Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 18, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 18, 1851 Page 1
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TH . WHOLE NO. 69Q2. PODBLE SHEET. _ lAIJM U> Ai-CTIOH DB. HOUGH. AUCTIONEr K.-'>N FBIDAT MORN inf. X 1< Ko'clook. At No. ,46 Oroenwlih ????, All the furniture of a foully letting the olty (In uta tin on the nritif Mat) B Walnut, tit r Mittrown to St? nil (it**? Cnrpoti. hutu. H?r<t ii, ofne. ttihiwany Chairs, Sarbli ton Waalwtandi, Bwrwi. And Tables t match, lirere. Dining and Tun TaMoi, Card *ad lentre. do; MaPoytsj Roeknt Fonry iamm, dtnv- a. Budding. Crockery, GMmwAre. to. Alto, At II o'noek 1 eupcriur Furniture B rrlpg Cort. Auction notice.?Tirm. bill, auctioneer ? By H. N. Belli ?Tbif diy, ?t ltl? o'nloqk, will bo *il4. At 191 Chnmbrre ursct. the f iridium, *? , of a hAndt >me bar Ml dining iaIoou, ooniiattng ?f (hi Cloth. 1'nturoi, Bat, Liqucri, Decanters. k? . Tibl CI eiri, Crookery. Stores, Croton apparatui, moeeable tix'uree and numerous alber articles. Friday, At 1 UK o'clock In the itlo roomi. (0 North WilllAB street, the itock of a Ciqu r And Sugar atom; alto, a valuable assortment of Dry Goods and rentlomen't Fur nlsbicg articles. Alio, At 2 o'nlnoit, it :m Krotdwty. ovir HnaiUt'i Carnage B# poll lory t'e ertntilul model of Mount Vernon, to clots a oo-partnrrahlp with Map, Autograph*, to . worthy attention Sale p stt re. auction not! e-or(>i'? rlei, tea. corrbb. a* March, Unices. tee.,fcc.? (?n Kri lar, Sept. 19th At lutf o'uiock, in front Of till itnro ST l>?y street, Brown Sn r?r, uhnod crushed do , Chicory, Tun. t'r ffie. B'.Arcb, Soap, T.Midlci, Sard I nor, i'rune.. Spin Brandy, Gin, 81 Crolg Bum. Ccrka. Port, sherry. and Uiduira Winoi, Clarut. Mh'ikuel. Eaiainl, Ac. W. A. CARTER Auctioneer, 57 Dry rlrrot._ JM A 1,1.IN. AUCTIONS! R ? 'tSUIONABLE FUR? nltnrn ? J. It. Allen will ml . to. morrow, at IO)?o'clock, pt No. UlU Broadway, a full iMortamnt uf superior fmilnALU roaiwood. mahogany, Aud Mack walnut Ur??l g Room, rarlor, and Chamber Fumliure. Iik uJlng aoveral haudiomi t'arli rtnu la rich kricatnll* and i>'ua\ and a la?g? ootleelien of other furniture. Alao, it 15 o'clock, a lult of splondid Craving Koini Furniture, of rn*o ?omt. iu rich broetCello. Thia mito obtaioed ihn prrm um A* the State Fair. It I* splendidly carrcd. and it one of the moit inagnittceat RO. RB.MP, AUCTIONEER -IIOI7SIUOLD FURNI ture, rUuofertM, bo To-morrow, (Friday). at tea o'clock, at tti Nassau atroee, K. . knup will oil at audita, as abuvo, a very larvu :md handsome u'ltrcmcat of ptrior, lining roc in. aud > urn-tors, of gooa quality. Tin ? Rosewood i }f and 7 octave Fnnofur'el of snptrflns tone aad tnisb. and telly warranted; loaewood Softs, and Chairs, -Birred mahogany tete-a-tete S f,s Divans sprier teat parkor ( hsira, ro.euond and mahogany naibln t p and centre Tablet, extension dining labl ? l-t>-*rv and sec?tary tluokyjee, paiatvd chamber Furniture in acta, osrred uahoginy r< t>ch Bedvt-.ada, tnarMe t -p drot-ing Surenet and Wa>l?Rtands, purr eurled horse hair Nattr o-ws. t'arpets, 'poking dllsseee, China and silvnr p'etrd W?re, O 1 CI >ih. Carpi's. Vug*. Couetira, cottage Bcdeteaji and Chairs, Rocking ' Chairs, mahogany scat C sirs Hnlvs. brcnte Hall Utrnds. farcy articles be als -, f Ck'O Uivtnt Sogsrs. Mms <f ahieh art cf high rest. Alto ftney goods, oourising of Vseee, Colognes, Cirandolas. fcronzo Candelihf is. C iTsffes snd 7 rmbkra. Terr ? Cot a VV, etc Alio, aline of Silver Plated Ware. vl/:?"n?tor?. rrr.-lvlrg do. Candela -bra*. Waiters, Tin and Cofl'ee t< tx, C;ko Baskets Halts, cto. Aim, one ailvcr pla'ed Harness, but little used. Calaloguas a> iMHShR if aala. AUCTION NOTICE.?HORSE*. C\RRItGF.1. n\R ress. dide Saddle, bo?On Hat-vrday. Si pt 9)th. at 11 ? clock, In front of the store. 57 Or nt-<-e?, corner of Ct?ialcb, Clarence Coach, light Ko.k?*aT Hnriurhs. light horsy, Wugoc, Phieton. IJuracsa. fide Saddle, gray Uorse, Ike. W A CtKTVK, AoetioB'or, Store 57 Iiey strset, corner of Urtsnaicli. JTOli SALE AND I'M LiJC V. NEWSPAPER FOR Sat.b? tN OLD. WELL e3tab lisbed weekly newpap-r e'ea ijg * '! IW p.-r an an in Price $o..'ilti; dibta enough rue *e p?, to* purohas*. all. be si Ig with or without dents: f I O II em rcua-n four yr'.rs If properly secured. Address Publisher, b- a 901, don odlss Boilers for sale?tu*ee m brine (drop Hue) Bailors (sae ?st) 2-i fen lii, x 8 feet wits; two ditto Boilrra (one att) 17 fea long x 7 f?ot side; oat ditto . JBei'er.'J5 f?t t lorg a Id tset diam.<irr; ousd.ll> Bailor, 17 set long a 7 fnt diameter, ion lire of cHahlbs w cof il 1, tv.r> v. es bmi.i?-it. DMMKtUI.L l'ROPXRTV IN *t ,,l,I \ IISOl'it'L-FOR tala, a two story I asrm nt aad at I - fnm- tf?u?e. with tiro story tea sttaehed ; built bt t >y-' work in the vary bast manner; tilled in with hrirk tu ir.ep- ak; trmh w-> lots ?f (round, i> l.j V3 feet, ev.ii, mtns' 'n worm iLltd .trout, fie. .'Vi, Brer the fer.y. Uo?d lwallok, and terms e ?j. 'r ;' ire on the proaiUea. FOR SALE- A TIRnT OUM rOTTfc (TOIT OTfH, ZS feet f>; at. lot I'JO fret derp with all the modern im Kirtmcnls. end treating one of ir ui"?t h ant To'porta rraJnats bargain. imiuiro of i,it'l>(?i)rUN, W ILLS U CO., 6 Wall (trooU For sai *-a pniLir nou-?e, with rive vetm* User, situated iathe Kiehw-n o ward, |Ne ti Twonty firs'. tear limed ??y.) There is a nail rni? can belet out te parties aa<t ml'tary ennpaniea. fb? owner u going Into at! r I iietnoss rt..K aai.ic?i hjc FIXTU K*.<* * \r> u?t * Mr a VKKT J de* 'ralle *r(ai store. a'so, tae e oak. nr a pa* ifdoWreJ. Tte etere has Keen established tire >etre, auil in one ft .a heat Ineslioas in the oft.. ittt-1 up in sapt-rier slvle, mi< rent vary r ssonskle. t.'oarenier?e t?T family and ma afnctnrinr. The applicant <no?t i.are ?oir? espital, Hstis(aelory reason riven lur disposing of it. for particulars, paly on the i touitses, No. M llowvry. E. O. WILLI A VS. For stlr-on clinton avenue bkookltn. a cuttass rt sidsne, erith four 1' ti at (r..oad una is 'iiiely laid i at in trult and nrasin -ntal pvr tea. coitsiaiae a treat variety el a> U srsp ? in full hnn.-to*. The hour* has a turns * ad r*i (e, and *n re ar< elrsra rooms w tn eloscn.., ao'rirr, had store rooia, all ir. hot or ler. f t location iseaiMenity healthy, rnry i a y of sen-ss front the ferrus by srteml llase of stares, aed i< e cstd r d out of tne aaost desirable ?p tc for a pr.vau reitdeaoo la Ur-'Otlya. Apply " th preirt er, > or lli.i ar one, te Wut. U. City, trie lleeert I Kareland. 0 'fniia s'ftet. FC b BALE?THE ENTIRE PI'h m TCKB ul' a SHALL three st?ry ui 'dern bailt hi>".??. with the boats to let. To perils* eoBi?'**rlo( hous-ki sin,-, -tie afr rds a rire pppofanl jr. a ante aderessnd t. rnruitare. Herald nfloj, far tnrea daye, Will be atteuded te. statin* issx and rsmdenes. Fob r-Al.F. f 1,'tSi C tMl. T!! K fl\ I.AVCX ! >' I I td % nltb (ned security, will buy * hr i mm IMMMi ferauhod la ti kaat sty I*, w ith a I' j a it surpa scd ta Ills d*y. Alt thoet Istrndt. f te enr-re tn this hotiaoea, ill (ad it te their greatest an tan lagi to chit at 1M Br' adwav. TO 1,1T ('it hfLI?no'. ht i. A *8T tlKEET, WITH large et o? lease, at a low (rotted swat beet etend to the eity fir liiai r. seller i bear.tinr, clatl.i*, or ether he si ess - fcpt oei'.o aeil and eieaa ships. the lot |< Iraprored. will pay fit (*? ps r annum A a sari/ est- applicant ean ee rore aKeee, by eal'ler at premiers, er na tfU'A E. (I BALCAuIL, BKlvtt strvet, aaa tic Broadway. TO LET. OK FOE sale. TWO new UOTHIC COTtarea, containing *is rooms Is each, built of stone and Belch, wl k w.o.d, eeal and west, hmaea In pur, Waa Kelly . itaated la IK Kalb sneuu. East ?1ivok1|a, twenty mlnntee' Walk irnfn Fewk Slip Fsrrj, end on u-r'ral noiaihu* *J. Cutss Kent (HA. Iai|ulre nf J< I n i Urb enrner of fowp. m'* areaue and golaeey etrset. Ninth ward. Breuklyn. TO I.IT-TIIK LAHliE BA'TCRKT TOR A RERTAITraat; a atere ealtahle f-ra 'ane-e ship e -a ice I >( Ith II ? rrw hotel na the oornsr of '.Vrl'Sia and Frtnkfar', ttre-Se. which Is now in fall upirntioti, se" mmodttinr op rds of twn huadr?1 persons: % parlor oa the Itr.t (1 .or, ith a led In H, lentsiein* all the m dare liaaroreesea's, asrbsieeee, Ikr . and anme nicely fomls'iad eai well r?ell i??? i r iirm nw w pur ??a?. luintra la ui siu ? f lb* katal, >, atairr. TO LET-TWO LARUR AND IIKAl""l?'KL ROOMAON tha ataond iaar al tha aaw ?a<i .pac,. m ta'ldla* aara?r A(('aartlai4l m4 Rnaaalih itMU, a .1 laiw 4 for an iwjwrtar it IbajokWfig bvainoa*. ar n ao-atrabia laaaiiaa fat a bjiiairtwa wilM. laaaira dj < awtlai dl at. rf?o LIT?A KASEM t.NT OILI aH. XMljUIRR AT MO. A fa kafilf alraal. TO I tT-A Otl.inHTrt I. RHinKAfR WITH* A >1 < f I fMaio of th? aaio.t. at *j? oa tha h?? itt? t.i ItUrttf. lka lionra ia alalia f.v itiiaa aa' walk of Kit Ltr| II*' * m<-i etril*a? tanbaa. i*1 aa 'aa^lifit (irltt, ?4I i?H>f tnik Ua tlaimt 'mil ia fail tarriaf Kait v>; tea. Aipla ta "amaol iltiffl. t. ta I ? pranuaaa. ?r to A. w. II atrrburi. 17 Cliff aura*. TOIF.T. IW RROORLTM. WITOTM TWO If Iff I'TKH ailki i lla A tih firij ar a . .r, .-! .-t? aa I w*rdprba anan.rd aa labia far a *Mt? Ivlj and aMId la a bona* trlib a ataall f*?l'? It 'mbaaa tiaaa aa I rteilrtd. Jaiolra at Ma. 1.13 Atlaatia rtri'i Two lARfiB parlors OH TSR 1 ;nsr ri.o ir. a railar a ad bad ra?n a rial atiiw aa ?i- r.hira II nr. t'lfltrablaf will b* r a ad I" itipi'iallt rt'i<ni atliini a | ar a fair priaa far < " ! ritMa *? it-a-da'tat*. Maala a?raad. if rti* r?d Afflf at Ma. M Hrmlaa itraat, a faw idaart aaat f flraadw*/. Tp ut-i mtri r rrRMianto parlor and badraaw. ia a ata*ll faaillv ? V rr thaw * * aa athar Io*rd*ra ci lo'atia, ta a*# or two ?U?I- ?-atlaaaa, wphnnt board, at I# > rtaklia rtroat. a raatauraat witbla thraa d"fiai Ui? kowaa. VfAciiT tii'La ron sa 11 sloop ruiord. wiru all tha 11 ialar and nrtrr Il<l t tallac bnrtkaa '*a ton*, ar.d la aenpla'a art ar- *ak bailt. ataanrh and aaaad la rraf a ra.ptot. lay-Ira at Mr Kulant. htaokunltb. at baiO'iA yii.p Yard. Iiiikaa, ar ckaa. Kakrr, fw (iraaawiah atra-t. Raw Tark. WOOD, WOOD?PINR WHIID FOR * SLR Off DIE I* t>a*k. I aaraatar oaaata. abaat d irt* milri ap tha Aappal anna k riror, la Vt-jlnl. ' AS MAS IOM. ORtTU TT-RR TOR SAIff-A PiRST RATRSroRR la Broadway dolnr a fry P? "all- tad f**hl?a*M* ?,.i-Tha prmni |>Mar|. i,.r i r i - tha aoaniry, tDnkltirwl rnrrhaarr laaair-Hnn *f aboat t.VJW. Addrraa Hoi ItW Vaal OfBaa. N ? a \ ft IWD1A RITRRKR MiPMIB. ffO HI PI B I.IC.-1 Mil I A Rt IIHRR HIIORA OUR A ataaal oa baa kraaralltd t# an adrartiarai<at, hp floraaa BL Day, paMlabad la tha Maa V >.k UrraH af llth Jala, W and l?.r Caarlar bad i*i*ir?r af yam* data, la whlaL Sat ?arh ab'aaaitad abnaa nt i-nt v.ira-t, Wm Jniaoy, 4.. ha aaaarta that wa data not nk?t*? h'? with piratlap uyyaar'r Pataata. aadar oar <*1 aainbai and that ba d< aa ^wt larrlaff* Oaadfa*r*a Patau!?la th* m?an'***ar* af 8hoaa RTaha*ab'.rrhaaad aar llronr n f.,r aho .ta-mlaotara af lb itla Rakbar Rtoaa aadar 0*" li*?r*r ratrnia. aa* paid nar Mnaar, and nra dalif patla* . -ar'ff fir th* aaaiat and an? .athar paraaa ail?ht hara tota l it rama. II dlapoaad ta da aa, rbthar that rlrata apaa Oaadtatr'a Pataata. Wa think It ^ra Jaal ta pawhaaa a risht bin a ratld Pataat, that pa Ibfrinaa It. Rr. Dap. hbrlif bnm rraarr itad, aaaaaw flno I jaar'r rithta, ital' a and aprond la at ta llMn|t kit* It a I* n? alririft n? ' ta li.'.Vira mid Pat-ata, km in injnra oarralraa f, far a larir oaaaldf'ttloB. P-rjhajed oar UorMttt warb i.adar than: rnd wt tJ.r r?? Mr. Day dlraaM* t a??' aar ewa tirnatnr'*, wilk (Irmtina apat r'a P-trnta In tha no no fan tart of tha rhaaa whirl u affarm* t? th? pihllo; iHwr pits a?Woa tiat ha wSa A- a raaaaraad -?ith h m In in I aliu at aar ! IhaWL taad* <a rteUilaa a' raid PAtv-t Slchtr. w< aakaR. L CARRRR. 8/ TWARD Rimb <R CO.. hp Wm A Rnikiofhan, >T?ffirti. TLR RKWARR If IMA RlV iff. mTo 00 U. Rtlablatti, !'r-rl itnt fr. tR ft cc 9tftMft.UVU.Ulk E NE i* m* rw o i? * * ri i. k (i H A P I] THE GREAT RAILROAD JUBILEE N BOS TO! President Fillmore's Reception. Sperebw of Govrrnor Bontwell, Messrs Fillmor Webster, Stnart and Conrad. THE NEW YORK 8 TATE FAII National Convention of th Liberty Party. TUB WHIG CONTORTION It IARYLAN1 POLITICS IN LOUISIANA TIXE NEGRO RIOT IN PHIL1DELPIM. MOTHER FCCITtVB SLATE SIRREXDEREI Am.. AM.. AM. The DoHton Hell road Jubilee. Borrox, Bent IT. 1851. The President and bin cabinet arrived here. th!s mon log?bat be/ore firing ytu an ersount of tholr rere| lion. I eh all leport prcgreM from the timo the/ lr Newport. On tbrlr arrival at Pall River they were greeted wit a national ealute ; and General Wilton, on behalf of th'ilit TO Committee, aldrutsuil Mr Fillmore. a? f.?l lowi Mr. President :?The Legislature of tfaeaarhu etts, a th< Ir I set eesrion. appointed a committee to len-h ryou welcome, on Lehulf ol tire State. in case you Miould vtait I in the conr-u of i he > tar. and ItlMMfM of the uUiur thisTiait affords the whole people of thf rnmmnn?i<a!tti It gives ine pleasure. Mr. as the or ran of that cmiraittx to gre? t you < u j our laodlr n Id our State, and to tendt to you und ilie dl-tii.puirlird gentlemen ocnompauyla jou. Oik bo-iiitaHUw of the whole people of this e iir u.nnwral.h. wtiib they bore always been proad to e.i ! tend to your lllm-trious pre. eeoaeors. Yku, air, ai i.ot unfaiiil'lar w|ih our peoole, nor with our ii kiltut'.oiiN You know their pIt'll as clMzens, and kno that their prosperity I* acbtered and initniatned unji the bl"*Mng of Providence, by free labor. You hat beard tf c>ur free school*, where inieuuou* ynut i? taught to sustain the laws and the lustitutioi Wliieh ure tbe foundation of our well being an if our safety You kaow of the eiNt.-nee of our cha iritabta tactKuiious.srb re mi mi a>> i weary mm na daughter* of men lind r> poaa and oo afort, which shoal attend o d age. VVe bid yon welcome to our State, an trurt tfcat In your visit you tuny reo- ire. an yen it give, tbu highest hatl?fnuti"n. Your visit U peculiarl pleasnvt to I# at tbn titue. litmus* an yon are as an- s iilcbrate the eoinplrlion of a ry temof railroad* whic ecuciclfour Mate aed p'lodge! city a ith the IJipsrlt M eet, ai <1 wbirh will isrve to bind ut together la timer union This system sl,o c >nuoots u- with tb Cwdeel and it ia gratifying to u* that strangers fror ' the lT. vin*< ? will Im> pre rot on this location, to witnes be r rep'ion whieh wo rejoice to p-ve you?'he pea: ' and harmony wh'eh pievnii?and to be enabled by whs , thi y i hall M-e end bear. u> enjoy our iortltnUoii*. snout tlnjevir tsrt tbnr 1 t vitu u* I'e uul me. lu c mciu I Men, agelo to tiuiter ><-u a rv-pcetful and c irviial we I ccina to i be Sra'e of llaa-aehuaetti, and to a-sure you t ' tbe perianal regard and goed wi-he.* which each one c tbe o mtuHtccentiTtakt towards you. Pro 1ft nt FtUu-.i re rip l<?d as follow,! Mr. Cb il'Uian and tJentinn-u of the Oom-nitt -e?Thl ur??|eeted nndroitJbiJ expre-sion of your kind fseiiug t We Ida me te dw ply appreciated by me. 1 know t!u thin wen i me Is not ioended for am, hut t dobon--rto he office I h I, end a? aurh 1 receive It 1 ri ren'h nu n, that ih> i ia the fret time [ have ev? > t< lt'-d tt-ia | lire all ttiN le caw 10 ma an I tile brvut (ul <tt> la-fore me la the product of tbe into'li/?u<-a of il rltlter* Tlielr ratli. Ik m and fait'iful ob-ervaoce < law a I'd order i ko-.-.v mil, <en>l-m n and i apprnriat tbo charr* er of ihe icoptr <4 ila*-e*)hu?-tt* I ko<> a oat I b? jr bave done for lb- e->uolry. f -r lil>ir:y. au-i ft e'eUtzatit it; and u<> al ereu Hoot- a deeper eourlollt that tbe blearing* we t nj y are inslolv ow'd< to the col ; at It nil- u under abich live and nn wh?ru ta there dee|e-r d?i< rintiiwllon to be f.u hf-il to the rou'tiiuttu It "a* with great relo -lance thai I at flrst d -cllu-d rti iDtiiatu n lo vlrll IVrtou on Iho oeti-luuj bat haviti Dt-w i.ret ; ? d the Invitation. and I nuj <raleful 10 v M g? nth nnft f> r the w. lrofur rtteoM to me, on la-half < the Mate ] t ow prt?eed. with gr> at piovure, to aerei tbo It -phalli t*a of thortty of Uorioii. Pi-rial' ute. agaii gentlemen <-t bshuLf of my-?-li'. and those x-tv-N e J al< me lb the gov* rMiirnt. to thank you for the cordial an evuile- ne gr-alingyou htvog ten iu< ae anon aa the cavalcade arrived at the city Uttl'j the Pr-sident was welcomed to Dnittn by Mayor b( gclcw. wbo addreeeeJ him lo the following word* Pia?The (e-ople of Boston now crowd h-r ga'as tort ceiva aub token* of honor the great Bead <>ftheK> ' yiil lie. and lb their name I bid you welcome to tbu u>< tn pi lie j we regard it aa a happy oj# -n l iat wr r?wlr 1 )< it t the spat wbeie our lath- m gathered to hail th crr-trg of Maablngton In the Jr-t year of tie Pr-?l (bury. Tb-< c< n'r?-t ethlb'M N-tw en that p- rl-id an I trie. U atrtkltg abi Instructive The at'ut* lor.* ej tended to tl e tirvt I reeideot were the offering ofoMl ' ) K 0U> lot ahltan a. wbi e the welcome i -->U fej rri hi-ad' rr- or Ihiedat, le th? v- to- of* pen illation at lW<k?0 Th rultr who waa then reocteed a: aii' iei r-l the affairs < lire I tab four million* of people wh-> had lately emerge fn m the amokc < f bat'le. and were but b -.finolo; uuu? the Icflnenre of litertyaid unl d. to tatce rank am >n the Patione of theeerth You. elr. we rec-lee a? the ei teuUve ehief of a population <>f t?ren'y tour million Itvlrgln the erjryiaent of a it -mount ? r prosperity an bapplnti* alrinvi unparalleled tr< the hlel-?rv of th woild Py a reuiarka'-fe roionlilepce which d >ubth? ta* ocruri i d to y--ur?- If you viait u? < o the anntverear Ot the e- Blpb ti'-n of the federal constitution ft l? a da I eohurty fitting 1?t our recep-lon of hiat whose autb r ty ra tt i It deral t'Mef M-gi-trste ta d-rlved from th* t tea*, rrmpert Tbe day ha* al?n a sp-clal lot-ret f ti le city, lor It le the anniversary of tta et'leatani wb'ch tie rrca-lon iusr rstl* to mini?th- PbiludeiphC b* li.vr and the I'ilgiliu e--l?wy I f n't that you wi r?c? gulre In th<-eharaetsr of our pe. id their In*' tuto na. lb" happily Men.led lofld" of the Turks t rd the patriot Yen have rec n Jy -ir. viet cd Virgt its and no* rt*nd open tbe a<.|| nf Mae a -hus* tta, the n tins of lb? Mates recall tbe st>>ry of the Kevotut > o, aa I tu noh'e pert roUlo* d br esi h In *h*t gr> ?t ilmat t u , ' In the IMc Itcniloioo III t--ai*s her fex ?y toth I d ob and lor aria. i u>ent tn Ilia prtn*tole* of o-ha t'tnee Tbia dat Will forolrb evld- ece of the regird ? tbe IUy fftafe al-c, f' r that ool-m and th" e p-|.|.-ip<ei by tl ' biaan* r tn *h ru bsw people will teetify th-ir re (sert fiwtbu mm hful e tm-r-Mtallon of th? ooetllutl i at-d th* lawe. It baa been tbe cuetrtn of war. air for th nt v.'tante i rrap'u id rrthetn brio* forth th? key i d 'ay thup ?t the ytetrw'a feet; ? > Mee < (T-r la ion darnd In you t ian wma evr tendered >a th- a o?|iiveor lti? heart# of our n? >;<le are here I" f y a wiin rMtr f- I ano ailec-tloa tto ??lul?ti<>o?. and bid you welcome V MttaM. Blr fit i una*. la reply mada the Ml .wing reapooae "I receive from you air. ? tha eg-antlr* ncgaa ofthl f'vid any tbla welcome f> r ate au<l my ? ?<* ta'.c). wit priftuml aramurl- and emotion V' < lave a'luled t tbe fart that thw U tha anntveraar* ?f the day ?n w blithe ant at It nt Ion w*a|.t<il and yon hava al# ailud- d to tb? vialt of llraottl W*?hlngto to tbla mil W hat a rbai ?e elaoe thr tln.a whu be (lr-t Tinted till City. t.ot frr the i ur$,? ? if rear ring tha cordial e ingf) tulatioarf tharltliriA, but tor tha pu'pnee of Jabon! In* bar ?fa'D'f the ?yra? tty ard oppr ?coa of tna moth) B'Utitry' If aiy m m<-ry wrti) ma righ'. thi? *ua t \ irginta wbo enotiecteii thr f?t? of that Stat* witl your*, ?? appoln'. d tna eninmep Icr In-rhl-f of th army la rhllaoelplila and a-arte. I ih-nea fur tha aaat c war ataryut proud city, forthwith lliatory tell) ? Ib*t hetravelbd from I'hil ?dcIphla hara In lev?n Uayr and. to It* arrival, tbc p od t It tarn* of <tT ateruiwn | your vicinity. *al h< rrd tr geih?>r, and ooagratnlatad hit t a tha tpcco of hi* Journey W hat h#a brought about thl* change * Why U It tha tbc d >truer abler lock bltn i b rati daya. and that. t-? aflat the I tattle of Muiikrt Mill, which urged him It u? tha tpi ed < f an eipreaa haa now been travelled by me a a mat rt rf pb-arure. in aimnat a? many houra' It I owing to ilia lnt< IWt of ynw eltlleO*. who ha ? tha atrttiia of commerce to tha Wpatera world, an poured Into youf lap liar nch treaaurea. Vou hav ettottbed your II'la)can arm* to the capital Of my owi Plata and laid brr antiinbotl >n Vou have ala aUrtrbad to the eaplt I r-f tha t'anadar. and laid the) umlrr cn.rlbnt ten Theaa avtd< neat of rlrtUaation an Inteltlger ca which all lb eton glv.e <hh vlnce ma and cannot doubt that II th) cMlacnaof Hnaton greet ma aa bava b*an greeted ever Mree I rmarod tha line of yon Plata. Mat tha ronrlitniton w'.ah It r-crlved at th I at da of U # hington. thla day w.ll be me'nt ali?l at a baaardrand at every aacrltlaa. (I, nil long continue aid enthuelaetla almoin* ) I .?a it tort only in th Intelligence of jour t III* u* at d tl ir ? tal power bu I ar e In the trro|te before ma th- pleetem roe tn art m p'l h tbi) purpura. H' ?! i may ba prou 1 of a m'lltar wl lrh naKe. a . teniae II' tM- "b .1 (i n|T c mam* for no tn repeat o > prof- u.d tna m- fnr the kin and Caftelirg rtrrptlr.n /ou he*a bite Ud' 1 tue an my araroiat.u I Tba pmcaaaVdi. eltll and military, waa then ftnn*rl I and prnaerded lo the K vare Heoa? wh?r- thal'rae'lea I and Cabinet were received by tba Onramnr frn ihaBre.Hr Wibataraft .mpanylng 'ham, thoy .erorawle, tatlia Hate llouaa. wh-rn the crfi moar of a public r? r'drtlou waa yerfrtnicd. Tha hull waa ffaaihti t< owar Wowing Auicagthnna pma-at wtr* thirty naval aa) a.Hilary tHorw, aid a large pnmbvf '< dtrtiagmafc* W YO MORNING EDITION?TIIUR! |. RWtkWMi f who wore ln?Ut<l to tin rbih-o Mr rillmlNNt It * ohilr H front f*"tn? th? Btste Mil civil authorities being oa the ri^it A* soon as i ill nre v n? a 'ar d, 0? virm r r.n tvii. li an *e. nr.d addressed Mr Fillmore in subt?i>tlr))y thr following w.-rds: ? In nrrotdsrre with * iintn'n? ni< y.-f? rf th* Ue^itaC, t#?? Rf d fn ?h< naff# of the people of >|,? v-hunUs. we tenth rjffisi M ri i<? kiiiI c rd'al welcome tn itiW tmfl lory ciwl lo tlx- ho.? UaU'lss of this commonwealth; an I equally lo tbeae gottleitiep trcferrug to the Ctblnet). nit last s of oil'i r "Infos who im nonnested with yoti lo Ih? ndndnlstr-iMnT) tf thi< poTemment. it J, would letdir a mot cordial wolcnmn. ftpoUuae.) for will ?? on thli occasion forget htm wh iin Vifwl iotlt |.?n fo* a h.n* perk"! of htr cnn* hiftiti d? Ufl|'tdfo hoi or (Vnclfernonohrering ) ? Tba ?u<t* ot we ottue arc fnm toy lips bit the- entlbp? rf lo hi th> hois/fa of the people (Mora tptUutt ) We lifllr \( u t< a more'.rtinn'e acijualn'Hnce with the ji< i p'e < f Ma-trrf not He?|n examine their tnrchyiioal at <1 u i>< u'i rifir't p skill owl sueope*? to take a n*-?r D ?l< w of her ron.nw rclal and Rsrrlcoltnral power and re' W BfO t W e si all rpep to you on thl* occasion, our Irstl'utlnr* of elver* kind* f>ar the reformation of the sulky??tit a rlinu* ' r Itin' reno". as well a* those , for thodesf aod dti.*?b We shall gUd'y open to your Inepcction our eeh<<ote. Hrarteuilea ard c *U*g*?. established fry the h nefit of the State. and f >r the edilc itl < of all r or peo-le >ti thli ocr-utlon we ehall likewise take plensure'n direct!'g ynnr a'tention to eir evst-m of talhord* whose n*'. wort hi* been sprsad oyer M***a cbtisett* aro *><w Fncdand within the paet twenty yeas ), and we trn-l I list yon will he able to see iu tbe system not only i yifence < f tbe vy*?. accumulation of weal'h. but of the fiktire gU ?y ?t d prosperity of the common, wraith Nor will we seek, on the pro<eut on??e| m. to enseal from you the dark alda of the plctU'-e for the ignorart end tbe rlrlrne are atiil amongst u*. VFe desire nioet par'icu'sr'v to assure you that tfe?**ehuaetta I. la true to the constitution and to the Union; that tn the tutors sr I hope I may tay she baa heen lo the paat, I*" she wl'l know no North, no South no Kant nor no Wast? f only the r> ptihli's.-or e e.iid indWIslble And. for yourself sir. all- w me to hope that your iiuhltc Berrien* may . he sen eatle to lourselt snd henetlrial to the country; acd tbet in the day' of yopr retirement you may enjoy ? the uriial Hanks fa elrtoons public and prirat* career. [. i In the nar of the f*< pie of this commonwealth, I again ! bid yru w? lO'Be to Mkseaebnsetca ^ Mr Binnoyr. responded r* fellows;? ? Governst <f Massachusetts:?Under no olreumatancas , could I hrre r<c.iyed sit'-b a welcome aa thla. through ? the executive heao of thta greet State, wit brut feeling , the d-1 pest i motion" rf gratitude. From tba lantoeot ,'t Ihst I en im a the line of till* great State. II hut been ,f one scene of wiiciine You bare said that your tostU ., totli.t* ?f ?y?ry kiod are open to be Inspected by mys? if. end th'-eo ootti i *ted with me It is gratifying to .. he pi TP-tit* U ti li ok Into th" in?tHutinti* of this Htate, which I* peihap* th* mo-t fl-uiistilDg in tbe Union. Y'tuhayeravl rlr. tbrt your State Is prepared to *uaw t?In the constitution end the Union Sir. a* I passod - ttrtuyb tl Is city, I saw your striata lined for mils* _K ? .f - T.. ?u. - ,e - u....... u. rr- ... ?". ! ... .u ^ h rriler that prevailed I could never. for a moment. |H bell, re thai tbia community could be brought, uuj iler any clrcurat'afcee. t> commit treaaon agtta-it L. iLe Uoit.d htiitra. (Loud ?here, and app auae ) ^ Fir. it ia my duly, and enn>eTlm?? It ha* b??n a painful it e, t?> i xe. ute the Iaw.? f f the Union a:ali?st tHoee (j who did t? t epfr?Ti <f them Tbla mint be the care elfh >1 ?h? icupy the position whloh I now do; - but I tee iret'if. ?'?d In tble rcmu-unlty. erideeoe that .? na far at thl? city at-d Stale are oonc?m"d tb'? duty j, . v.iU hereafter lw pfrfi-.m-d with cae* and eeli-fac'ion ,1 fir. I c m i in' id .ie y. ii on the proud oratoeDc. which % ; ibia Mat. i roupiet In ihe frr.'ntworkiiflnt?roa'linproee. t i menta. Vou h.Te 1j read y>ur railroad*, aod melted n th*. rt mo-.i tee of the M'-etatd I lie North and you now ,, > tie |eiirirg rich tributea Into the Up of thia l j yreat Mete May you. and ihoee aaeoclated with you. lt , brer tujoy th?-? il"a?!n;m. Yen liaea taught your "later j ' Mete* 1) at although you do n it pieeeMi tfte power of ! ; ItTilirp c V u-erce liy rarala. jret tuat th-r? la another I i mode of elretehitg foilli y.iur liiiarnan arm* to the ,f UiiLitt {art it toe Lti d. and bringing her rtchca Into lt- ! yourMa'e Pu it Oi ee i?.t hen toe tne t" expreaa rrratl! tude fir ibe tee. p'b a you hare extended to thn*aae?vj ciitrd wltb me They are more capable of doing It f?r I iban 1 eui (vati-.v hie bond towards Mr [? ; Wrh-ter) f.ratt v. hocrtet to gay that I receive tlile te*t.m< I y i f thi Inhabitant* of B..?t >n and Mi. aait J rbtiwltt r? t aeaiereonet re - pect to uiy...If but as an 0 I evldirr. it tfcetr dtity to the eoutltutloat end our glorii ; our hi hi.. M.d of tf-if d-trrmiaavbin to an .fain both. jr ' Mr. I' agam Ibanki d the Gorengor for 111* kind .. rcci otIon. and eat down. M i 1 if i lion. Diem Wt c.TKa *u 'hen called upon, and eald : , May It yha.i'yctr UarePerey?Thla orcnalou 1* not * Bin - I't bonor* hco it* duties are not duo to or from )f me Thi Ftale? the great Stato?the old Siatn?th* old patriotic Hooki r Hill and Kan. utl Halt Slate of Maeaa1 rbu.ette bar lore, d the pre ident. of tba halted State. within I., r border* To your honored p- raoo and to >< ur honor, d i Hire di?> 't po *?e your Kxr?!!?nry. thla i t rlelt I* paid. Kir, I am a K"? I deal touched with the kird. the loo kind. rftptinn which j>u h??? ?i?an us. As ! I mi 1, ilr, lh? is'caau n hoi- n/a to tha I'r. sld*nt, >i il It ihi is i t l>l> sutli'ft ho trs trarip-rs Thank > Gi l! I an- 110 allium r bet* (Ipulsum) 1 km I of Marti i-l u attr! ? (Hear he?r, 1i?at ) ? tiino of hi r hone am) floli of her ftaah! fOnesra.) Ami 1 ?t old win ifjdM Id takiotf part with you. may U rWw f1 ur Ksnllency a? Ih- lior-ruorof the dtata. and U'> f- bow pitu> os ah'< surround y u in payln/ honor to llr Triable f t of ihe United States, (ohiwrs ) than In m-tii f ai>y part, or in demniirilng an* part toward* hit ifll And may It plnit your KtHlwey. I *bh. la lu l>r?t t lace, to as*. Hat. troin th? bottom of my he irt. I ?hli itllfriUm W to jonr adinl'il'lra'ioB of thejjrer.t I afkitDef tbllHIM In who*, v. r haods th >wi affairs fad. If iliy hie fair!) aid Impartially klmlnl<t> r~J tboaw i bard* alall bate iuy aid In Ih-lr anpport (ddn> | ratlin) In tli- mil place I may say that [ d??.>ut'f ?!ih llr pr?at iii>rrvrta o' the ci.niir.umwt a Ith may py?*1 far I ur lotwnata H* ran. d? liny ar* complex Wo I are a mi Ilk ? of people I ?lmr on a *ery nina 1 aurfaco ? j in a atciile* n ar,d b?north a > Inclemeul ?ky. and yot ' n> rrw full 11 happtrae*. and all an we say In tha eotin try "w?il to do in the world and ap)?Tlnfc nd|ihlK?r'a faro " (Threes ) Now 11:1 rnnn b* owlr g to wloo li'RlfIrtli n It d uit he ?>?it u I0in**t cooimy and pruicnea i iiri' i p Ihi inyis Il u n-l h? wlrg to a ?yu?u f "iluI ration II n mi br owii-pr In enmctbiig thit la not in i ihi larth i r In thr iky. but In ih" autil and b*art of m*u. 1 aid wiman, anil rh'ld. ( ?ie?ia.| Those, I hnpa, wi 1 i |rr*|irr I hope, ti n that i T? rp omiei rn of thla ifiwt n n li.i nwi al'h. tindi r } if i ilni'nl?t' alloo. and that of fiur rii'rirrnrf, iu?y psnapor; rnd abor* a'l?a aentl* Hint I i an I stn r? pn-a. and hirdly po-'pona?my ardent praji-r la. that this whole country. b uud t with r aa It la ly lie* of Inlnwl of aOlo ty. "f aaan-iatloa, n nr o i in do In l? b< un<i uweiber f?r ?Tor. aulU Ibd Iblrj; sfrll hac|? n. which I know will u??r lupp a, tlilir!< ?!> Ltoroibir? ub'il lh> oorialliotlnnof theeouni liy iliall proyo a rurw 10 It (Prolong J apolauao ) , invtf. I*yif. pslif! Why what :* It that sooport* all | Ibrtlirtnwli? hiitbll' Here l? ama-wof p >iu.uerr"' I* prorirla II?lla r*?t Intoroat in maanfh?turys' llrrm t* a na't'tp tin rupnlr if from N?whuryoort nurd to ("tllfirnla V )m pt.lecu It? What law*? wlat p> vi rt men ? In rhrrt. whotoyor wr turu our ?}<* *r mo Iba! thla At tie l? not an aurinoUural itata, t.n a r< n in trial in*? a manufacture/ dial"?a Klate i>iil Dp with ad tho ink r?at? thai bin/ to society, aidlwjuic |J 'but yirib'" nuJ droo.n?lratal>l? lotwrutr. a rait maty Ytnkia botlota broldoa Wa ||ya tiroet Ihr la?? of iha mural ifoyrtDinar.t. and sh-ni'd fsilih if lh'*a Irwr Wira abmaaiail (4opl*u?) dir I'll ha*a alladtd loihr parnd in which i baya paaanl MDa part of niy IIV. In ilio adiiiliil>tral">u of tha a Hi Ira if Iha country Tha yanra of human Ufa wear away Kir i shall puf-rm ancb aarylras fit do rurh other h ncth't tiwi*. hm with ayery Inofoa* itip yyar aid day. and hoar 'h* m >r? i c iwte-nplat* lh_ bhtoyy rfthb fninl'y?ih# nvat destiny of thl-oouotry ? be ntr talaielt I conti n-rla'* Il atretrhlwd from aaa I* to raw. am fn.m iha H?-ra to th? enda of e??h-tb ^ irora I lee It lablbltUi" lia'tkaa yenlua at hstoa and ? abroad?the mot a I aaawhaf aiblbitinna of ok til bays b aatrniabrd Riirope, In thla one awiumaa. (aenastl-n) th i in nrpii.* n i?n r'l in?? wnj air. ma niipr ' apl lhpahlr?t th? Of-at and- .tn r?"?nprvM In all Ramp#, ' within a fi rtnlthr. h*p ara'ad that. In rarrythlng aalit nil* In irriyihltf lint lp for humn li^r r>n?nt, lb I'nltrd Mnt.p |ia ?|<r rhraj of it-tyta-dy ?l"a nail Ware mt'dy Ip? <n ?l?ht It l? ll?a tn<- poattlon o Jrra ami op tha fM? - J t? la fl'H and th-ra l< n"n arori'd And In andhi r paa-T. Infln n'lal la tha -on nllaif Oraat HriUIn, Iha adltnr anja. h? might atmna barr paid and una |< ?h. 11 Ami ilea rliaJI e mm >rid th crna atd b'lh i-rcanp and alt ooaana " Tltla fa anlfa partly fti m tha rhMl if lodlaldnalo. and pattly tr m tha unlrlrg Ingenuity of tha pcnpw and parti) fr< m thoea gr?at aratla whirl) hart glapn aa tha man tf r>na ?< rl I on ona alia and tha reran tf I ha otter rid on tha n'har Thay a| prar to hara flllart tha alail* of Iha aaop a with at t' tiiphmrat. and It hr> ught tn my mihd a atory told told of a grntlitnan not now llalog It a r'U'wl to Mr J'bn la wall About thirty yaara a*o, teturnlng to Kumpa aftar tha pear* of 1*111 tha go itlaman to Whom I I a *a r< frrri d * ? ppr tm to by aoma on# of tha great tatponarat of Kur?pe, who a lading In tha aarai poaar <f tha t'ntrad hraiaa. paid that ha hop-d tha Rar >paan l-owr rp would row ha permitted to tr?e-r?e tha nraanr qolatly?and Iha raatooaa waa "Tpo. with nur laara " (Applanaa ) May It pleaae your Ricllanoy. I hop* that all bialth hanpt',ear. atd prnapanty will at and y< hpnrrfnrwatd through Ufa (Rnthuplaatla ahaara ) Mr. haetrtary hrtit, In a apa.?h, raid- Thr rary r?mpHmmtari iar?'a In whirh yon hara bran tlraard to allude to my frtrnd on my Irft. and myaolf mn lo dmand a ward f rrapr nra and thaiiM. t tan d? r to ton. rlr. at nn* intdal arknow|artgin*nta for ?hr wrle ma yon haaa plarn u? Thla air |p tha flrat in a that my hot haa errr rapfad on tha a>.|| of New Fnplartl; hnt t iru-t It will not hathrtnrd ( tpplaaaa > I hara pt?n many thlng> to adtnlra. and which haapflrtdrd hp Inetiurttou I huff ?r*n tha not work of rallrrada to ! rh yon haaa klludiii. wh ah hr- n w ponp'tailnp to tberemotcat par a af rnr country I haaa nn to- lay. pit ap I trarerrrd jour territory. tha hardy y? i ir.?nty of the country. Aird hrtc. air. p*rm1t ma to

ay thai. In all my trarrla through at thla broad am fp-lafary, I hara n?rer ycf ??n tha panic ?atd?ncce of In talhr rpoc. of pirap rhr. of nduptry and of eaerythmg 'i at tr t'di rp tha cr ndlt'? n of ran drllgh'fhl In thla lif? (All) <iaa) I tmra r,. o air ban la tf ehlldiwn, who I he*. ii i mid I nir o hie tha wpy (hr tnllcp and ho tit iii my iiahrton- It . i) I !? t.1 tantar thalr 1 ? ku?a to tha i-paident of tha United Stntaa. I Mt| RK H SDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, ril )l?tt it ?iii will tii t they ahould be there If that they w nld lraro the leee-mr of sat for a I patriotl-i >d hate them <h+t>it implanted In their h-art (Renewed ehmr? ) I Mtthat the rety fact that th locked upon n<>' thr rl h f nnrN'rafe of Manachuaati hut upon the ebief uiagU'raie i.f thin broad oonte lerae standing almoet "?rr th'- bribcl contlient would tear tbom to raixe tbo'r 'y* abcTe the horlsin of Mvwn-hi Srftr, rorr to fake iir the Interret umj the h-tto-, and tl frhryofthlr (treat fepohlte ('"beer*.) 8lr. my fri?n / r'd to ur here, t/-dav. that thin ?n> no' a day devotr to h.m j that It wjn li-n ted to the Mraniferr. *r If t intended to allude *n me a? a dtrun?er. I deny th" appl eatt'n of the term (Anptruoe ) *r, It la tru.i F n?r? la fere Mood upon the n il of Mh t-aohrr?tt?; but nan Ma; eachuxrlt* he a it r auger to Virginia ? ('treat applauee No. rlr; J fe? 1 that, a* a t'lriohiv ?an a ron of thv (tlnrlrur old c< n.ux hwecitb Which Mood Arte hy aide wit VaeearfaneettN tu the cn-h-at hour of the ^'solution ? rat no Mrsijrtr withn her border*. (X ind oh-em. When 1 saw three tridents* of your prorperhy nod t your rdvauneni'iBt to ereiyttltng'th-t prom Are natlooi hapalaeea I Mr ret net one ?eu iiuent of <?u?y. N< rir; I felt tha'. whii- kit the-r t?l nut it to MVwaohs aetta. they belonged aho to the Union?rhey b? Innpid alro to aie (!* > o?a:tou ) Sir I ehall go-hack t Ylnrfnt*. re I rild tiefore, trirrrueteJ; I wttl he ahte t traeb B y Yenern'i d f t 1 mother-em" few iMWIM of th tnn'ou Bint, of gr< wirit into prorperity. I tru"t. nil that tbe few home 1 hart ip-nt here bare not De-r ? Uretr rpent Hut I ir u-t aokuowh Jgn that I dut to. remitting like hamilietlnu when I o nma?t*d th rendition of u y own coram on wealth with tin ot Ma-xaehu?tt* 8ir, ehe ha* a eliuikte gupertn to youra ehe hie r population in unny of thai trai'r your miiiuu?f'irrtit apptaiu* ) ? hut xhc haa no Ul'derefai d iIim tiue It M-.n-t> radical err.notny. Yo have taught her a Iraxou I will tie the bearer of it t hir. w h. n I return to my homo. (Choerr) Hut. wnll I arkncw l> dye cur IntorP rUy to year whole State, ii many thirga. tin ie are m-.ny otbfie in wh'oti I fuel eh ir yt 111 equal. If y- u have y< ur Ku >ker If ill. we har eur Ywktowt (Loud ap.vl-na* ) if tnn hire yon Adan ee-. ?e bare our Jeff r- on ami our dadlw'n (in muted upplau-'u ) If you hare your Dsni' I Webeter(relteratid appleuee)?C., hare had our I" >tri"k Henry? (rtiniin apt iMin )? una higher than di. we here 0111 end yitar W>-t It (iton ' (trrepr< i-IMe n thn-l?-ni ] S r. ti ate ir one other thi-.nt in whirh I witl n -t yield tni pulp two tn MarwrhV" ip sir in I yulty, in true de action to the coti-liiunnii .tnd the Union, von m-<v d .ipeed upon it that Virginia hat n<> i.upcri r* (ll-ar I err ) rhe will rtatu: by : iittn t" the Wit hour of hei xieterce Hhe will pei'.ber lepudiate th? gu tr*Qt<-e* ol the eonrtituMi n nor will khe do aught that can rent'tweaken the hoida of err ,'lnri?ni? couf-a r i *?. I'unl 10 m?. rir ft r having detaired you >u lop^, and aeoept th?it.cere riptrMkD of my thankr. Mr reaaAii, Picretny i f War, helog called for, raid : ? Mr. <1 Timer although tbe rem-rk* of my frien l? and tniow im? uter. who tieee jn?t ti ddreon d vou might seem 10 render it tupeifluone I cannot mTerthel-iwi fiei-t lh? teirp'altoo to i tier kino lli? feeble ntor^xM > of my tli.iRe nnd acini wl?"pm. a # for the o rllni arm-ting which I hate recelvt il Ir ui ti u suJ fr-'iu On* eltUoue ol the bt*ti, if which jri'u ere the organ. It- m tn<* in., that we entered lt? I'Of.l-r I muic n *uiv jnur Ktottllercy that I have nut the vanity to nr.t>utn t mh tur-a nnd I roipht k'xcv-'. ?uy. tlii* tntbaittistle "|ir?ftlfi(( at jmir hence, to any per/coal meitr* of my owu Hf'cikttd ae T urn io tin* Cabinet with i,.cn fat ablar and fur old* r thuo myrclf. b.ving it len h*a<1 your ihurtrlou* fel'ow c tlics - (tarvl^i towarlt Pai.i* I V chater)-? can who combine* too lo^l: <1 Arl-totle with Ihe olrmi nee it uly I feel laat v b'lr I an', r. ady to igku my lull piiare of all the r .?jou iiiilfy tl at n ay attach to the uta'i >n who li I hue* tb> tiori r to i rcupy. 1 ran rl ittu hut u v.-ry ante..' p > ' ino o at'T merit ibat may belong to it. hut air. I view the., r antfeetatinna u* pimply liettniniruloot t' r ton of fro a b ell I have the boner to lmbl Viewed it that light?rii *i J a.i nu iiidirati it ot me allachin-n1 of ti e peopla of title gnat, roinm ut vtaltb til t in I uiott. ?rd to the c .untry I a' tire you oi>> I slit)"' 1) 11 :?l they were fi r very tar. more gra ity.-ny t - nn< I'm vitwnl ?* ' ! lfeetall- u of any ng.mi totcy ' lf.lo wi t11 gratifying (hat might have been Mr l)ov.-n r my friend at <> hae tbtli. kddrcenl vu diaelnline.l for Ulm wll tbe till* of a ?to tiger; I think I may. with -eipuJ r'gbt dtrela ni that li'lo (tpruue) I Inti ie true. the henrr nf coining frojl a f *\> wbii h like Yirpiri*. har been a partner with Ma-'ichu-etta in th> pel lie and danger* of ttvoluliun ; but, tit, 1 o tuo fr im a Hfatw that l CBiter* err tg her b rt, and mut flr'u ai *oi iiltll gint cttig>tt?, n any who ram* fr ro h ith ol tbiae Htntre I tbit k. eir th.tacit cm f Nov Oriean i itiey well r!atm eouia ar.jnatu anr- wpb thee*''' u* ot t oeton. tonne l?<t. a* we ate. not only ny the it- t ol n to a kiaarrt 11 . Ig tk* eoalal ia 11 aim -.? m ncaiiei relation* tnat bud ii* da y nr f an I inor together. I renin t f-el. when 1 trial the ami oi h. i n. that 1 eni tm the nil of % t > alga Ull( > either le tliir my t r-t vielt to your city ortoyoar Ruato 1 havehertitcfori', on one t.r two ocea lone, a* a pr t ti. Indlviduid eiijryed the hovplt I!tie# of b?reltitm* ari l I aeeute yi u. that t very virll that I n-kf to your Stav ard to hi r 111 utifi I at itel le a M>u ce of pure phut-itr and ratbfartion At eve y new vleit tbat I mtke t both 1 pt li iitr Di w I videucie of that induatrT. Ui U nu terpri'e that public tflrit. and |ibil intbro|i? w ac n ny t? raid to I- In r peculiar okaract-rinilct. 1 mc rl*o, mw indication! of eoiitinuri and io cr<a-tug Bro-p-rtty. I need not -ay to tho oldarc* if Ma?actiu?tt*. and nx'W nli. Mr tionroor I u?< not ray tny? u. and to tb- olightenad a<l !!* ' tblib 1 new bare th- honor to addr?-. h >* Du ll o Mr yrreperity b 4b- to tb. pr-i -nati ><i of that Oulod -Mihtle It ii si' ixo th of Ma?hu?tt- lute onn'rilutid m> fxer-ifB ly to ?taUoli, and ? ti ch I ?*?ur< th- will -Po at *11 be a* ready pew-tfuUy to a* rM lt|mrrtr rad to MlaUla. (Applauav) .tilt. t I em now do. Mr <!orori.or. late) *X,)reat a Id),. A -tpc-r- aiab thai thla pro?p?rity m iy eoattuu* n? 1 g aetb- l'al< n ronttt u-e. and that, both mty b? p-ip tu-d Aft-r th- f.?ptlon at thr iii U, the l'ie-id?nt r-eiew 1 tb- ti'op* rn tbcCi uimop Thla ?nlrg h- dined with tb- eabin-t. lncadi-uc Mr WiliUr.ttlbeHiTni Uru>?; but a* tba corp->raion i tbU rity I kd ibtc-ht pn p-r to -srludu the pr? u rep* rt of tb- pro?< dti y? r?n b?" phen. A |?teral trvtrw if a dlrUlon of the Moo t, ,t'j H a'- anlltaiy. under Maj-? tlen-rul Kdnunda, p?> placa on lu r<on Itoiaon. Tb- troop* conaiatr-i of tb< tint lU?t< n hi trade. or- r-elrrrnt of Infantry, an 1 i? o attlli-iy. ui d-r Hrgadbr tt-r.-rwl Andi-wa; aou a hrt' pad- ot e. unity no pa. uude> t>rlaaui-r 0?u> rat Wit?a ( i rrtnitpi't two of intantrj , a< d a ti i ! i ifrlfha Ih-t-euw ?>< witma?<1 by lb- P-dd-nt tb- ff.rt r> ci hrr MaJ?ty'e trope tu Canada, tlurrrnoi Boutwrll and fllr-rr. lb- I't-nliti nt ai d >nlt-. and tba dl-Hngiii-h-d gu-etf Will go ru atl il-uralon. to. mirror. through ih-t-lm l' i fib- bay la a-r-ral ???iir? Pin work* 4 lb mo .1 liauil'ui d-?ilptl'-n. w-re l>t off. to night. from lb' Trminnt Iltu? tb- B-e-ta. atd mh-r hotel*; audio fiont of lb? i. t-l'r are eplendid (d Mara. ?l rh (III. n.irat- tt? win 1? -Tit Tb- F.rgloh ftleera Kara, war- amat< d at tb- eenlo tier- of i or rltUi n rt Id era. In fa-t al from Ca iota ar < hewlldeitd M> U B-t-nt do tb<y flud Yank.- land aul Yankee* from what th*y npt rt-d. Kiom Huaton. HBCIB ABIMVRT) BY Ttllt 11 BOPA? BOVBMKTM Of 1 tin lltkbi 1'i.M?MM. at.NIKL ? tMttK, at. Borrae. Sept IT. 1861. Tb- Fur-pa artdrrd at bar wbarf al an -arly bnnr tt l< orwirg Bh- bring- KO (00 la ap-cK e-n-l/n-d to t r d-r. Ili r nmila w-nt forward by tha I o'clock train fr N?w Y-ik lb- lion Daniel Wchnt-t Ir In tha city, an1 I* -toai. i to ba pnwat with tba Preeldentand oabloat at tb- it ?u Ui u? tbi* afti tannn on th- r-e-pilm of the Pro-Id >nl ly Ooe-rnor Boniwrll. Th- Prreid-nt <1 the city tin- at Roxbtiry abont noon III* rwea-'loa *1 Pal1 Rie-r. Dtrib-et-r, and Hoabury. wa* nn-t en'.au-i aotte. Mr IbwallWlBti af-d BO a nwldant of Boutb R-adinir M?*e . w?a run -trt la*t -e-nlog by a train on to- ili'lcu and Main- Rellmad. and inataatly killed Farm Mi bb*a> ?a* a-nd-ntally -hot d-at with t rtilly hi* ma la law J. hn Roh-rta. In I'lar-nont. N 11,11 ruLday The paitba w-ra In (b- wood guantap Maiyland Whig Hate Oonwcntlwn, !>* TiMoaa, B-pt*mbar 17.19-1. Th- Maryland Whl< Stata Cob?ntloa m-t thia m ra Irg. and Wiiii-m K W?t?re wa* elioa-n Praalifc-nt wktl aauniNrtf VI-a Pr?td-Btr and Rac?tarto* B?ara dabaatlor.r atd belag fall tha -oaeeatioa adjotir?d. U a<e?t at four o'eloea tbi* afi-r*ooa. APTBBieoofi mumt. Hti.riw >aa. B-pt IT, IBAt Tb- Maryland Whig Ouit?ntlon r? aaarmhl-d at f <ui o'el?k tht* utter*n? n "--re- 0. Morgan *?a anal rat-d for r.f th? Tr?a iry t? II Hick?f i tanirry ' w?iaawniw IM ilinrin tl llr?a?r C"t ItMriirr c.f the l aud <>ftl-a?all by araiamatt Ttt < oufnUcB tbm anjnnro'd nm die TIM rnl(?4 Itaiti Urand mt Odd H?i Sapt IT, lltl The flruid (.adf* nf Odd Tellnwa, at the m"fn'ng at'ft tnnMctid tiolh'MT nftla rltchteat paltlM Intac t The Howard W trtrl 0 >nrt j?t?rd?j dl-oWe* I tl ? tlttnmlki* thin rlty aaalnet Oatrral Chwlit tl.' flprtt hating baali feifrltad and paid tfl til" HU.t "I Maiyland. TIm laaUwni Hal la?Poll t Ira In Laaldana Hai.TiMoaa Mept 17. 1*41. Th? flaw OrVaia nail' arrtt?d thle evening bat tbl lnt?et la at III do*. Maeere Poole and Mntaa ar? atnmptng II la Initial ina dan<at<rtt? tha r api n la* maaaaraa Tha Mi' daily (anting New Oriaan? f r tl i b<?ee The Meainably *. I. Uwt*. N*w R?\ Oapf?rnt>?T IT. MM. Tha watt Haawbtp d ft Lewie. from Phlla.l tpht* fat Itodnr paaaad Wanda Hole. at eight o'ela-h thi* N^ri irg. gcing at a g""d rata, with a heed wind. ffelenfa Weamrr. I'Mt HKifNU. l'pt?nW IT, 1W. Tha afaam |w<|?lb t Wa?* wind wee acid at th'. U change thle Morning, N [ERA i 1851. >it Hew York State Fair. Hoc iiutii, Sept. 17,1ML ,y To-dey wu deelgoe**-! for the edtnUeion of th. mere- J !?* of the eorlety end tte gu?et?, to the felr ground*. T- Croe de poured In la thet direction, from en eerly hoar, ana lite constantly arriving manho les Increased the <N f throngs on tlia street The day has been very clear and b bright, and the temperature moderate More than 1000 di tickets, each admitting a family, have been sold ?a larger U number than at any previous fair On the first day, the ei crowd inside was very great, all Intent upon sight-seeing fe It I* tbe unanimous opinion that thla is the finest of the u State Fairs. ? Tbe space occupied by horses and eattia covers severs tl acres. There are hundreds of each. Oaa hundred and ^ thlrty-eeven covered stalls are allotted to tbe housing of " choice borers. At nine o'clock this morning there wee si a fine show if stallions and fcl>od hones, for the especial I prattflcetim ef Lord Klgiu. who witnessed too display. . 1' ligetbir with Gen. Vt o?4 and his aids n The en/?f* rh ?<d at eleven o'clock, and at noon the ' * rimmilties were addressed by the President of the do- 1 * ciety. Tbi y thin proceeded to tholr respective depart- j 11 incnts ' The horses wore afieraardasaln brought out and undo to perform, to the de.ight of the spectators. One large { " ring ei i-i ?o by a to, ?e? d< voted to the eihloit.on of i matched b< r-es: ervol'.i' r. to b?r<ra of all work ; and a i >r thtd to v ims lions". Tne training and exercising ?o- j * copied M-viral hour* 14 Fou-tiy'ard feature In the show this year, u and the dl?plsy 1-n vi ry floe one. There appears to be 1 ? ? agrowing interest in tbl* kind of stock j * Iho bell* d to uierh iii'rs uun manufactures aro n vety nsieiiMTe nod very foil The show la rich and eudM less in tin variety, running through every department of . t * the aits r Floral H <11 is the gem of. the grounds Tito enclosure <* i< Ylry by oue liuudi'i d >tud tlgbty feet, and is crowded Oi ? m Ibi incvMx au'itul Divers suit the ch-dcest fruit*, i ^ Th.y are priccipnDy fr-.m the vicinity, though wo no'lee 1 r ? uie spiolBiens In in abroad. Bone p.rohes from II mil- ' " 1 ton. H ot. his thu observed of all, on account of \ *'P ' their sirs ai d richtiess lhelLviud gue-lsof the city and Society hsve been . ?d arriving ell cey. mid rvecptlons at the President's i oli marquee liave U? n ftnincnt H i noticed on the ground, : cx f 11 n?.l u n .1 l?i j mUll... _ l\ I ' fl'aiej. ilower nor M?rt?t II .n Frauk Hrargor and fa- b ' oilh . Ot jiUhl Wm4 >Bd aid-. Mayor P?ury. of Albany, h* 1 * I'teetChr-tTjIer.end maoy.otherii.eijuall} wellkuiiwn. "f 1 Tbb- ewrrnng. there at?- to be *e?i-nl teeeeM among our |?-< lit citia> n?. at which thine ilmtinrfuUked per-ona atll la- prrsr-et. llitrl' tsd prluir b-urea are crowded. i J' I I ui their m no let up In the mu tltudaa The car* au<l ' '? I l>< i ll ale Ml?<1 to own ttowii k T*u alMUurrs, full of |M>. | , 11 ^-ih cm; ? le?t i 4 H. tri-ifl i matin The ci'.'i-tir are | " tpii.iiK their hoiiitea to the r'racg r?. aith the nt >ut i r* . gCMRitM hopltallty. I *'s I llie inhibition to-doi, paw-il rl eith gr-Mt. !.zt It ! ltl i ir, by far. Ih< gienle>t that ha., ??er Ukt n place iu tbia j late, lnteeiy iMflMatlkM le nn advance uo?n fon.t-r yeare 'rbo ahi-w of horrra U eery flue. Our Ca- } I edit u M-hibbt-ra are dletinirui-hicg thenx-* iTCrf, in sere- ' l l 'fcl d? pat ton litr. The premium* will bj awarded oq "" ! I rnlay I I TLr Dultit lid ' aft-nding the f ir 1:1 I nrai-U'e Kerry- I Jjn , thtrg aitita the appraiai i-e of % trrand ,'tato holiday. *')' s The railrerd care were all behiud liiaa hit olgHt. atil ! " 1 rpatu tbU momirj? Tim mulla are <{uite derange I in ' n r ?nurrre The Albany train, dur hura kit ni*bt at j cali , II oYi. i k.diil tot urt in until 2 o'ri ck tnl.i m?ruii t j f J*mj Libd l? i aptcled to-rjoro*. Ureal prepuratloiH 'I0' , i ? tail k luailr f r tbo feeiltul to ttorwiw trailing Tiii . Thl ran to c lt.riflln the laornlDg between '.aily Huff-Ik 1'!1I , i.i i? M law teiiet-, and oihir hoiin, for a par-w of pduJ, tl;,: I tUttdMCklMMMi 1 '' Liberty I'ualy National Convention. rro I WILLIAM L. CHAILI.N AO .IN IN THE POLITICAL ,r"l AKKNA. IT Burt xlo, Prj timber 17. M51. ni'( I *'!> LlNrtj I'nrty iV-nrcni.-ui ana< n.bird in T-'wn-ie-iJ acti Mall at half-pant 10. tbia induing. About one huudrod J1'* IH-mtia were preo rt. ] , The rr-pyerllon wte eallrit to order bj Q. W. J -hnaon. I ?* iftbi? city I'rufraeor Iludaon.?f Ohio, wa* anp -luted lirl i bail man and J 0 Hathaway beer- tery Aeomaltba eT, cf flee appointed 'or the purpoac reported the follow rig Tig ae primal ibt bdloera of th-- contention, who were duly j j i tlWUd:? | 1 Tiroidi nt?W I. Chaplin of QlenhaVgn Tire PrwliteMe?Mr lUiberti. of Ohio; it It Poole of Michigan; ' ..p, O W. Jobr-'in of Paffal-: a?<1 8 It Ward, nt Mmso ' j?t ehnretta. 8erfetarl-??J 0 llathar ay, of Parmliirt -n; ' in.( A Viene, of New York. A 0 nwmittee of aeeen j,;, , ?a* tteu appoiutul. and the-looTrillion adjourned till 1 u,, O'clock. ;) buuie dir'u-iow of opinion anna, dutlrg the ontaultv , pu ttru. ae to what e< initutcd a liberty tarty mtu, and j,,| lk<- huertii u la notjit decided Uerrlt Smith la here, j !ar d will probably rpeak bel -re the c-urcntiou, thia arel,l? Ml Htaaeral of tbo Ne?l of Gorernment In Ca- ' nada to (iMbtr. j 0" Toaeare, 8ep?. 17, 186L ' ra The officer of the aeTerol d-parlcr eta of goter .m'ot r" i ; wlUtlme their a-fflc? here on Saturday next, and open at Cuehee oo the let of October. ! th< i | liuuu ?i?a nuinbeie of our rininie huee left, or are pre- , fie Ip,. pt riBa to leare. to participate iu the great railroad cnl i< la brat Ion at Bavtvn. itn Mil Kufllllre litre llcmanccd to ltlo Hatter, |?t PHiuDitreii. 8- pt 17. 1H61 '|f' A baerlrg waa bad to day. b? f >ra Commieeion'r In- ' j , taheir. In the caw of Abrwham llall, arreetod on Moo, 1 day i ear Cbrietta"a for participation In the lata riot. atf> a J claimed a? the pr perty ot John Blade of Harford J|'' 1 rnnij Maryland The feMftflg t---ulted In hie bong 1 ri>rt>d-<l to hi' tnarter He ailmi'? bring a ?laTo aud ' , etipn tee* hla wllllnfpewto r> turn to tiL' maAt-r. i j -.IT . _ " ?? i uiiMvHtnaiivu va ?nv i*T%rm ant iu rnnv ^ drl|>hl*< o! I'milad/lchu, Sept 17,1951. ! Unit* tart* meeting war held in In l?pen,l< oca 1 > B .uare, In night, to vlndioaU tha law* and condemn the , t,(.l J i? nl outrage In rbrl't'nna lien Hob-rt l*at'.?r* >n h'i r | undid a lid -|wm rhea wi rr mole by 1'ago, GRarltie e?? Hi '*? John Oan phell. and niburn Let Tbf ('hflitla)i* 5(?ro Dlnnftnn, I'"1 VViLi.i?*?ro?t. Ha. September 17, 1951 I I\e<erd?y a mulatto. answering th* description of Mr. UiJ f Oi'T-urh'A elaee, waa wn amrg tho blUa near this 1" |U" hetrrel i ili?n? hare t< no In pur-ait. and hU ar- rM le-. la K nfdrtitly anticipated. Instructive Ktre at l<aalivllla< ^ Lot'iaru lb, 8r| inblat Id. 1951?P M. f , A Are Sr D'W taping. near the comer if Second atrwet on the e< nth rida if Main. Tb? comnilealon houae of B , IM 0 1 aria, ar.d the Gait Hcuea are In flame* The tr >men it , are using atietiin in i flnrta to subdue tho lira. _________ 111 Marine Disasters. Kai.iimo?e. September 17. 1S51. Li at op Tin nmo panmio*. op hai.iimors?brio mf. | montr csiitu it oiarkrw (j Tbebilg Paihl'tn of tbta city put into tntlgua. In a , <r,||b<l eoadlt '-D and haa be-n rmi trunej Stic . . I it b *7 (a 0 in the run Mir ttal 'nmpmy, of New ^ I Verb. and fcer cargo wae Innml In the Aator ilomnany \ IIolmm ffoiR. September 15. 1*51. ' Th Tba brtg Monte Crlito, Capt Tnung. from Oeorpa- t0 , team, p r Briton, her put In here In distress. leak'og. ' . 1 adlv ariih baa <f all ber null*, aid ruDDlng rigging | 1 I (.apt Young la d-i ^erouelr "tr* *Hli ferae. _ . _ 1 " aril The Tetan Piibiir OnM. i ?r* The follnwltig i fflrial decision. In th* raat'errf tha am public debt of T? *?? alii bo of doap Intereat to a larga ?f < Iiaaa I f reader*. * briber Inter? led or not In lu effect ? I ItUTOIt l>rr*arii?NT. Sapt 15, 1951 g|s Sia?The Preidd' nt haa daetded In the matter of tba *tt i Ti?au public debt ?Plret. that only flea mlli'iia of kle in k ran ba deliarered to Tela.*, until radeaaea. aa pnetd m? 1 I elm tba aet of Congress ut tba 9ih of September, 1950, P,l I , are fled in tba Treasury Department. foe ail tbat p rti .ti Ki, ? I of aald lebi whlrb leaoid prior to tba 14th January. ISpi, . a? In hta judgment the aet of the republic of feta*. of . the 1 Ith January. 1M0 specially pieug-a tha duties on , ' ?'l' rta 9r all ?ha public debt of t'ataa created prhr ti r th? penapa of tbat aet 1 t ?co,,,i ghat all tba la?u? - of Tegae b?nd*. certificates , of ' k. i r notea made recelrabla for 'all public <tue'' ?" : ?'. rta-iua r< r wmen in* dullm on im porta nrr ph-l<r I f*? , niihln <ha Birantnc of th* art of t'nnurvi* of tin. Oth of Vapr rtlar, llbO ; KB it rrlannaa of all .orb mnnt b* (ll*d tn via Troarury la part inapt, ha prnrMxl in tha laat- ' rair.rd ?rt bafora ha ran ba Jullfbd in ili-llrarln? tha f-n r.olni Ufa mllliona of atoek to tha antboiittra of Tmi> 'J lh?' J'rr?ldrnt baa la<truetad n?a tn rommiinlrnu thin dari,-; n to ion. in rompllaucr wilh your rrciuajt. mad? '*? In bahalf of tha rradltnra of r?a*? V?iy truly your obr.lUtit aarvant. V, . Till! ttiMWlN d-amtary . f tha Traanry I tj'r rnj Jatnr? Itvnllt'.n, I halrman I . BI of I'rwlltora of . I Tr? Morrintnll of lHatlnanlalMxl IntlliUnall. ^ b? ll (,? r*a t' liarnh L'oiiad Atataa VftnUtaf |<i Von taotrtr p'a and lady bad nrrlrad prior to tha 18lb ult, I Bt Ab?ta*i. tn lirpmtrd hralth Mr I' trnr?iont nod dauabtrr hn-bao l and daujthta* rt tf Vat rrr ?'%bt harr at'.rrd at'tnrtn. atl ?' r r M :roa?? Ka., II 1! M Om-nl. bar.nnah Hon n <1 J? ,o t t.rof Br.n^n Albany; >n V? ban a Rita#, fari- (apt Trard and loly. RrUiah Vrmy; 0?l J t Ian Irra-<i..h, Mriwa, Hon ItarHr.a linkway. Fondn **? I a<- M - - nun; Arthur Pall VI art n Inland; AH. In rod lady, fcnntat ir Ky tfm R I'.iWall and "amtiy, N.* Urimi a, A it M intr r. K.glanl M O. Ra!\. i ai d lady hlratr\ ?"? nni. K; tha nrrtnOa at * tl.r I'tifca flaw Wd II I II I Intra of fir. Ida in Wa.tiia^a* P Inn Jan,on Rnabnnnn at Ta . and tin J BUdatl nra ** ' U> I Wjntd-dyhio * u D. price two cents: Our Baltimore Correspondence. Baltimokc, September IT, 1U1. Tkr Political Campaign? National Txffiyrytusal Cocoa** turn? TV ClnifiOTi Ou'ragt?Alin Hayci, fc. The political raoipalgij, underthe nwweoortttutioo, hi* )DiDf^ ?ltb preat emrgy and all partlc* wo U 1 c,,n?IH?r*hl? iliuoulnM wi??. ?h -mocrats will, it is pn>um<'4, as u.ual. ele<# their entire oket, unless tbe baianoe of power" liok*t .fcould tmIi their strength; which, however. ii not probable, aw w d> mocrats cm dcrert their party nomlnews on clewon day however much tl ey may And fault v-tththiaw ;fore Union ticket* aerially lead off three whips to ledemcrrat The ('oDarMWional election ?>ne> off o? >e first Tuesday io October next?Tue-'day week. -art te election for Legislature, the Judiciary, fcc., torw eeke afterwards Tbe National Typographical Convention. after m * ? on of f?ur day*. adjourned nine J,? last night. Got Low has taken tbe moat prompt and rift "lent W?on with regard lo the t'hrlnlaoa oetrege. lam cJlatdw pon the receipt of aathentic Information he d<-woat?ha* special messenger to the President of the trtilt. lt rttataet uh a communication on the subject au<l has *o doabfc rat the general government will exert atl the poa er aw* Btbority neeeeeary to bring the guilty parties to JWinlinw Great anxiety ia manifest, d Lero to listen to tht <d*c>g of the Irish warbler Mis* Catherine lUyes telly ) the engravings repreeeut her aa moat ma<:rufiodnt In lit ward appears noe. Oar PhtladrlpUia Correipoudtnte. I'MiuDBLrsu. Sept. IT, 1Mb. Fvfilite Siniv IkmantM?jl Sen XoUiue hit , Rewety oj SPelcn /Vo;*rfy?Jlfam^ielfc ft'iter Lilp. Abraham Hall, the fugitive slave arrested In 1 snows r, arrived in tbe elty this morning, and had a heaitwg fore Kdward D. Ingraham, Kaq, the United fltatsw tnmlryjoner, at It o'clock. Thu fugitive having. hfcw| If. admitted being the properly of Mr. John blade, ths limsnt. and expressing a dn ire to go hack, wo sertoua p.*itIon was made to his being remanded. The fngt'e tltd. about five years sinoe. for fear of beln;{ panUw, berime*. iu a moiceut of passion, he had Suag doww > muster's grandson, and brok.n hli arm. u? wan lied Charh e (1 wlnu. while living near Lancaster. Peter tlsliiinan has been arrented at Pittabnrg, wfcl? er h? had fled from Columbia. Pa . with over MOO* longing to bis fktlier ai.d others, which he had beew trusted with to take to the Yuri. Bunit. Ht hod spawk it $.'? <1 tbe f-tolm nvsney. A pon ion of (he property rue. utly stolen bv the is its the chip Yorkehhe. at New Yvrk, from Capt Urtgga, s lie, n recov. red horn by the police. Pie Victoria Kegia. a monster water lily belonging tw leb Cooper, Ksq , Is attracting great curWwity, atlla bibltion tf the Society. Tbe leavsa era : feet in diameter, and tbe dower, whioh was last < raw ; in full fiery, is itti nt, < n inches In diameter. Thtaltlcal and Naskwl. ThXAT?K - The excellent plvn called thw irp. titer of Itouen " will commence lite cutectaimL'ts thl.?reulug. Mr tidily, who is a great favorMn 1 a good actor, will appear as Martcaw; Tilt-on. as thw e de baulilgne; Goodall as Autowlo; Mica Mitchell, aw rot; niul Mrs. Jordan.a* Madelon After this piaaw le Celeste will appear In one of her admired daaaaa, I the perfnraaauces will elo?e with the le sutiful piece id the " Pirate of the I idea." in which .Vlr. bteveus.aa ur of t wlcbrlty. sod tbe able stsgu manager of tka >?ry Una tic. will appear iu the leading e liaraotar. * programme will lie cure to attract a lurg -masemIte. Celeste's dancing is very uiueli admired. a ad Is s greet addition to ths present txeeUent rtoek ipany. laoat.wav TiiraTaa ?This establishment i.. every night vd? d since tbo re appearance of I lie great Am-riaaw Kuwlu l,,crp-?.?i. wliowt excellent dramatic few m ritstioi a call forlh the Hurt enthuitlaatlc rheortag. bar appeared io hn great character <*f KlohaUe*, m > to Madieth. aod in arh li- read ami aeUxi Iba ah-.trrr* to perfect li n T<-iiiglit he npp'ar* a* l>r.oita,a Tnct?T in which ha ha* no mat; li? will Ko *uppor%*?l Mr. '< nway. Maibai I'ouiitl and Mr* Abb-It I^omrio?ti tutor of no or-Jlnary etainp?he I* ;;pad ia ! ything ha (til*, and hia Prtbia.a t* a ntn-'.er piwiwt. Jaai? PoniM la a gc-wt fHTorlui and ia gen- rally ?god and Mr* Abooit la a* graceful ami la-lyjifegt M r The performance* conclude wl'h th Uea^til i r,' a .ll? l>u\idg> in the leading part. it nroVaTmeATB*.? Three eery attractive pieoag wfli (P M i.trd tlii* tretiing, in win !i nearly ut it** ooaoy it ?lat* will appear TIm bid in oidef ?lli be IM irt Man." in allien tha di-liiuui-l>ad co-n.diaa. Hr. >ke. will i uttain the part of tlroiTny Ha r IT a bar* ^u-til y mi1 Mr Ulnlie in tnU fliurn-tix, tied f ?M hbk-d< liDKBtlnn muet pronounce hi* r*prv?wnt*ttoa itn -t thrilling and effecttTe we baeceerr mtpiawd, e next, will be the highly a uufing p'ere ended " I'aor lieod.ty," with Uurti.u *n hU it mi .labia rbantctarad tin I'etir I'llllnody A new ipedlcy c? Tture will wart played by Mr burton * excellent ncelm-lca. and aA II r|i-*e wtill the excellent farce if tha -Wanda r^ng netrcL*.' with Bur ten as Jim ilajrga Nirto'? ? Tu-a-ghl the rmlaei.t Manama TbUlon. wha t- 1* < u frr eerera. jeare ailei na;-ly 4J? print* loaaa the Opera Omiqi.r. of l'ari?. and A the licgliCt Oprv of La r<V>n, will r ate her flr?t nrpoarirre Thla aoBplRhod I*It 1/ tiie erij'inai in thai character ?h* Belie* thU ctci ing. being houoivd by bwrlwg the eperw the ** rown lituniowd*' compoerd for her by A abac, i popular ormpoaer of ' Va/^alelirr." |> Im.ntno Ir " tc Thla lady by the ge aural rolea of .loropaaa !ioe. i* r< j ilted to be the beat act ng Tocnliat on aba fo Mr llodaamtiRi - b? Wauim: rial? part and a Mary Taylor r?l reeeau the character i a tared an mlar iy Madame (,e iVurt then the op* ? wai gifwm Niblo'e fy tha com any Tha atr xtiur* of mmwji metier in atr ng fu-ga to-night. 'anraaaoa Aureate* ? bifra lh? tlana M tonwinaa t iTentrg, tha ontcr gmti o( Trtpb r I all w?ra clanaA ilut a rn wd n4 meet fa-hlcnable pewyle. antiona an it. admittance to the wlaard'a ai'lrno We were ttgw * ii.w a drnaely hniae. and a perfnrmanoa at e mod ai unndtng rh>r?clrr. the mtm feat, Uw ?'* ft and ibe eryatal ea?ket,eireod uUwe eaer aaar. ram i f>*eor deaigns acgne tn)p'.rtai.t ebtaga In Itu aauMenu tirxt atek. fatuniay altercMia ia tbe grand > I irf^rn.atcr, and bat unlay ai^bl la fur the 'jnantt A!r Wilton. lil* uuUBfriT S*ti *?l Tut* mr ?Thla U doing a I u-in?* L. l ?i i d tli?- ktimc'iM features of U -mK, > nl< braird Uaginliau ul it? old utork, and Mr i K. it. a rery Sun actcr ?t>d itr-al urcrlt*. u ale* it <h*ni it ml hi* wonderful a m* the hi>w*r I* crowded r> night To Bight the rplrudld tragedy of -?N ir." with Tooth** h lor Litt, and 1Oo.1t a* Kitgar. I* will L* a rich treat fot th? fr>-<|u?ot*r* of the ftm i *1 Mian l.uulatu will aupear It. a Ituogarian (tBBM, 1 th* p. ilortuatn r* will u-tnitu**e Willi the -L.l~t.did it* raJM lb* '-Idiot i f th? dtxanaoti. ' with HlanefcI u the piotninent f.ature?hi log* are the moet uu* ring animal* we have aver i?a-tb?lr lagvjity hi ilij arunL-blDg Khot < ium'i Ltcarw ?Tlo: great attraction of Ibl. e*. .Il l no-lit U the rem wr ?1 Charlotte ('o il ia*ti. *M ptai* to nlitbt In her treat end uuparall' >! rh*r*m ' of hire Mrni ief In the mu*ir?l play *?' iltiy Mam. ritg," I htpt-rLdale a* l?. mia e .?auip oB| Mr* fte ;t a* Jcli.i Mani>eriag Mie* (1. ulj. aa Lor; Ucrtram; d Mr* Mnailer %? Mr Mr'btadUeh Thi *n?<>uaom t.l ?l I be *ura io Pll to orerfl .ring the I.; # io?_ ad try h< iy* both her* aod in Kurt-|>r. thai tima tln-an la tbo nM.?t r?pTe-.<nUiir* of -Mog M jtiHlie*. ii?h*m will inahe a uw tr tie J by thi# eog* (*iu*M, I we are glad to w* It #o a* b" l? a eery d-'-cetag nag>r. a One r. median. a*J g.-od drama! I?t 11* daaa nihil g In hi* power to pie*** hla patron*, and o?w> lu. i.Uj rhould be mpparpj Ml** Madia* will ilaaaa, J a I will dote with Ihia' Tarht Kaca." Ma D. wrersa?Thle very p-pillar l.allad Mng*r whoaa lade eartte all the tin. r t.- lugi "f the aonl. 1. gtrlag iiert* al the* wltL U * u*nal *uoce*a Wu w of co whh U airorUa aor* p|**?ara. aorg* are plaintlTe and bauft touching, and aiirrt* ;h* Bib J a thouai-d nw.rt rjeoea of the pa it. b?r?t AwrNiittrarar ?TL.- .pa. iou* and Megai* I Itiu-i.i i* n-jj'itJy tbf e ? t delight aod *~tot tti?nt C'r-wd* <f the in--' r--pee able ****tnMagwa I alwayt be found there, lie* to wing aatbn Iralie nliaer* n the elegant perf-TOiatwe* Herr Kt*t I ?et N -rtk, 1 Ma?ter W till* eortlnn- to elirit the gr- *t?at imarha ppfbat i< n l.<* k at the hiu fur lo-ntgnt aaavw'i Mt-art w ?'lb* n*tf?r?iaac*a which are en here In the aflertioan and erenlng. *r*r*?*ediiu<jr rartlee. and are roiimquxatly tilling the raio n. raw rtlt ettl family ara gr-*t favorite*. and twoelrr w.41 rlud plandito. 1 he dramatic performance# are eg lent, aod the great ranaty of carioaltle* whi-beaa 0 be area, mah'< the Mue-ua a faeorlte re?<-rt. 'imim't Miw?Tari* will tin aiwtbw of tWr. l?d it ntertali m< nt* thU rrenirg geracal of lh?lr mart minrnt feature* are contained in llm programme friifw*' Mi?at*ri a.?Thi* highly popular aad 1 r?i??4| h*n<l i t i?fkto pi?rfonn?n nn >UDo* fin# - HBe fuC thi* fretting The bell, aa u?a*l, wll W wited Ttia iipera at Caatla tfardea. I Id right I here wae a e.ry hrnl ant aad faaMoaahla fllenrr pr. .eot. tu eti>-7 the remarkably etoelb ot mma' et l.rtalnmei.t .dh-n-d to tb.< fr?. nde of Marlal, who. >r . al'ii of hi" fl'-t h-m-at in the ciiy,ahowo4 p|r ?r pr<r>?tt'<B of tbo Burtto of ho aroat ntl-l Ilia . pti'n oatrrim-ly ontburt*ot!o. Protracted plow, rrbaod tbroath tbo t>uI lit-? f t oooorU mi *?*, I whop ho ??n?i th? full joiaor of hi* ooioo tout with B rat lo off. et .s*|?| ipi.rpr. ,.| tlio part of llr mu" t "k'bully and rhotm'nirly ami whllo <'ar?ilno VVotH ah'i d rwt; om. HihIo all hjr bor lyit 1. li tore! fatli-n and Mtiuf in tbo rota of l.iMraataa dui lotwoou Rultlla and Morlnl ?w no cupl-tcly lofartoiy. that tboy worr oallod out to roc-toe an oai?W>n of tho approval n| tb? honor In It* ?<?t h?arty 'latlto Prom tbo II'do*" of Itrttlnl, (ta ?n4fi?in4| 'want" *11 not porforao-d, mid In tlaoauuocqttont <* ii raw* of .tlannra Clotilda, Barill Tbarwa, tboro wwa lt"B| P? 'niiront. 11tooah tbo taul roparxaalli-n 41a*? ' * If pot foot ly MtlollOtl with tho olo*aat Wli <4 a Ibot bod roool??i| 1 jn cut rtainmonta f"* tb?a nlntf<ir-r Incnwau^ attraction - f ? aa rarly otail U itio CUdi-m. Bill *4 laparrltart. loot 17 ? C?i?io-i of -it'ornth ward 'nib* no, Tbo wiitiut** of th? ta?: woro ww4 am-l 100.01 d ib mo fb? MUa a. I aorwra. pota l?n" f. r tha 0 i-t'rn i t tamo* wrro m ;i -J tdjoRHirit H W"^r<Wy wtt, at ftw VfHtK 4 ' ^ - ?

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