Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 2, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 2, 1851 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6886. 1)0U BLJS SH KKT. AKtrsamia r*. TTtHE BLOOMIK TltOI I'E. ASSISTED av THAT ACl artiste. ^1 lie Nathalie Sitajamel pr; pupil ^ A tit cute of I ho < p< van of Naples. Venice, Parle, an I Co 'don, 'iti.i Ilnus Caro.e, have the 1 onor an as*Putm thsle HectQl Grand Concert at Chinese llail, KID Uroed ?ay. ou Tuenday tvtutor. September 2, lNil. The Ladies u ill all appear in the richest and most recherche styles of the Bloomer Costume. Musical Dire tor, 0. A. Sooncit PAIIT I. fb-erture 1....B' a full Orehi strs. ""The celebrated Drinking Sop*, from Lucro/.ia Borgia SliaJilia. IS ram, eoou I'll burst thy chains Mis Oa it anna. Tl" Oa> Cavalier Sis. Adelaide. Fulut ii hi France M le Nathuie FWajiaes. Paiit 11 Overtu s By a full O chestra. >on fu togus, fioiu \ trdi ? Lonbardi Mile Natnalis Pit/jam is. Believe me, o ' si! those ealeuring charms Sits L mise Trie roso that op. a to mnrt Sin Ad-1 aide. ?e o g?" l'olka Ha/onrka" Ulle. Nathalie Pitrjam's. Pari 111 H hat can a poor mai l do Mii< Julia Grand l'ua dc Duex, du Tambourine Mile Eitriamos and So ... dt'tu A* ay, n way, toi the mountain's brow Mi.s Cathar na. 2cmrt Flower ... wis. Ad laid.. Ailccn .Vavourt.con Mi., Louise Grand las tie Deux. Da vera Napolitaoi ..Mile Pitrjunea Hod Unns. Care .. T c'?e'a 60 cents each: tube had nt William Hall it Hous, 71*!' Uiotduny: Samuel Jolllc J-tm B'o dways and oth r Jhiniii Stores; ard at Chinese Hull. 5.i:? Uroadw ty. Door.. op.ii at 7 o'clock; coo' ort commences at d o'clock. JUST ARRIVED, IN THE ATLANTIC. Sit EDWIN Blancbard sti the cclebrat*d tor' Dogs. Iloct.or and Brain, fn m the l.adott theatres, hut where they will ! appear v e < annot at present .ay I'ODITICAD DEUisCitATlC Kbl'l> aN uKNEKAL CUMSlTtee.?Ata meeting of t'te DeuiocrattJ liepnbiioan Cio.toral Committee, held at Tammany Hull, on Thurs *ay oventag, the 4th of Aug'tat, HSAi, it was Resolved, That tuu Democratic Kepublicau eleotora of the city and county of New Vow, fri udlj to regular nomina' tkiUH mi J the uaagnsof the democratic party, lie directed to as 'rmble on Tnosoay, t.i e 2d of doptemher next, for th i purpose of oleeti'iir one delegate froai eutti A.seubly diet rot to I the Dtmotrati t Ri i u' licau State Cunr.utiun, to be heid at ( s/ncunc, vn canc./iay, mo I'l o! Hcptoni 0?*, IHftl. '1 hat the election be by ball't, and the del agates and their alternates be votoa for ?,ir*?oM>l except in the districts oomerisicz more thai, one ward, ai d in t;i???e district* selected by a district convention of five delegates. to be chosen <r<>m *ich wara. That the poll# be held it the ioPowine places: ? Diets. J let Word, at Dennis Mullen's, 110 Green vioh street. 1. . #2(1 Ward, at si Naasan street. o 5 3d Ward ct J. Miiani**'*. 2>0 Cr*enwioh, from 6 to 7. * Jtith W'ard. (ith Ward Hotel B Ith Ward, Plume's. 27 James street. 4 5th Vt ard. th?- UmMp.-n, West Broad wav ft 7th W ard. 150 Madison street. 6 8th W ard, bnld'i, corner Domi*ftek and Hudson. 7.... >th Ward. Insac B Smith's, 00 Perry otr^et. b.. 10th Ward, 10th W'ard lwt-1. cor. bro .?mo ?.n I Forsyth. P. ... 11th Ward, as Ward Conm tto*? snail direct. n I 12* h Ward. Hope's, corner Fourth avouuu and liftth s%. *vj 10th W ard, George Da\i./, cor. F.ig*ith av. and 50th St. If . )3th Ward, a* Ward Committee shall direct, r, S ITh w ard. 14th Waid Head Querto-s. earner of Grand ' i r-ud Lli/abith 13,,. 15th Ward, us Ward Committee n'vUl direct . 16th Ward. Brglan's 105 W 17' h <t., near 6th avenuj, li.. < i.ere 7 to S 1* P M ( 2l)th Ward, I.udwith's, c> r. Eighth avenue am .'its *t 76... 17th Ward, Hoc uitag- flail cor 11 u*'?n nu<l Allen. 56... lfcth W?ra. ns directed by Ward Committee. flint the pulla, rxcent in the wards wherein the Warl Ccjrtr.ittec rhull other vise direct, be opened ath- " * K M.. and closed at!' f. 4.; tad in ea?" khJ of hour no lire thereof' 4 e- , !f - ?? ?v the Se ritary of this CoiuJV"*""4, * lellt tliiCe flays before the d ?y of election Vr-at three Inspectors of Election tor each ward be ap feinted by the Ward Committee fr tn the democratic inspec lore chosen at tho last general election; and in tefeult Vif such appointment three "aye before s't .h <1 "tion, the inepectoroshall l>o appointed by the werd d> legates to this Pom mitten, 3 hat the Twentieth Ward, at the time and place <>f each yrimtrj olecti >n also civet throe delegates t? this U-meral Committee, and five delegates to the Young M u'g 'Joneral ( nwmittee and alee eket e Ward Committed to consist of bitten niii.i 'ci s; and that Wm 4, T? o- d, Uatrit L/yekiusn, and Peter Duffy, tnem'oers of this committee act as inspectove of destine in said Twentieth Ward. By order. 11 CT. J DiLLOS. Chairman JUHS Di'Hi.inr, ( J OH* X. &ATAOK. Jk., { | jPOVkTll M jnl.-'l III kit A - AlfilMLY Hldl KIOf ?IT I A a mcetirg of the fourth W ard Democratic Republisau , W Ard Committer, held at 4 arreii Hall on 4o u-d tv evening, August .11 Wit. it v.. ordered, that en "leoiiou Tie hel I on I Tiiee-lay eseiing. September 2. at 7)6 o'clock, at Warren Lmii coi..:rf 0'iV4itjl'' Hoary ttreo s (in u.irmanoe-f a - inMpftl.e H.-iimtele nklican General Committee and . . n thecnaun'r prescribe 1 by th. m ) fur t a purpose of el ct , lur ft iV4>'U P"Ti< u t0 ripfMeiit thi# HUtriot in th? State '11?f-*flLi..i.l at lJ. raeuee. on the I'Hh ofientomber ?*. H: vw?? i C i- Bwniiim.lie I' bAi(l) -Tlli DMockaTK' It C IT II ul \ "V y rlc:tor-of Fourth Assembly O'.atri t are requested to fit*, ud a meeting, to be he'd this evraing at 7S o'elock, lit the Emblem, HA Chapel street, f ir tie purpose of idefticg a relegate to the Coovrntiou to beheld at Syracuse On the lutti inst. Ily order of the ward committee, W M.I.I a M f KaNCIS, Chairman pro torn. Js??s Latrr tstr.l. . *H itowU""' t^lNIII ? AhD -IV f'I R'l AN. r, .If A BBOOMWOI. J. a detlou from the Democratic Kcpnb loan Geaer 1 Com OiKtee the Duiio-ratio Kcpuhii.-an Electors of the Ninth | ward will nicrt < n 'i iiestlay evening, Sept, Id, at 7 o'clock m Iseac li sinit Vs. No. V) r? rry street, f >r the purpose of | sale liug one delegate to the State (invention, 'o bo held at , Syracuse on Wednesday, the 10th licut , lool I'olU open dlroiu ball-past 7 till h o cluck, I*. M FREEMAN, Chainnaa of Ward Committee. Wss. QrsftivariH, Secretary. rpniRiEENTii ward?in riMotxci ?r m X recommend sti-a cf the pi?cral eomn.fttee. at Tammany j II til, the firm erratic Republican Electorsni the Thirteenth W sr ar hereby notifi-ui that a meeting will be held at i M itthew Gevrnli'o. S3 W'illet street, on Tu*slar the 2d inst., Sit "K P. M . for the purpose of electing a representative of | tl ir As- mbly district, in thn State Convention, to be held or the H'th instant, at Syracuse. Nathan R ihert? Alex Btiaart, fs. C Deanr. delcgatet to General Commitee N 11 ILc poll aeill be opened at 7)6 P. W,, and elose at S P. M 1jtiriF.?NTii wakd-tur dguoi rtrie retcblieaa Blentortel u Fiftuanth iftrf, are requested t? | meet at Coi sti.ution Hall No. h's) Broadway on Tuesday ?venit>g S. pt. 2. |oJl, fr-in half pagt 7 o'clock until 9 i o'clock, to etleet a delegate and an alternate delegate, to re pree nt the Thirteenth Assembly district in the Syracuse ? venter, to to hale en tha llKh daa of nepietahee, I Am, V^imaUt tl>* nllr: the Iiemorrati'i Republican (lauaral , < u umi'f. Oitrloi IV ftniuthten, Nlcholae Parcel), m l I Ida itlinor?, ?ill act ?s inct.ire of Urn a aid oloetioa. By j order of tl Ward Cuuimitt> ?. Al?UU!tTUS 8ci1ki.i., Chair.naa, f ha litre I>. Moad.)- . , John ttiiaim, ) BocMkarloo. | WK-IKTV MBETlVuir Ac. i f) iUK STaK LODGE. NO. .:ii) I. O O. V -TUB JIEB*i )>-r. of Polar Wtar Loitye are re'ineate I to l>e pnoetua in ?lr attendant i.n Timed r a v?nna, t hi J.I inrt, u nualaaaa . of importance wl!l to bro ieht hof?re the Indco. AI.FX. M I'll* I'EKrilWAlTE, N. 0. Tmi. B. T >nu?, Secretary. 8\roncr -nKMvoi.BNr okdfk or fi?h<ans._ ia flit CiatHIaf rhoolk 4i wHy, N>. . II-no nlont r ler of H-tetnn, ?rt particular ? r? | i?H to attend an calra teoeUf in-itier. f > he he d in thvlr A. emlila H.?"in<. - ra>- ? V adwa.n in I Grand etreet ai Cediieedar otea- I .1 d. tit insi, at 1 < clock. Br order ?f oavid TODo. W. p. Jams* ioCi rrr. 1. I M A80MI -1UK M. H GRAND LODGE OP lltBAV- 1 clan' a? Be.' rable P?et?rnft? nf Frc? an J te-eptsl ' Vu ni ot Ha H*in at Bow Vi ri. wMI held t'elr quarterly I e<>b m miration. O I-rrralr* at 7 o'olnrk, at the a. L. room, at iRnaaeoo a llall, K? tie' Hron'one J.thL.o IIr.HRI N(i, (Irani Secretary. CARB-ACC OKtllM TO a H?..? >1.1 flUN 'At'ED /V at ? r* ""i>t noeiine of the " II nttere' A<o i*i tie ?i ilotl rial da. i'ror e't'e of the trad*, of tViltim U I.. t< tl,- "l b".t ha' te? " tM? tit/, mho had done ?!? m i ih to promote tho tctoroet f bila into throne1 ' it tha i n a -'totor, alil moat at t total Hoooe on I opedif ttnaltl, 5>p'. It", at 4 o'clock. f r the ptirpote of n ki ll euitahl. ' anoetoi oto for I hc_ p-oi entati >n to Br 'Icehr. aahloh la l? k- p e-r at and Ac'CP lleooo, en M nd?y "rantat S ft tf, at 8 o'clock: A report tram t e tr la ae'll be real on l a renin* <1 the l:h, -< ttine f r''i tho raaa.oa why tho triOP hi re taken thla itithnO or e apr?e-l a1 *" Ir ra t ard for - 7'e el e an e lean rod meet a ie. Fb'a'd thl. a tlie c >1 tl a r'e >f onelhieoM't tho one-half'I Br. B'eoo'i ! r "A . *e sie r |. t it ,.t t',1 re i? nat a r??m in the Aa .?i ....... i.aariraat lit'lfl'in. \t 1 I A > 111 i r I' J S 10 t iiiim: iv _|S i,)V. . (t Mifncl rt f'Hr l?? M"ln (it m 1' 'Ixim,!!! Brnl?a))a t tin* yttly 'ay thtro th ? will bn nntMt to r?rai rf t i i t' ,u- i't J ' i if t> i m .nth, 1 ht iri a>brr? art rrqattU'l ?i m i d a r* "tlar m?ttl*f, at Mintttr M?M II'* ry, in Npinylty (Trail* mil at n??|. ' in?? m i*i|.'.ittr. i mil by tyinanetnl. I'ifttnt ?iihtn ?y . . 11 A- i ' > ! < i hI'' I _ i. H KKlit ruwiu i?. 1? A*h?AI. - 1 I I I I I ' it AND t? l7l f'll'nn m l, Mi tmn"T?L<? No ll WtPftt ?kft?l nr*? Lnntlna f iT->?4trar. I | U/L 1 CI.O . AO*' 1 fully iatltt Ttit n nnd :">at.Vrn tarrohanlt t - tall ?? ' Inni throa*h mr ttn.ik of f?|| %n i ? ,?t*f fji?tli I | kaf*r* parr'taaln* rlatarhaya r,a.t<T-nyat itminn r aator'.n.nat, prtptitd foy ?<ia appr.iacMat ?aa?,n mil br'tand errtinr In *y?a-l mA varl-tty than ' ?a y?-r Hsat i-tar kyaay imaaa in tha ihr ayrytiont and at 'ii(?ainU fir rajnlymy tr-yytM.-a that la in -ii w, aa trfll at ?l*ni< to air *trra?u.> tha kt aa<l Aalth of t'.f boat tan 'it ?nrk, la in T il to It Inly rppr'Hiatad tha *f*a? lam-u- of ntr tain ta all tantiant of ?hr co ibtry. na wi aanatriatly ytr-lyr fn m ouf < .lat-mrra th< irrallffir,* rtiurta Miat >i?r ytrmtalt '*?y* n? ?? nimi aaa r-afy Itltl baalma. ?n nr? dMrriu ta ba an'trtajd by a 11 ntt in kl* t. tit. ?it h unit tun all am* for tha tar* r'lritv at ?|i -nakatil aar r tr<a*rtt. It, ? J, fur |,l I*, At an* t iabn ati??i,'. otnor of Naaaaa g"AHI liHF dlllTHIbO AND ri HMt ri'NK WAN PBD.l.adlra ot yriitlrin'i leatlna tit city or hraaktn* n| lit.aa* k typing, can obtain tlit M*ttar r" y print for ci ithlaa T'irnlturt, fee., by t'n.tlnt tlirntitb fit t ny % hla r?t' draco. I- Ii- DCSiRMitinr 11 P.ln ttratt N B.?I. a 41 at attrn I i ta by Mra. Ifatatldnrp ar t abt orr clothibo anh rntJfiTim travri ii. / ?La tilt* ar ct nti'irmn hatiat any raat > IT I'litMn* ny >'tiynl?nra t" 4i?p<ar 11, ran yycaite a fair ca?h pritt toy tha mmt, ky taadirr fur tha anbatlibtr at hit y*r|.|?a?a t?y by lip intmtat. l.aAira attanri' d by Myt. " II. 8. COH AN, ?> Kim ttraat. /tA^l Of I ' MITniNO.AC Till. M l BSCBIBIB DIES J not yratrril t? ilrerlya th* pakOr tilth thn hnmiin* that bt aill pay !W ny p?y rant mny?, anil than itffrf Jlkt pay aa tt lata, tl an tha rtal tain* nftf.tabnya l.i' lmarA ynatiam** raa obtain tbt ftt 11 taint, In rath, by *?n<lln* fot or calliay an JAMR8 MOKvLN AT, At hit (tor*, II lira*** itraat. aaay k Chatham 41isTorrcM?rni>fi teturi anitcbbWANTrit I H . Tb* hifhttt print raa to obtalar.1 ky 1*41** an4 yntlatara who bay* aay ItO'tClnthlnt Farn.tnrt an4 Jnwtlry, h.0 to 4iatat? at, hy arn4ir?, II'onyh a >tt ay athrrala* Ifof J l.liv RNAtTN, 4?4 tirnaAway, ay rtnlra |a<Iii alitiltl t* ky Mr*. tattaoiyA. I E NE KOIl jjUTMg AND TO L.KT. TO LET, IN BROADWAY, NO. 100. THE SECOND pt< ry, all ia out) flour, being lOti feet deop by 25 wide, formerly tlm dining roim of Ralhbun's Hotel Ala> atore, Nt> Broadway. aud aavcral ofioea ia No. Kit) Broadway. Inquire at No. lbd Broadway. 'po LET-TO A SMAI.L FAMILY, A 8PLENDlDFRONT l and Lack Parlor, and two large I'autrioa on the second ttour. attio room, and privilege of bathing room, in the fashionably built house, 21 Bayard street. Possession nnnn diately. Inquire at the premises. 'po LET ThF, EAOI.E HOTEL-THE PUBLIC ARE 1 iiii ited to examine Hie admirable oonatrnetion of this model house; the rroms are ventilated, lighted andfurnisli-td in tin most modern and aclen'.llie manner, and the prices being ao moderate make it a desirable home. Furnished rooms. Us to his per week; lodgings, 2.">c. The large basemei.t, suita' le for an extensive refectory; a shop suitable fur a barber, and a store adtptod for the in >st kind i of business, to let '[quire at the Hotel, corner ol William and Frankfurt streets. TO HE SOLD.? THE GOOD WILL, Fl'RNITl'RE, IC . of a boarcii g house iu (.'anal street, capable of accommodating forty boarders, to bo eold cheap. A satisfactory explanation alii Le given by the party uc? occupying it, oi' the cause of gii in* it nr. Addrc s or apply to QLiJRUE U. PERKINS, 31# William street. Rooms to let-two pleasant furnished rooms, iu a prit ate family, where there are no ether b> orders, with or without boarl, nbout ten minutes walk from th<- South Ferry, In Brooklyn. Gentlemen boarieri i<rtl<rred. References exchanged. Address box d, 275, New 1 oik Port Office. |NOR SALE, IMMEDIATELY?HOUSE AND LEASE OF A lit. at a ground rent, of 21 West street, North River; posaeealon at any time; location, for profit, beet in New V rk for any buslines, opposite the several lines of ocean steamships and general shipping Apply on the tin miaes, or to HoW'iiS hi i>K AMiilLL, ed Nassau street, and US Broadway NCR SAI.E?THE LEASE, (TEN YEARS') STOCK AND A Fixtures of a splendidly titled up Bar. in the vicinity of t! e foot of Wall street and the East Hive,*; Sd.OD to JiMSM will be n'crssary to purchase the above. For partioulare. srply to HOWES Si BaLKCOM, Sd Nassau street, and B5S Broadway. I^OR SALE?A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT. SITU at d i.u Broa iway, in the iiumcdiatc neighborhood of t. o principal hotels and public plae-s of amusement, and d, lnr- a gi od lueicess The owuer wishes to dispose of the s m* for reasons satisfactorily extdained by calling at the cilice of C. < Eebel, Esq.. No. 11 Well street. Al.fK'tl TO LET?IN BUILDING 1B7 BROADWAY. hitherto known is Rothbuna Hotel, but built uxpreaaly ft r en ffice building. Rents from #i> to }1,ink). Apply on the premises. from twelve to two o'clock, of I*. N. GELLATLT. rito I1ATTER3-l'OR 9 A III, AT NORTH ORANOI, N. A J , oppueite the depot, i Hat Faotory. with all the toel* complete lor uad mtnnfacturiwg. consisting of two rteainbeat Kettle*, fee. Building and all now within ton mouth*. Tenn*ea?y. Ennuire ou the preraiios N. B ? A Rood ekaro ol work conjtantly on hand. L. KNOM LE3. L'l'KNISllED ROOMS TO LET.?A SUITE OF IIAND* iomely furninhcd room*, eompr.iing the entire second lli or, and one rtom on tl o third floor, to let. Apply at 7li?i Broadway, near Ninth street. DOR SAl.E?ONE OF THE BUST BUSINESS STANDS K l"r the Carriage making and Blac ksmithing in the state, situated in the flourishing village of Tarrytodn. The rca ne for si lling are, the proprietor is in ill health. For furCu r particulars inquire of LDWaKI) k. MOTT, Tarry town, V cstchcsti r county. Ahar room, with tiis stock, ami fixtures. will l.e aold very cheap for caah tr good security?the owner not. bavin.', time to attend to it. having other bu'i?ess ? it is bapdMBuly fitted up, and well eituated. Ap ly at the t!Jbe llot'l, Ns 7 Cmowir.!, otpe.'t, (1 ROOIXT AND LI QUO! STORE FOR SALE. AND the Dwelling over tb? store to let An old-established laniiiy l.rooc ry and Li |u<>r Store, now duing a good basilic as. Clooo location. Address A. M., iltrald ollice. \I7 aTC 3ES and jewelry, cheap for casii.?T J as. W. Iaulkner. 15:> Broadway, corner of Grant at.. Is idling every description of Watches and Jewc'ry at very low price*, l'ersi u* wishing to buy will find it mush to the ir interest to si.n ine his stock hef ire pur basing elsewhere. All goo vranted as represented. Watihea and " Iry etri fc y i ured at short notice. 1 I>! TR ABLE LOCATION, takee railroad from the city. s w 1 Di'l in. .mil ao omits to about At IJUU; baa a rate set of ati me-s. i 1 doing a goad business. Tan tog, tin the lease the store, ant good will of .i t rn will i sold to a all customer No person need feaa I tb< ready moans to purhvse. A line addrci I to J Lansing. II raid office, with real natue and addrc w ill be attended to. STEAM l*OW EH.?TO LIT. T WO SPACIOUS STORKS, 177 and I7!f Grand street, with eteari power, A H. CiflBORN E. 117 Mulh? Rf ^ tlu prcmiies j IV IfaibhCaD C'llSI PAN IIS.?f OR S.YI.E, ONE Ho?rn t ir.t Class Locomotives, suitable Mr the New ink tnt Philadelphia llallroid Linus?liming only bo?n iu u? I in* **" b* ptuLed II mlJev per hour. The attention of tl e above rompawlas i? these engine* a. their rannuVw irtud and well tried he hilt, rent er them ??* for paaeet'R'T traiue. Adirew Age of Improvement, thla office. ________ mmti ctiur. ST. MATTHEW S ACADF.MT - AN ENGLISH, GERmnn, and Frrnnh *-hot l, for both aexee. 71 Walter et r ut. HH Hr.sdaay. will re-opnu on the lat of September, when new pupil*, fr. in tie to fourteen year* of age, will be received. Tfcie school it especially adapted lor thoae children, whose parents wUh than alio to few sine thoroughly ac (uainted with the German and Freaoh languages. which art taught daily by native profaaaora. E. tlAKDl'EK. Principal. MISS A IiKA IN'S SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, at Jainnica, L. I., nil! ra-opan September iith, (third Mondty.) OPiRIM ' ANd'AHE-MR. A. T)E I'. B YEZ, PRO (7 M r of the Spanish languar and litaratnra. having a few MaaVV houra, will devote tiiem ia giving l-aaoaa at ma ptv.dy or in any part of the city; and will aleo make traaalati us with eorrectne* and punctuality. A'ldreta, No. II Day at net, two dcora from Brondwav, Office, No. 1. FIUICH ANDGENERAL EDI i ATIOV.-A FREVCII young lady, from Pari*, a proleesor in oaa of the highest e.-miniriea in Paris and in Nuw York, offers her tor vice# to at hot la and families a* Uoterntsa f r teaching I*ranch, aa well as all the tranches of n complete education. Apply evirr day to Madame X., llerald office. Boat retorsnca* can b- |ittt. Madame harwrod, fkencti teacher. Bias Ivnta to infutns bar frienda and tho public that t< ntimica to five instructions in the French language, at No U7 Seventh fevenne ; and that she ia assisted by her laughter, recently trom Paris, who epot'ta only French, and w ho is n graduate of one ol the beat achoul* there. Ladies and gentlemen wishing to make arrangements for privnts lemon*, will find Mndnnie II. disengaged on Tuesdays and Thuradaya. from 'I to II o'clock, or from V to 7 o'clock. Avoryri FRENCH GENTLEMAN (WHO SPEAK* English), teacher of mtiric, wiihei to obtain a gool bon Inn reel enable family, lis will take charge of a row pupils in comp' nention for his board, will bring a good piano with I Itn. end will reft r to Ma put lis' families, i'ieaee addrus a note to " Crganlet," lit raid office. \v ..*. I . IN' I HI I'IKBWd IN i ; ( II IN A YT , clef the bight st character, at tbe9>a'h a Prowler' > ?n< h lady nt ability and a.rcricacc in teaching. a;: s t gjU t? est f onrfe?fel Butt, \lAPAM r. tlilllER. FORMERLY TEA' HER AT THE 1*1 College llcnrl tjnatre. in Paris, ia doalrvns of having * t. w Pi plls to iastrwit ia lbs French Isnenaga. Would Wisi, much to mala a?me engagement in ashm-la. lor the approaching winter, ia Naw lork. The best refcrenc a m ts capability. ( an ha seen a'. Id? Crand atrret, Irom II to i. \f ADAME t INTENT IIKP.S I.KA\ TO INI >RM THE ItI public, tl static irtica Irsaoii la the I reuch Imiguagat residence. No. 1.10 Sullisaa strcat. near Blaeclidf? apartn.aata. Ni a 17 tnd I". Madam* Vlneeatle a'rployed la tea, lug Iter natiit lantuata In m- e of ihe first We* Y^rk b ardisg school e and can give tht tnos -ntisfm tisry rc.ererera a* to lit ability, and also ts the purity of her at :eab Totma madarato. LlklNtn I.ANOl'AGR ?PROF. D. LA'.ROIX BRUI r i nform Ms pnpll*, and the ladloa and gentleman o! New l urk nho ma? wish f? learn French pvar*iea'ly and th'.roeghly, or merely ta obtain ttia rnmmvidof n limited ac.nit ar of Coll iiiital phra*a In tha shortest poaatbla time. list lir will rteonii !,{? t. ac ln?. and form hi* cI?m?h for the *" "irr MMit. Mi ,.d?y, f-iitrmhrr 14, a! hi* iwinil, >'-> I) in* 'i! I.t(irt Viililiufs H Hroalwiy Mi fiflli mlf in <arh rliM, * f"rn>>tl>. Tirol* pi p*r n'>nUi. Arflln til t n r (red from the *th of neptemoer. before in u ilerk. A M ?nd*lt<r 7 I' M. >lor? L would *t*to Ihnt h? wt# inetrm t?r in th* late Institution ?f Her. M .<r*. Joha nn I Jnnik Ahki tt. for t' * If t four %*?r* that b? hat t"?n lot two *i*ra n th? Imitation of Mr 'Vt- a. (Ireoi etn *f; and fot a fear p*?t in that at Mr. Killer. 177 Greea at rati. AhTll'JliOtiV Ar. Aimouov -dm. c. w ruback. rttoM rwcdmn, lately from Philadelphia, oil ra hla e-relor* to to* elai / na of Ni w Vort. It* i* ahl* to toro'cll p??t [nun! not I (ti'wra * vat*. f? la'iu. 10 etata: ttati'aaa.ll. Mati*i? MoelmUted ?I.adi**, >1 ***tl?a,*a. % ">. OS1-* (fo. ( it hia* atn-rt. R*(T*ll,a h*r? letter*, pott paid, will raoairt <i.mediate attention for parti, nlert, *n* dailj paper* .* trnlorii*' Alwian*e*e*n ha prnrared at tla* *?e* *r*tl? I Ifl'ORtANT Tt> phi ill! i ATM AMD PKRrt'Mh'HA I lijatii t. Ilert. J.'iJo'.n rttaet wholeaal* perlaaer. Dai pi Hi*In-* *a eierant aew a?t of l.a'el*. aoitn .l* |nf *r*ri t?.l# and drawer in a drut atom, la *-i'd nn-nlir f irai. al 'he low rharie of IK for I.JW nam**, t?l*i, ia th# vhol* nit oae rrnt each, with a llh. r*l dD""iint in IP* trad*. Al n Perluatvry. t? nt* p?r r*at l-.w*r the* aar h*na* ia %hi oitr Noar opea for >n*pr*ttnn ihiii a HI'PII; it atviwit. Iti) nir. pi mmc.?ivnia mvi nRR snots oei alteat on ha* hern rail* d to an nd*"rtl?eii?'at. hp florae, ft Dap, pnhliahed in th* New to.* ID rail nf llth Jnla NV1, and the Courier and Rnonirer of eara* data, ia whioa ?"*r Bineh i aim-tit, d ahne* of ear alt >rn*p, ifra Jalaoa Red.. he ateeria that w* dare not aharg* him with pl*atin Qondyear'* t'a'??'*, nnder onr own a im**, and that h? di lot infrine (loodj rar e Patent* In th* riaaafactar* of 'mot * e hat* pur> hoard o?r li n*"* t r tl a taaaufartnr* of I a lia Robber Phnet nr.der Oood/ear Patent*, an* ptld en ti?a*y, and are dellp p*tla? a tar)* for the nn>; and an Ither perenn might liata dew* th* nana. If ilwpofed to do at rather than pirnt* npon (loodtaar'a PtWm. r e think i nnr* Jnrt to pttrrhe** a r ghi t? net a ralld patiat. the o lairing* it. Mr. Pay, hevin* bnea pro*?*nt*d, t'tmit tedrrd Cnodtear'* right*. wai* a tettWtnent, an l narettd i future not in lairing* hlr Patent* lie I* now attempt.n ant only to Infringe *aid P?trn'a. bnt to ln|nrt onreelrm aha h*?e, for n large eonelderntion, wnrohaned onr tie?a?ei uid now wrk nader th**i; a* J we e tiara* Mr Way dlreitlj end that oter onr own tignatnr**. with pirwUna Oeiodpenr'* Patent* in th* raanitfnelnrn ol ?b? ?hoe? whi* 1* I* now offering to th* pnt?H?t and w# giro wotlo* that h I ?nd all who are tnnoern*d with him In pnro'iaeia* or raw I ia* hi* Mho** ma le la violation *f aaid latent KMUM. wi h* ptawevul. |i. CAWORB UAtR AHW HtniBRR CO., _ hy If ia A Bnohiraham, Tr*a*nr*?. TI1R fftWARK INDIA RI'RIIKR MfO CO., B. Qiitcfeiaaoa. Proliant. roRD ft CO. Netr T?rh. July 12. UVL W YO MORNING EDITION?-TUE ? I THE LATEST FROM CUBA. HIGHLY IMPORTANT. REPORTED SPCC SS OF LOPEZ. Death of Qeneral Enna and Several other Spaniards. PATRIOTS FLOCKING TO TUB CI DA STANDARD. O HE AT F.XCITEMESIT AT HAVANA, Ac., Ac., Ac. TELEGKAmiU. The editor of the Savannah A' u s has furnished the , following intelligence :? Buanmh, September 1, 1851. Tl.e rchooner Merchant arrived here to-day. having 1 left liavai a on the 2-1d August. We learn that Gen. Lopez has be?n successful in every engsgiment he has had with the Spanish troops. In a battle on the 17th, General Knna, Commander-ini Chief of the Spanish army was killed, j Several other Spanish officers, and a largo number of men. were also slain. , The force of Oen. Lopez amounted to from fifteen hun| du d to two thousand men. Lopez tvas daily receiving rc-luforcemcnts, and was marching towards Havana. General hnna was buried with much pomp, in Havana, j on the 20th. There was great excitement, and much apprehension in Havana, there being only seven hundred troops in the j city. Aid for Hie Cubitus. Haltimori, Sept. 1,1851. I The New Orleans Picayune, of tho 2hi ult., says that the Cuban liberators have given the direction of affairs tc 1 General Felix Huston, who takes care not to violate th? I laws of the ccuutry. The Washington Ttlcgraih. of this afternoon, says that arrangtmenU are in progTtss to land 6 000 men in Cubs J shortly, under distinguished leaders. It also says, if ] cculd give details of the project, if politic to do so. Sev.rai Hungarians have left Montgomery. Alabama for the I'Ui t'Oee of joining Lmez. VOLUSITEBBIKO IN TEXAS. Brswksvillc, Texas, August 27,1851. Vrlunteers in the caure of Cubs have gathered here to the number cf several hundreds, and are ready for a descent upon the island. CI BAN MEETINO AT MEMPHIS. McMrtm, August 30, 1851. A great Cuban meeting has been held hero, at which the utmost eithueiai-m prevailed. The excitement on the subject, in this section of the country. Is intense. The Steamship Alnbnmn. New Oilusi. August 30.1331. The steamer Alabama, ruining between this city and Veia Cruz having beeu erroneously reported as sold to j the Cuban patriots, was w Ized by the United States authorities; but was subsequently released, on the asi surance of her owners that the report was false. BY THE MAILS. ADDITIONAL NEWS FROM THE REVOLLHOISTS. Very Interesting Letters from those Executed at Havana. The Detri.tlon of the Falcon?The Court Martial, Ac. r2'rom the New Orleans Picayune, Auj 22] The'stam-r Falcon. 6n Ler passage from Chagres within alxty mile* of Uavana. w?* chased by a Spanish ' steamer, and a shot Bri d for her to h?ave to, but Captain | Kogers net thinking proper to obey the signal, kept hi < ' course. He was, however, again Intercepted befor< reaching the port, and boarded by o lite era of another steamer I The question being asked. ' What steamer Is that *" I Captain lingers Indignantly replied. ' the ship had been there often enough for them to know her by this time that it was the Falcon, bound for Havana ' They apolo. gieed for having detained him. aud stated that they had only act'd according to ord>r*. The most intense .xcltement prcval's at Havana | Central Concha has Is.- ued an order for the arrest of all persons who may be heard expressing an opinion iu public. liom rponuence pi iiujuat llara**, Aug. Idth, 1851. | Tip Tcrpr'im' Ut r. port that two landings h*r> tak-h place, but do cot fay where the otto r in. Large nu in Peru of the Creole* hrire join, t Urn patriot*, anil it i* said that t th* country people carry th ir bloodhound* with theui , and tnwlat en u.-'.ng th< in agalust tin- iroops. i IrK* bar* taken pbet at PIruU K to and Miatm. \ I One br ndreil men left Aan Antoni i to join l.op.1 From i Has sn* people are leaving hourly t r join him. aod it Is i | d'culal. d that tOO have left already f ifty of thi un foot. ?rrr tainu prisoner* on the road. There air hut seven hundr. d troops Irft in lUvina (it n Knnabd d. troyed. no u. my could again b< r< ib rtrd to nicrt I.. |" /.. in . onei'iueii f tin- -catterd state t.f Ihr troop*. (irnrral Komi ha* about two thou aftf mi BMlaf ItU MMimaad. A court martial was In !J thi- m mtnif, on board I the frlpate Ksprranra. on the fifiy pri n?r< brought in i , by the llaliatnT" Keport say* that the officers, two sur. I g?ot?. and every hfth man arr to be shot August 17.?The drciaion of tha < ourt mirf i?l in the rase of the fifty prist tier* brought in Uj th" liab.tneio night islori last was nut confirmed by tfc Ci plain ll'ji rr*l. who ord. red the whole of them to be shot order was carried into ei.cutlon yesterday. about ill | o'cl< ck Th "tramer Ainu t lar -arrir-4 in port thl? raornlnj. i with MMe ?outdi d fipsnish soldiers, but whatever new. ike fringe ba* not }?t been communicated to the public. ' 1l.enlrnreffth.govirt.ment t* looked upon as a good < m> n by the frirt.ds of tbe tD*iirg*ni? lor A imrch arris , d her* from Key tt ml but night, with despatch.-* to the government, the rapt?lo f which reI" its that two I luark load*Of B*? i. ft Key West til* I d*y Irfbre y. rterd?y. awd that It wa* rer> Te d they were i tomeittfc. I'smicro at Aand h'?y If <o. they h ivc j | rohihiy di hsrkr'J uf>n the Island before this fhi* again ! n uur t Another party ff artillery left here thi m .rn'.-ig an J le t night levrttl wag. naui Kulr load* < f pruvintoni ! Were m ( out An* tut 1*?The steanxhtp Kmplre City arrived from hew vi r' thi- - actumX an 1 will l.-avr thl? afteroi mi Raw Orion* I Among the p* ..sogers whom eh- will take over l? ow I Fenor t'< ?ta. M hew orlesns. who it t*s*lj. ha* offerd bis service* ?n<l th'-* of I w? ?t thr vessel* to the hpsn Uh govetnau of Many person- b*r* speak very hsr.l.y t of Mr tVrta on this account and *--s?rt he po'ntd M.t the < fleer*, kc among the u ih.rt mat* pri on ra wh Wefc nrebti) sio t I l>av* ma ie lo , dries u the - nil , ' j? m all 1 can l.wrn. th? uiidu-tef Mr C In 1 that stTair waa i ltirm.'ly crrdita' .e to hi-hiiinaaity tt was r. nt fir b) the pri n-r? *ndte...I> charge of the let t> r* they wrote to thetr re.atiw* at hem- an t did thr ail the -rrvlces in h'? power I am elm told that h-nrr Ooatn. In r .rupiny with th k'slup. wait. 4 apm the Captain timerai and ntunP il i very strot giy in fav.r of aetrrai of sue pri*. ner*. but ou ha innately without ava l I ( have j"*1 lew rod thai Mr C-'a Ins p* >cuf>-l per1 mis.ion to take with him th* bodies id the uaf.WWna I .1.1.. I-- - .a I. air anil I... h I :Vir. I wit i the Ittentlon of Whlmc ih?tn wt'h htm t N?? flilrui The Ft??n ef ? llaheoer < anl Allio u l?re. hareju?t ?r i Heed hot noth og ha? 7?*- kt-t * ?eert*1?e4 nw t ?t r. ' ? *. > the) trio* T? e Vioiire City lea- M< ' * c i 1 1 at.i It i? wn MlMIt tbwt anything v'i be inntk ' public U:fl>tt 1 'bill t? CTOpi r.?-i It, cloee til * Ulte. I Ill<* to *ntnlt?n? r.t IUt*n?, (Corn tpt nli nee cf the New t?rl no* Hr*?nt>? ] Utvitl * A* M,; 10 I 1 fl e f.iicr W TIull I* now 4-'i'h" l ia t< " ** J * * 1 '' V- 1 ' >: ?i If' * ; < ' 1nv< nlth H|?til?h ?>?*'{In Ml" bar'*? km I tb ) wlleln rhurge of a H) *?ttii pill f?n Aotptny nigh * i??t.four tallornrtlnr*>l t? brnnl?v* K atn>ti*i v 1 ? Jlit'.t* tor a t" their ? nip, the t'.i* ir l'j<o * toiMnn mil *: -? t* '' .V > n V t mr' ' board tearing the other two ? .tt\ : 1, hire wit t the PpanbiriM The mit< T?. to-ti vl t f firing th. 1 onl t the two nlr?ynne? whb h th .y t d j. r^-v. I f? r It th 'i iwWftneRj care th<m f'ur j l .t Ikt mttbw betaa|(1t ' to theh. at. welti* the *a'J)or* liai plenty 1 f f. 11 -y it' * hm. Jul bi >re ol Up m , the wnp time pn-hlrg the h n rn th" *h|e Of C'P t v., T' ti' tli i'l? e')<01 l $ *nti)t'l'he two re*/urn loll In th hont.onetf wtoi > atttmptinn to Itl / the oar fn m the ^ptuUr J to pull nlmielf aion/dde the ehlp a'tin. *0 j r!T hl? guard ?/H, fen rV. 1 rrirbDiH. t Mr b while in the 'water, when they turned up >n it 1 other * ho W'-.* H ion l? y, m h .?t hi ee\ o. 1 I tith bptr', br,i |? . , a 1 t, 1; 1 h i 1 f e 11 %' 1 he turn or r|i ek. ?eeir? the danger < f their two eon retur n, t^eme lo th . water unnble t ?wiai an.lti Aht r in 4 fair way to tie gwr??dn*ted. r t i?t? one of tt Iihlp'a O' dte and went tolbn pearli of ll.elr 4rt>wnli ihipr. ate and to unrt ta> b? from the turn ta of t'.a t* ht .tilib m<w Itia Ihe saMer of the GHaour. a ta-wt ipepenVnb'1 ?tn t - - -1? J IRE H 1SDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 185: dig nait beyond measure at the atrocious conduct of the i

two ruffians, which he had witnessed from the deck of hla veaaei, laid a formal complaint the next morning before our meet impartial Captain of the Port. I believe Mr. Chacon to be a very worthy person, or at least he would be, did he not allow himself to be misled by a miserable underling whom he employe as a sort of clerk or interpreter, namt d Plot, who never loses an opportunity of (litpla. itig his rancor towards foreigners, but especially towards Americans Consequently, after Mr. Cttaconbad first beard Mr. Kiel's interpretition of the nffiir between the sailors and the Spanish boatmen. Captain Worweli. instead of rec? iving the satisfaction he had a right to expect, by the Captain of the Port calling before him the two sailors ard the two boatmen, and awarding justice in an impartial manner, flies iuto a passion, treating the respectable captain in the must uneourteous i manner, andlurious that he cannot prove the captain s men to be in tbe wroug. aud knowing the ship to be ready for sea. in the height of his folly declares that be will lay the matter before the Cuptaln Ueneral Here is a man with a salary of about ^la,OoO per annum, put there especially as a sort of magistrate over the port, for : the Very purpose of settling all these little petty squib- | bles, but has so little confidence in his o wn abilities that be must trouble the Captain tlenurtl. who, poor man. | has quite enough on his hands, llis Excellency has i ordered him to dismiss the case. Our interpreter discovers that there is a black man on ! board, who he declares, notwithstanding the vessel h* 1 1 bt'en in the port upwards of seveu sroefis, had never been j [ reported at that office Whereupon, at Mr. Kiol'a sug j gestien, tbe captain of tbe port called up b 'tore bi:n again Captain V\ orwell. and delibeiately tlued him the small sum of J. 1 000, adding, that unless it was paid within twenty four hours he would seize the snip, j Hut it being in the power of Captain Worwell to pr.ovo that his consignee- a powerful i-paui-h firm, hid given the required Oond. the captaiu of the port was compelled j to withdraw his fine. Koileu in this shabby revenge he then took the trouble to send his lactotum on board the (livtir, and actually re per led to the custom house tnat tue vessel, waich was laden with molasses, had not a lull cargo on bourd and > cou.oeqtitntly must not be exempt iroui paying duties, a< is otherwise the case; but it having lieeii satisfactorily I provtd that not only was tne Giaours hold full, but tnei'e were tnai y casks on deck, he was again compelled to I withdraw his ch rge, finally, after all these attempts being in vie by an I authority wh< -e duty It is to promote, by any means in his power, the commerce of this pprf. he reluctantly gave j permission for the vessel to leave the harbor, but wnieh | bo did not do until bull past ton A. it , knowing by tint | tinto tho ko? breete would hare wot la nod uuoiuer day J would V>o lost, m the vessel would uot bo bid* to get out i of tho pott. Instances iuuuiuerable could bo adduced | i like the foieguiug, were it ueoessary to prove the in- i atic discourtesy shown liy those people to all foreigners, i but especially to Americans It is true they kaow bet 1 ttrthau to venture to di.'.play tltch spleen in the pre- i sonce ol such men ns llenry Oluy, who m.?y do them the 1 honor to visit their islands; if they dared they would ' do so, wt :e it uot tor the certain result wuiou would l follow. I Mr. Gordon Myers, an American gentleman of 1-i^h respectability. armed Irom New Uiliaus ou the c'heiokeo, in route tor New Vork. having oblaiued a l!-:eu-e to laud, i which he did at about tea this movniDg, and got in a to-' lante Ii r a uriTe. Myers hud not got mued beyond t be walls of the city when he was forcioly dragged frojn the Ttlncle. bound like a criminal, Willi bis bsuds b -hiul him. and Uiarchea between two soldiers to a guird h )U?e, l where notwithstanding he had p'odurud to tbein lua license, permitting biui to be on snore, hu was delainei ' till 7 I' M , without nuy food, retdriug hint ereu a glass of water, and tor whet or tor why he does uot know, uot uhderslaruuig a word of Spauish Such arc the luuiguitles we arc diily exposed to an I a.-uuiM which wo have not the Migtife-t protection; and ii euch is to to permuted on tae put of our will he well for the hunareus of American citins* to sacrifice the immense properly Ihoy hire la the island, aatl leave it, tor their lives ace m jeopardy by remaiuing in it. so long a. the Aoieiioui gurcruineut mink Bt tr allow their ciliaehs to be tn-an d witn the tyrmnicai impunity which uttord* tuesu S|.aui?h authorities so much ratialaetion to make th-m undergo. At ia ?T 1? ?The news brought tbi? m.-inont. ssy 8:o0, by the steamer Almeucares, horn the scene ofwarf.r* I is to the ?fleet that Men Kant ha- tillou into the bauds ' ot lpe* The Aluieudsres b-iu/,s eighty two Wounded byuic-h troops, and of the cumber taken prisoners by | Li p. i n party. lie has liui the huiumicy lit 1 t--shoos one J Mort L?1ttri linm tht Einitteil lnra itn. ii e rofiTiojt of ottsiuii i.opr/. I[Fntn the New Orltans l'icayane, Aug v!3 ] In acdillou to the 1 tter of Cap! Kerr, puoli-uied last evii.tog auil that of Adj't Slanto.d. we bare had pu. I into our bands the following tcuut .'apt. ttrandl am " lhomas U Panic*, two in ore of tu? victims siaugotere . I to ruthlessly at lUvan* We have added two other letters by Lapl. Kerr vrhloh appeared in th; Dt'.ta "d yesterday. These young mm all well known hire, and hal \ 1 tliBttn U? fneujs, to wh"ni there toot-hind mem >ria!s ot t j the constancy which tlivy rai l their hard fat? are ' ihespre.-sihly dear "*"115 call Hi.1 lSe?? simple a.i I ' filing lines, written in tlie la.M hcur of mortal pen.', la tile Terr fare o? 'death and not feel that these gen -rod i men di<d in the fill! fa'th tbe> rngagti in an 1 ' honorable cause, and died aa martyrs ? lkt ; i a r?OM '. aaaflwT. Harass, August 10,1451. Mi Dr?r. Mothih ?I hare but a few m -meats to live fifty of u? are condemned to be shot within a half hsur. 1 ilo tot value life, but deeply regret tfc? grief it will came you to hear of my deatn farewell, then my I dear mother, si-t'-r- and all ; we may meet again u? another woild. of m>- often , foiget the eat?r.e? I have glvtn you for grief, r<member only my virtues, farewell i^aln leans', motile', and believe me tube, your aflectiotiate ?on, J. IMA.NDf. Mas Mioii K. Maawor. LkTlta mow 1HWU C. IIWM. fruniN fkic.att Ksri a as la 1 Harbor of tiavaua August 16. ISM. > Mi Dtar BaoiHr?? isd Bisti a-? t'his i-the la?t leti ter you will ever receive from your t>r,.tli-r Thomas In i one hour more I wdl be launched iuto eternity. now n prisoner with fifty others, aboard of this ship and 1 I niidtr sentence of dentil. Ail to be shot [his ta a hard t fate, but I trust in the meicy of Cod and wtii inert niy I i I tats inaLlully [t.ii kutm.- hereafter, not with r-vtrct, but as one ?h< m j on loved in lite, and who lore I you. Adieu, foreve: a'} brothers sisters ani frienui. THI'iH AH C JAMK.fl. j Kobrrt, our poor fri-tds. f> A. Cook ami J no O Hryes, I are with n.e slid send their last regards to you, also ClCa eut Bianford. f< lareriy of hatchet. LitTtl i?"St M. v. virus*. Ow iluaau rat dims ic-Wn K u-raafsr a, I A uga <t Id, IBM. j ' Mi D'tr ent .Id- 'i-wia'? S-ilen anH firstlei ? I ii>lore i die 1 am permitted to adirois my last words j in this wurM D.cnri-j by falsa vision*. I - mbarked In tha egped!| ticn t?r Cuba W uflVH, about four hundred In nura' bar la-t ve-k, and In about an hunt from now, we. I mrati bft) id ua, will he tort I was taten prisoner alter an engagement, and, with fifty other- am to be shot In an hour. I die. niy dear brother* and alste-s a repentant sinner, bavit.,: been hi.?! with the last rites of our hoiy religion Tcigivr u. lor all my follies of my life, uud j you. my d?ar and aiiertlonate si-tcr*, pray for my p -or aotil. A ? , go to my d nr mc'her and console hot. Oo' . my d??r cMIJ; 1-.>?" b?r a thoinutnd time- for me I ?*? I he'r for my sake Kiss niy br-.hers and all yoar <l-?r I i hilfrin To father Blnckney, my Uet profouicl ris I In rail. r im-n n mi in..-rr mti. i maa nir | I . r th* I pot* of Wj M>nl - | My dp*r Bjothf-ln farewell fcor Tacit* i ?hol ?(l Jn 1 by (1ia lib.1 I iitv oiit h<|i.'nth ?7 fur rtal'd to/on and 700 I'm Uh I li)f, II ?: bw. U>? ?dJ r ? i I did my an t} gw-J I'jf, ill \ out *..:i mi J In f thar. Ilii.mi fartrt V|i n?. Mr. Actoaio C fta b*. prrnnuw-d t? <?o all b -can to ! obtain is; tod,*, It *o. p!r**r bait in< bun d wltu at} Wtf*. It :nt? ran* n * rior.. 11.< c-tj b"?rd a man of war, 1 b u'clerk, A M Aug. id. 1M1 , fT.atBW k r ? Mr !??? Fa nr. ? Ab"u* fifty rf ur?Colon*! tlrl'fm* f>m r> a u.afKt?(.In prl. 'tant yi itartfay, h*?? j nt n cut J l ur Mntrure yrt, but u? d/ubt ?i' will n* I hitiip .uii-el l?)WI, Ihf 1 ha* ilKi-i wd U?, ill. 1* u" iliat at! t!?< r.pi>rt? about Um Cuban tbinftWirr tiutnpw I up In .*. ww i'ria*n? I* 11' ! \ r.< nrly hi. cmi.i d >u I Jwwrl.d u?. Wp w-n i<!i?ktdb. ? tti? blW m 7U) of thr yucwn'p tr "p. tbrr r d o*y B*ir wo lac..i-d Our own gai'.aat Jol 1 iii.ii*.ii uid *U Iliac any maa rcutl u >, b'U wr ?w li re wi lib u drr wtwvd. aud MmMtu lllri"> hor.- with 1 h? >ut?oton of g*tttn?i oS I" oar country If pa-llll' Got Ibtva b"Ht? Ml gut off with th.'tot .nilun ' 1111 v.m ua- . w 1 U In wlil. an VBi.rioaa ***.!, aid am tahwr fiKDen l>y 11m ricmbwl ItaPaicro ' b ;,4?.g it my family thai I htro gnaw n ithiog but I a. .'and l<) th" liiKbr.t m Hilt; that I dta with a I p| * r< . runr< anil likt-a man with a . out banrt I I w.ig c j watcb toypu; tt I* for little Hon ay, my uofhrw. I Oct 11 v., ucd b',.v? you all. Ttuit your., i.imi:. A. COOK. t 1 rrrrn r?o-t *D.rr-T?*T ?T.tarof n Mara** Augud 1'3. 1AM I.tall ,r' - It* arrurd on the Maud of Cub* aft*r * .hp im.'t bonlM* pa? you ran eoncrir* of, ouoprd 1 .in 11 art wil h *"? or litA? wn n l*i arnrid ou UauiPilay la?t I 1.<-!I?tp?data* I h.r* j " i.i, t f r-:- tt'-ri flip lozt mining larprr with Hon > 1 rpyay ml all thr r'nnmcwllny oflWrt. Iwft at?ft I 1, ,*u t ritt.ndPR auU hi* hai'tltoo ) ffr bvil i'*blaf 1 01 ra <| Inm for tfi* day* wh.n Onfterd?<i d-*<t>?tohw4 1* . not? lip th.o ra<t?p?tp,t w?> .hoitid join him at a ilttia uwti *inop mx or right mil*, off i.-.Ti ig ??, in tae mrao' iilbi'. to lak* eh.rg' <.f all *.hw t-a^gag- Ar ' tip rtnrtrd for Mm on Wanwradny morning at 3 " o <io?k. A h . and bstl proceidrd only thro* in do*, 1 abtt a a < t? attacked by MH> A|iani>h '.llirr* In th* '! nut tkargp I rortlTad a rtrj pprtra wound In th- kupp ' t* u r.|uo> d th?ni howpppr fhry mad- auothur < h ?r<p. 1* .1 J ( >>Di|/l.lcly rout' i u*. W* *p< nttwo day* and oignui If II,. not miorabl- you ran Imaglnr, In tho ehaf trial. ' a! hi tit anythlog to iat or drink t* p m?dp th*' hp*t ofnur way to thr **a *hor? and " I' vi d ion " boat*, with which wp put to *?i?v Apaat a " 1 Irbt upon tb * roao. and Boat day. abov\ 12 o ot ick. '< a . r* takin prlnoE.r* by the tlabanpro, w*p? bmueht ta ro llarar a l.ftt tilght and rondimnrd to db- thi. morning tt .bi ll all bw pilot In an horir 5 Oo. 4 by an 1 Ood Vc yru. I arri the ?a*on'c B'dA ERA 1. enclosed in this belonging to my fatter Convey it to my (deter. Mm F n, and tell her of my fate Once more, God bless ynu STANFORD. From 'bis and from a comparison "dth the official reports of the Spanish oUlcere, we are enabled to oonstruct a more connected aud probable narrative of the events which led to the unhappy catastrophe, than has yet be?n given. (Jen hopes, on landing on Bahia Honda with the main body of bis forces consulting of about 300 mtu, advanced towardi na* l*< za? a small town a few miles in the interior, leaving Col Crittenden and his command, llletroDg in charge of the baggage, '"hat night or the next day. the eUHirier Pizarro landed TOO Spanish troops at Ifahiu ilomla ami these advancing towards the place of l.opi lauding rut off Crittenden's men from their companions On the second night afterwards this party determined to attempt to form a junction with Lopez, but on the road were attacked by an overwhelming body of troops, and after a chert struggle were on ilia second charge routed aud dispersed After wandering about iu the thickets, fifty 01 them cot together and made their way to the tea there, where tlxey seized four suttll boats, and endeavored to make their escape, when they were captured. as has been related in the official report of Admiral Bn lillo*. Ther* ar? still sixty foot of (kisotmallo be accounted for < if these, forty were surprised an 1 shot at u small farm hou.-e a Spaui-h lieutenant reports that on the nth be earn- up n twenty pirat- s " gu truing tn t qual number of wnuJed comrades, all of whom were immediately put to death The remaining twenty-four, or euch cf th-in as k id not been killed In battle, piobapl) c ' n.ueu to ? .uder in the vicinity until, wj are tuiced to believe, tuey also wore tak -n aud slaughtered Thr tl!it) jarlj uwrfrr /oyer, il v errt. ttcrieed th* attack of the Sjuin.'uf.'s. iu a fan/:-!tause at Lai l'ozat. awl heat th -m uj/ . .< J iimi Uiat Last to it ii t" It ri/ppoic.f, villi f l.'ie Suatllsh ntlii i. ' r?! if. mtnt* thru Ji?i,Uit ttum tlif in cadet to ttcnve reivforcement#. Whether any suhiryt'ent fighting f.nplace at this point we do not know; at all r.thl*. / |w: held his o tl Jar two days?till on I'. Il'ith he left far th' intnirc. natl was not w drst'd on hit vtnrth ly lltn Enne; oil of which ire learn from the Spanish vjjntal accm nU '/" : > was the state of affairs on fee l&th. the dote rf our last ad. ict 9 from the irene of action, through (Sen Ettna' desjiat 'i. dated at li u I OA thitday It (int J ttjie: Trailed lie. mountains in safety, tir will < s ever n,on vhether lie has ..tint until t hi much cotfuleixct on the assistance if the Ssaiiit inhabitants Caul from the Knihcr-lifLaw of Victor Ktir. Tl.- unl"rlgni d. f ither-in-law of the late Vi -tor Kerr, takes this BBfihc-i of returning his m itt sincere and biailtelt thanks to Mr An'.nnio Costa. for tin* kioda-ss which be manifested tMha lamented deceased in hit last Uiinoulr The alacrity with which Imctian to the avb! r-t it nee if Kerr, hit offer* of cl ithiug and older com torts, slid finally lit? iff irte in saving th body of toe UQfortur ate ycuig man ot interment lu ho natlro lead will never Le oblitente.l from the memory of the under signed I V MlOBVIi Tht Conn or (irnentr* Hcutriire of tli< lnvsilrrt, OFFICIAL ORDER. The fate which inus' lief ,:1 pirate* who dare to profane the sell ft tlie i-Iar 1 having been expressed in the g-. in rat ordt r* ot the'.Dtb of April la't. and e'jb--eiu <ut!y reprtlu.htd. and the declaration* of the fifty indtviduil> that have L< eii appri Iwadt 1 by the Mast E UrU*M BsfiM t'oiiioialidaut Cieniral i f tills Apnstadero. and placed at my disposition. having been received, and it being apparent ti in I Lie that iiie pi ran - arrested oWoujod to tile k<rde In udtd Ly tl e ttaiur Lcpi z 1 have resolved, in aw rdi.rce with the tinotloOA in the myal oidiucncc". general laws of the kingdom, and especially in the roy tl I rder i f June 1-th. ot tile yenr hef'vre 1 <t. i. -Hied to meet this partii ular eoufitifney. that on thi* day. the raid persons, whose i sh" are i xprs--ed in the ruby lined li?t seller 1b* puiilthin?!it of death by being sh it lliedirec tin:, (It the eatvuil.n 1-dllg C-itdidcd ti Aeiior l.o-ut. the flax*. JtML I>E LA OdNOll.V. Actors lli the I.nlr Itlola nt ,\ew Orleatns. [Srnm the New ir tn* t'resevnt. Aug 2ij To the ii. nor cf tee Cuban p.aliio'.'t luthi<clty be tt aid ibitt tb?y mart-i very eff> rt in their po r.-r to iju?!l the la ?lea* spirit 11 the ni boo Thursday night \biut me hvnan l of thru;! p ntleiiuu offered their ?. rvieen to the Acting ru-cuni r rt thi fi? court Municipality ou tie mcudon. They (Lurched i:i rauk with the military re*. to riceuti li>ii lii .gihtrati '* comv.aaJ*. Urate me.i l.c 11 r f. viol on t'r - ?ide i f lew *ui orrt^r v tin m K "nil, i li v.-e pel i "n W..3 truLd a loa I 'd p'n t 1 I'tttr-k John BisvV.". J 1. I> ivK. aamu. 1 Werk, (nM to la UvriHMmiif th.s muo ; Frank S ci o.aiaelt Menin Fleming, Batnuel >lc iulr?. J ih.i begin Patrick Ca' ldy, .leui-i ilu.-i?y. J bo ('iLitelio. .'r liu Byan. Pain. \ .In* Roger*.John r.u-it Tiio?. l i'Dy, J u!iu? 1'iriiH' ). * UUm Callaghau Patrick K -lly, A'- x.iiiJer I'ttloi-r. Mtchi. 'l t.'ht't* Hi* i qui t*. W r.t: kiii "i'i'tuji y l'i,uk-.U- .i*m-"t>iy n uma V^VrWteV'P. Jl v.Q. s 'lis Ti'lt i-u >f?-tl;i N an, Jtu??n Ht r n. Jaznas JaBkM. John lljH. -i. ami Johu Hart, hiiDgin ?il thirty fur pernor; a. charged with ri didf, w ri btutJittat u;> Jerterday before Alileruiau M.ia'liorn Hrdniatli Intel no.I tile L'-urt that he <m* c lUO-ei for :i ' lb- ; ..iti- . wi . - -iO :ty w?. ileitroyt l ?nt iiit lo-trjc'.lon weretjr rute the guilty parries. Ma ttais etatelheut of eoun-el. thre? or four were rem nided to neait the ri-appraiance of the lnjur-a party to pro(.cut*. C? J?oi. Symj/utli) it MaTtile. [rti in the Mobile licrstd anl i'tibuae. Augu-t -1 ] Agietally to pub i-.-e'e*. a rant coopour- e of citizens awi-mbled st the Alhawbrn Mail en Friday cTtnitig the deli inn ant. Col Prl' r William* President, on taking the cliiir, inft run 1 tb? meeting I hat he wa? nut ?wjre of the objects of the noetiia . tt at he suppesrd there were genIbtueu present who were prepared to briug before tbr scccirg ths object-fir which they had cnirenetl. lie then briefly stated the Isformatiun received from the I-lanrtif Cuba?a- to lb movement! of tb-- patriots ? the fautling anil rnceem of Lopez au<l the miaaacre of in* L "7 "iiP | mri i? Tbr lohowlog r. solution* wn? offered by John IT Of?re.i K i . and uiihiiiuiouhI; adopted :? V : .- n? .'111:11,1:1 b?? ri-aofaoil uii that Cuban p.nj> lure rcM.i?i<l to throw off im yoke of dpamah ue|"'U;Di. ai.d to that tire liaee raited the ctmUril ol rruub.iraL liberty ther-.-lore. be it BetolTtd, Thai we dtepiy e?mp.ith::e with the opplanted people of Cuba. end plrdrfee'irsrleaMvgiec tb in Italy a:d III' ur power fi-a-t trut With the laee of the Matra. to injure their ia6rpendeuce K or lei d, Hint we hat! with pleasure the arriral of Hen I."pet upon the Island Kiel learn, with feeling* of unlrignid pride, the moeei* of the a my of liberation Jtaeoitrd. Hint we tire with horror mil ladlguallou the atroeloua mul l' r i f Crittenden. Kerr. dhyen mid their rt uijuiuiou*, liken c?|.tl?o by the eto niy at Habit II. nja Km lrn) TJint a ci.'iiaiitti e of fire be app ointed bp the chair. I tab" into cuuKldrrall'U the b< ?". imm of promotion the hteuj ol t uha cone.deut witn toe Ufa of the tnited etnte-. The ptrvl'lent nuW jaentlv appointed the following r ntii Oi< u - It Batforu. Itr. Wm icnra, 0. W. Wlisoa, J iiowr. li. K Huaneri. TO THE CHIVALEIC Y<ltTTil "E T?K aot r?! . ,'ti el llr tumtk: 11 H are ealte.t up >?. bp the eh'iera'.e slaughter of y ..ut c.ui try mm in ti'iw. to ?? 11 <e Mu* unparalhltd butchery W nu untune t prepare f >reternity. atiii enan elj wtluWi d the print- ge of asking - In J to hate in* rep upon 1 tie ir?oul- ibep Were trial, led torth end butenerid lis* d?y?. and on tneir liitl*** b<> ind'.||Ulttet w<re t< ai'uitled. uohetTT of even In aefage warlare tt il. Keiitu. ay'? n< bl> we ? f ae ow her CrttleaJ > ' b ill the y out It 1 f chif Irie 1 Uuo?? l>e Idle l|l - Jltl 'fl Of tbi* bun da eliaiua ' V?i:l not Ala una ejinpiinu sect an with Mini- ppl and *> etern t Irgmln iu un.ig heralcmbe of -pani-ii Victim* lot thia dauioeble ojuag up' a II e > uib ? : the Pi nth dare not, hp reetreeew In tin* n.iOi. trwe* the frown* of titer b.*ae? fatter*. a* tdep walk loTtti (run tbeir rto.riel kOUel and beegoa tliedi ' Be i>?J to tb- bl"eoy trap All tliowe ?li.-r rir< lien lanre* permit, should dp to the re.iue.aLo etti. e ti.r lit- itj ana reugram Aaert raii?: it you defir* it, here >"U ran win the gl 'ry o tllhlag ft>r lit 1 rip. If y u r'Kie out of tb* reaklct on*e ith*d wher?Tr you f 1' u will be haded ae a godlike cabaa patriot lyadiiu* lot era if Im w throughout th? wottd I y. nihil, toioiortalh; awao* you in the world to cm** be pond t'le grate 'I be eau. id Liberty, JeiHt** and V.(ua.'ity. inu*t be th< can** of th-d. and aceeptable to Inuy; f>rt0e pure g-dtiM. and uu.b lib'1 ll(U. f >r aud ou am lib* rip Ir -uJ t idberty U 'W la im ti ... 1 ra. ti n t'dbl ha* thrown otl the poke of tyranny and la now ?U*| ulitg It that same h.Hi-i f,.r *11101 ur forefa -h-er I. 0 HI an I do I m l 1' . e t a i tlo 1 in 1 o-i. ftiuril* for liberty* pkadiwof Wa-birgt.o and Lalwyrtte. come f<rth an. Ilapire the !*? no nt all true Ann ritaua with Hie run ot Liberty, uuattce aad tiuitality. Till owairus. Vlr?? p| II" Cui n'IImm Pr?"t. [I r< ui tlir Toronto UKHntut, Au, u i M ] Ttif otrltmunt cintinim to pro Mil In tl> I'n'ttl fU Multr to tb? u. io? <>f tba Anion mn la t'u I -ni;? inu *tn *Uon niw;in|(< hir im< Ik Id In Now Yora, N?? Orl-ana, PlniuVip iu. ai ritual other towi>o. to gito aapraaatuu in tti i ^o.a-m helttg on tba Minjvoi tia> r|o?k?i? a< itv-e in imuv, hltr lonn tu*l nolonl la lli"ir War I'ulili n n irr in. Plautrli ai l Ann rirao yot?rt>ritnt? In llio Hni|i(t an u.o.t udlut H-vrod taro.? Th<-> tnolat ihv. t'lo Amwliu wuot take Tota<*aticr l<>r I ha oinhiihi of tboir a<mn,ry im-n. and for ilia inou i ol, r?d t i ka Aaionoaa In o, tiling at aal detail tt,< an Viner,, a t iao'1 rteomer I fai t. ttsn ?iatl> do nt niay bo ~?ui to no . aaIoI than lliat bat itrl MvTi lai-n kaimn in lII*' lnit*il 1 lio lor.vlt t?i iho b ' oli'a ?| i>o?r . to bo liml IIk- Auiotl can ROM ibiut ni harr ib-paichul a apaoal ai aoator t< liaTddd. who ln< br-ta ta- idetod to ia<|ui'a 1'ito *b I clrcnajAtai rf? atu on ipo the ciptut* ai d o*-rutl in o Anioilca.ii atliima. and t? a?fwiala uodor what iboy wcto ant l< nontn A lull ia???llaan?ii win alao l>, bad Into tlio rlfcanntiiioro id'""K ??tamer lal cc-a. by tba hpaoob eru'rer W>- do not #?- how H 1 "> tot fare ia Uio natter wr do wo think tboy will inlrrter* Tba Yankee* aro ?raat a- talk-n* hut n,tkiu? ai >ri Y'abtii g wub Indiana thoy uiot think pl**atautw?r mi i all, but flgluiouartaii ?t a diacunlmd army lean. tbrr and a Tory iMIirmt ihm* and th. rof,Tr thoy ?oi aT. i.i It Ihofftr r of hatlo ; tholr clamro- It jnr, I a 111 hat* a yoaertiil alb- \ In haepto* my, momy-loTlna yttyb Itltat tl t??o of letter* nta' j at,I rrprlaal ?i:l ?ai -their n : i >a? lih? IV-b Ao, , courage, to o? fa out a* tholr hng-re on,It. b..d ma Ih< n, ,|aii-tly ywirt tho in.ultt wiurh tl aa'^i %r? u dally itfrtrl to yrt-; \taerltgn In Cub* r-ie K#w Yu LD. nnipp TI i PPKTC rxiiV/Xi i u u vxji> to, I papers thick that a war betw en America and Fpolu w,ll be tie result , Hi- tutna i V? think L.r *'" r? 8S0DK gi VeD shOVe (exclusive Cf tH expenses at'Cmil M a wur). that the lankee* cnild not be licked into * war.'' even with feeble Spain They will waste more talk than powder?more ink than blond, with the affair. They will lit it (lie away as soon as possible. TlirntrH-al and Hit ileal. Bowrar Tiihirk ?1'hose highly talented artists. St't and Mrs. B. Wiliiame. continue to allure i he public 1%? tbair excellent psrvonatims. On trnch night r.f their ap> p< arunce the theatie is crowded to overflowing, anil the i i Lthu.-hism which prevails exceeds any we nave ever teen. Mr. ilamblin did well In retaining them for aao1 thir week, tor the public appear to be completely en rap I ture l with them. This evening we are to hare the new I Hibernian drama. styled the Kuierild Ieis. or House sweet Home," iu which Mr and Mrs Williams will sua tain the leading characters, supported by th >so ttlented artist* and general favoritea, Messrs ivldy, lloodal1 Til ton. Bttvens, Jordan and Lefflogwelf and Mrs J nee homing as brill ant. an array of talent as can b? desired The drama of" Born to (loud buck, or an Irishman's Fortune.'' will slso b? performed, with Mr Willi tins personating I'audieu. e.ud Mrs Williams as M irgiirerta Mr Hainblin is doing wonders. Mr and Mrs Wnuamf arc stars, ah-o Mr. K. Kddy and Mrs Joana. who are artists of splendid abilities With such talent, together with | a Weh-sclectid stock company, llaubtinis sure to put money in life treasury Kshswii Thkaihk?The attractive features now ^htawred fet this esiat ishuieu'. are crowding the tioue eviry night The liou-set Family are decidedly th griatest larorites that hnv ever appeared in thus city? they are iv. ry night received witn deafening plaudit* and why not .' They are perfect Iu ? v- ry part of t&eir profession of dancing It i? perhaps wrong to m tku aay distinction bstwren these highly gifted ai lists, but W cm not htlp untieing the peculiar grace erne and elegance if style of the charming du-iusr, Uaroltne, for iu i ur udud she is the m <st brillteatly accomplished we have evor behold. Let those la lies who da light in Ibis healths aud beautiful exercise mi the boxes ol the Broadway thea're uod they Will bo d -iigh(ed. wt promise them Tie excellent ballet piutuMiin? # " Oa ariua ' giver b-r great so >pe lor hvr trausceodaa abilities Tire p. rfuroiancr. commence wut Fain Heart never Won Fair Lady.*' alter which. " Oa'ariua" ; wul be piouuced. aud all will close with the laroe of 1 " Dili ate ur- utsd '' Ttie m?trO|> tu> rlre is oorr! sideisbly enlarged aud beam dully faulted; the par ((Utile w ut w in- iu< ol i- >uiturialj|, place in iti- b>HlM. the box> h arc entirely eepara'.edlr'in ihe pat-ipi tit. MarHimil bar- neglected nothing which rm L-Ld en rim cawfort ot hu patrons W e were delighted, tiui otnerevaw ing, lu tweiLg that aterllog actor, Nlr. d.trry mint- character of Duke tlibM hu reading *?I ho cirrtel, hi# articulation so clour auu dlatinot calhu d-m M:l >r ho ' ; grutitmanly Niai.u'a?Mas Mow ait, hh Ji i.i*. in till Hcvciihai a ? ' Vt batcver d!th retire of opiuiou any exist t?, to tbi# , 1 lady k comparative uifiil?u? hu actri-u, unae e ta deny 1 hei cuperior excellence. ?uu that file hold*, iu b >th her 8 her??. the very highest rand in her profei?ion. oh* i dots in t la-loin to ihftchn lot extravtg.iu:u or rank, nirt-eek iO make puin'* by way at clapimp.i, to effect th# c:o?d. gaming a hollow and in ere trusted* appWo.*e hut her'* i? that style of acting. UeV,-r over.: rained. | j never vie Uting tature, but ypluiug to her pruipuug* aa they rite and gu-li Itoui in# de--p ioiiulaius of Ui? heart It i# ooft. gentle. reiiutd and persuasive ?it it at time- energetic auu lUipa-Biouid hut always allied to junt tnncepuou gotuiu- emotion, aul the ruiss of dr.? niutic art, lor. with ut the last. all acting Md*l fail Now wuh quelilicH like lb###, no predict that her Julia, play u to night at .Niblo s, a hi h# a perforwauee of a high ord< r; Ihhi Hhc will t happy indue buoyancy and ond* 11 tin- youthful beauty: that rb# will impart ah thoh I chnriuc tu. tfi-proiiit tiuga of inij a i d lore ; mat oh* will g.v a Uniting iiio reit lo the druggie, o, a proud auu agomaec heart, ami delight the audu-ure lu me end by oiuiinie n j>ri en a'.ioh yet true tu the hie. ui a ua , lure, tii.iu'hd in It# pride, bruiced in 1U atleeiluos ciu hid iu in- loi.Ji >1 b p< .-. tmil ?f Heuhlblluy,oon?taeey and u nci rn??i restored tu a auddi u aud tu uuituour blii-c Wed ubt not the p iforuiauce will be lotiui in lei-sting to ail. to-night. iii mo.n"? liikiiHi.?The great attraction.* of thla eetahliai inent ore a* u.-iitl, triumphantly- successful f..i ! hurtcii. ih deserve* ail he get#, for ue li evidently tht moat eii ? .'i riHirg manager ?? uave erer ?? -n Jim would nutgine hi- nights are sle-;,l.<r hi? cecum ! t> he elitin iy occupied wrltfl thcairleal novriue- Lookat > 1* aunt ut-i < on ut tor this evening, uud ..ay whether lit* , ti i alto will U eiuWCcdor not. 1 .m c inuiaar.og i. atwr* j will te the lau#hab'.? Comedy 1 aiuuy Jars," 1m which llurton, John I'uuu, and Jdlaa Maiy laytorwiit enact the principal p?rlK This will t>- succeeded by in* luvcnti twice en.ltleil " l'oor i itlicmidy,'' duiijo pui wioslug the cliWaater of flilietUJj aud Mi** U.npuuta IJjwl f| Ihe ervhcf irg ?14. .0 - ?cw favoriit me tlie aiulo x no X In ? --- aruiuute With tin- eiccluiit 111 e caib'd llruuihiw, Uag haw, and brailsiiaw." Hurleu or Hiii., and dies O'AsinaM at I knuy apeike. To-uu.iro?r tviumg will be gtteu ia* | ytet cin u> >f "{tot wo lit'l m? 4nom." ^ ATH'> iL iHtAlMt ?Puroy H ll Hug wrll Ul lllls flTOT itt- popuiei wt?Ui<bai<;ii Hit u< active ?ui ?-oer |t< tic mil >f?n> n .tlur |> >iu.i nor kXyvuif, m oiaei* luol lit ji?tr''iiK l.?> liuvt nothing wloe to say but tfiU hr ilutrtllichir I'OWrr 10 pie.** ill m I It- elnioe'. wwry [ fori tight K'*'"" HUiediiDg iKVit, i'Iih I 1 r lb .? -uiog (.Ul UiotMi .1 it ''L'>v wujcutril/,'' I ?l.u will i or nit. tit* Willi thw lyienj.'i i?|t ct^Me of "KSfien ' JlttM. ' iu thw prod Of Mou of Witiou do expeii iei Iti^f tuDi>( oi in y 1L? kiij .j U tioguibuenC, eu<J I It I* trpiwtw tii'otttib'tuc wub ?liitruH tuvij ni?. ru? CWrt ih ixcwlitut, CClU|?ro..Ug llNlflJ Uli HM (All utwd Ci'U liUf U mm riciiwd, lu.fl eVilDg. will) e nihil in-iu. Huiltn ni ?k?l ?< h*?> (Mil it l.i likely to Itim 1< ug nil very tu?c? ->.nl run ll u but rfneoirvtnw m tllloK. UllI'D U Uilll' f r I I'M il . oppot tUUit} , < tl.c cod Ui?y if. of ?n. raluu ujiu ?ui?ui to li t vi intra t l.ii i. ihey ?ui in returu remu ; rule lii in fir. mo ex 111* Hi I Uroli;iiix'? Liir'H - M'berr one tir%y ah bout or two with tnirw |-l?-?<trr* tbnu at thi? ui-?t ana CI lulolteMt V libit Din tut. iU? company Cmnpn-w niaay ktitUDf ttliti Auioug lhe?e are oillpp. iiJal br .Ignitm Ionian Jobn*tca. ?lra .it '(Till,unit ui?uy uihor penwat ot ciltbtilf tfu iiiliiiu < orrti. vr- in tuafuiij IM bi t w? have ever io-aiu flu ir uiu-.cai prrloi nauowv re to nuluUtuv thai enihiiiia-tic oiKeM |il?jw ??<*/ jutco T? night a yi vgi*i.iuit 11 gri-at WhTmi/in |irvMiut cj. K.iat iu irtirr it tar -rue ??iWj"liMMItl>IIM hUiu.ii.| piece mini ' Huteii a lllurf,' >ui uin (n>? r.uiilMif MMure the IfrblMM tor flgWT* " ll. rt, llMli. M aboil grval variety. eu > i.e U>?l ought 10 .-..tUMy ah tariff tit hu|"' Ibrinfitr. iimu^tunhi>/ nift fktl bi iiixtTrt lutiiimUl priof inn inn i kHriiou* ?r? not ii rootle b iu iti<? UK" ot Ifrrat uieiiru u ? on pennon t'llklhlt'* Hlllltll fllUollllCh anilIU'! UXfelo'Ul pVtt K'Hn.tiif lortbl" evening Among liif many I ilurx in III* p?ll< ItUeliU-H Of IDI- highly liuiillmi C >U|lM/. *lil In ! "lljil llie d-ltlirin (J "Voyage Mllmeil," IUi iur linjb* l.ttiinn Optra Sec in)." and the ouriaiju* hbaktf*.'' ihfkw !> it. riiiAi.iim ore nightly re?-.Vrd ny 1 Uir luort i?ro?u?U lif-fiuuiagef. wimr iwr* it itu?UU? Ki.i i n?i' itai muii ' uliuuh lo prove oio.. a m iCUWt t to r) d?; Thel' iftlirmuiw ?ro rrtUiM) riurWM a oil u. ri' wll pi of i ii* tupp il Iu the |rr iprn nutc ... uiv ' *v ". d ihe UUin of hoil.u<. dweiuii. -ieel puei t) fcliit lloBl-ey ?ll Ui?t r?l? frrhMliri, I'Iumv 1 wi o wl-ti t.i'U tioei rb 'Ui.i t ? ihfiu l.,.i-1 ei AereltMMiti -Tlw eoiua. uo ula nnnu< gllt? ut till* f?* n r fit*lil|inui"i.l tor* .- 1.1 iltiled urthily to iho?<ea*. ox-m of the jiuoiki nu.-i io?c? Hill. Tin' hi lit If laiajri ?!* ! tow ?u>l m ui|i, euj I.' It li I.nil fctur I >.i"l ft M.'UHU . I II 1J 1.1 UHI .SlMtlUllr r lial.u 0 ?t*l? HI .A A.. / lii at vt'UU'H li?# <? II W I full J . 'i.i* *# ' l?'i : | i?ifii.r in rv. *. I dibit nnr h i iuu-mih,! fill* M iillirr?tllj I tl li It Hi Hi 1 T>f? ? I _l'. .illiNI II ! g:r. fli-ri < i, ffil .lona.'ri d'"l?. My M)'< hr U. I. i.iBtl nlMlM U ImiiM ml - a ? in. Itu-tif M.-b HliI |Hu-i-ti> an-rr * 1 ?iil t> a mi" opp i;o .l.y t t iu litlH' t iHj T ui I'fugr?uaiaa 1?. t <1 l r ili'? i ? in; ii l-4'i. a. I* t.., *r. I tin- uran-mi n4ia< of MtUMii .?ono. In. dir.a^ >f in->. ni. lata it .VI I.... ' ia v?a?c?.it n tiaa -4 Niitlv mam n itu r I'l .iiiii.ii||. HaaM m'? li i i" . .. i | h t?f"i u.? ?ii tli? Uibi r. |-? l*. n J ? li m l ll*rr !4 ??1?4< iiimi ?a |*.|>uv kila. )t?i. .ui.^, l. ; . * ?.ii cra?a li ?V.Ui> I., r V'i?J < ) ?1. a ?rl>? a i i ill" ".I v." I* in ?"? th"m t? aaiural ' r tL at <* ratal} wny . ? trm miaai} if iuir< u nt- ..? ib- rtp.u* l'w?" mil k*-"|w ?! . aU.v. i. %-?. u.'ii *?> iluaiK'ta. ci'Uii.- I*n K*. Imiunhi ?m?u -r> an t okiiiihi mil i?iii;|i?' l. iV ... won i$ H Mr,!"* all i>ri,itf/M? t. IB Hi.- aid I'tailifii" \> .r iiin.i rival-i >n ilir-n h.i? alt lb? aiurut n ni..i b*r(i>t<aauti-a at u. 1 buirvtu ?rr in tia'.b. uini'- <4 ini-ir?t anl /"? ?4 | i it. t" aui . i ojvnt I iplial bi.t* (. > li day. I'auilata Aaut. Ib . M.a rilia .rj abMM a* .' ? Of' ? a cf. * ). I and b.-tlliaat auui. uo" at I'rtiH-t I.a i I. I i |M It I .* m ill I '.I , it ' mii I.. ,i.,ij aalu-Vd : t.i'iM. lh? ? 41'..I .1- * t "4 and an i ""at I ?i ich I. . ? tiaril ri y l> ba <1 I In'l thll tb? ti-uriiiy n iii'iii" hit ?*nu?4 I* i"" n?t fcniMo ??) I1 >1 <?" ' an tl.r I'M ? -IT ll ft" n < ! ?!* I I lri| -t l?all>?. IT-** JWb. It h pr?r?JO-iy l-???d * te Ik* Imlurtc B?j?< cu'*'* '! n %?? u< i ailio*. I-< kti : ' I ' ? iu ?i i-cwiM u * I rftUikr Kl? 11 !?i>uiii 4r?ain<i rm-A Munw.'warMi 1 1 <>b It*- v>>-' 111 'I-!?'>? <k?I -ri ?ht? 14 Im ht imli'f -hiputt if -Iar-PR lb- fell t"no-'it,it.-** * ?(..? - U)i- *?* ' ???' "P? * U -u?. uJ ??* ,-tlx* ?' I rm l? In ?!<*?? w ? iMfd'j' b:mw vltiob fet b:~?t i'W< 1 ' W >l*t J ? Dl Igl ?kiU ?lli I? Ix-l 1-- <-('414111. H UK* * I ?|.ii, b?J <-untJ? '?!-?iit,",,ny * I Mi It i ih?- d>4lniikh?l lii^b <tft-o<?U?n Md 1 I * rdltft ?hw <L?U11??S rvpnmn V -l *<ic?liut 1 ' t?-r bdVr iiiTilt MW-li pWn-cir-. plating m I< * ' I ltM*.t?ny little arlVxd in thn At Unite %< . ?.< ?!-<l by Aid* fbtilon h l<)> .4 ipl- ti-ii I ? n?i lw Ir-m t n? Optra una Tbmlv- Kuril, I) ury Inn?' Th??\ in?* ti 1 ivj?pt ar.rtrf In op?r? aoU m-*h Ur^ J Vadaiur T)i>li<>t U *nt<l 11 u nnij t? b* a dUncm 14 -.-mnf ' but a brautlful wrtuan. ?tt? tu>* * pi tv m* ?u<l ani-nav j [ MjKWK n. ' H'? Wliwi, ? t-<lrnt< 0 tonalbt. ?IU ?!? "0? "I hie *lnl and aiuniiftitt iiti'tmnuiin!< at th? Am itiiuy, Hn?.kV)l? <>n Thi-ri?ia? <-???.li?x n<-*' \f? Iw bin (ltiri* OOQAt-tta, Uely, through >ul Hit* 'U' *, auk ' RTrat tuci rAa, X <lHrtn? x Ikk u ? At IMtinx re, .TOthuIt. by *1' J J Ah? 1U th'p J. hr. Kiitbd t" blKi t? IT* far. I<a*. * faat m I ban, f? in depth nt h-Id ?r-l I.Hi t -nt hartheit -the nib tl<? ln?x??t n?. reliant ?bip <-r?r Hillt'.n tad a< I h?b?*lt rnn?fr?i( I -*! on ? m -Mnnt ?a h|. | wnt?>t t? Cab . 4 tulatrd l-> ri-mbin* h- th frutibilrd ?nl inllit g |ii -lltXy, * I M>r if 1 *111 J by Mdixfp K*?-tn*k , of Ch*>b>" >? iw I atid Papfnlti F t: w'm In ?.? ? -una 1 Irnr, T i ?nj hdminp-nnl-iMlHl b?rwr.,i,araodU'"wbyfH

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