Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1851, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1851 Page 5
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i i'? r Cu? tr?T?i ud h*Te exlllbiud ? p*ti<ir teg enlargement, ud ttanmu* % ?"? ponding increase. The following statistics of the ope. various cf the road within the last twelve month*, are derived from an authentic source, and will he read with I interest and gratification by all who take pleasure in the program of Internal improvement! In any part of the oountry. The groea receipts of the company from October let, 1860, to June 30th, 1861, have been us follows BaLTIMOSC AMI 8l Sql'tlliANMA HaILROaD. From Paumgei *. Burden. Total. 3 23 180,701 70 253 861 82 Same time last year 68,863 71 116112 61 204.090 22 lnoreaee $5,289 52 41.019 19 49,888 70 The increase for October. November and December was $5,990 32 " January. I'eb'y aud March 21,970 70 " April, May and Jane 18,927 08 $49,888 70 Under the operation of the law authorizing the funding of the arrearages of Interest, the fiscal year of the company hereafter commences with January and ends with December, so that for the first six months of the present fiscal year the Increase ip the company's receipts over the same period of last year has been within a fraction of $43,000. Stock Exchange. $600 V 8 6'?, 1067 11612 i*t Metrop Bk 21110 do 11511 & do 80 2000 do 116& 25 Canton 02^ 6H00 Penna 8's 91 .VI do 62 0000 Hud 1st mort bds par 15 do till? MOI> 2d do W'? 25 do b.'ll 62 lfilf) {. 1U71 >(? All A ~ nd " I MWO Erie 7'?, 166# St'5, 10 Erie Rlt 77 4 MOO do slS 99,'a id do 77^ 1(000 Erie I?9 92 AO do 7714 . 1000 Erie 7's, lHfif 107)4 1(W do bid 77V SOihsNJEsp Co ?. 300 do b'M74 . 00 do 1.30 *U as do (3 77 (31 abs Bk CtB full 1(HV 50 Norwioh 5114 'JO Edgworth ?2 25 do 51 i ? > do 8'. 100 do *9i) 51)4 61 do 131 >< >,' ;,0 do 5 Hi *? '**"* Bk fOX 1" do s4m 51 10 lik N An, 99', SO do *39 51 2U0 *bi Long I* 113; 25 do ?>Jtf 8M do U>2 50 do 50H 300 do i911|V? 200 Ilurlem HflT 200 StoningtOB 43 100 do ? *15 tf'I 110 Heading 51)4 180 do As'.' ?00 do s-V) 5t', 100 do bJO 09 XV do add 51'. 25 N Y St N n KM 'J MO do b9U SAi; Id do 103)4 SECOND BOARD. Hnd River Bd? 84'; 25 $tt Erie RR 7t>}? SO aha llarlem RR 6HJ 50 do bfio 75 100 do *30 O'; 50 do 190 7k>; ISO Eric RR 77 20 Mechanics' Bank 94 JSC do 7';J? 100 Stouington R rf. 43 50 do *C0 7?'4 100 Norwich it War 50 '; 50 do 7034 50 do 5?? So do soO 76)2 200 Harlem RR *30 tWH SO do bl5 7?'?? 100 do blO 09 60 do *30 704 J ?? A?VERTISfci?^TN dliNKWiiD fiVKRY DAY. POST OFF1CJS NOTICE. POST OFUCE. NEW YORK?NOTK'E ?THE MAILS, per U. 8. Mail steamer Hermann, will close atthia office on Saturday, the Oth ir. it., at H A. M. Letter! for, mait be prepaid 21 cents per r*te. W. V. BR aD Y, IV M. PHR.8UNA.L. ANY ! N FORMATION R ESI'ECTING TIMOTHY OR A Bartholemew Sh' a, natives of th i pariah of UloDborgh, cnnty of Kerry Ireland, will be thankfully received by the advertiser. Address Bridget Shea, care cf F. Carrittson, Eaq , Khinebcck, State of New York. FpHE SUBSCRIBER. ON T1IE 7TH OF JULY LAST, X between the houre of 1 and 5 P. M . had his wagon ran gainst by a horse and cart, st Fourteenth street, opposite 4.l ien square. Anv person who saw the ooourrence, aud will *i\e information to me, will be tuitablv rewarded. JAMES U. iE.VNIS, No, 924 Broadway, near Twoaty-tijst, trcet. INFORMATION WA NTE f>?OF EDWARD AVI) Patrick Walsh, (brothers) of the parish of KilbsUu, eonnty Cork. Ireland, who arrived in this conutrv some few years since, by their sister Mary. who ia it vyin- at the Walton House, 326 L'earl afreet, whore ahc it anxioutly expecting them. POLITICAL.. Eleventh w.ard.-nintu assembly district. ?At ?u election, hel l on Tuesday evening. September 2, Ib61, pursuant to the call of the Democratic General Committee, and by authority of the Democratic Republican ? ,te committee, fo? the election of a delegate to r present the Ninth Asremtly Diitrict in the next Stat: C invention, to be held at Syracuse. en the 10th of September, 16J1, JAMES C. WIM.ET. baring reoeived the highest nntnhcr uf ballots oast at asid election, waa declared duly eleetod tueh delegate, and William t.ratt, alternate delegate. A H KOLEINS, ) GEORGE WHITE. ' Inepc. tcra of El lion. w ?. i . BRINNaN s Eighteenth w ard-an* election will take place at the Haifa Head Ilctel. oi rner of Twenty-fourth street and Third aven uo. on i'riday, the Mh l. pilmnber. he t.wcen the bcurs of 4 and 7 1'. M . to select a delegate to tho Straeose Convention, from the Sixteenth A??(j:nbly Dittriot, to be held on the 11th inst. Uyuri-r. ww. h adams. I Chairman Dem. Whig Committee. j,.,|"?ewuru.. Jamte Kennedy, I'atk. O'Brien, Matthew Rcthery?Itspec tort. ^ . NINETEENTH WARD- ITM'H ASSEMBLY TMR, ll trict.?At a nmeting of the Democratic Republican Elector, of thia ward, hel i at tho house ol George D. Davis, corner of Broadway and Eifty-ninth atrcet, pursuant to ,uj call of the Cen tal Pnmnoittee. on Tuntitv ?? -'"/. fi'31 instant. E B. ReCuUniijIi, isi-, was ca'led to too chair, rjid Carrit H. Striker,, appointed tyeorotnry. The object >t ll e met ting le.- I . Davis. Ed I'urrells, and P. Wood, appointed Inspectors, the polls were ci-enrd, and the meeting proceeded to ballot for * ( cf five persons, to meet a like committee from C>e i*elftli ward,for the purpo-e of selectin ' r lMegtf, from theT.ath Assembly District to the Donoem State Cnnvention to bo held in Syracuse, on tho Iht.i oi " t-temb r in-'ant. On theloso of the polls, Edward S. sn behalf of the ti-ard cf Inspentcrs, reported thtt John Ouiau. Wu< A T??e John Flagon, Patrick Mmter??n. and Thorn** Starr, ??ro duly !?' ted ?ueh committee. winch report wn acoopted. t?n motion. Reoolved. That the Delegate* from tho Nino, teeath ward he. and tiny are hereby, tuliy cmpiwcrod to ?11 any vacancy which inaj occur therein. On motion, Reoolved. That th* proceeding" of tMl meeting he rnbliehed in the New York tleraM and Sunday Allu. On motion, the invttlac adjou-ned. K. R. KrClil.LOUGB, Chairman. Cannir H. ST*i?r*. Jr, Secretary. TWENTIETH WARD.- AT THE PRIMARY EI.ETIUN held m the Twi nti -th ward. m Tn**dny, S;pt, J. MM. the following tiekct am* dnlj elei ted ?Gener* I Edmund J. Porter. William MurT?T. Alfred A Phillip" Yocng Men'e Committee? William J. rock, iliuh Smith, Hnrh Mooney. F. Caaiidy, John M?IarcV"y. Ward Committee?J>hn Mi Gr ain. Jamei 1*. I'atan. Denni" Rj ?r. Jatnoi Runkao, Snmnel Boy4, Jr.. John MmIIon, H r Mcnahan, Peter Kehoe. Hugh Murray, Jtioig llughe". J*mo? Mi ney. John Armstrong, Harman Kohl r. II an W Olmiteal. June" Moore Sy-acnee Convent! m?F. W. Wiegand. J no 1'lannacan, Micba. 1 Duffy, Ray F mokin", Iheodore Martine. WM. M TWEED. > G4RRET DYi'K MAN, Inepettora, PETER DVFfY, ) TUB"nilEMKR. ACAED.-the nrrii ERS AND MEMBER Niagara Engine Company No. 4 to the l ire Department generally. ? In tho pro.rutume i.f the reception of Daniel D Tonpklne flonoany *n, 0, of Albany, the lino oi march *? l**d down, in part, through the II >wery to l.roat Jonet otreet, through (Moat Joneo gtrett to Amity, fcn.s go yaooiug the hnure of * inaara Company Mo. 4, In Orett Jonoe gtreet, near Lafayette Place?In ceurcqnetioo of ' ur ap peratue heing laid up to receive am eoovry repair", we wore unalde to be prsevnt in the line, but aaoertainin.- f- . rn the iublie Journal* that th* ronte had benn de-i-nated by the larakal aa above de'ribed, we had made no little preparati n to give them a reception and wl:mc eipreoeive of tbo to toy m and rorard wo hold t .wardt the lire cm pen iet of th > lifter cltioo of tho Pol .? ii.tokii??, . in expectation. word ?" brought that the mir>.i>l o( the erening. Mr. Chaa. L Millar hn>1, fcr the di ' ?te of othora. rhinr> d tho rorte, end war paeo'ng throuo h li nd ttr- o*. to Broadway. On tho Inetant orr foramen | t > epcah with tn? morebal and nek an explanation. He wa* lythe tuarthal tbnt he understood a i'?>r*M Mn|Ml in Groat Jonoe street kit II that <rai not the ca?o( )ia would ).?? from Broadway tbrongh Croat Jon' i street; onr fort n an then Ml Mm. whereupon ho turned and p-.tasi the b-al f tho roro of Engina Cotnnany .14, nekieg tho que.'inn. ahatl wo go ? loMOM anawerod n> and tho pro** don riy???d down Amity atroot As to Mr. Miller explanation. he moot iinao boon ?#ry woll a war* that thoro ?? no aowor in the' rtroot, or bo would not bar* dee'gnated it no part of tho ro ito, from tho fart that tlinao connected with S4 carina fmqaeat'r pa*a within arh <rt diatanro of the engine ho.iao. Aa to hit abeoqnent eondnot wo know not which moat to admiro, hia manly and Independent character In tuhn.i'ting to the diotat a ofnthora. or hi# ioro of truth ?? braotifnily ra**npliAod o>n thia reeaaion by hia broken promtee. Ho* had Mr. Hit tor consented to boeon.o tho tor) of indioidnalo to roorat in o pnblio a manner, and on ounh aa 0'oaoion, tbo potty dif Bronora which may iSlot between individuate. and ao to fferoureompapy an btforo thoir gueet' If to htalab.r io but lo>t for we consider tho tourer fr>m whenoo It oanae, and i9<? tto oeeurroneo, but to eontem tho author. and tha* eithera midlit know aad arpre iate how gwuerone and 'adependeat a mar*hat controlled the mnreacuta of tha torch ]|*kt prix'tili't of September -nd. 1MI. JAM r.Slt rnr.ttv, For-man, 1 THOMAS I.FAVEV. Aeeletant I CYRUS T. FltnsT. Secretary, > Comrnlttaa. JOHN J MOB Bid. J robert w. adams. / ROCUKTY >1KKTIRM* ?e. Herald guard?special moticr-the mem bera of thie company ar? raqneeted to meat at the Feeend W*rd II use. Nasian street, on Tuoaday evening, fopt 9, 1*51. at eiyht o'cln-h preoleely to make arrange inrnte for their annual oxoureion By order of John Dovtr, Sco. JOHN CONNERY. Captain. Of t A ?ttte members or the chancery i Ui /me ot tha State of New Tork are reqneatad te meet at tha reotna, earner of Brood way and Grand reot en Friday tho Sth Inat . at 7'< o'clock a. m.. for tho ynrpoaa of proceeding tn Patero^n. N. J., to porticipota In the eetebrttlon ?f American F.vtle Chapter of that city. Faro for tho wbeto eeenrotow. 40 eonta. Chanrollofo wll) pleivee bo punctual at the hour, tn full riwallo Br order of the Committee. JOHN C. WANDBI.L, CkalraM. INDIA Ht'RHKR WI'IDI. TO TTIE PUBLIC.?INDIA RUBBER SHOES.-OLR attontten hae hoou eollod to nn advertisement hy Horace It Day. published In the No * Voak tforall of nth July 1SAI, and the Conri-r and Enquirer of eatn# date. In whieh after much nnmerited nhnoe of our attorney. Wm. .fndern, Feq.. ho aeonrte that *t dart not ch?rge him with plentina GnodyeOT'e Patonte, nod*r our own namea; and that he d< e? lf? htvt fur*hn??-4 n?ff f<?r thn m*nufn?tnr? of f n4li Whoof un4*r Oon'lyif'p pKt*nti, And p%id on money. and woe dolly . oolng a tariff for tli? onme: ond any other perron mlgM note dene to* *vn. If diap red to do re rather than pirofe tpon Ooedyrir'r Pot?n??. Wo think It jnot to purchoee ? right to nto ootid oetoot, thnr to Infringe It. Mr. Dtp, hnelng twos roitor#. fenknow led red Uoodyee? * righto, mnle t oettlemont nod toreed It future not to Infrioeo bid Potent#. H? le o-w oUemeltni not only to Inrring* enid Potonto. bnt to future ooroMono who ho?r, for o large consideration. nn.ahnrrd our lioonooo and now work onder thrm; ond wo ohgPer Mr T>o? dlreeth ond thot oorr onr own otgMtiif#, with pirating a pot Onodjrmr'f Pntonti In tho mttakiNN of tho ohnoewhlil to la now offorlrg to tho public; '.nd we giro notice thot ho and all who aro eocomed with h'ta in purohaoinr or oon 1 big hie Sheet, nana in tieloUon of told Patent Righto, wll' Or pteooott d. b- CAWDr.f. EAT wART Rcnns* CO., bp Wm. A, BnuVliohom, Tr-omroT. TBI NEW Ah k. INMA RUPPIR MPd CO.. rcto A CO *?? Ik*,#a*; j I wtm mLLINlRB ALSO. an ireaTai ?AJ?W ?"rt??tlcn. Apply immediately to Mr*. Dnnol. 841 . WANTED I KHID^ATELY.-A BIR3T KATE COOE, . V .", ?"d ?*on#I. it Court i troot. third 4O0J k Villi . from Saekeft south Brooklyn. Those who cannot | | bring good W.otimamdatigM or satisfactory references, need I not appljn. ' TMJ ANTED.?A MIDDLE AGED FRENCH WOMAN, \f accustomed to the care of children. Apply at No. J7b Washington street, Brooklyn. WANTBD-BY A SMART, ACTIVE. YOUNG GIRL, a situation to do generul lionsawork, or to go any distaaoo in the country. Beat ol' reference* given, three year* from her latt place. Can b 1 teen for three days. Fleoae call a*. No. Iti Pell street, fourth Door, back ruom. WANTED-BY A YOUNG PERSON, A SITUATION aa Chambermaid and Seamstress, and ia willing to make herself generally uaaful. Please call at Ibi Third I avenue, aecond floor. Can be aeen for two daye. WANTED?SITUATIONS FOR EIGHTY OR NINETY first-class aervante. of aeveral ualions, and of every ! domestic etation, at 7 Carmine atreet, the only Protectant I agency in tbie city, and at lOti Cbaiubera atreet. "Old buuiety Office." Theae arc the only officea extensively patroniaed by the beet familiea and tirat-claaa servant*. j WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY. WHO HAS JU.iT arrived in tM* country, a aituation ae Nursery (lover- , j in as. She ia aceustomed to do ail kinds o! needlework, and would make herself rtiierally useful. She can jprod uce most ; satisfactory testimonials an to character and eomnetenoy. , I Apply for two daya at tbeollioe of the Globe Hotel, AX) Fulton I street, Brooklyn. I WANTED?A GIRL AS CHAMBRRMAID AND Waiter. No one need apply except with the be?*t of j ' city reference. Apply at Ni>4 Broadway, (above Union [ j iquare.) between the hours <?t and 11 A. M. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RRSPECTABI.E 1 girl, in a amoll private sainily,to do plain eooking and . I ironing, or chambervorK f'leasc -ull it Ida we*'. Twentieth . atrest, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. Beat of city i | reference from her la*t place. | WANTED- A SITUATION HV A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa Chambermaid and plain Sewer, or to aaaiat ia the waehing and ironing, in a raiU privuke family. B-st city reference given. C an be eeen until encaged, at No. Iwcllth atrect, between the Fifth and Sixth avenue*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aa good plain Cook, tVaaher, and Ironer, in a private family. I'luase call at 112 Twelfth street, between Filth and Sixth, avenue*. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, : a situation as Chambermaid und Waiter, and to take charge of children in a private reape .-table family. She haa lived four year* in her fast place. Can give the beat of city reference*. Apply at .'J7 Pearl etreet, lirst fl >or. ! TITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN j TV aiituation aa Cook, vt ashcr and Ironer, in apriiate family. 1* a good baker. Good cit* reference given. Can j be seen for two daya. Please call at 101 Varick street, seoond | } floor. WANTED-A LADY THAT UNDERSTANDS XAKIN<3 1 and mending gentleman's lineu. Addreaa box 1,1.14, Post Office. I V4ITIS A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT TV young woman as chambermaid. Good city refer.ace given. Apply at .'152 Tenth street. Can be eeen fro mil A. M. lo 3 P. M. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young W man. as good Cook, Washer, and Iron- r, or to ' do the general houscwrrk ot a suiill private family. The . notes will l-c attend i to. The beat of i itv reference* given. May be seen for two days. Please call at Na 202 Fifth straet, | corner of a\enuc C. .May be 6eeii Friday an<l Saturday. OF ANTED?BY A EBSPE( TABLE WOMAN. A SITU- | I TV atiou as Cook, in a respectable private family; understand* rastry, preserving. Ate. Best city reference can be j given. Apply at 74 Sixth avenue, iu the b> ok store. WANTED-A SITUATION. I1Y A RESPECTABLE | 1 Protestant girl, as Chambermaid; has no cbjeetioae to 1 take care of children; can knit and aew. Good reference - in ' he given. Apply at 1-7 Water atieot, one door from Bridge strict, Brooklyn. 1 117 AM ED?A >'in: AVION, BY A RESI'E"' I'AULE | TV young woman, as Chambermaid and Seamstress, or to < ? general hovsew-rk in a small private family; vvt very good. Beet of city referen ce given. Mav he aoen for two (leys. Please apply at No. 5y Went Fifteenth street. TETANTBD?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TV jtungwoman, to do general housework in a small pri- , vate family, or to do chaml.erwork and waiting. Beet of ( city refersn- i a given. Jlay Ie seen fur two daya. Plcaeeapply at No. ICS Thou;pi c street, betgeen Prince and Houston streets. 11TAN7EO 11V A I f -VPi'TA'.l.L <i IRL. A SITUA- | TV tion to take ore oi children, and to do plain sewing or-lii'tnbcrwcrk, and to assist in the ..ashing and ironing. Apply at No. Id Sixth street, in the has. msnt Can be seen for two, if not suited. Eeat of city reference can bo given ; has lived a year in her last pi a e. U7AN TED?BY A PRIVATE FAMILY, A SHORT distance in the country, a German or Welsh Pro- t Ueiant woman re vv: it- rand chambermaid, who thoroughly l underatnnda her business. Apply at lf7 Wall street. t t \\l a > 1 tl' IBr.MMAISI.l-4 I IIC.MU l)Kl.l.1imN ! It woirnn ae lad./a maid, who can dreee Lair and nrike > hi e iLuet La well recommended. Apply to W., Altr.r UutK. 117 A h TED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE IT Prc'rCact girl. r? chaimberaiald or wliter or nnree j amatrail r.o no objection to dcing honee work for % . en.?ll private'ainUy. ' an conn- well recommended. Please , call it ,\i.. ?S Christopher at., in the l aarTncut. \I~AN rnr>-A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A RES- 1 " portable yr una woman; undtrsimda pa..try. and would teelat in washing. Good rffertuoea given. No objection to the cetniry. I'letao call at;; Chambers itrcet, in the rear. i Car be teen for two daye. , \ITA.STIP-A SITUATION. BY A\ AMERICW ' >T rl. at general house smrk i- ? gtnall private family. ( H, it of city reference! ' ?n >(?y p.e #e. n for two dajfa, . Plet.o apply aOi", jntteenth atrnet. in 'V rear. \l'\NTlTi-A PROTESTANT WOMAN TO COOK. " waah, iron, and areiet in general homework. Alio, a , I'rnt. "tact irl aa child'* aurae They must be well rccvm ended. Apply be Hn> M Qnutd .lertey Chy. , YKTAMTBD-dk rROTEfTANT GIRL. CAPABLE OP j it doing the kltuhen work of eeven persons; alie must , 11 i!r" :ccxccpti<>naMe references, and be capable of k i,.|i , ii., kifet.rii end p-aotriea in p erfest ?rder. Appligation tuay be made at 213 Adams street, Brooklyn. \1T ANTE D?BV A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL ?i who ran apeak the French language, a situation to go ' travelling vith a family. Shu ia a good plain tower, and e'Culd have to objection to taking care ol a child; or a ait I ? ati n as ht -vardesa n hoirdof a e teener. Canto eeen 1 for two days ),y calling a* 2M East Itrnadnay, at Dr. Tuttle'e WANTEP-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aa Cook and l.aundreae. in a small private fimllv. Pleaee call at fl Riv ington street, roar basement. \I<r A N T E D ? A NICE AND TIDY GERMAN C1RL. if nheieagood plain cook, end tlrat rate wisher and 1 ironer. Enquire ?t 51 Exchange place, ur ataira. n/i.'.ti'?? a "L rv n I m.MU I'lKSUV M'lAK Ire F.rrlieh, withe* to obtai-i a situation is a. private 1 family, in Now York, to take the full care ?f one or two t rooea children. M< nr.d-rs'tnds maVins children's clothe", 1 and I* ctpnMe in tee h them her own lat via* >. A note a I- ' drcesi <1 tu I*. W , Herald eE;e, will meet with prompt at ' tentinn. < M'ANTF.C-5ITV ITION'- BY TWO RM E rAUl.F. " pirl*. ir irivale families?ena ae Cook, Washer, and Inner *.h" eth?r a* Chant eroia'o. The best nt ritv rale- I rence riven. Can h? a en for twn iati at No 9 Cedar et. ' \y a nt i: ii-t noaovoi in-door servant, ? w l.n csn prnd'i.-? satisfactory |M HMtttetloM. Apply i a? v Drtedwty, Dm lloch ' W^HANTKD-BY A RMFICTABLR YOCNQ WOMAN, 1 a situation na Chepihertmid. Waiter, or Laendms. In a private family. Oond city reference can he riven. Apply at H<> M lhtiry tin et, second Itoor, in ti>? rear. U'A.v1 IP?p POTEST AWT RERVANTS FOR FAMILES it np town. Tr.ece professed rovkn fl?o ?<>me god | eooke waiter#, nurses, and other m?le nn.t frmaWhelp Apply, with city refer?nee? nl the Acency Office f .e providing rvartt HO Eatt K-orteenth street neat to I'nieu Plant Hotel, NewV ork. any day tbit weak. WANTED- SITUATIONS l"i: si UNCI mi rv.o ' vr P< nteh. 'tree Am ri en, two Col red, twrlvo Irish J Protestant, and twenty-five Catholic aorraote?p*ofees?d . ard plain C'oks. Nurese, Chamhermttda, and thefungh ee*rsnis. Most nfthesn eerrantn hare lived in to' at resreetaMe f-.iiliia andean ? htahly recommended. Apply at MANNINi.'S office, it'i Fulton street, Brooklyn. A I ADV. HP F.NTI V FRO* KVKOPE. WILL CtVK | instruction in all of nsefni and ornamsntal arte. < modelling waa Hewers, feuits, and daires- oil mid enamel | i s r iini s, hair hraldlnr, lie., in ah rt and easy leaeona. Ap- I ply at ISO Elm street, near Broome street. l A VOI C. LADY, WHO WRITES AN RYCELLRNT cm tend is a to d aeeonnteat, of active hnhita. end good ddrtes. iust nrrii ed. wiehea a situation >n n atwre. Can he ' well recommend, d. At ply et JM Twnnty-neoond a'.reei, ear Ninth avenoe. \i ortis iriiBts a htoitmr a* sp.awetreaa ard Chambermaid. Oood eity refer'nre from 'er lost er-rlnvr. Can he seen, frem nine till four, et No. !? Eiah'h avenue, near Fifteenth street. _ i /* a x i ? isii'o MirL'Mj? tn?nt. Apply at har prcaent pta e, No. 2S Eaat Twentjrdret ptrr 1. \N I \ VrRIF.NCF.P BOOKKEEPER. HU lMi A I t'V leievre hnnra earh afternoon an 1 atoning. doalret to irrlnr ?hc ??m?. In , ? wholaatl* ov retail aataMlehmmt, In >r?pipyU.o hooka or aroeonta. or a? corrrapondent. or 'n other 'fllaiol work; rr a* rnprlat for a pr.teaaioBal firm Adureia Bookkeeper, oIT.of (hi* paper. \RARE CHANf'K TOR A OAR OENFR?FOR RALE, the O-raauhowrej, Plant*. Ahrtiba, Tr*oe. and Vina* on I e premitea of J .ah*w'a Garden. onrn?r Firet ar*nn? and Eleventh etrnet. Alao. a Ira*" ofeliteeu Iota of around, for he term of MierWen jear? For particular* In inira af J. haw, 21 Amn ttreet, or at tha rardec. ( "ir.K WANTED?aHE HPST III A \ ERT GOOD rnoR. V rn r> callent waaVrand Ironar. and mu?t l>a wllllct and mod tempe*ed. Fnch ? nno ntor hnd a *nod"hom*. hr arllrinr at 77 R<tenth atreat Beat of reference* rt>|ulrrd rin her l*?t pla<t N B. Prote tan*I preferred. ORVO Ct.FRK WANTED -ONE HAVING A thorough knowledge of the r-ttll and nrefriptlnn ' ir n- ?. Am Ir t. oraddrra* for daye, Wm. D. Crjinbie, . "<I2 Broadway. ><r, I'onrtarnth a treat, CMri.OTMENT TO f. A NV.AARERR AND DELIVER rr? ? A *n#d 'l?li\ rf'r m ? klfl t MMINl IttflMjol J ti ' rr-'<1 vifi, Apply t? W. !!. fry, (Virtaa, Son It Co ' ,) , " Mmittnt. ] \| IT.t.TWr* WANTED TO 00 rorTIt-A 1 ADY TV 1 " dtraiandlnt hot t in all Ita Sranrhat. Nona 1ml in m..| . ir, tent n"?.| apply. A Pmtralant prr fner"! ! Arplr k?lw?* ? and in o'clock, at Miaa Bahoork'a, Na W-i Br. adwav. (up ataim only). R.frranro r? N. II ? I llitral alary, ail atpmV a paid. I W?l<iW casta WANT1D-ANY PASTY HAVfNO ( ' "(Ard tiand rnnntar or J?n?lry al?o?>aaat. whiohhe la i wllli tr la aril rPrap may hear of a ruat>,mar, ly addrraiing 1 0 ' RanM nllli a. | SHOW ('ASM?WANTED. ONE OR TWO, GOOD and cl Mp, In tradi f ir ant' iiMa articl?a, or caa'i Air ' r r?n? l arip* Ihvm to <ii?|<,ao of. , an addraaa I)., Ilcrald I fllco. ? rp(l MERCHANT TAILORS ANO CLOTH I ERA. ? I Wanted, I t a ynnnr man. a altnation aa cnttrr Tha >rpfr:lT'n >a ytran. fur particnlartpleaao ad Ireia H. .. Herald ??ct. ______________ ?r W ATI nil All ICRS WANTED AN EXPERIENCE,D ' 1 ? ? War-a IW i or ?k. 0 oatant amploy- \ - I 1>< - V m l.auK at the e'nre of > /id A ROtlUS, .<7 Atlas!'.. ?* ? BrooMm, Jj wants. TI7ANTED? A PE1S0N TO ASSIST IN CONDUCTING WW the badness part uf a weekly paper u tlui olty; one snnewhat accustomed to furnishing matter (or a paper would b? preferred. a tnoll compensation sale will M pnik Adartsi, stating term. B. R. D.. Herald office. W A NT IT)?A r ERSON TO TAKE C1IA RG OF THE cutting ani manufacturing department of a wholesale ii.trt.tcrw T??.# ?&?? product TOtxdeptionable reference, Constant employment and a good salary will be given. None others need answer. Ad'.r. ?e llo* 7'.'d 1'osl (Jit' e. WANTED?liV A RESPECTABLE 80< TCHMAN. F.V ploytnent a* tth' ttherd L'uderetande dnv ing aud the care of horses; ctu attend to .took ot every kind; ale . butchering and curing aunts, tec. lias had charge cf (WW roilch cows in Sooflsnd for seven or eight vear*. Apple fur Suotchmaa. at Henderson Intelligent ofli:es, Nos 7C and 77 Niifr.i street. _ WANTED -FOR A DRV GOODS IMPORTING STVIU'. an active young man. as Porter. One ac uetomvd to tbc business preferred. Address (in applicant's handwriting) to Box 1.42't P' .t Office. WANTI D-BV A MAN A SITUATION AS . 1)1 PER Smlter and Iteftner. Una had many years e>reritnee. The best of reference can le given. AJdrti-sG. D , Carnarvon Castle, Oak street. Canadian papers | copy this. WA.NTF.D-A SITUATION A- tOAOIIMAN. SERVED three years la his last place. Can givego. d retcrenos. Can be seen for two days at 1,1 N.ntb street, third hour, up stairs. WANTED-A SALESMAN IN A GRV GOODS 8T( RI .'147 Eighth avenue. None but good hands need apply, Call before it) A. M., or after t> o'clock P. M. N. B.?Th.i tore closes early. WANTED-A "-ITCAT10N AS COACHMAN, BV A most respectable young man, who perfectly uuderstsnds the management and care of horses understands the feeding, rearing, breaking, aud all diseases in horse.: is fully compuUnt to take charge of carriages aud tiuracse, ,n all its branches; is a ,aroful, steady; cau drive four-lahand, if necessary. Lived nine years in a tirst class family. Can produce the best of city recommendations, as to character. capability, and good habits. Kefors to h.s last employer. Please call ut, or address, 437 Houston etroot, near Bowery. w hand Press. Any person having such for sale will hoar or a purchaser, ' y calling at Vo. >U Roade street. th.rd floor. J. COKDL'AN & BROTHER. \ I RO'J LSTANT Yul'NU WOM AN WISHES A 8ITI'. i ution as Cuok or Chambermaid. Referonoos from the lastplace she lived. No. 9.1Plcrpont etreot, Brooklyn. TO SMOKERS.?A PERSON ACQUAINTED WITH the business oi smoking fish, pork. Si : . havuea little capital, may hear of a good opening by X, Y. L., at the oflice of this paper. HOVUM, MOXI, ?t.( WAffriD* Afarxmnk wantfd.-a cent; eman, h o . hia wile and two children, \^sh to chta n pleasant f'l urtim nte, with or w ithoat board, m a private family where there are no other boarders. J hey require a parlor uud two bedrooms, with pantries attached, and accommodation for ? c rvant. Location btwoen Houston and Fourteenth streets, mar Uroadw ny. A genteel trench family preferred. Rtie! !! ts Addrcs- II". > 1'ost OdKe. A CELLAR OR KITCHEN WANTED, IN THE NEIGHborlu.od of Division, East Broadway, Forsyth, Chry tie, or Bayard streetr, at a moderate rent. Please Address J. II. C., Herald office. HOl'ST. WANTED-A GOOD TAl O-AND A HAL* OR thrc?story llousc, with the modern c credences, either up or down, (or whi ha liberal rent will be paid. Pusses ession wanted al ertly. Addrss Hot 1, I'd Post o . v. PART OF A HOUtTE WANTED, bA A GENTLEMAN, wife. child, and servii'nt. The second t.oor, wit., kite sa, re<ivircd. References givei1. Addtess M. 1'. 3 , Bex fit', Br' adw ay Post office. PART OI A HOI S E WANTET?-BV A GENTLEMAN his wife and or.c child. S.tnation, below 1 raaklin street, ltd west (" Broadway. Direct to Post 'Ht.ot. box V55. WTANTED?A GENTEEL TWO STOK*" HOUSE OR vv cottage, with Croton water tod gar.'*" ' most te rlirsantly situated on e stage route ; distant fru'd " ? City Ilal). between two ami three miles would he prefeiNtd. Address M. ii. t., box i.dd.h i est Ofle<. 1X7*ANTED?A SMALL BOUBB OR COTTAGE. FlTEvv nisl.ed, in the suburbs of this city cr Brooklyn, contiguous to a sta?e route or some other mode of conveytu ic, end not further off thin thirty or forty minu'es fp"n ti e l'rst office. A rottago with n garden, or. f. ng itll&cl.would be preferred, but it must possess the Idvantage (: being a?ccsoihle from the "ity in ths aboveniea'forcd tire. Address rtatlxi ?.. t location andnat, f ?. s , Harald effiea. TIT AN TED TO RENT?A OENTBIL THREE-8TOBT vv Hone.with all the modern conveniences, I y arrivals family. (without children), in the upper pjrt ct the city, beLweeu the Sixth and N iuth avenues. A ddrci -, at at lug terms nd lot; tion, L. N., office of thij papor. tTlUSIDKULi liT ATB1MON IA I..?A YOWG ENf. L18U GF NTLEK VN -vl. of. lie, of a kind and atVeotinnato dsp s tion. withes :o unite km seit to a young lady ( English prefi rrcd) of m>ori?ssii g npiearanee and fault*ti"g manners. l.,eud??r;i?cr wili at t rtlr return to Esglard. All in nn' it' cs sill be confidential. Address with full rar.i faro r.i to 1 ige Ate., At'. AA . Fort Off e. New York. dancinoT ' 0 AM INO AND WALTZING.?MR. L. BRO will open Uls soheel. on Tuesdav. Sept. Ultl..l>5i, at its i Rooms, crner of Delam ty and Cbrystie streets. All Ae new and fashionable styles of danelnv -.aught, in- ludin ivcry variety cl waltzing. Applicant-' f. r jrivat. Ion ; 1 :ai\ commence immediately, at Mr. It'* pri ate atadeuiy ind n siut nee, cii.1 Grand strert, corner of the B /wury. UAM IT.W AlJALtHV-llU CSASB IT SECT, FOUR , doore lri it Broadway. -Mr. t. !ERKACUU> |it >fi<ior ] n. enter, a ad ?U? -ole teaohtr. known In t anoa, of ?' > ' taw ami laehionaUe dances. w'ostc taiir; 4"U t Mt: ?i? rcciitib) ndat.ot. has opened ki> f-? -'*Bp Jn'T. *. I '.'.at 111- adeert icaus1.only tor .. ?0'. itty, and bo on- il..e. HENRY WELLS fc SISTER S DANCING ACADEMY, Stay tenant Institute, (ViU Broadway, to ..pen on tlu I.'th September IT. W eils and hie sitter, ??. U. Gin 111, till deiote thctnaeliee rolely to ten -liirg prl at" dan (?r. II.oy have adapted a new system, with the view to mi he itn" ny a incete ot promotiu* health, ae well aa a a int. of tccitiiring ibe moat rratcfol aiiJ ilniohcd depctaen.. All the gtu walt/ a,'luadrillea, die., will bo ta iaht in t'.o im] l> ?t intl moat appropriate manner, Apply to II. W'Ule A "-ater, tally from 11 A. II. till >1'. M. a'PARTKKltSllIP KOTiCES. The i'artnersuip heretofore existing be tween the euteerihera hie hctn it ie day diaioWed by ootunl eoa>ati The business will la carried on ly Win. ["uueaia A Co.. oho will pay all tlia debt* and of itid partnership.?New Voih, Sopp nil. r i, 1S.1i. (Biyned) IV1I. TAUSSIG k CO. I HERD ON i RIK> D. PAKTNKE WANTED- WITH A ASH i vr lT A fHOM $:'<ai to Bl.liliO. to join the advertiser in a lirat elaaa R- itaorant lb i bi tr business, a French or 1 eritun r ' Tarred. Ld droaa, with real a am a. to O. D.. Horald i fllaa. PARTNER WANTED.-THE ADVERTISER, Wild HAS let* Mi in the publishing hueintei, a"d haa a lar/e lumber of etandard worka. is de-iron* ol uuitia* himself oilh an activi man who ia <ina'ifiod to etndnct th? oueince<. - . _ , LI. |L. . I. ..... . _l i.. ... I. -..J ;i??n to tht n-r nuftctunn ? d?*pirtmtntt i'roin 2 ikAJ to f.'l '"0 will purchase one half of the concern. payable in i-pr olurvve i? il c?!at?. A Idrc.-s Kufert, at tkiPARTNER WANTED. t ACTI\ E OR OTHER*IiE.1 IN nn latahlDhtd manufacturing butincia, of un| .tral.alai iTocpccts. Artic|e? of daily consumption? < .ual t.. the very ?! ?? Vrei < h. Cash capital end business tact ar) ctetnti.\f. Addrcls. with teel nemo only, Fortune, Uertld office. (MUNI i; 'I'll M A h F. A Fii'tTI N T, UAMI'.lt. A J Partner, In the beet Panorama In exlit-nn", now rriily >' Hi bitiou. The Panorama is u new one, ot a oi' it popular euhjeot I r lurther mlormation, addref, ly, '/ . V. Herald ollloe. CCllPOIlATION wo rit es. Corporation notice ?ppblic notice is hereby clean that a aale of property, for unpaid tbvee >f the )rrr P<:> w|i| take pla e at pnblie auction, on Satr.tlay, the fifteenth day of November, IMI, at tie' In k noon. >t tli# City llall, end b" continued from my to my, nut I he whole ill laid property rhall be aoid and that the dealb d statement of the lave aud property to l? Bold ie "ibllahed in the Morning C< nri r end N- w Vork En inlrer, n laily newspaper printed end j ohlieli. I ip th- city of New fork JOSEPH n. tavi.or, Comptrallor. Ci'Mrrttcti ri'r Orritg. IS, IhSI. Notice to carths v ;<> ic m-w their i.icenaee.?The ordinal, o for li>-nainr aw l ragulatlng ;.nblic carte and rartmen, M?tMM that all 1u an-ea bhbll ire on the laet day of October, In etch yenr, ren-wnhle previone to that time, If applied for at an h time ae may be l| pointed by th' Mayor. Notice Is Iierahy given, that ren?w- | ale of Urease to ke- p pnblie car-a and to be public eartm-n, a ill be granted at this office. between the he raol Id A. M. and I P. M.. on M .ndsy September l.'n to h'oi. I to 3?; Tneeday, lotb, h'ai to 400; Wednesday, 17th, ft#) to flUO; Thureday, l-'.n, I'll total; Irllav. P'th, fOJ to 1 "<>; Saturday, ?Nh. I.ta*> to l,2Wh Men lay. '124, I '.HI to l.t'W: Tneadey. M, l,4i? t?l.itU; H oltudu, ,':th. I.O II ; I ?<?'. 11. Iir-I.o y h l.-ui' rrbley. Jb'h, S.ibai to 2 JMfc Saturday. "th. 1.J.M tn t pa); Monday, mh, 2 *00 to Tue-dny. thin. 2,6*) to 2 NM| Wednesday, Octal <r I, lt"U to 3,UBS: Ttinrrday. 2d. S.i**? t> ISO: Friday, Sd. .t ?J?I to .7.100; Saturday. Ith. :i.b?l to .1 d'kh Monday, 6th, .T.IDIU and upward- The numbers mint be ' newly painted on rach side vf the carta, accord In.- to law; and II a carte brought to the eaat aide of ttroadwae,nppo-lte Ihe < ity llall, where they will be inspected and the eld llrrn-e rhv'krd. which mm t then be presented to the Fint Marshal, f'r renewal. Cartnien ere par ticulerly r? (lt-e'ed to apply on the days de-I-nat-d above for th- ir respective hun ters. It l? not lav.ful to r?new licensee alter the Inst tobsr The attention of all psreene heping or using stnrvse we,-ens, bagraye wagons. and other vehicles f lor the transportation of articles from placs t<> pins < w ithin j tkreitv. Ie dire t -d to the I llnwint extrasta fr< i;> the ordl n< net:-Sr i. 1 ?K\?ry >-art, truck, w agon, dray, or thar vehicle, drawn by on* or in or- hurica or other awtmala, ? h'l-l' elinll he heit tit-4, driven. orctnployed for th? trenejortation or oom cyauee "f anyt tng whate?yver. from plate to ply o a ithin the t.ty of Ntw Vorh. 'or Ulrt. wagea, or pay for aweb tinmiiortnttiui. ahall be deemed n public cart within ll.ruionninc of thi? ordinance: end?very r ran who ahall act op or to teep. u?e. drive, or employ any "uch public cart, without ilrat obtaining Itcanan Uierefnr from tna Mayer of raid city, ae hereinafter provided, ahall be deemed entity of I a violation of thia nrdlnnnca," and ankiect to a fine not exceeding ton dnllare, or iiopreontnent not exceeding tan dryr. for ot cry rflen e. Sec. 2.? " * " It ahall not by lawful fur any pereon to receive or to hold a li'cnae to beepprblia carta or to be a public cart man. nnleee he h? a r itlzi it of the Cnited Stater, and haa a family, and reatdea altb bit fan ily in aaid city: or If not having n laimly, ahall bate reeldrd iiinutll' therein during eix mnutha pre eding; end la the actual ownerof the ark or carta, with rood borate II etc for, to ijewmcd to be hart at public carta: an I the Mayor may i ermine under oath all terrene applying ' r, oy holding any an'h licence. or tho renewal th reof. touching kl.clr neli'hoatlona a* aforeaald: and all lieenaaa other tban to tertnna t" nullified, ahall ha aoid."- Mayor a We e, September I. I-Al. Ily order of hie Honor, the Mayor. A9IIKR TAVl.Olt, Flrat Minhil. HtirRLI. | RkMt'M huCBR BUSTtlfl, MA?s. THIS WIM 1 known (itahllahment la atlll conducted in the >aia? nanurr it alwaya haa been The ccutral and plaaeent alto itlcn of thy houae, it* commodlonl arrangymcnta, and the "inforta nnd lnanrlta to be fonnd tlirta, combine to render t agreeable and advantagrona tc the traveller. Having bear me of thy firm of John G. Tucker Ik Co., to long nt thy head :f tlia catablielifn*nt. the aubacriber pl-dgea hla beat cxar lone to maintain ita reputation, and to yiye antiafaoMon te t|a enatomera WM. H. PARKER. ASTRIIUIOY Ar. Abt ll.M/OV.?f)R. C. W. RORAt'K, FROM 9WRPMN lately from Philadelphia, offVra hie aervicya to the citi ena of Hew York. Ha ia ablo to foret?!l part, pryaant an' utnra yvanta. Fee -f,adiea. AO cento; gentlnmen, 91. Hn ivit'yoo?l-n|?t*d? Ladlea, |A; gentleman. |A. Offcee He. ' FMae atreet. New Terk, where lattora. poet paid, artll rooeivt mmedtnty attention. Fer paraienlara. aeo diat'F !*?** AJmiki tu by fitttfti M Ud tltt u?Hd t

-??? ? "w? ft ? v eo .V.' ,, a , - UMIT, ??. 1tt in REWaRD.-LOsVo* Tl'ESDAT, r. M., FROM I ? ' ' a holaia the batten of a wagon. Blank Leather Meg, containing n aubeoriptlon boob to the Life and Wtit1 of John A Jama. o f no worth to any pereou but the eub rentier. The r.ader will confer a favor, an J reov.vo tl.e above Kwatd, ty leaving it at O. Tryon'a. i7b Pearl treat. ) , or at the A; {Jocorner of Lroome (treat ani . ?owiry. W. w.LTMfibld. i LOBT OR MISLAID? A mCjJf&SiiRV VOTE dbaTT.41-" by i'raacia B. Striker, date.- July U i-'Al, at tBM? I 1 monttta, for $1.0 0, to tho orior of fiUM E. Sj.nola, un<i i endoraed by him and other*. All poracne ar* cautioned | againtt negotiating aaid note aa payment ha* boeuelopped. Tl.e fader will tinier a la. or bt return.og the u- i* lo K. LEFFERTH. 17 i ulton a tint, Blot kiyn. LOST ON THE THIRD If'ST , TWO HAN' LOOKS, ! one of the Uauk for 4a\.eg",Chuoibereetreet No. Ui.h.-.'; I the other. No. T'i.967 of the fcowery Sat a** L ink. Tit under will plenae leave them at tne r-.-paotive bank*. B' OAT LOST.?LOST, A i'l i-EET lit 'AT, PAINTLl) black, iua ue painted (re??, ooiper lavtcaed, rith brnia rotvlocka. Ten dollaro reward will bo paid to any 1 pertoa returning eaid boat to i.L. KNEEI.AND, iXM 1 ront t'.reet. j KfiWAlUNi. tfr Kfb RIWARD.-STOLKN. J ROM THE STAB: OT j Buv the eubacriher, in the village of Olana Falla, on ! i Tueadey night, bentciaher if. a aark run gray Iforao, aig 1 j Jeara old, weigha about imbibe . low build, white ii ane a .J I fail, with aeare near the fetlock on both near feet. Fifty dollar" retvard will be paid on recovery of the horte and I conviction of the thief, or one-half for either. Apply to JAMES SiSHON, Twenty-th rd at. ard Eighth ate. BOARDING! AND LOOCINOS. A TRONT AND BACK. PARLOR, WITH FANTRIES j I -X uttaehod. on the aecond Poor, unfurniahed. to let, with I ] hi erd, to gentlemen add their ?'?' ' Kelercuoea eicbauged j Apply at No 13 Firetatreet, i cr.rtt.e Bowery^ Board?the 8dd3cbiber has taken the comraodioua houac No CM Houston atrcnt. corner of ] Cmaby atraet, and has token puisa to furniab ;t ,n modern i ityle, new throughout, for boordcra, in order thai those I wLo may fa?or li:in with their pair r.agn may Dnd all the | required comforts of a home. A lew gentlemen with their : [ w1. er, alto a tow single gentlemen, t on 1>q accommodated. , | Thoie who prcfcrto do eo. can take the.r dinner at his place | I tf bneinCBS, 7ti Maioen lane, luncUcn of Mbtrtv etriet. CHARLES SWIFT. Boardivg in south erooki,yn.-a private i family, occupying a ,argo houto eligibly situated uoar | tho ferry, woold accoma-oda'.e two or three young eeutte i men with partial board and well furnished roms To g?ntleinon dtsirin, a comfortable home for tho w.n'T, this &fi foro'8 n pood opportaaitj , ae every attcni,on wl 1 bo rendered ] to ineke their homo pleuauEt. Fcr addrvts, apply t.t U3 At. lanli street. Board?a handsome suite or room?, on the aeoond acor; Mao, one on the t) id, art to let, with boeru. ) at No. 7s Fact Twenty-third street, near tbo l"c arth a . ecus. The ho'-r\ la furnished with lathe, gas, Ac. Board _*n south i. rooulvn.-a . iintj.evan and wife r'-,|u re board,-with neatly furniahed itting and bedr m adjoining, in the nonse < f n -mall private fair,:!y, and w '.bin cftcen m nut' ' walk of the Frlton or 3 oh lerrier. The gentleuiaa at hcuie to'.r on Sunday tnly. Addreee > .eorge Herald . Sice. I Board wanted in the country. r> ra little girl, about ten year* old. O' nveni. -.t to steamboat or railroad, near the c.ty, A farm li nearaath I i referred. Aadr-s E. ? ., lferuM or.-..-. Board wafted, in Brooklyn*.?agi ntlbnen and*, fa ra elro board, (: i. the l"th d N eeutujr 1 next I with a neatly furnished re ' . uti.i U i<? f a email privato family, and w.tbin fifteen or twenty luinutea walk of he Fulton or South 1 hn gentleman at a. me to din ] ner < n Sunday, ol.v. Addree D.'ctor, at ot..e, fall i articular*. Bo.' rd wanted, in a private house, for a gentleman ae >i lady, w: ?. . ro n I v?:.?r, rr i fared. Partial boa-d tr ? the gentleman. Mnarl i as n'Is in advance. Addteee n. E. at this Pica. stating f tsticulart 1 and location. Board in j husky ty.-qo >d R IRQ . am rr obtu u- d n Jersey s.iy, abort t ftten minutes w..!k fr m j the terry, for feiailieH or , Ingle gentlemen. Apply to J. Clewee,.. erety City Ferry. I30ARD1N0.?A OEKTLEHAN 1 SHI I TO SECURE A hoard for a lady, in ? quiet'a ..iy, where then art few I il' any tcardor-; with a widow lad,. |wfnrti whare no j < ueatinni vjII! i,<; naktd. AddrsseL.ii < In, llerald '.a.-:*, for I thread*,a. | ooardino -the upper tart ot A two htorv ?J J!-.hie tn rent, to.-ither . r itratale, t< aiagl-: gentleQ(n or a "nail family withont children. Ti e h'it*.j .y y-%H ?,J i'.l*tleee t f kit ,i?n an be In f. . ...I ,h, I the ?*e of hot and tvlfi batLrocxn. Aj piy ;j J?r?. sedlar.t, j :>sl Hcuitcn street. PAH! OR AND BEDROOM ?WANTED. BIT A SIN- 11 louii M tlMnt Mi * ell irmehed parlor, ud i ostall bedroom ad.owin,;, in a private beano, up towu, conUiniarr I uthroom. to., with or - ..ho hi ar>l. ;<?' irdni? house keepers, nor these who only a few select boarders or loiters, and nether those wh<-ie rooms ar" pot already famished, Jif.d apply. The nt(?t urr ?e,> iti. aallo RfmiMt will ha | rtia iwitM Bn LUI riN OHms RUOMS TO LET TO fINGLE GENTLEMEN-!. IA ??nt i rushed room*, wit!, full or partial bt-rd n a private family, i'or t i.-t. ilar* n..u ? at 11.1 (Jr..uC street, three do re wsst of Broadway. Reference re joircd. 'PO LET, WITH BOARD. IN A l'RIVATE FAMILV, A A me I r a.ion and anew house, one parlor and bedrooms < for gentleman nod wife, or ringle gtntiouiuu, whera all *. .? 1 comforts ?i a hows .. ill be lound, Avplyat 19 Jay etrect, 1 one door front Grem?i h strest. Ti'.LIT TO BINGIB GENTLEMEN - N LtV LY FSE- ' A nisoed rooms, without board, in a real ct?U- private I 1 family. ia th? vicinity of Broadway. J'cr I articular*, ad- 1 dress If. I>. U., Herald ofioe. I I WANTED?ROOMS FOR TOUR GENTLEMEN. WITH ' pa tia. board, near Broadway, not farther-r than tf.s i ( Pa;k. Address U. P.O.. Herald effire. | I RE STAt'RAN Tsl CHILLEY OYSTERS. THE SEASON I1AS COM j IJ rnenccd when cystcps Ire ?eod to be tvteu Mr. S. i does not Inttsd that any -.atab'. - . i-art ia the world tn'l | t x el in th? -j ca 1 ity nrd variety cf his relecti, re and the I prorrletor of other Msj-I* n a'nrure* most art up etrlv to ? if I OTta the oysters of th,i Kertaurant and Cafe. I t HF.Ll.E'i S.-i HE MIM 10 1TAWME3 AVDCL'Rj rios prepared, ft this establishment, are an entire new arti lc, the eld favhion e irry powders, their m?>iiomel in ell and tae'e. hare Icon superseded by an oriental preparation in.r-1 need to this country I y Mr. r'.elly, and who has the ] reparation* tor sale, Instructions fur use. Families who would mtroauce to thoir tables ti e uwtt wholesome of i?ui>e an a dishes, caa procure the material* of Mr. S., hM ; Broadway. SHELLEY 8 LADIES DEPARTMENT-ENTRANCE oik door this tide of Chr.s(t Church, just oat of ltr< idI way. in At MMdt street, is the only plsce la the city of New Vera white such a oeinMr.aticn ot edible luaurlee sen be Ifnrciehed aa Mr. SLtlley Lilt c( fare pieturee forth. Ladiee ?rii c>-T ill u.' a r-., ^ in r.,. l ptivuLe t| ertu., r.ta. CORBYN S-TniS SrACIOVJ 3AT OON, I N PER THE Broadway Theatre, It hae direet omminicwtioii with th? l?tc*? liir'li and far juet; ami an cut*?nie out Broadway. Tin e'tabliehoient lias Iw.n furnie'.ed a id ! i.ttrii j[ will, a Jut n-int i to eleran:e and orafort. N?ne ' tut the loat wine, l. uora, and c.par? will be u?'d. Tin; att'd'anV are eiv 1, (re nipt, and .blip,up. < iHBYN i will, at all timet, 1-. happy to Me hit friende and the public i in peaerni. ! UftUOR*. MAROAUY, LANTTI. ESTATBE. AND ST. Jl'I.IEN Claret, very line, from 14a to > i per do<an, Lottlaa retnrnedi J." percent. below ita value, and delivered free in any part of the oily. OA 1,1.1 WON I .8 cel*brnt< d Brandy 8t? re, dliU Broome atreet. oorner of Croaby N. B. t'he i.nctt w net, a ,| reeomwended by all pbyelciana. AI.UA NY AND TROY STfX'K A ' F?. IN MAI' ktva with tap, at pi eaoh u.t, d for fam.lj nee, and , del tert'l free of etp'lit" in any part of the eity. K'-psnd tap to >.e retn.'nen when empty. The .eltlrated liraeiy Store, 4 0 Br iotot etret, orni r of Croely. NOTTC1? TO IMPORTERS or GIV.-TDE SUPERIOR 1 Court of thu State ot New Yurk haeinp rrentel ue an 1 ininaetion, reatrainin* ti.rtiea from iinportiop. aellinc. or j aavrrtfunr any pin with nnr trade n irk of a " an,'or j , ell op for pin whatever e? and for Swan Oin. nnltva It be Mettled from ue, we het> L* oaul.on all imnortere of and dralire in pin not to .mport any pin with the "Swan Brand," or ndvertite "r aell any pin na and for "Swan Oin," ntilem it be pr?i wred from ul at tliey will ovberiviee mike i thtmeclvea liable to danur" e?A nn notion at lew 9i.DlCr.ARD5 k CEBITARD. llbliUASCKM, mil k. KMllllk'l 1 N I IMk IVStl WAV r liUPtVV J. Chartered i* lK34; oiBrea. It Tulton etraet. Brooklyn; SM'fehanla' Ei.hanye, Wall atreet. New \nrk have their t |itrl I ae alio a h iadroi .? iiirt'l : I Inverted n the uv t nnd.nbt"! eeouritiar nntl em, tin a to m?uri tuiliiax*. m r handlee, furniture, and other pera'nel property. v#???la In port and their camoca, a|on at favtrable terr-ieae any other timilar inatltntlon. WI LI. I AM ELLSWORTH, rreiidett. At.rarn O. fnvia',leettMrr. ITMTr.n STATES litf. iw?rRANCEc??rPANT. wo. \J t! Wall atreet?Poliuiea IndUpaWtfel*. ?a^pt on tk? . around of Jraud ?Thia eoatpanv makea every inauran-e e?.n. J aet ted erith life naka.oion ae farorat I* te.-iui ?v any r.tntlaf laatituUca. PhEftERIt'K SHELDON. President. , JOHN A. BTCM ART, Actuary, J. Eanr. Jr.. Reeretaty. ' I POILICATIII1*. JIII'EILS LIVIWO A(.I-? OWTENTS Or WO. ! d 1?'? Onte.?I, ri,tn< llmtn/. fraor i Mara nr; 1 il. Ttra ?B the Ana'oi, Near York Kvenina I'oat; \ Pit- 1 catrn'a talno I and th? lilandora, Athene nm ; 4. Me Novel, or Varletiea iu English Lif , I'art XII, Blankarottd'i Murrain' : A, Net Kcanlta of 1?ia o Germane and Italy, Worth lint.ah Keriave; It, lleatrnet. n of Small ft rda. Part* ford C'ourant; 7, Mr. Uladat?n<'a raoioM-1 tn Napier, ( Si" rtator. Poetry?Sabbath Evort.r.r, Th- Two Pray re. i Slxtt Attl-lea? Nauea of Flowrs. Iuitan'an ??? Phot . A en In,..., I'.,,., fin? ? a, I..., t. J ?. I.inftird. 1'n'bilali wei iiTat if t doltart a year l>y E. Ltt-li ' ll I n., It i?ton, :.nd Hold by i PKW ITT h DAVUN FORT, T> bur. Bn Idinri. V. V. J SIX TF\RS I.ATI H; <>R. Tilt T \ K S., IP Till B IS- ' file, by At randre Pomae-I'lnp tie on Un nation Bid ' tin Ml ennolr?ien of ' Memoir* ?f A Phyeic'nn," " The ?Ju en a " N'cklae?; or, Th? So r t lllatory of th-Court of Louia tha c Slate-nth." T. B I"at< raon, V . !"i l.'hoitn'.t rtr ot, PMll- J Itlibia, liavitr rur?li**'d tni adrvi-e ihaeta, n l'r?noh,of tbo love mot wort, at a Unto "ap-nra, and haviny bad it tranalat-d Info Kncllali, Pythe b- ?t I r n It tranalator .a the i world. Thouia.? W mama r.? i , of tl>n oity nt N?w Vork, and | lain 01 Pane be t--n~ on Int.. .at- 'ri-n-t < A -aar.On , nana, lil ? nr-al plea? ;r-in ann nncliu-to t' M irliofl i oenmry tbat tha nbore m#et-r ple-a of Al?ta..dM Oumaa ia , llii? Joy i nbllahfd l,r him, with kaaatifully llnetraudeorer \ aad portrait. | rinted from lino en^ravine . and n-w at-reo ti pe plntea on tha boat of whltn i aper. 1'riee rtfiy nta. It j eilil I - frvnd. on petuMl, to I a??n i. ir nt . tint than j < .'liar < t tha ? irkt of whi-h It iatl a ! aad ntin t Ion THa wriot of aortla will proro to I a the moat ahaorb ar ' alilia'iod. Add I rdi ra to 1 II r NTt kSON No ciioatnct t, I'; lad-l|hia I r - a ti" ll?re and na* t a jen'.i .n New P-rk, ; and it rooybon' 'ho United ntal Ql P IN JOANNA. OR Tlir, MTATIC COVRT or N t * plea; l.j Of v W . P. Reynol. a. lltuatrnted. Thta -rent *>rk, whleh baa Pean dramatl adfar cna of oor tbeitme and havIff mat with tha rrenteat awoeaa, haa indnoed th> j ' nbliahtra to laana n naw llluatrat?d adltlon. I'ri caSOoeate ' II I.ONOIH BROTHER, 4.1 Ann atreet. 1 And f? r ?nla br all tha bnobaaltara. a |i i) hooks ani f.nuravik 5. nout.HT at the ] Oi l rnii'fitr S'.op, where ev 'y on- ahontd oatl. 11 j il ?y are in wantofRooba, or Printa,either lira Utborrnph lane or email, plain or colored; tho atnda of acrnp I'riata. 1 landaeapa and ar-b tecturnl; Pertrmta Py the thouaai d. JOHN P NEAOl.t, lOi h.'si a treat. i WANTID?<; A RDEN r.RS, TO RBAD THE AM ERICAN 0?r lenat'n Cirnn,-la. Pnhl abed wenihly. Trlea ? a I eepta. d-nt jairard?ralmm. d at'ly to And'tw Mai.born } tditcr, If enbn'.Un JJt P:jt oi4;?, Mt T?r* THE TL'RK. | ITOION COURSE. L. I.-TROTTING.-IRIDAT, i L N|it?Bbir J, U I o'clock, t*. M. Purse af t&l, uiila beat* b*?? tbr.e b five, to u aa tl,?y i>lra?e and carry they like James Whelnlay eutsrs r. id. I.iaiy Diaoa; O. ; Filler enter, b r Dutch CharleyIJireiu Woodr all outara*. *. Eirauyvr StaRee will leaie Pick Slip and Grind atrial Ferric*. WilltanmburR, e.ery bail hour, fare IM4 <enta oauh 1 way Alan atare, lu mdiiieaa at t'uitch Ferry, firoviklyt., at 11 o'clock, fare 25 ceata each w.ty. > ? JOHN I SNEDIKER, Proprietor. UNION CQl r-TROrTING.-PURSE AND fT.'W.?luesaa/, Sontemoery, So eloek, P. M.. a punt and stake of *250 each, to corns off ou the above day, between three of the most celebrated horses on the turf. Mile heats, beet three iu tive. to harness, o. McLaughlin enters b. g. Pelbum O.'k enters b. g. Jacg Koflfciter. J. D. M'-Uann outers g. g. Vermont. The cart will leave South Ferry, Brooklyn, for the Course, at 2 o clock, P M., returning when the sports aro over. Fare ?aeh way,Scents. JOHN I. SNEDIKER. Proprietor. F1NK AUT8. J Holmes* daguerreotypes, say Broadway.? i Pictures of the Ocean IJouse, the Old 8t >ne Tower, 1 the Burial Grounds, and Monument of Commodore Perry, and other views of Newport, R. I., with niiineroui portraits | of the nay and farhionaMe people, taken by Holmes, rooms fry Broadway, N. Y., and near the Atlantic Hotel, Newport. , BRADY'S NATIONAL GALLERY OF MINIATURES.This establishment lias long been known as the largest i and beet arranged of any in the United States. Its pieturea received the first gold medal ever awarded to any Daguerro- ; otypist, and the first medal of the American Institute for Eve successive year*. His Daguerreotypes on Ivory am greatly admired; they unite the perfect uouuracy of the Dw- ! jmurreotype with the life like coloring of the moat i finished painting. Mr. Brady'* rooms are at M and Vt . Broadway, aorner of Fulton atreet. ' > COLORED DAGl'ERREUTVPES FOR FIFTY CENTS. - ' King's Skylight Rooms, 1US Bowery, between Beater end Grand atreot*. the only eatabliahment in the oity where ' iho boat skylight Daguerreotypes, handaomoly colored and eneaaed, are taken for JO cent*, and larger aiiea at equally low rotes. No charge unleea perfect satisfaction given. MR. 'AMES BROWN. DAGI ERREAN ARTIST. RE1Iber of the Water Color Society?Gallery. 1*1 Broadway between Cortlnndtand I'ey street*. The public ant strangers particularly, are invited to call uud (gamine hie arccimera; and, in particular, to note the peculiarly artiatio arrangement, anil icueral tone and tiniah, fur which the pi>turc* lrom this Gallery stand pre eminent. MWBUOTlOfl. ______ MRS. TUIBAI I.T 3 SCHOOL FOR VOL'NG LADIES, Ni . \'j Washington plaoe, will re-u| en the 7th ol cp FJ oman catholic ORPHAN A-vixm. prince *- -treet ?The Annual Festival, for tho bonefit of thia Inautution. will take place, aa usual, at Castle Garden on Monday evening next, Sth inst. The entertainments hnve lien selected and arranged under the immediate supervision of the Board of Manager*, who have *pari d no effort* to render tho utmo, t satisfaction. Tickets V) cents each; to bo 1 ad at the gate, on the evening of the Benefit. BENCH AND ENGLISn SEMINARY FOR VOL'NG Ladled. No. 1M3 Fourth avenue, ucar Twenty-fifth atreot. Mdlle. Burton inlerma the parents of her pup la and others, that her vacation terminate* on Saturday next, after which he will be prepared to receive a fewr young tunica in addition to the number aha now ha*. N. B.?Mdlle. B will give private instruction in French and music either at her owu, or the residence! of those who ia>iv require her services. For cards as to terms, 4to., apply asabovo. ("l MMINGS' SCHOOL OF DBSIQN, 1*3 FIFTH AVKVg hue, is uow open for the reception of pupils. Madam rakhiek. formerly teacher at the > College Licnri l^uatre, in Paris, i< dusiruua of having I a few Pupils to instruct in the French language. Would I wish much to make some engagement In a ihools, for tho approaching winter, in New Yrrk. The best rotcrencee as to capability, i an I seta at is; Grand street, lrom Id to i. 1/BENCH LANGUAGE?LESSONS GIVEN IN AW I. part of the city, by it young French it ntleinan, conversant w it)' the English, G<tutu, uud Dutch languages. A.l. d: si A. < - v., Herald office. COUCH LANGUAGE.?PROF D. HGKOIX I5F.GS A to initrrn his pupils and the puMio, that he will form M.i clauses for the emuing season on Monday evening. Seat, j 1j. at Im rooms, No? 13 and Id l.afarge Duiidinri, Bread- ' way. Six pupils only in each class, as formerly. A roll: a- i tiens received from the 8tli of September, befuro 10 o'clock, A.. M , and after 7 o'clock, P M ' bJl A.M"I1 LANGUAGE? OR AG SVSTF.W.?PROF. Vl.N- ! V K?f. 1 f the New York University, will commence two classes for beginners. gentlemen anil ladies separately, on Mondny next. Six lessons will be given gratis before the course commences, rr any engagement ho made, that the scholar i,iay judged the system. Aprly at No. 317 Breadwsy^rcouis Nos. 31 and 3','. SPANISH LANGUAGE-MR. A. DE P. BAEZ, PROLJ lessor of tbe Spcnish language and literature, having a !> w leisure hours, will devoto them in giving lessons at his itttdy or in any part of the city; aud will also make translations with correctness and punctuality. Address, No. 2 Dejr street, two doors trom Broadway. Oifice. No. i. PEN MA N 8 11 I P.-MR. GOLDSMITH HAVING REturned to the city, will re open his IVritieg Aeademy, Broadway, on Monday, the Sth inst. Applications for ' it i*. ate instruction, or to join the "lam s will lie received on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, of this week. JNQCimiAH INSTITUTE, NOS. 1ST AND1.&VER- J -1 ccr ttrcct?H. F. JONES, Proprietor, having re- < turned from N'cwrtrt, and t.'ie other watering places, with i his horres, he will re- .pen the above institute.n o i Monday, ; 8< pt. S, for the instruction of ladies and gentleman in the thgi.ot art ct horsemanship, in all its various branches, lie sl?o returns his thanks to tiic public fur the liberal share of patronage bestowed on him for the past season. I fOVl RNFSS WANTED.?A MIDDLE AGED LADV, t IH experienced in touching Knglith, French, and nsflU, is I i s anted by a family residing tu Louisiana. Nouc need apply I i sitlout tannncstionahle reference A i "te appointing an ia- I < rrvlew ncdrcrsen to P. L. C., New York lintel, will be rcn-ptly attend, d to, WANTED- \ OOT1ENE8S, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, arliort ilistai.eo from the city. She must bo eomp tent to teach English, French, and Spanish; slso, music and drawlog. Ketcrcnccs required. Apply at 123 Front atreet, up itairr, rear uffi ?. _____ ATF.NGR SINGER. HAVING A GOOD VOICE, AND I who read- oniric well, is anxious tor a si'vaUtn l? I ' c> ur>-h choir. Address Mr. Tottenham l>"-"omc street. M : \i -ITOTH i, fO THE MUSI tL LADIES OF Brooklyn. The elet.reted prima donna. prof jsor in ; ittrgimr, .-U'ra. Eli/a Valeotini, lii.i Broadway. invito the ladies ef Brooklyn to veil und see her at Gothic Hall. Adeini Street, where ehe teacher singing Tmudaye, Thursdays and Saturday*. from 10 till i o'clock, commencing from Taeedey llth September. ORGAN ri.AYING?WANTED, A SITUATION AS urgrn player by a competent prmn. Best referrtoo 1 givtn Adtirert E. K., No. H ?t. George'e place, Thirteenth it rest, beta en 1 irtt and Second avenues. Ml'flC. MUSIC, MUSIC.?TilK SUBSCRIBER M \A the honor respectfully to inform the public, tuat he baa "t?u self-pteying instruments," lately reeeired from Oermaav. and put up In the best or'tr. One has sle eyliadere. ami plays three oveituree and twenty four different litres ot nunc, and the other has two cylinders, with a very ulee rosewood case, playing sixteen different pieces of music for darning, fan bo heard every day. from I to 2 1 e'clcok. CHARLES MAYEK, No. IS Chrystie street. PIANO- FOR SUE CHEAT- k HNE ?1\ OCT A TV mahr*?ny Piano, made be Nunns ft Clark, for Jlpi: i < no for bill'; < no for >'a': and one for f X). Second bend i Pianos bought and exchanged. H IN RY BEN ART. .191 B . wery, second floor. | riNAHCXAJU. Office of tiie iirooki.yn hre insi rancbco, Sept rip' rr I 1 Jl ? A dividend of Ion par cant on tha . nptal atock i.i thU Company will ha ini4 to tha atockhnldi n, < ii na-l altar tha MR Inal. Tha tranafar bonka will b? cloied until that dap. Al.l'KKDU. STEVENS. Saoretury. Wit J. T. TAPSCOTT * CO., P? SOUTH STREET, a aopply drafta for any amount, pnyaMe throughout Croat Britain and Ireland. Thar art alao tola a#antaf?r tha Rod Star Line, tho Swallow Tail Line, tk# Dramatia, and Z' of l.iyorpool packet*. and tha X Lina of l,ondan pnekata, reaeage by any ol which ahipa can ba engaged an reaaonatle terma. V 1 I 1 f inn t" loan on bond and mortgage Jjl lUjUUU in aiimt to anit applicant#, or will ba loaned on a took* and other Rood aacuritiaa on call Apply to adkdN BUTTON, 74 1'carl atreat, up atatra. tOn i H W I TO LOAN AT 81X rRR CENT INTEREST, JpajUyUt/V (any anm from IRMtetll.ini.) on Bond and Mori* ate, or prod active Kami Eatato m thla "ill Apply to JOHN V CONRBY, No rttVal; at., oornar of Broad. C .".ft liflOTli LEND. IN BOND AN1> MORTGAGE, jJlllv.vUv In innia to autt applii anta, on praJuetltv rinl ratato. In thla . ity or Brooklyn. Apply to S. 8. Brood. N II Wall i tf l. to tha Cr.'ton Water OIBce, baaoment AVOL'NO MAN, POSSESSED Of $SfO CASH, BATING a good knowledge of tho Book, Period; al, and Station, ry hntinot, will lind an eligible partner, with x annHor amount of capital, or moro If required. by eallin# on M , at No. 6tf Varick etr t, off Canal, on any eyunmg during tha W"ck. C AP!TAI.WANTr.I?-IN A II IPSE DOING IICSINESS i chief,> with Shtfflcld, both in Ui? raw and minufan lured prcdnetiona of that and o'htr part# #f Enrland, Ion# and favorably Vnonn on both tidal ot t ie Atlantic. A |.aitocr, ffrnaral ?r <pe. lal. ia wanted With about fifty thou,ar.d ecllara oa>h capita', (or rodlt to operate open | tha ! v..mi id ot which would Immediately eaeiire a highly ady*a- I atccua connection with one nf tho boot houac* in England kddreee "Material, ' at tlda ofH a. yp*f Ia I. NOTICE ?<2l?l is wanted I MM EDI AT it. y. i i i"? for * th?i* timo. f?r which a lam- boan* will b# ;ii #, 1 m l ??i urity on furniture. wlr i will brlni uadur tt * ' ittrraor. Policy of inniraoco aaaicncd Xn loner*. and caa 1 ?< *ro In Hit far 11 jr if daalrad. Aldma? Rex, Herald oft o, I it Broadway Pott OfBeo. R> utH.-im. m. w.^wvw^v I I MK1 URICR *ax BROADWAY, IIAS THR HONOR I ii af rm *n iwrnltmr* ?r.i mi mm ttehti felt rootivi* ir .m Pari* n*? hotatllnl pilitfU of Linen 11 r. tif Collar*. flonn-U, Ae. ko. All order* puactaally itfo-i.l-d t i ?t i ho ah rtoet n> tint llRF.Ni 11 CI OVfiS r BRI'E A rO? NO. I HANOYF.R t Bluer- - E H A Co. her* Jn*t r>;??d. by tie I*.t t imirt. tbrir o?u*l e*?n?ive iemrttnent of Lndlee'. I'ntt', tad Ml**.*' Kid Clnvto, eompfiein* Ita'nu'* and ilir troll known brand*. of I'arit maker*, to which ihey | all tho attention of tbo trad*. OloOTHIHO* RRMOVA1,.-JOSEPH LRC. DRAPIR AND TAILOR 111 PnlUa atroot. bat romntod to No. U Warroa ttrtol ifaw door* from Broadway. HARTOFFCIOTllINO AND FCRN ITt'RR WAV TID i > l.adiot or gentlemen loatina tho elty or br?akm* *f i O'latkoopin*, can obtaia tho biaboot caoh (iriotfor Clothiaa. i 'nrnitnro, Ac., by i.nrtm* thrnnrh tho pott, or at hit real I opco. I.. N. DITBSkLDORP. 1.1 Klin *tr*et, I N. l.aditt attiadod to by Mr*. Dwaotldorp. t a ?? I I MART orr CLUTfl f N O, FI'RN ITI'RR, FANCY | t L' Printm, fir*ftnn?. W*t?h?f and Jnwafry, witfiI. ^blity por paid ahoy* lha aaual trie# flNlfN fjf bit 0 >bryn, i n tnaklnt application %? tht tibneribar. who will at?id b? appointment Ladlrt by art. V hllllfa I P. I . PHILLIPS. Wo. I Park pin?*. J LADIICS ARDniRTLEMtN CAN OBTAIN IlfkFl I.I. ' rain in a- i far raat olT el"tV?* of ev ry <o. rir ' toi and inality and in any i ia?'ity, laf'<? r jmall. from J nt Rtrwttil to ?? fbo-irM I. chlldfta andl/9?bh * '.?thins S ir hut i. for whic h th* I^hal jih trie* will ba pat* b j<1 r? ? * thro u h ( at, cr ca I ?n IA tl K$ HOnON L V, at Ma tore. 11 Oraaaa utraat, atar Chatham atront. CRICK TOR LADIBV ( id *oatla?ia'a caal on Clot,a*f Wiy, l.yoa alio yiioa tha hl?f.*t | rico i?r Farnit uts? Why Lynn. Vhn for Faacy *no Drotaot? Why. Lyoa, Who , or Wafrhta tad Jewoln Why, Ljon And who fry all , iada of mor-handito? Why. Iron. And who It y,t t .1 'O.aJ ' ' t' it;. i. bo*-xet .. I Miwmllajbuvi. jpHKAP CARD PRINTING.?NOTWITIHTANIMN<j v> th? opposition of ?f Ut hi*a priced printers, ul the coenuaed elein?t taade by them, that workeaaaotkw f*M *,*, i**d -ndAp, Sutton, of lf2 1 niton otrctt, ooatinues 11 4" nlj t?nd? of Job ?ui Cnra Printing on tbe chaap cash Jtitm. and m n atjrlo thtl thoy cnnnot boot, aa4 tboji know It. W4,TC'a,Sa ANb ?WELRT. CHEAP POE CASH.? Jes. W Faulkner ti9 Broadway, oormrr of Graad at., la telling every description of Watobae and Jenelry at Tdrjf low prions l'traoaa > taking to bay will bud it aouoh to thtir interest to eaamiuc hia a to ok before purchasing eleewhere. All goods warrauted na represented. Watches an4 Jewelry cirefully repaired at abort aotioo. rt OLUEN AUSTR ILI AN WHEAT.?6UU BUSHELS OP I thi* superior wb-at. raiaed by Bamual L. Thompson, Es<|., ou Long Island, fur sale. In lota to auita pnr.-hneere. The yield was ttfty-bve bnehela to the aete. Also. Canada White Flirt. Soule A llutebiuana'a Whaata. Those In want please call before nuttliatir.g elsewhere. GEO. If. BARE. Btute Agricultural Warehouse. No. 26 Cliff street. PEANUTS.?2,500 BU*HELS PEANUTS NOW LANDinn from brig Sea Mew, at Judd's wharf, to be had in lota of live bags and unwarda, fnr h5c per bushsl, at tha Teasel, or at No. 3 Joaea'lane Also 3)i tons Caawoed. Apply to EKANKLIN, BROTliER?.3Jonea'lane. ?2HOW' CASES.?I10LLAC11 EE ft SMITH, NO. 1(1 NORTH ?William street, between oh?tbam and Frankfort streets, manufacturers of all kinds of Show Cases, in metal. brass, rosewood, mahogany, black walnut and silver, keep constantly on band a good assortment of the above namod articles Orders promptly executed at short notice. Old Show C(in taken ID exeiiange Muskets.-io.wo united states musiets, iw rood order, with implement* complete, for aal* ohaap, by d. B. mi CI LLOUOH. 1? Front street. St'ORTSMFN OH < A LI FOKNIANS-TO BE SOI.D. A splvndid double barrel Gun, with cue. ho . mad* by Man in London. Tho owner I.avion ae use for it, will dispose t it very low. Arply at original JACOBS' Accordion Depot, 1U0 Chatham itruct. '1 Ma thane* i* seldom to be met With. TO LECTURER S?THE mechanics institute will receive proposal* for lecture* to be delivered before tie Institute tie comin* season Phase addreaa the underairced. at the room* ot the Iuatitute, junction of th* Bowery and Division itreet. immediately. F W. Go.aaeahaimer# John Roach, and K. M Firri*. Lecture Committee. Real bargains in Brussels carpets.-!, rices 7*.,'** , and S*., per \?ra. Terms, caih. The anbscribeenpw offere hia entire etock of Brussels Carpets, comprLing upward* of one hundred piece*. among wrioh are % nreet uuficty of pattt rn* suits lie 'or parlor*, bedroom*, oftcel. Ac.. Ae. Buyer* are invited to an examinttion. GEO. e L. 11vatt, 444 and 416 Pearl atrcut, nearly opposite William Itpjet. fpo SOUTHERN 15 ERCH ANTS?we have just reA ceivcd, direct from the French maiiufact.orere, a full assortment of Paper Hed Top* (Tistcw), with wid* border* to natch, expreaelv for tho Southern market. THOMAS FA VF. A Co., No 4Jfi Pearl atrvet, near Madison, Importer? of flench Paper Hangings. \uriiamcai i.aeps and gas fixtures-kau, i?I Importations ?Just received, the neweat pattern* ol Chandelier* landtlabfiis, Brackets, and Ha'l l.ainpa for ,-as or candle* Great variety of ('areola. Moderators, and Studies or Reading Lamp*. Lamp* and chandeliers cleaned, rt tre uat d and rteilaed. The 1 < st oil for French Lamp*. II. I) aKl'ON V 1 4f6 Broadway. Csrates u fenDUtE.?B. KELLY'S GRACE AND * Fonder manufactory. No. MA Broome atroet, three door* west ol tho Bowery, adjoining 1>* Cone's Church, New York. Builder* and other* who arc about ptirchaaiug, would do well to call, as he fecle confident that his patterua. for variety a*4 cheapness, are uneurpr.i ed. Pi PER HANGINGS.-THOMAS FATE * C<d? WO. ASS I'earl atrect, u<ar Ea-iuion ctreet, oner the rioheat assortment of fine Froaeh payor hangings in the citv, auoh aa Docora, ((old. silver ami velvet papers, imitations of oak*. marbles and granites, Plafonds and other coiling paper*, all imperted direct frem the loannfae.tnrcrv. and odorcd at tha lowest rates, at wholesale und retail. f1.(S 7UTURE8. SOLAR LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, "A Mantel Cc.wdleabras. of the oi lehmtod Cornelius?damark, I In.' and go.M finish Agency tor silver plated on Germar Pilr. r H are. Tea 1 able Forks, $tl and $7 p*f ? (/.; Spoons, an per do,-.; '' ? Tray*, ivorv handle fable Cutlery, ,Ve. ASli EH MuRGA.V ,Si' William street, be it wn tuiton ana Ann, pp'vilte tnc UI SS'IA LEATHER. 7110 SKINS KBl? LEATHER, Or a very luperior quality,just landed, an *21 2, ' lota to suit purchasers. by JOHN If. liUoLE, t.. i*t?sati street. Price (2 7.'> per akin. ( VTl#' JERSEY Z?r PAINTS-HOUSE AND ORVA-" IN n,foul pmiitmir will be executed by the subscribers, wi, h the benvtiful White an I Colored Zinc Paints of the ,, New Jersey Exploring vnd .Mining Company, at it low \ price* r? with \V I i f l.cad. Now I ork, Sept. J, 1S6I. TOR ROSS CHAPMAN A CO., Hi Liberty atroet. JOMtl'll O. UliKK, Corner Greenwich and Jay street. IF A A PERRIN8' WORCESTERSHIRE SAl'i E.?TUB J o acknowledge the unqnalile 1 appruvrl and the general adopti n of this Sauee in every qnart r of the glebe, dtein it n>i d ul to it* to that its rnperior qualities, cans ng nni crsal demand, hare eiveu rise to nuiti r' U' unit itiens; bu* in the I'nnod State., Una ha, been carried to tin> extent of matin : rue of our prune*, and copying , ur lahtln, * ripper,, and ipmlei, f >r wliirh oftonoe parties in New York arc now u. d-'r bonds, uwaitiog the r trial. In order, tberefurc, to ecable purchasers to avoid iinitationi. we hereby cive notice tint we continue to eonsirn our Aaueo 1? the rare f Mcuro. J, hr Doooan A Sons, of New Vor'a, an or lole Agent* for ti.e United State*, by whom the trxdo r ay be at nil tim-s . upplied with th? genuine article, on ,i rini calculated with due r ird to their intere*?.* I.KA A PERRINS. WoariiTia, Em.i asp, July 10, 1$S1. SHKKWcOD A FITZGERALD'S " PllfKNIX"?THB only fire proof and dry Sale?warranted to resiet hro, a I. II it ilx of any other saCe are oeueuiued. A blast forrace. Unit burn-J entirely t.'trough two Sr.!atna 'der s.-tfww n three houre. had uo elieot up, n this sale. Every deetriftion ot lock furnished. Mm No. H Wall ,tr et. IViYLOR'E SUPERIOR TRANSPARENT SOAPS.? X Three are the only reallv Transparent Soaps rnvdo la the United States, and the only onos that have ever takom first premiuTe at the Faira in Philadelphia and Now York. Bualneaa eotahliihed by the let', er of the adverl'sere im 1S19. The above, with a variety of our other well know* Soxpi. are sold in New York by Haviland, lonti .1 Cat Brewer A Klnnrllv. D B errien. Jr.. A Co.; R. D. llavilanA A Co.; Biskall A blerriok; A. B A V. Sana,; Urn >1. Weed A Co.; Thorns, A Rest: Raihton. Clark k Co.; Rio* 11 Smith. Wlio WANTS A MAGNIFICENT IIEAD OF IIEALtl.y human hair cheap?ailkj, toft, clear and lovely? fer cent,.' Our n.oit respectable oitueus have pledged tl eir word tli at they have louad Jenei (oral Hair K#.toraiv. fn the harshest iiiiir thus. and to three it to grow. AO. N Id only at 40J l>ro?d* ?y. Try it. All diseases ur ins iibad, kace. wd hands* urh aa ecurvy, crysipclaa laltrhcum. itch, sore heard*, note leads, lan, Irectle*. auiituiras. moiphew. yellow, dark. di*li|iur"d "kin. arc rured hy an bin* the part* with Jean* a Italian Chemical boap It never fail*. Try it one*. It id only at 40.1 bri adway, the depot 01 the Lilywhlt* for ladies. riis. pt hin/. coNscLTiiia caiiw, IP NOW pre pared to attai d to order* for ehemical analyeia, teat*, aid coneul'atii a* Ho alao would take a few atudente t? he inrtrueted iu practical chemiatrv at bia laboratory n? lb" Columbia street, brooklyn, oloac to the South lorry. THE EVE AND TAR I>R HEATH. Al'KIPT AND Ci nliat, daeotea bis attention rsclnatealy to diieaaot of the Ear and Ey*. from h to X at Ail' Br? adway. Iliaaayorior adeantayes enable him to treat dcafutt* with yroater aueooia than moat arryeona, aural aiirarry not beiay yener .lly ?aderatved Heantiful arriScial eye* Inner ted without paid, capable of all the motion* of the natural or.un. Stop tiiiei- hi cbt. or aoiinna worse. When a aconndrrl atrala ?ur pur**. Shall we not heap double shame On tho thiol that atvals our faa* f Lyon's I'owder, ?* we fear, le belay reuatrrfeited haru Kaap tho lalac atoll from your dwelling. Thai tho pedlora now are aelliay, I nan la it wont kill, that'* truo, But, yood friend*. It mi-lit k. 11 you. Lyon * I'ow der, all conic**, To o?r rare I* pi isonliM. Depct for Lyon's Macmtli fowler and Lyou'i nil*, far thd dretnictlon of rata and mice. 414 Broadway. HORIEH, CAKIUAUBS, dtcT Horses for sale-a very choice lot or Kaatera horara lor sale, at John 1. So-dikrr a, at thu I aion Course, Lony Island Uentlemea wishiay to yu|n iu?r- ? in ?? win ?u <bii vriurn I'X'tme cimwdVi HORSE AND BUGGY WAN I CD FOR THB#INTIR ? The advrrtlarr. who rrill'i fit mile# out on L?mg Irland, And wl.o driver up an I down every day w 'uld be (lAd to relied e any caatleman of the r?p.-n?e of ke-piB( over a horte and tnery, by tnkie : the een.e tor the winter. The brat i f rare mil I. takea of the retebliahmeat. aed every ynerautce ytvra lor ite rafetv. Ad?r*ee J. 8 . Herald iBtt. HORSE. WAGON. AND HARNESS. FOR J.UI-BAT lli.rve, I teara old. aound and kind, an I a laet travelI r. Waarnwith thiftiar top aid parent aalre. Harare*, a ith tee ot llarr. ttyaet. lie . all In *?od order aad cold at a low prlrv f. r want of n*e API ly la D. Y. JONES, Vaaahall Livery Sublet, No. JU F tirth attaur. fOR N A LB.?A riNE CHESTNUT IIORSE, OF TUB A V rrm<>nt 111*, k llawk atock, alv jrrare .Id. l.Ve haada huh. lonr tail and manr, aedaf rrmarkable etyleandnotion. M arrant."I aound, and *.>ld <>aily for nam of oar To bo err a at D. W. Burria'i atahle, euruit ?l lioeatou atreet and Breadw?y. HCR SALE-A SECOND HAND SEVEN HOBSE POWF er St< ata Enalnr, with Boiler. Alee, a aew art el Berr toara. three fert Aprly to B. KREISCUBR 8 l ire Brisk Mannfa. tcry. No . > Conrek at.eot. L'l-R SAI.E, IN IIRO<iKI.TN-A liORSB, CABRIAOB I and Uaraoee?the horae ebvut Id handa high. light bay, it.owv la hi* turner, aad alt pettier aa e.voelleat family ' rat. the harn. i I, ararly new; the ferriage te rovered. ant mil teat foar pertoae? hat been mat time in ate. aad will ' eoldlw. il.) are P. r?d < til" r together or orporately. lad can te o? a at Vagina ala .lee in Hoary atreet, be twee* liarrleca and Dtpraw. Sonth Brooklyn. Eton SALKTVIIEA' I' * 1 FATHER mi* WAGON tVD F ret of Harm a all in |. d "rder; f rice t.'A To be .era Sr. m 7 to II a M., at No. ! Manhattan plare, between I'earl and K ade itr. tta For particular! la.|une at No. Ii? Bread??7 HOE SALE ANEW I rn IIORSE BRETT. F with mamelltd leather top. and plated m on tiara, treat w h> ela turaiag under b dy. Apply at theatable, em kiakth atreet. atar Fifth avenue Ale... a Ane eerrol lloeee. y. nrr aid eouc.i Vied la hcreeae ?nd on der the toddle. Apply et Fifteenth atroet. Bear toe Fifth aveaue. Anew and hands be famiit roceawat f arrityr tultahle frr lonr or ala penoaa. Bad had A ahiftina front, mad., tj ord. r in thia rity. la the very beek aaaof, f.r Mlf if !? ?? t*t4, w Ultabtth HtMt, MM Broom*, Row T?rl. ______________ CJIOl'HRIUNI. i ' RA M f> F \ I t R8WN "N ft M>AV S K PT 7, TO N KIT If K . ud lil" n I Fir* e-ntl %. h war riM larorlto He Mi' r mil litil tha foot af lltm mnrd ttriot, NR. at o\|.,oh A M jPprlag rtfoot, i\j i ttKiriti* Mr-it. I. K . i '41 t.tind VIp; Tenth. Dtad tttr '.it. Tnmtprlith ttr*?t, lb 111 u'rioi-k Returning, will ttr tllta WHi 'i.S P * . and Now boohallo aid All wbo r? la rararnf henitlifal n rroatloa will had 'hit eienrtann a tatHjirg oao. A food opportunity oflirot to thow, fond of tiling or tra bathing lilnatr farnlrhod hj tirot <-la*d H f ?? Rochollo. N. b A good (apply ol r ifrtohMoat* a l-oard. '3 HAND EXCIRRION TO TIIR riRRlNO BARB* ~r *"** >. *ko*pt Batnrdari Fire 25 o. ntd *o<-h war. M?ftl known ton aUrmrr Bl PPALO, Copt. Rnilth, wfli into Hammond rtrrot at 7'-, A * ; I anal ttrorl. 7\M?nw? iTojt.hVa. Cntherlno itrr >m,; ,-lrr v0. j N,rtl. rt*tr.? 1. rrtnralng hp P. If t*HMhaitaM. dafeiad ttekia. to., provided on board. i)A Li roRWU. f ALtrORNIA PAN TRAM ISCO. /OHM K HAC1L' otl. Attorn r at Lao. Notary 1'nhllo. and Coaml*. rr ((ltd In nun")*! Ik Co ' tanking II. aa*.) Will at?i d to tho coll??tlon of Claim*. A?. A*., throaghi ot t'alloiala ?nd Union territory. Refere to Hon Patnnel Ifol00, V. 9 Diltrlct Jodie . Hon Job. W f lmondr Hon It. \ lodraham. Hon. J. I'reooott Hall. IMmol Lord, Eta, lot Jrfpi 1. ftit:, Patid .turWa. Cf<|. W

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