Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1851 Page 3
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M Montreal, and tbe exports by sea, np to tho 1ft of Aaguet, in each of the past four yenn;? Camnuu r or Mositheal?J'sodice Deceived a"?d Ex< POBItO. 1W 1849. 1850. 1851 Aah?a, bbls 13,611 16.646 21.180 10.992 Hour, bbls 314,062 329.949 261776 362,048 Wheat, bu 106,981 158.604 51010 211,467 J'ork. bb4* 0,900 13.700 12810 21,412 Beet, bUa 235 403 63-5 6i)J flutter, kg* 3,14 g 3103 2,227 3.822 lard, kgs 3 207 2.721 3115 2,163 Barley, bu 7.202 845 370 145 Peaa. bu /J 220 36 725 4,342 14 610 Oalnit&l, bbls 2 86.3 f.DtO 440 1.373 Oats, bu. 2200 2.612 430 13,677 Corn, bu 26,114 36,720 51.906 79,989 Export* of produce by sea from Montreal fcr the same periods:? 1848. 1840. 1860. 1851. Ashea, bbls 10.294 10 2*4 11.911 11723 Hour, bbls 103,200 116 483 37 626 151227 Wheat, bu. 22.347 14.bS6 18,573 4113) Pork. bh's 777 806 484 1,960 Beef, bbU 132 297 1,186 067 l.urd, kgs 16) SO 84 6-JO Butter, kg* 6*1 426 613 3,270 Oatmeal, bbls 8,697 66,030 63.600 39,709 It trill be seen by a comparison of tho above tables th it a large portion of the dour, wheat, pork, and all the Indian eorn going down the HI. Lawrence is consumed in Lower Canada. Thus it will be seen that but few of the Canadian or Western exports iuluutied for the sea, tiud their way to Montreal?showing that transportation through the United Static to tbe seaboard is the cheapest and mast speedy. Ktocb Kxcbange, >809 ICS S's'?7 111 I.VI liarletu Kit C>'\ UHI It ?rl'0 '66 )05V 300 do s.3 (15), 4)80 II 8 6'? 'til lliili !M? do kW ? (*? Ohio 6's "60 1?1 5W) do 3,V '88ifl b..n,ii..n ... V, #4 .: '~t\ still' O.LI ir : . . .ili 1 IV' uv 111 uus, IV w-'/l aumJ LKDA1 BJV i ?;-* JMiU Erie 7 ? 7,4 H??>2 )ao do It dWM Erie < ? (? 107)2 2K0Mo Trmt 102\' 3utkt brie oonv, '71 8*)2 111 Washington Ins 63 *600 do a.50 hn?2 BOitoalngton KR 4'$? >1011 Hudson lstra. bdn. 11 'J 2.0 do 41', 2MJ0 Reading m. bda. 70 6h?i 4 Utioa & Sohcn RR 120 2fJ0 do 73M 16 Hooh & Jyr KK 105 foil do 70 M do scrip a90 par 2u>0 do 1,30 75? 61(1 Rok 1oi;RK 50>? >1 Delaware fc Dud. I'M (100 do 50'., 10 do 104 5<>0 do b5 61 75 Moch a Rnkiuir. Ass. !>? 100 Nor A W?r RR b"W 4<.% 1# Metropolitan Ilk 03 125 do 43 125 Can too Co 60 100 Portsmouth DD sfiO OV 660 Erie Canal 70 3i NY fc Nflarea Kll 101 25 do l30 6 OX H do IKJK 150 do *00 09 (J, X do l'J3 75 do 697? 10 do 102 >? JO do 6?M 10 do 102 loo do tio t?Jf tiF.COKO BOARD. JJW0 Irle conv.'71 WP, 175 ?hu Harlem RR 07>* l??l do 67 .3 0 do WX) (US 13 .ha Metropolitan B't i:% 200 do 67)2 f(KI Reading KK 51'. ((*) Farmers' Trnst 64 300 do * b?l 6'H M Noi & Wor 11R 49'a 6W do *1 year 61 24 do 'JM do btiO 62>? 2.4 Hudson River RR 70 lVlEiic Rll TU)? 50 C'auton Co (HI 150 do 7" ? 30 Koch it Syr RR 10112 160 do h3 70Ji 20 do 105 WUmVMm R^ViSI) EVERY DAY. ' . LOST, Ate. Lost?on monday evening, in going from ecracr of Warren aud West streets, to Tammmy Hotel, |>ecket book, containing ecuna >24, and papers of inucii v tlue to tl e owner only. Amongst the papers U a note for >100, not endorsed, payuicpt of uhu-li ia atopped. The Under inny keep the money, and have the (hanks of the owner. by returning the book and papers to ANDREW CLARKE, No. 176 West street. ~ UKWAKDb, ~ flbQ It RLWARIL-STOLEN, ON SUNDAY NI30T. THE SpAtf l"th of August. a Bay Horse, with a long toil, white star in his forehead, one wluto hind fn ,t, thiek set, nine or ton years "Id. 15 \ hands hial>. Whoever will return said horse to Ira Miller. Mount 1'leasaut, Sleepy Hollow, will receive the ubovo reward. ?B 1 ft REWARD FOR HIM WHO RETURNS A SMALL w 1" oase of used nstdlcal instruments, lost between Newark Jersey City Ferry, and the Mew York Shakapiare Hotel. To ie delivered at No. 262 William etr-ot. POLITIC VI. . MR. DANIEL Mcl KTl KK, THE VOCALIST, WILL please tend his address to J, C. D., Herald office, and he Vi'.l hear something to lua benefit. INFORMATION WANTED ?IF THIS SHOULD MEET m me eye ui ueorxe warn. ?no came p-issongor in t.'ie amp lea, which sailod from Liverpool oo the 0:h March, 1M*? auy communication from, or respecting hi a, will ba thankfully received, at 42 Maiden lane, up chalre. IS FORM ATI ON WANTED.-If J. P. HEELET, 0? Mew Oilcan*. call* at the Herald office, he will reoeive the leeeescry information ot his brother Richard : er please leave the No. of hie ro.I fence at prcecnt in New Vurk. ~ ~ Sl'KCIAL. KOTioai, ==* MASONIC NOTICE.?THE lf.MUK.15 Qf PARVX LoUko. So. IN/. are hereby nutdAed lhat & oft ;eti*M of this Lodas will lakj place it their rooms, corner o* jiruome and Crosby streets, on Thursday oven tux, August 21, at II P.M. By order of Cll RULES N. BALDWIN, W. M. T?ro. L. Sec. pro tern ' LA VTON CL'ARD?A MEETING AND DRILL WILL " te held thie evening, at C*ntr< Market Drill-room, At half past seven o'clock. J. PEVOK, beoretary C. U. ? A MIETING OF TUE THIRD WARD DEMOCRATIC el Committee will bo held at the house of E. H. King, 251 Pulton street, ea Wedneeuey evening, August 20th, at e 0 clock. I!y order of the Wtrd Committee. Mo.tocco * jkksVers and finishers, or toe I'liou.?Notice ie hereby given, th^t the men lately cm, koyed by E. M. Uaruar are now out on strike for the defence of th> it rigtte, a.d h< pj neither men Bur et'ut bove will de anything to injure the trade or foreetall the right* of other*. WABASiI AND ERIE CANAL, INDIANA.-WE ARE iafermed by telegraph, received from Jcese L. Williams, Ee<i , Chief Engineer on the Wabaen and Erie Canal, that the breaks hava been repaired, and that tb* Caaal has been far eom* time past in good navigable order throughout the entire line. BE NEW VURK PNKCMAT1C DRAINING AND Manufacturing Company.?The books of enbeeriptlon. for th* balance of the caoital stock of this company, will gentian* open to the public at th* offio, of Benry Alker. *s?i..l7 Beekman street, between th* henre of ID A. M. and 1 P. >.. antil t atnrday text, th* 23d instant. An Instalment of ten per cent, will be due and payable at th* Mm* of nbtoripUon. Ephraim Steve**, James Aleock, i Pierre Lambert, Jeeeph ijutripcl, J Trustee*. Besry Aikar, S New Terk, August Id, 1K51. NOTIci TO^AUTtBOSE" WUO ARE INTERESTED either directly or indirectly In Tobaeeo.? An adjourned mooting of importers, jobber*. and manufacturers of segar* ml the .-it. US eounte ( Near Vurk aill I K. in TI...U. day. tli* 2Ut limit, at7>i o'olusk 1*. M., tho Coliiom. Mo. dW Broadway. THOMAS UuTT, Chalraaa. Jake* Tirdi'iok, Raerrrary. L'KF.E LtNCli ?TH* " UNDKK8H1N ED KKSi'ACV* fully iaf>>rma hta fricnda. and tli? publlo rnnrrally, that tit < low l-catrd At Mo. *1 North M llliara atroab, At tht Junction of Chatham, whore hi will ba happy to larra All tha dallcatloa of tht tttton, trot, froiu 'J o oloi-k, A. M., till .1 P.M. 1 halm I tf Hrhndlai, Winer, Cordial*. S.iiarj, (to., Alwayt on hand. Kl DoLI'll KI.l'llE. Jinportarof Cur to to Abalntha, Ac.. And AmtritAa mnnufaetur-r of Dyrupt and Coed lilt. Notice.?tub oramd ordeb o row lb, ebom loitun roitit, tf j .orniDt la Mtw fork, cad now ton tbt luality of tbt Owl brand l hawpa?ua M ai. (iiaportod t>jirtttly for tbt 01 dor.) at tha Uouie. Judsoa'i UiH and At HortBtc and Ifarpal't City llotal. ThU nutlet it intended Bad diractad to coaaolttoart in wlar. of tht ardor, Bad n?t to prtlnuiutd " Mullatto." WM. M. ilALL, U. 8. tola Importer. liv Wall ftmi o #TO Till' GRAND ORDIK or iiWI> EXOTERIC A btvica, Mo. W.?To All tha Thacaa. Bir kniahta. ohlraltoat, Initiated. faUhial and taaltad, and- to our worthy CaroiA Rataiaara. tad iara of tha ai?at lilaatrtoaa " Ordar of Owl*, ratidlni ar ayjournia* ca tha of North Aaarlai:?Know jr. that wt tha M.'t tad P '. Grand lliero pfatat ef our anekat order an thi* toa'laoat, and iarattrd with fall powar And authority arrr all ooarUeea, and tha A. A.'. Buprtinv Ilrtd, la all Battrra relatin* to tha ordar, by warrant al conatitutiua, do btrrby ordain, decror. nod jirrn.uUato tint a Graad t'outm i<a aad Coaarll of tha trtrtky aad atkaoalasyrd aoaa of tha "Grand Order " ha holdra la tht Ant-tad Or -rt. or Bokiaadta. la thla oar nnrthrra hmilapharr, at tha parlad of tar apre, of tha north, la thr month of atat approecbinr. aitrr tha data hrrtol. Bad to loatiaua la aalraua ooarlaar aad ooaaall. until tht BiatGra aad prnpo ititnr. tita to be taOBlt;.d by at. bt tally drllhtrmltd and liaally aect npoa. That aald Grand Cjuoeil ah all bo whtllt aad tarn ntta lr raoUrta in ita ait'.ie*?. and br nmpo-rd of aubaiaadora. rriaalpala. Hoik, Prior*, aad Utralaa to tn thntra by tha aaveral ooaclarr# nadar our jorlatictioa ; ol ana Thcicua, one Aabeeeador, for aeoli armlaat; two Hrpiaara'-atima lor teniy complete Priory, too Pritripala. two lloatr. and two idi-ialda, who ah all Ml. bavr raak aad >aOrar.a aea-rdiac to tha iia-a jtahlt rartom aad lawt of oar ??notable ordar. Wa fartnar dr-roo, trial trrry toai lara darpatch with naiad paper a, a r.umber (not ?itf U DK live; wutri) <i??rw t.nroto. to be at-.utied on tuty, for tlx Hnlti of tuo Umd i uotnti. ' t.l'? rtnt !?? ?n tom-n roop- *U Inrrtom Cmdldt r po?tqonni toudwi I !'??? r-vM-nt, lira petit Umtm ot Uuiic f?i I'omp-ro vanl " Th? timo it npproarbluc. my north.v ant two eoinpanlnnr. hen Uit groat virtual ? n?r ardor, to loan d -Inyod, and l'o yovrrod and philanthrope f-rtnelpnlt b - put ! full rar^w, that net only or own unj-i imi ant condition, but too ton dltb-n nod btpionttt of car folio* am a plioot npou Uit yront plntform apod < at lor by na-nra ant nttnro'i God, nnd wo tonfidoutly nppon) to nrnry Cm d U.. under our to mlnl-n and under fonlty. to tuHtrtbutt from litd rtoror nnd tronith. nitbont ovnut or bonitation, that tlx Urtnd Kt , ch?i|ner b? Blind to ooortowium ao the inroat raonno of nthfoving cur mot dtiifni; nn I to thnt nnd ut to dtortt, Uit Inrycitro bt lor ltd by tho prop or otRoort, fr >u> tvory nnd L Mnrnlnr ttnelnvo, nnd mm oeeh ntd notry tospnnlnn, to* ?< raiiit to tholr rntk, eobul-.ltn nud m--nii?. tad by tooin nnd totry oit of, to bo ptld on novoaonaentt to he r* ? tend by nil nnd rn< h under tho oorixrtl nnth nf nn llorl, nrd the peunlty of tto violation. In nil timet oontrihuMouo Bono nto to plot to to prtjudiot of benett dnbto, df by tbi* , or ncerevnry f?m?> ft Won'# bm of tti ir o wn ln pro tout ind tndoponoont p.oo>ni?n. fttlr, libornilo, nnd premrtl j, monttoit our impc pinna <1- mood Looking to t it t.od ef Ilea's otr virtu- prin-itdee nnt tho frniU or onr ontofprioo, for oomunortlion toenreilvoe tit onr oiv-ldr n. jlmbnoantoia. Mopr . entiUvca. nnd nt.itr daltgntoo no-to dltrd to tho Urrr-d Cornell, nr- rrqnir d to ton-orrono in timo. nnd to tin- ol in tuill monnnr nnd otnto *t to ort It tit tnrierlty -f tho pibiio, and witheui d u-aotrnUon or pn md? imp In tli vomer nnd mileagt wtll b-- pud to oath tnraiaf. l? ' ?*!"? t*d l.awetar. tblt the parol* taanltra* aaranta to tbelr rial anti n a anm *(|n?l to live dail ira fir very day re.iuir,*, nrl #?? fd'iri far ifeij luinlr If* mllat trtvri for *a?h dtlrmtn taluR te .he Crvnd Coani'll. Ui* whol* to b* raiaibtM'anil aad altiank*!/paid oat of ton rntf /tad mw tarloaa thin, our iiap>rt*iia doaye* bnratijr roudrrcd l??lolnto and to Mm aan?o at d lot tar thanaf. ?poi .til oe??..?ld,J i ii .?*. e*mp* Plena ?i d Crr. lt, wo adm .olah tham that it behoaya* our ? * nd order to b??irctiin*pd< t and ?*r?fuj la tnrol Inx lb mla and rtU pert; Uiatthry in toe tod from jwainiuf e tod raputa, dlrcrrct, and abiri rtnrf the pnl.hc law* and pjdu; and lai ?. Iieretfl-r, art to #*< acpr.d ?to do uae fully a**t ttiore rnnii a* 0?r?o?inlr/ ana lawa, which prtliti m ?a aiti/ena, mod no violation ca ofcr part to pramim t'io aim*, ard aeceti piith thi w ti? ?>ic*t?pi our von*mole ardor. Tha r?iI of ?? ? cn?imp*M, but ha- lt*t corrudnd, t.ia enye of it* oacrd. on* t;.u ri 'latinoa bud a-f of t.i* klwJe will r*. *? ? Ir (art, nrPii i Mif and ine'^lul ban to, till uia I audi rod water* of ti>e lettir ^ ton f>* ih* 1,011* and hi rit iy* ,,f oiwil and rtiiyioa* llh-.rty, an I the 1 mi.ln of to* ?r .n.i ilrJor Hi* 1 1 nr no pt n:iloalrd 10 * t?t ra ma., dl at t'ua am 1 I |ef Ceaeloe* on ti. Mrl atal* A...I lh. *.ti|. Oa tiarri rnd W itinarn ' r'lrmd, Win S. P , f.r ,ii.| ill..,rl eh tat, t? M. IIaLI Urtnd rt.ehcui, |(H V*11 ?i , O O.O. filly MUtttd U ?., final Mriha il II. II 8 ?Th? tavar*! rapr.-aotatire* ?i|| h ?v? fa ml I I f if tbua Habit* hoeefdind to their ranks an lout a r-nrm.l L. ka lb* '.kin* Ue Krobti-t? a >: a 1 O. R O. 8. 4 w an r?. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young Engliah woman, a, Chambermaid, and to ateiet in washing and ironing, or aa Chambermaid nod to do plain tewing. or would lino to attond in a ladb-e' bath. Can bo aero mr Hires at 13<S Mercer etrect Reference given. Wanted, by a respkctabll room man. a ituatlon a* Coaobman ; ha perfectly uudaratand* hia bwainaia in alt It* branches: he iaaateady and oarefa' driver. Feet spy rofi rrnna ran bo given from hie laat employer Pltaae ruquira at 7<i Watt Twenty fourth etreet, near Seventh avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT WOn an, at plain Cook, Wa'herand Irunvr in a private family, lieet ol referenoee. if required. Can he toon fir two ! da)a at '-8 bands etreet, Brooklyn. WANTKD-A HTI>AT1?N, BY a HESPlUfABLK 1 and expeiieueed Protestant woman, aa CUild'a Nuraa. Good oity references given. Iu<|uira at No. 10 Wavcrley ulaoe. WANTED?A SITUATION, IN A SMALL PRIVATE family, aa Chambermaid. Waiter, or Nuraa by a retractable yenug woman, a native of Scotland. Beat oity reference. Can be eeen at No. 41 Market etreet. New York, for two daya, from III A. M. till 4 P. M. WANTED?A GOOD COOK.? SHE MUST UNDERstand washing and i-uning; alio to do the general louse work. Good city reference from tier la it employers will he required. Wages no ohjeot, if suited to till the situnti?>n. Apply at George Keneett's, the fountain, 107 Walker etreet. WANT!D?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant yonng woman, no i hanibermi.14 or Waiter, or to do washing or ir ning. Apply 1M Si nth avonuo. WANYED-BY AYOll.NO WOMAN, A Si TUA'HON A3 llouae or Cliildrena' Maid; good reference given. Apply US Wei t Nine tit nth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. WANTED?BY A KEsPECTABIE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituationas Waiter In a private family. Apply S3 Greenwich avenue. WA NTED-BY A RESPECr.\BI.B PROTECTANT girl u aitur tion ae chainOoiuiaid, and waiter or oliainti rmaia and to do plain aewing. Can be eeeu lor two daye by calling at <M Greeuwiuh street. WtT ANTED?A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT vv young Wo nan, a a Cbaui itrniaid and Waiter, or to take care if Children. Go d city rereronoe from her last place. Can be < u for two daye at 117 fourth avenue. 1I/-ANTED l? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TV a situation at Scamstree- in a private family, or will work by tl,c ? ay or iveck. The beat of city relereuce can be gueu. Pitas,, , all at Z',2 Wuibetry atreet WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE I young V\ onian, aa Cnainbermaid. an<l t> assist in the waahing and ironing. Can produce the beet ol city referii,re na t<> chorister aud capa-,ility. Please call at MM Houston street. Can bo aeon for tern daye. \y ANTED?n* A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A Sd'U?f utiou aa Cook in n private family, w ho is a good waihet and iiuut-r. G?'o city ntorvnee Two years aud a half in I or last place. Inquire at lt>6 West sixteenth etreet, first floor. Wanted-by a respectable yuunq vyouan, a situation to do eliumterwork or housework, in a private family. Is a good washer aud imutr. No objection to go a abort lietance in lh* country. Please call at ISil Thirteenth atreit, but ,een Eighth and Ninth avenues. WANYED-BY A RESPECTABLE MAN, A NATIVE of Scotland, a situation as Brewer, who perfectly underrlandi Lis busineai in all its branches; has no objection to work as second hand, and to malto himself generally use lul The best of rvftrenees can be produced Hat no objeotions to city or oountry Please aalross to J. 11. L., olhoe ol t! i- paper l'roaipt attention will be giton WANTED-BY AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG GERMAN woman, a tiiuation in a private family. Would like to take care of a few onildren, and would be willing to give them lesson* in hir own language: or. assist in plain sewing, chamber, or other light wurk. hoiutrc at iu moonystreet, second story, Lack room. Iir ANTE D?BV A YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN. A YY situation an Wet Nurse, whose baby is two mouths old. Can gi-e the boat ot city reference. Please call at & King street, front basement. Enquire for Mra Cnrran. WAM HD-AT NO. 7 COURT STREET, BROOKLYN, ntxt door to th? Put other, Chambermaid#, Seamed sees. Cooks, Nurses, Waiters. il>uie?vork aa<l Errand Girls, tier. a. Salesmen Ostlers, Portets, Coachmen, tlaroentrs, Laborers, ookkeepers, Barkeepers. Weavers. Spiontra; -ttyiiarrj men. Engineer, Apprentices, Mechanics, Boatmen Drivera. Rouoy returned il'employ incut not aeoared t oai ively. WANTED?BY A RESl'ECTAIll.E GERMAN GIRL. A situation a> Chambermaid, or to take care of children, slu J'l plain sewing, i'leaaa apply at 2b.? Bloecker atreot. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUAtiou a* Cook, Warner, and lrouer, la a email prirate a mil jr. Beat city rrferenoe from her laat place. Call at No. fl 1 wenty -ftuitu street, near Sixth avenue, tirat Boor, back roam. WANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation to do the houaework of a auiali private family. Cvuccn.e well rceommcudad from her last place. Phase call at IIS Eleventh atrect, corner of first avenue. Can be seca for two day*. wasted-a situation, bit a reviciabu YY young man, 19 yeart of age, an clerk In A grocery store, or light Porter la any reape'table estaMi-hlUflC Can produce the beat of city ygXcrshoa. as to ~s * **"Jt*t!o? to the country. Can be Men *l/i *?'.erry street, in the atcre, for three days. IirANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTATLK TT joung woman a* Chambermaid, or to do general house work lias lived for six months with her laat employer fn ni whom abe can produce the beat character. Please call at No. 243 Canal etreet, third floor. Can be sdoafortwo lay*. WANTED?A TRENCH WOMAN ACCUSTOMED TO the rare ofohtldreu. as nurse and seamstress. Clt r icrsare required. Apply at No. f'J Ninth street, befuro four o'clock. it ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A BITty nallo i. She la a good eook, and would have no ohjsc (KB 10 seust in tna w nvaing Bod irouinK. Tim beet ol oily refertn >e glean. Arply at No. 91 Seventeenth etreet, bctwcn Sigtk u4 flcvtnth Accnnea. WANTED-BY A YOUNU WOMAN. A CUILD TO wet air>( In her owa house She hu loci her ova rl.U4, nd hoe a good freeh beast of milk- Pleoee call at No. 10* avenue B, flret flour, baok room, where ehe oan be eceafor two daye. WANTEIt?BY A RESPECTABLE Vol Ml 01KL A eituatioa ae Chambermaid and Walter. Call at No. 103 Sullivan etreet. WANTED?IN A NEIGHBORING VILLAGE. LTINQ ob a railroad, a Lady, competent to teach French, Marie, and Draslag?in a family eohool of 9 or 10 ohildrea. Terms. $460. Please addieee A. H , Herald ol&oe, fivlnj addreea and refereaee. WANTED?TWO PROTESTANT WOMEN TO GO IN la the oeuntry?one at None and Seametreoe; the ae Cook. Apply at 379 Fourth etreet, from 12 to 1 o'cloek, any day thia week. Alto, waited, a good Gardener. WANTED?TWO OR TIIKEE YOCNG MEN, FROM 16 to IS re of age. ae general elerka ia the dry goode juttlag butUeai. Call at 4, Broadway. WANTED-AN ACTIVE BOY. IN A DRY OOODS Jobbing Honee Oae who ie willing to makehimaelf rtncrally atetal. and can eome wall reoommeaded, may And employment by addreeelag bog 2.76*. New York Poet Ol&oa. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A BOY OF BETWEEN fonrtoea had flfteca yearn of ago. who raade aad eirnaka the Eaglieh, French aad Spanleh languages. A eituati <a ia en o Ace or a dry gocda etore preferred. Address a note, or can be seen at Pdi Fulton etreet, any day thia week. Uood city refereaee gtrta. ________________ WANTED?AITPA7IOBTS ARE WANTED FOR A large aaiuber of egoollent SereaaU. of earioae nation! ?Cooke, thorough aereanti. CbatnbermtMs, Laundress##, i<*mstretsee. Nureee, Waiters, Coachmen, Laborers, Ac., at the Seleet Protestant Agency, 7 Carmine street, and the Old Poeli. ty Ateney, KM Chain here etreet?the oolyol&ue | extensively patronised by reepcctable families aad flret claoe , eerraau. IE' AN TED-BY AN AMERICAN. AGED 29, A flITtTA M t'on as Bookkeeper. Assistant Bookkeeper. erOvgcral Clerk la a a aonfaotniing eeta'dishmeat. banking house or i n ker'e oAcr, R.<. Poeeeeooo good bntinoea jualitleattoue. and esa glee aaoolloat roftroaoe. Addroea W ashiagtoa, at I," Bir. 01 Hill ptpor. U7ANTED?A PARTNER IN TIIE Lt'MRCR BP3ItT dom. la Rrtabljn, a jib a capital of Elll.lMi to JAJ.ilV. la a coo a locatin. wall tataMiabed. d-da* a buun*?* af about flUU.000 far }??. A J iron A. B., Brooklyn Put >?<-e. WANTED?IN A I.ACE AND EMBROIDRRV JOB liar hoaia, a ?. about 11 or 17 jean of a*c ; cat who it wlllln* ta tnaka Mm.?II co-roll* uaafal. aad raaidaa with M- paieala. pralarrad. Salary aoiUrat* lor Drat y*ar. Ap 11 jr. bataeea tba hour* of saad ta tlocb, A. M . at 87 aad 11 * llliam altact. WANTED-AT THE INTELLIGENCE OrriCI. NO. 70 hlc.ahar "treat, haloa-a Broadway aad Croaby etroata???od aad lePhful Aoreanta, who will coiaa wall raccmaieadtd. Nona ?la? naad apply. Reapc table fttnulot, o rirom of hat Ian falthfi I di mcctlna, will j leaaa call at thla Ara. Iba pr*prt> toes. Ill RLEV A PldllCR, wilt > para ao < << aatlat action to both partica OfRoa boara,to 3 WANTED ? A TI TTER HAVING A GENERAL kac.wlrdr* of the -latblnr trad*, partiaalarly o yaatha' and d ildr-a # (armanta, whlah braaohofthaba.ilnaaa ha aanld k* laqalred specially to aapariataad. Apply to JOtlN I' W A Kb, M Chatham alroct. A MIDDLE AGED TRENCH PROTECTANT WOMAN wish** a ?itnation aa Nam la a r-"p*ct*bl* family. Cli* <aa yir* (ood recommendation- if r*<|nlrod. Addroaa Mar* Gnrrrar. No. US Liberty atreet. (A OGK WANTID flENRV GOSL1N3 WILL PAV J twanty dollira a month to a flret rat* woman Cook, that nati rataada bho rtatanrant boaln-a* ( Prenoii and Americas) thonoikly. Ptrnufat nt iau >n "4 Liberty airoat ART CPEITABLE VOI NG WOMAN WICIIEC TO OH^ tala a ti nation a* Cook. Wa*h?r aad Iroai-r. or to do r aeral h awanrt. in a amall family, la a a?od plain eoob, and r. rat ratewaahar and I ro a or. aad a ill ate* the boat of ity refer* n't aa to capacity and ratability. llaa no oojac I. a to an a abor distun-a la the country. Pieaae < all at Ni Meat Nitatcauth atraat. betweea Siath aad Seventh araLuei. I tabt K-ali rafta lite. \l r-1 ICTtllJ TOtTNO s: f?T< II GIRL ? ISII' \ littitlioi ? Nnrie of Chnmbermnil *tr? *?od city ind hn ?o tk)oe?l'?n to jo to lh? country. Cm be mi u nt .11' tt?*t Twenty ninth ?tro? t. for thro* dnya.J \N ENGRAVER WANTED A iOVUITIM ENtrtrtr. ' ? i tpbhlc cf dolnj f-ncril 'mm in ' in n I ?nde? m niton r. Apply nt Stunt a lljitt t, oorm r of Mtliita lino AndBmnanny. ff?0 STOVR MOItl.DARA- W.tVTRft A TRW TIRtT* elnae workmen. to wh>.m ?n id wi*?i nn t oonetnnt cm pinjm. nt n ill he dim in n m ii> hntint tit* Inqolrt bein een the honrt of I tn l 3 I' M . ?t No. I ll Br .n l itroit. Nun Y'fh. L SAVAUR. 'J'O I.ITIKMIRAPRfO rwiVTENt?WANTBO TWO A tend Ink Work Printer*. en rood p .rmainnt work. Aim n ynnnt into who (nether in-trontlon (to no nut..(Now \..ek Apr>%. vfterreo..#, thitdty, it B ihnem Atloon. p?d?r 74 Pulton ntreet. TO PRfRTTNR,?A TOO NO MAN A <'QC AIV T ED wltf herd prrtl work, otn liotrof n nitii-.U > > hp n; ply'it nt 113 ? niton lire*I. BOV W ANTED?ABM7T M TRAR9 OI4>. IV A l)R(0 T'in nit *ne Tinry store. Apply in (Re ell mom to A ll'r)n.plr. M)| Hr. vdnty. ("NOA? IIM'N WANTED?A CROTMTA NT. |VITH BENT J re. i n?Hie iU? onn A .'y At II Ntliun fieri. 1?. ni ? neth tirert, icir Tilth ??.-nue. nr*ri||??M,N-A tNTH.LIOBNrR OrrtCBA N AID 77 |i??it -* II t|(i to inform :i* P* ii re i*a t't pnxlie U nt I n bw not re If.tad fr m hie * tenelee end n'd -i tihliehed olhein. in 1 tint It ti hla intent Vm . I eoednrtlni It npen th# lima prireiple ?a tiornt ifnm. ?nl h 111 in.-o. eded In retain* it to l?* preeent hi* i eliemelnf. nn i ktl Ken rewarded within lir?c an amount of p'(i?M?. WANTS. WfXNTBD?A SITDATIO*. BYAN INDUSTRIOUS TT girl. to do the gem r?l housework of a small atnily; narfeietands all kinds of housework thoroughly, aid mi lived four yeare la her laat plane; beat city roforenoa giveu. Apply at .11 Johnston atreit, Brooklyn. WANTKD-B* A KESPECTaKI.B YOU Nil WOMtN. a situation as goo I Cook. Washer aod Iroaor, aa 1 is perfect in baking; has lived three yeare with one family, and can give tho beat of city reference; baa no objection to g * in the oonntry. Can be earn for two daya at 7' Bayard atroet. WANTED ? SITUATIONS, BY TWO KEat'S. T Vlll.c! yovng women, enters??ne aa C?ok. the other aaCna nbarmaid and H alter, or would do the general houajw ?rit of a email family. They are both ?o<d cooks. nod xoeileol ?aa hare ai a irooore- The beet of refrraaoe oaa bo given iroui their laat place that tbey are fully uompetou t to perform thoee du tic a. Eloaee call at 2M Mulberry atroet. Can be seen f r two dnyi. Wanted immediately?sbvek\lSOOD milltnets, who oau i.avu a peruauont aitwatiou Apply to A. r. JARVI*. 7i Canal elr-ot,. Servants in brootlyn.-situations are wanted for eight prufoaauu eooka; aia plain nooks, wastie>a, and irmera; two American I'rot staut gi?ls aa u'lracaochamberniaida; two srsinatreeeus; twenty giria aa general huueewoikere; aoveral girla aa nuraet and chatnb nnilJa; two <olor< 4 girla Soma of theae girla havelived friiu twa 1 to three yeara in their last places Well recommended? ! both main and Cathnlfi. at the i?i i Atlantic e.reet, South liroukl) u. MNAJICiAL ttJ. OOO TO 5,0UU.-WA\TED. AN ACTIVE PARTner, with the above amount, in a safe ui tnuibi taring bueii.ese, with an unlimited doui md I >c the aiUolet manufactured; will pay from $1I>,UU) to iJUUO prutit pir ytar, ?ill manugvd. Anyone with the above amount "lolling to invest will please address L. 8. C , at tni* o.ft.u, stating when and where an interview may he had. COnn WANTED ON LOAN-BY A I.ADY WUO H A3 yJ'A'v/vF eetahliehtd a French hoarding houee, near the Ciij Hall, furnished rut ins and board will be given Ap ply to L. UlDEAU, 21 Warren a'.reet Collections in new Orleans and mobile, i made by ADAMS it Co.'a New Cricaus and Itubile Express. Drafts on new Orleans rot sale at no. i8 M ell street, ADAMS it Co.'e New Orleani Express PARTNER WANTED-TO ti'J INTO THE COUNTRY A abort diatance, and expend two thoueand dollar* m cueh, w ith a person who he* the unit amount in aaxh, to go it to a r< tail country etore, doing n large cu-ih business?the goodwill of the establishment being a great consideration. j Ad-r ? Y , it thie office, immediately. Wm * *. TAPSCOTT it CO., H6 SOUTI1 STREET, I supply draft* for any amount, payable throughout | Ur?at Britain and Ireland. They are aleo eole agent# for ! the Red Star Line, the Swallow Tail Line, the Drauietie i Line, and Z Line of Liverpool paokete. and the X Line of I London packets, paaeage by any of which ahipo oan be engaged on reaannablet arma BUY CKKiUb, dw. J VALENOmil LACKS. JUST RECEIVED, A | very choice stock, at very low prioea; also, an elegant ; assortment of Muelin Trimminge, blacc Lace Mute, long and ?hort Embroideries, Hosiery, ito l'ETER ROBERTS, ?73 Broadway. HALL QJ.0AK8 AND MANTILLAS.?I AM CONSTANTA ly receiving by the different steamer* from Europe, an j extorsive variety cf tiiu newest dreigne, in pattern uloaxx and uxntillaa, which 1 offer to merchant* and caeh buyer*. trom j every section of the country, at a email advance >n too ooct <f importation or manufacture. CEO. HULPIN, Par,* Clonk ; and Mantilla Emporium, Sol Broadway. KOHI.SAAT BROTHERS, SSJOUN STREET, I. Y.. IM- j pcrti re of F ranch Dree*, Mantilla, and Cloak Trimming*, Lace Cimpe. Knotted Fringes, Velvet Hlbbone, Lacce. Brviia, Balloons, Button*. Corde Taese ?, Ate. Alu, dursc Twist, tuibn idtry and Floe* Silk*, Chenille*. Berlin Zephyr VVor tvd, Embroidery Pattern*, Canvass. Fane, Buffalo flair anu Drearier Combe Tooth. Nxil. anil Hair Rrnshee. S is pent!era. tuJ Webbing Bead*. Midts, and a general msort- ! mi nt of leading French Fancy Goods. Also. Coat and ! lint Bin Units. Gents' Cord aud Tassels. Coat U lttons. So. I Also.evtry articl* used fur keicalias and Banners, such as I btars. silver and itold Fringes. Braids, Spaugles, Lanes, (to. Bajocs gloves jlst landed, or -rnk first quality?Ladies' kid Gloves, white and blank, light and lark ; Men's do., n tull assortment of nolors and sites ; also, i smbroidered lacs Mitts, silks, Satins, Velvets, Merinos, Cloaks, Mantillas, Cashmeres, Delaines, embroideries, Laoes, Calicos, Plaids, Hosiery. Linens, Shawls, Soarfs, Crapes, Baudksrohiefs, Bombazines, Marcelines, Mo., whloh ire offer at tbs lowest market price, either by the rack age or Since. JAMES BECK It CO., wnoicaal# rooms. MSnnlaM I roadway. OUABD1NO, die. Board wanted?for a gevti.eman, wife and daushttr, in the vicinity of Bond street. A front room, with led room adjoining,unfurnished. Address box 1,887, Lower I'oet Cilice. Board wanted-in south Brooklyn, by a young gentleman and wife, (without ohildren.) in n private family; within n convenient distance of South Ferry. The gentleman will require dinner only OB ths i-obwth. Address box 1,411, hiw York Post Otftoe. S. B.? I Boarding hours keepers need not apply. Board wanybd-by a gentleman, for him- ; elf, w Ife, two children and aervant. Persons having ' vacant rooms, will find this a desirable family. Address : Junior. Usrald cfhoe. ________ Boarding-wanted, within five minutes' walk of the New York Hotel, a large Imwt room for a gentleman, lady aad maid, wttn board fur lady and maid only. Room wanted about September 10th. Terms must be moderate; references exchanged. Address " Willard," New York HoteL Board wanted-a comfortable furnished (pertinent la wanted by a lady and gentleman, with board lor tie lady, in a respectable neighborhood, nut above Houston street, and either nn the eaet or west side ol ths city. A qnirt family where thor* are an ohildren nor boardore I* particularly dotdrablo. Hoard paid in advance, if required. Actress by note to W. O. Herald office, and Broadway Post OIBco. IVOARDIN J.-TO LET, A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Mi siUtif room an4 three kd room*, with partial board, in a private tamllr reiidiag within four minutes walk of the B"uu> lorry, Brooklyn. To gentlemen fond of docaeetlu oomfort, tbio oflert all too indnoomonto that homo oan afford aj or; attention will ho paid to noatnooo and regularity. Addreee L. N., at tho offioe of thia paper, or in tho muale otorv, ICS Atlantic atroot. Roforonooo exchanged. DOARDER8 WANTBD-UNFURNISHED ROOM lO D Ut up town, to n gentleman and lad;, with full or partial board, in a respeetable and genteel btnat, with a widow lad; without children. Addrooa to Mr a. Sympair, Horald office. Boarding -one or Tiro youno men can be accommodated with a lama front room on aocond flour. I with partial board, In a private family, where tha evnfurU of a home ma; ha realiitd. Inquire at Hi Broom* etroet, I near Varick. Boarding -iDRNisntD apartments-a suite i of rooms to let, together or o:ngly. to geuUem?a, or a gentleman and wife, at No. l(jr> Spring etrert. without beard, ' or nith breakfaat enly, aa there are ao boarding-honee eons- I ditiea, and occupied by only a email family. Terma moderate, location weet of Broadway a few tquaree. Board wanted-by a tocno man. in a reepectahle private family. Location not abovo Chamttre etroet. The beet of roferenoo giicn, if required. Addr?ee D.t Herald effica. | FURNISHED ROOMS AND BOARD WANTED-SY j two Oentlemen and Ladiee. Board for tha ladiee only. Would prefer to maka at range man ta with a widow lady and where there are no other boarder*. Add res* A. B. C., Broadway Poet Office. INSTRUCTION. ScnooL for engineers, sao Houston street, n. Y.?Mr. Victor Beaumont, Civil Engineer. graduate from " L'Ecole Caatrnla dee Arte at Manofactaroe." of Parie, will epvt, on the flret af September neat, a lav course of leeeoua In the French and Englieh Unruaree, ia nil the branehea, theoretical and practical, connected with Civil Engineering. Par dctaila and referaaooa apply at tha Schvol. A LADY IS DESIROUS OF ATTENDING A FEW j claeaoa ia aehoola or private fauilliea to iaetruct la | I riarh, German, piano and ringing U at rvfereaca (Ivan. 1 Addreea " IUktractreae." Ileiald oflloo. A LADY RECENTLY FROM ECROPR, WILL give iuftroi ilea ia all kiada of neefui and oraamcntal art-, ; n-clf lin* wax flowers, fruita and tigurce. oil and enamel . paiiMrga, hair braiding, ko , in ahan and aaay leaaoaa. Ap- ' ply at U4 Elm eiret t, near Broome etreet. Ar R K N C II GENTt.tMAN, THOROUGHLY AC- \ qu tinted with hi* own l*iijtu**r, having Won a pr'te*. 1 r in one of th* (rot institution* of Pnri*. and rtnatl: of teaching German, drawing, and tb? piano orte, i* duir of employ mant. RaKrcnco* aaeaoaptiuaabU. Addraae J. R., at thi* often. A YOUNG GRKTI.EMAN. LATELY ARRIVED FROM Ino (?, i* deurun* to piee lc*a?u* on th* pianoforte, if dcrlred in German. Engliali or French, in hi* ownrc.iieno* ?r In the raridenee of the pupil*. term* modcrat*. Apply hp note to E. W , Union place No. 2, Brooklyn! can hn **?n between the hour* *f 4 and U in the *ft?rao.<n. L'RF.NCH CONVERSATION CLANREI.?PROFR. Rl JIIr ard and M?ut?n will open on Tl.nre lay flat mutant, at P P. M.. aacw cour-e la th* Preach Laagaare calculated to ire. without (tndy. all tha h**t familiar c*pr ?*i.i*? and th* fclomntt* difficulty* of th* language. Apply at their Auadimy. Hibi Broadway. INMKhllliN ON fill PI AN KTR A MR* II 1 man. (familiar with the Cnglieh and Gorman tnignago*. I * ho haa had much eiperience in teaching the piano, would lc hiiip) to obtain n fnw mora aoholnre T-rrn*. $1.' per quarter. Ha would ?l*o liku to obtain boa-d In n family where hcccrld ait* leaaon* for it. Addrt** "R," llerud office. HROORLTN IIONK SCHOOL-MRS. P. BtlU PAINripal.?'Thia *chool r?-op*a? f >r it* winter *c?ei?n. ? ,* ( nth day of P? plemher duly a I mited number of boardor* are admitted. I'aieate nbo wi*h to p'ac* tlx ir < till Iran where they will rreaiee tha ttnia car* and attention a* if Ptder their own r of, ma* nppiy to th* Principal at I0J luttrtrrre laay ft mtde to Key. William H'rrlll, 1?. I); Chtodl.r R Oilman, M. D; II nry J St?w K#| , Now 1 of! Rt?. Iiaril Korff, Ii t)n. R Smith. M I> ; halhti fla rtll, h i, Slaha lihal; Rtt Mr. Maura*. W II. Ilia I l?V. M U : J?hn A Hughe*, Erj., Brooklya; llov. Uingaton Ucitdard, I'l ilod' lyhla. Pi 8 LKATioniii ANEW NOV EL-NOW ROTtlEE I' rd, a Soul in. I Tslo, ho Mir Admiral hither, ootoor of U.o I'atn I. he. I'ri. * >." rrato. II LONO ft lioOTUIh, M Aon aaroat. New romam k by the author or OoNtuiLO. Hi* lomlr. o VoB?ttan Tola, 1/ (loir** Sand, author of tonanrln. Indiana. Ac?tlila la a Army thniltiA a> I il*?jly axrltlny tal* nf Venice and ll.o V motion*. and lit* all thaaorkanf It* pii|ii?ht author ?, fu I of I > *. ?ontlm>nt. and pan l"B. fiih.i hod la on* la-r* outavo mluaii of I2H I1**** Price oaly 2 ccata. ML'NCA ft BROrilKit. IB Nataau ttrc?l. Oil lira EM?Ra\I Ml", ? 'Til itNrI F,NT \ n > w?t r jl M J\ f modern myrladr. <>l ftcr |i Prill*, oi all hla da; ha* Moored hi rravii.R* s t.AUV tuiumra ol old aid no t Bi'oha, for *al? thtap I h* puhllo are r? |t*rted fu cull and look o*tr the iininraaa coiUot'on, at l"2 oaa .an atrxt Jofll t P rt*; All 1,8

JITTFLL'S LIVIMJ Alit-f"?N l E.vTft OP NO. .1*1 ? d l. 'tcnta. 1 Marny li Relrd"a. 11? N tvlgt''r ? Ifo lin I'nitiriltt Mryatii e; J i o th ?-p cttt.r 1 1l*t>rrat?* M*ih Lector* - Daily SaWai ? Tn.i thrtidltlnu f ititnor Q'tillon?hatotaton A. Ma> aaiat?Wt* iaiu?t>r hftl w; A Lltrrtt ff- dn; 7 < nni!l> ?? lienfiol1) ? M'*i log!*: 8 I.> \i :, - Nofth t find an a t?n.iO'r*l#l Advert! or; 9 Screw At' *mahipi? dornfnx t fr-altlt: ill. Mran al.tfh af t-vi w; i tiriata of II * Vorm a Impnlari -llitf f f uf Philip ft II f I.nii> Pnr*h***; with Pcatyy and'Jl ort A rtl*t I n >ll?h*d ?"hlr. at tlx dollar* A t?a* hy R. l.iTI'RM. ft CO.. o*t*B, tad aaldhy DEW' I (T ft l? t \ K.MMR .' intone Dolld-'Ufv. ft. I. ALBS BY AUCTION. Auction notice -mortqaoe bale or roRjrrlure.?I Hooper will Mil at auction, thla moroiuy. Auyu?t 20th, at 300 Broadway, near Kaade alreet, at '?)4 0 ulcek. a large araortmuut of r a-*,wood auJ uiahr/any Furaitnra, Matlreuce. Ac. Catalogue. ready ou aomwK of rale but era for ahipmeut may have their ?>,Ji paoked on the ptemiaea. 11. ?. W1LLAKU, Auctioneer Auction wotice.-tbob. beu., auctioneerB) 11. N. Buati ? Large aale .Ilia Any. at loW o'elo :t. . j tie aalra room. No. lOxvorth William etrest. Furniture of al deecrip'irna; at?sk of au uphnl.terer; Hair Matraaaai; Beda. valuable lictuna yen.a front I'rauce; Solar; Koch icy Cha re; valuablo Wore Bench, euitnnl* tor a Cabinet Mai.r or Carpenter; valuah'e ait and a half Oetav# Piaualorta; ,:o bnta ehuloo Mine; Sardinia and other art iclee wort hy of attention THOS. HELL, Auo'r. JW. BROWN, AUCTIONEER.?M OR I"G t E SALE of Bote) Furniture, Pianoforte, Linen. Stove., Ki'.chei I Kanye. Juo.?Friday, Augurt did. ftt lOu ulook, at Kathhuu'e I Hotel, No. 1611 Broadway.?J. W. Brown will aell at auction, a. ?hove. a lurya aaeortmont of Hotel Furniture, bo., eon| Dieting of Bvd.teads. Carpeta, Oil Cloth. Table and Bel 1 inen, Table and Chamber Orooaery, tjuilte, Blineete and Con loiti re, broree, 1 euperior ro-ewood Pianoforte. 1 very lar.e Kitchen Range. niariu by Cobb, will cook for 1,001 par. n?, recently jut np; 1 Tubular Boiler a 1?r' number of biovea Maude, and .uedry other artielei worthy of tho at morning of aain. nLMBEHTSi KENNY. AUCTION EF.KS.-L AHCE AND peremptory ml* of Furniture,?Humbert 4s Kautty will i It tl i? nn rniug, ?t half-past ten o'clock, ?>y catalogue. at 17. ano 174 Fulton Direct, Brooklyn, the large*, and finest' of aupvrior carved roaawood, mahogany, aud wi-lnut, |i'.r oi and cluoibcr Furniture, ottered at ( ubfic suit tbir si sson, including parlor suits iu rich an tin Oriental to. oli pluib. and ha ire oth. richly do viratcd enamelled eliurafct r f, rnitnru, in site; carved rosewood, mahogany. and vralit'lhofaa, Tele a-Tntea; Voltaire, arm. aud ladlea' tewing CI aira: extension Bluing Tables; Eg) p'-i-n aad wluto morale top I outre da lea; rotewood and in ihogany Dressing Hu re tt* ar.d VVtsh, tends, in marble; and plain. Fren-h. (J Jthic. tor. II ami cottage Bedstead*; pure onrled hair Mattressand i'stlliteeee: Bookcases; Wardrobes; -Mirrors; rich Crerjeh T ilt t Article*. Ikit.. Ate. Catalogue* at the sale. Cityaud c entry lut err cill dud this a ,)e worthy the;r t arte ular attention. Vuruhasure fur shipment iray have tho.r gooda I park d on the pt emues at moderate charge*. MORTGAGEES SALE OF FURNITURE 1MANO. ti rte?, Sonars.? VVednobd.ty, at 10 o ul iclt, at ho Nasa?n*trett, mar Fulton, vii. ? a Urge xasortmeut of potior, dining room ? d cl amber Furniture, t.'arpsts, Ito., wuich hive lieeu but little ured, and are woll worthy of the att in tiou of housekeepers. also, Nl.Ut O imported liavan * Sag ?e*. of several tavorlte By ordvr of John W. SctnuuJyke, Cotiktable for mortgagee. FOR SALE AND TO LIl!!'. IdO LET-IN FIFTH STREET, IIOBOKEN, A NEW Cottage, containing et\ bedrooms, one bra parlor, dining room, kitohem. and cellar. ImiuinolJ. V. Broker, lludion street, Bo token. TO LET-A 1'ART OF A NEAT THREE ROSY MUM, ooLsisting of six rooms, with Cruton water on cavii floor. Apply at K o. 4b# Broome street. TO LET?THE ITNOCCUl'lED PART OI TUE STORE. | tvo 138 Fulton street. It t feet ir. depth ; alio Ceo roar ! ot the second atory, extremely well lighted. Apply on the | piuniisea. PU RENT?A BEAUTIFUL FINISHED AND ICR" j A nishod Cottage, at Fort Hamilton, I.. I. lit, a hue view of the lower bav, Kitten Inland, fcc To reus until the l,t cf May next. The cottage hat eight ro.,tns. For further particular*, ianulre of Joseph Crocker, Fort Hamilton. 1.. I. OFFITES TO LET-IN CL'NTuN COURT-SflO AND Fit) per annum. Apply to OfcO LEV IE. IV Nassau atreet. ROOMS TO LET, WITH 11 HE a h F AST A V D TKA, IN Brooklyn --Handsomely furnished apartments can be lad at 101 Schcrinerhorn street. between Boeruia tci 'iniTli. The houi>< is commodious, and ax pleasautly situated ex any iu iiruklyn. Room wantkd-in the neighborhood of division, East Broadway, )' rsyth, Doyer, or Bayard irt :ts. with a moderate rent. Please addroos K. & K. 0., Herald office. A HANDSOMELY FITTED I P BAR ROOM, WILL UE sold on very easy terse. It ia situated in one of cue list thenrghiares, and near the i'ultun Ferry. The ownsr not having time to attend to it, being engaged in other business, ia the cause c-fselling out; ina ? money is no object, time will be given fcr the whole, if desired. Apply at 77'* Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. a DRUG STORE FOR SAI.E.-the ADVERTISER - a wishes to dispose of hio store, ?9 he is leaving for Kur"pe. it is situated in one of the best localities iu the city, with an extensive practice attaohed. Address I. O P., Herald office. Time or peace and time of war, from the two great pictures by Sir Edwin Landseer. Price, (1 Ad plsin: splendidly colored, (3 each. For rale, wholesale and retail, be N. CCRKIEK. IM Nassau, eor. Spruce street, TO LEASE.?FRANKLIN HOUSE BUILDINGS.?THE Salesroom, on aeoeud floor of IMS Broadway, corner Dey street. Also, the front half of seoond floor, 197 Broad way, communicating with the above, affording a frontage of flftyfeeten Broadway, furnished with water olosets, lie., ana e*??v?iagiy ?eU lighted. Will be leased separately, it rsqnlroa. Apply to 6. J. 8. THOMPSON, 61 Ocnrtlandt siroel Also, four pleasant Offiors in tba above buildings. Furnished rooms to let.-a suite or handsomely furnished rooms, comprising the entire wou-l hyr, and one room on ths third floor, to let. Apply at 7u6 Broadway, bear Ninth street. ORGaN FOB SALE?haying FOUR STOPS; 13 SCITahle for a sma'l church, sr Oad hlkwF lodgs. Will I < sold cheap. Enquire at the cffi : ol the Clarendon, eor ner of Eighteenth street and Fourth avcnce. BILLIA ROTABLES FOR SALR-T. O'CONNOR HAS on band A few second-hand Billiard Tablet which ha withaa to dispose of cheap, foreneh. Alao A (Tent variety of naw tsbles, of the most modern style Aid (\aiah; elate, wood, And mnrbla bade, and with hie patent India rubber cushions. Apply at lie manufactory, ?1 Ann strati. Billiard tables-a large and splendid atvck of Tablaa for eale, tan per cant ltee than any other aatablii hmant in the city, At the aid ataad. No. 81) Ann tract. N. B.?Order* by mail promptly attended to. Griffith a dicker. \FARM FUR SALE-UN 1HC LINE UP THE NEW Fork and Naw Haven railroad, situated between Kya aad Man.aroneck stations, one mile from the latter, containing abont 70 aorta. Thia property ia favorably aituatod f>r tbo reaidenoa of a gentleaan who may with to eontiauc hie boainaaa ia tbo aity, and enjoy tha comfort* af a country life. Apply, on tha promises. to Lia . i l P. Halatead. Piano to let-a gentleman, having a good piano, would like to have an nnfnralahad room in eg. clianaa for the uea of tha piaao. aad to pay tha diSortcee. The room f o be situated above Bleacker street. I'leaae stata the floor tha room la oa. aad if a small room aaa go with it. AddraaaJ. 8., I'a low Square Poet OHaa. A FURNISHED SITTING ROOM AND BEDROOM TO let ta two, or one single g- atlamaa; looation nneurpasted: term* very mod orate; bath and wafer aloaat lor tha u?a of occupant*. Reference* exchanged. Eaqnira at >*i Bvamdway. Fur sale?ri?r. thousand acres of bl^t ten neesee land, altnatad in Parry county. Team, easy of aeaaa*. Will be aold for eaah. er exchanged lor flret rate city property, or desirable goods at easn price. Title iudiennfaVle. Psrt'te wishing to negotiate, may eall ea Col. Ntcholae Height, who will give every deaaripiion he having surveyed a large number of acre* of land ia th t State. Hia office is M William street, corner ef l ine, third flosr For sale?a steam engine and boiler, of sit I urea rower, well calculated for a cabinet manufactory er sa>h and blind maker. It has all tb* necessary arrangement* Sag aoroll sawing. **0M cutting, boring and turning. Term* axaaadiagly aaay. la<|Ulra of D. Buhiar, *40 Pearl atreet. For sale-the fi rniti re. iixti kks, avd good >'ill of a Hoarding aad Public II ium, naw d dng a good bnsinaa*. able to accommodate on* huadrad boarders. The bouse is well famished, and poaaessloa given immediately. Apply at SH Pearl street. fOR SALE AT VONKBRS. AT A GREAT BARGAIN. A X Houae. now building, (eottag- style | aad lot, on* of the rii m*hutui niv?uuii on me neni river, one inmate walk from deft. The por?hne-r ean Balah tbn hmao to I it i in.?. II Apply to W B. t'OI.H AM. Aet.?r H L'1 1 *AI,E-THF. TWO a TORY iifcTi^oii-Sft K lotcoraar at N?nroo and Jttnmil etreeto. with tow rnom f ror-tint on 8< nini I 'treat nl-o the thrnn ntnty brink hou -o is Roammol rtroot. nn the earne lot; to h? nlil together. For tern*, apply to KELVIN lkVKO No. J>l Pearl 'treat. J A DY VUVroLV FOR RALE?TBIB CEI.ERRATEO J trottlni mart, belec now at Ko' luter, in thii S'ato. m <1 In lino condition, ! cflered at private anl?. Peraoaa dr.irir* to por.Sn-o, art te<ineeted to enli intra; liatol y on Conk tin Carll.Vt Fulton treat, Brooklyn. CAROLINE BRYAN. HOI >K?, RtPO.MH, Ac., WA1TKO* nOI'rE WANTED- BY THE riMT OF 9EITEMBER, for a email lemily; run it bn three iter lea, win bearmar.'. bath, ?ae and < r >ton water, and mnat b? In a tidy, rripeotahla nelrhbnrhood i location preferred between Flfteen h and Twenty-ninth atreeta, and batween Third and tt(MN a*onna?. in itro'ta rutuiianeeol and weet Aridreaa, alalia* rent and location, r-o? No. .18 Hat at lay Loan*, anncr af Broadway and Fourth dtr- ct nt>l.?E WANTED-THE~ADVERTl8E* WAN ft f> rut pettnan. ntly lor hia family, eoniia'.in* of t..r?a ar e n petaoi a. a ?mall or part of a hot) c ceatainie* til tlm nuotira improvemento?locall m from Franatln atroet to I r P ii eon a re, wee* alda of Broad war prnferrnd-inc't not V? fa .-t Iron Broadway. Anyr'ntenl fam-ly ha \ iaf a part of honen to ipore. or fino fataily having % omall he o n. Rial iir la I r ak up, will ?nd a rura oppvrtnnity; a mid have m ohieetiunl to pnrchaee tha furniture Add rate, p 't ..i) V .... . u..,.u,, i .. oe... .i.o.. i .... .. .^ i .it IVf tonna. Can n?it a f?IT diva for poa?t%l..n, Mot rib WaNTAD ?HIE MTloi.R i.R Liih'CiC I'lHf <if a loan, by tho 10th of Srptom i ar for a fa a.'.y, htlAV latatji'tfiih itr.'t; if bolow Blaooker *<|HW Oil Im an! Ma a< IraUtay. Aii,- u i .. HtTtE WaBTID BY FIRST OF KKPTf.41 SR-r tRT M't|M?t?l houaa m a r -poctaMo not4hourl.?ad, I r a , an all family. O' od rclcraaca (iron and ti i ni?-l. Adicaa \ A Has, I arald, ?<#? ?. CHkM?iHDr??oii ?' ir are it ratal r pcatl> mm. without hoard, in a pr,rata iatnily Ui th a matt bo fr?m Hialnatoa to I bird atrrot. Kalaraavtaaclaupod Addroaa A N , at tha oRI-a of th ? p-p?r CTi'll WaNTED - * an la J, a ttora la Hr ad way, CaaaU I ' Crand, of nrtrnai'h atnata. aultahla for ih? !,? Amhroldrry and Paocr ba?ta?a?, ono with a dwaliln* MMt'itl pt-fitrtd: or would buy out tho at... k and f tturoa ?f ma ah a? j a' at I'atud. Addr-aa Dido, at thic cIB ?, 11. un* I?rat i a. rrat. he. ppu AN f I'lR'ON tVISlllMU tO PURCHASE a PI ?m |i? floaao ? Tha proorlctor, Dating thr altr In a f"* daya, off. r* ona nf th" moa' rrapactahla and pronra o Nor ktoi tna, altsatid in tha nudat of tha oaoimuolly dowo to?a. fofaa't Apply *"> Uowac A Bran.hi.1, Mo. S3 Baaaan rtiort or ?Ah Broadway. A rook wanted? wanted to pvrenisi. t*nitnlalaly. Ifnr raah ) a amall modrra bnllt t roo-atory homr, with all tha latr improaamrnta p|roonatlp aildatol, in an tmpmctd pert nl tna ei y Ad.(root Mr * . O. B , at thin rfira. which nil! raoaivi partimlar attoation. IV AN 'RPTn HINT- rp<>? 1 HE I'lRSI* 8IT rEMthA *' a rraprotablc, wall furnDhnd Binrdlai llouia ' i a (iind aitnrtl a. of acrommodatioK fr.>m twanty t.o tl irty hoardrra. l'r?f'ronco alvra to mo nl-o.?dir raiobliahod. No prrminm alrcn Addra.a. port paid, ti r 1 . tt t of f.Ha naprr. \Mi I''' StV'KI) ONR lltfl' II Tlf". *?o? fh...r nf a y< od Rtorn *" di?i of, < n f f ? t i . nt'lanH ?treat preiertnd I will plaaac aJdram Monk A t'a., hi I hid. HOMCNTRAns. ITMT*T> RROTT1H I.AHD A?"0< 1 \TIOT 11.1. tor * ua It la "? r i| *,r t'., , fc.. r i| | o anl.l ' . I , t? .1 > lodrr i a V .. da y w. rb , ?t thair plt-o f m i h <>ti r a*root I rn,? ..f ?a!? ail mi n>>* r ..flo?< till h tat.d prat Mi ado; ni,'t, ath. Arlr ? iil ?abo pWrn Bnndf otyhi, hrpi lab, at 8 i.Ylook. Al<a. a U't of aorJ word, p -ato a? d fail*. Bjard roi ho aooo i?iion. A. U l l.N .OECF, 'vI aiisar POMTINO. RID HOUSE 1'kEASITKE GROUNDS-! ROTTING -A pu n< and atake of f'OU will com* oft >u Wednesday the 2Utb. ai 4 o'clock. P.M. Mile heata. bret Ihne iu ! *, toearMle. C. Hrooka entere a. ?. Doueho'm: owner en.ere a a. kpanker; J. L. Doty entera oik R Sir Waller. E.LIEF, Prrpnetor. I SPORTSMEN, ATTEND. 'COME K PORTSU A N, t OMR, I briny p ur doj and your rud" to Hull'* Perry, ?e We4nreday. Ul'tli inet., and witueu the Gran t I'ifecn Sbooliuy : Match between crack aportamen of New \'?rk and V w Jcr- I ret ; to eonnnanoe a) 11 e'rlovk, A. V. .'kkkGird* on Intn l. la i rriiite order. KDW'ARO C COI.L1N S. I fpo SPORTSMEN -fT ALK. A SPLENDID DOUBLE i a Gun, mede by Mm.ton, ?t T.oado.t, a inah'ga"v o.t.te. firi>i?h?d complete. All w it bo dirpoved of ooutidorably I below Itr value, a? ti e owrer bar no further ua<- for it Ap ! ply at Original Jacob'* Aocnrdeou Depot, lull C'.atti&m street, N. Y. Thia cotnee ia acldoui to be uiet with. UORSKS, C'AKKI AOE'I, die. WAMED-A SElOND HAND ROCK Alt'AY 10R four perausi, modern built end in Rood order. Ad- i drove T. E., itetinR price, Ac., llcrald oil',oc, before Su'elxik tl ia dey. Ft R SALE-A ROCK..AWAV WAGON I OK I'Ol'R PERf ua. built by Ford. lu.iuire at No. 'J Eaat Twenty-Brat etreet Price $1 0. WANT ED-FOR THE DM Of A YOUMQ UDT IN delicate lieeltb, the handaouieat toddle borae in the I'ntcd St tea. Ho unit be young, perfectly eouud, styllah action, of eaay Rait; muat cither center, rack, or a very caiy trot, t olor no object, proridiuf he poaeeaooj tl>o ai, ive quelffieatioiie Anv peraun poaaeeaiBR aucb a liorao, aud wit!, leg to diaporo of him, will find a caah euatomer, by addreuluR D. C. l'urly. New York Poat Oflloe statin- v>h?-e bo can be aecu. N. 11.?A Rood and mlAoient warranty will bo required. H1SCKU.ASKOCE. TSUE GRAEFENBERG WINES AND LU.TORS. FUR medicinel purposoa?lnvniida w ill do wrll to uurchaee no other, bent to any part of the city, free of cuirse Price, *1 per bottle. Forealcat2U Imiwty,miflttlrl T1IE EAR AND EYE.?A. S. HEATH. M D. Al'RIST and Oculiat, devotee hie attention tacluaively to dieerw-ea of the Ear and Eye, from H to 3 o'clo -k, daily, nt Aij Broadway, New York. Ueafnoai cauacd by air line, icrcr. ; outanenus affections, enlarged 'onails, discharges,> ssinn n'iii s iu the i ar. ?f mostly curable ' } a eLiiful .turmoil. I Artificial cyta of natural appearance Imrtll ________ rpiik ADVERTISER, WIIO CAN COMMAND FROM A $1,UU to ffiJ.'khh *> !>' to enter ia fome lucrative buai- i nets with * single Inly with like meaus as partner. Any oon munlcation addressed to C. 11. A., at this oltiee, rtill meet with immediate attention. IB AYI.OK'B SUPERIOR TRANSPARENT SOAP9.1 heae are the only really Transparent Soaps made ia the United States, and the tulv onea that have ever taken drat premiums at the Fairs In Philadelphia and New Y-^rt. Busmen ectabliahrd by the father of the advertisers in IMS. The above, with a variety of our other wall hio.wa S.sps. are anld in New York by Haviland, Keeee b Co.: ilrewcr it Kiuuellr; 11 Berrien, Jr., 1K Co.: R. B. iiaviiau* Si Co.; liaakell it Merrick; A. B. At II. Sands; IVin. U Weed (k Thomaa b Kwat; Ruahtin. Clark It Co.: Kioo * 1 Smith. Microscopes.?we inform our medical ' tricnds that v.ehava just tiniahed several achromatic kli"to?cope? of t> e heat couetruotinu. All kinds 01 optical instruments on hand ano mane tn order. WaLIiSTEIN b BEIK.ltl, Op.itiana 418 Broadw ay. second door from Canal at. MERCHANTS' STORE BILLS?AT SUTTON S PRINTin: ORiee. 142 Fulton street, between Naaaiu and I Biuadway. where work is dote n>.at, quirR, and cheap, for cash. May be soon, tl o largest ais rtmcnt of rich designs for 1 afore bills, cards, lie., to be found in the Coiled Mates. I < all and ?ce TUOMaS E. SL'TTON, Printer. I IflXCENTRIC LATHE.-WANTEDTO PURC9A3E. AN J F.xeentiic Lathe, lor turning eaddieboards aleo, a Bark Grinding Mill, for n tanuvry. For further particulars inquire of FhEDEKlt K PROBST. IB h' ith William at. LEECHES : LE EC 11ES! - 10,'Mi LA ROE ANDHEALTHY fcwedioh Leeches, arrived per ateamer Baltic, fur aala in quantities to auit pure haters, hy J. F CLEU, 7 John street. Mangle or ironing machine-the subjuribora are manufacturing, and offer for sale, various kinds ol the above labor saving machine; they smooth aud put a biauliful gloaa on tabic linen, sheet*. A. , with geat * rapidity: they aro invaluable in hotelaand laundry* a they do the work of sis perion- with ease. References given a to their utility and use Prices from * JO to $ 'I. DUNCAN ? WEsT, M Bdckn. in e're ?. Mechanical lamps and rich cas fixtures. ?Large choice and variety of Laupa, Carrels, Mnderaiore, Studios, Cbandcliere. Candelabras. itracketts; Hill Lamps for gss, candle or oil Lauipa Glass ware, an i the best oil at Us. per gallon. Lain pi cleaned, r-puired, robroiiied, and re-gilded. II. DakdoN vILI.k, 4U Broadway. Rich rose rood parlor and boudoir fur ntture ?H. Money, 6.16 Broad* ay. has the usual spl nj did a?sorHnent of Cabinet Fumiiure, to whieh ho would hi 1 I vite the patruoisera of the above to give bim a call and < examine hit styles and priors. Wsrerooms, Jrsdwajr, | I tit uuor 10 int tiUMQN ucu;e. i | MEc IPE FOR MA KING L'QLIDIUIR DVK-XT W ILL I ? X*. change tkefcajj cr ?nl?r*ra tol blual at fcnwn in * I 1 "i* tnTclitSi. Thin aye aupercede* til other* Pireonr 1 fist large quantifiea, end paying high price* fur uther dy ?. it mould te greet advantage to thuui. To be Int at Mr. r Striker'*, l-'U Bruomt vlrtet. Price of recipe f 1. ( WANT! D?MEMBERS FOR AN AMATEUR DRA- ! in a ti Arroriation. For ire enquire at the room*of the American Hietrloaio Aeaoeiation. Gothic flail, Broadway, entrance No AAA Pearl etr -et, bctweu tl.o hour* I of eight and ten P. M., on Saturday evening. \ REMOTAI. ?THE PK1NC1 PAl, DEPOT FORMgR-US ] Pain Reliever removed to No. I'M Walker et-eet, two doora eaet of the Bowery, whore tlile wonderful medicine can be obtained, wbeleaale aud retail, at the lowoet eaah price*. j kiVk~ahts. ~ ^ DACCKRRE0TTPE.-FK8T RATE PLATES MUST he plated with a aufficient thlelineee of pare rili ver, the purer the better, and tl eir aurface maat be pcrfeotly emccth and even. The acale platea combine there adv.n : tagee to the utmoet. The coat of eilver deroeUed on timet | platea ia thioker than that on tha French plntct, M| ' and ae the* are electroplated, all that eilver ie chomra'ly ; pure, an advantage which cannot be too much approriatrd They are warranted perfect. For eale. at the eole er?qt VICTOR BISHOP, No.ZJMainttlaa* COLORED DAOUERRK0TVPI8 FOR FIFTVCENTS.? King'e Skyhght Koome, 105 Bowery, between Heater aud l Grand etreete, the only tabUehmeat to the eity i.he-e toe beet ekylight daguerreotypee, handeomi ly cob-red a id enaaeed, are taken for flu eente. and larger eiiea. at equally low ratea. No eharge ualeea perfect eatiafaetion is given. UllVOWk TVALLIMORB*B OLD STORE IS STILL ON RAND AT I XX 531 Houeten etreet, corner ef Mulberry. Erervbodj know* tha eland and ita oeletrlty for a good glare, l'oe potroae may depend on my Alee, Porter, Me. I hare made airaagemeate for n very large eepply for the unming ee??ta . rtfmlly rearm. A MB ROSS DA I.LI MORS. PERSONS CAN BUT WINES. BRANDIES. AND Llqn ire, ef rery beet deccriptlon, in any quantity of me, cheaper than at any other boute la the city cf Noa York. 1 k) ?toh la larie. aad from practical knowledge tt la carefully and well acltetod. One trial provte the fact. ( A. DAI.I.IMORE. 4.T0 Broome (tract and Ml Uoaotvit elravt. Tnqwucnvou iu?mh, fim ac. ac.' la bnt>le aad an draught, at the eelehrat.d Brandy (tore, 4#> lirnnnia etreet. corner of Croeby, nnlr. really kn?* n an the rlaoe to yet a genuine article, aad cheaper than auy other houte In the city. DANCINO. Henry wills a sisters dancing academy. Stoyeeaant Inetltote, MS Broadway, to oio-n ?n th< ' 1Mb September. If. Well* aed hie inter. Mine. H. GieveUi, | Dave retired frnaa their pe?freei"n a* public artlnt and will denote the meclvee eolely to teaching private dancing. They hare apeat aeeeral year* at the Royal Academy of Far,*, aad at the beet echool* for private teaching la r'ranoc, at.d they have Bow adapted'a aew ryetent, with the view to male dancing a meant of promoting health. an well ae a 1 mine of eniuiriag the moot graceful and hnithed deport . meat. All the new walteee, qnadrlllee. Ac , will be taught 1 in the elnif Iiet and moet appropriate mat nee. Apply to U. i Welle A bUter. after ftret ol September, from tea to twelre A. M . end from three to live P. BKPMKNR AURNCIILS, dkm. Bt K FORD A CO.'S GRAND CAl,l FOR NI t ETPRESS? Ahead ef all ether eerreaeee. Through in thirtf-thro* j deye, per etramere Ohio and Cherokee. 2>Hlt end JlMi inet . i rei/ht twenty per rent cheater than by ear other eeprte*. 1 1?? epecial meie,ngeri, Meetre. C. J. tt'olvert, and J. N. Starr. I'oetage, three eente. No. 2 Tceoy atdeot, A.-tor Bonne. EM'UF.r- TO NT.W OKI.F.ANS -ADtMt A CO.. H H all eteet. die| atch aa aaprert by terry New Orl*aa< ituamor, T I DISIARA, A I tntMA. mSSfSSIPPI, and TIT AS id Freight, Carole, Ac., forwarded by aP A MS A Co.'* New Orients Estrone. GLUTUISW. | p AFT OFF CLOTHING AND PVRNITI RR WANTED.i.adiet crrentl.onn leasing the city or brr*kl-ig ef nt ping, caa ehta'a I be tlghatt cam price for Cloth in ? I t ri Iture, At , by tcnJing throne1! the p.-dt, or a, Mi* re ,lderce. L N. LCdSELtxiHI' 11 Clm etre.V 1 s I' I -.lie - n-f. n d I i Mr? lien i I . I t A*t Ol r Id rilREAlS Ft RMH u r W a . , e, V.' The h.gheet price ean be oo.ained by ladiee and getWib eien wbc have amy l> It oj Clothing, Furniture, and J? i?vSrp, I Ro . to dlepoen lending tEmaah poet er etiwiTwim J. LaTlNtTftl, M e road war. tp i-ai.a ted ice attended to bT Mro. Leveusty*. ! past orr ci.??tiiin<?. riRNiTi"?R, fam^y V> Dree***, Firearm*. Walebee and Jewelry, went*!.? II itly ptr etnt paid above the nenel price received lor the above, a makiag appliiatioa to the enbeorlb r wb? will ,*t> taed by appointment. Ladiee attendee hy Mr-. Phillip*. S. U PHILLIPS. Na. 2 Park piaea. I 1 AST OFF CLOTHING AND Fl RNITVHE WANTED. PUI i'ii'rmru nimj liuiM'i !'H ' f MIO'T st off *lot> lafl acd fernltnre, fey tending to J. fltwtf)?*fN, tl City Mall place l.adtca end eon tit Bra ?UU4 vn at tliair ntiataeee. I'OTAILOR? W. H. 8T1HIMBT? DMIkM TO AN ?'nnf? to th* trade particol irty tho*e *n? ?g-d i <t the rcafarad* or elnthin* d?| ? tiuenf. tnat ho is n<?w prr pared to I jrr i?h pat tarn I af a vary daavtlpt'xn of gtrm rata suitable for rrnttrnirn a near, tua aatna havieg feara eat with t ? at m i -?ra, and In strict aroordan-e with la a prenlli-e ta ' iona Tlia litis run frrin tnlrty ta forty-foot I?< h?a, and so rorr> etly proportion" d and m irk?d, t lat a i- r ? of itn Itnltsd rap-rl-aoa In rutting rem edaeatefally ad <pt tham t? aastoni feaainoae Tfeo e?t onrotdnte not rnwafr m fortfltva tn 6fty pnttrrna, among whit-It ar- alt the <?' of drrts eod fro> k <oa'a. atterel stjlos and ail ?t s. ol -not | one's; also fancy r.nd kuainaaa .-..ate snrtnols. and all the rarirna ? ? It a a> d sir ft of rrata and | aatal tona. at Ih >t hy ntftly aarartalnlny t|,r tfianf tha anlomrr, the i f. n Is at or-cr at hand, and tha enrmmta oaa fen rot In a fe ? nl? I ttnt> a. and trl h coael, ir t at ?rr?t?r aartelely af fltHne, . tl an b tho nsnal method. AII orth" ahnn" <-aa t. fnrnl"1 d | In a ft tr hours notion, or single patterna oat tn or l?r fejf ap- ( plicatloa, either prtrr nnl nr b? nolo. (|"?t pal.l) to W Yl. fellp r.MET*. No 4 Cunrtlaadt I'rtti ' tul I f'Atl t'l.ttTlUNH.?w* HlH'LIt K?S *' i f. fnUs larlta ??-rt?'n and booth* ia>r karte , I ?v*llandl.)ikthrowgb"?ratnakof eallaadwtaur! loti n., hnforsgnrohaniafaTaawkcre t. flatter nnrealnnaih.i .,r?? rtmon" rreptrtd fcr tit aohimg a-.*nn. Wf, 1 -af nod eraI'tr in pgtont and rarlftr than hae a < t a I C-il up 11 lit h< osa tn the trad. Onrrr-rolons and ti dtnrrto- ila tor mrrlrieg nvarything that ta alrwnt. and .?n ?* a?ll ?s glrmg ta *tr aarntenln t a ?t and fln' l- M h? n srrfe. la proved Mia d'.ly appr -an-, n V-a yr?a? tn-r. tan of "if galea to all ennti <nt of to> uatrv. ?a Wt eonatnntly ra"?i?? ft ta o ir Irtftinttf Un T?tlft'tna raporta that o?r garment# alnayi m l a ! *? <nd roaJy sals; haeidrs. wa era determined to ha o-.d?v Isr no h-tofa In the irate, witfeenteaoa allawtaa for the tana ftnrtty o; ?> - ?.->? of -or ? rui-oie T). (k J. fit V 11 *. X e*o K Julti. rtpoofe, c< n-?i ti > | HEWS BY TI1E MAILS. SCIENCE IN AMERICA. A mcrlran A imh lallon for Uu Advancement f Science?Highly IkUTMllny Pweirf' Inga. OIR Al.BANY CORRESPONDENCE. ai.ham . Monday night, Aug 18,1&j1 At four o'clock. this evening. the business of the Convention ?hh opened by an appropriate prayer, by the Rot. Doctor 1'ohJnaa, *hu invoked a hies ring upon the Association. Professor Agasslr tin- President. called the attention of the meeting to some of the important feature* of the Association, which they should norer forget in th* promotion of their object namely, the advancement ut' science. They hud formed the society for the advancement of science, and not for the diffusion of knowledge; aid he need not enlarge upon that subject, which had been so ably dilute! upon by Professor Heche, the last President. The Professor then proct tided to *ay that they cc old best serve the cause of science by not looking to Kuro]>eaii mtn of science to give the stamp of destine ti< u to Americans but let there be a determination to nuikI- among themselves those awards which true merit" discover-to challenge by their works the geod opinion of the men 11 . riencu of Europe, and to refnte by such works their criticisms hot them ecrve the cause of science sad 11 this association without self- gloriflontion or mutui-.l glorification. l'uey must stand amongst thiuuelves, without payii-g urdue attention to lbreign authority; but they should do such work as would cha.Unge foreign admiration. The Prvsideut then alluded to the want of books, which is greatly complaint d of, and uho to the fact that there is not iu America a aiu-rom of natural history, lie said, that without whhiog to lessea those which had been oatbeml in dill' n-nt pi-.rts of the States, but which ?? merely fragmcfctal, he should say there ?as no exMeem of natural history in America. Ab.howeTer.thay K-j Duch little mean . he thought they should establish toea museums, which, in time, would form one grand gathering. lie next referred to the want of a university There Hie ninny over the Beaten; hut they wanted one for the freedom (f study and competition among the teachers lie then referred to the nuceseity vf preparing mon<> piaphs. particularly its to ilie construe iou of animals; and r. marked upon the impossibility of students deririug in .miction troiu the hooka published in Korope. which tre it < r.l> ot annuals found in that country, and which the student in vaiu I ink-1 for here. 'the Pre ident theu announced that the time of meeting would be hull past nine in the morning, and at four O'clock in the at u moon TWefceeruary. Protestor Baitd read invitations to the members oi the Arsociuttou trom the Conirn in Council of Albany ; Young Men's Asso-clatiun. do.; Kkenutive Oammlllte of Normal Schools, do.; Alhnuy Institute; the ftegeuts 0} the Mute ot New Vork; Trustees of Albany Acauiroy; Albany female Academy; Alb my Medi iol 'Jollcgs, PcusUtar Pi lyiechuic Institute. The Bearetory also utintuticeU that free tickets ou the Cleveland Rod ri ad were tenderi u to such members as hai come to the Albany met ting. for the nekt annual meeting, if held in tfcat city. The President announced that the Standing Committee hud stlecud ihnihility for their excursion to Troy, lie uleo iuliumred ibut It was decided that the annual lee be two Collar.', and the sub-crip: k u one dollar each. Professor Henry read a few extracts of a paper from I). Vaugban. tinciunuti. on the ihtlueuceof Terrestrial i y on climates; in wDiob. he said, there were Rome ingenious remarks, hut not much inductive ot philosophy, piofessor lieury also read a paper on Sotai- Light, by the i-ume g< nlienn-u. ru which the Professor raid there wo* m ine ii'gt ulcus (peculation, but the reasoning war not concise osest atiohs or niv. KCLirsv ov the arm jtlt SW. 18A1. The fi llowlug paper, by Professor Philip Ten Kyck, at Alt any. was resd ny l'rofstaoi llao it Persia*: ? ObMived at the Albany f emale Academy, latitude 4'Jd. uOsU. 12#.. lowgliude Vila fan: 34s. Bcgienlug 7h. 3'1.m i6.8e . mcantiins. Pnduifi lib U'm it 9s Timr?The btf lnLiiig woa observed with ail iudepen umh mi iiiiu which wm cvajpnrcu wivn auii'Ti icd Wendell * cli ck, at tih 6C111 ui>4 , 0 SOm. The nod by my own pocketchii nuiueier, coinj-ared with th? sarpe slock, at hb ai.d ?li. 60 ui Che rat. ?f the Utter at iiiarly the .vn,r as the clock'i l'nc former had a arge rat" but by aonipa.iaona, dialog the day, ??* fitit.u to he it i uUr The cTor of the clock ?u determined by transit* of ixelaif en th< t n aiugof the Jblb, cue tie. Vtl. and two ) the cist. The Uiu.>it of dlrius over c ? line of the lianidt Inetruiutct immediately after the eclipse. (loh. 16m ) made u difference of 6 lOtb of a second lrum the lienn obtained from tbc oilier elare; but the healed at licapheic muds the meridian mark appear .so uueteady thai thin ?u? not us. d In the c Jiupunnio.i of tine. The pioitiincf the liirtnimcnt eaio'irrvr l kkd alter each tna.sit. and it is not probable that the lime in in ercr over naif a second TWisro/c (an!?I.cthcling Is. rtcbllan, made by 114ronrt (hii.sssetiu/'U.?.) length 8 feet, dlam-ter of nurr- r 6 Inches cl. ar. wnini wan contracted to 41 inches to nl>mrve the cclipie. tingle leim eye piece power. M in dia> n.cttr. dark giean. paic green. My rmill FrsunboKr. creet eye pkie, !K dark glass, pale purple. Latitude of the Capitol by observations mode by James Fergu.-on, iu iftll'J, with Harsh r lethcting circle 40d. 39m. 13.71*. By trlargulathn. Acud.-my ffou'.h I.Ms Latitude of the ilbaty Female Academy, 4;M. 3">in 11 Ws. Longitude if the Cupitol. according to Litut rhouv by cbroni meters irom Camb-idge Uhaervaiory, Massnehnselts 4b bim. Od.ites. or idd. 4>ia 40 J*. Difference 1 Ola. 11.1k. Longitude Albany fe male Academy 4h 66m. 02 37a. or 7ud bo., 1 h ut. Davis her- intimated some dissent to this paper, and remutk* d lh*t he would iff .-r eoni* obaorva'.hiaa on it at a future period. iMU'ian or mi roieow or nir. wstHrsa siiru. ?> i*i: (cauloct'S ursiiwes) o* ri.?vse By J 11 Mill-bury hi D , Chemist to Mew York State Agnrultursl Society On I bo IHth of June. IK1 s large ferns!- rattlesnake? wlii. b bad b-?n rsged lu thu New York State Cabinet of Natural llhtory. died. On dissection, r* muuaub and i?,tieiB.ri l ucil sluMv sujir, as llttjk so if it kh?j bud ktta M-nund out ?nl aoap ati4a. l'b? f?ck id ?b:rh tbr p.l> >u la <ai|>ti.'.l wav laid open, and the Tiruli ul u. alter, (ol whicb Uirxu *ia but litUej,0*refully li uk vi d anil j.uctdln a porciUlu cap-oW. About' miiuitir utiir I ivuM Vai f.<urjuuiig about* ai tbe li.pp, (kjribir* vnlK' 'I') > n ?'??all tuu?? eheMiut, (ro.iulu* hiupLfaaiUiUbi , r biiu yvur'a growth; a corn |>Uut, (?oa ui?l>;; KMii'll v?n-I'iaut fhtdinblhlM a noi'leua): ?u I > alia cm unitier vino, wi. r vaccinated with It. Tiie vaccination una prffutDii d by me dipping tti>' o'dnt of tt>e priiki-lt* into luc ru ukut umUw. ?? ' l^r A Uiiail*".'. into tin:; lot t. ju t l-oi ..'.li tin inner bur it. .Mo vi-iL.T idict?. lu i itln r i k. if thi .nilm ure of lb pot, ,3 via p? let*. till about ?Uty bourn a tun It Uii bp in idIirtid. S'X'C afut ilill, lilt i"atn> all if? too wiuail, lb iacb ran, bepan to ntlt. Xlie lark la 111.' ticiriKy ot tbe iiicblon iiliMt?d acerrrly a pwcvptbl: eh-figy ; in fact. It would l.avr oeeu diltiouli to liavr I mud Hip ,i.unt* it tin J b:.4 Hot bmu luam d, *0 'i? U?e |i n.un wav tovvrtid. Ninety fix buktt attar tb. operation marl/ ail th* W*f-IUdt?.ln tapti if tin. |...?nu, aborn tbi *. uiioi fart. win wilU'i and U ad t*a tint nub d?y th }> IHlra hid bit k above he luCialMM, bewail to I w their tti kli 111 a*, and on tin- aixth day tin / * r? o mod rabiy withmcd. On lue nvruil da/ tbey were about aa the/ a err on tin aixth Ou the U mil Ua/ th"jf began to ahow alight ii|<ra of iicovvry Ou ui? bf:e< u.h d-y, new. but. ilrklj a| |i"xring Irate- b<C?u to lin* lb- id vivaa on the liiacr at d iLc . thir | In: lr b'f?j to piw rut -light eigne of rrrovmjr In tbe muie way Kailbrt ot tue plant, *pre intilvl/ tir-t'oj.d 11 war iDl?r ii ii: c > mark lbe pro grotlr* it Am uce tf i b? pnlaoo fee drat in ligation n* Ibc d*rai ( DiPlJl of lb* h-altbv function* of tin piuitv waa vb i-rvi d In Uip barm film iuyna to wilt ami div at tkrir idg.w aid apice*. ao-l in.. death gradually >i . unlf tbrl/ advanced < n ali m toward* tb* nilitrlb n lb le lib lb# wbi'le or maiiytbe entire Wat tn dnl(Cij?d H if an inti n-?llr jr fart In j>tiy?lolmiy t'iat the pUat* Itrililliilltrit fljil.' if '! nth Hi .ha UxtUil on Itii'f iSt In ? Mch iLa Iticlalua* warv mii|< [Pna abcwa a iiM | rfrtt ijni tii <1 ? * l? itian In Um ) lh? facta natuiaily d-iiuciU* from ibaaa Tjurll?1> ?n Tl at tha t ff?*cta of the pnkaon of tha ra'.tlnanaka npnn plant* at it antB'alr, whan mtr.-Ju.-d lutii tUalr ctraufa In ii hy a ai uu'i arv mtuilar [It U aUtad on good authority that the jv.ono of Urn aitak* aan bo fat in ibtn the ttcnai'h of tha animal wtfh lap* tiity?Ita dargiroti* ilh-iUf bniiig only ??hibM*J ?rnaa tiitiidncid Into u?< elrouihUoii. by a aourni If would b? Itti raftiiig to tint* ita Influi iica no tha animal hrn a| | Hid axti malla to tha nam. to -ac a Oat bar Mo haiflj itfifta aotlld h? rao-Jlli'd by tha *n?or ??ota J 1 liaf ii r?i|inri.i a ilucIi I* agar time l? It t?> alfaat tha |lan< tii.n llin ar.mal (It 'h "Id fcf f tat ad in ?roj*r to thi w tnat lalcai- war* ir? 'ly all?alaa by tbiipotrn el Ihr make. mat a aln tl thua ptaaioui ti ita MfU. a rat. toll** ty li a .d in about lao hour* ) That tba. fT.-c'u arta lii?an?b?j aahibilrd on tha part at* ti' the *i ill d ai d IB f aaao affnotoa -Iw lanaaa balow t rihwtma ?f. b.. ) ?' ?' < lh- T* (hi* intlMlHMl in rirll ilfUOrl J I I Bl II II : ? ? ' ?fi- ' Iar?( wmin on ur ? 01 tin filuiit In tt tl, u . In- mei-i m ? * ont-m II a !: Inllu u. . ?* iu?i?.?l.lj tirai miter* 1 vtaiMa i n On-*< *.? Biiil ! ir< < f in* leaf hladea (la thtar? 'Iin lb* lhrl? I tin* p.i?.,n ?n plant* t?wMaa >lilNlt pi; In It* t |lrii.ui|C and pr ?i?a*, Ibk dimaao at, ihliHB fnt tbo n-i fm jiwii atlVaikd -?> much Ibk |w>tal<e J nm air-titta or iiwwi nr ?wnn?* ? ? im. Mr J W Inner. I nn.d flat*. lie l,^tl. tlma MM* V,r*ard kid -kid ? 1 B?kil uij'Bif ?d lit la i>pp<irtaattj W ihtmt to Ilk n f kln ii Maniple* , f rlnh pmtvwil rt m twv mi mid' in Ofeta. neurit ? hnadri d nilMmnm ,i r Ah far I irk a* the )t-.r ndia, t prtuarvd fnna a par1 n it iitiii g In < lmw-1 .n JarkinNi i'unutt i.Miio, *kv?rml tH n.i 1 la of ah th which i hal tan.n a turn dapt ptmil It: 1) III III a I n 111,1111.11 it. lltal rlivtniy It wa* hxiad l-ar ibe i r,final nf| icv ta*alwpM>K Mekentl 'I'tl 111 kop |iriil|smil ?n 1 in *1 part. ?< m f*r di?*y?l ** it?il ibit 11 lp ib* 1. iiilr Biriii'tu e; it'll ??* >' in t ii,? nti Hi n Id b 11 t>j aiatk i*i pM^rttll ?n Ttalk fc-d b?-m n riliui l ,.i.u h' BBinnct with the pre k l ip Idi ? b It. the Irf't' ol ?nd ll?<? |.td?iiufk if ibr artBknina tha traii-f?ra. th\% i 11 ti?k 'd alii a a ?Mnii tl (Uid-k fi? n< ,fMl li mltfht hi*. !< ? a n,11|. ra it filial a n ??<l l?a. a/ puolikt* tn.laiphi bt iln a a n ntpf-paaatlagam* I th r?1 it* l-.fiB 1 >1 fin line Ihkl kddltwakl ekideitei might hi I mnpt.i in Halil 1 l.a?a ?? that kf Idene* in my k II nb 10 tin laal tu will 1 Uaro rkvciTi-a

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