Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1851 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 6910. AIUIMRNM. BOITERV THFATRE.-DOORS OPEN AT 7; CURTAIN rises at 71; o'clock. B?x>i, 25 entj; Pit, 12K bests In Orchritrn Boxes, 50 oente Fr;<lav evanlnj, Srpt. M, will be pcrf' rmcd the tragedy of RUM i() AND JMjIKT? Kimeo, Mr. E Eddy; Merootio, Mr G < I nils I'erte. Mr. GotlilK Benvelio. Mr. Glenn; Tyhalt, Mr namilten; Frist Lawrenoe, Mr. Tilton; l'et-r, Mr Jordan; Juliet. Mise Charlotte Wyette; Ntfe, Mrs H. P. Grattae: I."<ly Cnpulet, Mrs JorInn To oonolvdc with the drain*of 'l'U K 1 Ll I .NO DITTIJIMAN?Vsndvrcrck'n, Mr.Steven.; I'otrr Von Bnmmolt.Mr. Lefflngwell; T. hy Vsrnish. Mr. Jorda-.; Rockalda. Mr. U?jiilton; Leetells, Mies UiffMfc Lucy Miss H?rrle|. BURTON'S THEATRE. CHAMBERS STREET?DOORS open nt 7; to bepiu at 7,'a o'clock. Dress Circle and Parquotte, 50 rente: Sc-ond Tier. 25 certs; Private Box**, EV Orchestra Sent". 75 cU. Friday ovtuin*. September 2b. will be played the comedy of A IV INTEit'5 TAI.ft? Leontes, Mr. Dyott; Cairtllo. Mr. Parley; Aritig.nus, Mr. Bland; "loritel, Mr. Moorliousc: Autolycns, Mr. John Dunn; Clown, Mr. Bar ton; Old She],herd, Mr. Heruilton; T'hasiu . Mr 1'redarlr; Mariner, Mr l'areloe; Uermione, Mre. Warner; Perdita, Miee Weston; Paulina. Mrs Hughes: Emilia. Mr*. Dyntt; '.sails. Mrs. Pisk; Here, Mrs. Gourley; Mopes, Mre. Ilolinaa; Dorcas, Mies Barton. National theatre, Chatham street.-doom open at 7; cut tain rises at 7 . o'clock DroSS CIS le sad Brxes. 25 cents: I'it, 12W eon's; orchestra Tickets, AJsenlc Private Box Tickets. $1. Br m. tit ?1 Mr K Hltarhard Friday evening, bept. 2b. will be presented the rnelo drama of the DUMBMaN oi; MANpflkSTEK K lw od Wilton, Nr. ~.srst>, 10m. Mr. manciiaru; Jane. Mrs. II. r IMinoll; I'au -T. Mrs. Drew. To le followed by the fare, o I GRIM 4HAW, BR A I'SQA Vf AND KAGStlAW. To eoueloH with a dra ratio inectscle called KIOH A RD OP TUB MOM HEART? Hi hard, Mr J R. heott: bir Kenneth, Mr Arnold; Conraie. if. ll'anehard; Edith I'lautsgrnet, Mit. Nichols. BARNUM8 AMKItlCAN MUSECM.-P. t. BARNUM. Manager and Proprietor; d-hn Greenwood, Jr., Aosiatnnt Minaser. AdmiUenog, 28 crnti; abildrsn, 12W oea's. 'I'huridsy and Fi idn.v tfepteDibor 2>th ?nd Ik'.th. Only three Jays more of the ousrigcuent of the Mariinetti Family. In vhe sltcrooou, at 11 o'clock. Grand Dirt-rsiseaient, with ladders; OUR FLAG, a national drama of re'uhrity; DECHALUM EAU, a CO mi'; p jnto,nin,e, by the M:lItli:ot!l Family. In the evemns, nt / VJ o'clock. the laughable fame ot MP PRECIOUS BE I SKI; concluding with, ?? ore sorry to say, for almost 11.e last time, the wood ri'nl nr.d beautiful conic and romantic pan THE MYSTIC CROSS The Chinese collection, the Dsppy Family, and ti e of the innumerable curiosities, t? he seen as usual. jOHKISrrBOl'JCRA HOUSE, MECHAHICS' HALL, NO, "V 472 Broadway, above Grand street ?open every nlgtl Anrinj the week until further notice. The original and i.uU know, Christy's Mristrels, an e die unit and volrattle "corps' of "halented" and "ejperiuuceJ performers,'' under the management of K. P. C'lnsty, who*? oonaorte la this city, for a icoeession of " Ave years." havo ooca received with favor by highly respectable and fashionable audieu >oi. Pickets, 25 oente. Doors ot m at 7, and will commence as 3 i 'dock. The pntaeu* cf Christy's Winatx*i? av-. respaotfvllR Fnlcrmed that tho "aicrday sIVrncon sonccivi will be <usacntiAusd tor tr.i t us ore. AAKLLOWiJ' xnanlu, AT rBLLOWB' NEW MGJIK oal Hall, 411 Droad'.fay, between llowsrd and Qrr-nd tresis; open every night.?This jurtly < th brs.tod andoffliirnt dorps of taieiiMui ,iul experienced periormera, under the cole ibsnagcinent cf J. B. Falloiv.i, uMis coucertd in thie oity for the pact year Vise ooea received with the sreateet favor by the elite and iufcisn from ail purU of the Galon. Follows* hi nice; Hall ie one of the most upncioua and host ventilated uuJdicgi in the world. Admission, 24 cents. Doors opon at I'; concert to commence at B o'clock. An ?ri6rjoon eoosorl firerj Wednesday and Uatnrday. tor the especial aoeomuio d&iion af families, commencing at il u'eloci'V M NF.* ' VoKa .'i'i'.iTRB 7 1 V'EKV.?L. J. North, Proprietor.? Private Boxes. SO oente; Boxes and Parouetto, 28 cents; Pit, l!,'e cents. Open at a quarter bet'on 7; commence ut a quarter letere 8. li >ndsy night, groat attractions. Madame Nunn, Uerr Klst and eon, Ssn. Ia'.blup, L. J. North, the star rid' r of tuo ? rid; il&rpcr, the h?at Southern clown of the day; M ns. F ' 'ir, the doable somersault vnulter and rider; i"'.oil, the paut riimist; Uacon, together with Ms-tor Vi illlc, the uuipor at 1? hurdle ami steeple chaser and barebacked e-joestnan vjnltev. Dancing and trick Horses, learned Dogs, Aio. Tuesday night. Uerr Hint's Benefit. Afternoon pcrfonuaaoe Wednesday an 13a torday, at 3 o'clock. Raymond j. tfhu driihdacus usxaobrik.? T: i? celebrated llau.K-ric? the la'noo and ueit conducted in the know n wcfid?inibraoirg airatal iver> animal know* to natural hietory, aui which hu received the purr' and apnfoueo of i undrcdt of thuuetnde of the mut apcctable and intelligent peopl* of the Ciitol Sta'ee, haa inet comm-med a nio.<t brilliant tell enriipei'ii, and will vialt the prin ipa! < itlca tad unit in ? ? England, in the following order, vf.i -Barre, Sentein ;r 21.1.; OheUea, Wth; M hardeiph Sa'th: Scrtlleld 271!: dontailler, 21*th; Tnaedety, 8Mb, V ntcrb< ry. Vt; Wedne. i.iy. Oct I. Stow; Thursday, 2, llj do I'ark: Friday, 3. 1!?r Iwi r nt-ctt: SatnrJay, i, Ira'burg: 5i uday. A, Lata Mrl tga; Totally, 7, South Troy; Wtdnmday, 8. Kle.'.ford; Thursd ay. 9, Btkeraflall; Trliey, Mb fci. Alba . ; en: urday, 11, lairf.-.x; Monday. I.'i, J? (.ho: Ttifidaj,14, Burlington. C/RANhl iN Ml to. w, I/O wa ! ' o'l fit. ? .*! F bloak alio as the s' Ti.eotrr.- h", into I<ea, ao It ll>|IMH> ttleta u-irfcraiaitcar ovt ry nlUmtoa and armt '%. Ratorininoiouta coutconoe iu the aiunnoon at <hr?f a'oleeh, and iu the evening at eight o'eleok. The entertutnmeets are var'od and aolaet, and en<-h aa can to tvtrt at c: f ttner place of nDin.-.evieot in Ne * York, ecn daHnfof t^o'l '/eraale Xehiocian Optra Troup*. nv-nterine -litem |>?Tl*>r?era, being thy lain > .. ar i at toe sain.. im? t oe a>ot? talented l hand in the Ua.H< 1 Hra'ee: a tr ..we doffl Art'ete, who are tafooted for W: ir !.i.anty and Agar*. and wt o pertmate 0 n.imher of leav-ilui eeblen it. La'ccu froi? the pictured ol bkioicat and mororn tinea; n 0',spiny of Arab Girls. wha ' po threngh a varietv oi leMc' 0' atr g .h ar. i Jaxtortty; * i<,mp*ryot tfrlo and I\in*le ArMe'.t, who will giro an ?aUHtion cl Mtrbla biatrary one'iut'icd in tbt wor'4. toget.ini with a variety of intor?iti?K |>eifo-.:ia.i'.od ovtry afternoon ad evening. t->r pertiooUrt bli'e of onchdAf. Adln'dr'.en -ieate :.n l'rlvntu Bose*. 40 c irite; Stage "onto, 47 M N<uti; Ooaee. 2i eeute: Faust'tt*. Idttoente .<'' rank \ a . . K -I afreruoou and evening. 7ohn Di ua .nd, the great. at dano?r in the world. wilt lip'r. ilw, XjU. Ortguilt, the ftrengeat lorn in the world, who will break any bono '.ha andiroro ehooat to riler him fie will alaoohtl|<-ngeacy man ti "till a hnl'ork" with hie eler,:htd tiet, for any i-.ineuut of 8?e!uf i? believing. Alltho nttraotlcne will be oflrrod. No extra charge fot t'uc?e uoveltlaa. OARIIBR WISHING TO HAVE THS CSS 01" TRIP1 ler Ball dirting I hree evenlngi Ir the week, will pleaie .ipply. by lettrr or othrrwiee, to J. II. WARDWELL, V? Broadway. DtLinioT A Lit* DODSWOP.Ta'8 I'ill VATS DANCING AC. (I-?y, No t'i Croarae r?rjet, u?ar CriaJwty ?Tine eetabllitimoat will op"r. for the er.tnieg seajon, un Minnay, I cnlar < hiyi of Toitlon?Monday, Wedaeaiay, Th irtday, and Pvtnrdey, a. 2 a':!o,:k for 1 edit a. 3 and t tor cbilditn, end 7, h, and 'J r. M. for gratleaiea. Bviai-monthly coireea. for pupile only. HXNRT WILLS AMD BIS S1STKB. MADAM! H. Giavelli, hare opened their teademy for Dinofog ar d healthful aatrcltra. at the Stnyvenant luatit'ite, 6JJ Broad. w.y. Claaa. e are now t. ruling. Tuition will eomnenca on the let of October, it. We'.It Ik Slater have paaeed eereral >eewa in t'arin, eta lying their pro'os. ion at the R <y\l Actdepiy, nod at t .e heat chr li tor rrtrale dancing, the ivetrin l.y which t.i y pi npeee to ?.e?. n la entirely niw, and t.daptod f..r the qnmetlon ol health, aa alee fot the aeinlr* tho al nte addrt ? from tl O'ulotk until 1 Fiunoi DAVcura MiMmr^-iuuii dcbrncl Fentri', noil hor brother, K F?rr?re, would r*ejoctfm.y rive anti'.i that tl.oir elaoiot for inttrmtion in * anting trill r. f.'riaod at No. llVnl foartitath otroo\ titwe-a tho filth not fivth itiiuhi, tt tl.i 11 th Ostotoi n-at, and would aolicit from Wiolr fHeada and tho pablio r<. tloa of that p*tron> ft no liberally extended in former y' ro. Ant?ll< nttooa lur fmrthat pnctleuiari nay now bi , trade n? wioir room*. Wft J.t. TAPSCOTT ft CO.. <N MVTJI IT8MT, enppiy drnfto I,r any, p;UI< tbrooAheal '..mat 3n? jand Ireland. They nr? aieoaele natntolor U? JL-d Pier Line, tho Swallow T .11 Line, tho Drnualie L,n?. end Z Mat of Liverpool paukrtt, ami tho X Lino of London ptekote. nuaro by nay of otiot itiM can ho ?>?aft( ot roaooaahlo terme iT'a <4(1/110 1 *NI>ON HOvn AND mortgage, V W)V17V in > Ii? I aalt If plieantf, on poodeotlTI l>tl eetote to Ihii dty or ilrvoklya. ilinj of t\#? and op. ? ?rd? wi'I to loaned f :r ltv? y??rt, it ai* par e?nt interna, >a iwt prodnetirr real rotate in tl.i* city. Apply to S. 8. Mall ttroot, in tho Cruton tra-or oBUe, OHBMh IT 4ft fMMI T" LOAN at tlx PER C<NT INfl JWyvW r?it (in or ai rc a mi), oa bond ant m rtf*r;'on prol 'tlro r?.U 1 otaso in t i city fo- throo oi pro jroaio. Apply to JOHN* P < ON AST. 21 W ill tt. en fair of Broad otr" t. n<WI WANTBI.-A OEVTMBtN or BCSI LiV/'i''ani tlillty. ml immif of Int-naioa, poo i-Mt/if it f ah-i> amount, to i?in tho airartia-r la thi uaaafa.lui* and tiado of an artinlo o " onlrrritl at'.lity on itimand A U iio lo r <> ri ik wkat?*e- n tho hoaineae. a?n ' ill bo treated nith wb? linn', abo o proof* ot ability t invnat if OTrrytbiBf it aatiifa tory. Adortoo A. B. C, 21 2 ultra atroot. cohhoikatiov a >rit;KS. Notice to caktme.n to the^r li eenaee.?The oriDnaaco for Deeming tnd r'cila'-lai ibUe oa-tt and carto n, priTidt that all thai ' * ee pro on tin Urn. day of Oct) bnr, In oach year, roaowabl. ? prirl'.iia to ?' ?t ?! , If applied frr at eack ttm - an may b< >i * p< int?d br a ' r-'. y nvit, I hot renew ' ( - 0' cf liron. t t > krrp pnl Ho i ar ia I u bo public cartmra ) a II br granted litkie n*. Between tbo hourtel 10 A. B. am : I*. B., on M ndor icftetabcr IV, to Jinn. I to AW: T'leeiey Oltf , W*< ta *??: H'ad i. oday, ITth, . ) to dab, Theroder, 1 >'!> v?i to M?; rrl lay. UOb, Ail to l.UBB; S'.tnrdoy, A'th. I.IWI ti I.v N?n lav : '.! I f I n tdnreday '.Mih 0 to I.- T; o lav .'-.n. ?ao2 ta< flldny, TOiD, AfUl to UP) Sator.i /. .*r :,i/t o 2.4Htaday. 29ti. ? ??? to A.hah Tq-a.l?y. iArtl , ValWB tr?dnoa<toi',0;? vb?r I. t U . ."!.,ir-daj-, JJ, X(" I ti ? 9'b, Fridar. Sd. to t.40"! 4th, .C.ftM 00 .'1 +>l 1 ||?>nday. #i*. Xftk> *<td npwardi. aibo < ataai h aoaly paiatrd on oao'i >ido of t ? sar-.i, a oto' ? > 1- t ' and (ftoanrti brai s'ltto tbo out ?Uo of , i I*t- ro 1 tbo City Ha!t, Wh- ro they o !l be i.. pcetert. tod tli- oli I j ,ntt rf.e ibid, whi. il u .it till bo pr?e-.r'd to tin .'"in tfaribol. for ptf" 1. Cartr ?n oci p.rV- aUrl.r mnaoo" 1 ii arj It n 41k- d "r H-.d I .f - - ' Vaotrbort It ioaot t? run* I arro adl'O abo lea 1 (ty Of O!?ober " if > v. tl "1 I ' I' n? ? I 'ay ??!?* " ao. " .. .p ? for Uie tunafor'atii.n f>( rttl .r* fr ) I v i to pit'4 trit.i. 1 tMnilr, k Aiferiei to the ivuewiec ?t luttfn* lnn^?fir*. 1 ?" F.t <*fT cart, tm?*. ? a. *r#y, or o'hc V I- .|rL... Kv nit Of aiTP I P '.'' T utt. iiMf ^ | " ff nirm, p - " ? I ' wi.lfli ?t>ktl k? &*? 'r(i #n, ^B ^B ?1 |>1?'P HIM" ?' < !' V ' V" V' fi.l. |tir?. P<IK T|>* ^B i ^B ? r weening <A < r?li?*n? ?M ? <*? *IH ihill H * f o ^B vthp?t l?r?f !?<.? It r?i t > >? ir.* .\|?rir ( ^B ^B , ? tlnUMna i t t;,i? ?r4ikki.< < ,' ?ad 4-feet m * i\u* ? H ' ^B dpjr*. fof ptpp* "ff-Bfp. 3*e. J - ? "11 i- .i: an i H Ii?'?l t"t fny r *' f ^B )fcopi>??tl< f\r>. or hi k H' nqlr*- hf, ^B ^B . wlthMl f>* lit to r .id el'.'. < r K t* t r *}', ?*n ^B ^B trd to Ik* kf' .. .le?n? f|h> ? ' < h ^B ' ti# if qi !i >f|ikl ? i i'o-e< i kit I I" ? '? i-ipfdi tfirlfr I, I I Br rtd'c ifM? If . s? *?,,r. I E NE M< MHiMIKMn, | Broadway theathe-e. a. marshals"bole I ea?ee.? Donri open at 7; to commence at 7 o'elook. lire.a Circle and Par<|uctte, WJ rents; Family and Third Cir- I cl??, ?"> rente: Gallery, ill >4 cent*: Private Bo**?, in and id. i benefit of Mr. Form. Friday evenln*. Sept. 2t>, will be perfoimed the tragedy of the 01.AIMAlOK-dpartams, Mr. ! rorraet; Phaiariui, Mr. Conaray; Mt'cn Lucinio* Cratiue, , Mr Fenno; Brichiu*, Mr. Whltlnr Butiatue beutulua, Mr. I Pniie; Senora. Mme. Poniil: Julia, Mis* Crocker. I.a Teren- I telle by 3ignor Neri and M ile Adeline To onnolude with 1 Hi* litre* of tb? DOUB1 E BEDDED HOOK?Mr. Dulcimer Pipe*. Mr. W. Davidg, Mr*. Deputy I.?tihi, Mr*. Vernon. N1BI.O 8 GARDEN-MANAGER, MK. JOHN* SEFTON. Tick?t?, SO cent*; Prirat# Boge*. f.V Tho pertormauoe will commence every evening nt 7)$ o'clock. The wonderful R??rl Family. Gabriel in bis original part of Simou. Francois' first *pp?nr*nc* Uifitld* Mom. Uloudiu, the greet pericrircr on the tight rop?. Autoine in his excellently ene- I nted Mirror Date#. Friday evening, Sept. Hi, the perform- < ?nre to ectsment* with the Tight Rope, by th* Ravel Family and tb' surprising Mod*. Blondin. First time thin season of 1 the comic pantooiitno of the MILLINERS?Simon, Gtbrijl I Ravel. To ooncludu with the fairy oomie pantomime of : KdUl'lo or The Magic Btar. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROAD WAY. NEAR BROOME street ? Door* open at 7; to begin at 7 o'ulock. I>ree* ; t trcle and Part?ett.\ JO cents; Fttmily Cirole, 25 sents; Or- 1 eheetra feats, $1; Private Bnxea, $">. Beneht of Mini Gush- | man. Friday evening, Sept 20, will be presented the corned r > ol the SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL-Sir Peter Teatle, Mr W. II. Chippendale; Sir Oliver Scrtaoe. Mr. Lynne: Crabtroe, Mr. Flu rrelt; Joarph Surface, Mr. C. Mason; Sir Benjamin I Packbite, Mr. Broughatn; Lady Teazle, Miss C. Cushraan; 1 Mrs. Candour, Mra. Maeder To conclude with A LEiSllN 1 OF THE HKART-Col Wilder. Mr. Brougham; Mr. Dapper, Mr. T. B. Johnston; Lady Clilton, Kn C. Cuahinaa. The public are respectfully informed ; that MISS CATHERINE HAYES Will give her third Concert in America, at TRIFI VH HAM., OS SlTl'BUAV, S(Prf?S?R -7, Wlisn, by particu ar reiucst, tho programme Of til* firat Concert will be repeated. programme: PART 1. Overture. Duet?"Quoudo dl aaugne tin to." (Bollaarlo)... .Donizetti Mr. Augustus Braham and Ilcrr Meugis. Cavatina?' Ah mon ill*," (Prophet#) Meyerbeer Mi- < Cati.KRIJIK H AVKJ. " The Flower* of tho I crest," An old Sootoh Baliad 1 Mr. A. Braham. Aria?"II Bivaeoo" Battista Hcrr Mengia. Ballad?"Why do I Weep for Thee" Wallace Cariicuina t.s. PA HI' II. Overture. Sai?i Song?"The Happy Swltscr" MeagU > llerr Mentis "Tee iiarp mat ones tnroagn j ?r- a urns ... jruo suiu Mies Ca i hckiiii: Havi <. Barcarole?" holla poppa del mil blrk" (I.e prlcioao d'Edinburgo Rioci llerr Mengij. (In consequence of thu unavoidable abcenoe of Uadame Bertuccn Mnretzek in Philadelphia.) Fantasia on Irish Melodies on tha Harp I.abnrra Madame Bcttuco* Maretiak. "Kathleen Mavourr on" An Irish Bailad Mi.itCimmtNK Havks. Song?"In tuis old Cbsir" Bslfa Mr. A. Brahora Rondo Final*?"ihnnu i;iungA" (Ronnamhula).... Bo'.llal : jfi.os cathi ium uayc.j. Grand Finals Instrumcntale. A art ml Orihestrs, of mora than forty performers, ths most talented residttt in New fork, tias noon engaged. It | will be conducted hy kt UVF.NI! AND MS GEORGE LODER. The prai <J pianoforte employed at tais concert will be from i tbe manufactory of J. Chicaning. lb-) eti, Reserved teals, price Tickets may be pro- , enretat Jeuk'n its Mens W Br at Hail's in i-io store, Broadway; at the other muiic stores, and at Tuple r Hail. Doors open st 7; Concert oonimences at 8 o'elook. | Ct ATFIAFINF HATES' THIKD CONCERT SATI7RDAF J ennirg, September 27.?A number ol choice scats may ; be bad at the Music Store of WM lUlAklON. Broadway, opposite ths Park, i rrrrocs residing out of tiu-'oity can secure seats iu al| rancn, by addressing tbe nibsoriocrs. A1 8TOR PEACE OPERA HOUSE.?ADMISSION, 5< cents. Tl.o wonders conirietioo at 8. Protestor A odor- | eon V. rr to thank the pnhlie cl Now York and Its vl in lyfo" i tl.o nrp-rjedon't 1 support with which (hey hara ore va?4 his brat in Amei ica. In ooaaeqai noe of a prior * agreement with tha proprietor of Tripior 11 U. lor throt j ; n>(ht< ru-r u eck for Ml> j Catharine Hayes' cono.-rt., and ih? Jireo-orn ot those conceits having stated that the public j 1 would net be sslislicd with tfaroo nights per w ok, "Vofiee-q A r.otrson has siren up this place to tha Swan of tm. .U i . | Mart** I has, in the most handsome manner, offered him the I cir of the Opera II >uio. Ast-ir i'la ic, which he has a -copt 1 and beg# aoo?t respectful.y to I ,form the pul'tc that hi will ! ecntlm-u to five his Grand Soirees Mu .i i.m every evening at ( ' this eleg-.nt theetre, whirs the eve.-tmnraent will b* seen I ] to one thousand per cen better edrajtage. Tlrs Kvsmng, and every evening until fartl er notise. he will appec In Ms Mjitb Laboratory and perform all his astonis'tng wonders, wMeh arc admitted universally by the New York, to. hurt no peirllel in the wor d. Tnaaverae* att'ndsi ,;v at l*re?esenr A.'s vnlcrt??nio?oti In Trip'er 11*11. was 2.4*1; r-i a*, and sv the Opna Hensa will net acv.mra iars in ore trau half that uuiubor. and as all the ac.vts below an rla.-escau b? secured, on arpliaaiiiiu, trocn 10 A. If. to 1 P M. An early application litwlrcua Ast-or Plan Pr>tr- end ?tter Monday, tl.s 2SJ. Admission tc ail parts. M cents. A grand day performance on Saturday at l P. M. ivories lyrotiTANT.?Tn .s kvininq, mors.*I iA .niAndnrion but tha A.,tor 1'ia30 Opoia Hoan, aud I * ** " mti I* *11 ywti. ; 1)4.* C i: IMA It ANTf.ll -A 'I.W.K INTEHK-r II \\I .-.I) | I in a rtrictly narilrxblH iin. A floor una, on A a i"? jnat that I n never baan rxhit't?<l In Sow \'nr~i. praftrrel. | Tha adiertiter w old fu'niih !,<* <?, vither ? partner of pnr| (,).?? r. Addr M A , IlaralJ ofloa. with full daicrtptiun, | iiftini* *i fn and where an intoiTlewcan ># had. 1* i tVOri9S. Eioctjtiow?ritAweig r. rcjaem.. RLOcuriovlat, ruM' tfill; annonc-a that h? liu ret itaad cm in| r ruiti. n < 1 rlaiiaea tad ptlrat* p'tpila. at hii mom Mo. f >i j Broadway In c-nat'iot-nea ot tha ui?ap?ointment of #??ai pal at (.In anta for tni'ructio j, Uat - aroii. Mr K. will bo at ti.tad hrraiftar, by Mr M. H < 11 y. an ar:Qiip!ii!i<4 ?lomtuol.t R-ndin.ftrom 9hak?p-ar-and tha !?n-t? to < irrlef I at prl /at* r?aidcncaa, aa heretofore. Tarsi*?Tor m u ?* Itrxtlat, tea lei tout, Vft Inntruoth-o 1 .In -ana, J J 1 NSTUtTCTIO.d ?F RI.M' H COMVERl.vriOM I Conn.. M Bruedwar. errnar af Amity atrett.? Pro. l-.f ra Ki lurd aad Movton ?ill begin, on Moadty, at M o'alcck A H . a ir? < nrrra fur ladiaa. and every evening at 7 o'rlnV, acntMfc f'T gentlemen. ca)?ulaVd to ylve. irllhont etude, th? bee- f?n.ili tr idl?mstie phraaaa ni l axpmxion* of tt'V Trench lxrruaio. together with the atamiaatical rxka \ | A DAVI B A F n I PH. V-fi li:' () \ r t>' A V, HvVIN.I 1 * 1 b-cn engaged aa teaohur ot the French linguare ia ?enie of tha Bra* tttabluhmenU of Parie, (liar natira city). leelrra to tato pupila altharta ia itnd] o( thai I lam nage, or ti perfect thoaa a ho hara alrnvly mada aoma pr. mad. llrr orleea ara vary moderate, 111J aha can furninh the haat of' atinionlal* aa t? capability. Caaba aoan from Bid-day till four o'clock. CLA8BES 0? Til E MECHANIC!)' IMBTITCTE Ip Mechanical, Perapocti-a eel Areuteotovel Drawing, ! Jt Mr/dellirg an 1 deii.-n, at the lujtitite Ho mi. "fx. 7 , Bowery. trill ba formed on Ktllay atrilii, I'oraana deairova cf joining aitbar of tha above olaat-r, trill 1 raoaixa foil Infornati n by appiyln* ta tlia Actuary, at tha rcoma, Iron 7 to k P. M. OU01HUIA. Tritrvt R bf 1.1.e*t m, hanks m oo. brc to a*?< uaoo to tl.oir frlorda In New V-rli, tbtlthey hxra I L-. m i r. rv<1 ? <! in' i n Jt.k.'.n 111 rnn. noi, at Q urtl i ibsMu M.rchanta and Ship flra.-ra. In afI altx.a ta a liri" and eon raudlouf vt r? in Whloh ncodt can I ba laadodtrrn of aharfocr, tVp l.aia ilao i Star* Ship at tnohor, wharatardt r|i 1? tafrly a?o-od wi' damyar of Via, and at ona-hhlrd tha axponta of atoran* tha city. Coat, in Hour- bnatraaa attandad la. and adranoaa mada on I ?on"i?? TT'ati t-i tho uu i'int ?f fratrht and dati?a Tbamtrk?'t !. all b< ran full* *iir|i>d,<Da :oi hpncintt dltpoao.f a' with proirntitad* aaJ ditpatin la toll jlUn* Ilia patrnaiya #f Uo t T. n l<S. k <> tPUt that I hnj (iruri. vn?? and wall fated eomaimlal ahiiltiea of thilr Mr MM. ia tha alora ha.iaaaa, ia l.irarpil, a ill taahU thiatt d ?rftrrathair dnllei with adrtntar? ta lliaaa who mar lav. r tiiam with tluir Cunmufi. San f'ran sitoo, lit Aufitt, KM. EXPIUCH AUMSCIKI, ?ci ronic and grnoa iitprfss -pir'-et,*, crdvra, Sc., far tha preaaat. racelrad and forwarded t? t.enra, bp ttaamor fa a iv i pn? I. and t'.eaoa to Gin.a L?th<rn h-rl.i aa.l M?-v?il'?i by ha ttetmarv'f tha Aat.oi Italiaa I ini'irv, with troaiptnvaa and daapaftV bp livinllston WRI.UI * co.... tTalfatn-t. ' ri RT'.ORt s I Af.ltORNI t PACK AO I ANDPARCIL Xxproat . th?r Joaathaa aa l Mllnnit, Saturday Sapt. 11 Dvtpat. li anaraatoad, or If'lfhl ratnrn.'d. C). r nt ? , r;a'.i nil* l"r uht. Paiktca and Pa real txprett, *i!l ho f?r ?trd?d bp tha tboea ttnamort fir Cha<r?a,. n Satordap, Sati 11, at .1 f M. At It raroly htpp-ot . thatanr karataiooda ara not nlaard ia Paoamatwomty f n( hacra in odeaae* of alinaa of all athor ?t|'a?aae. aVpperi ? wryrrly nitl. . that limir *?od? will * > forward ; i wiihant aap dvtnntlra on t1 a Itthmnt. Par ola raoairof , aatil tl.' .rn.ri.iai of tha daj tha at-nm-r Irotat. and ! tfra aaidl 3,4 P. If. Ptikn*?t, whloh waat bo pot ap p?rf?vt|y wx orproof, ahontd ba dolivtrad at onr ..iS'aoa or bafaro j I','Ida p. Aarmt * horta chariot nia.lo Panatda tiofeoM (araiai.rd an tha thotra ata.xmr r > at tha lowott p- laa. TIKISIM'Ik lit ruHOth.'K. ; Vtnajj'ri and Agent*, 149 Paarl ttr.-at. I IimrtRDk CO.dORKAT rtl.iroRNIt RXPdESA?> <a ii tn a) dapt, - k Plmpr a aad I'maiaa .-"I mu otnraaa mil ha tta'.nl tha tplandll t>aiatblp ' (l<?<i?.r 1 - lr?V, in li?rr I I #r. K. I Dill. T-f.ic!rit Imt i') r-r I ?n> .< ? ?fl ft'!.) i.t'W U>? rhtrscf of >)l?t I i l!.> ti(r -m, Mtd ?"? ??il m. kn.t ihi?tj?if | ? ??"'* r ?t U?. J'tckMP* inn?* ** w*t*r? <f, ud I ,nf n , ?? lit. lb*. i?CO . Tin 1 r?o?y ?'! < ?, A?W Bom*. UEM7CRD RAtKS-Oll.trollMtA.?T<UV*PQ*TA>>? . nrf-M O.o Klhm-Ii rI i'?a? %. o* tnid# UMk I M.-fiflk ?? km t''*n(i?cj *1 icff"' ttlfc*. k i / A'hn***#, ' I??C A. ? ... ?| |p j? r* will frrf K ?,b?lr inUr?ii ? fkl! '.ip n tli? lie l.-n'fWfd, h?1 ro mr.kiBf trrtr.c* nfkUtliwwbWfk. * ? t*<'icnljr?, #i p'y to * EAI'nBHROW fcCO.. Ar-wti. <7 VIUVCUiMtf ?i urn, pAHDRN aRD AMJinr RAfLnrtAf) tIRR RROR v.' *!< ? Vt -k tn I.?5t> l*l?r Mo. 1 W..r*h *i?V, If JOBR F(V '. tA V-TT>'*? l.lww, ??.? ; i j'.i . .iir-i 'i m. , \> i ... - rr. ' ? ? "tru**, '.f ; f': <*"> M?t. ?? St'oli.*. P V : Are. si MS I.. BUSR. Aftant. TV TOrt ARD Fi.Jl.ADII.PHA?fffir yip* It l* ?< .?!r. ?.-I ti''4 Vvl lAa*,? >? i.:?In <H lav.*. tit Jot?f R*tir>ML r*ro rt ' t v lAlvtUrM . -!.? ? fISUlMW-inA"!??? I/I'i 1 . i m .( . t- 'I M< ?| r, | ' 4 h y, II ft f?M .if l/.V tfiV PMIt? ' i : m ??m4 ? A. Ir. a*? 1 T t* . U* ??- ?? ? s* w?i. t Ittfldijl. __ _ m wnt 'Mr.T'iuoti. in'tcTi??, am fw?t' ?trat?.? r.? f! -1. ,fc M 4T4 I ' 1 It. *St 1Sit? liP4? A ?'<r > l?'l , if J >V ?< -let Kit ItVt t *? it-1 4> f. ? ?. I'?/ II". VI I l? . 1 '? I ">i? ?*( i-'' 4i?? i ruiAitrtfr . <-"i#h inm l?;ti ??|jyilri iat Tt??* wi?h?t? ?n.r? titnt W YO ORNING EDITION FRID^ wru'wa n v TKi.Han add i THE ANTI-RENT CONVENTION. Curious and Wonderful Scenes. EXTRAORDINARY AND COMICAL DEBATES. SPEECH OF BIG THUNDER. The Democratic State I icket Adopted. THE WHIGS THROWS OVERBOARD. Democratic Meeting at Albany. THE REVOLUTION IN NORTHERN MBXIJO. INTERESTING FROM THE WESTERN PLAINS. More of the Pennsylvania Negro Rioters Apprehended. THE OHIO AND MICHIGAN STATE FAIRS, Ac., &c., dfo. The AntMtent Convention In Albnnjr, Aimav, Sept. 25.1851. The delegates of the Anti-Rent Convention assembled ^o-duy, at noon, at Beurdidey's Hotel, corner of Wm-hingtouand Hawk streets. There is a very large democratic majority, and the leaning is toward the democratic party. There is a strong feeling against the whigs, ia consequence of their haying defeated a bill called the Stay bill, brought iu for the purpose of impending the collection of rent till the pending suits were llnully decided. Tnry >.v that 1 Hi whiir* have done nothing for theui. W.i-h ingten lluut, though du their ticket when he wis elected Governor, has not given them any countenance siuee, and tli" tnmr observation applies to other men whom they n< minuted, and for whom they cast their votes. The anti-rcuters aie f-adly puzzled now. They are afraid to wake nominations at present, lest they should injure the men they prefer, by getting them out in the county of New York, which is down on the anti routers. Levi 8. Cliat&eid is their man for Attorney General, though lie has not shewn theur much gratitude since his election; but tbiy decltue nominating hltu, beoutuo they fear it will do hi in barm. A portion of the convention?most of them whig??are infaiorof making selection* tri-rn the democratic and whig tit kets; while another portion think the true, and dignified, and politic course for the anti renters and that which will make their influence most ft It. is to ron.inate an independent ticket, and thus, by taking away vote", dt ft at the men to whom they are opposed The wirepullers of both the whig and democatic partiet are busy cajoling the delegate*, in order to get the anti-ient vote quietly. for their respective tickele, with* nt ir.cuirirg the public odium and disadvantage of obtaining such iuppcrt. The anti-reulera seem to be at a loss for able leaders, and couiiquently are humbugged to a con-id rattle extent by tbe -artful dodgers7' ol the whig and democratic factions. THK PRKUMIVAUV il'llSMl. O?:o. I). Fir.kle, of Colombia county, was annotated tempi n ry chairman by a.ciattation; ant Adam.I Hurt, ot Ksm-teleav county, and Vale nuns Tread well, >t Aibtcy county, wire appointed secretaries. costistad avail?ktMVTOMS or a Moaw. A motion was thi n n.ade thel the teiunorary chair man appoint a committee to stile eoutnsted mat* Thit inoilon **? riolenlly opp i? 1 by several dele1 gates, and among theut by a Mr Moxvksi t.ix. who cou 1 tended that the scat of a cbulrmiu itself beiug dis' pu'ed. it would be unfair to give him the appointment of his own jury. Mr. H-un-suel broke forth into a strain of tiat.-'cal lu gtiage on the them.' ei trial by jury and the-ripbta wf sutt renter*, and cams to tno conciuMon that the uiolinu was eubtersive ol belli, robsvaiob ai> sxcitcmcmt. Here aroFe a ecen.- I uproar briars description, I amid which, two other inot'nu* ware cnul??- nr. that tbe ?batman reccire tin- errd. utlala of tb? ddtgiti^- I the ittcr, (hat be appoint a committee to neininotu pcr) mniieLl officer*. , Mr. A>*m.r oppoftd tb? latter proposition He paid i that RentPtneu bail come h?r<* with ut any rUim to their seate. Mr. llaletiad, who had done mire to die I tract the party? Cileaot "order !" and confunion. I!c p>aintii|u)'d that hit w? uoi out of order. Otlior | jciitli ireu should bare b-? u called to order. line wi re dim of truest ion ?' vVli*t'a the motion ? Order Order!" rti i iKTiiu uric?l Ot'PTiii iur?i>i:nrn. It wh? tl . u (ierid'd. after some further altercation, ; tbet th'! credential* be read. Ibe ?ecutary aecord.ngly read tbe crelentUl i when ; it epprared that clily tweivo countieu were represented, end tbat Columbia and Schoharie were oont. pte I. The ioUowiig U a list of the OJUUUoa rapr isentid:? Albany. Delaware, Dutches*, t Columbia, Ureene, M luUmery, { OU-r i, Oneida, Ksuwlapr, : Schoharie, built ran, Ulster. 1 tnitrtN rnocpat. ncastascirr omcaaa?oacaT orroei- I nor 10 ink t> uroaaav i iuismh Mr Arsai ? tbeu mowed that a committee of aeren be j i appointed trouthe acate not contested, torepirtpernieuent (ffirtr*. Mr. IUc!N>.?tKKL?I atill oppose tbat motion The Chair j.uu ui?y appoint turn wuud he he* a insulted lie m i) appoint bis own jury, lie uiay be honest. bn? be t< pipjudteeil I, bn an nuienilatent, tluit Meal ttrnnson. of Suillveu county, lie appoint"! chairman, aad Mr. | Slgstee. of Albany county, aseretary. Mr ID saoi.? l decline to act. Mr Anin ?I more, as an amendment to that anuxdoient. that tbe contention appoint the committee. iimtimm mcomiso ?i.?r kzritco. Mr. Bssamtrt.?I call the gctitiennin to order If 1 yen don't s<rm to my propoatll in, by Jeeiis we will I withdraw i.nd make our own nominations. Mr. Assam ?You would net s'jju . ten rotes. Mr. Boa a as r mi.?Y? a, you got twrlre you know. We I din t want traitor* hero. This dlaiuKur created great uproar and confusion, and I eriea tf "ordrr.'' Amulet tie bat < 1 th<- prerlou* q oration ??? called for tut atiibt out.<xii k ? outimtu. Mr CmiiMi il ?I claim the M.>or. i *u adJre??ln.( | th? rhatr when 1 war interrupted. Mr. A*aiu.r dmud tbr right of the gentleman to the 1 flew. j ihr ?kaibman i iimimi to Tiir ?r?rt ic?midicvlov* ?tat* or trrtiu. H( r? another ro?ii? of tumult follwriit. The Onormak raid. In aa auiiibl" a Vcdna aa ha could, I atcidtt tLa t<, that Mr BvDue<-i<<>l war in poaaeaaton of I ba floor. Hero there a ere rrtap of "Oo oo." and No, no The Chaii vat raid lLat ha was decided Mr. ll?narAT> > i ? I appeal from hi* decirion Dux.tiu ?H bp. bo haa decided la pour Urir. Mr It.. ? ni itkll.?In at ail right; 1 go for uialutaln ing iha chair. (Koarr of laafhli r ) a at'l'oarii IATIOW, off va Boanaarnri otfli it run nri.o. It waa than tuoTfd. I>p wap of throwing oil on tha tr uhl.d wat-rr. that a committer of on* from aaah eonntp ba appoint*!, of thnao drle.fata* whnan (ante were not contcrt. d, to r.;po*t permanent rffl.eri to tha wntrttlw. Mr Bohththi. fa the Chairman to appoint lham If ?o, bp Jaanr, I ttiil retain tha floor. (I.aughter and appUliaa | rovMitrrt To ar.lrrt rrnatrrrr nrirrtl. It waa then aglet d tliat tha delegation from earh ' eountp ahould appoint tbrir man and the following waa tha remit.? Albanp eonntp Hanrp 8 Von Via. IMaenre eonntp,... D. wiit 0 Thomai. Bntehara counlp C II dotlinr. firrena ecu nip Oaml II C'abr. Orwego ronmp larl T. Tarbug. Mrntgemtwpoonntp w N flnf* f ulllTan eonntp Matliew Hacker. Vla'tr eonntp ..timet11 Ac h Bailer Kama* laer e< nnlp i.hartaa I,earned The lali grate* from olbrr eonntiea not hiring appear ad td<a foiegoiug retired l? oonald-r their report and the contention at jonrtad till two o'clock. A I' I It tlhtV ?f( BMMoN. The coniim'tee. at the ?iUiu< of the omr-mim in in a/teiix* n M-eaten reprrtiil the f >llj*la^ < ffl< rj of til coneebth n : ? fxr I'rrr.ifcnt ? Martin Alton of T oy. (h'tafcnf ) PVr fkr f' -t .heft-ll ft Ditto* .f Albany ; Naal Fnntl. tf HnliTen roaalj ; rt h?n?"tlrt. of tiny; f. B. T?rbp*,of OUrgo; and I) 0. TIiojmm. of Drlaitara. h'n JtrriTf?r> > ? N TwvlweU. of Albany and I, 0 Hi eg, of (ItffM. Mr Ai< ?et i moT'il that the report V accepted. IIMHKt'lfl ItllH Tit* fir TIT. Mr Mtn r. < f P.r. 11 err. raid ha Joubti 1 t)i.? propriety rf appolntine na th Ir chairman, a to .1 wfc aitl tiir nil coniited He he.I been '"tul do-en to I'j' AntiBent

County Con??Lti a. and he *m aidy here n ? a a nbtltotf Mr iiutrr* ts nply. hut Mt Amble cliim ! the fli c r -ir.U Mr Ai i n jfave ?%y Mr. ADtni eatil hi-tlior^ht 't ?." ihe ninnj H n* to f-tiee i.e-|?n- t"!i a' -at the *' tl r nt'=i? of Mr AI.ea. after 1- i h?t:i t In ca admit'?il to tl a m i* ntion Mr *n? of fob' tur.r o 'itlt Ofool t^> a, p lotno nt (I r< ttoan* M < fll-eta till the r ote? 8aa"i<?"?? at I - t if the p? >no?pt* ?ra? * or' I? IB-p pier*'ho if p.-1 ii mr-ntof !- fiaann t flit- r? ant the pwi t - n ii? at- n* o'l in lb- hamla of the <1 :-<il'i *f t I I i ' ' "I ? I ' riy ' I i!/ * I I Ur ti*J b- -14 #1 Uf-a.tU '?>*-u"y tie* * RK H = lY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1851. jeara, and. In all his experience. he had never seen euih I a proceeding as that They might ax well make th lr nc initiation* fur olMoeri before tike contested aeat* were decided Mr. Poena.?-If the gentleman had be?n here before dinner he would not have raised that ijueation. It was all settled lorg ago. Mr Whit*, of Kenseelaer, said it was untrue that Mr. Allen bad been voted down io the oounty convention. He stood one of the four highest. Colonel Allen with- 1 drew, and nominated another gentleman in his place. Colonel Allen had teu vote*, and that other gentleman bad hut four. Mr Mott now claims Mr. Allan's seat and wishes to exclude him on the ground that he is not an antl renter, but he has always been true to that cause Mr. Mott rose to explain. He said, at the meeting of 1 the ten manor towns Colonel Allen was admitted from Troy on til* (Mr Mott'h) motion Theirs wan a tussle, for Colofn 1 Allen contended that there shouli be four democratic delegate*; but it was agreed to send two whig* and two democrat*. A DiLtfiiTi liere observed that it was usual to meet ; delegates Crirn Troy at the conventions of the ten manor , towis | Mi Moit?Why. once before, in order to give time to let the gas escape which seemed to be ou high pressure, | an adjournment of half an hour wax proposed. ANO'IHIK SHOT I ROM SIR BOIX N USTK!'O. Mr BosM.fti i L?If we do not behave better, let u? adjourn for six years, and let every man put his ballot in the box for who he damn pleases. (Uproar and disorder.) KTIM.ANATIOJI HV TIIK CHAIRMAN. The tmiporoiy Chairman said if there was anything in fiDj due's breast sgainst him. that w?x not the time i or place to show it Per several hours there had been a . scene of confusion, and not. oue word in tea could be heard, lie hoped he should never see such a seen* again If they wanted to remove him the) cot.Id do so, but he would maintain what was right as long ax he sat there. Mr. Anabli reminded the Cb tirman tlmt he was only peimi ted to occupy the chair for the sake of peace and harmony, lie had no right to it?his seat being contested. Be (Mr. A ) bad ax much to say there as any of them, and so had his friend, Mr Bonne-teel. The Ciiaih m.? : snhl he thous ht it win unfair to exclude ths delegates for the con teste 1 seats from vo'ing ou the permanent officers, and lie would adhere to that asothi s co'hiol s cosi kkxatios a l.l.sxoa on m ixxcri. Mr. isA?u (observing Mr liustirgs, of the Albany Knick-rt <brr. whispering to the temporary Chairman) said, I beg your pardon, Mr Knickerbce<er?I thiuk it lx unfair and ucgcutlcraanly ou your pact to sit beside the j and till h>m what to do Mr hasviros? Tis unmannerly oa your part to mAlte any ruch an observation here. Mr Anablk?I will permit you to reply. A Dcxeoatk. addressing himtelf to Mr Anable. said? i You are casting pearls before swlue, by speaaiug iu that tone. Mr Arable? I shall speak in just what cone 1 please, without jour dictntlcB (Ore at laughter.) I have observed some clspptpg and some stamping here, and the | making of sundry noi?rf, to break uo our organization, j Several are sitting here Hooking, with their hat* on. | (Laughter ) It Is disgraceful. (Jo to the whig ;md de- l mocr::tlc conventions and lie what order is there ob- j eerced. Mr. White then moved that each county delegation | app< iut oue rt its number, u- a committee to report ou contextt d seats. The motion was ogreed to. a stsi'i.m ni'cu as to whs rAio roa di.v.wrR. Mr. Ai i.r..x wsx thf n pre reeding ti speak. wh, n he wax interrupted by Mr. Weed a ueptu-w of CUurlow Weed, j Lei) Mr A .'aid?I wr-ntd like to know what Wvel. aud men cf Lis ?ttiu>p, v. 11 do f r anti-renters.' Mr Wnn? 1 gave you v cr dinner Mr. A.vahlk?I d'ned with you but not at your invilat'ou 1 weuld Rive you a dluner, or nuy friend ; nnl 1 thiuk it is net gentlemanly to introduce the matter here In fact, no gen'leman would do it. I am a* able to psy aot a dinner ax you; so we stand ou an e jual looting air wrrn wamtx tut pi vera movi r stci Mr We ri>?l'i,y me the two aud six pxaeo it cost me. aud tlieu we shali bt e<|unl. ? ?. % in k xo.i'r roits ow a. Mr. Arable?I eball not pay it to you My fri-od. Mr. Hastings, of the Kr.Uknb?ekr>. who invited me will psy yi u, it you wsnt it I met him at Syracuse lie is a gentleman but you are not. HirctT or Tilt ? I'XiMl i tv on CONTKSTLO SCATS adopt V.d. It was ihen moved that the committed on contested fed'.- reiire TUit ni' lion wca ?irreod to and after the lip** of half :<n hour.II . r. mmlt'ee reported on the contr.-ded leitl. ?nd tli? report wa* adopted by the convention. rmvA-.tM omrik' * an kix iN*TAi.L>.r> 4* r*r.*i - - tt. lltR notion to adopt the r?p? it of tho committee ou organization we* then put and carrt. d. .nK mvo )t;n'j 41 oat -* Mr Ai x en. on intii g tils (lace if permanent chair- . nan, thanked th* convention tor electing Llui, and ia! i I he hr|ed llo-y * old conduct thein*lV*? 111 auou a way j ke woldd redound to tbe >nti rent vau'a It wn mint lmportunt to do to now.and to act t'.*g' ther a* oue man. wt.< u tbi it vn* .-< dh-pntitton nil over th" Slate to crnafc tho ami-rent prtx "edlng*?to break up the anil rent organlaaUon, and defeat their nomination*. mOi'0?iTi?N to ri i:ti < i t THE tret-r *T?aa. Mr. Bioeare otwerred that the rmn wu erowlnl t? inconvenience by ipertator*. and uort-d that all each wnbdiaw. except reporter* Mr Awarixrte od< d the motion and aaid it wa.'a wire one Us had often Known conventions inQiioaced by tptclntor*. Mr. Nott brped Mich n mitlnn would tot prevail. Mr. Smiih a ocppo.M d tbe motion which,b tuiiL was cnet' > naolve theci-tlvt* Into a secret eaucu* II any prntlminn liikt hs wa* liable to be lufloenoed. Irt him go out hlmrclf lie truatcd tbe motion weuld not J Kfi. Mr HiWTtiTtn ?I truit It will. [Her* ths peaker w? \ airalUd 1 y urd'gnitcd nolo-*] lie larari u, j.i hi* !U"?denti> and Mild. '-Mind your own bu?ioeM, and go to bell your own way He then eontinu -d to addle** tbe "chair?A* for the Lentleman who h id ju?t kpokrn. I tbt uld hire h> lb-red nim to hare b.rc a tory, Irt m whet be raid, if I did not V now him to be aa autititer. Two year* a,to rpi-rtator* upret ua hy their intrip ueo. I.a?t y?.ir we ootid differently, and excluded ibeui Wi eon*lilted tcyi tbtr The e w.-re no tone*? no lanillor 1 aft?rt* pm-ent. I'll bet there are ruoo la Ihia r?*?i now?the lick.-plttl*a and tool* of landlord! lidnatron* If v u admit i pn ' itom, the landlord* ran nice one hundred men and nul y u down; but if \ou wii-h, go on ai d try your rpectatur ay atom out. You have nen what It ha* done for yi u to Jay Ju*t the i|uait< r of nothli g. The reeoliitloti wn then mo<lifl*d. *o a* to raiiuet tlia . . ... ,1 l? lt.,1 r?r.? ... , nl atl. n " * ? 1? a I lid tbeiit of " Aye, aye," wit beard Uutaloular cn?' of " No. no," r-rpondi 1. Thle wotf floated ipreat laughter Tim Chairman d<< iried that th- motion wan carried, at the Aoaa " wi re chl< fly Irom the rpeetat>r<. Tiir tnTt?To?t will rot u?i r.. Thn tptctiinn how-eer, tbowtil no dltpvltN to obt-y. and. 1 >'lrir tie moat nourmtu parly, a ccUtalou , wa? a pi t >wndi d | A pp. at' wn? thru made prtratrlj to th< ir awn jood f''?liog?. wht a uiany withdrew. no; wonii ri.rtawn Two ili'itilttii i# then trpptInttd to ?l 'ar the r torn of the remainder. koU kwp the d?f. lu order to sat* tain tbrui pcllcetnca wrra called. The rocin haw ng bee,i at lenir'h cleared. tha roll wa* pallid. wh?? tha Let of delegate* wua railed orrr aa Udlcwa jl&ary C?ee?y?Jacob Fryer and II. C DUbrott/h. HuNlliu???? II A I ?n Wlr .lutein Bryer. HI*-idea iigu bee. Jr . Kohett Moake. and Valentine Tread well. />w/' Aria Owa/y ? Mirliti I Kent*; attd tha following aa rubatiintea?Cherlra U 0. llina. J. J. Uallap, J*ute? Brown*. nn.1 V?id A. Bowl. Mimlgtimmi r'enw'y ? UmnMel B?wditrh: andaa rub tlIn'*'?Jnfto Montague J?n>meFhlpiey. md IVin liulTa. f tfrr ? Ku-i-i ? Wm M Cioprr and I .1 Behuei ler t i<-??> (in. ./p.?L B. Tarlioi. Kit Hoto, Jr . K/ra Btepb rt$. and N?ie*S:( l Knw AiMnin C'-wrg? Xeal Benaon, H 8. Carry. Jo*. L. M'wrr. and Mnib- w Mekcr fhfarere Onin'w?dated Fuller. Town'end Sptftf A. 0 Boentl au I). Mi vVItt C Thorn i aadB. D. llUton. Grrrrf Catihlj ?.1. 0 Reed, W f. '"hvreh, IT ft Nlchole. and Thoitin* R. Cain dat>ttltnte.i-S. II Tnattr, Jamtw /.ttiin. atid Mr *t John CWialia Cm't ?Ml Due*, J 8 Anal la, Peter R >nBexteel, J'.hn I'll iiipa J. A Terrell, aid <! ?. J. Pintle. Srl-Aa, e Canary ? D. D. Dodge. J. f Bawyef, Baymour Stephen .If tyh- m. and O.tear Ho. ka There ara *?eral of the anbatltute* who dt not belong to All any. ami not t. tha eotiniiea for whiah they were appoint, d In tliia oprtation, toim wat a gotd deal of mat iriinilru. .Mire tbe r> adlr? of >be namaa, Ibaeonrantlon totik a rnirt. In m si* to atom o'nlonk. Kvr.sinci ?rrn*T rr tMt ?r?!i ''no? On rr.???< niMir*. a Commit** < n Korotuti ins was %p p< tMr rt ? h" tit* following, which Wat orlsrod to h# laid on th* uilt What'**. st H.f 'sat tsarist stostic* of *hta Stats, afforts on wadr " cUls** lis sli ?t|r n r f tar ticks*. k? t -on-ilnktl?n Hi ?bo ?r' t?cr?<* of tl ia *t*ts with llir potman*. for tt at patp?>'*; and. wnortaa, wt ara admonish >d by t'r- put. ttal as ?h > id Ho l iar-lad i? Ik# mtnss **>t**t aay similar asotatli-fi b< ,n t trsdr upon nas p?? ?r at * pasty, hat will ptiOimttati to ma} ha-ird thoifsct-'a if oar Ucko* ly Ms landlords I ad t! ir sdlnarts - Thar*foto. * stlnd. Hiat o a. n.f?itt?i H> arlactot mm tUf as*s*ati4 n. In Is rtf pnsd if an <ii"sl nunl-or ni hl*i sad tamo S1 sis, ta K taSsa firm tarn of tl.o suit-rant sistslsta as ^sy at* rifrt' In this cv?**ntlon; and thatthaaum tinlm (si?ai r?r!> at-trial shall Irt i u?t prn^rti *. *s roar as wsy ?o. that which tli n-tsrol 41 itrlrta *T- rsrp*. I.rlj rM'.ticd to, to r. port a 'irkstr.t aorno filar* -la*, to ha snppirltd by na sa sa a |?.l ruMi pirty, at tho - oaaia* aWstotO. moi mi at in ntivivit* rnr onria- ai-n-t saw ft nt, Mr T-mwis ( !>'() wt'ifod tint Ihs ?n I Ire i|i"ti'>ir*t|r i|t>ktt b" ? inlt *t ? ll? II" i *b an ln ''?otidaiat tlsk#t ?as iiiiprci f ( Ida awU a* lh? i u?r*i il laityrar by Mkit'fi niBiMiinui, us tii i*tiL thf) ou^lit l.> do *.hn suns now Mr InaKaiti' i'?l v? had on'jr ot?? smatvlm nt to note In Uiwt. wtixli *aa thai tf a'i'c? t?k- tlie Idtntw trls.n Inspirit r. In r .-r tli .t tb?y ai*y li?r<< a antn to ton- rails of Um at wl> n tl. / ai th .urn Into 8( tin |i u< a Mr. Baair - n't-rnarn ? ? * ?I sntl rsiaf. whig*. tint ihsjr arc an n.tfK'n. Tn? tatirraU ktfs rr?r aiif< p liad "Mr ps|? r.plrs mnnf; M m not th fsfurp, gt?a i.-il. li s r i I li ii n a Th" l >a ha* lien m. <|i by a w tg, who \o- wa thy hl?tory nftbw anti-rrnt : ni (f ihr Bial- Wa .lyht to ? import ih whoa* | : i nrU i ?w rt tin?-s: K.srrt**. tU< ? wh"r -m* a ?. I sat law*, it *a want Wtas in | u Vo wm laity, wa aw ERA] pursue this course. The public print* hare come out in the rilcet slander sjainet antl-rentisiu, and the tine has come for u? to take hold of thU. SPEECH Hon MU THl'ltOU?HIS HATEEV OK THE DEMOMMi Dr.Boi<.hto*. of Rensselaer county (knownas BlgThund? r, and a* having been eereral tune* imprisoned for the anti-rent cause), then said?I was born a democrat. My father and grandfather were democrats. The bones of the one are bleaching on hunker I1UI. and the other has died from wounds reoeiTed on the battle field, in the oause of bis country I was a democrat in Rensselaer county, till I appealed to the party to come forward and assist us; and they not only refused to do so, but scouted and ridiculed a resolution 1 brought forward in the County Contention I do not now belong to the democratic party?neither to the whlgs 1 am au anti-renter. I once bad my arms shackled Why am I here now' > Is it because a democratic Governor loosed my chains? My wife went to Pilaa Wright, with tears iu her eyes, and they would not listen to her appeal bin iHi'SDtl'l sioHMim; checked. jar rtv?m r?i canine genwiinuu looruer. bum n rigni i.- in his grave 1 he Ch.ihma-c admonished Dr. Boughton to keep to ' tb. resolutions, and to couflne iiimeelf to men of the predent time. THS THt *I>FJI AGAIN HI ADD. Dr. Boi <.Hti>A?The anti-renters hare not received much lavor at the hand* of either of the partiea. I hare known them on both sides. on the eve of an election, to declare that tlty were anti-renters, and to send their friend* nriutid the counties to say go. The loco fooog have done ??. (llis-es aud other unmentionable noises.) : Itow did they act afterward*, in tile tim? of need, when they knew tnat anti-renters were falseiy held in bondage by a democratic Uovernor ? (Confusion ) They did not come 10 the relief of the captives. You knew what kiod of lsws have emanated from a deino;ratio Legislature?the moat inhuman ever pasted (Hisses ) I do j not arrogate to myself anygpoaition ; but I tbink I hare ; b?en tried as an anti renter. I do not know that I will j ever I* hers again. My health is impaired by imprison- . ment. (Cries of order ) Chair***.?The gmtleman liad not ought to talk about himself, but the resolution. l'r. Dot ohio*?the anli rent party la composed of ; the democrats, whigs. the liberty party, and working uien. ar.d it is impolitic to select oce of tbewi sections. 1 wou.d lie wilting to trust to the tender mercies of the d? morrata. as we hate done In the case of the whig* for , the Isst two or three years, If I could believe they , would do any thing for us?bnttliey will not It we take "He side, then wr lose all our political power. By select- I irg out own men we preserve it. >lr Usui ?The democratic candidates' principles j are nearer to ours than the whigs. except the fiate Prison Inspector. The proc-eding* of laat fall have been referred to The anti-renters succeeded theu li>w' By nominating men who are sctirmt - * Why? They elected J. Colgan, whs wtuld not otherwise hnve been elected; and they elected Levi S. Chaltield becau-e he is an anti renter at hi- heart. W e have Chat held now in the field, and o;h. r> also who uphold cur principles. It has been said that < co W. Patterson, who i* on the whig ticket, is friendly to us He is ni t, and never was. If wc look ever the entile democratic ticket we wilt liud that the candidates are all in our favor. Mr Pomikstkkl ?W lint is John C. Wright? Mr. Bints ?An anti-renter. Mr. Bosnrari 11. ? Huve tou that in black and white? ; Onus mas.? It is very improper to to thui standing up 1 on ;ti lloor ai d interrupting gentlemen (Orms of "Sit d< ? u." sit down ) Mr Bcnnetderl paid no attention to either the ch.iir or the cries, bet on the contrary, kept up a running comm. nt?ny on Wr Bry?e, Mr P'iv< i c< n-lud d by saving that ho would support the decision ct the convention, whatever it might b?. mi rtiMiovs v^i r.iTioa?mh. ? - .omh,, ac int. Mr Ki 'ii mrved tbe previous ijU' t'-n Mr HoMUkM c aims''the iiorr. .0,1 nIM Mhltf ' Qutstion. question," "Yru Lave had the Hoor all riff lit * Mr A.mkai ?f hope this ccorontu n will not be gagg' lit;) it preTlou." qUehtioti.' Mr Bo*m irrn ? Thry want to utop tiie. Sir Bio*. > tlion 'sxrit it' the lie! ule "n cIomiI. ?a he ! wj.hi d to my ii.'i* wr.i,. Mr fust.* w.ihdrew the prryiotr question, in hia faxor. I'llMH DlttKHTtTIOI Olf A*. I I c. Mr B>v-o> bi thought I lie conreutlon eight to act la ruch it manner ? to beep Hie auti-reat jetty together. ?nd not to bread it up ; end i'. /** bad peltry a* well a? in;,rali' ud?. to d*o.rt a friend beauw Pi. paity tuny h*?e arted ax traitor* to th r?U*a. If we ud et the dt mo* .a tic ticket cm w< go home juJ tttl-'y oti? con^tltnai No?on '.he c unary tola irtll b* BUie to t tvid k' t hrrnk tl-ein up a 1>. i>? i au U the very thing '.ha4 l? wanted Sir. lt?..-.?i>-r,?Neitr let pw ilo that, for If we itt, the i Uoi'lMdi wVl baxe u* uu'l t fool Lui u uot give the OreendaT ey t" rl'ber Neither of lhem.7l.patb /.? with tta how ant then in . "i >r ti es but not oue ta n buadred. Mr (.littlleU lui* at way a txitainni our piincifi-* lie gate but caetiag vole lu rarer of the c< nilUuiiouaiity of oar hill, when L" Wat pr-siuout of i the iwnNle; and on that aee-.ntit lo-t the fa roc of hU J.aity, lie b*? again, hoeerer, been r- afjieJ and we { LUght not to turn our backs upuu Liu now. a7 ire; re.?, etc. Mr Aural here apologist d for what he had .-aid .iSaut I Sir HMlllgl, tf the Albaur iCnuknlxxltr. lie w'M laboiing end. r ex ilmmi-al. And f >uud. upon inquiry. that I he bad been mistaken. Sir. A then went on to eay lie hul supported fe-hingti u linn' ?nj other whig* at I i the last ticcikin. ai d be wanted to know w) it they bad { done litre f. r the auti n-otera. lie coac. uied by i tuorirg the preeiru* question. M?. MeAiarrrt aacwan MUX. Mr Pox* u i ?'A ill yoti choke me oil in thli way* ' Mr. Aaiaai w?? Inexorable, end the temper of th" Bin ting war n't far any more xpeerhea. imc iiiMotaaiii' atxtr Ticarr imTtP?Tgr fmoi asiiaiMi. rr?\ | TLe qnextirn war then put-that the whole d-ino* | emtio finite ti let he adopted by the oonrentlin. Ibe Chair ha* dfrlared the a.liiptlon to !> < rartied. but I tier. '.tm. a bun.K i i i. . ?;.>> i la :L. to -atire. aad Teralwblg* Mitred ir. in ibie room. rn.n?iii?? roa mr 4rr >int?> st of * ?titf cnwatiTTrt. It Mi> then prep" ed to aupotot a cvtnmUtw, c <o?i<t. lug Cl fl*< from -m-h eount.r. us > SUte < >mmi(Ve.> Mr. J ftTiuxa.?I u aie going thiru|?ta with the pi "?t flaalt ? there b rotiiirg ut the muU rent i>*rty left. We niurt get up a new orginiraticn M our own b.ittoin. It wv? fir.alljr egrei d let; point tUe oul eati rout c >mtnitwe. the r" itr tT tiif nnMorr rtr< M. A mt/llnn of , djoiirnnu'nt v then mad- be arTrrnl purer n?, an l?Jat a cni" of Ike griuite-t ronfudon nrnl d If order ?nj oils for the ' j?aa and n?p- " lbe pir.poeitlor for lut iournnoo.t tu lout. ihr. auiiwr karnnrr. Mr. Tannm 11.?Let nil alio are wt'wM who ar? true anti renter*. no* rrmeaeap. Mr T tli"n pror.-ed?d to leave lbe room, to o >Bi|>*iiy w'rb otto-re. Mr n.?Oo and make damn d fool* of pouraeleea. (1-aujbUr) IMF lilMATIri II.D lli(l iitft TO WITHDOtW? iihi LTl'ftsrD loo" Mr. A>im.i~I move that lb -e a ho ar not aaliafl I. be n^ueeted to withJraw A Irene of confurion arose, rraldot erirr of ' adj >urn " i treat or m cowwtTTrr or won nori?to lonrinasi r. is FHtiii The ('< aiinltter ca Resolution* then reported the following? Hifolred, That we tiaea loot all o->n?.len<"j ia tha whl?r, and that we will yuld our hoaitp suppx i to the noiidi too f tit Democrat . Stat* Coatenlioa. hell atSytarare, ia the rarneet hrpe of ajeedi'p potting an and to the Mjeeenery. aad of nlaiat rod-eae fer oar crioraaria. Ibie re?oiiitien lm'rea?ed the etrltennt as itrmeoiiT or nraio, a?n< rami in Fa wrsrrD. Mr 'with euggt ?t? d the propriety of app^of'nr;# CJtnmltte to addrera the men r.ominst" i on the den* >rratio ticket, with regard to tholr ?iew?. Home of thm hare nerer dlicion J Un m. and It ?t< iiJthlf-; bat f tir to auk U?<?. Mr F wri a?Tbla would do injurp to the earner- and l< ae na ten -houeard enters In the clip of Jiew Vnrk. There are whiga here, who. to plat their own game, woul J wish to place na in that pr?dloament. a aoniarrrr.EL naa imk taar rewnn. *i. ti........ ?n. mi,. i? ,ie? (< to wrrk In ihs dark. (lot a J. < In ration it tholr orWlplo? in Nook an 1 wbito, and cirmlata It tkr day bofic tho Icclloav and then th? tr will be no t!m? to rtit th< rnnitutoa Tali bi tho liar p'licy. lit JcMir and wo will grt ill tSw rotoi wo can (rem l* lh idea. nni'v a ?io nian<K.rTi?r. Mr. Ron nortec i waarnt ahtlt la hi? harangue l>y awo lion In itjttira. which waaonrrlal by arms. loranl* ma ji ri'jr and the ('enrol lion broke up at 10 o'e.o?k, anil .bo dio-?tL fhvtina of an inflnt ntial minority. From Wa?hloi(tau City. limn oi llll ATTO?<rEY OK?i-.EM. TO W tDTITAOTON, Kre. Wiamo.iTOn, Ropl Altonv y Gomrnl Crittenden art wed in law ut y U?t light. The VatliDo! theatre horo. hiring bean !ra?-d to r. A Mar>ha<l .a l?> be ih t ugbly repaired, an 1 inVIIUUel f? r occupnni y tbl fall. Bai.riwaar. Ref' 11 l>JI. Til Bontttero mall ha? arlnl Ry r we 1 \:nthnt o orh riciteirent eoeted In Pitt o unty. N> "th I'a din*. I* WMr^uoiti (if thi tkiporf of plot f.* a n?fi* ft KUii n. R? roral moat a harob mmio. Iirtrioailitar fr.?m .Mlrhlrallc ItMOCRATIt NOMINATION FOR not?T'l* A1I.UOAO CARS?MICIftOA* "TATR FAIR. r?rt*oiT, Rff.t '!nW JA. ?4 l\ If. | Th<> dnm-rrMft t?r? n^mirit-xl It' <>Tt MeOMUnl. of | Jlror *, r>r (ii.Trrn - *r.<I Ohio Dr. i ton, ot t'l. Jowj lr*. ft t lli nlrum ocr? Tnrr. 1 hr I j?il *4 Arw?i rft ? m-nt to tl>? jitrn it h ( p-"t 11 tf' 'Jsy. Htd up loth -tlurtV j'l y hi*. n.t t Onr ft .-.ft F?tr fp< ' oft Hill, *hl *tr?t crowa* ?ri In "It. Bonne. t'f arrnl Ca. j U now drlirprtiy th? AatituU Mitw. T"ir Chnlem In lmll*HH> I.fif.riiw. In<l . frptcniktr 24, IS'l TJip rh^lptA hn? brok'T Put hnt? though In mlt<| f ? r" h !"?"> ' t -nr .. d j nti ot? * a motrr unU't aMp lrp?'??nt 111! Ir? I. PltMf. No?r i n, N?pt 54. Ml ti.p';?h?a t.lfi.Vf PrcM? hi mini hn* r-?i* I t 'l. J,.? LD. \ PRICE TWO CENTS. Democratic Averting at Albany. r MORIS'* AMIIICM T*i. ??**'". OlriCS IS WAi.LIT. .tLRART.Sept. 2ft? BP M. The democracy of the city ?.'? now holding a meeting in the oapltol C Peter Csccr.n, Efq , called the meeting to order end nominated ex Oorernor Murcy for ch.^Jrman. This motion was met with hearty cheera. The ex-Qovernor, on taking the chair, made a short epeech. congratulating the democracy on thei." union, and stated that he had not before attended a poll Meal meeting in eereral year* Hi* address was received witk Uiuch approbation and with great cheering. Hi rve w. Peckham. K?<j.. introduced and read a oeried of reeolutione of a harmonious nature, t Addr-see* were made by Penis B OalToey. RuftutdT. IVckham Kin . an.I l,v iiniM Kllhnurue. the Albanr O.\T penter. The meeting is well attended. The hall of the CapitoC L- nearly full, a ad much enthusiasm prevail*. The Revolution in Noithern Mexico* COMMENCEMENT OF HOSTILITIES?OOVERNMKNT MONEY SEIZED, ETC. New Oulkans, September 25, 1361. Letters from Laredo say that a revolution ha* A4tually broken out lu Northern Mexico. Two thousand mno. under General Quivers, at BcllviUe, s-li d the money iw tended for the Mexican troops, and are waiting fig Chi.ale* and Carubahol to join them The steamer WintieU Holt arrived to-day, in aevetn days and live hours, from New 1 ork. The Pen nay I van la Negro Riot. PRISONERS TO BE TKIK1> FOR TREASON?MORA ARRESTS, ETC. Philadelphia, September 25,1851. Eleven of the persons in custody, at Lancaster, charged with being concerned in the late tragedy at Christiana including two white men named Lewis and llannoway, were brought to this city, this evening, to take their trial fur treason. The others were discharged IIahriabdhii, Sept. 25, 1851. A man answering the description of Pinckney, with three otli? re, who are supposed to have participated its the Christiana outrage, were arrested to-day. in Flshwrville, Pauphlu court v. and committed to prison for a* examination Iv-fote Commissioner McAllister, to morrow at three o'clock. All three admitted themselves to be fugitives. The Latent from the Far Went, | TWELVE THOUSAND INDIANS IN COUNCIL?TREATY TW HE MADE? EMIGRATION?BATTLES WITH THE RED MEN, ETC. St Loots, Sept 25,1851. Mr. Polk and two ethers have arrived here, in six lc? n jay.- irosn tori i-attuuc. mrj wen1 nut moie-ie* I y the IcJiar s. Thy treaty ?Tf.und tin been removed thirty-five utiles this i itfe of Fort Laramie, w hi ru 1'iOlO Indians wars assembled. Colonel Mitchell arrived on the 1st Inst. but a rounott fir treaty purposes bad rot been convened It was e?p< cti d that negotiations would close about the 2Hh. 'the o'rinancLcs and Blcckfeet *ould uot be present. Mr. Keiicall. end most of the atnitcurs, had becoms dhpu.-tid with the tiip and were returning A company of California!!* had arrived at fit Josephs, in sixty-two days from cacramento, hiving hid Ava ihiniiishee with the Indians An emlp ration train oonaJ.< K'd of ;vt 7 families, 600 wagons and 3,000 head of cuttle, weta (getting cu well. They bad bad a fi.tht with tin. Snake Indians. Three men named Stewart. iUdley, end Black, were wounded Several diatdisfui cholera are reported at Madison. l'lit Olalo Hti?te Knlr. Coi-CMBI'S, Sept. tl, 1851. To-day has been a (treat day In tbc annals of Oht irdi.etiy. The ncoud Annual State Fair opened thUiity yesterday, and today everything is In its place. The attendance far surpasses our imwt mnitiiis* anticipations, the nuni'iercn the it and bciugcuUmateal at frxtr. 34.IC# to 1C 000 persons. The exhibition of horses, sheep, liogi. and poultry. is much supcrloi to that rf lart year, and will compare faV< rally ?t h that of any State in the Union '1 he fruit and Vegetable illipiay is also Very fine. The nv.Lufarturern' and mechanics1 halls arp welt filled with elegant and .ngen'.ous work, which atfeants gnat attention, V loughs, cultivators. winn< wing machines thri 'htr7 tosehines, ar. 1 all kin is of agrltuliuml irplemeuts. are in fp> at abundance and excoilenea. The lair Is a great improve .went on the first, and w*B do much to rouie up the fanners ar.d urticans of i>hi* , vo the true tnip? rttter or r.n> ir poemon. The day in eeol and pleaenbt. and uo accident hn ibua i fltr cecum d to mer the gem rtj joy. There arc a Etunbcr of dUtiit/uiidxHl etrxngera tnim cti cr Steles present, nmotitet whom are Senator Doogiaa, of Illlnoi*. tloTcrnrr VVrlgh'. cf Indiana. Ac. Tomorrow the lion tVi]|i?w Alien will Jelirer the *ddri?e, and the report* of the various committees will l>e mu de. The I'?lnl Colli!Ion on the Vermont Central 11 nil road* Bmtow, Bept J5. 1?M. The terrible accident on the Vermont Central Railroad, at Weat Hartford. Vt , nix mile* above White river juur- w lion. jeeUrday, ?m cauecd by an accident to the up '* freight train of ninety car*, which detained It eome time In a cut. The engineer rrje rlcd to the conductor of tha train, tint he hivt fonrlecn niioutei tc antre to rrach a elation, before the down puerenfer train cvmaeloag. lie enylaatraccordingly went abiad. when be waa thrwa niinutra cut of time, and met the train near a eurvw. Beth >rgtm ? were deetroyed, beeidee one pxtaeoger and fW-:ithtc?r There w-re eixty pas?, ngerx in the tT*>a, ti< m seventeen to twanty cf whom were badly injured The namee of thoee moat Injured are a* hdlowj Mr. Pratt, nt Noitl ft. i.i, Vt , machinist. In tha employ of tha read: bclh hie ! gi> nod one ami are broken. 0 P Kin I all.conductor<>fth? pimremp-r train, slightly Irjtirrd on the head. Vrrdctlck P ..luier, brakeman. 'lightly injured. Mr Mcrae. piftenger, of Bethel, Vt , trxek repairer, dl- ! lot right of hi! wound* Mr Wallace, pesraagar, o( CheUra, Vt, hu beoaaaa cr iree! y the eoUlelon. Mf?. liunf. th < ( Barnard. Vt.. elichtly injured. The noundrd were taken into a hN<* ne*r t?7. end pV jaiclana provided, who tel 'graph thU morning that tha ' wcncded will all recover. The I'rvlght engineer U greatly blamed for art aeudlog a tiguai ah< ad. Lla U anting the miealieg. 1 Another Railroad Arrlilent Dennwratle I1.till Inl ( oornillen. Urica. th plember Hi. 1861. An nee! h ot happened ' pecan 1 train going wrat. when about three mile# frma thlj city. II.i train wee going at the rata nf thirty inilei an hour, when en ail? ( the eccoad |?<.wo?rr Mr broke, end precipitated It m it* aide into a ditch al oiguile Lb* ] read, which nu Bitot with wal r. Jl raciilini# al It nap ! mm, no line were hot or limb* broken ; only eight or , t< n pen one wrra materially injorad and of theaa only two or tbicr a. rarely. Mr Woodford and Mr* John Pradby. of New Orleanr. were oaitly rm-h?d; and alao a h>r Cratee,< f Kiu.Uiid. The injur* u ptr-one ware l.r.wght | back to thia etty The !) ir.ccratie (VnTentien of the Fifth Judicial DW | tret, wbi. h mat at Rot.* thia afternoon, have renoui| rat<d JuJ/r Pratt Tim Snntrnry anil Kile llolliuail CanTentiaa. Ot R 1 HILADFt.ritU 4 ORRKarONMtMrK. i rMia. Sept em tier 36,1MI. The PnTihury ncil Erla Reilrcad Conrentlow, now In aaaat m at Sarar? Street Hail, haa attracted from the Interior a large number of grn 1- m n, interacted in th* atruetlon of thia toad. Tba Mitorof Pr!e and Mayer Gilpin officiated a tamporary chairmen until the ragnlar organlantlon. by the eler'lon of John It My?re, *!., of thtr city, aa I'tewtdent Nearly a hundred nee prealdi nta and errretarica ware aim elected The completion of the New Vi r* and trV fowl and tbw U'ge amount it good* that now ofhin thia rt'r ore. It to the taker, apt* r to hare wake J up onr citiaene Pi tbw linportaera of the lake trad" aril iadtu-d a ihi*rmtiueti.n to go ahead at ooea Had thl* been -lone ten renew Philadelphia would hare been now reaping tbw brarflt.aa hew York 1*. _ T K L K ti K 1 P B t C. P.. it mrienn di'pt 25?P. M At an adjourned meeting ofthe lUMroad Joarei.'.tnw to-night nnnmlcrof r.oTu'ien* were pied. looking to a rigor up and early cuudu ncrnieut of tba roter' Among lha rendo'Inn* wu one to the i*cr? thwl ruben pltona to the amount of million of d dlarr, h .ring h.. it mail" by the peopla nf the ciitol it? al in< tii? inwte, 11 ' . IpMa la . *| err. 1 to make ittfe akllpim IV-TMa a* wMl rteure the Immediate e'-min-nc-nieat aud early r? mi li I I?t? of tli# w >rn C*v?ral vara mi \ . and a ftrong f.-ltn# la fa?r f rf tba tra* iu;mi>?vU Tiic Pnfi.t'i Utiti it ritrrioT?Wi> h*r* an Air* tb?r infi tiaatii n in rror'l to tha f?l)?ii?of tin* bin*, tint it I# r? p..rt#d that tha atiY'i'Mimi tn HOOK* rf which but li'.tla wlU b- rtUh t ht bill hod r? The oaibbr nf tb# bark tit In N. <# \ t \ vlir, al nib# bill# w<n r#ru#-d to b# r ! m >4 hjr t'nir fT.t, mil imni-ilUl.l j hurr;'d to I'ttmini it u ?* Tt m trainh'.rvit by blm f?r ii?* pw*p #? , ?n I < i-*-! 1 ut il <r#. On# of our bank*, which hnl inn# #110 ? (ahlrh ?? nm1#r#t*n.i t* ho < *?*? r?'#.| h? r#p .t to f'i.r<0)?rf til# Mllr of th* b.n* i -? > I fr- ?a dcfionltrr#, mat a ire ? on hw-? bach t?> "# ataon, t <it li# w?.? too lata ; tlio <! or# nor# #li *?1 ?i"l *11 tto i info#n.atlr n ha e< ntJ Obcaio In an# <#*r w?' frno > iwta pratid on tho <1T that ' flil? bin* hv? ?" P"^ vpt In o;i?>#? qn ' f #f tb# Mi <! ' f to ' M w Tink to t*'l)#tn ' A m " a#-i#tn ft# # ?'" "t tha *' HBfU'tmi" to to lb# tVlnra of ama# t?i ;? tow ?iI tutia# bon?i tn r i"?r I Mil na In I# th*t ft iu?r ft !>? # itu* ?tfratrk ?ft?/#nT f???r, *?.

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