Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMESUOHDUMBKMNETT. r&OFRIKTOR and bdito*. or?tea *. ?. ccurn or fi'ltom and iumac m. THE IbjtlLY UEH.1LV. I cent! per ;opy~$T per ' WEEKLY HEH.1I.D. retry Saturday, at 6* .,.J, , eore- ?> tSper annum; the European Edition POP" aouamtociypart a/ Ureal Hr.tain, and t* to any m.Jr'ul'Kt Contxnt nf. bot\ to iniludetK* lot tag 4. 'rtii vXT.lRY COHHESHOSltESCE. containing pmmtrtutU neive. tolicittd from any^uarteruf (a r world; oJ wont, unlit'' liberally paid for. Oik Foiuii Cotiur?l?"" *** TAETICVI.AELT II.IUTU TO HAL ALi ^rrru> ??i paceaoes ??t to vs. TEH US. eaeb in advance jtLL LETTERS by mail, for Sukecriptione. or with rim m nit, to br post paid, or (a* poetage ttill be protected from the mum y remitted. Sit NftTlLE taken of anonyotoue communicatione. We an not "turn thote rejected. JH'YEKTISE WESTS renewed every morning. JOh HKlSTlXG executed with neatnesi, cheapneti trail Ot Pah \. ToiUi* XTI. No. M 4. AMI S1MENT3 TO-MORRnW EVENING. bowery theatre, Eown- rc? r>*- Ri* the RjeteM. BBGAPWAY THEATRE, BroAdwAj-OTHELLO-UrT ** * Coo. _____ HIBLCis garden, Brokuwkv? e:x-ka-sajil. BCRTCN'S THEATRE, CtkniUn iw?l-H.m iose. <k WiitiraTale. _____ aTHNAL theatre, ChktbEB itr??t-r!?E.TCH St* j ? mii'fv a?hcre-8la\i? reveaoe. ineVGRAKS LTCEl'M, Broadwny-Jf IcaiTM. C'HRISTT'8 MINSTRELS. Mechanic Hall, 472 Brc?iw?j \ lln>T?tuv. FELLOWS" MINSTRELS. Fallow*' Musical Hall, Wt. 444 ln*4*>7-IrKit>rui Mi?ii(iiLl?. AMERICAN MUSEUM?Am vslsn pkarikmas^m ArICAKCdN iRt ImiRli. ElUrLXR HALL? Soimu Mici^rtl. EC VERT CIRCUS?Eviv utkiar Pnr niioa. Haw torfc, Sundajr, IkpMmbK 41, 1831. Wtlgbl off (fa? Htrald In Wroppora. R?n.i Gieilo ix ca Ivl'KV Shi IT lira. LI) IX CA ( f? J llLIT BlliLD 1 C?. Notice to tla-e Public. (*ur p?i*r Le tc be served earlier in the morning. Of. ing tt long and late telegraphic despatches, late reports fJnBeetirgn a pree.-ure td news by the mail--night ana the rapidly increasing circulation of the H'-aU, our ewbee-nbere tare been served at a late hcur. Increased 1ttc? enable our carriers to deliier the pa; r earner Ad future. Summary of the New*. t .r cii Jinn?, to-day. contain full details of the te*s frcm the Pacific coast, which will be found interesting to the general reader- The discovery of geld in Australia has caused a great excitement, and already many arc about to leave CalifynU for 1 the new land of gold. The grand finale of the Boston Kaitroad Jubilee leek place yesterday, when the eoBplimonts of the 4 anadlan visiters were paid to the c lizens of Bjs tot v or correspondence will be found very interesting. The t asi-age of President Fillmore through our ity, yesterday, was quiet. Considerable disappointment will be felt, in consequence cf the re:urn ?f Lord Llgin to Canada without visiting New York, as was expected. The great Fair at Rochester has broken up in a general row between the city and State committees, about the disposition of the surplus funds; but the Rochester people have the advantage, having all in their own hands. The premiums which were awarded yesterday, amounted to but an insign.ueant sum. The people of New Erunswick are pushing ahead with great earnestness their works of internal improvement, and the tine is not far distant when all the British North American provinces will be brought into close communication with the I'uited States. A violent gale has occurred on the eoa-t of Newfoundland, which caused great destruction aiamg the shipping It is said to be the most disastrous s hich has occurred on that coast for fifty J sirs Of a local character, there is very little of iuerest. The fire in our city, yesterday, was more destructive than any which has occurred for some time; ' but the perseverance of our citlaens will soon repair all the damage that has been sustained, and it will Bet be felt in our general prosperous condition. The decisions in the Supreme Court, yesterday, do not involve any new principle, and are merely cf importance to the people concerned. The difficulty between < <en Wool ani Col. Webb (tins to have excited considerable attention at Rochester, from the fact that the former refused an introduction to the latter The KoctieaCer State Kale?Ttae Uoefun llallroad JaallK?Ureal Country. We are approaching the millenium. *'The year cf jub.leos has come;" and after a few more seasons cf revolution and reaction, we may expect the day cf the prophets, in all its btiUiant sublimity. The year cf our Lord, 1**81, w.ll be recorded by future historians as the year of jubilees?the year of the Crystal Palace?ofthe/e#?? of Paris?of the Rochester Agricultural Mate Fair, and the Boston Railroad Jubilee. W? must admit that the Crystal f'alace ii the molt transparent humbug?ths most com pr< he naive iffur-tho most successful speculation of tb? season; that the glory, even of BsrBuai, ii eclipsed by the (lory of Prince Albert: that hi* grand exposition bai led to great profit* to all concerned, great results, great discoveries, and great triumphs of American skill, ingenuity, and enterprise We must claim, however, that Beit in importance to the glase bazaar, and in the brill ia toy of their success, stand the Rochester Stats Fair and the Bo*t?a Jubilee In their political considerations, they are equally interestirg. and of more immediate importance to the people. Bo. alone of Massachusetts and New Vork, but of the United States. The annual Fair, for which tkc l.mpire Mate Is o justly ce cbra'rd, has far ?urpattcd, this season, in the diq-lay of stock, agricultural products, implements, improvements, wonders, and curioeitie*. any previous exhibition of the a ad in the United States 1 here has never been anything like lite-thug to proudly conclusive of the splendid re ourtes and capabilities of this great Mate in agriculture aothig half se> gratifying, as evidences of It* iw|.ioveiuet?u atd progress m the science of fanning, as have b en collected together at lb* 1 loch rater Exhibition. Never bus this annual fes ' l?val drawn together si h a multitudinous ass cm Lis go o.' the pe-.ple?U. ; bone a ad sinew of the country the farmer.', the bu*y mit.*oni, the inda? triou* atd blrx ruing daughters of tk4 "rural J istricts " Never, wt confidently aise.t?aever b i? there beta upoa the face of the earth, at nayi uilar f?rtival of < ,u?i magnitude, such a gra' Vying exhibition of oar universally diffused element * of comfort, happiness and j-roape ii..y Our orr sp vuieot, a< cust< rncsl to such *xdcj vf wretchedoe#.' lit itif til n rkfifi '?rir? f ka fairi ,f sPr. eountriir, it re*y nn'urAily (truck w tb the unir ail j. .MK*#i(.r, If H vaat a multitude, of ail th?* ? fcft.iU of lift H? ??vf that in tki( onouree of j ?in hundred th< u-aod p?r*oof, " th? re *u not i?pg?d kiu;i nor a beggar to bo teon." hueh or* fotno of the rt?u!U of a fortiio aoU. plenty ?>f iooh, atd a Cue climate, under ta? p-a?ti *al Working of our federal conatitutioa. Another intcraating feature of the lloeh'Mer I.*hibition U in the t,umber of onliticiana waich it rofx-entratod at that place In aMdition to Got Hunt, ** '?orrrn .r Arc/, ex Goto ior Morton of , M*<m> h .iitU, Governor Wright o' Indiana, G?a. Wool, Gen Webb, And lb race Oretiey, and , f'tL> ?. the ('Id f'ominion hcr'fll *a< repree*a?ai by j ox-Tret dont Tyler, the *emc lohn Tyler win, in i hi* retirement, had aimoit been forgotten, and all I birtrcub'c* frith the whig*, fr im hia row of the but , mJ tie KiMBl (."orxo/jU-on Jle ran present. , and made a goed rpeech for Virginia ftftd the''men And it is highly probable we may not beer of him again for twelve month*, ?o quietly in tbi* country doca the chief magistrate step down from hi* official pre-eminence into the shade* of pri | vaw life. Martin Van Buren and John, it appear-, were amorg the absentees. Perhaps it was part of their deep laid game for 1S62. The chiei of the Invited guests was the orator of the day?Senat .r 1 i'ouglas, tf Illinois, who is up for the Presidency Perhaps this accounts for the absence of the Sage of Lindenwsld and the Prince. At all events, the address of Judge 1'ouglas will aid materially in advancing his claims for the Baltimore nomination. His position bifore his party and his country will give a prominent position to the address among the honest yeomanry ; and the good sense and practical knowledge embodied in this addreso cannot fail to have a favorable influence in behalf of its author. We therefore think that thft Judge has apprepri aitu lue puuujai capum 01 me c^tiie rair, iiuiwithstanding General Wool reviewed the treaps, and .-poke in favor of the militia. The Boclon Jubilee, from day to day, has been more minutely described in our columns than the l air It w&- a novelty?a jubilee in faot; and mag" nificent, vast, and multitudinous, from first to last. The arrange rncnti had some thing of the magnitude and elegance about them for which Paris is so distinguished, blended with all the practical efficiency! decorum, and solid enthusiasm which belong to the Yankee*. The political bearings of this tkree days' carnival not very clearly defined, h'rom the interchange of compliments, however, between Lord Llgm and the other distinguished guests from Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, on the one nand, and the Bostonians and the Presideit on the other, there appear to be bo impcdimentcto the e-annoxction of the Br.tish pro! vincei to tb: Un ted Statee. There were no special j opinions ; (pressed on the subject; but from the j harmony of feeling between the Yankees and her Majesty's subjects, we should suppose that both parties were ripe for the incorporation of the adjoin- ! ing provinces into this great confederacy. We pre- \ sumo on the other bund, that as fur as the secces- j i ?n's concerned, the visit of the Prcsideiit and his ] Cab'net to the celebration will hire little influence in the Stale. Things will take their course as if no such invasion of the State had ever occurred. The speeches ail round, were the good old song of the v uii u, w ouitu, ui luuric, lie peupits win respuuu atnen. The speech of Mr- Webster bears Lis usual strong foot prints?the others were as common-plane as the extreme of caution could make them. X? d< ubt lioiUn realised something from the Jubilee; but the state of parties is such in Massachusetts, that theie was no opening for he politicians. In conclusion, while the Fai' at Rochester was more practical, the Boston Jubilee was more at' | tractive, from its novelties. Both line been of un1 precedented magnificence and magnitude, and both are strictly exemplifications of the resources, the enterprise, the progress, and the prosperity of the country. . The Case or He.nk . Carnkt.i. ?The extraordinary circumstances connected with the stay of the execution of this convict, furnish a theme for wide discussion among lawyers and laymen. After a convict has b??n sentenced to any other punishment than that of death, and hi s counsel advise that there was error on his trial, he is entitled, by right, to a writ of error, upon which to argue amotion for new rial, and the Supreme Court Judge may grant a toy of sentence, if he thinks fit, by writing an order to that effect upon the writ of error. In the case ot a convict sentence! to be hung, his counsel cannot obtain a writ of error by right, but inu.-t apj ly to a Supreme Court Judge for it, who may refuse it if he choose. But when a Judge grants su?b a writ of error, the statute in regard to capital cases being silent as to staying execution, it is the province o{ the executive to interpose a reprietc, or respite, which operates in the same manner as the stay of the JuJge in ordinary cases. We ubjoin the provisions of the statute in criminal a?e?:? In the Reused >la ales, the 11th sec , p. 747, , '*J? K? Judge, Court oe I* ?r other than the Governor, hail tar. uj so. ruj to reprieve .>r suspend the exult' n of any consist -*utenoe4 to the puni-hment of death except sheriffs n the rases and in the manser h*r. n . ftrr provided ^ fte*e provisions are in cases of i 'i sanity, prepnsney 4c i 8?c 14 W rlts of irr or upon .iu laments rendered on sty indictment frr a rapital offence, shall not issue, un less by the than, etiur or one of the Justiees of Mrren.e L'l urt i r a Circuit Jmise nnr.n nutlna n I -.o tL? Atto!ti>-jr 0-neral or to the Di?trict Attorney of ' the i outitr th'rr the ronrietion ehai. have be?-o had. i aada 'i.?-r cftor thai) ?url. i< are hMh enuniera r J thai. I* emp'Wi rrj to allow euch wr.ta The *i plication for a writ of error in the ca?e Cart ell. war trade to 'uJge Ira Harris, on the 16th ,n?t . without notice to the " District Attorney of the county where the conviction was had," but oa uctice to Mr Attorney General Chatfield, who ; knew nothing of the ca?e, and who, it appears, acted in it without advising with Mr. Blunt. If the power exercised by Judge Harris, in thus interfering with the executive prerogative, be law- ; ful, then that power is in the hands of thirty-two 1 .-uprime Court Judges in this State, and may, ( upon an almost or parti statement, be used to be tie and defeat the ends of justuo in every instance. X?.w Lemoc ratio Oroan ?We understand that ' a vigorous effort is making for the establishment of a t.ew democratic organ for the oity of New York It i? a (act, an J a singular fact, that every organ hcretofi re established, or recognised by Tammany flail, has iived a miserable life, and died a miss- j iable death-a life cf destitution and a death from , starvation If it were worth the trouble, the causes >f this inevitable fat a. it y might be given: but they are well understood, and appear at las*, to be comprehended to seme extent by the saebems of the party We learn that several thousand dollars | hate been mbiciilcd for the new paper, and that there is every prospect of a good capital in money j to start open; but unless there is also the talis- ! pcrsable capital of tsct, talent, entsrprise, industry, energy and activity, there is no chance for t A poor |aper can't live long in Now York; a g< e-d paper?especially a d mocratic Tammany Hall paper?requires all the capital wc have spccif.? d, or d all the patience of Job For advertising pnrposes, the Hi nil, from its vsit circulation, is tie best medium of all parties: but if a special organ is required to grir i particular mud;, either the government nr th# party must pay the piper. | The C* ea ip r now ?We publish an article today. entitled ' The Cuban statement of the Caban Invasion," which we a e secured is a semi official | Jocvui snt, pr<weeding lrowi tui Cuban ;wa/a in ths 1 nitod Mates, sod which has been translated from the -p.anish larguage For precautionary rcas ins, .t no*. a<rr mpanit i by any signaturws, ! sr J, theref re. must b.- taken precisely as it staid*. W? have given it a ps: in our columns, having received an assurance of its orig n, in cimpllance with ur rule to publish everything, on both sides of the question, which can be considered of an offlcial character, or of public importance. The 1'iealrieut in flew fork, The I'lestd-nt. aec-mpanied by Mrs Pillmore. Miss i riUmore and Mr Fil'more Jr ml attended bjr Sec ret \riee Etuart an<l C> arad >!?r?b*l Devao* of Ma ?a-hu. pf 1/ tij Mr Sirf-nt editor of the H'i- 'v. arrived by | tL? >mptrr itBtc b' v ;? ? clock ye?t?! '?y ?< ?"(? Tlwy Inn J ?trly prrM-?f|?4 to th? IrrlBR cod bfMkfaJttd ift?t t t>|?-b. the l'r<-?lIfLt. teti * by Mr f ?rf*bt prrc?.<l?4 by th. tin* o'clock ?bl''?d?lphio tttiii. wi btbo intention of Itltk'tf ? ""a ' r?-lblc wher* It I* '"I P' erf Import.,Bt rWtUl bv?t?r*? ? .julr.? hi* inm?ll?'? pr? ??(-? Tt * Pr??id< nt> l.eilth b?? nnj?*b :mrro??-d . or* h- Mt * " *D'1 >' k* i???r!y rww-rod row (h? ?fT rt? of hu r *"?' ? ?'* Tli? f'Wll/ of Ibo Pr*?ldeia *1.4 P. ?rrt?tl-c. \>ni?d ?o J 8iu*r* IN?*p?<;t <1 t< :<01H . nw? 4. ? It I ^ liriM W?/*hU In" " J i n I,.. *?j l.? |i * >?* ? ??? U-.ib, J*o l?ro*y MM^ng NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. CImc mt Iht Stale Kalr?Oraiid Haw between I be Committees. K.'i m iu, dept. 20,1851. XL. State Feu ku >udcii; tail the crowd bud. parted Al! declare it the greatest ever held. The re celpt* exceeded those of any previoat fair by abou three thou-sod dolla** The receipts cf admission t< it. Fair (round* htTe realized $14,(XX) The premium1 have only sacuntad to fobbO. The ?i committee wis! to fnrd the remainder, and are unwilling to pay ever their own expense*. There has been a terrible row ba twe< n the cit". en mtltie and the ex-committee. orthi Albany Junta.'' at the Rochester people cill them The c'.ty conin.i'.tee, In consideration of holdiuy the Fail here, engaged to p.y five thousand dollar* toward* th* ri|>erwa of fitting up the ground. ; but an ripen** oi two thousand dollar* ha* been Incurred for inrit?<J gU'.ts. Ac., which the city ctiuinittee did not age** tpay, but which the executira or state team ttee lu-tal they .hall pay. Tb* city committee, U- water, hare thi whip hand, lor they have all the fund* re.vived at thi Fair, in their por-cation. and will pay all the bill, befor.' tbev | art with tbem. It ctrtaliily neem* rather mean that the evcoinmlttae after receiving fourteen thousand dullurs dispute aboul pay lip the tw, thousand dollar-expoute- incurred by themeelvea. On* of th* most carious phases presented by to# tun knd which I hut* omitted to Mention, if the eugei curi. fity of the people to witiie*-' the operation of tin telegraph Mouses < fli * was filled with th-m ever] day from m- ruing till night and the uperintenden good oaturedly permitted them to look on, and ex plained to them the wood re of electr* ity The numbe of prWate me- -ages sent by the people at the fair t enoimoufc Tiiej seem to prefer Uou-.e e I'riu'.ieg Tele graph be-aus* th- r nr<com printed " fight ou ly the telegraph " Tt?? DIAIcnUr hctwwn Gen. Wool and C oi llocH'STF.a. ??pt. 20 #lSjl. I have r-st.le tome farther inquiry rAout the. car* Col Web* and G<n Wcol. There le no getting at tl exact particular-, bociase the story has ouly ooxed 01 from themselves. The rumor all over the city about tl fracat cn Thursdcy afternoon between Col. Webb as Gen Wool Is,, tb?t during the ety Qen Wo- 1 aa?ert< hit right to re'tew the troops as taking precsdnnre the Governor, who Is only Cafrain General of the militi The claim wan not admitted, as it was the ir.ilitia th: wer? to be wrimi Chi Wool, however, agreed t go to the ground. and it was arranged that he shoal hare a place in the Governor's carriage In th* ear carriage were Col Iiruce and Col. Webb, n aide ( tbe Governor. The Governor, observing that Gei Wool and Col W- bl we're not -peakiog proposed to it: treUiue tb'iu Gen. Wool raid he did not know Co Webb, and did not want to know him There was the one alio b>u to a - ertain article in the Cvurirr and F. 1 i/i inr. in wiiii h serin reflections were made upon th generalship Wool C?l. Wei-It. In justiflcntlon of him self, .aid he had( letter from the i.ite U> Herat Tayloi in which he said th it If Oen Wool's advice had bee followed, the d'- isive battle < f Buena Vista would h ?v been lost. G'-neral Wool -iiid it \vu- false ; Cel. Web -aid he would prove it by publishing the letter Gener. Wool dared him to do so What further 0?vur?d depnent faith not; but the foregoing is in everyboly' mouth It appears there has been a bad ft eling between Woand Webb ever since they were in the army together. Departure of Lord Klgln, Direct for Canada Boito*. Sept. 20,1851. Lord Klgin and suite left Boston this morning at o'clock, by the Northern llailroud, direct for Canada fir Alien McNab the Hon. Joseph Howe, and other ditinguished Canadians, bad an interview with the Cit Government, this morning, in the Mayor's room, Cit Hall Speeches and congratulations ensued, exhibitln tbe best of feeling The Canadians e*pre?* themselves highly delight* with their reception in Boston. Adjourn went of the Grand Lodge of Gil Fellows. Baltimoic. Sept. 20. 1851. The call on States for new business. ?nd the Wild; fund, occupied the attention of the Lodge of Odd Fel lows until a late hour last night. The lodge this ro rnln adopted the ladies degree, by yea* 47. to nays 37?th Grand fire decided that a majority ot votes only was ue cesesry They bad a grand supper lust night. SECOND DESPATCH. The Grand Lodge, at this afternoon's session. di< nothing of public interest but finished op all old bus! errs, and adjourned tin* dir. at 6 o'clock A large nam 1<r of Northern numbers left for th?lr home* ia the I o'clock cart, while others ri main to attend church to MMV The Late Hon. Frederick Whittlesey. Ro< HKitaa, Sept. 20,1S51. The bar held a meeting to day in reference to thi death ef Judge WLitUeaey. Appropriate resolution.* w*r? pasted, and rulogbtic addrases made The funeral wit take place to-morrow, and will be eery large. A -pecU train will be run from llullalo. for the accommodation cm the trli udf cf the dece ased, and Ida late aMoclater. inthi State lln* railroad Ilia death ia felt aa a great las* V w i im \ew Tnk. Death of Dudley I*eavltt. N. II . Sept. 20 1861 Dudley Learitt. the veteran almanac maker, died thi morning. Ill# age waa 80. It all road Accident?Two Men Killed. Ains-v Moasisi. Exraia* Orrn c. ) Amai, Sept 20?10 P.M. / To-night, at half-past ail o'clock, two men were klll*< on the Schenectady Railroad, about a mite and a ha! tr> m this city They were returning to town from work on the watir work*, when tbey met a freight tra't c? ming Ka<t and the Weatern passenger train, beioiulm bewildired, they were struck by the Eastern train, befori they cruld get out of the way the train passing Orel cue of them mangling him in a shocking manner car ryingthe other fifty rods apparently breaking ererj Is ne In his body They were both Irishmen named K<arn* atd Stack the torsiar n widower, thirty fin ars old. the latter single, nineteen years old Crron-i Winn* ha* gone to bold impiest Southern SI nil? Cuban Kxpedltloiilst* nl JarkaonTllle?Georgia Elec tion, dkc. Bsitimobk. Sept. SO. It'1 Both the Scutlom malls are recelyed S.Teral Cuban expeditionist* returned to Satann tl on Tn nisy. from Jacksonville They *ay the expedi tlea I* completely abandoned an 1 the |>arti<'i have at lefl Jarkaoavtll* The carannith R.yuAtiien fay that Cobb will earn Georgia by 16 000 majority 11 <1 Sumner* a pardoned Cuban prisoner, had arrftedat New Orleans The demoeta'ie candidate for C'-ngres# in the First District of Louisiana, has published a carl, opp /slng threpeal of th> compromise measure*. A car containing fifteen persons, on the Baltimori and Ohio rallrr i.d. rolled down a preelplee near t'omNer land, killing three laborer*, and dreadfully wounding eix ethers Th? F.wapean and North American Kallrn.trt. It Jomw. N B . Sept 29 ISM A railroad meeting w?- held here, tn-dav at th'e? o'clock at the Cimwrrlal Bmk. at which Sir 0.1k Areldt aid. n behalf i f hi- friend-. lakserfhd fir 880.UMl cfstoek In th* Eur- ? ** ?nd North American Railr ?d The t< pielt of 8100 (00 will be fold In and notice Im Tide tely glten fir s meeting of ste. kholl*rs t<> orgsnlw the con.pany Nvert Gnle at Newfoundland. Bneros Sept !M. 1161 Th* Ft Jrho paye rs slut* that on the 27th ult . a gab we- erf* rienerd > n the roa-t of NewfoundUnd. the lihi of skiih l is not been known for the p?-t fifty year- :ni It is pre table that a rery Is pgr amount of property ami lies of life ia iov<>ir*d In Bay fortune and on thi ecii'hcrn sic re the gab was most fearful Potty fun nil were drift s t ore r lit* fly fl'liermoii. F air hoot* from Ft E" t*r* who nieslng and it I* f*ai d that thai Wet* lost, with all hand Fportlng Intelligences Bacwama, Beat an. lfi-M Tiers vis a tunning msteh today at ths Lnioi pr.uf?> m a fur## of ?.%<> two inii- h?aL- tw?t two In thr#? Four hora#* w#r? #nt#r#d. Th# pur?# wa< tak#t by tb# ?'an#da h<.r#? tf?-br< n Tim# fit#t h*ut.3 4'l NNM kit. S M. Murder at llarrlahtirg. Ilaaai?araa. 8?pt 30 IVtl Two )>r?tm?n t>am#<l liiiw* and ChrtntarT cot into i ',uarr?l y#?t#r lay arurr.'on whl<*h r?-?nlt#d in lhn#? !> - Idc Instantly killrd. Tb# murd#r#r ha> b##n arr?>t?4 Arrlval of the Oaorty at Ptillnrt*Iplila. Pan ?ri#L#itia. !>#ft 3d, IkJl Tb# at#am#r 't#pr?y from Cbarl##t< n arrived h?r# thaa 'ruing Our rhllftrffltlllU r'nvr> atuir llanra pMit.tDKimm. I?pt SO 1S41 .fiTiiil and par I ?r r */ PrrnHml f ill mm ?? T>" t'ahn .irrrti for Jtfiifim, fr. Tb' H?? York boat with th* I'Milut and bla tariff on MrlT-d about two c rlook and wmt la modlatrly on Uard tho Baitiaor* boat th# f irm?r lr?? pt.'lt alon|f*id? ml tlia latt?r b#fr.r# join* to h?r own l?iatinr 1 hir? ??? no crow,| In att-miaoc* and Col l>cU. rl ?wl? to I# th# "Blf <1l?tiiitu.-h- I mm I. uf, to r?r#tT# th# h<a.| i f th# nati n Tb* Y'allan 'pro hmpr har# ooa* to town and nil tb* worW. ? It to prorurw >*?( for th# Brat p#rf rm am* on k'ltdiy n?#lm l.u-ia lot! pi### i##t#rj. n d ili* cat. rnat tbatw h?# b#?n rrjn?. nat#d Id hoa>r f th# M ratio "? II '? ? l ow.' lL h hand on l>oanl th? bit .1 >ra ofN"? Yf i k. bl> b nch tly artit' d b*r# fr.ra Mr*rp ' w?*. it mi rtirp. of mt 'ttti'd by' * Onmialtai n*r 11 ->n n t 'ii I'ailtof %h <k 0 to ?n ?i r fki h .'f of mii*iaf li* l*t i'I to do iJiiif ' ' board th< -liiii Kilftrnrnl to n!r y * and I a ? * *oi "ton araawltnl tbi mat# I;* |> n I*. a e?titin#d In it, " "? board lb* iliip for tl?? if t 'I ** on utPr ' ? tro iff### I ?? ? r?v '? '4 t'' 6 llat takinr fjj ? uyit >ti' # ia<;*a witfc tta# , I Folic* lateUlgnM. I A NOVEL WAV ?r WIT ES?1NG AN EXECUTION? > I EXCITING SCENE AT THE TOMBS. j, On Vriday. the day of Ptookey's execution at th? Turn be a large number of parsons, anxious to witness * ili* banging snbibition, bad taken their poeiuon in and g about the Tombs forming a dense crowd at tbc entrance t cf the prison door, making it almost impossible fur ' > egress, boms bad permits from the Sheriff, entitling s i hem to pass in, but the majority had not, and the or f ' , requeuee was, that Mr. Lowu, the Deputy Sheriff , irp charge of the door, was laburing under eons' | difficulty to keep those ont who were uot pro- ... ... i / ? . , ., rllfd with , a pass: for no scon*r was the gate opened t . . ... uu n general 1 rush was made, and those without a pa> the nearest to the entrance, whi-h c* ... .eabed mmheonfu. . , hid with tboec entitled to pass, in thfYllMw thl) f crowd andln rodolngmanywer ^ ^ thtir coat J I lutton*. and portion* or thur c . t BHl rVIV"?r^1* * ?? ww aw abowt to da- j . wnbe, exbibitiBg at once ^ ^ extracr' StJ. B a.. .,15! ' -r?*P^Utor will adopt in ' i "wf. in h ^ r"r ibe terrible. | n i ii.? . J?w of the execution, 4 Mr P., , well known in the < j^pnunity us a wealthy merchant, ! , ' 'in ? ,??? C. 4 + for admittance, but n't [**, | J ' /H* found tUt any attempt to push r hi* way In woul 4 ^ useless. Accordingly a* a la*t re"'I ? !'? 4 W ^1*. Sidney H. trlewart, the obliging ) ami tBoleu t ClfcA of Police, to It ni hi* attendance 111 t r procuring admittance. Mr. Stewart, who is ever ] ? '''"IJ 10 tacccV module lii? frier tit, went down to Mr. | r KOIUOD ^ the Reaper of tie prison, and endeavored to , I j iiiuj",/eMT' T1 to pat* ic his friend P. Mr. Edmonds i : *'P >*?i tlwt the whole matter was in the hands of the r r y*ni! during the time designated for the execute n. ] a sua that>.c was unable to allow person* to pa** iuto the ; - . pri-en tiering that time; "hut," (aid Mr. Edmonds,' of t, ' ooui'f, I cud not refuet.* to ailmit a prisoner committ* I < by th' magistrate " "Ah" replied Mr. Stewart,'* very ( well' UDderrtun-fing readily the "hint" allude' to. ; . MV. Stewart and Mr. P returned back to the Polio* j Oftai nod i r> ; ..r "J a blank comaiituient, it* follows:? ( ' The|n|*r<)f th< City Pri?on will aafely keep in hi* , > -u -tody for exsoninati'd. the body of John VVUlium-. I , ?f; Doted Sept. 19,1851 J. LOTUHOP, Polioe Ju-ti. ; ce ' With the wbtvc document Mr. Stewart took Mr. P. c. wh< was to play print cer tor the pnrp< se of obtaining , admittance into the prison yard to witness the execution. j v and procceD d among the crowd, jamming firat en < ne id ride asd Co n on the i ther. Mr. S , x Maiming' tnife OS ] one ride gentlemen, and let the prisoner pa*; anderery lime Mr Stewart ixclainud prisoner, the m.i.r>rity le?f liwrlng Mr !' t total mwti ly. gai? way aadallowed , a. him to?iB?* Mr Stewutt. unable to get near the d"< r. | it banded tin commitment to Mr Kdmond*. who, as Mr. to Sti ?art I eii< ti 1. understood the lit' .,u:iig of the c .minit- | i.l nient. lUtiuiately room was utada, and Mr. P. wa* puahed , le the >ugh the gateway in rather a b-iiiiaary in-an-r. > f W hen in the yard, the paper of commitment *as handed i j to < ne Of the deputies ot the prison, without any instr ac- j ?u. iuuii nie ca?e aa (me or reality, aud cf tn orii ( I ' unry character. and conveyed Mr. P. across the yard u towards the cells Mr. 1'. smiled m he went along, Hud , i- remarked to the keeper. ' I hare come in tc Witness the < e execution. "Oh jh. ' replied the keeper. I undert stand it " Yes. raid Mr I' , 1 this is the fir-t time I ] r, was ever under arrest." Very true.'' replied the ' , u ket per; " we must nil have a firs: time,' and began to e laugh ard so laughed Mr. P. believing it wrat it good t ti juke, he still followed after the keeper, who entered the < tl r:ain prison wh-re Mr P. was told to stand e Mere a large book wa- opened, and the keefer entered ( s down the name. "John William-, f r examination. The beck was then do . d 'Come with me wtij the ] 1 i keeper. 'Certainly.' replied Mr. P., smiling?be- i lii usrg. e f course, that the next step would be to conduct blm in eight of the gallows. Tie y ( i. pa-Md down the north end ot the pri-ou; here the keeper opened the door of odc of the eel s. and requested c Mr. P. to step in. Mr. P b aked on the keeper at first j

with a .'mile. hut supposing it might lead to an outlet to i seme other part cf tho yard designated for the exejutioa, } peeped his head In. but immediately withdr- w it. ex iaiai- i ing. My friend, you are joking I came in here V see 7 the execution " Oh. j es,'" replied the keeper, "I under. f y i stand you You'll see a good many executions ' Aod g in a loud tone of autlurity ejaculated, " Come, step in. J I'm in a hurry and cannot stand talking with you all day; d the prisoners must all be lacked up' during th--execution "Well, well." exclaimed Mr P. in a faltering voice,' I?I came in here to see the hanging of r?:ook-y; j d 1 sha.ll not go ioto that horrible cell.'' "You wen t. won t t you.'"raid the keeper. ' We cannot j>cr/c all day with t you " and. suiting the action to the words seized hold of Mr. P..'and in an in- tant. with the aid of a tap. powery ful regTO, Le was thrust Into the cell anl the door lockid. liere Mr. P. found 1 imself alone, wi h nothing B but a filthy buok. all grease an 1 dirt, the lodging place ? it tf the drunkards and other disor ierly persons, and the *' e four wails lighted up only from a suiall window. looking * * | towards the h<av, n- Yet still f ir an instant be imagiu-d c ' tliat the affair wa.- ajtk' hu* altera few mia re*, a chill ?' j; sod over his frame?he begun to get excited aod J1 shocked at the position he occupied, niver having b?ea b-tore in a prison as a visitsr. much less an inmate of a * ci 11 A sensation of horror began to pass over his whole V system, distinctly hearing the bu- le in the yard pre- j1 I paring for the execution Mr. P. becoming out of all *J patience ccmmuiced to knock loudly at the cell door, ! jj and c died out for aoiue one to come to him: but no on* j' caue howen r He still continued to keep knocking. At {* la-tsi me one came to the cell do->r and looked through tl < aperture and said, " Here, you air. U you don't keep still " while the man Is hanging, I II put yon to irons." Mr. P " Veseeded him to go. for Uod s sake, to Mr Stewart, and fi t t< ll him he wanted to tee him. " Tell kirn," raid he. ; Is I * Hit Ml P wants to'ee him only for an instant, th-r- F 1 It a mistake about all this.' "Yes," -at I the keeper, b ' " there is a great mistake, te be sure. You are giving, a: ' already, another name 1 thought your name wa- Wil- 1 C J Hams. 1 guisa you are an old offender." Mr P?"litre | b ' i- iny watch tale that, but only go au<l tell Mr Stewart d I em hi re ' '-Oh " replied the peeper, I don t want fy< i r watch I have no doubt Mr Stewart know* you tl are here. What are the charge* against you' I* It fi Mgau<y? forgery?burglary?rape, or murder?which of a 4 theui '-On nt ne of them.' eiclaimed Mr i'.. In a trriuh'lrg rolce. with a moat pitiful ooununance: V do. for the sake of common humanity, go and r< let Mr Stiaart kniw I'm here a prisoner.' Keef-r? a "I cat not find Mr. Stewart 0**; he U In the 1* yard, witnessing the ixerut'un of Stookey. ' Mr P. |* ? i'h Lord, what rball I do' How shall I yet j ' out' I thall die In b<re if I'm kept here much I inger."' j Ke? per?- Bo quiet, and not make such a terrible n >l*e; . ' you dikturb the who'e prison. You'll ft out. perhape in a day or two " and away walked the keeper Again 1,1 , Mr 1' found himself alont and scarcely could ha reali/.a . the fact; al flnt he thought It waa a dream, ag tin he ' thought be might i>o*aibty be inaane: then again he did not kt i w I ut what the Sberifl in the contusion of th* . dey might harg him a* well a* StOOfeny anl In ,i ) trdor to realite tta poritlon. he Inro'untarily placed hi* I t..i I I ti hi- rock, with ? riew of ascertaining wheth'-r 1 '* . rr tot a rope wa* then attached B.n-' mltig at ill m< re and , mire ogrited he thumped away at the cell door, louiar V and loucer and after a while heard a voice -ay " Allck. ' do ytu hear that craiy beadid fellow banging away at ti* cell door ' I wfoh you w.uld go and quiet him " . Oh. let t |m alone wa.- the reply, -till stookey I* hanged ? ki.d if he dont keep -till then we'll put him into No. 3' 1 with rotltee ' rnhln wide** ' ! J Mr P thought tobirrrolf that the prospect* wore ** bright-nlrg w-th a vergeanc' th?rehe wa-. contioed lu a t J" k I cell, the sanation going on and he threatened with | Cl handriift- Truly we mu?t confess, however coniical or ' . , laughable hie position may app-ar to our reader*, it we* one that no *anvman wou d like to he eutyected to How. , a ever af er a ronflni nn-nt of over two hour*, and the ex*. ' cutii n of Mooter had been completed knitter* began lo ir-rgi into tbilr former tranquility; a keeper o*m? to the cell i f Mr I'?? and a*k*d If iiw wax a little more en pote i, No.' he replied. ' I ehall dia If I am kept ,) In here all t ight Hoi bilge me and *end for Mr Stewart " Ke-1 er?- Well. I will a* *oon ai the people have clear-d !' , cut of the yard '* A m**aenger. in a *bort thn" after. Jj 1 wa* despatched to Mr. Stewart, who etat-d to h;m * that a kind of r ra/y man wa* rai*lng a 2 terrible noiae In a cell, and wan'ed to aee hun A th -ught , in an ir.?tant flashed a-ne* the ro od of Mr Stewart, that tl,? pereonage might possibly fea Mr P *k" had t,, l?en lorkid up by mi-take, and on learning the d?a- rt rrlption ?t the m?o he f. It wtufled it wa* *o and hur- di he cell There tor- ei u ' wa* Mr I' ''' lookir g li e pi. tore of misery an l d-?pair a* pale a* a *2 1 1 ghtwf. un l to aid the look if hi* deploral.le e >nditi >n. I ri ti* clothing wa* ti lied with whitewash He wa* lon? I *] d.ately r least 4 trim hi* i nplea*ant situation and an ;( ' ' uplanatlin ensued A meeting wa- called by Mr ?? Kilmrrid*. and th-whol- matter wa* *hown to h- a ml*- '1 take and Mr I' actually disc iter ed. after all. that be 1 wa- i.eith-r a felt n nor a lunatic, tut only a sauguin* apjli. i.nt lo witne** an exr-uUon. an l unlu-kiiy by J t n.utak- . became an* of a cell during the *h-rlfl '* * J .ei-i ony Mr I' do ?r> that uurlnr hi* terni .r*.-y pj near entice he ha* no doubt that he suflered more IfcM amy offender* have ty a aerta of year* in a | State | r|w,n. r It ?r a joke an4 a comical joke, and above all. an ua- i* iuti ntknal jcka and will, an doubt, lorg he remei .b?i?d k ' by Mr P ; ami our render* c?a aiu -h mire readily up- 1 |l preciate the Joke, th <n did our worthy ci'daeu. who coo- ! -' it ut. a t tie ?ubj< rt i f thi* narration MrgJivry Nn>t*ry _ A t Id rol l .cry wa* perp?tr?t-d on ( Friday night between the h or* r.f 11 an I 13 o"rlock. la I lie Light n avenue near lOCd *tr*e' on the person of Mr. f ! Jon ph f i mner redding at No PS llalwi ?tn*t,ak*. II appear* hadbeen nuton afimniogandfl-h!ngei-ur?l n. j'| and on tl* return, hetog innhle to procure a conveyance. wa* cotopell-d to wa'k While thus on hi* way k me, li proceeding Oown the l-.ighth avenue n?ar 1011 atreet h? * * iri*i *i4 by two men name 1 Michael McKennaand ' , 1'a'r Mcltrid" whi tilled Mm to th- ground hy a " vi- leai Mow and. when down the villain* Vat him iiatll lm-U'ihle. the rogu?* then rifled hi* pocket* of what I, ?oney hi- had. and to. ? fr ui torn al*w a doub.e barrel gun I r and powder born. r.<1 wi rejuet abnil maalny their ee-ap" l? a* Anbtalt < uptain Miller and officer Baldwin male A ! their appearanre pur-tod the robber*. and *ucreeded In * takliy them Into ruatody. with the atolen property In ) th?lr rwrtlia Mr fumner wan eery aerion*ly Injur-d. ( and th? police wauyd bin home in a catriaire Tne ? acrUMd p.rlie* ?ri? taken before J natter Rl?akly yeater- \r day morniny ?ho committed them b.lh to pri on to i |i await their trial. Harriety in teMfe Afrerf ? One n'jfht la*t Week *' m* J, d?*).i tat* burttlar* forced an en'ranee Into the dwelling bou?e >o M W hit# afreet. occupied by Mr E 0 Dean, o. bjr breaking open th? front baaement door, with a ?? 'jumy.* ard atole from the premiae* a quantity of ?J .iew?lry t'*atbrr with atlk dreaaea. and ratiou* other ar- i ** tide* <.f w.-arlny apparel rained In all at about **) No arrant Itr been made nor any clue a* yat of the atolan < s, pr. petty a? .1 f 'ff of Ht>aa>y ?A man by tha name of Creech waa f* atreet'd jewterday. by officer Wood of tha Third ward. ' on a rhotye of btyamy preferred ayalnat him by hU flrat 1 ' wife Mien The amond w|f?. It appear* waa married in J?ney 01 ty to which placa the ac:u.<ed waa conveyed to H anawar the rbarge tb .dunI nf Onah'/tt'tri ?Two me.n nam> d Jchn I.arl I to and J' hn < laaee w* re arreted on Friday by > fllger An- | 8< derain rharyed wlti' attemi.tiny to pa*a counterfeit ? money at a grocery ate re In tie rirat ward They were j [{J ' emmitted for examination. Carr^ifig flune AAc/- A cnan. na?> d Th'.tna* t?aw- t re *<n waa taken Into en*t<idy tw officer raacy, of the H< l'< tirtb ward, rharyed with earfy'Dp and attemptlny to I ' u*e a aluny ahr.t lie waa taken h?-f> "ow Juatl-r l*'.Lr p. , * ' and coKKitted for ftjlUteyeyainiMtiftf. 1 7, ^Hrai Intelligence. r?.,L. FBRMO.NK TO-DAY. / "ma ^ d* 8t. Espnt, FraiUln street?Ret hCc'XT ^okl Church, Fourth street?lley. J. B. ITni?. a. morning jwltit Church, Fourth street?Re*. Henry j- a. tftmcoD. i -MUsh Lutheran Church, Mulberry street?Re* J. I a. Brhock morning wtbt Church, Canncn street?ReT II. J. Eddy, 1 I'l %. Eleventh etreet Church?lie? 8 L Harris, morning. Methodist IS. Church. Mulberry street?Her Dr. Durbin, to<'mina. Free Will Baptist Church, Sullivan street?Iter. Ilenrv Ward Beecber, morning JrHu.t r. asp Mission at Sr. PuTra's ? The Redemptoriit Fathers wilt open a Mission in this city at St. Peter's Church, in Barclay street, ou Sunday September 1 Its Ills Grace the Archbishop of New York has been pleased to attach to this mission the plenary indulgence of the Jubilee The Pastor cf St. Peter s de-ires it to be 1 ; understood generally that arrangements bare been male to secure the benefit, of this mission to bis own parish eieluslvely. both as regards the pulpit and the confeslit'Dal. N F. ?A Mission will be onened bv Die Fathers Df the Facre order at the Cathedral of St. Patrick in this city, on Sunday, the lUth of October, by the appointment [>f hie Grace the Archbishop, who will attach to It, alno, the Fame indulgence of the Jubllee.?New Vurk Fireman's Joi rml, Sfj't. SO. The Key. Dr ltilnamado. pa?tor of the Third Prosbyterlan Church in Newark, has requested hi* people to unite with him in an application to the Presbytery, for a disaoluticn of his pastoral relation. The request in made on ocount of the continued ill health of Mm. It., who requires a Southern resideuce during the greater part of the year, The Rev A II lland was installed over the O'd School Presbyterian Church at Qreeuwich, N. J , on the Si instant. The Rev E Y. Swift, pastoi of the First Congregational ' 1 'huif.h in Northampton, has a-ked a dismission on ac:oust of ill bialth. Wm J. Cutler and \Vm E. Snyder, under the patronise cf the Foreign Missionary Society of the Lutheran . L'uurcb. bt-ye mbarked at Boston, for Madras. Key. J W. Eaton, late of Banyers. Mass , was publicly ' recognized as pastor of the Baptist Church In Rees ville. N.Y., on the dth ult. Hey. Edward B. Eddy, of Proyldence R. I., has accepted a call from the First Baptist Church and Society :u Beyerley. Mass., to become their pastor. Dr. Wiley. Bey J. Colder and their wiyes. and Miss Sieley. missionaries. arrived at llong Kong, China, June l?lh 1 he Bapiirt churches end societies in Lebanon. Ct., tud la M illiuiaiitio, are in the enjoyment ol an intereiting reviyal The Vi'esttield Baptist Association held its forty-fifth soniTtrsfcry at Uranyillc, on the Sd inst. The Baptist t-atife within the limits of the association, was tepreseuted to be in a declining condition. Rev Mr. Swain, of Nashua. N 11 . has received n call from the Bleerker street Presbyterian church, iu this :ity.t>f which llev. Dr. Mason was formerly pastor. lt? v Mr Phumway, of Newark. N Y., lias declined th" sail extended to bun by the Presbyterian church in -'truing Bey. George J Kaerebcr ha- lieen dismissed from the j Presbytery of Portage, N Y.. to the Presbytery < f Che- I cssgo. N y Rev. Amos E Lawrence, of Cutchogue. L. I . na? re- ! :e;y? d a call fiom the Congregational church and society , f South Britain, Ct. Bey. E. GerlauiJ has accepted a call from Johnstown, ' 'bio. Bit. C. W. Torrey was dismissed from the Franklin | nsbytery at its isle meeticg in Delhi, to join the Pres- I >yti ry of Cleveland. Key . W II Biinkethcfl was lately received from the .?rnihil Reformed cliutch into lb-' Franklin I're*bytery. Rev 0. 11. White was oniain?<l and installed ps?tor if the Ccngrt Rational church in Westml inter, Mass, lug 21 fcsrtioD by l)r. Foinroy Mr KOuardA Wa'son wan ordained as colleague whli lev. I?r Ferry, over the Congregational church in Groveand. Mans . tact week. Hit. Mr Hate*, of (iranby. Mass has been dismissed | r< ie his i ivst' r h i charge A tiew Old School church is about to be organised is 1 ' ersey City. under the auspices it Rev. Mr. Hoover. j ] Marine Affairs. Fok IIairi .?The steam*hip Franklin.Cupful? Votton. ork her departure yesterday for Havre, via Sjuthamp- , on. Bhe carried 63 passengers and $692 Sit 33. , Stesmsmis Ross okk ?This fine ship, which sailed from , lereon her first trip to Norfolk. Petersburg. and Richfiond. on the 13th instant, airired at her dock iu this 1 Ity yest< rdsy at noon baring made the run from Nor- t ik. Va . In twenty-six hours 8he was detained in cm- , MjueiH r of grounding on a shotl In the .lames rlrer, w mg to the buoy bs lug one hundred and fifty yards out ' ' f its props r place, hut from which she su-tallied no in- I i iiry. In midiately s u her arrival she commenced dls- ! , barging aad lereiving freight, and sails this morning t stten o'clerk, with a handsome comphinent < f pa--'enera and a good freight list Fhe prov, d one of the | i utest ai.d roost c< lulortable ve-sel? out of our p >rt; a id i Qe psrsergeTs oul and bas k speak oi her In the very , ighs-st terms of |Tai?e. bhe would have made the run , ' sine in murh-hertir time but f>r the coal sbetoikon j caid at Norf .Ik. which wait rery lnicrior We expect <j er to Iraki a (juick ruu this time out -ay twenty hours , ) Norfolk. I-sinsh.?At & o'clock ye-ter lay afternoon a beautllliy modelled clipper ship named Th> Hwxri Fish.' was i urrbed frrin the yard of Mr William II Webb foot of ' lit I- street. Ka.-t r.ter hh- ha a be?n built fir Me-srs arc ay and I. v ii>g?t< n and is intended f >r the I.tndoa id l.ast India trn-ie. She will make her first voyage to | I alifornla. and It is fully expected that she will prove ereelf to he on* of the ta-te-t clipper ships atloat Iler ! f inn miens are as follows V30 tons burttn n. length 170 t. breadth CO f>et aad 'JO feet depth of hold. This is 1 fie ilxty fourth ve-sel wbieb has been bunt and launched t p phi Mr Webb's yard during the past eleven years and 1 alt Ihcre l< now being built by Mr Webb a steamship for 11 lessis Epsllord and Tilestou and intended to run in i iin?etlr ii with the steamship Colon, between this city . cd New i >rl?-ans Iter dimen-ions will be. 214 fsw-t in ngth 12 feet bs am and 21 f> et depth of hold. It is ex- 1 icted she will he completed in about five mouths. f N l " I Sf.M lis KM' I ? We 1 . 1 ' ( f the | trmuiUi UttuM, Royal Gozrttt and ft" i.tuhan to the , h Inst. The Gtrxrttf at the 20 ln?t . says :? We es.i.gratulite the good people of 3t. Oeorges on the irhr compls-tion ot the cb .nnel leading into their fine 8 aria r a- re nmuiiicated hy Colonel Alexander. K E., > His Excellency the Governor, and by His Excellency id b? fore the H use of A -eroUy There are. It ss-ems. . ut two smallshonls "Ver which there .'e atpve-ent 17>f J et of water to be deepened, wltea ther- will b- a Uai- ? no depth of 18 feet at bw wats r. tbr uglu ut the chan- ? el. whil h is sixty feet wide. ^ We ksve had -Oine very ropi u- and Very seasonble shewer- cf rain during the p-ot we- k and a m?t useable change in the atu' -phere The thermoni-ter, hi. b bad rangt d Very h'gli during the whole of the . lent Is of AugU't -l.dJenlT fell eleven Jewreee between f ron > f 1 u. -ilny and V* Jiic?dat ,,oil has not ? *. J (di d Ml drgict* in hci|ht sitx-v. ?w Brighton Pavilion.?ThU E?Ubllih< cat viill It Wi 11 opto \ ntil II,? Id il Nor amhar r BCSkOAMK A limny Dull Imiaii.?'Th? Content* of tlila J r?k'a lliiti I,in .n ir? rl< h. I" additl n t" th? third part af J T> annnr Hilt.' ft at , rliftnal t ile and htimarcoa ? i?111 ill ftll tip tl.t? ftraU'a numlar. Am,lit tl,>n art J Zth < r"?er ? Adiritnr- ' "T'.t I,'inifliinu Bi iritnal Rap- i fr?;" "A Btvpol Frirn!- Ilathrra Alarm I, "Zabulmh j r<-m. I.fiti h? ?ft> 11 ?< ! t'. CjIimi "Mii|l>mili| ill, a f.hoot:" " Crtnli ("rail kind* of Chlrhm;" and a ititlf if Itumriw kiUiu, In tome ftrit (lata writt. Far ial? af all tla nivi dtp ,ta and wholesale antti. < Walla' Nrriont Antidote, lh? Conrtnfra- J ' > ' I Bit rtrtcitr, tin Vital Altai, and tht very Prinolpla I.ilv and Health ?It ran nu m?rt lail lu tat irminaW { ?ta?t thaa ? atrr i an fall l?ril ml lip. TLo art af r-n- ' nim and r< tainim it in It'iull form it unknown In all II t , ?rld. rattpl I'rofrttor Watt- Tha tniraonl'-na curra it haa ?ct<d in ?"??ntnpti t. drl.ilitr tad diaratt. art corrtbo tad b? lit I ur,cr> i riturn>, raiipiaoU if it* Mighty powtr. i"i? ntnirt and ar? airra at efrreno-a. Thrca art < >|*ri< nrr haa | r?trd that it r?*n t I* takaa w ithont . rina t .< . op'.aiiit It la tai n f r. Can he had of J. I in. KrJ Nmaau atroat. $1 a hottlt: I 1 par dot**. It Ian Mill knoaaii fart thai al KrmhIr'a Kraa ir.t CMRaa, re r 'tr. ol la r t> 'lahi' nihil Frar h <?id It a Card I. liTatcpaa. hall bnio. li , tadatd, tarrr- I, Irani' ' I IBxrartaa ail Pri .t,nr In tht < at eljlt. at fnllr 20 f'r 'tat l-?a than iiiua'lr a ha re d. IV. KBMBI.C. 17 Wall airtct. ha..j?nt. Raw and Klrgant Kail Dry C'.oodi, of tha | tail and moat f-aTi>aablt ttv'ia a I' I aid t aitimrna, id rtinata, Fllht f I ??la< i'tVa, h - A'.map ba found at ITLII' Of. K k; I I A I'BI.ATBh V. 17 Broadway, a rntr I ra-nard alnrt. wfctra ti i Indian An I ? ayythla* t! ?y dtniav > r thitr wardrobai or tonaa fnraiahiara. in tht dry (ooda I Ma I N Wo know of nothing m lila It aflnralan man I ore aatinfa- ti n t-an to V nratljr and ohtap a droaaad. hrri ?aa a tuna whrn ynnr I ill?r he I ? i . in it m of no ttnaidarnllt itapcrtanra; but now. how hnatd for T. I NITII It. of N' . 1P2 I' 'on at . n 1 r| ' in yon in a ntml anit for??WO ft ill not tar how ntntll an amount: z t wn (oarnntta. If pou will farur him with ncall, that ho ill onlyaril you. ot o t?r? low prica. but will giro paw | rh Pl rat if fact Inn h B A 'a -r- ; ,|n a. <.| hut (' a to y id Panto, conftaatlr on hand, at titroin ily lux prtcca. To Tailor*.?Wanlril n 1 miner Mnn, mo riiiir?r and Af'ttant t r't-r in a M r itnt Tallorina i itahliihnitrt. II- ant bt of r I oddrtoa ?ritra a-ol 1 r*hit l and and har? earned t -wii.d port ,f th- rrado. Mlpaiur 4 Ylotk, t < J n T ilcnrp lata of P. Ucurp ?< !"<jb of IM Br ad* ap. tj OrntlnMOR'aMlilrla.?Not every onr prrafoov- h a I" uakt "CtnOmtn ?'a tan m >% urtt Bt for J! otlrmra. At A. Orrrn'a. No I Atttr H:>na? atria ft. ma- ' rial and wr rVmana! ip art jnarantttd. an I ori-rj (armeat ' r< miai'i ia otnt I ooi* at tht appoint I I ovr. S Rireloder.?Beebe At Co., Kathlnnahlo flat- -ra, IM Br-ad ? a p. horo Jnat Introdootd th- fall faahina for , otlamta a llata Ala? it atpi# pn tllarlp adapttd to yon-e I en. They ecu nonara ta anair on am'io I aroelaiir I, and I lO'ian the palilla that the otialltf of their U ?te null any (I l< rmer ;Mri. and that ao peine ?4U >? i pared M pinnae ti I* BMt taatld, .na. h< . I C A Waal foot It * itralrahlr ornament, hut d itil of lata It nee the *;tt of nature. Note, hnwerir, II la r irh ao loafer, for let nature I at? Wn ?i?f 10 elamo> la rmitijour p'de?tola, the Binttiiekefp' I nioa. <1 Kiuin reel, will rot It em all to rwhte ao I make thim look f .metrical aa tt e litrtr mcmWa of ia Ap >llo. | Ttie Mammoth f'nrpel Store ?The Mam- J oth < arp-t H. rc-nr ? > .; ?e:? a- . r. ? ?rat |a in corner cf Btoadaaj eel Vt 1.1 ?treet, it daily hc< >m'ai oto an.I more |'f'ar Tl.arr iriet r Ventre PKTPR )N ft IH'MI'liKRV I r .1 t'i to make their tahliat menl t'? Ion t ttl- rhij hata not only Allot T elr knlldlae "ith ?.. rat eat t .nl(? * r A an all) the < hoar. I ol t ?. t t t > y !,a va in a fed 11, a ! ' lewcle of th. f erth. a. i rr? a it -1 > . an t elejanl ? ire- " ' m? finder the eileaaih T'cir f'trf. ta, 'III Clothe, ' rarth It ft. Mattiara. and ?tt.< r art.-1 . a . I a like natarr. *' ? ot the Bott euf> ri. r ir .!11y Moin I*, ft R, de tatk 1 IJ . im??ar?l aineaa. fail i. oka arh..!eaal? | fir '.* j n ??- " rnvif, that tli?? ?? paojd to nil at a ?r?at ridrntioa. I tliaa. 4 1 Great Bargalna In Cnrpwta?The intacrl* bar being aboot t? rimori to Broadway, hu decided to odor to tbo fublio till entire stock of Qoode, consisting of an ex tensive assortment 01 Carpet*, Oil Clothe, ami all artioleu eonaet ted with tbo trade. Famllloo about purchasing will bod Uiia a rare opportunity to furaiah at extremely low price. W. 11. (iUlON, Noa. 64 But Broadway, and 71 DirUioa it root. Cnrpwta Cheap, for Caih,?Wm. McUrortjr. 136 William e'.reet, three doora from Fulton itrret, effort for aal? his entire stock of apleodid English and Amerionn Carpets, Oil tlocba. Table Covers, k? . ac. at price* unuaually low . for cash. Families about purchasing. will do wall to 11?) 1 and supply tbemaelvea, at wholesale prieee. N. B.? $1(W IUKI worth of Carpi tin*, of every description, i* offered at abolaoaU. on reasonable terma. To Shippers.?Shipper* desiring a aupei loi article tf Ytiegar, warranted to keep in any olima'e, atd for ny length of time, are invited to aend their ordara to tie old <itabltihed Bordeaux Vinegar Factory, No. IM Centre rtrret, where tba uriicle oau be bad puro, and at moderate rater. Fill toll itrtat, \o. IM, at Broolaa' Boot anil Shoe Emporium, whern evrty article la warranted, every men, woman and child in the city can be aupplied witb the very fctrt lloots. Shoes. Csiters, Toilet Slippors, ke , k>.. cheeper than can le purchased in any other establishment in the city. Johnson Ilnblnenu. M. D , from Virginia has located it 43Li*pensrd street, where lie Is raying spaoia nttenMop to di-easet < f the throat end lunge. Fifteen yeare txlei.SlVe (ritlirt in ii t: auovs miiii nn, m??i'" mv."i tn guarai t u a eckntittc course of treatment. Chrome difli oulties of tb* throat, of from twelve to (tftsen years stand inn, have be? n cured readily by the Doctor. Consulting, houro, from 1. to 3 o'olcek daily. Gournud'i Liquid Ilwlr Dye Instantly eon. . veite red or gray hair to black or brown witlioit staining the skin. Medicated Soap corei tan. pimples. freckles, eunburn, Sc. Pondre Subtile uproots hair l'rom low foreheadt or any nnrt rf the body; Liquid Rouge and Hair Gloss at (lourniid's, i'7 Walker street, near Broadway; Csllend jr. 8c South Third street, Philadelphia; Jordan, 1W Washington street Boeton. Wlge and Toupeea.? Batrlielor's celebrate*'. Wig Fact ?ry ia at No 4 Wall utreet, where can be tound the beet aoUi lion of Wigs, f culpa, and Toupees. They are at,' manufactured on the premises, of tho beat material and workmanship, and offer great inducements to purchasers. Cepy the adorers. Hair Dye? Batcticlnr's genuine Liquid' Coloring for the hair, eyebrows, and whiekora, can be procured at all the wholesale druggists and perfumers in towr. and country ; also at the principal office a-.d manufactory. No. 4 Wall rtreet, wholesale, retail, or applied. Beware o imitations. Professor Alexander C. Barry's Trloophereus or Bedieated Compound ?The stlioaoy of tbia justly celebrated embrocation for inTigorating.beautifying, and imt xrtiag a gloss and silken softness to the hair, ia nowao widely Known and acknowledged, that it has gained by its merit a rebutati* n which is not for a day, but for all time. It is tho province of sclcnc* to subdue and control those physical evils which re ined civilisation has brought in ita tram; for so lone as warm rooms and light hats, with the combined agency oi other inP.ucnees. exist, will thousands of unhappy victims bo troubled with bald heudn and gray hairs, to say nothing ol the various cutaneous diseases to which the bead is sub jetted. It was to relieve these evils that {'releasor Barry introduced his invaluable remedy, and among ti.e thousand tmri one who have been his competitors, be nowrsttnds alone on that iedeetal ofsncoess, hewn out oi Barry's Tricophsrou.' cr Medicated Compound, and sustained by the favor and universal patronage of a discerning and intelligent public. For rertoring the hair tolls origin ?1 grow tb, or preventing it frorr. falling out, this compound has been pronounced by all win. have c*?d it, and by medical men, to oe a sure remedy. Tot eradicating scurf, dandruff, and curing diseiaeevof tne akin, glands, muscles, stings and bruiies. the Trioopberona will always tc leund a safe, speedy, and unfailing curt; and tv' long as " Fair tresses men's imperial race ensnare. And ieauty draws us with a single hair." will Barry's Triaopherous bo essential to the t< ;lct cf every isiy 1.1)4 gee: lemon who desire t i xive a soft. glossy an.l lujurisct appearance to the natural drapery of roteon'f tbroue. Sold in large b: tiles,pike i'> cents, a*, the principal office. 1S7 Breads oy, New York; and by the rnncipal iner ehai.te ted druggists throughout tho United States an Car.tdas. Vexko, West Indies, (irrnt Britain. France. Iko. M OUT IAIK1T. SattauAV. September 20?0 P M The stock market opened heavy this morning yuo aliens for all the leading railroad stocks fell oil a frac;kn A: the first board Rochester and Syracuse- declined: l?f percent: Erie Railroad. Harlem, : Stonington Heading Hall read. Norwich and Worcester, V; Krie c onvertible Bonds ,, and Eric Income Bends. S'ew Havtn Hallroad adTanred '4 p?r cent. The Erie lUilioad Company deny hating forty-five hundred shares if stock hypothecated, and we are disposed to believe :hnt it has not . but we know that previous to the late (inch in the money market, that amount of stock was in die hands of certain parties, in Wall street, as collateral lecurity for a loan, and that this stock wen sold in the oarket for rath, and bought up egein on time, deiiverble si me time hence. The denial is therefore, merely a luibbl*. The teamthip Illinois from Charres dees not bring sc ni'.ch go;j as reported, She hs - c n board about thirteen ,united thou-i.ud dollars. Till-, with the amount on lOi.rd the Brother Join.then, will make the aggregate niportatiens about < tie and a halt millions cf dollars ho ttiamrl ip Franklin, for Havre, carried out (702632 f which (311 262 was in American gold, (13.270 in renth gold. (18.000 In French 'liver (110,000 in Alio 'lean silver, and (130.000 In Mexican silver. Ti e receipte at the office of the Assistant Treasurer f this pert, to-day, amounted to (119.719 01; payments 1(4,2M< 96; balance. (3 801.103 91. The tital amount of gold du-t and bullion exported rom Fan Francisco, from the l>t of January to August 1. 1861. was. according to official report'. (- fi.6J8.2ol in| orted during the same period. (2A92 121; excess of xporte. (63.716 080 This is equal to nearly seven milions per mi nth. The Schuylkill Canal brought down 10.788 tons of coal ist week; previously. ?97 082 tons Total. 107, 876 ton', 'he Reading Railroad brought down 38,418 tons. Totaj or the year. 1 233 966 tons, against 831.471 ton*, for same !me last year. The Lehigh Canal brought down 30,36. DP. TC141, TIObVT (CDf The value of foreign Vrj Gooda entered at tble port for < nruK| tl?'D. for w?reb< u-ing and withdrawn frou. ? areL( ure. for the week ending the 18th in-t . wu a?an ;?xed. Murenrr ie Foance Dee Ooobe. A'nfeie./jar CvntutMftim I'urkurrt. I'aJif finufeeture* of wool. ;>HJ >lCo.'':> lanu'erturep (.f rotten 471 103 006 lanufacturea ?f ellk &13 363.40C lanufacturea of flax 337 67.741 dUceilaneoua. 114 47,408 Total...... 2 OA >7 ill 114 H'irUiate J mm ff'arrWme fannfecturee of wool 332 $74 077 lanufacturea of cotton 43 'iS.OOe lanufacturea of eilk 72 36.73'' lanufarturee of flax. '.'6 4.300 lleceUantoua '20 6,703 Total 604 ?146.631 Knln ttl fur Haratoeaang. fanuferturri of wool t'O l-'t'l #*1' fanutaeturao of rotton 237 :H>.836 fanufaetuipv of pltk 37 34,.TW Jaoufuciurea of flax 70 17,431 lteeeUabeoue 116 30,<M2 Total 660 8136 C3 i Stork Kxctiange. WirtfeV 1I6H 3?'aha Kri-BR 76* Otic C'? 00 1'' 474 4o _ 1\'i. 14" 4o 10-', I AO 4? 430 79 '?* (> Erie Income 160 RJH I'V 4? Man. 70* i W 4e n M 4a 7*'* i'" Erie Cine. Mk 100 4e 63 7"'. 101 4e M", S"0 4o 78l. IKO 4a *00 pv>. I mi 4a 6!0 78*2 Ai pirn Maai,titan Bk ? ?. Harlem KR i?V;> VrMtui' Huh II 2" 4o I.' . hank ot Aim rem |W",4 An hung lalanl RH 14 A 4a 1'17'a >?) Morrla Canal 1H, .0 E4g. werth Ca, 1*0 4a H6 l<\' r<> > 4 r?? fa. MU v; * > Ncrfc Her RR 4'? I" Grata Hank IV Ifci 4a ?i 4"1 I" K' t It Air RR 1W, M 4o kal 4', !! 1p. n Riw RR 7iC ?l 4? ?VI AO .6 N T a N n R K ?.10 1 "7 HO Readme H R fU'lauaCp. 00 I0J 4a 10 V. (4 4a 860 V" 4.1 Ml 40 630 Ml >41 4a kriO AO', SOXritKR 7*14 I'M da Ti??U? |f'{ *K( OHD F'*ARr>. HM> Erie laetnit 12 t*< aha Eri? RR ,60 4a VJ N 4a 7344 AW 4a W HO 4a 610 79 (? da 14 87 4* bl* T88I '0 4o Vt ? 4o 6>0 7*?? :?J a'.? rim*'* Back 10312 An 4o 7"1 n Beading BS :o 4a i V atlas KR f- , r KR iMl ? Mi 6IS 6 ft? do tdgawrth Co. 120 f, HVFIiTIKKJlKm BKIKHrl) EVERY DAY. TIIK niLIPARY. k f If i r TKCITV Rl,M< WM.l. n r? u:v 'I | f tt 01 M> nday, th* Sid, lot! <! 1 M h ? u ? rat arrait(td. \T A M f ITIN<. f>P Til B AttftATIC lillAND AMI IN. tittd *u?*1a, hold at tht Atlanta, it' Madron airrot, or I ?.; ? .da jr **'Ui*( A?pt?n?k*r l"th, InM, Or f?ll< wing r ilutu e taaa tiutiimoa-U adopttd - R. ttlrd. Thai unr ar? do*, aad hir-hr vUndfl. t<> Vaatiaa t laaVlna Maaaion. W**trk??t*r aatintr, N. V., I >r th* rtry and" iro mnnnrr la arl?sli It* rt< ei?M at: al? , (or hi* ( it Vn arly aaf t Id. attention to oat ant all. Jt a. a Vlrhnl. *n mat-lar. W. Maana, F. M. I,ma, Itaac B. Saltli, Capt ilea. Mr Grant. .lamra G. (.rant. MO* IICTY MKKTIIfG?Thr. \1TBNTION 1M III.IC.-1 IIE COLOR BO RNIDITT" of Now 11 rli tiij and t lrlail)-, art r*ap??*.itillT Inrlt* f lh? nadrraianrd ?o a.atinMr on Thnrrday. tht jAth inat I It o > look. I'M . at Torrano* llall, Mo I' Ct rch atr*'t t " aaidor our rolatloaa to *ocl?tr We ratiririt* afttl'* f Sirard f t ) A. Gal*. It. W. Johat< a. rhnaa* -I. uannfiam I.. II. I'tttaaa Nol.trk Van Dinn. Gtorg* Rl l* ltd. and oltora. K. 0. Job**, A* ratary pro t*ia. laiVRARCSI. T N ITf It STATES LIFE IffACRAM Ct COMrAffT, MO. J 17 Wall atrrrt? Folic i?t ladlaputahlo, rarrpt oa tha oar d a' fraud.?Thla matron} aiakaa artrp laanraara etaitttd with lilt rlaka.ttron a* tamraMa Uraaaa tap ata'laf jtituliir. FK F. It E KI < K AUBLDOV fmaidaai. JnllN A. STEWART. Aatuarr. J Jr.. Amretarr pur bkitoklin rikr 'imi kaic r t_ f > ?'aay L Cl.Brttrad la l-IM; f>?r ?t. ?( Fultoa alr?*t. Brooklyn Idrr aata' tirhan*. Wall tlrttl, N?? Fork l.araUiet; pital (at alto a hindaoma enrpltta) laraatad la th* aioaa idonhttd tarnritlaa. and coitinn* to iaaaru kaildtapt. arri*ad.. *, fnrr.ittre, aad poraoaal prorrrtp. Ttatola In rt and tbrfr cargoaa, upon aa fararakl* taraiaa* aap tabor aular inatltntirn. WILLI All ELLSWORTH, r'ttldamk. Bi a*u 0. iTiTiar,Bttralary

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