Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1851 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6874. AMUSBMKN T9. IjJOWERT THEATRE?BOX88. 25 CENTS; nr. UK JLJ onU; BmM in Oroheetra Box**. 00 oenle.?Door* opan at a qnarter pest 7. end the curtain will rise at a quarter befora 8. Wednesday evening, Au*usr. 20, will be performed the drama entitled I HE LAND AS IT IS-Harzod Pat. Mr. Barney Williams; I>an O'Carolan, Mr. Tilton: Nell O'Ceroaa.Mr Ooodall; O'Flaberty, Mr Hamilton: dlan? Mr. Jordan; Judy O'Flelierty, Mrs. B. Wt'liains Siucy Kata will be sun* hy Miaa IlilVert To oonolude with tha trams atylad .ha GAMBLE US ?ATE-01d Gerroalae. Mr. Moora; Albert, Mr. E. Had*; Mainour. Mr. Tilton; Duraont. Mr. Bainiltou; Jflila, Mr*. M. Jnuea: Mm*. Beloour^ Mr* Broa'lley BURTON'S THEATRE. CHAMBERS STREET.?DRESS Circle and Parquet ta, 60 cent*: Second Ti. r. 25 at*.: Private Bone*. % > Orchaatra Seats. 75 eta Dnora span at 7 '41 jo basin at K o'clock. Wednesday, Ansnst 20. will be played ilurkstrne's comedy of MARRIED LIFE?Mr Codlle, Mr. W K. Blake; Mrs C< ddle, Miss Caroline Chapman; Mr. Lionel Lynx, Mr. Bland ; Mrs. Lionel Lyax, Mias Weston; Mr. "Younghusband. Mr. John Djott; Mrs. Younrhusbao 1 Miaa *?fy ? mj iui, n ( u i bi i si. uuivifb, nib unuiy l/w ? Q, Mri. Dyott; Mr Dlimu, Mr. Res; Mrs Di>otl, Mrs BUk? To conclude with the force of THAT R asm.' a I. jack.?Thot Koeoal Jock. Mr. John Dann; Amolls, Mrs Uolmon. National theatre,chatoam strlet.-dkebs Circle sad Buses. 2d cents; Pit, 12 U cento: Orohestrs Tickets, flOoents; Private Bo 1 Tickets, SI. ooon st TM; curtain rises st 7Jf. Wednesday essoin? auk 2<>. the futertainmenU will commence with too com idy of UltlM SHAW, MRADSHAW, AND IlAOSBAW ?Mr Peter Urim bsw. Mr. L Fes; Mr. John Brsdahs* Mr Bradehsw; Fanny Sparks, Mrs. Drew To be followed by the drams of the bI'M N A M NUtil ST?Mobs De Rossrobert. Mr J Crocker: Edmund lleauchamp, Mr. F. Drew: Ernestine Oomoull. li'js lulls Pelby. To oonclude with HLACK EYED *Ud\N? Willlsm, Mr. J R. Scott; Block Eyed dwnn Mm Niche.. BARNUM'8 AMERICAN MDdEu *i.-AltUt ITa.VCE. 2, cents; ohildron, 12>; cents Shouts of applaaeo erect every eveninK. t he now psntomime of the Mystic Crose, la vlieh the fsuions Phlllippe suffers them to cut olf his hes This sftcrnoon nsd tv uiu?. Wednesday, Aug. 2U. in the *ftrrnoon. st .1 o'clock, curious itope Diverthwm -nt, thcoomc?ly of TUE VOCNO WIDOW, sad the psntomime of DESClfALUMKAUX. in theevi nlnir stRc'aloek l.tddcr Fcste, the comedy of THE lub'XO WIDOW. nt>d the MYdriC CR08B, with sll its uni<|ue scenery, ost< oiehins tricks, sad striking oddities, by the Usrtisstti Fsmily. The Chinese collection snd the Iltppy Family it all hdura. Franklin museum, irs Chatham sqcare.?the sboyt popular plsoe of amusement will re-open forth* seseon. onEstvrday cveninr, Aur. 2't. with sn ontire now company. Tb? ertcrteinmi nts will consist of Madsme Warton's troupe if Model Artlets," who will personate s number of beautiful livin/ pictures. Also, Less Female Minetrels, with s variety of other entcrtainmontj. For full particulars sec bills of the day. PILLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' new mub1oslHsll, U* Broadway, between Uaward and Qrsnd treats; open ovary night. This justly oslohrated and cSeieat corps of talented nnd experienced performers, ander the sole management of J. B. Fellows, whom oonaerta in this oity far the part year hay# been reoeiyed with the neatest fayer by ths elite nad fashion from all parts sf the union FoUewr Mesloal Hall i* one of the most spoolous sad best rsntllated buildings in the world. Admission IB oaute Doers open at I; convert to eommeaee at 8 o'olook, An afternoon ooneert wry Wednesday and Batnrday for the eapcoial aeecame* Ration of families, eommonoing at t o'eloek. V. M 1 AHA CHALLENGE.?UNDERSTANDING THAT x3 X jUV/U various boaete have been ma le concerning ihe superiority of Messrs. John Donniker aud f>. Meyer, or Christy's Minstrels, as violinists, I hereby odor to stake the (Sum of 1500, that Master Frederick Buckley (batter known HI- if..11 I n I.., rii,l/,K?l will nl.. IK.m or any one eimaged in Ethiopian representation*, three aoloa oa the violin?the result to be decided by a committee of twelve able musicians, six to be chosen by each Sarty I will also stake another (10), that Mi. O. Swaina urkley will beat O. N. Christy, of Christy's Minstrels, or any person, as a musician, in bine playing, centiinental or comic sinning, banjo playing, playing oa a pair of kitchen bellows, and general delineator of the Ethiopian character. The remit to be decided br twelve able inn tie ans, six to be chosea by each side. J B. FULinffS, Manager and Proprietor of Fellows' MiustraU, tit Broadway. Broadway t h satrf.?thbi.a di es and hk v tlemen aagaged at this theatre for the ensuing season, srs ^quested to assemble in the green room, on Saturday next, the Etc! inrt., at 11 o'clock in t e forenoon THOS. BaRKY Stage Manager. Insuhajick0? Tni BROOKLTN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY? Chartered in Ibid ; Offices, 43 Fniton street. Brooklyn, 0 Merchants' Exchange. Wall street. New York?hero their oapltal (as also a handsome mrplcr) Invested in the moat undoubted securities, and contlnno to insure buildings, nearyhandiss, furniture, and other personal property, vessels in port and their cargoes, upon at favorable terras as any other iutituiiou. " WILLIAM ELLRWORTa. Pre ideal, ll.itsn O Rvsvssg eerotavw HO TIC I.N. DON A 1>I'S 1IOIEL, e.'l BRUA.' "F A V, NEAR UNION sqnare ?The pron-.letor respectfully invites the attention of the publio to hie Malf tfsei II i lie seal] ftp a shed drawing rooms, parlors, and b-drooms, show that no espenso baa been spared. The proprietor's reputation for ( applying his table with the most delicate via. ds, is well , Iiuowb to the public. His wines are of the choicest kind; and families will had at his house everything conducive As domestic comfort. O. DON A 1)1. a'RIMONT BOt'.-K, BOSTON, MASri?TRIE MULL known establishment is still pes luslad (a the same meaner it a'waye has been. The central sad pleasant situation of the house, it* commodious arrangements, sad the e. mt'orte and lnxnMts to be found there, ccrat .i i t> render It agreeable and adeantageeua to the traveller Raving been ore ol the firm of John L. Tucker It Co.. so long at the bead of tbaestablishment, the subscriber pi dges his h?it exertions to maintain its reputation, and to etvr satisfaction to uie customers. MM. II. PtRKER. _ ~ .niPPWo.-? Y.VOR LIVERPOOL.?UNITED 91ATES MAIL STEAM F ship BALI IC, Captaia J. J. CoraeAoik.?This steamship will depart wit'u the United States mails for Aurora post tiveiy on Saturday. August 3Uth, at 11!o'clock, M , fromhe VtrtL tt Lbc foot ol L'tiitl ilrtct. Mo bcrili Bfiinrvii tilln vi <?r. For or p*-.iage, having un- |ualled aoooumod tiuna tor elegance and comfort. apply to hi) WD. IL tuL'LiNs. 56 Wall ttroeA. Tli* atoamcr 4 tlaatio will -ucceed tat Weltijuj aail 3c p t. Lll? l.'IJ). Fim SOUTHAMPTON AND IfA VR E ?TH B UNITED Bti.tee Mail stomrblp Ul'MBuLbr, U. l.Uee, Com anilrr. *111 laan fir Havre, touching at Southampton. to Itad tho maila and oa Saturday Ati/oai a. at U j clock, from pier No. I. Nurt'i hirer. Price ofpt<eage, 119). No mervhindlee will be received oa board after Pburety ercaia*. Shippere of tpeeie will tend their ?pecio oa board oa Friday. Luiiaie out wasted dnrin* the voyage ehould be ectt oa board on Friday, marked "tfelow." For freight or pea'age apply to kliKtlalK LIVINGSTON, Agent, M Broadway. f1 (IK LirEKPOv'L. TUB .<!? AND SPLENDID 1 Bte.tiuah'p C1TV Of, will leare Philadelphia for L.?orrool, on Thareday, th j SSth Auguat, at XI O'clock. The tlogam accommodation# of tlna titenmcT make fear a moet derlrablu ooivceyenee lor thoae aboat e tailing Ithp. Fare ia the Seloun. flUO( Fore C'aoia, ?vt. Paeaougett rill be proyided eith railroad Uokete to Philadelphia by the gent. for freight or pieea^e, apply to THOMAS kl?:?iARl?V)N. 41 Etcuaage Plaea. NKtr TOKK ANDCALWAVSTEAM ill 1 P'JUMPAN The booke tor eabacriptioa arc bow opea at the ofllee, 4U Wall atreet, win ra every iaformaUoa cenocrmiag the oaw rpriee may be obtliaed. VA N DERM I LTBNITW AND INDEPENDENT LINE for Hen Ft?aelee > vl? Ni aregut ?1 ho taroilte don0 bit engine etc in 'hip PKOJM SI II Bli.e, of LVD toe burtaen. Chnrohill, oommaoder, will loare from rlor No. 'I, North rierr. oa Friday, September Idih, at 9 o'eloeb. P. M.. direct tor Baa Java de Nii arn;na whence paaccngere will be (peodily and eon. fott ably mnvcyed oeer the aew traaeit rente of the Nicaragua Company, (having bat It milea of laad transportation.) to the barber of Sea Juan del Sur oa the Perth-. One*a, aad tlicnce by the eteamihlp PACIFIC to Svan Frnncieco. The opted and qailitiea of the ehipeea ployed ia Cue liar, t'10 ehnrteniiig of the dt-teaoe heretofore trarcreed, aad the com pittance* of the arreagementMfor tho traarportatioa of pieeenger* through a autiiul and healthtuI oowotry between the two acetne, o.f-r inducement# to the travailing public, equalled by ao other ronta. N. II ? In coaeeqneaue of thit route bavtag been lately put la operation, and tha determiaatioa of tho proprietor not to arewd'it ebipe wilh a nnmter beyond what may betoken eem'ortably, be bat come to the eoaclntioa to taka bat a limited aiimher through Plana of eahlne mty be eeen, and ticket! < cured, oa early application t D. U. ALLEN, only Ofllie of the line, 9 Battery Place, np et.'ire. UNITED STATES MA IL STBAMdUir 'JOMPANT. FOB I New Urbane direct, ela Havana. -Par. Kedured.?Oa Tuesday. Angeet 26, at 3 o elco*. the epieodid eteamehlp CUbRuKEF. I,?# t. aa burthen. Hoary IVta-lle, Com nt-oder. will ee l On Tu-eday, Auguet Nth II precisely I ' Iron her iter at the toot ef Warroa '-root, w,th the CiTOrnment Mallr, direct fer Uteana and Now Ornate Chagrue paeeengara traaeforrc I at Havana to the eplri d d doulie engine aicaaieh.p FALLON. Freight takea to New Orleaue at NO etc per foot. Bpccto only taVea oa freight to ( No bille of lading will ba tlgaad after the ' ?me* )im okllrd. I* B. !"hi( j-r? *r. r- i"e?i?.l to itipnt elumooKro with ??. Ompaar'a lull. .f l.ltnr, w.lch iner to hed on. kt tn* oftn. No other farm will h? i?".od. ret fr?l?bt or ontly tl tiooffiroof the "intent, in Wirt fuel. eornor of Wet rop _ m. o. toiim PHkClflC NAM. 81 f. AN .til I Y I OHI'AHfl'.-OkU A*5"f . in.T'?t* Ko^?e?4 ? Om Tirodio, Angn.<t "TV'' ,H J ' ?Tho oplcn4M de.hln mgfko .teem tI ip i II I.Hoh M, I.:.; <1 t on i hurd. n I v ?> n I1- . ?>.? snnnder, kill nil p-eMitty ktft o'nloek, I M , from i. r pU>t W kt to. I tt.nn otr. ' N K, n-tnihn rnm.i.t Itt'J'i <llrTftI,,.r, "*'*** an,i Chk?T??. VhvipuiMpn It rl? "??? * * tho .rl.nlld 4okM? onr n? ttnkiu ZVJLw. 1C."" "' '",?wl,h ?"e '* ' m? I f-r 1-n r,7ZL.rZ? L or ihoktUto lit.i depleahot winXrott . ? tooth otr-ot. orktrn PATIFICMa If, HTKANMIII* COMPANY - I'll II ON I.I tliMOfh Lino Tor Collfbrkik end Oregon, Tin '.'herroe inrwi-Fiff R< on Tliurdiv An-m*t w a* 'i p wi?p*'!!"t" jrt "t!" ,l - <"ii" i " i. ni HNlRi CAft J. I iudUf SaFnnok, will ?*il im T .1 r'oUok. r. N . rr.iZJiL", ,m th. ?otnf W,,p.k ,tr...t. Nor.', Ki up, ,Tn\*> Sinllo for Chk?reo ootikrotlnt with tho ferorvU Unitod loloo Mkll ovnm.hir to I'-intm* on *ho?t the l/Hh n( topt-niher. For freight or paeekg*, appl) at M lal M Ronth itrMt or at 177 w?it eteaat. ooraar of Warren ateeee ,,f tcri*riTi"?: f> Till oi.ii Hot > >1 > o t n -k.i r etylad "Only Throaah Mao."?Mill further Redaction la Prfoae.?Independent for rhagr-a dtroet, and thrnngh ticket# tor ralifornla, (being eroMfll mtrantlad egainat deiem l< a oa the lathama.) ?t at 111 rnnhar reduction a prloet Tfrae brlnrlng It within tha meant of all thoae ho la tend going to ralifornla to i roofed m tha now and ttdendld ateamahlp BROTHER J'lNATIttN, (tha faatnot toaaifllp in the world,) I 4i*> t.n? raglfter fl P intra, Comwandar .which oalla for UhAglwa dirtot, oa Thnraoay, Aagnat B,M)r. from Pier 1. North Ri??r, m nr? ting wltt flrat alaiHi independent atanmern ?a tha other aide. Tla Brother Jonathan mil land paaaengara at Klmetnn, Jamaica, -oa herrednra trtr- A targooa. haelng had mnoh eaporlcnoa iM dioeato incldeat to that < Innate, will aocomraa the ?hip, whoee aereleea are free of eharg" P?raoa? about proceeding to ralifornla will Had It for their intereet to aall before par ihaatng alaaahere. No frelcht taken oa the day of catling jot freight or pe??ag". apple only to 1 Ml 1,1. A. At' Fl Tortlaadt atroaa ttlBRT TfAfKI. FOR ?AV rrt tNr Mnt DIAPATffl F liar 7'" r?? and ele ont No* Tort i .ilt ellpper rtOl.DRN GATF, la a?? rapldl y loading ?' Pier ?. North Steer. IBtgfere haelng engagement* will plame eompleta fdia aaaae at naoe. aa tin ft a ill he rn drin i fr .yit ft tea * ha lagrit ratif. K. It. IUTTO.V "A WaUtttact. E N E AHVSEHRNl'g. NTBLO'S OARDEN.-MANAOM, MK.JOHX SEFTON. T.okrte, PO cot*; Private Box**. (A. Doora open at 7; to commence at 8 o'clock. The wonderful Rtrel Family ia lour I ntcrtainmeuta. Reapnearanoe of the netoalehinx Gahriel Ravel, who will appear in hie own oomin pantomime. Mile ('ranch, the porular artiat. will xlre aeveral of her celebrated danoea. Mona. Blcndin will repeat tde fiata which pave no much aatlafactiou on hie laat nixht and pronouuc 1 unroualled, and hitherto nnattempted. The xreat SpanbU P'( oe <inatr<-of La Jota Arra?onaiee. Wrdne<day. Anx'iat 21, Oeertnre. Tixht Rope. Three Gladlatora, Dirertleement, and klOK8. PtCll ALLME At. ITALIAN OPERA AT CASTLE GARDEN -MA X ?A retaek, Manax*r and Conductor. Admiealoa. AO oon'a. l'irat appearance, thia aeaaoo. ot Minora Bcrtuoca-MareUek. tVcdcenday eveaiax, Aoaaat Ah will re performed, for the drat time thin caaon, Roaeini'a celebrated enrols opera of 11. BARBIERR DI 81 V 10 LI A. Roalna Slgnora Bertoeca-Maretiek. lltrtha , Slcnore Amxadro. Count almiviva., .Six. Selri. I Don Baiiho Six. Marinl Duotor Burtulo .Six/Coletti. I Fixaro Six- 0. Badlnll. Doora open at half-past #; Performance to commence at 8. No poetponement on aooonnt of the weather. ITALIAN OPERA IN LIMA AND VALPARAISO.?TI1E apentnf the Emprtaaar'o of the above mentinnod opera hownee will aheHly arrive in New York, for the purpose of euHaxinx nrtiate for the next season, commencl-x, >n Novembrr. Artists of merit, who wiab te treat with liim, are requested to address Don EusoMo Eetevan, care of SeharfonIcrg & L>iia, ata'inx tcrma. lie. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. BROADWAY.?TOE LADIES and rsntlemen enraged at thii establishment, are requested t.,rieet on the stags on Wednesday next,?' 12o'olock, prepura'ory to the cpcuing of the eeaeon on Monday, the fclb I nit. HENRY LYNNE, Stage Manager. CHRISTY'S OPERA HOUSE, MECHANICS' HALL, No. 472 Broadway, above Grand street.?Open evert night daring the week until further notion. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising aa iffieienl and versatile "corpe" of "talented" and "earnrienced performers," under the management of E. P. Chrta ly, whole ouncarta in tills oity, for a anooeesioa of "flv? ft are," have been received with favor hv highly reapeotablt and fashionable aadienoee. Tioketa, 25 eenta. Door* opea at aoven, aud will oommonoe at eight o'clock, Tho cations if Chriaty'a Minstrels are respectfully informed that th< Saturday Afternoon Concerts will he disooatinned for the future. WniTE'S MELODEON, 53 BOWERY. OPPOSITE THE Bowery Theatre, open every night. Cheapest place of amusement In the world. Beautiful variety of Ethiopian performances, by White's ininiitnhle troupe of SereuaJeri, together with every other description of light and plotting entertainments. The w hole oomprising oue of the moat gen teel and merry pi sec, of amusement in this oountry. Concert to eommenoo at 8 o'clock precisely. All performances ooneluded before 10 o'clock. C. WHITE, Proprietor TRin.ER HALL.?HUNDREDS TURNED AWAY l'refcasor A. is determined that those who honor him with their patronage shall both hear him and see him. Tripl?r 11 11.? Astonishing Miracles.?I'roleesor Anderson, the greet Wizard of the North, commenced his season of wonder w orking last night, before a crowded, brilliant, and fashionable audience, who, by their plaudits, which made the Hall re-eoho, expressed their astonishment and delight. Some whispered. Can such things b?h" " Are our eyes made the fools of the senses?" "Is he mortal?" "No," said another, " he is the ?l?1!"?Pr< lessor Anderson begs respectfully to iuform the public that he will oontinue nightly to demonstrate that " there are more strange thiags in heaven aud earth than are dreamt of iu our philosophy." On this evening, and every evening during this week, he will appear in lis Mystiz Laboratory, and perform all his superhuman wonders of ancient and modern magic, allowed by all. in all parts of the world, to have no parallel. Look An the WDarl's K< atlr?it is inexhanatible. Hasten to Professor Anderson's Soire?s Mysterieuse, rompri?ing experim-nti of scien.e ia every *t\le and perfection. Tickets. 50 cents; Juveniles under 12. 25 cents? which enn be bad at the llxll and ho els. 2 he city ticket othoe is at 8. C. Joilie's. 300 Broadway. Doors open at half rast seven; commence at eight. Carriages may be ordered at ten. CI fWMJ f'B M I EMIE. ? NOTICING OP LATE I V? * sV/vr" challenges, Ac., in reference to the quality futi<1 i-iIia) ililiM nf the (\trk Pptildillioa At the limn tiniM browing all audi betting t? be illegal id thie State. by a re' cent law pasred in Juneljat. I therefore, aa one of the coI live I fraternity, and oldeste*tablUhcd representative of that dor* in thi* metropolis, claim on equal privilege to Kt by wcrd cfinouth. the above ennrmoua sum, vil . That uiy violiilat can eee-aaw aa hard, and break aa manr aixpenny Strugs. aa a,iv other violln<at engaged in Ethiopian r?preiciitatinna. The remit to be decided by four of the ableet muiieltne aelected from t'e l'ete tt'i iiame A**ociation. 1 will nlao ?tak* a large barrel of clam* that iny troupe can at more good victual* than ait t>>e frllnara employed in thie derk burinve; the same t? he decided by alt of the moet I" pular landlord* in thia city: and aa for bone plating, aeniiic-t-1, or comic aquaalln ;, thumping of ba.ijoa, or blowing about felincatora of nigger*, 1 can produce a fat fellow that can beat the world. C. Will TB, bole l-**eea, Manager and Proprietor. Stare Director. | Arret ntiJ Treaerri-r Ethiopian Performer. Dad Bore of the j Melodcou, No. 3d Bowery, fc.Y. RMMaTBOND It HIRE DREISBACU'S MENAGERIE ? Ti it oelebrated Menagerie?the largos' and l>eit. oondooted In the known world?embracing aliao*t evorv animal known to natural h'etery. and which hae reccired the p.vtro.ioge and applansn ef hundred* of thoueaude of the m-at reapectable aud intelligent people of the United State*, oae ju?t ooramenced a inoet Irtlliant summer campaign, and will vi*it the principal eitiee and town* of Ne w England in whe following order, Tin?Watarvilte, iiaine. Auguet Alth; 'Iblea, Die: ?*# > * 9f* Oar Hear. 23d: Wlntkrop, 9Sth: Lewl-eoa Falls, > lh; Uu kfleld. 27th; Norway. frith: Bridgeton. FHh; Iry-inrg, di tb: Tamwortli Iron Works, New Hampshire, H.}' la'. Sandwich Centre. 2d; Plymouth, 3d; Meredith llrii'ge, tth; Fraaklin, 3th; Concord, oth. PANORAMA OR CALIFORNIA FOR AAI.R?OR WILL be exchanged for a fatm or goods; or, to a man of enterprise, it will be loaned for exhibition, upon giving rood security, on liberal term*. Office hours, II A. M. to I P. M. JOSEPH DA V I SON, 27 Wall el,fourth story, front room. ICICIH* lO NS. Grand excursions to conrt island, land Ir-g at Fort Uamiltoa each war?rare II% cents.? T*-* steam" SANTA CLA US, Capt. J. N iiodman. will make daily excursions, leasing as follow*;?Morning Trip?Frose Swing street at hall past 6 e'elcck, 9U. and half-past i t, una >i .is. rrnm p or ? s., ? "? peeie, 4 o'clock. Morning trip from fort Uexnilloa tllA. k. No | half prioo fo ohildrea. Grand cotillon and military recursion te the tiling's of Straltonport and Flemmersld". betwtn Flushing and Collcro Point, faro It', ooatj each war Tb? splendid stenmheat Nlmrod ( apt. Edward J. Sm .II. will make aa excursion to Mrattonnort. on Thursday. Attaint 21. Usu'ges follows ?Foot f Bxainond street. N K , at 7 o'clock. A. M. Foot of Springstrsot, N K.. at o'clock. A. II Foot cf DslaBey otr?< t E R . at 8 o'olocg, A M. Foot of Tantli street, E r . atNU o'clock. A. M. New Pier, Twenty-sixth street. K. R.. at V o'clock A. M. She will make a abort trip up tho Sonod. and retarain; will land h?r pars* rjrers at the new village < f Strattonpnrt. whore she will nawia abeat tkroohoars, affording ail parties an npi >rtuaitjr of enjoying the toantifpl sreuery. anil alto of sxamlninr the building sites. The Williamsburg l.lrht Artillery, ('apt E D Raft, will ho on tho around with their splendid la'tirj, and salute the party on tne arrtial of the boat. The I'rol rioter Mr. Flsmimr, w.tli bis annate, will bo o# tho around with bio subscription book, for the accommodation of tnrli aa may desire to become porehns'ri. Tlokots ran be bad at the office of JOHN A. FLAMMEM. CKt Broadway, cor. Amity otrect. Tdf. r. l snow soclaf, union. No. 1. oo to biddlc'a Uroro oa a grand Pic Nlo and Cotillon Exrnr sloa, on Tlmrsilay next, Aug. 71. IHBI, in steambont New Jersey and tho barge W arrea. Tiehrto Fifty Cento. Children half price The steamer leave tbo foot of Fifth aireet, F. r ot 7 A M . Hrnomo street, 7',. Pike street, 7Ji. Ham moad otroet, h, Canal street, B)<. iiuvKiiicBr OI IUB. New vorr and riiilanci.rnia-new fork aad Philadelphia direct?United States Mail Line? Ibri.ogb In hours, via New Jersey Railroad. Fare redared to f.1 for Irst elaso. sod 11 SO for second class. Leers New 1 ?rk. atd A M . from foot of Coortlaudt etreet; and at AM. aad A P.M., from foot of Liberty street. Leave Philadelphia at t> aad 9 A.M. aad B P.M., from the foot of Walnut Street. CAMDEN AND AMBOT RAILROAD LINE FROM NEW York to Philade'phia?Leeee Pier No. I, North Hirer, ly st-sml st JulIN LOITER. Moraiag IJo?, it B e'elnok Aftemrion, at 4 o'clock. Fare by oither Uao, VI forsard dock, IL Emigrant Lias, at I o'clock. P.M . fore, ?i Ml. L. BLISS, A??at. MATHJHdARlAJL. ~ Matrimony madr East. ok low t0 vt |n t Lore* ? Professor Low ton, of London, baring arrived la B'-oton. nil! send to any address, on revisl o'or.e dollar, pest is pi, plain directions to enable ladies or gmMemrn to win the drenlciLaffectinnt of the opposite sea. The proves is tlninl*. hn? so r indenting. that all moy be married, in* epertiveof nye. appearanoe. or poeltiin; end Uot, though not Itiit, It tta b? >rrftr(?<l alth iii>h eeee end delloaoy, that doUetlia te impoeetbfe. Adiree* I'rofreaoy l.ewtoa, Breton. Man. No letter* taken frvta til* Peat Utter, ualcaa the poatag* 1? P*U. i w ui7 ki bh kr ?Hnus. BRIUIaNT DtSCOTRRIka. ?" THR DICAPITATtOP of The*. Itkiit, tea. Coamleelcner of Patent*. k| the eiojuire.' ?M of Day' i aoet wondtrfml diteee* riaa, ' la honor of which" he **? a "aeloet dlaaer" l> ?'aehn,ua laet winter. Tlila dieeorory, howeyer, w*e Ire* | tiaatire merely. The payment te Uoedttar la Inez, ef ti. it fer a lleeaee te work a a dor Qeodyooe'a Patent, whleh Da< I ae eoly lately dtoeororedta of ae see. la e greet diroretrr I *u*. a.eee too late te beaelt Mm. Da/a offer of V*> rawarf | for the neaeietlon of infringer* aa Qeedy(ar*t Pa*<nt# i? ?l . h he hlaeelf haa beea the chief, ant Ir bow thr >ulr la ."rn.oer. * ae a brilllaat eeaeeatma of Dar'a, an I undecbt edly ,-iyiaal with hire Da/a lloieerry of 0 oedrear'a great reetrt of rnlcaalting Rahber afell rear bufon V* applloa: .n for hie patent ther*for. at aueipe no t' Day of oa"/ d*d raid te a mat who had learned tbo aoor-t la Ooadyeag fa iorr. wae a brilllaat aahibltton of laraatlre renin*, ail af forte a ttnkina proof af haw atopely nelaraa wr WU! aaaoe 'oIIaw emu the heole ef another. qt0 mi muo.-iMU RIBRI.R BIIOSR. OI t ft attention ha* beea called to an edrertUi meat, by Hoiae M. Day, ratlinhed la the New Tnrk Herald of tlth J ill Ml, and the Courier and Rpialr*r ef tame date, la whieh alter mneb a n merited abet- ef enr attorney, ft. iadeoa R?o . he aeorrte that we dare not charge him pirating flerdyear't Cateate, aader our net ram*': and that he 1-t' not infringe fined year a Patent i, In the mai-ifae'iire ol fthoee. we hare parohaaed ?ar lio-aoee for the lananfnevirt of la dla Robber fthoee aader Oood/ear'o Peteste, and paid oat money, and are dally parlay a tariff tor the aa-ne; and aay other perron trlgnt hare done tbo oatre. It Ulep-ieed to do (a, rather then flrate open fio,dytar ? PaWnte. We th'nk It more Jnet to pnrohMe a right to nee a ealld patent, than te Infringe It. Mr. Day, haytny he a pr >v-c-i?ed, acknowledged Ho d year'a righto. re a," e a eettleiant, ami agreed tea' BrtoaJ? ?o' irftinjo paid Vnt.?u/"A">TlV?ri U* titop "ho h*TO, for l?it;o mh j >p. warot-MP* m? Hoot rco, U< no# wort under rt-w: ot, 1 wo ohnrar Mr !)*? d.reotly, and lhn? oyct yrr ,?n wi& -lrnMn? ?pon Uoodrrnr Poton'p.ln lh? mr i.ifnptnrp of (V hoo? ?Mnh ho It now offerinc *o ll,i j.^blir vid w* tl?? r?ico tk?t bo. *n l nil who r-,?'.iioor??d viih Mas in SiroLnptna or oca ting hi* hh.oo.r^do 1a tioUIp# ?'?nldi'aLn< will h? proooonw d. ICavVARO RTTEBRR CO., bt . A. n? HiAjbnw Trononww. THE KRWARk INDIA IJHBI* EfO N*. ^ a u 4*Y-.?>a. r^u?AV I _ TOW I CO I *r? Tork. /Bly U IM. w ro MORNING EDITION?WED* ; NEWS BY TELEUKiPB. INTERESTING 7R(TM ALBANY. , The Bidding1 for the Oanal Loan. : LATEST FROM MEXICO. 1 POLITICAL ITE9I8 FRfMI ALL SECTIONS. i ACriDE NTS?FIRE S- V ILL A N Y, Ace., kc., kj. , I The Bids, the Amount and the Premium? Tbt Pint Canal Enlargement boan. bv horse's link, orricE 16 waj.i. street. Aliut, August 19,1851. Wf giro below the bids received for the million loan by | the comptroller this day They amount in aggregate to four million, fire hundred and four thousand dollars The highsst rates of prtmium obtained, was 5 per cent, and the lowest }'t of 1 per cent The average rate of premium, was about ;? of one per cent ,? Karnes of Bidders. Amount. Pr.-m. : M m B Astor, New York J.50,000 08 ! D. Hay re, do 100,000 05 i W A Hearing, do. ......... 20.000 par. Do. do 20.000 K, Do. d-> 10.000 01 I T. Weed. Albany 10000 2T ! O. B Matteeon Utlca, 10 000 27 Wm Beach. Auburn 50 000 01 C. II. Merriam. do 30 000 par. Do. do 10.000 40 Do. do 10,000 65 Do. do 10 000 60 Do. do 10,000 70 Do. do 10 000 80 Do. do 10 000 00 Do. do 10 00O 100 i A. D. l'atchln, Buffalo 100 000 68 Dc. do. 100,000 par. i Freeman Clark, lteehester, 50,00") 3d Do do 50.000 78 Do. do. 100,000 66 | Vn I-. bhardlow. New York 10,000 83 Do. do 10 000 85 Do. do 10,100 03 Do. do 1C.000 08 Do. do 10 000 101 Do. do. 13.000 100 Do. do 10,000 111 Do. do 10.000 116 Do. do 10 000 121 Dc. do 10.000 128 ! 3. Tavlor, Albany 20,000 10 ! Do. dc ,.... 20.000 20 Do. do 20,000 25 Do. do 20X00 60 Dc. do 10,000 80 ; Do. do. 10.000 100 I T. W. Olcott Albany 81.000 80 | It. It. Klug, Albany 25,000 40 i Do. do. 25,000 16 Do. do 25.000 25 Do. do 100,000 par. . Ihcmae J. Marrln. Faiatoga...,.... 20 000 25 | A. 11. OriswoU. Whitehall 20 000 par. Dc. do 10.000 12! Ho. do. 10 000 37'* I Do. do 10 000 < i John Arnctt. Rlmira 25 000 190 ] Do. do 290O0 101 I Do. do 60,"00 00 Horace White,Syracuse "5,000 01 Do do -5 000 05 S. C. Whtad. Mr lone 15.000 76 Do. do 26.000 02 c; 1 Do do 16.000 75 1 R. B Bixfnrd. Chenango 2?OCO 12.^ 1 I J. 31. Ptnkn.y, Port Ann 10 000 110 Do. do 10.UC0 122 1 Do. do 1*1,000 12T t Do. do 10,000 1M ' . Do. do 10 W0 162 . , M. 0. Robert*!, New York 50 r<)0 50 Do. do 50.000 76 5 Do. do 60.000 126 Do. do 60 COO 176 < Robert Oodd, Buffalo 26 000 par 1 Do. do I2 50O 12!; l Do. do 12, MW 25 i i Ira Davenport do, 10.000 par. 1 I C. SllUor, Am?terdam 6,000 500 i Do. do 3X00 100 Do. do. 3.000 160 Do do tuOO * ? 1 Do. do 1,000 250 1 Do. do 5 000 DO1) < i Do. do. 2.000 350 Do. do 2,000 4<i0 Do do 2 000 450 \ Francis B Spinola. Brooklyn ."WOO par. : Jaiuva I.. Leonard, Lowvllle 50 "00 200 Jnme* M Marvin. Baratoija 60.100 par. i l'avld F. Bfcatee. 17aterloo 3.000 par. F. P. Jumea, N?w York 100.000 17 Do. do 100.100 22 Do. do 100.0CO 27 I Do do 10o (WO 000 32 , Jacob B Boeram, New York 25.000 par I J P. Tavlor, do 25,000 par. Charles knapp. Delaware Coun'y... 6 000 25 Do do ... 6 000 r-o Win. B WelU Ctlca 10.000 05 Do. do lO.oOO N Do do 100(0 10 I J Thompson, New York l.OOO.OOo 33 i Joe A l'ivver, do 1^i0 000 { b> pSr Jas O Kin* A Bon. New York 6VCOO par. I B. Kexferd. Chcnange 25,000 par. Total $t,;01<W> It will be teen that the average rate cn th- loan la , over three |U*rt era of1 per cent on the'.nan. Muskliu.ett? Demorratlr C'wnvent Ion. Wcat tatra, Angnit 10,1S31. Tbe IVmocratlc C?uventlou alta It-morrow. The trwn la crowded wltli delogntea, and the contention will tie j | very largely attended. TV old banker ? mutter utrongly, | erd will do their utmoat to break the coalition. An ?*- i citing time la expected Tbe coalition people are holding a caucua, tbi* d..y, at the City Kail, which ia vry fall/ attended, anl quitI enthuaiaatia. The banker* ar h< l.lln.- meeting* with clooe 1 Joora at the bote la. The excitement lnor?aee* Whig Netting nt Alleghany tllf. PrrriK io, Auguat 10, 1151. A large atJ CBthuaiaatic Whig meeting waa held at Alleghany city la-t evening. (loeernm lohnen woa pnaent and adtireeaed the meeting at length. Whig Xomlrntlon for Cangr?u. Ni? Cxiraaa. Aug 13.1961. The whip* of tbe Jecond dletrirt held their convention at lK>nald?v!lle yea'taday anl aoniina'ed A-letldea Landry for Congree*. 1 he Texna filiation. Cuttttiia, Tela*. Aug 1(1,1961. TV lection Ir. ttila f late roue <T en the Ithln.t and rraulted In tbe fWelection cf P-t-r II B -U. democrat, a. Goverrcr I The whig candidate w?? We Benjamin II. Kpperwtn Them were heetdc, ttve other andldatea The return, from Ike Wie*etn lilatrtet for Oongreea ahow tbe prohabb election of krlney B. Howard thi pt?e? nt incumbent Irt m the Koet? m Platrlet n vthlng deceive baa been HtdTll Fatal F.ffccta of Llghtnlngt Nra hoaroa, I'a , Aug 10, 1*M On aftero-a it" church at tM* ri?r? wt* <Turk t>T llittning while lh- .mure** tun were enraged in Mrlncwor.hlp end the P\'tor R ? Hl<?y who "?*' 'n lb.- pulpU, aimnst inatant.j fcil'ad Prrera! of the er.dlctjt eere hl?o airl ? !/ flwnrd Tt' buxlliii n<' UMff Th Re? g*n l t!<ma a learra wif *>J two children. I Kit I a DTillnni) Mnar.'Ll, Auguet II. :H1. C. II hrrkin j-o'ee.>or f mu-ie. ? nt to ar und f- I tak<r. on Ratnr ley, and ?r are- hi* rofln, Hating that ' he wnulJ die that Metilng. The uniertak.r, ee,-u.g Moi in good health, paid no attention to the order llh?r- , kin hoeeeor. w> lit ho&e toted, ani died at aa wrt) , hour thai ?^?<tioe I A Clrrlfal Coniiittfilitr. M .-rnrai-re. N !| , tujpid 11 IV.I Veeterday a man nam*! Kiilterte'.e, alU* Moree, repres. ntlng bin* >/af a ralteraallel _-iin !* <*, wae arre?ied h'-Te f:r pa**<ng altered Ulii on the |lea? p.awiand l-ank A large amount wee flrnnd upon Una lie lad teen ptrehli g in *ke rteinity

I nrra, liorvi. Innidi I'""* r AntW t IV in.*i, A nvmbvr.f urn* MtL f xgr ti'r .Mr**?l rvfttrHi. ml of! M OUtt-u>Mlrgv. vrffr <l-rlrny*4 ty ?r? '??l llaM , j |? irn^'il fi rir-Tv ir l DMUivm ?il , J">' r T'.v.i.W y, Mto tlv A|>r?n* n*v? *t V?Wlr?D, WrtoVwi^dW nlcbt Tlif *?h?o Wlnr, CrtuBww ^n#n=t '? IMI T*'f rlrvr HlVf norr-a f'Hf foci ll.fw Inf ir< In ' c "'l*B A lift, 1*? lo MkU u<*' f J ? . W"*t*?-r it ti nt RK H IESDAY, AUGUST 20, If Interesting from Mexico. tUIVAL OF THE LOWER CALIFORNIA RXP tOITIOS ?Till TEHUANIEI'IC I'ARTY, ETC. Nr.w Oki.eans. August 11,1861. A J rices from Vers Cruz, to August 3d. states that newi bad been received tliere of the antral of one of th? Loser California expeditions, which has been heretofore Dotlcid as taking its departure from California. It had bowerer. made no warlike demonstrations. A portion of ilie Tehuantepec surveying party hare returned by this steamer. Major Barnard remains on the isthmus The country generally is quiet, though there were some rumor* cf intended revolutions In faror of Santa Anna. The damage by the recent hunicane at Tanapioo is i ftimaied at J.10O 800 Arrival of Lite Canada at Boston?Fire. Boston, August 19,1851. TV It M steamship Canada, Captain Harrison, reaohed her dock, at East Boston, at twenty minuter past 2 o'clock, this afternoon Her mails were despatched by the btoningtoo route, at 0 o'clock On examination ot the Knglish papers at hand, we find nothing to add to the full telrgiaphic summary of news trausmttlted trom Halifax. Three building in Pleaaant street, at the corner ol Ppear place were deetro} ed by fire at about tao o'clock this morning The Cuba Huremeutt OtR bKW ORLKA.S COKKESfONDKNC'E. Nkw Orleans, Aug. 11, 1*51. The Pampero and her Officers and Crete? The time of her I>eparture?Mure Expedition*, tjre. No news has yet reached us concerning the Pampero. ki my previous commuuicat on, dated the jay of bcr departure hence, 1 committed one error in writing that Colonel Hell was one of the emigrating officers. That steady-tninde i and strongbauded officer is still here. More gentlemen wore anxious to go than could be stowed away ou oae teenier; and as it was, so many would get ou her that a review had to be called down the river, about Fort J ackson, for the purpose of thinning the Uibvutero ranks Since then, men have been crowding to this city, until there are now t" 'ered over it at least two thousand, waiting foi .ransportation? there is a difficulty about vessels and the "sinew of war." However, as the friends of struggling I'ubens are numerous here, and the American press i_,d the public opiniou are all of one expression and one sympathy, it is quite probable that^ another party will leave betore we bear from tbo f'awpero. Uolouel i'ickelt, Colonel Uell, Major Hawkins &c., will bo on hand Tbo former well-informed and accump.isbed gentleman, our former Consul at Turk's lsiand, and of military education, will prob ably commend He waa, if you recollect, the iirat oflicir who went through the townol Cardenas, and with a command of eijtty men marched nearly u mile beyond, to aeice the depot, which he held as an important outpost till recalled to tbe Creole, on which return he was engaged personally, having been charged by the lanccra. I he men in this city are [Mirfly KeiitiickiuLf, reaching in number several hundred, but tbe majority are froiu Louisiana and Miiainippi, ueai.y uli of them planters' sous who have Itll case and competencies to loud tbo sturdy aand to tho weak, who battle justly against full bs much, and fur more indeed, ot uncoual laws and r<n tyiannv that holds itself unat-countable to those ;overiHd, than we in our struggle bad to encounter, l'lie Pampero bus a part of her armr nt, four leavy thirty-two's swun-p on her deck, and Litueuat 11 cote: has pronouuitd her as strong in 111aetiai ui.d build, for service, as any vessel of her >iie afloat- Ail probabilities tend and invite tbe 'oi.olusion, that she will reach her destined port, rhc only fear tntei tamed is on acoouut of her an bir ery. Whilst at our levee, it was determined cot 10 ccmuiince some needlul repairs of tbe connecting pipe, fcic , fur sundry reason*, but workmen were taken aboard and repaired her at the Halite. Three days were thus consumed, and she made bean way lor the "open sea" only on Thursday morning, the 7th August. May she live afloat and make a prvepeioita lauding, for Uwr freight is precious for the advancement ot liberty and doar to the hunt; of all ite votaries. CaUIoim. BY T t I. K G B A P II. Late from Matauzaa, Cuba. Boston, August 19, 1151. Captain Titus, of the brig Fiances, arrived at Warren, Khcdr Island, firm Matsnzas, with dntew to the fit 3 August. Ilerepoits that all was quilt there when h eft The troops bad mostly departed for tbe eastern part of the island. 1 heatrleul and Mualaal. Posist lassies..?Air and Mrs. U. W illiams were rrn ltd strain, hot evening, with a most brilliant reception TL? theatre on Monday and Tuesday evenings. whs oiled to alnx-wt suflt caii?n with highly respectable mdltncts, to witness those luienUd arlUts in ihi-ir faro rite dramv extltli d "Ireland n it if," and were reeleed with rotbiieiartir cheer* In erery anno The thrilling drama of "U Tour de Nr?le ' wwa al?o excelItntly pit formed Mr ana Mi?. William* will ra-app?ar thl* cfining, In the Urania of "Ire Ian a a- It i>, >:id the paifonsi.r erf *111 terminate with tbr e.lebra'.id Irani t, ftylt J eb? Gambler t Fate." In wbtrh Mr Kddy ana Mr. Jonea will euetatn tbr principal character*. Kiano't Gum*.?Mr*. Mowatt'f reception. la?t rTapir. K. at tb - cant i-tabi.-burnt. sored* all h.r former triumph*. althi ngi. b- r aurcea* In tCnr<pe bar been *u.h h to aHi.unh bi r mi at atd. fit adinirera If r p? raonatl"U 11 Ilia- <bi'. In lb a Nan.iful | lay of " Arniand In-t > a -1 Injf, pat a n?lii. iug evidence of a thorough uiaat.-ry if her ait II -r fi-aiuna are exceedingly expn?dfe, Inr t-onn *M- e**y ai d graceful, in fart her whole Letting I* ibe Bcrle.-ti n of eligacre Mr Iiyott al<? -detain, d fit- character I AxuiauU In a manner which Bifckrr bnn nWw-tM r to fair pre fee* Inn Tbr Karri* are to li Ue-o d lo appear thir t vening m "nr of ihrir l*-?t myiit '..i.iiit' p- i uir lliliy during the day. in order io < unit e rr.; rtable real*, lli BTwa'f lnraia?..?-Hurtone theatrical rararr ia Itbout parul'el In tin- bb-ti ry of iba atage Night afUr light be I* honored with the um?t crowded and faabloaIbl? audience?. and the flatlet eothuikaam pn-Talb. No matter abaft hi perform*, thr earae -lory l? icUt.d It bat can tbi? be autibiisd to' Why. lo bi* great ibi itlea aa a< rar and hi* eaprrlor attainmenta aa aa i lor l.a ! ee> mug tb<- eirwU'-nt c-i.i-dy wntitlr.l the Ilelr-at 1 aw," waa |.rar? utrd to a d*n*?ly eroer l?d tiLuar. nnd waa ricrieta with unrki I approbation. !"!? Hi trailed' P< Miction ' al#u elicited grant t< u*. Tobight wr ar to hate tba roniedy of - Mnrrtrd l.lfe. aud the fairc of " Ta-ral Jack ' both powerfully caat Natum TieriTBi ?Miaa I'elhy. tha charming and ace u I'll*bed Amok an act.-< ?- and aongatrwea waa race leta Ilk 'hr bit ?l Tebeweot ap|>laua- laat rrenlng. at Ibia aerll r-?< d th< atfw Mr bcot? abe> elicit, d njuco |raif The performance* arlerted for ihi* er, 'iijj are i xtre Ingly atirartlae, cmmencing witn the f.rcr of "threw gbawa." Ilii* eeill be aucceedaef by the latere tlog de ana. entitled fp? tfommininul -t " In which l'i by will per onatr th- leadu-g rh.later, and to- i.i roi.i l le w ,th the far.'>te nautical draua of mack f.eed ?B*?B PIT bcott and Mi*. N cbola *uel?ltng t:.r I rie.cij-al part roaie-ea'a Mi**e?ru ar? honored with the n>o?t crowded end fa-1 ion. lae . n blegre aerra iilgiit l'liey olirr a An. i liteitalinu. t.t lot tbta earning Frit owe' hnmituait deltgbtirg hundred* nightly a *11 tl ?ir ci eel II' UI'K* pert i . - file pr v-raiM .1 L??m U tor ibia errniug contealna excellent [r:ala.< <. Hue' a'e Mi-ii - a -It If our opinion that where itnun meat* meet tartar the people ere re..?t happy ail irn-at Intelligent It ia a atogular tact that daring our car with Mexico, an American new-piper and an I<? ji-an any. iLi bimok nt It ram* tr,|i tli? p- *?--t n \r tip; Th'i thi't. tbr thainrtrr c<f tho An?rtlc?n I ?oj 1*. and did it > t. a fclimpar at tbr tudn-m-K loit n *l i mi litui a Mn ?\'D) rirry aflrrooon at.I from lur up tbr Ijfauliful | ilixtnanrrr. *<T?ld Irafr tbr at1 |. r luditj ,iiah - but tbr o?? pantnmlnr horn i? rrmarfctMa, comic auo Itilrrrattug, mmI tbr i>dbMIii an 1 latiu a trr gl?*D to thr Mitt M1| |U at jlr imoginaM. rt.f Li'H today Jfirfl. w? with pood Utlnpt 1> $raaoa Anita?o? at Tainta II vli ?Tru'j, thU niao Ir wM riitmortllnn-y. Thr itrian of htMintMi |H Afh-who ! atr crm l' d to hit roUrtalnnirnt Doold btfdl; fc? WKnit, Id Anpuat Loat night, thrrr could net baff 'm u Uh than tbrrr tbuu-ainl prrioix |irr-rnt, *nd ai tha ttrmlrntlnu of tbr partm BMW. thr u'lDoat DtiafDcttMl a?<1 Orhitht %ai Irftttrl oanfry fart Th# a-atiB D.cnf if I tali t. ai-nta. and fOotliDttitn. :mff ?? irrytbinqoa l ava ffn convirit with thr tk-ganfo "I til irWltllMiirst n udrtl It thr oiort rara?"rV tVi hardly k*i? abtrh i f bU run.-rtin full moat to a. Inter all bring ao hratly dona, and moat of tbria nan. and at wraj j.iJ Id |i)a?*ry Thr Bottles ahtoh. I??t id* If ran fi.rib im*ift)t? '|uai>titlrr of Did Iraa thaa fo'frtrm Itlfrr at ItqluMi lldWltf aalia. which ona prrrdy friot I'Ulf" .1 down with gr. ai un?to. af'rr bating h-ni nrartj a rtoarfi g!aa*. a hf d'ft?;?iit li>iu r? tr/.ia; t'i<* rI:?r?.rI n, that tamp hn?t|t. Ibat OanliV. .>n. and tlio <r ah W atchra, arr to tia. * tbay nrra to *Vary body alar th Uii l rnj rt hirmi Ir Bowrar Aamirmmr ?Thin n?d ml faforltr r?t tb I'lbn.i it nlll 'a oj-ir i d for thr rra^on on Mori-lay r?rn lap rrxt by tbr y>< rtd-rritoahcf, innirl ?i?. I.rfi .ionti ilia tmiij - la m moor*-! of antnr'f th? nvrt rmthrut at t'ata 'h tbriqnrttnarl |>rif? ?lon Thr public tuny aatl rlyatr a tlcb irrat It ii i?a Ocai t T iv.a arn V?i raaaian ?Wr rail nl trntli o ti' th?- '/.tmjtf , ,,, from l.ltn*, (hrro) ?h>aillh .n ll it fly v. t ut 1. ltt of t ;>tiiiiVr II inirod 11 lop?etir^ lita tiMip -In Nrtr I nrlt, aud wo nnd-* ttaa Hint > .. hat arptirnd Trdr oo, whn ?ll'. h^rtfr ft?1 1 9T-ft ->hbi?t way O jouih Aporlch. [era: *51. , ARRIVAL OF THE BROTHER JONATHAN PROM CHAOllBS. ! WRECK OF THE STEAMSHIP II1I0.Y, ' W ith a large amonnt of Gold L ust on board. PASSENGERS AND DUST SAVED, Re*. 4f0i. Ac. 1 The ateamehlp Brother Jonathan. Captain S tuiera' reached her d< ck alxiut half after 12 o'clock, thla morning. She reached Cha&rea on the morning of the 6th iiiit and railed tbmrn on the uTenlng of the 9th. and fn in Klngaton on the 12th We underatand that ahe wee delayed, on her return trip by afire, which broke ?.* ?ho i.n ?hu u?ue.U.. ?A.. If a U 1 a. | .'ill uni iu- ir.ii.r.1- ... i.ic . I III llim. ' The vessel was densely crowded with passengers, and for tine the excitement among them was Intense. However, in less than au h"ur, the flamea were extinguished i and quiet was restored. The boilera sustained so much injury by the nrc, that but slow progress was made > thereafter he passengers award great credit to Oapt. Squit ra and b>s officers. for their promptness and de! cision during the c<'Dsternat>on. The steamship I'niou. four days out from San Fran[ Cisco, wetit ashore on St Qulnluu's reef, at three o'clock : on the mcrniiig ot the 6th ult. She la a total wreck. She bad three hutidn d thousand dollars in gold dust, and three hut'drtd passengers on board. The passengers and dun were all saved with the exception of six thousand dollars. which was taken by the passengers and crew. None of the freight was saved The steamship talc on was left at Chagres. awaiting the niMiU. The steamer Ohio reached Chagres on the Oth inst. with a broken ahalt, and one engine so much disabled I that she will go to Navy hay, and await orders from her ' owners. Her sbatt was broken off Kingston, on the 5th ; inst. flhe reported having experienced heavy weather. The steerage passengers of the steamer Commodore Stockton, lyii g at Te)?<ga mutinied on tho morning ol the bth instant, und demanded the return of their pas| aage money. They drove the crew from their work, cut !up the tackling. 1c . and at last accounts had complete possession of the vessel. We are indebted to the Purser of the B. J , and to i Berfiru i. Co.'a express fur full files of California, Jamal1 ca. and other papers. The liHoning is the list of FA?ENOEKS> I'.* T11E HKOTHER JONATHAN. It K luetiLku t. (iregor) K Ohn Noma Mr Mclioitsli N K Ueoedlct ( VI Hitiisri M l ay J Johsstou M< ore kr Allaire K K Jellup hclsrt Moore (aptl.tlwar J? S hogg s 0 I'aiue M hbl'iper H tanner i 6 I Paine Mr foreat Thus W'.ike S J llama Mr livers 11 A Swift I 0> h Olapa Mr nut bir A Swift A to hreenlof M 1'etebvne 1> 3 Johustoa J tieiaoD Mr Huberts H G Johustoa J 0.i;uiaa Mi 11 McCurmick (. I burgeri tier, Smith Mr Thomas j i> i niuu i'upt uoaaia <i smith j tuley a * UcUltr j m tiilri b tviltjr Jauiea j m llell b Al lnuUkftB lire Miller a Willie Jan.. a i ifikie him Miller c 11 l>owne? hit ii u'ltDvr lr uurn?i j CUner j lie il<e4 j h liillti h m lltkrt Geo h'rtl Mr Uuklee i j Milker l?r Mel h'uluBU I j 1 hi o? kdntl II i'elnn a j (iritfilU j tlami j kuj l u FerrU u fuller j Abetia l i olmea kiiutun w ti h| anger m June* i w j i't.-roa c kull jeium fori j k Ctiikbty a f i'ubb j l> Runner Jlitut h peon Clpt Hone ju i. u aril j llulmau j Biihbari m i rejl j m uihtelt l.olm Kill Ail ton j b ripen j mi.lih k w Milla J 1<i|lij Tlonae Veiarl 1 llelfnrl i i re i.anan j k km* kdwd Sharpe i j) Meet a ivutt Mnrcial ctb itora 1) u mutih c mill# i m iMuaia i j t? lapill k A'hley j l> w tuta j 1? Ksikay a i'teil W Lamk 1 ii Raili w j? IIate p bilia ' i barn a b i. Wuul j mlx|t i C f ulman >. kill* B f daker I rriekle H La.nen J Htxjctaa i K llalu a la >. I.ulha U Stierima > m l.a*rinae c Julueon 9 Sherman f jdaiub 1 Retail j t! limia tir.vurd f Hir n M Lecoata b 9 Warner i' i lib Va Taylor j h heHrw (' 1 unman 9 Welle m fay f. bulier j c iiiubiob a 11 Gleey W Uarpedla f Kelly Jlurlev j omllee 9 u 1'arklaa j bpnldlag j Goldeaiilh s Andrews ! j m Knee h ui'i.1 AJironn 1 ! HUalun ii olehi-r t Bruwa i ju m alien r kib'lua c w i. Veier ! O t p?bear j Sweeny W ii Verrea i j (. ki tin j Gray ii TStadorl i SJlKtnerl ? Uiay j tniitli j June# KTnlaott 1 ik. m> u? g b m"?r si. i'aine i kwltntt j Snuat l Mucth?y l dc l.idlow j 11 btataar n barb bbaudiia a bnckila . o Miekiad i jifca Nrleoa 11 l hakonek 11 Diekey i jatu Mercer el LBap'ea k i JnlnFlley j u t'onkd i. Aadeewi | jinn liarrma.a j t Mora'oi f a Malta R m Uioki Sim. o Hunch t II Fanner ! I Jil natuB (ier. laleer i II Mori ton a t cooldu g t klihii) g Burnett , ii c< in i. n Her nan k 9 Stephana ; k. m bouyltN jaa g Blackana m Deapaey c ii 1> Sparkrr o Bueell ! jnenti in Her t k i'arrow u Barry | j t liatehinii b m f barrow n Nurkele 1 kirk lay Alfrad Key fc Tyler Maiua ri k. ill i h man r" W udnm LnitTripr s i. liin.tamaa rm a Rak r Heal Hard ? 11 llldkldy n .-I' lirf ?i n m rv ,-n novm Ji ?>n iMtk.c J M Smith A JIhi.Il.i1 II M Itii Uy K W Jnnklni W m M rlli 1 Vi( Hint A W Jnnki*. W in I'.iMnoa ? iltilDi J A Iscran lly I laniard M' drll V Mwlir J A I'M I I hu. T An .tin I Aii-??d A A" 'in 8 Hal.aay W II. M Jo*.a r llinlaoa A i/ua?*/ 111 M)f*d B.'iij H'|<4 V K"!. rti HI. h.lllal l.i ? iv I'ai Ji?r Win Calmer ll'lSlfrt J * dull S II Haria J II ll*la**r John Cnbsall T Onndwla J a kit* J.? r ruth T? u inr Jtnr.l.ray k tillmr iim ijnacf Hiiac. Ktnla a*'?l? ii <?mm* K l.rnak VI W illlaan W Marrar II C.HM * U luV'i Mra Marrar ?ISba*.N T o. Pllarl <r J I Ma. k r VI M alt . J a n?m*4al* J l.-ach * en H?ar4 Jam', liul. has J Claspar J hum It I'ay A It w?#da J Alii-1.a VI ml.alloy JnbB II Isaac / W Hliaa.a Tk.rmrt Thorn*, opp i*r A lai>r?. k t'ha# I'akk I. II K.lritlt I ha. Mr*A Jam** Smith T Mrlntoth It II Mil I'atsr llrlialt AIM Char*'l I'rtar Mtnhat lillmlata IT llt|. Ilrrk WuAalis* M Cai>i>a* A4 Bi I avtl.aat J' J t.aln J 8 Caps** I hiT| liibtt lln?b tnnalt A Clara* Ca< tilak It 8hnta.ll SPartar J I a t ry. B Place Me* Tbsrp* AC.BI Kim* I Flaae J .ha Craalala At asi Hooka II. nil Ili?arr M Crnpl.ia Id Mn< th II Br.? W I. trpln* J I lit **14 V T I... la J*. Jtanlnc A Mill* T Ori*?* W J.anln* C I a Vht'l O K. II* W 1.1. M.rrr* I ? I.MtlHb II h*lk?f A * 8artt , J It..I 1. M Hijlc* J Andrraa A V <>'at II fin nl fl 11.11 I M Jl la.taa J Main I.(t II Sort..* I I ' ?< ? RM.iraan* J K I Iraiili n* .i ttiilij * I >!** A t'haa* I J M ' a.rd I! t ? ? h-ll A 8 ? baa* I r Unyta J A lilt* A I'rooiaitU |i J >il a* oa J Li. A V Rabat J l>- a mala A R ><!(<(* J * llart .a . |i Ml. liar A Ulna J ( Rnrrswa I r I nlaa* W I allla n llnrrawa r II vth.atn* DOM Kop* r. I. iml .ll (: tt i.t.iU J R?*.l W r nitaball W J M-naatt Dl.iad.r J W Cr.a Wis IIm?h C E Dnaaia Detail* ' lit* !? ** *l lb. klraiarr I'nlan* h arm .?*. Juij Jri 1811. Th. |M> rf Ihla ***** I It yaibapa. the a..t un v**.?iot! i hln and ant anli * al l* a ' Irnt that ha. ?r*r .nnurrnd I ? aih th* ti? tica of Aaif riran narrator*, ?n|, at lb* tar mil ft .tui it of tb* J. "urii 'l p*M>nj*ra, w? will ?(' irpt to p-a* tfr fart* r?Kti?a to tba nrxek mi naarty M n* ran. and Iraf Ibo r. ad r to <lrn? lira own coar.a iil I ho |i>fl 3an 1'ianriM".. on tli* l a lo t .bound to Panama. anta 11 ml ?;0 pn?. nt-i r? ? mmvtdo.l by i apt J'.na? Mark Pba had on (mard ' ? it >*?? <>l ?1J durt. ablppod p'Itielpaliy by Orogory b Oa ' Is. pr ? Ibn night of tbo Ut w-n pet Ui Kiting otnar at tbr p<wt c.f Pan brant'. and morning man 1 a* 'ally J ot. tba bn*i ni of th? i-tiki >i?-? p wn< -- ? wrra r .rdiatly r> r?iv?d by a d*ttf hwul btei Att>oV|>i-k wa 'p*lt/ , ! tba atanmar I'Mite, trriid t?> thr UnMra (lata Thru > r : - 1 !' I ill! - a i an i' it I. | i - i iff- < ? ! | a*?ry ti?abio prnr | rot promt* d a plra??nt n<r?g- * n tb.< r trortiirg tf tl H-il a n.i.tirr a i? ?f' nKl h. pa?r rrnpi rr, tint thr Vt.i nrio# a I mob rururbag into a j kIki tor during tba night, and tb o<- tig' ' worn up. ot niatrli on dri b; thi? run or. Liwraarr, ffl 1 nttbonl rrr-il rip any n ttnwul f* alarr, on ttao m >rn |i i ot tin 4th ?i a-' t>< l' V*1 ' r'ar !. i,rd tt d*j Mihdl no r? (fi ratbn duU. wtr n at Irtigth t'aptaii j ?arv.h. 'Mid tba llaif of nnr * **?*?. and flr* t nnagnn It I- anBUl M 'bo ?? ? i??r ?ry < . AFiortoan Indnprnpnaoa th? bi*tm?n anli Md too droptjr mt th- r Inbrmtma an l-ialn il|i airat'd ard rrt? m,, 4 m during tb* da) * llo | a* ???r r? pt in til'.T rotlrud tarty, * '* .alt ra -iik-n- V.* I bo ">nit cd a t?j. raM ' r-. rh ? a iir.!t?f. Ihr oay Al> Ml :t o'rlnoK ?a Ih 1 I m> u'rg t-l Umi ?M?- bjai'nnh-a, ),/ tba nam of Mi LD PRICE TWO CENTS. B Holtr.n, Went on deck to enj?y the fresh air. a. tho n.gbt bud Immid quite *.rm lie inform* ua that arvsring i oitc attracted bit* attention in tbe direction of laid} ?ud on e'.tee observation, he n* tbe breaker. rolling alopg ibe b?sch quite (Uin ; and be, fwa tbe dlrect on tbe vessel wax running, abe muet certainly strike in a ft** momeDte. be could find no watch oa deck, and tbe too drunk to manage tbe wheel, he attempted to giro tbe alarm, but before any one ewne to bia call tbe rem i .truck a reef of reek, and janrrd her i to the centre, and betore the ha-! fuily rreovnrtej frcn thi.ehock.uhe .truck again at this nr>rntng the first mate made hi. sppearane on deck and rang out hard u port? bet too lute fbe au already within 200 yard, of the* .bore.' kuur of her Length. in tbe direction the was bonding. would bare placed her on a blulf at leant fifty ftwtf above tbe water Immediately back of this blulf. m I mountain wax quite distinct three hundred foot .bore the first ledge of b'trffs. How a resect properly commanded could bare gone* ashore upon t-ueh bold bluffs ax are here described, ww l leave for seamm to db cum for the xake of brevity we ( will not .top to notice the excitement and consternation of the pajwcnKcr* Some, however. Were hunt1 irg their friend., wme their pantaloons, and wxn. mere tb< ugbttul were fervently praying for tho preservation of their souls. Ky this time .he wao an abw lute wreck Tbe great wave, moved, isftinw he* up ai d dashing her dowu egain. ss if the inighly oceaw were satistlug L.-r vengeance upon ths helplose nnrtl. whose colors were alr?e*dy struck The breaker* earn* bounding to the shore, roaring like thuml-i uj thiraf 1 tiling destruction to every op pi id ti^ object. Vf-e j were ,?s oft* a lnjitg down ns l anding up, a* | tremendous were )be shook* eh- reeet?*d.? - Tbe rhandc i- rs and file lamps were bur*le*l line % thousand pieces; tables end char' sought their e~fld litiriuni in every possible scape The doleful musico" tbf{ engine bell, feli upon our heariug like the sum mens of death. In this awful *u- pease we w*re rorn. pelled to r< main until daylight for whioh there wts no lack of prayer. Finally howev r the weloomm ray of morning greeted ua from the desolate mountain top. We sent a small is at a-hore with a line, whioh wts made fust, and tbe boatmen returned and reported ate | lying oppo-ite llio termination of a ravine which would. . kttord us a safe landing Now commence* a scene which : 1 hope my worst enemies may never witness or oxpevience. and one which the imagination ran make awful. | enough without the assists nee of mv feeble desciiptioa. 1 You might have sun. however, ?10 human being* standing upon a hopeless wreck, each watching his turn in the small boats, o which h* is lowered by means of ropis, then drawn iuto the r- lling breakers by the hardy saw ' men, and conveyed to wh< ie you can reach botti m. and i then you mast make the Iwet of your way out. 1 The utme-t confusion prevailed fur about five hours, i during which time the passengers aud provisions eerw all sately lauded, and all the gold dust, save one bow I containing about ftl.COO. Wo will pass by tlwt uneasiness manifested by the passengers that we were wrecked on tbe island of (laudaloup, which struck I us with more horror tbuu eveu ihe wreck. Captain Marks was the last man to leave tbe vessel, and whan I he landed upou the beach a crowd gathered round hint for his sdvice and knowledge as to what we were, both i of which he refused Several roberics from passenger a ' bad been c< mmitted before daylight amounting fa Iks aggregate perhaps to $t> (100 and tbe box of dust, was this time, generally known to be gone. However, this* stolen box was picked up during tbe day, in tihs after part of tbe boat, rifled of it* contents. T%m mcst intense excitement prevailed, until about sunset, when we were visited by a small party of Mexicans, at tbe sight of wb< ui the el. in-neots wens I made vocal with shouts of enihusiastio joy. They la' forme d us we were only six mile fr >ui the old Kortre-w at K1 Ho uric, at which place we would beenabl-d to ' sn<h assiefaoce a- would place us beyond the reach of , starvation, and that Sao Ilie-go was about 1100 miles np tbe const This gloriou* new* d ecked th- excite incog fur a time, but at length it gre w more- intense than ever. Captain Marks seircled tifiy ineu ft- ni ainoog the passe-tigers as a guard to protect the gi ld Uu.-t. aud ladlrectly reejOe^ted the balance to leave. Thl* guard bag j the premise Ufa tree pssssge to I'-maui* on toe etearner. lie which sn express had already been despatched tw - handle g??the remainder of Us determine -1 to remove wj> to ft 1,li nen's l'sy the point at which ties steamer wan directed to ecus Tbi* bay. if it de serve* the name of m ' lay. is ah' ut forty miles Kusxrlo fber# 1* but oma | rsrch hi re% thorgh a large he-ru of cattle- gr.ixed upon it. At this place we siaycd bfteen day-, aud our chief subsistence was be-ef si ne Cap1 Slark.-i had sent for anl d u'? in retni v? in* guam ana au.i i" pi numiin, I rt-td'uiM (or tbi- ati amor. ana on tbe 14th they arrive^ c< iUiaiidxl l.y a Mr Day, whj had Urn elected oak-tala i ? ( the ftpartan band j Caf't. Day filled rt.o office with d-ilded dignity and bra! T?ry. lb? gnaid pit* bed tlnnr tri.ta immediately oath* beach, ?b< ut one mu? from our camping giouttd. miou I tin e waa tpent in d ngrmutattona amoug the pmwrngera. i Od th? Hob, tbe ti e Uig of steamer Northerner, D<ade it* appearunce on lb- b.-i^t.l water* It wa* a heavenly Mailt Indeed ; lb- reflected light of the ran fn ull i rpai kllag water made the evening brighter The breaker* bad a'w at roared tbe r thunder tog ; tba ti.< titi'slo* that lay oil at the head of the bay.we/j Poking h nrly ami daaolaie- all uaiure ecemrd calm; the uolortuoale winked aero atunJtug along tbe Uacb?rapgtd and dirty ? gating upon the i roint | eieeel aa *he nde up to her mooring, with tear* rolling I diwn ttetT i ll. 11-. Iteadi ra. If you bare nerer beeaa fhlpwrrcked. y u can not imagine our feeiiuga on thai rvr caeK o. A mtinte van liied trotn ih. boat, which wan | atawrred. flrat by long loud about* of jiylul hearts the mountains then pare beot tbe echo, a* a trnti tiomy ?t it t bur joy t'apt Randal tbea came arbor* and Informed aa tl at be bad bora m ade acquainted with our miafortaaen h> a .mall jarty of our p?ji**ng*r* who hadjg ae (broach famiego and thai he bad route to our relief. He propi red te take ua to fanuna in tbe ft ret cabin for glT* ar in tbe *t?i rage for (1(4) lie taa induced, howerar, ka alter tbe latter proposition to $44. By ID o'clock the ml morniiig we were all on board the Nmthamnr, reedy to aail frr I'anama t'api L B Kilwarda a paaaanger i f tbe I'nion received I he thank* of the paaeeugecs foe hi* a.aictaite* in enabling them on the NnrtbeiMT. K K. HICKMAN. Lawrencebwgh, Ky. NMBntM. John B IIoleman J R Uurtua AL Weed J a M it) era II R >aghtea C Mitchell ItSJvbreon C Baufbtoa C M Ueaate K 1' 1 lal'.w C tl I'utsiaa S Ceek Dr D P Baker W Woodward W I, arret t A Maaea D M Taylor (I A Keller A I' Daaa K fthirr J ftpanldiag J Kir,aid W llilehell t Harrow Je J Male y. W llllama A (inigraa A I aaa k Jnl.'n 4' A Ahaekotfatd A I. ftcoU J ft llurroll A llrerg J Hi ll F II Wkeiloa A Aekley J J I'nrrowc 1 W lute r fthalor t I'll hell CKompp Kf.ntaaaia fl M. run J taaeey y H Cltek J K l.utmrl K < arrester J Hear* I W llavdoa r. Ralaela W H Kola 1 * N Peytca t kadag J Sofum 1 Itr L ft Aebbaaeh J Frnmit t. W lioodffaW ill vprieg A Hill tea A Provisos L Pol. man R flit'toyd W S Hap* ! P be' arte I, II belateell J Plea, tee* I f k Waits Jihn Praaae A Nathan R Wills W T Peerjr TParrWa I. ft W lilts k II W I, volar Pi*rrv Thmaaaaa ! J I' f r*oirr J llolinii I hu Uodvia I To?|iii)? J IMrar* l< Unkit I J * Tarrtl V tlahar N |> Lak?C K t> 1 emend II P JthtMi A Idn A hlrtli j J B Alo'f A H'M I' Jtliliut J Alllaaa J II (Iray A M H??m4 J i roM ia J IT ll .fl ' K Joliatm III'm>'Iii 0.. II ?hea ! Altu.lrwk L<l??laM I'f #?ran J A < ?M? fi H B") c II Kathac RRI.herda W A TlionpaaB A Oread A Matt.a C riaa A M ImIII (IIHI Itaylry A liCtMlr 0?f? R"Hr J I tr.wall W I* UtrtaM J I Iwk Atlwi Rt|?tilili It Aamatr K Cala Ha Crtaatll P Hark I oBiman Caaiirll. IOIID OP A I. It AM MRU. AM. rutan Unan?*e. fto-tdtnc Ar..t rr 10?ttrpuit lr.?. tbe r. matt wr on the P.raDo' r '' J. 1 with the loUowluf raanlnthMM te r?f. t?nce u. th- rani Milou rf a ho e cm pa 1*7 l? Ik* ; Filth ?aitl lie* ?.d. riiat the Chief T.nalo..r nf the Pica Da i part Bit it ha aid la hereby d rected to organise a hmo j n a 1 any to ho I a nted m the Rtakh ward, and to ho km wit at lt< * Uotupat y >0. ?. upon a location bring i ptellded K.eltiJ. 1 hat whan ?ald ?^?p?nt I* nrftinad, k# fun Irli the aauta with a carrUt*, and the r? |atdta quantity if h?>.? lha re pen of tka Committee on and Places. w| ci turn. nding a aoneumnce with tha Hoard rd Am -tankn i In the ?d< idioti ??f the rii.luti. n to relay .liewnkf , 1 ar< ttad tba I'ath waa iwfletTtd hacA ol the c. nmnttae on F.rrle*. reeoniia.ndil Jf ! cot cwn?n< a with the Ik ard r| A-?Oteut? In r-l*U?W to ! ai.tiit* ? lea. a of a ferij foot of Kiprhly-alilh atta et, I Vr h rltrr ui Honey Uotiklln. ?a* adopted 1 h?| Ott . I the Con r it tec on I'errlee, la fa?<* of com. titling wtth lha- A iard of Aortr'ant* in resolution C #otIt a a Iro* of a fern lead of Thirty ninth atlwaA. to K H. ? afwptid! r| <hf Ptr*u. In T?*?tinf , |0 |^, ftoi'ia'IHf, the rralra of the Fourth ??? ? fmr I'uMio */Vr it I* ofwr trom Thirt t-(nanh ' to Thirty *Vl th etr.-et# aehee ti?? ordered by tb? lk?a*> n r. uncti in conformity wtih tie prre*ni iirodn. i adopt.4 H? <4>rt ot the Commute o? I.and* and Hires r? g^, lt| t 'Wf?rr?tf? ?1lh ll? Hoard of Aulatc gA i_ f the a t. pti. a i f the reiomtma to i in p rote the #BUto i ?1'.i?rr at Marl, m nfernd back. r?uw Ik* election id Kkhant Kelly, of Knwlne Ctwnr ?? 7anility II ! ? aard.?if lliweCo No II. ktrln * . the blghi ?l numhi'f f rt>tea,aa candidate* k * iw/tT , mot place* i.f two Aadatant Rngineer*. re . . _ m the Hoard 1 *** 1 Hi I'll i.f Ike t ( minittee on F!p* Tkpar' #v___ i of pay lift an* b lis wt.*r* member* ol tl , (i? B,_rt iiei.t hat* iatn doetd km Aston* In - A . b. toea a' lh. ir n*n itpea?e we? a l ' 4^,1 The n pewter* rf the peer* attend ? l(l) n..,<f Al de ? .p ..M l: . pi t,tl nrrqn.rfnr t? here their faM. r rei. ted With 11 airrle %" It W >g diem rtly the d. I-a tea or ftoetwdl- Au, frvm u?ir nrearoft fe it'll 1 A M11.1 re talllher." ,u Ml)?ni4 troth In tbw , rut. aiinlct there? if lot. h? m -rnl.^tooJ !* ? ua ht Ihefrtltlcn wr< rrf -Ted to the Committee on \rta I ted Fehiirea. | f< n?e 1 apefe adopted 1? tb# b-flonln* of th? eeaelmt, f mttotba* ,,yPr for <t?r :no anJ returned, le-eanaw n tb. j trite l(, ,J ,rc rli < to law, In the n?w?m 7?!*?* ?Mi hn ?*bt up end created a die ineion a* t# m *"** ovi ht to .ne with their) flier were Anally rw fti* it t.. th t .iM .lttro on I.ew Pepa: u.ait, aud tka ^.-atd t?; l a<t; 1 it \ pe?t 7r'otor>|fjt thd liaakam

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