Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1851 Page 2
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NKW YORK HERALD. J Iamb* ?orooh brmitv, ' t<H IPKIKVOK AND KbiTOa I Irrici m w.* of fi uto> a.ho maMau it* t Ttil. DAILY A cih'i ptr tapy$t prr ^ Tfifc WEEKLY HMMULa. -vary taturHuy at 1\ ' t' cupF ?r ?i far ? tnuih , the European Edit in <? ?tp.r mnam la ??t part of (rrudf and >4 It any TrU'&rmrJtM&iWjWi'r.*....., 1t tmp.. lunt ntw ouhciftd fram any a/ "i? ??rW; *?"" ? <?* ..b<raUy pu. i/ar. O A FdAiun v' **(? t FO"l ?^r* A** ?A?lr*CVLA*?.V ?n- Uflu *o AXAX. all I fcmit.ii awii l^ftAnKs acKr to ir*. ALL UlT'l'tlH.8 by mt.l, fa 8ubtti iptiaua, or wi'4 _ Jlhrrt.t'm "f It br pott r r.d. or tbe pot,age will 4? #?Jtx|rn/>! " fA* moii.y mr.'ted JflJ HO I'll. E lam. of ut 'ngmaut cr miuunicatioua. We at ?.U return lba%e rtjtafirii . t JkIf iiK /1 <K VEN r fYtiirwrd every marn.ny JOH I Hl.V'J'iyQ ?rrcuir.l wUb n-? itn, t\.tpn i, ' M>A iripulx h. i TEH at**, c?#A in iAntRi r. _J V? a?* IVI. !* . 431. I , AyessMone iv^onov IVSMM , i A8TLE GAR1JEN-I Pvair.xi. , OWtRY ntBATRE, Bu trery?WiiaEu Or the ffn?IKII> sw?kl>. _____ ' MOAUWAY THEATRE, BradtriJ-Demon axd Pr- ' *iu?-Vauii? Uoctum MBi t) s GARDEN, BmaJwav-Eaori.?Eim-Ea. BTRTOK'STBIiTRI. Chambers street? Pe*fectioe? t bal-lin-- Cbimbuk C? ! , NATIONAL TIIBATRI, uhiiKam street?Othello ? Jbl.l IIITHI SHAKMUN BB< >I'|. MAM'S LTCirV, Hruadwaj? Dalic ate dAorwo "?-B*a-8aw?J. B. am> B. J. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, Meehaais' Ball, J72 Brsdwer Btm: Vli.l Ul^lTKkUV. BELLOWS' MINSTRELS. F.iluwe' Music si Ball, N*. 444 Brvsdwtj?etiuun AX AMERICAN MUSEUM -Aau?.?? Pcktokm a x cre ArVbexoow aed Etuiis*. TRll'LER I1ALL?Bota k*k M*oi?cee. BOWKRY CIRCUS?EVIIEXIMI AX PE?F mticrA ii. ' = j ?w York, Sunday, xpUHiber 14. ISli, "Weight of the lie raid In Vb rapper*. f'Wii UKEAU) " (l.\ smekt u ileal d lji m ' jbxwut shaat iickaad 1 oi 1 l The Eipwlcd Paclfle. t He steaitihip Pacific, Captain Nye, is over fen * days at sea. t>he may be eipscted ar any moment. s Among her passenger* is ('atherine ilaye;. The ( ycbiic are on the </ui rire for her arrival. A splen- > did reception is awaiting her. I I Telegraphic Summary. The Democratic Ma'e Convention, after all, a* ( Will a; p ar from the despatches which we pablich 4h,? r> rnit # aiii .urnt d in hiith rice, after set'ini? wp their State ticket, and their " string of abstractions," for the Stat} campaign. Bat we-us pert th< y will have some rough sailing before t e Cad of it. Of one thing, however, we are sitisfed. to wit?that John Van Burcn, in spite o" his supposed cegroism, holds his own. But John it rapid. y becoming convalescent of the sicke d ig humbug got up to defeat Oea. Ca in'48. The we hope, if not far dii'ant when the Priaie Wi.l be redeemed completely from his late intimite J i aftliat.'ots with the democratio heretics of the I i higorr law. He may even now bo regarded as the i head and front of the democratic party of this i Mate ] A number of arrests have been made in Lansaster 1 eoui.ty. I tnt y.vania of Ma-ks aid whit.*, participants, or supposed to be participants, in the i late tr, arouable aod bloody fugitive slave riot in t that county. We apprehend that the worst 1 eruuina's in this murderous affair will turn oat c to be white men?those stealthy traitors who, ; in counselling reiiitauco to the laws, a-e richly f A serv ng of the traitor's penalty. The matter % will, doubtless, be sifted to the bottom ; and if oar anieg vlrgs are not confirmed, we shall be prompt t to t:ke the I-ancaster county white abuhtiania s ah needful reparation. It will be seen, from ou Waalungtuii despatch, that the subject was, yes terelay, to be made a matter of '" eon.iulta ieso *1 properly involving tb? intcpo.'ition of the fefetel power From New Orleans we leant that another of the teieared Cuban prirot eri bad amrcd there, and %11at the etateuent of Capain Kelly goes to xrrea I.ojei rom Ih, charge of de>er Lig Cr.ttetJen ai d h s command The repeat that the President had deeid-J to wis'.t Port on, on the ocraeion of the foitbeoming vail.-oad juViJee, is co'fi ard. fie will leare WarL.igton 03 Motduy for Boston, rva Newport, wber? b'.r 'tat It are at present sojourning, and wilj pruecbiy eat there a day We kam from Jacktousffle, Fla , that Mr. i F gstr, the reputed owner, he- quietly surrendered tie steamer Pampero to the govcrstnent oSeers. Ttii i?, probably, the wisest (jurat he could hare pursued 11ctn ?U points of the compart, the uupreoed utedlr tiot weather cf She hart week is fully It has bren, u* questions hi/, the heUtet week of the reason, *bo thermometer, for octal days, varying from .lV to S3 at its maxi a. A esn? ty of other Urnce of iEtailigen*e will be feuod Inluded in the u.un.1 telegraphic ihaj t?r. The ">o >) rtruir lonrwlloni the | iutla Uardrti I nlun fuJVep CwnmltUaIB Bat'a to bt done I '*? ttfeicp* ?dl) elsrtfJ'd Mf 'uepilion* '.hit be VV'L'ga ?'uW kn?<k on J r to'.h: free (oilers, at b-yrecu-*. while nothirg but* liberal appli:atl>n ' ("larna't af-dicd to the reward taetiia, and weli tabbed in, would restore the oatioaa.' ty ol tbe wh'g parly at tbe -tats Oer suspicions of tbe dodge of be inly ipiestion at issue between tbe two sejuone, are aiost abundantly ctiniraicd by the platform a?t op by tbe Whig Conventioo. The deception i* as trsnepirent as tbe Crystal f'aiaee It can be aera through la any direction Let us look into tbe nat er a litt *, and then let the reader determine bow far tbore windy, high sounding, hi t unneiv {. resolutions of (Ms Wbg S ate ' onrenti >n Wol gc?bow far they w 11 satisfy tbe accsereatires , ef lbs South, and isiace them to reunite wnb | Si?.r late Norths rn alls, t if tbe lata nati. cal whig ? party. I Tbe rruiprJB. ??s of several gr?a aete of ? ssu^mcn , to all of wh en everything is surrender I ed to tbe Nenh. eicept '.be constitution of the L'nityd "tatee Tbs wbok of Cnlifo nln, with its 1 a) jerei tly inesbauetible gosd m ow, iu rich agri * cultural, eotcmrrvsl, and ma jfacturlng resotree*. ' Us fglst ire territory, itsvaoti, inportant seaL ard cf niae hundred aia>?th* whole of A1 aCalifornia. si b ill tbara inealaiUble advantages, to all of wf -.A. upon every omeidaratioc of jsstiee and right. M.d fair dealing. the v.?th wrre entitled to j f ' Of t 'Im A1i?eoii* 0"lIl^roa^k:' line? jet tk? ?rL ' "f IMIftiftil ?h (Wen op U free end i the N -tl. *? o ,tfir**,nn,J tr the ?*!' of peaeo I TLc w' at?. a!?<> wmned tbe'r rlaim to the Mia .i'i like f ?r Utah *od ,N?? M?m>; they a ?t< I fo what thO be iercd to bt the dieIt t tn ... kf a iUt? State, for the p*-?o* of ' . .. t fr ?l territory; the/ *'?o M- j t . c-td In the nh'J U m of tho aiaee trede in the , ?.li dim/ J"' 'OthTn torn 1 i .. .... it h no rnt. .Lg wtJge to th-i hbolftioc of 1 ?i* C17 itrrif, t id Ui?, m. I Wl their Cher r ?B<s*t 1 lii i f, "iffvie f..r th? MWref pense And whto . 1 d 4 tbrj get in calami A. U? hauling thdr IreJfc- ' r?r f me 2?'oc?h to the aaipW (U'y of an hnneat I ? ?bief*?f?e 4* ft plaineM-gaiaon of th* eenetoaoti ia. f T tiothing m?re?noibirg Uae - ^an a law r tie ptiM ! * of boo.-.'/, 11 the aarrender of fugh * lite .level keek to their ica'tere In other word? * Ihi "'oiith, is tho i-o-rerder of nil tbftir righti end rl Mile lathe hew torntc-r , paid the N*.-I, ,0 a n pribrid/f./le, to be hoacat The North aooepie J I 1 - t Mt I'"W ha?e liiP/ folli '. I .I" .r ih..."> of , It 1 al?the riot, It obl gaUon ol an hoc ft Mihttieii to the e matitationl ' T?-lft' dfcitliPf, h? h# f mmmmmmmmmti - iwni ~ ~i~r rjmm \ w mmmM ive declared, tbct the whig fvrty of th? North I to especially faithless to the oompoot of the lot# I djuetinent- The proceeding* of the late whig ate convention* in Ohio aui Pennsylvania are | roof positive agaip thein. They cmldnot be rought to recoguk-e -.heir duty of obedieooo t? the ugitite S jive -not, except in such vuguo ger.e.'a'i- I ies a* were *r ri?f*ctory to the consciences cf the 1 iccipita of tjehigher law. ("h-y gave up tu? prio- 1 p'e cf heueety for abolition votes; and the Whig , tate (Jr nventiou cf New York has done suhstatiislly \hc tame thing. lie Castle fiarden Union Safety Committee, I rttich ?a> universally believed to bo de'unot.oouo* | IV, like 1'ei.quo's ghost, in this extremity, to sta tic he whig* at their fettival. We thought thix coinnittce deciast d, dead and buiied, and Put we rejoice at its reeu reotion in this crisis; for ts application of the divining rod to both the con rentioisat h'j recuse, was a clever thing. It appears that this Uui >n Safety Committee detailed a ipecial tntrseiger to Syram?e, to ley before the .fficrr* of t achcouventi an the following resolution:? 6 K? r.rtved That, tn the opluiou of this meeting a fuiLh?r HiiUMnn of thw al**?rv iiiinarinn In Pn*>^?oia *< uiu kx- frauabt with incalculable dinger to our Llano, ilxl tbat *e ?1U support Do camiilale at. tUo viuuiuj. or any ether election for Htate ofllc,w or for mtoiI)th of Congress 01 of the Legislature. ?bo is known or believed to bo h*.stilt* to thu |'?w? measures recently al jp;?d bv Cengirss. CTany of them, cr in f?vor of reopeuing the questions involved lu them for renewed agitation. This is explicit, boLcst, open faced, ami'* faces tbe music but it hazards the rotes of " higher law" and abolition mercenaries, and was therefore never beard of in the Whig Convention. It appears to ha e put it out of the way as occasional State i prisoners ate disputed of in tbeduugeonvof Komo?it was seen to go in, and that was the last of it. Trie resolutions adopted do not conio up to the mark j , ai.d we are very widely mistaken if they will answer \ the purposes of deception tor a hich they are intend cd. W hig harmony at Syracuse, purchased at the expense of Whig honesty, may possibly lead to. j W big mutiny elsewhere. The i>emocratie Convention has done but little i better. They did give the resolution of the Union 1 t-afcty Ccmuiittee a respectful notice, by taking it ip and debating its expeuieDey and necessity in a i ell-ccntested, sorious, and bona Jiit discus.-i m? 1 >ut they laid it unde the table. The fact is, that letweon Seward, Weed, ar.d Wrcelcy, oa tho one ide, and Martin Van Buren and the Prince ou the ' ither, and their pieball political adherents, the i 'late of New York is sold to tbe agitators, the n i'- \ ifiers, the conspirators against the Union?to j in uthing fanatics of " the higher law " On the fctatc ticket of each party thorc are yet some good men, and true The Union Safety Cam mittee, we understand, can muster ten thousand votes in the Sta*e. If tbey cau, they will do well to apply them with discrimination; an 1 in thij I way they may pos-ibly rebuke the unp.-in-ipled , hucksters cf both parties, and vindicate the integrity of the State. But we almost despair. The Amxrica.n Dkamaiic Fund Association ? This icsiitutif n was foundt d on the Hh of February, I 1S4S. It was incorporated by an act of tbe Ucgis lature. A r ni 10. lSlf*. fie the Sucre! are'e rA.xirt made on the third of June last, an J approve i on the fiist of July, we find i: Lj open alike to very actor and aotreri in the United Stales, with jut restriction from age, or length of servio* in any < [ articular theatre, town or city. The present inre? ted capital amounts to ? I;?.tK>l We do not know how satisfactory tbiw report | ney be to the mcmbets of the association. We j hiiik it equal their own want! aa to a know- j edge if the ins.Jui.oa, but we tio readily coo- [ eite that it is anything but ta'i>fartory t > the ullic, to whom the iffi'ers of the institution lock or futttu r donations The rules of the metituci in re left out- The plan cf dntribu'.i >n is 01*. al- j uded to: and, though wo find that twen'y-two umbers have retired under rule VIII , we hue o miar.t of judgiig of the nature of '.hat reguUtin. We iBirely point out these deficiences of j be report, that a future edition m iy be improved r, en, becau e we wish to s?e this lustitntion pro per and receive further contribution in aid of its j usefttlcees. The pubhc cannot well judge of the merits of the cause without a clear insight is given ; nto the management and purposes of the aaaocia'ion. It is of lif'.'e use to talk about objeetiom to the el d, because it is in the hands of fkm-'-icaus or ' hi gluLmen All that ia desired il a far eapuiicq of the whtle ?t it* and the entire purpose* of ; 'te ec.-pcratien. W? hove no lcar that the fund , ill over be wo-ted: Lot we do appro-head that it | in.v be. by proper ciertionr, very much enlvrg d or immediate prvctieol uiefulueei Let the prrVuioti try, and then will be a way to accomplish it. Ccllicc DiMttrLra*.?The printel a2i luriU ave been laid bclore 01 in pamphlet form, in rt-lt on to a care of alleged rrac! corporeal puuirh | Lcr.t cf < ce of the pupil* of a collegiate iaitituon for boyr, not over one hundred milt-i fr ?m 1 'A nite 1'iaine, in this sta.c. I poo thir charge the ' ritcipal l a? been bourd over to answer in a rait it law in the urn <f a thouraud do! lar*. We e?n- i or ?i>h the writer of a note received on the e* us uL:? ct, ' education ntd rchoil diacipliao are batten in wh.eb all feel a deep inUrert; aoJ now fat the whippirg | ??eta bare dieappcareJ, and in itf Her effeneer and erfaea of every description u( been abolirbtd in ?ur aitoy and nary and -tati, it mny be well to inquire whether it Y i tid be any longer continued in our higher j ekocU, to young gm'Uaua tearly grown up " | W? Lope the attention of our philosopher# and j 11iLat-tbt ip.?t? w.11 be in (uiringly dire:t?d ta th ? a j i ant lal.joct. .>?" ? r V HIE l-A?T? 1:\ FaVT r.r Cm.-'T '* brfy .'-oIobob l.ator, Ciptain ^ ,<*rke, arrived I art o.gbt ( ? oi Nuevitaa. ?h?D'a? aba oi> tb 21 itrt. Wa 'cam from Mr. F el J. Watta, ?m of lie } by lbs 8. K , that al w*a ju <*. on ib? at* urn part of the ia'ard Mdluf Affair*. Tur hrtKftiir Nif ??? ? In anrvr to a e rr r? intent'* c. ti coDeToinE the l? t trip of IV t?a>r>?Mp Nlirnrn fr ,ai N *? Yor;. h it- to that tK* mlrUkt rr'?ofy'ma'ytK<T?pli;.al?T* lit tat flu-uid liar" r?-?d " 11 fay# and 2 Nar* " la *d r.f 11 da?? iX I sr? C/.diKtin* for diSrrar.oa of irltnli lk<- art j. ?? if* or.d-r 11 lay*, l imn ?r nt I' B M KT??*?nif in i*ti<t! nn* i 'TiikJ the ?l? ant-1 .p Al.aotle.Capt Wmrt took Iter ' jeMur? fri? tt? IM of Canal ?l r*n f rldvrpvd li. rarile* tiitr-j*' psaem*' r?. amnn* win-m are the on 1'.' l?rt J WaHcir lata la? rotary of C. Tn-aaa,*/; j Hlt? fr?d??1ka Br*ro*r th- era'nrol ivmlldj , in! Mat Hj' rt?t? rg E rrrtaty u J'tnj LmJ. hbe al*o | ?k> ?l'b h?r |>J 40 .o apeote Tmi P . <mi ? lUaaom* . Capt yerriih left y??ter?lay I aottu?f at aevm o'clock akk a ra4 l>id cf iiataftn ' ind ? i.'lderabla fn jilt f.r K 'Ou '..1 ani I Phi- t? lb* yl>.Mf of tha Nrw Ymk an 1 Vtrtfa 't?-iiri I'na ?i l judfioc from ili< ai<- at UIm4 ob bar trial tr f n i ubt aba wiJ iuti' flr* rata t * ? < a bar nviward ?'fw> 0T attaaur Ohio Copt Frl.attak laft jant'tdtj if* ' MBft Cb> |-T' ' a ta CIC pa. La. * lira?-Yratarday tha g<? ctaamar V.Var (for M??ar* SI -gi n L. lUrria , tha <tt naoolooa ' -f rkW li?? ?.<ao *i??o ha i,rr ?? Uon-h?d fr m Mr IS il'iaia t'.l)}?r ? I?ri foot rf Msatai i.Ui rtr?.t Ka?t lair Tha naari'oaimr Birrtilla. (fhr j nM k J hn no) to ran ht?m thia rlljr and (jrtaao* aw am rb'd ak'.iit noon jaatariay fr ei Mr Tb<?maaCaii- i ar a )ii< foot of Twantlath rtraat Bart rlf-f A fc< ? raaral #f A ur bnedaad too* hurlhan by > I* ra Ol.vioar of (JuaVr raaantlr pna>ad thr< affb tha J flllitd ' ami l*d?t with lr"i Ir I rallwaj In tha I t.a * . n Flalaa bba la oh' at of < r dl harrlnf bar tnro. fo load t c?'flo nf ataraa at H?ar h on L?k> r i b Ir ard'ru lb? tea aba ?ill prmaaal d'rant. with- | l> to ii't'lpffant of e#T(tn, to l.iT'ryorl Tula *a#'al la ! ri^rlor a?n-jrolrf ahtp ooppar fast, oad and In arary 11 r rav"' "* ? opdtnori o-aao n?L aioapt that ?< baa a 4ip k?a| cr eaBt?? b<*rd la*>oJ of U>? ordiary kaal l a' *' Kir?At M?w rad'oro on w?a ara of tha l<Kh r iba abalaati'p AMan'lo rw.'rd by Maaara Hatha>*y a I i - Tl.a Atlar.tir la M4 .'??* and la to ba eoia 1 > d-d hy''apiata Uirbard O LooA Um of tha baft Iparaian M?m ( afiniti A bawl. tha baildart Atfb a .", 0 r-o. ai T .biy MmnUi.-wr, to ba ?o?cs'dt-1 by (tj'aln fcoMraon i owea - - II Wkkkuiwmwmw II II I I MPweai City I?t<lllgwt?. | MiLiTim* Hcvmmii ?The N*w York State Feaciblee, 1 i Oapt. Lyona. fornlrg th* flack eTupaBj of the Kuhth K. gun. ot of the N?? Y< rk Bhaie V Uitia, w*nt oa a taryet ncurrloa to Often V-nrk. f.^teu Inland, uu Ttiur? i oy, to cel. brttr the twenty k?>cor4 aoniTereory of the.r ptlUery onvier the title if New *?r; t.V t il.ii. hiJ-' i .i^hh nuui-nirj New York Sue i Kecoiblce Thi* r. nipany. under the conduit of Capi i l.yxue. win. pt?. l?,|, 0? untried with it r.r the put I ten rij.l y*urn I,a* ar-lred it h p.-.f. Uot? ?f drill < e^ue 1. d be f> w end eirel! .1 by noo- in the J?a>. T i? i fbuiwere tat u u- ! Bed ?i, Si * - !* r a ; it a I. i r? oiivi-r i" uu'ed eiueket Tile flr-t n w u by lit I Mayo '1 n i nod by Vr Carre ml The third by V*. < my The prima ? a epeaf s to it af i i tlo ? inlot.itiioi *< . om,-mird e li h a .pr >i to?'u reiua.I by Col l i? r? Col. 1). To olid Mej r S.|iirii < MilitaKy Pa*ad*?The Natl, rial liti.rl (levecthre. eon. tot New York H.ate Militia.) Col A Ilu'vc* will Bio l? r Kr parade. fully aiui> d eo J njuipp. d f r drill on Monday. (to Binrrt w.) the Ifttb lnrt Ph? lino wil let 1 iuutl to the Park. fr wit of the Cl y Hall ?? i ipitrl-f 1 In fore eight o'clock A M wlit-n they ?1.1 pt t the I ci If lhltrd Hail.'.od, and ei.ianij. i . dueloaer'a, J a- j me Ira Tutuiomal to Put Which, cr thy Ti.-.nT*r?TH , Vahb Pw ii k? On Thursday afternoon. the pi-en n'a- , of p 1 andanmc In fiitlli and hoI from til .' preioo I iffr.ri of the I iaUUrulb wird.Utk pla . at be r..?i- , , dene if C?pt Whigem la Twenty eighth rtro t. u ar Ctlrd aernue. A1J ituan Alvird 'reetdrnt of the Co iri ( oi Am lata lit Alders** o.y.ri.l incited gueot*. Wai pi-iMiit Ald.rnun Alv.rd in prewoMug ll U no o'n'iuto Capt WbigHBi, alluded, in a handsome uian pit. to b'? iieelanl 'h?rae;?r. and the warm feeling. r?f aid ri ti rlaitieti t. waiiia hi in by the ctrtcere if hi. ' wold and by ti e police department g- ntrally. ''ap'tin Wb pi in. rii neelrirg the pr.WLt, replied in nea'aul 1 a|pro|-riate lul>uakf ?nrt nm |iiT<?n-.?i"u ! p rrr. 'be party were introduced to a wuil spread tibie, t to nhicb i mr'? juati-'f *r.s dona. Cg*Ti* t'<u Ij liin ?> Ma Coocra.?It hi stated 1 Mr J. Fi nuu- re Cotper was ut the lataat aco-muta, <ut>I pen <i to he v?*y i4i i.ra bit eud. For four days ho h id tali n uu nourishment! Fern r.i Dial ii or Cur ?iv Hat t. ? Or Fr;d*y af. rro ">m. I C roi rr Ui or bold an luqu *?t at >. 75 0 -urtUn It * .root, on the I' <!y of Tbom?? tlall. ii-d forty yea-* a "Mien ot Fr gland rapt'in of the bark Hri'i.h Moa"*oh It a.. m~ that the ct ptain wa* g .in dnw iC u.U.ndl tret, and was suddenly talon with a d nay ren-ei'I in too beat, and was crrnptlU-d to to-at him-elf on a barrel, when he it-oil became insensible and wi.i coot ya-1 to the ptt-c i.-es hb-'To ueuliotied Medi al v-si tanoe ?a< firrrund as soon an potaible. but to n o avail, a- lis died r ?b< tit three heur* at' er A v rdict vat reoderid ,of d<a h by congestion of the brain. Fatal Casks ok Cotr is Folkil ? Between three mi l f< ur o'clock ou I ridiiT aftoriKcu, a man nam -1 Te-g le residiig at iho foot of Two nly-nlnth street V.rin r r-r, w?s sun struck while riilh-g in bis wagon t t-r-o-g , I. gh li . a tin no officer Whitman took chnno of hi n. mil r< uti yi <1 him to tho d ug - ton of I'.iior ? troll, t iui-rof ' Twci ty-i glith street i.- .l b!a:h h avenue. wlie-e -v-ry effort im Made to nriri him, but to n effect, lie *. piToil n.m d'ately Tlir flo-cri iioi >1 Inni to bis lato residence. ai d the Coroner *?i untitled. Mm. (a??f? A Hum ranitd McClus'cey. living at | F.fty I li h t Ml 1 to h ||M died BVM , the If. rit ifirlttkttf "b<" nun CMllMCurrant,liTlng t at > igh:li avtcuo. uearlorty third si rest, died fro.n tlie i sit no- car-e A in- n natce unKii- wn, war mju struck in ( Li i nerd strict at f< ur o'rlock rti ''ridiiy He was taken 1 to ibo r tut it u hoiiM by the p? lie t-ffli i r< D-ctor </''vill | was sent, for und r< ut'ri tti til) In- s&sistunoe possible. i The n an is in t ijpeited to-u. wve Constance Fritl, j Vr J Mr Per gal I and a a i nil n me uokno?n. were i taken to ti e hospital all ruff, rtrg from tiie eff,..-iA of the , he-it Vi Iimt-hturd o'eeTtral other enact which will. j iu a'l j ri 1. hility. be f.tal in lln-ir remits. i Fi i ?A fro 1 role cut lu the Kis-inmt of Av rv's | School 1.ei re. in the n ar of hT 1 iirs.'r street but was J u mediati ly titingui'bed by the Sri'departxtDt before ' tin bnlluiug rUslailu d UlUtll ULIuagc. >iiurs,ai Drownim;.?Ajoun.ertn. Seventeen years ! of age, Dtu.i d ThoBiut Poll -, u ie. v. . *i h hi oaten: - at N o (3 FaMcth rc m b? By f i be to ha ! lay fr-iu ihe-tesail-.-Kt Hudson. < n her way to tbi rity. cli 1 buiida) atterr, ei. aid wan dro c d Theiiatiat c he ft II t Terbt a'd ertrv eirr-iun > 1.1 m'ide to arn blai; t ut re u e law him riie to tli - surface and wi re ooa-e- ' (jUipi.y unable to rerder him ary m-i-tance The ,l?. - e . d was drisitd to a blue cloth body coat wiih brum j butter a iteni pantaloon* and whlla iblit ii? in of ! Ih r corn pie ?i<u de r halt, and t lender build The a-cL : d* ut occuir* 1 aa tiie beat wait nearly epp >- ta Bcbbi-i's Hatf ' in re t-en* *r*tc?un 1 r.n*s lay en-iung. ? m a Bali rd Mct'oy. w*e dwiioil. whila bathing in the East mil r)'| oriti Jones s \> ouiie. His body ban nut yet been HM 'Mid Asniiri-AlKut f> o'elock en Thur-day ttorring. * l.< y. nnnid Al.i.-rt.rH (jl >*i-r ?vr 'I about ix y-Hrj. ?l.<ie iiriil rsiideat No 214 Iliatf rtK' l. *ul f nod drowned at .tuou'r wharf pier ?7. East ri??r. TLe Con* n. r ??f notified Aiir t>t ? At h>Kra?t f.ri o'clock on rridiy afterI n i bid uau.i d Wallace Ho'* itin. re-idlng at fill C ?" ir,ite--t f. 11 fi li!K cart while ki ng Ninth ani.uc Bitr F.i> htn i ?h strict li- cart, wii.c'u wkb 1 ?o n wito ia"?d am''# his liria-t brisking his collar la-in- and ! *< ral of his ribs. lie ??* Ulnu t?i ttw M ty officer lisvtos. Fuilre Inlrlllgence, C'hmrgt tf Jllter iig t t Marti * ti. w<lt on Ptt ? On w ?oi 'ay il n i g a e mplato'wa prcfe -red bef re u tics- l.ntl-n p by Sir U? < F Mprlc. <f the tirji of )'< i d tiilim n fc Siai-k No W7 Wal street. airvn-t Thna. A dnw- dialer to ft ashes ih \rs I ur'nerr at No. 147 (' Car street, in ?Lii h c. mpUh t Mr Andr.w. le charged w .ih s'ertj.g the Irnnd on a Kuri l ot pot ashes e 4.6 lie . rslm-d at VU fti. which barrel was murk. J lit sorts." meaning the first quality. ?hun. in ttuih sod in laet the qm-lny if the |mt a?li- ? was only ' >d si rie. <r teeond quality This barrel of potashes wee purchased by Mr Mark from Mr Andrew*, on the belief tLat raid article was the first quality, as per mark, Instead i ? which, it no me tbat it was only second i|U*lit h)i lemaid kl ts rente. of the flim of CV-.-llr. hj" 4. Co. No 41 and 4- \\rti rtraef ?lto main* an tCI Init iu tUuf'T and pr bubii'w th- mark or b'anu on the bam-1 a itTg-ry toat ij> an alteration from tb* ordinal brand, U uiWIg lx>n alter* 1 from III j a-eotd t<> tb* firet quality. It appear* tfcat the 1-w d?llgialai II InladlMiaN tar any p-r*ou to alter the ( brardtf any m?rcbaitdii-e if tbia di-?ei iptton wh?reby , 'be It ferret i I the pure1 a-er t? alf'-e-a-i In hi- hat, The rax i* ? i^i rider lonet a-aL.- o by tba ma/ietrate. and til b? fpi^L " *d*y. J,,e?On Fri lav between 12 aod 1 i ci> rk. an an *y look plaev baiween two men nam-1 Jauiee l.iinett and Jalue Hict-ard a'. No, 'J45 1 b it.ei th rlree t in wbirh be-aret? "'? ?4 with hue- | ( it a it fl c < d M?ral urate ilil? tilli a knife ontbe f-< run of Metarule MM of tile w onda in tbe atiom- n * Hi pr. ;% pri ti :.. al It arteart from the lacte t-i the (on that Be.n-tt 'M Ii.Ori- eil to Mi-i'ardh- who lw;'? J' tter lib'i at tb? ale-it- acini | <are. abu' the |ayt.-i i.t 1 wh'th aOBta w -daet ru d and Henn tt eballiryed Mrt'aruia to tyl.l an.i tml-d bur t-? rome tnl > ill-- b aim Ha the l*-?- m id. tlna |tipoltl?r KeCaidl* re/ored to 4- hot ?ald he would fo irilo tbe rtre?t wi b him, art-ordinal* they Iwtu went Into tbe rtreat tigi-tbrr. aid McCaidie a- t |Uctd It,a lard* on Bennett; lVnntt thro etruek bint. at<l idtey b< h then rtlnrbid and blow - p?*et-d batwi-u tbein and In un In-tart after Bennett?-? ee-e-n with a knit- tr hM aud Mr* aidli i xcU.uxd be waa rial bed; fi-Lo. tt ' then threw the knife tin elrr-t, and rait u|>?'*ir? to b< oWtt a|artlt>*at The police t*?t oaliid nod ll-ooett w*e Itihxqtli otly ti-ki u lotn auauxly by c/CI-er fren-hoen of the Pi n nf> nib watd im r utrj?d before Juv < tie Aliuntfort. "hi c- tt' J bun to priMig to await > i If mi I no MUJIiUff II IU? m/irfil UlillJ 1/1. JiutfMu." rf N'r l*6Mitt?'r it *< cal/ad to at'iud ' Ih/ Irjrri'' i .-u aid prone linn d :!? 'tab in tha abdv ' in a tary Oir-. rr.o Lf It J - not prune ? Ma. w. on.! I . I. .fjif "? /i'i 'n i (ii f r mpinli t *u y* t? n ay prrfrttad l?fir/ Ju ?. ? Orb rti b* Wil'Jim 0. lllilrr ? ra/:o*lit of I bailut u * ?!" Ii Carolina. a?t dn*t V J r Si Ii ti I l>f Uri dm t?t. No ''14 llf a.lw.iy wli-rrln K Vr If draI* tbaiy* t nith a niixl* nnaiior In anil a< |r ra-a ?? a *t? of itlni rmy.t louM bT J'.dia ' Laly. It tpf?iri fr m t!i* fart* in t'l* r lh*# ilr <1 l.i/ rgand ?1? ar* lliing apart, at4 that bit *1 |i*at | rhi d ahy of wnti \?ar- of a?r aa> in 'ha mat dy of |i Mr lw?In? In tli ? t ty Ob rht- tth ln?t*ot Mr K>-t> #. . ar I|i|*ita lb> fcl* couijm. dalled on Mr !> B'ld rnuoud tin ??!d rl i i t'i h- 4*h*-r i| ?*r to b iu (Hi? t ( i ?i Mr 1/- r| Ii. d ti it ill / id child ?i I i :r.B I ofkifant tii* *tfi- and Ural ha n*?t rn rmiif hawni'l ( Ira fta ch IJ If hi* ?if? wou I ? ' ?ant Tha nat' I tr > !>* Vr I; ./'if* d an a. II rn Mr f?o4^a. hilt tfca I s rl ltd war t< t frirthcrnniB/ Mr t> xi.-a aai d atlnct- ? ij notifar i < n tl pr ti pi (.ay or t to p?rt ? to tha eu?- | tr dy r.| ibr el'ill aa II fail it a a So it to obtain a 1 wr.t Of h.hin ... (in (i i l.uin Ih* laid ch lil Tbnt a tha Intl. ii.atabt a writ of kabn ca ;? grant) d by hai* iat Mta tat an m llth imu n ' lie clock but Initial of pi.iumr 11/* -hi'd ara'um i war b ktta to tfca aril that on tha kill ib taut Mr lM(f I rd trar.>f>rrrd tba >aid rb'14 to tha <b?l"d) of M?ry Mi* nf tha n f h*T r f .aid . Ml' in foe rMaut nhlcB i 1- t?ko|.d tr* jort-'t'r'ten .f Ih.' mi: if (.*' ??, I.HJI. . 1 im t'a ahr,a? I ., t tb* Biarla ra*" I u'4 a warrant fr f i II a ail?t of Mr IhMaa a >d >a?t r'ayaf.* nocn r-fll *r I f. airMHtnt ll)?pri?. a and Mr tn.dra ara* b WJH I lof'.rr tha rf.nrt t" an-w?r tl* eh*rr* ant on ?i>tjj,y U>* facta ai 4 eir?tnu/Ur.**a n l| b* ior*kt'ir*t'I >n a I lirrig Hi* Ian 111 r-far*:)** tn t!l? pr/aea* of itoVit iwym dlif.irfl* |m*.d>? that a y (..ikd who aliall m i id th? |. f ai a. aril.c of tb* mil mtbar b"*br>' or af r lb aarr'e.' It rut l**k nrt had .1 <?. h proa* ? aooat td l**nr ib*'i U-d" n.i J ;-iiil' of a m d*airanor M*U,?tc ?. /-A ?: K 111.if I.l.d J'din far-dll i - ?tri ? . d r^i t* ac i i aria* n ?ht I y th Hr't nt'4 I I'd* r it a r ha'r* <-f riitailnr ' lir ra'.ln of tba abi>iB*r taih ra apt MiMar I)lap it I o r \o. )1 North Kirar; ar d a*>r | m Mr y up rr ?*r?l arftrb* < f ?. th n? r> dr fo iiu.'y anay tha b. Id n?oa want t<. tha cBpUklQ ' fait) aid l.*i'juatdr niilba'apa ? p.intak (n< front if > r L .a 1.1... w .ri 1 I,i m*M w*ll*l . rntttif i.ti r tVO Id t*?k til Jti-*??vW. rarfiw* *?' Liakicft < 0 thr rafilain w >r u <t <>? -"f t> 'I. j O' c?d u.? Ihiif. ?r.<t tli<- >1 'acaht him Ui h i fht. fl??rn Its arc ugllrix Willi fm 'ill "|?il 1L* acru-rd ?ra? r<i*>?-jc 1 bafor* Jii'tViD Oa 1 fa who < ? o.u.:tta.j l. m to | linoB f< r trial. I FturimtMi*! ll|atla(klili?<tlndlvMMjili. Ji Bi? II' ll< id Ka^ L? ndun. H"i| ?in ltrwltr< "imd fn?! ly I r iiUiatia. f Bathf a? and a?>n > ? OrlMlB: J I r II Murray JohorUwa. N V., B iti.i Piokn j and Udf Mir niir., IfcB K t'urtt" Wa?b'n((to?. 9 J Artla f?. A.abra.a. f ut,in? Larmlla Tuna. wirraaiiug a tb? Miiril* at tbr t.'nl< n M?r? ll<d?l 1 B' L 11 ?>? It'itoo; J flaabatf. Claarland, T Bat- 1 I n fcj .l T C'Oda Phil* ; O?o. forman Ky J Cj- | a.r a /<i> bo ' i d, K A llniart. Baatca, arr.T 4 y*a bMaT at t h' A at-r lloair. B" "fl J'ht.ra Pidtcalllr; J~+ III fMnjra fl-Mtrm; Col 11 ar.Y h bila tapt Ph-rman ab?t> Y-rk'hi'a; tf V adl. i#h, ,Wi?; Oil) B b'jllli Wi-hinf 'it, l>T Or*, lard Ch^tr'fm; Capt Kar'mtn C A A , w-r* an < tif?t th? irr.atla at th? Amrr.rtn ! liti' t Jt.r.M. of fiiBfitff, Ip la WnhiB4ti.i C?iir?n?u Man. Ar. r?t ? Th? mail frth> 9ta'??, ' tak?a yaatatdap. ra th* (nrpm "mnw tn?rhar<? | of tbr (ppular and falihf^ apmt M*j?r M<ii^an llata car hi th* niiat affriant l? ">a lata ira ? Ca'i/ai DM i" .U$ ft ; { A Marin* C*?rt LLLMKD CIIH1T Alio PtUl IMPKMOmUNT AT U. ? inroarajrr to emiuha^ti?cau rio.1 to ?a?TfcES OP VESSELS. IWloiu Hou Judge Ljrntb. Prrr 11 ? CW*? ef Cn*Uy at Sfj ?1C1 ward Caropbatl i* b*aiu<T i' Mirage B Church, W. Kitildor I f J Jha*. ii.d .'antra McMurttn- This >w ao action for aaaault 1 ml battery At era. on board lha sbip Kt! Boring in r late ?oyaa? f.itn Liverpool to thi.t port. Savage is re plain. Church Bret mate, and Kivtdcr ibird mat' It t|, tiarrd In m the evid?ute adduced by Mr Sclsa. thit it. : i rration occurred between tlic complainant and -n iii-iiick 1> y who. aecideulally or otberwi-te. spilt water v. r biui kir t arru'hur*. a passenger, te-Oifli i that I LsUipbeU pushed the boy after the water wan spilled on j aim choline, in return, struck htui, the third mite ' fine up and struck complainant with his fls'.i tw* or . :bue ttares; the first mute, theu lent his acsl-trnoe, and I J U*V???\i UiUI U1U I aiu Utw vaa W1 ??? " K?* his Lmi ii hid breast; witness thought they would tin- tilt him; blood tiowcd profanely from hiui. but Witts sh c> if a not say vbrtlw it w from the uoftrdi, i r hi menu on bis eye: thi- toward (Johns) theuoune. ?j:o tbe t'?i ta-n told Liu to briug the irons; h? brought U.i in tut thi-y wiro ui t put cn. The Captain was preMii' all tbe time. On cross (lamination by Mr. A K nr. lb. wiiu Ht suid he w near the parties all the time; ! tui pt-ll die not lit like the boy; did not iwe hi u n'r>ke ( ibe b. y a m v< re blow iu the br.*ast; never told the Osp li u atierwmdf he die perfect J right. (lib. r witniues dep-ved to ths assault, an a that the j si n-plaaant aus bleeding from the fuee. Doctor liuu'ir. estuninej by Mr Bcole*, depose) ?I ! noa siirgm n. srd acted in tbutcapacity on thi Kalaviv ! KO; I was ire cut the principal part of the time; i?w | tit ilaiut.iTs bund rained, but did not nee him rtrik-; 1 n i. ii tin* arul ii Kick fr iu the boy before I saw the ! pl.t.Mitt rni-e t !a band: after that I saw the third uin' > ! eliik-bins ana mock him down; he bid profusely; on hi" e t'n.p'iny to rise, Church struck him and knocked him diwn c?'n ard he bl-J profusely; he was then dii i d for sard towards the cabin door; I then saw them } lo t's t.-iu ; ?l? ot the irons wa.- put on, and there was some il'flcultj . and they w re put ashl-*. Aftir tbe fxnndtijti'.n if eome other aitnaues, Mr. , fiui'b ii ki d ibe Court to din barge the steward from the \ c niplsii.t. as tl tx'e was no evidence agiiuat hi a The . ( ur' di.-tn'sf.d lte e< mphiint as against the steward. Of unnd summed up cn both sid"S and the J 1 tg" g.iv > I can igii against tbe Cuplain and other defeuleuts fur $JU>. I?r llunlsr has retired a suit against the Caon'.n. f< r allege d iil treatment, in which he lay* hu ; di ic jyi s at f>. 000. tut on entering ti e court thi- m *a jug, bo was tries'ed by one of the d^( u'y m if-h sis, on \ a roniplaiiit nude by the Captain against him fur en as.-siiit with a il-ngerous weapon The suit of Hunter , igsintt tbo Cep'aui was commenced at twu o'clock, i

Adji tiZBi U. I si?T Kih.?Jcm-n Hunter vt Knaurl P. Suras', Saiu'itl ' ftuuA surf IV. A tr.Ver.?Tbo defendant* la this f n't are It . seme psrties who were convicted the previous diy in ; Lb sum ct $dCO. for an uu'rage ou another passenger. ? CbRXtl.cri. esamini d by Mr Bo des, d-p.-ed?I sa-i.iron h?srd thf KaUinaa >o. on her late vuy in - ficui Liv. rpmil to New York The pi itot ft" in this Base * a.- the surgi on on board the ship au l the defendant sis the cap lam ; I d > not reeuil.-ct uuy uitfl uity b - j Lsn ii tliciii until the doctor was put ia ir-a', ou the 6th of Aupue t last ; on tha day prey ion* to that an altercation t<"ik pla-e b> tweeu them; ou th 6th of Aug th-'re i were staie ?eras at iur cnom aoor wi*wo laein; ine L'?:; 1 -'In wns indignant. and raid to the d -ctor, if he didn't k> <] slitter ho would put lorn iu cttiins immediately; tb> ilri tcr cid not k-rp silent. but repeated hi* ob'er- ] ration. Bod the cap', am immediately called for the irons; the doctor wue then sel*?d by the steward icd ibe liist n..fe, ar.J thru't into the cabin; tli at tail) immediately pur orders for h.m to be put in irons; I saw tl.e doctor ef;er, some tim' the siwn rvasing, he wss in bir berth he held his haud' cut io me and raid ''Mr Cutltbtr* do you see bow heiTity i ana lr> ne<l 1 do not ktiow how Uug he was kept in rocs, bat 1 did not fee the doctor en dock from that :ic> until we laodrd (the vei>el arrived at N'ew Vcrk -,n the 4:It f'epr ) I b nrd nutr des from the cabin when the dee or wa* thrust in I here by tlis steward and drut ra?e; it ??? the d otor's ice. be crted oat "Oh ' tny )ed they ?re murder it;} in I alio heard thsciiok of hr.iue; tlie words tbat uceu-r -d bet we n the captain an 1 hear were ab ut the pasru-nters t o i doctor aiid It was , ilusire to cause the pssscracrs to w ilk up and d >wa - , ;he deck re lory without breakfast; lie also said it was an njuiy to tin ir health to he so long wi'hout briefest; Ja'a? e replied. " >'ns yo be eap'r 'n or m'ist I be o-.fu.u ' l b be d-d but I'll be csptaia." I don't ico w 1 ibe doctor mane any rep'y t" that ; and iram wliatcly ift r the capulo ord? red the doctor to b? put in irons I w*s not prefent when the d< c'or op He to th- c ip'elu r fitst e a'.e relative to th? tieatment be resetted iw the ab:r. wl on be was fragged in; on the day he w ts put I i ir>-r. Iwasa'ked tuto ihr cabin by the captain Wo . , lu mr L? wculd shew me tint he wis n >t obliged to ' arry ? j doctor, and that be would show mo the wet ; I be aocicrnalhd out to Pie. ?.i?iti,t the w*y h< was r< ated ; 1 told him to keep quiet uti'il the p-. per ti?i; .he captain raid if be did not ke-p quiet he would be w a "trolley" at bis bead; th d<ctor said in the rcooi ce ?f the e;in"aio. tL? israyts th?y beat me ind hrul-' d me;': the optain didn't deny It. Chk > aanii < A by Mr I) >oohoe.? 1'he dis'nr war u bee ii " tlx rr.hin with hU fere tow irde the door; he -*?let?d a little. ao<5 be war then ih<r. dtn bukvirlt; -p to that tine there bad be*u do d'EI-ul'y oetwee.i ,b< m Jar. liberty dejveelto the fact of the captain orl*rr ft the d<"ctt r to be put in Ir-mr; the rt?y th* pa' enj-rr Wi re c? Uti'ed, the drgtrr * eld the captain wm detaining ,l? par*-er.yerr too long without eating and that acuie :f then were rlckiy ; the eipiain raid that he or the :.?-ctot icu?t b? the commander of the aael. til that if [>? (th< d ^etor) m:.d? any mrreoyp-o-flone he wouM put Dim In irooa t that war on the day of the counting of I li e pa t?i gen: the n< *t d >y r? ine row hippen.'d; Ua , not at the <i tnm-nrement of It I h?ard thi captiln c ill . ;) <!<ctor a vagabond and a ra-etl. and ray that In . ihould tei put in l-eor rtraigbt: there we? a great bn-M t I ibrut tt r d'mr; the tret and third mate aud tbe bli^k >t< ward wrrelb-re; I h' at J the c&ptaiu tell the fi-rt d at' to get out the Ironr and fake tho doctor lu ; the 1 ib ctor war. lak< d in and we didn't tee a ?:gtit of hu after ward'. Ji bnCr> Bin tbc carpenter ftheahip depor d that he reirtcltro the cittoulfy In qaeethin. ou th'* 6th of Augurt; the re?fel had b-. n oot elnre the -Jii Jo'y. the din tor a -cured lie raptulo of ke-plog tb? par-e-ig- r*i aitb'ut tb'ir breaklaet. U war between 11,'? and I'i t'tl-ck at the tlu>e; the capl&ln raid they rVmll wait DL'il tley were counted. If It war till ten that nlpht; I b> rd the captain rail the J. etor a two-fan d old townd;rl. arda'eo tell bimlf he repeated r? tne eipreeeloia Le 1 ad Bade. h< would put bio In irobr: I heard nothing p.ore, to the loth auguat. 1 war on the foraeartlr d<ek; i Mk* it-f ii iru c itie e- ?< out or in.- in < rear.i. t.J hrtiging two oti<-k?i with htm Into the c.b.u, ttia cj bin d?wwa? then iliwrd: after h" went in I hoard the i'0"t. r r'.vt out BiurJ-r; I aekej the third unst* next I..I ri.lcr ?i-W h- bed ?een ill lug; he Mid h??w putting the docti r in double krone. (Mr. Dwaoho* nhj.-c.ej toe hat tLe tfclid a-t'e iHid being gieen in eeidsnca against hie client J Prewlnui to the d etor's imprl n- ; Blent. I ?I - Silt-Wed to work in the wheel b--u?e. h'lt if .iweru-1 i<?e not; there was s d eir from the wh-el : t- ore t< the relet; n?ue of the cr. m -.r tfee.-.r w. r? ill-wed to ro into the cah'o where the doctor wa? cmfined; picei-is to the dertor'a Imprisonment. I heard lie h|I> d >ij ts him ihv. if be bid i. it arced* to whet he rncpe. trd rt sporting the *d atoi-teriag of ttia madt- | rii.e* he wruld put btu in Irrnr; thi *a eight or t -n | dure before the transaction in quad! .n On r ixanuriati- n. Witn- ? Mid he al"> h M ! i .d Ih- . at tain and that the d-cl >r is a witn-r. f ,r him. i rerel '-(her witn-rere w. r- rxur.lned all of wh m rorroledBlcd the foregoing testimony. and de|>>?? i t ? ai.pry and tpi-roliioiu < p tbcta. which were b?'- I by the ap'sio t. wards the >1 <etor: r< u.e of them stated tbitth* e|-tain in>iitedon the doctor administering the midlines, as he (the captain.J w- hed; the doctor wnaconIt .d ir. h'? Sale ri'-m in ir ns. fmin the 8th of August j it til the arrirsl of the ?. ??ei ia S-w Vork. on the 4. h I 4 8< at. c I- r; the n plain ?i- 1. arJ to say tiaal b - bed ;ol the d.-cter la t an 1 Would keep hint there until th- y ;ot t- p. ft. latiwk Borna d< posed that h-heard the cap'tnin'%y is- wu rraet<r if Li- >hi >. and would let him (tl e ! e.'or) kn< w It; that he took the doctor, a-s be t- ok hla ? r?ir> r < ?n 11 <. ? n>? dirty work Had tbtt Ii? ?n >'i n??dl.ine h<*. (the captain ) wanted it to l*? ' |.??n Adjonrtud b?rr P ? Tbe ee'e w?e r *umed thl? mnrnlni; Plni'lar rtim' ty wae ( Ten fcy tarinu-other w|t n* I'.i'r tk HeVahoi. de. ed lt heard the captain null the I tint a tt undrri. and ray that If ha had In en an Am-. { can he wi md h?n hi h' <1 him out and that it w<n bin j if ? that laa.-d him; alto heard httn ?ay that ba ?t< 110 lect r. am) thai b? ahipped him the ?auic an he did hi* |??>r|ir r< t III aid the doctor ray to tt.'pa wagi r? il at he n< a'r*<d tn jo Into the caSIn Att?r the etid>nce f-iT the plaintiff ??? cor \i-.dd, lie, Ill t.o IOC IB I Ted to bacr the rouit U'at a< a, -on-1 l oreh end Frl) r ii-iui?ed. 1 hi Oonrt ft. rit.-d tlia i||liHtl?in a< to church, and J j'narvid iuoi from the wr'T-tit The thn.ry of the defence la that the d rt"? reeidai (Ml defied the awiherity of the ca| tain, thit hi? condn't 1 ?? e.ih-nlaUd to ertaie 111 lei 1 n* aaalr-t tlm < .nv oai d- r i f the ?Mp: tbal he ?'iucli the eai *atn a blow in he fbee, ?Mh an Iron weipoe *Hrh h? had r ii -eale | j old* huaat anj that th>- laprieentaeat trai it. r f ra I U; t liable, the ca*a ?tanJ* a.ijou-U") to D o )?/ U'tblof. Con it of Common Plena. Hrn Jn^n IVt Wolf frrt 1? ? f.nfrtw H .jiUi'a- i. Ay ?1rth r 'I'oili.ft *ii f?' r-dr. i i t flrmr' H -rftn ?1Tli- pUintlll In I # fawh ii Ir ?n <* !( n fur a.ii h*tt?rf. > Ri| lion* That on tli?- jii'. Au?u t. 1M< I' iii in IVtli IB htillf lltnlltiM ?UlJo> Olttl'. of til" fli f PlilBt, ii l<U ln<h Hill} isomer of - C and Tlii J tBMt, . ii> ilriifk tub i knfjf IU ii th?Ml ?'w ?hetl'?en I .??it y tl.? 6t ?h alioiit ?Q ioob. b?rt-hy f-t l> t r- -iti-J lfr? I It i' ' T aflil fhet b* w*a al o kick* 4 and t- lot by | In *t?i On llw ywt of ttai Ww It It fi>tit><B4< 4 fhe? 1 ugi-tii- ?? an ipp-**' i.f Mr tf-irgm en-lfh-it Mlnil U> n friijutullji idiinuliLnl f 'f h.? quarioUmg a.. ii d'.lftirhing ll link-Ik J., t> h' 1-11 III# ?f In , i?? IUA I waa iH'MTi'll i K wiCki aootbar buy kil l impeding Ir Jtlit M th? wwlimtn; H'l on heirg rtHM. '.niM ?)?k ) e Wa? Inec lent to ?h? 'i f. relent oh1 to r? m tB-w. *! f t-f.l lilm in th? fiico with h.-' opto bani Ver lictMt piain iff flWi, Brooklyn City InltlllKtnr*. M?i?"0"r>i* A Tiwrr it Ci ii u>r. - At Mo Ml Fa)'on 1rae?, ?'< ?> ramtiiiijf young girl ag< I iI *it? 1 Iff Ink V| eu'lwg hi-rtiirnai wtih retnr Kb- (urn ntu to tli>? c< unir* in Man h I not in til* ehlp t>deprf><)- *. C?i4 kl?teb?f Mh? bun b*en highly educed. O >n? MIDI totii roantry ahe he- bwo lirin A ?rb~>| in New York. where ?he * enir? rnliefar . At' Kirently. the hn< tDenlf'eVd greet I pt"t len of lOirile. timp'ome r.f abera'l a of I oitd. aod war p V "i'n tl.? lotm* A'plam Snppom l i he freoTtf'd i\ ' ft tber? and ear o ?n thlt e'ty. a id ro k hoard at the', bora plant In tho attempt all* i d. two yhaetiy in* K'lit in b*r th'nnt. aewerlay the i ii;u tr ti-iii ant\>kn the windpipe lief nrnwo le i h itlotla W ibn; al,a h.? l?" Wanda In thlr emntry l?r father we (Jirina.k anil her midhe-. a Ffn-h I ( J 1? lielt gin I arte I> /'o-elri h, Itenn-tt and Boil | ' ? rit?l?d to hi-r and drraieo* ,*> r wo anile, and up to a | k'tr on frii'ey itep'.n ' 'I ** ?ita rteiagd fit at j I jwatf b*r frk'.Ttry I | law Jwrkejr HUUrXal ?o?u<r> i BnUd| (1 the Hn J?rw y UUtof)?*l Hoeiety ?M held at the pleaaant Tillage of ioi?? rrllle on Tbu-?J*y, lllh Juitgc Horubtower, of N???ri. I'r-sideiit of the society. war iu the chair, eol there won a Tory y<<d lUnlkiKD of utnbrrii frum ?>rl |nrt? nf t'i? State, showing that there in as tuereaelni interest felt iu tbc object* and prooeed.-ags of the society The meeting waa held at tbc Court House and there was a m train# kid afternoon toMnn tbc latter of wait attend il by a considerable cumber of tbc ladic* and g *n 1 -ui n f bomerriUe l'be mlnutec a* read by tb? Secretary and the eorres ptnUeoOe presented by tVilUam A Whitehead Ksq . the corresponding beerrtary evinced that the society U steadily progressing in public laror. and in ltd collections of valuable historical ai.d antiquarian memorials and relies. of which New Jersey the battle thli of the HeTolutioD.' furnished such abundant material*. The society had protu.ed. at ite own expense, fri m Henry Stevens. J??-q . tow iu Kugleud. an ab .tract of the contrite of historical document* in the Col. nial u b e in London, which. It i? proposed, to publish iu a flume Although yet in it* infancy, the society has published three octavo volume* of biography aod history, and four annual volume* of its proceeding* Klforta are now being made to collect uiatetial* for a gem ral boigraphle.i.1 Work ou the distinguished m>n of tlio Statu wui-.h only want* the pemeveicnce i f the menitwra who have the work iu haud, and the liberal pecuniary eoutribu'iou* of wealthy Jereeynien which it decern'*, to be carried speedily it to effect. Another project which U la progrea*, ut the atumpt to collect the lD-crlpti>ue on luouumen'a and toinbxioner In the grave yard') of the towm in the State, which we con rider a tn it excellent idea, and one that we hope to see carried out in New Jersey, aud the example foil' wed in other otates Some iiielo iral anecdote* bciug called for, a geu'lemun frou kl'irieiowo related ore respecting 'he religious habits if Geieral Wti'liington. ihe probable truth of which wac doubled by ft b Held. Bm . ot I'r.ues'.or, bed other member*. Thereupon nu interesting dieOWSs si' u to. k place with regaid to the religious chxra .e-r ' Wathiugton. X gecilcii.uu. whose ancestors, ai we "ha dentood him. Vitgiuiaui, ob erred that Geu?t?l V\ aihiugtcn was doubtless a very good into. iu a rcl gl >is point if view. 10 tar an such char ret era were known in Virginia at tlie time iu which he lived , end lie ad.uite 1 that rel gioue men wore rather eearoe, in tuose days, in the liliiPouiinioa." tuMrg m.i-ieru orthodox id?.n of Christianity a- a guide. N iu? other anecdote*, i > aud rg.n.-t the piety of Hernial Washington, a-exvmplii il in acta of dilution, wire r late d ; tue uicmVn of tbnc t y genei..l:y coining to itie- conclusion tli it th recol ctii ni1 f the old w> u of the llcVolutlou, ou matter* ol i bis kino. were not ul?*y.s to b?' depended ou At ti c stumor a (ei.-i u. sev. ral in'.ere ting pspeis Wire retu ; one by Ilev Mr. ieh rick, ou the history of a t.obeof aborigine- which ouce exi ted on aud near the banks cf the ltaritan ; anther l.y Willi im A Whileh< od lr<1 . ou ti.e Male of the road', po-t- ffioe* aud mail, in New J. rrey. iu the tally part of the luit ceutury. ci in pared with the f-olltici which exit at the present time, and -howiug ih" gradual progtess of po-t road-und ma is. before the iuiioiuuti .c ot latlroud*. The third paper by K 8 Held, Esq.. Cf I'nucetou. was an sceouut ot the trial cf the Itev Mr Ti nu'int for p. rjury. wi.Ji k i-.e reuiurks upon the singular circum-lancei which ltd to hi-u quiUal. ent a sketch of a notorious character who hgurid iu New .Jerey. and the ottier iiiuuic Mines over one hur.drid years since. a ol why wus the came of the celebrated Mr Tennaut andaaoth.-r Clergyman belt p brought to trial. This was called T'm Bell, but parsed under various <\ to r i aires, and war fir a long tiuie famous for his dtpieoaticus upon the community. 'i he cot.tilbuti- us to the library of the society have Iftn vety council rabie. in books. manjsjriple an J ueurspppetr, rlr r.e the lait meeting Tliv unit meeting it to be held at Trenton, i n lb tnird Thursday of January. Fuhlonable lnUlUj((iic?i THE la'T iiMK ball Of the jseason, ai the BaTII HOUSE, LONG It I.AND. The f.. hiounbie staeou ha. bat n prolonged thij year, at the waterirg place* tear the city. The graul bulla bt l>u: atc ga and N.wpcrt. were given in August. bat thu closing ftir at the Buth House. on Long Irlau.l, was resetvecJ until the 4tli of tfca prevent in. nth. and t i? tieipatuia in the festivities of the occasion. speak wM? in Iht highest terms of praise. The ro m u-iad for dancing ??. ti e g hall, winch is vry large. The b arjere at the h< u.-e ?n? numerous. and most ef them attended the loll, and besides the e.uiiny p. r-uns went down !r< in the city in ll.e aficrnwn, tuck part iu the bail, and It tuned lo town next morning. Wallace's ban i turn tailed music for the i*aoccrs. who * ere curtail cd fr m the wardrobes of M.jsrs Taylor, of 1 rii ce effect. and Mr Williams, <>f liroome st-eet. The c< a. | ..i.) having a -tin! I?d at uu early it ur. eornmtr.eid to march in o tbe ball room at about nine o'chrk an* ?oon tbe usual s gbl pres. nt d itse f. (rue . f the mov ' qiie rights lma/inable is the tahl-uu prett nteil ty our of there cortuine bails It i* iu fact, a ptifrct )ialeldetcop? ef liumanity. On this occasion, retrial > finers of the United btu'.e-army w> re prepent, the i'a'h Louse htiig net fur distant from Fori Ila'nll ten resirn i-mrer* or me LifcUt uuara and other uo formed this city wer* uteo present jiving 1 1j?- vb' lr afair >atln ran., itm'j feature Amine He p-r.ori ?o p.cii' u la tt? room might be rened Mr Biob. ol Nt* York, e ua.rU In a bripai.J drees ; Mr K. S. Yandeip. t>l afpeared a- a tireek warrior, a very (ire dOetuma j Mr. J??wore the sliowy d ?fr of I. ii 1 u ar d liut. Mr Itri eol attireil a* Mr 11 lam V iliec- : ml Dr Uahoi) as Charles II. Mr*. Ya'.deipt 11 atld Mil C'eve'mud. both of New York, w re tvo fVaimlig lurkiah costume* . Mrs dtefensou aptutted as ha File cu B giaent; Mrs R. Ferrers we Uiessed as a French pea at.t girl; M'.-s P?? assumed tl o clinrs cter 11 the B. ijat <!'* Wife. TLer? were nuiuer Ui Hi w. r g'rla. f tataut g'tl.. pta-ant*. sailors, lie . lie , ke. Mr. Liu h Mies Lavie Mies Kidder, two Mis*e* I.enrl<n?e?. ant the MireeaC.. of F> rt Hamilton, were pri rent, in p ain, bnt el pant In 11 die'ire. At one < i. lot It the c i.pany veat to supper, which *? well gct'en up At 2 o'clock dancing was resumed and continued ftr about two h< urs, when, at 4o?eio'k the ball bicke up Ii was a happy sflair ; and the turdera at the 1'a'h lh use will probable hereafter Fovea re guar annual f, ncylall at the el set- cf the MM II Snprrme Conrt?( Iri lilt. Before Hon Judge Kirg Frrr.13? Muttory , . Th? y*w IWAendErU Ra% rci.4 fVe?/my ? Ihiscae wit* fmsramnM jester lay, an 1 r si p ea this morning The pUiniilT allege* that on the llth May last. he a contract with the .ietrnianUto trinspoit by their railroad one hundred and ten bead of fat rattle, and a eer'ain quantity of hay. food, and coin. tr?m the vil'ag-of l\ ruing to Fhrmia'. and there. by iteer bout t New York for certain f.eight to bi- paid ucou tbe drliYcr* of the entile at tin- pin of N'etrkotk The c?t tie and bay Itc.. ??r? put into thecm at (.'?it>i< * tut the tiain wa? run Into. la the county of fcro< m? by jr.wenirer train. and voir of the ear* eon tainiDp plaintiff'* cattle were ore rturm J and broken by the eolIMi'D and tbe plait tiff hlm.o lf injured, and da cage d*re to the rattle. a? It ia alleg. 4, to the amount of <1 Of.*, and to tie plaintiff personally to the am- unt of il Uti I be plaintiff further complain* that hi* oat tie ?>re delayed on the route over titty hour* Ih mmeqnet< *. ci abifh be eu.l?iued,nti additional lo'aof more 400. )>y 1> o*lrf a ft-?>tl market price; and that the cattle wrte deteriorated In Ya'U" by being fifty houra without t. od. at d b" thiref re claim* damage* to the am f>< t' T.e d. f? ndante. ? Ln a re pro. n ed by W rerra. liar *, admit that the cattle were put en ll i'r rer* for tranrpoitatlun, but deny that th- re uaa toy contract entered Into bet wen theui and the pWlotilt for the rrrreynnce of bay. food, or corn; they alti l that L t. a' -'::1 r 1 ..ion t-ok place, but they d?ny that any'd the our* were either broken oroY-rurueil and th. y ho r i i r oe <.f the c ire r mtalnine tbe propeitje f the plaintiff wire injured hy tbe rolli?ion. they alen naeert that there wu* no material detent! n of the rattle at d tlmt they certainly weie Dot detained flfty heme n< r fid thi y lore in falne hy the delay; and tb?t H the pla'nt IT ruatalneil any Injury while In the can. it war tlir ush hi* own negligence. ajjnuencd Jinnt tj lAe flm-itiff in Cem t ? Vrerlou* to the adjoarrmetit of the ce*e. tbe tb-riff of K. klar.d county arre?t?d Mr Ha lory, on a warrant charging him el'n obtanltB ? rd? m d< r falae pretence* Couaael fit Mr. Msliory a j pll?d to the curt r r reli*f und*r the rircum flutter '11,. irit'.iran* uMiiunti'ly ?rr.innau by a writ <f hal, at o<),uk t- .DK > ut tiniin Uin'.i ly. a'.d "n ttr *b*iili. to |>todue? Mr Mallnry fc?fi.r* thia < nurt w (tfatutdaj) ailli a n?w in < -nmr* hi* at'rndune durmf tba trial of Ma ault agatnrt tli* Oomt ?ry Countil f"t th? Kri? Kut'.road lompant li-ycd to itata (bat I a krrw n< timid "f tlia trau-*-li n Tim pro??*a Wa> n t t->u?d uo'l-r tbr nyalmn of bi* rli? nt* %o4 hr I H'l Lrard loibiog of It until it war aun .un<?J in court. Cwitrt of Uanarnl Mawalona. B?for* Jodf iirrba and tl nrium Iraulliantil Mlil*r linuMM la ? Canym* a .ilunr XV ?A yrubg K.B. n?bi"l Jotn |irj*oti. an ujijirrntl. a to to Iron ral It f maonlarturar una, tbl" a > rtili c Irird on an indlutinniil rbargmg In? wtih r*rrj1ri; a rlnnj; *hot, latent to um it ll.a pr rrn*r wtr ?rr? i*d at ab"Ut one oVI rk in tb* mi nine of ibe Tlh if Augut. by pn'.laaaaa liiyao i.l ilw I. Ik 1Mb w?r1 The arn*t wa* m?(J* at the r . i ? i,l llr"i.ii?*> and I'aral lr*a* Bid *v n th? pri aoaxr ?" taken lo th? UM'n hon*e he beetme eery tin el i anil tbi?a*ined the p<l!e'to? n daytng )) li ,1 r ?i Mng 'bit wanld flx 11 cm Thi < hii g prone! t<? be a V'*c* "f " 1 wrought into th" dl.a) ot a mntl watch l,??U ? ae.lain atiarb>d to it. and worn in th? w.trh |*cke? by the p*laoner Th?x <1anr erona weapon ?Wi j frm Kry*en by tbe olRnera, and'he c' u plaint en'en J agninat him lie eaul ho ilivt" the Irani w itrli ju t |i t i bit >( eport and li?l no id ibt litMtmwi'l ?bot Th?jury. hiwar*r thonght 'in* bletluat. and the tart ot tbe Ineiruin nt bung tv nd i t hid per?..ti. Wire evidence* of hla guilt They, th itoir o turned a veralrt of puthy. nnd tba fnn't ? ON t tcd lb* prieoner to acrr# one yr\r in tl?? P'ate ft n oft eft a K' if* ?A kind of a rraijr fellow naoud Join* *> } ?a*trod on an Indictment rhtifglng him w|tli ao ai.anlt and battery. with the inlent to txkc the life of Mo hail Brady from the erWetiee. it ap| ved that i'any and liraoy l^ardcd at '.be nmc kou-e. at !to ill lli'drritbit aiid that Brrdy'e cheat wax broken op? i. mi I an < money taken out. "n'plclon f II upon ? a?t y a eon. and the (art wax ao neatly brought huni? to aim tliat tbe priaoner told Brady that he would make tip hie lord to In tn Thl.? ??? all Tory well, a til the thing a, |'and to hi amlrahl) adjusted, akin at D'ght. Carey I mi 11| I Id room aod Brady in cue m-it to it, the two hepan an al*i rnatli n Tk otd? wept high between th-ra. aid at ieryth ?>i?y be- mlng e*x iterated, made hit way Into Brady'a room retard a knife whieh laid upon tbe tal le. and. with It mad" a plunge at the complainant 1h? td w tnok i (f< et i n the rig"-! al le of th" head aod a rmre amii d wax tiie enii .njaeBcc It waa a* flrat tin t ?M that the wt nod would prove fatal, bat iiraly h'l p earrlrd to the hoapital reeelved proper attention ai d fx n recovered. Tbe jury found a werdict of gudiy of ar aggravated .vault and battery, and the prla?ner waa enti i ei d li anvi oi<* year In the penitentiary .1 Yi.ihjut l?:&r ? An Iiai an bi f. named Angnxtna r'?retiiar> | In d o fullty to firgeryln the third degree, | In lirgiia an oidrr f r m dollar* In then??efif w iiiara I Old rk on t; < lark Tina ?ame hoy hae baan onra he* at nkl fur forgery The Court ?ent bin to the hate I yixoB lor t??? year* ' ???'???mg??t TkwtflMl and H a ileal. I B??i:n Thi.iiKi:?Thellue iir?tn?c? W I'm' *i?lJ of I he V. av?," will erniDioBeo ttav performances. with Mr. K Kdiiy. tbe celebrated actor in the loading character, i Me will be assiated by the fine stock eompinj attached to tbe theatre. We art given to uud rstaid that tevcral a'Tililw arc in preparation at this old and favorite rt-.ort. end that engagements are pending between tbe ' eutcrpihiig proprietor Mr. Humbl'.n. and .?> veral distiu guiebed arti-i' Hamhlin hue uIwhvh used every e*?r tioa to please fci* patrons, reg*rdl*?s of expense. Every art' r i-J ok.* well ? f Mm as a oianagt r and Uii vdooa'loii and tin a' eiperieuco eminently tit him for the ina.ia |?t rial ibair We hi pe hie winter campaign will be a pi sperouit me The e itertultniai te. tomorrow even iog. a ill cii-ie wilh >' The broken Sword " Mad. Oelesce, wt.u I* a gnat favorite and a tine dwiteute. will mile hi first appearance, for >ean, at thie theatre. Bno.ii we v TntaTf k ?One of the greatest dramatic tveate which baa been olier? d fur a very long period, win lw (liven tomorrow evening, at the Broadway. Mr Kdw n Konst-t. the great American trag-dian, who ha* no: opi t art d fern. long rertod, commences an engage meot. which, no doubt. w il! pr< ve a source of great progf, bv b to Mr Marshall and Mr Korrost Everybody admits hinj to be one of the bed tragc-dUin* of tbe dty, aid be lun al arys been a great favorite No donht h;? reception, on Monday evening, will be a brilliant one, ? , buixtndh of h's old friend". und mat y admirers of bit epli ndid dramatic talent.", will meet biur with deafening ehi i re The c'.erfalnmt nt.s will r< Delude with ' The Village Dootor " Madame Fonirl, Mm. Abbott, and Mr. Conway will support the greet tragedian during tha ! week, in hit round of character*. Biaio.i'a TmiTK) ?The ent? rtalom?nta for to morrow evening are of a varied character The A at in or Ir. Will be Perfection, or the Oort Leg." with Mary Tajitn ae Kate (t'lirieu, in which cnarnater she will slug two * i ge; and that exceedingly olever ectreea, Mi.-n Chaomau ae Susan, lilaid wlil till, no doubt with gr?at ability, 4 tbe part of Charles Paragon Anew medley overture KIII iir |u?TrU Ujr mo i luuriiir* let* iu iv'irf! will bo 'ho excellent piece called ihe Toodlea," iu wb! ib. Bin on will pl?> I lie part of Timothy, with his usual Cleverneis Mary Acorn, the far mar'* daughter, by Mia WtilOD. In the tirst art there will he h fe'i-1 and cho rue, as aiioanririB dsncn by eivht performers. Thi wh 1? will conclude with the capital piece railed ' Criiii m n Crinirtwith Barton, Ilo'uiuu and Vlrn Dyoti.iL the leanii'ii character*. This bill *L1 be sore to draw a crowded lie use. Nuau'a Oamixn?The very linposicg and attractive plrce called " Baool," which drrw such immense a i?bblape* last winter will be produced en Monday evening, in uil Us iriginsl splendor of scenery, dresses ami decora lions 'ibe KaTil Family haTe generally produoed their pant, m ist i> n gsrdlees of expear.e and hence '.heir great iuccsi-s The elit* UafLni'-nt* fbr to morrow evening will be sure to fill the bouse. " Kaoui" alone is sufficiently Htti clive. fur one night; hut when it is considered that, in t Clio ion, Kim-lta" will also be per formed, there will otriainly be a rush to Nililo's Garden to-morrow evening. Tuerduv tV'ii'ng the excellent vocalist. Mule. Thillon, 1 and the beautiful ballad ringer. Mr Hudson will com o:i urn lheir engagements. This will also result profitably tor Niblo, who is always supplied with the best drai malic material. Thcatxe.?The entertainments for to rnor row evening uensist of two tine pieces, the " Idiot of the Shannon " aud the bhsksperian tragedy of ' Othello."r | The last mentioned piece will commence the perfor! ninncti?Mr. Booth, the great tragedian. appearing as Ih*o. at d Mr J K. Scott m Othello. This Indeed, will be a very great neat, as both Booth aud Scott are acton. | of great celebrity. The part of Desdcraona will be sustained by Mr* II t. Nichols, and that of Kmella by Mrr. 1.'nutonvilJe. Miss bQdlum will dance " ry O'More ' Tte entertainments will conclude with the new Ori.m* entithd the "Idiot of the Shannon," it which Mr Dlanc'iurd will appear as Andy The sagacity ol BlstichatuV doge is really surprising We should not be rti |tired if the National were crowded every night, considering the grt at attraction presented in theengagen.t nt of Mr Booth sod Mr. J. it. Scott, ua&i-o Bianchard witti his surprising dogs. Brorurissi's Lrrtt'M ?The amnremcnt* for to-morrow evening are Tarhd and very attractive. They commence with the overture to ' Zaiopa.'' The next feature wiil be i he eb ggnt one act comedy of" Delicate Ground," with Mr Jordan soil Mrs. Skerrett In the principal characters Ar't'-r this there will be a l'as Myrieu given by iiissM Tsylfure and Mr Fletcher. This will be suoceednt ly the local comedietta called "See Saw, or I'a dy'a Sliding Scale," In which Messrs. Johnson, I'roi' Mrs. Brougham, and Mies Gould, will sustain tl < 11 it'.ipal character* A fivorite dance by Mis* bud luiu at.d '.he entertainments will conclude with "J B. and ll J.," with Mr*. Skurett. Miss Julia Gould. Mr. Johnston and Mr Bmugbam In the principal charae ters. Uii I ich programme mutt draw well. Casti e otidtii.?lh? ueusl Sunday concert will be fiTcn tliii evening, at thin beautilul location. Marattike splendid laid play several of their beat puces. Citaisrv's ?The entertainments announced for K-uorti w evening are. as n-ual. exceedingly a'., tractive. aid will, no doubt, continue to draw larg? audiences. t'hris'y is a prosperoue manager; everytLim; settus to prepress with a profitable result. F?a rows' cffer.for to-morrow evening, one of the bist lelacted programmes we hare ever seen. A dm.i g the songs to be sung are several whh h are u-w; atol with tu-'b men a. CoUina and Swaine. tbey will be reudend swtetly. Bewor Ciacus ?The present e'lneptrivn company bel< Dgitig to LctI North, are exeellcut. and their peril mates are nightly received with enthusiastic Cheers ILe darcing hor-e, lamuiany, la admired by * very vi-ktr? the ponies are wood- rfuh Bas m si's Mi sn si ?It is only necessary for us to say that at this popular place of amusement, the Martinet!is will continue, for a short time longer, and that all those who l.ave not yet aeeu them must improve the time and g'- rally It is really astonishing how Mr. Barnum las be i n enabled, by tbe aid of nnuierous ventilators, to keep bis lecture room so eool during the warm weather; but so it is. and we must faln acknowledge that the lluieum is the coolest, moet entertaining, and delightful place In tbi* city Mr. 0 W. Clark.! does ore d.t to himself, and ju'ti-re to the numerous patrons of the Museum, by the judicious manner in which he conduits tbe amusiments; and the artists exert themselves to carry ojt the programmes prepared for the entertainment of tbe million. We earnestly advise out friends to go there. Our fi.mcus favorite, Collin*, the eom-dian. has. w* lesrn. entered inte an arrangrment with Mr Ware, the drsmetiet. for un original piece Of course he ounooi. do ctb-rwir. than reap a rich reward from the produoU?n it ?o rpitited ana talented a pen The Optra at Castle Oarden. Ber.efl:* crowd upon the huiituii of the Opera, and the; are gainer* by It. for on three oeaaelons the arti'ta firm eplei did combination*, and produoe the beet work* of the gnat tcae'era of muaic To morrow the great favorite. Bsdlali.l* to hare hi* benefit, when "I Puritan! will be pr<dnc< d for the la<t time. Badlall ha* troop* of friend*, whu will some forward to C I the house. Oo Tii'fcay another benefit will tat* pl-ire B-ttini will {Tirtnt "Otrllo"' for the flret time thia season, with lertrcea on the harp. Bettlni. Vlettl, (bit tret appear enrt tbie *ea*<n> and Marini. Thia will, Indeed, be a treat of ncrrdlnary htad. The Grand Yacht Kegatla at Balcm. (from (he Boeton Herald. Sept Id ) Tbl* regatta was a well contented affair, and called tegetber a large number of ladle* and gentlemen Tin ra< e to* k place near Lowell I*land. a trrj pleasant and it* k-bootd Inlaid In Balem harbor, about fir* mile* fr< n> tl e rlfy , boon after 11 o'clock yerterday. n large number of yerl t* a) |>eared In line, and ??on were real* for the 1 *t*it V*ch'.* of fifteen te n* and opward*. to rail around the etatkn boat, anchored ten mitee oat, and back to | the point <1 flatting for the prlac* 'i he flmt prime ??< n nllrer trumpet, and the aeeon I a I ?il?? r goM-t The y?rh s that enter d> d f r tli - ; pilme brat upto and around the etitb n b'*t with a free wit d beck Th-- wind wae from the eouth, about one pr int ra? t. and blowing a wn-n knot breete The fd{ lowing are the nam- * of the yacbta which entered for the price*:? 1 ? ignrt Boeton AI lee ltoefos M j -t< ry Bait m KseeUior Balem li.rl *<ii-m I' William* .-'outh Boetcn I TitfBih II Ingham. Kilord Kdd; W-m. At t?-lT? o'clock. tha algnal (ton waa Brad fmn tha Jorigta' l>< . and tha yachta got off In flu* atylo. Tha 0)gart. tf Boa'i t?, w>>n tha flnt prlaa?tha trunpat ; aio tba IJjataiy. of Balm, tba aac>od prlaa?tba f llrt Tha Mlnwlrg tabla thcwi tba Una mad* b* tha ra?p?Ct|ra hoala ? < ygn?t.....2 b< ura 21 nln. Paarl .... 1 Urj , 47 * mla My alary . i " 31* ' Kxcalaoir .3 w 47* ,4 Aura ... .2 ? 3D* ? At <1 tba < tb< r craft bring about thraa hotira Tba i that ra?a f..r yachta of t>a ton* and undar, waA * alto wall coiitaot d Tba following yacht* anlafwd ? ) rtiaiad* Hull Odd fallow.... H?U, N-Jtuia McrM'haad, Olida Kalani, Gift Hu t, *?ry ? Tba jachta rtartad at th? nam a algnal, and lafl th-lr n rn.ringa In good abana tha dlManna to ba run b-lnp t~i m d Bakar a I?land light to Half Pi ta Kock, tbanrr to tba Jndgaa' b at Tua prlaa* to ba contended fot ! aata a ti|*>r rup and a aat of cnlora. Tha firat prlaa ? I tha atp? waaw.n by tha b?aniiful yacht Naptuna of 1 Matblaf.i ad. and tha aac ind, by tba faat and aooovaaful yacht I batada rf llull Tha Naptnta I, a *r?o, ful opau yacht, of claran tona. Arboanar rig and or,a of tha taut a?t of the whola flaat Bin won tba admiration rf all bah'l<|-<ra T ba ( ha>ada waa it a?h aduilri d. and tba gallant atyla in alitrb tha cama up to tha (taring point?onl? a ht:>hi> * it *<t? twh'tvl b't clipper a<ir?r*ary?wi\t c<>t>*1d?r'd the triumph of fnmiti'mp The ItnlpLin. of llu p) urn did i.nt apt ear in tbie n gatta: to 1 the Gift, tr?at fktiirln with th>- amateur* at Hull, ni sot. kin' rg th* ttWHlul yarhta, al'hough *b* dU w.-U Tliti" tap* eor-1d< red by tb* gentlemen preaant lh* fcoft ?a'i 'actM? of th* rrgaita* till* **u*nn Th* OygBrt <? <) by C?|>t J B 1 bay*r. mad* a tin* show, urn! wii the ti T-r tiuinpet m et gallantlydistancing her r> t p*tIt?tp fkitly and d?rldedly Tbte faraou* yacht la alWH\? ?iiT*'?tol wb< o Ilurly t? at h*r h*lrn The Mystery of >.ilm It a beautiful craft. aad ah* proti 1 henelf a fact sailer boating tli* whole fleet escept the U)(nrt and taking tb* aeoond prla*. Ala lit () * hundred per?on* w?r* present to tW? tht? leti re?tii,* yacht race We were glad to *** an targe a tit>ait? r *? It abow* that our people are fa?t bee imln* aware ?,f th* importance to our maritime Intareat* of thee* trlala < t the railing power* of different Model* Tb* fart I*. the aceptrw of tgttaen of the Ware" ha* d* yart'd from Kngland and muat come to u* left ua ahnw cuntlfr* wottby to bear It. PrarKwaiow Frikue across ttik (}kn*?kk ? The Knrheater Amnirvn, aaya that it Is proposed to construct a wire suspension bridge aero** the (eonarep rirc-r, below the lowpr Fall* Tbo bridge would be about three hundred and Bfiy foot long, and the raiiwey about two hundred f?et ahove the bed of be it re-a tn 1 h* *u"r>en*ion bridge at Niagara, iff tight hundred feet Icrg.

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