Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. iftiiti ooHooi aaiavv, i paoPHIKTOR AND KDlTOft. l (TIKI a. w. CO* KH OF FClaTON AMD MAMaU 9T*. ' FHM OMLV HJMJILD. S attuTptr WH ?T pot I tVKKKLV HE1LALD. tvoro Bmimad,n. mi ?* mtUtoar .on, or *9 9*r annum} the European Kditim, n par annum to *np purt of Groat Hritmn, and t> to any mmft of fit Contiarnl, h.,m . itn'udr tfit p,iitago. rOLDNTAR V COR11KURUNDKNCK.contnonong Important nem loiuttrdfrom uiiy suc.-ttr of t\e wut i.t; T uood,wtU Bo I,herollp pat,', for. Qvm r?uci?v CobbcifmuKHTO AAA fllTKUlilLI * ...?.JB#*BO TO ABAL ALA WRIM AMU PAUKABA* M\T TO ?A Vtiutc xvi No. iur. AMI'SMtNTS TO-MORROW ETENINU. OASTI E QARPZN-La Son* ambvla: DOWER V TnEATKX. Bowerj-lR CLAWD A. IT IS- , La Too* oc Nmi. MIBLO'H GAKPCN. Bro.dwaj-3oliia? ro? Love? rvt'.TiinokuT Ja. ao. BdtTON'S THEATRE. ClitmWrs etro?t?Mabbiid Im-ntvlMMt Ja k. i i NATIONAL THEATRE, C itrwt-'M' reo-MA- 1 ALAUA-OIimnat, lliAiiiii* AA. WACAHAW. I CHRISTY'S MINRTliRLS, M?c\Aaies' UAH.C2 Broadway 1 ?iTAioriiT Mimtra sv. I ( #MLf.OWS' M1NST;. f I 9, E?'In?"?' Musical Ilall, No. tit I pnidwsj Timi 1111 Jti.'rcciar. , AMERICAN MBBfTTM?AniiiRO PcaroBXANCcs ArVKH.oc o\ inc lew York, Sunday, August 17, 1H31. Weight of the lleruld In Wrapi>tr?< ftULT UlHAl.P OI. 9*c k;.i: Sin rv Hluald 1'gOI. Summary of Ou Latett Ir telllguace* "We learn from Alal ansa that iienry W. Collier, the candidate of the scese on party fi r the of3<-c of Governor of that State, has been olectei Whil" j we regret that popular elections, ir. any part of the United States, should tura on the question of so- ' i cession f.oiu the Union, wo cannot rhut our eyes to | the fact that the Weeds, Sewirds, and Van tiurens j of the North .have bee? the cause of it. Jn come- < quenee of the incessant warfare which ha l>e:n ^ waged against the Somhe.n States and thoir ina*i- ? tutiocs, for some years fast, <>y those demagogues, e for purposes of thoir own, cither to gratify a re- c vengeful disposition, or to reach office, the South ( or, at least, a portion of it?considers itself 1 bound by honor and duty to seek to dis- j solve a connection, with the terms of which the ] North will not comply to a greater extent than it j thinks proper. We do not sec that the position as- < auintd r centiy by the whigs of Ohio an vnaeylran'a and New York, will su*peod the uuve.aent thus commenced in the South. On the contrary, ire feel certain that it will increase its momentum If this agitation he continued, and where it will stop BO one can tell. Our readers will find, underour telagraphic head, an account of a dreadful casualty, by which nineteen persons were lost, at Kingston, Upper Canada. It was caused bv the upsetting of a boat containing 1 thirty five p-nons, who were returning from a picnic excursion. Tbof is a good deal of cxcitcmont in Boston, in on.H^uencc of a rumor that a warrant has been tssccd there for the arrest of a fugitive negro. if tho report is true, And if the sieve be apprehended, we have no doubt that full justice will bo Aore toward him. and th?t the law will be carried wut, if his identity and the fact of bis escape bo established to the satisfaction of the proper authorities. Arrival of the Baltic** An other "Wonderful ' i Paua^r. I < The Collins steamship Baltic arrived In th:s city At six o'clock yesterday morning, and her mails < were immediately transferred to the Post UScc j Authorities, who punctually distributed their con- i tents by nine o'clock?thus giving merchants and I others, in the ui^tropvlis. an opportunity to reply , to their Kurop an correspondents by the Pacific, : i which sailed for Liverpool a few hours afterwards. 1 ' The probability is, therefore, a0 the Patiflo and ; Baltic *rc the two models of speed in the steam 1 war'ne of the Atlantic, that advices will be sent And replied to, between Liverpool and Xew York, j in twenty days. The Baltic has made tho shortest passage (not the greatest, as one of oureotempovaries has it) on record, having accomplished tho ovage in nine days thirteen hours, ani L(iy i wirstcs. This remarkable voyage, however, was wad? unicr *01re adverse circumstances. The force 1 of the engines was supc .or to the strength of the wb'td floats, and fourteen of the latter wore broken Aurirg tbc voyage, thus diminishing the rpeed of the n)bl st p. The weather, alto, was nit the wort favorable. However, we have eve*y reason i to be rat is tied with the splendid performance of thisAniriean vctsel, under the guidance of her | xpcrienctd engineer, and her commsndcr, Captain Com; took Tlie only r gret we have heard expressed, is, ooLcemug the sale of so plendti a rtesuirr to the CuniuJ line. Scarcely ha-1 the mark been distributed, when it was generally announced on 'Change that the Celtic had been I ellrpi , t l of to ti e iJ itnh company. There war J itiu' Vi u toni.ho. nt expressed at euoh unwelcome news; but the ?hol truth soon earrc oat, when one ( of the broker-1 of Wall street ia jeired, " What have they sold Lt-r fort" What for t why, to tow the ( nta'd steamers frotij Liverpool to New T York, to be rare." The broker retired to his pri- , j Tate offi -e. Tbej-ko. by this time, may be pretty current, | for the rbcrt passages ol the gr?a: American steam- I ships arc Batters of jast pri is. Tt j Atlantic Ceeair is s great race course on wbnb many can- 1 1 fur the prize arc continually running, t'ntuudha* backed the Aria and Afiica up f> thj > l"rf r.t hour, and Collins bar bee. tm j t<> the I'ae lie and initio. 1 he 'takes Lave been in pr > p< r'ir-n to the risk: but tn gran 1 boat is orrr, a d t-vfoybo-ly is juiced th ?t Collins is entitie-1t?? th<- gold plate, tie b?< never lost his heart the shole ooi.t Jt. nod bss ecm the proudest enter- 1 p*i?e of bis life roeceMfil. There zr km a slight imp orcmcrt in the ent- I ' tesiwlulit Uiirp cL ILure has been a decline In 'btflzuravl r. markets. I L 0 polll ,. 1 p-r ? n rn w I r Iwi. Thi I I ciu the n-a-jijti'.n of * lltl'f, UK ancd would be tho c???, b?' b?c<.m? the Uo of the Uult<d K rjrjF n of (in?t llrita.b a i?l Irclati'l. Fhu put an ?n>l to the I ' arpun ti-.or of thoae *1 o took to j .'n foreign title* b) tb?*r i*'D i' tii .. with t'? Itomi.- a rliur-h. Id* 1 1 toe of Pr t?*ttuti"Hi kgi'tit f'a ho- ' lirity, ? a part 01 the fore-nuiCD' of tl people. I Th? other ehiet Item of uewt ie th. ennouoMmott, I >? Lof! r*'a)er*tci., that tUe r^ten-aoot ?f Tor- ' h'7 ?ffl gi'e b?> A<>??iith afiil httffootjarioii* Thta . ' in - 11- ooia information, ami we ere kvj.|i/ to know I that it cir ** from f?oU ?n*h' r*ty. Vno character < of l.os.'>at|| Id rci'teetthroughout the uvf'~)l w Id, i* .ii U*a renrn u free a will gin joy to the ' ia.? ' ^ortioa of the thinkfo eoplo of the g* ?'?c. 1 Well.! ? rirli- . | \lilul Met;hid, tkj 1 li* ?*?! ton of '1 urkrf, hU rojpretted '.he etihs of ' the fr. -t pit- i nr i i,;? r iiniiniou, In Am i *i .i ? r.(J ,|y v tl j eparad beliere . } tl at oe h ,i ; ? t li,> tar - it o' A u ? Ir1h,?htkka croplia- ?tlh tha <k4rM ofKaf'awl I Vrau.f, an.l the laittl Ktat??, with rarp??. to the I brralion "t ih? h^r'/ of Hungary. Zbff i# n? politic*! r.?wi from l'ranor Ptiria ' te' bffowc t!w .-oara of ftl** wbte!> it c*n origl- i natt, 4?*>1fpn, prot-a. t. a <i ftat witj nv,-a -jo I *?? than ar>/ oib..r c'ry In th? *01 . V/? g r? dn ?. aunt of tii4l in h ?r >r of tl - lyon n I!\htl>iMon ? The other hiMlijj.aro''?>n Lii-opo ii of a mil- t t.iarron.' -b'tPcter, a" I aaisarkad by ..>yolM.<?a t a .-oir |? irta *' iih ar>y rpVal n>?* non'. t Wh baa# aata?H?'t fVota or forego lloi i'i n?f thai can lo of a. J ?nUl?*t to U ir. ?" taihff. Ths Nine Million Canal Somr i* Wall j ?T*xrr.?According to all appearance!, and from he tone and temper of Wall street, where hawkers, broker* and rogues most do congregate, the canal certificates to bo issued under the unconstitutional bill apprcp'iating nine millions of dollars for the enlargement of the canals of this State, passed by he last Legislature, will not bo eagerly sought after by cspitalists, as was expected they would be. So far from a premium being realised ou tiiern, the prospect io that they cannot bo disposed of except at a discount. This arises from the doubts that are entertained ahout the con-titutionality of the bill. We arc not at all surp-ised at this, for, notwithstanding Judge Krouson, Daniel Webster, and other lawyers' opinions to tho contrary, many eminent men, in whose judgment c^ual confidence is reposed, as well us a great portion of the community, beliore, conscientiously, that tho bill was In violation of tho spirit, if not of the very Icttc, of that part of the organic law of the State relating to debt. This feeling is strengthened by :l<c evtruoidirary course pursued by the frier is of the measure in the late Legislature, in attempting Lo throw impediments in the way of testing its jcnstiiutionulity in the manner pointed out by law, and legislating with tho view of preventing tie Attorney General from bringing tho enb'tcct before tho Supreme Court, and tho Supremo Court itself from having jurisdiction over it. It is no w onder that earitalists nr>' not incline i to touch s .-rin i.->ucd or to bo iscueJ under -uch circumstances They ve*y raturally inspect that all can't be right in the w titer, when they see such an unparalleled and unprecedented course of procedure as was adopted to force the bill through, without the formality of submitting it to the people fur their sanction, as the constitution directs, if the bill hail created a dobl against tbo Mate fairly and opet.'y, and hud been submitted to the people of the St-te ut Urge, at the November election, an i been sanctioned, as it undoubtedly would be. the .--crip, Indeal if being shunned by capitalists, w -uld bo taken with aridi- | ty, and probably at a prem um. There is not one j r. fitly of the voters of the Siaio who is not in favor >[ enlarging tho Erie Canal?for every intclli- , feet person knows that increased capacity is n :cs- j ary to transport the increasing product.' of tho 1 ountry to t.dc-wa'or, and, generally, to carry , m the commerce between tho Atlantic and tho reat West, which is augmenting every day. Very ittle time woul l have been lest by the operation. But no; the majority of tho Legislature wanted to make capital out of the measure, and the/ adopted a device by wh h their e:Tuples in regard to the constitutiorialiiy of the measure wore removed; and according'y, they hurried it through the forms of legislation, before the adjournment, at railroad speed. Such sre some of the fruits of the proceedings of the last Legislature, than which a more e Tupt or imbecile body never presided over the destinies of this great State. It is to be hoped the people will bear this, an 1 other of their disgraceful an 1 reck less acts, in reincajbrauce, at the next election. Gerrit Smith'* Platform.?Frederick Douglass (black man), in bis paper, published at Rochester, Las in ?.f publication a long extract from Gerrit "uiith (white men), on the science of civil government, in his la.-t number be tba.' lays down the fundamental principles of his political platform, width wo extract from Frederick Douglass's paper, without the accompanying verbiage of tie argument. Mr. tsinilh says:? There -re several points oa ohich an extract may perhaps be desired of mo : let I?o 1 mean that covtrrreent shall inrnriably and ?t ?' !ut(ly f rbol lavc.y' Ves?as invariably 1 ab< as it f< rbids murc-r. fiod no mora creates men :o t?* cn-land than to tx.- tuur ler-d. And that does not bfRTt lb name <f civil Mwraauat, which permits its ubjrcts to l?; enslaved. And lie is a pirate instead of a ivU ruler who lays lit* hand > n m.-n to ctiriaTe them. Tl at is very distinct: but it isjust such language is ws should expect from a lunatic. -d I>o I mean that no n hare ?n r.juil right to the mil! ><.?. a* equal * to the light and the sir; * - J go- ' nernim nt : houtd, without delay. prt?oribe th- m .lumen ;uantity ot lara whieh voch tVui;y m?y po?: esv Incur ountry, ? its p< ; uist.ou i ft .-pari--, thi* quantity might g? as bi*h .o> ? couple of bnudrcd a*res A enlory h> o< ? how, r. r. and th- pop Uulinu may litre iui-rt'Sffd mi Ur as to make it th< duty ol gor< romeut to reduce tb.s quantity to a hundred acres. Mr. Fmith owns some 3t?,t?.i a:re* of land, more or lew. Why not follow the precopt with the practice, ly a division, reducing his own share to two hundred acres! N T'o I mean that a people msy repudiate their natii mil debt? ( do. the d-bt of 'treat lintaia Is ao arersjre bur I n on e*-b of h. r families cf uy one thousand dollar* That of Holland i.wp?"?? a greater bur lea. isMtun ctuibing Tto-mo'-e* proau. and d??I air and perifh uc ler then. All obligation to pay lh?tn i-bould be promptly disavowed This doctrine will, no doubt, be vastly amusing to the creditor* of Mr. Mnitb, if he has any. 4'b Po I Lima to be under'ti -d a' condemning al' fir !ff' I do I K iuld in' ba.Tt jx 1 L??tfim hriiim nn thi face of the earth. but what if our nation should grow rUU witt a Urtlf, an J po.-,r without It* Tbt-n lot it grow poor Vtitever nay b? tbe?i?*et on its wituhh. every mi! *n io to cultivi.te the tr> **i. fri- nJUe?*. tutorcruree with every other r.ati >n Hcubtful whether Hugh Maxwell and hi; officials will ever concur in such sentiments as these. 6th I?o I bi an that govern? Tit shall h?T.- nothing to Jowi'.h rrhoul? I Jo in this e un;ry, n?arlyevtry |fr? a admits that ftrerament should not hate au'ht to Jo with churehe*. Why. then. alio aid it haTt aught to Jo with rchcoU' .^oiuw show of reason in that: but, perhaps, tho frerd object of Mr. Minitb would be better achieved n all government. all churches, and alj cboola, w ith an cjua! division a!l rt un J of all pro. lertj, evtry .Saturday night. Much is the gbt of I be creed of GerT.t J-mit'uautl his liberty pa*ty -ucb are souie of the specimens of our modern re' Formcts. Ct pa.?We are very much in wart of authentic from Cuba. 1 r?a> the la* st ae.ounts. the disaffection in the isiar. I t.a<l beer wholly "ippressed, and the Mpanish fleet w.?e out in full ft re on th> lookout f?r Lopes and h> crew of the IVitopero. L'nle.-stLis si' ..mb >at Is ct re Ilia., ordinarily swid upon her heel ', we tnoy e-rct to hsar of eiac Ui.'<'j ii.'l dlruttboi rol'.it'on wi h the '-put i*b fr.rccr; ?ni net . likely tka extr*i> .l ition c.f the Di-iling parly. < i. Ibc otbtr hr.nii rV. ilJ I.-ipei maka a laodinf, the movement muJ lrwi to tar li.Ttrmi re-olte. Hut to tht rxt-a; of car info-m?t.' n. be liai bo cha 3 of ma! in;- an effective loil/?ntnt; anl no little i'a*n-o of tacipa from tka -|uiii?u erni.tra. We n*il f.r at. & .nti. ui:..ii(ci e ?itb painful anxiety. '1 iie I' i.'.xim'h prnt;i>k?*. ?The joo ney c.f the I'ftsidcnt jp I Be V: 'ley of Virginia, m remit to the '.Vbite oiphar ^ fringe. apnea** to have b<*en narked throughout by lb? liveliest flaani'i Jlntlo&a if p? p:i!?r reep-at I'r m the a-c tot which wo i ull. ii to day, b i r< caption t >ta nv o won ait;#sotber o natidroinc thing, cinielltr, in a<liiti'>n to tko usual eong a*uUtory apnr.Lca, rf an oxoclhnt irnmr at the h itrl, and a levro io tbo ev ling, at ibe f dcM'- f Mr. !-ecr. t.-ry Muart. Yceording io the p.'. . i .iie of tui.i pi'R-.imj ,*e, the Proai-lent ia n w iu i.o full frii'ion of the health gir I . g aaterr of ib? Uait' -'clpbnr, of ( ir.iy not b? expe'ted ?t Wuehiogton for & fi?rtaight yet to come In v it of a probable ten north.*'action if i'opinvolving all the Coni-.-., ntin . i i ? bua'.ii v ( ? tlm [*rr4f<]*nt'\] MTOju'fa. ftad *ii ?h? mron ti?i of hTwUfHi"n, aid tno rgtulaitfr.* of in ju rjr n?t ?t" I # thi n<' ij n t ? in..? ift tn? | f i>cat, wt mailt ri^nt i? fniily rvw'ublr for ib*U o< li? rroft of thi? iumJ i ttivil. Tl.a wbi^ i pen f \ irginia fl-rc ;* Herat./ in f?ior of Mr. i iliiu-?re >r tb j ?uce?Miob. WovimintK of Dliilitril'l" ' P?r? en. Ir*, I,'. M J riO'jr <f Ku. b natfluK l? h ' MA rjr -it J?>?f M' iel'j I i '. <rnr llniu hit* / r * ?eml day* po t l?" n in Ji*rrj > 11 f i ir," ,,m ?it. t:. a Vnit--r, hi* ?. t??i' i , to ip?f M'H ^ Hin I'lllo HnH ?f Ai|lKlltll t ' >1 . I. Ii : f - t i! 'Iri.rj i . y rit tV Mu<i I.t*fc eprln-r.", in fi.'iw ?*' / ' " l io ling I I f. 1. - fl.l I, ting , ) M 'k '' J. f. . r ? , k \rtiu?i > > At* . ?J. 1 ''* '* i ?, tv*?M*#tna. ??r*j cianng X: v~*n- j'-'f.- tiij ?t i. .?g; .D II M NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. HGHLY INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE. *? Election of a Sereaiion Governor in Alabama. 4p DREADFUL CASUALTY AND LOSS OF LK' Uuntorcd Fu;lihe Slate Case la IU??on. * V1 DEKALCATIOS, i fco- *e . *o. ? Later from Havana?Ut eat E\iU?awnt on j m< Account of the Cxfiertltlun. j Cha auction, Aug-jet 1A, ISol The brig Oharle* Ker-haw in riled hen this morning. ' e. | with Haver* dates to the S'h instant the report* that, three days prior to her departure, a e.ii .small Putted states steamer arrived at Havana, with tlu wine iutililgeuce respecting ih>. movements of ileneral Lopei.which caused the greatest exciteiueut. and ail the ht) f?l?nirh vesfld i f war nod steamers were immediately 1 te< order, d out to cruize along the eaa-t. The Cl.a:les Kershaw bring i no news us to the re volution. 1 CD The state Rlecflona. sti KENTUCKY. ' Locisvillk, August 6,1991. i an Poire!!"s majority for Governor, la PS counties. official ai.d unofficial, Is 600. Letcher nod Johnson count I s ^ are .till to hear from. ; T1 I ARKANSAS. ! ar C.veiw.iiTi, August to. 1961. j John Pr?-tov Tr.(Cniou wlii*) f..r Congre-* ha? the r] following ma. si .- ? hiilips county. M?; Monarju, 3d; 1 ".'t j Dosha. 10; Independent, 38; Piairie,2 Robert W John- Al . eon. f democrat, South- rn rights.) bis the f dlowloo:?la Poinsett, 71; J&ck. on, CI; Arkansas. 2; Pint) Bluff.'. 3D Most otttsv. aug 12, 1831. ^ Ilt cry W. Collier, the eeeersionist candidate for Gov! ertior, Las been elected. I be Tile l-'ugitlve Slave < .me at lluffnlo. cl BrtTALo. Aug. 18,1851. t av j Mr. Bust, the agent of Mr Moore, tie "ivrer of the ! ' fugitive slave Daniels. baa been under ex-t'nin ttion, t? day. onaebargeof assault and battery v.ith intent to j kill. The examination la adjourned till Monday. lie WiriJut for the Arrnt of* Fugitive Slnfe? , ri Drotvned. m* Boston. Aug. 18 1851. ' It!.-' stated that one cf the deputy United State Mar- ! p(, tlials hi.s u warrant for toe arrest of a fugitive flu re la Hi this yicinity The i-tfair create* considerable excitement , ] us' ng the abolitionists. 0f liacha< 1 llmderson. a rativ. of Ellnburg, Scotland At 1 was drowned near Edgar', own. on Wednesday last. i _ i nc 1 i wi i Cholera at Louisville?<Jrei\t Storm In Kcu* i lucky?The Crops. Loi'ifTii.LE, August 15.1881. tfl Th? ehch ra broke out hire yesterday, in a very ma<ig tv cant forui. Some twenty coses.up to thi? time are report- j Ce ^ed. a more them J K Qrant and ton. George WUin,.acd : nf Gecrpe McCurdy. The cvuse of the outbr-ak is sup- pv posed to be continued heavy fbowers and gleat h-at A1 j Three new rates have occurred to day. The weather Is now clear, and the disease ba.s aba tod. The cholera has r< j j broken ou in seme of the interior towns of the State. ( A severe storm occurred at I'adu ih in this State, on ! Saturday last. Abttertotbe Cut/'.-/-, glTlng partieu- fti i la re. states that thr gable cuds of houses were blown in, | I trees uprooted, walls levelled. Ac. The sb '-mers Oov^r J^1' ; and Caledcnia were strurk by the squall auil sunk The j htetmeT>-Esk. Mustang. Globe and t'heroke". wi *e badly tin I injured. The former present the appearance of total wrecks. The Cherokee hud a large log driven through | p, ' her hull. The steamers America and Iluntsville lost ire their chimneys, and also had their cabins badly sprung j Six or eight Other boats wrre more or less Injured. Ac- , ! count? continue to be receivei from below of other da- \i| Btgc done by tbe rtorm. '* f The recent rains have t? nePttei tbe tobacco an 1 corn j,J trr j* in Kentucky uad 'I ine.-see. The tcbacoo yield in fo. Kentucky will be double that of las'. year. 1? IX" la) Kamti o< the Persona WtowiihI nt Kingston , , ?Additional Particulars. Bo Kiauroa, Augvit IS. Hit. ] I Tbe following aro the name* of the percm? who ware t?, ; drowned at Kingston, on the 14th Inn'ant. by the a,- f<i : setting ol a Iroat ? | r*' | Mr* kouiden. Ml*s Youldon. Master Youldon. Mr?. TV f(, ! B. Jenkins, Mil* Jenkins. Mr*. Cs| t Goskin. Mary Ann 1 1'roby. Mlfi Mason, II. A Mill*. Mis* Mill*. Mte II. u ! Ilutght. Mki A .Height, Mir 0 Hunter. Mia? A Hunt' r. .j. Mr. Tborne. Thouia* Grist. Mh>* W alker, Miss Stacy. i Tbe steamer 1'rlnre of M ale* ha? left to search for the Pr 1 WUl. tri Or.nrwsamo, August 10. 1651. i | The boat In which the pic nle party were, was heavily lr| | ballasted With it on and went down immediately Twelve T? I cf the bodies hare Veen recovered. Amount those drowned Were Mr Jenkins, tallow chandler, of Kingston. ?t< hi* wife, child and wife'- sister, and Mr. MilU, hotel < keeper in Kingston. anJ daughter. (southern Mall?Whig District Convention. fj/ Bittiansr. Aug 16. 1851. he The New OtVatf nail, a* late a? due. ha* arrived. The papers at band are bar o f r.ew? of importance. j-; TL# Whig Congref-ioual'''nvention of the first dl:*' triet. In Mtrjlaiid met at Uk>dett>bnrg, to-day; but. at a * ' late h<-ur this afternoon,had not beeu ab'e to agree upon j(, , a candidate. ? ????? cjj Gov. Julutatoii?Olilo River. PiTTaei mi, Auj, Ifi, 1*51. j Oot, J> hn-'.on arriri <1 at Diikhton. ln?t ?Yenln~ on J w?y to thla city. lie will "top b>. Rwafttr and other town*, rei OBd addr' M meetio'i*. On*? hundred of our rltlaeu" left in the rare, thir morning, to meet hira at Bearer they ir? erpeetnl back at fire o'clock. There ore three fee? three inches o/ water in the rlrei atUrhjlace Wether plenum!. . ' MyMeriiui Murder. M ?< M ? r; it M .11.. AllgUlt 16. 1A51 l.e Or.Tlmt '' y afternoon the body of i*'ll *h male wan found in Merriaae river, near lht? eiry. Bh ' , wee apparently between f.t an 1 no year* o'I There wera foi three eeeeral womada on the head?one mortal. In'ioU 1 * he a khatp Inrlmo.eiit The we;a?n air:*. J here n the I > caie ou Tne?4ay eight, and topped at the T"icp*rug. In tel, the wert out on V eii?-day mot.ilc; rayta* to At. colhet i' ? laotey end w*. n<t again teen elite, liar '* u?n.? hat not yet teen a .tertaii i. Ai Airr.t oi a it..t it. ri' 'I t'alifiiiiiliini at Unrein Anruet IS. Mil ' Offlter Tyler laat t?n'i ae ted a ui*n nato-d >11 -ir a rrtum?<! 'nIM -n'.an. ?.n a re julr.tina fmn pe I ... .. v.e ,i ' e. rl *t;h I'tjii'; t>t>4 <* 1 a i lu^ n. > ) uo b f-f t? art*. an<l I# a fr a. Ju 'ir* ll*? l?!i at ao n >o itatm '4 officr Tjl r l?r N< w i' ?rk tn rrafr Ibr ClW rt't , J'V , l'<itmtlr ) nif.l I'iIiii.ik i'u? Huafitlury 1 llurti^il. |j( Ci?< ?nn?rt. A?g If, 19.11. I' ToJJ't f ui ?"ry aal rtikrlcp F< t<r I. ' rnth'r * printIpff pir># ir.#:.jJart?>?7 * r? b ur y. J by ( rr toiy Kir- I !)r; P4H. ' r? i t r l-'lra ui fyr?rn<?,. I H??#n .?.Aaro*H1v,l J-! Tfca plan'PR WU of Mr 1- II # r n ir UeV Mr t }j'r' frlil^r rlthi; oti'M.tbwaa .ro*rt, by flta i t ?r.? ti nlng. TV np|>? aWy f # < < npl <! by Mr ar a ? blind fret'rj. Mr H>lli"t#r# h> ! pr, QUO lolly Inlurid; Mr W-U#. IMW. in-cn J t * ptjco p,". ? ; wit I>ralrWrtl?? lirr, II Joiinn.** la . /.' y?nt 14 ltbl 'J#"< Tit# m'*t 'litaMrro-er# < r , 1 ii". n in hi* pit i ikv 'J rnrrrj tM# ri'rnlrr Ttnlaiilil## ?rtr r-r C-n-ii b< u.n'- ?l? ! #?. Iho th'iugh Mt'urtl) a#c< .lain.-d ut n Vury I'.ltrMqn uf n llxik l*l??l ?rnt, tr?i V rot a. An<ii i IS, 1W1. kT, Jciali Will# w?i to Jay al .1 l'pii.|., t of th Hi k > ' of Virginia. ^ . f. TTi *7rr?itrr? fioai llir lJil?f,h '.rmy. Fr Jmi?. M H . All* it H'.i n. ? u . ? r., I . .1 , _ . ??<rlnr thrr? J?j? in th? ?' ?i? without f ?*\. o r **' cuj<tt>iv4 ?rni l>r? Ofbt to thi' pUrn. 'JArr?*? for ^ ' -??n?rrf? II n-nifr. O omk \ 11/ 15 IV/I f> Ton mm wtnti Tmry an>l A'itfnn w-.r? *rr"?te?j Vo, jaotn.'ay *fl?rn* in, f?r pa ?.r ? it 'it.. dollar pr b '! , of tfcriK* ?i-??vn vtlkr fullI'M 1 it*; Bttk. j *id Comma* Cwwrll. HOVRD or ANUbTAAT ALO>EHMK*l. rhe Board W Assistants inst at lv< o'clock da Thorcj nftvrnoun Present, the President in the chair, and d jUiouin oI weather* In their plate*. a I'll*- minutes of the preceding ut'tliug ? ere read and ai proved. '| PETITION* tl Pi tK'en of Peter Neibtou. for *ewer In Fnrty-hr*t * tract, d a Kighlh to Ninth avenue Referred. hi Pur m err in Mercer htnet Referred J" Petition of 1) Faushaw and others, advrr?e to new tl ed" of Second avenue. Referred. d< Pi litieu li ra bell lower iu Orovo street near Ctrleto- ?l sr. Uafcmd h arrnav* or committee*. \ P1 The Finance Committou reported in favor of remitting I tl k om neouniy aetesiwd In Hcveral instance*. Ou mottou n r cm.eurrei ee. tliu report* were concurred in Report of Committee on Sewer*, adv. ?se to building a 1 <1 wer in Twelfth street, from r'lxth avenue, through Troy ; ol ilauinioud street, to Noith Kivcr. Adopted dime wwlttae in favor of concurring for a newer In avenue j rirow Kighth to Tenth avenue Concurred In. daunt | c nirmtUe in fuvor ol concurrence fur a sewer in Crecuo 1* :ocl. between Houston and H'.ccckcr street* I'oueurri-d i tl 8s~-te committee, in favor il allowing William Ho- ; m o?cii t-ii'l HW, for damage sustained hy him. by over- | wiug if the wer'< while building newer In 1) Unc-y tl wet, bctwein t>fa? iiff and Kvel streets. Adopted me i uuuittee. iu favor of building a sew.-e to William . ? eet from Frankfort to Spruce street Saute eout nit ' -.adverse to sewer in Twelith street, from Sixth ave. II ie to end through Greenwich aienuu, to Thirteenth | ti eet. Adopted j if llepr.rt of the Committee ou Street/1, iu favor of eon- fi rring to repair sidewalks In Watts *:ra?t. Concurred "I tame riEimittee. in favor of paving Thirty-third " >et. between 8 x.b aud Eighth avenues On e incur- tl i ce. concurred in. Alao. iu favor of paving an I sett ng , rb *od eulter stones in Nineti euth snd rweu'lolU*ta., ! a m sixieeuin hiri'ui. nrst to neoonu i k>, to pave Twenty-sixth street. from Madison tn Sixth . nue ; Rio tn pave Twinty.fixth ?*re<?t, b-iween o' :Uh itud Kighth avenues; also, to regulata and p ire di lirty-fir t s;roet, between Broadway and N'inh 1< I cut. XI Report of lh? Committee on Sowers, adverse to petition m r m-wer in Utade ttreet, frmn Broadway to the North fit vtr Adopt< (I hanie committee, la favor of tower in tl. street, from tiiath avenue 17ofe?-t west. t) lopled. ei mnutfrn on Roads, concurring to open fiftieth fr rvtt. iroir Tenth avenue to North llirur. Adopted m UOLDTIOM. Resolution to have X)ty street regulated and pared. ferrcd. p Hre< lotion to lis? the nit-walk iu Thirteenth street, : w tweet, avonut ? ii and C. Referred. rl Kcsolutlun culling for a laiup at tb uonheast corner Dey and Greenwich streets Referred. ! fv K.sclu-ion tlrat Thirty fourth street, from fourth j j1( eiiue to Broadway, he per-d. Referred. i c| Resolution to place u bathing tub la the Sevont. nth ? id station house, at an expense of i'Za >Jj oj ted R< solution that *26 be appropriated to pay for a bath- Pf i tub in the Nineteenth ward station house " Resolution that it he referred to the Committee on Po- ^ e, to 1. port to this hoard on tho propriety of tn- *' the pay of th" policemen who are detailed or j iy to reafttr be detailed Referred. lie; -.luiiou culling on the O mmissiouer of Repair* ut ii bupplU-s to rep -rt the probable coat of furaUhtug he ttI! Ultn utli w;;rd itation house with a bathing tub and , D;l ttiles. Adopted. . J1 wxitr TO rpi;a. The Beard tot.1t a recent for thirty minute". tit the end which time the; were yet in the te* ro>m forty - live minutes sevvial of the Assistant* v ie seen af the lobbies, smoking ; and at lifty inibute' alter the er log. the li-.ard was aguiu organized, and proceeded m ill the business. j do ran id > uom Tiir. coaso or I ii. I! dotation to lays crosswalk in Broadway, eppvsite wt tl c building of the Art Union. Concurred iu. [ he p. 11 of the Committee on Kirc l)epartn>'-nt. in no ror t.f building a nev. hou?e for eng'ue company No. 1. ' ex MX ; d fat fe IJ.lo.t of sane committer in favor of organizing a ; eti w hi s?C 'Ujp?cy. to have boue located at the corner of .rty-eigbtii street and Kighth avenue. Coueurrd in so, to organize a ho*" company, to be located in Kif- j p;, th -Lieet near the Third avenue Coucurred in. : to

Ki pojtcf the Committee on the haw Department in - ar laflon to the ulyect of the extension of Canal street. yr n urr-a in resolution ( Irrrting the Commissioner of Itepulr* j,H d fcupp'iis to pay lor bum* pliio d in the Third hard ' if, ttaJMW MrM i?i Knclution to havo street signs or direction boards j j, iced at til the corm rs below Cw-uty-llrst street, where . ry are needed. Concurred in. Resolution to Lave a new safe jiloo'd in the oDlce of ?Commissioner of Taxei Concurred in. ; the srw r*RK. I Atsislant. Aldemiau Tn w?v moved to take the re- 1 . rt of the haw Committee, in relation to Jones' I'ark, in the committee, in order to take action upon it. J f seisteLt 'ham?W hut is the oojeet tf j ' ling the paper from the bands of the committee' I fri LseUiant Aidcrtnan Tiimis?It is in order to act i f"i cn it this cTeLibe', ioat to secure a stay of proc.aid hit ra. ?t? distant Alderman CV?wi: wa* opposed to taking sj ; *pi rtant a j aper from the hands of the committee be- ( we c the ocmieittee fcsd acted npon it. trt Hie unrobe) r of the committee in whose hand" the be per *?S placed, eipre-etd their ?ill in,.-Less to hare it j ? ' ten from them The Board. then tere. too* up the re- i ec rt of the committee on the law department ?f the ! ar<i t f Aldetmen. r.n the subject of the proposed Park. Affhtant A!d< iro n t?*s; s Iroped the report would not , ccncurri d in lie men d >ts reference to the commit ct > on the I.nw Dejeirtment of this Board. lie sai l he inlesaw that there was to be an effort to prurent the ' no ;a'olii hrient t.f Ihe new Park. j f?i Asrh:ant Ttomar hoped it would not be re- i ,t< Ted. lb 1) o paper was fully r*f -red to the committee on the , wi >w In psiliuvDt of tht* Beard, by a rote of 8 to 7 ' pr Rett lotion to expropriate n room In Beaver street for } e u e of Iio<c Company No. Is. Concurred in I ty Omnrjnlea'ion Irotn th? Cnmtftoll-r. enclosing the 1 et) opt* a s lor tut oi.-hiug coal to the department for the rnilg winter, with resolution continuing the conicts. Corcuricd in fTj lliportof t'onimittee on Ordinances, in faTor of grant- , f t wo cdditional clerks to the old ; ot Commissioner of KM. Cm curr-d in, j] Resolution in favor of raising house of Engine Cotnny No ltd. in T' tuple street, so as to make it a threeiryidiflce. Ktferrid ''1 A?ai m* A n \fi u nf thf* flrrcnth wir I vrov 1 t when thia I maid ad.i urna,ItaJjourn tunwt on the 'l,: t Monday of S?ptemter next furled Uepoit < i the C'liDlttw on the Lit Dtpirtmtot on " i uhp ct of the ntaten hint fern TtiU Hoard adii * t'? It* f rnj't action?a non-roueurrcuce with the ?" aid ol Aid i-rniea A? -tiluticr. to place n hath tub and ventilator in the i tu litli ward -tattoo hove Referred. K-eolu'liu tolntioduce Crotnu nur into the County m ork'a Oflce Concurred in p* Heariution to furnlah mw frott door* t<> the tnuae of I ??Company No 41. Concurred in. : ' ] Arccj unee of an invitation to riaU the Turner a Asro- an iliou on the ltith of Ausruat . Concurred in. | ' HenoliiUou e> lunuDiunj: the rntetprtae of ? tabll-hing rl line of el en in paciita botweru liulway. Ire.and. and tv la city. cotrui edin I ?n |:< port < f tConiRiitt'e on T-amp* and (U?. with , i lutlrn | rmireion to the Manhattan'la* Co. | fJ >i y piper above Forty-*er- nd * reet Coite'irrod in. , . Ata .uoiU r p.ret ten ?Vloek tV B >afl udjouried to irt on the flirt Ai< uday of September next. I'ollre I ntelllyenre. , nt .fln Chii pr nf farming n r'iltorii YoV.-- Ye*- HJ d?y afternoon. offl-rra button and lirirB of th? ir r lYIip", rim'.rd a Mr I I?ou<?ity. a Idrnt of Tlar'en on a warrant U*uod by J'l.ticc I to trip whin in ltoe.h;y at nod* tinged with '"V/tug pp d uttering a promt-My Dot#, for the ud >unt of gOOi. o, rj 'ti if t" t.c dr.wn by R?njamln t. UennoB dated i .i*t 1. 1S." 1 Tin f dlcwir g I a copy Of the atle^-d j p?r?pi e*?'. New Venn. Aefiut 1, M51. L, r< r ii tb? ?ft?r da! I pint-. tn pay to t:.< "br of ''' in l>iu*hl?. ?1 li n-l 'it O-'taiw. f- r ill II eKtiwl, at I M I If.i X.rlly lit,* i i.r t. 18 h. UitMVON. lb. li e al.owe note wa* .Tuliwai'd by 'nee Omiifhty l???j i,( i"tm at-il Men It'. Mitchell 11 h'.tf frnllKtat t, ! iii i*. ?? tlie la-t holder of *ai I n t j an 1 pt*i ed tm f. me la the Bi rrry Penh for edtectton C r? t*t?i -a aid note i ibo tntog ?nowu to Mr l? n. da-id M . ' iTleneo. they j.i rur d al examination of the paper, I d ?.i i tin prinonO' d the awn' a f"* 'ry Th. Idait)! ifltdatlti anrc taken aid tied In tha I'olite ji( an It. . t .n.ln T tt. I.. Ill f. I Mi w in ft p Tided innill 1 r "tb rirrrt IImIth. b i?u ?"fn unj ) ll?l (a U.IH 'lay ?' ll.r tl' ?nj It..r.k In til it t" j \ir t'nnr|> loin. prr* ilmt trf tit. -nlii h?n* *- ; 'A ' 1*1 J mI <1 .1' ?o till* di-p. 'ft.'Dt i rrr't n p*. ' nl < l?l <?!. n ip nirir t< l? jp^i. by tbt* di'i?"f>< hi fr tnr I m 'I V ' J.i ] Ai.;i' I I lv wlii. Ii ?*iil n < iL;? . >*" p1 fit '>KM t? brfiKtiilnt imiiiiifrMi; rtHinnrnt ' tli IVirr ?| at iIih ij irnti nil |nr|H M l ? unti ir-it*-<i ' Wi t; 'ou-notii-M li' l'mron tutihrr ?ry? hi rn ?'<t|i| ntl ?11u?lt ol ?tlhr Mr hi -"iry n' if hnv |r'li"^4 In emrt. foe i. tin- nn e not* n?i.ii'.:iiM 'n I la.'X'l *W ut- P' . J Inm It ? luf "Biat'.in th.t urpnfit hia rt- n 1 ti't rtil.'r'm ( l?f f in b-1 up n lul rnttlnu. ll' I'll:' ! *? no It lib: ill it ?-m i| i.ota vw n I.T/f I m l . ' 1' it.11 rMirt' urn] uttrn 4 by IrtMJ it .unlit} with In- ! ' ll tn r|n at rnn itefrtiol *1' 'nil < ". if V.i ;? Nt*-. u rtr'rt. I? inn sworn tl ' i?iii I?lb-. 1 tii i-t.-li r?..m ?i npim Ikt not* | if 4iwi il. p\.?i' rtlnj f b" 4*pn?<?li,.'t?lirn*tnr*. < J ?' l. Oil ri oil* l?l" pi'lrf t??ll'? ir n r? rut. J by ' '"-M r.i.r ? tl' Ilii'il."* rnit'i. lii " ?!.'il<ii, '? ' r I . I r,. ( p. 'f* i ll I f in I J W .'t 't l. : f. I tl. ' 1r? ? C'.J.T 'ha.' r*r. !?i~l tb"> t : - ii.i . j n"'j' Jl.ti* '.o. art lNH fit 1*00 furp?'ft1ti? 1nIi' tiro It ' ll I. I'll, ii from Ii>i*c ItHVtlit/. lh" |>>r '.a rltaiv d 1 b MM. f- ?y*r? I ltl? ... ii. ii i i- t'.rtp t> .mm to by i*>" wit tun*.. Jin. *! i l 1. Illlrpn |ir|i .lid llllii'l >'f ItOii^lit/ to bail ill ill." UVlifrtMill. ttmtprr lti? rbajgn, f'l >n TVt'iility lb* brother cf tbr treated terninpH > C ll In In 111 > I'rl'r.r 0< nil. I.n n fu nl In !< iiil" III. irttt a J In (.ifiiult if bail bo ? mmMMtn ; l'"i n i: Ibi Ti-inbr I * r I i / . r i.'y ({itfrr*/-* Our tli.-'t-rr 5Vrt'-v'W tbtrr -Yet- hri In* Ibi ipit f r th' lr>| affair took pin?In lb Nlo . I? i I'll ?r>i| in d ji v |. in. hi...: tin- t'r'hth Hi., t rim u two li tfn r?. iu.nn ! John Kb ler an t of ' bn.thi r I't-trf. the Intlrr lalng ' lubt n n ymn an.I H'l r Im ilyr rin jr?r? of ntr<- lt-*?.?.in? Hint ? m? '' 11} |]|?| Iitr Ci. um-4 n lln iTi l,h? natuin nf ' * rn rr ftMrtlriilnl* <114 not tran.plrn nhrn .1 .hn touk in |i hi . <1 Ml. I. i n. .il but. m I <11 i 'i?nf. 4 It ??. tbi' m if I'l'i't .-iihI (rrnin r.f tb> Lot ittint i IT..rt * br tin j* i t'Hiii |t into tbr tl - h 1 i.ntnia Hi;- 1 t i.f tin. Ki.'htrrnlb vtnl p lirr, ?M Mim. it njItn I'l , #r .1 .irrpnt h"1 ^ r*i?nt II t? nrn t J. tin. nh "ll'l nil *?? f"i ?ryr<1 ' r? .tintlrr Wr Ir .lb, i Lclu Mb to to ?b tti r ihr < hvri'r, lul ..... n T?rt f?i Oi.iv?Tb? iu'luntlfil} tr>'?Hi- J'* rr rr??h?'l ihi* ?it* y< *?r l?y mpfp>* t^xt lh K<* ,i'ir " -n. rr?- r,t lh?' ts>)ij'n t rilr* -try r?. <? I IM n Conn , Jir-1 ?N>ut >t* ? >? r.t jmi'fl J B. ro I t b>? rt*!4?ncf HMI44i ' urf ' |( |, IvpttM C?nrt?Special Term. , Before H >o Judge Kia< ImiW M>? TKt Simten hland fVrry Vontrovtrty I , te. Pettr fiuAay and Ihmirl Ibtblou?An order as issued in tbla oase ou the'dltti July, for the defend- > u's to show cause why a preliminary attaehnvut iiufd njt i??ue against them for violating the lojuae- I . or of 4hie court, by continuing to drive spileaou the Isputed pier pending the investigation of the matter store the referee. Messrs. H V. Clark "nil Hippaloiipra?ed t< r the plaintitl. and contended that the order of ie presiding Judge bad be> n disregarded, and thai the etoi uaiita bed been guilty of a contempt The i.ftfdarit t Mr Itupiailo mated that be weut down to Btatuu lat d. and ih< re raw a number of men at work on the ler. be sddreesed the def-udant Koshay. who a Imiftcd lat he was foreman of tbu work, and that he had been mployed hy Mr Iluleton Mr Kui.rsen. on behalf of the defendants, inivcd f.r a i lay of the proo?dings, In oo. -ie^uenre of the absence t Korhay. occasioned by lameness. Mr hi tt Clark as at elated with the other counsel for laintlff maud that bo had seen Mr. Ko.-hay at the urt in Ktalen Island, on Thursday of hut week, the t? -I time that be bud been seen hy Mr. Euiereou, and at he was then able to sit during the investigation f ir Vrritl hours j Mr II K. Clark protested against any d< lav, and urg d .a an attachment should issue. The Court ultimately d> eided that the case against oshuy should stand over to Saturday next. Mr Emerson also read an allldavit of the defendant, I azieton. in which he stated that lie had net been on te tlifj ited premises since the injunction had been sued and that he had sent word to the men to desist <iu working immediately after the servico.of The ord t 1 the Court Au affidavit of one of the workmen *u.i : ?d. to the < tfect that the work had been ceased aiuie ' ie service of li e injunction. Adjourn.d to Saturday neat. City Intelligence's Finn iw Ooi.d Stbkkt.?Yesterday evening. about 7 click. a fire broke out in the basement of au extensive ' rug and chemical warehouse, at No. 10 (<old atrial. ba l oging to Meters Haskell, Merrick Bull The alarm ! a* eoon round' d by tlu Uill bell, and la a few ? nieuts the budding was surrounded by n Urge body of num. who speedily extinguished the tl.nues. before ley made auy great progms. Tlie fumes arising from w. Luri ing chemicals in the cellar followed the northly br??y.e uud tilled the air with a iu..?t rtelioiom agranie. that *u? inhaled by personr. who wore prorneaeit.g the grounds on the Battery A civut L.iH Cast: ok Aanii no*.?We learn from a re- i ills source that a young girl, by the name of llarnet oia t 1? we. win abducted from the parental h one of her idowed mother, at Ho. <1 Thirty-third ..iraet. <>u the Tht of the >ith inst.. by a frail woman named \largar-1 :gu.-on. who is known t? be of bad character, and is t Ipposed 10 bare decoyed the unfortunate child into a , ?unt ot vice and prostitution This Is a case that 1 | aixuo tin pri n:pt attention of tho police in the various . si da < f the city. 1 j F?:ix Iicwn Uun i* Ascritowr Stihskt.?About half | i.*t 7 o'clock Inst evening, a young man by the name ot I erry Btanti u fell dow n diad in Ibe house of a Mrs 1 ; elsh. in Autkony street, near the corner of West Biowd j i iy It appears the deoea-cd is the eon of ex-d. p.ity , i erlff Joseph Etantou. who acw residoj iu the vicinity j I Shrewsbury. New Jersey From ctraouistanees con- I i etewi w iih his death 1; is supposed he was attacked with j i i apoplectic fit The remains of the deceased were r? ! i rived to the Fifth ward police.station, and hlr friends i ,d relatives were informed of tin sudden death, by In- 1 rmation given them by Captain Carpenter. Coroner l er will an InqU'st at 11 o'clock this morning. j t J'osnai v a Faiat. Ai cior.*T r.r a Fat i..?Vesterday ' U i noon a ear pent er, l.y tho cams of James Moran, gaged on p. new building, situated in Th'rty Nrst r reet, lietweeu the Fourth and Lexington avenues, aeeintally fell from the third story of the said building. 1 ji'ring himself in a fatal manner. The poor fellow J is picked up as quickly its possible by his associates, ' it he was quite insensible; the blo-al flowed from his ' uth end nose considetably. end but very little hope < C ists of bis recovery The Injured man was forthwith | t nt to the City llospltfl Moran redded in Thirteenth i r n et. between nvenuo A nnl First uvenue. ! d Unkxown Mas Fo.*o Daov.vnn.?Yestcrlay morning, I e b< dy of an unltt-wn man wa" found floating in the I utriTer opposite l'b r No. 2 The deceased appeared i , be about live |V?t nine Inches, dark br"wn hair, , U large red whiskers all ku unci his face; body was ! etjed in a c!aik suck cMt. plaid double bKMHd Test, leu shirt, marked K I. under the bosom. and striped 1 nts. The ooov the appearance of Laving been in e wster als.ut lour or five days. For further partiou- * s apply to Mr. Bleckley, the deputy coroner. Verdict, atb by drowning r SllcibK iiv Taking Amvstc.?A female, whoso name ' i were unaMe to burn Inst < veiling committed suicld*, hi r re-idenec. No. (>3 Clinton street by administering p herself n quantity of arsenic. Medical aid was procured. j t tin poison bad so fur advanced in its tetnl operations | at the unfortunate woman died soea after. Coroner ' f er was caiU to hold an inquest. Runaway Ilcair. ? A horse at'acfced to a wa^on took I gbt yesterday, near pier 'l'i. North river, and r? ; off at ' 1 speed, in the direction of Ch&tnb .'.e eTi'at. Finding ! t: < progress ob.truetcj bv a horse and > art drawn up at j re 181 West street l.e made a di perate effort to ! ritg OTer both; but being dragged down by tbc a ight of the wagon. be fell astri le the cart with a | J u:> ndous shock and became completely entangled A iwi er the wheels nod rungs. lie was exuleate-t with ' 1 at Is difficulty and with ro other injury than a few f latches on his fore legs. J Tlicnlrleul and JUiialritl. liowrRr Tm at h r?l be p. r format ices for to-morrow tning arc of uu c: ceedingty attractive and varied cha- J cter Hr. B. Williams, ?u actor of considerable dra- J stir celebrity, wiil up pear as Bagged 1'at la the Irish rre of " lr land as it la.'' lie will tie aided by umny rling actors?such, we .night say. a always app, ar ou |i e Bowery Boards. The entertainments will conclude J th the interesting drama of Li 1 our do Neelc.'' 'i'Uis * cgrsmmc will be sure to attract u large audience. Nimo's flunis?The bill for to morrow crenln^ |s an ? cellent ore. such its the Ki.rels are famous for. \he ii lertalr incuts will commence with - A Soldier for Lore ' I ? li' b will Ixi fi.iluwp'l by a gland divertisement and the ' rf? nnanres will close wim tbc amusing piece called t hs-ko." It in unr^cee'sryf say the Kiwis will ills- j ? iv tbelr nbilitl a on the tight rope, and lu pantomh n c |>*-i foimtilie a T)i'y aia cr< fitreritei. and uo a ubt will draw k crowd' d bou;>o. V Pi iiton's Tiii.atim'. ?Tbi* fmnoua Thr-piau temple. I ilili bp? beau el'. "4 frr n long period. will re-open on , a i.niiay etoning l-uring the i ngagrmonl of Mr. liur 1 t u> company . Niblo'r. the yctlr. of the Chambarf j * rut theatre ba? been leant!fully painted and dec- , " ti d. Tin pi-rfi rmari-r? enrr iiutci wi'h Married l.lfe." id will aloau with that luteal Jack ' Mr Itufton t m r ne Of tho-beet ro apatite* In the lotted ?la;?? to I f itriin with, and n" doul t w ill 1. t with the eauie | r ?t?M tkltli trownnl bi* tifntti on t fomiT t'twlra. ' * Natiukai. Tnratar ?The 1 ill offered by the artire t atuperof ibia tii Aira i? nria cf gnat attract .'ti Tba ? rt. linanee* C< ln'ix tii a with the e .i ollert pier rati-d I'gnliBo.' Willi ."Kit' 1? tbi prim i|?l ; tin lie\t Will b? ' Madtlaine. ?uh Ubt IMl.y the new n< trcv. at the * ?r Tlia rr wrtainiiionta will r!o?e with the f.i"-e of J atd Btur-Vnw Tbl. j t -gia uuie t tbio I'iii i?. tUliafliii ilrniuu'li! fnr.niij', ma-t in- | v re a very full boaio. Wo hop'' ?o at 1'uriiy de error j tltiitlTc paUunagc. ? Iia*?u m'r Ni'O'. M ?Philippe MaetinoUl appear* to , Clta i|Ult" 0 tatnalt" In ') in " 1 t it inlm b?' nf , rta Mj-tli- < ' It fin to bap tit rally r nci dt-d 1 I a I lie perform Ml 0 of all tl tri -let In it. i mil there i I mme if htm th.ia we < tar ttf re b held la any pM 1 mine) iao:.eiir the rli rf-rext thing* e* the kind jet ! unitiud lie I* lectdrUIy. ? great |rnltu In hi ? line, j U If In rare tr Cnd ' ?< ^IIU-J v?bo l? rn romio. for be j , lb* tplHt off? Hwf, * Tbe Mi lie Croe , i roejtd auiileu'vi terry night It frill b? plin J ru? rr-w en nmg. with I'j now fare* of lb lane ?n . ' *lil!e the Rod Mounter," with ' Tlif ';u- u I J ill.' will b? firm in the nt.ur.ii n Ciinm ? Midline?Tbe rrllrnl P'rfrrmanere riobjr I hie Ij illy Urblrd land of in rrn |? rl Di-rr. ' utinu<- to allrert ci-ao'itd and drl'ght i i >iJi?nrc? c |Ti|ril I'V bfriil fir to-morni* ?renins?. contains ' mj ot their n" rl favorite i< iilu; r? etn m.- ?hv li in' { r I'iirl...,Hi lulliui n4>era Seine, ml the ' Jlur- r que f rial ' r? '' a Kn i.! ??" >! teeter I e am n . o an exe>' d nif'e id'r;.r r pirfirr.?e.for t -morio* ? .nluif. iVuln-- t- >! / IVit marked tp ohi.tlcn; Mr. *.r Itu il y'n in ? Ibe rliliu nn?l i < indt i r> - i?c r- 'l. r?i? I | ..?.i >1V , v J Malce'e Inimitable diiree ion* < Ikr mfr li?* I el<r create rrar# laughter A doueel/ rrnnJid ' uee- m*> t e attt< 'patod ; * i 1??M i ?Th< * who In n * I <-f f,p?. tr. , > I.ti if and inv.ft retir air. eio nl4 a'alf Oa-tle tmnl o < i Irht bore a fraud nin.-'-itl rti rftetnnu lit wiP .irn under till uiri ifl-'n of II intzek. .and vtif' ihf fM> i> rtl rii} ) fb ill brrrn fioa Mh Ml bikI htd f Mu u?ev U?et.i i ItfCHiaura.?rim i rrfrun-rio f r tew I ? it'?-r> i ii j ? "1 I ?iire to i\c; tit.. >iteni|?itf .f r . rlt'w m of HmnHt.i ihe t lort ?nr cotnn.ei re ^ lb 'I 'iu'i \'.w ' end will tertolne e wit\ tne , , f nfre 1'rMegrnrni 'ihe ercilufe ae? ' >r the ta n Ut | li Vi r Vbillipr Vt-Lojeli' mav I are a Iiiit 11 r. 1 nr. tiara* Witaan ? T?irni, I' ll.' ?W e mit?V Im- ' opoo r ur roaehre tbai I'u'Itm* An>l? r?i n i,n. n m rri ee e?> nirif ai.d aonMnnee Tit Irtv-t kr.v<otli end r nf ibr rliai.rr for ailniireion t* f!ty rente t-nrb an I Ilium it r;*f 1? i rltb . i prrfrf.on au<l ?i i rbrtty. Bill u '.bio le nxt.rn for I'r ferr r Ati>r> .n a 1 atriirri 'e lie b^re. einee ibr piivate in ' urtiia) Iwl. Imrtl frrri r rry i|narfi-r. tVnt hie f-e'e imirle r>n| )? rlpt o and thai a'.l be ibte?g ?? , i t??i nil btefTrat npitet'o., 1 l.? > i Nne i t ri !i I <i eii l nrrie !! 1 / ,tt i tan " e?iti??if Inlbleeity m'h i. ervter?ltr trru/i . aflT ri ipli ff a rii b lot *it ;n tb<- rout We mi I'r-tant l>- i ird" openli jr the ll.?>ry Ampllb' ttf . on t'ao li ' I fli I. '.I i<,| ID, puhlir. | ^ fin * .? "in if tc- lii rn. *!;1 I r'!f ei ti alth tfc. pfnj.r tr> ope. !r Kngliah t lit to tbi en irrM*Birnt <>f t'i r> <f'nr .uon fur n?tie pet'orlo; on e. * ere I ot T?t adri" ' wli" will i toee ire i,e? i. ni enr. lint Ihe Mleeer Jil r.- 1 1. i ) 1 I * I ' IV* 1' ' ' 'I mrii >1 in t! it / n: I will . , anailiaill' In- M'l'lilt Tli" c 1* *iit:fiil an-1 nranni. ?>4 j i ,?i f hav wi n tb. if wit to tbw b- art* of r Niwr ? t.rk frv i;Ok Ui'Tirjj t'n but am ?ra at tlv !? rdwny >(4 will w- t >1' k. I r rm go at f*r->r"i n, ? AdilaMi1 t* a? m Jntic n -? Juno. mi.I Ji-arplitM 'f j nri' laivli (?' ti.ror: , il? b'g'it t i il lu^Ii'i r *' hi Burn Wc w-ilenni* thrai t? mir etty anil p? " 'i Hi a I ft. ?Tf ua a nil Kindly rcr.pllin ?I'fuhlt'jihU S,,n, it Mi'??? Brain arw Ivtlhraiaf. with gnat aucceri. a, >gu. tulmg. NT. | ' The (*).? ru at On-tl? t.inlrn. \ M!i. ?? * i ;iy if fi|;|iM? up wi; n t|i i, M.jrn fr in my t i I iht n tirlry Ihi'o niit."! r ot Ifir ri:i*T* l'a ?'' ?tlii tilar ??? ? hy till |?M rloi "Inn ?.f t'.?? r , "!* which y pi nuitMt hc |?n t the vn?t nuil' ulo that J' ,11'r tfHc :nI ! It ?u Ini -uitm! to with- , w I ? f nwain'ti'a I wi. wi. In nun. fur ih? narnn; ^ lb* l?wriy a umc *>f i! U'nl l.< a<? ii.n. h In il i nn-l. *" t 1 will li- I Kidagnln t< i nrrow night, for "to l? Ia afil at- ham i. I u'* .I t t! j.>y. in nint aotiV r i a >t'f -t f f -.'r* w I |.i >Tr aa r?ibl a- at T , i| a til ii 1Ln'|.<r- n ill ?.i pr-Kloc d with *?<ty ti t ir ?. i J an Ui ' $ ii Itlli may not hi ar It ng?ln,? prataul ff.n ?u doul't U'A tile Cwlil ? ill b?* fill' t , , Ntn* bight. ' ' \ ' ffarlia Affairs. Fen InlUfML- The D 8 U (teamehip Pacific. Capt. Nye, took ber departure at soon. yesterday, for Llvepool, with <W peree tigers aud $413 0"0 m American gold. The Yacmt AMS t.?Jk letter published in tbo Dub- < *j lln Sauntim' A'- a * Letter, and dated Cowcs, July ff,. E?y?:? Tbia far-famed wonderful vessel, built by our brethren in the new woi Id to U.ut all the namta of tbe old is f 1 }h cted l.crc ?u Weuiirrday next A suite of apart irtnl* ban been laZon f t h"r owners at Vino Uotel, Such mHrrclloo" t )i * have b on toht of ber that her ur' rival'* lo. ted for with no s.nul' degree of anxiety by our yuciitrDieii. According to .11 accounts nbu in c. very hand* I. ii.c vessel a> >1 in bc.util'uliy tlttoil up. An to her (ailing qualifier, according to tin. ..unii'-an aoro-ints, Witt i rlitt breeze l? an a lush if lightning would hrre Ito r..rk rut. out ?o catch her; t till wu think that we hare tot yachts that wm heat ber without ?Dy mistake, the men bete Of lie i-cyel Vocht S(|uadron bare givsu i nip value jC1<D to be railed lor by yachts belonging lo tbe jacht club, or all nations. <n the 'lid of August. (til thai tot I<? 'ili nd to. thl; prize uo.rit .inter bo lore midnight on the ICtb of Augint. Tbe itoyal Yacht L'lnb dinner 1 to I iko place at the 9;uadrm Home on Iht 19tn *f August Her Ma jesty's Cup is to be nailed I'or by utter 11 th !to>:tl Yacht Juuailron. 105 ton* and upwards I'll lb. 18tlt; it three do not enter, then by .utut* of from ftli to H O tou* Prince Albert's Cup isti tie . ailed lor i n the 'J i.. ty schooners of 140 tons and up soldi; If enough do not. enter then by schooners undsr 14 ' ttns Tbe am utl lloyel Vaeht b'|Uadron b.dl is tr take pUce on the Hot; the tire works on the evening of Ihe '-"id N inmt E? ov. or an Ati antic Sti: autre.?The steam t ilumhi uu. <11 her last passage from Havre to Ne* Voik made k Very narrow escap- 'f j\n t. Lit destruction, n rape Km*, about 'A) mile* southeuit of too light On Jntuiday miming last at half-past one, tier passengers sere ell amused by a rime k precisely like ru.king souu i rock, und in-tin x on <1 <k the< tound tii? steamer broad .ilt toe bold rot k, appt nntty within half a ship's li ngtb l'lie Utriblt: c< rtstriuath n earned by the position of trie iliip? the hold r- ck ?th . deo-o fog and tli- *larm of the ;)?sse>igets 1. tli male aiiti female, pr.'cnl.d i arena ?bi. h be witness to it mould ever desire to experienoo igi iu Tbc aur h> e innnw.der un.l lirst orilcer of the* ittamer wore both on Jack and siw the rock some time jefore they lvalue a what ir. w.;.s?supposing it to be i. eg bank?and v.Ion the ilirllllQT rouimaud tost, rboard ttiui ?ae to std be Ion and the engine suddenly stopped, i fi cling oi unpadding dest urtlon to all on board *? li-it by many a I ' l l bea't '1 he Tory : tromr furce of th< \u-tic cunt nt (i-o called) ft this place, together with ar inc. t.roou variat no <>f the compass, are the only roa o. s ascribed for tbe fib pnsiti a of the ship baring ifiviiss i n the Sunday following, special .hanks were ofVri'tl for ibo Providential ccap".?Motion Ttttntofipl. hstv T- m: ee Sham I'.u i:m si: rscrv Bomtjv nn I'iiii ai i cmia ?Messrs. it i inc.< In ii Co., of this city, in. I p; l.ii-cili: i; Co.. of I'liilauclphia, hare established I line id el< ant pie- Ku'- ri-ttt.en there Iwo cities These ;atk>t.- i.iie built > I'li.iadtlpnla. by Messrs. Thmdore [brie;, it t-< n al.<1 arc proui.o' ceti flue epeuimc is of nnrad irihi tciuie Ibc first packet is now nearly ready. *1 e is called the tt'm i't on. Mid is full bark "ijfgetl. She s IK" f- -t long .ii il. ik; in foet breadth of 0"tun: l'.i 'eel depth i-i bold. Id inches dead rise at half lloor, 8 m bee 'Well :ilj feet ebtci. a tid registers V?0 tons. Sue i' ror.M;ucttd ot the very Lest material, tini.1 is as strong is wood and ron ran make bar She is propelled by two ji.wirfol engine. 84 iccb cylinders. 34 it -h stroke, and Leper's propeller (i tt t in diameter, and wiJ be capable ot caking twilve knits per luiur. Her accommodations i r psssrl c. rs tit o flntt. ami Iter capacity fir stowing cargo s large Shi: will tie - mm tailed by t 'upl./.unri Wheld<tn rite other will Le Denied the benjamin Franklin, comnsi-d-dbj t'apt Wiii'br .p Sears, uutl will b* of about he s?m? rsjaclly end pt?wer ot the Win I'enn. It 1. t h" ibteuti' ii 11 ibe en.erpi-l^iug owners to harn tlienr atl respectively fr< in l'oston and Philadelphia i-vcry di turd ay ? 1'oslvn TiaiilUr. 8rr.AH CoMMtniCATiON bktwi-kw Krv Wot and 'ham i iTt.1 ?A petition is c'rrulating in Key West foi hi f ignature of iis citizens, prayir.-; the t tablishm nL if sti in cmmuniealion between theie and Churlestcn luring til the year. Rtllplons Iiitrlllgencr. Martin P. .five-1. lata tlie whig candidate for Congress n the (lalena district. f||. n-m received an appointment n ths Mi-i hc.ribl t bor.-h see one r.l* it. ii.'..t?a.ri an.t * n ri"?iyt>c<i to Princeton Eurenu comity, ar tlte scene f his labors. It?r fref Smith. cf the Auburn S< nJnsrjr. ha* accept d lb- en' of tte Second Presbyterian Church in Newark. It.r Hariri Clerk. Jr . of Norwich, hue declined I he all from th" hirer Cengregitional Church, iu Krankiin, nd receivi d a coil in the Pre-bytarlua Ohnroh, in r'donia, N V , which ho La* decided to rccept. Kt v Christopher Cufbh jr late of the Kdwitrda CL i'eh d licet n bar r- cdviu a unun raous call to settle in North 'roc kScld He? dime* Rofnr*. a graduate of Princeton, has been elli d to tli> cliuich oi Donegal. Pa. Nit W ei a Rankin, of lb? late graduating rl.v* of 'rinceton. be* I < m called to thr church at Marietta, Pa. Rct Mr MnNair of l'a., iiaa receirod a call tne cburib at Clinton. S J. Hepburn's Oruirrj Store, uortliweit coi*r f t Vvrick and t ar'lain <lrc i, eeateiiif, f>r anle, ad l.rorn '/van, of aioqtolUd quality, at It. and '".fa, pound. il*?. f 11 n.1 re ol every ineRty, uneurpaseed for tboir mperirity and heepoeaa. The hi .nor department it full, with a ether' he (election of i.i')'ior?, Pran dice. Wince, fee.; and II ouaiehi'or n * <d fegnr juet enter iulo th etore nortareet crner of Variek ntid Vaudati ntreetn. Albert Narrtitk, .To. GOO flromltrajr, hue* lent, (private entrance l.ti Croehy etrct.) Itcitiurant *nd iyeter Eaioon. Every delicacy of the ec-a"n, prepared by bn boat Preach aud Amcrkin rooke. Aiao, a lew turitl.ed roo ae to let. * llow long trill inrn lie blind to tbrlr own ' liter. >t;-l he a> ewer 1?, until tl.ey rail ?n T Smith. Jr.. it o. It'J Fu'ton etrc-t. and r? ufr thearel>r? that hn ia now eiHnf Clothing at u npreeed. uted :>w price.?an low, thnt net on I la way rejntr i r. fully a'tind that No lOt Fultn' treat ia i'i* pl?c? to buy rlo?Mng cheap: i n.| that T. Smith < a man who perform! a? pr amine- . fiat it, he telle good iloihing. anil tell* it rbeapi r than the lirapr t. Tn!l<yr*nil mIU. Rltatnkea were wore* hen crioi . Now th<re ie no m intake ia the lit of SMrte taiir at No.), eatorhower (JR KIN'S ry*tiu of motion; ?rnt ia i .fallible as a ntle in mlhemaH.'i Ti n b mikt , utof ehirt* with unequalled dt apltcn, an 1 never dlaapvint? a cu tinnier, either aa to the time or the ar.icle. Iiow Price la not Krnnoiny utilr?? It 1? "Cibincit with real ncrtb an 1 value e?eh m ran he r-aluei o theiarie titent at the llootmaker a l alne, K'! N'aioa t trert Mr ad iae all iwraoaa to go there who deoire to eoo miliar ia ahoe leather Gotrrauri'M l.liiulol ll.tlr Dyrla tlieooiljr artlle 1 ??w? to eh- i.iio tr* tli t will in.t'.fitly ceil ert red or Iljlo'f ti VtMta or bltek Cq ially erfrbrat d ia Oo?n.d'a tta' n Mrdicetad Soap. i?r the raw of ion. Duple.* rrk I tr. bun1 urn. hello wane. ia . I'ooiirn Subtile upri?tr airfrtn. I< w I rrhrada. or any part of tha tidy, Lilly C'dtf i.iqnid K"uy? Hair K etomtivr, foend at 67 Vfalke. tree! tear Urea'we jr. Capltni.?Tlir heat of llnott aii.t Shore mi! * hud at Hi n ka i. \"*i Follow rtrert. U'e k- o-r that this i B abrupt declaration, tut we ught to make it. became It uinoiiif" raartlj with tno troth, and the p: -raulqntioe h.iinli.rf It ol public Pent ftt. hir. Krooka ia o i0 of the bet. I.aoi .arliirtra of L< t? an 1 al.oi a in the city. Ilo tita e\ tt ort of foot, no wetter h. w awkwtrd, or how frightfully mrer-d wlt.i eorua it or y bu. Ilnlr Dye and U irtraii he fnnnil In tli? ireeteat pertftloB a', raihrlor'e, 4 Wr.ll etr et. Hit Wire i.*? nni 'inalltd for natnrti arr-arence and durability. II t Bi'fOja It an fee .rally kuorn it loede fn ?or am1.' ie kb Le procored aim 'rim all the Druyr'Jva and J .tfeiv-ra tovw and i ?'itr? Ifltltft'ira f ltrptlrnl Ite \>rntlur te>r la thr tr it* tone i f I rauly fr-nt it? ine-rlng property of pr riinyhalr if decay in-, of rr.'rrirt i'lflo-1: of rnataielnc he heir In ..oyl, reBdrr r it dne. long, a.,ft, a.iky, and wavy u Imj .irlii t *" ? a orhhwai i.tra iiimmUH. K. b - , nixl arrax n? tlila ff. |ir.'I.TI 'Ik Ire Mi |?rfK'lr Mll<- ' I. it fan ra'ar-l |?. ami rnea??? t! fir won"; aiaio. Ptinr, , tat* Hit p*r Mtl? For *?! *. ali? *til* trfittll. t (hi jr i-rlrfr'* lair oatttna rviMlt No. i Urartltliv irati, > nt . ti?l Uot I. ill fri'Ti pau'taaUt ?ttc?.lc?i ??. 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