Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1851 Page 4
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TIE STATE Fill AT KtCHEBTEK. FIRST DAY. Ot a SPECIAI. CORRKSPON: BNOS. Ro. HrlTU, September 16.1351. The State Fair opened thia morning, amidst buttle, excitement, and the merry note* of preparation Scarcely had day dawned, when the etreeta were filled with wagon*, aulkieo, buggies and all kinda of vehicle#, car- j ryiag the people of the surrounding districts to the city> ; and also articles for exhibition at t he fair. As the morning advanced, tabs and omnibuses might bo seen filled with pass a ngeiafand running to the fair ground, while other* Wert watting for a load, or ret urnlng with one from the acene of operations. The Fair grounds are situated about a mile and a half from Rochester on the South road, which is a continuation of Sophia street. They are part of what U called the Wadsworth tract, opposite to Mount Uope The lot contain* twenty-nine acres, and commands a beautiful View of Rochester and the surrounding country. The (leneaee river lies beneath it in the valley, and adds to the generdi t fleet Recently the laud had a considerable number of trees and stumr.s but ihev hare been all cut down, and now it is admirably adapted fur the purposes Of a fair. It is surrounded by it strong high. close feuoe with two galea, oue fir entrance and the other fur exit. It contains a number of structures, some of them woodon buildings, aud other- very handsome tents each devoted toaomr particular depai iment. The classification and arrmng' mr"t- are highly creditable to the commit tee Zhe building that tirst striker the eye as you euter. is culled Manufacturers Hall, a large frame building one hundred and ulty feet long aud seventy-two feet wide. It is appropriated to various domestic fabrics, needle, shell, and waxwork, silks, paintings, daguerreotypes. u--wngs. and a hist of miscellaneous manufactured it titles, of the tinest description It contained a lurge collection to dr-j ; but a large number of article, are yet to ruine lip pi sue to it is the Mechanics' Hall. Of the same dimensions, and c usiructed of the same materials It coulaius b- avy Iron work and farming im] lenient - vf ail u< - 1 . i A third building is set r > iri for the products of the i dairy, together with hone/, beehives, sugar. Sic a no- ' ther is devoted to Vegeta'u.. ?, but p. maps the most 1 handsome structure of all. i- a lent m the centre, containing a most d bghttul collection of fruits and flowers of the choicest kinds, fhe pewenes. in particular, are plendtd and the greenbous. tl vers are exquisite, aud in gresl profusion lh> ... called Floral tlali. aud is of 1 eliplicul ti rro be* at ut SO by ISO feet The taste ' With which it la otuaa . e l 1- iu happy contrast with 1 what we ?o often witu. s-at t.b.stle liitiuen in New York ci'y I line metre p. .e -o; rt this b.-autiful paTiUoa ? The middle ol the*, is .-o giro-d with rough branches aud t limbs of oak a? to prefect the veritable appearance of a * xr?e and a iiun'*r ot isis - i o red r ck- are heaped up ? about its trunk in the lue-t natural manner p e-ible In the i.rsmlits are suspended numerous hark baskets, . icgtLtously siranged com... i aim truitoaud fluwere, and on the top isa gracefully dis^i-jidaueafot wheat. luthe omtre c-f' the tent are stands of flower- aad plants and all artu.rdtte e ?nr ?, are four lien of she! ret, containing lruiu oi tv i} variety Cue l!.ig of the Uulou float* fri m the top ot tii S teut. and iuuei i everywhere within the grounds std m ntr enclosure itself, was to be I teen the stripes and sis ' fluttering in the bre it- and nivmr animalion to the . Another of th* bulling* | beto the St tnely t.i ? hiuUsumc train? booee. with gtt'A adndow? in eut' s;ie i!ieu?uriu;g <kt by 34 f.-et It in the retri -bnieio. rut in, it tended expressly for the Hitman ot the society KorthepubU: at >nrge there are numerous pi act?t-f refrc-hiu-ut wi'hia an<l without the grounds Ote of there, : tithe c utre a-as liall is a huge tent fitted * i h p.oyiaions ana drink of wery derciiplien. Xhv pr I -i-lug tf UU4 DM 1 <><500 fir permirsicr to credit tb>-entire liueof wty from lbs city to the grounds are t eit p . *ry rbed.- eitjjed i,,j disposing of fruiie and ru.-e unteute Ons ot those ebactiee-tiuk my nttentico ia peiticuar hear lap the rescript:' n. -Hot uuai* in bed " >"t ar ihe noddle ot the $ rij anil oppo it? th? miia entrance. ia a circular s'ru ! ere of ah >ui 30 feet :a dia meter. containing ei-H-m? t>t water fumed through an iron pip- lrom Ueiu.-ee riser b? hor-e piwer. tu a d etar ce ot 100 teet auu to an e. t? u <f >u j feet Tail vuter ia fsr the use of t> >tn the lower and huber animali fc? n.e of the latter will i?u it win their hruml/, and ethers will drink it pure uinl uudetiled at a cent per (thus. I rhonia mention i < it there are retiring r>i >au st t apart for the iudies . ui;ii ou an leTatt d part of the gtcund ia the President'* no jue where be will rocetre the gbe.t's to morrow in fact art rytniog is ino?t cum plete T lie atoow of cattle H nit great at yet; chough such as hare made their ap;? ttsace are tine specimens ?f the creation. At tie s<>utb-ws?trru aide of ibe grounds there are uumeroti- : rl ?u rea fir tbeae and for bhrses. with guaiten-f< r u.t p*rs At th- n r:fcweitern title are the recap- r?r poultry, ahee^ swine fcr There 1* one budding I bad alani-t forgotten to mention It la at tte sec'h -a t*-rn angle of the bail It ia >. sty's >rws t i if btmsUcircular true tore with a pyrainidral top fktt a pig-da Oo a s'gn tc-teful j lettered, are the wt rila. Book*. Agrxulturc ai d the aria P. M Lew?y it u nllea with n??ki on J grtewKuia Thl? i* tb? way t do on?>ii-ss Mi l> >w y j keeps the Best depot in the Ar jade, where be ?- U the j Aetc 1'wk Herald There was a continual s?rtntn nil the day of m >tnbers cf the tociety. in < in> il.ue.-s pasting. to and from the pound- None wete adini et| hut aieoibera to-day nor wlU nny to inrrr w On Thursday the grounds will hi ; Jbruwu open to-uth of the public a? haTe pu'eh - 1 ' i ehete . I.oid lilgiu aUited tb? ?r"Uh Is to day aOi ' tniaui."' I l y the Cxunjittet i f Arrangements. and was highly tie lighted with what he saw tb -ugh nothing is yet complete Thi# f>rnoon tbr gunta w re formally r*rei*-d at the railroad depot by the PrefMetit Mr John Drlafl J. ?f 8rm t? , the artiLg m? mary Mr J I' Fogg K ochreter and the otki-r czicuiivr ifflcera Tomorrow all arrangement* will be r< n pl'lr aid tb judge# wiU vli-w the animal# tod fowl, the production* of ibe vegetable kingdom ao.t the rati<u? warka of art. TKLKOKAPHIC. Kwiitrii Sept. IS. Hit | Thu i* thk rran 1 day of the Fair. Tb* public are al nutted to the ground at one ahilliug each, and nucha gathering wa* never in Roche.trr Before eight o'clock, thia m rn ng the ruad to the Fair wa< impawabl and It required two hour* to reach it ia any vehicle. aU'-h waa the number of wafnor. ?molbu#*a. he The only way to reach the ground ia any ft:i?na*bl? time, en on foot There ie no eonpaiiaoa. in point of number*, with , aay previous day It ia a perfect jam, ineidr ami out | The traiaa to-aay. again are late , on* train from the Went, arriving at half pact lea o'clock thia f >r* noea had. at the leant one thouaaad peraoiu In aal on it for the top* of the cara here cuVereJ with human helng* At ten o'clock th? Fxeeutivr Committee aaaemblel ia a retired part of B< phia (trnet. occupying carriage* or mounted on horae* and having fora>> da prormel n conducted tb< invited gueat* to the ground*, to vice the ililMlii Of the invited gueeta thoee already arrived are a* f 4lowv?Governor Hunt aid ataff, Governor Wright, of Indiana Oovi-rnor Marry t.overour Morton; John Tyler l Prertdrnt of the Cnited Btatea. General Wool Lord JClgia and enite, Adjutant General Reynold*. Indiana /lorn Bli Perry. Mayor of Albany, Alvnh Hunt But' treaaurer, Pr<.f?-- .r Anitx-ll In , The iaviUd gu*.t* *b<> bare rtgnlArd their int?nii n to cme bat bare not arrlred up tl anon thl< dtJ u> an follow* ?.Jenny and cuitn; Martin Vaa tlur?a Oovarnor Bouck, E < or mug Mayor Kingaland. NY,1 Oowntr Wood. >>bi< . the Pruaetoa Portuguese and Ifaaiah minuter. General Scott. hvnator Houglae, II >n J B Mark* Canada. M?a W II Uitke*. Hon J. M < bnmber. Of vera. r Ki.h Mr fttuart heewtary cf the Interior Governor Young; Profmnor Norton, Pftfegacr "iffgine II"a A Ftft'twi V*; Mr Poete Itelgtan Mlalater, Hon t a Talmsdro > Y , Hon Jame* Colonel Mednry UMo. Penal, r lunula- wb> le to deliver the addrea*. ha* be. a delayed by loo .p. .It irn but I* 'tpeeted thie after noon Jenny Mail a> Dot pmiulea<l. then nae un*. I. and Anal.? pr< mi*ed again but H la atUI doubtful Whether at' *lli b* here Th. wlaa >4 ttrkete for tb* ferilvel. to-night ie fdared, ihi* ."worning ir m ten dollar* to eti for a lady and gentleman; uT*' ft r a genii, man aloae The d.-coration* nf Corinthian Uai. are go g forward There we* e yiiil row laet night bem.en th- rommitte* and th riiBBnu fiianril The latter were r*fu*ed Tree tteket* la ronat qawnre The d.ffleuny ? mprr anted but there were aome other d.ffl'-oitn * among the committee. I firing out <tt jeal< ua?e- a rout the hooor* The fentlral given la the erentog by the Mty ta the cMtoer* ad the eociely and their invited rue. * *v a beautiful affair N<4 ?.n.y th. r'li* and beauty of Ru . beater, but oft be Plate were pre?nt It we. ball la Corinthian Hall "a* of the r?< aw under the ball i* the too library <4 the Plate i hat waa fitted up an a reeep. tio? fwui previoue to the entertainment and fur n ball mom rnbeequeatly It wa* taetefuliy ornam-Btel with rv.r*r<ene and wreath, of dahl ae Adjoining thi* 1? a room which wae u?? d a* a dining re* for the 'adtea iin the opp<wrie aide l? a fwa ol the Atheo. ua> - f f,,r tne iren OBK'W waa ?| |,r|? Win, W m mmwm ? ? At M|ht < el< ck tb* > ' japany l-yan to ??m ?M h?tiD| h*?n to lh? Mayoir. proat* n?4*d to tb* ti?*ytM r *.m till tnppwr ww nannunr'^ Tbelady rf Mr lt.lafl.14 the prwMwnt of the ?n*l*ty Mts? ' >< Mr ;.t(f ?<r trmwut of IM UilW 8tat*a lb* army of tw.uty ru truly hrilllaat <jqi?efllprlai |n?r tity l**tl*aU tbr Mtotfl' WW Trry torfr. . . _ . At tea o'rloak th? .on. parr wrrw oho*a to tb* flail, which prxoolt l a nt appear**** Tb? *'all? war* d**<iTa?*d wlih ?tnrr.?. at. ; >.f #?.ry bit* On th* .t??* w?r* two Ury* too of >n. rato.t yrweaboua* Hoarfi Tb* w.r* hwoutitn ly f*at<ton*<l wltb oak Waoao Tb. .***. w. r. p>ar*4 or n..4,ny ?n ralro lath. r*r?nt ?pa*<- la tb. e*n?r? wara pi*, ed (kbT tail.* f< rmir.(r a h >||. w wjn'tr.. an.I oa tha iJtrMl" wo pt?,?4 a r ui.J lal.m t?< -i t .W*t ^raattl alth tb* at...t Witch.. fruit, and >h. b??t 4* rei'attoa* of*wa#?cttea*iy lb* rnoiimtit? w r.. i,u n* rnwa-bad appropriate Am ry thorn >.*r. t"i?..|-. 4*4 r?t? d to Cere*, flora. PtirnWa. ?n<l Liberty Timor. Pier of >li?>r plat, war ?.*l ri.|Uirit* Alt,<. n r it wao a moat alfaii au.i ia hiylily er?4ital. ? t It net! rot *r Barely if ??*, bar* I am" It rjaattrd in tb* yt*at fmptr* < tty Tb* f . ill*** w* ar f lli.w*? f.?r?| tn n t < mailt!** 4"? P H Bn*h%o J K Ur lrvol"i f,< 4 ttr M ??! ?.y. H it Inbaa Hill' Alt on. ,-a?. K. |r. t. H. i ll*? L. A Ward. C M lm H n ab, o brapobaii. H> n A tf Prhertnerbora. J. P ? %i Esq , Major John Williams, Hon Kliai A Strong, ind * Jen L B 8wan Committee of Arrangements?W. A Reynolds and D M. Dewy Ths entertainment coat three thousand dollar*. Rsv. Dr Dewey raid grace Ihe Msjor pre.-dJed, and after , the company wet e duly refreshed proposed the toast* of the officer* ol the society ?ud their guests Mr Dele- held, president of the society. rep'ied. and gavs.''The ' city of Rochester " Beviral other toasts were proposed I and responded to: alter which the company retired to | the bail room and dancing a as proceeded with uutil an advanced hour The officer* of the militia wore their uniforms. Jenny Llnd was not present. Our Philadelphia Correspondent** PHU.aDKi.rHia. September 18,1851. Tht Political Bottle?The Xutiret Threaten to Deterl their Whig .iUirt? Perucvtion of the Diamond Merchantj of Old Spain?The Stolen Notts. The various political parties, having now completed their nominations, are preparing their forces in battle array for the coming eontest. There are many anxious 1 aspects presented by the choice of candidates, especially ' in the judicial nominations. The democrats have, for the District Court, nominated the present Judges, while the whigs but e followed the same course, except having chosen J 1 Clark llare instead of Judge Stroud; the natives.on their part, seconded the democratic nomination For the Common l'leas. there is more variance The ds- I mccrats have Judge Jones, V. L Bradford, and James L. ' Johnston The uatives selected Win. Kawle.Wm. D Kelly, and Jos. 8 Allison, and the whigs Oswald Thomson. Win D. Kellry and >1. Kussell Thayer. Thlv la?t name being substiiuied instead of Mr Allison. the native fa , vonte. ba* created a hubbub among hie partisans; and If tbe breach ia not healed, there will be a lamentable ^ falling (If in the vote usually cast by the native* for the whig ticket. Tbe native* declare that their stronghold. Southwark will give Bigler. the democratic candidate fur Ooverior. a majority of 1 boo. in revenge for this unkind cut The charcoal rsnderR from Jersey have com* off rlctoriou* before Judge Kclley, in en tain suit* commenced under the law prohibiting the venal rig of goods of another State by sample. The Judge decided that the law did not spply to ti c products el the soil and tberelore dismissed the suits The two $1 UCO notes reccurly stolen from tbe emitter of the lVnneylvar>a bank have bsen ascertained to be \oa 1,160 and 1.191. All the otb> rs having been redeemed, and a new b-wc made dated Aug.'Aid iSM the payKeat of the stolen notes is stopped, and will be resisted Ibe reward of f 400 cQ> red for their recovery lias also Been revoked. Theatilrsl nitrt MusicalBowt av Thlatsi ?Tin entertainments this evening ire "Hen lh? Boatswain and "Nirkof the Woods." hieh will be east to Ihc fell strength of the company. ?ddy appearing a.- lbe leading feature in "Nick of the il < il.- unci T'k' .i :u u.< . .ii T piece Eiiosnwn T w irri ?The great American actor and eneral favorite Mr FMw'n Forrest whose classic perorraauce hre drawing o. w led liou-ca every nigbl. will ippear tbi* t veiling, in ids great ebarscter of lliohclicu," upported by several dn lingukhed artiste 8a?hs - T! tune excellent programme of -Kiln Ka and "ila nl.' which are so generally admired, will again b* [ nt..l this evening, with the same di?lingu ?hel art':-.-. tbe itanls, who are universal . ! It. Bibtoa': Tot sir ? 7l..s popular and favorite establishment cit'inuc- in the tsuie career of success?the lieui" i- always w. U tl'h d To-night the performances commence with M-f. .ed l.ife " n1 will terminate with " Forty Winks." Naiic-m. Iiinitr?The enter1.aium-nta this evening ar? exceedingly st'eactive ai l no doubt will draw a i crowded house Ur-t pi- ce i- tne - Iron i ant, ' tie text the Mi rch: >; ' V- u r." and the lad the ' Idiot > of the Shannon " Fnot oiiam's Lht1 m.?The pr 'st Atn?ricsn actre?s, l Mi;a Chat lotte Cu?h: >an who i- <1. - rredly drawing large b>m nihilists, !>(?< ) - 1--night, in ' Load-.a Assuriwca." she will U d o 1 lij . jr eminent artists. 1'uepert nuances i'li . i' rlth the Vac lit Unco. Was six's M r si >t ? Tills plic" of emu.mcnt 1a a I y?ry p pi'.Ui re- rt Tie drmnat piec arc ably filled; I and the yarlinettl 1' uilj. by their splendid p-rlo mencis, are alwa.t - rewarded ?ith enthusiastic cheer". U writ AMrnmivn i ?Ti. .-ismcuient* atn j ' for (hi- t tint t! a popular iri.ibli.-hinent, are of a b'gbly attraetiT-cha: r tor and mn.-t i n?uro n dont'olr j crow-jed hone llorr Kid's w< nderful f-at- of .-trength en ate the piea -t a-oni- hramt ; and the btaxriftt! , ijueotfieidi.1 of I art yon hard V-it Willi-- elicit th he?rtiert demon tra'i nf f approval. CiiKiu.'., Mo-hm a?Hii- extremely falcated and popular Uvi.d ai.i give another of thoir pleasing entertainments to nigh Follows' Jkit>a rraj - are still at'raeting crowded hou"i by tbeu vlcdivut d-nneatiou* of the negro olancter A tine pr grime for till' evening Pi'jvrriT or Mi;. J If am. Wiltos?Tliia affair tales 1-lac-to-iuorr*.w t v.-c.-cp, and nidnabt. from the nu c' n in friends and aci.oalnnnees. lie will hare a crow ltd hou.-e I'rufessor preaents a fine pro- I g-tmme lor til." evi nir.g, Mr braritia a i". anothe r rf bis popular bailed i ebUiteuimtnl* at the Tab-nia<'le this evening The Turf* I eioa Co- rsr 1. I ? We vastier. *ept. IT ?Trotting ' n-s'ch. $110. mile hea's to skeleton wagons Jemes Whelpley naanwd g g Paarkelbaik 1 1 ! liiraui itoodtud nsj.-d g g Stranger if - j Tlut ti 41?2 41. CiaTawiitK Cm i.?? I. I?A moat splendid trotting I cratr.-t. Iwobm. UeaU -u I ain?s' took place yesterday ' atterncon. but tie rrrwdei state of our ctluiuna pre- ( ti"L* 'ea a report until to-in Trow. Tue following is a j f un.n,ary :? U Jonn tDtrffd b g ?' t . 1 1 ti llaynor entered rh g r.dim 3 il fi Nel-on entered blk g black Harry 2 ?> Tint- J 14',-S U CITY 1 l< IDS hKPuKT. Tm mi >t IflliBlM 18?8 P m. j A-iikj tended upwi?iu4 borne SO barrel* w.r? purchared at S6 IS Tor pot?. an<l 16 64 a A'6 62 for pearlai 11*? ?i.*ir??? ?The r'Uur market although active ai tit firm tr> d?j < having mad* of I'd ;>u? barrel* : unlcrj" -t? J at I2 *', a J'. 12', . aour at S3 121, a S3 | 3* . . ?uperflne No 2 at *2 4-'s'? a $2 02', ; mixed to I tra.gbt We.teru with < ruiuary to choir* Stat*, at $4 t? , a S3 Si *4 . faery old aaC g rd n?w Michigan. round ; b<rp Ohio and new rial* at S3 SI't S3 M \ .pur* i old at St to S4 12', ; aod do new do. at St I 12 a S4 31',. indicating Marly be p. r barrel of a d?- i elite all r und Cutadian ru ?-lVery uuiet Ne 1 -ailing I only in retail parcel# at St, and post tx-iutf entirely ne glected at S3 ?7 a *3 60 Southern did not vary much 8to barrel, mixed to favorite old. found buyerat S4 tc 4 12. do to do Lew at S4 IS ? a H 31 , aud fancy (Id at >4 16 a $6 26. Ry* Hour retailed at $3 C7i*, j bile Jeracy ni< a. waa he,a ai *3 25. aid over. Htm ' muted to the extent of 7 ;kl" buaht-l* <i*D**re white at SI 1 a SI 3 , and 1 700 S .utbern red at a fraction cfl She H>,' rio? I' l to 70c at which another cargo-old RurVy i?e#tti. d Inanimate at 70 a 76o Ou(. were eaally die poped of at 33 to 3' c CVn exhibited an uniform anpent and the operation* amounted to 47.1"0 buxhelp damaged and heated at 61 a 67 ',e It extern mixed at ZD), a .'?9c ar.d r no J yellow at 61 62, Cerr?There ba* been rather more diepoiition to operate, to-day. and the rale* amount to 1.400 balep. at i yepterday * price* I'. rl .. p. ..? I ... H >-..? |K.??. IVl r?aliilr,g ?',< ::1A do Rio ?\e lie ; an 1 800 fit D *. miogo7\c a 8c Imported to-day 1.P20 bog? VanoHT* ? tlatea to Lirerpool w*re duo flour wm engaged ?t ua Uriin ? # it about -id while rat** for cotton ul dead weight *er* lomiaai Come fuatic war rom-d at la To Ioudun about 1000 bbl* flour were i 11 ** 'Jit la M There Wai rather m re inquiry forth* c> otin?ot. aul cine Teerele were taken up for <>ern an and Botthcrn porta, oa private tennt To Havre. cotton <u tteadr at *,e There war io change in ratea to Calitorhta Ki ? Lit* greae wrr> held it 4oc . though 100t'lb* i rim* wralero have b? -n 38c , j caah VirM gen'-rally appeared dull cnly on* traaawtioa. embracing too quintal* w*et*rn Bank rod bring reported at 82 fJ imported, to-la) 113 k*g? Dutch herring Fm IT ?Wr aotirrd ?ai*e of 300 bole* Malaga ralaiae It fl 76 a $ 2. JU oaae* prior md ginger a* atxut MS 7ft. r. 1 10 raek* rurraati at >? Imported H i*J 11 cnaeu I rune r ll? > rr?m? l arircr at ftOe . the rate paid for 800 balm prime hirer thu forenoon ll? m> ?A parr*! of 186 hair* American dr < ***d. wan diepored of at $1<>& nt motithe flora to a limited < kteut fetched 28 a 30c earh. (tort It creating I anw continued inactive at 820 *|g mvath* Only 60 toB? pig acid at them figure* Imported day 18.803 bare iiitroad ft 140 bare 6 till bdla hoop. 21V bdie rod. L? an ?All kind* w*r* nominally quoted at 84 17 per I'M lb* Imported to-day. OA piga Mr.iif*. ? lto hbd* Cuba brought 21 a 23*. and SO tart do 18c |?r gallon ab' wing a quiet market. Imported to-day 17ft hhda Situ Broai* wet* uou-ually inanimate T ifling i aale* >ny (f aptrit- Nit.* effected at -'14 ,e : Wilmington ? mm< n roatn at 81 34. and Morth county tar at 82. Una-?With Ibe ur I'ticD of l.lD<*e| which wa? brtrkly acugiit after and purebmed to the eeteot of j 7 MM gallon* at 74* . f v-h. w* beard t nothing being done Imported to lay 4 barrel# eaetor aod 22 caeha littred Paerttio** ?Fork varied but 'Ittle: 400 bbla Bew m?a? wire pic kid up at 81ft 76. oil at gift 14 , aour at Rift 76; n< prm* at 818 In and old at 8>2 Si* a 812 AO. j Beef waa f.rmly held, and about 130 bbla mew changed i.?t,n> at a Ml ? it. na? ptuno ; v a ?0 n~?T lam* r. n>?i?> 'l haaay at $14 nbiia mt mrti> wara tpn , riog.y fT> T' <1 at Ubaltart-d r?t> l.arl a??ma.t |aa? ar I ttta 'III/ I 60 l?M? Ult.i tnk>o Hi y , I ,p Buttor ?t,l lf?lj T' jhi lb? im(rt.iii-tu m?t (ut?d Kmi K'titi ? Palaa ?.y iturU' fi ? ll> u* and lot :.M Sixth atr?a< iSixu faKa. do a? 441 niith ur>" t 14xV<> I 3 lot* i B t?nlli avriiurthirty m-t. at It and TTilrty-?l#btb atra?t> avhltilOo tVIOaa-h I3 7SQ Brrx-kljB? 1 lot aotBaf MJI and' o|u?t i? -tr?t ftil'to, f4t< 3 do on ' antra B<-ar'.ioiumbla-(ratt par* aniibQ. Mtk >?* k do vljinin* . tor *?- Arm IMt raalta food to latr ?an ruB of at %1 HT'? b ? I1H 1 S > an* -iW> VlO O- rir.i B bar* ba?n rold aln^a - ?f w?t at ? >10?li* m< ntba Imp. rtad to day-JT eaax 31 "baat?. 'TO b"t?* '|f do II* '"it* ?"??n frrattt ? Vary littla tmnaplrad IB ?to- to day Amart'-an dl"**/ ?? b^"1 '* '? bwt "V* ,ff'r?d Bo b'ah.r at ?hieh ttay proanrad only K> HI. o r a>n A fan l.?a if foralfn bra-?dia? found a it.a rhat at prt? ' ua flaurai Imported to day?231 ff?' lknwk>|io 5'k I randy . p. . , hat* lut to nota a an la of W bhda ( nl* at J Into kKr at 4 a uanal t?rn?a Tin. laarkat *a?t.?n?y and dr- oylrf ln>port?d today IA hbda at d "7* ton* T.- et at Into d to ba bald at T'?? nlth a moda rat* r?ia I t? ii..i-1 tan.,., ? M raallnf Ml ill N V i> bn? I iy at and 35 do ?*aft Kaitfa lOe. Imported to daj, 6 otili and 19f case* Herman via*. IxroaTaTioNi This Dir. Ooai.?200 tons coal. Dams ?40 tierces, 306 >iib eoda ash 4 cun borax; 2C0 ca^ks soda crystals, 24 packages, 10 case*, 7 hhda. megneeia Dat Goods.?ST packages dry goods par Atlantic, 142 cases per Koe* blandish, 100 Cases per Trumbull, and 22 packages par Nord America Di swoon ?20 tons Brasil wood Hides.?310 bundl?>s goat skins, 6oV ox hides UtMr ? 3 bales hemp Mktali ?1 300 lbs old copper; 2,920 bars do. Paint ?100 casks Venetlau red. Punra ?206 tons ground plaster Raos ?60 bales rags. Bteel ?263 cases steel; 73 bundles do Halt ?SeOsacke salt Sriccs ?12 balei cinnamon Tim.?800 boxes tin plates Tonaito?1 cask tobacco Wool..?32 bales wool. Wood.?362 logs rosewood Zirtt ?2,606 plei ea spelter BAKKtCf9 KlaSHSWURSRK. STOCK SALES. a Ssrtamber 1 h?PT?a, Hoard?$l,(M)Rj4diog 6's. '70.71V; rum at 7l\; I.1000 do.. 7iV '"0 Ctiesnpeske ?'?, 9u: cub aha tT H. B?na, IV: 8 Pennsylvania R*UJl SI ash.. ..,.1 Hank. 27> 5 dr. S7V: MM EchnvUill Hani, i. Ji oirard Bank. 12. It*/ k. *diu* Railroad, o6,*27s?; l<Odo..27k?; 1PU do . 17 ', *1firr Salt I? 50 o'.^rej Rsadini? Railroad, c. iJK; f'J do ,e. 27%; 50 do ., c. 2T*,; 50 do . c, ?7V Vrcund h?am? ?l IX?> r-nnt>leanla 5'a, iCi^: 3(kU Knadiux hailruad ti's, '7", 7lrii; iOabirea I, uion C ?u el. l)A,'i W Girard bosk, li', 'V U Krtdiu* Railroad, caah. 27K. dOULona IsUud, V/t. 10 LouisN ille Hank IUSV Salet- %l.SUO WilDiitgtea hailjoadtl's. 5 mill Alleghany Coal (i'a, 60; 3U0 shares Readme Railroad, 27!?; lid do., 27',. Balti.ho;. a. Soytembor 17.?Mock Board?74 shares Baltimere and Ohio Railroad, time. (SoV: -to do., tim?. oo''?. is do., lime, (ai.k: 27. do. tiuiu, 6bW; 50 do., time, 67; 50 Media nice' Hank. k-'M. At the t < ara to <ia.y, Maryland ii'a closed at loo** I d. II <2 arked BaUimor* C a. 18HU, llUll.t. 104 asked. Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad bunia. 1867. 'JS aaksd, do. shares 07 bid, 6a asked, Utt and Cum norland, 17*i bid, l>)i Raked. Telrgrsplilr Heports, New Oattiat. dept 16. 1851 The rales of cotton. t<v day, havs been 1.000 bales, at declining priced middling b?tng at 8 'jc , and fair ut 9lio dmall rales of mete; port; are untkiagut *16 50 RuIimm ft nil kind- is d ill. The lluropa e Ciok'h ha.-jusi bees received but it;1 ctiect u not yet apparent. Xne weather continues pit Meant Nlw Oa- last. September 18 1851 The rales of cotton, yesterday, were 1,200 bales at irregumr prioer Th-market to day. Is briaer, with -ales Up to 1 o'clock of 600 bVeit We >;J te middling I1,'' k-. Flour 1 bot'or. with rales ot 6t. l-uuis at S3 81. tries of yellow corn ot IV > c.u I white at 51c Sugar, sf fair liUality, 6c. Itio c^tfee. 8 4c Cmrbi-ssroM. Sept. 17, 1851. Sale- were mad- tli'.s morning cf 460 baler of cotton, kt 8 !, a bl,c. Lold-rs ho Yin.. somewhat ieliu>{uUhed the u tpruier flrmcers. Rlarrlsd, On Wednesday September 17 by the Iter Mr HallecV, iJm h.i >' a .a*. Jr .of Brooklyn, to Miss Eliza A flue 11 this city At the 1 man atholic Church in Canal street, by the Key A. Lafont. 51r Maximilian IIaiidtmuth to Ma i m- it ell v Ei r*Aini ltouaooia idilt BowoHCsr ) In Philadelphia, on tieptemlor 17. by the Key. Win II Furnees Mr broom IIaaav, of New Orleans, to illsa Salli* II. fmi's, ol Cincinnati. inert. On Thursday eTrning, reptemVr 18 after along an 1 painful ii.n- .-.?. Joii.s Tha. ki.m . aged 6- year-., a name of Dublin. Ireland Ills fun dr are invited to attend th-- funeral, which will tain pi.'e tri in hir 1 ite ritidence, 240 dikth avenue. Ou ! ur.u-y. Sf] h mber IB Mrs. UiUiiiT Sn/ii., aged oil years. I'be trii of the family a-e respectfully inel'e J to attend Ice tuueral. front he late rt-idenctt. el SJontgomei\ street, ?>n hfctur :?y ut rmng. tit 1? o'clock. Ob 'he IL rtiug cl repleader lfc of consumption. Juts* FntriiMci. aged 57 yew u nattfc of the coun'y ot l?u? n. Ireland The friend.- cf the family are -'sprctfuUy Invited to n- md ti e fun-ril from tilt r tiMer.oa of his son 150 Houston at reel. tfc:.? (kudny) afternoon, at 2 o'clo-k Ilir rt mains will b<' taken to Calvary Ccmet ry for interment On liiur-day n'oruiog. after a short and painful illt b, at the rr-idvui-e of 1- aunt, lli-.* Anne dkeliy, l?cwei j. Vi n .um 11. Kauais, ax?'d 2c years ills friri.dn. anil those of his un '. s Patrick-. Peter, Michael anil John bkrlly, are respectfully inriteu t) attend the fun rid. ou Fri lay afternoon. >?p ember !? at 4 o'clock. IIi< remains will he interred iu lUcrenth etreet Cemetery. On fit-pt* ml* r 17, Gt.onas Lov. r, a red 20years. The fri-tid-end ac'juaintati s of the are r*?pectlsliy intif-d to attend tb? funeral, from bis let-' residence No 145 West Statecutu street, on Saturday a/teru'i w SCIh m.-t , at 2 o'clcsk. On the eTeiiicg 01 ik-pte-mber 17. C.eTKsniOK Aver daughter il 1 hi mas 11 and itosanua O'Brien age! 1 year and 2 months. The friends and ar painter e? of the family are retpejtfully inriW to att nd the funeral, this (Friday) aftertooc. at 2 o'clock, from the residence of her parents, dit) .lay street Brooklyn, near Myrtle avenue, itis h* -ter aid 1/ a ell paper- please copy On Thursday. p tamper 14, S/.kN.nn, olJest ?on of am J itua pi.phta Lynch a< a > years mid fi in ruth? The frwDlt of the family are re?pe9tfally invited to ?tt< nd the funeral tbis all'rnrxin, at half part 3 o'clock ninth- residence of M? father in Spencer street, betnm V u-hieg Hod i'arh aveBU.'*, tin* Bro .kljn. On V.Vdi.e-my 6< piooibor 17. oi oonruidttUn, Mr -?hah Lot i-? I.kj. i.r*.formerly of Charleston. 3.0 ,aged i}i?r< and 3 m.nth* f i ir* rpl "ill tfkf l'.n i feoa her l?te MSlitMS -pnu?t si reel. this (Friday; aftc. noon, at 4 o'clock At i. uebec. on tcpt-niber 14, IIin.ios Wn .l.taM, only < n <> Ben ma and Kbit Sloan Urlineu, aged i yean. J* HM a A > T 1 n K MTKLhlUKMCK, florrnwnii of the Utwu 9teim*rii p ma littvai Diva fc?. WaiMngtoe'? Nopt 10 ... New York. a tries Lt??rpoo).. ..Eept York. Olaecvw Giloge* Erpt M .. New Y'.rk. I'altie. I.iv-rpecl .Sept!?.. NawYorli. franklin New York... 8rp? Vt... . llsvro. Aialama Ne * Tori ,,*e?t J1... .8 rancah. City ol Richmond N-w Votk Wept Ji... Kioh.non 1, kc. Cherokee New f or. ..So>t 21... .Havaa.t. kt> 98 Lama New York .keptJt... Liverpool. KUttri . . .N ?w York. ..Sept ?... .I'vcrpooi. Brother J oaathkn New York. .8?rt t' .. .t'i.arree PaelBd......... New York . . 8?pt 27 . . . Liverpool. Union ... NewY.rk ,. ??pt S .. New Orleans. Lafatette New York... Oct 11... . kt Chag'n Port of Ntw 1 .nk. Ne (Member IV, lUli cw Brnaa. .... ... .... ti j noon srr* rtora ? ? ra mi < id I nine warca tvt 1*" Ol to. rok i Ship rrkseiska (Ham), Daa. Hamburg. W F Schmidt, P.srk Fialadalin I Nor), Berg, London. W t Kohmidt. Hsrk CI,tide Harold, Kir!,. Havana. J J Taylor k Co. Bn? Ator Oull, Ear. Celt*. Boyd k Uinokoa Bfk Uen Wilson, Becka oeth, Apalnohiooln, Raglo k Ha sard Brlic Frances Lord, Gladding, Savannah, N L MoGready k Co. lirtc Rolert Win*. Crowoll. Boston. Foster k Niekorson. l>rlf 1)1 a.~an, Gilrhritt Portland. N Plnoa. Krhr J (< Whit# Or>?i, Utritrn, M II rmnu k C?. trlir Buaan. K lliu. kiotaaorla, B'attoa V Thoapaon. Brbr W?.k?. Bri.-aa. Vl!tnli(iri. NC, KB I'owtll. f t r 1*1 Tti City, rrlahe#, N#w Uarra. hehr Cl.aa A >?#< ?.?, Millar. Nt? ilt'ii. N Roi*?ra k Co. frkr Cor'.na. Phiaat-y. Warobam. K ?pr?a?a. Mbl Faaaa, f.raffaur, Portland iMBir Pra' kMoi. Clark. Phtladalpbtn. M Baaford. Sloop Praaklta. Minora Hrpa P?rry Ma' tCana la. tranr, Brfdrwnort Blot p Poiatar. Fiwler. Prurilinea. AiHra<i Waatr Cl?r ?f Rlrhaond Trrry R. htaoad rfaNorfotk, J4 hotira. bad brad a id la all ilia way aad boar* haad aaa Ship Malabar < HrlLaada. l/ahlla.37 di yf. la oaliaat with J?7 paaarecara, lot Wallar#. Ship baitlmora (pbtl, Copa Ham, ko? U. wiih awlaa and a1 raaararara, to B..yd k iliackre. ark Orilla, Latham. Glargaw. 10 day a. w*th Iron, U Dw?Park Nor (Nerw). Hr,a, LimtrUk 43 daya. la ballaat. with 146 yaiaiaarrt to Willlaaa k Culoa. Aag 17. lat 4A 79. Ion *21 rpoka atip Loaaoa, tf Boiton. from Mataaaaa br UtlftMl. Bark N< rtb Am*rioa (nam), Pttara, flamtnrr. 44 daya. with adra and 127 paaarat fa, ti B?-h k Kaahardt. Bark Coratlia. MaKbiaaoa. Smyrna, Jatyli, with wool, ke, la Itatil k Cot ?ri? Trias t b ( Br). Palaoatr1J*a. Brratt. M daya, la ka! laaf. with I"1 raaairr ra to fimai fc lli.ffrr Brir ,f:< haa (of Portland). Blanharl. Rio Jaaatro, 4r daya with r arwood. to N Saada k ( a. Ani 7. lat "44." Ion W. rfebaafrd alamala arad of Borton atarriag 8W (trubarly hark Conrad, (raw I'hi'adalphla f< r Ria Jaaatfat; hth. Prraaahaeo M. djrtant 00 ailaa ratbaagad ait aala with a Br bark abawlac a wblf* r?d and afar alraal. bmnd into Paraamhar# Oth latt, lat .SJ 40. lat Of ?. apaka aahrTO Thoapaoa. from airaaadria for Brrianda; Uth, lat X a", lot 71 I V rpokr Inaiah hr*? Fartnna, for N T?rh Br a t arolia# ?rhrnrra (Br? Mngford. Rio Jtaoira f! 4aaa. with onlfra. to 2 B Pbipfia k Co. Wt iatt. lat IS Id, l?a kT.W.apokt ahlp Rata Uuatrr, llill. fram Naw Ortaaaa far Martoillra. .kldaya oat. Prhr Calrata f Hr). Rrarr. Caaaaarlaad. NB. Mf daya, with arlndat ?a?, ta i*aat?r Srf r Bn Kraal I Br). Darihar. Wiadaer. N9 17 daya. with plant- r, to uiaotar Brbr Wadhiaatoa, Galdirdb Tuliiaitat NC I dap*, wudk parol ati raa. ?rltr MfttlllA O Hfl.ti, **! ?. trbt Flotetr, Btk*r. OUncMlM. 1 lAjt. ??hr*t?r Riek????n. 3 4?}i. frt r Whlt? <>?k. **??(?? *? ?'??4. > - Mchili n?p? f?? RtrkUnl, I At?" Brhr PtwWKktt. VI? w Ro?kl?*4, J A??l Brtr *? Araoh, Wnraitr. Ctlt't. I ?*? fltDI iMir II Bnr4?n Dmkt rH !"? 1 llioji JtkM Oorh?x.'? Ni> hsli, r?U Rltil. trrr Ifr-WlalMmrlN, Hi ?t MWW. ?;?? Ht. > _ i "Tr * ???? k; *7.'?V/J ..i AueA*ra, Aa< M-krr ir.tAcon. WMM, H'tUam ??? l. A??)1-krt K Wolf. "Of)**"*1 * ' 4or?r. IKIik. ChmMI iri Wyktri- 814 lf?? *Hb, HIltlMra. BrklM??, HOfWMA , _ _ ? _ n.,M_ A4> Bri.???rak. A A4oipA. R?l?4i?i. FnlMti. M*4int??h. RfStira. ? '?i? " *[* llntrl-t ?i>4 r?|4?. for WYoffc; Crjtt, '?* ** ??4 H >|.*. ? ?? ^ 'tr Phil* tjkpbi" .. U*ki .V]h A i ui.?o?14t, LltM. 8T?rt 3M !?> ti4 pf0"#o*l*4 for flAvtv ... ... w.,,k Ctrftt. toptA-lii. Itlttrow (?rra? *t??rrAr\ ft? """ Cvm?tt?. kept ?-.814 t?mk. ?;?!? *?. Arr tibMT A?4 ?A?I< ??. J*f4??. I>r*t,. 8?pt r Motto?*?. t'llMiii t' !' ' '*"* l?( . . _ . UoitinrK it|8-Aff MtkOi L ?**? Bo?AaaII to .- , . j i?. aoi.?m< . . _ Ilu voitt - - iw ' **?**>* < Hinlttftoft* NC. Mk RHfliw, MtilftM. NTork. u A4? Irate til, j, itter, * ? ?.?? ?? ' i. V . <l?rk. tin* *ut? m Hats*, fot N?*Hm? HAftUt hira ReioMie ?ie i. ! in t ic*?r?ll. ?.* ?r,4 f?r, ,.t .... _ v.. York*""""' S*'t n~i" "* " HA ,M Ck.t ?(.?|o,... TktAftM. "?l Ann*J>-t ?* ? il?r?l?. * . i? .1,-, ? ...e.ot, -If" HJ. Btr;?o??? Httohmrab, MOti,t%" r?i Cutta, Chat*; roll**, i Bltta? Ml 0f> l,rtn Ra4man WYwV; '?*. '**? ? ?' ? 1 tiV Vtfaatto, Ki'A?r?. vtaiMlif 1 a*1. ilMu4w; iidiMt Mstcnlf, Sectt, Boston; 6th, Hsnry ! Win Miaob C'klovlu. Ib tke river outw?rd bound, Dlbwiit, Faulk*, far HYork., CU 4th. Triton. Smith, Charleston 5ih, Persian, Barton, Kabila; Old England, La wall. Boston. Ada Canada (a), Harrison. for BoiIob 10th; Ball Rook Pendlett u, do l!Hh; Staffordshire. brown, (lo AHh. Sheffield, Lewis, du with detpsH-h; Africa (a), tor MTork IStli; Baltic is). do 17th; Liverpool, Gardner, aud Jenny Und, Bubo*, dp th: Western World, do 8th; Tcmpeet, ao 9th; Jama* N?smith, do 10th; Win Benry ll?rbt<-a. Colonist, Guadar, aad Gstrick, do 11th; Stata Rights. do llth; Princeton. Bad Robt lelley, do 13th; Chaa Crooner, Bi d Muntesamn. do Itith; Forest Queen, Badlav. da 18th; Joan Haneoat, and D Canbob, do ttkh; Wintteld Soi tt, and Queen of the Weet d> Kleti Continent, do 23d; West Point, do i5th. Biohard, Aleap, Enterprise, Bhaunon, and Sarah G IIydt. do with despatch: Bhackauaaon, for Philadelphia 8th; Sarauak do llth; Albua, Gregiry 18th; Win Penn, do Jfittr Mary Halt, Rollins, for Baltimoie Hi, Auetria. Borland, for Charleston llHh; Bwttserlaad, Carter, do to suoceed her; Kpamlnondos, Kerr, for NOrleans 6th; Shirley, lliler. do 8th; Jamas Corner, Bennett, do llth; Pyramid, Henderson, do 15th; Saaon, Crosby do Mth. at* for ldg Id. Bell Rock, and Sheffield, for Boston; 4th, Pyramid, Kew Orleans; 5th, Staffurdahire. Boston; Forest Queen, and Cbas Crooker, hi York; Clonal von, Savannah; Saxon, N Orleans, Also in port ldy. Brjapon. MoLay; BUsaheth, Jones; Infanta, Griffith, and Tici. ndert'Kt, Boyle, for M York; Pandora, Wemtss. for Mobile; Josephtis, Paine; Lady Sale, Trevellick; JudahTouro, Lewis; Alex Grant, Alexander: John Garrow. Hamilton; Chas Saunders, Spenoe. and Prinoess Alice, ftriok, NOrlcans; Jane Howard, Panama; Xmily Miller; Janet, Burke and Pearl Groom. SFranoiaoo. Loni-orv Sept 3?Knt inward, Delphoe Curtis, from Siag*1 ore. Cld sth, Corde)la. Gross, Cardiff for N York. In port 5th, lnca. tioodrinh, for bost n, ldx; Zsnobla, Jackaon, for NYcrk, do; Goodwin, Weeks, do do; Independence, Gordon, for do 8th: M Evans. Pratt, do 13th; Patriok Ilenry, Huthark, do 21*t; Ooean Queen. Grlswold, do 23tn; Far Weet, liriard, for N Orleans. Ida Man ski Li.cs, Septt? Adv A H Kimball, for Boston; Convoy. for NYcrk; Cnmbrrlsnd, and Diogenes. for NOrleam. Nbwi-out, Bort'J -Old He locate. Marshall. Lisbon. Pili., Sept 4?Sid Frederick, Smith, City Point, (one aoooant eays Wilmington. NC). UvirssTou ie, Sept -8? Arr Emma Watts, Glasgow, to em bark passengers t?r N York. Nammoatk, Bept 4?Att Luoy L Hale, TbomaB. Havana for Cronatmlt. v ith rudoer daiiifctrt d and bottom foul. wa? t?wed (rem Deal by a steam or. Shields. Sept 3?Arr Moldon, liuokman. Lou Jon. Vtligraphli Sarin* tUportli Biijroa. Sopt 14. Arrived?Brig Annandale, Philadelphia; aehn Victory. Richmond, Va: Jasper. J Coolty 6l Co, and Mary. NYork.

Cleared?Barks Abulia, N Oilcans, Jenny, Charleston; Homer, and Elm, Philadelphia; trine (sola, and California, do; scLrt Acklam, do, Emma, Eva, and Clarion. NYork. liai.Tiaioan. Sept 18. Arrived?Erigs Artlur Leary (Br). St Domingo; Eliah* Dot.uo, NYcrk; ecbr Kugbury, Frovioenoe. Giia m itsroiv. 8ept 17. Arrived?Brrka Ediato. Boston; Boon, Baltimore; trigs Carolina, Southerner, sad Ty bee, NYork; J S Outings, Baltimore. Sailed?Sohr Brilliant. Baltimore. The schra Pampero for Alexandria, and Columbia, for Philadelphia, returned on account of tue weather. New, Sept 13. Cleared?Ship Hamilton, N York. Noaroi.s, Sept 17. Arrived?Sehr Norfolk Paoket, NYork. New iiKoroRD, Sept 17. Arrived?Bnrn Emma, Pacihc, biKJ blls spoil; aah? Henry Citbe. NYork. PaoTiiiENda. Sept 13. Arrived?b'ohrs Win I, Dayton, Philadelphia; Spy. Albany; Hs?p. NYork. hailed?Schra J t.n Bowman, Norfolk; Jjha M Clayton, NYork. Sanaai. Sept 13. Aryirod?Bark Mi'nolon, Ric Grande. Sailed ttth?Bark Kingston, BalUmo e. Foreign Nails. T.ett?r Bags of steamer franklin, for navra, via louthamptos. will close at the Exchange Reading Room (87 E.te> i i.yv). on oat day, JUt i, at the mual hour. The stove letter bugs are also ut Kenyou a, hi Wall street, iriomiri It At In * CttE raniNvudvnta. ISDOEUTOWK, Sept 11. Arrived?Brig l'orto Rioo, Britt, Philadelphia f>r Milton; ' rsAoaun. liihta do for Boater; Ceo Washington. Wil,..-ii :, Newport lor Bangor; Kiader at Co, Fletoher, NYork lor Weymouth. l5tb?Arr si i[. Norman (of Nantuclet), Gardner, Baltl l or-; M- Mtor. Knaae, Wareham fyr Portsmouth, NH; ATtr.ger, liasktil, NYork for Boston; Peru, Smith, Riohreooa lor i o 16th?sld trig l'orto Rico; echrs Austin Geo Washington, iv.-iir ii Co M .nitvr. Avenger, rem. Cordelia, Ueugal, Jos Parwell, E 1! Derrick, K B Pitts. 17th?At t wtait, repairing. Prnirian brig Vietcr'a In outer r ads three brig" and several achr?; cannot ascertain whither they are a part ol the h- t whieh eld yesterday. t i-.IJ.A! ?.I.r . < A| Ct'p kCt ? Ji I M, Arrived?M.ip Ztiperior (lir). Hanoi. Londonderry; oarka Ccltitblia. Crown, l,t(litru fv'nware, I.r?io, Bi-tin; brigs f tin,lev l>el.t?erc. Herding; llont-", (juptill, *'id K iienrrr. lltrt.3, do; '.mulct, HpoiToi-d. N \ ore; Samuel B, '.artlett. Vt olla M.'; N ??cy Aon, J ;cobe, Portsmouth; echre ntheiio (t w>, No/las. Fl'i JiDtlltj VupU Spirt, and Mary, Baybum, NYork; oarRh M,uontl4> Eiila, Harwich: Tki Vr. ughan. cuiitti Hartford; Asa H Iknn. Nye, NBedford; Th-mea Fcuour, Baker. Boston; Mary Grutoa, fjfyer. bang-r. t icareJ?b, rk King/ton. Foulke, Bemarera; tchrt Jacob Raymc nd, Bi urrc, N .btocket; J A ditnpsob, iiaskell Battel; ktiy fluitc-l, Baynum, NTork; a to a/net Kennebec, Ncjtecur, do. ,1]l?c?ltantoni< Calk Eoh:nga, of Beaton. kSO tone, 2) month! old, hai 1 eec pnrthnecd ty J !. Anthony, of H'ce'.port tor the sperm wnela bthtry, and will be fitted at Near Bedford. Br Eark M ? ho a r ? t Da w Ait. Toy#, 16 Jays from Ginst?* for H b crk. cargo tron. ate ?j, wrecked on Sable laland Oth nit. Crewsnved, materials and part of cargo aleo eared. Br Bam. Mam Cexreeu, 43 Uaye from Apalachieola for > era St ..tin. -Ate epohau ou the 11 th in it, iu 1 it At ilk. Ion 74,1 y the it, at Philadelphia, with pumps choked, t-i.d etetr'nc tor the neoreit port to repair. Tho St J supplied her with | revision/ and water. B: ic A Lit i a (of naepaaiiil). Wil'.erd, from Philadelphia, wasaat-orc loth inet, on fio.t felsttd Ledgn. below Portland, tut ri? eiptctcd off at high tide. A Brig icp< rtcd Zsmrre, hut mppoeed the Sea B an, front ! Orleans f;-r PMlide'pkia, le aahore on J x Floggcr. full of rater. She ie ledeu with 20% sacks corn and 2UU empty tiili. Bit ?oh? E-oti. of and from Prince Edward I el and for 'weton. belor* ri ported abandoned /4th ult, had eprang a I ak that niaht iU mil-u from Crnao light, and funk in a ehort I Hue. She had a cargo of iron, h. h, grindstones. ate. $ hr jAtr, from Babgor for Providence, put into G'ou eater 14th iaat, leaky, wae taken upon a railway 15th> caulked and painted. and launched Hth. B m Ann Mama, Ilutchina, of and f ir Salem from Benr, iprung a Ui!. florin the gale ou Saturday night, and ana rue aahore at Rcckport to pretest her aiakiag. triaure K IS foeart wae towed to B--?tou on Tuesday tti sing, from r'pe.tacie laland. by steamer Neuehon. Ti e nature of htr damage was not known, but both her propel'.ere wen Injured. WhRlemeii. S1d from M.endca loth, ship Oen Williams, Forsyth, for IbiIeb and NFtfirifl OrA&ni. SiJItobi HBtlford 15;h, ohip Na?igaior (of l'lirbavon), Fieh, XPacilt*. tli 17th. ohip HftrnoUa, Co*. \Pael4e. At tlyal An* Ih. Krone! Ortli, Colo, MB, elttn. At do June S' P ri. Iitkll, cf NB, ''25 bbli if on boirl. Book*-.? Aur BP, lot 15 05 N. ion OA4* W, Mary. Il?rrii, of ad to* Xaatuckot. t5 month* oat, littl* oil, <ln*t reported no ?r>. f>n !at?. 1st 41 S3, Ion 4?> It, Is diaa Chief, Bailey, from Jf Leaden 111; 3. for N'Paelbc *11 well. Ipokm. Bhip Corn Rorto. Chandler, from Liverpool for Pblladcl I hi*. Ii th tart Ut 9J. Ion 55 4U. Bark Kilbv. J d*ya lrom Beaua for NOrlaran. Ith iait, lat .V If. ion 47 ?. Bark AaUlope. White, from Bait/more for Rio Janeiro, iJth, 3 ra, Capo fTeury Waria* W by N h mil**. An Am hark (th* ca?ta a of which r*fa>*d to *' * her name), from Ri> U day* out. lor S fork. iTeh ult, lat it> hi n. ion 5i w tr Bark Cambia (ot P rtiawd). 14 day* from Havana. hark Centre l.calu (ol Taamaaton). 4" day* trim Riu Janeiro. Btrk Oriel*, for Bih'.lmoe* Behr Mlaae, H*r< rdar, Sarannah, 4 day* ou\fcr Rio Janeiro kth met, lat .11 lIN, Inn 72 I" B. Behr W alter Hotie (ant :i >m (, Ui*l?y, from Powport for Uarana. 12th init, lat 57 lAn 72. A green beat nlth a red -rater Ire, wal pat**d Ath laat, lab 25 IB B. Ion '14 t.'i bad ba*l .# the water a long time, and wa* much worm eaten. Puiakfi Port* Amrii, Bent 4?fiarkr KLry ferin*. Taylor, for Woaton btbweei.; Wailaoo, Tuiair. Ir m Akyab, arr let. ex Meted tv peoeeod to Cadu aad load for BmW*. I?<t-ciT., Sect .'?Ship* I Mlonder, Uoodwla, for B< Hon, Ida. IUIyo\*. rerklaa, do. Be a Maiioan, Aug IT?Bid IHg Xawepkon, M-rrlthew, Bt Tbomaa. Cne-errai r, Anr 3U (r*eolT*f la P?*t?a In 1*X dayat? Ship* Chirem, Holm, fr >m Boetcn, aifPW. (M day* front off cape Ana,) bo anil on b*r rot rrn la tM 10 dirt Carolin# C Dew, Bianebatd. from Barana. urtV*ti, tie; Frank John ...a Brian. o?ktac frt. Brooaa g??la. tar B >iMa M> dayat Jrl:t Parlor Dorr fordo oooa; H > aah Thornloa, Dona, t<loot for tartaad; Ptor Baow fro* Tnaidad. ?rr loth. Bid ?' th, k*rh? YU'.or. Clark. I.lrorpot!, 1'th (aot prtriooily), Iitlii (|unv, Dram mood. Bostoa. l)ti Nbro'1, iri * ?arr brif kiirr, RUteiloil. NVork. Of amok, P pt it -Ship# Martha* "tnayard, Grafftm, tor NYork, to l*-.Tr Orrtaork 'lth. Jrnlvr T amor, tor do. to Ira*o (trwBMl "J'th. hark Mo* of ClyCdbtaia, ferduaaoa, for Philadolyhlalfth. OoTTioot ArtJt- Ship Mbutrrel, Cnrtl*. for Boktoa Slot (>ti oti tar AnaSA?Brit Oak, Smalt, for Malatt aad B ntoa.r-ady. wlrtdW |l>rt* J-oopbtnt, >''***. rr?* Tarraioaa and Almoria. >1! aba 19th lor NYork. Bark Oraao. Chaoo, from Oraa, Afiva. arr *f th* port Ink. tatondlad to nniah Ida for NYork, aao not allvaod tot a tor, Oraa btitf d>> mod aa iafoctoi rffatrtet. (lanoa. An* If??ft.ip Bof ladola, liri a for Molly ton; hark* Jasot Smith, Levatt, aae; lloooud. Mtyo, fr m M >bti*. arr Jkth. Bo I ira *. Sopt r- Arr bri?* Nautiln*. Pydaoy. f*t NYork; 12th. farorit*. Mao'.ora. Alotaadria. achr* Ctaara. Bolloac. Haltiaoro l.tth. J.Mpor. Btak*. Frodarti hahnrx; Iftb. I.aa ra. Bay. Kit hatnd. C1J 12th. arhr for**., f'orry, It York. S?ft.v? Bkrb Mid-aaa. t'nru. .or Noaport, B, to load for Nkork. l.ioHoat, a or 7T- Borkt Inaa Lla'tltk BartUtt, for Balti i -to ot.oa; Em ly Baanu.a. Ray, from Trl-oto, to load f-r l*hlla trlphla; amir A* *??**!*. I*>4 proaloaaly. ahlp Varora. Hayaa*. NToik, bark franklin, MrVlioll Phlladairhia. kiitat. An* Y7 Barha C L Boraa, T "nbro. from NYork o'a f.lkraltar, art .nth; Jaaaott. Atoa or. aad More h?ll. Moon*, for NYork. ur*at Naatiln* I.iaoo a. arodTark. Hardit a. for B< "toa, at?; Baa. Bal'oyfaot * an), aad Parodt. Woodtary uar, krt^a Martha Worthtrftoa Proomaa. far Boot-a I day* Oor m By*r. an d Frodoilak, Croakr. for do. air Samaol Froach Browa, : CorrvBaarto. from Hal aar arrJSth. itl.n 'loraolla. Uoodmaaaoa. from Baltimore l-oifo?.<i *1* Mad. tra). arr *'-th; rai , Otllot. for NYork *** aid 22d. I?a*i*a aark Sl-iynor, NYork; KM, bark Art art Mai ary, do; I yi Amhasaador (*?*t. Doaao, do. Kith. So-ilt(o. Iinraoao. lo; Br arhr flrapo, Jooa*. Boatoa (and aot mil): IHhairth. Pa hark NIW I alaaaa. for NOrlota* Th - dorartarea lor tl* l etatoo op to T7.-k aore *i?M, af ahich au w*r? la? aaaior iimwi, a* a - ?? tot r'timhi. fi an a * t 1.0. B?r< > ' Bark Ellen. M trhell. fur lbaat-1, Ida Itiilf" An* Ut-Na eediel koond ? llAlataa. Afr l*th, Rr hri* Maraala, La Aatar, Maraalt. tad aid XM A Jd let Pi> To?-, B#pt 4?CJd kark Ch'?t|w- <A ?, Plka, Philadelphia Hk hrira Alt* M..khta, dndWi, Joha MCltyt.a. I Tarfcar, 4a. ^ ??., Irpt k~BI4 bark CI?t C Ball. *ia?. NVork ?a? Boa ton. BoTTrai an. 8%p?t?Ship* Alkatar, Bar*-. aapaetad U load (or ftnatna ft NVork; Baatl Carolina. htewart, N Tork aaea. DatJi hri* KnaphaaM. (or t ahn. Id*. SM| Rdtrida, ParmaU s lot NVork, waa raady tat *?a at lUlrooi MRia iaarrpo, At* 18-flark tally. RoVart*. far VM*M phta 10 dajr, a*4 otnera. Bwai'iAt, Brthir-Arr kark r*U?a Krv Bartlath, NTork It (om*. NB, B?pt IA? Arrtehr Nokia, Murphy, NVork CI4 ltth, bid* 7 t Naatna, Boddle, AJetandria; aohr Job* B?naoa. Crowt, NTork. Utks hri* Vktior. Eeaaay. Alcana Taiarra, An ?Ahlpn Arlington, Ryan, lor Nn? Tork Charlra. Raark, for iJaatMolj barka Ellaahatta (Anal, fron ttilai >n*ton. BC; J nil a, w liana. lor l.a*hMaaad Ronton Coitaralli ktrkr*. fg* Paiarmo a*4 Boatoa, SJ4 Hat, barl Paltoette. Bell, /ante and Bot.n prat to SKh, Lepanto Cardntr, tayraa; J oka Caakir. Raynoa, Palermo. noma Porta* BOSTON. Rept 17-Arr ataaaahip Raropa (Br), lx>tt, Li eartonl. lib iant, aia ilalifat 16th. 10 rm. arr ai bar dnek a l> A", bark Oam. M?b"r?ea. Philadelphia; briaa C'laraaoa Arnattta*. OI*a**? Rapira, Crow'.!, Philadelphia, aokr N ?o|r ?a. U*4?r*r; Albion. I.oftia. Amhaaaador, ll-rrt'k Milvaakia. Bnarera. Bnalo-aa, Hoor.r, l.nthey Child. Ba t?r. aad Sin. Niakiaiaa. Philadelphia: Orion, ftnlae. Road oat. T?l graph'4 bri* A an ar,* at*, rrom Philadelphia Cli enip Wmbinai' a Alletna. MeRay, Calcutta bark I*. Pills kury, Kt krtitkr tad a tkt; krUtJ A Jtwrn C'\y. Curt oea; Madiaoa, Clark. Savannah; lokri Cbae Alletrum, Liveeder. Jmb*1; Jneepb Jama*, Mitohell, Wilmington, NC| Matilda, Eaton, Philadelphia. Henry Peyton, C-owell, do; Edna C, Fuller do; MaJoira, A mix, do; Silaa Wruut, Jonea, N York. Sldateemehip America (at 1:30 ra), aad fro? Nentaokat Reads. ship Herbert. BALTIMORE, Sept If ?Arr bark Baltimore, Cooper, Rio 1 Janeiro. Cld aohr Ann C Pratt. Grant, B'?toa. 17th?Arr acbn 8 ami Butlor, Bouie. Charlaaton; Baltimore. Blelght, NYork. Cld Br brig Syria. Francii. 8t John, MB; achra Rachel P Bmnn. Buroa, W lodtae Alloa, Phil1 lipa, Charlaaton; Oraoa Carotin*, Kelecy. Nllaraa. BRISTOL. RI, Bapt 16? Sid brig A (I Washburn, Eaater' brooka, Havana BANGOR, Bapt 15?Cld brig Calaatlna, Fiokott, 8t DoEASTPORT, Bapt ?-81d aohr Wood wall, Hathaway, Philadelphia; ISth, bark Lanatte, Keen, Trinidad (auppoaed Port Spain); brig JS Merrithaw, Grillin Philadelphia; eohra St Stephen, McCurdy, Baltimore; Red Beaoh, Wooator, New York; 15th, brig Charlotte, Bparke, Barbadoee. PALL RIVBl, Bent 15-Bid aohr Thomaa Earle, Philadelphia; Virginia, do; Borden, Baltimore. GLOUCR8TER, Sept 14?Arr tehru Rhone, Allen, Harrington for NVork; Belle, Philadelphia for Eaetport; Niagara, aad Ana Daman, Rockland far M York; 15th, Mary Langdoa, Philadelphia for Rookland. LEWES (Dai.), Bept 17. 1 PM-The ahipe Berlin (pkt), aad Era. from Liverpool; superior, from Londonderry; baraa Columbia, from Leghorn; Marian, from 0 lenfuegoe, and eeveral other equate rigged veseele, whose names were not ascertained. oaue la ana paeaod up laat night. Although a hundred eall hare paused In and out to-day, at thie time there it not a roseel to be eeen in harbor. The brig Zamure, of Searaport. from NOrleant for Philadelphia, with a oargo of corn, la aehore on Joe Floignr full of water. LL'BEC. BeptArr aohr Esther Elisa NYork. Sid 10th, eokrs President, Matilda, and Bey State, do, MOBILE, Bept 9?Cld aohr Gen Lincoln, Langhoff, Tarnpico. MEW ORLEANS. 8ept 7?Arr eohre Edward Barnard. Stone, Tamptco, Braios, Lambert. Ruatan Inland; Doloretus (I'en Am). Kelly, do; P M (Scarf, Nelson, Havana. Old teamnbip Loniaiana, Forbes, Galveston; brig Otavia, Lind* Strom, Vera Crux; echr Fairy. Williams. Havana. 8th?Cld ship Oswego, Cornell, N York; bark Yamnri, Ray, Marseilles. _ _ NORFOLK, Sept 14? Arr steamers Roanoke Parrish. New York; Martin Hoflinan, Towusend, Alexandria for NYork, cut in to flnieh ldg; brig John Dawson, Bennett, St Tnoinas for do, pat in to land passengers; schrs Maragaret Ann. Hivols. Albany; H A West, Barton, Providence; Motamcra, King, Ne..port; Wave, Sparrow, NYork, bound to NCarolina; Entire, Demerest, NYork far St Petersburg. In Hampton Roads, brig Royal bailor, Henlon. from Mayagucz; schrs Mott Bedell, and Ann D, from N Yorkfor Georgetown: Mail Bettsworth, Huntingor Creek for NYork. Uth?Arr aohrs Greenway, Dsborn, N Vork: B Smith. Bodine. do; Anna. Williams, Philaceiphia; Augustus Moore, Tillet. Boston; J Cropper, Baylis, Williamsbuig for N Fork. In Hampton Koade, ship couth America, W a'.ker, Haitimore for N Bedford; bark Bay State, Boston lor Baltimoro; erhrs Mary Wesley, and Brave, from Nanaemond for NY..rk: Ringgold. Mott for N Fork; Seguln, Swain, and Maria, W'yckofl. for NYork; Gazelle, Singfuir, for Qudli. NEW HAVEN, Sept 17 -Arr sloop M I, Compton, Philadelphia. Sldsobre Olivia At Virginia, Philadelphia; I'caasylvrnia. do: Kel>?oea h Abigail, N York. NEW LONDON, Boat IS?arr prop Shatuoket, Smith. Norwich for NYork; enbrMsry A Lovell, Lcvell. do Tor Albany. NANTUCKET. Sept 15?Arr oehr Sarah Jane, Fltxgerald, NYork Sid echr Susan Kussell, do. NEWPORT, Sept Hi?Arr sloop Jos G Griggs, Gavit, New York for frighten; 17th sobr And, Nje, Rondout lor Pawtuckct; sloops Klio, York, Roudout; Ann B Holmes, Davis, PRiver for Albany. NEW' BEDFORD, Sept 16?Cld bark John Deuham (new, 75 tone), Gray, NYork. 17th?orr schrs Thee B Smith, and Henry Clay, Albany; I Henry Gibbs, NYork; sloop Kcpoolio, Albany. N F.wBURYI'ORT, Sjpt 16?Arr sohr Clarissa, Gritlia, Phiisdeiphia . PHILADELPHIA. Sept )7-Arr bsrks V It Ilaseltine. I Cottrcll, Cronstadt; ft James. little. Rio Janeiro; Laoonla, j Howes, Bo?t< n: brigs Mary 11, Crowed; Pearl, Harding; An| dover, Wells, and Daniel Wold. Foster, Boston; seats Kensington, Foster, do; Marv Mershon. Spragne, Albany; Hogi drill Ilu-'son. Munson NHxvcn; Eotorpri*?, Bc.yley. P wI tu'ket Win Thomas, Tucker, and HardseraHble, Simmins, NBedfnrd; Rackett, High ton; Southerner. 8'ud ; lev. Salem; II 1, a A Stuart, Lolior; llartha Jane, Darling: Fudora, Leiand; Cortulo, Rowland, and Mary Elm. Smith, ; NYork; eteamer Shark. Stewart, do Cld ships John Bunsan, Nichols, Turks Islands; Jas Brown, Child. NOrle ne; | brrli Mr.?y F Stride, Howes. Boston; steamships Otpray, j Power, Charleston; Pennsylvania, Baymor-, Richmond; W illiam, Collins, do: Express, Adams, and Thos P ego, | (,aakUl. NY<-rk; Eutrrprise. Boiler, Ciiartnxt.'n. Cornell,ij, I Grant, Manbattanville; Sarah Ann, Jones. Sing Ring John ilogcr.s, Voeroe, Providence; Yeoman, Canuon. and Emily | Hainan, Wolfe, St. ry Point: sloop W D Waolee, Allen, do. I'KuVlDENCE, Sept, 16?Arr n-hrs A J Horton, Corson, ; Red Frcdk Tyler, Robbies, Philadelphia; Sam! Hall, Cl.-ndnDiel Frederics. Del; H-nry B Gibson, Baker, Albany; I slot P Capitc I. Smith, do Sid schrs Moateiuma, Smith; Jas li Deputy, Winsmorc; Cornelia. Weaver, ar. I Wrn Henry, | Wii emote, Philadelphia; sloop John M i arktr, Mason, Albany. Arr at N'ayatt Point 16th, sohr Isaac Hinckley. Darvry, I James River. POK'JLaND, Sept 16?Below brig AleBla, Willard, from Philadelphia. RICHMOND, Sept IS?Arr sofcre Uebecoa Sloar, Pearvs, | Troy; W to A Dnhotq. Carlisle. NYork: J (MliUutu. Plum, j do; New York, NuDoa, do. Ala ecjr Merchant, Couch, do; steamer Roanoke, Parrtsli, do. I SALEM. Sept 16?Cld sebrs Grace Darling, Smith. Africa; ' Msrti.a Maria, Swilt, N Vo-k. SULLIVAN, Scrt b-Sld schrs Falcon Dunbar. Baltimore. BTOMNGTON, Sept 14?Arr ochre Argus, Utldwiu, Frel erickobnr* for Boston; Favorite, N York tor Chatham; Ann, Rondout tor Pawtucket. WILMINGTON, NC, Sept 13?Arr brig Clement, M.vo. Boston; schrs J O Kb r. W alnwrUht.dn; Uth, Mary Powell, Powell NYork. Cld loth, sehr E L U IVal-t. Settle. Phila I delnhia. WICK FORD, Sept 11?Sid aohr Planter, Ko/noila, Nl'urk to load forTexaa. Pa?Mr.)(4rt AniT*4> Rich?o!?Ii?Steamer City o( Richmond?J A Snydor. II Barnwell. Mra I Dwu-br, Vr-J lira S Martin, A Ricuarda and aon. Mra Woody. Cart Kmblcton, J IS Clarka Mite of the Br trig Crant); Mr and Mra Waller and child, Mr Tritkcy. Mr Maaon. R Farrall. Mr HcClonrf, Mra Ilitgini, II Enrwell, Mr* Kettlewcll, J Brandoe, J i'Ofter, '.V jn.i. Drm.ix?Ship Malabar?Rot Mr Camory. Mica Camnry, RrT Mr Coaarove, Rev Mr I.amb. Miaa Douglaec, Mia* Caiman. Miaa Wilkineon, Mra M-iHhane, Mr McShane Mr Millaw. Mr Smith and lady. Mr Andtraua, Mr Wilkina, Mr L*foy, Mr Dawlev, Mr Bond. Dr Pierce. liAvRt ? Packet chip Baltimore?Rer L Jonet, F llaiarl, J Bathca, Rev John Ptradia, Miaa ilueren. Mm* Mr" ?Bark Cornelia -Rot W in A Benton. A B C F M, lady and child J B Paulding, J R Sherman. Paaoengtri Snlltd. nai.irax am. LivrnrooL ? Soeamabip America, from Una ten? T 8 llomana, W II Boar Jomn. A C Wheelwright. Boaton; Mra C A Aiken, Andovar; Mr Paton and wif". Mr William*, Mr Fnrroat, C Allen. Mr Parker, NYork; W Powell, Philadelphia; Capt Cox BA; P Uandyaldc and ?ife. Canada; T Raine. Montreal; Mr Cural-crland. Toronto; P Mautx, Dr Milroy. Miaa W illiama and aieltr. II N II uxxina, F Tempter. R Know Ira. J Wade, Mr Underwood and wife, A BlaaI. y, 8 Miller. U Thomaa, Cog land; F Wciaa, t Weiae, Yienaa. J Btnr'i, Pruaeia?U. For Halifax-Chlei Jnatioe Brad*, wife and child. Mra and MiaaGardcer, Misa Twiotn* Miaa Taylor and alater, J Cochran. Rev K Arnold. John Bagnall, 0 Magrwth and wilt, Halifax?Id. Total til. SIIIPPITH. UTIAMIR FRANK LI X, FOR HAVRE?RKPRRSS O Freight for France. xnd every ptrt of the continent, received lor the Franklin, op to 12 o'clock, Fridny next, by HCUN 8TBAMPHIP COMPANY ijY SKW ZNOLAND, U The Bret ehipofthie hue, the 8. S. I.ZlFi \ will Utvi Beaten for Liverpool, on Thursday. the iad of Oetohar, ti n apleadid eteamehip io l.ofltl tone burthen. la built in tin moat enbetaatial manner, both a* reverie bull and meo'iiaery, taa heavy diagonal traeea threeghout, similar to tha fan famines of tl>a Colli aa' Una. and in every rtjpect rally a<iuaj in point of atranatA and aaa ,. ,* > to any Meaner a'l it tier accommodations for psMaagere are unaurpnaeod for eonfort, eleganca. and ventilation. Uerrvramaofer. '.'apt. Cola, in well known aa former manor of tbe^aektt eh*p < rrph-ua, beta eta Now York and l.iverpool. and .ate of the atoMueWi Tennessee. Aa eaperianead etirgeom if rata hod to the at ip, Kateaof eabin presage from Beaton to Litbrpool. $?l tooonf oatla, not found, $3U. From Liverpool ta Boatou, the rati of Prat eabla peerage will bo AW sterling. Freight for tini goods. Mia. per ton af forty en bio feet Fo7 freight or pan anno, apply ta IIARNDZN It CO., WI Rroadway, New York. IIARMH.N k CO., !? Mafaatrant. Boatou. UaFNDKN b CO.. 6 Cook atraet. Liverpool. FVOK BOrTMAMPTON AND IIAVRZ.-Tm L'NITBl Bta'we Nail Bteamahip F KANKL1N, Jamia A. VF',lton Commander. will leave for Havre, toothing at Boatl.anr'oi to land tftt malla and presenters, on tiatnrday. Septembei i, at 12 o'eleck, from pier No. t. North Kivor. Prion ol passage. $> ??. Sparta ta awma ameantmgto ton thousand poanda wifl ba Oelbrored In London at A IStha of one pel r??t. Ship rare of epeeie will aond tlioir apeoie on board oi tho 12th. I.ravage n"t wanted on tbo voyage ahoald ba aanl a board tha day befera sating, marked "below" Foi freight or pierage apply to NbBTlkl* IJFINOBTON. Agoab. M nroafwar. f| BOt SAVANNA It?TUB U. S. MAIL STKANSHIP I A LA HAM t. Cart. Inflow, on 9we?r lav. September > . at 4 vhlock. P.M. frran Pier No. 4, Nuith Ki??r. Foi freight or passer*. apply ta SAML L. MIT' IIII.L. 121 Front afreet, Tha FIAHIi DA. Capt. Lyon, ow Saturday. Sept. if. iU|^ B. MAIL S7ZANAIWF COMPANY, FOB NBIF OB a laaaa direct, via Htvnna. Freight and fare refused.? I Ok Friday, P-pte-aher JAW, na trirwe e *k>ak. -The arlaadid taamah u tlflKtiSEE, 1.3U2 tana fnrthen. II. Wtndla. Con.mar tor. writ anil on Friday. September ?f h, at pre eiflj thrwe o'clock, from Per in at no loot *1 warren iltif . wl Vt the fo^ommfnifaail. dlreet .'or Havana and Nov Orloaa*. Freight to N Orlcoo* ?? reduced ratoo. hpecie n'Jy token oa fr-?i?ht to Havana. No bill* c( \?diox will bo aian id alter *o eteamer hat tailed. N. 3 .J hip pare vi reqi oae?d to etipply ah.meel?ee with lit Lob pi a*'?Mlta of lading. rhlrh may be had oa applloatiea >t tha i met. No otfcar font will ho t oned for freight or poaaage ->t ?Jr at the office of the Company, 177 Weet street, corner of warren. 1. O. ROBEBTS. PI^HAf trie BAJI BTBAMAUI? i.i'BPtMT -OM.T Through lane ft? CalJferma olA Oregon. rta llmei ud Lhnrti Fore letaiaf ?Oa Ftfdar. S-ptetnber Bl. of .Y M ?The KdendideteamihlpCIIBROK.BE. I.tai tout tor Nira. Hoary WlitJa aoatmaaaor. will aaU oa Fr.dty. Soft Jg, at pwhelile'clifJ P N . fTom nor ptor at foot of Warok etroet. N. R.. * Mi the floeernmeat Mafia, f >r Ckagrca. a I?a?e# I cae-ti. re traaef-rrr i at Ha ena. t. tiie aplendid At aMe-cne tan ateamehip FAI.f 'ON. I'aaaoaaert Paring ia the l'b?rnk?o trill craaeet with tha FattedVat-a Neil a to em :thiv PANAMA, to tail from Panama for Saa Fran noo im no liatolr oa the arctral of tha i aei.-nroee and mailt. Nt delay on the lathmoa Tor t>aaeage. apply at the office, M or I rA Si neft atreet. or at 177 Weak airoot, coraar of War rea atraot. I PIHAC I F 1 r MAII. TF.AMkfllP JOHPANT > I V Through Mae for Ann Fraaeteco. via Chagree diroolTare Redaeed ?On Sottirday, September 77. at 1 P. N. ? Thi epiendid do able-engine itramehlp 1LLINot*, the href ar roared and fneteet eteamer la the World. I IM) teae. Iliarp J. ilartatoln. I'. S. N . oommaader. vlll tail oa Saturday Sepiembu 77. at J o'clock P. B. prtoleelr, from her pier a< font of Werrea itroot. N. K . with the Oneerament Hollo direct tor Checrea, coanertmg with the faeoefto Ihlvti Seat..* Mail eteamefilp PANAMA, to aail. without any delay for Pan Fraatieoo. oa tho arrleal of ti.o paaeeugaro an I mail at Panama. Tor paaea/e or freight, apple t the officii, A end V> South etreot, or nt 177 Weot etreet. corner W'dTeu et A aeatlemoa long connected with the . ompany at Panama will gn r.rwarl by thie cOeomer, fording an eppottnaittr fo fana'.ee peocee liar to California, to nenll thomoe'.ree of hi iaiirmttlon tad otpcrioaot in cteaoiag tho lethi .at, /APPOSITION TO TIB OI.D BONOPOf.T.? 1NDEPFJI VF dent lane for Chagrao. dlreet; and ahrengP. Tiokoto H> , f olili rule at a farther rodnottoa In prioea. /be new aa< aaleaiilit It.inihe RkoTIIAH JONATHAN. I till ken , raaUtar. h luUtt atoomar la tho ??rU. fHI.Mll on Pnkn* . (T, ?(JP I. ff"Oi riot I | H. Pfincili CPurfl knao Vaon rotnood In Atot flui to |??s in annont M", ui in akooropn, t* Poroonn n"iu? thalr tlokot aroatono to ><ih ln*>nnt. ?ill hat >llov?4 1 par ??nl lUnonnat N" fi?i*ht tnian n (tc( Mi>?i 1 I 'ff 'H 't pnaaf* %trlT"nWW . It ILIA. Atank II ronrtlnadt atroot ! ?1I1F ANTARCTIC OFF PAN DV HOOK, hRFT. V., W11 a? Wo tka nnlfro.?n?4 onktn nod a'-uornfo pwcmori ni hoard tb a poo hat ahip Anion tlo from Mr. rprml to Non fork i '* to onpraan onr aonao of trotit'ido and .MinaMnn t-> Cnpt Rloko'a, in notnaand of tha ahip liaawtao k* Dc Radford i , tho t-?vo inn, an-l Rr / n ?? and to H-kar, tko ?r?t no ; ptooaA r fllrarf, for tkair eonttnnad attantioa to %h? oomfol 1 ant healtk of tho pa ?aonr?ra. thna fan.l?tta* tho poaanaa on ' of plonatra (fit arttifloailon. Ant f?n fnrtnnt ha* t > n>< I thla fnklie nokniwlotamont for tko hmoAt of fntnro | nanaara fram l.irarpool to Ntw Fork. Boa Iff. wilakli * J hohnU of f fl atroraco pnaaanr m. Jonn Onkorn. Wl] III* Rldlol, h, ir I >.' I > -.0 n ro"tn??fa. V^HACtlT VI"' * FOK * I.R, RIAM.P RKI't#l. Wiri I nil tko rofnlnr an* r.ftra ll*kl anlla: hnrt?aa tan torn ] and in oomnlato nrton ?ak kntlt ntnnnnh nn i tonnd in tfar 1 1 roftort. Inqnim of Iff Roland. klaok^niitk, nt RmltV ? , Pkip Vard, lloknkta It Lh?f Bwr V*i Cwo.p .c!i ? I At* *nk. HIPPING. Fob litekfool?united states mail steam Up PAC1 PIC, Capt. Etrft A ye.?Thie ateaaaer Will daKft. with the Uaitod St?t?a Hail, (or Europa, poetltToly oa turday, 27th of September. at 12 o'clock, St., from bar berth at the foot ot Canal .treat No berth Moored till paid (or. For (Night or pom age. ha.lag une-iuaUei aceomedstioae (or eleganoe or eoaafort, apply to BDWABD E. COLLINS, fid Wall *treet. Th# ateamer Baltic trill auoooad the Pacific, and tail Ootober llth. MHDICAL. I WISH PEOPLE WOULD JUST COME AND 1ALK to uic about Watt*' Nerroua Antidote. I would tell them, and (how them. too.(lie miraolre it haa performed. I wirh I on a rich man, there thould be no more conaumption or debility. JOHN 11QLMAN, % Pearl ?tNet, Brooklyn. CONSUMPTION.-! WISH PEOPLE IN CON8VMPtion to know what I would have given thoueande of dollar, to know, before trying it. Watt e N.rroue Antidote -that', all. SAMUEL NEWHOU3E. 004 Fourth at. ((TCV1HY ONE CAN D# SOMETHING FOB TBI .Ei put lie good, if it ia only to kick a piooe of oiange pool off the aide walk." 1 will >tud u a sign pott, and point to W atta' Nervoue Antidote; that haa literally raiaed me from the dead. I em confident no caae of conaumption waa ere* worn-. MARTIN tVKNTMORTH, 161 Sixteenth a treat. NO I1UM BUG.?DEFRA'S SECRET8 0F MATRIMONY1. ? Conveying the important knowledge which every family ahould poaeeaa, and thoae contemplating marriage, and it will rave the health of thouaanda of our countrywomen, and in many inatanoea their Uvea, with Ite aecraW, aa it oontaiaa the neceaeary recelpta, without further ogpenae. It in a guarantee againat large or email Tamilian, and ofcourae, acalnat poverty. Sold undereeal. PrioeH A4dreaa, poet paid, M Defra. New York Cily, and you will re oeive it by return of mail, free of pottage. All ordeiaatriotly confidential. N.B.?Thia ia intended only for the married. DR DELANEY'S PRIVATE MEDICAL OFFICE, NO. 81 Liapenard atreet, near Broadway. Dr. DeL. lathe I author of aevtral medical worta, and inventor of these tugenioua instrument* that cure the deplorable coneequenoea ad early iui|rq? r liabita infallibly, without any medioina. Sent to nuyinrtofthe Union, Conaultations atrictly n?wfidentinl. DR. DB LA\EY, AUTHOR OF THE " PRIVATE mbhe cal Guide," so., 61 Liapenard atreet, near Broadway. 1 The great tacilitaea and advantage* the anther una enjeywt during fifteen yeart' reaidenoe in the principal citiea of Europe and Amerioa, enable him to warrant, ia thia portioning branch of the pretention, aueh Oertnln, quick, and radical curca, aa can be obtained from no other aouroe in Amorloa. It ia ohietty, however, in difficult, complicated, and unwtaal) treated caree, that tia acrvieea will fully be appreoiated. I>t Do L. la alao tha inventor of thooo ingeniona instrument* that cure the deplorable ooDaoquauooa of early improve) habits, infallibly, without medicine being, in fact, the only certain cure existing for tl.oae complaint*. Scut to any pnr of the Union. Ilia oelelrated French local rcmediee aeeurt to tboee who apply in the firet etagee of certain diacaaea. aa Immediate cure, waich ia olten eficoted In a very few hoar*. DB. LA CROIX'S PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE.? book ever published?33U pp. and 130 fina platca on the i-hyeloloxy ot Marriage, and the secret infirmitiea n ;d disorder* of youth and maturity, resulting from ao'itary habiti which deetrny tne phyaicn' and mental pewera enfoeb e the narural feelings, and sxhauat the energU* Of manhoou, wi'h practical obnorvations on tha prevention an* treatment of u- rvcue debility, looal aud oonatitatienni weakness, s?l a I diacaaea arising from indiscretion. witfc plain and aimplo rulea. by which ail |-ia,na can euro theautel. ? w?,:-..u. m- _rg. with too a:* : ./ a observation* ou marriage, ita dotica aud dltquaiificationa, and thoir rem*. Alee?with colored lithogrnp.ia, il ua ra-lng the anatomy, phyaieleyy. ana dlaca' ea of tha reproductive orgaua of hot* oxea, thnr structures. uaue and fuselioua. It contain# many | Important bin:a to tboaa coiiiesplating maitiuiouy. wh-ol will overcome i.LJcctioua again at marriage?none, however ahould take thia Impor ant c op without brat ooniul-inq iU pager. It treat* of all 'Ucneee ot fen aloe, whether married or single rtrangera who rc-iuire medical aid. hsforo oea-ulV ing any dcetcr, ought to snow whet er his case is properly unde ?t--od acd JadMaialf treated by hie phyci'an, and I thus guard againat tf .! ln-.poa.tiou of quackery, to prevalent iu pojiulom citioe. Doctor La Croix ti * loftily quallffet pi petitioner, sad hat lor twenty yens devoted hit atudiea tc fie euljecta of ?'iloh his took trout*. Any perion tondiiu 2o cent? in ft letter, port p?ld, will receive oat oopy by HftZ or live eopica l? r one Ad lrcii T>r. M B. La Croix. 9 Beaver i treet. A Ihnny, N V. Hold by Burgcta U Uaxrott and fctriurer A Towneend, Broadway, New Tork. DR. BAi.PH. AI'THOR OF T'iS " iTIACTIOA I. rRT Tito Yrea'.iae," Ac. Office hou.-i,!) to ii o'olook. A. H. aad 6 to V o'cli P. M., (?unifty tAt.ptcd.) No. t?l Grctn, wloh atreot. From the uueciataou nodical advantage.! tkt author btt cn<qyad, tnooptt wMoh he would it.el unco hftT , lag rcsi.'.ed lewrtl ycart in Fr.rie for blie cxprrta purpcto ?< ttndyitig theao Uin toot, followed by ft long and Tory eitaa | rive praatioo, d; voted exclusively to thl* (speciality, nt ? > without hes.tAtiop, promise, even in meat eevcrv M>? complicated caeei?at atriciuree, eeooaaary dietaao, ko. 1 etc.-more ooriein, tate, and radical tun than can bo el j tai??d from any oftoer toorce in America. Thoec who apply In tho cfrl'er ateees of private diaeaocj, will be grr tided by I the etas and rapidity of tho euro, which it often ejected li1 a very few dftyn. separate waiting rooms nreproviied Ty< treatment by letter. addruae boa SKI. hull Oiuoo. DR. WMMUOt, NO. 1 JIO'JT STREET, 13 C0H3W/TM! on di lo.'.rtoa. .vhioli ha curoa without mercury; retonf i casta cured in five d\ya. Dr. IF.'a Bpectte, the molt at j tbhtv-live yaara ciperiet.ce, nevor falls of a onra. Pile* one dollar, {f. B.? Bawart of a poia<uoua oowr terfeit. oa ! rile by a tun in Rooe-velt afreet. f. foe till enrod. It* MoftTAMORE WOULD INFORM THE IIUNDRirM ' mJ who ap}ly to him lor the cure of died to. that he hoUM ! out no dilutive hopee that he will enra them " in tw? at i three days." lie la called upon daily to witnoea tha ltd effectj afro wicked e deception, wortny paudainonium itself. 1 He would. hiuever, aseure thcae who may ootna under bit 1 | exre, that they may rely upon a ohcap. ploaaant, and apeody I cure. In fr< ui b A. M. to S P. M . Suna?va axoeptad. A4Tioa gratia. L. MORTaMC-RE, U u.. lio ?i lllram atroet. DS. ClCCriei, 14 PUANB STREET, HAS, TOM Via'.' laat nineteen year*, devoted hit pracDoe to tha tnu , ment of morcurialand othor dlaeaaca. lie can euro tha km. aggravated cmcaeoJ. and raiid oaaoe rimoved in ft few date N. B.?Strtngm, do not be deceived by a mountebank wV Sreonatet my name. I have not left Do ana atroet. 8m n; plomain ray offfen, with tha ftrat name* la medlolat tM orrery tkia oouotry haa aver produced A perfect ccrf. pf j aooharft. Dlt. JOHNSON. NO. 17 DfJANE 8TKBBT, SO WRLI known in the treatment of delioata dieeaawn. Tha Da* ' tor'a reputation for akill ia theaa half anred caaea that have exieted for yeart, U pro tminrui. ConaUtutloaftl weekniM brought on by a eeeret habit, effectually oured. latM oaaea cured in ^?r daya. A perfect oure sr no ohaaaa, Medical-no charge till ccrbd.?dr. mobrleop, from a prwetiee of thirty-two yeara, a urea naitatr diaoatea without mercury, and recant caaea la three daya, Debility, fro* the Imprudenoe of yontb. he Uvftriftkly oaaea The victims of queokery Bay eau on hia with advaataao L|. I ..... Jl_l_. la 1.1. kMu ?UU *.lCa I lirMi , Evert mothers boor.?thr tears or povbhty. til the rrtipMU ?t too larxe i family of ehUtoem , prevent many prndeut people from marrying; hat hece to bosk tint will ull yoa May important Monte which art* I dtiwobi all ?mh ebjeotiona. fries, $1. for oala by Di Rsmeraldo, at the f'ertugoeee Area ay, No. 13 Ana Mwt Lotion directed to bos l.dbi New Tori Pool Ofloo. w(U to aaa vc red. 1'HB MARKIRD WOMkN S PRI7ATE MKDICALOOHpartion?By I?r A.M Msoricrsn. 1'mfeetor of Btsaasaa of Women?Twcattoth Id.tion. 1- ao., pp. 2SVj? Price fL I Years of setTering, of phtiical mad njontaf angni'h to y aa affectionate aife. aaa poranliry difficult-es to tho hashaad. might hire teen spar d \r a timtly poioeooloa of thto I ! work. It l? int ndrd especially for the married, or thoas It iMsokooo important meats. ' which should bo knonn to them particularly. , I To those a-hoio health dooo not permit of aa iaeroaaa tf family, Itii of mpecial importance, i Hero, aloe, every feir.aio? tho atfo, tho mother? the see sithoT hnddinc into womaaDiod. or the one ia tho dooUaa of i , yean, in * hoa nature contemplates an important ohange, i can dioeoeor the eanrea, symptoms, and the moot efBoloat i row er ios, aad moot certain mode of oun, ia every oomptotah to which her seils snbject. (Eitraot of a letter from a seatlemen in Dayton, Ohio.) Barron, Hay L ISdT. Da. A. H. Mavmictatv? Mt Dnaa Sin My wile hae htea perceptibly link tag far nmr three yeere or mm. In eoaaoouenoe of her gnat aaI gnlsh and suffering some month! boron and daring her sowfl,r?meat; every encceietve one more and m->re detllltaoad and prostrated her, putting her lift in ismlasnt danger, aad vLien was on tho last oooasioa despaired of. 1 s-ippoeed that this state of thiugs aas inevitable, and reeixnod myself to moot tho worst At this time, (now abont two months,) I hoard yonr book highly spoken of. ao eoatatniag some mat- ? ten nachlns my case Oa its receipt and poraeal. I oaaaot express to yon tho nliof it affertlsd my aiotrossod mind, am* i tho joy its penes imparted to my wife, oa learning that tho groat discovery of M. M. Doeomeaai provided a remedy It ormed s nrosoeirt to me. which I little eoneeired was oossi tie. But for thi?. r?# another year hare tuiW oeet my head. in nH human probability my wife would klfl haSB in hrr irtTt, and my children left nmitlM. II la, af roan*. impracticable to eoarny mora fally lha aw ri'iua ml<iorto treated of. II they ara of a nature atrtetdy Intended far the marrtrd. or thoaa eontemplatiac marriaflaFor aala at 231 tlroadaar. and at tha Publiehln* ofEea. LB liberty atrrat, New Ynrk ; Little B Co.. Albany; JaaapB Tneker. Mobile, Alabama; T. B. Fetoreoa. Mi Cbaataat (L. Pktladrlpkla. On lha receipt ?f >1, a copy wl'l he traaamifted by maO. fTaa of poetaye. ta aay part of the Uattad Statee. All lattara mart ba addraaaed. poet paid, to Dr. A M. Maurleeaa. Boa j l,Ot. K'? York alty. OBcr. I? Liberty a treat. MEDICAL BOOKS.?A COMPLETE PRACTICAL work an tha aatare and traatmrat of dalioata diaaaaa* and all the kiadrad aVeetieae-illuatrated by a great aaaa. bar of heaattlelly aolorad plater. aa larr> aa life?by lioaaaa I Foatwlik. M. D , lactnrat oa i ar**ry and dlaaaaaa of tbi aboaa aamad nature. It ia a large qiiarte. Sfl pp , aaeood 1 adltioa, priaa $10. Eatraat from tha Baataa Madiaal Bad Saificnl Journal U may ba aald. faarlaaaly, ta bo enaol 1 ta Rloord'a or Aatoa'a werke on the aama family of diaeaaa* aad far inferior to any thin* of tha kind arar nahliabad la | tkla ooaatry." Adtborof -The Family Phyrlrmn," priaa X rrafa. Author of a work oa "Self Abaaa and ila Deplorable Effort* Be , Bo." aiath adltioa. fourteen pi a tea, priaa El. For aala at the rnbllahere. STRINGER B TOWNSBKD 2X3 Broadway, andby tha aatbor. #"t Broadway. P^MARIS AMD LONDON TREATMENT OF IRIVATR Diaaaaea. In a few honre, by a rapatabla application. I arfthoot pain. In debility, hroacht on by improper habtta aad roaatifatinaal aTeetlnaa, ha comUaaa tn??li-tnaa wttfe I tha I or a) rem-dy. aad raa ahow any one there ar - thanaaada > 1 who raaaoffbe onrad without It, aa ba hae eaaaa daily of yaara* ! deration, from tha other phyrieiaaa. la all. ha yaaraatooe a permanent cure. Ua make*daily carat ?f atrirtare witaoat ' eaaaaic, which othara nee. eeosed ? y their art eitx llina tha former diaetee aooa eneach. ilia diploma with thate aad tha l bun trade of other cerUfleatna. ahawi that nothing raa total It. Yea cured me la oaa day -D. M. Corf pa. Our local apr plloatien carod mc la a ftw nonrt, attar another doctor triad . a Ian* time.?<L Darond. I paid oror ?' ? ia flaa ream, la I ba erred rl wrahnom from talf abuaa, without bnefit, bat , yon cured ma hy loaal aad corral In a ahart I ? Jai. Eraaa Yoa oared ma af tha went arpbilitie , 1 affection on my hody tad face, in a chert time, after I had I boon nadrr three phyal .-leal for a rear, betldia neia* aaaf-p I onerb madl< in# I could hear A.? ? a. Fercnr a, I'rrth Am. bay, N. J. Those patient* nt a die tan re ?aa, hy onrloaia* , . f a. he treated hy mail. OIBce hoara-d nornluatlll X, aad 7 r to P ia the oreniji*. M. LARMONT, M. I) , il Reade street. * two doora from Hroadway--ant in tf? rfort it -ad Id t REWARD .EI ANTi!) ITB. A STV W?*Ya/\r ridr mixture for the euro of rriente dieordrru. It make* a *?*?djr -nra, ?ith<ot kh? laiat reatriotlna of <Da\ drink, expoaar*, or chajMt la applieatiaa to buaineaa. Tho proprietor '.hallen*'* a ?ln?|e tar* *Ueh tha mixtara arUI not cara, tadtr kh* f *fatknra of are hundred dollarn. Ik la pal ap la knillna. a Ah foil dlreeMaaa ak >1. Oaa Wtkka Isata a woak mane ara eared la km dart For aala hi 0. 1. *in*. IM Draapwajr, a ad MJH Itarard atraet. Nt* Torki Jf * AIM In, 10k Hauorar atrrat, fl.t.n: tTrtakk At Oa, New Oalenna. UNFORTVNA11 ."FRIEND. ORB AT BCCC RAH ?.'* bottle* weld. Tk? rnoak popa'ar aponlAe for dlatnta* la kha world. t nr?a in two daya. Ik onrea hnadrada monthly, f 1. with a Wok. Depok? Dr. IFaeda, W Canal akraok, eornan ad Broadvv< Advleo?<Haa no faaa. Dr. W. roaalroa aaaa. and no Aaaji?t onraadlaaaaaa Wkkar. * No ri:* tiii, cfred -dkh. cooper * nuRrnt, ' 'H Rooreralk atrark from tholr Ion* prantto* and pro eael-nal knnwled**, nap he rolled on for th? anra nf knadt half < nr'd oaao* ao freqnaatljr kha re nlk nf malpraetiaa. Tha " do?-tor'a l.i itrton Diploma ma* f.e aaen la kh* lift. I* 8- tnlranra No. 2. tha door afford* tha (raoleei prleaar M tlialr nfllr e. " TppArFI.I PR8 WM.I. FIND AN INVAMJARUI SI. Jl enrltf in Dr. Ralph'* Practical PrOata Treattan la 1 elpea plaint} *lren Alio, Initankanaau* or praaankiaa " treatm'nt I* arailabla la ???rj plac*. Taakh edit ion, $*.: pp. I'rite Krenfa. Hold at AH uraenwtc'. *k***i. and V AtltfV Br mall alJftat. postpaid, baa HOI ^

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