Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1851 Page 4
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frs d Loped, when imiiiUd lowered it* tone la i f"< uth Carolina, the' it wia tbe laat roll of the hu.n- * drr, end wm ominous ef a bright and peaceful day. bioe ' it aeema ttoa' the atom la not orerpost. l?lta. Oa* Montreal Cirraapaadear*. Mi\\ raiAL, September t>, 1?|. Hu Iluk/ax RaUu.iv owi the Propped (Me in StramW? from the St l^iwrtnct?tieignorial tjntstt a m AbetM *? Cavfhnturaga RuUw iy Progrtttin f? In/lux of Amtricun I nvert?ll.Htt Novdliet and Amm traaa Haaefir*. One of tbe laat vote* of the Parliament of an\da affirmed the principle th-t it wa* the it; re ' end policy of the provmoe to oonueot the p rcet Uvea t -With the seaboard. by a line of nil w 17 directed ttuovgh the British ponateaaiDDe to Halifax, in Nora Scotia The rule reflected tolerably accurately the condition of the public mind. Tae majority wae furnished by tbe Lower Canad an member*, 1 who are not reluc aut to sharo in tbe e vpenditure of > government money, an expenditure that haj hitherto been enjoyed by tbe Western Canadian* These , acctunal are inseparable from all small communities, especta'y where the lints of demarcation echo the sounds of two diatinct livisg language*. The Lower Canadian French, who consented to pledge the public credit in order to oonoUuct gin ail tic canals through the territory of ? /- j? n;a ,?... ,v .? x. |?pvr vw?w*i pv?uw nii>? -'wmo ouvw ui reawu 10 tii? million* t*p> Liitd there, to justify % repetition cf the outlay in Lower Canada upon the Halifax rail w? jr. Two years since an elaborate and scientific ex atuinatieo of the lite from Halifax to Quebec was perfoiuitd by llic royal engineers, and a report of high interest, under the auspices ot Mayor Henderson's name, was the resu.t. That report embraced every topic ocnnccted with the present condition of the l.i e of country, the prospective tratHs, and the develops meat of the natural resources of the soil; but the leading idea discernible in every f age of his specilative reasoning, was the maintaining and perpetuating toe sovereignty of the I Britwh eiown o?er bri'iih North America, by a Rational road lie dwil >* with sell evident and laudable priie upon '.he idea of consolidating the 1 imperial dominion, and brivg'ng the remotest d.j- < tricta of Western Canada ritUiri tne ua |acstionei 1 auihori y of the crown. Mayer Hctdersou's report to the m'liury department* cree'ed for the project powerful and influential fie nd* in the ran*# ot the conservatives; hen re , the f rotter* < f he uiiDistry to furnish the funds requwite, upon the securty of the several colonics < inteiested?aud hence ihe vote of the Canadian Assembly, who are chicked by no apprehensions of lailii g to iaire the fund*. 1 have thus dwelt upon a to pi a of no novelty, but 1 1 did so a* preliminary to staring that when the doubts aud d ffi uliies ettuud overcome, and the struggle conduced, the publie are invited to reject | it* railway, and give their sympathies to a projected steaui navigation company In thrs age ot >u -ellectual progres*. a daring spirit of aaventure ha* b eon nourished, aud even | the errors of rasliDc-a have been redeemed by a e|emulative en husiasin, allied to genius. Twenty years ago, when winter approached those wen.i arctic ie*ioi.r>, uitn relinquished the DU'suits i of counmctuc aid resigned 'beuiectve* to inactivity. Tito b< parture of the la#'. v. t,tl of the season drew aiiLoal i-roada. wb> gazed upon the receding #aip. a? ?h? deece jded the freezicg water* of therein: with evident emotion It was lik* the itcferiuje of an old friend?the etveranoj of the 4?oiy tie co? Bicfng them eith Lurope and Lurofan civilization That phase <>f onr existence hu pu*ed by; the I j? etry ot the imagination ha* been trampled under | I foot bjr c*.ld practical ut.litariar.iaai Ocean eteiv- , i ' tier* aid iron railroad* withdrew man'* a'tentioa ! i Loin the Susrt Lawrence. ?nd it* last fail eh.p ? I aid now the -jet? tieu.g coin pie'ed, they n.e ro- i turoiig to that same nv r to eolve the problem, , wetthc a e'eatn communication canno' oe tn.?.uteiLid between the ll(e satire of the ~jiat L i#irwte at.d Lite e, at ail eoaeooe of the year. In etbdr words whether steam boat* on tho Stint . l^tartiice. bit we*.n j ana the Ocean, ought l ot to MipiiiMie a railway froji that city to ilali fax ' 1 h* p'omotere ere modesty iticlf in thrir 1cn.aiue ! hey on)/ark a trill t g g'aut of h.ty thou dollar! a year to carry out tneir plana, tad if you adopt their tm one*, tfca scheme acedia feasible The relatively higher lemp-rataie of the talt water d?ee. \< a ibe ice s -n? rated abov* t^iave', wfcea the tide earriee it ?utlici?ntly f?r to euojM. it I to that ittl teoce I'jr 3 the* indisputable ptopo*.ttoti, tbey build the uouw ptlon thtt there are no i i - r>.i uial ob taclei tj irevent oeeaa theunere a*cttuiig the fa at Lawrence, to within a few beguc* of (duefaee. The list of experte.ioc taty daeipa e tbere vision* of a line of ocean steiuii'e; ' n*rai.wLile, tie idea ill militate against the pro trut on 0' the Halifax railway The La hu e and * tughnawaga KailrovJ Company arc carrying out their plan* aith energy 'J m-y are erpecia ly favored by the character of the coos, try through which tbey are e.snrtru-tiog the Km.J In m/Uiu localities, the uniform Jerol of ttle oil t *i nipls tbim fr ui the necessity of embanhng tbe ground TLe rutting of the side drams let isi* the oniy cxpsoac tor i xcavatio i '1 t??r titles bill has been shelved fir the i j l*c?.t.t When the due us nous ate again resume 1, the qtKStion mill be eliinped of those false g irbs seitb which its interested antagonists have envelop* d it. The majority of '.he seigneur* woull not ; touched by a it strict! re enactment, limit tag the Jiarty rtni of land to four coppers per aere. For uatsice, the fauns on tV- south shore b low ' l iebvc, only pay half a dollar per annua per MJ acres. A ur) important constitutional question sill arhe elou'.d t he Legi-la ture include iu their I rl'stncu.e et.a< inieuts, the scigtorics held uaicr I the title of /Vewr a It* ft mU*. 'the influx of .An trie an eitiseni of all grids of j witty into this p, must bare been attend- f <d by a bencfic :ii effect upon landlord* and hole! let pi it '1 he latter class a* multiply! ig, end | (.ate that sleek, stlf-satisfied look that betoken* \ vtcrltily gains. In the catalogue of our betel*, Vsjts occupies an aspiring aspect and reputatioa. i is ui.u<-r inu u* 1in*, us, ?>i i wun irui i? i ibt <k mies of lb* cel. brnt-jJ l.)s*n gin*# u .til it fell beaeaih tbc tor< h <4 the luceai^ry I'ope n ' a ?u.ail u isii, but be bu a great ?->ul for hiljl ! W* aio ads b'*<i to b ui f.<r oue *f the htp J |.u?t ideas wtthia 'he if*! 11 of llo'clUa* lie prof?Md to tbc eiU t.> tbtnte open hi* r<>. in one even tig each *ttk for projirua liog. dancing. ? it leg i lev, drinking tea, it; , at the ta.ctura'e Coot of &. e collar* for tto summer re* on fur en h fem y. he vleifcre rtujnnp ? hi* bot?l mtercU free. Tu? rr?tiit b*? bun, that the Ann ri.'an T^iti r? and the lx tier ipso; men* vf our foeiety h*re bvl * k y <>p| ortui.itit* of personally coutpiri'ig tbecifili.a tun of the c lot ) and too r? public There hat lot g ekiatcl * hire, oo the part of thj oitiritie, t<? achieve r<-ui? Be as, wb?r:bj tb-y and elirir Amrrw vitiUrs m gat iaU:cailU> tie ' small coit.agc of ecr-ia! li e 1'upe mir '..reil cirs.ipi to give 'hi idea ViltstttJ, and be ?? thus arciositall) hem icttruxeatal is enabling Aaeri* , sen* ar.d < at *oiacr, to uj f.r' iato ard MMMthf ' eaiu tit ai.d lavorahle festurea a each c'her'f eh* tacttra We l.'Ve Lad g .ve 'ni'r, a.-r.ltor*. u< ml??rs of cor gre r. ? nrrair. and turn of literature of <?sirs< ois)bap -.fine of tbe latter fill favor'.be >o?ld ?itu "sketches ot Uenadita So', cry," | ?bs>?lei lb' j do mi. h y may dilate upon tu?. beauty ' ol tlelr cnei trjei tr> n a m.ut rt?try The w?*'lier U*s bust) h?t and fry, lid il *o it*stir d' athr, .n-.l by an unguuihu) ru'lulg?s.<? in p.j b<*. have raused una taire.i, aril lito ?J people * hi? per th< oaicou* ?or A 'boW-i It i* wonderful the i.ui i'tr nf g laeri se i t*vs be f, t?h?? ought to be not in *1 aikir g in troweie, tl ry a.curc listener*. B The faHcelag slati-tic*. inir.Jr u.;ii?<1 on S*. <r? */ lean. (#cp? U ) >y the f." <if K< tut. u *<l -r th* <1 icolls o ot City tdaefcal Tuliy ?i?l be n vd eitn lota rest by ct.ry b> .'<nl?n ami ' v th? public * ? rally I h< to I sc. imtn l? H ~? t.'i Blcn t< < k tlx lr f "|c Use ?t?t ' n* ? ltallpa>t ill a clock A V and e< it f.c <1 witn Mil mtrf*(M.?oo to k p r-gustr t int until ? P it |> ti'd '4 thirteen h< tir? Hum * that tun* 4i 7J9 i-c ?. ' akr tat* tkt mi; 11311 per?> ii tnl Uk(. fine diile > htcn tl>< iiaaibi r eoteri-d and returned ?a ba aeemttid for fr-m the fact, ihnt nn Paturday* tnajy leaar ll r tbe cnihiry t" paa? the fabbat h Tin- i nn. - r . | nkklw ?h eh enter.d the elly by tha " utaa?uot loc nding lAom- tint cam* fr m JU?t *? b ?<" < it?iiutnlj. d t. 040 ; the Diikbr that went 7 i?k nnnda-r ..1 p?r>"ti* jn the ??h rlan entering taut 1 be uum ,-r t tb< * ho neat out in nhii'lea. The ntniber i>f t,. n fad ittefni 14 * 10 . want ?*!"" "h* hum bar 11 ih? pa <einter mln? and III!* i ,n **>**>;? ?. lUibO It will be ??ca trnael btawg ti.?ion ,,r, ,,?r j n.atb Boatnn m Hh- Urtft and rr< a. < harte?t< a a to button. by tha , Wnrran hi bitfc, la al?n ?ary lame WAMiiNtiii>fi -nutrr. I 1%a foUowlrc out a?. out It ?pp.?tta Joy MI4tn( ?? paired d> *-i toward* ta'a Ureal aa (int. MOW. par n- alto y? .. I up toward# HegburV o?l M. MJM I hone fdidt. 1 MS 1 -jiT S " *** OUT 9 " T II 4 " 10 Mcyaateat "? M I land Carta ? ?l t; ingw in aahMaa ?0J? d.TU TNS TIIOMP' Will *k*-H fa >|, roll. a., v I tha traeel by <b? n- m'i al dfewotifWitn, fir !.?, anWrldr-. wa laaludr run* and tkkag. I* in- ? It ?Iat cat-?har ?v but . .Ml tfioa la the Luakw who jiiiai U> Batoa ud Ikw that ??t out. As Tthlclee, n Include uaabun etnU|?t, . i d carta of all descriptions ? Ormgu t hndgt ?The number of vehicles of all deecHptuut which pasted ovi-r ihia bridge, going ami coming, numbered 491. paw r tigers isirLLlw luor, paeeeigcre co foot 1.888. ill.1 Ik*?Vehicles. boo, passengera in eehioles 1.4W, on luct. 242, ei. J 1' 0 i-hffp CtrmhiJ t fin J it ? V? hides, 1.191; paist-ager* la rehu-fe*. 5.4?2. on foot. 1.000 Tnma.t ft,*id ? fchicles. 1 '.TO pn*rrg?rs in vehicles, 2 61-7, uu foul, ml U'aitm htuli'?Vehicles, 3.15H, pnseeugtra in vrh elss, 0 ?18, ob loot. 0 006 Harritan .imiw?V. hie lee 1718, passsugerti in vehicle*. 3,186; on fiot 1037 TSt & k (Ruj/iuiy) ? Vehicles. 1.1*4, pawMngers in Seidell h. 4 408; on fool, 3 401. Chm**Hv*m Old fiitdgr ? Vehicles. 1 300, in vehicle*. 3 138; ou foot. 4 Wi fiouih fiction Hiiiljo -VihiclM, 3119; passengers la vehicles. 0 783; on foot. 8 76S Katl fiu.tcn i'rrrp ?Which*. 9.110; passengers in vehicles, 1,107; ou foot. 8 *39. flu I u u ft. rv?Vehicles. '"9, passenger* la vehicles. 873; on foot, 3 484 BAIL* 3AM. ruitscts Tasini out. Tivina. tart Pa,?tnfm. Lowell 13 11? 1.378 Maine 29 134 2.8*4 hltchburg 99 148 2 133 Kastern 11 30 1 *04 Old Colccy ]| 186 2961 Worcester a 192 2 8*6 friisidpori is hi i 'us Total 1?> 87 2 129*2 ruiUMkl TtllO IN. Lowell la 114 1.3c>* Maine 21 178 Utiud Fitcbburg J2 144 1.95:1 10 34 16f-T Old Colony 11 US l?Sl Worc??ur 21 178 2 Ml rr(.Tid?i.ce IS 122 1 370 Total lid 1132 111433 larmirr i*iin? a j r. Lowell..,. 2 j*? 40 Unite ? 1<H? 27 kitchburg 7 172 f<0 Kurt.-rn 1 20 10 Old Colony 7 272 32 Wi-reeei. r. i ISO 60 ProTido.oe 4 134 118 Total 38 1.332 3U7 I UriOHT TBAINI IN Lowell 9 271 4a Maine 6 103 20 Pitchhurg 9 3<T 52 Kaetein 1 14 10 'id Ooli-sy 4 107 28 iVrreerter 5 150 30 .'luTidenee 4 1S4 1 IT Total 3# 1,138 80S On the Old Colony there were a large tumUr af gr.iT.-4 -art The leng pastel ger car-- are c?U--d doable oar*, and -< uuted a* two. THE H.tBROR The following Tes.eU pb-frd the Castle:? Ovlu. t<; bound?-liij.e. 1; ba ke. 10: brigs. 12: schoonpi s. 67: sloop#. 22; etc alter* 14, sailboat#. W?rarrj iug 1.181 Jarrcl ?> !?. Iliumd bound??hip?. 1. barkc. 1; brigs.2; schoonere, 25; rloc'l"., la. stc-emcr*. 10, sailboats. 7s?bringing 1.351 patM ifecre. ReripiTT*L4T:o.N. Went out Con* in. Per Pass'gr Ttains. 12.052 liVbJ - Pi right ' 307 308 - Yi hie lea " l .ytl 14 012 On fo. t 12 667 14 310 On Lorsc-bark 124 127 M':th La uteris 70 70 T< led 42.313 persons 41 729 pers-jns. Hi* various fc-rcons appointed to count commenced inrkirg reports at 8 ? i-lcck. on 8 ciurday er. niag, ai d (< rm.uat.d at > boot 11 o'clock A few min- r lamii. an.* bay bate crept into the aboee InadTcrten'Jy. but lor r-1.rial e. ircctnt-s i' may be relied upon Tiir Hottest 1'ay?A<aiuaiter of future reference, it it-ay be well to state that the last teas tbe hottest day of the season The thermometer rood ut 185. in the shads, at cue loohlit}. auil !) < at another. This is <>nu degree higher thtu it has Letl; at cither of these points before ?A'b:>iv Jjur* :/, a-ift \2 etVT rittUK ItKI'Ottr. Sn. b i at . h.pte-uiber 13?0 V. M. A ?i? ? - {0 kb's wen- sold, doling rbe day. at ui a.t-re-d >fi<-? . TL> *U< k oi ail kiud* in to.- iiisp-cti-.u reached 13.10 ralis bstarsirrr* ? The Flam uiark.-th.# again gW.-n way tin Is the aa led of domestic embracing r ... ... .I at A.... J - At on ....... -C A'l I ? 1? .AC !- I u|.iri iit Xu 2 hi 4otx a >3 #5; oiin-d to atmight l\ < -i? i d ?:th oidiary tn good St a to. ut >3 74 11 V" *7 S; 'jury M .rt 11.111 a..J r uni hoop ' ?bio at >3 b" 1 a M; >1 r? < 13 ti> u. M'i* vt HOO'i t (4 lit1.; and do a-? 1I0. I t-i li!t a W U Cat adi*u n-maiu-d m limiti-d -upI J iir.udint tr~-b protitnl at J I and ?aui d >. in b-' id. (it 37 1,. WKl'h"*? mot'ouid a- laat r-pr? oatnd tinliioifiLi in - aim anting to ltd) bbl-.. 11. I' d to 'a? .rite o.d at >1 a M 12-,', do to do Co* at >4 1 8,'4 a <>4 2">; aui fam-y i ll at >4T > a fii'ZS It)'* fl.-ur ao. in< d ijui-t at >317;,. Oi iu Biral *> fi-ry -car . . J. r.-ry would brtag Ml'- H'ImI bw ii'it nrhd. Tnr. o ca-tf 1- 1 bo-apo prilp a or- dl?|> .l-d i f, part at title H * ti-lidr I uji rd- fr.a I paint* titrt f- t. hiup 72iv ra.irj) rulod about tb<-*?mr. at 74 a 71c. On 11 wtre ex-marly ?eI roaai-d . flat* at 32 a ' 4r . and W. it-ra at 30 a 3J? ( am <J d Dot xaiy Mbit) 4 . Ut-0 bu?U daun< ?-i d and b it d fi uad luiotanri at Him He and Wralaru mix-J at 31' a < i.'oi i..0--Thr -ad**, to day Wrr? abjut COO bale* tha 1 tti r gri ?> b?li K mot" fri- ly ' fl. rod. and hi la arsi-pti-d fu ly \,e. loarr ttiuu tlm av.-r*gr pron of K iday. Tile l"i rt pn dm ri.DtiLui-d firm tut ruaik-Ubk' (on ?Aailiiaf't* rofliattitd ai ; rert-a-ly r-portod: m 1 balds ii- LiTrrpo I trial brought >8 SI.1* Imported lhi? dij?2*X> Uw llallttirton j30 toiu illrnr. >?'Oi 1 ratbi r ouirr: 70 hips J.i?a ira'ii it t' .e . It*, do. leipuayra (t',e . auj lot) do Km- , at ,i Inirtud tin* airt & MO baa*. Imporud tcl-dajr t-r7 lipI'a It ?l?arlrg th? wt- k 12 too* dirl dlrl wit# U1.Hi at tot SO; 100 ? rtt" d-?"'? . at %i 60, IV IM Tutki-y opium at $4 IS'j a >4 2d; 1.000 01 iu pn'.c itn i..i\ at >3 6. 'JO It- i-rudn 10-liue at $121; 2 ? 14 l.i Bona at >2.17 -,. 3* o I'm oil p pprraiot at >2 2i; J ran - i-a'.tlarvl-? at >1 < 1 a $1 10 * ci ru hi- don lurv cchn-al. at *1; So bbl* ttiir'a color nil at Vie 15 eat" (um hroiain. at o2',0 ; 19 bolot ftoaduraa ?iu11 ar,r?. ai-j.-. M (?? Ku^ .-li r-au>-i bunas tttte. a ii< : ltM.nlct Calnbra lijuricv pa*!*. Itt-e 15 ca^fc? o.aJO'r at 4)aa. a he.; ilaOlM'll bi--arb a ula, at ^\r 15 li'tt !*< da ? !>, n l Uet'k' blotching pow1 r at 2',,<* * U W ton* ??l vl, wi!li '.'JO iM< Kn^IMi Ka >'U ?alU, ?t 1 V a 8e , aud d a K i ? r. tuin ?t pri?a'?' contra:t. K??.ioMT> ?1llii'ti waa Lit a trml.-rafc t,'olr.??? doing 0 t? to day ?h pp?*r" b?ir/ IirI ivI to a*.rt th ' ??tp4i.f lalar new by Dm I'h i r t(X> a 1 OuU nhl. : ,lr acre el * >+< d f'T Lly.*rpo< I *1 0;ain aod ?ot " ((( 'lUioniail rate* To llarre lb? pa -i.-t < f the nth ??? full of c Hon. at T. I. .no u 1 oO'l bblt or wer i ng gxl at l.? 94. fu California rate* wtw ftitn at We lent -34 V let Malica raUia- elu-.'eit hantaol 18, ai d 15ea?fc Aaii.a currant*, a', t , e a >?<< I *n 1 rti d lhi? Oay, l.i? ti> * * raiaiua Inivti-J till . 14 I' xi n.' j? and 0 ?" tea I -nd? rt,. rr < . II > -Ihn ??! uel/ 1.0 bal?? imeliawi. at I'.t. a ?4 r raeh Br ar tr ecKd rn r,?w frntiif" rf irr.r?a?, 109 balm u?* r? tt. d *P erlcap, la If t? l>:' fbt tlUOuxjxl *r?dlt. D'M mnta ia toiled; 5 lit) It? n< *r?lun ;r-d hands at '.(' a : : ai d '.0 t-n* I tar* < >?ar* old do. a'. 11 c Unit * |p tit- . the W(?k a al-? b msrre 'r?'l?d t..?co tamei Ati" at.'rac<n( 88', a '11 t at ll? ; SiWl jli'g '"J!", It ?1 *t 1 < f'-V I rtuhtta It , C?. 1m tt Mc a 10',' ; *51 Corar'i l'el Co* 2m ;1. at t'4e iKit Tuo *t do .Vi Iti aire and 2K) bntl*b li.itfhur 47 Ibi ?t? Imp ri 4 during tbe net k?tndea. -"49 fwlra ( .?t ?Mr- do ia' i?i?> Im,i. o ? Mrr* c ur pn rt ilics i Iw lMlcv"' -IcniU.i ii<??* f.mrd bu)ei? part at T.i a k* ?-4c . tliot',.h cbb-.'ly at h?h?rriiM. IVcrp<?' UuiPntii it '.'V ; Mai!/? at *0 iK'C Imi - <luil N Imi< Sedtek McM IA ftiipfftxl tine arck 4 1J4 tatla it-'Ol h?r? 62 ti ll- and ii tnt? |ii( lr n lo p rtc.J iv Jay 111' 'B l?n t < tM rait* pad bar* > *7? tdla At | i a* ? . 900 iiJu h <p and i <n* liMttna I <ih* ?f'a.tcm vtra In-luick Jtunnd at M M per tl' i.-ai d. I.(in ? flakrn baa prnlnl to M 37'. raih at whi-h t'.0? piga nr? ".Id Jinp.irted tola *> *!: b>id piya Lmi i?. tha pa.t day >. ill | ni l c n iderabl. sol malion n'lb B'i .ju'tabl* ?ariat.on in tauv Ta* re"i|t? fnBi ill.- iill- rt r ?ti ui.u-u.illy imiiu-1 lot' p rt. J ti- 'Jay II eaaka akitara Liv. ?'en men l;<<-k.iatnl wtailrd at SHle ea?h; none - f.. rt g rt any nrrimnt Moiiaoa r- u:ani -| J- prc-ar.J 30 hh<|. Pert'. Rico k>r u?ht ?*c . at J CO do. Muce.-Ta.Ji 'Jl a lit laif?-r.. J 'b ? > a fa iib< a . if i Pre* - > I -.6 tibia Natai. in aaa tailed but IKtl" . Ut'i bbla crude turj. Mil c .r.'.ii at <2 a: Ho ,ic ?|inu l<> at a 3> , a'i.| 6i b uiBi"ii ro-in at>l 4'J t i? did Lit app-at brick lie aal.-a nvn-M.-d of 1Mb gall'i a llw?. J from atrrc a. 74% 71m-, '2 .'<0 lard at 7(>a "fe ; toO'lire at " !,? ; aril 100 he-Hate do . at TO Imp. rt 1 Una wk o r*-c? oilte a id 'JO raaka ?IUl ' -I JUI^'TV'1 ? '*mJ . : B.->? u Fvoi i> 10*? ? I'nrk waa'ar, tha "p> rtU"W ?<> nur (W 1?M? m<? at ?lb 74. ut<i at fit ili. !. w j,mil- at ti l 24 and n|.| at *12 U II" f ihihiNMt B?r?k<?i?<?y tbr trtin'il'i M- u-il U'j bh:' m??4 at ?V a fll. and primr at V> VI H?-i b?m? in<l rut r. fdi W?ra unalt vd l.?rl rr tninanl'it jm; a $'??. I!uii?r ard w?r< Um bu vaut though prrtty Brrn. He - t||?ar <i artlvr at Ibi d"i o- *ub'j|? bring pli b?d up frr ?hi| ni? at at 90 a M IV . p?r 100 |l>? fllf.-tBOIf lh? 'air" *"?!?< Wifi I t 000 nark* Limp" * far l-art at f I IV,'t . thlrr Turk'* f-iat.d ?l 21),r a 21 ,r ; and c'24 l bin rurn"* at a rat' ii- l I U6IK-. In p- rl'd thi* day #4*6 burbrW 000 bb - . liM i?nr. 1 IM ark . kai train* ?20*2 bag! K.aat In.lla aroda 'hang .I li.i' d< aillila tin ?i<?. part at 0 ,c a b ,i ? u?i. .1 naillt. P.. ??a ?T?-'I?y. 70fCO O'rwaa wra ptak'd up at pi Mi -i* * mba raip' it" tb>< k?.0# c?" ?i?r n it anl . Mai 10 IM? and 104 Havana Iiuporta Iliia ony 7 64 7 bbii .. 14 < a '? Havana Ptina-Pal*a ?ir* aiailn nf ? (d/O Cuiacoa ^nat it &(n ; at il 1 (to Hu< in t vm* al 4fo. 0mr - 1C01 < ni I'd Bi dUadCaatiln war. Uk< n at 9 a on l ain rn?i???Tb' Mwiorna " nabtid <4 140 borrvla Aa'fi'a a | r(?i n ?Wt?k y at *ir nark, iiO hbd< drndgi d? , at Via tlrr kr . an l 71 bM< t?kl?. at 21H a Tl\9 , i ai h- a <toaitnr huta ogi nly h -ar I flM bhd* Mi.amvadn bring puniiv J at I ,, i , (f I7> batra b? H* mitilt ilV A* miM WMttatte Um, Im[>< U thie day. 103 brain. T?a. ? Tb? following m the pwtteaUr* of thU fore- t DO. U ? auction ?Imp rtad per *lpOoagraa*. he ; teem*, li *li Hymn?jo tft^n - 'Ml half chart* 1 ?t'7r Y. una: lit* r?It 3 haf cV?>t? at ; 10 do I i tie ; HI do 3Vr 4TI do bTS? ; 1*4- do 37c : 372 do r 3t '.c , KIT do. 30c ; lo cane*, at 83 >4 ; 8 do 81 t4c ; ltd 1 ( Hat *, (t do 4to tiuupoad. r?ST hall cheata. nl&S*e; a 3h do Sir t 30 tlo 44c ; 3d car**, at 74c ; 13 do. tide lut- o l?tial?12 halt cbrala at 70e ; 15 do 03*0 ; 31 do ?lo ; 17 do I'l l Oolong? 25 half cbe.ta at Me ; loi do Sic , k 140 do. ."4>.C ; t- do ; 80 do. ; 86 d? 33'4c j ? to Jo :<0>4c ; 4.W.d > IS'So , fiWi Co 37^ ; 4t8 do 37c ; HO bcio* at Die ; lt,7 do 3.r>V ; Ida do 31n , 383 do, J 2t'c m urli' tig? 47 ball rbc-t-. at 20c , 37 do. 31 ',o . I j H ?l?> 2lc ; ?13 do H? v,e ; 4S7 boxea at 23o Powcbong * ? 1# V bell chart* at 'JlMs. Wtof?flcr* the auction aale noticed in onr laat re j, pctt. their have Urn l>ul two iranam-lion* of importauoe; , V. U 0 Iba fell bl< od laeitno llaccr. fold at 4l)o a42,'to, , l?tid 18? bale* Ici lai d, wmbrd. at 34c . >ix niotitha 1'ha foU< witg i>> a Hat ?l prrn ut current pricra. eii: ? American time at 42<- a 44o ; do. full blood mrriuo. at 38c. a 4< c., do do ? ne-b.lTr* aud three f?-ut th*. at 33c a 17c.; do do natlic* *i;d 'tic baler* at 32e i 3Jo ; auperflae e pull'd rour ty. at SO a 37c ; No 1. do do . at 83c a S4e ; g rup* city laUibr. at 31c a 34o . No 1 do do . at JLo. a c. ,I'rrunao wa.-brd. ?< 38e. a 2?c ; booth American. WH'h>d. at 17o a 18c . d > '1 waahed aud pirhej. at '.? t a 22c ; do. do urwaabrd. a; 4c a loc . d > do Oord Wc.lKC hi ~SC 11 sac . U" u". M" ii?mpuni. n m j, 13.-; At, lean unwashed ht 10c. a lie ; Smyrna do . at 14,- ? )7o ; Mexican. d<>. at 14c. a 15c. imported thw wukSabbU 53ttst* anj 17 bag* w, ol Wiiai > , .M- wat- held ul 36e . with moderate sales l' H ? Atroi-git 'lit articles reoeited by eanal. to-day, b wn. ? li I , f$ Ot 0 tu.-lieU cf the haadsomeat West Canada 5 wheat dfliTciid in Ibis niaikct for many year*. It was t, exhibit, d <u ?char|(?. and at treated much att, ntl ->n bin;.- parties tad it equalled K.J. Ulthj, hn t Co win- the uwueis iMi oaTiito.Mii- Tiit w t ik l.xnwe raiD.iT, at.rT 11 3 Coir?1.' 2 tons 110 chaldrons. l>4 wagon loads. Cmicik? '& be xes. 6 rati a Ucrmau. i I>a i (loots? 1 461 cases f Ens?6 k- gs liquid dye: 14 toua divl diyi; 64 cases a madder. l'i i .noons?4 526 sticks fustic. i j 1'irci-140 rcrkss..da ?>h, 6 bbis radU almonia. 3 d". ) ' radix Tub riai; 3 casks radix augclicia; 10 kegs gray arsenic; 1 cask poppy heads; 16 casks pumtah-e stone; 78 f i i-Xff |site; 50 b ,?rs burn; 24 bbU sugar of lead; 20 1 Lbu rott? c stone. If4 begs dried roots; I bo* creosote; 1 t ease rhubarb; 6 case* sulphate quinine: 108 cask, liquorice J aste; 54 tins arrowroot; 84 bbU sponge. * til iso?7?: tout II I|.?s?14 S.'ti < X ard ooe hides; 2',S salted jackaaa t ?6 a ild hi g ikios, 66 ,lieep skins; 2 hhda ukius. 1 ilr.KMi-.l 'i'i d l Una?92 bfcl.-i , 3 bag*. Homy?1(2 Casks J 31sr,is? ftl inckages rid copper; 7 do old brass. M is si s ? 60 blocks; 1 Is 0 u.urbln tile r I'hm ? 6 tletos whiting, 50 barrels ochre; 3i0 to as I j bnk Klastkb?880 tons. 3 Ka-yiam?2.016 bundles. ?rn ss ?4 casks. 1 burr, 1 nutmeg*. 1 barrel cloves, Id <3 barrels cinnamon. 81 barrels I case g'mger. ? Sin. ?U bags caraway se.d. 6 barrets coriander do., t< 4 barrels fennel 46 bag* canary seed, i Silt?10,1PM burhila. y Sisai.?1 484 bars Bsiaits ?1, 2 j Ipee 60 casks gin, 64 puncheons whiskey, b ; 20 puncheons 6 tierces Jamaica ruin. 3 casks 3 oan-s f i btauoy Wocn ?100 bundles willow, 1 ton 375 lbs. green eb >iy, f 3 tins lignum vitir. 82 dosen piec-s rosewood. 7M logs uiahtgany. 27 leg.- eedar. 84 t< ns granadilla wood I MSOMT AT II. M lilts nar. i Ban ks.?lo t to arch bricks. Cmi a ? lee tons chelk t Ds? Uoot s ?a>3 pa, knges per ship Francis P. Sapc; ) 267 do p., r lady Franklin; I Jul do per (Jreat tVosti-rn. Dyiwucus - 4t 4 pa-* fustic; 16.410 do. Biaxiiletta wsol i Dares ?4 casks sugar 1, ad. 3 Kiai?10baits flux. ? JIuKKf?o.hO, I _ I.' mLi'r. ?-4(8 junior kiioo*. 18 p<\* juniper MmVr. ' 5bui> ?Mi cum ?. tO boxes, 10 casks, 8 packages. cop: per. 2 ce. I- - i K1 brers. Kti ki ? 8'J rui-Le.79 Ml* steel. Tin ? 2 181! N x< r till plates. f T in t o?175 t ale* liataua tobacco. * W oot. ?11 tale*. 19 do woollen waste. ^ Cotton Trade. The iter. merits In notion in this county, for th i year > tiding th* itlft nt' Aupurt. 1861, c- tnpired with thine fur s | lb? Inn pntii U' ftiir<. *>tv u tnuetfii:- N UuikMraTi o. Cot ion in itm I'airui Si atrr. " H-i/o Ri reip?s a" ports siren 9< ptember 1, 1859 2 lil 267 Corresponding d.ti e l??t j ar 2.< I?1 7M year b? f"r? 2.72H.5iH Kxports frnni Coifed ?fati* siuce ?ept 1, 18j0..1,!?,<S.7IO C? rttspr tiUiog <l?'f a lastyear 1 15a ** y.arbefr* 2*27.844 I'xpf rt* to (itrnt Uri'ttin since Sept. 1, IS50.. ..1 418 '20-i Cont ipotiling dale/ list year fi 771 ' j car before. 1 (dl7.!Ml Ptcck in New Votk and p rt* of receipt....... liPVMl Coitespoi.dir-K da'is !s-t ye?r i >7 919 Si year liefore. 154 75? lieceip's *? this poit. sin? S>f.tember I, 1851 4.J0U bale.; < xiorts, 5,(CO; t.4 f n by rpinuere.5 0o0; oBspaotl- " late n 21 tico. whole tkcl in ci'y, in nil band". iiiOiHI. tin in t f.i i?v ;; mo . i In rel?tl< n to the nior-nentr in this market, and the I raiauee ot the growing ciop, r J. Stewart's circular, * f t ibis date, my.: ? | My le tvtpeet* were per kfriea. under date of 27th ultimo lb. mien the in-uiog week av .raged lfttu ' belt', at a i na'l u povi ment. clotipg after receipt of a.ltb.s per Atlsn'le at Kl HUM TbU He-It has slen In i n sn active one stiiunlateii by the eon-tan-. ad m T?oi?e brought by each rteatner. closing with that of ? ' I e Nugara whieh wa. reer-ivt 4 ou the aturnoon f t the ; 11th itirt. The rales up to yesterday av.fsgr-1 2M0 t ale< dally, lbs gt.a'er irrpmliou of which wes specu- 5ittivr puri hat*-* ami re-nU'-t at a steaty fn. nek in the city i? iilsII and strongly held, under the Id ptirsio* that the Northern spinner* will b- f-receo to S't their eiipplirs from it. It ia difficult U> hx proper ;uo?a'o n*. wheie the amount on sale M ro soial I. an 1 of eucb an uneven cliatsi t-1; thorn at top indicate the 1 iri-? | urchaeers wool, be ohlifed to pay for small pare le ?i Hit pr.sent th? ni?*lveit. Yesterday there wnv ' lie- ipirit shown in pu chares, the sal s only uui mating 1 to W 0 biles but at a? lull prices sa were | %i 1 befjre tlie r< (ton erop yi ir tirintoate | on diet August. The talda of I'm ren i|.|? and distribution, as givoii ssnuilly. pl.-ies It at 2A'-i '.'57 hules. itgiluat 2 Utel ;h? bales pre. ^ cfditgynr ltd 2.718 6Vfl year befogs. As the *tn -unt , in the interfere* at lave o l??t year an I a' the growing I seism only uif tifalilr. but the shi-rust we l. iv%-l ed it cdmonbhea us to bf cautiou. t.-rvafii r in ; bait g low iln-tts f-ir the prf.ductisin ' ? TLe rrc.l u' . .o[mt r.,v. ?rnl hss n rta-plv i:n *" d irT' i ed in li;* fottnight which bat in.-t tbpW Tt? rtt?'pu at the amount to ?b tut 4TCti bale* |nd w ??.<J t< x. ' II- (it *'a|-U-. Tb- <f?tM tfc-j * far La# kern no r. faToti t'ttnw*- ant'eipat-d hii-1 t y*t iLi <ltllllli?H SfUllllO ImIiAIO frrtlf |Utf?nk ll rr tbc tir-t bki tfc* i f tbc pact -uu.iu?r by many cxt?n?ic. va J?-ln? in tl-? altirb arc Oct M* rc|.eatei no cciifl lent i It irtnNK (f tllphftr yield io co?M-?incii.'? of th* ' ulo i.< -i f the u.-u.-l i|OB?uity t-f rain A rxriil rc? . (| mm ?d t'x .-i?>t-.( aiid which tu* xitrnM i, ita ittniti'* in ?< i?c < - ti n.- I tb Interior of that Slnle. i. i-r-i t f*. ba> glicu ti-? to apprehend- u of ii^ury to tb' Hep. th<rt'. fr-un tie- ifr-at D urtr.lty of boil* open. and lit henry j-lrbl; x In prv B art-rant tbr lot ppt;< ur -lrlccl >'r-ui lh? rf-uilb a-e*i rt arc ale a f w ?-ir| Wln?? of f' rni- dr"t| ir-tr etc .but ij li;/ < to tl<- tb ( extent ?t country planted In r'tic-n d<-tot a? y< t lorn, in aggregate w ?r:hy of c hi i ?rat n in r-or to afaring adr. raely th- total ll-'daftkr om>? Th? critical p-rcd of lu grootli J1 V* pa- ' without ai.r rauical ioj-iry. and alih mh it.a jt yniil * - old tree lam gi<ally benefited hv -n Tr * 1- Tat:. It. J til Mid tufu-'. rlitl it If now in a p .<1lien to vithetand unmcrou partial trie r all*, ar.d j '' a *t*y i-aily fr -l l>ko that of laat rraaon deliver a gr-atcr >,?ai;i.ty 1 ti? it..!rntlon? at pie ? ut. a'.th an ?( (-/? tit >i. i < p n witti r. ?-mt, lomy .plain la < t v pry |?r ->tt tu fTtan- <( tt.a' ' ( lh-- < *?oi. -a-t rl i d - ? parti* how. t. r, place tat fighre " a- lit 01*0 t-at.-?. I ubll- eptulon ? fat it In a aery *' ciolc ard Ui dreldcd r'ata >-t lb" autgert. tut app ar- .. i r. ,i ii ti. 1.1. . - K'jb-;-! T1. ?b in '(uetattrni ita tfcii mark't wr* a* an *' tuid ? LttlNH CI 17 I i lnnd\. i?; ; f ,'r. it/*. (}r1?^n?,r :: IhnlhttJ X?*. ,Y, Or(/? ,. 11 . "?!? ( ' | '/Vn?r?t?a 7*' ?< < li I'rttf, ftrov tht. M*hiU IiIMH. ? a ? ? # ? - A ? < niii'jr ..... * * r ? ? ? *7< . I i i.libi , a Hi "S a I*1 ' i t I" << iX .41 rf. ... I "? a I |.t?? ft I' 4 1" ? t'"i h i 4Hr| III... D's I I*1, N IV . a tl . I ?lr. I . |i Shi. 1 ? a ll , . ' n !? I?r . A nr. >? ??. 1 nxllair N?a? Anna. N'?an > f. VIM. S rt AnKCTS Cr.^BWIIRRB. ?tqck <* to?rn? mV?r 1!.? TfcaJUrt /t??r4-li ?har*a ?m I** r. Van 1 ??t?r sa4 La ?r?nna K*iir??<f. "I; J 4?... 'fl< 4t?alvt? Krl.r?<J ?"?), Jljfa |??? V'rtmnt | i I M.trrl Hallrc?4. al2m. V: 7>b> 4? ,<]:> . ...r, 4??U.3V,; ' ? 4r . I >4- . .. V |.A4a tti <* . U<M MR 4 . Mi ' 74 < Ka?8. ?S: l'r 4? , 1 4? . U ? p. Rail?'*4, M U?aVm ?fi4 Mam* I milr *4, l?t |r ... . J'f.' IJ Mi< I.iiaa CraWat R?ilr>i4, I' 4. !?4a.. wr. M Rillmd A*i<rt?4.T<m4 C iov r.??t ?< a' a k.V4. : |<?j 4" . i Cantaa L'oinrauf. . C V J I'll fat fr i . r| r < n mi "* 2 i Hiak of .Vafth f b.'ik* I'>/" , V Hat 4 r. ?r#r-?. HU: tl iffl OHiai ll* R?t'.rn?? li.-nrfr, f:'. .4'?fati4 tUmrt?( '.?'?? I'ltcl!kt>r? Railrca4. I' I ?i fttval C-Htal Kli'ri a4, klO-i, .* *?: in Atlaati* \? hart C rir?*jr. H*. 4"? Ckaahira Railr?k4. V|c ? 12.? /hr-krrv /Vrt. rf-S?'** V?rir>?nt *?4 j. V - n mailt at Cana l, ta lr arf, ."< . ft H O* !<aai > r Raitrca<* .. T ? ... ...'. H?4?.. . Ill 4o , alia. Mi I f.?*'?ra Katiraaai. lii 4 V?raiat ' ( -1 ?ral Ral'n>a4. J , l a. <i. . ai.m ?)t.r.l?Hn , iltaa afv?f X t:? 4c . , I.. l"?<4o. .. 'I ... aim * I ' iS *?. it, 11.. ?-'?< iru Rtllr-td. I'<v r II .V* (..? Mlit* l: If II..',. M _ Blrliiran '"intra! Rtlfitd. i I U ?" a lut H rt?it?r I Railroad, 101 : .1 R?ad . ? -U.tJ',. ftNrrf'lk '?!< ?'.? Hti.f- << .1. ... I li. - * Crni'tar. IX I? Rdtto.r'f ' . ? ? . 7 V' r?| ttl'Itt faraat ?i I Railroad ?<fit, i "i :ou rtftitfi ntjr?. i<*. " I'Nii.ff ttftii dt?'?wi??f 11. FV.i floord - ll MC S. ft?. >t ii.v, i m r*?tt. i t, r?\ -?? to, iwt, s.wo <io ,* ?. rru: .'so i..v?. >?t aw4o..7d; l<w Int , ?<?<; l?MT ? iftnk. I; l? M* talft" Btak, t\, I Mnrrit I a?al. I.r?s Jin do., If, ?1) do,, r *. 1OT <R. It?-; lf'ti.i ,j ? pi as. Utrrtd. dtt< .hi R??? it Htilftt. ?, Iftrt ?/? '/i aharra H?ad ir f M tilfft'l, 27 ' litd-T, h T, ,: I,'If di>., 18, H\, "0 do .< ath .7',, MA it , Tf-t Areoita B Ro.ird? #? arra K. ?iw k.i 'jiftrd Htak, ? 12 .1/trr n?S*?-V?*tiM K-?dl?r *.t r?t4, f r T ifmlif I'l I'm? IVord .* * Pr.t .ti, M < '?l. .' '??'Rftdiat Bailrodd ft a. ~n 71 .7 > u*a K?*nt. _ Railrtad, 4i31 do ' \ llidlVii. fi'i, iat ofl, M1. I'fl.far?al' a. Rf k. IV it Worrit < ami, It: <0 <_atn. to I Air.kiy Rtilfi to. I.Ya VO Ratdiat Railroad, lid, 27. #] Itirimir. kot"uft*r ll.-Maa* Board-?ll* BalUmora T ft>, !>:" liHIt: Of tad Ok.o BaNriod Rood* c IMT, 0 7 ?f?r*o ftfii'fa M?f. fttntt' Btnk. '7. ? ?i Faraeia tod I'ltofrt' Rtak. X'-j llti ( liak. *V ! 'Btlliaitr* tad iRit< Rallrntd. ftfi,. At tho Board to-do*. Btnitad C? ri't-d ? in* . i?t. * ?- ?? Ba, l*?k R* Md. lift, aok*d: Btliiaioo* tad Ohio Railroad Bmadt, IfT, Wlodi d? t*ar?t. At i id M t?k?d fork tad ?'?oi>??t ? l?ad. 17 hid. bit ookrd. Tl Board in*oaMf ho a rodola- * ?-? (torrd ft dtjr. |d ..of a id tlft aa'dl toiMtkf. IJMli M '' tlr ff at I hi at t( M!ip?. ? DOMESTIC Alim. N*w Bu t'.ii. On Iimii lor the week ending Sep takrrl, 1861 ? itjxnn -TUn >u a food demand dur dk the ?r?k. and talea of about 1 4lO bbla were mad*, rmeipaily for export, 660 tbia at >126, 1.3-25 bbU. at >1 27 per gallon and the balance at a price not mat* it.lic, the article held hrm at latter price Whale?la niittd demand; we notice talea < f 200 to 3(0 bbla. tlark 1 d gr< ucd tier at 16o per gallon. Whalebone?8alea 154 0(0 lie l'olar, at.4r Baioirron Meaner Thur day. Sept 11. 1861.?ttour>t,3XU) rattle, (aliout 1.100 of which are txe-f cattle.) to (be? p and 1 426 rwioe frio-H. ? Beef <;*ttle?Wa in to to comrpond with laet week, ria:? Katra f >' V> a b 50, fl rt (juallty >6 60 a |t>, Mcoud. *5 a >6 CO. >,hird, 4 a M5\ Worktop ogen ?Bale* at >C.V >74. ftto. 182, nd 11( 6. ('i wa and (alrca.? balaa at I'll. 125. 2M. 433, 36. and >38. Bleep - balea of lota at >1 t>2. >1 75. >1 2 >2. >2 25 ard >2 75 Pwine?bhoat* to peddle. 4 a r ; < Id hog*. 4'j and 4\o ; atill hog*. Atietall. uau 4>, to to Taltfraplile Krpoita. NtwOitttaa fept 12,1851. The Ntagaraar adricea have been reeelrel and hure auted a fliu rr let ling In cotton. Middling ta quoted at >1 ctuta. CiuaiaaTOM. September. 11 1861. The aalea of cotton for the w-ek, hare b*>en 1 220 balra t ( at ICe. I'rleea generally favored aellera l'ba reeipia of the week hare been 801 bale*, and the atock on and I*. 6 403 bale*, esclurire of that on ehipboard. Harrlad, At Montreal, on the 10th of September, by the Rer lr tiui)mu. nr. of Brooklyn to Mum t K., daughter of the Uto 8 1*. Finch, K*i , of iutbeo. Died. On Saturday, September 13. in the city of Newark, leieiiiv Cm hi K, aged 76 year s 10 months and IS days The nUtiles and friends of the family are respectfully nvited to attend his tuners!, frcin the reldenco of his ,n F M SilUr, Thirty-sixth street, between the Eighth >ltd Ninth avenues, this afternoon, at half-past 4 o'clock. On Saturday. September 13. J?*e A Uoi.v, eldest laughter of thi late Charles and Sarah Quia, aged '41 ears ' Friends aid acquaintances of the family are respectiili) invited to attend the tULeral. from the residence of icr uncie. Jeihn A Fountain. 108 Jay street, Brooklyn, n Pui oay.tLe 11th inst . at 4 o'clock On Paturtay. September 13, of apoplexy. IIhuk Qrr.r,

ig< d 16 }< ars 7 month* and 7 days Hie friends and the members of Acorn Lodge, 237, I 0 d O. F , are respectfully invited to atteud his funeral, n m his late residence. No. 140 Laurens street, on dunla) . 11th titst. at 3 o'clock I*. M On the l tih of Septembtr. after a lingering illness ssiss UiuutTia. lu the 30th year of h - age 1 be lit Lds of the family are iuvited to attend the fie tial. tl is day, at the residence of lis brother. No. 90 oity tilth street. Csisisai.M. iiifant daughter of J on and Catherine letinre. sg?d 11 mouths and t> days Tie fun tal will take placi. this af rrnnon. at hvif-past o'clock. Ir> m Jeresy City. to the enieteiy, corner ol i ci nd avenue anu K.evt nth street The friends of the imily are icsptetfuHv invited to a u-ud On the lwth oi 8t pt? mbt r, Thum s Boh raw, aged 30 eais 1. ;s Mends ar d ac]uain'ances are respectfully invited I'Hltetd tip lomral. fri in ids lute residence, l.i Henry treat, this (Str day) afternoon, to Calvary Omitery. On Satun'ey tvening. Septe -.Ur X3. of the Isthmus iv>r. Qinaoa It Wi lpm. aged 36 year* Ills friend* and at qualntances are respectfully invited stt. t>d bis literal. from the residence of liissister No. 11 I'eall street, on Tuenlay attersoon Of coniump'ir n. on Tbnieday. September 11. Jon* N. in or. a native ef the it land of Mauritius and fdr uiauy tars a reiidcnt 'f Cuba, aped 3t jeiirs. At Cinrrid Nlaei-arl upetts. Septeoilicr 6. A\>* C?olisa. Jt utgeit daughter of llerinanu and Aiuiira 11. ill ) t en. i iii d 4 vieep kDd 4 moDtbs. IAR1T1 K IHTKLLIOKFCKi Movement* of lite Ocean Steamers* P as. iivavna Data. i?i. 'attttc Liverpool... Sept J....Nee Vork. uropa Liverpool... hope 6 Boston. Vsehicgtoa SotlMrapt u fept In.... Mew Vork. ilea* w Cla**o? Sept 16... .Mew Vork. v i-Seld ScoM.... Mow York.. Sept 17... .M?w i)t)i aaa. iirerrca. Beaton.... Sept 17... . Liverpool. rank Jib >ow vor*.. ,s? j.t ju.. . . reovre i aim a New Vol Jr. ..Hep! HI.,, . PoromaA. itfira Ntw Y < rt...I ept HI... . Liverpool. roiher Jonathan. Now Y-rk.. .Sept 27... .1 i-.-rrta auto.... . . . New Y nrk . . . hopt i'7... . Liverpool, aiaiette Near Ycrk...Oot II... .s Juan ACkag'i. Port of New lork, frcptemlaer 14. 1KB1. ' Biaica ........... f l'i | vooi am era 812 ' am IblHitHeatn .. ..mem 10 10 MMi Fteamihip Ohio, Frbtmk. t liaaree M O Rubarta. Honda. tijir, Faeannah, 8 I. Mile'ul) M-.pAll.ert Gailat.u (lit). L>eiaa?, Liverpool, Onaaall, LIU,' A t o. ol ip Gartno. Blatcke Bremen, IJecai Sen k I'ulherdt Str ip Levi nil.ire, rtriukland, New Mrleaa*, P**'o a livid .-lip Julia Band. Uulkley. Noothport, T W addle. Laia C Utaabiia*. l>aab?:a,aun, br oi .a, I. st W Burare. Batk Til! ard Cobden (Br), Laacuard, AauterJam, Punch ktin be. bark Elena (dard). Cancer. Genoa. M Caatlcaldl. Ink N.u.r<d. kulitaoi., Niwr broeawirk. J W Ulnll. Pail. Malta ll< Tttb. P'al tuia.-n, tar an nun, LVmili A Cd. Ur>? I'idiare, Durttiu-, Na?y Bav, A G Ui-tics. hn* Hull t-'heca.ruan. Pt rt au I'r n e i? L *t a Ferria. l-iit i'airivt, lotiliiuie. Liverpool, Ml, IHO A Bait n. Brip Wradtrer (Br), Davldton, Wlodaor, NS, J i WLitii k ('?. H>l( e nrrata, 8tono, Fivai-nob, f turret. Clearman ft Co i-r a Baltimore (bicin), larlckt, Maiuiuore, i'ateniud: t ht n acl. er. Crip Atnnlei, 8p< fford. Philadelphia. TJ W Trundy. Mri SaliB |Bi) K-niy. 1'ort an rrioee J cbr I ncua ( br ). Ley. ilalltav, H G Ui'itvag. kitr L<nia?, I urn t. 11 arleat.-o. N i. M t.'nauy. i el r I)l>n.< nd, t arttr. Alaaaadrie, Yaa Hiuli fc 81a?ht f l r I at III e, L'lltt n. N, I em, N ". Ft l.r Lnira Tuille Cornell, Norfolk, 8tur:?a, Clearxaa Co Pclr Reperca. Wncltie, r. tefilnry. J Hurler. Pel r M-iiy t.l ta. pti.-tn I'hil* lalt J vt t? <e?. ?i>r 11 Tit a Jire. Kitchen,, Ph.iedali-I in, j vt Pub' Geo M Pn.lil. I'owkn a, Pliilat elpbla. J VI McKee. ? tr t rn-li* raclVlle, b' ttco. l>ai ioa It Jpraue. Pi I r * H towtn, K'Li. v F'tevidiaie. relr Major Min.'i'ld, buaLell, JrE?tcnt- n, R P Buek I o t n ti-a. ? Mtt mar.a l Hltatjpnta, J \ > Kr t a. H.? t ctat?r. Thratl:'r Taunton. 1 ha I'til bi.g ?>?j em AUllar, cl<l en t'rtday for l.laboa. TlaartcntMiBta'. of tlx. cltaraaea at Ilia at !IM> ? t* 'till ft) II. tor irrltatta, in jia'arday'a oa.nlM aditioa, > |t'tiaiuj?. lltrdaj of nilio* a trio 17th. Aarload. f Lip Croat Waaler* (pit). Mtrarmaa. Utorrotl, Am *. if u <<>a ar il ruan>;i (! It Kititill u U. flip K'taaiit P 8a?n (nrr li'dnj) K .tooa, l..ierp Ar? lie rocie ?ad .'>76 fa ?ear?ra, luTr.ltant .n. rtf?r.t?l llihlartitrl) vlitnta calui all tl>? yaait~o. a i a l.?a?j riUt.m 1 to ,NH . flip K m ttaaliah. 1'rariKn, Uti a. June 27. UilfMl, il) .ai, ?ith n ilia, t i rlrr. balk lit tinikr (0. ? ). llarJrt liri?'a. 47 daya. ia itlaal a:ih IIs t 'laa. "#> r? t A A II lit <7 I .' a IK i7. taaa frotna f'rtnr. booad II Tr. V * ia in< li. Nli) J in iro; fat ir lo lanl ran n?i ra lark H Intro |!>aid). GiuUtto, If a.i-iltti, tdUaja, ith .', lo A I i I an. Nrl* farab (?f f i lt?at?), ll'l'llauf, Curat' a. A n 27, ?i'.h >*a?. lo Ti ? A I'tik't-a I 11? f 11' nil a I.i t. n {. I B. a do ii.htrr.) Kparll. Mauvital, itji. ? lib ataar tie makoianj, to T Wat u t >n. fciiaf fn at |?l Jin ll?i>t). (i?r?uT. >e? Urltma, X ja, ii 1. atdaa. t? .1 ! kiltlia kit At: 2?. lit Si, m 7". laftrl'B'td a ?a'.*tr"m K: t; ?bi!a Mint oa?i r eloaa i ii?n t. faatl. at .1 I'M. tftprnd a KI kick ??i-M f art of , i k Ii a d Mitl.i ir', attar aallty and until Boat, or.'ka till#, aid rirtiraa r'ln r din. a at. ttr krig makina ait r { kail 'It f tt-i' toa?taarly run*. Si da--, lit ft y, i -| |ii t|' I'. it Ir KatliU Caai It if r. >i. * Or!' ana I r ato?: l a di tr. lat 32.'*). Ion 71 ifl. ?* a rt..ila ?ith i rl '?ntw Br t -r (?((' ' i tf ), Kay, u?:V a. * dvt 'h > a Ur. to liit.rt 1 ft- *. ' I r t fcaalta A m -.?? (<i .N'? Harm). Vil'.-r. Uaioa. <aja. a.If: i.i 1*. t? VtCh/tit. A r Id, lea 41 <'? *1 I MiaAUfi. mth it.i ?, i.b. all (Ur Brrat'a (M Hwrnitl), Biiaiacar. Mrra.ail?. V Itli f. ht < A I. Ian.-r ( I hMtr.aah), Dar ? Cart'a;#a?. , ( Kith inhr*. t? ??ln?? * .< irm hi *?u 11|. r. (lii I KiT'ni.fc'U I'rla'? 1. * s rd Wlar.d. , 4t)?. ?ith tla,??r. t? h I' Btti fc t rr ltd'i 'ii< an, Itiry, NC, Hiji. with | a-.?l tint?. ri hr Mat) K i'.ir u ?r">aa* *>?a?. Plyraaath, S C 1 da it Mhr '/ i lit, Kr??. I ItBiotli, MC. ' Ja>?. f l r ll.niirs,'Icttft. K -. n.? nd, 4 dajt. Eil.r 1u? rtti.d d?i>r?. I>at tea, It dun *d, 4 day*. Itl r I. Maurinf), l rata, r ai< aandria, t d??. f-tr J Ertatatd. hr ??, Vi.-sinii. {'IrGrayra. Rud, Vit-'ai?. h<l.i i'rrt Jiar. UacMfft, VirylrU. h. tka?? j, Br><? a tlr?(ata. f I r M'ry Ana. JatNtt. V irtiaia. r?* i l ?ai<f, m < d. t iiyii ia. hrlrturlali'irr. ir?. Tirytnia. f'lriiiliti litll' Mtdai.r? Vitaiaia. Itl.rMa ??, I rd?ll, Virtlaia. f'l r L M?n' r- >. Vr n CHi r, t l?tlnla. f'lt J-M B Driik. >|*. PUladOi hla, i day?. ;. ? r kail?, M .Hum. l'a|>? May, 2 daya, b< ??d i? a?i a. A V t' >,? ?'< rn* Chr irh?r'ai*. B?ara?, Bnatra. 4 dart. Fl r Iaij'vll? t, d o? all, Bort.ia. I daya. M-lir >???? < hif Mil. Br.ttoa. I day?. (?hr M M K Chat?. Boat?a. 4 day?. M ifiW, M?k?riop. Bctei. 4 daya. h*..rMiUt B. ana. W ardam. 2 day?. I?l r hirah. I'?rry, ht? B?aford, 1 day?. h Lr hiU-a Kidman, ft: ricaa, N?? B?dl?(d, } daft. Frl r < t mhridr?. 1 ?rk, fnrtlaad. L day a. Btl r B tela. Rlodrt. Richland, d day?. t*> r Chi atfdah?, BahMda?, R?i klaad d dajt. I,r MarMtl.i ad Cntt?r. Rn'kland. ? daya. Ma? ! Aat?c?i at. Cat?. Boetoa, 5 daya. 11a Ir.Hnklny arrt??d ra I ridat -B?hra Rll*a Rrdaaaa. ,?armaa. nrd Fatah. I'arry, NBtdford, Aadrt* Ba???. 11? A, B< area. r t'l l akip All ir) Gall?'.la, Drlaaa, far LKtryaal. had ichi ltd at lh? ? W Bfit. ur II- Wiad at aaartaa. |W, ll?ht at rfidiaa, MM* at ikaat. TlUgnyiK BMIRl n?p*ru> liinwiii. Bart It 4frl?*4? Bark Aethi, Rlc Jaaairc. Bi In Mill 4. Mf. Horn Id Marina OwrrupnadM**. pMn.tnitniii, B?t t IM m. irrtraA-Btaaraahiy f)?f r'f. r???r, Charlaatoa; aehtBaal ' nri ? I. Rialm-an Claa?-4- Bt- aaallr B?a> Fraaklia (atv), Raara, B?-t?a? irk* /oka f armeia. wlli-ly, I'-manhuco; F.the, II-waa, ' tea; O.raM, ( ha-a. 4c; brta T W Bmlth, Parry, W*taath; aatra ft*ail Laract, Ntw'Bry; Llllla Bann4*ra. ('aria, Prcri4.aa?. Iai|ira Prfca. 4?: Wm P R'lilian a. Haifa >cr*('h. 4114a, Dtlaay. 4a; K-baca Fan. Ort, B?a I TLMtlUr. Rlilatt, Htrtiora; tuaaiar Eaaaataa, SaytvlKTll Macallaanaa. Aim Ran a Rna<r. la at at ara, foaa4?r*4 la the Call, leal 40 all(i ft' bi Ray W- it ib4 a*at 4o?a imaa4lat*ly. f ? eaptain aa4 ' r?w aata4 acthlar ka? ? hit ihay 1 n a at Wa4a rayrta that b? acrar aiyatli ar*4 aneb boitiar aa wtatkar ia hia lift. ImaCi'tik, aFlah |>al lata, Ray Waal. I?aky. wit (ram rlai4a4 lar RTarh, aa4 t ~.i?4fr<? U'arrta F? 11a AaaTu Otfard. N4. aMIaaff Kaal ItlaaA. r? at tUi aaa fua lat?t hy tabr lacrahaafar. fa. m HalMa <ra ha A T aaak fa a 4a# mtwlt aft. r f'ayt ('<*>% aa4 arav iraly taaar'aa a #i ihair llaaa Tha l??a ttlla < ?ry h*?< ' y a td? 'B?t?ia, r ifa ' 4 .ra hio??tlr? ft- fr'a ? aorta RorieiA. KougetaL from Beaten for Mewfonnd I land. *11 loot of Tamelfn la a (ale 27th ?U, raaacl aad onrga a total lota; crew tared. Two Botri *m r. oently picked up off florid* roof, rapWwd to bnre belonged to brl( Cordelu, Curtiam of and tot Bottoa ft. m Trinidad, whleh aid 14th at'; on* of them had 1 "Cordelia" on tt? ontiida, tad "olort m"on the laa'de ThiLiuit i fo? TMACHaa'a lai amc-A oommunlratloa In the Beaton Traveller atataa that " lhe fcaeteru light upon T1 aohor'a Itlanl baa eahiblted, durina the laat fortnight, a br (lit red appearance, whan teeu from the Northward or nrar R.ekport, v hit* the Wetter I riipbt .at ahowa, aauaatl, white, ee the Pattern formerly old. Thia ohnnge in arpear' nice baa Lata general)) notiaod br peraoae at Kookport, wha ay it la of recto, occurrence " pafean. I hhip Antarctic, Richer, tiom Lleerpool for NEork, Bept 5, ' ; lata/}., ion a.i, louhif AB,tr,u*' '* * Lirerpoal fcr NTcrk, Aug U. lnt Si, Bl ip New World. Knight, from Liverpool tor N Fork, Aug ill. lat 62 21. Ian 21 l>2. . BLb?'k.S%'A1!-, b *** <rom OUagow for NTork, Aug id, lnt J8 Sc. ion IS,1.. WhalNnan. Bid from N Bedford llth. ahlpa J a, Edward. Alloa Mandril, Cowper. 1 arka K jah. Alka r-aiiar, nil for Nraoihc. Another aoo. unt, probably ocrtaet. anya tha A Maadall. t oe per. and A Trial, r. a'd 10th. K. tun ed llth (or 12th). akin Draper. Collin, whloh aid 21 1 lor Atlantic Ocean, leaking law ttrokea In 21 houra. In Boy ot Itlenda lab rti, Lewie, Clement, N tt, 730 ap tFottn-b.Mp UaruataLle Coon, of NBedlurd. Aug IS lnt IIS, lon??W. H Korrlgn Porta. Borinu, Aug 27?Ad* Corn. Irahclla. and Parle, far N Y'li; ll< pe Swaeey, for ThiladelpLia; Bruntwicg, August Auolph. hem deer, Kadfua. Medetaaeh, Horace, Her wade, Durt, tilando, Jenny, and <Jo?rgea tor NOrletna. But tt UHArtn. Aug 23-Arr Amelia, Bcnderaon, London; 2Kth. I'ttiuy. Jul i ? u, do. Bt i ra.T, Aug 23?did Elizabeth Meant, Hilleit, Malaga. bliit>TOi.. auk 2.? Arr Hedciunk, Kinh, St dtephea. No. Baac-ai oaa. abt Auk 2U?Brig .Vnupken, Jicritljcw, for at 'Ihouu torn; only Am v. aoel in putt. < aia i'ti a. July IS?tripe Ionian. Mow. from Madrna, %rr lllli a IVth, to lend fur Beaton; Francea VVhitu?y, Fuller, for io, nit ready GitivH, Tucker, for d.i, Sort! dnyt; Colnmtis, lor do fckt half loaded; Albania, Crowed, lor do, taken cut of dock !*tli, reloading aud to tail abt 1Mb; Stra to. Hutacy, t?r do, before reported put back, not tini-iticd dun; Main thou, Waterman, for do. abt going into dork; Orieaa. San. Urdu, lr* barta Weaaaeumoon. Fatenv. tor do 2 or 3 t'ajr; / llioth. Lui.t, for Loud >n, out of dock, reloading. l ark Juniata, C I.cover, for Bajton, went to era i Irom bond tiradelith. coattct- } vmatha. June 1?Sblpa c'laifornia. Woodbetry; riato. lord. Merlin?, Pitman; b.ran Thetta, Crandall, ami Lucille, M > lab. wtx new crop of pepper, aud others reported .lure 1.1. Ike 1 i|th price ol peppermakce it doubtful whether ill the ear tela t ad aufficieLt lunda to purahase cornona. Cai i(. abt Aug IS --Id ahlp Corn ear. Conn. Bo, torn. < aoMTAiT. /til? 19? fterke ltaimion, Jaoka.n chrtd to lead tor N) rfc: lu.'Oc Queen, Drnmmond for Boko abt ready; t< J < 'I.a tire, I'llabury, lor d? toon. Sid 17th. ehlp John W White, MeSonr, NYork. a. s> g 17? arr Stw llatnpahirc, Chase, NYork. Bid 21 tb, I'ertkal.ire Joheton. do. In'o leg. Utah W'alk.r, for DemarAra and; Micirac lor Bali'ax and t'harleeton. t <m in. auk .S- cld T A. 1' Woodward, Woodward. Rio Janeiro 1'AHTtfAnana, NO. Ana 24 ?Brig Cobden (of Plymouth), Cornirh. In ui Mary Ray lor St Jago, I put in with eaprtin aid crew etc k ). cctrXaryD tculi, Bcull. aid tor NYork 1 j tfaya.preTioia fr* i.. Aur 17?Arr Cbaa Hill. Lccraw, Quebec f -r London. (Id li th. 0< < >l Que. t. Grl??old, Mondcn irom N Fork. FAiMoraii a or ?Arr I a ox. llowea, M.tani? f i bin a t'li, Aug 23? Arr sncauaa, Lean i, Fradoriokaiitvan for H.rceaox. f 1.1'aminc. A ok is'.?v Id Apollo, Ingham. Newcastle. Onnoa, Any V3?Slip F.eplndola, Baratow, fir Sicily, loin; bark Jan ea f niith. Lovett, ate. auk 19? Bark Araylo (Br), to load for Boston, and o h. ri at tefore. Oi.ovrt.ara n. Aug St?Arr Kanawha, Uiggina, Philadelphia. 1 ItvLi. riev to Aur 1*- Old Tamnrtn. PatcMar, WJrlaana. I Havki. au* JO? --Id Bavaria Anihiay. NYork. Ade Uaac l>tII. 1 enuel Dyer Globe, New ?n;;lan 1, and 0 fc II I lark for NOrlrane; Helvetia. Tcnnoeaee. Lancashire, be public, Havre, and aolin C<, tcr N Tcrk. urn roci., Any ai?arr Marion. Sampaun, Cronaaadt; | 21th. /.tie, i-iletj, and Iracx, rmlth, Quofcco. Hid Jll'h, | L atiiel W obet.r, Howard. Boston. The or vessel Beacon 1 aid 2Jd fur Napue, not N Orient, a. I Au? Ft ropa (a). Lolt. for Boat n dth Inst. A lo'aol" Met i call, Sett. d>. lev: Old F.ngltnd, Lowell, do 6th; Vail.rl ! ihirc, Brovn do .nib- l'acitic (a I, Ny.. tor N York 31: atrlca (a). Kvria. oo i;iti ; Uuutaran. Patterson; Col Cava, I ! tka>e. Mrcii in , Pendltun: Oco Urecn. Redman; Lady j Qohait. Ri .er?, tnd Iraao Wright. Fwrb?r do 1ft; A Z I C'liaudltr, and'i'emperf. I'alt.u dodd; llibemia, Faulke. do j i 4tli. Jenny loud, liunec: Liverpool. Gardiner. and Tie '1 io- ] ri'?i. ?Mi.; Jit Sfsmia, do I'tn ; uarri r. wn it i liaritek, ii i* Olopiat. da lltli. Sim*'" Kin 'it a. 11 l.'ilh: Kj'it i K "Her, no I Ith: I on at yui . n mnd I'onti. out, dm 1st1!; Johd In. moil. do a tl.; t/nvrn o' tlia Wort. do Slat: Win t*eati, di I .lit!; liar rot t'i bitty. Win laitehco.k, (,'haa Croek'r, I i'ritieeti n f > npiiu, hi. 1 aid aUi>i>. and Shannon do *ith i nMli'Ji: Kl i.olr marnoii, f-r Philadelphia Mli Sirm't, di llth; Altai, (insult, do l*th Maiy llalc, t r balmoora [ Xl'tb; Atatria <. harfentea, with deepatch; Ooboraa. Nowell, lit Km ( I'd: hhir >, IliJer, do ith: Jot*pl.u?. bay. do III; Pyramid, II. nberton. do lftth; daioa, Croiby, no 2bi|; Join.? I otter, do vitb deapmteh. tatt li rldillih. Sttld Cinaua, X York ; Cundar, liar- ' ?. P'ntii. Iiland, and H'iaimaaot. IdMo.i Atir iT-Kbtd li aard, Milan. Stnrdirant. from Hati|ue lalai ii (hirer tt Laartooi-): 9*tb, Gcoraia, Lludaey, 1 tailao. In |f rt Inra, Gooi'rlofc, f. r Boat?n, Idr: Far Weat Bri ?rd, for Mjrlmi a. do TitlMia, t'l amnion. for ? Vi.rk a ."io day; lna< pi nanme, Ci rdsn. dorept#. darter t (.rant. I'm', it i 1Mb: I'a rirk Henry, IIaboard, do Slat; Good-vln, Weeks, . and Zmoi i?. Jack.eo. f. r do Id*. LiuHoan Alia ii'?1*hiji Virsima. Pnodleton. fro-n Trice'* to load for N } oi k; katk? f ranklin, Ml ekoll, for I'liilalel- j I bin am. day; lana Uiala. aac; bnr Kadatsirtn ( -?r J I, lr< m XY'.rk, via Genoa bid arrvi .ualy, ibio Nimaara, , llm) ore. X Yerlr. kin., Aor I!*? Ttetk "oltaaa Watatn, from Bo ton for I ' niirba. e'er, l ad ly daj to Gibraltar and lk u..r* to Malta, ?ith llmbt hi-od oiada nod laliue Mai -?iiii- Aik23? Id H W Monenre Titcoinb Malaga I Ada i. nmterlaad, and Diogi nee, forXOrleana. A tl Kim i all. for Bixtoa. Mian iiai, dux 2i ?N gin meraele ia p?-t. Mai ana. An* P??B.rke ( armeu ( p). for Nl>rl<ane 71 I data; tan AnOi" (r i) lor NYcrk. r-adt; leipier li>an|, I t'o do: Ar ti n, Maloi ..y, tr na Padi.\ arr llitd, to load f,.e m York: 11. ro<-t.oiI, ?n .na. and Jeanctt. ilaairr trum W:l. flnatm, M tin ' arlha^. na nar: biiee Frederick, Promhy, I rd Mnril a t* ortl ii ati a trermaa. Ir>.ia and for lloaton nrr re ol iiih. oidered to it daye qnaranaiae: dentinal. Rurcii, 1 . r Mirl. I:d an-t.a. ?adur i Br), lioaoa tr'.ni d >, arr I .t ! to load lor do; Carta. Dyer, fur Hoeton. not eo'inearud Hit: idFia Hunt. EdnerC*. tor > York tame day; Fair. , to oadl. rao. Th* four reurle tor N York tiete the only onee Ida ftr bint .in 11 r?a IB tin LKIairt N r* roiiT. Aor i7?-Id Niube, Tlmxai, NYork; riln-iim Evano. AleimadrlB (fnyyooed Kcypt). | I'linTon. na. lute Arr London, flcknrd, London far !4 1 fit (el d pr "*<ded ? II.) I'm. Au? v?Gil, Princeton, Pe*?. fr?m Rriotel fir ( ?o.? Jam k Barbara, in n. Ne?p?rt. E. for HYort I ? i a t >?ti.o *. Aoy U?aid Joaapb Porter, Bltokia, (from oLi-Oieo | Ia\< ipoi I. ki.lulM , Ana'"?01 .n Alktnar ft arr* from Ma mala I a bauri'iua, arr .nth, v.n<-; brig Koophanlel (Datii), tr I B? Hon Iff. Bio if hi no, July J7? 81a bark CUnlonia Wrubi, ilafflr, kit ntarldto. i?on?. tij?' bid Vrlrna K<?*. Madeira, v 'i rai a- i a"i v"?* Id Uaorgr la lilltm, Darla. Boaton (arppiard I'Mttnl I a u\k? a. 11 a 17 ? B i? 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Wald baro' far i I'l.ilaittlfhi* ! Air ia L<??r Darlcr 10th, aotr Star, W' Rt-klaad , ftrMcik. FORTI.aN'T', Stak II?Arr 'ahri lacrrtM, aad Ophir, Jf I ' Tatk, l.ry, tlart, Ban tar fur Ufarfc. KI'liaoND, A?r* II?Atr aUamir City of R otimond ' (r.ttr), T?r?y. WTcrk. lria Arituina. Nlokeraoa, Wloda-r, INS. 51 d tutrttr Pi aatyltaaia, Baymura. Philadelphia; i hr R W> it t?r. lllln-aoortlv, d<>. PA vaNNAU. f tf-Arf awamaMp Alabama. Ludlow, , > V-rk: ictrr P?a Oiil', Ballvk. llataaa; uajvila, Saotr, 11 llaotlph ia t ill a. p?p? I'? Art brl* Romp. I-a?a?n Caytana aehr Ma-tla Vtrta. Pnilt NTork. Rid btltr Oaatlle. I'ay-nna. ! W AMI1MITO.V NC, 9ap? ?Arrafkra Pa.'it*. Parrotr, Nhark Mtltilla Cat? Boaata t.'ld tt'i, aobra tf tahlaataa, rt'ra; B P Uaaka aad Oa?M, Powl?r, NVark; Ptk, 9 j W lllr'u. hnith, da: I'ltuplioa, limman-. lb I t. it lLMiM. ro*. Papt il-d Id hrlt John K Lta*. Oltrar. Malta ra tthr P. 8 Pontll. W alt*. NTcrb. Paftanfirl Arittad. s^EaSSi? i ? k ^ t j <J, flllMi#?Mil la tk? (??* #. i v tHn vz.""^' v,r "" m?-j' * ? . J?. c.fii.u, S^iVivaVr'I?*""' *h" ?nfTn.i-?f?.fi?. ( *ftf itkt i ,\k- .fefcr y k I Liair-t ?*? . PMMftn MlMl. ktlaattr-Han R?l|f J Wklkcf I "" ' ' ",111 r, inn W?-l - x ? r Mr*ia?r. '*%!? ?n BlMW'.ti 4* O ll ?, J'. *rrt??t*U; t I 1 Clsrp. J ' Uwtrty, W H Hwptoi, Mrs Hwttn M4 child. NYork; J Pcttrr. Phdtdclphit; U Apsild, rrttoei r.T.ifH ft; Mrs A f Klsy. child arid ourtu Ct.arlsetou; Mrs T U t urtis ltd Stors. bl Curtis, U F Harris, H Vwii, Mm Untiif hull d; | S Brum, t >rmcis. A V?i H.tscs, T W . tiui.b, MrsUsxk. NYnrki I Fi.h. P.orisvtae. W II Levi* * J I sloavll. rbiltdelpbis: I 0 Williams, In.-land; R W Ho, Bitinn Baltimore TMcMsou*. Ueaioo; O Bi'lov. N7erh| M Is * PrsscrsrS Heme; W p *urteri. Lntdon; P T liiiftf Hinder: l?r A tttryer. Mrs Urreer Si Louit, D A NeaL Msiutl Mm J II Mleodsoed, NTurk; U Until, Bttlll ePirk Cennest isn't T Mc'.'lnry 1'ittsbur*; 1 W "tor arts* errS'lunttr: J W Hierp, Philadelphia; Mr Ootids?. B?stoi I J M l.?\ln#oP, Hit 1 rlarop, Mobile; R tv 8mne, J R Piters N<rr !.?; I. Dotrlryuti, Mrs Tiouitnauei. D Rvya. L Ooioslrs, Pd< It Vils html; K Robertson, Hcitlard; L Aa b Hots. Ivstti Win faith. Mrs Suits. N York: L Pvtsrs, N Bedford 8 i.svy. Mrs Levy, Mirirsns. fpccu, ?*Hd.AJ?. tHSOKisS-h'rsauhlp Ohio? ? A Ksndtll. C 8 M niton. P > Isui'rri. f Itrtuisn. T Ambrovs tad scrrsst A W daetW J Bitutlit*. s?it W Wine. Dr it K.rers. 0 Rnwvrd. Jehn Mies, Rcr John Tt ( irpsoo. ltdy ttd lufsnt, (I W Rossrs, t Osslitot, Wui fmlth. Ospt Ahermtn, M P KR Co mrchanlas, K kest*'. N Clsy N Bmrm J Vtrdoosr. I Vail. JnoOUn* ton. J ^iuiiot J R Mtrtin, P E Bonwell, Wm Ftirhurt. Jns M. Kt r.rir, 8 r> Levitt. vitl, It I ottrell, F Mtson J Lest K Wtshhrrn. T Hup. M Mtrtin, J W list). J B Ceoty, U Thcfcro M Freske'te.W <J llronMt D Wcsd Jr. A H Betes, J II Otis. MPsull. F Wrlh. J T-Iislllcs, Wm Trnsirs. Wm (ox. R Mrdirn. C Fall. II J Allen. 11 Harper. E Lss. B fbriinst, C Hitl. A Adsmii. J U Alsrs, J Rod vise, J Hilver, J fctmcs. M Peemes. I'hss fi'lcck, Id W Preswtck. A i'ressick, J Press Irk, C Wrillssk. A l> Fehton, J CoslinK, J Mrsn. (I l.rsti r ? Litter. K Pier?"n. T R llo viand. A Herri-, M Kidrl. II Kit". A Waters tnd uthsrs. whose ntrxss ill Is pehllfbtd on Mrndsr. numbcrirs In nil Al# BarimiH? fctestnvhip Fl"vids? Wui T*trail. OBhnfler, M H bbsldon. I' Coles. 1> I' fpeuloln*. V R Barker. Tbss ? fieri rosy. K C Berltr. A M Filsshuan and Servant H J birlt, Hu I GilJSth. It H Sims, B I' i'ltanon J W Jo???, J fxodyrar. J f F< ?er?, J l> Lt Root.a, I W Waring. W 8 Foot I J Hi s and lady, J V Con nt rat. (. Ho'b St, A J ass. JMUvrsirr. 1 Mslarsy, Wm Badd Jr. O A MTluotey. lsdy. rbUd at <i srrvatt, John 8herr"t. J U Cobb, J W Her- . ton Jikn W K?lly sod lsdy. D R slim, F L Wlr.o. 8T < Ballet tnd eon. \V 0 A'.leu. N Wolf. Edivd McKay. D llesrr. < Mrillerry. DHionip and lady, Rev J A Ponniman. ladv srdrbild. K A <' Irlcuch. M J Conlsr. M L Tliomnes* ltd lsd>. Miss Ballan v. Miss Wriybt. M-s Creiory. Mrs B B Csrr Aebildreu ai -t-vtrt. C J M.?< i..u and lnhlld. Jen. Miee tr B Adi i- Mm John Shannon. Mr. Ilibua, W t Brltin. C C Bird A ! Johuson, A M Pood, Mr. Tioktinr.iil de> gb'r r. II Lyon. 1' -- J ft-kt, E 8wift and lady. Joo Atoiih ardiedy. J K Cedy U<iT, cliiid and kervmit, Eliae Day, lidr and ci lid, T I' Kern' lw<r, child and nryut, O M WitIrtt .Dd o.lrc, M'e. bit. H. Mr. Krgiinder, Kcr John L Oay, W (1 Pi oh*. I' /'.ojybei nrd lody, John Longhridge, I) f. King mere, U Iti .. i .ml Inf.. Mr. Uwauton Mr. J oh* I. Ivy two iHIiitu anc t t vant, Mrr J T ltoae, J VP daaderr. WV Hvatt. A U(i: n ard friend B T Bi.thnne I. / B'-uird, N i Thtmpun S I ipruati, J -I Pan id. Dr Lnokoti, M Pinch. J T l'oi c K Merrill, A I, lolnunn, O Q Child.itaiah pollard Vt reirbanl., A N (iunouon. II 8 Garlhld. * little, F J1 Klchardjon .1 E I co l.-ffinan. fl T Cerr A 8a?t E Kub'er. M MRerlngir Chaa Ulewor'h, Mrs Morrill. Mr. Kid er. W ni Bodil. n. Il-nry 8 Chafllu. B Bju?(L J ri linlr.m, Mi.a a J liri ht u Fruni'u Adinu, 3 Storm S II Fl" urn.y?H4 in the rage. Kio im. Va?Bteamir Kccn-ite?A Thoratoi. I.ud. Ihd. E it Crtenway 0 lady. Mir. 8 P Lodlain. J W bur* fridge. J O I.ndInn. W 8 Vitrei, M m O. i?k. J M Mtila, 8 Hitrmen. W B llaylec. I. Smith. Mil* K Bradley. J -loholn *1 d lady E Orrret, J Pry. J Atidnra-in, Mr. J Darey and child, I' Barrett and lady, 0 II Ouabar. Mia* Adama. Mr r.rirb and lady. A lirowtr and lady, C Oakley Jr. and lady. J W Spilth end Udy. OSUIVAIh The nakhied woman's private medical comranion By Dr A. M., Prvfr.inr of Dlauaee* of Women? 'i rent loth KitVn Id Dio., pp. 2SU?I'rie* (I. V t ar. of .uf.i I irg. oi phi.ical and mental auguinh to many an aff.otn a ate wife, aau (xouoUry ditileult ?. to the hea band, might bare been (pared by a timely poaaeaelon ofthlB . work It I. Intended retecially for iImi tnarrird, or Uioca | oontoa plating marriage, ar it disclt ee* im portaut .eorita, aliieh ?i on id be known to them particularly. To throe view health d-'e not permit of an inereaee *t family, iti ot eipedal Imp rtance. line. al.o. tvery female?the wife, the mother?the Ma# eith.i budding i .to w< e.uli-oil. or the one In the decline of y<rr.. in whom natnre 11 t> template* an important 0:. a age. <.i u diecover the rem*. tymptom*, and the moet utfljieat rem. ire. ond meet certain mode of cure, in every complaint to wl i< h her era ie evident. ( k ltrrot oi a letter fir. m a gentleman in Dayton, Ohio.) DavTon, May L laair. Db. A. M MAvniCBAti:? Mv PrAR 8m:?My witohaibccn pereeptibly linking foe ome three yraie or more in rotter^nence of hor groat angtiieh eud enfTeriog eotnc muntin hetoto and dur-nghcre me tn itfi.t; every,1 one more aod more drb'limtoM nd preetrated l?r. putting htr tifn i.i i utniivent danger, ud : i.i, ?ti'. UtuilNMriH it tpjired of. I auppoeed Utah ti.i. eteie tf tl.infc. ?>i iBeviieile, tnl ro.igued myeaif ie uiot t tU' woret At thi. tune, (now about Pro month*.) L heard yt r 1 ink highly .pukee of. a.rvtitnlnirg .omematter. reaching my it e. flu Its reor-ipt and perual, I ctueot t?pr?.? tu you tl e relict It alloriied my diatre.eed mead, and the joy it. pagt. iu.p.rtod to n.y ait*. ..n L.ruing toat ttac grtat very of M SS. Deconiran t j -ovldcd a rem.Jy. 1% cpen.d a troipeit to t,i?. whlohl littia coneclyed waae.itmbic. But lor tbia, ere another yaar would hae. naeaeg oeeg try tod. in all tinman probability my wife would have Oeem in her grave, and my children left molht rleca. it ir, fl toor.e, impracMi able to convey more folly tbn ?nrion. euljieta treated of, a. iLey ar? ol a nature etrtctiy 1l d lor t l.e >r. I r i.ol or tb n,L'enir,Ltinii m ? ee ur. FarialontZiJ llroao* jy. ai d nt the Put luiuun otftc?, UV liin'y f> * kcrk; a.lttlo k Co., Ait.>>;; J-utph "ticker it. t>i)o, Alabama; T It Pctcrauu, Ml Chattntt i s i: -u i. ii. tig the r?<oipt of ft, r copy a ill t* tranamittr J b; mull, fro* r< pottir*, t? t:y pi't of ti c L'niteii rt. All loMocs t. n.t to OI..I. I I; |.fct I. ? Mr. 4 M. >11un .eftu. k| ifJt, Nf* Y ork city. Officii, l?? l.ibor'y gfrsal. N1U VKD1UAL MQU-A OMnMnUQTUItl v . ' tg till nat nr? and lr ttu"iii w MMf tlwmt d rll tlt tir.trid r.Torii. sa?i'itittrttud by a qraat noaaki r ' f t.*a vtile 11) eclt rtd plat. >, ? Ism- ?a lift?by U ito-t Ji?t?i k. M 1)., lertuj.r on nrr ry and <ll?. aaaa of mo lot* i hit od nutur*. It U14* i|imr?o. ' *> p? . a?o?n4 edition, free *10 Fitrart from tb* Mint n iitui *1 and Prti'lcnl Jcirnal?"I i may B* ?ntd. taarleaelr, to b* fiaot to Hrcid'a n- d' ?un'? ?trta i>n t c a?n? family of 'Uaaiaat, a ii lit n. parlor to inytklttf of thaktlid gtu PuMuhed In tl i* country" Author of II o Fieoi.y Phytlcim," frit# i ci t*. Author 1 I a wnrk m ".toll Afcua?. and ita Doftln-' r*lli l .T ctt two., 1.1 rut* . 1 i. II, to. rtoi-a plat*a,J>n?? (1 For aal* at tlir pokltni.ara M'hl Ni>Lti t* T'> WHSmSD, Mrcauwat, and ty the anther. & I limaairay. DV I * CftOIXS Pkl TaTE MKMCAL TitlATTSK.? 1 t i*?p ft k." a ever put lit'.*-:--J' tp and 139 Am ltnica on t,.? yl.jaiulory of Martia r and ti.?aei ret la&railiea am. ai'crdara cf ytr.h ted teat irity rvMiittny from to Itarv 1 nhit* *hli b drat-ot tst p\.?ica and mtntal po*? 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II t-aa?a of all lr-n?*t of fc- nl*a. *huth?* mnrd >4 urainrla Ptiaaprra ?b>. ra-:?tr* tar-iral aid. a*tor* a nrnlaitift ar> dot tor o?sh? to ??. ? mhrf rr tie eta* la prupnrl* "nda tood and itnttri- n ly iratM by Ma gliyiitibi, aa| il u? a i ru apclnai the imtu^tioa of qnnikarr an p* v alt at lot Miout.t.i lioMif La i'Toia ta a l.'aally qnnlia^ prnrlitioarr at.d haa fur to.-r>r jnn Itn'rd hit ttudlaa to tf* ant.Jri'ta of * LI fi f .a boob treat a. Any p?raon aondlac ii roiit -n n i-tt*r r?a? p?ld, ?ill -*rs|*a ?o*y by naatL at B?ai-t pira f- r ?? dollar. Adiroa- l?r M B Lt I'twi. 4 I fttititrrtt. *lti?),h Y. PiM by liurcata ft Of ratt* tad ftnnai r A Ta* tiaond, F23 Hroadoay, Nt* York. DR. I'l LARRY, AITIIOROT TDK " 1'RIV ATK VIM I '?I U?W-." >?. *1 !.> (- uri near trrniny, t'? r-tt tad *<l'?nlir-* If* author ha* -rvj"r*4 dnrlaa Mlff? j?tfV rti d? if* >a In' principal cilia* *f Iu?f( ad America. ????!* him It narraat. la thl* radical** kraauhtf tkt it'L certain, quick. aod rvilral cut**, a* raa k* (trained ft m aa?lli?ri<nrci la Amirlia. 11 I* eh.?djr. I ?* i??r. * dICi. rlt. *f mpl.-atcd and uanlaaiR trrilnl iwi, lilt tla nrtHti *111 (til) kc uprr**iat*4. St., 1" L.I* air* <b? lamntor of ikca Itirraiana IirtraiMHI lul ?att Ibn crploratl* c?i>**.|?cnc** *t aarly itnprop*# t:.. It*. Ii fa "iblr. midltia*. k m*, la fact, the *nl? ?< fi*in ft r* a>>ilna f?r Ik.** < nmplilat*. ??nl ia aujr pari of l.i* I tin. 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POTVf I NrilllKO tRAbt' irnjt.-A MATCHLBM B?Jl?lrel? |*1iiufbr|irfi (trf'tllf run afire t'l otkfl irftMlribkif flllrf ?.rt Die r pu'fct.'n I'haft i? at'd. II t.oa fit' rn li tin run tl a mui ni. i. ft It * fi i'i i?f| frit r. at alia It. Acid la lire* rial*, aft fl. riHtlHiu'rlm iff, I; Dr. Hard. .*> f'au?l i'>rt r of Bna4?af. R* mra > ? tr urr II. ilaalraftft * It la II La* at>4, na W r-f-rraa to. Cl (i RuHAPi. JirPRIU. AhTIIM.Tt A I ?jlDV-'u rifle lalitar* frr th* tar* ?< i*t*a*t <i*?r?*?* H Biakaa a ?r**df carr, tritiwifl Ik* Dual raafrtall a al ll*'? drink aapaaa/a, at aba*** la affliction v tar a*i?. lift proprietor ('i?lla*aaa a a art* raa* ?I.Uh lha ta.tlara trill a at rum at d*r Ibe fcrfri'an cl fcaadrad d*:Wr* lllft rut af In cattlaa. with tall dlraatlaPt, al |l. Oa-i brlltft at* a traak?aaat araiatadta i*t day a fnatlikfO. , H. Riaa Iff Br*ad**f, tad II* Barard .Irwl, Ifrw Tf*A W. R. I.ltilr, Id* Baa aaat ifuV Tto.ioa rial I Btaflrtwai | Dr. JKIISMN, NO. U DCANR STHKRT. Hi WIU bannn in lb* troatnootrf 4*ii>ata 4l*tM00. Tb? I)**. tor'* r*tut?'son f r ?k,|. tl'or* Iinif at 4 - ?? th*a bann alatr I for ) **r*. Ilpt??mli ot f ?a*tltnlioanI noafcmMa Ir'ifH on l>| > frft La'It, (flko'aolly oatod. fa?H ?? ' 'rfi In fior )?)?. A ;.nfa< t o?r? or no nlinrno, DR. CObFER, 14 Dl'ANI BT, HAS, fOB T3S Iim gitMwt T**r?, ?*??'*4 bit prvltat W Wn Mint B?M?llMt.'iMllu4 tibcr iliHiM K trotel,d <l!i< *# *. end r.ild run r?aio?*d In > M iM*. I - SMliitti. 4< not ho d*otfr*4 by n aonntoknnb ?A* ktrtcnafM my noma. I >>*?? not Inlt bttif itfwt Ann U 4 rlcmtm my oBlon. wttn it? Mat >?nu la aoatotno m4 enrncry t kit etna try ku rvtr trtlim. A ytfAMNNiR * cha/a*. |\1 WAHBEV NO I M'?TT STRBKT, It lONM'LTRN ' on dioeoita. ?bt?h b? earn* wlihonl ataoney; iniw oeote cared la tin doy*. Or W.'? MrrctMe the rwill t| M.lft; ??i yonti ?a?< ri'.n-j*. um fail* itinn. rM rao dollar. N. B.~-B*e*r* ol n f-iooanoe oiaMMt Ml* by n qnacb In Roootrclt atrtri. No tan tUI nni DR I oortl, 14 MANE *TR?FT, BRTWBRN 0*4* bom ti 4 * I Hem. L?o for th* loot It yonro onjo ?-#4a moot teUaaito practice in yrirate d tra***. N* hrir<w4 the moot ii|rt<il?4 tKflol tM? 41*- IM. and mll4 ***** ooaioard In lira two to Set 4*yi. Or. C. onn *nr# th* ?*ron f"ta. Ik ironi or# to to* nc kt, *f ooaatitatioan] lilty, br?"*M on by n Merit hntlt (ndo'iad in by yo *M art. Thlo. nl.on Iro fi' ,o*u?l? indole*! in, Hi?l? 4i.w|*'b oeaiacea ol the liak* and rmnli of tt* baok, ton' nti..n of tbn Intellect. an4 mtilm to aocioiy A run r n>i?W<4 In ever* cat*, f no eharqt. No mormry ?* A strancre, d?a't bo deccirrd. I am no nay connected %|th a aonata* bank nho i?r*' r.a'ct my nam* I bar* not loft Daana atrrct ft? my lalrtraliy 4lp'.tr?, in m j oft**. MtniCAl, NO CI1AR0B TIIX OCRtO. DR <> rlne.a, itr.a a rraotte* of thirty <?* T*era. onronMtm? fL*L*,T.'' JlhnnA"'i!''*rl *"d r *fkl naaio la thryo day* UrMllly.froaI tho lapradonc* o<LnonMi. bo Inrarlnbly enrdA The *!? <m? of I<ia*krr> aar ,i1f ?a him nllh rlrUiNA I Rrn^ha UMkB 4lf'a?? U pr|r?u?0JM.r<i<rnIR I

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