Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1851 Page 2
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HEW YORK HERALD. jabbs ?o*ooi ibs miv, proprietor amd rditob tfrwm n w. corner or fi'ltom and hasrau an. T*lu? BV1. - Mm. *3?. AMISEMENTS THIS EYENIKU. ASTLB GARDEN-1. pvbitarj. KTIRV TIIBATRB. Bo??rr tiniu abitia e*ai? si'z a.t?Roabbt Maoaibb. BROADWAY TIIBATRB. br.advat?Ibmm< 1 ? Bo? to l*ar the But?Lamm Bawamc. W1BLOS GARDEN. BtoiUwif?U\uu? AmpaaiceOixaAlb? Jons J o bba. BURTON S THEATRE ChAmb?M?ttMV-To?oi.B?-PBa- j acru>??Svaos* Rhiko H'okaz. NATIONAL TnEATRB. ChzthAm ztroAt?CHiLftnrs ra 1 Baa WiO?? Cattle Staai.auj?Nawaaov or Nzw Yoam. | BROrr.MAU 5 ltcbi M. BrozdwAf? dt. DilwobthBaibt Qzazt Nivi* Wot Taik Ladv-Ibiau laos - ' Cabb CaaaCHRISTY'S MINB I REL3. M?efc?ai?' CaII, <72 Broadway vmioria* misatkblsv. BELLOWS' MINSTRELS. Follow*' MaiieU HaII, N?. BI Bread* ?jr? Bthioti at Mikbtualbt. AMERICAN MrSEl'M?Am JIKC raronzAHU ArAko Evismo. TR1PLER I1ALL?Soibabn Maci<via BOWERY ClRCr8-Bo< bztbiat rznr imatck. i uami'?*..? ?.iv?Ji>ia ir A "MlLim tmmi. w Work, Thniidajr, Septanbar 11, 1151. W?l|ht of tka Herald In Wrappers. Wnen UtiiLD ? 1*^ oi Kiil. (hict IImald ljf oi. Iikli Smut Hiuld 1 oi. imaary off ike Latest Intelligence. The democrats commenced their State Convention at Syracuse, yeatcrday, but did nothing further than appoint a temporary chairman, and n committee on organization, consisting of five barn- ( burners and three hunkers. This committee will probably nominate Mr. Church, Lieuteuant Governor, as permanent chairman, and to-day the battle will commence in earnest. The whigs also appear to be in difficulty. Tue mlrcr g'sys do cot muster very strong, and intima- j ti< la are thrown out that they will back out altogeCLerfrom a coalition with the Sewardites. Tnero are alsc indications that two ^ets of delegates will t b. ?Li front this 15late to the neat National Whig Contention. The Massachusetts Whig >-ate Convention was likcscie held yesterday, at Springfield, and, on the , br-t ballot. Robert C. Winthrop wa nominated as their candidate for Governor, and Mr. Georg: Crianellas their candidate for Lieutenant Governor. ! The proceedings were very harmonious, and the auurei?? <1 the chairinai, and the resolutions pastel by tbc convention, were of a strung national and aioa character It U to be feared, however, thxt (be -walilion ticket will be elected. It is certain ib?t the whig* will be defeated, unless a change has labci. place in the public mind on tbc froe soil , ^, since the las*, election, if the free sowers a.u on Bouiwell, which it is probable th:y will Aect.ding to ths returns of that contest, t'ae democrat* and free sutler* were in a considerable majori- , sy as ail appear by the follow,ng vote for Gov- j ra n eei weild* si ?iet 36.36J 1 fhll l* free soil 27 fc03 1 t 61,1(50 I "big 5T.304 | ,802 1 t I! the people, theref ore, vote as they did at the I c last -teetion. Mr Winthrop, ths whig candidate, ( t, will be defeated, and Mr. Bout wed, the eanliitte E ?1 the ceelitwrwsts, elected The prospect of the ' f, Whigs ill be better if tb- re ihntld be no election i by tt. pic. ai.d th. L* ? *1 . *' 1 b called I--a to decide tb? ma ter, although the coalition lets had, last year, a majority of rome forty or fifty j, be tba* bedy There is another point connected with the Massa- f Contention which is worthy of attention. r wis that Mr is boowa, was Mr f Webittr's choice (or Governor, did not receive the ( ea..i-alion This ci. ws that the inlu.ace of the t Mare hi* Id state man ts t>t as gr;at la the Bay , featc as it was 11 be democrats ef Lancaster, Pennsylvania, yea- | , terday. held a c? mun-o fvr the porpuse of selert- , were etreagly cosa-nding the ooapro* f MM* BWIUM Of CotfTi;?, and avowjlg ft JT5- j , krtu* for Giccftl Cm for iU> PfdiJw:/, over , all other MBdiafttw who may be alerted TWr? t? aa important ruu> r frotp Mexico, to the Ire -ha: Prcinlwt Arxu applied to the Britiah Monur to know what cowree Kngland woalJ i parem a MM thie country etowld dec'.we w*r age i>t Mexico for enc-iliing tho Tchuantepoe treat j Tito reply ie aald to have beea, that tag- | f load would have nothing to do with the quarrel. t It to reported that a letter wai written by Colonel t Crittenden. jaet preview* to hie death, which de- . r am " t Clew Lope* ia the Boot nnaeaeured tera* c Th? detaik of aa exleaaire fire ia Boetca will he * fannd under the telegraphic bead 11 k fh? True Uwattwn t Kptftodo ? >? lie llutwry?lie I ?wwtt<UI lltfoime eeO Pieipiete. I' wiie?e'?< *g< ah eutCy elated that ? < the Captain General a < uta bad atnt home to Madr d a plan f* the better governaea; of the Inland The change? pvepoecd ta hie project war* u etnedy of a ooaaeioial cha-mcter, an i it ie under- t? dot that they wore of a liberal and etaphbet U eive hand Well ee-caie -4 to 4 au.teh tbe ww j U p aift * ofcirb bo?o beea Bade wi.b ro?p??t to the < 0Brr< u? duuee ker<? f re exaovd b? tU? fioni.-U' 1 |?Ur; of ifei la Ui M \ i*?tr< Bfkt ai ito um?. ? iMk wyi lUi y?iu to * vara :kt AtuMU >0**** ^ r? ?*l?4 ky u Ito ftfru ?l h4 va/toiii <n?. mm I lati tun to* ll raa L*#wiki? tor aa/ M; a?i JJ to at al a Utory .a tto tornvy at tka t{a.-ra .* <1 >> ?. *k?at l?lt| nt>(i?4 to a* imgmitmi, mm m* jQotitoi. 4aUat I* rtoUat yM MUr ay ik<* aaraaa.iitof tow* * ' a> to to* ai.?.?ty U fltoan r*> Ik* yak- 'k*t ikarr * ?to Hm i -**i? i* annywi mmt aaat<>t* **4 ?? Wy On ?mI I ?f(? to*. I* to*..; (k? (m? IiIm* 11 M ?.ar ?Mill*, tf a*aa< t??i| kift *U. ** if*i tka Ml t|fNMiM,MM?l rtoa tort I r < aaa ton trtkr itou ..ton/ * Maw. k/ f ..IrwUy * to to(|tnl*a? * Matotoaa ?j? salatara M.atfc aflrr anil 4*4 to u*.m Ito fallaey *4 aa artaiatof *to kaltaf tka Ito <-atoa. a* awU (e/aleitee a# ito tolato ww* retol/to m it Wt tol yuaatoal aa to*aaHn afai| aaak *^n* aa a rat walk/ a# a*?Ma| aa/ Maat'tovr a raaa " Uaa ial aval atoa ito laly*|li? ra/arto. aal 1 > ito an?l nary ya* la naraiiaa ky fc aiknl. J na^'ti * 4 a i*a t|<*< uaa. aa at*ar a ly a 14 *r4 ^i U?iak*ft^? t?f ato*w |iitw a itato y> Mi?? lUtotar. to lay toaa aar kaal la rara * at 4 Ito liniti to atoak toy tor* I ] f*.?4 k?to? a?4 Ito a !? ! to ato I - uwtk??>f< ?k IIUlMMknkM I kjrU?ftrx*i| ? .. i i* prtmm WM | *w tmu, k> <?? w k. . I ?# ' it M r , * ??k? * ?ry h Mi kit | ? k?? ?**> *< ? I 'M. IrM tfe If* < ???. 11 ?|1 It I *" -? W 1*4 >W? afcir a TW < !* < ?* * , u-t * im4 ' t*? * * *??. ptxki, m4 * MM ?f l*l?l|t ^ |M?IIKkllHM? |?|'<>l ?< ?k, 7* lluur M*U ikiiH ?' ? "??* fc**? Ui , B <?* fail UM IIMilm U? MJ tkMk U>? *.?? *t. I?k'wki4 W# k*?? (In I*t UjvtrwItM ?f ?* M * yitvikff* m4 rtfkt *f M iB4rpm*?1 j n ? MrtlihM t*?7 drrw>UM * ?au4B*i w **?. Bti >'UJ vii* l*k ' P""1*th* I ill i ?l ?k:<* k*K BBl k|k ?*?* I ? . ??m? ) twt), U tua ?* "?. tv?<4 *vt fail to U M? rive. la the nvn ( the report which Un earn# | to hand, we have been ohh*?d to nattee two or three I topiaa at wore than ciaat* Interval, which hare ' sprung out oi the general auhjeet ? tha ftring upon the Falcon, and the reported meaner of the eaeeu 1 tioa of the &A; A merman*. wh-oh teams to involve a problem for solution aa to the dadaitium at p*r* y W? cannot enterta.a tha b. lief that the meee current rumor* ef aa hoar at eacitemeat are to j take a reliable itupe ae feita af Importance We are uninformed of any elrcumttaoeea, w?U aathcntieated, at preeent, which will ju-tify perrmp tory demands upon the SpanUh goTeraaieat, aad had the sabinet at Washington received any each information, they would have acted upon it before thia. They muat await the return of the Saraaaa Should, therefore, tha rumor* of tha time terminate, aa we auppoae they will, ia a (-ale of peace with reapect to Cuba, tha curioaity of tha public, for a period, a ill only be concentrated ape* that island, to ascertain tha character of tha reforms which tha Spanish (OTerament will adopt for the satisfaction of the population generally. The editor and proprietor of the 11ku*ld, Mr. Jaata Gordon Bennett, after his visit to Cuba, last year, took a very correct view of the state of feeling in mat tiiana. lie touna tnat tne Cuban, or erooi* population, were not really in favor of any revolution? that such a project was spurned as dangerous to all interests?an! that the dissatisfied only expressed a desire that there shoull be more commercial liberality, in consonance with the progressive spirit of trade, and with the murch of other nations engaged in commerce. From his very correct impressions, he drew inferences unfa vorable to all projects for invading the island, and | wrote against them with ansticted industry and 1 perseverance for several months, urging upon his 1 triec is every where the necessity of discouutenane ing the revolutionary movement. The resa't has proved his course to have betn wise and saga- j cious, and his belief that, in the natural course of events, Spain would hold Cuba for a long period, unless purchased by the United Stiles, i seems to hare been founded upon the best deliberations. The course of his journal has conformed to j j these views since his absence, subject only to such : < contingent modifications as new issues have scousel 1 ! to demand?the citation, of which, above, will be j satisfactory to those who weigh their importance as < Dational questions. The only topic, therefore, be- ! pond these, is with respect to the prospects of Cubi, and of its people, for new commercial regulations, i 1 which may strengthen the general loyi'.ty of the island. How far the government may bo disposed to go in following out the recommendations of the Captain General, it will be difficult to determine. ' The probabili ty is, either that t'ao cabinet at Mad- j lid may at once decide to rt'move some of tho re ' miction* upon commerce, as an evidence of its r> pose in the It yalty cf the inhabitants, or it in iy be contested aith the narrows? policy of slowly aimiiiifterirg to the desires of iho-e whe seek insr.- . i vvuiibvi jnit.arij' i ui/ J?."A.o ?.?' ?* |'J^ of the goTerrment undoubtedly would have been i :o h?ve u-dtdto, rather than to tavo removed, re- ' strain.*; but the examples of modern tiuaw exb.bit I ] a more liberal policy a* the wiser eourio for action. , t Whatever may be done, one thing is certain?that ( >-pain will maintain her govern mi at in Cuba, under t ordinary circumstances, t.U she is trilling to port with it to the I'nited States. Tlie fate of Lipez in i his associates promises indefinite tran juiility to g he " always faithful island." j d CaMi iii\EANDilT ;t.M.No Flcid ?Aecidtxts from p be u;c cf oazuphcn and burning fluid are becoming i> uore numerous every day; and unless a stop be put J o tbc sate of these dangerous things, it will be "I eoessary for the authorities to erect a hospital b( r the u.-e caciusively of those who ?a:Ter from e? bta;. A* tin pri.eattimo there ar. Ave persons ^ a the City lb spital who have been more or less h\ juicd by explosions oi campben, < r burning flai l * p.t j < i : .if wh'm will probably dm ol their in- ^ csivs. If a record were kopt of the loss of life tl rom this cause, the list would startle the commulily. We have ordinances against the storage of tur{owtler within the Are limits, ever a limited ^ . liil.titT. nr.d whv shrinlii thprA rr.t. hr an#> a.i?*i.ina: 1 - .Lt etc el camphenel Thii article, in the hand* of ^ (lUflt girle, is u dangerous, if not more 10, tliau , s'unpoadcr. Notwithstanding all that hat been ^ id and j ubli Led on the subject, uni despite of tl ill the warning* that are given torn day to day ia t" Le i cwspapera, ignorant people will persist in re1-nithiag lamps wuh these dangerous fluids while R hey are lighted. The only plan it to stop the * ale of them entirely. k; pi News raon Lt rope ?The steamship Niagara tl i due to-day, with three days later ncw? from all arte of Enrcpe. U Marine Affairs, Ti L*- ?n m c? A^otihr Stesmib?The itnan M< teor. JJ tr the New Orleans andTiin mailLine.witl be launched ,, o-iisy at ten o'clock from tb<- jard of Mr VTn. Colljcr, t< cot of Mm tcenlh street 8he is owned by Messrs liar- ^ is fc Morgan the enti-rpridng steamls-at owners at New M irleane 1I< r length is 190 feet on tbt- keel, and 1M over I ia 11 . 2Sr> feet b- am and 10 feet hold unl she registers 000 \ I TI ne ti Foa E> acre ?The R M steamship Asia. Capt Jul- pi ins depart <J ysnttrrity. at noon, for Lirerpo A 8ha j n, irr ?.i ut at- ui mi jmuwr.f r? i tr Th? II. 9 M ?i??ni?hlp ienryin ?u ral'ad up in t h? I b< h tkiul il atluf Dock. on furrday Tuning Khc will , I" naln ' d tl.? d' i k uutli Saturday m irnluj. to raeelY* a I In iult of e< n*r M pr Theatrical and Hadcal. Hmrit or Oiowi Btaar.rr ?Thir diatinguirbcd ar- | ?t. ?be Lu for many yearn been connected with the j mtrlcab <4 tbU city, and who has alwayr by hU gen- | j manly d?a?anor and great ability aa an actor, won c* ta Htrta of ib? dramatic pub', e * bin b-n-flt thla I*1 ' t i c a Nit.' ' tlmrdeo Tha beautiful eotn-ly of *'j I ' i.d' A--urane# th? ballot paat itnlm- 'if ' 3bm!'.a'' Ld tL? "Jitui J ar?- *h? pi-ce? wl-. id wi urti a ay par* ma (lay U-dlur* llarrett a- Sir liaruiti n r y Ulak* aa Max Harkaway. Mirs ( orgiua ui'ti ai i- dy Oay Spanker and Ml-? K<> Horn %? th rtw llai'- ray Mik OU'ticc branch and U C jllet j of i apfewr ta OMIi" Although tha attraction h-ce | r> ?tt ?d " ??ry gt- at we hope almo L.e i ?aj j pt aoCiiy aa t? tu- and him great (eal for th? w?lf*r... pt ' tie dtaaaa will n-eur- t. htaa tha ai at rxtrn?l?? p?t- i ?.|. y tbf ti'iaay Let hiui bar* a b^mp. r by ail it. aara. | lew a? Tiirarat ? Three excellent pi -cm arm an- tn I, J '? t|ji? tT't'li^i at I ha ar >T Tiatfji-J '.a'.lrh- ex at? trrlrnd a* It &,'* " Black Kjed and 1 ?u k>Urt kfai> ?ail powerfully caei bu In. Tainai - Mr Odilna will appear t i n' ?ht Jj!l ? I. t A.if iwy ' ami How t- l'?y the R?nt j ?" i i j . og pi< ea atti ba the faica of Lai. . Be- 1 n' lb ' ? A b II of l?trn.??lr'?r??tl< prcjeatcd Uo it 1 1 i - rr eogag '1 ?, Iki BMf ruaiar ta an aurally jfliaiilta Tbapi? ear H twried at* balaa lawaan," " oiwUt' aad Joba Ma" 1 ? '. ii " Ail tb. tmlrM if Hurton'n un- ' 'a -i a par y act--<r tin- rtwirr In thr foilrwlog K"1 l? ... i.. _ ...J . :.J. 4 ? uttM " " I Gil x>- -IV ?' xtf ? p f-rr-stnoaa M I 4 I i aaJfljr th? i..?? a <k* t'<4 attV a:>4 U? . 'aMok^y <4 Km York I '?? .? ^.ir.a'trf I ' * * ttK* fliii at IUiatapa*' >-al4ht * - i.a>rik "Mat U?*rt o*r.? j Im ? C. I <,.#* ,(U1 ' " ' i a i, ?at?n*iaBi >atfo? i', k r* a t fau*. Kion u mmwm i rlak aroftaa?< far *Tf ait tro Uaaa* Imtii'K'irii ?Aa mMr* a4*o** of p*r- ? ' Hi - I b? , ?.a L it (kit *r< aio( ? >rtk U la tlm ? kit gr?t pn+tip+i art UtJ a*?* II.: i ? Ru.??i: ? rrand pan <r?jaa of tba j lb? a t ;>|- ftoanj tka VuM, oailaiu fitj at- t.f I rid LM m ?T?a *? U. ?t far?a' a?4 two *'"1 W laafiian Ma *4b**4 itr tkU af^ia >< ml '' 1 , a. at tlua htgktf p fular f ate*Ualim*at. ft* ? .i re' ? 4t4?r"i? lli" fr*tl ' . \ . i.tiAt?? la aaloabk a?4 4> ti*ht 4a***iy . I, 4'*.r nabta aaa?nkU4?4 **?/ ni<kt. a?lta fr,, aifpaalaWtl . ? Mr rw?p^t*r Ik*pi- *11* Uiit 1?.'a**r ? - m . #1 Km lyatar rnt itajoui-a;. Mara on !aa a.ataf B*(t l.'.rp t K< playing at tka Cknaul *tr**t t Mr I A 4r?li al tka M'ala-al 6u?at TLoalra, a4*.pka 'M - - - - ? <}t t? *??*! f. Mlllfrnta. .ra? . -4 IM^ , . .. ?t?uaJ.?J o? tka ":"th alt. JHi.Ui ' ~ * ' w ?0'L Aid .M'.k fc-%4 jwl? aVacfe for U It I m *?.*a * CMr bWMgiMi. hcnm m tu MWUirr run oaIB. (um4 At MiW Of m flyiMl fcrvwfcr ui boukor, ?> < J ha J. tiobrt M iUn<i Mora tku tho iua lk?o4 kt tbo ba? lb* following Aecuion w *? \f Major Kii|riM4: TWItotMlkl prawai.oa ( MimiU HTifiKittkil ?*}. " ^ y i ? NM!fcn?"*? **' M Mnui kail MM UtMdki If W?llM lllb WKruil l>d kafciaa ?') '"'?** itlMl Um. or ( > th? truqi ru MM JbWr Imn. w.tkaut IrktbulitiiUnw(i? tho M?* of *ko what* aoak b.MNt u tranaacUd. an J It at n<b litltil at; ka ia*uko4 lor mum. Tba abaioua * 4 4oaaoa af ittt. la no. aad aapiobaUy ?f tho l^"*1 o l?r ? aat ra'akia* ItMaoa*. baiaf for tko ir.NiM.t tl krtiia.n irrltiM htN frta tht iapo.ltlou aa* '.Mlk.t u tick th*? lata ta <ari-oa way* baau a?k)# ul aaO mm it bo mada bu atr>u Uitt tu; mwu bu k rtaifraata a* aiun.aid ha. taken front any aw k h?o a*? to a iitaltr rnea fur tarh inland far* than i* fair .ad ? ?, ?r ia uaaal ? >?? Ika ( r. u. . n.n.'d iu the k ataaaa I .h*ab4 4?ao. that a |*u4 caoau w raruba tba al ? h jaraaa fr ** U. r praaaatatiuaa whtoh hara k* aa ?a4< ta aaa ihat Jht J Oiabart. a lloauaad kvukar, oka*o*4 aa4 raa*<aa0 fra a Jartb laaalf. aa atairraal, bwaat > awl d Mara i?r 'ha ?laa4 fara uf l.o raraoaa (tba rmiaraat aaa i * aifa) tu Ct I ta I it kaiua tauaiactonlr ? ' liakaO tt tha t> tia'ai of Mr Julia Alias tad aavural -U.r ^n?ii IB I'> kuBlbBM of f .rwardiai r?iirilll t? tkr -B'.ri.f i it* l? | ric? ??k?d for ruck lw It M-.rsJ r#*pe<-?M? aad reeiieariblr hnuue, ii <>ilui i p<wri-< eed is bouib cj roasidrraMy I. '! II -i' ??- r4 ? Is. r Bad I4?t wnpauiMen. tbel?.Me.f Jrkn J U?*ksHU ?k?Bfcs4. A i . KlNorLAND, Mayor. M.ton'i Oerier. Soft 10. 1*01. Oboimii >i? Tssa Wn mil 0o*r ?Garratt Bart* afOoapsi; F N?w \ .Th Toluatosra U dead. Mr. Paii* ?i a f> w day* alace, to correct a prei . , i- i ? L Ho b*? ? u.j u I uithe'1-B dk m f><? which h# l-?t aa ana TUu? "a# hy o", llnr ga .ant ?|dnt- ?h" fi .irlit ?o noMj in d-dnoee of th-ireou try ar? p??- n? awry There ar? rnmpiratlvela few rsiuaiiintr ta if Tend of the tiring. and many of iV'ai hantlir 4 -a?? in their systems. eiignd r?d dur i g thet ai.monble ? isp.ign In. in ti Tu ?..?> v - HUM Opit yesterday k?td an in jua-t at Su S.?S 1 ohiM arenas, on the b>iy of a Mr* llu-l iiid who adurui-tcr-d to b-rnelfa .|nautily oTarsaui' n Tin-day aft' rn n and during the nigbt .he raj ir.-d Th* drr??#. J war ?& yi-ar* gf age. aLd a natire of Ke?l?'d No rau?* for tha a:t oould b< |li n by b?r hnst-and. mat ?b? appearrd t.. Is in a dpranpi 1 tat* of mind Dr, the CYrcn-r'? -urg-on. made a peif mmtrn ex* m illation of tha body ?D'I l< und that d -ath hvl 'seen caused by a corri sirr pole- n l'h* Jury rend-r-d a r. rdict tha danawd . auia to liar .'.ath by admial-tertng to hi-r*elf a quantity of ermrnic. f.>r th? purponu of (alf da-.traction. A ^id bmd FariL Aidaanr ?On Monday afternoon, wbil* an appratitlrt i f a bo*? li use carpenter, residing at Manhattan! ill-- ?*- at wo- k In fr.-ot of a urn brb * 1 I . Ilf -r ettel in 1 u . U *treet. a hod of bri<-k-ft .1 fri m the third ate ry. and on* oft'iain ftruak tba unfortunate your.g lun up n the beid. and felled him to the ground, in an inr?-milb!-? condition. Hi. natua in Patrick Hays. and up- n ex.m'nstka b- log mad-- by a physician. It was dl- v.Tard tb?t bi? rkull mn frn -tur.-1 ever- ly. and medical aid proved of l avail, a- In- du-d twenty uiitn-a. af ar Tb-- h-dy wt- ipoiund to the leaideuce of hi* employ er, w here Coroner Q??r h-!d an ? quest. Miuranr?Tb-.- Sinclair Ouar-la. arc uaf>anied hy thi -ity Prar- hand pao-d the Ikroidotttoe on inornng. on th-'ir annual targvt rsiu;>i"n T'u-y pr. -eaked i Tory crruitabla and m Idi-rlikr appo iranclfce Wucburn ticardi. Captain Jamee Murray, taradrd on Tu-.-day, aud lOokt-d wed. FU-y numb- rrd rrotity mwik-ta The <!r;ith f.ight Guards Capt Ward a".-oir.p*.n'.eJ t.y hkeltou ? be.'.d, al?c parade i. am] pr??nu-d aa aluiiratle aprearance The 3lauhrttan *??oclati "n pa-( d our ofl-- on M aJay eyru'rg. with tli'-ty ndMetl undrr the - otn-nand of itPt Jehu with A.k r ' Hand ail tnad" a rrry fcue appeaiance. t he hr.t priie, cr tirb-liug of a r:l?i-r cup. vaii w-ii hy lohn G fc'-i th; the rre- od hy J.??id ?Binb; the third hy W D -.nrliier; the 'outlh by VV itl-rai.; and the Pith, hy J ii-ndiiekaon TilfU'ielil, I.ieiif IJue.r.1 < ' ,t \(elll in MK.I i > flic* on Monday ? oning. < u elr r. turn t: ?u tar r ananal target exeut-ion nt '1-h "rMwt->r- t'iry p ?p i p!rn??t.t d*y. l he conicaly pre-ented < V>*Vn Kcfiloin *i"h it g'ld watch. alter ?itich the following p.-12<* wtre prtMi.iid ? 1'ir t. ?x !J tiiip. pre enl J hy he c< int eiiy and won by 1' Lynch; t-cord agoldxn il prereoted by J. IVeufri li?ri won by prlr fobt Ibinet' o; thiid ali .utifol wrwath. prcM-nted by Mi? i. L Ciifl wi ii by John Van Bin-kira; U utlii. the Caret, won by N I'i-lojhii Exi t crow ?Tie L' xln'?> n Chowder Club. Engine u puny No. 7, pr oeeded yi*t?rd?y. in four ita^ri, to heep'f Head Bey, on lilt ir j.ceud au iu*l excursiou. PjIIi* I.iUlilftcnce. T t Char:.' mi: ami f\r i. ltrr Carrier} Diimittri.? on,! few dayr iinee ? charge *i< preferred a rain-t Kerinviiii and Henry Pullet eily expreM letter current, n an areu i tion made r-epcc; iu< the nou-ili llrery of a j tter ci ntainiLg a <1U tank bill. ?a:d to hare bet ade- ! otlud in the letter box iirtniiging to the Falter*, for tie- i lery. which Utter, it it alleged. never reached itede-ti* 1 ation. The accu.-rd part I were de ainei locortody tr orer ten dayr by the pot tee magistral-*. withariew r obtaining -uir.ctent eeldi r.rm to !? 1 than far trial, ut failed to produce the reftttdte teetimo'iy; et 11 the reii-ta pailh t remained of th?ir liberty Ao.rdinyly. &le>-tra Rrmeyn and MoKlnttry. eouaeel for ie defendant*. proeurtd a writ of Aaheat cwyiu granted 1 Judge King, of the Superior Oourt, on fUtu*<tay U*t id the two piiaobera we to brought btfote that Judge. ; ho. on bearing the argument of c )un.-el, aud at no lid'-nt e a) peered to warrant their 1- teution, or- i led their dxtharge from cu-tody.?at the "atne time .e Judge took ( cession to exprera hi* astnnUliment at .* greet Wtigtb of tin the prie ti-r- had boon detained icmMy enoM au xaininatlou I Aura' ;? (.Mi'.ii Juuirny ?A Kren.tbrar.n name I FraoV etritr ? ? arreated,on Tueeiay night, by ottlcer Don. eliy. of the See . d ward p-lico cu a charge or ilMilng box of net die*. valued at VJHO. ft' ti th- pr.tniot No 1 CO WllUam ttri-et the property of E. 11 h L Crowley I 1ie j; l*uy was f una in trie po'.<e-siou of tie roguud Justice Lcibrip committed hi?u to prison for trial. t\?/;? <ki/? a/ /A? /'a.'urn Cast!? Harden, on ufiliy eecbitg ?Ricer .1-iter aires ud two fcllowe of !>c I'gkt fngered oid,-r, in the ait of aouadtDg th.- e ?at ockets if the pair ni elsitlog the pe.a They Were [>ndu"tinl to the police station. and in the m iming eonpy?d l*fore tbe Chief of Police. One gare his im-n > r*iii Will n and the oilier rei'uee 1 to aim any ami* be Chiefordered t;.e police to choir tii-in up at th<irii uc p< lie ?u.ilou?. in order that the olSsert may now tbetn again when seen in a crowj preparing t" Ick potki't To u e the p I ce term the I'hinf urJerel i?tn to be -raited,'' which if to send ttem from >ta'ion > station to n-tnain a'o ut au hour at each place, iticg the r tllci-tren time to lo<>k at the ui well, ?o as j ) know tin to ng.ein on any future occ.vsi a Jbrnt vf a burtio) ? Officer Mauwaring. of the 8e lith ward police. arrested. about four o'clock yesterday orcli g. juet before daylight, a man knotrn to the p >re by the ranir of Henry Allen, ou a charge of attempts f to break Inttbe dwelllcg house If it Cherry street, icej b d by Mr I 1,-ha * Mid- Th- '-ffis.-r d< t-ctc I Hi gue j,.at as he ?>> gotLg to operate on the front baseeut window ft sreui" the burglar had in hit po??e,-. > n a tiu bni full of pitch, ard a roll of brown paper I hie P"<ket. With tbo-e articles the rogue stages to break gUs* without noise. *?y o rieg the pap** *'th pitnh. and then placing le Mime against the pane of gla??, is eon hi d to I t h it in, audi, ut mi king nni-e from the feet of i I the broken pieces bee me attached to the pitch on . , i r at.d an eutra' ce 1* effected without en alarm ing altnn by the laltilng of gla'* The police it apur>. hare be?a aatcbiug ri-ry cloecly for this fellow as ban iliecti-d an entrarise in acrerul houees in the ,ike nin r Justice Mountfort Committed the burglar to boo. fur a further b- erlrg t utted State* Clrcnlt Conrt. Freeect, Hon. Judges Nelson and Botta Jits LATH JI I OE WOOMHRV. !?rr. 10?Mr J l'reecntt Ilall t' f. bhiteict Att-.ry. bar i. g allu-l. >1 iu m uror-riate and roundim ntare . m? to tli*- high chaii(l>t of lb> lata Judgo Wcodb-jry 1 T?d th?ir Honor* to ailjouta this court tot tb? lay. u 1 malk of rt-.pret to 1h? mi-roory of !h? dc??*.rl Ihc l'( urt ar juii- < >1 in tbr wntlM'ib. anl c< mpl. I th tb< lufgi ktioo of tie Li.strict Attorney. xrrnsu or Tat mcmber* or nis ba*. t'pen tb? ''jourcwnt of the Cfurt. thr bar raao'Tol .fdm in. i k Ktctimr upon the aonouoorri at tha < ?tb of ft* lion Lerl WMIonry. nt? nnr of tbr nociatt Jcrtirrr of tb? Eujrtmr Court (4 the atta On tb'.ik'-i of J I'ri-coit Hall. K | . t'kilt 1 k'.ra l?t?;r.ct Attcrnrr Sr'h H Mapi" K >j . wa? trial ?nl btrxttn. W M Efurti .ml ii K J. 1 rwdoln ?ora appolc'-l htntsriri On motif a of Mr 11*11 it ?*s r???lr?<l tl.-it k t.oajm'tr cf thra* jane n* bt appolotad to prapoT* r?i ittma prat'lra of tb? M-iitiB.' lit* of ul< bar tipoa the Iom | i.y th? (Jioi'v.- of bi' 1; n r Mr Ja-llc Wool- ] irr. f.-r tbr ptirpot* of Mftniting th. tu to thr t'uitoj | kt irrv ' ( . ut' *i it* m tl*a to n.otr w (Tbur?y). >rt 11 1 bu.irr D?oi. i Lord aua wUllna itit wtra appoint*! tha commit:* a, Lin motion of Mr Dtlya Mr J 1* IUU *U llM ! r eMun-rtr* Tha rommlttaa than prttrkl irl Jr.-i* r? t luti n.' which aar* accapt?i by tha m ? 'ia/ aal ii ba jiiMC'.^i to tha c urt to m irow (fuurj.Uyi Wh|. I'. 1. Hutilit (nurt. !?ai lb ? I.: ||. . .r .1.::. :t ut t* r i !? tb" fii'trirt O urt when a imil. r ..(g tl-.n ilr to li:m ; ?tid iMtlofralN i.var tha naii** <4 th* ' ail Ji.iy. nil r> .|U< 1*1 tin in to utiiu i 'ii 10 o'clock Iht Bicrrilnp luilrtj of 11 o'clock. be a tj 'urj. J tat*rt for the Tito Optra hi cullt Ctarlrn. .ait night, Roar Ja Trlw t?paatij bar p--r* nation rf rn.a for tha f urtb tiio-. Wf..r* a Tary al-.aat ml I ) ? . hudlrtM n ' . r. ? l ? ililtat (tbrt H)?gni3?i-ot rule* ?-,! th ... r.marktll* lutko i t h<r rornUzatinn wlii- b rxeite anl antonl.-h 1 17 auditor The attain*4 B"U at tbt and A tb* in' | ilurUir/ r*citatlr* hrautlfuily locr a.pJ and dial 1 h*d prr|tr* 4 i-rrry en f .r tb I th* ?.i | It of tb* MriftM, and th* ?tU* Bwr? brM'mjt lot*rpr km nftb* -lltf 10. Th* applati** wa* r*ry pr?traet*Uat elf** ?f th* *c*nr and th* rocilkt * * < nimmoi'il i*? tli* curtain, a- ?.b* *a? at th* ?nil of th* vt* al>r. I**d, Uirt 1; hnut the ep*ra ?l *n,' > ?ty I aa*rt. bring fi*su*Wtly iiil'ri-np*. .t In r. tiii in *- Hrtlini. ai." did* r.d -f* a- f'olll .m-, I *iih hi* ra?t rolutn* of?>l* at tiu?*? *i..*tr1fv.,| ' , i* t.n ?::t Ornrrro ?'f ro-uln*'! by Coll. ttl *H ! th* p?if wither, at ikill an I ju To *. > j r? ti'?n l I r>ir.tat.l" rill b< r?j I't i aitli to ' it aftirti IVirin. Pnlrl. adiall. and V unit, :ri .i.-pnn. t 1I1 a/*i OtO'Wrr* th* t.aid'-n *111 I' tbrou J Tim KitCUtlAlw at liar unal?* Yona, tfpt 10,101 raOoaror Hrrarrr. K-q : I 1 a?1 hnr* t?i r?-?j u? at w /ft tluroii^h l\> r *lli;,> f ' Unci, to contradict tin" na?*rU^n "ftlii-S.? und.r 1 ti 'fftlr'tb in-1 . r*i-p>ctU g tb* wntilaln n <1 prison- < r*f? Ijr mi* at llatana T.i* *li l? i? 11 l?bfti ,itg but iit kni m haa |,r*r?t.'*'t at* from attending ' Mft " ''l WAhO, f XtA.1: of M/li buk ilapid ? ? tti Wfel| Mate OmthIIMi Tki vfc%a, ahoflM? Mi ilwr frmy, h?ld tk*b Ooa> venttoa at Syncum to- day. The following U a LUt of | Um delegates to aeeirt to making a ncmi nation (or oar i whole population ? uiin. 11. Obadiab Mewcomb, 1 1 JurhnaAley, 12 bnwlH Uvil. ! X Polar Bottle, 13. Iimc 0. Barker, y. tvuliam Green, 14. Robert Smith, 4. Samuel tSteeene. 14, Joseph 0. Plnokaey. iunii-n. J Lather 0. Carter. 1. JuiImju W. (Sherman. Ma \ Mooes Maynard, Jr. 3. Walter Church. masaas. euooMr. 1. George Hey ale, 1. Lot! Dlmmiek 3. ?? caTTsaat'ut'e. esrioa. 1. A. Q. Mice, 1. George 8t. George, Z G. A. 8. Crocker. 3. Loreuio House. tar i/ua. A Uarmao Kjiereoa, 1. William Waeeon, A William Uigby. 3. John 1. Brlnkerbo'T. oiomdaua. 0. nuiiua u. outpuk. 1. ueorge uwum. (Himi'si'i. X Milton A. Kinney. 1. 8. Kdward B. Judson, 2. 4. Banlel Gott CHLMUM. OMillO. I 1. 8. B. tUrvDg 1. Jedediah Dewey. Jr. cmuianuo. 2. Albert G. Murray, 1. James R Smith, ohici*r 2. tUiiKia Baldwin. 1. Benjamin Field cuntw. irrer.r.o. 1. John W Steven*. 1. U. J. Campbell, rOLVHMt X J. Dickerman, Jr., 1. PharUe Kweletyne, 3. A. I). Willi ame. 2. Jamre U. Wild. ?swtoO. < (1HTUKD. 1. ? 1 Gideon J Babccek. X ?? p(u*ihi, orange. 1 1. Alfred Poet. 2. X George M Urier. i>ut< hem. 3. lluiecn McKarlxn 1 Okarlee Uafiee, ^ n t.nam. 3 _ mTK.ea. erie. 1. Jacob B. Boerum 1 John Uuliiiler, icihiui*. 0 __ X John P. Ball, i 4. C. 0. Severance. 3. Adam Slott. kiaeEA. RICHMOND. 1 __ 1. John 11 Kaymond. ERANELlTt. ROlRLA.ND. 1 William Andre we. 1. Aarcu F. fhrintie. FVLTON ?D HtMIUO.1. HJiTOOi. 1 William O Wait. 1 Il >eciu? K Kennedy. oka "tie. 2. tdwaid l.dwarde. 1 B l'l ingle. scHKJfitcTaDV. t,kuM. 1. Jams Wu llorne.

1 Rufue 11. Kir.^ rexcca. 2. Merritt Qsborn. 1. Trueman Uoardinan. HERRIMER. ex. LAW HEME. I 1. 11 r. Alexander. 1. ? ' 2 C. T 15. Van Horn. 2. N. A. Keddlngton, jurriKi. 3. Stillinan Foo.e. 1. iCHOHAHIK. 2 1. Ralph Manning, 3. 2. Silas Dickenson. sTEi'ite. 1 Archibald K. Messerole, 1. A B D.ckimtoa. | 2. Hamilton B Biadehuw, 2 ? 3. John il. llieks. 3. ?? j LEWIS. iirFOLR. j ___ 1. llarvey W tail. LIVWGtTO!*, S, 1.LI1W. 1 C II. A b?U, 1. X B t. llarwood. tio<:4. i , uttiii"'. 1. William K. Warren. 1. David J. Mitchell, uMjm. 2. liobt. 8. BiMwicrt. 1. moibok. 2 ? 1. Alexander liuUcoci. wisths > 1 J. Cieorje brown 1. Jcijejih S ctuilh. Nu>TO0Mrar. 2 J. V. Ortrbai^n. 1. T K. Hoi-ton. W1KHL.M. 2. Andre? R Mitchell. 1 ? *iw tuh?. WAIH.'MirO*. ! , 1. J.unra Kelly. 1. Ezra Smith, 2. M n.iam I. Shardlcw, 2. U. B. burnt. ; 1 2. l'?uul- McLaughlin, wuat. ( 4. A1 .lender 11 schull*. 1. Ali-xaudcr Willi a me. i i. lit- rif- A. fuckihfchaia, 2. Iredcriek lloriry t. J?nuti W. lleeinaa, acncnuTi:>. - J tiro. II. liviiiu;, 1 Gardiner Van VVyck, ' ( lie uryj. Raymond, it. S. V. ilOfi, , \ .i ii llcLait Haw a, p- \ Robert T. Haws, 1. 1 0. John Kriei.O. rim. It1. Al. ili>4'or Molt. 1. Joho Underwood. ~~ 1' 1,1 Alalia for California. ' j Th- tteanudiip 11 uipire City, C?i.t Tanner, will leave ] j thh j rt at three o'clock this afternoon for Chores. J Tbe malle fc r all part* of the FasiBo will cioee at two j j o'clock The VCiiitr IIkrcld,sixpence per CPJX i be rtr.dy at 10 o'clock tl>l? morning. t Court ?.? for TUariJuy. ,4 8 r*i . form?viaei it.?Same a* yeete.-day. with . i fcl- 'i auu'ii it1, eto. 1'i.tea?No*. 010, 604, d.O, Chi, 02 to oil. 6o5. j CM, 017, 0d?, U4?, 041. I O Hrw ani,?Loit, on 31 mday nl^ht In | the opera << title 'inrdcu), a >111111 Malacca Muc. with a ' trt' .:.t ivory >,-*u iie, in a rivit not wr.U t..o atUk, tu l jud ? Wru.e. It U of Uitle value except to in< oxaer, who pruea I it a-, ??uv :uir. lew dul.a-a win b . paia by l>. if. Howard, i 'J liTiax lto..>c, to lay peraoa returmu* it to aic. No ju?*- , r tioai aeked. Acta 1 ork frailc Sale of lio.>ai, continued.? j Tburud&y. IvpVmber It, the foll-uviui rery valuable, e>Diaeaciiv a; o clo.l, |.r .aptly, with ih i iuvuuj * of liekaor, Heed a fields. Boetou. O. I. l'utatta. Chariot t hcri.Btl, (late iikitr U 6cribu?r.) Vim. H. Moore <a Aedor 111, <'ii.inu.ati, C- or<t a. Apjlclou, au<l ether*. I. V MA.M X I H.tN iMJ.V, il.'cel- r> to J a. Co .ley, aad Cuoley *t kieoei, . oil and Ziv Jroadwty, carter of While eircet. Ktw Rrlghton Pavilion.-Thla Bitabltih- f mitt v* .11 tu\ liL_ot a(..'n until Lik?? lit ol NoTMiJtf. ! f. BLA.SCABP. | 1 Oiern Turtle Honp.? P. M. IJnyanl be^? ! .* Icat* to ai ytiae hu friends aai pa'-runn that hi# 1'ri/a Soup " is in .treat demand, and that the ehucu (or the Diamond j m I'm, which he 11,14 with presents to bis cu tumors, are r* ! I. i , I?4| 4ur|a?iii.^ i'- all tu? wn * at It |-< r t>?wl, or to families at Ha. per ,-iari. W. B ? I he ; ji I'ln ail. hi pitentod oi Saturday, UHa mat., at SC. U. Bayard, at Stats street, aetata tor luneh, thU day, Dhow- * era. Boups. Joints Salmaruuia, Sucatdsb, Ac., Ac. C nt French Brlital Cariti, Knvelopeo, ^ and Waadlcf Bute.?The enbsvribtr tsspntfully oalla the | e aitetli. u ol parties requiring eou. ihtu* truly eley-ant to hie i bewmiiul at)l a ?t the aoove artklos, in the latest mode. " KVikKLL. llriniway, evruer o( Daeui strut;. Branch i a elite U it all mint. jj Kitiith and Eigltib Riigravliifi.?Cent- I t prlticr all tit re.cnt puOUiatiom. . all u.on o( tne tl trade la recite It ally tailed t? our iuiaioiiii aai utnent of | Ibjitat.n&e. D'Jl 1 * 11. d. Co.. d:D Broadway. J t' Art let a .Malri'lali.?Caiivaa, Oil Color*, ' '' Bikthrs, I raj ot>a, Draw is t pa it r. & ., it c. The trade ia ia- 1 mUj la .all. o(Jl rlls lb C< . - Broadway. D Tit* lint ITlnlalirra' I'nlon.?Tula aaaurla* > < ti, n o( skilful llat Mtu.fac tunrc tew eo iaverably known, 0| a> a au axtrnalicly (atr niatd, ara tar oatstripptn; all wn peliun In tht art ot llattma i and ths irtat taait and skill in I a] d.ilyii displayed ,:i thilr s.ylas entitle them to the hi*haet ulstiai ti"n. The I nion sett oat;,in?; but that which ia of | trwedaMO; they make a splendid list, sol the put lie are tl tail llr. din* it out. ThsLrat-.rt taut No. 11 I'ark row, opposite tha Aster liol ae. Wood, (he litittrr, Mblo a Uarsten, . Broad soy .?Tail style of gentlemen's tl ?u now ready. Kemimi er, an article t>. ho r-.tily cheep mutt be reat'y (food. n: fi:ce al.a to trileri n ol real the sparse Cora desirable and elegant llat. cat. > WOOD, old droalway, Niblo'i Garden. 0 Get In to (lie I*, .tjilr, OrcrtlrigWhere** t< Retin a fail laa-ion in aeut'Mi.ih t llata is now before thu B M bltr i and. wli.rese, tlv mill, are now traa'aitttnt ever Li* coituttr Ki4i.aUtl Maiiiaiiia -if tt<, h? I ? Up. lcata tu vs.,* a r*? lati'ia tft t!. ?nV? Bia uwb >>? ; ' hb.l tft tilt tii to . toi.Jto B'u, MO tl?c tu i?l IB hit ' *' w.u.'.toO lit.. -4 .to bttouii triro iik'lu 1 tha r< o-ila- n tr b tj 10*0. OCiii.S to'.'.li luttliti tt) tiot hoiiji'l '>* C< Ib ? tupr jtflr toottoli i bio") Bitu t.iia.alf. Bio Pall i r in., i. tuf ?i it btif.l (BBilitar Biri4??4t4i i ik ilu- "~ tBItl*BC BB ti ll) .? fnpto.' Kl'tll t IB IVUr, iB ia4iti4ual;y Is . ?!'. B3 i 1 to ito 11 Bu uoritllM ttvtok ?( UaU unto. mi ?r,imim at. p.ji . J If Th? BMmi Mjrlf of ( iittlnf awol Mnklii| |?tl(iiitb'l Otntwtt ib Xlir ftrt, it) u>? '^?b r in ?B to ?)r. *t 1 parfart IctBB" itJ tii -tr t - ' itoa/caa4lia ? y, lor rinUhi,., v hk?t u? ' tikto*. b ib n i .?* >it t Br a T bf to-- ro. 1! sr.r.ot.J". . K Ml n. >' I Hr ilxf t'fltr ' * atr??.. B- lira OBi.utB* j- 'i a in p .Mm (ilia*- ' T< it- b. |-;.-tif?iwtr ?b Btof.-iniB af t i T ?f fait | T< Clbtha '.uuxiiiii Tft.u/o. Be. lit a.ina.t. rat a?4 tr 'IB ii ill (.trim bU laada <p at f.air tttau|it?wat | ralii to !tn tot p Mli'ilr *1 > bi II; lot. I f I'.a Vtoit of j PMtti. tl r) in ffKi.uo m*?r lhair i'?-a i?a> Ua'.a aa- i "~ rrrftol. n. Haitoi pcrlaat b4?(ej ib I . leJ^r vli fa | ,i illlpbftBIl 31 C I t at bCBtiOB IB B .If 1 t / tofto nil 4 ilA* 1 [o>to?vpaa t .a. Wa ?n.i. round t a ar*? k ( t o raop>ctatla L?hj la'..,l at 14 tasar ftraat. Naa . Uriuaaa. M ?~ 4 To f:?ntl*mrn of 1 aato ami l tltoBiy. Ul-t'.t -j Pnlrta \ra 4?at a". v.r | ri?". Nuaaaauk bat a tii r tall if tillottra paiBi'VitaWttiiKilt'l ec E>.tat>titoLb'i at, Ni I Ai'tr II. na. Il.atf?i<a >1 4 U . lnfallilla tha afilanf hit > . ntki ? ! a. Oult ir uam it (I'.ttii i ui )?u tiuHi > | .rauxl ( )(. ! j? ImniciMntaljr nil# - til* Uicil Warhl Rmw, J? it *l,l'b till t t? k<M TIM't, lfc? A " ?(. ? kill kit tVS(?tt- I. I T-f t ? i tlit. Jit? Ha I III Itr-i.-.r Jot .t!ill '.?4 tt * r i.fTKK it A. A BH'H'k.i tf It'll ill lot Bay e<??* IX " 1 ..tin milt, iitti.i lifiiitaw !! ?<> i im " II-* Ylhkci Art him ? p-.!f ?l BniVi ? il??l I'ltA 11 'H. ' 1* a klih A? i*H * Jl<i I'll jrrrjtl.irt i ?*# ? fct Xaitf. | || liri' ta4 i K'Mtm f. tint r*? XI. I - f ?i UuolUf. I oMMRII't rlmmy Biuli ?ml HlltN tf V t m h ir Wt" alUi titan ^4 tM 4lf 1 . II o^ltl ? Ui4 tipt:4 ?!? ' > '|I III 1 ? I OULI (icT?ra4 !>r tki h liilir'i I >1-1 J Hiim iiTMk I I < ,V?II| Iicniu.111 till I (it k? ft.? ?r 4 ?! - .. ft. Trni r II^B^pS??l '? Cam*. tha m??4 |wrt?* P?B? i n nt: ! t i Wnti.ot ?r?r> r>, ni'iil nniM a kt, lorial< by U BAl'i !'?-<< * 117 lit K ItAtiiy. ii.ftniiHi n' Httililt ftHli-t n?i ?r trip, U * il4?itin<l m?ft ifffii'4 rrlit'i l wla ? * n|i|l|.i n ,tl? f.? pobl.4 for ? .? it-?t'lir'y > nr. >| ? it .4 tM ' ? i l.i tltlM wlill???'? II I rrli 1. 1 u. lAltiuiKik .'u.N I4T iiK.t riM'ty. a - 1 C ?ml?i.-.Iir\'7l*4 nrr i|. t?ecIf ttlljr It. I tit ?i: .?< witala* tl<? ' .iitifi iinna.ii tt Mm ib?T?. I J *Mlili4t(Mlbi if. .it la tii i lit/. ? 1 A. a J HAL Mi KM. X : '? irtf. y\ Bilmi >1 till* at4 i. Mtii trull. jjjI BioimIVM*, I"** Tnritlif, wit tr#\f<*B f# iin. ;*4|t? loit r?t'irt?.1 Ir m lv .. . ? , nt. tal riwiM It irjfU*?ty?t<tft?l tfjia* tpfiaiiaM. Ati j ... nkpttfn III. x4 thoir! j4o .t 4l.t III turriblM w , nt am III.r up , > I *' rlrfi> j ro'i I.- .f tp".|^f,?.|i.' f .. rii lrt*rtTraT?*?",ir ? nraritHb.. ? .? , -.It I irp? t 4'fiti, ? tfit ' r I'lHr MM/iat t ilwami t i |,M rut ?<inm of ittric.**' ". *'tlt ,l* .1 / ' **' . ? rMtri. At-, If nhieh t. ' ff'-c'ir ft b ?? lo .4 la Ho :*. surpui A fit it4 p.! 1?*f( tf I Aa4 titH11Mb I y Tk? WiwkrM M? ( OirptU. floor Oil I Cletha, Ian, Tab'e Cetera. Wladow Shad at, Mate. Grury-ta, i (tlBiMti, it W Bowery, Ul RAM ANDKd- | BOB 'S. He ie telling three ply Carpet#, rta.. 7? . and So. pec yard; iaaraia Otrpeta, Zt . 3e , 4e , at d .*>#; Oil Clothe, ,'le , is., Md M., li|i SU*., %e. Great bar#aiua vo be had tbere. j TBom Of our rtaMri (teat are In want of prime preea and tdaik Teae, pure Coffee, whita and browu Sngara for preiereiug, at tba loweat market pri< ee. are inaitad to eall ai Fawlar'a large atiree. Noa J6J aod it- Greenwich, 7t> V?t?y aad to# Grand atreete. Ue aalla iiuod browu Sugar iron U 64 to da. dd. for 7 tba ; aruahad do., 4a. bd. 1>? Kya.?Ura. Wheeler and Rolilaion detota thrlr attention to dlaaaaaa of tho Eye, and eurgical ofarattoaa thereon Artificial Byee, of kha fin act Parisian make, taeorted without paia or iaounvenience. Dra. W At K. tiara dieoovered a nam and auecaaalnl mode of rahiedyi nx neitrit|t.tedneaa. OfBcca, 2b Barclay a .root. Dr.JanuW. Powell, Ocallst, Bnriit, Ac., | da r a tea hit attentionespecially ko biaeaaea ol the Eya and I f 8 0 * daily, at the aamaoBooaha baa 05eqpled for tba laak seven yaara, 2dl Broadway, entrance 1? Warren akraak, where oau be bad hia " Tiaakiaa oakha fcyo. prioe juacata. Alao. a great variety of ArUttvial Byat. With ? face nil freckled and sore, And Uir bar about dare about. A woman tat by bar toilet (lata, I Sonaezingthe pimplea out. Cutepaae tba woman ia pain, Tbia cannot bo endure4? Without n cake of Gouraud a Soap, I may not kopa to bo ourad. Lonxhave I But we will raaarte the remainder of what aha raid for . some tuiure unci eumce it to lay iu?i sac ua uuy ? oese ok Courand's Medionted Soap, and that th? *11 undeniably | enred Frc kles las. aunburn, itvliinm, bo. vanish by the nee of this glorious and pooular emollient. Found only at the old depot, t>7 Walker street, near Broadway. SolomoH, tt la well known, wmcelebrated for bit wisdom and amorjuo dalliances with (Jusen Shcba. It > not. h- w? r 10 generally kn??n that be tat th Inventor of a depilatory to remove the hair from the lipa ot tju.en fbeba. 8nch, notwithstandin U the fact, (at lent aaoordiag to the MahomedaD commentaries on the book of Ancleaiaaties, 2d chap.) With Solomon, the aeerct of the preparation died; but bow. siagnlar aa it may appear, alter the lai so of ao uiuny centuries, a depilatory hat been dUioTered by Dr. Felix Couruud, which ii so potent in ite ilfeute for the uprooting of superfluous hair from any part of the hum wu frame, that thnre it no borers doubt concerning the dt atity vl (louraud'a Pondre 3u ti e aith tl.e dt| tlatory f Sol i. Lion. Found only at the old ee t-Mtslied d-p .t. 07 Walker S'reet, near liroaaway: Catlrnder. ho South Third s.rv.t, Philadelphia; Jordan, IStf Washington etroet, Boston. The Original Cllrehugh'a Trlc-oplicroug.? Thie eelehratod llair Kettorutive hae been rtdueed to su-th a price that all may beartit Py it. It ie the ibitti (t an 1 I artioleever olfctrd to the publio, wtoae praljea for t;e Litem 1 ytare that it hai been bvforo thru, art moat nmiaelibej Ite I strengthening and curative?its cl< amin? and orutifymr i qualities, tender it an article whloh should not only be on ovory toilet, but in every medieiac Ci.est. ** it eure.< ell cn'aneour diteairt. bitee of inieeta. be., oombiaiag nil the <ju all- ' ties ofa stimulant a wash, and an nil. Sold in lar^? botl' ?. I Sriee 60 cents. Principal oit e, I r,J Broadway, nnd oi all ruggista ucd fancy etoree in the Union. Wlga and Toupees.?Butchr lor'a celebrated Wig Factory ia at No. I Wall etreet. where (na be tnui.d l # best selsc'ioe of Wigs. Sralpe, and Tuiipcas. Tlmy are ail manufactured on the prcmitei. ot the beet material and wnikmanehip, and offer treat iaducuinent to purchasers. 'Joi r the address. Hair l>yc.?Tiwiiiijmoii's Liquid llulr Pyr, wliich colore the hair instantly, without regard to the r i ' ther. F rice,"d cents. Alio, too eelebrsted llnir B tut. r, ' i a sure preventive of baldnrse, daudr.iff. scurf, end all d .eases of the head; price 90 cents For aale, wholesale and retail, at 17 Park Row, under Lark's Hotel. ?_______; J Ilnlr Dye.?Hate helot's genuine Liquid J Coloring for the hair, eyebrows, and whiahers. ran be procured at all the v holesale druggists and perfumers In town 1 and ccnntrt; also, at'he principal cfh.-o aud ui ,uuls t re. : J s Wall street, wholesale, retail, or applied. Beware ?ii?. tations. To Southern mid Wcatrrn iricrrhunfa.?1 ' w ill sell to dealers, lira. Jervio's Cold Tandy, at wholesale 1 prices, which will iasnrc a go'd pro tit. Th" uood repuUlios vl this Cough Candv. all who can read mutt know. IdltS. VV. JliK V13, 3ti6 Broudway, prinei; *1 eK e. ' I Gold Mrdiil Tritiinea.? Rciijninln** Brnse ftpffiasTwee. Me, 13 Bookman street, nevor rusts nor grow* I * ?'ik from me, retains the with leie prut ure, and > " i fitstr mere cures than any oli er tru-s. No pms ire upon the SI iLO. which t o of.en fill. < Si, di\ . triali.ivcc, cuu mouey rauratd tfo..t naii-fattury. g $*,000 forfeit, tliat It can l?e provetl hf ( nil a <l?nbt, that Mr. K. Dixon, formerly of >! ? V ik j, i!y. bail bit bate reitorcil by the mo of kclliri? .-' X <<:e i ^ I'.uid. alter beiux baM i >r Iwnty-lTt tear*. nk ii I >nl? remedy no? offered for ??le tbxt will r??turt the l air. * It doei not luiu in a thouaand trial?. Ilaadr 'a of c.:. r ! a '. ci can be el.own by Or K , at hi > central dor t. 470 Ifr av. and 2' ) Pearl itrect. Call on Mr .J. II M criam. * a. Ci p nd 1.7 Watts street. Sold in lar?e family bottles at * !?. '. ? a dnten. caah. Do not fall to call on the lion. M. It. Qr.nnell lor reference. AVyultoop <VCo '? Fever mihI A?ae EtMi mltier it in bice glass bottl-e. 7 oil u of the beat me it* " iscs of the pretent age. We have no h*?itanor in laying ? > will rtfucu tLe tnotey on proof < t no cure. WVoaution nanufat tnreri not to nae our title. (See net w? Legi-'.at ir.-.) i< Ifiee UBi Depot. 214 Fulton atre. t. f, i " I I HON KV UAHttfelT. WinieESDar, Sept. 1C?6 P. M. B The stock market, this morning. baa exhibited a. me luetuations. A few defcriptioxis wete steady. at former 0' uotntioDt; other* advanci d or declined without a ir tattlcular cauie of a public nature (Jorernment flock* 01 .re mere '.u demand ut the quotation.* of recent date*. ! ^ trie bat improved; Hudson Hirer Bond*, tint mortga;?, : .dvanced U; Rochester and Syracuse declined, ar did T It tiding. 1 per cert; Norwich and Worce-ter. 1.,, and , Itccicgton The exhibit tf increase in the travel of i he Harlem has had an influence on the stock, au 1 it if tetdy. with a profpect of advancing, forao of the light | tocka fluctuate ctntinuallv. and are well calculated for I bo flteee-i hearing opt rati .ns common to the a at at ' * rratber of autumn. They bare b oa run up to the ai .igbert point, frcm which they art fa.t receding pre- i ^ entlrg tfctir real value at the reduction.# 3b The money market la still attady. at Its improved p Ion. and the preasure la compHratlTidy flight to what it 1 ea tec day* ngo. The Asia, to-day. has taken cut j 1 1P6 ?1 s ltrger aum than wai coutemplatrd but it mi.I ? e ltd on Saturday, probably. The whole amount of oin i spotted is net demanded in paymer t of our lmert* and there are rea*om why the turn should rite I {I, boTe tbe aim unt due from ua E me curitu* cal"ula- jv ion* fhew that a large amount of our exported coin Is ! iB rough! back by ' migrant* alio cud furcht?e it cheap* r ien bills of exchange, and pr-fcr It to paper. It ha* i .. e?n etlimaUd : bat three hundred the u> and dollar*, at 1 a*t. in coin. leturo* er> ry week to the port* of Burton, ! hiladelphia. New York, and other northern port* hi irtt-gh the hand* of emigrant* If thi* i* true through- th ut every week of the year, It giv*? u* buck an amount '* f over tiflien million* annually?quite an ltea in our = eel* account. We are not ac-i-ialnted with the data rthe calculation*, hut It appear* to bo made upon *lx loueaud emigrant*, at an avernge of one hundred dollar* I The receipt* at the offlee of th* A*-l?t?nt Tr*a*wr of Kli* port, to-day, amounted to 6108.647 77: and the pay- t lent* tc ((9 442 41?balance f 3 620 :-90 00. The export of breadstuff* from the t'nited State* to It ritt Britain and Ireland. f-<r the year ending lit Sepmber ISul are a* per itateaeut made by Mr LJwar J th 111:- ' 16M. 1951. lour, bbl* ITHtOO 1 VU.702 7* eat " r, 0W 6 5v1 toi heat, buehel* 463.015 1.523008 ?? ?n. * 4,873,444 2,348.860 ehowlng a great decline a* re*p*ct? corn, but a large O ere*m? In flour and wheat. , The export of cotton daring the same period, If calcuted by the Shippint Lit a* % 1850 1861. oi /td-'re. Ratn. In ?f.reat Britain. 1,184771 1 419 3-4 ^ -trance 2*0 427 .01 3(8 ? North of Kurope 72 154 129.409 -> ether port* 121001 1:9 51-8 J' Total 1 800.166 1.988,710 bowing an Ineren*# of CM it> bal<-*, whloh exceed* vv. * inrrea** in the receipt* for the year by 110 000 bale* ^ ( r?r?lpt? ?f cotton fbr tho J-nr mount to 2:;.... j,; 1U1 m ti-tw o( lit Ui onr lk? iinrtouii jiu TIUj m not In .od? portion* of thrrrop ukt-n for ton amp- ??i n I; tk? Routhtrn ra?ouf*rturrr* Thr mount of r..uinpt! by bomr maoularturrri. north cf Virginia. ,, UU4 nt 494 101 Wr? blag inrlior from prtrioui > r K ! ?t-11 ..104.10* A 4Mt 447.700 ** ** 40 IIION SI' 47 4* 031 *72 . 4- 4-4--hi: ; ? 4*-4?. 442.007 I ^ 44-44 049,004 j ?j 4(4>h ?: * ??? . I Ml "?C9< .4.7 ll 'S RK .?) 70 Tw ? 4* HI ? <tt 414 To'< U'l it4 * r? t? iw o? 4J? 7j>< i ?' ' |>? T? Wt?4 ?* 4* 444 77 !* ?? bi II I>? 4? I*) < ' i I U. 4 Kit 1ft * It4 f % l"l ? % , 1 at 4* ?\ |?4 4 7"'J Br I ih < tar. '71 RH WlBniltm** Of1** I of! it# 4* ?;?? ii? 4? ' '5 Jfly r^n M 4* KM ?? 4o ? ?*'?' I fid <? r*. m w> *? . ijj ? Rii ??l 4."f f ir ?? Br * ! > 01 *4 4* 44l, t|,* ... ' ... * . t 0..-, ' > 4.", )n | i B ? ? m. Itll IM M4R<*4i <? RK 4*1 VM ritt ' 4* MX H* 4 Ml Of' .4??? 11. p?r 941 4* ?I0 .11 ' rot I All*.I < 4 ' . I"' <1 fW ' i'4 frri ikMtlplllWON '<* ' W. 4* I >J KtB >.?ik R? K Nif at 4 V.f 4?u , fag 9.4 kit 9? 7IM !J\ 4* 41'7 (.41 >M Mis ll.,'( 10 H K*? 4* 411 4* M Cu't C* *10 ?'4 i.?l 4* 4<V ? r n.ik it.i n ?> ><a 7* iBtioi . i.u Dull 91 > 1 n . , r apt, nrcoan nouno. I IfJJ '*71.4 Hit >?t V ft l4*u .? >!.? PritKR 7* !? .1..? T.Mlf 2 ? ? ?? 71,4 K* 1 41 W 4? 74 I." I..4 Of j) k*? If r It i-ll I t i-' lUH-nHH 409 ? i i .. T *' ?"$ $ J. o jj ? ... CITY TRASS MPORT. WicioDiT fcptembtr 10-6 P M Aiiim r?B?lii?il lusiaau ; CO bbls. pearls brought 33 40. and pAs >6 12 H ? $5 18\. lUiMnrri-i lit tin b?tUr feeling existed la the market f"T flout t'-day, the sales of which ranched 111 COO bbls ? uninspected nt >3 88 *33 24: superfine No. 2. >8 37)? 33 82X; mixed to straight Western, 33 75 a 33 87 ; ordinary to choice State, fancy Michigan, ami round boop Ohio. $8 87 ^ a 34: pure (leucine, $4 00 *,, a 34 12',; fancy Ohio. 34 12', a 34 37j?; fltacy Renews, |4 lka 31 821,; extra Ohio. g4 50 a $5, and extra Uenesee, 3d "5 a 35 bl'? Canadian waa very sparingly offered; email paroele freab ground commended 34, and scur, in bond. 33 24 a 38 31Southern displayed lee* animation; 1 600 bble mixed to good old realised $4 a 34 12',; do to do. new. $4 12', a $4 23. and lanoy old, 34 75 a 34 54 Hje flour waa in limited request at f3 31.. a 33 37 Corn meal remained quite eearoe, and wit held 33 lk!.', f. r Jersey, and 33 25 for Brandywlne. ll'titot appeared rather heavy; 15.000 buahale Michigan, white, and 2300 do Ohio red, were disposed of at private bargain; and 2bl0 Southern mixed at 88c. Kye war a shade higher. 4100 bushels having been picked up at 70c. Oats and Hut try a ere moving very elowly at old Iguren. Cora declined a trifle when about 47 000 bushels damaged and heated sold at 42 a fcSc ; Western mixed at 80 a file , and round yellow at G2e Con-xtwas quiet; 150 bags Laguayra only changed! hands at H V ; and 20O do Mo at 'Jc. vuTruN ?ruf mm aet conunueu Bieauy, ton w mueu *m.anted to 1 301) baler at the annexed figures UvaaeuoL CbABaineaTiox. _ . If. Or It am, l.'piand*. Florida. MobiUFToxao. Inferior ? a ? ?a? ? a ? Ordinary 8 a? 8 a8'? 8/*? Bfdi Good Ordinary h* a ? a b'i 8* ? 8\ Middlioy ''Si VV !<* a S'i a 10 0<>vd Unldl'iK 10 a lo^ 10 a 10 4 10l4 a 10*1 Middling Fair jo,'? a 10K 10'? a 10>2 '?4' Jalr. in* a 10* nona. 11 a il'a Full/ Fair ? a ? ? a ? acne. Oood Fair ? a? ? a ? aoie. Fiuo ? a ? ? a ? ?a ? I'm n.HTg?The low rate* to Liverpool have encourage,! eblpDK'Dt* of Hour and grain, within two or three days, and, including the engagement* made to day, the aggre I *te amounts to about Id 000 bbls . at 6d . and to-day, 12500 hurb>It of wheat in bulk worn taken at 3d ; in bulk cn? cargo of flour formed a sort of venture between shipper aud vessel, the latter agreeing to supply the freight at hulf the proflta. gome vessel*, whose bailing, days were some time ahead, refused to accept the rates otTiring To London, none naval stores were reported,. at 2*.. or 2 Id and to Glasgow, (MM) bbls. flour were taken on private t< rms. To lias re. cotton was engaged at ;,c., and to California rates were firm at 50c. Par.viHOxi.?i'< rk ruled heavy; 3oO bile, now mess, told at "Mi 75 a (16 87 including aoiuo prime at (13 25; [<ld has not varied; beet was in demand, the sales embrac ing ah ut 25( bbls mes*. at $8 75 a f 11, and prime at ff * (d There w*s nc alteration in beef hams or cut meats l-ard appeared fctill dearer; 500 tien o# pnuje being taker . it D'ji . Buret was more abundant, and cheese lew :aUabIe at la*t <1 noted rates. I-irouraTiux Tuts Dit. fe ivr?270 tons guano, ili *> S'J) home. IIidh?883 bides, <18 sheep skins, lioaci ?142 ea'ks honey. (toil?MM bsg*. '.'12 boxes, g < i t? 8 UM> bu< h< I* salt. gn.aX"??8 < 00 segvrs. Tesil 00?107 ball ? tobacco. Wnoo?32 d>x pieces rosewood, 72C logs mahogany 27' fs o?Jar. 34 Ions granadil'a wood. flairisd, On the Ktb of September, by the Rev. Mr. Gilbert. Mr B. I mm, of Brooklyn, to M.s* AmuisCi la< phter of Vlr .F"hn Lyon of the name pUro. "u the loth of September, by the Itev Dr. J. M Krebs K 'lean and CitHiiisi V., daughter of Mr lobo V. Ard?r?< n, all of this elty. At llastcbesler, <n Tuesday. September P. by Rev D. >* Vinna. Ftwt ti K Bean* e, of Drooklyn, to Misa Mauv lav. daughter (>f Somsn Burtis. ?*4 . of the former dvew. At Albany. on the l?t itut., by the Rev. Mr. llalloway, *n>oisi< It i'oiMMi, of this cily. to Mis*Josii'Hink Iaooi.i. only daughter of the late John IV. if. Canoll, t'H . rf the lornier place. At ft .Faroes I'horch, by the Rev Mr. Cur. Mr MaR-nt Cars 11, of X? ?,..k New Jeney. to Mis* Kai mkl B . oldest iai'gktor of Mr John Barrett, of this city. Died. On W.drc'dsy September 10. of consumption. Join* 111 ?.. ??. in the > .-ar of hU ax*. Ilia friends and thoiw of bis family. ?re respectfully nrilcd to attend the funeral, at hit late residence, No t) I'arr. n | las., (i hurls* street). on Friday, tha 12th tn?t., t 3 o'clock 1' M , witbou'. further notice. His remains rill be taken to tin. uwood lor interment. At North Orarpv w Jeisey September 10. Alfred imiii Ti fc? r. ton of Mote* Tucker, of this city, in the it year of hie eye fie funeral will take place from the hnue* cf G. W. n.'th N'rth Orarx* this day at 4 o'clock P. M. on Wednen.lay. t?.-pt'-niber 10. A*n* Ki itinera, wife ot ;i<h?r<l Crocker, and daughter of William T. and CaroBe l.'orae 11. In the 23d year of her age Tie r< latirea and friemla of the family are respectfully ?' uectwd to alterd her funeral from the rreidense of her dh.r 3'il Third ttrisa, ou Friday afternoon, at 2 ' lock, without further notice The remains will be iken to Ur?euw<M4 for interment. On Tuesday, kept V after a long illness. M*aoaaiT oti r. axed Mi years, widow oj the late Dennis Boyle. Her friend* and acjaalntances are respectfully invited ii.ttindher fuberal. this (Thursday) morning, at 10 clerk, from No. ?0 Mo.terry eirest. t'n Tuesday morning, dept u. W.ssin ii . infant ion f V 0. Hareineyer Funeral setTtces will take place on Thuriday, at 3 P. I at No 1U3 West Fourteenth street. On the i&th of Auxutt. Mar Acnes ir.fent daughter ot 1). end May TLomper a. aged 18 moklhs and 1& days UrttffHXttfl K1RTO mil MY. POST OKKICM NOTICK. yotT (.rt It a, NBW VOkK ?NOTIt E. - TQK MAII.A per I nit. d flat:. Mall simmer Empire it jr. slots St lie utiles on Thursdsy, ttrpwmksr II, Pol, st t P. M. Post r* to list ana most is paid 10 esats ?<-r hnll >?fice: British 'e. t India l.lsud., lOeenla; other islands, .'It esats: suatb'il c?ait . t Seiitli An ri. s M> rents; Charrs* and Panama, I nuts, China and haadwich Islan Is. I rents. try. . UKADY, P. M. pkhionalt tToTICf-IP I.KWIS <<.TTINC.II AW Or I L.KMFIA If. s Putt lb conoty, Eu land, mil apply l? kf. Charles slrson, r? laeel .trset, N sw York, hs will henr ef soirsil>l tu bis ndesnisfs. and. If dead, any person riiisi Isrwntiun rcspsoUss mil ho paid any isaaonahls si ass. When last hsaed from, was la Now Orleans. I.e. ud L. CotUaihtiu Is nhont ? years ul Me. Iisl.l o*mpl?>n. Hi ioh freckled, reddish hair, and nhout t Its! .1 iaibes rb. The Inst information hie Iris ids (*<?.< *d st kimsna ksr.h, 1M7. BOCIKTY F1 K 1CTI NO*. <Vr. JOTM* to ai.l thoar w 110 ARC INtErmte?. 1 aither directly <t in.'ract y, in tolar<a.-A tprttal trliai if tka I oua A?a>. latioa. for the Fr<... ion of *?i IiiiUii, iHtlira, ard Naaufaeturare ( T"'v r?, will be d ?a T) nreday fffuix. t> litli mat a. , c! ck, at Coliatum, Na, OU Broadway. N. II. ? * ear iai*k< ra alao tiled t> attend. TIIOH B. BIDDER. Prvwdcat. JiMM iici.i h t, Jaarrlarj. I.ost. dkc. CUT, IN FIN* RTKEET, IN FBONT f?r I. O. DI D J la; k. Co'l., ait-iei random l>ook, euntv* aoleapud id aoma raualnta of bo net to Bay oat But He. wn r A Italia reword Bill Lo paid by laavioj with Jroainra, ad A Co., 0. Broadway. fOWLRK A I'l.NN, O 8 T ? IN GOING IRON TH* STORE OR RAM.. J TostpVinaA bUrk to Canal .treat, a lo 'y'a Gild l.e na W i*' l, N" U.Vfl; cold dUI. makar, i/unrt ?b aa Lonla ?aa miraid after k-Mlna tlia ladlaa' parlor of lit Carlton ,U'?. and la asM.nard to haro bat a loft th ro. Ilrr torn r tie rarer 11 W ta. rn A W'ylu Nn lie filaait >IN<'. a tinder w111 be li' ?rally raaardad. aad r<??loa ilia tbaakc tie owner, aa it it highly raise! from acaoalatios. 7h nr-ward Win, be paid ior tiic rt ?" rovery ol a final. (Laly'e) G Id Witti. trapped iw > sdway. ararlfonard atrv-t. oa Saturday, dta .ait. Apply Goo. d. Bol. a, 111 Br<adwaj. 0 REW ARD !.r> it, NBAB BARNINBROAD w war, a amaM black Terrier Toy. oamtd Revtr. Aap a r?-tnraif (t Ma to Ma owner. M Data attval. Brooklyn, nth firry, ail' r?c lao the abovo rawer.1. .1 RRWARD -1 fiBT-OM tiie 1/tit I'?ST ANT. ? Bit' k rtoaa Kroorh. aaanmllad with f ,wir?, alihtr board the ferry boat Pioneer, or Iroa CI rietop or atr--? ry throi.yL W ?at tad 8priac atrrcto to liad n .'ait It rc a prriiat of a da eta. d friaad. aad of vary little vain, thr l.adrr, the nho?e rairard Bill ba rim ? j dtl. <tr.a( it Na. GC Broad i treat. bRAfT BTOI.I.N.?DRAWN BT THR fAH Ol f Brit h v. r America a', llalifav N *.. let Ropiest r, I8AI, 8. N. Binary, Manictr. J. W. A ren.ii.'.. No. I DA at tl.rco daya aicnt. fur $H# A*> oa R. Brtl aao Barl.arhlaa, New York, in favor of, and fad trad by li. Harvey. Tha public art cantiaaed (rem aarotiatia* 1 anna. IfTINAHflD AVENUE OJINtMl . a a not i I eight o'rl'. V. on Tonday orenla* a Urr ry d.. i> I' Nailed CperaUlaan. In B etiff morse > aov. r ?l . naa. Th far will be rewarded by returning it U Ur Morray. I. i flip, or 140 fifth areas* ornD? a wnni (if)at. with osr iiorv roc ownrr can lava hit Droaertr rattored b? er r't .? ? II ?? ? etroot. N OWNER 18 WANTED AT THC IdFHI WARIl fta'.i n Home. o- l,mnetJ etreet, f?r a Via- k mm rend Trunk, ?ith eome ladiea' *rw?-l?r tfjuil, Inhei. m an (Id ti.icf. Inquire fir ntRcar Peltlt. OOPAHTKiHIHlP HOTVC K 9. 'nr. CO PARI N RR til 11* II RR ETOI'ORK EXIST IN''. under the firm of Bull, Tonipkine fc IH?< k, *v dl T*d " the etrth day of Hoy loot, hy the death of F. O. n kino All delta ou? In and Irom the Ut? firm *111 h* nldatod by either of the (wiving partnere. Synod, nr.Nkr iiai.u W 11.I IAM ( ' ACR, KBENK/EK 'tUNR'Ht ' he Ineieeaa will he ennttnued at t.-.e old eland, No. 2*7 ra<t*ay, ennth earner nf Murray etriet. under the lam-i it tl.l., ill.At k k *' ?, where. In addit'm to tholr al dy < *t? diIii rtore, they ha\eadded a large and elegant,w rn< m on the ami nd fit or, ?hrr? may he ?*? a the (teal aeei rtfcent of eilid fitlrernerenad I'let-dwere of an* nar ftao'iar n.cnt In tlx lotted Statoa liar lay eotni'M*, ir atranreniento ky om of tho partnoro being iieetantly i?tur*. and their artenaiTO ea?r< opowdonoo abroad, wll j MetMm to lurniih anr article in their lino, o. eitlitv Irn cr domtatic manufacture, nt tho ek< rt?et pntalbla Ire, and *?ry l"?ett price. * larje aeeoriment of I>*-? id*. I'reeloae Stonee. and rich J?*tlry, c> e-taatly ?n d. Alee, ky recent arrieale an invoice of T. I". Cooper r. B. Adaine' Una V.'atehct. to whleh pert*re dooiroaoef lairg a good aril'It art tnrltod to taamiae. aw town, Beptemler *, Ml. __________ tmf.rit ifAMio-wanun iff a mani tac totina eetakllal.tneiil, In tlilo rity, now is euetetolov rati- n, a pat*. or, * i?-h a capital of S I'"K> or fAWn.. ker active or riient); the prnlitt ara Urge, and tho ?d??t r haaktra lour oatai liahcd. Ue re (lifer edditi .nil lapiiaV attnd tko korlnerr. Tho undouktcil r?,f<tr< oc >a will ;lren ard r?<inired. Apply at thr o(B:o of the 9tuy vwdnA nraaoo Company. Bowery, rorntr of Llrct.m: atrial. J A NTKD, bt Tfllt I. ATE Slfl'KRlNTENDANT 01' Tr?at->n An\ll factory, a partneria the 'muuioi turn ><t ti,?l aariU. t I fa<w ro'la. or R. R eoiUUeat oatba liof til H at i Ii"d to any kin 1 of audreao laid, t HAft. IITEA9, Trtatoa r, 0., Now dtro y.

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