Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 30, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 30, 1851 Page 1
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4 TH WHOLE NO. 6883. ^ AMVtKttKII Ik. BOfflHT THEATRE?BOXES 25 CBNTS; PIT. 12X eenti; Seatain Orch"?tr. B *? , 51 occtt Booreopoo at "V; the curtain will rl?o at, 7!?. 8?turli* even! i*. An mt .K), "the performance will commence with the dtama etyled the OAMHLBirS rATB?Old Germtlne. Mr Moore: A'hert Mr. Cddy: MaN-cirr, Mr. Tilton; Jnlia. Mr? M Joeee, To tie f.I lowed hy the drama ft I'aDDY TUB PI PER-Paddy Douiiovan, Mr. B. William*; Captain VPi'ton, Mr. Hamilton; Kathleen, Mre. 11 William t To conclude with the drama of IRELAND AS IT IS?Kidded Pat Mr Barney William* Dan O'Carolan, Mr. Tilton: Neil O't'arolau, Mr (iiodtll; Blend. Mr J i Inn; Jiuly o'flaeherty Mr. U. Williams. BURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STKEB C. ?DRESS Circle end Parqnette, 6d cents: Second Tier. 25 CM.; Private Boaee, 15. Orchestra Scate, 75 ota !><. ore open at 7 V; to begin at 6o'clock. Saturday ?vonin?, Vnfist 3 >. will be played the coined* of CUARLEs II., THE MITRKV MO. If ARCH?Kind fnsriee the Second, M r. B.a id. C?pt. Copp, .Mr. Burton; Lady Clara, tliee IV eton: Marv Coon. Mt.a O. 01)ftI'U'hn> Alter wlii'h, the favorite comedy of TiiE /IElK AT I.AH?Dr. 1'angl.s., L. L. I), aud A S. S , Vr. Burtoo: Daniel Dowlas. M-. Blase: Diok 1' win. Mr M > ir Iiook; Eekh-1 llmueepun Mr II and Dehirah Dowlas, Mrs. -Make; Lioo'.y Homespun, Miss C. Chapman. National theatre, cuaniam street-dress ( ilole an 1 11.>ueft, 'S> cent*; I'D. 1 'J>? runts; Orchestra 'Tickets, fillets.: Prima Itox Tickets. *i Ussrs open at 7; curtain ikes at 7}i o'oloik. Benefit of Mr. T O. Mice. Saturday evening, Aug. 7!) the en tor'aiii'ir-nt* will oomuionoe with the drenia of the 81X DE'iKS ES ' >F CI III K?Julio Ou'iuil ly. Mr. J. Crocker; Ferdinand Mr Drue; Miehael, Mr. N >i. Clarke; J.cuis Duueret., Mrs. II F Niohol?. To be followed Vy the mvtical burles'inenf OTEcL," Otello Mr T D. Rice: Jayo. Mr. 1,. Fox; Doedemona, Mrs. Draw To oonoludu with the IN VAhll.'N OF CUBA?JoshDoolittle. Mr. L Fog; Cart. ClilTt rd, Mr. Drew; Lonna ltaielia, Mies Barber. C"t IIKISTY'S OPERA 1IOUSB, MECI1AN1C8' H ALU, NO. J 472 Broadway, above Crtnd atreet ?Open eyery night during the weak until further u doe. The original and w-JI known Christy'* Minstrels, coinpiisiug an etboient and versatile "corps of "talented" and "experienced performers." , under the manageuuent of L. I'. Christy, whoee oonourte in tuie city, for a succession ot "tivr years," have bcoa received with favor by highly reepeorahle and laehionahle andienoes. 'Tickets, 23 oents. Lours uo*u at 7, and will oommenoo at 8 6 clock. Tha | atrens of Christy's Minstrels era respeotiully t-jfyytned that the Saturday afternoon < oneorte will be die- ' .. r'.8ejaue<' 'or "> future yJJ.'VLDVfa' MINSTKALa, AT ftoLUWS' NEW MU8Imlnl llall, 444 Br<adw*v between Uoward and Urand W sets; open every n'ght ?Tliisjustly uelaoratedandetncient siorpe of talented aud experienced perturuirre, nuder the sold management of J. B rcllows, whosr concerts in this oity for ti ,\oat year have been rocuwed vith the greatest favor hy the elite and fashion from all parts o< the Union. Fellows' Musical Ball it one of the most spacious an 1 best ventilated buildings in the world. Adiaieeluu, 26 cents. Doors open at J; oonrert to commence at 8 o' Jlock An afternoon uonocrt every Wednreday tad Saturday, for the especial accommodation sf families, commencing at 3 o'clock P. M. WHITE'S IIKLODECN, fiS BOWERY. OPPOSITE THE Bowery Theatre, open avnry not lit. Cheapett plaoa of muaement in tha world. Beautiful variety of Kthi ipiaa t performanoca, by Whlto'i miuitat lo troupe of Serenadera, together with every other detcriptioa of light and pleasing entertainments. The whole comprising one of the must gen UreT and merry plaoesof amusement in this country. Concert to oommence at 8 o'clock precisely. All uertormancoa eonoiudad bafor* W o'olook. O. tFni re. Proprietor CAMPBELLS' MINSTRELS? U'EdT AND PEEL'SETUIopiaa Opora Tronpa?organi-ed in 1H?6?will give a series .of tbeir Musical Com erts, m Baltimore, Md. ; tVas'iington, O. C.; Riohmond, Va. ; and all tlio pr noipal oitlss in the South. The programme consists of Singing, Danoing, Violin Polos, Black Shaken, Whistling and Banjo Solos, Burlesque Operas ke. ?JM1E BLOOMER TROUPE, COMPOSED OF LAO'ES. OF X acknowledged talent, (dialed ' y that accomplished ?rtiet Mile. Nathalie 1'itijames. principal duns use of the opi7a* of Naples. Venice, Pane, aud l.->u Ion. and Mont. Carres , will have the hoaor of giving their (Irat Grand Concert, at Chineae Convert llall, 6JJ Broadway. on Monday evening, September 1. The ladies will all appear in the richest and m>iat reeht rche atylea of the Bloomer ilostuine. Programme: ?J'art I.-Overture, l>y a full Orohestra; Introductory Bloomer Trio, by the Miseea Louise, Juiia and Adelaide?arranyed eipristly for these concerts. ly <j i.irae Liter. Ks | ; The Low Back Car. Mi.a Julia; Should ho Upbraid Mis* Catherine ; The Gay Cavalier, Mire Adelaide; aalut a la Trance. Mile Nathalie Fitrjamee, la oosluiae of "La I'ille ios Regiment.1' Hon Holt, Miss Alive; vt he- the Moon n Hie Lake is Beaming, Bi.e Louise Part 11.?til > >m ir Polka, Misers Aveiine atd Julia; ai >d Sc no, fr >m "Lucia" Mils. Nathalie Kltrjamn; I ahuuld like to Ms-re, Mies Lsuiae; Ciatcun la dire. Miss Catherine; I Love the Merry Sunshine, Mita Alice Kathle-n Maveumeei,. Miia Juiia: I'oika Meiurka. Milt. Pitijanies and Mist Adelaide. Part Hi. ? Bloo.ner ftuv.ttish, Mirses Aveiinc and Julia; Grand Pae dt- l>iu* dn Tambourine. Mile, I'itzjscies and M ma. Carruse; Monad* so .Joyful, Miaa Adelaide ; Wnern is t.u KorerJ Mi't Louise. I Knows Ban* whereon the Wild Tin me lilows, ttiseej sJathe riua and Adelaide ; What van a Poor Mai.l do' Miss Julia: Grand Pas de Deui, La vera Nap.litaua, Mile, t'ltijatnca aud Mope. Csrrete. A ytand urrheatra ha. been engaged, and will perf'im under the direction of t> A. Soonvia iiolteta, AO and 23 vents vach?to be hud at IV< i ,uo liali St Sou's, 2 id Broadway; Samuel Jotlie'a. .%U llroaowey and ither music It res, and at the Chiu-at Aascinbly K"jms, Ml Broadway. />ocrs open at 7; Concert eommeuccs at 8 o'elojk. Tlirua HAl.I. -THE W ONliElCi COMMENCE ATS. Dorra open at 7.?Cr paralleled snccesa. Profeasor Anden on, tha areas W itard ol the North, woo during the past week baa met with the moat entnusiastio approbation, and ha* been honored with crowded, fashionable anl delighted andienoes, which is tha beet pro if he oan advauoi of the eacellcnoe of Lie grand lirawiug-'oom Soiree* M/sterieu <es. Pr-foesor A. will nightly introduce aoine of his m/at;o wonder*, Illustrative of the fallacy of necromancy, d-aonology, and witchcraft. I'ruteaiur A. bege to ioafiruaa np?n the public that his elegant entertainment i* the am- as performed by him repeatedly before nearly all tha ?cnrte of Eumr*. 'hat his costly and gorgeous paraphernalia. coupled with tha attention paid to the contort ol hia patron*, render* hia pcrloruianoe raoheroii*. Aduiiamon. M ret ta; Juvenile* under twelve year* of age, 23 cent*. Gaa of Pirreou'a grand planoa es ill h* used. Tickets may be procured at the hotels, also, at S. C. Joliie'a. 3UU Broadway, r.he city ticket office, and at the llall, trout 9 A. M. to d P. H, Carnage* may be ordered At tarn s'tleaL 13RANE1.IN MI-SU M. 173 CHATHAM SQUARE, ON? blook above tha National theatre.?Goorg* Lea, tola proprietor.?fcaloon performance* every afte-noon and eventag. Entertainments commence in ihj attaraoon at throa a'elook, and in the evening at eight n'olooa. The eutcrtam meats are var.ed aud aeleit, and such a* can be e-en at no otbsr place of amutemiut in New Vork. ennetstlng of Laa't Vernal* Ethiopian Opera Troope. numbering flft<-ea performers. l.eius the lars-st. and at the am.e time tuo moat talented baud 10 Ih* l/aitcd 8Uiu; ? IronH uf Modal Arti-ta, wo* ore aelcetcd for thrir bvauty and tty ir?, ?nd who pcraoaat* a annibor of KmiUi .: tableaux. ttaen from tti* pi* tare* of ancient 0*4 modern tune*: a company of Artb Ulrli, who (o tbrouyh n oriily o( tenia oi iiraaatb and daiwrtij; I company of Mnl* ni l i'tmale Arliate. who will ale* on e?Mhition of Marble Statuary une-n-alied la tho world, ti;?th*y with n variety i f later <un? perl-rmaaooa ev-ry alum >oa and evtniny. For rarti.ulare bille of each day. Admieftion-Sriii la Priiatr Bun. 3? crate; mayo Boat*, J7X oral*: Voau. Uraali; Par<|Uette. I-'X rent*. NEW TOHK AMPBITIISATKC < HOM ERYI -MR. L? *1 J. North, proprietor, will re own to* above catah lifthurnl OL Monday tvtnloy. Auyuat id, and will nlre an innartatmy and pli aetiiy perturuiaaca, oon . it<n| of aotna trta, nil 11 vaaltlnr. runnti.y vault lay. nerobatto t?tta, r rd* vo "ante, Ao. Uanciny. by horava laiumany and Spaaier. Spot Beauty. Iloaca, tA rniiii. II ariwi nb ll!| cla; Private Biixaa, .'<) crnta Uoora >pvit at 7 n'ol.ohi Parioraa u?t com moon at * a't 1 >ek prvcllaly. UA k'MnNIi ft II Kit K DRKISU M il S MKNAOERIK.Tlila or lot, rat id Uonayrri*?tha laryeal and boat oontlnotad la tha known world?vmhraoiiiy almoat avorv auiaaai known to natural liiatory, and w hionhaa roocivud tb* patr-jna/r and eppHute ( hundred, of thoutnda of tha aval mapvotahle and I..uii1 ,'St pvepia of the United Btntoa. haa fuat ronim meed a moll brilllr at anunia.* :ac.paiyu. and wllj vi?;t Mia prii i| it n' . - i * - ? t'.ti.Uad la th* folio wiry order. vtai?tt at rvllt r, Burr, Auyuat JUlii; 'IMta 111 at: A'.imrtt Z>d-Gar Itner, e?d: wtathrop, tttti; Lowiefc-a ? Tftlla. *.!h; Ha kitcld. J7th; Norway, d-t'i; wridyatoa. 2?th. Tryabnry, > tn; Tanwortli Iron w'orka. New Uempebtr*. Oct lit; S-ndwioh Centre, 2-1; rtymanto. Id; Meraditb Brtdre. 4th: Fraaklia. Mh. f'onoord, otn. Aurist i.tpr. mm w ii.i. lid knortn nv Tnc o-inr ol ll.<- llr-n/a l.ftdy i< tip > :te t t-err in a few d ?ya; It ta raid alio will aetvniah tha ftuaeri hiuu-lf with l.ur nvtaac*. cxoi'iiaiiMi. CIMlAl' IXCl. dMONS Ti f Lt'dll I NO?F\K It l". I 'e 1I. ttih iia naw and beaut fnI it"tiaer lllrAXI < I I V, t'apt Bilaa hatft?M?, *111, on Bnaiiy, Atj?M II. 1-nl lent* Peek >lip ?t 'J j'ci -k. ft N . an I 1 aid <i M. Mrturoiac, leave II ehin at It ,'4o'clock. A VI.. aa<l I}i P. M.. Ine dlty at the foot ol liroo- * and T-nth atr-atr, t.vftt Mtftrr, vach nay. Ihe Irl.... I City ?lil leva llnft.ii-iy oa Natui day avvnlny at half-pvatfm r|n k. fUl'N1)AY TRIP TO Jki-Vt lll KU. H'tST POINT. AND i r w.., fti...n I . ft. v.. ,k... ,1.ti, ..." > on>. 1 ?rrj?. ? u Mi'e HokUad L>t?, II ?.nr?tr.?w, Vrrjiank'a Faakakill, I'mrl'i Dock, *> I OaM S, rinr, t. oil.u p at l!a:nn. tod at.-ta* aa.h way. Far* hi nau a>??lria '!)>' nm a-ti apUniii'l atontner Til >Ml-? E ill I ^ a. t'a| tola F. Van It ar>. will ln?? *?? ? nrh. from tin f< <? i?f ( liiiMkt ra aff <r\, snmUy mora la t at 7,4 o'sloth, J..r th? abort 1.1 ac t a lit turning, will Wars .Snrkur* *1 I'h t/slork, I', M Rntlco?This b ?at will I tart Nr? Fork for F'tk?bill ttrry Pindar aftornn. o at 7 oVIork, nfrar totnrnlna from tha nftnl n. Itn.i.if at Vonktro, Ila tni^i, jit bin Forty, Tarrytawn. llaiMaiaii l ilarsratrsw. S^^^MRTIfTMY BXCt'XSIONS TO KKVP'iRT, TillOflfMQ at h '.rt Hamilton oarti way. On San lay. Amu-. Hat. INH, tlic stramboat NIMMUii. t'a|t. K J. 'wall, will Icara Fior 9 North rlaat, at V'J o'tl???, i'hnmbnra atrait, !'*k. Ppllil atrial III; llam-n.ui atroot. 10', A.M. Rnaraint, I art Kfj|. rt at .V, o'clock, I*. M. Vara i# Krypitt, 29 rmla. In > ort lltmiltoa. 11,'k caiita. Gftr.AT FAII.K'MII IXCl'RMOH rROI KIT TORE tn tt Mi.. MouMainr, t>r*? Juhaabnry. la Varmont, rla >aw Vara an4 Ntw ilavrn K.ilro.4, ia caanottlon with tha railrraaa through tlia valley of tha C?nn<?tt.-ut rtrar Ar;*t|im?iti bar e haaa made by taa aaaar-tl railroad com pa nim ta taha par-mam m tin* atcnrrim t>iron*li to At John,burr and M'Lito Mountain!, and back to tlua city, at ;>all fata, or front >rw kirk ta 5t Jnhaabnry and b?ek 17 IiMto la W'Mt* Mooataina and barb id, Bapfoae traiaa will Irara tho station of th? nVainany! in Canal atrrtt, m ar llroadway. at o A M ami .1 P.M., on Monday and Tnaadajr. Stptc mb?r lat and 21. Tlokota for ratura ' P ' nomraay. i nn, mm ii wi iif tha aamriinn may b? pr? curad tt tha tioket ntflor of tin Na* York and Men llavru Kiilrti nontrnay, n :antl admit, whrteall information in rotation to tin na-nrnon will b? alt?. A K (II I.LMOKf t? Ghahu pcndav ixcvftstoit, to wetr aocntm.i ml Ulia (' ?.?( htnit of hnnn ? Th? fittrlw it t ier Ikl.AN lil.H will maka pltaaaat ra-itrtton to tha aVivt ?.] ?? ?,? n ftnrfty. Angoit 3ltt, l< arinr tha foot of llnm w ind ntrtrt, North Kirrr. at kn'elook, A M.; Spring ttr?et, t'ij Cathartna ilnil, Sort Hlrar, H,\: <Jr*nd at root, ?. tajik atrrrl, !??<: and n?w pier, Twnnty atttli ntft-t, !?4 *;torning. will Imt (lit a !'<?? , at 3 n'rlaek, I'. M , t.d Now Ro rligllr at .'fig AM will ho plonwi wits thin rgonraiia. A foad opportnrltj df*rtil It lb?it fond of ftahlng or m batting. fiinnrr fnrtiahnd by flrat rlata liotalg. N. B.-A good apply of nfreihattlt on board. OKAND KXCUMtON TO TUB H?niNO HANKS, Tory dm. ateopt Maturity*. Ftro M ro?u aaoh w.?y. Tht wrll known ? ttonmrr BLFFAbU. Capt. Smnh. will loano Hammond mro?t nt 7? A N.i Ctnal arrant. 7\i. Urand trrol, K*A; Catharine atrooi. Atk; Flor No. 3 North rlror, t A. M I rrtnrning by S P. M. Rrfr?ahai-iita. liahing tonkin St., prorddod on board. jri HAND f XCCRM'INH TO rcfsr.V I3LANO l.tNl) lag at Fort Hamilton raeh way?Far?, 12X raaty ?Too ataamir SANTA ct.Al'fl. Capt /. N. dolman. will make . daily oarartloaa. loaolag ? followe ? Horalag Tttp - Froia Firing atraat at half naet ? a'rlark, and h?lf gait |1, ant at IS I'r-m pirr I. N. R., nthaltpn-t A, 10, I nod la'aloek. Morning trip Imae rati UanmTtoa, al I A. M. No baJf grim (of okil Jta. E NE I *>4t?ifinicNrs. O ROADWAY THEATRE -E. A. M AK1HALL, SODE l.ESMJ eee; 1 bumaa Uarry, SUko Manager ? Itaoimmi at 7: to i?pD mencc at 7K o'clock. Dreae Circle and Paruuette. Sit eta ; 1 amity and Third Oirclea. 28 .-enta; Gallery. !?? eenta; Private H?a>?, $.'> a. ii fO Saturday evening. Auk .W will Si nbWyrand ballet divrrti jemontenMtled LE3 } EES?La Fee Blanche Mile Caroline Koimaet; La Foe Kolirc, || He -kereeine Ronaaet; La Fee Zella. M'lle Adelaide Kouaret: l.e Fee Kdn, If' 1 la Clemeetine Rouaaet; Lord I'uiT, Moi a. J * ait Ruueaet. to commence with TOE U08EYMliON?Duke Aranaa, Mr Barry; Juliana. M>ne. PoniaL Alter the ballet mil he performed LADIES BEIVARE. NIIII.O'S OA Khilk.-llA N AUKR, MR. JOUN SEFTGN. Ticket*, tO centa; Private Boxer. Si. Doora open at 7; to commence at 8 o'clock Great nucnea of " Romeo ani Julit " with Mra Mo watt aa Ju'iet; Miai F. VFallack aa R< mi o?received with euthuaiaatie plaudita, eaoh lady re{eatedly honored with a call before tlie curtain. Laat uixht n? two of the eokax'ment of Mra. Mowatt. Me'jutio, Mr. Dvott. Saturday, Atwust.'lU will bo anted Shakapeare'a celebrated tragedy of HUM All AND Jl'Ll E f?Koineo. Mica Fan ny Mellaril Capua t, Mr. Bytlnxe; Mercutio. Mr. Dyott; Ty. bait, Mr. Ftoier; i ter. Mr. Jolm liunu Lady Capulet, Mrs. Hamilton; Juliet, lira. Mowatt; Nurse, Mrs. Dyott. BROUGHAMS LYCEUM, BROAD WA V, NEARBROOME struct.?Dross circle and Parqu-tte, Ml eta.; Family Circle, IS rente; Orchestra Seats, SI; Private Boxes, f,J. Doors open at 7. to begin at 7H o'clook. Saturday evening, Augnit 28, will he played the comedy of the LaDIES' BAT CLE?La liarou de Moutriehnrd, Mr. Lynne; Ileury do l'lavigneul, Mr. Palmer: Gustave de Gut non, Mr. Brougnam; Couuteaa d'Auatreval, Mrs. f-kerrett. I ecnie, Miss Julia Gould. To conclude with tlit- SCHOOL FOR TIGERS?Panels Mr T. B Johnston; Mr.ior Stiff Mr. Hrtetoll; Capt. Kiteflyer. Mr. Palmer; Ti ro Crop. Mrs. hkerrett; Alexander Panels. Miss J. Gould; Davia Spring, Mrs. G. Loder: Mary Panels, Miss Taylaure. ITALIAN OPEttA, AT CASTLS GARDEN.?MA X M\retrek. Manager and Condnotor. Admission. 6fl oenta. Saturday eyening, August JO. will h? oerformed the opera ( BON GIOVANNI. Zcrliaa Sirnora Boslo. Douna Amu Signora Truth.Beued ittl. Donna Elvira Miss Whiting. Don Ottavio Signor Lorinl. I.eporello Signor M.irtni. Don Giovauni Signor Ueneventano. > Mimtto Sig. Coletti. | Commendatory... Sig. Roal. Doors open at tijf; pertormauce to oommence at 8 o clock. CASTLE GARDEN, ? THURSDAY, SEPtamber I. XrvSl.?Max Maretzek'a Bjuetit. A CARI. MAX MAIIEI/.EK haa the honor of Informing his frionda, the patrons of the opera, and the puldiu in general, that praviona to his departurofrom New York, hr will take a BENEFIT, AT CASTLK OASIiKS, On Thursday, September Ith, KM, to begin at 3 1*. M , and to conclude at 11 o'olook. Although the arrangements already made are of khemist imposing rharscter, yet several important additions are contemplated, which will render this entertainment the MOST SPl.lCMmH AMI M .Vis NI TIC K.XT ever offered to the inhabitants of any olty. Full particulars ean, therefore, only be given on Tuesday; but in the muatitime. the following brief outline ot the performances, combining the attractions of TWO GRAND OPERAS, A CBABD, M ISC B1.I. AM BlOt'S AMI) HPAMVTIC CO.MCKBT; AN ENGLISH V Al. DEVlLLK, la which Mr. Brougham and his Company will appear; A GRAND BALLET, And Other Entertainments, may be relied npon ae certain. For the first time, end on this extraordinary ocoaeloa only, will appear, II? TUB SAMK HXTgRTAIXMKNT, FOUR GREAT PRIMA DONNE ASSOLUTE. Madame lloelo. Madams R so de Vriea. Madame Bertucca-Marotxek, Madamo Truth Buaedotti. FOUR CELEBRATED FIRST TENORI. Signer L. dalvi, Signor D. Bettiai. Bixu?r It. Loriui, and Siinur Beiidetti, (Ilia firxt appearance tliene 3 years.) FOUR POWERFUL FIRST BARITONI AND BAS3I. Signor Bndiali, Signor Mariat, hignor Benuventano, Signor Culotti. la connection with the other numerous aud dixtingulahed ARTIST* OF THE ITALIAN OPERA, aided by a moat powerful chorus acd a grand ORCHESTRA. PARTIAL PROGRAMME. riAST. The grand and favorite opera of LUCKEZIA BtlKClA. la winch, (fur the tiret time three three year*,) the celebrated Tenor, Signer Scuo Bunedetti. will ring hia lamtua part of Geanaro. Lucroila Borgia Sigaora Troth Boacdattl aiooao. A GRAND BALLET. THian. A GRAND AND MI3CELLa.NF.OU3 DRAMATIC CONCERT, IN COSTUME, la which will appear, Roae do Vriea, Sign a Cottlui, Sigaa. Whiting-Loriai, Signor Bettiai, Big. Lorini, Six lieactentano, Big. ColctU, Si.-. Ariettl, (who will peifurm on the rl>lia.) and Madam.- Bertui ca M aret/-k. who will, by general re<iueat. perioral two brilliant Solot on tha Harp. rovani. The foarth aet of Moyerbeer'e colobratvd opera of l iiLUONorri. Valeatiao Roeo de Trior kaonl Signer Bettiai rirrx. For tbo first time thin re aeon, the whole of Bellial'e grand opera of I P U R 1 T A N I . In which will appear, Sigaora A. Boiio, ci - nor c?iti, Buoore Badlalt and Mariai. The remainder of tho programme oa Tuaaday. TICKET*. ONE DO 1.1.AK EACH, which will admit the holder to all tae performance*, DAV AND RYENINU. To If had eecry day at Cattle Garden, Delmiaico'a, New I ork Hotel. Aetorand Irving, and at the mueia rtoree of Milllam llall It Bone, S'harfeaberg It Lute, Ktrkaieg A Breiteiag, Jolhe. and Yanderbeek. 1m TALIAN OPERA AT CASTI.E 0ARDRN.?DEBUT Of Kote de Vriee.?Baa Marctiek haa the hontr or laiortatng the public that l.aeiug cuarloaed au engtgemeut with the celebrated IAUAIIC hos* DE YK1AS the flrtt performance of NOKMA will tale pi toe on Monday, Sept. I, in wl tch will appear Sigaorlaa Coatlal and Signer! B. ttial at d Maritii. \CARD TO T1IK PUBLIC.?S1G NOR A C. YIVfTt, grateful to the puhllo who bare ao geninaily faeorei her, think a it tn ba her duty to ana mace Ida* the chanje which happened leet night in the p-rfi>rm*a<'* of ? l.ucretia II rgta,' wae cane, d by Bigaor H.-ttini, w1. > not only lied |>r niuud to appear ae Ueunaro. but reheareed hu part and aMirenrde r. tinted at k mument when it wae altndll Impoi itde to delay the Bone it btiree. ae Mr. Marettek had already arranged for the pirformaueea of all the fol owing nighta. CAM'11.1 NA Whirl. BAKNUMS AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. HAR.NUM, tlaaa. r end Proprietor; John Urecnwood, Jr., Ataiatact Mar -i .r. A d in i ranee to eterything. 2"> l?.i I'ar foatte. Id", ct la eatra; children under ten year*. IS (walk Satnrdty eft'raooa and eteuiag. la the altort... *, t: J o'olock, o?jarnlltted l.eddcr Praia. the dramaofTliu It AN DEM I.NU Itovs. after whn h. the laertnetiug ptntomime < f TUB M a II kliNfl t.M It. t nine, a- .'t* .'oloek, Ihegreil n.oral drama el TIIE HAKk'S PKOCREAS; ovnelu ting with the i, >retime, aitmlnhns. in .rico-com paatotalm). 111E III >11C cR"S?, att.i all te? aithiae eoe.tery fluKi. laa tri< ke, and itrikiag ' dditiee, be the Mar .lait .i family. 1 i.e < Inn* re tollmen, the Uap py family, k>., may be lee a | alalibnnra. 'I-I t liAlltl.I S IH'IISM IS SU? III Mill Ml -II I'M. A Inn mt -n kl li iMI ?<util cuImII; wc advice j< u tr go? lit i'.r< adaay, 11.r?t? dimrv Mmo H'mala ctreet ? nil }un UlttlMM. Broadway, thre do >rt above Hinf"* itrcrt. The KtnUit curloaitjr of the aie, and Liniii. GAMP MSB n\ .i. yif'B ( AVI' MtlTINJ, AT NOR I'll PORT-THR r Mran.or V III Ka.NT.I apt. Chaa Krot. will Irtvc the I mt ot S|tlog itnit, ? fl.uro'Jajr morning. Anioik 2-th. lot lamp Martina, at North Port, luilar that' tot Sprint lro*t at ' !i o clock, llridj" ctrccl, tlroia'pa, at ' '? o'clock, I- ot of Brown otrcat at 7 o'clock, and Tw-atr ilnli otreot at 7l4 o'alock, lanling at Naw Rnoholle and Olrn Coro, for tho camp ground illrcot. ff ill lanTt the camp . -unnd fir BridgeCrt, on the arrival ot the b at Kiturniag. will laaro rilgoport at 4 o'clock P M, f f tho camp ground. On Iridar. Angmt 2Hh. tha atcaoterC. will Icarc the oaiaprranno hr Now Roafcoltn,at7a'oloclL Rvturniut, will leave ? aw II i Si llrat'iu ali'oa fortho oawparoand, Ian line at Ulm Cera?(coring the ramp ?r md lur Bridgeport at I o'rUck. krtnrninr. will laara Bridgeport at A o'clock P. M , for the map trvill On sa'ortap, Aotnrt .I'th. will Iravr tho (in ii ir? md for Uridgoport vt a o'clock A. M. Ri-tnmlnr. wll Irarc Bridge rt at HI o'clock for tho ramp rr und. an<l nil) Iravo the camp groand for New Vork at i o'clock P. M , landing at Ulna Cora and New Rochelle. Fete 2ft cento. N B. ?Bp thle arrangement. paetenTcro ?? laara br kramrf Anernia, ('apt Brickc, at the wot ai'lo of Pork r'.tp. at In o'clock A M , for Bridgeport, for l'2t{ rente, and thrrtcaDirr C. Dnrnat to nnr a fa Mad. Alao bp the V If. Mcilrnnd to Naw Mochalla, and tnkc otnamet C. Daraat to aaoip gpaaaA VUAVKIXKIir UllDR. I A MP I '. I" ABBOT RAIIiROATV UNI FRO* NEW York to Philadelphia? l*aro Plot No. I, North Rlror, bp atcamtoot JOB N POTTER. Morning lino, at 8 o'alock 4 It moon I.If, at t o'clock. Tara hr vllhcr lino, for ward da?k. II Rnicrana Lima, at I o'clock, P.M : faro. ?i *0 I. Hit88. Agent. Nr.w tork akii rmiia??i.rrii?-B?w i>'?? and Philadelphia dlre?t.?United Atatea Mat. Linethronrh In tit h?nre, ?ia New Jjwy lUilmnl. f?w rfr Ineed to M for Bret claae, ?nd f 2 W fur eoeond ola*t l<earo New l'ork. ?t 1 A M , from foot of CortlonIt etrnet and at Ml. and K P.M., (ton foot of l.ihertr atr??t. Loaro Pbllalalphia at I oad t A.M. and P.M.. from tho foot of tFainat root. Fnn Rttrtwonr, TTa?hlaoTot, on Ch tut rerow.? Tl ttn*l> tl hot* are aold In tho shore line*. A thron*h eondnttor. with thr?n*h laa/sre rhroka. aeeompanle* the train leafing at I P. M, rateengera and baggage la thla train will he trenep"rt*d dirertly through from depot to depot on tho rente, withoat eh arc*. ABTROIeOOY. dfec. AS1ROI.OOT l>r C w. RtinAI K. prom swedrn, lately from Philadelphia, olf>r* hi* aorrioo* to tho ettlten* of Row York, lie la ahle to foretall paet. pre?ent and tntnre orrata. Fan? l adle*. .10 eoati; gentlemen, $1. Na? tlritieaoalruUted?Lad ire, $A; gentlemen, R.V ttflleN*. d m l.ite atreet, New York, where lettore, poat paid, willreoeir* immediate attention. For partionlara, eee daily paper* Aetrologiral Almena.eonn ke proonrod at the oflto* grntle f'tai, H rPJtlYBTRR, PROM P HI I. \ DtLPHt A. t ' tender* her ,errlrea to ladloa and gentlemen of thi? city, la Aatrr'.oey. I,ore, and matter* Interpreting Dream*. Re., t ,Took* and tele*** constantly relied on hy Nttoleon; ard will 1*11 thn Hint #f thn Indjr or gentlimaa tley will mvrr. Alt* the n*me? of th* rt*li*r? Reeldnno* III Grand ttreti. Ladle*, Fifty Cento. Gentlemen. Oat I <,liar. W YO HORNING EDITION.?SAT1 I NEWS BY TELKURAPH, THE LATEST RELATIVE TO CUBA. Reported Resignation of the Spanish minister at New Orleans. INTERESTING* FROM WASHINGTON, Ac., Ac., dec. Very Interesting from (Tew Orleans. THE STANISH CONSUL'S LETTER BOOK SEIZED. Nk* Oilmiii, Au^mt 23, 1851. Th? letter book of the Spanish Consul in this ci'jr has been seized by the rioters. It has been found to contain the names of many proscribed American citizens. who have been reported as mch to the authorities of Cubv. Portions of these disclosures will probably be published. PATRIOTS FOR CL'BA?GEN. FELIX JIUSlON AT THEIR HEAD. New Orleans, August 20,1851. Our city is, at present, perfectly quiet. A force of one thousand liberators is collected here, and await only the means of conveyance to Cuba. Qeneral Felix Huston has assumed the command cf their movements. AT.L CJl'IET. Nk? Orleans, Augu-t 27, We have nothing new to report as to Cuban alfsirs. The city remains quiet. RESIGNATION OF THE SPANISH CONSUL. New Orleans, August 28.1851. The Spanish Consul has resigned, and left the Spanish residents here to the protection of the Knglieh and French Consuls. The Cuban Excitement throughout the Country* Cincinnati, August 20,1851. At a late hour last evening the Cuban meeting was organised, and the assemblage subsequently became very large. Officers were chosen, and several speeches made. Resolutions were adopted, denouncing the proceedings of the Spanish tyiants at liavana; and, at tbe same time, denouncing all mob law or violence in our own territories. I.ormriLi.K, August 29,1851. The Cuban excitement icon the increase here. Pittjuvro, August 29,1851. A Cuban meeting will be held at Birmingham, this evening. Baltimore, August 29. 1851. A crowd of several huudred persons are parading the streets, with an effigy of the American Consul at llavata. which they intend burning in Monument square. Our WalhlngtiM CorreapoiMlrnre. CUBAN AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON?POLK Y OP THE GOVERNMENT?RRT I*RN OF THE PRESIDENT?CALIFORNIA LAND COMMISSION? GOVERNOR LETCHER. Washington, August 29,1961. The government has, up to the present time, reoeired | eideut has been hoard (rum. aad fully approves tan sendI lug a tpecial messenger to enquire into the shooting of the prisoners by tbe Cuban autnorities. The position of the government is easily defined. It will do everything in its power to preserve treaty stipulations and preret t infractions of law wkhiu the U aitud States, Beyond that it has no desire to go, and wili preserve a strict neutrality. The Pesident will not be here before Tuesday, it U now | supposed. i The Secretary rf the Interior has not yet return *!. I lie is expected to come slong with the President. | Governor Letcher, Minister to Mexloo, left lure this morning tor Norfolk, whence th? revenue eutter Forward will convey him to Vera Crux, via Havana. Tbe Caiifcrnia Land Commission will assemble in thli city on the 10th proximo. The number of land warrants, Issued under the Bounty ( Land act of last September, is 33,646. Senator lladger, of North Carolina, i< at present in | Washington. I Um l Checked?Governor of Kentucky. Lotism.i.r., August 29,1861. Senator Bright, and the lion. Mr Marshall, to-day. ar- I I rived here for the express purpose of fighting a duel, but thrr ugh the instrume ntality of friends, their difficulty I was amicably adjusted. I.axarus W. Powell, the Governor eleet of Kentucky, : arrived here to day, on his way to the seat of government lie was handsomely received. Marine hliaaltrt. NoaroLK, August 28,1851. i The bark George Henry, from Baltimore for Norf .Ik, is in the Kappalannock, with her fore and maiuinvst i gene. The achooner /Irarado, of Prwipcct, Mo,, f.-nm New York for Jackronrtlle. ta* pat in her* in di<tre?, ' hoing lost her anchor*, fore topsail Ac | The Khnoner Free Trade rai capsized thirty uiUee eaxt Of Cape Henry. Fatal Accident*. PiTTnai aii, Auguit 30, Irt.'il. Mr*. llaekhouce, for m m; yearn keeper of the Nino Mile Inn, near l'itteburg wax run orer by a train ou the PeunejIranla ana <Jhlo Itailroed, thla morning, aui inI itantly killed. A* a men named MeKlroy, and a lady (name unknown) j were returning from a party, early thi* morning, th y fell over a precipice. The man was instantly killed, and , the lady cannot eurrlre th? Injuries receired. Tit rout* Cut ting. WtnntLa, August 20. 1U1. A colored barber of tld? place, named Jnlmen attempted to uiurd r hi* wife, tbl* aflernoop, by rnitlngh) r i throat. Mo afterward*, when pursued, cat hi* own throat in a horrible manner, both the partie* arc in a ! very critical poMtfn. The Mirnmkhl|i tlralro. Itrw Oannaea, August 37, Mil. inf fitmemp nriicn. waion aouie lime mwd rin there al Oolrcaton. I* now coming up the rifer. Fio?t In Mary la ml. lUi.Tiu inr.. Augu?t 29, 1MI. A flight frcxt waa experienced Uet n'.jh'. in Baltim >r? county. The lloni uUlc nutl lli lnwere I'lnnk lloo'l. NiMnwim i<i, August 2P. 18)1. The directum and dock hoi iter* of the lloneadale and Delaware l'lank lloed. with a hit go party of their frien It I* came on here, to-day. on a pl?a<nrr excursion over their I roed, which i* now nearly completed, and will be foruiiliy opened about the middle of feptember. Ingenious Hatrallty, New Haven, Auglltt 29, 1851. During all of the prewnt wotk a difficulty hat b- n experienced in working the House'' telegraph line, lw twet n this city and \ew York, from a ground connection at arine point, which had defied, until to-day, all the effort* of the company to discover. Thlt morning, about two mllea from thie city, a v?ry fine wire, not much larg. r than a hair, wae discovered, connecting the two wire* of the line, and thence extending to the ground, wh?ie a large piece of copper wire wa? inter ed In ',be eaith and the lime wire attached to It, which,at all time*, made It difficult to work the line, and In damp weather. riurro a complete interruption hi iui biinincM. a riu??lar piece of raecaiitp wan perpetrated on thla Urn* Vvt week. The Opera n? f'natle (lanttn. The neat benefit that la to take plnoe at Cantle lltfdeu will be that of the emlnentlj dletlngqtnp <! director an 1 m? linger himself. Ilia* Marat irk, win hai appointed next Thurndap for th? Interrntlng on-ndon The per formancea will sotnmetiee at three r.vioak m? the laptime, and will oonrlnde at eleven at night ihtr adr-r tiring column* will prepr re tha levari of the o,>era for a portion of the treat; end when tha letuaindcr of the entertain mente In pre,,ami Ion (halt be annnunoed. ?re preen me ihnt town and eonntrr will he In a fetar to be ptearnt. Marrtiat, tmrita all New York oan give h'ra lie haa cindnckif the opata with a larlah liberality whleh ban brought no return to hlra. beyond that which ban Immerita* alp l*?m paid out to the great artlat" cn gaged bp h? j|. Kerr Kadp to contribute to '.he d>dt*ht of the mr.glral public, on the prr-rnt Or car ion ail who i h^'^-ijoyed the opera ahould determine to taka tl<h-*t? 'or ? n|* grand rntertainmrnt We direct attent'on " toil" programme i leh In promt- a hepond anpf'iri In tbr mu ic?l w?y ?rrf glrrn in IMl ottj. WW?????

RK H URDAY, AUGUST 30, 1851 CUBAN A F I' A I IIS. The Ncwi toy the> [From the I'cneacGls Gazette, Augrtot 3).] By tie arrival, thie moralig. oftbe U 8 Dimmer t'nien, which leit Ilaraua on Saturday U?t. ldtb Inilant, we have received the following glorious intelligence:? Oo the night of the 11th inetent. General Lopez, with between rix hundred and eight hundred men landed about fitly lullre to the weirtwHrd of naraon and immediately teemed hie retreat to the mountain* by tnkiog |it<M>e*Kiou of all the road* trailing to the Interior. Ae noon u? the new* waa received at Havana, tome three b trnUred troope were sent to the eeene of action. The 8|>anirh ebinmander eeut Into Lope* to know what cov c?*elitni> he a anted, and hi* reply war, " Tbat It w? too | late to talk of CAiooerrioue wow they did not want con- j cereiotig. They rami" to tt^ht for the liberty of Cuba " Ah far a* we mold learn She Suuuieh troope had b 'en I defeated in two tkii'miaher with a nnaiddhrsMc lues. Kuuior gives the lose on the parrt of the Spanish tr x>pe of right; oLleers and three huudrvi men kilted and wounded. Tbetfi-pariiy tniween the ilpauish oflhsrs and men wae owing, tt is raid, ?o orders givsa by the Spanish comwinder to iiillail the tavadiog nfheirrs and spr/ruthe noeu A number o? the wotnded nad beeu brought bach to liaraua. It was also rumored tint a number of the troops had embraced the feiper eauoa, and that tie native Cubing had in large numbers joined him. Over one hundred mm Ml Havana ?n the night of the 14th to join the invaders, borne fifty-eight Cat Ana wore taken on the night of otae 15th. while lu the act of deiertion, and on Ibr morning or the 16i'? preparations were beii-g made for their im:audiate execution. Tbe Governor Gecerel ha? given orders to the Spanish squadron not to molest any > ? the invading three that may be tullvn in with at sea but to permit them to land, a* be Cccs col wi.-b t< have a rupture with the government of the United States, growing outof a senond Contoy a flair. j A Spanish colouel (an aid to the Governor General) 1 had been shot. There was only one French mao-cP war in Ilxrana on 1 the 16th. und no Knglish national vessel. The C. H. ship Albany, Commander Piatt. was at Ha- ; vaua when the Vlxsn left, and would probably remain ; until she returr.el. The Albany was bound to lloston, to touch at Havana Her evrvietg cot being required there, she sailed lev Ronton After her departure, our Consul deeming he/ p rescue? necessary, despatched the Vixen after ln-r. who overtook her. and she returned to Havana. UfUcere and crow all well. Letter from an Oilierr of tlis I7< 8. 8ltlp Aluaii)'. [From the Portsmouth (Va ) Transcript ] Havana (Cuba). August 16.1S51. The 1!. S sliip Albany, ot -if guns, urrl?od oil Havana, seven d.iys from Fensacola, on the blh of this month; the same day communicated with the United States Consul. Keiuaiued in sight of the Moro till Monday following. wl.i.ii tliu rnnim.'iiulhr liberies T Slstt went into the buibor. thin tlmo having an interview with the Captain Ceneial of Cuba. Nothing wan learned inducing the belief that au immediate iivaslnu of the hlaud wan anticipah d ; iudetd, the contrary belief seemed to Iki firmly entertained. Tuesday following this Interview. the Albany remained in right <f Cuba, leaning the U. 9. rlearner Vixen in the harbor of Havana. tin Monday. nlMiut the time of the interview named with the Captain Cent ral of Cuba. Lopex lac-ied at Maliia llonil*. t-fty niilea weft of Havana, the newa of which, coming to the latter place the same night, was bmugrit out by the Vixen to the Albany, and both of these vessels, the t.nly portion of the Uulf or home squadron iu these seas, ininudtately returned to Havana 'Che first day'a rumor, aftvr the Albany's return, was that the /Uiiiuilrrot had inarched twelve miles into the country, to the townof l'Cea.and tbt re holding firm at the toot of tUeCuweomoub- ! taaibs. had rnt to piece* two entire companies of the | bpaniih Infantry, who were loo much iu advance when j the attack begau. The Hpuuiaids, having steam at their disposal, had suddenly thtown i.WS) men upou the devoted mlventuri rs. hut a bloody repulse followed their first attack; ).< to in, re m< u wen hurried from Havana, on Thursday tire lilth; they also mint have gone too near tlio Jilth??. frras' rifles, for they wer? again yesterday reinforced by three companies, and last night another i ten titer weut in the same direction, apparently loaded with troops, 'li e fact of the (urge reinforcement* being hurried to the rcene rt actioa, retdirs it probable tmt there u M>ine ground tor the niiuor, that sererul hundred Spaniards among whi iu are a very Isige proportion of ofilc< rs. have alt> udy (alien lint lor nil this, the fate of the expedition is sealed?for the Cuban.*, however tree with nuney and boastful of tight, will net handle the musket; j they do not join the invaders?and the sjuipeluis rs. deluded first, aie already falling a sacrifice. A hcurid itory remain* for to-day?titty men, detached j by Lopez to gain some town, on or near the coast, were 1 rnpltiridby the cipatibb Admiral, Ust night, at it A. M j They were brought into the barb nr. placed on board the | frigate Ki pi racxa. (Uo|>e.) and this uioruiug, at 1>o'ulock, I they man lied do* n the ship's gangway, one by out, | stripped to trowsen and shirt, seine even without the I latter covering bareheaded, hand* tightly behind | their back*?a pale tram, hurried toward the land of I (bofti I raw these fifty men, one colonel, three captains. four .leutt nants. two surgeons. fire ttrgr*ut.. and thirty- live lOldler*. bareheaded and almost H iked.-pound, inarched down the Mag ship's gangway, on tha -Id m-it t6, and | not two hundred and fifty yards from, the Albany, Into a ftrry 1?at, ttan>[' rt- it., tin- head of the harbor, Ji ab ut cow 'oils, and there, amidst an immense eourrur-e of *p<etal:r*?|?rhaps < ne hundred thousand , ?rbot without mercy. I raw their pale fa tea and firm rtepe aa they drro? nded from their tiial to death. -Many | we:e very young.iu.d some had the forma an they no . douhl bad the touM, of he rows. Of the wbole party only one was a Cuban wbiob, of ' ltrelf. rbowa enough i f tret le Cuha'a patriotism. 1'our I were lrirbat-d forty were our owu people, misled it ll true, hot doubth ?a bt lievlng that they Wt re trvadlog in the steps of l.stajelt# and those sympathiser* wlime ' i.airir are enrolled in glory, in the annals of our revolution. hut, Cuba ha- ni i revolted, there ia no war hare of the people agninat their oppressor*. it lasaid that th. re ar> "Ji 'A/0 rpanlsh soldier* in Cuba. | TheNiuvttas insurrection is suppressed, I.nprt must ' perish, and all the small parties who ignor.iutiy ar ap| prcaebirg to join him. lleuven forbid that X should have to be hi Id any more such elocutions as those of tfiia day, all the pit parations for which were made right under t ur Hag ought not our chip* of war now to be cn preventive renice, warning oil ir taking back a >au the detailed wen who think Cuba ready for their aid, ln-tt.. I. t l.tjira in P as-pivt*.. r ot Spanish ju i Warn the public that the rights of war will never bo ret>rded bile, by the f j.tuiiirds, to the, vnn jiil-lied patriots. "f',r rfc/fi," Is their motto, so long at tiny are HIMwn I.elter frniii n Cuiiaii Patriot, [Corrrsponut nc? of the New Orleans Delia.) HiTisi, August H. IS.11. I avail myself of the departure of a sailor with whom I I got acquainted In the Hospital of Itelot between Iteyla ! (luaeitbisiva. who leaves to-day. in the llritish brig Teh graph Pound for New Orleans, to glr* you, In a few j words, the last new* that we have from our friends, the ( pstitof*. I arrived In this plane from New Orleans on the lirtg I'ntoB. after * long paesaee. As I was born a Npnnl?rd, ! , ,.f oI.mI and t .i ii. tl on the i - 1m d and have !tv -d f * ' *1* ji ar* lt> 'he l'p ted Utati" . n.anv lelier. that I M Dot' for royalty than liberty. but tl?<-y art' tut taken Atlalr* bare crae to a cri-l*. anil the yentlatiien nf the two colon <1 coat* arc *> much (tlnhMHil a* though the IttMauiAfrtkrn. lu thi* p!*e-we hare tnanycoutpat'H*. (cillx*n? nf the rnft? I State*, like mjraclf ) who 1 label for the eanaaof Independence. During the ereait f?. we ir.. rt a*, come of the An rlun hotel*. and aa Dolblnt I* cpolt. n but K'.jllth, tone of the Spaniard* ut demand our conn nation and, tt< -refore. they d-> not , middle with ue. 1 bare no doul' that by tbi* time yon are aware that f"t?r thomnnd of the " erer-faithful w Idler*"' of her >lai'ltr bare turti d n at* a> d j duett our raioe; an I there It not the lra?t d' libt but that of the fourteen tlioutand lift, more t'-in ball will f.dlcw *u;t In lew than lift en j day* Wr hare f-.ur expert corporal* ami teren expert- i enc-d art?, ant*, who w herd at work. Some hiring money. bare alro-idy door Rood act tire. line ?hole re^lnn i.t of artilb-ry hare joined the pntrl. ota. and many otbtrt will follow the lurna court*. Indeed. trcrytbirff work* natt Tin-rumor to.. I ay It that l.opei left New OrVcant la?t weel. with ore thourand mm The new* hat animated the cptrit* of our people Would to (lot It were true, and Hint they laud *oep at twenty tli e-ind patriot* watt hlaarrlrnl, to k in th* Army oi Liberation' Tb< ganic-n of t'ubana* la to be r.-morel by the ro. t. n re. nt. on *u plaloa oI be In ; oorietrind with in; but ebattrrr troop-, are plteed there, we are auretha'.la three .lay*, tbey *111 lie our*: Sir thote already ; are tellable and It will be eaaier work to manau" tbelr follower*. In t'ulanae, a* well a* in t'aea Blauca we | bare Rood p? t.| la. who will not alnep on ?traw. ton mar real acuml. that by the time the at*amer tail", which will he oil the l*th. Tr'u *lll raretre the oeea tbi place, andalao Matauxar. bar* raited the CIT If the putll?hloR of thla letter be of any aerelee. you can publirh Uj I ut I wowld re^ue-t that my name be iliiltte.l; frr. aa I hare already told you. the Spaniard* here belleer that 1 faror their eat*', and place a * ">d deal i f cow Aden c# In me; and thi* ronll.lanee It of Rreat reprice la me. aa I tlod that tbey hare a rooJ deal of fear, and aie aware that our ram* will triumph. ERAI The Late Hon. John C. Celhean on Citbtt-* | lit tler of Uen. UwilalH. [From the Charleetou Mercury. AU{. 25 ] Chaklk?t?i>. Auiciift \H, 1951. 1 I ?ew iom? dajH ?<o lo the New Vutk JourwU nj mriv % m icvivr uvu i>n n HUIUK^H enw|?uuu*ufc, ataliigthat the late Hod. John C. Callioun had ex- I prese-d himself, In writing, against the admission of [ CuNsitto this Union, ilnil such a statement proceeded no p. rtlier than the columns ol the Journal, a paper ao uncompromisingly, and at times so unscrupulously. [ " inimioat do Cuban liberty, 1 would not have felt inclined : 0 So notlc v tt- Hut X find in Baturday's Mncury along 0) editorial rwtaining, much to my astouishmcut, Mr. Calhoun's adleged position in regard to Uuoa ( do not intend to oxter into the merits or demerit# of the aoqui , | in sition 91 that iekinu, or even those of her ind?p*ni>nne it] as bsartiig upon the future Uevclupemwnt safety, grace > dtUT. and peace tsf these United States The i.ummh majority "f the American people hare already, vrHir it their usuaAsagacity ai d coumdou sense. " nude up tiled. | Binds" upu this sutgect. I am thus Jar reliereo- . Tut wlen 1 see ereirtbe great name of thwSbuth Carat l:*a stat cam cat throe a into our adverse scale, I I'-elttia- , I JiaTe, however reluctantly, oni-word to i ay nv this con- I nection. Whro Oen. 1-ept t marln u visit to Wnetiington | cc in the spring cf lb4i?, th?? lion. J 0. Calhoun was the , w, first jeutlcuisn an that city who called on the IVaeral. M 11? ev*n carried his civility to the dxteut of ins*>.lng a I fC second rail before hi* UiBt hail been aeturned. fm his ca c( uverrwtlcne wiO General bopez, through Sir. Sanchez ai d ii)}H?lt, he cxpSMsed hirtaeh as wai'wiy in befizif of i Ctba and ber enns?*ati. r, as has auy other man ic the te couutry. either beivre o< siaee. A short time after a prcmiueut Southern Senator favored me with an appoint- in uieut ii the receea rc?m of i!<e Senate. Mr. Ctlhom of was|invited thereto, in were a'so four otber Senators. ov three deuioiTals, sivl one whig. The purpose of be the geutleme-a, as it seemed to xie. was principally to go 1 earn Mr Calhoun's views upon a subject of such vital tb importance to Ihe country. Mr Calhoun then ezpressed bli himself as deck's dly as te the justice of our cause, the ha assistance which would be lawfully proffered by tne Cu American people in case of insurrection, and h1# nou- 1 ' nfivrehension ot European interference, as he had done an on termer occasion. The geulieimn present fully coin- ! ha elded with hisvi.'WH. Bucli were the opinions and seu- t * thacnls of John 0 Calhoun in the spnug of ISdt*. The 1 VVuuiot proviso ((iientioii then assumed increased gravity; b.'H end as the contest hecame fiercer, Mr Cathouu's views 1 wo CHIirvwent a visible change lie was do iouger tor ac- st? tloi:, but for procrastination. lie felt, no doubt, that ms the Cuba nueetlcn would draw the minds of the people , frim an iult-rnal to an external contest, and tint his issue. Sis ' threshold'' issue. might be postponed, if not abandoned. then, but not till then, did Mr Calhoun ex- j ' pr< ss hi.-nrelfas quoted by tliecorrespoudeut of ihe Jsurnii/ : .. iJ Ceu, Hint llut Mr C.iinuun's hopes were n<t realixed a_ 'ihe si tiid not unite even in the iibwuce of th< Juba euUrStal. Were ho Dow living, every consideration ' th invites the belli t, having failed to unite the South j -s upoo the mini lesion of California. ho would strive in Jo t so. with [greater probabilities of success, upon the Cube ' platloim. thwi obtaining for her that "equilibrium'' | tin with wliioh aivne can tint Union be preserved through I he !i?'en of the touth. I am, gentlemen, very respect- aD fully.yourobedisnt servant, ; ( , AMBliUdH) J03K UONZALEY, of Cuba. to Aid for Cuba. dt OCR BALTIMORE CORRESPONDENCE. ' ?0 Biltimoii, August ?1,1K1 I '*}' COI The-eis -vidua!ly arrangements making in this city tbi for the departure of a Cuban expedition cuntiugeut on col the character of the next news from Ueueral I.opci. The !lH to rumoys ate no sontradictory thai It in ditlieult to form pU any opiniou with regard to them; but little coutidcnce dm is placeel in the announcement* of the rout aud cap- |lu lure of Ixpec. 1 Sere is no scarcity ol meu if the lacau* are ( lily It rtiioomiug, bur. it is geneially believed that " there are two pat Ilea lere. oue with uieaua, and the '! olht r with i at means Whilst the latter are blustering ' about town, and reteivirg the watehtul rate of the au tborllies, the former ure closing arrangement* tor the r"' i tlective s'.rtunoe of Lopez. ? AT 11X11*3 BPORT, CONN. ^ A meeting will be held at liridgeport. this evening. " to favor the n m ixtion of Cuba to tile United .states. at d to take tarastues to avenge the death of those who (jt wete slaughtered at Havana. AT RICHMOND, VA. m Krlistmenti are usw being made at Richmond for the chl putnot atlny. and the papera of I hut city say that lieu. ptl lionxalea ia receiving the lecruita. c< AT BAR.UKRSYH.LE, LA. I ta (From the 1'aruiersville Kn<|Uirvr, Aug 14] th On the night of the ith lust, there was a tor blight C\ pi-i radon in this town in honor of the Cuban ravufu- at Won. The pw ei avion tit >ved to the sound of patriotic ui Irs and the tiring ol guue around the aquere. aud tinalty j)| proceeded to the Oouit 11 CUM There, after an elo lu-ut k] prayer by the ltev. Mr Lewla. In behalf ot the si rug- it glu.g put ilota, the Cuban declaration of iudepeud?noe w was read by Irt Majia. a short address deliveied.aud ' j si t of resolutions adopts t. | u 1 e Avifvnfivf the Hermann c The I'ulti d States mail steamship Hermann. Captain f] V. Crabtree. arrived here yesleruay, from Southampton ? The Hermann tail d from llreiu- n on the Sth August, ^ urim-u at ncuimuipion on mo mm. unj. aiirr ruibart- f| lug the Kngli.-h ai d Kretrh m?iL< hdJ p?raeng< re at that 1 ti port, finally tailed from Kngtand at 3 I' M.. on tho 13th lint. { lhe Hermann bring* about 190 pawepgrr*. 124 of whom p, are fmin Uertiiany. the remainder having amlurked at ?' S< ulhamptoa. The preteure for paeaenger arc?mmoda- J"'( tion wal T*?y grent by thii ateamer. and Urge number*, a particularly of fecund claaa paaecngere, waff reiu<od by h" the agent at Southampton, the freight lint rompri*ea *}' t/.O t< iik of aM aMirctncnt good* from Brcni*n. and abuut if 100 ton* from Kroner, with a (waller quantity ehipped at Srutbampti u ^ Tho 11 ha* encouot* rod very strong wind* from tha ?i wratward during the whole paiaagr. and eereral aevere galea from tha aauie quartet, tin the night (f tha ->th *( whin in the neighborhood of the liJe of Sable, ahe wa? nil elrut k by a violent tornado ftom N N IV . which blew thi * viirin ni iioi ?o ??f irioirBi* ** Th* P?n*neola 6<trNi l**rna by th* *to?!U?T VItib, tb?t 1h<' Captain (l?i?< ral of Cub* h*a Ki?*n nrdar* to tho M|ii*tlT?n not to mol*?t ?nj of ?h? ir??niiu< ? b* 4n?i not wl*h a?r?pv?t? with tho Inlt.d ttitn. I.lrwt. Ttinmaa C. .twin**. [From th* Wllmincton (ft. 0 ) U*r*ll, K\%t ? ] Amorj the ri, tiro* of the reoer./execution tn Ilirtnv a report of which will he taai In another column. ?j were pained to direovrrer the name of Ident. ThowM 0. denies. formetly of thl* pl*ee IVe knew him well tn J?>" gone by. for he waa n erhaot-Mlow of mice, and w* can bear willing teuimor^ to the many excellent quilltie* < f hie and he ?rt. He an ardent. Irapuleir? ti ni| erament, frjtd of excitement and adc*ntiire, * w?e deservedly e*te"tned while a rseldent her*. Hut be h*e fallen In th,* full flush of manhood, and whatever me. j be the aha '.en , f opinion with regard to the nharael?r o? ibe r .ore In Wfelbk he war enllrted. anil th* warmer r* .,t|,in* of onr nature cannot hut revolt at th* lot um*e. ?ai tin,.,, whlrh robbed him and hi*daring mo clatea cf life Cn* fonaotatlon, at least, remata* to hl? hi' .it, J and friend*?and It la 'bat he lied like a hern, Vrltfct ut algn tf Irat with irieahlible fury for a few hour*, and continued to ')!' blow a ttoh gale from IV. N. W. all the next day She hii lo*t*< u?a tall*. 1 he tornado wa* preceded by a rapid tall 1 IM of the barometer frooi iU.65 to i|s !H), between the lo>ur* J of -I end 9, 1'. 51. It wa* accompunit d with Immeaio ),. iuaiitlti>* of rain, tonic lightning and thunder It con- <j|, il at 8 1'. 51.. aud began to ubaoo it* fury at mid- tl, ni>bt. 1 m >l> learn ffrm Havre that the proepcrt* of the Near tU( Yolk and llarre *tf*tn?r* 1 rankl.u aud IliiuiWdt ar.j ,,, D.< i.t va< < ileiit. a* a large number of pa**agea were en- it, gaged lu there ie*-el* t?r the next two h.uivwarU tri|<*. *? An-.tfi) an tiavellir* iwem to prefer ihi< line.a*, after ?!* |) till g Ktgland and ?*-?irg tie KxolOltlon they p> won to ,,i tta eouliroht. and proceeding Ihroiiyh I'ari.. mharit at Ilaxie thu* avi ld.og the lncuuTeni. Dce of a return to *, Boglu d. p. lie Vte*t India tb.jal M\'.'it??m.hip Trent arrie- d at pj P? uthnniph n on the Vlh Auguat with ?pwc,e value 51 ,dW,? .i, t; * c n tn .. lii |4 Tlie great topic of ct>arrr*.itlon la 8 >uth*tnp?on and tp It* tit ^bbci hood, a a* the dipper yacht Ann b-aapdhar H jli beh|e tailing ?|ualitiea when | laved la*< n-m ,u with tlia far leiiud yacht* hel.luring to the royal yacht rquadren at Owe*' Tic Amer'i i wa# lying at u?h < at In ('owe* road and exetted the gr<ate?t ini> feat and cu- \\ rl< *ily artongtl the member* of thn Ku.:i-b ya.-'u iluba k, aid pen* na Interfiled in nautical ilTair* Bin- he# been ?, ?lett<d by ?*#? number* per*ou?. and the llrlthhera ah were eeid*t.tly etrork with i er n. ?el un?l mk-h appear- tt a re 5l< at of the royal yacht aeh e.nera iva to l?e (0 atial I of the America, and uil a aingle ch<lh nge f.,a the owner of a irboooer yarln had lieen *?nt in to the th owner* f the Afneii. a A rh iUci ?;e wa*. hoan err gtran rs by .Mr Wi Id. the owner of a floe cutter y* ht the Alarm, f,, hi 114 ton*, to anil hia ?e>c?l fg*tu?t the America tor \j ax. I Of) hut the, i war tie* lined he ll >m tiodoro dterena. . .. on th# ground that 11<> would only b(U?k hU >cii.' >m r aaainat n-iWaU n hirtifl Ht ?? It t? writ known that In mt? r?l important pmrtirnlar* rntt#ta hare th# mdrmntagr In iailli g agmli t two-maotod Cmmi at >>r# <yy 8t?r#na hm oapn ? rd hiui> If gpnt.t8#d at th citdlal j ( mi d frhndly ti n ptton *hhh ha huripori -needtr>m iIm ,.t my?l jjrlit *i|Uailion nt Cow#* W liili- lying la the Bi litliarip'on dook". Ihi llormmnn kj tM tMM kjr tko Kirl nf Ulmniton (l.or<l 1.1'ulrniat of In land ) anooir pnnii d by tin* Omuiw botli of wi>m wi r# waiting mt e uiliaiiiptiD. to imi>ark in the royal yacht KMa, ci > titH I" th# Huron. at Olbifto lion-#. p Irlr if W igl.t Iko K"<l of Clauroitun oaprerred binned > %j dolighttd with tin i] I' adnr moil f ay priority of tho mc< ->? nn itatlcnacn bonnt th# llrrtnmtin and minutrly ln*poot? ' od etaty part i f tlio -liip lit tin-prrriou* r iymg v tfw l>ul.a nt n ullabJ iorpi oti il tba Iti rnutnu. mt Soiunmupti n. mnd drrlnmt hlatr'.f mitoulahid mt hi-r aiao and p< wer Th# I uko la completely cat Jul in nautical miftira. and own# m 'arg# nr- <1 hoautlful at hooner yacht. called Un KrtolutW n. In wliioh ho la enact anil/ cruising about. r llrnoklja City Inttlllgrina. A -T.vmai'ta ' ? ( Baoomnit ?In in# prwaft, o?! - 1 troctlnna directed to tha Phrriff of King* county, for 1 1 tho ?l.?U<o? in Nnf itibu m-xt. by imiw mistake. < f contra, a - Recorder' I* month nod for tbr elty ot lirtr ,g. Vyn. mnd n 'a# yrrooti" Hpk'ial. Thurrdmy. to fancy ' ,ti*t Mich an i *1c? bad welly boon orom'od, whorrmatbo rord* I ! ata inly apjllcaMo, by the statute. to tltoa# cltla*, where am h mu their h?? to W cboti n, mttd ha* crept mto the | document in nnoithm by a timplr ?Tcr<lgbt ( Pi itoot Piitinn v--ib? recent conau* rctarna of c ht 11# deposited In Ilia County Cl#rk'a pursuant v> ipr law I)y mi- uonri 01 r,au. ?ii"n ?n ,m th,. f ill ,*- I 1 log ? Number cf public echoed 4iatric'.e. u; children te nght wit bin thr year. l"i,#73, ctlor',1 jhiUlivii a echoola, i 2, chlldr* n tangbt. 4T8; money re ..eiT,?( $34,622 14. i b r i . ion <1 rfht< la >1 410 ?total. + AIM 14. altea, | buil.litg* ami rrptlra. $27,WO. ,<?hool tetch'-r? a*U' tiea. he , incomplete I'rl'ate an4 aelect ecUoolf, 81 j average number atteiuli-..g th mi 3 WHI. Moat Covntrjrr*. rraa laarmn ? Miilip McCarrnll, fllita Htillwill alia < PI)no. Hrldgit Me tiahon. and Margaret Hilly. ba?* been oawtultt ?d (or trial on < hargwa of pifing Ma> if the llou?at>iftta Hank $6 counterfeit liilla. Hr ?h',ch an maty have Wn cirrulateil li?re and In plana adjacent Then are now aeeen perarni In cuatod> ** nil! thle fount J (or <t leehaeyeit on ball) -u-pec ted < ' f ring impiirnteil ea uiemhera of an orfanitwd gang 1 Tua firrt tno ab<?i na?trl wtr-trrr?teil In Stn Voah. -v : * -j D. PRICE TWO CENTS. AHHIVAL OF THE OHIO. lite Effect In Jainul^i of the AttemptM Cuban Mevoltillan?l)?jii?ttuie of an Kr|> Hall War Btennrr for Kurt au I' HeTolMlton In Nct7 OranMtn. The Americas mail Meam?hip 01)1?. Captain Scbenrk. rrhrd at thia f< rt ymttifkfrom Xarj Kay, New racrda, ri'a Kinjtrlon. Jarnaieo. 6be lefl She latter port j the 17th lw>t. The Ohio came hear with one vrbeel only In nae, Marg dli-abird the other on the outward paiwuge fc-Ohagi P?. le experienced heary zortheni during the peerage. M'e litre rteeircd, by ber, Jamaica paper*, ic>u*ire. l'.Uy are destitute of news. Ti ? cholera appear.-i to he abating i-*1 all parti of tha land. The Jamaica of thr Hth inxt., suys:? Iler Majesty* r lntt^fll'le, Com. Pyke, UWW wiling af Port Koj<4, t? to sail very .ioon for Port am ilncf, *Uk, rr|Xil1 cm*. a lit "t of Kuglldi. French, id United btates rs'sei* of war is to assemble, to mini protection to the fn minieaus. *t*hi?t the tyranalJ cot duct ct Houlou<]u'd, the Krnpi wir of llayti. T>ie Ditjtatc of the :Vh last., giv;js the following laUicmoe from Hew Ura: via ? ily the rchoi"?er Carlo *a. which arrived yesterday, three days frill ->avanil!a. we hare rewired advtoM imprrtanve tel Wire to a revolution which baa brohem it io the above republic. Uenerai Borrero la at tlM ad of tlm llojos. or n d r "publicans. ualeaa the vtiuffivsit act vitth the f.veatcst possible IroiMa ere will be ever^ chance ,if some further arenas ?w codebid of the meet revolt'*# nature, which the lull iurnU of that unlrtuuate country are an much aohtomi d t v. The wbolcr province of Autioo'jta la in an awful state, d many of the respe tabl? portion of the community re been co:*peUrd to lly for their lives at a moment'! lice The other provinces are fearful rf the whole r-pubha Yg engaged -? ?< 'vil wvr The " Yankee*," to usa tha rds ol our correspondent. are ejt&bltsbing a Una of siuert between HavauilU and ilowda. On toa oanat, liters remain ryuiet for the present. >rre of the stecmers for tifis line left this port on tha :h hist . for Barramiuilla She La ua:rred the Honda. IV? Jamaica papers are titled with'the accounts of th* lempted revolution in Cuba, taken prireipally from tha Ql JSrk UtrttlJ, ithough Jcmilca Is within a stone's row o! the eastern part of Cuba, where the reroiutiam reported to hare first made its upoesraoee. The Cvhrnial Slant!a V. of the loth iuat., In speaking ot ? news, nukes u.-e ol thp followiagsiagula*remarks >? Hvtwien American exaggeration on the one hand! d the notorious enibctr.leairnt of all important pnbtie 'ormaliou by the Cuban authorities on the other, It Is t easy to arrive at anything like certainty with rvspeet the actual progress ofthe revolution, which has us ubtedly Lrokem ut in the island of Cuba It the official a I nouiict iiients of the government were to be credited, i1 innuri ition would appear to hare been of the inoat ntt mptihle- harmcter. Mint tobuTeben put down by r tr?t attackt I a mere dutarhmcut of troupe under tha iinisiid of an officer of inferior rank If. uu the othac i d. I lie reports furnished by tlie American papers are be twhet ed, the revolution, so far lYom having bee# t down, has teen bilhelto signally sui-vwlul, and la ily acquiring strength, not only by the accessioned lite recruits, but by the desertion to its rooks of nmars of the Spanish tn ops sentaforward to subdue it. lam ing the credibility "f te-timonj between two authoies liable ei|uel:y to such grave suspicion, we are inbed to believe that the insurrection in Cuba is rwaliy more serious the Fpauli-h authorities in haw pital are willing to admit, uud that there is more truth lie American accounts tbau in the official statements t lorlh by I be government pre as of llavaua I! ere can be- no doubt that lor a cot siderable period, ilhction to a wide ir.tent Ins prevailed in Cuba, i e laity amongst lite creole population. * no have been |,t down by s< u.-thing little short ot a posi-ive liter t ol th* |overiimeut t f yiadrtd Tuere is a very Urga ute |x>pu.atton In Cuba, of which by far itie largso > portion are natives tf the island ineny of thorn edn led In Old hpain. and competent in every re?p*-ca to Id public (llice* cf trttM an<l responsibility. wm-.ta arc pipe mated by large salaries, bflml by heavy direct Khiiru em thi' land* iuiii industry of the proprietor* <4 e soil The tixe d rule. however h*? long beeso. that ae it an should l*e a| p >iuu-d to auy office under the cnn .d that every appointaunt m trust an 1 cnntldonae udir government i-bould t?e oonferrsd on natives* of Old iiuln. who warefrr ni time to time * nt out from Madrid, lid We re> tbui placed lu dlrepi. antagonieeoi to, a* well a* l ci lumaiid ottr, tin- cativr gentry of the- country. I'hle, htch 1* only one of tins avowed cmun of revolt. ha* boon d a doubt bad 11 * principal influence rn causing tha iHUirctti o oi l'uerto Priocipe. and it 1* on* which wtl i lot lu i<? cause by fir the larger proportion of tha reo'e |x)pulatioii of the i*land. Independently ot this putvi'Uar gn urnl of complaint, be grtrial administration of tlea g jvert .slant of Caba irold K-?ni to hnve la-en nio-t revere and arbitrary, spe-t-ially toward* the native* af tba leland. and U M ill known that the nod* of rebellion bavu beeo leaf tea ro* n. and that they needed oolv a proper Miaao* I* ring forth their fruit The export it fen* whioh bava ten designe d from tba United states. were prompted, yopd all doubt. by tha Internal disaffection of tha ubau poj illation, but tbey were wot -nut--d to an InoMateut peraon, who we* pal;i.-Uiiy until to lead an atlnalt such a nature and who obviously an* ignorant even the district in wbirlr be might look for oo-operation, neral la pes') draceut upott Curdena*. a atrial 1 port hod abort tl-Ucca cotupa-atively from Havana, where ha id no previously areeitained friend* and allies, was mat o|?tl to that ot Louie Napoleon, now i'raiidNt > ranee, on Boulogne. In a Thame* steamer. The pen :rt movi merit, however, appear* to be irrespective a4 reign aid ll the report* are- to be areelited. t*e eastern strict* of the i-nand are in fall revolt, and the goearnsnt troop* exhibit a strung inclination to fratarnlan tb the-inMirg-mt* Jamaica and the Wast ladlan colonies generally, ban deep interest in the rrsiilts of such a revolution, and ere results are not readHy to be calculated The na esto of the Ibui'pit '.readers shows, am >ng ?Umc ing*. flat rue aud not lbs h ast Imp rtant. r iu*a of snel with the government, t* the question of slavery, utliely." sat.* that .loiume nt. "has the* Spanish presn rn ?i rg?i*ir \ nun mr t.nvm ui ri'U*rrilU|( iun inning n rnin and aihi *. by III* rating the alar** and nnan it'll *ir*ln*l lux tiw horde* of btrberlan AfricuM " la wi It kD*wn lliat the government of Ppatn ha* long 14 tin- ferrcr if emancipation or-r tbi' brail* of bar ci .titrated (Xilrnlat*. i.imI there ran tic little douM, wa ink. that the eibtmre of i laf.-ry in Cuba will depend the rurrei* if failure i4 lb*- present alt. mpt at rwrta;im "flic 111-ail* of I be ren lutlon arc lUre-noUlera. nirg property, nad gTCuid down by the .) imnf uf ir r> h nial gorartiment. They a*til probably U? ippi'by aril aatrirca of th '?e almilarty ??rr li'loned reughoiit lbe oarirrn Ulatfict of the leUmk The ir.iM fjain alnatly Miffirlog from finr.r nil. be uoaliin, u , In uld tin y ren>ait loyal, ta carry ?n a guerilln. nltmUM a tropical inn. aualmt "men who haraa en inn;111 to tlie clitnata from the'* birth VFoul4 aln noUer mch cirautn-tanre* doer * ftctdom to tha art. lu t'uhm I F the iliifw of ' *tba wtloeaa a il? tale iUi'Rylafor uiaetcrir between Jw proprietor ami e loolK r ci untry. without feel I rw that ibryi^mIte bail a dei p a?>U liup< riant tni n?t In the re-tali >4 i li a rtruxRi'- ' Tbi-e^mre irer whe:h ar likely to titiir "lit if any oti"*? polite ,lrn luti. a la ''ubn, <1 tbiy era etcnt* which Ui ay|y in tercet .lain.uea. I al tin bree t l Ihe prcient, revolution may be. wa , w ?>i T: may b failure or It may be both aertooa d itireea ful Tbe dpanteh yverum. nl bowerer, tiaa .en. by it* a /alBat Amerlcao Inrn-ion, it it will not l<> e( i.'.a?o I ,>iir a* 'he rau t>? preuumi ibeer wn <f8p*ln. aud . ur coorleti n Is. that bare tbi ?>iaiiler? of the f' *ai;h i^men hhiIiI lutfindir i- ieUtel t" a oraole Am* /can euoiplrtuf. tl?-y would try out tbe tbteat alltti <(,| i? |n the Insurgent maulto. and pmuounjv en ty i|rtr in ttnba n icondltienatItua Maythwb'tl , ?,|r. ..j rienlt of the pr nanlOitatu of Don Jomi jin Aguero y Aguero' Hi inttlllgrncr; A telegraphic de | at h was received at N off oik. N i Ullay . to cl Sl'i.e I h I, |p,, , ,n i f the el eip of war ! ' utb. ar.d ? tier htr to Cuba, but ahc had already lied f'T 'h. K* g Indies Tin li f. aurt tying nbrnnera Nentiln*. I.lent It F. ltd*, atol Mr p-dHb. tctlng M ,.|er W. W Hob-rte. enigid lu lUtti ying ofT i ape t'larle* \ u- In at Uld 1'elBt, i M.nday n | nine, to aa .i l Ihe late atom. ' 5mpmi' ih?Niiii 't p r<anj? I.lent M. Vol He A M Ljnrli. AwlnUut Harfroi; J. B. r< t.ul#y, |'a,M,i MMnklrau <iftir. ru rt the Met. -tl*h ? \rt|n? W W. Urte M L. I'owell. I'Mfnl M.ddi.pmaii | I. B. M?nU.t do ; ? ilatim.n. I'mfi-maa. ftnprtmr Conrl-fit ( hunhtrl. Before Juoge King A ?* OK CMAKI.E* ADAMS KKOT'W If T IT OB WRIT OT KADI: A A OORrrt. At it ISO ?Till* ?? An application of a mariner to bo iimharprd Item imprt nm- tit. It n pp^ared that In July, Ad?ire oar rentei.c.d by a Court Martial to he confined In eolitar) Imprleonnieat on board the rereirin* thly North Carolina. for the p. riod of three month*. IIia dl?rharpr ??e rlniirrd on the ground that the ant of Condi r"e 11 l"*fi.nlall?e to Mam.-n prowlde* that the period r.f detent I on of any eeaman In the ?errlce of the^ rotted fttatie thell not ear. d thirty day* after the aVrtral of the r. reel In a port i.f the Unit"! fttate A lam* nrtl?? d In hew Verb In the hr*g f> Iphlti. on the M h of June laet. and In a few d%)* after that * < tried and eent?n?rd. and la now being confined beyond the thirty deya. Mr Hldgway who a| pear, d ft* the I'mted At*tea, c1t. d a drrblon <>f J net Ire Wild of Ma?earhiiretw, In 1MB. to the print that for pnrpoeea of pnnlehmentn e? i mtn may be detained for any neceeaery time after hla p.rlrd of enlistment enp r-a <! o-ge Maratow. *< peare.l ft>r A lorn*, cltr.l the etatotee <4 th* Cn ted Atateo oMMN aril ItAO and Wirt aoplnlona. P 3* Th-< owS me> rr. d the raee for decielon till Aept I. when an opInKiW Will he delirer.d The point raleed by Mr Bamiow m n? w and la of great Importance both to mariner* ant tw the n**y I f the I nit. <1 Atetee leele lloneeman waa eerlrnely bj hie father at Cincinnati. en the tlmfttB lite ecn wna a mllre , Ulcer and W.? "i"' ??f0V? hie father h< me. who waa In' eUcttfd, whep tha hlO? ** (tern.

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