to HOWES A UKaHHILL, H3 Naeean etreet and iU Broadway. For sale-lease and fixtures or a liquor Dietillery, nearly new, and in complete order; all iabrmetion regarding the eamc will be given by applying at * Warren etreet, in the etore. Aleo to let, 64 Warren etreet, i front parlor, for an office or eome light genteel bnaineee. FOR SA1.E-1N THE ODD FELLOWS' SECTION OF Cypreee Hilia Cemetery, two liurial Lote, well located, it a low price for eaan. Apply at 211 Greenwich ?t. For bale?tee good will and fixtures or a D.etillery and Rectifying Evtabliehmeat, now doing a rood bnetneea, and well located in the city. Will be eold low for raah. For further narticulare, apply at 273 Front etreet, between 10 and4 o'clock. For sale?the counter and fixtures op a Tailoring eetabliehment. Addroee e. V . 41 Ludlow treat. Foe bale?the i.eabe, stock, and fixtures of n Grocery Store; three good Stable a nnd large yard attached. In<|nlre at 62 Greenwich avenue. Furnished rooms to let.-twr rooms, with eloeete, Ac . cn the eecoad floor of the houee No. 7 Walker etreet, to let to aiugle gentlemen, or to n gentleman and hie wife only. Apply ae abort. IIOUSE TO LET?A FINE TWO STORY DWEI.LINO, nuit of vtilotbuv, will bo kU, or rented to t|?oi ttuii I'.sseesiun given For particulars apply to JS7 Ck?rr> itnrt. ______ Till It A K ROON. NO 77'; FULTON STREET, Brooklyn, will bo told on Tory oasy MtMtl a man who bat not the full amount to pay for it. Money not eared for. if Rood security bo given. Apply immediately on tho promises. Tho aitnation la oao of tna boat in tho city, and ia one of tbo beat thoroughfares, being near tbo Fulton Ferry. TO 8HIPBUILDERS.-TIIB SUBSCRIBERS OFFRH for talo, at Troy, a superior lot of Tamarao Kaooa aad Tamnrao Timbor, suitable for ahlpbuildinR purposes. Also, a cood assortment of sawed Lumber. Application maybe made to Meter a. Clark ft Ogdea, 106 Broad street, Nov York; or to O. PARISH UUDEN R CO., Troy. TO LEASE -FRANKLIN HOI'!"* BUI I.DI NUS.-TU E Salesroom, ea eeceud floor of lffl Bread way, eoraer Day street. Alao, the froat half of seaoad floor, 191 Broad way, eommnnleatiBR with tue abase, affording a fro a tare of fty feet en Broadway, lurniahsd with water eloeete. be., and enoeedingly well lighted. Will be leased separately. U required. Apply te O J. S. THOMPSON, 81 ConrtUndt street. Alao, fear pleasant Offline ia the abere buildings. TO LRA8E?FOUR LOTS. NORTH SIDE OF FORTTaiath street, near Rlevontli asenue, 10U feet square, for a trim of yrara. For further particulars, apply at No. |U8 Fourth avenue; and ror sale, ilie Lease of said Hunts, No. USA, TO LET?THR THREE STORY HOUSE. WITH TEA room, gat, Croton water, aod all the modern impressments. No. W Variek street, lofuer of I,sight street, fronting 8t. John's Park. To bo soen from nine to one o'elnok. Kent J.7UU to 1st May nest. Woald board with the family renting the kener. if agreeable. For farther particulars, inquire at VI West street Also, for tale, two Tete-a-Tetea. sis Chairs, two Screens. Re., la rosewood and bine flgured silk, made to order ia Pad*, laqwire as amewa. TO LET?THE THREB LOFTS OF THE STORE NO. it t'ortlandt street, opposite the Merchants' Hotel Inquire of AMI DON R HI aLBl'T, <t Certlaadt street. TO LET-TWO ri'RMSHED PARI.ORS ON FIHH floor of house No. 41 Mercer street Inquire of A. ROl'X, INI Broadway. TO LET-IN UNION STREET. SOUTH BROOKLYN, between Court and Clinton ttreete, a etnas froat house, with gas and all the modern Improvements. Beat, $flfR For InrtLer particulars, appi* to W. II. MUNTZ, 48 Cliff street. N. T. OOPARTflKftSHIP myticEfl. Dissolution of partnership -thb co part errshlp heretofore eaistiag between the undersigned under the 8*m name ef Hartley R Deaaiesna. Plumbers, at No. 187 Ninth neenue. New York city, is hereby dissolved by wiatuel ronsent. The affaire of the firm will be nettled, and the hnslneee eontlaned at tin seme place, by Charrhlll C. C. lienaiseon. JOHN H. RaRKLEY, ft C. C. DENNI3SON. DIMOLOTTOW.-Tn cit-PARTNERsniP iirreto fora ntatlag ii4 ka?wn aatha Krai o? Potto* ft l>r?mo(. M CktlhiB ?trrot, |g4 Ml Paarl atroot. ft tbla day diM*iTt4 fty ?uio*i n>icii PATRICK PATroifr JOHN DRDMON. -WANTED. A PARTER with A CAPITAL w"oo ! >?*>. t* jola th* adoortlarr la a baainota already aatakltabad. aad |*rto* a tiroflt of IU0 p?r oaab. Tha btiilaraa It aaalaatraly for aaah, aad nn rtak vhattear iaaarrrd. Na*a bat a aiaa of baataaaa habit*. aad aha will ha vHlfac to darota hla ahola tiaia to tha baalaaaa. aoad roply In thia adrartlaaaaat. Addraaa. (with roal nana.) " Ealarprtaa. Ilarald Oftaa. DET BOOM, *a. \f ANTII.LAR-THE PROPRIETOR OF THE PARIS aatllla Emporia*. halac doalrnna of tlbfllaf aa aalira rloaraaea of tha kalaaoa of hla aaaiator at >ak. proeloaa to opoalaa tha fall trada (prapari tlnaa for whlrh arr aa* '. I ..... >><p r nmm wwriwwu npn I r?if?lOi W eAOclljr oa* half tk? ortatanl ft-* Ladto* mar thorofor*. H?rt PHI tltlllH. OR.) ?t I. I' I V *11 Broadway BAJOfR OI.OF1R JVM LAN DID, OF Tltt FIRST I qtMllta ? l.adte- kid tiloooa. White and klook. It?h* 4 dark i * do , I fall aoonrtnioat of color* lid 4m i ?I*o, embroidered lac- Mitt*, ilk*. Satin*. Filiate. Marina*. Cloak*, Mantilla*. t'??kia#r*a. Dolain**. Imhrnld?ri*?. l,**c?. Calico*. Plid* Hoafori. Lla-n*. tti*li. B-arf* Crap**. Handkerchief* Romhatioo*. Maroollae*. Mo , which w* offer at th# |o?*?l market price, either kjr the parkaa* or piac* J ARES BECK A CO., wholetal* rooaa*. KUil 396 Broadway. HOHJkKN. (1AHHIAORI, 4kw. NHIV tore bowse IIIU111 rmosiv strut Aaelloa sale of Nora**. Carriage*. II <roc. Seddlo*. Ac., ?r?ry M-a4*v a*4 W*4ne*4ar. at 13 o'aloek, Parana. ha?ln? property to 4|*po*e of, wtll ntoee- call a?4 hart it re (Utereif JOHN H i'aTFIII.D, Proprloter. HORSE FOR RAI.B?A I.IOIT ORAY MORSE. PONY hallt. Ill hand* hl*h, 7 year* old, kind an4 round: haa trotte4 a arlle Ia*l4* of three ailaatoeon a country road; ha* atatt I*ea trained or owa*4 ny a hnroemtn. Inquire of RDM ARD ?11.1 KR. Keaoico. (oa tfo Harlem RE) Wootehooterooaatp. For ?air tv rastern day marr. iiu bands high of r-o4 *p*e4. t?or?. *a4 aatl >a. of great *pleo courate and ea4araao*, ?oand, kind la haraoo* aa4 under the uddlaetende without tying. and *?I4 only kocanaa oh* It ten light for owaer'i nrweoat parpo*** fa quire at JOHN FAOIN R (teklo, SIS neirr etr**v Sooth Brooklyn, after .fht'tftfA H, r uk *obu^ UMHMf COURU, L. I ?TROrTINO?AS1TEIP take of S.MIO' ? A iVHpiUkn fur double Utoi. mil* . T b.ate, beet 3 la A, of $1W each; $40 u>M te the eaooad toast, I te wagea. weighiag net lee. than ZHOlba.; aill com >1 ?> M?adly. Auguet n, at 3 o'cloek. 8. Uoaaltad uiom t>. * Tru John and g jt. Shack.lbn'k , Illraai woodruff taau 1 f. ( Stranger and bk tu Elisabeth ; Jameo RThelpley naiaee ?1 a. m. Paaay aad b. b. Orphan Boy. Tha Januy l.fud Una ?l 8<agne will ran hourly from Uraad atrial aad Pack a'ip ferria*. Willianmburg. Para aach way, Ihfc oaaita. A too, i atagaa In readibcea at Fulton ferry. Brooklyn, at J o'cloek, P. II. Para aaoh way, 2) cent.. and remain until tha aport to over. JOHN 1 SNEDIKER, Proprietor. IPOHTINU. Notice to sportsmen.-on Monday, the uth ibot., a Shooting Match will take piaoa oa iba Uobokau Meadow, at 12o'elock. Two hundred laet flyingpti.oaa are , oa hand tor the occasion. / TA YLOR. By SPOMTINO?WALKING MATCH AGAINST TIME- j Jnt Thcmaa Usnaherry bUndi r?ady to walk 1,0JO mile* in gQ< 1 UUO consecutive hours, Propriitors of race courses. or places of entertainment, in the vicinity of the city, wisuin/ bll htm to perform the foot n their premises. may Apply* or a^address a lite to him, at No. 94 Veaoy street, where he can lOD he seen. Y|j CPOR1SMEN. TAKE NOTICE.-STRAYED 08 STOLEN the tr !m ,i.0, t? \un atraat, on Piiday last, an old PS* ' f iU?fa?'?w a*' a an* orange colored ears, hotter known ? Old rport. A suitable reward will be paid for hia return. nv? N. B. Any person claiming Ulm after thi.d.te, will be dealt i 0>t with accordiag to law. UENRY SCHRODER. j f??| ?1?? HAITM. niB' COLORED DAOUEKREOTYPES FOR PIPTT CENTS I Pf? King'.Skylight, lOflBowarr, between U."7ind ?l? brand atreaU, tha only tablUhatant la tba city where tha i baat akylight daguarreotypaa, baadaomaly eolored and aa- "8 oaaed, are takaa for SO eenta, and larger elaea, at eunallv low rataa. No eharga parfaet aatiafaatlon to gUcn. m11 Daguerreotype.-first rate plates md8t be plated with a sufficient thiokueaa of para ill- cru mh purer mo uewer. euu w girnuriBL'o nines n perieelly Vf. smooth and avaa. The acalo plataa combine thaaa ad rantags# to tha utmost. Tba coat of sllvor deposited on thaaa I out plataa ia thicker than that on tha French plates, 40th; and aa they are eleetroplated. all that ailvar fa chemically *a Rra, an advantage which cannot bt too much appro lilted. tv ay are warranted perfect. For sale, at tha tola agent's. 1 VICTOR BISHOP, No.23 Maidenkaaa. |(] in STRUCT ion. hel French conversation classes^IcadeiTfwi Broadway.? Professors Richard and Jfonton trill twain l"6 thia day, 11th mat., and P. M , a course of oonreraationa iUI] calculated to form tha car to the pronunciation of the French language, and to acquire all the idiomatic expres- the aiona. XU Broadway, 4>g o'clock. ^ HOTELS. litl CLARENDON. NEW YORK?THIS HOTEL, SI TV- kll. at.dNoa Ml and 62 Union Plaoe, oornar of Fourth avenue and Eighteenth atraet, haa been opened by tba under- 6 signed, for the accommodation of familiea who are travel- the ling, and who deaire tha comfort# and quiet of a more retired aituatioa than the other hotela of New York. The arrange- Wg manta of thia eatabllahment arc altogether auperior to any- . thing of tha kind in thia or, perhapa, any other eountry, * being divided into auita of apartment#, with bathing rooma tho and other water conveniences attached. It ia furntahad in tbe most elegant and expenaive manner, equal to tha beat alio private residence# of the city. The location ia very deaira- . hie, being located in view of Union Square, and opposite the * ?* beautiful ground# of E. Uolbrook, Eaq. The object of tbe .? e proprietor will he to give that satisfaction to nie patrons thai will ensure him their cuetom when they visit tha city. on t O. C. PUTNAM, Fro pr la tor. , . , to n RESTAURANTS. But SHELLEY'S IS TO NEW YORE WHAT THE ROC HER "d de Cancale is to the Parisians?tha grand resort, de u,n toute moado, tempted thither by thoae delicious Maaaaehusctts Bay Oy stars, and the ten thousand other artisti- the cally prepared vfanda, and those curiosities of vintage peculiar to tha cellars of thia superb cafe and reatauraut. una Vive le cons'itution, Vive Mulligntewuey coup, and be g.n thankful that you live In tha days of thoae salt, tender and refreshing Little Neck clams, and Marshall festivals. chip ALA LANTERNS, NOT IN THE REVOLUTIONARY A significance of tha term. i. a., to be hung thereto, but . the arabesque Isntarnc of Shelley, on the northwest corner L.UU of Broadway and Anthony strict, there to hang in rapt w >n- .y,e der at the gorgeouanesa and costly magnificence by which you will be surrounded. Not to be at Shelley's la to be WA> a barbarian, and not to indulge in the Epiouroan produo- . tiona of thia regal plaae ia to be insensible to the good the tlOD goda have sent you. You can't be insensible to tha oomiag wondera of the Marshall feativaL tare Ladies department at shelley's-entrance l*'? one door this aids of Christ Church, ia Anthony atraet, n*u just out of Brodway, haa reoently bean added to thia vast WO ' establishment, with a view to accommodate ladies and gen- pea tlemen with dinners and suppers prepared frem the delloa- *1 oiaa of the season. All kinds of confectionery, ioaa creams. . u> pastry, and fruits, can ho had, aad served In oool private IDE apartments. utbi bet DUKELLAllBUUk. can UMBRELLAS AND PARASOLS.?AN DREW B >HME. manufacturer and wholesale dealer, offers for sale High "J Lnstred, Green, Bins and Black Silk, Pearl, Ivory and Horn .v. Mounted. Ball-opening, Walking Cane, Travelling. Steel and ham Baggy, *Cheap" Whaie boaeT Can* and"ited U mbnUa* iTjj and Parasols, of srtry description. ANURIVt' BOIIME, 1] Cedar street. MISS M ARTINBAl"8 AND ATKINSON'S LITTERS f>,,r oa the Laws of Maa'o Nature and DettlopemtnU, an bow ready aad for oalo. Thio is the tint reprint of three ta >ca] leaked aad interesting let ten ia tht United State*. Price five /A cents, $1 aad Si AO, according to blading. Order* the received br JOHN 10R*180N. 1.1A ChaUaat etreet. New lD? 1 ork, aad by J. P. MR.NDIM.3A Waibiiitea etreet, Boetoa. Prci CCD Ml'SEET CARTRIDGES. 3U.U0U MUSKET CAR- bail tridgos, la boxes of oae thousand each, for eale by , . F. L. KNEEL AND. 'JUti Front etreet. "H A MYSTERY. __ Who eaa the mystery explain T. Of I.jee'i famou* insect baae; 1 n Bartul*** to nam. It quickly (lay* MO Bedbugs, muskeloe*. roachee. flea*, Die The plent-deatseyiag iaeeet hills, J.. And ants, by thousands, In their hill*. , Now, ah* eaa sole* the riddle, aay f the How doe* this powder thas dlaplay ,u, Two attributes a* opposite A* beat aad cold, a* day and sight I Tw Ay. that'* th* secret. yet who ear**; Ul It kill* the ban. whi'e man it spare*; we Aad knowing this we eaa't decry it, k j And puttied still, we still mutt buy it. j101 Depot for LrON.S Magnetic Powder and Pills, for th* do- hill Hraetloa *f la*ecU aad esrmia, Ut Broadway. Mi Liquid hair dye-becipr.-ladies and aiir. ??1 tlemen wiehiB| to arail theaiaelee* of a celebrated Re- 01 '*P*> do *e by eellin* on H. Striker, ISO Broome etreet. WO! V b. Yoa can make tea dollars' worth for SI 3S. It woald fobs a (real estiag to those la the habit of using large <|oaatlties, aad pu>lag high prices for hair dyss. Price of th* ? Recipe, $1. ara = th* LEGAL NOTICK. tor Sl'PREMR COURT.?JOHN HILTON BURL TS? ALTON ,xl Bnel. Zena* Hew** aad Phileada Howes his wife, Mary W ael, Hiram Bailey aad Margaret hie wife, Augustas Dim- ell mick, Moors Dlmmick. iJlmmiok. a daughter of Bea- '! jnmla Diamick. do teased, who was ten of cTarinda Dim mick, Edward Laomis, George M. Leomla. Nortoa Bool. < Haanah Tryoa. daaghtor of Heeea Buol. deceased, aad bar baj hothead. George Bnel. Charlotte Bnel, FlWrvy Bnel aad .1. Care lias Buel. Aeguetua Steteai aad Ahhy Steeeas ?To the above aawed defeadaat* ? Yeu are heruby repaired '- as ewer the complaint* of the above named plaintiff John tin- tbi M Buel. is lb* Supreme Coart of the State of Now York, ?k< which woo tied ia tbo Clerk'e OAeo of Oaoido conat y. oa tho JV Mh day of Jaao. 1(11, oad to verve a Kp> of year aaowar oa ao, at tho city of Utieo, within twootjr day* aftor tho oar II oico of tfcla oa m no no, oiolaoioo of the day of oaoh eorviee: the dnd If yea lhall fail to aaowtr tho complaint within twenty da) aftor oorvioo of Mio nnaoni tho plaintiff will apply to ?? tho Coart for tho rollof donandod (a tho oomolaint. Doled net Jaao I. 1*1. WILLIAM TRACT. Plaintive Attorney. tho . liki UloUTHlNO. ?g 1QS1 FALL CLOTIIINO.-W* WAtTLD RKSPECT- ??" lOtll fully Invito Wtotora and Southern merehaato pea to coll and look throaah ear otook of fall oad winter Cloth- Lin lot. before pnrchaoinp cloowbrro. Wo flatter ooroolroothat . oar aaeortmeat, prepared for tho approaching ooaooa. will ? ho found creator la aatoat and variety than nao over boon tioi potap by any hoaoo la tho trade. Oar oiortl<>aa and ar- Mr raagemeato lur eapplyiat everythlap that ie elegant and . now. at well ao giving to oar pamoate the flt and flaloh of oUi tho hoot outturn work. It proved to ho duly appreciated MA la the proa! laoroaoo of oar oaloo to all eoetiont of tbo .D( country. ao wo conotaatly roooivo from oar ouotomort the . gratifying roporto that oar pamoate aluayo meet a el* aa cna and ready oale; teoideo. wo are detomiaod tu he aadoroold ovt hy an hoaoo ia the trade, wttheatevew allowing for tho tape- ,in. riority of the moke of oar garmrnta. D kJ.lllVLIN, ,. Maad? J oka otroot. ooraor of M amen. CiHAIT OFF CLOTH1NO, FCBNITCRB. FA MOT W I Droooeo. Firaamo, Watchoo, aad Jewelry wanted - e , Thirty per ooat paid ahovo the aeoal price received for tbo 1 " above, oa makiap application to tho aabecrther. who will aid at toad hy appoiatmoat. Ladioe attended hy Mre, Lpoa. eta ISAAC O. LVON. 17 Wall Otroot. Baeomoat. vi(| CI HAST OFT CLOTHING. AC ?LA Dllfl ANT) OBVTI.B- ABi aea caa obtain tho high* >t caeh prion f?r cn?t of cloth- Daj tap of ivory deecripttea, and upcrflaoue peroeaal articled ia a ymoral, by era dint their addreoe throaph poet, or raillap oa AMI* MORON IV. at hit I I thing, II Orange etr-t, OUI near Ckathoa itroot. Ladioe waited oa hy Mre. Moroaoy. tbi C| HAIT OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITlKB WANTID. n,i ? I. of loo or gentlemen haviap nay eoporflnoao effoetg aot to dlepooe of, or Uieee brooking ap haaeakeeptag oaa obtain ou a lair oaoh price for their articled hy ooadiop for tbo oahoortbar at bio roaldoaeo. or by note through tbo poet. H. S. COHEN. ? Kim otroot. KI Ladioe attended by Hra Cebea. INDIA BVMKB DO'JDS. TO TBI PUBLIC.-INBIA RCBBKR ABOBS.?OUB illnUm huMn nIM mm UxrUMunt, by ItrM S. Day. pahliohad ta tkt M?? Tork Harald oC lIUi Jala. Ml, aad tha Caartar u< Koqolrar ( mm do to, la whtoh. aftor math naailM akaoo at aar attoraoy, Va. Jadooa. Boq , ha aooorto that wa 4ar* aot ehorto hiia with piratlaa Oordyoar'o Potoato. aa4ar-aar awa aamoo. aad that ha 4?aa ... ft iafrts(a Uoodyoaro Pataata, la tha maaofoolaro of Bbooa. a haaa parohaood oat llaaaaaa far tha maaafaatara of la- bl 41a Bakkor Bbaaa aa4a? Ooodyoaro Pataata, aa4 paid a at wi moaoy. aa4 ara dally pot lac a tarlt Hat tha aaaMs aaa My atbat yaraaa mi?nt haaa 4aaa tha aaam, U dlopoood ta 4a aa, 111 tat hat thM plroto apaa Otadyofo Pataata. Va thtah H m ara Jnot M patokooo a IBM ta aaa a *al!4 yataat thM u M lalrtapa B. Mr ! ?, harlag haaa atotooatad. aakaaw . ladyad Waodyaar a rlchta, Bt4a a aattlamaat, m4 point P" la tatara aat ta |a(Ha?a hia Pataau. Ha la aaw attempt ! it I aat aaly M lafMnga aai4 Pataxta, bat ta Imfwra aar lir aalaaa. wha haaa, fat a larga aaaaMaraMaa, yankaaal atr llaaaaaa. M4 aaw warh aa4at thorn. m4 wa charm . t. Bay directly, m4 that a aar aat awa tip totmro*. with ?* piratlaa apaa Saa4yaar'a Pataata. la tha maaataetafo af tha no ah aaa whlab ha la aaw offarlac M tha pabllo: u4 wo giro >k aura that ha, aa4 all who ara aaaMraa4 with him la pam I ohaalagor roaolaghip Bhaaa,ma4a la rlolatioa af aaM Patawl "0 """ "WsstS4- 2 B a I Ward rubbir oo., ky Wa. A. Barkinahtm, Troaaam, TIB MB W A UK INDIA Hi MB K R MPQ CO. fro I. laMhlaaaa. Praatiaat, |( li FORD I CO. }' law Torh. Jaly IB, UN. J* Brilliant dircotbrirb?"thb mbcapitatioi coii of That. Bwkaak, Boo., ( rmmiaaiaorr af Pataata, by .. tha aiaeatiTt. wta oaaof bay'o m?at WoaAajfcl dfcaa ro rlta, "ta honor of which" ta itn a aolaat dlaaor w rcg Stohlactoa laat wlntar. Thla dlioorory, t?w?rar, wao lot- aj0, (taatir? maraly. Tha paymoat to Qoodfaar la IW. af HI fata lloaaaa la wort andrr Soodyoar? Paftat. whlaBPay bbc haa oaly lalrly diaooTored la of ao aaa. M llf'J'.'JR "L rtll tat made toolato ta hoaoat Mm. fcf a watH ate or tho ooatlatloa of lafrlaaara oa ttendyear a Pataata, at ,. whloh ha himarlf haa tooa tho chief, aad la Jtaw tha oaly ta j"* maaar, wao a brllliaat eeaeerUoa of Do to. tad oadeabt for a41y ortafaol with him. tat - a ilooorory of Ooodtaar'o mat , oorat oTroloonltiaa Bahkar a fall yaat hatara hta aapkloa Mas for kla pa tow t tfremfor. o? on otpoaio M Day aI only 441. f?f o?ld to o moa who had loaraad lha oacrat 1a toodynar'ttaa- art Mty. wao a hrtlHaat oahlMtlwa od tareatw* ?oah.a aa4 ad p~rii a atrihlM ?mf af hwwjlwetaeme ta raw tar will aamo ? r MPH faUar tpiBiMlK WWh I" newt H I THIS MAILS. rip ofThe president TO TH? rum a white sulphur spr11i?8? INCIDENTS ON THE WAY. Our TrsTdllng Correspondence. Shamnomtalj; Si-Kisas, Jefferson Co , Va. > Tiieeday, August 5, 1861. J l bs President of the United accompanied the Hon. A. H. H. Stuart, Secretory of th* erior, Hon. Ch?rl?s M.Conrad, Secretary of War, J W W. Corcoran, Esq , of the distinguished ikiDg house of Corcoran & Rigg", left Washingi, at six o'clock this morning, for the Valley of ginia. At the Relay House, thirty miles, where road diverges to the east aod west, they stopped the Western train, and having the interval of r an hour, they here waited to take their breakt quietly and leisurely. Leaviag the Relay at e o'clock, the train, under a full bead of steam, ceeded rapidly up the narrow defile of a dashing sin to Kllioott's Mills, a fine manufacturing rlle. The fact that the train here stopped a few jutes for wood and water, had attraoted a crowd leveral hundred people to the static n, and their ss of "Fillmore!" "Fillmore!" "Bring him out !'* re not t* be disregarded. The President walked . on the platfoim, and being instantly recognised, s received with the liveliest cheering, and during i brief time allowed them, the sovereigns, of both :es, came forward to confirm their welcome by n irty shake of the hand and a few words of per tal congratulations. But the whistle whistled, i engine wheesed and coughed from its fiery igs, its muscles of steel and iron were in motion, i people cheered, the President bowed, and off wa nt whisking up the crooked course of the a"Hng :le Patapsoo river, between wild and romantio Is?now along the edge of a precipice, now roar through a dark tunnel, now over a bridge, an n between green meadows and corn fields?wind and twisting and roaring along, for twenty mile more, until we reached the. summit, at leait a usand feet above tidewater, where we strike tber stream, and descend toward the Upper omao. At Kidgeville, Sykesville, Monrovia, very little stopping place, to the Point of Rooks, he Potomac, the country people were gathered avealuokat the President, if nothing more, at every opportunity the President came outf descending to the grouad, went to shaking ds as fast as possible. ^ At one or two points, people cheered; but at most places they stared* wondered, and admired; for they were all evi tly gratified with the personal appearance ol our f magistrate. t the Pointof the Rocks, where the cliffs of the Dctin range of mountains impinge abruptfy upon It, P,?i/I?nl r?m,rkuil that thfl IMMrf becumitg wild and picturesque; but hie observas were cut sbert by the mtree of a committee of tation from Harper's Ferry. There was an inhange of the usual compliments, a shaking of ds with some of the natives who came in, and were off again, rattling along, with the Chesake and Ohio canal and Potomac river, and tho intaitiK, on the one tide, and with the impend* crags of the mountains overhanging us on tho ?r, just room enough having been scooped oak ween the cliffs ami the river for the railroad and al thrcugb this grand mnone of the Potomac. haki'kk's perry. "he scene at Harper's Ferry of the " meeting of waters" of the Potomac and the Shenandoah, their passage through the gorge of the Blue Si mountains, is described by Mr. Jefferson a* y a trip across the Atlantic in a sailing vassal, think he has overdone the picture; although n any high point in the neighborhood the landpe is singularly bold, Ire#a, beautiful and impreo i, excepting the smoky burning hole, in which town is built. The village, being surrounded by ripitous cliffs, whieh shut out the air, and eonIrate the sun's rays like so many reflectors, and sg cramped up eloeely under the rocks, is, parit, the hotteal eorner in th# United States. The in, crossing the river inside of a dark, smoky, ooed bridge, entered Harper's Ferry at noonday, e eannon thundered, and reverberated among taw untains; a vast multitude of men and hoys occud the vast platform of the railroad, cheering luar, and, what with the crowd and the heat, i threatened suffocation of his Eioellency and U, promised a speedy conclusion to their adit u res. Three oheers eaeh, for the President 1 his two Secretaries, were given: and them re calls for a speech: but Harper's Ferry was too t, or el?e the President and eoonpany were too Dgij to stop to speechify. Uader the escort of ijots Symington and Huger, the Executive and npany, after having shaken bauds with a number ladies in the hotel, passed out to examia* the rks of the Armory, the buildiags of whieh extend half a mile aloeg the Potomac river. The BOO 1?J >.? <_ .k. .<k^.... ?r _.ti D CUI^IVJCU UCIV Ui IUV iH*uw?ww? ? W? a*, wete at dinner; bat on our entering one of principal building*, a number of them And rened, wno went to work forthwith in the practical libition of the ingenioua prooeetea by which thm too* part* of a mueket or a rifle are made. For imple, a gun etock, roughly cut out of a board, im King through teveral turning katheaaod maohtace, completed, and all realy for the reeeptioo of the rrel and the tri|gera, flio. Kvery part aad partlof the gun ia done by machinery, and with raofc tetne**, that erery pieoe will At orery gun of tea uuand. The Preaident waa highly grallied witla ) reeulta of bt* ini pee lion of theee work*; and the* eretary of War wa* very particular ia hi* inquirie* to the aWw oprrmmlt of the rariou* brancne* of i machinery. The appropriation* for thi* Arry la?t year were ubout fi 73,001), and $00,000 for r building*. Turning out from fifteen to twenty u*and mu?ket* and riflee per annum, it ia quila. ily that thi* and the Springfield Armory will ieient for the haatand Welt, for amall arm*, for* letim* to oome?at leeat, *o long a* we are " ah ee with all the world and the re?t of mand," and with no impending danger, eioepi , m the Jihltu.'laai. Having flnisbed the inapeo- r i of the armory, our oflicialeompany. attended by . 11. N. Gall* her, Mr. Andrew Hunter, ana er* of the t'harleetown committee, look their t* in the valley train, .dpropa*; the i'elttmorn 1 Ohio Kailroad Company, we underetaad, irge eve rj body but the Preaident for travelling T their road, going to far as to bold tba oou:tor responsible for tha money which ha deKd to take for tha passage of Mr. and Mra. abater an their way to the t apon Springe. Tha inch# stir Railroad Company acted differently: icy pat a special train at the ear rice of tha Proem and hie travelling companions, and eo of tha. . ge eoni|euiiea all tba way ap to the Whito 1 Ipbur Sat the signal is given, tha people cheer, d off wa go up the splendid valley or the Sfcondteh Arrive att'barlestown attwoo'eloch, two ura be(< re the eipeeted time?people takaa hp rprisc ?the boys bad bought their powder?but s old foui pouuder was not <fuite ready, eo wa seed tba intended salute. I'rvm t harlaatown, aa >n as eaniagesouali be got in readme?, the Exo? live aid company passed over the oountry, aad roee the ."-kenandoah to tho foollulla of the Blaa dgeand the ahankondali rpkiuwa. The mountains of Virginia ! Pee bow they strvteh oa high, Aad the evening clouds, hou lovi^ly Along those height, they Ue; Crt?son and gold and white ae wool, flow beautiful' bow beautiful' This lander ape of the sky It was about four o'olock when they reached tho rer. The ferry la crossed in a flat boat, propelled ' two men, each with a long pole. The e?aa is lively. A long string of earring? and bor?a ltd the river's bank on one side: n piuee? iea wad OTing up to tho shannon dale Hotel oa the ilh?| id the ferrymen meantime ware iude?rtemdy ding over reinforeomenU to the thratqf. Tha mi circular eweep of the river here, fbr a mile, ted oa both aid- with Imuriant trues, graeeMtv to tho water, gave an air of romaaUt auty to the scene, of which the Pruideal aould t resist cspressing his admiration. Arrived at e Springs, we found a great multitude at tho tel. It swarmed with people, up atairu aad ?- i-sUa ami nnt m vara la? , n of th*B being of the hard working bono d ulnew of the country They had com* m over th? Kldge, and from under tha tge, and ^m ap the valley and down the valley, twenty milea round,to tee the Preeident. aad now t be wae hero, the whole crowd waa in active amotion. It waa five o'clock before the rpeeial ner wae r? ady ; but it waa all the better, for the ular gueeta and the crowd had dined before, ne thirty pereona eat down with the Preddent 1 mite to the table It waa a good, wboiceoane. reahing dinner. All haade were hucgry, and heartily of the good thing* before them. After ner, the President and ^ecretarira were engaged rometime in receiving the people. Alter tea, re wae an elegant idiapn i hail in the leu* m, of which we regret our limit* of time m tee will not admit of a full description Th? ruldrnt ard hi* !tecretariee were received t*r? ic'turlj and t?ll!ngij bytfcf Ifdif* , aad th n * UN

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