Newspaper of The New York Herald, 22 Ağustos 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 22 Ağustos 1851 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6876. DOUBLE SHEET. I BALES BY AUCTIOM. Y W. BROWN, AUCTIONEEK. ?MORTGAGE SAL* of Hotel Furniture, Pianoforte, Linen, Store*. Kitohen Unci, Ite.?Fridey, August '.'2d. at lOo'oiock. at Kathbun'i Hotel, No. 1U Broadway.?J. W. Brown will aell at auction, a* above, a large aaanrtinont of Hotel Furniture, !?o., eondating of Bedateada, Carpeta, Oil Cloth. Table and Bed Linen, Table and Chamber Crockery, (juilta. Blanket* and Comforter*. Store*. 1 euperior roaewood Pianoforte, 1 very ergo Kitchen Range, made by Cobb, will cook for l.OO'l per on?, recently put up; I Tubular Boiler, a largo number of Stores, Mangle, an J eundry ether article I worthy of the atention ol hotel keepera and otheri. Catalogue! on the ' morning of aale. Auction notice.-thomas bell, auctioneer. ?By II. N. Buah.?Large aale thia day, at 1U}? o'clock, o the Auction Rooma, 10 North William atreet, of aa entendre atocK of Dry Gnoda; aleo, Merchant Tnilora' Goida, entU men * Furniahing Articlaa. in great variety, suitable or fatniUee. dealer!, An. By order ef ueaign<ca. Alao, a | variety of countinghouee and office Furniture, Deaka, Read- ' .ng Table* and Furniture, Guna, Ac. Auction notice.-importf,ks' sale of seio- , nette flrandy and Gin. On Friday, Aug. 22, at I0X oVIeek, in front >1 the atore .17 Dey itreet, an entire tnroiee < of imported Braid} and Gin, in <iunrter and eighth caaka, now fa tha V S. government atorea in bond, to be aold in lata to the city and eauntry retail trade. Alto, a gene W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer, 67 Dey itreet. Auction notice.-mortgage sale of furniture, nt ,V?> Broadway.? J Ilnnprr will eell at auction. -II Saturday morning. August 23. at lt't< o'clock, ai above, a large assortment of roeewood, black walnut, and mahogany Furniture; hair Mattresses. Ac Cutslogues ready on tho norning of sale. Buyers for shipment may have their goods ;acked on the premises. H. E. H'ILLaRd, Auctioneer. "Toil BALK ANOTO LET. a rare chance.?the one half interest of -fn. a lone established Weekly Newap iper, printed in thia ity. ia ode red for aaie. Any person having a email oapital, ?a\ Sl.Otm to SI..KM), can hear of an opportunity ecldou to bo net with. Address " r," ofllco of tliii paper. Broadw ay store?Broadway store.-to let. one oi the atorea in Niblo'a row. next to the corner of 'rince afreet; a good location for any respectable business. Kent low. A three years' lease can be obtained if required, ?y npplyinx at 161 Broadway. Drug partnership for sale.?a half in*. terest m a.fobbing and manufacturing concern will be told low. The advertiser la leaving the business A young nan w ith $1.3151 casb, or approved notes, will find this a good opportunity. Address H. k E., Ilcrald office. For rent or lease, for money or on sharesA farm of one hundred acres ef arable land, with suitable buildings; nn excellent soil for vegetables, potatoes, porn. Re., Ac., at the mouth of Hampton Creek, three miles rom Fortress Monroe, sixteen miles from Norfolk, to which Tdace there ia daily steam communication. Large quantities vl sea grass are washed ashore, making a very valuable majure for all trucks Applications immediately to GEORUE M. BATES. Hampton, Virginia. Also. 3,000 to f.UUU cords of ccst pine wood, which I will contract to out in all next year. GEORGE m. BATES. For sale-a steam engine and boiler, of sixtorse power, well calculated for a cabinet raanufactiry or sash and blind maker. It has all the necessary arrangements fer scroll sawing, cress cutting, boring and turning. Terms exceedingly easy. Inquire of D. Buhler, 450 Pearl street. For sale.?in upper morrisania, a grocery Store, with stock snd natures. This is a very good place "for business; is situated opposiie the Dorot of the Ilarle'.n .-aiiroad. For sale only on account that the owner wants to go West. Inquire at the above premises, for F. 11. MEYER. For salf-the furniture, fixtures, and good will of a Hoarding and Public II >use, now doing ? good business, nblc to accommodate one bnndred boarders. The house is well furnished, and possession given immediately. Apply at 32S Tearl street. i.30r sale at yonkers. at a great bargain. a a House, now building, (cottage style) and lot. one of the uw" ww?niiiui niigmKiun uu me norta river, one minute i walk from depot. The rare liner can finish t tie home to 1 uit himself. Apply to W. B. colman, Aftor Moow. | For salz-the fixture3of a store suitable , for a (lit Shoe, or Millinery itora. Address Brown, 1 it thta office. 131'RNITVRF. for BALK-A HANDSOME SOFA BED- | steed, con red with belt hair cloth, sprint bottom, but a vhort time in uie. Apply at No. U Cunt Elerenth itreet, ,r m lr) A. M. to 7 o'clock, I'. M. Furnished rooms to suite or hand ootcly furalibed room*, comprising the entire second Boor, and one room on the third floor, to let. Apply at 76tf Broadway, near Ninth itreet. Rooms to let, with breakfast and tea. in Brooklyn?liandeomely furnished apartments can be : ad at 101 Scl.ermerhorn street, between B<>erura and 1 . injtli Tbe house is commodious, and as pleasantly sitnatoT as any in Brooklyn. , xo'il^de salctw?TBF. rKSTAuhant-tiiE barbers 4 shop, in tlir New Hotel, corner of William and Frankfort *r?? t-. to let. T? mm of merry anil some capital, it presents ~ nduccments seldom offered. The hotel, which will aecomidate three hnndred perions, will be opened on the 1st of yv-9s; temter, en a new and economical plan. Enquire on the ""'Tremieea: pose<-?too can be had immediately. : -(fo ixr-A- large, well furSTshed front room, on JUABeptemher, to one or tw o gentlemen, with* jwl board, in n Bnjate family of three pereons. where no 7L-i^Dier inmatre wflrbc reoeived. Breakfast can be sent to "m** .*eom. Applg et.Xi-Bleeoker street. ^TAO 1 ET--A FJtnj Of A NEAT TII*EKSTOKY HOUSE, jw JL consisting of Mi rocms.'wlth C'roton water on each'floor. ^pply a- IW lireepf! jtrrct. HOEtRBTKADS. ttnited BROTHERS' land ASJOCIATIOV.-ALL . L surrine lata owned by this association will be sold to tbe * Mthest bidder, up Monday week, at their plane of meeting. * ... -a Heater etrace. Terms of sale nrd anmber of lots will be fated neat Monday night. ?tli. Sale will take place Monday jiaht, Sept. let, at 8 o'olook. Alio, a lot of eord word, noele nsd rail*. By ord.r of the A**oclatlon. , A. H. DL'NCOMBE, CUaiimaa. RLSIOie??l MNO AND MVTVkh LOAN ASSO- A? CiatlOL t-lwulhco of thl* Aieorlalioa i? 10* f>T* iwaaently Uriioil aA1" Ilovery, three door* a bow* Urhxnnt trait, of the Secretary U ia attendance t , rw V ocirc euboc rtbdPiT 'Oa the Brit Tnnday September. a '**" - **Btr of aharcftrai ho redeemed. Tho#o dbfTrom orarailB*fce?ielvri fort unity to procure money T#y ' buWuc purpr?.a. ao^ltld do well to loin -early. An <ui- . uJhed tnootin* r.f th* Aaticiakion will b* hold no Mood ly eyealn*. Anyu t li, aV* o'clock preci?cly. ht Ru.nio Half, | J7I Grand, nenr Voriytli ?trcet. ROBERT T. HIWS, President. y*rw?MH. r. LabautScornt^ry^ l.V> Boacry. r^NlON llFril.DIKU ABKOIUATUVN.-AT THE KEi.l U Isr mreUuir nf th|a Ai>- iciiti'in. held on Tucalay *vo> nine. Aug. U flr Jacob Peoar* ** ap?ohit?d Hcrottry, until He n< ?* remit* meeting.) iu place ol Win. Horher, -reigned. Member* are thcr< fore rei|ue*t?d to call at hio jflio* la ??t. rAtrr?t.eorn?T Centre an* ( ?? their?hic*, A irpe|itl mtotiay of the A uoelat on *111 be held at their Hall. 1.7 brand *ra?*. en'Phdt) ocuing.' Air/. 'Ji. at to olo< k. to nrminat a J- "teHtf, *nd to tran^art -n4 bunne ,i a* miy t MouM bif^y* tiie me.-tin r Member* art reuaoitod to I rtni their pin hooka. Poriati* within* to Join tin* AfootBtlou art intiWd bh b*-pre*vBt. By order1. . B. M. SIHiLBCA. Prviidt at. R. P. Ci.ab*. at tin* Secretary. BOl'IIK.i; AUHMIl, Ac., W AHTKD> . IfOt'SF. bAbTM-TBI ADVERTISER WANTS TO ' J 1 rent r r"tAr tor hi* fanuly. c<.n*i?aiB?o(th**a -r*'m peroota, a malior part of a home containing all th* ' i.odcrn Impro.eAFbtf-lncntl .a' from Trfthalfa to < V?i"B tnuaro, wett tide of Broadway pr> ft trod- mn*t aot bo ( iBr oft from Broadway. Any *eateal family havio* a part of liaaae to apart. ?r flue family haviag t (mail bona*. i wuhiag bo t oak up, will had a ran optwrtanily: would i Bart no ohjeotion* to purchase th* furnituW Addreat. pott- j mid Ifoali, Broadway Peit Oflri, atatiog location, and af) th* term*. Can wait u few day* Wir po? caoion. ?* Horsier4*711 WA r TO PI IK HASC. for raah. a ?WHa*?tbg^rlory Hony. iVif Eighth root, weal af i nulth ateaue. Andrea* Dot 3,21*. Pott OUce, o? *t* Mag leaftytlea. ' * , Room wanted-in the mkiuiibokiiood of oi". vtaioo. Ea.l Broadway. Fireylh. Di.yer, or Bayard itr**t?. with a modemtd real. 1 knee n!*re?? R. M -R. C.t " BrrtMtiffc v w>o?Wb ft A T| \ i A in mat: A IV. raom all -b*d' rm,ta, In'a flenaan of Franol^ laallr, at ' ' * madrratc prfc?: Mdrea* P. ? .. iftrald "?W. ? Un r r r n i mi ui' rooms Fourth ah< I Ifteent'i atreate *nil TMrd and Slath *??ana*. tl.f ? or f>nr reom* AddreM bdrRiJ Po?t OIBre, tfUnf yuMfitei. li'AMIIi-I.S NEW "vim* OR BROOKLYN NOT *- TT ov*r uftft* nlfa?te* walk friNh th? Herald o?c?, lir*e f?>o?v f-irri-H-A or ijlitnriilelitd.e.Aitabl* lor ? raaa tnd hi* *11* ?<> beep howie. Loeatlnn- mnit be neat ant ra-< pee table. aid rent, If <infurDi-htd.!kot t? earned $H?> par iiiatim to be rai I weiklj or In adTtnrt. Addroaa. ?Uli '.aria* and I <Atinn. Room* Herald nffo r. A HOC SB IN JF.RSKV CITV " eat aaore than hai' a-mlle from tba ferry. Addreaa .1 a 1 'AV. I'm! efV*. atatln* tarma and lix aiion. UIDIA RVBBKE SO'ltll. O TMt PPRMC.-INDIA RIBRRH IIIIoIS.-ocr attention haakaan tailed taan adrertiaenieal. by flora** H. Dap, pehlUbed In Ml* Net Fork Bertld M llth Jaly, SSI, and lb* Conrltr aad lt?|nlr?r *f amine date, la whiea, kIM ai**h an merited abate of a?r attorney, Wan. Jadaoa. la* ha a***tt* that wa dara aot ohar*. hla with plratia* Oecdyeara Patent*. aadrr ear owa name*; and that h* do** aat lafrlna- Good rear a Patent*, la to* mannfaotar* of Skoaa RT* hare parehaoed oar liaeaaea for the aaataaknr* of laAla Rather Shoe* aadar Ooadyear'a Patent*, aad paid aat oaap.aad are dally paying a tariff fur the aatne: aad aay athar thaa plrata tipoa Ooodvoar'a Pifnii Wa thlak ii vara J**t ta ?*?*?> * a ri*hi ta aaa a ralld pat.nt, thaa t* ItfiW* It. Br. Dkr. bar I a* bom pro??< otad. xkiaw IHfH Baadyrtra rkhta. ma.lo a lllltMHt, Bad Mmd ta Tatar* *"i ta lafHnjta hiaPatanta. Bala bow at Waft lac mat *?ly B lall'ia Mid Patau ta, hat to lajara oar tarraak wka kara, far a l?r*a ooaaidaratioB. pnrahaaad aar UMiiaa aad aaw wart aadar Ufa; aad ?a akana Br. Pap dlraatlp. aad that arar oar ?*i atfoatwraa. with pirathi* afoe Oaadraar a Pataata, la tha aiaaafaotara of tha .akaaa wtMh ka ta aaw affartaj ta tka pablia: aad wa (Ira tauaa that ha. aad all wka ara maaaraad with bia (a m. ^baalwac Tradl.a hla Bhaaa. mad. la rteiatiaa af aatd PaUat ATTTARD KPBBRR CO., TBI ____ . * Bttakiaaaa. PraaUaat. Paw Tart. Jalr It. I NR. BIPBBII ABBHClili A* CRRrORPh CO ' (.RANI) CAt.irORNI t riPRRAA Abaad af all alhrr aapraaiwa. Thro';*h la thlrtr thrrt <lapa, par atcaiarra Ohio aad Chrrokaa, 3xth aad Wth Inat i'ral*kt laraty for (oat rhaapor thaa kr any nthar aipr.a* a Twa apaoitl m n/?r?. ?".r< ( J. W'ol ?aad 3 If. Starr. I'ratacr, UiRi ttAlt. * y.atj ?:nit, Altar E NE TERRIBLE NEWS FROM CUBA. ARRIVAL. OF TIIK STEAMSHIPS WINF1BLD SCOTT AND CHEROKEE. The Successful Landing of General Lopez near Havana. tup nrn/inTPN niaiiia nr viir ainpai pa int ntruuitu kisinii ui- int uttULtb", I'APTl'RE OF A PART OF THE INVADING FORCE. Frightful Execution of Fifty Americans at Havana. HORKZBZiS SCENES. THE EXCITEMENT ABOUT GENERAL LOPEZ. No Tidings from the Spanish Army Sent to Attack the Invaders. OUR CUBA CORRESPONDENCE, Ate., die., die* The city was thrown into a state of great excitement yesterday morning, by tho arrival of the .teamship Winfield fc'cott, Capt. Ceuillard, with intelligence from Key West, that General Lopez had uccecdcd in landing on tho shores of Cuba. Thia excitement became intense, last night, on tho arrival ot the steamship Cherokee, with advices from Havana to the 17th inst., confirming the intelligence of the landing of Lopex, and bringing the additional news of the capture and immediate execution of fifty Americans who were a part of the invading force. This news, so shoeking in some of its detail", will be read with the greatest avidity. w o will give the accounts, in tho regular order, from the landing of General Lopez to the hour of the departure of the Cherokee. THE NEWS BY THE WINFIELD SCOTT. The Winfield Scott, after a wonderful passage from New Orleans via Key West, arrived early yeeterduy morning. We learn from Capt. Couillard, Mr. Shed, the Purser, and Messrs. Taybr and Baker, passengers, that ten miles south of Key West, tho W;n5old Scott was boarded by Mr. Curtis, messenger from a sail boat, bringing with him a parcel which ho called tho small mail, which ho left on board the W. S. This mail contained a letter from our Key West correspondent. The niesseoger, an attache of tho Custom House or Post Office Department, stated that the steamship Pampero, Capt. I^ewis, came into Key West and anchored in the harbor on the 10th instant. After remaining several hours >he left at eleven P. M., for the Cuba shore, with General Lopez, suite, and four hundred and fifty men on board. On the 12ihinst., she returned, and again anchored in the haibor, hut left in an hour to prevent aeizure. She had landed Lijxz ami Four Hundred and Fifty men at Cuhanot, near Balua Hmda, a jdact about forty miles west of Jhvant. The l'ampero hung around Key West until the night of tho 1.1th inst , and took aomo twenty or twenty-five recruits bound from that place, and then departed for Jacksonville for Gen. Gonzales and bis company. Jacksonville is several hundred miles north yf Key West, wotfUtiike four or five days for tho Pampero to go there and thence t J Cuba. She could not get back to the Cuba shore L - f ik. 1ILL HAiL vi'iuru iuv li'in or ^ihd* We are further informed that the United States revenue cutte.r-Crawford, Lieutenant Clark, at Key West, was in a disabled condition, so much so that she would not be sent to sea for any practical purine, especially in pursuit of the Pampero, a last steamer; and that this announcement on board the &ott caused* considerable merriment among the passengers. . The I'nited States Judge, Marshal, and thfCollector of-.thc ^ort; were atnsetlC'froiiT Kt^Weat," up the reef" as is usual, at this time of the year, for their health. Ot'K KEY WEST C >R RI'.MPON DK MCE, Key H>?t, August 17, lAM, The Ci'hirn Tnlnratori? Mnmnenh _ of. tlifPinnpeiu?The Lnndinf thilu'a Hindi. Our si Jut uiwithly shall s, which feft Charleston .on the 1st anil l&th of AugU't, are still al-eut; and our Ubtt advices are New York papers to the 1st last, obtained fn m tie Nrw Orleans steamer., iu parsing. Ibe steamer Pampero, Osj't _ l.e^jy,. ?jUi den. Nar-ini. hopes and four hundred and fifty followers, cime through the North West Pass, and anchored off our llght-hou*" rn Sunday last at 6 P. M. She cmmnc trated with the >hire and li ft again at 10 1'. M. It is understood that the Hungarian General Prngay. with several other dl-tlnftat.hed fbreigti hlflrev were on b >ard, with Cols Chace LVlttcnden. Downer, and many other American gentl-men uf Handing and character Tho night was perfectly calui, and the moon shone brightly when *ha left bar anchor ?gc tor tru- morcaol t ub*. ant nil nand- appeared to be In glorir ui spirit* m l gar* thrae I.cart7 ebeefc. On Thursday la?t. the I'ampero returned, remained a r. w minuter In the hatbor, and left again for parti unknown; It I* supposed. Jor anoth'T part/of IpbmtMOI. It U understood thai the tor It a pilot n'tii of a ttpanWi ?fwil off Havana. anJ /eivW br /?"(ilral hna'rlork. f. If im Iwi'lf) fiif, abut Ii'tIr aif< 1 rmlii?rJ ?/ Rahn IIm4a, \rhrrt M.y v tvr ima idmitly jqiw<l hy lhe /xopU of Hit ?urrotinding iimnlry. TSt f'tim/tro Ujt at mim n'tkiek an Ike m.rf ate. ting, ami foyer area <0 mm 1 \ at Unt'clork' nrieid tkr man it military fttat. AJIpant?h naaaa-rent by franrlreo Marti, the manager 1 f the llavat a Opera llouee rame here four da/a ago to pick up intelligence, and left again the *ajn* evening, carrying off a Spanish refugee trout justice, who liar reeMed here for atime time, and who goe* over to giro ruch Its m* of new* aa hlr fears or Invention ma/ dietate, A eom| an/ of volunteer* for Cuba, armed and C'lhiRped OleieaUjr. left litre privately within the last few dut r Sothlrg har been heard of an/ of our national vessels In thU vicinity. SPKBD. Thin expedition seem* to hare been planned with a good deal of skill ; and thero appears to be a determination, among those engaged in It, to sink or swim, sorvhreor perish, in tho cause. The following are the name* of most of the loading men who are lupporcd to hare landed at Cubanm from tho Pnmpero On. Narrlso I.opcs. the leader of the expedition. Col J Pragay lab'of the Hungarian arm/, formerly Adjutant General to General Ktapka, and second In command at Cotnorn, when that place capitulated, lie goes second In command to Gen. Lopci. (Idl PrKfan.lofi lata nf fha IT fl ArmV ami nunhp* fit the Attorney (letvntl M the Unit--.! State*. H? ban th? immediate command of the artillery. Colonel Poll man, of Oeorgta. who leered through the Mexican war. Colonel Chaee Major J. A. Kelly, who nerved la the Florida and Mexican war-, and waa once a leading whig editor In LowMana. Captain W Scott ITaynca, Captain A. 3. Dailey Captain Kill*. lata of the Hungarian Army. Captain Victor Kerr, late oftlie Hungarian Army. The Pampero la commanded by Captain I.?wia, who directed the Creole 10 eocccmfully In the Cardrra* expedition; hid who wae arreated in thla eity a abort time ago, while In command of the Cleopatra, and held to hail In the aom of $3 000. The Pampero ia qnlte fart, and will run ahead o( **} of tht war ateamcn. In cat* of htUok c?r W YO MORNING EDITION?FRI rid grappling irons, to cio;s in with her antagonist and board. We learn from the officers of the Winfield Scott, that the greatest excitement prevailed in New Orleans. There wtre nightly meetings held, organisations going forward, drilling, & a.; and a strong confidence was expressed in tho success of the movement. Two or three steamers were spoken of as about to leave with troops to assist the insurgents. The New Oileans Commercial, of the 13th insi lays : Orders. *? under*Unl. hare bv.-n trceirrj by the federal authorities hero, from Washington. to enforce strictly the neutrality laws against the Cubanexpeditioniste The rulUr Duase. It is said, has been ordered from the taouth of the South West I'ass up to Fort Jackson, where she will oommaud erery vessel going out, and is instructed not to let any pass that hare not clearance papers There :ire sereral young men here now from the Western States, who hare oome down the rirer to embark for Cuba an 1 rumor has It that negotiation* are going on for a steamship to carry them, or that she has been actually engaged, and ia being fitted up. THE NEWS BY THE CHEROKEE. The Cherokee arrived last night from Havana, ' whence she sailed at 11 o'clock on ... iay morning, the r th inst. Our thanks are due to William ' Whitncj, Esq., the Uni'ed States Mail Agent, and Wm. W- Boyle, Esq., the Purser, for their kindness to us in our efforts to obtain the latest and most authentic intelligence. After the landing of General Loper and his party, near Buhia Honda, as detailed above, fighting with the Spanish troops commenced; and a frightful slaughter took place, as near a* we can learn, especially of the Spanish troops. The main bedy of the patriots, or invaders, were driven to the mountains, and the remainder took to boats and i put to sea. These men were captured off Bahia Honda, forty miles west of Havana, by the steamer Hakanero. The patriots were in fonr boats, unarmed, and, report says, were steering for New Orleans. They were brought to Havana by the llabanero, on Saturday morning, the lbth inst., at 1A.M., and placed on board a Spanish frigate, lying in port, and executed at 11:5 A. M. of the same i At,? ,L -L-i ,L... J 1 I I rnvintn^. *mj to n* y urcr e trust t trxty were uraifgn fry t/i? /(rf, /.y negroes, and then left to the mob, who commenced .'tripping them of their clothes and carryi ing them on sticks through the streets, yelling like so i many u-ikl demons. Annexed is a lift of tho names of those men who were shot on the public road, in Havana. It is | estimated that there were 20,000 spectators: ? Col W S Cletidenniu. Private .lame* I. ManriUr ! Cart F. 8. Fewer. ' Q .M.Ureen, " Victor Kerr, ' .1 Fnhnon. 44 T. U Veacry. " Napoleon Collin*, I.ieut. J a race Brandt, 44 N. 11. Fither, 44 J. O. Bryoe. 41 VVm Cb'lling, " Tin mas 0. James, 44 OA Cook, Doctor .lohu Fisher, 44 S. 0 Jones, 44 K. A. Tournkjue4. 4i M II IU11, fergt J. Whltereue, 44 .lame* Buxet. 41 A. M. Cotehett, 44 llobtrt Oaldwll Adjt. K. C Flan fold, 4 C. C Via. 8mtth. Lt. M. II Homes. ? A. Roes, i Privute Famuel MUU. ' P Brourke 44 Kdeard Kulmau. 44 John Cbristde*. | 44 Oao. A. Artoid, 44 VVm B l.'ttle. | 44 B J. Wregy, 44 Robert Cunt ley, ' Win Nie-mau 44 John 0. 8anka. ' ' Anaelmo Tom* James Stan'.on. Ilcrnandf %. 44 Thomas IUrnatt, 44 Patrick Dillon, 44 Al?x. Mcllcer, l ' Thomas llcarm-y, 4- John Stubti. I 44 Samuel Kei d, 44 James Kills, 44 H.T. Vinne, 44 Wm. riogan, 44 M Philips, 44 Chan. A. I!,,bin on This list embraces forty-nine, there were fiftytwo shot. Many of the Cherokee's passengers, who were on the spot of the excoution, were pointed at with a sneer of contempt, and many stopped in the streets I anil ir.onlti il ?nnllnil Amnrinnns < Kofr one and all of the same party?that one of thou days they worrlil be served in the same way. It was dargeious for an American to be in the streets lone at nighl. - The Falcon steamship, while on her way up th coast of Cuba from Ch.-tgrcs, was fired at three times, by the war steamer llabanero, and was obliged to bcaTe too, and waa boarded by the officer* of the llabanero. Alter the Falcon stopped, the officers of the llabanero cheered, as if they had gained a glorious victory. This is the th'rd time the Falcon has been served the same trick. The following is the report of a passenger on board the mail steamship Falcon: ? In DiiHir ftiros, I IIo 01 Saturday night. Ana. 16,1661. f Vfr arrived at Chagrv*. ar.dklt-on th" U.S. M. steamship falcon, on {he res of the Ilth August On the r morning ofThe 16th Inst., about 10 o'clock, was shot at [ thr?p tinier by (by -mall i-paui h wsret- am- r Habanera. and of ccuTse brought to WV were then boarded, and ' thedtmsnd m?de of what ?hip We were where from, I On bringing to, The officers of the bl?ni>h govrrmnpnt took the 'lead' In taking off thetr hata, shoutiaarhaihwtrir ac., at their success In stop | ping a t). H mail steam-hip with her eii-l^n anil inatl ' Hug aloft A request was made for Ospt Rodgutr to | n tutn with the i fllcets on board the llabanero, wl.lrli ho very rnully de<jlLBi.iir.JtUtliig that.fee was gniaft WiW> Havana. We nVrlv'd at llivaoH thfsSnic t venlm ib ut 3 o'eb elr. or d were boarded by the n?ual officer- We Wage immediately Informed that fifty-two men wrrrshot . at lifo rlnek. on that ilsy. (frwty of whom were repre? sent-d ns Americans.) wh? had b"t-n ran down up >n tba high seaa 'J6 cr SO mllia' from land, by the same steamer; tl.a survivors taken Into Havana and in a few hours eonvey-d to the pi ice of execution Insultei on their way repeatedly by b.|h i BWrs and ne n. nnd then butchered Hi nin-l inhuman manner -it liavloj |#?ii ahot ?t Prim tra to ftfifn tlmf, and then only re llcv<d from their ml??ry by tke u?e of the butt* rl the luurket* in tin1 hard* of the ."pnnieh noldior*; tbenoe trig* e,I < ut like do*. by the heel- and throw 11 together. Uu Ir riot lira being divided a* *potl* anon* the rol tl?r? The United Stater aloop-of-war Albany war at Havana. The itcamer Umpire City *m *een going in, on the 17th intt. Of'ft CTliA Dtsr.vmiff*. UtTiiit, Aofuat Id? I1, P. M. . Tk* Fi i*klfiU Karantkm of Fifty .hneriran t ia llrnr?M llWnAIr Hcrftrr?tnmtl ta Ik* AmrrUtu Ff<if?Firing into Ik* Slrumir Fflrim. 1 am toe much affected to writ* to you more then to ray that I bare thi* day been wltne-* to one of the moot brutal acta of .?aotoo iahumanlty- ever perpetrated In .the annala of hletory. Not content, thi* gnvvrntnent, la revenging tlieaaelve* la the death of theae unfortunate and. perhap* miaguided men. and which. It may even be eaid, waa brought upon themei lve?, but theee bpanieh authoritler de*<rv* to be moat arverrlj rhaatieed for their ' e*rleri1tr(N/rr<plVlfrfNrbte' Vonduct in permitting the de eriatlon aa thiy have done, of the raneelera clay of our bravo countrymen This morning Forty American*, One Italian. Four Irieh. One Philippine Inlander, One Scotch, Two llavanaroe. and Two Grtmtna. cr Hungarian*, were rhot at 11 o clock?alter which the trocpa were ordered to retire; and eome hundreda of the very vileat rabble and negroea. hired for the pnrpoee commenced stripping the dead bodira. mulllatlag their limbe, traricg cut their eyra, cutting off their noae* and Anger*, and at,me of the pr.or fellowa (private*) theae wret the* brought | to the city on *tlck*, and paraded them under the very Willi* of the pilar* Ob, the eery remembrance of th? eight I* frl^rttful I oi tit m mm?and could acarrely bar* -upper ) It p?**lble?conduct themeelrc* at orb an awfal moment with the fortitude thee* mm dieplay* I under auch trying circumstance*. They wen* ahot ail at a time, i. I. twclre were brought to the place of nerutlon. all made to hneel down and rccelrc the flrr of the aoldlera. after which the r> malnlng alg were made to walk round tbelr dead comrade*, and kneel oppoalta to tbem. wIhu they alio were ehot After blng atrlpp? V ' and Ihelr bodies mutilated la tf?? barbarou* manrcr I hare described, they were ahoeed ail or eeeen together, bound a* they were, Into hearaes. which were um d laet year for cholera caee*. No ccffln , were allowed thiai; and t thmk the manner tbey were put Into the hearaei wa* equally a? dtagurtlng a* tb^lr other art*, the bead* of ?om* were aim out dragg'.ag on the gn nnd. and it had more the appearance of a daughter cart on It* way to market from the *laughte/ bouae than ibatof a liearee conrcjln; the d^ad bo-he? of human being* A floer locking aet f jot nj mm * ?pref *aw, tbey i made not a altgM cejBj'imt, n taBt' .'jaf *g*in*t thet* untence, and <i?eencj should hare <e??o atown to their dci^ bodi?* '.1 a latin-.'01 ft l/it fcer?'.-* '.4*jr A? RE H DAY, AUGUST 22, 1851. played when brought out for execution. Not a muscle was > t en to men, and they proved to the miserable rab ble congre gated to witness the horrid spectacle, that, it befog the fortune of war that they fell into the power ol tbi* government, they were not afraid to die. It would bare been a great eonaolation to these poor fellowe. a? tb< y repeatedly asked, to see their consul, acd through him. to have sent their laet adieue, and such Uttle meniectoe hh they had. to their beloved relation* in the State* One handsome young fellow desired that hit watch should be sent to hi* sweetheart. But Mr. Owen* the American Consul, did not even make application to the Captain General to >ee these unfortunate countrymen in their distress, and their sacred wishes in their laat moment* have been unattended t.o. Lastly, at the very hour of their triumph, when the people of the Fpariah steamer Haham ro knew that the ex. oution ol the American prisoners, which they had taken to Havana ?i.!< nhnnt to take place tired two shots across, or at, thi iteemer Falcon, off Bahia Honda; and. nntwithdandinji that this vessel was well known to theur. having, as she had. the American ttug hoisted, he., she was detained Hfiil nvi'tlmnlcd liv (liutsi Mnaniuh ritlldMPu whn iiitmi r*s. turning to their vessel. comm.'nee J eh.tiring au 1 hissing at the Falcon. proud, no doubt. of the impunity with which they had <ietalne<l an Americau mail steamer on the high eras,at their pleasure. Hirrii, August 16?10 A.M. Spanish Trtntpt led into Jlmbush, and I '(fiy Killed by the Pa h'ioti?The landing of Lopex and hit Follower s?The Lior Heardi d in hie Den??tkivm arul Canfusum? Drfat of tlu Spaniards at Potas?Eighty-six Killed?Three of thi Pampero's Mtn Put to Death?Fifty Patriots Captured a Sea?The Mississippi Yeomanry?Postponement of their Execution. <Jr. Intelligence reached Havana, last week, that four httn dred picked mtn had been sent out into the mountain o:

Cosooro by General I,emery, who was made to believi that a very small number of the insurgents remained and could be easily captured. The result was, that th? troops were led into ambush, when a large force of the patriots under Dr. Augustin Aguero y Aguero. rush .d upon them and killed some lift y on the spot. The rest ol the Spaniards retreated to Principe. as well as they could, in the greatest disorder Scarcely had the government recovered from thi: shock, when their attention was called to the still mop serious fact, that a large number of sympathisers unde General Lopez, had effected a landing at Plnyitas a fei milea to the westward of fiahia Honda, which took plao at 4 A M., on the 13th instant. Lopez is decidedly i brave man?brave almost to rashness. It Is positive! believed here, and 1 believe it to be t.'us, that th steamer signalled fr<>m the Moro Castle, on the evenin of the 12th. wus the same one which conveyed iieneri Lopez and his friends to these shores. Such a daring ae of audacity, bearding as it were the liou in his den. I most extraordinary. It appears that, close into the entrance of thi? harboi Lopez fell in with a schooner, from which h? took on the captain and ma'e, to serve him as pilots on the eon? of liahia Uonda. the navigation of which 1? very lntrieati Th<y arrived iff I'ahia llonda aboutw P. U. when the lmmtdialely ci miurnr d making siguals to the shore b. means of roekite. Ac., winch probably had b?> n pre viousiy agreed upon between the lib iiatorsaad thoseoi shore Gen Lop. zdul not effect a lauding with bis mei until 4 AM ; but the debarkation was none in so mas telly a style, that before sunrise he had not ouly iandu. ?iip mm, nuu nil uini luiiuiii'u- I I n or, UUl wai aiu 111 march to Las Pokis. a town : few miles distil at from th roast. where lie imniediuta 1/ commenced lntrrnchini hi him If In the meanwhile. here, In Havana, reigned the great eat eiritaiuoit. That Pivarro. In leu with loop*. under the command < f Gent ml Emm. (who in Deal in commana to the Captain General) and with bitu the Ailuiital I t at-out 8 A M. for (milla Honda, one I tiou-ni'il men hnr irifr previous!; baa u M nt I y the railway fare. It must be borne in niiud. that sur h wn the state o crnlualim and t latin into which the government wen thrown, that the; had no distinct idi a ax to whethui llahla Honda or Maria 1 vers the points to which th* libel aters had rt me. Iltwtvrr the following morning we are informed that Gt rural Knna had roiue up with tlie pirates, as they are ti inn d by the povcrtimi nt. end had fought with them at lias Pooia, in which he regret* the loam of acme ot hi.' men and others wounded. In litis engagement the dpaniarCs were commanded by General Knna in person, who bud hla horse shot troin t r.di r hiui; Colonel Hatlsl and seven ollloer* and about st Ti uly eight uien were killed. Po unerring and deadly was the Are of the brave liber ators that Gent rsl Knna was three times repulsed will loss At Oils mornrnt the Lieutenant Gove mm (if Muriel. Colonel Onrrea. came up. with about t?n 1. iindml men mere, vtheu the colonel received a sho through his leg. and Ids men such a check, tha Central Knna (as be states in his t fflclai eommuuieatiii to the Captain General, dsted half-pwsl tbr-ae o'otock oi the 1-lik.) saw lh? u.elirsi.ess of attempting anything further agalmt the plrwt s without more artillery at f would he ouly exposing his mm to certain death without any remit; eonst"|Weully hat detnaoJatd further rril-forc enients. Accordingly, two steamara, the Iiabr nero and the Aiimndsree. left that day with men frorpe. to the number cf fourteen hundred, so thai ereordlrg to tha ir own acocunt. with those who have bea n rone-drat It g from the other districts thvy have got upwaida ot KM# men. inrlutiiag cavalry sua up till this moment tin y have only made three cap lift g Who, gf they lay lu the official bulletin tin y m stantly put to dasth Two of tba-ee prrsous weregailott ba linglng to the sta-amer Pamptro. who. after landin| Layer. 1 rd gone into a tavern and got drunk ; lit" ntha-i poor fellow was found in a hut unable to move, from I tractate he received when landing. < n the l.'.th, It was known that the liberators who hfcve bean joined in large .nwnabev* by tha people of the country made a move in tha dirartirn <f Diego dr Kusrx and Cabanas, wi'.li tha- i-f tirnos.cilnii th. m?. Iv*-a of tW.? a .e* i-f alia laitrr r'nw. wbvn, unfcrmnattly mm* furty'or fifty ?i Hit iii rho had. In thr an rt dating mannvr rndraT'Tet] to crt by mi in four launch.'*, with the In'.' itim tl taking the ?paniarila In thr fort liy anr) rt?i>. wrn th< maalTra. atlrr moat .Iraprratr n M't.acr, rapt mr* I j thr apnnbli Admiral who. wit la bin Meant .r, and or Iii ii.mar 11.nib.r of mm, au.-crrdrd in taking thorn atur a tight cf tour houra. H I < at ii.put' J that tlu ra war* no laaa than aol Urn andta.lrra .ngagrd In the rupfurr hfaw Orty Amnlaana. * hit tad with hl? ?urr ?a, A Jmlrml HuflfHIoa liant.n'd ?>illi till ptiir to Havana, win ?' he uarivril tbla morning at 11.0 A.M. I if lint unj or bfiytwo alio ?rr? tl) hi? bran abut thin morning at tbr Fort Atatra. forty all a ri? of the lit nr of thr Mbabalppiyiotnabry. All tbr tioopa in aad About thr Havana werr f<vmrd In a itjuarr on thr ground rbr.a thla wh"ir*ab> hntrbe.-y waat> take place. Ilut. ttrangr t" any. thai, uoiwlthtgawillng all the great preparati na made for till* b'WTl.l ?-| i rtarla. up t? tbla nu-tm nt, 10 A M? It haa not brru put into irrnlioD. and thr troop* hava reorltrd ordrra to rtliie to their barrurka Our I andarmv. ai blr looking fallow, frtu New Or'.etc*. aim i g tin < | rin 1 from aholbe-. wrrlt h- endear.' .J I.. rtl I a III 111. .laokaalii.n i ? ?K . kaao .? I ? -- k -? to ifi<|- irate othrra duetred thorn, in the 111 ?! |>riB.ptorp u.anner. Ki to interrogate him?tlni hi- waa not an inforBier?that the fortune "f war hail |Urrd him in tbilr power. mi that their blnel thlr- j rt irtttir tru known to the w rid; but that ho h* I lb FltbfMtlol of knoatng that earrp drop of American hlttd <h> <t bp them w< nld rail down upon them the van piani-eot tb> whole Ani< riran nation and that it w?uiJ t? repaid to Item a hundred f>ld The poTrrnmoot hire dread that the wholesale huteh?rj Of AS Amrrlcan eitlrt n? ahould bo carried to tho I'nttoc BUto*. and hxr* then-tore p-ttpom d4i 1f IhrjifAerd. IIiTttt, tn;u<t 10. 1*81. TV fV?dy Day to flat on#? 7V Em ii/ien of Fifty fn/ri Ol? 7"8? CimJifl af Iha A a*n> an (' .imi- p.> Kino* a th* PtffJ* ?. Th* RtptrM Satrcf" *?) the far*t'-r?. <T . 4 ' Tba bloodioat dap of tho Cuban revolution lo fan drawing to it* flora, and tba run that la now rapMl] ainhlng In tho wort baa raon ftftp prlaoneri?tin- gre it part of tbi m poung Americana?ahot In sold U> ?J. an. tbtlr mutilated remain* torn and dragged bp a nrig popular a, tba outpouring* of Ppain. thomula of Kurope Tbi - morning, about 3 o'clock, tba ataainor Iiabaner arrin d with drip pihonera of whoee capture wa bar onlp tbc r Atrial rrport ? pnu will find It In tha (ii.-t. of tbla morning. At 11 o'clock thop war* ehot at th fbot of tho F< rt Atare*, In tho prvraneo of an immcnaarrmbUgo. Tbc Itat I will rend topotv If It la puldiehei in time to go bp tbla mall The eaddvat portion of th blatorp wbirb I bar* to relate la tha indifference of th AmrrlranOonaul to their aad fata. Thia gentleman a pou arc awara, la Mr A. F. Owen, lata reprceentnllr tt< m Georgia in Comgraaa. and a< minuted bp Mr Fill more to raplacn Oan Campbell, tbc laf? Conatt here Mr. Owen waa called upon bp an Amertoan gen tleman refilling here, to aee If he he.I ma.l.. en* ?i>..ri i ?ee tbnee ti hl> countrymen who wan- thua inhumanly t be hot, the t'oneul took the if round (JUr Ikty h?d Wn it 'Iitri ttitltnr, hi Mr t'Ulmorr, and ho ahould not lutoi frrt la the matter. After eotne conTrrtatiou ho conclude that hew oil write to tho raptain <h neral whiihh did r?'|U??tlri|i only an Intcrrlew At two o'clock h had recrlTod no anawrr. In the carerr of a public man. moineata prcaent th?m nelrea In whlrb all rulia of action, all the f"rmalltle ( erurta. all the d-lay ? of etkjuetti an t ho net a i>t< ard tho toIco of public (food or of humanity mu?t h obeyed with that dechton which niarka tho hiuh renolri tho t toady norro. and tho noble oonl of the man ( worth Obeying the genern.ia itnpulaoa of ouch a m aunt th<- man of aetlou root-Irca tin-reward bo mcrlta i tho approval of tho world, but the hoar Miffired to in Irsli rlf un Ini.ctl n. tho laggard In the cauao jf hi nanny morlta only tho ooproMnm and tho aen-wof h iUnw mi n Pnch haa boon tho error coni'aitted I l r t>w?n ; ruch haa boon tho want -.4 (fororm wipube In hla h>?om and In tho '^yna of n?? ha Lai(ooorod hlm-otf with dtegrace an , Infamy Tl <tip n^t n a? ?bl I him-. ;f behind tb , proclaiwatui it '.tl. "undent}"' the Coarul may oUef" lh? ** *' [ERA] i | power but where wUl the nun hide himself when the rather* end mother* shall ask him tidings of their sons T when the wires and daughters shall ask him for the lust ' words of their husbands and fathers ; when their bretbi ren (and wharerer liberty scatters her blessings they hare i brethren) shall ask him what of our brothers ? These i hb uui nun worus oat it is the outcry of young Cuba. from Capa Marsi to Han Antonio, and her thousand htlla , echo back the cry Tbla will b? the voice of a eympa- j I tbixiug people, that fill the land shadowing with wings. , Access to the Captain General can be obtained at all 1 i hours by the simple assertion that his business is urgent, and how much more easily ooald the Consul of the great republic havs obtained access Ills simple asking i for an intervit w mlgbk have delayed their fate, and given , them more time to prepare for that dread tribunal before ! ( which they were about to appear. Ills simply shewing ' ths interest of a man In their fate, might, perhaps, ' , have inclined the Captain General to a less vengeful determination, and have saved some from the I fate they met. Ilad be saved but cne man it would 1 have been to him forever a fountain of joy; as he made no ?ilort, it must be to him forever a source of bitter regret. As a public man. he has shown himself undtted | for the responsible position be holds; for, in times of , revolution, men, and not books?living impulse, not dead rules, are to be consulted. 1 do not write this In a spirit of anger, but after hours of calm retleotion; and, to any gentteuiin who asks my name from any other motive than an impertinent , curiosity, you are at perfect liberty to communicate it. ! Mr. Owen I leave to the judgment of his fellow citizens. ' The revolution goes gloriously on. In the Kuat and 1 i ! the West the putriots are everywhere triumphant The t ! people join them in crowds, aud the year 1851 will see I the rlosc of the Spanish rule in Cuba. I leave to prour | able correspondents all details. Cl'BANO. IIayama. Aug. lb?Saturday Night, Midnight, i Jlnriety oj the Gmerrment Jiboixt the Trnope?So Keics from General luipr:?The Latest Accounts. ' i The greatest anxiety is felt here by the government. ' | as no news has been received from General Kuna of 1 later date than the night before last. The steamer ' ! lor, one of the ferry boats, has been sent down to see ' ' what the matter is; and one hour since, an engiue 1 was sent express to Guanajay, the western terminus of ' our r.iilroad. to bring news, either good or bad Nothing bad been beard from the trovps ttmt left I'inar del Kio 1 j to attack bops/.; aud it Is feared they have gone over to blm. Ills force-are momentarily increasing; while 9 the fact of nothing being rteeivrd here by land, leads to I r the supposition that the country has all turned in his _ I fuviip Wliniilil T.iiitsiw cntin roft lvn rnlnfnri?n?nnnfa with arm* to distribute to the crowds that go in to him, Oen. e fcniiu muit either surrender or retreat by sea. In either * re he, Lopez's march to Ilaraua will l>e uninterrupted. j You can imagine the bopea and fears that agitate the city. I tend sou the supplement to the Pirnna, which e is worth tranelat ing. ? SPANISH OFFICIAL ACCOUNT, t We translate from a supplement of the Prtnia, j of AuguK 1W, the following article:? Jl STICK. . We have just come from the-hooting execution, at the ' blow cf the Cas tle of Atare*, of the tifty pirates taken ' ty the ? xeellrnt (Jenerat Commander of Marine of this t static n. having arrived, in the niorniug. < n board the ^ war frigate cf her Majesty the Queen I'.peransa. j The justice ol rnau is aeecmplished The unfortunate . criminals are now t< fore the tribunal of (lid, Kiwiotf an ' aceouot cf their past lives. q Wa liate the crime. Wi have compassion for the ? criminal*. l'lease Ood, that tills inevithi mil just warning m ly I wake the understanding and r?.. on of those perverse men who. frrm a foreign laud, sent to death those who are th? ir imtrue i nts; the infamous, who, incited by the most vile passions and voracity, are intent to brim; rnin. di seiatioii. and crime into a peaceful and ijuiet ec in,try. which respects all the other nations of the w ,iId?which is always occupied with Its business, its iLdustiy.atd its ccuinu rce. hi w tlrli aus papers, there Is your work ' Tb?re is the ri Milt cf your diragatiom. of your lni<initou* fal-eho ads, cf ycur placard* with large black letters, and your def testable extras. There we have that . cattered blood, , and Ilia* will be scut end infuture There y on have it, Mm kil g in areu-alion against you. perverse Instigators; against ytu. who have murdeird those di luded man, whimyou have tint to death?for you knew well that , tliey certainly Wsuhi be killed. This blood must flow, ! dn p by dri p, iij on your In ads?tbls blocd will torment , you in yt ur slei; for they have lost their lives wlreu yi ? wire in sicuiity in y, ur houses. hever mind Itat those stupid men who left thsm to be taken ty your demoniac crle?. have fallen I What Interest I sd y< u in that if gold w?s in your pocket*, tlie gold your only Uod. the payment of the bl rod shed' | The greatest culpritsot all are the paper* of New Orleans. t I Hut tin v are In necur.ty.uiul tout ?mn>' oun putn-u inetu. t W hy diil you i.ot come with th* pirate*. if you loyally , k' Itotd that jcu would have been received with ?pen , mi' r >c iniquitous? t TL? fifij prboiim of the Krfwranr* bin boon shot, at , the br< w of the Custlr of atari r, a* we have klrin ly , arid The eteairi r Ilibanero brought them to the place . ot iMr i'<mo n t The troop* form d a square They had on thoir war onlfrrtu?the Hum ard *traw hat On the arriral of the troop*, th* cavalry and lb* civu guard, th* muilitnd* on imt ami <'ti horseback, placed ou the bright*, , ou Ilia plain on the *ra. and a grrat distance t i it|? r. the edifices of JeMis del Mont* :ii d rl IVrni. inces, iant!y eticrlng ttr gtii 'ii and Spain?et- rnal Idol* of tf at army and of th!* people ?o much calumniated by . tl.r V tilted 8t?tm. ' Sr ktayor de Plain read the uiuul edict and tfcr rrlminrU appealed by ten at a tine: and. after teiog ?bnt. were , taken a?*y frr n the place of ran utlon. to make room . t'i r tin ir.n nipawMinr The ltr?t chief wa* shot alone the , two chiefs wne shot togi ther?all In tba midst of j Ir.i nnot cries lu favor Ot the tfuren and Spain Jan? ce I ung done the l.irntenant. Itey. in a speech to tl r lo'.iliei* and the people.vapreeecd ht-nwlt in strong | ar d worthy term* rajinc thst the punl ihment indicted . wn* nerltt d by three m?i. trho. wltnout a (lod. without ! a law. ? htcut a dag rwwte in order to attaok our nation, allty. i ur ri hgion. our t<u*i n, and all other otfjecU dear j to rur l.iaits. Ti e tuthe t;??enand to the country were rape nti d w iih more energy^ the .troop* defiled, and the , ne||i n. . it to thr.pUcn.of execution, where th< j kxikkd I ti t wbnt the* hiul lift , Tm tanrrl far* voir walling to convey t?> the rente ti rv the mi i tal ri lualn* of the hfty pirate* Those car* ' hfctl bt*n furni'fcid by the lureral *i;eneie* and wera i oraaaientid aetiTJIug to th* circumstance* of tlte 'Vte/o?tla5 i.finna t' rouqJct* dtuVba* pardoned th'1 1 yoilg culprit*, who.burr. Jont flltl* live* by hiving !*'1rnet?d thrlr fbith to the iaijiauua falsehood* of the New Client)* paper*. Mtutsi kxa ro pkevfit thk r*c*r* or rtTP.iirra. j [Trar.idated from the.Quutn bitraopyiqaflg, August M J I The ?*?iller,t Potior r?pUt* Onttrsl lias recefved, fri m the cxeellrht General. a cominnnieatlon, written at Ci iTvUtto. at II n'rlork on the morning of the Iblh in-t , In ablrb he*ay* that the pirate* had It In enateapUtion to direct th?mriIve* toward* Cabana* or 1.1 M*rt?l. with the li trillion af re-emhaihiogr oh wMuvt of the dietnay in d the ilbpewinn* Invhieh fhry found thcmselre* af I t*r the aeliirir < f the 13tli. and diaalrlUd I r tbe iune til k of tba tr? v? in thnt dletxict To aare tin*. I -and i a c<? niuairtill. n to the General Commander of the Marine. In order to prerent with hi* nwrel h>reea, ?h*re- 1 i I kiVatlan 'f the |lr*t><*. f?r in (r? iUjti I un ura to i it. Tmtnate all of th- m I The Captain (.am rai (Imrmnf h*< tl.o (M'tTrd. from ' llic UrMmaut (innro f i f I -ihia- ll<?n la. a miumuui aw III n, *rill< a jrrtrnU; uuralDt. >t- 'i> a'alpc^, ?t.i,t af i that ha wee ialatmil hy a |i mikl llnftbii T^iltw par r*l by Mir ci lun.n* in the pnddira of Pan Mlguat. btd | I at at n< d th. Ir t< -Mint. an.I ran Into tin- mimntalna In i ha dlrectl'n if llahlfl fiord* and Pan l?t*r?da Nunee. r where tha tahnhitaata. animated nub lb* twit apirit. i w. ra ready to repute* thrui. _ By a i . u iimniaMn-ti t.f fl!0 f.Uufananl Oatarimf of" Mart. I rn Cutianae. dated the aame a* tha prtonHaica. h* atataa -we were acquaint. >1 with tha moremoni -of tha ptral.. who weiw rout d t w?r? git -w to the eC I d ara and a. aimaad<r- ?f tbe-Jurbd atl. t?. to mora with all th. Ir dtapoaabl* tr.n to prerent the ro-emNirfc .thm I f tha pirate*. and at ha'f pact twelra <,W?< k all tba lw ata w. r* .lealmy a.| and nnh naar tltahlitkary " 1 ha captain >.f Infantry and foranand.w of th<~ tr.ropa ol Onanajay haa aiao aent n .ouimiiQlcatloa. of tlf' auntday. datail at half part lira o'clock In tke craning. la ? huh la ray*. that according to lha on**, a rra. Ira J from tha I.hutment Uorernor of Market, and mi concert with the Li.til. Colonel Mayor. a?mm inter ?>f tha infantry r. gimrut Ilaylen. ha mar.-bed at lhe head of a solum t corny ?ed of a company from Barcelona and ahout fwty rolnntaara, well nionntad, ar.d arrived with aawl. and piatala. aad lha greater part with gune, ail under th>< command of lh* chief At tan minute* pu?t lira n'elook, they marebad In the direction of rtahaitaa. h| PillUot, wh.ra th.y r*a?Ir.d tha ktwaary nitre, for pwaning tha plrataa. and. during tha azprditinn. roluntcer*. unv loua to follow tha ri lumn. were coming from nil parte rubllah.d in tba Cmarefg ?i?ierrde*ei-i?, la order to ran d.r th'aad. cnni. ni> public. FMDKO KSTKBAN, liar *!??, Angurt 16 w# t vi j iv avii a imtrvn iiavava HV A PA?fK!<orR Ft 7?l* ( HVRdRtK. 1 "o the 1Mb tnetant. a< the U. 9 uuul atnamer Fnhson , waa proceeillig on bar royag- froml'hagre* to lUran*. 0 when off I ba? pa it of the cowat ol Cuba knoaaa* the # Habia Ilonda. at ton o'clock. A M . wo aaw the amokr of trainer clow la chore, and alertly after aha bora ta 1 *l||ht. V> " than aaw thai aha waa a largo fHgat? ' ,j rhaia of n*. VtUa Hot, earn aha was ataadiug out # ft< a the land dlreetly acsmw anr eoura*. erM'ntJj Ina tending to cnt a* off. ffr. k?tPT*r. hold owe oonraa, ard, rnnolrg only at our nanal ayeej, aoon left her ehrht or t< n mllia act .rn, notwithstanding aha ??oin"'t ta ha ' doing her beat. M . at flr?t took her Tor the ffiaarro. hut '? afttmardi loe mad that aha waa the laaballa ijaiholtoa, " formerly an Vrgllah eNam frigate, the Oaledimta. After K si a had b. a n in rha?a of ua rot about an h >ur wa aaw the >r in>(Va of another steamer on our atarboard bow clow. In ahc re. hull down Hbe aoon. h< oarer, ahowed har. B aalf fJ eerier *? ' <? I*"*4 "* ofl' ,n wh'3h. h ? ' fa' ?,. i ... I .1 f'" fired t^O fC'in* sh'Tt, ". * to leeward to brtrg ?? too, a? aoon as aha aw within ' ] atwwt four aula*. b"t t?"b tn> nMlaa of her until '7 ' ana ran down eloaa aboard of ua and fired a third ahd t* ! a. roar onr bow- Capt Kodgera had totaled hi* enlnra ' | bah i,-he aaw hi r. aixt. a? ai"i a he perraiaa I that the e I frtpat) ? M 'ii ba?i'. altar the third ahot. th> engine waa ? ' tupalow. a I n aha ht>?? tOO M<i h?Uctl US ttt < ?? R LD. PRICE TWO CENTS" < her," which was then done. As soon a* they raw tht? we bad stopped, the offlcers of the Spanish steamer, the liabauero, took oil their caps, and waved them round their heads with a hurrah This was a decided Insult. Ad officer then boarded us, and demanded what ship w* were, where from, where bound, and If we had any Spanish passengers? Ac , Ac. lie was answered. and ha aaldhe mnet go onboard his'vessel and report tie was aumonisbed to be in a hurry, a* we were going ahead immediately. He loet no tune in doing no. and they me Honed u# to go ahead. We arrived in Havana at 3 P M , and soon Learned that the nabancro had, the night before, brought into port fifty prisoners. taken in four launches. off the Bahla Honda, and that they were all shot about U (.'clack that day Forty of the number were American* They are raid to be part of the expedition that sailed with Cope* in the l'ampero. from New Orleans on the Oth. Ail the expedition succeeded in lauding with some pieces of artillery and the l'ampero got off again without molestation. The grestest excitement prevails in Havana. All Americans arc beset with spice and none feel safe frooa one day to the next \ ery little can be relied on respecting the position of either the government troops or ths revolutionists. The Csptaln General sent out about eight hundred men to meet Lopez, wheu he heard that he had landed, and thej had advanced to a certain position, and would move no further without reiiilorcrm<-nt*. He then seat seven hundred more. This was about two days before oar arrival l)nrii>g Saturday, the report was that Gen Lope* had cut off all communication bi twc<n the government forces and Havana, and tbe fact of the Captain General having received no do. patche* from the Geueial in command seemed strorg proof of It Nor hud his steamer* cruising on the row t any letter success. On that evening. at 8 o'clock, lie do-patched tbe sl>?m ferry boat Jar down to liohia Honda to gain intelligence and return the same night. She, however, did not get back until next morning about 7 or 8 o'clock, without news. Sooa i ft or. the Ilabancro canto in. bringing ab tut forty or fifty wounded soldi# re, but as we were about to sail, w* could learn no more respecting affairs at ltabia ilonda Von will no doubt, receive file* of the Spanish papers, but no dependence can be placed in their statemcnta, as the Government suppress everything that would look like lailure upon I heir side, while the most trifling success Is magnified into the grandest achievement What these fitly men were doing among the Cayes, where they were taken, is a mystery, uor could we learn whether they were aimed Pome suppose that they vm proceeding to a village on the coast nearer to Havana. and that they ran in among the Cayes to hide fr< in the cruizers. They wire first seen by a I fisherman, who made it known to the government, i when tbe Itabanero was despatched in pursuit off Hu m. It is said she ran the boat* down and then | picked up the men; but I othlng ran be learned, as u* ' communication couid b had with any of tlie prisoner*. ' and the authorities will due lose nothing but what will atii-wcr their purposes, i The poor ftllowa died bravely, not a sigh nor murmur, i nor sign of fear was betrayed by any of tbem. They were led out. ten at a time, and .-hut from behind Otu , tine locking fellow, who was the last one shot, while | kneeling, availing hie turn, calmly looked on his butch! ered com pardons, first turning his head on one side and then on the other, as Ihougb he was only a spectator, and then turned hi* head, and looked his executioner* in the face while they tired, lie was shot six times befort he fell After the execution tbi y were thrown inte I hearses by six or eight at a time, and taken away and buried. About 20,000 spectators were assembled to witness this horrid spectacle, many of whom war* r i eg iocs, slaves and free, and possessed tlieinaelres of tho hats, boots, and portions of the clothing, and fixing theaa on sticks, marciied through the streets with rurseo upon the " filil usteroa " the " pleats a." Ac.. Ac., aoCoKpanied with ?' vivas" for the Captain-General. Tfcat I.opcr has been giving them trouble, there m little d< ubt, and that there will he plenty of iiard lighting before the eud of the month, every one in Ilavana believe*. ARRIVAL OF THE H INFIELD SCOTT FROM N E W ORLEANS. ilNOTHER QUICK FASSAOZL DIMILY IRPORTiST FRO! MEXICO, Re., he., he. The splendid steumship Winlield Scott, nndeg . charge of her able commander, Captain If. t'ooil- ' lard, eonclndcd another astonishing trip from New Orleans, yesterday, having arrived from that city in live days and twenty two and a half hours. Thd rati ieL r> ll (itiiA era* Li frvra morla kot mnan ika taA port* wm by (he f n mo vctsel, which arrived her* on the 21st ult., in six days and one hourShe hie thus excelled herself two heurs-emd a half, end bar brought a large list of passengst*. We arc indebted to the politeness of Mr. E K. Shed, the purser of the W. t}., for full files of New Orleans paper to the 5th iust., two days in odvoaoh of the mail. (From Ilia New Orleans Picayune, Aug 15 j " lie volution hu broken ?nt in Chiapas, no.! a pronuerlamirnto bas been declared against the gov -rnmeet. TMe Biiiv<Bi?nt has for its object the abolition of lite Intel bb I ctssluBi bones. Colroal Munos, commanding Iks battalion of Uurrrrra is Tehuautepee, was ordered ta proceed thither sod aaslst the |o?arnsicKt parif Itsap|it>.-Mi>d the nci lutun its bed Bot proceeded far on Ids n.atrb towaids Chiapas, when the soitiers of the hatlalu n cc biBo nerd to desert, and by the time he leached Mltrprr (a toon sb ut fifty mile* froin T.'buanttl?c). be bed lint Bo re than Mti sty men Me Wit pri 1st ly proceed uo turtle r fur tbr preeent, but wait for Hul l r I flu- ill d n r liuri-ui-liti This battalion lathe only liguler force rslnd and paid fur by the iitwte of Urjaca aad had been in the il?|*iOocq^ad Tchuiatepee since lilSSWlwr last, havfctit been ordered down I rum the capltol. Oajara to suppress the revolt of Mrleudes and hi* Jucblttecs. TLe I'rpaitmsnt of Tvhoanirpec I* quiet, but It la easy to li lt *ee that it la the quiet tfcaI yrengea the alarm. Mi l*<i Ui v. * 1 tin up h n-initially defeated, out really tstuiupl i d Itc teenies on bis ranrho. and Sues I Die luthilecsn alieesvt r be shea ses, Tbern am nu g.v.ranuiit nthceisla JurtilUvan n< r wouldaai i" permitted; they omtkd ivily i'm ain thete liy busing a iertm xovarumeul /oree to ?B| | > lb- ui V'ltslt the natt Wt u of Mm- - with* die nn ft< m Jurbitrrati to Tebtisutepee. and thr Mnlcas ri'tcmltim uieiniiof the siimey I" the ether wee* i <t!V wu? VI "lOTM.irun ill (HW u/Jrth* country arid putting an *ud t? Ilia revolution of bUltndra. arery body harn who knaw Um> fact* wa* i n (Mil at tha unpen an<-? altachvd to tb* paeon ?ci m by " tljw M iiiiiit in ol tivjaca . . . ThaJndgacf tha lapi?n? Omrt f.f Tahnantapac ha* t? ?? < *il? d to Patarra. for allagaj lullriwti'i' in nbw. TI'U ill golar r?. l< w I Li-lit vc riluli In i;> otoar ro jotry tin linlro Th?' Infamoua Kthy who illnl In Vara fiat U?t MiiDKar ol tha oh"|? a I at ln>n?ail<wl flow* Itr ill) I ( airairo to tba Mill >f Ian Cm, aad dlaii aa < alia, in d aia Oat. on tha half pay of a Ihutanoat colonal of th? Mi :Ur in ?/jny A diatnir wa? Mtiti In w TSJfwTMUrtii'TW M w<k |> n rt r<i'ng i u bar way tt th' ?onth and a ?at Ah* fa la ivppOM d to ha < an ol tb# brat of tha NKiragaa lltialu nan Juan 4>l Pud. ill- port UrciJailoa a# thr tacaiiiui II that it ata dri tba I'lfiDr. Tbo rainy tea en baa aat in and wa now Lav* -liowatw dally Wiyi r Parrnrf, V P A , < Li*T f'nglo?ar of tha Tnhtt aM'for Nailr< ad Company. la atlll in K1 Itnrii t, and 1# only waltipg Iwitranapi'ttntion fr at l'a#u Aat ?0W to prt rr?d to tba flito Ifi* bvalth ia iuu< h Inyri ?n|. Ill* , report will ba kik'lf r with n.u-h tntan at N. arly all tba im Bhara of tha cnfcsalfal n hnw l?tt tor tha ttnitad Ptatia. and tba f?w who ha*o h? n nun>prll?d to r> iwwtn,1 or ratbar tagorntad to ! a > bara apnli'd to.Mr ITah-. Mat tha I'attrd Mala* t >toU <>o tba ialhma. to tot mi lor tbihi raiiwi <U trgitrufad Julv ltl.? Hm a writ In* tha ah. Ta th? rottrlar hat ar rl*?d from t'htapaa Tb<< town# of Oomitan and t'tudnl Hal. in that Mala ara <n < p. n tw it, and aama hon diad titan utiikr Mol<ton>, on* of \ha wipltbimd. ood mott h.Hnantial m.n in tho ?tala?.a* iw aria* pgainbC tbr orernaK at. 1 rum preaatit appearance tb* ra*otat leu la t n w 111 meet til at tb* rntU for a which tha goawra mi t t bad ord?r> J fri m thi? placa. to #wlat tha il,.rm#r of l hta| a* haa bv< a naa h w< akcm-U by daaartmn tbat tl ay Lad b?an acwpaMml to go Into <|'i*i tare tome law*aw fttm it I# place and await tb> furth< r or Jan of tb" #aat , ral govt tt no nt llrim tha Browaavllla (Tvttai Sentinel ] Inning th? la>t two waak? a -orco ?lon of rttmora bai , rvHotid ua. importing all blcd?of mkckfal and tnln to Mtilto At ana tuaa that brilliant gcnlua of n inonal diia t- taudnilxry fiali Anna,h#dUrnlvd,or wi?ationd to land and wa? aga t to renew hit car? *r At ate tbar time two or three W?l? h?d revolted. and warr gakng to dta? tha whi I* confederacy Into another trrn.aadoua r?relation . . In >!> ft. r.< ?er (faith r?M anci ainaioa nmn wn in?a1 dod ky lard piratea. the EriUeb krrarh and o(>i.nUH ! Mimotors war* dilating Mw to Uje Me Iran gown , nnrt ftrrkera and menle hunk a or* to Utrlr* ; tb?romatltutl** and lawa w?ra to bo u ?d n war la paper; knaron ami Ijuorainaare wore to m-iint Into ( Hire and paaari dnil plndiHng agrlonltnre and eommerne were to b* aa? aaid* h t the tllnatrlone ptvfea?in? of armi and aplendor, I'lriml dia< td?r wet* to rate* afrnnrly la all thafcr <la ffllnr onfwli n BrolJ thing wm forgot ton rgeept the t*>t teatslwwi of Ibu Indemnity, and ertry body waa w*t<-hjng for tlrd; an r Tpeilttlon 11 getting np In \ta Orlrar.? to land on I ho lailmna of Tehuantope* rioaldi at Arl-U bad born n??a?atni?t?d by t ho mode adcra: and. In lino. we aro now only awaiting *,? ani alrf the laat tvmar. which >W?uid e tare Meg ifo |>na the i at a I. gue of ?atk?a. Ik'rim the Now Orloatia Crenrnt Ai*r U ] Tbe Ponth Wr?toTit .*mrririm mrMtona a rti?"r thai a manor from Tarnka'a camp bail roar, hod ItMlPl rilloita. Inf'-tmina h m tbat twenty three of hia ? a b*4 hi on n.*t hy a laity of hetninnlen'mder Wild Cat. and twenty tarn if thorn killed It lafnrthor roporW ?ha* * Wd Cat waa adraartnc with a 'anfo par'y *' ** ' iWama and lojlan', to awr? p i rer ?lr ir country Th',a la enta ttarr to I ho laat inti Mlgrne# wo bad of tb* mowaaaat? c f thia ohioflain who ww? ,h. n tvpternte<l ?t maaabal. ling hl? ft oroa. pr. parat' t? aeenctrg upon M?,e glaa - . can* ?<?r li^urw ph', hfef bad ftCtlTf I ?* '? !?

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