Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1851 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6906. AJHIBBHICIITB. IJOWKRY THEATRE.- DOORS OPEN AT 7; CURTAIN' - J riaeaal7>? o'clock, lioxea, Sioeute; Pit, 11oenta; Weate in orchestra Boxea. Wcente Moudar evening.Sept. it!, will te performed HOB ROY?Hob Roy McGrexor Camp *>?11 Mr. E. Eddy: Sir F. Vernon. Mr Glenn; Raahlelah Oefcaldiatoo, Mr. Tilton: Fruncie Oebaldiaton. Mr. Hamilton; .Bailie J ai vie. Mr. Jonlan, Doug*!, Mr Steven*; Helen M )<!regor Campbell, Mrs. Jordan; f>l?u? Vernon. Mi?? Ullfert. -After which, Celeste will appear in anelo/mt Paa 8eul To conclude with the drama of RANV, THE RlEVER?Jack Ktinn. Mr E. Eddy; Mr. ColvlHo. Mr. Glenn; Long Jerry,Mr. ISterene; Mary Ferrerr, Mrs. Jordan. nURTON'S T II F.ATR K. CHAMBERS STREET?DOORS SJ open *t 7; to bruin at 7'? o'clock. Dr??* Circle and Pariiuctte, .'0 cent*; Second Tier, 25 oeuta; Private Buxea. $5; Orolientra Statu, 75 tent*. Monday evcuina, dept. 22, will be dayed the comedy of A W INTEii'A TaLE? Locate., Mr. Ityntt: Ciloillu, Mr. I'ardey; Antijrouui, Mr. Bland; Floruol, Air. Mnoihioae: Aotolvou*. Mr. John Uuon; Clown. M*. Barton: Hermione, Mra. Warm r; Perdita. Miai H'coton; Pauliua, Mrs li'irhc- Mopra, Mr*. JJo'man To conclude with the farce of tlio KOULH DMM )N D? Sir W. Evergreen, Mr Aland; Lord Plato Mr. Hamilton; Con in Joe, Mr. J. lJuuu; J.ndy Plato Mi.- W'oetin; Mn-^cry, Mi.i.i C Chapman. National theatre. Chatham srKF.i'.r.-DO )r3 open at 7; cut tain rieea at 7,'? o'clock. Ureas Circle and Hexes, 25 centa; Pit, 12t? oeuta; Orchestra Ticket*. '*) oonts; 3'rivate Boa Ticket], $1. Moo lay eveuiim, S pt. 22, the entertainment* will couiuieuoe with the military drama of the I'KENCII SPY ? Ml tilde de Meric, Mlaa Uath*way; Colonel lie Conr-y. Mr U.J Arnold: Mario Mina \1. Cliarlee. After '.Thick, the drama ot the Ulol/Y ASHOK K?Harry Htloyon, Mn a Hatha*ai; Tom Crii.Kle, Mr J. K.Smtt To conclude with tho ne? drama cf the SLAVE'S KEVENOF.-Cat.v Mr. IE. liianchard; Captain M 'Iroae, Mr. Stafford: Philippt, Mr. .Arnold; Ora, Mra. H P. Nichole. HRTSTY'SOPERA HOUSE. MECHANICS' ilAJLL, NO. IV <72 Broadway, above Grand atrvat.?Open o?ary night during the week notii further notice. The original and wall iu own Chriaty'e Mlustrola, compTlelnx an oSluiont and versatile "oorpe ot "talMtM" and "uttthllll pcrforaere," finder tho ttann^on-.-ns of F. P. ChitLty. wnooo oonoerts ia Ch'a city, for a succession ot "Ave year*, haye heou roseiiud evith favor liy highly respectable and fnshiona'ulo aueionoa*. 'oieketf, 2d cent*. boon open at 7, and will ancmonco at i c'claek. The j ai-ons of CfcTiaty'e Minatrelu aio roipcotiullj Imonned that the Saturday afternoon "marts will bo diemutiinad for tho fntcre. cwowr mivmiui at fellows* .\*w mubi. Jt o*l Ball, tat Kroadwf.y. between Howard and Grand Ctrente; ojien every n'-ht. ? i Jus'.ly e!i bratod and efficient ce ;>? ot tal nied and exverieneod ror'ormere, unitt tbueule m-.naxeni?')t of J. B. Yellow;, white concerts in this aity foi Bh? paatyecr have teen received with the graakoilt favor by Wij elite and teshion fr -n all parte of the Union. Folio s*' K'ileal llall ib one of the r-ckt apaoloue rr.d 1 oat yontl! nod bulldinge in the world. Admioiiion, 25 ooiiti. boon open al 7; concert to eorotu'iuea at 8 o'elocx. An r.ftorr.oon onno&rt tircry Wedpendoy and f-hturdby, for the ctrertl a'.commaunion of familiea. commevolnt at 3 o'clock P. .11. BARNUM'S AMERICAN ML'SEL"'1. ?P. T. BARN'JM, Mnuacer and Pr' pciotor; John Groenwood, Jr. AssUtant Manager. Adinittacce, 25 oeiito; children, 12>? canto. Monday and Tuesday September 211 and 2il. In the aftericon, commi o-> ix at i t'clook, Grand l>; vcr'ine nam, with haild.m, by the M .rlinet'ia. Attor whieli, tho poofty and "jcpular drama of Til L A UOPTLU Oil I Lit. To bn followed by the cleyoet cotnic pint iir-nio ot UK'JU A LUMSAU. In theeyenirr, commcnuir.K at 7,'< o'clock. TilE 1?\V ALTER '1'liE V I,'II;i Mi To com luda, but. wu are sorry to ery, for olmoat thn last time, with th? wonderful and |i*j 111 ijr, uiir (I Jin Mini iv t.KC#S3, a pic-oo ' ull oi comical tr.cks. urd illustrated by humorous changes, of the moot ni nitrous kiud, by the reaiwued M.irtinetti IFJmlly. T\TKW YORK AMI-HIT" F.ATllK. .'7 IMVHltl. I .1. v North, Hruprk-t -r ? Boxes, 8J ??'.?; U<>xoe and 3'nrnnette, 2.1 centa; 1 it, 12'j cents. Op in at a quarter bo re 7; commence at a r-arlcr bclcre 8. JM o u d ay night, gr-at attractions. Madame Nunr, Hcrr and >> ., Sam. Latl rop, I,. J. North, t).- star rider of the w rid; Harper, the bi*'? Southern clow n of the day; Mon?. Edgar, the double so- | 4.*r?*uK t suiter uiid i-ldcr; Udell, (he p int .niimiat; Bacon. *<g-l i r vith Hauler Willi j, the unapproachable hurdle and steeple c hen r and bar. barked e<|acstriaa vault.--. Dancing and trick Hetiei, K-arnen I)?gn, Ike. Tueeday night. Herr Kiel's Benefit. Afternoon perloruiauoo Wednesday au 1 Sav-ur-lay, at .') 'clock. i; hiSII-INVbSJSI.H, 17# CHATHAM SliCARB, 0*1 block above the fictional Theatre.--George Lea, eole prepiictor.- 2 aim n oerforraancea every afternoon and ovoa tag. tat ji.rinn.eato commence in the rttemoon at three c'Uook. and in the evening at eight o'olook. The enterUin? cut# are wied and select, and ?uoh aa ean he aceii at no '*kir 11 vie nt arinrcmont in New York, oocaiatln-f of Lsa'l ? enisle Rthio.uau Op-ra Troupe. naiab ring litoeeu pirfnrmrrt, lo ng the largest, and at tr.e came time the meet ta'.onsed ' Itand in the United Statea; a troupe of Model Artiits, who ! nre selected for their fc .euty ant Sznra, and who riraonstc I to number of beantlful tatleanx, taken from the pioturia of 1 ancient aad tnnciom tiinvf; n company of Arab Girts. who I fo through a variety of lent# of etrengxh and dexterity; t iiotnpeny ol Sfr.U and Female Arilsts, who will giro an eynl- i L.'.loa of Barbie unequalled in Uin world, togetboi I Ith a rarioty ef iuter.-atlny perfvrm.inoca eviry afternoon i rnt evening. for partieulari ooo bill* ol each day. AluiU- ! Hen? fk at j in Frivate Boxes, #J cent*; Serge l'-t??, t/H I B?re?, 2.1 eonta; 1'arquette. 12K canto. tiHANRUJf MUSEUM ?E.\ f R Y * rrr.AL iMJt? I ifi *1'!? n#lrnooi) Ine evening. John Hi imnn I, the greater. Hocer io the world, will appear. Alto. Nona, lireyoire, - Ie ni in In the world, who will break any stone ho audience ehorse to c-ft r him. Ue will aleochallengeany nan to "bill n bullock" with hia elonohed hat, for any amount of money. Swing la bcliaving. All the uanal attractios-i will be of! e red. No extra charge foi thefe noeeltie*. UNRIVAI.IF.D ATTRACTION. ? \ CALIFORNIA Lioncia, jvat arrived, will he txliibited tor a lew daya, i the Minerva Ko<?i, Nc. Hi Broadway, commencing on Tueiday, the 2.TI of September. Thia animal an oaucht jioar Nicolaua, on Featfier River, lid uiilc. abov.iSeorunanto City, and la pronounced by nnturaliata ta be of the true lion apocied, and Hie only animal of the kind ever caught In America. A gricly Hear, from the Sierra Nevada inoun oeina, la connected with the echibltloa, whi ih will remain cpcjji for a few daia only, prior to the deoartnre of tnato great enrioaltiee for Europe. Admltttnoa only UK cento. DATMOND k UIKR DREISBACII'S MBNAULKIE ? ,1V Thla Celebrated Bofiegerle?the largest and beat conrlueiod in tha known world?embracing etui net every animal known to nLtural nintorv. and abiohhae received the patronm e and applause of hundred' of thouaanda of the moot renpactable sud intelligent rcoplo of tho United State*, hao tnat commcnevd a moat brilliant summer eampaiga, and will ' viait tho principal eitloa and towns of Now Kngland, la tha following order, via:?I'reetcravllle, Yt., Frilay, Sept. Uth i ",t oodatcsk, Saturday, l.'itb: Nerxloh. Monday. 15th; Brad- , rcrd, Tuesday,; V> nils River, W?d nt id ay, 17th; Littleton, N. II., TburMlay, Ibth; St. Johnabury, Vt. FtiJay, lJlh; ! SYyndon Centre, Sith; Uaneille. iM: Cabal, 2td; Barre, 24th; 1 C iclaoa. 2Mb, Kaat Randolph, SCth; Northheld. 27th ; MonbXeher. tilth i IIoboken: iiobdkenthe favorii* soirees it 1 given at Vauxhall Garden. Ilobakon. have attracted ao J June* iM?i iTtptctAkU an ludieoi i, thai the undersigned has , teen induced to arrargo tor Monday, tho 2Jd of September. unothcr Grand t ender", at the cleae of tho seaaon, together I Alth i ball ead with the m -t brilliant nreworae. arrangta fcy tho well known pvroto hnint. Mr Stanton. The celebrn- , Mi hand of mitaii. under t'ie direction of that tery talented rtlrt. Mr. Fincher. l? c?t?i d lor Utuocjneion. Admivttnco i J6 rente; children hatt price. LOUS UF.iKEK. KXC>UKS? AO KNCI Kid, dM. ~ HtMS h CO.'B CALIFORNIA FH F.KJIIT, PACKAGE, and Par, el F.ipreti ? Our unit regular teal-monthly Faure** for California, via Crngree and 1'anama. will be -i-epatched by the r.ew audiplindld If. B. Mail atoamahlp lllinnia. "n Saturday neat, 27th iuat., a t tliree >'. lock, I*. VI.. t. rough in charge of our < wn Special Freight Agent and b r-rial Through Meeecnyr to destination. All freight for thie Exproaa ebonld be a nt in to onr ?tfl< e oa or before Frlday. 2tith. in perfectly watrr procfcondition Small parceli and diapat'hea will te reeeleed until two o'clock, P. M , on iay ofealling. No package ahonld exceed lit lb*, weight, or r)g feet enbic ni'aeuri mont. Mo charge to ghlppnTf, by oxpreaa. furfCeatom home clear tne-e, or m n?ular eertilcatca to lnyi ic ta. A DAMS It t'n . It an 1 Is VV all (trust GRICOHY S CAM I'ORNIA I'ACKAOE AND PAR' RL Iiireaa, per atonniet* lir< th r Jonathin and llliaoia, Patnrday. Sept. 17. Dr?r> h < irmto.d, or freight rimmed. Oi r neat Calif ruin Freight, Package and Parcel lapreee, will b* for e tried by the abrre ?tea.n?re for Chare*, an Saturday, Cert 27. at .1 P. M. Ae it rarely happene that our r*i>re*e gooda are not rlaeed In Panama twonty foer henre In adeance of thoio or ail other ?p:i oti, ehlpp*re -.nay roly with irrtaiaty that thoir g >od* will g* forward without any detention on the lethmut. Par sole re oelrad matil th* morning of the day the *t-aa*r leaye*. and l*tt*ri -until P-M. Package*, whteli m?Mbe pnt np porfeotly waterproof, ehould he dellrered at oar oOleeoa or befere f liilay. ptmt >m leut herg"t made. I'a'aage ticket! wurnialte 1 on the abore atcamera at the loweit prica. THOMPSON R HITCHCOCK, Mane.ere and Agentt. 119 Pearl (treat. EDPcr.D RATBR.-CALIFORNIA -TRAMSTORTA Ion arrena the of Panama, or goodi takon .t rough to Bon franoieo) atahlppert' option, by Zaohriaeng, .Nrlenn A Co. Shipper* will Bad It their intereet to call upon the nnderaigneri. befoee waking anaagemen toe lee whore. Far articular#. apple tn K ZACII RIBBON k CO., Agante, R7 ft nil etreet. ?HAV HLLhilll' Ol IUB, Ce A M DF N AND # Yd II. ?V RAII.HOAO LIMB FROM -> Mew Fork te Philadelphia.?I.eare Pier Ne. I North Rhtr. by etraiaboat JOHN POTTER. Morning l.lna, at I o'eloek; Afternoon Una, atde'eloak. Fare by either lite, t%% forward deek, |1 Emigrant Lena, at S e cloak, P. M ; ttn.llW. L. BLIBS. Agent. New tore and Philadelphia-writ tore and Philadelphia direct?United Rtetee Mail l,lneaaronwh In 4M home. Tin Mew Jertey Railroad. Fare reide-ed to RA for Bret elaM, and S> 80 fir eeeond elaee. lean Maw York, at f A. M., Irrm foot of Cortland1, etreet, and at U A. M. and 6 P. V. from feot cf Liberty etreet. Leaye PhllnAelpMn at and f A. M. and I P. M., from the feet ef 1FUnii t etreet. Pon Btineon, on Cn* Throwrk ftcketo ere ee|g |B the abcye liaee A throneh eon 4im tor, with throogh boaaagr chooka. aroorapnnlea tho Irnla f 00 ring nt t P. II. i'aatngaro hacgtao la thlo traia will bo trar 'I r 1 r r< i.?h from depot to dopot ?0 tho romto wlthont aura iharoa TtfuratuuooiMioi ra sr,*, scrnRtoR and oronomlr-l between Raitimnra and Fr-lo-irkehnr*. Rlrhmmd, Ptterel.tirr, Staunton, I.jrnehbnra, Vn.. Raleigh. N. C . end fharbaton. 8. 0. Tho |itihll? aro irrebp informed thattho largo and aplendid low proaaare nteamor Ril.TIMOKE Cart. Alemndor MoCnnatand, fitted up with ftatr fcoonia and ISO Btrtha, and itaaiirpaamd la upeed and aooommodatii n b? nnp boat S mth of Now fork, it now rnnninr botw>rn Baltimore and Adjoin Crook, *la who month of rotoma' and l'i??; Point. In (onnoctlon a 'h tho Riehmand and Fredtri'koburg and diriment and Fatotahnrg Roilrnoda. Paeaengera kr thia lino, learing Tom :tn?roo htr??t Wharf, Etltimnro, at 5 o'?lo?k I*. M on Tnoo. doya and Fridaja, roach Fredertakahnrg about 7 A. * tho neat dap, and Rithmond bp 12 M. Thro'igh Ticket# For Flret Cloa? peaamgera bp tlilo anperior lino ? ir^m Baltimore to Froferh kabnr* tt on " Richmond B (Ml " " Petorobur* AflO Charloaton, B. C 17 ? X>ivto for Fooond (,'laaa piaaonpora to Riohmond or Paterabnrg. Including m?n!a and lodging, 4 AO For fi.rthor information, apply at tho Southern Railroad <of!too, adjoining tlio Waebington Railroad otticn. Pratt street, or to CHARMS* W0RTH1 HaTO.f, Aamt, Baltimoro, July *%h. I.SAI. Commoreo Street Wharf. HAVANA AOVRRTIARRKU r. VEHTOAAA FI'RN ITCRR 8TORRS, HO. 4.1 OBISPO it root, and Hi'ibrapia otroat, llahooa (Cabal. Wr. Taatooa hao oonotontlr on hand. In tho ab-?? wo|| known atoroo, a large and ralnakla aoo?rtmantof Honoohold Fnrnl tnro and IJphnleterp of the labeet otplo, which ho will ootl twontp por rant Iota than any olhor konao In llahann. Pot ?oaa ola'tiai llabona. intending to koop honor and not wUh* lot to pwrohor j, ran roloot from tho otark of tha aVotl arUftoo, OB kiro,at tko Boot itaooBtMo ratoo. - - E NE IV ATj AfllUSICOtKMVB. Broadway theatre.?e. a. Marshall, rol lessee.?Doors open at 7; to commence at 7 o'clocl Dress Circle and Par'iuctte, M cent a; Family and Third Cti ctee, 2ft oenta; Gallery, I2Jf cents; Private Boxes. $5 and $' Monday evening, September 22, will be performed the traced of OTfiELLO?Othello, Mr, Foircst; Iago, Mr. Conway; Oai eio, Mr A. W. Fennv: Rnderigo, Mr. 8haw; Montann, Mi Po|io; Peartmom, lltng. Pouisl; Emilia, Mre Abbott. T conclude with uu orlgiuul faree entitled LEFT IN A CABMr. Wilkin Winkles, Mr. Daridge; Mr. Simpson Socka, Mi Whiting; Mr. Gayton Gadabout, Mr. Pope; Mre. Wilki M iikles, Mri. Abbott; Mr? Simpson Sooke, Mre. J. Sefton. NIBLO a GARDEN -MANAGER. MR. JOHN SEFTOh Ticketa, SO eente; Private Boxea. aft. Performance t con'mi nce at 8 o'clock. The wonderful Kavcl Family. Lad night I ut cue "f thkOhil Me ilivertieement. The moet gratify i?K result* have attended the production of tho Chineje fet and liii v comic pantomime, tne thcueande ol audi tore test fling thoir unalloyed gratification at the ingenuity and talon displayed by the Kavele, who eaoel every other company 1 the world in the production of comic ballets and comic pan tomime*. Monday, Sept. 22, to commence with the panto miuiiu fete oi KIM KA?Ventilatew. Gabriel Karel, To coo elude with fairy comic pantomime of RAOUL. BROUGHAM'S LVCEl M, 11 ItOADWAY. NEAR It 110'>M etreet. ? Doors open at 7; to begin at 7 'j o'clock. Dree t'iiole and Farqnette, AO cents; Faintly Circle, 2ft cents: Or chestr* beiti, $1; Private Boxes. 5ft. Monday evening, Sept 22. will played the tragedy of .M At. BKT1I-Duncan, Mr. U B. Pbibips; Malcolm. Mr Palmer; Macbeth, Mr. Lynnc; Maj G.if!, Mr. C. K. Masou; Ban<|uo, Mr. F .ater; Lennox, Mi Bristol): Riser, Mr Duncan; Seyton, Mr Florence) Donal bain, Miss Tayleme; Lady Macbeth. Miss Cushman; Gentle woman, Mrs Foster; Ilerate, Mr. Leaoh. Popular Pas Ben by Miss M.ilvina. Favorite l'as do Deux by Mr. FlotcUe and Miss M. Taylenra. T'HE PUBLIC ARE RESPECTFULLY INFORMS! that MISS CATHERINE HAYES Will givi her liret Concert in Ameriea, at Uai.b, o.? Tvxsdav, Ecpt. 2d, liftl. PROGRAMME: part i, Orerturo. Duet?" y nondo dl nanguo tinto," (Bellsarlo)... . Doalrst! Mr. Augustus Braham aud llerr MoDgis. "La Danee dos Fees," on the Hnrp Alvar Madame Bortucca-Maretxek. Cavatina?" Ah mon tils," (Pripiictr) Moyorhce Miss Catherine Haves. " The Flowers of the Forest," An old Sootoh BalU. Mr. A. Braham. Arfa?" II Biraoco" Battisti llerr Hengir. Ballad?" Why do I Weep forThec" Vt'aiiao MlM catherine Uayk.1. paut ii. Overtura. Swiss Song?" Tho Happy Switxcr" Mengii llorr Mongis. "The Marp that onoa through J ara s flails,.. Irish Ballai Mi A3 Cathkuimc 11a vies. Noctura? Espiitnole on the Harp I.abarri Madame Hertucca Marettek. "Kathleen lfavournven" An Irish Ballai Miss Catkkaikc Hayes. Bonj?" la thi> old Chair" Bali Mr A. Brah&ra. Rondo Finalo?" Ah non giunge" (Sonnimbula).... Betlin m iss oatmkuim k liay eh. Grande Finale Instruinentale. A (rreod Orchestra, of more than forty porfonncrs, thi most talented resident in New York, has been engaged. 1 will he conducted by UK 0. LODEP. AND MR. LAVEVU. The grand pianotortc employed at this oonccrt will he froi the manufactory "of J. Chickeriug. Tickets, 81?Reserved seats, prion >2. Tickets may h procured at Jollie's rnuito stire, .th) Broadway; at Hail' music store,2311 Broadway, ant at Tripler.llall. Boors open at 7; Concert commences at 8 o'olook. ASTOR PI. ACE OPERA Wfflli lfflfMIftW, F cents. The wonders eominenoo at 3. Professor Ander son ti gs to thank the public of New York and its vicinity fo' the unprecedented support with which they hsro orownoi his first arptarance in America 1 n consequence of a prisi sgreunent with the proprietor of Tripler II ill, for tlir* nlgbtr ptr week for Miss Catherine ilayns' concert j, and th< directors of those conceits having stated that the publii would not be satisfied with threo nights per week, Profeesoi Anderson has given up lius place to the swan of Erin. Mvi Marct. ok lias, ia the most hindn-mc manner, t Here 1 him thi ui e of the Opera House. Aster liace, which he has accepted and Irgs moot respectfully to inform the publie that he will continue to give Ms Grand Soiroes M?gh|u* every evening al tliis slegint theatre, where the entertainment will be scon to one thousand per cent better advantage. On Monday, thi 224. and every evining nntil furtter notioj. he will ap,>eai in liia Mystic Laboratory and Perforin all his astonul ioj wonders, which are admitted universally by the prcssof Mew York, to have no parallel in the wor d. The average attendepoe at Professor A.'e entertainments in Tripler tlall, wu 2,PS) persons, and us the Opera Ilonse will not aesommodate bb re tl an ball that number, and as all the seats below ars numbmd. plates can be secured, on application, from Id A M. to 4 P. M. An early application is desirous. Astor Plans Opera Heme. en and alter Monday, the 224. Admission t< aH j-artr to vents. A grand day performance on Saturday Notice ivi-outant-this evening, prifes for Anderson is at ths Astor Plase Opera Bouse, sin every evening. CO cents to all parte. fUDICIOl'S REMOVAL-ENTERTAINMENT 8TIL1 si more effective.?Professor Anderson's gtnd Soiree Mystcrluss, at the Astor place Opera lloiise, every evening Admission CO cents. Open at 7; com.mnoe at d o'clock. TIJIS evening, PROFESSOR ANDERSON AT TU1 Astor place Opera House, aud every evening. 5'J oent to all parts. 13HI8 EVENING. THE WIZARD'S SOIREES MYSTE rinse, at the Astor plaos Opera House, m ire alt rue tive than ever _ rnis F.Y EN INC.?astor PLACE opera HOUSE I'll, esor a ndcrson every evening. Tickets VI < ints. Tickets for professor andersovs grani entertsiiim> ut. at the Astor plaoe Opsra Mouse, ma; be had at .1. C. Julio's fk) Broadway ; at the Hotels ; am at ths Opera House. W cants to all parts. CHALLENGE TO I1ERR KIST, NOW PERFORM I V( at the Circus ? Mune. Gregjtre. ths great modern Her calls, new j-erfcriuing at the Franklin Mussuaa. 1701'hvthvn s<|uara, will chal'enM Htrr Kist, or any nitn in the world, i he can carry as heavy a weight as he will, fjt an* snm n mowry. He will also make a present of " one hundred do I Isre" to llerr Kist. to I re vk a stone, of the aims deseriptloi as h? does, by rtrenrth. Tas money i? ready at any tlnn. 1ast night - mr dempster's l as t ballad rn J vertaiuiLent will be given at the Tabernacle, on Wednei dayrrenirg Sept. 21.?"TimSnot where I was bora;" "Whs ths Ni?ht Wind Bewallsth;'' "John Andsrson, my Jo; " Lonely Anld Wlfs;" " Evening Song." " m y Boy Tammy; " Lament of the Irish Emigrant;" "Ths Death of Warrsn; " The Blind Buy;" " I'm Al ns, all Alone." " Tak Ver Anl Cloak about Yt," and "The May yeeun," in three parti Tickets, St' eentr. To commence at g e'eloek. Managers of theatre?, museums. and othe . placet of amusement, witting to meke eegtg'ineul with Monsieur Gr-g >ire, thsitrongcit man it ths world, wh has never appeared in the United Statue, and who wi challrnge any man in the world for strength, oat make a| plication te GEORGE LEA, Franklin Museum, 175 Chathai square. <OUI?OU/tTll?M MU'ICKI NI^HOTICB TO CARTMF.N TO RENLtF THEIR 1.1 eona-a.?The ordinance fur lioenaing and regolatia puhllo carta and e*.rtraca, prorldaa thai all licence* aha ixi'lrcoa tl.? Urt '.ay of October, in eaeh year, roncirabl prerlouatot . time, If for at ?weh time aa may I arp- icted v; thr Mayor. Nutloo la harrby circa, that react ala of 11- uao to keep public carta aad to bo publio cartmei a III V' r ran tod at tlila office, between the honraol Id A. M. tn I I*. M.. <.a Monday. September U. to Not. I bo 3U0; Tnoodai 18th, ?dla <?*?; Wadneaday, 17th, t'?l to SUP, Thurelay, l-tl RtltoKX'; Frilar. l'?th. at It to I, (MO; Saturday, IKh I.tWU t I.Hh Moulay, Od, 1.1X1 to I.W Taooday, Tld. I.KM to l.Ott * ednatday, Idth. I,? 0 t? I.SU* Thnreday, ?Vi h. I,?W to 2.i?X Friday, Mlth, ItMt to 2 ??': Saturday. 27th, 1*W to S ua Monday, *th, I.4W to 2.IMI; T nee day, 30th. 2,?Hto 2.MI , tFodacaday, October 1. 1*1) to lixxh Thar Jay, 2d, t I LJO); Friday, 3d. 3 1X1 to 3.401; Saturday, tth. IdtXI to 3.IM Monday, Stb, 3,11X1 and npwarda Tbo au inhere moat h aewly (elated on each eida of tha carta according to lao and tbo carta braarbt to Uio oaot iid? of Broadway, oppoalt i the City llall, whera thoy will bo laopectcd, and tlio ot I, k?d. which anat thoa bo praacatod to tbo Fin Morrhal, for roncwtl. Cartmea aro pirticularlr ro |ii< a;o to apply oa the dtya dooipnatod aburo for their reepectio lahtrn. It leant laafal to renew liooaooo after tha lai day of Octotoy. Tho atloatioa of all peruana keeping ? aelbi onreoo wagnat, baggage wegont. and other oohioh for the trapei" nation of articlos froti plana tn place withi | tho city, to directed to tbo fullowiar axtraeta Irum tboord , nonce?Seo. I ?Every < art, trark. * ar?a. dray, or othi j rehlalo, drawn ky eao or mora k?reee or other anneal I which ahall bo kopt. need, drivtn, or employed for tho tran portatioa of eonyeyaneo of anything whatanoror, from pla< t" pla< o within tho otty ot New Vnr*. for hire, wage*. or ri for anoh transportation. oi.all bo doomed a public cert with the meaning of thlo ordinance; and eoory prroon who ahall a pp: or ro keep, nee, drive, or employ any each public rtr j oltheiit ftrot obtaining llseaao therefor ftnm tho Mayor ' aold eitr, ao brrelnaitor provided, thall bo deemed guilty a violation of t'.ile ordlnanoo," and oah|ect to a Sao n riecodlaii ton dollaro, or imrrioonmeat not deeding ti daya. for evrry offence. Boo. 2. ? "II ?htli act I lawful for any perton to receive or to hold a Hecate 1 brep public carta, or to ho a public oartmaa, aalooa ha bo oiiiaaa of tho United Rtatca, aad hao a family, and rout I with hlo remit* In anid city; or if not having n family, aha hate r-rided hianerlf therein daring el* month* proeedln tnd lo tho netnal owner of the cart or carte, with good here therufer. en I'.-eated tn bo kept ao pnbllo eorto; and tha Ma or may oaaaolno nader cith all portoa* ap|lyiag for. holding ony on< h Itoanoa. or tho renewal thereof, tonohli their qnvlig, atione ao afnrooald: and all lleanooo other thi to lorooaa on qualified. ahall bo eetd."? Mayor'! Offloa, 9* torn tor I. tail. By arder of hlo Honor, too Mayor. ASIIER 1AVI,OR, Kirot Marohal. IftDIA RliDFR IHFIIW. THHBO THE PUBIK".?I RBI A RUBBER SHOU. -OH attention hae boom oallod to an advortlooiaent. by flora 1. Day, pabiiahed la tho Now Yo,k Derail of llth Jn 1 ' 131, aad tho Courier aad Inquirer of ttm* date, ia whl? ! utor ranch unmerited abooo of oar attoraov, VTm. Jade* I a... ?.., ,umi, ti.ot ?e dare cot charge him with ptratf Jeajyaara l a* ?*, aadar aar own nairoa; and khak ha d? l#l Infringe (loodynar# PaUnta la kha man.ilj.-tuM af Sho W* hara ynrtkaaad one lliwnaaa for tba m?n?lnokrrnnf I U* Rukbar Shnaa radar O-odyaar'a TaUata, and paid annoy, and art dally TV"1" karif 'c* '""I bnd *' ??a?r norml?M hava <>na tba rant. If dlnpoaod ko do i rathar kban plrala npon Ceodrfar'a Pakaaka. *a khtnk a era jnat ko pnrohaaa a rlyhk >? ??a a ?aM4 * lafttac* ik. Mr. Day, h?i?? baan pMaaankad, bekao P>drod Oo^dyaar'a ri*hka. trtada a ooHloiaonk, and arraad akara aak ko infnnaa hi# Pakaaka. U? la aa* akkamakl lak anty ka inff.naa #ald Pakon*#. Ink ka Injur* aaraala. ana barr, far a Ut*? mnaldarnkioa. antchaaad aar llnaa* k id aow wrrk aadar kham; and ara rharca Mr. Day dii-a a ?td khak erar anr awn Mmakaraa, wlkh plrakin* np Opadyaai' Pakonka In kha nonntanlara af kba ahaaa whl n la now affaftr* k? kha pnbllo; and wa ylra nokiaa khak I kid all who ar? eeroarna 1 wlkh hln In p-.tohMin* aa ??? ng bit 8V aa. mada la rlalaklon af arid Pakank Rl(bka, a a awaakW. fc. CAM DIM. eayward runbim co., _ by Vk m. A. ?>iahin?li*in. Traawrap. TH* BEWARE IffDIA RtnnCR MPQ CO. U. !i akabtnfa*. Praaldaak rORP A CO. aaa Tart. Jala Ik. I ail. IMI'f.H II \\<JIN??1, Oil Frfncn paprb hanoinna.-tho* fktrkc Ba *M P. arl ak***k. n*ar Madiaon, olfar lha fiah##? i f want in th? alkr. of Di'oat'a Oold. Ail-" r and v.i Pap?M. ka.. all Inpnrkrd dlrawi frnaa tba aakimfantnci aaa lac aaU ak lha lonaak tadaa, ai wuoiraaU bad <a?.at*. W YO [ORNING EDITION?-MONI , I NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. R | \WVWVVVWVWW.W f; Front Baltimore. * PRESID NT FILLMORE ?THE rKORO RIOTERS, ETC. t- Baltimore, Sept, 21.1861. ? President Fillmore arrircd here list erening. stopped - over niirht at Buruuw's, and thl( m >rniiii proceeded to Washington. The friends of Mr Goraueh, who waa killed in the late f, * negro riots, hare employed John Nelson, formerly Attor? ney General, to assist in the prosecution of the rioters, r. The Southern mail is In, but brings no news worth |* telegraphing. q From Boston. ? LARGE FIRE AT CAMBR1DOE?VIOLENT STORM, i- Bonos, Sept. 21. 1851. At an early hour this morning, a fire broke out in Kast E Cambridge, near the railroad bridge, which destroyed ' the stable of Waiter Welch, with six horses, several car tinges, a quantity of hay, grain. &o . together with twe ,1 | dwelling houses, out occupied by Amos Lane, and th( ' I other by soyeral Irish families, the inmates of whicli >. 1 narrowly escaped destruction. The loss is $10,000? ' j partly insured. A Tie lent northeast rain storm set in this afternoon 3 and is u jw in full blast. ' Tlx European and North American Kallroadl St. Joiin, N. B , Sept. 20,1851. I At a meeting, to day, of the friends of the proposed ; Kuiop-'tin and North American itailroad. ?80,000 of the j | stock was subscribed for. The deposit of?100,000 wil' I i- ow be paid and notice given for a meeting of the stock1 holders to organize the company, r 1 1 Interesting from Lu Plata. k ! OCR MONTEVIDEO CORRESPONDENCE. Moktkvipco, July 00. 1851 After a silence of -ome years, I trouble you with a few I lines, hoping they may prove acceptable, as they will | mention facta of great interest. j : In May last. General UrquJza, Governor of the Arg?nJ tine province of Kntre Rloa, Uuu-d a proclamation de. 1 daring t bat. from henceforth neither he nor his province 1 ' would acknowledge General llosas as supreme ruler of e the Argentine Republic, declaring him a usurper and I tyrant. At the same tint, I'tquizt dee tared his p >rtopen to a 1 the world, and formed an alliance with tHj governments of Brazil and the Banda Oriental. On the f 25tli of May. Rosas declared Urquiza a traitor, and burnt ? him in eiligy in the plaza o( Bueucs Ayres ; since which time there has been very actire preparations making for j war, and on the 19th and k'Oth of thia month, e I llriiui/.a passed the river I'ruguay. with 7 000 ^olditra in ? , company with General Gazou (an emigrant offle >r f.-o n this republic ) Immediately upon their Hading, General | B< ivando Ormez one of Orlb>* s favorite Generals, pii* J 0 | over to Otr.on with 2 000 cavalry, with Colonel Bernardo Gonzalez end Major Neyra at the aim* ttme presenting Lim wifh 1 li>0 horses, and by the disaffection of G >m i ' the Monti vidran party bare all the territory east of the Bio Negro. nnd the army are now marching ill the direction of this city ; and it is expected tbiit as soon as the | lilo Negro is passed, that most of Oribe's chiefs will \ desert bini. and that he will leave fir Ilio or Bumps, i The Brazilian government have sent into the north soar I 12OC0 troops, which will join I'r (uiza and Gazon us s is j as they cr<e>s Kio Negro, and march upon the beiclgtag J army, if it can lie called an ariuy, after the junction of the former: for my opinion is, that Oribe cannot keep his I chiefs faithful one day after they know Gazoo is on the j west tide of Kio Negro. The ICth of next month will ma';e eight yean and six months Mnce Oribe commenced the seizure; aud. we j trust by that time, all will be over, and the city saved i Btilt 1 anticipate a rnoet bloody war on the other sid" of the La Plata . Rosas I- a most determined and bio.siI thirsty man. and he will make a most derperate struggle. \ and fall I We have long been waiting seme action on the part of | France, and the expect* d relief will come when the town i is raved. Btill. France has been mora honest than Kag! lard, in this question. For a long time, I'ranne has i allowed this government 40 000 francs per month, and landed I .eOO soldiers to proteot the town. 1 btve often wondered at the inaetiwn of the American 1 government. Hhe has stood still ami seen her eltlx-ns and commerce ruined by the meddling of Kurnpcsn powers, when, if elie had rune forward as she ou.t'nt. it would have been settled long ago ; and the prospect now is, that Buenos Ayres will be blockaded by the Braiiliaus, which will be most ruinous to American interests. I OLI> OTSEGO. I Of II III ENOS AYKES CORRESPONDENCE. I Brv.rvos Avast, July 3, Mot. fmTtfil Mutiny on Board thr Brig feu. Pinkrfy ? Thr .In til i/iatril ft'at ? Tradr ? Utajr/mint mrnl of Cot Graham ' I The brig Uen I'lnkney, from Baltimore nrrivr I at I ' Montevideo several wreks since. Her cargo hat keen old at that port. A difficulty crcurred ob the passage. J | between the captain and ateward, when about twenty days out fi'-m Ilaltimore. The report which I hire ' heard ia tbla that the rteward threatened to kill the _ captain, or any cue elae. who should make any attempt j to arrrrt hint; and that the captain shot him. lie ex piled in about twenty minu'ea. * A treaty has been entered into between Rrsxil. Oor* , riritea. Kntrv Klos, and Montevideo, apalust this govern j" Kent. Me??eng?ra hare been aent to Paraguay. an I It * is probable Uint that province will join the l?agile. If eo I; may prore the moat formidable opposition Oen Rosas " 1 baa ever mat with. Th - port of Runeo has l?-?n clone! 4 aTain>* Kntre Kioa. and the pjrts of Kntre litis agt.n<t this port, as I am Informed, and it ia very probable that _ ! Buceo will be blockaded very Boon r There are a large number of rese ll dlsehirglng in is Montevideo?a large number cotnpari d whh the numV'r ia for several year* past; and the people there aeam to lie II In high glee with the proepeot of a *p-edy termination ? of the long telge. Kveryhody is rejoiced to hear of the reappointment ol _ Col. iiraham a* l.'nltcd State* Consul at thu port. II la v< ry much liked, not only by lais own countrymen but by the foreigners generally, residing hsre. as well a1 I. the itives. I do mt think our government ha< a m >ri mj I eIDi rent conaul anywhere. B. Our Yalpmlaw Correaporidancc. - VtLrsaaiso. August 21.1SS1. dsveriran Slramrn? b'rtr Hrilith S>amr-i to I'anamt ? * !! arret S'fi *f 7V Jtmrrtear Can so/, gr., g-c. (>n the eve of the departure, for Panama, of the steam ship North America, tha following laconic items of Intel ligenee have been noted foi the columns of your valuahh journal They may anticipate the regular mall by aim >|1 a fortnight, and be interesting to some of your rem Vers The North America, like her forerunner, the PaciAo has made the run from New York to tills port wlthii forty fays; and noother eteevner ha* equalled that. Th nyaralhied ?pced of lhs?e lmit? liaa efelted much aimira th n, sorpassi'd oily by the wonder expressed at the saf pa.-sege round the Horn made by so many of the smtl ones?mere cockle shells?that have passed here durin the lart two years. The British Company are about to put on four new an powerful -tesmers. to carry the mail between this an t Panama twice a m oth, instead >4once aa hllh-rt >. an tbey ex'end tin- route, then, as far South as raloahuvni The Santiago and the Lima, the two first of these, wil | I nth. es-, ill from l.iv-r, Our harbor Is full of vessels, vainly se. king employ rient ? msny of them badly damaged in the late nortlisr sspsTleneed hire. The wreck of the Peru sl**mer. ca? ashore and gone to pieces In the Almlnorol. sold only fu I 114) hut the machinery, when got out. will he sent t Krgiand The sale of the Krusdor. wrevkid al> >ut sara t n.e, at Ci m' inbo, is to take plaoe there on the 2Vth lust - ! The- e are the tlret steamers lost on the Pacific coast. Thi liineral Cast IU, a new French steamship, bum heti from Rio, Is iverdin. having left thereon thsbt' ultimo and the Prlmero aline new screw boat, whir! left Philadelphia on the l3th April having never b-ei beard from. Is supposed to bo lost also (Hie Kl Primett ? on the d4th May. while ?n 1-avorlng to enter the port u Bali's went ashore and broke h r bsck. A nuveywa held, and she wes condemned?In II>sii.d] * Trede generally I." dull Stocks cf goods enormiiK Pi iltlral exrlt.ments lately so rife are now dissipated lbs-tor Mentt. the new President elect, comes in with a a, Iniinsnie majority, and a<** the rein* of gnrrrnmea i? on the 17th firpti ruber; the fourth of July of this Rspu' * lie Chain d ?ith the snores* of the railroad C MMtl U si ^ *ri by rnr i i i 1*1 ng, air Uf lli? plapo Company lb*gonrnment ar* pr>p"iln? t ay build <m* brtw*en thla city ant H.totlag.r Th* oo4 I mi, **: niatid ? . m ar **r*n milli m ct Har* an mount n I* *a?1ly obtained. If on* may judgef m th*r*?ult "fal * " in*t *d? rtl*?d fir ft I'KIMO at 1 p*r e*nt p*rannil:n there helng only two tvd?. am'tinting t nr-lb*. to TOO* II Hi* rfiujany ?t m . hhcl-'era Ih? f >rme I ami 111 -i, gi aiaiiteeof tl < l*r'.nl Klrrn d u'.tl' -lth-aui iiii m. np.. --nry c< uld hi i u1-' I 1nilr>"' Itritain '* Our new Cor?nl Mr f>u?r ha-fully out*-. J upin III *J diitle* cf tha nllio* and hid* fair to give great -aliaf iclln

,#i i" it i nuil to b* a worthy nynmlaUni tl Ih* country w* In*. 10 At pr??*nt the Aouth??np1 >n (atore ahlp i* 1 ho nil U 8 (Ion foment r*i*el In port Tit* Rvritan. .1 **-hl i* down lb* coast Th* ?t Na'y ?ip*ct*il fr n Tah I and the \ at.Jalla from M. llco or th? Sandwich lalandl SfMIV Naval liitrlll urin e. Tb* II 8 aleain prope|>r J?h<i Man-orl r?i. k' l 1 ? ranriah on th* lllh. She put In for oTd-M from Waal ingt' a. Ciaaart Oalnxlar for Thll Hay. **' 8i raiai 0o< *i?4,'iac i ?iN ?a HM V, *>* ",J Ml bih 618. 611 CJ liiuntr.i; ? I* r,:?5 r RE H )AY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1351. Our Jamaica Correspondence. [Frcm our own Correspondent ] 1 Kim.(ton, Jamaica, ) Tin k.iuat, September 11?d P. M. J The Illinois ami lite Brother Jonathan?Jiccident and Lost of J.iJ'e?Court Martial? 77ie Cuban JijJ'air?Health and ' Weather?Commercial. 4'C. ' The American steamer Illinois arrived here early this miming; shortly after, the Brother Jonathan came in. 1 While running up the harbor, the latter vessel unfortunately came in collision with a waterman's boat, whloh was inundated and sank. There were, at the time of the accident. two men in the boat; one sank with it, and was not again seen, while the other, in endeavoring to escape a like fate, had his left leg broken by the padile | f lh,iw.a..n ik. .1. .an alw Kiinden.l fl and flity passengers. A military court martial ha l been sitting at Up-Park [ Camp?one of the military stations?investigating charges brought by Lieut. Col. Abbott, the commanding i officer of the Third West India Regiment, against Cup( tain Ilills, his paymaster, The charges were for breach i of discipline, and endeavoring to bring his com nan ling ! ? officer into disgrace and contempt, by propagating, or I ( aiding in the propagation, of the most heinous aud un- ; founded charges against him The court martial, after a ' 'y sitting which eatended over two weeks, was brought to a ; conclusion a few days since; but no decision has been ' I pronounced. In the interim, the evidence taken ha< been sent home to the proper authorities. a ' The intelligence received in this city concerning the 8 | deecent of the filibtuterm on Cuba, and their subsequent ' fate, has created some sensation. A portion of the press p cf Kingston has spoken out on the sulyect, and has t:ilt?n <> the fame view of the matter as the whig journals of New j ? York. Popular feeling is in favor of the Cubans. Tho j ti Illinois brought some additional intelligence, to the effect ? that Lopez and almost all of bis misguided followers, hail '* teen captured by the Spanish troops and that Lopez had ,, been parroted?thus untimely closing his eaistenoe an id i this side cf the tomb by his rashntss aud tenerlty, as a well as belli:: the unfortunate cause of the luso of much valuable life. li Tbe isiaud 1- , generally speaking, healthy now. There P are seme localities, however, in the interior of tb" islm 1. ! it where cholera still lingers, though its virulence has | a 1 greatly abated. ! si ' Tiie weather is very cool aud salubrious, an! frequent 8fliowcrs of lain have fallen within the last few dav* I 11 There is no very striking change in the commercial ; c' intelligence, prices continuing at very nearly tue *i a b ratio. The following is from the e>eond edition of the tl baily AWtrliut and I.aut'jn's CatMinrt'cidl Uizat'. of to- * day ft Kirostss Mikkhts, Sept. 11.?Flour still Arm. at 32s. ; tl J. Albeit, which arrived this morning, from Baltimore ti brings 800 bbls . instead of 1600, as oxpect-d ; old tl >ur ti not in d> mind, price 20s a 24s Meal, heavy, l*s. a 18s fresh. Rice. Carolina, but little in demand, at 13s. a j lbs. ; K 1, Ids a Us.; Patna 10s. (id. a lbs. Butter, 1' Halifax aii! American, wanted; iri*u lOd. Brnid no 111 pilot; cracker*. IS* a ili)-, Pork. mesa, 90s. u 9-v Larl tt wanted; fir t arrival, Albert's, is expected to brio; 9d. i to T< hacco. lOd a Is. for Cavendish. Hoxp, a heavy supply. j Cheere. Awrloau. wanted; Kngli?h, SMfd. a 10>id. Can- j sil tiles, (jjjl. a 7'?d., sceuriing to siz \ Corn gettiig in scarce; "a. W. p-r bag. 4s, per bushel Fish?Oman j Queen's cargo .-,<>1(1 at 14s. for tierces ; lis 61 ior box's ; | rt Hanger a. tierces clo.-cd at sam? rates Mackecal. No 3. ' "i 24s ; ak'wjves, 18s. ; herring, ltis a 17s, Salmon much ) "" vwnied : No. 1. ex Ocean Oueen. so I at 7o.s. ; No. ?. at J ti 72s. p-r bbl. Sugar dull. 13a a 15s. dark; fair. 15s a IT j. i Hum, 3s a 3s. Id, duty paid ; for export, Is. 1,1 it Is. &ti. ' 7" Pimento enquired fir tit 3d , and axles Uoilee. none of- ! wfiring Hills on Kngland?Colonial Buik as bef >re I * Gold. American. 1, a 1 per cent premium Kteb.- |S?r j *' Mils, but few oQcring; long dates, -ales at 5 per cent dis- ' ni count Ut Adilktloiml front Cnllfornln. HIE rP.ODI CFS OF LOWER QaLIPORMA tb (From the San Francisoo Courier, August 16 ] When Santa Ann* ? s* told tbot gr sit dts-oreries of B gold had taken place in l'pp-r California, he said he did tenet doubt It, but thxt the gold nn.t silver Ames of Lo??r T< Callitmix were much richer and more productive. We p. have always mr-elves been satielied that Mexican or fie Lower California was vastly more rich in ihiaerxl.s Ihin tb wr* generally believed. Tf we mistake uot. gobl was to (list discovi red on the weat coast in Mexican California. wi The stateine-iu uiade bv our correspondent helow. are co confirmed liy several gentlemen who vpant the Ust wtn- 1 tb ter in that rouutry. and who are now in this city. We tb would coiir-lder the acquisition of Lower California to : Is us. by purchase, of Immense national importance to our d! possessions en this coast Ina mmHNU and political f, ' point of view, the acquisition of this territory is 0! the highe t pos-ihlc lot--rest. A It might not be out of place for our psople to suggest cd to tlie general goy-rom-nt the impoitanceof this ac- li quUltion. if it can be obtained for a fair cin-lde ration. nd without Involving the peace of the two republics. b In the hands of the Mexicans, it will never be of service tl to them or to others. Its immense mineral wealth now, o from the exclusive policy of the Mexican giveruuient. is u?iless to the trade and the commerce of the world a With an Anglo-Saxon population, from the Columbia to d Cape St Lucas, to work the soil and tbe mines, we could 1 bnot only make our own country the richest and the ' p most powerful in the world, but we c ml 1 e itablizb a j f commerce which would give us almost the entire cou- | trol of tbr trade and navigation of the Pacific. Our cor- tl respondent writca as follows ? c Has Knsvi is? o. Aug 0, 1S?1. , tl Khito* CziirnxKia Cccaiaa:?The writer of thU la a j resident ol Mtxlcan California, bslow flan Lie go. ail I> would beg leave to call your aitenti-m. as a juruellst. tl to a short < late mint of facts In r<datloa to thit part of ni Lower Calift rnia immediately h- low, ami to tbe aouLh of . it tbe line, between the United Ftatea sud Mexico,. j ti lery rich gold and silver mines have h?u lately discovered there, a few miles south of flan D'lXfo. I hire si a/snj v ma lr <1 the ore by Mi Rat a. Qo., which show it al to he rrry rich. As a mineral region, it lurpasse*. as tbs ?* srlfsr Is Hitss anv nsrt of 1 nitt-r California. It Ls en- v tlnly tJeol. ae at an agricultural cmintry. the lnn.l b - og | u, i almnet barren It hnweTor, cor'aiua puppti t of witer i n.'t c r, ; ! r ordinary cou?urapti.'i. but for hydraulic , purpoeea f The mlcei already dlaooTere.1 are nnr tin- hay of t| , Todoa Pantoa, wlih h efl rd* a r?ry pi w| anchorage, J , I , (, ?aey entrance. Abtut fifty mtlea further aouth la the | port of nan Unlnttn. which la equally goo J under *11 olr, cumotancat, aa tbe harbci (f Htu Dlejo. The iWaiifra ,,, Choi peake ami fluid Hunter aid a Huaaitn nhlp of ,, about DO t"u?. hare all boon there On tlio l'acido. ti toward* Capo St. I.ucaa. there la another > ! hirb >r, f) defended by tlio in >oJ of (Mrot, and aftor yon ptw tba t Cat*, following tbo land, la ha I'ax M doj , San Prlipa. ^ end ether port* and bay* wbirb will eoon Worn* of w great Important when ree??!a eleer frrtn th* Keatern .1 ."tat! * dir-ri for tba Colorado. Tbo lanl of California ^ on the golf. produeoa great ,jimnMtin of llraiil word, M and. Ilkewiae on the gulf aide It not only pbiiea-e* ?ory % rich mlooa. but tbo placate of pearta Thla country la but littlo known, end la eonaldered of ^ * Ttry little raluo by tba Ntilrin p,>rernn?ent. bat wonld t hivob**nof put ralue la At handaof tba propta of {J tbo I'nltrd itatea The aitma of inonoy which ha?e t?e-n tix'nt for tho dirlai' n lino, the tran?uort and erection of J , tlio monument. would ha?e boon at the time of the taat i treaty with Mexto, a ttiflh lent romp, uttti.n to obtain f. that fraction <t that country ? Tba wrack of tho t'nh,n lioa on tbo bench thirty mile. J fufbrf the p. it <f fan tyulntan. and tbo wreck of the a I'ngti h blip llrutu- with 3000 bag" of Chilean liti". | _ lira about alt ml'ea north of that harbor Tlio Inhibit- ; ? nnta aro a few tbiacrablr luiiace, with uo whltaa n-ar . I tbara. Voura, a a I ^ MtvrBLLAXSOt.**. | ? | MiP'ra f"ipt*nrid lturn.a had their plac? tr?-pa5?ed jj ?l<on the other night by a lion, and a moat horrible t, liijury Infli-ted upon one of tbolr horeea The naek . t of Ika IMVM nt eat-n into near the ehmldrr. no inn <h , > tbat the cavity waa nearly aa large a* a man a h il, 1 t, il yet the animal a atlU UV'np The mil*-lea of tho n.ex. I t) on dim- aide, lu .m d to bo alm?at all diatdrd. and thofr , 4 tondrnou> fXt remittee were hanging nntail" of tha 1 t| < W und Tb*?e llona ate deatined to be-a troubteaom * I . I epeclee of aborigine* to exterminate?.?t?rr,? nw?ne T'.aeea. j _ Trtmondoua excitement exieted at ben Ang-le.. in r oonarqu* tic of tbo atrcat of a mau known a Bid tt>d | p who waa Implicated in the confeaelon of Stuart. Uc wax ; 0 handed o?0T t? tit-legal authorltlea ? Tho a'efi-'ica of l.oa Antcelca ooun'y forni?h-l by tho e A "aaor are ra f >llow?-?104 rin> yard? eon'alnlng J ,j (OOtO win*!, oxclualre cf tbe rloeyard claimed by the ' -j | .iJrea at fa a Uabtii 1 All but twenty of tho alney.rrdr : ? are within the ..mita of tho city. Uo placoo tho eaUlo | at 100 000 h ad, wnrklrg oxen 'M yoke; pontic hor*<a. | r 3 M 0. imbrt k.-n horn a. 10 000 Tbo proporty of the | ^ ?' unty lo dlrtdoit among S30 prnpr'otora About l.YOOO [ r head of cattle bare been a,rtd lhi< T' f topo out of tbe (l <-r unty at on !*ert?f? if Slf> per h'"> 1 I , An Indian died at du.upa nianil '! 1.1 all the aymp , bma of bydropbobta Three doya pr, ?loua|y bo wa* , t bitten by a ,lo? aupp'iw d at ihe time to bo ma t A rawaid of rtro hundred dollar* hi? boon ,>ller?J f >r , tbo detection of tha mur lofetn of Mr John '"aldwell the | mall contractor Mr tlaldWoll waa a nattoo f Tean'yl- i . reuia. but lati.riylired In S indnaly. t'lilo whef" nia J family n? w reai l" He waa tho l ader >f a large pa-ty | , old cr lite to till* c untry frcit ."a.t l.ako aal boa i , Arpetea , Juan Ant mi" Chief of the 0>huil!aa I In L >x , Angel, a with ' fly of Ma fillowem. on tbo SI of Atppuit. | He had heard lb. to wore aoui- b?d character* in town. ( at-1 ran '.n to aid 'he auth rttiea The 1 otal xxli nf the taxable property in fhafouaty I if Lw Anr?lea arc >r,tint tr the a'aew. >ra rot lira i? I fZUW-'tf ?0 : C'-naly and ."tato tax eaeh. hlOH "4j Mate pod tax. WJ: emmty pol, tax. *4*ti hutH o? I' '>ir? Liartft,?Tha N ? llarnpahiro * ;/ -r.oo annonn a the u Hen J .th d Dn Hoy l.-?*itt. of Meredith. N II h > man waa b'ttor known by hia worka. la N?w limp li re. than Mr l.etxltt, hating b*en an aln wnao maker ae I a faririte one too. for ? ore thin and ?tth tha *?rtj*lon of a fa* jrram, ho fcna r9ntla??4 ; l! toprn*'' ? ni?.-f ?' j - ? ty j> ar liwnti fh" |K"Ht Jrar f>rlS>3 ll? ?>??.?> 4 aohonl taa'h'T < f roijMJatabl looal raput# an4 -nr.-1?\ on a igiU fatm, ' "hi kbwn I r n I b O: .raa ..f I a t* Wannipi > . ***.I,, II J .*!. ? f M fail in.; I "a J ?rv". vh'-v birw.f fit bWtaVi. n% Yuan) if a Tfalnf y Utfe 1 ER AJ Interesting from Irw Mrilto< | rHK MEXICAN BOUNDARY COMMISSION?COL,. SUM- I NKR's COMMAND?THE ROUTE AND THE INDIAN j TRIBE*? MRS. WHITE, ETC. JFmiu the Et Louis (Mis ) Republican. Sept. 13 ] I Capt Burnside. lIHA, arrived in this cltv 011 Tliur> lay evening, from the Copper Miurs. in New-Mexico, jupt. llurnsid-i is bearer of despatches from the United States Boundary Commission to the government at iVa-hington and has made a remarkably rapid trip kernes the I'laini lis was only twenty-one days from h? Copper Mines some twelve hundred miles, to Fort Leavenworth With only three attendant*, he crossed he country of the Apuehes to Rueoro, without kuolestaion. and thence to the United States. We understand that the business of the Commission. ;o udjust the boundary between Mexieound the United States, was almost rupended, in consequence of a dis- , igreement between the Commissioner and Hurveyor as o the point cf commencement Col. Graham takes the [round that the survey , ' according to Disturoeir* 1 nap " (these are the words of the treaty), ought to J lommence about 7 miles from HI I'aso , while his tolleague in the commission, after actual survey, is of ipinlon that it ought to oouimence not, far from l>on !u.a a difference of some forty miles Knterialuing this dew. the Surveyor refures to join iu the slguaturi of tlie leces.-ary papers to c.tabllsh the point of mui'm oo-aeiit. ntd thus the mutter will taud until further intructious can Ik- received from Washington. Ool. | Iraham had gone to the UiU. Col Sumner, with his command, w is at A'.bu ,uerqu-? ! hi the Hal of Auc ist on an MMditiM luto tha no's jo country III.- force con-iatcd i f four cotnpauuut of Iruffootis. two of infantrv. and ooe ofartillery rh# sxicrience and energy of Col. Sumticr will, wo have no ioubt. make thia expedition of great vrrioe in putting n i nd to the hostilities of the Indians i i that quarter, lid. if the occasion offers, lie will be sure 10 give them a ound drubbing This they must get before they enterlin a proper respect for the UnitedStatu*. The quarters for the troops at the several military osts es'atli hed by Col tfuuiner were rapidly progeria- j ig. particularly those at Fort Uai >u, the L-ad quarters f the Department. From Santa Fe. trc have no news of ny special interest. The removal of the w hole bo ly of ops from that town had giv 'U it a v ry d esolate ap srsnrij The I!io Grande ww remarkably low. Tery tide r?in having falien for a lomr Uuim. Col Putum r hue detached a c .uiptuy of dragoon* to rrtect the road between the Moto anl the Arkansas rar. This is an excellent m?a'-UT? as it will -eoure !' perrons on the mad from molestation by tin? IndUm. A a private note, says:?1 Verb ?ps you will I car aomcthirg mere than I cud tall you. a'? at the a umlsrv Commission There is nil sorts or 'rouble on The Commission :s at a (lead halt Mr lisr'.iett is t war with Col Graham. the astronomer of the Cimmison ami la thought to he ijuile disqualified t >r bu p!ao?. Ir. llarLlett ia a 5001 botanist, aud hsi some o'li n ieuitie fer owleUje but has no knowledge of ram i life, and nanot prtperly (or'i-1 such a party as be ha under iin. Col (liaham ia.-ista thatle use the right to ti\ he initial point, or point of dcptiture. Mr. llirllstt.iu | eettsin Interview occasioned by the absent of Major icC'chin II\ed this point murb to the wlrflltlw of ie Mexican Coinuii don; but Col. Graham, on his arrlil, disregarded if Pol. Graham. it I understand claims re centre cf the Pisr.i at K1 as tljp initial point j , Colonel Stumor is pursuing the right course with the iiTsjos?establishing a fort iu the heart of their country. ' this measure is properly follows J up. th-y will b situ- ! *d w<- are In earnest?11 thing which they hare, up to < lis time, disbelieved The Navaj ? may thus be brought ' tlie cordlUon of the Tuehloi They hats a pretty go 11 lining country, floclrc herd* and ficlda?and an irapres- ! \ [>u is mere easily made upon th m I Han auy >lner tribe | New Mexico. 1 his country can m rer be any thing until the "crack ! 1I1 cm w ithout a railroad from the States With, nl what we lull now suggest, wie will some out so as to ! 1 ittin fr m two to at hundred thousaud P" ph'. in 1 ' riving and eontfi rtubl" eoind.tinn. in place of M.'KK) ' east is sud2 OCOif the greasers' ma.'ti rs. first? Sup- | ft- the FndUus V erni? lutrodnc Jatouy sheep and J 3oUi n factories All tl-e that the mun'.ry is tit fur mid f. llow these? uch a< Hock raising and firming? ] tich ls.-t will, with a population of ?00.000, who eat ore than once a day. and cinnot. ?s the M -gleans do, ' ' 'r ou three cents a d iy. he a pruflUble eiiiployJie it. ' iCisr* I'a, August 2d 1d.i1 I scire the opportunity offered liy an express pissing , -U;{h from K1 Vs.- > to drop you u lew i'ti? I There is trouble about the Mexican and United States 1 ( in Jury Comsti-aion The initial point h\-i upon ' fore tiie arrival, at K1 Vaso. of Pel Graham, of the , >p< graphical Corps, did not satisfy that g"iitleinan '('he , it.t he In.'i-t' J on :i? just to the United Hia'.ea dUmtUJ tItMexican Commlrsioaers; ao ther* is a halt in , etr pn ceedinga I.U-utoQant Hut net te bear* de.pitches W arblugtou asking further inetructlons Ool r'u-uuer. th nine lotnpanu < darte-l on the loth t'or tlx untry, whither be govt- to plant a pout (a very good log) and to take nieaeuraa generally for su pprtuolng u-w troublesome immu t?ra 1?ay bit'-re ye. e-l-iy he tk ban Filipe on th*other side of the D.-l Norte lie ha' Iftlrulties iu packing up his animal'on the n -w system? . iTsging where pnsturw i* to lie i'.mnd??" it is reported. 1 borne few daya since, the Navajos ma te a deaoent near ittu juer ,u-- i n 1 he ranch'- it' Mr uid e il. * 1 | IT a luantity cf itock. of whioh there is uow left but ttl? in the country for t hem to steal Th" Apaches are ju?t now perinctiy (jniet?as hate een the Plain* Indiana this season itv a late treaty, ley are to hare land aeetgiied them btlu'w Aut >u Chico, D the 1'ecca. Tlx t-ew?flret Bishop of New Meiiao. M >a?. Lemay? i rrivi-d here i?aia two weeks since. There w?? a great isplay. and hie welennie wa? Tery cordial; he seems to r< roarkably well At ted f >r his arduous and reapoudb'e net here?and many grrdtul juliriou ly introdufd reiims ni?y la- expei te i as a coiiniiueuo of his coming The t lection for I>< .egale to Com tvea o i?e* oil ou ta? r?t Thuredsy in NeptemVr. >1 ij >r Weight.nan and apt Iteynrtds are rivals for the seat. My opinion la rat Major Weight irau will be elected. The I.egMature meets again n tha flrrt Monlarof I outli er At the last aoesion, tbey passel a Uw leaving te whole taxes on the shoulders of the mer- hanU The ercbont* refuse to pay the tax?and the territorial iwrury la without m* inn,-it as a dollar. Xm cojiity ra urus are not much, if anv. full?r. The Feas< n in this country hash-en a eery dry one; id the crops are rather *?ivt.-r thin usua'. Corals I >out fo t>0 a bu-liel ; aod Ihe floor c,| the oountry? Taoa flour'?e.|U?l to ahout fM the barret A h ?.?p, blch twenty jenr* agocouli be b >ug it for oh sent*, uw burg-, f- iU favv* Fi, August 10. * # AlTg the Arksas r-nm tin-Cheyenne Arraptho-tul Kiowa ha with whom in this r?a*e are occasionally j uind Camancbea and Apaches of the Plains Tbey are I pence with ea-li other and have tut thl< year rn > -ted Ihe (ruins except In use l.istan< Tun Chey. inca ra*rounded "liitOarwo," and made some hale di m-'Bstratlcns Out. |f I am fl ,t misinformed, j te-e Indiana, while encimpt i near K-rt Mack ay. re. ived a gio*.- ittriilt from an offljer of the ?rmy. who j biT.-d very Imprudently In wh pplog the son of one f th> ir chiefs'Ut cau?? Pioper explanation' , ere maJi . but It Is not r'.range that tits tineyenn-a iculd f-?l aore about It We 'is none of these ?<>me bends of the Arrapsh - a and Klowahs, nth acme Kiowahs roar the c'iros. >ne, w- found two I iexicane?one a y< nog fellow, andtheotber a female, < sikir.e about twelve year' ol-l. Til" f'itow w?s iju'te srlarirJ snd took pride in wearing the tail ot stiver I latte. which ban/s like a <|UieU Iron tit-hick of the and d< ?n to near the feet, em rig the e Indians The !rl had bsi-n made a chief* wife. The expression of ?r face vai Inter*sting. though probah v somewhat 1 rutal'ard by lo r mode of I f- fhs bad been atoi-n om n?ar ealtllln abont fire yeari ago. ,*he emit |h a k hpaniah. had f >o I re Hscll.ui of her parent* and ant-<1 tor' turn to them We oil -red to hny her, but he chief, an old man "f fif>y. refuscl to part ellii her n any terms At I'irt Mac'cay. we '?w a MexlJta -inan wh i Fad l? ?-n kidnapped, and fallen in'o the amlacfthe Atrariaho'S?li? was purchased of th?m i y the >titler id the Volt fur f 100. and n- ver wat a p" w riatch more gtati-lul than *?< this w -m<-n at her d'vcraree There are hundr-i* of Mexi.-ao' anl. I st sonu Ameiir.ins, who aca bald captive by thi-'o ! lia irme?. Further on our jourr' y within the range of th? -Mut I n Ai I ' no lu*hdy ?aw no Indi.'in* fheie Aparlie-, : It well k??w? hare within the tart two or three ve?r? one iimye ml-< hlof. not rinmltted m >rw outrage upon tie t meriran* than all the teat of the tribe* put torthrr. They are the "Jloarilla.' or a* It U romai-mly root unoed. Illrkrrea" Apache*. anil hare ttwlr nhl-f treat." In the fa?tni ?* of the mountain* n-ar the >| -tro teefc. Ihey are th? nun> who innr I red the moil party f twelve lu tha eprlnjr of n ?r the Wagon M >ua.| ml who in the fall of 1140 hilled Mr White ami party f HVei perw n*. and c*rti*d off lil* wife and little aughter lu intere-tlng ohild about four tear* old. bl* tnr>t unfortanHie woman ten i-Merred for an 1n(l 1 lital) W'T'e i?te than the ln? ant death whlrh mi t her lUrLacd It rlionld be unler-to: I -and no faleo nntl in f delleaey ihould prevent a piiMlration of the Cart ? hat alt three Indian* of w Mesicoaml the plain* pro* red. wh< a they haTi wale a w xnan a captive. to e?|e. j irate a Inutdi tlte. cf whlrh rite l? the vletltn and ?hl< h ron?!tt# In i ctuimlng her?"ptek ted out, If *h? eabtr?td the h'Wt Id "Khntcea In rapid eu-tewlon of all be unmari.ed n lu '. ma' ? of the bind a (itch < aptur-d ter. I ?pi ak of it ee a rite, for It went' to hare thi* ehawitrr It le, In let t. a rerent ?ny at wh'efe the w note inrtte I? | indt and a .hia, ll In no other way by ev preadnc their ravage hllfM an I gloating or?r the ?oec. aria of l<e??tly rrU'lgy, (t mar he preruou d. of rourre, hat many women dl- unlet tha ti:>ui?loM h irror* ot au.'h treatment. <'ne care ha* tieen tneniloni i to nr. In ?hl< li an American, who once tradad with ilia Camanche*. i?w a wretch* I ofeature eaplt* under thla torture. whlrh 1m waa compelled to wltner*. and i ou.<1 not relieve. ?oeh women aa auretwe are tonaadlata pin . aalaiaia. and furred t > carry burden* en ai;h tn break dowhnheart lira While. there lareaanatobetter aullerd ad that mortal nature ran antler and lire. It wt'.l be rec< ilected tlMt :h party which raptured h*r wt* t uMttf. itil thd todlM th cau'.l not (ft off with her. the* killed her by ?h x*in* an arrow through her h alt Whew ound.hrf'bouy. which waa not yet Coil nr??etr*l a nhocMnt reetaoi*. Her forehead brea.t'hotkaaJ honk* era. wef* "icrvUt- l hy tha h .'h had been i"?J to :??li the oack It wat her arorh to tarty rrate anl aotea *h. ?io< wiiere the bur ten pre?? ) meet h. i?)It npor, h-r Not on.f hrr th>ea. hut the feeti w-Tt ? oto vr .tn bet at. whirh *?ret. ru an 1W'?<1iOK t %*,>rd litera.ljr *t;a to tha tune, thera iat ?h > ahn I atJ an (happily for hat) Ufrl?M f'laieof M tt?t''if?Ot. wall "In at*J vni ?til? '.a ty ?otv dtJeat-u rt i 1 a vl a< M n I to the .*Ma"WU if a b'io> i ale bapy? the ar l*a*at*nt? olhar ch>i?*? *?| **? lea t<^ Mtttilw jf a f?h I hi-aland lOl IS>#DM ?f felt UU.? * rt it a.H jat aawta' ^ g,>?| _ jD. PRICE TWO CENTS. boiler* rfce 1* yet living; end the offlenrn of our gorcram"Dt ehouhl apere neither paia* nor tD<>n?y to settle the question This spring, the Superintendent of lull?a Allaire here, mule e treaty with theae rccmodrele. which 1 think notwithstanding report* to the contrary, they have respected. But I do not imagine tlrey fill keep at peace Their habit* are peculi irlj prvdatMTy. Having neither fit Ids nor Hock*, they lire cither ti?' boating or plunder; and when the clonic fall* them, or t'bey feel too Uzy to fellow It. they will take to the road, dW* "* hlghwsymen that they are Interesting from Oregon. J MIGRATION?INDIAN AKPAIES -AO RICt LTL'EAt. mOSPlCTS, AC , AO. | From the Portland Times ] The Immigrant* hare begun to arrire l'rom across tka plaios. 1 hone who have come through this seaara reprcaent that they hare had a rcry pleasant jxrrnsy. Tlrey lour d a plenty of grass most of the way. their cattle and horses are in good condition, and they lost no stock on the way. They do not report so Urge an emigration as we had bee? led to expect tills season. II e expect* d,a larger, from the f.ict that the Oregon la wt donation law, which passed the last Coagiess, secured large and desirable farm to erery one who would im prore and lire upon the same; and we do not yet give up the idea that there are uioie on the way than has been esl in.hied by those who have recently arrived Those urw in St Joseph left ou the Jll of Aptil which lead* us to think that many mere left aft, r that time [From the Oregon Spectator ] The immigrants art pouring in upon us. Mr F. L. its; mond, !r m Indiana, one > f a company of packers arrived here on Friday last. Mr. H made St Joseph hi* starting point. The persons itar'iug from 8t Joseph were mostly destined for Oirga.-i. S our one hundred teams intended going to California Mr. R r-porUgrAae plentilul ou the south side of the Platte, extcpt fer a distance of about ICO miles in the buffalo country Lrass on the north tide is represented hot so good Much the Urgent part of the iotnigr.iilov. across th- pain* made the Council Bluff* their rendezvous Among the number of those assembled at the Bluff* thcrw were ov.r GcO families f.r the tiroat Salt Lake valley. It is estimated bf Mr (fierce KeUrr, of Illinois. who arid rod here on daturday. that the number of families 011 the road for Oregon, who came on the north side of l'latte. wi- between 999 and IKK! on that branch of the road aloae Mo-t if those who runs on the north side of the Matte did not cross that river at ail except the Loup fork and the K.Ik Horn, travelling through the 111 ick ou that 1 He. Ttc gia-* is thotghttn be equally as good 1 u tli - north side, Fort Laramie, as on the south, end I he ccssiug, too, of the Plait*, saved; thereby avoiding the dangers incident t > the -wimining of tho stork The bridge over the north fork of the Platte us e n. idei'd :i rickety affair but it answers the purposo ' after n fashion." Mr Ki ller wa* some eighty d*ys coining from Council Hlnffs t.Oreg 11 City lie 1 -ports pi tn ml good health umot.g the iiumigl ants, so far as ills 1 I>m rvatioi-s exti uili d. M e nr glad to learo that tho print majority if the imuiigrtuts will arrive In timeto avoid the raiu and ne w in the fall There is a good deal of loose stock on the r<>a i pn tlcu ariv rattle Orv* company has about forty brood ma re* for the Oregon 1 " ?">ut ruin u. I ii iis\ >1. It. rip-it* having ps-'dab >at i?0 w igoua in the roa<l. the mo-i if wairu were at anil near r art Lnnunlo. St. Jim |iIi ha ' in a great measure lust its impoiUiH-c as a flailing poll t. I.a-t year aim mt twothird* of the immigration got up thsir outfit tuerw. Lira.- is < IC<cdingly scarce in the Cascade mountains Mr. litiymond thins-it would pay any pel nn well to tip-l i e oats to the Dalle'forthwith, to fed the stock I the immigrants, while ere-ulng the mountains. It night he sold for one dollar per gallon. I from the Oregon fan ] Having hot returned from .a ttyins ri-it up the WiUainatt* Valley, we tat a pi,- > ire la testifying that wo ? hi happily disappointed in the apptaranue ot tlio ii untiy It has never been our lot to travel over a mora bi anliltd. and. to all appearance,* te tter agricultural ouutry than can be found le'.ueen here ami Lafayette, rhe erop-ersry where appear r iriir^ably gaod?wtwst ?rd fate are new ripe for the >K h'.v,'' and the fanners usily engaged in hurve-ting. Potatoes, onion*, ftc . .Sic . pr, a ot to the ?ye conclusive evidence of he richness of the soil. We ai ? . lad to see an many sew and nibs autial frsn.e h id--* erecting, cxteuaivw ields newly frnced. roads and bridges iinpri ved. all of shu h -i t w that the country is settled with an tnduarioua and euteiprtsiug people, many of wham are now rj' ylt g all the comfortt thi-y erji yed in the states. Lafayette fs beautifully lejated on the Vam Hill river, i stream supplying extei aire wa>. r power, and p ?aatn< ;hr< ugh the most fertile country we have eeen on the Paclfo coast. This town is new. but it his the elements with.ii Hull of becoming a large and flourishing one at no di* in lit day. | from the Portlmd Times, of July 24 ) I>r Datt. the tnpertnti-ndento? Indian Adair-, whohw4 gone to rlait the Uistawt lndisn tribe* east of the Oners lea, has returned from his tour and Infirm* us that delegations frcnn the Walla Wallas, Weateopini, Nes Pern s. Yomtnaws, Spokane. and Po.oees, mat him at thw Dallas, utd after satisfying theni it was nut his intent lua to send the Walianntte Valley Indians Into their country, they were perfectly contented lis made treaties with the fay usee and N<s l'ero?a and got permission from the Cey uses to rrtablli h an It dlsn Agency In their nation, and bui.dlmte for that purpose are now in eourse of construction lis suvcee Jed. also, in nettling tin- dittt ultiea. for a t me that existed between thvh'nake and Nes Perce tribes, who wish to fght each other, by treating fur psaee one year, at the rnjcf which time if gnv.rtmcnl cannot tallefactoriiy arrange ?flair", the Nee PercM bare teas* to go to war with them lie is < f opinion that thers wire upwatdsof MO It Jiius gartered in council lie Inform* ns that the Nes p.rees Diimler 1 bOO souls, thw \\ eeeowons ever7oO mil that the t'ayuses numbnr only 114, and are last disappearing The 0 tynses, he says, w i e uiueh oleaseit wlten tie Iviftirmcil ttiem t hat thai whites whhed to be friendly, for they bad th* idea that the wlltt- wrrr still hi ntUe and were going to furthac kTriKi* th* murder of l>r Whitman a-.d family Thn e< uiitry which ho rlsltsd. ho speak* of lu th* high*** twin*, and gin It a* opinion that It contain* mar* land adapted to cult ration thau the whole of New Knglaaa. MARRIED. At Portland, Oregon, on the 17th July, l>y Milton Tuttlt,%/q , Mi George liutt. to Mr*. Jane t???j allot Tualatin I'lain* In Or< eon. July 14 by the Her J B. Tratt*, John Rett, of Nexjually. and Klioivr. daughter ot bimra rtuuiondnr Kmj , of the Cows lit a lu Oregon. July 24. l?y Re? WillUm Jolly. Benjamin Cornelius and llachel MrKlnney. b, th of Tualatin i'taioa, Wsshlagon At talent, Mai Ion county. July It, hy the Iter J. ff. Ho n. Mr Caleb Brn?k? and Mr- Kltia Ann Belllngwr. Mr John Bantu and Mlaa Martha T? tera, all of Marlon county. 0. T. In Oregon, July 17. by Milton Tultl.i l>.j . Mr. Of. llutt and Mis* Jan* ?raca. all of Tualatin l'iaina Dim. Dtewned in the L*mp.|ua llirer. Oregon. July 7 by tha upeettlrg of a boat llrigc* A. Turner, aged 'ii yearn, 'ate of North Whitfield. Maine, and Capt. Isaac l oner, "fed VP year*, Late of Warren, Mama, maatar of brig Me I.. llan At the residence ef R C Oe*r In Marlon county. Orw>on July II. of consumption. Mr A 8. W'lllard, Jr, aom of Col V illard of Mullein ceiintr. Oblo In Oregon Clfy. July It. Dr. Oeo W Pali-bury formerly irem Valparaiso. Indiana. 1'onrt of Common Plena. Before Hon Judge WVslrult, AMAl'GT AMU RATTER Y Off A UMAI.1, fl'il/itlmnm h'irlait ti TVopAilot .4 (i ll?This waa an. action ffrr a*, suit and battery The f IsiutlfT la a Uermana. woman of fine, portly f sure and r.ther good looking. (the had occupied apartment* be to aging to the defendnot. at lot Greenwich street. It appeared that tha plain till va-abmt tearing the premise* and that she < tile J the a. hndant Into her room, to sea that ererrthing wan. In as good repair a* wh. n -lie became hL? tenant, and there up- n -he demanded ffntu him the stint of flof hera. which waa lying In his hire!* He refased to e>mply.. insisting that there was a deduction to be mala for wee ral days' rent cTer and abore tha time on which *h? should haea gte.nup poaeesslon The plaintiff aes.-rtw that on tl.e occasion lu .pi* tton, the Si)th August. Into, the plaintiff thsn ?. ?ault. d her with grant force and rk>I. nee. and beat her ..bout the bead and face, causing serere bruise* nrer b>-r right eye. and also Inlti tbu oth -r luiurieis about the head,from whlah *he suffered mo< h pain Pbe ab... contends that th* defendant Alts nipt ad to ch.'ht and stiargle bar, and that tha naarha cf rioleccs wire risible on her threat from such treatlu.tit, Th* defendant denies th* charge, and ears that he marely acted lu eolf-defrn*e , that tha plaint ill male an assault up n li at Witness, ? warn pre due* 1. wha deposed that tt. y reside in the -a in a ho,o?; they heard a noise preccad rtg fr in the plaintiff a rr? m. and on bursting open tha door, which waa' n. J. th. y rew the .|ef*n,|snt assaulting the plaintiff. 11 was e. nf. nJ. d bv tha tl. hsnee that th* plaintiff waa s ruar-led wimnu. and eoull n<A sue In her own right but the genthman of wh in It waa allrg*d ah* waa ' b> ne of 1? ne an,I (Wh of ff**h," a Mr Bye, deniod tha * s< tt imjeacbin. r.t," and d*po**d that he waa not h*rt hnslwnd. he said that he was not . ran engaged to b>g. it trial rp nrrw h?*t pn t n- j* .1 1 > or fimtth*'! in \\*t fainii clrica-Uaci ? "VIJ adia't; a I'mwh Iv'iy. wK> oat* lirr trRtlmmy. rta'td 'hat tha plaintiff to) j h?r of ult and >>> ??l b'?f bnitRaa; Wit at lha lame tl?? th* jlaiaiiff admttt?d t?> h?r, that on intarlw, th* rnoaa with tlx iKfxmUnt. alia Ua t loi k. d tho do* r; thr wltn? * a-kfd :??. Pirn, why fll'l Jtm V o>. tlia (kvr on jr tmlf with a at rang* man, I vood an* f,rme with a string' uiaa Tot thr TOtld.' T.ia pi >a t >!l worm ml. and said '1' oatild not t?U boa or wb> ?h> did ih la* that !>* haddna*ao. Th? .'udfrn rbaru'd Iho )wf at Uogth. and with hi* aaaal eUar?ir?i, np<>n ih# law an ' '.ha fait > rf the *a?* and tb* jury fturord a ** tt*t lor thr p'.alot:fl. fSi.1. UaaagF*. I*lnr1nr Affair*. Torn* tin to littrma?A nMW* tv.ililiiiM in tbw n.lla4?l| bia p ,r,r? and-lin? l to row* taa Pr*??d*ot? i f livi-rarca i fflc* in that cltj, d'-Urio th*y wilt dirliii* it* urin^ rrr?il? that rarry II?f *fth*r oa or utidat d<fc tbr ft* (iirat l<??a* ky fkr? oatiwd by iima on boa id ' rtarla fundi ring lb* atoj absolntatj m- asaary. X' tinr ? A mutlpy Uok plana atntai aom* Kngllak *al'.ora nn bnar l tb* bark Mar'ha bound h>r N*w On*ana l". n; P?,tim<r*. nn th# :tl?t ult Tl?* U * abtp Oatarta ' I - <ng m at at band, th* Ttfrartory g?nU?-ui*n war* tak*w j rn braid at d put in lirna Tbi v wtlt b* tak>*a book to BRltiaot*. 1 Tb*r* war* f MiWoa d-i>tht %| MffM* laTldg tit waa? tb?:u? ?U4t.

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