Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1851 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. (3875. ANVSEIKRKiri. BOWIJltT THEATRE ? BOXES 84 CENTS; PIT, U>f oents; Heats ia Orohestra Boaen, 60 oenW.? Door* open at a quarter put 7. and the ourtain will rise at a <1Uarter 4>efore 8. Thursday evening, August 21, will be performed the drama entitled IRELAND A A IT 18-Hag?ed Fat. Mr. Barney Williams; Dan O'l'trnlan, Mr. Titton; Neil O'c'erolan, Mr. Coodetl; O'Flah-rty. Mr lUiui'ton; Slang Mr. Jordan; Judy OTlalnrty. Mre B Wl'liame Sauoy Kate will by Miss lliffert l'o conclude with the Irama etyled the GAMBLER'S 1 ATE?Old Germaine. Mr. Moore; Albert, 'Mr. E. Eddy; Malconr. Mr. Tllton; Dnmnnt. Mr. Hamilton; Julia, Mre. Id. J< nee; Mme. Loluour, Mre. Broadley. Burton s theatre, chambers street? dress Circle and Parquet 40 oeote; Second Tier, 83 ota. Doors cpen at 7)4; to begin atdo'olock. Thursday eveninr, August '21. will be piayed the popular oomedy, in three aota. of the -IEiKAT LAW?Dr. Fangloss, I,. L I), and A. S. 3.. Mr. Burton: Daniel Dowlas, Mr. Blake: Dick Diwlae Mr Moor Louse: Ilenry Morland, 11 r I.evere; Stedfast. Mr II Knuell; Zckisl Homespun, Mr. B and: Deborah Dowlas, Mrs. Blake; Cicely Homespun, MlssC. Chapman; Caroline Mias Weston. To conclude with the farce of PEUFECTIOW?Charles Para son, Mr. Bland; Sir Lawrence i'araron, Mr Hamilton; Kate J Bri> 11, Slide Mary Susan. Miss Chapman. National theatre, Chatham stkbkt.-uoaes, 89 cents; Pit, lAFta ots.; Orchestra Plot eta, 60 cents. Private Box Tiokete, SI; Exclusive Private Boxes, admitting eight peraom, SS. Doors open at 7h(; curtain rises at 7Af. 'Thursday evening, August 21, toe entertainments will commence with the dram* if the carpenter of rolev? Marteau, llr. J. R Seott: Ant' inc. Mr. J ''rocker; Duke de Caubigne, Mr. N. B. Clarke: Madclcn, Mrs II. F. Nichols; Julia Pre. Drew. To be followed bv the comedy of the l'OUNG SCAMP?Joseph. Miss Julia Pelby; Gen Ucauvais. Sir. C. W. Tejlnr. To eonolude wita GRI MJHaW, BR.VBMIAW, AND BAGSHAW. CHR1RTVS OPERA II"I'?F. MECHANICS' IlAl.l.. NO 472 Broadway, above Grand strnel ?Open every night during the week until further n Gee. The original and well known Christy s Minstrel), comprising an eminent urn! versatile "oorpe" of "talented" ?nd " experienced performers," under the management of E. P Christy, whose concerts in this city, for a succession of "five yrsrs,'* htve been reoeivcl with favor hy highly respectable unil fashionable audiences. Tickets, 'J.') cents. Doors <>peu at 7, and will commence at 8 o'clock. The patrons of Christy's Minstrels are respectfully informed that the Saturday afterucou concerts will be dis* continued for the future Fellows' MINSTRELS, AT FE! LOWS' new MI.'SIcnl 11 all, 411 Broadway, between Howard and Grand streets; open every n'aht ?Thisju.tly celebratcdaudelBcient corps of telentod and experienced performers, under tho sole management of J. B. Fellows, ? iob* concerts in this cit y for the past year have ben received ?ith the greatest fiv rr by Ike elite end fashion ir-m ell parts of the Union. Felloes' Mrreicnl Hall is one of the most, spacious and nest ventilated buildings in the world. A imission, 35 cents Doors open at 7. concert to commence at 8 u'.dock. An afternoon conoert every Wednesday and Saturday, for the especial accommodation of families, commencing at .'1 o'clock P. M. WIIITI'S MELODEON, S3 BO WERT, OPPOSITE THE Iiuwery Theatre, op -n every night. Cheapest place of amusement in the world. Beautiful variety of Ethiopian performances, by White's inimitable troupe of dercuadors, together with every'other description of light aud pleasing entertainments. The whole comprising one of tbs most gen teel and merry places of amusement in thie oountry. Concert to oommence at 8 o'clock precisely. All performances concluded before U> o'clock O. WHITE. ProprUtot tff 1 nnn CHALLENGE.-UNDERSTANDING THAT y3Xy"vN\/ various boasts have boon ma le concerning the superiority of Messrs. John Donniker and I,. Meyer, of Christy's Minstrels, ns violinists, I hereby offer to stake the oum of SAN), that Master Fre lerlt k Buckley (better ltnowu as Olc Hull, aged seventeen last October) will play them, or any one engaged in Ethiopian representations, three solos on the violin?the result to be decided by a committee of twelve able musicians, six to he chosen by each r-arty. I will also stake another $000, that. Mr. 0. Swtino Buckley will beat O. N. Christy, of Christy's Minstrels, or nuy person, ns a musician, in playing, sentimental or comic singing, banjo placing, playing ou a pair of kitchen bellows, and general delineator of the Ethiopian character. The result to t,e decided by twelve able mnsio<ans, eix to be chosen by each side. J. B. FEI.COWS, blaisgcr and Proprietorof Fellows' Minstrels, til Broadway. Franklin museum, 17s Chatham squauL?TBI above popular plaew of aunt** u>uut will ro-opea tor tht ' action. < u Saturday evening. Aur. '2\ with an entire new > company. Thi ?*ntortHnm?nta will conniat of Madam* H'ar- I ton'a trocpo 1 f " Model Aftiata," who will perjnnat* u numler of tuaiitiful living pi'turj. Loa't Female Miac' wli, with a variety of otl.or tutcrtainmoult. For fall par- ' ticultra eee trills of the day. ITALIAN OFERA IN LIMA AM) VALPARAISO.?THIS -* agent of the E:npree*ario of the above ?nen-nnel opera Lvusea will ahortly arnte in New Fork, for the purpose of j afiga^inj artiaU f?.r the next >ei?onf command' * in Noveiu* ber. Arti?te of merit, w ho with t:? treat with him, are r-j- | '{veetfj to address D<?n Fue? Mo Lh'ovau, care of Seharlen- | ier* A Luis, atatin : term a, Ac. utiintiivn I FOR LIVERPOOL.?UNITED STATES MAIL STE \JI Kip BALTIC, Captain J. J. Coumtuik.?Tliiastetmshia v ill depart ? ith the I nited Ht.te.i mails for Europe p?si tirely i o Saturday. Aurwt l?>th, at 12 o'clock, tf , tr .in ia | V rtli at the foot of Canal street. No berth secured ttllp 11 j tor. F r f reiuht or p*??aiie. having un<<|ualled aoeainiuod | tuns tor elegance and comfort, xpi> < to E1?WI> K.. CUl.MNfl, 9? Wallstrej*. The stekmer Atlantic a ill succeed the Baltic, and sail Sep* 1 ember 13th. THE BRIilMl AND NDRl U AMKJ it. AM K<> Y ALU t.IL Steanrekipebstween New York and Liverpool dlreol.aad Eetwieo Soston and Liverpool.?The Boston ships oolyoatl at linliiex to land and roo?lv? m n>? and paewuKsrefiAAllIA, Capt. , AFRICA. A. Ryiie, PERSIA, Capt. , SCROPA, ?.<L Lot*. feolA. C. M. K. Judkiu*. M1AQA lA, J. Mens. AMERICA. N. Shannon. CAN A PA. W nsrrtoa. CAM t.HI A, J. Uitch. Thus* Vessels oarry a clear Hrht r.t mass head, ftoea , a s'.crooa.- i ho*, red on port how. Africa, friar Tie-* York.... IV'idneidav, J7th August Canada, from Boston.., ...ho... lay, Jd Scptoxbdt Asia. Iron. Ni? York Wndnid*/.1 Oth Ssptembdt- 1 faaaate from New York er Host-u to Uaarpool, tral cabin, 9130 | O \ la the second <0 i .Berths not secured until paid lor. Vr?Uht will bs charted uv specie tsyeud ?a amount fct J?-j >nal sxpenses. An experience I snrgcoa on buru Ail lciWri and newspapers most pass -orou/i tno Pact Of I C- ?. Tor er passage, apply to I E. CCN Attlr. sr., Jh i?riad?ra . s'reaeh. Oven, aaaether foreign good*. rocslvcd end brought in eomiacn with British goods ~hroo*b biUi of | l.\ lias ars (i?en in Uavreior New York. Cere n? intending to take pumi to L- >,i*ni in tfto K-,?fl Ma'l Stean-abipr. are renu ind teevil at the onto.', Jd roadway, before Volte?ins the emov that Aba ship* art Call. 1.30R SOl'THAMPTON AND HA VP I?'TOE CNITF.D JT Statu lis.I rtermiMp UIMUOLDT, D. Lists. Com- I Txandcr will leate lor Hat re, toucMag at itouttusiopton. to , land the mails aud passengers, on Saturday, August CI, at 12 ft raJorL from trior Nio_ 1_ N nrtli Kitnr. IVi.?s* n* r? r?? I No n?ert htadire will be received i>n board after Thure?y evening. Sliipnere f epuoic will ecnd their apeaiq uti board on Friday. Luggage n it waolad .1 irln?; the vojAgo nhoul I be cent on board on Friday, marked "tielow " b ut freight er paanige apply to MOKTIHLK LI VINOITON, Agent, 03 Broadway. IfOR FAVANNAII ?THE bUl'EKlOR RTEiMtUIP Af.ALAVA < u|t I' 1> Ludlow, on fata "lay, it el'ft, At 4 o'clock r. St., from Pier i. M. K. For freight or peiMKt. apply to FAN. t. MITCnil.L. Kit Front etr-et. T! ; FLORIDA, Cept. T. l.)n,o laterdlf,3M Al|Mli Y'ANI>r.T>.".tr T-.t NEW AM" IN :)KI tMlEST USI ? for 8*n Fr?i-el?co via Ntiira/ua?The favorite 'oaMe enelr. et.-nnaMp PRO* KI IlkU .a, wf |,fl? tool hurt-ion. Chart 111. commander, will leave froa Pier No. 2, North elver. OB Friday. Se Member 12th, at 3 o'clock, I'. M.. direot fjt Son v'utn do Nicaragua rlitu ) paa.engere will be peeJily antl comfortably Conreyed over the new traaalt goute of the Nicaragua Compin v, (having bat Id milee of land tranaportatiea.) to the harbor of Fan Joan del Sor, oa the Parilc Oe an, and by the ateatnahlp t'ACITIC to hen Fritnoi* >. The epeed and nuvlr.ioa of the ehipaeuploy td in tl ii liac, the ahortenlng ul the diet tnee heretol-ue trat erred, and the cumpleteni aa of the arraneeuieatador t ie traBiportati nof paie-ne ra through a beautiful .mi healthI cl ei untry between the two oc'tne, offer inducement# to I avelDt. public, equalled by no other routa. f>. B ?In i <rae |uenre of t' ir r atB bating bee ilately pnt la opeiati n. and the Jeti.-nnlnitv-a of the prnpriatur a ?t to crowd l ie ahi-a with a nuin-er beyond w hat may betah ia cum lot'ably, he bar com j to the ooacliarioa to take bat a Limber throng'i Plane of caMne may be ne-n. and ticketa n?cu"-d, oa early apput itinn t D. U. ALI.KN.uuly odee of lli ? Ifue.P Battery I'la- .up atuire | T MI CD AT A Tab MAIL.V t e nil, c UMPANk, FUR \J New tfrloann. direct, eta litiu a.?fare llenuoej.?On Tueedty, A "tj'i, at 3 o'clock, the aph-n lid eicamahlp V'llkKi'Kf.' I.3M tone fcuttnei. H urt Windle, l!*a i aauder. will f vl on Tueeday, Aattei Mhjl preoiaely J j eloeh p. k. f im har pier at the lout of Canton at-aet, 1 Wr'ot < v i m-nt Malla, dire-' f -r ftava-ra and i.ow Or; Hi A t vr?t peeer 11,-ora tr n 1'artidM llata' i to the ?, e* d.d dout la engi :t ateamahip F ALtlON. Freight taken to New Or'eaua at 3d ate. per foot. Up.ere aaly takea ea t -ill ii. N n hi'.'n of lading will be elgnad afier ihd B' tm ! hat ei le*. N. B.??hlpi-re are re-located to tnpply ?1 m Hee with the t'ompnny'e Villa if lading, which may t- 1 ad on apt Keatiom at the ohioc. No other form will be aimed. Fir ireirht or pauaga, apply at tie otli e of tli# u.-pany, in N vet attaot, acinar ct V-arton. M. O. RO !t IR11. PACinO M AI f. STEAMSHIP COR PA NT.?ON LT throaeh I1?? -Fare h- 'need -On Tueeday, Angnit ik.h. at 3 oi l <(k, P. M.- -Tin epl ndid double ewjtne etemuahl,?rBIHI)KFiC,l 'KW tone b irdeu, Henry M indie, Cuiatsendrr, will aeil p'eeieely at 3 t? rloek, I' M., from her pier, n-the I it ei i! ; rrea etreet, N.K, alio the govoramenl J teed#, direct fr-Hrvaan and CUarree. Vbnarna aaaeeaawn I tfiaataml at HarMia to ttvi ipl'ii it lotiMatacm il >a a 'I [lllor I usi'trlint *it!i fir rr mlar mail itaam f Tm ?;. ***. tjMil frciix l utaion tn out tna l&to Jet,3?r t r f?, im M|;ty ti iho Pnuth ainot. or at YT W Hi atr- ? r>ACirir MA It. ATI AM *111P rottf.tNT -TtlKOMI.k Jl turovgU L'ni for Ciilkr , ? ana 'U*?<oo, ri C! rr*-.*a I nM ?Far -HailntM?Oa Thtir-Hay, Aaoir't 9A at'* P. M ? Tha opl?nJia dooM? aiaaaathlp M1IIO, 3 taw? torn b'Jtlon. apt / Fiuillay la! a:x, wtJt ?11 nn I: uc*4?y. An r iot I*. '.t I a'clorlr, P. M ;rip, frm hi?r , al a.ii frotaf I'a-raM troit. Karr i h: . ,r, oilb t.ia *o??imoral IjiMli for Ciayrti, connertlng wit!i tha favrita Un.ttl Btatro Mill lUaniliip Tiari*j">o, to Imti Psi' iiat ci to'.ont tin litli *1 Papleintoar. For if -iill or pana*), applr a' 14 ?n< 11 Poath atrait. or at IM trait atrial, coiai* ol VMM Mlit \f \PPOHITION TO Ttit nr.n ttoNorof.r. AND SKI P "LP ?til?4 " Oaly Thr-ayh l-Uill Fnrthrr Rrdacllrt I. 1',.*.. i . I . , ..... . ..1 t'irao?!i Uohato Ijr (t.Hof prpj V't ?nar*ntt?J Actitatt. detowf low Otaa lalkmua.) at nlll lurWa-r In prl'r* Ihtw fcfla^tnt It villain t.'ia meim of all tiu?? WrbB iatoad eeinf ?? California tw prf,r?.<j |V new rid ftpltndid ?ai \m?liip UIU.TIIKR J'i.N A T IIA-S, (t.a fartotl a. ramitlp in Che world ) I.I"' ton* Pja-iro, Client uidor. wlni.i ??ila for Orapvat, Hint on riinnaor. Anjnit isMlr. N > Irom I'iar 5, Nirlh Karrr, ioit*c!..o* ?atb flrirt l':d?]v?ri1?nl?lrMn?rf(.a lh? othor ndo. Tho BrojtinUitn mil land fi.'iiaim al Kliiitm. Join una, on nor i turn trip. A ?'?i*r >a, l.avita land tanoh aaporlm a In !!?* ta<id<mt to that r'tciaia, will aoantapto, the ihln, Wfuaa iirnw* ?-? frtr of th ir*c. r?r?"n? about proo~jdii.p o California ?. ill tu J H ht ll.alf in rfn I W aall ( f.arr oarvtoalha i l?a al-rra. llo fr-lpli? t Av.-it on aba day cf ana lina a r frotahl or paiaag . arolj oa'J * .. B. VII I S, Aftnl, R f nrttandl m?o%. UIBPT VCtt'BL I t>H PAN I , lN'U< DlffATOn .V tin . Th; now and nlvur.t Naw fnl halll clip r ?ii i,nth OAT* l? bow rapidly iomim a* fiord, North t ' trr N l! ' ' It a i.l . " t' .'I I !.? ' t meat aa if.rjr o t > * " d?1?p. rr-laM tok?4 fa; M Mf?*t taicd. S. U. ?Vf fUM, Si WftUStfMt. E NE AHUBKHIHTj. NIBLOU OAKDEN.?MANAQ1R, MR. JOBJf HIFTON 'lioket*, 00 cent*; Private Boxm, $0. Door* open at 7. t? oommenoe at 8 o'clock. Second appearance uf the celebrated American authored* anil actrce*, Mr*. Mowatt, aince her return from Europe. The proprietor ha* muuh pleasure in announcing to the public the engagement of the above talented lady, whose brilliant career in Kurope, daring her foar years' sojourn, handsomely justified the expectation* of her friend* and admirers in America. Mr*. M. will appear thi* evening in an orivinal nlav written bv herself. Ilr nmit an Armaud. Thursday, August 21, will'be presented t now and original play, in five acta, called ARM AND. BROUGHAM'S LVl I I M.-THIRD REPRESENTATION >iv the new German Company. Friday, August 22, CAHaI.E AN I) 1,0 V K (iiabale uud I. ' ) a drama in ftva got*, by Fr. Schiller?President Walther, Mr. Stein; Ferdinand, tus son. Mr. It rntlt; Marchall Kalh, Mr. Herrmann; Miller, a musician. Mr. IVorret; Guise, Lis daughter. Mrs. Lindomann; Lady Miiford, Mrs Stein, box oifioe open from nine till live o'clock. Doors open ut 7; the ourtain will rise at d o'clock. ITALIAN OPERA, AT CASTLE GARDEN.?MAX MA- | ret.'ck, Manager and Conductor. Admission. AD eenta. Thursday evening, August 21, will be performed, forthe last time, the opera of LA FAVORITA. Alpbonso XI Signer C. Badiall. Balthazar Signer Coletti. Leonora di Guzman Signora Truth-Beuedotti. Fernando Signer Bettlni. Inez Signora Avogadro. ! Don Gaspero Signor Barattini. j Do< rs open atbl?. Performance to oommenea at 8 e'elook. BARNGM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. BARM'M. Mauager and Proprietor. John Greenwood. Jr., Assistant Mauegtr. Anraittanee to the Museum and performances, ?.'> cents; children uuder ten years, 12X oents; Parquet, Iw cents extra. Shouts ol applause greet, every eveuing. the new pantomime of the Mystio Cross, in which the famous I Phillippe sutlers them to cut off liis head, in whioli, as if by 1 magic, tie jumps through a man's body, and afterwards, to I escape pnieuit. leans through a second story window with a : lady in his arms. Thursday and Friday, August 21st ami 2 Jd, , in the aiternoon, at 3 o'clock, curious Rope Divertiseinmt, ' the national drama of OCR FLAG, and the pantomiaw of ItF.SCIlALlJMf'.AUY. In t',e evening, at 8 o'clock. Ladder , Feats, the faroe of THE THREE SIlAH'8, and the MYSTIC CROSS, witli all its unique scenery, astonishing tricks, and I striking oddities, by the Martiuetti Family. The Chinese collection and the Hippy Family at all hours. TRIPI.ER IT A LI..?HUNDREDS TURNED AWAY ? Prefcssor A. is determined that those who honor him with th. lr patronage shall both hear him and see him. Tripler llsll.?Astonishing Miracles.?Professor Anderson, the great Vt uard of the North, commenced his season of wonler working last night, before a crowded, brilliant, aud fashion- ' able audience, who, bv their plaudits, which male the Hall re-echo, expressed their astonishment and lelight. Some j whispered, "Can such things he?" "Are our eyes made the fools ol the senses?" " la l.i mortal ?" "No," said another, " he is the d?1!"?Professor Andorson begs respectfully to Inform the public that l.e will continue nightly to demonstrate that" there arc more strange tilings in heaven and 1 earth then are dreamt of in our philosophy." On this evening, end every evening during this week, be will appear ill | his Mystio Laboratory, and perform ail his superhuman < wonders ol ancient and modern magic. allowed by all. in all | parte of the world, to have uo nurullel. Look to the l'l | F.i ttle?it is inexhaustible. Hasten to l'rufessor Anderson's Soirers Vysteriense, comprising experiments of science in I enr; ptjle ami perfection. Tiokets. 30 cents; Juveniles under 12. 2> cents?which ran he had at the Hall and hotels. The city ticket utlioe ia at S. C. Jollle'a. .100 Broadway. Doors open at half-past seven; commence at eight. Carriage*may he ordered at ten. Raymond & herk drsisiiach'3 menacerie.TMa celebrated Menarorle?the largest and best conducted in the known world?mbraciug almost every animal known to natural history, and which haa received the patronage ar.d applause ef hundreds of thousands of tho most MHnekltHilalelUmiJNpU ( UhDiUm States, has lust commenced a most brilliant rummer eamnaign, and will y|?it the principal cities and towns of New F.nzland in tho following order, vii:? Watcrvillo, Maine, August 20th; China, Slat- Ai ruiu Sid: Gar liner. 23d; Winthrop. 35th; Liwist >n Falls. 3?>th; Bu kheld. 27th; Norway. 2-ith; Bridgnton, 2 th; Fryelurg, .'kith: Tarnwortu Ir?n works, New Hampshire, Sept. lot: Sandwich Centre, 2d; Plymouth, 3d; Meredith Bridge, 1th; Franklin, 3tli: Cone ird, bth. Broadway" theatrf..?the ladies andoentleUicn eugaged at this theatre for the ensuing season, aro requested to ess inble in the green room, on Saturday next, the 23d inst., at U o'olook in t e forenoon. T110?. BaKKV. Stage Manager. \\T AN T F. D?MEMBERS FDR AN AMATEUR DRA- ! ST matie Association. For particulars eniuire at tha 1 roomsof the American Histrionic Association, Gothic Hall, ' Broadway, entrance No. 533 Pearl street, bstwen the hours of eight and ten P. SI., ou Saturday evening. PANORAMA OF CALIFORNIA FORSALE-OR WILL be exchanged for a farm <>r goodi; or, to a man of enter- 1 prl?". it will lc loaned for exhibition, nron giving goad s-jc - ty, on lihtral terms. ORioe hours, 11 A. M. to 1 P. M JOSEPH DAVISON, 27 Wall St., fourth story, front room. AH17RKHENT8 n UKOOKX.YN. Brooklyn mcsbvm.?parqubt. r> cents; boxes, ! 12X cuuts. Performance to SO m in one* at 8 o'clock. | Benelit , f W. S. Lyster. Fri lay evening, August 22. ths p r lormancea will comnirnee with the operatic drama of ROB ROY?Rib R .y, Mr. Harris; Bailie fclool Jirvie, Mr. H. B. Pi.lllips, Ma.ior Galbraith. Mr. S. I.caeh; Francis Oihaldistone. Mr J. Dunn: O ,-en, Mr. F. Lyster: Rtihleigh, Mr. W. Lyster: Diata Vernon, Mrs. Ceo. Lodcr: Helen MoGregor, V ms Crocker. Alter which Miss Fanny Dean will recite the Mnniac. To be followed by the Punch Qu idrill u by Coder's Orchestra. To conclude with toe IKlStI TUTOR-Dr. O'Tools. Mr. H. Tuthill; Dr. Flail, Mr. U. H. Phillips. siiip1m \0. | vwicl-imnair baltic, liverpool I is is diMhsr -ing under renersl order, foot of Canal street Consignees Will pifSee send Ihur rerm'ts <>n beard, and at tend to tits receipt of their goods iinmi dial-ly. IWT E* VORK ANDOAI-trAYTTEAMSniPCOMPANY.? lN The books for subscription are new open at tho oOen, !(.> H'nll street, whs/e every insoritaiicn oouoeriuag the en terprise at; be sMslssi 4JTIAM COUMtllflCATION BETWEEN NEW YOKE O and Cls<s?w.?The Glasgow sod New York Stca-aviup Company's powerful nt* strains- ip UlAJUOtf, 1.H60 tons, Jul Mi horse j. i?;r, N. Stewart, l.i'.e ol the Canard.-va ntrs.) CutnnianJer. is appoint? 1 to sell, froa New Vork direct. for (slaegow, on Saturday, the lllh Octob r nest, at 12 o'clock noon. I'sicv * V nr/ - First cabin. (stewar I's is# included,) JO: second cabin, (steward's lea iacludsd.) %M. No steerage |asseag-ri taken. Those rates inclal; r.-ovhione. bat r- l wines'r llqaor?. which will be supplied on . board, st moderate prices. Carrion a surgeon, Fur freight or passage, apply to J. M.HVMON, 4 Bearer itrcet. , |,V It l 1ANCISCO VIA NICAKAOCA ANO H Chagres.?Only Siismer for Met rag* i.?1The splendid, new si.a tsvt stcaansliip I.AFAYK1 ft. Chao. Stoddard, (Into ot .Knurr Creei ?ut Cup) oomntendtr, will, nt the re'|t*st | of u.anr pns-ensi re wh.. prefer the shorter and more hoalthy r-uto ti.ioush Sicarnenn. to wisp h t for san Ju in Ue | Nicaragua and Cbagree on Wednesday, August 27, nttirve O'cloc k, I', M . from pier No. 2, N. K. The mao an I rapidity with which the passengers per stsauier I'roinelheiH crouc I the country, hare established tlite as the 1 tfeel. iin?tl-f")atlc and >ini*tcet route to California. This Icing the o ily sUam'r for Nil amjue, sarly application will ha nsu??siry to aecnrr tickets. Prices as low as ty any other lino. I'assenp ra Icr hagres will be landed tl;ers in time to take I'd , (.tcemcr of Sept. 15 from Panama to San Frnnelsoo, For freight or passage, having unsnrpa rod a"*?raaedatlen*. ap- ' ply 11 J O. H I 1,1.1A MS. I - front street. OTEAMSHIP I.ROTHES JONATHAN, AT ANCHOR ^ eft t hagrrs. Angest t, IHH?A meeting of t'.e pe?se4?m of the above named eteamer, which sai led from New York on I the 2-th ult, having been held. Col. Phelps, ef California, being called to the chair state I the object of the meeting, wbeu, ?r?a motion, it wss molted, that a committee ot tbree he a) pointed to draft rcsdatioee stprestire of the 1 scgre of this meet ng. H'l.errupon, Messrs. John (J. Allm '?d, .1 Hanson. and A. Boiaen, were srp uatcJ by the (heir as j ti e coiaraittre. wi.o reported the following ? 1st Resolved That the bearing and dep rtment of Capt. II. fouicr has been sorb as to entitle Mm to our wsrmssl rnaids both as sa experienced commander and gentle nan. b'd hceolvtd, Thtt the nrbaas deportment ot Mr Milllan ! Mills. Pur .tr, meets with our most sordini approba.l n ; an I thai ll. II. rd. I nriri 1r: E. Mori. ire. Sal'lns M o tir.and II. I'eiialaoa, Mate, and th?M ?< "i? nntir th -m, !*>< hp th?lr itriit attenti a to the varied aatloe inta-nbent upon them, evlnted in b >ii? ii decree tlweo ifialitioe [ hihat otit( coaetitute the bopee, niahoe, and ambition ef I the | ???cne r?eefi ty. M. Kerolvril. That in the modeet itn4 etMnaht d"portment ol 01:r *< rthy Sit*art, J. A. Oaklep, ?n t ii? a, tie t ante, ae have found i inerlreo luxuriously provi'.d for, at hoinb. Comfortable at. J Pappy. 1 In rtfon. nntaimouely roaolred. That ere with fall enofidmce tail entire acid faith in the pcmioea. Jo nut coMit-ly h mniend to the California e migrating comma* It r thteateamship, ar.<1 the lino with ntiich ehr u connects I. a i one d iacrvinp their ftMort; an lone trhloh, in npp * 'i n to tha I oil n. <not<olp (re')icg upon the patronage of a liberal com" | ftini. it t), hue r? dated the fan lift j p r can', and thn? breachl It ait in the p trir of the man ef modern** mesne to rlett I 141 it rnia alth comfort, anil fed ai tl i h le tea* at hiine. II ereiore. at would i.iia commend t'ni liae at one, thn petr r.a f -ehlch a ill never find tbeir intoC'ite foigetUn or dlrrejieni- i. And he if further received. That the president of thle meeting he ret pei tfullr r rieati- l to pr -een'. a onpp of the pro- i ceidiaee el t' i? meeting to Captain II. S-p?i -P. and cane# them to lo pnhliahod In tl.o New if- rk pep' r?. I'noama Star, and popen of California. A. i'ili.1.13. Chairman. U. Rue raa ii, fc'ecretary. MKT] IAV1Q.VTIOT. | AKR ONTARIO ROTAL M All. LIN K '?* RTB\RERA. Id I'KIN< K:-8 KOYAL, MtilSr.T, (built of iron.) and PARRPORT, (Iron ) There atoaiaere learo Toronto Jailp, (BtaiafltirtpM ) for Klaaaton, a horn tv.p meet tie rirat lit. t.aarenee lino of mail heate tor tfonireal and onehno, eallfpgnt all l'e Intermediate porte. I\ie etoaruor CI TV if 1< iRliA Tit leaver t.rtriatnp and tdneencton are?r moraI's. Cuadayaevrepted,) at * e'oloek, and wete tho abora ite'Toeri at Toronto, about 14 o'clock nook. Too mail iten-n ere have all Tipp-r na'dna ttlei no rl?h atato roome. ilp thle armnreiBrat. nareenpera ran leave the Niagara Palle after breo>fn- t. anit arrive M Mrtreel in thlrtr-cie hmira. raeoing the tiri eend ialaade, and down the rapid* of tha At, Ltwr-nee hp da) light. | A It F ON . A RIO.?Till ATE AMUR AHMIRAI. I.RAVEJ mm . f t r lonnio, r?iin( i;. > .ury, rnri u >r Itna-t Ilrad. I)?i. i>*1od, Oahawa, nad Whit y. aaathar normlitlat. Miry Mif.lij. Mil Friday mommy, at I'o clock, nod imataa ataamar at Toronto for KnnlUn ahartl j panacryararan prnntd, iil'ioal 'Inlay, to Hamilton RIPHRR1 Armticiai, ?nt. BrnrnRD * ro.*? okammai ivirsi \ r.*i'R?tn,Mi*ad of all ofhar etprcraa*. Through la thirty thmo dn/r, per ataamara Ohio and ?;?,?r ik?e. fid and 2>l'h l??t. Fta'al.t t??aty par ctat rliaai'-r than f? an? othar mpraaa. 7*i) apt<lal rr ai-nyara, N.-oara ('. J. tfolrart. and J. M. ntirr. Pontage, throe oanta. No. 2 Tcriy (treat, Attor Ucnaa. 'A lt d V KM.t!US UUli? tor* and rnii,Ar>*t,pni*-Nrtr tor* aad rii'adalphia diract.?t aiVd Stain# Mall l.lne? throv, h in In.via, via Naw Jar y liaiiroad. rodnrad to y.1 h r flrit cltoa, and 92 5a) for ? i-fid claaa. Laara Naw VhV, ltd A M , from foot of t.'n.irtian It (tract and at V M. aad 5 P R., from foot of l.ihofty atm l. boare Philadelphia at 6 and ? A.M. and A P.M., fr 'in tna foot of Walnut (tra-1. ^ _ _____ /?? in IMfDT HAMKOtD I IN I FROM " ' Tori fa PRi'adnlrMt-liMft Plat fto I. North Pirar, tyttoaaiti nt Jt'KNPuTTt l. Nor toy l.iaa. af flr'rlnnfc. Afti 101 >r 1. i,., at 4 o'aloaV. I'arr ly c'thar Ilia f.i. forvard dark, f\ igi^r:at L'at, t'? i ' t i :#M, ?l ov. I Aral. W YO MORNING EDITION?Til ARRIVAL OF THE CANADA'S MAILS. Another Batch of Bnropean News, fco., &C., &3. The British steamship Canada arrived at her wharf, at BostoD, at half past two o'clook on Tnesday afternoon. The details of her news possess no important interest. TW- -< - l-ii-- a . - a a xuc luuiur vi a tetter naving Deen sent oj tbe Austrian government to those of Naples, ltome, and Tuscany, assuring them of the aid of a Russian army in case of another Italian revolution, has boen contradicted by Lord Palmerston. We hear nothing remarkable from either Italy or Germany this week. The trials of political offenders are proceeding at Naples; and several distinguished Hungarians have lately been arrested at Testh, for being implicated in tho late revolution. Tbe King of Prussia has been making a royal progress through a portion of his dominions, and has been most enthusiastically received by the poople. A popular tumult has taken place at Ringenike, in Norway, in consequence of tke arrest of a man named Kundsen, for having taken part in the workmen's meeting at Christiana. Troops have been sent against the rioters. Kossuth and his companions are to bo set at liberty on the 15th of September It appears that tbe Diet at Frankfort were not unanimous in rejecting the Anglo-Gallican protcs against the incorporation of all the Austrian dominions with the German Confederation. Den maik and Holland (representing Ho lite in and Limburg) supported the protest. The Austrian reply has just been despatched. The Austrian Minister of Commerce has proposed to the cabinet that tho reduction of the duty on raw materials should be made four months prior to the rest of the tariff being brought into operation. Oar London Correspondence. STATE OF EUROPE. Loxdo>. Friday. August 8,1811. TV Frmogalion of the British Parliament?TV Queen'i Speech?Papal Bill?Interpellation in the House of Lords on the .dflairs of Italy?Mr. Gladstone on Xaples? Palmerston and Sardinia?TV Greek Loan?TheFe'esat Paris?TV i'ear 1861?French Politics?Prince >le Jointitle?The Permanent Committee?Italy lustria?Miscellamoi s. While I am writiDg. tbe guns are firing a royal salute ? loyal subjects are cheering?carriage* rattling tram the Houses of Parliament. The day L* splendidly fine; the streets gay with equipage* and idler*. M-mher* are congratulating each other on the termination of their labors, and are talking of Scotlund and the moors; but, like a loyal subject. I must to the speeoh. It is as follows :? Mv Lords and Gcntlsmbn: I ?in glad to le aide to reh use you from your attendance in Parliament, and ( tlank you for the diligence with which you have performed your laborious dn ?i-s. 1 continue to maintain the most friendly relatione with fjreign powers. I am happy to lie able to corgrxtulate you on the rery conslderulle diminution which lias taken place in the A trie ?n and Bre/.ilian alave trade. The eiertions of my a padrone on the coaeta of Africa and BrasH, assisted by the vigilance of tbo crviaert of France and of the ("nited States, an 1 aided ly the eo-opcration of the ftraiilian government, have mainly contributed to thierceult. UlSTUVlsor THr Bin .an or Commons: 1 thank yi for the readinees with which you hare granted thesuppliea necessary for the service oftlie year. mv Lob i a and Genti.kwkn : It is satisfactory to observe that, notwithstanding very large reductions < f taxes, the revenue for the past year c m- [ eidcrably exceeded the public expenditure for the same period. 1 am tejoleed to And that you have thereby been enabled to relieve my people from an impnet which restricted the enjoyment of light and air In their dwellings. I trn.-t that thi. enactment, with others to which your ettrntion las bean an 1 will bo directed, will contribute to the health au 1 comfort of my subjects. I thank j ou for the assiduity wltli which yeu have applied ' yourselves to the consideration of a measure frame 1 for th i purpose of cheekiug the undue assumption of ecclesiastical titles sonfened by a forsign power It gives me the bifhesi satisfaction to find that, while repc'ln.g unfounded claims, you have maintained inviolate the great prim ipit a of religious liberty, so happily estab tithed among in. The sttrntion yon have hestowed on the administration o justice in the Courts of Law sn l F.<<aity, will, I trust, prove benefieiul, and load to furtd er i provemcnts. I have w illingly given uiy consent*} a bill rotating to the administration of the land revenues of the etign. wjiich will, I hope, conduce to the better innnag-ra'-nt of that department, and at tlie same time tend to the promotion of works of public utility. It lias been very gratifying to me, on an ocoasion which has brought many 'oreiguers to thin country, to observe the s| i>it of kindness and good v CI which so general ly prevailed. It is my anxious desire to promote among nations thei Itl ation of all those arts which are fostered by penco, and wl.feh in their turn contribute to maintain the peace of the world. In closing the present session, it is with feelings nf gratitude to AI mi lity God that I a knowledge the spirit of loyalty and willing obedience to the I iw which sulMStes my people. s.,.k . .. i-11 i. is. i..i -,i. .i .... e . ?i,. . ... l-i the liability of oor free and happy tnstituiiors. The great talent of laying at little at possible. In a royal speech has been faithfully carried out The only important passage it that which I hare underlined?the allusion to the ' maintenance Inviolate of the great prln ciples of religious lib* rty." No allusion U made to the admission c f Jews Into rnrliamett. The great point oi the session, which hasjuit closed it undoubtedly the paving of tlio Papal bill. Otherwise the session oilers little to continent upon. In my next, I shall return to this subject The bill lias pissed and has become law. Its < fleet hare now to be seen. The (;ueen purposes, as usual, visiting 8c< thin 1 this year, Preparations are already ma'slog at Edinburgh, and other g'tat cities, in anticipation of the royal visit. In the Ilou't of Lords, last night, the Earl of Harrow by. introduced a conversation respecting the erection of a Protestant church at liome. and wis anxious to know whether the government would ore their best oftoee to secure the permission < f the Papal court for such an undertaking. The Uarquls <f I.aiiedoime replied that he I hat ? n,.unt P>,.Wul iilau id exited without th* Willi, of Heme. which was a'.tmrl J hy her Majesty * subjects resident In that city; and li? bclleTed it a (lorded adequate room for the nee MBUMdation of the number of pt rsons who were desirous of attending public worship there liowerer, whe-iewer any complaint was made on the subject of ber Maj esty's gowernment ??y the Brithh resident* ut Rome, hi? noble friend the Secretary of State for Foreign Affair* wouid make an application in their behalf to the Papal court. Cut he must eay bin own firm opinion was, that any rcqtHrt to be allowed to erect a permanent build* log for the celebration of Protestant worship within the walla of Home would not be att<ndid with succe**. The Karl of llarrowby said that It waa nrt no tuu;h the wart of accommodation a* It was a question wh itheFrgllsh Protestant* should be allowed to en.ny ihc tsiu liberty at Home a* the Itoman ("alhollcs enjoyed in Keg land The Marquis of hanedowne said he w?* of th cptnic n that the Papal conrt wool 1 not grant any such permission; In which opinion the BP hop of London ex 11eared hia conrict.inn. The noble Karl then brought forward the question of the erection of a Preteioin church at. Naples. The reply was of a . Imllar rinlure. l'bla little dl<-cur*in? 1? not of mueh Impwr'ancc in Itself, hut it l? a straw to ahnw which w iy the wind bl >wa lias re**/* yi<nfi? will be muttanaily rt-ing. like llanquo'g gh<*t. le-fore the ministry. Italy occupies much of the m tendon of tfnglxnd at the presmt mi went Mr (Hailstone's letter* to l.ord ,Vbor deen on the cruelty of the Neapolitan goreru lient hare directed public attention In Europe to the tyrannical treasures adopt, i by the gciTernnt-nt of th? Bourbon King. Fir de Lacy brans brought f wward the quoctl.'ii

led night, lie wish d to know wh ther the Hri'i h minister, at the court of Naph-a. hed been rude.l to luploy his good ofBcrs In the c?u*e of humanity, for the (tlniniiltion of those lamentable aewerltl-s. IfOrd |>im. rston, in reply, said (hat It was in" the duty of the British pot 11 i.ii.i iii i<> tnarr any r<>rwi:>' r- i mrv u i" mr g''T?'Hwn' ntof Napier on a matter which r*latad > ntlrvly to tl ir internal alT-iir*. of tint country, but ho had *nt Mr Uladatoiit'a pamphlet (aad lift) he |>a?rel n hU'i culngtuin o* the hofttmM" member) to etonr ml'i1")in tlif difTcrrnt court* of Plurn|>o. they might btlnf tha intcrr-t* of the difT rout both ura?nt? to fc?*r In the rati * of humanity. Mr Miadftotm Iti th? I'-ft'-r* hire alludid to. drawn a fttai hie pirture < 1 the an "Tern* tf political i(Tender)) In the kingdom )>f Naph>? Hi ? would ai ptar. ire chains Inpriaon*. like galley, rlarrr } rune merely en rtirptcion n| 'ibrr.vl oplu'.on* Many thru and p'llllral otOa b.irr found t* > prelum In Patdlnia. wuer th? liberal uon > ft ' rf King Motor hmniaiiWfl aTordr tboiape, loot Ion. I. r i 1 aloirrrton. In reply t" n queeU'n a* 11 wli-thertblr libera lil y waa art likely to pom prowl' p the Indepr iul"no.. < f the goTerBm/ttl of S-Hrdini.i. Mil that the hn?'l?h tt?Tff. nuut attached eery gieak imp >r?aoee I" th* lr.d-'| i -nee .<f tr f kingdom of dnrdtnle and looked wl'h ptrat into'.aut and antii t? to the working <>l th? ei?n t Itnthn 'jivrt trlaMlrhfd; but nothing h*- occttrr. I to lead blr Meje ty'a gorrmifnit to ?pjr. h -nd tlint that iter"!..per.1.11 , km in nttr danger of pu- r->. limouta t ??*iiiltr fro? any fon-U'i p;w.r ? tli* tn tao-r 1m which tbat aoaetlla' i< o !' *. hit' r.iw ^?l *,tb Ibftnritfftktf if the far litt'ia-i pot) la * 11 '*** ( itriinlan aeTcrilfn. cotll' -l KngMbrae?l MldWlllH On *t rcufidmt bopoa I ?* 'il?,:f i"tl hn.alddnnt '.\ti (o l?r. a- tl at pr?afot ) a at i . <? by of th teltatl'.a ft tU thr ?t?ai <?f >h?r ;>?. vM m RK H URSDAY, AUGUST 21, 185 of good government not] only highly honorable to the I C'0]ile end the sovereign of that country, but well oalcuted to inspire hopes of improvement in other countries where similar institutions had not yet been brought to bear. This reply gave great satisfaction to the House. The Greek loan came in for a touch in this last sitting. Greece, you must know, is Paimerston's Utt Mire. 81r Edmund Lyons (now succeeded by Mr. Wyso) used to bully poor King Otho in a fearful way; and Coletti had a hard time of it dnring bis lifetime. Lord D Stuart wished to know what steps had been taken with regard to the Greek loan. England had pall ?40.<M). According to the stipulations of the treaty, Greece conld not be called upon to pay the money. Palmerston replied that the stipulations were, that the first proceeds of theGreek revenue should be applied to the payment of the laan. That engagement, he regretted to say. had been dis- ! regarded. The subject had been one of very frequent representation and consideration between the French, Kosrlan and English governments. The conduct of ! Greece was the less excusable, because, if the government ' properly managed their financial affairs, there would be amide means to dischurge their debt. The subject had not been lost sight of; and he should feel it his duty to communicate with the governments of France and Rus- i sia. so that mtans might be brought to bear to force the Greek government to a sense of right and justice Byron's noble lines iu the Giaour come forcibly to inind "Clime of the unforxotten brave ! Whose lind from pluin to mountain eave M as Freedom's hon.e, or ?lor? s grave Shrine of the mighty can it be 7hat thia la all remains of thee ?" It Deeds the philanthropy of such men w M. KynarJ. to lend a helping hand to Greece. The social interest of the U*t wetk has been confined to the splendid fr>t$ given at Paris to the invited guests from London. Versailles?St. Cloud?a ball at the tlotel tie Yille?a .-ham fight on the Champ de Mars?a fcle at the British Kmbassy?full accounts cf which you wil find in the files of papers, have delighted the London citiaens. A good feeling exists between the two rival countries. such as ct ver existed betters. The great meeting of all nations in London at the Crystal Palace, in 1361, has 1 tended to throw down barriers that prevented nations from learning to appreciate each other. Knglaud ani France hakiog hands across the channel, fraternising , at Paris, feasting at Guildhall?an Luglish Lord Mayor spouting French in the Capital of the .Gaul?John Bull smoking cigsrettcs at the Cafe de Paris with an aldermau's j chair on?these are historical facts of more importance I than they may appear at first sight to th? merely super- | ficial observer of human events. 1361 ia a remarkable i page in the history of the world. Though so absorbed with /?>>, politics have not beefc i entirely lost sight of in France. The reported candidal<-.-hip of the Prince of Joluville, ' alluded to in a former letter, gains confirmation ; but as yet, the Prince has himself given no signs of takiug aay open stop in the affair. The rumor, however, is a source \ of considerable uneasiness in some quarters. It is said j that Gamut, (a socialist), son of the celebrated minister of that name, will be the republican candidate. A great deal of intrigue is going ou The permanent committee. the whole of the list adopted by the three moderate clubs, have been elected. Amosg them are Cavaignac. Char gamier, lierryer, l'.iafy. Montebello, Kulhieres, Admiral Clcily?iu all members. The accounts from Italy, are of the same unsatisfactory complexion. LombarJy is again in a state of siege. All arms were to be delivered up within fourteen days A crisis appears approachitg between the French troops at the tloly City and the Romans. There L* nothing new from Spain, Portugal, or Ger. many. S< me damage lis- been created in Germany and Switserlsnl. by the Uhiue ovctilowiug its banks. The- Franklin arrived yesterday at Southampton. Tlie-re has been no material alteration in the market for American Stocks. Messrs. I). Bell U Son report the following as the ruling prices :? United States Five per Oemt llonds. 1963 93 a 94 ' United States Six )>er Cent Bonds 18f2 101 a 105'4 United States Six per Cent Bonds. 1800 Ill ,', a 11*J)4 o uilt'U Plaice CI* per OC1U BlI'CH. 1M;-M . KH . , a 100 I New York Stale Five per Cent. Iba3-'C0.... 94 a 95 New York City Fiveper Cent. 1855-70 90 a 91 \ boston City t ire per Cent Uouds. 1868-6'.! .. 93 a 94 Mass. live per Cent Sterling Bonds, 1SOS...108>? a 109>i MbtjlacJ 5 per Cent Sterling Bonds 89 a 90 Canada Six per Cent Bonds, 1874 10S,l? a Ihe i'aris lunda continue hrm. 1 Anntrln. I Advices frrm Vienna to August 3. say:?A circular I lias been issued by a lending bunking firm (Arnstein & 1 Eshclle) of this city, addressed to it* agvnt* abroad. iuti- i mating that the new loan will be for eighty millions of t florins, to be rained at home, and in foreign countries, by < means of subscription. The Interest of this fire per cent i 1 loan can be paid either in sliver or paper, according to I the option of the subscriber, a difference in tn?- purchase 1 price cf about four percent being allotted In furor of 1 i rush payment. The tok< n* of the silrer obligations will be made payable In I'aris. Frankfort and Aiaster tarn an 1 , the facility ol'transfer from one place to another arc -1 I ed The amount of security la fixed at ten per cent; th payments to be made in twelre Instalments No delinks price is given as absolutely fixed, but the house in queatioa (Arnstein k Kshelis) considers 93 to 94 about the figure. The loan is intended in part to do away with a portion of the paper currency The circular conclude! with an Invitation to the parties addressed to partake of this loan, on the assurances of the firm that sereral European bankers of eminence hare promised their support. The new commercial tariff of customs again occtipiei ' the lending journals. According to Llny l, the prograium j of the Board ?f Trade recommends to the cublnet a delay of tour months before the introduction of the revised tariff as a complete system, during which period the reductions therein specified on the raw stuffs are to take effect; ai d. moreover, that the time he chosen in a season ' the most advantageous to the weaver nnd spinner whose depaitments are the moat endangered from competition with the foreigner. In the document referred to. th? operation cf the new tariff is limited to the end of October, 195) The duration of certain import an 1 expert duties, however, the pr< priety of no sillying which Is now a question un l-r j discussion, is fixtd at two years The articles which whl 1 be so affected, are all those liable to an import duty of I six florins per lb ?gold and the tiner inetaie, for instance ' | Further, the duties on sugar, polished steel wires sewing I and spun silk, raw ctton Iwi-t. c mm u i- au I i the xport cha; g< a on wood. In n la a rough state, and j I nickel Market*. LIVERPOOL COMMERCIAL M MWARV. Khidav K i *i.*o. August 9.19' 1 There bar been no great buoyancy in l>urine*? during | the pHft week, but there liat been In-* deposition *hnwn j j to pre.* the aaler. and our Market' general!/ are flrui t ' 1 or coffee there ha* been a decided Improved demand, ' ai d the lower deacriptloo*. suitable tor export, are ib per rwt U< erer Tta ha* al?o been more awught after at full rate* The amount of Liverpool paper due ontUe 4th Instant waj uanmally heavy; und. We are gtal | to ray. that with very lew i x.epl.ons It wax duly pmvld?d ft r . 1 Cottow ? The iah? l ave again be?n I.rge. atl i mm i'|'t atly LOUO l.*'-. * a ?i iJvanc of l an eighth pi i lb on the in idle and l?*?r de-. riptlon*. The ordinary dtrcr'plh n of Su* .'. ruling trnn 2>4d. to2\d. have Wen turn li .ought after. The trad* are now pretty fruly ticked, and a* tb quantity of 1 ait India crtti n on the way home 1* considerable, toma 'X CvO bale* of wbh'h are now due. w? rhoul I n it be ur- , 1 11 i?" d toaee leaadoing tor tlie n-xt few wetlc? TiieM gra|Lie acrcunl* by the steamer V ranklin. frtgu New I lit!., m ren'r It liavre. r.'ceiTed thl* morning, bi. M two d?y* later n* w? then by the Canada The rtcirl.-U very fUt little dong and priera dowu one fealf neat To- J dry tin re ha* been a steady demand here; **le? 10,000 brh *. at yeet'-rdey"* pilotr. Th.-rale* b>r the Week are JC.U0 b??-? of which 0 060 American. 70 Pernnm i?0 '! tratbam.SW Kgvptian and V000 ^nrat hare Vm titi-n fi r rp< i uletlon, 7.100 American. f30 I'erna e. M0 Ma its* aud 1 4f0 fnrat f',r expott. The ea'e* to Jay 8.<M) to 19.010 hag*. 2C00 b?tng for speculation aui i t ">rt i The'e'|n"t?tl',ii* to*lav for lair cotton are? . bowed f,*td . Mobile 6>,4 ,tud Or liana 6',' 1 t fflclal statement of the cotton crop of IVO 51 !f>n ^ the New VorV. ll-t July'id cut a?tel with tl * year:? Kr Mfit 9. .Twin. T'. F.'vmlt 8 IbM....2.'40*1.44)0 l.jalCOO 1A72SO0 j it?tv.. . . "il iiv woa I ?!'.?" I -'3.WNI fhr Itrjw rl <'ti11 i'ii th? w?l h*r? b?-?n U~ ' ? ' btl**; Ihlr Jr?r. l.SM,TfA, ii ?.? lira? tost jr??r, 1 "44.11'. Th? j i lt(Kt> ?lf bit.VilHi, MOlt' I lor U?t Jf? ' , T1 tTf him b< "u U1 n from tlil- j rt by th? Irm i tV.? j' riO; by ij*? ul?tnr?. 1 J" :;h0; bj rtp >r?*n. j i mr linn lif t j( ?f, by tb? lr.?.l?. 904 '.*40, by* ij r*utoU>r | 168,Jtr, mi by fbjf tir*. llht") I n mioi M tittt ?Vi" 1: r? h;nl t tj In'J tav't I for lit*lift ill ihl* '-?* k fur h qnalltl?), %u 1 pr*. * hit* I rtfOtd 1*. prrc*l nji n Sin? Ml 1>, open MMdMf I hindr, 1 ut w? do i" t If * | r nnrh ',i*ir r?'ri m th? ' Imh pt'cf* rnu ?lrs bl^li Hn Am ?r;enttrh?"*? * U ?' ?, n *1 n>'-r? wnnl 'l hut i?.* -ii. g .-!> jull'- -a i.> rl'? Krft'u t< in* firm *t 4.1 'ft , Lit! 1^ t**?:.i 1?. It Iter In pT'<*? lelr nrn ?i |h 17? P?? ir?n rr* ? At lltrh Irni* (mi Mon-toy. tb*?* v*i I ri llirr B'trr ?l"t' rthil trl in.1i hi"! -tntnl- Vi; | :r<ui i,-( ! * J. |),rn 'jOatfMtod tfe*lr optfotlctu nlU t r m? cr.utiip. i ii,l % .< ..;in# ?f2# p.- <jr. -.n l?v fit. i run nit rn t!- ,i.,j bad to In- ? t' loriiirn ?*srt llttb M.rD f n tli. ) ! n;..:it>? < t r*d i.t 1* ? iMn-'* 2- p#r nr. fh',-vp#r I ui riiitm, ,y >Ml Mou: l.urfc i r h-iT1Jy cu l.ud i ir.a n'ini; n I)?H< m fntr obtit'iMMM at rtd tol? pit nr ui*?t Urn "a thin w<?k. I.ith? -> n> (' icilt H' i r.iiC'' Th-* ? arer t ur#r.-*'iy any on! i of h"iu# cr<--fib ti>-h up J? u# n ?r (i?at: i or,1 *w #h tnofnup*. "' "'1 ' d iii c <i t*l ' Lit', n. l'-oi v 'rcTiif; Hi ut cf i 'f'/Lanj iV I m - i. r ?tur?llat? \1 " ^ I "* ' " lol'ftB * r ii t a? nrl f M. lit wt d.u vl?~ 1i rtu w#a a if lift.!- wV at rf tv n?# ?tro**tU f7- li'T '*(* * k l en,- pi? cf i ->rri, n ? l'VVO >;'* . A. ? * '' J ''D' f'Ml W " k ?# 4h t* ?#r# ? 1 i i ."-.i if II >ur r initial 1.? utialt-iiil cut# >: and from inland 10 th# c . ':-v ; h?-it,* h ?r??#r. * I'|? w,til ?niTrl .r nt tbr rd th# .) h,-r? * fi rntbb'd J* /?*thaaa at the IWrtlly Hlml I n- HtMfl " i )<i an esci'od Utile ttti-ill I n At vur tN~u KtrbanM, /i ItK'day thi. u iruft n*- n*. i.i?ly Jj.i Wi b Uio ( t xrepfi?.n i f cat#, Ml k.t:.-i - in t-e t*j# dandled. 14 *' *' 'I |>'r 7 4 lb*.; i iiir, tit per ba-'-'l ; lino Tn' r' r #i* . and am* . <\|. pur uad to??*. A ti > :n d'.or afOMkct * bx i !/a .incl hJ d? n cj li t * a'. Tun day* (ju 'i na remnia u ialter?4, Chattel 1 oil 1 uj #r# pt##? i i I >j uk Tfk a l{M fon ! ,a : pri u vl I pr, t y n vt t#i Mltlt ???*? t" bop* r I. aft# tt tVit*r #utti 1 "1 > rafr* but tuf*rt#t j #i : 't * tt*M rt. 1 j) # ; # i il form# ft' t v ilU.i . J, hj liipti ti ti# i uttl .*? ?? ? * ERA] 1. bean*, or peas Indian corn waft rather easy to buy; iWs. per 480 Ibft. wait obtained for good American yellow We append the remarks it a commercial eorrespondent ?" The grain market ha* suddenly relapsed into a moat proatrate iitata, it being nest to impossible to ellect 'alee, and prices are much lower in comteouenee. Though this state of things is to be deplored, the loss falling heavily on many ot our inerchauts and the agricultural body, yet, upon a little reiiectlon. we think we can show it may, and we hope will, be attended with much ultimate benefit to all The great evil at the I present moment ia foreign exchanges, and the state of the bullion in the Bank of Kngland Now. if we were to have an excited or even moderate corn market, we should most assuredly be deluged with grain from America and the ccntlnent. during the autumn and winter and would as arsuredly be obliged to pay for euch corn in hard sovereigns; whilst, a* matters are now turning, we hope order h will not only be kept here, but others countermauded which nmv have beea sent ahroaii an,I this country saved froci another currency convulsion'' Otyy.HAi. PaonrcE ?Ashes?United States pot. per cwt. "Sr. a 28r. fd ; pearl, 30s ; Montreal pot, 27 a 6d a 28s.; pearl. 2?a t'd a SOs. Quercifron bark?Philadel- , phia. 7a. Cd. a 8r ; New York. 8s. a 8s. 3?1 ; Baltimore. ' 8s a Ss. 3d. Lard. fine. 43s. a 40a.; fair to good. 45h. a 4fts ; ordinary to middling, 41a. a 44a ; inferior and ' grease, 28a a 34s. Tallow, 3da a 38a. t?d Bees' wax, : ?5 be a ?5 10s. Grease butter. 28a a 30a. 8perm oil. per ti n. ?85 a ?86 Whale oil, ?29 10a a ?30 Lard oil, ?40 a ?'46 10a. Turpentine, per cwt , 7a a 8a. I Spirits. 34a a 36a. Kosln. common. 3a. Id a 6a 31 ; amber. 4s a 7a.; white. 7s fid. a 91. Tar. 17a fid a 18a l.inaeecl cake thick, per ton, ?'6 a ?'6 10a , tliin oblong. ?6 13s a ?7. lieuip, ?31 a ?31 10a. Pig lead, in bond ?16 13a a ?17. Kice. Carolina, in bond, per cwt . 15a. t a 16s. fid. Clovi rseed, 40a. a 42a. Flaxseed, per tierce 70a. a 76a. Timothy seed, per cw t . 40a a 42s. Additional from the Itlhmui of Panama. THE U. S. MAII. STEAMSHIP OHIO. The machinery of this tine steamer, aa has already bee stated, recelred injury on her last voyage to Chagres Although it is not as serious as was first reported it wa m file lent to prevent her return with the mails, paasen- j gera and treasure ready for her at that place. Captain bchenck. in a letter to Mr. Koberta, dated at Chagres on the 8th inat., states that the accident occurred on the outward passage, about 360 mile* from Chagres. and t ncloses the subjoined report from the chief engi- ] lieer:? V S. Stk Avawr Ohio, August 8,1851. Sia:?On the 3th instant, about 7 o'clock. 1*. M . the ship ! running with 12 lta. of ateam. &n<i the throttle half open, a heavy jni was felt, when the engine wna immediately stopped, i On i ki-mlring the machinery. 1 found the oontre or intorme- I diate shaft broken off close to the eye of the crank; the eo- { irutrlo wheel and strip attached to the crank were sire broken. and the crank pin aliili ly heat. Tliia is the extent of tho Injury to the engine. Very respectfully. Cast. Schkscu. WM. SCOj'T, Chief Engineer. Capt Fchenck proceeded to Chagres with one wheel, ; landed Iris passengers, uiul purposed going to Navy Uo>. where he would hare smooth water, which would afford an opportunity to take the buckets otT the port wheel. I and make what o'her repairs were required preparatory to leaving forhome. He was to leave on the 13th, and will prt tabbly reach this port in some fifteen or sixteen days fr< m the day of hi* departure ile will, at all eTeuti. bnrg the ship home with as little delay as possible The new steamship Illinois, Capt. Haratene. will take the Ohio's place in ihc line, and will leave here on the usual day. the 28th. TlIE LOSS OF THE STEAMER t'N'ION. [From the l'nuiuiia Star. Aug Otli ] About tec o'clock last night, the Pacific 'jail Steamship tympany's steamer Northerner. (.'apt Raulall, arrived in jnrt from Sau Francisco, bringing intelligence of the totul less of the line steamer Union the following note fr. m Putser Mayor, to whom we beg to return our . thanks for bl* altentlun. glees all the panleulirs: ? , Lett fan F'ancinco at si* o'clock, A M? July 10th. and nrrivi <1 at Sno Diego at two o'clock. P. M , July ISth At that port heard of the wTeck of the it uur Daloa, Oapt. i Marks, on the morning of the 6tli of July at three o'clock. , A M.. fi ur days out from San Francisco, wuh two hundred end thirty ptssc ngers. and two hundred and twentytive llicu-und dollars in dust on freight. Oapt It and all, < i f this ship Immediately detciwir.-d to pr I t > their j reli? 1?i ur itill rn 'Hits giving a very d' {durable account of Ihelr situate n: tie ship a total less; the country bi.rreu; Iht Tery few iniir.bitauts inhospitable; aud the crew ani pu-tetiacl - nu.te unruly, and Collie of them thievish, liav- ] i g robbed each other of Yarlous sums amounting to tlfle*n thou-and dollars, aud the ship of a bos on freight, mtaitiirg six thousand dollars Noue of these have bet n ret < Vt rt d. Arrived at St Qulntin's Buy. where the Union was wrecked, Julylfth. at three, I'. M. Found pa'sengerg | and crew in camp, e uie fifteen or twenty miles ub iv mi i wrck which was on Delgado Point, at the southern end of the Bay We did tr t succeed in embarking all the pn?seug?r? and dust until Un o'clock ne*t day. the heavy surf and under tow making It dangerous, and particularly so after night, llut we did nit unti! the hosts had heeu rapslied many tine s and several eume n"ar being drowned. The tfliccra and passengers of the Union were o il aud c ilectid. and some ignite courageous, for they einbarked with their pile of dust tied round them under their clothing?no pleasant accompaniraent, one would imagine. tor swimming in a heavy surf Captain Marks, if the Union nndUant L H Kiwards received the thanks of all for their indefatigable exertions in embarking thcm--these gentlemen coming oil in the last beat fiotu the bench. The Union went a-hore in calm weather, in fog: but owing to her situation, she is a total loss. She is back-broken, and her stern is in much deeper water than her bow. wbi.'h cam- -d het to ] Uriah up with greater rapidity. No freight was saved i but the iiu-t. and many of the passengers Tost their all (lapgage and money ) Au exrtef-was despatched immediately after the acel d>ntt< ban I'raneUro. to charter a st?*m?r frrth-tr relief But if the new< of our going to their rescue will I arrive at the anme time. I presume nothiug more than a miail ail vr<:-tlwili be Fetit to wreck her. A part of lier new and passetger* took the overland route t'jr San drancbcoor parte unknown of them we presumed to be the le. ows that committed the robVriei. Twohundn il end nineteen thou-and dollars in du?t wee rari d ft< m tiie wreck, andab< utlreo liundr. 1 pva enger< i. Jul clew l'he duet on freight from Sun Francisco was ] *l.MO.<iO The Ou.-t from the f'u'on. In thebsuds of the pssieniters, will make considerable more than two million* on y biaid the Ifrrthcner l'? >n ger? bjr the Northener?Jaties Workman. C J 1 Martbal ucrnt'i V?'liltr>f. do. do; >!r?. MoCowan and fhitd. J. lirjlinji. W. W. Wueen. A G. Cage, Capt. WilLett, J Andrew, Urs. Human. and sUty-sevtu In the trerage. I', k, narshal's CHlte, i Before Henry K Tallinn Irs. Ka.p A O'lM ?M' ' i i l."?r I .'As > ;> C >fu 1 u -The hipC 'i ' ? Csptatn McCerrtn, *h h urriv 1 at t'ola 1 (enyi?teti!*y. fr m I.leer; ".'., bad u mutiny among her ^ trtw en the il-ltb of July It appears that twelve of the 1 B.'-n r- fi It cr me n J to taX - in ah thst they ' were a-c i 1 wt'h pl.-tc'? knivot. and other Weapons and that ? rtral ihots were fired lito tho forecastle by tha chj talc TV* tnntlLy km eventually duelled. an 1 on . tt arrival of the ship within the Ib-ok. Captain l'.nd df. ' ol tl.e ri vi ntie cutter Tar cy. put tha mutin-era in irons, j . i l : I I' 1.1 to the rdy ar 1 BittM 1 t'i"n tu III 1 t< dy < f the I nlted States Marshal. The alhdavU of the | captain as tak* n yi.UrJsy afternoon. hef re Uoorge IV , Molten. United Stat'e Couimi r. charge* th* follow, trg per L- with hi-v'nr attempted tomak" a revolt on ' b urd rt the ship Cniumhos. ca or about the Cdth of July la ?. wlille on the bvb <as and within the marl- ] 'in Jarhdiction < f the t oiled Mates, via flTUIam Mrlnt *h. .'ame* banji**. Uetuy Hurt, n Jersmiah liarrV*u.R i'fca Andreas. Henry Ti vnt. Wlt|tr*a (inefnaa. tlrcrpe j H'illlaru iivan. .ten ml -h McCarty 4 Ihona 1 nr'r.i.g: r. a id Robert Gabe. They we.-, sent c to pi o a- w ill be i illed out to-.ley at 12 o'clock lot r\ i I nt; iWi.. /'? . h-eid ?a? .*> i V,-i?;ef in?Y,sterl?y, three n-m v-io 1 J, ho V II rh-f. K. C S;?lth and VA'l Taui Ii ut--I , w.m a-f.. aiidhrenghkhsfar* tho United Biatee MeiMltil. chalfsj with b-ivlng HUM ?o board ill | 1.1: r. . j . . , Jaecti . on thr -Vat "I V*y I i si whii way to this pott ftnm the Rand Indies Chi etumitiation of these m< i w.ta alas le d for to-day, J 1 \ !.' : A 1 V< la.!!.: ! * \\ I . l>: at ' I * th wilr.? ?>? *n? a'.xnt In tfc? et untry the com ai< t-r? pc?:p u?i until to morrow k . Hi:.. ,r jl .J at & a ?Join Rob?rt?, nut- ?>f tin- vhip Pi!nV Alt?'T wm *r "t.-i y'tcrlajr, J *i ! I roojbt bwfl re tWVlM P'-ate* Marsh-Il fur I " iiiUi'X nMnm.iawllu n bvlAylturin UwlJ to uar? t THe Oprr* n? Cnatlr Garri#n. 1 ?'t r'^Lt, t j ?j ,ta of th? rain, which fell I i torrent' I lit . t ti.r ? -i? ;< ?r-r,>:jt a - rp l.irg* a?il *n * a ffitttl at Ui Oa?tb t n?t* n to Ko.-ini'ii charming v a>:o ill ' 1; Uarbi r* di irifll*. Ttiia oprrn al*tT attract* the music*I paMI-'. bat *? it w*> the occn.'l a I ?, ct lb* firet pj> of Rrrtwrn Mar?!ri''< thu 'ii. an r< . i.;i. In'-r-'t win iippnrt'l totV 'era ' i n ?? wa* twiil. at oi- th? I uly'a r >mlnj upon the Mnge 3b'" ir.onx tit ah- npp-arej, afli r the -am";; or -;it 11 ibi sjm;-bnnwcf lira w-xn poca f? a tcrupe't of applanaanwwm.|>||>ltiw<f bw*wl>t U youth# j it'ii" at the fct of the pupttlnr a ' f */? #. Pn-n wm the ; i utl.u'ii m f th-- -few; ti- n that it ull<*ctrl the Jnu'i"' ' '! ti.i ton of 11 f: r I' ic imect. baf ?ht west tliri -j&b the rti tf.-ivi w?ry btiillantir, a#-l ru? j tw - 1 the i I" ?f t? im to the el " of the opera wi:h K' ?t ?r-*u art mii'lral pn-rlalon. rnvlwing la ewery ecetc th* warm-nt applaueerf the au<U#neo tjja'i mi ..alu tit- wm <ail* ) b?fi"- - tlr- ourt'i u, ar.,11' au- [ dhaoe aloo lewtrwad uj< nMar-trsh h'ni?*lf, when he > fieri th rrrho''" ?vt appi'" a.' W "r'p lieavow-J I rn" , ,Hi,m ? ' rin tv- r v.?w talc pvMir f#? r, 1, ?, >1/ vul/ >i " ' "it" ! B^n' J: t't , Louioli ? 'i, Cvfc'tllo OdJUioO to U. I'll. , :* i . in vll?..r?>U?t|l?. m '1 IV !' won r n! 1"-Jncti''Ti '*1? MtpI;- rrprfiiOO' thllfti of f ?nrt*' ' -t Th'.i rlinrta'.nfl op. r? Hr.'l i It it 1 Vl'il c ? .. :.r.l He COt>''al / c it' : i* r pv ? 4 .t! u to ?t.\? om> wl o can n^prc rip' i ? I.* n -v n of ? ht?Ji otd - ' r ,:V I t r .1 - If i.-rt rmr-t; m? of th* 1-,- 'in -i ?*or t" To'rn'-oni omnp <nrt , *n4 t Vul t* t. / tt* / th t -? of i -I-a*..pets fTHilitt AfTa'pT. f> . i?? \> ? tUWfiptioi cT M.? R'.'or.i'. r*t Iti tax t- i i, ? ? oUr-.*j, t, t v..- * j )i?. or. rtlMl IO'l' 't f.ti UW U.bfl LD. PRICE TWO CENTSNEWS BY TKLUGRAPH. Highly Interestius Sews from all Quarters. ANTI-RENT OUTRAGE. Five Hundred Dollars Reward lie., fco., Iia. Interesting from Alluiif kfw vork military?the late anti-rent out rage? gov. ht,'itt*s reward for the arkkyf or anti-renters ?fiuz, etc. Alba "it, August 20,1811 The Montjomery Guards arrived this morning in the steamer Rip Van Winkle, and wore received by th.'Hm met. Capt Osborn They purpose remaining two day and is that time will visit Troy, the U. 8. Araanal at Watervliet and Hoboes. yuarter;, were furnished thein t the Delavan lit use. The Colter Guards arrWel '.-a the same boat, and were escorted by the artillery tc liradiey? tavern, the city .)Barters of the anti-renters in Washington street. Both companies made a creditable appearance, though the latter is small iti numbers. Got. Hunt has offered a reward of $500 for the arise ui biij w ui' ?au rcai id :mn.' wr.o iirni'T.-il Bh.? from hit house a few nights since. and nearly hilled him A tire broke out this morning about nine o'clock, la a stable in Weslerlo str. et which soon communicated U the extensiwe pottery of Mathew M. Beuder, wlocb, together with flwe or bis email d wtUiugs was consumed Three rides of the block on IVesterlo. P-tllius and South Lansing streets were destroyed. The lire at ona tiia threatened a disastrous conflagration. The loes ir mostly cowered by insurance. Oirtniminl Pre rantlons against f aba Kipedlllont from New Oriennn, &r( BsLTiMonr, Augu-t 'Jo. 1SS1 The Southern mailha.i ariived, with intelligence thai goTernment orders have been receiwed at New Orleans, to enforce strictly the neutrality lawn ttgainst Cuban invaders The United States cutter Dunne has been ordered fWin the Southwest Vans to Fort Jack ion. to prohibit all we seals from going out without ch-araiices A number of young uien. from the Western Atatos, ia New Orleans, are negotiating for a steamer to take theia to Cuba. Heavy rain fell at Richmond, on Monday. by which the crops were somewhat injured. Sailing of the Furopa frown Boston-? Mutiny -Death of a lioalon Dlrirliint. Bosrow, August 20,1851. The Royal Mail steamship Kuropr, Captain LoM sailed at ni on to-dsy. for I.iwe.pool, with 25 passengers, and 10 for Halifax. Among the former are O. A: I'ewb and Ilenry Hardt of New York; J Kennedy of Havana, Mr. Linsiey cf New Orleans, an l 1*. I.'H jmmodieU of Louisiana. She takes out wery little sotcie. its snip r, niac i, i^npxaiTi nxTuiug nrriTi'a ?i roru mouth, N. II , on Monday, with Durfee, William Ji hnsou John Deardsley, uuJ another?nil seamen of the ship?In irons, for mutiny On the 8th ot July they ew [mi the c.bii? while Opt <;u Harding and his wife wre it breakfast, nad demanded h' ttcr food Th? Captvln jrden d tbtm on duty, when they knocked hiin down nd jumped upon him, indicting serious injury. The Inttuia'r wile got a pair of pistols, and the nautili its were finally secured. They were examined yen.erdty, and couunitud for trial. bargcant 8. Llttieiield, u disllngui.hed merchant ol li -ton, aul d rector of the Atliutl.- Dauk, di"J jtwm Uj firat.d hixl);t nt ??ldl Fellows. kochkstfr, auk art 19, 1.851 The Grand Lodge of Odd Yellows met this morning and the attendance was very large. The Grand UIHom were ail present The entire morning was occupied it rtcriving credentials, and conferring Grand Lodge da grceg. The District Grand Committees having failed to elect Grand Wat den <tud Grand Representative, those officer* will he chosen this afternoon. aftirnoox sesajo:*. The returns of the election were received and reported upon with the following result ? Add ..on Gilmnre. of Oneida Grand Master. Vcloey Green, ot Onondaga Deputy do. Addlron M bicith, of Otsego. Grand Treasurer. W. II Trail, of New York, Grand Secretary. The Grand Ledge then proceedej 1., leuiot for Grand Rejregulative and Grand Warden, with the following remit, on the the trst ballot : Edgar C Dibble, of Genesee, received.... 238 votes James 1' banders, ot Westehe-.ter SVi Montgomery, of Monies 71 W 11 Wallace, of New York, 21 Y. J ;*r C. llibble was thereupon declared elected (IruJ Re}rtscutativ? for two yearc. roll GRAMS WARSAW. A. 0. C. Cochrane, of Krie 831 Morgan Tracy. of Broome 13# IV 11. Simon. of Wayne C Black* " 4 A G. 0. Cochrane wae Jrclared elected Grand War lea The GranJ Lodge then adjourned to ft A M to-morrow ?h?n the (irard Oflloert will be installed, The Nortlnrn Grand Lodge of New York ban now 401 cdg> 1 under its protection American Schvuner CoixltianiKl. N>.? Oai rant, August 14, 1-j61 The schooner Helen Mar which war seized by the Mexican authotitie* for an Infringement of the maritime .??.< baa been cocderoa-d at Vera Crua. Her capita lae arrived in this city on bis way to Washington, shilbsr be goes to lay the fact* of tbe case before the joy eminent. Sehoourr Aaliort. N larui.a. August 20. 1461 The schooner T B Sarery. of l'hlla lelpbia. from Willi isftcn. North Carolina. for Baltimore, is ashore thirty Qvm miles north of llattrra* The cargo, which o >n kleitd of cctt a yarn, noral stores, sr.J lumber, was fi Ted; a? also, were tb" rr-w The erssyl bilg-d. L)lfu| ;.< <*r ance of the Cholera from l.onls* wills. Lovi?i mt-r, August 20,1151 Tli C ail ofU'i.h have report I the city free from hi >r\ * f> ?e. i r the nut three iIav. h^, leva ool >a 1 pie ant lUWruiul I c I t itration. M-startL, kusufli 20. Tt kaj r of lbl.t c'?y. in behalf cf the Cnrpnrsttna, ia< ?teept< 1 the n of the Boston commute* attcel the raT.rcat celebratii a at B <toa en the 17th of September Morrnarnta of Ul?ttii?ntahfil I???ll* l?J*?t? H I'. Warren. Uutkiai I. 8 Hrantnn. fjoateta"*; R N If area. Bau^irtire N V ; U I1 llemllttf ft *n*a?tin.; 1 f <*.' N.w > i rk tt I, Ke?Ort?*? 1! N tautr y.lalj an! teo eerr?nl?. tiairc .too. ?tt? nv na tb< erilraU on I'ue t'ar ?l ll?' talon Place lineal M II WtntW rih. Cincinnati; lie?n?e Martin. I hila it. ..lit* tj p et. I eft/eft. J ? ?! ' Tenm-en*. J W Kile t.uth <?r if* W Pao.-tf.r4_ ' Smith Co.umta* t eo arrived on To Mkjr at the Aator ' \T'i, Bt . hw U. Conn Ceptaia Pain*, C.f S.; p.' IV' t barn.a-1 t' 8 A ; Lien' "-ant f> It .??? .1. \t t; Pec* I H r Itvnapbl^al Kaftaotij J I' ft A I.kutnaiitN Wikeoa. I 8. N.; D itratxi^ t'nir'' 1 I>r b' ! - ? t' 8 A , Wert ana .it,: th' arrieats on Tt'??d*r at the Jr?in? Hxt-r I '."ett M lei-is. 1. tl Iterne* P.utTaltv f all-NjheT, BnUitr.ore. N t' .im tin ; T Phillip*. Ky< <* Cttr.H-'t naa-.i. tba arrivals ova Tafia/ at the AE'Ti an II tf'i W Liojd, ?.V . w.*. Aln R r Mav. Tnl; R. "t n*., j" Wh'h'?Kt??ii; A I' .HkW. irft-1 K/; G II R.twttk.and J 0 AK?n Fin,, Wll 1 *'' ? Till Mt t?.. r'j.,- ... H .,1 I?. ytla-A. . f 111 , U? WftAaralog* 8|ti.??. fov Botrn ad 1 Newport Hop W L. Miiqiial famft *'idJ*?4>u A. P.- nliioi. ofVraent. nr* nt OV?kp Orp ^ot, and j,*- u*?4 !. ft out Pwia;, on tha ltJlh ml . fir a at,R to ti*p* Until Hon C. U f. i.U, if 'u1isi.a, V at tb? Oc'.Inner* Hr'lUU\ A 8oU>tRR f;>|-r?r& A li 1TA! ? A UH.'r. iIaUi) Fort C???titii:lor> N U.t Ah*. 8, trriti-n Ii.t John ^impun Ha^ei K C?bi.iu;, 114 artillery, inform, nuthnt th? oWfrlniPSM t .Newcaiil? refute! In It* A if xaodrr bp bnri 4 In thi bnri*i growl lu that torn. " bffllN ho w?? a aol4lat. ' '/ hay wore pat br'/rm . d ?o thata* 11*only NtMii Grant tra* i privatt Intitmpmy K, Uai eu.tU.irw4 b?f ' a&tij'i /lug foi (Iftivn yoarr, and ?orv, il on IhA bloody fla!i!a?f Florida r.rnt Mft'M Ha wae rf VS wr'h'i raUra-u Ilia rain tine te.-re finally iattucJ 'a " op.V.Y- flr '.r. Pc -1v$ SO

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