Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 4, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 4, 1851 Page 1
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r TH WIIOLE NO. B8S8. AMUxHnKHirs. BOWRR r TDFATHE.?HOXK8, OE?IT3; HIT. 12* Senti in Mrcii etr. h , M i-eatr It-mreupon at the i ortain will i-te?a'.7>?- T'-ure if -al -it. 3'p*. 4, 'I# i>orf?rni*Tie? vrlll oom'm-ure *Uh ft* ?? ? llibe?ni?n Heme ?t*UU the KMEHaLU lii.K . r H . n?. ie? tin.*e ? Michael O'keilly, tilth the com ?f E l-e A?thnre"Mr. t. Williamr: IVnnU McCarthy Vr Rrtde: Miunt.lor, Mr ' "dull, KM ' o. Mrs. 14 .1 'lire; Mary M ritrtJ.Mri. il tVilliama. To conclude wi'b tho Iran* o' rltlASOT I' tll! 1HF.. < r the lli.lil II >? if t ie M u cnim ? 4h ni lv .:i fliiirn, v It), t),. rem i { " * v Heart'* in Ould Ireland," in '1 I'm poiOjr to tho it urn,' Mi. It ifllliain*. ^ flCRTOVB TORATRM. UflAMilKRS 4TRCIT.-BRIM n.J Circle ami l'ari|iiettt, flil umit* teioad fie r 11.? ota. I'ri' ate Boxee. t-"? u roller tra Seat" 7* eta ti i.ri upeo at 7 *4'| to I'ojtln at 8o'elook. Tliu??day eeealnii, StptMi er I nil! be It)i <1 the burli i"c called Ai.i'BS i In. t' "'hut1 .<tr in { ' ' Minted Women- - AT-eiln, Mri Itolman; urine Mr. J'lit time; Hcroi.ln. Vt let \'u> 'ii u|.? ? h'pnivi Thj nvonte lurte ol .lull N JuN' Ktt-Cl'iy (ioolltiok, M* It trim; fr. John Jonev Mr liolir.nn: tin Kli, i M dtou Hi-? K in,a Taylor. I'opulnr BhI'mI by Mire J n'I* II i un T i c molnle . itii the firr' otClllUSON Cnl Mho?Fright, Mr. Barton: i -'.r . I ripl.t, Mrt. Dy.jtt. RATIONAL TUBaTUE, tCllAlilAM STREET.?UHK33 t Cirrlt ami It , centi: I'it, livj oeutt; Uro'inetrn 'lickcte, GUonate: i'rivii# Box lik.U. (1. limn open at irtaln rim at 7 '.v Thorrday eientui;, * :pt. 4. nillbeprniited a litw rnuiertlodrvon and : jr't io|. mitC led Oil REM DAN N/l: or the Mysteries 'f til" t nnrt (if N plat?Bu taa. r. J. l'rcrtor; Adrian 'Inepnlii, 14*. N B. Clarke; An.trie, ' r ltraiifehr.W: 1 f.i III Mariefd e'Aleli U? il Mahieaea I . u.'i-n Juliana Mm. II F. Ml liiils. lio ina Caroline, Mi is M rice. Tlx e. crluir. incut* will oom vith the arce HI SUM. A 'I I'll I IK-II n Mr 1.4 vleon. Mr. C. J Ar Id; Mr. Turtlli* I trad 1 a?: en. Tnrtle, Mra Drew. Ji ARK UU'S AMERICAN MUftUli J?.-P. T. BJ.KNII !. J Mausgera.n I i'ro i rietor; .John Greenwood. Jr., Aesir."? N*na;?r. A?*: itanoe t<. everything, i"> tJ,: Parguotte, I i em's cstrJ -! Tld-en order lii ye trs IM cuts 1'hursyandiriday | t l'|. lie 5th. Cudimi'iished popular!j ol t!ien<w 4i. ronton:.uic of iio autur-nt ' The 1\ii riM." lu t c oiteTnonn, lOWimen in* at .'1 o'clock, I'E tI 'tn iON?fc'ir l i. : ! '. Mr * t* Cirri Lste. MOia Moe~ ij r. VOL Al -i l.M'. a very buvitt.l and celebrate! mlr poor-un in Is the ovi muj, c uiini-n'.In* at 7t? o'clock, f'OOK I'll I.ICi.l i'V i-a-a Uluul, Mi.* fc . stayer. Mira uloua esploits i n t!:e Tljht Hole, by l.eun Jr?velll aaii Herr line?eegaged li r u e?eb only, riil", MVSTIC Cit'itd, t'orieue end n>? - it', nt. co ! ?), miri'el nod bewitching ntonumc of in I . , in cut, by -he 'serriuetti Fnnnty. The d.'hineae ooUeoti .i, the Happy Family Ac., may be eeea at .:l home. if ^ nRIfTT'B Ol'F.KA HOUSE MECHANICS' fl ALI,, NO. Bread* ay, above Grand atreet ?Op.?u every ni*ht . urin* the wpi'k until f irther a' tlo?. The n-igtnal aail wall I nown t. l.rl?i y'? Ui iitrolt,''ooipriela* an eltl 'lant and versatile "oorpe? oi '"aleuted" and "caporieneed perforuiere." ndor the manager nt of E. I*. Chiioty. whnoe concerts in , tMa city, for a an- ot "6vc years," have wen received hith favor by hichly respectable and fashionable audieneee. Ticket*, 35 oeuts. Uoore open at 7, aud will commence at 8 . ' 'clock. The psi.ooe of Ccristy'e Minstrels am respeottally I-tiormed that to* SM er lay^itcrnoor con"trte will bedUe ntinuud for the future. Fellows'Ml V-TRE(.8, AT I Ki.I.*IiVS' SIW ML'HIoel Hall, til lir irviway, between Howard and Grand ?trectal open ovcrv n'glit.?This Justly cole ntod andefltcient i rpa ot talented end c\p?riencei performers, under the cole u .'.anagement of J. II. Fefloui, whoat concert* in thia oity for p?at year ban been reecired with the crsateat farer by t e elite aad fashion fr xa all parte of tho t. ni .n, Follows' i. usieal Hell is one of tho moat spacious and beet rcnti'.ated uildiui;* in the world. Adiuistioo. S> oents. Doors open at ; conecrt to eommenco at 8 o'clock. An nHcruocn oonecrt . >ery Wednesday and .Saturday, for the especial Mjoznmo t J ties ef families, coui'ncncir.g at 8 o'clock P.M. white's Mri.or?Tov. 43 bowf.rv, opposite the vy llowcry Tl l itre?opiru every ni?ht Chcipost place of i iiiscnient in the world. Ueaufiful variety nf Fthiipian rlormances, liy White's Inimitable Truuneof Serrnailere. Together with tie *rent woni'r of the world. Hons Gregoire, i otrotircat mint in eaisf.ince, who breaks pavint et'nee wftli iiie rlcnched b t; wltn c\-ry other des -ripiiiin of liaht and pleaainz tut rtaiiiinente. The whole pnmprisinf one ot the must genteel nnd uierry plaocf of aiumcmeat in (hit ouniry. Con.erttn :nuimence at tt o'clock preciae'.y. All crfcrmaacee cotiluded lefore 19o'clock C WHITE. Proprietor. ( tAMPBi.Ll.8- MI.v -t-rki.F.-TE7T AND PEitl.'c KTHIVy opiau Opera Troupe ?or*aniaod in laid?wit! give a aeriee 'I their Musi'at Cm certe. (n Baltimore, JI4 i Washington. c.i Kichinotid, Va.; and all the |.r nci^al cities in the "hi. mr pruerainiii' onmmii 01 singiuy, trancing, T iuiiu Soloa, Black ii-akirt. VI nutling and Damn Soloa, Burlesque r/;'v?l lit, JAS. WORK'S, Manager, fco. "PRITC.FR U I I.I..?OPEN AT SEVEN; TO COMMENCE 1. at tight. end outluiiv rio sncMaa of ProfretT Andcrton a grsr.i Brewing room Rntcrtaiumente. et Soiroea hlyatirieuae. The nilti oca alfhtljrani ige t? "nty-nig hundred f r>? n* Ihcae arc th? brat proofs Professor Anderaon an advaao-t? huproia on tt<? pit alio the migallicen e and idtcreat of bli elaborate parforinaaeaa in natural roagio, II'r.itrativf cl the fallty of necrorukmy, demonology, and iitrln raft. K?ety evening during the we-k. Prof???' r A ill hai e the bom r of Introducing tttcrtl new and astoundlag wt-adara, ami NMaioaadacurly arri. *ia. Admujim, so -nta; Jgniikiudw tarclve years IB sots. Securn tlck > attlm hotel*. at the Hall, r at the rl'.y tiaket o'Jice (S. ''. -Inline. JIV Uruidw i>.) Tor particular* seo blUa of tha day ' l1 W PI.Kft IIA l.f.. ? I N POUTANT NO l'K'K.-CJR AN D 1 Fa*h|on*bB Pay Rulerto.nnirr.t. oti Bi'.urday n-it.? .'rofeMvr Anderson, the H'i/ard of the North, bi to ac.nowlrdc* tic receipt of orrr ono hnndrH and ***enty Intern. ouring the pei t tnr'ni-lit moatly fr ,in head* of familiea md partita ri aiding in the adjacent eonntry dOtiicta. r*ln-i*e to bla nvinr on Altnnc n Rbtertaiumenl, to enable ountry visiter* to retnru home early. Incompliance with curb flattering and nnlrer*al re.joeet, Professor Andoreoa an tha honor to announce that he will aire a grand farhmnalia day performance, et Soiree tfyctrrfoueaa. for Ja*aailea, rhonla, dutaut ! ?i,l> ntn Ac . ha., on Saturday afternoon next. Sept ?. !> "in open at l"g; eemmcu e at .1 The per -ratanre will terminate about .1 '4 o'clock. AdmUaton. .11 crate: Jut-wilts uuler lJ yarn, X& cette. Sraia will be ?aa?<Itthla aesBiriaaaa et tha Uail, dariag tha week, IW Id A. M N 1 P. '.I ' and rartio* in WIS 1 iiiutry, deeirona f at lending, w to will , mmonioate by letter, on or before t'riJay, Mating I'm number of placet re.) i.rod. ahall maot vith prompt attention, and the moat eligible aeata tiiau *> nt allotted tlioia. An tally application tor ptacaa U ro irn.'r.J.l. III BIOOV K TROUPE, AT THE CHINRsF. IIAI-T.. Mi Broadway ? In cob#- ueica of tha naprohatton bjmwed upon ti e m-ri irmane## ?f tha Rlamier Troup*. the ,idiee bare been induced ta rcmala dariortV week, gtrlnga r*nd Concert r?, 1 nirht. with aa entire change of proremme andch rii I I attraction*. Ticket*. 80 ft#) <1 le had at all tha principal nn ?ij >torca and hotela, and at the Hall. Do< r? open a' 7 o'clock; Cone rt commences at < N. B ?TheTfipe will y!*e eae Concert only, at the fol(Wing place*, *! ?At N> warfc, N. -I , on W .aday ereniag, he Sib In#*.; Brooklyn, ea Tuesday; Willin.u'uiry on m.intciay: .acw it u?r. conn., on tnuraaay; utrtiorJ. on II 51 rt . Id, Ma##., in Stier-fay. NBWVOPK MF1 . BATfcl (37 BOVYBT).?MB. L#ti J. Ktlth, Pr | rl kl.-U . ntira ehane- of r-r1 rnianr# frr ttiia wtik. <?r-*n #rery night ?ad on >V>t|netay and Batvrday aft-moon#. Great attrftim. Fifteen dutiful arte of > rcstmniani, consUIIng ot light rt iine, rmt e.|neitrim uaneinr, ran'tinr. arrnbatlo ate, roftr Tmlt nj gimind and lofty InmMlny. k?, Jtc , with It# danrinx I oraea, hpaniah -pot Itnaaty an 1 Tata<aay\ al?o. t!t? intelligent la/#, Old Wan and Nlhl>#. limn, : Sr alt: children liali I rf-o; Pit, IJ'f e< nte, I'rivtl# Uji viketa, # ' rent#. Poor open at 7, ana ctmntie* at it. l/RtNKMX WI Hil W, 178 CfTATRAM S<}l'dK?, OXi F I,look a'-ore tl># Nnli nal Tiiontre.?George I.ea, not# j reprieWf.?Paleea performance# trtry afternoon and r#ang. Cntrrtuinternle r> miu'neo In the nlternoon at tare# < lock, nad in the ?v aim at ei*ht 'cloak. Tbo entertainment are varied andaeUft. and #noh a# ran he eeea at no < tber ptnee if am at in Xew York, i ,n? iting of P#*'# fi aial# Ethiopian Orcra annilii rtug intern perfo'm r?, brine tli# lar; at, and tt tne earn- time tn? iuoat talented t and ib the L'nii-d rt?to?; a W"te? of Model Arti,ta. woo are #r|?f tod lor thrir tetr.R aad kitr*. and who raraonato a Biaiber of bcaetif'it tableau*, tak 'al l - |... inrta f anrirat aad aaudrrn lint#: a cotr.pany of Arib Uirla, who o three h a TBiioty el tent# vf rtreu?th and dexterity; a r tapant- nf Malt and Fern lie Artietx, who will pr< an exhl. lien at Marti# Statuary uae<|null?d in the world, together Ml a rarlity ol iiUrertln* performxnee# an ry afternoon and trenin*. F< r ptr'ioulare no bi',l? of aaob Jar. A-I-nien? ?eata in I'rK.ito Boat#, SO ron'a; *tago twiate, S/M Bt?; Be Ira. 8* root#; Pir (iictte. lift oonta. |> ATMOND I: nr."ft DBEISBACns MflMAUKKIWl\ Thl# celebrated M?na#erte-the largo#* and Vft ondarted in tho known v-rid?-ranbmeln* almoct e?err a-liaa) known to natural M?t?ry, nnd whi-h hnt raviood the pntr-nage nnd apf l?n?a of Luhdred# of thooaonda of t)<# mo#t r xpovtaMe kud krteliin at people of tU Uaiht Ctblra. ha# |a .* eomjwnood t moat hrllll nt remn r o?mieien, and will eiait tli# principal otto a and towaa of hew England in *ha lowing order. air:- WaVetfiile, Mutae, Arg en "?t! j ?lvinA ? .a. a.?M I a.l ... -el. IX- OR# . Iu-I.l?> I all*, Hth. Bwiti'rid. tllb: Namajr, 24M; ^rtdiflna. :ri|i I Tart ar*. Idtth; Ttra.fth lr-ia f rki, New Uvapasira ! it. let: ??nil?l'ti Ontrff, Mf I'lTtsuVh, ?i, \ Men-tlth I.ri lfO, Uh. Ftaiklia, 4lh, C*acor4. 6th. ATTWAt TIOM AT PAXOftMIA fl tit..?Hl'*V * *rll'? < artial'oit I'tUMii'loo ef a rittritil <>t a tThallnc t ' ?*** Itul tlia Wo,|.j |? m? rtptt at tha *% >?* Hal I. ratine mm aavrl an 1 iuv-raa'lni ! tn?a. ..peaiaa *|th . i -r; ni'Mlu >i- <r nf the tit* rf N.? II illor4. ? ?anih?r of Ulead* la the Atlai to an4 railflo ?' )?< ilia <.tr >( Kit .' valtmaad M Ualln* ;>< a a la tilth rt?rit'.n < M ltMi It an ratuftaini: n' of(Teat la ferret an4 p|r? vtr-. -.?rpiK?T?. MR ItAVMOND HMrlT WILI.TAKB J ll Ilr>u*h?'n'? na Tutin llf ?vo.tlat, h pt. II. 141. r paiii. uUra, an# fntnrr M'l?. i. r. iiutDr. s rctirr. i fl. II. I*? t'tir.i ?r, ( hairmaa. Ti. h.'i ar* nap ti a-lj. ard "i*y h? had nf O. H Rarnand, I ran Via ai> I S. I . Brady at FWrar iHo ?f; C?|'t. '? II. I a l rlilll. Mari it Strent Iit?a"j i t Jollij a matte i re. ?" Br?? ' a >j; of t.rorRa ll. Be I', a?4 at all th* |iiacl|>*l (.?< It a 4 m ' ie tV.ret ia tl>? A*/. I RIM A MIBBK.n iHfin*. fpo THE PWII.IOllMt Rf nor* *11")M. ?OCR a attention ha* hern railed *a ad-. rtlremrnt, *? IT?rt t I ia ?'.a New T-.h II rail ?l llth Jal*. 61. aad the t unrior and Ca "tier ?< tmn ditr. In ahlab. nut amch nan.rit 1 aluit . f our a"orn ,r Wat Jadain, *<l? he rrtertt that ?t dart a'.t that-** I l~? with plratlM t.redjrror't Patratt. andor our own mai: and that he li a* i.' I latrine* fined * er a I'aUatt In ti." -r. r>f ? ? ? H e h#a- vt.rohaood i"ir Mi <nana for th? mm ife?hiri of I a* itiH Rohbor IWu??? iindar lt"idyonr ? Palmti, and |><|4 out tr?n?y, and art daily p-iyiiea t,rif| fa* tha nemo; a.if ,,lf thor fioraon Tiif'it ha\? il. ra t'm Tin. if dm. H t.o J.. ?? t athor Mia a Mr* ..<*? art* )att in pnr hMi * rlohl to tut a Tainl, than to Inlttar* it. Mr. I?*y, batriai V? ? p*ot<? < <!. nkm*. od??d Oondyoar', rahta. rn In a o.ttin <nt. nod otrood la lata** not to inlriiifo hU Pat* uta. IU I* new a'lnmplina not only to Infria. f*id Patenta, bat to in urn iniraelrna who bar*. tar* lar<i cnti?M?rnu..n, l our li. n?ia, and ana, work tia.lrr thrm. and traehara.- ttr. i)ay dlrnctly, rod that aver out oau aii;na*iir< a. irllu pirating opoa ?Jcadyta*?* Pa tan la in tlia BUnuUotur* nl the aiioaa wlillS a ia no* aliox to tht pnbiioi and era alto li t ? that h a, ad all vha art eini"?mM with I.lot in p?rali*ai*a ay rrnl i* bin dhoro. atado ia rlolaUoa of aald Pataat Right a, trtU a praanontad. I,. CANIlPiR. H.t V vt ARM RPMBM CO.. by tt u>. A. Buehlirhtnt. Tr?**ar?r. THE M.HAKK INiMA Rl MitUH MrO CO., R. UaUklaaua, i'rmidaaA PORD A CO. v.t TafC. Jnty IIIU1. I'I nil* ' I l itt a tlTI'N To \ s N ? f>R -I MP M V*Tlf I "t RT or V t Or . W. R. RcjnnHa. Ilteetratrd. Tl ? eras: work. tr* irh ha, h?ra dremati rflny on< of onr thratrot, and hat in* met nith tho aroatrit ammo, hat In do end the f.nhlialitri la ia*ti** * nan iilnntret'd tdltim Pair a W o?nt,?. II I.OKtt ft RU'tUE: t Aaaatt ?t. BRdftr ?hlc ' I ?U tt? haohotliifi. E NE MC , HMUIIKBITt, , I |tlU>tStAl TMATKI?E. A. MAKSHA1.P. tout 1? I - so.?Poors open st7; to commenco at 7K o'olook. I?r>?? Circle sud I'arquette 50 cents. Family and I uird Clrrles. 'Si urate; lis'lery, 12tJ M0Uj Private II see. %!> and $ ! Thurdaj' eveninv, Si |.?. 4, rill be |>t rformed the new araad I *l'ct lit CAT a RIN A?Catai ina, M'lle Caroline Roues-i; I ( ou* t Iirrlne, M'lle Adelaide; I. nclna, M'lle Theroslne: Ms- | rii'ttft M !lo CIllBintlDfil^rA Diavols, Blout. Joan Rouetot. i II *1 ? i't .'rtainrr ent* vt ill < Mr, m.?uce with the oomia drtmi of i t WoftliJltiFI I. WOMAN? Mar?init de I fonti^urr Mr. G. ^ Mirti tut; !lurtci'r?. Iflrt Kinuline Raymond. AI tor Hie bell t. thocoiutdyol WIIO Bi'fiAK* FIRS*? 1 jVTMlLO'a GARDLN.-M ANACER, MR. JOHN SEFTON, ! A* I i iht ti, 60 cunts; Private ilosis, $A. Doom open at 7; I to comment c at 8 o'clock Last night of the cngog men', of Mm ili watt. The success of ICnowles's p! tj of the ' llui.nlihaok'' induces the proprietor to annoauoe its rop. tltint for Shis cvrniD|{ only. Julia, Mre Mo watt, Helen, Mint j l9tn> Wallatk; ilr. Dyott as Matter Walter: Mr. Bind as i r 'I' omai Clifford. Ncthic?Tnia is positively tho l.iot op- . p< rturitj of *e ,ing these talented American lailtsin the rmt I lay. Thursday evening, September t. will he played j t' f c< oily, ly Mierldau KinoN, of tho II PNCU ?A''K ? | Matter Waller. Mr. Dyott; Ju'Ia, Mrs. Mosratt. BHUl (.DAM'S IT CLl'lI. hltOA DWA F, N E A It BK >OME t iroet.?Dress Circle and l'sri'i tte, flc oca.; 1'aiuily CirI cle, itf> cento, Orchestra Souls. $1; Private Boxer. $& Do .re to boyiu Ut7>e o'clock. Thursday et ening, Sept. 4. will he j.layi il the comedy of til; LAlMES' QATIXE?Le liaruu il? Montricharil, Mr. Lynna; Uenry do i lavigneul, Mr. J alirtr, (iutlnvt doGufiion Mr. Brougham; Countessil'Au-- I treval, Vra fekcrrrlt; I.o U s Julia (louli. I'oputar Lane*, Mite Mulvina. To t . uUtda with WANTED A WiZ.tUI?Mr. ( run.mitt, M lughatn; Bubble, Mr Thompii nj { iiuak.M r. If 15 Phillips: Roecius Kant, Mr. Juitaten; lira. Crumiulce. Mrs. Macder. a lITtl SAB91 N.?TlVIIli V . bit* a tcmbur 1.1?51.? Man Muretzek a Bcastis. | I A c a H n. MAX MAKE./.EE h.'i the honor of informing his friends, the patryns of tho | 0|.er... and the piitlle in gen ;rtl, fait prev.ous to hit dei parturelrom -New fork, he will take a BENEFIT, at OAari.E gakdev, On Thursday, BoptoruberdsJi, MSI, to begin fit 3 I'. M , and to couolndc at 11 o'clnsk. All the extensive arrangements, contemplated with the 1 | t? impart to this entertainment | 'HIE GKRAttST STi.l.MlUK rtND IMPOSING MAGN I llt'LM'F. I are now completed; and it is with home pride that the Ma- 1 nat- really the attention of the public to the richaeis auJ | variety ol tho LIST OF PERFORMANCES, combining, on the same occasion, tho uiirirallud attractions of TWO GRAND HPKKAS, I A ORANI),'el.l *M"l? A N ll lilt AM A TIC OOyCKR T; ) AN KNt . USII V At. DE V ti.I.E, la whiok Mr. Brougham and his Company will appear; A GRAND It A I.I.El, And Other Kn Urtaiaiaeatl, i Forth" flrit tine, and on this extraordinary occasion only, Will appear, | IW T1IE SAVE K-tTEP.TAlVMEVT. FOUR GREAT PRIMA DONNE AS.-HI I. PTE. Madame Besio, Madame It-so dc Vriee, Madame Berlucea-Maretzck, Madame Truth Bcaedctti. FOUR CELEBRATED FIK8T TKNORI. I Slgsor L. Salvi, hianor D. Bcttini. 6i?uor i>. Loriai, and higu.r Bmiedetti, {Ilia flrrt app.aranoe these 3 years.) FOPR POWERFUL F1K3T BAKITONI AND BASSl. hir.ior Badiali, feignor Mar-ni. ! feigner Bcnevontano, Signer Cole'.U. J la connection with tho other numcroes and dL-tingujehed AKriM't or mr. mai.ian ui'KiiA, ! fid;J "uy a mart powerful oh.>ma anil a (trend OICUCSTKA. FKOUilAU .4 2. r;mr. In eonacintnce of the Immense otfccesa thut l.aiat uded I' the debutot the celebr.iti J prima donna, Rose de Vrl?s, the rcircnnr.acci will beein ? ith th? whole of Bellini oner* of NORMA. ' Norma,,,. Rme de Vrlet (her ?<cud appenranoe > AdaUif* s'<u*. Co*t:nl ' 1'ollione Bettiui i Orotero Sizaor il?a"veutano. Conductor .j. Max Marc-lack XKOOMl. A GRAND BAM,hi KM TRKTAIN MEVT. 1 la which will appear (by tho kind |..r>itu>*iva ->l Mr. Mar hall) the eminent KUU8?ET 1'AMiLir, coneiatinx of i : Mile" Adelaide. Caroline,'. ni.audClem inline R-neiet. Conductor Mr. Kroutaec THtnn. ' The comic fxr<-*tta called MY FklEND JACK. I I Nonpareil, (my friend Jack,) Mr. John nranahtm : Col.D*t?Mt*r Jb.LraM Eir Jacob Lukewarm. Mr. T. B. Phillip* 1 Charlta Mow bray Mr. Palmer j Join.... Mr. Fletcher Juuily Lukewarm ^ Mm TayWure rot-urn. I The tecond act of Dnnlietti'e e?-l liratrd antra of Ll'CRL'il A lidKUIA. ! In which the emint nt tenor, SieuorSc t> Rcnsdettl, | will make hla drat appearance thcec three year*. Tlie Duke Aittuor Kuei.' i l.eoretla Uorgia Kitnora Trutii (Uaedettl. i ocunarv niun-ir yhu. Couducbur Mat M&retick. , ( rirm. . A GRAND AND MISCCLLANIOUS CONCERT, 1 In which nill appear Madame llrtuccu Mare tick, IMiae tFhitloy, | Signer ArcJiti, f>i*?or CoUtU. , ?l*nor I.orini, PROGRAMME. < 1. Prand Tlnett. enu7 by Sijnori Lotini anl C >l?ttl. , J. \ arinti"?? di Br*'.ari.-u aira from Robert le-Diablo, enrapoacd by l.abarre, and eaeou| t"i on the Harp, aitli full or rheatral accompaniment by.Mxdamc R TineaMirat>?k. .1. Roman?* Sm'r. C. litSItU, ! t. Tic Carnival of Venice, eiteutc1 for the I tint time in thia country, aeeordin* t* Paaeniafa celebrated proi-rammc aa p -rformed by htm in La leoiec, Veni-. .. . Ri*'r. Arditi. 6. Aria?Sun* by Mite VilKiala VVUitia*. ' 6. By general ?e juett, the fa- i none .Vtturno Kapiguol, for tL. llarp Madame D rtujca Mir .W, k. Him. Tot the flret time thie e?*eon, the nkole of Bellini't On?ra I of 1 l't'RITAM. Elvira *i*'a. A 1'co, Arturn Si*. I,. 8*1 vl. I Riccardo Si*. C. Hadiali. { Gcorgeo 8i*. Mortal. Con tine tor 8i*. Ardtu. ORDER AND TIME OP TIIF. PERFORM VNCE*. 1. Tli? Writ and accord actaof X rum, at thro.* o ol.Kk. i 2. Tli* UIM by tli? Ku M??t Family, at four, i 3. 'Ihlrd aid fourth let oC Norma. at a quarter to Arc. 4. Comely by Mr. Brougham and hit company, a . a quarter to aU. i fi. T> e aecond ait of Lnereria B. rqia, at half-plat . x. li. *b? Concert, at (even. 7. lbc 1'uriiani, at a quarter pa?t' tickets, oxe ooixar each. yrbi'.h will admit th? bold r t? all t .e perforata atca, 1>AV ANI> R\ E.NINu, To bo bad OT'-ry at Caatlo Oardrn. I)?lmo?ioo'?, Now Vol liolrl, Aitoran.l If Inr II"B- a. aad at the ro'oir il.ifrt of ttllliaiii IJall A t an, VharfeoLcrt It liail. K,it?lrc ? lira i ain . Jollio, aad Vandcibeck aad dcliu'oertoli A Co . t Broadway. i Tl 'r* will he a arlS'lent ?omb?r of tH"! at tb* flard.n; vt,iii fritrnt too luta a rrcwd, the public ara reepeetfnlly Tt .nee'cd to t?ke their tickets *l?? day pr ?tout. I A tariie fort* of tlo police will b? ta attobdau. t, d erin* t:.? wl.ul? day, to uiaiataia ord,r. Ti l?rr? am rri'n??t"d to "onforta tf cm <*lrea to the dic?*ti' na of tl o 'lo?rkc?p?ra. witii regard l? tlo. m i It of iiigri-a ltdr;lMi. IA larrc nnmV>r nf omnibuoca will be found at tho tard a * duni.j tl.a whole day, end aftar tin p> tfcmaneea. /"IAFTLK flARUKX ? MAIET/CR'9 UEN EK T-l U I* 1 \j circle*. To . the comfort of tlaib r?, and to pee?T ? the ?r I- r of the i uwrt'iM p. rforman. It fat tatn foua I mp-aaaiy to ntabliah the following nri.fl Xftowe. F'rat. Viilter" will taloroa Mr right dlutloa of the priaciral .atrrn'.e door, ar.d : > out on ?h- I It. rr>o,)pd A aenwr ?? b?dy of urn r , ? lfin* the urn-it bed* -, wiil he tn attendee, i. wboe< duty it willbe to lo a I to tlo c. aafort of tli* audit net and to allot to . ach per. a | tl ? or'i "fary rpcai?. Ti Ird. The public ar? rtqnortf d to r fratn from n ,..ra?. re tl tl tl, I .rati,.1, ?f oaoli oo-f,irni in-o e.'g-it bt i? t -rdapoo Wi'li lb? tlmo ta marb'd on tb mil Ihrith. A g?r .-will inform tko au-liearr at the coan;ur> , Bit* nf aacli p- rf.irmanr* I I,tb. A loll will tfta tht eigwal for 1!ititia< the gee. VIrltora art n ueoted to lot the mow para without iot rr. pI tlcw Math. A targe body of pall-t will maintain ord r. I \| ??. MOW ATT BK It TO tNMlltl'K TO II BR t* mi t t pu'met 'nf ?<ii" u, *t i r iimti'it htli I ifwuu"'. vlil r'i rt?-*? a* BlTfo'# T i? ?tra, #a Aolmt'av. <1, wh- n will k rcpr ?iit?4 t V.e pUv ol ; Till afRARtlkll?Rr* lUll-f. Mri. Rowatlt vt ,*?<vof *?<? IHlMynKiN-Juliana, Nk. M ??tt. Tit 1 lore.* or* to kunrnti at hot' ps t oeva | ic.'Uoly. J AMH'.'.M*. UN DICRMPN, MX FKAN'MSCO.- DO K*OV. DP. It .-ifr Si Co., Ci'itiBle'lon M rekaiiti *?,l U- neril 1 k?< at*. 1Mb P'reaefooo, R< " r to Me*-r? MMIi , ' tlo, li. M. Pi>nw fc Co , n*? t'; M <r?. (1. k J. I Untie, ?. M>-F- t* k Co., N.? T rk. II-It'1 - r to Rnr f..l,'jli'l. Uinh, M r*. JnO. R. D? tl .IT. k C?. , Uvotpool; Clio*. Ar<l ih?M, T.-\, P'. K. 8.. I'nwil ftUl I Bonk. I.< ni!-n;Mct*ft. * -tllUon, ll-n. S. Canarl, | 1 llellO v R. s. i fni iiornja-ran riuwctsco.- kmto k hick R-> ?tt. Attorn-!* ?t l.o* N- .rv l*i''Jit*. ?n1 Ommittnn.r (i nil In I'.t riofn# A Co B, '.in' Km- ) will at ! it ! to ?h* cnllootion of 1 lilm*, too,. *10., tliro -'i<ior Col | fi-rnlo tn-l Or* r -n terrlWv. If ro t > fimnH NelI K-?. f. a. Dl,lt|. t Ju-i.?* : linn. Jnliu tl". itlt. Hon. D. J l*. IntroUm. flow. J. tl llull Oani?l 1. pa. Et-| . t Bon. Joorpli L. White, Darii .1 o F.'-|WATHIIHOHIAL. RfATRIMORY 1U; ? r \ r. OR DOW TO tviv * 1*1 Inter.---Prof^nr Lit loit. ni I. n.l<-n,*h* vln* ?rri*o4 n Bo?t?n, will r nl to ar* o, on rt opt of ono lUllor, pott rahl. plain 4lr*fti?ri to enable Uol.ior (oatletaun to i tin tho 4frote>4 artfntpina of ti n >opn?m. *<. fit t proceeo ointple. bnt *o rapU*tlln? tXat oil m.-p be mnrri 4, ItreIpootiio of net. tp|??rnnr*. ?* I" ?Itlon; nti'l la?t th'-nrh not ?j>*t. It otn b? arrant* 4 pith innh ?a-?e an.I doll- that ' I-te, tl <n i> impoetible. AA-ireee i'fofeeer Law t.,n. Ilott-ra, , Nnoo Ro It-ttoia taken troB tha roob'HBfe aaleoo the pnot- ' teolonti*. A8TROI.OtlT.-DR. C. W ROB A' *, FR'?W JtVltoeM. laid* from Philadelphia, olT'-ft hi* eirvlooa to th* eiti I ten* of Sen York. PI* It ?1>I? to foreti'll pot, pr<-?#nl *n4 | fiitne* of onto, Fo??flfl eentoi peatlraioa. It. Ra'Irlf'ltctleolattd?Lailieo, i I: riUmel, IV l?lik< o Mo. t . If lil<' -troet, Ren Tork, ? ror* fitt 'r?, poet ptiil. will recoita i iitintt Jfoto alirntioa. for ptrllonloet, too >lai1j p?r**i I ttW"! -ci al daautaac??aa k? pc*??t<4 ai tk? * ? atatii \ W TO )RNING EDITION?TIIUI IALBH BY Al'CTIOM. VCTIONNOTICE -TH08 BFLL. Al'CT R-BTH ~N. Bush, Friday, lt'*? o'clock, in th? anc'i m room*. It Mirth William street, anle of valuable Dry (io>4a. Clothiug, Jewelry, fanry and (.lodged aiti La, WuUhc*. tiuua, i'crfumi ry, Ac, Ac. Auction not ice-c root ries. coffee. curtery, I'runai, Brandy, Ale. Segars. Ate ?On Krilay, September 5, at It"* o'clock, in front ut the etora. 47 Day street, ccrm r of litucuwieh. Snoot Oil, Sujar. Coffe*. Raisins, Chicory, Tea, Truce*. Scotch A!n,, C >rki. Brandy, Cin. Cordial*. Chsmpattt". Mackerel, Herriu, l.emnu Syrup. Claret. Wine*. j?i .south Wester*. Ladle*' Vt'orktoacj, Writing l?csk* W A. t'AUi'Kd, Auctioneer, . No. 87 P?y atfoek 1XT1L M'COIIIICK. ACOTIOWKIR. r U u n i T u R ?T Sn'c?Til's day, at 10 o'clock atflti Cold a rnot, will he Held, the Furniture of a beard ng house consisting of tent! or Beds, Bureau*, Bedstead*, h faa. Chair* Booking C lanes, China and (,1a*.* Ware, with a general a a -rtmeat of bedroom and kitchen Furuitare. 1,' ^ viijw.", autnuftu R-i,4K'Jt ^ V ? Of A Dining.Saloon and liourdia* H>o*o ?This day, Sept. 4 at 1( >j o'clock, at 213 W xj:iitigtou itfc.-t. u-ir Barclay, the eutiro furniture and fixtures of the estaMDiiraent, c?u*-sting of evwrv <lesi ription ?f Croi k-ry and B!a8aw.Aro, Table Cutlery. Bar and Furniture, cvrp'-r Steam Bulcrs. t'oon'ori* Th? le.?. Stnvi*. KeiTlgeratora, \.c Al?o, all ttie Furniture, liad* aud Bo ium/ of about thirty rooms, f'arI?< t-H. Oil f lctbs. Also, about .'jUOi/udts; Comforters. Blankets, Sheets Pillow Cases, h.e. 8 * la positive. i a 4; ?. v a n l) V b h b m ptob 111 elk JL-i glut Furniture', ?t tha b?.-t qual ty, tt?:s day. (Thursday.) September nt t*u o'clock, t.z the larg? Hall i tot ( isnvb Bqiui 'v ' b 81 a vav betwv-n Spring and i'riuce strte'*. M Kemp will s 11 nt arctiou. wit..rut resarv^, t<? <1 a oo-partne'ship estitc. a x.rylsrzo assortment of rich'y carved rr?sww-od sad mahogany Furniture, of Ihc very best quality, all of which has mm mads by eaecf oat old < atabliehe 1 frnas, the senh r partner hem? a*.'?nt to rctiru tr in buiim hs. ott. r Ih-ir w holt stock lor sal*, to cl so tl o< partnership pr ?pir'y, and pre*cuts a rare ?>pi. rtuuit* for tin ^kenpnri to supply theirstlv -s wi*.fi ilr^t laMp odj utlaw uinti<>u prices. EcgMiKsrvcd rowv.od I'arkr Fnri.Iture. ru suite, o?vt i in r re neb brooatalls, mars on volvtt pi -?h. Ibovity ri .'host denim* and styles; ladies' roecwood Caoinuti, E'-v*v rc-s with mirror fronts, Mu. ii Stand*, ear jd r???wo J Centra Tables, m h f.yptian, hit a i t gold, and will's Italian marble tops: carver tnah gaiiy Sofm. T-*e i i tes, an 11prii / k al Parlor C 11 rt; pi ; lor ma*he * la laid centre, and Work Tubl. r: Ottoiu itm. Couches; marilctop pier, lancy, centre, s?de, card, and Work 'fables, Extension sud -thi r Dining Tablemtlrrin v Chair? S (Ink. inly; r--sowood, walnut, and in 'v<y Library ami S?,cr?>ary Book < i ?ef Loun.-ca. Voltaire Olisii". Itini ig ro Ch'iiri, &c. Klerautly carv< 1 r ?Jt^oodaui mahogany Bed?teads; Drt'riug Bureau*, with uiarhle-tcp and i reiich plate sIash; marble top enclose*! U'u.-h -tends indCcmmi les; rich pa.used and enamelled Chamber Fnrultur* in sets; rosewood end ruah.?gany Wardrobes, C'wuthes. mil. &?at Cot*ago C hairs, walnut Cottage Furniture, ro.-?? rood and othor Dn-i'iug Tablet. plain mahogany and walnut Chamber Furaituro, Sofas. lunhogSLy \ troiieh and 0priog-ce!.t Chairs. Arm aud Racking Chairs. bIvhiis. Sewing Chair-*; al*o. l>ronz?dirou and mahogany Hat Stands, II 11 Chair?, Tables, &c.--fche whole comprhing o \cry large and Icnd l assortment: all r>f which \* well worthy 't tke attention of purchasers. Catalogues will be ready, and the g*od& may l*o examined ib 4a the sale Purchassre wishing t- ta se thai? z?odn out of the oily can ha>o theui carefully packed for ililppiti^. nt a roa.mnaMe ebargc. TO BF. SOLD THE C1FJ F.'.H Vn ! < OI.LECTIOIf Of isfttsBical physiologieah nnd pathological pre paratiouh in wax, of the late Signer Barti, now on e\hihitlou. st the Soci? ty Library Rocir.s, Mo. |fd lir>sdway. New Fork city, will he sold at FuMh Auotion. at the above r oma, oa Monday September ITth I r?l, at If o'clock, M. For terms ol inlc, apply lu person, or by litttr roMpaid, to IlilSF.i B. MACI.AV, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, No.Nassau ?t. no M K STK Alls. a A m?*S FOit ALL. "?MANflATTAX BUILDING am. Airoclatioa, Number Two.?Established pursuant te irt of inci rporaticu- PhsrisSMSis c-ntrsncefee >J; ra mthly loop Owing to the unexampled rittrparity of the first ct this name, nuniuerirg over ??nc- thousand ibtre-.. in tie short space ?f f' ur xnooth', aud being uuslde ;o receive any new racruht-rj. it bns hicoin' noies^ary to ' fc! h? li tk * ' -iti ifttimi to 1 ? r.oii m >mi. liliA.-il Tine Iplee. m itli even iinr aJiantsr j to tr.e ?.'o?e!.old *r in da, Ae a tnoli iiu of investment, or the iftgrlu i lo m< tit ml, thin aaeoeia ion oriT-U ocoiixr facilitieo to Ik n'Tkinn man, ' yond ill other*. rroepertqe and every nfi riiiHtioa can to obtained, and names registered, nt the den or ilouie, corner of Ikrcer and Ilronme etreota: John F. Rodmta, Esq., !S!' lf? t atrett: (ienrce W' Sitvntoa, 'ei . Attorney and Con nee I ot the First Manhattan It iIHn* Association, 80 Nassau -tree*. fine notl.c a ill be jtitea f tlir first toectiri;, w bioli will be held soon. MNH Alois AID TO I.l'ir. COENTRY STORE?IN' A 1>F -1R iKI.F. I.OOATION, aliout three lionrt distance by railroad (mm tin city, I he ?t< ck la yell laid in, and amount- to about SI DUO; haa a ret rai" 1 "I onati mcs ind doiui a I bv.i.u-'e Fbt itoelt, toxo.thir with the le?>o of the iUri, an 1 xoud n ill of ,he concern, mill to anld to a oath customer. No | iraon need .pply who haa not the read , mean* to purchase. A lino adEliillUllndia Utraid utfiie, *i.'i real name and adlr"S*. an ill he attended to. For Ml i -the stock ani> n\ rCUl OF a <;rovary and L inner Store,aitealed on one ot the beat eatabllsh,1 I I.mora ill the Kcv nth ward, with tarn yoara' leaae from the tir-t of ae.\t Nuvemher, aud the prii il it ot a r-heaol at tin expiration ol tin- above time. It ?i'l b aold cheap, ea one >1 tl i i-i-i- nt |iro|irietora la in bad health and mult quit tU business. Tor iurtl r parti -ill?re inquir of JOHN UL'TLKK, .'I Ch'rry atro-t. f]ior uu-1t OlirTON, PTATBX I if.AND, SI K roiU'itee valh Iron V .underbill's l.vilin.:. a new frame l'nttar?. ?itli about eijht loU of around, handsomely arreoavd. and ntorked mih the l ot kind of ehad* and fruit trei'?. II.i re ie a cood (table on the pp 'nisos. 1'art of the [>iirc?aar iii' nuy r- -Ti111' 1.1 bnn I si..I mut' :n?e ?t art n r i i. A luf .< A D. Jt \ I .V Si Oid Slip Hp F(.R >M E-I)NE or Till. BEAT [IISIN'MS STANDS I..T I'. 1 arri'i f . a I I. i ' i . '.'n !-i : .-la'" dtuatrd in the flonrt?Mn* rlllap uf Tarry town. Tli? r- j. moa for arllinir arr, O.r | ri.pri. tor i? !n ill hr Ittn FurfurhrrMrtinlinUi ? ?t kgwakd K. KOR,fkitj We at clint- r r<>vaty. FOR SALT-A ICSTAUIANT.-TO TIE DISPOSED OF Um- lorn I tar* and atoek "I > in II > atabllah-d an l fatar|4 W?u?, dolig an rat-natr" IntlnoM. and iHwMlltkl coitra I and c urnrfial p-irt uf th* itar. I'or parUcnlara, addon. by lett r, II. V. f, II oral.! oCfee. FOI R \ EARS' LI UB rot -M.E. A RI3TAIRWT. Rar. and Ui>l?r Iiluoa. Tfcr proprietor uf tha abov# ratal Ma) m*nt u |aai|. !' .1, I., ret "ha jf f .oily lnt?,-. at, ;t a.11 at a l arkai.i. brio t obliged tu il-o juu'.ry ahurfiy. la ' Br" via ay. IjtVBinsan rooks to \ ?r rr. or iianpauhial r Inrniah'd room*. ?.>.upriaint tl.e tntif" aacnad fl. or. and sue room on ll?n tliird llovr, to lcb. An iy at 704 B. l Jaay. nrnr Ninth tre t. STEAK rOlVIR-TO LIT. TWOBPAClorS STORE*. I" and 171*Grand-tr*"t, vit'i n-nm i -w*r. lo i .irt ui V. U, lihltOKN E. I if Hullrry ntrrvt. or "? tha proiaiM*. To ?r ?n n itiMKniATn.v. tiif. entire iiocsehul l i uinttnii' "f a I unity ah. ut *t '"1 ul' I' ,iia?'*?M>lii !i libinln 0 " drairabl" apartm. nta to lit. until tlia lat "I Bar. I 'rtna niu'l?riit". iim ia - ? it .i tin door avi'ff nva miiiut"). Airly M No. Idl boi.'iilii Bvtnuc. qno mv?i< hvsok demiji/, without r holt. I ?11 0 1*1, a front mil link (trlcf, ir<ih pantri ? ?;><! lath ri/' W.i n the firot fleer, in %' f..rni?' ?l .r uafnrnUtv4. Lcation roape.'U*'U; without .oar I. A i pi/ ?t II OftJtf ?tr " ?, a-or fonal. '|V? I.KT- Tfir LI MIICR VARI', t Kivr* (>/ R'ASII A iort.? and Wafer air- ta, Bro Olvn. II I v I. i aa anvil Born H on thirty jmi. In ,i;ft u t .o I rv uii-aa, T'e I I.T ? A TWO STOUT HI ILDtNO, rt'tTAM.I TOR A mi.o'ifraturiri porr'.?> . ifc f?"l fcyfi n ('..I'ltnHa ?lf> <!.? oil Pnnr fn m /nil. n, aaar lha l -frjr, Brook, ltn ?' r parti. nlor?. c*.<uir? at C. M. M \ TON A, l ; l-olton atrvtt. Nco Vork TO ITT IN HROAltWAT. NO IA7. HfTWrr.N r INT on! I.ikarty a'r> t o larr-frnt r. m wool ainrr. i. ry '< f..? oao Liint of lioht hnaija<-ao a. v ai ii ..nit t a4 'nunaiilotaly. P.r eirc r n M> pr. Till. I. rjl O I.CT-I.OBn PARI or TIIS T1IBB STORY A 11 kt.w. No. 11'? Hi arc a atr vt, el trami.. I ?tra. t, -a! liar af ff ot ami l ark firlvr. tatm- .. kin nil, II I r?n roniaa la Ik-oitl -. Ken* 5>' par ?l< nth. J *> alp n >..i on Apr'/ tn B ' LYIA IIAKO, 2*1 IV arl at. 'I'O I.IT. APARfMrNTS, SI'I rlRLE TOR t OLN I tut r ' ,B?'atlB* I .t? r> o?t tna itha-wit i kali - rm. kite > .| poatt o. ot No. II Worrtli >tr t. ITU I. IT-TBI FIRST STORT Oi A UOI '* iJf 1 I. ..'noojr. .t|( n iy np loan, raoallllof it t*. *:i t-irv* latrii 4. Ar.i-ikriM1 no i rrr*afr?4. Altr t 1. v I ' Alan, to ORB el 1* tVt Pot bti ten 1? ?!lt/. A|f t v. It tioar n, atoira. rfO LLT. IN BROABWAY, No. iap. Til* pRi'OBT. I ! ' aj, oil la ?? la r, k?.?i I'V I id p ky ? a. I

I rmrlt tV .'tolnr rain ot K.? I ;i? i llntal Alt) atro M MBfakltijf. ml '?fml tflkaa n Na. IJI) Br a .? if t.i \\ if I. i"i i?r f|'0 111 -TAUT ?r IW1J1 NO ?0 TXOV !?T*r<T n#?r \kitnl * tavtrr il? ?fin* r-nma "? ? art 11 r. mr mora a tklN, a*4 a;pa?at? kitr rn. r?n-'l?? o Jt?i (nd t*thr?<m T ? -mill r??W talila*. (Im mil I? u nti l rifjr di'ra'ln. K?il ?'? Afplj a. abo?.. Iliodtorr. h raiuri for one pail r I r aa1c, < tiaap. T - i ?.r i<? t fnti : . \ : i \ni r r**in A f-rt of i e-y | r tty catlftrr. l.vVt* cut.ta re n? > ? Irv fltw-r. 1*4 >>?t v| 1<n lilMH it- r la'atl-n tt> it. inMi. *t|i *I7V Ii'iiln tfttr Bill. K |."-i Tali- n itn ??, ?i atalra. -r at Ni. d'-T rcntth anntr. 'I'lcrr xt.TO t sv u r rAVH.r, ASPI R-JDID raost 1 rllukHtWMd Inllrft Milrl't i>t the Mr r..| i:?rr. ??<!? rmm. and firtt tlof of dir boll it; to-ill. la tho r-li r?bl> biill l iu. .1 lit; ltd at. l\.Ki-:ou tuaacti tt-ly. I ii'iulr alth< rr in1 'I'D I *.T I PR trrOI V'T ftr WIH'M IT MAT COSI ro. i f . - Mi>. l?) Park l"?< I' ? rirei 1*1 fPapWinWr tiillaM' r It-. k lin: rttra and Dril. r?, I it).| (Hi.kin It ilr Mri and II- I I) .!. r , r*-io> I li.? r nd HP 1 ca In-p< rtrra. Pllk laiprrlrr*, or anr r HpM ranrv An -a- ??. Alaa, ?' k "< i f No Id f'brk PI if phi .-ii n Hay lit. I"*/, . taraif, if r nlffd. taff rlkoIni afdriaa, in r? aa'ly and It I'tMr. r pfchiiv * po.. v: rtrk ri . DAKIMI. h.W IK(. ACAI ! MV ll'fiRW.I MRrtT In K A.,l? If m I'.r ad > ) Xlf. tAVAfl'd, fif >1 m. r, kin < r, -ml t'.i i I t net r, l.n *n In A.airl'a.rf i r. a ii i fail i. it ' 'an. ?. win taljnt * 1't ??nt in rrnmm?m'at>n. Iita . f?n 1 h laloona for Um?? aa 1 f-dttfalri una. )|o l?t. ad ' at ' I adr rtifttatii11* oaty f r tlit It > i la< of an |r?T, at. I no oar rIn*. HCfKT A lleTUI DAMPING ACAD!*! .:ti-*Trual InaMiutr, W> T5? aawiy. t oprn na t'n iVh c?| !(? .- r. 71 It rlfa at d h'a alatnr, Xni. ft. UllflB )ara * itrd it iaa ft-lr T?i traa<o? aa pnb'Ja arMata and nil" lltata ?lirma?lTra Nltlf to l-.-aihm* pr.tnM don -am. ta> ?a?a iftti atrnral y?ar? al tha R -ynl AaadMtf ol ra.-la Md at thr baa*, ackoula ' -r yrivala t-a.liiaf in rrto". acd m*f liai - a w ad.-t'.i.d a new aj wa>, wi'h t).i th-? t. rak| daarlap a rnjjna ( rrioiali t habitn. M w*>li M a *i'?a af ai lalrtnx t*i' nf-. t arar. fnl and A-tah i drpata "ib. All tin *rw nail fntdtill.!.:, fca . ?UI Ik ta iphl in aba ami Irat and n?: it ?rrtipiia,.t i"?? A-rflf t? 1 WtUi k l^Ut, iu.. t.w t.a.aa X- H MiT. *. > R K H tSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 13! THE CTTBA2V REVOLUTION. TELEGRAPHIC The Affouoli hJ the lioorier mid Steamer Cincinnati. Ghsbi.ksto* September 2, ISM letter* received here by the arrival o* the Mirchant. from some of the principal commercial houses > at Uuvana. contradict entirely the reported sueec# of Gen. I .ope: and his party. These letter*, which bear j date Havana August 23d, state that (.ope:' has only one hundred aud fifty men left, and that they would slwrtly be captured and destroyed. The remainder of his t xpedilion?some CCO? aud been hllh d. No mention is made in any of th- ?e letters of the Creoles joining Lopez's standard. Nnw Our r \ng, Pept. 2, ISM The advices iiT the .''in." nriim.) ve?t?r.l*T are 1 very conflicting One account at?te.? that the Sptuifk ' government bad (dieted a reward for Lopea, and Lad i I premised to pardon his followers If they would surrender j i They do not appear to haTt received any ail what'-ver | j from She Cubans Ltpc., was hourly expecting rein- | force men! a from the States Th> i?port of his advance | j on Iiu.sim Is untrue He wag, on ths contrary, falling | [ hack in an opposite dlr tkn. N?W Ox LEANS, Sept 3, 18M. The news by the steam* r Cincinnati, from Havana. la ; down to the afternoon of the 2.1th u.t. The stoatner i Ahjocdare- arrived at Harat.uoa tne morning of the 35th, w ith fifteen soldiers w uodetl in a bailie f,.tight on the I 21st, at Alcadala. A Spanish report says, forty pirates | were killed, nod forty prisoners taken. A despatch from ! the commandaat at Bubia Uois.ia M?yj he shot -is pi- I rst. s i a th 2'A1. including Adjutant George Graham 1 and l.i -utenant 1'ercauiUng The t'np'ain General, on tor 2-tth, issued a prooiama- 1 tlon, off-ring jua-.ter to ln?urg-nts who will surrender alter th- attire publi-hed. (irrespective of districts." ir,d pardon to these who deliver up Lopcr. The Spanish lose at AJcadala. would sreta to be large l.otters eay -An express train left Havana with several misjeons to attf ad the wounded Spsninrd;'. The patriots are always | shot ag FOC'ti a-captured Another letter says -Lopej I is In a position to hold out two months.'' The Cref.-nt ft'ly, this m u-nlnj. publishes a '.ett rfrom Crittenden. written half an hour before his execution, in i which he save he '-bad net a single ni-siet cartridge at the time of his capture *' Lopec has got no artillery The authorities here arc vigilant in their measures to : ; prevent another expedition t r Cu a. Money ;rr the I patriots cf lues in very slowly , The New York morning papers reeeiv d here for the past few days contain . ost exaggerated reports with r?hrence to the Cuban outbreak. [Thes- report) were j also published in the tr uing papers of Sew VorV aud | if not sent from New Orleans, it would be a curious | natter to ascertain wh re they did come from.?K?. j j U?;? cld ] Th se despatches hear date at New Orleans, j . I ... t-- -- IV ) ....... lun.n I. r...: sf I ui bu .a. ... iu j y ... ... ......... ' ..... ... j thorn is worthy <i the itast credit, aul in many iaj etsncea they are direct falsiho<-d* The Itrjmitrsl SnrrtM of Loprr. KifOntnu.fcpt. 1 ISol It is s^erti il that four thousand of the Spanish tro?p' deurtedand w. nt over to the patriot cause sai that Lcpti ia within half a day's march of Havana. In the engng) rami* which t.xx place between the patriots and the Queen's troops, the Spanish officers stifpud terrible slaughter Oen. Knits i- among the stain Cm. Loju i allll In the Field. Viiiiisi.tns, September 2, lt.'.l. The government has received a telegraphic despatch, i n six hours fr<m New Orleans. giving adrlct s from tla| Tana to th? 2."<th nit. I.?p*z still maintained himself. I with a reduced fore . an.l hud n>t been joined by any j Creoles. No reinforcements had gone from New Orl-anc j Removal of the Collector of New Orleans. Hrw Oai > its. Sept. 2. 18tl. The President has removed the Collector at thi< port i for allowing the Pampero to deport. Cuban Volunteers. (Isl* stov Texas. August 2#, liil It is reported that three hundred Cuban liberators are | mustered on Mustang 1-land. waiting for conveyance to Cuba. Many ?r tne Kanjft ra irer anKn,* th. m l.BiMHTii.i.1. September 3. 19M. The Culm exrit. m -nt ii> djlns ;< way?and the T' luut?'-r< ft< m tbN State hare rrtuncil home. It l? wtid there aie t.tOO min n-Mnbiel at New Or. leant without the mean* of au'dateni-e, N> pKTieion bad boon uiude to goad them off. or to p iy their i tf ov. ) wlille on >hore. BV THE MAILS. Our Klmliln l'ont?poiiiltrtf. Jit aeniTu.1'. >'i a., Au^n?t m, l*jl. 1 "n.r Sl.omtT Prrfj-tri.?T" < Vtfn I ?J '> IA ' C'-a .V i -11 1 | Cai?n RnrnHt?r.'/mra ivnt J'vf .11 'tee J 'an, fr. , The I'ampeTo {a at the mouth of our rieer taking In ' weed and watrr. ntul wilt Titurn to Cuba well freighted I wltbrictuitf. Ileftre tbU rticlwi you. you wlil bar* t* en the arcount of the lauding. and tbe i-mta rement* of Lope a with the Spanbh coldltry iti Cuba and aleo : he I account oflhe unfortunate fate of Crittenden and Ul? (< tetany of roliintur*. The barl.ailty of tb!e luteal" fbr iocai of tha Sf-anlh itifh-r!Ui-? !n tfcii I-laod. I: | bn xi Iti J t?< mlTrnal 1-nr-t "f iad: .-natlc n In thl-iaoi . Iba K'joitip* Ftatr 'f ti- r?ia unj. doubt> ? will .0 | i bar as *li?r?Tfr the lot tltjonc- may t? cooiaaal1 rat*! Ttarrar*? -at thr. liua l?-J r- -r -.lit* who h?) > ' 11 i n awaiilrjf. With II\lt lr, |ho arrival of tU Itniltr ' l? to t>ar '.bisi to tl ? ft.w of u lion. Ami iu j , i)m ti Bra a niniV-r ef ai-lad Cuban*. bo'wi'l t.,bt w'th di'pntllin f. rtfc<ja-ll know will ? "Jia'.r la- ' < vital la fab-if ?ln-y fall U:? :ha Uaftdatf thr n my | ho *nat L- tl.?- dr*Ir?> lo avens-' th? d< atU - f Cfttt?n-I- n anil hl< ?al nt ?(M?li< r . that lC.t-^O mi nr. ...Illy br HDihrrrd in the littla Fiita c-f Florida alona IXth-ra * ia at tht? timr mtana ct roan yar.r* at hand Hy tho airlTalof tUa mail ?t -aia. r fr w Favar nab. T.-?t.rd*y, nr Irara tl at tliramr rjflt ia?Lt r v I in hHT .anatlj | , ihatth --b-rka (mnoy of Ibtmof of-ui-nt ftml-ia- ara i ( bailrr thtlr t-nipl j?r? j rrrt* and arr iiriniQhin < 1 I th?ir;?rd?tif-?for-aord- bayi.nala. ic .lu uiucUtliat i \ Id B-aty aUra* ha.. lr?B aliB-'t ?u j* j Th? im? ft t Uai.rv of Cuba ha;- br? a a- ntrad Vy tt. W 1 j of iboaa a bo h*T? fallt o in di-fr dloj hef rifhK Thf (loornmint r?, Cnton Kxpnlltlom. j iTtia tiv>i:4 ic i si -i at s? t-#i rr.wfTi ' orrtcsaa to Mt om tHC if': - it-on 0h1 j I IMOI MwsauuinpiiNM Oi iro. i Titbi tin- National InfrH^rw r. * jit ' . Irublifl npotl nrttlbr*. ?- har- do d'MbtDilU -Hrt: tiib thr aJ< otir a by th I'd aidant. and. tinder bla tr i dtt? 1 y Hi- tt ad- i tb? j rr|i r 1 part -i- at- rf iha m t M1|?t ili!rpfi>rtlr ?i -Tin* i-.f.-n?) in- ot tb< la?? ao I )>b?.ig?'d oU!(t:itl?na ol lb* I nlli Iht-tx .o fotal^n gnai-ri '? t.t?. by ia rii | Irj m- at (fr-r/ i .< 3? nt <f It-a r.atl- tial pon?r la f-T) tout I: ( ' t lo' i i-pt n( blMlaalul t<!?ta or i xf< iitton* acalri.-t 'U I < load of J: ) I tr ?l'.h a vtrar fn ftlr op r?-?i t .o ti nt Th. I I I ?W. %? Winlet'tand. * a u*> 'a?ry ; the Hn< .ret adopt id by U?* MM) to carry ut ;h# cUi *t ? lh? orU?r? i ?:"J In \pril ar? <??l!i?hl a f U for#.a* ?? ; ? th# iTv? < nt ? rrcrUn ?tW n; and th new cr4#r? tc the C-dtrrfott a; 1 nth r iflc r# ?* V ti 0 ??i tlgld md f>rrc' #. 1 1>* .al i>.ir-n.>r whkh ** woltlny it N r- i loi* to rotifi-y air l.?di l>?r t# X- *1, ">, mm-, on the ri - i'>t 1 f th- ti?tl of th# '.at# -ri#iil.'>n at llurae#. ilr >#it t-y ti lit ra| h to r:i'l iiroii I'?t !*. la 'i.l r to aaeortatii the | i.iiKul.rr? of ibat tmc-dy. tuJarirtt. cuth r ? ?? tli rtrtrdti r::.n^ Ut I ?trb rto tin . .in an 1th n<- ' ,i ! ?< l#' uh o to t #r.i Ctui In a hi,' ct w*r Bet. undor 11.< iuo?# rrr. r.l adrift' tbrieo:U?f' bar. l?'nch ned. T a cutter I* to n niloi # on to > r? Cm m l ?.?i it# Aici ricrfti t# ?i 1# o| ?-it ( n th# Of .?t . 1 I ul ? will t< main thrre, to lnterc* tt ..ny Ukgnl apedltlcne fr m :u# Intted ho!b 'he iteam reteilr. th# Parana# anl vit o. n # on the eoan of Cuba. nil! r?u..iln r ?.*tanttr it *#n u th to. "aut lor and ailU j* -iiir# 'J r' t lat-r< pt ->n 1 i#|tnrt. it.y ?#<? : from iho ' It J Hta! I la i Hi rat pfto? tdinf* again*! t'oha. and th#lr it' utonti'll , I tc i#t#eli?lly dtficted to ?. . < <pt .re ot tb- I'atmpiro, , at I hi to j?l "aa# In the th iul. ! id.n:aU rivr on . i# ' f.l-tntt. H.# wl'liary and natal f rcea of th# country, at or ntr tho (Mi rent pot*.'. bare h-wo plai i at tli n n .r -l II tb# o.ttl i fficir* oi ta? jp >trn.u#nt tnl th# ct H'Mtdrri of t* i n ha#,. barn 'a?tru t#4 to J. oJh1.' Ml ;Ue ma and ?#?i?mn.-c In thi if | .? r. t'ircolOM hiir# a' i> t# i addTi "#d t th# e y -ft or* a'd Mhi-r rlvit < men at the frit I pal j 'rt? S elk and Pontfc. dlroot nj ib'.Iti 1? r. moth pertoaaeo' y at tholr )t ti. and ant ohotnty hi tr<up. rarilj aha#at to return loiibaMh and fallj alt-! t t" tb# at ion ??l I t)f( ! IT ' t.t tl th# I'T'.-Vcth W *".ll h '.. ?# ' 9'i-tU?t hy tb# li"r" nt ih part: .in:#; an I ad f ' tn ?r? tii?*/ j anaratfeat tli#y w.ll br t.ild to a drlct jc. juatot, ity I for th# f 31n> nt ' their dotl. i Th# fir#* ait ft th# I'rVdmf t'<?r 'ii? ''to #n th I rlty, a?J folly htsbn-U A U?> fa<k f ik .-a.? - , ? ERA] 51. ?"d the undoubted delinquency' of (he cffl-.r, wits the dieaiUe.1 ot the KoL'ector of Ptrw Orle;ine, and the ?; l* intaif it of u eotwtltut*: .ad the Collet-tore. Mir<h%llltslrict Attorney". end ft her officers Ot tht if 'Wrutueot, huv. been ir,o.-t rinphitt icully informed that any ueflorl ct their dutie- < r any want <-f due .eal and aetlrity ia the jw-rfortntiiife of them vrtil be followed by Immediate | lhsW> Sympidhy for Cut)* In thr stole.. AT ST. I.OIFIS, MtSMM/KI. [From the bt. Louis IntetLigpncer. Augu-t 28 ] A - oriiuf to patUt MUM puttoasjy glri r?, a Urgw inJ respectable mooting w ou yest- riay ereoiiu, Monday, Aug 2ilh i?t tn? IMurteon M octet pUci (Jul. 1 EuuUm>st< r ?a- railed to the choir, and J'r Alfred Ileacoei. Joseph Ooihran W O OhirA md brsith t Robinson, were elect. d V ife Presidents, Messrs J as II. White and J. U Tooin wire thee appointed fit ei-tariea. The I obji ct of the ro.-i: ;n x m. >ts'?ii by the rha;rutin, after who h,on motion ct i.-aae II. btnrg.or. H-q .a riturui..toe \ of fire was at.point, ( by the Ch.iir to tir i.t resolutions j indicative of the spirit of the meeting The committer 1 ?0?t<l of the fallowing n-otle-. n ?Dr. >.TI? >well, J II fc.urgron, J. Jridney ^uiith. Levi Ashley, aud VT. J. Marr. t. Sir l??i:rw, cue of the t ogsmittep on Iteeolutton after a f. ? r-marks introduced Mr. J. II i>:ur,"?".j whe r-ad the loll owing ? I'. to i d Ttn-t whll.-t we cher. Jt a strict ivth' renco to the plighted teli'di of the gov-: anient of the United i bin: . b> sllpuUti-I la all listing livsl!'S t . twees it end tin government of .-paia we d. not h.di- v. that nr fair contraction . ' tli trestles r?u l-ip.lly re-drain any < iU'-eool any of these | n|i d States ir ncvoluut;.rii> expatriating bin .11 f i the purpose of giving al l au I comfort to the t aban patriots. 11 solnd, Thai it ill bccr-tni'* tin* descendanti of our r-7-.l tiot.ary nucesioo- who received the ;;lorlotl' aid arid no-operation c? * I af-iy- tte. a Dekalb a PulasM, and tv->u .T.dK ofoLt-r i'. io ns utrlots, now te denoi.ioe < t.iit' re tho-? iv-blu -pints who ; re perilling their live-, their o turn it.;.l their sacr-d horn.for Cuban tndepoi det, -e. IL-solved. That tb 1st* renrrt.-d ac t > of cruelty by th t. ' iu anthe fit1?i. t wards a po tion ot this- patriot. if tr aru furl* bp ought to (Lstirso-, to et-rad iniumv. the uuthor'.l; by which tiro :?ci- were perMatrat...! 1; .It. 1. That t1-*- late art of firing into the Falcon, ' an mrm-d Mid urn-Ten 1in? Am*:!ei,n sts-siner, by th? t^ia li.h authorities. if true. J' itiutid- ffi vn the of the Cidled Mat. the vimbe o.* its powerlo i ? ?h; t from.the Spoil-li government 'ill tinl ample | at in -it for ur'u i,n act of wanton outre re upon 01 r national n-utehe- n Ke'ilveJ That, whatever may be ttie fat^cf the pres-'nt sttuj;:;le in Cuba, the -plr;t of the Ann H'an Oontlce it and the >.r:i- of the t m < p.-iut unerringly to a bitter day "hen the e'nr (it C ban idee. '<sleuce will da lethe Westirn hemisphere witu a pure t.ii glorious brilliancy. 'I he resolute n?. mn( :'or. were adopted it lanlinounly < id. II ire. i. having afUrwar t- leseu called jpou, adJr.' 1 the meet lag. Move Volu'ilwn f?v r?t>u. [Correspcndt-noe of the ( unino-iii (da ? New*. J Ja> ksoi.ii: i . (Ha ' Aug Hi. lMit. The arrival of the savannah steamer, this uMxuing. with the Cuban 'la ; of r.-vilutlon floa'ing from *.cr wh bailed with clamorous enthusiasm bv an unto-cre throng ofcur ?dr: -em. who wer>- a'*emhh J on the whirt, expstting with anxiety, thiin;;-- of I.opei and his 1 ruTe adventurers The glorious news which the steamer bn ught tis, ?a r- ceirtU with ' lial versa' sh-.iil. I ne?-l not .'-ay thejUibvU>??. (f whom o lai~r? sprinkling were eating the crowd, were in ccstarin. In u lei minutes, at if by magic, two beautiful dags, oa wh"-a* da.-sliog folds ehrrir ih< pure white star. wer-s?-ett streamin ; horn th- hi;!i? -t tiou.M : pi. f the r I may mention > an'nlcn-atlng fact, that one ot ihe.-e lis ;., w i.i the identical tte bcrna by the Kentucky regiment iu the battle <>f Cardenas, and. a? the proud Inscription it hoar.?? "KrUixk} primus in Cuba '?indicates, the :irst flag nf liberty that was t v, r urturied ou th- -h r- of Cuba. Its cos-rou> rents by bullet and lance. tell by what bpxidy orifice* It won this diet! net ion. It will, t trust, soon -a d'ejg equally, if not rnor- glorious than tiu'o which, more than a year ago. consecrated i' to the cai.-e of iits rty and independence. The whole r mmunity here Is in the great. t excitement Th? tede of preparation bar been beard < i all si le? ever .-nice tl - stei njerarriv I The banc and congratulate ns : th q mpstbi "ig eWmaankUmwith Usrolra (f th- .pint stirrin.'drum to spnr on tbear.pir of thii as, mHlrg v iunte-rs at.d lb.? -- mounting i.i hot haste.*' and hurt) leg to and ft" of conspicuous /iff. .stores, tells plainly:'at th- ir son!* are in arms at.d tager for th* Ir.ry." Th? r* are aire* ly concentrated here, and in the u,. ?? . .1.. . i - .. m a In forty cl#ht hour* there wi'.l l> bet*, altogether, 1 fir?hundred mm. tlw.-c, w!?-u ori??if>l, a ihey-will > bo ait-r leaving the lurWdWtion of the l'nit< l St-Ce*, will rorrtHut* the Ki'rVIt rrnimrat. nnd will be comii anji il. it Is ucd*r?t?x I. by Colonel llcnry Tilun. wh> b'~ i didio/uL-le 4 part In the Cm Jena* *> jenlitinn The lieu tec ant colonel will, urn-1 ytnlaWy, bp Colm*! U II*:*. who commanded lb* Ken'ucjy regiment lu t expedition. uoJ who n- badly whuiiiIpJ in tlx Ixtttl* of Cai Jena* 1 a-n n' t informed who the nOerrt a** to V Th- regtm> nt !? . oropc?e<I of the V-t material of tur Stat*. They will tiuhauk la a coup!* of d.?yj. [From tlv It'wton Courier. P' pt 3 | Whhln a !?w dvy< pa?t, apuU of ih* OnVn JiliKmUn>? have been is ein-uitaflon with ct? ral militia officers in this vicinity. with a view of inducing them loj -in in the rip litton again*! Cuba: but. we belii re, they hav* m?t with poor -ucce?*. Large aura* of ready ucnt j tad high military title* were c;t?rrd to tho?e who were willing to rink their Uvea uu l~r the !.ojh i It*/ It ia also rnm<>r?J that uu attempt is to b* mod* to rul-? a company of infaatf iu to wton. who are to * de -pa*' bed h-ure to New Orleans. in mail detachment*, by land whir they will h* taUrbd. So far. the MMkf *fl nft haaacc >tupli-hrd but little. The llrrolam of tirnrral latpi r^ From the SaTiuoah (t>a.) Ncwr. Augu*l 1 l uring the ct-kbrati d Curlirt war In Ppain. wen-rwl 1 ej ana al?'Ut wen hun Iri i other- were t"lo n pri-otitr* and carried tu t'aatatlrja. a fortification nin-o/ the mountain* i f Arragcn. The tiovernor ol the roatle wal-alito have been a h' artle-* wretch, rav-lllo f In D. "dy mar-acre*, and delight in/ In act* of tcrtore. Hut in/ tie Jn aitut ei t.fln. no ut o, lb p. Winer*, th malrruiy r< nmvul I iiMi icl.uiai'h 1 t j Lantanrja tor tbr pLTj.n?r ot Ihr -?f. Yhr ' plvi jrfi-jJi 1 j miimli'.y hyr.a'iur in ft Bftrrnr J. fl!i > ! ili* tut tti- bproi-h itr?rr?l, un li?lcn;. <i j- :hr apptri'.i Lnpr. xoiiioltty ?l t!*< t'.vtrrrcfttmiu ,1 ;o lx ?i U until eT04rarra c( hit MwmM witrrion iliiWTi rod I > lii? Mingle Th il.'rrrii.r. >i liv,' a. rrti.lTrJ ii| n orllfltlli' whirh u!J "lily bate rlitrr-1 I he .nihil of a I/.* at III who** ? ! ? ? th? a'lbt of bl rj w?? ? irriitlilc itli'ii lit* ili'inraili" 1 to put uif lb. |<il"niai? i" tii-ftth. from Hi'ii' f'il Lop?? il'iwv* ftti'l t< |UiJ :b? iinDt-ml to notify ban MUrn. I ofhlo lutrnt.i :i, bopi'g by th'a thl'ftt. t" atop l!.?* ?lr.j". Lopi'l aaL'Mt 1 tlila Mm !y Ti?i lath a in bio lrttrf. but rr,iii t> 1 Uaflo:?! dan M furl uot I" allow tlua tur it in lllilft It? willi tbr pro--rut! u of lb" -i?- Tbif 'id- I ? ~T I Sin liry tfcal tbr lattrr j>r?Ji;c? 1 n il!. .:t, anil that tl - MM wi r? H,'iilly a lvan-itii t? oon jthu '1! nnnntiui til to bin pi'lao'i.-r tbat Ii. hi I i: 1 ri J tLiir r . rntioa; b'it that U* ?.'oW l.rpo? to fa t<? Ban Mlfu.l in pr-n. an<l rspUln Uii cif! *ii?t?fr? 'a which thry Writ plat" J. Iiril f?f, Tin ; Hiarl of hi n- r to ritu. aaftrr .1 ll?? i n( tk* IT. ,pj- la-) ! "ooi In !?? Uilt t rfjlm Uigurd'a trip- ?bo I lib 4 lit# apjv am* gr 'a*. ! in n trati< rj t.f !! rxplaj' t l "br thr al of Ibr I luff roof, .iuttiji i th?plat hrif. ' gati'?Utli>'laf.irmaU'ia b>' J- ?*. i M to thk- w * point* "l th? tort ill -aMin a; t'h.n- i tip to irfvrn tv Ui 'a'a Pan Mtgu l<b J? -I I ;b.- amy lot-'Hr bl# <? inf frmi tk-if mi i t1 > c? J t? drwth by lb ik>tproof; but ttv i. 'I.'\*i ?toream ail .b*-lrrntrrat..?. au<t ?i rr "in l? >y i. ,i 'toa f.( hut l 1. iltlny frl'iid- hr ha t th. no all V: 1 * a?.'I ";?hir.*'.h. n mor rfrolh.uKk IiHit fal;lit 1,* wlflr. Tar alrfa piwvlrl ?)(-? , j forfaiVlj Ikii.vth'i ha foulionly aava i J if f ; i..? i ? on.-. .Miin . !? i?*jr * tb a? 'iii'i h ?p- il i. hla iar?ii? w. nlil nil ??. I'h" i *.'t, r t - 1 ihrviu 'bKodluj tb< ra ll" lia.l n ti'.M to ; it tbr If prl - n. fa to j ath. a- lh?y wi rr k.-p*. In aut <-rnpatb u with !bo in : i' f i -'uMroadki* ! ' i Tl> *o ii< rn i lalrn Tiui il rn<v i,.l ' n - i '..i th !. t ui i til iiw ?Ui'< it ltati'1 W?rr Thr ??|~rrn a? Cnatle (lardrn. Mi Mi'irn'i II' it t it(in ?ThL? *fl?Tn*in, t?i ''rk*> thi f-'it nf Cr lia ilul ii will to IT'*) />vnt< 'It' J "til" if irn/.|c-l?Tiaif aral*. whi h?rt urit' | or whr MfUl.v in tti? m ; ml wi vvf ? ?N tit :?n "hou-ant ( ibn i i"t If tatifal, m it ft iIr >i; i bnl. a.i't in > ran . tl f tl - n'.ifi ntr.. ?t it './mti." l'i Ihp city Will 1mA*ttttla Jf ; I at J liar.- a tMltr earl toMtntuk. la? tr>|Ta r.t i at*"1" trr wh? b i? w.jrHr-lv,\7 at i ?' f liiri". i ' i< i"? 1 ?'?' will t" ,\|, , j> pa. Tlttlt iiy 1 T?nl?g, jirbpp- l--l-t f.?r tV Inat i ?t ' ? -. *1 i ? r t r?? t N?w Vwt, r*a vt:?in fii ?-:? lit v. ii r I/* btgl. >t character llnatvif, ?? ' / ? ' ' V ?. ten Wt rafP I%yr--I 1. 1: 11 ? 1" t ? TttWtf ftp IWI t l harp >i.j th'jt i; : * -\j ii hU or ,r?aii.t alii b t1fta*1ljr 4> c'.r > Urn i au iltif'tit for Mi i ?r. of ',?.-h r>o K>. run >f trunli-r In Inr-p it. r" Ilk. -nut It it f r? t ? a frk<<.w wkv ytn at a<?i4 purport ik?iant r. whob' i-Vtoi i TpTjt'.litf tp traiiff lb* jmM'- '"'I ?? m abibitlta that la worth t i.r ntti nti"n i oaa iht lift ska! n ob a e- P.1 !t?a"i j ;,t t.? pantut a^ la b* ailWi|)iiVil Iflhi -. ,n rvr ?1 ni !??. : ' '* N a t''h. it ran-lto* ' ,? i f-Jajr an J tar bit* "|T"' i rati'cat. } twlb 1 lha'( nr naati r eta ?u?l.?la Imh -If 1 taillktlftlMl /t. ? ot ra c ?J''i f OalaablM at lb p-p<tav.-i o. * fir I a /'i -t ."kt'ib" ? .If ?i iV n a nrfc- , f ,.U; rat r tv|?> ? ? ? "f lar-nul ' -irttfri tiipitrtl* fc>d It!*.1! ' * ' Vi'.-a la ' I'T.a ??*! f j?r kiiial li?? ' ?iaa? anlCn-tln'. I-P j ?! thr I'fl '* lliltal.rrn.p n K>. f. r < i.i- ,\, I' >j t f/itrl./ (pn r hi 1/alio ?pj by M Vr;-0 Ji t lit Mr-.. I, till .iiftr in th.lf li'ailt"ul tar At ? ni.rut. ?ia *lr iM.nijb >m ui4 b . ' ? J ?... ar tti nroaM MhTn/l* Mofgla " ?"ih 3 ' .i *v rh a onmt-rt will bp ait i*I. in clw^ trt twnr-'."u'.'ilPkhibltirnt i( ?h.' btrp pmntp.. of I P rtvrr* -.'iHf H Tlf.-tnta n* wnoUatwayt a<Jri-.'TrJ ttiuina rtyAr.til lh.- a.?.t ?.?*al \Ui y (Va I'Ktl.Colrtti ??>'! tb II rtui lli.irial. f I..- t aP, wlill ''rm I Vf.*i*awl.' trli H .'it th? i in r? aaii I. tbr' nntr*t. nt lia.lia'.l thp pfb -trat; tal Mar.-, ihi ipu-tra. . i.ptrWtau I rprybivty that t? anai b. .1] ?L1 .t 5l*r", Mitkw* rrpil la or w.-tUt *. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. i Cltjr Intelligent*. Dr.#T*t'CTrr?. fi*e?Tiiibibwi Bvii-i'ir- . d> rraoi .o? Y.-tertUj afternoon ab> at quarter |*<t twelrc o ?lu*k, firt broke out ia the io<p kti r/ of llr 0 Hamilton, Nca 176 and ITS Ludl. w street The building bolng Cc.inpoftd of ootuhiietlLl* Material* aiij containing a large quan'ltj of iuJlatumatorjr matt. r. nil the oxer tiona i>f I bo police nod 0 to dip.rt m< ot comd ant iuIhIw the flames, until thrjr communicated with auroral other wooden building? on both aide* of the street. and aiao wllh three large brick baildinrs. all of which we*<t n.o<tljr destroyed In all thirtoen building* are nearly .? meat i f rnins. noil, out of three, lire nr> burned to the KTour.d. Three lory brick buillin,,*, owned by ilr Hoisted. nud occupied by nlsim twelr? or ttt'toeu families, are reduced tc< mera shells. Onw'J these bu ldiny-? fronted ut Lu.(low .-treat.adjoining Mr. ltnuiiH ?n'? ta?:Dry. and the other two were on the rear, between l.ud I w an* K-eer :-tre*'ta Mr lloiatfd'S !i>*? isabout id 000, ( jHj io-uri'4 in lb* IVilti l'?~rtranee Company. The fan.ill* who tenanted throe houv? b*t the yjreatiw art of ttn-ir bcusehnd effects, and several ot thean ph?cJ nothing I .it the eXt bitty they wore when tlt? ftro occurred Ot.iy three or four of t.'.eui ware insured for email amounts, in deferent o,*k-pj. Mr Hamilton's faotrry, l'.a o out rats, and a email woodent I i.lldilg adjoining. whitli he occupied f<r other rurpoat-r. n.e in a->hc. lie sstimatcif his total loee tt abo: ? |11CM. His dMI* and fixtures werw l.tsurvd tot fO.W.U, Til ?>2fM> ia the Citlaena1 Insnr note Ccmpany$2,svC in tlw ftruadway, ami t* tbe JVIrrch'jt u iusu -aocr ? ll?s buddings were in i.ivdiutb " w ry insurance "'.the !<r}li t Total in<-'Mm e. f"'.'.d A i?> 11 ?lil.s bore** and tamest, b?1 tiiiiisjtoiis II .were cOtu.iu.aeJ Two wooden build the irpi in tie- fee I nry > t>-ni?utej byte-Tin or .lit olorid families. we . >o burnt to a-hei. The f. ntinfe hardy e-ciped with their Uses, leaving all their edicts Ubuel Two coined cbitlien were ?,vrtdy I urnt in m.ii.ic.t their w;.y tbrou )h ill* Buaies that wwr t Ichii r f.-rth nil around. Two wo -j. n I tunc., betweew the centre of tbe bio -it and K%.w c street. were nU burnt to such a debtee us to r, uder th, a useltThey v. re occupied by eisbt families, who saved but a wait portion of their furniture, htc. No insurance. Those latt. r tour building* were owned, we >."*!': iu! >rn>d by Dr Smith ccraer of lUmmond ?ud Hud-on a reels and by ? 'tr. ttpaldm- who is now in alii--ruin li e understand their If.-, is fui'y covered by 1 stitrmer but did not isann lu whn h i flire A wiwwl.-n building. >'>. ISO bndlow ttr? ?t, o*i.i c. by Mr fiitfttn. c. rner of CUrydie and Htsnton streets. w?< tola ijr destp ywl. law* ub -ul >36-1, fully inrored. Another u w brick bulluing. owned by Mr tinthn. w?" covsid, riil.Vy dunt. vd A n-at cnt'iyc \'e. h'ilnulov -treit.ownci iitt'l occupied by Mr. Hubert Karl*, had tbe root and one of ihe sides c- n amed The interior we-alsoconsider*ably iiviur>-?ll'y Wit.-r Insured ! r fTtt) in tbe lloiverj 1I uraite. cflic.' l.ui ling* New ! I'd and IT.'on tbe west aide of I nduw street, owned by Mr Vsnail it >U*ml|{ers end us< d as a butchering eitabI llehment were also mostly eeiii one-t b.umgi grtTrrn $1104 nod $1 Jltt dully tusurnl u? the Ltoteh'-ri' nud DtOTcrs' Inturauce ('.imyauy fl??.s 10i and ITI, twi? din-llirf houses tn the woi- sidu of tue street. were ub*> so ro;?i>U iujm-d as to b? irrejarabl Mr. CbatMl?-r. No. Y'H William ftre-1 owned the form r. .m>l the latter belonged to the of ! In* tat- IIw. k'.ah Da o.age .itx-ut JOtX'. Insured Durli nf there t*u lioaita a: etetiant-d by two families. Their boftsohoUl eihou were iijom':/ Tb(w or the parties, mud liaktr. Tlm'arook, r.t.,1 Zurich, an- insured, but ?< c >u!4 I nit barn from them when*, or to what amount. Tha whole Uairaji caused by tui? ronf. < .-ration cannot W less tljan fSiC'JO or flM-ftO, including the loss sitelaiaed by about twenty tire or thirty families who had no iosulunce. and ?hi>nw left in it destitute condition Thd smoke and tench that pr rerded froji the piles of bora, ipg soap, 11 .->u end tiuje-ntine Mere almost stilting daring the obi le course if 'bo fire; yet. uotwith<itiMidiiig then1 ill Hun-Table impediments the firemen did not rhrink for a moment Iruui the pr i.ieeiMicu of tbair ha .ardius occupation. We Ix li re that the greater part if the building prepi rty l.i fully tn-ured. Fcrer*! pctaeoa had M a.'- if their smaller ami more ruiuabie thing* fti len. Mr- Daley had j>lU tui. n out of a small lam n Mr*. Onat ,'tph ft" out of a bureau and a idea united Kusticc Tokery lost b< 'id' - b-vit north of iuraituro and clothing which were burnt. Fiarvt a'a Vi.'ut -On Tuesday morning the Daubd T. T hj; k.ti- Fin- linglne!'. up my of Albany arris-1 in itua eity, on a ri?it. 1 h y ??nai'Vi tui (ton Hm iatk itIht fent of ( baniboK street to the Military Uall. iiowery, by ilotrard l ire Company. No. ".I ami tin Washingt > llitb# Corps, tit era they were entertain J w ith a repa t ; after which tiny marched to t be engine house of ibuupany No. C4. where tliey deposited their en-, ine. In the evening, several cm panies of the >iro l'epurtiueot joined iu torchlight precession, in honor of their guests. 'l'hey marched tlirouih lhosdway al.d several of the other principal thor< ugfiiTee. their l-and illeeoursiug e icettaat music, and making altoget iter a line display The ouiapany from Albany make Tauimuny Unil their head<iuar 11 r - uunrg I iii-tt lay. * .".wti win i> no r riauy ui iruio^. Tbey lire a >vt of line looking young men. and are nn 4<ubt worthy the In ..pitnllty exl* u h t to tbeui by th-ie brethn n Of tlie V'ure Depart ui'-ut in tbla rltjr. Te*terd*y tiny Wirn crn rti d to Brooklyn by committee) from dttIV rent tire coirpeuiia In One ell jr. and were met, on en flPR *h? firry, by detachment- from the Brooklyn Hre i?e| ailment, who conducted them through mini of the prim ipal etr el-, to the Naty V;ui nod to^the City Hull After whit J. tliey partook of n diiiner glyt u I hem by their bn thorn in llri?i'..lya Di tin ir reiurn. they paiuwd the //, ,i'J < lHoe on their nay to 'J'klulDxi.y llkil. Ill tfw raining tri y proo?edrd in pircewion t<> 1* rough mi'- I yoeuni. o?roilo<) by th?ir be ta tf lie*nit] I'li^ibe Cnuipiwy No Jh They will uvr tomorrow morning for Albany Amu i t null m troitn ixyr.m hi lion?On Tie-lay eeeiiirg. about 10 o'rh k. asa leui (anno- uuVaowgy waa pernio* do* u Duatie atreot. be we- odd-nip aem'h J and knrritfd down by two men whom h< met near the >mad cutlo-e>1 park. In the Tlrtnlty of the liud-on Hirer railr ?d. Ii*ylng tncceedrd tu r>ttln|on hi* lex*. h? cried out In-lily, itop thh'f ; wbii'U drew the att? ullon of mm pot on* who liepp in <1 to h- paodBg do ?n Uud-oti atreet. A lo t purpiut w-? made. hut th -coandrdi who commuted the aneult etH'teeitcd in eluding tUe>r puriarera in W? et I'lo t. Kl ve Mir oi Ci e \ ?A goo I map of t'iih? i( ***eatiaUy ncree?ary to obtmn eorrct t vine-of th? poritiou of the bpam.-h eiid Cuban fort e# iu the oonli *1 now g nog on in toe bland. Such a pnhtteattoa h*< horn audi i-y Mr. J Scliedhr. Ihl Bnalwey. who lia- --Iron on hi* m*p ?1 the prim ipai pi in'*, railroad*, nod o'h r r ah ta the iilal4 It i* ko'U at a Teiy um derati J-rid ?one -h-laing. Pi:i1H Cai nr r? tin Inn*, m < I'unli Pel ? t?? t< n?r tlcer on Mi nday h?U ?n Inia t at So '-H WBIDm afreet, on the of iiadwh-u li <'ubotveh aged .? y ?r*. a tint it r t I'm- iu. who c mao pint d< a'.U under tl;e f |h wine clrrub. <ta nor* ?It cm that on Bttu.Ur ultvriiM n ll.e il. i| r< f>'hi llmnr .?.l xml t > ilia Itmt d> r Ull p'.ittxl no l.r ?? >p ; nlt-n ?catri If KvA i11 it tin tr a minute In fori n [ ir^.' lt<>w?r |wt. tlUi>k with lift and ntuurif, Ml frt.iii the I -.ttul ?tuTy whitlow, ctilkli u lb' ii i <1 it vti4? ul tl'.w <?n thr ki'ii knock li.j I., r c wit i-riv !M?>. c*u?ii:?.1 'i T"rf vonrn ma ut ct tl?'- lirsllt Pi vt re I pit) ) ! ? ? (* rilW t? .itU-rvt the ?li ran*? J. *l.o mlioinUvr.'i all tlx rimarti.-a r <t la ?r i h a caie in i'l?*r la iraiurr .if . l?ut withi- ! rffxet, a* tin* rat- w ii an lln,: r. a until M.iatajr inifDT 1 .11 I i|.ir?.| At th. I iNar'f larr?tl**~ I'mltwrrntiBOf u n. to alow lln raure 11 tUa f>H of th. llower |.< t. *lutl?.-r It wai< art-Id stilly pu. Had cif tha till cf 111* w . r wti.lh.f It a * a work "I lb* ,)i.ry tin- Minnie; t. r.llrt ? liixld.-rra-id < IBP to h. f Jf.-tli |.J th< f.illt , "I ? t.'Orf pod firm * . c.'td ?t?.iy wlu.l- ?. ant U.'.lu* hrr iip.m tkw lutid 1 Ai. iM'T o* ihi y '0 Vi i i ?. Kn* R?i. i tin.? 1. nn ml Li; in.' nt ??ti. H !-ut?r? nm4 1'aliUk ( tillu onlla N.w tor* it J Krl? ItaHmad. i?wt with "ri .tf p.'i'l hi Ii appi-ar. !.? w . ro.' ia adju-t nit lit* kIIpIi. in th ?i Ini'y of th? ll> .*?*? r'-tl. n ii-t a pa- or. r train iaiu al- 0*, and t?-la?M lie r?i U r?t r rt ( f ?h?- war. tl>. ? -w nirbrr of the Ur .motive *;.n?lit h in in llu W-v ni'llkip* lumiixa?kkm| . 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