Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1851 Page 2
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p flEW YORK HERALD. ?AHB* OttDOB aiRRkVt, fRCPRHTOR AND BBtTOa mca B w CCBNKB OP PVLTON AMD MaMAU STB. ! ru Mlt' UMLALD* I < iMi int mp> R prr I IVKKKLV tt?*JILO% HOT OWWA-t, * IN mm ?<' 'Upc tnnu*. ?Ur?|Man X<4>ll.n, * pormmum n/ V*U ?H??n. , ; '"* </"??"-** #/ fA* world ! ! fn?i. w*U bt ItlrroiUtpaiJJor Ovu FofcniW CosiSv i ' IMI* tM ?A*TllAjLAAI.V H^PHTII TO MAI 1U ' Mini ??W AOS '.Alii ?IJT TO VI. ALL Ltr.'KJU 6* ?(, J or pttom, or yO> lAwlunyiti. <a 6? pott-paid, or Ikt t irtagr will 5< oAttcttd fftUA Im muni rtmitttd. )tO VOrlQB lair* ./ uHonyoMtM e?AA<MM<SMM v* <U IW( rrP.m <Ao?? Trjtctt L ADt*fjRTiSlttiltHTV rttuutd Ktry wvmwi#. VERMS, oath in alliance. i 4ltoi? XVI *?? J ^ AMCSBMKNTS TET3 IVtKlNQ. OABTLK OASI)E.N-IK?IW. wwmr theatre. B?*ifj-a??n.?'i tato? j fLTIIIC UrTi'MUH. mIBLO'8 OARPIN, Bioidwiy-Miiiiiw Lir??Too- | ?? ? tama* ?n? ? ?rr ? rkiiKia utrBot?Smavmiwku I f TWkOl (i? )lAi O smjxhiks? to VA *5i1> chakitv. CBBISTYS MIW8T1ILS, M?;tiKKici" Hall.tfi Broad wt) | luonaa MmsVrvi-sv fUXOWS' MlN8TKILS. ro'lowi' Muioal Hall, So 44d Inadvaf- iTHiatia^ Mwrraauv. Krstrit?Ajavsin* ruroaauxcH Ar(vaaook AMD eykmiko. cw VoA, Satarday, Angiut 10, 1831. W?lg?'. of Clkc Herald la Wrapptri, If uui Uiauo l'i os Ducblc ShlKt IX ok. kwLE 8HKT1TM11.D. 1 OS. >Kidil| of the Latest Intelligence. Ow readers will perceive by a telegraphic des patch published in another column, that our fellow i ottiaans of Bullalo bare been excited by the arrest and surrender of a fugitive slave. As this was the j Brat case that oocarred in that city under the Fu- , gkive Stave bill, pasted by the last Congress, it ereated a great sensation there. We are happy to ! learn that the law was vindicated, and that after proof of the identity and escape of the fugitive was given, an order was made by the L arted States Commissi' inr that he should be delivered up to his owner. We regret that the son of the claimant should htve so far forgotten himself as to strike . down the fugitive wi h a billet of wood, which he i did, if our teiegrapmc report is true, ^ucd a pro- i feeding, under the circumstance?, was unjustifiable. We are inclined to believe, however, that there ig ome mistake in the account. We cannot conceive that such a thing could have taken place in the 1 Banner itatcd. By a despatch from Washington, we learn that the steamer Saranac, which recently sailed from Philadelphia with sealed orders, was reported to have taken out a protest of the government again . the abrogation of the Nicaragua grant. For several other items of intelligence received ( hy the wires, we refer our readers to our telegraphic oaiumn. The Pwrchaae of Cab*. One of our Newport correspondents suggests the propriety of the United States purchasteg the Island of Caba from the Spanish government, provided it can be obtained for a reasonable stun?say one hundred millions of dollars The proposition is put forward on the ground that there is a gr wing sentiment among the American people in faror of a revolution in j Cubs, and of the establishment of Cuban independ- j ace; and that if the Cuban discontents receive aid j i and assistance from their coadjutors m the United tales, it mightmroire (his country m a war with erne of the great powers of Europe We are not certain that any of the great powers mt Europe would go to war with us ou account of | Caba England woul d not do so, for the reason that A* eould not If she were less dependent on as than the is?if she eould procure a sufficient supply of utton and corn from other sources, she might do so, r might eater into an alliance with France?were the latter count y a monarchy?to curb our propen rtty for increasing our territory. As she is at pre cot situated, however, she will be willio* to let us I alone u long as we do not trouble her; aid to leave we to pursue the even or uneven tenor of our way, aa it may be, without any attempt at hindrance or restraint on her part. France would not trouble i the United Ma tee on the matter at all, for a war with thie eoun try, on any pret ext. would be dieaetroue to any administration that attempted it. There ex let# between the people of the two republics a taeit, I bat well understood wimlt cor lutU, stronger than ' way paper ctmccrdat or treaty that was ever written But were the creolet of Cuba to obtain their independence of >peia, with or without aid and assistance from the United .-tales, there is good reason *u apprehend that -pain would treat iU annexation to the United Mates as tie Mexican government treated the annexation ef Texas, vis as a <atw j two. or as a declaration of war Such a result would be of vast injury to us. Her miliary reswore'* could not be employed agaisst us; but, by , Bean* of letters of merq te, she could harrass our ommeroe and inflict more damage than Cuba is worth fifty times over Her pride would induce her to take this course, in all probability ; for weak i , as she is, and to low as she does in the scale | of nations, she dues not forget the position the once held, nor won d she see the last of her American oionivs form part of this confederation by aonexa tion, without rt seating it, even *?r* she sure ol suflor4tg injury from to doing fpam has always held a i reputation for privateering and guerilla warfare. | and a better outlet for the employment of her taal. uontents eeuld out he offered, than the franking af letters of marque to harrass our commerce l? <k? > i uthar reaiuu. whi-h it is un 1 Aco#??ary now to mention, we are in faver, a* wo have keen for two or three year- pact, of oar government offering to purchnee ( uba from >paui I fit an he obtained for a reasonable rum, it woaid be advitabie for aa to open negotiation* at once. | We prepoeed tbia to the government and to j ( aid' roe de la iarea, the bpanith Miaiater at Waehington. a considerable time auice. Ai *he and ( aba are now actuated, In ail probability ahe woaid i give reepeetful attention to our overture*, and take | them in to ernotii coo* elevation >b? mnnot but be aeeavd that ber hold on that ialanl la very preca rtuae. and that, m the nature of thing*, ahe cannot entuiae it mo<-b longer. The Independence of Caba may be delayed?all prevent effort* at rerola J - Uni may be pot dawn; bat the Creole population ' ~9 have determined to be iodepmiont of fain, and h dependent they will be, roaoer or later It U only a, aeet 10a of time, ac t if >pein wi?be? te rave her | r..? otattna, and at the *ame time m ike a auug us at a oney by the operation, ahe will ?liepo?* of that hlan i to the United Mete*, for a fair co-imde ration, u. I j agreed upon by the contracting partio*. SB? P' nT.iew*D r:* mit ^nrgor V*nr 1 V- ?iv? nth lhi t!4 Ln >i?v. an in? re*t ii?r 'f th* "*P"per? pebliehed u? thi* .*?ute, >ti w. h'b ? ' he',I here mciiiMi loon, t? mtk" | mit t rrmti " I'1 '! " ti 'intim, bimiae* dkd 1 WJI r.ol fait? '* (' the editor* of bo eepaperf are to be belieti-d in tlj" ^fiuuu they jjive of their ' n'M"' Ireetre* n> *b#re th- if tree interest lie* J with reM'"? to Whi|# mae of tb- , paper* | ublirhf 4 k " y**t ?rf Ufonot, and other* " or*> 111 the decline, l*>? cliruiotion of the H rmH< la all It* bmwakc*. taadlly inoreMcl The " ?i?lo??7 a?><1 oon*ci-?tt 'WiMiof ttio pr.,pn<,*>T? < T oooi fr_T papeff In r?po t,B< their n.r i * a?.rtbj ft ebrerretiM '.The *,?t".*eot fr the act*o. rjoehi well for th#?r honeetr, compi.-c ; alth trei J other ela**' ? of |C>? *'*o hire btwii , eei ' I on to report by tli* >W 'bol* *'? ? ?> i Et wrt-Yh? co .? ? p M I * ? !>) ( ? # < if '.'we tiedej, with fow tfwyf later 'crepe. r The Election in New Yoek?The Sii> v*h f>e*y St ekkjiree.?The importance of the 1 approaching election in the Stat# of Nee York U attracting the attention of politicians far and near, and tie mult is looked forward to with a great deal of intereet by the people of every part of the ^ country Notwithstanding the endorsement of the ( platform recently put forward by the signers of the j whg call for a State convention by the Alha*v f AiO/c Ketisler, the New York Exyrms, and other j j jurnuls supposed to have been the organs of the i silver gray faction, it is acknowledged by all ho- I nest and honorable silver grays, as a surrender of t the principle on which they separated from the ' abolition whig*; and, in making such surrender, they 1 declare their leaders exceeded the bounds of their duty. This is the only correct view that can be taken of the matter, for look at it as we may, the silver grays who signed the call for the State convention bartered the honor and principles of those wbno they assumed to represent, to the abolition whige and the Seward cabal. It remains to be seen wfcither the honest silver grays?whether the Union and constitution whigs of the oity and Statewill consent to this bargain and sale; whether they will follow the lead of their oorrupt journals, or de cl&ie far independence of the faction who pronounce, in their programme, for a renewal of the slavery agitation. The silver grays hare the pewer of rectifying the errors committed by their leadtrs, in signing the call for the State convention. The way in which they can do it is simple, direct, and effective. Let them, notwithstanding the platform contained in the call, demand of each and every candidate to be < nominated by the "big State convention, whether or not he is in favor of the compromise measures of I the last session of Congress, as a permanent and final settlement of the slavery agitation. Those measures were concocted, introduced to Congress' and passed by that body, as a final settlement, and were considered as such by the Northern and Southern members who voted for them; and any person who seeks to put any other construction upon them, , does so for felfish purposes and selfish ends. Hence we see Seward, Weed & Co.?whose political capital, since their entrance into public life, has been i an appeal, in some form or other, to the passions j and prejudices of the people for the time being? cling to this agitation as a hungry dog would to a bone from which all the meat had been eaten They will not abandon it, for by doing so they would be without even the semblance of a principle or foundation as a faction. By taking a course like this, and refusing to snpport any candidate who will not answer their interrogatories satisfactorily, the silver grays will yet preserve their honor intact, and cor.v .nee the Southern States that all of the whigs of New York are not abolitionists?that some, at least, of them, are true to their constitutional duties. Cattle in the Streets of the Metropolis? Tiie City Fathers?Where are theyT?Our columns, this morning, conta n the ecord of the effects of permitting cattle to be driven into the city by daylight, it appears that one or two lives i came near being lost by the fact that a mad j animal?said to be a bull or steer?was per I mittcd to run through the streets, yesterday j morning. The details of the affair, are not very j j;?r. t ?kl-h k.? I UmciCUli Ul &UiU iiutu uumvj vvuvso nuivu ua*v vvvu reported during the last six months; and now that the mischief dune is so apparent as to excite public attention strongly, it is to be hoped that something may be done to prevent the recurrence of each a disgraceful as well as distressing catastrophe. We have again and again called the attention of the city authorities to the necessity of making some strict regulations with regard to the practice of driving cattle, in the day time, through the public streets; but our monitions have been unheeded alto* I gether, and we hare now to point to the unfortunate effect of having no strict and efficient regulations on this subject. It is scarcely possible to anticipate that any drove of cattle, however small, ean be takeb from peaceful pastures, and brought into our 3towd?d thoroughfares?always noisy ard confused, as they are, and gay with the colors of fashion and dress?without exciting one or more of the animals to a kind of frenzy. The change from the countly to the city immediately takes effect upon the most gentle kine, and if they should not be very violent, tbey are alwaye made mov or i |t?? wild by the circumstance, beaidoe. even when the cattle are moderately mischievous, public curiosity, intent upon witnessing any possible casualty, goads the animal to madness?for hundreds of intelligent men and women will hang, for instance, about the palings of the Park, and many, by cries | and shouts, w ill do all in the power of their lungs, if | cot by other means, to add to the fury ef the ' frightened beast This U doce often, and yet we ' hear of nothing being done to suppress either the ] practice of driving cattle through the streets, or of placing them beyond the pale of mischief, by ( prompt action on the part of the city authorities. i The police do a hat they can, when the difficulty j flier at the very bear" and lives of the people; bat t their power* are neither tummtry nor efficient enough to be a protection to the publie. The trouble, we ruofect, whioh we must get over, j l if with the city father*. W* would a*k why they do not act in this matter 1 They can arrest noisy < men, or take cat* of a hundred trilling matters? can scire gunpowder, illegally stored, or fine people j for breaking through the city ordinances; but when tbey are a?ked to proteet the publie frrtn tbe at- t tacks of infuriated animal*, driven through the ( (ublic streets, tbey can be found to give no answer | to the ditnatds of the people Why i* this! Why rboeld cattle be permitted, on any pretence what J ever, to be driven through the publie "tree's, except ! at certain specified hour* of the night! la there ary hardship on the owners of the animals' or is ! tbe of euch persona to be eonnulud, in (reference to tbe safty of the whole community, i ho, at ar.y time in the day, are liable to be sot o(i<n by tbe madness of an animal driven wild by tbe ignorance of those who have the eare >f them? 1 Let u- have, at once, a city ordinance by which, hereafter, no person can drive any cow, steer, ox, or bull threusk the public streets, except at certain stipuisted b<ur? of tbe night, unless under the wner's lability to lose every anim*! .? > driven, a* a rer alty t< r dicegav i.t.g the law Will the city la.iters wake up and make a law! Pnt tw Prwin New York a.ih flai.w?t.?The hole world, and the reat of mankind, iu ignore oi ido remi t?"i or tue ea*e, njr -hot tne r?u?c of > Ireland beii g ho ?unk<n nn<l ik-^rai j a? ?be ii, ie 1 the wont of anergy m lf-reliarice among u?r pen- ' pie Thia raue h*? been in lo trioitd; r r-uived ' by f.ngl?n?l, for reoeons best k o.ra to lieraelf J The lrirh in tb? I'lhH Motea bore ni* no oj?oor* Unity of diopmting lb* ant rt.nn, by contributing , to the project no# on foot, to eonroct'he'krroo ? I4c nitb New \ ork fcy rtenm We boil wo whnt j tbr-y mil do. There ore Irinb- roti^b in Now York. i oboe* a an.? are aoipie, to build hoi; n ioteo eteaia 'v rhi|o of the firot cIm? Now a the time for the a , to *utc, no?l face the awic. * Km r*o"? Aran*.? fb? (* * U/tlr. Ctjt Rrorn j * rrrl??d )**t*r4ay from H tk> no* toot oooH of Afreo 1 b> horn from Cept ft thnr la'h'- month of \pril la?. r f e Priti-h ' tfrr KngliehMn '%?! fferr!" f.-->?n Ori't .l " rn? repalt* ,1 .Jurlrp * tomo-lo off rL< Irl.ind "f Frraawrf-v . av )n the bight of Biefr*. of oat "a".o'p iniiee tr-m '.be * tain laid II *wrry>iUi'l Ik" ' -Jt' irtyp r < , n board, oil of ?h< ir peri?b? ( eoh the ?"<vctt<.n f a alive Africa n pro bat [j one of1>,-? ebo #? j.i.tej t, p three do;" after the Catitrip' ' cdr/ '1 I UIDf ,, r a rpar Tbe teaael l?y which t> ! n .11 w?" r- o, j . aa a Ifritteh abip f."Pi Cnrn ?in for h rn ii e j'( Aiufrg lb* p'?r#eri(f?'r? Inat wa- the 'Ur, n W. I f nipr'b and Ma wife e, naerPd with the fp'-UTter on M arl of Wledonr rf th!" rtlty. o'i'l f1, art,'- rrf the capin. Tire iiai.ri of the other" 1 yt at " not gir< o. "foremen te r?f Dial Ift fe?ll. I't?r I*. ,, I'* n J * M lell Wa ; K?* A itouhio. *a?? . "V ft , . ? I 0 Km.-** )?.; O. II Ja*hr>?. ?!>. K 4 ' r raer an.'be the arrt'nlr, jr< "terdo/. the ,,, : I H rrr ' " ' "tr ' "T ?t-\",-yrrj fj, . al of the rolled < rr !*!* Min' ' * Of f'e >t*(T?n fc !.h? 1'BrfeJ a I Utw.ilhrv ll,\,vp<; Tfc* X. Uwhbm Fete. toe and common coi ncil on mard the rimati st. lawbence. Yer>tc-d*> afternoou was flxed a* th? (Imp for receiving be Mnyof ?bd Common Council, mud other invited guest* >n board the frigate 8t. Lawrence, lying at the Nary fard The invitation of Oaptnin tauda, the gallant ( jumaiider ol the St. Law rvnce, we have already pub* L-hed At a quarter to two o'clock, the Mayor, the Vmmcn Couhcll. Chief Justice Oakley, Judge Duer, udge Campbell, Cel. Cox, Mr Irvine, organ builder, the n> uib? re of the press, and other Invited frit nil*, proceeded n carriages from Chambers street to Fulton Kerry, where he ferry heat Manhattan, gaily decorated with ttig*. eaa in waiting to convey the party to the Navy Yard 5n arriving there, tkey were taken on board by the barge* of tie 8t Lawreuce - a splendid band performing the national aire with great taste and spirit. The St. Lawrence looked very high above water compared with her appearance when she waa starting for the World'* Fair. She 1* a beautiful frigate The party were received in due form by Captain Sand* and hi* oHlcers. marching two by two between the open lines of a marine corp* under arm*, and being introduced individually to th? Commandant by Alderman Franklin, the Chairman of the Committee of Arrangement*. The ceremony of re. eeptioa beiur e sptain Sands conducted the party below, when the rear of cannon welcomed the stranger* Thirteen gun* in succession sent forth that music iu which the ear of the soldier ttid tar ever more rejoices. Captain Sands and the otneers tnen unuwrn wie pariy through every part of the ship, and all expressed their admiration of the neatness, cleanliness, and order that evcryw ere prevailed. Some there were who had never bet n board a fixate or ship of war. and enjoyed what they saw as a rare treat. Everybody's curiosity having been satisfied. Captain Hands invited his guests to partake of the ship's cheer, in the cabin. A magnificent drjtaner was served up, and champagne and other winee flowed in profusion. The Captaiu took his seat at the head of the table, the Mavor and Lieutenant Carey at bis right band, and Chief Justice Oakley. Judges Duer and Campbell, on his left. First Lieutenant Bogg' acted as Vice President. Bo erowded was the table that it was necessary to rig a side table to accommodate the company Ample justice having been done to the excellent vlaLds. and the band having contributed its part to the digestion, Captain Saves then rose, and gave, as the first toast, The Mayor and Corporation of the Empire City of the Empire State." He said?I welcome you, Mr. Mayor and gentlemen on board this ship, which lias been ite bearer of specimens of the industry of the country, from this the gieat centre and emporium of the Union, to the Vt orld's Fair, at which was represented the wealth and productions of all nations. Some thin-skinned people thought this country was not represented there as It ought to have been. For my part. 1 was happy to say to ihem, " Can ycu produce anything exhibiting mora skill and ingenuity. or a higher order of art. than Powers' 'Greek Slave?'?tgTeat cheering)?and. If you go to the other extreme?I do not mean from the sublime to the ridiculous?there is a bridge for you. built on principles so beautiful and true, as to command the almiratloncf the world." But some people will say, flow do you fill up the gap between these extremities"' My answer Is. " There was ths flour from Oeue see, the beef and the pork and hams from Ohio, the Yankee notions?this thing and the other?from New England; ploughs and cradles, (not for children ) and baby jumpett. representing as decent a specimen of young humanity as any in the world By the bye. I am the father of one whom I named George after his matber's father, and 8t Lawrence after the -hip ..Great laughter.) It b true we occupied a great space of ground tb&t we did not take up with articles, but the .TMrtnun. f Si* re vera fv:r * estimated snd .iivrrhaj As the bearers of what ?*> sect fr> r?i the I'nitwl State* to this fair, we were rrceiecd whfc every demonstration of respsct anil cordial t* hT our fn? nds at the ,<ber aide of the water Nothirg could rve then grwau-r flea*ore than to be among us The? regarded u* a* brother* of a far-cff land. Ther looked upon a* as their kith and kin. KturiiDg to th. in afti r mar.j years of absence They bailed our flag floating tn the hreor alen^side the Union laek. livery nouse. every heart wa? open with hoapttality for ue, and the gen<rvus sentiment that prevailed everywhere was. that harmony might long continue b? tween the two nation*, and prevail as ng ourselves rhey received u* not only as bailing from the Umpire state, but a* fr< m the great Union of States, and everything they could think of was shoaervd upon us If. in the way of Ao?i hummic. they expressed their good feelings, t was but natnral that we should express ours in return, or like begets like, you know all the world over. But .o, my toast?The Mayor and Common Council of the ?ity of New York."' The toast was received cost enthusiastically. The peeeh of the captain was received with tumultuous ap ilause. Mayor Xiscsiivc then rose to rerpond. lie said t affords me unfeigned pleasure. Captain Bauds, to coder to yours?lf. and y<ui gallant companion*, on heialf of the authorities of the city of New York, a cordial relccme on your irtura to your native land. (Cheer*.) 1 t'ru have returned, sir. crowned with a victorious 1 rrrath. tut 1 is mad* of the peaceful olive, emblematic f the peace and good will which wa? the object of yoor missi) n ?bread; and the victory you have achieved haa I*en Hoodies*, but rot Iris glomus for it has been a vie Wry over the hearts and feelings cf ail with whom jou Were brought In contact, and of which ws. sir. feel aa pt'ud a-though It had Iseuwun null th* cannon'* tiar and the clashing of hostile steel All know how preirpt tin galls it cfllcar* of uur navy ever have been to respoi d to their country's call, and how triumphantly thej have borne aloft, unsullied, that flag wh'ch waves so proudly over us cow; and I am sure tbut. although surr< uuded by *11 the Implements of war. you have not derm d the Irs* gratification from the conviction that your'* has been purely a mission of peace, and that to y<UW?re entrusted those emblem* of Auerieto skill. American industry and American nrwress. a hich havs won for our country the won<l?r and admiration of the wh< l? cicilin d *' rid (Great ebeertng ) 1 congratulate jru. not alone. air. upon your ?afe return bot upon the luerearfu! and gratifying result* of your peneeful mie>io* aid I renew the a-euraiifi of tie c Mikity with which we wtlronie your preaenca again among your fellow citizen* The Major concluded amld*t loud cheer*, and propo?ed the following toast ?' Our Nary?With *uch officer* and urh n < n a? surround ue now. the tiag of qui Uuion will Derer be In dang* r. " The towet wae wartaly reeeired. A.' Mills a then ga*e? The Vary and JuJIriaty? May they alwaye be aa 1-appily united as at this dm* " The toaet wae July honored Judge !? * i. bee re e j? We are always unanimona. R e concur with the Chief Ju?tic* Assistant Al<!< rman Ki * eaid that the m dasty of the iatt gentleman would not allew him to put the judiciary before the naTy a* he ought to bare dona The oiiea bral rh goe* fir?l, if that fail*, theu the thunder from .rur *1 fieri wall* we 1 are Juet heard, and lion make terms Laughter and cheer* ) Allow .u? to giro you tin: health f fuet Lieutenant K< gg?. A \ on ??And tha oilier "ffleer* Mr Ki t ?Ve*. and the other officer* A-ear ue* Voir? ?Ileie worthy ofatiast by himself. The toaet wae then drauk with due h?a r* Lieutenant Boooe ea.d he had a iltue friend bmrida lim w bo would respond to it. Lie utenant lo >a. fnephew if Judge liuer ) then *aid he niodeety of Lieutenant Bogg* war only equalled by i* g< nt'enianly d< I'ortment I pon a aimiUr oecaeioa t Southampton lie showed he roui I apeuk la toe purpose III* >p< ech In re ply to tha towel of hi* , ealth was ebart I ut It wa* lo the point It seemed ' loweaer that the l.le ut?i.*ot rlilioi d luster*!. a ? rt f r (lit to d" all til.- dr:nki"g white kr fcf. hiia ( Lieut. I <x r . to On Ih* apaaktog (Uii htci ) TIh j t?4 hvt i r.ry pUa.aot e:uh* f< r wMrb tVy wer* ttid*h*-d to fc*'r.duatrtal pr< durtl'na of the fn". n In r?fi reao* ' tin to tf had only In ray,that though th* pa> - allotted in tlx tu w?> groat th* ?perln'*n* that di I not Oil the >pere w?r* (fat aim. (LmiJ laughter undch-?r* ) And >> for tb? raillery of the Tne?t and the eritictatn* nf I'toi* tlxywer. like I ha woodi'ti rutm.g* tf 0? nn-ctl-ot (R<ar* nf laugt.f r ) It had tieru inggcrtrd that l he ilfr.r* of th* ft l.awrenre war- too worm In tl(- ' i|.fo?. i< n of th?ir (entltnen at the other ai<l? of the Atlantic That c<mpnny would n. t thiok If H e/ had hoard th? aefitltneui* rtfrioxl to llitn ly the Knglirh people who look th* deap**t atiint In tha pr-parity of th* rolled Ft .t*? Hut tlx ugh th* r? if tlx It tiaorri.e? pral ?d other ratillkl they atill mot inn. d In ! ?* with their own; tt <t 'fx t' tb?y .aw IT "eh to an l reaped in I t.glat d tlxy r. turned to their ratlr* land Yankee* t? ,) * h?ek lane, (tireat eh?r 'g ) l.l?nt ttner eon Imiad ty returning thank* or the part of l.iegt llogga I ap'aiti fi*M tp*n r.e* and wtid ?It *o happen* toot ur I arte r i* graced will, the pr. **tir* of a frigate of tha "*t?r nepulltc of Franc* I had hoped tha' herom. Herder r > ni l be pr*-?ent > n thla ocraa'.'n hut hi* *n *( irotrt* w?r# aueh v to prenrt him and he now * I da In a me. rag* to that il.-ct lie ha*. hoWer.T a pr**? olatire pr.e<nt, aid I w I h"W therefor* giro "lithe' Health i.f I taut l.aui?nlio*. of tha French filiate Mngadnr* " The ti art %? drark with all th? honor* I.l.nt Lai nana, wl " la i fin* look it# young ofAcer 1 >rlefly r?*f nr.d.d to Frrix h ar.d prnpoawd the health of aptatn hand* TKe Jn.U.leea" vaa Ikx, **, ee. A ..I I...W -~a I di%p rmrMii l? r-|w n-i- -mrt?Tnn<t4;'Wnfl||rn ; >*'Tj'h f(f in r B.fn- ii tlth u? Wr 'Ula dinpiii t?r?? iHtlrltrtaU?y u miiI< th'n hft??>n natl'O* la kar? car rwt* rdttiai ant ?o hut y.ti In r?f?r rirr to a) at ha* turn raid abit y ,ur reoaytcn at i ikI ib^hr I an nr>-I - i*?it net only my o*n rente lit* tut ?i'?r ?f th* |- |?l? if tt.? I nit-nd n at*#, I m I i?y tint ta* rnl| rtralr th?a> f-elr.^a I ata in n a.' Pcmtaici 'it tb- gi-nnr'nia ri-ntiai-nl< II ikitiii thin lnttw<i til* r- nntry a*;<l I ran theref?. rt?pa'M*? m?1b yen But tt* pre rot -tarii.ti mi i m t? niiv rtllnf t"fl?? art :r?-iiyn loonr f- elm?*, h a illy law Inn th? toea-er if m- 'ikm nj p~?? t,> i >/ii il I' him b? " mid by a pr< at moraji-t of t'.at t W J.fctlatr M ti t)?t le- tl.r h-nit nt the man *lii J : !) yfi ? natm OB *li? H?ir if Maraih' n afilfrttfi I ' td I? i nt In n?f? If I'lttin tbnr n<*i.t?n "all*. frets ' *b fiat Ih* tarr and tin atrtfn-i ?i JiJ n- t f-a-l mom i i t'lii ri j i mitten. t?I, ? ?e ri fle-t apnt tin' in'iatnn ahli h thi* M'lfi *hlp ?' ? rettiriHd rh? nam# w*? rkiaa It la that tin titii lint titMm tka tti l< MHiiaafr ft* in thl* m" n-n* fr tr tba I nitad , ?'ii t>r tti lylnjr rida ty "I'lr 'n amity rod pan r?*n : tin fry?' litrratly hire '.Br ft i n?r to'he I ft? I tin t I til ail) lii? ahnlt tlni'it ? in nappy i pity altfc tl ? I'ra rti An ruii g to the ? tto in hi |>K|>tr r?y tl.l (r. n ' fM ft not. r i i.tal l? it ai'm-tlte to p * rr a h" t? ?iir> i i I t?r< ? ard ifHrni 'n aar 1 h" ta'iota! In' K utlnnan rilooritly i?in ? Tlr linr - ri ' aty?V*/ It u? r?ic trial in pi ar?. aril t?vriM? to tap '1 a I f tl r i P I?r? rf tra alito I i *n . art,-, a- a. I tita | in? till d to Captain Pan'.*, it >.nithan,, ir Jo-iea f i ra trilrtid up it rrncinn on* nf in "a m ih? M*y j ar.d CWfcratJo* rf f -ithamyt't. wbich was highly somplunentary to the rnpUta and to the United 8 tales '"> ???' iktmta Blv n*4 >?thar, wfateb vaa got op In a *ort of jraloua rivalry, and wan signed by the Alderman of tb? ward of All Points. the Alderman of lint | ward of All Baint*. and the Alderman of the ward of the i Borough, and the Alderman of the ward of 8t Lawrence. The reading of tlila document called forth peals of laughter. I Captain Banns said ho muet explain this document that eomra from All Pointa (not the Pi re Points) and from All Halnta. The Mayor and the city authorities brou:-it him C'aptain Bands ) and the officers of the St Lawrence. away to his country mat. on the spur of the meat, and there treaUd them with great hospl'^iny The other gentlemen, being omitted, for aoine alliwl or other, (ot up the address just read, in a sort jf generous rivalry. There was one thing he aaw on vista, that was deer to hiin, and to every America-., it was the first room in which a jury ever sat (C'jMr( j It had one door, one window.and hard seats , and, as they regarded it with a sort of veneration and awe. they retlected on what ajury was?twelve r>n, honest and true, the protertore of the rights ar j libertiee. the liveeand property i of the people. To h% sure, that room wm not hung with all the tapestry aad splendor to which they were af(erwards Vntroduoed. but it was the cradle of the glorious j institution, banded down o Americaus as well as to king- I liMnnrn. At that festivity, there were present Jews, | Gentiles and Turk* (laughter.) and all seemed happy and rejoictd to meet the officera of the 8t Lawrence I, continued Capt. PudUs raid to them, "Come on board; we ' will do the bt ft we can " They did, and we entertained thuuinour plain, democratic way. We brought together the rival partiee. and all coaiesoed as friends and brethren. There were saints and rinnerr; saints on the right, sinners on the left, and women In (font. (Rears of laughter ) Captain tf sacra's health having been drunk, he con- 1

traded the present and the past condition of New York, and the rapid progress it had made iu a few years. He concluded by giviDg?"Prosperity to the City of New i York " Ibe following sentiments were then given:? "The Press " "The lit Lawrence?The friend of the Union and the 1 American Republic; to assert her rights peaceably if she , can forcibly if she most.'' This toast was received with shouts of laughter and | applause. A'.derman Patrick of the Sixth ward then rore and said?Reference has been made to the Alderman of-All Points." I. as the Alderman of the Five I'oiuts, | am glad to see Captain Sands on board of his own ship, > and I am glad that those peaceful feelings have been reciprocated with a nation, who takes great care of her own people, and especially of the inhabitants of the country that I hail from (Laughter ) I have no objection to the ADglo-8axon race; but it seems that crossing the breed here improves it a little. (Great laughter.) The American people are mixed up of the races of all ! 1 countries, and I am iiuite confident the worst du not | come to us. The Mxth ward baa been called the Texas , of New York. Well, be It so?you might go further and fare worse. (Renewed laughter ) Tnere was a dtsoussion once. In Ireland?the country I camefrcm?between Dean Swift and Father O'Leary. two distinguished wits am! divines. They could not agree as to purgatory. At last the priest said to the Dean. " We may as well end the subject. If you don't like purgatory, you may go further and fare worse." (Shrut# of laughter.) The tame obtervat ion holds good of the Five Points. The Ald< rman concluded by giving " The American Republic?The shield of the oppressed, the advance guard of civilization, and the hope of mankind." The toast was warmly reeeived. ("attain Sands?I like the toast I was brought up under an Irish schoolmaster; the happiest days in my life have been under his rx>f. I have been from one point to another till I have been at All Points." I i have been at Five Points, Six Points, and Seven Dials, i l (Great laughter ) There is a place, somewhere between purgatory and another place, and it is called, by the ' sailors. Fiddler's Green?it la a sort of compromise?and thus have I learned to compromise, in matters of race and relhiion. For mvself. I am a croaa between Antrim I San n Irish and Dutch (Renewed laughter ) Amidst ! all ihe variety of races in this country there was one ) point to which they ail converged?a common oentre around which they all revolved The he* 1th of " the ladies'1 was then given, and ' the company withdrew, being saluted, as they left the ship, with a discharge i>f thirl, rn guns?the presentatatirn of arms by the marines?the yards manned by the sailors, and the band striking up Yankee Doodle Having been lacded in the Navy Yard, they viewed ! th. Dry Do ck (in which liee the San Jacinto.) aud other objects of interest there The party then returned at six o'clock, in the Manhattan, delighted beyond measure with Captain Sands and hU gentlemanly officer*, who took every pains to make the visit as agreeaole as possible tocveiy guest. Intelligence from Coat* Rica. We have received La Gactta, of San Jo*e, the weekly official paper of the government of Costa Rica, to the 19th(fJuly. We find in it some document* which are worthy of translation. In order to make that republic, o little understood in this country, better known. The Ciarrta contains the following article, entitled ' K1 Correo del Irthmo. and the Republic of Costa Rica:"? In the number S8 of the official papar sf the Nicaraguan gevrmmrnt. we hare found an article entitled. "The Republic of Costa Risa. ' in which the writer endeavor* to provs that the situation of our country is illegal We answer this article with pleasure, passing over some mistakes which we are sure the writer unintentionally dropped frua his pen. We remark first, that thr Cm 1 re drl I " . . has abandoned it* old system of insults and invectives, and ha* adopted a decent manner of dirruselng an important question If Costa Riea did I not went to have relations with the nations! convention, Its resolutions were founded upon the seme principle cited by the Cmtto.Ul /initio, which seye?"It is an incontrovertible pr jjripl*. In public right, and the relations between nations, that the transformation of any State cannot be done by itself. 1 W hy' W bat is the origin of the national convention* The governments which nomina' ted the commissioners who compose It. and who could, at any mono nt. disapprove the fact, and declare that the j 1 national government wanted a necessary stability for , ' trratlrv with It M hen these motives will cease, when I the missions of the diet will be popular and rnally repre- | ren in* people 01 ma mrre mate- ana iU d.spn.ition ort t > i dlett J when. in flu*, It will be a Legal government. t and will have the mean* t command llMNM tram | that Mnl i'oeta Kira will be flrat to eotahltah. with pleasure, It* r. Iilionj wl .h a government of a brota-rly and friendly people. and It wl.l manifaal to that people . thai If it li M w forrrd by eircnm*tance* tr part from ' then, it will naver forget that the two nation* have ha<l the same father* A* for the illegality af our rvpublie. we Biurt inform th* writ that the eonvlltution of 47, upon whlrh th* article I* bared, wa* entirely ratified by the ron*tltutl? n if 4b. which ?aja. in the *?'ond artlnle. that the republic id Coata Kica la aovereign, fre. and independent The CerWafieea aome table* of the expense* and re- { rentes of tiie governm-nt The new ad mini*'.rati >a ha* paid the debt* of th? preceding cabinet, amounting to ffC.ITS It glee* the numtarnf the clell and criminal action* and a eoap*ratiTe*tateinent of the pr.>duetof the 1 identity of liquor* produced for the flr*t *ix month* of 1*40-'.! aud '61 In the year IMP they produced 4336tt in 1V0 >18 TM; and In 1*51, >64.171?about >10 500 MM* The Gael* publisher alao tran*hitlon* from the French and Kng I h paper*. In th ' number of the Iwto nit. we find an article translated from the A'e.e York I In aid abut the poeition cf tlostu lllca In the adn rtl'ement* we are struck with the follow- i ing. which we translate ? Jeae horlglla, Italian by Mrth. Barber, Phlebotoml't, llatrhr.aatr fcc., ).** th? h-iior to oflerbi* aerr w* to the rei|-*otall* public, dnriag Id* aojourn la thi* capital. Tin re 1* in <V.*ta Klca. a th aire with aox." dpml?b evirate*, who attract numerous audiencw at th-ir per j h i mar re* "t'aln i'irata.' and CI Cempaanra de Man hi l ad met with the greatest MMN A o Ik r ?rr ri|Ttirj rTrrj nay in- I1'?r? W|i ealhd tb? "Th-wiro (!< Morn ' aftrr thr I'rmldrot. In the nK'??tn#r t? of thr port of danta Am nan. vo hawr r*Biarkrd thr following Jua? "Ji-Arn??< ? >? Worth Ara*rUaa rh*???r tf try n J lll?a.tipt Wuitih, from I'aaaiaa. *1 Ui 2t> ( .f ug. r. anl a (i"tf ' Ji.ll l.itx N--?tti American hark It-mrr < apt. Prtaait O. W' lino*. fr> m lUtton with a ??r* i of furctin mriehaa l? aft> r a po?ar? ?f III d?va Jul) l. > 11h An.'n'?? < !.?' n-r ('< ? ' .from Onaya | til, * a11. Jamta Brudua, with a cargo of a?r?a. au i two |>>aa??r?. Jimt 27 -fsilci th? rntdi bark ftJtlla. for I'atamv with I (til ii.l ft or H'Wrii. 11 - N <<rU> Amoruau lark Brt w?t?r for R tl-jo, with eof. l<r ana pa?aan*'-i. July II o > rth Ar??rtrnii nrhooacr Wary and F.lltt, f.?r ftoaii jo ir<t I alifoikia. la kallaot. J' I) X tla Ni.ttu Aactiraa lark firmer. for lattpa. Tic b't'rft I* ItMl bcfiflf Saturday anl it* prior of rubrcriptii n l> fwrlre abllilDgf a yrar. ami -.n- d aUr Ibfrix ntblli. Mr Aguilar l> tbr-<dl: >r a.ri tor priaP >< ( t filer la in tb* palacr of tho p oyrramrut Poller lotrlllnrmr. fflrw/f It lira. ? i Mlrrdtf, ' Wo r Wirthl-n? r of tho Kirvt ai.r.f am- ti l a llrrmtn named Ir 4*1in . rt-ri on aciar,:* of atlt mpMrg to brnak into ? bur'mi drawnr tilbaitd in anon at lh<* pr-nil?-? Wo hi lomiwion ithii wllh an int nt at tlirynl. Pi at-al t?no in (-id, kr *n to hr 4rp< >itrd in thr maid draa-r. thr p-.-pnrty of llrmy Knonrr. Tbr ai ru I wn* d*trctrd in tbr act of attiniftlra to opra th- ifrawrr Tbr irtd-arrraa prt -rfatru H rr Jii-titr fx throp who cmm. Ird bim to pri-i n to await a forth- r ryamtnatl' n Itfof Itittt'l/iyi (ft)' fhirrr?flu Thn-oday rrenIry a- Vkafirt ff l.ynrh itrir-r of our of tbr 'north r.t. inr 'tag.* wa-at Ihr hi ad "f Wall r'irrt. in llr-t-itij anrtl-r rtapr rinr op drlvrn l>) a man rall?-l "Lord Baton." bdon; in* Pi ihr Bioad?ay aid K.-rtytrrorrl *tr>?t liirr l.ynrh and Hymn bofh-iipprd fir tl r on" ia*??r,i;rr. and l.ynrh war thr n? who g it tbr |?>rrrprr Thlr. it a-rni". rrraP d au ill f?llug -in tlir l*i t-1 Byron ahn alfn?t Innauily >lirrct?d Ma whip althwbwrdcd l.jroh and. with awi'drnt rin ick at rut i ifcr larh arr-on hi* no-w and far*. c-nng tbr ilr.n aim >?t ! to ibr br-.r. kin lilt lot. a -Par r?t, a* II tnfl < tci run a kinlr Tbr hi' floWrd p-"fo n|y fi-m ihr w .'in I IJ P r- a- moii K br tnllwtrd tbw Injury, lifurr off a* j . . . ..... I.I. I wi...i. ..'..I I? r tb- iwult and tmfrry and a warrant wo* t?*u<*d | I1) J jrtti L*4iirn|> for Ml arr?-M Itmnf fwiin* l tiff --Thr n^ff naMi-d l-?rt 'on- , n < n?t 1I111 lining Mm' inf'.iria'nl ratil-. fn'i riUf ui tt.ini in Bri<Ad?a*. w? *rr?*t*d hjr th" p lin . an I , f titijiii biiwi niiiiri1 l.nibHf,(ili?rH*l'ii twinniii < in r- alBf* r?B>" "f tiir m running furl 'UMy an I .| 111. fiom'ij Ibma/h th? itm ndam* tin r |i"lin-i if ll f in no Mr I - f Si, M Wail t " i Ip in 1 nf ilatit Milti.y || nh I hat li nbwn I'd I bw IH| o h-iat } lldlil-lMtliini, tklrk b? I* liwti? wa? on* >f ih"im- ' itimi iwr?t ol tin* BnlBiat b*?noili? unman i?i i'il? || il lu(? iw AlaciMrsl* th-n> ;m m |?lrf? ti ai.rwif th* iia"?? nf man an <h'?r a'i uM I I.JI I f ll.r P? r? n' who Wi r.' Ii jiiimI tr * . * u ' ./ I.i'tinrrit ? Min ?V?i|i rill r.a (lrrm?% lIlI'T ?W i i jid to plm in a pan* nf (laaiatNo 441 IJr??ii. t li i i I. nr?.i. 'I ' y l r? II*'lii: in i i.h ' f th" il,.?r , I in Bf>"1 III 11 f a I'M f - a fr*? rrirn'*. ' *i? in ti run ia th? - i I i.f fall* *?'Bli r lAn hi. a ri ' II' \ IU ? ?>> If ja??llry lilMirill f \ rr'l In '' i| i i t 11 i r n>'l "train* an I'lam" 4 I Hat hr tprn out l 111 i| mi M?ry ? ii i"*. wr, ri-hy In-in'.?m f a a ? ii in * y aid an n "i*'y"il t 'b* CI'./ II' "r|Ml t.f ' a It* j. m a of tin I 4tb wartf. ' ? POSTSCRIPT. KALFl'lSl' UtVMN, A. M FUtR DAIS LATER FROM EIROPE. ARRIVAL or THl STEAMSHIP BALTIC 1.1 Nine Days and Thirteen Hours. THE SHOTEST PASSAGE EVER MADE ACROSS THE ATL1NTIC!! tub markets, lie., fcc., froThe U. S. mail steamship Baltic, Capt. Cornstock, arrived at her dock this morning at a few minutes past six o'clock, in nine days and thirteen hours from Liverpool f being the shortest passage ever made across the Atlantic ! The Baltic brought 148 passengers and a valuable cargo. The Baltic reteived the mails off "George's Landing Stape," at Liverpool, at 4 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, 6th inst., and passed out of the Noith Channel. Saw Cape Race at midnight on Tuesday, 13th inst.; took a pilot on board 225 miles cast of Sandy Hook, at 11 A. M on Friday, 15th, and arrived at Canal street at 6 o'clock this morniDg. We have but time to give the latest eommercial and financial intelligence at this late hour, but our Evening Edition will contain the details of the news, and be issued at 12 o'clock. markets. VIWDS, STOCK AND SHAKE MARKET. London, Wednesday, 1 o'clock. Consols, money, 06^ Tbree-and a-quarter Per Cents, 88 T,'f. Exchequer Bills, ?48 46. Do. ?48 9. RAILWAYS. London stock, 1231, 2%'. Do. Quarter Per Cents, 26*?. Midland Stock, 41M, 1, 40*. Do. llalves, 14 V North Staffordshire, 77* 7sS. Eastern and Dover, 21 2.V r.l.wfnnlmna 10 t' ? Far tern counties, 6 V Fast Anglian. 3)4. Great Northern, 16T?. Great W? stern. 84\ 5 4)i X, Lancashire and YorkA"lire, 48 >? .'4 )i >4 X. Do. Fifths. 2 London and Southwestern. 83 ',' York. Newcastle and Berwick, 13J4. Do. Extension, 13)4. Y'ork and North Midland, 18'4. Lursrooi. Cotton Monday, Aug. 4.?The rales since Friday amount to 17.000 bales, of which 9 COO ere taken on -peculation and for export. To-day salee are 8.000 bags. The market is sieady at the prices of last week. The arrivals aince Friday are 12 vessels from tee United States. Ilavar Cotton Market. Tuesday. Aug. 6.?The cotton market to-day was more calm, without variation in prices Sales up to two o'clock, 081 bales. Lont'on Coa.v Maskct, Wednesday. Augurt 8 ?Very li 1) whent fresh up from the neighboring counties, but having an exceedingly tbin attendance of buyers, little business is done, in either Knglish or French, and quotatlons maintained nominally, as on Monday last. Flour moved oti slowly, at former terms In beans and pets, little business done at late rates. The quantity of barley offering was trifling and previous rates were supported. Dealers purrbaeed oats cautiously, but Monday's quotations were maintained Arrivals?Knglish wheat. 1.030; barley. CO: oats. 60; malt. 3 790; flour, 1,300. Foreign? 10 480; barley, 6 570; oats, 23,030; flour, (70 sacks anl 4 "so barrels. Corn markets?Liverpool, Tuesday, August 6 ? The supplies of British grain and flour are still small, but from foreign ports we have had this week liberal arrivals, particularly of wheat and flour. Of the 17.094 qrs c,r wbeat. 0 069 qrs are from the United States, 4 940 qrs from the Mediterranean 1.274 qrs from Frnnbe. 2 232qr* firm Holland.839qrs from Denmark. 850 qrs from Archargvl and 1930 qrs from Danitg. We have received 42.001 bbls. of United States and Canadian, and 2.388 and 2 388 sacks of French flour. The week's import of Indinn corn is 11.043 qrs, and the export 7.283 qrs. We bnve n ported besides, to Ireland an t coastwise. 2.308 Uli wheat, and 101 bbl* and Sid sacks of flour. The wratber In the early part of lb* week was of an unsettled character, but a favorable change net in ou Saturday and we have since ha 1 it fine and warm The business of the week haa been limited, both sellers and buyrr* looking quietly on. and waiting the result of harvest. rices have undtrgonc little change Kieeedlngly fine weather and a dull report from Ma-klane had the usual effect upon our corn market to day The sales of wheat and flour were limited to the immediate wants of millers and dealers, and sere at a reduction from lest Tuesday af 2d per basket on the form-r end fd per barrel and sack on flour Oats aud oatmeal were scarce, and not any lower. Indian corn was At. per qr rbeaper. Barley, beans, and peas, sustained late rates. Lois do* Psnn< oi M tsars ?Wednesday August Ath? fli'gar? West India limited business doing, still deslert will not but tell at full rates?low to fine brown 32s to .13. fld?> ellow JCle fld a 40s t'oiti is in good demand at stiffer rates 1?< * _in pig a fair* doing, but rates are low f-r flcotch. snd rule at .VI* Gd to 40s Good demand f r cmn on Welch bars at A'4 7* fl| to At 10s Rails, ? to <i ta hjieltre duU at All 12s Gd. Coppar mstket f rm T?i toe ?Demand Increasing Fine T. C , 27s. (kl to . nt the spot tVrrr? - Demand continue* brisk and prices to ad- j ranee t alive Ceylon 40* Ft ports rs are chief opsratin and Col ny m?*t In r? quest T? * ? l ittle di log and previous rates supported with dilhculiy, many parcel* being declared for public sale on Tucdav Mtmt I ??r, Af 4?The aupply "f l>|tlt?H *hi^! hy lard ran la?e -f n pi-? t" t h?? Br rulnc'a n\rP t?>< era* II, nil told at a dtr.fne I 2? per qr upon the p'|,-ea of tbla day pr'tiu yM the arrival* of forelcn being w? n ctnaideratle milter* *?r>- r> 'urtant pur baarr* < f i>anaig at a imtlar rrdarll"* . and v? ry .Ittle ttuatn- *? tr ma I ac'td In Pd altt <>u<rli offered la p r <jr lover than ?n ' M nday Uatt.? 1 h? re were > ft* "amplte of n-w llarley I'aaa and Oat- at werket which rt main- it undiapoard of at a lair lour Parley traatid per q? and l'.ean? 1? per<|f fhtaper l>aa are unaltered in value T'.e Trf* late* arrel of (lata rauMa th? trade to be tMeedlbrly heavy at a decline of la to la bd p-r qr f?rel?i Kl ur la n alcw rale at a reduction of t)d per brl and la per aack. The Hernial for Ktirtepe. at i a I. a roa *t aorr. at tnr attvaican Man artataainr ractrie. The Atnerlcnn mall fUaiuelnp Pacific ('apt Nye. will lent- thla rt rt at noon, to-day. Tbe lualla will eioee at a qnarter h?lt re ettven o'clot * The WtttLt lltaai.u ma I't aorr. print'd In Trench and l.npliat ar rt containing tba latent netre from t:nbn. j California all part" of the icwbem Paelfle. the We t Iriliea. Ac Ac . will be paMiabrd at half (net tuna o olook tbeir.t rrlfg Hi gle ctyier. In WTappera. alapenee Ret* link Vnlnnliera ? The member* of thia l.?*ini' nt ara r?i|tte?t?if tn ireet at .he Mercer llonae ?* htda;, tl e 17th It at., at I n'elnek, P. It ; for the pnrpnee el , I at iBy tl" latt trlbata af raipeet f< ear Cite hr t r - a I r. ik< 11 tin no nr. (; A a k k r MiK'iAt, Ma} r Kit Vera Vilautaera. Nnttre ?T lie Ret* Vnrta llrrnltl. nti'l nil lb. rt ti'y aM wt tilt ne apap-ra, r?<i b? altaiacd at an earlr ' ii>ri p'lt'iu.KI ut - , <1t . !? f. ?t ? w t I? > it < #<ir *?( J. i.awir.x.'i'a 4?pt, comer <4 ( ???), Hclct.iiKl rtrtrM. rnntny Kli melon ? I h* h?? nrorr Thmnee f ? - ' > ' ?; 'rr to ' " I r 'i : V ) or* ml Ii.t>nu'il|??? t?l?-> . I arlii* Clitnbrr* itrx-lat u'clerh, A M ft- ><i. rtia-ni a'. f.'rrrn Trrtlr Poop tn-itnjr nt nij'?rrt'?. N '??? >it .i|?? nil i > , Clain < i IVlcr II III n'clmlli 1't.TrH M. ll.\VAiit>. riin ? rnrfr A smk In I lon?Knr Sti|vp' yl"H 1 rl ' > I ' >1 I ' i \ . I 0 ." I'? I | ' f> r . f i p, . !>. l It l? ' * ' I . b i ) i 4. T if ] ' ' ' 1 -ft,- , Ut ? ?.r> "i | '? <1 iff 'mh'f, tri1 U r ffifc !,n"'i fi for i '* ' i?4 A(*t rictli.T IVrc.'i* >n? *' ?,* ?? I ? rrli f '%? ' !? m nf the 4*/ ? Uk? thl* It t? A . i>' 1 < r K !>?? * It Uii r.ii r?ti?n of the ? ? i 4? /l/ui ' Mi " *r , "'"- .t.v* -r, Uf->?4 I 1 CauIuU The bell of Bnnf and IhMAiMMi be taaoat Brooke's,1SU Fulton street. We know that this ia ha abrupt declaration. bat ws ought to wake it. because J% coincides ciactly with tlia truth, and the preiuolgwiiow therefore it ot publie benefit. Mr. Brooke it una of th? beet manufacturers of bo?ts and ahoca in tbc city. lie fits every . aort of loot, bo mutter how awkward, or bow frightfully ? J aoTarad with corma it may ba. Tha Peatoa baa couiucntad.?I'hr ? Town* ia one* more alive with peuple. Tha watering-places are almost abandoned, aod the reaidenta vf Uniou Place, Fifth Avtoue aod Cr.mercy Park are Luc* with their paeporationa for "tha Winter Campaign." Trade, after an aneaay luuiher. hot and res.lee*. la now wida awake, and tha thronged pavement* henpeek tha gratifying truth thnt tha fauna haa comtu* need.?Knox, like Barkia, ia "wHlin," Gall and exam ue hie Tail rtylecf hat! Talk of aaoalaior.db ie nit onlv higher, 1 ft ia broader, lighter and mure elegant than ever, and etill th? price mueina a dollar cheaper thaa is ehergi d for uu " inferior article" at the socalled faehionahie Broadway ceta' li hment Call and examine! Gall, relber, ai.d huv one of his Fall ityle of hats. Hie experience ot a life-time, added to tha anxii oa labor of weary months* have been extended on the production oi this rare specimen, <f bie art?a apecimcn that eotnbinea taeta. durability, beaut) and lightness, far in advance of anything yet lntroduiud to a laatiJiuus public. In reply to mnuinerabla inquiries nlative to the time when a white hat boeomea unlael lonable, Knox wonld moat rerpectfully annnunoa that i t h iseiia of hie 1 all att le of hat haa been in nooordnnee with the demands of the fashionable world! consequently, tbfe white hat, now, may be considered as an evidence of nix I "empty rocket," or an affectation, never indulged in by i tboee who think there is a " leason for all things.' Again, X i'it enlI in, ueleet and nav for one of Knox'w I b.?ia"tiri>r"h*t?Vf" hrFanVtjlf.lor lSsi' Remember hie rlac* ia at 12b rultun etreet. whire citiiens and strangers, faehioof ai Up and uufuphinnablep, old and youn& will I* heartily I welcomed by?KNOX. I Tbt Hat Fli.lslier*' Union will Introducer ' their Fall Fashion on Saturday August Id. GentleroeD who* i are i.repared to dun the Fall atyle, are invited to riait ous< eetrhlirl mcnt, where they will And the molt perfect mode* of a Wat iainrd for years. Art and genius ha te beaa taaoa to tlilr ntmoit in the designing and production of thia ele; yant febrie; and thanka to the oorreotneaa tt public taste. I ourr will le the chapeau of the icaaon. Bat Finlaheri' Union* a | 11 Park Row * Full style of grntlrinen'i Hati will be leered thia day, Angnst ltilh- Thoae who wieh a really heautii fnl article huuld call at W. 1*. DAVIDS, SO) Broadway, near I Duane atreet. Gent* and Boye Cloth Cape of every variety. Wood, Hatter. 379 Broadway, will Introduce the fall style of gtut'.emtn's hate this day, Saturday, loth of Angnet. JAS. G. WOOD, Hatter, 3 Niblo'e Garden, 572 Broadway. The New Hut Company will Introdnec tltelr ! fall style of Date, for geutlemen's weir, thia day, to an in apection, of which they would invite their patrone and the ; public in general. NEW HAT COMPANY, 146 aud 14H Nassau etreot. Gentlemen'* Hat.?Fall Fa*talon for 1831*N. EsPKNhC Htl D, llattcr. 107 Nauieau etroet, corner of Ann street. will ieeue the Fall fashion for gentlemen's hate, on Saturday next, the Hit), inet. Thia etyle of hat ie entirely new, and In connection with the gent'e costume for the m* eon. The only teete of excellence are elimination iwl oonje . parleon These teete he courts with Ids $3 50 hat, and reinembrr further, that comparison ie challenged with any SI hat in this oily. N. KSPENSC1IEID, 107Na*enu itrect. Saratoga.?Tbe anticipated Fancy Co*? turn- Uml,Tor the ecaeon of lhAl, will come mf at Saratoga about tlm latter end of the present month Taylor, thecele* brnted Coetumer, has been under n coarse of prepamtioa for one time peat, and will depart for the Springe on Boaday. A recherche affair may be relied on. Gentlemen'* Cheap FttrnHhlng Store, cor? aer of Greenwich and Chamber streets. New York. Thia itoree baa recently been opened with n full aeeortincnt of gentlemen's fnrniahiag goods. Shirts, eollare, under shirts of nil kinds, cravats, suspenders, Ac., and what Is better still, they are sold at twenty-live per cent below the usual charge. Come and see. THOMAS McI.AlHiHMN, 293 Greenwich street, corner of Murray. I Talleyrand aald, Hlatakcs were won* than crimes. Now there ie no mistake in the At of Shirt*. . made at No. 1, Aetor house. CRKEN'S system of measure meat is infallible ne n rale In matheinatioe. Then he make* a set of shirtu with unequalled despatch, and never disappoints n customer, either as to the time or the article. A Returned (laltfnrnlan.?ilhumre ?Ith what ease that beautiful Hack frock cite ; tho etyl* of those elegant pants, fiiured caasliuere; the grace of that fancy silk Test?aJl cost only $5; alio a few splendid cver-ooave at (& each?corner Nassau and Beekman etreete. 50,000 Window Shade* for sale at redacwd prices. Dealers and ethers can examine tho largest, best, and cheapest assortment la the United States, at Kelty A. Forgertoa'o Window Shade store. M Read street, an<l '2<'K Broad any. KELTY k FURCXR90N. Rich's Salamanders, Once More!??4,000 eared in one of Rich fc Co.'s Safes! Messrs. Roff, Stearns fc Co., snceeesnrs to Rich k Co., 14ft Water it , New York:? One of your safes, t2,2U2. purchased by A. S. Bates of me, was in his eoflln warehouse when the fatter was destroyed by fire a few weeks tines, and preserved bis papers, valued at $4 ids*, from any damage. B. W. RAYMOND. Chisago, 111., August b, 1MI. Fire in Ban Kraiiclaco? Another Triumph of Rich'e Safes? the seme Safe in the two gnat dree of IMC rnd 1.S6I.? E. Gilbert k Co'e. Alts Ca'lforma office ie again burnt, and the Safe which stood the fire of their former building bae again proved itself e true Salamander, by pre, serving til their hocks end papers f.omthe devouring element. In the recent conflagration of ?!d Jane. It ie one of Rich'e make, Koff, Stearns fc Co. eueeeseors to Rieh k Co., here upwards of 100 eafre msde in the same manner as that supplied to the Alta California. For sale at th> tr depot, ltd Water street ALMON ROrr, J. G. STEARNS, A S. MARVIN. Watts' Nervous A nt Itlofe.?This most won* dertnl nervine is of each extraordinary piwer, that ne matter how low the nerc oue system it. it invariably reatonee it. and the pttieat to perfect healthful activity Every person who knows any thing of the nerves, know that all diseases depend upon them. 1U2 Nassau (trust, fl per kettle. Albert Marc tack. No. BOO Broadway, kalf I aeat. (private eatranee 131 Crosby street.) Reetaaraat and Oyster Saloon. Every delleecy of the eoneon, prepared by the beet French and American oooka. Alee, a few fnrnlshed rooms to let. Philadelphia dydnrymlniCer Cnrpetlng*. ?These beaattfnl fabrics, tepeitry patterns, are ready in Immense variety for the trade aad housekeepers, at rcdnctd prices.for sash or ilty acceptances.internet added. By the manufacturer. J SIDNEY JONES. Carpet Ball, IS ana X) North Second street, Lret door below Chrut Charek. Philadelphia. upetflne Blark aad Green Teas, at 4a. and Se. a p nnd: and forars. of every description, can b* had at IltrBl'RN'S Tea and Grocery Store. Northweet corner of Vnrick and Voadam streets. Ale?, in etook, a choice variety of Ilraoliee, M taee, Began, lie. O. launder*' Retail* Tablet Rasor Strop. the oldsct aad most approved article now in use. having beea before the pahltc for the Inst thirty yean, can be had of the sabecriben. wholesale aad retail. a. SAI N DERS fc SON, 147 aad S<7 Broadway. romtM.-L.?dln arc reapeelfnlljr Invited tm all and aiamita Hi* luttcribtrt uiurtMtt of Vh* abora. bay cad all donbt tha Brett in the city. A. hi. SA L" N lit (tS, V7 Broadway, Whit* and dllkir llmA Travelling Dreeatng Caaea, the moat pro tail e and at iti* *bi? time. tb* moat complete artiel* ya% manufaetared, havlay artry reqaielte for * yoatlemaa'a toilet. for aal* by 0. SAl'NDtRS A SON, 147 and SK7 Broadway. Good llnnta, like flood People, are We. therefore, rteinimend nnr friend* to yo to WATK1NS. Ill I ulti n ft reel * ho ha* for tha Uat tan ) vara inado hatter h*"U otd alio** than nry nr.* alaa In lit* Una of butinaia. At ihla *>tal 11 I.ii,> nt yiu ran be aor* to y*t ratlly yood aril' lit, inch at can l? depended on, at the lowtat poaaiblc pritaa. What every laodjr aajra mnat be trae, and earry body aa>a that tl," B > it lakati' l:nl?n, Kl Naa?aa trai t leearryiny eeery thin.-I>*f'>r* It. It ia certain they do aall ?' tn|> rtnlly ??od and cheap Boot* and Shea there The taly tree t- at la t" try a pair, and "ttr word for it. yon will not |0 claenhare after* arda to yet Boot a. Shore, or (.altera. IiOiln IftcHika' limit nnil Shoea.?Gentlemen * l*i are f.ilmai if findiny tb* ratahlianmrnt of I*orln Brooke, eo iony till l.rtlrd fur tha mannfartnrt of hue Hoote lid Short, and the oriyiaal bo'itoiakrr of tha noma of Brock* iv Id r< i If fallen i treat, ??l ol Broadway, * h?r* tha beat and laryrat aaa rtment of Ho ita, Shoaa, and (.altera, can b? found, at the lowtat city prieaa. ? Vattranil'a Liquid llnlr Dye never fella Inatai tiy << rnnerrt r?d or trie htlr to a I iron nc blank. ..raadt Ita'i'a M-dirat- <1 !?' ?r turoa Un, plmiltt. froahl?a. run bar a. ti- Poadra Hedtlla nfrwij ?\?t fr..ui any i-art nf tha hody. l.ll?'d R'tnya, I.I 17 t* hi to, and Hair fJlo??. f.,und at tho o..l Laboratory. a; it ilia; tiraat, a?at Hroadway. l,artlra anil^rnlli men ran have their Hair rolnrrd .ay ihada In a fon nilnutaa by llalWrlt itltbraM Liquid Hair t.ya. Ploaoo rail and tar at hta atura. tl.'i emadway. a>ar Canal atrrat. Ibt hair, aim i.rataotrd fr'iu Tallin-; #IT by mint Hallard'a l.hotniral IIa if Faataaar aad Uaauiaa Hair Uroutr. Pint A aad.lOaaata. Hair Ufa and Wig* ran h? foand In tlaa ?roat*at prrt'fttna at Botrhotor'a. I Wallrtraat. Hit Wiaa tr? aar.|aallid far uataial appaaranea aad durability. Ilia fair D)? la ra fi?an?hly bnoara It aoo'a nn rnmmoal;It eaa ba irnurtd alaa from all tha I'ruutata aad Pari a man a aa?? aad ansa try Timprranrr Pi Int Iplra ?Moat of the Popular tanM modiiiaaa rrntala mora or lo?a alcohallo atimnlort-., ahioh prnvonta tt air raarrnl noa. Tha l??yytaalrd H'ttrra bcltii mtiroly iroo from arrry intoairattnq i|uallty, mill ha toniid lif t only ayrooahla but liitMy tfflca inarm rat taring a healthy t< ua to the di<?>'rv? tyf.tin. Itnilahy A. B It I), hand# Hal fultoa rtrrct: A 0. 800till A Co.. BIB. and C. A Utur. 11*1 Hr-adaay ; J. ft I. I oddintf r, US Ht-daoa ?tri ft, and 7IA Broadway K M Qoiaa, I Tlinarry, rornoy nfflrand rtrrat: Uall. Rnohlo ft 0?. t+! (Iroonwti? at?oot and by Trugfiate neutrally throng bo at tha tailed BiiUi aad Canada. \l ) iihnn|i'> PtalllIrri Fttriaa t fmm llnrli, Dnndr'ton. *a>> aparl'la. 8aor?f>M, Will Chorry, ll'ita, h?.? A fttr ?>|-rirr< ing tl a twoltarin* haal of onuioi?r. It would bo 00 htalthfnl na prndont to l ata oer*?lo?al rarnoraa to thlt Jnotly faint d ftadieiuo. In aool tha blood. nnd purify tha ijit'O. I"t t.t aad n uo i|?irhly and t't-rinanrnfly eurad by hit oateiminat' r Olfiaa, liM I ultra atrcat, up attira. W'liifn In Una Century atrr filling itnlmnrrtant t| ha*a. J. 1 y I ii by ttudjr aad prc> tloa, ticab >m in; |nri "ft. n. ?. Nurrte, ti BiMbcb, 1 ?? a ???r? t of prv|>*ti?? ?|>?re < ? trait < I I . dt r ?t <1 Tar an tlav ni->iti >?) | martlet ar iDfrft '<1 It, mienimbly In Tallin. Tha t't4?r Tarlaan li.wlnHk r- truly f. r I roathtal af nutl-ina, tenth a. nn l t?n? Kt lu IV? enrty t?, at(I illaenapr of in > liana*. If l< tlo a n-rtpln mk f. r |'.< Kill b*a4 ?? ! |>aIrPhTtlH'?i rei nni'itn l| hold I* A B V I). far,.|?, IHI fnl Una itrept; ku, IH'J Mr Kr. .'pp. .*>12 ll'iile-n rlrret; Offlftptow, jr. I'r after. 107 Arrniin l>; Union, >21 IWwcryi I"." Mr* liaja, 175 Pultun ilrrtl, lltooklyn. I <rc?, |>l |*? bottle. MONKV M A II It H T. fbioiv, is?9 p.m. for *11 Hip leading fnnnlea Ml "(Ta fra'tlnni < m thn of r lrc. *r.(l the market nlwe t bi itj. r.fle, llitlitn. And F.i-idit.g ratlrontlt wi re qnlU iwtlre, tinl it.i- brnr> ?if f.l,ii>K 1 u lime, end for *oormone< Ib'.cntecf tlnrk. A I r;n portion of the pur tine ? an." or d? lifrry on ei i,lr:.e!e jnn'in nt higher fwVtee. Unnf njjiMc ti Otoe ate antli ipaOrg to Mrwe within tha urten'y or bIm j a,.<l to long tin J * in ep? tin without Men* y, I hoy are not to parti .".liar about >ri?e?. t>riP tod on* mi4 ? half per ceo'. elTauca it

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