Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1851 Page 1
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"? jr. t TH WHOLE NO. 6907. DOUBLE SHEET. AMl'SK W HINTS. 31a JWCKAKBOCKER HALL, I01ITH AVENUE -J. < a*?- ???n?r'? crlebratad Ethiopian Operatic Vronaderr, wl or# Ibre* of tt>> ir i-atcrt*iiimeot? on Tuetdav, Weduaada IUiiThl.PflJa.' O'l.t 1..U I nr.k L-... bill*. w DARfllRO. UENRV WELLE AND IMS 8IBTER, MADAME I Qiavtlli, have opened their aoedomy for Dancing ?n healthful exercises, at the Stuyresant Institute, 6&V Broai way. Classes tre u-w forming. Tuition will oomaioacr ? tohu 1st of October. 11. Well? t Sister h*v? passed ue.ori years in Paris, studying their profession at the R'lyi Aiadrmy, and at the best schools for private dancing. ft antra by whioh tot y propose to tsaoh it ontirely new. an ntUptsd tor the promotion of health, as also for the actioir ruent of grateful action and deportment. Apply dally, i he above address. lrom 11 o'clock until t ALLEN MMWOgtnrt PRIVATE DANCING AC.1 f* demy No. 4tS Broonn street, n^ar liroadway?Th jtr.bluhn ?i,t nil open, lor the ensnirg reason, on M?i lay, CkloKr ti. I>ays of Tuition?Monday, Wednoidv 'i'hursilay. and ?atnrdhy, at 2 o'ulook for ladi-s. H and 4 ft < i.ildien 7. 'S rod . 1'. M. for gentlemen, bcini-inonthl < irect, lor pupils or,!y. AJ.', A 111 Ml'8 PRIVATE DANCING AND Wal/r/'N i r A.-aJt ai; No. f." Ucnd strs-t?dr. b. tikes pleasure i : laocpciit; l!..; class uajs, common dug Detour Utli as 1 Wm1i? day and Saturday, at half Hires o'olocl t r ladle* and b-i tirs: Tiiomiy? and 1'ridtys at 8 o'oto. r *..<?l?te?n. Private lessons at time not reoupled. Sj'ioo . 'I fattilirs attended. bcine? as usual. Mr d will iotr VMS. in addition to the pnull ia and ?empat?, to? I'aroi i,.: . urba. tompvs.d ly himsoll. Musiofor sale at l is rvs ?i net ps a be.? HF.MhV M1TXRN*E DANCING ACADltr, at No. fil Itei.ndwav, o--.r IIou?t"u sir m i. will b? opon on Tour osr, Otfto'xr II- iir. M. will introduce cre-al now daneo .? ;.'h heiifs.cci ,ed by his co'vcpinaentH at I'arUae I udoA. Ap{li.ati' u to bo uisde at his residence. No. 5. II o.'ioa it. st, fr m ten t two o'clock. Oasmm; a< adlmv?at the ?.hakapkake. n i tel. H3 Vtil ism street?>r. Megou will reopen li -mate 'i sdeir.y icr instruction in thb elegant aco npli il t cl ow i ing on d.iturdiy 4 a polio stioa to t Ir at the kbote hotel, lrom .1 till'1 o'clock l\ M nA N C 1 N ft A C A D E M V.?dl <J MIR G'ffcK \ ID IfeoaMnl for no kind patronsgo ( i?.t t ssnn. r?#p?o .oily kr rs to loforr hi# i tr"as <0(1 the p t ilic, that h I ..el?r Aead'Mj nil Broadway will is i ri .1 f r toe r i lion of pi'l ! > < - Saturday. ctohor II, a'. .1 o'vlork I'll i'i i ate Ic tsi .in In familic i will also hi gi t, n and cl a so* a cat n: i iv :it't ii.kf Ignor li. wit, 111 1. ' re. It tn his 'e-sont l y Mtd.vae Uhrrsr II. A ..u.anni atioas x 'dri -eel to hli Ui -ad ea/, will b? frump iy attended W. VI.XCAN l tiTk I.L3 OF DaNCI SO -Mr.RSRd. ST. LUtC li tod <: ( konfonhy, who tiach in the pares'. nrylu ' < ihftlf' I Irttn I'olka, Ifi du?a Mmmrkn Did tic t>< ly tit w ri necked dnn>;e col d La fourrte Urnee. p-otfli igenimfslor l!i prttro.i-*sth?.? r < Iv d at Si i to l'It. 'i e print*! note i tn J tine opun "t for l? tnrinp, W t f i". tints C.j' natlk j four Us daiLon. tl WH llrn ul ??y, firt a iboto MtU's. oti r tin piotnra store Private tu.ti.i i' r iodic ar.d . <: H*n.i n. ?nd tleoaes fur lOitog missus an ?,t' IP, froc 10 t.U < in the evening. Class f.>r gontlonio 'y t!i- n. ting. T hi- I >k is now opttu for private ta :la?t m pi bat Ue.recm daily. fj**!e CI.A3.iJid ti?" TUE MECHANICS' IN8TITUT I, l'etf u<.rtiv? had arolntecinrsl Urswiai tn Modtiiir.; and desi,;o, ft tbi ln>t'tuw Rooms. No. So-tnry, pill he formed on Monday cv.nlag, October Gtl Ttnr.u desirous of joining eith< r of the a bore classes, pi reoivrlnJl iatormal.on bj applying ta the Actuary, all): too cis. (rout 7 t? U i*. M. IicTTTBrs on rnvsiouvKir, i;r divid r. uoi i ten M. D I>r Uo'.t>n will dt'lvsr It tnr llto rated with plates, manikins" skeletons, tec , la tits Ns k1 rk Med.. 31 (Vileyr. Last I'birtocith street, icu It ntl way I aii n i'at k on e -o last M edursd ty of eicli monM vit h as a n. to -c.dat* tl.o laws of LctltU, and to astab'ia -he praoth e of ti e ee-no lu tlis csgpttiuu of youth, aid i 'lit (oBtti n wall;* ol 1 le. An Introduetiry leeturs, ( whir atiM to free,) will he given Is the N*w kirk Kslittl >J?1I' r t'IBt ostein* at 7 o'oloct, I" M , Wodocivr, Sept 51, I to T.adieeand rer.tisineu are rripeoi'ully invited to attend tli .ctrodnotory. with or witliont tickets pi BSANlZIf, n:oi Kssoa or I UNOANDSIM .aid inr, infoi s hit torn, r put its schools, and the put,lie i general, that! e continue* to aire pri'atc Icasons in tl bore branches, cltl rr nt his re.ldesco or that ot his pnrll With a ILore j .h and rapid method of imptrting the rauilc know 'edge, he .. las a p?rtuct familiart y ot ths t.iglia l.tiuh. Itaisau. an! l.eriuin lans,tt?nts throvctt nitnir t ninth he is rt 9 IJ to trite tha tuition. I'< r ptrttoolarn at t. .1 of riff 'e . -I r 7 I . ~t --0 Uouston ?t.r -t, oy letter, I personally. bntn- n and 7 o'clock P M. T rms madertt PtTN M 45 SB I i'.?IN THIS COttJ., PLEA8.kN weather, ttndy is i ilrlljtH, md Mr. COLUSMITU li ites those Indt. and gentlemen deslrom of Joining h<s ra iter risers, no* mpidly tilling up at his rooms, 'd-5# U'o* any. to tak* rd . .nts.-c of It He < au also res- i?e a limlti wumLer ol pi;.,! I'ttpila, at hours most at.ieaLlo to taoi tstlvt*. VI l'*ir ?A I AltV WIIO HAS ntl) MUCH EXPEB . ?I nacaiutencl ng I'taaoforto Music and tilnyiur wish i n . flair a lew more pr| iliat her reaidenoo. No. ill Atauti ntrant. Itrm reaaoaabi*. EilPlUiSS AUKRClKh, sM. Brxrom> A CO. i (JREAl < k I.ITOKN'I A KXI'RF.SS thro, . la ? i.oo ? dij -. 11. e'lugr and I'snam Our naxt esprtsJ will ho tent on the splendid stunrosh ill noteon t.e 57th lost., in oharee of our ap <ial moreenge Mr. W. C llsll. n i*ht r.t least 1U pt r eent Jess than by aa liwionm h irperamMNMM? Mm eliargaa of oth. yeeprnitiblo osprtas.a. and tuoa call on ua aad ahiaklir V" ds at Id per nt l.?i. raekaaoa munt be waterproof, aa otsioeei IS-lbs. HfsruitD * CO, No. ] Vetey street, Astor Boaso. RUilf t.U HATE.S.-CM.iroKNlA -TR4N8PORT( tivii acrtta the Isthmna of Pana* a, or goodj taks tfroaibtobaa f'eanr.stj at sMppers'option, by Zaebrlsooi .seUon 4 Co. 81 ipjers trill fnd it tbsir interoal to call uno rhe uadortic ' I l <' rt making arrargemantselfowbcrn. Ft : irucuan, k i'.Ai UMtfSON fc CO., Aetata. W Wall (treat. VHA V ULLEttl UUI t?lT 4'AKDI.N aUUOY RAILROAD UNI PRO! htm talk U Philadelphia.?Pi?r No. 1 Noii hirer. by (tooctbeot JOllA PUTTRR hernia* Mae, at n'eloek; Aft?raoo? Mat, (Id o'clock, fart k? eitberliai it.>, forward took, (t Emt*rnat Uat. at ? o'clock. P. M Hart. ?i Ml L. BUM, Ayreal. i^jcw Ton and roiuvtLfUia-aiw run il ant Philadelphia tireoi.?Caltot Stolen Mall Llaenhrettch <a <H b*nro. Tin New Jorecy R.iilrond. Part n oiioat to f.i tor trot daM, aat $2 *? f ?r oecend olaaa. Ltai Nff York, al fc A. M.. treat loot of 1 ortlaatt (treat, aat fc A. M. nud 6 I*. M. Ifi'Ut loot oi Liborty (tcoot. Laara 1'htli dolphin at I tul 9 A.M. aat I P. M? from tot foot af Wa uut (tract. Poa ntnwnnp,, waamwa-ron, oa CMAnioertm.. Threagk tlckru (ra (aid la Uia abort llnoe A thronith oat I i tor, with throoali Lmm*o ci.uokt. aiunt,n.?ale? tlio tral tearing at # P. M. l a.:v u*or? nod ba*<ve tu tula tral *111 ba tuner >rt?d dirently tl.routb trum depot ta depot a bb* root* without artra (harm lilUUUM* BORDEAUX 1INEIJAR (K TOkV. NO. SSI RKNTR (tract. Now York ? Ci.notaatiy oa band, aadforaala a "Bodarata prirre. the lall>wl>|itilHui of I megar. of at derated ? Ifll.-oio, i'atrnt Creneli. Proacb Paraaoa Malt, Cidtr. White aad Had Wlna. Want/ tho aitoatloa 1|?ro, *- o?re. oatlng hoaae keepcra. (tuiliia, picl lore, ka afkl.D CBIRKT WINK.?TMB SUBSCRIBER, WAW1 . t tar ?< laatr tin oouatr/. hu tnari>-fl*o boict of at ? l.errj W in ?e a?ll. to the ad\aata?a ac tho bayera. Aa Ar ( to 1 C J -'LKAC, No. Ill Liberty a .rent. The wis ? II l-c told on J ueodar ia< rniair. TVI Ina'm.t, at half poa t a e'ektb, at tl.o (old addrca*. Tcrruacarh. rpiir in fbkatid brandy store. <y? broom I t. tit ik al t. ri.oky, ( the pioje t > cat tboa ? (Id locdoa U?'k Iroti'i'ci, wlaae. dtc. Tbo huoiari bring rondo Ned entirely on the oaab principle, a earing i lolly 2T- ?*r cat ii marred to the parohaotr. Oac trial trl pr iio the fact. I RIM NH8KE1 VA'T ANDOKaIN. Of Sl'PERIO .1 <r. eltli tad blah Motor for onlc, from under bond, I DAI IS It URNkigi R8, No. 911 Wall (treat. SCOTT T WBIMoKT. IIOUT PI NTH RONS It A I aay'a Crown A- otoh Unite, rerr hi*b florar. and aap or to nop otlor m market, for ?el*. Irem nndor Cento lie >aee look. by fcafll A Ul NKigl lt. No M Wall elrce TDE GBKUIXl PCOTjn AND INDIA TALC ALE l<obdea and l>tiblir Porter, fcr , eaa bo had at the eel orated brandy etc re ?'*< It reome "Opart. corner of Croeb, I orrnat- 4 at Inputted. Plat Albcny and Trey atoek ol> a tmall kr?o. Yhe ehaleoat Use eaa krore, warraatt (r aeiaa hoar ather* admitted la tba r?t ibliti.a>ot. TO IMPORTTRS AND DEAIERA IN OIN. -Till SCI ocribcr beta leair to la form tho trado. that he roi *iaaM la reeeive and forward order# t? hla Itotiae la Hotte Jam, for tbo dim t ia.portatiaa at kl? nwoa. Ilaroaloo. C L-rea, Md Pton-rr urn, into nay pert la tho Called sttL ?m<*? ll^ki'rila' lion in thla country. he la wirrnntad I ? ajlnr tr?f ?r? airninf 10 any hrtlcir of the kind lan pif It la irda* t? tr<M tl a wiahci of tnr trad*, ho naa raaueed h "tlita. Wkl.h nil! 1' mail* known at Ma aftioo. , IIMILPUO H u?.r*. .'I Ilaaaar atraai. On 1. 3? <# J. m d Bel nani win: IS" p?r nwan ill M bo. Vi i-appa do M do. lUcnua I n>a ta do ; .1M hai .,aarU? And our eichth Prenth Brandt; Co Brandrt -eiuatta and Jail H olfo. da i Urn do l/tard. Dnpn* k <> . lniayn 1K'*. ' dJ,'tl and'If- IB am kaiu -eotea BM to a, t aria no i.ra;.ia: f?"?a barbate ' Haifa brand" Chaaioatt . 0 Ota rat ?<ln, cat'.. Ma lalra. Pharry. Part Unready, at Hliar arlntn. la pt| a. hall and qr. caaka. IIUI \ UI B B KR M (>' M >?. I^O TBI rUBLIC.?INDIA RUBHF.H anuBB.~OC I nMaaMtnkia born oall'd la nnad*ori!aimrn?, by Dora n Day pnbtiahed In tba Now Vo.k llorall of Ifth JnI jayi iid tba Courier and Raqnlrac af umi data. In whla tutor Mah unmerited nknaa af onr attoruoy, Wm. Judaa Had ha taaffU that wa data not ohnrqa hfu with plraati n. ijaan Patanto, nadoa our own aanm and that ha d< not lafff floodanar'i I'atanta in the nut afaotnm af Bhoi "W, ktn* nerohaani onr Ikonaaa for tha manivfnotora cf 1 MalatM Bhara no dor Ooodyear'a Patonla. and paid o< laanap. and ara dally pnytn* a t a rill for tha rtma: and m o'thor wnraan wlrhl hnra nana tha ?an.- if dtapuaoi to do a _iwJ than almfca npon lloodyoat't I'atanta H a think mora Jnat to pnrohaaa a r?hl tanaa n aalid Patent, thi a. mfrlnta It. Br. Dty. harln* bat a proaaoniad. ackno Idtod Ooadaaar n rlrbta. wtda a aattltmoni, and acread 1 niart Ml C Infrlnao hit Paten ta. lit la naa attwmtl at only la Infrinro aald Patanta, bnt to Inlnrt onraoloi nta knot, tor n lara> oanaldnfati' t. rotohna.d onr Itionw iwd now wart nndar thaaa; and wa ehnraa Mr. Una dlraoal I tool oner ana own algnatnran. with ptrating ?w aloodrtar't PatanM In th* reanofactnro of ?ba fhoon witl i . ia nnwtBwiimto tha pnbllo; and wa |taa notion thai I and nil who ara annaomud with him In roraba. j* wtin. uah&Bhooa.nthdtla rloUttan af auH Patent R(*hta. w nvr9 HXVH IkU RtTSBSR CO, by W?. A. Bnok.orhaoi Tt^tantwi, TUB BIWAIlR INDIA FPU* i t M?0 UOB. Bnttk'atoh. fdin % CI. | Bit VatA. Iki U, I ENE MC i g*mw bi aicnoa. A UCTIOlf NOT'CB.-OttOa*RIE8 STABCH rAnrNX - - r?"i."7 ??pt. iid, ?t ))>}, o'clork, (n lront of tho (tore, 67 Dsy street, corner of Greenwich, Sugars. Code#, Began, Tea. Chicory. Storah, e. r anna, Brunei, Boar. Caudles. da est Oil, Brandy, Ola. .i Champagne, Claret, Madeira, Sherry, Tort, Mackerel, Sal_ men, Herrings, Bath Bricks, I Iron Hafes, be. 9e W. A. CARTER. Auctioneer. j tf I.. IIOCUET, AUCTIONEER.?CIIKSTERMAN tk A A li'.guet a ill toll at auction, on Tuuaday, the 23d inst., v at 10 o'clock, all the Furniture oontaiued In the houto No. * 710 llroadway, acme of w hich is partially daaagud by the J lata tire, consisting of elegant rosewood marble top Flernud , t'eotro THblca, largo I'ier aud Mantel Looking Glasses, ina" liogany Sofa*. ( I aire. Tables, Ilureaue, Dressing Bnreane, ' j ratent Windlass Bedsteads, Jbc.; Wilton, Brneacla, and '} loprain (.'arreting, Oil Cloth; one ve'y elesant roeewood *' I'iano, made by M unns, coat S.VSO; Beda and Bodding, Man,, tel and Hall Lamps, Candelabra*. &o.; China, Dinuur, and , '11 a Sets. Glass ft arc. Ac ; one Clothes Mangle. Also, all tie Kitehen Furniture, Stoves, &c, HE. MILLARD. AUCTIONEER.-HOUSEHOLD ' furniture of a family breaklug up housekeeping, L" 6t> . II. K Millard. Auctioneer will tell at auction, ou '* Tut-.- dnjr. September Si, at 1' o'clock, at 1.31 Spring street. Too entlie furniture eontaucd in aaid i.ou-e, c lusictinr of f' parlor, tel room, and kitchen lun.iture, crocksry, bid'* di eg, ive. Catalogues rtn?y on morning of sale. HENRI' II. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER. 3AI.E OF hanJacioO uioiivu Furniture, in doutli B.-oiklyn ? " Henry II. J.eert- He Co w'U sell, at auetin, to-mo'row, " (ft eonetdty.) September 21th, at 10'<5 o'clock, at Mo. 101 IT l?o?n street, three doors from tloyt, South Brooklyn, a full ' sscrtuioi t ot elegant Household furniture, made to ardor .* l?>t a| rinr. ami in excellent condition ; consisting of boauti' ful Tapestry Carpets, carved roaearood Parlor suite-, mtdtlI on ityle, in ctimson f.gurod silk plush; rioli criiuton silk : lirotatelle M it.dow Curmina, Peary laoc ueder Curtain". 1 l" iplciidid rto-t wood carted I'lanoforte, highly finished, mads i by Fieisr*. llall sod Sous, cost AMU this vpcing: rosewood v. I'iano Stool, rorowood ('outre and i'ier fables, with statuary J raaibletops; rich f as-"<, and other mantel and centre orua* in nt>, Sio ; handsome bedroom furniture, of every tl'-sorip*1 tii n; dining-rocm oit'.s, c n.prltlnp an assortment of fill tor , It are. M-Mdy new. Also, a toll assortment ol titohen furui11 tire with wli'ib the tain will commence. The Atlantic atreuttta. a pars the ctrnir of street, near the house, , every 10 n.inulei. '' AUCTION ROTKM.?THOB. fJE'.! . (UOTIOVME.? 1 /a By II. N. Goth?Bale this day, at H'S o'clock, in tie " auotion to> in-1. 10 Mi r:h fv'ilihiia s.reel ?La ge aals of Ury (it-tda Clotbii.c, Jew iry. I'crftimtry, Hill u-rr and Fusey Article". A';-o. liuna, 1', IFatehca, Sc Also. 'J Trunks, ? 1 and B ,1 I ltd., N" l il'id. BELL, Auctioneer. ' natlltMCE BO VIE. AUCTIONEER, WIU. SELL, ON K" J 11 Wnl North Kiver, Frid iy I'.lt, ' Sptttuber ?ti at lit o iiO'A, oaiaueo of Clsthing, Bats, l* B.-ot fheea. Cutlery. O s?s Cases, aud a'uo, tho ptrtor, j* c' am.n and kitchen i umituro. Cooking State, and on of ' ths b< tt watih and a h'ing Begs la An.trLa. Abo/u stosk *" is flesh t-nd waaoaaMe. ' It CfiLTON, Af'i riONEkll ?BALE OF NEW A N'B K i a second baud 1 uruituro, Ccrptta, Couches, A,o.-Tkas 4 ! oay Tuesday. hc|>*sui'ier 2\ at 10W o'clock, at ths rooms, 1 | Mc. fm Bcckmaa and M Ami streets the f uruituro ofafsiaily '* I it as vlna frt m tl.s elty. consisting of oil tie oocetrt'y Eark" ; ci tiro for honackeeplni;. sueh as marhlc top Bureaus C'eu1 j tr Curd snd other I'aoles: Sof.vs, mshngsny nnu curl mvplc * ' Chulis. rtardrobiS. Ifool.caics, F rench Ife'lat-sdj. t> nha. 'j M situ ties, end Bedding; Carpcta aad Oil Cloths. Looking 1 ' lilaans, t flit ; Letkr, bediootn and kitchen Furniturs, cook1 I. " aud -rurli.r ft, vr: Als-> .1 llsnpliM tmiun ? ! ki dn. A'to, 2 lar^c french t'lato (ilMiei. Sale positive, m I rmia tr ahine. i \r .M,uK okukocgh, ai t rioNtER? ruwoa T? Wi?> 1' t* 1>Um, ut auction?bruuuough ?N. Co. K ?II1kM, ?n Thru-day. September 2'> at lf 'j o'clock, > the i, j iter*. No. lf>9 Wall ttrout, (w hitever ma ? be the ?tot i of the 7 | wratl?r.) i'renoh Vt i'l'io* U'?M. 120JU b igo* of friine i. new rttacb W mdow (.la**, of aborted alur* and qnaliti**, I | tn m 6?" to 4V\tti; find lot. ld., 'd . and Itn |ual>iies 0"toj :? | t)? ?oit titiadtf a^uttuMt of Frneli Claea ever bilVreJ j atuucti.u. Catalogues are now ready. c VI' M M, CORHICK, AUCTIONEER. STORK 13SPRCCE I Ft i?r et ? Auction Notice.?W o McC'nriniok will >*11. w t: day. atIV o'clvck, a-L'il Can ?l street, tic contonrsofa |. trait tore, t onobtirg of fori l*u nod d- ntoetic fruits KaMlna, i; lira, Nuts. AO.; 1. n acuta, i'ntsnpa. Ac.; al?o, .0 doe en ou i'i piror win*), I'ort. Sherry. *n<l Madeira; alao, 10 doern Pnrj titular I'.t et India Porter t.'?me of soUlop., the proprietor h in g?>rs Into sn.ilur biudnrf*. L lOUN 1.. \ ANDKWATFiR, AUCflONKKR.?I,A It'IK ie " ma unreo.ricd sale ol splendid Oriuulu atd Silver Plated Cat. Chandeliers Pendant Lome* and Oiraud .Ur, ? !"?lar, Mcchtni. al, and flail Lamps, rich Cninn Dinner and J- Tea St.*, *J>1< ndii Clfsswarr. Parlor Mache Owls, \ aj-r, In Ac., coicjr.iii.r the entire atoclt of a Broadway establish,e ioi nt declining businc**. John L. Vaudewater St Co. will a. aril byar.i Ucu, on Tue-day, September at li)^ unlock, at al their alee rocro Mo. ly Wall street, the entire (took in trvde h, lit large gas fitting, China and glassware establishment, of innipre inr'? inc keautiful ran handclisr*. (>, 7. audi' litht >d >*? I'cndriilt. mantel Bracket*, l.nittes. t. modulo* and or Csrdtlalra*. aolar Lamp* with 1 rente and fancy color ? column*, hall Lamp*, and Kn.lioh Chandelier* for get. of the ni aett style; Irons., ormolu, and out glasa Standtri*i * tich Sevres China diuuer. ilcxcrt, and tea Seta; China fancy u" Cr.p*, motto cake and carl kankeU; Chine Candle. ' atic U?. nuraery himrc and richly cnt Glaao eirr; rng*a*nd and medallion Uohlnta, C liemptrn. t, Sneies China Vac ?. figure*. Cologne*, ki. Papier Maihe Cood* ?A aplradid n" tue or pi arl inlaid Tabic*. W ?rk Boxes. D *k*, O lor li>xr*, _ Note 1'rlioi, Chalrr. A*. Alan. Dublin, French, and Amerie*a Glassware, coe?i?tiog of linger Bowl*, tlacki, Chainit, nee. TutnMirs. Decanter*, \ erednata, Cublet*. ko. CataJJ lt|ct> wniil tl i|!t. Re KKVP, AUCTIONEER-OH. l'AI NTIV .if.. < Tiiaaday. at in o'oh .',.. at atrect, aaar t ulion -K. C Kemp * ill aril at attrtion, a* abore, IV) valuer ahlo Oil Paiiting". jn<? rceelyad per .teamer Prauklin.fram ? 1'rat re, enniUting ol a . atioty of pleating mblcct*. all of a. w hid, ha . e been aeleclcd by a well known a mate nr. anl ar* |a rartlcalarly worthy the attention cl thoae in w-ant of handr> me l<rni-l-ing prinllor*. ? they are all h ind-.moly ! framed, and ->U1 be aeld withoutroere*. Cataljgne* on th? at morning of Bale. id A VCTION NOTICE -JOHN E VAN ANTtVERP WII.I, fl tell, tl. day. at 1" o clock, at hi* talra room. No. 10 t edar ktrret, 160 rask* and lot* Hardware tiue Engliih ? Fowling Plr rt, ii?iD*gci good*, fancy article*. A . For p. p rtlrular*. ae* catalogne*, which ar* now ready. Term*, a lour racnth*. ' OV JIIII.N SNllt EN.?I1AK AND BAD RKDM Fl'RNIn I) ti re. Ac., tli* day. at lutj o'rlook, at 1.17 We?t street. '* roaelrting ?f farhioaahl* Bar and Fixture*, ho* Print*, tiro up'-rp-r double barrel Cat*, tilt** Ware, liter Pomp, with the Bid Room 1'urultnre, Bar Boos and other Chair*. ? Crock*rj. Ac . also the lea*e fur iH yean; rout paid to the tint of Hay. H fOHN L. VANDEWATFR, ACCTIONEER?TR IDE " el *?le ol Frceii Fur* ?John L. Vaadrwator A Co. will g *< II hy auction on Wctneeduy, Acpteiao*r 21, at |u.lj o'clock, " at the Pale* Room, 12 Wall *tn?t. a I ir;e and aplendid , *?eortment of line treeh Tar*, mannfactnred for Broadway " trede. all lined end trimmed In tbe m >et cot-ly manner and _ lit. st l'arit >11le, ioatietiu( of rest Ku?-i*o Pnble VirtrE iroo. Q.rman Lj t> I and I it h MtilTi, Victorinc", an 1 Cuff", - B i ttern S'onn Martin Mof"?. \ ntvriaeo, and Bun, Buriot h Ajrn Chlnohill* Mil"*, ti-torin.?, and <"n.T?; mli'.Vdt,; 'a ?np< rb 11 n d n Bav l.yr.x dn : white and Crun Pux Naff-', it Jinny Lind Bane, Manullai, Capee, fail a, Gauntlet*. tiler v*. t- I i ot Nulla, die. I R Ml ST A Ull ANTS. L?IH : 111NIV a AND (OHT.B K'))Bs, no. 7 I ' Maiden lane.--D>a uuderal 'aed hatiot re. ntlv "P'nad " thia ertabliahir.ent, la n-.w prepared to rccelvo hie old Irlnndi I and the pnhlle la g. nrral. Ue will keep cnnatantly on hand _ ; all the frliranlre of the eeuon, whirh fir fnraiahoa to order. - | Green Turtle Bvnp and ftoak ererr Tunadar and Thnredar; ala?. Turti " . p on thi ao day* for lunoh. r.rerjr variety at Ol?ter? In -on. commencing on Monday, SJJ mat. I <11 V1. 8W11T, junction Maiden leao end Liberty at. '' Ctiriil WAIDIKI1IL-TUI ALTERATIONS IN Till A H< footer? and hotel department ol thia hotel, be ln^ now \ completed, partli* ran he oupplird with tnry variety of .. tare, and the ehnirrat viand., at all hoare. Entrance to aalenn in I'ranWin etrtet A number of room' newly far niehed for tha accommodate n of traa?i?at boarder*, at ftP. tenable ratea. CilAKLEA Vt rtlUlir. I- rtlCKEMB BAT* IN DIS HOUSEHOLD WORDS, THAT .? mJ whrnttira man la In trenble he ruehoi to oyaWr eat it ley Now. why al onld he not do to I Wlint coold he rath at better : partlrnlarly at tide aeaeon of the year, and with neh n magnificent, rhaate. and oottly catabll.hanil at E 8lt M.l.k Y'S to tnd thechoieeat oyetere at?net only oyatrra, hnt ell tlio verletioo of food known to tho ham an m*e, inin e > nd in a the Ceita, end prepared only aa Mr. AMUey pre>f pare#. U ? ? SHELI.T'8 BITALTR VAR1ETIF.I-NOATI1 WEST corner ol Broadway and Anthony atreet. R Mill I'onda and > hrtwabnryo. iy Eaet Rivera and Mnaaa.-hnrette It aye. 8a.idle Rocka and Little Neck CI ami. Chehlla and Bauternn Wlaoa. ? ? ensi.LRr'8 I.ADIEIt' DEPARTMENT. ONE DOOR m u urn etdc of C'hrtat Chnroh. In Anthony atroot, jnat oat of t, Broadway.?Ladiee end ( ellinet onn be fnrnieried la private epnrtmenu with dlaacra and awppera. ffe? oyatera, A feme, mad. diehee, Mr , Me. f. fNOBBTNTt-tniB SPACIOUS 8AI.OON. UNDER THE ee Ay Broadway Theatre. It now open. It hna direet eammad Alratlon nlth the Drone ( Ir-le and I'arqnet; and nn entranee ent Broadway. The ootabliehment hne boon Inmletie< and - tttod np with n dne retard to elrgaate and comfort. Mono |. bet the boot nlnre. 11 more, tnd olgara will bo need. The a- attendant* are civil, promrt, and obliging. W. tlORBYM r will, at all UBtt, be happy bo eee hie friend* and the pabtie o- la leneraL ot ? iiorsics. cahrsaukm. mm. 1 L*OI 8 A I. I?AN ABDAU.A IIORHE. UK BANDS " I huh. ' y<tra old. and warranted eonnd, and kind In ilegle nnd drnblo karne-a. Ue can trot a milr in 2 minato* end .VI "i rondo and lit* norer been trained. Price *'*?. V Inquire <1 Knot tho hatter, No. 13a i'alten atreet, between ? 12 end 1 o'rl. rk. ' * L'AST IIORSt.?FOR PAIR, A FINE. LARGE RAT r llor?e. ten year* old warranted eoond and hindta ariry r "port, and tetr' t a mile in tt.n r mlnateo. erne otl*. Will lr told at a fair initiation, or traded for a low priced home. Apply at tl o iteblo. N? 21 Bowrry. Fon KAi.r?a iiRAii'TiruL new top nrcnr watop. built to order. aad of eatta liai-h and atyla. Will R bo nold to* aatheowntr laaraa lor Eur pc noon Uan be an ????. and will b# effrred for ?ale at HaTIiRI.D'S Batnar, ?, 31 Croaty Hreet, on the 2!d or 21th intb. a! UOR PALI?A ROCRAW AY H 11,113, PRAT TOUR r>? W y< I tone. Ilaht. and in rood < r<ier. I'rioo $ltA. Alia, a aa adenoid not of hraey Hlver mounted Coach llaraoaa. boea a. mad bat littla. Inquire at ttabla 211 Ninth atraat, between a* flrat mil Neeond arenttee. :? L^WIEMRIAN IN hi ITVTfc. VITI.Ll AB*BI. R?1 ? E. w mJ II AN fORD. fr".a>rtatar. roap<-ol(nll> ri?-ea notira to hlo |1 I. raiar patror?, and tbo pr.bllc amorally, that ba haa royi (.tied Ma aplended arena and will open for area in* pautiaa, w. on Monday. kept. 22. Roe regulation* in lirralata. 1)1111 UoRhE* TAKEN ON I.IVIHV AT THKIlR Allllr ?Uv liaii |ut 4a/. it iha (Tnitad Atatoa Rata and Coatmltalr-a RtaMa, Nan. i*t 121, 121 and I2i KantTwanly faarth afreet. beHr'ata 8*oead and Third nrntien. Tha nnbeorihwr reapecafnllw aieen potior that ha haa hntrtird complete four J larro taa i?ora brUi atabloa. eltuatod aa a'uoee, 3l f??t by * pi loot ftc-h. it be ?k-d aa rain lad rorornUaion atab'.aa. '} They * *< built nndrr tha p?rn"aal nptriMn of tip, pro. iti prlolo% and roat tumlr thonoead dottoro Thai ore the moat airy nail beat Tonltla'cd pabllo aial'loa la tlia dtp; '4pahl# p| aroiirni'iiltbl abnat fifty horoea antfe- a hero All l atlfi bor??a ?i|| h# taken on llrcry, at throe '.aillioaf per dap. ?HS the hot M food that the market iF.Mi ll"r-oa I her (tit and rold an enmmlnaton. Tha.nboe 8einb|ea rill ho * j r'Wdr ?c eeo-iac horaea on 1 hor-iloy. Rep . 0 I tilth, IW.I. | A pair i < liar ri an hnraao for oala Air 1 < ral aer, fin J elude *^^^MhRtVilR%?lJi^Mr^vvTM|L W YO >RNING EDITION?TUESD roa iUUtfD TOUBf. OR^BALB?THK bTOCK AND riXTUUES OF A SBtail bat and Ca.t Stow, aow doin^ a flourishing and increasing bu.iacaa-the present owner wishing to onsage la business at the Weet. T). t store is situated In a neighboring tit*, limilrf of H. A. AViXRl A CO.. 118 and IK) Mnidon lane. New York. TO DKUGGIST8.?FOR liU. THI WHOLE OR ONE fcalf or as old established retail Drugstore, in the upper part of the citv. doing a large a td lucrative baaineee ot the most reepeotable character Sola only became the proprietor If otherwise engaged, and nnatfe to attend to it. Every satisfaction will be alorded to por.*>ne wishing to purehase. ' of the character and batinesi of th o establishment; and, if properly eonduoted, the prcauot paiVcuage will be enarantoed. Address SAMUEL J. SMITH, iYl Eighth avenue. FOR SALE OR TO LET-THE FIMMTCLASS DWELliag Uouee, No. 122 Sullivan street, itwlUfor the owner's on n use; la three rooms deep, and built in ihe boat planner; haa the Croton water, a bath, fine yard, dtkd grape vinea, ' and is in aood order, and will bo diapoaed d>t cheap, and it | . not rold by Ootobor lo, wUl be lot to a good Aenant. Apply i on the prt anises. For sale?a porter house in centre street, opposite the New Haven and llarlom KaSvoud depot. 1 he stock and iiaturea of thia houae will i the f roprictora arc about going into other business; inquire ; No lid Centre street, ono blook abovo the Tomb). If OR SALE Olt EXCHANGE-A PAIR OF SUPERIOR \ ork State bay Horace, tie ycara old, over l<> ban la ! hiab. well t roportionod. aound and kind : will be aoldaepi ratoly. it desired, or cwhangod fcr a good road borne, or for ) vacant lota up town. Addross dorse, lie* 1819, Post oSies : i or ini|t tre at the litery stable, No. ISO Attorney street, near j Stanton. ISOR PALE CHEAP?TUB GOOD WILL. STOCK AVU bitcrea of a tirtt claaa old established wiiolcnale and ro| tall Bexar store, ia t tlouiiehinx condition, situate) is one of the print ipal thorouahfares in the city ; a rare uhauue. Ad] drt-aSegar Store, postpaid, c ty l'oat rtlioo. If OH BALX-A SPLENDID SPAN OF STILISH HtKK brown llorooe, lul.anda high, tlx yeara old. warranted | aound and bind. Ado. a very stylish Kovhauay Cart 1 nod Harm *?, now la. t Mny only used a fv ? times. Can o? I cm n at Jacston's (table, a) t Broadway, nut time beiore ton o'clock in the morning, or al ter Hvc in the itcernom. If OK SALE?AN ESTABLISHED DINING SALOON' | J/ now doing a good bonnes* with lease at a low rent. Will be told iboap, it applied for iui uudiatuly, or t;.e nx tores nJI be sold coparotvly. Apply on the promise), din | Grand ttrcot, near the Last river. ! U OK SALE?THE STOCK AND F1 XTUAEA OF ! a a rocery and leper atore, with back room attao'acd, I situated on one of the beat ctrnera in the Tenth ward, n >? ' d dug a good ci.tli buainese. will be < old in throe day i, nt j the proprietor la going a ray. Kent ol store *n boo i room, only >7 l>7 in month Apply to lldH'f it llaf.COM, No SdNattau street, and 4M Broadway. If OR SAIF-TWO FIR IT CLASS UKIlTfIS IN TllF, at. ei,tor Hiwtht r ,li nathan, lor ('Ingres, on the 27th of ktMti bor Tbnjr kro two of the b tat bertha in the ahip and will be tola at ? ?a< nl! -,. iff farvhor particulars app'y to Mr. W M EG I N TON, 11!) Fulton Street. FpO I FT ?A FIRST KATK STAN D FOR A GROCERY*, at a low rent. Inquire on the premiaea, nt the corner of i orty ninth ttni t nud Urotdn). T'O LET-A STABLE WITH A Ei'LENbfD HA V LOTT and eellir. Inquire at 127 Grand atruet. rpoiF.T.-TllE LARGE BASEMENT Of TJd Miff 1 II.del Hotel, tllnttdl at the .junction of William, North V. iliitin, aod f'rr.ukioit *trcett?, ni bloon from the I art, it n ,tk tareealtilJ) pro.lot'It 1 ada.tra'iPi con*truotion, a'ljrii.'g the rl.eapee*. and ?,o^t dtoimhlo hone to any id Now Work, tori i.lud. liRhtcd and ventilated ro.jiq fr ..a Kit. to Hi jor | * (flv?open dnring the night. j '|iO LET-IN THE IUH 8K Of A PRIVATE RE i A f lairjly in Lcxiiuton, hnndannio apirt; ioi .it on the iec< nd To one or t -v o'jteiitleanea of quiet ai.e regular habit*, who wonld require partial b >ard. t'nt would preneot inany i.'fiolir i. lie mtit n<|>eoUllt rrI G reece Rivua ai d rtqutrod. Apply U Mr. KiatLlJier. ll:? > ninth atomic, betore 9 o'olook in tho taormmx, or liter : ir. a. rpo LET-TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN', A VERT ORI J limbic unit ofroom* ( without board,) oouaiatiuR of a I well turnithed front room, ut yarl'T, with .in< k room pin | trks, linu eoiumodtoua bath room attached, in a private ; laaiily. will caleulatid for two r. ntfemea Apply nt fl ! Greta atreet, a few doota from Canal ttro t, neir lire idway TO 1KT-THE HEAR 1'AUT OP SECOND STOftV ol No. IPS Pulton atreel, 57 foot in depta ; woll li. ited. I Apply on Aha pnalnt, TO LET - A FURNISHED HOUSE T<? LET TOR T1IK w inter, at Port Kiel mood. 8tat?u IlKi.u ; rent ftlW ; until the l?t of May. Inquire at2-9 11 rollway, third itory. | room I", between 10 and 11. , Pl^O LET?TWOVLEV MAN DSHME FURNISHED 1?AR1 X l- re on the flat atorv, w ,lh or without board. Inquire on j the premie,*, 21 Howard atre-t I'O LET?THE STORE NOW USED AS A ItA*. 81IX*attd at the corner of Broadway and Anili'iny atret u. Will 1 e let for the name or any other bnaineea. The ttxturea I to be Mild, or let with the etere. Inquiie at the bar, for par| titular*. STORE WANTED-WANTED, A STORE, OR ROUSE reliable, ritual-, d on Broadway, between Canal etr et and Hcade, ou a leaee of 8 to 10 ycara, or otherwiae. Addrom koa 7,lofl, l'oet Otflee. STOl K FOR SA I K.-TIIE BALANCE Or A RETAIL Thread and Needle Store, anmaatint to about tl.iaai, I w .11 le aold very cheap, for eaah. Tho a tout ooaciata of tit I ntual variety, Hoalerr. Glovea. Lacea, Ribbona, fee. Ioqr.lrI el U. Roll IN SON & CO., 70 William ureal. houses, Hoons, ??., wasted. I I SOUSE WANTED-A CONVENIENT AND WELL II located boat* for a private family, withie ten cr fifteen misutee wnlk ef the Alter Uouea. Aadrote C. t. L., A, tor Betaa,nan io( locntioa and lent. HOUSE WA.tlTID, UP TOWN, III,rw <i SI XTH and Lr\lncton or Irving ivncu. sot further op than I *< Titj -lliijd etr< et. Hunt contain ill the modi ra improve- , I mriiU? Cfntoa, bath, runami ga*. Addrre#. B. B , Bit t-U Poat OtTui', stating location, ho. Kent not to exoted i $h? a year. _ HOl'SY* ANTED?TO KENT. A TWO RTl>tY BO (JAB. m i tli attic: loeatlna to be between Canal street and i I > ourtei nth ntrect?w*et tide of the city nr?fcrr< d. Poo, aeanten la wanted a* noon at possible. Address Thoraxe, et | thin t (Bee. elating location, rent, ha. nOVSB WAMTBD?THE UPPER PAST OP A BOUSE, drairahly eiteat'l, and eoavoaiont to tbe Ferry. > ither in Brooklyn er Williamel.nrg, for a gentleman, mleand el<il<1. Aoartea Doueo, at thin office, .tating t< rme. rpo norsi agents. BC.-W\\rm>, a ooxmi J ent honte, for two or three fai'iliieo, or part of a honee tor a family ol throe preferred, not aboro tlrand. or eonvuairnt to either ferry. Stat* location and runt to P. tl J., Ucrald e?< e. RCOMB IN W ILI.IAMSBI K(l.? tVANTES, A (1BNTI.Eman and hit ntfo to oooupy thretor lour room. in a tint ; olaeehouse, lor the noxt six monthu. Hoat no object. ae toI olety only la *eelred. Ki farcner* gfvon and required. Apply at 0 Month Ninth at reel, near Peek Blip leery. I ISOOMS? WANTED IMMEDIATE!.V, TWO OB THREE J V nnfnrniabed roomr. op to*a, between Third end Sixth etrnnee, for a young gentleman. wife, eliild (17 neontha aid) and norte. It. ftreniea exjbanxtd. I'lea. a addrrn. With lull parlicolare, J. O. L, Box 438,1'ot Offtre^ FCRMSIIED ROOMS WANTED-FOR TWO OENTI.E* nam and their wlrea. with board for tha laahia only. In a prieatn family, or where there are but fow bonrd?ra. No retort are* alien, bet board raid for In adranc*. Ad irote A. A Chatham Mcnre /*?at offl a, for three dtya. A I RM1SHED BED BOOM To LET-TO A SINGLE ;*ntlcmtii in a prlrnte fnmily; t?rm< very m idNrnta. Butli aud water i loact for tha nae of oeenpnat. la inire at SIM Broadway. Befareneee e*< hanged. MET AMTED?nrrVEMIBBBD APARTMENTS TO vv eon Met of parlor, bedroom, kitchen, Be., In a oonn itat neighborhood. not al.ave Prince .trett. Term not to tveced $Ju per aenth. Addreet J. P., box Jltti, Poet Otltae, ' ? Iork. WANTED- T<> BIRR. TEE SECOND FLOOR AND me or two room*, at the third, of a hon?? in thie city,

eei nptid by e r r?p> < table family. Addreaa K , boa with term, and location. Rt-f< reace* exchanged. WASUISU. MR. DRI'Sn DESIRES TO INFORM FAMILIES TIIAT they raw gut he rateable Washing Nee.lpt at M Malar n line, *19 11 u dean t treat, WH Uraad etreet, .Yd RMM avenue, HI Eigbtli evenne, l9d Bowery, corner of Riage aad Cried etreet.. Rote and Pearl streets, aad SH Canal MfWOk. Tbr w ) ..I* rent I* J rente prr week Do year wa.lung in two hour*, eo that yon aaa wash. dry, eta red, aad Iron tho tame day. 1' A K R NOTICE. LADIES?TOP CAN SAVE TIME labor, ant year clothe.. Vow will be aetonl.had hew easy yow raw wteb?do Ute whole week'e waahlwg Iw tw heera-tvf ena* oaly tw* crate a weeb. Get Braeh * f*g"ta hie Hailing Receipt, at 3d Maiden lane, Mndaow. AM t.rani. !>l Eighth nvenne, :IAI so eh avenue, 171 Third arcane, H'., ttev* and Pearl, Ridge and Urand, *>'.*, Canal. niM SB aenla, ^ That TAWAll WA BIMB RECRIIT FOR FAmillre, entirely vogtioble, 1 fee ftom aold*, alkali*, at ehemirelf; It la no deception; it It rocominoaded by tbe hater llonrr. Howard. Franklin, nnd,l.ovo)ov *. Tha whal" root la 1 rent, a week. It haa Wen well tried before nSev ir.y it to the public. Entloee wee "'icent*. W.R. Bill! All. hi t ermine struct, poet paid, ai A yon will gel It, PIRA MORAS*. ttr a 1 T rinrnn . ,-n ua anlTli ITU ni l ^ 'uppijr draft, lor r'T*'"'1 tliron?Aoai 2*?2. ?*'" * lr,'*B ( J1l? am al?e tali thl IJi Pfl ,wl'?* t?u Uh. tfca Cr?r?.?t? Lm and X Linear Ltrarpael MtnK, til tlii X Mm at Utadn rmi^n"*'*1 " ' < wu.h (kill iu h ?m?'l n v'!'. (uk) t/*|,,r. a; pi bnt is it. f (.nj unn from M,ttW t> RAVM >.) on ad ,i,d mori|r ? productive lulktllHIll jtiilfi fat ti re, or Ara j t?n. Aprlv ? JOflM P. COMilV, ' A. k.'l Will (trait, oarnor of Brand iir??t. \ fmi/)to lrnnon b?'nn and *omt;*<ir V* fn' R f In mm* t>, itilt applicant*. ?n prndAaUve I ml tiUM [r.kiiii thy ot llrHkl;n, flttm* o( an<l np. j nerd* will ' 0f nnrd for fiy* rriri, ? alt pnr mil, Hi I" Adaativ* real atata In tl.le cltjr. Apply ta B. 8. Hk<>AD. Pio II Hall itrot, la IA? Crutiu H'Attt alHef, Warmer 4. W'/jktto-moxri.nw m ron which i;nilotiku d MMinii ' >11 in- *i\ aa an lntar??t In a < '' I Airra. Apply at lli I'ktaktti airecl, t. -Ia| and to m*m WUNC" A l',H!TMR. WITH TWO Tl IOCS AN 0 dollara. In a reef1 UUtkiulUM. aillMliMMM, r?y ' la. a tin,. pf?,i,t - 1 ta.i md. ??. Il.ia tn.i'iM 1 dmiMtd >r?rl>. Addit*t X*reliant, An. now Stin alien. ! \ I'K.U II WtilMWn. A? . l^nrjnii papir rawqinm.?'* (?. ra^i^co, * ha I.'* I''irl ?m t, a?ir Mr.iin.n, ?llt't*yfiel "it an ' rtn.ini ,% tU dtp. a* 1> -ar a Odd. BC^f , Vein t I a per*. Rn., all l?p?rt?1 lirwt I-om ' . aaaefeetlWt.T, And mat,tut VMM, At aal mail. RKH AY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1851. NEWS B Y TELEGRAPH, ARRIVAL Ol' the empire city at NEW orleans. Jw ? Oiii i ANg, Bapttmber 121,1861. The steamship Empire City, from New York ria Havana, arrived to-day. Ehe left the latter port on the 18th Inst, and bring* the California mall.* of August 16th, which were transferred u> her by the Falcon, at Havana, and UtO pas-euger*. Bhe has very little specie on freight, while in the hands of passeugora there 1j ' about $160 000 There la very little news of special Importance from Cuba. The Spanish Consul, who recently left New Orleans for , [ lluvuiia. and the wid?w of Cent ral Knna, left the latter , city n f< w day* since in the steamer Isabella Catholica, for Spain. liu.-lneta was improving at Havana Sugar was dull and inactive Mola-ses firm. but in limited demand, at *." 1 a reals, freights were dull, with but little offer- ; Hit:, wlule vessels wire abundant. Exchange on New i York, d '^c. a t,'?c. dls. arrival op tiuc scan. Chatham at cuabi.jwtox. [ _ Chivluion, September SI, 1861. TWsohr. Chatham, from Havana ou the 12th. artived J at Susannah yesterdny. Niarly >80 000 had been contributed in Havana for I the relief of the families of I bo*" who were killed and wounded in battles with the Lope.t party. At a benefit ! at the Taoon theatre, over J>8 000 were realized. On the till, a grand TV lirurx wa> performed at the Cathedral, in honor of the deceased Ou tbe sauie day the troops were reviews d, unit (leneral Concha deroiate-i many of the participant - it the lute etu{<<emenU. Don Ft* rebec Oons tie* Oorantcz at i lion Jose Mesa buve be< ;i (litis w.-J for secreting arms The br!* Trvgi-ol (?). with a cargo of Ice, was tot Uly lost on the 27th ultimo, on Key Dreion. The crew wore saved, and hare arrived at Trinidad later Iroiu Am Cuyss. B >tro.v, Sept 27, 1851. Accounts flip Aux Cuyes to August 28th, received here, state the I the Emperor Bulouque was still on lii* visit to tbe north He wns received with groat pomp at ! Aut Cay**. It 1* beliewi he will not attempt, at pre- ! sent to rw-conquer St Dniiingo, altbo ugh he has not ysl abanUiiui d the project In uhloop.- had fallen firn ^2-'t!> to 52 >0 a $201, Ilaytien eum-noy Coffee was in 'Dinand for the American markets, at pov per ICO lbs . flayUen currency. From Wanhlegton. TUX TW SIDBKtn heai.TH?m ItKOBR?popt l.atton UP POTtTll CAROLINA. Washivotov, September 22, 1851. The President's health 1* entirely restored. William Wells, a marine, lias been fully committed for trial ft r t bo murdsr of a youth named Muuleii, by shooting him with a gun. on Thursday last. The official census returns of South Carolina give as the total free population of the Biat", 2Hj,52o, Slav*, ?84,(44. The flonn at Uwlon, MAE1NE DJfASiKES?UAkK. VESTA AMIOtr, ETC. Bn- iov, fcept 22, tool. We tad a henvy noithsaet storm here last uiglit, with copious tain. The hark Veets, FUnn, from Philadelphia, wilh coal, i? a'hore at Cobiifeott. and lias Vilg> d. The crew reached tlio light rliip in asfi-ly. Tht tiig Partridge, from Philadelphia for Uortoa, wilh coal, i* ai-horu on lis sard's Shoal, t'oliaeiet. A br'g suppose 1 to bo (ho Jenny l.lnd, from Philsdel- I phi.v Li ashore at ScituaU. '1 litre iii alio a brig ashore at N"W Plymouth. l'ho schooner Montuuo, bcund to Albany, has been 1 rein pel leu to put bark, in consequence of having been in cciiliirt with tbabtig iicehebue. utt Cape Cod. The M. livt her rigging msim-all, bulwarks ho. The clipper ship Flying Cloud was spoken, (no date.) j <11 Falkland Isleide 64 days fi rm New Fork, for San F rauCiaco, with her tuaats sprung Terrible Et|ilotloa of it Loeoiaotlvi Boiler, j ENGINEER K11.2.1.J> AND SEVKKAT. I'KRSOtH SCALDED., Ohio. Sept 24, 1861. Two li remotive', attached to the freight train, on the CIi vi land, Columbus, and Cincinnati railroad, left here , tliU morning, and had proceeded about three miles wliru the boiler ol one of tbs locomoUvi? exploded. The I ecgiaoer, S. Booth, formerly of Rochester, was killed iaFtautly, and Ibe engineer of the ether was so badiy .c.'ildi d and otherwise injured that it is feared he ranuo j lite. Two firemen were also badly scalded. The ruUa wire torn up and thrown several rods from the traek and one looomotite was entirely destroyed anil the other , badly damaged. The passenger train will be delayed live or tlx hours Interest)! k front lite Soath. | NAVAI.?ILLKIM OP COM. WAkRINO TON, ETC. Bai.Ti.wonc, Sept. 22. 18.'. 1. Com Cunningham has been re-attachid to the Norfolk Navy Yard. In place of Com. Buehansn, detached. Com. Warrtngt >n Is lying dnagecoutlj id at Washington. By the arrival of the foul hern mall, this evening, we learn that a large Colon aieae,; wa? held at Savaun ill, on Thursday night llirsk In the Krle Caual. Foar Pi sis, Sept. 22. 1*61. I A serious break occurred in the F.rie canal, thi? m >rn- ! ing. by the giving way of an aqueduct, about fonr miles | west of lulti nvilli. It will take eeraltu day* to repair ' the damage. VIran In Uilcu. L'nea, Sept 32, Ikfil. I Tli" atram planing nnd ?aw mlU of Puller, Down* kCo , a?d TJi'.ma* Welch'* adjoining eooper'a ihed, were do- | ?lrop?d bp Are on baturdap night ; loaa. H <Ki); inaured $1.WW in tlia Ulica cnmpanp, and $2,000 In tba .Ktna, of [ Una ritj. At tba aama lima, Bar* 8 D??l?'a cooper'* ibop in Spring aUret. we* art u lira, but waa ;mt on'. On rtundap ii<,:bi. however tb<- <h< p ?m burned to Hie ground ; ham. $1,010 , ln.surr<i for $400 In the t ina. < [ Uu? oitp. Kitcnalvc Fire at Cincinnati?Lrftua ?100,000. Oiaciaaui, Sept. 22. 1861. A Are broke out at noon, peaterdap. tn CcdJiogtoa'a j eitenrive chair fact'Tp which waa lolallp dratropedtogether with thirteen adjoining building*. ui.xtlp aecond cla i dwelling". harm uthar building.* t,re alaopartiaup di'?tmp"d. Mr Cnddiogtoa'a low la *?i.uiO, ineuraare. $li 000 Tlia total lo?e la about $100,OtO, and the inaurancv f'Jt .000. Cwtton Batting Factory Uamed at Piw latkrl. Paortnrara Sept. 22. 1861. The large 'tone building in PawturUet, occupied bp llaarra. Qoff * llattap, fcr making cotton batting, waa oa Art. and ncarlp roaaumi d,whan the t ar* pa -earn o'clock thia evening. Failure Iter a Ltargn Amount. . Ni? Mar an, Sift 82 i$">l Or win Tli' uipion. Kaq .tha great r?rp?'t manufaat nrar. at 1 lawn|."ourul? and iarif villa, failed on baturdap bat tor a h?-arp amount The Hteunaalalp I'nlta. t Oai rtt*. bept. 10, 1H1. Th? 'ta*n .l.ip tnlon. Capt. Iludd. left Una port to-dap for New Vrrk. Collie Intelligence* Tit Ifotri Rftrt? lAnhfrmllm nj Pirf+Tty ?TcVbrdap morning, to rr ree^u. i.c- oi the publication in Un* dwllp pap? ra. r. peeling the itrreat of two poung men, railit g I li?in n<iv?a Martin at d Oaimil, detar ,ad " Aeturiap night, at the Oar'lnn llouae In the act of robbing (Jot Mann the biwrder*?on the arreat of tbeee pro-oner* arveral.ur. ttriaa of jawelrp wen found In their pocendon, for .chirk rwnert were wanted?eeverel boerdi i? from the I'.t-ward Holier. mrn? of Maiden laseitnd Hroud ear, eet fo/th that the prboueia relied at the aald hotel on Vr'dap w.ning arid took locginga,eejlog that the? hadjuat arrgrr t from I'blladeli hla lodging waa given to ttirm ?' ,d the next morn ug (baturdap J Ihep entered -cvnalri* /trend broke iiten tr iuke ai d atola pmpertp therefrom ?|r John ll. It right ic-t, fiom hla truock a gold loc'vt go d waled dial, a rwidving piatol and other arilci-*, vaiti d In all at fwlfl; and from lha trunk of Mr A broat, like wire | a boarder. aitirle* of Jawelrp and riot >irg valued la all 1 at fftO. Ml*e Ana f. JanU. rending%t (ae $?w Harm llouae. Identified a lineal pluf'tind git) the priaouer Oarroll, *nd made aiMm-ft that, on ikth Inatant. aome perron Mole from her poaaeaeior., at lh? hotel, two gold erartlet*. valui d $7?. a brent pin worth piU.and two ?liTirc< tube.raliied at $1?la e/t worth $104 rhemai irltp M lha prop, np lie-, bewu fee ar rnl a pair of re* ol' tii palilaliau- licit ^ing to $',r. I'rn-t waa loond on one of IT^pilMWrP. Ill'- tvur ^,1 J>nn, < ?rr-IIU up ttirthrr ?s??l?MlMi ( *?rcr mf" UtcmI I /trr ty at* .1i *t ? ymtvt'lay. raa. b<:,n?. mas arm-let by iter #r?uj, l>f til wr?wk ??r<l. on n rharr'vt b.< *kl*< op-n a ufuk kloHltf to Jn-eyh t".ern, r<-icing ??, Mo l?7 Uvorl'4 ?W ,iii u.?r (r. -n r**tr?i g?U tn i ?ilr ex w?ichr?. t? rgfrt *t?b *l?> In n oney~m*lui?<{. i'4 j. y.w TIjb ?br?md, it ret-m*, %rr e.< open th? iron' # ,t .{* lb* ynfrrfy, and mm tr? ?ro t" 'b* rlothlni r- ^,"4|0| ihfoin^i.h-ti emu* a try n *r torulrio* lb l?i i llam*. Th? M rn?*J v*? rnnn yj before l? 4| # Mpu/i' flort "k>. ib>n t- 'jf'.ihu., 'K R A (iumterljr circling or IV1* W?tlon?l Temperance oclet'y* The society known as the Nation si Temperance Society, held their regular quarterly meeth <8. at the ?ro?<1wty Tabernacle, last evening. The meeting *'*' called for half-pant seven o'clock, but before ft'iat *imt' tad arrived, the home was crowded with a highly resectable audience. The chair waa taken by John Falconer Ka>| , tV'e President of the society aud the excrriHes commenced with a very pretty quartette, sang in good style, by the AllsghanUnc A prayer was offend by Iter. Oeci; after which, the Allighfciiian.i sang "Oh give me buck fiy mountain home ' The Itrr, C. J. WravKs, Ircretary of the society read the quarterly report. The principle item of interest m ntiom d in t?e rvjiott, was the fact that the Legislature had. rinre the last meeting of the society, sppropriatcd $S WO towards the sorpot of the Temperance IuduatriM Heme, an asytam for tectorial?s. whir a institution is under the peoulii.r pairoutnjc of this society The number of inmates at the Home, on toe let of >lu;/ lavt, add.-d to the number that have since been admitted, umouut.- to KM) The report brhtly aiindwi to I lie stoject.i of the society, which appear to l> the advancement of the t.-mp-raooe cause, by nitons of ><>pu ar ui 'etiugs, (Jkethi- one > to be h-id ut i< set four tun.-sin each year, by the distribution of t uiporauce tracts, #.,J by e.\onl/( ,l efforts to induce the State l i gi iaturi to enact a law to entirely prohibit tin- rale of lnloii,-:,ti,r<rli'|U?f< to be u.* 1'a.a u 1? rtnwt>, arid to in-lruct the oitt<-,-i -of lbs la w ( win) .vieI destroy kII sU' h liquor : s shall by . n< compel nt tribunal In- adjudged tii hav>- lie, i ki pi forth purpose of K in f m til in viinaii-?ti ci i?w pi;iu -!c duti'ii- accompanied the report, condemning in term* the practice of holding ( * 1 if ion I n.cniii^ ?i.j > !c.]l ioiM in purur bonces ami craiu cboji* lh preamble t<> etc ( the r ctutions, com.ui.i il the .statement that it could bo shown '.hut the rait ofliqu T, through the lnt* nqWanee it caut > oo.ts thia oity more th*u $r twO.Otl? per year, md pay bock only $iU,0tt? b r hcouc* s m the rovtlusion if Uie report, the lien E Fitch bun i h wh ? iu trod lie ( t<> the mealing i re! pri*o sir t t'? adnri-s iho iu?f u?biago in support of the tcmp.raooa cause lie wn? a Utile too ten < thy to . uit many o'. the audit nee, who u.mI<> vocal their disapproval of in. cm j fuming ro audi time. VI Ion h- concluded, tbo All* gUauiaio rent "the e g of the tel lalUrt." vbh'.li was 11 Oere d and received with great applause Htterel other addresser were deli* -r-d >u g" . J taste and appropi into I- ime. hy tb. llcv Jl A ikuiey A aong called the Bird*'Hong," eai introduced by V{led tiosKlinow. of tin-Allevhariiutui a u dlectton was'aksn lip?n concluding ok'Tiio rung, hud tin uoetlag Ji.*lui.reHi with it be nediction. - I ? t'uniinoii Council* no a nu ok ai. i> ka m t n. Fkpt. fci?The Hoard tuit on Moli1s> at 6 1'. M., Aide:an Morgans tn the Chair, an 1 a quorum of tn? ubert in tt.i.r place.*. The minute* of the last tainting nore rend, at J the MiOiving petition* referred and approved .? nriTioos nri rnni n. Of inhabitant- of Clintou street asking that it may ba ligbtid with ga* ?>f owner.* ol property on Korty talrd tract, Fgaitst the elrV.ition of the gr ido of *id street; ol James J. Devie*. to 11kg sidewalks ?urt ert curb onil guti i r stones in highly fifth street, from fuirdto Fourta avenue, Ol ritlr?H'<f w.ifi (a ho. a park laid out atl'orlear* I'oin"; of |i*tid l'oiir>ok find other*, for a fewer tn Thirty llrst -tru-t, from k'outtii to L-rtng ton avenue; tf Vt Chain llainr s. for extra cocjptn..ali. n on coutno t It r building a ewerla Fortieth i treet. from the cixth to the bightlr avenue. Fi.tOLhTiOM auorieo. Appointive JtffliM llarri-on a tJornmbaioner of Deed. In p'ace Of Ls-wi.. F. Wadaworth, re-'gaedj tb?t the t'oaimi.vdunef of ltepalra and Kuppiit * bo. and is hereby, dun-tea. to o&u-e e p a toira to be bol t, anil the M'.su. ot trliing the bell Improved, at the fst iftti waid .stattfto le i. ij tohave Mali Mwakfta Thirty Iftt t i faruthird street, paved; requesting the Cuamitte* on Ordic&ne* s to report u? ordinance vesting tun payment of pottos loon in rs.v.* c f Mrknivs and isju-y. a- I irmerly, ( in the (its retiou if the Mayer; in faf'f of buUJiog culvert.* in Wall street; terom men ding that tbesubjeel of private interest.* iu 1'ter I'd, Eaet nver. be referred to 1 iriance Corn mil Uv; for pay'oir bill of Dortor* Winter, | Killoume, Chilis, Fct J and Ives tor medical services render.d fiaoii tioks a i d. To a special commit, e, toselect from nmo?t the unappropriated lands liel nging to thr city, a proper and suit- : able file for the erecting Of a Untied i'tata* Miut. ami ] that when said Mte shall b" selected, reported aud adopted by the Ccuiu.on CounrU, that thru the Mayor shall be request. J to tui.dcr ihe sutne to thf> general goverument, en the part ot the Corporation of rhe city or Now York, for that purpoee OHDSaiDTO ni. VHIVTCD, The report of Committee on Wharves and Piers, upon the eubieot of an eaterior ph r line froia I'lar ii t" OA Kant river, torn tbar wtUi a bulkhead oa the I'.aat rtvar, from Kooecvelt to Catherine alip. with ree->lutions therefor h ml asavndlag rew .utloa from Board of Assistant AUtrnnn. arroava aneerrn. Of Committee on ittnwts. to wb'eh was referred the aa n. xi d resolution, together with the commuuleation of his llouor the Mayor relative to the regradtng. fco , of Anthony, Cnaa. Mulberry, and I'eart atreefs; of i>mmitj tee on the Law Deportment, on the report of th" Conmivtee on Bewere, and communication from Croton Depaitu.eni; of the CommUtea on Fire Department, in favor of appropriating an additional sum of tor uuuiiiug tu^tur iw aii^iuc ,iu, -j. n* routs ?tir uri> iv To far or of grading nod Maradruuiiing Fifty fourth atrial brtwet-n Dri*d?ay nod Kighthavruur; ol grading, ?rtttng rurh nod gutlrr ?nd Mnrgiug Thiriy tilth rtiwa, fri m F.igbth to Ninth a Tenor , of regulating and gradiag Kigh-y third Nrnt from Third to Htih arrnua; of paring Thirty mcond ntr?'rt. l?*twrvn Fourth au i Fifth niiUtt: of r>vtBX aod laying crr-a w ilk* in I.rxingtna Iimur l?t*<en fhutlrtn and Thlrty-tirat alfi'-n, of getting curb aid gutter. !lAggiD< aldrwalk, nod paring cau.?* it. In Ih y mrrot frotn Broadway to Ureanaich trrot; of app Anting George K. Baldwin 4 (.'< mmiar. -nt r of Dr* U*. lOirMI^IClIIO'I mow hKr vRTMI-ITl. From the Uomptrnlier, with an irduaar. inak-i; to. additli n*l appr 'priatlou of thr rum of y.'*J W.0 for Jocba aaidaiipe Adapted. Thr itoai d acjourned until 5 P. M Wcdn ?day. IKVAlh OF ASSISTANT Af.DKIUfKV 81 rr 22 ? I'rrrdd? ut Alrord In tha chtir Tii miiulaa of the prwriou* meadlog war* ri ad and approTad. r?-.TiTii?a mtimnn Of ChariM 0 Hnhbaga, for |r*-? rf the f.-rry foot (4 Ilototm atrret to Ulillain bora, aUo of It ,1 Mi-rman f< r thr narm- ion.-- ; of llirliard Jobn>i ri aud "then for it pier at the foot of F >rty eighth drasat, North rsrer arMoa?Tnanf re. Of (.'oauinia?trnar? of li migration. tzaind lora'ing the Pott*r'a F U-id burj iug ground on W.ird'r ial&od. Referred to Special Coinmnioo Aiao. ? n miti-tran -* of (bo U' ruao and hwt -o rialii-ii. agalnat thaprov - dl call, a of ground <>u Ward * Maiel lor a Pottrr'a Fu-'.d. it a rea i? uoriiD Of Committee on hatPNa. la IWror of maUing a mm*r in Madiaon u?anuo from f oirtp.a. Tenth at reel through niirtj igtth t ft to Fifth aeeuue; ?! <>. in far? t ol 1 aaw< r 111 KieraDlh ?tre*t. betwr-n e c.-nd and I'uat a? entree; aUo, In laior of making a aewer iu J'jarv-ar atrx t. frt in Spring to couth of Orand Ura*t. Ol C< mm;ttee on Fir* Department up< a thr .tppilr*tlouaflloeUo 44, for nitt-ralicu to hou*t', ain . from the itnr r. inmlttew. m faror of or jarri'iag a toadi and lad I. r company, to he locatad In Third araana, near Twenty ?i?m etreet. Of Ik miuiuew on Impair*, in fa-sr of payicg $2u lor a bath tub intruduc 1 in the Third ward *utton houaa. for the u~ of thr ; Qilcano n, A'U?pu-l. Pi Utlon ol Oilaoa bloat and vtaon, for \ tawar to '? mnda in CtMbaa ain-t, fr> m tba a?wrr Ui K> r*"h and ta atland np to iinllvrrr MMt, ata run. It far f of n vsriinf viibtlia Baarl ?f Aid?rman for bo pwrfima id laying out a \?td< park und taking poa 4K n of m it tin <and* for '.hat purpc* ait iatad in tb? y .ulo nih nnrd. Carriod hj a rota of 13 lo 4 Kop'tt of lha Oiniuiltt) 1 on fi rrir upon tha ai>plU a tion of A'axandi-r II Sahui'.i. on an*ouu?<?ni t< r * fnrtbrr aatauA< n of Irwf of tb?Sl\tranth Mr-art and Oriwn Point Frrry f,r a taimof lira uatlip^, in all a !( *?* of fifurn yrara fo m 1M4'I Adopted. Rrp'rt of Conndttm on Pier* and fllpi-, In f ,yor-?f rmoving tha L on thr nn'tirly sUa of ptrr p Fia 4 rlorr. Or.mrrd In wlih thaotbrr board. ftvanthlo sod riv< it>tim, it.tkior of an im rr,t. of p< . I i?in in thr bt vth want Krfrrrwd to Cor rmlttaa a lakica K< port of committer in farrr of r!n*lng a f.ulkh vl in Worth rlw. Wtsl of M .-vhingt'-n M arltfv, ' ^ ; a,.-Q p|rrr Won iM and 23. tul to rUl iu brlind thr jkUj, aoinfl'-n Krfvmd to OtaunltUr on Wb srtti ai a? rt?tM**T. A rr'olnlu n w%- -rrritrl trawtlis B atrdnf A.damarn. for oono'irranrr, in Taror of allowing thr 0 .mini ?l?>nri nr llMi.r. Ill ?m 11II.1I i lurmll t ... I o. a 1- .... I Innr. * jt?. **'y with l?i ronetrnerton of'Th* l"i ! in Bmrdwajr, ?B.| to appropriate '/? M? to Wr.?* the IX JWIWOK thereof. R? lPt .nl Ri port if commit!**. In fa* * of paxin* an I r.??|n, T? nt/ thtH eUrot, frwm Tr ?th armne t*. th*. Ilwteor rtr<T Cotimrrrd In. R* <4ie4, That th 8t C -mini'i*!'rv-r pr p alt* mion tribe grade* r*fB *ktn.ta aid OMl et.-eeU to i* carried Into *ff?-t far* 4#',;h, a* it !ih *? it l !? > .| nt?? onabl t*rm '.' .ncurre I in. Report *f the i i-mmM. f*->m th? Roart >1 AM* men . on pt f urit,^ a ,tnm to t>? preaeiit i t** tY* | hMiopal W'anhi ^gtmi M> iirmrvt A--* U;U*n. to b** |>U<-< <1 in tli< X/uuiui'M to Ut*liinf'"*< Re!-rr? l to k ?peclal eon **rn-l?'lnf ot >1 M Bolder, J "W?r^,.T>??n mi J ?l ?r? rii'?ltib'/ am| te <*!uti?n in rHB' on to the arriral of Koa?*ith ant i,|. Bmf, \r< .run** >1 In. with the othe? Roorl ntend*rth m thebo.p?Ulttle? Of Iho eltr. ml ft ' eti h ptirpeaca a " mmUt -O ?? appojntaA c< nesting rf at * d tin* .t? It let"- *' R Smith,aai ? xCatthj if et?.?i?<*' Re-: I atthoCwunlttO* if K Nil at" htrrbf %. I r '"* i O an I :: It ? >i Ori , ( ofilie roetre.-i now *na<l" between hem iint thoUjfp** ration. ?J I bw<?t* > P**nioier-? ! A; it 1, IX o %, w.or i? ; tai t iret le atd ttat I aim ftn-uijfW I * a . I th? * <* i>lijr,?| , r-prnU it ' 1. f-?j ti -a* * m a I pi. 111 a ?*>t i it t.i i A Votin 1 th# firrt M . t> 1 %f it WK't^fOt. - .... ? ?-? *? LD. PRICE TWO CETTTS. TEN DAYS LATER FROM CRBJL ARRIVAL or THC CHEROKEE AND NORMA. HIGHLY INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE. The Return of To!, laynes and apU Kelly, ofthe Expedition. ; ANOTifIS NARRATIVE OF THE MMMI ISciutj ?f Uir PtV-'mmti Mat to $pate. of the Chum of the Future )f '.h* Eipeditioi. *9 ft fllMAIA COBBE*l?OXI>fct?Kf &o , &c , SetThe .etfumA ip Cherokee, Capt Wlnile, aritvof J 17 7 row Havana, whence ?ba Bailed on tha 17th Th? pnok:* chip Norma, Capt Brown, aleo atrinrt] y > '.<* day left Havana 011 the 7'h iuA. Our filof. of the Oa i> u dr in HTar:na, (xusttj. it 4? ILiIhiui, n&b /Knri?i< la /falaivi, and our corrwtpocdeaee, to U?o HtV init , are received by thm steamer. Among the p?e<?agcrfc in the Norma are Col. W <1 Hay BOB aud Caps J. A lully, who wore part ot ti ? La ? t xj edition a 1 i n ho wcro liberated '?/ the Captain Oeneraiot v. t?>a. No piocnbe wa? okacted of thr la to rathe w> ata? ,a' :.t to the puWio . Ibiy ww unoonditloni.Uy ?4t .tUb-rty. I Or.-? of our Ha vat.:', oor???onderte baa cent rte th?' fc.lowiDg uotu and cud, i%~ Col. Hujoe*, >7ilk wb >tu wa havo bud au i?itafi*ti*? intervw w *? o' p. 1ia vna co'ike'l"0a * V. I -r*.- ?, >* rteiat.rc 8, lllfiL I burp jvwt time to *?od you the one lotted oopy of* oard, Larded to me, for ynci, by our ucfortuo*t* liou| trya..-o, for public.*'It o ?hty per tonally dwirvl toe to | re*?*.' it yiU U> publish it i'w nty 6re of them have j let a t'lrua to the hotpitni, today, flok or wounded, and * ' the vest lean by f-Uip rriiuv.k i? Guattintla, for Spam ot Monday nmis;. 1; i* to be hoped our Mioielno tturr will Inttrftre in th--.r behalf. A ..tibtcrfption for the Kr. jleh [wi.wr* Wi* taken op by the secretary of the britl-h Consul, wfco bi.' been very kinl to them. visiting them twice dvly. Th-i.-rtnam SixM' f.JorJUd some a J to the German* and a private tub-ci iption, am "tinting to nearly si <j00. baa been talma of l'?r all. by acaie American ritlviv. t > which the ( ubati" contributed liberally The Con. ul baa {iron mail un,; and ba* dene nettling fi r inwiu Ciuiuiodore 1'arHer ha* bem r? fused pTmiialou to taw thru Oil llayn-w and Capt. K?Uy Ulcer* of the eapedbtlan har? b?-?u my-tt r.onaty liberated, and go bonan per ship Mora a, to New York 1 bare cot tttne to add m rv Annexed ii tLo card spokea of la lac abovs letter : ? cam' or tht: amii-.ican p:i * >wr*.s. W-. the undtrtrtgned prisoner* incnrciralid in Mm City l'rlmu of Havana, kq account of "Or onneetiom with the late t'uban rxp'ditirn under the onmmand of , Grn. Lopei. cannot ?itbhold an expc *Men of our feeing* toward the Atni-rtcin Consul, Mr ? Owen. 0C tleorglh. now at thi* place. 8<n-e ottr arrival at thin place, be has honored u.. once by bit mreoenee; bnl atnon that time, although tepealrdly eoUelu-O, haa al*M steadily refused to revbtt ur, either In hi.* private or oArial capacity. Placed a* we are wefrnl an act of tfartn Kind far more deeply than if otber*ri??. < lr -tiiu-isnaoA. How to account for It we know not. but ran only aeartfco it to that a<?ret of all feeling*, inhrntanity, or that, mi re degrading still, cowardice. W write thi * aothnt oui Mlr.w countrymen at homo ma? ku >w what kind of* m*u 1-; lo><d at the head of timhr affairs at thla place y->4 M. (Jrider Captain Ki'niool H. kl Donald, lot 1 C >lnm*u Jlng Co. B, Lieut (lis A, Jehu D Brown, Cl.nri? A Downey, Win I. Wiil.lukuu, Vet?T Lao oat?, tdwinif bill M luud U"ig?c, ' t bae Daily, Win fudai Daniel Biavy, l'hos A. h.uii?m, : Vim II Vaughn, Jo?l D Hngheo, ; John Ccouer Tlu>? MUiu, ( June Sm.'li lukn Bo oiL 1?-. <1. 1'woiin. 1?< I.t Co K Yiuinthy K. 11, nry, I< Vliiurn,SdU. Oo A, 'liflru" M Heodf, , l.leut. J O. lio-h, ll-itry MiImU, U< u( Win II Craft, lioaard I'oritrB, t Lb gl I) Q Ko\i?m au, J *. A l.ier/, | ll?i*ej V lUiniiLv Joseph It (itiiiet, I Tr.-Wihnn lt?.)d, Cornelia*.I Dad/, Arbor J Phillip*. A. It M'wr, Hermanns Oilman, Joko huriu ' John (erter, Cormtlu* Oosk, Hnr; ^aylo. J. T. 1'iuit, 11. J.. Thomson*, C. L. McMurroy, 3 11 Pururll, Henry 8. Hurt. O. 8 Kerry, M'rn H. Mollrary, Hear) Ktanmlr. YUno Duly, F?tor D MoMulUa, &<l+\r Crtoo/, lliuu.** IIOtBBll, James It roltin, V.ut.n H U'lu^tt And iU'i Awa. Tiir Nrvfr ?t Tin; CHiiouta , Tho news wll! bo found to po<?e<u inn ibhirahlg iatoroat. The < berokec .of*, at lloracn the V. H. T .^aianac and alcap ol war Albany. Moat cf the '.ruoacrr?ail th<??. In food, who www wot wt ur.df d- bad boon aent t > s>ain ' >nr readoma will iiod their nantot >n our oUutano. Before their t dtpufture frtrvllaiai.a, th * wr. tc and aigncdUts fcUgwitg pupci:? [l.iin C'-r Pmseer. Sept T. 1351V> tbr aaler.ijjurd, o8lc?t. and mo n?? 'uoaroe 1 MM ia the City Prteon o| l.'a"nna. on ncenlint of nm par.iclpa'-oa In the late oxjeatclt a *?nln?t toe ad sad <* Cot*, ualor the command ft Uencml L.spe. twin?ao>ut to tnitilfor 8pn)o. mnru t refrain lira -xjrv- -nvt owr 1 heart f-?l xr?t ii'le to Ji rfh T Oraetrrd. t>n*tu Oo' atrial bf u*t llrnaonle MaJ : J and to Mr W 8/daaw i fmi'l. BrtUeh Con ntate at thir place To Mr J. a 1 1 pr*-1?r aa<l to the American and Pr.;i/-h f lUrenr I o- Hataiia general!/, wo al-o owe a debt of de-p ami I lasting KThUtade To th> m we owe ,.11, for, by tatr VJadne-* at. 1 g?aerr'>t/ hire be?a eim' pi?l to trert' ine mnii/ of tbo dlflleuith ? and ?af?rI >?,; wo dmuld ha>t olfinrwiee undergone To them wo I o?" a d?bt > t gratitude wo would wtUinjly oxpreaa by i wood*, but laBjUAgo fa!'* v ; hrptag, however, thai ' fhould we be ?raf"'t to return to otu hotnaa, we may bare .a of rep* lux la pa*t, the debt wo w? Hhcu. 1 lU'h not If the ra*e, we ?lor oral/pray 1 that (e"d tbo Holer ef the t nireree. and 1< err of goodl act*, a,a;, rt pay thrui. h/ beatrwlop upoa them in thh* wot Id ail tb<- lit eetac that a DM m Tr<-e1d*nc* ean i.aI ati w ai. J after irath. by a retard in re Uetla( ?tlU, Ufa I eternal. (Sigurd; M?;"t T.oni* 8chlo?.iD|ter Capt. R I( Fllle, Cap* Rob; M ?Jr'. J>r. I.i. ut Hand U inhtra Lieut Kloanog II %lcDouald. and 193 ( then Tbcr aUo nouortd tho rarJ irpthU tkl:- . Hi til fi-ptiniV"'' mi To 'H? C'TI' MM Ul< I (1 b g ItH TUB L* ? er Ctit ? Now p-i the "tr ol* Mafia.' ?n * !.>n,t Tr:Hr ? * ?*nnl do ? without returning to all ?a affrertowW ' lltj roni? a. I with Mil hop" th>t,b?f r* l n|,t??i f a rain u ?t unj.-r #ii?p-c?w "( tin tact frl a ll/ natora. I Mo ft Til tb ' i -on* of I . 1 I rir' ulartj ta th(?- utdr who?? lawiMiat" (harp* wo hvra liua pit? I, >ur warmrtt ihankn t?t thaklo I mannar In which lh. p irtivJ tf lurtof tbr Unr It * ? nor rrVana I t?> r ma.n with lh> iu l.t J 0 lit Pit, | It VIM II t'RAri. for wlwn nJ Ji? r'inain l?r of '.ha prvoo-iw. Aaaci. lia a *?at*m nt r-lati v* to the pri* m?r?. , I wb ch ?w prepared by Mr J. S. Thrnrhrr. lata <lircr of tbe t tro MmfrmJ, a paj-er rooaotly < qrl?r?Mod by tbe government ? H" 1'rtamirra at Hat ana. MX. ntXA'-Msu^ctlk.'tn.AXioTnRis raiRND* i tin VtTXD STATS* ? iSAMKI Of Tit* PXtKrtKaA n???* , ?T? ii m' llorln 1" mi f.|iu -|.-\bjr a rrry larp. portion oftha prlmnrM ofth?Ul? t'uban V*|.-Ilil< n, to wr'to Ih"*fri< n.|< iTif', raith^ itnin of tlioir altwatlnn aid br'. '.th, I lian tbf??ht It l??t to It row mf i,k**?aw^ which ?;'?% n<. ? *?rUj It fnu -?l In tbrlr principal *torr?, Into tbe form i< a circular, and I h??? now ?h*? > Ii'-tit to * 11r - r < \i tl. - at r< t?- r l>*,n f >raou? rr unatln.; th* #?r?t<?) I T'" t. Worirrf w r? Ian "? fh . .'T I I (to. and M fiat .? tbay amrrdwrta-ia? d of v.c't Maw, f b?..c.| tautiarikif itrt I '?< d ' ' ' '' 1 I'd* t<l ?a iatba prion. Wartra tba nr-t ' * law araaovwaf >>4 7 t?oV?a a fcrnum* w fl*. a.?

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