Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JUKI OUR) OX BBXXKTT, rUOPHlBTOR AND EDITOR. or net N. W. CORNER OF FULTON AND NASSAU ?TV run DAILY HKH.ILD, I eentt per carp-97 per TiirJ WEEKLY HEH.1T.D, every Enter day. at ?* M I v'cupy, or $3 per an luih ; the European Edition tipi' nnum .'I any part oj (rrr.t Hi .rain, and 9igp any par* of the Continent, hot h to include the portage YVlVNTAHY CORRESYOSDESVE, cent am. ng important uewe. eolicited fro n a: y <jnat ter of the utorld; f tt"d. will he iherally paid 'nr. Oru Foakmn Co*?i?n?m?r? abc r*iTiovL?l .v i?|uutui to ?eal all Irfi > ?nr Pack as a* sen r to u*. Tf N US. caih in advance. Ynlmjna XVI No. **?. AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. CASTLE GARDEN?Li-CIA ui Lamkk^moor. BOWtKV THEATRE, Uuaery B*?. tm* BoatswaitNtch or ihi Wouiw. BBOADWAT THEATRE. Broadway-Richelieu?DoitH I Bkoubo ROOM. MIBLO'9 GARDEN, Broad*?T?KIK-nA?Raoul. BURTON'S THEATRE, C.'.ainbar* lUouV MARRIED Lira -IUITV IVlSka. NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham *tr*?t?laon Ch?tMk?<ha>t or Va.nicac?linoT or tmi Shannon?Love amu cmaaity. ore.HAH a l YCIl'M, Broadway-Lojim* As?vrA*ea?Taoat Race. OBKISTT'S MINSTRELS, MeohaaU' UaU, <72 Broadway Enuoriir Mibhtrei-iy. FELLOWS- MINSTRELS, Fallow*' Moaioal Hall, No. ?U Eaaadwaj?ETwioriAw Mi>*tkel*y. AMERICAN MUSEUM?Anvsine FiRrcarucu Armrooa tie EriRiaa. TB1PLBR UALL?Soirees Maoioi-ea. BOWERY CIKCCS?B<41'??tria!? Parr rmawc-es. Nnr York, Fiiitay, Sopt*aib*r ll?, 1*51. Wtlght or th? Herald la Wra.'pere. WaaaLT i.H bwilk Sheet Herald Ut o?8 ??l? hater Herald... ....... 1 09. Summary of llu News. The news by telegraph in our columns this meraing, is of a varied, interesting, and important eharacter. Though meagre in relation to the state ?f affairs in California, it 6hows a healthy stato of bnsinesi and society. The mining prospects are good The steamships Illinois and Brother Jonathan were both obliged to stop at Southern ports, being short o; coal, in oonsequence of heavy gales. The grand n.ilroa i jubilee at Boston till attracts great attention, and he proceeding of yesterday will be read with interest. President Fillmore and Lord begin are the lions of the day, while Mr. Webster retires to mo.e comparative quiet and privacy. The nominations of the Liberty party Convention have been made, and the Convention adi turned tint 4u, alter having adopted a platform embracing all the factions outside of the regular parties. Mr. Gerrit .tmith is fearful thu he cannot do as much good as president as be could in the capacity of a pr va c citizen. Tbe State fair at Rochester goes far ahead of any ' like exhibition ever got up in this State, and must prove gratifying to those who hope for the prosperity of American skill and agriculture. The whole affair was most br iliant. k We are sotry to 9ee that it is reported Genera Quitman is about to place himself at the head of another expedition as a!:. t the island of1 'uba We give that gallant officer more credit than to believe b# will madly rnsh to bis own destruction, and the destruction of these who might follow him, in such a hazardous undertaking, with the ceitainty of defeat, and probable annihilation, before him. The late unfortunate invasion should teach all who think of such a thing, that Spain will maintain her supremacy in that i.-l nd, for the present at lcaat *, and the government of the United States will arrest the departure of any formidable force that may attempt to embark. The general news ir of an interesting character. The recall of the United r-tatcj Charge de Affaires at Denmark, is an event which has been for some time expected, as it was known the geat'emaa occupying that position had accepted a nomination in Pennsylvania, as a candidate for the judiciary. Tbe Jluropa's news created no change in the cot ton market at New Orleans, and price* ranged downwa d. (>ur Baltimore correspondence, for which we eou.d net fii d space, this mom ug, ?pe k: of probable trouble among the pol ticians of the Stste of Maryland. 'Ike fo mat ion of a patty, calling thorn elrea the balance of power, and selecting candidates from the nominations of the old parties, will create considerable excitement, and probably result in the ntccese of a po tion of both of the latter. gJAs may be seen by our Phi la iclphia correspondence. there is political trouble in that section, the whole of the native American party acting against the whig candidate foi Governor, thereby rendering kis success uncertain. The governor, it will be seen, has refused to interfere with the sentence of the law against Mtookey, ' and his execution will takeplace to-day. The court yesterday granted a writ of error in Camel's case Vise Island ?-f Cuba?It ported Proposal* of Sole to the t'nltrd States, by the Spanish Oereniment. The following significant article we ext-aoc fr- n the Lamkn Lmdtr, n 1 the fith instant, an able and highly respectable journal, of the liberal s.houl, which we roccired by the liuropa mi:** rot nip. MI.a or o KA. Or aKtb'irily which w? J., r. i > L*<j i" fro?t worthy. Wi ksrn ths (ciiii iA llw n?n list >ti n w ?< !?< n sa /ah. dim f-rths-vis of Cuta n> the itwiiwa|qfw? ' *"Lt It if acta if <'.*?! that Uoui-rai ; : v lU 1m r?- j r?' -4 tut after tli* IIpan! *i (fi r?r>vn?nt h?? lint; ituni it? It n< r 11m l.<Un<l will l"il to tli-'lori^l f?t?- fur a r .vn l n.m < f ,n o*j. >i r? tlua mm Autv * ili W Tit n??im-nir t 01 iff an lmai-u ? >ura t* th* V?**i Hi lot 1.1;ain Hal tli* moat r* narfcabi* o nut la th* w.lotibM.t C< ball *H* furcli.i m -ifj to tb* Kn^- | tali Ik I4rr? of f p?i.i.h l> nl? It la a ill that L. rl 1 *.a,*r t a ill. lib' then* l*rm.?. C"HW Jala lit *? liaiwCU w Vi* f?? th* lit* explosion In ri1* i , at i X'? I'll ?' *t?irtt,.ia n? ' ?i .n, but. an?-or<lIn* U .HIT aat:.. rlty It a.U at iu ao O il o. < UeMtai 1 l epra, tbe V.. ail'II n ,tui oih?r inllu-ntiul artwa iiavnc t.< r - >?? .| In ti . a- tiati u before fb? ?a.< ward evni n counlmi <1 i*u?if oceur.-l ;?t lUriu 'J be mar,;, ?t deetiay of Cuba if the ultimo i incorporation of the i-,a: d uaaoug the Ma tee of th?* confederacy In commanding maritime poii'nn ia the Gulf?the manure aevl knerearing aggregate of cur commerce n that quarter?the r<.aoarcc?, prcduc'.f, and c jmmerc'al facilitiee a i advantage* of tbe ifland, and rariou* other political ccoaidcraMo&J of the flrrt importatce, make the ult mate acquisition of Cnb.i, by the Ln >l JMa'cn, the fare rcfult of inevitable fate, or, of abet m tantnmouat, the impcra ire neoceeitiM of or foreign and :'?m tio pol J I' ie not aline the l?,i *1 commerce of tbe Gulf, nor tbe mire . *?s . irj{ ou. unci I f- m ,.ittno ro me mro.ari, are involve 1 io lie command of the atraito fe.'ween the la i a tr us i':,b>a Honda and the Fkrida Wej?, but t'u? w>:'4-t Bibreoieg eteeeehlp ortrrpriao bctw en New . :k P J otb?r Atlantic per W, and I lav at. a, n .. m>, and tb# loth?tu paaMgca, d?ui*r J ;he fr?? ten of the Gulf, wl J all ?be odvantogc oi * he* c .u u.u ication with ' the island | Nor doe* the minting i ical in?-;??'! t? of rUrery ' ' dier the slightest imped,toon' to the - ggeiul ao qufsiticn Havery t ilstr in J aba: m.i in it* in >?. | fu aticn with the United Mate*, we are o rtain i that tho condition >f the *lave* would be improved f and ameliorated, and that the African slave trade with tho friend wouid bo euppicoscd. It half the a vide nee a* to the extent of thia pira'.iul t'affij between the African ilare <iealer? and fti i pi., atari of tuba be true, the resemble Bcqt'rHlon of the Island b' aid ho a primary object with our pb laothr^dta. In fact, iitee tho late action of the gooart meat of, in aid of tho ts MBbiaed U? g't b and United Slatea fqaadreaa off the Aftl'tf coaot, In tho ranpre**<on of this trafiio, it would be well to Im Ji to i ubt brazil ha*, heretofore, boon the foot obstacle, bet she is supplied, and has closed her ports against the Afrioan slave trader. Let the traffic be practically contraband in Cuba; and but k little else remains to break up the barracoons, and | f tc transfer the slave ships along the whole African , 1 coast, into more useful and honorable branches of commerce. ?uch, it appears to us, are the piacti- t oal considerations touohiug the slavery question, in ( connection with the acquisition of this invaluable , island. , The purchase of Cuba is no new proposition. It i was broached some years ago in the United States < | .Senate; it bus for some time been a familiar top.c i of political discussion. The popular mind of this 1 country has bcoome familiarized with it, until the consummation is considered merely a question of time. It has, we have reason to believe, within too last ten years, been under ndvisoment before the cabinet at Washington; and was, not long ago, made the subject of special negotiations between our government and that of Spain. The negotiations for the purchase of Cuba, under President Polk's direction, we presume, are now considered as satisfactorily authenticated. It will be remembered that, at the time, a letter from a correspondent of the New York Herald, writing from Madrid, purporting to give a statement of the overtures of our Minister, General Saunders, and of their reception by the Spanish government, was t most vehemently denied in this country, and pro. noucced by many American journals, with various ! pretensions to correct information, as a sheer bit of invention or humbug. Quite an excitement was : raised upon the subject, so that even members of Congress?John Minor Potts among them?were drawn into the discussion. But, if we mi stake not, the letter of our correspondent was at length vindicated I 1 by official testimony, in the most ample and conclu. j ' sive maimer. At all everts, it is a matter of his- ; tcry thit there were negotiations for t ho purchase | of Cuba by the United States, between our cabinet I J and the Spanish, during Mr. Polk's administration; j , ai d we believe it is equally notorious that, through ; bad management, these negotiations fell to the j t ground. We believe the overtures camo at first t frcm Spain. She prd^sed to sell the island for a ; sum of money, and the island being valuible, the 1 t sum, of courso, was large. President Polk received 1 the iropesition, read it, andturncd itovir forcabinet 1 consideration. Secretary Marcy, it is understood', 1 recommended him to accept the offer, and to close the bargain without higgling. It was good alcice> | but Presidest Polk thought the price too high, | am 10 cncapen tne article, tratsnrrcd tua ' subject to General Sounders, at Madrid, wi.h 1 1 instructions to try if Spain would not be a * little more reasonable in her terms. The negotiations leaked out?the Spanish government, falling buck up- n its reserved right and its national dignity, cut short the whole business, in a flat decla. 1 t ration that Cuba was not for sale, llad not Prc-i- I t dent Polk been hampered with the Oregon and Mexican difficulties, a different result might have , r been achieved, an i Cuba, at this day, might have 1 been luxuriating in the balmy sunshine of our republican institutions. The past may not be re. 1 tiieved; but a tho ghtful recurrence to its teach- , iogs is always attended with advantage. J There may be something in this report of the , lAr.den Lender. Spain wants money, llcr hold , a upon Cuba, whatever alliances and treaties may require, is, at best, but precarious and insecure. V. bitterer may be the fact, it is highly probable that the late events in Cuba will give rise, in the 0 r.ppoai hirg Congress, to a full discussion of the >' whole subject. It is also highly probable that the [' question will be carried into the Presidential can- Y vass; and the exam, les of Florida, Louis ana, and j' Texas, arc still fresh axaorg our historical recelleo- n tiocs. There can be no doubt oi the result, if the jdecision of the question is turned over to the Aiaeri- i, can people. 1 ? The Teiujcth or the American Yacht Cham- ^ rii'NS ?It is notorious that a ya:ht fro? the J United States, or from its prominent political, t commercial, social, fashionable point, Nc? York, J has recently excited great interest ia England by 1 its sailing qualities, when brought into competiti on " with the yacht squadron of our sea-girt neighbor- o ?for thty are no more, since we hare bad the : 1 briefest kind of voyages between Albion and the , , New Netherlands, by the aid of the paddle wheels j 11 of the New York built steamship Pacific, and othe* j (J versels of the Collins line of steamers. Well, that o triumph of the American yacht, very properly called 'M" "America," which has recently attracted not ; ?i only onr attention, but our pride, should not be forgotten; and, as we have recently, in this city, ? given a most significant demonstration of our gra- ft titration to Edward K.Collins, E-i , for his cn/] terpiisc in building the best lins of steamship! in J, the world, we should do equal justice to those r. who have established in Euto| e a fame for Amsri- j,1 can yachts, beyond that which halos the ralliug craft ofttc olJ nations of the world Now, probably, f by the next steamer that will arrive from Liverpool at this port, we may expect the preseuoo of Com- si moiore John C. Stevens, and Means. Wilkes, and Hamilton, the owncre of the yacht "America,' u which has created so great a sensation in Uritirh waters, that rhc has been purchased in England at (1 an advance upon her cost of fifteen thousand dollars. * ' ^ ,? . . . . tB i cey win come?out now win ttj'-ycoino! rrliAll , ( they arrive in the usual quiet style of American <u citizens returning from Europe, or shall we give J." them * reception in our ettfnusiastic New York ft< style?one of those spontaneous outbursts of mingled f I j ride, ambition, gratification and joy which aai- i mate the American hurt' or shall it be with it> the cool, impcrturhab!.' gravity that bee > ?c? a J'|J fart and parcel of a fixed and immovable fact I ,u Wc think the former wdl best comport with the t,r popular feeling. Firstly, we must bavc a reception; u, secondly, a glorifi* ation; thirdly, a presentation' [ i fourthly, a rpecchifiestion; ani liut'y, a grand th? demon nratitL suited to the occasion, to do honor to t%. there wb' bare made the little yarbt of Axerican ' c.arofacture leave the Lrgl, h yachts "half seas sver." Who is to make the ic?d luorcuical in me this matter! We have made the fir?t. fc at 1. or ttti Yacht Ambbica -We are author- u,? ixrd to state that Mr. Sevens did not receive t ?'7'4/0 for the America ,*<ho was told for ?5,000. '^c Her owners were eoutent to soil her n England nt << t oat -he cost thcr?, without making n profit on *" htr The victory she acr >mpibbed was the only uy remuneration her ownem desired for the r eerrices, ? in the enterprise of placing a Yankee ya< >it io Log- the l.rh waters, to boat all England. I,',1' _ I It Tnr nertaTt sr o?v? i am Fit, itt. M|,|.< i n, ?Th? French ?t?*u f.'igatt M'sal es, Captaia at* Aurwska. left bee anchorage oft U.- Mlwy. at setre *' e'd--h y?te?4ny moraJojr In-bur? nfO-pte'nD !lv- ?. court on cf < or fim >u- New York pilctt and prooceded afd toera. She llr?d o Mlote of twenty-oa? pun*?At* oil 1 the Rettery fir* <.ff (in*.<r*or'o I- eel fire , ft fort t.a ,',V fkyetlo. end I* ?t th< point of the Hook. Tnii solute list WM 1ft b'HMT Of New York, la cn&*llerat.i a - f the maoy bind attention* the fdhcefo rtreired while h?re. ft .ut the ^' i.fflctrs t f our ua?y and lb, cltix a .,'ortetfy , m eel" * Trie rorrr Ceor at Met *? a ? t inl< to ih? end of * tui.n?t atate that the umiiuntly wnrtft we s'b'r had h i v ?r u UmI the ripening of the fruit ?t M.,lig? which was 1 ^'.T ? mire In earlier than had been expected. i'be fruit ?a* j nail and not *o handaooie as laat year. ; at . . t.'wl Aran ?l noH Tt aa?We learn ft uu Captain Hutch- ' ft trm. cf the hark Cornelia, from Smyrna, arrlred yea- n"1 erdey m< rntrg. that preelou* to the departure of the C. j horn f myria hand* of fibbers lia<l lnfoat?d the rill vfp? , ( *' o tie rlcinity. wajlayir/and celling neichanllre and j ' "*b?r kind* of property. On Saturday, the 19th of Jul/, j 1 h?y nlj'l R \ an Sen re p. Er ij., L'uteh Vice C'Hill. | f while wakkinp with hi- two children in hla elneyard. Bear j 'hr tho tillage of lefttgne, where ho r*td?. ond ooMyeilod *'* m to aeeomp.ey th to to their rrt,l*?r< ih In the | g fTifelr V At h>? nry r.t re-pist t: *y j 'roittef the |n ), ehltdren to iwifttn te th, rh n- Th.y theo demanded 1 ,r, > ranrtn *t, ,<*> pt,. ,. ?Meh. bf egotatn l. wat j mnp r,,.".dto 0"0, , f,i, 1 J,7, hen .et.M ter y. 11 fu-k, / ,?Ve. will t ,-,bt- , Motel. w ..W j , . ,w ^n. I ?; J the. at If f i- ; c . . ? ! , , f-r y f ke ,-eyi. i ' [ ItTtMcnii of OoUniat H?|m, IfIm Hayes, yesterday morning, reoeiv*4 a large lam?r of visiters at her hotel, the Actor House. Numerous rim Is who hod waited Impatiently to greet her, were here, and Urge numbers of new acquaintances who ought Introductions to her She was in excellent spirits, nd concerted with all, in that open, friendly manner bat is peculiar to her. She enjoys a sally of wit exrcedingly. and has a very quick appreciation of a nice point in that kind of conversation. .Miss 11. had prertously made arrangements to deliver her letter* of in Production on Thursday?so, in ths afternoon she went out, iu company with her mother an 1 sister. Mr*. Urahun. ludDr Joy, who accompanied her, for the purpose of calling cn those to whom she bore letters. Among these introductions were some addressed to the Editor of the Ukkald, and she therefore came in a businesslike way to hard them in. Her maun< r is so unaffected that one cannot but admire her perfect ingenuousness. Having beard cf the Ucsald establishment before she came to tula country, we invuca ner to joo* >l hj? umc?? itua punting roea). ?he immediately accepted the invitation. stepped out of her carriage, aud. with her friend" was shown through the editorial rooms. Mr. Bennett's o?ce aud library, the press room, paper house, counting rcoui. aud mail cilice. She expressed much gratification at ail she saw Hanging against the walls in the library were a number of engravings, representing musical artists who have been iu this country. With many of these Miss Hayes was well acquainted, and seemed glad to meet her old Oiends thus The third edition of the IIchalk went to press while theee Tisitors were in the ofhae, and it was proposed that thsy should descend to the pressroom for the purpose of witnessing the performance of the wonderful presses which tupply the reading worl 1 with so many thousand sheets of news per day. Miss Hayes was Eof content with a mere casual glauce at the complicated machine, but ascended the platform, and viewed it from bore as well as from below, becomiug thoroughly acquainted with the movement, aud tracing each result back to its appropriate cause. 8be seems to possess wonderful perceptive faculties. The party next visited the iob press room, where half a do ten presses were in opera" tion. printing oil the large and small theatrical placards ird hatdbiils. hhe then visited the mail room and pubicaticn cfllce. where a crowd were gathered ti get a [lance at the tong-tress, who has for the past five da;s riati d tutb a sensation la New fork As her carriage eft the t Bice door. (he throng gave three hearty cheers for the " Ewan of Erin " Mi. s H. bowed her th4nsS( and drove off. exprci-ing to her friends much sati-faction with wLat she hud seen at the lis r?lo fcuiij'ngs. After [taring the IIkhald office, she railed on quite a number >f her fellow passengers in the I'ucitb hilh<r, aud in ;be evening visited Brougham's Lyeeum. V tDAttr. Tim ins ? This distinguished cant a trice and j l-ndid aetrits made her debut la?t evening, before one f the most crowded ucd fashionable audiences we havs Ver seen, at Niblo's Harden, and was received, through- , lut the entire opera, wub the most deafening cheer*, let features ale litautiful. with eyes the most brilliant ind dsrzlins we have tver beheld. ^be rendered her <ngs with such aweot intonations and scientific exeeuiou. tbat the stage wa< literally crowd, d with bouquet*, brown at her f?t t by sereral waoai th kept rpull-boand iyher faeclnatlug sod bewitching expression and in tu table actirg. We mu-t eandidly cocfosi wn h*v itvtr Mtn a tnlt'-r actrsf*. The scene* with Don K iquex Were excellent 'lh.r. ??' ?a arch aod playfi. xpresaion in Ler f. star> < which rivet ted the heart*, no eubt, of many of her admin r* She mores with digiity end grace. and d'-?*< - ta-tefoliy. Her tirst appeartoe in Am'rica l.<- must feel proud of, aa it waa a tfreat lien | h. Mary Taj:, r v.i.* very happy a* Diana, anl i nc weetly. Mr. Hud n al?o *u tained hl? part wwlh 11 b> >*. 11. "< , - r t ' l. i. <-ii r 11 ,, ?att.-ftction. t will again ! ? pie-, nr. .1 .n faturdny evening. wh. n, we re irforn'id the renown* I Lith.T.uo II aye a will visit hetl.alre Nil'-.Irs mad* a good hit in ibe eugnge:er t ct M a da me Thilion. City Intelligence* Fi rMimst ? Ytsterbay afternoon. about 2 'ctoek a gnat nun:! r of people w?re a-semblel on the attoy. lor the pnrpaaa *1 wit muting tha beautiful ef- i t t p rodnced by tb> : r>re*# < f blasting the rock kuown j the name c! the Diamond Reef. in the h.-irbor of Nc* <rk between i...vtrt)< r> Is laid and the Battery. About alf-pMt two o'cl < k a red ting waa dispWyed near the ,rt or the rock to !? Idia-Nd; wh> n a charge of powj.r. ..clcstd in a canister of fifteen gallons' capacity. *u wired frtm one of Francis' metallic lifeboats. All heir ready. 11 Mailltteit wared a white handkerehi f. and cited tb? charge 1 y meant of u galvanic battery l'h? l ect pr. dvc? d wi exceedingly grand?an imm'-n ebody t water baring been thrown np to the height of about In a shori tim> aiterward* the *?eond charge a* laid down whin it expicded seeming to throw up a nuch larger bedy oj water than the lint. The shock of he ixp'.oiin waa sensibly felt by those onboard thr j 'tamer b.dfTd. which was placed at the disposal of bos* who desired t> han a n.ur rtew of the operation*, he quantity of r ck n m jyed by the explosion* will he 1 certained in a few days. Kiss' ?About I o rl sK yesterday mornlnr. a fire broke lit iu a two sD-ry fcnei house on the hey.uth arenas. b?*.en Thirtieth mid Tliirty-firrt street*. The flreoriginatd und-r the stoie The oecupaute wi re unable to ebtain gr?s? by the 0"- r. ar. i were obliged to trcape by jumpng from the aiiia w into the r> ar yard The buildW as nearly drstf red Tin lo -nmnaal* to about M,0'>d n Wedtv-day ermine n* u; h o jlork. a fire *11 diat rm u io tlx' '1J frame bu 1 hog No 2l8 Bunion street, ecupb d by J< 1 n u I'orm l m an Iron foundry The B" ??r* '(Uick y subdued Ufore much d*iu ??-? Ocurrrd. Fiar?About 2 ' 1'ck on Wednesday. t'if ribisat shop f.Mr Gaorge Boyd. tritmd-d In th* rear of No IS Lau- | rt* stmt. caught Ti.- root we.- burned off but no irtber damage ?*s iu tamed. Uiutili?The 1 .rst Troop of We>hinrt n Gruya New V? rk ? ?> M llitia i pam-d by the lirra.,1 ogles. yns rday for | let el Uriel pra< llee They were aecunipv | i<d by l>ou?\ rib s Cm-1 l.snd. mounted. and sereral rtttU gurels, iu a .aire etage drawn by eigut gray CMS. Pi \er ro? nir Ovoai.u Ft?t?- Faiii ?The sura of ru thorn and fire hundred dollar* has boon appro riated by tba leathern Central Agricultural Society I Utorgla to b?- distributed in prla-s, in the t >rm of Iter f.iichn? g< 1 lei* aril cup", on the occasion of th? late fair to be I. Id In Ih# city of Mscn fbirgla, on le ?Mh iillb and CM days of October, Hit. Among le prizes wbkh will b? given. fho f or tint consist of ur? Up* tit pltrh?'t. of the Ariadne pattern. lab irately jf.M-d. rali-d at fifty collars each, for the beet tsaays > agrii tlturr.l (duralb n practical agriculture Bcuth.-rn rticnitore. and a en-am engine of d lutbern mmufacre. The ot t r prlf ? com let of pitchers, of tba value twenty o< liar* or.cb; a Is", a number of goblet* and pa w ith frini lire to ten dollar* each; all bearing the rtlptlr.n? f'mrntid by the Southern Central Agrb llural Hieb ty of i-.rgia " The prises were manurtwred by H d and llughe*. Firitta AintisT ?On Widoe-d-iy evening, ah u* S lob i nan named Inglebeth Mlium* act b.ei hilly fell <n the rider Uk in I'lhl ge iU"*t. fri rturlng h' *kull a dxecful manner Au i tt. erof (he (Math ward found u lying rn tbe w*!k in a aute of Insensibility and 111 I profi a y fr iu the wound He was taken to the in riun I)r. F.rjm i>i dn . ed his wound af. which h. wnnUhm ?" ci.i raaid. ue?. lot Khaabeth <*t It If ticlgbla that tba Injury Will U-rninuU .liy. ?**t. Ami ?*t ? \ r iit-jUffl w?.? hrld at City !! *1 -ti ?7 . the I' -ly fit Urnrge I uliwr. Dv i> ? ! thi* f -y, thirty* ct r.<fe. who on v? adday t pl.t fr iii II" ilfart- of injuria* IKtlr'd by ' UK actio. t.taliy ruu om by hi* own wagon, while Ting through hp. i>c alrot. It n? ci". thai while the I ?m4 w*? df i ! : I... ..ugh Spring atra?t. n coal cart sr in cnlUrioa with hlawa?on; h* waa thrown upon (atiB.f ft and hi* own wagon fa* ?c I over hi- ahi> i ? on*itg ?iif h Ifijarlri that he <tta?l *b<*rtly after hi* i.luioi to ti U'* p.tnl. Verdict in accordance with h<li. i i it* Car?rn ry T? i mm ?ei r ? A woman, who** it i? unknown. an* picki J up on i'u?ed?y night by the re ft" nt th- -(.If walk In Madi. < n *traet andoonroj ?d h- Mati.n to utT in a 1 and art and at U o'aWc ; ?ho f> i nd d-ati In r o?* of the call* oeoenioned n<- Jonht f * r ji liiif*. Ihr Coroner w*?i notified to bold an Mrt. " hi ai !>' v- ran?An untna'ri-d French Inly. ly i?n.? ff t'rack. wt.oee r*fidet) * wa* at No. 1M irth Mr??t coin t>d'<jtf*lila<m Tncwdny TTrnlnf, by iw ith bf i I it *> th* NciUi rie?-r. hot of Jao- ilrwt f>par* that for n ma fim- p* t the d* sea*- J ha* ba?n rn t urd' r a dernt ? J at*'..' of nitod, ?f'l duringthi t tr*< i* n >ha bft tt < I ur? f n Tn*- day *T< n'.ng. ah >u'. cl (k.aid prorTf d d t iih-,ta t > thr dock, a-.J pro ) tal-d Iffi'f into lha wa". t Crtetwere hnrd tar taper frf m d>r'a*a<l ami -???ral per ->n* tan to h?*r j and a?t*r a fh' rt liin* piirrwdrf In r*-*ti|pg her nth watir. fh* wa* yat living art re. ry rr,<;nm wa* ?fii d n rtdi-r to rc.f r* h?r fr..m th.. nu'tifti rut a.I to no ?ff. *1 a* *h* expir-d in a fbnrt Bllrt 1 h? I , Tf Irak i. ilif'nd tn h. t l .a* ; .* ..?* Ihaba.lp, * m no I'aoaarr "-Thf W; of a nan. apparrntly of n 1*1 i rit.jf f li. at.ngin lb* Hear. y*"t*r lay n rtlrg I : *<? n OMHt'i r l laii'l and ll\mi o f^rry ?i ith hra? ilyn It war r or. yal to th* wharf hr - ma t?i?? to await tha l!oron*t * tn<|il--t The <! .- .*#< | |i t bur* lata nmr 4*}?In ll>a waiar. m tba b>?ly ?m i y in < b ftttUan, 1.1)0 th* band* reamed r.uiewhat * M I l 'nr It-i r or ? M'i* Tai i*t ?Ya?t<Tilay morning. '' >ii o'ek^li f Connor <>f tba Tlrat ward found tba <J y of a mat* Infant analr Had in a aagar bo*. In a < vita botiT ftn i: 4 t'aiiar atraat The coroner ru ' iflrtl to bc!4 an ln>|Ua?t. j I JMnrlnr Innrt. rptrr ann i.mphi?')H.ment at ?ka? atithpk , OTITICTlOll OP CAPT. BAttClf. t. *AVA8I, OP ' n kal.AMA'fiO. Baf r* lion. Judge Lynah. , rrr 1* ?Thla IrdiriUial. *ga'n?t wb?m no law than ' re ?nlta ware brought for erual traatment during tha ' aijagarf b'a Tisrrl fr<m Lrargooi to Ihi* |>ort waa * r.atad tint ni'-ning in tba m ol >4<r0. for tmprlaonaid ka? (,ii.g the anrgeon nf Mm ?Wg/linetor lluntar) * r? ne. fr<? tba tdb 'I An?.i<t till V arriral 't the ' ?I bar*.' n tba 4tb ?I teptember a report ??f which * inbllab' d In lb* //eraW net tba lath bid ) Th? rarm tbe aare ef Csnij'baU.'ifalW Pet*4? wa* 4?# nhd . 1 oft i' nln apain't tha ?n> ? 1 > All * ? i in jodeirt'ot an Mm atol hla i> At a I'hapi wta ft with I in* an the a eaal r? but ra- | " l> *] lit M ?nd?i i? b tU .'e-otii. Ike nardtrtii Carncll and Mtuokcjr. ' WRIT OF ERROR A1 LOW TO BY TfUOK IIANRIS IN TUB CAME OF I ARNEI?KXBCUTION DEFERREDIII the talc of Henry Carnal, Adjudged to have ten executed this day for the murder of Charles VI Honor au, in D?y Mr?< t. in November last, has teen deferred until tbe Ltariug of au argument before the Supreme Court, for a new trial. It appear* a writ of error baa bean allowed ly Julge Ira Harris, one of tbe Justices of tbe Supreme Court at Albany. In I hi* care it seems that tbe Supreme Ceo rt Judge a of tl 1* district bad declined to allow a writ of < rror. which, in all cams, with Hie exception of eapital couvictioua. la a writ of light, although any Judge ot the gu pre ire Court is empowered 10 aiiow or disallow a stay of proc-dings In this case, counsel for the prisoner failing to obtuin it in this district, proceed- I ed to Albany, uud on application to Judge Harris, waa I nicrtwhil inprorurtpg the wtit. Ky the poiitrue-a of Henry Vandervcort. Esq , tbe effl- j chut Clerk of the Court of Sew Ions, we are enabled to preeeut to cur readers the following points on which tbe error ! l?ar< d, tba counrel for the defence requesting the Court to charge the points, which was refused, and an exception was accordingly taken to the ruling cf tbe Court W e alro give the order of the Supreme Court, on which the slay ot proceedings has been granted LA'V POINTS EXCEPTED TO BY rRISONRR's CO! NSEL. | ! ,i st? If all the facts proved in ibe care are cjusist- I ent with any other theory than that of guilt of murder (D the pert of the accused, the jury ought not to oonvict of murder. ,Se omf?If the jury believe, from the testimony, that no lualice aforethought existed on the part of the accused aod that he was not actually engaged in the commission of a lelony at the time of the commission of the homicide in tiuestion. then the jury have no legal right to cojvict the prisouer of murder. Tlur d? If the jury t- litye. from the evidence, that the prisoner, at or about the time of the cumtni eiou of the hottiieide in question. was assaulted by the deceased.and had wi ll-grouuded r< arou to believe that the deceived was shout to kill him. or lotiict upon him some great bodily barm, then the jury cannot, at all events, convict the accused of murder. Youith?If the jury are satisfied that the homicide of the ueci used was effected by the accused while laboring under any species of insanity, homicide mania, or any other hind of iusauity, the prisoner cannot be convicted of murder. Fifth?If (he jury had uny well founded doubt as to whether the testimony shows the prisoner guilty of murder, he cannot be convicted of that offence. STAY OF PRiK'KKniNO-V. 7"'? i-ri'U of the S lute of St tr Yotk, to I ho C"urt of Oyer ar-t Tet miner in aiui for the City unit County of Sew Ymk. greeting because, iu the record and proceedings, and also In the girim; judgment cp. 11 a certain iDiietuient which was in , our raid court before you, agaiiwt Henry Camel, for the I murder of Charles M ll">sse<?u, as Is said, msuifest ' eirr r hath intervened, to the great damage if the said llenry Cartel, as he complains, and we being willing that the error, if any. shall be corrected, and full ' | and speedy justice done to the parties afore-aid iu tbis j beh.elf do cuiiotud y on that if judgment be thereupon j

giv. n tl en, without delay, vou distinctly anl o|seniy send, under your seal. tLe n-eord and proc dings afore- i nild. with all things touching, or anywise concerning, the same, to our justices of our Bnprems Court, at tne ni w llity liall in the city vf Se w Vo:k. oa the tint Monday of I'tl Ur next, ; g- her with this writ, and that y< u return this writ to the oAco of the Ct?rk . Iha c.ty ard county of New York; that the record sc.! proceedicge aforesaid being inspeeti d we may be d -ntt-nup n. for correctii g that err >r. * ?-hr to be done; and we do fartfc- ?r s to operate as a s-ay of procc- ou ut on which such writ is brought. Witness. I it Y BARB I J. On- of of our fapnuu Cuiirt. the lix- ] jtemur, one thousand right hundred , e H. 3. LAY. Clerk. - d- rru-ent *M endorsed as follows:? I | - ?iieuiy Carnel vs the People?Writ , ? turned first iloadav. October. lbM 11 L CLIN TJN. Attorney. 1 allow the within writ, and I do direct that the awe - to < peiate a.-- a stay of proct dings ou the judg- , in. nl upon which such writ is brought. " IRA JIA11KIS. Justice of Supreme Court. i > Sated Albany, Sept 10. ISol.'l The above writ ot vrroc, ae granted by Judge Harris. ; <b es not relieve ti e aucu.-i d fr. m the judgueut already fiuuin* again: t hint. It merely defers the execution \ uitil tr<- win 1? matter is argued before the rtitori aie I Coort, held ta (UiittylaOetoaer antj and -huidthe | < couit c? uy the appiicaiicu for a ?. ? trial, the da; of 1 execution will thou be fixed by the court; but in the . , event ef the cafe being etiU further carried up to the , Court if Appeal*. ? hich M the I art report, and an adverse opinion gin u by tan eight Ju ige*. the iinal sentence o( I i tee law will then b carried into etfect, ou the Judg-a ; designating the da; for the execution. n.E til Ktif.HI K STOOKEY?IIIS E\ECI TION FIXED FOR TO-DAY. Aaton ftockcy. the un'ortunate man loom!! 1 to be rxeeutidlhis da;, war lookirg with the greatest po-Mble anxhty during the day (yes'erday) for a respite fr>>m the Otvi rnor. Sheriff Cattily, iu the afternoon, telegraphed to the Governor, to know If any respite or communication Blight be expected it) behalf of fftxkey. and ' between five and six o'clock the 8li< riff received a reply: j as follows To Thomas Cswxlv. Sheriff. h.o. . , i Iluvug lull; derided the ense. and no new facts app< er, 1 ean not again interpose. WASHINGTON HUNT. 1 A'soon as the above was received, the Sheriff proceed d t rthwtth to the prisoner's call, and commuui- 1 1 cated the Ctsi answer of the Governor. Stookey.en the Information. appeared to b? altncst J ' pitalyzed. and could scarcely realtx" It as he was in the I , tallest hope- that, as lie was an American burn, lie would i | reei re as mucL Unity at the hands cf the executive as i had beea awarded n mural* oi foreign birth; but the find answer of the Governor, received yesterday af"e?- 1 ' noi ti. has piac<d him beyond ail hope, and Aaron 1 HtcoVey wi I certainly suffer the cxtr<me penalty of the | law thie day I Tlae Uobokcu Rioters, I coi irorotri asd TKtvteii, Mi nso?c ?o , wrwr jrasvr 1 Presiding?Chief Justice ureeu ?ud Judges Thomas Van Winkle. Griffith, and laarre'-jou. lira \i right., Stale / MNMfi j i TRIAL OF WILLIAM HtOO!!??? \ VKRIHfrT OF Ot II.TY. ' \ Earv. 18.?Tbi- trial of the lloboken rioters comuunral 1 yesterday. In the above court held at Bergen Hill, and the 1 r first p< r?<>n railed for trial was William Irish- b at. a resident of U?b.>kcn, Indicted for a violent as- , J, ault and battery ou the person of a German named i 11 lYnrad liassa'urs. a r?std?nt of No. 631! I'earl street. In j tble city. Iottlcted by the prisoner on the H7th of May , last, mi llob< ken. the day lilluwlug (he great riot. Xbo pri on, r was brought lnt? court freui m* j?U where hu ? ha- been confined sine* hie arrest A iury was em;ta- st he.. d. and the Hlau Attorney bnelly opened the case | ?l Coiirt'i liau.uts, on wLom the assault w?< committed, | v?K plan d en the stand. The witness rt*t< d. that on tl K.'th day of May he was at lloboken and wheu n sar I *' Mr barker s, walking ijuietly alorg the road towards the ] hrry, alone, the pliaober eame up to hi in and struck bhn a riolent blow on the eye, Injirinj him se- : Terny hi. i ye is all. Oil. up tu this time from the vlo- k Knee of the if jury. i.nrgeli iHmott 'worn *ay*?rie resides at B rgen 5 ir. and n ahiiftctutes mineral water, he was. on the 37th of ? Msy laat at ilotx ken, with his wagon, and the first he ' JJ tawr was the prlrotier talking with a German; and. knowlog lb-- pii?< her he w td- red to see him talking writh a Lirmaii and n-. re ?o in e< n-e.(U?oce of th> riot the day ri bvf< re; st < n after he passed theat be hear J th'prison r t>? say " V'u Luirli n n of a ?;\the witness also saw a can# with a kin b on the end an 1. on turning around, be " (witness^ saw ihe prisone- striking the Herman with the " cane; as tor n ae he could the witness stop p. d nla hjr-e#, sod g'*t out of the wagon. and then the prisoner wa? w, ruiili:ng away, down the hill; the (ierm in pursue 1 him, in and Utima'< 'y caught htrr; lh*f both cl ncbed tog.i I aw iher and t?ii tu tb -and. the Ueitcan wn covered with in I t d, and c< uld scarcely be recogn.rei as a while ia*n. i'.ev Michael A Alil-on ?Depo *d that ho re- *' sides at liot.< ken. aud rrc' .ert - -ettng the prisoner. Ilig- i litns, on the atteruoon of tlia 27th of May; thevita-e (n| was gcing to visit a man who bad been a-rlou-ly Injured f?i the c. y tel le; his attention was drawn ti two m n Ua ruin.i>- 6point went up to the man. and by this 1,1 I in- ibey were both down together; the tier- Jj'j ? ? ??r '/'?n "" " ? *. ?? ? magma on m? t|, i'I . <L p hujI n.iwj U p.i nvr by th? collar. pah*4 i . Ii'.w oil Um Utruan. >nl Kn)btru<il w.ta bun. Uf in4 I'14 him ln? PI'Jit U't b^xt the Herman, tiV'nina rtfii'i] ihm be (the Uiriuaui bi t th" day la-- 1 <?? kilM m libhiM. Mi Im Intended to kUt Um to tn:?n , wltw -a iurlrt< 4 tli?t no id .re riut rhuuid oc "> iui ; *t tin* ttir e tfca Herman < nhibiUd great Injury ; ** lit ?y? ?rp??i?l lo be eltiwd mil kit fnaa n?d ftftofl **| i?l? o? t- if a with Wood ; woman at tbl* liiae cam- up r,( ..d t? iii tb? pib' nrr not to ?tftk? d pnaeul. ax li? >u I, I be file?t ; a number of Herman* ? .on congregated, an in <i tor lb* | urpnrp of defending th<> Injured m m . Tl.- piwecuto u Leic cl? fed cud icali d the raae ' I'., wen I for Ibe d< fence then bii' iy opened, and call- ' I ," d nlltUMf With b ?b? of rh iwlr d iliat of )>ix gi k lout h?ing tbr akgtr'-a r h" wax the party flrrt a?xaalt- an J. and dining the tlink ail,ay wan merely dofcniiug i t ' Militant T Collinx being ?wom. depnxed?That h? *"V n< wa the prUoMf it tin-bar ; til" priviuer and depo ''j| i t acre c. uili n d' an tb" road on U.e 'lay in .|ueHn>n, |, ar Mr Backet a and three Uerma-i* were coming i?. i> t g , he Li aid I La Herman call illggln* an IrLli fa , tin *i. rao'in rutn'-acirxntln'i .ad aii'l llugin. |i ip'o-d the inruian wan n win of a ??; the tlor- tl,* n (Lin ram* up loaard* iilggtnx, and iliggiiu then all in.'A at bun With tbe can*. '>. .I .mnli mm*n being xwora ilepoxed lhat he *aw tht " rteoinr Ilik'n O' lufibii.g. on the 4*y in <|U*aU<>n,ilown 1 |l(l I I ill abd raw if,. Herman" throw atonex alti-r him. j fgc ml f t a U'? at hiai. on xoior down the hlil. Iligginx oid uund Ml tl.? Weiiuaij ami ibey b >(li ilnelied ami both J1" II ?? * tier. d- f i. ' I tb-nen* Uiotlwf man. whom be 4><l iidn t 11? w, come up with a ane in Lll head. auil trlke the Clemen in ror,flirt with a bl"W on ) heeje (. ! < nrut dl<l not -e? any Injuty ?a the fara of lie <Jt rrann pr?ic,w lolhr blow (lim with the cam. em The rare wae low etoeed on both eld"*. The coua-el tin; t r tb? ililftiw ?dilro?d ih? jui; contending that the ' aeduee d befi t th. in went to ?iiow that the , irl her wae end. aeoring to e-r.ape frota the Wurman. n<i at* tuirtly acting on the def*iut?e. J, J Mr ttiiRb'., the Mate Attorney, rumm-d up for th- tin e<pie, aithi ua'i brb fly, but to tha point at ie>ue, ami lie; s ca.utiTely expUifKl to the ju*y that by ihe te-ti ? ? icny of th. wit, t'l.liine. for the dafkare, It w.-w art at that It'.'ytr aiade tba hr?t atti.' h on the tierman; id aleo the deflacaUwn made to the He? Mr. AUImi hy the prleoner, whm he waenmited howedn.n- f , IWelTely tluet hte iBtentknr Were f-lotthue toward* U< hi i . in an i t hi 7 he i h'ef Jnet lee then rharg.d the jiiiy on the eTl ' *'? men and the law go Timing th- ee an I U ntitled It ' '* their e-n-ldernli i? Th- ry with, ut I -aTitij- tin-if -ate | n.M aLit-d . Terdiit of guilty. a? berg d u> the t.r dl'tarent. , i lia 7h? prie-ner ??# th-n remaad?il . HtTlne Affairs. Lackch or Akotnii Clip run Bnir?The clipper ship hwordfilsh, of 1.000 ton* register, built by IV. II Webb. K?q , under the rupcriutendeuco of Captain John Collin*. for Messrs. Hurt lay & Livings'on, of thia city, will be launched from the foot of Seventh street, Kant river, to morrow afternoon, at four o'clock. For strength mid bounty of model, this Tcsael will equal the best of our firfamed clipuer lleet. and ehe doubt give a go id account of herself on arriving at Han Frnncisoo, for which place ehe immediately commences loading Th? Hiiamiu Cnv or Rich uoxo. Cap'ain Terry, arrived yesterday frcm Richmond in a pannage of thirtyfour hours. ii gat net heavy seas and hood wind*. We are indebted to her for Noifolk paper* to the 16th. Tiik Sri en-Hie GiiloOw.?-This piopeller had a trial trip in the lmrbor of Glasgow, on the 6tli of Heptumbur, end proved to be one of the faateat vessels of her class a flout Hhe steamed twi Ive and three-quarter mile* per hour. Mi re tban one hundred passenger* were booked in Liverpool, ou the Uth instant. by this ship, for New York. Lat'nchep?At Shippican. or vicinity, recently, a bark cf 1176 toes, celled the John Deuhani. owned by Messrs. M. M Allen and < liters of Sippirun and New York, and by ("apt Russell Gray, who iu|l command her She is Intended for a freighter between New York and Mibile. On Tuesday, at Kast Boston, by Mr Donald M'Kay, ship North Auielica. of MOO tons, owned by Messrs. Nlckereon k Co., of Boston, arid by Cuptain Albert Dunbar. who is to command her. 'the North America is highly spoken of for strength and L auty. Shu-vcrkck aud Lomof I-ifk?The Spanish brig Ker nutido 8i ptimo. from Pi rto Kico, bound ti Havana, when witbin about thirlv mUea of the latter nlsce. was ov-r tHkrn by a gale on "the 19'h ult.. which carried her to Capt Pun Bias, Florida. where ghe was tioally wrecked. There tvue tome fifty-sercn Spanish subject- on b.iaid? falters. laborer?, Sic. Of these, a woman and child and seven men were lost. The survivors made their way to l'tnsacola a few .'ays slooe. all iu a moat destitute con- j dition; hut there being no opportunity to provide for tin mat that place or ship them to the city of Havana, tbey were ttul to the Spanish Consul (Mr Oruzat) of this pert. On th' ir arrival here yesterday morniug their forh in .ituation excited the sj inpatby of many of our citizens. Hut we rearet to say thst other? supposing them to Ve Fpaniili solditrs. had it in contemplation to take pot-isMon of them, and retaliate in some way for the barbarities committed by the authorities of Havana on the followers of Lopez. Kett'on. however, soon convinced them of the error of such a course and after thronging 1 the viciDity of the Consul s ofllce for a few hours, they ijab fly dispersed. Thu above from the Tnbunt of yesterday. Is correct as far a- it goes. \V"? add the following Al.r ut 12 o'clock, the Consul cbarttred the fact sailing packet schooner Mob.le. Capt. Maury to convey the men to Itaraoii and at 4 P. M. she was ready to sail At that hour. Ornti street, lu the vicinity if the Consul's oAicc, | wag t hr< tigi d with pi opie, hut no vi< h-nce was attempted, nor. we presume meditated. The men were ciodu -ied to the i. di r l?y the police, placed on h. .ird and in a few minutes, the Mobile was under way dcra little hi ling was exhibited by a few per- as on the whar but nc disturbance took place.?Af?/i.V . Ida rtUrr. Stjd. 10. Court Cairntiar for Krlilaya Brrnsw cot si?CiactiT ? ifos. 1160, 192, 691, 603 to ; C02. tt4 60S. Commo.v Punas.? 8ame as yesterday. The Weekly fleralil. The ir, IKI.V Hi nam will be publishcl at 10 o'clock Ui rrow ni ruing. It w ill contain tlie latest news by 1 and telegraph, fiom all parts of the world, including ;1 reports of the great jubilee in Boston, the State Fair it liochester, 4wc., Ac. Single c-pies. !n wrappers, sixpi nee. Mall* for Kuroi>?. The Ami ricsu mail steamship Franklin, Capt. Wotton. , sill leave this port at noon to-morrcw. Uer mails will :lcfe at a quarter teforc 11 o'edock. To Cnptnln 1). htnss, CuiiiiiutiHlt-r of tile lUttnir IJuml ldt.?Sit:.? Vt'a, the n - ifi.e l. pssssnr-re ?ti hoard the Humboldt, en tier trip of tiei.'.dof Ampul, ti"ii> Nsw York to Ilture, desire to rxpmt t > you our uu>1 u&lified admiration of the nnble re eel which you tonur.rd. The lli.uhcldt it truly a r. atin* p.In o. replete ait every couvenh nee and comfort win h .an at rii. o ami reader pleasant a trip arr .ss the At antic. From p-raoaal ti rv.ti>.ii *c arc 'ubiiir.i i that ttic . easel ia huilt ia the Haui ' t.ett c.inner tier n ia r.e et?j u we ever espn- I r : dir. a t!ow<a tr.t bantu: tier tu.ln u worked perI. lis. act having teen ttnpped f..r a moment, nor the blow ot a hammer hnviag been struck. upon thcu dti'ioc tt.a pa* isxt; her < at in.: ire ?; acl.ius ara airy, an I the aeneral att nd.mce oi the 'ip ticellent. The ra il o'mforl which we hare ?x; erisi. en on our soya ;e, and our entire confidence -a the tbip ard tl e able ttanoer in whioh the la eommandel, j r..in11 i.a to uddress you thie eapn sti ? of our omnloat and i r leeiii . s Ttinatnix >< ? for your nrhaaity, ana vonr kind att<ntlcns * hile i n > ord. we with j u au:your hue vessel, must cordially, and prosper ty. 8k. vki> "v am. tin PAreaanrlte. V. 8. Kai' steamer Humboldt. > Knpttih Chaaael, tlopt. .1. Is51. S To Tl.* PAesrw'.sk* on 1?>'a'.i> ?1 hue to acknowledge ? :th pdeatur the receipt of your favor of tins date. Your kindecprc tiona of set. tacti' L, at r*a*rda the ll'imholdt ind in) aid I, aro hiably tut to in:- my ara'i. le, I b 'lev. i a ill ha but txpni -id io mv future ?ud?avr? to e Ml rotation yon hava ?i kindlr tee'owed Accept my aarmeet tbaehe for tt.iapr.ofof your Ireadship. and my l? et for your health and ht] pines*.^ Your nl.edicat rervant, D. LIS Hi. W? hove often heard of Callfrrnla Bteii, ut never snw oi a outlive lot- the foliation, l' l Broadway. Mr. i lait has cat, alive, to be area at all tiin-e, rve?wlieb, with its unit I.rr, was tikeonn the Sierra N? a !a an i nteine. The tnotl tr was taken a t. r a herd nat'le, ind. when kil'el and Jreeeed, weirhed aleven hnndrel meads. The party ey wh -u they w.rt taken ateo eap'.ur I in Auierii au lion ? ?the Prat ope tier known to have lean atea. it It now .a tie city, and will ha exhibited ia at w layr Klepniil Fretith liiltlnl liarili aii'l Knveopes ?1 I.a sub-rib' r r'.'peetfully exile the att*a:ina of par- j i. ? requiring tai-i- tliinr ttulj elegant. to t ie beautiful styles | t the aboia artialea, ia tha latest mode. KVKHLlK .1,. | iroadwxy. Curntr of Dunne street. Brunch efite. 1.1 If all i trcet. In lien id of Ihanre to make n Fortune ? i complete Dapnertean Gallery, on Mroadwsv, near the >rk. doing au txerllent bueiueee. nill ha told cheap, if apIitt* tor at once. D. 11 TAYLUA, Uouniellot at Law, Mo. Jo Nassau street. J. Y. Snvnge, US Knlton afreet, hat jnst reiveii, direct from themaautai tnrera. another lot ot { tut ! vl " T n.i keepers. _in tine old rases. No g. ntlcmau i1 ! ;? vt enr.ui HHP. wai< i ?i T?-rr de'eript' ?a end t | rkra to tuil ail. Ill* Richelieu Uoli l\ue art decidedly he tut la vMi Tlir IImI Kliiiahrr a I'nlnn are ever Pfarty ) add tha crowalnii a'torn meat Ie the outer Man, while < cy >?1 a [ride end plaoeiire in latrodurloit ttr.lrbountiful etylo, tilth, In .til ?t the Marntlili of a llnle'ird U"r!c of art, enda unrivalled. Hit Flulaher't L'nioi, No. 11 i'ark Row, [.poalte the Altor lieuae. Pal It (lata.? Jntl rcrolvrd, n frw riWft ntleau'fl'Mll Hate, of the prti'tt | revniliu< Patioine 1 ki at , tt'ARNOC K, lUtUr, 27" Broadway, lrviax Uvuto. Kiralalor.?Becbc A Co., Faehlonatela (Intra, lft> Ilroadaey, have; oat latrodusvd the fill .eahia for atlemea e bite. Alto, t etyle peoalierly ada, tc ! t > i " en. Tliajr aiill idliere te their ?Id motto IfiNleltr), ttil I ?ure the puhlie tint the quality el their Uati eaeeli i j i raet. i re lud tint ne peine will be epnied te pl'aee ' ie ooet feetldloae. I Ntw lint Kllala'.lthineiithaihlon, Kit- , ? ?e, led le?ar.n*.?A ueatna, eeatlra-a?liaeo ton , nliia.doir el IIaRRI -un's fill atjle ol llile, it mr ' ynu here r?t, ?a wont I edt lee yee to ?ill it No. Mi Sat- t II atteat. ( tl < I iMc Bouie,) lad get ?Br, at they . e ?'|iiil te many (old et ft. A M nnl In Time ? * Mtiouv'ti a prrenri may 'I afford t? ply f or doll an for (let, yet It it not n leiraa ' h nirivieaM In the ntreai'', wbea the >i?. <|>ia'ity >il r nelly ie fitl lonible i tyle. ?a h- pu.ehaeod at MM New tt C c mtlny'e SUir-ui, Not. Ml. end lit Miami etrrrt. ' r ' 1 r i 'III- l.ive ll,co tcill, luitt i( what Wo la- r rt U not the tact. . The 1'tiloti lli-t < out pa ii jr. KID llionilwiy, T rare ef Fulf il T't, do not int. i d to mthe thcmtol** i ant hy yorchieiay tie tut tlebet of M'.ae Catherine 1 lye?'tret < en. ei t, it an exorbitant price: but they deta- |] i<l te n arit 1 el ire ?i rublio jeuonaee hy kerplng the >t llty of r ... tnd fiirntali to !? ?e that mey laror " im nitl, a reil rn ti e an et rraeraahl-tarme. Tuey wot 11 i, " la rite the ltdlet te rail in I eaiirlee the'r new and mtilal itylei ef ridiai Mate ead chtlaiea'e faaey tlite, oi vr< | irel ieleg eleewbere. J Kr.ot, the llnttrr, No. 1(1 h'lil on elrref, f predated for hie eurtowete Ilit tint mine no npa-ior fi .11 II n I?..I. .1 ?....l.wtl ?? ?I.?_B?_..I -? o* a fall etjle combaea til the de?irab|e <|tialiti*a a"d ' NllittillkllrU k rr ilnil, ia4 b I* rea'lty tba anrek 1 >. initial. na?. eh.iM- . and k? ?mlnr a flair. that li?? *|.>red t> tha fnaMmail wt?rH fhl? ? > "!?. B??i lea bnina a >f ilrr Hat. It la eol4 s dollar cheaper 'l.:,n R.-nal* ay t.ate el ,, tnfeilor qaallty. ' ? ?l Ira Ilo'a Kiill Mjlr ?llir nml Poptalnv of raw fall atyle r( ??niim"n'i hate la that lo lia foxtail at 4I> bmadwar. NiMf of ( anal atraat The k?antv i.f i til a at i la la tacta-to by tha fact I ml It ttabodlea darabi'.i.y <ri I chiaiataa. Try It. 1 * I at '.niltlnn'a I'n'l lint h'nlt a IttKim, f?10 Ilrontlj ftar dorri nlnea Cleeel"r itr.?I.?Oiatlan?a a Vail t labia* tl elr kata are <.arn> ally incited t? look in nam 1" naca at hla taw aaiaklialibtaal. Ui?f?ll bat. hnithtdla . can I'ttailar atjl . air at f?maiin it-alf to tl.o moat 0,1 tiuloaa. F. II AMlDON, CI.1 Uivbdnay. fci man of Kiln! I'tiNn He volution t anil Pali at tha I'aiaa Hat Store. taif altotmtrtat, are toplra I"' trial cf?n*rriatl< n Tl a beaailfnl alylr tao tba catreme- |n Irw trie-a are drawing erowda tally, Una la jaat rliat la Fie* man. tor l<a laona of the kind I cat liken to ha b.iay ?? Mr* n <ioIibk'Is and the Indira are taking a ami in. Ira In M> r Mldfi h'a Fan*? Heat ae Rata. He ia menu- I ti " rg ard tt-iiHi mi moat bnaatlfnlly rrary -lav Largo l a f' r rt i' f i .e ' natr*. at ? !?.?! ?, ,1 r.... r? Mr ha ?i?*. rail at (?o. !"? I niton, btlwo.a NTiihaui I Gold ?tt(?w. and yon at* tare to fit*>'!. Hi A. i HEF.MA.N. qt, ' nil , P. navlil, \o. HOI Hi<? Ir. ntar Usano atrial. mtonda. mint ratMetfullr. aa Brat Invitation to rattlrman to tilt > iaatl?i raom, whom 'n f ton la#j*ot his I oil Httlo ot Hot. Lire .nm a call aai 91 ( at ? K? cl'raat Hats. , "t|i?nti htlil'i Hit Is art still sonaht for jt-, h aridity by ?*1 ? ntl tr,'n of taota and letrr* of aomfert. . folllo too. Ill' dioctttrad lh? fa< t a* tha i-rnwda wlm >r * F> f no. !,rd a lit to "t a taatify. At V 7 Naaaan airott, f ( f i*'l a l.(tt< r Hat f?r }> 0, thaa aaf hattor in litoa<t> 'Br* for t4. Er I itnln to ih* Pro|.l*. Urtttlii| -Whrrtni in* Fan ft.hit.n in **?tl?moa'* llot# i* raw b*fo * to a , lit I mf, ? l.or. *#, tl* | ntiito art l ow IranamlHltf i\ r i, raaatif i n' atontlo! to'tlni' alal* "f III popo ariro, ho iltat* >n ;aaa a T'.olatkn of limaka, on tita own * 1 I. to 11 o tf. mabdi wis, nation ta*n tlia model In hit ' *a I v* r J "1 In baaanoa ' tj h In t tin r ' . II ||"|?|. t lAIW WtnU farther r*r> that he i* ltv t At> ' fa a n | r> inily to> t< and mood nito Isi- < If. hi i rail 11< a, th? a I als l rial t ann- r.lnt world aod tho inhotl nil. .. and t' at ho r<ap atlnlly in> t. a tha !?' r f? it i?i ally, to > all and |o,.a ot hla nrtl>:il!a| at-j?b of it at >?. Hi brtadaay,oironto St. 1 aui i. t lit Wail and Winter tllki, and other DrjT Go...In, an Mtrinoen, Khawln, Cloake. lie Laioee. I'uhnurtl, V mda. fce *e-. may be obtaiued at HITCHCOCK lb LIAOBIATIB 3. 147 Bros Jvay, corner of Leonard aire1'*. ? ?', l?o hoaaeU-eie-ra will find a food atock uf Woollen Blanket* Lane and Muaha Window Drapenae, Flannel*. Hsaline, It*. aaltlmiable Clot It lug.?One price, no deviation ?Feraon* in vaut of good olotTilai, wall made, are invited to ' all ana examine the asanrtmont at ALFRED I1UM?>E fc CO.'S one pi ice atore, 111 Broadway, between Howard and Grand streets. a,OOO Owercoate, with rich linings. Just raoivtd fr-ro auction, from 1J to *7; alao, I,SOU pair heavy caaaiii 're I'ant*. end any quantity of Veeta, of all kind*, if m it) ceota upward*, which at are anlling at ten per o,nt above cm t at the old $3 Suit Store, corner of Naaanu and Beekman ?treet To Gentle men of Tante and Fashion.? Clumi-y. Ill-I'tln* Shirta arc dear at any price. Nona auoh have ev.r h it or will ever be permitted to leave, Green e LniaMinbinent, No. 1 Attcr House. Hie eyatrm of fitting ie infallible, the atyle of hit Sblr'a mtt. hleaa. One purchaae at Green'*, and jou become a permanent customer. At the Boot Maker'* Union, Mo. KJ Nassau treet, tho be: . and han dsoin-at Boot*, Shoe* and Gaiter* in ihacity can > e purcbaeed tttbe loweat poaaihle rate*. To thoae who doubt our ftufluriiou. wo ts&v. iro anu trF. AttonUhliiK Reduction In the Price of Erglitb ai d Amcri :ir I urt.n and Three -fly Carpets, ?t Bowerv. BIKaM ANDEHSUN'8.?Only one dollar per yard for new choice Carpett; a'ao, Three-ply Carpets at 6a. and 7a. pirtard; splcnd d lnrrain Carpets at ts., Sa. and 6a ; Table (. overs I'd .. and Ruga 20s. each; Oruefta la to 6s. per yard. The grenteet bargain* ever offered in thia country. Carpets Cheap, for Cunh.?Wm, TeUrorty l'ln Wil isui street, three door.) from Fulton ftrcet, offers fos aule hi* entire ateck ef splendid English aud Aincriean Car pets, Oi ?lotha. Tab'e Covers, Ste., Stc. at prices unusually I v.forea*') Families about purokasing, will do well to cell and supply them eel vea, at wholesale prices. N. B.? $100 Oflll worth of Carpctine, of every description, is offered at wholesale, on reasonable terms. Window hhades for Hale, at Reduced prices, at Kcltv ha Ferguson's. 4*!'^ Broad wav. and w Hesde *trcet.?K. 4; F. haviog facilities for manufactur iug Si ades that are not cuurllcd by any manufactured in thi United States, are pn pared to exhibit to their customers a vi ry large rsecrtm-nt of shades, and all other articles used in maiiutaccuring and huDgiu* hades, which they will sol' lower than any other house in this city. N. B ?Store aud other large shade# paiutud to order, in superior style. Ptieiilx Safes. ? It has been fully demonstrated that the l'i.e is ' ato, sold by Ptirco ft Valentine, Mo. I'hff Water street, will resist twice as muoh heat as the haleminuer Sate. Therefore, those who want a real safe, will purchase a Phcnix, at A o. 122 Water street. $1,000 Reward.?I will pay that amount tn any ,,ne who eon find a person in consumption that In.* taken Watte' Ae voui Antid-ne, tor 1 an positive consumption or debility cannot remain after taking it. W. fc. MILL*!', Musio Saloon, dm Bowery. Dr. Jsmrt \V. Pnwell, Oculist, A urlnt, d voi. * his attention e?| daily to diseases of the Eye and h. r, from ' > to ? ?'clt K dai y. at the same clUeoj he nas oocunicd tor the ln*t sevtu it?>, 2'11 Broadway, entrance 1}. Wirien street, wher tan lie bad his ' 'l'reati. e on the Eye,'' price U) c< nts. Also, a great variety of Artilicial Eyes. To *<outh?-rii aisU Western tlerrhanu.-l will soil to dealers, Mrc. J vi-'e Cold Candy, at wholesale prices, which w ill insure a rood profit. The good rtputati, a of this Cough Candv. ail wlm can read must know. MRS. W. JKRV ; r, ,'ibfi llroadway, principal ofiloe. faouruiKi'a Liquid ll-lr Hy? Instantly Colors red or pray hair Illicit or brown, without injur;* t ithe .?kiu or hair, (Jouraud'a Medicated Soap our** ran. timplcs freckles aunhur .. chop). ehalus. tie. Lily White. I'tudre Subtile, L.;uid Knu-e. uuil il ?ir Clloas, at t.7 Walker street, neor liioadi ay, C'albmler, hS South '1'hird attest, PMIwtltMt. VVlcn and Touiwe".-IlntrUelor'a rc Icbrato" VbfMWtyii a' v . i v. :!i street, whometi be found Hit fctst selection of Wire, l en r.i, ?ud Toupees. They are all manufactured ta the premises. of the beat materiil and. w< rkroausl ip. tad tiler great inducements to purchasers. C (i y the address. Ilnlr Oy e ? lint t he lor'd genuine|Uli* Coloring for the hair, eyebrows, and whiskers, can be pro? red at ail the w h< Irral* d n i.ta and perfumers in towi sol eountry ; alao at the piincipil office and maiufaotory. No. 4 ait net, wholesale, retail, or applied. Beware o.' iruit-tona. Tbe Original Cllr- Hugh's Trlcn|iiierout.? This eelebrated Bair Restorative Im been r?du<cd to inch prwe that all a.ay banetit by it. is tbe ehcapeat and bes t n-tuicever i tiered to the public, ni.oso prai-es lor tbe Bit : years vl at it has been oet?re them, are most oa>|ualin?d IU atrenatheuirig aod curative?its clean ling Sad beautifying, qslitie. render It an srttclo which should not only bo on e.e.y toilet, tot in every medicine cheat, as it cures all cut*ne u- diseaera, bitea ol mice's. ii(.. combining all the qualitiei of a stimulus' s wash, and a t til. 8 >ld in large bottles. Srice C" e. nts. Prin. ip.l oirne. ir# Breadway, and ai . rnggisteand fancy etor. a in the Union. Pa-ofesnor Mcxnntler C. Harry' Trloophf r< us or Medicated Cooitound.-The etbcaey of tbie justly celcbraied tn,l rocatr n for iu\,g< rxtinn.beaut ifyiug, and itnp ,rtiaa a gloaa and tiikeu eoltness to ths hair, is now so widely am ?? a on acknowledged, that it baa trncil by iti merit ft reputation ahich ia not f?r a day, but fur all time. It is tl.? protisce of science to sun lut and control those physical evila which relined clvilhati n has ore tght in it* tram; for to tonr as warm rooms and t ?ht liate. with the combined agency oi other influences exist, will thousands of unhappy victims lie troubled with bald heuds.iod Krxy hairs, to say nothing o ) ti e various cutaneous dii-fi-ta to which the head ia solo foot. J. It was to relieve these evils that 1'r l asor Barrv introduced his invaluable r tnedy. and among the thousr.nil and one who have been his c mpetitora. be now a.buds aloud on toat pedeat: 1 ?fmistSS, h?m n out of Barry's Trleopke or Medicated Compound, and sustained by the favor and oui vtrsal patronage of a dijn-uing and intelligent puMie. For restoring tlia hair tsitaoriyiual growth, or prevenfugitfroi. fa img out, this ooispound baa be?n pr.nuuneed by all who have nsod ia, and by medical men, to be a sure remedy. Fo : eradicating scurf, dnudiuN. ?nd curing diseases of the ckiu, glands, miiselea, stii ge and bruisea, the Trie onerous wilt always be found a aaie, speedy, and unfailing cure; and jw long as " Pair freer, s rrrn'a Imperial race ensnare, And beauty draws ua with a single hair, will Barry's rrleopl.rroua be essential t>. the toilet of evirp lady and geniUman who desire to give a soft, glosey ami Into riant appearance to the natural drapery of reason's tl 'one. Sold in laege littloa.price il cents. at the prinelpa ofhee, ]?7 Broadway, New York; and by the principal mer el.ante and drugtl- a ! rough u t the I'aited States una Canadas, Mexico, Heat Indies, Ureat Brita.s, Prance, He. Wn? ss- - - -- Kctlimrr ku clearly *howa that Mi M igic riuld ii the otly art.rl* thai ever r?pf<oIjced a head of hair 1cm twenty h*i wain Mr gdwiro liiaoa, form rly of New Vi rk city, hw lo'k t.ti hair fr< n> 1,1* ?*? ium*h to hi* lorty loooad year Mr la. W H ailing, of lie ( blot'* tfllrr. ha* a beautiful b*a of hair, after having lo*tlt for many year*; Mr. Wm. Gartner. of Willtnieburg. equally aucce trial: Mr. John Clark*, of Ileei'ag*, had aura tor 1ilt?*a v*ara. alto beiutHullv relieved Mr* Mary Hayetr, of tt'tlliameharg. renewed th? hair upon two of inr nelcea, which wa* all guna?they aow bay * bne (on, thick and beaatttnl hair; l?r. R II Iludd. our i'-uar tria d and die'ltguhhrd veterinary nrgeoa?this aeattcmau'e hair ta al*o grow tag bear.tifally?had none for abcul tai nty yea**: it rear riaty year* ?t ? ;e; ha can b? aeon atmaeatja aivr ritaM el n.rnt. 1 If. tt rtnel. Hundred* of nt i*r 'i rat. 1* adlnred by ti e Doe'cr, at the Central firpaV i?.J llr .adway, white Irout, Grand and llreome, or US) Funrl In "i f large family hottlaa, at >1 each. l'an tiuia* cheaper tl an any other nrtlele. MU.t KY M A II Kite Tni-aaoav. (rflraVr 11?C P M The efork market prerrnU no new feature. There wa nlher more activity at the r.m bJanJ among lire leadln. * iir.cie*. but the eainc part if* arc operating fr >m day to lay, anil tb' rc I* Tcty little probability of other* being ittrnrlcj by the pro*|>< rt of ntiy "peculativ- movement t i* pritty diflioult to till what twenty-four hour* niny it I bring about in Widl *trrct; but at lbi? moment thcrr ? t < t Ihe diflitwl ViJetice of an inflation In price*, to n ntcnt Mifllcirnt to relieve | reicnt bcUicranf Ilia Urge iiautitie* of *t<?k weighing upon them. The franca.?long In Ci ie Ilailn ml hava not been ?o e*t?n*iy? dwrin, b< p*?t week a# pri'Tlot-.-ly. and price-are teadily de.reflating Thy late large brim of new dock by thl* iiepany t> mini to depr- >? Um market j rice very mm faliy. end the advunee elnee ha* lieen the rc?ult ot :? ofnefingriiliibiiiatlr the withdrawal of a gro t nnnllty of -tech hy liyp tin '-alien Ab* ot forty-fly iii.drnl rliurrs of in v? et' ck h ve recently teen laaurj. hi* taeue ???. doubt Ie**. made by the r nipauy to r< it from ?< ine mo-t proving demand*. and to remove lie Hint trtiiMejrnic p rtl n if the floating IwM. It 1 ie iwprvieiou ft billy In ttw utrrct, that the *,?mpinv dra! til monry on Itie hypothecation of n1?r;? aiiiouui i trrnnv MM. an<l IIIM the lor.n l?lt^ Mid 1 ill. lied In. thrro tu no ?!; rnvtlve tut to aril th? it"ol? >r tbo nioft It a u:.l biitil. Thla purtu.lly aeiiunt >r the great nnd rep'd foil In the nurket v.-lue nf tli * k. 1'he Mock hA? rime lei'U repuribared by n oer'ni ndlng broker In Wall atreet, ?n time. bryr'i optl n. i ?Uly no.I ninety day which will be call' d in ?? ?<> > '.be mooey irarket g<t? a Utile carter, and th?y ari >lr to make a tiew loan. Thi? U tlie areret of the gr a' rrer and the parti' .' ronee-ned calculate largely up i* favorable ifb rt of railing in 'Oeh a i,>iantl!y of etocl 'i j are lu hopearf cau-h!ng the bur* In a light pi ?>e I making i h- m pay it :>r fi r the wlftath Th'? uperatlo" the Erie Fn'loa 1 Cf mpany la what we ham been bin - king for Ever rlnre the old floating 4et4 war lli|ui did by the Iraue of convertible bond* a new one hi in aeri'malallng, and the recent tlghti:?aa In the itiey merkat placed the cmp-iny H? a very difficult eltlin. Another Irene of bond', at thi< lime. won. vr Wn ralnoaa. and ihe only courrc left wm to l?a<e w rtickat any pre e. How the otd atockbnldrra wtl. la thlr. Ir a qneetlon to be determined her rfter. Erie ItallroaJ declined to-day per cent; N?wJcr? y ne Oni|any. '4; Mgworth.\\ Canton Oi mpiny. , enlngton, >?. At the tecond board thw nuti Vt witte vrnk and elo?d heavy. The n ci if'* at the ffi e of (he Awlitant Tr '. -veer n Ir pmt. tr-day. an o irted to ?15 01J; payment', >l?l It Ml? liilmi'. Biarl.l or Ibe Pn -i l?nt .f ttin | iwri nchurg and In 'iannp II il'road In, finl.M-hi <1 the iiiwi i1 i>taii?mrit'. the ci edition i f It.* < i ufiny'i affatro. and iha progir?the with or the M of September. ISM ? itlre n t ct thu woih tr n l-awrcncchurg In Irdnnapoii- miir* li elii ltni: .)*P'ti *?tirrtitli.?> ea ini* and roiling Heir. r?mp>te. ft.123000 BC ni t rt of Mf-ch Bow mlifcrttn d not Inolnd? K lbnt Itk.nal t Milan* poll* llir :mi'>aut t * tin h wan D"t thin anirtnaul 4'lTW IP l< mrtmiM rfttfh i nt ntvj?r contract.. ii'iOMS 8'" . airt of nth f<fc|l?tn| ?M* *? i i ?l i re am' nnt dm ? Md Inalnd' thi' contract* fur it<r fir ere*# tin which now enter the line front tin' i to lire naburg. and arc all pejabi# in tlo h *xo*|i