Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 24, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 24, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD.1 JAMES UORDIM B IS 1ETT. PKOfKlUTOR AM) KM 10 A ( ?jF? 'CE M. W. CObtNKK or rrtTOM AttO saj tSV *ts. THE 1\1ILV HEIt-iLD, I cento per copy -%7 mi V/'HK WEEKLY HlitU-iLD. every HvtarAay^Ot t% e4~t> per ropy. or t*r?r onnum; the Kuiop* jn Edition ?"**<snnum to any rait if Oreot ih Mam. an.l 55 to any >?T| j/the Continent, both to inr.tde thr portage. V?lnui? XVI . . *? lot Urk, W?rim?tay, Kagtembur M, IH5). Wi(ah? of Um fUrald lu Wny^trh W ?!.? Bnmau J5? <* P( i .. k jNtir Hnu.o h/% M, Si.-?lk linr Sjemalo 1 oa TIiIn .tloriil?K*r > *?. "Ibe trial of one of those caies of homicide with the knii'e?which have ot late become so frequent in our city? ecu pied the Court of Oyer and Tormice r yesterday, from ten o'clock in the morning until ten at night, when it resulted in a verdiot of gui ty of murder The prisoner, James Sullivan, ' was indicted for the murder of Edward Smith, a fellow lodger. The transaction arose out of the interference of Smith in % quarrel between Sullivan 'and his wife, which was indu;ed by the intern. perunce of the husband. The circumstances of this c;?e aiford ample and painful illustrations of the fatal consequences occasioned by the extravagant indulgence in intoxicating drinks. This is the second oapital conviction during the week The prisoneis will be sentenced on Saturday. The examination of the parties concerned in the late negro outrages in Pennsylvania,' was commenced at Lancaster, yesterday. An able array of legal talent has been engaged on both sides, and the greatest excitement prevails among tho people, to learn what will bo the finale of the affair. Thj attorney for the prosecution, in his opening speech, took strong grounds in fa vor cf indicting the prisoners for treason. A heart-rending account has reached us of '.ho explosion of the steamer James Ja kson, on the Ohio river, by which some twenty persons were instantly hi led. an 1 between twenty-five and thirty others awfully scolded. It is said that the engineer of the boat, who was unhurt, immediately jumped overboard,'swain athore, and concealed himself in the woods. It is to be hoped that the law w.![ peedily overtake and mete out justice to this fallow, through whose probable wanton neglect so many persons hove been either killed outright, or lse horribly maimed for life. We continue to receive, from all parts of the world, particulars of serious marine disasters, of which there have been an immense number during the present year. Further accounts of damages sustained by vescels duiing the late storm, will be fnurd under the telegraphic head. La*e news from Northern Mexico give fj-ther evidence of a feeling of discontent with the government. A declaration in favor of General Santa Anna, in Guanajuato, looks as if Mexico was about to undergo another series of internal troubles. The first Concert of Catherine Hayes, last night, was completely triumphant. Never has there been more enthusiasm displayed on any occasion. The vocalist wrs encored in every song, and inspired aa , audit ace of over four thousand person i with irr> i preamble delight. Augustus Brahum made a very i tjiucajcui iun, aim ucrr wouga, ?.w .mi encored and well received. Bertucca Maretz?k ?uttaincd her high refutation as a harpist in two brilliant piect:?and there seems a prospect of an enthusiasm more general than that which has been excited by ether great vocalists The clerical and lay representatives of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the diocess of Xev Yetk, will meet in annual convention, at St. John's Chapel, in this city, this morning, for the transaction of business. Arrival of t be YV ashlngton? foul Days Later from K a rope. JBy the arrival of the United States mail steamship Washington, at this port, we have received dates to the l"th last., the vessel having left Southampton on that day. The details of the nsws will be found in oar eoJumits. which contain some points of considerable interest, connected wi'.h European topics There has been no change in the cotton market, and the com and flour markets are quite inactive, so far as the foreign supply is concerned. The loss of several vessels on the 7th and *th of the month, is noticed by the English journals, which furnish, also, a very inte-esting narrative of the first discoveries made of the traces of the Arctic Expedition of Sir John Franklin. Dr Kane, the surgeon of the United States expedition io warch of the missing adventurer, has transmitted to Erglsnd the first account of the discoveries made ?the character of which will be ascertained by his Utter, which we have copied to day. The safety of Sir John Franklin's ships, up to their first winter quarters, in l*W, seems to be established by the discoveries which have been reported, and a stimulus seems to have been given to the searching expeditions which will result, probably, in further news from the icy regions of the north, respecting the fate of the original expedition, in which the intelligent people of every country take a deep interest There has api?ared in the Eond .n Tim*, a let ter addressed by the Spanish Minister in London, to that journal, and, con rurrent with this document, U a leading editorial. Senor 1 >on Xavier de Isturis denies firmly and decidedly that the bodies of the fifty prisoners shot at Havana were mutilated? but. as confirmations of these barbaiitics have been rtct v?<] here, the com mani< ation of tbe -puni.-u Minister cm only be regarded 11 pies for bii gov err merit, ecd si made before be ?n thorough!/ informed of the fact*. C-oueeoaently, the publication of the letter muet be deemed, in erer/ tense, pr> mature. The London Timtt very generous!/ aid atiMtintedl/ recommends that tbo aneistnnce of tbe Ktitirh government should be to the g> TrrtmeM of ib? li.iUd Mutes, engaged in maintaining it* public Uitb; but *e do not learn that this kind <uf gertlon bar jet been acted upon b/ the British cabinet Tbe probability i* tb?t Lord Pal enton le prepared to ebow, L/tifurei and fact*, that tbi* country can protect its own honor wl-.bant concurrence with any other nation. A generous ro?- r. however, ii alwaji entitle ! to n renpsctful ^ unsideration, even if it in net be declined The general political new* of l.aropo ia without any tew feature. There if em? a pro?pcct of tt mm* diate departare of Kowuth And hi* companions mm the territory of AbJul Mcetbid, an I, before mai.y w. eke, wi m ?y ant. I) at- tnei- arriin York All iho rew* connected wi h tin u and with other tbemef of intereit. will be found in oar pegts, which present, alen, some Luropean fact* of a financial character worthy of the a .teution of those nboee philteopliy as historian*, or hrtwireee as bankers, make* suoh subjecte of interest Murine Affaire. Arts' no Hitriite J... imts ?rhb stnin>Mf. vhM ; put'nt .'erearak fee mal < n b-f way from Cha^ree te ^ tin# j.- uitni- . n o ?. ,tQmj % I r-sh-d thin rily laet Hvraii'g fee th? oam-t of b?-r pe-wnfw- m>- marl tim? i?*< T*' Arw Oiiim M?n R., ,, ? Tb- mil itmarf (barrel* It to U iiria put on the N-.? Orl-ans mad rate, and will sail n-it Kri.tay The k-e which w adr?rUe?d for that dep. U to b* laid up for tb<- preceat flalla for Rnmp.. *tw? FROM AM, parts or I UK A.ur.a COWTItlVT I Tbe British mail rteauirhlp .Vie*?ra i*?|.!?in l.iet. h will leave thU port at noon te day for l.-rerpoul The mei ? will elnee at half patt 19 c'clook tbi- nr.rnln* Tbe Ire Tnaa lfrasiit. printed in Fr- neb and fi(lith whh the recent newt fr m Cuba. California Sandwich lelaud# Jams'ra I-lfmut of Panama <.'hil? n.rm i la n end tbe latect <.-m?*rriaI int?li!g*r ? h- ki. il be p Mitb-d at Kaif-p* t nlue o'rl * P?p?i? 1 apl?? it wr?f pr?. 'xpe U S CatthfliR* lafH. HER FIRST COMCERT 1* THE C.NITED STATES. Laid uvht Tripler 11*11 wae crowded in erery part, by an audience catiiuated to exceed four tb uctiil p ire >ua Long before the concert commenced, it was announce I that no more tickets couii be sold, and not leas than a thousand p r? ma mu?t have been unable to obtain admiui' D. if we may judge by thoae who left the doora. There was an apology made by Mr. Ward ell, the highly respected manager of the oom-trU, for the non-appearance of Mr. George L iter, in the ti-at part < f the rotertalnineiH. and hia plaoe wa? immediately supplied by Mr. Lavenu. Subae<(uent'.y. Mr. Loder came forward to aeeonipauy 11*.rr Mengie, in an aria by Bat tiM* >ve nave Dot learned I he I'ausi ul this disarrangement In the programme, but presume it was unavoidable. It ??' the only blemish in the entertainment Th? overture to ' Uuil'.aume Tell." the orchestra being conducted by Mr. Brittow. was admirably performed Then came Augustus Praham and llerr Mengt*. They were warmly welc med. and rang the duet, " yuandr dl fucgue tinto " from the heroic opera of " Wbario," with considerable (kill. Their subsequent performances, however, were more satisfactory. Herr Mearis was warmly applauded for his execution of "11 Bivaoeo," and was enthusiastically en:ored for his Swiss song, tbe " yodel' of which captivated a largo proportion of the audierce. Augu-tus Braham, also w.->.s encored lu Biiife's fODg. In this Old Chair." which he executed with a great deal of tenderness of expression, arid with much finish of style, oenflrming our first impressions of hi.- talents and accomplishment?, as exhibited at the rt heursal on Monday Both of these vocalists are entitled to the esteem of tbe public; und, when they have had an opportunity of understanding the taste of our audiences, we do not doubt that they will add largely to the honors which they have already gained. The performances on the harp by Bertucca Maretzek. wtre admirable On the appearance of the lady -he was greeted with a storm of applause, which te-lifled to her popularity, and though the heat < f the rccm altected one of the strings ol the instrument to as to delity the perform '.nee of the lively composition o' Parish Alvars yet the case and grace with which the |alyr< stored it. was warmly appreciated, and plaudits 1 r* ? UL'Utu mm Pfnj pari ui iuc wvu-f a. iu? e*wor | lion of tfc<* music. The ' Nocturne Espagacle,1 by Labarre, too. was most beautifully porfcrmid, and was ijulte a feature of the entertainment. Of the performances of Catherine Hayes, concerning which so much has been expected?concerning which so many differ* at opinions had been expres-ed before hand i according to the phraseology of certain jourrallots we | hare only to say that there has been Utile enough said cf the triumj h of one who has ta'ien so high a position in the face of great prejudices in faTir of other*. When >he came before the audience, dressed in a i beeutifuUy arranged white robe, of which the pub- i luted p< rtraits hare given a representation, the terrent cf acclamations and plaudits, the showers | of bouquets and garlands, the concentrated en- I thu- aeui of mo:e than four thousand admirers of the | goodness that dwells in greatness, and of the greatce.>s I that dwells in g'Odness. - howed that an Intel.igeot public are not misled by such excitements. Few present bsd ever heard Ca'lierine diayee?few seriously doubted that tk?y ihould be disappointed. If there were any (f the latter, all doubts were db-ipated when -he (truck the highest note ia the cavatina. and ! dcicetded. as by the ikill of something angelie, to the j lower register No lnrtrumett C"Uid have been more certain cf its purpose, evi u in th<- most practised han Is. I A thrill pervaded the a- mbly. and from that mom ml j musical f< ul- mea.-ured the might of the Mtiitt. Cut we have no space to enter into details. The scene la*t j Bight was T>ry properly one of almost unliaiit- 1 id; and as every piece suag by j Catherine liayee was encored, the grace with which j ih'- complied with the desire of the public exhibited her 1 .n ability in it* true light. The till ids were Inimitably | xecoteJ K?ch Lad iuseparate character and expres- I ion and each told with rew power upon the auditor*, j ktep r.y *tep di?J the great vocalist atvance tor ea:h part c! th* concert till *bc earn* to the fle*ie of l.t Soouan.buia " Thi* ??". a *pec:m-n af the rapid locution ?f tie arliftr, and the closing trill eVialbid tl n.< Ft < yt-i- al -kepMc that we hav.- now an interpreter of lnlliuls ttoric. However, we most not d c'.l on thla va-t ti-umph of Catherine Hay.* We mutt confine our**lv* to a t. w ?<-?d* a< mere aJdttiou?i exprisdio* of cpiubn* alteady foreshadowed. ller wonderful ju-ta?t* ?f Inti i.atlou?nt r n?n llous futility in taking the moat | diCiuit int-ieals?the pi ocfa *he afford* that ah.- it enable 1 to rope with the slightest variation* in the pitch of note*? the puiity of hex methol. which it nit lavl-h in graces but which blend* the.-ie to the (rtyle of tie music an 1 the idea ' tlie c >mpo?r ?the unclouded liquid awe Meet* of her roice ? the fervor of her expr***inn. which eutttli? her to be culled the 8' ul <f 8cog ?and, combined with all there, the skill wnh which the bar chastened and rulijel the flneet natcial power*, make b< t second to no arii$u wh > har viattsd thi* country aince the daya of Mallbran. Further acijoaiotance may. and d< ubtl1** wiii. make known nioren.rn- fir we cannot but think tbut thi v -cal at ha* that elrctxic power which can -tartie while it delight* and captivate*. Mr havenu merit* great credit for the manner In | which he directed the orchestra and presided at the pianoforte aa 1 ha* salaMiched himself atone*** a fa voriti The concert ?? attended by the moit fa*h; >cablc *<c .'y of New York The family ft the President of the I cited 8tale*. Mr .secretary Conrad, and other I distinguish* d no u. including Archbishop Hugh**, w.-re | prevent la-t eight, and were highly delighted at the 1 c tup let* incces* of the fair vocalist CmnoTfi Cveiiwtw *t BsOi.husi'* Ltcum?Tt will hardly be d< nied. at the preaent day that Mil* Cuahmtn riatida at the very head of her profession comparing favorably wiih Rachel, Helen Faucit. Kilrn Trs-e. etc Indeed, it h*H I " en *aid by some that, in originality of thought and subtlety of execution, nst one of Lhetn can compare with Mi? C. Her Lady Max bath lr one of those wonderful imagining* which give* evident* of true ge- j nlu* It Ua perH-ct embodiment of the greet poet's mean itf. bslr.g mere an Illustration of the *W*f rut principle : J.eii flis mer< action* of the artist, and it ha* very truly J ? *n said "f it. that "it I* not acting?it it poetry rnd-r>d tangible Mi** Cu*. ran only remain In our ! tty a ?hort time longer ; then fore, let uo on? who e*:|. j Late* or can appreciate the very higbeft effort* of art, f gleet |<ayitg brougham - l.jr. um I risit T nigh die appear* a* Claude M'lnotle. In the "l-idy of Lyoua. ' H' of her luoat p< t ular p muatl us. Thenlrltnl mil Musical. Rowrev THvaiet. ?The entertainment* nleetej for thi* rv-ning are ic.-edirgly attractive, commencing with the ceiel rst<-4 tiagvdy styled I'itarro." Tni* win be *ac< ? ? sled by the far< i f tie Widow'* Victim and ! the win le wlil tcritiinate with the favorite drama. *n titud ' The Brtkea Mword ?all th> <; piece* are powerfully cast. meitviV Tiir?'*r ? Anrth-t great treat ii off-red fo-Pight at thia siegnfit e*fabli*binent. in the personation by Mr Forrest of King leer 1 Thi* is one ot Mr F< R? -l a gxateot part*, and lieiag ?upp it? ?l by art at* of the very fr?t order of tal* nt, the tbcatr? will be rrtwdsd in every d> partmwnt. Th? fare? entitled I. ft I in a Cai.," wi|) be the conriudllg feature Nine s <i*anre ?The Rave'* offer a Una < ner'.oin- ' m?nl this evenlrg i arm ly " Kim Ka and ' Kaoul.' which have l*en greafty admired ; ai l. no doubt, wi I rcatinne to draw mm< nse henass. a* long a* they arc flcced te for* the ifrmnsuli? pu-i c We are a-kad why i ihe Pari 1* do not pr due* " The Fiaherma i Isreun ' j Lh Fylphidc and " l.'rtel." Bterow'e TNKtrar ?Mr* Warner drew another den-e i- em'"l*g? last sivning. and ?u r-t*io I with ihw udeat pteodlt* that were ever h er] within the walla ' >f a theatre rhs will appear again this ev- ning a* Her11 ion*, in fhak-p"*r*'* comedy etyled "A Winter* fale." in ?bich she was *<. eminently -ucc-- ful on 1 w< ndey verier The leading memiier* of the company wiii support her NtTtnsm Thistii ? A glonou* bill ia announced f >r lo-night at thi? prospersti' theatre Th? drama called 1 li* Mmu' I.' t?t ' will c>ntnirno# thw ?**aln< Th# lroM?( Tbr h!??? ? I(*?*nyi will Mint*. i.n.i th* *l.ol? ?i l rnnclud* with th* popu'nr drima #f Th# | Frwn'h l?py. ' Mi** llathawiy. Mr I'OU. and Mr Bi*r.< hard w ill Mil appear. F?.w??r A <?" tmi ?t*r --Thl* r*'ra#la? ml hifhlf : P' | ular aatahlMitm n' rontlnur* tn !> rrnw.lcd nlyhtly | h Hi" nv-t reap*. ahl" audirbci Th a 'lancing bora* r*n many and tl?- trick pony. ("| am li Spot in* **ry ar'ma!* ?r 1 form a grcal fratnr* In the | rfrnram * A fin* |>r >irr imm* ir an., urn-cd f t lorlyht Cmint'i Miktkij dit u ej*ell*nt entertainment . for ihli *r*iit(iir?ringing ilanciiig. ami ir. rune-ma) Jlrra* I'm i.'n*' Minaran.* oontlrn* to delight tlialr Biimaraw* vtajtef*. A yon-l mladen of p. if rman : * ara ion* wooed fir to night Tn* pRormon ?r tm*. Aaron Pi a* it 0r**??Rarly p*?t*rd*y. nearly all lb* plan** in th* par iu*t.l* how**. j n,d.?<fhr. war* all **<-urrd . au<l although th# nigh* ! f lb* fir*t concert of Mi?* Maya* th. Wiaard'a *ni>*? ra rrmr lrd in all par'* lb* ?ntertainrrmt* of tb* riofrrrot io that Irgant plae?, and anllraly differ. nt and j f .-rd* InfintMly ne r* gratification than in ao lant* a 1 dar* a# TripIrr II*1! Mr Andamon introduced ?< feral , law *nd Uautiful fo*t? la*' night. and at all bo lid tb* | p|.l*ti*a war vara and rnlbutiaatlc. It?i. i ?'* M> in * ?Tb* pantcnnr:.#* * irpa ?-4 all am Ir | afio-n and all pr?c*eent. yeatarday. la tbalr attrae. (i n . and t- day lb* f?ne>?? - Myrtle Cmw ' |* put r?h f' r loth afterte-on and arcaing. In Rupariof atyla. a Ih* araed attraction It la tha tw?t produ-dim of Mir uat Martinrttl family and abound* in ao many -omtr rickr? ro many latigfcnbi# and xld *rrn> ??aoeh a* ' niihlrf chary##. 'bat it delight* r.ld and young It I* 1 ?y popular ; crowd* of our baat ritlarnr af* hi be *o*n r> J ' t Ita humor, at aaary raprari ntallo* and a* thl* la t i*-t ?<?h of thr MartiuCtl* tha piihlir arom r*?oi#?d '?# . It* All of Injury Tb# parformanor* to-day ara *ry iatrn--tiny 1 ii ***(< i * _ Vr fx mp?l?r tbr calabratad S?"toh allft *tr t?r will ?!? h laat eoneart tbt# #**nlng al | l.i*nr' *tabl'*Immf A'I? n*e|y crowded #?## i "."ay b* artel itrd.tbi* V in* thr laat ' banc# "ort'?'I th" public of h? ?rinff tht* delightful pojallat. I Ir t' * < i a l< ry km ?n in thta eity a* an #*c#ll#nt 'in*'i an I* * ??{ , r*. *|ra a .-'isi ir*nt?-y h?n#d I rtpi hi* naa.crrw* fii-mia a r 10 * HEWS BY TKLEUllAPU. Eumlnalloii of the Negro Kloter* In Pcnn? ylTMlti I. im if t :!!. Pa . 8?pt. 13 1851. The examination of j rtsoners charged with b -ing concerned in the murder of Mr. Edward Gorsueh. of Mary, lard, in the rtclDity of the town of ?'hriatinna. Laii:a*tcr county, was resumed at elireu o'clock this morning. The Court house was crowded to excess with the citlU'H of the county, and strangers fr"U Baltimore and various parts of IVunsylvania. The following are the names of the accused person*, who were brought into oourt by the Sheriff and liia posse; ?Elijah Lewis and Casta 11 anna way, white men; John Morgan. litiiiy Hnims and Jacob Moore, negroes One of the white ineu is a step-keeper. and the other a builder They are both men of property here, and of well known respectability. They are charged with being aide rs and abetters n obstructing the < fUcers of the law in the discharge of their duty, aud are also charged with the booting and killing of Edward Gorsueh The negroea?Morgan and fining?when before tinted Stales Ccmmissk ncr Graham. were sworn to, on the testimony of George Washington and Harvey Scott, as having committed tne murder of Mr. Gorsueh. This tame Moigan resisted the nfltcers, when arrested. with an axe Ue is a powerful and muscular black muu, about six fret high, and weals large whiskers. Thm as B franklin, the Attorney General of PinnsylTunia. was present. 1 he counsel for the priionera were the Hon. TUadeus fits vets and Ger ral George Ford. George M dins, Esq., acted for the Common wealth, ttt-.Ole.l Dy Jl'liu L till IIIMJU. lue UlPlnt I lunriry. Col. W B. Ford, the Attorney General of Maryland. is here at the request of Governor Lowe. Ue? rte Laryuw-ad if Philadelphia, attended in behalf (f Jrhn W.Atbmetd. the U. 8. District Attoraey. ax pre. *! liutC offieer. Ilia official duties elsewhere prevented Mr A 'a attendance. The District Attorrey proceeded to open the, bv stating a history of the fact*. lie Kai l the negro prisoners. here In court, on examination, wre charged. in the first place, with being guilty of wilful murder, not only by the firing of guu*. but by being preri nt at the time and the two white persons were charged with aiding and abetting that murder. They are now charged. al>o, under the laws of the United States, as being in open rebellion against the government, in defying the proce-s of th* United States officers and laws of Congress. He read the at t of OoBgNM of April "dOth. as to tr>* on; and in support of his ariiutneut also referred to other acts of Congress, the d> cl-iens of justices of the P' ac and other magistrates of tlie several States, who are auth rized to exercise juriidiction as prescribed in primary proceedings In casus of crimes andolfences agiioit the United States. Heury M. Cllne. Deputy United States Marshal, on beisg fwi rn produred four wairants signed by United states UiEmissicuer Ingraham. and dated September 9 ISil. for theorie-tif Geo Hammond Joshua Hammond Nathan Ford, and Nosh Bectz; also, a deputation to witn- -s. dsttd March, 18tC; he then testified that on Monday, the 1th id PstNB.fctr.18M. Mr. Edward Gorsuch came to 1 tiludel; l.ia to the United States Commissioner, and g"t these warrants rut for the arrest ?f his slaves; they w. re ] uc?d in my bunds by the Comini.<?iourr; after that. Mr Gtr-'oh made arrangement* with my self and two officers if Philadelphia, and John Egan, Thompson. and Fully, to start from Philadelphia, cep.t 9 in the afternoon we went to Westchester, where I hired a wagon to me over to Gallaghers iiie; there I hired a pair of horses, and rttrtid fr-m tfcat pb.ce; alter proceeding me -iiit.?'ic-i, tbe wagon broke down. anil tbe driver and myself were tl r* ?u cut. el d I was hurt pretty barfly; be unhitched the bc-tree, and we- returned to Calltghervilia: I g >t another carriage. aid prcoeicd to l'enn ngtonville. drove up t" Dorr'" Hotel; Iian t yellow man ait tin < at the door, under the piazza; 1 went into tho tavern aui took a cla:e of leciocade; In td the Uodl-rd ab nit t *.* nn 11 on horseback. and as I did so 1 looked round and (?M, ll&llco, fam. wbat are yiu doing her.* '" lie sa'd. '-Iknow wbat you ale after: year horse thieves bave been here, aid are gone." [When the wima brought us to this point, we thought it about time to ftop? uud. we did stop J Tenlble Steemtmnt Kxpiloalon?Thlrty-li ve I'trkoni Kllleol nud \t'uuti(leU> KvaaiviLLc.Ind.Stpt S3 18*1. Tbeitoemer Jume? Jackscn i-xplodil yesterday, just in ele was 1- at icg Bbawneetown. in llllnoij. A dreadful end beertrendir z scene epsued Thirty five persous were killed and wounded Tbe shrieks of tbe wounded and dyirg rnu-.d a thrill of borrcr in every brea't. We received tbe sad newt hvre this morning by the | steamer Summit. The names of the tufferert. rt far as we have been able to 1< arn. are as fellows John Francis, of Louisiana, bally wounded and scalded; Philip Hatter, of I.ouliiim kill- d; Captain Holmes, j of N'atcb'i. killed; Captain Walker, it Arkansas, killel; John Groniar. of Vera Ctus. wcauled and sealdeJ; F.manoe-1 Brown, o f New Orleans, scalded; Sol. Warren, tingro) of Louisville, killed; Isaac C. Gr -en, of Texas, killed; Moees F.mhrav o>f Coiumhus. Ohio. wou td?d; Austin Johnson. of New Orleans killed; Judge Judas, killed: ? Coleman, (n< gro) killed; Dr W. Wood, of Georgetown Kentucky killed; Mr Fisk s-al-le-l; Kliaa Pitt*, ot Georgetown scalded Mr Silvey. of Arkansas, slight y wounded ; Andrew Sourhwirth. of LouisTille. sligh ly wottnded; Mr S Kimball, of Albany, baity wounded; Sir William Mitchel. of G? >rg?*t">wn. Ky., ba-llv scalded Miss ('rati, seriou-ly hurt: Charles Alomey. of Louisville badly >relded; James lasrkins. Louisviile. slightly wound*d William Warrer.late of Providence j fligb'ly scalded If aac Ootnle, of Miseisaippl received ae? ral contusions: W Garreti and wife, slightly J mes M< Fedden. of Baton llouge. badly scalded: 8.0. | Tt oiras. of Tt nnesaee. had bis leg broken; Arnold Lash, ley. of K*ntt.<ky received slight injuries; Mr Beuil. of Mi ebsippi. slightly seal-led, K B. Kashley or Misslseip. ; pi. abghtly wounded: Mary Imsen and child, of Chilli- ' ci the Ohio, killed; P I< Cochran, of New Orleans slightlygcaid*d: Dani-1 Msrsbal. of Illlnoig. Ladly scalded; D. lli od. of Mi-sirsippi. killed; J. J Mitcliel of .Miiel*sippi. iadly w? unded; A C. Kuno. alightly hurt; Judge C Morgan. of Loiii-iana. aligh'ly aeaJd-d; Col. Mewart of Peno s-rb-u-ly wounded II E MeChatb-n. , i-t Miss . tiadly hurt. A L l.aron of >li.*a , hsdlv wjun-i- \ -1 < <" M.ei k. ;f. r-1. >. til illy burnt; Mr MeKwea. and ' Dr Cli*ti the two pilots of lb* boat, were , w< utCed Seme eight or ten others, whote nam*e eould not be : ascertains! were killed Tbe ecgiu- er in charge of the boat, immediately after the . xpb si* n i* reported to have jumped ?Verb--ard and reach, d the shore, wber he took to rh*- woods A lacy ?ho got aboard at Bhawneetown. was killed 1-eflr is ?- ttir.g out of sight of her heme Ibe "teener t'limt erlai d \ alley was but a short dla- | tnr>< M"' th> Jaek?"ti at the tun- of tin- ion. | but Immi dlateiy returned and th- o?a*ra render - i all , the a?irtauee In p?'V ?r. After taking on boird the wi-und-d. the Vail- y tow. d th- Jnekaon on ah?re The .' r n wa? completely torn to niece from th* for- to the after part of th- cabia lier boiler* are nn-l.'d Bit tvery I el-tanr* that ??W be rendered to th< aufb r- ' i* by >'or citiri n? wa? cheerfully donV P ? W". r> gret to -ay tb?t maity of thoae rralded by it i aplmton ob th* -f.-amer Jun< ? Jack oa have aiacdiid ?I.He ott er rottino-- In aetittcal po-ltlon A flTalt In Wmhlngton. ?' Trx?ioN or tuk ran rot.?tub tbv t? T>Birr. W?riii*iiToe. Sent in IUI. Prcprealt are invited until the With cf ft-tober by Thrm?? N Wallet arehiteet. for all th- exterior mat hiand granltl wr rk f<T tbe *iten?ion of the Capitol. -in. t rarin," ciat-rtil workman-hip and letting. Ilk-wipe for brick l'ire. r>Btent. and lumber. The hh'liftt'ir nntalnr the official proeee-ilng* of tbeT-x? er-dit'r? with the opinion of the Secretary of th> Tr- a?ory art ?be derialcn of the J're?i lent on the art of Ongrrao if eej temter laet. The whole amount of deb'.fd . t>m. > I I y T- ?*? in >pee|e Vein- arc r IIt g to tle-laten nt of the T? x*a auditor at -47 :r22. Item* from lln-ton, leber. . ikk?tBATU f-r carr. BTAWarmr?thi rktINT BALE ? Sllirtvm < K, ETC. Boero*. Sept ?. 1M1 b'.atly thi* tr. -bIbr- * lr? broke out In a lane- fiur tMV t rirk bu ldirg The builtiing with moat of the no and The be* la estimated at tlO?t) ! 1 he hru-i *r nrared for Si .WO. but the -took wae unit i ur< d C?at Star-bury w?? run over and kill- d la*t evenrng. "B th. PtovMinee Railroad, n-ar tbe depot. Ite w?a formerly a i.elihotrf Baltimore be I rig Richard In*-r?ol. (,'apt Plnmm-r fi m TV*t< ?> for Triaidai do i ube war wrecked (n > date) on K-y Bi ton >r d wi ubl be a total lot*. The bri* 1'trtrWge, a*hor? on Third CHIT, and tha idler biig anBor* on l.opg branch near Solfuate. re. n a )' f p? ri< ' yerterday P' .li will probably be got r. with tl lo of a part, or lb* whole, of th' Ir targ'-ee. and will ut ?tii u* dan a.- to tb* vi**el? Tl * I' b'-oaer (intailo. from thi* port for Albany, wae tun down 1 leiand Ligh* on Saturday le.t by th* , brig Foeh??tef. f" ni Ba'timore for Bo*t< n and waa CMTT? lira I' ftlt I cr* TV fn Ptnn Mllecd h*rt th;a for*KM. Id Aft* four h<tir? from Philadelphia ?h? ?nrho,r<d f'r -i'x b'ur- in Falmouth harbor during the r r*r* ncn heart hl?n of aunday night, making h< r run- i uii g tin* forty eight hot>r? The Canal Rreaka Repaired. Ai.o?*?.Hept 21 1*61 Thebr?akln tbd *nr.?l. n frw ll<? Pmi of Sihanan tad* l> repair- I mid th?- i*r*l I* fn'S of w?t< r In r**p#rt to lb* break n< nr Fultonrlll* t lanrn th\t it I* nlo' repaired. and tbnt the eiiperlnt*noi*nt hi! roBB*M*d lotting In wat*r; but It flow* m lowly. that th* |e?al will not b* f.lled for tweuty or tw<<nty-t?ur hour*. From the Month. **?**. C OhU Afll) IKRRilM I* UROPQl.t ? Ol*. MOt'9TO!t. ETC. B?i.Tiwo*r. M*pt. 3fl. 1 *r>l Th? .??( > '? fbjuHir. received by to-night ? Bou'h*rn nr>i II denb on odauth- rity. thnt d?n?t -r llert .on will ?"t* for Mr Cobb It ?ny? thnt Mr Borrten whl toon I l?*u* nn ?<Mr?'? defining bit potiMon. O" n Senates ha* l#"-n inrited to deliver an addr*a*, J r>n public aftlr? at KuataMll*. T*xa> and ha* accepted ller ry Armrtr- ng n htn>l on bonrd the brig Miem. of New 1 orb, Wat drowned nt Klchtnond yeoterdny rortlnnrt tnil Halifax Hallway. ft .Inff X It dipt ?. The Jef 'it of one hundred thoutnnd pound* I ' 40<>C'f>, fr r *te*k in th* Rur"p?an and ft"Tth Atn*r1 tn ftallrntd. bat ?U I*#n paid in and a meeting called | hr th* crganitAtion *t 'he onvpany on the 2uth ?f Oeto*r n< *t Tni' 'lepoalt Ig urd'r-tcxd to **c?ir* on tb"apart ef he company the large Una* pledge i y t* j-rvrtaeiel fttridtit. t From Pittsburg. PlTTSSl'BO, Sept. ii IS61. The engineer* of the Ptttslurg auil Steubeuville it ail road have made a reeonuoissanco of the whole route, .raJ pronouiice very favorably upon its prac ticability The) ay there are no difficulties to overcome. The directum have taken measure* to push the work forward rapidly i Two corps of engineers will be fully orgau'aed auil will commence work on Thursday < f neat week, at each eud ol the line. Pitbburg will scon shake Uandf, by railroad. with Cincinnati and Philadelphia The river is stationary, and we hare had a slight shower this evening. Ttia llrcct Telegraph Cuse. PHU.auEi.rHiA, Sept. 22, 1851. Tliis cause, which hn* been on trial for new ly three i weeks in-the United States District Court, before Judgei drier and Kane, is fast drawing to a close. Messrs Harding. Kendall, nnd Cam| bell, have already been Learn lu henuir 01 ton complainant-. una air 101 Ihe Ui fondants, anil to-day Mr K. H. Oiilatt, of Nan York. commence! tin- summing up for tim same side 11 in argument wan a lucid and powerful efijrt, and full; pu-taiiicd hi* reputation at tliu bar. In the cnurne of it he dwelt at length on the rival claims of Dr. Jackson, ol Boston. and Professor Morse, to the tir.-t inception of the electi lc telegraph; and, of course, gave the credit of it to the former gentleman A more Iaiportent cause than this l>a* not been on trial for many year-. and the result U looked for with great interest. I ~ City Intelligence. Pfmoi ratio Coi'istv Mo TiNn ?It will be seen by thr advertisement, in another column, tint th- tiuie loi h' tbe demorrutic county meeting, at Tammany Hall. Las been changed from Thursday evening to Monday evei ing next, In conBei(Uence of the hall having bienmgtgid for another purpose for Thursday. The meeting wilt, no doubt, be vry lsrgo. Th? Wi.AiHtn?The usual symptoms of the approach of the equinox were visible yesterday, and the dty he. fore. The atmosphere was cold and damp, and presented tviry lniicatien of rain. Tnere was a slight shower al<ut<tr M , which bad the effect of rendering the strt ets unpleasantly slippery for pedestrians. Vice Consulate of tUe lieij.ulillc of iilexlro, In New York.?In conformity to t-i dcnrco of tho federal Cengies* of Mexico, as follows:?" Ministry of Intorior and I'ereirn Aflaira. Your Excellency the President of tL.l 1'ruled Mexican State*. To all .he inhahitan te "f the republic, be it known that the general Congree* has decreed as folh we '* The decree cf November 5. JA46. I* do Man d null and no longer existing, because the provisional government of thai period, in virtuo ot the faculties with whieli it was then inve-ted, had not the power to dictate It; consequently, the governmen t will take measures to have the above declaration immediately produce its desired end, no porting the Sri vileaes granted to Don Jose Garay- A. M. Soilonio, Presicutof the Penato; Pedro Escudero y Echanove. Diputado P:r dente. Manoel G'met, Senator 8 :returio; I.eon GuxBiau, D. putado Secrctario. Therefore, I erder it to be printed. puMlebed, cir mlated end duly obeyed. Jiatiooal Palace. M<-xi<m, Mav ?id, 1851. Mntiano Ariita. To Don Jore Maria Ortix Uonasterio. And I cemmcmcate it to you for the necessary ends God and l.iberty. Mexico, May laid, 1861. Jose Maria Crux

Mcrasterio. ' The undersigned, Y'ice Consul of the republic of Mexico, by order of his government, main s known to all whom it may cool em. lint the said go . ernmcat will not rerinit auy p ri n whatsoever reprerentlng D-n Garay. or acting in virtue of his extlngi'irhed privilege, to undertake the won of r: i! ing a way cf coromuuicatiuu between the two teas by tLe of Tehuante|ec, and all pen,cna who in future may attempt it, will te considered at break, ra of tho laws ol Mexico, ana punished comformwble to the cir-.-amstanc-u. ?eriau'toaa, and exUnt of the oflonco. Ileal*" mate* known t; t neither Minatitlan nor Ventos is, nor any ott-er point of the Isthmus, la a port ofet'.r / for foreign \e*sol?, notwitus'ai.dinr that this la t ra* al x ij? been notorious; and that t .ost which go there will be "uhjec t to the p? that the Mexican laws impose, and to the !i stile treatment to whioh they will thereby bate given cause The legal state of the above exjreeted matters, la only meantime that the Con.res* > f Mexico .: p? i tho manner p, which the said cOBimunUatlon botweia t i two oceans shall be opined to tv e w orld. jrtwiiti, Tice rendu! for tho Republic of Mczioo. New York, Sept. 12,lFM. OfT'.vr of the Tchu?iik|nc liatirnail Coin* far j <f K?? OrlMti.?New Om.i . vv. .* ptein' or 2, IS5I.? Vt mil. the Govern it. r.t of M.-xicr, tr rn.;ii the Vice-Con t'll 11 tliif Republic, is this city,' %t caus- i to bp published hire a decree o! the General C>. iihrc?'t dite.l g'J 1 M*?, 1SJI. dcclarirg a previous decree ot the 5th Noicu' tr, Ino, d>1I i and Tiid; nud where*" nil dcor-e [ the i| li'in Governnit t,f, bearing &tc 8th November, l.-|?, italiy concern* the er 11.1 and pri-. iitgea originally aeeoidrd to Lton Ju e Ji Uarsy, 1'it now in poss irion f t':id Company: uow, therefore, the undersigned, en the part of t .e Unmp-nv, is i?stru led to jive nut), e, tint ie Company il-ny tlie right ot the Mexican Govtrniu- lit to deprive l!:cs, without enueo, of their | >tivilegei, ?n<l dio'are the rco?-m given, or pretext ittlltd ot, i? not valid, end the Company euniiider that the Ceneral C'crgreas i antiot be justified in paaalug d'ich * decree or judgment; and they tut ther fully a ud completely c r rrin and ratify the i rotes', as L?f?rs NttldM, wgnlnil t:.e Mexican Goverrtnent, made on the Ist'imu* of Tctiuantef ep, on the lithdayofJine, W>l, > y Major J.ii. Rirnard, L . h. A.. their Chief ti j. nter, and it ilhaui 11. hid>11, ttaitinte Itsiatet: ?nd lh~ CoQpajy will. In arei rdauce with aid protest, hold the C vernm. at ot Mexico liable for ml lessor damages sail Company nav ufler, in con?? in -nee ot raid literal and unjust <! ere* ot said Govtrnment, under Catcl&l Mnv, 1 51 Notice is also given to wh im It may concern that the Company wi.I ountinre tlis realization of l ana, snd use all i r r Ut just means t > fa- ilHate lb" I t- ?iedd ot their ei.v ri i .? : to p< t, a eo-nuiuuicati m by railroad between the Atlantic are l'aritic oceans, having every n n'dence in the |e * a I it y xn-l goodness of their claim, and relying upon their Wl'.o ?-<iti/ens and their u en piv tri rrutt that juatice shall ({avail. Hy crdvr of the Hoard of Management. B. FALLON, Seer tary. Notice.?Our Crtei.dn and riiitomeri are revtectfnlly tnl rmed tnat t"e H-e a" It Ann st at. hai cwosed ao c.a atioa in < ur b.'siii-s- and that we arfieilv In attend tot 1 the kraaehei of v Id nd Oliver r -atag ml sweep inili Bg. at our retinrrv at ui-ial SOLOMON ?t CO., 45 Ann street. Tlie First Original Portrait of flntharliic Bayea ev*r taaen in this country, piay he seen at HRAD1S Na'l nal Mirlature Gallery, No. 2UJ Lr-sd*ay e-mrr of Frit- n a'rt i. where may he t MB< a Ittltltida of five hut* dred portraits of th e meet distinguished, scholars aid artists of our country. KKeitlor.?Bertie A Co., Fanklonabla Flat* ters. lib Broadway, have just Introduced the fall fashion for grrtlamen's lists Alfc. a atyli peculiarly adapted to young men. They (till adhere to their old mctto 'Excelsior). ana as-nre the put-lio that th? anall y of their flats axoels any of lormcr yoara. and that no fai-j will he (pared So pi* use the most The dentil Fall Hat.?Ueiiln and the public c. incite In opinion as is the m rite at his Fall Fan ion f--r l?M. Although the season has scarcely -cirmen cd, the dcaied for this rara avis of the trade is sweeping awav t-e c<at>nt( of his shelves as fart as Ms tmpl< yees tan cipp'r them. It >s almitted, witl out a dissenting v-iee. tnat such ssrperbfour dollar list wa" newer tefo*s pn luoed In thu country. Ol.NIN, t,4 K*oadw?y. St Paul's. A > Fast" Hatter.?What the America In ani"v>g yschts. Knot la among hatters; and it the strife for pel In op| rotation he has this Fall sa led ahead of all oouit ( titers With the generosity becoming their class tin hat t*rs cent rm t Is still, and pronoan*ehis article " the llat of thee-earn-" Reader, when in want cl a Hat, callonKMOX, No. 12- Fulton street. Shirts that Fit Infallibly.?The method > fit with aiathrmk'loal ? r?\in'jr The rialtty nf ihr nva rtol and the needlework are ub"iu-vltvl. And atthivery hour ihn tHtof Shlrte kr? promt- I, thev ate tout hotuu. Klrgant French IIridnI Carda and aplendld Envelnpea?The anlarriber rtepectfully catle th< attention of partiee, rciaiilna eomethinc ire'r r eratt to liis beautiful't? Ice of the above erti'Ieeln the latret mods. EVEKDfl.I., liriadwny, corner Duane itreet, braaeo office, 13 W all (tree t. rook!?J. Y. Ravage, No. US I'nlton atrert, irculd coll tl ? attenti* n of deelera end ntheea to hielarre n<ck ef flak Oold and v ilrer Wet- hoe. <;->ld CMm, K)e, l'?r.a. all of thvllateet and moat approved natterae. Vtauhta aad Cold Pine repairrd, ar taken in eaehao^o. Fnllon at real, Ho. ISM, at Drooka' Boot and Shoe Emporium, where every article la warranted, every man, woman aad eh'ld in the city can he acrpHed with the ve?y beet Boole, Shore. Caiters, Toilet Slirper'. lit , kl. cheaper than ean be pntchaeed la nay ether eelnoUehiaeat in the city. Thr Mirror of Faahlon and the Mould of h rtn, e? far ae the feet arc 'tne'rarl. can he oc .nlred at the li ' t Mek re' I'aion, K Naeean atrert 411 pere?. > a >w a>,r>e that they make the brat ani cheepvet boote lathe ??T. Slop and think!? \ taraatlfal American end tralnh lape-lal> Carptt eae he had fer oon d' Mar: a well eewe aed 'hi ( loth !e. hd . 3e. to le , (nae half I'e -aloe:) Irtraia rnrptte from le to I , at 1IIKAM A?DERSCN. WB?w?rj Ureal Bargitlna In Carprtn.?Ttae enlawrriber ahoat to remove to Br* ad way, hae deeided to offer t< the pwhile hie entire etock of Ooode. 'oaeietiaa ef an exteaeiee aeaortment el Carp-te, Oil I let.K. tad nil artiilea c<nre*fed aith the trade. Fnmiliea about porrhaeinr -rill find tl la a rare opportunity to furateh at earnroely lew pii ea. W. II. oi. lom, Not. CI Tlet Rreadway, tad71 I'itiaioa etraet. Oottratad'a Liquid Hair Oye tnatnnlljr converts red er rray hair to I lack or it e?. Ilia M-Heated Sotj rrreatan. pimple#,frrck!% .aenb'trn. Hie Pondre fettle upTotti hair :'ild Rone", l.ilr White. and Hiir t'loae ere r<|<ially prued. At No. C~ Walker atreet, n ar ilroadway ; < allender. No a ft -nth Third atreet, P lladel|hia ; Jordan. So. If* Waibinaton atreet H ut a Hair I?ye.?Ilnlrhelor'a grtinlno Liquid CoUrina for the hair, eyebrow#. and whtekere. ran he procured at all the wholesale dracrl'te and perfvnere in town ard ronatry ; alio at the prlanpil office aad manufactory, he. I Wall atreet, wbcleeale. retail, er applied. Beware of laitliiok _____________ Vt Ira and TnnprreIlalr laelor'l rrlrhraled R # F?* ?ery le at No 4 Wall atree I, where eaa hefonadthe bet' eeleetlna of VIp, feelae, nad Teupeee. They are all manufaclured oa the premiere, ef Ibe heat material and >erbwaneMp, and ofier treat iadnoemcate to purchaser# Capy the ft.OPII Wla# and Toupeve alvrwyo on hand, # the Wla factory of MEDIII K." f h IIF.IKD. tl Widen lane NewVnrh or National Rebel Waehiaat'-n. D. C. Tl ey are made of the beet aataral hair, and rimhiaa all the Inlut Imprarrmeate. Ladies' ornamental hair la arret nbnedeuee. 17 Mel len tear " rmartforr laatrela to cone rial hU fl?n l?faeee, ' eaya the hutorlan. an evidence that kalda tee ha* been c* wider* d en tvil from a remote time; bnt, happily, bald he ,4r will eena fee* me eheolete andcr the laflu?not f Dt VIT8 II *p?ri >n rof tal* at tho j.nn '?| ?1 rtonota. .v<V< I r-d1"w itroot, tad l:?* Brr>*d**p, enroor of John itnrl: a'ao I r ul> II o-roof of B"w fy and (Iran I alrrot; .'*tl flndI n itroot; 771 Broad oil, oor?*r of Ninth ttrrot, and bp drngrlata ttatrally. Fr'oo tS coati, in tare# bottlef. Or. Jamri W. Pnwrll.Ornllit, Aarlit.Ar., d*? rtot hit attrition oapoolallp to dltootot of th* Kpt and R?r, from !> to 4 o'clock dailp, at th? ant" offioot lian oeMUird fi r tho lart orrrn ttara, XI tlr a lwir, intranet i U H'orr o ttrott, nhor* ton to had hit "Tr**t|?? on tho Kpo, I r i e.VJei?u. Alto, a great ?arl?tp of Artificial Kpra. To donlhtrn and Weatarn ftlorrlinnta ?I trill to'I to doalort, Mrt. Jotolt'a Cold Caodp, at nhol-aatt p?l? ?. whlrh will intnro a rood prodt. Tho good repot, tint of tut Co th Caodr, all who ran road matt know. Mm. W. JBRVIB. W Broad nap, principal offioa. Wjnkrop Ht Cn.'n Kvfrrmlnnfor Mill po tltlToir ear* tho forrr and agno or intormlttent UroK f'fTtf r IJA tad dopot 1H I niton froot. Tl.r gi anlno arll-lolt la hint gta?t hottlr* Mannfattnrort trt tauilontd agamtt aiiag our till*. Boo art of L'tialataro. A fanning Urillrlnt.?Tht iltpginainl Hittor* haor no oqnal at a t? i.|o Modular, tal at it cnnt*ina no alcrhol, la aapoctalta adap'-d to to* doli-oto o ,*tit>iti >n of > ?aloi tcfUtirg from aar doranromont > I th? ntt-iral' tlo??, ??tknot# o* Irrrgofarltr, norn-it dohil tr. *o. A .Id I ? hnnft. ion fultoa ttroat; Riag. \'j% and ScotIU k Co., did Pro ad a a p. flIONKY MARKET. T' rsnav. September 33?tJ P. M. [ W*ll street affair* lock rather blue to- Jay Quotar tioui for all the leading railroad securities fell oiT at the ' flr.t board, and there were indications of a further deI preelaticn. The decline In Kiie Railroad stock is ju*t 1 what we anticipated, and those wnu are concerned will fled that all is not gold that glitters Outsider* are more . cautious In relation to these movements than they hive been heretofore, and have very little confidence in the stock of any company the management of which are i among the largest speculators iu the street. We hare i frequently alluded to this subject, and are pleased to see 1 . that others have, at last, ccme to our aid. The failures , announced yesterday have undoubtedly had an unfavor1 ; able influence upon the stock market, and it is feared ' that other failures will soon follow. The suspension of the extensive carpet companies at Thompsonville and . 1 TarifTvllle, will prove unfortunate to a large number of 1 operatives. The liabilities will not fall much short of one , and a half million of dollars, and the effect upon many i I houses in this city will, doubtless, be most disastrous. The : | large jobbing house alluded to has liabilities amounting I to between seven and eight hundred thousand dollars. All kinds of rumors are afloat relative to ether failures. . many of which, we fear, will prove true. We hardly know. In times like these, who tire solvent and who are not. Several of our oldest and largest mercantile firms have gone by the board, and we shoul 1 net be astonished > at the confirmation of any of the current reports. At the first board to-day, Erie Railroad declined 1 per cent, making a depreciation of 3 per cent since Saturday 1 last; Ko'gewortli Company, '4'; Morris Canal >4; New . Jersey Zinc Company New Haver Railroad, !4; Erie I Income Bonds, 1; Erie Second Mortgage Bonds, Ji; Harlem. Erie Convertible, 1; Canton Company Long i . Island, .Vi Heading Railroad, X; Rochester and Syral cute. >4. More than two thousand shares of Erie Rail1 road were told at the first board, and was heavy at the i J close. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of i this port, to-day. amounted to $>90,COO; payments. $83 022 ; 05? Balance, $3Ml 9>7 58. The demand for foriign exchange for remittance by the steamship Niagara for Liverpool, to-morryw. (Wednesday.) has been moderately active. We quote bills on j London lO.'.f a lOJi per cent premium; on Paris. 5f. ! 12>$ aft 11,J4; Amsterdam, -11 a 41>>; Bremen, 78', a78,'a; Ilsmburg. Cfi'4 a 381,. The Niagara will Like out about four hundred thousand dollars in specie. The Philadelphia. Wilmington aud Baltimore Railroad Company have deelur< J a seini-unuual dividend of cae and a half per cent. The steamship Washington, from Southampton brings fnur days later intelligence from all parts of Europe. The newH is rat hi r favorable. Quotations furcottou were uifettkd. ine accounts report n slight advance. The corn markets were without change. The weather was favorable f< r the harvests, and the prospect rood for an average yield. We l ava no change to report rial a fiat re. Stock Exclisnpf! I $C('C0 U S 5.S,'.73 1(1'4 tOthsh.ijRR Ti'i , ?(<*) do 101 35 dj r-'-', If'iVlUIKJll. <? II.J, i.m, lie gill ,0', Ifll'tl StV. *?7 "3 Ml ilj t ill 6(10 do e'JO IHV 15i? i!i) b'jO To1, 461 0 City J', 70, lOi ll? If.,rlom RR rT\ 9(16 Fniii fi, j (00 do (T i, am do 01 3li(? d> 1>3 OT'j 4> CO Erie Irccme Bill I't1* 30 Long Idand RR W7? iCiK do !>1 130 d > II'., .Kill Hud KR lit U ildi IH1W :w to 111, rail) do 101 ?4 100 Morris Canal i.e., 1(00 Eiia 7'*,'M I-'J >0 CO l:t '? i 12 00 Frle C< n? l<i yo do 110 l luO i ba i'erl Bi'lo*' Bk 1I8W KO do ? ,) jji, 2V"d & ?:od I'nl bSO IK' W Ptoniuston RR 41 10 Bunk < f (a in full 11 V SU Pef.Siu* Kit .3IV 10 do 1(X 100 do ,1 MS, 30 Paeltic llink | or 100 do .'< ) 31 . 2" Irv'tiy Hank y.'i 100 do b!3 33 373 New Jttn-j Ex Co h 6d Portsmouth DD 6 WrioOn I'd 6|l 2o Iluutou Hirer KR "I ? lot". ?ti? RK 73,I I M t \ N llavea KR H?7 SCO do bS 73.s 10 do 107,V SECOND HOARD, tdfrt) Fr'e Ci-uv. 71 K8 l 4) aha Harlem RK <17 V 0 ?l,a Reading Kit 6(v, 23 Eric RK 73.. S"0 do bli f.3 130 do 73V 100 do Ml4 60 do ?) 73(J 100 riioo k Fiben RR 127 Km do ,30 73 , 100 llarlem RK 17V H?? do 73'; SO do (70 67% VU do blm 77 ifvuttumkm im edifebt da POST OfKJCK NUYICK. POST OFFICE. CHATHAM SQUARE. CORKER T. \ t Hrcdu?j- M. il, tor Oelit .run C. A mulla'camir Chert kce.?Letter b>ri uill clo-e ittki, office on Friday, Irt t.K, itl t'eicck I' M , for Havana. Chaxrea, i'au-irx, fc. W. c >aet Couth America, China, and Sandwich I,land*. AARON SWAllTS. t'HK TIIHV. CRMBEViLLE COURSE, L. I.-TKOTTIN'O.?TFirRS. day. September 23. at three o'clock P. M. Mntv , :?r $("(#. Two mile heat, in harncaa. ti.r<i Ne'.ao i m a blk. *. Rla.k n?rry; II. .Tine, natr.M b. g. Pi t. Unit". t.V Kindall', omnihuarea Hill leave Fultc > ti-rry from 12 VI. an til 2o'clcck P. M. JOF.L CONKLIN, Proprietor. C1N1RE3 ILLF. COIRSF.-TBOTTINC. -Pl'RSK op will be Riven: mil, heat*: beat ttr.e in five, in hari... for hoiaetthai never ??n a |.urae. 'Jo cor e oil Sept. 23 Fntriea to cloee ou * lucodaj evening, tei'i, 21, by 10 o'clock, at Maddeu'a Hotel. JOEL COXRL1X, Proprietor. Red hoi sf. pleasure c-kocnd -pa<:i\h ? puree And (take ot SHU will come elf, on *VJot? lav. the 2-ltb, at >)i o'elock. Mile heat. Beet .'I 'n 3 uadcr eoJ Ce iijoii-a enters * ?. Ijmtt; Owner inters b. ?. Touiuv Buck.. C. Btouka enters b. (. Patriot. ?. luff. Proprietor. HOCli.TVF1KKXI>..S, Ao. NOTK E 1?> HIE JOI MnilH 1 AlLORS OF NEW York.?A Bpecitl Mettinr of the Tr*1e Society, v .II ba held at Gsrrti k'a Plith Ward Hotel, o. Wednesday reniar l?| t>Bl tri<. HI at S o'clock, for the purpose ?t . nt rtiiait the adoption t the new Bill of l'*icea, previous to haatinR It over to the Committee on Printing. JOHN MoCAULIT, Preaiieat. Joerm M * Turn a, Secretary. The members or southwark fihe engine Company, No. SB, bee leave to return thanke to Measra. II. lone A Broil T, for the very liberal rupi'!/ of refrvs''m< nte luraithed them at tbe lire In Ann street, on the 2. J int. John I'. KIKUY, tor<tuna. Isaac Svith, Sccratary. THI llelVARYo BROVOHAM on AII l)d?ATTENTION THI MR*beta ol thle company, aid all who Intend yiirii i'.elr hrst 'l arset I. vvuraion. are notileJ to atte. d a 'trill on Wednesday awning. Bept. 21th, at hail paet ! o'elo, k, ntxil Bowtry. oppoaite Prince afreet. Every mcmler will provide birr it II nito a musk*t. B> order. W?. W. Mat as:. O. 8. PETER VAN FELT. Captain. SWAMP CLAUDS.?AT A MEET 150 OP TIIF. COMfsay, held at our drill room on the rettim our en ot d eaaual tarrrt rarursior to Newark, the fullowln.- reaolulioaa were unanimouely adup'ef ? Resolved. That we return our eine.-re thauka to oar invited (orate and Jndg a. for th- ir kindneae and ccntUinauiy cor dm t to* arda ua on the orcason. K?ao!i i I. That tre return our aiecer- tl enka to K Stewart and eon, af Newark, far the elegant dinaer aerved up to ae; and we blahly recommend target aad olhtr to five bim a eall. Revolved 1 hat wa return rnrthaaka to Mr. Adki-s and Lie lamoua land, (or tha una music dUoonrat'i to uu ua uur parade. Erselved, Althovah last not lisst. tl at tha thanka of the cmpsny be teadered ta Mian Aereey and Mlsaas Oallon, af t eodswetsr street: also to Misses kli l.oiara std Powers, of llsekman street, for the wreaths rreeeated I y them to adorn cor target Hy order of C. D CCLI.aDaY, Chairmen. P Fas i. Secretary. Target i osiponement.-tbe tarcm tuoor> Ian to have taken plate at the Parti in lletel. New hi el lie, on tAa 0th instant, la fr-tponed, in <-ms* !'! ueo af a renetal mianndsrataadlt t between the holders 'f titkets relative to the mode and manner ot e ootli.e at the tarret. The aratr will eoma off at the a im,-time anl pi i t. on Thnfsday (letcbar liitb. neat; and furthrr. th-.a- vithlnji to attead, ? ill be mvorned by the f-ll * in* rules ?Muskets of medium nei/ht will be furnished by tha sa'i-erlb-r, loedtd sedpr'Tntd by a gentleman in I 'mrr- Julrosnul also be anointed to dietda the best shot, ard lbs whole afs fair will bo loadnctad with atrlet r. --1 to Inst t tu all. W DILLON. Ntw Ho 'hello, raMoffd i IF TJIE LADY. W ITH A small bundle. WHO 0'iT iato a f oi rteeaih streat itnr -n ?f n lvr tror 'in*. at tha coiner of Broome ?tr-et will address s note to II nrt I. B., at I lila of ' a, a law will obli^a tie gebtleiaaa 1 j whom she handed bsr fan. HTANTED-A RESPECTABLE PERSON Or FAMILY, wh? wianea to adopt an interacting America* >oy, i abcotthree year*tf t*e Any sj '.isstl ,n must Ve a- a >mtiv. nled with a worthy rrfervace t' at the bey will meet with a home of rvrt and kindneae. An nddreea tu Orphan, at thin ofBit, will be answered. ~~~~~ MIST. Ac. f OST INTIIESPR'NO OI I " a It'-V containMJ IrgMedical Hooka. Msrss.ri s sad i'l iloept test last I'.minta. It was Itlt by miftske In ops of the ereaa 'rstve k.atweea I ley .-ner-l and Leonard, nnd Hreedwar and rl irah street. Infvtnintlon Uft with Ollvtrk kf rgvr. t Bnnver I strtet, will be imirded. f OBT-IN GOING FROM BEAVRR8TRFST TO WAf.f< 1 J street, a set of Charm*. eonslatin* of as II dollar i:.,-. I ' MittSi ?*! *lt!l|t'i ?T' -f f , l? >i I It'll ' ?i d rinr. W> ottrt will rttsrn th# ??nit t > 111 licm cfi'rett I * ill bt lltcrtllr rtwitdti. CfipARTMIMUtP 1" rtttci I KoTirt int rm* or west* ro, l.nTTU cm, is wit ditiolttd on the flfrt (if Avf ">1 I: t. I'ii* Imnntl el Hit Urn- srt In tht Imsl!?f Ai.tms. D> l.eyer. Init l?ftI n.?n. it tin Dlt'll'tty, No. WB P??* 1 wi'iity rfnth itreet, fnf ? ill'W.ent D?t? 1 11'| I-mhff K.I. N. B. ? t ut tilt, tlit I slot* dittilltrv. In>|iirt ?a tht prtiaitta. TLr A NTP.r ? A PARTNER IN TIIK KMAII, OROrERV PP klt'stat Itt Villi HtaUWitl (?B? ? ell ?ci|H*l?t# 1 wltli th# hu-ineat. with modertl# o?i it#', tin li*?f af r>N ehanca, by aildrcatta* U , bat vl, n.tli real utnt tad mlMNi riRMCATII'dK. IONl.ll EDITION OF l-IWIR ARl'N HI!/?tn*ir I PTE J ? towrtdr. Utiidmnltl.tflU Itliioil m, I C't pl*lt is one Tolamt. ills-lrttr I. Tbt fvbli* wsuld dt I> I. tditica It perltei ted eomplntt. Ihtrt It i nittllttrd --id ' abridged tiitlta fir tilt. ?M< h >? i naudfraad tsthtpuklii. Ini'iMrtlttli'li' t titw ittdr. fl. LONU fc ER T IKR.4.1 Aan ttrttl p.tcrK IMM I l/t It in t ?I PAPER IIANUlNOfl. In' 9. PATE E CO., r* Ne 4.W Pearl r treat, iter Ktdif a. :I -r tht flttrtt tt orfwitntiB tht city, if Incur < ile, .-tlv.r, twi V'tlttl r?i'tr?. Ac . ill imperttd dirr< t from l e ianauiscturi rt, I it# 111 lilt it tbt Ivwctt rsttt. tt s iiuitttit snd rtttii. I 1 POUTICAL. Tammany hall-at a meeting of the demo. ( ratio leputlicaB General Committee, bold at Tammany MalL ffeptember 15, Iffil, it was Kcxolvtd, 1 wo ani>r< vo of the resolution? adcptel at the lata Democratic State Convention at Syracuse, aaii oi the candidate* than acmioated, and that wc shall five our hart efforts to sernro their eleitlon. Keeolved, That the democratic republican electors of tlio city of Ntve Yorker* reuueeted to atteud a primary election, I to be held iu their respective wards, on Tneeday, the SUth. day if September In-tant, unless otherwise directed by tho aard committee, between the hour* of 7,' . and 'J P. M., to ! UThr#e delerates from each ward to a olty convention, to meet at ' ammanv Hall, on Moudav. the lith daw of r\..e..n? I nfit. nt 7>b o'clock in the veiling, to nominate laudidaten j for th* oftcc* of Register, Governor of th? Ala* Houae, and C'i iiiuiianuner of Street* and Lamp*. Tfrce J?legate* frrnn each ward to ft judicial convention to 1 meet ftt Taiiiinftny Hill, on Tuesday. the 7th day of October I nci'. at 7*? o cloek in the evening, to nomiiiftte candidate* for theottici* of two Juatice* of the Superior Court, a Jua(<" of the Supreme Court, ft J udge of the Court of Common i 1'lcftf, Srr'ogate, ftnii Rroordtr. Five delegates from rftch ward to ft diitrict convention, to ! met t on Hu day, the tith day of October next, at 7 *, o'clock in tbe cveuini, to nominate ft candidate fur the otfioe of Jni! tlcej the diitrict convention* to be held at tbe following plicva r? First piatriet (ward* 1,2, 3, ?nd 5)?DunUp'a Hotel, 133 Fulton itreet. _ ? Second UWtrict (w?rd*4, 6. and 14)?Tammtny Hall. third District (ward* 8 and It)?Wm. F. Denman'l. IU Vandam rtrect. Fourth Iiiatriet (ward* I". 15, and 17)? ITsraitag* Hall, corner of Ilouiton and Allen *treet*. Filth Pi*1 riot (ward* 7, II, and 13)?Dcmoeratio Head Quarter*. 413 Grand *treet. Sixth District (ward* 12. 14, 18, 19, and 3d)?Union Ball, corner ot Third avenue and Twenty-second street. , Five delegate* from each Ward to a Senatorial Convention t<> meet on Tuesday evening, the,7th day ol October next, at 7 11 o'eli ck In the evening, to nominate a i andMate fur the othcenf Senator: (he Senatorial convention* to be held at the following place*: ? lid District.? Itunlap'* lintel. 130 Fulton Itroet. 4th PU'rict.?10th \t ard Hotel, corner ol Bromo and For; ?yth elreet. .' th District.?Tuomey'a lltli Ward Hotel, Grand and Elizabeth tircct*. C'h Iiiatriet.?Union IiIall, corner Third avenue and 2.'1 ' treet. Seven delegate* from each ? ard to an Assembly Conven} tion. to meet on Mi nday evening, tta* tith day of October Hi > t at 7*1 o'clook in the evening. MWai iinate a candidate fur the ottiee of Assembly man; th* ^Bembly Convention * 1 to h. held at the plice of holding the iflRuary ..icoting in titer U ard. nc. pt that in four Piatriet* they shall be held no i followerlet District.?ret.nix Mtillin*, 110 Groenwl :li ?treet. 2d Iiiatriet.?Sig-h Ward lintel. luth l)i?triet.?Thoii.aeK. rr, Bloomlngdale road and Eighty rccend itrict i 11th Piatriet ? Ko 202 Eighth avenue. A 11 Diin 'Ue of tittceu persona, to meet on Tuesday the 7lh d?y ol October next. at7)? o'clock ia the evening, at the place ci holding the primary election in the War J, to a;tui? na'e ear iliiiate* for tJuH-f and School ott'.^o-. Resolved. 'X hat the | rirtar; elections to held iu the oev I rU wards,at the following places:? | V? arils 1st?Dennis M allies. 1!0 G-renwich street. 2.1?Sooot d Ward House. H Vttsuu street. 3d?T) be dioigtiatsd by tne Ward Committee. 4th?K K I'liuue's. 2-' .lauen street. Mb?Fuib'em 88 West Dread nay. t'th?pixth Ward Hotel. 7th? I Ml Macison street. 8 th?Audit's, < . mer Dttiiit lei: and Hudson streets. Vth?*n Ith'. DO 1'. rry street. I H'th?Truth Ward Hotel, c..reer Rroor# and Forsythets, 1 litis?<i> directed by the W nrd Committee. 12th?Hot c.'s, corn, r 125th street and Fourth avenue. l.'lth- To he dea|*<i by Ward Committee. 140 ?Ttu uiey's. eli/sbeth r.nd Urand streets. i!S-v ? oc'tltction Hall, till tfroadwsy, * lb'th?Bcslmi's, 1US '-test Seventeenth etreet, between S: vet Hi and tUtlh avenues. 17th?II. m i a. e H*H, earner Houston and Allen streets. 18th?L't ion lis 11, '1 hirii avenue and 1 HSnty-s. ci iid atvet If* I?Davis's, comer brosdwty nnl Fifty-ninth st??et. Ihitb? I t .lain ?. torn r Aiglith sveane acl 1 f .rty third at. Resolved, That t tic priui-ry elsetlon, **cept it? tho Ttren-. tit-lb ward bo held ui der tho direction ot' thrte inspector-, to h" . osen by the Ward Committee, from ihe deoioera'ic. i in pecto** f reniral elections lor the ward: and t'it*. in. I w.datnwhi b there a o not threo iuc b infcpec"rs who v.ill I ftve stthe piln ary -bet! n, the Ward Committee* se'ect to turpi? vucanciet, o-htr democratic electors at the tvard; and In ei. 't snoh iniru rs ate not chosen on or before the -7ih cf I1 oten.ler, the delegates from t e ward to the Oete1*1 C< tic ittee shall have a right to select them. r. eolv. .1, e ) st t' e wtr.l comni'.ttc s. where such a. mnit. tceaet* organised, l ave power to order tho bulletin is f >i ; candidate* f. r cb rter r'beers, and, in aneh war Is as eonstU I tote laeli ?n Assimlly di.triot, for members of Assembly, to I he direct for th - iai.dldutes. RciulTi .i. That the primary election in the Twentieth wi .il b?- b. 1.1 muler the direition of three insoe tore, to hi app int d by tha rhairman of this committee; and that the ?;mc of i peuing and cloain* the polls in raid ? a-d be subject to the direction of mid inspectors, who are to give three dai ?' previous notice ther .I. Kiilll'.KT J. DILLO.V, Shairmtn. John Dows ktv, i ? , Ji ks \. r- a v *< ?, Jr, S s* rt M * fTNION AND VICTORY !-DKMOCRATIO REPUiLIL-1 can Coniitj Msetinr at Tammany Hall.?The demoirrtic repel iican electors of tho city and co nty of NewYork s.i? requested to a. suable in Tr.mmany II 11, on lionday cvseimr, th? 2l>:h last., at 7K o'clock P. if , to to the resolutions ad< ;-tcd and tt? candidates lor Statu olfiiere nominated. at tho Syracuse convention, fly ordtr of tie cet ersl committeo, R011ERT J. DILLON, Chairman Gen. Com. T) f. Rlckles N. Dimond. James ft. I.ibcy John Cochrane. Jus. M. M.-rih, W. 1) Cralti, A. H. Ailing, Committee of Ar range kin ij akri;. , it- napp-s (:<>l.r>H.F.n Iiiriturrhtvpic i.ik a IV neiiee taaea in my weather, and wsrT'Ol-d p?rPict kbd 1. ruble., trie*, in'luditif cut. Irum one tu fife ilullirs at bin mw and ipiiiJid io?me. Broadway, tear Princn ] street; alen, at his eld eatabliehmant. IU.J BoWcry, uv?r A u . dcram'a ceipet etorr. I'otfraita and liVenee-et cofled in a' ? I rii r manner. tick and deceased peroons taken. I Mr. james brown. dagckrkean artist, mem ber of the Water Color Sooiety?Gallery, l-l Broad ay, between Cortlaudt ai d Dry streets. Tl.n publlo, Mid itraLgersparticularly, are invited to call and .taiuir.4 bit. 1 specimens; and. in pnttirular, to n?t? the peculiarly arUBit. I em Bromrnt. and ??neral toao and finish, for which tha nbtaif a Irom this Gallery stand preeminent. (tOLOHED DAQl EKRIorVPES JPOR PITTY CINTS. J ? kinr'a Skyli,ht Kncina, HC Bow-ry, batwoon Haster , end Grand streets, t'o only establishment in tha city wt:f" the boat skyltrht Dayncrrco'ypaa, handsomely colored ami encased, are taken for .VJ rente and larzer aura at mpiaUy low rates. No charge nnleaa parteet saeisfa.-tion ia given. \ni. tprgis?pari? kve merpente io; roc|. use. Kua St. Koine Iks? Publisher of Religious and i Fancy In*, and articles for Itrawia*. Litbocrapheand G< orraphical Maps, tc , kr.; Be ad a. Onaplata. Mdada and . Medal.lot a of (Old. silver and oopi er; (ill and plain Moul l 1 in ire, 11 different aire! for makiar frames; Moulds for adders. Ac.. Ac. These articles are sold at the same priee as la Pa ria, at No. 374 Broadway, Nan York. ? RKWAHDH. C.\/k reward ?st'i!.rn or taken BY Milt cNeFtF take, from the Irilie llousa, on Monday, Mept mher i > |f.M, a Box, about four feat by two and i*ht inches hlyh, made of wood, entered with paper similar to tea sheets, and entered with Canton maftin# Box markod ] < C In n diamond, r.nd nrmler either I crt Malting e-t er marked " W. A < 'onper. liana r. *? " Tha box con txlncd fits white crape shawls ; one black do., do.?three "( theahawle rery trainable, embroidered throughout. one of 11 ei? trahr. idt re .1 nit). Chlnt to i.(uree. fts.; sertu \ ice. alike and satins: three wronaht (rasa cloth handkerchiefs. . in small partr l.nxaa; out of erase cloth, and ona pivot, of silk handkerchiefs. d. 0. howard. ItKHTAUHANTtl. SMirri dining and rorrBi R<> >tdS. NO. 7 Maiden lane.?Tha nnderaUurd katiat f tetilt ayet'd this establishment. Is now prspar*d to reeeiet his eld friea lr | and tho pnblin in ffeneral. Ha will keen constantly on hand ' all the r ?ll<sties of tht aeiaon, which bo fnrniehe* to order. Green Turtle Roup end Bteak every Tneadar and Thuredor 1 a ten, Turtle on those dtya for Innoh. fcetry eariaty of Oysters in season. enmmetw in* on Monday, ;-.'d Inat. f IIA If. IH'II T, J u ik lion Maiden Inns and Lik-rty as. { Fill II W ARD II'. I r I Tim \TII>N? IN T>IR K? feetr ry aad h> tail dep artmeat af this hotel, beinx now completed, parties ran be supplied with eeary variety o fare end the choicest tier,da, at all honre. kotraace to saI lo?n in f ranklin strut A number of tootna n-wty fore nisi ed for tbt accommodation of transient boarders, at r. a aonatie rates. wright. MUIIDDI. Brcoks brandy and wine htorc, ;d brhad. not -1 in lull? mr i . . rit hraido ef Brandy al? a1 ?n barn, at Ika laer-t p arket priee, la pip**, and a irUll; ll'nntaocy; Fm?; (Itatd. Lttiparik < i i t r,-l 11' -it k C . I i.' f.e N? . fc . A <>,?? v ra.ia in |V area ef en? da >en ,.-h: aleo, Mar'.ail'a Rrtailr, I \ itilam ] *i ,) in tnagr.etna. N 11 ? (Irani, a end Wio'tii. tend. A IIRt.UKd, 7d Rteidnay B" I' R A T T VINFUAR FACTORY. NO ;"''EMIti: . t. f. a. r > i . r?t n i y ' n ?m d , i . r -1' i in dorato pnoco. tb.o lolloniii* t?ti-ti#? ef Vir ;jt. ef on di-| -.' ! ?\a-o|! I'll ,.', r.-in. i. rror faro. , N.i.'t lidtr. HMteiid Rod Win*. Worthy i .? outi-u oj ilippcre, prorata, oBtlBA Iteuoe, pink lir*. Re. rf,I1 E OLDFAT ANN BRBT LONDON LICK BRAN I . H 10 r. I '. re.' " 'no*. I* I v " m ti' ill uroo, are to be I > : *t i,? *-aM.r? . d Di tr dy ?. i ?AU Braoae otro< I. n ia. r f < r* oby, la p Ma.l < croaalr t and tcr pr* prt. t"r, toi * orrkuUd r n i I > r e?b. Inail ptotito. PHI VI MO II ATBRI * M PlfiNTINO TYI-7, AM> MATbtUAl.A ' rMl >* ifi.ed bo* 1? *ond?r ll.elr ? .i i In | unilobar*, ond ?o ?belr taf op i-nl l*r?t' fB, f-r t*i ?? irony layro ft.o fie' J end to 1 r I T i *. publ.o that t ,-y ai-ryo late n and, of t'\? r. 07 b" ^ quality, ? lar?o of plain Bri.t-.-h ivta I?'*ori?r, I If; lot} | 'nr. 1 1 ... .1 - . r > r'* .? . - . . m?it of "rnooifhtul and funey Job?>*i* Tyrd, t*.?i 'her ?*tl erory article neeoorary f ?r tbe tirniol.h.* of geaptete nearpat r and J< b oricr?, on r. fartirablc tormo at at any ot. retibllebount. Prtieti, Caere, Impute* M*rnet, Ua.iny* Coaoyorinr Scele, t'baaee, No., , at mat. WV terart'prlr/a. rnhlltbore rtetne tb'o a lto iootoml ioo?r tlon thfeo tirroa |*ri< rto te>? let cl Aaenoey. in.'./. Ml ka ra'f I. n>i>'. nolo of 11 r m. n-jiat tore, by pur v m f. r ti.r , tbe ealee el Uietr bill. JAM Rs Cti.S.NRH .? S.?N, Coraaf of Nairao and Ann iRo 'A N. 7. N R-.t t'ei I ... f to .. . 1 in. on II.. 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