Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 19, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 19, 1851 Page 4
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.NEW YORK HERALD. JilllOOHDO* !?, PBOPRI1ITOB AND EDITOR. orrici n. w. corner op pulton and Nassau mWILF UKHJiLD, I tents par BP ftr ""t?3 WBKK.LV HKRJSLD. mf] Soft.rM. ?i U f *<? P*T e?P*> or tt per annua; (JU European EJtlien. $4 per annual Io any Art Or?a< Britain, and M la any /iff '* Cun/u??n?, u- include tie postage. VOLCINTJiRV CORRKSRONDKNCK. contmmnt important news, sslicttedfrem . yyauarter a! the world ; V <* ??. trill be liberally paid/or. Bub Poasifca Goabbo? nuun ass r astioulaalt saaraoTBD to aaai. ala Ltrrili and Ftoaxu itsr to t'a ALL LETTERS by mail, far Subecnpti?u, jf ici/A jUarrhsrarn/i, ( 6c p,,at-puid. m Iks postage w*U is 4s tnetej from the many remitted. NO NOTICE taken of anoerymsut csmnumuatuens. me ds ?st return those rejected. MVt/jdtTISEURNTy renewed every moment JOB PRINTING executed with neatness, cheapness. and desrstrk TKR US. cash in advance. Volatile XVI no. aa?. AMUSEMENTS TUI3 EVENING. CASTLE OARDEN?Rchcbt D??ib*AI'*. SUWIHT THEATRE. Bowory? Inbi^sd As It It? a a Took di nuli. _ _ JflDLO'S GARDEN, Broadway? A? u A so. burton's theatre, c Lambert strotV?Bill at Law PiancTiaa. NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham strrot? Pain* or THK Mi hit?Maniac l.ov i a?Ok iuima ?. Biaciaaw, aao bambat. C HRISTY'SJHNSTRELS, Mcohanies' Hall, 173 Broadway -minruj tFlTKIiUT. FELLOWS- MINSTRELS. Pt'lowT Mosieel Hill. No. 444 SMMVtT ETMIOMAH Ml MKT II Rl.NY. AMERICAN MUSEUM?Sum no PUfOtMiNCii ArVBinooa mo Eftmiis. Hew York, Tuesday, August 10, 1051. DOUBLE SHEET. Weight of tlie Herald In Wrappers. Villi.. 1Kb Al.D. 1% OS fteOBLE Buret Uebald. 1H os Imli: Sheet Hiiiui 1 os Telr^raplilc Summary?Tlarwa Days Later from Europe, Ac. The Cunard steamship l abaIa arrived at Halifax, jesterday mertiing, at six o'clock, bringing three dajs' later intelligence from Europe. There had b*en a slight advance on the lower and middling grades of ootton, the higher qua'i ties remaining unchanged. Provision market heavy. The political news is but of little importance. The Queen, according to appointment, had prorogued the British parliament till the 4th of September, thus adjourning a session at once tiresome and unprofitable to the British people, and silly and impolitic in its bigoted and narrow-minded legislation upon matters of conscience. At the nme lizue, It m ilj oe m?uic lumiui v w vuv ftjerl to learn that there is a surplus of three millions sterling in the Treasury, unless the whole of k should be absorbed by the war with the Cadres, which is by no means improbable. The Paris papers were rejoicing over the splendid antertainmrnts given in that capital in behalf of wfcat is called the Grand Imposition sf the Industry of all Natiors in London, from which it would appear that the mtmtc corduilt between the two nations is on the most agreeable and friendly fjoting. Curtain official movements in the various arroitdu-tnuMU of the French re|nblic had the appearance of a concerted action in favor of the revision of the constitution, the re-election of Louis Nap>lsoo, and the restoration of the empire. The Assembly Committee of Vigilance will, however, 4eabtle m see to it that no mischief to the republic shall result from these proceedings. ?*uch is the sum and substance of the political mews by this arrival, embraoed in our advioei of last night, by telegraph from Halifax. We may, perhaps, have something farther to say. * TU iniei ligriK V */J lvlcB>*l'u ? ? ?/ . mm portent. We ahull boob, no doubt, receive exciting intelligence from Cube, end the expedition under Lope a, u well u from other quurtere. By the way, our ncsounU from that ialaad are u contradictory and unaatiafactoy aa ever We learn, by our despatch from Charleitoo, that quiet prevaila there; and, by another, that the inaurreetionarj Movement ia going ahead with rapidity. We at all know the truth In very ahort time, for we ahall toon have an arrival frvm there. It appeara that Mr. Ruat, one of the partica who were ioatrumental in proouring the arreet and extraditicnof the fugitive alave Iteniel, in Buffalo, hata been arreatrd, and held to bail in the asm of one thousand dollar*, for an aaaault and battery on the negro. The proeecu'ion haa, no doubt, been instigated by the abolitionists Tux Nomiimtio* of tux Ciirxv or Pouct? Thx I>kimik in nix Board or Ai.bxaux<?.?It will ho eecn, by reference to our repot of the proceeding* in the Board of Aliermeo, laet evening, that the majcrity and minority report# on the aubject of Mr Matvell> nomination aa Chi;f of Police, were prevented by the committee, and that an interesting del ate meued, in which were etirred up the bitter eel feeling* of partisanship, ami the Pneident of th? Board descended from hi* chair to the floor, to take a part in tho strife, and w*a. in fact, the Wader of the part7 in opposition to Mr. Mat all It war the hotteet party fight that ha* tahen plase in the Board for many a day. The matter remain* just where it ftood, and a postponed till m at session. But, if Mr MatnaU'* friend* had only followed up the victory they woe when Alderman lonhlm arrived, the ni dilation would have undoubtedly been confirmed; but the other party out gmeralle I them by turning around and propoe ng tue very postponement tba them-eive* opposed in the beginning of the dei>ate It eeem* the whig*, fince they idjourned, claim tha the nomination is rejected. There was very nearly Wing a terrible feme, for Alderman franklin ea pre seed hi* determinati-m to orde the refractory mem be re, who refused t? rote, into the custody of tbe >erg> an; at-A rme. It ie the flr-t time, in the history of thi* country, that an act was pastel by tbt legislature, to single out an individual for party proscription. C?t o<it, Waiiw Ur.?Colonel BeVoo, lnt? V7iki?4 dialer .^t-nafor from MiMDnri, ba? W?i livii g in Washington, for none time pa^t. in very qti'it a' J retred rtyle. He wai heard of o*ra?i'iii*llj; lot be hi* i.ot made tbe fari of hie till beitr m tbe lan<i of the living munifeet by any net of hie own It ban been reported ttal lie if engey d in writing a bietory of < ongreee for a quarter of a century part or ra? re, aid that arrangement* for tbe publication of 11? work hare been entered into with a New York h'.u?e Tbe Colonel, hnwerr*, bae at length waki-d, and eonvinoid the world ihat he ii nntberd ad r.or on ton bid. Ha rcoently addrerred a letter to the Pro ririer.t of tbo I'ae flo Kailn ad Company in a >rw r to en imitation rent to hm to attend hi ceremony of begiaong (bat wo?k Tbe 1< tt< r will bo found in mnvbct part oi to tUy'l P"?P* r The Colonel, it wilt be |ee|( opjorM '* a? pojMtewhwh bate been etait rt of lele je*r? for bo ' I ng * railroad le the Par fie He bara terlMt themaa poo. wto'inn erhem r. and ioriet* that tire wo k abonli be audi rUken end pr? ^ thef .ncral go vernment, and the public lands devoted to the pur- | pose. We are mueh inclined to think that Colonel Benton is correct in his views on this subject; and ' we do not believe that a railroad communication between Ban Francisco and '.he Mississippi will ever be constructed by any other tneens or in any other manner than that propjeei. We hope Congress will give some attention to the matter during the neat session ____________ < The Brooklyn Boahd or Education and the oxnian Asylum.?We publish this day the fiQftl decision of the Supreme Court on the claims of 1 the two Orphan Asylums of Brooklyn toasharsof the Common School fund. The case involves several questions of muoh interest to the publio, and has been contested with a degree of vigor, and perseverance, corresponding with its importance. This is the fourth decision that has been made, in the course of the litigations, upon the various matters involved, and it is to be hoped that now the contest will be put at rest, it would certainly exceed all reasonable limit of their fiduciary power, if the Board of Education, after so many arguments, and decisions, should prolong the litiiratiou by au appeal to a higher tribunal. It would then seem to oe a (true lor me grauncauon 01 personal ieuiing, only. Their trust for the benefit of the publie, if there was any probable cause for doubt in the first place, required nothing more thin to submit the question for decision to a oompeI tent court. That decision having now been finally | made, it is to be presume J that hereafter the cause of education will not be made to suffer by Jissenticns among the public officers charged with the administration of the funds for its suppcri; and that the Asylums will be admitted to the full enjoyment of the rights which they have bees declared entitled to by law. The claim of the A.*yhim is founded upon an act j of the Legislature, passed in 1H48, which gave to them a distributive share of the school moneys raised in the city of Brooklyn, in the same manner , and to the same extent as the com moa or district schools in the city. The Board of Education, it seems, denied that the law was constitutional; they also insisted thit if the Asylums were entitled to anything, it was only to so much of the Common School funl as was , collected by special city tax, and not to any part of I what was raised by county tax, or receivod from the State. These and other questions have been examined by Judge Brown with great ability and fairness, and he comes to the conclusion that the Asylums are ectitled to participate in the entire fund distribut. able by the Board of Education, from whatever source derived; that the ratio of distribution is the : proportion of the cumber of children in the Asy| lum, between the ages of four and sixteen, to the average attendance of children bet ween the same age in the District School, and not in proportion to *' - ?1 1 ? ' -V.LKnn ;n fKn auvaml j llie WiKJltJ UUUJi'CI V* iuiiuiouiu vuv of the city, as contended for by the Board of Lducoi tion. lie also decides that the Aeylums are entitled to l be paid the amount that should have been paid to them in the years 1848, 181!', and 1850. A peremptory mandumus is ordered to enforce distribution upon the principles thus fettled. A Dkas.?The Michigan conspiracy cue drags along very heavily A juryman was sick at the last account, atd the last proposition from the proeccuI tion to go on with eleven, being rejected, the conrt adjourned. We shall probably bear next that tbe whole businees bas been dropped, quashed, or indefiaateiy postponed j The President's Movements.? By the letter from a correspondent, which we publish to-day, it I will be seen that the President arrived, and was formally received, at the Virginia White Sulphur Springs on the 13th instant lias. Mowirr ?This actress. who has attained a wide eeUbrliy in both hemispheres, makes her re-appear ' oars at Niblo's. for ths first time, this evening, la her own play of Armand. She has returned, after i an el fence of some years, with renovated health, i and crowned with tbe professional laurels the has gaioed In a foreign land We shall have an opportunity of wltm saing the Improvement which the earefnl study and culture of four successive years, passed abroad amidst | ths highest models of dramatic art have produced. Although her talents for tbe stage were fhirly developed wb?s >be entsrkrd for Europe, yet we think the change will be found to be striking. The press. In London, have been warm in their eulogies of her acting. Her reception there has been most enthusiastic, and she has created a sensation In dramatic circles rarely aspired to or attained even by their own great i< tresses at home She all prejudicae. while brr popularity >u only equalled by her fame PL- bad lb* moat tuccaaaful engagement#. at tba Matylebone and I'tisctN theatre*. and draw ni|btly crowded audience* But a greater triumph Eiy ba mid to baaa awaitad bar at the Olym, pie. wbara the ruatatnad. tbrou|b two occaMire eraacna. the fortune* of that houfa by bar own talent* alone . lor aba wa* thare tba atar In tba aaeandant. Rut while bar reputation a* a flniahed artree* extended. *he au no lata raraaaad and raapaetad in tba biithaat circle* ' of loalaty in England Uer raapactabla ronnaetlona at home, bar talente aa a wrltar. bar unhleml'hed prlrata i I character. and ladylike deportm- nt. gained bar accea* and a welcome to all that ?? brilliant and intallactnal j In tba great capital Uer literaiy claim* rant mainly on her dramatic production* (I aebion waa th- drat of theaa. j ' a (UDgiot eatlrr an tba time* wbieb bad a auoceeaful ' run In tbi* country and on the Loud' n b ard? liar i Aimatil. a blank a*r*a play of a much higher order and ! of far more preteneton*. 1* well known to oar reader* (If tbl* wa may epeak in detail hereafter At pre*' nt we bare only to remark that It la heralded by tba warm af. pr?elation of critical aulienc* at bom* and abroad It lanrotfailto command #uce#?? and be an auepistone pioneer to a brilliant career in tbia country In her act M Mi mIi atiliue ma) d. lieaev an.I refinement of muDLer- to tha moat pr'found wnatbility. liar immiua tins ii and ra?lly titllnl, and ?ha U tha emtnn '1 impilf# fha fwnt' baraalf la tha ?-?otioa? of tha rbarartar *ba par?oaata? and b?orr It U"ia? an 'lata dimrat r<t a alngnlar natnralnaaa f -fa an 1 ?*??a Tbia la tba taarat?f mraaaa la all aeticc and aba atr."?otIy [kkwmiI li Mar f mi U liKht acJ <nta'"'inT an I b-r or r>r> afa foil of a?aa and ftraca ll-r ? -ioa -i ^ wa# < ?r i* (h ? tful vbila b?-r faaa 1? ina b-d by ta r rh and rr> r ??rj If It a?i-ra?alnB In abort ffa lui all ' h? a|. mm' ?.f a hi a artrvaa; and any In traiy id' that at' tha taaalt of "arara atudy and Inlnlm to 'ha h abaft aal'i |?. bi'Nlafad lalo ?nrpaa?lfHt a?a di. tba rwb < cd *mai t- of nator* WV wiah bar inccwa Alalnina Iff-platal'ir*. h *?rr ?01 kin ,?aBBlof* ab-afad tbla Jaaf. twalra ara I'al'B triar and all atraaalon Jamocrat* liflaan Dainbara bold orar n?' IT a* Rirr it rr ?titi ? Tbl? body ronalata of ooa handrail mambara of Mm mm'iar" b?ard front fltiyaiaa ara I nb>n aim and thirty two wamton l-m -'rata Only nita matnljara remain to ba h?*r I from Thiaa ratara* ahow that Alabama la darldadly la f*mc of tba I ail n aa itita \j rlrla; "ira baa ha?n ab ctad with rafatatea to tha <|uaatl< n of I ni"B Of aaaaaabin Mnrraranta nf UIMIncnlihril Irull vl-lnola. to n Wahrtarara iap*nod hy hi* ?oa. Klai.-nar Wab???r and K M lllatrbfotd. laft Iruklla N II . on Ihi I 'dh in?t for a b at ar.ood iha it mta M uai?i?i lla trart la in H> own mrrtajta and will probably t?a all aant fir aanral wa. ta llta 1. alt It l< nii'h Imprnrat and it la aaM ha will not. r tnrn to W??hinifton for n m< nth. uriaa ralb d up >n huainaaa of imp .d?n*f lion llanry I lay. ihonah in a r-ry faaMa "twin of loallh Hdti ghl mila? Ihi' u?li lh? ram to tba pdk t" I Kl* it Ik* lit- alaetli n In Kaotaatry A f lUtn. Cap' J P VhI?. I, 0, T I, IMtn'.n ' I Cfmtl I. Llaaidu. Mac*. W UiliDT- fit I, ,ui?. A l? I | BnP fin . K furiiKy iln A A llr >*n N 0 warn i ! ?? rjf tf? nrr;?alt yi |. r lay at tha (*|jnt >n h dal A It< j I'ffto IU-<. It M f.^nn-lrt Win- 1 trial T P. tltnm.'rB nod lady T?nn~?w J'mfh l\ lardrrr BmIod, A t >rg?fv>t>. Ar (land W M Ui(h> I I li??l? i| liin. Mr Hardily r. lady. arid enild, I. >nf li'ard. and V P >iwt"n. Cincinnati w. re aiu ,nj in. , airionU jr-t#rrfay nt tb? l'nl? a pUrn IMrl. A. MIp|.i on. (Vdntnbna Ml?a ; li H i'*n*th and lady, i Ili'ni'r . B'r". N?? llnr-n: J II iii.'h M nun'. ' K l> M IVn.jI II. Prrlnyfiild (II; <* ail I a> M?t i f?Id Hta#; II Ham i ici nn'l; I. H j Vin ,bi 11 hum iii n Mi ? ; A I* Hadi" l-idy ntd anr. rant, "a t mnr- A I'ar-a-r. Hhlt; pr J II (Ifit i 6'lit Va?? au'< K fK I'rit bird. Watarb'irt i* n war.. I arm i , t (.? at I!ta l? jr >ii , ,'nt at ;fca Hoar' d I ' ?>l I Hi t" ?i I - A J II () r. f Mi" i i am.da. S Cnnn?,f. Ann Prxtir'-W " ' "? ' i a d II i 1 * It tit r ** Albnitl, nrr,??l y at 'la ||?? f Hrn ? 't t III II1 n ,m .fid. B 'I n f ' " ' . n . hilHlM; A M'b"-It. 'la, , I tar l*ani hp by ar.?0 . iynt?. On. ?r rttiuM U'- nitstair futi y ?t tka a -v f it NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. ? TDREE DIVS LITE FROM EUROPE, | ARRIVAL OF THE CANADA AT HALFAX.'' ? 1 ADVANCE IN COTTON.!; C0NT1NIED DKPamiOJi IN THE CORN MARKET. CiC\KR.\L DVLLNKNN IN PROVISIONS. DECLINE IN CONSOLS. PROROGATION OF THE BRITI&II PAR LI LH INT, Ac., Ac., Ac. Uai.irax TkUi:iiPH Of-rtrr. 1 Monday. August 18?it A. M.J The royal mail steamship Canada. Capt Harrison, from Liverpool Saturday. Btb instant, arrived at her wharf in this city at about 6 o'clock this mornlug. bringing twenty-four passengers for Halifax, and eigbtyfour fur Bus- ( ten. The CaDada spoke the ship Lady Faulkland, of Glasgow, forty miles west of Cope I'ine. The steamship Franklin, of the New York and Havre tin* arrived at Cowes on Tburniay. the 7th Inst* nt. at 1 o'(lock P M . and vailed tha same evening for Havre. j The British Parliament ?? prurogued by the (jeeen in person. on the 8th im-t . on which occasion her Majesty delivered a speech, in which were enumerated all the principal measures of the session, but containing no feature of special importance. The prorogation is uutil the fourth of September. Previous to the adjt urnment of Parliament, the Patent Law Amendment bill was lost in the House of Lords, owing to their lordships having refused to concur in the amendments made to the bill in the House of Commons The revenue returns for the last year show a surplus of three millions poucds sterling which is regarded as affording indisputable evidence of the progress and prosperity of the various branches of trade, and especially o' the manufacturing interests. Late Parle papers are tilled with glowing accounts o j the brilliant festivals with wnich the Parisians have welcomed their English visiters The only political fact of imp ortance from France is that seme fifty of the Councils General of Arrondiase- , ments, in different sectious of the republic have passed votes in favor tf a revision of the constitution, and it is stated that not less than three, fourths of those budicsi j throughout the country, will pa.-s similar votes. AITalra In Knglaiwl. PROROGATION OF PARLIAMENT?HER MAJESTY'S SPEECH ?111E DtLLi.N AND OALWAY RAILROAD, ETC. Excepting the speech of her Majesty, at the prorogagation of Parliament, there is not an item of interest to communicate, ller Majesty having thanked the Lords and gentlemen of the Commons fur their dill gence, said :? I continue to maintain friendly relations with foreign powers. I am happy to be able to congratulate you on the veiy considerable diminution which has tuk-n place in the African mud Brazilian slave trade The exertions of my squadron on the roads of Africa and Brazil, assisted by the vigilance of the eruist rs of France and the toiled States, and aid-d by tbe cooperation of 1 the Brazilian government, have mainly contributed to this reeult OuuuMis or Tur Horn, or Gmsmons:?I thank yon for the readiness wnh which you have granted the supp.tes for the service of the year It is satisfactory to observe that notwithstanding the very large reduction of taxes. Mir revenue for the present year has doubly exrweilwl the eatw-nditure f am rei.iired to tind that vnu bave thereby been enabled to relieve my people from an impost which restricts the enjoyment of light aad air la their dwelluif*. I trust that ibis enactment, and other*, to which attention ban been and will be directed, will contribute to the health and comfort of my subjects I tbuuk you for the assiduity with which you bate applied ( J urael?e?to the consideration of a meaeiire framed for | the purpiet of checking the undue assumption <>f ecclesiastical n ties conferred by a foreign power It gives m-- the highest latufac tion that, while repelling unfounded claims. you hare maintained inrioiate the religious liberty so happily eetabliehed among us The attention ) ou have bertowi d on the administration of justice in the courle i f law and equity, will. I trust. prove beneflclal and lead to Improvement* I bare willingly giv?n my concent to a bill relating to the adminlatratioo of the land revenue* of the crown, which will I hope, conduce ' to the better MMMl of that department, and at tlie salt.* time lead to the promotion of work* of public utllitr. It haa been gratifyingt<> me? [ller. follows a sentence in icfcrenec to the Kihibltion, which haa been so mangled by the carelessness of operaton on the eastern lines that we are forced to ootlt it altogether ] In cloaing the present session it la with fee ing* of gratitude to Almighty U?d that I acknowledge the general spirit of loyally and willing obedience to the law | which animates my people Puch a spirit ia the beat aecarity at once for the pr gresa and stability of our frwe and happy instltutiona. The completion of the Dublin and Galway railroad haa ficen rlae to renewed dlaeu ssion in reference to the expediency of making the latter port a packet atatlon. The new arrangement of the Che-ter and Holyhead and city of Dublin ccmpaniea for the conveyance of pawwngera. appear to glee general satisfaction, and ia likely to be estenaively made use of It is espected that pa seengera will be able to book from London to Oalway, which ran be reached in 17 or IS hoar* from London A colUsion on the London and Southwestern railway occurred on the 7th inat . which, although not attended 1 with ions of life waa productive of aerioua Injuries to about U or SO persona Thn French Mepablte. BALL.* AMD FETE*?THE COMMITTEE OF FKRWAWEMCE ?PKIMCK Ml JOIRVILLK A IAKDIDATE FOB THE ASSEMBLY, ETf. The visit of the Mayor of London and the Commission era of the Ethibllion to Paris haa nearly turned the heads of the Parisians, and the public journal* are Ailed with voluminous details of the splendid ball* and fetae, I which follow each other In rapid auceeealon in that city | In the asantlme. politics are at a discount. The Committee of Permanence consisting of thlrtr fit* merubera. baa been fbowo The nanmare all of tor hlgbeat rlaae. ?nd the m< mtxra arc th'tc meat diatln | (airbed fur tbclr wtednn and moderation. ? The correepondent of the London IMily .Von, writing . tr m Parte on RVdneedaf evening rape ? The Otleanlata arc aleut to bring forward tbr Priaoe | d?' Joinellle a? a candidate for a ? at ia the t-aeraUp. following la thla reepect tbr coutw pur u- d bp the Oonaparlhta with reepael to Lonla Napoleon. who war ac- ' beted representative while in exile P.umor emtea that the Prime will become a eaudltale to repreenot the I peine ia place of the present ioeuatx-at. The ?obj?et , la giving rt?e to a good deal of talk ia the Aaaemhlp, but aotbit - la ptt defluitflj agreed upon. Uerntanjr. There la varp little news from Grrmanp. The Austrian minister ke about to eontract a l< an <t about 80,000 0C0 Horla* The terms are to he about U3 or M f i* a fire per ceat etock, bp subscription either at bom.) or abroad. Hamr. Tb< re I* nothing of unpo' tsnce from Rome Reinforcement* of trench tr<? pa are linking their way into the Itp. Arrest* on political gar unda continue to he made Rpain. The kpaniah Chamber* were prorogued on the 3kth wbila quiet Ip preceding with the public hu?lnee* bp the ' ant be rlty of h< r ktaje-lp tb-lju-en Peroral regiment* ajaiein u rmtu m r)-* .n H r mr 1'Li.hj.iu liitn 1< Commarrlal Affulii. Thr Ijo?ik? Miutrt mm** i ha* atiuarit'iaa no chang* rilrr (Itnliw datia Tin Pr><rli-h fui.d* h ?Te fluctuated abfut onc-oglitli ii(*?ti1 and d?>?n?i?rl. ilur1i(tb? wok On tba Hh CohihiU <1 111 't t i 1M , a l.n i?n ilerki pnrticuxl l???) ami railway 'bar** bad annaldaraMy di cllii*d Willi United traiiaantlnn* kra? il*an i(ii k? Dpi' aiibi in ar t <|ii laid* cf>*nu? In ralua. A>iiM?Tl?ra la no ImprnaeuiMit Ind-maod. and to ITfpt ?al<-? in any <|uaallty. lower rat? mivt b? ?ul> luitti d to. Baaa?Ihe rnl ? of 'inariltron l>trh pon?l?t of *0 tibda a* T f<d to *? tnl f r I liilad*1 jdila and 7a for H? 11 Intra. Bar lOrrt i ?a ? The fli nf market continued dcprc??ed, l id tic re wa? a ?l kbtly Improved riema id on Friday Ihr eurrent i|Ootatift.a w?re ..fur W??t?rn Canal. Ia a 2<* Id.; Philadelphia, l altinnw ard Ohio 20? a j 20 0d; Am* no an and Canadian hi ate I and ?our*d. ]to tojva | r l.wtt I Thrr? *?? li-? iW-manl for In linn rr.m *(2(1 M *ihI Tit M aim r,i {.* ?I ita. W !> at ialia fl> ?l) ??<! ttia? ? r arrant, at tha rkiiirg if ila I or< pa arr barily n 'nlnr/1 Hala* if I hilad* l|>I* at <1 Hal1 I<W?ra t ?Ti lr i ?t '1< par till- . tr.d f f f at ritlan at ft? V?l ('it m* ? 'I I 0< nafiii f *T intttn it Mt -p-r.J K>( j Ir n an ail? ttrli j II ti'^ On tlia Jt?i an nr]t?na? ' naa trail!" ]( r H w r j Nil' IktiY tmartnn ,nh' 0* Tha ' ii?> l.y lli la t| 1 ?i.t> | 1 r>i ly r.--tril J till ?? 4a!ti|*n it ?p? t.t if trma \iij r> ntii. m? tha j A I *ar?1ttt> a, I It I i-arpt nil ntiirfc th*y tn iM h fafl??4 I'.t a 'J I'ti tl'.i.a Til Kiaiii * at ami hl?n I ufpfci'o )? t lb , *? ? ak*M? on ih?' dth at fnltf 0M- > Ighlh of * p?H} POT Ik. ?VOT la* wook'f currsncy All i unlit if 0 up i middling fair are a trill# dearer tine* the la hng of the Europa-but above this range, price# are quite imtat. The total tale* of the week are elated at b9,190 t ua' #. of which sieeu a ort took 8.670 and exporters 9.170 I t,.t. - l>??tre lite balance. 41.350, to the trade. Tbe < brokers quotation* for fair cotton remain unchanged, ' nairn-iy Mobile and Upland* 6',r. , Orleant The J Havre cotton mai ket. on the Salt tuat , WM tolertb! J . stead) at the following quotations ?New Orleans. 6df. ! 65; Mooile, 70f 83; Upland* tiOf 81 The stock of ' American on hand ww stated at 68.471 bale*. The total sale* of the week were stated at 7 2K6 1 tales. Cvnut h?i bv*? Iq r?(b?r belter d-mand. and for mutt description* prices are a trifle dearer. The market clotcd firm and prices bare an upward tendency , Pmsiohts have been fully sustained and the rates for pattei)gers have been slightly advanced. UoLinu.?(July a moderate business was golug forward at steady and unchanged prices. Mktali.?The demand for iron is inconsiderable, and prices are stationary In lead and coppor a good bud- , ness is doing, at former rates Tlu plates are in fair re' uest. at unchanged price* Tin is quiet. Navai. Broaa*.? V* e hare no tran*actions to report in , tar or turpentine Bplrits of turpentine moves slowly at pricet current a week ago. Oil* ?In linseed a moderate business is doing, at ?33 10s. Rape is more inquired for. Bales of Dale seal have been ui*de at 833 10s to ?34. Paul isiotis.?lu bacon there is no new feature. Beef was not wanted and pork was saleable only at retail, at 40s to 40*. for prime mesa. Mess was in fair dem*n2 for Ireland at 54*, to 18*. Shoulders Were held abave the views of buyers, and the transactions were consequently. small Cheese of Inferior quality was slow of sale. The market was bare of tbe better sort* Lard Is held oil ih? market A puree 1 of good quality has been , mill *r. XI*. whit h i* a sliwht decline feum ln*t rates. Kit k continues in limited request, without an; mate ritil change in the value of any description. Bales of cO tierces ot Carolina are reported at 18s Ud. per cwt. Bints beth at Loudon and Liverpool. Is in in derate request at a reduction of six pence for British I'lantiv tiou The transactions In foreign bare been Umttsd, | and the market closes with a downward tend. ncy. Tlx?Low and ordinary qualities of Congou are in moderate demand at lOd. to lOJ^d. per It). Finer sorts are neglected Oolong has been in better request at Is to Is 7d per lb. Tne consumption of this kind of Tea Is increasing. Tobacco?The trade buy sparingly, but there has been a better demand this week for Ireland aud for exportation at the rates cnrrenl at the sailing of the Kuropa. 1 arm Mahkkt ?The reports from the Manchester mar- I ket represent an improved fooling, and mure doing, but at rather unnexuuerative prices. HOLLINGSHBAD, FETLKY & CO.'s COTTON CIRCULAR. Livn.rooi.. August 8, 1851?Although there has not been so much doing in the present as in the proceeding week, the business has, nevertheless, been extensive, the sales only orcasionaliy falling below 10.000 bales per day; a considerable portion of which b -ing to speculators. The Improved state of trade In Manchester, with the ample demand for the greatly Increased production of goods and j wrus, have induced Bpinners to buy freely, and they have consequently added to their stock, during the last three weeks, although still holding less than an average quantity. This, with a considerable amount taken on speculation and for export, '

bas relieved the market during the last three weeks of 174 580 bales, and the quantity now daily offer- j ing is. in comparison with what it was a short time ago. | very materially ri-dueed 81ill. tbc supply has hitherto been so ample, that with til this large business, prices , are barely restored to what thi y were on the 18th of ] July Then, the stock was at its highest point, and, i compared with last week, the advance in American descriptions does not exceed one eighth per pound, and that confined to the-ordinary and middling qualities; : cotton above middling tait being no higher than on Frl day last H.060 bales American. 70 l'ernambuco, 510 Ma ranbam. 3.10 Kgyptian. and l.oGO iurat. have been taken on speculation, with 7.100 American 1.630 IVruamliuco. 1 44o Burat. 580 Madras, and 100 Bengal, for exportleaving for tbe trade 41,450 bales. The sales, to-day, amouut to 8 000 baiss. I> B.?i'Hii'ii Kvxmvu. August 8?The market Ls less flrln this afternoon, in cnnxe-jueuce of advices p-r Frank IIj aracuuciug a iuriurr uecnue ui ruiwu > .'f"" iun and New Orleau* Prices Iplands. 4',; fair. 4\ a ('?; Mobile middling*. 4',: fair. 5 a5'(< New Orloans middling. d\; fair, $U a5k,. PaanenKrr* per Steamahlp Cana*ln. Mr and Mr* Ruilea aad two cl.ildrei. Mr aad Mr* Blake, Ml and Mi* RobeiUon. Mr and Mr* Cooke, Mr* Cokbardt, Mr aad Mr* Martbill. Mr aad Mr* Cook and ohlld, Mr* Patter*m. Mr* Qlll??pie, Meaeri Br?**er, Mark bam. Booth, Poeo, Legem Joy**, Bel ley. Carrelaoa, Carreleon Jr, Marrow, Mi now Jr. Orr, Call. Gniraad, Aebbnrne, Pieriat*. Fortune, Donlap. Donlap Jr. Ward. B?*h*. Pirid*. K ffer. Salmon, Cornwall. Fowler, Currier. Riehard* Pieroe, Matoria, Benkb. Kolmlin. H hitford. Bermet. Gilloepte. Denfolme. Rnpiwr, Henry. Cohen, Lawrence, Btrana, Mathiceoaa, Smith, La**, Uariatcue, Shipping Intelligence. An from New Turk an* 5?Kmc Occnr. at Klalnenr; Viotoila. Urawiend: Warrior, Dublin; Nonrell* Eeperanoe, Marieill**; *tb, W'aahington. the Clyde; Powell. Dublmi 5th. fouih Caroliaa, Deal. Sardinia. Livtrp ol; ?th, Clttv beth Mart, Uueenatown; "lb. Huguenot, aad Hungarian. Liven ool. Sid lor do Ang 6. Anetralia, J Z, aad Mempbia, from Liverpool: Mh, Jtreev. do. Arr from Boeton?July 3H. Minoaa. at Ootheabnrg: <th, Akt ar. Cowea Sid for da Aug 6, Wm Wirt, and Dtaotik, from Liverpool Arr from New Bedford?Ang 1, Angeliqne, la the Tatal. Arr from I'f.arleetoa?Ana 7. Carantie, at Liverpool. Arr irom Wilmington?Aug a, Oeo Beaumaria, aad Qeorgt Tho.e, at Bremen Air from New Orleana? Ang ( Old Kaglaad, at Llrerpool. Bid for doSth, Fureat Klnc. from do. Sid lor Philadelphia?Ang 6, Anna Tift, from Liverpool. Sid lor Baltimore- Ang t.ldw Everett, *rom Liverpool. Pti wot th, Aug 5?Tb* Derby arrived from St John, KB, With pump* choked, hound to London. Deatratllr* Firm at Fulton, near On we go? Laaa $100,000. O.ewano, Aug. 18,1851. A Br* brake out about two P. M. veeterday. in the Tillage of Fulton, doctroying property to the amount of about f100 000 ; It originated in tha barn belonging to Ga'per * hotel The fin man of tbl* city haatened to the apot by tb* ear*, bnt wore not abb' to roach there till the j progrca* ol tb* Hie waa check* d, aad a large portion of i the village waa reduced to aabaa About fifty faalliea ' were burned out Ths Fulton House. nil buildings in tbi 1 Mock upon which it stood, nnd nil the stores nod dwellings on the west side of First street, ndjolnlng the onnnl. were destroyed The principal sufferers nre Mr K C Luek. boot store, Insured. W K limerick. lenther store, stock mostly burned, W H. MeKrncksn. dry goods, pnrtly insured; C. Chutrh, hnrdwmre. ireured , Shepherd k Rebcook. mrnt mnrket, H I'uUerton k Co , dry goods, mostly burned; Fulton House, Insured. $2000 on building, nnd $1,000 on furniture. The totnl Inns Is estimntsd nt $100 000, only n smell portion of which Is covered by Ineurnnee. Fran BnffsJn. Till FLS1T1VK SLAvg CASK?MVKDEUB RJ?l irin Bt rr ?lo, Augu-4 1*1, 1811. Benjamin Rust, the sines cnteher was to day b<>und ; over for trial. In the sum of $1 000. to nutter the ehnige of assault and battery, in striking the dntr Daniels. with , n plsee ?f wood. Knickerbocker, who was to be ? ung to morrow has been respited, by Governor Hunt until the 3d o? Oetobeit $ ntlier Hat beer. F.sts, Augu?t 18. lhil, Father Mat hew arrived here on Saturday and assisted In the cos serration of a new church la this place At the close of the services crowds of Ids countrymen flocked | around the altar to receive ths pledge at his hands A dinner is to be given in his honor this evening fmn l.oulsvllle, "rAeantMiJiT or cholma?nTom.u at st. utvtn? rnk'iikT lm Iowa?loss or Lira?rRtipaaTT 1'UTittin, rrc. Lni'miUK, Au|n>t II, 11(1. Tha rbioara la abating hat#, only on* D'V ri? oe- j eurrad to day Tbare a?r? fourteen death* on Saturday anorunday. Mf?t t.f tba r?-a* now nnJ. r tr?atm *nt It , ka thought, will n?>T(t Tb< neither la tool and elmidy A giant atom w urml at At Lonla on Tbnraday. The ati a no re I'lanter, Ala* aiider Pc Ht nod ffwlam World br> ke from lh*ir ni'x nng* The I'lanter loot herraMn and rhimntae aueUitiing damage to the e*teot of fi S'W The Mitiur Moutialuwr M orr cbitnaka and pilot hma foural raft* ??n rnuipli l?l) til -k- n up. many t> tit building* and >lud* ? rx de?troyid and fani-oa. tr..e? and an pa Here lar. ll-d wlib th* ground tii at u?* Ufa aid daalnactmn < I property oeiurrad at Muaratine Iowa on iba llth luotant by a fr?t-h?l on art??k ahi< h oaaum d at night ttoono am aaapt i ff. at d in one a oian au l bar thro- rbttcren vara <frown*d Iba lo?? to pitblla ?"tk" alonala PlOWM A rain rintm in |ta?d<> and Marshall eountn-a, Mlaaiaaippl baa danngi d tha ric pa arn u?ly IN Mica In tnra ftrntlic Maura*. Attguat 1I.1M1. Tba yllt'aal aiml>n ant I- ruan i g pretty high here. net 10 Tha in nun* ion o'r imlnh t- . will ba toed" on Tburdaj and I ha t1> < ion Will lata | lara on tha I'bur*d?y fi ll, winy ? r ?j rlty In f?tor of tba rallroail la eoi fidi ntiy eape.ted Ctont the Rnalh. MaktiwoaK, Augu-t It 1961 Tha Poutharn mail boa arrirad. A' hlrhmotid tha (irand Jury bam Indl* "d John M. I>a ii i? la fur rending a challenge to Mr J oh nat on, tha < r >>f the Wkim I It le rr|M rt*d thut Vr fn'ito i r'rmoenit. nomlnntwl Rt Kirl mond. t?r t'tin ?? re. will <lo tic. In coitRRq??Md (f 111 her It It I?r Mr' ro> clt. rf the I'ft g>'l H'R'f* Army. ?M rc. flout I j lnjui?'l. Rt New ' >il< ? t I y R fml. The Ohl<t Hirer. I'i 11-hi r??. An((it?t 1A, ir*>l Hi# rlrer m'R>ur?? oa'/Uirte f' t in lk? ctunfl Tit" nrtith* r l? pleReniit The St? it titer f"h? inHrr. Nir iK> < i i .1 t li, !#jl The 'At Rmf r f h' r> fc?e fjtp'n i U 1...1 I' ll l?i4?y for Xt? lor* ?< IIrtrhr *i 'i li'? | i- errfR 74 J r*l"(t ?v ?l i Mi n?l?r .o tl.e -'"urn. r Rt lUt ton f -r ! IbtfreR. Tk? Hnllroad Committee at Mvnlrtal. Moothkal, August 18, 1861. t The Boston Railroad Committee arrived here on Be- f :orday evening The municipal euthoritlea received , hem. end s grand entertainment followed A Ur^ | t lelegation from Montreal will attend the celebration io lioaton, appointed for the 17 th Bep'etnber. On duturlay, ? pssaenger train wah run for the tlrat time over the 1 :bampUtn and St Lawrence Railroad, which oompl?t?s ? rbC rajlwajr communication between Montreal and Boeon. Cholera at Chicago. Omicaoo, Augutt 16,1851. The Board of llealth report one death from cholera teeter day. Fatal Accident nt Trenton Kalle. Otica, August 18, 1851. ( Jerry Blake, a clerk in the store of E CUx-?n. of this lity. was drowned at the foot of the first (light of stairs^ | it the Falls, this afternoon. lie was there on a visit, with his wife, who was asccndiDg the stairs a littla before him. and upon turning around to speak to him she discovered him struggling in the water, from which it was impossible to rescue him. Ills body has been recovered. Another Fntal Accidents !IiRsiascao. August 18,1851. On Saturday afrernoon. a young man named Hyde, from Womelsdorf I'a , engaged in painting tna statu | building, fell a distance of Qfty fu?t. lie broke both of his tbigbn. and ecvor&l of his ribs He lingered in thn moat agonising pvin until yesterday morning, when duath rt lie veil him of his i ufferlngs. Ivlcldti Boston, August 18,1851. j Charles Ilusay. aged about 45. hung himself in his barn, at Jamaica Plains, on Saturday. Hu was possessed of ample pwunisry means. Ills wife is nn inmate of the j Insane Asylum; and mental depression, ou this account, is said to have led to the rash act. tnlted State* Stock. Washington, August 18. 1*51. The amount of United States stock issued to foreigners during the past week, was $37,WO. Arkansas Klerllon. Littli: Koca, August 11, 1851. Bobert W Johnson, the Southern Rights candidate or CoDgtess. is undoubtedly elected over John Preston, ! Jr.. Union man Hepburn's Urorcry Store, northwest corner <1 Ysrlck and Vandain streets, contains, for sale, Blank and Green Tsas. of unequalled quality, at 4s. and pouad. i Also. Sugars of retry variety, unearpaesed for their superiority as* cheapaeoe. The Liquor department ie full, with a recherche selection of Liquors, Brandies. Winee. ten.: and if I yon wish for a good Srgar. J net enter into the store northwest corner of Varick and Vaadam streets. Cst> 1st-low, or (sambo, made after the most spproved West India manner. Green Turtle Soup and Terrapin Stew, of rarequelttv. eerred this day. i'ETEK M IIA V a R D, 8 State street. N.B. Ochra and Touiato Soup every day. Oi Bamndsrs' Bletnllc Tablet Razor Strop, the oldest and most approved article now la use, having been before the public for the laet thirty yeart, can be had of the subscribers, wholesale and retail. 0. SAUNDERS te SON. 147 and 387 Broadway. Combs.?Ladle* are respectfully Invited to oall and examine tho subscribers' assortment of the above, beyond all donbt the finest in the city. A. te J. SAUNDERS, 387 Broadway, Between White and Walker street*. Travelling Dressing Case*, the most protabla. and at the same time, tha most oomplete artir' yet manufactured, having evory requisite for ' i let, for tale by G. SATS' >, ' 7 Broadway. Stranger* passing tlir r City may, during their hriel sojourn, fur a ? .ha set of Shirts, at GREEN'S. No. lAst quailed in style and tit. Implicit dependence iced upou the fulfilment of all order* at the time Klearant Bridal Cards, -nli mllil Knvclonr*. and Wedding Bogea ?The subeeriber rcpeotfully call* the attention of parties requiring something truly ol?vaut to hia beautiful styles of the above article*, in the lateat mule. EVEKPtLl. Broadway, ooruer of Duane street. Branoh office, 13 Wall atreet. Tile new and handsome Clothing Rata. bliahment of ALFRED Ml'NKoE a CO . No. Ml Broadway, hat been visited the paat week by a large number of our citl caa. mueh to the gratiflration of all concerned. The pro. firietora would eontid*ntly aak all who are in want of articles n their line to call anil examine their aaaorlment. Rich and Rare were the (Irma she wore. Them V> Suite, pnrchaaed at the Grand atreet atore. Overcoats sailing at aatoniahing low prices. Alio, a large and well selected lot of choice buaiaeaa Coat*, doetkin Pants, figured ailk and satin Yeats. Corner of ?rand and Centre streets. Capital.?The best of Boots sand Shoes can be bad at Brooks's. 150 Fulton street. We know that thle i s an abrupt declaration, but wo ought to mako It. because it eoiacidee eiactly with the trutn, and the promulgation, therefore is of public benefit. Mr. Brooks la one of the beet manufacturer* of bu.te and shoe* in the eitv. lie tit* every sort of foot, no matter how awkward, or now frightfully covered with corns It mny bo. Cllrehuwh's Wigs and Toupees.?All who wish esse as a elegance in n head of hnir. ahonlJ not fell to proenro ono of C. a unrivalled Wigs. Their adaptation to ths shape ef the head, comolned with lightness and durability, throw all others is the shade. Try 17f Broadway, up stairs, opposite Howard's liotol. Lysn and She Padlars.?We comply mod willingly with the request of Mr. Lyos, of 434 Broadway, to warn the public agaiaat counterfeit# of his Magsetie Powder for ths detraction of insects, now selling by men and buys in our strreta. The true article-and it la invaluable?can only be had ?fhiu er bie agents, among whom art included all ths respectable druggists. We cheerfully recommend all our Trlcnds who sro travelling to take with them n bottle of Orange i Flower Lotion. It is a capital article to remove tao. and for sunburn It has no equ al. Itis (las good for the removal of pimples, frreklea, blotches, and all eruptions oa the face and skin. It it fold by Kuahtva, Clark It Co., Noa. 110 and 273 Broadway, aad lu Astor House. Who would sulFrr from Corns, when, by goiag to tha Bootmakers Colon. ?2 Naosan street, the* can pnrthaae a pair af Boots so easy that tbay at once banish tha pais of these distressing tells. aad. withal, oo rraoefal that f. ..M th.m ... k.ln.B K. ? . I L - _ hi, I own iHt l ON BY RAKKIT. Moodit, August 11?6 P M. Tb? stock market slightly Improved to-day. The transaction* were large, and principally for cash The probability U that the advance Li merely temporary. We ere no foundation for the reaction, and look upon it a* one of thoaa movement* usually realised during a period of depression Kris Kallroad waa the most active railroad fancy on the list, and th* amount of stock put upon the market eauaed a decline from the opening pries Bevaral other fancies fell off from the opening prices, and the market closed weak. The rreelpta at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port to-day. amounted to |t*4,0M), payments f 102 CM a Balance. ?3 8/.#,177 16. The Canada at llalifal. from Liverpool, brings three i days later Intelligence from all part* of Kurope The new* I* cf rather an unfavorable character All of our staple products continue very much depressed and there sppiars to be very little probability ry an Immediate improvement It la our impression that as the season advances our Unsocial and commercial advises from Ureat Britain will be more glotmy and depressing. Money was dally becoming more valuable In Louden The depreciation in st'>cks shows thit; and if ' the Bank of Key land does not in soate way arrest tbe steady drain of bullion from Its vanlte, the conse. quence tuil be moet disastrous to tbe commercial classes. We shall look for later accounts fromKnglanl with a gcod deal of intermt. as our anticipations are not of tbe mot f**nraM* clmrart?r 1 h? iBfuat c4 I'mtrd Rtateo otoek l??i?d to forolRnof* dorfr>( tbo *??*k ending tbo 16th iort , w*? (37,000. of bib ?30 000 wo?cl tbo loon <>f 1M7 and (7,000 of lit* Bid* for tho roool loan of on* million of dollar* will bo Of i d< d by tho eonptrtillor of I ho Hut*, tt Alloaf. tomotrnw It l? tbo inipr?*?ion in tbo otroot. that bi t* will not *?tj mnrb from p*r Thotr b*(?g roclrnbl- f r bonk lorn** In tbo banking dopurtmoot giro* thorn on ?itiB' lul taluo. and the abolo ouiount oil! undoubtedly bo Uktl Ibo rurront '^notation* In thi* mark, t for forrlgn and domoottr ogrhangoo. fur nn< urront m<>ooy.and fur?pocio an- a* ann< ltd Foaamo Mrmlkta t>a l.oadna ...... I \ * lu'o )< Am?wda?... .4I?{ a 41 Onl'tri* .... S4. US" HII1, Ua Huruimg N aSn'o Oa Brrui. il fn4 a 7"H liner a a air Mnaaa. if I of *> old of in of fold of I W FugUad,.. S dl* P?* Mobil* kill. H'II*. I Alkt.Tr**. ho t* <U H dl*. K?w 'Mrl-*n* . S dl*. W dl*. S I I on 1.1 ri 4k. b ill. MM* fli ill. " dl*. Hi* Jiimi. S'"* Hill*- Indiana t dio. Ilfdl*. I'l II.*i lohia. V diO. P?r Rootorhy.... I dir ISd'?. Bnltln.i.r*. .. S di?. *? dl*. Ti-nnr??on.... .1 dl*. il>, di*. Viraiuia IH dl*. I dl*. Mmn nrl J di* lb dl*. Hi f ?? no*. ..I), di*. I di*. m i'iii?*a .... J di*. i \a 'I in. V t aroliaa. ..I di*. I dl*. I'aamia 4 dio. 3 di*. I U*nra>* I dl* Kdl*. Uommtic F.trw*aoaa. Roatea ?a h, dl*. H..IMI* 1 a 1K dl*.*tf*l|'Ma .., - a dl*. N*?r OrU*n?... Wal pr*. fUitln.-Ti ? a )% dl*. M rlh <?rlin* Ilg a ? dl*. Charleston .,.. M a I pre. I.nnlerflla 5 a!1* In. Savannah K al pre. hanhellln 2 a d|t. 4. ?>. ' a Mai pre. St I...nit |U a IV dia. Columbia ? a I pre !? troll % % ? die. Vt'oTariona roa Srtci*. firr>al Pilar, dm. Oold, <ald) l'?> ili? Card dola. >1 \fj a 11* do. (ne?|l<tl aim Wruaea... 07 A W? Ball <t'-1lare I' .'X a l'1-'^ tinllonnt. 17 si a 17 ?> Portnpvreettnld. H4I a H? 'a do Patriot. If. 4(1 a |li .Ml Spanteh dollars. .1(7 alia fiovrreiina. 4 ad a 4 NJ do uaartrra.ld a I'tJ . .. 4 S4 a 4 (B ?t. do far?... . I'. ', a |. | It'ey near 51*1 a ? do quartern. ..Mil a H'l Napoleona. IM a 9 SS Thue far eery lillle ha? l.een tloaeln f.tretgaeMhanjrea frr thla prrkit Th< Mea-ner from Solon on H'...|?>.'a day w II take ..nt ?#ry little tyrrle Th? hnlh of th? -h'pli rati ft r tlie week will he reeerr>d f >r the packet lettit.r thin port nr. -Ht.irrtnv pert. We hare alter* <1 *>?r qn-.lath pa In etrr* rp* r d wtth current rate* fliere ha- In -n Pt. rliappe In rjnr.tall'.nn for'I'tWieelht r*? h ir^i-e. na.trrcnt money, nr for r|>? :l?. frj tb<? former Umf citlinue B"T' ly a< atit al ' lb# anaoaod (Utwmt o&hiblU tile quotation la hie market for the principal pubUc eeooritie*. at Um ee| ective period* named < Qcutatiom* rut Public Bacqat^ga, j J. 8. Lot at, 8 per cent lo'" '('' I 16, IW). 'fur. 18, lW.'J iu ?' 1 735"' *01 ? l!iW *51 ?M>IW. b?' I .. }2S -* ?107 KM aloS: Si \ w g": MSg ii&tiil 'uLT?rk 6 P*'"eemt UM- !? ' ? "? I }? 2 .. RJV lWJiaiw 111 a ill C &: S ? i3S5::::: z :z }{{ ?}* Do. C 18H6 it# a 116 iu i iii* Do. ? 1887 Il? a 118 16 t !}| Do. 6* ? Infill 108 a 1*1* KM I iASwDo. 6Q " IHtil 108 a 10*2 1M :{?& Do. 62" KM a 108* 108 a lontf' Do. 6 " 1860-53... - a - m* a ltti Do. 8 " 1866-88.., 104 a 101 * 104 a lEv I?o. 6 ' 1860-00... 106>iaK?^ 106 aloft' Do. 6 - 1860-66... 106' ?107 MM* I iS*' Do. *X " ?<** W a 88 86 a 88 lliio 7 per rent, 1861 ? a ? ? a ? Do. 6 " 1866 _ a ? ? a ? Do. 6 - I860 107* a 108 KM* a 109 Do. 6 " 1870 107O a 108 100 a 11* Do. 6 " 1876 lllValUS 114* a 118 Do. 6 1866-6.6 MSa'.w" ?S ? >?? I aeutui ky 0 per cent n*. %, a iuo;% no a iw/st, Do. 6 " ? a ? M a #6 Illinois Int. Imp., 1847 60 a 86ti M a (pit Do. " Int. atock... 43 a 44 42 a 43 Illinois Fundable Bonds ? a ? ? a Indiana Bond* ? a? ? ? ??- State fives.., ,!? : t J ^ 83 * ?U Arkansas 6 percent t.' ? I? ? a ? Alabama A ' ? a? ? a ? Do. 6 " ? a? ? a ? Do. A ? Sterling. 91 V a 92 90 a 91 I'enntylva., 5 ' 1887 90)J a 91 S9 a 89'k A Do. A " - a - IUH a 109 M M?r> land. 6 ? 103 a 1MX lW^aW, ^ Do. A ; Sterling. - a - 89* a It* I Tennessee, A " _ a ? ? a ? Do. A " 103 a lOtyf 102 a 103 Marnaehu*., A ** ? a? a w Michigan, 6 " 1886 ? a ? ? 3 Virginia. 6 " ? 154V a. Hk.8 N.f.C.tjr 7p.r oont. lW..., \m {ft* I?. Do. 7 _ a ? mm a iff* Do. Water Loan, d.. ism... , 100 a 1U0'? 100X ? loi Do. do. flo. 1*70 103 a 101 fr : {^I I>0. Fire Uln. do. 1868.... ? a? 100 V a 111? Brooklyn. 6 percent, I.M5-A7-A8.. 10? a MOV 106V a 100 Baltimore n'a. 1S0O-7O-0U ? a ? 10A a Lit Philadelphia6V. ... 106 a 107 104 a 105 N Y. Lire and Trust Co 130 a 131 a ? Farmers' Loan and Trust Co.... 69>i a 09W 67 a 67k; Ohio Life Ina. and Truat Co.... 10t& a 107 10.1 a 10.* Bank of l. 8. in I'onn ? ^ i/ . i * Camden and Aniboy RR 138 a 140 lSfl a 140 Hartford and New Haven RR... 127 a 130 127 a 127l? New 3 nrk and New Haven UK.. 114 allA 114^ a lift Hudson Klver KK 76 a 77 70 a 71 New Yorkand Erie KR.. I":;: 84 V k ma 77 ? u Albany and Schenectady RR... 96 jJ a 97 96 V a 97 Utica and Schrnictndy KR.... 131) a 131 ? a ? Syracuse and Vtica lift 128 a 130 130 a 131 New Jersey RR 136 a 1.33 - ? _ Rochester and 8% mouse RR... 116V a 117 10A a 103' New\orK and llmleui KK 732 a 73W 67V a 63 ?n * 5,Mrad w ? wia S3 V a 64 po. Honda __ m __ 73? . 704^ -V0-.. , N,,rt*a*e Bonds 80V a 81 80V a 81 Erie Railroad Bonds, 1st loot, a no 103 a 103i, no! ? ft ?w?.ioi " Erie Income Bonda J jZ.. ur*i? S/*?\i?ift*uIf ^rEde. ? | M a . b Viliu i?n. Iionoii, 1VI-OII, ? ft ? ? ft ? Bo. l)iv. Hondo... ? i ? M'? > 96 Baltimore and Ohio KK 74V a 75 75 ft 75 Hudaon bivt-r KK linnde 1IKV a 107 101 )? ft HQ Western (llses.? Kuilr >ad 101 ft 103 KM ft 103? Del. fc Uudoon Canal Co 117 a 117>a 113 ft 1U.V Do " Scrip.. ? ft ? ? ? ? 1 Within the part two or three week* there ha* been a try great change in quotation* for most of our public securities Where uo actual sale* hare taken place, we have taken the current quotation* of the day. but amiiu the fluctUR' n" ' i jclj have been experienced, they can not t.e con ed otherwise than nominal, fiovernment *t< r k* liat r parativeiy firm. Being without doubt the beat securiti. in the market, capitalists have withdrawn their funds from other stocks and placed them in these, with the impression that in the event ot rtahzing. less sacrifice would be required. The depreciation in prices for stocks generally his been so rapid during the past month, that holders able to carry, have sold out believing that at some future period the same securities could be replaced at lower prices. Time only will deteimine this. Within the past month or two an immense umouut of capital has been withdrawn from stock investments of all kinds, and placed in bank on deposit, ready to be used any moment and to the best advaitage. in the event of a financial -peculation spreadlug over the country. This has put a large quantity of stock on the market, and forced tho-n who already were heavy holders to Increase their supply, or. In the absence of purchasers, have It appear that the different securities were d"preciatirg much mere rapidly than circumstances warranted Bo far as our leading r.ilroad stocks are concerned. such has been the case. Triers have fallen off much more than there was any necessity for. Their actual value has not depreciated, but, on the eontraryi in every element that constitutes productiveness and in trinsir value, railroad storks generally have improved Their earnings are exceedingly large, and show a great Increft-e on those for corresponding months last year. There will be no diminution In their dividends, but, on the contrary, an increase in the aggregate. The crops throughcut the country have been immense, the production* of the soil having been greater than ever before known; and when the surplus begin* to move towards the seaboard, every railroad and canal, every channel of transportation, must be tested to it* utmost capacity. Trivate and public work* of internal Improvement must be moat productive this year, and their reeelpts exceed -a - . .|wiViin. 1U ml IKI Of Ibla fixed fact. we m the market value of the itock of incorporated eompanlca, and of State* largely interested in public work*. Moodily declining. The canals of New York. l'ennrylranla. Ohio, Indiana mod Illinois, will thla year give a net revenue greater than ever before realized. and there never waa a time in the history of each when their evidence* of indebted nee* ware, in reality, more valuable than at this moment Thke I* the time for fhr teeing capitalist* to etep in and inveet their money to the beet advantage. but it require* great aagaeity to properly discriminate, and great strength of nerve to attemp' to arreeta falling market, in purchasing securities so fnely offered livery one is anxious to get atoeks at the lowest prices, and in waiting for a further decline fail to make operations as favorably aa they desire IIow long thi* stringency in the money market will continue, is mote than the most experienced in these matters can tell llow long mrh an opportunity as at present exists to get the best securities on the market at lower prices bare ruled for rauny months, is more than are oats tell, but we do know that investments ran now be mad? tbat will give annual returns upon capital greater than ever before reellxsd, upon a basis which, for security, est n? t lie exceeded In any country the sua ever shed ill light upon. vvocb ibif*uan|r?. $:d<M t'S 6'i, '67 I"'* >4krl" liilriti. a'w & <? Ibuiana iil'ti'l Ml Ml do 70 ??' I'lr liume Ml J JO do - ? agr ??d> Eric 7 $. to IW'S ><? do S,,* O-Okricoo.,. 71 ?? >?nU|..R| Mm0i C't *?<i do WW ing do mb m ' H? ' *30 WjJ wi do tl 671? lOl .1,1 Drl * Dai KW MM do Sd) ?J 10 6o 10?U .WI do f,; M'NJIirt ! '? |.Vi do M?" I P' Bio Rnk Pi 30)Lo>< l<iul, MiO ld!_. IIW tdfowortk Cd iS 1W do iii' KMCiatom Co .** liRo(hki>i Iim<* Ml do Ml 60 do kti Ji'.. Ml do W MK MM Rmdmc RR MlS Ml do k*di l?S KM d.. k? 51 V I'M do oUI M Jj KOI do kid y?; MO Worm Cuil Id IMMorkWorRR 35L Ml _ d" _ |3J| A# do 4?ir M? trio Railroad 7"'? M di off) d? M do J|M Ml do IxiO 50 MJ do 7"?Z MM Portamoa'.h np " ' Y* ; * llMT.rk k MRttii |o... 100 do *> Tlx 5 do 10dS, UCOAD hoard. fll I HI IS K Q 111 IWaho ln< RR,atOU? 71 6WU Rnol0'?*0 Ml ?>>ll,r|.m KM UTS' BOaha Kilo KK 7' 'a KM do k|j d7< IMI do klO 7,"a KM Riadioa RR Ml' * * MJ 7" KM do 60S 8 < 7"*d KM Poriomonkk DO * ?. i* JOS *B~hfcVr livvj ? .30 Ml rarnnn'TroH ?,? ADVKKTUKHKMS KK1KWKD KVKRY P4Y. ~ mimtT <W. KEWAB I>.?i.okT A I.AROE ORRTHor W p* ?Nrri Vcolor ? ho???r Undo Mm aad linn*? him to H Van uam itritl, will renin Mir akooo rrward. Ft N K AUtT (^1 II.OR BD PAfl I'KMRLOTYPER FOR fllTT IIRMTS - ' S Rl?*'a 01 yllokt R-. in, |i? II wrr*. Hwn n llrotor aaC> Grand t?'H, tha only lal llrhm-nt In tl.0 rltp whrrr tko ko?i ?)Krli? daonrrrrotj|>oot hnndmmrlf oolorod and tod, arr taVm for Ml onto, and lotfr ot.oo, at r.rnallf low rnlro. Wo ohnrrr nnlroo porfool rot I of action in .lorn. MI'MlAb N^ARCtpO HA MOM Tilt: < KI FHKATKn rRDrRAAOR c.f Ihi fiwliar, ho hat in fa.wralily k?? r?Hi ?d in innriMl ?l"? ' ? Mrr in haratora. hayn latao to Inform hi frt? ada aca th? |i?Mln it. rrcarni, that ha hta tak?n hi? doml nl in >?? t > th. at lol i kim; ?f? limit, aft fa r?? lj to (It* laaani . i a tt a r'ttar II' i|mili Apt*lih (oil Fr?at!i. lilHIIIUN. natimohts t p.irnratet) ft handy storb if iltmlid na Ihi nrnt of Rr'iniai anl frothy atfota ho I.*1 I nfnooa is iho trada ore Incited to malio nail ha ! ro | no-haui-a. m a 1) ?an aa<1 will tact thorn lall M pat Mtl. Oao trial will pn r? tha fact. qim i" v r jri.tkff, *t isriraii and' far ai , t tnrrt ?.Inif racflcad, a Bow nnri If "I th' tlnaa hi o airci, at Ida . |t>a, *a,. an>l So. for iloam. hottlaa filaii'f. at tic o latitat* d liraiidj Stora, K*t Itrooaia atraat cottar r I mil p. Pi .. ' an 111 I it I ;r.h, BRANDIR-h, AND M i(ii tn ?f airy I < nt dan rlpticn, in any (fnaottiy of ? a cheaper fl,an at a..cotl'r hnaaa in tho city of Naw Vork My ltd h la latao,' a' ,| r-?m )>ractleal kaowlodio it It Cirofully ard w.l| < Jo. tad. Una trial fwnvca ihofa.t A . DA I 1.1 MtiUf.. 4 . Ill > r tna atract an l Ml Han-tow itro*t. TO CONTRACTORS. f|A|| Hil.t IAD II tTHAtlTilU Til* NT.W YORK I aad la' tyh t nal f ayttiv itilti fimp .win for at. ting n oat thru and a i*ayi*? |IJ^| w|>? *4 ranr .ad troth. Ir I arl t o acm ty le?r ayl ?ana. l<iia|altf the lon ta of tha ina lull t ?al ? ownaar at da nt.illa, and to ' naact with I a ! c?r Prod.,# h.ilf'Oit 7'- ahotn a ll enmprtae at' t I'm yacln < I facetton. .A mat yar In ol ?ta'nwk t rit . < i ' r < t. o? -I atnat l.ff yaadn of maawary. In n tiridai at d iiiltrrft. ' ?r fnrth.f int .emotion apply < jni ? VI.I >( UalaVn, Ion , or to -N. f. IJ'iAC* I II Wall (tract

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