Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 22, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 22, 1851 Page 3
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INTERESTING HOME LETTERS. Tl? W?(*ilii|| piitM. or* famuomahle mwuwmi??K!(. I Jurao Mara* Horn.. IS a h a rou a Sria.vo-., / Augiut 17, ltOl. S i'udttmmbit /./It at Saratoga?No Cfr/wo?M*fwp -M I 'mint? T'.t Unini Hill of f/ie Sets m ?Man .1* Hufti -'J'St hitamer A'cut World, "J'he mi .n ha? row rrt-hcd it' highest point, and Saratoga is in full bloom, fashion, and beauty, and wealth, wits a una m >do.d worth, are thrown together, a* usual, into oue vait tua.*, which require* no li tie ?kill to separata. Tliere u not ao auch dirploy here a*, present a* there hat been on tome 'o met ocoarioor, but the tame material i* <>n hand, and it argue* aomathing in favor of the good ac'.ae of our ra that tho battorfl>ca of iarhion, win* uaed to bit about, and give color to ever)(kitg here, have no longer an ajoendu.-i.y We have r.ow r.o ruling clique*? no drawingroom dictation?no baaicloa* ill pudvnee ot braiile-i fop*. 'i'acte thing* leem to b. happily changed, ami we hare now a moat resectable company, observing al. the proprietiea of life, and careful to demean iLemreivc* to a* to aruid a notoriety, which, in former year , war couited by the leader* of fort at Saratoga. The I'nited Mates Hotel never bad a liJt of more ically resectable getilt than it ha* at present. Among the names of the resident* here I observe the following:?Hon. Heveray Johnson, mad ly; Senator Archer. of Va.; M-natori Sunuer, Mock ton, uougiaat; nr. ^iiaeii, i i .nuiui?r to riuin; J. S. Schoolcraft, M. C , of Albany; Captain Hitchie. I'. S. K , and daughter; Coo. W. Burubam, aud lady; K. J. McCall, and family. cf X. U.; Hubert Mackay, of M.aunah; William I^o Hoy, New Voik; P. A. Jay, and lady, Washington; Edward Jones, and family; E Gerry, A. W. Iltai ruersley. Madame Brandigeo, lion. Jaincs Manroj, Dr. Bedtord, W. C. II. wuddell, F. L Waidell, A. Messerole, \'. Messerole, and lady; Augusts Belmonte, and family; George Caw, and family; ,f?ir. Airier, J. N. Phelps, < uunt de Dion, and laiv; the Misses Belden, Miss h utile t as, ot New York; Mrs. Daniel Webster, Miss lung, of Albany; Gen. T&loott, and son; General O'lDonell, Baltimore; Mr. and Miss Midileto.i, of Ch&rlesvon, y. C.; Airs. HarrisoaGrey Otis, Boston; William I>. lined, Philadelphia; J. twan, Baltimore; 11. Beale, Washington City; Com. HinggolJ, I . S. N.; Mrs ^chly, Miss Birchard, Baitiuiore; Mrs. y. B. Pairing, Providence; Judge Crier, and daughter, Philadelphia; Win. Gibbons. Mr. and Miss Potter, N. J.: VI . H. Iloflinan, P. V. Hodman. A glance at these names will serve tc show about how the company at this hotel is made up. We have a ball, or a concert, or souic other mode* of rocreatien, every evening. On Saturday night, btgnora >ioTghcse, assisted by Sigaora rortt, RoiL, and Wells, gave a concert, winch was well attended, and winch gave perfect satisfaction. Tc-cight a benefit ball is to be given to Mou3 Korpuuay, who has been teaching the polKu here, but wtio has met with such ill sue-ess that his friends have hit upon this mode of making up his losses. Motis. K. has a great man- friend-, but, somehow or other, pupils were not plentiful this season. The grand bull of the season is to come otf at the United .States Hotel, on Friday evening next. It is decided that the ball shall be a grand dress afTalr, but not a billtustwme. The nrciitnicarv mcctimr to make arrangement*, appoint committee*, etc , will be held today or to-nurrow It was said that a costume bait' would be given at Congress Hall sometime during the present week, but on thoroughly canvassing the matter, tho boarders there came to the conclusion that it was too late to undertake such an enterprise for this season. Many of the young men have already mud > their arraugoments to leave at an early day, as business engago,' -inents in the cities call for their presence, bo it is now reported that no costume bail will be given at Cougrta* Hall. This will disapj.iint seme of your reaaers, who are fond cf these tancy balls, and who bad detcimiued to come up here whenever the cos* tumes were ready for them. They must wait a bit. Morning hops are now given at tue hotel* near the sitrirg. One of theui caino oil this morning at Congress Hall, and was well attended. The United Mates Hotel, I* as usual, tho grand centre of fashion. The house i> crowded in every part, and a very large number cf boarders are colonized in the small uotels and private houses of the village The Met?:*. Marvin are as popular as ever. There is to be a grand pio-uic, or game dinner, out at the lake tbis afteruoou. A very large number of participant* are aneudy engaged, and it cannot but be a grand affair. 1 have hardly yet gotten the runcf passingevents here. It was late on Saturday evening when 1 got to my journey's end, and yesterday was a raiuy Sunday, tfy the way, *peakmg of my trip hither, reminds u.e of the tart, that 1 came from New York to Albany on board that uiaguificent steam er the New World, tchc is really a palace, but the chief joint of eiccllence possessed by tho New Werld. is the capital arrangements of tho breakfast and dining saloon, l'asseugers on board this steamer do not sit at taU*dthiMc, but are furnished <.:>k iiklai and haiL' their meals ser\cd hot from the kitchen, with the privilege of choking what they like from an ample bill of fare, t apt. Acker hast Keen so long on the Hudson river, that be liar learr.c 1 the wauts of travellers by that route. He ia really a worthy commander for auch a craft aa the New World; be is polite and accommodating, and hi? offeers arc of the same school with himself. "We hud a very largo list of arrivals on Saturday tight. The agents of the Troy and Saratoga railroad train were ob|iged to add two cars to their usual number, in order to bring all the passengers. The travel by tbis road is increasing all the time. CongTets Hall ami Union Hall are full. Sheriff Carnley, of New York, is a guest at Congress Hall, where, also, I observed Messrs. Mills, Hillsburgh. Archer, and others, of the gay world of New Vork. 1 shall keep yeu informed of doings here from day to day. lrMTCt> States Hotel, S \ ratooa, > August 19, ItM. ( Dm*fit Ball to Alone. Korponay? Muting of Ihttl Ptojo at or*?IJame Dinner at the 1/ekt?Prrjwutioni for the Grand Bull. The korponay benefit ball was given at this hotel la-t evening, and, contrary to the expectations of maty, was perfectly successful. When the ball was first spoken of, it was strenuously opposed by ths parlor dancers, because it would interfere with the informal hop which takes place four evenings in the week. They said that a regular ball night, (Tuesday or Friday,) should have been sclectod for the bentfit, if a benefit must be given, and so an endeavor was made to talk down the enterprise; but horponay - frionos insmea on rue om, ana pressed it on to consummation. The company assembled at the usual hour, about ten o'clock, and kept constantly augmenting till half-past eleren. Mr F. L. Waidell and several other gentlemen having taken hold of the matter insured its success, and at a late hour many were found dancing who, in the morning, had refused to let*J their names as patrons, Hanoinc was kept up till a la'.e hour, and when the ball broke up a number of the gentlemen adjourned to another saloon in the house, where a convivial meeting was informally made up, which lasted for several hours. All who were present agree that the ball and the impromptu meeting were both capital affairs? the more agroealde, perhaps, bceaueo they were not premeditated. There wa- quite a convocation of hotel proprietors here yesterday. Among them were {larry IsHMtis lorutrly of the San soaci Home, Halston .S1 a, Chester Jennings, formerly of thu City Hotel, tf. Y., acd Da lei D~H? vard, of the Irving Houea. Messrs. Loo mis and Jennings havo both retired, leaving to Mr. Howard the seniority among the hosts (?: the Now Wrk hotels. At the meeting yesterday, the conversation naturally atsumed a professional phase, and the difference between hotels of the present day and those of years " Lang ISyne " To Mr. Howard, by unanimous consent, was awarded the credit of pioneering the way to preeent excellence. Captain Kmggold. U. M. N\, giro a game dinner at the Lake House yesterday afternoon. It is said to have been one of the best parties of the scaeon. The arrangements mane ny i>ie??r*. 1,omnia it took, the proprietor* of the hou?e, were unexceptionable Tlio dinner wa*, as nil su<:h dinner* are, capital, and the weather being fine, the rile to and Irom the lake was all that could be de?ired. The badness At the lako i* unuauallj good thia season? the proprietor* keep employed all the hunter* they ran engage, atxl the Orb ponds are well supplied The atrangeinenta for the gran i ball are progrowing, but the list of managers, tkc , is not yet luadoout. P. Oiii llfiltlinore Correspondence. Bai/timork, August IS. KM. < Vit?p Mtcting K cwrtion?Heat Iht ?f, an I Rain? A Storm an tht Camp Ground?A C'-i<r of Hornnnmlmli?m? Export* and Safari*, \r. Veateid.17 wm one of^he great camp meeting minlay* in thia vicinity of the country, and about J twenty car-loads of saint* and sinners left the Culvert station for the Pnrkton camp ground, which is located about thirty miles from the city, where ten thou and perrons were a*semblod, full ono half of trhom were BalUatorsaw 'iht beat wm iiwart, and in pasting through cloud* of dust, over one of j the roughest roads In Maryland, in open wagons, the pilgrims Buffered all the tortures of purgatory before they rcechcd the ground, wh"re they found but little diminution in either hoat or dust. At thrco o'clock in the afternoon a b >ivy rain, accompanied with thunder and lightning, commenced to fall, causing a geuural ru>u to tno tents; all of which were tilled to overflowing, and those which had not board floors ware thoroughly drenched. 'J ho rum continued for more thin an Itour, and all tho miseries of a storm on the camp ground were experienced, to tho fullest extent ? About one thousand persons wert, alio, at the time oi the storm. in open wngons ard vehicles of 11 descriiitions, on the road hack to the railroad, thoroughly coated with duit arid drenched with tain, making ull ltiudj of vows never to be cvugut in such a scrape again. A dreadful accident oecured at the l'.e'utcrst >*n camp ground, lad wees, which will, doubtless, result in tho death of a little son of Mr. Horace C'henowith, about ft re years of ago. Ho w.i-< standing near a horse, whiih kijked him on the bead, seriously fracturing his skull. One of our wealthy young citizens, on his way home fiom his club tooui, on Sunday night, sat down on abroad marble step, aud, thinking that he had arrived iu his bed room, took off his cloth fusible rather cool, started home, perfectly nude, t for more bod clothe*. On reaching hem?, be ; turned into bed, and about an hour aitorwards win mined up by the watchman, who had found hi* name on the pauia, to know whether ho had beon murdered. " lie had no remembrance a* to how the clothe* * got there, butromaikod that he wasaiHiotod with t m'uiiambulirm Another version of the story is, that he made his escape from a chamber in the vi- v ciuity rather precipitately, ard that the clothing t was thrown out of die window, but that he did not c stop to tccure it. ri he foreigu exports from the port of Biltiuivre, J the past week, have been unusually large, amount- * ing in th? aggregate to $1187,949. Included in this amount are the cargoes of ships Helen A. Mtiler, for San Francisco, valued at $L7li,ltW, and Susan L Fitigctald, for Ariea, S. A , valued at $U9.5tW. 'lie latter vessel's cargo L> composed in part of 1,733 packages of domestic dry goods, embracing denims, drills, ticks, osnaburgs, prints, & Of the staple articles exported, we name 5 )'J hhds. t Ubacco, 10,9f0 barrels of flour, 071 barrels, i and 1), 131 bushels coin. The total exports oi flour since tbo 1st of Janua- t rv, Ibol from this port, have been 2&1,491 barrels, 1 ot which amount there have been sent to Great C Britain 45,0(8 barrels; Brazil, 10b,711 barrels; r Wett Indies, 71,S."?(i barrels; Itiver Plate, 9.101 bar t re)*; British North American Colonics, lf?,7o2 bar- t rels; Venezuela, 6,1G'4 barrel1"; and to other ports, c 147,900 barrels. a a Oar Albany Correspondence. ? Alhany, August 19?2 o'clock. u The American Si icntijic Aaociation?Its Const it u- ? ti<n ami Object?The Empire Steamer?Trie a Weather?Congrest Hall?Jenny Liai's Auto- t graph, tfc. 1 The annual expositions of the results of the re- J search of the American Scientific Association are g naturally most anciously looked for by all who have I a soul for science, or a mind capable of appreciating the study of that genius which gives birth to new r knowledge of the phenomena of nature, and enables d man to limit and control its energies. Thus it will I our be that with the arts and sciences great anxiety ? must pervade the human species, whilst it fills to t the lot of but an honored few to add new facts and v new principles to our present system of science, and 1 amongst those few maybe justly ranked the ma- j, jority of the professors of this association. ii i nacrtoe no* organization 01 mis institution. * which commenced as a society of geologists, l'rofiasor W. C. ltcdfield was the first President; / Professor Henry, of the SmLhsonian Institution, w the second; Professor ttache, Superintendent of 8' the Coast Survey, the third and now retiring Pre- ^ sident; and Professor Agassiz is the President elect, a Amongst the other prominent members are Pro- * lessors lingers (four brothers), Pierce, Silliman, 1(fc>r. and Jr ), Loomis, Olmsted, Guyot, and D Hsird(tho ^Secretary); also Lieut. Ma try, of the e Observatory. Washington; Capt. Wilkes; Or. t' Huro, l'hiladelphia; Lieut. Davis, director of the r American Almanac; aud others, whose names I sannot now remember. The object of the American Association for the promotion of science is, as its name imparts, the , discovery of new principles with reference to the J operations ol nature. The man of science does not top to enquire whether his discoveries can be applied to^iny specific purpose in the arts; it is sum- oknt for him that they arc new truths belonging to f nature, and he leaves to others of less elevated aim ' their application to the wants of life. There is a U difference between a discovery and an invention; ( one discovery may involve a thousand inventions? the first consists of tho developcment of a new ' principle of nature?the second of an application ? of scientific principles to some purposes in the arts <? The discoverer is generally actuated by the love of truth and of reputation; the inventor is stimuUtod * by the love of gain. In this country, invention is " rewarded by the peculiar privileges of the Patent s! law; but there is no public stimulant to facilitate p orisinal discoveries, and hence the importance ol in , association of this kiud for mutual eneour.igemeit, 1 ami fur free discussion. The American ScUntltio t Association, under ita present furm, has three an- j nual and two semi-annual meetings, and has been . constantly increasing in interest and influence. Tbe American Association for the advancement 0 of science has been growing from t.-v to jnt, fa since its organisation in 1*6, in numbers aud importance. The meeting now holding hero is tho fourth annual meeting ot this association and the c ?i.\th meeting; the previous meetings tinve been ( beld in Philadelphia, Cambridge CharU ston. New i Haven nnd Cincinnati. Tho number of members now iccludcd is soven hundred, of which, about one 1 hundred to one hundred and llfty annutlly attend > at any one place of meeting; and tho loeatlun of i successive meetings being to arranged as to accommodate the ssicntitic men of differ eut pasts of the j country in town. The meeting of the present yoar is under the | presidency ot i'rofessur Agassis, the distinguished j naturalist, professor of natural hlstury in the Lawrence Scientific School of Carianduiga. _ } The local committees made, of whirh Hr-T IC Fecit, of Albany, is chairman, have uiado txoellent ' arrangement* for the accommodation of tho mem* ' bvrs, and f<>r the business of the association The ' cities of Albany and Troy have each extended in- j vitations to the m, rubers to visit the ^rine p.ii nublie places. and are desirous that a day should be tet apart for the purpose, that they a ?y suitably I entertain their guests, and show them their cities and their vicinity The Governor of the >t*te, I the Chancellor of tho Unirereity, an t eome pro- ' mincnt citizens hare ma ii arrange menu to entertain the member* at their bouses. The Young Men's Association, the KxecatCe ' ? _ ^ t It I _ I I < miuiltcc ci me .x rraai ^cdihii, iu? nm ?j jo- ?titute, Ihe Trustees of the Albany Medcal A?a?elation, of the female Academy, and the Kegcnts of the I Diversity hare invited the members of the ' Association to visit thtlr rooms and r dlections, at hours wbkb may not be occupied by the meeting*. The corporation of Troy have in < it i this learn d body to that city on Thu.sday, to v it the public biiibling* and institutioni, aid partake of tb hospitality of the Common Council It is, h'-weiri. doubtful r. hcth' r the hint inrltat' -a oan be accepted, as the liitlcrent gentlemen of tbie ci y, connected an ilia the association hare a'r a l? a; , niut r.g th(Wnselvre, an ( '.crtair.miM f ?t the uuri b< ra for ercty even t g during th- *<. The people ol C'.evelat J, <<>U ) hire aent a warm and pressing invitation tor tie a?-ociai?<?n to hold their neit annuei meeting in that city, t .i tiulily oft r to ; > the trareli g t ea- 1 pense* which the number! ui i> be j -t to by tluir visit, before the present convent in a i urn*, it will be decided where tho next anno il me< t g w U 1 be held. The weather here on fjndsy wu. I un lentand, I as miserable as it was in Naw 1 ork, and this m nisg the thermometer stood at <*', bat the day has brightened up and become a little warmer. I he Kinpijc steamer made an excellent [?->age from New York, baring arrived here at half pn-t 1 4 0 ClocK tma inoixmf, Blinougn. m< ~w raw tide against her tha whole,way The night wasrsrr storm v and tearful)/ dark, wtth an occ sinna. fla U of lightning. The passage wai one of great difficult/, but tno (kill of the gentlemanly e inuvni.r, Captain IHllespie, overcame it, though in man/ parts of the river as we neared Albany, Ihtre wet not more than eufflcicnt wator to enrj the i.wpire in. The accommodationi on board tba-. vessel ere very good, and admirably su|<erintendt.d by Mr Graham d the stewar, who doei not fail to make hi ' numerous guests comfortable and contented I write from 1 ongrest Mall. ?Ufh h idjaeent to the Academy, it is a very fine b a/#, well kept, and the resort of a superior class. in se'-l e? time It i? generally Oil. I with mi mi' rs <1 th< g la turc, and they, like aldermen, generally know where good livirg is to be had Among.i the recent visiters at this hotel, ars ' if tain Wtike-, United states Navy ; Itoetor J I' Mrtland, ('incinnati; 1'rofessor 1>. Hare. Phila le'phia ; Prnfe*set W. Foster, Professor A. i'rof >?i?r H Pcirce, I'rofetsur Louis Agav.!/, the Praddent of the Scientific Association, 1 t I'r -trc T 1'aird, Hon Christopher Morgin, of I Mate: A. L?. Patchin, Buffalo; Cnmm>i?r# hio?t. United states Navy, and lady: Hon Mr >ustl e | Mondelot, Montreal, Canada; ltoa. A S 1 p'ntn. Ac., fcc. Jenny Uhd. durii g bar h,:t, ?icd a t?t agreeable auite of room* facing the ['ark. It happ >ned that, on patting th ough Vaany, some few day* since, ?I route to the Fall* o( Niagara, the proprietor of too ougreia Hall ( Vfr. ilitehill) wished to h ?vj the i it ig aph or thi lightings'.? in hia hook of visiters; and on being ttked to inscribe iier nauie in it, Jenny willingly owplicd. For a short space of tine the ver tihlo :aua writing of tbe " C|ueuu of Song" was oiai >i'e>i c the curious: but betoru three hoars h iJ e apsi l, mo more curious ami less honest than the rest, en", he prised etttogreph from the hook and wn'kei ol with it. This little incident shows how " Qneim" ire worshipped, even in a republican country. J. K. Albany, August 19, 1 til Mo>< Ant i rent Outrages ? The fuk'ic Oji-trs At rnuntable fur them. I -> J ' X uoio oio nu /a uinro m wjt'iss, UZTing, H!W rU'lless body of men existing in any civilized commality tliaa the anti-renters residing wit'aiu tea niles of the capital of this State. ?i larcelv a week .as'es but we hear of outrage! of tile most shuusul character committed by them. Ouly a few veeka since two public officers were so villauously rcaUd, that the Governor offered a reward of four lundicd dollars for the apprehension of the perpstalurs. It was stated in the Herald, a", the time, hat scarcely any reward which might bo olToreJ vould induce either of the vagabonds to expose mother. This has proved true; and new there is m attempt being rnuie, by the police in this city, 0 bring forth witnesses, in order to identify those 1 ho molested the officers. Several were examined his moruing, and, as expocte-1, nothing wai iicited whereby the offenders could be arrested nd brought to punishment. The county offi rsrs lcie are all elected by tho anti-renters. Tae ery public officers, who arc bound by their oaths o preserve the public peace, to see that tho laws are xecuted, and to bring offenders tojustieo, remaia luiet, inactive, and unconcerned, whilst these anti ent devils aie daily defying the supremacy of the aws, and openly molest, injure, maim, tar anl 1-ather subordinate publio officers, for undertuitng to perform duties which the laws impose. Among other outrageous acts, monthly perperatcd, was one committed in the town of tk-rlin, in venssolacr county, some ten miles out of this city. >n Saturday, at dead of night, a nuinbsr of antienters, disguised as Indians, foreib y burst open be door of the dwelling of Mr. Hiram Shaw, a.iusice of the peace, dragged him from his bed, arried him five or six miles from his home, beat nd bruised him in a most inhuman manner, tarred nd feathered hiui and then left him, with scarcely . breath of life. He must lisve perished before coming, had not two of the desperadoes bocoaia ocselcuce stricken, returned to tho wood where he ay groaning under the blows inflicted upon him, i.a raxscu mm up, pmvcu mm iu a sua rcurned with him to his owa house, froui which they iad forcibly dragged him aomo three hours before, dr. trhaw states that he becamo obnoxious to these ocrciless savages in consequence of hiving issued erne minor precepts at the request of the agents of dr. Van lteussclaur. The public authorities here are entirely too reniss in the performance of tlieir duty. 1 hose antienters should be ferreted out; tho t Governor should lo something moro than issue paper proclamation?. 4e should, regardless of all expense, station an irmed force in the valleys and mountains where hose miscreants reside, and arrest the first ono of hem seen in disguise. Let them be severely dealt rith and no mercy shown them, and an example or wo would teach the others that themselves, as well s other well ditposed citizens, must submit to the iws of the State. Because a justice of thcpeace, as a duty bound, issues a precept against one of these eckless vagabonds, he is to be dragged from his orne and family in the dead ot night, used iked a criminal, and treated worse than a brute! , nd this, too, by his own immediate neighbors, ho are daily and hourly participating in his friendbip and hospitality. These outrages have gone far enough, Taoy avc no relation to tho dispute between landlords nd tenants. They are criminal acts, and the ofriders should be convictel as for any other crime, lut governors, judges, sheriffs, and district attoreys, the public prosecuting officers, arc annually lected by the votes of these scoundrels, and owe heir places to them. They all want the anti-rent ote, and fear their power. UurWatliliigfon Correspondence. Washington, August 11*, 1S31. me uuixrnaionai contexts in worgna?/inxncr Plow lit the Union Party?The Gardner Claim, Letters have just been received from Georgia, rem compromise men, in which they express the ear that Howell Cobb, their candidate, will be doeuted by his opponent for the oflice of Governor, leneral Mcl'onald. Tiro months ago his projects were bright and flattering, but the entrance fthe 1'illmore whigs of New Vork into Governor Award's house, through the bock door, has disustcd the Union men of Georgia, and led them to elieve that the groat Castle Garden I'nion outhoot was a mere meteor, intended to dazzle and lind but for the moment. We now find that the Tnion party is entirely swept away, and that the -outh will be less inelincd than ever to credit more northern professions. The fact is, there has been oo much humbug practised by hunker politicians; id the people, apart from them, must be looked to n the hour of trial, to sustain the coastitution. It is well known that Howell Cobb sustains the cm promise measures of the last Congress, an 1 that Jovernor McDonald opposes them. However, the f.ttcr is opposed to separate scoession by the State if South Carolina ; but, on a recent oeeasion, he aid, " a large number of people in other Sutos sho tbinl. with Carolina, that the wrongs of the jovernment are scarcely endurable, are unwilling :o resort to so strong a measure of rerisUnco. Is t not a matter well worthy to be considered by ~<<uth Carolina, whether it is not best to defer to he opinions of her sister States, equally wronged ait b herself, and whose sympathy she has, k?.i1 na! i.rniMn I ifinnratwlv nri.l alnn<v tn a erasure of at lenst questionable expedioacy ! f the hope* of other State* are reali/.-d, ir.l the OnMBMl return." to a due PMMct or the right* of the South, and a faithful ad minisration of the conitiluticr, I most respectfully a"k f it ia not better to remain a* we are, ? united |>eo> llal I think eo, decidedly: for all we want is a ailhful administration of tne c >usiitutiou. It will ;ive ua all our right*. 1 confess that tny fear* are hat these bojc* are without solid foundation Hat t Is a matter that time must decide, and the docile n will soon be made. If made against the con-titutio: al rights of our people, we shall be as one r.*:i, in any measure neci ??sry to the safety ami nai pines* of all having a c >nuuon inte-est " Thii the grrur d on which not only Crencral Mci >onitiJ, out all the Southerners stand His under'tood in th.scitv that Gorernor Letcher, or Mtaiiter : .Mexico, will shortly return to that out try, and that he will leave Norfolk in the f-srana\ on the -'2d inst A special agent has pre did I. in to look into all matters calculated to i-iaw ^ght i n th<- Gardner cUne. und on oth t IB t .owed hy the late H->ard of Commissioner!. It t-ardrer will *o?n be homo, probably by the i d ul lht> mouth- Ilia e >un*el have already u.i ti its-I entente for taking testimony in Meitoo. J. I' t ar Itr, we learn, will take his d parture, tow. b r Mexico So. yon see. all parties ars i in Rlatieu to the subject. The frii ndsof Dr. . t - r. i on the a--a ia 'es of gentlemen , i. t 111 :!.e w. f.-el ecu li that h w.II blow la li e w ad* the cba*gc*. which they d.-nouaina'e '*>! ' r<'t?." against him; and they point to hi* id wet daring the tweut) <>ne month" that he war I a", 'dare,' n the e?mu>is?ion, as inn-ked l?> th J t dsgree of candor and honor. Certainly, il there was anything wrong about the claim. the board had fall time to examine into its merits Miied up. H certain public men arc in these tran 4tT < IBP jur nun ui imui uny-uuiwn^, ... v?.. ?< iu. nre, ?h. ulil not affeot individual. It ia dm ro the eoun ry that tlie whole truth ?houltl be W'< ?n in re!:?t ! i totkia -object; but thi* ran onlj be elicited by legal procedinjta; and, in the mean time. It I* rircedirgly improper to ao prejudice the * j reclnie a fdlr inreatlgatiori, and un nvctaaatUy dam a ire the ar cooed UTim. IiaiUCTiTi Fiat at Attunr. N. V.?Th# Alt .ay jfihat, of the 2i>th inetant, giro* the followirg li?t of ewferer* by tko lata fire In that dtr? Mr HetderV lorn I* r.ti mated at f II minor *12,"ext. ti rinding the building, atoek, and machinery, lie la Itaurrd for about |*.<<K>?f I.(khi in the Orleani t nanty t-< mpoiM . Alb>on. and*) in the Mer ebanta . Kuffalo. The two wooden tenement* ot uth atreel ware owned by Mr. Cruiae ai J occupied b\ bim and two familie?, namiii Tcmpkit.a and Wuoa-er. Them famihea wen iraMfly able to *a? a anything oiccpt in a Imaged 'a'e Mr I'Tliin i-.aa ratunat-d it 01 11 0. Injured lightly Tbo briok bourn on tin an reft wa- own. I by a gentlaman who reaide >n (. .1 taai?. and w?a oc d by a family named ful'Man ? t >n Weatorlo atrret, the building oeew |icd by Mr r*tewart, together with a rang* o ftallo and their rouleau, ware e?n?umed Mr Mtwart waa abeoat from tko city, ami wo wen or oblr to learn kia lorn, but wa.lntwmed Be ha> aoMt ia.uraaeo Moat *( kia furnitnta ?*J groc# Ufa witt anted Tb? Late Storm i at the But Mi Ifut. [Prom the Concord (N. II.) Patriot, Aug- SO. J On Wednesday afternoon of last week, a insst destructive hailstorm, accompanied by thu idrr an J light: inc. occurred tu portiuis of this State, which I excoedid in violence anyone remembered by tin ! oldest inhabitant, ilail stoned of uueijualled sizs fell in great quantities in inauy plasj*, and, bciag uceompaaied with violent wind, d l great damtge to crops, fruit trees, housed, &). We have accounts of its ravaged from different tactions, oon ujaeing ' at Warren and vicinity in the North In that tnya, we are informal, i be storm o intiuue l for half au . hour, and the ground was waite with lumps of iee. Great damage wad done to crops in that region It is stated that the hail stoned cairn do wn with stub force that they actually penetrate! completely through the turf in the raxi g-ovn Ivads <' le . lump wat pk'lted up and found to wei^h twenty ounces, another ae/cutecr, aui anutaer four'aj i. Twelve lumps were pielted up, uratei, teg) the", i we ghed seven pounds seven c uric )s Wo next hear of it in Daiibury, Wilmot, and AnJover, where hail fell in heaps, many of the stones being at la "go tu goose oggx, doing much damage to crops. In Silis bury, the storm appears to have beee still iuom terrific and dest ruotive. passing directly over tho S mth village, and almost literally sweeping everything before it. A letter from a gentleman of that village stn'.cs that whole fields of corn and grain were vi iiiviy uv'Miuvvu, uuu uvua uruavu u(i(?u tt'iu 1 iuin?J, gardens totally destroyed, and an itu liense quantity of glass broken. He had 1?>> pines of U aid broken in hii houoe, and some of hie noighi i><rs bad frooi 200 to 700 each. IUMJM:?1"Many , of the ma-.-es of ice measured <i, 8, 10 anl 11 inohts , in circumference, and they fell so fast and so long that the ground looked as white almost ai in win ter. At sunset you might hare shovelled up hail I ! stonos by the bushel in iuy yard, and many of them m< re than an inch in diameter, and that six hours 1 after the shower." Tue storm extended about five I miles east and west at that point, doing immense , injury in its wholo course. The storm passed down through West Bosrawen and over the village of l-'isheiville, but was there

accompanied by but little wind aid did loss damage. Hailstones fell in the latter place, measuring about seven inches in circumference. At that point ,the tornado appears to have crossed the Morr.m ick (for no hail fell in this village) into Canterbury and the easterly part of this town, where it made sad haves with the corn and other crops, trees, Hail of ! large sixe, and tn abundance, fell, und where the wind had "a fair sweep," cornfields were aim >st ea! tirely cut down. Theuee it passed ov.t Suaoaok I village, in i'cuibroks, where considerable injury was dune. A cow was there kilted by lightning. Ln ' Bow, Allenstown, aud Hooksatt, the storm was . equally severe, doing much damage to crops, trios, and houses In the latter town it is stated to have extended over a tract of ouly about a mile in width, | including the t Binge, aud that hailstones fell nearly . us large as a man's fist. Below that, we have not ' heard of any damage from bail, if any fell. The 1 thunder and lightning which accompanied this storm was, indeed, terrific, and the rain fell in torrents where It was not in a frozen state. We hear of damage from lightning in various places. A man was killed in llopkinton, as we have stated in another column ; the house of David Sargent, in Warner, was struck, but not much injured, aud no one { was hurt : a tree in this village was struck ; the barn of Josiah Kobinson, in Exeter, was struck aud j destroyed, full of bay. (Krom the Chicago (til ) Journal. Aug. 19.) On Saturday evening last, this city was visited by one of the most terrific thunder storms ever known in this regionilnoe Chicago becaino an outJost. At eight o clock, the foremast jf the schooner 'almetto, ly ing in the river, was struck by lightning, I and in less than balf an hour after, the mainmast | of the Wilcox, lying at the foot of Dearborn street, . was shivered It is a little rpmailiable that & vcsiel met with a similar visitation two years since, while , lying at the same spot. The birk Enterprise, lying in the South Branch, was also struck, but n?t | materially injured. A new building ua the North Side was struck, and an unlinished house at the corner of Mouroe and Clark streets, belonging to J. Meeker, received a visit. The subtile agent I glided down the corner-posts, actually rooting them out, splitting door-casings, an 1 finished operations l?y setting fire to the building, which, however, the torrents of rain speedily extinguished. The st >rm, as we learn, passed oxer a wide extent of oountry, but as yet we bare hoard of no loss of life, and no considerable destruction of property. The Lata Anti-Kent Outrage In lleusselaer County. a rttoci.AM.xriot. 11 y flsilttiston limit. Gwiwriw vf Ik t State of Xter York:? W brrrtc It has been represented to me that the dwelling house of lltram t<haw. of the town of Berlin, in the c< uuty ol ItensMlaer. was forcibly enlrred on the loth of August, instant. In the night tlin- by a p.rty of arai-d men. disguised a* Indians numbering about si sty; and that said Chaw was violently taken from his bed and earried to the town of tftepheotown. in said rouaty. where s< rious injuries wers Inflicted upon his p?i*on And. whereas similar relations of law. fatal to public order and security. disgraceful to the character of the Stute, and repugnant to the sentiments of all good cltli.<na, havo comet* be of such frequent occurrence ax to r-|uire extraordinary means to bring the offenders to Justice, aud to prevent the repetition < f like outrages In future Now. therefore. In the discharge of ray oonslltutl >atl obligation to see that the laws are faithfully executed. I do hereby offer a reward of Kits Hundred Dollars, to be paid to any of the persons engaged in the commissi! n of the said offence, who shall 1m the first to make a full dls- J closure of all the facts relating thereto, gleing the nsm of the ronsplrator* anJ expiring the particular actloa of | arli of tbrm a* fhr as pra. tIcable, In the srlaur* an i ab- , duct Ion of <*ld 8haw which reward shall ba paid u .J <r the direction of the court upon the conviction of nay of > 1(1 offenders, and to ruch person* tot exceeding live,at the court ehall certify to be entitled thereto, and the pereon* to disclosing and testifying ehall be telirTeJ f.-otn putilthn ent by the executive ebntary. And I do hereby enloln It upon all uiagi*tratr* and of. fleer* of justice in the county of Kon-aela.-r having authority and jurisdiction In the pr<-Bl?et. to be tlriu an I efficient in the proMcution of eaid oon-plrat r- and to adopt inch mcaeurea a* may eeea baat calculated to > cure their apprchemion and puni htuen: I would earnestly appeal to all our ctlii*?n< to ?n-np* rate with the authcrltlee in tlieir ettorte to iuppr> ** and punish then- aggre*?ions. and to uphold tb->?.- p. inrapl* of law and order, which arc the anly aahguidi at publlo liberty and Individual mcurlty. I deem It tny duty, moreover, t-> warn all comMna i Uona ofpenona firms! for Uupaifowofew lawloea aggressions anil personal violence. uud?r what' ever dlegulia or pretext,todeeUt from the furth r pr I cutlon of di*lgus ut one* perllou* to th maelvae, at>h >rrent to justice and fatal to the security end well U lug 1 of clelhxed aochty. hereby proclaiming to all wiioio It may concern, that the power* festcd In tb# ex-eutlv by I La constitution will l>e vigorously saercia**4 lo ?u<lain Ibe civil authorities,' th supremacy of the law, aid ling it* vo lator* MM the tribunal* which II has eri ctrd for the protection of pereonnl tight* and prasarvation ' I the public tranquillity In witnee* whereof. I have hi reunt 1 afflt'd my hxa I and the privy seal of the fltal* thi* MuHM [1 a ] day of August. In the year of wtar Lord, one thi uaand eight hundred nod fifty one WASHINGTON III N f Py the Governor Jimii If. Ill i.oLr.a. Private Aecrotary. Indian Oi tt.auiuon (turn >n Emiu?ant*.?>in*? our !ut issue, a company of Oiegutt emigrants froui Peoria county, Illinois, ami uue from Wis jon*in, returned to this place. They crossed the Missouri river at Perry rille, on the loth of June, numbering scvertcen wagons. Thi* company proceeded on I their jOVMI prosperously, until t !i y ? - -i t'i | Home, at which place they were surrounded by a | large body af Pawnee*, anno of whom were oa ' ' horseback, othera on mulea and on foot. B-for? | tie Indians reached the camp, they raised thetr yell. ' cr war wrrnop, mowing t h. ir no<ii!c iceim*. an 11 r , determination to iiielcrt the trave Hera. Upon coming up to the catup, the* demanded two cow* from the | company ; but, by parleying with them, they cooeluded to takeout) cowr and one aark <>t tl >uf, an 1 abandon their hoatile intention*. The oainpiuf , > tuiiplie<1 with thuir requeat, and gave th?m the choice of aelection, which they inni.?ted on having '1 ho Company then took up their line ot inarch, and wot along well a* far a* Big Bcaror Creek, one t hut lrcd and four nnlea from Winter Quart era. at which place the* arrived about noon ; ( iic dita wa bare hren unable to learn) ; tbia itreaiu not beiag | fordahle, they commenced operation* for bri-lgrig it, and had to rem* in there all night. About ten o'clock that night the cattle took a ?timpede; | stvcral of the company whom we have aeen, ny. that they aro eatisGcd the Indian* wera the rau?: of i it, a* they hail acen them aevoral time* on the way, prowling round among the hrn?h, and following i | them up Next day, the red ekin* mail* their op pearance at camp, end proferred their services to j recover the cattlo, on condition that the company would pay ttarm handsomely for it ; tbo latter agreed to the <c renditions, and three days after, the , Indian* brought ha k ten head, for which the emigrant* paid them fifteen dollars' worth in pro( visions, and fire in iu ?ney. The total number of cn'.tlc loft, were one buudrcd snd twenty, out of whi?h sijtty-four were recovered: part by the Indiana, and the remainder by persona belong! ig to the company. One of tha enrgrants is now in our c fiiee, a* we are writing this article, who says?that i ut of the remaining fitly *ii head, they b ive been able to reeorer cltvcn rtoro, making in all fortyi fire head that they eannot fin 1. Ten wagons of toe I e< nit .any cauie back ; being unable to orooecd any further, ibis season, on account, of tWr loss? AsstsfiNt (fotrti) (iH'irthtin, July 'l~>. Tltu A I.T.F.G Ktl 1'EFAt.CATIOPI AT I' lR I I Urtt'Ttt, ' N. II ?The l'ortMnouth (M. il ) Jonmti, speak[ ing <>l the alleged defalcation ol < >d 1 nu.N'aty I Ag. ut at that place, aoys:?As regard" the statement* recently made respecting the Navy Agent at ' tbl* statier. we learn from good authoiity that his [ account* were received from th" a mifag oil n I i i.i the Treasury, yesterday, and that tbe lulan-o 1 due to the government will be paid over imtneI' Mljl I James 0. ttreeu. a notorious bnrglar was arrestee at i Chi ago, Illinois on the 1Mb Inst., oa aa indictment 1 t> nding against him in that city. |fe is known at lb* i iastas JiinCaUsghcr, Br?hlyw City Intelligence. THE LATE FATAL ACCIDENT AT THE JAOKSO> FERR 1?VERDICT OF THE COKO.VKR's Jl El . ThU investigation was resumed on Tuesday morning when the Mlowlog additional testimony was given Benjamin <3. Smith, called auj sworn? Besides At It* ' Division street. New Vork; wis on board- the Jacks ia ferry boat on the Sunday evening of the accident: th? ferry boat was crossing from New Vork to lireoklyu. between half past eight and nine o'clock; the bi>o:i was then up; it was very light, anl was theu very near the last of tht Hood tide; he saw a small boat come out from the east pier of the slip, nearly dir. ct across the slip; heard the cockswain of the terry boat say. u Kow away, " In the meantime be stopped his bout; heard no remark or no alarm from persons in the small boat previous to that time ; witness sat within about ten feet from the end of til" boat, tonr-lj Brooklyn : alter the steamboat was stopped, the small boat continued her course across the bo v, nearing the ferry boat all the tiui? ; tti f Try boa' ha I h.l* slight way up >1 her when the em >11 boat caus' up. a i she cauie up tUere seemed to be cou.>lilc,al>le fright auiong Iheaa; they all rose up in the boat aud wh-tn?r they all fell over or jumped over from Iright. he coud not tell; the small boat was notcspsiied; if the persons in her had sat still, ttere would hare tteen no dauger ; the steamboat wis not bacsed. to his knowledge . did not heei* any one say, Btop the boat, you will be down on us." or auytlnng of the kind, at any time ; at the time the pilot stopp-d the boat, they were from 100 to lite feet from the small oue ; the ferry boat, at that time, was about 400 feet irom the uut-n \ it was Tei jr utrar nuica waicr ; mere was nine or n i tide; what there wp. wan flood, toward# Williamsburg , the current or whirl made by the tide coming round the end of the pier, extend* at full tide >om<- fifteen or twenty teet into I he river; the amall boat headed agaiuit the tide, and the feiry boat was croasiug the tide; witness raw no efforts made by any persons on the ferry boat to render assistance to the persons in the smiil boat; did not know of any that could have been rendered; eaw nothing in the way of ropes or buoys thrown overboard; should think it would have been imprudent to hack the boat when the small boat was close to her? say from three or four feet?as the swell from the wheel woull have a tendency to have upset her; but if she had backed when the small boat was fifty teet off. the collision might have bt en avoided: it would have been difficult. however, to tell which course 1 he small boat was going to pursue. Jonas Wade, sworn?Resides at 105 Itroome street. New York; was on board the ferry boat at the time of the accident: was just forward of the engine room, by the ladies' rabin: saw the small host, as it passed the bulkhead and thought it would not attempt to cross the slip; turned his eye towards the pilot, thinking he did not see them, when he rang the bell tor the bout to stop; should not think the two boats were then twenty feet apart; the persons in the smali boat stopped rowing: witness ran forward to tell tliem to keep on rowing: as he ran on the starboard side, he heard the scrape of something, whether an oar or the boat, he could not say; and the next thing he saw was?the people wore in the wat'T, and the boat right si Je up; told a person in the small boat, who had an oar. to put it out, that some tu the water wight take holii of it; thought the boat must htve been barked, by her lay lug so still, and trom the fact that if she bud not been, she must have run over them; heard them scream in the small boat just as the bell rang; heard nothing before; could not distinguish what was said; should think every precaution was taken br the ferry boat to avoid the accident; saw nothiug on board he could get hold ot to help aave them after they were in the water. Conrad Belsor, sworn?Resides at No 11 Carlton avenue. Brooklyn; was pilot of the ferry boat; on Bunday evening, August 10. between half-pust 8 andOa'clock. saw these persons in the small boat; they hollowed; he saw them, and immediately rang the bell for the boat to stop and hack; they were abont forty or fifty yards off ; without the lea-t delay the boat did stop and back; one bell stop* and backs: witness threw his helm to the left, which would sheer the boat down the river, out of the slip; the ferry boat bad backed until th-y bad no beadway; he daw forward, and sung out to the people in the boat to puil away;' aa near a* lie could are. they did not pull awuy, and their boat drifted against the ferry boat; they arose in the boat, and. as they were all shouting, they cast themselves over the opposite side of the small bout; if they bad aat still, there would bare been no danger; when they got so near that witness waa afraid that the back water would swamp their boat, and be rang the bell for their boat to stop; it was the last of the flood tide, witness'place, when steer J lug. is utt; he can see a small boat tweuty feet in front, ttey have nothing on board of our boat la the way of Heats or buoys to save persona from drowning James Clendetny. sworn;?besides at 'i ldttte Dock street; is engineer of the ferry boat Umgh and Ready; wss sitting by the door of the engine room at the time of the accident; heard the pilot call ton boat to "pull way." and jumped away ami stood by the lever; the bell laDg for the boat to stop and back; it made about four or bve revolutions back when the bell again rang to stop the boat; witness stopped her; he staid by the engine until she was stopped; did not think the boats struck; stepped out on deck and saw a man swimming, should have felt the shock If they bad struck. The J ury. after a very short consultationHTct urned a verdict:?"That the auld Jeauctte Maruick(i:iUc ailed Monck) and farah Seanlun. came to their death in couse tuence of the small boat in which tliey were sailing coming In contact with the ferry boat Rough and-Keady. al the end of the slip, foet of Hudson avenue, on Hue day evening. August 10. 1 be I That every exertion was used by tne persons having the managtinent of said ferry-loal to avoid such accident. That the owners of said ferry are culpable, insomurh ss there are no adequate means provided on such boats for the purpose of rendering as-tstance to peraone who nr.y be in danger of drowning from such accldmls'' IivntitESTixo i KovfTHE Lake Si perior Copper Keoiox.?A correspondent of tho Cleveland ILrahl, writing from Magic river, under date of August 7, says:?This pluce is located at the mouth of n small river, from which it has derived its name. In the vicinity of this village arc located the celebrated CltlT, the North American, and the Phoenix digwings. I visited, n dny or two since, these uiiuu f jo Cliff and North American have <|uite extensive machinery in operation, with an army of miners. From indication.') which cannot be decoitful, both companies have inexhaustible initios of copper. The flifl arc shipping tons upon tons of it. At the Cliff I picked up some very rich specimens of almost pure copper ore, and several pieces of copper and silver ore were given inc. which have been found. I believe this cor]>oration held some 2,510 acres of mineral and firming lands, in a bode. The stock in this company is principally held by eastern capitalists, who keep it as a permanent investment, us it pays a large interest. I dividends have already been drclared. The stock is divided into 10,0Cw? shares, and is held at * 131 per share. The company employ about 2>H) men, and have built up quits a village at their diggings, three miles from this slssa for the accem dation of its employees. Tno North American diggirgs are situated a few rods ouly from the Cliff. Already this eompany is doing an immense business. It alto has built up quite a village. Its machinery is extensive and in active operation. Nmiic thco shaft* have boon sunk, and a large amount of copper already raised, and is being prepared for shipment. 1 >no shaft is situated but a few roJs from tbo Cliff works, and on the fame vein. It is eenSdently believed it will be but little, if any, inferior to the Cliff mine. A large amount of the stock of the North Auiorican Company is held in your city and Mate, and its holders may congratulate themselves on the prospect bcfoie them. Its affairs are well manage 1 by its agents. I predict the time is net di'taut when the itoik in thie company will be little behind the II ff ar.d Minnesota, l'tiis company own some 2,5tsi acres "f land, and have quite a respectably ciiltlvat.d farm The I'ho-nix digg ngs aie looking w?l|. '1 he shaft baa been sank come 2)0 feet, and stamp wrtks arc in full op'ration. Mr. Mendclbaum. who has control ol this mine, ha* downed sueecas for bis energy anil perseverance. The we' formerly known as the I.agio river digging!. I.agle river is something of a village. It support< one extensive store, two hotels, one evtrrsi e warehouse, several groceries eaw mills, \ , lie. Crops rations are mating for the rr ret urn of a very large hotel h.'re, which will be open early next season, for the aecomuiodstion of trav .diets It Will not be inferior In si to many Ii uwi la !'droit. The harbor here ie not to good ai al < >r.Ui.?gou or l.?gle harbor. Sim* t>r 1'vtr I.?*M ?Pniilrit Fillmore ha* Iwaed hi |?r? oU motion to aril at amotion, at M Angnetloe, ila , November .'I. I <11, aboat * a<- < of lai.1- lytrg ri the I lot .da I'er.ia.u!a. ia tne M Augu.une diatrlct, of toai ?hip toelec. If not *old at fl i? per acre. It la 'abject to pritate entry at that price. It i* *ol?l In tract* *f at acr*?. Tbe ealea arc Hold for two Mall, The Ml??l land* (? < tioa I " in IfH Inaneltip) at.d military and other r*?erTati?n*, and the ??amp land-red .1 to the Mate aadrr the act of >? plrmk. r J.\ I" ? , are ex-tb'lc l from *ale. N . location f?r land bountlee jeriuitir J till ?ale taover, and *ubje<tr?l to prime entry. a? directed by Apprcptiatlon art tl March, 1*01. About 2io,'> m actie riluated north ol the bae i line ia aatd district an- toboaoidal the earn# time and place, and In tbe unr mam er A rimilar rale tak< place at Necnanetllle. on tbe 3d of Not*alter, of ab<ot ?'iii,( ?ai area, letng in the Ne enunnille dletrtct, touth of the b?*e 1-n and toanibin twrlve, and a1<oof aV<ut l*>,(i*? aerea Ifit g in the Nr*n?nevllle di'trtet, loulh ol the bare lice and of Wwr.'hlp twelve, and al?o of about !?>,(*>> acre* north t f tbe raid lino. A lib# -ale I* bad at Tallatiaeec, November IT, of abou Ibt.ihW aeree, all mat of Tallahaa*ee. About * re? ar." noitb, aid about P*H**i amoa - uth ?f the l>ae* . i a . _ I I. il> lire. I he I "i:?'. l airr um il k- m - it about '2,.*>??&,(Ml acren l.ikr aa'ee are t* b.' ma t ' at fault ft. Maria, tn Michigan. ??fa>c?.t 1 ' Ml acrea, on the 27th of (M< her, * I. I ike aalee are to be made in Iowa < itr, frpteruber I. I"* I. of abiut I'U.IHKI arrei; ami at f oi-fteld, Iowa, feptember I J. I 51 abjut ??,*?*' acfai: and. at I'ubitrjup, l^tli Aogutt, I""-!, an ialan.t of about "CO octet. There aalee are. n> addition, to be ma la during the course of lhi? and cetl month, at different |.lare? in Michigan. Mi?t>uri, Arkansas Minneeola. an I eie. who .a. ['he aggregate ol the land* aboac notkrd i? about t. CH,?UO acre*, which, at ?1 15 per aora, would amount to tVtil",l?>. It in probable that on j-twentieth may be aoid at public tale, perbar-a um ao much, and will etceedt he minimum price of kl ?'? per acra. Moet af the land dUpotvd or it byprtiate entry, or aaU ?ub?eqncntly, ht ?l 25. a* oTtiTtt livn i iov? ( forge pha-mb. eon?' mned for the murder of Mlaj fharp'.oa*. at Weit i better, I'a , i? ft be executed oa tb.* -'U laettkn*. mil iiiimi i im immmmrnmmmmm mamt i bit i m IRIPPIHO. ' POR LIVERPOOL-UNITID STATU MAIL STUM c (hip BALTIC, Captain J. J. Comttook.?Thil Mini wM ill depart with tho United Btatci mailt for Europe pi A tirely on (Saturday. Avguit 30th. at IJ o'clock, M , from > berth at th? foot of Canal otrtot. Mo berth aecurod tulp u for. For freight or paaenge. having unequalled aocommeA > tioni for elegance aud comfort, apply to EDWD. K. COLLINS. ? Wall rtroWThe lUamet A tlaatio will euoeeed the Baltic, and call Sat* torn her 13th. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AM) HAYBE?THE UNITED Statoi Mail Bteamahlp HUMBOLDT, D. Li boa Cowmandrr. will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton. ta load the mailt and paisengere, on Saturday. Auguit 13, at 13 o'olock frotn pier No. 1. North Kirar. frice of paeeaga, ilia). No merchaadiae will be received on board afterTharaday evening Shipper! of tpoeie will tend thalr apecia ow board on 1'riday. Luggage not wanted during the voyaga ah nul l he tent on board on Friday, marked "Below." For -JJgffa^BlOSToy, Ageat. 83 Broadway. FOR SAVANNAu -TIIK SUPERIOR STEAMSHIl* ALABAMA. Capt C D. Ludlow, on Saturday. SM Auguit, at f o'clock l*. M , from 1'ier t, N. K. For (reight or MEHA2S. auiilv ti? TVLTEf YORK AND LI I'KRPOOL UNITED STATU ATLANTIC r... _ . pacific ;.;;;; ARCTIC "J ?,tADKUTic'.V.V.'.V.V." * ''.'. ciut u'T***** RSiuAf* "ooSoj.ViS"; .?r Vork to Liv-rpool?^* Ltj?Vni'' .**r '?* a' P?vi*<? trim Now rooma. i^s- <r,,n. {Mflluaivt uio of iuo it&ii N?w York. AJS. A^,Vi! kOMour.T?t^^f^Mli#4 * " * *?. * Mrts'Si From Nu'fSrtL0 0AT" or I?t?rdi,,A?m.,D .. , From UnrpeAt. t Saturday, September IS. ' J' u"fsI' Au*tut ?, 1151. turdey, Septe?b? ol wSdElJ4'' S?P^mb?r 1. turday.October II Soptoofr 17, Saturday, October 2J. pL?a1UMi*?. October I, Saturday, November A, ' W^'i !}** ??tober Ik, " Saturday, November it. ? ?? J^toU,* SiturJay, Decembers, W^lEc!'l^>, N0*"?!** IV* Saturday, Decembers. ? F?''?'ld> or pauace, apply io Tl ?. " ft - * L: ^.UTafe^ntSrTrn^4^ *aoa ihu"ior- ^ *"?Jr fir'f, APrii "?**. t&? rate of trotadl by Via aba. teamori friru Liverpool will be materially reitoed. DACKET3 TOR HAVRE?SECOND LINE ?THE rrn. Frj? frm Skip ST. DENIS. jluf** frr^i l.(bu tooa burtaia, ulf'i f Aloaiu FoUauabee, maeitr JuVl i vCu?*.H bmpst. nich3ls" rtfV ^A" ? l.O'Wtoui burthen, JS toip BAtflMOR*5'- Oot. I N^y'lS TUjPtons burthen, ' Jifi'v 1 a*eUil* R. D. Co no, miatir. ^ Wp WILLI A* TE1.L. (u?v) f."', l.SUUtoas burtban, a5?7 Vr.U.. Joha M illard, ma tar. dS" 5 aiTJf*' V? *u flr?t claaa New Par* turn, erupt trji jj.iH All requmte article* for tha comfort St, j ?tt!fr.?t ton son, and oom*uand>d b? mnn ft# * V PM* SarfM butjbo^a^aetaallj incurred. tW4 M? ITINDERBILT'S NEW AND INDEPENDENT LINB T fur San Francisco vi* Nicaragua.?The favorite Jjuble engine steamship FKOME I'll EL'S. cf 1..VM tana burtaea. Churchill. commander, will leave from Tier No. 2. N >rtii river, ou Friday. September 12th, at 3 o'clock, P. M , direot for ban Juan de Nicaragua whence passcn.-, rs will be speedily and comfortably conveyed over tlio uew transit route of the Nicaragua Company, (having but 13 milee of land transportation.) to tlio harbar of Sun Juan del 3ur, on the Pacific Ocean, and thence by the steamship PACIFIC to San Francisco. The speed and qualities of the ah I pe employed in this line, too shortening of the distance heretofore traversed, and the completeness of the arrangement* for the transportation of passenger* thrunah a beautiful and healthful country ketwieu the two oceaus, olfcr inducement* to the travelling public, equalled by uo other route. N. B. ? In consequence of this route bavin* been lately put in operation, and the determination of the proprietor not to crowd bis chips with a number beyond what tuay betaken nsm'ortably, he has come to the conclusion to take but n limited uuuihor through. Plana ot cabin* may be Men. bat tickets ercurcd, on early application to D. U. ALLEN, only office of the line. ! Battery Place, up ataira. UNITED STATES 1IAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. FOB Now Orlease. direct, via Havana.?Fare Reduced.?Ow Tueeday. Au*ust < >, at 3 odock, the splendid steamship CHEROKEE. 1,3a,' tone burthen, licnry Windie, Commander. will eall on Tuesday, August 2oth. at precisely I o'clock P. M. from her pier at the foot nf Wama streets with the Government Mails. direct far Havana and New Orleans. Charm passengers trarsferred at Havana to tha > iplead.d double engine ateamvhir FALCON. Freight take* to New Oileaus at Ho eta. p-r foot. Bpeoit only taken an freight to Havana. No bills of lading will be signed after ike a is v in or hat sailed. N. B.?Shipper* are requested to lupply themselves w ith the Compauy ' bill# of lading, which may be had on application at the other. No other form will be signed. For freight or passage, apply at the utkca ol the tympany, 177 West street, ocrner of Warren. * M. O. ROBERTS^ IjMRST VKSAEI. FOR SAN FRANCISCO.?DISPATCH . line.?The new and elegant Now York built clipper GOLDEN GATE is now rapidly loading at l'iard. North River. Shippers hiving engagements will please completa the same it ouoe, as there will bs no delay. Fr ght taken at the lowest rates. E. B SUTTON. S< Wall atreut. MKDICAI*. 1311F RAiii .r.I) WOMAN .- PR!> ATE MEDICAL I <)Mpvnlou?liy I>r. A M Mturlcean, Pr fsru.rof Disease* ci Women?Twentieth Edith n, lo m >.. pp. aW-Prn e $1.? Years ol suffering. ol physical and meats! anguish t> many an affectionate wife, and pecuniary difficulties to th* hus1 and. might have beet spared by a tim-ly possession of this Work. It la intended especially for the married, or t'i?a* contemplating marriage, * it discloses tmportsit aeorets, wMih should bo known to them particularly. To the-a whose health doe* not permit of aa iaereiee oC family. It It of especial importance. Here. al?n. every female?(he wifo. the mother?the oaa nil er uiinoini iom woman* ono, or in? on? in i ie aaeuue of yeara, in whotu nntur? cunl ra; latea an important change. can diaroTer tt>? ubiii, i)iupt>ina, an<l the moo*. effi tun* hmIINi and moat certaia mode of euro, in every compUiok to which her rex U eabl?*t. (Kxlraot ol a Irttor fnui a gentleman in Dayton. Ohio.) Det row. May 1, !M7. Dr. A. M. M At RtcrAV ? M\ P? ar Sir ? Mjr w ifa haa Vein perceptibly sinking for ?>m* threa yrara < r mora, ia Conae<|uenc? ol her greet aaguiah and anfltnn r aom? months before and duriug her confinement; e vpry enccesaie-e one more and m >ra debilitate I and prostrated hrr. putting hrr in iminiotnt diarrr. and * !iit*h * aa i o the laitoci arioa d:*paired of. I anrp.?e<l that I lliia i*atr of tl.inga war ineeitable. and resigned my roll to 1 meet the norat. A; thiatime, (now About two months.)! I heard your book hiahly spoken of. aa ontainint eome mat. trra teat hl?( mv caer. Ou iia receipt and perusal. I cannot npr a* to run the rr'ief it afforded mv diatresaed mind, an! thc.iny ita | agrr imparted to in) trite, on learning that ana great aieeoirry ol M. M. Doaomeaua Provided t remedy. Ik Beard a proiyaci t< me, which I llltla coaotitti ?ai aaah ble. Hut for thia, ere another tear would hare panel eeer my lo ad, in all human pro! utility my wifa wout I have boea In hirgrnva. nod my children left iiiutharlaea. it ii, ofmntee, impracticable to couvay tu r* fully thevaj rioua aubjacta treated 11, ae they ara "f a nature ainctly intended for the a arrird. or tlita" ronteaiplatinr marriage. Fur (lie It Iir*>a Iwav. and at the Publishing offlje. 19 I.iberty etmt. New YnrV; little h. Co.. Albany; Joseph Tucker Mobile, Alabama. T. B. i'atjrson, bo Chestnut street, 1-1 lladelphia. On ll.e rect ipa ot *1. a ropy will It transmitted by mail, free of any pnrt of t!io L'nitel States. Alliet'.era must be a<'.4r?a*ed. puet pa<d. to Dr A. H Ma:ri?tau. # >g l.i.'l. New York rity. Oihoe. 1 -f Libert) atroet. EV CRY MO'Tir.R A B"t*K -1 lit FEAR" T P >r?*. ly, and the jitv :pe?U at toe large a tamr!, ofuiuldr *a. p:?' vent tr-ny fruleat people frem irarrylnr tut ****re ia a booR t.iat will toil rov many imp-Cant accrete win.a will evare me all aa?n oht?etfnBa. Prto?. g|. Tor rale by l?r. Retneraldo. la*, the Prtsguaaa A;en-r. N?. 12 Ann airman. I.ot(erw directed to boa 1,!#1 N^? York Peat Ofloe will k? | an?wared. Dr. ra' pa, a; th< r or tub 'practical fualto T. aeiee." A. . ()?oe henra. * to li o'rlvag A M. a. 18 to J o'c'ufk *.)?. (Honday aaaapud) No S. Groonnijit (trot. From ?ko ^'ktU<ii ?!:. aothcr fiat >ln ni>l whlrh h> *i?U unit* htv.if r~ai>i? 1 wt^nl ;??ri la raria for tha tar**** pt-rpoo of a' 'lying MtoOO dlI'U'I follows* to a :cn/ nl Tory ??I'lllTl Matt lot. dcrato* otclutlraly to kbit tpounitty. ha o nltho.t Lniwki pr.uai?., atia in \ht an<i orvnta >4 tojipUunioJ cat. a. ? - mtdary 4oim, k-. ka. k: n-i>n eortnln, ttfo. an I rali-nl -ttr.a >'%? can Hit*ta:ncj fruai *ty othertonroo la Amariov Thooe w. - apply a the r ?rl?r i'mi < *iooat-e, will ho gratis 4 ay ani r?pidi\7 of the euro, which tc n't-a ?~i ted <m ?"f7f tin". Reiparata walttat rsemtar* no'tiltl. tot t ' -in-. . . r ?4Jr?oo b?a ?. ? i'?.i i'* i>. > n < EXTRA t CERTAIN AN - .* i'UDT kJ tp-tigo?Thlt attract l< gnar< %r> rrro la Atrt I ??, It I* nitm.ut uiW or ir.ioll. ami will nrrn* ailb ton aio?t l.l|o?t. iltMui. M4 hp Kr.ghnm ]i Ai.R?r. 17 Aaenn Tt 7. I yo? < * Oead rtrcot; and a* I'-'.an n4i 10 K.nd. i'fMl, r (inn .if Atownot'e. IrHFORH N ATE S r -'If.N Ii TtlF. GREAT MAWJ color and BfTtd-raaowncl ??? ! l? EnjUadlni i' o ?" wtoj a Bullion < nr-?: mora t tcall ?U?f tn Ji laoe fi.r dmaa a <a too world vn? Miliraii Na apori.t. at tini tuna or a t o irn' f pnleritj'. II wi.I \ trr- at) *aa\ howtur bad ft ti .y I>?: and Pr jr. t attoo porta. tic it tno dot hfddoi ni-tdlr hoolt an# pr.?ary a?t t in It i. i:.?onlj(naraatra??in#laroon-tarjr ftaoaa. Nut?it' .:nndtng 1 t t- I "" ortnlaty 1 t modlOio*t oiao t ' i to nltr IHIiulMa II it Imp ? l? but t ?t ato of - irm ioold roroJna ir.olirlao n.tkt or I ko a nurt. lo. T o t.Airtod art urgod M lattit /at# t: . thor wooli dig for ill n1 trtaoaro ! prr Ittrr' WMlo af.5i a prtroto tr-allao. A.4d a* ?... ft't tial ttr..A?.rn-r of Hr vlntr. by Dr. Wytl.frma ' ? tot. <a td r '? rnp a*.-wean No ha.l. craw if ?oald hoar all 110 nam ' ' 1 t. - ,,1 that lit nt-ti.i toair rorfo-i tatl?tartiJB. o? tuit at thtrta. it a . tr-ttod by Irttof, p> ?t raid. 'totalling O.r lit.. 00. AM ?M*i.t? Btontrj tur a enro. ni'h amclo 4t, , t ' . i 1 . tT part i. . o iiit.4 pit . TratoUtro tnppliod nith the atti me. ko.. la a ; M.r? C'tlU) wa?d.?Jtrrmtv an hoot*, a sp?cC a,..tar* f r IS* fir* of t-rltat* dMotdoca. H Bitloi tpotdy ?ura. .itlwut tba Watt r.otri'tioa o( dial, dr. at ??f' ?uro, or cl.anta |? applia>?ioa to bvt.aoM, Tt* prrn"t>r?iiW1'Bo?k m?(W ,**, v* miitnra *Ut ?*t far*. noJ. r Uio lorftitnra of ?.t I It la Miopia loMlrl. or It . tail d.r*. tout. at >1, Out battia HaM > VA-?*V at. rnro-l in twa iiyi fort alab/C. II ? <ti 1W Bfoa?Uty. .?j |IH ntjari rt**?t, Ntm Torkj jr. I Lnu, l*H itmi, kaatua: Brian* k Cat. !**W I'flf %1?. PAAtd AS D lot DOB RXT or "*' ? AT# diataaaa. It I 'to heart, It a ao/rtablt oiri.oalioa. I rata. t* dibit.ty, l ror4.1t aa by im|>f ,itf halkk and aorati'ntl oil affaattoai, fci ttabinrt mdit.naa ?Hk W't oaal r.maty. and nan ah..* aay oat Ultra art tboaaaada no taaaot It rartu ttUhoal it at ht bat naaot dallp, a# T*a" dnraliaa, from tit olbtr ?hy4oiana la all. ka ?oaraa'.itt a aarm.nait onrt. H* aairt Itilp torn ?ttb?al Ota I'.la. a blob otkar* aa*. oaa?-l ly thair a<A rapr-likd ?a foratr d.*??** acaa trouth. Hi* diploma. ?l*b tlitat bad lit HuoJr-lt of, aia?? mat aolhlaa aaa tnal li t?a rural ma in '.at da/ D Corbya. (Jaa laoOap. l<*auta oar?l ma la a fa* S*?ra. ?'i*r tMWlWM Mad k laa? tlmo ?C. Bemad. 1 M'd ***r ?**' ?" ? * btattrd at waabnr.t from aali at.'^ wlihoat baatkt, ftt tia tortl ma by Itoal aid rtatral trot to aa I, la a atari ma-Jaa Tan farad at of it. wort- ?;phHitla adtriioa oa my body and laet la a ahort Mm*, aflat I lad laoa nod- thrta |i/tt?ttaa fat a y< arbaaMaa ??*? a*of|Iaaak aol' ?il ?a?M hoar of. Wm. Vatnaaa. n?* mb-t M J That* it ? ditttaat ??a. br taoloaiaa a km, la traal .J *>T ma.l. ?>? . bovra from I jatbt ?B'rt. tad 7 b> 9 id t:?t ?r<tit| LkkHftPT. k o t;?i tJ' ivw.i, >Pi d> *?rvt* kkllkMkk 1 riff.

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