Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1851 Page 2
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NKW YORK H KHALI). lAlUSflOHDOK BK1SKT1 f3l>PK!*TOR AMD RitiTOH rncB n. w. cornxh op pulton and Nassau m WK D^IILV HHH.iLD. I ?eiu? per topt-V 9" fYKKKI.Y KKH.ll. IK t<i/ur4.<y 4 fill >?r f?Mi ur S3 pre annuo; (Ac Kui I'jiut . fa an* part 4/ tfrciif Britain. $3 fa < ( art /I Ac ( Vntinc itf. let A (a include (Ac pa f BlBlU lYl^.,.. . ... . . Wo. ?3A. | ee* lark, SataiBap, kepttHibar 13, lUt W?lf|hi of Um lleratd In Wrapper* V*BBA? Uhud ? 1^ oa |P'tlK Hi IKK I IU.?A1.D IK ?* j IWU Shut Urktl.D 1 IK. [ SMkMry or the Lauit Mew a. A variety of interesting information will hqfiunl | te a?r aotamos this morning Tbo whig and domo alia Slate conventions, at Syracuse, appear to he getting on <i*iite a.< well as could have been expeoted. and a good deal better? especially the whiga. They evidently went up to the salt works, silver grays and free (toilers, predetermined to harmonise, emprouiiee, nnd fraterniee, for the retention of the pot Is, Tbey have succeeded, apparently, to ad mi ration By a division of the offices, they have , avoided a division upon principles. After all, bowaver, there are no prinoiples worth contending for among politicians, but the seven well-known principles of John Randolph? the five loavos and two email fuhes; and the whigs, having bad a taste of them, are not disposed to quarrel d|>en trifles. Having dexterously eviuled ail the aafient angles of the " negro question;" and having Jadiouriy forb< inc the suicidal experiment of noiuiMtigb n 6c OU for the Presidency, which is an | widenee o/ forbearuBOe hardly to be anticipated from the Sewarditea; and having nominated a tkket of " half aDd aaif," or nearly so a streak of , lfeun and a bticakoffat; and hawng given three oh.eia for the whig party, including Seward & Cp , | and three for the Union, the Whig Convention adjoaraed all in a lump. Thank Providence, we shall ' , fcnspaiod ibis n-a.-ta the humiliation of the la?t, in having no baud of scetders to go olT abd make another ridiculous exhibition of themselves at Utica. Tho following Is the Whig ticket: ? evil lO KOMINATION9 FOR STATE OFFICERS * JuJfr af tkt Cellrl rf Jlf.ytuli, iaaiurl A. i'o. t*. of Ontario. At'iwtery of Slau. i James 0. Fon-yih.ot Dieter. C(loft! I oil-r. Sue W Patt-'W n, ol I'tnot-.cKjtt-' StmU Ti ru turrr, Jam** U Cook, of Kerntog*. Jtlttmuy Omrml, Pnnitl LUinun. of New York. Slalt Ktiginrrr, Busekiuh 0. Seymour. Cmnul ( Henry Fltahugb, of Vtowego. M P* fv#-t Itisjtrxtvr, Akx II. H ells, of Wr4ihM>r. Of thcaa Dominations re?{ octively, wo shall have something to lay hereafter. Upon the whole, the ticket is a re* portable one as to men, though they ! are pot forward upon the narrow and contracted platform of mere silver gray and froe soil expodiThe democrats came to a halt for Munetimc on a taeelution cndoriirg the oomprotni*<s in general harms, and deprecating any disturbance of them. Neither the whig* nor the democ-atj Lave the moral courage to look the Fugitive Slave law honestly in the face and mention it by name. Taia art of lccal tampering and tatnpor'.tiog. may possibly do within the lim ta of New York; bat it mill hardly satisfy the rcaionable cxpeclaUone of ( the actsarvatives of the South?in truth, neither party have dealt honestly or courageously with the ' qaaaticn ot the Fugitive Slave law. Tne demoante finally got out of tho difficulty ot the aaolntion under debate by tabling it, alter a long and epirited debate. Having thus put to rest the Campromue measures, the hunkers aul barnburuamappeared to ftcl in rather better humor. They then proceeded to make their nominations for State afii?ar>, of a horn the foilowu.g arc all that came to "headi? SJSOCBATIC ROM I NATIONS VOX * r.;TK OWCE*.*. Srrntury >j S'mft. J Mr. Feudal!. ot CurilaaJ Conaty. ? <-mptTU.?r JiU C Wngfci. of scbvoeetadjr .*?/? Ttrtmirrr TU-sjau.n V?!ck jr. Jlttrmry G?wr* L?n H Ch*!t>?U (|<rtwai tncumb-ur ) ( anul ( ommitHmntr liciM* \\ brUot The l're?ider.t, we learn, hae respired to attend (fee railroad celebration at Lk>?t?m, with hi> cabiMt Good. Nothing like mixing with the e<?reretg n people. Who knows the extent to which tl Bin/ inliui Lee the ahap'i g of the campaign of Ml The partien arj of the negro outrage in Penn- I extreme. instigated by white teachers of the higher law ;" the permit of tLe Pampero by a faee^omant rose], into the Si. John's riser, of Planum, and the uiual miscellaneous Una*, inaiadkg reports of the hot weather, nud the markets, will be found am< ng onr telegraphic adrtaee. AHog ther. the chapter of onr latest news is interesting, and In i-.Ttral point* exceodinglj Laporisia Oi Late Cuba Kipertlttan? Tb rilling \>/ satire bjr ?< of tt?? Invading Patty. We ore gratified to announce to our leaders, this aura lug, U>t arrival in this city, yesterday, by the teaochip Wmfleld .Scott, of a poetenger from Havana, late in cc otineiavLt among the prisoner* raptared from the ill itArrrd invading party ifGiMrai Japes. The nam* of this unexpected visiter t? ' Jaeateoaot l'bilip 2*. Van Veohun, trr-m the dungeon* of Cuba. W* regard his lib-ration and arrival as indicative of a gene rear policy to ail :h? reiaa.nirg prlroner*. Indeed, too other*? 'apt*:M W 8 llaynofand famc* A Kelly?have *!?? been Lbvrnt* d, and are now on their way to .V w York, la ih? Norma In the romple'c supprosaion of the lata hostile movement* upon the Ulard, and after the terrible pu'-.ehment ir.tiicted open tlir Srs detachment ? ! American prisoners falling into their fcai'ds tht Spanish authentic will probably con ait the jollry tf magnanimity a< th-ir true policy; and the eonr>? of cur own government ir, ioubtieer, 4u> < ? d to Uu end. We hare punished, from toe first, all the aroweib'c information to be bad of this di. est on* caterr rire ?d the deluded ' 'Sneral Lopet, aad ni* i oeerittd follower*. < <lumn upon column iroin the j h'panitli joarr.&lf cf Havana, were pr-pared by our , 8f4uu*b translator. in order to give to our readies j Use fnlUst porMb'e information of the dl a* be expedition, which our coWmporsri* - sr u?e.- , appropriated without acknowledgment. The ab- | men of all infertuat ion from the inradtri them- , clvr*, left a* no other alternative then the Spauleh arsnurti n- 1. of atf . frrtai i L?? i. * . l i t'to Jiia i termination of the tnreryriee. With the erc^t-on ft lel. < ruteuden and b.e dotacament. tbre w*j little room f r ltojre that there would be ? man of I 1m ft v#otu '! fwrty of the l\?t?pero let to tell tl. ? ( , ,f 1.. ,r extern'nation from '.he UUt >l W. air, therefore, bo i*a? .nrpr'aod thai gratt d it I'm arrival It oar elty ef the officer we have aame<l. ? j?rtr ;*tor la the cipeiiuon, . fnnu Kiw Crltau to the prltca at Havana: and we are particularly obiig i to i.ient Van Veehteo fee hie aarratlv, whmh will be found in oar column toilay ft Riree a rje,r and rmuMWat Mount of tbr whole affair, fr ra the beginning to the end, and the key to many of the conflicting UUmw, - fioe other fjnarterv It will He eo-n that there war r<m? hurl fighting. and men mrwrtog, hardihipe, ptiratione, ami famine, a* men are at lac m called ujob to endure. 'Jbe narrative will he read with nnabated intorer?. and ae an iotelMgefi* account of an iatelligrnt elwr, 'bartmg in all the di*aeter? of the invacton eaerf t death, we commend it to the rtadere of the J9ru Yvrk MtrV ' 1 Thm hattb?y m -. *? auchr hid hrs hom>t iuk Mayor - 1u ?'i ..i fHi t.iv, mi tbe aub }?el ui ih? prr now t.ivt? i w ..i itimj. tfie "Ut !?ij ?nlv (: i env, vatn-.k < ". on tor iiijio remark) U|,ou tb* ?i i tn ' i .in- >1 neglect* by tbe Mii?i,?! kitiiaiv u?r.- i.>:bill smu^bt bilore b ui l*oi bi.* . i ur.?, < o 'ne uniuoo Council W? ore gluii '.n ho1 n our u> libgolVf Lia Iloi'or troui -lu. i.ejrioi vt i^n-iri.HM in ibo fr?iui?wa 'I ho ;iour 1 ; fi noil h'.* ruturi eU I be. bill, it uijjeiiiH t.j . . i U|>i iiu.t ton, e'uaiac Oie branch at .on Council, of ISty, I'tiinl the niil fur th,i '? rv enlargement, out it ticVer | ae-eil toe oilier in tie sure, it ituo fe-jutuily parsed the faoerol : .tide ruieu; bat tboy bud no inure to <lo with lite u: fito-Uetl Iiminos;' jf tL e Council of iSvty, tbai w t?Wt int. of tne councils oi tbe t'OiO cf Woe let V ,o Twtllc/ Tbe following ft tract .! tuo viator's Montage, id not only, we IbtnR, i* rfectiy en i*f?r-or} a* an explanation of his a<-t>uu < .to pi-m ro-t, but unanswerable against tbe valid t? of tt>e b il: ? Mai n OirKV AUtfUSt 4, lV'ii. To (Ae Htm fiwJ f -(tie, u- n : tieMWuien?1 rdui u b-rt'w << ti t?i- r?u?r', yrii nio -lotlons in tnr< r of enlarging iti na en fr.Ha <olo ih t itu ccuetraiuid to withhold u \ .n r v.i. b.r teas >n- wbioa I trooeed to stat- very bi . II !*be ttrxi. tad to me ito itruperabke otj.rmii too ( < onna n. toe fait. that the rep rt was ad' ped by Hie ' ?'I f V-o-teit Vilrai'.i :i tbe 17tb u ' ? '"4'i hod fKa u i en f? hut by tbe other btaueh of uio.ou iV.uun.l .1 urine their-Aieial ielui. except i > r-r-r .tie ,a.jer? to? ?pe?oal Ci nunittee. by otirli uo rep .rt ?i.? <-"-r male on the subject. On tbe 7tb January lw * Ooauu >o OouLcil ?a? ><i>rn id nod on iat i4 h >* uny, .1 pelltion on the tuhji-ft < f eiii'rgiu* h It-tie y oLi ref-rred to a special ron mittee to tr? b ' f A dcrtneo. and at the san.0 meelii g all th ' p?p r-eU u tit ih? late heard if Alderaeu n'ernd to or prta'-e oniaD1 (tiers During tbe year Is t;. uu tufth ' usuoa OD thlt subject was had by Un- tt'wrd 1 Aid- rui 1; and a 'he eth Jeninry iSW, aicth- : m? ti.?rd of \-H>et*ut Aider D en. who had teen elected iu N'TeUwr l8Au were saorn in On tbe rill >iay IsSi. a i~-'i mo from tleury Courtlin on tblstutjeot was prese-u ed >ud referred to the fpecml Commutes of tlie Hoard ?f AideruieU bariug iu f arge ite litj- ct cf enlarging ths IU tor. avid on tbe .4 t June. lVii the lar' d*> of the ?e sion this C'KUUllt- > fee iep? rUO in rarer Of " n. CO'ri'K Willi the antim of I the Drfcrd cf 4s> istaut \ hie rule n ot In-cuiher 17 lS4d " It ttiii, ajipniir tbat two H-aUdr of A-m taut Aldertn?a, laer boo rworu iu piire |re rei rt w** ongiiially kdrpteo by ib" Boa'd of AHeiptnut Ahiermen.ou th- litb 1 tec'iab?r. Ib49 ni 1 her of wtu-h tioVe oon?C1ered or , acted npon tbic repoit I <?1 it ro uoise tie prince pie th?t 01 e hmiirb of the ruai .i tii'tioril may concur in and bl?e eO'ect t? th> acts of the other bra ieh, nfie-r 1 the exiiiath n of tbe legel o. teto of the b \ly by 1 *h< m the noa ure ?t oi,, in ? ?->n on; for if tilts c urse is as to on- year it n ay he sn for an iuded- | bileperird ?id p?|jeir wb.rb hare l>?d doruiaut tor | one Heard. Ci?J be taxen up aid ' ac'ed n hy tbe other if, in the ttcth of such reasoning, tie legality of 1 this set is insisted upon, we tra?c the .Mijor wm | contest i'. to ibe last extremity. It is not yet too late to d? feat this worse thai asi less speculation;^ aid wc rather think it will *" d >ue. NEWH tt> IKLKGHAPB TIJi: WHIG AND DEvlOCRVTtG (THE COfVER n?.\? A I ttlKACl SE. 1H KCW-NATIONS MADE GY BOTH PARTIES ! FOB 8TATB OrriC&BS. IML5KE i:\CI IFJIS r AljOM. TilE UEMOCBITi 1 NTSREST1 JkG KU?M U tetlMOrUV, fc. . te.. 4.0 The Politic Iwna a> > riwutr. nrriAL cohK*!tiotiLX?CK op mit i?. v iiiBar.D. tiiicnt. ??-pr.. 1 i?p. M. The whip* have been harmonious oxtcrt ally. bat great n>?;.tb faction and discontent p;< vailr within Tbe siltil +rr y* are not satisfied with what tin y h?ro got in the way of i See*. none of lh-m being put on r,b?- Omal Beard; and they are in high <!n lg-iou about the Centfo Otmiiiitlee, which consists ol free aoilere. ffcey obeerei dully boweTer at the result and went away together in the carr. sb< Uting. Ore < t tbe ears had a plarard attached to it. headed ' wfcU vb tory " They ordored a deeep cf ehara| a^ne. and picked a little girl off the stint that was p.sylcg an accoroinn and took her away ii;hw.?m The only pcliry they ar? committed to. t* the eat al cnlargi ment Though the whig* may differ nni'eg themselves, they generally unite against tire d< mocrats. their great principle always being to put out. i or keep out, that party. and enjoy the spoil* of | themselves. ' The time of meeting, this morning. In the Democratic i 'onvention. was tine o'clock; but there appeared ;o be | <r<at hynees in mustering, and the Convention was not called to order till a quarter to ten o'cioek. The com sitter on resolutions, though hard at work all night and this m> rning altering and modifying, were not ready . till a few minutes before ten o'clurk hast night, there were ten out of lb'- sixteen member* n favor ef a resolution to adhere to the late romproaise measure-of tjonjrres* ana neither to eountenence nor ramie n any sectional agnation or legislation r .be subjects embraced in that settlement. John Van bun n In-ard f it and his i.tiueice oierileorge <lUrke 1 ?t" such, that the rwso'Wtiou a.a eb?iuioticd by the I I -i mnuvii i- with the eareptkon I two ai uten ( Hike Murray aad > ritw ) aim -v*. 1 t>y it brir*I It ?a? ripcrit(1 to-day by Mr Vi>?i?r a* thr minority I -?pori and :? Um|?fl <>t d. o?iJ- . u-u l afAumpaniaJ by * tband?r rtctni a about 1 In bareburnt r? ?n. thry -hmild b?t? the rrpmt >1 thr majority rudoratn* the tm4uU?M of l?-t year and n- it.ii k mere They ? uid u< I permit tli? vruun or addition ' fa line The h?ri lot,y party of the hunker* ruppnrted the min burn* r? In lhi?; and tonm i>l 11miMIar -ei uf hunker* tucb a* ktererr W nj11. of inn*,I v and Omit* lark of IVaebioxtob county, ebai c*<t vtone, and j 'in?I .n th* rty for I ari/.eny and u> |-r><- a, d tb? mtr t nuoo of tb* minority rt?'intioti lot. were io frwta>nt ?< uiibubiratlon with J i.n Van Haiti, and ob? of tuna j if a randidat* fi-r comptroller TIm resolution *?# t I j"? a or r?tt rr era/h-d, by 5 , ff??i ry it to tr U.d on Lkm tabi - i?n On* qoaatioa tla , Saw York delegation T"t*d a* IcUo* ? ) ( inio Uai .*< um 1 ?n > a--., a: array Alba Mart, tttat. iiaklea. MartL. * rl?u. Mmii. Taitwy, hem* u< llapard. Kii T?tu?t->li?n 4a"r'?fi and Coafefna. Aii- ' Mtini O't I nttiaf ?? I C tap *dl. ntkuhiwr. ii wr. ui. TI i' u -j ?# #. 4 Pii^r^i/ .?? ? :hc *t.<?U- rif.lutir uten I ll>4 ui>) <nl m < bta'n ?t?o a* marii v in na* nifcn, nod Mr 11 liurpby coib.i i. ?Uafciw I <-f thr wnimtMi LO ibt trwk In p irt ?>f faot bj tppli. <i t<> d>it?rant drjuau'alx ? at <1 a difiau r.f t:o.i fr m 'b?- pra-aul armti <p|r. ?. ?.f i' lur part. ? ? ay<"C | u?< hlng. Tfce (mtnwiiMt iuia ?w l? ippl/ Uicin to I b* |rfmt itilthr fu'tlr* m in prt?irif?> ran a- li !. ? wa appro** rf W.? if. w? M l frltrl^Wtlil^rltf Im c rriU< rtala I r???rtl r at ijnacum iMt rvr. a 1.4 to.'b atr> *? f ll??i l> i. Tf ir Mr Mur, !.y |n ,m?<l Ui ?*rihr out, and to id< 11 lb? rcmlati't# u< w. a* it tbay ??r? tabular o*an. Tl yroftaHlf n war opp -ad v 1 '.! ? ly that It wna 1 idabl bal tb? - m ?a.:n inia?,1~d by ban*, roy r?p. n a>'it v? u <o.o i? .pb"M tnlt It :b< ban lujr.?ni to raja' } lh fir and f r? l?t ibw ont '4 tb? ba?, bt j ) }ll<f tWy CMlW bit. Uitb a rlo?r b*e -mra. adopt l n o- r ty li t u. and tb> y ka"Ui.r><l tba truUi . Uftlc? r.( tb< fciaa* law. J. In tab hnrrr v h ?> n?*tl a.l tb? tloi- mil ' a a, t o jy ?t, a|>. .1 in e?.. .-'if d n ctiaa a??ry a*- >'ft* 11. mi Tr'j at ,r? at 't? .. di-etwUoa of tf.aara. N>o at 4 Ortitr In b-ttiig tba nen t out 1 ' ra ?a* , no'ir til riaixa. nt, uri IIm >yMV I f ' I f Si? York <t> I ftattoa. pari walari/ Iff ifiiki.-a. ?alr.< tba einirtrir n il lb- e*>r DO*i <it tba | .1" lliiytur abov. In yir.iM, auti tbrratauad V> I *l* !!.? fob*. etiod. Afiiam tf.rr. fakrr f it dtnorr aftrr ?bl-h Mr V i i ) la J. < i. at arbitral i>a I.a .in ,bo?ai wtu>acf?4 | all t I ?' V 1 la- kati.Mad I' Hi" and ?a n .? rt?!iu ?utli raati'auob. ?.# tl 1 l( tba pro- ] aa h v an ?tirT?nc*r>4 TL-* HMndm.Dt iu.<i tba r-?luti > ?. tmlLlblll^ (??' ! IIm>* L?i ittiOli i. ?u OXll/ a<ni4*t I bun ,< ? u of; ?|,-V ' " ?! ' J' lji \a? Huron ?li|| j h n 1>';' ilCfll t/'I'tdll of l!,? (I a'-i?a?r u t? ? i?Ta. }*9l 10 d*? pfi iti M) ' lj? it it i ibiif ikintd bj tit -buiga. atxl that th- taaotni i,. .( ? appiatotba > u* ?i i?r bat- l?? Tl??i?t, h. t|>| >- uf t n <m it Hi f'?l) tlx ( I -f- ?. i.-J again*' : ban. La-' ;i-u Oi U > olli l L> ud Mia eitr?ri? aur li-r? tlujit<l tba i rMtlulinnf a- a r.tli 'j ai!i? th? hirn'm; >>r B'llU *?it; maintain that tha., ?'? M a Xiatwry to ah?r out a t;ii n | li lo IktBidft?! Thoa it at"*;'' a?? tn iK4 ra *ati n? aipi?? lb* ?i#w? ai 4 l li rfptna of all t r -, ? : ? a li'Uf Ur Xill Jt'td It ?*" |?rnp twl t< p-tvaot | alth Ih# ?' nilr.atiotia butaal*?? ttrf liaartt ?n</at~? latitat* b*'Ur to taka tbaIn ?'itar lu a^faa tb< at i ha to* n *t> b> or ??.d h h?K wia gona a4?'It ?a- nin? ? <j|<vk ' tap li.- ri-iiTti t t o PM?lWi'4 'h- tount-r* and , | t?-. buroaia not b-.rtrf abia to a.rat moout tb? oaniil tataa. Si tptima tham-rof rarn-n w*? bHh I ? front of i tb-'I'j Halt to eoB'Riaoiorai* iba tTant i* (itatforui ( bait* ti nri-4 In < 14< r t? arrlxa at tha ln?i>r ranlanoa of fa?' ?* tba i n la toting l,y hullo' wmt <! t. riainad ?u by t\ " ?* ( joriiy "l'j ii^bt in faror ?f It nu'l t?f?-*>gut fo? t4?a aar. anting >> i..?tn O,. n pr f-a*. 4 Ij bail >t, | ?M a btg gun aaa i.i*ab?rg-4 u aaah ? ? man* , itarilHiil 1 TP'f* a*? a h?M . ,.t.. ,? a.,Mn 0 IfrUht of , r 't'* ' 1 b' m?- H ?t taball uf \f->n r ,i?- ? (Luiilif-,, ut.4 t>r Ctakiuab (Wpl/gioat f?.r ?;?aiy- a tmllrr There were atari al bailota and at length Mr Wright claimed the Domination tkcnkTaav o?- rratic. Mr HendaU, laiiibururr. ?f Ovnkul county r*D(lU!?i aa? Kcriltr) if 8tal? iinu ruauiMiontt. The foltonirg ia the hint bnitot .? K. M Mivith 411 11 ora.' WhMtui ....1*1 li.W Sage.... ....13 E K Oburvb T W il am Wi'.con 4 M. Leivi.i.Jr 3 The i?eoi:(l balWt rw-ulteii thu< :? E. ll Sn.itn. 5ft llmace Wheat u . .....54 U W 5 |ie 0 E K church blank 1 li tre being at'H no choice. the body pi?" -.le.t lo a thiio bu lot. itr tultoa* : ? E H Smith 47 Horace Wh-tton & H W cape 2 E E. Church 1 Mr Hinri"!) oiw then dtclareil uuaoloi.u-.y i.ciuinaUd arrnaea* ucuMtt. The following ia the ball 't: ? L b t li it beta "2 It J. Dillon 45 Mr ? liaiueld war dr. Ur. d unauiui ueiy u .miiuitei. attir Tutiil'li i The flrel ballot reaui'.eil tbtta : ? Hart!* A Cg.len oo neojilllin r.n - ... ? iu Welsh. Ji ... 61 \u"i? el tlce/km 0 l'l.e iree i a ballot was a* follows : ? I. unii Wo<oh, Jr ... 60 Mr Horw 1 Dai iu. a (lydrij 67 Blank 1 Mr Welch was lb?n declared duly nntniaaU-d The UtBorniUc Stale Convention. TUIKD DAY. Sriitl'it, Kept. 12, 1861/ airesr or THt cramnu on aan?Lir>iei?. The Covv. ntion rt wwemMed thl* morning, when Mr. Cochrane. from the CtminiUee on Kusoluliuns, reported ibe following scries a- the result of their Itbar*, pre viouely ftatinjr, bowuv.r, that two of their members aoeirea en additional rem Ire. 11. m iTid, That we approve of the aims a ud principles h I Ion) in the resolutions adopted by lh- Defnocra'ie State Convention held at by rue use lust year? which recti u tups acre aa followa lie* Jvcd. That (be democracy of the State of New Y rk. a?prt( iati>n the value of ur ion uud fiat rulty, arid standing upon thsir ancient principles, presort their caadldatee will' a ojti ? nt reliance np..n ti e united and otrd al > upport ot *1) ? hod. sire the ascendency of its principles iu the ct-te and national councils. (The I bird re*olulion deprecates the eonr*... f the whig national administration , an.i the lour.u. ih" vll a cf the whip Plate administration 1 yK.a.dvid, 1' at, dt voted. to the principles aad term* of our CcnlsdcraMon. and icrar.liag the riglite of alls*-lions of i.ur c nn'ry ss niraltrs of as^nnnoi hr itherhoed ? rbeti.b tn- Union of iho .-tat*s ss tin rock of > ur p ilit i? > i .tn Mint and deprteste ml scriionai up* ato.o. *ith i at if-- N*rth ?r at the bou'b, calculated to irnpai. its s?:ic<l iibiicatv i s or io tlnoa'en its perpetuity. )>s--lved. Irat tjr d-mocra'io pa ty of New York ire pnuid to in * tr.cir bd-iity ai d d?voii.? to t is treat principles < f tb? democratic party of the Union, as <1 cwr din H * Nation al P. morrstie Conv ntins heid to I t'. 1*41. and |aV; tvey look forwsid In hop and confidence t? ti e con p'tte triumph ot that party in lni2. H..i.Im d, list ? covers tul.*e the o. entry np->v tl * reeent retlll on or t l.v forprSM of the question* Whlib '.a'" i n'- rtuna-.iy divided the people of t n o Stat i; - -id Kc.o,i.a further ?that the Coamitntioa of tho United unaus is ti e tly bond ot uni< n among us?al Ve ?Mu t. rv up-u t e several ptatts. and the pouplr ther of; and tn i> e, .rv* the Union nt impaired every re<|ulrrm*nt of th it ( n? i-titi n aid erpicialiy every duty oujo.a i by it, iuu t he strictly observed bcsilve.l. That the drinocratlo party of Near Vnr't sill net their brct I rem of other St-tcs in naiioval oonv-u <, tad will eordiallv ivppert the candiJato- nominate) ther At. tcciri'ln* to the nsiceeef the democratic yerty. [Iho la>! resolution ie one d< prorating and cumie.tiij 'i g 'ho whip rnanvgenjent of the canal.. aa lavish, tedt less ar d corrupt ] Mr FowLta from the minority of the committee. prerents d the following resolution ? an additional ouo Heeolved. Thtt the d<mooratic perty of the State of New York ?ill leitbfnlly aol ere to th* r*c?ut settlement by ''-.n rrrsof the qnettiors which bsee, nelortnnately. diriUd the people of this ktate. ai d eiil ntitucr counts nana J n-r sanction any sectional nutation. Mr Ma t kiel approved of the resolution jnat real 1 itMr Fcwler. and while he aupport.d th? resolu' of It. -l.l-.-l Ik.l k.. .I..I ..I ..O, lie i aid the people of hi* Section demanded the re+iutlon. wl icb be prefect rd; and u> thine eh rt 1 it. iu hi* cjiidor. wtuld Hcnm the humouy ot trie party Mr Nik declared that the report of the c inuilttee we* the reauli <f muiutd eoomfina m:d r >inpr"ui?*. m d i but he and hi* Irietd# would view \ h- I' net addition i r Hit-ration of that report it# overthrowing 'h .toiui promife Mr Wanner. of Schenectady. (bunker.) unstained the lepcrt (d tbe committee h* a fair iu. a-ure of C"inpr>iui*e. upro whirl ell COIiid utile Mr Ctaa*-. of Warhington. (busker ) al*o #u->t*tced the report U# eochidereu that 'here wit* no diffetence in ?utterance between the ratoliitiof prop ?-d bp Mr Maurice and tbe one contained iu 'bu report. Mr Bit acts, at much length. eupiort.-J the resolution of Mr Maurice, and ealb d < 11 the iJotiii at no 10 follow the sample ot I'cuiey Wai-ia at d )faa#achu?-it?. ?ol adept ri-Mi.utir n? which > In-uld atfi'in the vieieriai iatiod i t il e democracy ' t tbi.-Stale toadhefv to the corner* mne Dutiurit ai d torifuee the>r couutenanc* ot ?aactii u 11 any (petiwfC ft the slavery acitatton; to vto *iair-1 the resolution would he to reaffirm contr?ry d >ctiice. 1o do it at in hi?o|iiiion. wou.d be f I a- tlie vote of the democratic party in thu section of the rtaie Pi eecbea were made by Mcfers.Garturu.i>i(4cn.Wright, Chiike. on ry. badew, Owe na. and li-'geboom?all tiunern Tliy declaring tlie'.r adl eHun to th? r< p rt of he e< u mittia. and dipreratitg the intr Klueilon of th* ?eeo nth n of Mr. Maurice, a* tending to place tbeiniu a false p< #ltK.n. Mr lioi.raooM aaked that the reoiullon might h? withdrawn. woTioe to tar ow tiik tem.r. Mr Ci mi moved to lay it up* n the tah!e Hire ar"ee a lot g and sharp d< hale a* t > wb*lh*r m Edition wa# in otder. Mraers. Mntam Si< si r*.sad other* oeriared ti at' < e adop in n ? f the motion would be an a-t of it to tbe minorny mil kit to racx tmi w aicMr Snares called on the (,'o?.?? nil' n to f.i fLUAlr MOTtO* into OCT <>? o*I ?.? Tb*' Cnaia ruJtd the Bioll* U U* Lay I II 111*- Labi- . of Mdl r I f< i. Ibit d?*)eir? mi appeal wa* 'ukrn Ai.< ibtt abarp debate fnUuNfl wtom in 10*- quof cta?r cnai* oTklli'lM. Tbe deelolon cf Hi*- I out overruled bjH t" lb* qiirrltio r*fDn*ilto lb** motion t*> Uy *u l!r la Lie lb** revolution uf tor Maurice ink at aman ir<rt? Nt fnmiivttl Ibit tbr oiMloti f> lr; a tr oh* Did be dlettncliy otaled I*' h?? * t?e-n 111 a* ? L a ti?w to ttolil an * ii'minn <>f opinion in rei*u , r at'Taitui lira ?on* ihi ?. Mr Gacvta *ald Ibe people out of a i- * *-* - ur|*< ?*& to kin* ei met t in* at a *?* uld ui a*-r *a* ) 'bat. Mr rani the ninll* n t<> Uy on tha (aSo o far from b?lt>( roneldercd an *IIo?t to avoid an aB|>r*'o otrnfl opinion. wa** tha otrongeot cinl'iniiaUoa of a n noire ablth c* nl*l br* prop* ***J Mr. W? n;MT denied any n>'b Itfrm*1* Me a...... ??* I k. I i,n?. ..IIm. t* la * 117 fill carry mp via motion to la/ > molntton on tba labia i?d to i|:? dafaat of the d>n>'?T?tlr parti Mr N?a ra plird tbat la irt?. whan tha r?">Iutlam a?rr tot laid <n tba tahla tba d? moa ratio 8-at- 11 - k?t ? ? d?*'a1rd by tba Bute of N? w York, atid alio 1/ tba rlty ?( Ham Tut ttttMn to otoit> mirmmirtt. Mr. Vtux: d'-clatcd tlia m> tun to la; <r .& tubla a coaardly altm pt to a'old r.-apon-tbilily iuhmmt anu caarvatoa Tunrp tbla t't??. 'baia was graat PtrlMwt'. te tba tall, aid the mm oat at t fusion and disorder )>( < TMK WilltiM talus Tba motion to lay on tba labia art rarri.-d I j %<- ? 72. )? 12 4* * at Ion or aOOSTiao TMr limit 111 IT. :-u? nr, Mr Wis in tinT.o tba ad'Tp'ioia of tba-r?|v-rT. Mr M tarn? damrtd thai lb* r>i>4tiuor>- wbl-.l. boti'.d I ass blUid bo dlatlnally til f-tiaal TbafW Wa? stmia rarll altut tba Igirriat 'f tba rsoMtttlaaa ptMfad 'n 1*41 ? M n b.Tdltf that inn.mi" h a? ib aa r?*o'u'V 0? w an f-aaard f 1|i t to tba * pninp tit thi' fua lilro Slum l?? tb.-y dio not apply to that momum In o?dt r to pwent any orb ml. ui <1-raiai .ling bar-a/tor. ha m rod to ?aiand tba by ?tr?fcii t out tha prati.ntTnry r*?olu.i.?i aklrb da<lai*d *n apororal of tha taaitiiti'iunf iMt. II* oanittd Iba rart lotions rap.clad to pia* on 'hair >1*1 iratita aid not ba a ra afflnnatkin of ?nal ?a? ? .a m if 40 Mr fill'll. in a soasah rf soma It tigth. npia?. 1 It Mb U Ila wa? (if pt a| to tba taf th ?. at.. * fih tg ?tt ?a ara law at.d wimiu aa?a, a?naant i . . It tt a pria* t?r 'h* j aity war 11 at h* sb> a ? an i . D ami 1. ha.owldnot |(itr It 'ha r> - ltl* p- I'l ' . bad afo.otd a Ifxph'ta hj nh ah th *h a# pal I. rm In. a. ra .'? !.d ib U f ?i it. ? ml p? f of I bat tiaktl: ISV tha ' III S? atn|ib|n i tha Wot ton if Mr Mutoht w ui-i ha >mu? it up Ila lit 'I it.a. tti Kf i ui. ? tih<t. r il Ldt a.. ? wail T * a l?lt?r t me t? ln.p?o?r tt but he m?M ??tr ?wtill li Arinth? ?r> of dounim II *M mI| tkr ueB f N?? V? ?* Bhn wb?b nli rf?t ?l'.h tin-tf <1 or* at o tt* pit f 'otion who ?< r- J at It. 1 to'? if" ??' an) it?na tf (it dl-utiion Wt*D Hi hao c< tuludid th>rt Buck < t i'oni" m it c r< tti tift* ti Tb* l?i<ljt than ?Oj UrL?4 Oil had |.a-'. t xt c't.ock. A f I IRMK (N SRS'ION tilt ril Ttt tUWIBW'T atatt rIMII! I "MITT* 9. II hi u lb* wiiitMim re attt-Bii.l.B Ui> m?n'i?r? ?f ItB I CcaBKtf f'T til** fifth jBrf'rial (lt?itict *tt*irMtto4 a# MrntiblfN A. Ju'aac. of iikeida and t)? l.Bit Md' ailt.j. of On m-ig* ttit tvaicfitti *..?i??? ( .i"i tt. rro. Mr M'tmr tUt'd that, i ti a< I ul'.ati >n BUb a**?ral d * u I it tf lb* Ci BiRiltirr on Mt m lotvn* h? hal d*tnriii11, d In *ar| bid no (ti n to aim mt th llrjt r??at?tioo iv at In tt MllifltlW) to tin in anil. h* b..prd to tha riii tuition It wa? to inakr tkr r* a tlaati n d eltrw tM lh? rt'BTinlho appr .* ! n| and r* atiirmwl. the rtaAdtioBt (I 1*40 Mr Lut nai'i rbalrman of th?'Vmrntt'** on R**ntaIkrt, atr*M*f Ik* MUM Mhr them wat.grrat aplUiwa) Mt niaat ttiM H IMIattl) .1 i toot that hid n| f (Bt ot tb* reeolu'i-n dd t it ' mmlt I n aidtal fati 1 li'it an; change in the tun alt- fiat - |k? ft* aoondtbrot of Mr Mm-phy *a? 'am nlmnwaly d' | lb* rrioltfloa at aaaetided read* tt Mtoai ? 1 1 1 'i ' appr. ? < ( - . . t fir'fiio tl.t itHlium a* r'"i / u- >a .< rawa Ata'a 1 ' " ill 1 . In Id at tjri'i-t lail j ,?r aaii in. r? aif.rm nit rtmiail'tf at f?.il< ?t A 1 b' tr?> luilokt wart alio aii< pt.-l by a. r tmt lin tilt 11 plao?? ittrwifitt aai.ttitd to i ti n i? rn *?t'Owai. rttritno* Mr I'natin ' ff?r?d a re.. lull r. pm?i |tr f that thr fVatral full ruatiiiut dim d fall a toartalHi hard Itfwr |? dtrnl* hnw the delefaiea l'i lh? Ka timo-a llati 1, iiii il"j'd I* l'?n and if 1.. y <j d l-.u-d. t b #?r 'I'.'" Mr hoi *1 ttf h* tbnti'A > Iter ar. amendm. at prn toiiy tot < ?? f" *hw hal'itu mi iri'gataa by 'J< o- ? j yr*- on*! dietilctn, and they to eheoee the Ito Mala I delegates. I lit matter w? laid on tbe labia for the preeent. thk ever* tifptrt. rrr. Tbe convertlou ' Den ?gi t ed to pft.oerd to the nnminat f II t the lull lii ki t Pending a root it.ii to nominate them won iwx, tho ecn>j Vi ntioa took a recess till seven o'clock. 'ike Whig Hi ate Convention. Ktt'OND DAY. biaACVeS, Hept 12?9 A.M. no?ii*atio i -on moos or titk ooi'kt Or aerrata*. The Convent en having been called to order, and tbe roll tailed, tbe unftnohed bu-luese at yt? terday?being toe nomination ot the Judge of tbe Court of Appelate ? ie lull, n np l'aniel l.ord b?i%, , named by nn? of tb* delegatesAir UitiiH. ui Dutr.ln?e., and urged the claims of Run nel A l?ie who ImTiiig areet led that office by ap| pointn.ent of llovefn- r Itunt in plum of tbe Hon !. C. I D'oueon, sfter lie .in had beru ottered to several other individual*,atid > y ' m ileniluetl had *'rung claims upoo tins ci nvel i n e s-:.o oin h , ackuo sled (red jUaliaca lintis 1 r 'be i liir. 1' i " t.. kh. la sjtl diew the name of Mr Lord, v In u ? la lot wae I tk. n a Inch r sn'ted an f hows: ? , fainotl A f.oti 1)4 J?hua A pp.uc-jr 1 Likliol I I'lll is HUda 1 Air ?? then noiniiu'u I; nominated ly the ' convention. wnb kit?t au'laniatiou ?? Hearsay or sr*fr. | Ttr ii' v loatn n 11 oieiAiji of ^ute being aaikr eon- . w.ii the following gruitwaMru w*r? riauieu for the j litter ;-J?u.i? ' Pursy lb i.l Ulster; K vV. Leavenworth, | ; oi rjncuM ; E P Smith. <f 4 tir? Ai tesi o is lb-result of tbe tirt I ballot, whole number I of V' 0*1*1 1*S?nio-iiaty to a ch une, #5 .? Mr IVr-y h CI tr tfiauti 13 Ml LenVel.WOllb 64 Their fceii'K uo eh j ce, a sto. nd ballot woe had, as foll lows >? > oi ey' h 73 Leavenworth 65 i <ia noliou of Mr GauulP. biuiea 0. Korsytb was

unanimously u.-in hutted for Sicri tary of Htate. in Ml" HOllI.H On a ballot for ffomfaroUcr. .Mr. 'leorge W. Pntterwn, oi i )iuuiuU |Uii rtceivi d all the voti s curt, with the exI'Hiin of cl^ht. lie was accordingly declared the : uoiuiuee. iTiTi tssaMurn Jamcii M Cook, of Saratoga. William A Bird, of Erie, | mot k. i'n -by. wiie oauaU ?e candiiUtes for the olfloe of Tfi a Mirer Mr Crosby'? rnme was subsequently withdravn by j Mr Davie of Duteln" by authority. 1'be rtrn ballot rerUiieA ton? : ? M.P Cock P4 mattering 3 i William A llinl 24 >;r C- ok'? nomination wns declared unanimous. attohhs.y usjuktt T'cnWl I'Vmau. i-f Ni* V rt. J< to L. Taloott. of Erie, i tiid T. M Bancroft.of King- oouuty, were named as , ciiLnica i" for Attoimy stenerul. Mr hnti. of New York. urged the claim? of Ullman. abich were eridii.tly r cuireU wi'h g-e?t tavor by the , c BVintiun. lie hopi d the convention would, out of j ronsldmlioii to the delegates "Tom Mew Vora. woo Lave i acted thri Uabovt in the spirit of roinpromiae, give dr. I 1 Utnsti a tnany noniiua<iou On ball tin*. Mr (Jlunta rei ived all li e votes oast, with thweaoeption of '44 and I was . latid uininimt usly nouiiuateu ff the nffloe of Atto o.j On. -id. lUeeived with heatty applause. statr kvoivsks. The f< lb :? th? ballot fir SMa'e Engineer:? 11 0 thym'u 10W Mr Hltkeley 1 Thee 11 ITaW". 1 Mr "tfllloian 2 Mr r'r; monr was then declared unanimously nsar.inaua :oi state Lngioeer i.on. comahisiovms Mcs.-rs K P lilakcly. of One go. Henry FUshugh, of Otweq ' aid Lewis, i f Broome. ware mimed a? car ilnlati s. TLo bellot re-idted as follows l; I' Llakrley ilk Mr. Lewis 13 Hi try fitihugh 75 .Mr* f ttxhi rh was diciand ti e unanimous choice for fatal Cottmb.inner. m i s ri.i-.ov issrmnoa. The folli win? gi llemen were named as candidates, and received tin- vi le attached to their names, 41't I ? I Met of I ties 2 ' a. 1- i -- f ll.l..n, a l laaac N Cotnm ck. of Albany 4 J. fcr. J* KnTBC>i>d. of KU-bnirnil.. 3 > bn Ucboiiik. cf Cuyupa 8 J.bu bt Jl*y 18 A'.i XkQiIrr IJ B , >(MinUr 81 Mr IV. i!s 'u. dorlarca O'lutiuUrij. wnicb <ru rtoeireJ witli r.ulid* il B| t'Uu:-e. ("I'MKTD ">? 1*11 At T K>NIU Tina ; Mr Intradnrcl? lut>on thm a nomtnittoii of one lu-in >acb judicial diatrl't bo Hi>|>ouiird by the I C iir. to fpun ti ?*. luli"0? fir thr oouthlrrttUou of the CLBTiLto a. all whii.a rocrTiim 4ti> mnhim run. >lr l.iiut u. Albany. ri rnarktd that ?r aro nil whiipi. and up'i* 11 mi mb? plalli>r-n. W'IibWitot dtfUciilltna bito h* retv.oio ?xi-Udl*?i* U-* u adjunct an J bo tl <<U|il ( It obtirrly ULuao* unary t.> ttUrojuoo reaolutloan | vUi* b itit&bt m t ho Tui.'diy ?attafactofy THI Airi illlV I l*K UrmLUtlOAI. Mr Dt< amen* it rtlrutn . I*tiil It nAOt'l b> tin that r?M ii?*l'k rlrbt V. ??ut mid ho. ro*olult?an totiaorti thr aMionr of Ibo i omniiutib that nailed Un* r. ?b*i ron-ltul no to rdurar tb>* < a* al policy a? i eit?*i y ?? rati bo done (appUa r> a.d lurth<-riuor?. we anc ?i lotlonr tnd* ramp the raudtdntee of tbtn eon. iii i< t. andfe'i- turi* there ?* no whig wbo would sol bun ij id"i.r tin in Mr I IhnaaV reanlutlou *a? adopted irroiaratM oi tha lu-tturrcs. l'? ? iii ai i ouni'i d th? < uiMuittre on Rot *lu ?> Kir?t dlntrlflt, Mr I'm Ber, Second do , Im-*J do Mr8a.ce, fourth do . Mr llorh n, i* '-r ti if; onto do. Mr. Liitaiulek; beTeiiUi <lo . It . rt. Idabth d? . Mr t phva; Niatb. ? m.i ivi i r tub i imp. . 1r HM II a I til l fi.frp.HUJ to nini tro. the aib'teamd by .Mfn SUtooo. of Albany; ' * >! kin t*r. brakiauu. of be* Vucb. and dr i * i i mi illm ij. hi i oMill ITI a?Till caail BILL tfr?l??,D. v i imam. I batman of the c mmittmi on Kenolu* i i?i iriwi ti nIvUnelaf il'.d. 11 at the a* tma ? f tha nipolm State Ci??! ?? ai d o! tl.t l.t j!nUii?1t?t? C<*<?-It it la thnii ?n a ai ali-aay. tea to* r noli ol l* aorakli bb4 latnolm * ttoa te ?bi c i?titutl j. Bad for tho ban lata mta ol a halo ;? *r ?, aa4 thai it ti appr*JT*d and adopted kj t m r a *t ai it a 1 Mi tolvi il. That to the entire < eui|il?t>on of the E io c?aal a id kiadttd puoba *e?a?, ton *li* party i* loll? t In lift * d. .1 undid. TlatthoM *h<i ?!*? ml iw i ml ?i I, r?u ilii?d a urn o to ih? 8t?t . of -u*-" to* < lot, th?t It Lniot ?.* i nib the rrathut. Met* ftM iron | o? ? lit) ot ii. ? * > ? v?.1. Th*' th? (tt 4i' ' . joint ?M ? 4?- I i > , ki.i ? J) n. .?!? il.? I - , rl ??h!?*uU I Tt ruolutior* ??r> . ? iiiiv ? av? ?aUit< 4> d ihm tliitn ' t? t tr i u|>i> ? Ib> atmnfi >gUn Imi >u 1 |?t< 1m >?. vminl th? rouvtiiit' it <1 (Hi i ? ' i h - wnittii 'IMMITTM 1 < i I t < < I * . A c ntLltl'ti tl t t 1 it/ ? t.' nt <' r i?.J i j*D'? */<ta>i>ii nu? Rll'Ulbl't r?t?lu' .< I 1 l! .:m l? ''.t ,1. I l?l? [ CaavMrtiM Vtrti f in ui?'? U lint eit, 14 'Of ?t.? ?" />?| I Mr. Uun i1.' ? >4<tU >ii I tt ll>b ! I. ti t Tin' Cm r?r' i . i t ? i : ' i ' IMai* ff i "I ( *.h? I-' - m .rf ? * ?'!)< krk' I Mu)li ' f*> tnci ?ll? "iuu- ? " < >w, kill M If ytli. V " I*- J'* ] Th? I 7 .a ! i I i it m lo-li) ?" ' 1 ?.! I t%r " r i ! It "I -I r i i vi. | Itr 1 " p * . " f. i i 1 In . i . i it i ?i ' I It* h)um Nrti u. i ui< J I !? ( 1 I H > -f ?? u - u ti-mu ir*r| 'li.Hi ? i i . (.iuu ni?.i, ? there t? I IT ? i .'t' k uM in rt' ft lurljp *rr.?.n4 1 In I one! ftua M ?fhlii||tiin lit iii?M ui i.'u lit M?Tuk?in* trunk n*i i>i n ? iiiikm i uvrtii-nil i i.* taiuk* *1 iin v?nuii, mo Wiiniilfitt B p ll 1 til I'll !? I ? ! 'M'Im if Would aPitiipt I,I ii'.i i . il.? tiutua r*iinM'l l" 111 ul I II W||i . HI- VfvBUKtMl It (II n'o| ?* t?* ll Xifiinj i '-n m i >T?r til lit all Vh? m i(i?*i uf III filiili! it t'l * '* ' f |i ? Tr i |.r> .-r. U?? r?? p-nd**! to lh* i i t t! - r ( li??? Irion llu* it hutnln-d ti ' .Pi t Mm.. * n In l?'?l ?niii?l at N.l lilt i "lull. - u li ill* <!<>ll(*) in* il iiiii. I.i.tji . t Ui it |o?? in ti. ll-ilu* lo p-ijr , lli |*-Ntr> il i In in Mi fit, a N*w Yot* to New Ital*. ' tb*u *?w>* J It' ni* Nttli I *klM* i. il Ni-w Yt'tll w*f few'Tt I f .41 li ei*ik kip In lh? War U pon ineut. i-uUrikty, *ul i nil. mieni> >1 i i>uil> * p In'*! t? >1 >"9 c!fW4ilp It. II * Ik li f I Hi pf*i*p'* i*?? D. f*l?W *?r> ??ramd yaalo>d*y at lha l?U'* Do- ' Hi 1 ni'iit, In-n nunh -?i?i m< ih .1 11< - P >r tfM K i 1 ? rlihM d l < >> lain "it r-i -na*- r attar ?od fir 1 1 m,<? iatw'1 a <|ru n.i" Si rfv. r al Ja* i*nu I ?i k lb* Call?i*iila Uk4 < .miwl"l"?*ra *t?a that li? In hi 'I * til f i lil a >?ilitk la "an Irti'liik la b-r m * I i An irtabawn. amurd Roach. who ;?t?ljr nrri?*<l Uarw, j J' >i II III w iui ?> ?#.iil?j, 1 h< l i? i4;?. from Hai'nu-irw arr ai-nito? a mill- I Itl^TlMl hlff I I _ - " - ' - I I S*W Ttlayia|ih to l)arh?r, t . ioNw, N R . t*pt 111*51. | i Th? Haw of t*l>giaph to tfntb-e by ?m? ?t Kfadrrto- 1 M aid * "I .Jit,,ra .|-1, HI. I ikiul; Now. Irt at May a li <lln HHMwr fr'aifury, Raw BMMWMIk 1 1 Raw Rat a. N J . Rapt. IS MM. ' A lira hn k? not in th* aaiannc* tndla rnhbwr work* if !l II l>ay In thia ri'y la>t nmht but by th* atar- J lb n? ?b? fir. ?ihw H war nun*' ad to tha labi.rwt >ty and i rti.|. Intra f i rbinniM* In* upp*r atory only of ? nrrh ( a# en d Tb< doa>a?a aui unlx to abigt f. 'AO, No Rbautaner. Tli* Haaihtr al ? lm Innntl, Ar. , Uiwiiawan S*(>r. 11, Tba aaafl a* bar* lw *!** dtnply h-it and ronnh arilf**- , llg It aipartaaai d Ibn n?h''?t lh?. * tint ry Th* *.bi r- 1 J a.-maiir lo-iay it' dai{rta? In tha abnd* and lA.t I < Id tha TUd rtt*' It In*, and .outlaw* ? rat* I* 1 Krtm New > fii?? 11DU OP THE PRBflPENT OF OAKLAND C0L1.ebi ?mortality at sea, etc. Nkw Omjuka Bept inker 9. 1861. The Hf?. Mr Cbaiuberlain. l'r<-sidenl of Oaf. tar d 0olege, Mi<ei#ilppl, was murdered by George a llriscoe, a student, wLo then committed suicide. The brie Ora/.abo. of llath, Maine, was found drifting | at the mouth ?f the Mississippi?the captain, ruste and ! two of the crew having aba. and all tlie rest on board beirg rick of the Chayres fever. She was boun l fr.un Navy L'uy to lletrea. Honduras. and had been drifting ehvsu days. The brig lias bsen towed up to this oily, 1 and ti e suivivirr placed in the Marina Iloepitel. Aupust K Mattale, Cur to m llouse Appraiser, lias bceu ; chained with receiving bribes, and has been sent up for ' trial | Christopher Adams declines the eollvctorvtip of this port. Fatal MaUroatl AaldeuUCoi, Biglcr at Plltnijurg, Hirr.aoac., tent 12.18,11 j The cars of the Ohio and Feni'syivauia Railroad were tbri wn iff the track to-day by a cow A olnld wu.i 1 MUi d. and ieveral tersons were seriously lcjurtd; two i axe not esi i eted to r urvive. Col Ihglcr. the derm cratic candidate for Governor, ar- j lived bi re last night Cot Hiack made a reeeptiou j speecb. a|large procession ?a- t iruieii. and the L"e*te?c enthusiasm prevailed C<d lligler will speak to-night at fccNulty's wan-In u-e. The Bipctded Arrival of Catherine Hayes In the Skautahlp Puerile, The steamship Pacific?gloriously swifl on many ocoa Mono?18 expecteo 10 steam up me naroor i> jay. tx'.irin; one passenger of more than ordinary interest?the 8ir*n of Krin, Catherine Haye*?whose fame has already ex- . tended through).ut the bngth and breadth of the land, and vhoee career is destined to l-e of the most brilliant character, as long as she remains in the country, it seems to be expected that this event will call out a gr-ut ' deal ol genuine enthusiasm from a largo portion of the population, and we shall liot be surprised to loaru that thousand- hs ve flock) d to the lluttory and the. piers in the j ncgbboiboi d. to give welcome shouts to iha soul of long, as. tor the first time, she gases from the dock of the noble Pacific upon the mirror hay of New York, mae live with the monument* of American a-tivity ami enterprise. and strried with the masts of thousands of I ships frcm eveiy clime. This compliment wUlbcunex- 1 prcltd, of ocuise; but come it will, for the people of the ehy ure natiiTslly enthusiastic, and, above all thi y de- | sire to he just towards all distinguished vocalist-, In the j treasure of their admiration and in the warmth of their welcome. We learn that as the Pacific passes up the harbor, the band at Bedloe'a Island will follow out their intention ot : semiadicg the vocalist, while the ltrl>ish steamer Nls- > gara. at Jersey City, will answer the Pacific's gui* by a salute. The national llag will be displuyed at the hind- I iDg pier, at '.he foot of Canal street, where much of the < enthusiasm cf the hour will he exhibited l>v the people ' geneially. and by the countrymen and women of the I great vocalist. At the Astor tiouee, too, there Is likely lo be a very great crowd. The proprietors have fitted up i splendid apartments for the lady and her auJr. aud the great* st rare has been taken to make the W) loouie in every way grateful to the feelings of the lady, without fceirg oppressively formal and hurthensoaie Ttie grand j pianoforte for the apartuont of Catherine ilnye*. ttanu- j featured by Mersrs Bourdmaa A Oiay, of Albany, ar- j livid hy the steamer Isaac Newton, yesterday It i* a miguificent imtrument, tpleudidly curved and orua- i mriiud with the united arm* of Great linuiu n.aU Ir<* land. jit NiaLu 3.?*Tho benefit of the f<>ar Froucb mrtiitt* who. punc time luce. a aerie* of perf' imamee In Hie eity, will take plnee to-night, at Mblo'*. There si tri te'h are very lute re* ting per- ! firmer*, mil uierit the nioport of our own and the f.leign p< (illation, on tl.ia cecaeiuii They liavu l.i<ui eery a'? net' u? tie tn.-elv-e in plucing their enrwioe* at the dUpceal of others. aho hare gained by their a~ iMai.ce. and we auliei)<ale good result * for thein on tLis octillion R<?e de Vries and Kettini. ttie twj uiineit n*cul>tri of the Italian Opera, will appear to- . yi ther ?itb the R ' ttaret Family, thue adding much attiarlK ii to the other pronii-iug eutertaimiieuta ot the ?*<? !?({ IHowt merit* of DtaUiiguletked Indlvtdnnla. IlU Iscnlttcy 31 de, toe French Minister and I M tie lliarBe, hi* htcretary of Legation, returned froa | a in it to lien. V> ebb. on Friday, and proceeded to iVaah- I tcgti n l he Hoi, J M riarton in engaged a* oounicl to 1'bU- I lipr Albtrican h ire Anuihilator c.impaoy. Indiana Railroad Controve.i ay?Inquiry ? A Iru ml ct I lie outturn Micii/Mi Kailroti Company. In t j 1 then 4 i iuu.uiiK.ailull te the Tribune, ti mar tl. it t'.e nrli'f iut? f? Med in building lie* New Aliem> K 1 f hurhifin I ity to the Indiana line, ibuuld, ii eoturiuaa oi ' ir-njiil . < uit m*|Uir> ly law.uit, hut that it t? unfair t > i nppi al tu it.* | reaa. lit* tin the-arte lortb. that the puUie I tare no lnten et in ti e i|oektiun: and It la unite clear t'.at j I ? ebia to il at ge the lenne fri m tbe'Ttjr of Nee Fork t? i K id ("? ? petty sic cint.U'ut ot tlinlr et.rco-.ih. tin y need ? t I f<tr itimry here ut ?Ue?bft?. II.ey will h*?e el uud.i t I iiorin.ii) u try reeetueloae ie the eoirto tf J title*: int j ti'ry mu?t s)t? i..r t tl>- ittut btiiirt the pitoU', who ere t ry I Itt III || mlliiruit ipitkn It n i*lit doubt.Ota he ??v- i en rt ti. tin i'i to Itstt t t whole i|u?elion to the eon*t .a let'ena vlilt they hired. btl?re the teetorn eeplteliete | it in iBjeei tiue! Ibefrtende of the New A'ltb) eril Hetot Rei rued I i.inpeay. nn<i urn oonrer-nat with rtili td Itw ted pretties, o ntid.-r tin lujunrtioo fti.clet two ut t-eehl end thet will rely wi J. p. rift eonhdtii. B|'V> lit Itint di.p ltd of is doe time, hy tbt Inner ot hiilrr ttlbnnele el letiene H'tctim-, In in net the I HI- :.d of tiie Ccuthere Rl-I.i?su l!*ilr?ed. who U ie etr.eettilm lnel eooree. tee or two qeetUtn. let I j whet ' 1' r oi lew itoee ibe rtniithern Idi- hi/te < t mi ei.y. which li le terme prohibited from ecprti-uiot ' th. iiaiene I,re heild t mod ted roe itc eert into ledleee' 1 err he ti .ok ?h?l he m frimlooe en ereeloa U the employ ' nit el br John bmith. or eieie other evemui,deti?r Irn i d. tl le optieht eimprey. thie etiikior for etrict rue- | trimon will l>? pi rautt'd te drfy the will of tbe pe< pie < f ! bp I '*ei . oho heee r.peetedly refitted to rtpeel the protl- | II*-' i illicit th It tmee out of tbe Met* I be?i tie foutbere Mi'hiyin Bufali, end kierisaipft, ><it "ih lidieie. ir by winterer ellee tbie compeer rl? te ft- lere they not nbteleed money for their -took . rent. do. by rtf rieeetetieee here eed eUowbtre, thet they i l.eo e it 111 olt threeyh ln*ieot I M I or lot thie rleim to ? moenpolr roe?titut?dMi'iiVhl?f I I|I?|I h. ir et the Rett, ? here the forty ere llltl- known. I i I ?li r. tli lilreiteof the o'topeey thiek It ueleir thet II e t el ' i la he known I <?h 1 hlr fi ei d iiuotre the prlee of the rtnnk of tli* ffow I ell ri y t ni.pony eion* the line of the roed. I ore one o' the l/n .i. < 11 nidi r. eiey hete irsmf'tr.l e eler* et e low prlt'. i ot whore the rele of tee eher-e e iu ieth would t>rotyhly iiuid th' setrsye In 11 try nl ?tb?r oor yrort oon> oen i'?. under")" o' I ' lie by le toiy off. rod I ie nper wei I ode lo tli' Ee ?t<ti n f.? t u.erlet e; Nl Id. ee.te trnly. *'th* sfTeir 1<?" la r I ot 11II." 1 he < le>m of the "oothere MI'liifeo Cmu) say ill .1 e e' top. ly is leeieei er to being rsrr.. i on It. 1 on i ot. roll-e- wttn etrt't rtirerd to law. ie cee of the tn-.t lei.fu rd ie.i ".Ittoee tilth wlirb e " rfe r ition i ror'edi e 1 tin <* t yell the pnhiir; end it iJ t'I' duty of the pr**e. to tir 'he of r beed the rtyhte of tbo he* Albeey I ( - e t .i y te I eile to Rp hieei "*y. eed Iheeee to the htelo hi< er. ti tleipiw e of eh*t r??tieel. es eleer ee deyllgh* ? f t i teirft ee th. ri. bt ol t o V.(there Indieee to to.Id e' !, 1 tol'.eo 'i.trel .i.d IU eeeu.eUexreeipeei.T i l) nl itil, n.e let it i" r* y for the l?l rret >1 t ' pohI . i d I r* ' r. t I -'I. t i i> . it t!.??. th. J a* i ieit 'I. I i? ti.r? tr<< i i? ieopi. of ledleee will *urlei >|.?n> f. i d1> t lilr el rate ry in the t? ret, i. tl. rr hi it j? tl r It . II ilt|h the New i oik public tbe r-rnli of It 0 'tet >r> I Meeeen'e Oct octet I lltneelrttr llnotm Com* i?i ti >e |. pririevl witi. e ? type. one U.? b??t i . I top r. ere th* pr re I- teeeced te tit c?ntr y-r oopy; the I ili.-ntoi ir. I tee i el't .neruted. It. foil. wim( ere e ' f * ot tf? - * ??'? per'ett Hi beaetiful reereeter of > n ??hi nmiimn, m? it', phiii Mhrlili Itrttil't nf tha "14 Niblu'a Th-alra ?a !> I limn. A p i'?r- r> ir* utini IM pittararaa" aaali.ore I nl t* til tut', a I Mux, tn,?n II Iniij tilr T"rna4>. I if a a fa p' aiaaii#? tha 14V iliiltaiUii ?n4 f> arful whirl- I il< ii. H? i ounf tkr 'i(h ttrlforJ ind W. .I f ambri l?i , m | Nun iilm a * ?* ?? in f?rr* a? utinr tha ??? ? I i>l Ihi Hi.i *1 !? % I. Mat 4. >? th? wait ?i.d ..f tha *? *! a. .1Mli t 11.ii. iri II > 4? fart, I...b4"?. a pl<- an til th? ana- | 4i|ii ' lah. f Haiti. k Hia p.-aaafal aal)l?rt)'ll't . tut- tia?a4 aLua i *4 Iifiu'iiu from tl.a ?iui, til urn II. a. r a?i>? I ata. "t atkar latpaatin nta, I" ? ! * i... iui4 Hi ?Hi N??T>?r4. Mfoufc'jra, fhi'i tha Nari i? I** 11* I at i> air# i Heath Carnltaa it aa"ht>t itnaikii . >t tt.r ii" A ?hbii4 aeaua it "?? Hai? V?r.i m ag a i ii. * i t II ? frxa'a i'M?i ua aa.w r?p'Mit'. i' a. tat ral I t r i jtrtl of talari al la IH* Yar4 ll.i Tl a ;.. hi b I faff. 1*1 tlllaI ? tfct PI* 1*1 UMll i^iaaai. Itr -vVna I'l |t> ?arrt a'4ii>* a ?a?rj?t 8a? piatuf a inr IB" V It a. 'I <1 o nam* |. fiatl.ta, a ah-xt luiaaino atM'Ita I iat I inan oti 1 ip* * . 4 - a tari aa < aa.: rami. Ilatin jlftaan A pietnru ll'aalta'iaa aa lal -r'tlln. nr?at la aar a?a a?tal"it? a Calif ral? iwa. ripm-a tap what l> i-a 1?4 lh? t.ih Hi aa. laar laia""t'i?? ( a il. lata A In ill urari Ii liiiainif i'i|i Mtt?. '.( Buata t?a mart j naifaat aaJ f ft'Ip i|a?at?4 plntata Aa lannltt: af I i | r .h'a f WantVlp t |ti of a?a- ?"f J |4(*4 ! . I ta PVlada'f t-a liaa > f tr.t iat lar II- pa It I trttll.fal taf-nn, llflthad r f aa i>a ih? aa t ai* ff Iat a iktartal t lilnl ?Mrl tiii't an f?Mirii iilm f r ?!i rial- pi I '?|T T ) ?.? Ha' a* all 0 a pur i?.l tanl d'p-ta. Albany Onti Ii Bmn.? The Raualattt Nail papi II la I" pati a Jnfialtli. 'oihulna a. mplin?-at-- 'Tfc?Ali aa ) lialeHaiaa i 'a -a < aa II tl w a* with .- na'irn nuta ifaia ard "tl urwtiu In pa ?a4 I |? ??ttM"( It a V*at, I larpav-t and ai ayaat i ?|. a* aa"li?Ha4 la Ihi TalM |ttta<, f lla aali irt > ar? ' lal' ' f l?? thai tl faia'p nttkna t.l linah I-, it i r tha a rai pra f IT " 1 Ma aa?H a i?ak'i ! ahn. lt fall , rf ?"t 4 tlilara. > ? ? ta ta p-r rt.pp. Far aala at all IHa ( aa? a 4. putl at 4 wl 'taata tf'Mi 1 he Aitaa ( itt-a.nirow tain rommanrr .. r i. ? |c ji I 1 ' I ?. II I ft r.T aAIMnettn JII in I ft , in, . I,Ml tir in . trttt I Inln ot Me iltd I?jt? n. N-* \ r It <l,|rk till Diirf tt>t Itirtf tnt ?f it noM f li- j ItiMililMim, IHHOI ftMtf" And Acldler* tliit hnett ! f, nrttt.ed tin !>?t > < nt v > ?n Mnlbtiiitli, iht nr. thr Ar?n?ln( W i If. * ?.? ti In nl a tin ri' ? r ii r lifn f,y it . ant i^r ni i ' W i ? lAn.' ' I ftn II I - v unit., m nd in lltft S"?* i i*1 li?rt ?fy. ?n."nnd joar itmnrh dnn(?l?h (tnnt - . fl?. it A No.ftn.ti.nt I'rii. . tl.tca t'-ntn | nr raff, for ??l? hj ?ii tiM nnn ?t, i. 1 4.74 nf W. K. Hrnth'1 Vatnnhle *>* ? J H" * ! I, T H> (M ft ft n It 1 ftt ftfl-t N r, wnfttf. r It I I j I ruti.ilkji t?, inn ? i< ?he t?-l?i tnryffti'tIII* It. tatni'iftA 11 in Aft t ! h rr t " lat>?r It ????: Ton ?fl?a?|, 11 rll I ' flf ft t. .' At 4 ftlMnnn ftt |H . I l'.r. p? ltl??f. I-r?r-V It it jttr? yt??f M.ti . tin ' en IhAt ^| tanr. "tlLt he ..llenft ?t ahn'n n?pi n?? |e i>nt l?, t ir.'i yet ftftti ?'! ft enntftnlf it it It drt ft t . ftt " nt It y.ft ATtf Ittititl in io-daj't B?t?U m!| 14 *n*tl. Irni log WHklAf or I4n*|tf, fWr llnltll, . ?tdri?. I f I HfltA I ??l||n. ? 1 I n nuKn At* mean- I I nut 9 ??4 t (f r f?t n?it? tltn a*i ?? Uimf Ar'at ton. Nine : I t pitft A |>. Atrtitn' f nft? nn n?,? nt?, laMn II.,nt ft ... ^rlen, I J) % ? K?f?rnrf#ti ylr n A't| ,if tilt ? and A M'kCkk k WS*T, ti BeckaAftltKti. I I ?a??wbb? mm**Tlta AuiriUnu lluaaa, lloetoii ?A ftal* duiiriptl'ii of tl??- APi>rliin lluiuo. Nwuily opeaoj by k Lewie hue. the |rr|rkti>r, wit publtebeJ in the BjiIjv Jonraai end Trou-uipt The lollowing bnel Meoaat of it > cohdiBMu IK 01 lb >o paper* ? The American Hume i*0Bt> of iLnlii'tulir hitou'iire orueiAonteof tho oily, prtaoutin^ u t, .u'iful frmt. ol tlie It* lien etylo. Tbo iu'?in building ! HiMeil in in ?? two ?in:*,>f ei*etorK?, ifhOlte* deep to Sndl.ur/ it'eet having a | a.nugo bote cor flii in of 21' tret in width, t he wrva* being an Jianoaid ?? tu (do it a:u|<ie lifihi nod eir from ail (idee, tne whole coeerim 77 110 feet 1 lend or.ei.-d end finished at u .net of aboi.t If, 7 0 ll'U It he, ?li'"iM. end will aeioriinodeW dkJ iwr *un*. TlitL?dl?o'? d Com lomen'e Par! ire ne.-ipy tlmwliolr In ut "u lhe hr*. Hour. eppr u*h*d by wide belle, with tuple rereivi*g room*. A lelcn) extend* Biting the entire front, the i nt/doi'i' to which in frniu the oriole window* in the per lore, it iintein* ? ? 't of (pleuaii Uridel Ho >mi, vory ihlltili dieorelcii end richly f, rni?hol. b prep at which (*at< tl e Trwn*eripi) might ion tbly annihilate the etoiihan.ol ih) meet liuom-iiil* heehelor Ihu upo.iou* Entruaet Jlall or Ont'epiku'* t loheuge on the atrial level, eiteinln tint1 tin centra of t1* buildinir. end tnoanurea Mbffeet ib lir.-ti by .'ih in wid'h B-oideii live uielu etiirweve leading t ibe npper fliwiw. tlnre lie **rcr*l other lli.rlue in varioui furl* of t. r don riren llouae, so that in the ear* of Are, OL r any i thrr i dim. aapl* mean* of aro proridud. Tb* inirnvnio Dtrnetor* line boon built uikiii tt imii|ue pfon, combining ti* I'Di nt convenience of imnjouwii with tnat *I,:H i * 1.1,1 ti n on bo*** of lini:.b, and the introdau til n I I >11 he ilemrrd n.<deln io p?ovonieite, tnd it i? prf hehly tho I eet eeleulkted in ell it* appointment* fur ,t largo bueiiitee hi u*e, ol ei y iu the oom try, A nui ibvl of the bed tifv Briiione, nechenict * d lurniahrn, have contribute 1 tbeir *bill end teete tn thie nnole pile, wlnnhof iteulfoulhrleatly (fweke tin ir prei-e B* tiidom i* there found ui i. tinyle building to much o! general perfection. N?W Brtgnton Pavilion.?'I'llIa Ktfttblllh" Bent will be kept open until tbn lot of November, t iti.A.^V A&l'. Diamond Moup?liuil chance tlilo tiny, ar the I'fn ?.ll UirM i-u .u 5 u'ul-'Oh ttig afternoon. Tho.-r. lulerittrd Hill |> attend. ? tine young turtle Will hi drut'cl, and sorted to-day and to morrow. Hoop at all b"?tO ? M H tVtKU, H State etroe'. >. B -New Orleaua Lurches a-, the neual hour*, trout Id' A 11 to 1.11 Watcbri unit tolu Prim ?Titers are twr artirlti u di-peni al io to ludiea and gentlemen. for nac w aril gn fro?Brert; thee* ire matehoB. at beautiful lu tin-it out", aid It rm in tlir) are correct iu their inn&rd miToin.iut . The m Bt told pen, ?i brilliancy and porta an., noy, andth-j Ota only be founo in perfection at J. V. St V AGK'R, 02 Fulton street. Ktrflnlor ?Bnltt ri. Co., FntHloiinhle linttire ICC biosde ay, have just lotrotln ltd the fall fakhina fot gci.tltB" ui rjfits At" a style peculiarly edapted to you. iseii. Tl i v ttli' si'licre tn 'heir old motto (tCxo ileiorl, au i iHdif* the public the' the quality ol t iir Llate exo?li am of lorin?r yearn end thot to pain* will be pared to pleaoe the Bolt faatidioua WtMid, ihr Hatter, Brnntltvay, 57H, \|l>ln'? . Garten?Tail Ht > i? - (.t ?> t iiip-h'i liati now realy. K tcoin I e>, an ?; tit id to > ? filly el cap ,n<iat b" really i' i d. l'lice ah r.; n" rri' riou of n-a ohoepa a. Tor a d i n aLle and nlrgmt hat call uii H oi l. the O uter, at Niolo'a Garden, S"i Broadwiy M>". t.'apa, Canes, G'lub.'ollaj, St:. Oavlil'i Kali Style -If yon want a lint th-tii light and en ? the toad, -no troly ilegaut, buy of W V lluVif), ."PI B oudway. u bun an street. They ore pronounced 11m tooit I dutiful yet introduced . > the I ublie. Gin Lim a o 11, and try one of hij ?| leadid 1I?W. Monday Kara i n!<iii oaMl he it?Riu#v Tlionttiv E. f til r. nmhse l.?r utuul trip to morrow (Sunday,) to New- t finrr and mtermediatu plno. a, leaving Chatubera etroet at 7 )? o'clock, A. 11. rte adreitl,ement. An Iropoitauit Faiayiaplt?Tbe linportanes of tMa p,ra?ragb ronei.ts n> toe information wbioh It givea 'o ititlrman with regard lo the ncive-t an J hnt fall style cf Il.ttsyet before the pttnlio This '>le ia the hand!- ' work of IIlaLIO, Hatter, did Unadnay. lite Itnpreaa of Kitrllence.?'The Ineiprriencrd at a enn perm ire t r superiority of Kmi'i iittanTrrt.11 othora, not excepting those a?ld in Broadway for T to boliarr. for tl ry hoar iiouu.itakal lv the I uproot of eaoillrrre < all and examine thoui. Four bol'isrt will buy of blip the bit hat ciade in New York. Ilia sales room Is at No, 121' Fulton str-et. Immrillalii) otter Ihr excrmlost of Lopr/, lt d dr-e.t, of the l iuradero, i.OdKtl.tBT introduced his I, aiitifvl Kail and Winter etylu ot flat-, which are now teiore ib? [ a MIC urn which cu'Mripe -11 other r*<irH>? uoiv iu?r'd?i<4 n d firiy cult- in the do'eat of all uoutpotiticn in the liar mt.m a,tori-* enmrnuaite. The e bcatiUInl. dirili e an'i e! tic tlate arc now avllioj; lor $1 llr won Id i elicit b ir men)' ftiei d? ? n?t fellow-tittieae to eall at trio Broadway Hat nince, No. J74 Broad way, and test the truth ut tie tlx e? facts. F.apcm litItt'a lint* atethe nralMtfliilihrd, most ai ratio, and ocon iu < nl hate in the oi'y. t all tad in11 < ot t - pencheid'e fall -tt'lte, only lii W, .vol universally r< ku< ?]. d "U tot trior ti any $i "roadway arsioli. Ni. lor btvm etr.ot. tuner of Ann, dots the tuoiorm thw c aoou Children's Kaney llutd.? Krrrmaii, at the l'ni"n flat Mere, iff luio n nrtii, tuu' tjiouiH Children'* mow woitr aatl.h t track Hearer, nad iVarl IVU Uate and sei > tlnta at tuausfactater ' prices Tint* who raotllau toe ft ildrtn, will rat r tr orry by caltine at Jet I'albiD Antl th -i? Uie ttorc tint tr'le the heat pd Uat for Lcaulchita, La diet hiding tiat?, *3. Brtnilw*)' Caililunahle Clot taint; KtUbllah* n ent?Alfred Mairer k l'o., ?o 441 liruadoiy, invito <ectli n ?n to t a l an i ovamiae their larf.a nonor meat ot aue anil fathionaiie r<ady o> >de Clothing and l iirnichiad|ee4>. aleo, Bote' Clothini < f the beet description, all of which will be cBoted at rtae.-nalile price*. U> II. CJ?rKt, Aeerhant Tnllor, Sio. 1141 William etroct ? F.utire new good*-perfett tit. Very lot Frearh Cloth 1 ree? or Froet, to rru?r, lower<|atlUice. |I4 : "at t fr t $101? $12?eamn price to order, ooutl.trji nwd tftylteh eintiemen wishing to drew well, plcatt. call, established Idt4. ] There U no Article In the Wardrobe of gmtletnan cf more tup runce to hit p. retinal appearand* than an tltunlU made, well.tilting tliir*. It n Unite vol tl at in thiw department of metume. (UliKN. No. I Aetor lb u?r, takre prrertlence of all competitor*. Ue invite* lb* t. tt ct c ut| urior a. and 1* c. aunt to abide the rwenlt. There la a Vatl OifTarenee In Boots, and tie m?re ten w ar the mor# yonalllt* oulaoed of the fa t. Br t a Hro?>ke. .No !.' Falt..n rtreol 1* ramed foi ?< lllr* 'be vtty but Hit* nhcre, ana liaitei*, intheeity. ISrttrr. an re i ah.- ttntial, tad neater o oote. cannot b* fnnad. Hi late I rt s wtartii* Rrouke'i lloou fir yoari, aad ar* ci.btiint that ten* h< ttcr are made cut of VarK or in it. Iff thtm, ana he ec.n? meed. Remember Ne.|? Falt-m e treatLadle* returning from theroaatrjr ean fltxl at atllcr a. ib i aaal atrwt. ?t?ry article that eat [...taMy >a aUint i'T in .h? a'apoif Jaltir Boot*. tlippora, Tier. Ilnakioa. W Urt o'.if ;rn lie.. m|?4 la i|aalliy ?n?l at lvw,in (li't > >? ttirtiM NiwTirk at J. B Mll.r.ER ?i. IW Carnal (treatA Good Boot at a fair ptlrr,larlBeaftor tlton ( | tor . tr Bt ca? tall tlo to?t.?sash haa l?a th? BafariiBct ?f Watktao' tmliBtn. aloooti all ctr* tha patroa* of Uiralrp loot tlorat tfoac who ?i>bI roollj ton4 Boato and tliaa, ale latlttd t? aa,l at 114 raltoa it rook N.B.? All h' ot? ooM a. an aft* tar. 1 tn tho prauil- a. 11 ? ?>> Iiii c ftiota Ihr palm for Bwtmoklnc la I rr.laca. lat .? tfcia M aatry tht pa la * aictrM to the I ntoji?U ? Bo.:-naaer ? till- a. of N a*u? iimt, at rata a. Tltr* ia aotMtif ia t?. c ty caa r |?U lb u imaalaalar . tiller ib quality or uiariol prlct Otrat Ilat pallia 1m Carpola?Tba aabarrll?r iclnj atrui to mot* tt Br a<i?ay, haa i" ci4t I to olfiir to ti n i abhr Ho ontli" atask of iuo4(, mnotatiai of aa t>taraWo a??. rtaotat of lortolo. Ull t lutha, and all ariioler roniaetnl ?ith ll< trudo ramiln-i Bloat |>irahaoiB(, will tail ll.ia a rait >; | malty to furnlak at tien/laaly lo? prim, h'.il. Ui ION, M icat Un a loay ltd 71 fflvlaiva lllllb Tht Woniitrfal Sole ?ftarpa-f. Floor Oil Clot! a, ?u*a Ttll* C tart. Wit law Bnad-a, U ,t?. Dnr>"U kr . I ti ti ? < tnir.ttrri. at W B wcry -Ml RAM A Mill'. M)M. H> ! ttlllii* tire ply Carp ta, la . Va . tail Ht. otr iBiii: inprain I ?rp*ra, It .a 4t? ani.Vi.; Oil Clotha,]#., to., aatfo i Ray a, U*., it Gnat Urraioa to be I>a4 thora. Tboniaa J. Mnyrotll, Cfiraatalrr. lot* of tin lunaat,' itiaa'tfa upr of oatlrvion't Ri.irta, Col tars Ac, v , Ac No if lark 1'laoi, a i?? <tooro from llr. id*.. \av. Y* k Thi Rjtf ? I)i4. Wnrrlfr *n4 iUhlnaw ?Wutt ihilr attnati: u t< aU:at?a th. Rf?. and >*ri<Ml #pornti ,? i! i r##a Art.: ?i?l k>#a. ?l U.r aao?t f?n?lM mak?. lartrtril Biil.rat j-kIb ..r iafnaifnliano. I?ra. * * R har# iri A .#? an 11- Ll ai-d 1.1 t'.ai:4ji >l>n rithUdaraa. UAf'i, I' Barclay adaab Vt nttl' tiinllilUlw of IMa . Irti . ?>? - l-tr rtiiH nil ? ' ktHhir b< Ht? of th# aal'.dott, th# tw h? It# 13* = niBali t is#M Bad ?. T. 61'Mlt,'. II) Saffolkat. I?# l?i ilillliiiktilmt. $1 b bottla. PinfMior Alt innrt# r C. Barry' Trtrophr rm,irl'*lM #d t lafc ul.-Trir. It a" frnaadaat la tU ry rftdtirt mi r#i tdltt fir tha Ihi h. m pn |"|larily ?i. i #t:#adad ni# ft t!.l< | r#rtn VI ?1#b# l? II i tinned by lath #.jt> r ih< ?# tlatBllr?''itailtt irtt<l?? t'lila'Hiilniiv v,riHlif, |ra#n#f a ad ? itllnl i f it huir. It It t??< l'#i er> aal tha l Bi b: hbI It it rail idrd in thi utm .it i f hanim ldt, a> tli# - bIt tat aaf? hi ny'd fi inidj fnf thm 4i?a< kr.tH.kt, I a dam'u at i ibi. aid I'litttilant <f lira - # ha ?'?l# rla#a#d aalcf tht B#it tl?atitlni .IIi'Ii.b Ncflit'iill l'i a iBB#h#r# tra #?ut?at I ha aitfu at sii actlrta a ioh oataatly all*?iat#a tha (rv'u of ta, titii. hn rritli|i. I ura . i#ilda. ipralat and tm t'i ri# 1 i a' ? ?( i Ii at a# amdaaai a parf?< vaur II a irncff# ! J a hi ta t!.a Trie rh #ri ut acrkt taah tai iy remit#. it in yirf- et anard alt; th# ratln |#^jr of it .a dt tut. It itli.."l?t#i if# tir]#: | rt#aalt af tha thla and t has iuai*t# latar. liitwai.f i:.i|i,J biiiiIIm, iad laaldaa aatlar i? tab way thfiBgti thd attorh#a'a. It "p#aa m\a wm i!i ' i tr. : an var i t n th# form . f in. r i ' I. |. r.j i. it n T' 11 th< Iran IS .rf of tta r alal. la ilf 'ttlaa ai d ?rr|f)la? laflnta#*. bn'h bhu tha -tin and tha I t If Hnld la lire# hot#.aa, trlca U a.nli, at tha nrlit-i I tl i fitst, 137 Br-ad?ar. N #?, ai d ty tfca pmi#lpv #n#r< haj'? Bad d'gaat#*# thmnyhint tha t'nitod Mala# aad Canada. M al#a, Mut ladiaa. Uraat Britain, 1'iani-a. Ita. Paartiid'i l.f#|tald llnlr l)jr?(baraml i Pallaa M.dlcatri huay raraa Taa, Pipipna, Pro?al?a. Rnn lun.k#. tir.nratj'# I'lndr ftahtila Bpr <?ha hjir frum l?? I Mfiadi #r I>1 fart I f l\a hd; li' iaid Rn ia? and Unit Gin# at Ha n!d a-tai Ittnr# <7 t ilk r itrrtl. rat dr at fr?? nn araty: fall# nit tr SA Valh Third (treat, 1't.I) Jordan, I* Wnibitftca Itffl', It .#??n. Hntr Dy^.-llaUhrlni'l |rnnlM IJi|illi' (0011 . for tir l-.,r, an I <n> ith-ra < ?a k? ??? ru lad at all tnr ? -ilraalc < ?.- (? inl it t, i ig4 I Wtil . tut, a retail. #r Oei ?ra ?f. J iationi. MMIr Df?.-Tb?ni|nnti'? l.tinlil llnlr Ojr? , Ol.l? h mlora t> 11 r "t ?. 11* , *1 i .1 f furi i i i Iter. TM? Jo'ttjr t It'itlttil iift la tifrtrH to >r ft It.f'i r * *> '.nit *r | er m a, wHIwilt ? tr ap|>li?4, at Ha. 1/ I'irk How, aider Enrlr- I< t?l. Pri'o. 71 roati V% IK* anil T?ii|'??.-<inirhHWi ril?hr>t*1 IT'* r> rj u V ? Mall rheroai,, l " Vb aal i?lr<"i?n ft W i> ft alpa. art am ai BMis'i'lnci nn'.h ?a, of tha boat rao'-Hal iad work nnn-l Ip, lad afar croal nii?nnl to pn rot Mora. Cow the i44r*aa ll?H n?>l?l Tnn?i.-n?f.jamln,? Braaa 'prina Irnta. N ? r.. eta a liml n-?ff ram ?arjM?n eiatfren. ate r-'- :.? ? ?It t !- ? f tail >Vrr?i ai?m tare*'t-aa lay othtr trn?a. No proaonm apen l a aplna. a Mat, too efi-i aannea aploe 4|?oaaa. Mi llfl irilljiltaa. and man') mtarnod If not ea?i-foaiot?. Tlmnlil'i Nnlptinr llaiha, Ml fVwrl M<, ppi aita lt,? t>?arilol, eatiMiahad In 1*1 hp tftali i Tioto ? I at, tfi in t'ael- fnt tl.r cor? of Khtnaa'lom Impalon# of hattia. Ciil't Jka Thal> the tint aatnhliahod, and onl> fcniil a Haljdint tit thi It eit?. W>r (at t?i lh?. Vtltt I ma, Hilt, Villi*, B .rt f BvatfUk, Willi'?. fc<' J

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