Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 23, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 23, 1851 Page 1
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TH > -4 ? ' WHOLE NO. 6876. THE HAVANA TRAGEDY. Mass Meeting in the Park. iABGE AND HARMON 10 IS ASSEMBLAGE. INTENSE EXCITEMENT, strong and Emphatic Speeches and Resolutions. TIE EFFECT OF THE NEWS ELSEWHERE. The grrateet possible excitement exist. J throughout the city, yesterday, In c one. ijueuce of the inhuman treatment of thore who trtre captured at Cuba by the .^oTernment forces; and in every circle thai wax the topic ci conversation. The call published in the morning papers, for a mass meeting of the citizens, teemed to meet with general approbation. and thousands repaired thither to join in the proceedings and give express!. n to (boir feelings At an early hour in the afternoon, groups of people began to gather in the l'ark to await the time for the general meeting At fire o'clock, the steps of the City Hall were filled, and every avenue in the l'ark levdiug to the Hall, was filled with persons A temporary stand was erected late in tho afternoon, hut '.vas totally insufficient for the officers of such a meeting which entirely precluded the possibility of getting a pood report?no provision whatever having been uiudo for the press. The flag of free Cuba was suspended immediately over the stand from the City Hall and the United States flig Tested upon the stand. An oi g those present wtrealir^a number of native Cubans, who setinert wild with exoitoStent, and cluered the Cuban flag as though victory had already been gaintd over the Spaniards. At six o'clock, about four thousand persons had assembled, which number was swollen by the arrival of a procession from the Third ward, preceded by a band of music The procession was lit aded by the stars aud str jie-, alter which were seveial banners with devices The three principal ones were as follows SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O 9 O ? GOVERNS; EST, O ' o o PROTECT ? O TOUR CITIZENS, o ? Or the PtopU Will! O ' o *oeoooooooooooooeooooocoooo* *OOOOOOOOOOOCOOCOOCOGOOOOS3* ? THE BLOOD OF o o o 50 A 91 K K ( C A N S o o o o CRlKd FOR Q ? VENGEANCE. o o 0000000000000:CCC3C0333?0* ! 0 TIIB BLOOD OF Til fC AMERICANS ? o o ? CIt IKS FOR RKVEXUB. ? o o hoooooooooeoocooocooeoooooce Captain Iltyrras appeared on the pint form, and atatod that aa th? hour had come, and as tbtru appeared to bx so plan of arrangemer ta for th? meeting, ha w'til I store, with the content of hia fellow citizens, th;< Won. Elijah F. Purdy be appointed chairman, which was i unanimously agreed to. And. on motion, the following gentlemen ware app dutod Vice President#, to wit : ? Acdw. H Mirkle, 3 I.i'.hy, Jarod IT. Eel!, Traaria B. Cutting. Thomas N.' nrr, I - . iali lt?n t< ?e, j , John D. licensor, laaae V Fowler, Ala*, r V mho, i <!. W. Frroch, Samuel Osgood, l'a'ti It Kell. y. Michael Murray, David, Ed". vrl "aif.rl, ??ml. t'vnrinaham, Richard Complin, t\ IT, vhk?ff r. i Martin U. l.?ifl. Jeaeph Cornell, T1 I . Duo lap, Augnjlua Schell, Pennia Multina, Thorns* Whtlie, afatlnae Oooderson, Geo Douxlasa, E II I! rt Dudley Ba'ev, 'J lion i" Ui.riir, Tl, .Hit* O'Dnnnell, - lEdeard Strahan, Sauiuel Rrsilhurct, John r, i*. D Fran ah. Philip t o'lina, A. A .Thompson, Vxidftu Woodruff, E. Fitzgerald, Flarerra McCarthy, lluiry AII'U, W. Mli.rr, <1 W, luvt, Chaa. V. Wttmorc, V/taley ?<r.ith. Stei.hxu U. Feaka, Peter Ilnfly. Jar C. M'illett, Orrill?J Naah, Daniel Ward, Charles Ohalarcr, John V. Savage, S. C. Went. Da> Id I'olinek, l*c?or Doua. J a lot a Entliah, Charles Francis, John Y. IS >gart, E. E. (.'amp, laaar R Smith, Solomon Kipa, Charles Ring, Garrett D' rkman, Charier Went), O D Striker. Jr., M V?" S. Jaktoa, Josm i T Sw.v?t, James IJ Suydtm, Joseph A Divrer, E. Blaukman, John Dougherty, Chaa. J. Burhnall. | Mr Pi bdv, on taking the chair, m??le a brief spe?eh( i In which ne not only aympathiied in the general todlgnation at the reroltlng butchery of American citizen*. . but declared himself to be In faror of the liberation and Independence of Cuba. I Colonel Tu rns N. Caaa then camp forward to r"ad the resolutions, and aaid?Fellow-citizenr. I look around < sue with w degree of ratlafaction to find that there ii yet ,-nough of American blood left in American heart j to xeapond to an outrage committed on American citizen*, by the Hpenbdi government in Cuba?an outrage that the rery barbarian* of Africa would refuw to commit In any chape or form. Our fellow cltisen* hare b-en butchered without trial and without judgn or jury; and we are here aceembled to glre expre.otiou to our opinion') in relation to thli foul act, to which olrlll aatl.m ran ufT >rd no parallel In any period of the world (Applaure ) \Vh?n theee gallant eplrite left thi* country, they left with the lUtinct understanding that th< y were to be re*pm?lhle /or failure; but they uerer dreamt that cuoh an act. a* era* perpetrated by the Governor General of Cuba, could hare been romn itted by any indiridual bearing the human face and the human form (Groan* ) I hol.l in my hand aierieai f rraolution*. whi h I am about to precent to yew, but before I do co, 1 barn mow further ob ervattoa* to make. Ity tbc came in >11 that bring* u? in, telligence of Uit* revolting batbarity, we learn that the ?on<]ueet? of Lopez were *o great that there *M no stopping of the progreee of the arm* of the liberator*; nor rhall thi* morement cea*e with the independence of Cuba * hat bi begun there, will extend to Mexico, and In lea* than two yean the American continent clear to Patagonia will be part and parcel of the I'uitnd Statee (Ureal heerlng. and rrte* of " that * tbe talk ') Waco I look around me, and ?ee the enlhueiaeui erinced by thUraet multitude, it awaken* tbe deepeet emotion* of my haart, and bida me believe in the *p.e<,y liberal Inn of Co >a notwithatanding tbe effort* made by two or tbrre paper* of thia city, one of which came out thi* morning with a o asm and a halfol an edit< rial agalnat the cause >f freedom. (bond crie* of the ' the F.svrtu ") It atated that there waa but one government in Kurone republican, or fkrorable to republican ineiitutlona I liar* no he*itstion in elating that a movement la now b-gun lo thi* I'ark, whl< h hna received it* imp to-< from the butchery of our fellow citlaen* in Cnba. and in two year* will a-to ai?h the editor of the Courier ami Fnt/mrer. It will eh if the gentleman that the people are cspable of *?lf-government in every part of th? world From you the principles of iibi rty anil republican! ,m will iprend throughout the world and not Switzerland alna*. but the butcher* of Auelrtnwill c n.e dowi In due time to those prin lpl?* i n whtoh our k< remittent I- haeed. (Apiduueej The purpow for whirh We ITf nailed together l? to tak? lot J onrtderathn the horrible buoh-rr of our and 1 dvriro to aiate the bet that the whole evil t? owing to the eourae that the genetal g intnim-nt ha? pu-rued (A pplaure. and oriea of 'true ) Wo have had no government l??tan<J bj Aowioau citUeim ia the ae-ertion of their right*, or to give their countenance to the eau?e of freedom abroad It la not long alnce we have e?n Great Britain?I hare teen It, for I wa* there at the time? we bare eecn the Hrltiah *i|uadr n rnter the Douro aad tnterf're with the people In tho action of govern meat; yet there *? not a word anl about it here?it wae Great Britain that did It. and utir goVernmdht aofllwee d In runpreaelng the liberation of the people In that part of the world. Nttr l? thli all IaA to the time that Oreece etruck for hi r in lopon lence The whole ol thl? country wae then rnuaed Ire dieot w -ll when the- raanon, for tho purvhaee ofwbloh our eltlrone nbti riliid to aid her in t ho trtiirplo. wae placed in the Park I wae then a echnnlbnv. and, with my *ch H'lmatce.l leaped over It with exudation at tho tho ighl that the time war at hand eibi i. that gun w uld be n-od in delivering fitter* fn ui the tbmldom of her tyrant There wae ne?t a word then iigeitmt extending thte >athy and aid to a weak and -?ru,;gling nation end Henry Clay hlnmeir ee? nn d to rejoioe in t be i< i> *1 rentlment A Tore* ? lie ought to be Fre>M*iM n v. Colonel C?*a?l now wei.t to mv otie thing that I know earh and every one of you will' u,io ' It n file, Our govemiiient ha? gone far bey .nd It- duty In ri iatlon to tlioee brave Ann flnau ciMm.i w ho hire rased their live* In the Cohan expedition i he l*re-.idon'. Ii id n right to leene Ina pWc email on waning th'i p-n;?|* of the littite d Btatee that thu-e w'm embattle I 'n that or,, ierpriee did eo at Iheir own r' . nn.I were not on ith d to any pro'eciion from the f nito 1 state* If m t ie prion re ?,f war But bev< r d I hi- he bad no right to go (Cheer*.) Perbap* Wih-ti r may cmne for ward andxay ? I am a d?d a?n in making th'? aeeertion. , A VOll ? lie il> H ll dfrmllflli' 1o*t^ht't) I Oolaawi Omd.-I t?ll you tl>?l lie gooernmrnt h*d no ? more rlnhi to M.t their oll<-th nn<l tmf< to witch the < ex pert it lor tela. tlinn I hare to watch i ny one rf yoa to ? TowkMMi (Theem ) There t* not t(n(?tiitii'(it on i the face nfOod'n emth-nivt I defy the ureal exponort- I or of the c? DKiitmioti hirn ll to <( n> It?that ho* , erar ff< be no far to pot lt>er?l pflliciplen <tn*n n* i t>? goririm.nt of ih. tjnlnit ain't* (\|'plan>e) It i rent* with on to nl.nw the K"rriheint a t ? h peimltlt do no lioronf or, m .1 I o. t h e a I tiRi > ' tli t character ?1 tho country, una an Internet in the t E NE " '* , %*. ? - ?. -?.?? -ArUjk*.'. . Vi* .. M propagation bf the principle* of republican!-mi Mr life on it? and I never embarked in tbU ctuu until ball past II o'clock last night, when I beard the news of the hi vial massacre?my life on it. that six months will ml see Cuba in the possession of the Butcher (lensril. (Afjpinuee ) Now. gentlemen, I bare got one point mote. You recollect the account that appeared In the Lupira this morning, that your fell <w-oiii?en? w-re shot ny ihe Spaniard*, not in front, like men. hut the cowardly sssssi-ins fired at their back*. There in something in that ihich gives HUpwU interest in the hero Looox, nr d the men who went with hUn ficm this country, whose fetewi have yet to h nrn. There ii ooe point more aud 1 hare done It la the conduct of our Consul there. (Nine 1.1 arty groans were here given for that official ) I uaeure you I bare had soine experience in these matters. 1 have been many years in the employment of the government abroad, and I here declare my conviction that bf sure an Uod it my judge, this blood might have been spared (applause) if the Consul had ouly acted in the tnaniier which became an American. According to the acceunt* received, the prisoners were aelx.-d at one o'cloi k in i he morning and it was not tiil 11 o'clock in the foreroon that they were butchered in the public streets of in a manner from which the human mind revolts. Had be been a true American?had he but half the spirit of an Americuu he would h ive gi nc to the tiovernor General, and informed him that any violation of national law in regard to these II .en s.iSS Ke ir..l.,l V.? VI. . - - ? ? - " ? B".muui.uv a ( iiuiiui hi nlTrtir. (Cheers) Had he doue so, the barljar- I on* act would never been committed As Oo<1 is my ju l;j?, ; it 1 bsd held the office of Consul at Havana I would tiave ' ktc tied in front of the man that was to be sacrificed, and before he (lied the bullets should have passd through my body first (Great cheering ) My life would hare seemed as nothing to me. ?o strong would have Leon my denre to maintain the honor of my omntryat such a moment Then look at the ease of the Falcon, an Ain *licau steams r, h.-aritig the American flag, and the words, the I.niiid fitati a Mail,'1 distinctly legible on it. thrice hied at by a Spanish frigate (Loud cries of Vengeance, Veigcanoo," and great excitement) Ves. she was tired al and < < mpeih d to come too. llad Alvarado iiuu'er, whim ibe government are seeking to disgrace, been on board the hereon Hod Almighty help the Spaniards, anil the sleainbeat llabanero (Great applause) I love to look upon you There is an American spirit in you? a upirit that esni'Ot be stayed?a spirit that will pervade tt is continent and Its adjacent Islands, and will one day euciiclc the earth itself. &.'r Carr thus concluded, amidst vehement applause, I and then read the resolutions, as follows :? Kef. lved, That in the opinion of this meeting, it is consieHnt v illi the p. arc neutrality, ami honor of ourgovernam' for ti c peop'e to as eniblu together, anil express their I sentiments up. n the subject of Cuban independence; tint | auch an taprereion cot inly c< mj orts m hie magnanimity , and tre'dngs o a free people, but is inure particularly honor- | aide to tl.e character of a cation ?ho *?;? the lirst to declare Mul istahlis) the principles 11 freedom. liesolved, that our Cuban brethren, in their late daring de ael.ed r-sirys at v arlous points, ru tuithstauuing ail tlis difficulties in their way, thiir want ol' arms, the impossibility ol rot.eere or effective proparati in, a,.d the perpetual pretence of die iroips of tl.eir tyiauts, to the nuuisercf mint a liaj out t to every five uuurine I citizens, have provod i tbrtoSt'lte not unworthy if the libcitv which our oaum pi) l as toi gl t iht m to long for; and that the) nave our warm- I ct t ayn pat! ie? and hopes fur a tricmphaut issue to the revolution they l av# eo nobly htcun. UiB jIvee, That the appeals so freijuently made by tho j down-In tideu inhabitants of Cuba for aid aui assistture in , :l I p.y rai'te in ?Meh they are ergegeil rre worthy of bg- I n^ ier) ouu. c to l > the American people, wh ?? apnea' up ! tit r s:r ilar irt i lin ant es ? as respontitd to by a Lafayette, 1 a I'ulaski. a Koitiusko, a Montgon.i ry. and other di.-iu- I guithad i ru i rn w hoseINtltUNil ti e tiine ?f nooa na- ] it: ally ooutri uted tnnardr making tho old thirteen coin- 1 nil a m at " they of right ought to be, free ;ta 1 Independent ( i.t-o|vid, That while the sovircign despots of tha earth claim and exercise the right of seutiin.: their artillery sod ! their hay ol its to put down liberty ? htrever s o veutur. s lusiiowlei l ead, t. o sovereign pu pits of A ourica bate at I* ast the tqur I rig>ia of going to hi r support. hue or aud ft in left ; till uLic thus going by in Ji vide-1 action, without piitilioi rgaxitatlja or national responsibility, rliey violate i.o laa i n or divine, but, ou the contrary, in resisting lyrsi.ts, ubty (lod. !! ci Ivtd, That we agree in doctrine with Vattel, the ehlnf tun ri y i n ine i?f 01 nations, that " when npnople, fur :n.d imut), take up aruia reainst an opr.rcn >r. jj?tioe mil fneiweity r? qnire IWt brute men fhould be aerated m the atfence ul tl tir lihirty " Heeolted, 1. at we axree with Daniel Wev?ter. that "atithuritiee ti < be hiftlit at emincme. living and dead, have maint lined that t'e Kvie.tal law of natioua doer not fortiii trio ' ii-ih r -ulUcti of una nation Irom tai-in-c par' in the civil v m?i" ifi ui another:" with bia empY.iiu protest, ii< hie m f|:' r 1,< nee with a liri'inh minister, against the ap.dlca lion ul the I ?; ly slanderous tern, of " piratee" to such perunei : i d lurrl cr, with the doctrine laid down in Me letter if inatrnctiona to the United States Minister In dextao, in j rv! ret,' e to ti e an dlrn of artnani d the Departure of ar.ued u ipmnte te 1 tana, that " neither the cenititntiun. nut the [ ewioi the land, nor prineiph a km wn to tho uia^a of m > ! ; nftatif authorize tc- l*i t'a!'leI^, of tnv ViU'.i'd Vwtes to ittiruivt lawful trade between t'- l'; Ited V. t a T"?aa, r i pevint. or attempt to [re.enl, i dividual t fr >m at Up tie Culled stales for luaaa or any other tor ign at in t. l oao'ved, That the f.rinx at the Uri'cl Stntvi teamahip r.l. on. liy i l.i tleam>hip list anoro, an i the uncoortetut and .indif.i in: d oi ini ai.i.r of the othe r i ot thai va.ael a I i 'te -tat. government ship. h-r othrere, ere* and pistil i err, urc au in>ult, for which an ap .l >gy should inimueit'flj to i tin a hill 0 hy cur guyctnni-u'.; and in ea>? of aatiiiscticn not being ?r mply rendered, by the dismissal and Disgrace of the parties who committed thoae deo la a aouae I 11 If n i |mct dictates that, if net e ?ary, all the uavat power 1 t!o eotintry ahould be dirreted tow sr Is obtaining atone- ; en t Kr ai eh n w antnn nttaok cn n defencrleaa "teamor. and , inch an unprovoked inanlt to the American flag and the , hn etican pe- pie. K rolnl, 1 hat the maeaaere of fifty American pritnnera, I y the hpaiiiali euthoritiea in Cuba, in cold hlood, at a singlu trikftr slaughter, without the sparing of one, or the per- | x.i?s on of a l?at word or memento to their lionet, followed up, la it war, after their gallant and unflinching <* -aiu, with tie I z.vtt Irutal harborttiea practised u| <>n th ir Ilfiloss remr.lna, uue a crtel and i uweraly atrocity whioh awak-ne from foe ti plh* of our hiatts a profound sentiment of hotror.deii rtsti ii, and dnguit. Ketolved, That aucli conduct was poraible only to that pirite royernnent. which wliila tattentni on the inf am ma mi ?t M.ltmii ttealic?. at the same time tireatona la ?r:u II.a savage hordes. Imported by Heel , against thi Calm s, ltd t<> crvert Cab* into a Saint homings, rithsr than See | t ret jlution" by iu oppraeeid people consecrate its Ml lift II il to lihctty, indeiendeucu, and prugraia. Knotted, Tl at the conduct of Mr. A. P. < >wea thcAmerlOB t MNI at iiavana, was dastardly and btartlesa >u the ; itrinit, ant unworthy of tho American ci.arnctor, a llbil It meats tta just indignation of the whole eouatry and that J the Utilised woild. Kvtolved. That it ia the doty of the American gyyern- j mtntto recall Mr. Owen frntn the oCicr woi h he lite | r ised limtclfio unworthy of holding, attl which he has ao shim tuliy Jinrntd and that his plate he at once 11 led by ? n oie ruitable rrprtsentaUvaef the Americas al.eracter a id tl e Ann rieen ptople. Resolved That totitiilntiOBi iu money are hertbyiolifited. to advaiiee Ctib?n inrieperdenoo ; and th* t a sji-abto committee he appelated by tho I'resiuant of t.ii'mealing, to i ti t as treasuries toriceireand dithnrsa tho .am in aoih | mari sr ne in tl rm shall lust f >r tl s p om .linn of tho aim in wliioh tie liato this day heard ly enlisted. Tlit?e rrielullt lis were uuauliiiouely adopted; anil we may tuld thut each one wat received with an outburst of tpplsnau that was beard, no doubt, at the extreme end ' jf the city. W lien Mr Carr concluded. Captain RtwDm* waa railed l ipon to address the meeting. lie commenced by aiylng ' .bat tba pierent occasion reminded hint of a meeting j hlch took place on the same spot a few years ago, ban the people ol New York assembled, without dls.isrtion of party, to take ootlon in relation to the Mexl n war. We recollect, said he. that the Spaniards and ilea leans of that day committed outrages against the xtple cf the United States, although Dot half ao barb*- j c us as thorn wLich hare bean committed raeently in ?ub*. And I want you. said he, to rrmrmb*r, that on hat occasion, aa on tlds,some of the press of the city of S'ew York applauded the Mexicans, even to the echo, far heir atrocious detdsat that time. (0roans ) ( trust, How either*. I bat yen hare not forgotten these outrotes to which I refer, sod that what we bays this dty it irtl of will ncv-r csrsns your memory On this os>>. ! n it la with stflloultp I can control the Indignation bleb I feel I apeak to yon with mingled <?nJni-i ta of in lignatlon and contempt. A eoun,ty that held* a rc?i>*ct*blo pnaltion among Iba drilled nation* of the world, ha* committed an ulrag* on American cltixen*. at which huraai Itp >hi doer; and f r what ? fur what ha* thla gro** outrage i i, alt at I he American people been perp"tr*t"d ' ah< n I ray th* American people, (do not mean thoae >nly wtio Ioid the good fortnue to be born here, but i.o* aha driven from their native Ian U bp tyranny, Save joined their fortune* to our*, and become American iltlten*. (Applaure.) Such acta aa the**, of which we Save thla day b< ard. committed bp the government of Juta undi r it* Terp eye*, and aanrtloned hp it* autho Itp, aiich acta, I -ay will work tbe ruin of anp govrnu?nt thai to1?rate* aliem. (Oreat applaua* ) No batter villi no* of the apeedp downfall of Spanleb (li-apotlam are Seeded than there a'rocinua deed* of It* ofl.-UI* (At ;hl* point there ear a alight, aprlnkling of rain, and on ii me ptr.-on In tbe meeting remarking that it waa raluiv I apiain Hpmlera raid that a little rain la nothing :<tr|ared with the blotal of our Americau citlrena that Sad tie* n rh*d in t'uha. We mn at not grumble. ?aid hi. tt a little rain, for without rain tbe earth would uot pro lure lie f< nit a ) 1 be apeaker raid he would not detain he audience much longer, because there Were otbera pre aid eho Weie i X|*w<led t? apeak lie would. H'lW-vt, ay a fee word* in lalalionto tbe American tbuwuii ,i l'?t*i.a My friend (Mr Carr) raid that if >lr Onen had ntnlrred. tire Uvea of thee* fiity-two pervm* m ghi hire t?en ran d With *11 riapaft. I beg to adh b-hi In hlaupmisn. Althungh honor, Integrity, md eemnon I niiietiitv d- man lei of I e Am ri- oil , n i U that Ik tliMM ltt>thn> on that nrnwHn, bin lilt* r ? ? <? ?llh tiwb a rot* rnnrnt hi..: tu'h a p-opl?i tlhl n< t Intf bioli of any til. ft. till l*'i cr Mlf t) t-r iwritfiot h. our An ft!-? ' twh-i-Ih win- flrtvl ?t an J >ut Hn? ItiMiltiil, and it Ik t<i tha rtrrn?l diagram" of our iwnItnt* nl, it'iitii - him tnthil of Ihf AlMrtr ?ti 0?ti -til t*t Ktul.iui it ni< not d>MMnL It Ik tlx* ffovfin i.mi ?Hrh Ik Rial to Ik hUim ?j. but th? Am* rie in Omul cannot ho ram od, f <r hr rnidly witni-KK-d tbr rvi act. ?l hlK n.a.ilryti an without making any affort r-? ar.- thi in. (Ort tinK |o? Nr. Okkii. UIk limloiri Uoii?Ul it fi-oaia) I'hf Ann tlraa ttnmiil In 'Iiik bu-tu* ra <11. illr??l tlif rati r of humanity In rvf-.i log to m l-d hn i* n n tmirjnii t? In Miftr IkkI hour of ar'hly rxl*<?itr*; ii'fl hi- Mali* I" I'-if thf world.a liflng monument of hi* i*n<t>n?l 'Bfiinij. Ill* heart Ik eri-ii-otly n.iu of that * ? ar< ua in.d pi waI h-dl'R of tho Am rl.-an pfophi which ?f i Kf k i ?i ry hatrof In 'ho hour i f tmrll or mlKfafttinw tit. |iiit< Hilly It t *? Ihr taultof i ur yi t?na?nt. w|>. .o M|w had hriu hr-d Into hy a Button onmp iratiTfty I i>k?a talii *bteh * tt< ul'l ??.cpou*f aalairnf** f ?. rh**c to do to ( Apfdaii** ) I nj It wa? llto f.?nlt I ur poti rt luoal that iuoh an ' ultngc ?a? a w-a.l IBk r- ti.ti'ltt. <l It ? aa the rotoi nro -nt of thla conn'ry huh p- miiiUU nuoh an iMutt to be c<uuiiiHt?4 vn ita wro ORNING EDITION?SATUI flag?the count ry of a Jackson, who. if the departed could eii rcif any influence in the world which they left would burst his n ri menta. and upbraid the Amerioau psoplu with imbecility and eowardioe, for submitting (|Uietly to such indignity. (Great applause ) Fellow citizens. I will corrludo by remarking tliat the Are of liberty, which has been smouldering for centuries In t'ubu has la i n rekindled; that its flame now burns brightly, and the time Is not far dis'ant when Cuban in dependence will be established, and Cuba will be one of the United Htates; not as a conquered country, but as a voluntary member of thi' great confederacy God him self lias dt creed that Cuba ahull Se fri e. and that she shall be a SGate rf this glorious confederacy, and human power L cannot prevent it (Great applause, in the midst of which Captain Rynders sat down ) Judge H? au. of Ciniinnattl, was here introduced to the immense aifcmblage. and made a brief speech He said, we are here assembled for the purpose of expressing ourf opinions on the atrocities recently committed by ice cpuiiitii authorities, in Cuba, on American citizens We ore here oh citizens of a free republic, to malotala the honor of the flog that ha* wared ever us from our infan -jr. and under which we hare marohnd to victory on many occasions. (Applause.) We wrere aroused from our clumbers, last evening, by intelligence th it fell upon lis like a thunderbolt In uiid day. Wo had supposed that the gr- ut highway of nations was opeu to American citizens. ;or we hud thought thut they had vindicated their right to it We thought that the boue nf our bone and the lit oh of our fl'ib,cn the shore" of the Pacific ban a light to communicate with their friends on the Atlantic ci act At this point of Judge Read's speech, Capt Rynders asked have to read the following extract from Mr. Webster's despatch to Mr. Fox. the British Minister ut Wathington, in relation to the diClcullies which grew out of the Canadian rebellion, in 18117. Mr. Webster is looked up to as great authority on sucli subjects, nud b. hi, at the time he wrote the despatch. the same i flinc in Capt. Tyler's Cabinet, that be now holds in Mi. Fillmore's. It is uot like iy, therefore, that the present administration in W ushinglon would bo disposed to dispute the position which Mr. W ebster lock on that occasion, 'l'be extract Is a.- follows:? Htr 8s.,je-t)'s govern men t ire pleased, also, to speak of H ose American itl/riis who took pari with persons iu Canads eniisod in an usurrvction against the UritUh governBtest, as -'American pirates," 'the Undersigned does nit acmit I h i roprlety or j notice of thi? designation. If ?i tut no ol tl.e L uitcd motes nttcd cut. or w* re eng-ged in lit ing out, a military exposition from the United Otwtcs ditondsd to act a/niiist'thc British government in t-amda. the/ acre curl) viols tii g ti.e lawa of their country, aod egp ?ing th> noelves :o (be jc> t c-use-iueacei which might he inllcteJ on th m it tcki n within the Iliitirli dominions. Hat, notw tti.i ti.ndi this, t hey w>re cortaiuly not pit at so, nor do so the umh rs'gnod t .iuk that it can advance the purpose of fair and irtendly dUcussio u, or hasten the auooinuidati in of nkiionul difhcultho. no to dcnoiiiinoto them. Timor offence, wl.a'evcrit wan, had no anabgyto cases of piracy, rinpposino all thut is nlliged sguiust theui to be true, they wore taking r |>: rt in w hat 11, v re( ariied as a civil war. and they wtri takings paitoi the ? do of il.o rebel*. Surely Ivoglaud hi tie! I ho not regardca p-rsons thus enraged as deserving tin- u p Hanoi, which I ,r Majesty's gove-i-nent bestows oa tfctte i-.-iieno of lit I nito l .Mates. 11 is quite nut urine thst '.or tin. greotset part of the last tV. J v' :,t"1* ' V?;ectr IT the British o.-.iun nae. bcen forni: " J idy",-: in tirci-n wars, botu national and civil: ami in lie letter ;n tvt-ij ut tbiir pr-grg.-; au-1 > tit lias not hi co iii.?Nii.'ii t lat {.I gland i k, at a -y ti ne, ullovtu h?r 11 int.. to urn p-r-Us. Juiced iaonrovra times not cniy I v, icciviuuai lutjocts ot i . it < rie-i .< ui at road to ti g go in evil i, r-. hut we hat a teen whole re ;l u i, i? i in i i tr.ioo, i i.bioU, nriii.i ., a ' di. olp.irisj ia wjtij ti.g ?vo*id |>ut|>?rM of aiding a rob'-lion z;, i! a rati nwitl ?hlch iuglcuu ?uot pcaes; via-u^h it la trie that sub jointly, an act 01 I'ur iimo it w -a I'li.-rd, to prtriat tr< nasiiieiia o nearly apprs thing t> 11: rile nr. will " i.t He euro fit in tliej trowu. it n ay bo fs.el tbero ia a d!t)are:n"e between the oaso of a tit i) war, arising lroni a d .aputstd nuoe vssi n, ?r a pre. triectrd ntu't ut a celeuy ninnrt tho mutiier country. and tt.c rate <d e frtah outlr ak, at tho ecmri ncem ntufti rrlelliite. The ui de r,i, t rd elo> uut doay tin.) moh di-tinc tin h teat. fur f*i tain I'll p. ?c?, In deemed well f inn'lad J* in t iii t ukt a ROVrri u.< E t, called upon to co'aaidur ill oau riyl ta, inter a ai d dutiea, when oivil wara i.retk mttin i.'ln r ei i.litriee, inay 0 t< ieie i 0 all the cirautnasaadsd ot too Itiiiicu'ar ia n. upnr ita own existing at);.illations, on i re kalil" reaulta, on what in own security t . juirca ao l on wary otter tonneirtti tis. It may Ij already bound to ailiit racptity, or it may become rnmnd, il it o choose*. to, and to n Oct the conti ijtncci eilsuch assistance. l.ut whether thtrrToH he recent or long rontinu'd, tbey who j liu tto. e tinii.ri.ed In it. whatever niiy lie tile ir cfltnto trtinst tlur .an reentry, or ho* Tor may ba tree ltd. it tn .e & with arma in their naaeu. in t:.? teri'iry iftho y.e.veel lei-ft rgaioet wleeiu tie tthl eUfel of r**'e|ti* itl-id, cannot It dri oin lusted pint a, without eleptrilna Ire a all old.nary use of laufteiagt* in the dthnition or tST'.ncea A f.iiit which ! ?* to foul aa ori,,in at piracy, t'M'iit, In ita j r"?ee?a, or by ita an :e?r?, e btaiu a claim to anydriut tf nfpneta ilit , or tole rtnne, aia in* uationa. and civil lean, thtriforo, arc not unde.ttouei to haro well a tommeuc. on ut. 11 it, anil kuuvn 'o i!r F-x, that authnritica of the hi<he>t ii lli.(land, livlig and dc eil. hare niaiutaiuad that t>? Kccepl law uf aalliai doai uoticrMI liraattdpaws or rulj. i ts of tro gov rn^ent fr mi Irking p-rt in ton clnl i Ci T'irn tu t a c! er Ti era ia aomei raeaon. ind'cd, to think. il at such may bo the oniniou of leer M.ijesty's govern ipee, t a' thee | rtaclit IM'UeelUt 11 a unite rn. u. '* I -a mud* tlecte rrinsiki fr?m tho cemvlotie n that It i important ti re far J diatinctiuaa, and t.i vie < t! " acta utd offences uf inaividuala in tho t* 'ei'tiy | re jirlUht. The reading tf this extract firam Mr. Webster's despatch wi.r rueivcd with loud applause. Judge Hi ad ce nt Inoed his remarks. The United Ftatea have wen *11 the ri|fhte which they notr enjoy. Hut let Ii* ft We to the point before* u?, and let us at the c..b e tiliee vit uici to the cause of humanity Are tuviriteens p.rates, that they should be treated in this tray? No Jt wus the Ainriiratts who put iletwn pirtey.wbeu At plane) in her proadeat day* never attempt J to oo it. rats. plra"e?? No: they were the first born sons ot liberty ; and wherever the strong arm <?f tyranny U iaided lor the purpoM of 'rumpling on humanity there y< u will hod America a nil Americana American oilixons i ate 1 . e n tre-cie d as :'tat *. but by w horn ' By a naMon (f pirates. They have been sheit down witheeut even thi him i(a trial lbs laws if the ctviiizeei wrld have letn vi'lele'l. Yea. buruanity. a- Well as the laws of find have been ti ..ated in this l.otlhciy, nnel m*y tiol put It iuto the I a < ' the American people to riid rate 1lMilled l..w. and to teach Bwrops-an despot* that li'? r hi r re; . r x Lr< i li- i ii' .\iej Nllji;: miin | tbcc.'ai.d mine if the Amrr'cna khorep. ( in it up ' l iHiim ) In conehnion Ju K?<4 huW Uun Uod h i t ] lin|l?> led it) the heart the I in. It net ct ajtiu{ |Ti | < ?ly, HI <1he hoped that n twl'-taodlrg the Inert tu ?*. rt Jt *11 emmet, t it.. AmtrUau pnupka would parme t| rlr lr. Mt.ctM I' le it"- duty ar d the n^'it of Am*tictun to Aid other people iu achieving liberty, .m l 110 fc*( i 0' n I'UM t.t It Mr Baiilkl 0. lino, Jr., of New Ortoana, wni text Intrrilu <d to lie meeting (Mr It. U a young Itwyarof distinction nij.I the pi nit fU? gallant '.'apt 8.0 Held, nf thlec ty wh. foijilittLi b.-.ttiu li the brigOen Arm trong ) lie a? foljoaa 1'iliow Cltiscna?Why U it that Itil* ???t af??inbl*ge baa be< n gather-d together?why li It that lMr mighty rca 3f upturnrd facta hare nnwrnbirj I ar* to-day t H Ip to rerpoud to tha call of freedom frctn an epflM/cd arid foreign I a ad The young eagla'a erj from the ahorea of Cuba baa been heard by Ita mother, ami her mice r.apondp in ahrlrka of pympatby fir h?r young. Ayr,fellow ettiaenr, it la the cauan of libettf tbat baa trtiUfht you here to rympathiie thoe* noble rpirita wboae I lood hap t>e*n drunk I17 the ami of tula Coming. ea I d" from the city of New Irieaua. aid havinj be? u pitr .nrily anjoaiuted with mtny of thi te gallant rflrita wb.< ha?i rbed their blood for free di Bi ? rau e. 1 t. nj w. U mingle my eympv.hy with your* in ngfttting the aaentlce of tbrir Urea aa well ax 1 . prerx the horror ? ! my leellnga at the fiendish hru ta'ity with winch the 8pawUU lyianti inutil-it?l the fx U e* ot llieee rnmtjs of liberty. In the lar-gnage >1 Mr. CVay i.n Si uth An.ericau Independence. t stand hire r.s DO prepngaudi l. 1 would Dot farad our ripobikan principle* up>n any people; but when an 0| presred nation a tar. do up t- vindicate her right* and purl hi r frttdoui a nrvg other nation*. I cannot witti lioid from Iter th* hurl of sympathy I feel toward* her,' I Ma no hire, fellow cltlaen*. 10 vindicate the cau?e of Cuhn and to uphold the ?-li of the l&la victim* in tlr? oauee a* just and bnti. rati-; and 1 am will in* to if alt my reputati: n ae a lawy : that nothing therein oau be lour.d In vlols lvn of the lawa of tbia eiuotry, or any other land M here a pel pie are In a state of Ibsiitrccttor, to effect a 1*1 lotion of iht oautlog goeeruiamt. In order to gain tbetr ?t*di prudence. there i? no prta -Ipl* ia the law of nation- pr Inciting oitiaani or sublet* of a Deu'ral governor nt itoui entering into th- military aerTire of either ot the belliiri rent p- rtlea Nor I* th. re any principle in the law of notion* prohibiting the furnish* ft p of 0 TTchardtee. by sate r donation, to rurh a na'ioo In a state of revt lutioti. This ha* ever been tba pollry atd'hetnn* td ffce Brtei'h g.rvernotetit j and, In our own Mri'pgli for It. r di nee, we bar* the ex nnple* of a 1 ale title, a I ulu l.t. * ?>mb? n ao l a 0* Kalv Duriag tl< (,-rttk riTi' ltn t, i di e-* h th of the Hrltialianl A tier nan arn y and ia?y, t Id*. i? red thetr aid The it"*t p*et of K' k mil Irl Ityron. died In her -.Mice That n pin () I -eel Washington, breathe J I I* last on the sl oe s <1 the Ml id.irvht, 0"il*V who n I minds ot Annleine I. u. ht hot.ia Tr-maa-nt el dollars arerr Ml ed ly iUl?. rlf tl n In onr prtueipd rites for thesid <d tlriiee. aid i.'l.i/ anj IVib-ter tin in ttriiMd thiu.M ti. the but eil States Senate b* thilr epeerbet Inbrr hrh-lf, lint this la not an isolated etee Lot Sllkt i.'irts of our .t le-mo in behalf of ttifh Amettrsn independence, if I'e ,nij an I other nnrtrlee wbohal- rt learorvd toft rw olf the shichii ?f It IRI.rt it .? it I. I lir l dl. 1IO. I'erter who aefl'*? * buitj'l ii.Ui i.?i < ih'? i.f V iif ' Ann what I wal l * U> uti il>> r> turn-< ! r it -n < f nur cttini" in id' i )! I tmiK ll n>rtl ll ?!) IipI. |p n U n-r' I'?n JM I I?.?? Mlntcitii 11 rti 11 turn ?h?' brntn tm? f nivlMlmi'-i pi. i f "tinfrblln (Li- n .-un nf hp l'nh< i.i ti I r"n ih ) tn i *i>i? liiift ritra in th? innjrUi p| Ll. |ti ?,! ? nut p'lUi. ) drriiriit thrlr iu I#.i?n i I ii? i tli i I Nil I , IP ' / M'liai Him I lm Ku^n i? l<l<lh>Mr V i tnt?r i;i Ikn i'tiM> (if Hip I'mm-han ri hat hi abrii ?i?tr niifip ic iikin (Wi'-mpTa, in a-ply t- i v,r I ?>* tti Li-i.-h Mmihttr ? Mr I'm rall-nt in* in uriiiMapilitii. ir W lvti-r h- Id that the Inngnu ? an ofli t?i?.-, I ?.? n rmitin^ 11 thnLit?r< a?it?a.< !.'( > ppiiM lit hn tliu? dpfl|rnii?pj. tiul llial Idrp m l-' '

t trmUit >r | tin iitrt id *kr, tin-i a cinMi Ihcir |t??. hi itMittifiiil the Hnl rh Mlntiirr ?m ata-l-inr? If ait thi in i-^naa" (I* lOcii-f ohrrf*,) In ih'* il 'hit* i on tin- run i,| Mil--it, Mr I'ntli nn hHil ihi mm* hrlnrr lHtC|nlMik thin mptnrtif mu-t in* Otial a- ftta ni t f war m u iniulil ip l Iw liMiki'd >m an pirn i*i ail ft-ili'* p.iiIm aa "i l ? 'in* itimtrlna itnl d.iaa bp Mr I* i I* t ,, In the i cm id Ti *a?, In mplp tn ll >aaarcr* | u tfcrMrileaa klinJntrr, atn-a o?r tnu-iu **i?rai-lt? ' RE H IDAY, AUGUST 23. 1851. 1 tfcat Stat*, [fur .the purpose of aiding In establishing it* independence? Mr Webatcr held that there *a< nothing in the law* or constitution of this government that pr > hibited on* it it* citizen* from expatriating himself. and em'grating to 11; cowntry he thought proper; and if on* citizen bed the right so to do. ten thnlUand could n it o* thua prevented. (Cheer*.) Can then, fellow citizens. thoee noble patriotic spirit*. who left our *hores to *i<( in the Cuban ievolution b* ca'led pirates, or filibuster)*! Cm tbey be charged with violating the law* of thin country? (No. do, n? ) No, gentlemen; and I tell you that there i* nothing in the laws of this country wbicb can preveDt our citizeui from thn* migrating to render aid to any country, and I quote Daniel Wehster a* my authority (Immense cheer*.) itest assure!, fellow citizen*, that >*uba will be free lutbu iohuman butchery if fiinctt flflt-fntn vnm if m>>n th<? {fnanivh truvarninunf tos given to us a warranty dee d of the island of Cuba, written In American blood, and wo have n< t ion? to wait for delivery ami possession (Continued ebeers ) But I will not detain you longer, follow citizen*, aa there are others, abler than I am. to address you. I will close by reading the resolution!, which I hold in my hand, in reference to Mr A. K. Owen our Con?ul at Havana; and. beforo I do so. I wish to state that, for be it from m? to asperse any man's character without a cau'e. but I have beer assured tbut the action of Mr Owen, in regard to these martyrs of liberty was as brutal and unfeeling as that of the Pr.aniari's themselves In refusing to endeavor to obtain the Christian privilege, never denied even to a murder* r on the gallows, of making a dying declaration, or sending a memento to their friends. Mr. Held here read the resolutions, which were strongly condemnatory of the course of Mr. Owen, at.d which ended by soliciting the government to remove him from office. The resolution! were unanimously adopted, and greeted with cheers. Three groaas were then pro post d, end heartily given, for the Ami ricau Consul at Havana Komomj Busimis, Esq . spoke at considerable length, but owing to the darkness of the night, it being nearly 8 o'clcck when he cnmuieneed, and the excited enthuasm that prevailed umcng the dense assemblage. we cannot give more ttan a brief outline of his speech. In animadverting, in the strongest teem--, on the atrocious act of the Cuban authorities, with regard to the late barbarous execution of American citizens Mr. Blankinan said (ieutlemen, the Spanish despots in Cuba act urnlcr the false plea tbut our citizens. In going to tb-ir she res to sfslst the down trodden victims of the foulest species of tyianny that ever disgraced the human futility, a vune tie character of pirates and that as such they are to be treated. But geritlrnsen were we. as American citizen', to rapture a baud of pirates on our coast, belonging to any civil zed nation?I an not mean Spain for she is not civilised? would we not give thent afair trial ? Would we nut allow them, i von after being convicted of piracy, time to make their peuce with their Creator, b'f -re we sent them ut.raii rr.s. ?r..v n\ "?I J , ivi it 11 iit.jib J IMltUIlVfilUO irh butcher* don* this? No; they hliot down, likeravinou? wi Ivir. fifty Am./pican gl Wilbiu a tcw.milei' of ?b? An.-m.rl cOtt-t. and they have lm-uHed th-Aineii ouu to ii d-giee beyond am firmer prtee lecce iu f tin iilihiH of our hirtory. Now. I a?k tab Rival 1? ily of > itcan eltlieiR sen nihled lure thisi venin;.?. it'wi- are to re? . to ihfm xr.ultlili-.-d iu-ulU with itnounii? ? Ar- w.i to mini ijuii lly I y. aud m o our r>Rpectable ritizonK hulcfceri j ?'o o tlit fi t \i-r> thru liloilJi ? tLii I'apltuiuf'thi *r t n public. till not avetge tile liar bar.. n? and b.-iK il ih-i-.l? (I ii??t tf no. ro.) No fi-tiiltiih'O ibi cannot be Su.-ii h ii n cni i ot rtt-trnU. wiji- wiiiitr of the <1 vrli im Au.iii.-ui i. pi-. If our giiTornaii-iit will out ir n j'ly n nut thin outr?pi-oun end unp.-iralli-d mault in u ioriii tr our imtin-il greatDej* tan people ?iU. Cillcci R of New York. a*e you not ready to anitain the notlor.?I dignity of th.s great rt public! Are y tun it ircparid to avenge the Mood of your nob!.' uilud?-d uol patriotic young cltiacr.R who have been tmtR*acred. and iloir dead biijiea mulilaud nod rent K-uni-r by the l.loi dhonndi of Sokin! (No. 110, we'llaveoke tbeir death). I kbt * you will lel'.ow rltlrr tie; a-rd I know fu' *ter. tlrat the en'buiia?r i(- and patriotic ie 1 f* >< that now animate your tr? e-t? beat* lu ummiu tvnh Ihe.- i that prompt to ao-tion tbouracdn. Kay. hundred* if thoiuan tx at the I'll I mt nn BH-nt tlri ngbi.ut the length an I breadth of tbix jrrtnt tat ho Tie lei-ling that develop** it.-ielf iu the Park, to n'ght i-rot confined to New York; it U ?x ai-l? xpn?dihit-ogh the American l'ni"u. at thi* mo n-i nt. ur the p-Btle bniM that putR in niitimi the f-ig* of our l'? rk our garden and our tercet tree*; and never | wit) It aubxide until the hlood that now call* to heaven ami to you An i rlcan nltizenN for vrtir'r-ioeo. bo appi.rteii. and until tlm tyrant li-ird that cruxhe* the pen pic of Cuba to the doft be paralyzed for ever. ( riei of ! Liar, hi or) Mr Blobkuiair delivered a lauglhy invective : on thi coi duct of Mr Owen the Auterii-an ijoit-nl at ii ivaoa in which h?- e'atrd that the Imbeeile p .rt which that cflioial took is the late t-utrrce ?u the American tl ig aid tbe ba'hRrouR tri etiur nt of her ritizeuR. weald not only I*- ofitidi rr.ri d by the Anutlcau people, but al<o rupaiUatt it by etory riviliii d nation cu the fere of tbe globe. Mr k comdui ed h? ek*iuc*t aud let gtby apceek ami l CDtheMa-tic appleure. Other npi ukerx addrt-axed the aaxrinblage. but in eonFKjnenceef daikiciw er mine on. our reporter* were unable tu take hoU-r of tlu-ir remark*. The aci-nn at the eoi olnRion waa particularly exciting and the crlex of "itrrnge,"' liberty to Cuba," Ac , mounded through the air. Iu lli? earning, a promotion of the Cub in patriots, and of the American* who sympathised with tbrm, wo* fi rmed.and paraded the city, with banner* and music. On the whole. the meeting passed "IT rerv well. At leart Lftern thousand prisons were in attendance. T tie Effict of tne Cubnii new* tUrougbout the Country* 11 Y TXI. KOKAPII. Albany, August 23?T.'a P. M. The lit w* of the brutality exercised on American* in Cub*, i a detailed in this day'* lUreM. haa created one c< n n.< o fcellrg <f horror and lulu- d a inireriil spirit tf retirge throughout erery cla.? in thi* city. Already tl.ey talk <f tight it ng and a good mi.itary tactician ha- cai l that, hrfore mnrning. mom than tw? hnudrvd tii'httr g men iu Albany would he naoy to auewer a rad u|e n their patriotism to mrenge the butchery of their f< ili w nuntryoien. Ifrw Oai raft*. August 19,1951 Orrat rxritrment pn rail* In the city n l.itire to Ou\?n affair*, ai.d fiara of a collision are entertained between the authorities and Cuban sympetbicr* Tbe mill tery have been called cut, to act in case of an outbreak. F?. gnat is the excitement that no banners 1* doing BaLTiwoar. Align*! 2d. I AM. The new* from Cuba hsa crested great excitement here aa well a* In Washington rity. Pini.ADici.rHiA, August 22, 1961 The Cuban maaearra haa arm -d a d-p.*?ni etritin-ent apainat the author* of this at r< city Our of tbe victims is rreegnind a* a Suuthwark lad who, -ere til ji?i> i:b?i li ft ht'tni to try fcU fortunca no the aea. Hie frdanel t*.rD(l?onirg mMilhced, wit id nOlcrr of tba Louhliaarr MUoioeippi f?kiih< nt, iiurtog the >taxir*n war. and vim at Jalapa whm tka volantr era from thi* city arriTi <1 there ASBZTZOKikXa CUBA N2-V3. S|?ai.i-1? Olltcial Accounts. THE EFFECT OF THE NEWS, he, &?. We la/ bcfrre the puUc, I hie mo:nine. ill the mill lit lal nor from Oubi tint we could obtain wo giro the -|ini h unit lb - patriot ncoointe. Id order that iho public mi) form thi Ir t pinion i. to 'he new* Wo loirn tint tlol CUcdt nen, who *u t.ia Oral >t the Bit/ rbct at Havana wa- /curt; lawyer of New 'TI i.., ao I during the wrr with .tt.xiet) ,-erv. d ?.:h (Toat do liarti' at the battler of MooUirey aod Hii'm j ..r.., .m. aajiw, wn < IIIV .-tllatl ?1|>pl r. 14I>,<?(,o< niauiii<i<d hy OM. JitT-r-on I'atin. (hit Oapl VictiT Kir, m i tin ?< ti if fir Ixr of N- ? 1 trli *ar a rurpi on th thr Hr1ti?L army during tti- btUla "I NiiViIiiu Iff**; l.ntwnaa n brara ami I'lioralr.c imtfi, Kii | hut 23 jnr? ag* 11a Irn * % *il .mi rlitlit. Ami that t'aj't Jama* Mrant (ta* alto fti m <i? Or't-aBa. tl.d had fwrvm in lilt Iw war b MattCtl. Tha ft II. wu-c I. tin wot hat,Out to n? I ) a Italian *anf?ii Urman of I tlty It t?i viltian ??y ooa an apod 111 tba ii >i lmi' ii.ii} u,it dm lit.? Till CUBAN At > OCNT1 Htitn. > iijmt Id IAril lb thr Mtdat'4 th< J y la aho-lt tha gl?>' Him '!? of ; nr rtltra la ilnnliu an trail baa taki n |<;>< a iicti . iikoi' ) knit ?iik iximit lUttna I ... l -ro I h -it alia i f m-'H ataoraltn a'po I i 1h> ii.laiin at < nail* a ad ant tf tlarin.' (lion Ilia Ilea) hta larir m il it itNit>K |H'ai.i.i t* ttflv \?i rtcauit H or latlrhrr at K.y lotta Wa tin lartkr " if iiia fit tan ill to an thai' rip-Jltl-in Ilia) tiff iilipH ft. iWa i rail), of Atari a mini th?y a -.t tii-a .ii ti i a ihoi. hi.i kiiun) ony horatrip <>v (?'i lint '|#IM) f'l't ?l pra *nt at tin-at cir i t i. \ -t i Hi' tut 10 l| twlla. lhaj ti n ato.'knaalln< ttlUi i if liktlnlln >. t in t. t i i - and alti-i a..nit thotf d aim it-it nilna o up in lit. f a. nty of IVi dp h ; '* dial to a- o.i. t.t that t|t*a a*i P' pi. ct.I t 1114 ft j til lintel *, h hay ait atol tab .? at a 1 anph A alib (In In tl. ol mil Hot* In tha ht'tli if i rit'tal hoa.rn tin ra, tutor t a ilitT lit mi'i ( II |in ti|i i ahrt. in l oao .it ti n ihla. tbi ra.ih Or* l a it l.< in nil, ibnl I", it, Hkt mtn-tdha Ihrrt litana. I nl altaiad (hi ir ihiral. I hoy .t- Iht In Una b) lh? trat I tit ail 1 bit- If nnJnru In inBifarUoo ?irh a hat I hart i aiMUM**- -MB*"" ' TV T"? A 1 fillAJ V** *% f V s , I | Men this evening at the " Dominion"?[A large ooffee house and place of refteehmenty a great public resort in Havana ] One ot the waiters shewed to everybody, as a I proof of a glorious aot he had performed, the testioles of i , one or the victims, which he bad cut and carried in his pocket. lie actually boasted of this unheard-of profanation. Another of the same stamp showed the brains of another victim, and a Spanish trader showed , ?J * ,k"11" Z troPh7 "I the massacre What i Insults to humanity ! What frightful barbarity ! Curses upon these cowardly wild boasts ' Let the blood of these brazen fail upon their heads ' The expedition landed at Playita* on the 12th. befrrra aaj bread. ana sinee then the liberator* h ive had a aerie* of victories Gen Knna attacked them at the point of the bayonet, with four companies, every one of ; whom were killed or wounded, all remaining on the ground; Knna hinoelf falling from his horse, which was ' killed, and dirb eating hi* arm. (Jurrea received a shot I in i he li g. which rendered amputation necessary. Col. Ju> tice. Nndal. and many other officers, were killed in the encounter. The gnvirnment has not yet published a formal report of any action, because they have experienced defeat* In every engagement, j Colonel Morales Itada has been sent with a column of 4(0 men to aid Kdd3, and ns yet has not been able to join him. because Lmo d> la Vega, at the head of a strong party, has intercepted him in a most efficient manner. 1 Tha government i* in great const* rnation; it cannot receive any communication by land, because General Lnpoz preveiiisil. They can only receive despatches by sea, for which purpose all the steamers oOl.-stanzas aud Kegla have been seised by the government. One of these, ' the Jor. sailed this afternoon. at six o'clock, to obtain all j the information possible ut tho scene of hostilities. Gemral Conotia. the Csptain General, is dismayed on account of ihe delay of the steamer Altnendares, which , ought to hare arrived here bef( re thiB time, bringing in formation of the successes of the royal army. The steamer I'isarro has beeu aground at Ratlin Honda, j (Deep Buy.) fir two dsys, and they have not been able ' to get her i ff Knna's troops are so terriflnd at the | deadly certainty <f the American rifles, that they shriuk i from attack. The liberators always aim first at the officers. The citv of Dinar del Rio Is said to hnvo pronounced in fiver of the patpwts. aud a pronunciamrnta is preparing in i 11-vaiiH. We expert every moment au alarm of Are, which is the signal agreed upon for a geueral rising. 1 have low to tominunicate melancholy new* Fernando Hernandez and Isidore Aruiunteros have beeu j Fhot. doubtless, ere this, at Trinidad. The d-ath of | Hernandez is a great loss to Cuba, for lis was a brave, lear ned, aud uptight man?one of those who most honor | Cuba. W e are acting in concert under the most flattering ' prosptote. and if God helps us. all the exiles of Cuba i tl all embrace their country, independent and free, within two months. [Correspondence of the Newark Daily Advertiser 1 Havana, August 15, MIL We lire in quite a state of excitement here Ou tho j night of the liih. there wn-t a large force landed about 1 fltiy miles la low Havana, which news arrivi d here on the n ruing ci the 13th, about one o'clock. At eight o'clock the strainer I'isarro sailed with 8t0 men.uni tewed a a, hooter that had ei; hiy hor*em*n with their hor es The tieLt ibl in con uiand (Gen ISnna) is the second in i ci auiiiji) on the 1-laod. Y e? te rday we had a report from lbs >vst of wsr. ihat the ("pauii-h troops were beaten i l,wk li.ree iliibrrnr rim, ? i'l,e Hr.f ,I,.??.H..J?l.k 1 trot jii- b. <! '. tIn ir Hem-ial ordered them not to fire until | lliVKl w.ifi.u it certain d. Unce. which ordir they tliyid. Alltrtl.ey ln.ll find the first round, they adtil i hi wi'h the ?'jhi the int adore fired. killiri'ni it * nbding all the crmpary except eleven, with a *irj ti w kill*a uiid ? < ui did un tIn; part of the invaders Alter this first attack the tkuiir was rent tusk fi>r | ] hyvlch r..i ctd moie Uvopa. and vith mounted fieldI it c'.'.rtUiiim three miles with fbwut Gen I'nna bid two lioree# kllltd under hiui. au'l two of hU aid-do rauipt also. 'I he it i nit ir tbut < re nf the inrading geueraia i wn* hilled. The petition the invaders burn is u very j got d tie The] are in n mhiII town surrounded by j matth. i .xci plii ^ ut one p< iut. i The Captain tieueral. th.- rnortilnij. hns ordered out on j I itneld. to-duy, a regum nt of cavalry for Havana. Today Ir e pi at fcaet; the Captain General baa stopped the \ ! illr ri e!l otht r t-irdi'..f a. ,11 : ) . ? It.'!- there can J Lea gathering of the people. It is quite au allair for the 1 hpafi urd*. Ihiy will not report anything in the paper* ' let what Ffiit* ti). m The way we get t he ue.ii i, by ' heaiii g it ia the hit. el There is a (treat deal of tr.iu'ole f ut Tril'Cipe They have but quieted the Crcoloa, as was 1 rijitid. t cr tl.iak that the latter have had a reinforce- 1 merit before this time H'b. Yi tlcrday the fpsnii-h troope had a Very eevero ( fpht with the lut-di.-. which finally made tUe Utter prv way. I. me went to tt.e mountains, and enoie t > the lea vim. r. wI i te tin v luund Mime l>< ata. which th.-y Haill uiid put out to hc?. where the linbanero ste-.m r name hcreeu thtw. Thty had the commander ou beard, also nlllery They ruptured fifty of tbeui, and brought lh<m tu Havana lin t night ah .ut l'lo'clnck This iu iruII p they wi re ell rliot at tbe fort book of Havana. Whin the h'peuhb trot pa made a cburje on the In- ! I vatier* they pave way, and the gnverumoot trooj * pursued them. Ail at once the invaders turned back anl 1 1 pave their pursuer* a t. rrib.'e charge Out of about I to wen. liny sir- t dowu and wounded all but 30 men and one officer It fa? taken about fire t > - no to e'en ! thein rut. Tlie i teaniore are all along the coast, fur ; I tliey expect a large reinforcement every moment. VTe have not he.ird of those that went to the mountains, j whether tl.iy have been captured or not 1 he milituty haru just returned from Rhooling those that wen c*11un d The boys that went on ahead of the ii n?ir le d tin- boots and shoes of the poor fellow* I who lied juit been ihot. dangling them in the air, and | n.eiucg all manner cf u< l-es 'III I- cm VKIl 117-OVVTc i nij ci in V'Vii in. The fillowitig letter, and invocations frr?m the Havana papers. are the bpaniah acoounL*. The letter U the very ; latut ttctivcd from Cuba OUt HAVANA COItltKSPONDENC*. Havana, August 17?8 o'clock A. M. 7Tit ?.ah *t Jiom Laftt mul Hit Party. I hare just n ceiled further inttlHgeuca from the operating force* rgalu.t Urn Lopez, that he had taken the direction of Aitt mica, which in ten lenities from Havana t heel) punutdby the #pani*h troop* and the country ( topic. I Warn that la*t night a Corp* wai sent by rtil tczd, by the Captain Ueneral, to that eery place. ArtemUa; en tbet Lopea'r tneti nninl h??? all be> n captutod and he 1 \ ibto DWkt IkeNeM ViU he r|.?.'il I'll I lii'lii ThottpaiiUo I . Imp-bare ur.|iieetl< i a lily ?ha?n ezfraorillnnry enthurla. uj and biavtry ; alio u liat ui-tiil umre luipo lant. the , people maiilfeeted the rem* spirit. and put to death i n tht ?pot all the men of Lopez that fell In their liar da i ruriAi. r> r!'VEvr< on the invasion. i (Ttanelated ftc m live <Jev< rnn>t tit Journal* of llavana] I The e*i elh v.t fettor Oent tal f? Jo*e Maria d? Busliltoa. I ( total Oon.n ?t iler of the Navy lu that district. hav ; *?nt, to day n; half j a-t oi.? o'clock. A M , the fallow log i ci u'niuiilration to the Governor tieneral ? town f irti.i tart I ctarted yesterday from BttU Honda In lhe Meaner llabanero. with a view to rer< t nnttre the coact if I'layilaaand Mot Mo In order to ti aiovw all the Bit tin* hy which tlx pitale* could possibly drape; or, in rate of more expc lit Ion* to the*- point*, to unlive the uieane of disembarkation At aeven oT.ek In tie morning. I c-u, lULicalid with the Inhahtiantx of fcirilio. and waa Informed by th? propi leu is that, at 'en o clnrk on the prareling niglit, one (art ot Ihem tnt.i rttd in four boat*, which were en the bore in oi'li r to go to New Orleans, hy taking the flr?t vecnl lh>y c< ti.U in d Having calculated the hour of their cat.log aud the dlatance probably mad- .n ten 1,1 fir. a.iil ill, hail lti.? "Ilia. ti .if 1 N. w i'rleaiip whieh w*? th* cau of thiir h-*?'n?r Jl- a,j.*;jn fi< di th ith.-itiitantp of tin- n> iyhnorhood ! prirwdad 'n th. t dlrectl' n r (Itti'i D nvil??. with full ? n tut alt>-l Latin* rtcrihopit'liad that (Uatatic. I i vld B'-t dbcorcr *l y i f thoar I pnrauad Baitarinff t* lit ilr now! tin; Lad NMnd waa within th* ruck*. 1 diUcfrd n.j it.air.. r io thut point and made the ji-at ritiltriiitrla at counter th? fugitira junta* At rn ' hah iti th* tnornin* t found tn)?*lf in th* proaimlty of tl >-ai d iliuelad th? four boata nari*aHt( all I.a tha nail, but an naai to it tnal lwaaafiaidut my liability to ii if** t h* m In nrd. r to tnka ihain, t rlar. ( ib* ai? am to ! * j n ! ? niu*h aa pmi'lbl*; aul I thiol. n ) II ' it at ip alii ruling to your I*oell-ncy that tha Ptiao i r wop running tnirtaan milaa fhia **? not i ouyb to oTi'ftaha tin in 1 could only **i?* on* Tw? oil rip wira upon lb* rock* of th* I land and tha fourth I on lb* pt cha i f tnya LttiM. W hen I ?el**d th* iren t tha lirpt bi ;it. I atm< d the I* at* of th* phip in ord*r In purine lit M-a. i.d aod tnlrd. which war* ontb* rook*, but lb* i fllwr* of th* army who war* In th? hoala, at aiiiM the troop* aod aatiora, th* commander of th* Nat. n I guar to il* A rail* no, and th* captain of th* ti mar (.'aide' a? I' FittchO" K?tolt? who ailraiiUtod by In# patriot! IP. L*? tak'U a part in allien icrrioot t <1 I y ti. - I o ,t throw tl . in?. ira' in tho w?t..-r to Jl rati'. I iiati- . I f w hi ri two n ly e.cap. d Hariri* all thwtr aima. w* did not put*u* them, in ord*r toneC?I| J Oiir-tlti * lih I II bunt In t'ayo (jorum, for it wat otaiflht larriat ani r ntaitod n.ora uion Inah ir'. I nth id i ha inula, .t.j dirt end thmi to atop th* d* bailalbni.t tha irn ti who wrr* I inking fir * landlny, ltd ta |tm? thapa |%u|rp pnin. 1 h?w taantj f oir ip 11 nitor w.'ta hMt.. n wjibio a noall creek, h??lii* lha bihlorawn Pp awii'hd the rock<; and hara the tiratct 1 "u. 1111 i mi r i i np, u. n-ri w%? Nil J, wen | ? i. if n t> fciii'!i(| t) >> rhh i <i n n?r ' fflirm. Hi- riitint in lilt jiniiii tlmi :,hi* Ml n ( !!? ' |liIliU mil II.M ihn niiliir niikihn h*?r iu!it tlirir mlilj I) flip lit, - im.i-lmi ni l hi- lirnri-rjr of our -oliln r?, *i u 11 tiViCi d '1 it Utelr iKt'iium ?unoi flud ?u rclm It. ill it ?>), At hill-|ft i lm n'H rk It Ikf ilrtiln| I Wnrwl li Miilli.m tiir itiholiit nil*, who infm nii"l win of lh"il?|i*ii? ri of lli? pimftW, Ii'm mo. mif \ 'M - iw portion <<f tin fmiii iw-- mii> *M.iliitl k m ihr iii'i^lih'irliio it. wot ll illlr llwfili Ini -i> > wntv ?l ? -m ill tli<?*un? , in in tin i m- I tew in tlio i iniiinMi-r. hy * ruihrnl I nil ilunn.m?i<ii i- n. ?nli th- m of ih- priP< ll-. Hiii III I Mo p. fi>r iii* illlf' .liull I'l Ji III Kvrl! ir). in tl? fiirM? fi^rniiM, in *l>Mb I M )Wni now i i?ii ii i ?)?fn to oiii 1.1| lyirtlrrof liin 1 v ll?oi-y. in thn <7 i.*M / mil' I'UUltJ K< II. II aN itllini. A?K?*t in fi.lR MI|.?K AM/KII, VITH PtrTV fill ?TP*. |ln ni II ' lni'l? Iti iif 1.1 i/i?i|i> it* l? M?rin* ) Ai i> mohii* p??t no" m'ru r.k- thl< ii nm{. >-ilnr VAirril I i iiiMMiilir ot tin A| iMli-ro nrriviil in our pi ft, in tb? traaivt HiUmv, hrtngn g (*/ pirnlm r X\ . jj U _Lr, PRICE TWO CENTS. ! who had been seised in four barge* The hoar at wMdfc we go to press does not allow us to give numerous detail* The excellent Senior General Commander sailed yeaterdsy from Bah la Honda, on t<oard the Uahanero. la order 10 surrey the coast in the powtsof Los Playitas and KIMorillo, and at eeren o'clock he learned that, on the night before, a band of pirates had' emtwrked In four barges, taking the direction of New Orleans, with the Intent of reaching that port His h'xeellency calculating that be could raise the steam to a power to gain the ten hours oyer the pirates, sailed lui mediate)7 , bat after baying run about eighteen miAm without a .a result, he returned to the coest in order to rwlt the / rn-Ks? a fortunate determination. which wwa crowned ' . with the greatest success ; for, having tuned toward* the I'assa of Alacrunee, where the Habanera arriwd at > ten o'clock iu th- morning, he discovered there the four bargee of which he wu in pursuit. But they foundonly w single barge floating ; two othere were drawcuy ob the reeks <.f the coast. and the fourth wan in the matt cr< ek of Levisa No obstacle could stop the activity and j intrepidity of our brave sailers In abort, confident ia ' the enthusiasm of the oflicera. and if the marine troop*. end of the arm; and with the merchant captains. K.itolt and MerderoLB and an officer of the Hahanero, our forow deecendi d into boats, in order to pursue the pirate*. Their success won complete The first barge being seized floating, the boats wertr directed against the second and the third; whioh wer? captund with the armed pirates in them The steamer cent inuid her course to the creek of Levtsa. where wu the fourth barge. The pirates who were there, dieem* i arked to hide themselves, or for defence; but the sailors f the ilabanero seized twenty-four of them, and fifty is 11 were made prisoners. Among these, it ia known, were chief and five officers. Through these it ia known that the pirate*, headed by Lopez, frightened by the bravery of our troop*, bavw een entirely disbanded, and are in disorder, aa we eaid esterday. and are only ready to save themselves The Icellent Senior General Commander, gave order* te top them in tbuir flight, and has taken the most opportune means, which will be perfectly put in elocution by he troops, who pur-ue the invaders on the coast We have no time to enter into otner detail*. 0u> leaders will congratulate themselves aa we do ouiaalvw^ or this success, due to the activity ami skill of the ex< client Senior General Commander (Translated from the 1'reDia. August lfl.J LONG I.IKK TO T11K Qt KK.N ! Gl.ORY TO SPAIN f ! VITA KOR SPAIN !! ! Nation* powerful in justice, and strong in power. arB like brave men?n si lutein meeting the hour of dangiff ? dignified, moderate, and severe, after the triumph, howevi r great, complete or absolute it may be Our bund trembles while writiug at tola present moment. Our Spanish h< art palpitate* with excitem "Qt, inipilltd by the suodeu effect of eirrura-tanrea The joy mud the pride of a triumph nearly overpowers us, althi ugh that triumph existed in tiie le p-s of all Wa have the inteuticn to sileDceour passions, uoble and natural as they urr. In order to off. r decorously to the publia such justice and moderation as are proper for journal on ail cccssrons? except in tho?e disorderly bi ilien. ready alwiiys f -T crime. who forui the majority ot the people of the t'uitod Ulster, if not the whole population Facta will apeak batter than word*. Thaw, than, era the facta ? V< bat was the aim of all the outraro* published by the New Orb-ana papara, but for the Hole ohJsct of planing upon our coast gauge of bandiu f W m nre ar>- these derisions made against brother*? Vt here nle ihe soldiers able to forget the country they love jo much, and the i;u< u they adore?object* which, in > T( ry Spanish heart have always preserved an altar anil a crura?hi arte which palpitate on the Peninsular, la Cuba, iu the l'hilippiiie islands.and to every part of tha ? .Id. The Upanlrli prcplo?the Spanish army! Yju cannot appneiate one or the other?you who know nothing about thin?yi u who ji dgo otlu r? by youri-dvea. according to the good eeuteuro u ud by one of our coteuaporarbs Cuba baa already answered all the tui'erabl* falsehood* of ihe New Urban* papers?Cuba lia* an- we red in times, through h<r gi vomers, chief*, subalterns, soldiery, ana piopl* The anewrer ha* been tenible. but glorious The ie*son 1* ol the highest eloquence. I'le* e (tod thai it ] ay bt for the good of humanity, fur these iuiquitou* ournals. which are not restrained ?>y auy ciiui.? which naiiufaciure impost urea, without shame and without rwtiont. to prt ci pi tab- ao many uufor uuate men to a certain (loath It is ea>y to conceive that an all powerful toveinment, and the pi oph- have the power to recelw* ba gangs ol b*ndita. of rubbers and Incendiaries, la the i aunt r uod against thi>e wlio have ce.vtod to exist? ipuinst those who coim- with the hope to disturb the for.unate InhaMtaots of Cuba?agaiust those who tried to lakcuwavby tore* and unjustly,, ualtouality, tiliplnn, fortune (which the Spaniard Has iutu-rtted, r iei,uh>d at ttaeo-t ot his bib-n). tue bread of bis oblllist ii tul the realisation of hU b' p<? for the fu ure. The piess of New Oil-ai.s mulls the pum-liiii at td Iliuven. Iho c til* i.ipl ol eivilts d nations. With it* irii|U.toi.n lies it ?ii the c?u-i of the court ct which has ju.-1 taken place It was the cause of the dr*th of tbc victim. It hss uigi it (hem on kneel" g very welt that it udauiOu.iy ditovi d them Hind-rus?1st all um blo?d ihed fall up n your be ids! The army m a tlie people have proved, in the only pror?r wh-cb will be used agaiust all those who is imi 10 try iti ir v dot. |>.rt.ut loyalty. it?i li.?tr jr touud lore to their t.'U"cn nut to their country llicnruiy which ticfea'.ed ID 1HJU, lb? pirates itt Otfdonas. which, in lbol. defeated Hum ?g?i'i la lot I'oia*. du ? bleb has ((It >n thtlr due to ail those wtio p art Idlot, d in lki< MHiMid lilifurtillitto m>4 Vandu expedition, L- l i<- It at which in EalaDqui^Bi. and in Zolo, rtised * high tLa <li rieu* f-pui i-ti lliif*?that flag winch received ten- and there anew baptism of glory?that flag which may l c' to aco< mpheb, during the reign of Isabella II Udtrilllt all the glorious things made uuder tta rtlynof Isabella I. This arm; of the I'hlllppina* tod the *tlulus of Cuba, urn the troops whose valor, dieoii'line. end the impottance of whose teal bad been r?it grind by the in et tllurlrious general* of lha first mhitaiy nations of Kurope?waa win at a ited. and'tt d In the luat expedition In Italy Thin ariny la CiUiptMd of the * one of a heroic people, who. confident In tbi n re lit a. in their good itietiucts, and in the lov# <4 an ad< n d country, dared to brnvely present tbem*alvwa heft re hgton* trained to arms? before the great eaptata of I lie cmiury tie colorauaof powee and glory. Napoieo^ end heroically realised the gigantic enterprise of repaid Id( hl?armira This array la tbe*aiae Which bar rhed tenants of fclocd for the tgueep, and ihe am> also diajeei d to ft rd more, a thourand and a thousand I itue* As ftr Ibe J* | le, all the inhab tauu of the belaud at Cula. n< w, ar alwnya. baTe protested a.* tbey know hotr to protest tht mselrvt. against the wrutrhra who had tba Ittt ntlon to take upoi themselvesan tnl.uioua eipt-dlMou t'uba will alwaya he a loyal Hpenlsh province, a most faithlul Island loving tia i atloniuliy, tta ifueen and It a religion; t ml uiull) conservative. disposed to defend to the last moment If the caae re<|ulrea It Its fan lite* and Its fortunes; and those private foituata destined the pay rd the larini I Kinds statu red with ao great profusion tn ihe I nlt'd Malts; tb<se fortunes that the North Amrriran bonkers and usureia wt re looking at aa tbelr own; lh?re fortunes whit h were destined to refresh, by tluix Icrahsusilhle anil bloody itches the importers of new hanks a I'd the linkers of I'lalntield.. But they have not n uattd upt t the defence of the inhadiaa a of Cubm 1 hi y hav e i ol believed that t his ro opci at Ou I be popa" n to the araiy of the g< r era rased. ix<j uiu ii' rciiii o|i in pinir^ m uriTv oca running with Uwia knlraa Id h? ir hand* a^umd Iha pirataa-? tl>?a marrhat'ta and tlioac planum who. In tha rritA> eal m< man! l<?t ttift ihatr piatdua, and without haatta'li g f< r a airpla jm Unt. u. .mud thilr horae< awl j? lr.?-o tha troopa, tba tural ml'iita. iu4 Ilka brothanu from ntlaa. flora ?UiaB?a. from tba Hold*. ?m army ana cnr pnopla ptiatMd by Ur muia Impulaa. alioalm* tha raaii a ? f ty ii an and a. iintry morad to*' thar to built th? pin? of robh?rn, in ordi-r to Inatantly annihilate thru * hat wil tba barbaioua papain of !* w tlrlaana ?ay. la |ri nt? i f ths nlctucr of patri'tUm ralor. union and loyally' ? bara ara thn??aympalhtan which, 11 u .nl. w. r? n ?dy to rioaiaa th.- marauder*. and th* iiiiidt i?.? arm j *ith riti. arid rraolMB^ | i.?toU' Wh?ru en you find than." I'. rhipa .n <n( that fwiph who, ik* a f Inula nun. nl<d for r-pulring th. in Orhapa la hit ridbioltiiic Havana. paaaifui at all time* drcldwt ? r all an nta and r nay lo aa-Tlfp" it?i U at any mom?nl or tb? Qikou and th? a. nut ay' Why do you <nault'nt?. Iba l< y?l pal tab prnrjoaa wh? n yuu nay that tttOa i.nmt jtjifl* <i i lio inii.1%. u* f an It ntorrtMutidoaioli BiBft rtihr' Vi' y?a Th*t ?nc#?<dod. hut lad la ??a h< w. Tna ?lploal< n haa tnhi-n plana, but wa harw ran and wa apeak of thr Ikici ntabln rwulta for It la dwaya uofrtunata to -In d Id i d n. n Tile though It be, atrn any poaeib.e c etna can anld it. lila than will ba undiratood. Will It ba ikwiiINu to o knowledge ami c> rti ti? p. rf?-i I ijalty, laun-la 'hd h?- piratai Inlaid, d ta ilaln. In tba mpnr* of tha wlun IrnnV in thr l*t. ma of Mew Or!-an"' 1* It poaatWa to ! i.J what ta ? claar aa Iho light of th* ?u?' Tli ptaaaif Ni w Ofli ar.a h-?* hi-an Ir 'amon* In tailing h a to lha papula I Inn af Louisiana. tiT tbaae filahada l>a?a l>d tin ui to da**h had all tha Id > id. all ih# llean Int. w'tl w? igh baf re <) d er-r tha b ada of th o >ni|t-IU i? pwl lie wtlirti who do n t take any rare r< th ww hr wli tn th. ) wrlia. and who mata a bloody i r?il\.i if ll >ir ta at t'>nd of lhair audacity, . . . Let thaw tkka rkre baf re tba ihrnra of ?l.*| Ar for oa in |>ndlhlng iba Interval ing .1 <aiiui*nta rb'rh liai ati-a'ail In lba?aiM?wlW Oiaria da (? ?t??? In fbi Ir l??t anaiar. wa baaa only ?n rap .at Mm ran la ?i) a h ah l? rnared to aaary in moat of ton grant L, . ?CK (nmiit \a llV?' fill' UtHftl Ttir FIiIpj; Into lite Kulrtm. i f ma|?. klu?l? tliom, 1 Havana. Au?o-t 17, |UI J PrK?t KTriffl b' Tv ?t ( S top K:-lr iiV"?l.rl?y nK#rn?t> ? HitPAtiVbtk frt'Vli < l.ngtAA. itiiloh plrnM I IHT I MVtO i' M i'I ttjo 11 lli 11 ti 11 t f tii i'l?. | rtv* lukril, 1} tlM Ri?lh?r Im> htlJ.'f lilt I l?W '(? tMW.iltttf, m.' mm?hak-a. ?>nih. 101k tilth'-*, p m , mlm f ? ? 'aI> n i'M In p?n *|i)? ?rtNt in ,?t ?l>ng iinwn aa itl v it}. rv?> ?| At i a. tlit In. rt fit- ?tlh two In ?ohm t|i.t-t. n tf 11,?. n||,n|n| *tt ? of the Ohln. tro It t?At |l>r IhlA thiD U> MPflO tl?A UlAkA Afltl heir. i ? w In hnpt'a thftl lie imAAtrrt tf Hip ibrtli Itwlt i tilit r%orb t hvrw It. tiro'1 tn t'lkr j> ?* < witti n?, 'plotl - lltit ft ltd. Ihtrt ?m> nt> m ft i f h?r orrttwl t 1'llttiA 1 hr p vt riiu.t tt bi ro I mt?oll trotiMol ?4 tUrmptl by lit- Uril I A of H tv fit t III-Vl' fltl* Ul'l UllltHl H:a1oa, r.: Ho i *tn-#t| nMvtl nf m< ro \r It r. v hi i ?? rt! .1 ? fr H.f C-Iapo I oap ohvowl J A Ptl Am f*'? ' t kl ' ' ?tf' .ml I ' (Ailrll to . A'ljit' fit riwllt r n on r. ttnifof fb? rntTitvoi ,4 II f'tn?rp| t.i V At tot kpivo if if in unU't'hp Iah4 rd it it in fiti .1 OP flip ff i f"?t "bolt ?*wn m*I I hi Atl of II. PI ti PI lonttlli fpngtlift i?lont[-M? hpiioif to If to Ptof, ttbi 'h, aiuo nui / roppttUonp * ht? tell, I 414.

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