Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. | SAM mm ttORDOM IBIIIEff, fboprjktor and bditox. Imn - W. coanxa or rin.tom and Nassau m. vooat* xvi ..!? . ?3u. AN US AN ANT 8 TUIS XV AMINO. CASTLE UAKDXN.?I Pu bit a Ml. BOwilT TlliTlA Bovorv?Fatal Pbbdictiob? Va? or tkk Miu-Biok O'Lvan. BSOADWAT THEATRE, Broadway-Bo Bit to Goou Lvi k- ail Iait Lboa?Uubbatt 11 tub But Touoi. RIIUO'I GUARD EM- Broadway? Ticht Som-ThIii iiLAllUTUIA-IiODUiakl?Am- A A. BOBTCB *B TIIATM, Ohaabon Mfoot-ToooLao? Porm TUB (JvaOTlOB- PaBILV j Alt. NATIONAL. TDKATBX, CtolkAB AlreeO?Adottb?'Cmil? ?Gattla Btbalbba? Nawaoot or New YObk, BBOL'OBAM'S LTPIDA Broadway Alcaatia-J. B. am B. j ? h aatbll a VliABU -BlOOBBA*. aiurri ninbtbbijj, mxihuur juu.<j> brood war bawtui kumtuvj riMiUWB' UKBTUU, r*Jiow* lUHKi uau,<ai,M dMtVtr-lnuuma Himriuut. AMBHICA* IllUCII-iBclia* PaavoailAaoas Xw MMOI AWD 1THIM. (linJK HALL?Seiacr* lluiom BOW BRV CllCUl-ioFWTkitl PKBroiMAnca*. PAS ORAM A HALL-Thb Fmotixa or A ffhtuia TnM>. Mow York, Tuesday, Bcptambtr U, IM1. H'tight of Uw llenld In Wrapper** Wkuli llanui ? ljg ot. Bonn Shut IIi rh.D ot. eitiak. Shut IIlbbi.u 1 oa. The Late Invasion of Cuba* We publish in our columns to diy, a translation, from the Ltarto dt la Marin i, one of thj official organs of the Spanish govern sent in Havana, of what purports to bs a sum in try of events that happened In July and August, in connection wi:h tao late invasion of the Island of Cuba, from the time of the landirg of Lopes at iiuhia Honda, to that o; bis capture, on the thirtieth of the latter month as well as an account of the insurrection in the eastern department, where, it will be recollected, the d>.cJaiat.on of Cuban independence was reported e have been printed and promulgated. Telegraphic Summary, our special telegraphic correspondence from Aisany. we learn somethit g of the movements and wire-pullings umot'g the politicians of this State, iu to the two State Conventions which are to K in .d at Syracuse, on the 10:h and ilth of this month. 'J ho understanding at present is, c.3 we art informed, that the barnburners w 11 ag-oe t > r dorse tic compromise measures, and swallow the Fugitive slave bill, on condition of receiving their d-e : hare of the spoils, to ease of success iu iho Sort tuber election ; oa the other haud, it h s.v i the tit ef at..8 to the whig convention wilt g> uo farther Jr> uc.~.k ig a plat.orin than the 1 gislative ctucus did, or the committees wao signed tho call for the wen. cation?thai is, th?y not touch the com promise measures except in general term?, a d lea >e a loip-boiu for further agitation oi the sltve que.'ion, in ease it should be deemed adv. sanls. This it what we expected, and what we said would in all pro) ability be the result of both c invention?, if tui-a fiiou.d be the cave, tie uui ted democracy Wilt present a good, solid, ai d constitutional trout fee the Sewaid whig* at the next election. As la aa regards the late of parties, these curve ...toes v ill be vt ry iicj j'-taut, iu a national p>iut et view eip^eiaily. Alilisi of Itie <4icsnwlil|) Krniikliii-L<it?i I rout i'iuropi'. By the arriial of the steamship Franklin, from Jlnne and Cowcs, which she lift on the a'tiling ana evrniug of tho twoiry-seventh ult , we Lave Loudon dans up to noon of that day, early hve days later. I'eit n his auvancel on< eighth of a penny on the pound, f ne the intelligence bought by tie Aoivm.w. atd toe market Is very active. The HaTie matkct had also improved, and was active. The eorn maikets have also improved Tho oripa to Ureal Britain are in a most flourishing coalition, and the potato blight in Ireland hn* terminated with hut liule injury. A serious failure?that of a It eg cstabii.-hed bouse in London?had allccted the ? !> > market for the inoinjot, bat no long e-iusicucd anxiety was anticipated. Tb political news is without much inters t of a ey it?d ki..d N.uc u-ea-MCCKj ha? been oxcit.-i ?t Muurid l>y the reetnt iu?d adventure* connected i k > ? mumped revolution .n Cuba, and it is Bt:itcd bat General Aupic had given the Minister of Foreign Affair! assurances that France w ?ull a*. 1.1 v pi.m in repelling attacks a{>on the island 01 tjsvtn Isabella. 'J be pr<.j??:t.on made >oat time ago by AuJtria, to u.nex all her provinces to the Germanic confo i.? ration, has inut with such a check from the Ilumpean poacr*. that the project, it is etated. has been abandoned it is said that liua-a, which aectn^d inclir-id to arsis, the movement orgnally, has taken a sob." second thought on the subject. France and Una,' . '1 el 11 maintain that encb anncsatio i would b' Cti 'r.iry to the ?tipuUt,otui of thr treaty between the Luupeon power* Tney maintain that the |>rej-ct is Luropean, and not simply a national ne. The Ilcc'-esiastical a:t aeemi likely to fcritx about a go?l deal of rancor an 1 polemical *ata&f<ni"ib bctwicn the b.-i.ah government a..J the Catholic portion of Ireland. This is a seriou subject, and if, aa ii stated, the government should mrdsitake to* eairy on proMcuticns in Ireland gein*. th<>?e who defy the operation of the law, there it reason to believe tuat vrioua difficulties nay ari?e tn the island. In this ease, the d.gnity ef the law i* brooght into direct conflict with toe ftomieh 1 hureh In ill thcr rtipecti the political tranquillity of ( fit b:it*in proaiieef to be undifturhed. Two eui.eetA inly trgwge tbe Attention of the people? Cbv Greet l.xkibiiK a oi l tbe menell iBJ ?*ilinf quoiitiei of the y ii Aatrici, which rail* <>n from tiiuiapL to triuaph Vorvriy hkte we,the people f tb tilled -tatc% e?i ?f 1 uiih?rac4 froa the broeil-rC'.? p< >?cd uv a u* for our n ?gro dirpi^y ot the V. orld t Air, than in eall* Brother I mot tun with a -moll, the- put* ib? while CffltAl I'alace into t be *hadc Ail lb- nation r-t aaioioAol At tbe right of ft- b A little wonder of tat <ieep ?tbe rportiog bowe who have U\id on HU? iA for a d? ?eO yeAre. *;rt#w curiouf to know wit i ir tb? wind?and 1 ler bi?jer?y, tbe ir.tererting I ie' en herre t, <nia<t lire w (haul feeing Brother Una than* ?Acbt .'-be oec? dingly ea.b?rk? in tbe Bta'.e berge, olid goei on benrd the little "Aincnoe"? en of . - word*. delighted with ber wlfit, ?on<U five | iet di tor dortrilntioa among the crew. Tail if r??t en I* ge a ruin ad oar p.iot boy* get whoa tb:y I<i. in * i h a r. xfi dirte. or four, or fire hundred n.tlee ?t ret, bet we have no dou/t that tb?7 4 g eicurly eeewpted" *be pre*?at By tbe wny. it uto tbeec wery pilot bay* tbot we owe our iiuprorennente In ye Mr. f or tbe Ia?: Iia ( notary they bore lin n ill , 'iiAin' uT t<, ii ,? ,1'iwn un 11 'be ore in. to tbo iluUr. id ?tvml hundred id.lee. in ecnroh of reeaoW ?adii| pilau, ud to obtain the newe for tbo public journale With ihe e?ul?li<hm^nt of the New York Herald eumc another rpoeli in their fame. it ?M necretarj tbu 'V; eh'?ul<l oatMil erer/thirf, and they rtru/jl' ?1 to do it The/ *uoctr.i 4?and the credit U tbeiri of baring mate our /?cht eyttim < ne of front latere* and etc it#, tnent, lc?kle*nne of profit and honor. Flnf'nal ?nanot beat ne in yacht* or pilot bonu Sh? mo** b> content) d to bwi'd the larfet Ceyetal Paliedta tL. world, and to fill them with the t->/s of ether Mtlm- hut in jnebte. or eunmeri, or cutter*, or clipper*, or wen of war, ?b? ii bohin)! u. The who of ?nc wf our otoamert will darken ll/de Park, aadtbo eaiie of ;ba yacht Atactica will throw * abodvw otor the C, y?t*J I'alajo Jl MI or THE U. 8. StPlZMC Coi BT ?In ?3?V- J sequence of the death of Judge Woodbury, thert to * vacancy on the bench of the Supreme Court, to be ftlled by President Fillmore, by and with the advice and oonsctit of the Senate. The Associate Justice to be appointed for this vacancy, will, of oourse, be a whig, but we have not as yet hoard i any one named as the most likely t ? receive the honor. If the choice could proporly bo made from this State, we presume the Hon. John C Spencer would be named by his friend, the President; particularly as he was foolishly rejected by the whige ' of the Senate, when he was nominated by John Tyler. That President, therefore, named Judge Nelson, of this State, who was confirm 3d, so that now New Yoik has no claims for a Judge to fill the present vacancy. Judge Woodbury was one of the two Judges appointed by President Polk; the other was Judge Grier. As the appointment belongs to a New England man, we have thought it probable that the President might offer it to Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, the late Speaker of the llouso of Ropreaeatatives, or, if declined by him, to Hon. Kufus Choate, or lion George Ashman; all these three being eminent lawyers of Ma3snohu*etts. Jadge M'Lean, of Ohio, to the only whig on the present bench of the Supreme Court; and ho was appointed by Gen. Jaoksoa, in 1K?). The othor I i.iif?oa aro W onna nf (idiircria. anr.AintHtl bv ' Jackson, in 1835; Taney (C hief J ustice), by Jackson, in 1836; Catron, of Tennessee, by Van iiureo, in 1837; McKinley, of Alabama, (now of Kentucky,) ky Van Puren, in 1837; Dauiol, of Virginia by Van Hureu, in 1M1; Nelson, of New York, I by Tyler, in 1845; and Grier, of Pennsylvania, by Polk, in 1846. .Huiine air*ii?. Stfamfs Meat-i.e. Capt Sampton left yast.rday atiernoon f r St. Tf' u:?a via Bermuda. She carries nineteen pat-cogm and W,'X.O in ;>ecie. Tim- Nnv Stiamir Cit* or IIkiimo*d. Capt. Terry, f the tint of a line ot screw steamer*. established by Messrs. MaiUrr and Lord, and other*. to rue between this city I una Klrhmwid. via Norfolk end Petersburg, left on her I tiret T' jsge ? ^sltidsy afternoon. l City lnte!llj^nce< ( A MKUM IJOLY All Ala?A Fa-HILYOP THIRTEEN j r?tut n fin wit n Aiaxnfci?cukkk bays alt l.kAbV DIED, AND Olht.fS I" XAPhC(Ei) TO ' MRAlVK. 1 On bunnay afternoon atatlan-holy ee-arreuce took ' I place at No. loO I . nice -'.reft. In It of Mr. John Cur. whereby the whoJt family, cm istw.g of itilru-eu ftrsear, wire poisoned by aieeoic, supposed to tmru l>?.n aeaidt miitd with the flour in whit h they ail par.ook of at dinner. It seems mat aoout two wtcka since, Mrs. Csrr wan conipUiuiag ab.'tit 1 the annoyance of rats; and one of the Doariers nanud l,.cb?rl Leo, who is enrAged as a brass I 1, end in tbe daily ha' it of using arseuic , in ) ;? tu. :n* a, Aid La won,d bring home some J utfl that aroulu lti.1 the rata. Are .rd'.i.gly the i. std.y ' be Li to lilt bom api u. ta . ounces of arseni:. and gave the same to Mr. i.'nir -i.ivU in; pissed o t th uriiMtilitbe klfhtB; nod it is i '* eupp nei that iu mas.i g the ponding < a bu.iday. Mrs. Carr actideatally u ixni it, ai b ih< llour lh< tv.ul )? i.-on iu mi-take be ] i?tii.g it to b? . -? aricb 1 ft' (uektiy plowed iu ti -ur i iiritf pntpo.-' i! mat.or it i'gL' At dinner UM tauitiy. , < ?"Cil l ig ot Mr sou Mi- i sir fur geoticuieu and . biet lauy board re, t L tbiidieu a.. J tie terra a. : girl, all part" k of ih- pu tuing. <-ud socn alter all ?> C^m- - ;; e-. trpamtu u.f *l i-nt Tuimtiig dedlcat a-d to in.tceo.aUly pr.. in J and Doctors dt >ut at.e J.? vii.H aei, ijunkij iu ..tit .11 in;e, &ud. as so >u as | ' ill' . Sj piw U U le ! t ui- U -. J.'...lug tU< el U.Og.bOW tier is reipittd at d Oil "is following m trmug i?r> of b? r rt iioreu di< u. uuu id u a child oel 'tgug to 1 . wr .. ,.,t u . ?r?t? tLi. oi?v j- - r I ly n ver. ''or-nor Jin r iiv b. u cniitu i biflwi :i 4 . i<i on b? b elie", mid a rigid in??i,-ti n *iil be ji ii' n.iu. Ur I.M-J. tr..- jof io-r kil'iil ur^nn, L>? i. ; "a( I I tern ,'*soi:aatl',u of t) c Ixoiti-. and ? yu-y ?.?? empaneled u> lu^uirs tit) a> fads lite ?i once of J In ?rr. lb- pro pr efer' f ;b? b- u>e. w?* wbu t*Mtitl-it Uut h* ? I to olbi..-. I'o/'.c i ( ! - auJ liiey r?ro g . H k M..*t tiBi <t ; ill* wife. liie Her. :s*rd, lUtbrtn-ll Ltn . .'T L- t io-i. tbit ill* u nl used no'io- j *i 't j.?., r. ? :rb alio louud iu a pup* on mm dr."-ir i in I tii- ailrfien b,: King ibo emi.-'o 0e dour, imuud of i LiCli iu tact, li aa- aiseuie. tbc-sidenoe of Mirbtei I Hi I III' I 1 >ll? ll Ml V> i.'j eM.1 Of tile g'.ipe puUi 14 ' tit ? ' - :?l? l I> ' 1* L! I' rb' V tbii I. III, lUt IV. J I J 1 Wktlbti b.o jm! t two ou ;?e of MMllllAlkMM at tl iniju.-t if :>.f t.? :r f : to-purp rcl tl l'.gf rtb' ?' d Ilial L gate th" fhlil . I"' Lit* liit'J Hi- lUDlt -f Mr. < ?ir it, p. r-nr fcno. ,1 M 'lui . u.t i nlj a ?<n-U 'juaalily mi.u pl?ciil tl?e U* to now <>u tbo dim-.>er '.h?lf i t the II itm. vi nut in- koo?|. <lfe of U w.f- tt 1 I t nu It r * t .1. ? P-J-aO'J. b .iluTln^ t To be a fine i|U?.Uy of II ur ml toil It upwitbtbe 1 il> bp h fit th? podding. and thai. ion >r?iitly. potsoaad II I,: a v..I : IliMnV ".I.KI llle tolliWittg T.rU'Ct ?m* rvulkrvr Ty tbe Jury That die-as-1 p-r-oai smd ? 10 ui aifiv li) uking scmo c m>?ire pots -n | llHHv Bl-ako. anil that o<> bum- ia to be a'.taiii- 1 to at y j .i'iD ' &li? Aiary Can van tbi.-ry year* of 1140, a Ml a r.iivo ol Ireland . auu to r daugbl-r, Adelaide K .M < ?.r ?? a(iU 0110 yoar and turee ra nihi. The Glii 1 rf ii?i tiltou ?*s K'iaar l lurry aB*-?d tnree years m il .tun inoirb*. a iialiie of I'liilaiolptiia. Miiivnin v bin ii>> ?On (tanday afternoon. n? a.,me , I**, aire | lav ipg In a r,t 111 the ward of Jer jtlty ibey iii* w-n d. m an > Id canal boat woieh bad N-vfc bkuliii itifi the b Ij if a oi?b suapeaioU by a iff v In si it* t'mber* in lb- bold f lb- boat I'l.i b*y* n n lU'ntolj y v- tni' fromlou o? :ha tact, and 'om- citif-lia g<in< to ha plan* designated, found tbe b *Jy a* ( till Mi'har t- <round'.be u<ok. Near tb-corps ?a* a *n *11 bcills entlr-ly u?; fy but laloiiod I'rilaoc and ? pi.i-i n ' TJ e iinfortnimte uiaa wis w-ry respectably 1 dis -HI Tt.i'biiiy being leuowed. It wai soon recng r / ci < ..m j.c "Oi'tu. k u iuv mai. lofdrb f Hi itlmtu a^td admit 36 year*. lie w. at t> the 1 >? ?< ! t l'ltrnt Hlir} ot Mituflk* afterno-ia, aod purrt h" <! a i trail ' |? which be put u. ? handkerchief. and . bft the tti re. *oi? g In tie ilthiu'U of the where bial'dy ?? |[?i<l Mr Kf.gli.-h it Ir ?ol cf dwmml air ban km wu Mtn fcr a*ut right j e?n? .-tated that Mr ml ith had br< n drpnftea i f lale ; he raid bU affair* w. rt is a hid pt't ma l but b" had parted with hi* wife | boil' 'Tr ni' atbr rltce 1 b? imtlat i?f the U jarj whit h ai r? ft re Ju'tlm Bedfi rd. *?r. that th? d.<( i<1 r?n e t" h.r ilrath by hanging hltn.elf, while in a ! nat?'t tthijK'.arj r.nnuy Nopnt' n... trmixiini nation | ?. i> ; d# to -i.. ?b? h>r tkere ?? pi u??i? acid la the .fijtw i Mr fhiibltani a Utility ot un children to | it. ore fait nil talc Hi it lit r? lltM.ii.. ? Lart rfn'np a young mad a j firm ati I) I) huh U-rk in the employ of ti 0 ilea*- | ' I tod if gro r c? rot-r t f ( ind Kim treat', comBiiMt d m.? Ide by kan4tBf lo n><4f to the loft of an ad- I i Jelling rtalb kmn dia ? r?d be til <|UIV? d ai I i lii ? '.l*> d ? ?1 )<-?i i of ?f . and war to ?rrt? i at? tut i no ? il.i hi a- III* rn. player r >uM ad ai'lfo a of r?a?i h n r bin aelf-de tnctum Cor .net Umi war noil t> d to b* ol an |L<4U rt. Dt im "? Amour a Mim 4a Vr11am? ?On Hondoy ti(bl. Hiiiiii lurry war i una bud it. hi* trUitv ' burr- N 117 H ti'h rlrr?i hy W Ann The dee.Btd war a Btrwla-r of the Nee York \ lun'.eer r<, to. i.t ibat I' ur hi m- valiantly during the Vfritran ??r IJir hd; war ok-n <h b* cf nj ikr inodlaliok. Ttir Ihrrr Kmilrrrr*. CArMrr. am? ?kkm:* r<> i* hi .< -^ertkrce or JAMM v. ai.l umniiui To ime STATE r*l-OM r? R LUR. Tfea >> h p< nulty )(( -1 on J.una* Wall hm t>w? r< nunuti ! by <i <* Hdi t, t" impri* to tba it lata I'rlM p at Pit? r *?* f* r Ufa. rhi-n? t arui?y rn??i?'4 tkf ttrt'ti) docuu?'it> llih day trim tlm (liimrnDr and toBnia ti> niil b* r< irrjiil by Mr L<>?n. ta? >t | fl"l< nt Ifepuy -iH r ff to fb? ; ia<? ' - m Jaa<* * ill ?? t' but U>i rl'iafd *l:h and Stout-y oo t I'-'th ln?t (tut Hunt baa r*f i.>?l to iotrflMr to ttwi j tl- 0.? ' f tbr .h?r t?-. <! - n.' I <0 a. aO'i b?- fcr?tr<t?4 i t?t??r. *1 ' " ik I |uDI>-h t"-mo?r>w to tt>? r IT 0 n) ><1 h *rt> f'?th bt? reaanna fir oot ix>ib u ii?tr ? tfc* ju ,n , ul??; ik? ? url In M?a ??? of "tookay T)> iU?tli4 It ttobu h ?. ri? r tlunt n?R-eU , Ire thf im n o. i'?l n mt tl.? ? airo<? 00 i^ali ? i< ?-> ?,t< 1'. -ii\ t <4 hlwi (I -if 'ha city of N?w T'lk ?.*ir TV jury *bi<-'. oriel. <i Jain** W all of th* c.orUir (I Uii hk.- . a- io|?tai~d tli-lr r-r Hat with a 't f rrruthmi lnUtK.n l? tTf j " < >n a rar*tal la RitV'ii'"'! Ma lact? I boo that tb.-re t? ?ofl toot I pr??ira r< 1 ' ob*> akfilar lha tilling aaa Int'Otmnal | Tb?r? wa a f(.| ,?ioti I t?"?n tli* rar'W*. la a b <J?o*y ?** ?bi' aggiv'M.r ao<! f a<o n >t naM'flad fr r.i tb? itI d??c? tli-i Wall ?u entity a' wilful murVr I nd-r Ihrw rirrun >tat>?a?, I n?%-<! -!?. I it my duty to r m n.uu kl? oaUtc* t? iaiilruamrol for .Ifr % . ? 1> WAJIIIJWMll BWT. rot 3T or o\ kr on irrmirrr. hi f< n (.'L>.<f J?i-? I m n.l? and Aid. rm-11 K? IW and I p? PI I ? 11 It - / ,J 1,1 I II ,1*1 ? IID- III.I n,.l AITi ! in y *i. .1. if i I 'Mi liliv In wi.til l ?.k I I f f'-r lilt fowl* I" |>' III... I '., ill III* mar if llrn^ ttfm l in ? I kf. mat ilnidi 1 on fetunUf. lo mlnilt tbn fNn r*p)MrlilK tho lr?H nUrtiy i.f ih? "f!Wr In attcnd firr on lb* ji.if 0 f til " kiitb'if ilH ' to Wl.irh h# lliwliil kit I'tilliilit'l i.ii ihf iTUBi' nl in lin n .ti n ' ft) Ifl. if rf (Villi. Ill Iitb?r *? tlx ilirlni n in lb* I ttw if I. It T*)l t n Fri-ntt Thr linrt Mid lb?t tin i ul? Inlil down In tho?M jiiMt rltid mn, n fh?7 uimI. r'. "'l il wl??n lli"y t fhrir ik eH' li on hln mmy l'< nn.?i-l ini-t ib> r- f >r* i?rorMiil with*1 I. ml < n till motion for a n?w trial Ifcr D'-'ri.t AM"rr?j nn.arkrd lint h* hntl -urnnond nil lb* Jun'? who trinl Hi-nr* C?**rl, and frrnn : rtdiwoa irnr iu'lml i'h Mmi nf tb<fn. h? > itttt rw <n to bHhtt l.?ot nil tho >tnt? mil it forth , in tl i- afl'iilaiit r< uld not tn? MUlirfaiiliarad Til.-I>i? ; Iri' Atti ?n?* Mild ? j ubll? r. tin f-lt h nm I |o drt.nti Of hi hi' urt'.nl OCUTf-i. and L? would him latf m*itn an m.ia*lt r f iin r*rt- fdnaiuniiaiod to him ! / a juror. m ttki jiw ? if tni ||.,? ii iitmltnm Th" Court ?< m' uiLia lit to oi'-ri'iw (I j- - 'IJ jr) in-wniiiir m t?n o -ittk Court Calami* r ff.r I nmlity. ?z7.tno. < A 'o ?n<l inrlnott ?? I Hoi.W "iVoei1 A'A r NEWS BY TKLKUKAFH, The Whig and Democratic State Conventions. THE LATEST CUBAN INTELLIGENCE. -- wVVVVvvvvvvwwv. lMTIKESTMCi FBOH W MHIBGTO*, Ac., Ac., Ac. TlU Two State Convention*?The Prospect. RUMORED COMPROMISES AND ARRANGEMENTS IIKTWIIN T11E Ut-'NKKKN AND BARNBURNERS? WHA T THE WHIBS WILL PROBABLY DO, ETC* Bept 8?8 o'clock P. M. M&ljt of the delegate* to the Democratic sd>1 Whig gtate Convention*. which are to be hel>l no the t* nth and eleventh of the present month, are in thi* oil J. m ruft to Syracuse Very few from New York hare gone farther yet. but It if expected all the democratic delr. gatti now here will leave to-morrow morning In the meantime, there is a very extensive game of wire pulling going en here, particularly among the whirs. It u raid here that the hunker, will have a decided majority in the Pemorratio Convention, that the burnhuruere will care In. and that tbc compromise will be fully eadcrsed. afier a little spurring. The truth is said the barnburners are so hungry, and ao very anxious forifflce that they will be glad to cipitulate, iu ord?T to participate in the spoils of office, in case of success in the next election Ex Governor llouck will be the candidate of the bunkers as chairman of the convention, and Lieutenant Governor Churcn that of the barnburners; ami as there is little doubt that the former will be lected, the eoiuplciiun of the convention can be at once seen It is said the barnburners have not pressed matters where they might have done so, and elected their own de'"gate* because there is an understanding that, in ease of success, they will get a good many of the small offites, and some of the larger ones. Chattield is promised the Attorrey Generalship, and Stanton is mentioned as Secretary of State Thus the game stands at tuis moment, sceordirg to all accounts?the hunker* having the gtrne [n their own band', hut m.iking concessions to the barnburners. in the shape of cilices, for the purpose of liarunnizing the two factions. On the other side of the hou.-e, I learn that the silrcr pays are nowhere; that the Seward wbigs are going to Save i v< rjthing their own way. and that they are triumphant everywhere in < leetirg delegates except in the eity of New York The silver grr.y< will have scarcely talf n dozen votes. The ftine cautious and compromising policy wdl be ad? pud by tlie bunkers will be I unuad by the aboiiLion whips. They will pass r lu ti< is bated cii those that are pu-sed by the eo.nonttio <t the Legislature. and by the d-legates 01" the e-.itral er n. ntiUir* of both ttetious. a{t?r the adjournment of the legislature Tburlow Weed is very buiy In arrargirg mettei*. and will uttend the wine cor v.'.i ion uot, bowewr. ae a d- i'g-'e. bu'. a. one of tbc principal wirepullers. St uie of Mr. Bfijn.rcd's frit mis feci annoyed h- forcing k m to the coiit. 11 od ar a deit yat?. contrary to the o agt? of li e |.ar:y. for tbey f. *r be > ill be received by the convention, though illegally elected, and that the si.v?r jiiujs v>;!? ti.V> ui?rt*i 1 ffei ce at it. As tue broth, rs ilawee. if he Teo'h w. d of New York, eve riveted, and as the lists substitute i ;v'*n->J for both, it thl tight the, . hould both stey .it h and let the t-utftiiuie go to the convert'!' u iu their st< ,-i. V? hi tin r they will uo so r iijuirs to r. en 1 have tho* l' retli.sdowed something > f the programme to te p rfoiBM '. in the tw I cmedb S at t re u.-\ I li -, e to be a' ie to till up th.- outline t.> morrow. li.ti rirtli i; from Itaitilngtoiii Titn C! IIA.N M.W THE IMIH ' Mt I flNSI'L AT HAVANA? NEW t-> lit El OK i'i ii TtiK 1".>IIT nf SEW OKLLAN^, ETi . W?? irte-.TON, St pti nih-r 8. It'll. Tr.e government hatcecrived furth-r pun ul irs f >n Cula Ibe An erieau pri.oners a 011 i liti bitterly of the d? ci pti. ns which Pi-rrii d tb? n to the ! land 1 uiiutnt-itid theje is co intentlou of r. m- vl^g Mr Owrn. the Anierlcan f 'ti'ul at ilavan i unl ss if-'T i lull .nvettiganrn. It eh' uld be dentin d- d he having act,i.,..u.ui<>iiti 11 .1 i ~. .1 1 a tie leu a tbr.t Robert B Hill*. Surveyor of the p^r of Ni w OHNMi fcM N 'NWfl J frOM that f f .?id CoL V* iiium ?lrbty ip|4inlri| )i!? flii* mjre. aunt be1- hotn prompt- d by the r luiiiBcti shown la teaticn to the t'ul er exp? dif ti. Sen< r hui lo I'aliJ". Miir-ter Pl<-nlf-.t.-ntUry of the Republic of V< be; m ' i? |t -i <1 to the Pn - deut un eturil: > . by \V m Deniek.lbe Acting ?e<"i Uryof itate. Did d.l.i rid bh llttai of -TrJenc. The tttvtl ? l In >--es w*r? del Vcred. crcduct Ith-nOthL F. TaoUtra, ;te i fTt. id translator t f the Slft'e P- pert men.. A new Ul l bus been ow-rdi <1 to D?y, r .evicted of the Biurcrr i f hi* wife, oti the g r> end of ailt dgtd tainperiug ?iih the jury, sdc! other rtut< n*. ti. tenet lip; from Jlrlnt'im?More Cuban I'airiota Kxtcntcd. Cmiilmtvi, 8< pt t). ISM. The Argil* ba>srrivrd stthieporl with II date a to tbi '.'Jib lilt. The r?|wrtr thai about three hundred of '.he ptiroherr taken bad been executed. Thirteen of tbeni were <n Ixaid the Piiarro. beirg pa: t of those brought iu by negroes on the ii-land. The hpann.rds eiprrfr much eoulempt f r the Creoles. f> r inducing l.ip x to undertake the invasion, huJ lien u* Mill g him Ameri.-un*, at Matanzas. were apprehensive for their afety, the Spaniard* beiug much exciud. The ' .Hi'' of tlic hllaalaalppl Iiloi Unleil? UKIiiiniy Among tile Pali lot* at Slew Ur* leana, A. . Si w Oai.rava. Sept 6. ISM. The V F ateatrer Vixen sailed from IVn-mcola on the . .1 m-teot I I . j> IP .1... I,. II1 h ' ' I:' VI- ? Iilppt. and intercept any igpediti u that may attempt to leave with a view ot itvadiLg Cuba. The \ixm ha? been lying at Pauactila for aevera 1 days jaet undergoing repairs. hut the preying nature of hi r order* hna ri.mpeil'd her to leave without finishing thun end but one f her boilers ia at for use W> have latir advn-ea fn in hi 1'aso. but there ia no newe of importance. Nr.w Oaii isi, ?cpt <S ISM The Cuban expedition prej'-ots are now entirely ahan d- rid. and there ?re a great man/ lit* mtor* In tuiscity ilKvuit I ha maana f.f palurv.itiv tn ! hair k.imaf TfVnV hare dtmaadtd mob* y of the C'ubau ummi:U? In ovaMqwrci ?f*kMkH<n< dieturbanee b.i> ari?n unl ?rmil here bo-n u.ed*. but Bothiaf arrluu* ha* noaune I ihuelar The police arc out In force. In uaa of any outbreak. 1 lie feteaffiebip WIlIIi M ilvott aalled. to day, for New Vork. Honlble Murder near Kit.ton. WnaiiDTCi, Dn. . S'pii'mlar 8. 1851. On Patnrday ?Ti-tiicg. ab.'Ut u o'olork. lid ?ar*l 'Jinn, > n et. *k? d about thirty-fire. * ot to the houae of II nr_r I'ritebard. leeldiny air the Maryland line two and a half toilet froai Newark, iM , and ihot the elder of I'tltrbrtd in the eUe lull not inortaily ll? th**n dkrcbara*d tan barrele ot ht? rerolrer at I'rlt h*rj. on * of abirh took efleet In ht? left bend, and the o'h* r broke hie lift t aim I rt'rberd then > ee?j,..<i fr* m the I, (i put iu*d ly Q'nn.whom he eluded eome t?o hni|f?; bat titan ileal y vetlDK him in a narrow lane, ebot htm In the breaet, and he fell d* ad The . aue" of the in i-d*r aae jeaiouer. t.inn bant g ?uepeoted tho women h. w< uaded and who we* r* | uted to be hi * niletr* m. Oinn le a peaceable o an cnle<? maddened by drink A few mom be titrr he ehot .le*?# I'Tltehard a brother of Henry, wovn Irpr bun in the arm for wbl h be ?a? under i ail ond during b1e treney on Saturday lad. threat* u d to the whole family A po*ee of about one hu.idnd men. unu* r the .Sheriff of ( . eil county, were In pur Milt of h ni all -atuniay night but felled W> find h'ui. lie bad not been arr<?'.ed wben our infrrtoaot lelt tlib* BOtalng. tttlagalaa for lha limihrrn Congrwa, tba. Bti.ilunaa, iJ'piani'j-r 8. Both tho N?-w (trlaan* mafia ar. thrt ugh h?* lh?: eontrnta of lb? papar* ha?? b>an g< L-r*l 'y ?Dli.,j\'-l Tl)?8?uth?rn rtght- man lad ,t*haring at Cott.mMa 8 0 on ib*Mh In t.. and n"inlnat< <1 (J-natal OwiH and Iflion Barm* aa d'lagalai to tha riou'h?rn l.'tr ETf??. J. hr Watharrd lib." diriini'd running for Crngri'M in tka tbird dlalrlct of Uwjliiii. ftahhlng < aaa and *lardrr. Prrr*aca<i. <?pt. f. Mil. Our fir#m? n had a rp'.iadid parada on Saturday, tba Kutarpriaa C? in| anj rf WrUaburr(Va > J irnii; tha prora-alt.ti T?c firaman. tiam-d M Knight and Oardlwr, .tuarr?ll?d in lha p <aa-alon ard ni'-t in the r. nlug I > tat tla their uiffli-oltiea alian MrKnight **abb?d Oardinar, and it la Jexred iba win ) will prova f^t?J A young Ban naBad fr.r?cbaa. a ton of I>r r-ra-hani. rf I innanatt. haa ham ?uril?r.-d at MaKfmport, W niiam Wchay. frrtrn rly a pi liaa ? fflor r. Clip I'ollilra. ?n rrjaxaa to rnr I?i ??< aatit 8r*rr Ce*t rfTtrtn ? Tba fi.lir?li | la a aorraat lint of tba d? it-gat- ; and a'tar nataa to tba D'Bccralle Stat* Cocwntion firm tb a city tMUfOf'*. ^llrranT'i I Michael Hurray HanryNia ll 2. frarata R Cutting ....No all>rnair 3 Ilat.ryJ Allan I'baal a II l.jrn 4 B Hart,... . John |i lillnii K lonard 0. Wart Kd*ard (' Ura*n fl Irani'IK ? labia* f- hit WlWn 7 hra< man (.i mfba I I.aeranra lan Wart * Jrarfh M. Var h J?-oh Me-amla. II .Intra* C W illat Will am ' raft 10 CbarlaaO't'onar Danlal K T ? m .nu 11 nirpbtti It Kafka UllbrrtO Itaaoa id 'in ihi i luinn-y. .. w m,?* 18 IlllMW N?*ni^ J"h? K H' ?. 14 N?l?f c J Wat?ibury . J? j>h 6 Rikw rth 15 Jftn lorliraii?. Tl.iwm- F Jrrrmlth 16. I.otinK) M 6b?p?H.. ..R"yal f'h? p-Tn> Ti*th W??n Ihrit' rr -It vu Mimirnl l>?t ??ini t that ? r?i?prf.nif-x lad !. n ff?. twl tn-fx-n tbv tr rd? <? lli n .1 II II lart ll?*?. ami Alili-rmai Ki l>?rtT rl tb? T?lli warrt. r? pim in?Hthar of ih?lf |n cia?iii(f tr. tl.a i f.mlnn WMtr F 't? nfan'lon, m a i|?i?^*t? A* the m*tl?r n'iw aiar.4? 'hay ?r''l yrn. h? My ! ? t h r?m?in at h#.m?v aail tha ut 1 ..ll^r I". R)**r. ?ill haaaula* lb- rfvlv 4? l r? ? It ?U1 tj* 4' tid>4 tkl*?vn?f I A Caid?At a iiUm mt lh? ntmlwri #f | tha Fouith District Police, hell at tha Sta'ioa on Msadev evening. September Mb, tie following preamble and rcrcluttcas wtie ouuioti,u unanimous y ud ptia ? Wi.triai, our supreme father having seen m u ram ive from our midst, bjr iho hands of an asaaasid, our ss'c mod assoi is's Michael Foefr, ws deem it our duty tu prulTr, iu behalf 'f h?a a tdow and orphau children, aa wall aa fur oar- j aaltia. the following vuka of thanks feebly es pressed but sin- | ocral> fall. kcsolvtd. T^at the very generone and substantial a >rvioes I rendered t<> the widow nad orphans of our deceased brother , by I'ti l' ioor Auuoraou. demands aa acknowledgement at our { bauds tlyit wa tael wires cannot sufficiently eiprcss. li. aa a aaur'o ol satisfaction to dr. talirtu to j too* that ha haa toon loatruuirutai in the hands of Uod in aUsviatingthe sorrows of a bereaved family, then it ia our , tinorro |>iea*ute to any. that tbia end haa been accomplished > t<> a dCf rco bi aond onr mo-1 sanguine expcotail' na. kaaolved, Tbot we heartily Join with the widow and her chile ren it tbua publicly living ultornnie to our thauka with j a cordial and I aartfelt wiah, it may be Professor Auier- ! ton's good fortune at all llmm during his life, not only to ! plesre onr citizens hy tbo eseroise of bis mysterious art, but , tlao be enable' to thus happily afford relief to the distress i and uafor'untts. Truly ia the dispense ion of charity the uobleat work ef man. Kraolvad. That we do cheerfully commend Professor Anderson to our eitirrna geuerally throughout the I'nitrd State* with the assurance that while hla artiatic skill will iiHt- nishard doliaht th, iv senses, his geuerou* disposition demands thoir unqualified support and admiration, due one who haa thut rminrntly proved himaelt nature a nobleman. Keeolved. That a copy of ibis preamble and its nocomnaiiyin?; resolutions be forwarded to Protestor Anderson, and thut tbey be publirbed. DaVID B. KFL1V, 1 Committee ia behalf THUS W. Ml hN I DAN, > of the members of no nr. r, ? ; io? ita i;m?. rvuuo. j Lopfi Is Taken, bat Bull takes the People t y ,u'i riie to-day, hy exhibiting th? twenty baskets 01 the largest I', aches ever teen in New Vork; also, a peaoh tree in lull Irvit, growing in Broadway. 1)9 not fail to go and tec it. Jo: t received hy t he ate&iner, mangoes, bauauas, an 1 other kII di too numerous to mention. Just give bun a call te-day. at 17? Broadway. We advliie all persons In want of really er.,i oe *t and shots, to patronise the Boot Maker*' i nim. e'2 Naitan street. We fiol assured that insod >ac tl ey will do a benefit *o themselves, as well as help forward , a pisiacw orthy system of deing business. Aitoiil>blnf( Reduction In the Prices of" English and American imperial and three ply Carpeting, at !>.< Bu? cry. llirain Auders n's. Only one deilar per * ard t<*r new clicite Carpets; a e.j three ply Cirp ts at lis. cud 7j per ysio. 1'ahle and piano Covers, very cheap; Hi area Rugs, ."s each; ?ng ieh hugs Is to ii# per yard; Boor Oil Cloths, ft., 4? . and Bh , per yard?the greatest bargains ever offered .11 the Utiled States. lew Brighton Pavilion.?Tliln Kstahtlsh* ment mil be kept open until the 1st of November. _ F BLA.NCAUD. Beautiful Sight -Onr Lady Readers mast ' not egleet rieiting Mesirs. Beterson At Humphrey's magnitt- | c* |*i > arpet Establish m<at, at tho corner of lir?adw.Ly and \\ hue atycrt. It it really worth travelling sums it' their* to end id and enure tie* stock ef goods, of ot ry st. le ai d i|kiill'y They ar? eeitainly icry attractive, which is n t at -> 1 listen. a hy the fact that they are sellii a t ie,? at \evedingty lew r*te? and unall l.roBt*. E ry arrii *1 fr ia ten pe hriors Isrse invoices of the newest and m st el-runt | |U rus of ( arj < tings to these enterptisoiK t'adesinea . mil 11 en- is. ronse client! v. a periodical o\ or I! si cf cau>rn"rs at ; thoi-eh , r.t and eommiuiona store, which is well attended . at oil times. T. Cillbcrt A. Co.'a Plaiiolurtn Wareivuiua, 'ii:i :u d P17 Broadway ?A Urge sn1 extensive assortment of T. oil- trt At to 'i ceUtral.d ( i'iaoot. wita or wi l ut thi nmch actuireu A' liua acevmpanin.eot. al a ays far i aie as above. Sccon i-haail Bianus taken in exchxug*, and 'or isle or to let. Also f"r *sU Oco. t. ,'riace & Co.'a improved Seloditus. H'A'l EKi At liCitKV, Agents. flir lint f*Tiilehrra* Union.?This association ol kiliul Bat kiiniitsetur'.re, now so f.verably ii 'ivn,

a ii n exttiuiveiy f atri nice), are far oat. trip; in? : ip 'a in t'e art of Halting: and tee great taste aod skill in j v ;,n oispls)<>1 in tli'irsiylee er.titla them to the hi. . r: iriu li.mrt; tiny woke a rtia li t, and the public nre 1 1??t lii ing it out Tooitot t-i ii a; No. li i'erk row, ppo- ' ell.- the a. tct Ilono*. Uu)- lint. ? rhl* te tUc ftmHO'i for |inrtl n. il i % L'-1 uu.l one ilot to punch ate 1* one of k jog'e - .11 . 1- I ok at it. admire it try it on, ai;.l you will > 'ttiuiy buy i* Kii . ii prepared to do au iiiiateuto trade - no r'ai', (.: it- Cx of llute lor kiir|'.ti?ing that ><f anv hatter to tear, l'ri o ta tiiioI. In-.' dnilkio. Tor further particular*, infriN at No.' 1*8 M -ii . tr <-t. Ctnli.'a Sttirt ? file tradrtman vyli-i It. 1 au < m. mot in the ul intae att's. cii tatiu* - tat auaii bo t..e { tukhioa and anntulig to "lead" the popular taatc, t.i!ue er arbitrary ground Cruio Lcbug, to no in h r iitufl cient oligarchy He dr va rot pi" d ^e a h?ad .<> r.jg ai d fay to li e lathi' l ai le aurli. ' 1 iuj cap litu. u OiOo . near it." He me . ly prod.nee a ropn-rb cat >.f tre y.-r} h ot it at* rial lor }1 aid invite tl" puhlu to pt?e ti i ir Indgh i ut r 0 nit. if >u> prefer a dill i?3t in id i I: prkiat'd io on!* all tail. i1.' a.utr rro: .aabl? pr, e ft io in t) a i p i If that be oll'era Ms brantlfoi Fall dat lor I irl It ie by Inviting an independent opimoa from .i?eut ti nuiii, kH by nikiiurauturing cpmiciia lor then., that he h?a in tat I it wr? in the ? 1-1. 1.1 M v, fn Broadway, oppo.ite 9t. Paul'?. Wood, tbe flutter, Iklhto'd Carden, ,>7'd Bio i>: ayFolf alyle ot g-nMvnrc'k Ball ns> r. >dy K? ir.< u.i < r. en artielo to ho really cheep must be re il'y- ..i. r air e i < eri-ciion of rn.-l ch-opiiuee for a (itai. 1 ii f n ! tkaut lint, caul cn M oOLi, b7d uroa.leay, Niblo'a (Jardca. 1o Unit'erne n ut Tnste naitl Faahlon llvuity, ill i ttik.e bh ita are tear at any price. N ic a. lii , hit- - -r l*K. or ?ill e?cr 10 perihlttod to le tve <1; l? ON'f ? bli# inn at. No I i t r II oee IHe Cy-lein m St ag l? inf*!.ilue? the ety le of hie bhirta atatohlen. line purcSr uo at Greet.'k, and you boer-me a |? nuancet cukti.iuer. {l.lhd! foittlt, ttm It tan he prorril H? y.iudad ull.ii.ktar b Dica, foruiTl} of Ne? V irk ty i k l heir ttored by the ore of hellinr-' f "d ";.o 1 u d. liter Iciag tad lor te ruty-beo ?oara Thil if t> e only rcioady ei* offi r?.l fir ea'o that will rcktsre !.f I ) t dor# not nut* in a tlicunaid trialr. Ilea ire** of o-.n, r . ?-i? rail b" boon by Br K . at hi* intral '. pit, 4ih lir >. 1?n i od JO fcarf alfFit Ca1> on Mr if M iriam, v. i. 0." ! ai d i 7 M alio ftrect. So d io largo family bo'tlce at >1 encli, V a uo. in a-b. IKi not fail te <ali on tho H u. if. U. 1 Cm.i ii for rofcrrneF. The (rrntr at Improvement In Hair Djr* ; ever a''r la wall kaoaa *o Lace been to Dr. I?ai. fiS Broadway, and which lie net only warrant! to r< lor t' i k'r ai.? tbade In n few mmutee. but la dully prolog it. by ilea ppllcoiIon to hundreda ol ladlee and gentlemen l.aooe eait-ii upon at ihetr retldeuceif roi|eir?d. /iaaa, epecintcne, tic., can te ii by calling. Halt L>yeHun Itelnr't fttnnlno Mquld Ocioriog fur the b*?r. ey -broua and w linkers, can be pro. urei at Ml tbe wheitfale ilrugy-inta and parlumere in tbooenil eh alio at the principal otflue and maoutoOorr, < t all atteet, aaholronle. retail, or applied. Beware of imVa bivna Y\ l|k* and Tou|ieri.?(Utchtfor'i ccltbraud *i ig i'a. itrr ta at No. 4 v? all ktreot, whore can be toar.d the beet eeUctiun of din feoaipe, and Tenpooa They are all WlluttM Ik* prtaiitet, of th* bail Btieriai aad work- ' 0.aasl..r. tu4 rfltr great cuu*'*.lw?pt v? purobatcra. 7 ?h* addreta (anrtnd'i|ul<l flair It ye InlUnlljrrov . < r's-. . . r iray hair to Maca or br..wn Uooraud 4 It' ll- I < 't> d Mntp rurtt tan. frteklet | i.i.piee, jrc. Pondre .vmiilt > ut root* > ut trom low fortntade or anr part of tb? ?>dr. 1. quio K. u<e, L117 Write. *n<l Hair (>lot>. t-uad tni/at >1 WalkNlltMi L?ar llroadsraj; < alteadcr, "1 9out . I'Mt, I btladtlpbla; Jordan. l?<i Waabinrton (treat, H n'.in. Dr. Koprtt' fyrup of L.tverwrort. Tar, and , i oihilaio, tlit rrt-t rtoudjr for Couth*. Colds, loriieii.n, C atittl.. Sp'ttio* of liioud. and all lunt < ..mplaiatt tetdlap to 00 umption Depot A 1. M'UVILL a Oil.. ,ilo Droadaay. l'rits, lu largo bottles, } 1, or ttires burn | ; for (i to. _ Gold Mrdal Traoci ? Uaiijamln'a Draaa j fprlri Trait, I Ho 13 lalBit aftfttl.) it 1 u 11 jr otitbrattd | for ID atd suece-t la curing upturn of lout t toil dint, is ? orB with ease, and aithout injur) to the 111.01. Pmtnre jradua'ed to suit an/ cats at pl-Mor*. Hid da/a' trial irlv. B. aad monr/ rttorard. If not tatisfaetor/. IPVERTIIMIBWTK HKEBWKD gtBKF MAY. WOTUlBd. ('41'TI'iJf?THE C1TI/CNS OF IffK SIXTH WARD -e ?r? oaatiot < j arilm: tn* 1-?iro* of ttreral tatptrl-.ut ' 111 son* a:.* art travelling arouad tut ward * it.t a too trip ' . 'loa ptl'r, pur p..-tir.| to be lor th* perp< is of r .itinr fn..u to 10rrl.att a * at h to b? rrtstnttd t j U. J. Smith, Captain .f tbt ' .atb srard pollc*. /<!<, NBi.alt D? V AT MoKRISAN ! A?T IIF. rriiRD " ' M.ntitl Celebration ci t!>? f o.i tdlng of tb* Village of I bvnInaia s* ill tab* plac* *a Mtdstad*/, 10, j I-'. . kniMirat puolt* r leakers hast t??u eag.ged lor ta* .'ration, tnion* shorn aro Mhaffsr. Ktt , J..kt fnnltr. F.t | , ai. d Tli.mat P. St. Joi n r. 1| dr. el ton 1 II rait I It'.d, lb 11, at inter. Tare tetn enraged a portion tf them j t, imam <1 the t seeing t? ac< on.iu'.datt those ssh* tt ' tr .p "b the light faiitattic tot.'" A hand if singer* bast j volnatesred itelr itrsidt*. tnd th* old r-soluWoaarr 40a fU. |-|- ? I ? WW . .I.K! uiltri) IH1U4 imt U Ifix Tin U-ina- I i tiit it Bit) tf tut tiilBtt u |IHIMMMt to Itba |auiai is t.h* ?iua tr?m, till <b lea > at tj.- City i Hall t? >t o'llnrk 1U pr<>o*MloB till l?ra at ll.? l>ap t H Kt rit ci. aid march ?Fi'<-unh b t *ltoa of tba rllla-* wo lit ftMit t<i>wt itaii tha tittrnHi will lakt plHt. liinnir Bill U i?r I.UWl para-aa. and will i t t*t> >u t' r if.n of W ft. * mi i,ui tb? I? |k>>, tt til t . fr o ?)|?rk I'riio of dlnnar tickatr. lAt ctlliMtli Tt a rtilrtad riiarya for that dap onl), >11 ba 1. , r ata cao't ?wjr A polt'o forca bat tars aniagetl to koao crd-f. Tha ' i't trr.rra ar.4 Iricariaaf tha r<ai<l?a*t of the tllla,?- ar* parti'ularl; iarit'd to b< pr?e-ai kbit parti ipata it llit l? Jtii" ? 1 fir ttilna will It art th# Cut Mall f.-r ti>? t illne at ' I S- " 'Hi anH 1 I el at, P . Rat itl aill Itaoa JHorritaala at 18, t 11, #53, ? !H, au 1 II , ? clock, I . It. My order. I . IP. MTOT, Pr??'4oat. Mill r, J PON It. Vlea Praeldorit. 8. A. MrK I N I K V, t.raail Maraltal. J. to B' irrrT, lit';. at >' I I ! It M. K t iNtat. Mr. HKIULD (.lAMla-APRf IAC NOTI'T -Till MRU- , bt-rt of eouipaay ar- rrqaaatad to moat at th? i *i?tf a Hll'tio .Naaaan atroat, ob Tiuti; or-mar, f"pl 9. MM. at oinht o'-lnck prrr Italy to maka arraaao nta for thtir bbbbbI aaaaraioa My ?rdar of JOM.O Dovi.a. baa. JuUN cONMiRV, Captala. N'OTICB To Til lOINIOli MAKfu-THE MR* kara and frl? mu of tint 4>mt any. who intend a "in a on air Annual Tar*?t kxunreion, Bra reqneatad to maat at , Kli K I'm Mali. A O. Paoord attBM. an Tnordar orrntai, ki-Biambar B; oriar of tha Clialtman. U. A. J EkIMI A. t.. A. l.aaia b?< rrtary. I Nr? YORK LOIMII no 10, I. O. OF O F. -THR n nn.bara of Raw York l.odra ara ra>iii?tt>il to attend tba for <ral of our lata brolhor. 4 baa. R. smith, from oar room, day. (Ta*tday,) at i o'cleek P. M 11/ ord?r. la. RrLaor., ic y. JCall N C. VOV, N. O. I - SfumAoa. I MM HAW ICR' fill I,HI NO AftlQCtA'ilOV -THE ITI r??l r???l?r ni"tli>* <?( tf.a kt>ov* AM?ct*'.ir>a Mil I i.fld ?t ?ir?n Ilall, an Wt4aff4a*. Itrpt. I'lth at i liht I I <'cl""k P. *. I>ra?n? dfflrniia of I'llnlnt, ifir Inti'f I to a'ttu# All ?Mf?f ft f?ft AM whlrti dnoa arr Bit pal4 at tint i r f?in? ?ill l-fuiui li'il'i; .1 1 I; ?ki r inrjr. 1 TII TONIA fl('MI 'I i fi ASSOC I ATI 0IV. I. \ s l> A r llrBiakrtdff. Tha atf parti uUrlr roqiiaattd 1 t attftd tho mnlif ?t 171J Hotter atraat, > ? Tu ja- 1 i day pt. nip*. * 'i.i 1. ?pj?ill i? road/. aad an rarlj dajr I *? 4 (if ih? n? n? the lo'a JOHN I LL fill-li. I'maidiuc. ' r*a< !.%*?? Si NT??,i*wr. NIH top* m;ii.iiitin amociation.-tiib m\r | r> altar nifnililf of Ifcia aaam iatdiii. will It . li|?)k'. WffTfn llall Tlinrrtaf rrrnlap, Bantami. r Ut'j, al [ 4 n'otofb. P M M>arrt will w tfdffw fd ai (kit m aill.,", 1 |'t<-?t a a'ihlrr *n jala at tho pr< a< nt rate Illy aaattoiv *r?r - Iff mnit imprart <hf rr kfkii.m*. "18 f. 14 farth . WII lam tiroai. 1<K. JUlif* Ua.MII, l'ftki<!" ai 1 4. b a ?r4%., 'tei'tt-r. FOOT orriCH HOTICB. I PORT-OFFICE, CHATHAM SQUARE. CORNER EAST flr tdwiy,?Me U f: r Europe, per Iteamtr Asia. Letter hope wtll cloae at tbU ,'tHoe eu Wednesday, lOrli September. at 10 o'alotk A. M. for Liverpool, Loudon, Ireland, r ranee, all parte of Germany. anil other toreiea mantrlea. i aaron rwarts. PERSONAL,. IM'ONMATION WANTED-OP PATRICE MURRAY, who lelt New York Emigration utlit-e and went to Dnt'hes ecunty. tince which lime he hi* not been heard from. ' Any information froui him will be thankfully rectivod liy | l ,e mother and latere. Addreaa to Patrick Carly, lc7 lleeter rtrect. I Notice-ip lewis cottinoiiam, op olkmuam. Suffolk county, England, will apply to Mr. Char let ; Peiraon, M Ce al street, New York, be will hear of lomo- I thine to hie advantage; and. if dead, tny peraon giving information respecting him, will be paid any reasonable caper, ye. When laat heard from, waa in New Orleans. La. ! , Said I.. Cottinaham it about 3U yeara of age, light complexion, mrah freckled, reddish hair, bud about A foot 3 in .dies biah. The laat Information hi? frienda reoeived of i,i,n waa ' In llareli. lr'47. POLITICAL. Fourteenth assembly district??aV a "convention of Delegate*, from the Sixteenth ami Twentieth Wards. elected pureliant to the < all of the Democratic Rcpubllcau Central Committee, held Thursday evening, Sept. in 1m r 4 tor the purpose of electing a Delegate froin the Fourteenth Assembly District, to the Democratic KepobH- I 1 can State Convention, to be held at Syrao uae. on the tenth dry of September, ioataut, Nilsou J. Water bury w ve July Olecttd ii i tub 1)< legate, ami Jeieph 8. Bnawur'.h ua alternate Delegate. VV. C. SEAMAN, President. S. D. G ARi*Na R , Secretary, Lost, ??. Lost, in pine street, in front of i n. dudlej ti Co'a., amem. raudutn hook, coetaitiiug notea paid, aod some receipts of no uae to any "no hut the owner. A suitable reward w i'l be paid by leaving them with Jennings, I Kiad At Co , Broadway. FOWLER At i'KNV IOTT OR 8TOT.EN?TWO SHAWI.S, IN COINU FROM J atraincr Atlantic, foot of Canal street. New York to 1.4 Montai ?e plaee, llrooklyn. on Monday the let instant, (hei gentleman* large p'- t-n plaid, and the other a l.dy's drab plaid long ahawl. Any ono who will give such inform*- ; lion >> lead to the recovery of the s.irae will be suitably I r warded ly J. T. MOORE, of Montague plaoe, Broohlyn, >r 71 Broadway. IOST.- LEFT, ON ONE OF TUB HAMILTON AVENUE J firry boate, on Saturday, a panel lyntaio-nr Talrat) the tinder will be rewarded and much ob'fee the osier, by , leaving itat Alfred Edwarda it Co., No. 1AJ Pearl atreet, for J me* E. I' m in. J 08T?BETWEEN FELLOWS' MI SICAL II ILL AND J No. It' VI all street. on Monday, between I and S I*. M , . a cheek draw n on the Bread way Bank, dated Sept. 7,, payable to M. Underbill. orbe?ror, tilled up in w i'.imr. one hundred and tlaty iU-lif) dollar*?in figures. JldM .-i 1>?. Signed D C'( llaiuere. Payment has been .topped nt tl o Ic'r. Any perron finding the above wi 1 he liber.illv rewarded, by l-aviLK the latno w ,th DaVlS COhUAMOKE. fan., 117 i Broadway, i r J. II. Fellows, lit. at Fcd'ows' II ill. DFAFT STOLEN.?DRAWN IIV THE R \?* K OF British North America, at Halifax. N 8., let Septum- t bi r. IS.'d S. N. llinrey, Manager, J. W Smith, Actorn int. 1 F. No. 1 .'??), at three days sight, for Sl'ii Ni on K. Bell aod ; 1 W. Mm l.avhlan, New York, in favor of. and endorsed by, ! J II. Barvey. The public are cautioned trou ntjAiUhig ! tho same. AOfkREWARD.-LIFT. ON THURSDAr KIQHT OR 1 u>/ 11tiny, in Fourth avenue, between Twenty-fir t and Thirty-recoed struts, a K"ld double cised hunting | Watch. (Cooper'*) No. 4.(122 with gold chain atta 1 H: the i ring <' lie :hain which fastens it t i the w atch being broke. , c wis tird with a black e'.'ing. The abeyc reward will ha | y paid t.iir.v sua leaving t>o>m with L'apt. Bennot, at tuu Airth- . ti nil wild station house. Twenty-ninth street. rt?,IOATi(HIE. TvnE "sWAN OF ERIN." I ' Then cine, d-rllor, tins' oyer the sea, Th" heart of eld Erin shall vibrate through thse. I i A I unti'nl and corn ct likeness of Oathariii" 11 iye-. D tb's j day published lv A OK I AN ' E. S If-HllAN At in. \ i i Atti r !' use. Single Ox cents. Agents supplied upcii 1 J mo?t liberal terms. I ? . . A A I) re N'FiV REVOLUTION ?WILL BR I 1 V* pubiished this n omiog, "Cuba in 1*51." This w r? given | ' survey tf the i-l"rd, in reionrccs, itat'stl s. Re., frnn fl.i al documents, brought down to tl,e late ec mus. nut i h valuable information not hrratof if* huen a-c <tioli tu | i tit pi.h io. The work aim cmhraoes a -.ketch of t U ?.i > ret' i. tn.nj in re'at.on to the prseut 'isslt,taaathsr wish I 1 n,: I - of the if Tand and the Mississippi rivet, showing h..cir : 1 rel; tive ritnstions, with other part, if tlis United ' | a S . n fsitbtl.t I.' elrait of Geurr-.l l.?s a a sk . t Ii ..1 hi 1 - rr. pi i Iciife ot the rxtrnt?d Atnerirstia, t ie ' lar.'..tu efi' IrdoreiiIinoe, A:<\, fee. tfy Alexander Jouia. i rice, 26 ! -lit". illl MJER is TOWN5KVD, 222 BfmJir:.?. , 'I'm > i.i i in-.1 k- i. a. m.v m> < ' I nut .trout. I'hilnlel phiv lave t ut i ib'iih' l Tl Wil l . Tlnuir, an ilt *ift hook for 1*62 : "the Pneti off i?it, Nv?. ; Byron'o Worho, S v*.,?tine cdlti'i. .ily ! ' illn trntcd ; Topr<r'? Pcetl' il Wi eki, i2rao , r-d t * illfrit. Until (I Juvtiile trd Mi" ctlaneona hooka, v a j nr? < l roA to '.ho trndt at -utrer..'jr !rw prim*. N. D.~ j t Khd | : msy he icen at tho Trade Sai l Roomi. I ., ori it in engravings at e vfk v ih jf \'.\rt [ lovt ftW?, conti'tinj l" f!" ! ?' ! r ?l ^ ? tnitje Utatlf, fist* line l.atJ?exj*a *jcr*d Sut-. V rip l'rtrtf. Nation*] B lLo Al?o. i * t?i? P*:- t'.naa: brai'tiful portrait of Lind:? i*. t h?* K? tvmt IP-* rt>.? v*.. Kar a Thtr>Mk, &. at the U!d . Hi <r>. HC > r 11 -1' t. J. 1\ > I QL ? iMiiUUCtlOU* ! t ? t .i iom. ur l ( f ? ?,v r *?. ? r JaHv'a ?m Tl,.- a lvi*rti r nltl f hjnilhrg to !? Mruct onildrtB. latch t'a Otratn ttn-ruir* u dra*iur. a j vnderttapda dr 4 t> ? y kin! vf (itc KtJUaork* Helen lcc gi .m. Plii.e ad(iiiri L <1 . I!i raid M anted?a ladt, to taxi chi t a 4 >?>unf 1adi?* itbiiMff. Kl'h* 9 t-b. > t n\ *' 1? j " oofer?t**n% to intrurt in n?u*l9. Tr noH. and ttiu , * Ir.^hih kraechea. Salary $500. J. K., t-i? oftrfe I U'a'.ti d?j!y a lapv, as governess. a siti a- | tlm in a reejertablo family or nhMll alio 1* lal'y j . ro?| cf'rt to t?*?h hgllAf FltlA. Mlllt. At. 1:. ii... t. j ilty rt'eranee can ho tWdMii Hi otyolUM to On com'ry. or to pi at companion to a lady. I'lca ad- ; ' ami r< 1'ti.i a, ii?rillism, vliut i wae i PEN M A N a II I I'.-MR. GOLDSMITH HAVING V. ?urr ed to the eifjr, alllr op?n lil? Wrltl?? Ar-.drmy. j N9 Hr. ?d?ar. en Moid-y, tlm nth ln?t, ipplNaUoal fcf | ' private lentrnotioi. or tu jma the claMoa. will i.? rotoitad . c\ery dap Ifcia ai ek. I ! FUNCII I.ANGUA0E-I'ROr. Tl. LAGROIX PE'S i to infirm 1 it puptli and Uio pnMi', t. it he 'ill f u 1 . Ms iin.ii,. fcr ll ? oniolnr araion. on .Moailayt i ?in", S p' 1A. hn c't'ili only in <i'h claw, ?a torinerly Ti ri..? $1 prr ir.crtn. Applt at iiu llr< ad?ay roou.r No-. It and 10, ! ' t-fo?o IU ?.'clock, A. M.. and alter 7 w'olock, t. M. Kfl ? I 1 .1 > I. A I IHI/Inui 111 !" CIUUK IV>? I..- ... A . | k.tpoit. N. J.?Parent* who ate ahnnt t plare t: . ir a-.i a at aelin. I in tha K nnlry are a .lirlted t.> Ac i..i u t 11. reiver with the adeantaeta tn be derived fmm IMl Inettlnti?r.. Iirinaare vary mcidernte. 1 he uniVr of prpi*? hia- | i;t<i t' . tw, n't. For further pertirr'ar- pleere 9 I l>vta , J. t (( MAN I'flaHpal N. It ?Ktypett It J* mllea fm<n New York. The a I-am i boat Jul b liart, or Wilaoa Smnll, Icuu fool of CUukri trt? t. coKPitfurioi jiarictcs. VuTltK TU CAKTMEN TU RENEW THEiR 1.1lw KtiN.-Tkl ordinance for liceuainc end nftleMil puMie carta and cart uiait, f rovMea that all Itoeoeea ehill expire en tl.e la.'t day of October, In ee.'h y??r, rcoaweMi prveinvt to that time, If app ne.l fur at aurh time e? inty lie | | uinti it 1 y the May-, Notice la hereby ai. en, that r. now I . al> i.| lli enoe tn kn p pnhlio ear a ami tu he pubMo iit'iu <, will he grunted at tbla < fllee, between the honra >.t It *1. tnd t I' M.. on Monday Septeniter It to Not. 1 tn l**'; Faraday. 1Mb. JW) to 4i>: WitlBeada.y, I7?h Hal tn i??b Thtiraday, |-M, till io*UI; Friday. ll'tb. NOto IUJU, Saturday, Znb. 1,'dW tn I.KWh Monday. 22d, 1..V) to I.dull; Tuesday, Z.J. 1. fi? tn I.nth ?e4i eaday. 2?th. l.C 0 to 1. with Tlioraday, Vn h. I H?to 2 t?>; Frl.ley. 3nth, 2,it?> to 2 3Uh Hutardiy, 27' 2 .VI tn km. Mind*) TIHh, J MN) to 3.04b, Tot-day, It" Z,f?IO to 2 W); We'readlT. 'letoher I, &t*1l to .1.W10; Thora <ay. 2.1 3.'" ' t > ' , 1.2Mb Friday, 3d. SAW to 3,4<*h Saturday, ith. .tl.aito I | Mimlay. ath. 1,400 and upward* The tumbira mioel be | new I j paia'ed on ueh aida af IM MfM, MMidltf la Itti , nil the carta bnt|M to the aaat aide ef dtroade r, the I tty Htil, where they will ha 11.or?ted end the old ( I,tine ebe-yed. wl.l. h meat then be preena'-. d tn the Fi;?t . Marti el, f. r renewal. Cartmen ere partiiralarly re<|B<ta -d ] .;i y wd the drye droi^natd eboee lor their rengeetiee < tut trra. It la ant lawlnf to renew lieeua ? after W l?at i I ! l no piivikiod ft* P"**n* , VI , <>riitc ?>tr?? ?i>c >?, harrey* ttayo' . and other n ?!* , I r U.? Irni'j ri' ion of arti.-lc* from |,1 to ) l*< at I'tm , lh< I'll;, II dire. te<t m the |.,|lo?inr eyre- ta fr-m the t rdi oi " ? A?o. I ?" Kerry ??ft, tnrk, 4r>f, or H'nf rehielc. drttu l.y one o? mere hora.a or oth-r animala, ? h"-h ahall he heft uaed, dneen. of employed for the Irani porta' i?a r roaojun of ?i.j t ir.y whalm* ter. from place i If* place wtthla thf elty of Near V. re. for hire, ?i-re. orpny tor >nth nuitoruuuii.iUII he 4wa>?<i a pobllc -art wlrhia thf loearls* el thtacrduiacic. and < r?t> !***"r who el a'l Kt I 11 I 10 keep, aoa* drtro, or employ aa> ??ch yaMio ear*. I ( without lirot ohtaialny il'eam tharefof front the Mayor ?f aid rit). an ber malter protllnd. ?h?ll he derino.i ymlty of , violation of thia ordlnaore." aid <1(*-t to a it if not . terediry ten llara. it Imprtto nniiat ?ot or tedittr trn da; a, for trary ilUaoo. Boo. J.- * e -'It ahol'oot be i ittfiil for lay pern, a to roooiro or to hold a llroaro to i trry put tio carta or to ho a pttlk .annua. na>e<e ho ho a | tiiin n of thii lilted Stataa, ltd lioa a family, and rro. '<? I It h Lia ion Ity ia raid city: or If aot havtaa a family, hall rro melded himaatr therein during at* tit intlia pm -i oii r: aod to tho arittol ewn?rnf the ran or earn, with good hoe ?a ' tin rait.r. a*ll-rt.a?d I" he hint aa ruMIc f atu. end th* May. or may aramine nnd?r oath all j afaoat applyt-? for, nr 1 holding lit an. h liocnoa. or tho renewal thereof, i '<ng thyif molith attnua at aforeaatd: and all lleenaea other tii*. i? t errona an *|aallf.*d, al.all ho mid."- Mayr'i OfKre. Sep. to* I tr I, tltdl. By order nf hia Honor, the tleyor. AMIEK TAVI.OR, ? i. frniT #'A -T 'If! riOTniVO AND rci-MITOTIi trtMTED. V/?l.iduo nr gentlemen haneg elcthlo*. Ijimiiw ?r > wellrry to dtepoaa of, ton o btatn a lair eaah pri-ofoftho roa.o hy amdlra for tie ataoilher, a', h'a reetden.? ?r ti t' oah thr pool by appointment. I.adtaa mtiinded h* Mra. Cohan. _ V H. COIIiN. *1 Elm a mat NO III MHI f! - CAFT orp < U'THINO AMD TURal'era wentod-Yha hlrhe.t prion * an he nh*alned ly ladiaa aad (eT.tlamen oho hat * any lett off Clot fine Tttr. nitnrr, Jewelry. Re , t? dlapota of. hy aerdinr. II roorh po?t or rthrrwi-a, for J. I.H INItll S, UK Broadway, ap atalra, Lrdiea atteadrd to he Mra Lavanatya. IAMF.fl AND OA.NTt.EME.N I'aN OBTAIN I K' ? TflF J Itiita-rllar. tha hifheat priee f it arery d-aariptio? of ladlei', yrrtlamen't, yontha, a* d ohlldrea'o I" a at off warlnr apparel, ltd la any <|ncaHty from n? rarment to one thon tand. MkltMltNMIi rMlvmn, ntfilion ansi'iHOMY. at bit riot l,lu tt>?o, 11 On*?* atrtti, a fawJotra fr< n, I Utliin (treat. Kirr i nr. n.ti i tub m mi ih.i a i r.r Ufa daily received by tha aiibacnber it a arre erldaaeo nl bit I avir a rt Ulned the pnMie'a eoafUraoe, la paying tetttf triee* for 1?ft c If ocarina apparel, )e?elry. ho., tan caa b? obtained In t?i# ity. f 1,. PIIIM.IP*. 2 l'*rk I'laot. |J AMTH M.IM.% Am. ABTROLOOY.-DR. C. W ROBACR, t ill V OWKDWH, lately from Philadelphia, offer* hit tervieot i<> the citi I tent of New York. Ho it able to torat*il paat, pratent and i fntnrt oyenta. Poo? I.adiea. W oonto; r#rtl-?non. II. fa- I t|v|fl??aalonlatod? Ladle*. Ik. gentlemen, M. l>A"i No. White ttroot, Now York, where letter*, p<'*i| *14, willrteeltt i Immediate attention For pe r*lon I art, too daily papera < artenlnrleal Alwtanaeeaaa bt preenred at tho odtee trail* CARP- BUS. PRRW8TKR. FROM I* II11. A PP. 1.1'Ft FA, terder* i.*r ervlcee to ladiaa ami ??ntlem?n of thia rlty, in Aa'reloyy, l.ooe. and mattara, Interpreting Itreama, A o., by took* and aeienee, eonetnntly roliad on t.y Naj tlteai and till toll tbt tame of tbt lady or gentlemen tbf till Mtrry. Alto t'-o ntn>o? of tbt alal'er* Aetidonnn til f.ntd ttr-*t. Ladlot. Pifty Cent*. tlontleman. t>aa ! 1 PoriuH PaWYIR, or'. I P ' r A I, LONDON, I r?/ tt tHtllifit r^Alat't HetdtM# ??l'? rtlttt. I 9 JTI1KTVRV. CENTREVILLE COUR E, L I.-TBOTTlNG.-TUt'RS> , day. Dept. II, at 3 P. M.-I'arse $IOU, mil* heats, bcsb ' tliiee ID #? ? nndrr tin laddl*. Iiaac Woodruff ?ttr> ch. g. Mode lilaed : I>. I'lfcr eatare b. g. Dutch Charley; Mr? Santa cuter* blk g. Black Ralph. JOEL COKHliy, Proprietor. CENTFtVIl I K COURSE. L. I-PACING?A PCEST* of y II will be elvca; mile heat*; hot three la At*; ir li?*ne?? t'"r peeing hones that uevcr a on a pur*a oeer |M' (Drruu x< rptpd). loeonie off Sept. 11. Entries A* eloM orv Tuueday evening, Sept. 9, by 111 o'clock, at Mr. Madden'*U< t L JOEL CON E 1,1 X, Proprietor. UNION COURSE. I. I.?TIE ID AY, SEPTEMBER !>, at three o'clock, P. M.-TrjUing match, $,'00. will hoete, beet three in five, to MO lb. wagon*. O. Wanwi. uemca ch. in. Lady Gay. M. t lark name* b. g. Crasy Jane. .IOHN r. AN E DIE Ell, Proprietor UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING?A TROTTING, match will oooie off today. (Tueslay.) Sept. 9, at St, P M ; mile teste; bett three in Ave; to I'M pound wagons.. lir. Wai.ear name* b. id LedyStuard; Mr. Clark name* b. in. C? y Jane. Cat* will bn in readiness at I P. M. J. I. SNED1KBR, Proprietor. UNION COURSE, I,. I. - TROTTING.?PURSE ANDSweepstake.-$1,DUO.?Tnesday, Septembers, Jo'eloek, P. M.. a puree and etnko of $260 each, to oom* of on the above day, between throe of the moat celebrated horse* ok the tnif Mile l.oat?, beat three in Ave, to harness. 8. MoLaughlin enters b. g. Pelliam. O. liimuilck enter* b. r>. Jack Kosntrr J. D. McMann enters g. g. Vermont. The cart, will leave South Perry, Brooklyn, for th* Cour?e, at IH o'clock, P. M., returning when the sport* are over. Farv each way, 26cent*. JOHN 1. SXED1KEK. Proprietor. PaTTEKBON COURSE. PUTNAM OOUNTT, N. Y.? Tlie following Uniting and pacing purees arc by U s proprietor o. the above course, tu come off' on the 9th, ll'tb, and lltu of Sept., ltidl:?Tuesday, 9th, tirat day, part* ?? $lldl, mile heats, beat two in three, to liarueee, to eomsr L.fl between Mr. ?'e g. h. and E. T.'e l'u*uam Psoing florae. Same day, a trot, nac.t r tlio eaddle, for a puree of $JJ. mile lieato, Irte for all horec* that never before trotted tor money. Wednesday, ld\h, eouond day, pnrao of > 10, mile heats, in tsrneis, free for all trotting I.orate that never trotted for mot ry Same Uav, a paging match for till). free for all pacing; that never went tor money. Thursday, 1 Ith, thirc Jay, puree of f .'si. mile heats, bett thnc in live. free for all !r' ttii.fc borer* that nevrr wen a puree of over $-k>. lutrirti IT r the alove purree to ctnee the day proviona to the raoo, a . Ihe hi tul <f the proprietor, lhreu or moro to make a Held, and two to atart t' make a race. Care by the Harlem railroad. elavt from near the City ilall. New York, for thn jourse, at half rest (even o'clock A. M , and at hall pan three o'clock P. 11., on each of ?ui 1 tlaye. JOEL UOLHOMTt, Proprietor. UOUnKN, CAillUAOEH, dhi. iriOR dALl-THE ENTIRE STOCK Of A I.IVRRY Stable, ritua'.cd at Yonkere, Would ejtcr county, N.Y., icQproiuK the following stock:?Scien horses, well broken 0 r nale and double ht-rnesFj two earttagss, one nearly new t lour light wa;onr; full aett of harueet. saddle i, bridlee, and til neceatiry nrtic'es for a rtable. Any person wishing to ingage In this bne near, will now have a goud opportunity, t the Htock will te Bold on mo Urate terms, the owner being; about to leave ti c com trv. Apply to AS. li t.,v 111, ange Hotel, Yonkere. f.'oi: SAIL- A I.ARf.r.. IX) NO TAILED SLACK HORSE, a. six years old, v arrui.ted perfectly to and end kind, ie u seed traveller, and tuitable for family or physician's use. Jan I o eccn daily, at lOo'olook, A, M., at toe stable No. Ninth street, t?tweea Second tend Third avenuoe. Pil-e^MO. Ji'OK SAIE-A V?UY STYLISH BROWN IIORSE. C alnct In hands high, sound, kiuil. rul perfectly gentle: ,be hi hi icuiilv horr-in the city. Apply at Jehu uumon'c Jerry Uto bio, 177 T* c Iftfc eircet. t'CR BALA?A NEAT AND LIOIIF ROCK A IF AY wrgcB, tor four pertone, been hut little u?ed. and id mplcte order Alii, a H.iy Uorsn. i'.Ji hand, high, air cm old, eovnil. perfectly r"ot>, and a go id traveller. ipply at J. L> uch'o stable, No. 9 East Tivenay-lirat street. i 1 ."1...r ii'ii.'E - f" h ; \ nvr. lakhs bay L over via tee.i hands high seven years old last I ring, v . rr-i t" 1 sound, and bind in i very respect, of great ik'i tunre, and evi ir t a mil? In ti ree minntei to a wagon. .id res mi or b?si, trained I.owi.t price pps). Apply at 7 OHvi r street, V tv 11 u 12 and 2 u . .. k. noiisks for (ale. in it:-., rltn -.\ fine lot i f hcr.-es 1' r rle, tosiisiiri of t ir- e match t in., aa ' 1-..I' linei; rru I- seen iiy rail'ng at Vapderhoef au?J AT tcutt's liviry-stu'. It iuLibciiy street, neat door to Jul,r. IN tel. kilfiu, v ... mi 11,:. v..ii BAT II Horse, ti j cm a .-Id, i. and aid kiud. aud a last travelr; IV spin "ith i hilling top and pa cut a\les; Harness, nth two collar,. fly net i? .ailing, dor.i.r. sol sol tat a . w piisf r ?? 1 ol - ripply to I). V. JONAS, Vauxe.l Aivtry Stables, -\o. 39 i'ouith s'.mue bAtihh Bb AUTlOh. \ UOTION NOTfi'E.?J. lb HoL'JROOK fe CO W!LI n til, day. :u. >? itl.-ir ? ?tr '.a i r~?. nnl teno ai i tmrtineut o. I r . ry, C. ina, .v.. I ill* * #?r?. Hale 'Tlluptcrj. t-t llC 0>i! T 1- lltll'X B|> iHttllfll, II|I| (?il| l? .it.a lav, t s a?w ii.ti -i- r: fair will vmmraer at u < < ih day. v-jtil all ?h 7 Mi innll. W .?>!?? lay. li e lU'.t-, a' lit t, t No. IJ1 i'cirl Hard ran', Yarn.} Artie itt. lie. \i I'TIO ' " 1 u - 1 E.;IIA almonds. hi'tiic. Urii'N, f I', ?r?. Sif ?r. kJ -Oi fntedty. Sept. tii at ilS ?' ! ? k. 111 lr 'it ot tlu ktnra. 7 D?y ilrtul, - iciiry. t t jl.r, J-e. en*', i*e are. O10. ij.'autly. 1'ult Iktity, (Mm, .. ! it 11 .1 II 'i. 1. ' "l'if"i. i'rni:!?, Mac K-i nl, Lcn. ! -jr, p. V I""., 1'irriu'j, twraed ?ud Salt lit ', Sitvi l in ip *Hai?a. too W. a. I Am Ah, A11 tivunr. 47 Doy it., ?oi. Greenwich. Al'MTICN M.Tirr.-Tlioa. AI'iTIQVIKRhyH.N It' 1 U day, at lo.'t o'ulooii. la th? . 1 tin. rnoiii* 10 North Willi*sir-it, til tliu falouOC rto.-K vtv v,d ior c??vtt'lttet of iol<j 1 aney Millinery. fciu Jfirj.lf ?, i. Ml T imaiiiij: a'luint.ty of l?ry O id* *l4 J 1 till 1.7; irm 1 i: i.cruiaa a'.lr mi l lied l.ln-n. la ; no rj Trookr. Cut r;,iuaiif MiPi.ti Jem try, rnrI tore H n-i. 1 i-t r-, i'uiutiii,-*. tjop". e plcn-1 i Watch * cc.Jad. Ai. 0 * ii ul Client. 1 UO.i. bill.I., Auctioneer. VI tTION NOTICB - HARDWARE. ETC. ? SW LOTS mid l-Aiki ;"a. 1 oco] ;ifir R a|il -te aeeoetiucut of iidl llnr-iwtti. i.iitl. iy 1 my tdouu*. will be nold < .It el), al ia day. at ill o'clock, at tho ctoro Na. Id Co Jar r> I. on a cir lit of f n wont'-- f >r piper- l ot Ml | ulii tlm. ''ataloyucf. tel.i- '1 are rotr r- ??iy. JOllN K. IAN AM I'D KM*. AMilMMI. Bni-p.irr-s mu this day, \t sis iii.kccke* " ?ti t.- Tl.i n I r to et:i;,'r no I .* . y flti lot try. t weiy, lexalry, i'alntiaga. Show Ci.'or I'Uotar FIimw, tr., to?, tli-v pi . live, an# eo" r ? at -n o'eleok, A. M. A. KriTERl'IKI.D, AtlUntw. BV J. ill l I MA e AH I'lOMI'K.-THlH 1>AT? SEI'T !"b, hi i o'clock. I' M., at No..'! lillerv atraek, Brook >11 A k in 1 ?1 k- irtn eii of liou chcl l I'nriu .ure. oonei.-ln|lt titliifl'iiwp, uah pany and raae <>it llKiira, mii?>?: 0)* l-i - -au?, AiuliCt, iby car-l oui oUor lab.00, litabof any Mile* R( K1VP, MtCTluN H A. -AliMlNlSTRATOR S mle ol I i rmt ra. l'i?no i rt- - .V.t , t tnorrow.Vfad li e), at 10 o c-ii.k, at '1 N?.-in rtreet. near I aiton ? it. t. kimp n ill Mil rt i' ii tiial oie, by order of th? *1 .. 1. .trituf a.11 t't :>,r..,Lif0 r ? < n? aim v l.m ?? ci?'-iipc < f a t?*y Uff" Bi-urtn.' nt of parlor, dmine r<>>ru. timhi-r ami kitchen Jnr-uture. Carpet* China. oat Ulau, (i.\tr p'a'td and <.w?kiij v .rt, ?i? : rm<*?> < UtH, m-1 I'ar'nr t'liaira; etived mahogany tofar. Tete a Ut?e. t oltaire arm rhaira; ipting eoat and & Irti,', that** r king and really ?!?.; n.ainle tipemtr T; M, -. In.ana " fa l?*de, lilrer* an I K rulir lioohonee* A arilr?t>?e: i.nrolr it .It^-iuh nureana auk Aai hatanda; "Hi -i nflalmTiMn; ' ard, ? -'ft, and fanry r?l>l. *; printed t I 11.Vr lu '.i'or i en ?ltc, imkognay I ift> h II. deteidt b'a. k walnut t ot laea do ; hair Ma'.tri i la* I'tither atf, Itolatare aid I'ill ??; li-ae?i la, l liree plr. ltd 111 cloth l arp?t?; n "fy tat 1 t utlarv: l.ron/ed Iron u*t SUtda, kc.i a la* sad no r?n* amod llnao fort*, a An* ii k .1' * an ? rtfcy at att ntl i.i Alan, a puril inarm art at di.ilo . roi in at.d Vlt lftn t'nenitnre of ever) ittct'p n.n. t'hr.a . nt t 1 hirer pit tad end Cr?ehnry in i.i tot t a Uiklntl ?. Car |* la, Ac, all ut vhloh vill ? * litil fad l'i tha tan lira tali* t"?ui:<S Naeean itraat. and ii Id Vithont ta**r >'. It t rbaerra ? ill be rniulrad to Banks carb ill | <i*lta. In i rdar tn litnri o prnipl il*!lv*ry of all th* (a. da. Aim, -fit* 'if Itapidail 'iavaha Sogata, of km ral Invent* trnhda, ivinblih nr* worth* t ? ititeatl .a of tha irtda and oiliera. A la , t?p?y tank. adreneee 'U Banket* o. ' hanipaign. of a nit km wn and favorite brand. LataInaoaa oa (lie ?flag of aala. DS. HOI OH bl'CTIO I ! I I - IMV, AT IOW A. M .*t No. IH lta*ron t. between flicker nol liiid,nalf?"l aiary large and a'r rant aai rtmont of bona*mid I iD lur* oil Fainting*: |n. r Claaaea, Itc. Tha udri un Hurt I* marly in a. it I ma de to or dor bt the boat o?Mi?t i"aVt*a la the ?lty: oaniatlng In part of ib?itt!tnhi. I'roM h ftid teaiia t tar it top ll .ftana. Trench I'lato, Plet liiniN. Firf'li Chita, Unar*. ko:k**i, Tapaatry, thro11 and la gran. t ?*p*le, Mar tie L lulu. Porcelain Vnaer. natii-e Hi <la. Ifair M??lr*e-.e, lllanketi, lomfertart. ).an> or fi ll ili ra. Chum dinner and t?a eels Kttennlnn labn ?, Kltcl tn fmuitnre, kc". Alan, the m.i?t tnpefb eol clioB if Oil I am: iota roi Freneh colored Irrntlati iver ofli rtd In t' i> P-la to oou. tie net la the l-aat eat, nt It,', o' l. rk pr*. 'aoly. F1 ( III TON, Ai l TH'Nt>H ?? tI.E OF ITRMITI RK. a Flcr tllat-ia. tee fc-.?f. Collin ' ill aell, thia day loreday, Ptpt.n tar ' at half rant ID o'llo-b, at No. M R?*k?an atreit at d ;t Aon Biro*t. a hrtt a*> "rtiaant at r't bi w, aid .rronl hand 1arm tore, eon priniiiT Sofa*: boi k tin?, Warartleo, Hoerotarlo , and Itreaa boron at, M ??t itri la. I., oa and Ib d'tea >, I'haire, Carpeta, Ol" t'lo'ba, Chan.' r aod Kit;! n Fnrnitare. be, tee Alt", inrlarte Flat (,'.???aa, IVnob plate. Alao. idail'a Conn I*rpanep, Slioete. Mittriaoaa tee. Alao. the bilan-e of r oda from Uaai.iaKtoa etrtat. Sale p* 'tire, raU et bite. II r. M ll.laRP. Alt ! HiNRRit-i>lt. paiai m wnn_ J 1 tofdi'fi) ??? my, l-, \ I'l, nt 7 , n . ! >? i ll K. H illarJ . Art i> ii r. ?III ? ll At Motion on il 'nt?ln nlnr. ol ">< o clorb. ?? lli.oppr'o t On Noon, J*) llrmdwny, I ni'l NMItt. H'WI I'olH'n , 'I a I ilrahly IT \mod ft Hi h 'll'niMt. And wnnlijr |l.? rM ntlon .f Ilio-O 1ti|r >oi ol | ii an 4 pi- alloy palotln<? (or furniture i.'nlotuaa rrti < nmlit.e |'?l?tl?a? OBliibllod on Tnttdny ??. nlng, firoir. | Mil |B o'oloob. Me n ITIliB THIS lliv \r 11', C A ml'ti'. I. C. Hn?p 'III toll it ntiqllm, nt nbott nil tio ''til ? tnotolnrd In tl"> Abort Hat o, -? an tint n*n ?ra' *?? ? mfilol Fnrlor H.droom a 4 kitehen lorlilaii, * , i .1 t bo ntt< stion ol 4nlm inn ' nntpktoport. IlO i * BOLD?TBI CRLRRRA PBD ' OL' r. 'TIOM OF I idt'Ml'tl. yl,ytlol??|pAl. And pAthiloylcnl nrrpnrt li n? In ? at. of tho Intt Sfgnnr ?arti, ??? on tvlbHl,n. n? Uio 8opI??7 I.I'-try krint, N?. .An firnnd*t>, Now ViO p|*T. "Ill Bl I'nl.l ? Auction. nl ?h* nboro room, on Monoa) hatmVi Kill Hl.ll lt?>ln 1. M. f, r larM n' ante, Apply ' potton. or by Uttir pnotptld, W> tlUSRI B MlCUr, Allomar and Corntollor ?l Law, No. 9 Mwiil *?. VOPAKTOKUBIlip MOriUHI. Tnr. cor.KTMtminip PLKF.roroan exmtiwc nr.drr thr firm of Liall, Tninptino to WarA. wna dlulrid on tbo aliHi ilnt of May 1ml, by Ibo d?alh ?f R O Tin , bioa All nobtt iltio lo tod from tbo Into Rfna will b+II iiililnUB 1 j oltbtr of the ?oivItibi inrlnoro. 8'?noB. lir.SKT BALL. W 11,1.1 A M It' A' K. rRRmr./r.R Hon rate. Tbo Imlnrtt will bo eentlnopd nttno old tltnd, No. 2lT Br' ndnt*. oonlb p rnpf of Alnrrn ?o?t ?.!. ih. I All, HI,AC K Ik CO , where. In adaitloa W) W>elr Al r ady ? trnrire Mor-, the* liarn added A lire ant tla?an >v II I M on the IKTI nil rrnr. whey no? lie the treat m' ii'i>ilinrtl 'If 'Hi filTfr . nr" oml I'lated <*are M urn i ir.llar ?fl?bll?l'Hi??l In the fnttrd fltatei flaring umpletet thfir atrantknientk hy ?if cf the partner* hfla* kinotaath In harra, nndthelr e\trn?lra eoptenpondnnre ahrtad, nil! rnal-le lh?m to fnrtil'h rnr article la their link. ( kithei r, re tn or dowc tle mtna't-titrn, *1 the ehortkkt potfible mlii-r. and wi; l<i???t frl, A Mrg* A-t >rtrient of DU mnndo, I'reti.m Blint#. and ri<h Je-> Iry, rnimtaatly it hand Aluo, ?,y recent arrival- an Invulea of T. T. Cooper > tnd F B. Adam*'Una IVrtahaa, to which pereont dninucr. obtaining a ro' k art tola are invited to ktamlne. >i w Yor.r, Bep-embrr a. IWil. fpnr. CO I'AWTltKRBtltP urn I ' ?r KXtSTt A nndrf the Irm nf PertiDk fc Mor1f>a. jN Vi'rai atrkkt. it 'hlk day diaaaleed JC.JN M')Mo J>. Saw loth Bant ?. IMl. nfWO|,OTlC?f-Till COPAR! vr.AMliP flltltlTO for# tm(u*'i-r tha Irm ?f AertineJt In laaa, U thin day lead All fta-nt havta* elalwa agataal thk aid lira, will pUar? proaeat *hf in. PRTRB f RIRTIBB. M MofVat #tta?V ?lk Tetk, Jtyl ?l??N WA

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