Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1851 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6889. DOUBLE SHEET. AmVBBmiSNTB. ^ Al'OI LO '.10O VS. BROADtVAY.?HON DAY IV EMINf September s ? Grand Vocal ami Instrumental Connerl "J Si lame Lulgla Ilueatti prima donna ae?ol>itn, from th ninripal theatrea of Italy, aud tirat appearance in Ne York, aaaiated b> the following em'oeat arti*t? ?Mom Ma: col, the celebrated baritone, oal'ed the w>nde> of the ?r ' 1.0 alu/re, and at the aame time accnmpmiea himaelf on th Trench horn and ccrnet a piatoni nlao, the Hungarian V? oaliata and exilea, twelve in number who have mot with im .ncnee aiicceaa and applause at their tirat appoaranoe, at Cat lc Garden, at Sianora Vletti'a benefit, who will alag eevera of their rational aira. in full military coatume. M late Thomaa, the voothful artiet.on the violin. 11 rr Kalliwoda , the emine nt pianlat, his firat npp-nranoe in Ameriea. Th vhole under the direetion of Sic lt"aatti. Tirkota, ft) oenti to be had at the principal mutic ntorea and hotela. Door open at 7 o'clock; Concert to commence at S o'clock. To particular' aee programme. ri-IHK BI.OOMUR TROUPE, AT THE CHINESE HALI. X Sh'i Broadway.?Tn conae juence of_the approbation be ?kvu wi.v ,rrriumniiign8 tfI mo DimrTiBr ITOU DO, ladies have been induced to remain during the week, giving 1 ;r\cd Concert each night, with an entire ohange of pro gramme, and ether increased attractions. Tlokets, SO cunta .0 ho had at all the principal rarsiv etores and hotel*, and a the Ifall. Doors open at 7 o'clock: Conoert oommenoes at H N. B.?The Troupe will give one Concert only, at the tol lowing plaoc*. vi.. ?At Newark N. .1 , on Monday evening he 8th iutt : Brooklyn, eu Tneadny; Williamsburg. oi Wednesday; Mew Uavvn. Conn., on I'hursduy: Uartlord, oi Friday, and a*, Springfield, Maes., on Saturday. SALE8 BY AUCTION Auction notice-carriages, harness, (to on Saturday . September ti, at 12 o'clock, in front of th itore. 67 Dey street, comer Greenwich, one open Barouohc or two bora 'a: one light do ; one now style llarrnoa Coach one clou Carr.sge. a set of Harness: n silo Saddle, fk , W. A. CAhTEll, Auctioneer, 57 Dev at. IAVCTlfIN NOTICE?GROCIRIES, COFFEE. Cm ta eery, Prune i, Brandy. Ale, Setars. dtc.?On Friday September 5, at 10} i o'clock, in front of the atoro, 87 Do, treet. corner of Greenwich, Sweet Oil, Sugar, Coltee. Mai ins, Chicory. Tun, Prunes. Scrtch Ale, Segars, Corks Brandy, Gin, Cordials, Champagne, Maohercl. Herring t.emon Syr-n. Claret, Wines, 2Pil South Westers, Lalioe Workboxte, Writing Desks. W. A. CARTER, Anotioneer, 1 N?. 57 Dey street Auction notice.?Tnos. hell, auctioneer.By H. S Ilu?b ?Ibis day, at lOjj o'clock, in the auctioi ooms, No. 10 North William street, sain of 6 o?sos wel asrorted Dry Goods, Clothing, balance stock of aTrimmin store, Jewelry. fancy and pledged articles, a small invoiv of 10 splendid gold an 1 silver H atches. g-ods iu trunks fron , hotels, 2 London Cunt, balance let of Segars, 10 demijohn holce Brandy, 25 eases London Dock Winer, Ike., See. l.urg oale of eloirant Mrniture on Saturday. ' AUCTION NOTICE-MORTGAGE SALE OF Fl'RNI FY ture ?11. E Willard, Auctioneer, will ^pll. on Satur day morning, at 10', o'clock, at .1 Hooper s salesroom. 30 Broadway, r:.b mahogany Tate a-Tebet, in haircloth: bla-l walnut Tete a Tetei. iu plmh: marble top Bureaus and Worl Stands; enamelled Furniture, in suites; Rooking Chair overed in plush and hair cloth; Sofnj uud Chairs, iu vatiou patterns; reaewoo I Piano Stools: rosevroud, mahogany, aui black walnut Tables, marble top: mahogany and black wal nnt Bedsteads, fkc. twelve pnre cuiled bair Mattresses. A 12 o'clock, ri< h gilt, bronzed. and painted Ironware; hall an umbrella Stands: Tables, with marble tups , Settees, Chain Cloeka, Spittoons fkc. k<\ BV J. II EG EM AN, AUCTIONEER?SATURDAY. SET teuberCth. at two o'clojk. P. M.. at No. 5.1 Middaz street Brooklyn, r. general assortment of Household Fnrai tnre, coiiniat..n ia '-art of Carpets, Chairs. Tables, ttureaui BtMrtWM, &.e. PAWNBROKERS 8ALF.-T1IIS DAT-BV LEWIS I ! I A Mort (more, corner ol Oliver street and Chatham squari l . * large variety of mm anil women's Clothing, Orereoati Panls. and Vest*. Mean clothing to commence at elere; o'clock. By order of A UUAHAM GOODMAN .11 Centre street. TO BE SOLD?TUX CEREBRATED COLLECTION OI anatomical, physiological, and patho'ogical prepare ! tions in vat, of the late Signer Sarti, now on exhibition, a t the S-ooiety l.ibrary Rooms, No. .Uti Broadway. Naw Vorl city, will he aold at Public AuoMon. at the above rooms. 01 Monday. September loth 1 <51. at 12 o'clock. M. For tsrms o sale, apply in person, or by letter postpaid, to MUSE) B. MACLAY, Attsruiy and Counsellor at Law, No. 9 Nassau it. HOMKSTKADsl A HOME FOR ALL -MANHATTAN BUILDING AS eocittinu. N .. 2?Established t or uant to act of incor 1 oration shares $S0U; entrance f-e f.2; monthly dues Showing to tb. unezamp!< d prosperity of the first asiociatin of this name?numbering over one thousand iliares in th short space ol four months, and Loin unable to receive an; new m>.jnb<ri?it hat become net esse.-) to ostablieh a se.ion< J association, founded i ; u the same libcrul poinciplca. win even more advantages to the shareholder in l.ia purc'.ueei As a medium of nvostment. or the securing of a l.oiue(tea I , this association s.Toriia peculiar facilities to the viorkin men beyond all others. Prospectuses and ovarv tnfirmatioi can ts obtained, and names registered, at the Mercer Donas corner of Msrc. raid Broom- streets; John F. Rodman. E <| No. It1!I West street; II S. Sloan, No. A* Bowery; or fron Geo. W. StSTsnion, Esp. Attorney and Counsel of Firs Manhattan Build ng Association, No. MO Nassau street Du notice will be givtn of the tirst meeting, which will be hel anon. Excelsior building and mutual loan ado elation.?Subeoilption to the (took of this Aseociatioi will be received, at the original entrance fee, for a few days Onr anbscriptlon list is rapidly Ailing tin. and the entranc fee will shortly be advanced. Shares ! ??>: entrance fee. I. monthly dues, f-'t. Articles of aasoolation and iaformatioi relative to the operation of the Association may be had a the Secretary! ?:?, 1M Bowery. up stairs R. T HAW'S, rresident. Nathakisi P Lawahtv, Secretary. - MORRI?ANIA THIRD ANNUAL CELEBRATION.Dianer Ti< kets for kA rents, uutil September 7th ; afte that date the crice will be raised to 50 cents Procure yu tickets n< u U | arUl to take advantage of thicheap rate.To bs had at the following plates? My ran Finch, 122 Nassv street; F G Ford. '.<0 Fuitoa street; Georte Retried. 1,1, 4 Reward street: Wm. Caldwell, Sunday Mercnry otfiee, HI Von. 'r < has. S. Stearns. Sunday Dispatch o4oe. 6 Ann street: or oi nny of the committee ol arrangements The rtlibration (a programme of whieh will be published ii ' utnre advertisements) wi'l come off on Wednesday. Septem ber 10th, 1-61. Dinner will be prepared for l.UUU persons. B order of the cotnn ittee of arrangement!. Kf)R ?ALK A!?D ToliKTi A MASON S NUTINO I>CKKI( k I OR SALE, CHEAT Apply immediately at the new building* ia Bant Teen .y thud itreet, between Fontlh and Lexington armor*, to ROBtkKT STIRLING. Billiard si-erioi article cat alwaye be fas ad at the old etand No.OU Ana etreot, wit the patrrtrobher ruohua. N. B.?Clntha balle, eoea an cae waa for ?al*. GRIFFITH It DECKER For sti r- one or the best ButlNBM stand for the Inrrlayc making and Hlackamitlilny ia %ho atati tltaated in the flannelling village of Tarrytown. The rea tone for aolllng arr, the proprietor la In ill health. For fur .her parii<'ttlaraln>|nire of KUWaKD k. MOTT, Tarrytown W eate haat* r < maty. FOR SALE-A RES T ro BE DISPOSED Ol the fnrai'.nre and M a well eetabliahnd and faeoi , ite hoaae, doing an eat ? biiaioeia, and aitnated ia th oat central and nommii inl part of the city. For partita jara. addreaa. by letter, H. V. V.. Herald offloe. Fol'r years' lease?for sale. a ft EST A IRANI Bar. and Oyater Saloon. The proprietor ol the nho* eetakllahmeat ia compelled, bt reeeone nftnutily iatcrrot, t ell at a bargain, belay obliged to Irate the country ehortlj las wire at M Broadway. FURBISHED ROOMS TO LET.- A SUITE OF HAND aomely faralahed room a, oomprtaing tin eatire oocn floor, and oar room on the third floor, to let. Apply at 7d Broadway, near Ninth rtreet Room ifantit.-the use or a small room war afternoon each wirk. l->r which a liberal prt<e wll be paid . itlua up towa. and wret of llmadway prrforrel JaneWalTr peraoaa need not npply, bat other* will pleaa v u iv.?? on, . STEAM POWER.?TO LIT. TWO BPACIOL'S STORK! 177 and I7? Grand at net. with itftn power. In j ire a C. 0. OBBOKN E, 147 Mulbrry ?tn?t. or oa the premier*. TO LIT TBI MODEL MOUSE.?THE PUBLIC AR IniM to examine th? admirable ronatrartioa of Mil Model hnnot. tie mum an ventilated. lighted and farniaha n tie moot ro >d?-ra aad Miantllc manner. aad th? prl >? belnc m moderote make It a deairahla bom*, rnraltha roowir, 10a to Ma. par weak. lo ltin?a. IV. Tie Iar*a ba? >ifat. vaitabia for aa ulanalrr nfertory: a ahop anitaMa fn -i barber, aad a aura adaptad for tba moat kind af baeinea' *a lot. 'nqniro at tba Hotal. coraar ( WlUiaai aad Eraali fart atraatd. TO LET 1 'IF LUMBER TABD, C IRNER OF WASII iarion an I Wrkar atroota. Rrnoklaa. It baa bora or < aplad a a aura man thaa thirty yoara. In i?m aa th .nmiaet. rpo I.BT-A TWO-STORY Rtll.DtNO, SUITABLE TO Jl, maaofc'tnrinr porpeaee, 35 feet bjr <fi faat; Colnmbl ntnat.aaciad door from Palton atraat. aaartha ferry. Brool ya. For farther portieulan, taqain at C. M. SAXrON'l I Fnltoa rt*r< t, Flaw T"rk. TO LET I.* BROATiWAV. NO I-.7. BETWEEN C0B1 landt and I 'berty atrart. a Inrta froat rooai. aor?a ntory. rary d <eiral |e for ana kind of liaht bneinaea p-.eee aiaa raa l-a l ad immadlatafy. Rcqairr on tba pnaiiaaa. TO LET-LOWIB PART OF TUB TRRBB ATOX brick b'waa No. 140 Monroa atraat, corner af Sianii ntraat, rraai??ia? of front aad haek parlor. ??aro?m, baa or at. and two raoaaa in tba attl. . Root %%' pot month, pi] ablentnl n A | ply t< MI I V I > HARD, M Plad it. T~~0 LIT -APARTMENT*. RL'tTABLB FOR A DB' Hat or artl*', canaiatln* of at* y ooia. Wether wil Lath roota. kiaoban. and paatriaa. at No II Warren atraot. TO LET. IN JERSEY CITT-PART OF A (iBNTBF tl.raa atorr howa. tin olaaaantlr altnatad. within t? ninntr* walk at tha farrr- ' Ipply to' Mr. CLOWES, frri mw". o. To let-paet or a wii.i, rr**iAHKD nop* lnpalrd n Atatrn (aland within a faw ratnniaa' walk tha ftrrr, ?U1 n* let, to a email rrl??t? family. nttil t' lift of May ?orl. Ter?e moderate. Addrrea P., Boa T d*o?t oflla*. _____ VRAVRLXKRt' OHiOB. |fi AV DEN AMI) ABBOT EAlI.BOAD LIlfiVbOB NE1 Vv Torbt^ I'Mlad 'Irhia - l*ay? Pier Ne. I. North Wan hi etoemfu a J Of IN POTTKE. kTrnin* Mar ?? A ?>lo?| Aftaraooa Lira, at o'eioik. Faro hr atthoy Una, ?.V fn jartdaah. U E^nat U.a, at I .-..ft, New toei and run adblphia-new toe aad Philadelphia direct.?United SUtaa Mali Lino throach In 4H hoyrn, ala Naw Jf-wj Railrnad. fata p 4a?td w R8 lor Arat claaa. and fl Ntfoy noennd nlaat Ul Naw Tark. at A A N . fr m font of Cortland'. atraal an 1 I V AM. aad P.M., from foot of Liberty ?tr?et. Laaaa Phil Aeiphin at d aad A.M. aad A P.M., tr a kha faat of M *-'?> traat Paa Bar'trrAr. *)iimni'ir??, aw Cr t?i hr-a?h tir'n"'.* or* ?tl I la th-al .?? tu,?a A it Aoator. with thfdnnh Papuar* rWk? ar- mronlee tba t -a, Jretinf at * P. M. Paaaananra and bowrn?e In thia krai w.ll trarapnrVd dime i If thO'ifh '?? iapii ta I t ft >? "*) MUilt E.NE' A HICrHLY IMPORTANT FROM CUBA. 8Z1 SAYS LATER. j 5 REPORTED CAPTURE ? OF I CES. LOPEZ AND FOLLOWERS, ! ! THEIR EZECUTZOV, &t., die., Ac TELEGRAPHIC. Arrival or (He Steamer Cherokee at New Orleans. At a very late hour last night we received, over the Washington and New Orleans line, the follow- ! ing brief but highly important despatch, from our 1 correspondent at New Orleans:? Nkw Wrdnesday evening. 8?pt. 3,18.">1. The steamship Cherokee, with, probably, news from Havana to the Cist of August, is telegraphed below the i i city. We have a brief announcement of her news, to ! the efTect that " Central Jxepee tmd most of his Command hare In en raptured hy the Spanish troops and executed " j A second despatch, embracing the full particulars, ' will be forwarded at the earliest moment after the j y steamer arrives at her aliurf. I' Additional Intelligence, by the Schooner i: Merchant and the Stenmshlp Cincinnati. j THE CUBAN ARMY AND ITS OFFICERS. | t1ie death and bi rial of gen. enna?list of 1 i a en. lopez s FORCE- quick firing of THE AME- | 1 iticans?the spaniards dismayed, etc. e Charlksto;*, September 4,1851. 1 The Faro Industrial, published at Havana, says :?' We 0 are authorized to publish the following account of the forces of the traitor Lopez.from a document found among papers taken from one of the prisoners ? j Six companies of infantry, including ofllcers 219 k Three companies cf artillery 114 k One company of Cuban patriots 49 One company cf Hungarians 0 * One company of Germans 0 . LIST OF THE CUBAN OFFICERS. t General in Chief? Narciso Lopez. 1 Second in Commend, ami Chief oj the Staff? John Tragay. ' offic ;:rs of the staff. Captain?Emmrick liadwiteh. >. Lmdeiwnfi?Joseph I.ewohl and .TIrya Rodendorf. i *iitjutants?coungi-n aua ulumealnai. Captain?Ludwig Sehle?Ken??r. ' iAeutriiai.ti?Ludwing and Miller. fhtrgtem Hi ga Leuncgoe. t CWmmary?-G. A. Cook [' STAFF OF TIIE REOI.MENT OF INFANTRY. ' Colonel?R. I., Dot-man. Commissary?Joseph Bill. i I.ient. Col.?IF Scott Ilciaes. Adiotsntuf the Regiment? Adjutant?Geo. A. Graham. George l'arr. co-wpanv a. r Captain Rolert Ellis, Sub-Lieut. J. L. La Hasean, Lieut. E. McDonald, Do. K. 11. lieolinbridte. j compaav n. Captain John Johnson, 24 Lient. J. F. Williams, | , let Lieut. Jaini s Dunn, 3d Lieut. Jauios O'Reilly. | t tomtasv c. i . Captain J. C. Bridrhem, 2d Lieut. J. A. Gray, < , lit Lieut. Richard Vonden. 3d Liuut. J. N. Baker, coiir.tNt i>. Captain I'hilip Coldly, 2d Lieut. J. II. T.andingham, let Lieut. David L. ltunau, 'id Lieut. James U. Vondon. ! 1 com paw v:. Car tain Henry Jackpon, let Lieut. William nubbi, 2d Lieut. E. A. Simpson. !d Lieut. James Camp. com paw r. Capt. William Stetrart, 1st Lieut. James S Drun. > 2d Lient. Jolin L. Bass. 3d Lieut. Thomas 11 ad trail. I ? REGIMENT OF ARTILLERY. < I SVSletlS o? Tur IF AFP. , ? Chief William I.. Crittenden, Adjutant R. I.. Stanrord. , Second Master of Co amis- Surgeon, Ludoving Vinks. sary, Felix lluston, , compakv a. ,, Capt. M. A. Kslley. 2d Lieut. Jas. A. Nowens. 1st Lieut. N. O. James. 3d Lieut J. O. Bryce. companv n. ,J Capt. James Saunders. 2d Lieut. Beverley A. Hunter, t 1st Lieut. Phil. Van Veelitea. 3d Lieut. Wm. II. Craft. . compakv o. a Captain Victor Kerr. 1st Lient. James Brandt 24 Lieut. Wm. T Yicnne. REGIMENT OF Ct'BAN PATRIOTS. compa1sv a. II Copt. Ilde Funeee Oberto. ' let I ieut. De Jiga Ut-rnandei. 3d Lieut. Jess A. Pianos. 2d Lieut. Miguel Lopes. 4th Lieut. Henry Lopct. n REGIMENT OF Ml'NO ARIANS. t Mejor George Botilla. Captain Ladlslnns Palauk. I Lieut Sermerby. l.icut. Jo'ian Petioee. Lieut. Adambert Kcrekei, Lieut. Conrad Richncr. 0EHMAN REGIMENT. Captain. TTuroSchlyet. Lieut. I'aul Mioh ael. Lieut, biro lambeas. Captain Piaitro Jiulltr. Lieut. Ciorano hlacosee. Bai.timork, September 4,1851. The Savannah paper* contain full details of the Cuban news brought by the schooner Merchant, at that port, and they are substantially the same as previously reported by telegraph. It appears that General Enna was t killed in the battle fought on the 17th, at Carambola. Ilis body was sent by Lopes, with a Rag of truce, to the Spanish camp. The whole city of Havana tuxn< <1 out to ! , his funeral, on the 21st. il The Faro liUuttrial. of Havana, says that Lopez's original arn y consist, d of six companies of infantry, three of artillery, one of Cuban patriots, one of Hungarian*. ' and one of Oerman-?total. 400 men. 4 The hospitals at Havana were crowded with wounded ' soldiers. s The Spanish officer* were dismayed at the rapid firing of the American*, who are said to have fired four times I to the Spaniards once. A strong feeling of indignation Is said to exist on the part of the Americans at Havana, sgalnst Mr. Consul Owen. The SarannaA A'wi states that it was sdmitted by ' Spaniards, that the army under General Lopez is rapidly increasing, and that the Creoles were greatly elated. i One hundred gun* were fired at Savannah on ths re- . cript of this news, which, the papers there say. is re- | liable. Nr.w Oblksvs Pirzvrwv Orrirx. 1 I September J. 1881. f * We bave received the following account of the battle in which Oen. Enna was mortally wounded, from our 'j correspondent at Havana. I. The battle was fonght on the coffee plantations formerly owned by Gen. Lopez's wife. ^ The Spanish troops were drawn up in two columns. |in<d the fcn<ea In the vicinity. B Oen Knna then took thirty Catadora and charged u upon the patriot*. who euoeeeded in killing every one of J their kfeatlanU. with the evceptiou of an aide-de-camp, d In the i harte, (Jen. Knna wt< mortally wounded. 'r After the fall of Oen l'nna, Oen. Ro*a>a collect"! to gether Ave hundred of the Spanish troop* and fled, leaving aeventy wounded upon the Arid of a> tion [. Ocn. Rraalea waa to bo *up?rcedeJ, for cowardice, by Gen Tavia. of Ma tan tee '* A letter, dated Anguat 10th. from Tuefto Principe. - aaya that the inaurgenta were racce?*ful in the Ea tern ? Department. The government have abolished the central depot. At the lateat account* Dp j waa near tjuanagy. r4 BY THE MAILS, a* The Cenaiire oftien. l<oper and the Cnptnrnd v Re vol at Ion I at a at Havana. (From the New Orieana Delta. Auguat 19 ) TT. .I..I l~_ . I-A*-. * I. .. l,.Cnl.?J D TV I r- Jtmm. brother of that gallant young rn*n. Thome* C. I aim a. wh<> wa? one of tne fifty ao cruelly murdered In I. limn Col Jam?a waa alao tb? Intimate friend of Mr. h (I A Cook. I another of the mnrdered fllllolt,) having ?. ''ompani. d him through a long and porlloua aarvloa in ~ the reronnoiaance of the lathmua of Tehuantcpee ? ' Nrw Oauuwa, Auguat 2d. lfal. The ugh opnteenej with grief for the loae of a beloved brother, nndnf my dear friend Oilman A Cook, who we're brutally murd?r?d in Havana, on the lflth R, inetant. by the ifpani.oh authnrltlee. I cannot refrain f frrm performing an art of duly, by stating what my In J." t.mery with Mr. Conk enable" me to cay?thai, in going to ti'nbw. he wm neither deceived nor poreuaded by eny _ one bot arted from ble own noble Impuleei, which wore ~ al way a on the able of the nppreeeed 111* determination to areompany my brother with whom he had paeeed g thiough many dangera. and to whom he waa warmly r, attached. war made but afew houra before the expedition k failed lie had no knowledge whatever of the plan of r- O|?ratlone My brother and myaelf, from motivee of * friendrhlp and regard, knowing that he waa the only fiirvlflng aon of a large family, endeavored to dlaeua.le | him from going; but hie mind waa made up. ami he aaid - he would rhrink from no dangera wbich hla old friend * Tboma* C Jame* might encounter. lam aatiatled that [' be rould have had no ronrultation wlih Oen Lopexbe, fore be left I would alao add my belief, aa one who felt II df rply the effect a of the calamity, that the command of Col Crittenden could not have been deserted by ttcacral - I.opcr. but that the gallant old man no doubt did all that ? mortal eoutd do toenve the very flower of hie little army, J I and that their dotruotlon waa effected aouiewhnt In the ,1 manner described by Oen Hueton. in 8und?? a ft I ">f 'be dr.rxf; ._tod intcrj>r"itio?<f a inge fpar.U j forre W YO 10RNING EDITION?FRID hetwoen the party with Oen Lope; and the c">mm*uil of I Coi CrlttoudeD. which haul charge of the baggage In justice to the tU here. I would oppose to the charges of i his assailants in thtscity. who accuse him ot' treachery, 1 my own. and what I belli ve is the a-ntiment of m arly I our whcle people that his conduct was brave sad honest, i Respectfully your obedient servant. 11 W JAMES. [Trout the New Orleans Orescent. .Tuly 20. J A letter from Alex Mc.tleer. one of the Havana victims. to Mr .lohn McGian was shown tons y"et?rday, Rlr MeA writes that on the 12th August they ha J a fight with the Spaniards killing thirty ot them unS lo-ing thre.-men: ttat they then returned to take a vessel for Neu Orleans, hut not arriving In time, took \ four boats and pnt to sta. and were raptured. The re. , maimler ot his letter is in reference to private nutters. [Prom the Washington Southern I'ress, Aug. 3.J We learn that Alexander M. Colchett, one of the victims of Cuban Vengeance, was the son of a wealthy and highly re-pcctahli merchant of Charleston South Havre I lii)?. Hud a orotlier of John M. Colchett. of tht> tirua of John M. Col-hett Jt Co, of N.*w Orleans. lie was botwetnlX and 21 years of ag*\ an t a respectable raemlxjr of one of the most wealthy au.J .respected families of i 8011th Carolina, lie had resided for some time In New Orleans, and wits a member of the Washington Artillery, of that city. Tlie Spanish Conwil. ("From the New (irleans Picayune, Aug. CO ' The Spanish Consul in this city lias gieeu noUee of the suspension of his ofHclal functions here until otherwise instructed by the minister of his government at Washton. In the meantime, Spanish interests are placed under the care of the British and French consuls. This proceeding Is one of the fruits of the disorders of Thursday evening last, during which the office of th < consul was exposed t? some violenee. We hare no right to complain (hat he has done this, though we mignt confidently state it to be entirely unnecessary as a preoau tlon against any renewal of molestation The authorities. surprised and eonfueed at that sudden manifestation of mob feeling, will not be easily caught so unprepare t again as to permit the laws to be violated, and the property of residents to be injured by a handful of noisy rioters We think the consul himself is well convinced that the treatment of his office is disapproved and regretted by the whole community, with the exception of a few of that reckless class who, in every large community, are always ripe for mischief. To the Spanish Subjects ami In Commerce in General:? Until instructions are received from Ins F.xoelleuoy the Miuistcr of 1,< r Catholic Mejeity at Washington, sad during the tlmo that the Cumulate under my charge ia el> ?ed, it is my duty, and I hereky give nrtice to all Spanish subjects that I placo their persons and property nuder the protection of the authorities of this country, an 1 of the representatives in this city of the nations allied to the government or her Catholic Majesty ; and to commerce in general, that all business coci (mice to my official capacity will be attended to and dispatched indistinctly by the consul* of her British Majesty and of the French Republic residing in this city. JUAN IIINACIO LABORDE V Rl'EDA. Niv Orleans, Aug. ?i, lbM. Consul pro tern. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. Proceedings of the State Industrial Legislature. ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. ITEMS FROM ALL SECTIONS OF THE COFNTRV. Sew York State Industrial Legislature. SECOND DAY?MORNING SESSION. Auwr, Sept. 4,1851. The Industrial Legislature re-assembled this morning, lames II. Murphy, of Lockport, in the chair, and M. A. . Wilson officiating as secretary. After the reading of the minutes, the credentials of new delegates were received A lerclution was offered calling npon the State Legislature to pars a bill providing for a State Mechanical and Agricultural School, for the purpose of forwarding the interests of the mechanical and agricultural population of the State, in pursuance of the recommendation of Governor Hunt, in hie last message. Jonv Whits, of New Tork, one of the Vice Presidents, then took the chair, and President Mi nrHv gave his views on the creation of such an institution lie thought that an appropriation of fifty thousand dollars should be made by the next Legislature for the purpose of properly endowing this Manual- I.abor College; competent persons should be engaged; and all applicants for admission should ) bave first availed themselves of the excellent fre school system. One thousand dollars thus distributed. he said, would be one dollar to eaeh mechanic, which might, after great efforts, be raised by ourselves The improvements in mechanism an science were discovered by the educated mechanics This should be an additional reason for workingmen t arouse thems-Ive. frflm lli.-ir luth.r^. T.nn,.n-* ? the cause of much of the swindling practices submittal to by the mechanic While the State is giving fSA.OOO, annually, to schooling the sons of the rich, only?to railroad corporations. ke . they dare not deny $100 000 to this undertaking, lie desired the action of a special committee on the subject, as Governor llunt. and others, were warmly in favor of the project. The sooner a movement of this kind was commenced the better. Mr. Jons A Smith enquired as to the appointment of representatives to this school. Mr AVoooai rr urged the reference of the resolution to a speoial committee. Mr J.i!. lii.owv.of Cohoes. also discussed the resolrticn end favored the movement Mr Urn. P. Clarse, of New York thought this movement a vital one. Mr Mm a I ri-vk said it was gaining ground, and he thought lecturers should be engaged to advocate the project throughout the State, and that it should be submitted to the next l egislature. Mr Clauki moved that the Fpectal committee be comytM d of li re. wi'li BO two of oaa trade. Me r? I'town, Manning. Wittenberg. Farrlngton, Price. John A. Fm tth, Own P. Clark-. John \\ ebster, of Island Prink, and Murphy made some furthsr remarks, and It was ordered to refsr the whole subject to a Special committee of tbfl Messrs James P. Murphy, of Niagara county John Webster, of Kings and Joseph M Brown, of Albaay. ' were appointed said committee. Mr. 0. W. !4t> ast of Auburn, from the business committee. reports d as follows :? Where*#, tha Legislators did enact a law. la Mil, abolishing the sjstam ol emi>l?7<ar ooavlrts at mrcbani"*! labor ta the Bute prtsans, tresns thry ware praatical ms.'hanics bol >reconri ti n and t? as certifed ta as suck ; aad wharves law Is aot In the iaast regarded lv tha iudte# of the eanrta in Ilia State. >a sent, nam/ felons to tha Htata rriaema; the arsctmast at tha law of IMl haa baan af no btneftt whsievet to tn'rhanics. an 1 whereas, the a/start ai makiag ???h '.aical trade> a punishment for crimes, ia unjust aa? seiiirtawa to ma haairs, as a class, both pso.'easonally and morally, too committee re. onnisnd the aibiptien ?f tha resolution adopted at Pooshkeerele as folio ?s : ? Bh'tiM. the birin* of W"t? in the State primal to contraetoraln merhenl-at employment*, ?t th* pr wnt price e. arable* the <-on(t*?uro to toll the product# of mechanical labor ?o low thot tiio lowoat mechanic la obliged to work for aterrin# pri-oa, t> onoblo hi- employer to compete with them In the market; tod wii#r?#?, the tdaoaHto of felon# in the Mete pritna. In the mechanical etta, raanlt* In aoelterln* air"ad amount h o-et meat an. ea, end me- hernia' lamtlica ond appr<ati?e?, e < lei-- of d*fr.?d<d men e? thoir eu-iclatoo. th-rcny pr tonic* the mere) etmorphero of our work# iopa, cone-i tin# tli-m into #chorl# of rle# and crime, under th* tuition of erednetc# from the Etate prieoao. end bringing di#*Tace on en honoreble olaaa <f it: rant: th>r?for?? Ret" ..-d, Thet wo l?tnnl? prctoet arainat thie unjnet ted odiont competition wed 'tin f >nl diacrace open reapertab'e men. That we w.l'never >?e#o onr ai-rtlone aaaiaat thi-prime evil, till the Ittt >*ati*p?ef th# atetctee which 8let# '* *'* toUlIy rbdueted from the record# of th* Ran deed, Thet w* cell open th* Legiiletnre of thie Stat* to obeli-h the pr*#ent r'auan of eoetrattlna for m# 'hanicnl lehor In th# State prlacna. end to relict* the et anica of '.hit Mete from the priaon mvnopoly, ead thet we will not hereafter eire onr -npp-<rt to any men aa a endideta for the I-aci latnro, who ft not willin. to comply with oar wietc*. ea etprcaaed in thlartaolatioa. Tho#c rotclntlcne w#rw J!#cn#*o.| hp Meatr# John A. Smith, J. M Ilrown. Wo Manning I'ric*. and other*, enl r.nnlly adopted A roc' M wan then taken. arntRRoov ?r?toR. Mr Weeper n Introduced the followinr ? Ret. Ivad. That a *ommit>*of thro* be appointed br the Coa- ati*a to enter a complaint a?aie<t Ale*. H walla, l>erina Clerk. tt'm. P. Any 11. Stata rriem Itapactoia. lor a dereliettno of dnty in violation of an act, peeetd et the heRi* e?nro of IM2, charter 112. A total* enaiied; after which a reortution wat adopted. c?uid| ua in*' i/^i'iaiuir io iiici arna mhu neure enforcement of th" law in relation to convict labor. a* ftmil April A -rpnrt In fawt* of abolishing the pre?en'. contract waa made, and tha bod; adopt--.) the f"rra of a memorial t<> b" pre ant'-d toth- l.- gialat tire, for th? e?tab Imbment law of the t?n hour avatoin; and Axing nltichilling m the loweat day ? wagoa for a laboring man The committee apt odntnl to praarnt a m< inorUl for he division of the public lands in the gtata of New Vork, prrrented a resolution, which wm adopted. The I urport of eaid resolution la, that the next Legislature be requested to paa* a law providing for the division of th' pnblfc lends of this Bute into flfiy acre farm lota and one acre vl!lr"r lot*, and granting a title to one of either, fri-e of eect. to ai' aetna) aattlers not poaaeaaed of other land e<|nal to the above amount of land. A long di-cueeion ensued, after which the report waa adopted without amendment On motion. Mccsru. Manning. Washburn, and James i'arham were appointed a committee to report on the frauds ard Imposition* at present prar lined by the contiactor* on the public wnrhn, and alao thoae of the proptletora of Inetitutiona chartered by law. The State Centril 'ommttten waa authorir?d to circulate the report Mr. Ktanivovon Paics presented the

following resolution :? Herein-1, That tlie Mowing National Reform State Caatial C< ramlttee be appointed for tbo ensuing year, and that Ita brail.inartrra Vr in New Vork -New Verb?John A. f'l.ilt., V m Art iilhanU, aail Ren Price: L?ol |Mt Jaiara . ""U ?'r : Albany c.rnly-N lllla o Manning; Ohese-Jamr unj ; I'eughksapsie?Then. r. VTittemV-rg; Troy? J' hr r. Wofidr, a j An era - Gilbert W ?t?ar?. Rrrotvd Tint a AMte ergeni -atlon committee br alt# ip(? -Med. . i mpe'td tl member* fr w ?ver? ooua?r. my 0. Wi vtxi i r, if Tr?y ?jkj* ,u far >t of ittMCt RK H iAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1851 prl'.ticnl action. end railing upon the reform organuali< in the diffelent counties, to interrogate the locai candidate-, itc. lie concluded bjr ottering the followittiolvrd. wc now proceed to the nomination ofState cftlrere to Re snpportrd l.> the wnrkinjt men at tlieoominj electi a, in <a?e (he i nnJidatc* of the two great partial refine t? pieJ,:e thnn-rl tf? to mppnrt nnr moatnres; th.- sail nominees *o queiuoL u by in? lauusiriAi owe vonirai Committee. A Ioiik tnirnei). aft \ the reaohrtlon wae adopted. The nominations were deferred uutil the report was hard. The report of the committee on a Mechanical College was adopted, and E. Price. of New York, (<eo. Morgan, end Geo. U Cooper, of Koehaater. were appointed a coot' mitten to carry out the objects of the report. The committee to whom seas referred the resolution tailing upon the Legislature in tWs State to ewlow an Ayrh-u-itural College and Mechanical Schools presented a report approving 1f the object, hut reeonrtnended the transiVr of its consideration to a special convention. Th - body then proceeded to ballot for State otBrers Tbe fo'lowing were declared the nominees of the party for the fall election: ? JaJiU of tbe Court ot lppeals, L. Ward Smith, of Rochester. Secretary of State. Jeremiah S. U'aihburv, of Rersnclacr county. Comptroller, n nry B. Stanton, rf Seneca county. State Treasurer, John Windt. Attorney Gtneral, Ar.or Tabor, of Albany. 8tute Engineer and Surveyor, Robert iluilnne. of N. York. Canal Coiutni.siouer, Caleb l.yon of l.yonselale. Inspector of State l'rljonc, Eliaj litis, editor of .Inter: tan* PouabkeaMie, 'l'he convention adjourned to meet again to morrow, at !' A. M This gives them an opportunity of attending the public meeting at the City Hail this evening, to re spond to nominations made by the National Reform democratic organization. Atlilltlonal European Intelligence, FZC'KI VKD BY THE STEAMSHIP AMERICA, AT BCiSfON. Bosro>-. September 4, 1851. The steamer America arrived at ter wharf at Raat Boston. at half-past three o'clock this afternoon. Iler mails will arrive in New York to-morrow morning. Mr Warren, late Consul General of the United Stater at Vlenra and KditoT of Mold's Seu-tjtaprr, has been expelled from the Austrian territory. The Kmperor Issued the order himself, to mark his displeasure at some opposition which Mr. WarTeu had shown to certain governmental measures. aii x-ug isn iict'i uuacr Admiral l'arker, which had appeared eff Tunis, had created a profound sensation at Vienna, a* it was thought to have some connection with Lord l'almerston's speech on foreign affairs. The Cologne Gazelle fays, ' the mo?t important feature in this case is a conrictlon which has made its way into the diplomatic cireles. that Kugland is determined to uphold the authority of the l'orte, whenever its integrity is assailed " The I Veil an Statesman thinks the protection of England will induce the l'orte to comply with hord Palmerston's wishes in regard to the Hungarian refugees. The Iutidmi Timet of the Zkl fa) s the t^ueen and Prince Albert went off to the Needles to see the great race, and that the Koyal yacht accompanied the America part of the way on her return. The America was loudly cheered on ail sides. The Timet says nothing about the Volante heirg declared the riotor. on account of irregularity of tailing on the part of the America. Interesting from Washington^ APPOINTMENT OP A NEW COLLECTOR AT NEW ORLEANS, KTl. Washisc.ton, September 4,1951. Christopher Adams. Km) , planter, who is said to be worth near half a million of dollars, has been appointed Collector of New Orleans, vice Mr. Kreret. removed. It is uncertain whether Mr. Adams will accept. Captain Russell, of the Murine Carps, has been appointed Paymaster, rice Major Walker, deceased. The InteUigeiuer denies, by authority, that any patent if about being issued for Paine's new light, or likely to be. his publication to the contrary notwithstanding. Anti-Kent Convention. Albany. Sept. 4,18'<1. The anti-Kent State Central Committee have issued a call for a State Convention, to be held at Keardslsy's Hotel, in Albany, on the 25th of September, to be composed of aix delegates from the counties of Rensselaer, Albany. Delaware. Columbia, and Schoharie, and four delegates from Dutchess, Greene, 8ullivan, Montgomery Otsego. Oneida, Bteuben. and Schenectady. Alarming Illness of Judge Woodl>ur/. Boston. September 4, 1831. Judge Levi Woodbury, who has beru (or s?ms days indisposed at his homestead, Portsmouth, N II., was last evening announced to be in a very dangerous state, and his family were summoned around him. A despatch, dated Portsmouth, 11 o'clock this forenoon, says it is not expected that he will live through to-night. Dentil of a Catholic Bishop. St. John, Sept. 2. 1851. We learn that the Right Rev. M Dollard, Roman Catholic Bishop of Nova Scotia, died at Krederickton on the 29th ultimo. Death by Cholera. Sr. Lovts, September 3, 1851. Mr. A. Robard, Attnrney^Ueneraiof the Slate, died this morning, at J* Hereon Barracks, of cholera. Damages for Collision. Nrw Oslkans, 8-pt 3. 1831. The suit brought sgsinst the steamship Ohio, by the owners of the towboat Col. Stanton, for damages sustained by a collision In January last, has been decided In furor of the Ohio, at J $300 damages awarded. The owners of the Col. Stanton laid their damages at $<1,400. I ll' at Btmnforsl. Stasisoso, Conn , Sept. 4. 1851. The workshop and tools of P. Dixon, K?q., were d?s trr.yed by fire this evening The loss is $1,800. Officers of the Stenbenvllle Railroad. Ac. Frrraai-an, ??|>t?ml>*r 4,1U1, At a meeting of the Dtrectora of the I'itUburi ao<l PteubenvtUe Railroad, the following offl<vr? were <-ho*en: Cht? f Knginrer?I'avid Mitchell, Jr. Conraltlng Kngin?>'T?Milttr Roberta. Trenaurer?A. Hill. Bacretary ?Charles Naylor. Th< river ha* two feet and three inchoo of water in the Latin' I and th? weather ai pleaaant The Southern Hall. Btinnoaa, September 4.1811. Tbe New Orleaca mail dua to-night, and ilao the one dut iaat night hare arrived Court of Urneral ?eaal0ne. B? fore Judge Hebee and Aldermen Kranklin and Miller. B??V. 4--7V/V mf Money?ReWnag t Utrwngn tn en Chiitn iloe ?A mere 'tripling named Robert Moran, BMIlM if WW ! a charge <i gr< nd larceny from the peraon in the night time " The prleoner I* Impleaded with two men, named John Downing and Jamea r ueett. a:; I the three are indirted for atealing tAS from the peraon of Patrick I'unnlnghmn. at the houae nf Downing, rorner of Plglith avenue end 8eT<nteenth idreet.on the ITth of Jane laet The eompUinant. Cunningham. t-etifled that, on the 10th of June laet. he mine (ton Neeark. N. J . where he reeidee, and nfur piirrhfing aome ham*, he went in aenreh of a fhlend, who r?*id> .1 omewhi re in Seventeenth atre<-t, at about half pant 3 o rloek, on the morning of the 17th of June, he found lilmaelf up town, atlll looking for hia friend, when be went Into an oy*t?r rellar. kept by Downing, at the eormr of Kighth nTenue and Scv nteenth atreet; Mi r' > n'v 'wiidk vo anna ana ??< aom>- oy?tara, a eontroi?-r*y aroea l?l *wn the complainant and D< ? nlng about the p<rig>iil for tha refrwahmento whlih hud N -n furnl'hed; Cunntnghim finally took nut hipocket-book and Paid what wa> d> mandcd and pat iil? pocket I nek bank Into hla poefcet, *h"ii, on the iaatant, Donning ranta up and pat I .nth orm? around the peraon of complainant. Faumtt tbrn cam* up. and tbruatirif hla hand into complainants pocket, took hla pocket book and ban led It to t'ownlnic; tba pnokat book waa prewntly thrown j iipnn tba floor and on taking it up Cunningham found that fti bad been takan front It; bo began to remonstrate. wb?n 'ha priarncr Mnran) <*ma forward nnd dtsplaraU a rartlni knife, and throatanad to taka hla llf- If ha a n?Uc; Cunningham than want away, and antarad a ocmplnint at tba polio* atatlon houaa. a p< uoaman waaaen' to arrrat tha prlaonara. whom they found at ltnwnlng'a collar; they wara takan Into cuatody. I and tlM e after lor nd op: a ? man who waa found in tha cellar waa alao arreated; tba atolcn monay waa nit l ft und about tha premiada. or on th? pwoa of aithar of | tba prlaonara; th" - man won dlachargej. and tha man haldtoan-a-r On tha port of tho d? faa;a. It waa ahiwn that tha prl. | aonar waa Intoxicated, and that ha bad l>a?n drinking at i thai bruaa* before ho want to I>o? nlnga cellar. Ona wltneaa al o waa rallad to prora hla rondition at th# ttma. tralifird that ha naa thraa-nuartara drunk. From thi? atata ot fheta, tba canael for tha prtaonar argued that thara waa no knowing whathar ho waa robbed In Ibaeallar alluded to, or mac ma nthar place Tha pro aiding Judga charged tha jnry npon tha taw applicable to tha aaaa without renewing tha taotimony. Tfl* Jory after a abort a baa oca. returned Into aourt with o Tar- j diet of not gollty. aid tha prlaonar waa discharged from I awatedg. Thare ware' death* In Baltimore during tho waak n dirg (ha lot Iaatant. of which ;.J war? pid' i 0y# Jtnfl Of t|a. 1 ERA! I TWENTY-TWO DYTS LATER MIMMMA. Tlie Success of the Sew Rome- RerolnfIon In Nlrwragun, die. The steam hip Prometheus, Capt Clmrchtll, brings us advices from dan Jean de Nicaragua to the 30th ult.? ( twenty-two dsj-e later than onr previous accounts Wr have received the first number of a newspaper, in the English language. published at the city of Granada. Nicaragua. Such a publication will be very acceptable in the Cnitrd States, as well as in Central America. . The newspaper is edited by an association of gentlemen- , and is calls J the A'i aragva Flag. The paragraphs which | *' annex exhibits disposition to maitean improvement on the past We are afraid, however, that it is to be taken with some rralns of allowance. Pan Juan de Nicaragua Is reported to to quite healthy. I Tli* steamers Henry I.. Bulwer and John 3d. Clayton ars f running regularly on the ga<n Juan river. : The revolutiou in Nicaragua has given ttat State two j j governments?two PresidentJ and two cabinet*. OL'R NIC Alt AO 1 AN COMtESPONHETK-E. Baa Ji'is de Nil abaci's, Aug. 24. 1851. Another devolution in Sicaragva?Two Giun-nmrnt in Force?The Sum agnet Route to the Pacific?Burineai?The \ Mc e/juitp Kingdom?Evglith Prottctiim?Death, 4 c. Another revolution has occurred in this ever turbulent country. On the 4th inst , General Munoz. the ex 31 in| ister of War, at the head of a email body of troop*, overthrew the administration elected in May last, and took i the President. Don Jose Laurtano Pineda, and nil bis ( cabinet, except Dr. Jesus de la BocUa. prisoners, and seat them to Port La t'uion. Tigre leiaad, from whence I the British steamer took tlicm, (report says.) to Ban J Juaade la Concordia. The Senate immediately conI vencd at Granada, for Munoz held Leon, tbe capital, and I elected the following provisional admiulttratlou ? Dsn Jose Monteaasro, President. D? Jesus de la Roohu. Secretary ?f Flaaaess. Don Viimia Ferrer, Secretary ?f Foreign Attain. Don Buenaventura Bilva, Secretary ot War. Muboz's faction assembled at Leon, and elected? Don Justo All-ann ?. President. Don Arcediano Solii, (a lriar,) Pnc'y of Foreign Affaire. Don Eugeuio Matus, Bee-rotary of Fiuanees. Cenersl Mune/. Secretary of War. Munoz's government then went their orders to all of the d) ft rent depaitnvents and officeholders throughout the country, but almost all of them refuxed to acknow- < ledge them. The American Charge, thg lion. John B. j Kerr, returned to Granatin, and presented his credentials to President Montenagro. and was cordially received. Tbe goverrment hare negotiated with Messrs. Wm. II. De Forest A Co., of this town, tor a large quantity of ammunition, arms. Ac . and seem determined to resist the insurgents. Public sentiment is against Munoz in this rebellion. altht u;ih heretofore he lias been one of 1 the most popular ni-n in the country But, that people of Nicaragua being, seven eighths of them entirely unI educated, and ot the mixed hlcod of the Whites, Indians ! and Negroes, feeni to be of such undisciplined, treacher,,iia ..nrf J 1 ...? .1?. - I Fi mc other of the Central Araerir.-tn p< wers will subju; gate them, md it-itch them the task of obedience. The other States are quiet now. and will perhaps remain so fur a few weeks Cotta Riea. industrious and thiifiy Ccsta Kit-a. seems determined to maintain her superiority. and at length assume a position as dignified as that of the older nations of the globe The Nicaragua ri tile it at length fairly open, and I j there urt- now about three hundred and fifty CtUifbruiaiis ! in town, awaiting the steamer The rirer steamer has j i been ucce.-sful and now mtceud.l tin rirer to the Ma- hu- , i ca Rapid, from wiience passenger* are p irtaged around t the rapid to the other steamer, wlilch o mveys them to lialiia tie la Virgi n, and then the remaining twelwr miles ( arc accomplished on mulct The steamers l'acilit- and ] Indept-Ldenoe hare already made one trip to San Juan ( I dt l Pud. and the passengers came across the country in , about two and a half days , The political aliairs of this town remain, an usual in a , state of forced t|UlMc?nce. for liei liritantiie M -jesty's ( I leboonet of war Bermuda is stationed here. and. in the ( erect cf a reroiution or tebelUon on shore. If her marines ( could not nut 11 it, would batu-r down the town with her - tliirtj-two pounder Moaqutto seems to flourish und-r l the fuardianship of John lluil. and We trust that his efforts in Is-half of the poor savage (iaTe the mark) will b<- appreciated by all llring moralists and theologians, be they Yankee. Turtlsh. or British The extent of coi*t claimed by Ureal Britain for his aboriginal majesty, is about i ne thousand miles and thr commercial nary of Mosquito consists of one sloop, of about nine tons Business is eery gtsid ; everything high and scarre. Flour. $12 per hbl.; bread. $0, pork, $1P; beef. $1$ $0 ; American brandy. 90c. A Mr Maynard. who arrived in the Prometheus, on b?>r last trip, died here this morning. It is Trry sickly , ! here now. II L I. i PREMPINT MONTENECJRO'i AT>Mtt*s T<> THE IK- ! AH l Uin or m< AlUm) Called by imperious duty to giro the people an ac- I caeiomd my elevation to the executive piwr.r. I dim be t considerate in my expression* on the subject. During the night of the 4th instant the Supreme Director. Don Jive lauriano I'itiji end his ministers Dob KraucWco fintc Hon. and lieutenant Colon 1 Don l' cisco Di >s | /.spate. were put in the prison of ?be city of Loon for I having organized a military dot, which resulted in-an act of treason"?in a contempt of the constitutional authority of the legislative and of the executive power At the M?( of this unfortunate end important erent. the House of Deputies, according to the power concrded | In the 3d article of the fundament d charter. ha* rained I me to my preaent official position hy a decree of the .'ith i Inst., authorising me byano'her d' cree of the AfeemMy, ; passed on the same date, to nee al! lice ' -saiy means for j the restoiation of puMic oider, distnito d in Leon only by the military conspiracy I proceeded immediately to the organization of the I mit ietry I confided the portfolio of finance* to fr. Don ' drill* de la Itcoha. who wa* nominati <1 l>y my pwdeeca?or. and who will he aleo at the head ol the war ministry, in order to settle the erent* with nit re prompiltuje. fr. Don Kertnlii lerrer had th? portfolio of foreign relation*, erf interim. At thie moment Ibr government. I* occupied with the organisation and rahing of troip*. who are destined to support the authority of lawsand civilisation against the attack* of the conspirator* liesourcra ar.d the elements for the war are raised with activity In thie city, in Hen Kernanlo, Tinot?|.e and Msnaqoa. a* well a* In the ilepvrtm"nt rf M-diodla. tr< op* are ral* d for the same object and the di-turher* of the c< nun on tran.|uiility wilt mhi lei severely correct ed. The Assembly. trao?ferred to till* city, will equally occupy itself in the great enterprise of social regularity i Ntraraguans' the government count upon your courage and patriotism. and on your attachment, for the d< fence ?f the patriotic right*. tr<'acberou?ly crushed in a part of the State, before a people irritated by such u(- m * and villany Without your c" operation, the exertions of the government would be u/wlesa: and the frrelgner. alarmed. will leave our ahorea and our terrllory and we will If iw forever the epoch of our proapvrity and our aortal future Peace. Union. Mberty?auch la the nymn if cirllitatlon we nuit ?ln(f under the flag of r> generation and proRTean. established on the l?thmu< of Nicaragua jupk M.I. MO.NTIN AURO. Uranada. At)mint 9, 1951. tntM* or ii*trm*t. [From the Nicaragua I'lag ] We regret to nee a liniodtl n i rlnre.l t>r a portion of tie public preaa in theBtatia of the North and ilallfor nia. calculated to prr.dnce the impre'doo that the (n?. i ruirirnt and people of Nicaragua are unfriendly to Americana paaaing thrr ugh thia Plate Pii'h la not the fa-t. On the contrary, the government of thia country haa fhown the utmo-f c uit. ?y to American citlrvn*, and tb're api>eara to lw a perfect wUlingnma. aa far a? we can learn, to adopt every meaaure that the comity of Ptatea or nationa ought to re<|aire, to cultivate and promote the beat understanding between rltirena of hoth gnvurmenta It la true, race* hare occurrrd here, aa they do In all eountrha. In whleh f.ireigncr* may have felt themaeirea more or leaa aggrieved. bat theae Inatanc-e hare not been of ruch frequent oceurrenee. aa to warrant an indiscriminate application to th-gev rn ment aril whole people; they uiry b? regarded a* the apray which cftentlmea ia toaaed up by the rderraaeence of the wild and awnUing eceaa. There are. we auppoee aome 300 or more Americana and other foreigner" at pree*ut redding In th? Bute of Nicaragua Meat Of theae are eng> fed in burin>'a?. commercial or agrlrtilturnl. Their number will be greatly lacreamd in a few months. (Jrannda ia a cite of ?K<mi na o l-c.ui?*- *e- 1 larg?r portion of whom wo children. It ia eligibly olto*tod . n l.ako Nicaragua. and In the contra of il >url?h | ln?r i r mniotro Tie re i? .(iilto a number of Ppani-h j ' Knglioh French American tl-rm?n nnd Italian m? J chanta and ahrp keeper* loon tod bom. pome of whom J tranaaet an egtrnaiTO bualneoa It contain* t .hl ctiur , J tho? and ae*er*l rollegea Tho dwelling booaea trr ill ono atory, rrortod after t.h? old Rpaniah modol of arrhl ' trcturo The ateamor Director and a numbot of acboon- 1 era and bungeea make thia pla< e tlioli port for d?li?ot " inn froiitht and paaaengera. and obtaining aoppllee It to ' JJ deatlned to Improro with aatonlahlng rapidity The constitution of Nicaragua la eir. tlngly liberal, and tho boat fooling toward tho fnlto i -tatee perrad-w nil claoaoa of tho population. ft?m tho higheat to tho lowoat They aro kind and h.-pltiblo Che geTernrarnt n oottalo' * i u ' ' ' tho people hi- rj ennially and the l.egielatlre fliambof o nrleling of a ? llotiao of RoproaontUiroa and Senate?tho latterelected for two yoara tho form or for ono Tho Ronato ia com tl poood of eight member*, and tho Ilnnee of Repreaentn r tlrra of ton l.oon ia Iho capital of tho Stat , wh-ro tho ? principal officer* reelde Th- cabioot now r ono lata of tho following named poraona ? >. I inn .foaoUwroano Pineda 8 u prow Director Don franc lor. i Oaaidlon dr. maty of F oretgn A (lain l. Dr jrana do la Roohn. Secretary of FInanroa Col Franciaco Dlaa/apata rteeretary of War Nicaragua la divided Inlo fire department# ?toon. Hit** (Iranada Now 8egfi*la and Matagalpa Tho Su prow Director lo a c itlr. n of Rirto and la repre*?nted j | to to a genibwanof pTeat me-py of charao tor warm and fotiejcu* bear* tal ncra * :th M u b j ,| I L D. PRICE TWO CENTS. Is expected of bis adminutrat:' i The Secretary of r"*reifn Affairs is the accomplished minister who turru-rtf represented hie jorerninent at the courts of Loadou ami Brussels The other meat 're >f the cabinet are spofceat of as liberal and Intelligent statesmen. There is not a saw mill in operation by *ater power ia found on (hP S?n Juan, with timber in ihe greatest abundance near by Lumber rccmnnd' good prion here, and a large quantity will son: be rt quired A cbunce lor a specula;Ion. certainly. Among the enfrrprising Sisiness merr of (ir?n?.?da, wo may class in the front ranh l)r. J 11. B?gur In every enterprise which is calculated to facilitate OMWarro* and develops the resources of the country be is ever ready to lend a warm support. The ai?uutmin chait ruuuing a*ong the yortheastervs shoresof the Lakes of Nicaragua and Managua, throng!* the districts of Uontale < Matagalpa and Neuva Segovia, is rich ia silver and gold Ton whole chain is eva^poaeif of a porpbyritic formation, very similar, it aopvaaw to the formations of the Andes, uud of Mexico, described by Baron Humboldt. The grid occurs in vein* as well as Is the sandy detritus of the rocks. The silver is m< stly in comhinatiou with antimony, not so often with lead The richest mining district appears to bo that of Iiipitto. in Begovia, where mines are worked ms well by native companies as by some Americans settled there In Iiondurt* there are very rich cpal mines which m worked by two Americans A fact oi a high geographical Interest is the occurrence of acnbei at the l'acaha coast of Nicaragua. The Mams.? Shtch inconvenience is experienced by Americans rc?iuim( In Nicaragua at the non nrrival <tt etters from (he Atlantic States and California Th? government, at Washington should order a mail hag to be made up at New York for San ..'wan, to go by steamers twice a month for the latter port. Ts'' Nu ai'ac.i a Transit Roi tr ?The transit by this route b about to open uuJer the most Mattering ai.spicm, and every thing is prene red to conduct it in a ntaanar which will insure its* dnrubillty. Summer* are on the river prepaid to take the passenger? which left hew York ou the i?th inst iu the Prometheus The road from Virgin Bay ou the lake side to Ban Juan del dur ou the Pacific, abou* mi es long, is in a good state, and can be trav -lied over on good mules in about threw hours. This road Is iut-nivd to be wi-dsLed, and w? may expsct iu a few months to see carta loaded with good.-, traversing it backwards and foresaids Passengers will be carried from the Atlantic to the Pacific ia al>out four days, and from the l'ucific to the Atlantic ia about 3C hours. Boom Plsstatioh, lu, ?Mi-aers. Myer? and Beshna, from Mobile and New Orleans, have pun based a large tract o', land near Keulejo, w'e-re they intend opening a sugar plantation Hr Littogeton. of Leon, late Aineri aa O,111.Ill Wi. ?nS..r-l.?,l ????.,.l i?. .... culture of llie sugar eune The cane of this country is taid to be .supi riorto that of l/Ouisiati.* or Cuba, and caa be cultivated to great porfect;?u. No better opwning foe tbe Investment of capital exiata. Indeed, it Ik very evident that Central America must bo to California eud Oregon wbat tbe VTtpt Indies huva hitherto been to our confederacy. IHigar, cotton, coil nw, ceooa. rice, iudigo tobacco. mairo?in snort, all tbe staples and fruits of th* tropics. ate produced in Nicaragua in thegroaiest abita dance. There ate a large number of cattle estates in tbe country and hidue. with indigo, cofloe, lira, ii-wood,and India rubber, form tbe principal articles of export. We learn from reliable authority, that in the course ?< th? nest threa month . a route of a permanent character, will be establisiied between Keolejo and Granada. It is contemplated to stock it W'th horses and coaches, fo as toernvey pa -engcr? IVcm O jean to Lake iu the course of twenty-four hours. It will be done without as all interfering with the privileges granted to the caned company A Oooo Pic i?We are rejo'cc i fo perceive a number of American plougbf being imparted into this country. A Vsiikee who would try his hand, and luanufaoture a number of substantial, light wheel carts, and bring theui to this region, might realize a snag little fortune. A minn oi tsi: Ni:w Aiimii am Cmah ?The lion John Bozman Kerr. Charge tie All ares, frc m the government <f the Called Ptat'-s to the State of Nicaragua arriwed in lie city of tlrnaada on Wednesday morning the i?th ult^ icccapanied by his amiable lady, child, and rvauts 11auie across the lake Irom San Carol, in the steamer Jiroctor, aud was heartily welcomed on tb teach by a rmmitUe o> his countrymen, on behalf of the Ameri ans residing here lie was addressed bj the prefect ot be city, lion Fernando tic,in ira. to whom he replied in i I lief maimer From tbence be was escorted by a tavalcade of American i, aceimpanied by some of ths liranadian authorities, and a number of the other foreigners located in Gruoadi to tie' apartment* prepare! for birn at the mount >n of Albert Horn. K-c , th? get,tb manly agent of the American Atlantic an t I'aeifta Ship Canal Camp my bubsciu-ntly 1m jmtd a visit, on the Director, to Kith-, where lie wat received with open alius by the l'refect and coatm-indante of the pin v ?h# acecmpanied hint from the Lake coast tu the 1'acUU shore After beholding the waters of tbe mv?ih'W,nt ocean, and viewtr g the transit route, an I probable connecting point ct the projected ship canal. Mr K again return'd to this city, highly delighted with the trip He left liranada in : FriJsi morning cn his louruevta I.eon. to |?r??out hi" i redentialr to the Nicaragua** governm-nt, Hod ent? r upon the di-cfcarjo of his oAcia* duties. Ili.? secretary Mr. I-aao MoKim Bnwly. fwho ?p~ok* Fpanl h fluently ) alio arrived lu tb:? cil? last Sunday morning, the liOtli iintnnt The American Charge ha." arrlrrd at an opportune moment in the history of Central American atUirr and *< Mat lit* mission may be crowned with the mo?t briUtaat ucceta. Theatrical and Slttalcal. Bovver Tur*i*? ?This evening la a?t apart f r tha fart well joint benefit of t".i great favor IC S and talente-l utist*. Mr and Mr< It William* The enti rtatumenta selected are exceedingly uUraotlre, consisting of I .a Tour do Ncsle,' "Haunted ChamW Cousin Joe.'? and the " llappy Mao," each of ahlch nr m ml powerFully cart, independent of the able support of Mr anil Mia. Williams Baornwat Tur Avar.?Tho?# tal -otcd nod fascinating danteurrs. the celebrated Sister* Kouaact are announce! to app< irtbi- evening in the grand ballet of i.iAwiie ' The conn die* of ' Delicate Oround' and Th? Wondcrrul Woman" will also be performed, in both of which Ur Merchant .inJ Miss t Kaymondw.ll personate tha cadlrg characters This ia a great combination foe >ne evening* p?rfbrmanee. Nint.o'a <1**011?Tha wonderful Ravel Family wilt ipprur this eve ulng in one id their heat entertaluuenUiI'he commencing feature will be the extraordinary evoutloii" of M on e llinndin. and the Havel* on the tight ope. Thla will be succeeded by the comic pantomime if Jeannette undJeannot. and the terminating pleon *1)1 be the Chinese pantomime of - Klm-ka. ' Bi aroi a THinai-Bulwar'a excellent comely, enltled " Not so liadaa we P<em." is thr grand featura cd his evenint The em t of character* embraces all Um* talented artl"te < f the tl entrc The piece abounds wttla beautiful lacgurgr aud thi respective characters are all sustained with the at net brilliant lirstulk ability Tlu* U<r??v r?r?j UBglll Uli' d ill VTCTJ Cl? p?U"IDl* Til 5 atiO*aL TiirAinr..?Tbv? ?ut rtaiom*nt* f?>r this ring are Trjjr attractive They con.n. i ?itn th? p|e< called unuipliaw llagrha*. and Hrad'haw ' Kill r which, the ?plrndld ap-etacii' calld l?'u *11 Joanna.'' ail follow which r.ii-1 I.. withdrawn on Saturday. 'I h" e who bar not teen it ahould aibra the prnwot r>pp<rtunity Thi i.:-r( i.n?u ntu nc uj with' Hunt It.* a Turtle. I lap ia a One < ntertainm nt for oua ai|bt. BiMi.Nia'a Ltcrt't?Th" ph-cef aelectcd for thin rmlng arc light and highly amii'lii*. ant aanxt bar* tho (Toot of crowding the theatre. The flrat a order la the " Prhool for Tlgera.' which tatroInrt'In Ita ca?? ererral prominent art lata Tho Mat tature ia tho ' Mtarftoa of Human Life, aad tho conludlng pier i? tho laughable one oall.'.l " Wanted a I iiard I 't Br ughrm'a frb ida -uataln him In hla aanaftorlal chair?ho la a worthy man Thk h?a'r Family giro another of tholr amuaing oncort? thia oti ning at Military Harden, Itrooktwuflra Deanela a fine looking woman, and auatalna bar hararUM well Vanity l? a groat farorlto, and V roily ind Chartea are paining much in public eatlmatton The ntoTtainunnta are light, at.i tho price of admlaelaa mall. Baaat M'a Mt art w ?We had h?ro. yr?t*rday. boaldo* ho Myotic Cltwa, I ho charming pantomiai- "Volaulint tho pretty j >c? of' Perfection.' the farce ct ; Poor Ptlllecddy " a villi and Olio# upon the tight rope, ind a ho?t of i ther attraoticna Where dm rould ancB k cowihlnation o| . ntert?intn?n: t~ pre* of 1 at atich a rrlce' lladaway Hetikina. Mra Kogera Mi#a Meatayor? t phaian \ ia themrelvfe Thia afternoon ao.l evening .lii> ?auip pi 1 i!I? ?* #if rimio. ?i 11. ?f 1 to lie rpnpalpd CHiim ' M I'mri a?"Tin merely nec?wnry to uIKODcr tint thin Ulrolrd rowipaoy appear to.night. Their ball la aura to bo crow dad to ricea* Til iow?' Mn>rai ? of r oraa will bo honored with mother doner larllMtfa thla craning Look at tbo treat fcaturea contain. J to th? programing Tnr Wir?an Aaria?oe.?The aucccaa of tb# &nrfet Rf> vr.Vwv rf the iTnfraeor e oeeda anrthlng erer WttItaaard III thia country both fore aratU-i.oaami patronage rha Myetlc Cabinet, now arrlr-d. wiU errata a araaaUon inperallded, It la -aid The o annua* ahould not fotgat ha afternoon j < ! fjruiance on faturvlaj. and arrurw (laeea at on re. Beam AwrniTin ?t*r.? Another prran I entertain arnt la 'ITmd at thla popular netahllahment for teight All thoaa emiti-nt art lata, who mat with rark ttarin taatlmonial* already. ara to appear in (Mr arloua beautiful and aatoniablDg acta . We predict aa rarllowtng houaa Hi aaai lVMan* trie i at P*arO**m*df a Whaling Vorma "und the Wotld haa deecrrrdly mat with a faaorak-. caption. It can ba aaan nightly at Tanorama Hal., roadway. Th* Bioiv.,,* ImwrmmiM l? to ba continued for hi* weak at Chlneee II all If %- can Judge from tka rowja that are nightly In attendance, It mu?t ba a rmj * rel affair Mapam*. Tmui.ow. the cel-brafe! ?ooali?t, tod wboaa muty 1* the theme of all. together with Mr Hudoon, h? plaintiTa and c ha.mine ba.tad finger acd frith o?m< llan. ara. wa are informed engaged by Mr NiMo. and rill appear at hie theatre In a abort time Thia la Mi ither lueky bit rf Mhlr. who ac-m* to ba a. way* ea the ilert ta procure the beat talent Mia* I?aa -npcit, the a rooipllahed and calabrahd ictrei * Mid?T?V lor th rovUiat, an I M li k e^atd'an. v: ?U (t Uf LrVof Ud W.

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