Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1851 Page 1
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L TH WHOLE NO. 6905. ADDITIONAL CALIFORNIA NEWS nnXAN DIFFICULTIES. ANOTHER EXPEDITION TO THE NORTH Another Fire in Sacramento City? Mining Intelligence, die., die., die. We lay before our readers this morning, the details ol the California news. received by the steamship Illinois. It will bo found of general interest We are indebted to Adams & Oo.'s express for the > early delivery of oxr California, Oregon, Panama, and i?i'Uth AmeiL'i n flies of papers. Nummary of Kvents. | Prom the Alta California, Aug. 15.] Ko steamer, for many months, has borue to the Atlantic Stater: a budget of more peaceful and quiet news < hen that which gone out to day. There is but one instance of outrage and speedy punbbment to record?the murderous assault and robbery perpe'.rat'd upon Alexander 1/eslie by a man named Jim Graham, In K'. Dorado county, oil the Stb. and the rummary trial and execution oi the latter on the following day. The excitement which pervade d the public uund to such a fearful extent has entirely subtided ; cituic has become much less frequent, and a sent e of security is, to a great extent, reBtored. The Vigilance Committee beve taken a position auxiliary to the courts, delivered over all the prisoners in their possession, and now only assume the functions of an active p< lice. It is hoped that similar cauies will not occur to produce a similar Mate of ail airs The mining new* continual to t>? of an encouraging tenor, as the streams, alreauy at a very 1 >w stage, are still falling, and the numerou- companies engaged in Jamming ami cawd operations are generally at work in the beds of the rivers ?ud along the canals The quvr.i veius are still commanding the a'leutlon aud capital of miners, and the numbers preparing to engage in that of mining. Much doubt and and anxiety is still felt as to the bind of machinery and process ol amalgamation best adapted to the business. Several machines have been rut in operati n near Nevada and in the < inherii tube?, j et but very little except vagus rep art.?. is known of the result*. There is a more general (lispii-iticu to prospect and gel pi.-scat ion of oliiun that will psy, and then await the experience of thosa airealy engaged. rrom inr>r atlon derived from persons from various part* of the mines, we are Induced to baliave that taers will be a muchlarger number of miners returning to the Atlantic Elates, on the close of the p-esent season, than there were last fall Tfcey are miking the m ist of thvi favorable season and many who rune with tin great tli? of last year. will return with the ebb of the pre ieut Vet tau number of permaueut settlers is rapidly increasing, s.nd insry who can e tocjou-u temporarily will r-iutia to lire, ami tho-" who bo away will hardly be tnis-ei. Ihe project of dividing the dtate t* still discus?-* d la the pre?" of the Southern Di-trict, and an effort will, no doubt, be niado by the delegation that sertion to effect that o' j-ct through the next legislature; yet the rrepc-cderau- of repreern'ation in the Northern District h so overwhelming, tbat there is utile prospect of eurh a thing, until the latter b comes Ma adverse to the connection. The enterprise of erecting n magnetic telegraph, to connect thi? place with the principal points ia ;hi interior it is thought will be accomplished Indian hostilities hare caved in every quarter, stop t occasional depredations tosa.ds th' h?id of til) hacrnmonto. Gold lias been di?corered on the coast in tail* places about Hanta Cruz, but too spar.-e to pay. Permanent improvement? are rapidly advancing in this city. bub'to thiol brick house? are going tvp iu all part# of tlie < ity. ?ud the city itaolf ii gradually eh reaching 011 tiie bay. Very little U known here, as yet of tiie affect w'.iich the tiie# iu thi? c ity htrs had in the Atlantic eiti 'S upon shipment* to this port; but larg* shipiiuot? are not antii iputcd. and would not meet expect ttiou? if made. Another Fire In Man Pranclvco. [From the Sun Francisco Union, Aug IS | On Sunday morning, at 1 o clock, tire was discovered ixuing from the office of Goodyear A Taylor, stock suetiotiers. in K street, near Sixth. At th*' hour Sir. Toyli r entered tie office, and on looking for a oarpet big containing jewelry and other valuable*, found it wis missing. Jt is supposed th-it the bull liug wa? first robb-d and then fired The Are instantly communicated with the German lintel, on the west, which was consumed in a few minutes, as was also a black smith shop Ilooker k Co.'a mm, nni the iiuckeye Hotel, on the corns r o! Sixth ?trect. On Sixth street, a blacksmith's shop and harness maiuit.rtory were burned The progress of the flame* wu here arrested by the almost superhumin efforts of Mutuul Hook and Ladder Company, assisted by ? 'hercitix M whi tore down n large fram>- building of forty feet front on the corner of an alley which separated the burning bu' from the store? fronting on J street. There was a stiff br< see bio sing at the titn? the Sre was discovered, but fortunately it so n died away. The stores on J street wi re in imminent dancer, and many of tne occupants ituo'Ti d tie ir stock of good*. l'ae I >**?? of the suffereis ars an follows Or.odjesr Si Taylor, >UOQ; Getmsn llofe). buckeye II itsl, >.'1000, II >oker A. <"o., >600; b'a-k*mith shop ou K street. >il OliO; do. on Hxth stni t. >1.6(10; harms? manufactory. >100; frame building, (torn down.) >21)00?Total, >11,Sid. The Vlis nt >srrsm*nto City, [I max the I'lacer Time.?. Aug I'd J Soon after 1 o'clock this morning, a fir? wi< discovered in the Teliema theatre, and ie 1*?* 'ban t?n minutes the whole huildln r wai one volume of f| ?uie.s a? well as the adjoining structure, known as tlie - Palaoe " liy pulling down the shed ou the northern extremity of tbe Colt: en bis hotel, that establishment and all the iarg, r taboos in Sacramento were saved At e have mention) d the principal ou I lings dc*troyel. Theeernerol I and Second street form-rly occupi-1 by the Council was burnt simul:an?nu dy with the theatre ; >l?o two or thtce small houses in the r.-ar an 1 upvn th? *Uey, which were of but little Value an I several more torn down or burnt, on Ih? other rule f Seeou 1 street The Tehamu Theatre had been lately repaid',1 at as xpsnse of several thi u land d<>ll ?r?, and wltu thevsluaMe scenery end a largo ,|u*ntltv f wardrob', the loss to Mr Stark can not he less than >10.1 ou The I'ataie building. HIM), furniture anl prints property. >3 CCO. The Council room corner, >'d090; four cr flvo sma'br hou?e?. principaiiv torn down. UW), Th.. L'lce .Is. 1. ll.e d 1 CJU. V .V.i LU'. V.... I IU . A * .? ?. a Vftot rirner I and Kecon 1. and other tenement* ru tly r. m r- d 52 000, making ? t >tal of about *30 000. Indian Otf*?mltle?? miliary K*petition. [I rom the I'lac -r Pirn ?. Auk 1' ) Pi-awiim Da*. Aug 8, l*il The fetlowtrr f*ot? may intereat your rndrn On the 4t)i ln?t, rhUr .Mr. it Jaeka.a, of the dtata of New York, and W. J I'ilira, an IrUhman. were travelling from Junction Ma- t i drey Ragle ?.'l?y. they fall In with a company of Indian* b< twren tha North and Middle fork*, oa tin Kidge Tia I. about <aran mile* i-uaet from here who it Or tappcarrd. kindly du poeed. in ra'.ura f.w whiah my l'il?nd?di?lribut? 1 anion] them a few pound' of eraeker* After they eeparated Mr. J and hla companion hat uot prociededfar when they obaerted an Indian cro?iing thi-ir trail, they at once aurpeeted an attack, and were rot irUt?!c ti a* a chowirof arrow* rom convinced th m of 'betr pertUnn cltuatlon. Allhou* h th-y had but on# leyolrerand al?< rie knife, yet they d-term'n?d not to ."!y . and taking th-ir poeit'on mMI ah-lving r k cioaa by. they awaited th app-araneeof t hair opponanta. and In a I' t ni!uuta? twrlr? or fourteen of tie Indl tot rounded the rliit behind which Ih-y ware ahetiered. On ibalr flrat i.pp?ar?ncv By Mend who had tha rero'.rer liar barged two Parrel*, one of whtob took < fleet. The aa allanta aoon di-appear. d. but not b f re their arrow* iiad pierced both mr friend*; one fe-elred a aer*re wound In the arm aad tha other In tha thirh They pur? tied the Indiana a ?e dUtance through the hruehwjod til they rime to an opening when- they halted to eonault whether or not it would be expedient for them to continue the rliaee. While thna c intuiting they nheerred the Indian* a abort di tapne ahead collect. I to gi ther, erldenUy preparing for another attack High neeBed the only recourae now. and they again rough t refuge In the 'he'.f of *n adjoining roik. where they lay in emburh till tin ir puraiiera eatne up. when the on > that had the revolver again 9rcd three rh li Thia hot and nneypec-el reception terminated the chaae? the entire party. care the two unfortnuate reclpteata if the lead, one of whom yelled meet fearlully quickly dlaappeared. The fortunate rlrtnra changing their rou'e ?teerel for .he river. and orcee el?d about two mi'e? when ih-r m*t with a party of alx miner*, who were out pmapeeting for 'luart* yelna. who dreeaed their wound'. an i proWi led .'neB a temporary home In their oarup Within the Wat two week* we haye heard of eereral cum of extraordinary mircem In raining, by different individual' Hat that of a pnrty upon Bear Hirer, competed of eight In tlvldoala one of whom oame to thla city y aterday on hla way to the Bfatyt, excoeda any that we "hare yet h-*rd nf. Three perrona went upon Bear Hirer early In July, a abort dlatance below HUep Hollow where they t irn-d ".he Hrer and worked tweuty one daya Upon dlrilin* their money, they had a little oyer twenty two hun lred dollar* each In the aggregate. P7.IWT 30. [From the Maryartlle Herald J <tn Thufadty or Friday, a couple of In iian* auppoaed to he from I uba City, were caught on the other aide of Cuba rirer near Itnee'a or llrophy> ranch, rtealing water melon* They were aoundly flogg?d. and thea thrown Into the rirer The flogging waa well enough hut tha throwing into the rirer wae - too much like In Iian"' on the oatt of the wxtte men. Whether the Indiana got ' ut of the rirer or were drowned, we do not know but t hey hare wot bem heerd of *loce On Bun lay, a party of Indian* from Yuba City Went In *e*rrh of the mlemn/ mm, but did not And them. and returned to Yuba City i m huoday, ilie, the white* in th* neighborhood of Ho?e'* gathered to the number of ah uf f rtj. and i-tw down to Yuba City to' have a timr " Klirbt or nine of them oro**<d Feather river to Y'oh* City; the real -irtlw I on thl* ?ide The party who went oyer to the I ff?,rV#de-" told the Indian* there that they eame In -eareh of en Indian who hed been up Ynhn river for the | porpom of 'hanging nomrbody'' The Indian* toid been, that if ;iny of their number had done wrong they would deliver him or them to the white* for puntabmeut if tber would print out the guilty on a Thi* they could not do I'tv-ent 1/ an Indian w*? *.?n eroult| the riyf. Ono o( lbs whites * ? ?ut tU ree tb d -d I E NE scoundrel now !" and commenced firing upon hint. The Iiiumii-Ki? w that >< wan m inauccnt mm w.m i k nn Uhtkiieo up Feather riyer, and had just oome d' ?n. They, therefore, commenced a tiro upon the whites, and in tl.e meantime the lud'tin wao w . cr -.( il'K 'he liver made bis escape. The white mm ther flierl once npim tli" Indian* and ran awa? >*. ? * ?t i wore wounded on either aide, hut no one killed. The citizens of Yuha City called a iiieetlnir unt iismhiI pent. lutinns strongly condemnatory of tlie course of the whites Appearances certainly indicate that tlmy went there to make a wanton attack upon the poor Indians, from motives of mere maliciousness. [From the 8an Francisco Post, Aug. 13. ] Vali.kjo. Aug. 8, 1851. The military expedition to the North, under the command et Major General Estill. will start to day. The [ following gentlemen compose his stall, and have received their commissions Jitsittant Mjutuiit General?Frederick D. Kohler Jhtinlant l^ilartermasltr General?51 H. N. iveu tig. Assistant Commusary General? Andrew Stephen-ton. Judge Jidioiutt?Wm. Van Voorhies JluUtant Jidjutant General?.Dr. Feabody. Jiidetde Camp?John U Harper, Vo A Cornwall. The Aids de Camp rank as Majors of Infantry : the other (fibers except the Judge Advocate, rank as Lieutenant Colonels of Infantry. The Indian Comim saiouer, McKie. is already en route with the government trains. Promptitude and despatch will distinguish the moven ents of General Estill, and the business before him will be di posed cf without any unnecessary delays. His volunteer corps will not be called out unless tbey are 1 needed; but if i h?y are called out. the rifle will be the arbiter between them and the ludians. Mining Intelligence. [Prom the btookton Journal. August 12.] V.'e have been presented by Mr. Hillings with a s;i j men of quartx. taken from a ledge just discovered by Mr. Davidson end three companions, at UakFlat, on the lead waters cf Uattlernuke Cr? ek. The In ore possession j i imprigna'ed with f(Id in a lag" and palpable vein. | which may be N"eu at a distance of twenty feet; and the j gold Is so thickly woven through the whole specimen, i that although the reck is broken into fragments, still the 1 threads of gold bold the pieces together. The whole vein, j ?e far us lias been tested, 1 e..ual to the specimen given 1 to uj. Mr Hillings says that a number of quartz veins j are being prospected In the immediate neighborhoo I of J Oak Flat and that without doubt that vicinity is as rich 1 in the precious metals as any other locality in California. [ We have just had a conversation with Mr Currle. and ' lesrn that et L'nion Uar. on the above stream, the mi u ts g< I'.erslly in lbnt eeeti.n of the country are doiug well. ; lie eays that one company, of teu men only, who have j bi . u engaged in turning the stream, are realizing large I gains.from their enterprise. They commenced work'ng ( in the bed of the river on Monday of last week, and at ! the close of their labors. Saturday eveuing, had taken ] out rising of twelve hundred dollars; and every evi- | deuce cf its being richer as they progressed in their ! lafc< rs This claim is abiut four miles above Mokelumue Ilill, and our informant states that at Hodkiu's Uar, ' about half a mile above the former, there is a oouapiny 1 ergsged in turning the river, with tlie best cf encourage- j mint so far. having realized, in prospecting on their | claims. ill several instances. as high as from two to seven | dollar.- to a pan full of (elected dirt. 15y a correspondent of the Sonora Herald, we learn that they are adopting a new method of working the I deeper portiens of the river's btd along the Tuolumne by the u-e of the diving-bell. lie says:? The operations | in diviDg are going on vigorously, and there is no doubt j (here will be a considerable revolution in the mode of i wi rkicg deep parts of the river. The exploring party of Dr. Worrier, with the diving dress, are .searching for a k ot stfflclently rich to put dow n a diving-bell, having lo'kicg for atilY richer ground. Thcr/is no doubt of sue- , ccn, whatever." A Mntt Lynrheil at Urctiitvood Valley. I From Rl Dorado News, August 9 ] Yati rday, at about 2 o'clock. I'. M , as two miner*, .lim ' OtikmiMM Alexander Leslie, were returning to Ur??n- J wood vallty.ard when within a mile of that place, while stopping ,to rot, Graham ecited Leslie to itnU him a i ue< die and thread torn nd his pantaloon*. After he had \ got through with it he returned it to Leslie, and while ho ??< putting it up Graham shot liim with a shot gun, Ore buck shot lodging in the back part of the head aad neck. Graham thru robbed kirn of seTon liund-eil dollar? In l.c!d dust. and started for i-acranv-nto. I a about half an hour Leslie recovered sufficiently to ctawl to a cabin about a mi!< distant, and gaTe MM ulann. when a party in-nu diately set out in puiauit of Graham and succeeded in capturing him about three miles below this place, and recovering the g'dd. lie was taken hack to Greenwood valley, when a court cf the people was ca led. a jury of twelve men chos-n, and the trial commenced. Krerythiog was conducted in a cool and iellber .1 uimn-r. After a patient hearing, which Uat* d from ten o'clock at uight till twelve nest day. the jury retired and scon returned with a , verdict of gnllty. and sentenced the prisoner to be hung lie was allowed a few hours to prepare for d ath. and at seven o'clock thl? evening was taken to a tree iu the rear of the American Hotel, where lie was hung. Graham was a -allor, from Baltimore. Ml. Leslie I* jet alive, but very little hopes of his recovery; aee entertained If? has a father and mother residing iu t.oadVvtl>. N C. Marrlsgn and Deaths In California. MA HR! AUKS. In Ban FrancDeo. July 31 by father Anthony Anglais, V hliam late of New urleana, to MDs Mary Ann Theresa ID gan of the former place. In hi Doradoe uuty. Mr. Joseph Greer to MUs Biddy O'Fiian. both formerly cf Missouri. Un Tue.-day Sth last at the residence of Judge Willis. I ) the Kev. IS tij Itrieriy. Cameron K. Thorn, il?i , to Mis* Klixabsth L 11 aeh. all of Sacramento. On the fith lest . by the lb v. .1, A Benton, Dr. It II McDonald to Mr* 8. M bieina^al, all of Ban Francisco. ; In Ban Francisco. on TuesJsy. August 12. bv the Rev. F. 8 Mines, i.has Il< r.rv Harrison to Alitheu It,mni the ; daughter of the late I'.obcrt Uibbs, of Ch-dlenhaui, Kjg. , DEATHS, in saw raavciace. July 31?Janu s II. Polk, from Usltlm >re. age 1 IB. 8 Melltson. dcotlaud, 50. " Alvardo Alvis. Sonora Aug. 1?Joseph Ilegg. Kugland.40. ' F. A Cumstock, Hamilton county, N. Y.,28. " 2?Mrs. Frances Alvatar, New York. " John Drug. Germany, 21. O it? lleneI,> .1 ii.Oinwtnt., Mstiss Art *< Charles Kudram. England 88. " 4?Charles (i nr.lm, N?'v? Orleans. 22, 11 TLotntM W farrin England 21. " Wil*"n llanllrie, Philadelphia. 21. " I'nknonn man found drowned. " 0?John A. Kdgcomb. Mystic, Ot . 21, " Jlernard Carrigan New York, 27. " Chares Ilriotte, France, 2!? " 7?Isadora \.-afield. Poland, 20 u Abraham V. Alitalia, 19. " June* Career on, England, 25. " 8?Margaret Nowlon. Sydney. 28. " Anrfin Jordin. Sydney. 1. " Wm. II McOotuba. England " Certain Slater, Scotland. 27. ? o_F. Pre by. France, 46. * 10? John King If-on China. 57. " A Almony. China, 38. ? 11-William Wood. L. 1., 35 ' Joseph Ileue. France 3t?. ' O M Ti l' y, l.ouUtana 41. Hannah Smith. New Orleans, tiO. " Thomas F Carr, New Orleans. On the 27th July. tispt Nathaniel Nownll of Newb'iry, Mini . aged 63 year a. t 'apt. N. arrived in San Francisco in He brig Canonic nr. about two years ago, lie has left a wife and warm friends in Ronton. July 2d, on beard the tchtonvr Emily Francos, Ignatio Gomel. July 30th. at hake It Alien'* North Fork of Calaveras rinr of a re la pee and general dehUity. ltollin II. Slide. ( of Kent. I.itch field county Ct . aged about 27 year* August 1. at Sonera t'ily, Kyland II Naah. late of Mo. hlle, Ala aged about 41 year" The deceased leaves a | large and Infere-tirc family a*, h- rie ' trn the 2d August. Mrs P'rstby Altvatter wife of Fran* Altvatter She came to this city In June last. fr< m New York, in search of her l^utband, whim she did n< t And. She leave* one child Amruet T. at 9 o'clock. A M . Abraham V. of Williamsburg. I. I, of yi.hus fever, nged IP August 3. et ten. on b"ard st' *m-hip Constitution. Marrns Maskovitcli. late of New York, of chronic dy- ] ssntery; hurled at San Dl-go, 1 At 1'nion Rar. Yuba Klv*r. July 28. of bllioo* cholic. j 11 Swett. sged 23, formerly of Rrtlnswick. Me. 1 August 1, of typhoid fever. Mr. F. A. Conutock. of I Hamilton. N Y*? sged about 28 i In Unit)a Yalley on the 27th July. E. H. Martin, ar- i tlst August IS. of nervous fever, .lame* Pooley Redmsn, 1 smtfWm J and Henriettas Redman, aged I sears, 10 I months and 11 days i August 7. Jam * C. Cameron, native of 8 .-otland. and I late Trim Sydney. In Stockton. August 12, Mrs. Eliaa Y'ance. aged 24. late I of Hieing Run. Indiana. IftUt from the Nandtvlsh Islands. Advice* from the Sandwich Inlands to the 11th of July arc received. The Hawaiian Parliament ba 1 been prorogued by the King. In the following add real ? a una km op mih MajgkTV, pkoroommo thk ramluwix r. Nori.r.. sen Iti mrarvvaTtvaa n, mi r.oii ic I thank y<u for the provision jou have made fur tie arte of riiv vdnnolrtration. and cettain aotka of | u ilie imp rovement I tegret that come Imports it Kslnee* of the king loin in left unflnlrhed 1 prort gne you fill April n< xt. but I may convoke you | eooret. If the wi 1 fare of my kingdom should so require luring the rt < era I wl?b you to condder well the wan'a end Inter.ate ol my p*u>ple an I especially ihorn malt .re roueht to yovr r.'tire In my *;eech opening the bu-lnow of the nrnnlon , In returning to your rerp?< tlve abodes. T am sure you will carry with ym an -erceet de?ire to promote pe* e,i i nKr ard to pr -purity of all e.a -a Inhabiting there Palace, 21 June Mil. (Signed) kamkhamrua Kroat Aa? I , K uhlan Nul j Th? K" prcaeu'.-.'ivea haye | WbTsheJ a l?ng allreaatt | the Makaaiaaftk# of Uic Hawaiian Inland' aw^. Uth -y I W YC SUNDAY MORNING, review their acta during the evasion. They state that they bare appropriated the sum of $16,600 for roada and bridges, to meet the wants of various portions of the islands: besides which, $7,000 more is placed at the disposal of the Minister of the Interior; also $41000 for the erection of suitable jails on all the islands. The court was to go into mourning from the 30th of June to the 30th of July for Kekauonohl, deceased. The following appointments have been made : A. W. Parsons. Ks j has been appointed District At. torney, for th? second judicial district of the liawailau Islands, comprising the island* of Maul, Molokaia, tad Ltnii. liy his Excellency the Governor of Hawaii?George M. Robert ron, Ksi| to be a Local Circuit J udge. on the ibland of Hawaii; to reside in South Kohsla. <IVaimea.) By the Marshal?Thomas II. Marshall, Es:i , to be Sheriff of the island of Kauai, rice K. Funk. Esq.. resigned. THE FOT'RTTT 07 JULY AT LAH*INA. [From the Polynesian, July I'd | A colj colistion was giv-u by Dr. A II Koon and Mr. Iiubhard at the rooms of the former gentleman, to which ample justice was done, and the kindest of fdeliug was manifested The table for the dinner was laid at the Ilale kamttnl. The rooms were decorated with the svffcet scented rnsiU ai d the American tiag A good portrait of Washington hoLg upon one side of the table, with the American eagle en the opp. site, while directly over the centre wae a large double wi-ath of maile, intertwined in which wee tin American and Hawaiian flags; smaller wreaths hang at each end of the table. At two o'clock the ladies called by invitation, were received by (he committee and gentlemen present, and saluted by the cannon in front of the bouse. After a pleasant h-.iir pasted in noticing the arrangements and an iut-r banjte of congratulation", the serving of refreshments, &v . the lsdtes retired, expressing themselves much pleated with the arrangements At half pa t three, the company being all assembled, R. II llawliii Ks'i .waited upon Mr Buoker. the American consul, sr.d in s lew minutes return'd with that yout euian lie was received by the committee of arrangem-tits wider a salute snd music from lbs- band iu attendance ; after a short time dinner was commenced Mr Bonks r was escorted to the head of the table as the president cfthe day. Mr Nahanlelua. the acting Governor of thi.s island, upon his right, and 1! P. Bollcs. Ea-j , llrern-n rice roEsul. on his left; Mr (liltaan pic-ided at tie lower end of til? table, assisted by Mr Uubbard and Mr Willing, the committee of ''external arraogv rcentr-.'' H 11 Howlin. Erq , oflick ed as toast master, sitting at the middle o{ the table Mr Banker made the Fourth of July speech The health cf the acting Governor of Maul being drank. Nalis< lelua rose and in-id: a brief but very happy reply, roturnir g liis tliauks to the company for th- com Mi in int. nod allu Ji-dto the friendly relations existing, and that ulway* had existed, between the two government*. and pi: cnttl'y betwee n himself and all the gentlemen at the table, and eoncluded with the following sentiment, w'uuh wus very loudly cheered " America aril HawaiiGuardian and ward, may tlielr friendly relatione now existing ever continue." Ann like a tneko llawidi poeaina Mukua hannai a me Ke K??t hanei e man loa no i ke nuho alc-ha iwaioa u kua a utu aku a mau aku " MARRIED. In Honolulu, .llilv .Id l.v t.h? How T T?.ln. \f- * P. Everett. merchant, of Jlouolulu to MI*n 0. R Vid*. daughter of F. R. Vida, Esq., Chilian Consul for the Hawaiian l.-laiids On Tuesday evening. by the Rer. T, E. Taylor. Mr. J. C. Fpaldmpt of Salem. Mim , U. 8. A , to Mi*g KHillietli Irwin. Of Woolwich. England. July 7 at the residence of II. M Whitney, in Honolulu. by the Key. T. E Taylor. Mr. Geo. M Robertson, to Miss 8 S. Humphreys. City Intelligence. Durinvt. 0Vs? lsi.rstig* ?Yerttrday afternooij.nbout a luariei pa-t twelye o'clock, a tire dKoover -d in a Heme buUcirg used as a laundry situated in the reur of No 10 Mangin street. The flames spread with altrin'.ng rapidity. ?r?l alrhtugh the firemen were quicxtv at tliu scene < f the coitl igrattou. and uaed their most streau his rxerth ns to arrest the progress of the devastating ?lem--nt. with an abundance of water at their comtnan I, still they wtre unable to subJue it nntil it hit 1 c MMU0nicated with dwelling l.ou-es and other building'* on Margin. Broc ire Tompkins, and Grand streets, some of which Wirt destroyed and others so much Injured by tire and watir. that their interiors are not oily unuimu table, but must be completely rebuilt The folio ring is about the am unt of the lo w. mid a lift of the buildiigs destroyed :?Numbeis 2. 4, 0. 8, 10, and 12, Miugiu stnet. and Mr Lafarge's grocery e'ore. corner of Mcngln and Bro- rae streets, were totally destroyed in the interior, ami nearly all th- furniture oontalned therein?probable l'-ss ab ut $10 000 In Grand street, the hi uses Noa 602, MM? M4, 6'>6 1)96'^. 60S, 000, 002,60#>?, 604, and COG all took fire, ami the greater number being frame dwellings, they were burnt in tie Interior and the roofs barm d (IT A greater part of the furui'ur was saved. through the exertions of the p<iBce of the Seve ntli, Tenth and Thirteenth wards The bourn's Not. 2. 4. 0. and 8 inTompkius street, were neaity destroyed: two of the number only betDg Insured by the owner. Mr Newromb. far ^lOCO'epch, In Hie Oitiiens' hMMM C* inj-any Ills w<>rk-:i"ps. wlilch w.rasltuated in the r-ar. hare been daatroyed IF la?.< will amount t" a eon. Iderable sum. his whole stock of timber being lost. In the rear of the buildings In Tompkins st-'e: wi < t'.c wi rkshops of Mr Oibans, the luiiil. r. which hare b?eu burned down His loss Isab >ut $4 OK. . Tbe total loss or this most unfoitunate tire, will not fell much shoit ot >70,010, as we are informed. F'Ci ?At half past 11 o'clock Inst night a fire br Uo cut in a : table belonging to Mr. Thoma* Cooper. groc*r, corner of Broome ami Suliolk itreots The stable conuine l four horses, which were with much diffleu ty c*it 1 extri ated. The stable w.i m' i,-!y con nut I. at. J (CMMHiNi damage was caused t> Mr. Coop >r s store, the ro< f and attic being nearly destroyed. Damage, about f .SCO, covered by an insurance of $2 3u0 on the hou?e and stable*, and i 100 on the furniture ; in theJslTerson and Ilowsrd Insurance Companioa The house nljoining the stable, ir Sudolk rtreet, occup'ed by Mrs Doslg'1.. nr. was much injured at the side, but ia lu-urvd in the .Icdt-rron Insurance Oomp-rny for $890. llj?e CimpsDi-" No. 6, 16.17 and 22 were on the ground, and worked trrinfuiiy Tor Mi* tuau Tkswivatiov or * T>au%s\an'iC?*riR. ?lUe Ctr iner on Friday, held aa Inquest at .e miser a ble h< vol in Eleventh avenue, near Thiriy ulnth street, upon (be br ly of F.dwnrd Eddy, a native of Ireland, nurui til tesi-u age, eiiu uieii tu i ll riit nil mur. l*v lii a fit of iipoyl?xy. It appear* thtt he cametollih C"u try .. 3v two y?ar.* since. leaving ix-liln 1 him i wife ?ti l sitchlldrsn. Having about >6l/i0at hla com-nand. he tomarneed business mi a ll-juor nrll r In the Highlit avecur whore b tu industrious ami surcusful In basins Atter 'i?ing located at tint plan- fur about eight month' he -*"tit for his wile and children. wbi sho-tfy a.'!' *?. J* arrived. At this time she had evntrtet'd a habit < f drlb.iing to earns*. and all < flort- on hie port to reclaim b-1 pro. id ol no avail. Ills pioprty b-g*n t. dimlnl.-h, und lit finally became reck lea*. Ilia .'ilTiiri wrrc ntglectrd. and he ess obliged to giro up hi < bu?l?ea? and re.nora to the wretched shantv where he die I. For ?oin mont'is poet he has been a conhrmed drunk ria.l hi - wife and family are now utterly deatitirn. leaer.n* Hi* Dsnuarr ?Coroner (leer yesterday bold an In ,ue*t at pier No .1. fast liver, on tbe body of an atkr.own man. found floating In the Vast river Tied< rea-. I ap|x fir? to be about forty years of age; Are tec', six Inches i b ight; -a tidy hair an lsma'l whisker#; stout m-denian; dres'ed In a white cotton shirt, round i Unit jack*!. Mile; cloth vest, blue and black plaid oae?lni*T pants, msti n -ljo?s; appears 1 to have le-?n la thwater thrr. or four days. A verdict was rendered of d?alh by drowning. Airinrat ?v vwr. Nrw Ynsw awn Ksir. n? ? Yesteiday aflernoon. a man named John lloraa, was bronchi to the City Unepftftl with a romf ound fr.vtnre of both leg* be having been run over by a cattle train of i srs, at I. jtiin-'nk station on the New York and Kr ? Railr-*d. on rtiurrday morning laat. while In the act of lamping <>n to tbe car* when In motion. Iloranwasln Ibe ' niplny of ih company, and redded In Mecklenburg T< mpkins county. Ills recovery la very doub'ful Btassn re ? An Inquwst was held, on I'rMiy it the New York lloepltal. upon the body of a female iged l'i yeara. named Margin t liowning a nai ive o Ihls elty wh > wa? frightfully burned on rtuir*dty nig> t In con irfuenre of the Are from a furnace having "angh lo r clothing by standing too near It. Sta* survtve-l bu teven houis after her admission to th? hospital, She lived at No. 2 l'lne street. Km i ro i sow Danwwiwn.?k Utile fellow. nm"*d K 1war.I Oilsou. t ;ed five yeara. while plnvfng u. s' T' ,-.rn- s inch. OB ThursJay afternoon, fell into the water, and was with same dlfHenlty rescued hjrflteer t'u- l-u. nf the Second district police, but not nntll he had tc-ea In. tm r-ed for nearly half an hour. ITe was taken the reetdenc of his parents. 87 Main street, and rettomtir ? dmini-tered resuscitated him Thi is the stcend pertcsi that the same offlccr has rescued within a no-nth. *?tt! Mnrn nncinr ?eanuiei i.tppop, a min^rnn r^? fugec who wn" ati ly found In ft eUrcing ratiMim .n .-Uto *trar- t, < Thursday afternoon att'-mptej to mmmlt Mifride. lij "hooting hlmaeli wlih a pletol An hating Information of hi* nitiiatlon. auereedi 4 lo a'rrxtirg lit* in! cation. ?nd Itkinf from him the weapon which war In utIIj loftdcil with "lug*. AitoTKi n Arrtwrr *t Ine*nro?ai?w ?The paint *hop of >li*r-. Botd A Howe In Fhmhlng avenue. wt* ret flr? to cu Thurolay l?*t. evidently by mi Incendiary ft pila of "hating* hating been collected and Ignited Itwai fertnimtily rttlrgui?hed by the aid of aomc of tin neighbour*. F.M.ift! Cnwr**t Mo 8 ?Till* Company wtvute engln* hut been proncnnri'd nnflt for ?ervlce. arc to lmv.i * no* DM; ftml. on Tbur*dny l?*t, proceeded to Pawttti U?t. It I . to InDpact dome of thoee mnniifaototcd tharo and tin tin* i tenoned *ever*l. *nd tested their power*.#* preened themrlte* highly plowed wiih thim. and it I* prebable th?y wlU have ono made In that locality. Atr.tmn VrcriM or Iwrnwrraawi-*.?An Inijneet Wat hi Id at ill Croaby "treet. on Friday, upon the body of Anna Kcrna, t native of Ireland 3d year* of age, whoa* death rr?uiicd from habitual Intemperance fhoNirfttlr Mlerrllnn y. The It-: ,ton ,lot>tlee ! the topie of interett tn Now Id g'ard and the whole pre** of that eectlom I* oil -J with the account* of Ite procecdlfiga. Al O: rent tile, ft C on Friday, the ly.h in>i . Fnoeh *tao?cy wa* f*,f uted for the mar let of Mr. J 8 Peden. I"V ju- c?'t though nt the awful and^olrmn aeene.eghibit? J the i>e^ c >w:?ir r? and ?r?at prftgantlva to kit Mid ut?. >RK H SEPTEMBER 21, 1851. IMPORTANT FROM NEW SOUTH WALES. Additional Intelligence of the Gold Discoveries.

She Excitement of the People of South Australia, Tit Kan Francisco, wo hare received intelligence from 8 i d ncy to the 2.'Id of May. which Is three days later than our advices by the way of England. According to these account*, ull doubt as to the existence of quantities of the precious metals iu South Auitralia appears to be dissolved. It in now rendered certain that In the couuty of Bath urst, New South Walt s, a placer has been opened and very extensive geld wartiing operationa have been commerced promising rich returns. 'J'he excitement bad reached California, and the clip: per ship li alter Olaxton had been laid on for the port of Syduej, t<> have quick di spatch. She would be the first ( vi sm I up for the Australian gold diggiug*, fruui San Francisco, [From th? Sydney (N. 8. W ) Umpire. May 17 ] ; Tiie interest excited by the gold diacorerjr i? inereHOitig every hour Uo wh-re you will, theievariable question is, -Well what do you think of the V' Ot conne it Is expected that you will supply in your own mind, (he wonis "gold discovery " Within the last | i twenty four hours, we believe, about two hundred persons have started for the diggings, some of them on foot, j l w dli (hi ir tin pots ar.d Jteoks if provision* -lung aero** tin ir bucks Hundreds more are also ou the eve of departuii* umry of them only wailing l'or (he now* by this 1 mo: niiia's mail to confirm them iu their determination Vpwards of forty persons were yesterday booked for lUtbuist per coach, at Mr. Titter ton's, lulu? about five times ?lie number nually entered within the sMine time. Tilling all these circumstances into consideration and Dialing due allowance for visiters by private conveys no*, 1 and the laige number of person* who have left, nn l who sic daily d sorting the sheep stations iu the interior, the influx ot population into llatliurst must lave been immense. The most of those who have gone hove, we blleve, formed themselves into small parlies, for greater picWct.ion, which,no duibt.i* the wi*e-t course that , could be adopted under the circunistancis. Th-re e?n ' bi very little dnnbt tust much difficulty, confuion uud di: appoint meat wit. bate to be encountarcri in Hie out- 1 ret ei peeially l.y those who have not bi en initiated into the it. yet erlew of gold wsihing Mr. Kargrave* stated in bin letter, that those ei. ;?gcd in dipping l.'ed already lost niuehgold, from tl.o want of au accurate knowledge tl the process of washing. It is not true, as stated by (he ITnc'd that tie fares ot ! liu roail to Iluthorst have been doubled They are just e the same now us forme rly; ner has the c-atractor .my 1 int, r.tuii of rai-lug them, not with, taujing the large inert asc of the passe nger traffic. I it is expected that the news by to-day's null will he 3 extremely interesting. uunieroua iwrson* being in hopes Of ri < riving direct intelligence fre m the diggings l>y it, toiietbi 1 with specimens e.f the precious metals. The luuip < f gold brought to t wu by Mr Austin has la 111 extensively exhibited. During ye-terdiey we heard 1 1 f it in s)l quarters of the city; a ud thouvh a uspieion obtained wane currency that it w-a* in reality from the California mines, there does not appear to be- a uy ge nl I'curcu for drnibttng Its genuineiu-". It is * lump of Ir- . tion of quurtz in about the centre, Oth' r ejvcimeua a we have said, will doubtlessly arrive to-day. Mr. Kite, who arrived from Outburst yestepday, reV its it nt nil the lupin rd-IlhiI deserted from >?is eta- | ti> ii-. Tliis dc'crtl"!! l-h"t confined to Mr. Kite'- stations. but was becoming general. Several influential gentium n liave proceeded to the cold district, and (thus, including oon.e of our li udtug merohuuts, are prepi.riua to follow A few day* wiU give ur a year's Li tc.17 of this import., ut discovery. It in said that Mr. Inapeclor-UeneRil Bpuln. who left Sydney two days ago for the Western l'iatriet. ha* been rei alii d. to arrange an efKiiunt ay-P in of police for the ' Gold Diggins.'' wlilrh. without doubt, will he waut-d. As tipna of the times.'- a large ironmonger in George street. baa advirtiatd - gold shovels;'' aud nutncrotu email boon holds are be mg broken lip, to provide til a in< nor of translation t<> the mines. Me hi nrd Ihkt night that the whole of the Pnrramatta eeu.-dabbii threw up their staves in th? course of yesterday. and toddled off to the diggings We flo not give thin in! itnntion as being literally true; hut as it ctime front prcity gocd uulhtriiy, w^can ree 110 reason to doubt it. | From the same papas of May 33.] I.eft Sydney on Friday night by until; arrived late on Saturday at Itathurst; hire I horse and proceeded to Mra. Id-tor's inn. Guyong district, twenty-three mib s from 1 .rst; fell tu with Mr llar,niv ?. the diseoverei of - j the gold there, who kindly oth-red to accompany men', j ' daybreak to the diggings at the creek; rode down ab"ir twenty miles, through Perrieri e-tate. alang the foot o the Three Brother Khlgi-s, to the bend in the creek etll , ed Opbir, where we found located, down the creek fr >m j too to 700 j-ecple. divided into parties of from three to elgbt 1 hi h. luis' ii) dry digging, also washing the earth j fn in hunks of cr, ck; la all in; lances procuring, by mean- , ! of cradling and washing, more orleisgold du?t, many ; ) plekli g lumps of gold about one foot fivm th? surfa-?; and on Mr liargravea questioning them as to th?lr alio- ' 1 cere found some had l*en very successful other* obtain irg only amall quantities: met with if r. l'iper. who had , jri t oj ened a bed of a? ft slate; stood watching him gath- | er. from en vices, several small pieces of gold, and one 1 piece weighing 1 ;t' ounces; also, two pieces of about half an i unr*each; ri-uovrd the dirt from the large piece and 1 1 t.'t'k it as a specimen, which 1 now have In my possas ?ion Mr. Hawkins party produced several pieces, vary1 ing in size from one-eighth of an ounce to an ounce in | | viubt; and the average of Ihit day's work, from the 1 quantities um by myself and Mr. llargraviw. wa- fully ! I I elf an ounce a mm; tvi-ry minute fresh groups of <Uz' gsrs arriving and encamping, all anxious to kuow If Mr It.irg.HVii had bten 0011,missioned by the government j to Issue licenses, and expressing their wiliinguer-s to ; take < ut license- Immrdlutoly. and the msjori'y in favor i of A'l per nicnth per man; everything vi ry orderly ? ? ?? pariy taking to their thirty feet. 1 also uiet with Mr. Ftutchbury on tbe ground who txprs-. d an cpluion without loss of time adip >wtt bank should be opnn d on the d'aging", to bo protected of course at the ex. | 1 -1' it the diggirs. or from the license fee and when ri moved to be under a proper e-eort to Sydney, lie si ejusi| perfectly alluded at the orderly manner of the ill -" 1 but was aprn heiisive of a srarclfy of provisions It is fully autletpati d that eight tu ten ul.le --unces will In g( It I ;id by ue*t Saturday. | Ot> curretuiu to Guyoi g, net dozen* of parties pro | cci'dlnge towards the dtggicg* ; left bister's; weot into . Batburat on Tuesday. A patty of three, who had only j I hien lutafew day*. ju*t brought Into Bathurst seven- 1 I tun ounoee. and sold the ".ame for ?51. Kicltement on ' tbe irrreare hcurly uearly etcry one having Batliurst I ' P r tie ground ; would recommaud. as a great portion of | 0 itn Mthimt reunify i? etill nn|lo'.gtb J ud unenarn tl *t the government luiinediatoly offer a bounty of In. r t< 1* i d. per buxhel to f.irtn?m within a reaaonnble Jittercefrttn the digging*. tor all wheat rai-ed the Wit t-eaet n. in crtfff that the farm ermnti miy hare an In rreaead ratf of wagra, which cnyd t.r many from the ' more lu< latirc, tnt haaurdotu. aiocatlon of gold digging A |.f~tfcrlpt in tb*' auw paper from which wr copy ' the ilxiTt ileal in a few further particular-* ' The ai I unte by the tnall thi m ruing ?re in a high J d'gria centiiui.itbiy of the prreiona ' at to the i'i i very of h rb l> anil e leueire gold 8 M to tie- Wei- JJ lingtcn di.-trtct. the pn llBc cliaracter of which can at J* 1' r1 'Italy liegu lint Tl' r. Of I he leading |e erll T? P lad' rg? et'iitlinT" r fi ired runipb of tliegli tin* ' mortile.- One' rhown to u? con inled of about a * fjni rter cf an ounce, and wn? In -mall plaeea. * northing ' like the neaped drope of melted h ad or aolder ituong aand or dirt The ( ntIcinaa to whom it wan aeot (wh > hei axlcneleily purrtu-ed Callfcrnian g>hl) aay- that J" the bathnretM.mple U'cbario'tetiaed l>y the peculiarity 'v of haying a calcined block dirt in the iiTegnliiritlea of J the It.i .j e not found in th I'nlifi rnian gold. Mid al?> " ptotn ut i'i e Ittr lie of a richer eolor Another ir>nt|e. " man. who nleo h?" p celtnla rmr.ple. la Inlortni'd by hi* * Itathtirat I'liRrnpudi nt tbnt A'lOCO worth of gold w*a brought Into lb'thur-t in one day. and that It le to be ; J_ found in (tenr direction. Hut uch etateaienta ahwld , be reriirrd with great portion. A lUltrird lady wrlte? '' to her bu>h?nd. now in 'y It" . un b r d?te of the 20th, ti ai ei'T?ml pi.umla < I g> I I wen-hr< ught Into town that ; !" day Trie fciiowlng ia an extract from a letter from Wr. ' ' llat.-raire dated Ouyong Huh of May ? Th* excitement r.l the pn pi ) i? b ynnil aavtMi: yen e?? " HmChly reaeelvy. it wi'l end bod oaty knew*. lyea P Caitlor-la ild antesual the ei'i-emeat ?ait eoalualia wuich , h at thla weweet rnrreaail m*.' It It- 'V. n.-il Am U ...... I ..I 11A ii I I I - returned to Sydney The worthy Alderman h?e aeteml j, oui>f< <4 gold, whieh h< ilug i?|> limr-lf Throe ?p- ! t r. nth ? who run away from iiatlinr. t to try tli-lr for- ' fine al th" ItlgglriM. rotoim-d In a few d?o with mut> n nui tn in gold which waa rol l Immediately for i'.M I ^ IV - bare n<> doubt of the ttulh of this Information ^ ' tiri.l other etateinent' and ntm li of letter fr."n (l pttth on tin grown i or the dlrc< twta. appear in I p I a|I r, which wc hlT* WrlTirl The following I'roela _ nation he tier I itxr -y I- taken from the Oori tnnimt | ? flarettc of tb? '24 g rnort amattow. m BritArc MtmtU'?ry Mr CAar/et a/.iigiif Fil-nty KmrM H r < ! 0* ftovat ffrmormTiii f? -irlph,, (h -Cr. Cop- ?i Ir"i Uitiwri arid Ifo emar rn- Chtrf Iif fAe Toffnry ef rc Arte . ><?>/* W?fe- 0tut tit Ihpitiiltt iet. am/ Vict .d?f?af- tl ritf o/ fAr itwr, 4". . I Fi Wll' rear by law. all minea of gold in lt< natural piae? or (!, -pewit, within the tetrltory of New flouth walra. c? whether on the lande of the <y?een of of any of her Ma- F jeaty'a ruhjeefr, belonir to the crown; And wherenn In- j II formation har he.n reoelrrd by th" government that ! b( gold trivia upm and la the roll of the pnuoty ol Ha- I tlituat and rl-ewhrre within tha tali territory and that | l< many pcreonr hare commenced, or are about to com- j ri monoc, aearchlt g and digging for the name, for their owa ore. witln ut Iran or other authority from her Majeaty n Now, I. hlr t'harle* Anguatoa Fitaroy. th' florernor 3 afore-air) on h-hall of hvr Majerty. do hereby pub- a Itcly notify end declare, that all poranna who aball take j a | from any landa within tha ra'd territory any gold 1 metal, or ore containing gold, or who within any of r the wn?t? landa which hare not yet he-n alienated ' t by the Cfown. -.hull <ltg for and dlatiirb th- ground In \ p aenfeh of anrh gold metal or ore. without having b*en duty anthoriaeil In that ba-half by her Ma>et? a colon al i f government, will l>e p-nee.ntcl. ??oth criminally and ol- I rtlly. ae the law allowa; and I further notify an l 4e? lar--. | f that aucil regulation* at, upon futthei taF rma'.i >* ' I V ERA] be found expedient. will be speedily prepared and | put tlehed, Betting forth the terms on which licenses will d? 1 Beued fer this purpose, on the payment of a reasonable fee Given under my band and s?al, at Government House, Sydney, this 'SIA day of May in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty one, and in the fourte?nth year of her Majesty's reign ? ? ,[?- ] CUB A. FIfZttOY. Bv hts Excellency's command E. DEAd THOMPSON. OOD SAVE THE gUEEIV. By a paragraph in one of the Sydney pipers, we learn that Mr ftutohbury, the government geologist of New Beutfi titles. lias iuad? u report, aud that lt? general tenor is more favorable thanauy of the previous accouuts from the gold regions. Very Late from the Isthmus. THE TRIP OF THK NORTH AMERICA?TIIE PANAMA RAILROAD? MARKETS, , &C. Obr advices from Panama are of the lid, and Uhsgres ; of tfce C'*.h met The steamer North America, as was reported in the IleraUot yesterday morning, had arrived at l'anama after ? rapid run from New York. Annexed U the report of ! htr trip ABSTRACT Ot TH>'. LO . OF STFAM?HfP NOJ! III AMERICA, J. II. ' iili.iih t, Ojousoer. kao.m sea teas in riws? Tuepdav, J one 24tli at 2 P. 41 .. left the wharf at New York I Timr. July 81b. at 7 P.M., crowed the equator in long, d h. 04 *10 W est ? It 5 July 10th. at 10 P M . the Hand of Ferdinand Noronbu bor? east 5 miles 1 3 Sunday, .'uiy 2 P.M.,crossed tin* parallel of Bahia 2 10 Tfursday, July 17th, at m ridian. arrived at Rio Janeiro 3 22 j Running time from New York to 22 22 Sunday July 27th sailed from Rio at 3 P M ; at 4 I' M arrived at the island Of Razor; detained there two hours landing etow-aways; at 6 P M. sailed from the islaud of Razor 0 1 August 6th. at 12 o'clock midnight, Cape Virgins, northern point of eat ranee to Magellan Straits. iiore north 6 miles 10 03 Thursday. 7th. at 3 30 P.M., passed C *.p? A. Prow sr.!, the extreme south part of the continent 15'f it 5 P.M., strong gales and head si|ualU from the w twi.rd. lay to uud*r the lee ..f Cape Holland l'f Kriday,8th August. 5 30 A M , left Cape Hotlard, and at 8 I' M., Cape Pillar, south petit if the western entrance to the Straits i: Magellan, bore south 2 miles.. 11.if Time through the Straits 1 t7>i' Thursday, August 14th at 2 A M , arrived off ;he t arbor < / Tateahuano. and after IriefTectmujr ndeavouriufor six hours to make the harbar, i' r ip inr imparaiso o o Had gale., and furious squalls Irorn N. N W., >nrd rain and hevry sea, aud arripj August 16th at IP. M 1 8 , Running time from Rioto Valparaiso IS 4,'? Tliumiay, Aurmt 21, a' 3 P M . miled from V xlp.-trx! ,o Arrived at Panama and cast anchor , itSSOP M , Augiuttl 10 1% Ruuning tima from New York 51 04 j | Detention iu coaling, Jtc . at Hit de Janeiro 10 3 At Irlaud of Roger 0 2 ' , At <.'ap<- Holland.. 0 12* I , t 'II Tsioahuino... ,m^ 0 6 , At Valparaiso 5 23 , 10 221a , Total tima from New York to Panama 68 3!i J !t was lately reported in the New Vork papers that the \ I ti in.- r Ni-w Ginnad . bad arrived at Pan .ma for Valpa- I atac. with right millions <f dollma in sliver bullion. It { icv app< nrs that ?hr had only eight buudrcd thousand Icliars. j 1 Th? Panama Fl. i.o, af the 5th iast., gives the following ntmorundum ? ( Tlie California left San Franeipeo. at 7 P. M . on the p .' lb tngiait The steamers Oold Hunter and Monu- p ut ntal City more to 1. are for Sa;i Juau del Rod the same ? venhs; On th 23d, at 10 30 A M.. in lat. 10 deg. , '1 m , lor.. It 5 deg 30 m W . passed the steamer Pacific, j ?cnr J up. On the 25th, at 8 A. M . arrived at Acapuleo. p ltd lett there at ncou of the 26th. Toe steamer p Northerner was to ieare for San Francisco that night , >u th- -J insl . ut 11 AM, passed the Oregon. aud at | I V M p a?.-ed tie New Oilcans, both bound up the | oast. Arrived at Panama on the 3U8ept.at7 A M.. silowirg forty hours for detention at Monterey. Rau IHeg,>. and Aeapulco. ins kin; the passage in sixteen davs ltd twenty hour*, with 264 piesengers and 41 410000 ipecie. The Panama Railroad is rapidly progressing towards :onipletir>n. Tin- Panama lit aid, < f the It in t , Mf* *? lty a psity of gentlemen who came up from C'hagres n-tvtek.v'p have received very c neon rag ihff i nielli pence respecting this read Ore of the party was Mr R t Jones, from whom we have obtained the following pariculars. Alter louring C'hugrrs, Mr. J. aud his party JBf un the river, in a boat, to the first railroad station ihovt Dos Ilermanos. This -tution like all others, Is on be right bank of the riv< r tied Is. we nelieve about three niles above Dos Ilermanos. Here the party left their rat and f< oted bv railroad. They walked on the road n m Sc'cloek P. M until 5P M,wb?n they reached filler's station, opposite Bar Colorado whet" they retained all night Nt xt morning they left Miller's a talon at 8 o'clock A.M. and arrived at (lorgoua at It A. M. Tiny rep< it that the road, for the whole distance from he first i tat ion where they landed, up to San l'ablc. four niles trim Oergrna. is completed The wh le road is in >erf?ct order, and. to use their own language. ? is as eautifui uinlstUd a railroad an there is in the United dates." I Bttwren Nstj Bey and (latune. there is. perhaps a r h rs Jet to be (inched, to complete til- UM wle n be rare will at once commence running The section jetai en Oatune and the first station abort where the party left their boat. is in pre greet, and will soon bo .a!,-Ltd. so that there will be but four mil' # between i N?tj Bey and Qorgrna ualni h>d >lr. Jones and hie party liari.ig arrived at O.Tgona. ao ' much in adranre of their l oat. they concluded to j j take mulea there and crocs by that route Unf >rtunafrly, I sb< 11 a few miiei out, their mule* broke down in the leep eloiiilbe. and they were Obliged to " foot it.'' They talked until dark. when, fearful of losing the road, th-y ay down und?r a tree, without any cor. ring but their I" itdiuaiy clothes, and slept all night Next morning, * fcry walked on to within right mile- of th? city, and ar- f tred hereabout !) A. M. The whole time occupied In ; '1 raT' llicg fr< m Chag:e? to thi# city?t,urths of the , ' (stance being on fort?was l wenty-one hours. j Ji D?. Tn Panama, en the 30th ult . Philippe Mieur, of New ' leans , In Panama on the .llat.Jean Baptist* N'eyrsu I. of * ranee, aged about 40 years. MARKKT*. > i, Ps*smi Aug 29 ?tTli. hale Price* Current ?American uirtnty ?Chile flour, HOC lb etcks >18; do .100 lb sack* S: rotn meal, in bhla . >i4 a >16 . nary bread prime, p -r j, 10 lbs . >10; pilot bread, do . >8; crackers, per lb . 20c ; |, loe. dome tic per 100 lbs . >6 ; ditto. Uuayaquil ditto, j 7 j orra, per lOo lbs . >4 ; beans Americ m. per 100 lh#? 4 ; ditto. Chile, ditto, >4 ; coffee. Costarica, per 100 lbs , ? '40; candles, sperm, per lb , 40c ; adamantine, 32)^0 ; t alar, 36c ; ssgars, Harata. per 1.000. regalia. 110; 1 j 0 remnos. per 100O. media regalias, f 41; do A.nlxillma. j, er loots. >12; lard, per ICO lb. >30; bolter, do. >30, beef. e?h. per 100 lbs 15; do. dried (I'thtuus) per 100 lbs. 14; do salt, per 4U0 li s m?ss >10; l ork. salt. fAnieri- , an.) mess, per bbl >18; bacon, do, clear p ,rk. per 100 p ?. >44 f'0, hens. Amsiicun sugar cured pcrlOOIba >17 p Q; potatoes Chile, per 100 lbs >h: yams, per 100 lbs >10, I j i-^er. brown, l'eru. per 100 lb* >fi. do white, crushed. ] M er 100 lbs 12; do loaf, per 100 lb? >15. fees, green. I >p nt i-owdi r. per lb 76 rente: do black, t'ouchong do 80; | . ileiae. per bo* of 45 lbs. >4 50. cocoa, per lb. 15 cenfa, {| r< rm '41, per gallon, redned. >176; lard oil. do do >1 (. 1, ollte oil per dotcn. >4 50; linseed oil per gal- | n. boiled >1 00; turpentine, per gallon. >1; paints. er 110 lbs >14, pickles, per dosen, in quarts. >4 00, ,] ii'lanl In lb. bottles, per dell. >3 CO _ OK her, per I.C00 feet? pin?. >o0. eedar. >76. Tobacco. 1 a , per 100 lbs . >30. Molasses Peru boiled, per gallon, Dc Wines?Claret, red In boxss of a dogsn, >4; claret, , 1 liljes of OOgaUans. >85; Pert In pipes of .10 gallons , 4.1 I'ort. In boxee of a dosen. >8 a >10, skerry per gal- I ? >n. >1 60 a >4; Madeira per gal., il 60 a >4. ' hampagae. I t iidOK'g. a an; n ai*?a p^r ganoii. w a pi. c itinera?Cognac brandy. per d-ren f:t $?. Cognac, I k randy. i>?r gallon. 75c a (.1. (tin. Holland prr do/en 1 , I Hi i'1 ein American per gallon. 50c ?7t .whl?K?y ! , r ga!kn. (Oo a 81 21. ale and porter, per dr 82 80 a 8.1 j # Kaval Intelligence. The I' A eloop of war Vineeniiee. William L II I taon. ? ii Bdar, arrived ? San PranciMo, on the nth of i tigurt. flrom Marat Ian whence atae railed on the .'toth of , nne llir I">ll< wing la a Itetof her ogloera ?1'oeirnnnder ? i m I. Iludeun ; f.leutenarte. AuguMua L. Case. Doml- <| irk l.jnrli Jcecph Jf Barn< y. Mlthr* C Perry. .l?n. ; t tircron. Kdward J. Rutter ; Aneietant Burgeon A Allen p null* , Matter. John Wilkinson, Lieutenant Marine* p * Atrkea Boyd ; parsed Midshipmen. <>*nar 0 Badger, ? 'alter 0 Oraln, Oeo T Aimea; Mid hitmen. J. (! Sulli u in.Heo D Hand ; Commander* Clerk. John W. Had- Ii n ; fMinmr Kcgi nr Mack j carpenter. Wm P l.alfh A m ailrurk'-r, Thoa. Tan ir acting boatawain. W B orrerter Ti e t'nitrd Rtates rureejlng schooner Kwlng Lieut " inmandt, g Aldin kkrhnml oil llinion I'elnt. Ran ranclsco on the loth of Augiiat, all well. 8ha left C iimtwililt on the 8th after completing the -urrey of that N ?jr end Trinidad. 'Jle IJ. R. eloop Oyane Cora Jnbh R Payne, waa I aid from Norfolk, on Thursday, to Hie naral anoho- t r< ahriaet of the 1? R. Nara! Hoapital. The f R. Meant 111*ate Anniti'liannah, Captain In- T en. made llie pataage from Madeira to Ilia Janeiro in I 1 day*. n Tan r?jf winch were under oaneaa alone Her / Terete apead under eatland fleam ia ten mliee an hour, r.d without rtiam eerrn i The U. 8. a tea mar Knglneet 0. P Olmsted, matter ? < mat ending. artind at Norfolk on Wedneaday. from I lia Maihlruton Nary \ ard with anchor* for the Qo*. ' ior1 Nary I ard. The t R fl ip Preble Oept Thoa M Craren. aalled I i n< New London on Mond iy for Annap-tUa lb* I. R ali ri?li.p Routhampt.n. Lieutenant Turner, m New Yttk for Rao Francisco. waa at Talparaier on ha'alAAvi I LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. Tht Cuban Statement of the Cuban Inv Ion. j. B< mi- rf the journals of the United States, when speak ing ot the expedition to Cuba, by Oeneral Lopez severs, ly lennue the Cubans because they did not j< in hint her fr< ro meriting the charge made against thein, and the eplthtts so freely applied to them, thoy should, on the contrary, receive the defence and sympathy of all free men. In Cuba, in spite of the orders of the Spanub government. all that appears in the Ainerloau pepe's is read, and we Cubans feel bitterly the harah opinions formtd of us while we pay to our defenders the lie mage ct gratitude and euthusinm. Sad is the I t of the Cubans. They toil perpetually to be free, and hare to biar. in addition to their failure, the censure of a large pert ion of the American pre.a Thee.- papere impute to us the charge of being wanting in u laee of libelty, because. >uy they, we hure done nothing to secure it and for the reason that we did not join Oeneral Lrnet Against these charged we individually protest The Cubans wish to be free aud Spanish tyranuy is intolerable to them The reason Is clear A tax of $12.bC0 U0 a jear is wrested from us; every prof-saioa is rloed to us, we are forbidden to meet, even in the smallest assemblage! , we are constantly aubiectei to an igni niirii'ue espionage; are governed by the c % price of de?pot; have no political rights, aud the least suspicion tuffices toturnirh an eicuw to eontiscste our property, iucaiesrate us in prison or send us from our homed aa exiles. if ?r are fortunate enough to escape death Sometimes it I* :aid. why do not the Cub me make themteires independent of Spain' Now that no other colony tbau Cuba remains to fpain. she taxes an l oppresses iu. much as she can. and vffecUthls, aiuor.g other lunns bj an army of U.LtX) Spanish . ,di>:s. aided by a strong nLval force. Kwry Cuban knows that were his n 1 v island aa res< d to the United States, within a short tune its popu la Hon anil wealth would greatly InsranM?its comtnere* and agriculture would reet on a solid basis?property and personal security would be guaranteed?her son.-, wield be able to ad'11 proKs.ious congenial to their talent and taster and fear neither Eur pean jyorernmsnu nor tteir own slaves- and that the gitnt evils alio now hears, would be supersideU by the htes-ings an<l i> a< Sts enjoyed by tb* people of the United States If the Cobras dil not ru.-h forward to conquer their liberty it was the r; MilurJ.s, in addition to tin ir army an t navy, hay# t lie steam! at' and railroads t. r the rapid transportation of troops, and rely on many natives of the Peninsula wh? ate talabliehrd in Cuba and pose -a the castles, arm, certs acl fortittcatlona Of the bland. Itisalsoaa'd that the Uniltd States were clonics once, yetoonqusrad their liberty. This is true Vet the oases are not similar in tiny respt ct. Tbiurh the United ftat-s w>tv an IIugli b col>?y, tb? y bad provincial a'eetnblies, eel iiers who were s>m of the .-oil. frt edi m of religious worship a frea pleas, trial l y jury, laws which pr tested life UP rty and property, srliot Is aud colleges, and the right in part of voting their iwn taxes. Sdoie than all, their e had the right of meeting iu public to disou - all subjects of gsueral mIt :es*. I,.oil ik au aeon luminal and politic il MM of view Iii,? widely different is the conditi o of the Cubans' d'ktt n ??n? have they tore - Ire t? fight or to cooqu-r ' Yet all l l.rse ..sivant ?.; .< old ni t .-uffirc to win li t y for the United States, for they needed and received the aid of France and oth r rations, whose iu>r-et it was to d?itrey the power of Or at Ilritsia Ani in e Union to these mi '.ns tin y w re abl" to unite tho grrit vircua of Washington and the wildom ft the illustrious nut a hi -e signatures are now seeu iu the DeCiaiatiou of ludt fetid* * ce '1 be causes which contribute to the emancipation of m pe<|.!.' are very crnif itx The cumber o! tne optirecsei^ thi deores. i xtrac'ion. th-ir sacrifices, an 1 th eo oporat im of other nations, doea not sutllce It is net 'swary LLst these, hdU other eau>cs n"t le-s neces- ry should open in ctder and h,irnn>cT. and, no to say with id-uMdrati: n We miirtit cite a thou -and instances t. show tlsu doctnre : Poland. Italy, and Hungary, by their bet >ii??u, aid not conquer liberty Greece made aacriti - w worthy if her ItnitUun ai.d with dlfliculty win free iu-Utulions. A.< much may be said of the efforts of Ktiao# to make her u republic Kt n I lyUn l. before tlr-a ??liens aspired to liberty, r. lie 1 lot > iv?olut: u . &n 1 (M orient* of Mood but 1st far, even n >er. fruui jhmj^uihj a ,iuly liberal constitution. It is urjust to ctrn.-uns the Cubans because they ana lot iabpeniki t If they are not tbe reason is to b found io the great Madras trges they bare labored mder. oouipar-i with bote people who l.ave bat o able to throw off the yoke of yraiiny. aud because the strange state iu which they ,ml tbem.'t Ives present* immense inconveniences which, io far, haTelx en trwinfiblo to them. The Cabana aiw idtd hy the Spaniards for the same reason that the tn>.> riiana were by the KnglL-li. th? Greek* by the t'urkaj 'or the same reason that the I'olta were by the IturuaiMt .lie llurpulinn.* by the Aualiian the Italian* by a daapotic p' Ternmer t Now. et ua ace If the sons of Cab* bare sought to threw e(l the Ppanisli yoke, or have tnado say attempt to effect this Obj-et Minn the people of Auietiea. who were aubjeot ta Spi'ii. | roclalu.i d their itideperdence. many Culaaoaa enltutid under tbelr flags and their Ja.ti are fllWd with tbe r.i mea of natives ot t'uba who figured as gvimrvds and were employed iu high rank in the army, nary, treasury, and civil services, especially of Colombia ami Me*ten Thine illustrious men and the agent* of Cab* reeupii d no insignificant petition in the formation of tbc Crngtsss of Panama, which di termlned to send a formldalde cxpeditioh to Cuba fcr the purpraeot eff-c:ing tint liLerrtion of the Islaud. Th'a idea was ao far carried int. that tbe Colruibisn and Mexican forces bad already ism-itbled for this purpose This expedition did nil lake place, not or account of tbe Cubans?who war* be fir?t to regret that It did net sail, dluce that tima there have exist* d In Cuba secret run/a*. collection* of hi nej-. emUearies to various peints. (the United State* m 1 tided ) and ideal conspiracies There hare also been or tai in filvlgu countries charged with forming an mnedition ; and all that any country anxious for liberty i u'd do. bas been done A few years ago a plan of o?v 'piracy at Tuutg 1'rinelpe, c&u-ed the exerntion of kgaaro and banoln x ftub*cquently another cnnipirasy sis foinied at Havana. the iu inters of which extended through.tbe whole l-lard Men arms, munition* of war, [ adore and troops had been obtained; there waa a divi -n il the Spaniards, and foi tre-ee< would havw I'priu d their pates to us A fetal man who was ml irmeA of s i. r? T? ili 4 the plot to the g' n-rnment ; 800 were taken end became the victims of the md if ; there mere fluee. setti-ocss to death. ntid cxtba. Acini/ thoee eho dud was the (neat lleredia Other plans of eon firmy eroee: In 18*1. the epoch in which the repreeenlaiire goverwnei t of Spain was destroyed, the Cnbann under the pretext of prose-reing the cpuatitutien, formeA t.nhu and lodges. and collected arms and money; In 1886, Mnna of conspiracy were formed in oil ports of the Island, d expectation of aid from Colombia and Mealed; ia >"10. a junta of patriots Induced tb<- gallant (ieneral Don Manuel Loretr.o to exact an oath to the constitution la 'entlrgo de Cuba, disobeying the Uerernor of theteland, rltli the role intention of preparing for independence; inally. lu 1861. many sons if Puerto Principe and Trlnlnd weie executed for hartngdtclared the ladspeodaaoo f the Island la not this to love and to toll for thn Ifcrrty of one's country ' Hut the Cubans have not only tollsd In the Island, bat arc sought atrangera to aid them in their emancipation r? ni Spain. Ttey came to the freest people in the world, nd found men. arma and ships The Cuban juntm ia bi I n ted stales had 3.IK0 men prepared and It wan nly mreeesry t > procure three er four ships to carry n :l-?r< us expedition epousrli to atTnrd ane security ta educe Die Cubana to join It No one doubts the heroin <f Oeoernl Lepri. hnt that the dpaninnls of thn 'lend dscelnd him; that be ha.l too much confidence n Ids own ralor. that he judged his own prvsenee la the datd would attflhe to Induce the Cubans to join htm or bat he was unwilling to ilirlde hts glory with anyone, nd Mi-led to fhiba with 40s) men are Indisputable. Minn Howard hpaniaid* fell on him, and his lierota eids. Lb tragical death, are now too well known Tba Evasion of Cardenas and l<aa I'osas prove his valor ta e dauntless; hut not to have been free from rt*bnme ice Is Inhabltrd by Spaniards and has I'onaa la a icily place Pour tuedrrd mro. comparod with tba panbh army, la a handful. The Cubans did not j'rtn ' pe7 t" attack the ppeulsrd" f"T the reason that tney id not strive for themselves alone At last the dpaatardn nnoundeo the expedi Ion. so that n? oe could join It. hey kept th? C?e<4es from leaving the towna; they la> risoned all who sought to Join bi?n. end concealed all In t toi k place at las l'< rae and from the very day ad Is landing, published that In had heen beaten,and waan it t? project# < f pronv-yrtnmmtrt. which dolayeg bp he Vipitanre of the t*pariard? ignorant e of what wmi l-parcl and Ih? lit Ho confidence inspired by the >wl uiilor of tho Invader* W o think wo have proved that tho charge of apathf lid deeertion i? nnjuat In Ppala In Colombia Mraloo, i.d In Cuba among Lopei'a companion*, aro Uio naaoo I many Unbone who will bo Immortal In oTory part ad bo world whoto valor, virtue. and petrhHiem. aro approiatrd Iho Cuban* contributor! to Impoa'a apcdltlow a ruch ao tboy aoald and aro In no manner roiponelMo or hla ardor and precipitation All hopo did not dio rllh b m Ho haa proven tb? f?pani?h army and navy ro ret powerful, no wo belle rod. and thai roptiMinon rmlea in a Ibw daya. by tholr valor, ran gain ad van! agu* ver wore mime roue rnemloa Another greater boned* ro ewe to the 01 pod I Hon of Ooworal l.?pe? It lakh* wet prortlral proof that there aro thonoand- of Ameloane ready to (mtorniie with theCubaaa prrparod U hod tbeir bb-od In aid of Uio conqnoat of our In l.-peoonce. Tho anneaatloa of Cuba Intororta tho owe ma. ry an much a* tho othor, both in an eeonomloal and lifjoal point of vlow Proof* of tbi* are found in lha <n? which or me to tho aid of tho Cubaaa. and oaaf bif heir talant and patrt?Hom la making thta reciprocal tlhty vldent. and in contributing. by ovary maaao to iduce tho oooa of Cuba, and the rirfaoa* of tho groat meriraa confederacy, to untoae* aa brother* about*. larrmrnti of DtotlvagwUlieti Indlvldaata. (iarnoll I'ur.can. B*<] , hew OrloatM , Talbot J out*, Inclnnatl. J. I'aehwood. Maryland. W I Tknapao. ow Orleans, Frank Moore. Bellow* bulla. Vermont, Dr. ; P Jfnoa, Pan Franc loco ; fi It Saagroe Havana, It Dehrow, Liverpool. ware among tho arrival* at tha nion Placo Hotel t) Cahill. Washington, T II Campbell, [lllnnW: lurton, Virginia; J. B Fonnoe. tVwton; Ooa B'auwnut. '.ngland, W Firth. Knglnnd. Lieut. Col. IIwko. Brltioh limy, W. Mert'.n. Chailootoa. havoarrived at the Aator n Head VI oI.Imi e N II Maaeell. Virginia. T fonaa. ditto; W Unit Waotinfftna. hi* K*rrll?ac.? Proitdint lillmoto, do; lion Sverotarr Stuait <!_> , lion acratarj Conrad, do ; Mar?lml I>a?in. Boatoo R W?*. r H fnw Montana). bar a airland a* ,*TT lion N Munroo Michigan. I H Wnrd ?>*.<?? ; Pamunl Nliftman do ; Uno R raitbaok. t\<?rUa; llniman, Waahingtoo, Wm _*?*?'"* _ ***}*??_. ^ MltobrU Raw Orl-aua, U * lUrrtt, &iab?a.nwd Col ? llinklaf. Mtaninntp* war-a*,?iw Mrir?U ywMw*d?? at Ik- v|i?t? U?H<V

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