Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1851 Page 3
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politic ax*. ctats or nrw yow, ucutiirs orncc p Albuj, innit V, 1061. To the Bbirif ef til* city and county of New York :? Sir- Noti** U hereby give* that at the general elwdlioa. to be held in thi* State, on the Tneeday eucoeediag >* flrot 1 *uV t' a*xt' '""owing olbcere ire to he A Judge ef the Court ef Appeal*. la the plavd ef Samuel m riot. A Secretary ef State, la the place of ('brother If organ. A Comptroller, la the place of Phllo C. "uller A State Treaearer, in the place of A*hh. Heat V.0?.ral, la the plae. gfLeri 8. ChatSeld. AStateKngineer and Surveyor, lathe place of Qeiehiah A <^aaal CommianUuer, in the pSaoe of Charlee Cook. * ***<>**. la the place el Alexander All whoee termi of eervic* will expire on the laet day of Bee ember next. Vtf,' ?. J""0* ?f *!>% Supreme Court, for the riret Judieial Dutrict, in the place of Jainee O. King, whoee term of ereiee will expire urn the laet day of December next. Aleo. a Senator for the Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Senate Diotriete, in the plaee of Hiobard 8. William*. Clarkeon Croliua, Jtmee W. Heekman, and Edwia D. Morgan, wheee term ef aerviee will expire on the laet day of December next. County ofBeera to be elected for eaid county Aixtcen Member* of Aaeembly. A'Regieter, in the place of Coraeliue V. Andereoa. A Recorder, in the place of Frederick A. Tallmadge. Two Judge* of the Superior Court, in the plaee of Thomaa J. Oakley and John L. Ma?on. A Judge of the Court of Common Plea*, in the place of Daniel P. Ingraham. A Surrogate, in the place of Alexander W. Bradford. A Commiaaioner of Street* and Lamp*, la the place of Jacob L. Dedge. Two Governote of the Aim* Houee, In the place of Simeon Draper and 1'raaeie M. Tillou. All whoee term* of *ervioe will exrlr* on the laat day of A>tf?-u?L?r next. . ... , . , . A 1.0, there 1. to bo elected l Justice for each of thesis Judietal Districts Into which the city of New York i. district tl, pursuant to Chapter 511, haw. of 1881. Your.. Respectfully, CHRISTOPHER MORGAN,Secretary of Btato. Shkiuh's Orricc, August 28, 1H51. 1 hereby certify that the above i. a correct copy of the notice of th. general election, to be held on the Tuesday Sni teding the first Monday of November next, received thi. day, from the Hon. Chri.topher Morgan, Secretary of State, THOMAS CARNLKY, ' Sheriff of the City and County of New York. N.B. All the public new.paper, within thi. county will plca.e publish thi. notion once in each week until the election, and .end in their bill, for advertising the same ne .oon a. the election i. over, so that they may be laid before the Board of and passed tor payment. The democratic republican electors of the Nineteenth ward, are requested to assembl. at the house of William lienike, Third avenue nnd Forty eighth .tret, on Monday evening, the 22d instant, at 7>j o'clock, for the pniTo.eof forming a Democratic Union Cinb, to bo called the Nineteenth ward Democratio Union Clnb. J. IV. EASTBL'RN. ROBERT BETTS, and others. 'PWENTIETH WARD.?AT AN ADJOURNED MEETM. ins, held nt the house of Brady St Mcltirnsn, corner of bevanta avenue and Thirty-third street, of the members of ward committee duly elected at a primary election held nt the house of Ledwfth, corner of Thirty-third street nnd Eighth avenue, on the .veiling of 8th day of Sept., I Nil. pur aant to the order ?f the Deiu. Republican General Committee of the city and county of New Vork?the meeting organLed by calling to the chair Arminiua Aikin, and appointing Thomas A. Dunn i.a Secretary. On motion, the members went into balloting for pcrm.innnt officers for ward committee, w hen George Ryan was elected to the chair, and Arininine Aikin was elected recordiug, nnd Thomas A. Dunn corresponding, secretaries?and Roger treasnrer. 1'l.e resignation of Hieha'd Murray was accepted, and Wm. MtKonbcy chosen in hi. stead. On motion, the committee adjourned to meet ou Tuesday evening, Sept. 23d at ?> P.M. at tame place. O. Rvlikh, Chairman. A. Atkins and T. A. Di nn, Secretaries. KINK ARTS. MR. JAMES BROWN. DAQUERRKAN ARTIST, MEVber of the Water Color Society?Gallery. IM Broadway, between Cortlandt and Dey streets. The public, and ttraugsrs particularly, are invited to call and examine specimens; and. in particular, to note the peculiarly artistic arrs agement, nnd general tone and finish, for whiob the plctur< s Irom this Gallery stand ureeminent. f^OLORED DACUERREOTYPLA FOR FIFTV CENTS. ? King's Skyliuht Koouis, lift Bowery, between Heater and Grand street*, th? only establiel.uient in the city where the beet ekyllirbt Daguerreotypes, handeomelr colored and encased, are taken for '"0 cents, and larger sizes at o inilly lew rates. No charge unless perfect satisfaction is given. lost, ?e. 108T-YISTF.RDAY AFTERNOON, GOING FROM .4 the eorrer of Beehman and William streets to Chatham, a Purse, containing 727. W hoeter will return it to C. Meitreud, WJ William street, will be suiiably rewarded, and do a great favor to tbe owner, who is a poor woman. LOST-ON SATURDAY MORNING, THE 20TH INST., between Twelfth street and Wavcrly place, in Broadway. a reel black lace Veil. A suitable reward will he giveu il left at No. 211 Twelfth street, corner of Broadway. Lost?on friday evening, (i^th.) a gold Cham and a double Gold Docket, marked 8. A. L, containing two Daguerreotypes The huder will be liberally rewarded on leaving the same at the Irving House. LOST-BKTWEEN PECK SI,IP AND OLD SLIP IN Fioat street, a email blackmemoran ium b >ok, with the name of J . S. Grsybill written Inside of it, oontaiaing 8 J) or y2t> in gold, and f 10 or ( IS in Georgia inoaev. The under will be suitably rewarded by leaving it with Conlcy, Kirk, A Co., IM.'iand :.V> Front -t LOST-BY A LADY, IN A MYRTLE AVENUE AMI East Brooklyn etage, on t riday evening about 7 o'clock, a Port Moanoie containing some bills and change. Tat Hi 1 r will pleaee leave It at No. 4 Clermont arenue, near Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. FOUND-AT CASTLE GARDEN, ON FRIDAY EVEning, a sum of money. The owner can have it by applying at No. 9 Whitehall street, and paying for this advertisement. OOPAHTH EHSHIP NOTICES. Notice of cofartnership.-edwd k.collins having associated with him Joeeph K. Riggs. thev will transact bnaineas under the hrm of Edwd. k. Collins it Co. New York, Sept. iAth, 1*1. co/t /yryk?partner wanted, with sispnor 'yVrvrV/ RJU.OUUlu a profitable! bnsiness, that will yield doub e the amount in one year : saen capital fully cured. Address a liar to A II M . Il .rsl Office. A PARTNER WANTED, IN A LUCRATIVE LONG established and improving business The advertiasr's tuns being mostly takrn up in the manufacturing depart meat Tha stock and Implements on hand are worth toe thousand dollars, besides the good-will and patronage, which la wirth as much m re. The partner required with a eaah capital of live thousand dollars, which Will entitle him to one clear half of the stock, implements, ad effects, with oae half of the prodts arising from the same, which might readily b? realised ia oat year. Address E. K. II., UataTd o(8 ce. IIIVUCCTfOR. UOAEDINC SCHOOL TOR BOYS, 53 STATE STREET. JG* star Mevia, Brooklyn, N. Y, Tha English, Freaeh, ad Sraaiah inns uages taught A limited sinbtr taken. 11IhODOKK MOREL. Jr.. Teacher. The classes or the mechanics- institute in Mtebaaical, Perspective and Architectural Drawinr, tModelling and design, at the Institute Rooms. No. 7 wery. will be formed on Mndey evening. Ooteber (ith. I'ersuas desirous of join ins either of tbe above classes, will receive fall information by applying ta the Actuary- At the rooma, from 7 to # P M ti <)L.i>3H 11 u n Rifuas, o HUA I' w * I, * fcrat corner above tie Irving lioiiae.?It would bo i ll*, in thie Of* Of cheap pottage universal oorreapoadeaee, bad aiteadieg bueiaeaa, bo dilate anon iho advantage! of writing freely, awiftlr, clearly and well. Nor ia it naoaaaary that ?. H. UOLDPal ITM ahould mlergn apoa the merit# of bit Ina la of teaching. Hi* aaoceaa ie knows every where, aad the |>ubtie baa aaved him the trouble of putting forth anv olaune to emlrenoe, by admitting them ia advanoa. Thue endiread. lie merely conaidera it aaeaaaary to aaa?anea, that hie fall cla.oei are now open, enlthit hie elegant roonii and undivided ? itnutlou are at the earrlea of tlioaa who daelra to take rrlvate leeenaa Ladle*' olaiaaa at II 4. M. and 4 P. M.i Uanblnaea, during the day and evnlng. Private laaeone at hoare in oat agreeable to the pupil. Tarina moderate, and fall euo?>? g^rantted to all. Madamk b a k b i er. sot broadwat. having daaa engaged aa teacher of the French language la gene of the Cvat aetakliahmenta of I*aria, (her native city), eairoa to take pupila either to eeamence the atndy of that laarua<a. or to parfaat th tM alio have already made noma { royraaa. Her pricee are very mndarato, aad aba can farnlab the beat of toatimoniala aa to capability. Caaba aoaa from Be d-day till four a'aloak. DARCINO. Dancing academe, *s Howard street-mr. o araoohio baa t!?* hoeorof informing ladiaa and geatlo. "War that hie Denting Academy ia the hrat in Ktw Tort, from -a .e parte alar wie< hi d Mr I' liaa of toashlag the g >odaaaaoa ?thai are found therein, and the preference and patrmag* of ?elie b gheit olnoece of encletr nhteh Mr. P. eajoya. Mr. P. -tec kiathe tao new faal.loaabl* daacaa, via tba Cortliaa jeal 1?yatto, tic I WBIOrrSDAN 'VIA' \DEMV. MII.ITARV i J>l 'Mall. Honary. Mr. M'. Would Inform hli friaada aad 1' riaov ratrona. that bie aabool tor he inatrnatloa of lediee awl gaatl'maa. matter, and miaaea. will ra open at tba nova from, on Turadav, beptember 3<i Daye of lal'.ion Vo.aaAgy oad Paturday af rraooaa. frrai .1 to ? for ladiaa, and Tuaedev aad Friday evennga. frrm * to ! > for gentleman, ' tr W win t?a. h all the farhinnable daacaa of the eeacm. I Vr farther partieulara, pleaae inquire of Mr. W'., reaidance j, v It' Teath atraet, or at Military llall, 'UuUIKRir, PA1CV UOUDI, dfce. i UaL m: mm rv. - Madame fkkrero. mo. aw r Rvoid'enr. w.ll pea Pari# Pall Millinery oa Tueeday, Phr > ' of boyrtombar, _____________ UAPI". Wtep.TP. AND NoiVEtlTEV ? MR A. bmonboaoy from I'a'io, raop-ctful'y inform* the latlaa P ,1 A. hna opened an eatvblt-hment f ir t'ia maklnr af t ran ta. Cotaeie. and Cteake. No. 73* Broadway, oppoaita A.tot w ana. M re. Raeonbhao rcoalvaa directly from Paria fL'iI. net fwihiuii. RID tow*. RIBBON!"?I.IWO CARTONS Jl'ST RB< "' 4 'if*' ?? A''?. Uf*. M?ortn?Bt ?{ > ioucI. lo?*r J'luiroo, (or ? ! cl, ?|> t,.f c??h. (.? A. H. lloMER, MJiha i(rr>i, 1V.K All Ot rr l \< -A I.A RUE A VIRTUE N T 1 ?t) "A. ?Ot oarf. oad oaomollotl C nfl Tlo. iaot rtcolod 1 m ! ?> Ai- . r.r .t .iro ... rtoi.ot of i trl. .,? ? I, h?. ?. "A r?K? Monaolao; !>?orl Roll lloir Pln?; I doV V '''* Bnltoaa. Silk UnoHi on J no* pittnrat of B.Al'liioloi " K ' r I IN". S. ,jj Moidta loan aooua, ?b. TAJCirtJC' OB-TO Tilt I.Altlll -JUST UCI1TBB ft pi r rof i * "? ' " ond JmL XVfir "li Ir ft. ??t' ' ; A- r.rli ?iut,r ..lor,! r?,?t kooimb. " 'j; t'j *** V'r.vrr Uc* " AA"?nofr, III), lit rttm. ANBA ' "I *K. Oaioitlra. OBI Horror , . . (A.-roA * l"?r . . on ! '" *?? o> mot Urol. Hit. \ol*a? SiiUlii 1 j^o < Bltoa, r;u|..... ..o Hrnoor u tdol Laera and fnrortiioo; Infoato In, Rob**. ?? T;-r*I n.Ti- S?',B ? ' ' *?' UrootBi. fhtead lo'o I ,ri< ,v'IS Liaorti k Law f.irf. . ' 1 *' ' r,!; ' ( ' tf.-oro, At A . V.if, OnA oorlod tor* ^"1'"' , ,0V "i1**1 Ukek lA>" Bi'd. nf ?' w tM tlr tftfi t^|(y ?!ff "liA% o. On til.a ? ; "?f 'miV'.Jo IT ?f "fl tOn m'o ond CI.U _ f * I7',, rf'l * . ''" OMB'Btt, ond h'oi' ty of ot?? T. ' . L' til"'ii L. J" M ?'"? Honor | . It. o'-lnnod lo R. T. 'i -m !'"J'lljl;. will Bo 10iVrrli; koJtRr": Paris RC'Ptcr fully Iftrit* t?.? *%i* of lA4*ff to my fmp>ruti?Mi? f ril nr. r nt foil mo .n. < ! l.i . nil ?irn.-nt?, ...mar'. 1 ri* tl.o ri?W*. rv "'JJ A"1 lylrnidorod Vvlt-u, < in' I - 1 otmo. Pi.Oo, fr?.-. > 1 . Vr . . (r i?.n. l?, ?t i'ur. Frin*? on J It Hon. nn. A t .na??. n.' Clntko. Rr , ii' 10 Ohtil" li.f.iir o iHt'lt ? t " V ' ' ' ' ' *? mi ? . tj ot vr I..' 1? ' 1 t ilott. t. KO. l>i ..I .V, . oi m' Riut.Ua ti|-rio?. J#1 y-'ada.j. ' I ^ f "Wanted, a young ladtto go south.-rekerI Tf encea (!kb and repaired. Apply M tit* Northern | Hotel, boon from ? to 10 o'clock. WANTED?A WET NURSE TO OO SOUTH -THE teat city reference will b? r*(|uired, ?nd on* haying no ! child preferred. (.'nil at 7Uo Broadway, trom four to *ii | Ml. _ WANTED-IMMEDIATELY. AT YONKERS, SIXTY YY wool bat makara. to whom etaady employment aid j ro< d ytaea will b* (lean J JOHN T. WARING, Ei?le Tictory. WANTED-A FIRST RATE COOK, ONE H'HO THORoucLIy undtrntand* her buainoaa. Apply at 67 ChauiI b?r atro-I. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL, WHO CAN EPEAK Trench aa a chambermaid in a tmall lauiily. AidIt at I No IS Rfooater afreet. WANTED-A GERMAN WOMAN, WHO IS A GOOD Seametreaa; can make and tit children'! olotbe*, re.; I one who can apeak Tranoh alto, would be orefi rrcd. Apply, i - '.wc-n lu A.M. and li T.M. at 32 Wyckoif itrcet, Brooklyn. WANTED- by A YOUNG MAN, ABOUT Is YEARS of ago, to apprentice himaelf to aome reapiotebl* trace in th* city of new York; would wiah a jeweller and I watchmaker, tin and copper ai.iith^ or any aueli rcapectable i trade, H ovlu hive no ot iaction to the countrv. Ad-iresa C. D vine, Washington ilnel, tint Hoar, front room, up stairs, tor thresdays. WANTED?A SITUATION AS ENGINEER. BY A person well aojnnlnted with tho working of high pr?# ure engines. Would have no objection to go . ut in toe country. Address J. J.. Engineer. New ark Poet Offios. WANTED INMEI'IATEl.Y?A BOY AIIOI T FIFTEEN years of age, who has a thorough knowledge of flying on a cylindt r pri ss; also, a toy of the same age, who is a good job compositor. Apply at Third Story. Herald Buildings. \I7~ANTED?AT MRS. GREEN S AGENCY FOR DOMESIT ties, .*182 Broadway. Mrs. Green respectfully reminds her patrons and the public, that the 1? brdf r?d. ? usual. ; faithfully V4 /ulul their for jomestic servants of the 1 best Ilfs?also, Isdiee' maids to travel. WANTED-TAMILIBS WANTING THE BEST 8ERII \ants in thiseity, (of any Stat'on.) can obtain eucli at the " ? ltct Protestant Agein y," 7 Carmine street, near Dleeektt sttc- t, and at the "Old Society Agi ucy," 101 Cham birs street, tlie only oft ess ext-nvively patronised by tho most respectable lsuiiliej and first-class servants. Terms reacted. At 01 N*' EUROPEAN, A1 TEARS OF AGE, OF AN agreeable appearance, who speaks siveral languages, perfectly understands tho art of management in all foreign wines, including French and Rbeniah. 4c:., as well as the distillation of li >uors and also knows bookkeeping, wishes to obtain an engagement here or any where ol,e. Address R. H. T., office ol this paper. Miners wanted.-thirty ok forty good able-bodied rock miners are wanted immediately, to * ork in the Swedes and M uint Pleasant minus, near Dover, Morris <ounty. New Jersey. Apply betwern U and 10 A. M-, and 3 and i 1'. M., at Sf Dey street, near West. T^OTICE TO R1I1P i ARl'ENTERS.?A CARPENTER, it out of hie time, wishes to bind himself f >r one year to the rhlp carpenter business. Has his own tools, and is willii g to h-nd his boss from *wo to live hundred dollars. Address D. O. C . Herald office. PART OF A HOUSF WANTED. BY A FAMll.Y 01 ti r i e porsor s. or the advertiser would takes ema'l tlirue story modern built house at a low rent, lo tation preferred on the west of Broadway and between Uaual and Twenty-third street. Answer to " t., Bex 3, 132," stating location, terms, Ac. TO fllarcoab dealers.-vyanted, through, out the year, from bftv to sixty barrels of Coal weekly, made from hard wood, and well burnt. Those disposed to supply will sand their terms to Minott A Co., 60 Pearl street To MARBLE CUTTERS.-WANTED. A SMART, active man. to take , haree of the marble works earner of Broadway and Tenth street. One who perfectly underNtill-fid tho liiiftinfMN Anil in w'tllinif to Hiwhnrir hi? ? a fireman, will tint! permanent employment by applying ni alo\. and to atieh a | eraon a p'n?runs compeneattoa will be giv< ii, and r.n inter**! in til* business. \I/-AITF,R WANTED-A WHITE MAN W1IO Til >1 TV c uk1.1v understands bis buniueaa, and ean HM wall rtecDmi nded. may apply between H and 10 A. M.. at No. 10 East FlwMllMl stru t, M&rrird men m ed not apply. WIT NURSE-SITUATION WANTED-BV A RKspeotable young woman, la a good healthy women. May be letn for a few day* at her present place, No. 27 Ninth street. KKSTAVRARTS. Swim DINING All COFFEE B09MS, NO. M Maiden lane.?The undersigned having recently opened this establishment, ia now prepared to receive his old fri ;nds i td the public in yeuersl. 11a will keep constantly on hand all the cVljraciei of the season, which he Cornishes to order. Creen Turtle Soup and Steak every Tuoadav and Thursday; also. Turtle Soup on thoae daya for lnnch. Every variety of Cyttera in season, commencing on Monday, 2J<1 inat. CHaS. SWIFT, junction Maiden lane and Liberty at. A MAN MAY HAVI NINE ELEPHANTS AND A FIRE auniMlator. and yet fall to draw a rottuef taste to hit banquet, or asousge the ypicurean requirements of a cultivated afpstita. Now. Mr. oHELLKY has neither nine elephants or an ar.nihilator, but his delicacies art prepared with luck a yont as to draw strongly upon the enlightened bean inrnde of this community for an immense patronage ; and will undertake to annihilate, with his exceeding choice Oysters, rich and rare Soups, and varletiaa of Game the most v 10It nt conhngrationa of the appetite, digestion, or debility. SHELLY' 9 BIVALVE VARIETIES?NORTH-WEST corner of broadway end Anthony street. Mill Ponds and t hrewsburys. East Rivers and Massaohuretta Bars. Caddie Kcks and Little Neck Clams. < i.ehlie end Sauteruc Wines. SHELLEY'S LADIES' DEPARTMENT. ONE DOO J tnis side of Christ Churoh, in Anthony street. Just ont of Broadway Ladies and gentlemen can be furnished in pri rate apartments with dinneta and suppers, from oystera, same, made dishes, be , fee. Fifth ward h<>tel.-the alterations in the Reteotcry sad hotel department of this hotel, bein< now c'in|lct*d, partite ran be supplied with tvery variety of ere, and the ehoireat viands, nt all hours. Entrance to stlo< n ia Franklin street. A number of rooms newly furnished for the accommodation of transient hoarders. at renaonable rata*. CHARLES WRIGHT. C ORB YN'B?THIS SPACIOUS SALOON, UNDER THE Broadway Th*atre. ia now opsn. It haa direct oommuoieation w ith the Dress Circl* and Parquet; and an antrano* act Broadway. The establishment haa baen fnmishad and lif ted up with a due regard to alagaai* and oomfort. None but tha beat wines, Itqnora, and cigars will be need. The attendants are civil, prompt, and obliging. W. COKBYN ill. at all tiaaa. be happy S* aa* his friends and tha publla la general. W?MCA1IOI?. LONG'S EDITION OE LEWIS ABUNDEL?COMPLETE ?naw ready. Lawta Aruodel, or the Railroad of L.fe complete ia on# velum*. Illustrated. Tbe publio would da well, ia purchasing this work, to look at th* imprint. Long'* edition is perfect and complete. Thar* la a mutilated and altidgtd edition (or eale, which is a has* deception aad fraud ea the p ublia. Leas e complete edition now ready. U. LONG It BRUTHKR.43 Ann street. vwvkim NABCISO BASSOLS, PROFESSOR OF THR OLITAR, tege I < a \ Co inform the pablie, thtl he rcsidte *t 101 Ci.anihere rtncl 13 REDIRK K k R I . T K. PROFESSOR ?.F MUSIC. II AS token rronie nt Mo. 100 Becker ctreet. where he will iiw iaetrucii?ne on the |> kioforie, Ante, end violin, end in ioginr and thorough baei met * ith the greatolt eucceeeia lattion. during the Uet intern jeer , in Germany, he liepce t<> riee entle'ac ti"n to hie pupila in thie city. / \TTO MILLER. TEACHER OF TUE 1*1 ANOFORTE * ' and Singing, mil glee l.cegoni at hie reeidenoe 3<S Broadway. or in any ran of the city. Apply by tetter, er petei callj tr. m J It rfoak. SINGING -A PROFE8BOR OF 8IXGINQ AND PIANO of Bret rate mintiu e. lately arrived from Europe, offere hie etrvlcee to the eullghtrniil tnliahltanti of thin Empire Cltr. lite method, eotnhinlnit the brilliancy of the Italian ctjli ?Ith the depth of the Uyrman echoel, |e ealeulated upon ineurlng the moet rapid fr/riee on euro fonndatlone. Tuition through the medium of the Frrneh, Italian, Spanleh, Uenrin, and Engtieh language#. Apply by latter, or p?rcoDilir, from 2 to 8. to A. H., No. #0 Leonard eirut, a lew tocretrom Broadway. WASH (NO. 1*0 THOSE WHO HAVE NOT BF.N EriTTRI) THEM elv?e by ktatniag Briieh'e i'amljr Weehlag Reeelpt. leet week, yet It thie. Tir eele onlr at J t'holeel'e No. pi Maiden laae : W!1 Iludeon etreet PI Eighth avenue:1PI Bowery ; '-" I Slvtli nvenuei Dikt; Wrand etreet ; 17i Third Thirdarenne; Ridyr and < read; Key ead Pearl: PiH'anil etreet ; or eneloN A cente poet paid, to W. E. llrueh,31 Cartniae etrret. Families mr liki <11 s family washing receijt. entire ly voyetahle: free frem eeide. chemiiale, or ilknliee ; eitnpie ami eery: no family ehonld bo without it; do ynur wnihinf in twohoure It ie reoorniuendid hj the net namec in our rity The price ie only 23 conn. To l>e had in ceo?par I ent pottere, tacloee 2f> ccate to w. E. , Brueh, &l ( armiae etreet. OLOViUMU Bon BOTE', BOYS AND CHILDREN .1 ITIIIN made to order, by A. BERWICK. 2 Mereer etreet, ?ae door 'real Grand etreet. Catting, fitting. and hnaheLag at tedered pri ee. WHO CAN A r I OR |i To PAT T il E HIGHEST PEK'E for aet oil Clothing, lie.F?Why, the men who ie not Incited in lither n yarret or baivmrnt. an 1 d iet aot aoll to O" retailer, tut who, after haTiauteuoeated. r, telle them ent Ltree he piece in hit own (tore. Tide man ie JAMES Hue f'NF.v, II Orai ge eirvot, near Chatham etreet. Fa- ts for oeeti fmen that thev all want to knew, ae w later ie near, to Bend your clothing to ho either rleewed. dyed, eltertd or repelrcd with let Ifmnga, btitvae, eeleete. aa<i all that Ie re itiired to make yonr aril clea t<.iial to new MS I'eirl etreet, near Brae iway. ie the "Uly place in the city where to yet all you waatdnae iiilcklr. ead eheap Look op yonr over crate, and yet them done in time before ordering a new one. Ton will not be dleeppilnted ty ratling nt lit I'enrl. or oa A. C'OKTISSOS, late of Bnrrey etreet. riRARCIAi. Premium oh bpbcii i AM now pat i bo THE follow ii y retea ?for ell car Mnertere. eh tillage, and eta j peeeee, Il, per eent premium: half dnllare. dime, en l halfIWdimee, t: Mexican doll ere. 3; Bee tranre. Bl eentc; and all ether foreign gold aad ailver at the heat market re tee. J THOMPSON, fit Wall ttn ' ft J. T. TAPBCOTT ft CO.. so BOUTS 8TEEBT, e enppty drafte for any amount, payable throughout Oront Britain and Ireland. The* are aleo eoit ngeatefer the Rod Star Line, the Swnllow Tell Lin* tbe Draaatie Una, and Z Line of lererpool paekote, and the Z Line ef Leetet , pe-kete. peerage by any ef Pblel ehipe He kn engaged n , neaeoaable tarme. I ariiomMt, mm. A Tn?,S9rm.DR- c W- BOBACB, FRttM 8WBDBR. IT V PktlaArlpMa, Kit Mrrioat ?? Um MM CI"*' Jer{ IH aMa ?a tarttall put. prtaaalia? SJSSL * ? ! *taU?m?B, |l. Nt feffia^gala>rgaau'5SK.'ai MA TBI MO BY BADE fast. MR ROW TO wiff A Urrr -rwWff jj"' ' "> *?". Kar,n?.rr1r.A I* notion. mill trna to an? arfdr.a on ra.-ipt of Una l)oit?r. pott paid plain ?. rtrllaat ta nnatla Wdlaa or (natlomoa I Mi wit tha Aevotad tlTaP.'kaa ( at many of tlio nppotita ttl i u thtir ha art# mat daaifa. iTir proonoa it timpla, Mat to tapt.ratlaii thotall mar kn mai^liA. irratportir* ofa*n, ani paaranoa. or pottins; ant Itrl. t*",'F'? ao? 1>a*?. it oaa (a arrangtA with tnoh rata tot Aolirt yf that Aetautioa it im , iniklt. Ailitraaa I'rofaatcr I twi M, Baatta. Mtta. ft I turt ui.? Jro? ttt I'opt ORirt ual< * M.a pva'-a#* i# pat I OAJUHHO AID MMW1IW. I A n ENGLISH LADT AND OBNTLZMAN, WITHOUT l\ faintly, eieb to engage, for a permaaeacy, a well-fur- 1 airbed titling and, with beard, ia the vieialty of j , Broadway, between Houston etreet aad Union Square. A private family preferred, where the partiee advertising oould teal at buiae. The highert refereneee given aad requireI. I Addreee L. L. i.., Herald offioe A' I F.W GENTLEMEN i 4N BE At,OMMODVTED witb beard and pleaeaut apartineatt, at No., ldi Wooster near Prince etreet. Bouti enpplied witb bathe, He. BOARD.-WANTED. TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, attached. fi r a lady and daughter, ia vr near Broadway. Addreee L M-, Herald rfloe. j Board in broadwat.-a gentleman and his wi e . an be aceommodated with a handeome front room en the second floor of lionee No. 621 Broadway, between Spring and Broome etreete. Two or three emgle geutiemen I <ai< be a<< oamodcted; aleo a lew day boa dere. Boarding-plain, good, permanent, and traecnable, for an orderly, email family, of twoladiee, gentleman, aad eoa, eeren years old (Roman Catholioa). ia this city, Brooklyn. New Brivhtm, Ue , and in a r<si>eota. ble family nototherwiee receiving boarders. Addreee unine dlately, Cloatarf, Chatham square Poet offioe, itating parj ticulaie. Board-one or two gentlemen can be a^ cemmodated with a large front room on the second floor, with breakfast and tea, with 8unday dinners, in a private family, where tbey may emoy the comfort! of a home. In- | i qv ire at 66? Broome street, near Varicb. j Boarding.-families or single gentlemen con find pleasant apartments, with lull or partial I cuted, well-tarnished, uud h&? lath rcum *nd other modern j ! conveniences. i Board wanted-by a family or three, in a pleasant location, not below Prime atriet. Referenoes , exchanged. Addreas l. !.. m. this o flies. Board wanted-by a young ma;*. in a prt- i vutd inuuiy. in the of Catharine, with single room Address, stating terms, J. H. C., Caa'.ha? square Post Oflice. ! Boardin<:-tor undersigned uayinua few i t l.gible rooms, pleasantly located. <orn?r of Crcsbv and ' Uoi ston streets, can accommodate G. w single r. ''R? I and two ro< ma for gentloaisii and their vrlvta. "Those win prefer to do re, can dine at hia Cofiee Rcon.s. if Maiden lane, j charles avYirr. Board wanted-a furnished parlor and j bedroom, on the first or second floor, front, with board, j I by a gem lemau and lady, with board for the lady only, in a , ! soji l irivate family, or with a widow lady. Looatlon de- I sired telow Fourteenth street, and near Broadway. Address | for two days E., at this office. Board wanted-breakfast, with lodgings. 1 and full hoard on Sundays, is wanted by a single rent's I I mar, in a .,uiet family. Location vicinity of Washington parade grouiii, Brooblyn heights, or Jersey City. Address IIi.n.let. Ilerald oflice, or ties Broadway, booketore. Furnished rooms to let.-a suite or iiand- ! stmely furnished rooms, comprising the entire second floor, and one room on the third floor, to let. Apply at 7<iJ j Broadway, near Niath street. Permanent eoakd is wanted by two single i gentlemen, in a sociable American family ( private preferred), between Broomo and Fourth streets, near Broadway: refer* noes given and required. Address Joseph, box j 37 ti, Post office, eta ting terms, it J. Rooms furnished, for single gentlemen, with or without breakfast and tea. Tne house is plea- i eantly situated, ar.d has hot, told, and saower bathe. Inquire : at fl'i Amity street. I ROOMS TO I ET-ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN I be accommodated with rooms in s private family, with trciikfaet, if d-sir<d; situation respectable and pleasant. I about three blocks west or Broadway, between Bleecker and Houston streets, through eaeh ot whioh streets a line of | stages continually run. Address box W3 Post Oflice. , WANTED-- for a EMAI L FAMILY, FURNISHED j Rooms, with full Bor.rd; will require a parlor and ; two bedrooms, in a house with the modern (improvements. The location must be i.i Brosdwuy, between Eighth street I and Union squire, or. If out of Broadway, must bn on the | wert side ana noteieeed one block. Possession will bo re- [ quired on or about the 1st ot November. Address M. D., at this oflice for one week. MUUKLLAR kiUUk. F|"<0 CHARLES"DEVLIN. ESI)., CONTRACTOR. AND J Thomas Brady, Esq., Inspe tor?Gentlemen We. the undersigned, owut K and occupin's of property in Chatliniu street, between I'earl and North William streets, having noticed w ith rnlisfactiun the prompt, energetic and efficient manner in ? hlcb you hai e constructed the newer in Chatham street, take this method of returning von our ntnoere thanks for the rapidity with which the work hue progressed, an I for yovr rromp'neiM in completing the lint, with bat trifling, I any, obittuctioa or annoyance to ua or our bueincaa. The finishing of the work many day* within the time allowed yon oy the contract (a circumstance seldom, if ever, clearing in the prosecution of public work* in thi* oity.) ia a fact wbiclmpensaatronglv in favor of your energetic anil porteviring characters aud your fitnn?x fur the tupcrvieion aed coratrui tion of work* of a like character. IT in. Clarke O. Sweeny. Abrm. Leon, larael Abrai Leon, X. 4. kJ Giluiour M J Dennett. Elias O. Drake. Charlea SauUford, laaao A Leon, Charlea I., Fleming, 1(17 Chatham atreet; W. & K. Bullish. George W. Dawson, Binxmin k F iler, Bcnnord Londhrins, Gordon Hen' i?, W kcCauley. John Baulch, U. Levy, Win. Bauleh, A. J. licnnett, Chaa. F. Tag. VIOINT PAVILION. TOMPKINSV1LLE. STATEN Iva Island.?This favorite and aalubrioua reaort will remain open for the reception of viaitora till the drat of November. Military eompaniea, aoeietiea, Mo., can be furniahed with dinaei* at the aliorteat notice. A good target ground ia attache 1 to the Pavilion. JOHN M. toIII N. Proprietor. N B.? Periona within* to viait the Pavilion, abould leave the boat at th* frit landing. Ran away from the subscriber on tuei-<tii iuatant. Jo re Maria Mead'za, (a half breed Mexican Indian ) aa indentured a ppreatioe. Tin* i* to forbid all perrons trusting or harboring htm oa uiy account, aa I will pay no debt* of hla eeatract'og ; and further will deal to them the ntmoat aeverliy of th* law. R W.MEADE. Brooklyn, New York. CALIFORNIA COLD SPECIMENS. (JUART/. AND > aand, bought by U. SOLOMON It CO., gold and silver retinere and aaaayera, ewtep ameltere and gleauert or earth'* minerala, and allk sown eubetancee that eoutaiu the ab>v* metal*. Old gold, tilvtr. diaaaonde. and precious atoras bought, jewellers' and silversmiths' sweep*, ores, aud all hard lutatanecs ground at th* refinery. Refinery <5 Ann street. AO. BACI.EY fc CO.. MANUFACTURERS Or OOLD * Pens, Cold and Silver Pan and Pencil Cases, and Patentee* *f th* celebrated Eatenaioa Cases, No*. 1SU aad J77 Broadway, Kaw York. FLAGS-FLAGS OP ALL NATIONS, OP THB BES1 materials constantly on band, aad made to order, at the shortest notion. Society liaan*r*. and Military Companies' silk flag*, of all descriptions, got ap with neatneai and despatch, at th* d*pot, corner HrenJway aad Paarl atreet. opposite the New York Hospital. Wl< ARV SEC A RB BEGARS'-BO :K k SCOTT. NO '.XI C H afrr street, have a large assortment of Oeroan. Do iniatir. aad Havana Segart. for sale, which they offer to th* trade oa th* moil reasonable terms. Bd.tK k ECOTT, !ti WATER STREET, KEEP CON. stahtly oa hand a well assorted stock of Leaf Tobacco, uitsblc lor segar manufactarers. Segar maker* will do wall to call aad eaamlao. Colt'S pistols?J1 st received. A i.ot OF A AND 0 lacb: also, navy and army sit*. Alan, on hand at all tiinra. dou'.le and tingle (.una. Pivtola, Revolver*. Kifiea, B-wie Ksivos, Shvl IVnrhti, Wgddlae, Cnme Hag*, kc , gt the lowest market price. A. W SPIES k CO., N "1 Maiden lane. ('OLD AND SILVER WATCHES ? WARRANTED time keeper*. A good article, at a low price ; a new and elegant aiaortment, Jnat received. conrUtior of lluat Ill) dmh'B unioi<"? i.tnn, ana ail aeairiplione 01 Vntilra. at the original I. JACOB'S. 1(1 Chatham etr?eV Alro a a|>-1 iidid aatortmcnt of Jewelry. Atcordeoaa, Vloliat, Flutia, Guitar a Banjoe. Tamboriaaa. he. Ri^hich silt kb plated ware*. papier bachf. Jat Oraamvatt, U j, utcrie. Ac ?Tan caeca of tha above ?ouue. ol auperior quality anil tha neweit daaiane ami paturea, trcritad per eteaiticr I'arlllo. are now ofierad f.>? aula by A. JoEI. At CO., M3 lined way, aiijotatni tha Clilnaaa H i dlip. _______ UTRANCERR AND GITIZlMa ARE INVITED TO 0 vlut G. W Tuttla'e Emporium of Fancy Onuda, No. Broadway, where mar ba ceo, la aadl. a# variety. arary al Ea.-liali, Preach, German, aadChiaaaa Panic Ware, at the moat raaaoaabla prices, wholesale and r?ta*i. Naa aad kaaatlfal ?<.r>.|a by arary arrtral from Europe. VI. I tin are elrraya welcome. Ri^hi peri l s fine itbrv handle tari.e knives, ?Jfir(f.'?. Table fork", eilvwr plate I on Uareia alleay, HE S7 MV SUSM, MSAl la atpeereni- t> para allrar, rnra'Dua c. Irlratid Dae Future Solar l.ampa, Ulraalule', Mantle t'aadalabraa llall Laape. Ac. la araat variety. A. r. MORGAN. I."'2William, bclrraea Faltus and Ana atrrate, appaalte the f berth. G| ^HAS FITTING AND Fl XTt'ERR.?J. STul'VINEL h Co.. Na VI Broadway. aeat to Mblo'a. are la fall operatma fur introducing Gat l'ip?e into buildioee la caanl. with the la*t mater'ala and workmaaalilp, at rtry lave prima. All work warranted. Also. a large a-s>rtmfnt of aaw natterna cf Cbaadailera, Bracket*. Maatta Lighti he . made by the felwl rated Ke?tre Cnrneltna fc Co. af Philadelphia Alao. a larra rtock rf plain white and decorated Porcelain. I>teuwr. I tee-ntt., and Tea Ret* fancy eru-lee. ha; fi;h Frnih f', Caadelabraa. inter. aad Caret! i.e npj, 01 tea aad China Vaeea, and faaey aoola tfevery d -etriptma: a ttah area rarest af Cat Glaan. tnvde by tba Brooklyn Glina Ctmpeay. aad cat at oer factory. Noa. V had W Vaaay atraat. JIBAEUO HOPPBT. OAR FITTER. AND BANCI"ACTCrer of Gaa Chaadall?ra. Peadaata. Brackate. he , No. I lit aad 121 Prince (treat, third kin. k waataf Broadway, here leave ta call tha titration af theaa about Mtiqc their honed with Gaa, ta call and eaamlar hie (tack of Bar Pictures before pnri haala* eUawhara His stark romprteee a larra assortment of the latest etyla and patterna, and warranted a pml In quality ind at eonaidernblr lower prlraa than any outer eatatliihment ia tha I'alteil Stataa. Samples an be neeu at N?l 7 Join ele t Grater and pbndbbs.-d. a orate and reader mtaufnetory, Na. .Add Broome street, three doora | we?t af the Bowery, adjoining Dr Cona'a Chareh, New Pork. Rnildere and nth. ra who are at, nt pnrchaaing. would do well I ko rail, aa ha feala ronhdent that hispetwrus, far variety aad ahaapueaa. are aaaarpaeaed. COM I "RT TO Till ritT.-TIII PANNl'A-CORtrB. or I aathff Cloth n?n?? and Shoat, ar" tha anal- ?t aai I moat aom'ortabla ?T<r laaantad for taadar faat?a m-><? aaIrabla raliaffi? mrta, bnalona. rant, ft;.. hanna an drawla* ?f r tmfiil ?lf?rt ?a tha wrarar, and adapi-d for all ellmat* i. R. bto. UAI.U s Aitor Honte, lirtltfllKlt. WOOD WORTHS PATRMT n.AMINO MACHINES, all af Iron, doablo and alaala.?Tha anhaortbar. aflat loop atparlaara, and with praaani traatlr aalart.-d faoilitlaa, la praparad to fantah. aad haapa ooaalaatly ?a hand, rlaa n? BvhlaH af varlaaa aiaaa. atiaraattd U ba lha baat planiaa oiaahtnaa arar roaatraatad. Tha daabla aaabla** rlaaa botli aldaa. t?a?na aad (rnoTt, la aaa opi ratio* Alt* it at a, II,' firlit* ti nac th* WaBdwrth madiia* IB M.J, Pa , Dal., Va . Oa , N. M ?l< n. and Miaa*?<,ta JOI1N B LRATER, a?r*. in Falton aim*. TOE IVAK or BRIM. Eh* a wa?, tha'a noma, Now baa* th* drum. Aad git* th* haatboyt hfwath! I .at hi, rut alto Blow all thay kaow, Aad troaiboaia " (to tl.ait daath.' Bat whoa yon ?a doar. With all thlt fun. Ramombor l,t< a a Itof*, What* powdar a told, Worth nr. or# In fold. Tbaa " aota# troat any that*. Intact* that Sit Ye ar htda twill kill, | And aata tad road.ft tlay. Yet, bob* th# l*rt, 'Tit p i ton It** To nil anra inaaat pray. . .. I.TON'S i'f|>ot, for tha ma?a?ti* powder Bad pill* lot th* dfatrnrilr n ti mtarta and rarniin, it at it* Broadway._ (AIRE OP KSVt. BY MR" BRRBARD, MO. * kiatry, tttwar* P itar md Orasd tvrtttai p?gggp MLWI AWtlWi. Auction noticx-geoceri sa, staecei. farina, Kan Ins. Sonar a, Began, Ao.-Ob Tuesday, Bopi. 1*4, ai o'clock, (a frost of the atore. 67 Day street, aoraar of (ircoaa ioh, Sufara. Coflee, Began, Tea. Chieery, Starch, Farina, Prunes. Soap, Candle#. Swact OiL Brandy. (jia, I baa pagoe, Clara t, Madeira. Sherry, Pott, Mackerel, Sal won, Herrings, Bath Bricks, * Iron Safe#. #. W. A. CARTER, in tionaer. OIL PA INTINGS?TVE9DA V, AT M O'CLOCK, AT H Nassau airact, near Fulton?R C. KEN I* will tall at auction, a# abovs?l-'HI valuable Oil Paintings; mat received per steamer Franklin, 'rom France. oonsiMing ol a variety of pletaing subjects, all ot which have boon aolooted by a well ko< uu suiatcur, and particularly worthy of those in want of handsome furuithing painting*, aa they are all band OBsly framed, and will be acid without reserve. Also, a lot of booka belonging to a gentleman leaving the city. Catalogues on tbe morning of sale. R J TODD, A1' "TIONEER.?EM EC L' TOR S BALE OF

e Dry (joods, at auction?Lyndon 8. lJyrue will sell, by public auction, by order of the trustees of the late Samuel O. Lindsay, on Monday, September 22, and tollowiag days, until the whole ia disposed of, at No. Ill Fulton street. Brooklyn, two doors fr?m Sands street, the immense .tad valuable stock, compriiiug a general assortment of British, French, Herman, ana Amerioan Dry bloods. Bale at 10 A. M.. 2 1' II, aLd 7 in the evening Housekeepers aul heads oi families aboat purchasing dry goods should atteud this sale. s> the i rincioal i art or the stock is seasonable goods. lh? whole i f which wt>l be pat up in loU to null pirohasurs, tod cold without reserve. rOH BAUD AND TO LK1. Desir&bi.e property in williamsbi rg.-for tale, a two story (asenn ut and attio frtn i Mouse, with two itiry tea room attached ; built by day*' work in tho very beet mauuer filled in wi.h brick to the peak; with two loto of (round, 2b by 93 feet, each, situated in North Third street, No. 36, near tho ferry. Good location, and terms esy. Inquire on tho premises. Every man his own landlord.-cnionbuildiny and Mutual Loan Association.?This Association has letn In su'.cesstui operation four months, ana has had a number "f flares redcfn.ed; but AS it is desirous to till to a thensand sliary ',th? maximum) as rlyiij" AS pCJ-Tole, this Association will take tew lu-'mbars on more advantageous terms and easier monthly psym nts thau any other similar Association. Information can be obtained of Mr J. Pec are, *Ch Resterstreet, corner of Centre street, where ha ines can be left. Next rscular meeting, Oclober M, at 127 Grand svtet. i e -r Broadway, where persona have an opportunity of joiniuy. Eating saloon to let-the best location in the city for a first class restaurant.?To any oo upeunt person that can laves tfil ixxi to commouco with, it effert. xreat inducements. The advertiser would be wIUiqk to take toe rent in b< ard. ortake an interest with a p(MM Sf sufficient esfcriunce to take the entire cliurue. Impair* at Uuldrcdgc's bookstore, 110 Tnltou street, or at No. u Warren street. _ For sale?a valuable wh.arf-tiie good will, fixtures, and Jeny lease of 1 Lots, forming a bock or bulkhead lUti feet >i|uare, at the foot of Twcn'.y-niuth street, North river, with water on two aides, of depth to d'schcrae vessels drawing 'J feet. The premises are in x'od order, inoloied and well suited for a lumber, oosl, stone, cr brick ytrd, the locality keinir favorable , and all exi of cartage saved A very good building on the prcaise* is occupied as an office and residence for the foreman of the yard 1 he income from wharfagea'aluce is from $(/>ti . per month, will,out interfering with the storage of ioet of lumber. Ap ply ou the jiremises, or to P. II. FLEMING, No. I New street. |,>OR SALE?A BARGAIN.-THE BEALTiri L MODEL Ml of Meunt Vernon, the mansion house, outbuildi'gs, grounds, tomb, Ac., ot'the late Gen. Washington. It is one of the most prrfeOIMg b-autrful pieces ofmechanism ever built. Autographs of the surviving members of hit , ly, certifying to its ct rrestness, aceompsny the model. lto-u be seen for three ilavs st No hUti Broadway, upstairs. For terms, apply to J. G, CAMERON, lU Aun street. Ijlor sale, at a great bart vix ?the we!.!.. known Restaurant and Oyster Pal., o. situated at CI! broadway. corner of Anthony ttreet. oppisite the Ur ladway theatre, furaiehed ?ud tittcd op in a superior Itflf, mil he rold at a t reat bargain. on ac.uuul of the propri jtor le iving (or Europe in a ehurt time. I'urcUaacra will do well to call immediately. For sale?a tirst class four story house. 26 feet ftWi lot 1(W feet deep, with all the uioilera Up provetnenft, ami (renting one of our ni?t beautiful pur ha. For tale at u Inrgain. Inquire ol Li VINOS TON, WElLS & CO.. t> Wall atreet. For sal* or TO let-the firstclabs dwel lu.u Uonte, No. l22Sul)ivan Mtai built f?r the owner's own ure; la three rooma deep and bout in the beta manner; hat the Croton water, a bath, hue yard, and arape vines, and it lu good r rder. and will be disposed of aheap, ami ii not told by October lb, will be let to a aood tenant. Apply en tie prtmiaea. |jt< K SALE?THE STliCK AND I ! XTCEF.S OF A KF. r tiil iiat and l ap Store, now doing n II luriahiut and ii creatine buME?sa?the present owner wishing to engage iu butinitt at the W ett. The afore ia ai uatei in a ncighbiring city. Inquire of C. A. A VERY Ai CO., IIS and Hid Muilon lane. New York. FOR SALE-TI1E STOCK. FIXTURES, AND GOOD will of a irentleman a Furnishing Store, now dome a od bo since# Tie location it one of the oett in the jity. . o a perton with a email capital t hi. ii a ehance rarely to bo met with. For particular! addrcst Shirt, Herald office. Morrisania LOTS -SEV ERAL VERY FINER'JILDing I'lota. contairing I rem two to eight city lot'each, at the low price of bfty dollars per city lot, in the healthiest and inott detirable part of Upper Morritanin. near the lep t. lor pntticulart. inquire of Morten At Co., 221 Pearl street, orol the eubecriber, Upper Villnto, M<>rriaania W illt AM JARV1S. Noticb to pattern makers.-for sale, a Tnttern Shop now doint a tlrtt rate business For particnlart, require at IU2 Centre atreet. To DRUGGISTS.-FOR SALE. THE whole ok ONE half of an old ettablishid retail l>rut Store, in the upper part of the city, doint a lar?e and lucrative heal neat of toe mort respectable character Hold only beoaute thi proprietors otherwise entated, and unable to atteud to it Every eatiefaettca will be aflurded to persona within# to parthate. of the character and buiinett of the establishment; at J. if properly conducted, the prtaent patronage will be guanaLed. Addreta SAMUEL J. SMITH, 211 Eithth avenue. Three hundred city lots-dr sal*, a trrat bargain, three hundred lota. In the upper part el this city. Teruia?Caah, bomda and mortgagee. or prodcetiie property la or near Hut city. Inquire of JOHN HUNSoN. 74 Beaver street. Tea and corns bi siness to be chimsed <1 in one <>f the most populoue neighborhoods in tbr upp?r part of the city. None need apply nnleit pott'tteJ ol t.op. and prepared to taka immediate potaeeaion. AddrcM Byaoa, at ikla tlta TO LET-A COMFOHTABI.E PLAIN rCRV1911 ED room, with fire-place, without board, ia a r spe. iaMe priva'c hontc, desirable for one er two single gewtlemsa, for tfewlaSer. Rent Irotn te > en to n me dollars a m >ath. In. quire at lie Readc street, near Oreeuwiih atreet. Refereaee re i.ired. TO LET- THE NEW BRICK STABLE. NO. 222 NINTH atreet. near Second avenue, complete with every convenience: Cieton water ia both (table aad coach house. laquire at No. 212 Teath atreet. TO LET-TO A 8MAI.L FAMILY, THE SECOND fLOOE A of Mo built house, No 3">7 Brnomc street, con nt n* rf four rooms, sod basement if rci|ntred. Ponwufs ii?rn immediately. Tor [aruculara. inquire at No. 2J1 brand otrool. TO LET-A STABLE WITH A SPLENDID UA i LUft la i sollar. Euquir* at IS (irond strcot. TO BE LET I NTH. THE l.<T Of MtV NEXT, THE ai at three story house MO Prises atre. i, ?p| Ijr to I. If. nh.m. Ldnac S(iut. earner .of Sixteenth street sad Eighth 11 ran*. IIORNKB, CAKRUUKiS, dM. tf?T ft REWARD.?STOLEN rROM THE SUBSCR1BRR. i? " a bark Sorrtl Horse. Ssid h<>rte is soar aloes haad. high, a braid and ftraight fotohe td and shits strips, iBi" Hi round kip*, and high ki.ltork, and a little lams in obi ot bis for. feet. Tl.s ahovc reward will ! (*tta lor the re every ci the t ors#, sail ihs same for tlis ai prvl.lailo.i ol the thisf. Address ISAAC IIK'KS, North Id i taps toad, L. r. sr J It IIICKS. 47 John stroot, N. V. SADDLE H'lKSE-TOR SALE, A 1 ID>H i 10IIIltED import! d Easllsk sorrel Mare, eisht pear* old, liaa is high, warranted soaad aad kind; ths owner hseiaa ao use l. rhir, Is bis indaremoat to odor bsr for sals. Apply at itskle rear of (fU Urosdeay, A ROAD IIORSE I OR SALE CHEAP-?1. tOK IIAWK took. 7 itars old. i.t)t hands hisb?has inn h>< trained, sad ran tret la 3 SIR?perfectly sonad Sad goat's ?etsnds aithnut tjir*' Can bo seea at U irker ? Livery Sialls, l.'l Amity street. Price ajMf sad aotiiias loss I.MiK PALE.-A HERKIMER COP NTT HORSE, lot, r leads high. Ait ye are o d. aad weight IV i ( .onls. W arrant! d p- rfectly Oonad it wiad. linin. Re. Is a splendid at tmal in story reined. Can be neo. f r three days oaty, at Mr Flyaa's stables. No. |i> Weot Thlrteoath atre t. C*C I iALE-JN ABDAM.A lloRSf, LI* WANDS F huh A tisrs old. aad ?orraatad sound, ood kiod in finals and d. ible t sreeee Ho can tr?t n mile a miso'et and fd) soerado. sad has asoer keen trained. Prise tOm. 1 tl Rnok tbs batter. No. IJh i altos stroot, bistwora 17 and t o'clock. .... -t .or . INOIA Ml If It KH mw*DM. I'D TUB PUBLIC -INDIA Rl'llBEA RHOBS. OL'K A attention has beta ealieAte an adrertieemeat. sr Heraee J. bay, pnMiebod In the New Totk ll-rail of iflh inly, iSAI, nnd the Courier nnd Enquirer of lino date. la whisk, ater mack aamenitrd aboeo of oar attorney, Wei. Jtdtn, Be.)., ho nreerti that we daro net charge bfta with pirating a Ca'ento. nnd?r ??r own names, end that he d> no Mt. a i rinse Uoedisar e Paten to ia the aaaafaotaro of BhooA We hare pnrthaoed our ll.wasoa for the mamefaeture of I al.o Rubber Bheea under Ooodyoar'a Pal?atat and paid ear aoxey, and are daily pat las a tariff for the came: aad nay fther person might hart dene the same. If disposed to do so, rather thaa pirate epea Oosdroar's Patento. Wo think it ore Just to parnhaee aright tssae a ralld patent, thaa jo infriaga it. Mr. Dar, baring hoea pr acute.I. n.'ka?WWdged Ooodyoar'a rights. made a aettlenaent. aad agreed ia latere ant to lafriago his Patents. He ia now attempting telealy to infringe said Patents, hat to injure osroelrest who bnre. for n large eoaatderetioa. anrehaeed oar lieoaaaa, and now wort nader them; and wo charge Mr. Day directly, and that oror oar ewa (ignatarea, with prating apoa flood roar's Patents la ths mtnnfaetaro of the shoes whisk His asw offering ks the paklis; aad wo (fro aotiss that be, aad all wke art seasoned with him ia psrehaaiaa Of roaj a j his Rhnoo. made la rlolaMoa of said Patent Rights. will ""?"t'cANDBB. AT WAKD RUBBER CO., THE ElV?Mr^lM, Bittklagsa PraoiAaat POND ft CO. w rnt.l?l*ll.m PA ran HANOI If OS, Am. Fh r m m i ?1'IR MANGINOS.?Tfios FATIkro, No AW Pearl near Madleen. offer th? r1< hret u If rtnilIB the eity. of D?en? a Gold, Stlror. and Veleet Popera. he.. *11 imported direct If?? the tnonafo -torero. wJ far Mia at the laweet rat**, at a holoaale tai nttIL Pin* r*ri* hanoinor-prancis pares ft CO.. TV Pearl atrcat. haetjaet recelred, tn l offer at whole ?al* aad retell. aa eiteaetee eoeortm'nl of all lira rtakal atylee of IHeorallr*, Veleet. OoM, *e*ln. rroaoh, uf ???" " Pa par lltndnra aal Border*. aaleoled eapreaaly far drtwinc r?m?, ftr. Alan, all Iha ni?el opprorea atylee af IkarorntlV* Oalia. Narbl* Block*. Panel work, fca . anllakla far tlalla. dtalaa rnoat, fta. Tha a?< at perfect work aa to haai papar alwaya oa hail. HAVANA AOVKRTMR KftT* VENTOSA S ri hmii #r STORKS, NO. 41 OBISPO treat, end ? Obrapla rtraat, ttahena (Cabal. Br faatoaa baa eoaatantly aa hand, la tha ebere wall kaawa ator**, a larn and ralnablt au rta.nt af Banaaheld Paral tara tad Cpbolalarr of tba lateet atyle. which ha wUl aall twenty par oaat laaa thtn any other honae In Hahana. Par aoaa Tteiliap Beheaa, lateadlng to keep heaie aad aat wteh lap to parohaae. Ma aaleal from tha Ha. b af tb? abort aril plat, aa Jure, ht ?ht watt raaeaaaklt rata*. f AJtVIBMHTI. ^ POVEIY TBEATKE.- DOORS OPEN AT 7; Ct'KTAIV MJ !> > n : u clock. Hoaes, Jb MBit; Pit. UW vote Beat* ib Orchestra Boies, to cents Monday craning, Sept. ZL mil be pcrtorsutd ROB ROY?Rob Roy Mciirsg >r Camp bell Mr. I Eddy; Sir P. Vernon, Mr Glcnu; Rashleigh Oa- i baldistca, Mr. Tiltou- Trends OabaldUton. Mr. Hamilton; Bailie J ante, Mr. Jordan. Dougtl. Mr. Stevens; Uelen M >linger Campbc l, Mra. Jordan; Diana Vernon. Miaa Uirtcrt. After which, Celeste mil appear lu an sl>-iaat Pas 8eal To teoclndemth tl>e drama oi BANS, TUB KlEVBK?Ja k Kaon, Mr E Eddy Mr. Colville. Mr. Glean; Long Jerry, Mr. Stevens; Mary Perrerr. Mrs. Jordan. Bl RTON-8 TIIEATKE, CHAMBERS STREET- IIOORS open at 7; to begin at 7,'a o'clock. l>rre* Circle and Parqaet te, M) vt nta; Sec ond Tier, oeuti; I'm ate Boats, S >; I Or:beatra Seats, 75 ceuta. Mouday evening, A pt. '?1, will be played tbe 'omedy of A WINTERS TALE?Le?utea, Mr. Pyott. Caatillo. Mr. Pardey; Antic mui, Mr Kland; Ploriael. Mr. Moorboaee; Aufoltcus. Mr. John Dunn; Clown, M.*. Burton; Btrmiune, Mra. Warner; Perdita, Miat Weaton; Paattna, Mra Hog Us Mopta, Mra Holutnn To conclude with I the farce ol the HOUGH DlAMoNU-Sir W. Evergreen, Mr ! Bland: Lord Plato Mr. Hamilton; Ccuaiu Joe, Mr. J. Dunn; [ Lady Plato Min Weston; Ma-g ry, Mn C Chapman. National tiieatke. Chatham strekt.-dooks open at 7; euitain riees at 7 *t u'clotk. Dreea Circle and Br ace. JJ eents: Pit, IJW cents; orchestra Tickcta. VJ cents: 1 Private Boa Tickets, $1. Monday evening, dept. 2J. the ea ''Aiitornta will commence with tile military drama of tha FRENCH SI'Y?Matilile de Merlv, Mies Hathaway; Colonel da loamy, Mr O. J Arnold; Mano. Mia. M. Charles. Alter which^ the drama of the MIDDY a<HOKE ?Harry Halcyon, Mu* Hathaway; Tom Cringle, Mr J. R. Scott. To conclude with the new drama of the SLAVE'S HEVENGE-Cnto. Mr. E. Hlanchard; < aptam Melroae, Mr. Stafford; Philippe, Mr. Arnold; Ore, Mrs. H. F. Nichols. 1 CHKIBTY'SOPERA HOUSE, MECHANICS' HALL NO. 472Broadway, abevn Grand atreet.-Open everyalght luring tbe week until further notice. Ike original and well auowa Christy's Minstrels, comprising an effioiont and verVa#0rfB' 01 "ond^' eipsrlenecd performers,' Tr.l J. wnoso oonoeris la ibu city, ftr a succession o? "(Its yosrs," have beta reoelvad with favor ty highly respectable tuu fashionable aatkenrom Door; ow>? at 7, *a4 -r.U oommeuoo at I jelock. Tlit patron* of Christy a ltlnatralo arc roanaotfaU* ?kfuno?d ??* ?h? Sat art cy afternoon tenants wul b? lis- I tootlnntd for lXo ftttN. FDL LOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS NEW MUSI- j oal Ball. *M Broadway. between Howard and Grand : streets; open every nfaht.?This justly ealebrabed and efficient aorpo of talented ana experienced performers, andur the colt management of J. B. Fellows, whoco ooncerto in ibii oity lot too peat year have been received with the greatest favor by the elite and fashion from all part* of the Union. Follow? tf r.sinal Ball ic one of the moat spaoious and beet ventilated buildings in the world. Admlaeion. 25 oenta. Doortopen at f; conoert to ?< miuence at 8 o'slook. An alternoon oonoert tvtry Wednesday and Satorday, for the aooommilavlon cl fawllln commenting at 3 o'olook P. M. OLYMF1C.NO. 442 BROADWAY ?TO-DAY. SUNDAY. Sept. 21, grind Sunday Concert of voea! and instrumental music, under the direotion of C. Burgthal. and the ?:> e and well kii' tn lo.dcr of the Orcheatra, J. W. Kanken. Door* open at 7; to counretue at 8 o'clock. Private Boxes, fit; rente; Pariiue' to, 25 cents; Dm Orele, 1\%' cenie; Gallery, 11','i centa. For pa-tieuUra, aeo the amtll bille. BARM M P AMERICAN' Ml SKI M -I?. "]'. UARN'I M. Manager and Proprietor.?Admission to tiie entire.Ma cum, 25 cents. Positively last week of the great Hartiuctti Family?witlnlrawnl of''Toe Mistit C'roi-. Monday and Tuesday, September 22d and k.i I. lu tiie afteruoou, mer.riiig at 3 o'clork, grand Divertiarment. by tiie Martinet- I til; drama of the ADOPTED CHILI): comic pint inime of 1'fcCli ALl M LA I . by the Martinett's. In the eveniug, e)m- I n.i mine :;t 7 o'clock, comedietta of the D A Y A PTE ft Til E H EL'DiNG: or, A Wife':. First Le.-. ,n. T conclude, hut we are sorry to my for almost the I a at time. Wi'li the inarmSeout lumtonmnc of THL MYSTIC CROSS, a pi. co full of c intleal trieks, by the renowned Martinetti Family. The Chinese collection, the Happy Family, an I t ie rest of U>b innumerable eurioaities, to be seen as usual, NEW YORK AMFifTTlIEATRFi, It; UOWERY.-L J. North. Proprietor.-Private H .x?.. 50 cents; Bixes and Parqucttc. 25 cents; Pit, 12cents. Op-n at a quarter he fore 7; commence nt a iiuartcr before S. >1 >uday nir'.it, great attractions, Madame Nunn, llerr Kistanl sun. Sam. La- j tlror, L. J. North, tin- ?tar rider of the world; Harper, the bait Southern clown of tha day; Mens. Editor, tlie dnuM i somorsanlt vaulter and rider, Odell. the punt, iiiimist. Bacon, ' togither w ith Master Willie, the unaprr .a !.able hurdle and | steeple ehaaer and barehacked equestrian vaulter. Dancing nndtrilk Horses, learneu D 4ic. Tii-sda) night Uerr I Kist'o Benefit. Afternoon p. rformauce Wednesday au 1 Sa- | turduy, at 3 o'clock. LASANKLIN MUSEUM J CHATHAM SQUARE, ONI E block acove the N> al T .aatre.?Gcorgo Lea, ools : proprietor.?Balenn porformanoes avory att iruoon and svon| ng. Entertainments commenoa in the aft roaon at I a oleek, and in the evening at eight o'oitog. Thocatrrtau xecu arc varied and aelen. and ?uo'. as can I: eoe.i a-, uc place of amusement la New Vark, eon?is?inp of Idea's ; remala Ethiopian Opera Troup?. nutnberlu* fifteen performira, being the largest. and at ta? setae time tho ran: talented land in the I'rited ftator; a troupo ot Molil Artist*, whe ar* selected tor their beauty aud figure. and w:u pornonnki a number of beautiful tableau*, taken from tha pictures of ipeiont aad modern timer, a company of A*ab Girls. she (? through a variety of teats of strength and dcateritj: a sotrpnny of Ifale and 1'omalo Artiste, who will give an oahiiition of Marble Statuary oneiuall-:) iu tho world, togeshet with a variety of Inlsrrsting r?*i eviry attoinooc tnd evening- for particulars too bills of each da/. Auntie inn?State in Private Buses, BO rente: tta(* Seats, J7M . i scnte: Boaea. 16 oenta; Parquette. 12)i oente. t ? | Raymond & iikrr drfisbacu s minaokrib.This oelebrated Menagerie?tho litres; and best conducted in the known world -.-rubra 114 almoi t every animal known to natural hutorv. and w hic'.i has received the patronage and applause ot hundreds of thousands of the molt respectab'.e and intelligent people ot the United States, kas Itist commenced a nioel brilliant swumer campaign, aad will vleit the principal eitice and towns ot now England. in the following order, via:?Proctorsville. Vt., Friday. Sept. 12th; Woodstock, Saturday, l.htt.; Norwich. Mouday. 18th; Bradford, Tureday, 16th; Wells Kiter. Wednesday, 17th: Littleton, n. II., lhursday, 16th St. Jnhnebury, Yt . Friday, l.thj Lyndon Centre. S>th; Danville, 221: Cabas. Cd: Burrs. 24th; Chelsea. 28th; Cast Randolph, Sith: North field. 27.h ; Monkpelier. K'tb. National concert hall, a and m canal street, nenr Hr><adw ay?Gr?n 1 3a< rod C >ncert. Sunday | seenlng, Sept. 21, ls51. Grand Orel.-stra uo icr t oe direct! m of Mr. Julius Siede. Tickets. 28 cents entitling t' c hearer tu relitshments, ice cream. Itc. Doors open at 7 o'eluek; to commence at f e'cluck. IfOBOKlN' IIOBOKEN -TIIE 1 A\E SO I 11 given at Vauaball Gardea. Hebiksa. have attractod en large and reepec'al It an audience, that the un Irnigued has 1 teen induced to arrange tor Monday, the 22d of September 1 another Grand Cencert at the tlose of the tsasoa together 1 with a ball and with the moat brilliant Tree rti arranged by the well known pyrctec t nlst. Mr Stanton. The celst.ra1 led l and of music, under the dire- tu>n of that very tal-nted 1 artist, Mr. Fircher. is engaged fur thisoccasica. Admittance f Scents; ebll'rsa half price. Managers of tueathes mc-ii k< and-jtuer places of amue mcut. winking to make ear tg ns'-nls with Monsieur Greg -Ira, the strung-vt m n in the world, whe he* nev?r appeared in the United States, aad who wilt ckallsiRoaBy man in the vorll f r strength. can make application to gROROB LIa. rrank'.in Museum, 17-"' Chatham SQuart. Golden opportunitt-to rent-the butfalo Theatre, witii splendid new sets of soeasry. w.ll be ranted for one year, or a term of vsare Possession given Immediately. Address william u arland. Bulale. PBIUOIAL. WANTED-A Rtspfi TABi r. PERSON or FAMILY, who wienee to adopt an interesting American boy, ' abont three years of axe. Any application taut*, be ?ce .ntra| alsd with n worthy reference that Ike boy will meet with a home of tare and kineacea. An address :j Orphan, at this | olfcee, will be tntnertd. FIRK ANN1IIII. ATOK. I^IBE ANN1H1LAT.jr -TUE AMBRK AN COMPANT. f.-r the mennfecturr and eels t Phi. ip e Un let States Pabcntlire Annihilalor, as aell as fur the disposition el rtghta to ot* erd eeld the saiuo, r-sp.tlu ,jr auaouuo* that they have opened ther office. Not warren street, two lucre from Br. ad nay fcr the trtnea-t' a ul bas.arsi. aid will endeavor to gratify. as eipeJitiuu.lj as p -.nble toe public , demend for thsse re markable Are *< apee and tire evtiniruUhcra. The pi ices el territorial lirsa-es of aselfumeat of pitent 1 righto lor Staloa and ttrriton e. cuualiee or towns, will depend nprn v art us circumstances knee I upon the dumber of I inhabitant*, wMih will kt made known immslieloly on a pi racial application, or by a letter a I (rati -1 to the funeral niaimgrr. at the office of lie oompauy. T.iO prices of machine#, and of charge', are f*ll?ne P..*- of Pri.i , Price of each Machine. including one t harge. spare charge. No. I SHI SI 26 Ne. S /' 17) I No. P |n t .TO No-? w ?n No. ? ,V. .1 ,vi 1 A renin r t> now o|cn. taw aim s and orders by mail are entered is ?# ri-r. .a* tho mmklem *ill ta pnppli*d to th*m in t Mf O f I > theif 4***4 Iriorit> at ipflliillri. 1 ha ay nul h* pall >1 th* t| * ot fiti? j. Aa Ihnr mtehlaa* a* I aepe. tally th* oheaitr?l elartea e*a ualy b* manil* tared id aarir larce uartitt<*. ?? ( k> th* aid of co.nplica** *ai rt-e aai <* m?;.,ia*ry, o BiDchlBM will hr tutf f >r denary balor* the Bin day ot ( etoi rr. fr< in ? hirli fate lr-t ta lUhaaa baa* mil> to maaofartar* and delh?r a 'era* r. *' ** p-r dor I'aettai caa b* enppi led. p. flare !r??. ?! ? pamphlet* '' "Ullltf a-c-uat* *1 maffeai #tp?r'*i*B*.a nl aro'dental Ira. pi?fk|Ik* lUNlf ff ll?M BM'livi. V ia mi l irthr e rtalpilMi naa.pi, tdlrm i*"in? p?'H r T HtKkl k U'atral ftanap-r. at-.L* o"a at i i no|>itf.*g I Warrta atr**t ftw 1 .. REiDIFIPF. tTTINf.l"I?HKR ?THE P: bLTC ARE rtapaetfally lafaraad : ?t rroif* r F-il. I Ni? ; York, alter mnay yrata (i| ri*?c* aad r****rr *111.ap.a aa earli day, t>? pr-rar< 4 to aapply In* taralatble F.r- Ball anientr, atit-li Bill le In.a4 to ear?***alt other si tae 1- r tha apppraeaioa a( cautlatrati a-. Ik* sit hi*** Bill k? k*ap aad portable. Fall a'nr-uattia ta fat or- i4??ri it. aieiita and from th* i a i rat?n*i J01IN VAl.lMlkC, t'ntl Kt alaeer. fJeneral Maaaa-r. 14 Vail H it. U?(OPS, TBI OWL BRAND CBABPAONR IN EBIBBBT arlter. bob la Part*. ia a latter to Ma paper in thta i tr. alia* ol aati n , Icmki i ?a then ' einpeaae *? e -"Here > a* brtad af'.*r aaetk-r ! <* tha ball, baefaat ' femere, l.aa i?* ranee* tf pitnlaritr aad a peril' filet* ?, and then r**? rlara t? ?e?"frfiv >raa 1 at of* rtf?rtiii rival A 4*liv|oa* arti. I*. nhlrh teeme to c vmbia* all th* inalitla* *( f leallaiiea, hold* tha t eld at pTt**at aad pr?m??. t* rent"* | reea.ment l?r torn* time. 1 da n >t kaa* it* tibia her*, a* It it a-t the matim alway* t* a ree tha bottle n-ith the label** It at tab)*, but f haie k aa teld that it It l.*in( impertad iate the I'altt 4 Eta'at nadtr tha braad of "The OaV" Th* ah ?e I ran I it imported by W B tl lltl.L. at It"' Wall it.ett. aa4 4*li*trti be aay part of tha city Ira* *( than*. Bobdeacx vinegar fa< roRv. no. ni centre traet. New Yark ? ( oattaatiy aa i.aai aalfaraal* at ih< derate price*. th* folia*is| taneiiet a< Vi**t*r. of naditpnled eaealleaee ? Patent Fran >. Fraarh Pararoa, Wait t'ldar t? in- y th* a'tantioa I *hipr*r*. (tccara, eatm* hour* keepara. tamiliat. pukleft, ft*. I OI.D rIIIRRT WINF -TBr. PIB?C R1BER WANT iaata lata* thia tone try ha* thirl j-h*. inn at *14 fherryWiaalo tail, to tha adt*iili(e if tha bnyeri. Addr. ?t t* R. CF.ZRRAC. N*. ill Liberty ttreet. T'i- wia* Bill b* t'14 na Tnaadar m. rata*. Ju intaaa*. at half part tea a clerk. at the tall Addref. Troia, tab. Tilt CELEBRATED BRANDT NTORE l?i BROORB atreet. aaraar of Craaby. >a th* tltht Plate to tat lhaae Pa* *14 l.oadoa dork braa li-a. b,i*i L Th* bnaiata* belnt eeadnc 1*4 aatiraly aa (ha eaah priacipla a aariatof fully 2? per raat (| lamrad to tna put haair. Oae trial Bill pre** th* fait. T1IK llBNI INR FCOTJH AND INDIA PAI.E ALE*. I.cadon 1*4 Dublin Porter, ft* . (** br tad at the *ale brated traady atota. ? > Bre ma ttraat, aaraar of Croaby. Warraated a* impotl'd traapiai Tri i'"t *l-i IB until km. Tit fhM.?tt Ri im ftar? warrtaltd ( slat. Not# ttktra aAatlMH ia tit tttaklithatak. East india Tom. paM am tiu d?m< lot s ? n iBtPmctUnt kt'tra?f, krt*H ky Rut k Co.. Hurt * Tr-nt Iniiul I r tal> ia r at aa<l nart kit lift ky Ikf mi r riff. (. P I.ITH1RIDC.B. <R?I - < Pnltna ttr?ft. DI IMS XX\ ?ROTV\ STOIT BAR rlay. Ttrklat k i>. LnaAna i'nrirr Voir't, Ytaatar'a, 6?tl f. Tfnrrnt t. Piakor't, an I Bu t aaaa ? Srnlch Alrt. ia kBttlft. Itr ?alf. ky th? -mat, (A and A Aoitaa. I at ia <iaaaltlict t< tall lurfhaarra. k? tht imyirtrr, t r. utiUnidoi, ?f ?r4 r alto a .tjtti, AaviBucflfi. I uroadway theatre.?e. a. Marshall" sol* D l,tw? Dmre open at 7; to otiwmeaoe at 7 o clwk. ! I'rtm Cir< U tod Marquette, M eonta, amilv aaJ Third Cir [ dee, J> oeata Gallery, eonta Private Boxea. * < and %6 Monday r.ioiifc lepteuiberlK!. will be performed the tragedy of OTHELLO-OlLillo, Mr. Fo. root; >??o. Mr. Conway; Caew, Mr A. W. Fiouo. R-jdcrik". Mr Shaw, Montane, Mr. Fi t?r; DtoOmott. Mine. Poni-i Euii in, Mre Abbott. To coueludt with an original faree enti tlud LEFT IN A CAB? Mr. Hill.11 Hi kite. Mr. Daridge: Mr. Saapeon Socka. Mr. Whitiij, Mr. Gajton Gad.l.. at, Mr. Pop* Mr/. Wilkin H . .. L' At,'. Mr- Mtnpw it itoeka, Eft J. BefUa. NIBLO S GARDEN ? MANAGER. MR JOHN SEFTON. Tiiktte, M ante; Private Bnxee %&. PirfornuM ta c ir.mi ii< t at 8 o'clock. The wonderful Havel Family. Laat Light I ut i in of the{Chineec lieertuenieBt. The moot grainy ink roauita have encoded the production of tho Chinese fote i.nd taiiy ctmio pantomime, the th usauda af auditora teati I liar their CD alio) ed gratification at the lueceauity aad talent die pi a) ad ly the Ratele, who exsel every other company iu the world ia the production if I 'tnic hallota aa l cumin pan tioiati. M' Ddav, Bept t" roinmeaoe with the panto mimic f tc ?.| K IM KA ? Vent.lain ir l.abnel Ravel. I? Mlelude ni;i (-sry eomte pantomime of RlOPL BROI CHAM'S LYCF.t M IIKOA I)WAT. NEAR BROOMK trcet ? Doors open st 7: to begin at 7 M o ulook. Dreae Cin le and Parouettc, All oents family Clrolc,'A> rents; Orehestrafcsti. fl; PriTAto Buxes Mondav evening Seot.. J7. will played ILe tragedy of MACBETH -Duncan. Mr. H. B. Phillips; Mulcolm, Mr. Valuer; Macbeth, Mr. Lynn#; Masdull. Mr. C. K. Mason; Bsu pio, Mr Foeter; Lennox, Mr. Unstoll. Riser. Mr. Duncan; Beylnn. Mr Florence, Dooal bain, Ml?? Tayleure; Lady M re bet.. Miea Cushman; Gentlc?| man, Mr?. foeter: Berate, Mr. I.eaeh. Popular Pan Seal by Miee Matvina. Favorite 1'ae Jo Dcnx by Mr. Fleaeber and Mi? M. Taylcure. Tt H E PCBLIC ARC KKSPECTFULLT INFORMED that M 1 8 8 CATHERINE BATES Will give her tirat Concert lu America, at Tf. ii > K HaLL, on Tvajiiav, llnrT. tt, 1J81. PROGRAMME: pa kr 1. Overture. Duet?" Qncndo &i eangue tinto," (Qulieariu)... . Dcniiettl Mr. Auguatus Brabam and el err Mengia. "La Danse dt? Fen," on the Uarp Alvart Madame Bortnoea- Marotiok. Cavatina- " Ah mon tile," (?"r 'pfioti-) Meyerbeer Mies CaTiianiM. 11 ?i as. "The Flowcrt ct the Koiest, ' An old Sooteh Ballad Mr. A. Brahim. Aria?" II Bivaeco" Battista licrr Mugi,. Ballad?"Why do I Weep for The?" Wallaci Mies Cathi iu . e ua. as. pakt 11. Overture. Bwias Song?"The Happy Switicr" Meuxtx llerr Bougie. "The Hi.rp that once through Terse Ualla"... Irish Ballad Miss Cathxiun t Uavuu. Nocturne Esragnoleon the Harp Labarre Madame Marettek. "Kathleen Mavournceu" An Irish Ballad HISS lATHS IU.W. U A V kn Bock?"la thix old Chair" Boll* Mr. A. Brai am. Rondo Finale--" Ah non iriun.{u ' (8 nnambu'.a).... Bellini Mm*CithMim MAVIS. Grande Finale Instrumental*!. A grand Orehertra. of more than forty purf'rmera, the Boat talented resident in Now Vork. bu been engaged. J? rill be conducted by MR 0. LODER AND MR. LAVE.VC. The grand pianoforte employed at thu concert will be frea the 'manufseivryjpf J. Chicle: i. *. T.exclr.. tl-R.*crved MBta, pric- 81 Ticket* may be procured at Jolliu's music store. "?' Broadway; at llnlie music store, it'iS Broadway, and at Tripler Hall. Ducrc oieu at 7 ; Concert commences at 8 o'clock. ( ATlitRINF IIAVUS' IVV| I Rl.t.-A LARGE NUMItr ol the leat acata, for the e?tire series of Mian llayta' C'oct-trta in New York, mav b? had at tue music store ol WM. 11 % I.I. A ioN. 10 Broadway. Fersone residing out of the city can seeure ?oate in advance, ly addressing the subsjnl" r?. First Concert, Tuesday, lid. Sects, 81; ehoiea sea!.-, f-. C'ASTLE GARDEN.?LAST UN DAT EVENING OON' nert of the season.?Richer than e\ir in mnairal p'?i by the Giand Ori lisatra, under t'- I lim Man of Mr. C. Ilerwr^n. Admiesioi!. '?> cents. Sunday eve. -..a. September 21. ProKrainme:?Part I?I. Overture La M "tteoe Portici?Auber; 2. The Witches' Revels?homier, < 'larionctte Solo, from Ernxni. execuleil by Mr. GrofnotvP with accompaniment of full orchestra; 4. The Naiades?Strauss; 6 Grand March. Intermission. Part II?ci Overtur Her Preyschnta? Wil-r;7. Aura, oh! Anna? Strauss 4. .-' !?ctians from the Oratorio ol fetal at Mater?Rossini. ' E\cning Stars?Labitsky; 10. Pacrnini in China?Gtina'l PcrJor-aaaeo to commence at 8 o'clock precisely. No pocpoa neat on acoount of the weather. \STOR PLACE OPERA H iU&E.? ADMISSION, 00 cents. The wonders comm "ce s* 4. Prowseor Anderson bi gs to than* the public o! N ? o- k and its vicinity fo the unprecedented support ?i.!i a h they have erewaed bis Sret aoptarancc in Ameti i la c?tm<|Uiaoe of a prior airccment aith the proprlrt * ! Tcjilsr It'll, for threo nights per week for Miss I'a the- a * "I apes'concerts, and thu directors of those concerts bivvir a' ?t*d that tho put lie would not be aatisticd with thr. m ts per week, Profaaaor Audcrrru has given up tins pie to the Wwaa of Erin. Max iretsek hat,la the monk haadi m mum offend Mb tin use of the Opera House, Aster Piac w' iohhe has auoepted. and begs most respectfully to mi -ra the public tliat be will continue to give bis Grand Soirees Magipue every evening at thir elrvant theatre, wlieve the nt'r'unment will be seen to i ne thousand per cunt fcrtior i t van' age. >>n Monday, tn?y f.'d. and every evening until fire r lo'Tei, he will appear in his Mystic Laboratory and n r iriu all hia astonishing, venders, which are admitted italv by the present New York, tn lave no parallel in the v r' l Tbe iveru.-? attsadanct at Professor A.'e entertain in n;s ib Tripler Hall, wan U.4C0 persons, and as the Opera II >a.,c will not accommodate nu re than bait that number, an 1 as all the seats below are numbered, rta-eseau be eecuicd. on ipplieatiuu, frosa HI A. M. to 4 P.M. An early appllev.i ui . desirous. As tor Place Orera House, on and alter Montsy the Pit Admission to all parts, 30 rente. A grand day > .t irmaace *n Saturday, at: P.M. Nibio's - rsnrri'T i\u ci letk spcvess op ths new comic opera of I i ROWN DIAMONDS, in which Madame Anna Tllll.l.oa i; I the gt??teat nnlf.ui naaiii ever witnessed, in a house cr w Jod to the eeiling; as. i sisted by the pop ular vocalist n i .median. Mr. Iluinov, Miss Mi.ry Taylor. Mr. F. Me?-r. ' r. Uolm..n. and a well trained cnorus and superior Or.ii.'itca It will be repeate-i Tuesday aid Thursday next. I ft 11 All.INGE TO II F.RR K' "i NOW PERFORM! N U ?t the Cir< u? ?Mune. Gr? "ho (NU m.dern Iter cuter. bc>? |ertir>ite|kt the FrCa'a iu Maeaum. I7hfhulh*m e<,uare, will chul'enge llerr Kut ir my men in the world. if hr can entry ae heavy a weight ae lie trill, (itaeieua f mosey, lie will alto make a pre?-a*. of "use hundred .1- litre " to llerr Kiel. to l.reak aeton- of the fame detcrif'-iun u he d<e?, by itrength. The mosey in ready at any time. TNR1VALIED ATTRACTION ? A CALIFORNIA U Lii'S'ii. met arrived, will he exhibited tor a lew daye, at the Minerva Konmr. No. 4"4 Hriedway, oommeneiug *n Tueedar. the 2 id of September Thit animal wae caught near Nicolauo, ns Feather Rirrr Wnilae aboveSaertmeato City, and ir pronounced by aatiirsliete to be of the tree lion ereciea. and the osly animal ef the kiad ever caught is America. A grirrly Bear, from the Sierra Nevada mouateine. ia connected with the exhibition, wh. h will romaia open for a few dare only, rrier to the departure ef thee* great curii eitita for Europe. Admittance only 1J>? eenta. VUli I t HP. UNION COI'RSE. L. I . TROTTINO -PWEEPPTAKR and yuree, $I.'U>. Tueedar. Peat. SS, So'clock P. M.. 1 three mite heata. in hnrnrra O I'tffer nnmee b ta Lady Moe ow ; George bpiearentere g g. Vermont. O. Dinmrg ante b. g JaX Reenter. S Mel.noghltn nemee b. g. Pelbam. Entry trne turfman will (eel highly granted nt the anaosacam<nt of a eteaad meeting b-tw-en the above etlehrated l.urae e, more eapet ia ly if tney wracaeod that of laet Tneedey. hetatea the laet three named-the old larorito. Lady Moocotr; keeping oft doubtleee to eaanre bernelf a ri itnry m thie the crowniag contact trf Jack tore!tor aad V-rmewt, ' it may be trsly taid. their enperi >r* hare neror baaa upon the I Bion . during the uh. le rac- keosang eida by eide. it wea impomible to eay to whom toe palm of rictorr weakt finnliv he anerded. aad when Vermoat wai declared ?'otor. tie ftieada of hcaaiter fell confident that on a repetition of the '.rial hit bright crown of Tictorj. won in oo many gallant ronteetr. wvula but gala treeh laatre from the mora- alary I ehadrw caet upon it, while the tirade of Vermoat were 111 a 11 y e-ntid.ct that It would add freah laarolt ta tb? araath of their favorite and now aa linger unload etoed. Of I'clhem. we aan bnt eay what ail knew, that when he it I'elhom. there ie none In turpaee, low to t^ual him, ted that on ocmelon tho triumph may bo hit. With taah % field be lire Irm. where ie the rp.-tenaa who doee not I eel that pliaeiat ?x< itement erer alien lent npoa the eporta of the turf, end we expect the i rre-nce of huadrele that sever afterd. except ca o.'ceai' ue lite the present, oc taeioaa tuab oecurbut at Interval* ef raara. T e track if ia better, tb? Harare in liter condition than ever; who.then, will ntay back, and thoe regret for a lifetime having oogl-etei aa oocaotoa which will n rhape nerer be o'lualied. Immediately after, mat. h for p.Vgl, mil# heate, beat throe ia lie ia haraeee. Jamie ? helplry lanit r m. Liny Dixna. II. Woodrut aamae g g. Grey Plranger. Care will l?are Soeth F?rry. Brooklyn, for the Cowroe, at It M. and 2 o'clock r. M , returning ee mob ae the eporte are ever. Fare eaeh wee IS rente 1'iUV I ASEDIAEW Pr-pr 'tor. EXP1UCIS AVKmiiiu, BFRFORIi a CO. s great california expremthreugh ia l>ne than .tl deye. via ('harr-e aad Paaama. Our next e I pre ?* will be eealoa the aplen-lid ateaaxahip llliacie en iba 271b Inat., ta charge of ear npecinl maaeenger. Mr n C Ilill. i'raigbtnt tenet Id r>r oent lone than by say other faprons. Shipper* cat eecertaia the ergo* of ether fe?p? xteible exfroootn. and Ilea call oa ua. and chip their goi de at If) Per cent lee*. Pack egae matt he wtterwtnof. aad. get exceed lit Iba. rtrpott) k (%V Wo J Veaey etreet After Hoaen. GRECOftl P I A 1.1 FORNI t OUTRAGE AND PAR' El. Axpreao. rer "team ??a Brother J laathta aad lltiaota. Paturday. Pegt. 27. Iieapnteh xearaatoed. or freight ratortrd. Oar next Calif rata Freight. Potkacn aad Parcel kerreae. will be fir warded by tbe abort ateamare for Chain aa Saturday. Pept 27. at 3 P M Ae it rarely haprnaa tl.t t ear aoreee xeoda are aet placed la Panama twenty liar honre ia admace ef thoee of all oUtor expreaeot, aMppere mar rely with certaiaty that their geoda will go forward w then! ?ov detention ea tbe lathmae. Par cole re eel rod natlf the men tag of the day the ot amer Uarne. aad lettara until P. M. Package a, which maat bo pat ag i-wrfeetly wtnrproof xhontd bo dolleored at oar ?Aoo aa or beforo Te-aday. N o enet m honee charge* mad*. I'aaaage Vic koto rural-hod oa tho tbote eteamoro at tho lowoot prioa. 1 UOMPSON A HITCHCOCR. Man xrtn aad A genu. I?l Pearl etroet. Adams h CO ai aLIFORNIa fbright. package. and Panel Etf reea. Our oaxt regular ami-monthly Exi-reea for Califoraia. ria Ci xiree aad Panama, will bo d' a| af > hod by the now aad vptendid C P. Mall eteamahip I It mot* oa Saturday next. 27th taat.. at three e'etach, P. M.t threngh ia <i.arge ef oar owa Sparta! Freight Agent aad Pr" ial Through Roue agar to Jvetinalioa. All freight foe th e r \| ree? ekeald lie eeal la te ear og e oa or before Friday, Jftt , in perfectly water proof condition Small par'ala aa i dleyat. hoe will be recoieed antil two o'etaek, P. M.. ea day f eelting. No garbage ehoald exceed 10 the. weight, or n.- m"*r" U1?H*. rto rnartt ta ariippart. ? ? thia *pf?M btH'ilUa Btaaa fWnrw'M. ?t winlinirtttataa iatolra.. ADAM." ft CO . I* to 4 I" Wall llm?. KtOrctD RATRS -CALIFORNIA.-TRANAFORTAMoa a.rata th? lithmaa af Paaawa. at ??* lahaft through ta Ma rraaelaaa at at Ip.para -*R*f ?? ?? Nrlaaa ft Ca. hlpparaw1IIM4 It tkalr lataraat ta rail pon tht aa4arataa'4 haforr matla* arraafamrala alaawbara. Fat i arm ultra. k co_t Agaala. "17 Wall itrttC fRAVELLlwr ?UIDm. ^ ~ f^ARDIN AND AMBOT RAILROAD LINR TROAA Lrj&r^ww??^,gr.,5isiASS a'alaafti Aftaraaoa Uaa, at 4 a'aloak. Fata tt atthar llaa. II for??r4 4aak. ?L Wul Uaa. at I a'aloak. P. R. . Era. ?1 M. L. RLISA, A?aak. NIW TORR AND PHILADELPHIA?If YW TORS aa4 IMMlatalphla Alraat.-VattaA Btataa Rail Uaa? Utrnaah la 4W kaara. ata Naw Jaraay RallroaA. Fara ra|na?4 to $3 lor Aral elaaa, aa4 ?1 Ito t tr aaaaa4 rlaaa. Laava Nov tork, at I A. H.. from foot af CartlaaAt rtraat, aa4 at A. R. ?a4 A F. R. from toot af Llkart* atraat. Laara PkllaAalphla at aa4 A. M. art A P. R.. from Ua faat af Waft, aat atraat. Toft Raimrofta, Wtnitarot, aft Cnafti.urrww.? Tkroorh tlakaU art aa!4 la aha thara tlaaa A thraagh aoaAartar. with throajh tacgaga ohaoka. aooompaaiaa aha irate l*aria? at A P. h7 Paaaaagara aa4 kaccaca la thta tvate win ha trtftaftiitiA Airaatlf ahroach (ram Aapat ta 4aftat a? tea ttftte vidtet Aaatft tharga. V*

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