Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1851 Page 1
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TH ?=?-' 1 M WHOLE NO. 6870. AMVIBBKRTt. i)0WTUrr"THlATRK.-BOXIS, |tf CENTS) PIT, U* D Mate: Imu la Orabeatra Boim, 10 n>m.-Dmii apt* t a quarter paat 7. and tbu curtain will nae at a quarter be fort 8. Saturday evening, Anguat 16, will be preaented the drama ttylad tba GAMBLER'S f ATB: or. tne tint of the Ked Mouuntain?Old Gerinaiae. Mr. Maora; Albert, Mr. E. Kddj; Maloour, Mr. Tllton; Dumont. Mr. Hami'tio; Julia, lira M. Jcnee. Mm*. Bolcour, Mra. Bruadley. To ooaolude trlth tba drama of tba FLYING DUTCHMAN?Vandordecken, Mr. Stevena; Llaut. Mowdrey, Mr Onodall; Toby VarnUh. Mr Jordan. Rockalia, Mr. Hamilton; Lea tell a, Miaa lilffrrt: I.uoy, Miaa Herring. _ IVATIONAL THEATRE. CHATHAM STREET.?BOXES, 11 ttoanta; Pit, 1ZK ota.; Orohoatra Tlokata, 40 oaaU: Private Ban Tiokete, SI; Kaolnaiee Private Boxaa, admitting night peruana, $6. Doora open at7>4: curtain riaaa at a quarbor before 8. Saturday craning, August 16, tha entertainments will runimonca with tha tllOElldKKR OF TOULOUSE-Jacob Odat. Mr. J. K. Soott; Nona. Pajot, Mr Tay. lor; Adeline Pajot, Mra. Niohola: Margaret. Mra. Drew. To be followed by the OLD COMMODORE? Captain Bertram, "Mr. Taylor; Jack Junk, Mr. Clarke; Emma U'rtrat. Miaa '.Barber. To conclude with LOVE AND CHARITY?Edw, Amor. Mr. Draw: Suaan. Miaa Charlea. Barn cms American museum.?p. t. barnum. Manager and Proprietor; John Greenwood. Jr., Aasitt ant Manager. Admittance to- the Museum and Performance 'St cent*; children under ten years 12>? cents; Parjust J2>j cent* extra. Great triumph or the new. original, eomio anil magnificent pantomime of onohuntment, the celebrated, and nightly applauded and admired Mystic Crnta. This afternoon and evening Saturday, August Id. Thia afternoon, at J o'clock, LADDER MYSTERIES by the celebrated and uneiiualled Martinetti family. The new and original farce, for the first time in thia country, of the TURKS PSHAWS? Grimahaw, Mr. Hadaway; Bogaliaw, Mr. Pi try; Fanny, Mia* Meetayer; Einilr, Mra. Rodger*. Concluding with tin popular and pretty pantomime of DESC11ALUMEAUX. In the evening, at 8 o clook, Brilllint Dance by M lie Dolorea and M. Edtrocanalcs. The ULAD1 a TORS. by the Martinettla. The new farce ao gucoeeeful now in London, of the TUKEE PSHAWS. Concluding with the now pantomime of the MYSTIC CROSS, with nil ita uniiiua aoenea. astonishing trioka, nnd-atriklng oddltlea, by toe Martinetti Family. The Chit t ee collection, the Happy Family, nud the reel of the lanumerable eurioeitiee from nil parts of the world, may Im een at all bonra, between 9 A. M. and 10 P. M-, evexy day, Sundays ex wpted. CHRISTY'S OPERA MOUSE. MECHANICS' HA Lin No. 471 Broadway, abort Grand at root.?Open every Right during the week nntil further notloe. The original and waU known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, oomprixlng aa affioieui and versatlla "oorpa" ol "talented" and "experienced performert," aader the management of B. P. Christy, whoee ooaoerte in thia eity. for n xnooeaatoa of " In yean," ha?e been reoeivtd with favor 1/ highly reapeetabli and fashionable audience*. Tiekcte, 25 eenta. Door* open At eeven, and will eommenoe at eighto'olook. The patio at f Christy's Minatrela art roepeotfnlly iniormad that the Saturday Afternoon Conoert* will bo diaoonkianod far tti futnre. FELLOWS' M1N8TRRLS, AT FELLOWS' NEW MUB1onl Hall, 444 Broadway, between Howard and Qraad Streets; open avery night. Thlsjnstly oelebratedandefBoiont oorpa of talented and experienced performert. under thoaoli management of J. B. Fellows, whoa* conoert* la thia eitpfot the paat year have baen reoeived with the greatest faver by the elite and fashion from all porta af the Union. Fellewr Mualoal Hnllia one of the moat spacious and bast ventilated buildings in the world. Admission 36 oente. Doors open At f; ooneert to oommence at 8 o'olook, An afternoon oonoori very Wednoodny and Saturday, for the oapeoial aooommn Ration af families, oommanoing at v o'olook. P. M WHITE'S MELODEON, 63 BOWERY, OPPOSITE THtd Bow ery Theatre, open every night. Cbeapeat place of amnaement in the world. Beautiful variety of Ethiopian performances, together with evory description of light and pleasing entertainment#. The whole comprising one of tha most genteel and mcrrv plaeeeof amusement in thia enuntiy. All performances ooncluded before 10 o'olook. C. WHITE. 1'roprtotor Raymond a here dreisrach-s menaqerik.Tliia oclobrated Menagerie?the lanes' and beat conducted la the known world?embracing almost every animal known to natural history, and which has reoeived the patronage and npplaneo ef hundreds of thousands of the most Terpectable nod intelligent people of the United States, has Juki commenced a most brilliant Bummer snmnaign, and will visit the principal cities and towns of New England in the following order, vis:?Bangor. August 7th and stk; Old Towa, Bth. V-- i?K 11,k. It,.... 1 > I. p..Ln.. ink. x,h. - l?th; Nkowhegen, Iflth. Anion, ltith; FarmingWn, ldth; Mer eer, lkth; WntcrvDle, >Hh; Chine, 21 Jt, Auguita. 22d; Oar diner, 23d; Wlnthmp, 25th. ~~ NIlIPPlNb. FOB LIVERPOOL?UNITED STATU MAIL BTBAM hip PACIFIC, CnDlnin E/.n Nye.?Thii e to am ship will depart with the L'n.tsi Statei maili for Knrope poefMrely on Saturday, Auiuit liith, at 13 o'clook, if.. from her berth at the foot of Canal etroek. No berth eeenred till paid for. For freight or paaeage, having nneqaalled aooomnodatfoae for elfgaaoe and oomfort. apply to KOtr D. K. COLLINS, M Wall itreet. Theiteamer B.iltio a ill meoeod the Paoide, and mil Aug. Oth. FORSAIK-PKR UNITED STATUS MAIL STEAMER lit,mhoidt for Havre?a ftrit-claii State Room, both tierthi, pott ait, No.Z7. Saili on the ?1.1 Auguit. Apply to BE.NJ. H. FIELD, 117 Water itreet. FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE ?TUB UNITED State# Mail Kteamihip HUMBOLDT will leave for Bavre, touching at Southampton, to land the mailt and paai neageri on Saturday, August 23d. at Uo'oloek. from Pier 4 d North River. Prioe of paeeege. SIR). An eiperienoed iur1 aeon ii attached to the ihlp. All lettere mint paaa thro ugh the Poet OtBee. For freight or paeiage apply to MORTIMER LlVlNOjJToN.Ageut.JW Broadway^ PARCELS PER STEAMER Hl'MBOLOT, WILL BB received until Friday afternoon, Jed intent, at d P.M., by LIVINGSTON, WELLS ? CO.. 6 Wall etraot. FOB LIVERPOOL. TUB ivEW AND APLBNDIB Stoanmhip CITT OP MANCHESTER, will Kara Philadelphia lor L<?erpool, on Thnroday, tho 2-th Anguit, at U tclock. The eleraat aeeommodatlone of thii Steamer make ir a moil Coiiracle eonreyaaoe for thoio about viiiting enfopo. Fare In the Saloon. SIMl; Foro Cabin, p'J). Paaeengcn drill bo preylded with railroad tieketi to Philadelphia by the seat. Pot ireight or paaeage, ar ply to THOMAS RICHARDSON. 41 RioheagO Place. Fob savannaii-u. s. mail line-tde steam lup Florida, (apt. Thomee Lyoa, on Satur liy, Aug ut Id, at 4 o'clock, P.m., from pior No. 4 North IIIvor. For freight or peeeirr, apply to SAUL AL L. MITCniLL. 1"4 Front etrenC The Alabama. ( apt. Ludlow, on Saturday, Auguat IX Lake ontario royal mail link or steamers PRINCESS ROYAL. MAO NET. (built ol iron.) and PASSPORT, (iron I There iteamcra leave Toronto daily, (Sundaya excepted ) for Eingatoa, whom thay meet the river Bt. Lawrenee line ( mail boau for Montreal and Oueheg on I line at all the Intermediate porta. Tfte ateam.r Oil Y OF TORONTO leaeee l,ewt<ton and Quoeaeton er< ,-y morning. (Suadayeexcepted.) at 9 o'clock, and meeta the above i teamere at Toronto, about llo'elvek neon The mail attain- I era hare all i pp?r cabiaa titled up arith atate rooma. Bj . tbir arratigemtat. taeaengera can leave ttie Niagara Fa''i after breattaat. and arrive at Montreal la thirty-ait houre I rteeing the thourand Olande. and dona the reside of tho St. i nwreaoe by daylight. I IAKEONTARIO -TIIE STEAMKR A DVf I RA L LEAVES 4 Hocheater fnr Toronto, oalling at Cobo irg. Port Hope, |loml Head, Darlineton, Oeltaaa, and Whitby, weather perlol ling, eeery Mnndty. Wednerday, and fridar m-'-iing at II o'clock, and meete a ateaii.-r a'. Toronto for Hamilton ?rhereby pa??en*?ra can proceed, without delay, to H imilmn. 1'JIF. i;Ri riSt' If ll NoKTU AMnaioah KOYaLMAU, Steamship*between New York and I.irerpool direct,aid I Between Boaton end Liverpool.?The B .aton ahipa oalronD [ n? at llalilet to land aad redeire maife and pai -cagcta:* AHA 1.1 A. Capt. , AFRICA. A Pyrin. p: MIA. Cart. , iUKoi'A, K. 0. Lot:. : AM A, C. li. a. .'.ilMn*, NI&OAH 1, J. Stoat, ! AMERICA. N Shannon. CANADA, W Uarviaca. 1 CAMBRIA, J. Lelt?h. I Th?ee *?? ! carey n o..-ar white light at mart hand, grevn , 1 pa .tarboard Iwa, red on port bow .N.aaara. from New York.,, Wednesday, IStb A'jgnrt Europe, from Boston Wednesday, AuU Aagnak. Alrroa. tr m New York..,. W inerday, in August. 1 Canada, from Union W.-Jner lay, M September. I Aata. from N.-w York We iac-iay.' i?th Nep'ember. i raaaaee iroci New York or Borton to urorpovl. tirat i Mia,....., Ilk Do. la the ae. >od T? 1 Bertha not aeonrod until pall lor. rreight will be abtrgad ea apeola bayvnl aa t&tul to< Beiaoaal oaprnaaa. I An oapert -need anrgeoa oa board. i Ai lo.vaon nn r*. l?> \ i?.a ann r-owo vi K??. For tri>i?b? or paaaa*?. apply to I I. C* ft A Rt>, ir., SH VriMvti I F.nnoh Uormru. an* other lor inn good*. rot >1**1 tad tr?n(ht In onmma oil!' Hritirh jronda. TaroaaS bill* o< | Mini irr r < li it II?tnf?T N ? Vnri. Per>"n? inlcti ilo< to toko pifiwt la Inriaa* la is* H?r1 PI Moil oro r-inr?t?a to noil it U' Mr ad* or. Wee eellovtar 'So rwnor that tba ahitw or* . fall _ _ OPPOSITION TO THE OLD MOMOPOLT, AN It 9KI.F Mllnd ""tlj Tkmoit Lla?."? Still Furtnrr Reduction In l'r('fo.-ltl?r?iiilt?l Liar t-t Chtin't, 'Iir?ot. on! thnuil. ticket) lor California. (hatn* rnprriy cnoraatted oootnat detention no the ) al mill further retention ia pfi.-oo Thue t>rin(lnr It olthln th< arena of oil thn?e . trim mtet.d K^iaa to I oli'<>raio to proceed In the now and aflea-iid oteenml'ip HRdTII RR JON A T II A N. (tho fo-t-m "ti om<l if In the world.) I,ft) lino engirter, II S<iulr?. Libmender, which ratla fnr Chacree. direct. ca Thuradajf. t?rm Vnnil*. M, Ir.-ai I'mr 3. North Rir?r. eonneotle* will , Hut clnre independent etcatnrreon tho nthrr oldo. Thr Bmihrr Jonathan will loud pea err rem ot Klut?t?n Jaiattaa. i? h?rr?tnrn trip A eargnon. harlot hod inn oh erprrlrnee la dlanonr incident to that nllmoto. will ar?ompon> tha ahlp, wh'-ee aerrtooe arr fror of charge I'rreona ahoat proceeding fan California will tad It for tlioir interact to noil before pur ct eeing elre ehere Nu freight taken oath* dap of eniUag. * . Tor freight or ptuu. apple only to 1. MILLS. Agent, 31 Cortloadt atraot. | .. UNITMI> STATER MAIL STRANHdlP OOMPANT, ?0R Mo* Orlronr. direct, rlo Havana?F?ro Kodaood.?On Tneedtr, Anreot K>, at 3 o'?|ook. tlio aplradld atenmahtp CHilOatt, I.IM to a a hurthra. Ilenre Vt'in.Hr Con II ntndor. on. I a til Tonadop. t>?n Jbih.ot proolaolp I I a'rlotk P. f-om bar plat >1 tl.o font ..I Vtrrra itrMi | with tb? I"'' "?" * Mollo. dlroat for ond No* I drl'hra Oin?-ao poaanntrri Iron*'- tr?1 ot lUttm in tha aj'otd-d dnnhla angina fll I ON. Frolght tokan I An Now Oflaort ot !?' ?ta for fort Rpooto nolo to ban no I trolght to Homo*. N o hlllo of lading will bo tignod of tar tt l ??.?? '? hoa aoilad Hhipt-ara ara rannotta .1 to ) npplj I Ohamralrat Willi tl.a t'omponp'i Mill f loA'ria. whirh mar fca h?H on oppllratloo ot tho ottra. No othor form will bo *lf?ad p"? fvaioht ot pntongo, irrlf ot no oflloo of tbr I loorotf. IT TmI Mill aornor of Worran | w~wm~ ff. o. unm ' ?ACIPIC MAM- ITIAMRTIIP COMPANY. -ONI.T i M tbroogh Liao? Poro Kndorad ?On Tn-wdap, An gnat I 2Mb. ot J e clonk, P H.?Tli# aplanilM dnnkla mama ttaom i Whip CH amok PR. I AO" toot burdan, ll-nrp W fnd'o. C m Bandar, will ootl p-oaloalp at S o'clock, P. M 'roa I,or plor t tho foot of Worron otroot. N K, with tor g..crrnm?ot I BOlla, dlroot for llorono ond Chocroo. C'hogmt ptaaongcra | trtnafarrad at lloroat to tha aplandld donbla angina atroin hip Polooa, r-annrotlni with tho racnlar moil atoonirr Ton U naaoar. to noil frna Ponomo no or obootthn 15th Vptoabrr Par poaoogr. opo>It ot tho nile?. m nth airo t, or ot IP >, Won otroot ! OAOFIC NAM. HTKAMMIIP CfVMPANP -TBBONL1 M throng* I ina f..r 1'olifnrnlo ond Omgnn. rlo i.'hogrna I IHrnat.? Poor Kodnaad On Thorodoy, Anr?t P, ot .1 P | JM ?Tha apiandld donMo angina ttaoanhlr OHIO. *000 torn fiordan, I opt J. Finding Rahanab. will toll ? Thuradar Anttd P, ot S o'elnok, P M . pmotaalp, fr^m harnb t Aba food of Worran ?tm?t. North Kirar. with tho gnrarwm ? nail* lor Cho?rat, nonnaoling with tho fo? ^rlto lla.i 4 Uinta* Moll Otaoaahlp Tonnaotao. to latro Ponono no or ?hO"t tho 1.1th nf koptombor Pop Wright or pndaoga, oppl] 1 K M ond M tooth otroot, ot ot 177 wool otrrat, borwar * I Worroh atroav II E NE NIBLCS ?AKDEN.-Ma n 5OIK, MR. JOHW SETTON, Tiok? te, (el cents; Private Jlnve, |fl. Doora open at 7; W oo Li men >e Al 8 o'clock ?UeuttH of Mr. B ?rt? n, A'ni moot rogith *'y Melaet nix'11 ere. V<? teereof the hixheat rank have kimlly to ailed Mr. Barton to prreeat an a rivalled pi-rfi rmati-e. Look at the i'ut i uataininx a distribution of talent which it is itrpoeiible to rqnat. Tko Toodloa, of ooorre. Sa'nrdav, Auxust 18, will he played Baeoaetoae'i comedy of MAKKtED LIFE-Mr Coddle, Mr Blake; Mr. JJeprj Dove, Mr Barton; Mr* Coddle. Mien Cherma", Mr?. Toiinxliuehaad, Mis.< Ma?y Taylor. Ta conclude with the TOO 1)1.ES Mr. Toodle, Mr. Burton. ITALIAN OPERA, AT CASTLE G alttHIN.?OPERA * i-vrrjr mint. max maretsea. enager no vnounor. Admissl-n. W* cert* Saturday rvoaini, August It, will b? performed the oelebrated opera of 2RNANI, Elvira Slgnora Truflk-Benedetti. Ernani Signor Lorini. Carloa v Signor mueventano. Bvlva Signer Manni. Honrs open at 6%. Performanee to eoaniaw at 8 s'olnoh. No postponement on account of the weather. No ordera Willie given. BURTON'S TIIEA-RE, CHAMBERS STREET.-THE members of thi Company engaged at thia establishment are requested to apsemHeiu the Oreen Room, rn Friday next, at 1 o'clock, preparatory to commencing the eeaeoa on Monday next The members of the Orobestra will meet on Saturday mo.ui, r, at the came time and piaee. W. E. BURTON. Manager.^ BKOUGHAMS I.YCEL'm.?ORAND PERFORMANCE of the pew German onmpany. Friday, August 15th? DERKaUFMaNN VON VKN E DIG (The Merohaat of Venice ). by Shafcspeare?Shylook, by Mr Stein?the celebrated delineator of Sha< perean characters; Portia by Mre. Ltniemann. Private lioxes, *1; Dr. ns and Family Circle, 00 cente; Gallery, 26 centa; Seats iu Orcheatra Boxea. 75 oenta. Mtnday, August lf?t>. VON SIEBEN DU UAERFLICHSTE ( The Igliect AmoDgat Seven) by Angely. Doori opeo et 7 o'clock; the curtain will riae at 8 o'clock. IMPORTANT NOTICE. ? PROFESSOR ANDERSON, The Ortat Win id of the North, will commence hie Soireea Myeteriuerae ot Triplrr Hall, next Monday, August Id, and continue until further notioe. Admission, Fifty Cente. Benefit.?the infant drummers benefit and last appearance, tola afternoon at 4 o'ciook and thia evening at 8 o'clock, at Washington IIall. ASH Broadway, third door above Niblu'e Tloketi 12^ cente. Go early and give the little fellow a buuipcr. JOSHUA ROTTANZI BEGS LEAVE TO INFORM THE public that he it just arrived in New Vork with a large, new, mechanical Italian Gallery, comprising a number of Wax Figures that move ae human beings. Thie collection has been exhibited in many parte of Europe, and excited everywhere the applause and enthusiasm- For furthir particulars bills will be printed containing a pronammc of the figures. The undersigned ix fully confident that hie collection will not fall to give full satisfaction to those who will visit it. JOSHUA ROTTANZI, Proprietor. Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadway, Franklin museum, 17s Chatham square.?last week of the season.?Oeerge Lea, eele proprietor.? Admission?Boats la Private Boxea, SO oente; Stage Seata, I7H oente, Boxes. Jfi oente; Parquet, UU oente. Elegant saloon performanoee every afternoon and evening. Entertainments cotnmenoe in tne afternoon at three o'ciook, and In the evening at eight o'ciook. The entertainment* art varied and select, and snch as oan be seen at no ether plaot >f amusement in New Vork. consisting of Lea's Famale Ethiopian Opera Troupe, uumbering fifteen performers, being the largest, and at the same time tne moet talented band ia ib* United Btates; a troupe of Model Artiste, who are ** 'acted for their beauty and figure, and wh* person Ate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken from the picture* ofanelenl and modern times: a company of Arab Girls, who go through a variety of feat* of strength and dexterity; Madame Rosa line, the only Female Juggler ia the world; a company *t Male acd Female Artiste, who will give aa exhibition ai Marble Statuary unequalled ia the world, together with variety of interesting perf' rmanoes every afternoon and vewlus Fer nsrtieular* *r bills of each nay Theatrical n ot ic k.-uolliday street Theatre, Halt mure ? Ladies and gentlemen of eelcnowlc< K' d %alen?, dnir .ua of engin-ltig for the ensuing season, commencing lat September, will please aldressT. J. Bar t n. ll. v Str.-et Theatre, Baltimore Thia favorite ratal.liahn cat I.Ha, during the eunimer, been entirely remodelled and decorated, and made to aocommodate over six hundred additional peraona. It ia aiao furnished with en- , tire new scenery, new stage. he, altogether vicing in ap- , pearau.e with any theatre in the Union. AlVIMim in BROOKLYN. Military garden. Brooklyn.?admission,25 centa: tickets to be had at the door. To oommenee at I H 0 1 loot ?Benefit of Mr. W. T. Lyater.?Saturday evening, August 16, the performance will oommenoa with the drama of HOB KOY? Rob Roy, Mr. Ilarria, Francis Osbaldistone, Mr Duan; llaillia Nicol Jarvie, Mr. Phillips; Donaal, Mr. lamer Ig. Mr l.yatcr; Diana Veruon, Mra. Jelferaon; Helta. Mi t.regor. Miaa Crocker; Mattie, Mra. Hearing; Martha, Mian layleure. An intermiaaion of half in hour for refreahmenti To ( rnclnile with the IRISH TUTOR?Dr. O'Toole, Mr Tuthlll; Dr. FleU, Mr. Philltpe; Tilwell, Mr. Florenoe; Mary, b let Crocker. MICUHMIONS. First grand pic nic and cotillon excursion of the Clinton Guard to i'eekakill, on Tueaday. August 19, IcAI.?1 ha committee have chartered the commodioua ateamer lludaou,and double decked barge LavettR. Motion. Shelton'e celebrated brace and cotillon hand bat been engaged for the occasion. 1 he committee in getting np this, their first annual axcurei. n, pledge themselves that nothing shall ba wanting n their part t>- rt ndrr thia one ot the moat delightful axenr- . tone of theeeaeon. The steamer ia everything that can be I di aired, and for eomfort and oonvenienee cannot be excelled. I Tickets < na dollar, to admit a gentleman and lady; aatra ladica' tickets, fifty certa. The barge will lie at tha | foet ef i/olanry street, while the etramrr ia making her landings. Tha boat will leava Canal etreet, at 7 o'clock; Market afreet, at 7>4; Fifth etreet, at K, and Delanry etreet. , nt o'clock. N.b ?Should the weather prove unfavorable the excursion Will be |>oatp<.tied until further notice. Cart CHARLES JUNES, Chairman. Wv. II Avi.rnH.iN, Secretary. Grand excursion on Sunday, august 17. to New Rochellt and Glen Cove. Fate 7ft raau aach way. T he favorite ateamer ISLANDER will leave the foot of Ham tnond etreet. North River, at 8H o'clock, A. m ; Spring etreet, elf; Catherine atrret, East River, IHA Grand, 9W. Tenth. k.\; and ate pier, Twenty-sixth street, l(i'?. Re- j turning, will leave Glen Cova,SK, P, M and New Ro'helle ? All who are In favor of healthful rocrettion, will find I this excursion n rrntifyiug one. A good opportunity offersi to those fond of fishing or sea bathing. Dinner furnished by first class hotels at New Raobellc. N. D.?A good supply of refreshments on board. SUNDAY TRIP TO NEVYBI RG, WEST POINT. AND Rockland Lake, leading at Yooaera. Heatings. Dobbe' Ferry, Turrvtown. Sing Sing, Rockland Lake. Uavcretraw, Verplanek'a, l'e. k-kill. Coi/ms Dock, and Cold Spring, tiitir) irff At Han.nn.nil atr*?*t ssrh ui* Vara Fn) <>< ? (a See iTjr. The rew and splcndtl steamer TfauMAS E. I III USE. Captain E Van Wart, will leave New York, from !? * i.| Chamh.rn street, eicrv Sunday morning, at 7S o'clock, for the al.ove places, Returning, trill leave Ncwburi, at I o'cloi k, P. M Notion ?This boat will leave New I'H 1 r 11 a erstraw every Sunday afternoon, at li o'clock ' (afiir ietn nine from the eaeursirn), Undine at Yonkers, (lastingr, Dobl * Fi rry, Tarry town. and Sine Sin % SIM.RNDll) SUNDAY EXCURSIONS TO PI, tacnty-live sent* each way. The new and beau- I t.lul steamer I.-IaND i ITY, Captain Silas Reynolds, will, on and alter Sunday. August 17, K',|, leave Fulton Market Sdp at mm o'clock A kl . and two and six P M Returning, lea o? Klushii g at half past ten o'clock, A M , and half-prat ; fou', I' M., Undine at the foot >f liror me and Tonth streets, | l -.t River, each way 'J he Island City w ill leave I lushing on Sa i rday evenings. at lialf-paat ais a'shalk Li M-.' v EXCURSIONS if) UTPOIf TOTCHNQ )' at lort II.unit on aeoh way?tin eunday. A mo it 17, IV I. the atrD'.at M M NOD. Cent t.leard .1 Small will I an t'e foot of IMao ev street K K., at II o'clock! I'l rX ft . H a? V',; ("bomber street at 9J4'j Spring street at lie, apd llawui i d atre< t at III', o'ctori , ? M Hi-tu'oing. leave Keyport at !y, e'eloofc. P M. Iare te Fort Uamiltvn, w't cm t?. Ke p rt. 22 reals. ITBirallLT PICNIC KXCURSION TO WIST a M ut t raion, lately known aa Hunt's Bridge, on the tta'lnia Railroad, will take place oa Monday, the IMth lost 1 he cars a I -1 leave tee tity llali, at lUo'clnek, and r. IUIII at i all part five. Pare for tha eaeareion, .'IIraata. n?AM' rxct KSMINH TO i'UNET ISLAND, LAND* " ins at Fort Uauiltoa aaeh way?Para lit* cents.? 1 he a ear? at SANTA ( I. A LB, Capt. J.N. Mod man, will make dally ai re'ooe. leaving as tollnwsc? Morning Trip?Prom Spring a'? art at half past 0 o'clock, 9L. and hall past It, and at Prom pier .1, N. K.. at half past 6, 10,1, and ?o'clock Nor 'ng trip tram Port Hamilton at H A. M No naif pries re ehlldran INDIA Rl'BBEH BOTDS. BIULLIaNT DISCOVERIES.?" TO E U At; A CITATION of Th<?a. Cwaaak, Era., Commissioner of Falcate, by , ?".? ?? 'it r?." rm on* of I)*jr'? moat woaierfnl dleooee I ' la honor of whloh" he rare a "Hlnl diaaor" la Waahlnytea laat winter. Thin dieeoeery. hewre-r. wee Inn elaattea merely. Th? payment t? W.odreer la IM7, of tV'M for a lloenee ta Work ander Uoodyeer Patent. whloh Dai *>ae on If lately dleeeeered la of no net, la a great dioct rory. at meda too lata to beneflt him. bny'a eBer of Jt-V) reward lor the eenrtetioa of lafHncera ea Ooedyaar'a Paten ta, aa which ha hlmaalf haa boon the ehicf, and la now the only In "ringer, wae a brilliant eoaoaptloa of Dnr'a, and uadniibtadly original with him. Da/i dlacorary of lioodrear'e great aaoiat of raleanlalaa Rubber a fnll year before hie applleatioa for hla patent therefor, at an aiponaa to Day of only tdk, paid ta a man ah.i had learned the aeoret In Ooodyear a Mm tort, waa a brilliant eihlbitloa af laeentlee gentoe, and alinrda aetrlklar proof of haw oloealy onoineantor will soma tlwiao fallow a now the hoala of another. 'I'll TOR PVHLIC.-INBIA Ki BBRR "ii"i- DUI ? Horaaa U. Dny. pnhllahad In the Now Cork Herald of llth Jail. I Nil, and the Cornier nad Knqnirw af aaaao data, la whloh, after mooli nnmerttod abaaa rf onr attomar, Wm.Jadooa. Raq , ha aaaerta that we dare ao| oharge him with piratiaa CI Af A tdtr'a t'kUtita un/<?? amp otart. natnei atari that Kn 4nai not infringe (loedyear'e 1'atente. in the raanufantare of Rboee We hare pnrrhaeed oat ll-?nee* for tha man nine tare of In 41a Rnbber Shoee under Oondyear'f PateaU. and paid oni money, and are dally paring a tariff for the una: and aay il her pereoa m l?nt haee done the eame, il dlapoead to de an. rather thaa pirate apoa Ooodraar'a Parnate We think It were jnet te pareheee a right to aee a ralld patent, tha* te Infringe It. Mr Day. heeler beea pmeeuted. aekaew Indeed Uoodynar'a right*. made a settlement, end agreed la fatnre aet te In friar* hie Patent*. He la to* attempt lac ant only te infringe *Md Patent*, tat te lajnr* oar eelee* aho hare, for a large noneldrratloa. pnrehaae* oar liaeaaea, an* new wart nnder than: aad wa sharp Mr Day direetly, aad tha* am oar an algnataree, wlU nlratina upon Oeedyear'a PateaU, la the manufnetar* ef Uw ahoea which ha ta now offering U tha pablte: and era gin aotioe that ha, aad all wha are eono?reed with him la par abating or rending hla Rhone, made la rleUWea af aaU r*tea< Mights. will he proeerated. I- CANDEI AYWARD Rt. BflRR CO by la A. Baoklacham, Tmaearer, THE HltlU INDIA RlllBER MPO 0O_ H flntohiaaea. President. PORP h CO. Wttr Tnrh. ialr It. IIM. maiRARORR. ~F~~ THR BROOKLYN PIRR 1NRCRANCI COWPART''bartered la IH* . Off!one, At Pulton (traet, Brooklyn. Nerehaate' Rt< hange. Wall street, Naw York - hare their apttal (a* alee a handsome eorplne) laeeeud la the am endnnhud see orttlee. and eeatlaae te laaare hnlldlage. mar iHaadlaa. farnltan, aad ather pnraaaal prop-rtr, reaaala la ear* aad their oargeea. apea aa favorable term* a* aay ether <1 mliar laatltntloa. e WIT 1,1 AM BI.UWDRTO, Pre Uenk. imw a. Rrtrrtu, uritagf. wro CORNING EDITION?SAT NEWS BV TELEGRAPH. Interesting Intelligence from all Quarteri. ARREST OF A FUGITIVE SLAVE IN BUFFALO. HH EXATII1ATIOH UD BXTEiDITMNI. Bzcitement In the Queen Oity ol tne Stakes. FURTHER PARTICULARS OF TUE STORM, Ac., Ac., Ac* Arrest of a Fugitive Slave?Great K zc I tern c n t * Buffalo, Aoguft 15.1851. The second cook of the xu-ambo&t Buckeye State, named Daniels, was arrested this morning, as a fugitive slave from Louisville, Kentucky. He is olaimed by man named Moore. It was kept as still as possible, but the report soon spread through the city, and a Largt crowd collected around the building In whloh he wju confined. An attempt was made to take him to jail in i private carriage, but a very large and excited crowd blocked up the passage, seising the horses by the bits, and making threats of violence If he was not released. Th? fire bells were rung, which served, in a measure, to disperse the crowd, and he was then taken to the watch house, still followed by a large number of persons. That s all that has transpired np to this time. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS OF T1IK BUFFALO FCOITIVI SLAVE CASK. Buffalo, August 15,1851. We learn, In addition to the account given this af. ternoon of the negro's arrest, that when he was taken the son of the olaimaut stepped up behind blm while he wae passing along on the boat at his ordinary avocations, and felted him to the deek with one blow of a billet oi wood. The blow was s severe one, lsylng open the back part of his head and rendering him senseless. The excuse given for this act was understood, by some who were present at the examination, to be. that he had a carving knife in his hand, with which he intended to attack hia assailant. This afternoon he was taken up to the Court House under charge ef the Mayor, a large body c f police, and two or three companies of firemen, who were called out for the occasion. Considerable difficulty was ezpe rienced In the undertaking, and several persons, acting as guard is ns. were dragged down and trampled under foot by the enrsged multitude. The Court House waa finally reached, and a large number of persons collected inside to witness the first trial, In this city, under the Fugitive 81sve law. A dense throng collected outside, blocking up the paesagei and rendering them impassable. then by preventing all Ingres* or egress Into or out Of the Court House. Th<> examination was held before United States Commissioner II. K. Smith. Only one witness was sworn?the same person that knocked the negro dow\ The negro did not deny beluga slave. The examination was, consequently, brief, and resulted in an order for his return to Kentucky. He was then remanded to jail, whence he was taken without much trouble. A warrant was sworn out by one of the citlseni charging the negro's assailant with assault and battery; and he has been arrested, and Is now in jail. It la reported he will be tried tc-morrov morning. Before giving the order for the removal of the fugitive Mr. Commissioner Smith offered to subscribe twenty five dollars towards purchasing his freedom. J. L Taloott and Seth C. llawley, Ksq , acted as counsel for the accuted The excitement has somewhat abated. Knots of persons can be seen gathering at the corners, discussing the merits of tho esse. Now that its operations are seen and more vividly appreciated, there seems no disposition to attempt anything like a violent rescue. fbs Nicaragua Grant?Clover nor Letcher, WilHIM.TOD, August lb, 1851. It is reported that the steamer Saranac. whioh sailed from Philadelphia, yesterday, with scaled orders, took out a protest of the United States government against the abrogation of the Nicaraguao grant. Oovrrnor I-etcher, at Louisville, list Monday, took leave of his family, prior to his sailing from Norfolk for Vera Crux. State Kleetlona* TENNESSEE. Looisvillk, August 14, ISM. In forty-four counties. Campbell (whig) gains 2.450 votes. The legislative returns, thus far, are small They show, in Senate, fourteen whigt, four democrats, and three doubtful. House, thirty-four whigs, thirty-one democrats, and ten doubtful Nisiyrtt.i.K, August 14,1851. The majority for the whig candidate for Qovernor is T.COO The whig majority In the Senate Is seven and in me iiouM*. mree xoe wugn aieo gum ou urgun in CongrcM. Com.era* ?MemVni reported elected :? li>t Pletriet?Andrew Johnson, drm. 2d ? Albert O. Watkln*. whig. 3d " .1 ntiuh M Andfrorm, whig. 4th M John H . Saeagc, dem 6th " Clco. W Jone*. whig, fllh " Jamc* H. Thotnaa, whig 7th " Meredith 1*. (lentry, whig. 8th ? William P Cultoin. whig. 6th " Iaham II Harrta. dem. loth " Yntfaftofc P. BthBtOn, dent. 11th ? C'hrUtopber U. William*, whig. Berrn whig*, four democrat*. l.a*t Congre**?fout whig*, rerun democrat*. Whig gain, three. ALABAMA. Bn.ii?o?f, Augrnt IS. MAI. The Montgomery (Ala ) Journal ?ay? that flee Union Ccngree* men are certainly eeted. and that th* Legi?lature ha* a Union majority Mowroomav. Auguat 14. 1851. The Congreealonel remit In thl* 8t*te at*nd< two 8?cewdoniet* and fie. Union candid*tew elected, a* follow* : l#t I)i?trlct?John ltracg. (eeceaalnnl*t.) lid do. Jamr* Abercrombla, (Union ) 3d do 8*?1? on W Harrta. (arceeeionWt ) 4th da. William K. Smith. (Union.) fith do G*?*m g llou'ton, do rah do. W H W. Cohh. do 7th do. Alexander White. do. KBNTT' CUT. I.ori*?u.i i. Augu*t 14.1881. It i? now ancf rtnlned that (ufflrlent return* hare been rwl?fd to c"t)finn the election of Laiaru* W Powell d? mocrat, a* Oovrrnor Il?? will have a majority ranging fnun five to fifteen hundred The I.nuiaville paper* of Monday. and other Kentucky pap<-r* received hot* thl< morning nil acknowledge the defeat r,f Pit >n the whig randl late ft* Governor The Journal oven anticipated a majority for Powell of .1 noo The It nil mart (ommlltrr?\lnr IJrrt l.oM bj' Ibr upeetttng of a float. ToaonTo, Auguat It, 1*41 . The Parliament. now In aemlon, will probably adjoura m'lt *wk. The minlatry hare accepted the Invitation of the Ronton Oommlttee, to attend the railroad ealebra tlon In Itoetrn In the third week of Hepteml>?r The c< tnmiltee were Invited by the municipal government of Tomato, to partake of a civic dinner, which they declined Thin morning tha7let regiment of lllghlaadera I.lent M htf II Pal/ympc. para-led |n honor of the lloeton committee, and were reviewed by l?ord Klgta The eommtttea dine thia evening with tba Oovernor General, and to morrow leave for Montreal At Klng-don. yeaterday. a boat, containing a pie nlc party of thirty . Ave peraona. wan npaet and five femalaa and four men were drowned bnnlhrtn Nail?Marina Olaaatar. Hat-TiMoaa Aug lb, 1R->1 The New Orlcana mail baa arrived Pa tee frcm to the tub have been received at Cherleeten. tbev announce that the Ocean Queen, from Philadelphia with lumber, bail l-?-en ?tran.led oa bong Ieland The cr?-w had reached Naemn They have had heavy ralna in the Southern aeetion of Maryland, doing conaideraMe injury to the tobacco ciop Tbe Htnrin nt thr Rut. Areitrariei*. Mm., Aurfu?t It. 1141. The hnil Mora on Wedneeder la?t ?ee *017 ei'Tne* In Warren, N II lleilrtoo.* M In hnm?nw >|U%nilttea urin of them w.'i?hin? nearly Iwn nontxta. The barn of

Joetah RoMneon at Kxater It II.. **? deatroye.1 ht liebtfitnn on Wedneniay. The hoiiw of Thome* II Smith, nt llnlmea'a floln, ni atrurk hy lightning on Thufd?j mornlrg Win ltrf> dwelling houw of William Wtug nt South l>artrnnnlh. ?u burned early 70alrrdat mornlon The fated) ha.I t.arely lima to eeoape with their lirra, ttiolern ?t rhltaftt Chiohoo A limit 14.1451. No ohoW.-a oeaea hare been reported to-Jay. anl bnt two yeetgr. Jny. The weetber la oool nod pleaennt. tUMwry. Owrr.e, Hugnat 14,1441. Teat nl^ht the HBre of bridge boHdinge of the Hew Work and Krle Railroad nod n dwelling houae, were L t rotten Into, end ronetderahle poyert; atolen A large I amount of money wee known te he In the ntn. RK U URDAY, AUGUST 16, 1851 Affair! In Ilnjrtl. Boston, August 16, 1861. The French Consul of Ilayti, who wu lately in this city, stated to a mercantile firm hen- that he was on hia way home to receive specific inatractiona aa to the courae to adopt in raee Soulouque Inflated upon Invading St. Domingo lie further atated that the present ordure, both to the Knglieh and Krencli Consuls. were to blockade both Port an Prince and Cape Haytien. in eaae the llaytiena again commenced hoetUitiea In the cam of the claims preferred by Americana against the government of Ilayti. the government at Washington declines to enforce them by violent measures. Accident?Fatal Disaster. Boston. August 16, 1861. Kdwacd Kverett. a resident of Washington, was thrown from his carriage in Ooylston street, yesterday, and severely irjured His situation is still critical. William McConnick was killed, last evening, by being knocked from the cars, while passing nuder the Washington street bridge. Newspapers Published In the State of New | York In I860. abstbact or the united status census VOB jvne,1860. 1 CITY OF NEW YORK. ' duly i-Arm* S'ame Character. Circulation. k Now York Herald Independent 32.614 . New Yoik Tribune Whig 10.4X0 New York Sun Neutral 66.000 I Courier and Enquirer Whig 6200 i Journal of Commerce Neutral 4.800 New York Express. Whig 10.700 Storming Star Neutral 15,(00 i Commercial Advertiser .... Whig 3.500 i New York Evening Poet.... Free Sail 1.500 Keening Mirror Whig 1.600 Merchants' Daj Book do. 2,000 New York Globe, (defunct).Democratic 601 New York Democrat....... do. 1200 Deutsche Schnelpost German 1.150 Total circulation of N. Y. City dally paper* 154,201 CMIWIUIT. Nam. Ckaractmr. Circulation. New York Spectator Whig 3.00( u Keeniog Poet. . .Free Soil 8.000 , " Tribune Whig 2fliO " Cour k Enquirer, do 1.800 M Jour of Comm'e.. Neutral 2 000 ? Kxprese Whig 3.500 u Shipping List 4.000 " ?Jomniercial List 3.000 Total semi-weekly circulation 10,040 * This is an error in the census, as there is bat one paper f this elais published in the oity, called the " Shipping and Commercial List." aruLT. Nome. Character. Circulation. New York Herald Independent 12.000 u ?8uu Neutral ? ? Tribune Whig 48 000 l u Kxprese do 8.000 " Oour k Enquirer do 23 000 Jour, of Comm'e (Mercury) .Neutral 2.000 ' New York Mirror Whig 5.500 ' Globe (defunct) Democratic 357 " Evening Post... .Free Soil 2.800 Home Journal Literary 17.000 Literary World. do ? National Police Gazette.. . . ? 24 000 Sclent iflc American . ? 14.000 Pathfinder ? 6 000 Railroad Journal ? 2.000 The Albion ? 7,000 Spirit cf the Times ? 8.000 TwoWerlds ? 2.000 Bueineis World ? 1,560 *l'ank Note Reporter ? ? Mer A Tradesman's Journal. ? 1615 United Service Journal..... ? 1.500 U.S. Military k Nseal Argus ? 6 000 Saroni'e Musical Times .... ? , , 1.100 N.Y. Telegraph k Review.. ? 2.000 Mirror of the Times ? 4.000 Weekly Universe ? 20 000 Ned Buntline'sOwn ? 120O0 Golden Rule Odd Follow* 15.000 The Organ Temperance ? Life in New York. ? 4 0C0 Truth Teller Catholic 4.423 Freeman's Journal do ? I Irish American ? 2 rWtt Irish Volunteer ? ? Farmer and Mechanio ? ? American Artisan ? ? Courrier de? Fiats L'nls.... French 10,000 N Y Blasts Zeitung German 8 4 JO Der BmUker da 1.800 1 1/ Kco d' Italia Italian 4,000 La Cronica Spanish ? Merchants' Ledger ? ? ! Aemuuean Jewish ? Dry Goods Reporter ? ? Antl SlaTcrjr Standard ? 3.000 Nat Anti Slavery Standard. ? 2 000 New York Obserrer Presbyterian 17.500 u Itanfuliit do 13.0C0 Independent Congregational 6 'AO Christian Intelligencer Dutch Reformed 6.000 Christian Advocate Methodist,.... 30,000 New York Recorder Baptist ? The Churchman Kpiscopal 3.000 True Wrsleyan Methodist 4.300 Protestant Churchman.. . .Kpiscopal ? Christian Inquirer L'nttartan IB 000 Sabbath Reoorder 7th Day Baptist 1,639 t'iitiT ramus. Samt. Circulation. New York Herald 21040 ?.l-. e am M ' Mercury 7,000 : ? Courier 5,000 ? Kra 5.000 " Di?|?tcb 15 OC0 " Time* Hid Messenger. 1*1.000 u *Morning News (supposed) 5,000 Total circulation of Sunday papers 7 .'.WO irXIMOHTNIT. Afneeee. Characttr. Circulation. Journal of F.dncation ? 1,500 Niw York Cadet Temperance *1.100 Age ol Reason ? 1,000 Juvenile Weoleyan.,........Methodiet 1 '* 0 Sunday School Advocate .. ? .... 00,100 I MOIVTHI.V. Working Farmer. 4.000 Family Uirole 0.000 IMrtrlet School Journal 12.000 Western W?Hd 50 000 Family Mirror 0 500 Yctith'e leui|erance Advocate 14 000 lnlt< d Stales Journal 1" i'1 Amerlrnn Journal of Homeopathy 1.030 Monthly THndem UN Miaslon.iry Advocate IT "00 American Meweenger? 211 010 American Mietiooary 14000 "American Ayrleulturiet 5.000 Bible Society ItcconM 15 000 Total 401.500 hotthi i raaionicaLa. KcU-clie Magasine 41)00 Carmeyollte 40.000 New Church Repository 734 I I'sptut Memorial 4.000 Hunt's Merchants'Magasine 4'i'k) IlildenV t>ellar Vagastne loooo Merry's Miaum. 13 000 A met lean K.ilnad l.uide 10 000 Foreign Miastoiiary (I're-etyterian) 10,000 American Whig Review ? !> moeratle Review ? Knickerbocker ? American Turf Hegtater ? Sailor's Msgaaine ? *11 ft la* Magasine ? * Home M laaionary 14 000 sviarutr. Mrlhodlet Quarterly Hevtaw 2 Me) On* pel Sun 3,500 sweroeunm or saw roaa crrv terra* Kaeluaive of magasinee and oth- r periodical*. Total Na af Panerr Cirru latum Jlnnnalla Dally 14 154.021 17422 510 Weekly 1 ItU'M 2.07J.7'? n mu; an aZS au*T W III' O Jl Huxley N 7U0I10 4 1tWU"0 4 M.9M 1.AT2.UIW Monthly 1? 401,N00 4?ilf*K) ToUl 100 Annual olrinlation. .82.VM.47S W*w*p*p*t*. h*., mirkol thm ar* emitted la th* wnial. I Includtai Mtlnitol ler fep?ri aat ratarai* la th* t 1h? Anerlrtn Kwonor li publnhed t; 111 Aarrleu Ira t nocfelr-la Knaliih, nil (*<>, la llrrnaa. II.'Mi Taial. 2ll,flWt?th* Itrgeit circulation of any pepw la th* warld. 1 '?h? Bihle Hcctcty Record li th* nr?aa *C th* American Hihl* Hool'tjr, in* pahllihrd hp thorn Tb* number of r*aa>a of payor required for th*** n*w*paperu annually la 171 001. which. at an aeeraff* rain* of 43 per ream amount* to *414.80*. Th* nenrae return* of tha city, no far aa th*y relate to newspaper*. iho* many omleetnne vhloh ar* quit* Inei. rueable In the peraona who were appointed by th* United (Mate* Mamhal to obtain thla. with other information, from th* different ward* W* hara cndearored to upply th* moat Important omlmioe*. and correct Inaocurnctaa, ut there ar*, doubfleea, eotn* publloatlno* omitted, eirlcudr* of th* periodicals Imned by book publlnbeea, quack doctor*, aad other philanthropist*. of ? htrh wo take no aoconnt The lint of periodical* other than nawapapera U rider, tly eery imperfect, and therefore we make no oatanti< aon the eireolatloa of that portlam of th* pro** It will fa* observed thai th* cen*iw return* omit aueh l(Wi| -tatdiehed and well known Riaqaaln** a* th* Americaa Hhj keee, th* WwIiiIkIh , and th* fhe*rre/w Renin*. We hara lanwlrd thrm In th* Uft, but ar* nat la ?^p???? [ERA] L * I formt-d aa to their respective circulation, and omit theM and other periodical* In our calculation. Tho Evening Post and Evening Mirror having stated ' their aggregate circulation. In city and country, 7,300 and 7,000 In the census return*, we hare apportioned them according to our beet Information. Taking the llet together?although some of the paper* are doubtle*e overrated? we think It afford* an approximate Idea of the correct amount of the aggregate circulation of the city paper*, which, it will be observed, run* ! up to the large number of over eighty-tvo million of sheets (double and single) printed tn a year?the dally paper* be'ng eetimated at 310 daya per annum. The coet of the payer alone la $614,103; and probably a* much more la paid for printing, editorial and other labor, making the total eaptnsei of the newspaper pre is of thii city considerably otrr one million of dollar i annually. To this 1* to be added ex Doners for rent*. trlcarsnh. and shin new*. V-. hapt a tjuartrr of a milium mart. NEWSPAPERS PUBLISHED IN OTHER PARTS OF TI1E STATE OF NEW YORK. We now give, from the census return*, a lint of the newspaper* published in each county in the State, ex. elusive of those in thU city, abort referred to:? N.B.?All three papers are published weekly, except | when otherwi.-e stated. At uitv Couwrr. Natnt City or Toirn. Ckarattrr Cir'n. Albany Argus..... dally.... Albany.... Democratic 16,860 u u ....weekly., do do. ' Ev'g Journal daily.... do Whig 16,000 " ' ....weekly., do do. " Atlas ...dally.... do Democratic 7,000 j " " ....weekly., do do. " Skate Reg'ter dally.... do Whig 6,000 , " " " weekly., do. do. " Knlckerb'ker weekly., do ....Neutral 4.000 1 " Express ....daily.... do do. 2.800 I 1 u Du'rbman.. .weekly., do do. 6,340 | Freeholder ' .. do .... '300 ' W Troy Advocate u ..W Troy... do. 400 ' Cohoes Cataract.. " ..Cohoes.... da 400 Aixmtst Ccuktt. Allegany Co. Advocate Whig 1.042 Angelica Reporter Angelica... do. 1.0M Republican Rra do. 600 Bboomi: County. Blegh'ton Republican.daily.. Blog'n.. Whig 250 Broome Republican weekly do .. do 700 The Iris " do. ..Literary 700 Binghamton Dem... " do. ..Democratic 600 CaTTaaarov* Countv. Cattaraugus Whig, Klllcouvillo Whig 750 " Republican do. Democratic 620 Whig and Union.. do Whig Catta'gue Chr'cie. .Qowanda Uowanda Whig.... do. Whig Carroa County. Auburn Journal, Auburn, Whig l,30o " Advertise r, daily do. do 460 Cayuga New Era do. Democratic. 1.200 Cayuga Chief do Tempttranoe. 1.700 Northern Christian Advocate, do. Methodist.. .134100 i Masonic Union, monthly.... do ... 1,200 Cayuga Telegraph, Union Springs.... Neutral.... 240 CHat-Tal'gik County. Chautautjue Journal Dunkirk, Whig ? MayTille Sentinel Mayvdle. Democratic, 600 ] May Tills Beacon do. Whig 600 I 1 MmyyiII.. Hn li.r>.,.ss..lis Von ' Frcdonla Censor Fredonia, Whig l.iuo | Jamestown Journal Jaunrst'o, do 760 ' 1 Northern ( itii< D do Democratic, 7JO | ] WertttrlJ M> N>rDgrr Weal field. Whig 600 I I Silver Cntek Mail Silver Creek, do 600 j I CHKMWn CoflTTT. 1 Klirirn Rcjut.llcao KI intra.. Whig ?10 ' Klmira Gazette ... do. Free Sell.. 664 J Klmira Courier do Whig ? I ? Hat una Journal Havana.. Whig 600 | ? Havana Republican do. Indepeud't, 700 | Independent Freeman Neutral ... 600 C Chemung Democrat Democratic, 060 1 I American standard. ....Jefferson. Literary... ? : I Corona Dorealla do. do ? 1 No returned ia reniaa. | j Curiam.o Coi iti. ! Chenango Telegraph Norwich.. Whig .... 000 ( Chenango L'niox do Democratic, l.loO ' ] Oxford Times Oxford... .Whig 626 , 1 Kmc Democrat do. Free Soil... 1*50 CtlltToa Cot'ITT. riattaburg Republican .... l'laiteburg. Democratic, ?50 j Clinton Connty W hig do. Whig 600 : Northern Lancet monthly, do Medical.... 1.000 . Lake Cbamplaiu Beacon.. .Champlain ? I Coi t M at a Cot'WTT. | 1 Columbia Republican Hudson.... Whig 760 Hudson Oaxette do. Democratic. 1.000 ; Morning Mur.dally do. Neutral.... 660 Democratic Freeman do. Froedou... 1,100 WaebingtonUn do. Temperance, 7 JO Columbia County Journal.. do. Wntg 400 Rural Repository. nmi ino. do. Literary.... 2000 j Klnderhook bentint 1 Klndcrhook. Democratic, ? | j CollTt.aieD OorWTT. ] CortUnd Democrat rortlandriLle Democratic. 000 Cortland County Whig... Homer W hlg .... 800 ; CorUaDd County Kxpreae, McUrmwrilla, Neutral 000 I > Morning htar do. Rrf Methodist. 300 Christian Contributor.... do. Baptiat .... 2.000 Di:u*?lt Coi stv Delaware Express.... Delhi Whig 600 " Gazette... do. Democratic 700 ' Depc.iit Courier Depoett " 600 DrrcMiaa Conn. P. Journal and Eagle, l'ougt keepaie.... Whig 3.300 P. Telegraph .... do. ....Democratic 4.000 j 1' American .... do doll 1.600 I An Mechanic ....Rhincbeck 400 Rhineberk Gasctte .. do l'Uhkill Standard.... i'Uhkill 800 Kaic Cm oTi. Com Advertiser ... daily.... Buffalo.... 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