Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Ağustos 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Ağustos 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMKB UOHUUI BSISllf, propiuito* axd tDITOJL wrici ii- w. corner op ra,Toa and hjlviav rr?JKiLLV UJCRALD, 1 ten't >cr ??? |j fir "rss tVKKHL* HMHJILD, 3.i?. a,,. ?i 14 ' ???U per c?r*. irHfir ?wu?, (Ju European jS N per ewwwte ewppurt rf UeUain, mU W ? an f *"?O?IA?^KF 'coSAjiaTotfVii JcH^contmrmm mcuti ill riirnvLiti.* iVii'iiriii to itju, ? ? 1 LirrUi AWD ftO?44B li>T r?i u*. ALL ti'JTERS ip *.nl !<n or w*ti Aivertieiments, to it pot:-void, or tit igt t?tit it deducted from lee money remitted. VO XOTTCK taken e/ aimruM t if emnntetotion*. We do not return tkeie rejected. AOrtfHTTXeMEfiTfi rene nd rrer, mor.untr JOB FKDfTOfd executed H\fA toatMte, cktapneit. ""riCfl'SrS. catK in advance. P?i?mi XV*. Wo. A*r?*ML.VTS this evanind. castle garden?I SarmixBe ri Siriaiu. tbeats2. Bowtry-lEiLA-tD ax It I?? c a we lxft'' tat*. WIBUVS OARDIN. Tiohr Ioh-TMIU ClADi lTOII?l>IVfK ri??wl>T- DlCHAH'JttAl'. Bl'RTON S THFATHE, Chambers itrcet?E Almtn Lire .-RjKtl. jACTt. national THEATRE, Chateau strket?Orivshaw, Ba ?r??' w *i) Baashaw?Soaxauii Lirr?Blac* Ercu li'UA. CdRISTVS MINSTRELS, Mochuuos' Hall,47? Broadway ? erwiorlis kliataiuit. rEUX?W3- MINSTRELS. Fa'lowa Musical U*U, Ne.?4 SrvkAway?Ethiopia* Hiiitaiuv. AMERICAN MCBBUM?Anusms Performascu ArVUM?a ash EvaaiMa. TRITLER IIALL?Soiree i M\uiqi*cs. MfW York, Wfdiiftday, Aufiut MO, 18S1, Weight of the Herald In Wrapi>er?. Menu Herald lf< ? 4eveu Sheet htba.o 17k ?*. Idmll Sheet Herald . . 1 01. I Ttlrgiephlc Summary, The telegraphic intelligence which we publish under the uauiti head, though varied and interesting, is net important, except that which relates to I the arrival of the expedition of Americans in Lower ' California The object with which this expedition set out was the subjugation of Liwor California, and eventually its annexation to the United States. No account of this expedition having male any hostile demonstration ha.', however, yet been rc- ! ceiTsd. The ftrst canal enlargement loan, amounting to (4,504,<j?JO, appears to have been promptly taken, yttteicay, at premiums ranging from five per cent down to one-half of one percent, the average being over three fourths cf one per oont premium. This peaks well of the credit of the Linpire State ia vie* of her large indebtedn: ?, and the sweeping progress of imperial costliness of her disinterested Legislators. By the way of Boston we have receive 1 ictolli- I geice from Matanzas to the oth instant, at which , time it is said the island of Cuba was quietThere is great anxiety manifested to hear of the steamer Pampero, whijh left New Orleans some i time since, with Central Lopez and several hundred men, for Cuba Wc can account for tidings of her not being yet rooeived. By a letter which we received jesterday, and which will he found in | another part of this day's Herald, it will bs seen that, although that vessel left New Orloans on the 3d of August, she did not go further than the Bel ze until the 7lb, on which day the headed for [ Cuba. It uas deemed advisable to employ souie : engineers and machinests, so as to provide against J accidents, and the delay was occasioned in making n few necetsary repairs. The steamship Cherokee, which will be due at this port on Thursday or . Friday next, will, doubtless, bring us aims tidings > of the Pampero, and of the result of the enterprise for which she was engaged. The de mocrata of Massaohusaetta will meet In Worcester to-day. According to our accounts, the Honkers will make a strong effort to break up the ooliiicn. The ApprescMng Stat* Convention. Within about three weeks time both pelltlca parties in tna rotate wiu assemble ui meir respective State conventions Meetings are soon to be held ; in the tcvernl A?*einbly dietricte, to designate the delegates who are to propagate their patty's seotiments, and the platforms waieh thej will declare to stand upon daring the coming cooteet. Although the election will not directly inrolre any great na tioaal iasoe, alill the restless leader* will strive to Introduce questions which will tend to hare a bear- , tag ipon me next Presidency. Uoth partiea are aware that a national convention Ban assemble in May or June next, and the *ilrer ' gray* and bunhers will resist the right of any delegate to a seat who ie even tuipected of harboring abolition notions. The hunkers will undoubtedly andor.'-c the principlee of the compromise, at ?yracuee, and should the democrat! 3 abolitionists disagree to such an endorsement, they dare not undertake to oppose the Mate nomiua'.ione. ll is wsll known that last year the little meagre band of twenty-six, held in lealirg string* by John Van 1 Bwren, refused to rote for tbe resolution.') adopted then, eull, having on tbe ticket, Church, H-suton i and Angel, they dare not manifest the least <li*fa- i or, because they well knew that the hunkers stood ready, withdrawn knife, to cut the oord asunder which had been entwined around the pa. ty at ."yra 1# Sks kMkaaa aasla . a - I nw ov hi IUC uuiiiui ^iiu U';UIU*M i Judge Lett. of Brooklyn, fur Comptroller, an I ] place kUnry B, Kendall, of Curt Uad, on the ticket again for Secretary of state, then the clique of barnbaraers mutt support toe ticket ia fut'ti faith,? iberwiat tkeir ova taen will fell C'tueil/ ?w with tbo to of the other eection. The wore radical bunkers arc ai'tail; swearing that they will vote 'or no man who Is tbo leaet tinctured with aboMtH ottB or tee soUicm. The barnburnert will t attempt to put Wefcb again on the ticket a* I Taoaaurer It matter* act much what kind of reeokitioue are adopted. ta?j wili on 1/ be intended fur f tbe Southern market, awl e '11 be under? .ovd by tbe Wire poller* The taoa ef bedding the *?k g contention en tbe ' day aubrentaent to that na n tbe democrats meet, and in the same piece, baa lu s object an inter view between tbe democratic and Seward free ?oil*r? It ia not libel/ tbat tU? Jen?o;rati<5 con reauon will conclude their trensdrtioae tbe first t da/, and the second da/ tbe wbigs will oe there, , and no donbt, rtad> for a oaafereMP .Notwittanaadmg a kind of hiatus now caiote, still Wjed , A Ce. are aotirel/ engaged ia ever/ .Assembly di-t. iPt ia tbe State, ia ida<'gates. woim tbe silver grays are doting ovel the aisepy demos of tbo Albany tugi%ur, aoJ i?ifla. j r 'nmtrcu.1, in tracing Prescient tiiiwnre to the s?lphur Springs, Mr. Webster to Msrsib eW, and tbo rest of the sdw.ri-UatK. u . a. l..,rl ... _V-? c- _w._ .u- I " ?^ ?. - mm jwm wu re eg *u*k wmma 4*j of s- u?di upon tkasa ?t * .*?yracu??, t*? ?iW?r? v.ll j*ro?iv# th<va?olrM in \k* nw lTMtieuoifTii i< fto to link Tirfina <r?r? vht HglHU4 to ft;'. ik# f ian|? # ,ih oil, or,I wkeo P* Jk"j nrilfid itUii mutt'.Agn toil, bcgg~J of h? *1'? ?* " t? ?if* ?bem o.'. ar tk? ir .* op# had gino ' ! ? aft ? ? wt? ? *Hh * graj*. mIm lfcey ^ Jj< it tir w tiuio Tb<-y ta?y r .nali) itagnint ai.? inactivo, ri lying ufon :ko moral t mm of tbj a 1 ?iii?in*r?ti ,n, na-J " U >t t' iv . fc-it ' r nioii-and lb" <v>:r.|,ii)ici* r?vci.? *o n or d?.i'! meat, and a s . gl? *il? :r gray j la-oa th? "* Ha i>?k?t ai f/rMtti! ibN a u n.'j ? l< " ' boialiimftd ly tb? frei .1/ rl wit i ti?n twalto aannuiV 4?uuno??. '? 1 thtTrVa??iu*Mai:.-a, nod Ui? ?:? ? In iho ?l uikiUikn no ?n? na fc?rek?? ^ bat ]>l#n#ur? th^ ?crf v c?J fring for e The KiWupapcr Preu of ??w York. pi We have received from sundry proprietors of pi oar city and country papers, communications respecting the list of newspapers, which we pah- 1L lithed in the IIkiald on Saturday last, com- j (a planning of inacour icics and omissions. We have It gr.!y to say that our list was an abstract of g the United States census; and If the pub- p. Ushers of papers have given false returns, or the w marshals who took tho census have omitted any c establishments, the fault is not ours. All we vouch for, is, that we huve given correct returns for the ^ Hera: i* establishment, aud a true abstraot of the census, as we obtained tue s.irne from Washington. Let " every tub stand on its own bottom," we say ; aud let those who feel aggrieved apply at the oensus office at Washington, and have the returns corrected. We shall be glad, however, to receive any information from editors and publiahera which they may th nk proper to furnish us, respecting their papers, if not correctly reported in the oensus. The editor of the Eastern S'.att Journal requests us to say, that bis paper is published at White Plains, lyutiMsttr county, and not In Suffolk county, as strangely reported in the census returns. As we have said before, we have no doubt that many of the returns of tho circulation are overrated; and tho list we regard only as an approximate statement of the respective circulations of the newspaper press in June, IS>W. Wo have asoortained that two of tlio city penny papers, which put down their aggregate daily circulation at 70,000, now issue daily, on an average, about 50,000 only for tho two papers. We cannot answer for the correctness as to the Tribunt; but, takiug the census return* as tho basis for a calculation, and estimating 310 publishing days in the year, the is the comparative annual oirculition of i the two establishments:? Daily IIlsali;?Number of -.beets printed ; annually 10 IIS.400 | Daily Tkimim?Number of sheets printed annually 6.03S.S00 _ Diliererce in favor of th- Hlralb 4,070,600 t Or, if we take the l?aily, Sunday, and Weekly t iifc'KALn, and compare tre total annual circulation t of the saruc with the Daily, Sesni Weekly, ani a Weekly Tiibune, the following is the result for the t total annual circulation:?; ol shirts pritted annually, 11 233.400 latavtE, do. 19. 8,390,380 Annual cir ulalion in fs?or of the IIirald. . o 129.040 Ditleritce of value of sh< eta, at 2 cents each. in favor of the Hr.kalk 94P 530 Or over six ty thowani dollars. A compahson with the old duly press of the city, the proprietors of which for a long time affeoted to despise the establishment and rapid progress of the cheap cash paj>?is, is still more striking in favcr of the Hkralu. Thus, it appear] that t'ao total circulation of the old " sixpenny papers" (as they were formerly called), according to their own state ments made to the Census Board, is many thousands less than that of the Herald. Here is the table of ciiculation of thcte old concerns:? Courier and Enquirer 5 200 Journal cf Cinaiueree 4 300 New York Evening i'ost 1500 Conimt rcial Advertiser 3.500 New VorA Express (morning aud evening/ 10.T00 Total cir< ulatiou of the Ave eW iarge papers....8L700 Iteily clrcuiatiou of the llraaLn ....32.040 Pifferenee in favor of the II; hai n 6,240 Tlic average daily circulation of th*sc old papers is r%l 10 (aJniittirgthc returns tf the Express to be correct, but which are doubted by many of our cotempcraries, and we shall not quarrel with their s'atcment ) It will be sufficient for the pirpoee of buficcea men to observe that an advertisement iaecrttd in the H;:ra:.p ia worth air iwne* us mack u.i c uhiH insetted iu the average of the old paptri, ami ^ tu-mty-Jni per ant more tf an ut all of them combin&l. | The total annual circulation of these five paper- c teirg 7,.%"T,G00, and that of the DailyIIeicaLD (31J ii day*) 10,119,400, the difference in favor of the 1 Iltr >i.d in a year is 2,151,4u0 sheets printed. ? It is worthy of remuk that in the year 193*2, <j v. hen the uaily press was in the hands of the oldfashioned lepers, (excepting the Daily Sentinel, | printed by George H. Evans, and two other papers,) i there were 13 daily papers published, aud thsir 1 aggregate circulation was only 5,K23.oOO sheets 1 annually?or about one-half the present circulation < of the Ukkau>. Their daily circulation was 18,200, 1 or an average of 1,400 for each ?f the 13 papers. The following is a list of the thirteen daily papers ' published in this city ia 1SJ2, rli.:? ? Morning Papni. PuUUtirrt C New York Uaxette John La on a Co. t Mercantile AdveTti?er ,,,i kl Butler t New York Daily Advertiser .... I'wi/ht. Towoaeadli Oo. Courier A limjuini J. Yi'atsom Webb Journal of C< maierrr Uale A Uailoek. New York CtaoUard John I MumforA SitMaU k Jcunal K-?iwood Kisher Moraine Poet Sf?rj A Ulidrwth. . fit mint t* i ixr i Pubii$Ltrt. 2L Y C-cninereial Advertiser .. Franco- Hall A Co tl York Kreninp Poet Bryant. Daggett A Co a New York Anericau Cnarir* king. New Y'ork Daily Pentlsel .Geo li Beans. Moral Daily Advertiser Ouotieil A liinea. ' ice cirvtuauon ol the i?njr papers pu blithe d in *' ibis Mate in Jane, 1S> I, other than thoee this t( city, was as follow.*, according to the cenaa , "*nd u our calculation f<>r a few paper* whioh have not * made return* of their daily circulation i? * I1W' jmUahrd papert, Cirrulatian. flr'okly d and Willlamabur* * w MM " AIUo>* ? 17.1*0 tl Troy J 3 2.300 lltca 4 SOW kyracuee 4 3.7U0 " raw.go 2 000 p< Kc< barter 3 6300 ro ItuCalo 7,?iO Uvkport 1 *00 Auburn .1 440 h" btaghamtoa 1 'i")0 be It Lara 1 JOO ? ^uatifa l|<rl?pt 1 300 ?n liudetn 1 too <4 Total. 42 62.01* of * We 0ad It difficult to give the r.irrulall'>o of the *1- *' baby dally pap. ra. aa Uie Jtrfm, ?anw?jr Journal . l Ur 11 aadffic -.?te Ctrrula'ioa taafe. L tna no difticticu fcetwe?n tin it daily, i.uii weakly, and " aeealy p'ibli-atir? We t.a*e rno urored tf Cie 1iheU i illcr. lit clan** of circulation fairly The Kmrker- '. lottor -bould fare bc.ib put down ae a dally ln.Uad of . wi' kly, to the lint The pep. r? n?m ?l with tha Ktprnt. ?j' make atx daily paper* pnUi h< d in Albany I h> ta Uie idllce i f each of the three Troy dally paper*. believe, u a!? ? J a a? kly paper auo u^u in.'j report none Wa have. Ik rii/te a id'd larao weafciy ,. i?je-r?to the e>a<u lUt from Ken.?!e-r County, and j ...-.d* an allowance for their apprred circulation t ibie ie the Mntrgi ih| Ihr Hrpvbhen 1*also I J* oMi-t' a daily during tha fashionable ant at tua f , 'prlnga, vl* , June, July, and Inguet We now give a rummer/ of the rrwapapcr* hi rintcd iu Uk city a?'l Mute < f New York in June, If j -M, aecoiuirg to our taLl.'publi.bcd in .^atu.iUy'i *. lf i Ahxi, being an aUt;a:t of the I'uitvd Mulct ll" ;ii*u., with the eorreiiion* nuued i? r;, h- vnm or i'a#ui* 1*1 >. 4 Ic'i. ?iter PUf. Total t?i ally U 4*2 to 1 mi and tft-weekly 7 * 16 tl" 4e*kly U 20k 32> hei unday I tf Ul D>i r .i i.iblr 6 k 1.1 I rat a**....;.. .. ?i4 u ii I 4h T?t?J Mi ~*4I ( L?i CtOflltTKI ClkCtl^T'OK. | ','1 ... * '' C.lf. OOn /'.'? ??#. Tntui I J" '*>'T IU*<U Wan ?mj& *"1 n.. Mdlli Uutt UK* 4(4.6 * 4- 4'* Svh'4 ?*. j<H? ? ' n?<i?y... 'toti l ino ho i.*) ?* * . u.i m..nUily. ?v<vO 1., - ? *'<*10 t"'1 IdilJily 4' ' MM W.rvti 4^?7uu fc'' ???- <l" ntal runib?r nf l^ur-il it ru I. Uo? pOMIcatloa '"r Hvii > tin rr* U" ro A<?' '"'l' A '/ t in k ( . t P'lW't ^ illy... VAUJUt 16.111,.'<60 f'' n.i ar.Vtri wroklj. U(?3i>? 111 .<<) ??? rrily..* Kiln MM Li Wiilt ? * tda; 4iw.vl 71 WO : f" ml b-obiIK lWIKl 3T?i? -V'' 4 641(100 870 WO _____ ? - , ' ?> Trial RliM.lJi 34.l7i.(04 i ?*? ||>) ILp il<ov? rhon itiiat tii4t9i?larii.UiM?lrcuUii<n>, | ,.r, i ojabfr of tl,ee:? 1/ ail 111* Now Vork ? {' *'pat?r pr??a, ia fttafcar, ii aa fclioffat? ".'J' ? I'lk ",tyf.r?. , 6;M* 17" f h ?!>*., Tr-y, in,' aJlixA-i/yUaaa ? * ?auu 34.17a0M I ?rin4T Ul > !' J *?" ?, ,2U -a'*' raaart of HP' I J/.' Ilk wl li. " In, ,f 4'? |r r I i * 3 (J -1|> ?. . ? | , . .1 . I it' A.I O. v-t ' ' "I'-' I ^ tper-makers aid their k|*ad, by th? newspaper I res* of thia State. To show the immasM increase of newspaper pubahirg in this State, we give the following summary ible of newspapers printed in thia State in the year *32, taken from Williams' New York Annual Re- 1 later for that year. The number of newspapers rinted in the city of New York in 1832, was 64; ad in the State, 268; and the whole cumber of opies issutd was then oomputed as follows:? No of lo.uut No Coput PrinttJ. AnnuaUy. 'ally 13 18 300 6 0:13.800 .mi-wn k!y 13 18 200 1.800,800 kwhly 33 60.000 2.812.000 ami-monthly 3 3 000 72,U00 loot lily , 3 2 000 34 000 "otal. New York elty,.... 84 10,038.000 >ut of the oity, 184 (Intimated circ'n) 6.400.000 rotal in the Htate.... ..268 Total copies 10.028 000 The average daily circulation of the New York ity papers in 1.-32, was 1,100. In 1860, the same umber beir.g printed (13) as in 1832, the average loily circulation, according to the census returns, ? it kn > ??> -'? A comparison of the above statements shows an ncrcasc of 42 papers of all kiLds published in this :ity, and of W> in the State; and while the total Dumber of establishments, where daily papers are i'rintid in this oity, remains the same as in 1832, (viz 13,) the circulation has increased about 135,.00 daily, oi 115,000, deductmg for the misreprenntations in the returns of the penny papers. In dber parts of the State, there were in 1832 only 7 laily papers printed, viz:?3 in Albany, 2 in Troy, md 2 in Rochester. There are now 42 daily papers -.ublisfced in the State, exclusive of 13in tnis city,as sill be seen by our table ; and these are publisnod n fifteen different cities and towns. Tho increase >f the total annual circulation of the press of the r'tate, since 1S>2, is one hundred millions of sheets. Mexican Affairs?Prospects of a Revoi.urin.N ?The republic of Mexico has been a cuioaure upon the uuuic from the fiut day of its exisitee to the present duy. From ono revolution to not her it has fluctuated between the terrors of an.rchy and the rigors of despotism It was hoped hat the late thorough chastisement administered iponi'.by " los Yankees," would bo vastly benefits 1 in cDoling down the warlike propensities of the iruiy, and the inflated pride and ridiculous bombast >f their inilitsry heroes, in introducing something .1 the real elements of a true republican system, md of the improvements and institutions of a truly 'rpubllcan people. But the subsequmt history of ill-starred and benighted Mexico, is the same o'd dory, or a corrupt clergy, corrupt politicians, a rorrupt army, a degraded people, andabinkrupt State. We have the same official corruptions continued as existed before; and the only change in ibc country appears to be such an increase of its debts, as will only hasten the foreclosure of tho mortgages upon it, and the division of its assets, .Lat is, its territories, among tho assignees. Our last advices from Mexico confirm this gloomy jriettire in all its dismal colorings. It is generally conceded that President Arista has proved himself i wise, prudent, and enlightened Executive?it is ipparent that bis policy and his system of meaures for the improvement of the country and he developement of its resources, would beleiit the people, and if properly followed ip, would swon relieve the Treasury of its eabarassments. But instead of receiving "aid and oinfort,"' A rista, it appears, is reduoed to the re olutionary necessity of a body-guard of dragoons i o protect himself from assassination. The demand >f Mr. Doyle?the peremptory demand of Mr Joylc?for something towards the payment of hnt hope lowly enormous debt due to England, has iot mended matters in the least degree. On the ontrary, the last eonducta of silver due from the uterior. on this outstanding account, had not arived. Eveiy thing, in short, in the county, indiuted a rapid downhill tendency to revolution, dieolution, and the extinction of Mexican indepenIcrce. The intrigues of the Santa Anna party fcr a yri nuns to rut nto in his behalf, and for his return, apou sui h a call, to the dictatorship. in whieh tongues the British agents in the country are pro Cisbly implicated, are, no doubt, at the bottom of ill those difficulties. At all svents, the prospects >f a revolution are very fair; and the return of Saita Anna, we hare every reason to believe, will >e the tint result of a rapture with Arista At such a crisis, it is important that Mr. Lether should be at his post ; and wa are, therefore, (ratified to hear that he has left, m route for tna vlexicac capital Who knows but that the foreign xtdttors of Mexico may require the interposition af be Mocroe doctrine of foreign non-intervention in I he domestic affairs of onr neighbors. arliM Affairs. TRIAL TRIP OR THX VTEAMMIir ILLINOIS. The new (trimship Illinois, belonging to liowtsnd ft splnwall of this city, and Intended for the transportaK'l of paasvnger. and light freight between this port nd Chirm Wrnt on a tiial trio\e-wril?T for the onr ore of testing her ?d|1ui and machinery. Numerous cgineer* and rcientiflc m?n looked forward with a rrat deal of interval to the rculiof thia trip, ai well aa > the working of the engines of the steamship OUdea ate. which are of the same description. Inasmuch as It aa expected they wculd decide wbrther oeelllatiog Inea could, with advantage, be applied to aea going learner* of lha largest class, and perhaps supsroede the de leveis On this aecount. therefore, the tried trip of 1 >e Illinois was of mere than ordinary importance ! The Illinois left her dock at about nine o'clock, under i# charge of Mr^agulre the well known New York | lot. and proceeded "Immediately to sen. having on board me twenty or twenty-Are persons, in addition to her Beers and crew. During the run down the bay. and. In et. during the while trip, hrr*ng1?ee worked nrwt autifully 1 he ponderous cylinders Strang to and fro ib< nt enuring the least Jar, and so well did the ginn do their business that with twelve inches steam, half eut off. they made eighteen revoluiis per mitute This working was the admiration every one on board. i.-p<cially the builders, ratr* Hecor. <f the Allaire Works. Three are the | >iy oecilating engines, that the Meaera. 8eoor have aver artructsd. and aa thev have been eu sue-useful in their st at,> W'pt. It la v?ry likely that ibey will have aa many ' I diss f>r Ihira. as tl.ry can atte> d to. TteeaD?s of the ft'Ur quickest st' am?Mp? in the world, via? I e Culo and (itorgla. of thathagrea Una. and the Pa- I [ic tan lialt.c.ol the t.oUina line, were built by the I s'irs Peior. ard now tbey have conettuctad the largeet ( dilating i ngme in Ihe world The Allaire Works are | e oloert Mf*m engine tstahlkehment in the United ites; aid it Uwiiiijy of itmark that the machinery of i M(|11 ah l!.? fii-t ?I .?< ! b rt?r rr< wd the Atit* lv it**au>. or p?illy by > 1mm van built at the 0 in ik? lhe original cylinder of the davatmah may wUmiB ik?f' Mian (t?.? li/t-ini.d to it fjt It at the W otld * fair lo I.<.niton, but their en- ! k have lull tu b tiny ka.1 ant lime to at .1 to Mbuli.g It lo (be lirllth They I ) y. ; <|o io Tl.'ecH.attog a urn.* ha* eewral advan|i< nil tin lit* levir Ihe engine of the llliooli | it ha War. ty one l.'i Buret toua a elde lever of 1 lau.e ['?.r aeunl. and It thiv* t-ighlbi. lea a in ? tao vi ty iu.p..rtai t r. m-m.ration* from the lilt of :h' i i|nlaibUI trip ol p.tMdty tb- re P p> <| vil t? U IP ?e that the It.turn, b the Veeael * ? glfg to the pi rt of Pi*w I mh i I be Ii-O'I* ??r by M.aari Pmtlh and Dim"* 11. 'lill livt ioi.g wilh 40 f> et bn a.Jtli of la-am. and I' about two thou a ml ton* -lie if of a tutilui hJid'l Mi l gnva through the water without Pell t, A Mb B <?e tl.nD a nppio lhe following arv the b> fealoua if hi r mai'tilm IJ ? iRthttl iJlihAir U lnhrl l|th (4 lUole p feet. .Bitter if wbn la 31 feet mb ot tl.-alf........... li >p incline Mfe i.f do m nehaa. I 'tie will ti I'll B.aieed by Captain llar-u-iu Mr r. hi.(I i ho *> I... a Ping wa.e tlw geuileutanly and pil a puirer of the i.auVaia will take the-aowi altuau . I. Maid of 11." ll l-nj-ee ei tnai thia 1 o.lui vem I will are..n.H.<-late o> BiloriaUjr t.te huu , d tut fid fecund Clara parM-nper* III r eahiA aft M . If 111 I) ltd taaollioll) llteu up and Ibaarraug. Bl.'Pt< | ??r< uu rim* |k--<-d|c r? an kU li>?t rbunJ o mil l< Mt lm> tor ? li#i,n? in P*pi'aii>.-r u mtl u mi Rari?t Kihuki .r _V?r> jiiy th? ' t if*ii*? >* ) liif ?'?? into* vnh Dm it?li- r-sm'y " .uW <?t. <aI>> d U?? Kii-fin.'r.i wuir.ii u ' ir 0l.ll tDWfl) ?1 -IuKm-j in III' pr.i- " In ai.'i |.r'j?rt?i ?? ?hr f .?i Mr H?? n r . irr.'W*. " >i d it* mint-part at fcrrrrwt laga in Ui- Km U) rhm Li*#'' a rl-Kb. dim jjiy arcarr*4 from f if lb* ; tiii.p* f?l.'i* ! ?ork ? i.>p.-rij mh hi<?wl ' '.l i r a* > unuv '|U.n il| ?| n-aai . Ir , (w . i i. i ? n i? i> *>. . ii.?b . f ?' Mllilli |i> I Mi?* IliatUMtlMi, " I aide. 4 n iii?i-*i.t ' I ??l'i ?wl in u?r jr in ur I *' i i?. '1 'ii ii>* U % ty ? ? ill a'id e- 'ii|' i. . ?" 1- *' |iD |lri (I i i. at 1/ Hi * ' ' * Tti?il>?i. tin i,'if | t: a I > i' ( lit L ti l'?< i.aaf a " ,'t ?* ( i.n ii" i -|i yf j '1 fcl I i ?. t>l f r I i it f I i?. 11?? wli l? ?.-? 4 !j "n t ' n-ti J| , . (I t' .1 tir VV.IV r?' 'l . lilt al u imr t id i ii t? r?*> mi. % p'-r a* ii i I" 1 ?i 11 | Ih< i i nil |i i i? i?i .?. ami fr im , r i0. i n . .) ' i |" in 'if ii i 'in it "i u j *' i '? MM UA 11 ,i I it' aii, i J*1 ill B'i |0 u ?ii?i tmi i- i ih " l 'i i'm j 1 i I. I ; (. ? I i I ? r ||..' I / lit iUii I yiVK ' ?" |i|? III Id t'-1' HiPB , l?lt V. if* t'L"* ' Vuriri the trip ?u there over M lbs With thli she ran spurn t an em-y tide w?y. at the rate of over 8 miles par hour Patents for the invention have been procured in the l uited State*. Ureal Britain. Kranoe. and Belgium The Khexim Bhimuhip Mix. ados, which ha* been lying off the Battery sinoe her arrival. 1* to b? taken into the dry dock at the Navy Yard, on the 25th lust., In place of the San Jacinto, now undergoing repair*. Tbr VI order of Vie toil tie Orauilg by'Polaon. UIK OONCLl 8 ION OP Till: COROh**'* INCHEST?OTfO ouunzici, the hcsrand, tu answer the charge or FOIMWIMU His Wll t-thi verdict OP THE Yesterday morning at 11 o'clcek, the jury met agiiu before Coroner Oeer, with a view of concluding the teetiaior j in the eaee of poisoLlug Victorlne Uruntig, who died on tbo 11th instant, el use which time the circumstances touching the affair have been under investigation The husband, Otto Oruuzig, and hi* mistress. Mirgaretto Lore us have, since the death of the wife, been under arrest, and eonhned in the Tombs, awaiting tbe result < f the Coroner's Jury. The poisoner and the misties* were brought from prison, and placed la the Court room, before the jury. The husband bore the appearance ol' great depresrion of spirit* and looked pale aud hsggard. The mistress, Lorena, held in her arms an infant. five moaths old and also appeared in a very ner ..... t,r nrhn.,..!. ..n.v.i.. i. Ur.d the Knali?h language. her countenance betokened great mental anxiety to ascertain the extent of the evidence. The following i< the teftimnny a* taken by Mr. Hall, the > fllcieut Awi.-lai t District Attorney Ylctcrlue Zender. by Julian Trevier, interpreter, both being duly sworn, tays y.? bid you know deoeaaed? A ?1 had known her fur oue month or six week* before she cull:' to her death; I saw her dead; it watta week I from ye: tereay. where deceased lived; ( hud seen her the day tx tore, and the was then alive; I had visited j her live or bix a day; I taw her vomiting about j two or three times; the seemed very thirsty; 1 gave | her ice; she complained to tn? of a burning sensation in bet chest and etouacb: on Saturday afternoon she spit Ll< < d through her lose and mouth; on Sundry eho bled; before her d-ath she b< cume crazy the Sunday btlore the died, she bei'ame crazy, and continued so till her death; I remember that soup was made for her befoietbi nied, it was made one week before she died; she did nit take any; the refused it. telling her husbaud that the would take none; 1 did not bee him eat any, the roup was thrown away by me, as deceased asked me; it ess made by a Uertuau lady Catherine Cnaa. being duly sworn, says?I knew ; deceased; the came to live near me at the end of June; I hi ard her cry out, and then I went to tee her; this was live or six days afte r she came; she bad great pains in hi r m out h and stomae h; she said her mouth was burn- ! itg like fire; I arked her what was the matter.' she said ibe was polsi ned; the tongue I saw?It was all kinds of Color': il was swollen; she complained of being thirsty; { she siimed faint and e.ak; she tpoke slowly; the complaint a of pains in her legs; she wus attended during the

day by the Kreneh lady Mrs. Zender; ths was attended by her husband by night; she sold she was poisoned; the did not I elieTe thm her husband poisoned her; she told me the thought she was poisoned by the woman he livid with. J 51. Caiuo bin. resides 750 P roadway, sworn, says j ? I made a]<iit muiltm of the body of deceased. I discover d traces of inflammation in the stout icli; on the 1 surface of the liver also Inflammation; there were extensive sdbisions between the stomuuh and tbe liver; owlug to these adhesions, it was with great difficulty I oould : puss n y band between the liver and the abdominal wall; . tl:e gc II bladder was healthy; there was external traces of inflammation of the stomach; 1 be inflammation had not gone into ulceration; the coat of the stomach was somewhat softened; 1 should say thu inflammation was m> re or less recent; the stomach contained a dark fluid; there was a whitish substaucc floating through it. tbe larger intestines and rectum appeared healthy; one of tbe kidneys was *< mew hut enlarged in condition; its texture was healthy; the lungs, spleen, and heart were healtbv: the Inttamaatii.n appeared only around I tbo stcmacfi, liver, and duodenum; it w.ts inflammation without, u'cratioti: there wax blood externally on the labia; I ucdcratood leechee had been there ap1lied; the death *aj not the result of mechanljal injur? ; the rapid dccrniposition of the body ?truck me as Fibular: th< body wu swollen, particularly about the .' bead, abdomen and thorax; vomiting in a decided aymp torn of inflammation of the stomach; the mouth waa ao dtcompOfcd that I couid not get data regarding it; I could not venture to give a definite am wit aa to whether anything taken into the rtomach bad produced the inflammation; some portion" of the ftowach were dark i colored and in clove proximity to othera which wt re red; 1 observed nothing peculiar about the muaclca of tha extremity; the brain waa not examined; acrid mineral poisons produce inflammation of the atomach; it would be difficult to discriminate, in the stage in which I aaw the cti ciech. whether it.i luflauiniation waa produced by poisons or other causes; I made the pert mnrtrm twentyeight hours after death, the odor iruin the body waa exceedingly fotid, no that I could rcarcely make the examinational the beat of the weather would partially account fot the decomposition. Ardrew bieakely, Deputy Coroner, being duly sworn, aaya : ?1 went to the house ot deceased in klldridge atieet; 1 examined the floor of the ro< m where aha died ; I xsmined it by ecraping the floor; I waa led to thia by baritg a apot on the floor pointed c nt to me by Viotorine /.endi r. who informed me that deeeaeed vomited on the flour about one o'clock ; I found li w. - of lixia vomiting on the apot pointed out; tha scrapings I gave to Prof Raid who waa then with me; this examination took place last Sunday (17th last.) morning; I went up to the premier* yesterday afternoon, and took Yictorine lender with me to p< lnt out the snot, she pointed out the very spot I Lad aeraped; yesterday (still P. M 1 found some small pay era in the mantel piece containing sugar, Yietorine rental ked thia waa cot the sugar used by deceased ; it waa whits sugar; she said the sugar the husband had given to deceased was in the clcact, she brought out of the elo-et a piece of paper twisted at one end ; she said the haahand had iJed brown sugar ; 1 did not find any brown suga> ; I wet my finger and taeted (La white fngar and it U,itrd saltish , some time after I foand my tongue smarted ; I gave to Professor Keid this white sagar; I made a further examination of Ulf JTimiM-K , in a IILUC riJUUI IBCI>, I wise ru"?o VJ * IC U rite b spot on tb? floor where deceased had vusaited tbe first day -he was taXen wk. I (1T? to Professor held tie-rrr*| logs from both room*, and tbe vhit* sugar for anaUxation . I b?v. had the key of this room for mt? time , the died on Monday morning, 1 took po? session af the i<e id the name afternoon, and hare had the key erer itiee; there wai a eiodow open in the room all tbe time; 1 at or si a table with bottle* l?j the window which were not at all disturbed Prt Color Lawrence Seid. Veiny duly rworn aayar?I am a chemist ; tbe article* spoken of by Mr. Hleakelry, in my beeriiy aa handed to me. hare bwn aoalyted by me ; on Tuesday afternoon, af" r death. I uiade a flrat examination of the rtecera atomach. he , and no traces of poison were discoeered , Laving made only a partial examination of the lirer, the Coroner obtaiued tlx whole Urtrformy exaiulnallon , three were submitted for namitatiou , a slight appearance of a aubataaee 1 ?uppotrd to beaiwenle was obtaiued. although too slight to .lUrtlfr me in earing that there waa arsenic , I asked Mr. Pisekrley had tbere been any romltlng? to look and see if there had been anr j accoidlngly Mr Bl*ak?ley and 1 went to tbe house where deceased died ; it waa up an alley In Kldrldge street near to Broome street: be had a anlfe with him ; he scraped a portion of the floor where I observed some marks, and put this scraping into j a paper ; other substances were given me. but nothing of importance obtained from them , I found arsenic in these srnplnga ; here Is some of the arsenic upon tbia plate exposed by Marshall'* test. (The profraeor ah >wa specimens to tbe jury ) Last mgnt Mr Blnakvley | brought me #<ro* white sugar iu a paper, and some | scierings from the floor of the little ru?m ; I sublimed both a Ltd here are apei-'juenr of tb? areeniuue avid from both the Miliar asd tbe -craping* , arw oloon acid U the ? niton areerdc rold at the *h--p?; two or tkrwe grain* of rreenic wer* found In the angar , four graiu* i? raid to be tbe amaUrat <;uautily of arnaic winch bare pro- ! dnred d<ath ; I once know of a cow being polaoned by anw-oie. and only a eery faint trace found In the liver: 1 It lr pe-eelble for I be d> reoaed to b ire taken araenie and | EH*e>d it off without being traced- a- by tbe urine, or . 1 enlennglnto tbe circulation , I believe it poeaiMefor 1 irii nie to be vomited forth, and no arm-ale traced in tercally. but la general trace* of it have been diatovvred, ' me of lb* atioi grr t teeta of arm-olc U an exhalation of a I tarbe like Moi-ll. ' t ictortni- Zender. being recalled ray-.?T raw the d?- 1 raaed v. mil into a pall, and on the tl?r of b >lh ro >a<; I a.emle-r tbe epot* in the fl.ior made by tb? v >init or, I tbi Wtd tbeia. yaeterday. to a gentleuie i wn i we* 1 kere Mr. Bleekeley; 1 raw aome auger given to tbe d?- 1 Haa*d in water, by her huebani. bn dm not drink It; 1 twa* white tugarbe put In, he took It from a yellow pa- 1 leroB tbe table. I have ???-n brown tugar la tbe ro at; ' ' hie war taken alwayr by the bur hand, be nevar t-ok my white augkr, I raw the wire laae llie auger t?loe I mm h< r husband. out of the yellow p? ,? r, I aaw him t ui water Into a tumbler, and then put two or three t -a 1 poi-nrlull of tbir auger into It, aujunng abe drank -he I ltd to vi ui it light up, ex-ept during the lot of her j lrkiea?, It e-ae in the la-ginning of Der crnn ng there to 1 Ive with her buaher d that he gave bur the auger, I iben the dei-t and made my er-|U*iiitaaoo ahe did u->t ben live wlib her hur-baod, thia ae-juetolaoe* com- ? tei (id abotrttla WiM-ba after her arrival in title country. ; ihlrhwra about three mi-nth* ago, the d ecemiaaid i l-e lifci d while auger beat, and abe tb> ngut it atrangi- I bet lor hnebaiiO did not nee it iu?te*d i-f brown, ?b? t ild nialblewhea her buaheiid wan away, lir. Le (iraud tended ber aonic while I waa therv; aaw the (ieroian , man ahu i? n?-w in prtaon, at her th- day attar ( i ?< o c?tnv . I>r II. r.t) I'lerrd L? Urand. r-iddm at *7 WaUrmtrvrt, . , ring mcru ?) ?I tirudml atTMjw-fU. 1 w.-nt to ;h* | f on?? <.d h>oiumI*|. dili or duguft, 1 i?? ii?r iu , f? rn, ibr roni|iUioi-d of (( ?( piuu la D?r ?l"tnH. h and f ?*r|?. ttil I Md? >n rumliwil' b "I th?- i'|(i?a 'if lit* , I'uarh and *> ?!?, ilwtaid. ";ol|i*lii mr t'ty in unit f ii. D Jin pt.M n>> utomarh aud Bo*-l?," her pniM* wn i il) i|>iirliilk?MiJ<kttfllM; tlnd la li?*r liuio. mi J * p, I wki d If *)m fomluilj sh? raid ?h* dnl * gr. *t I ( ,?oj tltrtr In i?u or thru* <Uj?; I a>.k"d lor if ib? to- | ( ill>4<|IMt??lt and .h- mid that rli* aid; ?b? ??id ' f a d /m i lmo? what ?ili-tl h> r, I mi<I ' ).>u h<m Imiu i h aii?i ?iili' at an) atimdjiici- to long. ' alt* mid, " I ?t* had l?r l-andi-ian-no;''.hr m?o ?md " In-g*?? n>? t> nm.j MMp." >j?o%wi- /.aiid.-r .ho?"d ma Ui-< o n of < mt I t- Id I" r An niU't tuhi- no tn / ; I mid *h? b?d | , >1 n uiatu a <4 hrf ?tomm li and boa. W?? -L ilia t o? t. at Ii itin:! tfmipar; I W'n'. Hgtin on ibM frid?/f dioir *1 g f< uml hi r MP' h Utpri I Mil " l> HlltTV* I n gita jog BdB< <MM broil A r**tuia f ar . irr> h, ii Patuidst - /aid. I I 'gin to ln?.- my , ti?i?r/' f raid ih" UUd kn-|i pfjillli, aha -ail alia , n il. ti ' Bi *1. tlxj Mul imM tawkr told him to r r?*n---T ? ro in) 1*4. iho a.Diit. d u "OJ ir .bi h? n ?? nod ?l i ii'k| I aid lird u.u-tM'i tn hat I g top p.turn-*; ti-r *h?nd a| | ii* o l* * oil* a to ll * / at* *r'.loa/r | aUr did it But I d fof 11 ti i r ton ir? Ii in i im tou'lttl), I ?<) to) )?>l 0*11 on&ai'd.j ak at iiim*| aoa' n^da-k*! f, I ?ln ' ' i n?r. It ll ?*o poi? i j I Mid B.-r I ill .' in 1 *i i< ?. I Ij.d nat'l nothing '4 p.*i.-. ii, it imgnt U.< ?tt ?t ati.rh ii.iul" 1' r Mr Z*-ull f? ihil mo b > * oir.and. tin l-dj. ?it?r uiIbI r > iim c . il..g j o it f i.aec tod I'litilog a 1'i.ullii-j'>4 Dumd |.i li>r bod. ti '.lilt 10 ut ll* "j in pl,? in* ai.ii-li i MtV a Iiild * |T? Im i* ptnducrd h* m??aM.i poiMHi; I iwltrd night or I 1 n u?)i all-1 iu* Bfo'tUta ro 1, I ;?T? a o ;fil-air f r ' **' battel; the mm Imn item me by Dupilj Coroner te the ci? I gave. George LandeKinann, residing at 56 Allen etreet. being rworu:? Bays he was called to Me deceased n the 31st ol July; he sailed, but did not preeeribe for her, for the reason ?he expressed herself as so much better; in two da) after he *a? railed upon to nee deceased again; he found bet with eoated tongue aud yellow in color; the did not ?e*m to be mueh exhaust'd at this time, aud he did not learn at this time she bad been vomiting from the t ffi ct of a poison; lie prescribed something to relieve hi r. aud called s gain the following day aud she was pretty murh iu the same way. except the vomiting had am"a hat abated yet she was s'.ill vomiting; he again called the following day. and Coding her no better, he discontinued his visits the day after, and did not see her again: di peneut also stated that the deceased informed him tbst she suspected her husband had given her poison, I Catharine Kavre, residing at No. 231 Third street, being swirn, nys?That test Saturday, two weeles ago, the German woiuau, Margaretta Lorens, cams to her aud told her to go to her husband, Otto Orcnxig, at No. 105 Kldridge street: she weut there and found the deceased I)iug on tne bed with her huibsnd. both sick; she went thera at the request of I Margaret, to make some coup; Grunxig said thev hid been lying nick for several days, and none of the n< ighbors c? me In to seetheru; the deceased (aid''no, do not make ar.y coup now. come to-morrow;'1 the next day, (Kui day), ilt-potent went and made tome soup, and Grunzig made the Ore; the deceased refused to take the scup, as some had already been made by another persou; the next (ley deponent called and the deceased was Tory unwtll; Margaretta Lerena told deponent that she was glad she had not sent ber to make the soup, as they might thick she had placed pohon in it. The above testimony in the case was conclude-l at halfpast tour o'clock In the afternoon, and the whole case a us submitted to the jury, who remained locked up over three hours, before arriving at the following Vkbdict, ' That the deceased, Yictorine Grunzig, came to her death by poi?oning. supposed to have beeu administered by her husband. Otto Grunzig." In accordance with the above verdict, Coroner Goer committed the prisoner, Otto Grunzig. bzck to the T< abs to await the action of a Grand Jury of the county. The woman. Margaretta Loren?, was discharged from cur tody. City Intelligence. New York asd Galway Steamship Enterprise ? A meeting of the friends of steamship communication between New York and Galway was held yesterday morn icg, at 40 Wall (treet, Dudley Persse, Esq , in the chair, and Mr. P. J. Smyth, secretary. A provisional committee was appointed, with power to take auch measures as may be dei med advisable for the organization of the New York and Galway Steamship Company, until such time as a board of trustees shall be elected by the shareholders. The committee consisted of Dudley Persse, John B. Dillon, Robert E. Kelly. D. K Bokee, T A Emmet. Simeon Draper. Joseph Stuart, Freeman Hunt, IJcnry O'Reilly, Isaac T. Smith. The committee ia to meet on Thursday of each week, and Mr. Dudley Persse to act as treasurer of a fund to meet contingent expenses. There is another movement on foot to get up a line of steamship* to Limerick. The Reporter's Table the Bonrpok Alpermet.? Tb< reporter's table is so placed iu the Chamber of the Beard of Aldermen, that it is impossible for tbem to bear mi,re tbun a small fraction of what transpires. If the object of the Board in putting the table into a remote corner is to conceal what, thev .av from the nubiic. thev have succeeded mo.-t effectually. There is an open space in the centre of the floor, not use i for any pur1 oec. and if the Aldermen d< sire that the members of the press should hear and report their proceedings, they will order the table to be fixed there. As far as regards a majffity ol the members. It might as well be in the Exchange in Wall street. The lips are seen to move, and a : muttering succession of sounds, or perhaps no sound at all; hut nothing articulate, nothing that conveys any mtaning to the ear or Idea to the mind. Our reporter, on Monday night, as he has to Uo on other occasions of Inti rest, was compelled to remove from the table and stand up in the middle of the room, in order to hear what the speakers said, and write the best way be could. Last ?vening. as will be seen bv reference to the report of the Board of Aldermen. all tile reporters presented a petition cn the subject. It was referred to the Commit tee on Arts and Science*. It is to be hoped that this reference was not made to strangle the application ThrChifv or Poi.ick imd the Dmite i.v the Bosan or AttUMES.?A typographical error made the reporter sar a very different thing fium what he intended in his report of the proceedings of the Board of Aldermen, which appeared in jesterday's paper. He wrote,' the police bad been ' hunting up' Allerman Conklln to rote for their Chief." It was printed, they bad " oeeo bringing up.'' which looks as if the worthy Alderman was brought up in custody of the poliee, which, of course, was not the case. The noise at the door was caused by an attempt to keep him out. by a wh'g ex-Alderman of the Third ward, who took hold of him; whereupon a whig head nf one of the department told him he would knock him down II be did not let Mr. Conklin go. In the scuffle Mr. Conklin burr t In the room in an excited state. It appears he had run himself out of breath in order not to be too late, and came without the assistance of the P< lice, though they very properly assisted him through an ojf sing crowd of lobby*r* at the door. There was a running and ingeniou* device resorted to to keep Mr. Conklin away, hut It failed. When Alderman Morgana raid that Alderman Miller had agreed to cut off a veteran democrat holding efllec under tbe Common Council, ho did not refer to Mr Valentine, hut Mr Slidell. the proposition bring to give the whigs all tbe minor ctHces If thry would yield to the democrats the office of President. It Is probable, almost oertein. that Mr Matsell will not tie disturbed in his office. Smith, Britton, and Conklin, will stand to him like bricks. tiie Mar is uthii?[ teeit.?The Are In Catharine street yesterday morning. a report of which appeared in veaterduy morning'* issue of the Hrrv/d, ha* been mere disastrous than we could ascertain up to the hour of going to pre**, after the occurrence Mr. Chipplax' lock of good* wae about $20 OKI, from $16,000 to $l*.v<)0 of which is rendered totally valueless. He ia insured for $16 000 in the following oflicee, via. In the Howard OAler $3,0(0. I'nion Mutual $6.0uu. City Fire Insurance C? mpany $4,600. and in the V. 8. Fire Insurance Company $3400? total $16,000, as above Mr. Orerlln, who kept the boarding houae in the upper part of the buildinf. wa* In sored for $600. which he supposes will noVbr his k>** The damage to the building 1* about $1,000. It Is owned by Mr U. R. Remsen. Fully insured. The origin of the fire i* amytUry It occurred In the bsck part of the store, at about twenty minute* to two o'clock A. M. Kibe.?About 11 o'clock yesterday forenoon a Are broke onl in a two atory dwelling house, 102 Duane street and before it could be extinguished the roof and attic ware destroyed. The building waa occupied be three families n*tn*d Leonard, Uushrll. and fcmltb, whs 1<at all their household effects, and the greater part of their elcthing Tte Aamea spread ao rapidly, that it waa with dlMcuity Mrs Leonard escaped with hrr infant la her anus. Mo in> urease Pise ?About a quarter to 12 o'clock last night, a An* occurred in ihe back part of Mr R. M. Patrick'* grocery ami dried fruit store. No 410 Pearl street. In* damage (Jktie wae priueipaliy by water A Urge quantity or tba fruit is materially damaged. The stock le insured for $2,640 Prom all cur reporter could learn or the proprietor and others ronneeted with the establishment, tiie doors had beau elreed since 10 o'clock. P. M ., ar a no one had bad intercourse with the interior of the ator* after that hour; therefore the Ar* assume* a very myth rious character. Mitmar Visit voAlsxnt.?The Montgomery Ouard?, Captain Murphy, proceeded on a visit, yesterday afternoon, by stssui to Albany, accompanied by the (lover - r uwug liiuu BLU POCOneu IJ IQV WlM)lll((r>ll Guardt with Ailkiu* Hand Thy will be rnceiTed In Albany by the Kmniett Guard" They ar? a fine aet of fellow. The toiler Guard*. Captain wood*, went at the peine lime. and In the earna b' it. on a Ti lt to the He. publican Aitidiry of Albany, ac *n|>anied by flhvllon ? Land. A?oimi? r? *im. Cat ?i n PT ? wf?r> OiThe m*.l OX. dh Krlday lot inr>t( othera, Injured by lie fury an [>ld lady named Mary Nolan aged lU year*, folding at lit h Wld tin ptrttl. who wae knocked down and gored by li e inffiliated anin'al Xhe wn taken to the City lloapltal where pfce Itr.geri a until about four i clock ye?t<rtfay i.ftnt)c?D. anil xplrtd fr m the Injurie* tliua t? r< ir. d Con ner Ueer wa* called to bold an ln'iueat on Lbe body It le almopt line >'? etep" e. r* Umn by the t Ity authomier to | recent the fr ^iieut loan of hu ran ll'.e Soarcly a week pa??a bat ?oae life |* sae.nRctd In eon>e<iUKiire of tbe reckleaa n annar adopted by Jrteire In conteying dwrgemu* rattle through our ; rtr?eta doling the day tinie, when the thoroughfare* are row did Fatal. Acrinptrra ?fin Morday rr< nlng a null boy, i txltnglr.f to apt-orwidnw UMued hna, reelding in thtk itrert. waa run oter by n loaded cart, twned and drlti n by Jainep llamiiull. ol No 3X7 Tenth etraet The rhild ited lor about lour honra after ireeltinij lita Injuriea. t iiuhr, imm<d Michael Hatry. drowned wbiie atbli k da Monday reining In tbe Kait rirer. near Our llg flip Hearth war made for tbe body but without 'tint A eon ol Mr Cbtrlea llimetreea, No. 10,' ilrett waa crneLed to death between tw > apart, while .laying in Tall'a "par yard foot of Third ?tre?t K?-t . It. I Me feb In between tbe apart while they were | wing muted lie wa> four year- of aga. Coroner no Hted Foi *i> Dtnttir ?On Monday rten:ng. the body of an itkin tii woman ?! found floating In the water, at the oot tf iorty-etghtb ?irvel North titer. The h?dy waa let i ntly i lad. ai.d api eared to be an trl'h w. iuaa at> it hlrty )t are ol age Tbe third Anger of ber left hand waa 1 luteitig ller b aud rbaal W'-rw t and on the pier. r> m which etrcum tnnca. it I* 'upp -"d "he co'n-mt 1 uteide |.y drowning her.clf The ahawl waa of light f lortleo. and the btiooel of <traa, lieatly trtmined Her own war calico, dotted with lilac ?p? t <. and the bad on elter b< ota Hhe wae about the middle ?|re, and Mcnd-f iniv itf rnoj ww ciKon w> in" iiin'^mn wiuro i-ifci? n bniifr. An in?|?>?-?t wtU b* brU to <I?j. when (>*rUUilll that Will Una ! < Ik r ijrtllltjr may nNcilm! I I Klegnnt ntlit tl ( ? - <?, FftlntrM.l F.nTrln;M?, hi' r. njnjt li- ?'i? ?1In. >?Wi ti r pp j i ati >If ?il,? iktitltt ot rutin rr<|nlriii* '"11 1 truly ?l , tu lilt miiIIIpI ? ) l?? of tPo tbtti tttii l'< it too It tutt hi . \M l II I, Rr?i<?M, eorufr of Duut liritt. Hc-uni j |if< 13 Ml ttrt?t. M r prttlrr nil lirm gi t? vUlfl'tQ llirCltjr. ?l< p> I lit' loll ft II .. r?, t" "ill at fits III i I' ill alia pj riiiim tip.-. t, aod inmli <j tfilr utoft oi I! nit it 1 Pry - il < puponatj ti r< ktllrf IrtlMri IM"I il. ti l or* aurallc aulr Imptt N .on li-t> ?au fttt ttwl trr. A t.pifi?i Aunrtmpiit of fia^nit; nlan flue - ?. ? ' I' ' p i ' to hi ti ii. Ip, it ; If * I t ? triipi 3i. N v# ft. for / ipi , | t in* >a It ?i it, at I ipln't lata* ?(i> JO ' <C' ( I .? > t ? Ml UfMil itroat. I | Tlioit ta iiu Alllplp In Hip H iktiroiir nl a a?l*i an loipi iiiipi rMiato t* 'il? i MM* ?ip*?n " ' in ta flo..*rttif Mot*, aall aiui ( |i it Itlw it i :> t ta tin i p|?nik?rt at a aa. .KM.*, ht I kit f I V, lakil fpw. tmttflll at yi'' r' 14 lr ti Wtt?|>nt(| tfid II ftttfct ?1| ?>l4? V.C ?? ?!?. I Heuburn'n G) roc cry Store, northwest tar r of Vartok and ?ai nam atraotf, sontaiua, lor aalo, lilac V aadOroon Taaa. of ui orjuallod quality, atdo. and Vr-lapouudL , Aloo. Sugar* of ovori variety, unauria.ned tor thalraupudr arity aad ohtapoea*. Tho Liquor department ia fall. witbn 1 yechereke lelaetkn of Liquor*. Praadka. Whine*. so.; audu i you wiah for aj'jod Reiar. juat enter .ok tU ttur* merth I weal ' mar of Varick and Vaadam atroeta. 37 Catharine street, few York, AofMl IS, 1S5 .?Mearra half. btrarua h Co., aucc??a ra to Rnh la Co., il'i Water a< reet.?Qeutlamen ?Tho Salamander Saf** 1 pur baaed from yon, No. 2,U39, Lai praacrvad my booka and paf era during the bra on my premiaai tha morn lug It aloud benvntb tin caahiar'a datk, at lb-; foot of. j lain, ia the hotteai part of tba fira. aba liainaa having ruikid from tho back atoro. coaanm<ng tba doak, and lading eprraa throurh tba akyligbt ovrrbcad Two or threa books, oi trilling valuo. left out of the aafe for want of room, were conaumed, an was everything near it? iu fact it atanla aiuoDfat a Idle el aahea I mnat bavo a aafe of larger aiie. I and will call upon >ou iu a few day* to aoieet it, aa I ah >uk. ' le aoiry to bo long ? ithuut auch a valuable depository lot | U'JT paper*. Your# reapectfully, L. W. C11AK1N. Cheap Shirt Store recently opened, cornea of brienwieh and Chamber* atraabv- Pino Shirt* mida to order in tbe m"at ap| r?*#d ?t> lo at the ahortaat notice: alao vary variety of U ad. r Garment# for man, women and children. .U at tba moat ? ??*? J's^lAUOHLIN. 392 Greenwich atraet, corner of Chainbera. Shot. Shut the Door, good John, any I ana iok, am dead: exclaimed a ctloratod tailor, aa bo beheUV. one of th< m $5 ?ui*a vdurning ono of hia old cualomara. whom he formerly ohargfd fli fo> a >nit that did not look ana bet| it. We bavo a few more anita of the aa rue kind on baud. We bavo, an a aortment of oreroata from $1 to each, at tba old aland, IdU Naaeaau, corner Bookman ftnk-t Philadelphia Sydneymlnatcr Carpetlnge, * , ?Theeo beautiful fubrioa, tapeatry patteraa, aro randy in immrnaa variety for tho trade and houaakcepor*, at re: dueed price*,for eaab or city acceptance*.intareat added. By tbe manufacturer J 81 UN ?Y JONES. Carpet Hall. 1? auu 30 North Seoond atreet, brat door below Cbriat Church, .Philadelphia French Crying Babies.?Juat received, per *te*m<r v aahinaton, a laigo variety of theea very amuaiui French Tojs 11 > y are reall) curiosities Alio, a larg' assortment of French and Gorman Tove of all deicriptinns Alan, no evtencivu vurli ty of French, German aud Railoi ! Baskets. For sale a'the extensive Fancy Toy Store of J. QART U Co., 419 Broadway, one doer abort Canal at. Ca-ln-lonor Uumbo, dttwtil Terrapin, Codi flab Cbowdei, bolt Onus, Ac., die., to day. PETER M. I1ATARD. N. II.?A tine Green Turtle will be dreand to morrow ; Soup and ateakc at all honra. Albert naretuli, No. SOU Broadway, but* Dent, (private entrance 134 Croaby atreet.) Restaurant and Oyater Saloon. Erery delicacy of the aeaaoa, prepared by . the beat French and American oooks. Alao. a few fnrniabed rooma to let. Lyon and the Ptdlara.?We comply moaf. j wlllinaly with the requeat ol Br Lyon, of 424 broad way, W I warn the public against c junterfeita of hie Magr etio Powder | for the destruction of inaecta, now selling by aicu and boys ' In our i trceta. Tbe tr> e article?and it la invalnable?ear only he had of him or bia agents, among wh<.m are Includcc all tba reapoctablt druggists. Hal r Uye and W Ikb can be foand In tba greateet perfection at Batcbelor's, 4 Wall afreet. Life WLa are nnequallt d tor natural appoaranee tnd durability. Bit U?Ir Dye ia ao favorably known it needa no comment; It an be prcourcd alao from all tba DrtiggiaW and Perfumer* i la town and eonntre Dr. Janet W. Powell, Ocnllnt, A art at, dtc. eontinuea to devote hia attention especially to Dieeasea oi the Aye and Far from 9 to 4 o'olock daily, at the aaiD' offiiei ho has occupied for the laat acvtn yarn. 161 Broad way, entrance 1 >. Warren at., where can be bad hit "Treatl*. i on the Eye," price 60 cents. Also, Artificial Eye*, and hts I Scll-Aeting Eye and Ear Fountains. GonraudN Italian la welt I known, notonly cues all freckles, tan. .unmiru, pmplM. Ac . | but arouses the dornant functions of the skid, promotes tbe | removal of irrita'iuc elencDta from the blood, inereanes the vigor of the framo, purities the complexion, and enricbca the bramipg tints of beauty F .uod only at the old established laboratory. t.7 Walker atreet. near Broadway ; Calltnder, Sv South Third street, Philadelphia. Gotirattd'i Lbjwld Dye Instantly conwei-Ui r> d or grey l air to hiaek er bruvvn. No staining skin, no kat odor, to dirt, po drying in tbe sun, but literally dyeing the hair the instant it ia applied, warranted, or no pay taken, at ljr. Felix Ooursud'a uld ntsblUked depot. 17 Walker >M*I n?ar Fioadway. wbtn m*y be had the l'onire Bubtile fur uproot id* hair from any part of tha body. Our Rradrri will, no doubt, be mur.b nleaad to bo inlormed that John A. Flaromor. Baq.. will maao another Uiasd Coti.loa and Military Kscmrtion, or 1 hi radar mat, Aug. 21. to tlio beautiful villacor of Stratton 1'ort and Flamn enburg. If you with to oujoy a pleaaaut and uioit agrvt able oacuraioD, wo advise you to go oa board thaNimrod. and join Mr. Flammor in hia pleasure party 1 he Willianaburah Light Artillary, Capt. E. D. Toft, with a number of military Irom tbia tlby. aro expeet'd by Mr. rltmmer. If recreation and real healthy an >ormentia what you liM'h for on an excursi n, we aay go to Strattoa Fort and Flammerai urg, to lhartday. We refer to cur adrartiac meat* fur Ume, Ita. A Mrdli-lnr tvltbout Alcohol.?The Oifta* noted Bittara claim ilia favorable attention of thooo wnoau prlnciplea forbid the nae ot a eoholio atimulanto. Thia aata ni.hiag remedy for dytpeptia and gaaeral debility hn> receiead the beat and rtr?ngoet taatimaniala froaa etUiene f the higbtat roapactability, and ia richly worth a fni trial, lor aala by a. II k U Snnde. HA' Fulton atraet; A. L. Bi neill It Co. ; aid C. 11. king. 1V2 Broadway, aad by the druggUta gaaerally. In one year from this, there will be no other medicine need or tehee but Watt'e Nerveua Antidote it ia fa?t gaining unbounded oonftdeaoe; every -a* who one. takea It, la immediately a convert to ita wondroua oantrol o?er diaaaaea, for it rapidly careo them. >,1 a bottle. 1? par doten. JUUN PYPiE, 1UJ Naaaan (treat. ORBV MARKET. Tctenav, August 10?4P. V: About tba usual amount of budnvna wu trantacte . to-day. at tba atock Exchange, without any material variation from price* current at tha cloee ycterday. The large earh aalea to-day Indicate" a movement oa the part of the bears to take in porno of their aborts, while the eatee on time, rollers option, (how. that others are .till preening prioes down to a lower Urel. Kile Railroad waa rather quiet to-day, llarlem and Reading being the two most active railroad (lock* at the Brat board. Erie Railroad declined percent; llarlem, Norwich and Woe pet tor >*; New York and New lUven 3; RoeheeUr and Sjmcuae Jf. Atthesecond board these waea (light improvement in pncee, Reading Railroad went of X pet nant, Erie Railroad llarlem Norwich and Wuroee ter Xi Erie bond", convertible. The receipt* at the cfloe of the Auiatr.nt Treasurer of this port, to day, amounted to HOC 600 ; payment*, 1222,772 06?balance. 13 241 006 11. The receipts of the Vermont and Ma?sa tu*etts Railroad Company, In the month of July, were f 18,646 ?>. againtt 110.006 27 for the tame mouth in lA'u) Th. freight connection of Um \ alley Road with the Northerr. line*, being Incomplete. very Little ben- 2t hM been de rived Iron that in portent line, a* yet. It *h openeC for trawl on the lit of June. The I'tiea Qmtttt i?y? ?We here been shewn a eoun terfeit Ore dollar bill, on the Hartford Bank Washington county; paper and engraving light; vignette, a female, a ? eel in the dbtance under lull (all; on each ride of the vignette is the figure 6; coat of Htale arm* on the right hand ride, under ligure J; the word " Five" is on the loft hand, surrounded by fruit and flower*. The date is 1st Novimber, 1*49. It Is algued J Moffat, Register. W? could not make out the name of the i'rer.d?nt. At Baltimore, on Faiurdaj, 10th Inst , the demand (of money had not abated, but a better feeling prevailed. Pint clae* paper was negotiated with 1? . difficulty an.' at lower rate* than during the w*ek previous, b'n double d names were taaen at 9 to 12 par cent per annum Tbc banks were dealing liberally. To- same remark* apply to the Boston money market at the rise on Setur day afternoon. Tbe addtese cf Use State Internal Imp rovommt Convention of Aiabame glvee tbe following amount of capita.' furnished by a nunioer of our ctalee f ir works of Interna.' improvement ?Georgia, >3 bWI.W; Virginia, fftOOO.OCO Maryland. giOiouoo, IVnueylvauia g4 200.9M; New Yolk g2.CU0.00U; kl**?aehuaetta, -"> 4t0 000, IVaneaeee |1200,000; Mist >uri, f i.OOO 000 In South Carolina liberal aaaiatance haa been extended to her vari us railloads, the viart nm not of which Is not stated. The new eoiaklltullon of ladiaue has beeu adopted at tbe ncekt election by a wry large majority, estimated at 40,000. Tbi*. a* well a< the new constittotioa of Obi" piobinltelbe lurther li-sue of bonds or creation of debt* by conntiM and cities, for subscriptions to rsilroad or o'.bir objects; tbe efleet of whicb will be to ethane* the value cf eny so t county bonds hereafter, a* their amount % upon tbe market cannot be Increased, but will be annually dimltiiebed tv the -iiihina fund* d. l 'vrd from ??*. tion, vbtcb ara |i<Tiu?a f >r b} t!ta law- n ?a<-h m? ' On? of tba Ohio rountlra bo* nlrc?dj rrda-me-l a part ol ll? boaa>?, tamed Hit a railroad atoak icbacrlp lion, out of rurplua luoda from tatoa. Tb? laat mmi annual circular of lb- % of tU' Vab-ob and Ena < anal rtr?? the annoa?4 atatemant. of lha cotdltlou of the traamry oa the la'. 'f Jor.? i*il W?a??n iita Bate Vaaai. Retuptt /? ? hi. /in. i860 to ltf Juiu U 1. Ca?h on baad, la*. Pee ....f 109.10* -.4 < a h lictipu from lohaaiid *a ?r rauia 32,74* 12 Do. I rum la ii J* lOtMKI 12 Internal sad aachaufe '2 out in 9W? WP 93Pattmrnfr. flfocral jpanina and r-pai - .... 'tofir,. 22 In-tiinua ol ca'iat * 14.1 urn vt? 20* 01*. - Pataiic* on hard, 1-tJuna. 1131 9124,9?b ?i l'h" f ?<-< ft a fiiio ar?l aa'rr rent in tb? mt-o month-, l*t hvt tol?t.'uae l*-! aid |?9,*70 ?*v Do. to. IDftO, M.oOJ 42. Inei???a... 91I.K9 91 T7o fi u t' * itau Itu', ih? trip* of Wheat .old corn ca the r round ?<ti> I , , r ?b in waa ?v< ' ' r ' known LlnouabkOt Ihw ? vlia Una cf tbc Waba-h \all-y, anl I ha | : o?jn <-i 11 a I. ? < fall b ?^n?aa la ,1,'T i ilj : , If I'fl-'k ara -tab a<i ? m turf It ottf. Tb-! irua'.R,1# hare 1* * to a J Hi the rouatrurvi'iu of a bnly* ar.rua* tba r?t,.?bit??* <w?ua to Ci.?ton, in pia * of n>sk ? a ,J. ?jV w r'kf- n* "i! "\..t 2 : :' ' I' - ? ? I I

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